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The Moyie Leader Dec 5, 1903

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Full Text

T*,~~^f'-~'^^*fr^'.'rt. Z .'
.**•*%■/' ■'.".'■      . ^'.L'
'   lfc"i
■';.■* r
■       , -   =*.:•
•w ■'   •■ -wiv v.   ...-■,:     ■■
,; isy
';'riii : l.?~'!Z,
t*| ... 13    &.'.
■'A''0'E ':^-T>.   '      ~?? 7?'     #*?''"".1g?^?''   -'
'i   t. ■■'.-A- f--»*<     J.*;1 ■•     «;ji        ; s-t> ■ ■ 2?i ,      ■ ■
a" ji' *< .&3 ■ §?*:'•'■:£'' ■■■■  JS ■'. Sp-'"
n -.■«ffi5=M}A
SJTjeT-v ,
■■•*&'■' §s
., I y; '-r t !
'V..'.-,'V'   '■-A.--*,.-' s*-';^^'.'
♦ '«
J PA'-f
y. .--*"  ..
:: 5 : J-
__v   --,    •-->        j    :
Wji.l- ?    i'l.'h'l Vi
_■■ r.;i * I - * I - n.:)!' in;.!
.-, .,i-.'
'■-u y 1 ifiot :-.
<-, ln;-.d ■lib1'-'
; tiioi'j '.Th',  u:.<:
i.'i-di ti
n . i (; :
-i ..i. ■
,'*■-,   I
' .':> I
■i-'j? !
■--   ■-*> v -    "    i     v. -, * ■$:   i   'Xe ': \
im i i:a;.e.3 ?T«Dr!;y!'""":orrmwa°:"Cr*"u"" -"•""
IVi-ry On-;*.
.Speech Was Abie aiidii'^of^cUek.
Free From Abuse.
5). Hope wao  in   Cranbrook   the!
ANOTHSE CAR-—^^^- ,      1
'    This time it is Flour, WhevS,- |
aiid meal. , |
Welooki'or a car from tae'U
Lake of th e Woods Milling Go. to |
i     .'•tin. Neitzel hud   boon ou   the   ft:el; |
j'livi for several d,j.ys,p,iot.. j
j     V. I).-sa.u!nier and  J.   S.   MacEach-!
1 en iv-ire in Craubrook Thurtsii-iy.
,■',"•   I ,                                                   *              -      I "\
'"'!./' ■ rirS'TlfTMiTif Ti " T^~*T  rl■"- "{*7;i n vr i      Kd Hill had a  round   or   two  v.'i'.h l>
f* i'ihll'Jli UljWf! IU KlfUlij[|--K*''-6'"'"> c»"'-*- Ti»""H P
'.-I'/.'   , i-v,.i-,iiifr                                                                                 ! S*
.■ii i!w
For :•-"
, .,.'-„,i.,
Jfuiii'.v.-i'i i '     .vlit .ci".*
vou w."ii -olid  -..i'.yf.
\!l ii iv*. ta'-ai.
I lull
y b:-,;.';,
r'| ",
v/y <
'V     fr."
c-. (r.-.-, i-y-j'-j  ^; (-■}    e
f:   * fci tl  *i "5    ?*    5?
w" ' :
■ , e:
--,.«->   u    I* -J'
fi :' -'     *";    ?;
;;   b        ir'*:-''' '^-^ .i*:-^ SL^
8?   -
' \     ,\. V/ilfoa; school inspector,   visited;
Labor I\fev :'"ia ;:;ii}CCtoJ Uic :':o;yk; sci)0°l Tue6' I
Du'/'o    D.dVO    L'tlSt     LLieir -iome UDCiiUed for men's tailor made
suits   at    the    exprcsd   ollice  for sale
cheap. r 3l.
Prof. Hepburn wii! hold iiiu dancing
cias.*. ou next Wcducsday and Thursday evoniug-i.
hard wheat flour in  241-2, 49 |
and 98 pound Backs. |
Boiled oatFJln8, 20, 40 and |
•SO Tjound sacts.   Gat-meal.
JL'z.Oji.Ujli)  o.li
Lot with fbe- C-ov
■"' -        '..  -. .j. ,- ^: ,^'.>^..^-^,.^r-'.y &-'■'-•>iQsZ;   *'-A^y.£~/%i&'
' -, ^".'Y.-yZ"- >^.^:^y;', ^'.^^-^cij-r^.'-v^VcC-    '■^•-^'<5.-'*V^'
^V      Ov     vCv       '—       , i ^   _„^__B1_._;.»uiN*r'.r»J«BA*^l.^i-,»MMW,^W^^
Wi-** ■^■•»
_2Ss_, #th , /«A   '                                                          -    .     day evoniug-i.
K|k8^ ^''i       'n.oi'if.vMic.iil'fiwUuroal'Victoriu,                                                      *
fl      II A'li,    iJ^y Jm»u   to   bu,ine,s.    John |     0. J. ^liwon i*  .loiug   bOinowork
VV^      I      SB ■■ilfel,iil,,!:,Bn-litl'lii^1r.ll'     „lsllIor.t'.oSo-,t!ibro;.p«'.ftl»cSl.   K«8«»o
^^3   ,%#4#   ^ l.-ur^-ilv.^mL-ly tBi;:.fi...!   iho.w   who       R. .a. M'tedoiu!-! li.tT- r. iur;jvd   ire
"ti1*.     I .    ...    .,    v_.:.  ..     , r    ...     ^-..     '.,..-,.     .!  ..     l.n.-.vll-ii   _>ir>.i      i.-      .'.. ,ln ewbllt    1
rK***^*- >--»■" ^r*J
„.,.^—^^«~.-~ .^.-.^.h.-."..*. «r^~r^:r:^^"^2^^^^-
j expected an t/plosiuu of inoju or le&s
magnitude, but it was highly iTPd;',"!ilo
'.o the niember for ^'(.'isoii. i'it-ei.o*.-." d
a   fcilfcontrol  which  few  expeckd he
-«*__ .i_ ');; '5,
aid Up  Capital' $8,700,000.
-   il-eserve,      -. 3,000,000.
i,,,,,,.,,, R,.cyvod.     Freacn:. I^te of Intcrtri 3 per cent
4"V|t        ^"'r&rJ- F$lQI)fT< ! would iriani!e-<tJ and although jibe after
Ot1'        W^J?iililUi-\ViuJ jji!*.__.v,Lih:::lal at iho ministry m  tones
. *— .* 11 jfwi'-;
,- *> **-*-■■ «nr-
; , ., , .v.-w! von'I^uivn.e ^;'M--: vi'U- are burd.   /i doirLp,/.   |
I.   '"
j      ,,.^   — * -i    nr-**f'<«;1i*"'*rf'v    ITI
-.■i-sS'iu vour   ri.'"_ii;./C':r.t*n .1  an,.'.K.r<.  .u
iva reas'-'T'iibl':.
of witijerim. -corn au ypeetrh wns ab-
i • '
iI sokHfny iLyoid ef coi:-;rj  inftciive or
of pergonal abuse. ' It was couched in
the pure'English  Houston  habitually
lise;1, leheved by   half  humorous,  half
•£   S"1   P^l ft! Pft ^    Kfjfi-R ! ironical, touches whicti gave a spice  to
I the witole di.!r.'t-ry,
j     y.^'li .^.'cii.li-t-ai.d Lhd J.\'.-wr   mem-
j her. are cms ling thuir !i>t ".i'u tho   gov-
ernmi-nt,--Thich _.iv:'.'3 it   a   icde   Working rnajoilV.
John lloualou gives notice  ol   mov
Corn  meal
pound sacks.
. Wheat f oi
.40 $
;OI*.'lCiVt?n reed'5
X-iotwithKtiiiiding the ad,v,iii('<  In l'-»u
jyyyajmo«y«» f^ ».wrjeE»>»««
-,-K  /<>     ll   h*J
.ij   hospital oiled   i
proved in hoaiih.
Arrange pi en id for. the Cliristunis
Tif:e entertainment, are progresdng
A eun was bom lo Jfr., a'nd -.Irs. V.
Desaulnier in Craubrook ori Thursday,
Dtcembcr 3rd.
The firm of l-'jrrell <& Smyth 'disposed of a good .sized block of stock in
the St. Eugene Mountain .Minea.' Ltd,,
this week.
There will bs a school election held
or. Saturday, .December VJ, lo .elect a
trustee to,fill tb.f* vacancy cuiied by
the absr.ee of Ira Townseud.
"Patrick   Hartig.ui.-  one   of Moyie's
.v"   will ■ H
»                      for a   time oontin-u) to   -,tll sit tlie   -am^ old' "                 -j
[|                       price.    Orders for delivery lrom thu oav ;via no |
d"  j                appreciated. ||
1        MacEachern & lacfesdi '".     1"
I _- .1
im I'oUpiq 111 IViuj«u-a
■ i_»**«CT*-tJC5»g»rt-^iy«*.'iM**i
,   t?   ■
ing    tha all   crown  granted, mineral   .popular young men", left -.his week  for
ll      L ii'.Ul,
;?oulh East' ft.
"MOYIE, B, G= |
u .  „.-»~ ---v.--rv-^«-^ii'p^^.''nv^^<2?nS^i?i
^_.  ^ .v,^_..r, .^.,-T~i-fr.-^.-rT-,7*"^^^j^i-j-:.^.--i'^»*''""-,ft--*i-*--'
; '..i  l»l!ir»
', NT.KClOjC
claim& --h.il   be   assessed  at   the   pur
■■base price paid to the crown,  that all
improvt-ments' and muohiner v ofaniued
shall be aece--oOi2 *v.d pay taxt^s on thei/
fui'. valun^and thnt all   the  ore  raised {
, -li-iU i-ay 2  pi.r   (.-.r.i  royally,   without
j :,ny e-emptions, except of  lauds held
under   'lcrtihO    for   placer   dredging   or
I r-\d;.u:lic"mining, "pou which a royal
i        • . .
| t;. it p ly.ihU-.
■'i.-i> IjdI -h.sU ai!-" "v""-5
liis   old   home   in   Newfoundland .to
-■peuu the v.'ii'.ter.
i Don't forget the concert iu the hall
this evening to bo.givpn by tlie^ SchuT
bert Symphony Club aod Lady Quar-
The dance which will '03 given by
p_of. Hepburn on Friday evening,
December It, pemises to be p.n   enjoy-
We are Iu   a  betu-r   position  man
ever   to   supply   your   nreds.    Don't '
send east for anything you   may-require in the jewelry line. , Let us have
a   share   of   your   patromue.     We'll
guarantee to treat   you  right.    Ii_ you   ,
.can't come to Cranbrook .semi in -'your
orders Ly mail)- which will be   attended
to   without  delay.     It   anything   we"
soud yo.u i3 not   perfectly   satisfactory
. we will  gladly   refund  .our'    money.
See thi'3 space next week for   the  best,
watch bargain ever offered   in   Britia b
—7<v  "• -'--•-< '-^'-*?Z?--
. u.p* fiom tiii-*-
•   i..:-J   'M.
i.i,-. on   ihi:   perrci'.ai } able af'air.
. >    .<, , ..-.■iby   uudor i
fs W. H. WILSON. Je?/,eler and Ophciaa, I
'' 1K o t
•;. '_('.<>'■;
>■. .i .-••", '
/--. '■-. -.i'i',-'vj-r
& •:;-. r«i f-y- <■ >v s
i   . s  v •-    i i '• ',
"Or. F. E. King, dr-nt,Ut, returned   to
! Cranbrook Tuesday allur siveial   days
j '-u.A'CSPi't'.l biijin '■ - in .own.
  New   Yosk—Ear diver, 5G._r  cetit.s
JohnAlexanaerDowTe's  JSiun   City j Lead, ^.26. o  Con^c-,  913.75.    Zinc
near Chicago is in the hands of   =: 're- . (speltoO *o*o.
.Vlodgo of tho  K.iigh':
Lo^jjost—L-Lad. ^111   2g   G-i.
■;':.*.nk i)ir.oy ;n"i
iho slid: 'or ih.  c
•(-)!'  i.
t,0 ll'.lL
, .'/r.b organised  i"   ^r.--v.b:-j
1  i,,' ,1 -.''veninK.
1 liu Codai Vall.-y I inpi-ovemcu:yv.o..-. | j.-i
umL-cr r.iiU a. Fer.ii.-- ia to hv   - ':-'   --( ;
-. • % ■ r
■ ni
.-./*.• !i*i
-   i W.i -.t*
-•falbyr b:1;"0:.if-*5
:<-nd Ga.'i'-tte.
ra   :■.-<   the
?b.-   vi-'-c-
i }y\'>) x.b
•     T.'-,"s i-? l1 °
| .v'bo know- I1
-.it-m ii  1
* hi-
• > -, '.
j. '-D/IA j?i-' --A
V 'jonc.'.-l bi'.nKin.; "i:c-
i>.A"    ir:o.'r-'n't^'v..
I     Ih\ 2.0
Tiapls;- ■•' tl:P
i >
I-Telson.   grand
jl".   for   Biitijh
■aa ;:'i. :i.-:i, i!:,"-  ^. orn».>i
'".i . r-  n.-.U '.-> for crr-.tip
ii   i v-,-.-.-  rieAgtioorhood.
'.bie- of tho nA'-rit '.. :i*i.i c  tliingo i".i   the
y*o av/aboiie-i in the  rn iodic
•■ byv-.i v.'Lojp  from   one of
r.,    Thc ci'or.t) renv-dic-s
n i
- -^-t*T-i.-T^^y~-'a-^":1~yi-:.
"2  i
A L*
I-1  .UV"i
11 <-
-"ati."   ."it
H. iViABSH,  ly'itrsatjar.
r.- v"  -■''-
...._. „,—ui^ >-«-.-_.«.--!i=^f_:
V ; " uJil'lNAiiV  s.L'M.HL'Ny.
*/   !hv j UK County Coi-u   o-  Koo-ks
•^ ; JiOLUEN Al  FOtlT S'IJ31!Li:.
**;    ' L ETWEE >T
"aniubeil ^Cb:^,   Tiaiutife,
l\JH -UijU    ^i^    .rtWJU»i^A^-k W ,     Y^  Bnj bweby Buia|uonoJ  .„ ,n-|butforlun,telyuo  ont  -,a3 harl| al
1,-,-r  ai  r. Couuly Court   hoidon    ftt j tbouRh EeYtral had almost .miraculoui
Oohimbia.   bos   been   through   South
;1,u    u::r  of  inc-pec-   ^   ^    ^   .q   thg .neighbofbocd  0
! mm.    He   virfted   the    Moyie    lodge   ^m     V,  Kvd,  Baker, of   Cran-
csday   evening   aim   was   raucu   ^^ i3 on0 cf lhe prini)11)ai   beneficiaries by   this sale,  his portion   ol   the
purchase price being estimated   at upwards    of    if00,000.    Other important
;ii! land   deals   are   under way   in th
i'•.Tue aiiciioii 'Oil i'l'itiiiy,
m,<f..„ for noi'-pwnlotit. of rn
imomjli.'-'S to f-i-oo-l.-il. " I tne child-;
The Procter-Fishburc cord   lands in  almost as ssrj to  b-j. iosr,.  i.i   case oi
tho vicinity  cf Blairmorc hnve   been
purchased by  M. Fleutot at   a   figure,
| pleased v. ith   the condition   in   which
j he found everything. '
Cow Cause-i Hai'  Wrci-"k.
Tb.e east'bound pi-rf-enger train List ,
■Met with   a  prions  midiup ; Crow'r. If eat Pass district, involving the
' investment of largo  suma, by  French
,. .    ,i.  1 n1
t-l'SVO'.-   '-"OKKI'
Ipi-i'r  ai  r. County Court   hoidon    ftt j tbough EeYtrai had almost .miraculous
iFo.-t Steele, op ^ih day ci  Jamury;, c=Cil„u3<    At   that   poiu'.   the  engine
croup, as a rcvob. er is sure to.be lost
v.i cise oi burglar*?. There used to be
on oldfashionw.1 remedy for croup,
known as hive syrup, but some modern
mothers say thai Chamberlain's Cough
.Beniody is better, and does not cost sc
much. It en use's the patient to "throw
up the phlegm'' quicker, and gives
relief in a shorter time, Give this
rem-ody an soon as the croupy cough
appears and it will prevent tbe attack.
It never fails and is pleasant and snfe
to take.    For sale by all druggists,
At the St. SSugono. Church Bez-rlcoc.   .
i'iie ioan^aliou for tbe new building |     IT.S3YTESIAM—Service   will    bo
u~tho west bide of the   railroad   track I held in the Hall at 7 :30 p.   in.
i . -l . : .1    1        ti   I    ..   O-.v 1   ..i   c)  -.    ... rr.^..:„  Cqj.
.V »
.V u
(iomiws Our ^^tes-
^a-xit^anytb-insi stylislianan
■.-Vyl  ,.n.
^ ^ M
$ y M<   a-ilS
■■■'■>;■  '•* •■ .• r--w^ f^ntci furnisiierB
^A.r.-. ncA'i-a&.ie£ aad youw *-w*   ,     y^
 •''■ v'~'"-   .AJ     ■ .■'y.^^^r-r^nm^mK^^r^
I Coots cf plaint,.,
I Costs of  service'.
it'-olioiievV.- costs,
.i    • .
r .
i     "    .   ■
! To Uira^deiCiKlanL I1 aid*:;'-
'STCr' ik't THE
Watch EurAfitraG a .S^cia^y
1  irv.   .-T"5.
'^.      .*>     .i      A
'" *■;    ik/ ' ^     j*
■ ■   .,.-■, n.y*   ^-rwrif"-™8  .  '
! v ".' ■■' A f i ? , M :■■ I> J ' . i' '"-* S' -*'
Lury- eauvpir- ujhv.i iy
wit.-li'li'vusc-. fr-iyuimiuum::..
.of ivccommot!:uion'%
ci .A nC"v-:
mt :^-~
::^kiUt4rs for Gommencial" and fining iVtc^.
,■'. .rA
h9, spring.
A circular letter h-ir.' been, stint '.put j
I from tlie head oflice iyt Toronto to lli
i shareholders to the efl'eci., that it is j
i,the intention of th'e companyy to re- .
i sum'e operations in' tho. mine about |
I March 1st
5>>*;J "' '    - *'    ■■ '■'.».•   -,--' '-'>,'• Tv'''^
tlood rooms, good   tiihiea and'^u-
. -iud Bret clH63 w^- r0Cn,s"
i   .   -■   ..;.   ■.... .< ■■■
]    ji-wEMiij   CRANBROOK,  B.  C.
• Ofliiial Watch Inspector for   tho'C. ^Ji
'    .   ...   Ii, Crow s,Ncijt .Division.
■ A'.Vtiisirnl Treat,
!    Too miich praKo   cannot   be   give
| tho. Schubert  Symphony Club    and]
| Lady Quariettc of Chicajyo  which   ap-j
'paarshere this   evening..   This' com
jpany'isau'its   tenth' year   of, success, j
jand is a:-,!-:ncwledEed evurywberc to be
.' the most up to dato 'musical  company
I traveling.    Everybody likes music and
j everybody enjoys a   hearty   ialigh.'    A
Idejigiittul  idonding  of  pure  fun   and
ti no  music   is   out-   reason    why tho
abovo company has   wonyIs   way   to <
the top notch of ostc:m.
Ss8p?8vss..1h«.tefif 'and &Ms fa
k\n h«£tth'ftiihe5s of the food,
'•T^i^* "'TvaFfTT c^na'1'j3> "i^^v^^rs^i
.syiiL *  *lrfk. *    ' IJ) +       ^-*T^* wl-^       4 iil ^  -
r S^Afl w-y  t.      ���    vwa^xl.  SftS  i"-\ i  : f jo* '  . t.'i 'i  ������ r' n -I  -.';���   1  . -i..'j     i,  " "/ ' ;  '    !-'P    .'     'I  4, .-'i-J' '"���"'  -f^:|l'' ,\  -"*���' *    ' i  l.*S       "!'  1 " I   ���- ilx  I - 1-1',   II-  >Vi-' i;'  1' .1      . '-  I,'.,;   |,     _'y  ;'-���- 5] ,,''  i' ,i i'J  ' ��l  ���"^te  .'yh  1 *��� f     1  )/ ��-   l> IW I '  ,.��� v?y '  ���j-vv.-a  i' ���y-j ?i.��,  A'#.;r  .1 ' 4      !      L     >i  ���       'Pi ' J ��� T  a #4*"  . J- -t -s    ���;    *���  i * * *1!     ��*   ���  uW  i-  3!   'V.  -;   j*J 1, ,. ,'  -- ���''itS.'.r''  .-���"','fl-r1  j' . ;k.  "i 'it.',  ,.*;...    ?   ,.!'  *     li'l '   r /s  ��� ���.;.*-*-  ':!��������,.  :U'K:;;  . ?�����, 'i:  . -*.. ������-.  '-*  ,t  1  :'?'-{ v  .', a v i,  --*., .f  ��V* ��'.  t ��� ;  c-* < (  ��� '���h: t  * i  , ' P  ������ l 11.       ��  '���% I  'Vti.   !��  ���*������������������  liy  SVLVA.VUS   COBB.  Jr.  Marie yiew up to womanhood,  beautiful and good, but poor. At  ii.e tiee of eighteen &he married  Halph Vinay, who was a clerk of a  rivs.1- steamboat, and went witli him  on hi.s tiif.s. Tl-.ey had been mar-  i icd ton ;, ears v. lien a daughter was  born to thorn, and while the mother  Li. sick iiL Natilie/. Palph's boot  was blown up. and he w.is killed.  PauJi.-ie, when she learned oi the dis-  ���-to.* wnt u.p io Nat ehe:', where slip  ���f.nii.cr \Jorie dyijif. The j.rcsL-ncp of  her   mother   iwiuil   the   sliiekcji   ono  j. r   a   !i   i hi   whip-,   iji.t   -ml   tor  long".  Alaii'.   Ml.cn   sho  knew   she   nn.si   die,  unio  hoc  infant, into  J'auh'ne's hands.  sa\ initio hei:    'ila u  niothi r   to   my  mako lier  yoti   inn.'  child iv! en   I  ain iiono.  and  n  life  brialu   and   iv'e.isant  And   i-o --in-  oi'd.  '-I'aulnip.   with   lifi-   infant     -irjnd-  (hi'tJ   in  Jiff  anus-,   went   lutfk  toN'c.w;,  (>!'.'c-an<,  whore ��-ho  ninsctJ  her hacred  '���barm-    iVi    uiore   than   a   .iiv.lr     hm  i she   wv..*-   ioc\. ��� very     poor,    ar.d      nt  Icimth   .*-'*('   iVMilioil   that   fibu  would  .-.eek   hf-r   own' n.other   iri   thc   North,  .-md  fiivo the  littli1 one  into   hor keeping Surely,    slie    thougJu,' Harhcl  would   not l-ffiiso  to   acrojit  the -.ivi-oi  <hild   of   her   owii   hlood   5-o   fj.r      re  niovi'il  in  liiri);  from  t hp evc-Ni   of ijjp  <ild   liner  diii.s.    Wiih   this--   ptii-poj.*-'.  ���   Pa'djnfl   sol    hi r.-^lf   ;<>   ral'-int;-   nu,;)-  '���v ir,r tho .ojirnoy,. and  when' she hnd  done that, sho sol  fui-th'  Niieivrpm hod  ricit"!i   in  autumn,  and   in   1 in'ie ��� she  found   where   her  mot hor   liicd.     imt  lier   roiiraji.0  had  fnilorl   her.       I'poplo  told  lier  that Ilachcl, St.   Clair    was  iMid    ancl    stern,   and   siie   d.ui'il   not  go      to     lior.      Aim"   yet    slu-'   ii'Wih ivi  Unit,  .-.he   Mould   Ri\e   tbo  child    imo  l.'nchol s , care.   'She  boi e   her   ixrar.d- .  (hiId to  Hucln.'1'.s door,   through snow  and   storm,   nnd   awaited   the   ic-sult.  Tho child w.is taken in,  a.ud Jtachi-I's'  heart     yearned    toward    it;   and  thc  ��hi!d,  in  turn,   citing   hy  rial urn 1   instinct   to liu*:1      And     thus,   without  Knowing it, Unchi-l St.   Cbur  pressed  io   her   bosom   her  own   ..reat-tp-jnd-  child���the grandchild    of     i.oc      own  l'unline.  "Paulina liad planned that, in  time, she would reveal tho truth; but  when she knew that Rachel had taken  the lit tie one to her heart and home,  and adopted it as her own, mid Riven to it her own name, sho hesitated.  She feareil there might be a shock if  she now told the truth. And she hesitated���hesitated too Ion... She was  sick when Itachel was sialc, and knew  not when Itachel died, or .-die niii.ht  have revealed herself at the last moment. And yet she holds in her  heart the -blessed assurance .that her  1 mother forgave her. She knows it,  ior she has? heard it fiom Christine's  own Jjps."  "Christine!" repeated Caspar, with  u gasp, a& though startled from a  1 rightful   ciream.  '���Ves," answered the woman 'Sho  whom you have known as Hachel St.  ('lair's foi-tor-cruld is in truth blood  of her blood, and bone of her bono "  1 "Where is she now?" Caspar demanded, with ajiotlier fiasp. Lie spoke  a.s ut a venture, as a man casts the  die upon the turn of ivhi.h his life  depends.  "Since 1 am her keeper," replied  the toller of the story, "1 will pio-  dui'e her."  And thus speaking, she turned to  the door and opened it. and diiectly  afterward led Christine into , tlie  loom. The maiden shrank and shiv-  i'!<k! when she met the caie of Caspar, but when she saw how frighten-  . en and terror-sti i'-kpn and abieu.  how- pule and qli.-isdi. )u- looked, unci  how kindlv other e. ps beamed upon  her, she  took eotiro|.e.  I-.Ven Uu- judge lek hi--- bean   warm  and'pulsate   to  a  more  tuneful    niea-  siue, as    he    beheld     the     morvolous  ' JiiViUly  of this g-ii 1  Alexander Conipton, when be saw  that hi-; son Caspar wa*- as ono par-  ali/ed stnriod to his feet, and  -iiuagiod for uttorauee. lie doubted the woman's --tory. 'Who and  what was ^Im v\ !io thus appealed to  dispute  I'.'i' rl.-iinr'  ' I    will     tel;   i ou  w oni.ui       in     i h'.-.i,  "Thlt.     pLur.H4   In"  niaiilon'1.   b'-a'i       "i-  fvf Al.iijo      "Aiaiio   w.is   nil    fl-.ihl  I ��� T--:im   Piudiri',  child  of  \ino  /:.)< hr'     St    n-iu ���.iJI   bom   in   I,  wedlock .'  The   iiidae     w.ivcd    hi.s   hand,  Mew-uHlcr   Coinrt'-Ti  snnk   bock  Jiissp.jt     und,   ior   th"   time,   IiolIi   he  and   Caspai'  t-wmis-l  dn-e-'l   ;(nil    DW'i-  whi-Imi'd   hy the  utter wreck and rum  of   (hen- r,: iine-jccired hopes  \)id then Albert J.efevro, the whito-  huiri-il Inwyeroi New t)i leans', nro'-e  and iold how he had Jiad charge of  Itachel St Clair's -.outhein property  foroier twentv .\eiirs, and liow his  Lithe:, liuiji'il I.eft-vie, had been  K.i-hei's original attorney, as well as  thc ui loi nc\ of hei- Jiiihhnnd, and  liad. full scienty years befoie, dsawn  ��� ip the will, nn attested co.ny of  whiili   now luy upon  the  table  before  lllin.  And then  J.efevre  produced  a  volu-,  iniiious )>acket  of   papers,   each  boar-'  ing' the: official iseal    of  authenticity,  and proceeded, in, detail,  to establish  the truth   of   thc  statements    "     "  liad made.  After a time Caspar started  lie liad been j struggling- hard,  wns  evidently i'in  great disLresH.  "iJentleuien,"    he.    said,   in an    un-  mutirnl tone, ywe  um-it -^o  and   con-  mifded iu jr.i^lun^ ihi-- work- you can  jud_jo as well .,s J. That ('dSiUii* diw-  tro_,i.-.J Jtii'-li,*]"., WiiJ 1 am assured.  Toucliniji tbe death ��,f Halford anil  the disapjj��\iiitiii e of riie iv.o witnesses. 1 JiU-v.; -.iiui:^ misgh iny.s. L-S-  pei.-ju.Jly siiii-e wc ioiow oi iJ:e lorcible  abduction of tlii-a .'.ounij iad.s   "  "Ali:"   said  the   .iud��e,   -"we   ouyht  not "to have- sul'c-iod tht-m to   depa.it  1 will  have them  arrested   th:-5    \c-ry  nbjhi:    And now,"  l-.e added, turning  to   the adminisTintor.     --L think    we1  .shall haie no didicuhy,  at1 the     next1  session of our comt. ,in settling     the'  ]Jrool-.si(:e estate.-' ��� |  'T    thiiik,    your    honor."   returned  the  administrator,   "that   I   wilf   put!  Madame    Pauline     in     possession   nt I  once, subject,   of     couise,     to    future'  approval  of the  court." j  "No," (-aid J'aujiiie,   "1  know   that  it was my mother's will that    Chris-!  ��� tine should  be the sole possessor.     l|  shall be content    if  ]   can "'see     that  will  executed."  ' As the matter now stands," remarked tbe nidge, with moistened eye*-. ">ve, must put you  in possession as tho direct and legitimate- heir If yon' choose to transfer tlie csiate to your grandcliild,  ,i-iiii   hate  the i ight. "  "Then, my darling," cried Pauline, elnspine; Christine to her bosom, '"all, aJI is yours; and, as I  promb-ed you, tic brighter dais  have  begun' " <>  Studying  oai   tbe C��rs.  ,     "We have something of a reputation  uut west for hustling," said a busine.-^  man from Kansas City,  "-but I never  saw   such  persons   as   New   Yorker*,  both men and women, for working ou  | the trolley ears,  the elevated and^tb"  ferryboats.    1  wonder the coiapanie**  } don't find some plan for renting* desk-  ( room in public conveyances.    It is cus-  , tomnry to see men reading oa the cars  J everywhere, but y-ou have to come to  , Sew York to find half the passengers  on a car correcting typewritten manuscript,   humming-  over    music   scores,  casting up accounts iu littlo memorandum hooks or on  the back of an oii-  velope and poring over shorthand lessons.     Persons  studying   foreign   languages read Ihem aloud on the cars.  aud nobody appears to pay any attention to them except visitors from other  Cities, who are not accustomed to See  such' ostentatious   industry   nt   home.  They don't do  that even in  studiotu  Boston.    I have noticed that advertisements for lost manuscripts and, note  books constantly appear in the newvs  papers."-  FOOLED  ALL  FRANCE.  t    * \ a, , I,.. ......  ! W'.'     I'lll!.!-)!  I p.".." T i I .i��il ' J i  'llHj|��i-"l    i),l  ,1-.   r.i.'l   to  |-   11. -   i,i'i.-'  I o    v.l    th-  ' i? f e  wm  ,idii,"  on  th  b'-    ���>.!. J d  ���    V,.ll.t.  d  liaiwstDr ��HiiJe J-ki-Im ilelit*-. i- Ho M'j.m  Ai>it>a'=!i��'l��>i*  i'J-Uiii  J'ei-^ia. I  *r.,-.\a:.l  the .-nd  ul" the  ic.ir 171-J   a !     JjiilL(_  K]   ,,lnji   .,_,_I#j L, ,  ivilnJn Mfcin-.aet itizal.-cn. v.'h.i cali-.-d   ('���;ii0f,...,_   , ;  tin-  Jats,i-t   ' , .i i. "  Ininseif ,iiijbii-5-,adur of the king of Per-   )a  1 no  .A.,,riti.    jt   ..  ��.ij._-1��� i-   oi  'er ut his ('uii!ii).uiu-. ' \ ji'tiuf'   j--,i.i.ij ^.'Jloi -   .-I    '..i...  bui'.-Jv  >.\erv   nw'-ur,  ������.-j -I  J  s:a. and  tbfr be;', re  i liisembarkwd lit Marseille  |     He was rocfived at two leagues from  j rttri-s by tbe P.ar^-ii de Ibetetiil. lHher  ; of anibas-'.iidurs.   and  the  .Marshal  de [  j MnUgnmi.     On   the  -lib  of  .January, '  j 17b"i,  he  made-  bis  sulenm  ennw  ii.io  the eapilal wilJi };reat pomp.  J      lie declined the royal c-:irri.j:.,vs yen-  erally u-t-'d on such oce.i-.ions mid en  .hei n  r^.J.'l  ���;<.. n -  in' )  j ii i  lilllb     Jl'li     ti",     limy       , .     ,  tl)= chW duiv ,��   ,/v���"  to   take  c-u.je  ui   ��i.c;  one hujid;ed-iiwiv-u3"  .   A   br.ibn.nt ���aiirri-.i  ;,  CiM.   is  \isi!il(-  n.-.,.,,.,,  Kai-h   se-ui    u   b .i i ���  oil  "������ i;...n  J     '-'il-i,..,  ��' <���> / \  ih- ',.  :**3  ,r-.'j_  ^'^.  ���e.4  y_.  %  "    iWa  . J If*  mkm^ HELPLESS  .       '   WITH PARALYSIS  ll.lll..      ll-.'-ll     w.'l     -..Ll.    >  v.. ...... ...->    ......     v... ^^_ ,-rr��� -rn i-r���r . - .. ,x-j   tered   on   hoisebtick.   preceded   by   ltic *������&��                 r            c-s-i    's      -*  lluost horses of the hiim's hlabies. -,��. , ytffao ��OasSlS      H3��W      ESQ      Wj&ll     feSRSi      Thev  jjerbiv   caparisoned   ;md   iiccoiiipauied --            _        _r-   _ra__,     a"*?  -. ^   "j       ���^i                  -���  hy trunipc.s and bands of inuce. KbIOWR   Qt   ��P*   Phase's   tvZPVG   g-QOC!,  [continued.]    r  A   ^f��l<<>   (.'<>����   Wrung.  ,,   Kim,'    Krniieis    J.    of    Franee.    who  reignod-in the middle 'of the sixteenth  eentuiy,   dressed   himself   elaborately  for the battlo of Pa via, which  be expected   to win and thereby  to become  the master or il.-ily.    An old ehionicie  says:  "'i'lie kimr of  I'-ranoe in  his armor   went   about    from   squnclr-ti   to  squadron,  and' lie  wore over  his mail  a  j-iii'coat of brocade  and  brown  velvet checker wise, with  many   F's embroidered   1 hereon   in , velvet   on   the  -brocade and in  brocade on the velvet  nnd with cords 0f sold and brown silk.  On his helmet he wore a {Treat yellow  -���ind brown plume, the feathers drooping  down   to   the  horse's  flunks,   and  from the midst of them ro-o a brown  pennon with a red salamander, having  above it a great gilt P and around  it  the words,  'This time  and  uo more.'  This motto he bore because* he thought  on that day certainly to make himself  lord of Italy."' However, he lost tho  battle and was taken prisoner.  Tha maximum endurance of a 13  Jnch gun i.s lioo firings, while the G  Inch gun may be fired upward of.2,000  times without injury.  Didn't Hurt TWueU.  V?  Distance  Lend*   Eiicliniituieiit.  In one of Mr. Chase's classes in  painting was a young chap who could  not paint pictures much boner than  he could save money, und the allowance given to him by his father wns  very often gone before he know it. On"-  day Mr. Chase was talking '(o ' the-  class on thc subject of perspective, and  Ibis particular student did not appear  to .act the idea very clearly. To make  il plain Mr. Chase went buck to the  rudiments to get a good start.  ���'Vou understand,"' lie said, ."that the  farther you yet nvr"ny from any object  the .smaller it ajipearsV'  The young fellow shook his bead.  ���"No,"'ho replied doubtfully, ���'I'm liui  so sure about that."'  Mr. Chase was provoked and not'a  little surprised at such ignorance and  said so.  "It's all right as to some things," responded the student, "but not all.' Now.  there's-a ten dollar bill. The further  I get away from'that the bigger it appears."  Old   Clothes   Ornament**.  The rich are not unthrifty. Thnt  probably explains why they 'are rich.  You have been told of tho wealthy  wives* in our New York Faubourg Sr.  Germain who after wearing a gown  twice or three times at most sell it to  a certain Sixth avenue dealer in secondhand clothes for about one-sixth of  its original cost. Women in moderate  circumstances who know this dealer  keep themselves in finest regalia at a  reasonable outlay. Rich men are more  particular ancl less thrifty than rich  women. They despise the "ole clo's"  man and prefer to hand down their  cast ofTs -to servants to do -with as  seemoth good',to them. But mauy a  parlor ornament in swell houses is  bought with old clothes; many a new*  pot or kettle in my lady's kitchen is  the result of barter with the peddler.  EC ei own  not   claim  who' is    puialy/ed    can   be  cuied     by   111L>P  iisinif    Or   'Chase's   Nerve    Pood,   for'    l'tf'"  .Mel v.-i  y  but)  Wo   do   not   claim   lhat     every    one'rstuxm.    Ii   docs   not   ea*-'"  imr      imeon'( lou-iK-,s   ,..<,���{  il       dues      i.,a     d,  us   do   opiates   ,n ,|  >n   i he  ot her J*.,iiid.   i.  i ;ut  many are    beyond    tho    loach   of tti-y'  medical     ticnimoul   and     must    finish   n.-ime    awl  iheir  d.v.\s   in   lu,*lpl''s-,iiPss   and  .-.ulfei- , from  ing. ��� i ai'd   net \  by trumpets and bands of iuu��ie.  The amh.-is-.ador, richly ai rayed in  the Per-iaii co-numo, was uiteiuUd by  a mi'iiicrou.-i 'train of demeslics and  prceidod by a, herald be.ii-iue; the Persian Miindiiid. The presents which'be  offered to the king were very Inconsiderable  .\fior pn.-ibig a ��horr tiii'e in Prance,  during which he concluded; in the  name of hi--, protended nut'-dor, a,treaty  of alliance with l.nui-1 aIV., he* sailed  from  Sweden  and  Dennunk und  was j .,, ��� o(  never   ,r,ir<i  nf later. j W0llU,    _,, JL .  , ll(.   nclvi��..ilMJ.tv     o  K.za.iecq. net on i in- lo the "Memoirs) ,_.sintr   ���_.    (-|1!1M.^   \\.,...   _.\,,,rt. '   th.  of   the lioign nf   Louis^Xn'.."  was  a    r,l.,.-j   i��od    nue    ior diseases  Portuguese   who   had   never   seen   Iho { nen es.  prince he represented ii'V even veiled  a single proi inee of Persia.    The gov-  ernm'-uf paid the  oxpen-Jos of h'^ ex-  ceik-my. which -^mounted  to  J.uOO  11-  I'lfii.  .it-  i.  'Pplyiiii*   (  n-  Il  is   i-jiihei-   to   those  who   ri--  only ' l.i si u;_r   cuic  mid  partially  pai nlv '/ed and   to   thoso w ho , u!j   \vb()  _,s;t.  j.  ate  -Ioh!\   but   smelv   dcvelopni!;   tin J     Sc'don.     if   ,-\r  _  "        ..!.:..! I......        .1..              I   V. oi. h    ti: '���    !Oi u,cd    r, ��� '.  I'i'l C.    I'fll'l I >     I j,,,, ,, .,  hn Uul  ; symptoms    which     militate    t  lilmeiits    that  ap-! si c\:  w  He.  d   si'i ji   iie.ii 1 ���,  ii.i".  M3.nl  1 I'd  ��� i*i',  -,i,  cud  rli  !lu',.  ,  , .     - . ' ' l I     li?  I''1' *' ( Li >,s        niiU        Jii'iijib.    . !  .   ,      !>,  ''ill'-*-     -\li;i !i    il    b.'e,   brou .|,i      . ���  /',  h.'lll       Olfl'li      ll.'CTl      I'lO-l      I'I--,,,;,,]    ,,,,,,',"  ���iiiil   u'.y,,'i     vlio    i ���-'',ul.>i'     ,,,i ,'",'  , si'-l en',  vres a dav  tliil   Ast-   Tt-flli.  Al the po-lmniiem examination on  a Po.-nian wnimm who died nt tbe age  of Jud years it w.-is fouil'd that she,'had  grown fresh teeth during the last year  of hei- life.     ' "   -  Coughing is thc outwaid sign  of inward disease.  Cure   the   disease   with    ;        J.IS     ?)HS  When ion tii>ti yoiirM-|i lyiftg aw.i1'- is '-w,,. to .'v.d ;*. ,,  nights, -stifTc-i- Iiud iiiiligosiii-n iind( vdi,�� ,-is a inrie :"���>!  bend.-tclie, fee! diow-��. nfior iiic-i'!', i,h���,(! bmldM-.  hnd losinc; eneigy, luiiiutioii ;i!:,li I'.., eoiijif. ���>,..,|t- ij.-crca  coinage, it is time co pav al (era inn ' w P, .v im...; Ii, CJ'U'-a-'.  to lb*' nerve-,, Vou mav iiud veui -' i in i.u, p.iv,. th;lt rii  self iiiiiuhJe at lirui-s, w. r: i. .1' i.'i i i ' iit.d m-i-i .',u tL.-ni- m"  Iil tie things, iiriible lu coin cut, n i ������ lo i'.. ��� h.,,!\- ;,o con's  khe mind, forgot lid and abMnim.i.d ' 1>  ed, fiislieni tciii'd  Putter giio souii  uprveJv.  Dr.   Chase's   N'ei ve   l-'ood   ctire.i   nnd   I't    A.   \V    Cha*-e,   tlie'f.i  it  i.i  i, a  -r'.ltaH  ^     i I'd  |.  -f :���(>.   a;   all  end      di.sco ii raced   i 1 ab'-.M,-.>n     lkit,-s   &   yu  attention     to    ll..;" onlu     Tp    pn.tcct    von  1 *;Ui'','is   i he   port uyt  nil,'  ��SVs  The Lung Tonic  and thc cough, will stop.  Try it to-night.  If it doesn't benefit you  we'll give  your money back.  Prices 25c, 50c. and'SI.00  5. C. "WELLS & CO.  Toronto, Con. LeRoy, N'.Y.  prevents   pniaiyMs      and      Kiv.-oiiiolor   book, aMho)  IIUIUS  :i! e' c:u   e\ ci v  |vf.  !',J-  .   i- Of  ' i .r,t  "J-'oppei,"     the     lull.,    bov     ,iskcl. , ,   \b.u.ii:u���"UiUi,  "what kind of a1 horse is ii   thr.t the\  iniiphs   i-,.;ic   tbe.;  call   u   plii^-?-'       "A   balky   om\   my j room V"     Ui::ii>���'���  .-���on      They   call   hnn   thit   becnn.se   he ! pingoj In cud   Unit  :s a stopper. " ,' bo.,.-ii "  w 1 I , i ���  v. i-ie in  Th A* . i  v ,*.s    m  i  I  $100 Reward $!00.  Mj  I'"    V  1   1  ���  C t    1��|   ,'    i'  i.i'll'      Ij    l.  I'I.ere   iH-vor   was   nnd   novel-   will   !,���     e. J  i.-idveif-iil   i.i.iiiiicn.  in   one  ii-moil.-,     for  til. i  i."i��   lu   viinch   (losli   ih   lieu-���tlit!   verv     un- I     The  reikis ef  Uui  tUH*"oi   iiuuiv   curallies   tn.-n-.ir   s'.cii   tlntt j I'4"*"1 <���''��� 'i---iv li ��t  W-ro   ihe   ijtMms   of otlior   ouij    tii'lereiitlv j tliat  ?��� i.-i-c-.-   l-.'.-  i-m  sOnIt'll   du-i^usi-.s   rooted    in   ihe   .svMeiu    .,^ i cl.-c".   .>:.\!   ili.u   i*i   C*.-i:.nr!'      1'  ''ii..-   pit tii-iiL���whin,    vionUI    relieve   out-   II. j Cue 'i '.'.''��� civ I'i i-'U.- u." ���  i    v  In   turn   would   in;ijruvute   Hie   otlit-r     '\\ t , i." '!''-!  f;d'iirii'.:>      r..i. .-'i 1.;  Iiuve    l.ovvi'Nei.    iti     Quii:ii:i>    Wii.o-,   , whci.     tlmi-vl   0! ��� -" v ��� '   .:'-!i- '   ���������   i >'.���  oLltiiiinblt-  iu  aouml,   iininlii!v^r.Ui-<l   '-11'..-    ,  in'1 I     i !���.!;'����� '"  -, c 111 i-'.t- 1- i.^  i   leuu'dv   for  in.isiv  and   irrit'v. on.-.   Ult,    }',\ ) i-.ttc^ .!���.,..: .��� ,1; ..n il-,.   l,),,| j- ������  lli, (4iiuli.nl   und    uulicioiis   use  ll.e  lia-l'-i-l  i  f"' <   ���'   "l    ������  Ni-m     i'i  h'j  -.Vsleiii-r   uie   led    into   Com al.T-( cei i.     nuc I  f"*.i '-.li,ni  -><   (A.    I!-..-:-..   .!���. '  r  -aioni.Ui    be   lilt*   iiilliifiici-   wlucli   IJuiuinc !  i.ir.i.  ati-r?'.h   >I   l^iil-li-i^   m.  '  -'Xcris   on   n.iLu/e's   jun   kmhi.iiivos     i 1. I i-i'.l  r.-.M-1I1 ���;   c.-i-n..   im  .!,."!   :  .olnves     .the     droopin-Jt   sjiiits   of      ll.osv  I  [-ini'iii'm * l.ivi'  no  mu. li  (.���,���!.    ���  .villi      e. liOui   iv   1 iininic      stiiio   of   tiiurt.n-.     pji-mt-,   tl'in   I'nv   nn.-r  11",     II"  ���1es|ioniteiw,\-   unci   link   of   iiiiei-i-st    in   lilt,     fci nnv ';" <   ili.it It fill-* 0,   '.i ���*  is   ii    ib-.ea.sp,    iiji.J    iiv  , tuimi.iilwisu     t l.i-     cf tr -.'pi> ni.il.i     ,*-..i,.!'   ���>  (lcrvf-s,   dispones   to   .sound   ki.il    refri'Mlnur ���'    '    '' I1"-"'-   '- ���'  sIlT-l, ���III. lull I s     \-i.ri.r     t .,     ih.,     .-,,-..^\.,   .-.t   .1  . <   S..I.I   >.\-   til!   .     ,:.'r-t   re    ".'.i.  !' OJ  "Well, my boy, 'have you been to the  dentist's?''  "Ves, sir."  "Did you cry much?"  "No. .sir."  "Thai's a bravo boy. Pm going to  five you a quarter for that. IDid lt  hurt a great dealV  "-\'<>. sir."  "AViiy, how is tliftl?"  "The deuii'-i wuin't at homo."  Opportaiiit-r.  "Well," said the boarder who was  fond of quoting things, "opportunity  knocks once at every man's door."  "Hub!"' suorted Slopay. "an opportunity to pay iny board bill knocked at  my door four times today."���Philadelphia Public Lcdg-er.  AniiimU  nutl  Seooud  SlgH.  Tt is''a common belief that many animals   see   ghosts   arid   future  evenrs.  Kerner declares that they aro endowed  with   second   sight.     This   faculty   is  thought to be especially strong in dogs  and horses.   Storks are known to have  foreseen   the   burning   of hou-.es   on  which  they   have  been  wont to build  their   nests   nnd   to   have   abandoned  thern, taking up their abode ou olher  buildings  or on  trees   in  the vldniiy.  No sooner had  the anticipated conna-  gration taken place and a  new  house  been erected on the ���.miii' site than lhey  returned'and   built  their   nests  as before.  an snored   tho  1 inginc-     ioi.es.  hand   upon      the  Christ mo     child  and  - 1 nd  111 fui  end  into  TI��c   L'-ihn [>p.v  AccBucd.  "Prisoner, havo you anything to say  In your own behalf."  '���Weli. jedge, if a like dis. Pat lawyer  o' mine he ��ot inc so tnls'bly confiisti-  ead'd d.-it I really diumo what I done  nor what 1 done it for."���Cleveland  Ha in Pea lor.  Or    I'roxjr.  Paulino  up.  nnd  ���suit our lawyer. Mr. Conipton knows  not how   lo   uct."  And Caspar and hiy father hastily  left tbe room���and  left the Jiouse.  "You are aware, gentlemen," said  Lefevj'e after the twain had (rone,  that, those two aro father and son?  Tlio younger in truly Caspar Comp-  tou,    What    (.rimes   they   have     com-  "Jam.es, are you ndt coming to Sabbath! school today V"  "N'o, ma'am. I hired er nubsUtoot for  free marbles ttn' er piece of chewln'  gum."���San  Francisco Examiner.  Used  itfoHt   or  die ' Words.  "What did your wife say when you  trot home?" '  "My dear sir, I'm no dictionary, und  anyhow It would be easier to pIcAc out  , tin*   words   sha   overlooked.i'-^f.'5^F'v.  Oldt-st Ctoelc !.-�� thc World.  The great clock ol Wells c-.itlu-di.il,  in Sornerseishire, Ki-.ulantl. is v.wy  ue,-,r:.\ the olde*-t uu.I ci i-bhi-l.t ine  mo*-t iiueresling of rloc-ks 111 e.\i*-ie;ice.  It was built In v.\'2'2 \>y l'e:er Liuht-  foot. one of th" monks of (!la-.ioniniry  abbey, six miles from A'v'ells. where iV  'ran lor 2T,0 years until the .-.hbey was  dissolved by Henry VI Ik, and \^ last  abboL hanged over the (own fallow a v.  'lli" clock was then removed lo'Wells,  w-li"i'c it hys been running ever since!  ���St.  Xieholits.  St.   DiiiiKiKu   nml   <ho   IJeiiJ.  One of the mosi famous smith*- oC  the Wcnhl was St. D-mstnu, archiilsh-  op of Canterbury. Mnyfield. in Suk^.x.  Is tlio site of an ancient archiepiseop.il  pal.-ice, and here, according to flouie,  took place the torrifie encounter be-  twi-eii .St. nun-dan and the devil. At  any rule, the utivi!, hammer and tonga  which are alleged to havo belonged to  the saint are still preserved at May-  field DuJaee.���OontJem.-in's Mairazlne.  TITI-:  FIRST  J1AI1V.  \Min( 1ov there is in. the homo when  the fn-st baby comes, and vol to t he  yomif. nml inexperienced mother who  has lo cuv for it there is no othr-r  period of her life .so trying In the  little ills that are cert 11 in to conic  th" ine\-pei iciic.-d mother scarcely  knows   what   to   do To   the   votine  mother���to   nil   mothers���Baby's   Own  Tablets   are  a   real    hlo.ssini*.       Thei'  prouvptly   cure   such   ti oubles   as   constipation.   ooFc,. s-our   .stomach,   diarrhoea and -simple fevers.,   Thoy .break.  tip   colds,   destroy   worms,   allay    the  irritation   accompanying   the 'cutting  of   teeth   and   prevent    more   ���.soi-ibns  ills.    These. TaLdcts. are  sold  under a  guarantee  to  contain   no   opiate,   nor  any 'other   of   the , hiirniful   drills   n I-  wnys   found   in,   the  so-cnlled   ''sootli-  Ing"   inedicines.       'lhey   nrc  pood   for  all   children   from  the  new   born  babe  to   the  well  grown child.    If vou, do  not find  the Tablets    til.   your medicine dealers send  25 cents  to The'I')!-,  Williams    Medicine    Co..    I'.rockville,  Ont,.,   nnd   n,' box   will   lie   moiled   you  post paid  CiirliiK-   nn   Jusiiiio   PiKlMij.  A    patient    entered    ihe    consulting  room walking backward, under the de-  hisiuu  that  his  bond  had got n   twist  round and that his f.-iee was turned the  wrong  way.    Instead" of   laughing  at  him, as I expected, the doctor entered  into the case with the greatest gravity,  tapping  his   patient's   head   all   over,  looking info  his  throat and  ears  and  sympathizing   with   him.   The  patinit  was at once won over and placed the  utmost confidence iu the doctor's assurance that a complete cure would he effected  iu a  few  days, voluntarily  exercising the greatest  care in currying  out tbe medical directions, which consisted   In   elaborate   nothings   to   keep  the patient occupied.   _  A day or two afterward the doctor  met him with feigned surprise and congratulated bhn. ���-.;,, -what7" asked thy  patient. "Judge for yourself," reid led  the doctor, handing him a mirror. The  man surveyed hi.s commuted coinsic-  rmnce intently for a few seconds, when  with the dawn of conviction there stole  a grin into his stern features. Thanking the doctor, ho skipped out of the  room in a frenzy of delight.���London  Tit-Pits.  Polil Lv nil   -...    ......  Mall's ) nt ,1'v  1 UN tin- l!> i>. *-!  "'Hh.ij.ii   ivuiild   101   r.i'h-i   li  h*.\ , , ki* s   11   c I'"!   o>.   ),' 1'  up-,  ,,  ���>'���"'     ' 1:. ;    1 * .       1 ,   - i ..,   ,  b.-i*.e   to   do   it    ' .   ,       :,,    <C(,i  J  .   I;  slecu���iiitimi is viuor to ihe eclion of U..  olood, vihu-h, being st imuhiied, course-,  llirouch the veins, siri'iurtiii-inn,; the  Ih-kIiI,.v nni-nfil fiinti ioiih nt i.h��� svhti'm  tliiTel-.v niiii.inc Mi-tivitv ii uoo'.ss-irv r 1-  sult sti-oiur*-lu'ni*ic 11,0 fi-i.iiii. ami ur. Iw"  bio Id the dl.res-lie oi-c.io.s. wli.cli ne.ti:  r.illv  ciein1-.11 (I   iin-i oused "siihstuiJte ���ri-"!!!!  i!iil>io\i-d   nniM-tlli.  ��� N'orllnop   ."i    I.-, a   .  of   Turoiilo,       buve   uiven    to      Hi,-   |,,n.l,    ' '-P'vUli'  tlnii- Supeuor  CJuiniiie  Wino  nt   1 he  usie.: I ���  '      ���_ tj  "^ti^^'t^-^e^tuv^ci^1"1^:,.^;^1153^^ l^l���ni Cures Coltls, clc  g  [���ericctiori. of   a.nv   In    Uu.     i.mrket.       Al.-i  driiKcists .-,,.11   it. .!';���..,  ��� ^ ' !;.v .,..  (Hi.  )  M  I'-nfaiit   terr.bh���"And   dn  the',*-   ��"0  into tie* ark two hy two0" Mai-im-i  ��� "Ves, d.mi est " I-bifn.n t'erj-iblc���  "Well,   whu  u-uiiL  Willi  auntie '.>"  %  .I.u  <)>      ���-';���!    1  J��  .��� 1 1 1 . i  ��� * ���   t  '   "&  ! il'i til  i'Ii   ( li   h  ENGLISH SPAVIN LINIMENT..rir"';^"'-  1  Ii*  1 1      tlii   L ,11  Removog    nil    hard,    soft    or    callous, d  lumps   and   bit-unifies   from   horse-.   Mood,---   ������  spavin, cuilm, splir.ts,   ringbone.    s�� e< ncv, '��� '- ' '���'   ..'���'���  ennes,   fjirains-;   cuiea   hoio   und   hivoollin ' ''-'':  "'  -���  tJ'.iont,   cou^lis,   etr     .Save   l?r��0   by     the  11.10   01   one   bottle.    Warmntod   tho    mo&t  wonderful  Ulouiish   Ourti  tier  known  feold by all drue-pists.  .nd,. ,r  Pi ,  roi: 1 vi i. -yiv \ rins id  \llll.-ij      l .'.i*     111.1 li\     u  1 '.., iii.'A"- ���      \ ��� i-.'i .-.lee  ���.'.'     II,1     iI.l'i     .  11.   1 .'Cu ll' ���    11  I lli1   i .. -        fi     1 ..,'-   1 ,,,'. .1    I.  lei -    11      ...   ni'ii.t ' il.s I '.',:.    1'  ie    ..Il'i. ' ���   I     v> ��� I h     t'l 1  I <���   ,1     ', ^lr   I  ,     -'  . - . ',,; -i c 1 ,c 1  I   ���     _I I - ���     ' 1 e      VV   " ,.   ,.l      II.-  i'.H   '     l> uu' "liu! ( I V     -, , I,  ���J I,  HV  i'...rued i.fe do.-s cliaii'i.'  ��!"' ' ' Pi wm what i ]M\e ob.seind  I .should ,^,v   ,_. ciuingcs  tu., "  'He   M,  i-.ii-,--   I  1 ' I' 111 ,s     '  h.'ilsto:  C   C    ItlCItAPlLS  ^   f.'O  Dear   Siis.���A   few   du\��:  AInrvcIi   of   .llpntorj-.  A postal clerk in u  civil  service examination did not make a single error  in  properly  sorti 111? 4'J.W.)  test  postal  cards,  each  ropre.-,Pniin_.  n  post oflice  in'a ccrtnin   terntoi-y   assigned. - This  w:is  done at  the   rate   of  thirty-three  and   one-half   cards   u   luinute, '   "Far  more   noteworthy,"   thinks   American  Medicine, "is the memory of an c-xpeit  piano player, who  will play an,entire  season's   concert**   wifhuiit   a   note   of  printed mu-ie before bim.    Jiis memory is so perfect thai hundreds of thousands of uoies must  be at the orderly  and  instant disposal of  the will,  anil  this is combined iviili a multiplieifv of  synchronous   recollections   of   timbre,  tempo,  expression,  etc.    Tho  myslery  is at present pa.-t  u���.  bjntin- 0'f au\,  explanation, and this fad i.s a.s beautiful as it is appalhni,'.    Il shows us how  far we are from   any  real  science  of  psychology."  take   v. ,!h   ,t  t rat lion   o;   t! c  uso   I  -e\ ci,  p.Uli    ,X'  -1  ;li:;-:ra'>' Uiiifiiciii Cur-.; J��i{:I:iLi,ri��.  Wlleic      l]���  bad   to   he   taken   home  co, us   oi   n,\  in  a  111  i \!  1-   i..v':,)  *'     I Olllll  ,   ..ed  -- ,        I i ,   cot.UI hoi  sleep for pain, and'was on-[     <:.-, inbi iu    ,.,  able  t.o   J>Ut   my   Inn!    to   the  lioor.     A licit    i lie   1,,.' .-i.  fri.-nil    told    i,;i.   ,,f   ytmr     M ! *," Ml 1 ;'.s  I.I \ IMI''A'P    and   or,"   lii'mr   fiom   jh-  lirst   npj/I'cutinn   I   was  nhle   ;.>   walk,  and   (he   I'ma   entirely   dis,-_pp..:ir-t-(|  ^ on i 1111 use my 11,nne sir. fi-ieP- ,,-  yuu bl e. ns I crmSHlei- t\ tj.,. ;���,.,i  ri'iiifdy  1   Haie ever used  CHlUSTolMIF.lt   CKUKV.  I n;;e:'.ol I,   (Int.  I l,c    i !>  ton  1"  1 o  W ��� ! i  se   I ,e\ > 1   s    Pr\  \y.\-l)   wooili-b--  ������������������ it.  Si,.- p   1 n  . ...1   'i ,.  1 ie  ! ho t   *,u elks   in  pi ospei p ,  ���i'c  to sink m  iid\e. .0 Iy--('i,li,,!i.  w ��� i;  M.'le  I'l'i'i.'  m.lr-; ot  11  U ''il    1  1 ''il'l  Oi t  \*. Ml  lli     I        I   I*')'.', tl-  .11 e       s-| ill        ;n,  1 Ill's *-.  I  '   M,|,'  . ���','. I'  I'pnght  W I- lil'Pl   --P.UTO W    1.1*������.ends   /..'.������nt    (lie   .Mon 11.  ,     . 1       , " . 7        , j      "In   t e\ ion."   '���   \ s   ;!   !,���-,.   ���   : 1    '  mipbci I v    i-.    1 he    r (������'< e >t  I ,    ��� 1   .,  ���.,.!....      ' i '"   :!"  S"''   '" 1',,li   XN''', '   ''  j Wiinilet ii,:_- i,.i;/- c 1.1. . (,| ),, ||.,, ;  ,  l pioii.s  hare  i.:e!   I.mi and obi :   d  ,  If   then-   wi.-i.>   riu     fiifuie    Jit..     ,,m-  oils   would   nut    thiisi   fur   it���Kieb-  ter  9    '  Walk In the light and thou shall  ace thy path, though thorny,! bright.  ���Barton.  -" be ,s||i,'n and fonk-etl 1  ���a li'-ri*ii|-i(in ihe holy Iluddh.i  biuh in the moon (hat 1 tili.i ��� ��� ' '  f ions of men migh: : ee it . ml 1 ��� 1  at its iiiely."  In   the   Samoai!   islands   lie "���  <>  patches are suppo.-ed to be p<,i'  a   wum.-in's  ligur,-.     A   i.'iiai'i  .1 '���* h  !   '  I  ,',��*>tM3a5"����a��aa��n^  1 We know what all good doc- r  tors think of Ayer's Cherry fi  Pectoral. Ask your own doc-  forand find out.  He will tell  W   S I V'-.-is oiK-i'  h.immei'imr  ''lueeilii  S I 11  mallei  wht ;i t In- leooi. a-c .-  -: nf  illi'll  \', , 1!!  VI 1  f*o milch like a bicadiruit thai 1  man asked  it   to c nne tPiwn ai"! .,I',nv  I er child  to eat  off a   pici e > 1   u   ' ' '  the   inooii,   . n rayed   a I   the  111-  ���  ���'���''    ���-- ������' ���'  -in,! 1 i. I  bled  up uoniii'i.  in.iile  ml  <m  "I told bim [ never wauled him to  speak to me again, and that he'should  not attempt lo call nit* back, and di-it I  was going straight home and there was  no use in cialli,,tf me. imd-,aiiil-l- won-  dor If thei Billy thing Intend.-- lo wa"  until 1 am clear out of hoaringl"  a.  flii'i-e in the moon'  behold them;  bcllv .���( mi i'i-1'  li.-i-  you how U quiets thc tickling I  throat, heals the inflamed f  .  ungs",, and   controls   the  haraest of coughs.  Kit,. .Mc.'. j, ,I*AT1B'I-^'��'*��|10��. ^toluM.. C.,1.  1 All dniRKKru."       ���      ���   '     ��� ���'��� C-AVcit Co.,  Hard Coo^hs_  nacten   locovory.   Gently  laxative.  '��� Kiik-J'kIi . Strni'I X.'-.mt.i.  The l'bi;.Ii,sh (owns -iiave 'inure in  tiiielivo mid in teres: int. naiiies !,,r  their..��;(reels than .Anierican Ictvns. i"  inosf of which many strceis are simply numbered, 'Pondmi's C!iea;i>ii!"  and Aldwych are more limn mab'l-1'*1  by odi,'Iilies many times si raider. I",1"1.  ham ij. a' street in A'ork a.'"! b ���i:'l;i'1  Knle Iii (.'arlisle. Norwich 'i.-i av  of class dislinclions in i's lieiillcm  and  Shrewsbury  may  '������l;l,i,1  ..,.(.-,  Will  most a! the head of a lisi ".' |  lies   with   its   si reel,   kiln >''''!  which  limy or  may   nut" he  !'(  Newcastle's Ponicap Slairs:  Newcastle   has    I'mMlii'.;   (-''-;  what may that si^tiilyV .   ���  iv-aL-'l  l"  l.iil.'lh''1'.  nnd  m Hljuiu^v
»-• -j-fc -S ^—',*--«--•*•.„*
r;ii-: movie'Leader.
SiO'/iK, ' B.    C.
IV. < - ' •'
J   'li!    ..
j i !■.;..it
1    is       -     'I
j   .i-.'d
!'.,'   .l.'-i
'   V/oiiiiar   «.>r  IVi-cufiiy,
c   ;.     .a !'■■!.i.vi-iv was boiu at Lu.
!„•_ .  -,.i   thc   (dii   of  Pi-bruary,  i721.
','. ,'. a i:,!_.  ton month*! old be could re-
j„ ,i  i", •;■;.   word  -mokeu  to him.    At
m.-PJis of age he  bad memo-
,   Uir-  ptincipal   events  in  the
i, Ii,     Ilefore   he   had   finished
• id  year of  existence  be  had
ill ll.e historical purls ol both .
and  th"  New  Testament.    Al
j   , .,...' i,f ihrce he could rejdy cirrect-
;,  in a'i mr"--lju:ii juit to him regurd-
,r:   -.liver a I   hi-iiory   and   gcogj'aphy.
., ,|  jn  die  same year  he   learned   to
;., .i„ I mh Latin and French.
in h;-, loiji'tli year he employed his
1 '.yi-i -tiidying religions, especially
i;e i'i- ■:>■ of the Christian cbui-ch.
lie ■• a* aoi only able fo glibly repeat
; i. i/.'.- ir- h.-ui read, but was alsoitblc
i.i i .■' i with considerable of judg-
• ; .i .! in give his own opinion of
•- .1 - ,ii fM'iii-ud. TJiO king of Den-
i. ,. ". ,-I.ed lo see thi3 wondeiful
, ■ ;. , i;e was lak'ett lo Copenhagen.
.';'; ■ I y ivi m n to J.ubc-ei: he learned
' i- , ■ I'.'el wfls I'l'-ginning on the'
; ,, i'i aii'i-,",,.';:!! ihailicmaties; but,
I • ' ..:, ':b.ta-"i h< bit: , very weak, he
I . d','..'i and di 'd or; June "7, 172.3,
,. ■; I.,.," vi;!i'., tout- months and
■ ■ i. -. i, ■!> /.:'.,-. .What a '.vorid'jrful
-m h 'it short life!
ssion firm—Tr? , F
A  <*gf'^f   SHIP ,,.fct,rt!. _,,„„.,
T  «Jpff^        THOMPSON, SON*
Write ti-;1.-.-,- fcr     Gi:Af*_
* I'r'i, 'dfir-
I 1
l r
A <i
I lie .-:,•;, ■ •,,
IC-.'-,   I.'iilii  i,)i
ri.inU   Hoof.
\i 'th of flank beef fur-
■• " ii of sustenance, btit
ie m tenderloin 'fun-isbea
rw-!-:h' as much.
has   the   shrink
.taken  out (n the
voolj   Every fibre
is straightened—
every  strand  Is
shaped — before
tho,fabric is
woven. When the
garments are cut,
they fit perfectly,
ar-d lhey don't
STANFIELD'S is unconditionally guaranteed to
be ab^luteiy unshrlnk.
able.   Right sizes to fit
every figure.
Cnion Uajjk of CnnaJ
^ f^S 2    piy^ a-v*-* ^,,'li0S£ TQ HANBLE yauR shipments        ™~r%'
»     I* LS       WW ££, «g   1   ^,??nhrS,:H   VM"   CRA,H   T0   '•  BEHABIE   FIRM       /
The oliicrt osral !i )k,J  ,-.„„_ 03airaission
_ jibrcli.int ,;i Win,,,,,„,.
Gra,n   txchanao,   Winnipeg. «S3 .
Wl.eat nnd fjriiin of a'.l kinds. Car
Load r.ota „ Kiwlallj-. BeBnlar ad-
v.it,c«s on Hills f,f L-nJiu^
Wiite or wiro n, forTiaek Bid*, ,..•
Coiifll^'i) Your Grain to us. which we
will >ell for ,vonr-ici-ount, ou your ap-
I.roval to h it-host biddor.
Waciennan Bros.
Telkimioxb iiW. ,,   0   po^
MolRlyrc Etoc^,   304,   Winnipeg.  ' "
mws FOR
Vern6ri Bromley Cured by Dodd'
Kidney PiJjs.
iJ*.vciii,.,i!N    at    tliii-    J-.-4-J    Wilt     (_;iiel
,    ir'isi   \t'ry«jiu,   liruln.
.M',-,1 of iho iji-ut.-ii iJeviee. for sve-o-
m" -deep hii-,-.- t'.i:'!<-.: hceause iiley hnve
nearly .,iw.i\.-, t rii-d ;c, re-*(.:t'ii. "Iin-ai
tivatmeur," in i',:i(cr woid.-. ii-i-y imve
i:,.<de a Iionie.l.,;i,|ile aUemps t*u stop
Ihiiil.inj.. |,y   iiii.-ii.iu_.  about suuie;hm
■o   hi
I 'n \ itMiu. "       '        >
M.-itor- Vou haven't -.'ot h:\lt as nice
n eeiiK-iery /ie.-e ji« we have in  El-]-.
i'r.'tniiK'nt fffi/en fof Ilawvllle)—Xo,
I'm- ah-. -iys heard that the cemetery
i- the ( n.iy p.'irty of your town that
1,-ld^'otir any induef-Mjr-nts forperuia-
i.-.'i! re.-.ideat.s.
<•!'   Vein-, lu. tV.„ c-,„„,.    ,       , fi---. -a    pi.ieess    which    I.'liuilt   jiU'O    h
tU.n.-i„,|   Si-1.,(1,;,__.      ,'    K>;!"h0nT.^     t-.lli^-cJ    ■VJimiil.Uiuii     Iy     sii:..*;il«ii,„,_.
."■oh- ,ri„, aN(Mr .,";;;!" h.,c,dney ,ri^ liut till Hiin.ku,',-. spt.niaiieou.- „r furc
-Vorri...toH-n     V y      v ||'d.  d.'.ras   m.ir,'.  or   !<-•;   I,l!lf,;l   [u   U_,
c',-,1,._vc.no,; iintrin'   9—(Spe. '"•■»•»■,;■"'v-n-.s^i.-np   iuiuikukm,   .„„,
V^e,   lu,t'i)ISm;V,OW   °f  thi3 b'',^!';'^^^-"'l.i:,;m.,.,. of dream.
of ,,,tt mie/c,t tt",^^/^- . ""'I 11":,"••  r"1;^'.'' " '-a '*•■-««»-
C.-iiiaiin. ' , ""-m-s in     <.; ■■ai.i:m(i.i<:y,   u...   Pnariible  forerun
'ft , /   'i .. _ .J   .   *•        "   i      . .        i *-
Unshrinkable H. B. K., Underwear
-Made from the bc§t side^ool 'm the flcecMlastic ribbed knit—sbap«i to fat body—absol-j tcly non-shrinkable'
—wool treateil by Ii.B.K._cxclusn;e process to make ft
so—every parLicio ot oil, grease^ slivers, etc., 'removed
.bj^tiis H.B.IC. pnient  cleaning process—tough wear, ■
light, fleecy, aJ^o], cle.-m,. pure, luxurious underwear,
and gj^j^l^^i^J11 "^sb'le, emphasize -tion-shrinkable
Sold b}' dealers everywhere.
Only genuine with this brand.
I l,ai,. been a (Treat sufferer from
b e.. uatiMii a,„i Pciatica for vears."
■Mi    li.omb-v Mates.    "Th.- citizens of
nei'of sit',.,,, ip.iv I,.. cotmrcd i-|i-,:i a..: •
e' liuiue   renicily   for   in -om:;i.-,.     Evy,
fm-i-ed l'.< bet
deep breall-ii!^*  n l.'ch i-.
In raarted contim with ill ordinarr trus1'
'i'l'e '>iii"S of .'iril.-il i!aitdrimkurd:- In
I .'■*.. ,i'i"e-..'.;,: Silesia, uc- |.|ii:|.
i , and a b*-'!. i-. .'.-'ivc'ii' lo euch' liiri-
!-' •• ■' 'I"'    F>''-rsun     who    supplies
i ,- •     v   •',   i'.Iu.\ic,-iijts   is,   liable   \.r ..
i. ;-w   ... '
o \ •,:
Von    Stan's     Pineapple
tt; -.M.'iie.d -eii.-ueo hy ncciilent dh.
" .-* potency of tha pineapple an
',.'. fur -.ti'niiitJi Lroiitiie-i. The
• ;k 11 ontii•_• i- et ve-ietu'olo pcpslji
.1 in the film mfilif-i' ii nn at-
-!. iu-i"-,ii|i|(> icinefty in cusos of
..i i.nil liuii^t'-.tiou. One tablet']
■h   iiu'/i!   will   cure*   chronic   casci.
lio\,   ;!.".   cents.—J52
aoinKiluu?o,U84eed  iB lhe rejlvoti.    ,
manufi«uru,r»nd fitting truu« gu-tr^t,
W      an4_c,Ufe Rupture of my find.
Knpture Spccuhfu.    Write forour r B r r
BooK on T«iB.eo-it»rnfcC
IC3 Victoria St., Toronto
U) '   Canada-, L«din- Mail Order Heme
I yenion   will   reiikmber what  a crip- i ll'r l,l'ul •""'•>" pm-M- m-'iAi! -Mt-im:: u
/;••'   1   vas. ^ J   could   nciiher  v.ork   or     ""'»   >h-ep.   I,ut   if   ihe   deep   hivni'hin-
-\y/!i-   tn"/';n'? u'-iS' s° R'-'-at. fan   be   |,rod,iced   iiiM)!uu!:.ri!v one   h
m-v VSnlnMltT   Hy  J'0d'rS  Kid"    <:l':'"  '^i'^l^'tto.Xo.lkind..
">-.-   J HI,  Jii.-iHy  Jed  __.0 t0  Lry  theni    I      if -.-ovim-I   ni-hfs   rf   „-   ■	
-uuJ  ,rom  th...  .second  hex  I  l.effan  to  \ in ,   . <-'..""i.-nnmi
'Vyl   ivi.-..     I   coi.ti.med   to   us«Th«2  ! (o't,lls ,'^"'l'd  ^  «'"'  writer d ■« id...
till  J   ii.nl   tiiLen;   iwaivu  boxes,   when
t was com-;l,'tcly cured,
' lh>u* ".a  (he [joint   farthest   iroi'n   tin
''bofld'.s   Kidney l'dli,  have made  a ;
to apjily   the piitKipie adn;i;ed  l-i   the
nui^enr.--.   who   hei;in   their   uiairnu:.-!
.seal of dillictiby,"   which   in   the  casi
iiioiial   1'ank   of   N'unvny wok
hy   the   d'nvei tin.cut   et'inpul-
V,ell-Lo-do       iill.uLili .tt.l ;>     Us
'   :or tbe  floci..   .-lii^l   iu  .sums
!'.v   live   to   hiciUUiie '   book-
it «■   b'l.-.'k   ;-;   n!--'i_   i\   pnv.si-
}\:rM'i Lisiisiiciit Cure's Ilisteniper.
'     ' ;  ■ i i' oi   toads  rcc'-ntly   fell   on
>.id   track   in   Tcpt-I.e..   Kmv
\'  '   *-o   m.p'dcd.   tiu*   proe-i--;-.  ol
t!"air;   trr:■:    it    cilme     lo    n
If you knew positively'that
you could purchase a Diamond of guaranteed quality
at a great saving- in price,
would you invest ?
That is precisely what we
offer in our No. 947 Solitaire
Diamond Ring-, No. 916
shown here.
n-'w  man   <>f mc.
Ith'e.imalisui and kindred diseases ; of insomnia would he lhe feel. I.vin^
aie caii.-cd by uric ncid m the blood, on ihe rinht bide, with the ktiee.-i lo"
Ii cthe Kirlneys nrc sound ihey will gether and, eonsiderahiv riex'ed ■{'■.
take all the' line acid ou.t of the victim of i..„.m.,i,ia should l-?-K.-, u,
blo.,d      1 odd',-    Kuln,y    Pills    makQ j p(.tla,    botlj   blg   ,.,(,(    i.;lo,v!v   „, / ,n„,
soui... iMun^, o        id0WIl< ,vitlj 11]e mov(,mrnt ;J1JlU!i.!v .,;
An  nidomatic  li.-.-pmnp    ccmi-clcd I lliG "'jkk'S'   'i4i° Pl'll!1,i"S slu-uKl   ktvj
itli 1 Ik-  !,,, ...,-!„ 1...,i.ii..    ..,' . 1.    [uU,SL j '-irae wiih  the natural   rhythm ef'res
I,!,.   ^    piration  and   he' continued   until   it  'h-
followed    hy    deep    and    .-ponianeoi;- ■
h rent h ing.
.Several  people  who   have  tried   thi*-
"i$&m- Him
£*g&*f      life—
**' -i,       xfd! ■-
Sm?W  f' Cordovaa  leather is made for H.B.K
witli thi- (.Rye!" ■■•.idu]
mv.'ution. \\ Jn'riever
bounced on his .«.,idc!l,
into the t ires. ;
i- th.
iider    i.s
I creed
Minard's Uniineiit Cures Garget iii Cows.
remedy   report   that   involuntary   dec
; ..breathing    invariably     be-ins    h"l'on
UM^rtrvclui!llK'y   b:lV°   I)0dt,lHl    ""   !,!1'1   l,ow»    ;
aroused   lhe   in- ! 6ta*n. '"***-   '» obsli.iat.. cases of in
of    th-    wives i som»,!1i  thc PJitient may   need m io;e\
.md dauahters  of the memhers   Their ,' Up  t!le P^hah'n.sr two or three  nun tiles
-■one tied arti'iiiice-iisc-l  : he d;<-,miss-e.i i or   f'V011   l"ore.   with , inicriiii.s-do'j.s.   if
b.-aiitv     When   she   askttl   th1 j necessary., The treatment may aiso be
m'or'i-ed --For    varied  by moving the  feet  alts i-.-.jieh
The     [iretty     fj.ee
v. ays'-if u  w.iit.rc:-s at
house   near   Chlcn.L.o
dignatidn   01   sevur.tl
this brand.'
Sold by enterprising  dealers  eve^v/kere.
Write for " Stravcd," eis funniest bronco story ever writUa.—-FRE3
kelson Bay 'Knitting
f\.l; f.hcitr, ToLicr-,  Eczema
i-     ins.    :,!.Ai   tli-e!.*-??   relieved
•  it ...u Pi      Am.cw '*-    (luil-
>, .'.-. ;     . l.i,.    f(.i     i.i!    1 1 ll,■' It'll-'
.I.i-     'le-,-.111,    W.M.e-l'ivtrc.
' ,  ,    1 1',.    ;, en -   1    •.■..i*.   1. :;,eliI(.'iJ
,'    ci.   ni\     ii.-O.il-.        In      Airiit..\\'s
.I n "   r.,-> 1 mis —y 1
' ..**     del iTlinlii'      i.s.   n.s    much
"   '    • ein!L.     1 ,nj-     .J,.1 (| . —1 1 ..01 im-
01   the   ivaui
reesoii   '-!;(>   W,is   rm-tiy
cojiduct   becem-i-g   a   lad-,
coming  u  v.au:ess "
but   utibe-
Instend of Plmultaneousiy. though Un
latter method has proi.ed ihe more
.speedily eliicacimis in t'he cases l:;;(,we
E-\ m i~*       c-»ci.n,«. *i^,i--viii_. -.•Hii-in-n.'u> in me cases i:;;.,wt
I  000       PllfViP I l° th° "'ri,cr-   :i'h0 esPta^n or th,
'Ll*UU      2   *JS?S1    I result   obtained    is    prwbai.lv    simple
Kate's----. o.-T 'ffajja Waot-iMes for Svarybodj,
' -'"i-'W   is   x:,i.   reef   lhat      has
""   '■ -,! y ii   'iti.i.nt-iul  .shi.i.
fliKlci-etl    !,nclc«.
.'I   \l,-.--■■,aia  niie   method   of  doin;;
I   ' " !" that is ado[)ted by warriors ii-
.,' ' '  '' !!,,n the market place,  buy  a
■" '      "-   huitir  and,   putting il   upon
]/'  '  " of the  hair,'stand  stiil  while
,: -l   •"".■   Mrrnii-cs   things.     When   the
•'■'-   •* Hi ir- dressed with melted butter
''' -v'-'--,:ii-i;i knows that fate cannot
"I'r". "'.'l ''""'h him.    Ho is a picture
■  V-..I c,-,.s.;,.() c;,.^ance done  111  oils
'"'■'y><' K io tress the hair,  and
'•'-- 'in'.il'.N somethin.':.   A youm:
.    ; ''-'ith a head, of hair untn-ssed
'); ;' '-'"ytint   .lb- has not yet killed
*   •|,;i-    W'h"i:,  however,   l:e  has dune
;   ■=   h-'.r   is   shaved   off   except
..  '   -'■• '" 1 lake one Ire.-'s. which  is of
\\ !!(' ' -   tnilicition as ;■   notch on a
,    , ''     ''y    -M'ter that  every man   he
J.,"", " " ' ' • '"in to mh] another tress
y ]   ;     l ,'"i;'.»"i'!mr hero of 10(1 tros-
,. , ''' 's   '  ' ""liil.ihle man  to try <-on-
1 * v  •:,
Frlce. .100.
OrKer by mnn, If on receipt it doei
not lull) iJtijfy jon, jour money
Villi   b»   refunded  >»il!iout   question.
49 years of honorable dealing-
speak   for   the   reliability   of
our house, "Diamond Hall."
Write for our new catalog-uc.
Ready Nov. 15th.
I 18.  120, 122 and   12^'
V'onje St., Toroulo1
flCC j 'ih(?  bloo<-i   is pumped   from   the  head
If the heuit. tho Moorl i.u.i -i of t'c
hunuiii s-'-'.teei. is out ef i-"-.;c"- ilu>'.'.ei-\ ,-s
toe st.i:\eil ler'n.in*. ef li',-,1 .uul .ueh-
ei'-t;'ni. s-i''fi^f-5i ''■--■ '■u \ "i .I.u '.e, ho!
nf via ■> i" ."i.i eei« >.:•;,e--> ,':e l1,..- i^s.i'i
Pr Ai.i,r,.-'s IJi-tlrl (Ace : ...im- a--, ft
iI.*j-m-i-    in     iImii.v     ml'.ui.s,     i'i.tc-     .--it!
.'.! I .■''Jfl'l.'l"-    I'lO    Ml ITU II    rO    I   'nt    IK.'.    I'Ah >i
co'ii*-.'- lliicuji- I i-o vein, ii j i! he-'-'i
rcii' -i j.vil'di' ,''-[|i:-e M .u-, .- .! i eme. 'I ,,o
bet "i'i til". I.I.-im; . >-:i* i |> tlif i:mu> \ i.;o: nes
t' e ii'.ilih Nil if ' ■.-."!'.. o-ii of ii l.'i-i-
iin-il l-f.ir:-; n-„• -,'.oi:k ')• 11.-.onset! J i,o
f.rsl tlo-,0 ef Al'iim'.i IT.'.irt I'-uo 11'-
lieves     .-mi,hi   hv  it']   .tuicm  it     n.
GIVES Yfjl)  HEALTH   OR  DISEASb ■ and wllil llw milov;!l of bnln
AOCGRDING    TO     ITS     CONDITION. ; a genera I relaxation follows, with / «J
Q'lont 0.ee\i  respiration  and   its resulting sleep.—(Jpod  Housekeeping.
A clear moon indicates .frost.
A dull looking moon means rain.
A single halo around (he moon indicates a storm. ,
If the moon looks high, cold weather
may he expected.
If the moon  looks low down, warm
&—'^<^4'-'^^^^^^ Wm^^k
Serial r^
I \ .
Ayer's Pills are good liver
pills. You know that. The best
family laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation.
J. C. Ajct Co.,
Lou-ell, Jvlass.
It is tlie fiuioiii m Hulgarbi for
newly married women to remain fi- weather is promis-cd.
lent for a month ai'ter marru\.ge. unless when iitldi es.'-etl 1\*> theii liu.—
bands. ^ hen it is desirable iov the
customary i-esti ict'uui 'to be nermaii-
enily rt-iiio\ed. be pxesents a gift co
her, ancl then she enn chatter to her
h.ciU't's content.
Nave been selected aa the Standard
lor J Fun Ho ba Spring Wiieut Flour iu
the Dominion of Canada bv '-.he Uov-
ernmeut Flour  Committee.   '
Want your mous(ache or beard
a beautiful brownorricii black? Use
rim CTfl.
H F. H U.L k CO . RimiD*. n. n.
„■■* »^ '  ■ IW ■ MU
fn co covoreil willi iiiiuples is tniFitrhtly.
It flls. oi iiitpin.il ii 1 ecu hi 1 ities which
-.hotilil lonsr .siiii-e hu\c boon eot reeled
I'lie liver anil the kiilneis me not aer-
luiiuii-.c iheii luni'tiops 111 the honlihy
uiiy they sheuht. miii t lie*^ intnnlv-s b. rite 'let vou know thai tlie Moot! nrotestSi.
I',u'iiu'l'i'.',i Venet.-.b',-. Pills vvhl'diivo
tl'i>"i .iv\'i'.. mill will li-.ive the ^lvtl! t'e.ir
ini'l iieiili '1 : v l!ic;i, .i.ul Iheie will be
Miiotiier   wilni"-.*.   to   ill-11   eM'e.'let.i e
<''-Ii»ol inc.
f,,i■.; . a- ■1'"1 ils origin fn a woven
\v:i'i',r,'|,'!,11|'°s,'<i.t'!' Ll:li'",au(l linen (tbtx)
v,.',,.'■','■ .a!''1"''' 'l.lu;   "'"mo.     This   fabric
.'■''."S<'<1 'for shoes, then for bon-
Aii ,i,;!"'' W"nl' ■'"hii," coined iu lS.'IO.;
'.I'v,,.,'.',',-' M1"1''1'' U:|s l'os".v ;11!(1 did lioh
-'liwj-.(',.;. '!'', <1;,'s';  l0 -the desired  bulk
■«|r»'»ivpi.,''ii'u',',i'''i *,iri-iii(<,(i ^'iifi t:ip°
I.,,. ,,,.,;.      "' r;i-:-r'"priiicipie.    So jiopu-
v,y/, 'y/ ''''"'"liueiu 'l St 513  (hat the
trA"l'.'"ii't'i.:'.'i''.S."'1'1 (I|.'vtdoped 11  great
^'yyi//i iUrUl' 1"lt* 0IU'  tii'niAalotK-
•1'"'*i, .i',',';, ,'!ii '''liput of- from ten to tif-'
,,;,..;,.   "-> .^"ek.    Several deaths,oe-'
i-i'hi,,;,-,,,, - j';,.,ll!''' 't'hi'bugh   the   use   of
'•■Ji'-;''Ii;!.i-p..,. /'.'' ''   ,ll('   I'ashipny'biit   iJr.
;,r'-' 'iii1'.1,.'!1  'lis "l''i(-1(l of Diseases"
l'":,!   y   'l';,:::l,,'l> °lf| a   lady 'escaping
I .i,A,,;:. |,"!"'i;!"  onl'b«.!nK   struck   by
'In. a.,,      '*    lMl! 'loops acling as eon-
A Detroit paper aimoiuires, as an
iiH'.onishiug fuel, tliat a young lady
ol* that cily had a needle enter Iut
waist nbout, a .\cnr aao, r.nd that it
recently worked ils \\11.v out of the
11 nn of, a. .voting man who.'d.ivel.Is in
.•mother' ciiy. -
Some 01 the towtu 'j! (Jerm.my
have their wafer pipes made ol glass,
protected v. ith an m-pliaU covering,
to prc\ cat   fr.-.ct u. <~ c
Very ■ nittiiy! persons' ilie iin'muill.v. lrom
cliolera a ad" kindred siiuinii'r coml'liiints
w I10 'niighk have been, uuvert' if I'l'iip.'!'
,remedies hnd - been used, -It" aU:iclie<I de
■not delav in eettine n bottle,of Pr. .1
P. Kello..'ir's Pv-senlOi-y Cordial, the inedi-
cltu* that, never falls to e!Tei-t. a curi-.
Those Who Vnivo useil it suv U lifts
iirtitniit Iy. nnd tliorouttlily ' Hubtlues the
Pain   aiid   dhsciise.
The   Backache   Stage   may bo
Just thnt Incipient form of kidney d!«-
en*.p whii-h. if ne-rlccU-d, will develop Into sti.bl'oi n nnd ilistrt-sunir iliMirtler lhat
will take lone tedious trout men L to euro.
Pe'ii't • inxiect tho "bai'l.m-lii! static'' ol
the 1110.1t•" insidious of (licenses. South
Auie'i-iciiii Kidney Curt' stops tht> ache In
six   hours  and   c:-res..--."°-
The new moon on her back always
denotes wet weather.
A double halo around' the moon
means very boisterous weather.
If the moon changes with the wind
in the east, then shall wo have bad
If the moon bo bright and clear
when three days old, line weather is
When the moon is visible in the daytime, then may we look forward to
ecu I days.
When the points of the crescent of
the new moon are vi-ry clearly visible
fros: may be looked for.
It' the new moon appear with its
points upward, then wiil the month he
dry. hut should the points be downward moie or Jes-; rain must be expected during the next three weeks.
.        fits
This   is conclusive    proof of    their    strength
color,   and general  high rpiality.
• in* 11
"use   Ii't..-.
■!'"<:i! (,,, (1      *N' ^'ith  a  total  life  0f
'';l*yl.y, ,.,,;•''   ;;:vHops bi theseperl-
!l'-'d y , , .'   •'■;"'.'? tf> hatching, onq-
;;i ;,',„; ,M:'[l;^'"!ng of ,nrvn to
"!( iv„ ,,„;.;!.• S,M'""^ molt to ■■■.»■
";|v" (hive
l'f it.- ,uii;!("i'i'H/ Puliation lo-Issuing
' IM e davs
, 'In TTiiin.bui'g 1.1 dug i.s taxed according to his size.;'a, little tax for a. Utile dog,  and 11  hie tax  for a  b.ig (log.
WOULD.--There is .11 work to ilo for
everv man. on .iinrth.' then- ii< n fiuu'tioii
to i.crforiii ior every tliinir on 'enrlli. nni-
innto nml liiiiiiiiiin te. 1'v'eryt hine' Ims •-*
irilssioii. end tlie miJ'Hloii 01' Pr. '1"1ioiii:im"
. Krlef I mc- OH is- to lienl iHirni and
tvouncl.'i of everv tlesri l|,t Ion. uit/1 .curt-
'(■'i-.iu'liH. colds. I'l'ono and all nlTeet;.oiiH oT
tf|e   lespiiutoiV   (irirun.s.
Tiiei-c   iviis   speech   In   their,   diiiub-
iioms:   language  in   their very  gesture
typewriter,   sup,.-.- 	
yyVe.*:;  send  me  about  four  pounds  of
icandy."'   , ..._.,
Teacher—"Suppce you were h l<i".|
Tommy, what would you dn ?" Tom1-
Jiiy—-"I'd rievor wash my fn<"i' '""'Y
Con fou 11 iii 11^   j.   Uonlitt-r.
"This paper says thet they p.ave jest
dees-covered- the reemains of a twenty'
foot saurian on th' banks of th' Penobscot river."   " .    -
"What's a saurian V      '
do    you     need    any j     "I  danno.    Guess  niebby it's one'o'
dies V"    Merchant  --| them niisprints fern sardine."
"There ain't no twenty foot sardines."
■•"Well,  there might be tbe reeniiiius.
ofybne." ,    ■   ■ .    . .       "
"I don't believe it. Do you suppose
anybody 'd want ter buya box of sich
sardines?   I guess not."
"You're too dern critical. Ef there ia
th' reemains 0' any twenty foot sardines on th' Penobscot don't you suppose there might also be th' reemains
of men big eiuiff to buy 'em by the
box? You're a atheeist, thet's what
you are.'' ,
At tlie funeral of Union, the pro-
fes.sio.na.1 bicyclist, of . London,- his
wheel,   draped   in   black,   was   led   he-
make easier the, Ici'bor of w<ish-dav.
1 no name " Cane, Xewmarket," "is
branded on "this- reliable woodenware.
-absolutely the ■ best woodenware
money cmx bay. .Your dealer sells
Sunlight Soap will not injure
your blankets or harden them. It
will make them soft, white and
fleecy, ta
j     An-tic'liKitcd   Ulm,
"I    ran    across   a    remarkable   jeu
d'esprit the other day." said the casual
aeiiuaintaiice who  is ambitious  to  be
"I'm sorry," said Mr. Cumrox. "but
my wife has just returned from Europe with a whole lot of art treasures,
and I shouldn't have any place lo bang
It  even  If  l   bougbt   it."
/*.Fye~  you   £3*-Jss_oj'rv3 0 r
1^=-  SO   s^i^se:
_ .... -   081 £.i
1 S-.©   23est   Buitdins   Papon  Made'.
lnR/^^,;;c,"yH,l^^:a^•^o•/,?:: ix$%;///0-?^ ^ ^^ or out.a.
r.e.s   r.o  smelr or   odo.-    absorbs  no   . //* i,-V   .      l  c"lli-■ Keeps  U>   Lent   cur-
anythln-r   with   wiiicb    t   n,    ,   ,     co     «i     if  i.'T'"   V°   lasu'  or  >]«*»r   "
'Bheetinc   ho.iKe--.   but   for   !-.aintf  "oh?   lu.rr.J   ,    ■,1,'U'Cel-V   U8,"d   n°l   .'»nlv   fo;
leB^creamoricH-   fl„,|   all   p|    '^\"    X S'h'^ ***/ •'!« i..^-..    ro.'."ti:er,itcra.   dulr-
Write cm. Agonls.-TSES A PZP.SSE. Winnipct,. f0P *amp,.«.
1^0  t. B, CODY GO., LimitQcJ.   Kt'LL.
fr^+**«^+'66$4-'6..&££«0£'-«'3..^Q-.£-- jjc-.o-n.-.s-
'Valor  would  cease  to  ',,•  a  vi'rsue  if
there  were co  iii.iu!»tice.--Ai.'.esiUlu3.
'"VV. ?V.   XJ.   P*i5o.  ^£3£S.
■w.i  w     ■«.     P^n t0 bronco is tough
W'/IL    "1^ ^from the end °* his nose i(
0'^'A '   KMm;0^ ^.tip-of lixs tail.  I
M»t 'l^m ^ ^- tonghest part {
^l_cf Him   is   the   light,  |
muscular Hide  that
covers  His  back  and Hips.
From that part of His Hide
t'lia famous "Pinto"  vSHell
I^        <-
HDVftFtfiW w
A« •
.   V
y. ■■'.-.. .-iji^yi .-.,*;.:
1 u'-Asyy, -,'.,.
4'' ' '%:■■
«■■•: ■,;,
, J5 y A i;> ;:.",■■■ -
near; if
■ i.iiv'.'
riA-TE'i.oj.- «i;.]'-:n
'-   '     i -'   . "
/y i~;.-']
po. .b*-'ni".;:t' iron;:";' them;": :• We
' ,: s.upiy' ..(,; y Obnmberlain's
.S'.:.'(.'M:':iel; i..'a':id "yl.iy.^.'' 'FilFe'i-A and lie
eo .F.i-yy.:ceu' '■ .••) kip''■;.'.'■i'm;.'. yi.. y'Tnohte.. of.
thir'jy,'d'.:iyf'.. he bail, gained'forty*pounds
-jn'd.e^'h;'';'^'';^' i,iow,,iti!ly: .i'cc'ove^i;)'.-.'
 ;";"'. ';A%^,bavc':iy'i-rwy!;'ty:>ut' oa'tlioVTaSdets,
''..i"i ■ ''.'■ ■'"■-.'.■v,^'-:v ■'••:•<.*->.-;"-...,:>a.-■"*.-.:■«*.•*v-«5».-^v'v4.-''^.^^.^<^^,-^^^-i*i^^.:yy.>.
a- t a;, AyyAu,,.:.-'! S7S'# '?.'.?':« , ,«, i v/A'.-.s'.'.   fcr/i. .■;> ;^ i -;i.7if.'U ■.■.'.** ^^U'py;y'.':;ruiiy'.UAi :yy.y'■ ■■   ■",.. ",■■".,.  : . '.'..;■■•■"■." ■■■•," "".:';■ -■''■:; •■■■■." a ',, ...■■•■■■..^'.'.^. >:rv?^-^
-■■■ 'V''-."- •■'■■ • '•' v ''-If^'f^N y<   ■ v^-" ^^i( '%-.."'^."'.''^:'-.'-.,5?.^ ..s'j' .■?«;;t*-?Jf^-.-ij...^I^m ;,- ,«v.?> ^y^y y .-,. ■.■■..■■■-■■-iT'^sr.'-,■■■"" ■   " ja* '■   ; .-.'��-.   .  ■ :'/>«■'■' ■■■■' ■■■"■"■v.
several.remed:u,J.y   '.   '.-     ,  A    y , ',y. ■.:..  ■".",...„.,";.' '":   .,'„,,..   WU,a.^"^'k"V>^'    ■.'■■l:^
•-.., f lu>)iA}' j-5r-;>.:-j....-J\^^^
// -M^•'■■.• ,,^^r:-s.iSle'';by,,1yiiy.d'i'ay_.."Ji.t.. .1, ,'\   .'; A'■-.
•.:. :f. ^ ..:. ..
■ A, ';iliis}(':ei:IP:;l '",.'j;l>.l.s-   oh. (Campbell
\ i\vee\i.    ,,,'„■ i :.■■..',. '"... a 'a a."'. •■•'
■,.■'. ,';dtesidicntirf.l    iota yxy Tavjaioek'
; - street. ', ■■■,    .  ; ■■ ':A'!. 'A./.A „.y' ',.-,-■
a y;, llon-ie;.<. nil iot.ony Victoria street.'■
A .Horp-cv .tin-:!-.; Icii'L',.q.u "-Xak'e Bhdre;A;,:.
' •■ iivsilU'e/A"',,:;'■ ,-'y .".; ■■,.'",''  '. 'a A'.:,';'".';:.;', :''/
y/tf/elsilb ihe A 0. 0."'F. ball every
V':-!.UuiAifiy' evAryy'/i'--V/% ';o'iAvy)<yi y-;i{^
v Filing hrolhr^ny^ cordially in-':,
", vileii,- 'to '" attend:. U^pymaeungB.
W WBUM. i- HOUBE a .if'—':- 'iR^NBROpE:
M 'Fyy ."■■■'■ ;-'= '•'.-.■.•' AA ■ '■:'.''';■'.!;""."''''""a" ■;:''■'- .:/;/■'.<■.■'.■ ;..',;••
. <r ca ~ k-^ -j.nr.'^swj.riixrta ?;.MffX-'W^s~.«m*'3 wtaa^. «sa;J
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n /
f ;GS'im'Eo:ia
•.-1-:, i.v. ;•> yq-.:i,y
p!.n';-i:d:'.i.Ay.»ir'....'■-■-'..■ -V:-04V(,'/-.vl.'.'.t.iy ;,;;: ,l:..!"y.e. '•<•
KiVryy ",a':- ;iy.pOAy(l:y::by',£;yy.iii:nsr!y,.yi:t,i' tii'y |
con V'Siiiu.v ■' oi':- ll'
■■-.!>'■   . ', ■■'•   <'VlJ.
/f-sk.'"*.-^ :. .'0.. ii-7
'ir •■■ { ■■   -.'   ;. ,'    'V-l
A'..;- i-:A yy.VA?trt    " •'■ Mi U», Jf at, B,,;.'- '.:'.     ',_.rf"fl:V
  ,,,.  .,.,-     ' '"';'l A,A ' Q'" V
;">'.-^Bu"&hies8«;-;*i6ct'"''. '-o"ii- ■ '-Yietoria-- ] yf^'p^^|^''A,-;: '"'' ".^:'"   :y'.o:;v ^ |V-.^
cfre^"',  '- 'a''^"^>v'''A,;''-,;,.-v''':.'v':y'r ' .|'^
.."'■■■• "■:"■■'''■'','r-,';;'yy; 'y.;.';'^;-A.'AV'A';;'y':'■:'' ,A;''A:'y!.-^'r^,'''y:^~^'''''.;'.:-vyy'''V',:,y:.^  .r".''.'"y,,,-yj-.A«j|
y '; y. (Ipad. ybih-y j.-usmees: hear^'tow'jr.'.".
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,,.,     ..........    ..   ..<>.',- . oryy'ivi z-i/Uonr', -in j •■■■,'.-■'■■  n-yr^r Sflfh.: '■"?? Airt^ni'-ri ■
'PJAIArA^yy     .■'.:'"*■ 'A '     'A      '       ■-■'-,.■ ■•'■■     ;. . ■ .. -.:.._ui.„;     '-.'•■   , ..CS/AAVi '■«L.vC«*t/I.l': -; .twUOA>.ittJt
yfSif|iy'lM'" '■■;''■■;'VBbS tbiii-.a-'.-.^h or t.ti"n,i'c; ,ayp.'v ill Ler ■. ii :-"proi. j_.-: -a.. ; y'.   -,a -  ■    'y'.yA! .-;,'a'. AAi;; '■:'; 'a. .'•■;.
r_.,te?:y?*yy.^:.-.,;'\-yit>.biK;i.bani?'::i:iyti;;yy! ■■,b.ii,;i,ery'vii:-jctssS;OJ'!.yj'" '..".  ;■„,;-"4,   'a.,,,.,^..    >■' .; ,_'"'■ „;,-:■ "y
viA'J^. ■ Wy'i*-':eh.i}.on.iiy.'p.re.s.it!e.Ji)t--. oi- ,tue:-;-y:y .......     .--■-.,., _; ., ..;■■.-. y/;-y -,.--■- -\yy
/ly y:y Whr// yAysiKA. a,tion:yy,, decliired: }:fyp0i)/W^Bd;El&B^¥/i   Ay
..'..',.;...rit-,itv.f()C!.':stbc'ki.: .■■,.:;;■      y.y'A 'a :.,.
ments 'or*'''yictpi'j;i!s!reew - a     '•'.'..  "a '""
y;HpuK'a£-.forTOt;i;tv:,'yy->::';A;|y;.' yy-yA;':';:.
■•■••■ :<SV'v
■   '.""#   A
itollins & Dickinson 4V
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s~i~.'j^"'-y^.:f^»yf'y.,yzr,er?*. j?? yy-..^ '■'.&-
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II'SI^'aIla^ !-a/;.•'.]i;A-y hi'-' f;;:A.A!:,,^';!'y:or!.':wn,;i'!,l^:wi;dvdra'iv'!:,
ijil:i    ;;;IO;V''e','-.!A;)-.:i;i.!.Jy..i-:A,t
..', "• •: •-■,."■'J',U, -v'-.'-.v A"A'.:'".y ■'.-. I ■'
'.. ,:"■ 4ii:^s■ S'r.:'x,^>g';i_,.;.>:''■!"'''" ':a'^';<lo"■£:'&^W:-cmtr'mi^ibii
■.y^aiyys^bUrda^, ,,y y.j,u^eef,.,.yyy<A';':^y :',;-':,:,,';'l:-y.,-
y.|pS'a.|:;-: '.^.■:.j;!':-;\;-..',■'■■,
^■pwS«-fc|-.-.ss- -lA:', ' .,.-■:::, -.;r.
' . r-^yit'.iV-v'-il'-r, :,- "     ,. ?.'■ .-.".-.i ,-.:■„■,  -
:;. .e.-fe'??.^'.^--.-^^:..-.;:! '■'' ■ . - -
' ■.'   /.,'■■•    ';-':-'':"'"»',.i ,y-''• ■',»
;«-.':  :l.y."i'<-,« '' ^iidV-j','-."''.':"'
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:':y0y':&''''• '■"";'• 'K'^j^^i'f Vt-,,"i>:-v''tJnji';i/-;. ^'Ar-e; "rr:;ule:' tlio "; ''"■'' '."'■'■;■
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.■'•■■".' B"V '■..ij* " v;y ■■• (--   iC?     '"~..:'i'fi ":''<:.. ■'■'.<
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-.-.■..■•..* :;<   .■■•■,-. ..-r-.4 ;.■   .»-,..   /'\'-;n'i'*-  |.  , , -A. -.■.   .',-;,...-■.■ :!   . ■ ....   ..;■-,.■   ,.■  .■,,    Jc ^ .*-.',/■■,- •.
.   'A ra^ fti-'it''; ■':. fi   K !'< f»>.     .'^'' .■,.■„,.".' a '   .-  ...'.■  .-   AA   .'.-".-."■      ■'■■;.■".■'■■.:•;■•"..
>,<.''■;.,:..';v, .'y-;y*:
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:'y'; ySyixcItJck' shaniyisr tha'C'/uA^. ;',."■' -"l'-;'
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Sf-/-;- -A,
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■ -fi yi " -":. "''■"■'"' ■ ■■,',','.;■ ■"■.-• o'>'.-"-"."'   ..'- -
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'.....,.■/■,    .: -:i-.. ■:■,....■,.,"■.',.....■:,, ':■:   ■:,:■':':..■.   ,.  :.A .;' .,A .'.'.•:.'.i; ;■"-.' .'!  P'<-'..
A,' ''AA--AA,Ayy,ici-iyrS'i;.A',^:A-A,AA,:  " """ -' - ' ""  	
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■: "..■''  ".•}-.   ''■'■'•■.'', ■ '/■>■. ■....■, .■■'•'■   ..>•.--. .'.'..'•' y...
,:   ...  .,.._,: _,.,..(.  ....... .... yyyyySyo'y
■'I. *-"-*^~-'TK-:BC,^:*'v^-.*:'^-^^ :'
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'::.'    ••. ..c:-.i :^- '.a '^ 'i/'-.vrv- -^" At ^.'''.^"
ou are .■'u'n-so'U'n.d::-ASij.c';*-
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,:"■: ?pi:lAy^,l':;   A'■■vMii\-'--ni^'j ■ <>yy-y" . --*.--',   y--"^'y'"y- .--t-""-'.•■:- ..
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'.-"Sil4feAd|:i,::.,A-    '4,..,'.-- -A..-  ....':.-. ....A.-A-"-. :.'- -A-.:..-':-. -.,,'.  ..•:.-■.■' V.;'..:-■■'.' ;...;.  "..
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.'Alil'llfill-'y':A-:'AAA's-'rea't Vvjb^qtie:.otapplaiiBe'followed
' '  _ %^Aji)-.-l A'1,--',. ..'.'■',--. .^   .-■'-*,:  -,-.-.■.:■'.,..     ' "..,;. .    - '.    T '' '"-    ^r    '
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."i^M'K'1?K." AAKisalt,eii-A2,l8'5 -'.:iir..-. fu'/oiv .ancl: 11.282'
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-/ ('vi^,*"jH)j y'%*zi'     ..r:   ,' ,*•"■'■  . •■ ■-. 7   '■■■', •  y-y;   ■,.... a, ■._■■ :■;:' ';   ...      ,; '  ■ .:   r:,:'     .: 1
. lllll'if'' A-y /ttoniad:.reiaieily to,:conupj;tvifafelf'•■ to5i■
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y.j.Wi.ivp.b'l.'".'.-.,t-ftk-jntf,ya" 'drop';';pfA;.;y...
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.';•'■■'' pains ;are'.j-elieved. will.oil0 the, .V. A
A'tigyrisfe. ply taking-! d'angero'ivs"///:
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'/'■» . A A
yB '■■;
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y^.A>A:AAnypp,}A.in,:;^ .au^,,A^
yBl^ :rA:A'-AlGiK],tniue^on:l.hGAAiBeri
-.;;'W'":-' ' "'" "" ' "'""" ":"'"' '"'"'
£>.,l    .
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G'HKiStfMv■- 'a:NIELSE'Ny '/. ;Agen t;
■.,Tli3: ^yrilipor^omidiei' is..-ln-.n"sl.i.'rf'-.g-.-'.71 ;, .  y
■,','.'■-   -A . i, ,   A ...: •■;"■'.'..»-..■'•-.'■    A .'A:,. .-■':..,-- ■     ■ :• -■"-■-■ '::;■..-.. ''"'^y..
"W*? '«   A    1 t*"T*l    "'       !'" ■'    "V-"*)' /'i-O   •'• .    ;i
-Fi'Y-'p.-? t:,;: ?. g'pj *:i,: 1, i0Xt *>(?».
s\3JTJL'a.,n^: i'g!iiU'-,rttfr.jj:.'y .^^ "wwa
"?A'( .*••■   . .a  -'A'aA ..'■'■" '"' -.'' ■ A ■■:'',.. y   A".-.
■Ay 'y,..y-';A:;llA-.A i'.'''b.icAi.Eit.yi>i
|C"      ',:()'      "-   I,   ■    ij
aaaBa e.
i.\" 'y'Ay';'-'yA:-,Aiiy:.^;v:,':A^;:.'rA-yA..AA'.yv,!-.v?.'- aa,'--:-y:'Ayy y .'aa.
■:^ -
•W'J ' ••
.;{yi ■■■:.'■■
fefefeteA. " '.■■■•i3'.,t lil'-.O^t'SOr "l!!;?AA i,avr tO'-iC- (0 iiiJilS •'..-t.'^.-j •>/<-.*-■«■ ,>--A ^/.0>** ^jiivj.. .'. A'
|l^$5l|:i!;p.-' a'A.A- aA-A A '.'A ■:• -,-..■ ''-AAa, '-Aa:. .,,..A... ■ a.A .-■ . ■„.. :. .- qAAy'AA ... y.-r ',.-'-,,■ Ay-A .',, .,■,■.';,■;.'.,.
'iilWtt *«'!' ■',      .■«■-:..-VyA""   . -'"•'■ yv..,.,;  ,-y. .'f.S'c   I'Ovm ..{,■;'.;-■ ■..- tiS"C-'i 'i'"-;-- i7rAv^   .'» -i- ''     ''-A, A''
SfsjtSWJfA' .A .'A "''a"-",.'..;. ■;■"" ,'-.:■ ,AA ,'.-. A..- .7 A" -77..   7.;;, ,.y. 777:7 '-■ -A,y„At. 6 l V\M,2,&;i3 '.'.'<vl'i:'       " '. "■■', ■'.. 7 ■.;'■■■
Plfipyirl'',: ■ ";. yZyiAvAA>\£: ' A'i'AA7AA";A. As-;, itre Apyyt.it)g'A a a-   yy _■ .y;y   yy,,-.. ...-,  '7. - . "-■.--: ,-"   !:.Ay.
n■;<>:J--'-■:';:>or.'..7-77r;-,   ■ yy.y,y;A y$JU&W^<IrV^i'-  '
A;y,     ,.:i. V/.J..^ui.AZ.j,4,,*uy,f.£S;?:
I'^3i?-'i53i'|S [»>;'"' a*:. i*^"!!5"'._Si !«' '■''■K?S?F#.^'r
■AV»«-rwT.»n.»*r*^naief *5WWM(jEaa=riirw'J
S-f.it;.'-V..t-.t*; =."-JV...;   ..-.
^■l.X/:hit'cJ-^;■,:v''',,.   '
1A■''.''.,,-,. .Ay-y^'A'A",-.-..
5r?8 '? J-  I        a  «"B-6">t :.i  ?      »•* 'A -lr'*'-i* ? If ^ I       "       ■^■A.y.A''.-  .--y-A-y ■:',-■"               A.'
ir -IfiS 3 lisS-J     -tyB'f-d Ia A«fi a. -fei ..is -U, jAS .-. >,,;.-..-a a.a:    "'-?-.-■ rri-«"     ■■'    "'
, yt,|;.i>.B.y-,M:  ........   ,.5.1....■,■:■■■..
A'iHl!mf.l|:,:-.'Ay A 'AySiA.'"
■•'■M i;;"':.':'-: -"'?; ';A'y.,vv""--::y.-o;.A /' A A Ay,
■yi/y-/' Ayyii;'"-y/-/A''':'i
' cyf'.'-:"''    A      .'''yy     'A,'1 '.A ".'A- -A-A'.A''A- a : ■
;v.'.4...- H1,.-!*.^ "P.irJ^e.i-.'W'.;,-*,i. .-:,'v,i-,l..   ;-A..'
'yy"■■■.'■   .'- ,y« * .-•.y.'"'-■V'■- y1?-} .'.j  i-*-*
spa:.?Sii'SI. a
■'...'..,, ,.■[■?--^*.'.-•■.-'.,.-.'.
■^'.ItivpKftyhii- !'
■\ yftffjiifgte
iy .y\. iiiy^yiiy;'- T-V;'b-i'>:;i'.ffo
:EAUKif.Ti-iy' ByrcrciTeH.y'Tyci.
J|1ilJtyA.!:y..A-:-'A:'A::'yyy'y -■'
■;f|l|lSffw .Sa-': ': ^yrV;\A A;:ry-A;y,v;.AA::r.AA
;..JsS}i;ilAi::Jfe;'     '":'• a-,-      .':-~'■.,..- ',-'-'.; A;^-': ''
A#!iJfiA.'pA ..,.     ':lAy,;:A-pA.yA!:.,yi.,'A.;!A  :i .'
' filffyite   ''. AA-.,:,:'-;r:.f.:-Al*.'vAy.;.A'Ay,iy.
y'.- y', 'o. .Ij. ifor forVf he. I«jp§rj'al7
'"'-''.-'.;,ay.." 'Btiblyof Cianada-.A/
A||p|;;y| y
Hfp=.';■:;# '■
■t'f.,!i:an..i ■■«'■■.
'yll^fy;- .
jAyfe-lis; y    "
■ i^Siiaf?''
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• x-jfcr aa ... •
:,,;/ y.&;-iir..:'irri."i- :
ulh.o .'pbsJ'i- !
y ji-yyd
y.'^f'T--t:^.:r—.rz\— ■Tr:'f3T-v-.—^-*^.T5.tr:.Trt^-^Hi^r5>J^^n-rrrrr-;.
■ >■-'■' -.''Al '■ . /-- -. ■ -' ,■■■'.'.,, ..;.   ;:  ,.
ff-lti^S-'-yi^.'-.gj'-.i-!- X.tij'i-*.--J*3Sj.iiy~i
. .''1:Elko:;-.?;. c.-' ; :'.''■ '■■ ■;';C yy
t A^'
:y: ,- .y^fa^k;^^-t^i^.JbSJ-; ?!Wl..■>■■;'&mXyi-Xl'
" ■■:$'■'"
...... ?f.,
'A   A'Vl-
',N .
y„y...-. .. -.s,.-; fcy>;^i. A',-' yy - '.yyA-iy" yV".* *.-y Ayy-v.^vAA-.'yy,: -y.^- -7;.-:>ys.^T--y^j".j_^y^ c -^' "$y?y y-. ^y :.'^££yhy%?.y{-z
A,;.,   MilAj ,w,'.r A.'..':A'^^
;nfi-:,^iT--. £,...r:;'.r ---r.
; '^^r^o.^■-.7^^■-■r.^?.■^f-.—..:ti---i.^-r:
■''„ . A '■'"■'"'•■ ■,'»'-''■'. ■'.•.■■'!' ''^;A.C7^?^'t>^f!-.yr .§,rIn7r'*iT
■5«>ir,<V*^M'A^*S«.r?.-rr'Tr%^i'*,'r.aajK.-ii!.'a«   } ■   '.   "~ ''r* r'--''"i ■'C*"'Z'"<r-^'''" <i!"V-'v-   ,".f'i • ':.-■'y*V; ";a^ • '"i-"'t-"■*,-"v'«-■.-(,;«-*.- - -..-••>-"'-, *-u--j-t «--;'■],--.*- li**tv--v-r j *■*«■*«-■'-v»-'i-''*-* -'^-■»,-.-i'.*'w-».•''' *■'»* -«'t»-r**-*r '
"—7—:——-—y-:-—   ■.'.♦^■'.••^■'■iy ■*.'■-■•-•-■-':■■>'. '.^-VyW^y^^'^.-.y-^
on. -o\: I tn
!].;•;:'0..     Gonitriorciat     and   . li'usinesfi'
, conrses a  t-pocialty.   'Excellence' an'd    ;
)yiiyi\ yijnt!. iyiiarp.. shoot- ,s>Vif.t' .prci^rn-o. -clm'racte.aiiie' each .''de-'
pari.men ly   TarentS' should -write   for
particular:?.;   One mouth  aasurea 'the
public Ap; '.''the    thoroughnssa   of: the ['a
Sister:-' 'ri'i.e.i-P.p-.{.-y.' ,ot  Leachhsg., yTcirins j
conini ..lice .i'tniiary,   April   and   fiept.-]
PupiL-i a";:e.fttliriift,-o(j during t-erm."yA, ..-  j
* v'- .   ■        '■ 1
:ny,;y'':':i'.-y u'jrturi.^ .r-HAiclct^ .. no -rest.
,'i;',j i>:;:eV!~--y::ut'r!Aiy:u'-'rrhe.umatism. ■ it-
":d'.-.v'a.    Alu'jbyrii'■'"" AA'Ak ,'.o''■ ti.iJir,. but
G nam bey! aiii'a 'I'k i :i 2y\ m baa co up u'e. r i.
.ed it■thpt.i-ii'ir.dji of times: "'''One.yapp'lica'-
■ ■:t-oa gc
:.:ei!  if.:
' I'-yy nil A'drUiA-'isis
Onr'aiiri'ia tb'plea3e'.;patrpns='.-'.;:,-.
7 Good Varjiffand   battio;]: hSer
■    'irlways on" h find'.'■'■'.'■■• ■■■"A'''
...y..-.. -voy;;iysyi,t:'^i.d:?a hotsi..'
,1jp*f':':. a: ." j-  ".,■■' ■"'.'•T. yy ■'■;
fesP. .+r^^'if*. ' ia :■.
1      *-:
•TT'ji'  T_*>"
y;   f-
I      fs*V:-•   '-  i3     lV'^,      -';    t.     /i.     ,3   £»    .^    ^-J.I       IT .A
tiTv? ,x«jfr^!™-rr.T.- ■M¥-r*^7sr- *c -
Tlie'b'GSu Oyi'a'ecommodatipn?
r.fvr tbo fra,veling public.'-'
-■ '■■;l-fPhq-'"'liTalpijOT'■ "-Hot-■  QpW* JO-S'EPH',N!EDERStAX).Ti;'F*pop;."i'-.'■'
Q *311 i t *i '•'■
times to tliQyiv
■'.-g-''- M a; I\[. U::J^^C^tj'^'';i&ke':'v':;-
IK K® ^I'^B-TjT'i^'A:'N:''OK:
Qj5       ■ C^CMtL=Ti^*»e^,.-':*-.jic. -;..'t^--»«r .♦»./*T*B^jJ^AiraW-t»sii*^'r*^iJw*a«*»'*«i K»»^cja«w,«je;.rK««'
tt.l K mvU »i-wr^, ^
1 ;■.■.■!'  1.; Jj
■,ie'   and   agio'!,'-  'or i
A"o.';   'hav.iri!?;   "A\?yi
A|l!-IAA'|   '
y ||i-y: ,||'..
.'i,.;«w3«i:. '.j;*, ■
,- - i\ -ii..' : X. ■•■■ .'.. '•
..to call 1.■;■;••-■-:.•/'
•-siniij'i.i "aciAiriiiA; ■
'^tabii.hed" ih/iyyy- ,lo-ul ytorritory;  ^H.±iQW a L'ASB,- B.-'-.O.
. yti'A-iAht Ealai-V" ?:.5f.'y p.i1<:i .vvcelcly■•.' and
' expense.... money    itdvariCKd'y prciyjor.'s
■exponeitCe t':abees.:i'jaryy poaitiuiiypdr-,1
'■ii'j'aiK-:i!-:; 'buyiaeAS .-'SKCcp^'S-ul,- .Enclose
A:,c'',i.~i'i'b.'i>'t.-i;i:.A::: yiy^ohy;':;.,'. r.j tl j«-.;'.*; i ti to n.ti --
em I'rAV'.:It:•',.-, fiy?iy:M'.>'-'"U!X Tidy;.. Uhidi-
y ThtiiiVlGStObmpiets a
..y'Heaitli", ^.Basortf^on: '
/ihe    OQniinent     bt-.
North America..
..»■  J l.    ,v -
,1'ta-BATHS Care, all' Nervous  and
. y ; j ilusciilai' Di:!eac-C;3;.
''.,..[     1 ls. 'V/ATJI3 Rri    'Heal   al!   . llidney,
'A o-.| Liver and r;toiv.ach -A i'i men to. -''-.
TO..AKD KHo'ri ALL ;
>/f^%"i5-*g'"",a- *lf"Vcr-s'' ■ ■' '• ■'■
-.AfeaiB'.-ife.E^-a. aj*tiS3 ■
'..(j*. pj."    ..   ra fi\ fr- rja c^   .
--.- -:^y-.yA.- E0H.It   ; A
Fine   Suitings,' AOvercoating,
Trousnraj... Iin 'ported 'Goods.
JI,.' «  ,. ' Vu".
Hr)'- -fe
■yo.,i.r:y, n':i...eu'.i_;!'. ■ -m.y,..-:--!'■•■.;.- .    i-.'ci
ciOiii'tnifii'.ion'i'.'.iy. ■■V''i.'''i, yy.u'i';:y:,.,y;;; ,.;... j
"'   '        "'"" "''      .ll.-'.'!'..'  ; A.t     Gr:A:iA'.Ajk :..m''j
ib''!.'-..-is'(!3.:.::iv i-r fVa;'.i- i
,- 1-   'I
:.:•   :;..H;|- . o! ■  'yy    :.i   th'e;
y A': ',i!.';)\v' M-,   ii!S',*l';.:,'i- 1
- »
aaaa; v.'ijy ::o!A(! ..!-•- i
tne-. wm
■■'.i'i!':,-' 1'tyy
..''''.re te "'iin,-.".*,:'•.• '•
tibnti f■■>!''.ia-Un,-"
"■ )>'7: i I ;•'• ■ ivi.ti"' i '
'■V.'   AVAAUly'O
I' ■'■'rk:yV   'art  a   M^vo'.rfailing   'Remedy.
' for a:i r.h'..''i.-.r.-iui;-.: Ti0.ubleG.(
r     -v...•. v. .-.i ■.■*■- ■•-•;-.;•. !o--f,.':c.i   [:'jr  >. ceiy ac—
I lifji'.Vi'nT ^''rriiilf-rmftiii Hotel or .Villas..
"_r.kcs   tuf-i )U??\}   nut 3 Luis- -y..t'l;
j .-'oRAwg.ncoK: co.. ' • .y'.
fjirsate'd;. WaterB ■■■of- a!l:
•Gfilers. S'oSiCit'Ei'd. ■:'.'
■ ■«*.■
:f ■
. yyyWKio.Ii'y;£uriiishh'Sy:M
. :.'.':'v'Insurance 'a^: an iiiyest*.
inenticryou and a safe-^
■ ;.■"■'guard'-fer:your,'■ family; ■
f: riR,:;
}'' ■-■?■■■'■'     ' . MOYJF, 15. Ci./.'/-. .   •: P
'"''  v.-   A   ■','  ..■-.;,   7.' "''.     .y.y/''i«'y//r»:/-.     /     -I'
swP N-p V  I- $"v.    '.w
r_;r rrz ■*T7Tn.'t" ti-:
T-ji^r^.'**'*" 'f.'VT ••
'...- •: I j
■;    —
;'  '<•:   A
■   'I /•■■
i'   -I
•7" f.v    XT^/
'-;..,.7,;.   ' t'. £
11-' y« v.^
* -..\'Vt.CJ       t.   ...:J';I. '.'tl..-,-'.      ?..'....   y; -j...x.J«
■r..»- .r
W   '%;.*■■'& 'Pi jf%. j
iy: j f; /il/ ■■'■>,      i^y  ', ^'^i-
jSi.obani;.   r'AilAy*   hfy[   C!,;;ar-i.  Foin!.:-
; yi.. .Pai.i'i.. Uohp !y ,r'.-7';.'.i:><-r> polio
■'l ?■■■':   ,
" A.:'     I.--.':'. ,t ...:J   JJi,
/--ry   '•',-^[     , ■ IV   '■    \
VI J    i'A.   .: -.:■. .:.■-,
F;OFsr ry) i»!,;v
.Or ii you v,'i:,h' U, invcet
in any 'A. thesa conault
■1 /. r y ■   •:■'■•■".
BY*.?.      '■■ i'AZiQl'A
■T0.iti.CTi OH
tl}.' 'rUl'-J J-'niitiii.ig'':
'   ;/.'' "
irt-// 1/v/y.
i^v."'   -Vieuipinr.n:.    7y:roi:y]ioi;i:
CoAchAA, F.sImco   r.ml   Touniit'
!>leo;)!*':-,, T)joi-ig and Cu;-
fe!  ^lm;;cinr' ;':iid   .Li'-
Iaaov Ayr/.
y        ■ .. r.'i;01..-:,-'.-A!.-..; /.:*.'.*.> i^r/rArr,.
! W'rt^/l'       '■ iVJ Ivr^^ yT-2' /y ^T^'^
• j   ■ 7 "     ""        :".',  ;""■"""'" "■.
j  ' yF:-i ,tib.   r.;'.;". '!a,a.1 Lli-^y   j)n.-idi'
I .      FiAii, 'f.7-a':-,•.';■'   :'-.", .1";,; AA'Uy/, .   yy-:
j.       Auypiy   only    '-'.-ay Ly.'.t.      .Voyy/
j        irado lA.lioilco.
;j; ■  .      yyiiiiiExn
.    iN/Ii:IJEJA:T.uyVrAr^STmi:.EH^^CiO.-
M   -     """       '-S fi" :   .'
■i" -* ivy   ?, -..
. - ■ ■ :r
v   ■■-    ,-i-     .iAlt, 'fv V -*'''    i ':■•!■•     5.H»?yi^
!wi ■;..:■-j-i li,     a. V. ;<   - •-' l»*t t;    .--     '.-,-:■ -j ■;      ... .j T-.'i.i: j-Vj
QiUaBxy bo'i eiceHecI'in'tiiG ccnilt^y,;. Try it and
j y •-.
j fi:
': i\\
■ 'A'
1 «
. ....
";.•:-. iT-
;JT A'
'•i '■■&■ ■-: U     ' ■"-       r '        ■*. -'-. '■'        i' i ' ■ *
* i?*" 'tr'*'**   ■ -rf*---      ■ *".•.«__,■■•*•■    i-Triy-i*-   ^o**?""
fr-tj fe a  i|   fir^ g j
Vt "*t
-F   '
vln ^ ail! tke ■■ :PrinCH)al;| Tb.13 Hotel >"s: yew and ^7eji FarniBlisdj' Tlio |
,!ri,-««r, .^,>i\   nr.;.,,,..,.   ,L.-i§    :   '£pMer> are Supplied with.the Best-the I
KJltlGG -ailO.!.    -UnvBB    m|»
. British Columbia^ '   \®
i^-aj-ikGt; aSbraB. Tlie_ Bar lb FillM wi^ <»
the Best Brands of .L<iqno?/s and 0%ars. u>
IK^nca :■ pEpi^:
A.  U. C. JiK:iNIf37."OiV, G, W. T*. A.
'012 ifltat Aveiitte.       BeaxI'iIk, Wab.Ii
I'V>r Tickr't.--!,   JAiler,   iyddern   nnd |
F'uil' infor(n:it.;,in1.(;ull on   or   ad-- j
(Loss any   Gnat, F'orihern  Agent j
or write                                •    ■ <»....
. fltfiADhsuAMffi^ iron EaM' Kootknav.  |, ;-,.'AI1" '•'       ~  ■   ~       "       -       ' -- 'iiKi'frsir.ri»i.i:.«."*'*"J


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