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The Moyie Leader Dec 9, 1905

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Array - _%.—•-
\v(\\j. 8, NO '35--    *'■
MOYIE, B.C.,  DECEMBER   9.1905
© •
We have been very'busy during the last week selling,, from the
,..„,, Bargain Counter" bo bu'sy; in lacl, that we have not had
fiil^cbaogeittobe a-LADIES' BARGAIN   COUNTER"
expected  ■ The men's counter, will ran all day to day,and on (
'SoS»'»ornin«wewniiitart,putUngoot        "y^       /;'       'f.
/ -' BARGAINS TOR,.TUB  LADIES   .       '       ,      ,-
'   —.....',",,-      *     -,  -        ■ *» , ,
'.   TUisbargiioc^nter'willconaUtofalhkinda' of drygoods which
I V *62t" So* that the people wliriot-od out of town for '
W     y! if t her can buy the^cn at home, at a reasonable price, and the
$ 8X we ba^c been; and a?e/()fronng;bas opened   th, ^ eyes ; of, all
' * ^S^e^Sut^^LDR^S^ iARC^IN ' COUN-.
i.TBE.    •>*•"'
mm under
Big Project
is    tin
Will Sink a' Shaft and''Drift
'  in Search of/the/Supposed Ore BodvY' ^  ,
This is payday. -    -'
'   D, A,' Ayrea returned  from  Trail
James   Cronin   ' left yesterday for
RoBfcland. , '   ,'       ' >   0. "
.   Roy "Clothier' returned'   from  the
east Sunday, >
' w! P- Sloan of Creston is spending
a few daya in town.    >' J
Geo. Battell returned to Moyie yesterday from Butte.    ,     ■>'
Indications   seem 'favorably  for  a
roll.!, open winter.   < / •      t
The niceat assortment of men's fine
gloves at 0. A. Foote's. -    '    '    ,
Frank Johnstou. intends   enlarging'
the Moyie hotel next spring. '. *'    , ,
r Mias'O'Rourke has been visiting in
Nelson during the past, week'.
Mines   and   Smelter
Will  Merge.
i, \    i <
*      , —
St. Eugene   Has 2,50 Men
1  Employed and"will Add
,  to the Force,    '    '
To Keep-Pace
> »>
To   search   for' ore  bodies    under
Moyie lake ia lhe  latest,' project;in,' a
mining   way -in .South East Kootenay-' There is scarcely a shadow ,of a
'doubt but the ore , is/ therev and that
the task'of finding it wiil^'not   be .so
difficult after all.;, The*'general opinion n' that the   Aurora   lead ~ on  the
west side of tlie lakeia bat'a continuation of,the:'big. Sl.^Eugene^'fisBure
vein on.the'east.&ide.. Both mines are
directly opposite each ■ .other,' and  the
ore on either side cab be -traced to the
water's edge. yTrWdiatance acrossXhe
lake is a little leas than .ball a mile.   x.
~ Chas/AI Mackay,,of. Moyie, -who.-is
associated with F..M!. Black of "Nelson'/
n'as been granted two^permits  by.^the
gold commissioner 'to  prospect under
.. i  -.  ._- . -.^Jj- /.^^in   r.t. mineral
, Mrs; Frank Nelson" left   Thursday
for ft visit to her old homa in Boston,
Get a tailor made suit, for^ Chriat-
Ws. f0. A. FooteS&e tailor/ \
" G. Ross Tate/oL^ Cranbrook is in
town with a complete stock pf jewelry.
' /J,Ii.l'H«veyl w« up. from  Cran-^
brook' Thursday, on>fficial.basiness.'y-
y-Itcy'ou want's, union made-suit, go
top: A. Foote, the"tailor.'' /   '. ^     " *
' ^The^Moyie/W^terw'companyy held
its' Veg'iilar meeting'Tbursday evening.
Stamped embroidery linens 1 Just tbe
thing tor Christmas'gifts-'' vAt Hill's.'".
-V, —'J -^
At Hill's.-,
-s Mis'g.Atwood Tarri£ed,borne Suuday
from Spokane, wheVahe .was visiting,
, 1A.cmeloluband*hockey;skatesin  all
sizes at kacEachern^Micdonald'B; -"
6 T       ,..      -       ,,...,       Mrs;   Genelle'", and children "retur-
th'e lake tor^lode or vein „of,. mineral   ^ ^ ^ hQmQ in Nikuap >gtBun-
suppoaedsto be there Y Mr, Mackayhasj^ ,,   -b, .v *   "A,...   V '
planted,two /location-'^poets,   one;on
each sideof the lakeland-has the sole
'James Cronin, manager of the, St.
Eugene mine,'returned Sunday from
hia trip'to Montreal and Toronto. He
was, east'on business in connection"
with the .proposed amalgamation of
the St. Eugene interests with those of
the' Trail smelter.". The, St. Eugene
direct'ors'bftve voted" for such a -consol
idation, and the action: of; the^ smelter
directors''imthe matter.ia now awaited:
Mr. Cronin* says', that it' is} expected
tb&t1 theLe Roi will'come into'the
combination effected between the War
Eagle and Centre Star,' but that it will
take abme time to bring it about."- The
regular" annual^ meeting of tbe  St.
Y-    '   "'J     - -'«>'..,      '-    — AND—    ' r       ■'      ,        ,, .    .
I C, ^ .1 >       It   i - v «■     u       <     ..    ■ .''.I
1    ^    <
if  ,
Elected(S Officers: *
Villi our conatanlly   iucreasiug   trade,   we  bave
bought a larger and more complete  stock   for  Christmas than ever before. > " '
•    '    Our goods are the best that money can buy, and(
we guarantee every dollar's worth,w^e tell;    (
Remember that'we never try to force goodB on a
customer, but stand ba. k of every sile we ma e w ih
an offer to refund your money if you are not batit-iied
with your purchase.  ' ' 0
Send us your ChridtmaB o rdera.    We  deliver
-orders promptly.    '
lu;""l"lJ t, „**>•.•:*»■ i ^$y' y), if" '«.. ~'-'A. '<  '.    '.'.".
ritsxj,BS^PMy>\.yv.-,' ■•■
'town of Moyie has
Wildey LodgV.No. 44. I: Oi 0.' F,
elected the following officers for tbe
ensuing term at their regular meeting
regui"'     •••«*•——      —«.-,- t   y
Eugene will be* held on   Thursday,  Tuesday, enening:r ^
„  ■  *      '    n»'.v'' :_"  T„«,nto       Parhnna'     ' P.G. Routh. Noble
,   .METAL   MARKET. *y   7y
.'iNe'w ;Yohk:—Bar Silver,  63|ccent*
Lead,'i|5.15.   Zinc'(spelter, $5.90. ^   ft
Lonijon—Lead, ,£17.    ','     s     '   ,"
Try- A'.rW, Cans or' -'
"Old Homesteaii Brand"
lyegetables and Fruits at
right to prospect'under' the lake .between the ;iwo.>."'fWhenev,r,:heJ. discovers ','mineralin place", he will make
his location and have." it' recorded-in
\ae usual manner' prescribed 'by "law.
Tliis'1 permit iun8.6nly;forl three:.
mQnths,ybut can'be1'renewed 'as" often
as is „Decessary. Y'However;- at, least
$100 worth of wqrk*mu8t*be.done dur-,
ing each^period.^'.TijwA^^Y. ■.'-*,?*
' The plants to procure, machineryyat
once and sink a'ahaft'onjhe 'shore^of
liie'lake.tb a depth of "350 -feet,- and
drift in_search of1! tlie ''vein- which" 'is
supposed' to exist.' Mr! Mackay ia-now
in/Ntilson conferring with hwpartner.
! He will return in a few -.days   wi "'"
practical  mining^engineer,   who 'vill
make Unnecessary' surveys and locate
the site for the proposed Bhaft.'  ■  l
Messrs. Mackay and Blacky are
backed bv English capital in their
venture. ' ' " '
Eumoris false,-
I1 1
Farrell & Smyth, Moyie.
"The rumor that Mr. Cronin was to
resign aa manager of the St. Eugene-
company, and that I was l to take his
place is without foundation," said J.C.
Drewry upon bis return from .Toronto
this week. Mr. Drewry added: "Such
a move was never even thought of by
tho directors, and I may tell you that
in Mr. Cronin we consider we have the
best mine manager that ever" operated,
in British Columbia, and we have no
desire or intention of making any
claahge." "    .„
Cf Michael'SullivanVynianager' of. the
Aurora'mine, left Wednesday for Port;
Tandtobeabsent.about)tbree weeks,   ■
," J." al MacEachern received a messa'ge
this week stating tbatVfi'i*, father had
died'atyhisrhome" in, Cherry...Valley,
p/E. i:ron"tlie 7th/', < ■/ -' //-'A. -/W
^TheVe'wfsa.good sheet^of ice'on
some of theynavsyaBt Sunday, which
'was taken;advantkge_pfyby several  of
the skaters'in^town*.^''^,; *■»"•- ~y$ ,     »,
i MiMBmnton,; in" tho* junior; room
ofthe^ Moyie "schoql.J- has^placed ;her
'resignation !> wftrj- the.trustees'y-tp ':>take
effect the "last of this' mon'tfi.-''";  1 \) /-
...   " 1>r.' MrvieVand''v(^^Stowartivbaye
^"'-fc&ncloing some yery; artistis work in
'      "*  decoratiug'the plate,glass window  in
the Moyie" Drug ind Stationery   store;
" Job Goupill h-is decided to'keep the
dining room'of  the, Manhattan, hotel
open'   all  night hereafter  and serve
short order nieals at ally hours.
The Odd'   Fellows will hold   their
meeting next   week on Wednesday
instead of Tuesday, evening  so ,'tbat
the members  may attend the Miners'
Union dance. • '
t c
J, C, Drewry has purchased from
the k St. Eugene company,1 the lot
25x100. adjoining the Lake Shore
Hotel and on it is now erecting a substantial addition to the hotel building.
J. C. evidently has plenty of faith in
the future of Moyie.
February,27tbV in Toronto. , JPerbapQS
by that time, the-' big merger'will, be
complete.'1 ■*".«'"       %   y y ' -y1
•i" There are now 250 men orTthe  St.
Eugene payroll, and at leaat  50  more
will be put on shortly. -. 'This - is ■ payday at- the mine; and $20,000 Will be
distributed.       /.     Jf    ',   .Y*     *   '     ~\
- The new hoist has been shipped but
has'not yet'arrived', although it is, expected at any time. Y' YY A A '
YLead ris 'soaring'around  tbe.£17
mark and the 'lead tbounty, is ' off for
the^timft being. ' Silve'r also commands
a good price with every,, prospect /of
going Y still ^higher^^Unprecedeuted
prosperitylBeems to»be_in^Btbre, for the
silver-lead-camps.^A *~\ ry/Ws"' v
"IX ,:yA
,n^-t"5,-     f—
", '{31 * *
f      i t't
,,'f't'l    '
"*-■, ■> -,   -_        y
Jlreadwelb Mines.";
P.'G. Routh, Noble"Grand; Y    .*
j_E.T. Howard,-Vice Grand; £tJ!
'F.'J. Smyth, Permanent Secr'y.;
H.',Cameron, Treasurer. , j   A    y ".
> These officers ."Will * be'.installed  at
the first regular meeting in January^
,'t"-'" '       '- ,"'    y
r "Following are 'tbe"officera elected by
Moyie Aerie No  855" Fraternal  Order
of Eagles:     ' """ '   ,      . Y" * -  ''   -   v;
'r' Dr/Harvie,v   Worthy Pres;      '
• Joe/Biker,    Worthy Vice"Pres; ^y,
i    F. J. Smyth,' Worthy Chaplain ;p-
v J.~H. Hawke,   ^Worthy Secretary;,
-H. P. Large,   „Worth> Trearurer;
.'   H. N.iBrentont/"Worthy Conductor;
'- P.'F.-„Johnston,;"- Worthy I. QAt'.-u
i W. j;WilhamBOnV« Worthy O. G;'t
y TruBtees-_J?J,;M"rpli|,;■Sa'm'"Miller'
and F."J. McMahon.   ,   , ^   -i . ,•-
a  typhoid fever "epi-1
, Phoenix/has
demic. y   ""''''
1    y'<: ..- ~,       .     ^
The Kaslo sampler started up Mon- „
day in f till 'blast. i „.' .,
* rf is . . ,       --^ '[^   W
'        . -     7       ' >  \' \        o1
The lease of  the Whitewater "mine,'
is'proving-remunerative. y       •  Y(" '
fc *■"    i ' "*   »-* "'t
v fThe Hal'^Minea  smelter at  Nelson '.
'willnot"ljave'"'to*cl6se down Ior'lack of'
ore.       '-    /-' ' <■ ,■{-,.'
.... j  j .... i
1 For the first 10-mouths of^.'this,
'i   v ,j v ^,- ' i
.,      *'Vlr^-.*      ,
',' i's-.-'j**/   "i
-A '«<•"..* .{A'--    '
V'tJ 'lAn
». ft'i
• t,v,rV*
'VJ.J tit
* . '■': $
-    'H>
'//lhe ncheat/'grade, gold; mine 'ever
discovered ^California is' now f lieing
opened up in.Trinity /bounty, in,' the
Bonanza King group, recently bought
by John and -James Treadwell and
associates. It is noteworthy that the
Treadwells also developed the > largest
low grade quartz mine on the coast at
Juneau,'DougUs Island. It is estimated that this Trinity mine has $2,-
000,000 of ore in sight,' The gold is
the richest e_yjet exhibited in San Francisco, as it assays $19 an ounce.
Cranbrook' Conservatives.
'Movie Public-School.-
/the Coeurfd'Alene mines paid_ $6,000-- .      ..    . ,    „
000 in dividends, r      >       -,     r   *Y -.,*   y ■■?'•& ilyf.-**
'tms been' formed i " ^yY'Y'^^F; <"'
yheryanai'R..iAYc,i 5 M yyij ^ <';.
i Hannington in- Jtelson. '>      ^ ■* fi£ " -   '.'. -yCv/.^l?/"»,
•"5...- A.y^y-y.—r-- _t.'\ v .Yi^f/r^ y
i- Thft,larzest flour mill.in the-'British". *". 'VvJ-'-^WW **
Empire is in'Mo ntre.il     It turns  out'
J      *( , ,.    j   « « .»*-   -ij^W    -km       ~   *
".  A.-'iaw'paTtnt-rBhip;'ti
between ^W.^fG-illil:
ur.\i'..i.r '~- :"U- to:..iY.i
-' t * ^y!'-h
IAmNot Going Out of Business..
Miners" Union Ball.
• The   committoo  in charge" of  the
fifth annual ball which will be- given
by   the   Moyie Miners' Union, next'
Tuesday ar9 doing a lot of hard work.
and from present indications tbey will
be   well   rewarded   for   their labors.!
The hall will   be-specially docorated   / BrOWerV IS SOIUs
for the occasion, good musio will be
furnished and a hotel supper will be
aerved.  >
The Cranbiook Conservatives have
elected the following officers for the
ensuing year:      ■
Hon. President—A, Leitch;
- President—James McBride; *
Vice Presidents—James Ryan, Thos.
Ca-ven, Walter^ Edwards, J. P. Fink
and Wm, McNeill.
Secretary-treasurer—G, H.  Thomp- j
son. . -       , I
^Executive Committee—V, A. Rollins, W. O'Hearn, Fred Brown and J.
A. Hanrey. *    ,
Lnst week'in.publishing tho report
of the^Moyie school for tbe month of
November the standing of the scholars
for deportment was left- out lor lack
of space, and we herewith publish it:
'    DEPORTMENT.   "
. Bella Whitehead, 100;  Louise  Nie-
derstadt,   100;  "Annie   Webster,    99;
Edith   Hawke,   9S;   Lucy     Keaney;
98; Lena Rudd,  98;  Annie  Donaldson, 93;   Christian.    Blackburn,    97;'
Arthur Lutner, 97*; Ethel Brenton/97;
Clara Niederstadt, 97; Alfred   Carlson,
96;''Joseph   Whitbhead,   96/-   Mabel
Lutner, 96; Lillian Schulze, 95; Harry
Crowe, 95; William At wood, ,94; Arthur Crowe, 94; Phyllis  Brckwith, 94;
Earl Shea, 94; Irene Genelle, 94;   Arthur Genelle, 94; Russell 'H-iwke 93;
Carl Nelson, 92; Alverna Brenton, 91;
Sidney Elmer, 90;   John Elmer, *»0;
Frank Feroglia," 8S.
5,001) barrels offiour a day.
M>     ".   i*
- *• ,. .y,,. ■
Rev, W.'Wr'-Baer^h.is purchised the
Nelson TriDune.plant, and it is under
stood he  will  revive
under another name.
the pnper soon
Tbe Granby company has declared
*' dividend' of three per cent, The
total sum now paid by <this company
ia profits amounts to $538,000.
^."<     t,\
Tjr-zjs-Tjs-zjs- -V"r*»- *!* *v-
j^r^s-v^r/yc ^s-TcSTJs-jyt ■
■ '^tifa  r     ^'t
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Deposits of $1.00 or upwards received. *
There is no  better investment.lhan a   savings
BaDk deposit.  l
Once opened it grows whether added to or   not.
Interest   allowed at  current   rates   and   compounded twice a year.
J. F, M, PINKHAM. Manager.        \
Is complete in -Ul lines, It is worth
much when purchasing your Holiday
Goods to know that you have securod
just such RELIABLE goods as suit
your wants, and at the most fayorablc
prices tho market can furnish.
All mail oiders  receive our  prompt
Jewelers and  Graduate Opticians.
N. B.—Mr. C. Rosa Tate is iu Moyie
every week with a complete stock; ,
Own a Diamond...
Thoro is thiH about Diamonds,
They aro good for a life time, worth
as much at ono time as another. We
havo a very fine collection of Diamond
Jowolry; Wo havo a nice selection of
diamond Rings with any stylo of setting you, may desire.
Lot's bcII you one?
Jeweler. CRANBROOK, B. C
The Moyie Brewery changed hands
this week, Joseph Niederstadt disposing of his business and good will to
Julius Mueller of Phoenix. Mr. Mueller will move his family hero and
make Moyio his home. Mr. Niederstadt has not yet decided where he will
locate. He and his family, however,
will remain here for the winter.
K. H. SMAfcl.. Mana-eer.
Good roomc, good  tables and bar
aud  first class^eaniple roame.
For a Christmas Tree,
On Monday evening, December 2o,
a union "entertainment will be given
by the Sunday schools of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches in the
Eagle hall. AU who are interested are
invited to co-operate with thc committee in order to give every child a
good lime on Christmas night. Further announcement will be made in
next week's issue.       (
Au EutorKcncy Medicine.
For sprains, bruises, burnt*, scalds
and similar injuries, there is nothing
as good as Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
It sooths the wound and not only
gives instant relief from ,pain, but
causes the parts to heal in about one
third tbe time required by the usual
treatment. Sold by the Moyio Drug
and Stationery Store:
Sawmill' Items- \ ,
The King Lumber Co.'a mill, seven
miles west of Moyie, has started up
with a full force.
The mill of the East Kootenay Co.,
just ,we8t of Cranbrook, will commence operations next week.
The Staples' mill at Bayard ha6
closed down for the winter.
The big mill of the ■ Crow's Nest
Lumber Co. al Wardner closed down
Saturday for tho winter. It is reported thai this company will cut over
10,000,000 feet of logs during the winter months.—Cranbrook Prospector,
New Hotel for Movie,
J. C. Drewry has let the contract
for tlie building of an addition of
25x25 feet to his boarding house on
sou.h Victoria street. The wholo
buildius; , Will be ropamted and rt-
papered and will be filled up for a
fiTJT class hotel. Mi. Drewry is applying for a licence. The commission-
erg will meet in Crmbrook on loth,
The Nel3on D lily News will issue
its customary special edition on December 31st devoted to a review of tha
mining and'kindred industries of tho
province during the past year.
o l ,
D. C/Corhin says that one half of
the construction.work on the Spokane
& International railroad is completed.
He says * that if "there is an open
winter the entire road will bo com-*;
pleled by the first of July.
Joe Martin has tendered his resignation as counsel for the city of Vancouver. It is said he will become
general counsel for, the Great'Northern
railway in. British Columbia at a
handsome salary,    ,
The ntixed train between Nelson
and Spokane is to be done away with
and a colid passenger train instituted
in its place. The new service goes
into effect tomorrow. Trains will
leave Nelson at 9 a. m., and arrivo in
the evening at 6:50 o'clock.
Just receivod, a beautiful assortment of stamped linens, laundry bags,
whisk holder*., etc , lor Christmas. At
E. A. Hill's.
Every man owes it to himself and
his lamilv to master a trade or pro-
fcsion. Read the di*>play advertit,e-
mei t -if lhe e-'x Mmse Schools of Telegraphy, in tins isbiiu, and l.-arn how
easily a young m-m or young' lady
may learn telegraphy and be assured a
positjou. ^
X Certain Cure for Croup.
When a child shows symptoms of
croup there is no time to experiment
with new remedies, no matter bow-
highly they may bo recommended.
There is one preparation that can always be depended upon. It has been
ui use for many years and has never
been known to fail, viz; Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. Mr. M. F. Coropton
of Market, Texas, says of it: "I have
used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in
severe cases of croup with my children, and can truthfully say it always
gives piompt relief." For sale by tlio
Moyie Drug and Stationery Store.
--," ' Xf' - >>
A'AA* V, .^'i^HR^Y^* ■!* tr
«r^--mr -" - -■tiii'mr.T&m'*-'i *fT'JiilMiflris'swls
iii*m~i-iiT1 i.i
>■ .*- L'sk',
•v.  :*
j?- .:.'
.7.      If  ,
* '■- Vi '
'I  '}!£'
. m ?
Linked by Fate
Author of "The Verdict of the Heart/' "A Heritage
of Hate/' ''Nell of Shorne Mills/' "Paid
For/'" A Modern Juliet,"'Etc
S4 »»♦«♦♦ u'tttmn'm »+++h uiiitiinnnut
n ''1  $•%}
■ y-iyu
-.*/" sriijc ">
$jSP*H-3 'V
t-   ->.   -ifi't
•.- -nj'isicm <*
_*■    , *fJ,r *   * J'f  •»V,'l*
' " ,"&£•""'" "
. *    '     A-eaU]
Y     U**!^'
■ i   -    • 'Y'-ti $$
r,s*J -,>tf am
i -  - 'k-lMwi   •
il   «1 -&-'?'
*>A.,iS'4-$i?ii '
*".' '.*. w.
•   .IttjfiJ.J-J'.s
AiM-, ■>
:"S'i *•-![
Yi M;i
i- -'{?•*•
> -iw -.-iy"
--•*;. .-
-Yy; rif
'U'i ;lt,
•/l< -.i;
---"- f >-, <,
,**yi;*l L-i !
i' >b  > i , ij,
:- !:.<:$ti;:
m: aa
"'Should I, roally? That's strange;
for I know nothing- whatever about
cookuif.. My father"—she kept her
voice steady—"and I lived alone. lie
had given up practice for some years
and amused himself with scientific research. He used to write articles
and things for th<$ magazines and
reviews, and I acted as his anian,uen-
sisr so that I liad no time'for what
■s called domestic duties. If I had
only known thai, I should have needed n knowledge of cooking' and, oh,
, so many other things that other women can do!"
,  , "You  have soon  picked them up,"
he said,  promptly.,   "It is  wonderful
< how  quickly you  have  lcapned  to,do
" things., by a kind of instinct. Jt's
the intelligence of the culture' mind.
It's always easy for an educated per-
ton to learn the duties of a servant.
That's why lady helps should be such
'     ,   a siicci-ss."' , j
,JJlut aro they usually?"„sho asked
as she took her plate and cut him a
■, '        slice of bread. "I've always been given
to,  iniiliri-stmid    that  the    lady help
•   doos everything 'but  help.   She   presides at the, table,  over an underdone
"i- overdone joint and a watery pud-
' ding,   and, is much    aggrieved;if<she
■is iihked to .do anything in the shape
of  work." -       . i
' Mmuicrlng nodded and kept the ball
rolling.  ,   ,      '     ,. •
"Vast; something 'like 'the   ordinary
landlady.      I  used   to   live  in     lodgings,,   and   the  landlady—she was  roo
.  ■     liberal withjier h's and said she was
,   the(]    daughter   of   a     clergyman—left
t.     tlio  cooking   to   an   infant   of  sixteen
whoro notions of a meal would make
n, Ned,Indian  quail.      Until'   I    was
lailth'd   here  I  scarcely   knew,"   away
r ' (ram  home'or  at'a  lestaurant, what
, a do(i(-nt dinner meant.    "You    make
colTo;  splendidly.. It   i.-,   quite  a    surprise  to  find     that  it doesn't     taste
,, like baked  horse, beans."    ,    '
'"]  am sorry to say that the colToo
-    is giving out,", she said,  cravely.
..     ",0h_   well,"   he   responded,   - cheerfully,, i "we  can  manage   without    it —
t hough .I'm sorry for  your sake.  It's
supposed  to be bad   for  the'nerves."   '
Nina, smiled.'  ,"I'\e almost forgot-
,       ten' thnt 1   had  any."  she said.
,"Ydu have gone Unough ho much,"
lie commented,  sagely.. "There is  nothing half so good   for  nerves as real
down 'trouble   and   clanger   and*' right
, down'hard work."
As he spoke he drew his chair    to
tin-  fire  and 'took  out  his  old    briar
pipe,   then  remembered   that  he r had
nothing  with  which   to  fill  it;     and,
after a loving look at it and a sigh'
,    replaced  it °in  liis pocket.  Hut   Nina,
upon     whom   no  action   or  word     o:'
, his was lost,  took a  packet from her
. ,'  pocket.and held it out to him.    »
11        "You've  no   tobacco.   1   wonder,—of
course,   it   won't—but  I   wonder   whe--
.     ^ tht;r this would  do?    'I found    some
;      leaves   on '  thc, edge  of  the    plantation,  and  thev  looked  so, like  tobacco   leaves  that"!  dried   them"    in  thu
'sun, just'on the chance—"    ,, *   .
He took the packet, smell, it.  filled
his    pipe and    lit'n.  and,'   after    a
draw,-, or  two,   looked  at  hor
fully.,     ,
'"It's first rate!;"he said; with a
"■ profound sigh./'H uns .splendid of
you "to think of it. Intellect again."
Sho laughed, but as she cleared thc.
things away her eyes went to him
where he sat sinokinc: on.io.yably, and
there was a strangely happy glance
in   them.
.    There was silence for a  time;    both .
were  thinking of the  de.ul;  but Man-
,   nering   would   not   u-ft-r     to     them—
would  not say a  woid to voice their
sense  or solitude. '
"To-morrow 1 intend-exploring the
island as far as' J can." he said with
an assumed casualno.ss "I shall be
away all day.  You  won't   mind?"
'"No," she said. "Why should I?
There is no one here but ourselves."
It was out—had slipped out at last
—and she went pale, (hen red; but
she turned away swiitlv, and he did
not notice her  embarrassment.
"I thought you might  Ket  lonely,"
he said, simply.  "I jmve not been so
far away before. Perhaps,   I   ought to
havo   made     the  exploration     beforo
this    1   shall  set up  another    signal
on iho north,  though 1  am convinced
that no ships pass  that way.     1 remember—it's     wonderful how     things
come   into   your  memory     when   you
(  think they have gone forever!—seeing
these islands—or what I     think were
them—in a map at home."
*"Ves,"  she said,  mechanically;    Tor
she was wondering where his "home"
was.    Should   she  ask   him?     tt  was
haunting  and   burdensome,   this  complete  ignorance  of  his  past    history,
his very identity."     Uut    beforo   she
could  find courage to  put  her
tion ho went on:
"I believe the mainland of Australia is behind us, so to speak, but
I'm not sure." He sighed as if impatient of his ignorance. -'It is just
possible some traders may drop in
on us; on the other hand we may bo
He had been communing with himself as much as talking to her; and
as he suddenly realised that he was
talking aloud, he glanced at h<*r penitently. But them was no sign of
grief or pain on the beautiful face,
and she said,  quite cnlmlv;
"Thero is nothing for  it     but
"Yes," he sighed.
She moved about in the quiet,
soothing way some women—bless
them!—possess naturally, then, presently, she looked round as if everything were done, and  said,  quietly:'
"Is there anything else 1   can   (io—
anything else you want? If not, I will
■ff°."      ' ■■ ' Y " '.. :'
"No, thank you!" he. replied , as
quietly. He rose arid opened the floor
for her, as if they were parting for
the night in a house in lUnyfair, and';
drawing her cloak round "her, she
passed  hini. ...
"Good night," she said, and
night,"   he  responded.
He waited by the open tloor until
he had seen her enter the hut then
he closed the door and lav down by
the hre. He could not sleep that
night'in the hut he and Fleming had
occupied; it wUs loo full of memories of his fellow-castaway and friend
When- he rose next morning and
went to the door he saw Nina running toward the men's hut. She
stopped  short at sight of    him    and
after    a
scmed    to   hesitate
pause,  she came on.
She was panting a little and tho
color' was coming'and going on her
face, fiesh as the morning itself and
as   beam inil.       ' r|
"You ga\e me a fright!" she said,
as if explaining.' "I went to the hut
io call you and could not make you
"I slept here," he said. "Why,
where did you think'I had gono?"
She dropped her eyes. "I didn't
know. 1 thought you might be ill,"
she said, rather coldly. "Breakfast
is ready.  I'll bring  it."
He had his morning swim
sunlit bay, and returned to
bienkfast laid. Uut she did
down  with him.
'1   have  had  mine,"  she  said,
she gave him some really well-cooked
fish  and   tlie  remains   of    tho   'duck.'
"'J here  is  some  lunch   toJ take    with
you.   Dinner  at   seven,   I  suppose?,','"
'Yes; I'll be back, by then. You always remember to wind up your
wateli?  That's right.", '     ,
"1 shall want some-more birds ,,to-
da'y,"i she said.
"I!II get  them before I  go," he, responded.  "Is there  anything else?"    '
"No,   thanks. I'll   leave you  now. I
am  very  busy turning  out my< hilt."
After  ho  had     finished   his     breakfast—it  was  not so  pleasant  a  meal
as  that of last' night;  he missed'her
—he took his gun and  went down, to
the piece of marsh   where  he  usually
'found  the  ducks.       It   went   to    his
heart  to. shoot  them,   for, .being unacquainted with the tender mercies of
men,     they     were     friendly  and   unafraid,   and,'   being  a sportsman,   .he
had   to  frighten  them on  to  tho wind
before he. fired.
■He got a  couple of brace and went
up  to  her hut  with  them.,    It    was
the-'first time he had  approached her'
quarters" since Fleming's  death.     She
wns standing'outside in the'midst of
a talrly good imitation of a "spring
clean," and she paused in her . task
and regarded his approach. with a
touch of color in hor cheeks and a
.certain, coldness'in her eyes.  A -
"Sorry to interrupt you," ho said'
.in a matter-of-fact -way. ,"Here arc
thc  d|icks."   * <■ '
"Thank you,"' she said. "Will you
put them , on the ground, 'please?
<Jl'"—as he 'obeyed her and Was walking awn.\—"what shall I do .with,
thest.?" pointing to a small heap,, of
.stones, ",'i'hey arc the stones father
jMjinnering nodded. ' <-
"Yes; thoy are gold,"' ho. said, re-
t.«rdiiig them Willi indilTorencc, Then
he smiled. "CJold! 'It's strange to
think that if wo were within-'reach
of (lie world and civilisation "' you
would bo rich—rich 'beyond the
dreams of a\nrice ' " "- ' ,
YW'e, you mean,'" she corrected him,
with1 a smile. .
, Then tho blood liiirnt in her veins,
for it Unshed upon her that he would
think she had remembered, ond referred .to, the fact.-that they'wore'man
and wife and held things ih common.
IIut .Mannering.   with  a,man's
ness,   took   her  lueiaily.
"No."'he  said.   "Vou   forget
your  father  found   it,   and     that
are his daughter and  heiress. '
"Oh—yes," she said, casually.
"Well, what shall I do with thorn?
They are in tho way and make my
room  untidy." '   ,
^''^''tcli them anywhere," he replied.
"J hoy   aro     of    no     use,   unless
should   bo  found     and   rescued,
tnom     in    a   heap—oh,    bettec
thoni!  I'll get the spado."
"Oh,'   don't   trouble!"      she
"I'll put them somewhere."
.     "3  wish thoy weie coal," sa.d Mannering,  eyeing them  thoughtfully and
eoiiipluiniiii. Iy.
"Or potatoes or pots of marmalade
or—oh, fifty other things I wanti"
.she sighed.
^ "Never mind," he said, soothmglv
"J'oihtips I shall find some coai; the
marmalade is hopeless, I'm af.aid.
Cood .morning. Can 1 help vou move
the  hea\y  things'?-' '
"Oh, nn, no. thanks!" she leturnecl
<•uicklv-.it seemed to him nervously,
as if she did not wish him to enter
hor hut—and. with another nod. ho
shouldered   his  gin,   and   went   off.
One of them caught her attention,
and she pondered over. 'it. It, ran
"The fellow-passengers I like best
aro a Miss Vernon—her Christian
name may be Christina; she is called
Nina by her father. She is a very
lovely and lovable girl. Her father, a
doctor, has come out for change and
rest. He is a savant of the old
school, a learned and an absent-
minded man. She i.s, I am sure, as j
'good a.s she is beautiful, and her
light-heartedness and amiability havo
done much to make the voyage so
far a delightful one. 1 walk and talk
with her frequently. How happy will
be the man who is fortunate enough
to win her love!"
Nina blushed at this assertion, ancl
looked up from the diary with a sigh.
Then she road on:      '   '        '     ,   '
"'The  other  is a man  named   Vane
Mannering.       T  have   'made     friends'
with him,  though-it was rather difficult  to do' so at first,  for though he
is  by no  means  morose,  he  is somewhat taciturn and reserved. 'Ho is a.
gentleman   and   distinguished   looking
—which some gentlemen are. not.    Jn
addition     to  great  physical     advantages/ he has n  remarkably pleasant
voice,.deep and musical. He dogs not
'mix'  with  the other passengers}" and
is  given   to   walking ,and "sitting 'by
himself.      I consider   myself   favored
by  his,liking, if the word is not too
strong; atyany rate,    he    docs ' not,
shun me, and is even willing to stroll
about the deck and chut. Jf I wore u
novelist I would construct a romance
round him; it seems to me that he is
j'ust  the' kind  of man   who may  have
had   what  thc  lady, writers    rcall    'a
past.', 1 don't    nlean a guilty    past;
no.   thero  is  something     about     him
which   impresses  me „with  a  sense  of
his" worthiness., I   fancy—how one ^indulges idle"   fancies on  board o' ship!
—that ho has had a recent    trouble;
may have lost the  woman  he    loved
—really, I , must  take- to  fiction—or,
perhaps, lost a fortune. From a word
or two he let slip, I gathered 'that he
was poor and  was going out- to earn
his living. Tho more I see of him thc
more'I like Mannering. I have—I hope,
in an inoffensive way—endeavored   to
make fiim and Miss Nina .friends,, but'
he is shy in liis grave way and he is
disinclined 'for-.thc society of ladies—
anyway,  ., ho  avoids    all,   of     them"
which,   makes    rne    think   .that   ;.his
trouble may bo  connected   with  - ono
of the gentler sex.     Notwithstanding
all     tho efforts^    of  the'    women     on
hoard to 'draw-him out of-his shell/
he resists their blandishments."
Nina     frowned     thoughtfully    over
this.. Yes,  she  remembered,     Manner-
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' the
Nina   finished      her     own      "spring
clean" nntl.  the strain  being relaxed
began   to  feel   lonely.
It w.is perhaps for the best, in
some ro.s|>ecis, that he should co on
for the day; it lessened tho embarrassment of the situation; but sho
thought rather wistfully of thc hours
sho  must spend  m solitude.
And to pass them she resolved to
rearrange his own hut. Sleeping in
tin- mens wns not nearly so comfortable for him, and—and besides he
wns, farther away from her than in
the cabin he and Fleming had occu-
pnd. and though she was not nerv-
n'ls she wa.- conscious that she liked
lo li,i\e hnn within call.
She went down to tho hut after
aw hilo, and entered it shyly nnd hesitating!. Her woman's sense of neatness .-nil on!,.,- was shocked by the
untidiness of tin- place, and she set
lo work to clear ,uid rearrange it.
While she was folding tind parking
FI..mini. \ few belonging and putting
them iu a Im>\, she fame across the
Kind of di.ii.v "log" he had kept on
lio.ml the Alpina. She sat down and
turned its pages and found several
rofnvneos  to   herself  and   ..Mannering.
iiig'<had'seemed io'avoid her and the
other ladies. *     (*        ' , ' ''   ,
The" journal was continued to the
day of Fleming's death,, and his
anxiety on her account, his plan of,
a marriage with ilannerihg, even the
reasons for it, wero set down.   ,
"J  had hard work to induce him to
take  tho  course I myself,pressed    on
him,"  Nina  read;   "and oven  after he
had   agreed  to   the  marriage,     and   I>
had  gained Miss'Nina's    consent,, he
partly executed an' idea of escape for'
her, and    me  in order to avoid     the
ceremony. I respect his scruples. Alas
they will have to yield  to inexorable I
Fate!  I am dying! I must make them I
man and wife before 1 go.'It must be
so, for her* sake,  for  the sake of her
future.  Heaven- will; I feel,,   give  me
strength to  perform ' the'-   ceremony,
though it may not, vouchsafe 'me sufficient  to set 'it down "hero.      I .hop'o
"I.ani acting for the' best for both of
them. If not, as jMannering said, may
God forgive me!".     •.'"'• *    .
"' It was tho last entry; he' 'did 'not
live to make' another; and Nina's
eyes, ns she bent over the book,.'filled with tears. And her heart, too,
was filled with bitterness,. .-.Jt' tor-
, . i tured her pride .to read, in -black-
dull- »nfI white, Manncnng's' objection to,
dislike, of,  the marriage.
But  she  put   the. book .at  thc  bottom   of  tho  box  in     which   she    had
placed   Fleming's  things,  and sot    to
work ■- vigorously.      Thero  were  very
few articles  belonging  to  Mannering.
Ho  who  had    thought    of    so  many
necessary   things     for   the   rest    had,
apparently, ignored his own  comfoi t.
There were a few spare clothes which
quickly, timidly, and, of course, without examination,'-she folded und laid
aside,   with   a    strange  sense  of  shyness.    It    seemed     to  her    as  if   ' he
might   resent    her    interference:    but
surely it was her duty to  "tidy
placo   and   make   it  comfortable,
was  the  least'she  could do  l'oiy
who dnl.so much  for her. "/
Sho    did      away     with     Fleming's
"bed,"   and  altered   tho  arrangement
of the rough furniture so  as  to gi\c
the room  as  different  an  aspect    as
possible, and she completed her work-
by  putting on  the  tab'le a  bunch   of
gloriously-colored       floweis      in     an
empty bottle.    While sho was making
up   the     posy  her    eyes  caught    the
-signet   ring    which     Mannering >   hail
placed   on   her   finger    for  a.   wedding
ring.     Be  sure   it   was   not   the   first
timo she had looked at it; indeed,  it
seemed  to her  that  oven in  her sleep
she had  been     conscious    of* its  presence.     But   now,   after   reading    the
paragraph    in    Fleming's diary,    she
viewed   it    with   a     fooling  of  jevoll
against the Fate that had  plated   it
there; and, obeying a sudden impulse,
she took it oil and slipped  it in her
Tho moment  she had  done  so
was  vaguely  sorry;   she   missed
thing;  her    finger    looked bare
"unclad"   without   it.    But  she
too  proud  to  put  it  on  again,
it should  not remind  him every
that  ho  glanced   at  her  hand   of tho
unwelcome   tie   which   bound   him   to
It was late beforo Mannering came
slowly over tho hill and towards the
saloon—as Nina had decided to cull
lhe men's hut—and, as she looked at
him, sho saw that he was very tired
Now she had on her best sk'nt— the
one she had been mending when
Fleming came to propose the marriage to her. She had tacked a bit
of dark blue ribbon under her collar
and had dono hor wonderful hair
with more care than sho had taken
since the wreck.
Her fresh ness and the general effect, of these attempts at adornment
—he was too much of a mere man to
take in the details—struck' Jlahncr-
ingi  and  ho said  apologetically:
-"If you'll wait a moment, I'll go
to tho stream and have a wash and
tidy up."
"Well, don't be, long, please," she
said., "I have been■','experimenting
with a soup, and I'm anxious and
nervous about it; and nothing sooner puts a cook into a bad temper
than keeping the dinner wailing."
He came back very quickly nntl
sank into his chair with the sigh of
a man who hns a great deal on his
"I've been to the north end," lie
said. -"It is, as 1 expected, more
barren ..than this; the trees don't
grow so thickly and vegetation generally  is spnrser—" ,
Until yesterday I did ,not really
know what a chinook ,,meant.. ' One
blew, our train westward from Card-
slon' to Raymond. Then.', turning
northward, we hnd to'tiiko that mighty wjnd on the left side of the car.
Its yells were audible when the train
was running- When we stopped- wo
could hear the pelting sand and gravel particles on car sides1'as well as
windows. - A whirlwind flowrin. every
timo a^door.'was opened.* The double
window glass did not', exclude strong
draughts. But the wonder was^not a
gale1 on the prairie, but the mildness
of that gale. Tho .temperature ■ wns
about 53 degrees- The quality, of the
blast' was such that while it would
pf course havo chilled a warm human
body, it''would have as ' certain!.'
warmed a man who had -been long in
a'cool cellar or refrigerator car. One
could understand how speedily .such a
wind woiild clear snow away. Almost
any time of the year New England
has colder winds, and yesterday was
the 'first dav of November. The, Chinook is, Lethbrldgers. say, always as
mild,', or milder, winjer aiid summer
alike.' At Cardsfon T saw a record for
the winter of 1SS7, by Mr. Barker, the
English "gentleman sheep ranchoiV
and oldest inhabitant. One night in
February tho" tliermomofor stood 2fi
degrees below-zcrb at'10 p.m. At 32
p.m. the reading was , 52 degrees
above. A chinook had arrived meantime.—"W.{ Thomson, in Manitoba
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But it is time for the "stopping place
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west vou find the most excruciating
humof (without mirth- in the countryside. You can't laugh until after, but
when you do laugh it is contagious.
, At one place iii the prairie west an
enterprising Chinaman offers "refreshment for man and "beaste." Be
cooks and serves his own concoctions
trotting amiably around his own tables and eagerly asking his guests will
thev take "lice soup"? The chink
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to one's loss of appetite- - <
A more ambitious hostelry on the
main line of the C. P. II., where a"
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presented a menu card to his patrons
with "Coakaiiuf Flitters"! Needless
to add, the printer had, not yet arrived. , '
A 3'oung lady (?) waitress in one
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asked by a guest of' the house, "Are
thoso beans canned, or, aro they
grown hero?" received the If-rse reply, "Search me!" It is quite an ordinary thing fo find coatless vis-a-vis
at some tables d'hote, but the latest
style exists at Is-, r, on the C- N. R.,
where a shirt-sleevod waiter one day,
la£t week,' taking ' liis orders after
leave the dining room, one© mor,e,
presented a' tousled' head through" a
crack in \he door    and    yelled    out:
"Say, Jim, what in h  was it you
wanted; I forgit!" He was a new
hand' at has'h-slingin'. and a menu
upset his mental equilibrium.
The c6unfry hotel is upheld by- traditions which defy public opinion, 'so
we may say nothing more, for it will
never* become quite extinct. , It Uvea
thrives and .flourishes on its /.imperfections.—Mary Markwell, , in Froe
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shop of a barber to get shaved. After
being properly seated' and the', lather
about half 'applied the barber was
called to ah adjoining room,-where he
was defnined.for some'lime. The barber liad in tlie shop as a pet a monkey,
which was continually imitating its
muster. , As soon as tlie latter left the
room tlie monkey grabbed the brush
and proceeded to finish lathering tbe
Irishman's face. After doing this ho
took a, razor from its case and stropped It and then turned to the Irishman
to shave hini. "    '     !       " .
"Slitop Unit!" said Pat. "V^can tuck
tho tmyel iu mc neck 'and.put the soap
on me face, but, begorrab; yer'father's
.got to shave me!" , '     ''■',.
.Wouldn't  Work .\o,,«d.,„       '■
. Tbe Egyptians liad u vt,T ',"" ,
ble ordinance to prevent p«h J„, "
borrowing imprudently; -_„ P„ 7"?
was not permitted to borrow.'^?.11
giving to his creditors in'„u.*.f^
body of his father.' j. w-is 1 ie
both an impiety, and an inr.;,,,;;;;^.
redeem 'so sacred a1 pledge    i "/ "■
•urlir. /Ho/1 „.Hl,„„t .,1,..,. . '      x I'Wiflij
who died without discli;
was deprived of  the customs, v , - ,
ors paid to tlie dead.   ' .       (U'.
I   was-; cured rof   a severe cold-by*
r.' Oxford,1 N.S.'     .11. P., HEWSON.f
I was cured of a terrible sprain by
MINARD'S LINIMENT.      "'        -' '* '
"     FRED COULSON.    '
Yarmouth,.,N.S.    •     „     ,'Y.A.A.C ,
I was ctirqil of Black Erysipelas'by
'S LINIMENT.  -     ,     "*'•'•
Minard's   Liniment   Cures    Diptheria
Can Only Be ,Cured Through" tli'e.
■" '"-Blood-:; ' '
Bad .backs—aching backs—come
from bad kidneys. Bad kidneys .come
from bad blood. Bad blood clogs the
kidneys with poisonous impurities
that breed deadly diseases-'~ And-the
first sign of that fatal trouble is, a
dull,   dragging   pain 'in   the   back.
Neglect it and you will soon have
the coated tongue,   the   pasty   skin,
thc    peevish    temper,    the    swollen
ankle's,   the   dark-rimmed,   eyes,   and
all the other signs of   deadly   kidney
disease.    Plasters and liniments ' can
never cure    you.    Kidney    pills    and
backache  pills  only  touch  the symptoms—they do not pure.    You    must
get   right    down    to    the    root   and
cause   of    the trouble in the blood—'
and no medicine in the world can do
this so surely as Dr. "Williams' Pink
Pills,   because   they   actually   make
now   blood.   This   strong,   rich   now
blood    sweeps    the    kidneys    clean,
drives out tho poisonous ncids,    and
heals  tlio  deadly* inflammation.  That
is the only way   to   rid   yourself   of
your backache and have strong, sound
kidneys.    Mrs. Paul St.    Ongo,'    wife
of   n   well   known contractor   at St.
Alovis    dos  ,Monts,    Quo., says:— "I
suffered   for   upwards   of   six   years
from    kidney , trouble.    I    had    dull,
aching pains across-the loins, and  at
times could hardly go about. ■ L  lost
flesh, had dark rims below my   oyes.
and grew more wretched    every day-
I was treated by    different    doctors,
but with no apparent result"    I    dis-
paired   of   regaining   my, health, and
was becoming a burden  to my family.    I was In a deplorable condition
when ono of my friends advised    mc
to try Dr.    Williams'    Pink    pills.    I
began, taking them, and    aftor    using,
throe of four boxes,   I   began   fo feel
bettor.    T    continued    the   treatment
for nearly three months, when    every
symptom of the trouble had vanished
and I was again    a   woll   woman.    I
feel justified in saying I believe   Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills saved my life."
New    blood — strong,    pure,    rich
blood which Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
make,  cures not only kidney  trouble
out a host of other ailments,   such as
anaemia.       indigestion,     rheumatism
erysipelas, St. Vitus dance. locomotor
ataxia,    paralysis,    and     tho    secret
ai ments    women    do    not    like    to
talk about, oven  to their doctor.
But only thc genuine pills can bring
■lcallh and strength, ant] these    have
PHls for Pale People " printed on the
wiapper around each box. If your
dealer docs not keep the genuine pills
cemf",Ket ihc.m,hy "all at' 50
onts a box or six boxes for $2 50 bv
Coltln?oe>0„Drn\VlUlams' Medicin!
<^o., Brockville, Ont.        -
r/.r^11Wyn.tFS'I,owe,s' .British yMinister
of Education, says the cattle embargo-
must remain.'!    '* , • ,   ,     "
-   <.y'   ,   ' •'    ■ t     \      ..  '
Sunlight Soap is better" than otler soaps,
but is bost wben used in the Sunlight way!
Bay Sunlight Soap and follow directions.
*•. .    Tvro  Too   Mimr. ,i       i   ;,
Mr.  Big;by stumbled'on .his  wife's
train nnd growled out: ■
"I.shbnld- thiiik-j;pur skirt,Was eight
feet,long!''( '    , ■' ■ ', ;-" '     r
"Oh, no!", cooed Mrs.'Bigby sweetly,
"It is only six, my dead Tbe other two
are yours."—Brooklyn Life.    Y     '
'' »'   •     ^~^r — s     '    ''
Arcs   ot WiHiIoui.       ,
"I .believe. it's(, k' fact' that 'a
must get to.be ,at,- least.,thirty before
be really knows anything'."    '
"'Yes, and lie,must be at least forty
before die learno' to quit telling' what
ho knows."—Bost'ip Transcript    _.'    '■
To.Dle In <l,e I,,,*, m,,,,,
The phrase "to dhiln n,,,. |..,.t',,,..„
ls stated by an English autburilT ii
such matters to bo an ,.*.,„„•:,.„,;'"'
originating during the civil ,,.lr   ,'
fact,   It  was   Orst   used' In-  VS!w|
prince of Orange, who during (!_,.", ■
,- with France was askot) what a,. wo '
do in case tlio troops QtJt{„\\m „,"'
defeated in the Held nnd *,Uo „..,..,
u"I -will die in the last-diM-." '
JDectdcdlr Vrlrntlly. '
y Ranter'^-1, thought, this j,apw „„'
friendly to me. >    , '-■
Editor-So .'it Is.   What's tbo mati.r -
'now? iii \ ,; ". ' _
-"Ranter—I-made-a speech at the W
qiiet last night,,and you didn't print','
a line of Jt.   - . ■
"   Editor — Well 7 ,What ftirUicr proat •
did you -want of our friendsbip.     1 .
r   ■,   ■     -    . ' ——
'"i-n, <      A   rture  Ciidr. '   '  ,    —
-" Sorroughs—I'm always Wpcctlnij'iils. ■
astc-r'^ but'.still the unexpi-t t<>l happened to me^.once;   'ciiecrfule-Howwm >
fiiat?   Sorrouglis—When 'the culamiiT
came "nobody remembered to say, "j
told.you so;'^ ' "i''"- ■*■ -
-,.'■    Tlie.Only Surc'wnr. *
1 "Say');, old"" man,"   said   the soulful. I
.'young/man, ""^what's the best, way toM
find out what a ■•wo'man thinUs of yonY
'"/Marry hei;,'1'replied I'erkbiim pruiti.t-''
Ijy—Catholic .Standard and Times.    V"
Lizzie Miarris6n'" aiid Arthur iiiger-
soll were drowned while .skating,at
bhoal Lake.
,n 1  - Kellogg's Dysentery Cor
al is a speedy cure for dysentery,
diarrhoea, cholera,, summer complaint
sea sickness and complaints incidental to children teething.- it,- gives
immediate relief to those suffering
fiom tho effects'of indiscretion in
eating unripe fruit, cucumbers, etc
Jt acts with wonderful rapidity, and
never fails to conquer the disease. No
one need fear cholera if thoy have a
bottle of this  medicine convenient
,. They Never Knew Eailuro-—Careful observation-of the ^effects''of. Parmelee's .Vegetable' Pills/'has .shown
tliat 'they act immediately' on- tlie
diseased organs of Tthe., system and
stimulate . them to' healthy action.
There may be cases.in which the disease'has'.been long seated" and does
not "easily yield to medicine," but even
In-such cass,these Pills! have been
known to bring relief "-when ail other
so-called ..remedies have -failed.' 'These
'assertions can be ,. substantiated ""by
many, who-have used' tlie Pills," and
medical, men speak highly of. their
qualities.     ' '      ,"
,,Ourf greatest glory Is not in never * |
failing,  but'in  rising,, every time wt
fall.—Paaca'lY .     ',' .    A^Ai.
yAy.y/ <\ AZ—i—'     . .'     Y
He was Cured of Bright's Disease.
-" \   ' by.Dodd's Kidney Pills.
' iMntlria-K M*clit Watchmen.    >
Madrid still has the mcdflievaV nighty
watchmen.   They admit late comers to   say he ofres his life to Dodd's Kidney ■
the apartment houses at'night, but no   Pills'.
Doctors'Said There was No Hope ior
. ■ Hlm/but He is a Well Man Now.' '-.
V- ■''Mount'Brydges, Ont., Nov.'-20.   ,
'"(Special).'—That' , Dodd's'   Kidney
Pills "cure Bright'sDIsease completely
aiid permanently   lias   bean   clearly
shown in the case of    Mr-  .Robert
Bond, " a .well-known resident of this
placo.   Mr. Bond does not hesitate to
Ap;nes Forwin. of Guelph, took paris
green because of a quarrel over washing tho dishes.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc"
William Henderson, a C.P.R. foreman, was instantly killed in tlie Calgary yards.
longer slug out the hour or the condition of the weather. Tliey still go by
tb'e name of "sereno," which tliey got
from the fact that, as it seldom rains
in Spain, their cries about tho weather
generally ended vwitli that .word ("las
tres y sereno").
■- Tlie honor wc receive-of those who
fear and stand in awe of us Is no true
Allium!   Having- «|,lv MoHt Toet'h.
The allium 1 having the most teeth is
the great armadillo of south Central
and northern South America. It is a
fact well known to most people that
tbe normal or average number of teeth
Iu mammals is thirty-two-sixteen
above and the same number liolow.
The great armadillo, however, ls'iin exception, having from 02 to 100.* He has
from twenty-four, to twenty-six In each
side of the upper jaw and from twenty-
two to twenty-four in each side of tlio
lower Jaw. Another peculiarity lies in
tho fact that lhey nre all molars or
grinders. They increase in size from
front to back, instead of from the root,
and are wholly destitute of enamel.
Their Complete Home'Cure-
Post Free to Readers of This Paper
,for Limited Period Only.
, A handsome illustrated treatise
giving full description of Rheumatism
and Paralysis, with instructions for
a complete home cure, describing the
most successful treatment in the
world, recommended by the' Ministry
and endorsed by.modical men. This
hlgwy ",8ij:ucUvo book was written
by W. H. Vono, a gentleman who has
made a special study of these diseas-
?L T^. pr?/ace ^ by a graduate of
the University of Wurtzburg. Send
postal to-day and you will receive tho
book  free  by return.-Address   Tha
?Vens°t ?o^ntCo°mPany' 2* K,D* St^'
Jury .Sul.l.InK-.
Mexico has an ingenious plan for facilitating verdicts in jury trials. Two
supernumerary jurors nre drawn to
sit near the jury box and listen to the
evidence and arguments. If any of the
regular j„,-y  fall.s  ill or  ■_,  otherwise
Flying   Pish.
Flying fish are very .voracious. In
their turn they nre preyed upon by
barracudas, sharks, dolphins, billfish,
redBsli and a hundred and one others.
Nature has colored tho flying fish protectively. The back is a deep blue,
merging into the blue of thc seas they
frequent, so that tiiey are invisible a
few feet below the. surface, while the
underneath ia a dazzling white, and to
a fish that looks upward must merge
Into the light falling on the sea. In addition thoy possess the unique power
of flight. Flying fish are abdut sevoa
Inches long, and the spread of wlnj^a
Is about equal to their length. Tb'e
"wing" Is of thin, gauzy substance,
having gtlffening sinews, like the fiber '
of a leaf, to strengthen lt
disqiinlilii-d from going on, one of th
"uuiies" takes his place.    In this TO
tliey avoid what is often seen in American courts—a long trial rendered useless  when it is nearly finished by tho
sudden illness or death of one luror.
Tvro Kepnl«lve IMclurca.
In Uie atelier of Adolph William Bou-
guereau, the great French painter,
(here hung two terrible pictures. Oue
represented a man dying in the desert,
with the frightful form of the angel of
death descending upon him. Tlie other
depicted Danto and Virgil in hell
watching one victim madly gnawing
at tiio throat of another. The two pictures failed because of their horror. "If
I had stu?k to such subjects ns those,"
the urtist used to say, "I should have
.starved long ago." Ho found a market
for the beautiful.
"My attending physician," Mr.
Bond-states, "said I was in tho last
stages of Bright's Disease aud that
there was no hope for me. I thea
commenced -to use Dodd's Kidney
Pills and no other remedy- I used in
all about twenty boxes, wtioa my
doctor pronounced mo quite well. 1
have had no return of the trouble
bIocb **l
Bright's Disease is Kidney Disease
in its worst form. Dodd's Kidney Plus
always cure it. They also easily cura
milder forms of Kidney complaint
neiich   Smitl*.
.   A party of chauffeurs were sulking
along Cape May beatMi.   One of tlii-m
picked up a handful ol" h.uid and s ml:
'"Why   is   it   Hint  one   licieli  is linn
enough, for motor ear-., while another .
is so soft'n child tun hanllv w.il'J on
it?"   "The sand in jour li.iml .-iii--«-ers
that  question,"   the  .seu.ml  (li.niffeur
replied.     -'See  how line it '*•"    Tll°
sand was, indeed, a.** Hue »** -l"1*-^ •'*"•
fine as talcum pouch-i".    "'the liner a
sand is the more clo-el.v it will l'-i<-'k
and,  by  consequent -•,  lb'' lii'ai'1" Mlr'
face it will offer," went oil the soiond
chauffeur.   "This fine sand lieu- makes
a roadbed many feet. In depth--a roadbed you couldn't paek uu.ie clo-elj if
you rolled it a hundred J I'-n-" vlth a
hundred ton roller.   .Stmlj ihe s.md at
Long Branch or Asbury IM'"1--    u ls
prettier than this.    It is nude of separate grains that you i-nii i-'-.i'l'l.v (1|1S"
tinguish.   Each Is a perfect cube. wlMe
or black or red—a bi-aulii'i'l cle.ir colored shape that it Is a plt-aMire to look-
at.    Each  is 'about fiftj   in"''-' l>l"l'r
than the Cape May grain-., hewc
sand of Asbury Park or I.on-J
won't pack down, won't hm'11' il """
roadbed.    There  is only one i'lJ«e IB
the country   where  tbe  -sand  Is tu,
than at Capo May, and that place 13
$5,000 BW*AD ""'»
T \' v , b= pjud to any
person who A proves that
Sunlight Soap contains amy
injurious chemicals or uiy
form of adulteration.
is equally good with hard or soft
■ ■ Ifyou use. Sunlight Soap in the Sunlight way (follow directions)
youW not bofl nor rub your clothes, and yet you will get better
restAts *an withUng and hard rubbing in L oid^hioSd Z^.
As Sunlight Soap contains noinjurious chemicals and is perfect*
pure^he most del.cate fabrics and dainty silks and, laces may'be
washed without the slightest injury.
L«v«r Brothers   Llmlt.d, Toronto
Your money refunded
by the dealer from wiiom you buy
Sunlight Soap if you find *-V
cause for complaint
'i  A
\ p\\  ���jga^ t*r.vj&ia*far >n>*r\, ��  M^.tj-,-.J---=Ur.J^_.  ir~~***-������jtt r ini-w n ����� i��iiwii*ii   iirnrn  THE  MOYIE   LEADER  MOVE, B. C.  an  FEES  IN THE COURTS,  HoW Official   Who   Arrange  Assizes Are  Paid.'  Th9 Toronto .Star recently gave  inunt of the officials -and their ray  f York County and Assize Courts. As  i/v ar- tv'plcal of those elsewhere  irmi"rout the Province bfOntailo. tlie  recount, which is as follows,  is Inter-  C's��Ojtz!   Oyez!   Oyez!  ��\11 r��'rsons having anything to  do  lefore the  Court of  the   General   Session*! of the lJeace draw near and give  vour attendance  "Ooii wive the King!"  T'1]P   familiar    proclamation     rolled  fo-tli over the  court'and  subsided   In  Yois  nnd  the court .was"in   session.  Time formality   costs   tlie ' Province  -0 (trii-s ev-*-ry .time  Court Crier Taylor utt'-rs it ln^tlio courts at City Hall  "Oyu! Cyt-z!' Oyez! "��-  ���Ull perhons having anything to do  V/or.   the  Court  of .General   Sessions  of the Peace  depart  hc-nca and . give  your .-^'"dancc to-morrow.  "r,ou h.ive the King;" y ���     _  That, loo, costs the Province 30  c��rts ''l *   ,      .  Handling the Book;' giving the oath  10 witnesses, and announcing, their  names |.fis Mr. Taylor 10 cents per yrlt-  ���'(,}.!. He also gets"$l a day for his  an'.ndanee at cour. and a small salary  a? factotum to'Judge Winchester.  tlim' aro many fees paid at! tha  courts at Clry'IIaJl. 'The sheriffs are  p.ild S3 a day .for attendance at' court  and-J! 'ur every prisoner .arraigned.  I'ur Mimmonjiig SO petlt'jurors and 13 j  years, but he took to the water again  on his return to Toronto, and last year  jumped Into prominence by winning th��  Junior stogies at the Canadian Henley.  At this regatta ho also won the Intermediate doubles with MoGrath, who  rowed tho course with him without opposition for the senior doubles on Saturday. In the Dominion Day regatta  For the '' lhls year McGfte rowed in tbe senior  'doubles with McGrath and wen. Saturday's victory was only the third time  McGee has contested a race in tho  singles, and he defeated Duffleld, who  won -the championship at St. Louis  and Feussel, who has already defeated  Titus and Veseley this year, and Is  looked upon as one of the fastest oarsmen in America. '  The Broken Do^^/n  Nervous  PATRIARCH OF PEEP.AG  ����ir<��BBgg��ftiw^s^mrr^^  Often Found in Persons who are Apparently  in Good Health���Extraordinary Effects of  DR. CHASE'S NERVE FOOD  & Pidgin-English.  The following letter asking for an increase of salary was-received by a firm  in Shanghai from two Chinese clerks  ln its employment:  "Dear Sirs: Being respectfully to ask  you tho pardon for allow1 us to request  ���you the favor however we understand  that you are an intelligent and patron-  It Is not always the pale and bloodless who suffer from nervous exhaustion, and when a person of apparent  good health finds himself almost helpless he gets little sympathy from  physician or friends and not' infrequently his ills are attributed to the  imagination. '  Nervous diseases are slow In coming  on and patience is necessary in their  treatment. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is  absolutely certain to be of benefit to  anyone suffering ,from exhausted  nerves,    for it supplies the very ele.  aged, us this so long while. Therefore ments o�� nature, which, go to create  we venture dare not to solicit your as- new' nerve cells and instil new,vigor  siatance for'increase a little of our sal- I and ener��y into 'the nervous system-  arles that we can enough to support I Mi?s LGna Hie^ert. Lowe Farm,  this family. Recently at Shanghai the Man-- writes:���"I had suffered for  house rent and provisions, etc., are ' tw0 >'ears with dizzy spells, pains in  double dear between since for few'years ! the back> C��1<1 hands and feet, ner-  whlch compel us to ask you for the ' vonsness, jerking of the limbs, sore  favor.  .Hoping you will kindly enough' 'tongue,  soreness  of- arms and  shbul-  to grant us  this requesting  and   keep  attention for us of this affair,"  , i      A Little Mixed.   -  After a meeting of the parish council in a New^England town the,chairman rose to sum up. *   ������ ,  "You keep us here," he said, "til! 10  o'clock at "night, and,then, you cast the  town"draIns in our teeth.  You keep ns  craiid Jurats the sheriffs'get 13 cents - here plowing the Sands, and then when  a frills nnti' 25 cents'  for    each    man I oil  decent  people  are  asleep  you  go'  ders, and.general exhaustion: About  seven months ago I became so nervous that I could not rest or,,   sleep,  SKETCH   OF AGED   LORD   UEICES^  TER AND HIS FORBEARS.  and could not no the least bit of work  without suffering dreadfully from,  pains In the back. I, could hardly  walk, could- eat very, little, and felt  that people were- always'watching my  body twitch. ' I  "I tried' several medicines with little, effect, and was a mere skeleton o��  skin    and bone, about to give up ln  despair,   when   I   heard 'about   Dr.  Chase's Nerve Food, and began using  it.   I have used in all fourteen boxes  of this preparation, and it has   built  me up until I am now strong and wel1 '  again.    Dr., Chase's Nerve Food    has  done me a'world of good, and I feel ���  that I cannot'recommend it too highly j  to persons who suffer as I have."     "    |  .Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a  box, six boxes for $2.50, at ali dealers  or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.  To protect you against imitations the ���  portrait, and signature of' Dr. A- W.  Chase, the famous receipt hook author, are on every box.  BIG  WHEAT  SHIPMENTS.  C  Frn-ftl.��� This amounts  tti  a,tidy sum  each, year and'If would  total up fully  a third inoie but-for'a little economy  i pracllc 'd   The one'panel is'utilized for,  l.oth olvll and  crlnttnal.  assizes.'    This  usually works out without a ,hltcli7 but  a couple of times the vagaries of court  procedure liavo kept the'sheriff "on''tenter'hook's, lesti the pane) should be'exhausted    On  one-'day  two "years, ago  four jurle? were'out at once' from^the  two court*).      Fortunately, lt  was/too  , late to open other cases,* elsq thqypanel  ���aouli iiost assuredly'have petered out  be/or. tha selection was' made.5 _    ���,  , Onanu.her .occasion' three ' criminal  Assize Juih-s <were-. outsat -once. 'The  cases wero short,'but,the evidence was  contiprilfitory.    At-7.4,5 His Honor,,'the  late   Judge McDougall,   directed * that  enquiries bo made as to, the,probability,  of an early verdict." 'At everyjuryroo'm  the answer was j'-We'-Cannot agree."  "Lock them up," 'said "Judge, Mc-  Doujall' \    * T ,   "''���" ���' i ',  At S o'clock, Just before ho departed  for home.' another  inquiry  was. instituted '.. 'Y    ,     ���-' "'      -      .,'   ���>  "U'e have agreed," said tho foreman  of the first. Jury. .,        -  The jurymen were brought Into court,  but^ before- they had'been discharged  tho is.'cond -jury sent, out word that  j they had ngreed.,. Hard upon the heels  of ihls announcement "came a. similar  announcement fijom'i -the '"third- -Jury  room. ��� ���'���        ��� '*    , -   llJ'   ��� i-  ' Every one of those1 three Juries convicted their man and they all made up  their minds ln 'less 'than* fifteen minutes. ' , "' '      y        ',    -  There are,a. hit, of "fee paid .officiate  ln County Courts.   County. Crown At-  f ?torney Drayion. gets $10 a case whether  it lasts tea ,rmnutesy.or ten days.    On1  the f.ice of  things   this  looks  like "a..  bonanza, for very few,of the,cases last  bfyond half a day, but there aVe cases  which t-aiKc^tho   Crown . Attorney   to  no'rk'for   sweat ''shop - wages.  , .This  ^spring  the    Godson    arson   caso  -ran  through twelve days,' '.In  addition  to  the.se fees Mr.  Drayton   Is  entitled'to  "'tn ci'dollars  for   every-  indictment 'he  draws. * , .  Constables on duty at tho doors and  Inside ih? courts are paid'$160,a day  each. They are agitating 'for more.  In addlllo.i lhey are paid a tee for serv-'  Ins summonses and making arrests,  and summoning witnesses ,.  The County Court Clerk's office'  fart-ly bristles with fees. The clerks of  'other courts are paid a salary, but In  the County Clerk's oflice there is a  list of fees from 25 cents to $1 for fll-  ln^ Judgments, issuing certificates, re-  "Bi'ieiliig official documents ot various  Kinds. , - r  Jnto'the public drains',_causing unnecessary- friction.' It -won't do���it's too.  barefaced   to "hold- water."  'FACTS IN FEW,LINES.  The Canadian Champion  Oarsman.  Kph McGoe, the new. Canadian ama.  tour champion oarsman, was born in  Toronto In 1S79, so he Is now 26 years  ��f age lie, Is a fine specimen of young  manhon-l, splendidly built, 6 ft. 3 inches  tall, and tips the scale at 190 pounds.  In addition to his1, prowess wiih tho  oars he has carried renown as an amateur bpxer, having won tho Canadian  middle -     '  Interesting  Paragraphs   Culled 0Frorii  A All Over "the World, Embracing  ��� Almost All Activities. -  -. In Sweden a plumber-'is called a vat-  tenledingsentrepenor. �� '   j  , At Calcutta a society has been form-  ed-for the protection,of wild animals.  - A .large percentage of the people,in  Brazil go barefoot except on Sundays  and holidays.       .> , <t  ,lt is'stated that for the'first'time  within the memory    of.   living    man  every Turkish ofllclal received his full  , salary on the 1st of Aprils '    ,  -.  In'^ the course of,elght hours' point  duty  a London  constable  avers  that  ,he is'asked on an average 250 times  c where such" and, such a' ,street ls.  Russian* officers in camp, receive  'money to pay for their meals, but in  many cases they keeptthis for other  purposes and eat. with the > common  soldiers.    -A '*'     ,.  Glasgow has'the largest tramway  system'of any town in the ' British  isles.'Manchester stands second, while  Liverpool makes 'a bad ,third.  'I In' the British army the proportion  of <Scotchds 8.62 per cent; Irish, 12.13;'  English, 79.23. In tho British navy' the  proportion of Enalish is still larger.  - .'Howard Parsons of -Dover, N. H.,  has a commission Issued in 1779 to  'Captain' Harvey- parsons. Jt is signed  by.Meshech-.Weare, governor, and E.  Thompson, his "secretary.      , '���  -  Madrid still has the mediaeval night  ' watchmen. They admit laFe comers to  P.    R.   Handlings   for 'September  and    October    Over    6,000,000',  Larger .than  Last^'Year.  Fort     AVilliam,'     Ont.���������The     grain  inspector's report for the months of  September and '"October  shows    that  the  Canadian Pacific and     Canadian  Northern  railwaysvhave hauled from  -the west to their terminals at    Fort  William    and    Port ', Arthur    almost  20,000,000 bushels of. grain.  ,iThis fall the C. P. R.has   handled  heref12,-185 cars or a total of nearly  fourteen million    bn'shels. , For , ,,the  same period last" year, 5,843   cars   or  over, six ' million    bushels - increase  over last year. ' The C". N. It. at Port  Arthur  have handled  five     thousand  cars or-over six ��� million "bushels this  fall.'-      - ,   o-.  Tliese "two desirable qualifications,  pleasant, to'the taste and at'-the, same  time effectual, are to be > found -��� ih  .Mother' Graves' Worm Exterminator.  Children.:like it*.   -01   ���        ',    , .,  . O. Box  599  Phono   '  3351  GRAIN  Canadian Co-operative Co. Ltd.  &'        , John McVicar, Mgr. .    ,  Oommtiwlon   Morcbanta and dealers In ��11 .  klndu ol G KAIN.   Connlenmenl* nollolted.'  ,  .   Wrile ?hono or vriro u�� lor  particular*.  Office, 308  Molntyro Block, Winnipeg  Just' One Barrel. ' \ '  St. Catharines.���A barrel of apple's  shippe'd from here-to",'Winnipeg������-recently is on exhibition at ��� a stores  house here;' 'having 'been- brought  back from Winnipeg for the sole.f  reason of 'con'tradicting 'the story  that apples shipped from the Niagara  district were inferior in quality. The'  apples are of splendid quality, an,d  when -exhibited sufficiently will be  sold at" double 'the 'prevailing prices  for the apples here..'     '  ���One Foot In 'the Grave."���If the  thousands of people who rush to ,so  -worthy a remedy as South American  JCcrvine-as a last resort would get it as  a first-resort, how much'misery and.suf-  fering would be spared. If you have any  nerve dlsoidei- you needn't suffer a minute .longer.' A. .thousand ,.testimonials^to  prove  It.���36 > , ., , ,���,.. ;  Owing to * the'-'competition of-boats,  previously on the Montreal .route  now running to Georgian Bay' ports,"  the'apartment houses at'night, but no, -*-������   -.~":��  "..."j,.."],��� .".(1_1,.p(i  longer sing out the hour or the condi-' the rate_��n Bramjbjw been    reduced  tion '��� of - the" weather,  - A traveler - returned from India relates that at Andarkoh, in central-India,' he killed four full  grown tigers;  'with Ave shots in^six minutes, the first  tthree being single shots.,  ' After being ��� sentenced to a 6hort  term of imprisonment,for a minor,offense Georgo Schmeidhuber, a Vienna  cab driver, notorious for his immense  girth, had to be released because' the  cells were too small for him.  '��� In order to aid ,the police in maintaining order on the occasion of a recent motor, race the authorities of the  town of Itezemburg, ' Germany, compelled all local cyclists to enroll themselves among the police.  Tho magicians in tondon have  formed an association known as th��  Magic Circle. They found this necessary to protect their tricks, as many  of the best ones were being exposed  by tho burlesquors in the music halls.  A couple were married In Switzerland the other day and in search of  tho novel decided to have their wedding breakfast served on" the summit  of Mount Norn. When they got up  there they found thc champagne  frozen solid.  To keep the channels and the bar  from five to four cents.  and    heavyweight    champion-  fchlps    McGee commenced his athletic i of the river Mersey at Liverpool at a  cirecr as  a member of  tho    Toronto ' depth of twenty-seven feet at low-wa-  Rowlng Club'in 1899, when he stroked  the junior fours to victory ln tho Dominion Day regatta at Toronto. Later  he rowed in the fours at Brockville and  was beaten. At the same regatta he  rowed single. It was his first attempt  aid ho was defeated by Fraser. Ho  dropped rowing altogether and was  away in the  States  for a    couple    of  "Weak  Lungs"    " Psychine " has  restored  thousands of people to buoyant  health and strength whose condition had been regarded as hopeless.  It is at once a tonic and flesh  builder, containing remarkable  pioperties as a blood purifier and  germicide. It will strengthen  and heal the weak lungs, force out  1'c phlegm, and drive away thc  couj.li, ,.0 maticr of how long  standing.. "Psychine" tones up  the whole system and drives out  ���disease! heals the decayed tissue'  and restores lost energy. Its us6  daily will prevent and ward off that  most subtle disease  consumption.  GREATEST OF ALL TONICS  (pronounced! kwCEEN)  WL DRUCCISTS���ONE DOLLAR���FREE TRIAL  t-r��   DR-T-*'��� 8L0OUM, Limited  "9KlnK8t.W.        Toronto, Canada.  ter 9,000,000 tons of sand were dredged from the estuary last year. Since  1890 about 88,000,000 tons have been  removed in tliis way.  A species of frog found in Borneo  has very long toes, webbed to the tip.  This creature can leap from a high  tree and by spreading its toes be supplied with four little parachutes, which  enable it to easily descend; hence it  is called "the flying frog."  Virgil in his day spoke of the "waving woods" of Italy. To-day denuded  hillsides are the rule, and the strenuous efforts. of the "Pro Montibus et  Silvis" societies have not yet succeeded in arousing the Government to action In the matter of reafforcsting.  A romarkablo decrease in the number of deaths from tuberculosis in the  larger cities of Prussia within the  last two decades is recorded. In 1SSG  the death rate in cities of over 100,000  inhabitants was 37.3G per 10,000. In  1902 It was only 22 per 10,000.  At a public meeting in Calcutta to  arrange for welcoming the Prince and  Princess of Wales the first resolution  was offered by Maharajah Bahadur  Jotindra Mohun Tagore and the second by the Hon. Prince Arlf Kader  Sycd Wasif All Mirza Bahadoor of  Murshidabad.  While some regiments of London  Volunteers were engaged in a sham  fight in the suburbs the other day a  man on a coach passing along a neighboring road sounded ''Cease, firing!"  on his, bugle. The cally was passed  along the lines, and the battle was  suspended till the joke was discovery  ;ed.   "��� ������ '���"''���������.  One of the most important international treaties ever S'urned was -that  between twelve European countries  for the doing away of the white slave  .traffic, the treaty ir'-i'ig' into effect  July ISt. It is agreed that each country  establish bureaus for. collection of information and to exchange information. '��� ' , ' '''���'-. " ���'  , The.."Universal.Fishery Journal of  Germany calls attention to the fact  that fish are great destroyers of many  annoying insects. The various branches of the carp family are said to ba j  the most active1 along these lines. The  larva of the mosquito is, one of the  choicest morsels which fall to the  finny epicure.    ._...������..    ���, ���  Strong Words by a New York Special-,  ���st.���"Alter yeais of testing and com-  ia-ison 1 have no hesitation in saying  that Dr." Agnew's Cure for the Heart ,1s  tlfo quickest, safest, and surest- known  to medical science. I use it In my own  practice, lt telieves the .most acute  forms of heart .ailment inside of thirty,  minutes   and   never  fails."���35  ��� Over 600 men ,ar,e working day and  night at the C. P. R.. freight sheds at  Fort William. ,  Stnto ot Ohio. Csty or Toledo,  ,       '        Lucils County, us-  rmnk J. Cheno? mnke* onth thnt ho Is senior pnrt-  ner ol tho firm o�� F. J. Ohenoy .4 Co.. doing hasi-  nOHf. in the Oity ot Toledo. County nnd State afore  'fund, nnd thnt Bnid firm will imy tho fium of ONE  HUNDRED DOIXA.KS for ouch and every case ot  Cnlnrrh thnt cannot be curud li\- tho n��o of Hall's  Cnnirrli Curo. ElliMi J. CHENEY.  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Norway Is planning a reception to  the new king and qtmen-  Sciatica put him on Crutches.���Jas.  Smith, dairyman, of Grimsby, Ont.,  writes: "Aly limbs were almost useless  fiom sciatica and rheumatism, and, not-  withstandlng my .-steam for physicians.  I must gl\o thc oi>-dlt where it bt-lougs.  1 .im a cuw-d man today, and South Am-  eiicun Rheumatic Curt! must halvo all  tho credit.    It's a  marvel.���3-1  Manners are of more Importance than  laws. In a great measure the laws depend on them. The law touches us but  hero and there and now nnd then.  Manners nre what vex or soothe, corrupt or purify, exalt or debase, barbarize or refine us, by a constant, steady,  uniform, insensible operation, like that  of tlie air we breathe. They give' their  whole color to our lives. According to  'their quality thoy aid morals, they supply them or they totally destroy them.  forgot "that my watch is'an hour fast  ' and ���' five'-.^minutes v slow.���Lippincott'8  Magazine. _ \y. -... -      ^,- --,, _ui --   > r��� -  *   . : ;���; '-ri  ,    _ Near' n. Brenk.  ."Really, deacon,': said tlie,Rev. Mr.'  Goodley, "you'd better take something  tor that cold." '"       -.,'"'  ",'Thanks," said Deacon Slye absent-  mmdedly, "I don't care If' I���er���that  is, I'm thinking,of taking a little quinine."���Philadelphia Ledger.  'Tis a Marvellous Thing. ��� When  the cures effected by -Dr. Thomas'  Electric Oil are considered the speedy  and permanent relief it ha"s brought  to the suffering wherever it, has 'been  used, it must be regarded as a marvellous thing that so potent a medicine should result from the simple  ingredients which enter into its composition. , A trial will convince the  'most sceptical of its'healing virtues.  A Galician was crushed to death in  the' Brandon yards.  Itch, Mange, Prairie scratches, Cuban Itch,on human or animals," cured  in 30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion. It never fails. At all druggists  . A young hunter of Aurora ' fatally  shot his companion -while out hunting  birds. - , <>  Minard's  Cows.  Liniment   Cures  Garget   in  Tlie Terfcct l*nn.  A perfect pun makes good sense both  wnys; the edges meet with a click like  tlie blades of a sharp pair of shears.  Sometimes the very thoughts fit tight  together in antagonistic identity, as  ���when the man said of the temperance  exliorter that he would be a good fellow U" he would only let drink alone, or  when Disraeli (if it was lie) wrote to  the youth who had seut hini *a first  novel: "1 thank you very much. I shall  lose no tune in reading it;" or as when  a man, seeing a poor piece of carpentry, said, '-That chicken coop looks as  if some man had made it himself." Exquisite perverse literahicss of thought!  And the same absolute punning, the  very self destruction of a proposition,  was the old death thrust at a poor poet  hy thc friend who said, "His poetry  will, be road wlj.'n Shakespeare and  Homer are forgotten." It was a line  double edged b'..ule of speech until  some mule fellow, Heine, I think,  sharpened it lo a wire edge by adding,  ���'and not till then," a b.iuality tliat  (dullcd   its   perfection   forever.���J. .'A.  Indispensabldiiii -Winter.  : There's a need in every.home fo?.  a  iRay's Syrup of?RedSpruce Gum  A itrr doses, at the first* sign of a cold, -mil allay all throat  irritation���taka away hoarteness���check the Inflammation���  Strengthen the lungs���waxdioff the cough. _  All the healing, soothing, teurative properties of Canadian Spruce  Gum���combined with aromatjlcs..   Pleasant to take.    35 cts. bottle.  An    Interesting    Old    English    Family ���  .Tree���Holkham,   His   Family Seat, '  Comprises   Over  50,000  Acres,  And  Is tho  N-earest 8pot In  England to  Denmark���Gallary Has Paintings by  ,tho Greatest Masters of Europe.'  Lord Leicester,, the patriarch of the .  English peerage, 'lays dying and probably  will   have  breathed  his   last   ere 1  this letter appears in print, writes tho ;  Marquise   de  Fontenoy.    For  he    was >  born considerably more than four score 1  years ago of a father who was 70 years j  of age at. the time, and who had been j  born  aa, far back  as  in   the  reign   of  King George IL. seventeen years before  either the first Napoleon or the great.  Duke   of  Wellington   came     into    the  world.    The youngest of old Lord Leicester's  eighteen' children    was    born  eleven years ago, -when his father was  71, and at th�� time of. the little fellow's  birth,  no  less  than  141   years   divided  him   from  the  birth  of   his     paternal  grandfather, Thomas William Coke, the  first 'of the Holkham earls of Leicester  of the present creation.  Lord Leicester's eldest son and heir,  who now will succeed to the earldom  and to the possession of the famous  Holkham Hall .estate, has been known  until now aa Viscount Coke,' and'as an  officer of tho Scots Guards has seen a ���  good deal ot active service in Egypt,  In tho Soudan, r and in .South Africa-  He is married to a charming Irish woman," Alice White, daughter of Lord  Annaly,, and has three grown up sons  and a cbuplo of'daughters." In spite of'  this, .their mother is still a wonderfully, young looking woman, with -.a '.tall,  graceful figure, typically Irish' eyes,  and'rpddy brown hair., She is one of  the 'most clever, banjolsts ln , English  society and. excels as a skater, havina;  won all sorts of trophies on the ice.  ' Although the Leicester' peerage is of  modern creation, having been granted  in: the first year..of the reign of Queen.  Victoria,,yet the Coke family is an an-,  clent on en Sir .Edward Coke ' -having ���  been' Lord Chief Justice"'ot England  under Queen Elizabeth and King James  I. ��� This great-great-grandson ' of "this  Lord.Chief Justice, Sir Thomas,Coke,"  was .Postmaster-General in the'reign of  King George EL,-and was created Viscount Coke of Holkham and Earl of  Leicester.. Dying' without Issue" Holkham, passed into, tha. possession* of his  sister's, son, Welrman'Roberts, who as-,  sumed.the surname' ani'arms of.his.  uncle. It was his .eldest son, who for  the greater part df'his life was known  from' one, end of'England to the other  as "Mr. Coke ,of Holkham." who at the  age'Of 90-was created by Queen Victoria Earl of ' Leicester and Viscount'  Coke. -1   ��� ? "'   , *  " Holkham, wliich comprises over 50,-  000'acres,. Is one of the'most, beautiful  places in Norfolkshire, "situated ln that  part of the County which is the'nearest spot on the English shores to' Denmark, which'has often .led Lord Leicester to insist that King Christian was '  his" next door neighbor.;' The. hal^ ls Ja*  masslve.building, built something overl  200��� years 'ago, and of stately proportions.'. The entrance hall, some-seventy  feet-longrby fifty feet wide, is of variegated alabaster, of tones at,once cool  and rich. ,The settees and chairs with  .which the "hall Is partly furnished-light  Its cold ^'splendor with'resonant notes  of scarlet _and. gold,,"and-the floor t is  thickly strewn,with relics,of the chase  in the shape'of 'skins ,of bear, boar, and  deer. - A;broad crimson carpeted stairs  leads to a, gallery'which extends*round  three sides,'of'the haUl," from'"whose' balustrade spring eighteen solid pillars of  'alabaster.* ��� ' "        *  On ;to this gallery .open the doors of  the various apartments. The latter are"  rich with'the masterpieces of the greatest 'painters of Europe. Holbein, Van  Dycky Titian, Raphael, 'Rubens, Reynolds, Rosa, and Gainsborough are.all  represented on- the walls, while among  the treasures' contained ln the library  ls a first edition copy of the "Novum  Organum," presented by Its.author,'the  great Sir Francis Bacon, to his rival.  Chief Justice Coke; an illuminated man-1  uscript ,of the "Dlvina Commedla" ef  the fourteenth csntury, which belonged,  to Dante himself; a Cicero of' the ninth'  century from the abbey "of Cluny, which  was used by Abelard; the original manuscript of Leonardo da Vinci's book on  hydraulics,'written in a delicate'hand,  "alia monclna," .that is backward, so  that it can only be read by holding It  to a mirror; and a manuscript Llvy  presented by Cosmo dl JMedici to Alfonso of ��� Naples,. the leaves of which  are, reported to be impregnated with a  subtle and deadly poison. I may add  that on the title page of Bacon's presentation copy of his "Novum Organum," Chief Justice Coke, the recipient,  has written the following caustic comment: "' ���  Deserveth not to be read In- achooles.  But .to be freighted in the shippe of  'fooles.  There is also ln the library a beautiful reliquary of beaten gold ornamented with precious stones and alleged by  Its old time monkish possessors to contain the bones of St Thomas, St.* James,  St. Paul, St. Bridget and St. Oswald���  a collection as heterogeneous as holy.  But it ls useless to attempt any detailed account of the artistic and historic treasures of Holkham Hall, and  I will only add that in spite of their  priceless character���they may be regarded as of national Importance���they  havo never been Insured, so firm ls tho  belief of the Cokes in the fireproof  character of Holkham Hall.  While the estate is famous throughout sporting Europe for Its game preserves, a thousand head of partridges  to eight guns being considered a good  average bag for a day's shooting, yet  the estate ls likewise celebrated among  ornithologists as thj refuge of all sorts  of rare wild birds, iomostlc and foreign, certain portions of the property  and certain lakes being devoted to  them, where they are absolutely safe  from any kind of injury or disturbance.  Tho bird world seems to know this,  and the spectacle sometimes presented  on the shores of these sheets of water  Is absolutely unique.  Recent investigations "have disclosed the fact tliat  unscrupulous handlers of flour are endeavoring to take  advantage of the great popularity of Ogilvie's "Royal  Household" Flour by refilling, with cheap inferior flour,  the bags and barrels'bearing the Ogilvie Brand, and  selling it as the genuine 'article. ".       .  f ' < 1 ���      t   1  In order to brmglrle^guT^^pai-ties to justice we  offer, the following reward.', .  REWARD  " The Ogilvio Flour Mills Co., Ltd. will pay One Thousand  Dollars (81,000.00) for such evidence as .will result in'., tho conviction of any person) perbons, firms or corporations, who may bo  refilling their bagsor barrels with flour of othor.manufacture and  selling"tho'same as' flour manula'cture'd by the Ogilvie Flour  Mills Co., Ltd. , ' . , . ,  The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd  A.sk Your  QwnDoctor]  ste  '.'. As  She, Is  Spoke.  . "Well,': I guess poor old Snlggsley is  about played out."      ....������."''���'���'"  "Yes. lt looks as If he was all In."  Perfect  Uestnilnt.  "Johnry, you should practice self restraint. I saw you strike a little boy  yesterday." .   ��� '      "  "Dat was no time for practice restraint. Ye'ought tor see me when I  git mad at a big boy."���Houston rost.  Can't   Grou   Yoiinpcr.  Iiongfaccj���Seems to me you've grown  considerably older( since I. saw. you a  few, years ago!       j '  Cheei up���Well, what would you expect? Do you think I'm a ���. woman!���'  Detroit Free Press.  If he tells you to take Ayer's  Cherry Pectoral for your  severe cough or'bronchial  \ trouble, then take it. If he has  ���. anything better, then take that.  ^���But we know what he will say;  J for doctors liave used this  cough medicine over 60 years.  ���I hare w��4 Arta0* Ofcoirr Pectar��l tor  rd soMa. bed coughs, and lui  n* me mat n>  i bett. coosb nwdli  , don* me  . throat and hrag  J- Allmj, Oregon.  ���m    Bene*.   It tiu  and I tellers it U th��  in tha world fox all  ��U O. BTOUtT,  0   Are'You  Up to the Hark?  1 If not feeling as well as 3'ou  should, do  not make the mis'--  ,take of letting you; health take  care of itself./- Report to .  Beecham's  .' Pills  -  ���  Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 23 cents. ]  Had*  3. O. JLytr Co., Lowell, aiau. I  - xoMsaataabaxtTt of  SAKSAPiflLU.  pn.i.s.  RAKViaOR.  U���rS   ����W 1 ' *���**��* the lawyers   tha  physicians,  th.  ,  (f       , _^_���_^��_���.���JI 1 congressmen,    the.   clergymen,    th��  Keepthe" bowels open with one of '. olerks,  the  book-keepers,  the  skill**  Ayer's PUIb at bedtime. Just ono. 'mechanics   who   have   patronized   ua  -���-������ ���^-   | and   you   will   find   that Jthe   Keeley.  :    ; j treatment   is   all and   moro   than   Is  olalmed for it, and- that it ls th��  "���tltch" a drinking man,needs to sav*  property, reputation, family, aanltj.  and even life Itself.  "Write today, now, and get th�� noe<  ess ary Information about it.  133 Osborne St.,   Fort   Rouga-  WINNIPEG.  I  Nova Scotia Wool  Is famous for ita softness and strength.  The ocean air���the climate���the rich  grazing land���gives an elasticity and  silliness and ��tren_rth to the vool,  , that is musics: ia wool from other  countries.  The only Underwear In the world,  made of Nova Scotia Wool, U ,  Staxxfield's  UnshrinKable  Uiaclerwear  That Is one reason why "Stanfield's  Unshrinkable" Is soft and comfortable���wears so weU���holds its shapeliness���and Is absolutely unshrinkable.  "Wear " Stanfield's " this winter���  If  you want health, and  comfort, and durability.  Ryrie  "Steady Flow'  Fountain Pen  Our $1.00 Fountain Pen  is ' a popularly favored  specialty at Diamond Hall's  enlarg-ed Stationery Department.  The point is of finely  finished solid 14k frold  with iridium tip. The  name. "Steady-Flow" is  accurately descriptive,  and the pen is g-uaranteed  y" for a year.  Larger sizes $2.00 and  A   '"���*?��� SO.      y.  Samples of note paper,  embossing and engraving  are gladly sent on request.  KVKIE   BROS.  " LIMITED ���  134-138   YONGE  ST.  TOBONTO     -     ONT.  "VA^     IM     KJ     INIo    seo IfT  T.'*V'J  .:���.' l*  yy^>  YY!.t  I      '-it    ;  'AW  US'!  ���"ti'tfeS? -���  iM\'  yp-J V * t,  :tt'j U %  A'XAU    '  *."r .H.f i\  'AA'itd  ymU  ������TJyiM  " y'..jVmr>i.  %    .'   '���������'SiSl"*.  ."-    riii'lfli,  " tfjfiitii'.'  ������\ .-   'lis 1')-  1   .'      . ;i~,,:i -Jt;  ....      .v. K ��(SJ- =-,   }  ',   ,''    ''steMf Ji.' f  .  - .hAfl k-.T  " .... vtefl.SJU'  , j B.ft^jl   tiV [  Ay ymmA  - y*4& \-  *      ia   .f| -a 1  .    ,   .J,;^ir,yv-,.  1      ���        S'l '��� <*-  y ,,,v  IJ 15 -;i  ^frfeSTti A  '4'tl *��j��  s'. <37 ��|tt.  ilRlUij  '   i'.,   'Kt  ���'"J ! ..l f  ���/���il .&.  :&$ ��� -���'  P ibli-hed iu the interest of the peopli  ol Moyie and East Kootenay.   .  F    J.SMYTH J6 CO.,    -  Publishers.  11  BATEh OKSUBSCKIITIOX.  Oae Year..  ..$2 00  'SATURDAY, DEC. 9,  1905.  Watch Moyie erow  Moyie  will  thrive next  year as it  never thrived before.  - Moyie will eoonbe ,tbe biggest silvtr  lead camp iu Canada.  The man with time, to  burn  never  gave the world any light,  Our worst 'enemies are the  friend*,  tied 'to' find us profil P-blsJ.  who have  ' -     > '   I| I V' '  ���>���&-.   Taking out ore,'from  under IJoyic*  ' lake seeiiissoon to be an accomplished  fact:   ������*.?���, , (  Moyie   needo' an . electric lighting  system and a batik.   Perhaps the town  will have both before the end of 1906.  ' "Sunny Alberta" went out of .business last week and the easterners had  the opportunity of saying how much  }t reminded them of "down homo."  Again we call, attention to the fact  that there' is' not a vacant'house in  Movie and, that at least' 20 bouses  would be occupied as fast, as they  'could-be built. What" safer* or -better  investment could a' man with capital  ask for?  . ^     _������ .�� .  i  A prominent merchant in Moyie  this week," Bald: "Cash .sales haye  been better during thc past month  than for any 'previous month during  my experience here." There are a lot  'of people' in town and they h'ave  money to pay.for what tbey buy., I  look for a splendid'" Christinas and  New Year's trade."w  - Tho Dominion government are arranging ^to incieaso the   number of  .senators from the west from 'thirteen  to .twenty-four. One ,of these ap-  'pbintments'muHt .naturally go to the  Kootenays,  and  the - name   of IT.  C.  . Drewry is prominently mentioned for  the ' position. Mr. Drewry certainly  possesses tho necessary  qualifications.  . He ^is, a thoroughly representative  Western mining man and has played  * an important part in the development  of the Kootenays.  ��� ' ���' ����-���������  Geo. E. Adams, former clubman and  ������good fellow" of Seattle, but now a  self confessed embezzler of a fortune  in gold from tho United States assay  office, will plead guilty to every indictment brought agaiust^hiui. Anxious to begin sorving his timo as soou  as possible, and knowing that no defense ho can make will save" him, the  prisoner will throw himself   upon (the  mercy of the court when it comes  time and atk for sentence. Not even  counsel will be retained by Adams.  Believing his case a hopeless one, he  will take hie medicine as well as he  can and say nothing.  Grip Quickly Knocked Out.  "Some weeks ��go duriug the severe  wiuter weather both my wife and, myself contracted severe colds which  -pcedily developed into Ibe worst kind  of la grippe with all its miserable  >yiiiptomsl" stiys Mr. J. S. Egleaton of  Mapljs Landing, Jowa. "Knees and  joints aching, nuibcles sore, bend  stopped up, eyes and nose running,  with alternate spills of chills ,and  fever. We began using Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy, aiding the same 'with  a'dose'of Chamberlain's Stomach and  Liver Tablets, and by its liberal use  soon completely knocked out the  grip." These tablets promote a heal-  tliy of the bowels,' liver and' kidneys  which is beneficial wiieii the system  id congealed by a bold or attack of the  grip. For,'sale "by the 'Moyie Drug  anil Stationery Store. ," >  Chj-!��tui!��c,Excursions VI��._C. V.,R.  The' Canadian .Pacific^railway" announce daily low excursion rates, first  class, with thiee months' limit, from  all Kootenay and'Crow's Nest, points,  to all points iu Eastern Canada, The  rate from Moyie to Toronto and all  points in Ontario, except,"north of  Gr'avenhurst' and west of Pembroke,  Montreal and any points,west in Province of Quebec/$6510; Quebec ib  $4 50; St. John, N, B��� $14,50 higher  than Montreal, - with corresponding  rates to other points east of, Montreal.  For passengers taking advantage of.  Xmas failings to England specially  low rates will be quoted to Atlantic  seaboard. Full "particulars, standard  or touristsleeper reservations, can be  had on application to J, S. Carter, D,  P. A��� Nelson.  . For Hale.    .     ,  The place known as   the   Dill  milk  ranch, 320 acres, good barn and house,  .Apply to  .  , J. E. Crowe, Moyie, B. C.  ���     T      " NOTICE.  Should the'mill of the'Moyie Lumber Company not1 operate,,this, season,  it is my intention to open a lumber  yard in,Moyie in the spring. Prospects for the winter'do not .warrant it  at'present, but those desiring lumber  no'w'wiirdo well to.see me.' , -  ,y ,'      '     ' ' H. CAMERON.  Laing's Barber1  Shop.  T        i      t  Opposite Hotel Kootenay. " V  Sharp'Razors, Clean Towels and Good  Workmanship.  '    '      '      J *  Walter B'. Laing, Proprietor.  -THE���  Cut Glass  We have the only stock of Cut Glass  ever brought to Moyie. Just the  thing for a Christmas present.  The Moyie  Drug and Stationery   Store.  I. O.O. F.  Wlldfiy Lodge So. 4 4.  Meets every Tuesday evening in their  hall on Victoria street. Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  F. J. SMYTH,  P. T. Smyth,  Noble Grand.  Secr'y.  JOb  Lady Barber Shop ^  MISS LINDELL, Proprietress.  First. Cluss   Work.    Bath   Rooms in'  Cf nnection.  VICTOKIA ST.     '  MOVIE.  Prices Giveir  and   Orders  'Taken qrt  , Everything  siii the Printing  Line:at the"~  ,J/  IF YOU HAVE A  ;,     .   '   LOT TO SELL,  '    '      ,,'AyKOUSEtpJRENT,  MINING STOCK'TO " SELL  ,  ','     Qr if you wish to invest'  in any of these consult '  V   FARRELL \ SMYTH.   ,  P. BURNS & GO  WHOLES AXE ANU RETAIL    '     ,  it., '  MEAT     MERCHANTS,  i     . i .  .  Fresh and Cured Meats, Fresh  Fish,sGame an3  Poultry.. We   -  supply only  the best.,, -'Your  trade solicited.      ',    - ?-    ". .  MA.KKKT8 .,  In. all the Principal  Cities and , Towns in  " ' nBritish Columbia  -MOYIE, B, C.  Under New  Management.  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No. 71, W. F. of M.  Meets in McGregor h��H every  Saturday evenine-     Sojourning   member*  are cordially invited to attend.  Wm: J. Feltham,     Thos. E. Kelly,  President.' ���' Secretary  v3^~~^i-���^1 i    0  1  J  MOYIE,AERTE NO. 855  3F".  cy.  ES-"  The Dining Koom  is  now  open,  B.ir, is newly  ."-'upplied, and  every e'ffn t will be niude  '���' I        '     to give satisfaction.'  ��. A.  60UPILL; Pr )  the  ,    C. H; DUNBA?. \  B.irriste^, Solicitor, Notary Public', Etc  Cranbrook, B. C.   ,  Wholesale Wine,   ;  and; Spirit Mer-  ,  chant. ��-  * .- ., j -      ' .y  Agent for Calgary Brewing Co.'s y    , ,  iBeer, Ale and Porter.  ���=, ' ��� ' '    r   /  ' * '     "  T. Label & Co 's ,        . v    -   -   \  . Hay and Grain,  Schlitz  and  Calgary  2i����r:  Ceial Hotel-'  DEI9AUI,NIBB BROS,    Props.  Largo sample room in connection  with house for commercial men. ' Best  of accommodations.        \  Headquarters  for'   Commercial and MiningMen.  QUEENS   AVENUE, MOYIE,  B. C.  A. L   NlcKHLOP  A8SAYBH.  Foreign and  D,omcstic "Wines, Liquor?  Jaud Cigars.     -      ,       ' '  * :   CEANBEOOK.  ���,  Meets on Hit-,'lii-i !<���"! "inO   Widncs-  day of each mniiili   at  S P. -��i .  E.A.HILL,      .   J. H   HiWKE,  Worthy Pres.       '      Worthy .Secr'y.  Harvey   &   M^sCarter,  -   Barristers, Solicitors', Notaries, Etc.  ' '       /��� t  Cranbrook,   -   -   B. C.  Having   decided to close out my business in  Moyie, I am offering my whole stock of  Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Underwear, Top Shirts, Sweat-  , : ers, Hose  v   I ' I    * I '  and everything to be found in. a first class Gents  Furnishing,Store ���, , y  Wv:F. GURD,  BAHRI8TKK, SOLICITOR, KTC.  CRANBROOK.  B. C  aas  DR. P. B. MILES,  V     DENTIST.  �� - . "    ' f   '    '"'  Cranbrook,    .   v_ B._  C.  George H. Thompson,-  ' BAKKISTKB, SoLrCITOK,   No-  ', tury Public, tfce. '  t i        r > i  CRANBROOK.      Bicitish Columbia.  ,.     *'r"    .   BUY'YOUR ���   -   . y   -  ,.,..'. it.       .;   .__:  ,  C��sreLi?i3.t, h"i  Tobaccos.  Tlie Sale ,1s Now Oii,  ^   '   "���' ' ,L ' ' ,1 I* 'l ' ,       "  ,   .  Come in and examine goods and see  ,    ,,       y  prices'.^   It will pay yoiv  F^^^   TT - �� ��� ~  -������������������ ��� ��� 7���1 -c  I MOYIE    HOTEL; t  :  'E.a. WYNNE.   \  Cigars,       Tobaccotf,     Confectionery,  ,   *   ," -Fruit!', E"c  FARRELL BLOCK; Victoria Si.  NELSON,  This cut represents our Men's 10  inch Logging Boots. They aro made  from tjenuiue J;"rcnoli Calf Leather  throughout and have Rock Oak soles.  They havo outside counters, pegged,  and have standard screw reinforcing  all around the pole.  Wo are justly proud of these boots.  They are the best footwear for tbeir  purpose ever manufacturep, and cost  no more than ordinary logging boots.  NEEDED  Annually, to fill the new positions created by R.ulroad  and  Telegraph com  punie*-.    Wc  want  Young   Men  and  Ladies of good habits, to      .  -'  LEARN TELEGRAPH'S  AND B. It. ACCOUNTING  We furnish 75 percent, of the Operators and Station Agents in America.  Our six schools are tbo largest exclusive Telegraph Schools in the would.  Established 20 years and endorsed by-  all leading Railway officials.  We execute a $250 Bond to every  student to furnish him or her a position paying from $40 to $60 a month  in states eat.t of the Rocky Mountains,  or from $75 to $100 a month in states  west of the Rocky Mountains, immediately UI'ON GRADUATION.  Students can enter at any time. No  vacations. For full particulars regard-  iug any of oui pchools write direct to  our executive office at Cincinnati. O.  Catalogue tree.  The Morse School of Telegraphy  Keg Beer, Bottled  Beer and Porter  always on Hand.  Jewfll  Express" and Gener  al Delivery g Business. Livery and  Feed^Stable.  Leave Orders at  Gwynne'8 Store.  MOYIE  British  Columbia.  FROM  Mi  A. B. Stewart & Go.  Agent   for .Crown'   NeBt '     , ,  ' Steam Laundry.     ,  P. F. -'JOEWSldJif  JChiri.Hotel is New. and well Furnished The .  Tables, are 'Supplied with the Best the :  Market affords. The Bar,, is Filled with ��_  the .Best Brands of Liquors- and1 Cigars/".  ^. .      .      \^y   r,~    -Y.- '       ��� ',���  HEADQUARTERS-FOR'COMMERCIAL      y;  .'-.'     *'",.'   "' AND MINING,MEK* ;  '*" Y/   V    ,'.    >  NOVIK  '-      -������        ' '.. ���."���.���   '.:    -.        ���' '��� BKlTISn;COI.DMllIA  <E���6���ias��S%������*&������*&���*������$��*399��*SCeg agtaa gS>SS^!&g9'i��<CW�� '��� ���  musiua sssr  W. D. JOHNSON,'.  ���   Stove fixer and  Repairer.  Apply at "Leader" office.  JOSEPH NIEDERSTADT,  I     ��� .    ,',' ���.   "    *"'  Propr.  FOR   FINE   TAILORING .GO    TO  G. A, FOOTE  MERCHANT   TAILOR  And Gents'  Furnisher.       ,  Fine   SuHings,    Overcoating  Trousers,   Imported   "Goods.  (UNION   SHOP.")  MOYIE, B. C  :^*M^WAW:  Rubber Tootwear  i-, i, i       ,  u     ,        *. t,        i,      '"Ji1"    > -* - ��a "n'      ,+ ���      >\ - " i  -. There are many kinds of Rubber I,oot-  wear,*-but   years .;of  experience have  ;, taught'us that brands recognized'as good  under other , climatic conditions may  prove unsatisfactory for this province,  After testing many lines,' we have '^selected *"'     *  ;'  . ^ ��� r   '  . MAPLE   LEAF RUBBERS,  as-the best for dealers  to', sell or. individuals to wear.   You  may profit   by our;  experience by insisting  on your dealer  giving you Rubbers with the Maple Leaf  brand.       '  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  NELSON, B. C.  hoarding and Day School conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph, NelBon  B. C. Commercial and business  courses a specialty. Excellence and  swift progress characterize each department. Parents should write for  particulars. One month assures the  public of the thoroughness of the  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence January, April aud Sept.  Pupils aro admitted durine term.  Clnclnnntl, Ohio.  Atlimtft. Ga.  Toxarknnn, Tex.  lluffalo, N. 1*.  LaCroage, Wis.  Sftn Krancl8co, Cal.  MANIIFAtJTUBKD      ��"X  (limited.)  .VANCOUVER, ��� ��� B. '��� i  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c.  Anyone sending a Bketi*h and doscrlptlon mtj  QtiloWy ascertain our oplnlon^froe whether an  Invention la probably patentable.   Communlcn-  Bether an  invoni-iuu .�� p.uuRu.j [miu,,**".-. j^vinrnunlcii-  tlena strictly conlldentlal. Handbook on Patents  Benefice. Oldest nsency Mr scourlncpatenta.  PatonU taken through Munu * C<?.- irucelre  tptcialnotice, without, charee, lnitbo  Uuiut U.iwn  9:C-5 am Leave   '     Fernie  10:42 am Arrive        Elko  l'J-,30 pm     " Reifonl  7:��pm     "      SI-OKANK  7:.<0am     " Everett  9:00 am     " Si��ttle  3.45 pin    Ar.   VANUOUVKH  2-.-.5pra   Ar        'ht. 1'AUL  Kvjd U|>.  Arrhe 9.00 pm  " 8:10 pm  " 6:26 pm  " 9:30 nm  " 9:21 pm  6:00 pin  4:00 pm  r��.00 pm  _d_^!LsUL  Lv.  I.v.  ONE NIGHT  To Sbattlk and Vascoiivbu  TWO NIGHTS  To Winnipeg mid  St. Paul,  PRE8T PHOTO CO.  Ckanbkook and Moyie.  O. F. DESAULNIER.  ... .    i    r  , DEALER  IN  Close Connections  For Chicago,  Toronto,  Montreal  and  ALL   POINTS   EAST  AND WEST.  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  Queens'^ Ave.      MOYIE  A handsomely illnrtraiec* weekly. LarROOt'oIr-  culatlon of any nclentiac loonial. aerm��,.��3.B  jenr: ftmr months, ��L ��<Tdbyall no-vadealem  MM & Co.36,BM,^New Yo*  -. SntDcb OCB��). ��w V- St^^n^ltMKua. J>. C-  W, R. BEATTY  Embalmer and "Undertaker,  Phono 89.   y CRANBROOK.  Acetylene Lighted Cars, .  Family Tourist Sleepen),  Palace Sleeping Cars,  .Dinine Cars (Meals a la Carte,)  Library Observation Cars.   .'���  Through'tickets and  baggage  checks  to all points.      '  STEAMSHIP   TICKETS.  For Tickets, Rates, Folders   and  Full  information, call on  or   ad-  , dress  H. L. Blackbtonk,   Agent G. N, Ry.,  FERNIE, B. C. -'"Ay  Excursion  Rates  EAST.  $65.10  For Round Trip. Three  Months' Limit,  J. Leckie Co., Ltd.,  VANCOUVER, B" C.  Selling Agents for the West.  and 1"  TOE ONTO, MONTREAL  and principal points  in  ONTARIO   and   QUEBEC.  Corresponding Rates to  all  Points  in  ,  | the Maritime Provinces, New  York and England)  T. V. LOWNEY, Prop.  MINERS' HEADQUARTERS.   This hotel is close  to  tho mines,  every Convenience for Working Men.  South Victoria St. M��YI '  A.  iuAi  MeDERMOT  Wholesale Wines, Liquors  and'Cigars.  CRANBROOK, British Column  Tickets 911 Sale. Daily  Dec\l to 31.  For detailed information, First Class  or Tourist 81eeper reservation apply  to local agents orTwrite  J. S. CARTER, Nelson.  We handle everything in the Hardware M  Also Cumberland blacksmith's coal," P��w ;|  fuse and caps, oil. paints and glass, at  WM I ill


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