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The Moyie Leader Dec 3, 1904

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 /  /' ^-t   ��� l-'-'l'  ,/���  I  t       i  ���    i.  ���f     "V  i- *h���  tre.nr> -.    t;<*-3��T?S    ,  ?,4     ,sl        4   '"^  t f IT'       ���,-',      k ���!  *- ���      . ���;    f-l   I"1  5^  W*\  *^>   TT-"^   $T%v  *hj Witt"        rC*      IK*!!   Fn        -��    H��"i     fc'Ji  w^i J% m I p x fee  y fcS   ^    if'  Vs.    P-Ua/y   i&saSM'  ��Sa. v^ *  fO 31-  Mv.'*/IE, B."C..PBCI-AIBERAy��M-  fg A YEAR  ,-,  ^..   --'*���. y7.yp.ysr.y:^ys'.jfi%,/*���-,..  ---,-- -r-^-r^-^x^-Vi-.-Vv ���"����.��� X-- "��*.' -  '.   .-lO'ulul,-/1.  ^<5/^  VvXa.-X^ Ni.' "��i.-**t-.-,��<<-'V��,-' Jd.'*-,..  -R   .  O^C 8^904  'f\t I        ��* ��  >'' '  ���id/ ;  'ill*1 i  k/  'Ar '  IUWUIl (rigs  }���������  -3  ''j.     I-uatliof Ferguson,  atfV��*i^   .iii, i    iy,-,-...;-       F,-r;;u.on     died     in   the J  hbHL utrulfli p^jl^injOT oin.. wi  |:'l ' !^����i.   a,e  St, 3-:.�����   mine. ^...j..g  iiDipectops' ��� Statementir.^.���f^y_f f ^y'y., j a  Wi !?cotw. where he   lc^.c.   * ^ ��5  # '        f p-    QVtQY*ah Al fl PT^Q i ^vcr.O. children.    Ho was   ...��  ?"����� ���"       ,   |  #'| j month.   The,   body   has   bee.,   cm - I   g  SiHIHAHGI  il   iQBh^/^^^ - --  I ivc,;.      ' R  5B20>t  ���WTJ.5V  ���Universal Providers  AND  Bargain Dispensers,  -in'  ^l  W  crs.ouB'.'  ||Mino'will Bo Worked to Full   1 He^ ImF^meut - f  Ij -Oasacityto -Fill   Oon-    ^^���-^���-l^SlI |  i^ded flume to  cany  oiV ^   "Htcr     |  ol   ("Jampbdl   creel,   at   the .hcado  Wi ��� "Uaeon'.aven^.   The government ba,      \  ty   '   Thr- Tlhtsd  annual  icport, oi. 'tht   oxp(jr_ded ^L')0 on this worl*.     L-U"Q^  <����� .l-uccto^  oi  the   f-H. Eugene Con4oli.   tjia fcpriD'g frosbcts tbiJ  creek  ubca .t  'Jfo  dated Mining Co. Ltd,, to   th,   share-1      r!low   and  do  senous ^^', ��  #  holdcia'  meeting  .Inch  v,as held in i lhe, Btreei*.     By the ouddmg o    U^  IK  Toronto on November Stb is before the j   iece of flume the   water   will  oc  S   public   lt    contuias  simply  a  plain | vcrted iufo its  proper channel during  $f , btalement oi facte, nud is free from the J the danger _perlodj   '^  ir;xr.ggeraliop.3 and pyperiluous remark^ "'    t T)knAo  ! ,6 freMucntly found   ^ documents' o! j        Grand     Tlimk  "iSOIiaD.  .cEaehei  ��Ss3>  ^-V?^^32^1523 " IV. /ihBaWTJTfcrCl ' Vcco-din--' to President (iooderham's,      spCver&Co;   of   Kch    Voru    and  iflilllin'        DA"1' K?i ������.        ���        , ,���MUvlwlly  upon   tho  bonus  for .lsL_aKd    .15,000,001)    lo ir   per   cont  TT       Ppnital     $8,700,000-. ] "���� ,, .lAvlri o Um     *.U    l��t    lur .���___' 0I .Ihe Or��ml Irvmk   <�����'  aid   Op   Capital     *'.0()000      ,   .=    . ^' (rom  the ��� -m. o! J����aLmp_nv. ���, C,.m.<l.*.     The pro���oJj  .sserye,      -    '    .  R^5o (JOO <N'��"''" 3��' ^   ��! ��" tbs ��r= ",,,ud"'" C"M'1" wi"be"'''�� "^."^^n"  ���otal Resources   - Sa.OOU.ouu |u,8b01!USoa ore .xporic* ��m ����-Ucibb���*, �� *��^tha�� ^  1 >.^^*^^s  "^" LOCAL NEWS.   '  IN ALL VARIETIES FOR  OHEIST-  , '     '     .MAS BAKING, AT      .  ��� ' . '   L.rt-nl B'-ito of, Interest 3 per cent^ �������   with tho close  3 3 VMM. '' ' ������-==��� 1...;,..  P,rn���i  oi   the    government's LyBtew.     It   is understood  that   tho  METAL   MARKET.  New , York���Bar silver,    59   cent^  Lead, $4.20.   Zinc (spelter^ $4.75;     ���  LONUOisr-rrLead, ��12   los  y  UMiSH. ,_.__   i ti   i�� vmuerstouu   -.ua..   "-        "-�� - .   .  ^b'^r^se   will   Wnco L Fernie for the mntex  l^rcroni.themam^, gives ^^^ti^ou^uction of thenewex-      w  ,  detailed report of tbe^vrork  done clur  inS tt,D ,.Ml year.   Two    very   impor-  '   MrB. Whitehead ^as ;in   Cranbrook  the first of tbe week. ,      , .  Mrs'. P. J- McMahon  has relumed  lro"berjrllVhmily bave moved''   . Po faT this is   one  of   the 'mildest  Wm,HillBand  iam��y ,.^ _ ._   ^^ %.g^  , Pine Weather, '  Sto"  ,��-!  Ill bOO'O  itaot strikes  have   been   mado.     Ihe  |lir,t���wa3madcin.Iunolast in  a raise  [ro-n th'3 1S00 foot level and at a depth  tension.   I. 0.'0. F.'Elect Officers,  ���  OU  lai   uiw    ��=     ~..-~     --  winters ever experienced in the hie-  iverme - �����- ;- fc tho , tbc Kooteimys.    This time last  W. J.TiemcJ' ^ m Cranhr VJT iheie wft6 tw0 feet of snow'at .th.  fir6t oi tbe week. q   -^ Eugene mine, the bayfi around the  C. J. Armstrong is again.i lake-were frozen   oyer   and   mercury ^  of   the   Manhattan   hotel.   . ^ |      d ^^ ^^ Rg ^  aQ  gix dcgrceB  P.p.John.tono;   ^^^lbelow.��o.        ���_��� '      ���       '  r. F. Johnston o5   the iuo>^ ^^    below zero,  ��     ���       ' A-     ��,    r��   1 ,'1��iiiHnftlPvi>U')0����u��FM     At theieeuUr    meeting of   ^ il��Jcy Cranbrook the hrst ol     c -      -|  lOGallOn. | ter.^  ii_;,���mm,sioM-m^l   ��� Fer,  ��3 ^ mi .     .i.��� -ionn   font   or   jii'Jii I ..v.jrniiP  the   renown  :,;:;;::;.'^'i��� ^yyyi;,^ '^y����^^r,reie  mSh i-      '-I     *  ���^  o  .���,r��-,i��iu  the 1000   loo., or   snan   eveL1,lg  me   iouu������b      reUte    me  Mr. tfouin  .ub-  elected for tlie ensuing tei m:  * * ��� p, 1 W. ��port the vein in *thc .��e I     A. ft. Monkhood ^oble Grat  .' ^ I, I   |:;tfdrifts^edsoven   feet  of' co,-      r. T. Bmylb, V tee (.rand , .  O-    T?l T^TlO * 1 ��� '   H     rcntratinjs ore' bufsinco then the    ore  M*    f^AWtjkU    v       g     boJybaBnidenod to nearly 20 feet an��l  ^^^    ��� n    .      i      1 turned  into    clean   shipping ore  tu c l.r-  ���jm'.e'.i  M0YIE1B..C..|  ^-i ���, ^-��--ff7'^3J^^^ y'-^y^^i^^vcrr~^-y-���  .,.., -,. .*,^-.^/s^^ ^ - -;.;'?  l\.--:Y*  ... -.\ a i} <-\    ,' u.  *'   *- ���  ���   .    ".' v<  -    4    v- tJ  ,-> Grotfoyy tstoio- m  .fik'6  y-.;v.y ...arlitloB.  ft'.*" , ', ''-V-       _-7i  A   ^ ji*_/i-'u��     W  f      ...    / ���-    /> V* v  >y.  ft  ���'fl  ^)  1 '*���  P. T. Smyth, Vice ^rand  F. .)��� Smyth, Sccretarv;  " -4���,,vUn rer'rlv-20 ieelaim       i\ y. Kout.li, Treasurer,  boJy has ��videnod to i-0-ri. - , I n. .v;n b,o installed at the  h.tAnrn��J   into    clean   shipping ore.      There oiiiccr, ^U ^��  ^Cronin   ostim.tes   that   there   are j ,xz, ^M.neetuis m^-.-O.  aiwit 43,��K)0 ton--- of nro  in   oip.hf*. �� .,.-,���  ..-     Crmm    tor.cY.^*   l-w  '-fPlf1  v,rh;b,   f-^,!,^  cement:   ;'I;;i       .          ......W pnp  ...  ,,..iv    hvi.   ,    * -uuii  thuvMn: u; wrtU-   a��-l   t,;;;   n'  , The inse commissioner^viU inect       . ' pefliau'S ZlllC Plant,  in Cranbrook' on   the   . oa,**.  the first of tbo weel;  Srovvi, un-iitfay; .0J&:^  ,   It avae the   general opinion   that.C.  Fernau has deiiuitely   decided .upon ���  i     p, ,.��� , iFeruieas-.lhe location for hia proposed  e ^ ��U H "  l   "ifeexpect to leave Line enriching plant,   but   in   Nelson  j. p. Farrell md ��^      Bnend J recently he stated that this matter had  (or Boston, Mass.,ucxt ^ei* .        ^ ^ ^ ^^    Fevliapa it is not yet.  Loo hilo fo: ifoyic to make   a   bid   for  tiiia   i.-r.por('iut.   industry.    .  i      ,*,       nf     t t   if-      l '"    ���''"-       '':V  down    r    t.       ��� ���������,-.,  ,.,r,       m'-;ioU��       K'tl'm'0-J.  llr>     III i- V".^ -" . , ;  .bout.       fUbm.     nur     .couwu^      ;  dueti:,,-    Th��-.taloi   tne   cont.^  ...,ii-. in. ?.?���w ��� ���"���������"AOiAV :'��� '  , ��� '.    -    ti i'      '" *  ,     '   .   1      T t if I   . ���       I'll. I    i1''-  ���UU-Vi'1,j(     ' -      .  ���        ...   J  .'J    tf :-  The  Oy.tM.-'    u.'  ����.    i- ���  Mi iw��� J   ' i "'.n-\**\i  |..u���BlohomaJe.u....:^���;����������   ^^  I'01"* P       ., .   \.    u:   iv.wluce   mo  i; i..t .ve v. ;i   y    -  "'  v.-     ^     Nto^^.vi   is   racking   the  i/rowjA":.L.^ the tort-n-  ��   ,     ������  .lit'".! r ��� '-���    " -*  '    w"  ".' '     "   -.  ..-,r ...   ^unioter,.   h:'f  mm     i'"'       ��� " '  ���I'm!.  K'uii f!  ���vs will K' "'-"���> ��>" .      ,  ,       .,       I   ,, ,      .". J>- ' '  (, ,V7  I ��� ���     '���      ". '      ���      ll'" I Min'        '"'" .     , 1        OU ill  v-1-.tni:  i'"--'."J    .----u-  l/-.." 'i. .-.j.-Imii= ui--p^ciM��..i  ������'���- '''"v1, |^u, c:aAit^^ m "���"-'���*��'���                       j iIovio Lumber company, but for some  vanouri ohu:��-' m   iho   -      ^     ,, ay ^.,,   t v,r   from    the   ..^   ^   rallft,ftd   conlraj>0r    in   the  grants ?���-���-" '���'������  group,     Th;���1  .... miu! th'J :';|  -,vhcu i-omo r-> -  ,-v.uk luthnie on  i-u-nf.di^ely  id  ���y-.im  ../.iii     ."*     J,.l'1"'1,'<  n.di- '  ��� eiu   '. iei��-   "*   ;;*  MU**  ��� wit  .  ;    i-5 WE:    11 IJ-  ,n t ! tu-.'  .in,-; inic^D up his  utreu  doublbtit there   v ..'   '����  abi-! ^urni'i^es in nt >rr  ,"i > i.  ,,.;h'<  r'bo Miiitiis  Dauoo-  X  .*���     ei!\..?i'-  .01:1 Hp.'k.lUi.  '���   " '   . ,'   . -     r..,Mit.-     The.v  have  -.doy with i'.'--i   i!---��i,-u-     l"  * i  ' A Seribiis" Loss.  Cll.L Irti-merly manager of thc  ui-..>��; Lumber company, but for some  time a railrr-ad contractor in the  lmiian Territory, met with a severe  io-,.. o shoii luu-> ago by having nearly  hid entire outfit destroyed by   fire.    .  inthcl.r.'  Masquerade BalK  !.-..-turoi! a ���a'i"'V's  *L.��    iunn    '">t*)t,r  lholov-ix   -f   'l*����:-r  ;^!C   *',r,Wr,=:  bv '.he  T.loyio   -fme,,      cv'^iuc. oi IVoc.i'V  'm  ur. foreseen    , , tv. ��� ;rjn::l:'.- ii"'���'���'- ���   "'"     " . ..-.,  -"- '** ac -' -v       t     .���.. ��,�����-. iiisuK.- .*it-  ARSOLD & feOoiAib.  11-' UniC  ' tO'--  t  "l    -J.  ,       ��� .- M-  .lO'i  .   I        I  I     l'"  ....    ii.e bet. ranfr-s of :'A--> "'- -y "^'^ i,cuUtiv:  ,_.,..   Wif^ '".      I -1-J - -  :.; u'.��� "I'l'IDV.  tn-   j:li--   >'"��-  [Ljy���������06 ;4ii^        ,   ���-���  unio-  ^^T^Harrr-tCTrV^  0OB.1 Send fcast  ! ��v,- ,*- -ou   tn!*   ��eed   iu   t:sf  iK':an>t'"'!' ';..ue   u=  any reliable  /���I';':"   "-;*;, cauiog:.o to u, and   ^e  ;t:' "-'   '"      .        -. r'- .'t   tlit* same  i vi.   IJt-.-'  .-..,,,,.3.1   f:1',t'.*'?te3.  --���re. and ..o ��-������*"  w   H   WILSON,  cRA^uiiooi.;, i;. c.  l  uTu a Benedict  mInoral clain, on the ��e��t side of  the  ���   MLMac-oim-Uoi    ^   Macconnell -        , , _  iroVnili're company, Cranbrook, **= v.'. P. Curd and Misc .Moss, were  ! ,..Bitor ii- Mo-ie the beginning "�� ut,;tGvj ia amriagc i? Cranbrook last  ;heWe.jL-. ��� '"Tuecday    Thoy arc   ncv:   visiting  m  tlux oast.  ^;l.  T" ^lL.'WV>*>tviUj.A5��;  Iradiey ;1 Co  NOT! OK,  ���v   i li^iC taken .t'U i1-"^  '   ,   .,      -   -i-l   Mo-Jic. ail ou'.'-'taud-  tiA *.jit    ������   f     A nil-  Russia ^k! Japan  rk-t' '}?bc>ir Own-  I J��^ 6* 1*. ^?. ������� l   P ^ iri If  CAriTAL. tAuthorized) -���"."���'^3,000,001)  0A.TITA.L, (.Paid  Up). ���������-������'" '^2,850,000  itEST ���..-..-���������������-- ���-.;' "y .      ,  f-Vb-OirsricE.TORONTO, '.ONTAltia ^ .yfe:_ 5i,.  ^ MKRRITT, Pros,    !>��� Tt- ^^J>�� ^ vi.'Chiel InapccV  HAY, AMistaut Gen. Manager.    ���*/ ��� *"10' _,. ..^;,���.-?nr b'u  r.jVRBEQ0K BSAKCH "^t^1-- '  .  [villGa ���V)KARTMENT--Intcreit alluded o:l ^'^./-..i^   ���  pti sob!, ;r;;ulabbi in all' ti.irw   ci ��� Canada,    -.h^lf"  f^e,   .Special attention given 5.0 collections ,v.Un,^s-  ' J. F, M, P.JNKHAM, ^an^--  ''     i      v- -^r viv/ '^"'s.'-'-'Z-^*  FAl?BKHAN^��Sy ,:|  r^0O5SATO.BS. ������  . -   . , ,���-alt". 'Who!;-.!  - " ',"       ��� ���:   ',...vUts ir. "':'-lp--ik'-     -���   j  ;, ;*m; ret.i.- y^^.,.^.,   ,,n(y i.;-wd:wi ���  Vlu.j',-1'"5-'''----1.--"'"' '      '"'���.';  '    .    ,-    ..-���,t-.i-.'ci\iiou  ^r.d  ���':;'. ���"',".  ,'.1t "..u   Ainda of  i*.i  ho  ���.il-.tAA-'*'^'-'"'      .  ���"yunyi.-y jy':-;'.  , *.:-v-.:U'.e:i Ai!:'"'."-'  ;,',:��: in  ^-'li:u>  Iv.i ?lc="  .    ,,       , ..���MC,0,i,. -is havo bo-n mad,,  ti) h-ive   i' P:' '     "  K' .'.tcti'1;-'  ;   WoYOTn'ber ShiDinontSr ,  U1U     "      thewcuL-. ^     ^_  .    in,���m  .F'jpcuo  sniue i     u  T'emby- secretary '-i   '--iC   1~m" ��  Thoout;n:t of tbobt. i.-hcui. .b.i.^L, wopk  for the n: >nih of November was -1,^0  ;1 U10U| waB iu   -r"bw  V-'-ichrbout  15,000   tn:n wfa |   ul���dhiB tc  niutteic   in   ^n.  "-nG'     ;'^e      u,l   the  balor.ee of  ffilb lhe lato Miuaid  ferguwn     ,  ?^ ^i��o'f clean orr. ��� F. Peattio  Wac   bere   Uue   -v.ek  -   lookiur. after tbe   diug   i^i-   -���  jiVe'-c 'M >-������ Atchison.  yyyy,y,*,#.--��."��-���- ' y^f^/t://S//^\  .'���" ,",^-iy Swinnorton onoukl   ly,l"uu   l-:'-.1 ���  -.-..,..-  str0Ui' ^    * l70 tBi,ea   over Uve.bookG   v���s groatly needed.       ���      ,      ;.  tame.Ml.ut.*. __ . Webster  Burton  ���d id''accounts. . - ��� , _ .. \\. J. ,.Att.iu3L-u, .    .-.  U-1  ^-�����r,-i       "  l,(.H, Wm.   Ra^iUoiv Avere   down   to  |.V;'4ir.cna   l'Amti'hff   trip   this   v/cok,  " I    .i- v'-ii'b'--' decs- ������iu- lome  and c:v.na .  IacI. v. a A--u<-- ���-  a-mall Ejamc,      y .. .-..       .   ��� " .'  O.Taulston^oo.of  theAic^s  of  r,-min- accident  iti  the St. Lu^t,e  ���    :,S��is sllll jh "Spokane under  treatment for luB-eyea.     xhe ^ g" ^M  ! ;iic eye ia totalis destroyed, but thcie  Sematobe a  chance  of aaving tne ?     ^  other.    , y ..: I x-r V"0o V/anO Em-ikp, Sri  But  u0 '.'Tbv.'blc'. iri . Selliar.  ���cfj. AR;MSTKQNG:  sri-'CP-AT THE  tCOSHQWUTA  iff in- r ? t (**'  tats*,  m i  pa  ts  llQiiirl  i  .?-  Sariirn  sJ&JIL*-��*  ' i    ������- A ���'��� ^ '.T        _._rjr"'  i-i. OOtv'lNisi3* ^r-n''  OIGABS.i  few  hours   jaiuaui*.....    ���....   --_  ,,-^on-incrnl   of   the. most   orderly  SS^r^y.yB!ui��(!ooir^  3��� I. ;EIERS  ;anbi���y a   .   .  .'���.R^N'JBltOO^  '^!\Ai'mst.rOL*  r   i*.   '^  '.1  'K'"��4 ,'.    ' ^iS^Sar^ar^fyinS   all, , .     ;  Good rooms.lgood tabl^ahu oar,    j andJi.^^ ^^ couU   mling   tbo   ,^e^ & ,Moyi9 Townsite  Lotnpaoy  and first^lassisainplejrooms.."      J QjHiou that ho doo-.  4���.---r��"  _.V.-^--<   j:r>��� **������"  mil  tV"--.!  ^  AS  **(n' ���"   ���'���'-   -.juL.ii.inrL"jv   S*^'A-,i?*-~ i  GOOD REASONS  FOI? All HE SAYS:  JAVA'S DEATH  PLANT.  it  Dodd's Kidney  Pills Cure W.  X. Buskin's Pains.  W oil-Known Norwood Contractor Always litis a (.'ood Word for Dodd's  Kidney Pills.  ,"N'ijr\N.oud, Oi)!.. Nov. 21.���(Spc-  i,:il.)���-.Mr. V.". _\. B.iskin, Uie well  i-nou ji lumberman and railroad contractor, here, i.s ono ol" those wlio  never, fail to say a good word for  .Dodd's Kidney J'ill's. Mr. I Joskin  gives  the, reason why' as follovw,s:  "f-'or two years 1 was laid  up'with  Lumbago   and    Kidney  Disease.      At  times 1 would become very weak and  would have to  give, up work.    I   did '  vwork on  the  C.  I>.   R. and Uie Parry '  Sound   il.   P.,     and     people   all   knoiv i  how .sick 1  was-. !  "Heading   of    wonderful    cures     liy'  "Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   led   me    to    try (  them,  and J  dn  say  1  hnve not hnd  any pains since J   used  them.'  Jt, just :  took  three boxes     to    cure'   me   coin-"!  Grows Only ou <lie Sterile  Soil  of  ���the Vulcanic  Ilt-naous.  Java,  the land  of  lite  famous  anil  : ratSi exaggerated  Deatli  valley,  has  many wonderful, curiosities, the principal   one   being   the  kali   mujali,   or  death   plant.     It   grows  only on   the  ] sterile soils of the volcanic,regions of  Java and the adjoining islands and is  even there reckoned as a curiosity on  account  of  its   extreme  scarcity.     Ii  grows from two  and a half to three  feet   iu   height,    with   long,    slender  stems, well protevted by stout thorns,  nearly an inch iu length.   The ground  leaves'   are   of   a   delicate,   satinlike  smoothness,    heart    shaped,    emerald  green   on   one   side   and   blood   red.  streaked and veined with light buff, ou  the other.  The flowers of this death dealing  beauty are even more beautiful than  the plant itself, being very large and  cup shaped and of a color almost  deathly in its whiteness. The name of  the plant is from a characteristic of  these splendid flowers, which, beautiful'though thej' are, continually drip  with a deadly poison.  -The poison, which is distilled in the  jdetely." j.  Lumbago  i.s  one, of  the  results    of ' bottom of the cup shaped blossom, hr.s  Kidneys j the  sickening odor  of chloroform  in-  Kidney   Disease.     Core  your  wi_th   .Dodd's   Kidney    Pills  will cure Lumbago.  BY THEIR DEEDS.  A  tnttorcd liopgnr in  the street  Sang always  sonic   old  crouing   hj-rnn,'  And held to tliosi- 'whom' ho might  meet  His   uut   with   rup^ed,   greasy   brim.    ,,  Two men���two mighty  men���cmue by��� "  Two honored  loaders  of  tlie  town:  Came,   too,  n da mo  of  repute liijjli���  lijach passed tlie beggar with u frown.1  But still.tbe beggar sang iway.  ���   "With awkward music in each word;   ���  And thru  the bulnnce of that day  Tlift three that chanting echo beard.  Tbey heard, and held tbo fuillnc ntruln�� '  As memories of things that bless,  And added to their otber gains  '  The golden one of kindliness.  Now,  by.some careless prank of fate.  These four met on the  Way of Death.  Aud journeyed to the  Joyous  Gate  "Where but the perfect ontereth.  The warder halted them, and told  How all who entered must be known  By goodly deeds���by deeds of'gold��� ,  By helpful actionsvalT" their own.  The honored men explained that they  Had  given .of  their  earthly  wealth "    ���  To help their fellows on the way  To  knowledge,   pencofulness  and  health.  The woman told  of visits made,  The  Bufferim.   nnd   poor  to' greet���  All three told how tho world had laid  Its laureled tributes nt their feet.  n ������   ���  "Ton may go in." the warder smiled.  "Although your fame we did not know,  A enp of "water to a child ���   ,  Is more than nil the passing show."  Th<�� beggar turned to take his, way  With humbled mien and drooping head.  Thc warder callrd to1 him to stay,  "Come  In!    We've  beard you  sing!'-"  ht  ,   said.  ��� W. D.   Nesblt    ,  and you I' tensified a dozen fold, it being power-  j fui enough to overcome a' full grown  man in a few seconds, even when inhaled in  open  air.    The  perfume,  if  ; such a pungent odor"can properly  bo  ( ' j so called, produce's insensibility in the  form   of   convulsions,   distorting   tha  face,' especially  the mouth  and eyes,  into a horrid, crazy looking grin.    P*e-  eove'ry.front the effects of inhaling thi3  odor Is said to be very slow.  POLITE E.ULLDOG.  Manner Id "Which  th*   old riglitlnjr Br����d  i- Has Degenerated.  ' The modern bulldog is grossly libeled by his own appearance. His  bloodshot-eyes, tlai toned nose, deep  chest and formidable tusks give hnn  the appearance of ferocity, and his  naturally sweet disposition is overlooked save by the low who know  und   love hini.  Take, for example, the SO forbidding animals in the Kith annual  championship show of the London  Bulldog Society, which opened recently at the Crystal Palace, London.  Vox- all their ill-iooks, they allowed  themselves to be pulled about and  treated disrespectiully by ' everyone  who  passed. ,  "Champion "P.roadloa Squire," for  example, came down from Manchester  in" a- railway carriage full of children. Tho little ones poked their fin-  qers in his eyes, put iheu- hands in  his mouth, milied his tail and took  ���unheard   of   liberties  1   THE TREE  OF, IMAGES.  Leg-end',  of .a   Peculiar   Plant   Tliat  Grovrs  In  Tibet.  There is a legend about a tree of  Tibet, -called .the "tree of 10,000 images," which reads like this:  j Far away in the dreary land of, Am-  j bo. in Tibet, is a green valley in which,  '��� in a Tartar tent, was born a wonder-  j fui boy named Tsong Kaba. From hxs  j birth he had a long white beard and  | flowing hair andocould'speak perfectly  ', his native tongue.  .j " His manners were majestic, and his  , vrjovds were full of- wisdom.    When he  ��� was three years old he resolved to cut  off his hair and live a solitary life.   So  ' his mother shaved his head and threw  his long, flowing locks upon the ground  ! outside their tent door.   From his hair  ��� sprang the wonderful tree.  ��� ��� Tsong Kaba lived many years, did  countless good deeds and at last died.  But the tree which had grown up from  his hair Jived, and they called it "the  .tree of 10,000 images." This was long  before the Christian era, but.it is the  testimony .of the .French missionaries  that the tree lives yet. The leaves are  always green. The wood is of a reddish tint.and has an aroma as of cinnamon,     u. >  The bark of the tree is marked with  well known symbols in the Tibetan  language. Alphabetic characters also  appear in green on every leaf, some  darker, some lighter .than tbe leaf itself.. The branches of the tree are described as being spread out like plumes  of feathers crownirrg a trunk only eight  feet high, but of great girth.  Two French missionaries who saw  the tree were fully convinced that tlie  marks upon it were of natural growth.  J5LOTCJIY SKLVS.  A  Trouble    Due i to    Impure   Mood  Easily Itoinedied.  Pad  blood   is  I lie    out'    great   chum*  of had complexion  and   blotchv  skin--,  This   is   why    you    ni'ust   attack   tlie  irouble   through   the   blood   with   Dr  Williams'   Pink   Pills.      All    blotches,  boils,   ulcers,    pimples    and    paleness  are  the   direct,    unmistakable    result  of  weak   blood    loaded   with , impurities.     Ur.    Williams'    Pink  Pills  conquer the poison:     tliey drive    out  nil  tin-  impurities;     they  actually    make  new.    rich    red    blood;      1hey    stril.i  riejn    at   tile 'root of all  complexion  troubles;   they are a positive  and  p>"-  inanent  cure for all  virulent skin <1N-  oa<-os   like   eczema,   scrofula,   pimpi, s  and    erysipelas.     They    irive     you    <i  clear,   clean soft skin,   free,   from   all  blemish  and  full o'f rosy health.    Mr.  Matthew   Cook.    Bamerton,   N. W. T .  tells    how     Dr.    W'illmms'   Pink  Pill-,  cured    him    of erysipelas    after otln r  medicines had  failed.     Me says:, ''M\  skin   was   inflamed;   my   flesh, tender  and  sore:  my head .nelnsl;   my tongue  wa.s coated:   I had  chills  and  thought  I   was taking ,fever.'    T    tried   se\er.il  mediants,     but     nothing    helped    me  until    1    began    tiding   'Dr.    Williams'  Piu'c    Pills    and    drove    the    trouble  from my system,    and    T   am  now in  the best  of health.  1  thijik these pills  the    best    medicine    in  the  world  for  blood troubles."  It is an '-very day record of cure*;  like this that has given Dr.. Williams' Pink Pills their world-wide  prominence. They cure when other  me.diciiies1 fail, but you must get tlie  Lrenuine with the full name. "Dr.  Williams* Pink 1'iRs for Pale People," on the wrapper around every  box. .You can 'get these pills at all  druggists, or by mail at .">0 rents a  box" or six boxes for 92..">0, by writ-  incf tlie Pr. Williams' Medicine Co ,  Brockvipe.  Out.  CAYS AND DOGS.  IJetv-roen  Sci  entists  niity boi  believe  The  Seven  newts  In Dlseaae. ''  Mention is made by Professor Hilton  iii'his lectures on "ltestandPain"'of the  seven varieties of the former obtainable  in  the  treatment  of  disease���namely,  mental rest, bodily rest,a combination,cf  those two, as in that.most perfect state  of rest called sleep; organic rest, as evi-  deiiccd in the avoidance of exertion in  cardiac disease, of talking in affections  of the respiratory tract, and iniiuiiting,  so far as possible, the act of deglutition   in   affections, of  the   alimentary  tract by the substitution of euemata;  local rest, as secured by change in the  position of  body  or limb,  the  use of  pillows, cushions; etc.; dietetic rest, by  avoiding the too frequent use of food  and  drink;   lastly,   medicinal, rest,  in'  the relief of spasm by inhalations.and  the not too frequent administration of  medicine to the prejudice of-nutrients  or  stimulants.     Professor  Hilton  lays  it duwn as a rule tliat 'by a consideration of the manuer in which these principles of, rest may be best applied in  each special case of disease are relief  un'd comfort to be brought to the sufferer and diseased action arrested.���Loudon 'Lancet.  did  not  like it,  but  was  too much of  a gentleman to  protest.  There was an old gent Icmari at Sydenham* uho moved about disconsolately among the exhibits seeking for  something that was not there.  "There's not a fighter among  them," he said. "Not one of them,  would stand a moment's chance  against one of my old dog.;." Tie waa  listened to witli respect, for he was  Mr. "Teddy" Morgan, aged 71, a famous trainer of the old fighting  breed.  "I had r.n old dog named Fiddler," he said, "that killed 13 dogs in  Ids timo, but that wns -10 years ago.  At one great fight two dogs, 'doe'  and 'Puke,' fought, for three anrl a  half   hours   bcknc   '.Jo,.'   was  killed.  "There were some cruel 'dodges' in  those, days," continued' Mr. Morgan.  "One was poisoning a dog's neck so  that the other animal weakened and  died in the course of a light. Wa  used to lick their necks to r,en that  this was not done, but 'Pill' Asford.  of Pinninghnin, did this once, and  died   from  the poison."  ,���������'.'. Truly Good.  -.,, "What is your,.idea of a truly good  . wife?", asked tlio youth.  "A truly  good  wife,"  answered the  ������ Cuinmins-ville.siige;"is one who loves  her    husband   and   her   country,    but.  ��� doesn't attempt to run either."-  lie   Still  Asrreeil.  Lord Justice Homer was a chancery  judge in England for nine years before  he was raised to the appeal court. Decisive in manner and no waster of  words, his simple "I agree" has become  famous. Lord Justice Pigby was giving an elaborate decision one day and  The champion   happened to pause in tliat effective way  DlHcomfort.N   In   Venice.  Venice is not a desirable place of  residence in summer for the ordinary  mortal. The moisture iu the air, caused by fho steady prevalence of tho  sirocco, takes the starch, so to speak,  our of men's minds as much as out of  their collars, and if is only_.tlio artistic,  tiie luxy and the unotnnloyed who can  rightly  enjoy  The colors in  the  air,  summer  in  iu sky and  Venice,  sea are  he had to give emphasis? to a point. In  an instant came in Sir. Robert Isomer's  sonorous "I agree," to the visible discomfiture of Sir John Pigby. "But I  hadn't finished my observations," he  said and thereupon continued his judgment, somewhat more exhaustively. At  length he finished. "I still agree," said  Lord Justice Homer. And the appeal  court rang with unaccustomed laughter.  Looking  Into   the   Fntnre.  ,  "I guess I mi-i-lit as well quit school,  pa," said thc boy.  "Why. my son':'1  "uh, there ain't any use going, except to be able to lielp my little boy  when 1 grow up, and if they have  chanir'-'d the way of doing filings since  you were a boy so tliat you can't help  mt- it's likely I'm jm->f wasting my time  getting ready to help my little boy."  He got the help ho wanted, but it  was a good thing he didn't hear what  his father hud to say about .newfangled school books after he had gone to  bed. ���'���'"'    ���'������-",..���  do.  DriTsf-reroHJi Scheme.  The Mother���How can i get my boy  to do right? The Friend���Give him good  advice. The Mother���But lie always  does just the contrary of what! recommend. The Friend���Then give him bad  advice.  AFIi.s   Favorite   Animals.  Sunday School Teacher���Do you love  animals?   ,  '. lioy���Yes'm.  "That's . right. .,;���; I'm  What animals do you  "Snakes."  ' '  "GoodnCss!      'Why  snakes?" y ' ,-  //."'Cause it ain't wicked to kill 'em."  glad   you.  like best?"  do     you     lil.-e  Out  of the  Question.  Her Husband���I suppose a woman  would have to be quite a philosopher to  be indifferent to her appearance. She���  She'd have to be a lunatic.  Prnt-tii-ally   Admitted.  Toss���May is considerably older than  Bess. Jess���Yes. May -practically admitted it to me the other day. Toss���  You don't say? Jess���Yes; she said,  "Bess   is just about   my  ag*>."  ASpi'iiklnc  Iilkfiiit'KH,  Mrs. Fond mar��� Don't you think baby i  grow3 more like me every day?   Fond- j  mar���Yes, dear, especially so since she- i  began to talk. .     . i  Siii'ee.ss.  Paul���Percy, what is 'your ii>.i of  success? .Percy���My idea of success?  Well, it is'having people, run after me  who used to run away from me.  The more you speak of yourself the  more you  are  likely  to  lie.���Ziuimer-  mo.jj.   ..      _  _  of a unlure to provide perpetual delight and occ-upaiidh to the eye and  i.aud .of the pafiiter, while the abundance and variety of the fruits to be  !i:.d wiil equally content hi.s rrrearjor ap-  p 'titr*. for fruit in Venice is beautiful  and almost oriental ia its quality and  quantity., Bun there are drawbacks  to be set ,ngainst the lotus eating kind  of eXiiMciiee, and not the least of these  :'���*. (hat *of lied ni'ili'ts, when sleep is almost an unknown quantity and is  drh'*!! aw.iy by one subtle foe after  .".n.ilhor. the moiquifj being the iierc-  '���-l Micl mo.it aggressive.  The    Knniily    That    Exl��ts  Them  and   the  Ilvusau   ot  U  AVhv does the dog hate the cat?  "s have been investigating the en-  ween these animals, and they  that tlie instinctive hatred  which' certain beasts feel for each other  is due to inheritance from ancient  times when the animals met in a wild  state and preyed on each other.  The, .enmity between cats and dogs  seems to bo due more to hatred on the  part of the dog than of the oat. Tlie  latter animal apparently hates dogs  because dogs chase her, wliile the dog  hates the cat because she is a cat.  A cat will feed at a place where a  dog has been without betraying any  signs of anger, but a dog generally becomes excited and wild if he scents  the trail of a cat anywhere near his  food, or sleeping place.     ,  Now- this enmity ,is not to be explained by anything that happens between dogs nnd cats in domes!icfty or  anything that ever happened" bet ween  ,them as long ago as human history  goes, lu all tlicse thousands of years  dogs' and cats have been kept as- pets,  and of all. animals they are the' two  .which shoukfbe the most friendly.  But the reverse is the case. One naturalist;' Dr. Zell, seeks it in the fact  that the common cat not only looks  like, but smells like, the great cats of  prey. And of tbose'eats of prey there  is one, much like ii domestic cat Jn  many ways, which hunts dogs by,preference.  This big cat is the leopard.  The domestic cat and her larger relative, the wildcat, have never harmed  the race of dogs, but their gr.eat speckled cousin .is and always has bet'h tlie  most ferocious of dog murderer's, and  the cat must pay for it.'  Authorities agree that (hero is no  animal tliat the Jeopard would rather  eat than the dog. As a result there are  many villages in the districts in which  leopards are plentiful where nobody  can keep a dog. Tho great cats will  not hesitate to break into the houses  to seize their favorite dish.  But, says tlie doubter;, the irfodorn  dog certainly could not have known  leopards in many thousands of years.  He has been a domestic pet in regions  where there have been .no leopards  since man first appeared.  That is true, says Dr. Zell. But he  points to tho fact that dogs have a  habit of turning around several times  before they lie down. This, he says,, is  duo to the fact that when tliey were  in a wild slate they had to do this to  press down leaves and twigs in order  to prepare a bed for themselves, and as  they have not overcome this habit in all  their years of "domesticity it is quite  natural that they should still inherit  <ficr?e hatred of any creature that  smells like a leopard.     ,  .Dogs and cats are not the only animals that still show inherited fear or  hatred of other beasts, which,they h'avo  never seen themselves. Thus the rlii*  noceros is frantically in fear of anything white, and naturalists say that  this is because o^ice upon a time some  ���big white animal hunted him. But'"that  must have been long ago, for there are  n* big white animals ,now where the  rhinoceros dwells.  Chickens that have never seen a fox  will cackle and run in fear if they  come across thor place where the animal has passed or where his carcass  has been dragged. If a fox has .been  anywhere near a cat's drinking dish  the cat will not approach it.  Waiter  Couldn't   Uelp   TJiei:>   Ont.  A well kn iU'ii Baltimore society man  was op."l- spending a few days with  his wife at Atlantic City, and in (.'oii-  uc'i-tiou with his visit he told the fallowing story: When he seated himself  in thc- (lining room on the evening of  Jiis arrival he discovered that lie could  not read the menu, as lie had left his  glasses in his room, and his eyes wero  useless without them. When he passed it to his wife* she exclaimed that  she. was in the same predicament. At  si loss to know what to do, the gentleman callei!^ the waiter to him and,  pointing io tlie menu, said:  "Read .hat to me and I will give you  n dollar."  Quick as a flash the waiter replied:  "Scuse me, boss, but I ain't had  much  cjication   ma'self!"'  A  Spoiled   Dinner. '  Mme. de Mazarin certainly was eccentric and unfortunate, according to  the memoirs of Marquise do Crequy.  Sho never gave a reception without  some 'accident happening. When she  had a supper party the kitchen was  certain to catch on lire. She gave a  grand fete .champetcr and in order to  make it more realistic sent for a flock  of real sheep, a heifer and a shepherd's  dog. Tlie flock was to pass behind a  jdass screen. An unruly buck smashed  the glass, and the entire flock, with the  heifer and dog, rushed in upon the audience and scattered iL Some of the  sheep got access to tho supper table,  and so there were no refreshments to  speak of.  -JIBAL'ra  ��()R   1-j-ABl  ���Babies that, ���are well, sleep' wll,  eat well, and : play we'll." A. chile!  Lhat, is not ..lively, rosy-cheeked and  play;'i'i 1. . needs imi'nedia to a tl entioii,  or t.;-,.. results, inay lie serious;' Give  an unwell child, Baby's Own Tablets  und yon will be astonished how soon  lie will Iny bright, and playful. For  diii.rrhoe.., constipation, simple, fever, indiijesfion, Colic anil -teei-iiiiig  irritation tin'-.si; ' I ablets have absolutely 'no equal. They do not stupefy. .1..he child as poisonous "soothing"  i-it.-dicines do���lhey go to t he seat of  the ti-oiible und cure ' h.iin. .Mrs. ]<).  I.u iici-i if t, DiN-rwood, Man., says: "I  have used lia.by's Own Tablets for  stomach and bowel (roubles, for simple fevers and tet-fhing ancl .1 think  tl'.eiu the best medicine in I he.'world."  Vou. (���.���in. get Uiese Tablets at any  drug si ore, or by mail nt. 25 cenls a  box. by- writing the Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co.. Brockville, Out. 'Wise  mot hers  always   keep   the Tablets    in  .thehonse  lo   guard  against  a  sudden.  'ilines.s ui' little ones.  The   Prince   of  "Waterloo.  After (ho battle of .Waterloo the  Duke of Wellington was created Prince  Of Waterloo, and four pensions were  conferred on him and his descendants.  A Belgian paper states that in the  great hook or the Belgian public debt  there are-four entries every year of  payments to the Prince of Walorloe,  "hey are 80,1 OU francs 1 I centimes. -IPL'  francs, :'." francs SO eeiuiines and ;;  francs -IT centimes, or a total of inure  than I.'i.ObO.  lie   T)oe��   Go   Round 'tin H In'.  At a dinner recently given in London .an American 'actor ..proposed', tho  cominilri.-.m, "W"lmt goes, round,a button?", A l.'ier the' problem-had been given up by the' party' he gave the ��� answer. "A goat." There was,! a moment's silence. , ���' ��� ���' .  Finally one of. the women spoke up. ���  "Why," she sAu'd in a pm'.zled tone,  "I  didn't   know  they  ate   buttons."  in*   Point   or  Vier-v.  "Do you think ;thc world is growing  better?" ��� ������  ."No, confound it! T dropped't.Jio nickel the conductor gave, me in ehan^o .;���_���_,  morning,  and it rolled off  the  car."  Clu��iif*reil   It.  The Lady���That.isn't the same story  you told me before. The Beggar���No,  lady; yuu didn't believe the other one.  The greedy eye always misses more  than  a  generous   one.���Chicago  Trib-  �� EVERYBODY" knows that they are ��,  the healthiest, and the most eoonon?1  all teas.   That is why they make a,  having them. pl  OeySen   Teas   in sealed   lead  packet*  "    "    -Mixed    or    Natural   Green   \\  Grocers. '   0|1  Corloun  Wnj-i   of  CrnTm.  Certain species of crabs cover themselves willi seaweed' in order to deceive their foes. One crab was seen by  the naturalist Eisig in 1S78 to pluck  off zoophyles, ��� those plantlike animal  colonies which grow on shells and  stones, and to fix them on the spines  and hairs of its shell. A still'deeper  romance of defensive tactics is to be  found in the case or certain hermit  crabs. They live in the ea.stoff, shells  of whelks and crawl about, liotise on  back. One claw is'b'igger than the gj.li'-  er, and this is an adaptive feature, for  when the i��ah retires into its house  the bigger'claw is tucked across the  mouth of the shell to" bar the, way  agafnst a_possible intruder. More curious still "is the habit of one'-species  which toils along with a sea anemone  fixed to his shell, like Sindhad,carrying1  the Old Man'of flic Sea. Great care ia  taken of this anemone.���' It' is fed by  the' crab, and if the latter has to seek  a new shell by reason of his growth  he tcrideriy shifts Ids tenant off, the old  ajjode and piaces him'on the new one.  -���^"BAUMJroiiJ  M. IVrlniT, , hl. ,���_.-,. 4  .01 Moscow, ,.���y}i a t, '-'r���  Petersburg, has. _*...���,...��" .  letter from .Madam,. s<( J  ���JencraPSioessel, to^lgl  Oct. ^'P appealing t,( A" J  Vitus for money ,., ^J*  less wounded deh.,K*l,,s".,'11  re.ss, .some of whou/i..^..  arms, utl-.-rs eilln-r .mM'l  some of them being )//^\  Kunering trom,, uound^ fjl  and who win }.,. \/'*f  Then; are, she add.-, ".,'���*  unfortunates.  (aictiruljffM .iii<j mk-Ioim ,,,'  Otlit" tn iM.iny ji.-is.;,, y '  thnt iho least iiuhili.,.,-...,"' s  HtUickw of choletj. ,,,.....'  etc. 'The*-- ]i,-t-olis .,.(.��.  thoy run iti-iul..,- i,. ;f,,_."���/���'  tent if they Imvi- o��� )_.,?*  Mr. J. p. Ki'Iloiry's I'-.vA,!  i\ iin-iUeiiw* Unit ',ni; y-,\',.'.'���*���  hei. uiici is. �� sure lu".- .j'."':'  vnmplithit-,'. , '   '  Dennoilolc'i   AVit.  On one occasion Dean Hole, the well  known English clergyman, witli Mrs.  Hole, landed at Dover, much exhausted, after it rough crossing'of the English channel. While waiting for the  train the dean pored over the railway  regulations. "Ah,",he said, addressing  the station inspector, "ii's one consolation after such a crossing and this  tiresome wait that we go back at'half  price." "I don't understand! sir," was  the official's reply. "There is no special  reduction." "Oh, yes, there is," said  the dean. "I've just bgen reading all'  your .notices, and you state that you  take returned empties at much reduced  rate." Once when the dean was playing whist for threepenny points he appeared to be very well provided with  threepenny bits. VAh," hi.s opponent  remarked, "have you the offertory with  youV". "What,'sir," the dean answered,  "do you recognize your miserable contributions?"'  In the Futurc-.--'\Y;lf.y ...  sitting there?" "H,.\. .j,,.^1  nanciai critic." "\Mi(lt i,',|',t  excited?" "lUy^ \wi:ii_7��,  to go twenty points !)i>.!:e ",  poiiig to  predict  a liiiifiwrkitl  Rheumatism will SuccJ  South American Kheum-ulj Ci-il  it goes rSf_lrt to tho seat of ii�� .  o.c-1 remove* .ihs causo. }L,-.y j  cures but tioncjon pain t'>.-ip,::s:;ij|  to hnve it raturn again wit_ '  vlolonco.1 Not so with thli rr  dy. It. ern.dlcn.tos from the iyi>  last vestino of tho diMai�� t_. |_l  'are' pertnunont.���74  'Protection Ls Xtvdi'ii-Y.  now pro)loses' to .spi.|ui :.'i,-|ii,,,]  in the purchase ,,_ ,. ���.���..������.r..1  will be -che..|i ..nmi^ii i: l',,.'  can get prop-cut**] fi-nin v.,  that sum.  I.I. O!  :    in  <ij.  i.  :-li .i  Ihiv-J  ��� The  Dlnlnnt   Stnr��.  ' Speaking roughly, we have reason,  from the data so far available, to, believe that the stars of the Milky Way  are situated at , a distance between  100,000,000 and, 200,0^1,000 ��� times the  distance from the sun. At distances  less than this'it seems likely that the  stars are distributed through space  with some approach to uniformity. We  may state as a general conclusion indicated by several methods of making  the estimate tliat nearly all the stars  which we can see with our telescopes  are contained within a sphere not likely to'be much more than 200,000,000  times the distance'of the sun.  Grunting that all tho stars we can  sec are contained within this limit,  may there not be any number of stars  without the limit which are invisible  only because tliey are too far away to  be seen'.-'���.Simon Newcomb in Harper's  Magazine.       ��� ,  .-  'TIS 'A M \I!V!  tin* i-nies I'll.'..!,.!  lectin- i-Ji ���.���������.. i,,  and piTijian.'.'ii ���,.  the Kullerunr v. !������ :.  it wiij-t Sit- !i-i;..  l him: t hat mi j ���>������  rrsiilt sYi'iu ti���  which on I i-r in-**, it  will ronvhu-i' t.M- l  lH*it!iu_.   -wtu.v-  Thc Prtgy M.v.i  ; way of . roiis;ie.'  .said      1111*     diso-mv.-vi    'A--'.1  whose  nii-et ii-,;".s  h'-il  li \ ��� "  ,beggarly   aiiUi.'.'.d*. s.     "I  rd'-  is,"      said    'tin-      p.-iiie ' ".   ������'  "'Come , into  ' ,iv. n    Si'M,.'    -.  j we're not  e-s|>i'i.mg '��� ���  i   ���">"  noise  like   Lii.cob*.   S���',"������-  Imi'i   A.-;  i  -    .' l'V -  "lie's bom-',:.c !>!���,.���'. !.���/- ^'-|  cure." '"What due*-- th.it ��� *'-  jq'uifed .Mrs. Mr.iWi.-- "'-'"  I Mrs. Mninprup, ":ii.i; " ::  i thinks everybod'.'*��� 1-*-��'-"' ��� '  | Didn't you never !-.- ���!" ''!'.'  'sun  ln-iii'   the  sineO'.: ��������� e: .: ��� '-  I l.-.riI     1111(1     ���,(l["t     , >'I ' *-  11<��] I own \ '*.   - t'oi-n       .-"I-  r-\ i-VV   t in it-      I'i'l,   ii   I" ' ;  happy  Af'cr (he *(liinrri*l,  Shi^Therc is jiist one little bit of  millinery that I desire more., Ho  (crossly)���You needn't say any mon-.  1 won't buy it for you. She��� Doirt  be afraid. You'll never get' thc biil:  for it.   It's a widow's bonnet.  "Mr. William J. I'1'- '  uiiid'Ta t��� ���!\- m-icv ������' '���" <  ha--' bi-gun  to < Ion o''1  SO   i'i'l -  \   millionaire  down   '���'   "  Bought   nn si nt oii.ci7i.il- ,,  ,1 Iu i'i'ii  ilnw n six in ���'  Killed   four eov. ���-��� and ���  And then scorched !>.>!.,������  joix.  A Sure  \Vnj-.  Mabel���I wish I knew some way to  make Ceorgo forgot mc, for I can nor-,  er marry him. Henry���Have you tried  lendlug    him    monev?  COMl'I.LMKX I '���'���'���  Miss  Vera   Ohliii.y. den  "  - '  blame  For  feeling as   pi'ou.l .'* ���'  On   the  swell   hoi el   '������'���'-'  '' '"  name.  The clerk w rot e  ''^;i   ''  li,  We have used "Sunlicht'Soap," and we  want toT tell ybu tbj ���  '������'������' '     ' CJ        , L   '       ' , 1     ���|if  it is the best soap made, that's why wc arc writing.    \>'c iounu    ^  that the Sunlight way is the best way to wash with "'SunliglitSoap-^  At first wc used to wash with Sunlight Seap in the old way as*--  did with common soap, but after v.'c washed according tb dircctK"  printed on the package, we would never wash the old way,again,  first soap Ihe articles, leave them to soak and then rub out lightly on  wash board.   Not much to do and it makes the clothes white as snow-  ASK FOR THE OCTAGON BAR  Sunlight Soap washes the clothesyvhitc and won't injure ihe /"����" '  lever Brothers limited, Toronto.,        iai ym  mm  f^OYIE   LEADER  <u>  [RN CANADIAN  EDITORS. |  , 0f "articles describing   |  ^1 ihe!' aims and       |  [Uirjnflucnce. |  -tor C. French.     ���  >;��������������������������������������������������*  ��� l     llMMK��u  La grippe, pneumonia, and influenza often leave a nasty cough  ���when they're gone.  It is a dangerous thing to neglect.'  Cure it with -  -��  .s^jumiptioA  Tha Lung  Tonic  ,'  1 io ugh   on -,'.0 rover-.���Tlio  tuldyof Esther '.-Clev'  ���Klie first heard ���her  y! irohi .Chicago to tlii  i'. ex])]-..-ssi6n   changed  then to 'fenr-    It  thV-r's vbiccAyet  Ai'yi; .Idokib.g'  ��� the /receiver ,'y,'Esth(  into tears.     '.'01  she sobbed.  papa out. oi':,thnt little hole  story,, is  land   that   when  father" : telephone  \Vlute- House jier  to . wonder aiid  wasy surely���', her -;. f a���  ,,she was incredulous.  t 'the, liny opening'J n  r  suddenly..,, burst  mamma,  linaiiinia,"  low.can  we eVer Aget  DESPERATE AFFRAY WITH CAT-  CATTLE THIEVES.  One outlaw is dead nnd another is  in iuil seriously wounded,'as the re-  fin ot ii desperate battle between  fJUlu thieves and oflicers neiir.lX-i-tli,  \A  despatch".. from,  Scdt  ffroi" Kind.-Mrs. Pncubride spoke  t       i      in   the     cook      "Kathleen,  sharply   to   tne     cook. , ���++i,,,i  she said, "my husband can t -a-��� th.it  hominv. The next time you l>u> nn>  I want you to get, the seedless kind.  Beard     in   11.'*    Hotel   Corridors.-  "IIow arc times over in your statt;.  "Too   darned   much   prosperity.     we  can't   get  the campaign managersto  thinking  ours is  a  doubtful slate.  The  cure that is guaranteed  by  your druggist.  Prices: S. C. Well3 & Co. W  23c 50c $1,   LfeRoy,N.Y..ToroDto.Can.  Have  You  Eczema? ��� iuv�� you  nnv   skin   disease  or   eruptions?   Aie   you  subject.  to. Ahftfirtg    or"   scalding?.     Dr.  Acfiiew.'s Ointment prevents and cures any  ��� r.,1.   ��11-      nt  '      1 ViAoa        A*Virl MIW      "     '   ''       ''  subject  Acfnew,'  nnd   all  ed.iciitiou ,:w.ith ,'  College.., A Decidii'i  ing.'-business,   la;  |1( lOlt'C. FRENCH.  *id r.oprietor  of  the Wetas-  knini Times.  I,���.,,,._,_ West,    it   has   often  \ ,i..-hind of ojipoitumty.  |l' ,   olll> .oi   tho-o    por-  ".    ,.s,  aim tha.   have been  ,    ., ,  lomimrtitne    ekton,  ^   h(   ...^e-siou of a  model-  '        ���,     capital    ensures    ie-  ' , ���,.,    Uiim   is   posMble  1 V, ,���,..��� mitn- in Hie East,  "' M,i m an iM'n g>>'A**'*' ]^-  , ..��� huge and maturab  " ilsl.���,s     being  coiamnaBj  11',,:.!,-,     dne   to   Ute  stiady  . .',;���  ���a���m,   goes  on    'llu-"  ''  '" ;���   <|S   n-maikahh*    ior  ', '/-/ ��� as  foi   th"M   KM����di-  ",    Min     sees     the    piairie  4 .  ,. ',  m   the   wmd.   and   ur  ,    , .., ihe.e ��sn��i sicn or  1     ,;,  .���,  habitation      J'.ri'  ��  ,       lhl.     radv-av   ha-*  ,'.���,.   ,.r.UJ*,es.   and   the   ��**-  ���;,   ���    (insv   town   nppfar.  ',,,   w,.h   the   Pioneer  siore-  '       ,h,  country   puhbshei  '    ^-hni^cn-or,    H     ��"*���  ,.���m.i..u-s    his   ambition.  ,,    ,,lS._-i^ues    h.s    m-��-  ,   .Vn-.m fobo   and Mans  ,     ,,,,,*   of   p'lbUc-spil'lted  ,   .. to    the   uuuhant^  ",1     .-verv   oil"'1-    *-U',s  l       l '',,l-S ' .  , .1 Iv  ,,,     y.i   co'mti>    v..vki>  ',      ,,.���,,. u,, s ollh.'t J"  ,    ���   ihe    humble**'     '"'"  l> . .,'  .iu   u-n n mu  m-  ,,,!.,    eated   Cut h     "l  .    i .     tho    min     ��ho  l..      ,        the i      mod. s'v  ay term  at, ' Toronto I  g to 'loip-n ;the pript-  -.-r,.       -..-..-..,   ..,A was  apprenticed  to  .John White&ySopy   iii   ' the' "F/xeti-r,���]  Times.,'After,-completing   his;yte,rm  lie'accepted  Mitclieliy Befceu-dei-v AhoJiljiig ^the.  ti()T)yl,l'pryni>ai;lyyihr':le ':y.e��rs,������'��� when "he  cweii,t'.'..��.t'o,  Toronto and"; obtained]' em-  ploymftiit, m :':'t.l;ic a well-known   jt'jb .of-.  ,.fice., bl the Aloyietaryy ���'nine's'.'   pater be  "itf.c.{.'i'ii'i^,l.' .a,' j'tejliouy iit the jyiTic'e  oi  ^IcLi-ah,;'Bros..yti^i':,.,u-eii---kiip'w'n /trade  jotiriiAlistsy yIn: p808 he  was 'offered  tiHi'fon-mansi.ifiAoi'  the,; Clint oh:  New  Era." ono, of. the-;hey';papers����an.,-west-  ei-rt .dnfario,: Aandih'i.ld - Ahe' posiuon  '.til i;.' "'ii'ii-i's'���'-��� ;fa 1 ;V-'':'r>f..' ������ iIJ0' 1 -'..;. ,\yhcri> y.li'o. yV^*'1 ^^''  west^Ato 'Alberta,;'''and y,after'"��� ���������a-" few.  Afonth^ o(;'prosi}ecting,, decided .to, lo-;  bite 'atA\\''A:vskiwin,;yahd';Aes.tnl'iis|icd  thiy'Times. ,,;,As: may, be '���'imaginedArum,  ���l.he.succ&ss,c:..������').!i��','.,vwvi-uro',Mr: Frent-h;  ha s:. ueVeiyr hfed:: oc'casioil ;t,u regretAho-  call ';��� that/' bade himyome y-'est.:.-':��� ,.y;,y  :-:'l?o' aif^'' ono   wluV"realizes���a"n,(l.:'.''..a,p-  pKCiates ihe   rapid  stiides    that    all  parts   Of   tin*   West   has  made    v.ilinn  the  I last fi v   \i.u-(,   it   seems  urlain  that the  nia'-uie of  slides*-   that   has  aliended   Mr     Punch   m   his   newspaper \ehluie  in   the   past   will   b" -sur-1  passed  bv   Us    future     giowih       The  distill t   ser\ed    by     the     (\algary    k-  Edmonton  line  is one of the   l>e*-t    m  the ^est,  and ^etaskiwin   is  evulent-  lv  destined   to   be  on"  of    the    most  uuifortant  cr-ntres along the line. rl he  Times.'imdir its pn---ia mana.reitient.  is amplv  able to   keep  pace    with  its  rutin.- hrov.tn     M.e.eh   it is n-gard-  (Kl as ainonir tho most   mfhuntial  papers   of   the   T.-rmon-s     It   is    ablV  c  ..   _..     ._     vlii-se,    and    cures   Itchinar.  Bltoilinir    and    Blind  Piles  besides.     On*  ttpl'hcatio'n   brings   relief   in   ten  and   casus   cured   in   three   to  35  cents.���73.  rainut����,  six   nightr..  "Port A Arthur's dob iii.;;;hii�� been". :'seat-  itl soine.Aiiore;. -;.'.���������.���'���";���'-.a!a '���'/ ���'"���.���;'::.'.".   ������'  th.,J I MM'3 LfflfflENT Cures MM  posi- 1    ''.Who's that" speaker that,'s': yelling  ffo'.yioiid" in. there?"'-inquired ,,tbe,,A*er  jiOrteyyA'T dviniib, his nauie," 'said tlie,  1101 i ccVn an a, t the j door, ' ^''bu t lie' ,*.' the  chap"''t,hey've sc-ht here, to geti'.o.ut tlie  silent vote.".;''.!       --..',.''y:::'A".'.'A:"ry '.,_������������:[  ���  Use '.Lever'svI.)i-yyBoap;.'. (a'-powder!  toywiis Avobtens "and���������;flannels;���you'll  Vike'it.  .:':���-",; A  ''"''aaa' ']yV ,;y-/ "������. 32  ���Luke"- Citv,.; Utab-yySherifi::Clark and,  t!-   demitv  of  Elko. ...county    caugnt  in ihe :acP,of skinning a. steeioi the  Crahian ^jyand; , When.".:called upon io  , surrender ! they .dropped behnal .thy  :ciA--ass oi the-'aiiintalyand began.ylu-  !shAter,   yand   for.'A^en' y;mmutes ^t  ^dueVy-cbntmued.: ,}Vm)K. ^/^  'snrantr    to : his '��� feet and,fired...,.; J-be;,  .{"K was^returned and V^'^.  {ped 'dead:;A'few.mint, tes- }^. f���?  !low surrendered.and ;was .fou;nd,to,be  ���in or tally, ..wounded-; ;-y, ���(������:,;.   yAy y;  ,,..������,  '/''l o/uJ Ahead:.--VHow are "���you "so-  4r^r''wc!i:c-a^V.thft.''a^  ^ lather ciiop.oiAy.^^atm^ to ^riov.  '-���I   prefer "-.' said'   2Coahw.   guardedl> ,  ..-"-o  leave, thai 'question AorXhO" com-  '������TOntatorif;to-wra^  y^p'SylBKg^^  "''. ^VlPSa^ls^AdayThas'Aheeil abandoi|-  ..^p/bv'the-saintsK.yanf.taken.Tosses--  ;.sion'lof^by'thc other fejlows,, :.   . ;yA ��..  INDESCRIBABLE PAINS~  STONE IN BLADDER.  An Exceptionally Severe Case  in  Which a Helpless,,  Sufferer Was, Restored by  Dr. Chase's Kidney=Liver Pills.  ���&  Gravel    or    stone    in     bladder     is .decided ��� to   givo   them   a    fair trial,  about the most painful ailment that   After using one box I felt a decided  ever afllictod mankind. It is tho  -result of deranged kidneys, tho uri-  acid forming into hard substances,  which lodg* in the kidney and bladder Tho horrible chseaso is prevented and cured by Dr. Chases  Kadncv-Piver Pills. t  Mr    Daniel   Brown.   English  River  Ont      writes:     "For   three  years    I  offered from urinary  y��?w��- 'Pa��  taking of tho nature of stona m tho  bladder   or    gravel,    and    tho    pain  Alter using uuc   uu.v ^ .^.^ ^  ,   change ior tho better, nnd after taking five boxes I feel like a new man.  I am entirely-,out of pain,   and havo ���  no moro discharge of blood.     I   can  honestly    recommend     Dr.     Chase's  Kidney-Liver Pills to any fellow cuf-  ferer,  and will  cheerfully  verify this  statement to,anyone writing mo,"  Mr.   W.   Bowen,'   Postmaster    and  station    agent     at    English    River,  'Ont.,    writes:      "I have   interviftwed  Mr.   Daniel   Brown    of  this placo  in  A''AVhat;7\iid: yybii 'Ahiiiky \of;,; any"!  peeeh:?' ''���::, said '.the ''.o'ra'lqr of the Pro-'  bibit'iori party;' : '.'���������'I-ywis astonished,''  ���a��is\v-ked'A,;oiout-l-''''Htillwoip  tuckv.,':"':'"!   '.j'.ie-ver y kiievv-'t.hat" water :  .���-.���S^ii'i'l  ���;." v-J-v*-l  bladder   or    gravel,    and    tno    I-- l^-^J *w; 'fong  illnesa  and curo.  which I endured can scarcely  be Jj  jjrd tol-^   ^^   tlw .. te ti.  Cdb'f-     '  dWaJr��SSly     dischWo'd   monial as given by him is correct "  work,      and    froquentiy  _ <-"= _^j�� ^. |    __^^   rViri<.fi.R ^Cldnev-Liver Pills, c  .could"'j'.r.ifliivo /so  niuch  ibqu'aci;ty  ,:e.  at'ci  di fed and caiefull.-v juinted It's advertising patronage is huge, ,.ml as  a news medium it is one of the \ i rv  best in Western t\mnd.i. The.piesont  position of the (Times is the best pos-  si'bV proof of the piogiessrveni ss and  abihtv of H s piopiutoi. who is generally recoirni/ed ns among the most  eflieieiit of the newspaper men oi the  West.  will   cure   every   case   ..i     ^VJ   - ���>��  |ltncrdalc.     MHS.ltKCHKNPAKh.K  T    Believe    MIN'AHUS    T.IN-IMPXT  .Ulp^du^^^oiba,.^^  Stanley. P- 1'-   T*  r    Hebeve    MlKMU.'S    J .1MMF.ST  j/   .he "best     bousho.d    remedy    on  calUl" 'matthiv^ roi nv  Oil City, 0nt  ..'.. TSy^ri:!)   1.-V. TlMlA��� In 'hiri-���jusiiy ci-le-r.  hi'liteil fills .Dr. 'l-ii.!;irie|ee' .hii's  givi.-n   to  the', world ' one o{  i\h:  mo's*. .���TJ,irir).lie".'ijiCrxli-'  ci lies: offered" lo: the 'pulitiiV ihylatu yei-irs,.\  l.'rc'litu-i-d' -to ' ;:iiyeetA; tli..;;Avaiit;.; lorAiA pill ���':  ; which,..(i.ovild;: JurA 'Vakfiii nvjthoul;���'.'riihisea,.:.:'  ���niul; tlva.ty.'-.Ti'.ould iiurixe^Avithout pvuiiy itA/:  ' 'h'ii-Y .liiet- ul] yi'.ej jiiirenien'ts. in' 'tliat -.di roc- '','.  tiuh, ;an(l-,;il. is in genera',, use, .iiotAoniy -;*:  because: 'o;'ytlu*!!,i,tv.o ���a.uali.tlcs;.; ..but':'..- be. [a  't-uuse , it. is i.k'ii.o'wii,: to iiossess.alu-rivtige.ly;  a'ml 'curative''.I'lowe'rs; winch place . ��� i*. iu ...  .i'Uit-': front'"rankAof. niedicid.is:y::A:.-:-y -- -'^.y '���".  ,-;'���,-;.-A's a::;prrc.ust:ion agai.nsPv,a-?s\iddc;n y  drop- in 'the teii.perhturey'^aysyan:: au- y'  '���'tlioj.rty'',''.'it; is: welh 'foA 'be provided [  \V-ith":-,;v-,'.c'o'py..''yM",'?a":,--rep,utab  per. whi ch-AShbuUp ,;be .'foldeA'toytbfJy  .;pfiipe!-:"s'izAand thrus,t.'ti]ideiythe; vest;!  .'.as,.''u.,.,b"ri'ck'.;-'wariner.-,A';N:'6w;1'.is the,Aiine-'j  to 'siiVjjveribe.  ':-     ' '    '''''"''  -anu    u'a..*.......,      _ __  blood. Though I spent hundreds of  dollars in' doctors' bills I received  no relief, and at last decided that I  would never bo able to work again.  "While in this condition 1 was advised to' try' Dr. Chase's'Kidney-  Liver Pills, and though I had no  faith in  them  or  in  anything olsa I  Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, ono  pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all  dealers, or, Edmanson, Bates & Co.,  Toronto., To protect you against  imitations tho portrait' and signa-  turo of Dr. A. W. Chaso, the famous  receipt book author, are on ' every,  [box.  tn;  BROWN  BETTY  i This quaint old-style teapot is one whose popular  "ace doth not stale.1  ��v  SHIP  f=-,_j || ' Partloularo.  icy "age  day-   for    ��-;��������    ���    '  _^  -FHonn��psor!*, Sons & Co.  :o��  i on  With   fine  Sterling   ��  ilver  mountin  e*  and  any  mono-  ram, wi ��l.l ;tfor$.o.oo.  t ha�� a ���whltei i;lale,i re"  movablo ':��tceper.  f.  '���ou  uomg   to.ni^   ,!^H^)0n/lhen,i  Mil.wavl.n;' omc   lo   take  ()l   course >u  y 60 Specialists on the Case��� ���  In, the ordinary/run of ��� medical.'practicn' I'  a greater number 'than,-,this -have" treated ."'���  cases of chronic dyspepsia; and -hav��''.'  failed,;to curt'T-but'.br.. V.onAStan's Pine-"i  apple a'ablots.(60 ir.;;a hox at;'o5 cants r  edst) ,,havo ��� uia'd'e-the cure, -giving ���relief,''.',  in 'one'-.'day,'.'-��� These little ���'.'specialists"A'  havo, provun ,their . real  merit.--72 A .,.   .y:;  .'������'.''Marquis v J to .Lbl^.'Jiipiih holds ?ay^ ale a  Wo rms'iderail ire. the . wKple'; system A Mo-.-;  ttjor (;'i:avcs'.; .Worm', l-'.xtoi-aiir.n'.uf.,, de-..;  ���.i'l'ui'i. t-s'.- \\'ori:is,. and gives rest ;to ,A.'.the-.*'  surf(;r(?r. , A ..oiily :cost's.-..-2'5'yceiVts ���'tp���;try'.'���u.';  aiidybe convineed.yy :.y '';.'''y,y... ���;'���'���'.���, ���!'"!��� ���,',���. s:y'.���;  ; Field Markliipy^ir :Henry WylieyNor-,;  uiaii.: who' died' rccentiyvAAncCj.refused  ��� tlip'oiTicp of A'iccroy 'ofy'India.   :.,, y:'.{ ���������'';  :;-.:.'.;-.-.;ESGLisk-;sr^  Removes A all : hard;';.soft'-orA..calloused ';  lum'ps;-and'yi)jemishes froni horses, .-blood ;  ���spavin, ciirbs.,1AplhitB;l ringhdhe,: B>yeeiiey,'-;!  .stifles., sprnin^y. cures sore .and '...swollen .  'throaty coiighs;. ^etc. ,Save $50, *��� by A. they  use- ot -one bottle. Warranted the; most  worideitul  Blemish  Cure  ever, known.  ,<4-  Ordering by mail means  prompt and satisfactory  purchasing. Send    for  catalogue.  RYRIE BEOS.  "DIAMOND HALL'  XI 8 to  I2-*  f/a  't HTal^c* 'l��os"3^--G-ct-'tlie Highest 'prices'for your  1 . '    ' wheat.    Ship to r '  GRAIN   EXCHANGE,  WINNIPEG. Chamber   of    Commerce,   Minneapolis  THE ANDREWS^CACE CRAIM CO, LT9.    I  CRAIN COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  W-s nsato &   specialty   of  lew grade -wheat.   Write us before shippings    1MB  will show how we cut serva -fosu.  B��fet��&cea:���Aay. Baalc or. Commercial Agpncy. " ��� I  GRAIN   EXCaSAKCfE.  < WINNIPEG,    k&Xfa  51-rett  TORONTO  Yonge  GRAIN | Jas. Richardson & Sons  (Until   recently  represented by. the late  E.'   O'Reilly, Esq.)  .     n       r�����ri    Lots'  Write us   for top  pricea  All kinds of Brain purchased ,m  Car ��� Djad    Lot,^^   ^ flax>  and    shipping   ^^^ ^   Winnipeg,    Man.      '      ___ll_^  ��^fe  A  ���    <-���>,�� to -be ��old-oft ��.rrival or ��It��r��  you    ��T*l�� to   Ui   tO   T>9   WIQ ^^ly   CCT&  w*rd., �� you may wish     We do      ��       ^d ^  CSBoB^ ��       -  - �� 'mlasion   bu-mesa,    te    which  DONALD MORRISON &S0. S^aml^_^_^^  H  h surface Vine,  lt's -Uss  cio^ded '  :���('.  MINARD'S LINIMENT ftr Sale Ererrwliere.  Wi  Rim  tfl.  ;r.-e  an   r.v,*���'.���'  \  'iiLiWatioi^  ��� y.-;.,A y noiv-snccv-ss  .liv-nvlv" t-i-ipplc ���..-llH.'ir    Ur  A iivi'.-.-ul'Vn"' their enV'A-  -.]! in' the Add thav th>A  ..ajin-.y-iY-isrii'd A Hat-.-.umo  ih.-ir iadtfnient-- AP'-.. .  .'i.n-ilA-. ..:;of:'JnsianCirS,  .*,.���'...�� "'ki.-ftniuy.-t-vses  .V.*;i".'?v'"ilfl>>f-n"-SUCll  -hnvi'hs-'-.-in -'a- 'we^ycyn  iv. iA:H   would ,snn��"^"  ;;u*. with 'Alio   speed, ni  yyy in  tjWAV^.^-.'-.1.!"  nu'vi-r, -  surpt'i!iC-    an'"~  .w-i. : i.hivt   the  country  uiiyU'dii'ikl. towns,; i"  ,n    aSse   ^.reduceyfun-svo^p  ���    (���r,n;|n,l*ii-d.' ' iA;WHliupi-,,"s-' '"  . .s|iaiv..-,of  I rino.; , ,-,' ..' * '    -;   ,    ,  ���iUii-H-lraanii   of   this. i-al'iditA  lini'i'.-rA ' is     'a(To.'ded .��>>"��� ''"'  kiwi'n "'r'i'iii.'.s,     It,'' is  sonic '������.-0M',:  l,;!"li"-V..i,'i-i  eld. At.   havinir A"HM'  ���!���.(!  iiinl'lirsl.- issued  on Alivi"l*M  I'ViilA       hs    heirinninK^.,   %v'*ly"  i"i!. si'. ' li. appeared Ais  a >^x;~  ���.;;oy   Hut.,  wit,Ida The Uiu��-S:  -pAv'yili,.' 'tiui.'S even   at- t1yi.it.  I'm.1.' y.as a   newspaper.   It ff.^';'  .'A-'-.   If Aas  piihlie-}<V>in'ti'*d..   -��'-  At's   r,\sn   town: ,  It   l.uul.   i^  '-\    niVd-   .expressed      litem.",'"'1��  y.y   il    i,t,.i:;itieil; itself '.'.witlr the  ,.-.���';!'n,| prosperity of .the ��� di>'.-  '��������� Hic-Vi" it was p.ililiAV'd, Ihe  yh   ,���.,.,pi,     rei-.iir.ii/ed    ff^\t  ll   live   lU-W.spnp'.-l"--yli"   /"/ \  i|..pendi-d  on   to  huck   up the  :   its. citi/ens'lo   laake. th'^n  ii'.;u.*e- nf'  import aiu'i*-       - s ,  hhcns-.-ipieiice   they  were  n unit  ji!i'|ie.:.rm',--    .j,        Also   as   a   coiim,--.  "Ah.  did   not   take. lon.iX -.-InMon-  ^a-i'ciiuii'in   folio   was   loo   small  '"��� ie.cr.Msed   importance, of   ',oUj  ��aii anil thi' paper.    Soon it had  ' yiAn'..-ed     to    ii.  seven   column.  i'f'er   another .interval    ,oi'  .o.ou-  m-i.wih.      lv��,   ��� liilditiou"1  I   to   lie   added.   '.'Froin . ' wo.  six  columns   to  siv pages ol  !U,,1   au   iii   the   space  ,  half years!   Xeed (Acre  ..rv   than   the  nS   to   whelhei'  ,,rsT -Tiic: .Ti".�� ���;!;:,a!;?as>,  i.nr.n-i.lioius^'.  .      JV., .,v caI.,\ls.". soyn=. ;t.J  ,,,-t.  neon -th��   �����l^.��:;'.-' ,!u'     retention  ���clour ,Uim��   'V'������^,.:f    "  - I.ater discoveries,: in ��� y.Iythol6p;y.���  Pegasus had made his first .flighV 'to  the "'��� sununit. , .of Blount 0 Win pus.  ','Sf.ill," he whinnied, y'inasn.nich as,I  l;am not g- niachiinyyi. .^pppose it. would  he of. no., use for me:,-'to '��� 'claim that  SlOCyOOO olTered! by the,��� St A TAitiis  w'ot'id's fair people!';'. .Bursting; into a.  horse, 'laugh, he.' ..looked' 'hrounch. ;f<  sovnethintr to browse, upbii.     4  |thomas law.        ship Your Grain to  WILLIAM LATf .i,  'Vaii-t'fal'.   A'A  ;,h'oh   i-ai'irot,  ein   '"���;;,*   profession. -'It1  K^eAforhv-'^  u'lurh   an*., the^ i^ ���    '^^uV;...pro,..:.::-A; ��*  y(^dnln^'':S  ndsacco.upiishn.eias -.   -   -  ''Sgite  ������"'"���- .   ���   ��� , -cri ��.i-i<urt   Price��   obt*l*11''l>l*-  Correspondence  solicited.     ���    fiR&gM , EXCH AWQEy  Winnipeg.  f A Piil in  o-i id's'liio'-  7llesh    on  ',yylf'l   wasyvou," said  the  theiy, "I'd 'try-  to ; U'et...SOUK'  bones/ and quityb'e.ii'vir "so skinny  l.nucli of .that, '"Del  ''������-' ' 'Yes"- ���.''paid!' the  w5U save n serious s^e^espec^  to people subject to hmo {rom  Sick Headaches or jhj d ^ a  Stomach disoide >- Ap��     ^ uevcr  friend indeed, anu v  be without a box ol      ,  Established -Krain Commissioa  tlzijl    * AA^ . Uiwa> ^m^ - ' Merchant in .Vinnips  ^ayoargr.1. to mC .nd.ct ^^^^j,^^  , and kighest market prices. g      SPS    1^?        1300.     '  R.ferenc.-UN.ON BANK of CANADA,    ^-^f E     B  mv  before A   did, so  S^,';''S''lSe..-��^-te,,^'"'!  .ll.U  at.'  AV-iAed.-C,yn:ulem.;iA  .  ....   think 1   dvtAA t*'  "       nminiiA'A'U  w"  y. N'oni*    of ..' It  "Man of lAisiuesi?,'. "  tell   you   that  ymu    .^  cost, yoii$I ()..()(hi , more hist , yoni  ,l.han you' made out of it.",. ' SeneAot  'I.oi.siiH'in���".That's all riidit. ..Entei  the s?'l.0.'0��'i0 under t he , head ,of. ,ner'...s  Isary  campaign  expense's." '   .-'   '  \C  In boxes 25 cent��.  uoernuous  Reiaovcd by m8 New Princ.pl.  '&?;������  J-A&AJ6.B- eommiBaion. K.oa��ona.bl��  <^����ff te?.^^^^cVrrU"��5U-   -elicited, R*r-~  h  flme  1 i'i ihi in ns,  'IV;' and  ui-1 her comment  ���it al' of   facts  lillV  v.  J"  Un- .t'limi'iliiin Went, is t'hc^ind  ^'i'l'iii'hiniiy for t.he'propc-rly tV11'1"  iV'Wspapi.r   puhlishei-y as. well    as  1'1' fanner,   the.  rancher,   tbe mer-  '    -Hill   the  in\ i'sfor'.'  'lie i.iiei-haiiii-nt side of h'm Iniiu-  '"w     men      are     better   eipiippcd  Mia   Victor   (;'.. Vrench.   the  eili-  "id pi-uprietnr of  the VVivt.askiwiii^  1    lie is md  vet thirty years of  linviiiL.   i���.,.|i   horn  near   Oshawa,  ���  ''1  'INT.-,.     He  was  educated    at  l>...l..f  schools,  tin     i  i. ��� i < *���  *'   -  ���  comjileting , his  tors thins 0? to��%%a doc-  you^owi, quieis-teUcHInj  0^��^S0veri.   C��ntly  |axatiVO<  hasten ^rccovory...  ItI, better thnn electricity, boc��u��  ���    *      ���nt scar or produce a new growth.  ih  in   nob  noisonouB ,   i,uviv  ��        ������led in plain wrapper Sor SI-  a(y,099f sealedl in p qu0Btion ,f lt  1  A!      booklet-tho   most   complete  Our   b00*J*crfiuoui  H*ir ever pub-  troatiso on Sui>crnuo    ..        .        jj. 0f  theso of bl"dr^n| ���eaied envelope,  .sent fro��, ���� P1^, for it lo-d.y-to  l"P��\;iRACLB   CHEMICAL CO..  23  DG   M���WKST,ToBONT0,or  THEeBT SSMPSi^ LIMITED  RoaeRf ^oRONT0, ONT  Q0f  Used in H.B;K. Mitts, Gloves  And Moccasins���tough aa whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-  roof, wind-proof, boil-proof,  crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,  cold-proof, , almost -wear-rproof���-  certainly tho greatest leather -  ever used in mitt3 and gloves.  Liko  buckskin  it   is   tanned  without oil, unlike buckskin,it In  , not porous, it is wind-proof���will  outwear three buckskin's.,  "Pinto" Mitts and Gloves  never crack or harden, never get  sodden, are always warm, pliable,  soft and comfortable.  Sold at all dealers but never with-  out this brand :���  SJKS  'Ohio Gasoline Engines'  PORTABLE   ENGINES   for THRESH1NO  and   STATIONARY   for   CHOPPING and  , WOOD SAWING in stock ut all times.,  Wo  can sbip at a day's notice.  Write us fox Prices, and Catalogue.  Isttrridge-Cooper Co^ Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.  . Henry Avenue, yEaA.  Plans dvave been svibmiffed tor the  peniami.v Han'ison rne.iior.al to be  erected' at   Indianapolis.   ,    .  'in<rlo.n  The Shah of lArsia lias decorated  President Francis oi the >l- Louis  fair. ���   '    '   *  .' , .  TH u rat   1'1'al  Cincinnati.,  control  of  a  stead, veteran editor .of  has assumed editorial  ���monthly  magazine..  Advices have been.vat^ed at NVaslv-  concerninir the- repoits worn  Panama of a conspiracy there dire --  ed" against, Lh-esideut A.n.ul,|- and.  it is understood, conceded 1. P  sons who want -to con trol the i ���>���  ', f ihe ^10 o'dti.OOO fund paid  mauidei*  ot  the c-.ia'.v v ., -,',..,,..���,.-,  bv.the   l-'nitcd     Stales-to^     yi.;^-  y.,*lu.   movenu-nt.   was  a-uul" ��-    1   ^  ilrnt   Aniadi'.'  l^avuigheen   w..n,d,  m  advance.     but  it  is  .eared  ^t    ���  same elements will repeat -theenoit.  ^���UK_K{|T(ffi_f_jft*ty^  HUDSON BAY KNITTING CO.  Montreal    Winnipeg    Davrson *  20 Years of Vile Catarrh -chaa.  O.   Hrow.ii,   juiirualist,   of   Uulutli,   Minii.,  writes:'   "1    lmvo    bwin    a    sullerer    from  Throat   and   Nasal   Catarrh   for   over   20  years,   during   which'  timo   my   head   has  been   stopued,.up  and   my  condition   truly '  miserable.     Within   15   minutes   nfter   us- j  ��� iuA Dr. . Aifhew's   Catarrhal  J'owder  X oh- j  tained' ruliof.       Three   bottles    havo    almost, ii not entirely,  cured me."  50c.���73  A London ynp'er says a wife ceases  to be a bride six' weeks after marriage. Whether this is inhere at jn  the constitution of things or the. averaging- up'of the results of observation the paper doesn't say.  i-Iiiaril'sLWent'^Jn���.^.  Preparing for the "Emergency.���The  sugar magnate turned to his private  secretary.-' a'" Richards;" he Asa.id,  "what, do tho papers say about 'the  cranberry' crop?" "It is unusually  large this year," replied the' secretary.      Still,   as  will   be   remembered.  the'    sugar    trust,  hei in  one of  the;  ,   ,,...sis     advanced    tbe prica    of  S/only 5 com�� a hundred pounds.  \Psf    fiSS     U  ��C��I  S&7  wm  mm tfa'  1 S WS '  I-I|l>.;i''  ' -W*:-i  o  1 1-.-  m Mil ha Lfiiiiriu.  ' iblit-hedin the interest of tbs/y.ccpla  of Moyie and Ea.-t, Kcotccay.  ?, ,r. H-vtyxK & CO.,  I'TiljiisTiers.  n * tit** or.-i- o K^er.TVTLo:  me Yer.r  ���-2.00  ��� ' ���  TAKE  PRESCBIPTODJ NO. .77.  ,���.- Cug,.,. COM3, B.one,,^, K����.n��. and fetation, ol Iho Thro��t  '     "lo GENTS A BOTTLE M"  ������ATURL\1AA  .^r.C-^/JiEK   'A  1W1-  '   ;- '���   J-"    ill ,        '      --,,  He kii.pcd htr Lack���M.tli-mtaOonet.  ,utioii'. H'ne fainted uiion, Me Ucparl-  xt., ___f,y:,n \JnAv;. Shi- ��v.' ted ^ her-  .,..\i upon his' entering.���Albs.t IA;mo-  ���-..,!, " ."'he whipped Urn up-"��n hie- re-  Jm-,i. , ii.-il^v-'^'- Tlowcboai the  .,-n-i;-". who'Avan buM in tin- iriicii./  ._;_,iAv...,- At-e- I.r.o :-ick-*d thu  ������r.c-ri'--. duun lier ^muu tW��,---A'ii-  ari.-m V!nr'..>:��"S-. V"-. t'.iou-3'l.t. sIk-  .-ui timvu    'rv.'i    '-.i'i    -f,-n-   '���^^ed.���  ,      .   ",      .  -n I'i    ~-\,-.Al   l"r     Ull---  tjilllli.'d!'.y uf'.-L-.-}!.     -.- ���- ���*  sion:.U'iy   ��1������    ktT .reappearance.--  , Jeflerson Souvenir,    A  Chicago  ioot-  ���' pad waG'Shot in tho   tunnel.---Wootoru  ' Medical Reporter.   AVe foci   eorry  indeed for the womtu. who was "ohot in  Ihe    oil   resions/'-Medical     World,..  - We also  sympathize   with   tho   man  who was "subbed   in    Iho   rotunda  and for the one who  was "kicked  ou  .th..;    hiClnWy."-Medical   Aee.    How  ' about the fellow who was"shot in  the  tenderloin   districtr-Rockwell Pho~,  ' nogranh. , Sad, isn't it?   How,  pleaoe  shed aW toaro <or '.ho Rutfcven   girl  . whowac'"h'itc,r.. LIj<3   Trdnt' porch,"���  ���Ruthycc   Appeal.���-L?..  The u  Prescriptions carefully prepared.  :ice Drag and Stationery Store,  N; J. ATCHISI  PitorrAEior..  , s__ LO. P. F  Uectscvery^ond,yoveningin^  hall  en Victoria Bt��ot.    Bd.o m,  Odd rAdov;-3 cordially invitee  O.A.J'cor:., ' .  ' Noble Granu. v<*-r-"  ,  ^i"e^Miners}   Union  ��� "No. 7T W. F.ofM.  %r   i,-iti VcGreebr hall every  Rttur-  Mcclu in .<*���% ..        ing   mcmber��  dav evening.      i-ojo��'��"b  aro^rdially invited, to attend.   -  joi  ; ?.IcI)on*Aj-D,  President.  ���   , R. lA.:'..iY,  Secrotaiy  MOTEffABiii NO. .855. {  -��.   _,--__*   jrir. ^'���^^���Az��'���ii--!?!Mai��ia>-*xe* yam -im* -rw---non 'Thai -i_i__t.        j      *#���  -  !���' ':      >... : ;       - ���'        -        ...  -" :!:m$,i$> t  "; *     * y  " ;   ���  /I Mannraoturcro o.' knd'diait-rB in'all kinds of ��UnH, (;,;,;  '|  ll nid'ng, ShipUp, CoiiVBCfe Boards Dimension, Frnwh a*,-.l ^ ,  f}{    - ���rrompUttentioB-to^boleaalQ pad roteil orders  ���    ,  H.-CAMERON, Mgr-  Pm  ^^^eseeee^ec^^^^*^.?*9^^^  Meets   Every   Wednesday at   S P. M  I'B. J. RILEY,      " J. IL HAWKE,   y  '    Wortliv Pres. Worthy Secr'y  Harvey   &   Hc-Qar,t-er^  Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc.:  Cranbrook,-   -   -    B. ���C.  p. F.rjOH'JJSZOtjV' " ~-  ^> Thw Hotel is New and well Furnished,, The  * ^Tables are Supplied ^ritK the Best d  Market affords: The Bar is Filled with  the Best" Brands of Liquors and Ciganjl  ' HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL  AND MINING MEM   s  _ _ iiKi'rrsn'.cou'Miu'j  ��   >tOYIK [��- ��� ��� I  Wholesale -Wififfi, Liquors  and Cigars,  OB-AICBEQOK.  British Columbia.  -    ��� -*'       MINERAL ACT.'  "      (FORH F.^' ,  '      '  '.      GERTIrlCATI*:  OF. IMPROVEMEXTS.  NOTICE. ,    ,,.���;���-  MourtalP Goat and ..Uiulon  Mmeral Claim.  .    3i'naSi the Fort Stoelo   Mining   limaoa  of  East .Kootenay District.  Where located:-On east ^e ol lower Moric  SlCE NOTICE that I Thos. T. MoVittic F. M.  C* No i 7=710 agent for Tho.St Eugene Monn-  Uln Vines Umitcd of Koslo -B.pC. Free  .Iner-s Certificate No. B. 73621, ^ond, ��*  .daysfro1,theaatohereortoar  ��� ;:r;:;s��acroira g^ ofj  'IS^  -ice   O^on^  . issuance oi sucli Ct.tiiicatc   oi jy-i  -: Dated thlB��th day cf^A-D.^  W. 3?', GUE.D,  UAKKISTEK, SOLICITOK, ETC  CEANBROOK. B..C-  DECKING, &  MILES  Will be in Moyie 11th of each month.  Cranbrook, 'B, C.  ;X,be   Most  Progressive  Company ��� in   Canada.  i        v  ionieqerapn uie  (HEAD OFFICE TORONTO.) ,  A@��A��M.  NELSON,  B. C  -'   - - MINERAL ACT.  -    (FORM   F.)  Certificate op Impeovemekts.  NOTICE.1  Movio Fraction,  Pt, FJmo,  CI.   .'.uthoay,   St-  3eor��.Cando I ractioa, Fr, Dia-oia  1'O-t. =r  ^DKlsIonoftttftKootcn.*   ^-strict, _^  Whero- Txsuateii: On   the   Fact   si-.v.  o.  .'->   -  K rJSco'that I mos. T. McViHir F.'M. C, Vo.'  3^10 agent for the St. Eugene Mountain  __ ,d,iu ii*,luu .     R.   j.-   yre0  Miner's  Alino-Limited   of  Ka-lo   Be,,   re  POTttfl'-ate No. B.WG21, iutena, iis^l at}&   from  V    data   hereof,    to  apriy to  the aiinxna-  Iteoo-der for a CertiQcate of ImprovemeiHB,  J or  Uje purpose of obtaining B Crown Grant, of thu  above claim. _.        ,.���jr*  And father take notloe    that action,   under  section  37,  must he   commenced beforo the  XLoof such crtincRte  o! ImprovemonK  Bated this 2,th day ci^A.^^^^  St.   Joseph's   Convent.  NELSON, n. c*  hoarding and Bay School conducted by the Sisteis of St. Joseph, Kelson  B : C Commercial and business  courses a" specialty. Excellence and  swift 'progress characterise each department. Parents should, write for  particulars. One month assures the  public of the thoroughness of tne  Sisters' methods of teaching. Terms  commence January, April and Sept.  Pupils are admitted during term-  5It.UI!jH  Is again located in Cranbrook   and  is  prepared to write  insurance,  buy  and sell'stock, and do a general brokerage business.  Wholesale Wine _  .arid  Spirit JIerT  chant."        4"' ��� .   ,  Agent for Calgary Brewing Co.'s  Beer, Ale and Porter.  T. Label & Co.'s y ,  Hay and C3-rain_ ,  chlitzl and Calgary  f  -.1  George H. Thompson,  Bi-RRISTKR, SoiirciiOR,  -No  'tary Public, <tc.  CRANBROOK,  d British Columbia.  [Boues Ihe. most up to dale Insuranco contract, n j3 a3 /roe  from conditions a6 the'air you' b^atho.'-' Why I jrt, also, guara^e  you profits on tho pblicy.   Ask for particular, on tlii. Contract,  pE ALE & EL WELL,  1 '   '     , Agorits, Cranbrook.  BUY YOUR  9  Foreign and Domestic Wines, Liquors  and Cigaro,  FROM  A. B. Stewart & Co.  AGENTS  FOR  kootenay' steam' laundry.  PaJacTBesSiuraiJi  and BAKERY.  ii " ,  Meals served to Order.   Bread ior Sale  B Twelve Loaves $1.  B, T, HOWARD, Prop.  JOHN HUTCHISON,  l^__m3tnmss  Cranbrook.\  MINERAL   ACT.  (FORM.  F.")  Oeirtficate oi-' Improvement?.  U  M. J. NUGENT, Prop,  Comfortable Rooms and Good   Jtaurd  at E.ea=cnablc Prices.  ALL   THE   TIME.  BY   USING  FOR  FINE   TAILORING   GO   TO  t   fts  ss'i,  MELVII.I-E   PARE.Y,  ,  General Agent, Nelson,  SEND YOUK OETfl  ":,i-    'Td P.? ' *  For all kindo cf oh eel metal ralaj  cllldiDg   , T-T-nVATT  ROOFING,   FJjBNApt  ' IlEAlfe,    BLOWE?  PIPING; STOCi POTS,!  We also  handle a   full   W*1.6.,^,-  LIcClerv's Famous Stove*, -j  "best in the jn*"61,  PATMORE BR0|  CRANBROOK,  MERCHANT   TAILOR  Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating '  Trousers,   Imported    Goods.  notice.  Lakcido Fraction Mim-rul C-.ri-.i, -.I-imic in  ibu fort Sfccclu Miniuy Di*.i-ion t.f hast  5*. ouy-- |  h-Sitea- ou..asl^orio,c-Moy.ojs.-i-rgt; class   Accommo  L,S-KKNi.T��l:E.u..tu....... -r. M,M.i.c k.j    dations for- miners,  m.c.ko> -jo, ..-.--t r..r :i... --;���;;>";:��' j  Muimtiiin Mines i.i:i*.it,,l..f   :',sU., Ii.  <-  Ji--��  ,  Mm-!-    CcrUficalt-   >-.  J* 7 '"-'1,   uit-'iui,  mx>> |  .lajs from tue'l-'ti ���    ���.J..I1t��.-iI''>'-'>"'   MIi.-j  li.U ll-.-cor.l.;r , C.*.ll'-.<'il'  --. l.-,*.-..,.<r.oi.t-,  Ior the van ��i ..M��Ui..!i" ������  ��'"���"''  '"-l��>- ��'  the a'ij')\-��- ' ''i"-: ������ ,  AiKlf'irtlii.     t��l:c  "'du'  ti'..*-'. .V"'".   1I11(l.*-'r  -.cctioi.:::, nu-i he c.r.i^ificv.i i..-i.-i- tho is-  ..uauco of -..-��� !' i-'eiiii'viit-' -.1 j m-r1^���'iii'-nt-.  U.iti") ::i.i, '-iitti ��� Li, ��' N"* i )'-'"-         -,., 'IHO.-. 'I, .Ml'MilH-  MIDNIGHT SUPJ'HU PKUVEU.  MOYIE,  B. C  '     ��� W.e must make room for new goods, and are oStnPS  '        some snaps in Carpels,   Go-carts   and   FurpU^.e*  A BIG CHANCE To Buy Cheap.  ���THE���  aa*  II  ��� rwauconnei  (FUNERAL  DIR15CTOES.)  MOYIE,  Brii.i-di O'-lumliia  Seattle, Tacoma  ANU   ALL  iGENTRAL HttT^.  I n-ScaAOr.MKK Itl-.OS.    l'rope.  Liir.'.'- sample room in connection  with house fur commercial mon. \'"M  of accommodations.  Cranbrook,  British Col**"  M^��njM__i_S^iJJ22S'  :>rO-n'J !���"...  COSMOPOLITAN  Npyco is v.croby t'ive�� tbiil sixty 'lays after j ,    Our aim is tp. please patrons  Lftte i'liiteud to ain-ly  'to tb*.   '^/^///^   .   ���   -Rhncl- draft and   bottled   1  dlltC J. lifi-^"- ��� *rJ'.--J       ���     -���    ��� J: .  Bfonorof Lands nml   Works Ior   -permission   ....  'p'urchaso lorty acres ot lainl, "'jnorc   or   luwi,   Ju  33ast Kooiouuy District, described   as folio-.-.���,,  -  CommencinK-atuiiost planted at Uie  *--'-'s.lb  ' Kiist.  corner of "lot   'JS01,    ("-roup   1,   wliicu  i-  biar|ved"A; T. Clnrlc's N. K. Corner" nud   ruii.ii  i|*g theuce   West,   t wety chains,  tliencc.  ,*-outh  tweutv   cimiiis,    tbence   KaSt   Uveuty .cl.ains-  thence Korlb  iilouij -sboru ,oI-  Moyie   Lake to  . ulr.ee ol begiuuing; '  ' ...  ,    A, T.-ULA KK.  .Dated October 11 tb, 100-1.  : Good   draft and  bottled   beer  .always oh hand:  JOE NIEDERSTADT, Prop.  .���wwwu ^���'���, '�����=���-�� li;!ll'^.Tr?glSS  PBE8T PHO-TO. CO.  . Ckaniskook And -Moyik.  ,  uajuwaMWWW"'  TAYLOR & DAVIS,  CRANBROOK.  Bricklayers aiid ..brick manufacturers. They intend putting a carload of  brick in Moyio for immediate u.se.  Anyone requiring chimneys can communicate direct or leave orders at this  office.    'French ranges a specialty  O. F. DEoAULNIER.'  ��� JJEALER^IN'  ll  IB!  Bl  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  aueens'A-^e.      MOYIE  (Pacific  Coast Points  St,   Paul,   Chicago)   New   York  ''"     AM)  ALL   POINTS   EAST  Palace  and Tourist   Sleepers,   Buflet,  ,��� Library cars, Modern Day coaches  Dining   cars.      Meals       '  ��� yy a. La Carte."   '  Best Meals on Wheels  '��%' Fast   Overland  f|  ���/trains daily ��  Special Excursion Rates to  World's Faiiy St, Louis  YOUR CHOICE OK ROUTE.  For Tickets,  Rates,  Folders  and  Fuil  information, call on   or  address any  Great Northern Agent  or write  S. G. YERKES,     H, BRANDT,  G. "W. F. A. C. I'. >fe T. A.  Seattle,       701 W. Riverside    Ave  Wash Spokane' \V  Headquarters   for   Commercial and Mining Men.  QUEENS  AVENUE,  MOYIE,  IL C  unigHw���wwwwmmm  Jrawfo'rd & GwyB^!  FARRELL BLOCK.  ("��.-Ullicii  RARBEll R1LOP.       Oonicotioncry, Ertiit?, CigarJ, Tobacoos.  CALL AND SEE US.  f.   DuiiNQv.  WHOLES ALL AN JJ, RETAIL  MEAT     MERCHANTS  Fresh   and Cured Meats, Fresh  Fish, Game ami  Poultry.    We  supply, only   the   best.     Your.      j  trade solicited .J ���      '      ������  I \ MA.KK.ICT8  In    all   the   Frincipa)  Cities and    TownsI |in  British Columbia.  CEAHBUOOK, B C.  HiwVDQUARi,,.,- ron East Kootenay.  PUDLI.HCP ON THU CTH  ��NC  EOTK Of EACH 'MONTH ' ^ ''    ~   ' ~    . j,^-   7f01   W^'  r���s���i��� No..2-i___j-s ��_>V,'__:��- ��*" *"-."'.; ���,������,,������,����"'  folntcr No.��  Pointer No,  (januui.iii  i-ui ,���u> ......  ���--,..,.,.   ..ditpcl    wc"    "'    o-It.L-r  l:"'KC. -.veil  pruiU'd,y.e\i   (.aucu, w , .���.)r0!iir!  ��� .'��� procro-sive tuifl fearless.     .    ���,i���������rp   nnd tbe piiper'���;. '  ,.S_m terms are strictly. ��.��!�� '��s    ^i ,nio��. i iilc.�� �����eWrc' Jriiitrf  J   discontinued at expiration o  m.ly^uP^..'ululra|  p���pci 1"'  . 4-The Nor'-West   -^^t.^^       .    ..'    -^.. ������,l tlie **  -1 lit;   j.noi--\vcm.   i-.li".'    --..-.-������'      .-1 -iilieN."  Canada west-of Lake Superior.      ,.MimitobliaiidUiC     .  Pointer N*��-u..-^^^ '  ill  >In,cr No. ^rX^S^^S^ 'wlkK many dob-  PolntcrNo, 6-Iis suiWHUqns and infoinuuion ..     .  Pointer No. 7-Mo rally il Ih above reproach.  From Now to1  Int-.liiiliiiU' ll'i in-i|:iiinc(!nl!-.pc<iri1 N'n'n"  K,illll���:r .111,1 tin-. li.-|l,-ini.o i> H9"4 I��c-  Ti.-i S.-...M..T vuii ^oml. tli�� ni'.rci uiinilrers  j-..!. nil receive.   Sul'-icrll.<r  nn),!,.- copy scnl free u|>"H rcnuosl.  ���tl!  il  M.\y.''  to '-i:i  ;, for  $i.o|  the NOR--WEST fab��J��;;iaN..  ��iiiBEiPgi mm afflmbbn   a-^-^u,   ^^^g-^-^^-i -v -��� ^r^r.^'^^ftW^gg^^P-f:^^


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