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The Moyie Leader Dec 2, 1899

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 -,' ' I  -'���*�����_  VOL. 2, NO. 83.  ."����.���  If you want to know how  MOYIE IS ADVANCING!  If*' Vou>ili;get> good idea of it by' nolincr how       -     '  f �� CAMPBELL�� C0.'S *  I Stock>nd;Business;is Increasing.  MOTIE, B. C, DECEMBJ^;T899.  S2A YEAR  ���.  �����  kake    Shore    Owners  Get That Amount.  KANSAS HAS THE CALL.  Boats All Othor States In Producing Horses.  So  PAID OVER .BY. J. C.  Mb  h  0,tr.,cuSlomer8 will find our grocery stock ,1 wave complete, with all (he best good, that can bo bought'in the  innrket,'��ncl prices tiro all right. \y0 ,iave now,ek.ared  tlie entire contiol of  Dominion Creamery Butter  iu oney pound bricks.  "   ,, Also  sole agents  for       " A,      ���  gggfli Tea,:be'st.in the market.,  W'U I�� tl,o La��t Payment a��nd    Close Up  One of tho Largest IX.,,!,- 3ra<t��  in This District.  8��.ys     a     Horseman     ot     Tt&ti  State, Who Claim* Pega��at  and    Dacephola*.    aa  "',,     Tfntlvt*.   ,'  LOCAL   NEWS.  James Cronin left yesterday  morning for Spokane. ",    ���  Joe  REID, CAMPBELL: !& CO.  %,  '*$,���*  ..^^^-���^ ^r^j-.-^- t~:^^��  , in  [IfE  CANADIAN ' BANK ��� OF COMMERCE.  Paid ��Tp Capital, $6,000,000,  MMMOOK BRANCH. J. w. H. SMYTHE, MGR.  }M$.  B, 0, FITENITXTRE and UNDERTAKING CO  MOYIE and   CRANBROOK, B.'. C. ,     '  Matr'csse3 i....  Arm choirs, jwell upholstered. ..  l/oungcs uphol&terod in best}ate  HUGHES  Wroorri. SciH ��� $12.50  |te! comb, bedroom sots ,-11.50  lab.'  springs and   .mMLraeees ,-"   '  kvnmteuii.;....'.." _    g^  2.75  5.75  ��� lliese arc only a few 0f our prices. Every thing in (he ' furniture  "no just as low in pricfa. We arc manufacturers of all kinds of  upholstered goods and mattresses. ��� Wo. Veil retail al , wholesale  prices He make carpels.aud lay them FKEE OF CHARGE.  Jailmates given on Gnishinc: hotels throughout. We make great  reductions in half-dozen lots.       ' ���  lla.lertakors (..ul Kmbahners,  MAQGS & HUGHES,  -�� -��*. -t* ^ "��v- n*-^-"^.^.^^^^^^^*^*^-^^:  V. DESAUi-Klfeit A l:G.,ZVti-.v~fi.  RegularjMoal? Se,rvcd;in the Dining  Boom, with Siiok?0 Okokkp between  meals.  HeadquarHerVfof Commends..[and Mining Men.  WEE.V  AVKJTWJ, ,     ��� _' ��� .MOYIK.'H. C  !t$^^^^^4^<^'^*^'>^'>*g''/^'^^'^g'^g'>g->jg->g' &.<��!���'  Cranbrook   Herald :���    The'   latest  mining' de.il  ever  consummated �� in  tins district, wiih one  exception,  was  closed up this  morning  at   tbe   Canadian  Bank of Commerce,  when  J.  C. Drewry paid'  over   $75,500   to  the  I'Uo owners of the  Lake  Shore  prop-  erties,   the   balance   of  $82,000,  the  'total   consideration,     C.   C, FarreU  Thomas Bader and .John   Day-were  present with   J. C.  Drewry.   On   the  whole   payment, 'the   division of  terests was as follows :  0. C. Farrell, .$20,000.  Thomas Rader, $20,000.  Martin Foley $20,000.  T. B: Murphy, $1.1,000.  John Day, $11,000., , "    .      ' '  This closes up the deal* and places,  h the hatiiia of mon  who worked long  aim] lurd to develop thoir  properly,  a  magr,iiicent reward  for  the  sacrifices  made and hardships endured.  ���- '    ^  Contractor acid Killed.  Cranbrook Herald: , William S.  Reid, the well known contractor on  the North Star branch of the Crow's  Nest railway, was, instantly killed  last Tuesday forenoon while walking  on the grade towards town; by a fall-  tree. The accident was particularly  ���distressing, as he was only two miles  from (own and was hurrying from  the camp lo town to take the train  thatnooiv with his '.wife and son to  spend Christmas at- their homo in  Winnipeg.  ���  Will Kuilct Sidewalks.  A meeting of the executive council  of the board of trade was held in President Drewry's office Tuesday, evening  to deal with some matters pertaining  io the new sidewalks which will be  built.  The amount of funds subscribed exceeded the expectations oi the' committer in charge and it was decided to  Imild a walk six feet in width instead  of four feet, as was first proposed.  .   Will Build a Summer Residence.  T. G. Blackstock, president of the  St. Eugene Consolidated Co., aud one  of the wealthiest men in the city of  Toronto, intends building a handsome  cottage on Moyie lako in order that  he and his family may be able to pass  the summer months in the. most  beautiful spot in the Kootenuys.   ���  "3peaking of this , record ' of  Patchen, the Kansas horse, do you-  know," said a Kansas horseman and  real estate agent, "that Kansas, is the  greatest natural horse country in the  world? Talk about,Arabia! Why, it  simply isn't in it -with Kansas. If you  conM trace the ancestry of all the  noted horses of the world you -would  run 'em back finally to this country.  It'b the climate and water that gives  'em the wind and speed."  "How about Pegasus?" asked a sal-  low-complexioned ' professor-looking  mah, who wore spectacles and talked  with a Boston-bean accent.  "What was his stock; Ilambletonlan  or Kentucky Whip?" asked the Kansas  horseman, who 'hadn't heard of Pe-  gusua, and was evidently Bparring for  wind,  :       ��� ,  ''Pcga-jus," replied ���the professor, aa  he deliberately wiped ills apectacles,  "was the noted fljingste.ed captured by  Bellerophon, the son "of Glaucus, while  quenching its. thirBt, at a celebrated  spring/' .    n  "Oh, yes," eaid the Kansas horseman,  brightening; "recollect all about it how,  'That spring was down here at Geuda,  Sumner county.' Best water for horses  I ever saw, Wild hocrses used to come  100 milea to driak that water, Didn't'  know that follc'r Bellorophon personalty, but hearts of him often, Think X  met hliri once w/ien hii wati bringing-up  a herd of horses irom Texas.", Boys used  to call htm 'Beller* because he talked  loud. You could hear him all over  town when he called for a drink. He  was something of a blow, but he knew,  the points of a horse, all right."'  ."How about Bucephaius?" asked the  professor, as soon as he recovered from  his first shock of surprise!  '."Don't just call the horse to mind,"  said the Kansas horseman, knitting his  brows in thought. "When did he make  his'record?"  '���"Be was  the  wild  horse that was  broken to ride by Alexander, after he  .had  thrown   the  most  expert .equestrians of Philip's court," responded the  professor,   with'   an ������ expression    that  pl.rimy indicated, "I"havc hira now."    -  ''Why, .of   course," said  the Kansas  horseman.    ' "Ought to  have'remembered that before.   That horse used to  run in a herd that ranged between the  Pan Handle and where Wichita is now.  Used   to  range down on the Peavine  flats, in Sumner and Barper counties,  nearly every summer.   Seen him many  a time.-   No question but what he was  born  down in, the southwest part of  the state.   Finest wild horse I ever saw.  Bad  a  mane that came down to his  knees .and when he Rinelled danger you  could hear him snort'half a mile.   That  fellow Alexander that broke" him���let's  see���what was his first name?   Well,  sir, he could ride anything that wore  hair, but he^ mighty near,had to give  in when he struck that horse.   I understand that he told some* of the. boys  around town that he wouldn't tackle  another job of that kind for a hundred  dollars.   As I was saying .there is just  no  end   to  the  wind and nerve of a  Kansas-bred horse," .  But the professor from Boston was  not there to hear. He had given up the  unequal contest and fled.���Kansas City  Journal.  , The first heavy snow of  the  season  fell this week.  Assessor A. C. Nelson uf Fort' Steele  was in Moyie Thursday.  John Day and. Tom' Eader returned  from   Spokane Monday.  Constable D.', G. Cox arrived in  Moyie this week and entered upon the  duties of his office.  A. Staphenson commenced work on  tbe new sidewalks this morning.  The St. Eugene office near town  and the mine are now connected by  telephone. ., ( *  , 'B. C. Riblet was in town this week-  looking after the finishing of the St.  Eugene tramway.  Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield and the  Misses Cardiff attended, the club dauce  given here Thursday.  '  '  Postmaster Hope was in Fort Steele  this week to attend the trial of John  McDonald. The case'was postponed:  * A grand banquet and ball was given  in Fort Steele last Thursday in honor  of St. Andrew's day. A good time is  reported.  The Mbyie Quadrille Club gaVe its  .initial dance"last Thursday evening in  McGregor hall. - It was a grand affair.  J. 0, Drewry left for Rqaeland this  morning aud will be^back.again next  week. Mr. Drewry intends spending  a month or six weeks in California,  but will not be absent all winter as  was first reported.'  FORBSTEBS ' ORGANIZED  Moyie Has a Court of  the Order.  LIST OF THE OFFICERS ELECTED  Tlilrt,y Names   Knrollcd   on   the   Charter  r.Jnt.~-Date Sot for Regular *  Meetings.    ,     r  f.    W.    i>'KTTU.   Proprietor.  ''his hotel is now open to tho public, and i.s well furn-  "-lied throughout. None but the bent brands of wine;*,  hquora and cigars kept in stock.        >       ��        .        ���      >  mr  CI; ASS     A CCOMMODATlQXti.  MOl'IE, h.    C  Sir. und Mrs. Mansfield to Return.  L. M. Mansfield, at one time C.  P. K. agent at Moyt-11*-, hut later chief  train dispatcher at Cranbrook, will be  agent at Moyie when thc temporary  station is put iu next week Mr. and  Mrs. Mansfield will reside iu the new  Schouberg residence.  Miner's Html ware Store.  This week G. H. Miner's, hardware  store was opened for business with one  of the- best stocks of stoves, ranges,  gmnito and agatowwre ever brought  into Moyio. There is a. tin3inith in  connection so that all work in this  line can be promptly baud led.  1  �� G   CAMPBELL,   A; rl\ CLAItK.  !lhis Hotel is''.New aiid well Furnished. The |  'Tables are Supplied with the Best the |  , Market affords. The, Bar is Filled with |  ttie Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. |  "��� ,"    ���     O. ���''.''.','  ..��u. 0��^-*"!. ;K  HEADQUARTERS ^od: CQUUUMiAl' %  Snuborn Back Jb'rom Ji cimott.  Capt. I. B. Sanborn returned to  Moyie from the Atlin district. Mr.  Sauhoru is interested in the Aurora  mine on the west shoro of the lake,  and it is for the purpose of making a  deaj on itthat he is herb.  K. It. & N. Oo'n Timo Corrt       ,  ��� S. Si ALBEKTA���Treaves Kelson  for Bonuers' Ferry Tuesdays and Saturdays at 7 a. ni., meeting steamer International from Kaslo at Pilot Bay-  Kottiniing leaves Bouners Ferry  at  8 a. m. Wednesdays aud Sundays;  ROBT. IRVING; Managed  "������Jib.  ���a.  ...      AHDkMH&kEH  _,..  -���.���������       ':.:     y   _        ., _ _ j&KIxiSjK oo  NOTICE;  p.ddce fs jie'reb'y giteli tbiir era thid istli Attf til  nmfSSiWMM *$ ��qf *4��ke this  .������8 d^jrim^^^iiy^^o^oi jfJ^^.s^p^Msw  $ HiW&bims&m 6'i SitHi ��� kBtitm?.ldi ii VtofiQ&Qy* W*hP$ *8e (.'hlgiier" trnU  ������   I KUtSiti of St H^WU^SiS Ui Hio ittMhS Bi *&}% 6uf?^r,frdm.thi^.l0k of the mean.*?  isf&&&; Mlife iWxiMHh UliiisS i& itil'M 81 Stohel of exp^rjrrsftjif,; T��?.5^M^K >-ty< ^snt  ���j::in:;:i,:M Writish tieiiliBiM. .'        ._. y ���::������������ a;..    ' ''���^yitvy',:' ''���--y'vH^i.,- ���.;,... y-*-*.,..  C. .fC^FFMAJ}.'  WHAT ANIMALS  SHY AT. '  Boom o* tho XU-ostooa from "Which Xhoy  Butter.  Young horsee can be led up to a saok  lying on the ground and induced to pass  it by lettiug them smell it and find out  that it really is a sack, and not tho Protean thing, whatever it may be, which  Illusion  conjures  up for them.   Once  the writer saw a very quick and piretty  Instance of experiment by touch made  by a frightened pony.   It was   being  driven Oa-leader Ln a pony tandem, and  stopped short in froht of where   the  rails of a eteam tramway crossed the  road.   It first studied the near rail, and  then quickly gave it two taps with ita  hoof.   After this it was satisfied, and  crossed the line.   On the other hand, a  donkey always tried to jump the shadows of tree trunks on tho road, though  a similar experiment of touch   would  have shown that those Wero aa unreal  as tbo tram rail was substantial.   Lastly, no horse which has onoe knocked  Ita head against the top of a stable doorway seems quite able to get rid of the  liiuiiiori tha/t there site tip in the top oi  'all doorways an Invisible   something  which will hit hira;again next time he  ^oee through, o Hence the troublesome,  aiid   sometimes   incurable,   habit   of  horeea "jibbing" "tvheii taken out of the  Stable. ������'.',.  .This is an obvious ifct^tahe'e of the disir  advantage'at which most animals" stand  in regard to ineahs Of physical experi-  me-hts. The horse, for instance; heeds  Only, feel the lihiet id find out that it is  fixed ai>4 does -fifij^ foov^ ana is riot {dive  and waiting to hit Hl$i But except his  lips; whictio are .5��Mf,}$$; ho   W ,no  An Unwarranted Attack.  The Nelson Tribune of November  2Sth��makes an unwarranted attack  upon Manager Cronin of the St. Eugene" Consolidated Co. a�� this place:  It, says that "Manager Cronin, who  belongs to the ^ cheap labor gang ol  Americans that have invaded Kootenay, is opposed to any work being  done, rather than development, until  the eight hotir'law is settled."  Tbe Tribune should   bear'in   mind  that Mr.   Cronin  is  only   one  of  the  half dozen or   more 'directors   of  the  company,   and. is   only officiating as  manager,      It   should' also   bear   in  mind that  it   was   American   capital  that made the St/Eugene a mine, and  that if it were not for this capital  and  the costant   and. persistent  labors of  the present manager,   Mr.   Cronin,  it  might yet  be   an   undeveloped   prospect.   The Nelson Tribune is  usually  on the right tracky but when it  slings  mud   at  men   of the stamp of James  Cronin and the other Americans  who  invested in this country it ,is  striking  a cowardly blow at the very men   who  built the country up that persons like  the editor'of tbe Tribune might   prosper in it.  A court of   the   Independent  Order  of   Foresters   was ��� instituted   at   this  place last Wednesday evening  by   W.  E. Gillespie,  Deputy   Supreme' Chief  Ranger, with thirty names e'nrollud on/.'  tho application for , tho  charier.    Following is a list of  the   officers  elected  andjnstaltod.'  Court Deputy*���J. N. McCracken,  Chief Banger���P. J. Smyth,  , Past Chief Banger���J. C. Drewry,   ,  Vice Chief Banger���M. L. Hollister,  Becording Sec'y���J.  C.  Sanderson,  .  Financial   Sec'y���Lewis   Thomson,   ���  Treasurer���Bobt. Campbell,  Orator���T..G. McGregor,        '   -  Senior Woodward���S. A. Scott,  Junior Woodward���P..T, Smyth,  Senior Boatle~-A. H, Trent. :  -  Juniqr B.eatle*-'Frank Dauby,'       ���  Trustees���T. E. Collins, B, X; Smith  / It was decided to  leave tbo  charter,  opon untii December  22nd. ',-Regular'  meetings will he held on the first' and  third Thursday of each month. ,'; ,  F"  I'I  ll  NEW JEWELRY  STORE;  .�� >  High grade   watches >a   specialty.    A nice line.of engage-.  .  ment    and    wedding,    rings,7 ��� -  broaches, blouse   sets,.- brace-   ���  let's, chains,   etc." .Orders   by  ��    mail     solicited.      All    work  and goods guaranteed^to give  satisfaction.  - W. F. TATE,  Cranbrook, B. C.       a   JEWELEB.  B.    O.   RESTAURANT.  OPEN NIGHT AND DAY.  Everything First .Class.  South Victoria   Street.  WHITE & KUSSELt, I*ro**8.  SUanquet at ilio Central.  Messrs. Batley & Desaulnier of   the  Central Hotel served an excellent dinner at their place last Thursday   evening in honor of the event of  it   being  the American's thanksgiving day. The  dining room, which   has   been   newly  papered    and   carpeted,   was    neatly  decorated with flags and bunting. The  long   tables   were    well ' laden   with  turkey and cranberry sauce, and other  delicacies appropriate for the occasion, i  including several bullies of wine-    lie- j  sidoo the regular boarders, the   following invited guests were   present:    Mr.  and Mrs.   L. M.   Mansfield',   Mr.  and  Mrs. M. (J. Foley, Mr. and   Mrs.  Karl j  Neitzel, the Misses Cardiff,  Mi.-*.*.  Tib-'  batts. Messrs. J. C. Drewry, J. L  Cole,  Thomas Bader, J. 0. Sanderson, F. J.  Smyth, P. Ti Smyth:  CENTRAL    -    HOTEI  Barber] Shop. .  T. E. COLLINS. Prop,  MOYIE, B. C.  h  ALL CLIMES  CONTRIBUTE  lo our stock, and (he  S,  *3I  Sitl'fcJrmtbiHiont Cola l>er*Kirf.u.  , I. h. Cole,- WiO superintended the  building of, the St.'iilugone. odncntrator  at this placfej kit, Ffiday morning for  Spokane.. He will spend a good share  of the winte'f-iii N'etv York'state and  will prybab'ly return to Moyie in the  spr(ihg.- Mr; Odle.is One" of the beat  .jiiillrneii id tlie country,,and the St.  Eugene: eblitieiitrator stands us a  credit to hith;      .  Ma3  Metal Quotation^.  ������'��� New York. [-Deb: 2.���Bar silver  59^ cents; Xietul, U.W @ ^1.05.  The fii-iti that fixes the selling  plifces' for miners and smelters  quotes lead at .$4.40 at the close.   ,.  Gathered"here afe: hot fciii*-  .passed^ih qualif^-bi- freshness.  Only siicli gtiods as hnve dis  linCiive mferir lire permjilrd  to ehtei- Otir stock, ' Low  prices dt> hot prompt u.s tq  h'iiy articles of inferior gradtsi  The best of everything is !;ef'J  at liiodenite prices.  MacEachern &  acdonaid  ���&��zg?^m&wsm$  *��"fe<��K>a J" ���  OCEAN CABLES IN WARTIME.  *'!���_������  "'>'������<���  -���ills'  ,LU;.,  , # \:,  : .--I -.  ft'." !  il!;  "���^  c  /���"*  '.J.  ��'?' ''.  ,}"!���   !'  A,   'f  .'  !!  :*.<���*���  s-,  .:' ,        , I       ?  - A !     i', <��� '��.  :'$ I ��� '-a ".,&  ".^���(v ._'.A  '���y  . -|; .'���. * -1 " ai'  *' J '   -''   '��� ,�����  ' A j!   '. '*'���,' ������il'  [3, ,'      , "--��� u-'  ���-ii^r'-U'- 7;  "A'l'i���-,.'?.    ii  . Hx',  .-���:];' j-:  r    ,1,1, ,,       ''   V-   -,     .(���  ]%L/^/  J'?3r.i'.ir:  7.  Iff   r.-  ':  ���,i>'! ^i-r.^  .   I.,"      A     A  '- i*   ���!.     '��� '���    J.1  ' 'V ' ��� --' V��  v , i.y   ��� >.':' y_  ��� .'ii' ',,;���'! ', !������  I   ������  ,,; ,a    , '-  i'  .: i  ;,i*}A .-.;,.' i  -A'A i A'   '-  IW'S""-  feM.J' "'-' ;  f .��;., i'i i ��� -.   - ,  I.'!}' ' I ".- .  t :li-��,    -    i  fifyyV- ��� Af  I '$ 'i^' .'"-' ��  f^ft*.^.  ' IVUlk'11. ,���''.'  i **' I.,- ;-? V' 0,t  11 !;.-|-.'ji j-'1-'!,  , -j*ii..'-iii! !<ji,  ���: l>.y';- i  T- >  .sv ';-:?i. *v-5  f ;;.���":'!.::��� i. "<���'?  K^   J  "A '" '? 'y.i  \ * * i* i i'!' ���      /  f''r*-1-" "-t,  I A"  "- ���*." i..  ''ik" '  )  f-r..,.*  r#J,\ ������  ���;  - 'ji"c.  *���,   ���  o,v  i'.   , i  , *  ;  .<< ��� ���'  "   ���  1 .  , i j  ,    !V  t-;,  . .V  'Si  V  ' "ti  ���"���.ft-  t   ���  save  Talk of Their Neutrality WhJcli Has  Kever Been Acted  Upon.  During the late war the Americans  cut the cable connections with Hongkong and the French cable in Cuban  waters off the port of Caimauera. This  was at once denounced, by tlie French  press especially, as unwarranted by  the law of nations and as being a  ' positive violation of the <rules of modern warfare. The charge is absolutely  groundless. A belligerent certainly  cannot be denied the right tp prevent  his enemy from, communicating with  the outside world. The suggestion has  been often mad�� that ocean cables  should not be interfered with in timn  "Iu the near future the government  will require all engravers and those  connected with en graving establishments to register at least once a mouth  and to present a list of the work performed by them."���Philadelphia Record.  AROUND THE WORLD.  Don't Like to Saw "Wood.  A returned Klondilcer says that Dawson City has adopted a novel and effective curt- for crime. It is a monster  wood pile, and it is enough to awe  the most hardened offeuder. A man  .convicted of any offense is compelled  to saw wood. He saws ten hours a day  steadily, day after day, until bis sentence expires. He must saw regard-  loss of the weather. In the most intense cold, the hardest rain, the here  of war, but should be "neutralized by i est snowstorm be is compelled to con-  agreement of the nations. President | tinue his sawing, and, if the day has  Buchanan made such a suggestion as ' not ten hours of light, lanterns are  early as 1S5S, when the lirst Atlantic   provided to enable him to put in a full  cable was laid. Ih his reply to Queen  Victoria's message of good will Mr.  Buchanan said, "Will not all nations  of Christendom spontaneously unite iu  the declaration that it (the cable) shall  be forever neutral, and that'its coin-  'inuuieatlons shall be held sacred in  parsing, to their places of destination,  even in the midst of hostilitiesV"   Hut  day. When the pile of sawed wood begins to get low. the authorities sentence men to sawing for very light offenses, and the result 13 that' everybody behaves' for fear of getting a dose  of 8awing.���Detroit Journal.  Beats the Record. <  One man, with the assistance of two  this agreement, which Mr. Buchanan j "shockers," in Decatur township, Iud.,  _       ,    ....   -  recently cut 40 acres1 of wheat in two  days.   The work was done with three  ~��� 40 years ago supposed the nations  would so spontaneously outer into,  does not yet exist.  The war with Spain la the first ,war,  so far as the writer is aware, iu which  &   belligerent  has  found   it necessary  ' to cut an ocean cable.  That, the cables  were likely  to be so interfered   with  appeared   probable   at, the   very   outbreak of hostilities.   Mr. Balfour was  questioned ou the subject in the British   house  of|x commons   as  early as  April   20,   the  day   after   the' United  States declared war.   He .replied that  he was not prepared to deny.thar belligerents,  on   the  ground   of  milirary  exigencies,   would   be justified Jn   interfering with the cables.    A few days  later, on  May 2, Dewey  had cut  the*  Manila cable.  The  nations' have  a convention .for  the   protection   of   submarine   cables,  which   was  entered   into   in   Paris  in  ,18S4  and  ratilied   and   proclaimed   in  "lSSo.    The   United   States   and   Spain  are among the signatory powers.  That  convention,  however, simply provides,  protection for cables In time of peace.  In   article   15   It , is   expressly   stated  that "It is understood that the stipula,  tions of  this convention  shall   iu   no  wise affect  the liberty  of  action'of  belligerents."   But it is interesting iH  this connection to recall that in  1809  the  United  States  proposed  the  neutrality of cables in  time of war and  called a conference to meet at Washington.     But   before   the    conference^  could   be   held   the    Franco-Prussian  war occurred, and the meeting had to  be  abandoned.     The   Italian   government subsequently sounded the pow-"  era, and'it was found that it would bt  Iihpossi'ble ,to  secure   thefr   assent   to  neutralization.  In 1864 an attempt "was  made to lay an Atlantic cable, and at  that time France, Italy. Portugal and  one or two other states actually entered into an agreement for its  protection in war as well as��� peace.   The  effort to lay that cable failed; with the  failure the treaty lapsed.���Forum.  horses and a six foot biuder,' and two  J pounds of twine to the acre were re-,  quired 6�� bind the wheat.   This is b��-  ii��ved to b*at tbe record.  POULTRY  POINTERS.  Keep four ducks to one drake.  Do not food too much soft feed.  ���Never use imperfect fowls for breeding.  Get rid of the liens you do not intend to  keep throng!) the winter.  It rarely pays to spend time trying to  cure a bad cas-e ef roup or cjjj; hound in  liens.,, Use the hatchet.  Leghorns and Brahmas do not thrive  well together. So far as cay be done  have the flocks uniform.  Soft feed for any kind of poultry wet  lip with sweet milk is better adapted to  their use than that prepared iu any other  .way.    It is cheap and wholesome.  A pure bred rooster will get chicks  from all kinds of hens that will'resemble  him in appearance, hut the offspring of  the crossbred males will be of all colors.  To avoid roup trouble among the fowls  be sure that their roosting places are' dry  and that drafts are avoided. Nothing  tells so quickly on the health of fowls as  dampness or foul air. , ���  Fattening fowls should have cornmcal,  buckwheat and iike foods. If in good  condition when commencing to fatten,  ten days is usually ample time in which  to fatten chickens and ducks if they are  kept confined.���St. Louis Republic.  It seems to have been settled that no  Warship is complete without a punch  bowl.���Boston Herald.  When it comes to making mistakes,  France has been from the first one of the  leading nations of the world.���Dallas  Mews.  With cornhusk millinery perhaps the  head of the house would not have' to  "shell out" so frequently.���St. Louis  Post-Dispatch.  That pass at Laingsnek, in the Transvaal, is a subject of some concern to the  English military authorities. ' They got it  in the neck there iu the last war.���Philadelphia Times.  Returning prospectors say there's no  room for newcomers in the Cape Nome  goldfields. It may be natural for Alaskan miners to play a freeze out game.���  St. Louis Republic.   , =-  If,it is a benefit to have a parcels post  service with foreign countries, there can  be no question that it will be advantageous to have' the same service here.������  Milwaukee Sentinel.  A St. Louis tailor has eloped with two  women  at  the  same time.     If it  takes  nine tailors to make a man, this plainly  ���hows that it takes IS women to make a'  , bride.���Chicago Post.  We don't intend to attend the Paris  exposition because of the injustice of  France to Dreyfus. We had really become alarmed that we might have to give  the true reason.���Atchison Globe.   ���  Japan's announcement that 22 ports  ai-e opened to foreign trade shows that  she is rapidiy getting into touch with the  best civilization. ' The doors will soon be  wide open.���Baltimore American. .  The London policemen, have been ordered to refrain from wearing tan shoes  on the ground, that they are "too stylish."  Fancy' inculcating ,humility on our policemen on grounds like these.���New York  Sun.  For the next few weeks military affairs  will have to rest quiet while a great nation looks with pride upon the .prize,,  pumpkin and the curly headed steer with,  a ,blue ribbon tied to his horn.���Pittsburg  News. '     , ���  A Kentucky sheriff swallowed his.collar button, and in the course of time it  killed him. Kentucky folks are killed  often enough by what they swallow, but  it is rarely collar buttons.���Pittsburg  Times.  How little we are the tool of England  may be seen by a glance at Paris, where  tbe United States is championing Venezuela-as against England and an ex-president of the United States and an ex-secretary of the navy are pleading Venezuela's cause.���Washington Star-  DAZED ENGLAND WITH AN AD  Otber   I'Vat*   of   It.s   Author.   Who   Is  Slill  Living I"  I'<��usrIik-.-!-ii.*.ie.  Some of the nabobs of the present  day advertising v.orJd who think they  are "the, only pebbles on ihe be;ioh"  ought to take a trip down to Pough-  keepsle and listen to the advertising  uiu-ratives an old niau there may relate to them. And the uld man can  substantiate hi.s narratives with facts  and proofs and is not a meie yarn  spinner, like many of his degenerate  successors. His name is De Linton  Wing, and years ago lie won for himself the title of ���������progenitor of liberal  advertising" by his extensive advertising of a. famous brand of dour of  which he was the proprietor, the Julian mills flour..  It is said that at oue time he was  worth $r>0,000,000, but lost his fortune  partly by speculation in buying newspapers.  One of  Mr.  Wing's  greatest' advertising feats was tlie  insertion lu  the  London Times, much to the.ssurprise of  the slow going Britons, of a full page  advertisement of his famous brand of  flour,    lt was claimed ,ns a joke that  Mr.  Wing,  who alone  had the secret  and the patent for the manufacture ot  the  Julian   mills   flour,   introduced   lu  the Ingredients a moistening.of alcohol  and hops th^it gftve a  pungency  upon  which many a family  was mildly exhilarated every morning at breakfast,  and he had as a part' of his business  accounts a  letter from   Lord  Palmer-  ston.   prime   minister  of   England,   in  which the latter expresses the thanks  of Queen .Victoria and her ministry for,  bags of his flour,'because,'as the minister said,  of  its elevating effects at  each meal. '    ,  In the advertisement In,tlie London  .Times Mr. Wing had such striking  lines aV these: "Julian mills see' the  queen;" "Palmerstou gets his Julian  cakes early aud saves,England's honor  by reason of the daring spirit they infuse in him." Iu the middle of the  page, was a woodcut���a, most terrible  innovation for the,, London Times���of  Mr.'Wing seated between.the queen  and Lord Palmerstou, who are both  begging him to come to England and'  '���ByWEATHERLEY  ^S-^     CHE5NEY  (Copyright, 1809. bj Weatherley Cbeaaay.J  live at Windsor.   To this Mr. Wing re  CURTAIN  FAAISERS.  PHE   BOOKMAKERS.  To  Prevent  Counterfeiting:.  The art of engraving by means of  ohotographlng and kindred aids has  now reached such a degree of perfection that the government has been  forced to redouble its vigilance to p're-  veui frauds in that direction. An old  engraver said yesterday, in speaking of  this matter: "The exposure of the recent big counterfeiting conspiracy has  worked a change already in the system by which the government lias  heretofore kept track of dangerous  counterfeiting   methods.  "Chief Wilkie. I see, says that Taylor and Bredell employed a new system in imitating the $100 Monrio head  counterfeit. He is wrong. The system has been in vogue for many years,  and is common to all experts in our  line. There are, no doubt, hundreds of'  engravers who would scorn to do a  dishonest act who could malce counterfeit plates far better than the ones  turned out by Taylor and Bredell. As  a matter of fact, the plate that was  used to print the counterfeit internal  revenue stamps was a very Imperfect  piece of work, and there are apprentices I know of who could do better..  However, they were good enough to  fool the ordinary nerson.  '_ F. Marion Crawford  is now  in Sicily  and does uot expect to return to America  for at least a year.  Mrs.   Frances   Hodgson   Burnett   will  soon return to the United States.    She is  at present living it   EnglanuAengaged in  literary work. <.  Bliss Perry's first appearance in print  -was as the author of a short story in The  Atlantic Monthly, of which he has now  become the editor.  Samuel M. Clemens (Mark Twain), who  is now in Germany, will spend the winter  at  Princeton,  N. J.     lie has engaged a  suit of rooms at the Princeton inn.  M. Zola is nothing if not unique. He  .says  that  what  impressed   him   most  in  London  was the number of hairpins he  observed on the sidewalks.  William Morris had a great horror of  being buried under a marble slab, and,  though a costly monument has been erected over his grave at Kelmscott, in England, 'the grass grows over the mound.  This is contrived by having the base of  the column form nn arch above the grave.  There is no inscription save the words,  "William Morris."  THE SHAMROCK.  These narrow escapes of the Shamrock  would seem to show that she's got a  good deal of luck in her locker.���Boston  Herald.  What's in a name? Shamrock was built  in England by a Scotchman and hasn't  an Irishman in her entire crew.���St. Louis Republic.  The loser of the yacht race is assured  of much consolation in the opportunity  to show how amiable and sportsmanlike  he enn be under-adverse conditions.���  Washington Star.  It is a natural impulse of patriotism  to deny that the cup is in danger, but  it is hardly to be denied thnt there havo  been times when its anchorage seemed a  trifle more secure.���New York Tribuut.  Mile. Elsie de C^^rney is to tour the  country next **H-3��on in "Joan of Arc."  Ada Lewis, who played with the Rogers brothers, h&4 been married to John  Parr, a singer.  Walker Whiteside will open in "Ben-  Hur" Nov. 27. The piece will run the  entire season in New York.  "Sherlock Holmes," William Gillette's  new play, is completed and is in the  hands of Charles Frohman, who will give  it a production Oct. 23 iu Washington.  The scenery for "The Children of the  Ghetto" is very elaborate. The' models  were made from photographs of actual  places in the ghetto of London mentioned by Mr. Zangwill in his book.  Miss Maude Odell, who is playing Mi-  ladi with James O'Neill in'"The Musketeers" this season, has been leading  lady of the Castle Square theater stocl:  company in Boston for the past year."  Olga Nethersole has received frcm  Clyde Fitch the complete manuscript of  his dramatization of Daudet's "Snpho."  Accordng to advices from' Loudon, Miss  Nethersole is delighted with the play.  Frau Agnes Sorma, the famous German actress, will appear in' dramas by  Goethe, Shakespeare, Schiller and  Hauptmann- at the Theatre du Gymnase,  in Paris, during the exhibition. She will  be supported by a' German company.  The Cherry sisters, so. famed a few  years ago as vaudeville entertainers-of a  pecaliar sort, live on an old .farm now  near Marion, Ia. They go to town early  every day with baskets of butter and  eggs, and they have ceased to be a curiosity with their townspeople.  spends, "I am an American sovereign;  greater than the British crown."  Ope  of-Mr.   Wing's  greatest  enterprises  was during.the great celebration of 1S5S over the Atlantic cable.  Albany turned out. in great procession,  at the head of which   was the great  wagon of D. L. Wing, made entirely of  flbiir   barrels.     Sixteen   flour   barrels  served' as   wheels,   nnd   thousands  of  barrel, staves formed an awning over  the body of the wagon, on which 50  young ladies In-bakers' dress were conducting a mimic bakery of the Julian  cakes.    Thousands of Albanians were  gratuitously   served   with   bread   that  day, from the Julian mills flour, and at'  -the home of nearly every poor family  in the ward In  which  Mr. Wing lived  were'left,that night a barrel of flour1  and a photograph of Wing and Queeu'  Victoria.���Albany   Press and  Knickerbocker.  HOUSEHOLD HINTS.  IN THE UNITED STATES ENTHUSIASTIC  IN HIS PRAISE OF,  -Next to Dr. Oronhyatekha himself there is-no member of the Independent Order of Foresters more favorably  known than the venerable Col. A. ,13. Caldwell, who/founded  the order in the United States antl organized the National  Guards under Governor Seymour in .1862,  Col. Caldwell lives at Syracuse, N. Y., and tells of his  wonderful experience with Dr. Chase's, Kidney-Liver Pills  in the following letter:       7 |A  _ " For the good of the community, I volunteer this  testimonial to the wonderful value of Dr. Chase's Kidney-'  Liver Pills. I used them for nearly one year for urinary  troubles, kidney ailments, torpid liver ancl constipation. "'.'I  never before met with such a mild and efficacious laxative.  I take one pill a day before retiring, and the"jeffect is wonderful in producing calm repose, excellent appetite and  good digestion."  Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one pill a dose, 25  cents a box. At all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co.,  Toronto. a  Never use soda in washing a baby's  clothes, for if not very carefully rinsed  out it is a source of irritation and chafing  to the delicate skin.  To fasten knife and fork handles that  have become loosened, take a piece of  quill, put it into the handle and push  the knife or fork in firmly after heating  it.  A sewing machine needle may be easily  threaded by those with imperfect sight  if they place behind it a piece of white  paper. This immediately shows up the  eye and removes any difficulty.  A fancy work basket can be made at'  home by removing the seat from a large  campstool   und   filling   its   place   with   a  pocket   of   cretonne   lined   with   sntecn  and letting It hang down below the seat.  If you only have bare floors and rugs  in your house there need never be a  regular housecleaning period. The house  will be cleaned from week to week,- aud  carpet cleaning as an exceptional function will not be known.  Ilriluiiiiiu S(M1 Rn)cA thc "\Vuvc��.  The old time boast that ''Britannia  rules the waves" was never more justified than it is today.    Figures published    in    Feildcn's   Magazine.' the   first  number of which'is just at baud, says  the London Mail, show Unit the eut::;i*  tonnage of the world iu'ships amounts  to. a round total of 27.073,528 tons, of  which enormous aggregate the United  Kingdom and  its colonics own rather  more than one-half, or,  to be precise,  the Immense and overshadowing proportion of lS.OSS.oOS. ' Deducting from  this latter total 1.001,5S-i owned by the  British colonies throughout the world,  the United Kingdom possesses no less  than 12.82G.024 tons.  .It is indeed a far cry from'this predominating tonnage to tlie second biggest, which, it is hardly surprising to  learn, is that of the Uuited States of  America   and   which    figures   out   to  2,405,387  tons.     Germany   takes   third  place with.2,433,334  tons,  which  thus  follows closely   upon   American  heels.  All  probably   but    those   who    follow  maritime affairs closely will learn with  some surprise that Norway easily occupies the fourth place.    ���  POLITICAL QUIPS.  The candidate who drums on an empty  "bar'l" soon discovers his inability to  make effective campaign music.���Chicago  News.    '. "; '  Sometimes a man wants re-election to  office as a vindication of his conduct, and  sometimes he wants it because he has no  other meau3 of living.���New Orleans  Picayune. '���  A politician never realizes how absolutely insignificant and perfectly dispen-,  sable he is until he gets up and climbs  out of his party. About that time it  Beems to strike everybody at once that he  never did amount to much anyhow.���Chicago Journal.  THE AUTOMOBILE.  The automobile will never get Its tall  over the reins. It may, however,! ditch  the driver unless its throttle is kept well  in hand.���St. Louis Star.  If this automobile fad keeps on spreading, about the only place where you'll be  able to hear the clatter of horses' hoofs  in the iiear future will be those playhouses where the military drama prerajls.  ~*St. Louis Republic.  Nine ThduHund VIvlnt-ctlon Cmi'ii.  A parliamentary return shows that  during 1808 9,151 experiments were  performed under licenses in England  aud Scotland on Hying animals.  Of these 7,040 were in the nature of  Inoculations, or hypodermic Injections,  which are the only experiments performed without anaesthetics, while of  the remaining l.iill, 1.008 wero without pain, complete anaesthesia bavin?  been maintained from the commence'  ment of the experiment until the animal was killed.  In Ireland there were 303 experi-'  .ments.of which 119 were on dogs, 1 on'  a rat, 15 on mice,All on guinea, pigs,  145 ou rabbits and 12 on birds. These  are said to have been "on the whole  free from pain or only'1" moderately  painful."���London Mail. '    .-'  Lout the Stone.  After, some improvements hnd been  made In North Capitol street. Washing  ton, it was discovered that tho workmen had thoughtlessly made away  with the historic stone set in place by  George Washington at the time of the  original surevys to mark the northern  boundary of the city. The stone cannot  be found, but a committee has been appointed to prepare a suitable piihir'or  tablet to mark the spot where  stone stood for so many years.  CHAPTER IV.  MABEL BREAKS OU�� ENGAGEMENT.  On,the afternoon of the day following the mnrder I made my way to De  Vere Gardeua. Ths previous evening I  had gone tharo full of blissful excitement.' I was going there to ask Mabel  JTeuton to bo my wife, and as I scarcely  doubted what her answer would be. I  was In tho seventh heaven or prospective!  happiness. Now, the day afterward, 1  entered the house absolutely dejected  and broken down, for I know hor brother to be a murderer. The police were  on his' track and at any moment he  ruLabfc bA prr*wt��<1. 4. H'orld of trouble  was in stare for my darling.  The man who opened tho door eyed  me with marked curiosity. My devotion  to Ma boi was too oh'vioua to havo escaped notice below stairs. rThe visit of  tho police that morning to make- iu-  quiriesjhuil naturally aroused great ex-  citemeut in those region?,, und now not  only was I regarded as tho favored  itiitor of his young "mistress. -bu,t I had  *11 the additional 'interest of being a  suspected murderer.  He ushered me into the drawing  room. It romaiued jnst ��b I remember-  jd it tho previous evening. Thero was  Che bowl of rosos from which my lovo  had taken the choicest bloom to fasten  In my coat, a treasure 'which I had inwardly vowed to hoard forever, bnt  which had been lost in the brutal fray  ���lost, crushed and trodden in the Hiiro.  There wai the book Mabel had boon,  reading when. I entered, and by its side  the paper knife with which she bad toyed beforo I mado her hand my captive.  And th��ro was still that subtle odor of  violets, which would linger in my memory, inseparably connected with that  scene.*   ' ���  But' now tho frou-frou of dainty  skirts told mo of 'my darling's approach.  The handle turned, and Mabel stood before me. >   ,  "Mabel!" ,     , ,  "DuncanI" '    '- '  For one sweet moment all else but  our lovo was forgotten in oho long, rapturous embrace. 2sTot 24 hours had  elapsed since I last held my dearest in  my arms, but'what a world pf agony  had happened in that time I  ' I looked into her eye's, so full of untold happiness for mo; I kissed tho lips  that spoke but of eweetest lovo, and for  the moment all the pending misery was  forgotten in one long,, fond rapture of  bliss. * <��� ���   ,  Novor had Mabel looked eo unspeakably lovely. rHer red gold hair rippled  and shimmered In the clear sunlight  and waved, and clustered round hor  white forehead. ������ Her' deep blue eyes  looked into mine in trustful faith. Her  pouting lips' invited kissoe, disclosing  pearls of rarest beauty,'while the color  on her cheeks came and wont in concert  with tho heaving of her breast.  "Ob, Duncan, my poor boy,, how  ���hamefnlly they havo treated you I How  could they suspect you? How dare lhey  arrest yon?"  "Their suspicion was nothing.    You  did not doubt me for a moment?"  '  "Duuoau,'how could I?"  Sho started from my ombraoe and  held herself erect.   ������  "Though all tho world were against  you, you know I could not for ouaino-  xnent doubt yon."  I drew my dear ono to a seat, atill  holding her hand in mine.  "Toll  me,  Duncan," sho  said, With  gentle sympathy, "tell mo all about it."  So I poured into her ears all I dared  toll her of my experiences after leaving  her tho previous evening.    I touched as  lightly as   possible  on  my finding the  body of  the murdered woman, scarcely  mcntioningcthoman who stood ovor hero"  As I told of tho fury of the mob her littlo hand tightened in miuo and tho color  left hor cheeks.   When I spoko to hor of  the long, dreary night at tho police station, her eyes betrayed, her sweet compassion, and when I breathed tenderly  all my thoughts of her in tho darkness  and gloom that had  shrouded  mo  she  nestled almost imperceptibly nearer to  me, and   again for  a moment   I forgot  tho coming  ngony.   When  !��� described  the weary waiting in the morning, tho  arrival of my friends aud   my ultimate  release, sho broke in ongerly :  "Ah, Duncan, it wna so unfortunate  Georgo was away when tho police camol  I know how sorry he will ho that he  could not be tho first to go to you I IIow  indignant he will be at their suspocting  you!" , s  , ,Oh the untold irony of her words!  All the timo my mind was forlornly  groping for an answer to the monoto-  nous question which I knew must oomo  sooner or later and which would tell  her what I would give worlds that sho  should kuow flm from anothor  1 listened as with womanly care sho  prayed me to tell her if I Ld rested  and.oaten and n hundrodsother things  which tender love alone, could suggest.  I listened and I Appose my answers  wore lucid, bnt" .11. the while X Seeniet  to _know nothing but that'he-tho  brother  she wprshiped-ho, my friend  wasguityofthlsgha^tlycrimoirh;  * fearful panorama,, I saw tho murderer  lvj.il at  tho'banks  victor   thero  was  a  lady, ^J0��}��  olo-soly to her room and who tbey heart  iieious shyness, and  I  could   �� 4  her blm-hes. She continual-    but ^��  "1 know, if not all, at']..,.  than any one elee, for GeorKQ j" ^  me hi* confidant, and I have ZT*'  for him against my father ai,d ���/**>  who are naturally verv, ant tber'  him; for, after all, 'the girl jfi t? *lth  and we have always had such ?."''  ideals of tha wjfo George won v. gh  homo to us. This is how It �� fb riB��  about. Last year George *ent ***** '  with a friend to a picture^ v|ICe  nn the Wye. It was little betur ti "  cluster of houses, half a.^i*  away from,the nearest railway mTi '  and the' only accommodation wai [J-  the village inn, which steoj S  ta of the mar.    Th, ���a,y ��*  wbo kest  m ;hevh  was an artist. They only 10.t her"-unm  ly in the inn, and she excited verv h '  tie interest in George so long J^  iriend waB with him.'   ' "  "When he was left alone, howMer  George, out of feheer curiosity, aud hav  ing nothing bet ter,'to do when mJi ,  ing; tried to flud out more about h��"  and it was not very difticuit for hia-.  become acquainted with her. Shar  not very well off, it appears, MU(i JJ  ,painliUH Christmas card* mid elk,  and doing fancy work to ekeoutIj��\4.  come, Geotge conjd not very vn.|| ^  ut first why she .was thero, but Ijo gath'-  ered she hnd an unhappy home life end  wan trying to earn her own living. As  the days passed on'they became bolt*.  acquainted, aud Goorge ondod by being  hopelessly iu, lovo with her. H0 told __,,  thnt much aa j-bo soemed to enjoy hi.  society sho never encouragerf anything  moro than ordinary friendship, m\  when ho attempted to-say radrp than  .this would warrant she-stopped him a.  ' onco.' Poor boy, ho must havo been verr  far gouo, and ono evening he would not  bo gainsaid. Ho confessed to her'bow  much,ho loved ber) aud besged bw to  marry him. Sbo-was awfully kind to  him;' but ho told nip .abe.woald not uy  ��nytliing.=l   '  >    " 'Tomorrow  I will    give ycu.my  answer,' she, said.   George wentaw^  from her in,a state of blissful expense.  Ad  she had  not  said   'No,'  bia hopes  wore  raised; but when momiuf. cami  she- hnd  gone.    Sho had packed up her  things  in   tbo nighttime and had gone  by'the early morning  train, leavi-*^.  address or clew as to her whereab?:!*. .  Thero was a note for Georgo.   He opa-,  ed   it eagerly, but it,simply contaia-4  the words: 'Gdodby.    .Tib better t>o.' .  "George was almoBt heartbroken. He  tried to follow her, and, indeed, tractd  her   to   the  neighboring junction, Lot  thero nJJ clow woe lost.    He wag an ct-  ter wreck when ho came home, aud oce  evening, in  a burst of hopelessness, h��  told me all about hor.    Of course I wsi  terribly sorry for bim, and I must confess my sympathies wero drawn toward"  the  womau.    The' months  passed and  Georgo  could  not  get  bv��r  it, but he  had loug ago given up all hope of ceeing  her again. - One night he burst iaioraj  room in n flush of excitement.  " 'Mabel, I  have, eeen her  again���I  have seen her!'  ���   "Poor   boy!   Ho   looked so h'nppj I  could uot but be glad for his sake. '  ' " 'TeJl mo all about it.'  " 'I saw her on fho top of a bus, al  all places.   Wo were sitting next to cm  another.    It was dark. , I,didn't notice  .hor, but she know mo.  I felt my aeigh-  hor edging away from me  and n-Aictd  her hoad���turncd   in tho opposite liiieo-  ticn.    This   nronsod- my   enriositj. 1  obliged her to turn, nud   thsra she wu  ���my darling!' Aud George, quitfi overcome with emotion, buried hid face ir  his hands and wept liko a child.  " 'Sho got down at Hyde park corner,' hp weut on,, 'begged me to loan  her, but I wouldn't. 1 was not goingw  lose her again when I had only 'jar  found her. I mado her toll me wta��  sho was livitig beforo I would go. Sis  is'��� And Georgo hesitated.  ' " 'Well?' I nnid interrogatively.  " 'Sho ia a lady's maid at Spiegelei*  sen's.'  '* 'Oh !' I said,' and I'm afraid I shuddered. It was not only that (.be v��'��  servant that made my heart sink iiidii'  may, but becauso I felt she had ton  sailing under falso colors whan George  first mot her. Ho had told mo she i���'  a lady, aud hor conduct at the inn ^  confirmed it, but now I felt the -wasa  sham aud that George's passionate low  hud beon givon. to a probably adventuress.  "I tried to convince him of thin, but  ho was so infatuated with her that I'  would nut /-eo it. IIo oven beKK*1'' Ill8:  sco fho woman and iutoicedo for bit  but I could not doit: Icoulfln't protm  to beliuvo in her, even for his nil*'-*. '";  i-o thiugs went on.  Ho nevor tailored '-  his devotion to her.  (To be continued.)  Two Souls.  iliislmiid (retiilin-,' his paper)-��� I !(  you,-my. deur, Ihe L'.i-uoklyns are corker  but   it   won't   do   for   them   to  w:i-**^  ��;m;<i-,' '     ' " ������.- ������'������'��� 7." ',- ..  ;-, Wire���There!   I furt:of to go to P.hi.i"1  and ���.���order-   iho.se  jackets  .sent  hui.no o-  approval���or���did you7'suea'k, '.loluiV  Husband'��� S'aw! A  the  'r<*le��-|.|ii,l��   Wire   Brldjco.  A bridge composed wholly of telegraph wire was btillt over the Jhehiiu  river in Kehala, in.the Punjabi in place  of a bridge which was swept nwav l.v  the floods of 185)2. A similar bri,!1-'  was constructed during ihe first Kml-Tn'  campaign over the Kokora river for  military purposes.  thThhm of 7,Ita8W ">o -trial; I hoard  La-,^���0'utl9L.cr.0w^  court; I saw  Slime Old  Scarcity. .,  "Help!" shouted I lie victim of (���"��� ��>."-n  'Wfi.y.iiH'il. .,      ,  "It   won't  do  any  good,"  tlu'.v jf^.  "Some of our be:  a   wi'clc   with   h  can't get u'sinj.le'app'licntion." .:_  And   lhey 'went   leisurely   thrum,'"'u;  other pockets.''  any nouu, ���"��� .��� .������, r *<  est, people arc ol'lVri";.'^  two   afternoons  i'111  ;1  thojudgo, the black  ��ap, and I saw the  gal lows looming bohind It �� ii    r  tn >,B nun 4. ii ���   uuuinu 1C all. I eoemod  to be sUll tn king and listening, yet my  pd worked^, then, horrors regard  lees of my will, nnd gradnaJ1     rJ��"rt:  ujare's  spell..seemed to cree/ovor ��  "Hoah!a3hk,Ug ab��Ut -ae��eo no"  Dun���,,   v      " a^f"JJy worried lately,  Into the iUnfc-n/.liic ,  "My fallier wns-n hero," said the.-pr"''_  girl. A'W.l.cu his ship caiiKbt I''''' '" "'  tie,  he jumped right   into the maW  mid   ��� ..  "Oh.".interrupted tlie menu ll11"!-'     [u  the coinnuMi thing for war '���L'''*,y,''.Jl|",.1jia-  jump'right   into the magazines,  delphia Record. ,  Ui* Tt-lltnle  r,<uitfh. ���        "    ���  I hear your iuiigli' rlny cleur and,loud.  Aru), though I-cannot srti'  Where you nrc hidden in I bo* crowd.  Tlio1 cause In clear to mo.  '���     I henr you lnuSlilnff with the rr��t  As loudly as vou can.  ..   Tlie juke, 'tis easy to be (fUOBscd,  li un some oilier man. THE MOYIE LEADER.  MOYIE,   B.    0.  A HOT DAY  EPISODE.  Mxiu  W'ntiled 11 Hook Thnt  fen1  Illi  anythin:  TUe wmiiU ,""���  W'n tiled 11 Hook  Would  I'r��e��' Hi* Blood.  -THAT  JAPANESE CATARRH CURE CURES.  Have    >^-'    "uyniing   horrible   In  ' " u>!;ed the young man with the  ���(.illar and  the suQ'use,!  blow us  CO  ,]],',.,!  Into  the lnJiyol'  the  book-  auy-  you  (tOl'l  Huil'  "lie v.-i ,  telh'i'.  "l',v any particular author?"  '���.���I'Votildu'* specify, 'i'o tell you the  truth. 1 ain't litcniry. lint u frk-nd of  Bilini was describing5' something he  itail. -UJtl ' llstvo becn t!��hil:iug that  UIivl'e books have more sense'in 'em  tha' 1 naVL* L'15J e,'et,il'r��i'- ' forgot  tj,|. iiaine of It., but.anything hi that  lluo'H do." ,    ���,     .  ���'There are some ghost stories over  on ili.ni shelf."  "May I read a little in.'em Just to  eauijile the goods?"  "ivitaiHiy." y  jy u-ss than a .quarter of no hour he  cum"- b:\eli t��> "-������ bookseller.  "It'll take too  long to Mud out  tli.-a  ,���_-.." lie suId."   "1   haven't seen  viiln-rv''* that Mils the bill."     -  ' '.-nt afia:<d   we- haven't' what  1 m-iis in s-tix-k."  "Ill get my friend to give ine the  title ant! .tiieu come bncft.' lie .said'it  wol:i,l In* soiiK'thing thai would f><*ev.e  'tbt l-lfwl 1" your veins and make your  hail' Maud ou end. ,!f I could liud  .oiiietiiing to do that, I'd be the most  llk-i-il customer you ever sold to. I'm  dwiil ilrt-d of having the blood go  (Iiroujrh, uiy. v-jhis like hot water  through' the pipes of a-Turkish bath,  ami if I could get something that  irould make my hair stand ��� oii end  awlilie so the breeze could get through  it I'd give you the biggest bill In my  salary envelope and never say a .word  eicfpi 'keep the,change.'"���Washington 'Star.     "  ' '������  , SOMETHING MORE THAN A PURGATIVE ���To purge Is the only effect' of  oauv pills now on tbe market. ������ Parme-  lw's'Vegetable Pills are more than a pnr-,  gative. They strengthen the stomach,  whore other pills onh' weaken It. ' They  clennso the blood by regulating the' liver  and kidneys, and they stimulate where  other oili compounds depress. Nothing  of an injurious nature, usM for, merely'  purgative powers, entera into their composition. ' "'.<,,  Instill  Added tn  Injury.  Col-net   Ilankllitinder - called    nt   the  &QKe or, the lovat  paper  to oxprens hid  mind   lorieeriiing -a   typographical   error  thnt h:;d appeared in a notice brought in  .by the coliind hiiUM-If  for |iublicatioii.  'Ilie club with which be wns��� connect<-d  hail decided to give tin entertainment :;i  a iml.lie hall for some benevolent pur-*  |>o-i*. and the hot ice announcing it closed  with tin- significant words, ''Admission  fee."  ni;t- the printers-had unaccountably  mad-.- it i".K!. "Admission five."  , "It *-;>m".!s the. whole object of the, fes  tivity."-AM Un.* ir.*i7<- cuf>>tic*l, poittling at  'the i.S?e��.Vi'Hsr"r."!ii��t I dori't mhn! t iTui  half -i imirh us the fact that what liu*-  kii'n i.-i-d i:.s out is n lettah that has no  h-g-t.���:;*.���!{<- I'M'.s'iiiec. sail, in the ICngiihb  langii.-igi-:"' '  wtitc*: -Ihav  it, t.'liilliwli.wi-., H,  I'linliased mx l,ox,-s-,f J;  anil .-.luce liiiWm,  ycur ago'I  u_*.i7i<��*c,<Jatanh Cure,  S^raS.ffij��'?���a  mm; he lias ul*,   iJC.t���  Catarrh Cuir  and kiu,w  s alio Wi  Ur|  111 lilt tO   UQ   IlKir  u (- kr-i'ii it for Hah; in our-Ktoi i-  who Have I^mS"1!'5^ S,,,",arl* *?��<*����   _ 2_   ,     ' DYNAMITE   PILLS.,  Why'Your   Doctor  Wriu*,,   I'r^Hcrip-  tioim  In  ObHc-urc  Listli*.  "What the eye doesn't see the heart  doesii i gneye over." This ,.ld, nld saw  i.i feuiey most applicable to the mystc-rie*  or modern 'pharuiucy.  The udvisubiliiy 0"f physicians' preaerip  lions being couched in Latin has fiv.-uent-  I.v hcen questioned, but the fact that in  many cases medicines of tln.<- highest value would he refused by . ihe paii.-nt if  once their composition  was known  is a  TAKING THE   RE ING.  ^iJui B. -ui.;��� ,.���, WtJ��� s���i0(Jor)l) lhis  'i^'UJiy liriUon ha.n't lost ,. Uat sin  '���-Il-Vi'lllIJiJ.  I  Leeeo,  f-e  ��1 Ji  Ull  um,.  ha*- been  ii   now   a  e iiioucy.  hy  Si! "l'.el's  HImtiI'i Li'sliofii!! Cares Garget' ii Cowj. ,  AiraKliiK Him.  "And then," said the naval hero who  was making his way slowly and reluctantly homeward after n prolonged  absence from bis native land, "think  of the babies I've got to meet who,have  been named for me since I went  away:"  Ami    he  Tribune.  sighed    heavily.���Chicago  great point in favor of the present piac-  tioe. ,  Mirny a patient, for instance, would  probably gasp at his doctor prescribing  to him dynamite us a remedy in heart  di-seiise. , Ijymnnjte is simply porous day  saturated w.ith uitroglycVit,, and , this  same nitroglycerin is freely prescribed in  cases of tliat prevalent disease of old age,  "angina pectoris."  Pure venom of the rattlesnake is being  in-ed, hy eminent practitioners "in severe  cases of scarlet' fever. ''  Dried bullocks' blood mixed with glycerin, and brandy or simply powdered h  iHie ot the" latest additions lo the physics.tri's armament.  The following prescription would probably He accepted by most of us as having a respectable appearance about' it  and when dispensed would probably be  taken iu most blissful innocence:   '  Ibvipe.���Iilnltae orientalis. draeh. xii.  Div. in puiveres cxliv. Capiat unam ter  in die.  Now for our translatio.n:  Take oferushed cockroaches 12 drams.  Divide in 1-14 powders. Take one three  times a' day. ���    ���  Will it be beiieved that/the' above prescription is other than a relic of old time  quackery? Weil, it is a fact that it is  beiiiL' used in this present year of grace  and has only been introduced during the  pa-t few years.  Among other animal products used in  medicine one familiar to all of us is pepsin. It may.be news to some that.pep&in  If. simply the gastric juice of the pig.  Leaving the animal world,'we find gold,  ���diver, copper and even class (in'the form  of silicate of soda) nil in constant use at  lhi.s day.  And finally as to poisons. The most  .effective "of tonics, and vastly used, Js  strychnia. ,-Stropanthus, introduced from  central Africa some few years ago and  now recognized a* our.most potent heart  si-dative, is 'the deadly arrow poison of  the Afriean cannibals.  Arsenic is our most frequently used  blood purifier, prussic acid is our best  and in many cases only allayer of vomiting and saves many more lives than it  destroys1, while morphia, aconite, mercury and many oilier of our virulent poisons are too well known in medicinal use  to need mentioning.���London Mail.  It i-> ���������in  priced nc $11.00.1,  l-iule   Loui c   Mar  (Jliailfied "ty.n [..-JiUci.  I'iw-iu.n KAly, -0.SV5. v.-iU linrdly he  Malted again thi,, j-,..,..,,  Rubber can li:li; jiM-al,oiu as enyy as  any mare now muting _,���. y  The bay  -hare  .\lAv-  i'���||  [{;*'��� w5:;v,v;j,i "^ -;-' �����>'* .-u u..nv,ii��...  UK, in -'-liJVi, is totally hi-,,,..  The green pacing fJHy Winnie Wilk-*s,  hy Roy Willies.- 2:00'/,,, .'ecentfy paced a  ���l'limc-i- at Aluiiieda. Cal., in 31V. *--e<-  ouds.       ��� "  '  It is now said thm Suuol, 2:0Sy,. will  h" so,d with the other horses of the late  Robert Homier, .Maud .S. 2:08-;.',, a lone'being (Reserved. ,    ;  The sensaliopa! 2-year-o!ii trotter Karon Sidney, trial 2:171a. by Oakland liar-  Vernon, 'l:'."2,\'u  napsu'4;"  on, 2:01)14, is out of Die  by-J ay Bird.  A.   Kaul   &  Sons   of  St.   Marys,  ���have^boughkJji_irj��_u.-. f;eMin- Pan!  -:lb/i, by-Nautiieket. of  Lonisvillo  tii-K, arid  he is now in "Ki  Carlhy's stable.  Precision. 2:10y_. by AUertou. i^ the  star place mouey winner of ilie j-rai.J  cic'iiit. .She has been three u'mes scmi-.h)  nud three- times thiid and b!is oniy won  'me heal to d;t'<-.    ,  Phoebe Wilkes. 'ISyV-x. had held the  honor as the fn-^itVst Mi. higa'u, b'redothit-  ter for half a dozen years,'but now ihe  biiiim-r on the oilier wall leads Peter the  Cleat (si), 2:'iTVi.  Up to KS'.i!' but seven trotting stallions  ' ever beaten 2:0,%    AI ready this :<ea-  live   have  dune  so��� Ringeii,  2:0(i'_:  Pa.,  Pry.  p-ir-  Mi-  m  ~^m  Women are coming  to   understand  .   that the Backaches,  A^N fi. Headaches,   Ti red  ,  --//'/yV   'i t \ V'i'Feelings and Weak  '5yi^-7^44?M>ySpelJs ivtjxn wbieh  ^z^'y^i ir ->ySs*-*i.i i]x,,y suri'er are due  to wrong action of  the kidneys.  The poisons that  ought lo be carried  off   are   sent  back  Into the blood, taking with them a mul-  Ihude of pains and aches.  OMITS &Mn$y fPiBSs  drive away pains and aches, ma\e women  healthy and happy���able to enjoy life.   >  Mr.y. C. II. Gillespie, 204 Britain Street,  St. John, N.B., says:  " Some time ago I had a violent attack  of La Grippe. From this, severe kidney  trouble arose, for' which I doctored with  a number of the best physicians in St.  John, but received little relief. Hearing'  iJp.'in's Kidney Pills highly spoken of, I  began iheir uso and in a short time found  them to bo a perfect cure. Before taking  these pills I suffered siieh'torture'that I  "Oiild not turn over in bed without assist-  mce. Ppan's Kidney I'i lis have,rescued  me from this terriblo condition, aud have  removed every pain and ache.  &7U(L  /Utt&tLrJHS  <UH$^iKyf~ ��&hv/ll>AyCU ,  &rL<lr <6Lfy:  A^V &UtfU/ ^/LtyJul^c/v  IfctATaAUL.  AnA,  4d^M  'C4V  had  son  Cre  2:11'  ���ecus.   2-f.7��/.:   Peter   the   Croat   \-\).  \\;   Jupe.   2:07'A'.   and   Fied   K'ohl,  2:07f;_.���Iloi't-e Review,  IMust have the  "^enaine; The  imitattsotisiook  ver/ nice> but they*  hurt mydeiicaie5IUhU  ������    Tlis AujchtTohjct Soap Coy.' -C -  AN ELEGY IN BROOKLYN.  It may be only a trifling cold, but neg-  ecb it and it will fasten its fang3 in yout  tongs, and you will soon be carried to an  in timely grave. Iu thia country we have  ���uddeu changes and must especc to have'  ougbs and colds. We cannot avoid them  'mt we can effect a cure fcy using Bickle's  A nil-Consumptive, Syrup, the medicine  that has never beeii known to fall in curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and all  affections of the throat, lungs aud chest.  WORKED  WHILE  ASLEEP.  A BRAVE WOMAN.  ft* a Drunken Husband Was Made a  Scfcer Man fay a Determined Wife-  _: o  A PATHETIC LETTER.  llwi / ?8 ��f fc,7lnS" tho Samaria Prescrlp-  drinH Vnfn6 on my husband for his  dtafJ *. ,abit-. but I was afraid he would  "^erhatlvRis givin  K10 thought unnorveu ..... _.   or nearty a week, but'ono day when he  _��>ne homo very   jnuoh -  hini mediciuc,  me. Ihesit-atcd  .|."",",,"u ,v��ry   union   intoiica.ted and  "*mk ssalary, nearly all spent, I threw  iffnn- *     r aud  determined to make an  law L   <Savo our ho,no from tho ruin J  ro���,.S>,n,n��.  at nil hazards.   I sent for  bli^Aff "larltt  Prescription  and put it in  tratSsi   'ls, dirocted  next morning and  own!     Uni? pra3red   for. the result.   At  H�� y,��� Bavo h'm .moro and also nt supper,  tol,,?'?yor. suspected a thing, aiid,I theb'  IhA, ,ii  vt rif?hti on giving it regularly,at  aau discovered  something that set every  hln^n!1 I:,y b!'dy tin-rlhig with hope nnd  mra-i?   V"1'1 qoukl ��00 a bright future  hnm-      ���  ' "fore.mo���a-peaceful, happy  itwia slV^�� in tho good things of Hfeyan  ���verrfw'0' lovlnS   husband,  comforM, nnd  fo*->;,   /nff ulso .-d��ir. to a wohian's Iwart,  '^nusband bid told nio that whiskey  to,r uo stuff-and  ll0 was taking a dislike  h��.i' , u \vi13  only too- true, for beforo 1  ,'Md,?li.0J\h,ru cll�� r��n courso-ho-hadstop-  ������tha����� ?,k,ln* "Itogethor, but I kept.givfng  0r8'nn��d cino till it was gone, and thon sent  nffi ier,,otto Iwvo'oii hand if ho should  befow,    ��   �� had done from his promises  roiiH,'i  ,      never has, and I am writing  > a tingilottor to toll you how thankful I  trdNf-n on^s^y-'bcllevo. it will curo tho  "��rsc cases." 0  font ��n!,npllle,6 ,h Plain/ sealed envelope,  fornwH ' glvlnB testimonials nnd full ln-  ��drn nic.n' cXith directions how to tako or  ���Don u��� ��� -Samaria. Prescriptioa Corro-  tial a ?S considered sacredly conflden-  - �����   Address The Samaria Komedy Co.,  J��rdaQ street, Totonto,*Onfc'  MiDard/s Linlnieiit Cores Eistemper.  PO'liOTOPAY GASH1''  pfty in SCRIP for Dominion Lauds and  Save 20 per Cent. Discount.  0r full information apply to  Alloway & Champion,  BANKERS  AND   BROKERS  A  Curious  Incident  In tbe Career of  Xovoli.st  Crockett.  Mr. S. R. Crockett,  the novelist, tells  ,i rather remarkable story of an incident  that befell hini in his early writing days,-  before   fame   and   fortune   had   come���to  him and while he struggled ou for a liv-  ��� ing.     At   that   time   he   was  obliged   to  write  for  very small  sums  indeed,  and  among the publications to which lie contributed columns and  half columns was  The St. James Gazette, a London penny  evening   newspaper.     One   morning   tho  postman brought to Mr. Crockettt a letter from the editor of The St. James Gate! te  containing a  small  check  as payment   for  a  contribution.     Mr.   Crockett  knew that nothing was due to him, that  he had been paid for all his articles, and  ���remarkable man���he did  the check up  in an explanatory note and returned it to  the editor.  The next day back came the check'  from the editor���remarkable man���with  a note saying it was due?' The St. James'  Gazette had published an article from  the pen oof Mr, Crockett which had not  been paid7 for, hence the check. Again  Mr. Crockett���remarkable.man���returned  the check, and still the remarkable editor re forwarded it. this time with the article cut out of the '.columns of the St.  Jiinies (Gazette.' '   ,   ,.���.  .,'  Now comes the curious feature of the  hiciilontA When Mr. ��� Crockett clapped  eves on'tho article, he was astonished to  find it onesof his dreams materialized.  One night, going to bed extra mod he  dreamed thnt.a good idea for a St. James  Gazette column had occurred to him,  that he then and there sat down, wrote  it and. posted it. Next morning he .remembered his dream and mado up his  mind some day to write the article exactly as he dreamed, he had written it-  when, to his astonishment, came article  and check from the ..'newspaper,  writers earn checks while asleep.  Her idea of Iliistc. ���  Husband (ill at .lioiiil-)-Did you post  that loiter I ij.ive you\  Wife   (back,from   hurried   shopping  tour;���N-o;  I  'forgot  it  until   the last  "minute.  , ''It was very importfiut."  "Oh. It's all right! I gave it to a little boy who promised' to give it lo an-'  other little hoy, whose half uncle lives  next door to a postiiiau."���Stray" Stories.  Minard's Lfniinent Cores DipSitaia. ���  StonniMlitp,  Flo-Tern.  ' Ft has been estimated that any crack  steamer leaving New York for Eiirn.'.c  takes with it bouquets worth fr.->:n $-,"*,n,)U  to $ir>.0()0. Iu & Cowr lu��v\i-... live \��a*.*.wlitre rs begin "to feel queer and send tlio  tlowprs out of their rooms: Then, according to the London Chronicle, the. ara  collected by the stewards.'carefuJ.'y sorted over nnd put into the icehouse, and  \yhen the vessel reaches her English port  thoy are sold and the profits divided  among tho men. American travelers,  when they land, often buy flowers from  FJnirlish (lower girls in the belief that  lhey are English blossoms, when they are  really the product of the gardens of .S'ew  Jersey or Long Island.���Springfield Republican.  Work while'you sleep wifhoufc a'gripe  or pain, curing Dyspepsia, Sick Headache  and Constipation andmnke you,feel better  in the morning, Price 25c.  THE  POOR  PROFESSOR.  A Boy's  IJad  Sprain.  Mr. B. Bennie, of Union M.iues, B.C.,  writes: "My son Samuel Bennie got hi*-  leg crushed "and bruited iu tbe mines  seven weeks ago. The swelling never  fully loft it until wo tried Griffiths' Menthol Liniment. On the first application  the swelling and soreness entirely left it,  and the muscles began to loosen up so  much that the same evening he was able  to use his foot; freelv for tbo first time. I  consider it the best liniment known."  All druggists, 25 cents.  Sermons  Iu  'I'rcci.  De Long Siayre (who has been prosing on iu the same manner for three  hours)���See the trees. ".Miss Bright;  how like huni-ui beings they are. Tliey  know when it is time to doff their  summer garb and don their autumn  trappings.    And in the spring--  Miss P.rigid���And in the spring, Mr.  St-i'.we. lhey show their intelligence by  lea\ing at the proper time���New York  World.  'He Really Xeeded a Share, but .Didn't  Wiuit to He.Told So.  Tlie professor hud uot been shaved  for four or five days .owing to hard  study on a little scientific problem.  He came down from his room the other morning in this condition and, not  having solved- the problem, was not in  a' very pleasant frame of mind as he  put on'his coat aud hat to go out.  "John, dear, aren't you going to  shave before you, go out?" asked his  wife'in a surprised tone.   ' (  The professor growled something  about women minding their own business, shimmed*the door and was gone.,  This was only a starter.  The professor had not gone., two  blocks before a barber, standing in the  door of his shop, hailed him thus,  "Shave, sir?" John had' really intended stopping In the place; but, beiug  warm under the collar already, this remark did not cool him nfL So tho barber lost a customer. Farther along  the professor met a friend heading for  a barber shop Who lashed John if he  was going that way.   -  By this time the professor was mad,  so mad, in fact, that he threatened to  annihilate the next person .who referred to his face in any way.  Continuing on dowu the street, he  met his friend Joues. Jones, noticing the professor's dejected' look, said  as they neared a saloon: "Professor,  you need a 'raiser.' Have one with  me."  The professor, still thinking of his  morning's adventures, thought Joues  meant "razor." He was now hopping  mad. This was' the last Insult'he  would stand. Slinging off his coat, he  made a rush at Jones. Five minutes  later they were both hauled away in  the patrol  fcS*S���l    !���-'   �����r^-.HflJ  Dear sSirs,-^-I was for sdven years a  sufferer from Brouohi.\l trouble, and  would be so hoarse ,at times that I  could scarcely, speak above a whisper.  I got, no relief from anything till I  tried your MINARD'S HONEY BALSAM. Two bottles gave relief and six  bottles made a complete cure. I would  heartiby it-commend it to any one suffering  from throat; or lung trouble.  j. f: vanbuskirk.  Fredericton.  Some Fiibtlc instinct's tuld the knell of day,  And to the bridge a struggling herd doih flee.  To jan^iirifr cars ii fights its tiamic way  A.111I trolleys hack to UrooKlyn and to me.  'And now chimes forth the urgent tocain bell  From every boarding house alon^ the street.  Reluctantly 1 bid the muse farewell;    '.  Adieu until 1 get �� bite to eat. '  * * "    ,       * * ���      1  Gut now the frugal evening meal is past  I've hied me hack ai.ai:i to woo the muse.  And, as the deepening snadov.s close in fast,   ��  ' In reu-iit-s I fain myself would lose.  S'ow glims the distant street lamp on my-sigl.t.  And all the air a deadly slillnoi-s holds.  Save where two cats upon t!ie��bjf'K f,.-iice fight,  And sonic too irate.nursemaid loudly gcoldi,  (. ' ^  Save that from every open window near  llusie bursts forth with its'voluptuous swell,  ,  And all the tunes familiar for a year  Make one grand symphony of bang and yell.  Vet all hut ti.ose who,strum or think they sing  Upon their front steps swelter in the heal.    '  Strange how it ta1i.es hot uinnncr nights to'bring  liuterpe fairly down upon both feet! '  <��� '  And as 1 ponder on this wondrous thing,'  Light zephyrs stir and g-enlly  fan  my cheek.  Ah! what is that? ��� Methinks to nie tliey bring  Dack fragrant inem'oiics of Gowanus creek.  CO '  And now, ln spite of all that I have said,  Some claim in this Klysium to reside  Who from its charms precipitate have'fied <  And left  the boarder in his pomp and pride.  I will not strive their natures to disclose       ,   '  Nor waste anottier line on souls so dead.  It's waxing late, and I must.seek repose���  At all events, I guess, I'll go to bed. '  ���  ���Brooklyn Life.  There never (\mi=, aud never  will'be,   &  universal panacea, in one remedy,'." for all  dis to which flesh is heir���the very nature  ot many curatives being such   that  were  the germs of otner and differently   seated  diseases rooted in the system   of   tha patient���what wouI.i'relieve one 111 in turn  would .aggravate   the.  other.     We  have,  however, in Quinine Wine, when  obtainable in a sound,   un-iduIterated  state,  a  remedy for many nnd grievous ills. By its  gradual and judicious uso the frailest systems   are   led   into   .convalescence    and  strength bv the influence which   Quinine  exerts on Nature's  own   restoratives.   It  relieves the drooping spirits ot those with  whom a chronic state of morbid despondency ancl lack of interest in life  is a  disease, and, hy   tranquilizing   the  nerves,  disposes to sound and   refreshing  sleep���  imparts vigor to the action of the   blood,  which, being stimulated, courses throughout the veins, strengthening the  healthy  animal functions o�� the  system,   thereby  making   activity    a    necessary    result,  strengthening tho frame, and giving  life  to the digestive org-ms.   which   naturally  demand increased substance���result,   improved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of  Toronto, have givou to   the   publio  their  superior Quinino Wine at the usual   rate,  and, gauged by the opinion of  solentists,  this wine  approaches .nearost   perfection  of any in the market.     All druggists sell  ' t.  To prevent typhoid fever boil the drink-  in;; water; to prevent dyspepsia drink tL��  bniling water. It seems to he merely a  matter of choice ns well as of. taste.���  Chicago News. ,   ,��� ,  Grinding a man down sometimes hai  the effect of putting.a dangerous edge oi  him.���Detroit Journal. ��  w.  N  21:  for the printer  -- ��� ���' ���    ���  ��� ,     - is  Rii/O  Made by the celebrated flra  Il S\0  o�� AlQlt & Wiborg.     .  The latest and beat.  TYPE  PLATES  ROLLERS  PRESSES  READY-PRINTS  Unequalled bjr any other in  Canada, in matter, paper and  press work.  PAPER AND CARD  TOOK  News, Miscellany,'  Serials, eto.   B&4 ia  the world. A ,  Cast by the "OaV  ling" Process. Th*  only plant of tk*  kind in Canada.  Of all makes and  kinds���new and second hand.  Double Aiinoj-iiuoe.  No < lianee  I'or K111111I.  .Mr. M;. Ii-s Did your wife find any-  iliing to ot-i-up.v.licr time at the springs  i-iiN ���>uii.i:.crV  All-. Styli's -Anything to occupy her  lime! Well. I slniul I say she did! She  ..���pent four hours c\--ry tla.% changing  Lei- dresses and three hours putting on  her !.:i!-'     ,    No L'no.  First Lawn Caterpillar���We've got  this grass finished. Let's tackle those  |il:uil::ins  Seem:.I  I lie   use'.'  haw tvi-n  it   oil"   1111(1  une.  Lawn Caterpillar���What's  Tbe people who. live hero  trying for ten years to kill  can't  do  it.���Chicago  Trlb-  L-^-jA'sw-T'-uaP'r  ?t^^_^i2>Ji*5ft.iW   y!t?y^y^?���&'*S~^  pasff^I'"      i^SS.3-^!  All Kinds for Printers  TORONTO TYPE FOUNDRY CO.  (LIMITED)  .   175   OWEN    STREET,  WINNIPEG.  Head Office:   Toronto.  Pacific Coast Branch:   580 Cardow  Street, Vancouver.  6^^/um^/m^  Fly���Oh. mercy!  New York Journal.  lie has two tails.-  Few  Minard's Lirimeiit Geres Burns, Etc.  True Oovottoii.  Cayenne,"   sa'id   Willie   Wish.-  'you  tiro, always   laughing at  Or to,  Wi  innipeg.  01? ?MJKT0.n!S�� of tho MERCHANTS' BANK  fU v?APA�� or thfi UNION BANK OF  VAN ADA. in-Manitoba or tho West.  A Mean Man,  0 The tea things had been cleared away,  and the head of' the establishment was  trying to read the evening paper while  . iiis better half, busied herself with some  fancy work and at the same time endeavored to interest him in the gossip ot tne  neighborhood. !      . .  "Maria." said he, glancing up'ttiom His  paper, "did you ever hear the story of  precious gems?" '   ,,>  " Whv. no,"- she replied.    "iN hat is it.  "ItVnn old time fairy legend that my  grandmother told me when 1 was a ooy,  be   continued,   "about   a   woiua^ fiom  whose lips there foil either a dmniom- or  a rubv every time she spoke a word.  "Well, go ou." she said.  there is of it,  Maita.  "Tint's  nil  there is  oi, u.   .^^-y     "*  replied! "bit 1 was J���� thinking if such  thincs   happened   nowadays   I'd   open ..  JcKj stoic ^e first thing in the morn-  in  And  then  for 13 consecutive  ii.iucp reigned .supreme. ,  minutes  When it comes to, healing- up old  running sores of long- standing there  is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood  Bitters. i,   . '   .     ' ..  , _       :  Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���  that- relieves the local irritation.  Take the B.B.B. internally���that  clears the blood of all impurities on  which sores thrive.     ".'���''��� ',".   "  .   .  Miss D. . Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands,P.Q., says:  ' '-It i<- with pleasure I speak in favor of  B.B.B. which cured me of a running sore  en mv le*. I consulted three doctors and  "lhey gave me salve "to put on, but it did 0  p,,od7 Finally my leg became a sold  Lining sore. In fact for nearly a month  I could not put my foot to the1 floor d  "I was advised to use B.B.B. and did  so Three bottles healed up my leg^en-  tir'ely so that,I have never.been troubled  with it since."  ."Miss  ington,*  the.'*-' o" a .'   0 ��� .������;���,   A A'  ^"That's very true. ' I'll try to quit, If  it annoys yon."      , a -  , "It doesn't annoy me. I am 'content  to sit' perfectly, silent and,,; let yoii  laugh at mo ever since I heard you say  there was ���nothingyyou were fouder of  thnn souiothing really fimuy."-^Wash-  ingtou Star. .  FOR THE' OVERWORKED.��� What  are the causes of despondency and melancholy ? A disordered liver is one causo  and a prime one., A disordered liver  means a disordered stomach; and a disordered stomach means disturbahoe of the  nervous system. . This brings the whole  body into subjection and the victim feels  sick all over. Parrnelee's Vegetable Pills  are a rooognized remedy in this state and  relief will follow their use.  THK IIOKSE-noblest of the brute  creation���when suffering from a cut,  abrasion, or sore derives as much boueflt  as its master in a-liko prodkvimont. from  tho healing, soothing action of DK,  THOMAS' KCLKCTK1C OIL. "��� Lameness, swelling of the hook, stiffness of the  jofr.ts, throat aud luugs, are relieved bv  it.      ���''.,'":���:' ' -���.   '  Some Can't.  Miss Daihteo���What an awful occupation! y.ToAbe employed in a place  \vliere they, tin nieats.  Mr.���'Kdg'e'hiore��� AVelJ, it argues a certain ability.  Miss Daintee��� Ability!  :  Mr; Edgemore���Certainly.  They only  employ-  those   who   can!���New   York  WorldA' "���������' a y       .���    ���   ���','.'���'  Two of n Kfml.  "See that fellow on the corner?"  "That pale, lean looking man?"  "Yes,  the  one  who  looks' as   if  he  hadn't enjoyed a. meal for at least nine  years."     ,. . A ���   r .-,  .   "I see him.   Friend of yours?"  "No, but he reminds me very strongly  of Emperor William."     7  "Dofesn't resemble" any of they emperor's pictures that I've ever looked  at." -'.  '"I .know it, but it's easy enough to see  that his; diet doesn't agree with him."!  -Chicago Times-Hera Id.  A    Serenity.  The nervous person, who; flies here and  there iu hopeless despair as soon as responsibility is put on him, who is moroso  and disagreeably melancholy under sorrow, thinks that serenity is a matter of  temperament. But, another one,,; enual-  Jy ruervoiis in inherited tendencies, yet  who stands quiet and unmoved amid  misfortune-T-who calmly lifts the load  and bears it���such a one knows thnt  serenity is a matter of control and is  within the reach of every man and woman.  If you cannot attend the Winnipeg Business ColU*s:��3 juat now, do not waate your  evenings :u noma. We can give your laatrao-  tions iu some subject by mnll.  Writ., for descriptive catalogue.  G. W. DONALD, Sec.  CREAM SEPARAtORS . . .  If you keep cows you cannot tfTord to b��  without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and if you  -want to have tbe best, most moderate In  price, and on ea&ictt terms, apply to  R. A.   LISTER   &   CO.,  LTD.,  2.J3 Klnjj St., Winnipeg,  Dealers in Dairj   Supp'ies and Produce, Oiw-  ollno  Kiifirlnos.   Ilnrai. Tread  rower*,  Kto.  HIGH  GRADE   PLOWS,    SEEDING   MACHINES,  OurrIngres,   Wagons,   Harrows, AVliKltuillsJ  Ac.    COCKSHUTX l'LOW CO., Winnipeg.  if  ii  ��liv       >����!_-,  ���> -*il*  TT'fsl  LUCAS, STEELE & BRISTOL  Importen of Groceries  fltte ES. Hanillton.Ont.  Circle Tens  L.S,��B.Coffeu  T.. S. & B. KxtraoU  L.S.& B.Sploea  1900  EXPO'S IT IO  Parties contemplating,the trip are invited  to write for, particulars of personally conducted or independent toors from Winnipeg  to W. HARDWICK HARRISON,  Director of the "Gonin"   School of yLan-  guages and Representative of Thomas O00U  & Gon, of London and New York.  Address, S75 Main Street. "Winnipeg;. i^g^^ggg^^  THE WIS LEADER  if!  Published in the interest of the people  of Moyie and East Kootenay.  ewrrxn & bcdsgra'vi:,  Publisher.  Lager boer>old" by tho  Keg or' dozen  bottles.  Y J.. R. CQSTIGAN, Q, 0. M  uuiMMC  i  ��� -��� . - ,- ���^ diu.  oifhx:   Bnui: of Commcroo Bldtr.  One Yce  BATES Or SUaSCJUPTIOK.  2.O0.  ft  z.  i .  SATURDAY,, DEC.  2, 1S99.  Bottled&Bee  in Stock. . ..  C11AN"J3R00K,  B.C.  VICINNE8 & u  fite  -���f^-^jna,  '_   K".   "/ J  ' >'.*|iyAA V  ���   The British ' in.   Son th,., Africa  are  fighting to "beat tho Dutch."  :d  ;.   a  , rr'' , ?���- ! *  1 Tr'  ?' -,'   A  Tbe sidewalk movement ia the  best  which has yet. struck the town.  When'it combs to digging  down  in1  ' tho pockets for'  any '' social   fund  or j  public enterprise, Moyic's citizens are  not at all slow. '.  Outside Orders Given StriclAtleudbn.  a e fin i* f  Esi  e S B M Ai V B fl --iq  ll oil iii  LEWIS THOMSON,'.  Notary Public, Accountant, Commission ,'<axi>  Insurance Agent. r   ���  Moyie, B. C.  Wholesale   and  Retail Butchers.  SAW MB PLANING MILL.  SHOPS    AT  Assay er and:  Metallurgist.  ' 'T  -1;  ���;'��� J    '.  *i,,'���    <  ll-?  While Moyie has never laid claim  to being a natural einoller site,, it  stands a better chance today of having  one than any other town' in' South  East, Jvootcnav.  ,  CltANKUOOK.  B. C.  ���S*;S\*Sx^,  \5'if2s*2&^!!:  ^��^^',���^.���^1  ^^^^5?  |U65. 0 Cfi  ST.frtf!  ''������  ;&  ���?!  , , ii   A,     - , * >S  i,$!$:iv;ii  !   '' i-i    '  ] '       i " '  *  -  i      *���-��,  -.       its, j      fJ  <���  "*y* i   i', ��� .d  *'}*.;' ,:..���'���.;  1 i^vi. 'i  . my .s. ;   ".?  .,- f^:.   >*.'>; '';.;;  *��� Jir '1/ A -   A'��  , rl . -,',, -     ,<  -i w!,; '    -,',  , f"!w*."'���?/-,���?  '' $!.-'T ;#  hay...    "i  i -'}     '       *>'      ,ri  , A '!���    ' y   'I  m        ���,- '      ��-  ���& ���   " y  ,       'F '     , - * * %*i  '   -p.���'.,:; $  -,1'!.Ar, -��..i��  i.'' I :. i  The town of Phoenix m the Boundary country has n newt-paper. W,  B. Willcor, formerly of (he Brooklyn  News and Cascade Hocord. is at its  "head. The Pioneer is bright and  ' ttewsy and its appearance indicates a  liberal support from the town.   ��  ' V'f  '. ,v -  ���v a-;,;,������?,  m/,s-i  i U. -l ������, .' ,*;  ���,'Iilil A  ''  li*!?  III  :�� ",.J  '- -V-if  -!''.VliJi:';!t-  i!iJ*Vll.Tfl|  ,  ���;)-''.' ;;''.,'' ^  [^^;h-7i'  ' ^,1!j'* -  ' ���'.!'.'";,    '   .  ;a  ' V,''  ,   .I,' ���*,.,1;   ",.  A  i f>t *!.-"(. :     'S  v -i .'-; :'     i*  ;. iVii', f ' ��' <  !7."M  ''A',   <  a:a:^a: ��  J f'< r.;., ':    ���  U'ft?  .    ���    .'ll-  Admiral Dewey's salary amounts to  $37.50 per day; President McKin'iey's  , ' is equal-to $131 a day; cabinet officers,  the vice president and the speaker of  the house get $22.20 a* day; senators  and congressman,, $13 90 a day, aiid  the chief justice of the,Supreme Couitj  $20 a day. " ' J  The unpleasant notoriety  to  which  , Admiral and Sirs.   Dewey   have'been  subjected since the first publication of  the news of the transfer of  thc Dewey  home has  had   the.  effect   of  nearly  ��� prostrating them   with  grief..  If  the  American   people    had    kept    their  money in their   pockets   Dewey   and  ��� his bride would be happier today.  Moyie has been hinted at as being a  "one m��n" town.    We cannot see any  grouuds for Such a theory, as   the ein-  ployees ol  tho   consolidated1 company A  have   all the privileges   and   liberties  they wore accorded under the management of the  separate   companies.    If  il is a "one man" town   we fail   to see  where it comes in.  New Denver Ledge: Verily, verily,  it does seem as if clnislauiiy, modernized by man, were stepping to hell to  wultz time. The church that is up, to  dale thinkB nothing of taking   a   hand  stifM LCfloK,  ���- MERCHANT, TAILOR,  CRANEKOOK.     "  Repairing Neatly and Promptly'.Executed.' Special Attention Given  to Mail Orders.  W. E. (HJKD,  BAKitisTiiac, 'sotrorroit, etc.    *  CRANBROOK,, B. C.  JMeVittie & Hutchison,  ,,, ,      .^.    ���  Fire and Lifo assurance. Min.  Brokers, Land Surveyors and  Conveyancers,  and   Notaries"  '     j  Public.  Leave Orrtera at  tender   Office. MOYIK.  All Kinds of Bough saxd^  Dressed Lumber, Sash, j  Doors and Shingles,,. j  i .  MOXIE,    Ii.  C.  FOR I'KSCias AJM'I.Y  Oit   .viutk  e. R. MXJIE. Mgr.  Fernie Fort Steele  Cranbrook Moyie Wardner  BEST 'IN   THE  3BFE3B3SS&CE3SSS23AS&3C  Suits   Made  to   Order.0 Moyie, B. ,C.  A. STAPHEKTSON,  Architect,   Contractor  and  Builder.    Complete    plans  . F u r n is lied   an d ' Es ti ni ii f es  " ,       , Given on ull kinds .'of ]work  free of charge.  THE  POST   OFFICE  .DivUO  AND   STAT10.VKUY STORE.  Patent medicines,' toilet  articles, office stationery  nnd school  supplies. ...  Lkniuxg Ljbhakv: If you want a book-  ask for it'and it will be procured for  you without dela}-.     '   -    ���  ���  IT I*AYS,TO DEAt WITH  HOPE .& BEATTIE,  �� r      ChcuiibWnnd Druggists,  (1     <  .      MOYIE, J3. C ,      '     '  Fort Steele. Brewing Go.'s  LAGER BEER.  Why?   Because It has the; Pure  Malt Flavor.  ^ * I  FORT STEELE, B. O.    ,,  |r^^^z^v-^* ^^^c^^r^.yy^s ^-^-^-^ ^s^t^.jt k.  AT g! H. MINER'S  GO   TO   THE  nrnnl  IUIUH1U    uiQifting  i>  For your outfit.    The largest stock in  East Kootenay. ��� ' *     ,  ,    REID ,.& CO., '    r'  i ,  ' Ckanjjkook, B. C.  PATRONIZE  WHITE LABOR' y  By Sending- Year Work To thc  <ake "Shore Lanndrj.  .[PHILIP CONRAD, Pkop.  good work: ��� "      prticns heasosjabi.r  You   will find ,h  full linG of  general   hardware,   including'     '  Stoves, Tinware,  Agateware, 'Oils,  Paints, Gf-lassware  ���"A Call Solicited."  T1SSUOV tX COX.VjaCTIO.V;  Moyie, B.C.  The  Only, house   m', Eusi, Kooteuay  lu-ated throughout,iv'ith.hofftir.  i.       '  j   l'm-i i-mm n\' ojrery   respect'.'   Spoci.il  ',   'uiI..\-? '.�� bojlrder'a.   .Guud saiuple   n^.i-.i  I   foi �� utitntcrchi! men.  i  c COSMOPOLITAN ! 'irfmix;'�� l**n; "i!"J?y��".i,.iBi,.. I  ���* ,,.'-'" ' '  f'fiOTEi. ,' a 'j  #M.\l,l. �� ML'SfiJlA VK.  f'ri,v���.  I  i  J .orAnbroob;-  B. o: }'  :4-ti-�� ,vfe.rt7, r^: ���r'.V ;.-:.' -Or_��-C^ ���y.y rf�� rf-. r."-r't^* -*-�� --C !a"   ���. _a_   '/   _c     . 7 '  .    .    |[' ,   ������-���'- ���>��.i'..J.tJ.'>l...' .v>. -y.\..v.-z.s��i M-: -Ax. Tiv.ri-zJr.V r^v f.t+.  NEW JEY/ELRY  BOOTS    AND'  SHOES ('STORE.  P{  ograpny  t  '  '   J  with the devil   at   his   most   popular I  game.    It   will   not  be   surprising   to j  see, within tho   next, [decode, church | crai,brooi_.    3r��yic,  services wound up with a clance.  Christmas   is  coming.     Get  your pictures  taken   to  P<>nd  home.    PREST,   the    photographer, will visit Movie   g  each    Saturday.     Flashlight  pictures taken at  the  Moyie  or at   your   room   or* house  Leave your'orders   at  once  No time to delay.  Brest &.Co.,  Photographers,  Tort Settle.  Repaired and Made to Order.   '  R. A.; SMITH, i, Moyie.  MOYIE   CLOTHING  CO.'S   STORK.  Vy  i','  j .a  ).'  !���   ��� ���   1,  .7::!  ������{.-  E  .'I  V.J  '������'v-li-:  save,  east  - bett  ' onlj  the  - ere  the  ma  "in   >  ke  let  re  OI|  (r  le  t1  The Rowland Miner, eemmentiug  enitqrinllyuupou the consolidation oi  Moyie'a mines, says:  By an amalgamation of capital such  as these   two   companies   posses  the  work   of   development   of   the  great  mineral properties in this district  will  be'pushed with greater vigor and  will'  be less liable to cessation   than   where  limited capital is employed.    We mnv  expect     where    such    an    immense-  amount of   ore   will   be    taken   from  .     these propc-rd'f s. by rapid work, that a  company like this will not be  satN-fied |  lo semi thc pioduet of their   minus   to j  a i-melter. in  which   they   themselves I  luuu ihi   ii.ttu-.-t.,    for   tn-atnn.nl,    Jf|  tbey had a smelter of th.-jir  own   llie-y"!  would be ubli*   (o   tre.tl   their   O'ts   at!  Mich a rcdiiccu  i.u..   uwr    what   i1k;v|  can obtain ut Tmil that   (he   dfleM-nce  would in a remarkably sborL   time pay  for the (.���(.uMrtK.'tion am!   operation   ol  tht works, t.ml  wuuid, in   Kitine, be a  continually increasing revt nuo for tin*  company,    W�� may expect, therefore,  that  before  long   a   smeller   will   be  eu-cted at Moyiu of   suflici-.-iil dimensions, not   only    to   handle' the   ores  from, the properties .-there, but to   ofiVr  Kuch rales and such   facilities   to even  the low grade silver-lead properties   of  the--Sloc.au as will make it a matter  of  profit to the owners to .operate  them.  The comparative closeness of Moyie to  the coal pits at'Fernie would give such  a smelter a   decided   advantage  over  that at Trail.    Of course  it   must  be  expected, that   the   C.  P.   R.  would  throw   their   whole   interest   against  such a project,, but   it   is impossible  that the railway oorporation should be,  allowed>auy longer   to . Ii'tand   in ..the  r>Zay of.the Progress and  prosperity  of  ^mulvY- ���������������.  Birks'  Quality  '��Plate  There can be  nothing better, in  , than Henry Birks  spoons and forks.  They ate extra heavily plated with  pure silver. Buraiahecl and finished  entirely by hand,  The under metal Is the finest Kn>de of  fS? �����'ii5rradea ��' E"Kll'��1�� ��ate, famous  the world over.  Made in their own factory in  Montreal, and sold direct from  manufacturer to consumer.  Write for illustrations.  TEA SPOONS  Fiddle and Old English  Queen's and Bea.d     -   .  POST PAID.  MOYIE,    EAST KOOTENAY, B. C.  The above hotel is'  neatly   furnished.  Board $5.00 per week  Per day $1.00 and up.  The bar is supplied   with   .  the   bestfbrauds of Liqu-    ' .  ,ors and Cigars   Fort. Steele Mercantile  COMPANY. (UMiTBD.)  High grade   watches   a  spec-  , ialty.'   A nice line o! engujrc-  . ment    tirid    wedding., rings,  broaches, blouse  sets,  brace- '  lets, chain**,   etc.    Orders   bv  mail    solicited.      All   'work  and goods guaranteed to giv��  . satisfaction.  , W. F. TATE,  Ckanbrook, b; c. jeweler.  A' FULL LINE OF  x -��*. .urexnner,  CRAWBROOK,  B. C.  Drygoods, aehts' Furnishings, - Boots ^  and Shoes, Crockery and Glassware.  Groceries, Flour, Hay{ and Oats.  Letter ordejis promptly- attbnded to  PRICES'  RIGHT.  THE   LAKE   SHORE  Barber Shop^  Corner Victoria st.  and-Queen's ave.  IV. A. HAMILTON,  Prop.  >Q  |   \   BEEWEKY.  i IS.       KEGS  AND  BOTTLES.  ���BREWKRS   OF���'  FINE LAGEB   BEER  AND POBTER . .  .  DORA  c&  BRBMNEJB  Aro cut tin ^ 200 cords of  wood to supply the town  of Moyie. All lengths at  Reasonable prices.  *������������* j��-��aOa -\ -  MOYIE,  ���r. <���'jihw < ��M>mi_  B.  C.  OliilEKS   PrOMTTLV  ATTKN-UKLi  TO.  8. Ri.eterer and Co., Props.  FOR FINS  i  NELSON, B. C  PIB   DOZ.  $3.0O  4.00  OTHER    DEI'78  Diamonds  Sterling  Silver  Watches  etc.  fl mry Birks ^ Sons  Birks' Building,  MONTREAL.  Jewellers to His Excellency  tho Earl of Minto.  ~We curry cornr.U-tc line;, of  Men's Furnishings, Boots and  Shoes, Groceries  and Liquors. . .  M.iil Order, (Jivcn Prompt  Aliciition.  Oruiilirook,   -   Fori, sit r��;l,.  Wai-diier.  Prices Griven  and   Orders  Taken on  Everything  in the Printing  X*inei'&t'th6      !:  ^mLu:wm&::: ::y  .'.VvoLATODHY.  Good  washing.    No  chemicals   used.  Prices heap cheap.   Near Moyie hotel.  (CITIZEN  OP CANADA)  CANADIAN PACIFIC  .XiAILWAY   ���  Atll) 800���r'AOIFIC LINE.  EAST ancl   WEST  To Sill  ii'.ii,,'.,.     (Jix,.tf    ,;,..    ���p)v   f,jrf!Ct  service f,-,,),, ,;.,,.  KOOTENAY    ' OOIJNTRY  'MH-oil.i,     ih.y     y,,,   B, (Jn|I  toati.l fr.��m Ivoti(..|,��vjJ.l|ll|in���   Tu|)If.  istr.rspu,^   M.-diVinc   Hat   daily   f0,  bl.   1'aul.   Kndi.ys   for   Montreal - :���vl  LoMiMi.yuij.ii.ysund Wodncsclavs   foi'  I en 1 ti to.  '     -DAILY    TRAIN.  EAS'l  11 :2olvo..  ��T^:  ADDKESS  ���ilia ^  NELSON.  a  YOU CAS  12 TOiA  londike  niltct  . YOU'CANCn  I0,l5i^0*  PEa7PAia.  MOYIE.  WEST  ��� Ive. 8:f)2  Connection��� trywi-okly   al   Mucleod  or^Cagiu-ynridEdnionton.nn.l   dS !  ni'.MethcimvHflt for  all   p,lhi{s  j^  Connection daily at  KooLny   1^  inj for all pointS; in   West  Kx.oten  y  felc^utujd   Boundary   distnets,  and  7THROUGH TICKETS ISSUED and  baggage checked to  destination:  Cheap Rates to the Old Country.  Apply for Iiftte,t���Maps, Time Ca'rdH, TSeUct*  Wash, Iron   and   Darn   First Class.  Prices cheaper than anybody.  ���yy'y����i��^yy  UUrJ  G- A.-Gow, Aoent, Hoyelle.  K0BERTK^,.Traffic Manger  3VINNIPKG.  MvF.'ANDIHWOtf. E. J. COYH^  ^. P. A. New.     AyG; p. A>) Van;ovcr  Contractor B,,d Builder,  I'LAKTS     AND   .SPKcrKOATIONS  1',UUNI.SIIED EHEK OF C'HAKGK  Thoso,Ooutoini>laUi;ff building will du well lo  let mc  (Iffiiro  on  tlin.-cjonlriu-.trt. "Write ��n<'t��t-  MOYiIE and CRANBROOK,


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