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The Moyie Leader Dec 16, 1899

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 Tr'  F&\  m  .   a ./ r .    f,  YOL. 2, NO, 85.  ri-   h<   ST"*"*  * 6.&L,  I  | If you want to farowiaB^-  ���������   " MOYIE. IS AWAmtmi'  y��i>II|feot a good idea of it by  noting how  1��� REJD, CfflPOEU ft CO'S A  I*. .       .   .  �� w   uu, o -j^  j,StockandBuSinesS:is.Increasing ..  Oar cUfltomerri will find ',,'..,  - ITWO  "SS  iJSB  LOCAL  NEWS,"  7  i2 A YEAR  W.\  '  ���'���'l^iSrio^i  k i    ��*3  W\    B?itish and Boers  /Af j --"^rnous Logs to Bot)  v  John Day left for   Spokane  y-esU}r_ j  day. ���  Torn  Eadar   returned   to   Spokano  Monday,  WI  AN  y.'  ��� 10SSESAHE ABOUT'ksK--  D. J. Leahy was in Onmbrook Tues  day.  J. P. Farrell was in' Oranbjook   the j  | ijjmi .iiUUlil UUftj    Hotert   Campbell,   of. -,b0 firm   of  Reid, Campbell & <J0.  of  this   place;'  represented Moyje in th. . excursion of  ">e C. J��. ��. ov^r i^e 39.n���dary coun-  try last, week.    He- j3S8 nothing  but  words of praiw for  the   l^atnjent  re.  Moyie Miners Are Kow  Organised,  ii  if tlio week.  ,     P. W. Ruglioa wita out   from "oran-  j brook tin's week.  'i'rariavan) Troop,, T.uu^cUc-,1 ,t  ��.. I      ,r    .     v  ,  '     ���        *W��1 a IJotrm^ __ J_j    ��'"e U1 New/0��?nclla��i(J. _     j Moe* Favorable Co�����l!tlon,.-Thc  ^_1Z'11I """ t��� Banker Smytbo  irf ".Cranbrook  was?     ' Mln���� a�� Satisfied.  '   ',u iIo>'io a f��w hours Tuesday " i  ��LJ_M0!a "" RiV"r-  Dt:c" ^-Ambu-L W'T- Jllraeso�� ^ moved'h^' fam- 1  C5  iA  il  II  'Dominion������Creamery Butter  ,,   in one pound brick*.  '  ',,"���    fls��  8o]�� "gents  for  Sondi'Tea/beqf in-fi-iA v'    -  "7s ���"��"' ��'.rly.v,���,M���,ra()rmng]  f*'%��|l.��..*.rtWJ  ��l��l MaS2rs,omoin. fo"    ^">e��l work oa eo,���e if hh Palmer JA  ceived at the hands of the railway offi.  ., tm. ��� , rilS aDd the   .pe��Pl0 ��f   tije ^rioaa  |   ,   , �������. UrnOCnAta_i,|J:U|Wn��i   banqueted.      The   banquets    at  Grand Forks and Greenwood surpassed  anything of the sort ever given iu tho  country. The Grand Forke Miner of  Decembe: 9 contains au elaborate ae.  count of (heaffair. Mr. Campbell did  no overlook the opportunity of putting  m a Rood word for Moyie,. aud in au  ..v���. , ,             _'^���.vvMth that paper  he   said:  T) n   n   ���   . ,' C- Tuesday atoning Junius Wi'lks- nr��,in A ' tr,p Xs S^rioixa.    Grand  Fork'd  H. C Dram left yesterday to  do as \ ized the UWn p ? 0rgan:Nnd Moyie can enioy a  fellow  feeling  asment work on eoine of his Palmer ��� Federation, and   the j - ���*->��� '- --���      ���    ���  --- eImg  VZ^**^-*  to���'(��'!    K,*���� *? -<�������  "ion.   L5SI  ^.  �� ��nc,i��.    fcevc-ral funded J3oc-r,j^thS(;an be  had   at ' T. ��� E . Collins-  ��0'0Lak�����   tp:>he   jJrhi8h   ilfa8plU1. ] barber ebop. '    ^  Collins j  ving officers were elected :  n;  !& CO*  v*^'^^4Sid&4_:_S^>^->'.>����'.J-P'.J-r ^ ^  Paid tip Capital, c��e.00O,O0O.  N��n��K baakila. ��� ' jaw. HASMrrHE, kgr:  ��| The ��do of the hilland the immediate !    ^-��guUr meeting of  tho  board   of l  neighborhood   or   tlio jOoer^troacheJ?^0 Wl11 beheld^��t Tuesday  eyen-j  showed dead bodies ail about ��� ' InS�� December 19th.       . '.       J  One   wounded i *6r informed   (he   ���   CJ,a8'F,lrre11 ^.^^^e^'iy moni'.','  -espondeiH of the ^��^^^^�� ^ ^^  I^JZJ^::^'  ���  ^  l   W^E'S^^nducced service,  Id^ved       * ���      ,l,n8Bnt   "     f   ^y'-veaing   in, the  Moyi,  ���Presideht-M. L. Hollisror.      ,  Vicerresident���Wm. Mills. '  '  Treasurer^D. E. McDonald  Financial Sen'y.-A*. J. Chisholmy  Cor.-gec'y���W.R. Hocking.  Conductor-Harry Dimiok. ..  Doorkeeper���\V. U. Darby.  D. J. Elmer was  appointed  a  dele-  gatcco,.Ro^d   to- attend  a joint  meeting for tlie purpose of forming a  ]oml union tor Bntidi Columbia. ��  Tne. new   organization   starts   out  'i  in both having had difficulty over   the  location of their depot   and   in   both'  having reached  a   satisfactory   settle*- *  men I.    Like you also we are   soon   to  be smelting the ores of our district, arrangements having been made for-the  '  erection of a reduction plant in Moyie    .  in the spring.    We are also to" have a  -100   ton* _concentrator  ia   the    hear  future."  from   the*  Jj0sr   ,VuumJed   and   ^  Prisoners taken, in   different  parts of  j the field the Beetle, must Ua  , 'W. The destruction wrought by thc  naval Kuus was enormoua.    Word wi  Ker. Win. Dunn, a Presbyterian  mmist^r, wellknoivu all over southern  British Columbia, has decided to locate in Moyie! ' <     ,   ���  X:nas is next.    You   want   a   new J  .���.        . , *.-    Organizer  \V Iks, m, speaking to a representative  of the Leader, fiai,i: ��i fiud ,. most  hippy condition of .-.ffcirs-existing   in  Moyie.  .The miners are receiving 'the  j ^andftrc] scale of  wage's, $3.50 for" an  !    Al.i-lii       11   A  .. _ l.   ���  n .  B, 0, immXtJlU& andltrNDERTAKING' bo  , |     arOYLE and  CBAK3R00K, B.  C. "  HlTiHEw  P��saet�� along tbo Boer Hne:.fri';Vi'i     ;Vuas 5s ilGxL' , Y����   want   a   new,   . --0-, .,���.w JO,   a���  ���^  retroat ������"�����       ^ ^ "J ^^ if "*�� ,^   lhc   ^ ����� Clothing f ^f^-ur shif^nd I hilve   heard  o"  ibat it ���.tlieir IW*t   o a du,   ' 1 f��T  /��f   lM*Bainfl   We   ���u   sl^w   "��   ^^"^ whatever.. The' most  C":5 t,u��ng l.vou the be.t and largest stock.   Maggs*    Je ,war,  j ����� Hughes.  t���.       ,   ,"     I'"" T-L-.OUj Ma tresses  Iwi comb, lied room ml*. 1J*>0<*    '  ���'   fmb. spring  and , lnaU^Vcs'  '* "' tt,,a.ire*'^" upliokfbred. . .  V*���ntwd ,.,;   .'-;     (j;go  ^"Sw "P'l'olsiered in best jute  Sta^^oj 0���r prion,.    Kv^.Wng in ,,,���   |urnilUr���  unhni   ���    i    * V   l"C9*    ttoarvmaiiniaetunrsor  ali   kinds   of  Klin,i     ��makc can>els nnd lay  them FKEE   OK   C1UKGF  ^s��vsklisj "o,oh ";,o,,c"01"- ,Ve "'"^���  2.75  5. To  5.75  regret   tip  A^GS & HtJGHES,  nF^tuwJ <Si ii. .tjiD, ^4,  ^���mm$m*�� $������  V.  DK8AUI.NIEK <S- CO..;r*roi.M  Kegular;,Mo{ils^ Servod/iiv  jhi*   Diniim  Room,   with   PnOlf't   '(.>;:t��K-;h   bo! i\-i .-U    '  meals.  Headquarfers^for CommenciaF,>nd Mlninq Men.  WSES  A\:E,vf;E _      '' .  r o*     '   ��� ,      ���r ��� MOVJE.  J), i  __       ^ ^�� ^ *^,-h^,s^*^k'"^*>*��*:^^v;;^^^;^?^:  London, Dec.   ll._Tbe   war  oflic(1   pnolUhe-, the following iUs0i.ch   j,      j   'f ^ J^hyleriat, service'will be 'held   i,  General     Forstier- Walker."   -it'r-,n     AloG2'^or h-111 on  Suuday,', Dec.   17(1  ������       - Cr'    al    C"P.'f.n   ibetvtfning   at   8 ,o'clock.    Bible  class m school house in afternoon'.-All  are inyitedto come! -    '    ���  ]     \��/e are   indebted   to  The   members  j of the .Fort   Stuck-    bi-.iss 'band-for  ��  j oo.npiim'tentary ticket  to  Iheir  grand  | bail which will   take   place  next  Fri-i  day eveuing, December 22.  There will be a public  examination  of the  children   at  ihe   Moyie   school''  house   next   Friday afternoon.    ML-,--  General  Town  Gatacra'reports:    Uc.-pi  W^yott'lh.,(iuiel tt},i\.c,;   6(irl0llt;  roveso it. atta,-k on 'Stor.nbor^.    1 vvi��  m:slcd as to tlie enemy's   p��iii0l,   bv  -friently relations seems to prevail' b ���-  iw��en the mine owners and the miners, and J have eVery reason to believe  i'resbytcriuttscTvice-willbe'held   m , f,   ,   , -  c..Cv��  that these conditions will continue   to  exist  Orusffi-avc Sells Out.  T u-i    i-ir   i . " ' ' ^ ��� Aiwjo. jvjicv.  :. A", i- N.cdnoedjsy   A.. _JE. J\ijn��zsava  ,9*����l*W.Gth da,y ot DecemTjeti iS&SJ  Ngsed oi,ns interest in the LE,voait  -      .  ,. , l��  D'   J'  Lo;lll>'-    There   will   be* no  tne  guide,   and    fouad     impra^tibl*. I ^'"P^^^ary ticket  to  Iheir  grand   cililt^re   i��    the   manag.mint   of the  Sr0ll!ld- : j bid! which will   take   place  next  Fri-j P^'er for the present,    Mr    Mus^rave  'Casualties, .so far as known at   nru*,. I d"y evebiuS' Decomber 22. , J has also disposed   or  i,i���   interests' in  enl are '��� ' *        I     Tiu;re will be a public  examination    pranbro^ ���* will leave in a few dnys  ^votul b.-utalio.-i.IW.i! Irish   KiHeJofthe  children   at   lhe   Moyie   school'!^ for Chesterfield, Michigan.,, where   his  -bounded:        Lietuenant    OoJonei Ihouse   ,JexL   Friday sfternoon.    MN�� [ Wlfe ����� resides.    -Viwpr.ive   wasoiier'  Fager,   Major   Seaiun,   Captain   Boll, j Tlbbat,s-'Lhe teacher, req-a-sts   tint a, ] ��<  "'e ��'n']y SfHl!��r6 "> Movi^, and ran  Captain Kelly,   LiVtuenant  g^pheu-j, j m,l">' of tho Parents   of   the   children I lh(' first^rber shop in the town.    HX\  I Lieutenant JJ-iria trd.Uon. ��� ���' |rts POsssble be present. )laLe:' beoatae interested iu 'the Leader 1  --���iiU'olk rogiiiK-nt-Womulod:    S,-c-!    * Kurl Neiizel and wife left todiv   forlo"'1'1"    tl10' ^n^politjn   holJl   iu.  ���nhno  ,vi���.^   .i  \     .    J^ranbrooK.    As an assot-iaie   i=i   busi-  "esswe-foutKMumapnnce. aud   it   is  with ouier regret  that  we' note  orr  ; M7NERAL ��� ACT   1896.  (FOJt.Vt  -p.)  kJertxficate of Ixprovbmeots.  '  XOTICR.  'Society Girl' Sky Pilot, slmko Fraction,  Diamond Jubilee IBIAck Piu&, Suiper. Klondike'  and Boer l-raettoia .Mineral Claims situate to  the J'ort Steele Mining Division of East Koote-  nay District*. -  Whei-e ioOjited-: -Oa Mdvie ��ake  Take notice that!, Tlios^ T. MoVKtle, ragent  forOhas.C.FArroli.F. K, O. So. B e��87, *ttd  limothy Fnrre!l.F,.Jr. C. No. i9713 X,) ^rbe  Miner's Certifieaie No. B 9691, intend, sixty days  from tho date hereof, to. apply, to the Mining  Recorder for n certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a CrownGrant of tho  above claims, ,    '  <- AM further take notice that action, under'  ���section 3,, must be commenced before'the is-  soauce of such Certificate of Improvements.  Til OS. T.-McVITTlE.  joud   J>ieiitcn.int    .Mavisard    J2  OUrisiie, Second   Licutcnaiif,   Kodnev  2J��0 men.  Seventy-foil nh field battery���^c-  uorely woundi'd: Lieu tenant Leivis,  tliree men. Slightly jvouuded, two  men.   .  Seve.ny-seventh      fifld     b.i'ttery*���  Killed:      Oue   gunner,       Wounded  Major J'ercivul.  Xortbumberland Futsileers���Missing: Major ' Stephens, Captain  Flelcher, Captain 3forloy, Si-rond  Lieutenant Wake, Second Lieutenant  ^.'.���-s.ng:    captain   ^Mr,   JA'tiU-naaiil'VHiter.    Mr.  >fcitael   has  disposed  bid interest iu    the   Aurora'group on I V   ] regrot  thafc  We ' "��te  or.:  the west side of (lie   lake   w   Thoma,   d ��.Q ��f parUlc?fsiliP "ad   IWs  de  Rnder.    " | parlL'^ ^ this part,of in_  country. [  Save money and i uy your furniture  from     the     manufacturer."     gee  0u-  U*to S6t for Clttistnias Xroe.  It has   been'   d*owded   to   hold  B-.\.RttiS*Ji-ltf SOLICITO*U ETC*.  ORANBI-lOOX, g_ ^  B,    G.   RESTAtTRANT*  Or-EN NIGHT AND DA.V.  Everything First Class.  Soutli  Victoria   Street,  , lovely upholstered chairs and   loun^   Chris rnVfr" ^   l��   hohl   (h' ,  i -     -\- iwuiiijW   vjiiribLnms tree evprcuo- ... i   i n.���. .__..,  ior Xmas prase,,ts at Wngg, A Hughes   Chri.tma.   J^    ' r     ��� n0e ��M  1==  Moyie and Cranbrook. o * m      ?,?, ' ���    ��ll,'S,y   D80ftI��'"?-    PT?T�� TDAT ���  .,    ,  n.     T r"tb'    ille committee having u,c   A     Ujjj^-TEAL       -       HOTEI  fostofflce Tnsnfifllnr W   W    t>.. .i fair  in   ,.l,���w���l,,. .   ..   .      .        *   U1C   ,U    I . -**V/JL JJA  BarbGr,:Shop.  I?-    W.    FIUTlt, Proprietor.  iostomce Inspector W.H.  Dorman jfair ��' charge has raised   upwards "c,H  was here the first of th, week and   in- |*U0 for presents for the children   and  .peeled   the   Moyie    postoffice.       He |*ere are   several   more   sublcr^hon   '  found it in first class shape, nnd   com  pet to   follow.    The   etereises   by   il  Colson):50CWuonconim^ioned'omcorsiPlm,e'UOj   P??l'��***<   Hope   ..n   il,e��'>��>l children   will   begin   prompth*  and men. ' j ni:lmK"r in "nic" ''e conducted it. | ��t eight o'clock, after winch the   pr >s"-  Huh'day buving has ^^ W'm b" d,'strib��led.    Then a ligh't  11"nc��e" will be   served,  after  which  Iseeuitf and trying.    Therein   qllit.,  ; j |h�� "oor  will be   cleared' and    a   ,v,v  range of beautiful   Jhings  spread .out S tlancmg will U> indu!  in our store at eastern ��� prices.    B    C  Clothing House, Magg ,fc, Hughes.'  E. COtLISS, Prop  IIS" liotol ia now open to lhe public, nnd is well funi-  ls,i<'<! l,,ro��Klioi��. iYonr bul the he-it brands of wines.  '"P'oi.'tand cigars kept in stock   and men  Mollrno. Ca,no Colony, Dec. 10.���  i General Gatacre left Sjntlters kraal by  j train ior JMolleno'and then jpj-ueeea'.'d  (towards Storm berg by forced marches.  He had 1000 men, including the  Northumberland Fusiloers, the Irish  Rilles and two batteries of field artil  lory.  L'he British were unmolested by tho  Boers   until   the   Boor   po ;tton   was  j    Xm.-is is :ii.-xt.  Ibei-mi.    Evervihin  MOYIE, B. C.  !j,re.'! in.  'The Jtakor" Out of liustncss.  No more will   the   windows   of   the f  [  "vllilJO  Cily Bakery be decorated   with   loaves  | reached, when  a   hot   tiro, was   unex- ( of bread   piping   hot   from   the   oven  I delicious pi,d aild   cukes,  and   dough-  IW  ' ,A s'��    a ccoMMoj>t\ Tioys.  SIOY1E, B,   c  I pectedly opened up-in   the  advancing,    t'oluinn.    The   engagement  began   at j mils    tliat    would' make   a   person's I "'^  | -[.-I,") a. m.   At 7r.i. m.   after   a  sharp) mouth water to gaze   upon;   and   no'"'"  W��Mc o�� (he X���rth Star }.oad  /,    ^"'iroulc   11--II:    -Thc   ;.ni..   n,l  . ���.!���- ~-ou oi. l.l   1>)rth S[ir bnu]  h  ,  As   p-oui^ing,      A   roi!)|   five   hii]Jt  T"��u  'Cranbrook    has    U-eu   reached.!  .isidabui.-r ono more miki v.w  be   !aKi  ��-.foro   th     ruts   are   rc-och.-d,    wher,'  *' i"-!  oiispended   until  Uts   .��!���,!���   co.upb.-ted.    uv,.;.   l00  ^lovtiorsa^rtt   work   iietivion   Cran  ALL' CLIMES  CONTRIBUTE  '-o our stock, and the  Ir. *>v  "' ^^^^*"^"'^,*^^M<*MwiMiMwac��B)��Mw^w>r>(MiiMww<iii*��'iTyiiM��mii i "rir   uni natfTin Twri mi ru ri   ��~ hiitm iniavi* n-n      '  f-'������>.'i.��59;5Ssv : I tion ii  H/ir ^^''Ww*    ' ��� ���;_ ������ y;  tor t|K  I IVI H-V-'TT^-"''^   -���� /\rn oi '..;   is -Boors.'  -f.-Lla. m.   At, 7r.i. m.   after   a  sharp) mouth water to gaze   upon;   and   no' ?US   'l!V   t'��'^i'!tl3-i*    Uvor   100 j  artillery duel the British retiied. Gen-? long"1 will the little red bakery wagon I -*!"','iotswHi* :U n'orli betwron Criin.l  oral Gaiai'.re found I lio enemy's posi- j be seen on the streets. Probus,' "the I '^ **" lhv..^{" ^'��".v^ river, but!  (ion iiupresniablo.    It   was  impos.M'ble I l>"kcr, has quit Movie. Ho has shakpn i '   il1' -'f5rt|M!1 t,? l-ie JTrncl.:   will   not   Le '  P ��\ ^  B   9m  xa.   xi��r  i i  i (ion impregnable.  e British infantry   to get  at   the  \l/  ii?  iff  vt->  Qiuulrillo Club Uaiice.  Tlie .Moyie. Quadrille Club.gavo   an  other ���successful ' dance   last   Wedncs-*  day evening in'McGregor   hall.    The  jy j club has decided that' iu   future   invi  baker, has quit Movie. Ho has shaken  I its bdust   .   from '    his   sandals    and  has loft for;the' North 'Star mine to  [ply his .vocation".' '   y       .  j  Gathered j hefi;  ���nj'Aten l?fc!yt-�� i he  ilaryi'.;���Thi* riy! uf :.:i  compiiiLed iti. tishoiy  ,. -iUi(idi;V  of Jan-  1,1  'A;e  cijnld AH^  titiit?.'; 1  .    _        G- cA'Mp-BElJlt)\-A..-T.- CLAliK.  Sel is 'Wew and well Furnished.  The SfiT-.v ���;�� ������'"," \7u ;*"? ":f; ���*���"  J-^DlPd   Q_,      ^, ��� t��    ��� -,        .% i club has decided that  its   future   invi  "Mai-W Supplied,4 With   the   BeSt   the .^|,,���.ious willbe expected   to be   pmsen  the i?0  afforc*s. The' Bar is Filled with Jffted at the doer:  ^est Brands of Liquors and Cigars. |;   "'  "headq  BARTERS  FOR 'COMMERCIAL  AND MINING MEN  Jlletiil Quotations.  .New  Opening: Services in Cisnljioolc.  The, opening services ��� of the.��� new  Metliodist 'Church, Cranbrook, will be  held on 'Sunday next, Dec. 17th; Rev.  JAA.Wood of Kflslo will prejich morn-'  ingiuul evening. On Afoiiday evening  an old-fashioned tea-meeting will be  be given, in aid of the  church fund. A  A AcqilJtieil una Keai-rosteci.  John*" jtfcBo'xiaid* " ,he     mab  cents,  firm  $4.70  ^'J.Tho    linn   thai   itiso.i ' ...ho . aoliing  ^^i^. , A     ..   -..'-.   ,      -        MKixisn co.iu3n��A. .^prices    for    ii)ii.'.ok   and    t-iricltei--?  York,' Doc.   .U.-B'ar   silver  ^ "   a,U ��'   h��  ^"rohfnud. A  ts.     Lead,   IF-W  _."   $4.?0.   ff��'    "^ "*Pro..mafd and the  people  ��{ Moylc have a.cordial invitation  SUBSCRIBE   I^OK THE '-LEAD BR 4,��T? !^ "  Hope rc^r^  ���    ,      tho Postal depurtticiit it) the (rial.  forged.a postal   money   order at   this  poatofflco   about a,(month   ago,   was  | given a UedUng under  the  postal   act  | in Fort, 8tedo b,,t  Tuesdav  and   was  ���acquitted;    Me   was   immediately   rearrested on the same charge under the  criminal law.    Hia trial will conie  off  in January,    Ho   is   now out  on   his  own recognizance.   Inspector  W    H  Dorman undP. D.  Hope  represented  an*   tiut  tin-.  P-'issrtl in qualii.v.or. freshness-.  Only tuch goods as have dis  . Uueiive merit   are  permiifeti ;  !o   er>ter   our    stock.      Low  prices do not prompt us to  b\iy, articles of inferior grades,.  The best of everything is'hetfi.  at moderate prices.  lacEacJiern &  ii  iAvI  ".i nil a  Efffii  ��*::  a_fl____SE______Sf___^_ffl_!!giSR 1  NEWFLAGINEIIEOl'K  - />            ,  Aa   ���  V  r  '     (  h  ui V  ���ih-;  ��.-���-  ��,p'*    !  ij  r  *>���*  r ���  1,. Ji     i3r,  *' ,    ,A     ?-*  ' ���** ���  ,1  * ,.  rf,  -Vk   '"'    ,v  I  "l   .'   i'\-      HI  A A;|  *��� ^      -if I**--  <���:"���', 'A, ,-��  . k.r        i '���  :=j  XX. *',   '*'  bj* -.''. '''it  . ��*-,    1';  :irr*  :$*��� '.  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It is not', however, the flag of a new  nation   or   one   that   lias   freed   itself  from   another   governing   power,   but  is  the banner of    one of the    oldest,  European countries, and  which  owes  allegiance  to .another. At  is   that  of  Norway, and from it is erased every  color'and every line that.would suggest'the    sway  of  the     Swede.   For  more  than a  quarter     of ' a century  have the Norwegians struggled to secure  this  emblem   of  their  nationality and dispense with the flag of thai  of  their  conqueror.   Three  times  has  thc   bill   been   passed   over   King   Oscar's  veto,   which,  under   the  constitution,  makes  it an  operative    law,  and  Bjornsen,   the     poet,     ca.n  , look  ���back with  resignation     on   the    riot-  ous     demonstration     his     agitation  aroused.  It was tho French Kevolution, that  terrible struggle for liberty 'that,  commenced in 1789 and is still continuing, though not with armed foi-i-  ces,   that' gave  Norway     to  Sweden.  try wns forced mot only to riVsrrt  Hon-ipnrte's standard, but furnish  10.COO  men   to" fight  him.  Hut  Norway  was  sincerelj'  attached  to   Denmark and refused  to quietly submit  to     the     tra-nsaclion     and  yield   to  her  enemies   of hundreds'' of  years.    Under  Prince    Chrisl ian Frederick,   hereditary'prince   of   Denmark  and   duke of Slesv/ig  T-Iolstein.     who  was  governor of Norway,  the Norsemen   revolted  and   enlisted  under  his  standard   three  days   after   the  signing  of  the   treaty.    A    month     later  the Danish    flag    gave way    to-   the  Norwegian,   and   April   10 "a  meeting  of,the states  was  convoked,  when  a  constitution   was   proclaimed,,, Prince  Christian   crowned   and   preparations  ChiNESE JUSTICE.  made for national defense,. The  mountains formed a sort of protection from the Swedish invasion,'" but  the most serious question was the  grain a.nd ' provision for'which they  were dependent-.-upon England. The  latter, being a party to the contract  to deliver Norway;- slopped the food  supply aeid blockaded all tlie hitter's  ports,     t  All    the   allied    governments ���  sent  envoys  to Copenhagen   for'  the   purpose   of  effecting an   amicable   settlement of the     question.'   On     Julv     7  they presented aynolo  to    the ' effect  that tho cession of Norway had been  guaranteed'by four  powers,  that   the  polio'. was  irrevocable ns   the    allied  powors   considered   the  union   of'Norway' and Sweden  one of the bases  of  the new    system of    equilibrium,    n,-,  iiidenin'i/k-alion    against     -war       and  payment "to   .Sweden    which   no   other  arrangement  could  effect.  I'riufi*   Christian   referred   the ciiies-  tion  to   the   Diet.  An.appeal addressed  to   the'King of Sweden     was     returned   unopened and   the   Diet   determined   to   fight.    An   army   of   -10,000  men' was  raised.    A   naval   action   at  llualon   Isla.nds   opened   thc   combat,  the   Norwegians    retiring.    On-   July  27,   IS1'4,   Crown   Prince   BcrnadotU;  ma relied   the  Swedish   army  for   Norway.   The  Norwegians   were   success. I  Sul   in   tbe  iiivsL   battles,   inflicting- severe    loss    on   .the Swedes,     but on  August- 4' the   British   Admiral   Pike,  after  preliminary   shelling,     enforced  the  capitulation   ol   the   fortress   , of  Fredi-rikstadt      and       the    ' Swedish  A Story- ot IA  Ilnnsr Chung and Men  Who Tried to Poliou nim.  Of Li Hung Chang numberless stories  are told in Chinese society.    On one occasion, says The Literary Digest, when  the  premier  was  having a   bitter  fight  with   some   of   the   more   conservative  members  of   the  tsung-li-yameD   he   received as a present a magnificent cake  which he had reason to suspect contained  poison.  He put the cake'aside and set all  his powerful machinery to work to find  out who was at the bottom of the plot.  The investigation was partly successful,  the crime being traced to three men; of  whom    one   at    least    was    absolutely  guilty.     Li   had   the, trio   arrested   and  brought to his yamen.    When  they arrived,  they were ushered  into his presence and were received in his courtliest  mauner.    The cake  was produced  with  the remark that "politeness forbade his  tasting  it  until  the, three generous donors   had had an opportunity to enjoy its  excellence."    Li cut'the cake, aiid one of  his servitors handed it to the unwilling  guests.    Each  took a piece and ate   or  pretended to eat it.    One crumbled  the  pieces and let them fall upon the floor,  but  the other  two ate calmly,   without  manifesting any emotion.    Ten' minutes  and the two men began to show symptoms of suffering.   Li smiled benignantly  and said to the man who had not eaten,  "Your   wisdom   is  so  great   that   1   am  compelled   to  preserve' your  head   as  a  souvenir to transcendent genius."  The man was removed and' promptly  decapitated. To,the other two the premier remarked: "The cake that you are0  eating is not the one you sent, but one  which I had my cook imitate. The poison from which yoii are suffering.exists  only in your imagination. 1 know of no  way to cure,your present pain except by  letting you share the same fate ns your  friend who has just left the room."  As they were led away the statesman  said to his retinue, "It is a,pity that a  man who can eat a deadly corrosive  poison with an unmoved countenance  should so misapply the talent "wherewith  heaven has endowed him." ,i  ABOUT CANADA.  Iuf��rin��tlou     of    All     Sort*     Conc��inine  I'll id Iti:; Dominion   of  Our��.  A CLEAR RIGHT OF WAY.  THK   FLAG OF, XOKWAY.  troops'-entered, that place aiid' Kong-  sieen. The   fortress   was   the   key,, to  ���le with   their    enemies    across     the  mountains   that  divide the  peninsula  and separate    Norway-   and Sweden.  When  Napoleon  was   in  the midst  of  his   struggle,    with     .Europe   -nib'ed  ,  against him and his country r-nd success   was   attending    his    efforts     to  o'.erthrow      the     governments     who  -.ought to  destroy him,    In-     planre.1  to invade England,  Lhe power !:���  Ji-id  not been able to punish bv  reason i*f  its  position  across   tli2 sea.    Jlo.hnd  captured   Holland,   ;'.nd   after   the' illusive peaco of 1S0.1  tho J-Yench warrior  won   Denmark   i,-i  li.'s cause,    lio'  wanted  the    powerful     Hanisn     >],������ z  with which to    destroy,   the    I'.j-itish  fleet  and   fender  safe  from     ar.nlhiia-  liori    at   sea    tho   jjiHitoi-y       (r-'r'no^ - ho  proposed   sending    to,, invade    England.    Some  of   the  Norwegian   pc-hts  were to be used as a base  of opora-  Chrisliania, for biiL a few sharp'bat-  For 184 years that country had been j ties were required to dri\e the Nor-  subject to Denmark, and the people wegians from the banks of the 0loin-  Were satisfied and contented, though men, on which river the city is .situ-  ever   ready   to   renew* the   old   strug-    atcd.   On   August   n    Cic-n.'   Va��c-..ck  defeated   2,000   Norwegians   at"jrog-  stad and  secured  1300  prisoners.   Col.  Aldercrantz, was   forced."to   abandon  the Island  of Ho ton  and   the  fortress  Sleswig   was' taken   by  Admiral   Wir-  seen,  which     opened     the ,   road'    tr  Afoss.   The    Norwegians    we're, now  oblige^ to  retreat  from  all   their   po-I  sifions,' and    wunt     to Frederikstein,  which place   was   bombarded   August  12. b Tlie Swedes  forced  a  passage ol  the, river   Kgolberg,   and   Bcrnadottc  with  his   large   force  had  surrounded  Prince Christii.-n   near   Moss.    .As   the  latter could   make  no   further  resistance, lie resigned  the government and  a convention was entered into on. the  14th which  was   very     favorable     to  i the   dciffinl.p.i-1   nnrl    llio   Xorwcfflnn J?io(  declared   tbe   union   of   the   countries  October  20 Ly a   vote of 74   to  5.-  The terms .of the peace and union  were liberal, and such that Norwegians could -accept 'them with  honor. They retained their owr.  legislature, which meets every five  years, and any bill or re-solution  passed ihive times over the veto of  the King becomes operative. Thcj  have a voice in the Swedish council  of sta.te, and the King's councilors  for Norwegian affairs' are wholly  Norwegian. Many other provisions  gun rantee their liberties, but the  friction between the countries wiP  probably never be eradicated, for  ^Norwegians, (he ancient Thules, ever  agitate for independence. Their next  step will be to secure independent  consuls.  Lions  and supplies,   as   well   as   Danish   and  French   ports. -  England,  fearful  of ���the result when  the- Corsican   should   have   completed  his plans,-sent Nelson . to Copenhagen  to conquer the Danish,fleet while the  plan    was    yet     immature.    Nelson's  success  was  complete,    lie     captured  the  whole fleet and   took  it  to  England,   which   country  now  became   invincible on  water with  its' added  reinforcements,   itussia was    next    beA  mg threatened by the conqueror,, who  occupied   Swedish   Pomerania,   offending  Bernadotte,   a.     brilliant     French  general,' whom  Napoleon  had'   made  crown   prince of  Sweden.    Bernadotte  agreed with Kussia  to    send     troops  to harass  his.  old-time    commander  and  benefactor.    It was  urged,   however,   that  Sweden   could    -io*  * with  safety   send     her     troops     from    the  country,   for   tbe   Norwegians   might,  taking advantage  of  their  weakness,  conquer  them,    1-i    answer     to     this  Russia   agreed   to   unite  Norway     to  Sweden-and   deliver    peaceable,    possession.    Great Britain,   in   consideration of Sweden's   30,000    troops    to  light   Bonaparte,   agreed   to   aid   Russia, in   the delivery of  the goods     to  Swedo'i.    The    other     powers    allied  against   France  sanctioned   the   deal.  After  Napoleon's   defeat  ,at    l.eipsic.  Bernadotte   moved   against   Denmark  and thc  treaty of Kiel followed January 35,  3SJ-1,  by    which  the    King  of Denmark former relinquished Norway     to    Swoden.   England    secured  Heligoland on    payment    of 52,000,-  000 to Denmark  and  the latter coun-  .lSconomical Mothers.  "It never ceases to be a shock to me,"  said the elderly man on the Brooklyn  car, '.'that mothers will lie before their  children for 5 cents or less." He had  been regarding the woman who vowed  and declared that her"older child, almost  as large as herself, was not above the  half fare age and that a second child,  only a year* or two younger, was only 3  and therefore entitled to ride free. Some  conductors will accept the situation helplessly on the mother's representation, but  others will fight stubbornly to force payment, according to the evidence of their  senses. In any case, the children hear  the whole thing and know that a lie is  being told to gain a few pennies,  "One has to wonder what defense such  parents enn make for punishing their  children for following their example and  telling lies on their own account."���New  York Press.  There'Waa   Xothi:iff   to  Interfere   If  He Chose.  "  'When 1 first came into the mountains  of West  Virginia to look after the coal  interests of an eastern company, I boarded at a little tavern in the county town  presided over by a gooddooking woman  of 40.who, as i-had understood, was a  widow.   -She   was   keener   witted   nnd  more ��� entertaining   than   the    average  mountain  woman   and,, 1 rather enjoyed  talking to her.   One evening, after I had  been   her   guest   about.three   weeks,   I  found myself alone with her on tbe porch  of the house, and we chatted along very  pleasantly   about  men   and   women' aud  life generally. ���  ' "Ain't you'married?" she asked in response to something I had said leading  'up to such a question.  "Oh, no,!,' 1 laughed.  "I'm an unhappy  old bachelor." "  "Well,   you   o'iighter   be   ashamed   uv  yerself," she said   with spirit.- '  "I   am,"  I  assented.    "But how  is  a1  man  to  be otherwise when the women  won't do their share?" ,'  "But  they will   ef  they ever, git-the  chance,"  uhe contended. ! .  "It's easy enough for you to say that"  I said, {'because you felt that way toward your husband when he asked'you."  "My husband!" she almost shouted. "1  hain't got no husband, nor never did  have."  "Why���why," I stammered, "I understood you were a widow."  "Well, I ain't."  "Do you mean to tell me that as good  looking a woman as you are iii an old  maid yei'.''-'   A '  She hesitated a moment before answering.  The rainfall in Ontario last year  was HO. 14 inches, the greatest since  i'S7-J. In the latter yeo.r 19.40 inches  of rain fell,-, the smallest on record.  The great Laurentian lakes, wilh  their connecting rivers, from the  head of Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean, cover a distance of 2,384-  miles. They cover an area of about  100,000 square miles.  ' Hudson Bay has an area of 150,-  000 square miles. .Including its two  arms, it has an extreme length north  and south, of 3,300 miles,1 and a  width across the bay proper of  ' about 600 miles.  ���  Tho total area of lands set out for  settlement   since   3 873   is   80,040,975  ��� acres,   or. 500,252' farms of 10   acres  each.  At the rate of 5 to a homestead of  160 acres; these lands would' sustain an agricultural population of  over   2,500.000.  About 7,000,000 acres ol laud havo  been susveyed b}" tha Government iu  Quebec for sale.  There aro now in Novg* Scotia  about 1,500,000 acres of ungranted  lands, a considerable quantity of  which is   unsuited for  cultivation.  It is esti ated that there are  about '7,000,000 acres of ungranted  lands   in  New  Brunswick.  There are about. 44,000* acres of  vacant Government land available In  Prince Edward   Island,  Ontario-last, year produced 25,-  153,713 bushels of fall wheat to -3>  04S,1S2 acres ; 6,873,785 bushels of  spring wheat to'889,205 acres ; 12.-  663,668 bushels of barley to 438-  784 acres ; 863..S58.293 bushels of  onts to 3,376,360.acres-; 2,073,234  bushels of rye to 3 65.0S9 acres ; 13,-  521,263 bushels of peas to 865,951  acres,; 2,273,645 bushels of buckwheat to 3 50,394 acres ; 759;651  bushels of beans to 45,220 acres ;  14,358,025 bushels or potatoes to  369,946 acres ; -3,399,063 tons of  hay and clover  to 2,453,503 acres  By WEATEEELEY OHESNET. ���  fOopTJ-iffb1.. 1899. hv Wejitherlev Cliwsn����.|  Manitoba last year' produced 25,-  33 3,745 bushels of Avhent to',1,488,-  232 acres.. Ontario produced 10N[-  ������560,590 pounds'ol tobacco last year  .o  7,871 acres.     Of  this,    7,095,970  CHAPTER  V:  1       ���' THE NET DRAWING I>'.  "If George iB guilty, I can never be  your wife.'" ���,  , With these words still ringing Jike  a deatbkuell in my ears, I left lie Vere  Gardeus. What a change from yesterday! Then I Jeft tlie same house absolutely happy, for haduot Mabel promised to bo mine? But now there was a  couditiou attached to her promise which  it seemed impossibles should ever be fulfilled, and her words doomed inq to a  life of wretchedness, for unless her  brother were iiuiocent of this great  crime she coulil not hei, mine, and did I  not know him to be guilty:  Filled with these gloomy thoughts  aud forebodings, I walked through tho  park, scarcely heeding whither my feet  took mo, and I pushed forward utterly  unconscious ot thu ptihsershy. Suddenly  a voice greeted me���a voice that before  I recognized it^eeemod to carry with it  unpleasant memories. 1 looked up, aud  there was tho polico superintendent' of  the previous night���Jewell,! now knew  his name to bo. '  "Well, euptji/ti,'? said ho,, with evident deterruiuation to talky "I hopu  you aro feeling noiio tbe worse for otir  night's hospitnlity. I'm afraid it has  fold upon you, though, fudging by your  looks, but I hope you se�� that I was  simply doing my'duty and was obliged  to carry,out the letter of^the law."  "Thank yon, Mr. Jewell. I'vo no  doubt lAhall bo, all right again after.a  night's rest. Of course, I know you only did, your duty, aud it would bo absurd for me to bear you ii grudgoon  that account. Have yoa any further'  traces of the murderer?"  to  lbs.   came .from  Essex  and  8,013,120  lbs.   from   Kent  County.  Canada,   in  1898,..exported  agricultural   products,     domestic,      to"     tho'  value of 575.S34.858, the value going-  to  Great  Britain   being   $66,227,923  and   to   the   United    States ' $5,054,-  Tho breadstufTs' exported by Canada last year were : Wheat,, 18,963,-  3 07 bushels; flour of wheat, 3,2-15-  438 barrels ; barley, 443,656 bushels ; oats, 9,876,463 bushels ; peas  3.736,131 .bushels'. ,  - Canada last year imported bread-  stufls as follows : Wheat, 4 414 307  bushels; flour, 40,741 barrels ; barley. 103,303 bushels ; Indian corn '  3 9,975,701   bushels;   other  grain    1-  5SS3906'242USl1b? ''     ^   ^'^  VALUE OF MMS.   IN ANCIENT  TIMES.  In course I am," Bhe said, and her  voice softened,' "but 1 hain't no objec-  tioiis to .bein a married woman."  Goodness knows how I got out of it  and still remained a "star boarder," but  I did, and I didn't sit out on that porch  in the evening any more, either.���Washington Star.   ���  For the Dominion Government Was Unable to Find  Cure for ITCHING PILES-After 9 Years of  Torture He Was Positively Cured by  a  They Suffer In Silence.  One of the most pathetic things is the  manner in which the animal' kingdom endures suffering. Take horses, for instance, in battle. After the first shock  of a wound they make no sound. They  bear the pain with a'mute, wonderful  endurance, and if at night vou hear a  wild groan from the battlefield it comes  from their loneliness, iheir loss of that  human companionship which seems absolutely indispensable to the'comfort of  domesticated animals.  The dog will carry  a  broken  leg for  days wistfully, but uncomplainingly.  The cat,* stricken with stick or stone  or caught in some trap from which it  gnaws its way to freedom, crawls in  some secret place' and bears In silence  pain which we could not endure. Sheep  aud cattle often meet the thrust of the  butcher's knife without a sound, and  even common poultry endure Intense  agony without complaint.  The dove shot to death flies to some  faroff bough, nnrl ns it dies the silence  is unbroken save by the patter on the  leaves of its own lifeblood. Tbe wounded deer speeds to some thick brake and  in pitiful submission waits for death.  ; The eagle, shot: in midair, fights to the  last against the fatal summons. There  is no moan or sound of pain, and the defiant look never fades from .Its eyes until  the lids close over them never to uncover  again. ��� y   ���������. y  Worth   Alt   ami   2llore   of   tha, Work  Put  ..,      y Vu.c u......   ri,u,��.  Ucf��ro tho invention of printing  hlerauuV existed, only in cthe form  of manuscripts, ' which wero , exceeding^-, rare  and  costly.  There have been times when- for  the possession of a manuscript noine  ,wou,d transfer an estate, or leave  in pawn for its loan hundreds of  golden crowns, and when e\eu the  sale or logn of a manuscript' was  considered of such importance as to  have been solemnly' registered bv  public  acts. A  ���    ,  Absolute as ! was Louis XI., ho  could .not borrow tho MMS. of Ka-  sis, an Arabian writer, from the library of the Faculty of Paris for  copying . without pledging a hundred golden crowns, and the presidency of hi, treasury, "charged with  this commission, sold part of. his  plate  to make, tho' deposit. '  For the loan ^of a volume of Aveen-  na a baron offered a pledge of ton  marks of silver, which was refused  because it was not considered equal  to the risk incurred of losing' tho  volume.    '_ . '  These events occurred In 1471  , One cannot but smile at an anterior period when a Countess of Anjou  bought a favorite bo6k of Homilies  lor 200 sheep, some skins of martens  and bushels  of wheat and  rye.  In those times' manuscripts we*-e  important articles of commerce.  They were excessively BCarco and  preserved   with   the   utmost   care  Usurers themsolves considered them  as nrecious  objects for pawn  A student- of Tavia, who was reduced by his extravagances, raised a  now fortune by leaving in pawu a  manuscript of a body of law, and a  grammarian, who was ruined by a  hre, rebuilt his' houso  small   volumes   of  Cicero  What a contrast  do such   facts  "Well/ yes, We- have,'", roplied tjae  officer. " We have received some rather singular iuformatfon���---information  which I think will interest you."  ,1'svaa burning with anxiety to know  if there .was nny moro evidence against  George, so I listened readily enough. ' '  ,    "On occasions'Jike these," begun tho  superintendent, somowbat sententious-  iy, "wo aro often indebted to the public  for most valuable information, without  which    indeed,    I .' must   confess,   we  should many a  time bo at u loss.    The  i discovery of   the  missing   part   of   the  dagger last   night was  due   to such   a  caueo, for a.ktrauger brought it io Scotland Yard.    Then, thanks   to  the  conductor of  the Harlesdeu  bus, we have  traced    our   fugitive,   to   Manchester,  where for the  moment our  clew ends,  though no doubt our friend Caminada  there will already'be able to supplement  onr information, aud at 1 o'olock today,  we again  received from au outsider   a  most important piece of uows.    Wo hud  previously found out (but the murdered  woman   was , a'   lady's   maid   at   Mr.  Spiegel*?iseu'e, nud had nlao learned that  she was   (ho object of' tho attentions of  a youug gentleman of position."  Here tbe superintendent looked ut mo  inquiringly, us if  ho half   expected me  ���rC  kX  ������nTfnr'ir1    ! '       A  betray my foelings. Alter -, B, ���-  Jowell continued, "I beliW, ^'^  me last night,'Captain j:^,.? b'1"'^  had spent the evening ut a m,' rimt ^  houso?" , ^'^tuu's  "That is so."  Gardens?" -^ ur8  "Yes."   .  "That is  precisely the flfKlr_ T  tractod   from. Mr.   K^\,C,   ,   Ul-  rather  a  curious coincid,.^". ).***-  Brett?" ' ^-"Ptaia  "It isWainly a coincide -.',.  plied. A   ire.  "Then ���you will   prob:iMvljH���(b  this remarkable glass dap^r wi! Vfci'a  ���truotod the .attention   of 'y, J.'"Cd.��.  believe it was hangihg  on thuw'S'' !  Mr. (leorge Kenton's room?- ' 'A  "Yes, I remember fiet'iuK �����,.��, av.f  on* there,"   1  uiiHwercd, '<in j ', ?'  quite see the connection  Mwh*,   ��� '  particular   dagger   and   i|,is  ��� Aj��  There  aro   doubtless  plm|v of sJf'  weapons  iu  Loudon  at  ih*j,- ���;   'ar  They  used   to ,bo common fa ju   ��  days of tho Venetian r.:pUbijCi ntJ|] .��'J *i  uro   mtiunfaclnred   now in quautitvi  supply the demands of   tbo iJJ(;,iw;',0  , rio collector." ,    ,-     w-  '."Ob,'' no doubt," said the of%,  "but. it just'happens I'm rathi-rwi" {J  to see this particular cuiio.sity ,,c thi!  moment.. By tho way,-y.m ���,.���,.;, X '  coming from that diptftion vo-jr-V  ,Uan you tell rue if J" f-bull tind' Mr  > George Fen ton'at homo:"  :"l did iiotseo him. Ho was no* fa  .when 1 was there.but of conn*' {,oo���  bo there now. V  , ,"1 hope-ho n��ny," unidthe oiH,  , dryly. "I fancy ho will ba able to g'iTi  me some valuable information. Ob br  the bye, I- don't think I told you'th?  name of tho gent Ionian who wiiV paving'  attentions to tbo numb-red wouian.'lt'l  another ,of these extraordinary coiuci-*  deuces. It ie tbo fame Mr. George Fm.  tOU."        , '       r ���" ,  - H*re tho superintendent seemed bud. ���!  ly engaged flickiug 's'oiiio inui^iuary dust  from his coat sleeyo. But I felt that bj  fnco was still well within ranj-a ot hii  penetrating eyes:,' Stili, I could not keep  tbo surging blood from my faco. It was  too horrible to hear the toils beiDj-  woven olbser nnd closer round theau-  happy hid. .Tlie, merciless voice wen: on  in cool, ovon tones:  * "You iiro doubtless awaroof this hit  .'fact, Captain Brett?"  ."Yes, I-know something of it."  "This wonldsoarcely please hijluj.  ily, captain?" ������ &  , "Probably not."   - '   ."'  "And  it   might cause little nnpleas-  ' an ^family jars.    It's a sad' thing when  *vonts  of   this sort occur.    Youug men-  don't brook interference'in such ran tier!  ���niakos 'etn ,kick over the tracts���go a  * bit wild���eh,; captain?" .  Superintendent  Jewell t was a little  too  obviously trying  to   draw me, sol  .replied: "  *-.   ' i>  ,"Iu this particular instance there  was ^nothing of tbe kind, Mr. Jewell.  Mr. George Feu ton is a friend of miue  nbd in aa straight as i�� die���c��-r,t*.usW  not at all wild. But I must bi moving.  I have an engagement."  "Well,,    good'    afternoon,    Captain  Brott.  I imi'on my way to your friend's  house just now.  I only hope I may find  Liin in.    Ho teems to be ,ju**.t  tbo very  ruau wo want.     Good afternoon, sir."  As I left the lynx   eyed .oflictr I fell  tho net was indeed being slowly drawn  round  George   Feuton.    It-was c-virtaat  that when all   the, circuniptautiui evi-  doiico was collected and Geoige Fciitou  found to be missiug   from home a warrant for his arrest would only 1,1.0 f-Lire-  ly be  issued.    Tbo  uows  could not ba  long   kept  bnck  from   bis   father and  mother that their son wan Kus-pi'ctc-d'of  this fearful   crimo, and  I   pictured tbe  effect  of  tho   terrible nows upon bi-J  parents.  But amid all this trouble my course  was o-Ieiir. While tho oflicefs of the law  wero gathering evidences of his ��r.i!t, I.  inust to iho bust of my ability strive to  find'grounds for his innocence; Mabel's  .belief in him was firm aud unshaken.  Miuo must bo the snmo, and no ttouo  would I ieave unturned to'uttaiu uur  end.  To bo Continued. , I  with     two  those present to the general diffusion  of the most precious treasure of  learning  by   the   art   of  printing,    a��  developed   In   recent   t  Mr. O. P. St. John, the- Dominion Inspector of Steamboats ,  residing at 246 Shaw street, Toronto, was for many years chief  engineer on the lake steamers, andis a prominent citizen.  . ��� In the following voluntary letter Mr. St. John tells of his  efforts to rid himself of the misery of Itching Piles knd of his  final success by using Dr. Chase's Ointment.,   He says;���  b '���' I suffered for nine years from itching piles. At times  being unable to sleep on account of the annoyance caused by  them After trying almost all remedies, in vain,! began the  use ot Dr. Chase's Ointment, which entirely cured me I  cannot speak too highly of .it. I have recommended it to  several ot my friends, all of whom have been cured by its use."  Dr. Chase's Ointment is an absolute cure for piles. It is  neonly remedy guaranteed to cure piles, whether blind, itching  -eeding, or protruding.      It is the only pile cure having the  the larndmeAt   nT111,611' P^��� and of the best citizens in    ^  the land.    At all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co,, Toronto.  ' S5  He Wa�� Not Impressed.  There were eight of us going to stop at  the same town and the same hotel'in a  Kansas hamlet, and we talked things  over before we left the train. Each one  registered himself as a professor, judge  or general, and when the last name was  down we stood waiting to hear any observation from,the landlord. He was a  quiet spoken, humble looking man, and  he should have been duly impressed with  the array of names.. He wasn't, though.  He read them,over in a careless way and  then looked up to say:  "All i-ight,' professors, judges and generals. I'll do the best I can for you, and I  guess most of the folks will turn out to  your circus tomorrow if the weather is  pleasant.'1  Tim Hnfl  lines!  ��ii�� uf u,��� c��i-|)��t;  A)r. Girsdansky, in The ���Now"'. York  Medical  Journal,   waiting of dust   in:  f hnV C^,sa1tion ot tuberculosis.claims  that the broom not only serves no  ���hygienic purpose,   but   maintains   or-  ���and. is   therefore  the most important  uZl �� '^ CXi3lCnc�� ���* spread ol  tuberculosis, as well as other infectious diseases. Ho .claims that 6ar-  pets are. unhygienic arid -serve as a  Reding  ground   for   bacilli.   *���%�����  cluster. He argues that tho onlv  proper and safe' way of cleanhZ  floors and oven streets in ovr S  cities,   is   by   th8   freo   uso   ofrw^e  Hla AlueiitmlnilednciKi, I  A little girl, who was trying to tell a  friend   how   absentminded   her  grandpa  was,  said,  "He  walks around,  thinking  about nothing, and  when he remembers  it he then forgets that what he thought  -' was something entirely different from  it he wanted to remember."���Bostoa  istian Reij-IaUr.  Y sprinkling, by .hose? by" E  etc. To this end all floors'* - flo��  coverings      and ,   street     paWmentJ  ?'^^tC��n9trUCtedeo^  ^ci-  tate tho free  uso  of water.  Htt Bavq  that the broom ,���usf go, and. J fill  this   may   seem     almost   sacri e^ous'  is nevtetoVh0 ��ollo*��-"U>at cleanhnoss  is next  to godliness,  there is an oil  ment of reason   in  It,   for scienc-  i  proved   that   dust   i,   lul SClonc�� h**  -ore   deaths   tluu,   any* ��otW "n V  condition,   earthquakes     flood.       g A  wars   not   0Xcept[>(J.   g-J���^���*  J��iivTS,ut,��-bfrharn>,c" SrdJ:  really a murderous weanon ih���i V  less surely.  "Well, good afternoon, Captain ltrctt."  to   say something, but  as  I  remained  eileut ho continued, still looking keenly  at  mo from   time   to   time, us   though  watching tho effect of his words.  "Well,, as I said, about 1 o'olock wo  received most important information,  A hall porter of tbe MotropoJo culled at  onr station and stuted that last night  he hoard a remark in tho hull of tho  hotel which might havo a very iinpor-  tant bearint; on tbo caso. It" nppenrH  thero wero tbrce or four gentlemen  smoking ubd lounging' in the entrance  hall and talking loud enough to be  overheard by tbo porter or any one else  in. their-vicinity.   .* .A  '  ,"The couversntion   happened to turn  upon weapons, and  ono -of "tho gotitlo-,  men; who   scorned-to' have  traveled a  great deal, described somo curious articles of  warfare ho had   come  acrbsa in  Africa,  wheroupou   unotber  visitor'   a  Mr. Keighley Gates, casually mentioiiod  a  peonhar white gjaes  dagger he bad  seen the,day before in a friend's rooms.  I havo made it  my. business to seo Atr.  Gates   and   get   what   information   I  could.   Mr. Gates  soomod  rather communicative   yesterday,    judging   from  what the porter said, but since a glass  dagger  has  come  so prominently forward in today's paper  it  is wonderful  how reticent ho has become.    Ho mo��=t  reluctantly substantiated what  ho  had  said, and  at length  admitted  ho had  Keen   such   a  dagger  in tbo room of a  lriencl.    btill moro  reluctantly  did  lho  eivomo  tho name and address of  this  friend.   It appears"���and here the oill-  cer fixed bis  eyes keenly upon me���"it  appears this dagger is the property of a  oortain Mr. Gcorgo Ponton "  This was tho firstti.no Goorgo'snamo  had been, mentioned in connection with  tbo murder.   I felt thia was  tho begin  mug of  the end, but my faco  did  not  The C'ntiHt* of II.  A reflection not altogether witluut  value (o such fi'inlnfiio scribes ns h.ivo  not yet found ibolr public is toniairi^i'  in a remark iim<h> at n recent diuiierlii  London, where iiOO literary wonieii i"1'1  one another. Says, the Loinlun Outlook :'  A.s the extremely well divtfM-d ciowil  fiurged and swayed round the I'!*1'-  form nfler the iocftatinn which foi".  lowed the tllnner a young wuiiiiin veil-  (ui'cd..to remark to one of lhe "��'''  hands", upon the exceedingly pro*'JPl',r"  ous appearance of several of the literary.women.  ���'������' '''niess yoii," was- tho quick rcsiiqi.isi\  "tlia't'Is not ilti'i'.'itiire-^it Is iHi.-^hiiuds!  .-!.'''��� '- ���  ���'���������'     - _       '   '���         . i  Before the SU)i*m.  m:xxx  E|��A  ".See, Jack, how affectjoiuif  toward, mo,  and ���you . coi'isi'h'i .   ,.  worth the While to bid me ��<��"��� t:v,,'"M!!:i..  t  I  haven't .ipse' ]f  1  "Vcs, pa,, but  stiiiid    over    your  Blatter.  papers:  ���'... i-Mii-fu'iul"  Oolom-1 hna become uiauuui��b-  Hc.Wiui Bred In Olrt C1��I�����'*"'  Pusher-Gusher   is   not  very  imPl^  In'his choice of'adjectives. '  Usher-Why so? ��� ���'���     '   -,.'  ruslior���Miss   Gunmis   fished  ioi-^,  compliment  by  asking  hi^i  what  thought of her slippers. ���  Usher���And what did he stiyl  rusher���Ue snid they were l"1"-  I THE MOYIE LEADER  OVER   $1,000.00.  S"^.i��ii,i ��� 11 -��"i. -i i ���  MOVIK,  li.    C.  "..TBVING IT ON THE DOG."  n.uiK*TOU*.   Urutjr*.   Arc   Hut   to  S����     Tlic* riofcloloiiicul Ten!.  ���v ,.-..,.  hen I'd-tne   theatrical   ^xpiv.s-  ,  ":ir,.-n- it ou a dog,'"  said  a  local  ��K'1   .witative of a great .manufacturing  '-It means an  experimental  ?w play in some small  otherwise   the   small  ���pr"-t'  '. drl'f",','!ol('(. of a new play in some small  DPI 1.1! 11"-"* j,  :. ..     ,i ,,  ;,'���    If the  dog,  *,,.' shows fio.great symptoms of dis-  CU>'*   tht-y   venture   the   thing   in   New  T7" ^'''" '"oiir liue of btisiije*!j3 v,'��  Jielim-iitly 'try It on a dog,' also on a  ,r  ii is*t, a rooster, a  guinea pig and  Iii" '-iiii-juihi too numerous to .mention.  Oi r'trials are literal, not figurative.    We  .'lit them to ascertain the eti't ngth of  m'.'.r..,n (hug*' which'for some reasomor  ,|j,.r di-fv chfiuical analysis. Iu isuch  case*, we icsort to what is called u phyid-  oiocii'fll tost.  ������SupiioM-,   for   instunee.   we   want   to  /ij ,.iit the strength of a sample of digi-  1;1li,   which, if I" CT��{1 condition,  has a  t-ur'-diitiin: effect on the heart,    The <-x-  : ,,',.,js (iii lhe frtaff of  the"' laboratory ,at  o'u'r ��"ih�� force a drop of the KtnfT into  tho .-umi.'ioh "of a email   frog,  which is  tlicii'lihired ii) a delicate machine called  "a k'\iii"gi"ai>h that records its heartbeats  on :i,.-tii!�� ot paper.    Tho digitalis may  be -Vrfctiy dead and inert, aad', it may  h. .^tiling and active���no  chemist  cotiai  'ti'll  the  difference���but   tbe ��� kymograph '  ..(t-, .'it fh<" truth with' infallible' certain-  tt, uii'l tho sample is graded accordingly,  fir.* iA.)L".*> used are little fellows not over  ir,-.. luclii'S longtiind they are rather hard  to ki l- '^wne time ago we'sent the hous>e  a i��i.'!i<-iguiiK"fit   fro'm   New  Orleans,   but  tlu'V j-roved to be too large.,   Why do we  uso' t-m-b fcinall cues?    Because it takes  li^ of  the   drug   to "affect   them.     It's  HH'ivly a inn iter of economy.  , "S.,uie of the other tests are still more  carii<iii." continued the drug man, "and  Di.-)l> inieeror, thnn'thnt of- ergot.    To as-  (���(���rtiiiu it1* active properties a small quantity is injected into a full grown rooster.  If "the drug  is up to standard 'Strength,  (k-fitnli of the'fowl soon Regius to turn  blue   and    eventually    becomes    almost  black.   The power of tbe particular .sample on trial is indicated by the deepness  of���tlio discoloration.   This lent is the only  rtli.'dile one   known   and   is  exceedingly  vahiablo,   because   ergot,,has   a,strange  trid. of occasionally.losing ail its medicinal p*-"p('ities without showing the slight-  ���est (h:ii:*:c,in general appearance.    Hash-  <A\,   which   has   figured   so  extensively  In iMiKiiiccs of the orient.' is known scien-  tiliciily as Cannabis indica.   'It is tested  oa'd'igjs.    Wiien the drug is all right, the  do*; >Aon begins to get dopy, staggers in  Its uiilk and eventually  keels over and  <3imuis drcunis.  'The necessity, of- testing hasheesh  grows out of a very .singular fact. An  most people know, it is made from the  blfi.s-oia of Indian hemp, but It is only  the 'unfertilized female tlower that' has  any narcotic properties. The male flowers nnd the seed bearing female llowers  an- .������.b-olutely valueless, but all three  look nlil.e to the naked-eye. So does the  tincture* prepared, frpra them. and. like  the, other drugs' mentioned, il ^locsn't  y'u-lii u*. analysis. These tests will give a  fair idea of the modern method of getting  ot f.-n-iH about medicines. They are only  * few out of many.  "'Altdijether I suppose that ,upward of a  dnzi ii difiVieiit animals are u^cd, each, se-  lee led bci*ause of its sensitiveness to  nuii.'C* special preparation."���New Orleans  Tiiiii-B-Democrat.  Spent during 25 years on  Catarrh Remedies and  Specialists by a wealthy  mill-owner of Port Es-  sington, B.C. At last cured  by    ���  Japanese Catarrh Cure  .Mi  -Mr. Jovpl, Ur.h-, th- veil known mill-  owner of Port ll-ington, H.O., ionnerly ot  \ ui.eoaver, writ..: ".laijinu-ie Catarrh Cure  ha.-i cornj,k.t,.ly cured me of cal  IrouUwl in..' for twenty five vf  diifciciit iini(-.s ki cm o\-t-r ono  ..-it I.  ,i,,r...,  ..:.,���..    .   -~ Juiarrh Cure  ha.-i eornjilon-lj- cnn-il me of catarrh, which had  ���ars. 1 have *t  ,..i,i.';i,";-f -������-������������I*";' "���-' ��>-.�� thousand ilfilldn-  .\iili(]iiTi;iviit s.MjcialiKis m Toronto, Buffnlo  .���.ml hnij Fmiiu.-co. br-slrtfe, trying all  other remedies, hut tho it.sult was only tern-  jM/rnrv rela-l. J{�� aring of tlio remarkable euro  .liioiigbont th.* \\ t.,t by JauiLiii-so OiitM-rh (Jure  I ijurclinsfil hix l-o.-u-s while in Vancouver  aboul tvwj veil re- ,-igo, and sin  tre-iituciw havo Lo  ancouver  co completing this  There are'cases of consumption bo far  advanced that Uicklo'sAutl-Oons'umptive  Syrup will not euro, but none so bad chat  It, will not give reU-ef., I'or coughs, oolds  and all affections ot tho throat, lungs and  ohust, it Is a specific which has never been  known to fail. It promotes a free and  easy expectoration, thereby removing, tha  phlegm, aud glvos the diseased parts ��  chance' to htal.  WHAT THE  SHOPPER  SAW..  Net robes aud allovers patterned  l.iMel'ully with large paillettes in cui-  r.j'-s designs.  White ostrich feather boa?, In which*  in'ud;   tails, of* the  softest  variety are  iiiienninjiled iti; reliefs. . c  Mouspv-lines de sole and plisse chiffons iu h-li'ades of cornflower blue,  mauve and atitonioblle red.  lSe.'iutiful grenadines for winter evening wear, on which antique designs aro  ^nuiKht with tinsel .or silver traceries.  Velvet slock collars '"showing appliques of steel beads, from which a  1'i'etty fringe depends over a chitlou  front.  Bodice garnitures composed of jet  with pendant fringes, In which vari-  ou-ly .shaded jewels .are tastefully iu-  tei'spiM-sed.  I-iirge picture hats ornamented with  "oine tissue niatcrhil. long ostrich  Pimm's, jot ornaments of various ile-  **lls'iis and tulle strings.���Dry Oood*  1-coiiunilst.  Hy all driigg -its. or by mail pout p��i'l. Ad-  drusH Thn Grimtlii & Macphc-rwri Co., ia  Cfhurch street, .Toronto.  '  '    MEN  OF  MARK.  The Marquis of Exeter is snid to be th��-  only marriageable marquis in KnghiniJ.  Colonel Miehuel'(Joouey of the l-'ourth  cavalry has retired at his ov,'ii request  after 40 years of continuous service.  The original of Hall Caine's character,  John Storm of "The Christian," is the  Hon. and Itev. James Granville Adder-  ley of London,  Charles A. Aitchison of Glasgow has,"  by a trust settlement, devoted ��70.000 to  the education of women missionaries and  religious teachers.        ��� ���  At 70 years of age Judge Jackson of the  United State;-, district court for West  .Virginia is 8til) active ou the bench. a He  was appointed hy Lincoln. '    t,  Douglass Sladen, the compiler of  "Who's Who," the standard book of autobiography, i.s said to rival Chauncey  SI. Depew iti >iis wide acquaintance with  people worth knowing.  Alson S. .Sherman, mayor of Chicago, in  1844, i.s still alive and in perfect health.  He Is thedast surviving'chief of the old  fire department and was a member of the  first "bucket*company" formed in Chicago.  Felix Motti, the well known Wagneri-,  an conductor of Carlsruhe, has been decorated with the cross of the Legion of  Honor hy the'French government. He  directed a number of .concerts in Paris  last season. ' ' ���   ,  llaghunatb Purushottam Paranjpe,  this year's senior wrangler iu Cambridge,  has pledged himself to teach mathematics at tha0 Fergusson' college at Pooua  for 20 years at a salary of not more than  70 rupees a'mouth. c  Theodore Tilton. who spends his time  between Paris and London, has lost none  cf his aptness for repartee. The other,  day a friend'asked him when it is a inau  begins to feel old.��� He replied at once:  "I'll tell you when. It is when he is a  sophomore in college."  Nathan M. Freer of Chicago has presented to the Chicago Provident'Elospital  and Nurses' school, an institution cou-  ''duetwl by colored people. $12,000 for use  in erecting a new building. Mr. Freer  makes the gift in memory of his parents,  devoted friends of tbe race.  Samuel Jackson, who died recently at  his home in Wynn, Ind., at the age of  91. operated the first paper null west of  the Alleghanies. The mill was in Cm-'  cinuati, but" after being operated there  for some vears was removed to Hanitl-.  ton, O., still being conducted*under his  charge.'  The late Cornelius Vanderbilt's caution  is revealed by the manner in which he  once protected himself in giving his autograph'for a collection at a charity fair.  He first wrote his name on a bit of paper,  vlhen carefully trimmed off thc paper close  down to the ink and lastly drew three red  lines through the name.  The late Charles A. Pillsbury, the Southing, was not one of those men who make  a success of everything they undertake.  His first business venture, that of commission merchant in Montreal, was a disastrous failure. After paying his debts  he went to Minneapolis and began the  business that In a few years made him a  millionaire.  DO  YOU   KNOW���'  That, simple massage prevents bnld-  ucss? '    ;.  '  a ''���'���.*...-  That palm oil. Is the best ami cheapest corn cure?  That the use of dental floss prevents  the teeth decaying/ .  That lit vender,oil 'rubbed ou the fae'e  Movents Insect bitingV  That orris root and powdered soap  make the best tootli-w.nsbV  Ueiuliu-hes   Uetlcved   In One Mlnuto.  Grilliths' Menthol Liniment relieves  headaches the minute apblicd.Apply Jt  to tho forehead and -temples, then inhale  freely in".the manner directed on the circular around tho bottlo. NO other remedy  is so valuablo' in the. homo as Menkhol  Liniment.. '���All'dr.uprfrlsts. 25 coiita.  A New Graft.  "Johnny," called the Throop street  lady, "run around to the cigar store and  see if the score's in yet." ,  ; "I'm surprised," remarked her visitor,  "to see you take 'so 'much interest in  hasebiiH.. 1 don't even -understand the  ganie:'*'   A  "Neither'do I, dear. But, you see.'!  ^uil to ask George for a little pin num-  ^.y. If the Chicago team won, I'll ask  ���dm the minute he gets iu the door. If  ���hey lost, ]<\\ tiskj'him tomorrow or uiay-[i  1|(' ihiy after." '  BWs Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.  Briiufnl.  "I can't help thinking about the emptiness of the world," sighed .the misanthrope. ���  "You should have been with me In  Hawaii," answered the traveler. "You  wouldn't think It was so empty If you  bad seen that eruption of Mauna Loa."  -Washington Star.   '  A I'-nmIIr Aflfnlr.  "Is Little Dick going on the excursion?"  "Yes."  "Then we shall till have to go.  "Why?"  "It takes all live of us to keep blm  .from . falling off. the  boat."-Chicago  .Record.- ''"y-' .'���     ���' b.' '���-,; '' '" A ���  Quite  Different.  Nodd-I  wonder  if  I  shall, ever, be  rich enough,to own a steam yacht.,  , Todd���Um!  That isu't my ambition.  "What  is?" ',A'A ���,'.������    '.  "I want to be rich enough, after A-  own one to run.it for a few weeks each  seasou/'-Detroit Free Press.  Ne-ir Chance  For Trade.  Mrs. Suaggs-lsn't it odd that *  French duel Is usually harmless.   ,  Mr. Snaggs-Yes; they ought to. In-  u.0duce tbe American toy pistol Into  France for dueling purposes.-I'itts-  burg Chronicle-Telegraphy  They 'Wouldn't Pay.  -isn't:'lt awfully difficult." asked the  gushUig maiden,"to Ond new ideas for  yTiio^Inow,"repUedthesSss-  ful playwright. "I have never tried it.  ���Brooklyu Life.  Meclian'lciil Term..  ���The actor, sir, is more than a mere  ^ndfagah, be is sometimes only an  ecccntVic."--Iui?innnpon3 Journal..  STAGE GLINTS.  Andy   Ma.-hsiy   is   lillin-   i;ilie   fnr  '-Natural amy witll  j.;ill,iL, <;;r,u.(] .^  the sun-.  George  Ith-hjird-;  and   Fuir'cuo  fan-'  , tadd will reiipiH'iir ��v:i\u li)i;i S���.|J0]J iu  j "The TempfMiin-c T.-v/n."  j     U Is anuouueed that Hoberi 'j.'de-:.,n  will soo?-i retire !...-nr,aiit-uiiy fioiu the  stage* in order to engage in busings in  Porto Rico.  Piiullne Moian, t!k- really Hover bnr-  le^ine .'tnd '.ari.-ty -hw.v'p^irin-mei-,  has made 11 hit with her aci at the Al-  hainbra, London.  Kdwai-d Irenrif'ti-- Steven-ion i.s lo  lfciiiiv iu London on "The nidation of  Music to lhe Dramatic In Hi>tory. Fie-'  tion and the Literary Theater.'''  Lee Harrison, .Ii-aunette Ha gourd,  Carrie Klbens, Edith Si. Clair. (Jeorgia  ('.'line and Peter Cm-ley will In- the  cast of the Rogers Bros.' now play.  Willie Kdouiu will appear in "Flora-  flora," the new musical' comedy by  Gwen Hall and Leslie Stun it, to be  produced i;t the Lyric theH^r. London,  on Oct.':*.".  Theodore Spioring'' Bnnounecs hi.-t  withdrawal from the music school  with which he has boon Ideiuilied for  the last year and also states that diis  assistants, Otto Koehrborn and William Hlestel, as well as the 'cellist 'Herman Dioslel. wii'- retire with him from  the institution.  Robert Downing, who.recently entered the realm of vaudeville, is quoted  as declaring that he has decided to  rjturn comedian. "I have up my .sleeve."  be says, "a plain pasioral piny of life  in Indiaua which, while it i.s mostly  comedy, rises to koine intense if ipiiot  climaxes, '.un\ to that I will pin my  principal hopes for next ,seasou."  BILIOUSNESS BURDENS ' LIFE ���  The bilious man is'never a companionable man because hii ailment ��� renders  him morose and gloomy., The,complaint  is not so dangerous as it is disagreeable.  Yet no one need Buffer from It who can  procure Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. By  regulating tho liver and obviating the  effects of,,bile in the stomach they restore  men to cheerfulness and full vigor of'  action.  An Optlcul  Illusion.  "You say the general took all your  painting materials from you?"  ' ������l'es," answered the artist sadly,  "lie came upon uie just as I was completing my masterpiece. It was entitled 'Sunset on the Sea.'"  ."Didn't he like it?"  "Xo. lie is a little nearsighted.  When lie saw the'misty' lines tvprer,  seining the sun's dying rays diverging  in all directions, ho, ticw into a fearful  passiou. He thought it' was another  round robin."��� Washington Star.   (  MINARD'S LINIMENT Relieves Neuralgia!   ���  Cut  Ills Visit Slioi-f.  The'Duke of Wellington once wrole to  Dr. Hutton for information as to the scientific ncrjuireir.eins of a young .officer  who had been under his instruction.'The  doctor thought he could not do less tha if  answer the question verbally and mad*  an appointment accordimrly. '  Directly Wellington saw him, 'he said:  "1   am   obliged   to   you,   doctor,   for   the  trouble you  are  taking.     Is    lit   for  the post?"  Clearing his throat,' Dr. Hiitton began: "No man more so. iny lord.   I can"���  "That's nuitc sulli.-ient," said Wellington. "I know how valuable your time  is. Mine, just now, is equally so. I  will not detain you any longer. Good  momiai:."  USEFUL AT ALL TIMES.���In winter  or iu summer Parmelee's \egetable Plus  will cope with and overcomo any irregularities of the digestive organs which  ohange of diet, change of residence or  variation of temperature may bring  about. They should be always kept at  hand, and onco thoir beneficial effects become known, no one will be without  fch��m There .is nothing nauseating in  their structure, nnd the most delicate can  use them confidently.  Ilifrrh   Li^hl"-  As a rule, people who don't need rest  never let anybody else rest.  A woid or two may make a fellow creature happy, but be carerul how >ou write  1 heiii on a check.  When a man beirins to save money  from cigars, it is safe to say he has his  eve on another gu:i.  ' Pluck is the quality which makes onr  failures as interesting and educational  to us as our successes   A Deilente atntter.  "Aren't you going to denounce that  iniquitous combineV n**kwl his friend.  "Not yet." answered Senator Sorghum.  ���'I'll do it before the campaign gets under  way but I'm afraid the deal isn't secure  enough on its feet to warrant me in mak-  iu'*- niiv grand stand plays at present. I  in'Mit 'spoil   it."-Washington  Star.  LjSiCEL.  We little know tho toil and  hardship that those who mr.kc  the "Staff of, Life "undergo.  Long hours in superheated  and poorly- voutilated workrooms is hard on the system,  (rives the. kidneys more work than they  c���� properly do, throws, poison into the  svstom that should bo carried oft by these  delicate filters. Then the back gets bad-  Not much use applying liniments ana  nlastors You must roach tho Kidnevs to  InrXo back. DOAN'S Kidney "Pills  cure all kinds of Bad Backs by restoring  the Kidneys.to healthy action.  Mr   Walter Buchanan,  who has conducted a bakery in  Sarnia, Ont., forth*.  past 15 years, says:  " For �� number of years previous to taking  noun's Kldnoy Pills I suffered a eroat deal from  ���,uto Pahs across tho small of my back, pains in  ktokotniy head,, dizziness, woary feellnc aud  ���iAu,iltv From tho first few doses ot  ICn's Kldnoy Pills I commenced to improve.'nnd  P?! ��� ����ntimiod ontil I am to-day a well man.  r i1 *,?ot S>tn"pafior ache about uie. My bead s  Iihftw ihe^minary rtlfttcnUios all g-ono ." my sloop in  rofroshtaB aid my lioaJlh  is bettor now than fer  jrsa-3."  WEAK, FAINT FEELINGS.  Serious Conditions that Milburn's  Heart and Nerve Pills can "  Readily Cure.  , One of the indications of serious hsart  trouble is the sensation of weakness or  faintness that comes on at times.  ' Sometimes it is simply a dizzy feeling  that passes off, or it,may be a .state of unconsciousness  with hands and feet  cold  and countenance  ghastly pak*.  'These symptoms indicate a  weakened heart.  They are unmistakable evidences  of the engine of  life breaking  ,down.    '  '���'f&aS&YK ^0W there's  t****^ only one.reliable  remedy for restoring strength and vitality  to weakened hearts and relieving all the  distressing symptoms. It is Milburn's  Heart and Nerve Pills!  The case of Mrs. A. Stratton, Frederic-  ton, N.B.,';amply proves this. Here ia  her statement:  "I suffered very much from an impoverished condition of tho blood, coupled  with extreme nervousness. A dizzy sensation on arising quickly or coming down  stairs, often troubled me,- and my breath  was so short that I coiild not Ayalk up  stairs. Tho least exertion caused my  heart to flutter and palpitate violently,  and I sometimes felt a smothering sensation on going to sleep,..  I doctored back and,forth for my weakness, but I got no relief from any mc-dieine  until I tried Milburn's Heart'and Nerve  Pills, and I can say that they helped me  wonderfully.' Sometime?, my face and  arms .would swell and puff, but all these  troubles speedily yielded to the restoring  influences of Milburn's Heart and Nerve  Pills, and I am now strong and well. 1  did not use them long until I regained the  blessing of healthful, refreshing sleep and  it will always be a pleasure to me to  recommend them to others."  A BIT ABSENTMINDED.  ��� Little Tarn About a Very, Forest-  fal Mail.  There have been a great Lmany  ���stories about absentminded men,'  where one forgets his house address,  another what business he, is in and  where another has to refer to the mark  on his handkerchief before he'ean remember his own name.  There is a farmer pa.med Rogers in  ���the north who' possessed a Jersey cow  which he used to drive, morning and  evening, to and from the pasture, not  far from' his home.  '' One morning, "as one of his neighbors  was passing along the road, he met  Mr. Kogers"walking in the middle of  the lane, his mind apparently engrossed with some weighty question. The  ueigbbor called out: ��  "Good morning, Mr. Rogers. Where  are you going?"  "Why," said Mr. Rogers, In' a surprised way, "I'm driving the cow to  pasture." And he waved his lyind  toward where tbe cow ought to have  been. .   ' '  '"Well, where Is the cow?" asked his  friend.  "I suppose I forgot to let her out of  the ,barn," answered Mr. Rogers humbly, as he realized his position. And he  had.���Columbian.  DIFFERENCES OF OPINION regarding the popular internal and external remedy, DR. THOMAS' ECLEC-  TRLU OIL���do'not, so tar as known, exist. The testimony is positive and concurrent that the article relieves plysica)  pain, cures lameness, checks a cough, is  an excellent remedy for pains and rlieu  matic complaints, and it has no nauseating or other unpleasant effect when taken  internally.  Reflections of a Baclielov.  A divorce can end in joy just as well  as a marriage can begin that way.  Half the women who are unmarried  want to get married;- the other half  don't want to stay single.    ���  No matter what she wears before  other,people, the wise woman Is careful what she doesn't wear before ber  husband.  If a woman could be married only  17 seconds, it would be long enough to  knock 17,000 delusions out of her head.'  ���New York Press.  I   believe   MINARD'S LINIMENT  will cure every ease of Diphtheria.  Riverdale. Mrs. Reuben Baker.  I   believe   MINARD'S LINIMENT  will produce growth of hair.  Mrs. Ohas. Anderson.*  Stanley, P.E.I.  I believe MINARD'S LINIMENT is  the best household remedy onearth.  Oil Oity, Ont. Matthias Foley.  A Wanted Period..  "Yes, sir, i have always' felt that my  legislative career was a dead failure."  ������Why: so?" 'A  ".lust because tbe party 1 represented  was so overwhelmingly strong in the legislature that a single vote was worth  little ' or nothing.'.'���Cleveland Plain  Dealer.;       ...    ''- ;    .. Ab- A- -  MAUD'S LINIMENT CTOMflfllff.     /;  '.- ��� ��� .      ��� .-      i,-'  Time to Flit.  "I'm going to move.  "Rent too high?"  "No; landlord wants me to pay it.'  New York Journal.  . css*n  �� MLOLn S    SOAP,  If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you  will find the best in our  FD 1  (Trade-Mark.)  Sold at all Drug Stores.  jffyffy    0~l��<isti-ttj�� ���  DOMINION LANDS SCRIP ....  FOB    SALE.  Write us   for fubl  information.    You  can  SAVE  MOXEY,  W.    H.    SPROULE    &    COMPANY,  Real Estate and Financial Brokers,  375 Main St., Winnipeg.  WANTED���A THOROUGHLY Experienced and res,on*i*. le man io  take thetman:.penieut in Mani'oba and  the Ncrthwc-st of, a British Li e cdhA-e  with an established i us,nets. ', Apply  P. O. Box  IcOo, Winnipeg.  When1 you hear a man say "business  is business" he has just cheated "somebody.  .  Success is apt to destroy a man's  be-  lief'in luck.  There never v-aa, und never will be, il  universal pauncea, in ono remedy, for all  ills to which flesh is heir���the very nature  ot manv ouiactves being such that were  the germs cf other and differently seated  diseases rofoted in tbo system of ,th�� patient���what would relievo one ill in turn  would ugatravato the other.' '\Ye have,  however, i'n Quinino Wine, when obtainable in a sound, unadulterated state, a  remedy for many and grievous ills. By its  gradual and judicious u.=e the frailest systems aro led into , convalescence and  strength bv t*he influence which Quinine  exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It-  relieves tho drooping'spirits of those with  whom a chronic state of morbid despond-  enoy and lack of interest in life is u, disease, and, bv tranquilizing the nerves,  disposes to sound .and refreshing sleep-  Imparts .vigor to the action of the blood,  whlnh. be-ins stimulated,.courses throughout the veins, strengthening the healtny  animal functions of tho system,, thereby  making activity a necessary result,  strengthening the frame, and giving life  to the digestive organs, which naturally  demand increased substance���result, improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of  Toronto, have given to the public their  superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate,  ana, gauged by the opinion of soientists,  this wine approaches nearest perfeotion  of any in tho market.     All druggists sell  ,it. __j ;   THE  BEEHIVE,  Dividing may be continued as long as  the honey flow lasts.  A colony selected for queens should not  be one in which drones are produced.  Good success is obtained in securing  straight combs by M10 use of foundation.  A board cover should never be placed  directly over and on the'frames. Use oilcloth.'  After combs are thoroughly completed  in the frames, it v-'ell cared for, they will  last '20 years. ,  Combs that are hew and bright are not  so liable to be iufested with worms as  those that are old cud dark colored.  The.best way of cleaning up old combs  that are moldy 'and full of dead bees is to  hang them in a colony of, bees just as  they are.  There are two or three advantages in  using drawn comb. The bees will Gil  them more quickly and begin working, in  the sections sooner, hut at the start they  should be cut dowu if they are more than  half au inch thick.  Candied'honey should always be melted  slowly. The more slowly the crystals are  dissolved by mild heat the less the honey  loses in aroma aud color. Setting the  cans in warm water is a good way to  melt it.  THE PUNSTER.  CRFAM SEPARATORS  The sun dial is one of the old timers.  As a rule the cast iron rule should be  cast aside,  ' The sun, moon aud stars are nothing  but skylights.  Some of the bi*j guns of the prize.ring  are only air guns.' ���    , ,.      :  Even the time of' the losing horse is  money to the bookmaker.  Mauy a good man hasstrayed into the  crooked path by following the direction  of a corkscrew.. '���",,'  AUTUMN  LEAVES.  It is strange that curtains and coal go  up at the same season of the year.���Philadelphia Times. y    .  MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Everrwta.  80 HOT PAY CASH!  Pay in SCRIP for Dominion Lands and  Save 20 per Cent. Discotint.  For full information apply to'.'.. ,  Alloway & Champion,  BANKERS   AND    BROKERS  Winnipeg.  Or to any ofliee of the MERCHANTS' BANK  OF CANADA, or the UNION BANK Ob1  CANADA in Manitoba or tlio West.  If you keep cows you cannot afford to b��  without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If yo��  want' to have the beat; most moderate 1��  price, and on easiest terms, apply to  R. A.   LISTEB   &   CO..,   LTD..  ���2J--.2 Kinjy St., Winnipeg,  Dealers In Dairj' Supplies and Produce, 0*��-  olln-a Engines,   Horn*. Trend  Power*,  fcto.  IV.    N     TJ.     2i"  ;-ii?mv&~ ,  ' If you cannot attend the Winnipeg Busl-  ne.-* Collet-o jout now, do not waste your  evenings at homo. We can give yonr inatrno-'  ticms in ^ome -subject by mail.  Writ., for descriptive catalogue.  G. TV. DONALD, 8��o.(  HISH  GRADE  .PLOWS,    SEEDING1 MACHINES,  Carrltigo*-, ,Wilsons,   Barrows, A\ indinlll*  &c.    COCKSHUTT *l"JLOW CO., Winnipeg.  LUCAS, STELE &   BRISTOL     Circle Tea.    ,  Importer, of Groceriea       ��; |; f �� <��?,?��u  Wrlt6 US.' Hamllton.Ont.     L.S.& B. Splcet  I  FOB THE PRINTER  Made by the celebrated firm  ?fc of Ault & Wiborg.  Tiia latest and "be��t."   A  News, Miscellanj'i  Serials, etc.   Best is  the world.  Cast by th. "G*V  ling" Proces��. Thi  ���only plant of   tke  kind in Canada.  Of all makes and  kinds���new and ��������  oohd hand*  Unequalled by any other in  Canada, in' matter, ja��er and  press work.  All Kinds for Printers  TORONTO TYPE FOMMY CO,  (3L,I3S^IITE3D)  175   OWEN    STREET,  WINNIPEG.  Head Office:   Toronto.  , Pacific Coast Branch:   S20 Corfflw  Street, Tancouver.  A BRAVE WOMAN.  How a Drunken Husband Was Made a  Sober iVlan by a Determined Wife.  A PATHETIC LETTER.  Sho writes:���"I had for a lon*j time heen  thinking of trying itho Samaria Prescription treatment; on my husband for hla  irinking habiti, but I was afraid he would  discover that I was giving him medicine  ���md the thought "unnerved me. I hesitated  'or nearly a week, but one day when h�� ���  3amo home very much intoxicated and  his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw  aff all fear and determined to.make an  affor'b-to save our home from the ruin, 1  jaw coming, at all. hazards. I sent foi  your Samaria Prescription and put it in  his coffee as .directed next morning and  wafccjiied and prayed for the result. At  noon I gave him more.and also at supper.  Ho never suspected a, thing, and I theE*  boldly kept right on giving it reguMrly, ai  t had discovered something that set everj  nerve in my, body tingling with hope and  happiness, and I could see a bright futurr  spread . out before me���a peaceful, bappj  homo, a share iu the good things of life, ar  attentive, loving husband, comforts, an<?  averything else dear to a woman's heart  for my husband had told me that whi'skej  was vile stuff and he was taking a disllk'  to it, lb was only too' true, for before )  had given'him tho'fnll course he had stoj  ped drinking altogether, but I kept.givin  the medicine till it was gone, and then sen.  for another 16c to have on hand If he should  relapse, as he had done from his promise*.  before. Ho . never has, and I am writlna  you this letter to tell you how thankful J  am. I houestly believe it will cure the  worst cases."  A pamphlet; in plain, sealed envelope,  sent tree, giving testimonials and full information, with directions how to take 01  administer Samaria Prescription, Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address The SamariaJtemedy Co.,  ifordan street, Toronto, Ont.  %  m  [feaMfiaMBBBiifflSBmM 'a&vsi}  . 111>;  1    T.     .  .   -1* il  i v!.  j, ft   '! '  I ,';i;'  ^  ; if  i... ,  i -J.,.  I . v'.'.  ',  :^a  i '*. *',  ! v.'b  i :'*,'  ( i * *  -   t   .  1.''   *  iy? ���  :��::���  , 11*.  ? ,**��� i-  ' ���'i', 1..H,  aV'a'  i . ���*  * U?',',  . ft  .���1'  3'  'i-V  .11  f*T   iV  I i.''!  �����   ; >,!, ���'  ���,i,\lr  .* ,<  - y.  l    i.  I     i*     *'*  f<A  '.,-��� ',  i Aa  '.ii,        -  AA'A,  ?,^a":  r   I  ,'      * I' -  j r  , ���.- .  ���;$���]  f  aM1  ''?  ..���v��"  . 'j-.' i  Pi  t  r l  al-  Hi  #5-1.  l    *l,F  F tf  m  ��i  :V*��rj*  �� ,.  - -...-, ��� fi  . '5I  l.fl-  'A  r ft  * i  Scv^r *!  ;%:a  ���$ '!���>:.Ai  t v."  /&���  **  *.*  *i  if'  ''  save;  east  ! bett  oalj  the  gre  the  inn  in  ke  lot-  re  oi  fr-  le  t'  XSSatSSaKHStSfSlii  uhli-'upd in the mteiest of the people  oi Moyie and East Koo'.onay.  r. .('. svytit & CO.  -    Publishers.  <)05i?!'ff KtJJTjJJRS'J'ART,  Prop,  Lager bfipr sa]<l  by t}jo  Keg or dozen  bottles.  RATES OF SDJISCRIPTION,  One Year ?2.00.  SATURDAY,  DEC.   16, 1S99.  Deals on   Moyie  mining  properties  are becoming of every day occurrence.  Bottled Beer  in Stock.. ..  ��>i)VHT .UOVIK..  .'���K-cru on lho first unci  third Thursday of ca;-h  iSioiilli, yjsithig l>reth-  rt'n invited to attend.  F. J, SMYTH,, C. R.       LEWIS THOMSON. F. S.  M Mpi  Iff; iffiUi  i  -A  Tt can now be easily seen how a fev.'  hlocks of sidewalk improves thc 'looks  of it town.  Outside Orders Given Strict Attention.  j. e, costigaf, a. a  oi-fiX'E-'. Bank of Commerce Uldg.  Wholesale   and  Eetail Butchers.  -Jr'';��ai.-.  AW AND PLANING Mil,  s  According to tlie Herald, Cranbrook has a population of 1,200.  Whoop 'em up, Brother ' Simpson,  there's nothing like it.  i��  Assayer and  Metallurgist.  CRANBROOK,  R. C.  Permanent mining camps are  not  made in a day.   Moyie ir. better" ddw  than it was a year ago, and' it will  be  tatter one year frorii   now  than  it is  ���'it lho present Lime, and so on.  CRANBROOK.  B. C.  LEWIS THOMSON,  Notary Public, Accoun  tajtt, Commission,"\'ani>  Insurance Agent. ���>  Moyie, B. C.  SHOPS    AT  "*'  ^vt*J  'Li  Sbor C. Smith, gpubli^erS of the  Grand Forks Gazette, has^had trouble  with <his employees on account of nonpayment' of wages.' But then thisLis a  common_complaint'with|-Bber 0.  ,, Last year the CT P. R. ran an excursion over tbe Crow's Nest road to give  the people a,glimpse at the resources  of South East Kootenay. This" year  the same company gave aii excursion  Over thc newly opened dictricts of the  Boundary. Thus we find ��that' year  by year vast areas of country are being  opened to settlement., And British  Columbia is yet in its iufalicj't  MERCHANT TAILOR,  CRANBHOOK.  Repairing Neatly  and  Promptly  Executed.    Special Attention Given  <    c to Mail Orders.  McVittie & Hutchison,  Fire aud Life assurance. Min-  Brokers, Lund Surveyers and  Conveyancers, and Notaries  Public.  Lcuvo Orel ere at  Leader   Office. MOYIJE.  Suit3  Made  to  Order.  A. STAPHENSON,  Architect,   Contractor  and  c ' , Builder.    Complete    plans  Furnished and Estimate.-.  Given on all kiuds^of work-  free of chnrsre."  Pernie.   * Fort Steele  Cranbrook Moyie'' Warduer  u , ' '       I'  THE  POST   OFFICE  DKUG AND _ STATIONEKY STORE.  Patent medicines, toilet  articles, office stationery  and,school supplies. , , .  Lending Lihrary : If you want a book  ask for it and it will be procured for  3rou without delay. 9  IX PAYS TO DEAL WITH  HOPE & BEATTIE,  Ail Kinds of Kough and  Dressed Lumber, Sash,  Doors and Shingles. ..  FOB S?RICEb  Am.? .ok WftnK  MOYIE,    B. C.  GK R. MUIR,  sr.  BEST   IN   THE   WORLD^-^,^  ���_J���o  ..    "  Fort Steele Brewing Cc.'s  LAOER BEER.  Whyf   because It has the Pure Malt Flavor,  FORT STEELE, B. C.  Choiuists and Druggists,  MOTIK,  B.  C"  AT G. H. MINER'S  >->��� X*ib  GO   TO   THE  Moyie, B. 0.  Congressman i^oberis  of Utah,  he  with the plurality of wives-  has  more  enemiea apparently   than   any  other  tnan in the United Statds.    Tf a  large  number of enemies is  any, indication  of a man's greatness, RobSfts hai  cer-,  taiuly reached the  top round  of  the  ladder of fain6.    And it might be well  to add that  his  groatiieBd  it  entirely  due to tbe interest lie li&j tfiken in the J  '���fair sex.  y  a. 'wwiin*  ,  For tho i��?iJeijt ol tlio pciii.or   ni   ihe  Nelson Tribuue the  Leadeu  will  6fly  that there Was   net  trouble  when   the  mines of Moyie   were   managed   by  a  Canadian   named   Drewry,  and   that  tln*re is still no trouble &ince thc same  mines came  under   the  management  bf nn American nariiec) CJroiilii.   There  ic not an underground   miner  hi   tbe  Moyie Camp   #Uo   is   working   more  Until eight hours Or getting   less   thau  $3.50.    The men   aro  perfectly 'satisfied with their condition and h'avis  no  grievances whatave*'.  ^oirrgs:iEf.  For your outfit.    The largest stock iu  East Kootenay. ��� *  REID & CO.,  Cranbrook, B.C.  PATRONIZE  WHITE LABOR  By Sending Your Work To the  Lake Shore laundry.  PHJLIP CONRAD, Proi*.  good work.  TRICES   REASONABLE  Photography  WCATUiaiONT.  New   Denver   Ledge:     Matrimony  <\a��i  become   prevalent   iu   Kootenay  ..luring the past year or,two raid   there  is scarcely a hamlet but can   boast   of  I'-'.-OpitJ who   liaVo   riiade   contracts   of  thie   kind.    If   the   numbir  of  mar  filters  OdntibUes  to   increnne   at  the  Mtnu ratio iu the future as ihuy   have  JSi-.cntly wo look for nn enormous  ad  Vjiiti* in tho price  ot   buby  a.fringe.**.  Mairimouy In iif firsl,singes  it. nlwuys  full of   bli.-i**- nnd   nicer   to   lake  tii.m  Rcnlcli aiul s(;t!a.    Ii is then  th.it   tlie  World iu biigi.: ..ul no cloud oi .-urrow  ilo.iis around   (lie   lionoymoon,    The  Ji.lddle ami l.iui ���.!.*:;.'s   o'   iii.iiiiiisuny  ,irc- nul   b*.i   blis.-ful,   t's-pi-oially   to   tile  wonu n.      She   gnulunlly     finds    oul  witli a fe v ^Xji'ptioiifJ    lliat   she   i.-j   a ���  mild kind of slaV'.-, hwiind   hy    l.iw   luj  love, hon'<r and light lho   the   !>)r   -.h**'  in a i- i-hc iii'.f,"'  t'nou^lil   was   a   litlh  god.    We have never commiitcd   mat  riniony.     Not ln'caute we are avoi-ii* 'ui  the inut'h of   tlit,    f'-minii.e    hind,   uv  tin* d< lif.on.-s care-^ ili.it rt.n*.. s    roiij a  woman  who   ^.vis   ymi,   1 ul,   simply  owing to Lhu fact tli >t w<-   .have   never  had time or  opportunity    to   size   up  the situation accoiding   to   our   idcat.  Marriage would upset thc equilibrium  of our placid  career.    It  would  revolutionize our  entire   life.    We   Would  have to buy lace curtains, enlarge our  bed, antl   sleep  in a /room  decorated  with dresses, corsets, petticoats and  other lingerie of the gentler sex. Then  we wonld have to get in ea,rly every  ni-^ht without carrying a jag of green  onions and | milk shakes. It would  nevir do to stumble into our boudoir  at 3 a. m., and have our divine partner  hay in a low, sweet reproachful ���ypice;  "Colonel, yon are slightly jagged 1"  Such a remark would cause trouble,  and, consequently, for a while longer  wiyw.ill continue to eat onions at night  ml sleep where no. soprano can break  ie evil tenor our ways-.  Christmas is coming. Ge:  your pictures takeu io e��*nd  home.    PREST,   the    photo-  ' grapher, will visit   Moyie    2  each    Saturday.     Flashlight-  pictures taken at   (lie   Moyie  or. at Vour room or house.  Leave, your orders at once.  No time to delay.  Prest & Co.,  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Repaired and Made to Order. '  R.A.SMITH,      Moyie.  "MOYIE   CLOTHING  CO.'S   STORE.  Crdnbrnoic,  Photographers,  JVIoyiti'      Fort Seeie.  Diamonds  To be classed as "first water," a diamond must be absolutely white and free  from flaws. It must also be perfectly  cut, with every facet in correct proportion and angle, and have clear cut  edges at the _ girdle���otherwise brilliancy is lost. Birks" specialty is "first  water" diamonds. The economy of their  enormous purchases enables them to  sell Birks' Quality Diamonds for less  than what is usually asked for lower  grades.  Every piece sold is subject to return  if not satisfactory.  Write for illustrated catalogue.  MOYIE,    EAST KOOTENAY, B.C.    ���  Tbe above hotel is  neatly   furnished.  Board $5.00 per week  Per day $1.00 and up.  The bar ie supplied With  the best brands of Liquors and Cisrnrs   Yoii" will fiud a  full  line of  '  general   hardware,   including ,  Stoves, Tinware,  Agateware, Oils,  Paints, Glassware  i s o    '  A Call Solicited:  rissnov rs connection,  Moyie, B. 0.  NEW JEWELRY  STORE.  High grade   watches'a  specialty.    A nice line of engagement    and    wedding    rings,,  broaches, blouse  sets!" brace-  lets, chains,  etc.    Orders  by.   -  mail     solicited.      All    work  and goods guaranteed'to give '  satisfaction.  ���    W.F. TATE,  ,  Cranbrook, B. C. JEWELER.  f COSMOPOLITAN  v* *->-  The only   house   in   East Kootenay  heated throughout with' b'olair.  A '   * ���>  Fim class'ia "every -respect.    Special  rates to boarders.    Good sample  room  for commercial moa.  European plan. '"Open day aud night.  IflOTEL.  SMALL St flrUSGItiVVK.U'roim.  CRANBROOK/- -   B. C,  ^ -  "    ' ' ' i        ii      m ii ni.in ,i     i m   ii,    nun      ,i  _^w  remner,  A FULL LINE'OF  CRANBROOK, B. C.  Drygoods, Q-.ents'. Furnisliings,;, Boots  and Shoes, Crockery and Glassware,  aroceries,' Flour, Hay; and Oats.  THE   LAKE   SHORE  Barber Shop*  Corner' Victoria at.  and Queen's ave.  W. A. HAMILTON, Prop.  Letter orders promptly attended to  Prices right  BREWERY.  IN        KEOS  AKD  BOTTI.liS.  -7BREWKRS  OF-r-'  ''   I,- PINE LAGER,.,-BEER  !   AND PORTER . . .  DIFARTUCNTB.  Diamonds  Sterling Silver  Silver Plate  Watches, etc.  Ifenry Birks & Sons  BIRKS' BUILDING  MONTREAL.  Jewellers to His Excellency  the Earl ot Mlnto.  JPrices Given  and   Orders  Taken on  Eyery thing  in the  Line at the  Steele Mercantile  COMPANY.   (LIMITED.)  Wo carry comjileto lines- of  Men's Furnishings, Boots and  Shoes, Groceries  and Liquors. . .  .M iii Onk-r- Given Pri-mpt   A t.c*n tion  DORA     &   BREMNER  Are cutting 200 cord j   of  wood to supply the town ���  of Moyie.    All lengths at  Reasonable prices.  MOYIE, B.  C.  '"   .. - Ordekr Promptly attkndrd to.  R. Rie taper snd Co., Props.  nelsom: B. C  Cranbrook,  Fort St.'i.lo  Wiirrlnor.  oieiiio wmQr:r x-[  LAUNDRY.  Good  washing.    No  chemicals   used.  Prices heap cheap.    Near Moyie hotel.  ''' ;;"' '��� .''"'. "���':', ':;; a ��� A'.!  . (CITIZEN   OF CANADA)  ���LAUNDRY.  Wash,  Iron   arid   Darn "First  Class.  Picers cheaoer than anybody.  CANADIAN PACIFIC  RAILWAY  AxND SOO���PACIFIC' LINE.  EAST  and  WEST  To all poin'ri.     Gi,;-.'   An*-   i-u'v diicc.t  Sl-Tviro ;'i..i'vi     |i ���  KOOTENAY      COUNTRY  Through first class d'eej'm d-iily  to mid from Kootenay landing. Tour  iei c.rs pa.ss Medicine Hai daily fo,  Si. 1'anl, Fridays for Montreal' and  liiiifon, Sundays and Wednesdays foi  .Toronto.  DAILY    TRAIN.  EAKT AV).>,1  JI :25 lve MOYIE jve. 8 .-52  Connection try-weekly at Macleod  j for Calgary and Edmonton, and daily  al Medicine Hat ii;r all pi-inls East.  Connection daily at Kootenay Land  ing for all points in West Kootenav,  Slocan and Boundary districts, aiid  for Pacific coast and main line points-  Via Itevelstoke.  THROUGH TICKETS ISSUED and  BAGGAGE CHECKED TO  DESTINATION.  Cheap Eates to the Old Country.  Apply lor Rates, Maps, Time Cards, Tickets and  Full Information to Nearest Local  Agent, or  G. A. Gow, Agent, Moyelle.  ROBERT   KERR,   Traffic;' Manager,  . WINNIPEG.  W,F. ANDERSON, E. J. C0YH5,  FOR FINE  i  ADDRESS  "J  NELSON.  T. P. A. NcIbou.      A.G. P. A., Vancovor  30  Oo  Wo  o  F  YOU CAS  MAKKJ  12 TO id  PCR  loncfikis  initUr.  ATfStSSeRTSI  fmvmca  10, IS,��f20f  PCBWIR.  -^e-��   ASBAlTlHlIKi  ���f-*^.-  NELSON,  B.--6  Late of Toronto  Contractor  PLANS     AND   SPECH'CATIONS  FURNISHED PRK.R OP CIIAHCIK  Those .Coutomplatirg buildJug wilt Uo wpll t��  lot mc figure  on the .'contriicl.s.   Wrlto muM  MOYIE aad CRAHBROOKi


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