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The Moyie City Leader Dec 3, 1898

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 , <  C-'i  W&l,&&M  MOYIE  GJTY, B. 0., DECEMBER 3,1898."  ���C55-0-  8tr, Ainsworth (Soes to  tUe Bottom;  ��3 A TEAE,  AN IMAL TOWNSITE For-Business and  pleasure! as a Residential Locality  Unequalled. ��  Situated oh Moyie Lake. Excellent [Fish.  .    , tug, Boating Bathing ��� and  Shooting...  BET, PILOT BAT AND KUSK8NQ0K  Sjio v��16 on   Mor   Regular   Vrljt  to  Horn Ferry when tlio Cat-  ���.'i.:)tr.��|iuo Oonatrefi.  Kon-  -**��������-  -BACKED Bl' 3?AY-;j��ia,S_^  iugeae, LaJce I ,  ��� Minca all within an hour's .walk. Good,water  supply. Exceptional "drainage" facilities. Hae  ���tlie ibesf.prospects.  (���        **  The .Busiest and Most Talked of Town rn*  EAST XGOTENAY.  m  G. CAMPBELL, Movie City,   B. C  ��� 3.  The Ainsworth, one of the largest  and oldest boats running on the Kootenay lakes, and' nine bodies are now  lying at the bottom of the lake about  half way between Pilot Bay and Kus-  koncok.   ,,        " ,  The news was brought to iiiis' place  by Captain I. >B. Sanburn, wiao came  in over the road isom the west last  evening.  The Ainsworth was 0 n ther  regular  trip   from Nelson . to: Bonnere Ferry'  last Tuesday   evening  heavily loaded]  with freight and with 35 passengers on j  board.  When -about -half way between  Pilot Bay  and  Kuskonook  -at .ubcut  8:30 o'clock it is -supposed she  sprung  a leak and rapidly went 'to the bottom,  leaving nothing save a small  portion  of the pilot house above water.   When  she ooramenced to go  down  the  life  boats-wer-e .pressed into 'service and all  but nine of  ihe 35  persons on  board  managed to escape.   The captain  of  the., boat is amongct the lost.    What  caused the catastrophe is   a   mystery,  but it is supposed the bow of the boat  HARDWARE,  taflRpOEBIBS,  PRODUCE.  Sz-rfz.xfrjALjhJ&t j&jiijfe.^jsfufcf& fr&/&  3  !  4  J.LP KIND��..OP  ��� DONS���  TJN ROOFfNG.A SPECIALTY  A  6-  ���yip. Jfriys-M- zyr zfnprztn^ z^-t^s-^s-zjt -#r-  CLOTHITO,  1      -,i r  Q-ents' Furnishings,  BOOTS and SHOES,  STKICTLY FIRST CLASSES ALL DEPARTMENTS^  -*���**-  Cor,  ^iotoyl^ mt.  ^iac* Moyio Ave., MOYIE  ^UTT-ST,  LOCAL   NEWS.  trip  ���Dames Cronin is back from his  to Spokane.  Rev. Father WdWh paid Meyie  his  regular -monthly'visit -laet Sunday.    '  'The interior of the new Catholic  buildingae being pajp'ered aud decorated.  ?r  Prices Given and Orders I  Taken on Everything in \  The Printing- Line at the  :t)  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin   Foley,  Ben  ���n   .      ,       .,   ,     _   _ Murphy and John Day went to  Cran-  wae-tao heavily loaded, causing  some -brook last Sunday, returning the same  defective part of the hull to give way.  The names,of'She perished' could not  be obtained. Ono, df ftaena-is said to  be a Kuskonosk merohant.  The steamer Ainsworth was until  recently owned by tlie Internationa]  Navigation & Trading .-Co.  day.  A man naised Munroe, representing some Vancouver mining men, was1  here this week and inspected some of  the 'mines'. "  i  4  A-Yh x?/_-rfr.v^jA: 3&t-s&Lj��*y&&_r��ijAiL^r s&lsZxjArjxSv-sZt sZ-iy��ry&sir s��zf��zstiJ:  V. WESAULXIEli & CO., I'ro**. s  The Ilonse.ls ^E.-juipped in First Clfcss Style  Tlirouprhqut. Large ami Commodious Dining  Itoom. Jiest Brands of Wines, Li-juors and  Cigars can be_hml at the Bar.  Headquarters for Commencial and Mining Men.  QUEEN  AVENUE,  MOYrE.CITY, 15. C.  S.:A. SCOTT, Prop,  This holol^jsinow opoi. to tho public, ftml Is well fum--  ished,throughout, None but the boat brand* of wince,  liquors and oigara kept in stock.       .     ..     ������ ���'.. <  FUlST CLASS ACCOMMOBA TTOXS.  MOYIE CITY, B. C  ��  ! -.- - i  I G. CAMPBELL,   A. T. CLARK. |  |- This Hotelfis New and well Furnished. The %  % Tables are:Supplied with the Best the \  I Market affords. The Bar-is- Filled with ;���>  I      the Best [Brands of Liquors kand Cigars, g  I ������* I  l HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMERCIAL %  *',,.'������"' AND MINING MEN, Jr    |  ^OYUS CITY, _ _ _���  ���    ���    _ - BKITTSII COLUMBIA.   ||  A Keiitucky MaiA ou tlie, "Waltj.  i. girl of Danville,  Kentucky,  describes-waltzing a-s 'fellows-    "No one  waltz, even  when  danced   with  the  same partner, is. exactly the  sosue  as  another.   It is always a new sensation.  Tbe music is &ot iu *be same key, and  the waltc   does   not totacb   the came  chords.of one's   soul,    if   I dance 20  waltzes in the evening I have   20  different thrills of   pfeasure.    With  one  partner itis^a soft, insidious measure;  with the next a long and  languorous  movement; with a  third,   tiiGre or a  hop, that gently jars the  brain into a  delicious, dreamy forg.etfulness; while  a fourth Cavalier, with a heroic tread,  bears you away with strong and vigorous rhythm into   still another  world.  The lights of this   world  go  out,  you  lose consciousness, 'but you   feel no  dread as you lie  within   those   herculean arms like a child rocked to  sleep  in its father's embrace.'  Your feet are  no langer on tbo earth.    It's a celestial rotation out into space, and   when  you light on earth again you feel  like  a - tired  bird   stopping   from   a Jong  flight,"        Two Fullijres of Humanity.  "Unfortunately it is often a trait of  human nature that where a  piece of  advice as to a mining investment  is  gotten gratis it is more often followed  than   the adyice   which - js paid for,'j  says J. C. Ralston jn the  Spokesman-  Review.   ''And again, not alone is ad-  viee ofton solicited from inexperienced  men, but property i6 given into   their  charge for development; for thero are  two things in human endeavor which  all men think they can do,  viz.-  run  the government and operate a mine-  as well go to a blacksmith ������ for a  piece  of delicate dentistry, to a doctor  for a  prescription for axle greiise, or   to a  lawj'er for a cpmpound cathartic."  There's Nothliiff .In It.  A report seems to have gained  circulation to the effect that the Leader  was soon to move down and boom the  C. P; R.'s townsite at the foot  of ��� the  lake.    The rumor is  entirely without  foundation.1   We have cast our lot  in  Moyie City and will contiuuo to: stay  here and work  for the town   that has  so nobly stayed  by  us since our  arrival iii it.   The report was  evidently  started by some unscrupulous  person  whose    idea    was    to    damage    the  town by   circulating  tho  report   that  its newspaper had lost faith in it.  , P. J. McMahon of San .Francisco,  ���California, and .erne -off -the firm of McMahon Bros, of this city, is expected  here, today.     -      *  G. CfflEapbell went into Crar&rook  Wednesday evening to accompany a  carload of gsois -cut to this place the  following day.  Col. W. N. Bray ton of Cranbrook  was out !wre again this week looking  after tho Moyelle townsite, for which  he is agent.  Custooas Officer W. S. Keay of  Wardner was in town Thursday .and  Friday conferring with G-. Campbell,  the customs collector at this point.  Work wa�� commenced on the section' house at Moyelle station this  week. Wc understand the company  also intends erecting an eating house.  Joseph Neiderstadt is now out of  danger and is rapidly recovering.^This  no doubt ia due to a great extent to  tlio efficient services of Dr. King of  Cranbrook.  Snow has been falling almost con.  tinuously for several days past and it  is now about eight inches deep, on the  level. The weather is very mild, however, and the lake is stijl wide open,  The long Looked for pay car was  through here Thursday, going west.  The bulk of tbe.old accounts contracted by the construction, department of  the road were paid up. Some of these  accounts.had run for nearly a year.  0. J. Rose, bookkeeper for McMahon  Bros., met'with a pecnliar  and painful accident   last Thursday  evening.  While attempting to  remove  the  ice  from the neck of a bottle of soda water  which was partly frozen the bottle exploded   and   some   portions   of     the  broken glass struck .his   right hand  and wrist, inflicting several pretty bad  cuts.    It   is   thought,   however, that  none of the tendons have been injured,  in  which   case   the   accident   is  not  likely to have any serious results.  dipt.1 Sanburu Keturns.  Captain I.'B. Sanburn  returned   lo  Moyie,City last evening  after an ab-  senoe of about 10 months,   ��uring the'  most of these   months   Mr. Sanburn'"  was in  the" Alaskan territory 'in   the.  vicinity of Fort  Wrangle; "where   he  was captain  of   the   steamer-Ogilvie,  one of the "finest -boats in !��ha*t  country.    He will return to the north early  in January a-nd-will =ren   a boat  next  season, which is now being built and of.  which he will be  one   of   tlie owners,'  between Bennett City  and -the' Atlin  country,'a.distance of about j&0 miles.  . Cap. Sanburn is one of  the  owners  of the Aurora mine on the west  shore  of the  lake, directly   opposite" Moyie  ���City,and -is 'owner of   the  castle-like  -residence that stands �� close  bv."   He  will remain here a week  or  ten  days  and then return to Vancouver,   where  Mrs. Sanburn is residing. \ ���-.  GEM ERA L  NEWS NOTES.  There arc said .to be fewer suicides  among miners than- aiaoag any other  class of workmen.   '  ��� Kaslo has at last reached the live  cent beer'mark in her progress towards  metropdlitan conditions.     '  Penny postage between the'colonies  and Great Britain will come into oper-  ation,on Christmas Day. .India will  &lso be included.  The  new rate   of three   cents  per  mile instead of  four cents  is   now   in  force for distances.over 1,000 miles on-',  the Great Northern railway."  A Composition on tlie Printer-.  BtDhold the^rintel'. He is hunting'  for a pickup of half a line. He has  been hunting for two hours. He  could have set the half line in twenty  seconds, but it is .a matter of principle with him never to set up what  he can pick np. The printer has a  hard time. He has to set type all day  aiid play pedro for the beer all night.  We would like to be a printer were it  not for the day, work.  Is this a   corner  lot?   No, it   is a  towel.   It has been serving an appren-  tiseship in.a printing  office- for  the  past five years.    The horses are  dragging it away.    A man will take an ax  and break tbe towel  into   pieces  and  boil it for soap grease.    Then ' he   will  sell the- towel for tripe.    If you find a-  piece of tripe with a monogram in one  corner, you may know it is the   towel.  Has the printer   tobacco?    He  has,  but he will not tell you  so.    He  carries it in the leg of his boot, and when'  he wants a chew he sneaks  down   the  back alley where nobody can see him,  The printer is a queer man'.   Sometimes ho has ten thousand ems on the  string, but they are always his  dupes.  It you are a printer do not be a blacksmith, or you will get fired;  The rumor of a direct railway line  from Winnipeg to Duluth is again re-  wived. This time the report cornea  from St. Paul* "and" Hints' that" the  Northern Pacific company ,. will be the  builders.        , *  , Afc "a meeting of the Grand Forts,  B. C, city council it was decided to  pay good Wi'gers hereafter on all city  works; a saaa and team are now getting $7 ���& d&y, while men alone re- '  ceJve $3 a day.  The Kansas editor who acknowledged the gift of a peck of onions from  ���a stibseriber by saying: "It is such  kindness as this that brings tears to  our eyes," shows an appreciation  of the literal which ia re-feshing^  One of the most dense fogs in many  years ��� enveloped London Thursday  last, greatly impeding railroad and  street traffic. < The quaint spectable of  pedestrians feeling their way with  flaming torches at noon was seen' in  the London streets, where a number  of accidents occurred,  NOTICE,  Notice is hereby givou that sixty days ��.Itor  date I Intend to apply to the Chief Cominisr  sioncrof Lands'aud Works for permission to  purchase otic hundred and sixty acres of land  iu Sputhom Divislou of Kast Kootenay District,  viz:-'.  Cinmciiclug at a post placed at tho North  Bast corner of Lot 30OI, tlu-uce north .JO ohaius,  thcuco West 40 ohsiua, thcuoe south *10 cliains,  theuce cast 40 chains. J. McKKNZrE,  Dated October. 13th 1S9S. ' '��� ' 1-2S,  SUBSCRIBE   FOll THJ3  hE&VEK.  Train Sorvioe.,. ,  Since the first of the month trains  on the western division of the 'Crow's  Nest road have been run with more  regularity, but the passenger coach  has not yet been pressed into service.  Nor,is it likely tobe for some/ time/as  the company has issued strict orders  against carrying passengers. It seems  the western division of the road is still  in dispute and as yet has only been  taken over on conditional terms.  Moyie is so far receiving every ac-  accommodation that she would if she  had a depot, as trains stop for passengers and deliver freight just the  same. Only last Thursday a train  stopped while a carload of soft drinks  for the different hotels of the town  was being unloaded, and small shipments of merchandise have been  treated the same way.  Tlie' Shamrock,    with   which    Sir  Thomas    Lipton   hopes   to   win 'the  Americans'cup  next   year,   is   to be.  built   by   Yarrow  &' Co.,   of Poplar.  They are the great   torpedo   boat  experts.   Thc Shamrock will have aluminum ^top-sides and her underrjody'will  be of a material like Tobin bronze, but.,;  lighter.  Perhaps the  greatest of   the  many  attractions at the  Paris exposition  of  1900 rt-ill be  the enormous  telescope  that is now 'rapidly' nearing  completion   at.the astronomical   observatory;  at   Paris. , This    gigantic    telescope,-a  scientists believe/will enable.them   to  settle once and for all  the . much   dis,,  cussed question as to   whether or  not  the moon is inhabited. .  D. J. Elmer was in Cranbrook yesterday,  Work was started on the St. Eugene  ore bin in the south end of town this  morning.  The tire at Dawson City recently,  in which $530,000 worth of property  was destroyed, was started in a dance  hall at the rear of the: Green Tree,  saloon. It was the result of a row be,-.  tween a dancing woman, one 'Belle  Mitchell, jyho threw a lighted lamp at  another woman. The lamp broke, tha  the oil spread and in a few second*}  the building was a sheet of flame. The,  fire of a,year ago was started by the,  same woman throwing a lamp. A,  mouth ago she burned her own,  place up in Dawson by throwing  a lamp at a woman and now she haa  caused a conflagration by again losing  her temper and wielding another*  lighted lamji. ��       V HV\  YJ  ^1  m  1  1  '!SS3!SK5^SR3H3*-?^  3BKB99Baffi&3EBS  orawHcsnze^sHHiHH NEWS IN   BRIEF.  ������I*  u     )   '  ���' I,  I ',  > ',.  -.I y  4y  y V  )/%/  1*      -i    .  7 ������    4j  iyi/  , ni;.  �� >>���  t  ,11'-..-. ���  I   '  V >'  *, ���> ���  .*>{ '  fHi ���  ' . i '  -' oi  ��'.<  ' ji  i  ?  i  i"    " i  '    i   ,  m,,  i.'  SAIL'11 DAY.  XOV  I'A  i*:  "d c ii il.  ij  v.-.-.v  it  lft--  ill   il  repwted   in  ravorn  an  allinnee  ueil  -Wills    < I'll-  K'Miiiit-d  "i.u   tlit-  wiU  :i tvn ill  Keeley,   the  --mo-tui-     man  Sjijjii��. 'it-'    threatened  with  el'  Tlio  Portage  la  Pi-alile '-arizes  ''io-e<  mi  Triday- c'  A'Onli(*i;i.ii M'lui.d   i-*    to  '"-   cstablUh-  t d'i .'i I Sif ton.  Ten   people wert   burned   i"   death  Sr.   Peter*burg.  Torto   Kico   i*��    reported   to  ,-uite  of   anarchy.  .\   steady  improvement  C.uiadian 'business.  The   German prcss-  with   Croat  Britain.  V  new post ciffici-   is    opened   at M.-n-  teith,   near   Brandon.  Cross'   election   for   Calgary  lirmfed by   the recount.,  Operation's   have   been  Pad Mine, lint Portage.  Two or  the Hat Portage hiw null  l,,  removed  io Wiauipeg..  Pleven Workmen were hillo'l  lo  on the I'cnn--.. lvania railway.  Several  a-ipoiiitmoiibs   have been  made  to   the-  Winnipeg customs  staif.  11    p'oV-vle.*-worth.  labernK' ��',is  elcct-  ed| 'in    Lennox l>y   10'J majority.  An liiqulryvlinie'iiin.'l'' lm��' the abandonment, at km ot   the  WesL.nc.tl.  Jw-ise r Oatrs- lini- been awarded ' t lie  r. i.,. L  U. S.'pension for ihe Spanish, war.  Colonel IhiRM*. H'ief oX, ^'^.VVi i.ol'  Montreal, ban Miod the lleralil for libel.  The f-tt-iiiiier I'.,ria|i-di'iie jr.it to  m'.'I  twaned  from fhcrifi's officers at  i.t'Jii. ' '  The   report  of    United   Sln.te-s   oppoyi  L Lun    .to*    Canada  denied.       ~It   i.s "rinorted that shiijiIils an  ion'omeiit-s   for ' M  .it   r.'irihod.'i.  The. annual   meeting   nnd   election  officers  of    tlio  Methodist  .->.   S.   A.  w.-io  Held ou Vridny.  r.lliott, accused of murdering "William  Murray, 'U P.envertun, -v. n�� louud ^mlt.  hv   the coroner'.*- jury.  \bw toinn* td oath-, nud dccln ration*  lor importer--, have been introduced by  the   ciiAtom.i  department.  Canada'*-,   eonti'ihution   of    *?:i."i.000  West   Indian     hurricane     sufferers  been thankfully acknowledged..  Inspector' Moody,'N. W. M, 1;., lit"*-  arrived! at Victoria, IV. C;. alter a trip  froju     Bdmoiiton        to     Tort  y ii to n.  Klfm-ts are- being made by Montreal  _>3xJ Quebec Kocieii.i-.-i to preserve the  Plain--,   of   Abraham.  rrwu U officials are favoring an .-il-  lifi.ice with (Iitiiwiii.v ngainist Ureal liri-  l.-iin   and  United Static.  .--..nth Dahotii olecU-d the wind.' 1'e-  mibliei'ii ticl.et e.vt-ej'tint; the ���roVernm-,  winch   i��    --fill  donbtful.  At tin* Torcjilii baimiiet Mr. Hardy  warmly culonizt-d Mr. Slflrai. vl'u wiik  i'Htlui��la.sticall>   r<-ct;ived.  Tho pro-joxed reciprocity , treaty Xie-  tweeri the" BritHli "West Indies and t"in?  United   State.--   has  failed.        ' t  ���The Dominion uovernmei.it rejectt'd tenders' for a two year-' steiam-ship seriice  <o ,-nid fi-tun iSrent'Britain.  Can tain Ken net t. I/ieut. Monn'onifry  m-ifl ~JJ(c. P.ynicto. '2Ui L.ancei-s, and fa-id.  Smyth,   *.'iid  I)r.iguon��,  have received  the  v. "e.. ' '  Mr Chamberl.u'n, ^pealcinu' al I.iukIcih,  ].ni<led a, friendlv understandinc; between Oreat Britain, Germany, .lapan  luul  rnlted SUite*.  MO.VDAY, NOV. 11.  Mr.   Sifton'-?   majority   in   Banff   is   20.  McDairmiil   l-s   elected   in     Cannington  Manor.  li.     O.,   bfi-s  Victoria,  .J..J. >, ��� ��� O.  A   re-port  in   Parirt.  Holland  of  Jireyfiiis'  a    surplus     of  death   i*-  current  of  (inf.  and  (Jueen-  inu-c-'rial    tin iff     i-^  ri'in-  ar rived  of  ViJ-;dnKiSIiay. xoy   u  Dn^ i-  died  .-u   .lord;  M ais   niitnleili'iL  lit   St.'  train ,wtin wreclced near  iff tin*. tnicK   at  iniiiortiuw    1,il11"  'to  lulh  Sjlkirk,  olliii-eisl  ,f the re-  Ihe 'K.   of  llnrdy  Manila  re-  be in  i  launched  at  KJUDA V. .NOV. Jh.  Tlie   J^ironienV  hall  wn-.  a   yi-e.-it  -nc-  ' i'o-. '      .  The stallion, lloyal Standalrd, sold ior  .-JT.UOO. ' '  Thero   ina -��treet   car   t-trike   in    s.vra-  elleu,  X. Y.  Three   perso-i**.   were   burned   to   death  :it   Mniiila.  Ih'itain'a   Iiuinc d-efeiH e.*-  aio  ivrfranize'il.  II.  M.  i>. rornnida.ble   was  I'ui-tnimmiUi.  '\\\\t> men   wn-rc drowneiL  in    the  Yukon  at Fifty 3'rilc.  . Jtc\olution   ha.-,  broken  out  in    !>nlv.'i-  dcvi-, U. .S. 0. A.  MordoJi   district 'propc,*=es   to   raise      a  l'ille   battalion. '  A squad .of   -V.   N".   M".   P.  lert   Victoria  for Da.wwn City.  T.li.e   1'pVtage   la    Prairie   a^-izes f-will  likely  close to-day.  The   inquest in   thc   lieayorton   murder  eiifie   i*5    p.'ocecding.  ,T,he  Winnipeg branch of    <h<*   Doiiiiuioii  Alliance   eleit^ld  officers.     ,  Ontario   ha.*-  received  ��110,000   in hiic-  I'l'dMuii   duties   this year.  Canadian   official*, t-e-ized V.   S    ii'-luer-  nioji'"   ffiol-   Jn     J^lll:.^   JTJi'ir..  fMie   Cro".s   Xi'sL   Pass   railway     ha.*-  heeii   taken over by the O.   P. 15.  Uniformi  and   Irec- primary   text  bonkw  wlfll   be  adopted iu   Ouebcc j3Chool��.  The election petition*, in II.-ildini.ijnl  and   .North  Kejifrew  were   dismisiseil. '  The Doukhuboi-K v,-ill be housed iu the  r.ld . .lilway 1 mi 1 dingv; at J'ast Selkirk.  A ba.ttaliou of Cinne.se, und'M* I'.ritjs).  offieer��, Mill b<; enlisted  at Wei-IIniWei.  Caii-inuan trade for lour mouths end-  inH Oetoiler ."l^t, .-ij.jrrciiHled *?1 J'.l,i'.7.-|,-  023.   i   ,  ���indue O.-U'J- londemiied the jirevailmir  practice of -va-w.uii*. ofi" election protects.  Th.e jury on the Murray 11 ill railway  aecidcnit censured the (lend cnarineer and  ili,oi tf.  T. It.       .    ���   ��� ���     ���  Chinese atiob.s burnt a Catholic mission in tho Iiite-Tior and .stoned n-ibsion-  aric.s  at Pckhii.  The Marc hand uoveramcul are inducing IVench Canad,i.an�� to retuin in tiue-  bee  f i om tho Sinter.  ft is aeported tliat K->lerlia/y received 80,000 ik-ancs for lorging 'the bordereau, in   the Prcyfiif.  na��e.  Gennany w ti> acquire Angola from  PortiPir.il, i\n<\ Great Britain vill Hceui-e  :iddit,ional   African   territory.  ft Ks reported that the U. S. will consent to reciprocity if Camilla repeals  the imperial preferential  tariff.  The Tradon and Labor council dec'ided  l.i lnterrnp-ate aldurauanic candidates on  -evcral   matters  .-iffcctiiur   labor  at Manila,  visit   Spain  in-  .'i mi exit tion  iirbide nf . .11-  Jiarliament v\ il!  short  Trii'R-sDAv, ,\-ov  Small  jiox  is   ejiidcmic  i^inperor   William  will  < oijuito.  damaica pi*imo��cs to ask  for  i ��� Canada.  There i��   ;i.  hliortri"!-. nf  ' '��"i   in    Ma.iitolMi.-. ���  The Toronto Mail hiii  not   meet   till   March.  Kmj.   Ifiunbert opened   the   Italian  j. i  li.'iiin-nl on Wednesday.  TJie bitch joint comini*-.sioii li.-i.|  oe.=sioii   on   Wednesday,  One  thoiihand people- -iveiv knii'd In   a  fire  at  IlnnkoKv, Chin.i.  ^"injiijK.f.-  eustlju-s  collection-.  ��� ���ber  .-i^si-eiratesl' ���'s<ja.G04.G.J.  Th/- Tcport of   the U. S. AlnoJ  "iirvey   lia*^   been  coniplcte<l.  T.w "W. 0. T. L'. convention at S(  Minn.,   closed  on   Wednesday,  Lord   JlcrfcChell   imls   banqueted   bv  -New York   Chanibcr  of    Commerce. "  The Treasure mine, I>ake of   tin- Wo  produced  .?,-;���_���'*  froni ,'!;!   t..]ih  of    ore.  British   Oo.'umbia.  ealmoii   eaniuM-.*-   auk  'for   ajncndjuentfi   in    the   rugula'tioii��.'  Recent. ari-ivnl�� at Ottawa'���'from Yukon  ,-spea.k liigUlj- of  the. Do.ni.inio.il officials.  Tiwenty-eighl  election petilion.s     wi-'re  dismissed by consent at'Victoria,' B. 0.  The Drandon   school'   licu-.d   will'  i,'���-  jioi-t  a.   classical   tcaclii'i-   frcnii-Ontario.  Wnkseley.     Asxn.,     ^loctt-d  for  iift-  i.i^t  an  P  ml,  Ihe  ���ids.  mayor���R.  d,:��y.  Icelanders in tin;  Iceland are anxious  toba.  , its      first  A. Miigcc���and council ,.,n Tucs-  United   Sta tuft   and  to  ise-ttb-   in    Mani-  .000   pCKta.I    notes   Jia vo   bciiii  the. first   (lire..* ui'mtlis   of   the  Over 1  i-ssiied in  w.vntclm.       i  Uord Slru thcuna find Mount Povii  ���sailed from l.i vcrpn.,) for Canada' ' ,',���  Wednetd.ay. ������'���,���. .  The Murrhy Hill railway diaastcr was  iv.i.ut?ed by (���nrele��siiess or tlie driver of  iha esprcHH.  ..'���i1"',^11'!1 ��lntc�� will probably b,,v  the I hilippineH and one of the Caroline   Jcil.ijidH.  th,!?rr TS' -0f,-^'    (-ouv,-^tion     d.-nouni-cd  I: L��� " 'S' JV.d,Cift:,*y "'1ul '-'���������'l<"'*ed the, ��-  ..n-uiHion policy.   ,   :  M.u-iraret  i��ed 110.  John     Jsliiiiil*'.".  Paul,  Mimt.  A Grand Trunk  Bowinanville,  A  O.  P. It-  train  ran  ]Inn-lock,   Cut.  lirilltsli  Colmnbia.    i-  aiiA**  from  Fiji'. '  I.unl   .uid   Uady  Minto   arrived   nt   Ottawa   on   TiK-rtdn.v.  The fixtccntb  annual   Baptist  opened  at   Bulfalo���  "nreyrus   is    to  be  notified   ni  virion, of   his ca��c.  Tbe   annual   convention  L.  opened at Ohicaffo.  The   international   cominission In/bl  full HChsion  on  Tuesday.  'flic    Toronto    bauq'tot    ir>  -Mr.  wa*-.   an.iinmeii.se  success.  United   States   vol unite erf-     at  a,re afikiiiff to bo brought home.  1   The  trial of ronton,  the allcftwl bank  IniTjrlar, M'ill  rcojten on  .Monday.  Tho   betrothal   of    Adelina    I'atti   and  B-iron   Cedcr.str.Jni   i.s    a'nnoiiuccd.  /Mrs.   Idl'ian     M.  SJtcvens    -vyas  elected  pre.sidc.it of   tbo ll. ii. AY. 0.  P, U.  Biu-Klars blew open the niunicipal <-aie  at Altona, Man., and t=tole SLMjOO. ^  AV    II   Biiillcii -was uiiseatedaior- K*qui-  3ii;ult on a   scrutiny of   the ballots.  Vlliert   Knowlcs   was   killed   by  choke  dnniip in   the Porto Kico mine, 1,. C.  .SiKiiki -will o-cftwe to sign ". treaty of  peace   relinquishing   the   Philippines  Winnipeg  bnfiiness   jnen  tirge  ti,mi,:i,nCL-. of   tho vacant laiul.s agency.  The American Refining company rats  ecK the price of   htigar a,   cent a   pound.  Hopes     are    lex pressed^ of  large   immigration  of -Bel  ada. ' '  1..-1 Patrie says the Dominion bye  elections will be"bc held before Olin--t  intits.  Thirteen person- -were killed  in  wav  wreck  at  Murray  ton.   Out.  1 vv"cntv persons Vroko through  the  ice  at      VcUctusting,       Jt'"**Pia,  drowfiu-d.  AVilliam   Murray,   of   'ilea vertcin  \y,.i��    murdered���a      boy  hTk-JTILCtlJU.  ,Mx cars of  -war [material  intended  E-sqiwinalf -were .sent to  .St.  .lohn, ^.  B  by   niislaki?. ...  T,i aii��-Atlanti'-    .-team.s'.up    comi.nni  haye  decided   on  the  -winter  a'n'd   lrom Uurope.  Mr. ChaiiilJ'-rlain denounced Trench  un'fri'eiuflincss to Gi.*at Britain in 'a  *peecli at Manclief-ter.  "London is gieatly excited at liiniurs1  ���ru ,.,.viinii��li,jii ol_ lioutijities b-twi.-eu  sjiain  and   United  States.  "'['lie ClniHtiau poimiatiui! of C.'inca,  Crete, held a jubilation on Die departure   or    the Turkish   troops*.  rt is, reported that Lt.. Gov,. Piillcr-  ���sinii will resign and be replaced h. Ml,.  James M"��M"llen, M. P.. for .North �� i'l-  Ungtun.  the  con,-  secui-iug   a  iian.s   tu Can-  a. rail-  near Trcn-  iigh  and    were  Out.,  fourteen    i-S  .'or  .'H  tu  mines   tljjpjipd   -1,0".j   1 ons  oi-i�� last -week. '   '  Ui-own,  the coiiv icted  miirderer    tells a  iiow  ijtory  of  bis  life.  The  United   States   has   determined  to  keiM>   the   Philippines.  Li    ITrni1?   Chang   has   been   practically  Kini^hod   fi-dm Pelcin. , <  Lord   and   Lady   Aherdeen   ' nailed    for  Hncjlalul  on Saturday.        o  A braiich of the floo-ffoo^ ]i;is buen established   in   YY'innipec".  KmiirosH     Pro-deride     visited     General  Kitchener  at Aberdeen.  Sonnet  i�� elected in  M'e.st Calgary and  YY-allace  in High River.  Mr.   Moscrip  -was  unseated   in      South  Perth  on disputed ballots.  A ima-ii imniell Lamb is accused of murder  at  Cascade City,  li.'0.  Great Britain and Italy have an understanding 'regarding-' Africa.  Attention will be given to oyster culture   in   British  Columbia,.  "C-oli'iiei" Roun'ko gives an interesting  account  of affairs in  Yukon.  The hearing in tho Queen vs. Hamilton  'case   is  proceeding at  Urandon.  British Columbia will likedly adopt the  Torreus' f-ystein of registration.  The captain of the stwiiusliij* YYest-  iiieath thinks'tbo vessel   is aunk,  A Paxis -syndicate propose leasing the  Philippines   for   twenty-five  years.  Mr. Morley will receive .*?10,000 yearly for five years flir bis "Life of Gl.-ul-  stone."  The United Statco'. policy id colonial  expansion is endorsed by English newspapers, i-  Several miners were injured liy nn cx-  plnsion ofOgas in the -New Y'ancoitver  coal  mine.  On the recount A. K. Cros? was declared elected for Last Calgary instead 6!  James Itiblly.  The Trades "and.Labor council discussed tho question of t-rades labels at Snt-o  urday's meeting1.  Reeve. BreLuid, of St. Francois Xavier,  i\ aib injured by ,**, street car on Main  htieet  ou  Saturday.  Lord .Minto arrived .it Ouebcc on Saturday and took the oath of offi��& :is  Governor   General   of  Canada.  Inspector' MeMichael is investigating  alleged irregularities by Canadian customs  officials on  the boundary.  The Companie General'.? Trons-Atlan-  tique. aro suing tho owners of the Crom-  ai-tyshire for ,.*J2,000,000 for the loss of  La  Bimrgogne.  a  ��  a  o  o  &  ��  a  Q  &  0  O  9  Q>  OS  t\  Tl  (9  \i\- Beiitrice Miu-emi. ��  a��eeeeo��.,��o(se����'5(iJoa6����c>6|S  OHAPTEK  VIU   _ PKOHKRTY    IN-  - TKMlW'J'ri.  .Mrs. St. Cluir   looks   into   the earnest  faeo of her daughter, as she si��ulfles her  i  iath  li-v road, and tlm evening sun is Fin^,..-.  low in the western horizon and wMins.  long shadows on the lawn, as Raphael  rem*; his ponies up I;��foro tho wide oil  rranc." gato of JJ-'cpdah*. '  Tlio widow    stands   on    tho   veranda.  �� i wreathed in smile.*., to   woluonio   her old  {. I friend. .  "I am d.elighti-d io 11 ml you looking  so well, mv di-ir -madaine," exclaims  the old lawyer, a- ho sdia!:-.-.*) her liaiul.'  ���<i feared that yu)b iui_iht at least !n*  sufferimr from ii,.prc--.sion ol i-pirus when  1 received your te,!_.r.-im."  'Thank you, Mr. (-iilhert',' sho replies,  smiling, brightly up into hU face, "my  heulch is perfeei, and my sjjirits light-  as n narural coiispqiience. Edwards." she  Mils. address-insT a waitiuy man servant,  "dhow Mr. Gilbert; to his room,'and  after he has rested aud refreshed himself  lo-  l.ord  TL'KSUAV, -NOV. l-'>.,  Lord Minto will arrive in   Ottawa  day.  La Miner-re criticises certain of  Aberdeen's   aoU.  Two Galician students have entered at  Manitoba   college.  Vancouver c-omplain-- oi a lack of  husine.'js iireniis-es.  Two large United States -coal i*om-  l>a*uies  have failed.  Daifton City miners ask for rcpi-cnen-  tatiau in   the commons.  Tire ai Dawson City destroyed .*f,">0:'.,-  000   worth of   property. .  The DoukhoboTr- delegates have r-olecL-  i.d, land north of   Yorkton.  Jano Shields, of Toronto, bequeathed  large almonnts to charities.  Araxron demands tho deceulraliaiilioii  of   tl^e .Spanish government.  Campos Salleo v. ill ho installed, as  President  of   Brazil   to-day.  Germany is expelling Banes, An��-  tria,us,  Jews  and  Dutchmen.  A ca,r of AYiimiiicg flour arriveil at  Victoria   witlioiLt  breaking  bulk.  The Pillow and Horsey works, Montreal,  wero damaged ��-10,000 by fire.  The new postal regulations, taking effect   on   January  lot.   are  published.  Mr. Moscrip will aj.peal from the election  court's decision in   South Perth.  Collingwood Schreiber and Miss  Gvvyiiiie"wc'.*e married at Ottawa on Monday.  The Canadian Society oT New Y��rk  pent a "a re we 11 telegram to Lord Aberdeen.  An oxpri-fl-i tram was wrecked at Jji-ini--  tMi, Ont and several persons were injured.  General Calixto Garcia iji en route to  Wa.-hington to interview, PresSdciiL Mc-  Kiiiley.  Tho jueoting of tlie I'.irks peace, com-  inl��,-slon Is postponed, till ��� WedinjHday,  lGth   inst.  Montreal volunteers are preparing a  gra,nrl military entertainment Id he held  in   Jaji nary.  The proragaada at Rome has issued a  decree governing the burial of Catholic,  I'reo  Masons. > ',  London paj.ers declare that Spain  mu*.i yield to the United States Pliilip-  jnno demands..  H.a,miIton is suppliod with electric  pow.etr . froni .Drew's Alkalis, thirty-four,  miles  dista,nt.,  "\Vhy Ireland Is Not..I'.ree," a. 'reinark-  able i>a.mphlet liy'j\fr. He-aly, is pulilish-  od  in ��� London. .  Father' Zuricher's, ''Monks and Their  De-s.liJH*," has been jdaced under (he ban  of. tho church, y  Alexander Hamilton'--was found guilty'  at. IVranfloa of'a. criminal operation oir  ���Ixiuisc AVnlker.  A. Gennadi prince appeals to hi.s *.oers  for redress, against. Linperor AVilliam,  wh.o slighted him.  An interchange of postal money orders  has been a.rrn.iged between Canada- and  Japan   and  Corea. ��� !  The Filipinos address a. jictition to  Wasbington afictising U. S. officials and  hintivg  at   trouble.   ���.  I^-ist Laniliton, Korlh Middlesex, "West  Middlesex a.nd South Grey election petitions  have been dismissed.  Another twenty-rive miles ot tlio Swan  River extension of the L, M, K. _i 0.  Co.,   will   be compile tod  at  onco  The. YY'innipcg ���' Liberal association.  adopte-d resolutions endorsing, the gov-  ei-miM>,,t policy -aiid giving praise to'Mr.  SPfUMl-,.  norKLKSs.oiMusmox.  Spain   .Must   Vit'ld'--t��   United] States  Pem-imls in tho riiilippmes.   .  Loin Ion, Xo^'.' 15.��� Tiio "morning  papers commont .eilitori-ally upon tho  pt-ucc co-ference crisis an..l the Unit-  t-1 states' naval preparations, reiter-  ;ain*_r''tlicJr conviction of tlio hope  !<*s--.-i.<?s'S\_.->- Spa.nish opposition, -and  rc'-'ogiiiz'tng- that tlie UumolI Statp*-  hiwc* practically ik^ .-ilternative,  eri]jOt-ifill.v fiftor the f-lection.s. but  complete n loiexntiuii. and that if  S.p.iin roritimifts obstinate, the United  States- innst tc-.nl '.-L fleet to 3Q\ircp?.,  nn a<-tii>[t which no power but Great  llrit.-tin would welcome, though aione  vwhiLI loJikcly to, interfore iji Spain's  Ixjluilf-  Tlio Daily, Telegraph .says: '''"Wo  (���"rnuiot b.pi'evr* that President-. MclCiii,,  .'<*.-,' favors a i.-ojnpruini.-e that would  leave Spain a portion, of her far east  en* po.s'e.vsion.s-. Such *t policy wo'.ilc;  t-ombino the ovil.s of both tilterjiintives-  eoiifrojitiii-j; Ainei'ica, sinee Spain  would   f-.pcodily   Roll    tl'C   rcaiTimjit."  Beriin, Mnv. 1-1.���A high official of  tin- German foreign uriice asserts that  no communications nor negotiations  have occurred between the powers regarding the rhilippiries. Germany, lie  says, has "only commercial interests  to protect there.."  ,    THK FEEXCn XAVY.  London, Nov. 3 4.���Tlio Daily Mail  says this morning <=that the French  nava: construction programme foi  ISO!' includes two battleships of Dt.oOO  tons each with very powerful armament and protection; ctwo cruisers of  ���L,000 tons each, two large torpedo  boat destroyers and eleven torpedo  boats.  Wreck of tlio Mohoifiiii  London, Nov. .10.���Tlie' boarc  quiry   into  the,   loss of    tlie'  Transport  line,    which    was  steamer'   Tvfoliegan    ,of     the   .  oi    in-  1-iriti.sli  totally  \tl.-i ntic  wrefked during the evening of October 1-1 near Ihe Lizard light while on  a voyage from London to New York,  resulting in the drowning or about 100  persons, passengers a ml crew, wus  operiG-.l to-day. Considerable interest  was taken in,the proceedings and tho  court room was crowded. The evidence was chiefly technical jiiid nothing new developed. Counsel r.-ad tin*  coiiilKiiiy'a instructions ' to its commanders, enjoining tlie utmost en re,  es-peeiallj-   Ln   the   British   cluinnof.  Larg'esl Uartjo on 1!io I.akos.  West SujJOi-ior, Wis.. Nov. ,!.'{.���The  Ainorican .Steel Marge Cumpany i.s  clearingoir (lie dock nni'ler the. big  cnuie Avhere. the keel for .tlio'. new. stet']"  tow. barge; to be built for the Bessemer  3lcamship Goutpany 'will be. aid. ��� The.  construction, willy,'commence ,-jti.st as  .soon.us.the uiaterial can ��� 'arrive from  tlie oast, and during (lu-..winter ''1,000  men will'be steadily employed at .the  shipyards.' Jfc i.s the aim of the builders to nir K'.c,.'the new barge easily (he  biggest; carrier on fresh, Avater.' ..Being  a tow barge, with no,machinery of i_uii-  sequence to take up the room ,iu tlie  hold, tuenew barge caix be given over  entirely to cargo room and it is pretty  svc-11 uudcrsfood that slip will .discount  any thing-.'else afloat. Her length is'  -100 feet, thirty feet longer than-tho  Alexander McDoug.il 1, tho steamer  which now holds- some of the cargo records of the great lakes, will make her  tho largest tow barge.of the. day. The  oilier dimensions of the bout are oil feet  beam and 27 feci; mouldedydeplh. I it  is tho idea to launch the new boat, ns  soon as-possible in the- spring that she  may be cdirplelo.d'and go into commission with the opening of navigation.  To do tin's -work wilJ liave to commence  soon and keep up. steadily throughout,  tlio v.inlcr.   ���  Washington, Nov. i')._Thc battle'  ships Oregon and Iowa arrived yestorday  at Rio to particiiwlo in fho anniversary  celebration of I lie creation of the Brazil  ian republic. Tiie .supply .ship Celtic  is with the battleships.  mKmsmmmmmemm  willingegs to bind herself by an oa  'lover to wed, or leave her mother while  that mother lives, with eyes whose angry  liahl of a few moments before, has im-lt-  edin lo a look of motherly tenderne?.--,  as bhe answers:���  "Do you supposi-, Heat rice, that J  could liu base and seliish enough _ to  accept tho saeritiee of vour young life,  'and mar all its bright lies*-? My greatc-t  desire on earth is for my children's happiness."'  ;'If you' wish tn secure, our .happine-s,  then, do not eonira.-C this marriau'e."  pleiuis the daughter.  '���Silence, J3e.it rice.'" cimimanil.s ihe  molher, in a voice which rings out with  more sternness than ..her children had  ever heard from her before. "1 am, no  child, not to have weighed this mat ter  well before'deriding, and 1 shall not be  dictarcd io, or influenced by my children  against; taking This step, which I am  convinced will ultimately result in the  best for us all. I will hear no more i'dle  talk. If you dn not, love your mother  well enough to increase her happiness by  giving a cheerful" cone'enr. to her plan��,  then those plans shall go on nil the same  without your consent "  Baphnel and Beatrice look into each  other'.*- faces a moment in despairing silence. At length the son eay��-���  "Mother, there mii't he some legal  proceedings taken in,, regard ��� to your  property before you take this sEranger's  name. Let me reininil you to take proper  precaution' in regard ro this before you  are married, so in case you are deceived  in this man, he���"  "Enough. Raphael, enough," interrupts his mother. > "Do you suppose I  could so far forger the duty 1 owe my  children, as to neglect so' important a  matter as this? <ut your heart at- rest,  five o'cloofc tins afternoon will bring  my lawyer from Snn, Francisco to !)?ep-  dale, He 'has always had charge of my  business affairs, and will know just  what is necessary co do in tho case.' This  is Thursday One weak from next YVi-d-  neiday 1 shall wed Captain Lennnrd.  So, my dear children, try and look willi  favor'on my judgment as ro the step 1  am about to take. 1 love Captain L?;i-  nard. and he adores nie, and you ought  tn know him well enough.by this time  to havo some confidence in him, -ami try,  to like him Tor my sake."   "     ,  She takes tho cold hand} of Beatrice  within her own. and look pleadingly up  ii��� to her face. ''Como, now, d��rl..,g, ki^*=-  y-uir.mother anil cheer up. and run and  ivithe your swollon eyelids before. Helen  aiul.Mr. Bamla'l return." '     .    ���  The heart of Beatrice. .St. Clair give?  one joyous bound at the sound of d-e-  last mentioned name. Thank God' theie  is one bean at lease in which she hold*-  nndiYiibni right. She stoops'ami pres-cs  a warm kiss upon her mother's trembl  ing lip*?, and without another wunl  glide, hastily from the room.  ituphuel p,..^^ his right arm around  his mother's idenrfur waist and draws  her toward him. ���'God ble?s you, little  mother," he falter', "and ..runt that  you may realize all your bright hope-,  in the Cunsummaiion of thi-- marriage.  But let this man fail in the lea.-c iota of  his duty to this woman, whom ho has  -won away from her children, and I shall  hold h'iin personally aeountable to me."  and a dangerous light flashes into this  young man's eyes.  "Do not ��:vy thnt ho lias won me away  from my children, Raphael." she pleads  as sho nestles her head fondly on lier  son's bruiid breast. "-Nothing on enrrh  could lessen my love and interest in your  sister aud yourself."  The sound of buggy wheel-; on the  gravel drive, of the avenue are heard approaching. Raphael'tolds his mother to  his hearr, which i.s si ill heavy with misgivings, presses a ki.-:a on her brow, then  releases her, lurn-i quickly and iles-cericls  the stairs, goes hastily into the library,  locks himself in free from intrusion, and  does not .reappear until the bell ��um-  moned the family to thc two o'clock  luncheon. ,  Five o'clock of the afternoon of the  samu day, Raphael has driven in the  pony carriage to the Deepdale station, tn  metit; rho oid lawyer whn=e coming is expected on this train. He pares thc platform of the country elation with impatient footsteps, a" he- await* the cominiz  of the cars, with his head lx-wed low ln  perplexing thought. Strive as ho mi-.ht,  thi.s marriage of his mother's would appear to him in no other light- than lhat  of a calamity. He recalls; the unaccountable aversion of Beatricu to Captain Lon-  nard over since their first Tiour of mooting, He feels inclined to bojiovo now  tliat tMs dislike ami distrust was .prophetic;- and, that Captain Lorinard is  naught but a wily, oily-tongned villain,  who has dexterously' played his oards,  and kept his intentions toward Mrs. St.  Clair and her son, until it was' too late  for that son'to .interfere or tho mother-to  retr.-ict.___..  , .-...'''���]'  "But I shall have an eyo upomyou,  my fine Captain!" whispers the young  iimn fiercely to himself, and his hands  clench themselves in 'a .threatening  manner. . "1 shid) watch you, and wi.e  be unto your false heart if I detect you  in any villainous ji'iaU toward my mother or her properly!"  Tho engine of the incoming train  coniosyshricking and .pulling, into the  station, and the next moment Raphael i.s  shak'-ia hands with tho' portly, well  dressed oldlawyer, who-thc.'.young man  remembers,'used to dandle him on Ids  knee .when he was a small boy, and  whose gold-headed cane has ' been his  steed in many an imn-nmiry ride..  "I was rather 'surprised at this summons from your mother," says the lawyer, as they aro sealed in the carriage,  with tho Donies headed toward Daeiidale.  "I hope that she is in her usual good  health," ho adds, thoughtfully. '  "I never knew my mother  better be.-.i.h. sir, thank you,  St. Clair.  '"Well, after all, :'lhis is tho tinio to  attend ;to such important business,  which too frequently i-; put off until  health, and often Intellect, fails," replies  the lawyer.  They dash along the level, shady ooun-  I w 0 ��� ���'��� in'.", in ihe library. \V�� shall  , lv un .��� !m 1'ilk over some of our husi-  ,n--- n.ni'er- before dinner, Mr. Gil-  .vii." -l-o continue,*', as Flic look's at her  r.Mlcl).   ���  Mr. Giltpvt. has made himself presentable uf&vr hi*"du.*-ty ridy, and litis partaken of an elegant lunch, and drank  haU���a bottle of tlio rare old wine for  which the cellars of Deopdnle" lire noted.  He leans back in his chair, watching the  blue ring--.cof siiWike from hid rlgnr and  th inks.  "Wonder wh,at the dcv.civ is up? Is Mrs.  St.' (Jlair'B   (laugh    r    about,   to   lie iliar-  ried, and my cervi..- are required ih the  ) way of making a iii.irriugcsetilenient, or  , i-. it the widow her-elf who   is   about, 'o  ' chan-.e her   miiiic? . Hy   .love!    she is a  handsome woman and rich   as   Croesus;  all in her own right, too.    Ruth, cannot  he that she   is   coim-mplHting   a   Fecunil0  marriage, lor it is little more than a year  since she said to nn*.    that    but   for   her  children she would long for   death to release lier,from   a   lifo   lhat,   had   grown  almost, unbearable since the   loi-s   of lier  .husband,' and decidedJy foolish L thought  ihi.- statu of mind, too, fur .itherwiso   so  sensible a woman.'    Then,    i*.s.ain,   I  can  think of mi one whom sho would marry.  were, my laiiF,'? says Mr. tJilbi-rt v.���;.,,.  Iy;  "and this is more    evidence   inVi'u,."  port of my   theory,    f hat   physician--! ..'.a  not half ;is apt to drink to e.vcc>t.-s   as V  lawyers aro.    Their familiariiv with   d'io  wonderful mechanism nf the hnn;;.., M.._  teni   leaches them the terrible   ii.jiirlos..  effects of creating undue exckenie'nt ;n'ul  friction to tho    nervous   syniem,    by u �����  j constant, uso of stimulants, Vuch as'vvia,.  ' and tobacco often   jn-oiince:   hence,    tj,^  ;  feet of the   moxlicul    stuclenc   often'shun  j tho jiitfalls   into   which   many a ynute-  ; lawyer stumbles from mere ignorance </���  ' thoughtlessness.    But   1 mu-t not sjiond  my timo .silting here   talking,    Xece��sitv  "'i .impels me to return to tho city to-morrow,   and    1    shall    have barely tiim. l0  finish my business with   Mrs,   Si.    Clair  Lel'nre going."  lie   swallows ' tlie    re.niahuli.-r   0f   tfl6  wine in his Klass, and leaves tlie dining-  room with the young men,   who , loini-ai  into the music-room, while the   old lawyer joins Mr*--. St. Claic, again in,the lib  , rary.   The young ladies are with her. ana  I rise to ieafo the room when    Mr. dlLeit  j "liters.  I     "Sit down, my dears," said tlu-   ].k!\ ��� '  i "I fancy Mr. Gilbert, will smoke a   oipiir  ! before ho resume-' work again,   and Iilto.  I are some exeeedingly flutj ones, the llavor  | of whitjh   I   know you, as well as myself  j will not object, to.",  j Sliij ri-fs and, Inking a i-ilv_.T ci^ur-  | holder from the table. p.i��.��i��a it to hi>r  ' gue.-t.   ' , '  "Thank you, my dear madam, ,,'lhis is  indeed a treat, to he permitted to miiiiIw  hi tbe (jire-ence of ladies, ' say* Mr. <'ii-  bert, helping himself to a eii��ar, and  bitinit oil" tho end. "But are yotl quiie  sure. Mi-s'1 Heatiico that tlie smoke will  not. inconvenience you' or your young  friend."  "Quite sure, si.-,," answers the girl.  Through   the    bluo   fantastic rings of  Miiokc as it leaves his lips, the   old liiv-.-  yor notices'for   tho   first,  time hThco his  arrh-al at JJeepdaie, how pile, quiet and   ���  even sad Beatrice has   grown   hince last  winter, and   he   surmises   tliat   she has.  inh'ss it should he tho   handsome rector j either been crossed In   love,   or  that,sho  years ago,    who'   was   so  in   a   spiritual way, nf  1 met Here two  dOvoted to lier  course."'  A Jittln Mnile curN his mustached lip  ns he lays his hand on the hill-cord and  throws away his cigar.  "Edwards,'-' to the. man who appears  in, answer to the hell, "tell vc ur mistress  tliat I nwait her pleasure."  . The servant withdraws' with 'a polite  bo-w,' and i.oon returns anil conducts Mr.  Gilbert to tho library.  The sound of the dinner hell echoing  along the corridors, breaks upon thc > 'inference of. the two seated in the .library,  with doors safely locked again.'.c intrusion, before this matter, whatever it may  be, is half finished.   , * ..  Mr. Gilbert places his writing mi ler-  ials under lock 'and 'key and'rises, and  with a low bow oilers hi-*' arm to '-'s  fair client and hostess, rind she leads tne  .way' to iho' dining-room. Thc young  people are already assembled there, and  Mr. Gilbert shakes hands warmly with  Beatrice and Mi��s Pendleton,' whose  acquaintance he had formed the provious  winter in the city, and then Mr. Randal is p'-esei.fcd'to him.,  ''So you two young men havo chosen  medi'ilno instead of law for a profession," tsayrf ��� die old ��� lawyer, when the  dinner was well under.way. "Quitu sen ���  sible, quite. Had I my Iife0ovur again I  shouU do tbe s-ame Not that 1 feel dis-,  posed to quarrel with my amount of  success as a barrister, but t.he disciples of  Blackstone, generally speaking. meet  ���yith many tempwttons that are usually  unkown to tho disciples of   Ksculapius."  "Why so, sir, may I ask!" Inquires  young Randal, from his >-luo of the table.  ���'Well, in the first in-jtHnce," returns  Mr. Gilbert, "a lawyer i'B almost sure to  be enticed into polities and that of Itself  i= a misfortune, considering how corrupted tho politics of the. |in sent day  have become. Then, in nine cases mu of  ten, he becomes at. oOico-seeker, and hns  to endure all tlie anxiety consequent  upon election. .During this ilmu his private character undoigocs the mo-d; rigid  and often unjust criticism; his nin��li  common-place and innocent, movements  become tho target for public suspicion,  and he t-ees himself cartooned in every  illustrated newspaper in the land. His  business calls him away from homo and  from the bosom of his family;Uhe frequents clubs; becomes the leading spirit  of a clique, aud generally learns to drink  I more wiuo or other intoxicants than is  good for him.     With    the ^docin^s    it is  deeply disapproves of her mother's second  marriage. With this, ; however, t he has  nothing to do; but the thought j-eealU  his mind to his unfinished work, tliat'  of securing Mrs. St. Clair's fortune in-,  tact for lw;r children, so that ono pro-it  .trouble 'might be. avoided if lire. .*;(.  Clair s marriage .proved an unwise or  unhappy one. ', ���  | lie tosses his half-finished ., cigar inn  j the silver ash receiver which stand-i on  j tin? ,tnblo, 'and says;��� '  ( "Web, Mrs. St. Clair, I am t.-.m-i  ' ready tn proceed fri business. It will tutai  l in- until a late hour, and J must return  i home to-inorrow."  } Beatrice rises and' sadly fsrc-.se>* a kN<  i on lu-r mother's lip>, -shakes hands with  l Mr. Gilbert, and turns toward the door,  I Helen follows her example, and' tie* two  I join Raphael and, Percy in the' niusii:-  i room. '  'l  (To  Be  Continued.)  l-Amhlon'i-  Echoes. '  "False" hips and bustles combined  are offered iu tho coiset departments of  dry goods stores. They are worn to supply tho curvo of tlio hip wliich fashion  now demands in'tho up to dato dresser.  Entire gowns of heavy black knotted  silk, with deep fringed edges are iti  voguo for evening wear. They look best  mado over a foundation of  black ��atui.  Parisians have revived tho'fa.ihien of  wearing coats of ii different color from  this skirt.  Bows of twisted velvet, mounted on  stiff net, aro very much used in millinery; also grapes, cherries and other  fruit trimmings. ,  Deep tucks or "shingles" aro hoeu ou  soino of tho fall jackets.  Onban red is an exceedingly popular  color in millinery.  Ciinni luble.  "What a precocious child that boy of  Trivvins1 is!" exclaimed tho eui-*!'  grained citizen.  '��� Why, it sits for hours without saying a word. "  "I know it.    That's more than its father can do."���Washington Star.   ,  to bo in  returns  different 'lheir whole mi-sion is to ad-  minbt.n- to suffering, humanity, and  'cure the ills that flesh is heir to.' 'iho  very calling in itself is ennobling, and  shuts out every other avenue of ')ii-,lne.-'>i  which might dl-'trnc(. tho mitul of tho  physician from his patients, fur to be a  good and successful physician a man  must turn his fare resolutely avvny from  every other business cnticom'-n! and live  for his profession alone. While the lawyer is lying awake no night hurras, ing  his tired brain o\er tho fidelity of hU  constituents in ollin1, or the amount of  votes he may bo able to control; or trying to fi-rref, nut some way In I/. ��� i--i-,o  of a ci'iniinal by which his freednii, may  he Mi-urea when his own consc'.oi ������ tells  him the man ought fofe |.-o hiiiigedytlm  doctor is smoothing some dying pillow  ami speaking words of comfort to the  bereaved friends; or is ���'(���hatching from  tho cold arms of death soma beloved  form to resloru' to tiio bosom of its well  nigh distracted family." .. '  "But do'you not think that lawyers,  more frequently accumplatq wealth than  physicians," asks Raphael St, Clair.  "Undoubtedly, sir, ������.undoubtedly," returns the lawyer with animation. "But  it will not dn to inquire too deeplyor  minutely into the ,'way the��� wealth of  some of them1 has been obtained. In sucn  case, whilo the lawyer, is co-.n/jing his  ill-gotten gold, ��� whichy- .after all, has not  brought him happiness or peace'of mind, .  the doctor is looking hack over a lifo  well spent in alleviating suffering, and  dies with, a conscience , at rest, with God  and man, leaving behind him a legacy  of noble deeds, that were done in tho  name of humanity.'.'  The ladies rise from the table, Mr..  Randal uprings up and opens the door  for (hem, and they pass into the, wido  brilliantly lighted'hall. -As ho returns to  the table, he hears Raphael order tbe  bailor, whb has just opened a bottlo of  wine, to bring orange sherbort   for   two.  "What! what!" exclaims Mr. Gilbert  in amazement,, when the desired drink is  placed beforo tho young men, "you Inth  refiiFO such wino as this for tha  like stuff, orange.sherliprt?."  "I beg that, you may excuse us, sir,"  begins young St. Clair, "for not drinking to your health.in i.;. hi in ���*-���;���!��� of win..-.  We resolved while at college last season,  that as wo did. not need wine, we would  totally abstain from Us u��c."  "And quite   right,    (initio   right,   you  A Nc-.-it UehiiUe.  imagino,"     said  "Don't imagino," said General  Kitchener with great politeness, "tint  you are an entire circus calliope- ju.-t  became you can howl."  And the discomfited dervish chief  Btalkod gloomily away. ��� Clewhiud  Plain Dealer.  Oonerete Mcniiiif-in.  Mr. Spinkum���Ah, this ruinim!-' J"**'  of the pic my dear mother twd lo in.o.'e-  Mis. Spinkum ��� Oh, Alfred. ;���"'���  don't know how glad 1 am to licir '������'���'���  Mr. Spinkum���It's .-o dill'oieut, y��u  enow, de<r.���Chicago News.  pap-  (piri-r  Medicine*.  Tim peasant pbnrmacopa-ia of France  is wonderful���most wonderful. Wiuo  is an ingredient of every prescription-  In fever cases it is always tho predominant one. Tho French peasant's faith  in fermented grnpo juico is truly beautiful. If his children aro stricken with  tho measles, ho  gives   them   beakera of  ���wine, well -sweetened with honey ai"-.'  highly, spiced with poppor. For a seyct'o .  ���cold lie administers,:1! quart, of red wino-  ��� find a melted tallow candlo mixed, iy01'  Kcarlet or braiii fever ho gives egg*.  white wiuo. and soot, well beaten together. Npt all their superstitions ara  curious.'. Somo aro pathetic. ;,A mothoi',  for instance, often buries her dead cbihl  with its favorito toy or her own beautiful hair in the coflin, "that it imi)'i��f  feel qui to alone."���-Paris Correspondence..  Cori-uii(iitf_- mi I3clio.  At Ki llari'oy every visitor hoars sonis  iaughablo stories, llero i.s one���new nud  fresh,'1! think���which I picked up dm'-  ingmy lust visit to tho glorious Jakes;  A number of boa I. men who were quarreling about the division of. "::y*" ���"'  dulgod at the top of their voices in j��  good deal of profane language, which  (bfi marvelous eeh i repbatud vei.'ir,ttiin-  "Arrah, look at that/now, for a'scandal, "'said one of tho .party who wns d  a pious turn. "T'achin the poor lnu'"1"  less eoho to curse aud aware."���;--Pec"  tator.' il'   ���   . I'  MAMUIIUmjlt����.,ulwl*Mluimw Moyie City Leader  MOVIBCfTV.   13. O.  PERSONAL  CHATS  KussoJJ Sago, though Jiehas just cele-  hia ted his eighty-second birthday, is  hi ill regularly attending to his business  duties and looks littlo over (iu years old.  Midhhipniau Alorres of tho Vizcaya  / .aims the loss of ����� col lection of nearly y,500 postage stamps, -including  many raro European varieties, which  vii ry destroyed in tho Spanish ship.  Thomas C. Le-Valley, tlie first of tho  Ni vv, York' naval   reserves to die in'the  ar, was fho descendant of a .Huguenot  ���mily lhat in this country fci >,ons to  i:  Bt'volutioii.'iry, Moxka'n   and   civil  ���H'b.  (  r. dy W. Colt of Bristol, It. I, has  ii..d hisccat of arms tattooed upon Jiis  lull l.iooiled fox terrier Tri.-cy. Theoper-  .ilion was performed in. N'ew York under tlie direction of Surgeon Edwuid In".  L avy.  I'olutiel Primk J. Queen, who recently died in Birmingham, Ala., aged 02  year--, married (he duugiitu- of .Ouniel  ' Boone. Sho died fen years ago. Colonel  t.iiiut'u assisted l'oune in driving Indians  uut of Kentucky.  James ,1. Corbeif, the pugilist, says  in a signed article iu the New York  Tribune that the day is n< i far distant  ���when tho popularity of boxing as a  tpiirt will bo as great as tliat of foot-  hall, polo, cycling or golf. " ,  MayorTIarrisou rapped a recent meeting cf tho Chicago city council to order  with a Spanish, machete, explaining sis  lie did so that tho ���weapon had been presented to'him by a returned soldier who  captured it from a Spaniard in Cuba.  Hre.-ideut McKinley, Laving been  asked by'Joseph . Garozyuski of ISipnn.  Wis., to stand as godfather to a seventh  son, has acceded to tho request, with tho  ' careful^proviso, however',, that nothing  further is implied tiian tiio' uso of his  r.amo.       . ,. -  .iiiines Fisk of Tioga, Pa., Jive;; to tell  oi" his experience ���with liglitnin^. Jfih  dolling was stripped from the left side  ot Jiis body and cut into strings; lie wis  rendered unconscious and paralyzed in  the Jefc arm and leg and scorched on  tho baclr.  Mrs. Campbell, a dressmaker in  Wichita, Kan,, is a'first cousin of Admiral Cam am. 'She was born in Ct-.t-  midii, Spain, and w.hilo living in this  "country with lier father sho eloped with  a young PennsyJvnijian and has never  been forgiven by her family.  WhiJo'tho fact that Lieutenant Sears  deftly caught tbo brick hurled at him  by a Spaniard in Porto Rico may tend  to destroy tho SpuuisJi reputation of always shooting wide of the mark, it may  bo .said in extenuation .that thu lieutenant is an old baseball player!  Tho coincident de.-d.hs of Eugene Bou-  din, tho marine painter, and Charles  thinner, the architect of the Upeia  IIouso in Paris, recall tbo fact that both  nan started life as poor hoys. Tlio  former was originally a sailor and the  s-oii of ti'llonllour pilot. The mother of  tiie latie-r was a vender of vegetables.  musical comedy in London called "A  Showman's Sweetheart."  James O'iNeiPs new play for this  fieas-on is "When Creek Meet's Greek,"  dramatized l.y Joseph Ilarton from , his  novel of that name.  , Mine. Jeanne Granier has promised  EmiJe Simon of tho Wietes theatre in  Marseilles that rhe will go thoie in December for a Ehorc season.  Julie Opp will Jiavo a prominent role  in tho play by Walter Frith, called "A'  Man of Forty,"which will be produced  at tho St. James theater, London, this  fall.  Tho-German play "ileisec- Blut,"  which Sydney Rosenfeltl is adapting for  Lederc-r & McLeJlan and which will'bo  produced about Nov. 1, has been named  "A Dangerous Maid." ��� '  Mr. and Mrs. Kendal commenced  their t-easou at, tho St, James theater  in London with the comedy iu three  tcis by Ernest Hendrio and Metcalfe  Wood, cut it led'"The, Elder Miss Blossom."  THANKSniVIXOFATcE.  IMPOVERISHED  BLOOD.  HEALTHY, HAPPY WOMEN,  Pain  and  Weakness  Banished  through ihe use of fftiibum's  Heart and Nerve Pilis.  It's ��>ad lo think that so many women  suffer from pain, Weak Spells, ���IIeart  Palpitation,    'Sinking-    Sensations,  STAGE  GLINTS.  Murray Carsou lias arranged to write  a play with Max Deeibohm.  Miss Ada lieliau   has arrived  in Now,  York after a summer iu Jinqhiud.  c  Mrs. Pi*-l;o   is   to   present   a i-no net  plav bv IJoraco P. Frv, entitled "Littlo  Italy."  "Rough Ridois" v.-;-*-. pivilucod for  copvijght purpurea in 1 iohukeii. N. J.,  lately.  George Bancroft 1kah -written u play  (ailed "What Will fho World Say?"  Jt is for Edward Terry.  Mimiio Palmer  is to prochico a now  Ne-rv&usness, Sleeplessness���who could  be restored to the full enjov ��� snt of perfect health hy a few boxes' of Milburn's  1-feart and Nerve Pills. ,  There can be no question  about the  efficacy of this remedy.    Thousands of  women, have found it do all that i.s claimed ..  for it.     Here   is the testimony  of 'Mrs.  Gillen, Wesley Street. Moncton, N'.B.  "Before taking iMilburn's Heart and  Nerve Pills I used to .suffer untold agony  from violent headaches, irregular action  of the heart, . together with pains or  .spasms in various parts'of my bod v.  ''Sometimes I felt so weak "that I'was  unable to look after my domestic dirties.  However, I had to en Jure this worry and  trouble, because all the remedies Itried  failed to give me relief,,until happily f ���  ht-ar'dof .Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pins.  I had only been taking them a short time  wheal felt greatly benefited. This encouraged mc to continue-their use until  a cortiplcte cure was effected.  " 1 have not been troubled with a headache, since taking these pills.    Thev in-  cron-U-d my appetite, invigorated my en-  . tire .svstem, and gave me back my old  timo strength and vigor."  Taki: a l,axa-Uvcr Pill before retiring.  'Twill work while you sleep without a grip  or gripe, unit mu We you feci better in the  niorninj..   -Price 25c.   Sold by all druggists.  ("riven away FHKK.  WK1TK TODAY '    TO  *********  If vou  want one  .GREAT WEST MAGAZINE,,  - --   WINNIPEG." -   *  Last year with my Famous  ir r  DISHES APPROPRIATE FOR OUP.GREAT  NATIONAL HOLIDAY.  The Old Fn-fi-I on t-<l Tliunk-iK J vIiib  I'iimoi���Tlie MjMi-ry of ,.v:nkin|;  I'uiiipkJu I'lf-Kuiv Io Jliiti' ' .'lew  England   Indian   Hadiiinu.  Tho following are aomo of tho regular  Thanksgiving day dishes, and no family  should be without at least ono of them:  A roast spnrerib, with apple butter, wac  never absent from thu bountifully spread  tables of tho old fashioned Thanksgiving  dinner. Aside from tho fact that, roast  meats (which nowadays are baked moat!*)  do not tasto as they used to, few modern  cooks know exactly how to prepare a  sparcrib. Cover tlie meat, with a greased  brown paper until about half done; then  remote and dredge with Hour, It must  bo basted frequently. About"ten minutes  beforo it, is dono sprinkle lino bread  crumbs, seasoned with powdered sago,  popper, halt and a very llnely minced  onion, over tlio surface, Hustu onco during the ten minutes that it'iimst remain  in tho oven. Lift out tho meat to a hot  dish, l'reo the gravy from fat, thicken with-  browned llour, season to tasto and f-.end.to  the table in a gravy boat.  Apple nutter always accompaniedtliis  dish. Ueduci- liy boiling sweet eider until  you havo a thick sirup; add apples and  aboul one-quarter their bulk in quinces,  c'Ste\v all day," said thu old New England  lady who gave us tin* recipe. "How do  you keep it from burning!'" wo asked innocently. "Stir ir, almoht constantly,''  was the matter of fact reply. Under tho  circumstances 'prudence would suggest  making a supply to last all winter. It  keeps well in self sealing jars.  Haired Chicken Pie.���Tako six chickens  and joint, as for a frica.-,i-ee. Put them civor  the firo.with thin slices of salt pork, half a  pound in all, and barely cover with cold  water. Pring quickly to a boil and draw  to tho side of,the fire where they will just  simmer. When tender, roll out your crust  about a quarter of an inch thick and lino  u largo tin or earthen dish; lay in the  chicken wicl'i butter and seasoning between each layer; put on'the to]) crust,  but nth] no jui'eo until iho pio is dono  Thon through the hole in tho top, using a  funnel,' pour tin- juice, properly thickened  and seasoned, until the pie. is full.   ���  Pumpkin Pie.���Tho secret; of the excellence of tlie oid fashioned pumpkin pics���  lies in the fact that plenty of eggs and tho  rkbest milk wero used Tliey wero made  very sweet with molasses alone, and tho  only spice used was ginger. The modern  cook destroys tho natural flavor of tho  pumpkin with all iho spices and condiments that would go to flavor, and rightly, too, a minco pio. but which in pumpkin  picaro quite our. of place.  Oranges   Wiih  Jelly.���This  is' a  vert-  pretty   modern   invention   for decorating  the  holiday  dinner  table,    ft is just as  good to eat as it, is' to look at. Take largo,  flno oranges and  cut a small   round pieco  from tho stem'end; then with your finger  or a small bono  mustard spoon gradually  loosen tho skin from tlie pulp, drawing tho  latter out through   the opening.     Lay tho  skins in cold water  until wanted.    Make  an orange  jelly with   the  juico of tho oranges and enough lemon  juice to give the  'right flavor; drain the skins, fill with tho  jelly, stand   tlium un littlo   egg or custard  cups   if  necessary to   keep   thorn   upright,  aud stand away until cold and Ann. .Then  cut into  halves and 'arrange  on a dish  with some, pretty green  leaves.    In making  tlio jelly   bo  careful   to  get it  iirm  enough.    Tho  rulu is, tlie  ]nice of four or  live lemons, two quarts of   water, a pack-  ago of gelutin   and  a pound and a half of  sugar.    Put tho gelatin   to soak with orange juice instead of cold water, then add  tho .sugar, the balance in boiling water and  as much   lemon   juice as   you need.     Vou  can put glncu fruits cut in bits in these by  partially lilling tlio orangerindwith jelly,  lotting it stand until firm, putting in a layer of tbo fruits and then more of tho jelly.  Indian Pudding.���It   is  not. enough to  have tho inytedientb fur this real old New  Kngland  dish.     You   must know exactly  how to put   it together, and this is "just  how:"   Heat throe pints of milk to boiling  and pour it over half a pint of  yellow Indian meal salted with  ono  teaspoonful of  salt; stir this very  carefully,   wetting   it  gradually so that there will be no lumps;  return   it to tho double   boiier  and  cook  slow  CONDITION  THAT  FREQUENTLY  CAUSES MUCH SUFFERING.  the  E*6 K   I  Mrs. Henry Gifibrd, of Kentville, Proves  Value of Dr  Williams' Pink Pillu  in'This Condition.  Prom thc- Acadieii, Wolfville, X.S.  , The   ease  of  Mrs. Henry Gilford, of1  Kentville,   who  some   time   ago' was  cured of a distressing  malady  through  the   niedium   of  Dr.   Williams'  Pink  Pills, is of peculiar value as illustrating j  tho  rapidity  with which  this remark- j  able medicine operates.     A representa-1  tive of tlie  Acadien  wiio  called  npon'i  Mrs. Gilford   the other day to elicit in- j  formation  concerning  her cure, found j  her to be a very" intelligent  lady,   and !  a  hearty  advocate  of  the   use  of Dr. \  Williams'   Pink Pills.    .Upon learning  thc object, of his call Mrs.   Gilford  expressed   herself aa pleased at the prospect  of  having an opportunity to give  publicity to her remarkable   cure.     "I|  have told all my friends 'about, if," she!  said,   "but  have often felt tliat ir was!  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"Yes," eagerly replied the father of the  runaway  boy, "his, trousers wore  nearly-  worn through at the knees,'and he had in  one of his pockets, as I heard my wife saj- j  u day or two ago, a  knifo with a  broken !  blade,' a   pistol   cartridge  that  had   beon j  fired off, t\ match, somo of  the wheels of j  an old watch, a leather   shoestring, a broken key, a   bunch of  twine, two or three  white, pebbles, a pieco of lead, some buttons from the  last bicycle  show, a, stump  of a load pencil and a bit of red chalk."  And tho detective wrote in his memorandum book,'-Xo distinguishing marks."  ���Chicago Tribune.  I-i pure beef cooked   ready for use, and  in the most  CONDENSED  FORM.      ��  Not   a   me'ro  extract  or   essence.,    '��  strengthens both body and brain.  Prepared bv  BOVRILjU,  ',  - LONDON, ENGLAND.  Canadian Branch:���  2 7  PBTKIt  ,    STREET  HOCKEF.  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Butter a pudding dish, turn in the mixture and bako  half an hour; stir it up from the bottom  and finish the baking by browning nicely.  Make a 6auco with ono cupful of powdered  sugar, ono tablespoonful of butter and one  beaten egg; flavor with nutmeg.  Cranberry Sauce.���-There Is a wide difference between cranberry sauce and cran-  heny jelly. Por the former pick over a  quart, of the best berries and put them iu  a porcelain kettle with a pint of boiling  wiiter. As--non as tbey bi-nln to "pop. "  keeping   ilm    kettle  covered    mi_ni!wh!.' \  TO OUUK A COLD IN OAK WAY.  Take baxotive Bromo Quinine Tablets. Al.  druggists T-efund.the money-if it fails to cure  25c. ,< r  "What   a lovely   new   coiffure Miss  she get t he  rlie hair. "  Old timer has.     Where   did  style?"    "That comes -with  ���Cleveland Plain Dealer.  TO   PUBLISHERS^  1  General "Joe" Wheeler was asked to  name' tiio bravest deed which he had  observed during' the figJifing in'Cuba.  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Pumpkin Salmi.���Tbo salad most appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner in  pumpkin salad Cut tho pumpkin into  small squares, boil them till tender in salted water; when cold arraiiKo them on iho  crisT'Osr and whitest of lettuce leaves, cover with a mayonnaise sauco to which chopped pnr.-ley has bi-i-n added, and you will  have a dish that, yn.i might ask tin-gourmet gods from Olympia to share without  misgivings.  I toast. Pig.���Tho Thanksgiving tahlo of  many homes frequent Iy aildu to its bountiful gifts a small roast pig to keep the turkey from having things all its own way.  , Hero   is.-'a   famous   recipe'of   a' famous  Preach cook for preparing tho tiny animal:  The principal thing In roasting a pig is  to'keep1 the skin   froin : blistering.     Havo  tho young nuimnl well hashed  and dried,  season   tiio  insido  with   ono  even   table-  spoonful of salt and one-half tablespoonful  of pepper, then stuff it, with sausages, oysters and chestnuts.-    Lay it iu a largo pan,,  bend tlie fore feet backward, the hind foot  forward,   under and  close  to   tho body.  Pour 0116  cup . of   boiling water   into the  bottom  of   the   pan, cover   entire   animal  with buttered paper, placo in,medium, hot  oven, baste frequently with its own gra.vy,'  removing and replacing   paper each time;,  then roast, two   hours,     ln  serving, placo  the pig on a warm dish   iu the same position.it lay in in the   pan.     Tako two well  cleaned   horse   radish   roots,   shave  thorn  wiih a knife   into   narrow   ribbons, color  half'to n delicate  pink and havo tho other  half white.     Put Home   in   tho mouth and  tlio rest .around1 it.-    In   carving .first remove the  head, then   split   tho   back,  remove iiams und  shoulders  and finally di-  r/ido tho rlb��i. _   .  l.ieliig'*- "i*"it (lure for  nffuctmns is the only .successful rcnu-ily, and i*.  now used by the host physicians- and hospitals  in Kuropo ii'iej Aineiicii." It is confidently. n>-  coiniiieiuled tn tho alllictcd. If you ������iirt'er from  Kpilep-iy, Pits. St. Vitus l)iiuco,"or have cliild-  rea or "relative-, that do so, or know a friend  that is ufllicteil, then send for a free trial boi tl  and try it  lias cured where overytliinu  When writine mention this paper and yivi  full addres-5 to Tin- biel.ig Co., 177 KiiiK street  west, Toronto.  ;      Whenever a bacJielor begins to iuves-  rcpijepsy and kindred i tigate a   girl's 'looking   lie means business.  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SATURDAY, DECEMBER   3,   1898.  -wwnii*finwi.iinw��iiiw  .iioviE's rosTori'icj-:.  r  Although   tlio    Dominion    govern  ment iias been   petitioned and a  post  master appointed,  Movie City is  ntill J jiK'inbrnnons rccepfa-ie, was a tan-rel  without an officially established   post- '   "'   ���"-��������������� ������---. ��-.i  It was all on account, of Miss Mal-  vinu's organ. If shehiidri'thad nnorp-an  it would prob'abJj-'iiever have happened.  The. dictionary declares that an organ  such as Miss jVialviua po��ses��od is "a  iiu-mliriuious j-eccptticle, the principal  organ of diir��-Tion. in which foci is prepared for nourish intr the iwriy."  I'eriiups Mi?.^ Mnh-ina's organ" was a  membranen.-> receptacle. Ther-e were no  absolute' proofs to thc contrary���but  that it was an org-nu of di'.-es-tio-n was  .".'imply n blander. Tlie.ro was no digestion about it. It, wai, mdijrestion all t,he  v.iij- -"..lu-oug-hi, The food that went.' imo  il, "if it made up its mind l,o remain,  didn't nourish Jier body in the lcnsrt and  only, subject ed lier io every kind of disco ra fort,. . ,  Taken us u'whole, this orpan, uhich  for lack of oorrohorntion we shall call a  office.  It is nov,- very little lacking one  year since the first petition and memorial were sent to ihu postmaster general, and binco tlien an almost continual correspondence has been kept  up, but so far the, much desired ofricei  has not been' established. During this  time E. H. IHetclJCr, provincial post-  office inspector. ha3 visited South-East  Kootenay at leu&L three times; Fort  Steele has been given a postal savings-  bank,'and   Wardncr,   Cranbrook  and  Swansea have boon   given  poslofnces  . <- i ,     ,  and aro   now   enjoying   an  officially  established mail service. Until quite  ' recently Eort Slccle'was the only office  in the district that received more  mail than , Moyie. In thc town of  Swansea Lucre is just one family, while  Moyio has at least 250 inhabitants.  Tlio former has a government post-  office, the latter has not. Is there  either consistency or justice in this? ,  - We have learned on good .authority  that the books, blanks and stamps for  this office are now in the Fort Steele  ,, office, and have been there for the  last three   months, awaiting orders   to  * i j *���*���  he forwarded. ��� The question is, why  -has this matter been so long, delayed?  Why have not these books, blanks and  stamps long ago been ordered forwarded to where they belong? We  believe Unit Postmaster General Win.  Mu lock is utterly ignorant of tiio ati'O-  cious injustice lhat is being done, this  town, and we respectfully call his attention to thc fact.  However, we hope the matter will be  no longer delayed, aud that Moyio  City will be given the oflice for which  she has so long beon patiently waiting.  organ of iirdigeetion in -wliicfi 'nothing  except1 torture was prepared ior either  bodv or soul.  IthndlosttoMiss Mnlvina friends, fortune and' husband. Tim- former had  dropped off, one by one,"on aeeounf of  the.ir pet r-peeifies being-.rejected by  either Miss Mali inn. or her organ; the  second wa-s.ft lino musical talent which  she- nikyrhT, h'ave turned 1.0 account but  for the Mime melancholy cause, and the  third.,yvn-s perhaps the most dismal of  alh ��� ' �����  Col. Wilds, n gallant officer, had in the  earlier days los-t his heart to Mies Malvina, and would no doubt have married  her, but during a sojourn in India ho  had fallen victim to a liver complaint,  whicli so disgusted Jiim with disorders  of the' human machinery, that' any  young wommi possessed of -so unpardonable a thing as an "organ" hadn't  t he remotest chance with tlie giallant  oilicer.  ��� Miss "Malvina, therefore, was-} fiimply  not. in. it at all. And so at the time our  btory o_>*ns we find poor Miss Malvina  wretched, friendles-j, sickly and dependent upon a, disiwyreoable old aunt.  To be 'sickly is bad enoug'h without!  lviji.r_friendle.se, but to "be both and to  hnve^nrn "organ" into the bargain is hard  luck indeed. ��  f' .Mrs. Smitherfl, Miss Malvina's aunt,  was a detestable person. She believed  tJioroughlyinthe -text that a fool, and his  money" a re soon-parted, and she obeyed  the text to the letter. She had plenty of  money and no heirs, but like all misers  slie. did not' consider tJiat sho had near  enough, and she hoarded it up for  Heaven knows what purpose. . >  'She was in no wise a charitably d is -  posed individual, thonph the fact of hor  giving- a home to her orphaned niecc_  mig-lit in \>ly that, .-she was." Put nooiw'  would think so if he Jtncvv in what manner, tht- Jrome. was hold out.  "Dear'Molvina," nhe wrote. "As you  cannot starve, 1 suppose I must take  you in."  And poor Malvina, whoso organ had  rendered her a meek aud miserable  mortal, responded weakly:  "Dear Aunt: As you say, I cannot  .starve, aiid .so 1 must uccept your generous offer."  And when. Miss Mnlvina arrived, in  company with a goodly-sized apothecary shop, Mna. Sniitbers' acerbity was  by no means appeased.  "Bother your organ!" she exclaimed.  "It bothers live," returned poor Malvina,  This (acclamation and pitiful rejoinder  became an almost daily phrase.  Mrs. Smith era hnd not the slightest'  jjatience with her niece's membranous  lrceptacle. and atovi.-ry meal such mortal enemies as hot bread pies confronted poor Malvina. The organ, naturally,  cried out, against suc'h indignities, unci  Miss Malvina grew hourly worse.  Such tornidnts 'aa the poor thing  know no word-scan describe.  Finally, to Mrs. Smithers' utter horror, the family physician had to be  ���summonodi  Xor v.-us this the worst.   After pre-  ct-ibinfr   all   sorts  of  villainous compounds, which Miss Mrdvina't*. organ re-  , jeeted with scorn. Dr. Calomel insisted  The discharging ul' Robeit   Tiiump- ] '_j_at Mi.-vs Malvina should come to his  eon, a clerk in  the   mining   recorder'.--j private mi nit-mum, known as the Pest.  Office at Now   Denver, on    account  of I     Mrs.. Smithers iviw nn one dr-inentod. J  his political beUeSe   has   .*-.ucceeded   in  Since the business men of Moyie  have refused to move or be moved to  the embryo townsite at the foot of the  lake, it is said that Col. Bray ton, the  agent, .will move the mines.Jiom here  down lo his own townsite. This scorns  like quite li .big undertaking, but the  Colonel evidently considers himself  equal to tlio task. The scheme, as we  understand it, is to attach tlie entire  mountain containing the mines to a  jn am moth balloon by moans of some  ���sort of a dingus or doiunny and transport the whole ''cheese" through space  to the desired spot, when it, will be  gently laid down.0 Thc balloon for thc  purpose will be inflated with g.i-A  which wiii be H.."tiished by tlie Colonel  himself,  rvTa-e-u*! *.��.*��-��� ���   -j^��ncj -m���nA*��*�� *.tc  kicking up quite a rumpus, in that  town. J t is suid of Thompson that he  was a competent and courteous official  and that he was, discharged from oflice  without any cause whatever. The  people believe the action is a direct  violation of the principles on which a  sound civil service is based, and an attack upon .popular'government. It is  said a similar incidence occurred recently in the government office  at Fort Steele, when Harry McViftie  was discharged to : make rdom for a  man of opposite political faith.  The C. P. R.'b representative has  taken sevenil unending purchasers to  the townsite at tho fbdt of the lake, but  nine cases out of ten tlie prospective  buyers-shook their 'heads and turned  away. You can lead a horse to 'Vater,  but ycu can't make him drink.  ar.CTg-if.inin m f ^araC  It is now whispered that Colonel  Brayton has given up tlie idea of moving the business houses of Moyie City  to the C. P. 11. tow isite at ttio foot of  the lake. Tlio Colonel had good  reasons ior abandoning the scheme.  She- fumed und raged and almost tore  her false hoir, for'tIn*board alone, without medical aMehdanee. was $25 a week.  But "Dr. Calomel was quite as determined as she wn*j. and at last, after  a. fearful struggle* he won the day.  Mrs. Smftheru can hardly be said to  have g-iveu in graciously( for .oj-s soon  ns the docjkjr went atosy she flounced  into i,he tniseralde little hall room ehe  'allowed ��� Mi'a-.*> Mahnnai ahd where,'the  , l>oor. thing vats having a ������wrestling*  match with her Organ-, and excBtdined,  vindictively:    .  "I wish that 'orgttn' of yours 'was iii  Gelienna!"     -  Poor Malvina! she 'wisihecPeo, too, if  'slie didn't have..to nocotopany it there,  but it was hot transplanted -just for  the wishing. ���  A few days later, in fear and tro.m-  blinjg, Miss Malvina drove up in  Dr. Calomel's owrr hecutly-appointed  brougham to the.door of the.Pest.  At the time of her arrival.there- were  only three b-thor patients���Mrs. Week*,  a chronic dyspeptic; Miss Paine," a combination invalid.' inhd tin. old genrtlemaii  vvho was a brtndie of nt-tyes. . .;  ; li -\yjv! "against���ihiv-ldttur in'diyidu.ai  that Miss iMaiyin'a .\vHs pitrt.iculn.H-y  Ma^n'eyi; 'Ihe. .s<!ir}i tc-f-yl,if-t-j' ri.iriiig- cii-'cllm.  staiiec ban/jihg hini iti t'ciftr ki's Kair ah'd  ���c-ry.",',J?Jre!'''  '.,: (. .  For a wixjk-Miss.M'AiVih^ rested.; lying  quietlj' on ii iie.it lit/tie.".'vhite bedstead,  gazing at ��� harinVmiously-tinted wails.  On the eifrhth. day she was so much im-  aVothiiip  WnitcS.  ''Eybry'titi.ri^' "s&rVe.s 'some useful piir-  poisib," he'said; HmOiilarlj-y ''.'Itissiniply  hBtAhj��Hiiig.iio\y- lii-iic-. tllis is. Therti is  tii^yTiii;'kd-G.'r"(:*?iu.;i \viip; forinsUantj'e-."'  "Wiwii  parii.cTjjarly; .iisefdil    mirp&e'  litis..lliis seiryeti^'^B'iie 'i.ibiii'a.n(1ed...  tl._ iiaveij't. yoii hoticecj ?'��� he 'ex-^  ".   -"'It.hae.g-iVeh the g.i.ris. an idea  "Wlj'ait  claimed  for A new  Post,  i oycl e, feoijtutote'.' '���Chi oagd  ]iroved thtit she came down to dinner.  It v/as a unique banquet. The convives all brought lxittles and spoons'  wiih tlicm, and some took their drops  before eaxin'g' and -some afterwards.  Moreover, the bread, was dry and tlio  drinking water was'hot-  ,Miss Malvina was introduced to hex  fellow iiiMtilids, Mrs. Weeks and Miss  Paine, who were already at the tabic  when she enltered, and she was having'  a very nice time with them, comparing  symptoms, when a footstep and a man's  voice caused her to look up. Then there  occurred to poor Miss Malvina the one  event of her life.  The gentleman of the nerves and eccentric tendencies wns none other than  her old admirer, Col. Wilds.  Miss Malvina started and blushed and  recognized him in a moment. His hair  hnd turned white nnd lteno longer wore  a uniform, but he was the. same gallant  mian���indeed, age 'had improved him.  Col. Wilds recognized Miss Malvina  -also, and their meeting was an infer-  (-.-.t ing, one.  "Why, blsss my soul, Miss Malvina!"  cried the colonel, "to think of our coming together again after all thes*- years  nnd uni'ler ��� such delightful circuni-  stauoos.   What's your troubleV"  "An organ," murmured MissMialvinn.  "Only one?" exclaimed the colonel.  "Why, I've got a thousand, and every  one of 'em out of tune!"  Miss Malvina said she wais sorry, and  began inquiring about his symptoms.  The colonel entertained her wiuh a  list of the most intense horrors, and  the meal passed olf delightfully.  ��� After dinner they played dominoes.  It wns a party of ghosts; pale faces,  wasted hands, on occasional groan, enlivened from time to time by a, hacking  'coug-h.      ' '  At a'quarter of nine Mrs. .Week's  dropped a domino. Col. Wilds shrieked  "Pire!" and they were all ca.rried oil  and put to bed like babies.  In consequence of /the excitement  Mrs. Weeks and Miss Paine ventre rest  for another week, and tlie following  evening Miss Malvina and Col. Wilds sat  dawn to a tete-nr-tete game-  Miss Malvina could not help noticing  liow handsome lier former lover had become, and how highly polished -. and  pink his bald head wtis.  They were having a most charming  game, when' suddenly a moth miller  sputtered into the gas and fell whizzing  among- the dominoes. ,  Immediately, Col. Wilds went oft.  Poor Miss Malvina was so overcome  ehe scare el 3- .knew what to. do. y,iXot  lilting to'sit gazing at her old friend,  who was behaving himself, in a most  childish and foolish manner, she hastily !a.rose, and, walking1 across the room,  took from her pocket a smallbox from  which she extracted' an "excitement  pill," wihich she swallowed.  In a momerut the. colonel was at, her  side.  "   "Miss Malvina!" he cried,  "what is*  it?'   You are ill!"  "It's only any organ," faltered Miss  Malvina.  In his courtly sympathy Col. Wilds  forgot his own ills.  After this for a weelt ,he and Miss  Malvina sat down tete-a-tete, and during that time -he never once exhibited  a nerve, and ehe almost forgot that she  ever .had an organ.  But happiness in this world is short  lived and Fate is a cruel jade.  On thc eighth'evening, when the colonel and Miss Malvina were, enjoying  the mast harmonious game of dominoes  thej- had yet played, and when each was  touchingly reluctant to beat t.heotheT,  a note was brought to Miss Malvina.  She tore it open and read :  "Dear Malvina���I pay for no well persons.  I hear that you have entirely recovered, and  that that miserable organ of yours performs its functions like a Christian,,  "Come home at once." ,  Miss Malvina laid down, the note and  a tear fell among thc dominoes.  "My dear Mi��j Malvina!" cried v the  colonel, sym pathetically, "what is  troubling you?   Toll me, I beg!"  "Alas! Col. Wilds, I must leave this  haven of rest."   ���  "But why?"  "My aunt refuses to pay my board  anv longer."  "Allow me to do so!" ' ''��� i/, ' ' ���  '���Oh! Col. Wilds!"  "Why not? Pm a millionaire, unmarried aud, of ag-e!"  Miss Malvina blushed like a school*  girl.  "You are so kind���but what would  the world aay?"  "Nothing, if you will follow my  wishes."  , "What are they ?'.' inquired Miss Mal-  vina- innooontlj*!      ������"��� o  "Bemv wife!'' ' ^**-*vr  '."But, Col. Wilds, iriy organ?"     '." - , ��� f  "No objection, whatever,"- answered'  the colonel, cheerfully; "itcounteracts  my nerves.'*.     y .y  Poor Miss Mnlviija; ail 'the'physics iil.  the world, bad been tried upon her and  all had failed, for no one had ever  ithought of giving her .a dose oi happiness,, That' <tos<.(. being (administered,  her recovery.was rapid and complete!    '  One day there was a quiet little Wedding at Tlie ilest, and after wards, as'  Miss Malvina���Miss Malvhia'no' longer  ���-threw ail her.mediclne.VoiiL of tbq  window, she saidytd herself:  "Dear tne; did I (wer think I'd live  to see Uhe.day when. I would blcsa toy  organ!"���Ladies' World:  ������Palouse, Wash., is abort of wood,  ah unprecedented afllicfioD, and car  loads' of .timber are lxsng shipped in  frcun neigh boring, places. What never  before has been known there, coal is be  ing fed to the fire?  \t - y    '   -  thc c'  Orders Taken for tfob Work.  The Leader has perfected arrangements for taking orders and handling  all kinds of job printing, and respectfully solicits your trade. When in  need of'letterheads, billheads, envelopes, cards, mealtickets; or anything  in the printed stationery line, call ��� at  tliis oflice and inspect samples and get  prices. We guarantee prices to be as  low as can be received at any printing  house in 'the country. Leave your  orders with us and we will attend to  the rest.  iff-niLM"'   i nirmtf- ' ".!^JmM|J  itehell & Co.'s  'f=y f=y 5 ?  Is the Only Cure  Specially 'Prepared  FOR  Try KOOTENAY  a Coughs and  Bottle Golds.   .  . ..  .Sent by Mall 00 Cents.  ,R. E..'BEATTIE,   ���  I>ru{,'j.ist,. .CKAiVUKOOK,  Ii. C.  PIONEEE  A carload of stoves just -to  hand, consisting ofcoalantl  v. ood L'eaters, cook stoves  and'ranges.' A large stock  of lamps. Complete' stock  of'shelf and builders' hardware, paints, oils, glass, etc.  G. H. MINER, Prop.,    CRANRROOk.  MOYIE,    EAST KOOTENAY. B. C  n  The above hotel iias been recently erected, and neatly furnished throughout.  Cosy   and Comfortable   Rooms.  The bar is supplied with the  best brands, of liquors and  cigars.  Headquarters for' Mining- Men,  PATRONIZE    c ,  WHITE LABOR  By Sending Your Work ^.'o.thc  lake Shore Laundry.  PHILIP CONRAD, Piior.  dOOD WORK. PRICKS  REASONAH1/K.  LAKE --= SHORE  Barber Shop  c  ���AN I J���  Bath Rooms  ���J.  II. Hi;,S(il!AVK,        ���       ���    I-rotn-lctor  MOYIK. ii. f*.  ��� mi twiiniw ni.�� i���nam ������wh���fihi  Ie      l&mi  SAW AND PLANING MILL.  All Kinds of Rough and  Dressed Lumber   MOYIE CITY,  B. C. ������  FOR     RIOHS   APPLY  OR WRITE  G. R. MUIR, Mgr.  BREWERY.  -o-  1S"       KEGS  AND  "bottles. ,  ���jjREwivHS or���        ;  PINE LAGER BEER  AND PORTER ....  Orders Promptly -attended to.  R. Riesterer and Co.,rProps., .      NELSON, B. C,  ADDRESS  NELSON."  ���j  LILLIE   BROTHERS,  Boot & Shoe Co.  NELSON*,  -     '���       15. (,'  JOSKril >*KI1>13JISTAT>T,  Prop.  Lager beer sold  by. the   Iveg or  dozen  bottles.  Bottled Beer  in Stock. ...  Outside Orders Given Strict Attention.  ASAYilDHSo  NELSON,  B: .0.  Bakor St-., NELSOK, D. D.     .     '  Wholesale" .GrcceriedJ'and'j Provision;  "iR&f ci,ASN AS.SC/llTMKN'r.  i.RT'ri-:!! oitrjj5Rs'rj-.'i,vi-TJA- .vttkj'-dkjj -i'o,  r. o. box 2.U. :  'w'rtMtmtmii*.mmmVm..,m*wmtsiilm*am  . Brikct- St.; KELSON"; ,Bi V:  t , ���T���;���nn :���_  Centrally -located;  a"ml  class in  all apartments.  Tin  MRS.E. C. CLARKE,  Prop.  If You  Want Anything  IN THK DRUG  LIKE OR  ASSAY KRS'    SUPPLIES,  Cull on or write  W. F. TEETZEL & CO.,  NKLW'N, li. C.  ie Supply Co,  JP0ST0FF1CE STORE.  Donleri, In ���  Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Provisions,  Stationery,  Etc, Etc.  Queen'1* Avenue,    -        -      MOYIE, ii. 0  M.HNES&CO.  Dealers in  Fresh and  Cured-Meats.  FORT      STEELE, '  CRANBROOK,  WARDNER and MOYIE-_C,ITY.  ���THE���  WOODBINE  -: HOTEL  Lodging 0amp  Twenty miles west of Moyie City and  on the line of tlie. new Crow's Iscst  Pass railway is now, prepared to give  good accomraodatibns to the traveling  public) having been thoroughly overhauled and remodeled to accDmmo-  uale the incrca'aitig trade'. < Tile befit  braikIh of liquors nrc supplied at the  bar- and tlie proprietors, who n)-e Old  timers, can give,full infunnatipii to  the ti-avelihg public. Good .fttabling  in connection with tlio hotel.  ilEAULlEU & PLA'NTJB, l4roiJs.  NOTICE.  To whoil) it niny concern:~] li-'vi; this ri'ay  transferred nil right, title rtntl interest in tho  Moyik O.itv I.eaijkh to .(-A J: Smyth and J. E.  MusKravc; who will hereafter conduct the  hiisincs-*'. .All hillMlltu. tho Leadku will he  collected i-i.' them, und all hilln ngniust the  Lkaokk tvill.bo paid by jnynclf. D, R. Young.  .,     .   ���, Malinger Slocan City l'ub.Uo.  Moyio City, IS. C, July a5tb, 1898.  CANADIAN PACIFIC  RAILWAY  ���AND���  Soo    Railway   Um  CANADA'S  NATIONAL  HIGHWAY  The abort iuiu I'**'  . Itoutc to-ftnd From  lvO.OTKXAY '  COUNTRY,  ' ,. . ' Fi'rsl Class and Tourist.  Sleepers Through From  Pacific to A.tliiutic.  Through Tickets Issued  ���and Baggage Checked to  destination.  Connectiiig Tri-wdfekiy  via.Macleod, or via,  Apply for Ktites, -Maps, Time Citriln, Ticket ii Ml*-  Full liifoniiatlou to Nearest Local  ARcnt, or  W; F-. ANJJKRStJH,      '   Tciiv. I'lUS; Ap'uiit.  NclD'bH:  J   . JB. jJ.'dbYLBj-  .Diotrict Passenger Agtiiit.4 Vailtbdvof  B. C.  "Uc.'-ufe ythlr ti'ciicl feH'dfi via. 0. V- JU  SUBSCRIBE   FOR THE  LEA.^>H,*'


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