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The Moyie Leader Dec 4, 1909

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[Showing of xmas
never better.
us  show  them
the Jeweler.
if you want a lar^e vaiiciy
to choose   iroiTi
don't  fail to   look over outline of XMAS   kUIs.
,   W.  H. Wilson, Jeweler.
g&nh£ NO, 35-
MOYIE,   B. Co  DKC/-M909.
Cold Days Are   Coming.
Get prepared with, warm reliable uuderwear
for' the  winter. ,
c hnve bought very heavy and are offering a
.ccialliucau mens' heavy underwear at $2 per
Watson's Unshrinkable."
l-OU (ifAI.ITY.
Christmas   Cards.     :
Wc .have' ju^t received the best and largest line,
fbf iurported Christmas cards ever shown in Moyie.
The, Final tount.
Arthur Shankland, returning
officer for the Craubrook electoral
district has made his- official count
of the ballot?, and there are some
few alterations in the figures' previously published. This count
gives Caven a total of 701, Mae-
danald.501, and Fitch 115. There
were 33'spoilfc ballots and- 3 tendered ballots. C aveti's majority
over Macdonald is 200. Over,
Fitch, 010, and over both 115. The
total number of' votes cas't was
1-117/ ■
Votes cast' iu' favor of Local
Option, J5SS. Votes against, o0-i.
Il'efnsed to yoto, US. Spoilt ballots, US.1 As the total vote east
was 1117/and only 53S in favor of
local option,-it will be seen that
so far as this district is concerned
there was a shortage of 120 .votes
to carry.'     .,    _'
'  Show' Man  in  Trouble.
, Breaking Into Ore.
Word was brought down
from the Society Girl mine
yesterday that when the last
round was broke there w^ts a
sprinkling of ore and every
indication that the ore body
has, been reached.1 The work
of the next day,or two will be
anxiously 'awaited, for -a big
ore body' is expected. The
tunnel is in. 1,000' feet.' Locri
stockholders are feeling jubilant.
Aurora Looks Good.
A man who has' a varied ex-,
perienee in most ot the prominent
mining camps in the west, went
across the lake the other day and
was shown through the property of tho Aurora Mining & Milling Co. After making a thorough
inspection-of all the workings he
came away fully convinced that
in a very short time there will bo
another,big shipping mine to aid
the,famous St. ..Eugene in the
building up of Moyie,
The Aurora mine has over ,1500.
feet of tunnels driven. , The  low-
y »> > i -.
'if w'e ,a'o-ain draw Vour attention   to the fact that
- VICTORIA CROSS TEA and   COFFEE is  the .best
yet., If it'were not wc would not   sell  it.
2 lbs for, 90 cents.' *
.- Saturday Special:
'Sweet,'sour, chow chow pickles, $1.10 gal
1        GENERAL FLOAT      "|
4 9
er tunnel is now.iu 350 feet, wttl
only 200 feet yet to go, or about
30 days' work, when they will, tap
the ledge. This is the ledge which
.i W
Se?$€S€€6«:S€i6€€€€66fee»*^3i»i3how,sgilc]1£|. fine quality df ore
Cranbrook's  new  skating  i.inhj in tho upper workings.
■ ,In the.upper tunnel they  have
in sight about o0,000.tons of first
.will be ready  for  uso "by. Chritt
For the All-Northwest football
team' Vincent' Borleske has' been
given a place as right half. ,
1    Get tlie habit.   '   Go to  _
'we „ dfar vou »„,, *£*£<■$£!*?£. ,S Z
'small monthly payments of ,S}.00 ' M*«>. ls *     •   ,
iecily safe. " IJivcst your_ sa\-iniss witli   «.^-v-^ ^   _,    ,
'full   info-.mation',
Cranbrook, B. C.
Get Your
C. A. Quintard, manager, of  the
Hortenso   Nielsbn   ' Company,'   a
traveling   aggregation    of   show
people,"will   in' all   probability''
have to1 serve a/ sentence  for  issuing    worthless  ' cheques.    'The
company played  inc Moyio  to   a
very slim house a  week  ago  last
Tuesday  night.;   The   next* day
Quintard,' in settling at the Kootenay   hotel,   whpro   the     party
stopped, tendered an  $18  cheque
drawn on a   Cranbrook  bank    as
payment.     . Auot'her cheque was
i cashed by Goldie Stewart  of  the
ifoyie Drug store.' and 'this was
also bogus. >, Constable Kempstob
was notlo'ug in locating Quintard
at Fernie and  caused  his  arrest.
He was given a hearing at  Fernie
Thursday   arid   was sent'up for
triairaud-LTae-Wftil Will tokc i?laoo
«i4 ij?^-„;<.     nn ' fi^omlinr  '10bh.
Messrs. McTavish,"  Stewart    and
Kempston  were  down to Fernie
(attending the trial.'    The balance
of the show people got across the1
line and left Quintard to fight his
own battle.
Over 3000 pounds of rose petals
are used in' the manufacture of one pound , of attar of
rose perfume.     .       "*       . ' <■" ■
Last year but> single lot of antimony was mined and marketed
ihthe United States., .This was
from Miil City, Nevada.
There promises to be ay three
cornered fight in the forthcoming
mayoralty contest im Nelson.
Mayor Selous will seek reelection,
G. W. Hale and Wm. Waldio will
also bo in the contest.
A meeting will be held a Nelson
on December loth when* matters
pertaining to mining and the
zinc question in particular' will be
discussed. ,-,   'yV_
New. Court of App.eal.   ^    ,
clas3 milling ore. At present
all that is required is a concentrator when the mine will at once
be on tho list of shippers. . .Not
long since a carload of .'ore was
shipped from this property to the
smelter at Trail to be treated, and
the returns' were most satisfad
tory to the owners.   _' »
Two machine diills are ■ running
constantly^ and iifteen men are on
j the payroll. The men are paid on
the loth of each month, and,, receive approximately $1500, or an
average of S100 to a man. '
' A new.1 blacksmith shop has
been built; lately, and also a bunk-
house, so that the men will be
comfortably   housed   during   the
winter.-  __,         '-.
. ' i
The New Bank.;
iff ,
Largest and  Newest Stock,
Real good trunks at a very   little price.,
.32,  3Ar36 inch dark'green, ' ','
waterproof canvas   covered,'
-    ash   slats,    leather   straps',
brass  lock,. one  tray   witli     , "
hat compartment, fitted with    .
the celebrated ball brasses in,
, i
the corners.
MacEachern & Macdonald.   ^
j«_ .^v-'^.^,-5fe.^i^ ^-^ifc-^-^3t«fc i ife;
>*?•*■*• •-»-•.
Masonic Election.
Bsngough, the. Entertainer.
and keep your feet warm and  dry.
Rubbers of all descriptions
COME AND SEB 0S|^   "■»'
The personnel of the new British Columbia court of appeal, has
been announced. The new court
is composed of four judges. They
are: Judge A. Martin and Judge
P. A. living, of the present supreme court of British Columbia;
W. A. Gc\lliher,'ex-M.P , and J. A.
MacDonald, former leaderoof the
  ,       I Liberal   party   in   the   province.
In the course of an interview hir. Macdonald is named as chief
Mr. 1). D. Maun of Mackenzie it Lu3tiee. p. B. Greagory, of Vic-
Mann stated that ■ it was his in- j toria) and Dennis Murphy, of Ash-
tention to come west just as soon | crofti are appointed to replace
as the British Columbia Government was in a position to confer
which   he    thought
Mann Coming West.
would be some  timo "in January
'&jto. th rfr_tfi--s«» s^^'^*-^
following the holidays. When
these matters have been arranged
Mr Mann said the Canadian
Xorthern would be ready to proceed with construction work.
Judges .Martin aud Irving on  the
supreme court bench.
Harrington Not Satisfied.
W. 'II. Grubbp, local manager of
tlie Imperial Bank, has   been   advised that .the new bank" building
waVsblppetr from'— Vancouver -on"
the 20th of November and  should
be in Moyie almost any day  now.
The building   was   built   by   the
Standard    House    Building , aud
Contracting company of Vancouver.    . The    buildiug   will   come
knocked down,   and when  it  ar-j
rives the matter of putting it  together will  only  be a  few* days.
The building will  be  30x50   feet,
aud two stories  in  height.'    The
upper, portion will   be   fitted   up
with rooms  for  the stalT.     1 fc is
expected the new building will be
ready'to occupy by Christmas.
At .the regular meeting   of   St.
E iKene   Lodge   No. 55 A. F..& A. i.  . ,    ■
b ' ,     ' .        .       \.i,a (joined by  her   husband   in
M-'last  Wednesday-evening,   the,TJ ' -
'  „„ *-    * iii-       city   on    Djcember   1,3th
following officers were elected: _„,,„,„,,„   .„   Ar„tr;r>. n
n. Chapman—W. iL     °,
S. Potter—3. W.( '
D. A. Ayres—J. W.   •       '    o
N.' W. Bardett—Treasurer.,
Ja=. Thorn—Treasurer.
These officers, will  be  installed
oii the last meeting of the month.
.Mrs. J. W. Jlengough, wife of
the famous Canadian cartooni3tr
i3 a visitor iu Nelson, and will  ba
gough .will be   in   Moyio- on  'tho
following evening, the, '11th,  a tl
will"   give  his   entertainment  in.
.Morley hall.,       ;■    ''"",,    %i' ,     :
Those   who   have   heard   B311-
gongh as well as those who   have
heard him.and'are anxious to hear
him again should take this oppor-
this   is   his.' last
. .,        (- timity as   this   is   hisj'last   tour
'•  I     0     0'   V   ''EiGCHOll0  JfclirtoushJ-Biicish  Columbia.,    His
^J^}llJ^JLZiuJ^^r\^.^ hnmyrous stories', songs ai:
  f-nf.inn?.    nniinisd' TVltJl—tiie
Wildey Lodge I. O. O..F. elected
o'fficei'3 for the insuing term at
their regular meeting Tuesday
, Fred Ege—Noble Grand,
, N. W. Burdett—Vice, Grand,
F. J. Smyth—Secretary,
P. J. Mc Alpine—Treasurer,
C. A. Foote—Trustee.
Talented Vocalists Engaged.
 ^ ,.„.... *....-, igs and  recreations." ,coupIed'"wj"t.5"-tIie '"rapirty-
touches   of,   hi3   uneering   pencil ■"-
which' he wields with such a fanciful wit, are always a  source  of
.delight   aud   amusement   to   his -
audieucB:,     Tickets    will   be  75
cents for reserved   seats   and   5J-
ci nts for general admts.-ion.     Ho-
s?rved seats will be oa s.ile at  tho
Moyie Drug store.
Overlooked   St. Andrew's-
. V.I.
W' if
''   i
Tho best of accommodations
for   tlio Traveling  P^iic-
,   „ Billiard lioutn-'.
Lirgc and Commodious Sanip.e Roopu.
McTAVlSH & CAMERON  Proprietors.
John Harrington, the Socialist
candidate for member for Fernie
district, is prepating to contest
the election of \Y. R. Koss. victor
upon the face of the returns by
about 200 majority. The election
act allows of a man voting in any
polling place in the district, and
it is alleged that this was taken
The imper workings  of  tho  St. I advantagc of to run  in  repeaters
Shutdown  on Hill.
this    week ! {m Ko^	
i Patent   Match Scratcher.
;u /^ /<.*. iy: /C- /^ if. 'V? W AV- -v-"'
A A-A K>-
aj.-.--\-.\"- «c-
For Men  and Boys
,.;.,.     ,jj.or   iW-CJ.^—       -.-g eenin lowest.
Wo  have  the finest creation otyA  '. h      Co.:  Truro,
the product of the Eastern Cap     ^^yho^, eic.
Ladies' dre.s patterns, coals,, urn cis .
Don'l. forget ouv-20- Century (ylotlnn,
Stanficld7s Underwear
1 E.igeno    mine
'elo-^M    down    for     the     winter.
'llowiwcr.U.Hni.we did  not   ma-
'teri'ilH'^IVrt the   working   force,	
'f lllb-r property, as with the; Albert lUrnhardt has invented
i°-CMHio'*of a few mon all wore j an mKGIliou3 lictle device in the
Won -Muplovmenc in ^ l°™ ' way of a match scratcher It is
,.;,,, N\.vt spring the upper ,alktl(, pilUe to be attached to
"*    y\\ Uj reopened   as  he- . tho swefttbaiul    of   the  hat.   and
after the match is lit the hat serves as a windshield. Mr. Baru-
hardt has applied for a patent:
It can be' seen at the'.store of
lloberts & Messinger.
Simpson Goes South.
F. E. Simpson, founder and former publisher of the Cranbrook
Herald, is leaving today with his
wife for "S.m Diego, California.
Mr. Simpson has been in poor
health for some time, aud it is to
be hoped his southern trip will
prove beneficial to him. Mr.
Simpson has formed a partnership with II. L. Stephens of Calgary, aud next spiiug when he
comes back they will open  an  of- ^_     _
[ice iu Cranbrook aud   embark  in | singing   lending roles
the real estate business on a large   _ey hall, Siturday   evening,   IK-c-
The Walker Lyceum Bureau
have engaged for the ,, English
Grand Opera. SiugoiV"and Symphony Orchestra, Chas. W. Pic-
quet aud Jiiauita ltush. Mr.
Picquet is a tenor of reputation
and long expetience. He has been
connected wich church choirs in
the leading American cities, has
studied abroad aud sang leading
tenor roles with the Herald
Squar Opera Company and others
of note. Miss Ruth is a beautiful
young woman with a finished
musical education. She was for
two seasons the piima donna soprano with the Aborn Opera
Company in  Washington,    P.   C:,
At   Mor-
Ia the excitement over the
elections St. Audwrew's Night,
November 30fch, was overlooked
entirely in Moyie. For severa
j-eais ptst St. ' Audrew's Night
was oue of the big events, but
this year the ihiy was sadly overlooked. One mau suggested that
most of thc admirers of St. Andrew were Liberals and that they
cook to tho tall timbers after the
election, which accouuted for
nothing being done.
fore.   .
Meeting Is Galled.
Ul Conservatives in Moyie. are
guested n, meet at Ihe Leader
Imperial Bank of Janada
Capital   Authorized--  >  .   OOO.OOO.OO
cunee^-y fc delegates
the purpose ot ettcuuk,
fnA.ttimd a meoting of the   A^o-
toattU     .-.„.„i„,iok    next   Mon-
ember 1 lth.
Is Selling Real   Estate.
El.Bergland is now ag-enfc for
the Wright Investment Company
and is soiling tracts of land
owned by that company iu Vancouver, New Westminster and
Fort George.   -
Switchmen's Strike,Is Bad.
Authorized-------   ^ ...5i000,000.00
Capital Paid Up —- -^"" ...-^'ooO.OOO.OO
Fund        -~~    "' „ „„T tt-m-rt A -
The switchmen's  strike has as-
inmed a  more  serious aspect in
^    ,„k-    ne^t   Mon-! the  Pacific    northwest,    freight
1 ««^» !lt feeler tl:     At' shipments arc practically tied up
d^yeVP"SVC delegates, will   be
llosorvo   huntl        ".    .  TQW ■ poLUMBIA-
i^u-vative cou\
! bo held nt Kamloops ou
which  will
Dec. -lOtiL
,DSi»a Honey  Orders sold jivaib'c ,„ m
part of the World
S,vin^  Bank Piypartnienl.
baNin^" from   date  of deposit.
ew   Michel
| Interest allowed oh depo.sU
|m:oyie branch.
O .    •■/-.-,  :r:
F. M.
, „ ,. r» , in* ;-*li;-*-?i'J
P1NKHAM,   Manager-   |
Tho wo:
guii'li^t i
bo   ^o,ul   ''■
Passenger schedules are being
maintained with difficulty. The
artival ot" the Great Northern
liner -Minnesota at Port Tpwn-
Ueud with 31,000 tons of
1 freight valued at $000,000, much
of if destined for export from the
east, gave added cause for apprehension.       The     shipments    are
1 *",?ti^1*»:««'
Flooding the Rink.
,,_ Uooding the rink of
.i.e. :im
,   i\,r   «.katin
To Form a League.
A meeting, will-be held at Fernie next; Friday, December 10th,
-when a hockey league will be
formed. - All teams between
Moyie and Lethbridgo will be
represented. 'Moyie, Cranbrook
and Fernie will bo in tho western
division. Lethbridgo, Piucher j
Creek and Golemau will be in the
eastern division.'
i1 .
Watch Moyie Grow.
Born—To Mr. and .Mrs. N. W.
Biirdett on Tuesday, November
30th, a daughter.
Born—To Mr. and airs. T. "Cnm-
mings on Thursday, December
2nd, a  son.    ' ■. ,_
MacEachern & MacDonakl have
a very pretty lot of hand painted
French china on display ainoug
ihoir-Christmas goods.
New   Sensations For   The   Next Fifteen   Days   At   The Daylight Store.
oft" every suit and overcoat.-      Our   entire   stock    of
.     '   clothing'  must! go.- '.   ,
$24-suit ndw $1S;00    ' $20 suit now $15.00
$18 overcoat now $13.50. ,
Quick action   is. imperative   if  you  mean. to. secure
your pick   ofpattcrus.  Coupons with every pijrchasc.
Daylight  Store,
^■^-sr-ii j if v'-.*----
'    I'aVr        "'■I ll      "-       "*■   i^L-^il
, a ,y>  . -/ ;<%|
-■ i]''*"i- ■' Hyt-m
K'j y:l* t'&M
11 ■* '*..'■';■■ ^|,
l-y, . <;:yy4
i * *    -. ,o .
A 'r1*.      \i   _. t.si
■  ,„      ;. ,^,.,-....
; ; -'-/      I r.
!'  *v." •*-,- i'»i?_
>,','    "a'  .   JlV*fl
'      *.'..   - / -".^1.   l-.^,«
, t   t ■*■" . "   '".«p*I
2. -i     ..- -i -yS'sg
.   ~,~ fcy.r '.'* Sff^m
5* ;»   '
>-<■■£ I
'>' ^l*
' *-*i
'    . **ii
' -J.-f.-l
-it T/lV'E  i'  l>li-li< d in JLlit liilcrofe! of tht- ppojilp  of Muyii- anil K.ist Kootenay.   ���  F. J. S.MVTil.,p- m,i.��.i!i:i:.  JSa*���wi- -Tlte���i  K r.-K.U)l��:3i. MOVIK. IJiUViSJT CULVMi'/iA.  ��� .. ������iw.imi ..i.i ���..,��� ,.,ir,.    ..~---.���--     ..--^. ... -.r-.r- ir ,',\T���,i.iaa^i."^saf-~3��M**imT-XMmpwwwia wiiwi ���  ���������a��B��j��wi-TT.Triimic; 1 ->iinr��-.iii-���-t_  piibk'c iu-;t!tut:or.s.  ''richly     to     buy    at  iUiocnix   Poueer:  It      ]) 1\ 'r,  i  home. ��� j  mm:* ��� . ���"  ;,  1SIJM'5   I    J -'I  !-'  <_. r.ig?7JL"'"La r-Et>  u-.ij    ur  .-iin*-< ninivh  .OticYtw '. ,.   .   .    ��2.-00  i  ���SATUiDAY,   '.J)EJ., J, lSf/9  Ml  fcfTJd  * ii  Tho,. Caven, U. l\ P.      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J,' MfAi.i'i.vF,'  Chancellor Com.'  s;;rr country BumE$^^v^*ni  I.ing hrotl,, -���_,��,      j   Uanki,^ business.     Sales notes wilI t^, ^.f^t  ',-      ,    i"AJIl[l'   DAWI/lwn'ru/.,.,.     . ������Uo��'"Wnru.1  E. A. Jlif.i.  K. II   tt.   S.  ' BANKING BY MAIL ^yyvy.y^ ���.,���..,  rmt's an.  IOn, ^ their  ' ll!yUion.  J   way with equal fadib'ty.,  VANCOUVER'S PROSPERITY._ I Testing a Diamond.  !   I  I -v  There.wlll be niorc  mining' !  ��� done ih Movie  next vc,,nr"thiui.!  , ���      .1 <��� 1  over before in   the   historv   of'  ���.-  ,   ���-       ���      "-.,   'i  tne town  lSs.1  Mag-nificent   Officas   for Vancou-'    Ji��st persons aro obliged in  tbej  I pm-ehase of a diamond to rely iin-l  jplicity'iipon tho word of tbo man j Visiting bretbern Aulccmo  i "ver  Corporation.  , 1 u o t  ! 0,������l���l������   S(���. u^i/T^y*   corpora 11,��� I Wh�� Se"S lI?0 St��U<>'     ^VJli(le m,ln5' I  I       <r vaiie.,,,,rr, Ui..it,,i, inMaiit-d      ' years of observntiou  and  exper-,'  ; i..-Ne��w���c���  iiu.un,,,.. hencoare   needed   to  become   an ���  -iwri, u���.B��� N..MJ CRANBROOK .BRANCH.  Regular meetinga  ouTtho first Wod-'  lmsday of ���" eacli  month.  n 'nis  ==========^_R._T BRYMNER, j  1,  0. T. McGregor, W.,M.  O- A. Ayros,.Secretary.  Jiios.' Ckven/M. P. P  .Vancouver's   com merlin I   n���,*  ,.oa... .   -    ���   ... omr?eic,flI .Proer taua purity ef diunonds, yet thero !  '���ess   is aptly illustrated Tby  the are certain extremely simple tests I  expert with respect* to the valnu I ivrrt^,--     -��>r-'    and purity ef diimonds, yet thero i M��yie     Miners'    Unioil  ������-..^: ���.  ..    .   .   .   1 No. .71  W, F, of M.  ��*r  netown. _       ^  ___ J     fj j,        J"' .'  "avc">  m"  r-  r-. ..-���   " "^  "ll,stra^,by  the are certain extremely simple tests    ��� ���      No. ,71   W. F, of M       -,  i   ���"��� "  ."-   ' I ^ -^=T==gs==s==JJ , gro.vth and prosperity of her flnx|'eapable ot >in_;   made   by ��� tho ' Mhel, in McGregor i,���ll .evcrv '^m  Do   your   ClirLlmns    shop-J^ye-,    W   P   P    TJ,,���W   p      i    <" Un"ClnI insti'l��Mons-   .Changes are\mo?l ^experienced, . ������y ov^ins.'.   Sojourning   niemJJ��  .i^carhVa^doasmich  of!       ^     '' '^ ��� Pf��pk'' WnF ��->e on'every hand, and      ?ffc ? ^' M���of �� ��'����"��� ". iZTv^ ^ to.��Ad-  ������ '���' t   ' '��     < '  ��� ' ,'office   aceommddallon  'that   n����   ?"f'kod thrOU8h  '"���-P1^   of  orl' v      f'   ���'   ���    - J*��eft Rqberta  .mycmrhoiiic  town   as,you/    .        C.an broolc," N��,; 2��:1j, 1909 'more than .id^.J!' ^jdwary  .   cardboard.   ,     Ixioking    ,      rw-"'��'-      -c .   -   .    Secretarv  i'i'  pi'.ig" early',' m:d<do as mucli  o  iViu your Jioiuc town   as , vou  if  possiblv can.   r- <5 �� r  the;  _     '  ��� ,'��ffice   accominddatfon  'tliat' ^'f?'Cd throu8^   n* -Piece   of or"  C. an broolc," No v.. 20sli, 1909' more than nrln, ,-  i- n .j^n^y  .   cardboard. Looking  My Dear Moyie Friend,: J ^   ^" " ^"^o a^year ago.'i,   thro'ugh the kotio tested   at   tlie  ";i;havethroughthe'Crai.brook| d^^-ded; a-s   being 'insnffi-(cardboard, ono will'SOfl two  holes  Prospector thanked' all'my  sup. / t"',rf"fc fco handle   tha   voliime" of,'if'tIle diamond be .spurious���only'  Harvey,    MgCartei? ,&  Macdonald.    '    '  Barristers, Solicitors, No(ario��; Etc,  r     B.C.  '-/WATCHES!  Just Think ^1^^\^s Wll(;aj.(1 ;w -�����  f?r �� years KydWpftlw lending jo^ll,^,! l^!"  '       < 15 jewel 0 size, 25 year hunling ca^e, $20 00 * " ���'1' '  '      li jewel. 16 size, open face 20 year case SM  '   '  Our-special men's watcf, a( $[0.00 is good \a\Z "  ��� Wo .invite you to weaminu our =.toc-]:  " *' U3B^,;'' J".'" TA]>rJ_iXrEH p '  , .Practical ��� WatcinfiLaier and J.eweller  .'yict6rinSt.laSouth.'  .\  .    '/;.    r.    MoyiE  Why Pay More  icitor.'ktc.  B. C  Nifty , Fall  Cranbrook, B, C.  president  or  the, .Movie  21'Miners1  union   who .will   say  !-- 'that the editor of   the  Leader  ||j(  ; '��� ';: ever gave org��inized"labor   the  M^llfl|&'   ��� " ' .^"orsL of it.  r��.��ii? ,.y'is ^[- A. Macdonald was de-  f'Wtt if j; ? ���fcaled) but he is not down and  liS|?f.i|!A^ollt  b-v  anr  means.      There  tM-erc    few  stroncfei-  ���e  Liberal  _���-      i i    ,  e>"      j-zi-ui-i-a  }k ||N .candidates in the recent   cam  !:vr .'.'-'ivP-ii^i.      He   wiD^be   heard  ^froiii again.  shall, by hard   work  and' pei-tin  ���ioity;  deserve   to ��� be   successful  with those in office in Victoria.  -  It wa? a clean, great' and   most  successful fight; and'to'the extent  that you, my   ftiend-j ' of   Moyie  have contributed to  that  success  1 again thank you   most  warmly  md sincerely,  ^ours Faithfully, THOS. (JAVEX.  Lost Their   Deposits.  de.  Hven tlie people   of  Seattle  :d over the   victory  -The Tiines saws  lish Columbia i.s such  Md  wealthy' neighbor  The candidates   whoso  deposits  have been  forfeited   m'  the provincial treasury so Ur known are: = n���,nr       -~ ' "���������    ousxnesi  J. ir. M itheson. Socialist, NeIa0ii     l CS thera t6 se^ clients ad-  A. AI. O.iver, ft lciaiL,ti Ka&lo        vantageously and thoroughly.  John Keen, Liberal, K'\0 .   Ifc 13 the Purpose of the   Domin  ,     J-,C. U,ri-i,,   Independent,   SIo-   ^/^ ^d  Bjnd   Corporation  of'1"- " ' | ��t  Vancouver,   Ltd.,"   to   erect   a  IXm Patterson,   Libeiul,   Grand   '""*   t'oik-.  , FI NE NEW STObK: of   the  nattiest in Fall ;'Suitings  from eastern and English  manufacturers just received.  They are, undoubtedly tlie  handsomest and most distinctive fabrics " that have  yet been offered and,'those  who would" have something!  select    in    a   sLlib  for   fa]J;  should leave ' t]ich- order|  early. A fit guaranteed and'  at a reasonable price.  George H, Thompson,  '    -     Bauristk!-*.    Sor.icvsciti   ��� -���  * ��� -     . ^COTAItr-PuKJ.IC. ,tc * '    -   ,  .CRANBROOK.   '   BKms�� Colu��u  W, R. BEATTY  Emb��lmer and Undertaker, ���  Phone 9. - CRANBROOK  R. H. DWTERj  U.VOERTAKKlf     AND,  K-MHA1-.ME11  IVltU CO-OPKKATIVK STOKHS  CRAXBJtOOK, B.C.  , 'Our rftofe|isHlio.Lj.r��^rih (he district; and .(he  . ' ,     ' y best assorted..        .,  < -' ri i  ' '' <  Our aim ha. al��-nyS';bep,t, to stock sud, li,,,,,, as  y. -   every-day people oiU'foi- cvory-day...    ���  ./.    Common Chairs  '      '      '     /V, " ,   ^        'u     "' . ' '"  Selling Just  now at Ti r^if-     i ���"  ^  .  ,    ��� , "tv.ai jj C2.i[3.    Limited numbers io  [ each  customer  ',  Cranbrook    Co-Operafive  * Moyie ^  modern (on story brick and  stono It.' I ~  ^;lblli!dinff in 'l ce^rai ,oca !Pressing and Cleaning It.  'ire somewhat" inter-  o   ���   .��  i-oiiwai   joca  'J'    W.   Fitch,   .Socialist,   Cran-   t,on on "tinga .Screet.   and  ar-  rook. . jPangements  are   being   made   to  brook,  A L Fi.lier, Liberal, Fdrnio ,' rilsh tbo W01'k to  completion.     A  id   thcr^.-r. '���"     ��" ?'   i/,lJ'��a:k,   Indei^ndont- I"���*    "   ��f   rel��resentative,  bu��i-1  'd   thciefoie    express iRV^Ucke. lDt'I nMB ttn^ financial men are inter  "thisrc-elecLin,,.     L !     ",  Ke,njl3ter,  SJftialht,  JWel-1 ^f , in   tbis  enterprise,  which  result of    the   contest ' *t"kn , | will add another  imposing  struc.  ��--���te'��-i -"-^^^^  *v ior  the   Cl)!l.strva-lc,JUVel,���  I     li  K Prittupioeo. Socialist, Vail-  '���'������uvei-.  '^���"^^���^���^H-t, Vancouver.   ,  ^���M-U'hcn,K,   S.,u.ilist|    Van-  couver.   s ' '  ><'���> ��f the p,oplc of  v,,M" 'k(;U-K��'- S^-<. Vancou-!  ''luinbia.  l.���:and indicates tlint  ��"i-ssi\c policy which  h.ts maintained meets  full  approval .of   the '  Done  Prices Right.  G. A. FOOTE  Merchant Tailor.  MOYIE,  0 :l *-'' tho   comnnui-  ich  :^   live   to   doj  He Made  Apology.  -v-ruy  " tv possible  iavantar'-,  e-^-,.- "j   V   l ,/e,lch-C��'^ian   hardware i  .. e^',Vi llf^'wrote the f0n0.vi., .    ��� ��  lh:it.-->Vi-ir b,   to ! wholesale houSe:;Dcar  ^..   ? '^  '      Om-  -" nefo-h.. ;^ []e ^^wich i by alHte but  ��?'cat deal ,���ore    to  ,us    tI),n , -hen l,e don't h'" ^J�� fove  * * -V "^/V*'> "v,s elseuliere. ! ^^^^^ ^����S by 7o  M    biiyni-   o.ir'  ;;..;);!.. ''mnf^.:...:u...   ���    .'  wllafc  w   de  dii dft\r.'\ to   ]>av    our  1"'  ^-nv.s _  ..u  t^ils you dot you a,.e .,dllm   fo  '^ / ' kii.,.vin^ a-; iv.* dr.,   th,"-   '!      n0^)0''-   j ' S8nd you h^k ���  I-'" ^   l'r-   l,!M-    -->-��� t^vp torn ,rro for  ...    bekawsyou   arc   such   fooli��l1I1P���|  ,;_.;;...   Peoples.    Vurs re?J)3 Hfu��� ^     ,, 'J !  ������-���   ���^������|l:��iw.',J;l.ytllu||s,(!ttftn.  fi]d^  Coming to Moyie  December   Hfli.  MORLEY  HALL  T.MeVlU,e.c.E.lPL.s. r_.v.llHtVcr|C|  McVITTIE & PARKER!  ,        Fhovi.vcial LAXn SURVKVIXfJ  .,   I  I Estimates Furnished.  OFJ-'ICKS  f-^ort Steele p. O. Box 23.  Cranbrook P. 0. B0x n,  6  9  ���t    I'"^Kooteimy.   With the Bc,t Malt   ��  I'inality.    Inslsfc on having'Moyie Beer. . 9  BOTTLED AND DRAFT BJ5EU       !  MUELLER.& HESSE,   PROP^  9  0  9  9  9  1  ���vvJ.��attet:wIb^,?    r;���i^y^  , moneys so go-xl like another nw  man a rv-in ,H ���, r      , ..    ^"^^ lo0^ ^ me  niy" trade   "d"  (K-(liei tl. m  .son]   om-   _��� ,��� ^    "~   ,''  Cartoonist and  Entertainer.  On  His Farewell Tour.  ��� tioJlar   (,]���  '  *   V\ ill   ]) y-" r.  OA'.l      C'lt  aiBaavga?  "l^r   YOUR  Cigars  Tobaccos  Fruit and  Confetionery  A. B. Siewart  Thos. Summers  C'Kari.,   Tobacco.   Fnut   um,  Cf">foo|,,onory  TOYS,    No:r/UiViS :;>  South   victoria   st.  Chamberfain's ;'"l("- <i".v,,, ���������  �����Ti,���i.fl '...y.'t.,1,^,i,;;^'1:;��;;:-iy!  I MOYIE    HOTEL.  f- p. joiia'stojv  Tables S-^Sn ai?? Jel1 ^urniBhed   Tlie !  Market lffoSlPJ^led -^ith the Bes* the ��  theBlst S^' T5e-r?a1, is Filled with }  est "ands of Liquors and Cigars I  i��I*  ���  ."^AD^RTERS   FOR  COMMERCIAL  _       AND MINING MEN'  -THE  EhInI Ui  ���^KHAUi.nuck  "��>��.    !���..�����.  ,r����   ��'imj)lo   room   i  wi"�� ����o.,80 L ������neclio.,,  (SEND 'YOU.U    VVOH'K   TO'I'l'li  KOOTENAY  STEAM  LAUNDRY.  NKLSONT  ���All White Labor.  I l,0��''ln��rieM  for  boni-  | "'^'-'Minui.Men,  MlM'/K,!!. O  I.aavo work with tlio    local nxont  A, B.  STEWART^ ■ Si
? 1 onis  Widow
or     loins  Widow."  f,,],.. s, ,,_. t.wr,
w   -the moi.v of .\:n,\, own jjf...    In 1,11.11,1,'.    ,!,'.   '.
i.  dioi-,  iii-.,i-,.i io that j.-no,- t|liSt jK. «..„„,.,_ ,„ ,   ;     . u
Hi.'  l.Ji-i.irj   a;t  thrill, J  him.    li..  jut  thai  U..-  I...0I5.
'•■'->     1    bl.lsterjlJeCO
Wilhom :i
liy the Xen  York Mf-nilU Co     AM Itl-flil* K. mtuM. ,.„,„„,          ••    .      -       .
I'KSS 3„h c'n 8k Ton, tin,;,,,', v,dda ,<> l^ T,"/   bulZr .;,tl7!i,(U'n '""•"^ *W°W ^'"
put > nil m». mni Ih-.    Kver'fioJj i-lse--, full to llic cl,n|i  (i(l.(.(| (m..
The foreman waved liis baud townm tin- little
u house with (lie holli liod.s in  fmiit  .(ml
y.   The wvv Jiiiiti pioiuptli  turned tn lh<* colli cut   up   1<J   tlie   Kill lid,   door,   whetKo   came
ors.    lit-  paused   ,1   moment,  wiiif Inns   tho
,iu,:is she sIoiijmnI  I-.-k-Ic nud,foitli sotting a
dinner.   ,Slit< saw,him nml o.wnc lo the door
jili asniif, inquiring wa.v.
in'   f<-r  Tom   (.'i-ays<.ir-i   widow,"   lhi-   (rump
ii-.' his hhiilil.y hat.
li*," illumed the loung  woman.
|<st  hind in 1 io ihe Kind- road foreman an'
li- glll-SSI'd 3 oil e'llil ]ll)t 111c iiji "
—1 .-.in hour,} aou, „f (uui.se, but—will ,\.ni bo
1 a <*'t In the barn''" „
D»i fin ooiiu> in,   ,jf jou.w.-nt t« wash up jnn
1:1 d nl Wulci  fnini lln- sprit.-..    Whul  is jour
in  his c\t,.ii,i(.,i j,.,],,,  ,,„,_  j„s
r  ll   w'">,«  frunilly   -rt-irinlh   that   wai
rr.-lif.iln-- to hi-r.
-Ut-'r th.it il  h-cnum „,,_!,. .*... ,,sAnj t|jSns for t]mn jo
hi" Mil  .-,  ipiuilei   of :,n   hour or so ,..,<;,  oicniug  ia. dis-
ets-mg  (In-  Hoii.l.-ifi.l   wcatjior.  (he moonlight   „.,__   tlle
Mr.iiiS,. new  _._.,,. _.,„.,. „ s!ii(s     N(V(.r  ,|(ifore ]i;u]  A]]!v
l-.rn.vsmi roaii/od (jm'ti
was, even (hough ho. life J,:„| bom i.,,.,^  S1,Jnt jl,. j.^',,'
dreams of what it mighCbe.
'1'lu-  H\(i  never  asked  end,  otWn   historv.  MVrriv.cil
taking fur Kin 11 led thai her iiiiinist.il.ahle milt lire mis the
ie».iill of uading r.ithi-r than any contact villi the world.
»'»•!   A„o.   while   (onsni,,.;,,   will,   „,(„r:,l   curiosity,   not     U^n^'^^ "and".
deigning lo ask :i  withheld < onfidenec.
-Muri-.wll often was provoking and rt;,li. j„ .„, l,..n(^t
Ins l,i._. -Ma*. ainiv sniiiitiniiT, Ani.S uonlil 1,-vonje 'f.iiily
s.ieo-hlehi'uilh iin!i„'n.iti(in; n.-ienhi h-s> hlu-,\ ielilul moil-
nnd more uf Ihe icmtm-iI \voiuiiiiI_ love of h<.r iniliirp,
not rc.ili^iiij: at hrst Uiai «h.. u;h l.nlii:K all h<*r treiisurca
"A  Flyer  in
? j
w.lh the uine.-il m'moiis   im<I d-c itus.
Then f;iimi- Ihe swift ivdoii," l.y hanrl-ioiin-, j.rv>d-for-
11:11 Kht loin--'J'(.iii (Jiai't. he u.is enileil in ;!u- himl.—ihe
liiiiried iiiiirriiiKe ami lli-M to tin- lillle In own tMia-.e mi
the 1 dse of nowlirrc. N...M a jiifture in *rra\ tf.mh „f the
Jiuseralile \«irs tint followed, the te.-iriiif? down of eicrv
;i-.]iiiatioii, the ml niellifriin. of eierj- hoji.e, I lie tr.iiliiij.
'" the mild of everj ideal, the hitter a»:il.i-nin^ uf ewrv
■ wlmt .1 |/,.,n i,f(,i reality   tli« woihl     dream.    Merriwell ^linldeieil and Uirned p.ile -■<, he read
"'"■I he cursed the pride that had held her hark from
njipe.il to her on 11—to tin- loving white )>:iiivil ki.iikI-
falher « ho had heen father .md lnother tn her Miiee lier
cnphaiied bntij, liood, to the aiLis-t nnc-le whose idol bho
had heen, or to :mj one of n hcora of friC'iid,, whose joy
it h.'id been tu serve her. r
lie read oil  to where  the reckless Tom had died  in n
low   the  woman  e-ien  th"ii   h:nl
ffo-^rlsht.  MX i„   tlio \-,w Yoik II.Tiil.! C»    ,111 Ul-;l.u It ™.,l 1 ,•.„„,,.,,_  ,,.aij   ^ <w „1(,  p,ul,0 ,„-  ,-)r,  ,,,„.„   ,,,.|t  ,V(1I|,.,
AM'II   WILSON,  the newly aiipointed iiiiin.i«.-r ^ b,     'l lut -.Hi 1 iincu Itatidi, 11M1 1 1,-11.1.1,1^  ill the  ,i 11'.
|uf  the  teli ^l-.iph  coiiip.iiiy,   was  slioit in   his in- utile wish r< i 1 .*,| , of (he d.'.v,  foinnl hi   h.id  s;u(i     \\ \[h
loimts lo llic i-\teiit''«f -J-.OlM).    It iin-inl di^nils^.il tJd.s in   his jsoi kM  he jiron i d.sl  t,, ij... jioi liomn  .md    is
"k-eled to (rci.d on the pith her girlish, 11 icsiioiisihlu feet
had taken, grimly delerimiied to dree lux am weird to
the i ml. -
Then Middenly tile reader's form Iic-cnine tense—he him- '   ,        .   , .     ,,        ... ,.,„,|,„ r.iirlv i.h.li/i.d -uul w hi.s.
1, .....        . i. 1  ./ 1 - . * i.r.,1-1* lu. * irlr.il lirotlier   w limn 10 lsliri.\   iniiii/.i u .inn  " n..-.
(■elf wn^ 0)111111)? into the story.    IK- rend of his t'litmnce Proi,s in .iruii uroun 1,        »•■■ . ,
iiin. her, life, the lir.st pnz/led inti-n-.t he li.ul anmsed. the only failing wiih that 1k»,wiis oftentmii S; too i.iipiM-.i-.i.
and dis^raee if the Mioit.ige weic dis -ox end.
A     liri-iht.     enerKi-lie    Mtini-i    teh nr.ipher.    his
friends )iad preilii ted a sueeessftil ear * foi  him w In 11 he
obtained the m:uia«ershiii of an important inlind rily.
The future imbed looked proinKiiiK to hini. I low ph-ise 1
Jiis mother va-», and how proud «>f hini, bjs •.niwlhe.-nl,
Ali<e Arnold, as be left home jnht one slim t'moiilb a so to
ii...siiiiic his new position.
lie had been in c)iar„'e of the o(li<-e only a few iln.*-s
when he- received niWiiisent telegram from his br..ther
Harold, In the West, Matin;,' thnt ho was in Miions
(rouble and asking hiei to tehfcrnph !?:'.<X) iniinedi.ilely.
Kalph would make ahno--t any -aerilice for his hi-.;, •.'nn-
< el tinned lh.il Aoiob.it w.is inKiiil 111 lln s. . ...1 I 1 11 e,
ll.ilj'ih 1-iid lii-M'i 'pl.l.1 c*d the "piin'i -" In fine, .-^ 'i- 1011-
.sideri'i! it a ]i:iz udoiis ventnie. br'. 1 w.is dj|\in In
ilesjii-i 11(1011, and, like ji ilroweiu; sn-iii ilulihn.^ it i
Mi-iiu, was 'n. uiy to gi-.-lsp ai j f..iil lope lh.it j," 1 \e
inoniise of -in cor,
1 lie fiiiiml tin; i-siial meth.v a—<Miilil.if:e p.ilhered in the
pi.iillooiil, all a< II',lied In the -J line inipi l»i the |ias-i>m
for ■r;aiiiMii*^. T].c liih m.iii's son s-il.-mle In -ide with
the pour .litK.lII (he mi 11 hant .Hid Ihe h.lilker liol.u.llili, /J
willi lln piofi—sliiii.il (..mililci* ,iinl 1 lie ' ti-i.t," tin- iin.it
■i.Uiir nf ih.mie pj.irii^; all on ,1 1 i.iiiinoii pi.uie. '1'he .111'
wns nel.iiip with tolnini) fimn-s Alioi.- lln- htl/v. of'ion-
\iis.ition i mild he llcnid the ilnk.nu- oT lln (ele^iaph ii.-
slilluiillt   and   the   dioiiiin.   \ oil e   of   t tit    n]ie| i(nl,   wl.h-
1 1
enrio-ity tli.it had Inirned Kveiike w ithin her and of wbicii '   As Italph had seV'-ral hundred dollai-r iinesled in a build-     fumi  an .uljiiiiiiii-;  rnuin  c.-inie  Ihe o*i.imu|iii!
il," s.-iiil the mail in a low  tone, .-in.J Mrs.
i ><>nr    onu.sh,]. thsit world n.,-s' in (he iiiulit 1"'    A    fn   ■   ,,0rM«"-.    !'ilr,'!,7: ' "' l1."" I',-'"V1"?-"- ,,r i,lf. „n,l Imin .•.srtO.-iition.it w.is his inluition to I.mii this    ,„„]..,,,-.■ ,.1,,...- j,, flll| ,,).,,..
r.     . ..        , L        •■■ u«( nmiii. loie. the biiiKinK for a  touch of his hum! e\ en if he wen- " " .,       ,,   ,   .        ,-   , . ,,,>,_  ,i,„i il„. nunii'V   il  '      <-i       •'       ,   .1     ,     -*■»».   -. ,
Om-'eiiiwii" she w.is  potiin; over .1  pile of old iii.-ik.i- but a nxiiuioii AM-.Mlu.nd, and then. li.:e 11 thunderbolt, the woiu-j  to Harold, but as his brotbl-r u. e.li il.tlii  mono  .11 <.bli. Ill(. al  „„. |J(]ill(,   U.,!j,l, saw
0«-:«y-    /.ines thai :i neighbor )nnl gh.'n her when suddenly Mer- diMOiery  Of his ideutily  Willi  the world  famous athlete oi*ce,ltalph  telegrj plied   him   the  required  a-notiut  tioin     10 li.oii i- wa., Ihe r.umile and Unit tl
w hii < of .1,
ly (lie i filing tl; it
talent did nut I'll-i,-
1 1
I ,
Of the money he invested. , 'l'his* placed th-i-J^b^^-i-ii.
' ' •'At   Ihe   in';
seiond!     Ilein
dmvii.    TJ,..,-.  w.is no moonlight  ami (he- stars   wen, hid ,,n''1""1.''.! U<!r )»>eh^l.f>»i\v »»<]I  there bad dutifully done     mk.   if ;im.   	
b,   » haze Of smoke f.-.u, forest  liuVv.Inle (he h ..ell of !Ml.'tt  of C-erse    " " ''     "                   |i«W.«ilw.. of ber u       ^^ ,„ R  M.'rSolIS p1(.di.-.,„.e.d.  a- the travel-           At    he  .(I'ailer!     lielunce  by n  length!    .U.ghlnmbr
luM-niii, ,?n,s was .a,,,-,,  ,..,  mngini to I>0  ,..,.„„,„, J ra^V , .„Si tho puhlislier, who hnd been onlv a «■« «"«»- — «Jf \« ^i ^Z'S  TCZ    ""^ h k'" "I  1!  ^'  ,st by two  Un-Lis'    K, ,1(-,.„
She fell ihe.drcnrn.cs, of the dro.ight-paid.ed lnudscpe c-,,.,1   en,:.,i„f.;Ke   iu   the  da.is'ot   her girlhohd: had of thesl.01 tiw wofllil mMiii siimni.xr.vdi-iniss.il     "in          ■                  I '/,////■    y-          lw«'^»»«-"-    '-"»« ,'1'-
eieu  thmgh  Ihe d.ii'lliiiss  had  bidden  ii fiom  her cjes. M.spc«ted  her identity,  whiih  perhaps accounted  for  the, it|ie  telegrnph   company  would  accept  no  i^plaiiation  01 _ s-i court.    J1 i„,iii.iim r tlui.l.
--      -     ■                                                                                          •     ' o.-lsi;.w ith  which she hid  found  him  wiling to t.ikc  the .."       ■ or_ll):c.    .K.   in-ttter   how   eMeiliiatiiig   the   clri'iuu
nsk of iui.i.Lhing the poetical_b.uk oii.pei,lous.e..:ii.mer- ^^ ^^ 1(>(] t(J t,__. (.iscrcpai.(y.    As lie w.is a <om
=1, '
!• i' * 1
; ■'
'Hi r little coirjige, ber I.tlie g-irden, she her-,elf_. see:ia-d
iiic\iue-Mhl,v   me.iii and stpr.ilid.
How b.id ,-he seemed to liim—to this piJ-.ee in d..-guise
even a.S she had willed him to hcrvelt iho first d.iy.he
cunie? ,
. I If. (.hecks (1.lined in the darl.ucs as slie heard his
quick, lir'ii -tep ajipronching. He s.u down on tho tluor-
sill, rt.s had Jic<.s^ini- his habit, and flung his ci^.ircUe
away. " ,   .
"Why no silent, kid?" be asked  kindly.
'•l)o not cull nit- by that l.oind sl.uig!" -.he llarcd.
"V. hy not?". . ■ -    __
* / Si
"I'ecinse I  prefer my  own n:i;nc, if you please," she
.inid  with diguiiy.   „ '
"r.udon mc,i.Mrs. (Jr.fjson," he mocked. "It's «.
lov<*ly pieiiing, iin't il V .So clear and cold--er—k'.u.ic
nnd viild—3 iv-1"
Then; was no response from Amy; ns a mr.ttir of f.ict
'tbe was comlMt,ing a frantic impulse lo thtow herself a I
lis,fe,et.    Aftcu   one  or   txio   teniail.s   tln.t ttxoked   the
shoitcit  of  replies,  _\Ii niw ell  rose     '
"I   think  you   haic  a   \ei.v   se\eie  lieadachr,   1113-  dear
Mrs.  (Jrnison."  he said,  with el-iljoiatu solicitude.
*W0x        , i    '     , , , "1  h.ive untiling of the soi t," sho m tinted     ^
|SO S1LL.N r, KID?" HE ASKED KINDLY. -*Xo''   W1,,U' "''""•' is* t!l<' le'"-011 C"'" *) ""'• UIltlsual a,ini-
nr-ss of denicanorV"
|[hli a hi.r.-ly searching look and w,:\iche I him .is1  ,' "If >'0'* ini-sl- l-'i"Jw'-r-l"i t- got Ll.e blues." ■>     '
lip  llif pnlb  to  the spring,.a   f.ieij- iinif (igui.: "Uit.wlo
Iijivi; c.n-'vd l.e-iilbiftnings nnioiig the; trsidi.
f-ek Kods.
t's .ill Hi,- s.i-iiw to yhu, MK- Cravvon, I'd jnst
'on wouldn't merit mil jti.v- ilnine tiofnro*-llie ret-
:*-;ll me 'h..v' or 's.i.v.' j-' know, until fiulhi r 120-
Ultdieied as le -el (he p.ijl down.
S-tnail g:i\l- a ling,  straight look into bi's niottleil        ' \ mi don't need  10  keep licit up, Cli-tu  McniwV.I.     L
,.\ ,^ - know'iiiore :i|kiii1 jou than .vou think," inoke !u  .V1113-.
ituo >mi d.meT *-hv ;isl.ed      He g.ivc- bee luvcic      ^"Yoti   do?      Miub   c.vod   max   il   do  vou!      It   is  \otir
„ j, ,,i_. (roubles, siot mine, that we rue di-crs-iiig now.   What is
' to be n-h-'nud nf, but 1 n'm't l.ikin' them felluz    '! J»'«' want?"
niid-iu e .is 1 have -3011!' ' Amy spun g up and faced him. and jus! then the moon
•-,13-im   Uu.slied   -iigh'll..   .-.ui   held  out  her  h.-.nd     managed  to difTi.se ,i  pile li^l t   lhioi*?h  the .si.i.ike    He
,j,_ eoiild -mc lu r e.\i s -Iimisi'Ij,   li.n-ll.c. 1 '
1.1:11 seas. The little book had leaped into holiday f.-'inc
and, better \et. hid brought us author .gold. .She had
taken a tlat. had clothed herself in tine ui'iuent, had disclosed hei self to ho- admiring friends, r<stored to her
own pl.ifi-- l>3 her own hard woik. y
(lb, it was a d.iini3- romance! But the end was not
ret.        '
Meuiwil! read, with a mist in his e3'os, of Hie journey
the girl h.nl taken to .1 Northern city, how she had
KCHKlii-d mu ihe griex ing mother of 11 pioud, eriiug sou,
111adc.filends with her and 'iiimi.-tered to lier in her lotie-
1'hii- f.\r A1-r.1b.-1i li ul  iii>l,sho\\|i, nnd Italpli's ansd-ly
.-mil sus.pei-.se ,m 1-re well nigh    inihe-li lUili'.'  'Ihe subibieil •
limn of toin'e«a(ion   now gave pl.Ve to t \< itcd  l'\(liini-
tions a? the hnr-.-s changed po.-ilious. I, .    -       '
"At    the   (liree-i]iiiirlei-s!      l'eliin<-e  'leads     bv "tlnce
i     !J,Ki
' "I -^.
y    "'SI
' i'/..,!..i U      He knew   that if it  became  iie.vs-     lengths,  Iteiiegade -ecoiid,  Acrohi.t  thiid''
ctnuickblK   Knew   tnat it   1 _,.,„.,    Ah; al  list   Aciobnt   was in   the u.iiumg,  and   Kalph's
light be  able  to  borrow,the  11101103   in  mii.iih N„nN rosl, ,.,>1.I,.sl„1<I|(lilm|v_     . " ,  '.
iine-s.   and    how   ,the   old   woman  and 'joimg    wo.i.au ollice  he overheaid a man who was regarded a. a sluewi
pr.ijt-i!  day by day for Iho'raurn o£ the wandeiei. ^^u'l-itor discourse 'on tlie aihmilages of hu>ms wheat
'Ihe book was  (unshed. "'-                 .     '             ,         , , ,t „.;m i,„ «,.ir,,i,J .,1  •■  dol
Me.iiwell paced Ihe tloor, lonB aftor ll.e midnight train "You mark my woids. client will be » Hinj. M .1 fioi
ore screaming down tbe i alley,  hi.t with (lie first streak ]ar   by( September,"   said   this   same   speculator,   as   nt
f        1 » .   1      •   A* _.      _       1   . 1       .  1     A        1 •.   , * 1        e  •  - » t r   . . . . t I     .    ..      I I..    I     .ill  llOfll     Ills
pr.rative stranger 111 ihe ,0(3 ho <oul I not hope to bmrow
the..i.oiioy there. Stitf a- the ainouut was comparatively smAll, he had hopes of obtaining it somehow, 1ml
lie must act
snrjv be  ml   —.    , ,
sums from fiiemlsat home, but pi ide restrained him lioin •• 111 the -*1i*eUh!    Ueljaiui. first by b.'U i>" length, Acro-
t-ikiii" such action om ept -is a l:.-l ic«mt. ' » . o b-.t  -e. oml. llonaiv.  thinl." >'
l.Uvin„ sucn .icl i.nd.er's * >'*' eM-iieinent 'now heoinie ui|r,ise. as all lis-|ened for
The ne-U day, business oillmg hnn lo the J°VU/.,..,.'j     t''-> «»-'l  result   fiom die operator.     Itu(  Tt-ilph  did  n. t
' linio to w ul foi the iipenilor's nniimineeinent. The In si
click rlf the sniiiuh-r would nppiise hini of his fad* With
bated breath and e\ei-3 ner\e -tunned to its utmost tension  he   waited  for  tluS lust   poiteiiloi..s sound   fiom   the
'i   . • 1 \iil&\
■iM ■' /iM\
•I    ' .     r    '-W41.I
;'_«.' ,  ,♦..-  -r-J^I
!.-!i.f_ -*■/,-to'**
«l y v   list
oF dawn  be wns sliiding Inward the little station that
be might npt be- bite foi  the caily  tiaiu North.
♦ —
,How Comets Tails Are Formedi
IT  has  long boon known  that  (lie  tails  of comets
consist of fine particles drhen'ofi' from Uicin ns they
approach the sun, but the uature of the force with
which  thev are repelled  has only recently, been dis-
'coiereil.    It was at first suspected that the force was
electric, but It is now fairly certain that It is nothing
uioie nor less than pressure exerted by, the sun's r.ij-s.
Tl.aJ.  lh_jht exerts n  pressure  was   first  discovered
placed a large order with the broker to substantiate his
confidence lu l»a assertion. ' it.was iheu .l.-'.y, w>U>
-tthc.it quoted nt 00. Ami, indw.1, it seemed t . Itiilpli.
even-body was bi.ji.iB wheat and, pro.lh.Uns dodnr
vheat" in the near futuie.. All the market repoits 111I-
%ised bluing wheat That cereal hnd been advanc...,-
ste-ulilv '"Wheat looked go«d to Italph. Here, he t.oug.it,'
was aii opportunity to raise -.nousl. . money to make
good his shortage-. The temptation was too stiong lo resist -So Itnlnh took a,"flyer" in wheat, using all. the
aMiibible fluids of the telegraph company .for (hat purpose. Before* thc maikct closed that day ,t bad ad
vinced  to 01.    ltalph  felt elated,  as he  already had «.
•11   ' 0fo
niatheinaticall.v, but the delicate instruments Invented      profit,  but  not jet  sulncie-it  to realize  the
sum  be  le-
she 1111111111:11 d. and llien as the men eaine
-111  tell   uiii   what   1   want  '   she cried.    "I   want  my
if we remember that pres-ure Is exerted only on tbe
outer .surface of a body, whereas Its wets lit depends
on its entire mass. *- *
When a body Is reduced In size the mass diminishes
much faster lhan the surface, b'or instance, If we
ha ie two similar apples, one of which is half ns (hick
a-s thc other, thc smaller will haie one-fourth the *-ur-
f.iee of tbe larger but only4 oup-elghtli the weight.
Hence,  the smaller the body the nearer, the pressure
.ip tbe juUishe ull- im-nu-sI into the pantij. ticm     biltli. ight -the  be.u ties of life.  I   waitdunti   food, and ,.„.,,„,„„ thn ,vel.H.t   -md
purple  and   line lin.-u!    I   want   books and  pi< tines  an 1     on ihe su: face 11 ill tome to balancing the w eight, and
if i-iH-rg*si prTsei't'\ to wail on the table with
* an.! ("IiiUi'c.t. The new in.-u> was made'tho
f . 11 iiiili-iliiig tire of eioss-ni.e-tmiiiii^ and jokes
ie :...»!. in gixnl put. pinji'ig and tl ui-tiiu wiih
of them, but the meal w *,-, -noil owl and the
iduvi li'C( : lone 1.1' eh ,.r a e 13 III.- wre.kage.
i'id with 1 er hums keil in |>i:yvled Ihmight
will. tl,,. ti.tiiip:    I( s(,i.u U well!" she inurmui.'d
us  h< -3   all   the afternoon  fixing  up losufoi luld.-
<H iit.i- in the Ian., niul.in-,-   1 clean, 1 iwi* in-sl
1:1 ;,nl   I ai,- d.-^-r.ieeil  a   prince-  e-im i.ill.i   if   1 e
ll <i,r iiusrj;i.i(o. slie thopghl i'ii»v-(ii.-» nasi;     She
11.1 ...i L.i  the nil a that -b,. h...l 1.111 Ihe (ramp be
<• i  li   v, is not  a l'.imp   bi'l  after -e.-.u lung  ber
i', 1I3   foi   siiuii.   !.i\,  .md (o\ei(l\   -liiilviug  thi-
ii    '■.•>  i.p,io>-|i mu   oil i red tfii- 1 <u" baled  ll-il   im-
yinMoi   '. id ho ij )'h.\ I.ig i„r ,'.i1h. ; -t.ll In r mti ro-l ili.l
music; I want the friendship .ind loie of poi t- and artistt
sm h as is 1113 light bj biith'and ac o.npb-hnienl! Yi-,
111.1l -nae inn isk me. I'll tell 3011 all! I want the lo*e
of a iii:ui-<i inn-lei w h., c 111 t^.n-li me the sti.uigc. won-
ileiful ilm:.'- 1  1-ive neici   leaincd:"
•tioi.il heavens, Am.-. !    Collie down (o eiuth!"
She   llui.g   bun   a  disdainful   liH.lt   wiih   be  e.u-ght   in
-pile of the dim light, and it brut ghl him (o l.er side.
•Voice i!o\-:i lo i.-ulh i-ud uie!" he wt.I-'pere.I willi ills
aro- -ilMi.it hei. She riwil hi 1 hand anil struck lii.u 11
iier..- blow on the (heek, :nu\ le with 1111 -u*gr> laugh
held ber belpK-s ni a usebl » g. ip viln'i- he pre-td Ins
Ibis on  hers 111 .1 loi g ki- tint i-.fl her f.ilutins >» lus
ill Ills
Tbi-U he b t hi t '£J
ni! 1 !*:-te 30c!" the cried ■i-,sbc ran into the
I 1.1.M.  !„lle   door,  and   ll • n   slie  he^ar.l  i-i   1
\mi ie  011.\    fooliii"-,"   as  be
the partiiles in comet's tail- aie so ver.i small that
the light piessiire.overlHilances the gi.avit.ition toiv-
iml the sun. and hence drives' the thm, laporous su'o-
si.uue away
In the latest comet, the Mniehouse, whkh v.aa
visible recenth. the tail unilerwent a curious -cries- of
ih.in^e-. which i- not an unusual thing. The-e .-ire
far n-oni being fully explained, bi.t It is supposed
that the tails may lie' conipo-ed of ptrin-les of different si/e.-, iihich are thus repelled with different \e-
locities, foriiUiig'br.iiiches In different directions.
"Only a normal reaction," confidently asserted
knowing speculators. "You'll -ee ivheat go up agun,
and when it does, it will go will. *i rush." Bet these
predictions failed of verification. Slowly bufMirelv. day
after day, wheat steadily declined until it had diopped
to .".". And day al'tcr das ltalph was compelhd to'use
all the telegraph receipts to meet the broker-.- deiieitul-i
for margin. But he daied not withdraw now lie hail
gone too far. lie bad burned his bridges behind bun.
'J here must be a reaction soon; wheat ciuinot go down
forever, he reasoned.
1'inally one ineinoiuble day-it all seemed a bonible
nightmare to ltalph—one of those ir.expli'-ahh- panics occurred in the grain -market, causing an aw fill slump in
wheat ltalph pit margin after niaigin. even fi-iuliciill.v
resiling to tbe bank and drawing out the last dolhu deposited (here to the compan.v's credit, to piotoct his hold-
rf.'A?.'   .
•    t-vf
P"i-v'-   T-?ki
■» '-m:
■pi. -.      " \      , *   ,*.-?■
C1    ... 1 ■-..• •• y
1    <■ '      'IIS
J       >    4  j-y-,1?!
^y ,'  ,A}4
'.»' •'    .'^:tl
■' v^,/,*»,
•''>' ,1   .t'irS*-Ji|!
-,. . „\^ , -'iV-l?1
' I a ^   ,  ^  Vi Aj
«« . j , ^yi'Ml
v.. .-■■
'■> '•■•\' ^»S .V - •      ■*,6~'s'Vim.-.1
rt-'T<   _ )"-j%tl
* "   /M
(elegi*,']ih  iiistn'inent lI1.1t would mean  mill oi  '-ilv ition
(o liipi
"B-o-ii-a-ii-i-.i  wins lo  11 neck. Iteliuiu-e ■Second, Itoie-
gade I lu re) "
Acrolmt had  no! even been one, two, (hiee
I.osl!     His lnsl  ho|«. gone!     lake Ihe knell of doom tin'
■ *f.
*.' n}
"■\ till 1 ow
lloll-C    -III  I
•„hi-lbu-_'.   "Ail i'i.   g>   w 111
lo b - ul   ill tii • bain
£&$•  - «...* 1.11,. 1 w.(5i,b.n..-.i- d  I ul- tl.-.t lef. ber    ., ■_« m. t.^ ^ ^ ^^ % ^ ,_.,.„. tl.m, „f a commotion when
a -, **»»*ii
•lie im-iMoeii!.'. bri   if her  th.icghi- rrn  1 mt
M  • . I -1 \"- wm !,  w a- d«iiie.-b>* - U mi hi-• d"Oi-
PSjS" ' '  ) 1'''1 l! ""K. 'he band-o.'.ie hol-o h ul no ica-on
lliefiM..   .
i--l.i    a   t.n ilh   I . fnre   be   iel||i.l-d    I   frieudl.v
'i I" 1    a<  iiin 1      lie ha 1 u (I'm  d fio-u 1 1- 1 U-
I g   ng, .111.1, leitu lllg the I   111 Iv   tU'Ure mi till-
I • .1 (' I -..  1 e bo!   p 11.-1 11  li I'I Uiv ell .
1 ' 1 ■   • < 1 .il. >   im.ml  her •." he sai.l
t ' 11   gi 1- tin .1 of it, ' .el 111 iii 1 Mr-. (Ji.ii -nn
'• imp ,i  I  .1 un! "
1 "'.'i>   I ill nig li» b-hm- . "
1  -   pll\ 'b _'l'' '
1  t uo i-ii p .u„j 1 .Ik loo iiiiuli d min foi,!.•>!•
y*A v
- iitt
;;-S.. ,
11 Mil
foil tl
»lt 1
■ top
t. *
:e  limn'-   1   v* r.v
1 be itii'tlii   -•!»-'
-,,,,,.    1 efeie lin.v   st u ve I.     A   -• utli
f   ,    -. .' I. -   b-ik.il   up     1 lenti    of   !>ro-
.„'.. bi I i.ivei 11/ .'"I ..ttr.utive wi'...v.
.!,...]v    n'.-t .nn '1    tu t   t >< li"   l'c:
11,    v\ 1- evidi '.llv -1- I"1 '
b.i|,-   1 ■.-ood di il a'""- iv'Tin
t fur nidi -   ui.  n 1  was ..'i tin   1 '
if   -i   v.. . I -   I  1 I  ,:"'ie   Iv
1 lie   li'ii.-:v    kihoni- di-iovo.d   tluv   '
goo I ■.'*"!>       Hnwivel. a  b. lli   l.el.l. II'
\;   is   pli —I   I    I -S"
H'Vi  ile.l    pl( I Ii
V is'mi s le.iilv   io >
M.-nivvJI   u 1-   ih'-dv    II'
. h  ii-v-tut.  1   1-   Uiv   one   '" ' 1" '"
I  veiv   t * inn '.   11  ' 1 verv-
' .ns,-.
-l.lll.'U    'gi I
pi ' . ■  - •      I- I
ill!      MU -I
."ll   Ml      V   .    1,1    t     I
.1       I    1-     f'.U   '
I     I
Tl e
1 vou,. sr:•
, v Il.i    1 I     f   W III ^
lo III
,   till.
Ill iu   t! at   thiee  t.im <
I ll
I   Ihnsi    < 1.11 - • .   ignoi.u (    lilioiii-   evei    il.i
• ■ lli   sii.Ji   1 ed. ms-,,   .uul   ...ni    i ou"—    -'ie
!   'In,   it   I-   i'i 'iIh-i   t-   inkridiiis     fin'ii
I    '1 in a low  t.mii,'. 'for as a mailer of fuel
1'veil lhan iiidiu'ii:*.'i:|-.    Merri'we.II sal down
I ItiUig mwy bis 1 lu'a.i'elti'.  .'    /■       ".''.'
I)    I   beg j'lKir. par.b'iJl. b'-'t   I   do bate lo sis*
.V  for lli;u  !.-aiig'.'.   I   viisii  vou .would tin'"
'      .of tlie.-n 01.t; 111,. loo!"
t  1 .-,y";   '   .  - ;
1    ilre.-xiiiak'iug or souu-tbiiig.    It's no vv.'.i'^
"'Ui, eook'uig  for n  dirty' road gang."
1   iiiriied mi Ii in ■ ■iiligi-ily.
S 'l'«' 1'iir, JIv. Merriwyll. As I' said
l' Ihi'iu hj;.s ti''.'i.'l.-..l liu.- wiih Ihe rudi;lu'.-.--i
1 wii!'-
led   SOl'lly.        ,
1 '''a?    Wei!, yen■Ki.-e bow rude I inn." .-md
1'   .»,
Ill        I".     '      -
1.1,.   III.I. v.
ihe   Iriie'ii
ira'gi--. h'l.gii.'g !i
.VI   Iii si" h.'- ha
fiom   Looks aKir'iiia.'g.i'/.'.ii''*--
w;is   forl-ed'.on' 1
t    1
vou   liia.v   a'.-i
'   l',-(,.;■(,.,I    ii'-ily.
-I'.i.a.'.ii-.g   d'.ah.t
'!''.-,iv.> i,:,-:"
I'i'giii::!    1  t'mi-.'gbl 1  was doing ii -
s'.n,  I   (i0   ivaiit  jou   to   forgive   I"
M '1
th   11 1 v. 1     •  1 I 1 I I  il"   in-" -' '
!,,..   ,'ibiu is    •*■  le   I     '■   '""*   •'" " ,u' ''■';"'
I   „  ,.   I,; |.b.   1   bv    lie    i<sl   ot   I   'I
1       l,|   r        si  i i     !.,      -.>  .1.      ,    1  I     V
w,ii .1 i 1.1..." 1 . . -im .... .1 a ";;■»"•■
1, ,,! s,   11. tied  III    I""      -   '   ui.iair.d  III.1.
I ., ,1   « f tiii'lu g -"liu   ih "   to hei   'li-   P '■•"
ll.,. .• uoiii .11,-I- I ••"-- "' lli'l"'i   >l"^11   '"
, ,   1,. .-un-i . Is   I   .    m   liv- 1. bi   si. and   1
b   ie 111  di 1 w 1 1 s
lln,    .1 iv    I .■   I, "'li    1   1 I'1'    •"'
u..\ I..I. d  v  ill. mi   t'.ki   wi  tl.11 v.i
,    .    ,   >    , ,1  I ,  pm     v    1
a.   lb     - no 1   - 0   .",'    «","   '.
,f   •!„. .d.'.--.-ri:'live   t-'Ui-b. and .:■*
.,,,.1' pass;,,:, of the b'l.ger pen^-.
I  1I1,...gill   li.ai   Amy had .-loii-.
but a- h.- read  iy;
„   1 lull   th.'y   vvi-re  lln-  ■i..1.;
own    r.-iiiey.     He   sal   «..'l'slarcl   :M;  •!«•■':;';
V.-o.nlel*.     Wbeiv   had   the   girl, leiU'l ''d   la   V '   '
I;,,!,-,   I!,:,I   inn- -arust   ...in-h   1 lu     i*'.'    ;,"
*.e\us   but   of   i:\-ii--iins   and   exp.-nei:.-.:   in . • ">
J.;, spent rni'liy h.".ur,< iii.l'nrh.jr »ver Jh.-J>:'i'''
I-..ad   In*  fell   hbn**eil
l„.ari   of  ll"'   vvoiiia
,,f   her   words   bnu
him.   ri:'il   I.'' .v'':'Uv
ei'i'-'liy  hud  l'.-'<-" !■:.**;;.  ,y    „-,  ,,.,,,
ll- paii'd ihe »'■
A\'liere-wbc*.'e  i'i   ''
One  day   :il.  niiilwirl-r a   I':1.; ,,
11    Vv;,s   niiirked      I  ol .-ee  '
Stale     road."
drawing licit rei
t,. tin-
in   ri.e
A Bait for Alligators
APIXTO Indian of K isiern 'laba-co adopted a
novel incthcd of c-.':lc-bliig.i:iigatot-s. The Indian's
weapons v.eie a harpoon, .1 -lout club and a c-oil
of tailed Lui.iis. I'or a bait lie u-ed a sucking [dg.
a bo\ of something ivbi li -in-ded offensively and
sev 1 la' Vbiiuks of half r.vi-tu!  1 .eat
Sell*, ting an ov erhangii.g bough about «-lv yaids
fiom the ivalei'-- idge the Indian stri|ipeil off Us
lean- and sii-pended fiom the fork the -iiuealing pig-
'lhat   was  the bait for tlie e; e» and ears of the alli-
gat< r
(ip, mug the box. he u-ed ll- ...Ten-He contents to
Lieii'-e a -ti nig. »m' cud of vv hi. !: he tied to ** bush,
aid. weigb.'iig the i-th.r with .1 pic. 1 of woid, tluevv
it :-ito the t.ii r     That   was tlie im-e ''lit
lie'vveeii (he lluiket aid Ihe w.Uer's edge was a
long -.id dun. .upi.d 1-. Ith .1 i'^> "f PH.uled log-
Taking th.> .hi"".- of meat, he p'acid them at --fiu.il
I-i'c.v..i- i.twceii the l-ea -h and the ridge of the
di-n l"'i-- 1- m> H'"!' lull-" -*'1''1 l'lp ■'"-•-•U1- "St
w ■'   i'ike hl-n nn u.it the banien" (b'r.ic-adel
Mu iilitm-- ihe !■ g wi >' •« '->'* l!**,t i""1-*-''1 " <-<'
s.-nei! nr tin- '.!•*-■ I''" b"'"i'e-. fl<*-' liiduu waited in
.,,',,';    ,i,    p.i ui   in  haul      '-no ei d  of a  long lariat
v..i-   li-Uin!   t'   it   -i''d   tbe el'icr  to  a   toligli   el.,stlc
s.p|,. g        I be   -I"   h..d   -1 t   .11 d   it   11
when 7. i!.uk ob.ei..   wa-  -< ; u   to  .  -1
water  and. era'v. 1   up  tbe "dam.
roast bail was'.gobbled..
-He's ■■suiackii:---   his  c-!il-.ps!"   cl
"It's (be same one eyWi idd sinner that owes me two
[dgs'. but'he's'-i-idii-r to i.a.v h(s debts."
V.Jo.bbling   the 's'ocmid'chunk,   the
I'm. sw-'iih'vvod the third, jitul ar
ing pig stopped and glared..
irg-   but all to in. avail.    The p. ice of wheat tumbled to    awful  intelligence tla-heil  through his biain.    lie  vv.i.p.l
,_',',,_ ,   , ., ,„ ..   „,,.      11-:n,  ..   .........     lo heai no h.i.ie. not ev eil the ollleial r onlir.n .lion.    With
4t   and  Kalpb  found  himself  wiped  out.     ^ ith  a  gioan     B,1(lMli.   £_lw.  „„,,   ,,.,„„, R   ,„„,,_,  ,„,   t0(l„1(M,   ,*,,„„   t|„,
of anguish he lift the biokers odice a ruined man, a tie- ,„„M,. _,,iv(. ,„ ,. dazed l.e ueide hi. vva.i P. the (. bgi.iph
fiuilter indebted lo tl-e lelcgr.iph company to the client oll.ce, Ihe ponbooiu (ickil --till clutched in li.s iieivi'.-s
of ne-ir'li-S" HOC ■ grasp.     I'liloi king, n  diiwer  in   lu-udesk  he d.ew   out
"'J'be big dealers arc just tij ing to shake off the little
onis prepauil.113 (o a bull movement," explained tlie speculator who hnd (onsisti ntlv bo. ght wheat at each decline.
Bet of course he hid ample funds But not so with poor
Kalpb. In the p.ul.inc-e of the "sl.cet," it was 11 tase ot
"fieeze 01,t ' for him.
The hopi le-siiess of despair seized IJalph es he resumed
his dunes at ll.e ollice (he ne\t moinii.g and learned that
the auditor b'ul  i!-!ted a noarh.v   »itv and might thop 11.     '" theihuki-t horn of In, de-pur he m-vei  (ho'ighl of
on him any nioment.    He knew lhat theie was 11..I ihe 1.-     ""'I""|-'. " 'Lv   ,'.,',,""  '"  '" •  l.'!"l'.or.  vv ho   wlls duoill.v
loaded  revolver, and slipping  it   in  Ins  po< kel   he loll   tin-
oil" e.
Afler wanderiiig nii.ihssly about he ev 1 ulu.ilh f.nm.l
himself iu 11 iieaihv p-ul, and MikUg i sis bided m'.i;
pullid out his roMilver pi ep.ualoi v In I turn lung ios •oul
111(0 1 leruity. J'loud of spn it > , d i-M-. melv scnsitivi he
could never bve to f.11 e lln de • 1 '.' I 1 bad htomrlit upon
himself ami his Ion d .uu « il -is 1 l„ .iiit'if.il cv eiiuig. a
glorious sun-el. N'.iiii.,. was 111 it j..v mis 111.,od. the l.nds
-inging so hum tilv, m uu d I . mock linn ,11 h's uusei , laic
hail   linn   s.. sweet   lo hnn  i(  was  ii,n,|  to die.     Km  even
:rovv ing d 11 k
, s. -! .vv '3 fiom (tie
The  tirst  cbubk  of
■buckled   tlie ■Indian.
.    Many   not.*
.'!.(   ..Miiswering   ■.-hord.s.
.,!   (,.   the   full   wluit   loth.-   si'iisltiv-.-, -unliapiiv'
,r in M::>ii.y.    Where h.-n!  le'
worl.l urg';';  he .'ia.l  i.''1
sir.g  neighho"
alligator 'crawled
lie sight of.tbe hang--
detilv in* pu.sbi d for-
V^ird '.-md  f'':l '"^ «"*'"i'«" holb.iv. l'«'iil»'J ch'' ,h""'  .
!",..„,lv be turned and headed for .the dan. Dp
<;.'■// the i'i'ito 11M buried the', harpoon through his
s'-iVi'V hi'!''-'-     "! --"r •v'"1' tlli
;:»,, for him'
1 ;,-a \■.-'.'.it's,    on
a;..:H.-i;'" "'
v,      it    wa.-    a    .
........    .,,    i;);!...l_ iii. -.<yy"
'ilea,!   it   ("•"'   A»'>   ■•* Sl1-''-,
hillidiv ril.ng   w".--  ,'""1"
willi i,:.-. i-'."-' y
Aflei  a tiiiic  he o-.|.;:e.l in
■ k. 1-
.  Tin:
a' 1 hair
o vv 11.
•  bo.'!
■ time:    he shouted. ■    ,
d-m of the lariat, the alli-
...i „• ,-,-,,'e the 1-ives riv with his 'switching tall and
^^d  have smUM,*..! U.e rope if the elasticity of the
s, ,1T- 1U..1  not, broken the force of his spring ns he
'.j.,.,'"i'Vl  •A.yw-ii-it agaiu aud again.
1 - ..... .-ii", and  juiuping around the Uounder-
'.'".,'.-"  -he   Indian   dealt  him  a whack  across
^ '    '"   f-iid bim .sprawling on his back.    Three
' 'the alligator had paid his debt.
id -bat
y-,-.--: aud
molest th.uife of raising SiytHH) in 1 short time. Chincing
lit tl-e ii'oniii g p'lper he sni- that win at had (helmed jisl
f..r enough to wipe him out and had tin 11 rallied and
< los.-d (inn. if he could haie nnl.v laid on for n frailum
longer he would have been s..fe ".- 1 li«>i«_>_v*j>- i>vei.v iiuli-
ratifiu that the market was on the eve of 11 stimig upwaid
Hiaring bi- oflice call and ohm n big lhat the opeinlms
v 1 '■.■ In sv he 11 cut to Ihe ki j 1 11.is. If .md in 1 im .1 a me--
s ige in 1 ip' er mill.. -si d to ,1 vv e|| know 11 hoi seiinui of the
( It.v lt:.lph knew the impoit of Uu, Inissage, knew that
it contained "11.side i'lfm 1111111.11,' n uuiiig .1 v, 1 lining hoi sill] Ihe dav "s nues He had old I befme leteivid smiil.ti
mis-'igis and knew thit the iiiforu. tlimi was 111v.11 i.iblv
i.e. 1.rale II dj.h w is (pole an adept at solving pnzzh s,
and bad often l.i fore t.nd lo (ind ihe l.rj to (lies.. , ijiher
liu-sages   hit   w ithoi t -111 <•(-s
No.1 a wild hope soi/, d him If he wele able to de< i-
plu r this 1111-sag. he migiil. b.\ hiCing on Ihe vv inning
hol-e. 11 ili/e ( 1 01 gh luoiie.v |,i hm wheit on its upw nd
bl.lg ■    thl'S   n till V II g  his   loss, s       lie  111 ide  ..   . r.pi   ,,f  (I,,.
text of the telegram,  which was an iininlelligible jumble
of let fern, thus:-/*; X   I   T, X '/. (■',■,' .''■''.
Kaljih studied long.,and .intently over the cipher. It
ivr.s evident that each Idler repieseiiled soine other leller
of the alphabet, liu knevv that once'he found the correct
t-.'j.i-.. s'-utittioii of any one of the letters it would he emn-
jia rati veiy easy, to find dK, others. Knowing that on
the average, the letter 10 occurs more, frcipientiy than' any,
yitlicr letter of the alphabet aiid observing that (he letter
/.occurred twice. Uaijih experimented oil the supposition
that Z was intended for 10, but without obtaining an in-
telligihle result.  '
He was abodt to give up tho piiKz.ie in despair, when
it occurred lo him. that the key to Ike solution might be
found in the fact tliat the alphabet'was simply reversed-,
and that: 'A meant A, the first letter, of the alphabet, instead of the last. He was overjoyed to find his sm-ii.ii.se
correct, and the puzzle as deciphered read:—
•A X I 1/ y '/.: a. ' ,
A   C, II   OB   A   T. '■''.--
Hpilllsllilc     fill-    III-.    Illlsil.l "\"V  1 ( 11   ^1    s.|(|l(    pi.u'iY'fl'i'"   .lYt-
giii-n.-ss mid 11 I 11. u.ll (,. Ins den nu'iheii'lij, bu.tlur
and  swei t Alue   \i nold I .. 1 ns, d (h,. .ovoper
"I.Miv'   Alleihoiid.   vvue I ip| cisi *
It   w.,s  Ihe slu.ll  v.i... „f ,.  oeusl,,,,     (I,.,,    ,Illl<m,pll.l|
H il di as  be was about 1.1 -end .1 bell, 1   ,r .slung 1 hi.,ugh
lie. I.1.1111.    I he , 111, ipiidi K  ind i,bi.p,n.,i.s a.-wsi   b id in
vaded  Hie  |>iik   lo .h-p..s,   „i   son,,. o|   *,,-  pu„,s    .m,,,,-
Ihe Imuig. .stl,,,,.     1 ,,,,„• if ,i,,i,   ,.„„ 1  ,   , 7
"V"1 ",' l,,s 1 '"'•  ""   '""   '"''I   '■ "   IllM  Pige e„l„,.,.!:-
'"'  1""1     .Mlhmgli  l.'.lphs 1  „     iJ.isu,,,   |U1   .„„",>
.0.1.  niw-pap.,   ..ns,,, (   „    |„   „„, |U „1,,lh    ,„,.„,,,
In- gii/e (<■ ii (| upon Ih. h, id, I ' 1, k heu"ii-i.s - 'l\ll-!'
TAI'ITUS Hi:\|- \ KI, l!,||\ll\I..Sl"' in! ,„,,-,'
Willi.., 1  being ,m 11c ,,f th.   I 1, I  , oiilnnn ,1 1, i,|, ,.. ,,,,
'     V    Co| Kill'   ,,f   <|   |,,„_.    |,   |lr,,   ip),,   ,s    '   l|,|„  d    \>  e    ,~  M.    ,,  ,,„
J i>-   Ul. 1.mon. and bv   II  s| ,-,_ ■]„■ «„,_.  „„„.,,   ,„ ull    ,
' '''  ,u"'-    '"  "'"  -''''"'"I '!■■   Ih.i   m.-l,   it   „,,„.,,   ,,, .*
I-im 11/1   »,„,,  i.   il.   ,„,    „,,.   ,,.,11.   U1)„11\ ' '  ,*-
01 l-nl. 1. a 'jn i„  I  s|i,,(     \, ,,,!,,( ■• 1      a   1 uu.
ll.ilpli  icnl  no  fii-lhn   in .1 ui.pmg up wlfl, ;l  J,   si,,,.
oil sboul of mv    end I hen I won'     \'. , ,,„     „.   ,  ,  , ',.
""'.""•''•S'    '"ol'i.ef,   .„    ....so,,.   «,;,,.«',     ."';,',
wibili   111 hi- bind, he n.sli.,1 li.ini Mi" puk
-I.iv  mefoi  mep, 1,).,     di mini (b,. newsb. v  .,((._.
hm.     Wiihoni .i,,,,,,,,,. „,.,,, _!,.,,_. s,„,1(. Khs. ,h-„ ,K   u
I he   .l-lolii-h< d  1 id i.i
"I'.i.l  gov   ,s „..(,.,      ..ommuiud  the nnhiii as be gathered   up the .scattered eoin. h
Th;* pooli-oon'i diilAnoi ,;!.,se ■ until seven ..-eVock and
Kaljih had vA:l,, (ime (,'. ,g,,t his ti,kel cashi-d " Hi't 'hi • '
ticket!.,'Wbei-" was i! ? ; Kaljih sn'dd.;iilv Slopped '\Vi'b'
fraiilie haste lie seaivhe.l every ])i)c.kc.l, but could not liu,Y
it. lie must have th,. u.-kel or lie could not cl-ii-u 1,;,-
winni'igs. Was he lo-k.i.se. after nlk with vielm-v s,S near
within   his, graspV    'i'hc cold  swea'l.of ng.mv stood  ubo'i,
Jus  brow,    'then   he  remembered  thai  hi*'■hnd   tin*  ticket'
while  he was in bis ollice.    lie mist have dropped it in
■the   Vi-iistc   basket   nt  his. desk.    Thither ..he   hurried   iiud
rushed into the.otl'ice just as a messenger bov was
ing .tlie basket aw::
.sket away to dispose of the waste paper. ISoiV.-.
ing the basket Ilalph -emptied its 'coiileiil.s on the tloor
iiud with feverish haste .searched a'luof.g (lie papers.
Witli .-in exclamation' of mingled joy and tliauksgiv in.'
he pounced Upon the prreious pji-eo of intsteboard an I
lost no time in iireseiiling it to tillie cashier ul tin* poolroom ii lid!" soon bad .*.l!,'l!(H.) in crisp bills safely stowed
avviiy iu his* pocket..
"Gee. Jimmy, de boss i.sygone .clean rtaffy," remark-id.
tlie lnessi-nger to a companion after U.-.lph luul left the
ollice.   .
The next day when the auditor called and went over
IUUi-U'y acc'oiuils'lie found everything satisfactory.
,     ",._:»   ■'  i.'lr* y
.'b-llX';   '■'■',-   ■*">     j
■■y!'^;.y J'].| ?"
d-  f
t,   i
ft I
I-   H,5iJ,  ,. .      /A
*'',fa?" *" //
fv+»- c:
■Si.'.    J,"'vr   '■■ it1
. A M *
uc^ '>-' *£ ^
3    i"lr*i J'J,-'1 *   *, -      ty-t '
*  TA' -f^ri--.    .5."
^*-yrfo*:-- &:'■■'
f f ,-,,'» ,ir   ,   J;i,
fc4' fob <r- •. .
iMl£t'?'S,_.V.   in:,.,.
mi4Tab,''*, in- ,
GMfrop- 4?",-; :
l#ll'4   '"
Bfj>,is»i'»te.as{ ,V *   ,    ,
iw'sii '' if- ■   '.«
I"' "-Aft-JS-"- ,*    .'JI    I *
Si'Ji' Ui.'Ij '»*»>.    _,_,  J ' .
:*rf'#jR$   iJ  -
$trfrr $  •■    '
Slififyif '
s&rtffii&tiSk ■liti1- .   -
,.■ ^-i'-
ii* j-*1*
li'-i'i   '»
->pn v .
iS-aL*   "•
*-:*?_,   ..
S'SSj',.' ,'
■*■ i'fr-''
ns;.. uji,';
TOM^"'7. <;
ffi-™d^P'  ' 'if-   '  l*.
mm I r • -
Iii'/'Vw-! a;
RMi j& " ■' '
Ih&fcVi*- ''"'
f ?! jf.fi!  .-■;      <   '
J.. y< ,t<S*«; '»        •■
EM -4 *',
K^- f}; j'
, ?V*
creani of tartar, derived solely
from grapes, AH the ingredient^
of Dr* Prics*s B.ikm^ Powder
are printed on tlis label They
'are pare/ healthful' and proper*
V/hen kakizig  powocrs are   peddled   or
demonstrated!, exajnino iheiir labels.    You,
v.'ili find they are not made from cream
oi- tariar.    Yc-is-    r dori'fc v/ant them
(lie Churches.'  Spokaiie's
icw Daily."Win. Jewell
■   .s'limi.if    ciii-ik'ii
TJiere iviil bo tlio n-jrultii-  iii'.itn
ing ami eve'iins. servicer-   Siiinliiy.
.■Mornint.'.--ofvices   at   10   o'clock,
Evening service-*!   at  7:-"50   o'clock
Tlie Spokosin n - ."■• u;^' "»uI lllt",'
Spok-im- ( brouiclc amII -l>l»l   -''lVl> I
a keen   coniiietitor   5"   t,hc   liclil  ;
About tha first of thc ycur ;i  ni'w j
.nfUTiioon    anil  Stimlny   moniinp:,
, dailv will be Mairf.l.     The ofticc- I
, will b<» in   the  Audiioiiuiii   builil- ,
'ing,   and    nlrculy   a  large    I foe
pte*--, sever.'il , linotype   in-u'hines I
ul-   of
Express and General Delivery Business. Livery ancl
Feed Stable.
Fruit, Confectionery, Smokers' G
Full   Line   of   Stationery   om1 Th
"^   ana Prp«;v,
Fruit in Season.
A  I)i:uno'iul   Point Founlain   Pci
'     -MKruo'nisT   oirru'-H . [ami luindmli  of  i> mini-   of   til—
ir  .    '■ t1 ,.      ,      j play tytm It'ive been ptircln-ed.
lrnicm Servic-3 II a. in.    Siinuny,     ..      . ...   , I
•safes   Scho ) , iJ ]">- ni.      hvenniu; her\ ice. y . , '
*"**** ...        ..... "   ployed    In    the   ui'inii*;   th-pufc-,-
T:a9 I*. m     Suuipc-t   "Kebgion,   its ,.«.,, - i., .   Movie
,_ '. _.      .,    r .   ,, .,    irU'llts Ol this*  p-ll-.-e,   l-.lHl, tliey   HIV    '"(l)ll>
liclntion to be form nnd Progiv-?-.   ',,,__. , .1       .
'   . being (fiavVn fiom ih-   in-.v-p-ip-'i    =-==
l   and
T. Sowcibiitt-
will sing a - ilo.
For Sale
I^t-a vc- (.Inlcrs at
.Cbvynnc'.- Store,
IbiLish  ( n.unibia
Jii«nr:ino<. I»,,lu.y n}\ f„r ?2.;>n
The Ifxpcrt Crown   and   Bridge
li* Id all over   tin-   I'ni'iii   S'nti'-.' . ,
J. w. .mii-,1,::::. p.. v., 'f n- 1mb:i.i,i.ur,- ...ijnby is  ^-''k-ini-    H ,'jR       HALL i '°^c
I'        "    ' , "    (r.t-toi-.j '.ing for only t iu1 vei v b'.'-t   abili'V,' ' '
;, , ,     ' (* * '      '
' '     o , for ewry di'p.n tt'iK-nl:  goo.l   stila-;
, fic-j will bo paid iliioiighoiif,   and'
lM-lellWK.lIYN     CIlCIICII. " , tilO iWtll t,   W ill   III' t Sl'lt,    U'lll'll    llicj
Union,.Service at 11 a.   in. ' Sun- (force  is ass'-niVcl  S_nknni!   willi
day M-lnoI and JJiblc   c-liicd at 2-'M .'have   what   ,is   u:i lotibtedly   the!
I'lv-oning    .Sii-viee  ab  7-00 ' linu-ifc newspaper   or.^mi/'. ition   in
y (   j the northwddt.     iu  il-?  mei-htiiii-j
11KY. IJ. WlilTH,     '   j0Ri pf.c.,ijj tjie m,sv  ("idil^   <\ill   be *
 | (Pnstor.; | _n that class of papers   including
,.       • -/.,"., , '      i'thoBoston Join t-.al, the   rhiladd-   Armstrong Ave ,
-\l\ny  pei-.sou?  find  themso ves I ■ , .   .-. , ,,   .        . ,,..     ., a . ,       i
1 'phia>orth Auiui lean tuul the ^&w       _ ,.; I"V      /
Yo'k JIm^y .:      '.  -INTERNATIONAL
Block ,
Be   Wiso    In  Time.
OJIhv uviM-  Mv.
Wall       l'p.j.oi"
^S'6-ec-eee* 29&993:999S2999&99fi [
('| LOCAL ASSAYS .' ■  c  |-'
. '•> , it/
Jliner-s' L"uion meit-j tonight.. '   ,
' Don't forget tlie Mhii'i's'   Lrnion
dance ou December  loth. , .
See Roberts .v. Messiugi-r's adver-
' -I
tisemeut.    Jt'.vill pay you.
There was   a-dance   in  Morley
hall Thursday evening.0
On, local ,Option.;
_ -j ■ ' °'
J)r. .Spencer, head of the local
! option movement, is still iu doubt
as to the outcome' of. the plebiscite; owing to incomplete reports
of the returns aud to po^iljle'in
ivcouracy, ih computation of/the
acluil t6t;al uuinber of b\Iiofcs
„     ■ ■       j   *        | cast, but ho expects  a   small   ma-
Harry Kelly was  out   to  -Spok- jorityiu  favoi-.     Ife  sfcates' tli'afc'
ane during, the week.,, ■' ' Us soon as W returns "are  all   in
,'nffrfc'ei! witli a persistent cough
jttftor nn afctac-k of iuflneiizn.' As
j this cough be promptly cured by
fche'use'of Chaiubei'lain's Cough
R?m'edy it shotild not ,be allowed
to run on until it becomes troublesome. S jld by tiie Moyie Drug
and Stationary Co*
■Sh'in's '   .
,1 a ni glcul some of inv   friends   iu
j v.intake uf the golden opjv,rtuniliv,s tint. (.;i;
"•• r
[•^clvv^in Calgary Real  Estate.^
|    '  \"<>U   l.'D.l,*;;,   oil !,-,(.>-.   Iti Ills «)i:.I net"',   ,f'(-.i
I>'.tti.-J  '.OIU  J..IV trt.'ii'.s     X ,-..   _, t_|„.'.J.v.t. .(,'} l(v
■Witi:^ ;]■,
Tii J
..Storms'.on Coast.
l'lr.-i*.uit 'nie'ii-.u-in.; mt,.,;!,,
:. i-K-.-tt*-.* li'.-'in-., •.■.'vk.-is.'.,.!. ,j ,,
«>lbft«. .Ul* f l-it{uil,;  j'.frt'U^.
'This Jiotel is    vO'xy- nnder' new
management, and is-'first /class
in every respect.,
-Mrs.'   Dimock'    returned    home  he will apply   to   a. county 'court
fn.m' her visit to the coarffc .Tutirs
dii3r.     ,. -
The tunnel at the  Society  Girl
*' * i •
mine i^'noiv iu a  distance  of   al-
Y. II. Dimock, mannger  of the
Auirrn, ifas ea.<=t to  Jaffa ry , and
Fernie during the wcejv,
JV.ck  McClura , has, been■ doing
some, work on hia claims sowbb.  oi
Ahlvidge  about a'mile.    He  has J „ -     .,
a-very good .showing ovr' '  ^ ,'   indicates , about  H'.OO'J.' On - the
judge foryi '/nil    recoimfc  of   tL
pjll ih   order  to   iiually "establis„ „  „ L..„r-~>j «-
the total number,  of  billots  and nll.kind-; at Victoria aud  Vanbou-
Ai...-"i......'.. ^,        . .     , ' ".'..i^..... ...
thus to'nqte the numbers required
for ji majon'ty. . '
' The re-^ilti of tha'plebiscite 'in'
Vancouver is,as follmvs-.For1 ,joSS.
iig-.vinsfc -1S21, spoiled 203, not
mirkod 3?!). Thg total vC3,uut of
b.\ll6ts is   not .yob  complete    but
—   -  - -.—-_-.-_-j„j        ^^*rv,     ;h.
A '/great swing oiJp'ot'tunifcy is
.low presented you iu clothing by
'Roberts it MeWmger.       . .
'Mrs. l-'d-d 'arrived in Moyio
^Vednesjay from Kngland, where
hhe had been vi-iting for several
""inonth- pa^-t. , '
. 0."\\\ Ilaatle, of the staff of the
Imperial IJ.vnk. cams up from
Cranbrook la = t Sand iy aud was
in town b.-twenn trains,
Dr. A-sIe-'tiue was down to Rer
recount' the -local  opfcionists   expect te get many ballots  u'ow   d-
clared spoiled for, their sid&.
Took All  His Time.
FOR   SALIC—Five room  honso
on Victoria street, with good   gar
den.    Your own terms.   Apply to
P. Lutner.     * '    .   •
I./>ST—A fur,    somovv-'lierc   be-. . .
tween the  Drewry'building   amljTAYL0R^    &    BONNER,
'■     cl^e St-   Fngene1 offices.  '   Finder! ■ i-roi'iuicthi:^.
I- or four  days   Vancouycr.. was j will please 'return   saiu.)   'to   this'
cut off from 'the   outside  'world,   office., , ,'     ,_ , ', Victoria Street. ' ^foYIF
During  that   time 'not   a  single!     Nicely fnrnis-lied   room   to   let,!    ;         "    '  '
train came iu or left the city from ( suitable'for two.      Apply to Mrs.'.' ' ~r r~' " '
the east,  dn    account    of    land-J Chamberlain, Campbell «treefc       '-o*.       t " t_,        ^
slides washouts and   other   dam-|    Niceiy furnished room  to   rent/'^ J?SePh S     Convent.
' <"'
hoarding and Day School  cOntluci-
ed by Sj.su.rs of .^t. Joseph. Nel-'on, |
C.   C.      Cc.nimercinl     n'nd     businen.* j
courses a specialty.   Excellence  andj
swift .progrr^s „charact'ehize   each   de-!
partmynt,   r«rcots. eh'ouW < write  for
** ' '
particulars.    One month  assures  the!
' ' ■ ' °     ,'
public'        the thoroughness   of   thc'i
Sisters' meihods   of tcachiiig." • Terms'J
commence January,   April^ and   Scpi
Pupils ^readmitted during tcrml.    \
J:.-.bni»r.i!, \V< -t M.m;
iiiilw ,*■ s, •y.M .\:\ii
.ui Kj-ti. time .'ii.     ..,..., ,ll4>. ,,.„,„„.. ,..n.,i,..„»,. ]W
,Tv,o Kix»l Ku'I !..ts ,„ \r_f,t .M,;ulll i'j,.»s..j,i a( ;]■',(, , „,,
isd.l»ll*-.' ill  .? -ti-.S  HK.ritJi*-, 1 '"
■• i ■ i f
BGXl816"u   .'',       ','      ■'•'■'    ■Oalgary.AB,
,   ,, Have you any Calgary property for safef   ' '
age resulting'from   floods 'which   .Mrs.' Ren Jh-osseau."'
havo. swept that section of British
Columbia: Present storms, have
done great damage to property of
ver' and 'vicinity,   and, have   car
rieddiavoc into far  northern  sec
tious of tlie province, where  ship- '
ping has  been  damaged,  delayed!   ,    Stock'  Quotation*
and forced to . He   in   sl.rilr™ '«t . ,   ,' ' v*^ol'a:p19nS.
Ki-bm.hkd Bi* .BKALE A-' iri.WEI.t.
SpvYuiiK—Bar   8\lyta-, Zi , ct3
Lead S,17.f -Coppfir, 13   cts
' LoM3o.v--Lead £12,-17? Od  '
and forced to . He in shelter at
various points along the coast,
some vessels being delayed a«
oiuch as two weeks
t i.     '
.Consolidated Co.'s Smelter.
The Consolidated Co's smelter
at Trail continues to -diow a gratifying increase in its output. ' The
figures for the past four months
bring the totil output of * the j
smelter for the calendar   year   up j
ConsolMatciI  Smelters
Cm   Onldficlc',
"rftnbrook Fl.-oUr'ii-K
North Prnr '   '
*-ocil'|;. Gi. •
A  shovclor   in a. local mine was
not puttin- tho amount of energy    r ^ w,ulIUtti-   j-.nr   up
into the implement he w/is ' hindl-l to S974.-J 17, which means that the
ing that tlie ^luft boss thought hei total for twelve months ended
-hould "Here, you get a move { December :31. next, on the same
on and do more work. It takes 1 basis, should be close'to -fb'.OOO.ODO
uie the fJr.b of thc week,   and   Ur ,l,iIC ra>"time to wat.-h  you,"   in-! if it does not reach   that  amount
  digna-.uly    Piid   the   shift   bo-t. I which would bo   bv  all   odds   the
"That'd    nothing,"     replied,    the j largest return   from   the   smelter
witty .shovelor,   '-as   it   takes   me   for any ye.xr ,ince   it  commenced
Wait Until-You See .Tlie New Rink
Before Buying- Your Season Tickets'
S.ee ' J\Z£^>JcrjC±±2. \ at Kootenay Hotel. 'EfJ
Just Arrived
a laiycje ctnisi^nnieui  of
CoHin   came   up   from   Cranbrook
during hia absence.
Eastern   Canada
i | East Kootenay dotting Co
operations.    The company's yeai
f-l,„l-     7     i. ..I . I  ...........ii;   ....Mills',   5MU      !j(.
that date   the output of the „-mel- I -d*' frrmi Xovuii'nr J!    and   liznitcd
Ch-ts. S;agg is at ll'i-^in. a short j all my tima to watch you."
distance from Vane Jtivei'.     ][0   i, , , _      _._j	
.working for the ^Vclo. n   Canada ! ,   Done   fail  -to    see    bengou gh
J o^-er .company.       _ ; the   grent  ,-irtooiu,D and    enter- ...._. _,._„,.
.    The Ladies'   Aid   of  the   .Movie   ^-hier, wlu-n   he   is   in   Moyie   on J ter was the largest in the   history
J're.-byterian     church    will   -.ivc:   ''"""   '""   '" ' ......
their anniversary .supper   on   tho I
evening    of   Mondiy,   JK-.**Amber i
l*3th.     Full    pircii-il'ars    will    be   Yi?a)A
given next  wui-k.
A. T. Cla, j; (....j.jp down to   Van
cjuver from   the   N" h-Ji   iwph '
it may be said, ends on June 30th,   IllonlIl,    Tlf.,.
yy t„o lMl y0M ._„,_„ „,; yr^yi^y'r/;;;,,'':;;,"",:-""
tow Iloim.I Trlp'IJaJ-., s |„
Ontario, Quebec and
Maritime Provinces,   j,Kippered Herring
"'"'""  Finnian Haddies
Smoked Halibut.
Tickeis on S.ile Dtc. I to
jt-ju-vive,    j.-',o'l   to   return
>'.illnli   Lhri-i-
on [
Cranbrook,   B. C.
■ r ■. - >
MaiHif.-u-tuivrs 'of all  kind". ,.f c,v 1
.K-'ViT'ipv-.      Wc flmri, no t.xp,.It...   ; ,
our go ui].s tho best on tho inarku,.
There are ^ others,  But.'.'
♦ !
♦ I
Tuuaday, 1 »e"einber 1 Hh.
A sprained   ankle   will   usually
of the institution,   amounting   to
'"■J.oOG.OOO.      ■
the   injured    pcr-ou   for1     Tlie     Peculiar    ■ properties     of
Thi-, is   tiueipl»»nberlftin's     Cough      Remedy
t'uree or four w.n-ks
'to    lack   of
fiM; moiiihs from clii-e of issue. In     H 15 R BI rt        n      r\ n
C /ir-, fin -iii  *i 1..,. ... i.     *i* . .. ' j
■**- **■■"*■'■ ^•>-.->..->^ ■Nk-;^^.>c:-^--^^^5sr;^>r'^5?:5?>rc^:^>'
Cars r,ii all 'l luon-Li    'I'r.iin-,.
' i'-'ip'-i!,,!      I.i-.nu^l--     .md
Coin]) iri
C.iis     on
pi obably
and wi
ter in that city,
nn   sun,,     go )d    mining
tions in thc no: th.
»L>''ud tlio
M.-. t'iark
wi ii-
is   in
treitm-jnt.      "Wh-jn ' have bocn thoroughly tested   di-r-   	
r.inimenfc is applied , »]*  ePidj,ni-  'f   infliienzi,   and J 3-Throagh Express T^i^D^lZi
pi op.)-l-
a iiu-e m*i> bo   clfected   in    three', *Vhen iLMV*1--   <-.iken   in   time
or four   ,i_y-       Thi-    liniment   i
one of tin* \rj*t, an'd mo-t   remark
ablej)--t-pu-,itions iM „,0.    Sjld by ] Mo>'ic '^"g and .Stationary Co.
Thi-    liniment   i-.ihavo no(- l»uul of   a   single   ca^e
of     pnouiimni,..        .s, j]a    !jy    the
her S
bating    Rink.
I k -an t:
'.do .s
from   Birk's Catalogue.
V- t--st.nLuii,,u. ■ _        .,'. ,    ■
The excellence of our silver stron
itas llf^ . (:hlr h^ Pi^vcci  pepWr^r sai'ts'Viml
n'«st:.rdH,-    with ..-colored.,   yh^i luuvy   arc   verv
'C.-niliful ai;d i>o])iilar.   ■ '".
Tyery. dejJartmynt—-,. Id   jewellery:,1 silver,   iewel-
!'• •"*. -Men ill announce- that he
will conduct a «.katinfj jink thi-
winter in the bay at tho ninth
end of Victoria .street. Hi-intention is after the U-o form- to fence !
a place about 100 feet by .'jQO feet
and keep it  cleared.
TIIK '-'101?ONTO K\H<|,ss
•'-'•' - v-'i'i:. y< -iniv .,• :: i ,
a  T'.r,,,,;.,   f,
.Vi* t       ';;.
U '■' '   v    -a.; l.,|
■' .v'n,\vi a*-iy.■,; y
' ■'•  '■ ■     I'-1- ■  ■ '    i >,;  ,,(, !,,,„
■] ■''r.ill]'.,|..-     !..._ ii.,.t.lfi
;\pply to the ncarc-fc (]. \\   j*
agent for  full  ,, rbicul irs.
B. C.
I . '.',:i
! l-Ai't     .,, i
I UMi"! i I,'
1*- 1=   .-!;>
!<« S.i, .....
,' M-i:n
.\e\v li oil «,c* for .-ale.
?-"'«».     Terms.
vS/eJdxJi.     If...*.
11 '!.'■,
.1 .
ry, y.eins.y.leather tyoods,  toilet
''tUAK'tiA-e opportunities.      J-M.-iee.s include ■ transportation,  ly\ll pieces; not enyn-aved   n,av he   returned.
We shah l,c pk-ascd to  send   our
ret11lest to
or it fi'd;i\
inv v.-Jin ha\-e   uut   receiied
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd,
.   J i'i >rev
I li reel.i >r
Vaiicjiiyer, R.  C.
.Premier Takes   Vacation.
Premier   McBride   accompanied
by Mrs. McBride   have   left    Vic-
jtoria   for   California    on"   a   two
(weeks* holiday.      During   his «b-
j Hon. \\y J. Ilowser will  |JB  acting
j premier.    The vacant portfolio of
finance will not be filled until   t;he
premier's return from the soutl
Tf ynn .ire wilT.'.ring 'f,.,,,,, bn.
iousness, cohbtipation, indigestion,
chronic headache, invest ono cent
in a postal card, send to Chamber-
lair. Medicine f.:0 . by, .M,,;,,^
Iowa, with your    name   and ',.,.'
'.iidiiit; ;i,;d ].<,d.-ini., l-,ui<;c \.,'(],  U
p >i i'
'-■ue or jxn)
"•ale is ni.uie,  ■.■•ickI
I      ]'"H1' j-iMiiu liou^e fin Caiiijji'C'] miect.
l-l"v\H .md ot.iul   lime for  haiuuc-.
ii v
K- "• SM.XI.I.,  1iHi...^f.r.
■(;"rHl row,,,, KOO(,   ublt-e and.'-bar
'■antHn-.-.t class sample rooms.
rent, at SI0 per month ami ni
Imake a -.«ij>cci.alty ' of Postal- Photo, work. Prices ' 4
foroO. cents, or 51,25'a doxen.
MISSKPORA l)KA().()K. 1° f'1- ^ArLNH-yn
i ■ ■■ i ■■■..).
s for.
I dress   plainly
I wo n.oni.s,,
Two room.^
I lin-t- rooms
l'l-i'.i:- i'o...'ms,
--1" .'i month.
?10 ."; month.
.-"1-' a Jiiont],.
■ ■■   .i mom].
^ueens'Ave.     MOYTE
■f (.
' I'.11oni
—: --,-'—... ..„i.      All.  Z"-'y ■n/.-.n    .■l...Vn..,i.,,i-,.u,,1. ' (;, , ... . .:.


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