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The Moyie Leader Aug 31, 1901

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VOL. 4ylKX W.
.,•*// ' ' ' . ■     - •     ■ .   ,v«.   <>n.   *tv  'iv,.
£l.v*   '
  ._ MOYIE, B. C. AUGUST 31. 1901.
Ladies''Sower Seeds
w, ■    i j
W*-  ! "- I     J
(.iO>i i bj_ j^ > c]uv;
A i^Sayrsvilie -Sr^-mA-'' "i^Geaf I *tV-    -      - ■'    '
"-,V.-J i / ~ »-,v j.-..l,   K^pwiiL^  XSe&C;     Vic   desaulnier   wa
' Suitable for P'la,iat/    | Tl'etd''-v- '
; a The  eld   scliool  building' ia   to  be
Harvey was in   town Wedntoil  Cranbrook
A Partial li»t—
The Event Will Be Fittingly Observed,
Pittsburgh,   .¥&.,
gi sets.." Some beautiful. patterns  in. lia-ht
■T' A T T/T!
i. All Jib
Press Goods/
.*;?&. j§L-3 s2S$ CZ^
H In gentlemen's ■ lines the finest ?itook of
$, boots in: Mb^/i©.. "      ,/"'"''   " :
Light underwear from 'V-'i ch> c-.i.
Summer hats from Uriels i;n'
, . *      •■ ,i.
CoU6n hoec from lb cents up.
:,ci u>
».V!Jl llfiyi u SK.eUfc-t Mano-.i viio Oi-oiui.I
?'-Jxt.,"',VacIr> uiirl Woik it ill Start
•iViiHov-t "Delay.
Senator Geci-jic Turn:;,- and B.   iV.
Laylon, who n'pie:.eiil. the   control   of
sold. • ■     '
Dr. Higglus left for  Fernie   Thursday to remain.
A. ^. Jtickers returned   from   Kaslo-
1 uesday morning.
j     I.'l'L Tata, of, the ;d'oyie Lumber Co.,
j was In Cranbrook Tuesday.
j     Father, "Welch   cf JRossland   \yr.G  in
! Moyie on a visit this week.
tlie Sullivan Croup C<
".Rev. W. L. Sheridan spent veUerday
in Cranbrook.
and Geo, Hull
so   hoitvily
,.f'p,i„i,   /->! -        .   ' .'      , " V/crk  is   favorably   proprevjinfr   in
ol Icledo, Ohio,  who    .•;  a'.-o   lif-.vilv • ■• -■      •        •      a
•A;.,.,,.,, ,     ,     ,; 3   ijc.fiilj    the ilov/SC-iCtigene shaft.
inieretlcil,  wne at    iiary?vi!ie    nc,.i I  '     ' -.°
Kimbetley ll,is weei, iookir^ over  the I     G' 2?"'fl!:   *?. talanga trip ' lluougli
ground -.viih the vicv,- /3f d-.ciliing npwn \thfi t?nit',r,»?ri se3]:n^ lumber.
>a location lor th*";  .-ii.cli.-i; \vi;iel;   tm
company (.-.-p.-cis; to build/,
Tlip Vire!R!;ii IVili Hcvci    tilii-i^ri   of   the
j> It'jili* and Ai>j)o|jito4 Their ruins-- .
mitteao I.ast Mii-i-U.',
'UgLIHlilJMJ |
4&f  *i*)rW<!S.t-«;!>S.  qv>    f<#   'tf' Sir St.
Paid Up Capital ' SS5OO05OQQ.'
^   ,    * >. j   . < - i (   f   ' i,-      ,   ,
Vv'lien tlie party _returned to Cran-
^'jbrOok after looking over the ground
ft i Senator Tumor informed the Herald
$jj thai "Ah hough po formal decision has
$jfj   be°P   arrived   (it.   yet   tho   party   is
•Ur ^w^eH'y wti*/)fi«i win-, tim ui-Ai»i-
^ | nmioii matlo; ALirysville will without
question be (he location, asi it is ad-
mirahly situated for a Briielter. We
w.ill have a smelter mau'on the, «pot
nest ;vfek to hi\''out tlie  jrroimd,   and
IJ. J. Elmer disposed of over $1,000.
worth ol  real- p'ttatp   in   iloyie   this
Silks going at cqet at Giipjn'c;.
Nei;t Alonduy   will   be   Labor  D,iyf
and the peonle iiere inteinrto" filtincriv'
observe tlie event.    All tho sforeo will
- ii'   < .        '■
close at 10:30 o'clock, and the' afternoon will he given lo a picnic at the
park'on the v/ci;t _ &5d3 ot tho lalie.
The picnic will bq in "charge of the
Moyio Fire JJrigatb, winch is a gr-aran-
teo of its success.
j " A meeting wag held Jn   the court-] other aide io tiie contrary, is  proceed-
:l 'i:?o.~»-Not-
withstanding the v.ell deli tied position
taken by the steel, corporation ar, ,jto   a
settlement another arbitration ci'Leme
y.va*-, launched this evening  by   Simon
, Burns, president of the   \vi::dow  gt.tst'
workers' association.-
j     7vlr'. Burns propo-jes  i*n   arbitration •
I committee, e'.Iected from (imong  such
men   as   Archbishop Ireland,  Bishop
Potter, Seth Low, JI.  A;' Hanna' and
otheiij of like' prominence  who,  after
having the entire matter explained   tc ',
them by both sides to the controversy,
should ,  have   absolute   authority   to
decide upod terms of settlement, .their ■
terms lo bo final and accepted by both
parties. ' , '-     '
Mr, Burns says ho has'President,
Shafkr'-i sanction for the move and if
ihe corpr.ration will agree to, the 'plan    '
the. strike will be declared off at ,once.
, , ,-       i t.
i    Xone of the ^tet1.  ofioials   here wilj    ,
discui'-s tlie mattt;r iu' any way.1
Mr. Shatter deoiarod tonight that thc
strike, in spite  of  tho   claim : of   tho'"'
louse last  evening  ahd'al!   arrange- j inp siatiafactorilyand that hia  a'ssocia-
H. B. Wilaon1; representing ,tho  Al    raGRLs wfire perfected.    The  following | tion u.rr.akihg such inroad upon; the
bertan of .Calgr.iry; ;vas herp on a short'j comuiUteea Were uppoipted \ '   ,,"    corpora'flolTalwilneMlHant  will  bs
visi!- i.ip weolf. , , j    g^yij^j )}, ' j>u„-,}jioodJ VV,' Ih of>'ts?ollef»Boonsiror.lntof to oqnw. to
Ui-itu'bi'uoi: pXottd&y,, ' '
V. J, Campbell, for neafly two yenra
blacksmith at the >St. Eugene mill, has
gone to Seattle.
W.   L.  Beid    has   been   appointed
ii liAIN
av^Jiot iruh&*rm*f\
\ T
work ' will   be   inaujnrattd     withom !
delay.    W.e will m.ik-:   immediate "ar- j "'Stri-Jt'Depuiy Grand  -MasLer  of the
rangemeplB  for   the   brick,'" and     the j Odd Fellpws.
work win   bo   pushed   rapidly   toward !     Ed Hill was iq Cranbrook   the   Mist
completion."   ■
The plans for ihiuncitur the smcltei
,1^2 I.i J- L 1*1
'/     jsr. A. JfACICBNZXB, Pionyulor. '   ,
I ( ' I ' v i ^
The Hotel'for the   masses.'  Everything:"First
in every   respect.    Sample Booms  for
Oomme rcial Meii.
British Oolumbi a
iwnawwMW mm
have- been pretty well fcimulated by
iho directcrjj of'tl|R conjpany. It is
expected tllat.^l^xUt/j v;ill Le uede'ed
to c.rry foi ward 'tli,.* i;ii.!',rpii-;j. A
groiiji of tlie he.ivici-t *3to}:l;!iolder*.i expect tu join loguihtii- in' fnrnisiiiinij
that sum. Tli'u bulk of the money
will como from the eastern buid-jr*-,
b'ut ypokanu people, iuciudin/, Senator
rurner, »/oiuiH*i \li'n!!.irn Miup.Uli unU
\L,\ tfaiider.--, v/dl ,i«vtab!y :a:i,Lli -i
pare of ihe money. Jc will be lo.iu-.d
lor tv term of years al 8 per 'Cent, '.iiKl.a
moi'tg.jge ay;.utist the mini* will proba-
'01} be given in security.
In addition, it is propos • 1 lo g;w   a
boiiua of 500,dU.) sn i/i.-i   '> -   (Ik*   c.'.'.i-
of tlie week. c
Gilpin's is   the place   to   buy   your
A brush lire h.H been raging in the
viciniiy of Aidndgo during   tiif   week.
I'.uhtii' Out'llctie of Cranbrook was
down to MOyie last '1'uesday.
Frank t-ouihw.-irdi wife and family
" left Litis weeii for tneir old homo in
Table-fjamda Casey,   \V. Jj> Foiay,
,<>Booth—A'. W. Sutherland,  G.  Hil-
iier, Jr.
.Dauce—J. M. Liuduav.'P. T. Sinvtli
Boat-j—Fred Slo.it, F.' J. Smyth.
Dancing will be in'full swing during
the. afternoon and evening, aud a
lunch will be served from 3 to S ,p. in.,
adults 25 cents and children under' 12 {to their employers,
years 10 cents. There will also be /
many kinks of sports including a tug
of war and a boat race.
Come one, come all.
luiiies.   iiisi nfleiif'hes&ya. nvo ilm nily
along fc'h'e tine and aft! dutarmiae'd  tij
stand for their rights to the end.   He
says the   few   mills   that   have   been'
started are doing little effective   workA
^ht-JJcf'that the corporation is ridding
to its force daily docs oiioi,  worry   the '
president.     lie   believes  thvMn to   be
either unskilled or pjor workmen who
will be a dnvvback rather than a' help
ItosslamJ Sltiinliou.
According   to   the   best   authority
Bernard   McDonald's   policy   has   not
tv..on endorsed   by   the new   board  pf
T!;e minor.*.'   union   will    hold    its 1 directors   of   the J.-e  Boi  jn   London.
The Waterworks.
This has been a busy week ou the
Moyie wuterwovka and the work dciie
has been most satisfactory. .The
trench for the pipe is now completed
down Queen's avenue io the alley west
of Victoria street, and the pipe is laid
tjjjs distance, /^mother trench is being dug fioi'sh on Victoija street to' ii
poiijt  opposite   MacEachern  &  Mac--
:uinu.il   eiecio'i   next  Xiu-s-lay \ -\ie election of new director:-'   and  jh-  dc-'al'i's isloro.    The water was  turneij
L. Eniat',,representing the Cali.'orniu
Wine Co. of Helton, v/as in town   this
J, S. .MacEachern,  of   the   firm   of
MucEachern   &,  Macdonald,    was   iu
i.^ ^€C€€#€€€S€^€€^€^C^€€#^^€B!i,:u^uM^ ^-^^   ^^><   tb-HC).u;brcQkon i.usUK-fcS Thursday.
»$f'    1™^. ,<n.(        ' ; -.i      -?r'^  '      , ti /^jmoney.    'Th.yeipit,iiSLoek wiltb,   in-     '({. jr. Maier, Uie hardware man, was
W    T^A     fl^a^ntn^   11       %4 C^tQli ^   Cm,8>ed n0i" :!,-^°'(KKl  :-°  *WWP.   ia :oH th.,   week.    Mr.   Miner   sav.
V.  DE'-iAlilA-U.!!,    r.'oti.
Jiflr^e sample, looin in connection
with house for commei'"ial i-ieii. iJe^t
of accommodations
^SV^^fc." *<i.-^s->*.*^!t."  -^•^■*vi.-^.'^v.Vev.'^^'^fl»->*'x'^^*^^-^«k' -^»,>;5». ^*>>«   ^a.    *■   **■ J
*-^-—- ""■"■' ' 11   ,| il  r.r'rir a . ,  .. ..w.i..,.i   ,...i.m..i. . ...n.^»..i".'it....w^i.^,^CTBttww>wiawOT^.^Bw w'w*.i>u^-.*«^ — -• ~L^^'I,~'~'^l
. '   . .^,^-,,-^vj.    m.i^niijci'ni water nowi'i.
yy -.■■-l<:My?<' 'y^<-.,' S--w^A^i^l,'>--"^ -*••- '**-< ^ :-^-'--.^-^*-- -"■- - ■ ---   (inc itu-ation a-; a ceuti
Headquarters for Commencial a"nd .Mining
MOVIE,    \\
or mat pu.poM,, an.] lue w.\\
t'till be i&sued'n.*- a bo.iu*-. Tiiy Turn:;
Lay km Hull inteies'.s arc eretlited with
holding'about l,Go0,0d0 shares out of
the present capita!. It is expeciod
that this will Lu enough, to guarantee
thoptissag of an amendineut to the
company consliiution, &o :u to provide for an iuo.re.t--u in the capital.
i uia season.
The location of the :>meUe;' i.-
.-pcdilative, bin it is believed .b\
noiili Oouulry jieoiilo ibi' ji, v/i
up at,  Marysville,   where   ih.ro
uere   is  a
for oit's   irom
D". Green is taking a „layoff for a
lew days, and Dr. O'Hagau is taking
hi-* place.
The Eakiu boys' mother returned to
Spokane yesterday evening.
l!ev. \V. L. Sheridan will preach in
tlie Odd Fellows'' nail tomorrow even-
ing at 8 o'clock. '
AJ'ho Cr'anbro'jk Odd .Fellows' have
deeiihd to postpone their picnic to
Moyie until ths loth.
Frank Crydcrnmn, night   bartender
at tbe M.inn-aiten, went into the Cram
'"- j brook ho.*.i)itai ye=terdav.    He is suil'er-
neiuly ;dl of the St. Mary's o ;untr»
C|.  EK-p  (Ti        Another point to  bo   dctennittc!
K     wlietne; the smelter shad Ik. ImilL :io\*/j jMJ? wjti, slumrtC!i ipmble.
L'-  Aim xl   .N»ing.    It  will   take   a   ^.iM.I'    Vl. J'oliau! waa.in   Mon ie   a 'dav   or
•u.miifyoi ir,K'k(05inn..tod al    l--'-'0.-j lwo ,.,1, wot.1:,    Uv. Polhud has a con- ,
g ,U00, in older   to   complete   the   l'-""'-j irucl 0I1 llu.   new 'line  of   raiiwav   be- ! il,S over tho Canadian Pacific   getting
u-.d the problem of.uetlhig tliat  (i'-:'K1| f.-.Yc-cn Jeunui-s aud Elko. ' hold of men.    li   any   trouble   should
matter of sending two reo;-es.3'ntalives
to Bocsiand to Ipok in,to affairs is the
only business so far transacted."
An infer niation was laid beiore
Police Magistrate Boultbee 'yesterday
mornias; by W. L. McDonald, charging Alosri Geistir the^ Oregon banker
and contractor with, violating tlie alien
labor law, in contracting with out-
Neil Stevenson, of Baker City, Oregon,
in that city to perform and undertake
work in the Le Jloi mine hero.
The management of the Lo Boi
group has determined lo start the
mines again, and there seems no doubi
that the determination will be carried
out. Albert G.eiser, v/ho has taken a
contract io \iork themiqes, v/lll start
a crew o[ 20 men tomorrow morning
m the Josie. It is expected that
when two or three of the smaller properties have been started thc crew will
be transferred lo the Lc<- Boi, ancl
mining in the premier property of the'
camp will be again pusiied.
Mr. (ieiser has a margin of three
months in wliich to star; work in ihe
Lc Boi, itself, and ho is laying hi.--,
UInn's c.irofullv.    lie has a man travel-
ti(\ now ia confronting the directorate J
i o; tiie Mil.ivan company,
%J *Uk
A wholesome   and  nutritious breakfast  food.
Tn'.c ii'Un i   linn  I'tiih   .In.. -   fi
a   n, ii n u i\ p i
ll1. O'.il",  I   .Hi'
Mtllll'l  Ul   ll'.H
I In.* in!! >*. i.i
ul"   "Ui.i.1 'i   '
ik-.u i tn1 I •
■I'tilUi ii   ' '
\l ,'-t    11"-. I
ifiolll' 1, !"'■
j to :i I'.-I. '!
Ilii'lliv ,'.i  I
I e'liitu**   '•"
J '.ID.'ic-i'-.
I Am; '.!'.', !'''
;.. ,k j.l; t.i  tin   elm i'  <■■'
l.ll"!   -.M'I-1.'    !",'''   I   t'SIlil -.   '   .
; . iii'N, >i"!.'t •   i,.i  i Iil'
il ,■   ,n    ■,,n,:!i   i'n-;   !■',  i*  i:  }.    i ,
■n.Iiiii *:     ' .Mln.H i;,'!'! i   ."    '   1'  *
, !      ;..- *•    li:i!. • in-:- ■ 11 i'e*.    '   n.i
;'.,     !.m t'lu i -!   i i. Mi?i   i'i   wr'        ''1, I
;  I, n >:    ni1*,     I !u"   v v. t ■-.  ! ' , .'   '',- '
,1   i    in ; :!i   !i .1   i 1' en -   <■>    '   , ''-A !
:ri ei.iuii. i,i .i ;,ik!, 'h,"ii i' - >'n'. 'h,A
in- i.i,., i  ni iii'i'ir.'iitiH. .'ilm., 'im ; j
(,-i;,o i \wi'i:v>'< i i'. lio'i oi .      I
,,     ''Dick" J'owers and Frank McDevitt.
- j two .)[ Uicbci-t miner,-- that ever t-irucl.
', the camp, went t(; CriMon V\"edne.-d-tv.
i-i     Malcolm lirant, returnei! iioni   Fait-
bauit, Minn., Thursday,     lie  was   a< ■
comp'inio.l by hi-, wife and mui, Many.
Mr, (iium say.-i there arc big   ctopts   iu'lilK-  mines.
tlie east iind evervthing is   llouii
arise tliruugh J.he alien labor law in
gettius-..Americans to go to .woik die
eontiv.elors will bring out a full crow
of miners fiom ea&u-in Canada.
air. (Jeiser contcrti'd today witii the
niinir:.' iinion at K<.i.*«*-liiud in regani to
having union miners woi): for him   in
The   union   njeeted   his
is   noiiiishing. j proposals.
l-'avo I'k-et\*ood, for some lime   p.uj',' a >;■.-.*. t aiim* mi i;Aiui)i(.   •
iliiveri.fthc mail   wagon   at   the   Sit|     \Ve^!e.\ Cline,  the   baber,  has  been
| on today and everything   worked   like
a charm.
Members of the waterworks company complaiirof the lack of support
■of cheir enterprise by a good portion
of the residents of, the town, and there
seems to b3 considerable foundation
tor their grievences. The company ' is
putting in 12 lire hydrants'in ihe town
at, an expenditure of over $500, from
which mere will never  be  any   direct
revenue tq the company. The • people
should appreciate this and help it
along as any other public enterprise. Not only this but ihe stock
purchased is a good ' safe  investment.
r .   _ _	
-if onkliouse Out of Ijuc'Ic.
Word comes from Sandon that A-.--.-
G! Monkhouse while working in tho
Mennesota Silver Co's mill a few nights
ago fell into the pulley on the main
line shaft and sull'ered^a compound
fracture of thc right leg. Monkhouse
is well known in Moyio, where ' ho
worked iu ihe Sc. Eugene mill until
tbo close down. He is a good, steady
young'man and ' his friends will be
grieved lo learn of his mUfortuue.
3fet:il Quotation-,.
iSTew York, Aug. 30.—Bar silver,
58.1 cents. Lead, price for miners
and smelters, ff-l.i.17.1 at tbe elOiC. Copper, broker:)' price, •-/LO.50.
London, Aug. oO.—Lead Xll 15s. 'J.l.
' M. A. Beaio ami ,Dr. Green arc
spending a few days in Fori Steele
and Cranbrook.
With the purchase of two packages a handsome
picture is given entirely free.
j .vol loiy
]     'I .ik,'  null' i" '"> ''•   '.!>'"•    (III.-
| lll'l.'Of. I lii.'.'ii 1 i"'i!'l'!'. ! '   li'
j >..oii..r nf Km I    .i'i'1 v"'.;-     ■■'' •
tQ O m <H) O 111 O IPVii
 cit/.QciL'Ilt/i JUL
.uti'.ii c
Moyu' !niv." ia -or!" I'.i-i 'A'-'!
.h-ciilii'il ii- |-')i!ii" k' A''"1' l'.'ii, i.i.;
i.l.niUil l.'O'C:" A>- ■*: 1 iA-- no
,!,.',. I1.'       >■
I'lli.'i I'n. It
in. vi r !• .1 i
11,1' ,
I Kiigineiiiine,   lift   Thur.-duy   for   the j croft;l!y gatheiing minor.il  speemien-, j
j ea.A, to tiike   in   (he  ya:ht   uices,   thi-( „lu| now l,.ls noaily :i luiiidrcd,  repic-l
j Buffalo wcpo-ition and cveiyiliing el."-,'";'renting   the  principal   minis   in     th- |
| that will look good   lo  him.     He   wiil-i northwer.t.    He    lias    th-'m    m    glass!
' loiurti l.-foif. (he miow dies". i Wcl.,.', ,V()1i(t t..!;?. lUU\   Wv\\  an.ustjed
i j ^
■'      When   vuii   uv.nf,   iiroc'rie •     ",\    i,, : 1 Ie will 1 ike
hen  vuii   want   groceries
..'i.i I
i() j ue win iiKeiv hi.ve   nin   eoi:ee!io:i
j tho.coming Cranbrook  cxhibi!ioi\
im lCl 'P Al fsTl Q I
I  ivo-!    I'.' Din   t!   '   '•' ',|1
j   ;i(.||]> 1, I'iii'1 •--'<' 'i ':
' isi'r.i e or,-'. l''i" ■ A-i"
10 ciiitn.iii m\) '
n\\\■t',-10 !i.',ri*^'.
An:;. :."•') V-'0|,
,. -: (i
., i.i1 ii
.'i   ,•) ,
'0 '■   .
■i- i'i   '
,'.' ' i'.
mM t^^^^^ 77,:a77a
AAlm," Oarity ivaJin ihe Nelson   jail ,
ni. i a few days ago   n .-.nitini;   exatninal ion'
'■'Ansto  ill's r.uiily.    G.ivity    was  pickc'■
,.;,'   Up on fhi' s-tn'et an   a   liisorderly,  and
in ! from   fliy!   observations    which   .havi.-.
escaped lis ni   since '.his   'arrest    if is'
'ihongh'l lia.is not -Tight,   in   Ihe   head.
"Matt" is well, known in Movie
frei'uently    took
hod.with ih
.uinn'HiXAi,   i,nc\!,s, i
\Y. V.". jlolile, manage:- of   the   bu-i  I
ness of F. IiuniM tV. Co. in East   Koute- ■
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Utou'crso f*.h*iiii�� w^t;  eonnniinity, and ., o-Ioyie ia    no . exeep- vji.onoo w/<:bnin';.norib,Aiei!A 'fcO.'eliariis.cflst, toi '; ��� . .'. .:-'  lion 'to'.. the;   rule.,   TU'ing '.('ho  early j ;i!l' '!,oin: ��7 ^'!lniU:n^^;:^:^!Ann.0 ^  Orders''S.oSlci'tod  :Aar;o;yof tleveioyment. at.    the St.yE'u-  ne there wero 'me'n.-'t'.'iipii.rcntly' ��� ii.i-  1^87;  nelson,:  b. e  &.?''  Afiners .Al)'eadquar-tar8.;7o ^bo  ^���-���yrt ;isA;y.A;s'.yyA'Aj.-A jjq  i��l;R'8'7'- ^  ��XIE,:  aomy  ir&tzw**! r^jrssmw*JJ|grwagg.-rwgjf.ffc����rc  lelligent who said that'the ynii'he- was  no good and "that A���he.;:.suicUe'r.'* could  not.������treat the.."ore   even   ;iTi-er: it   was  taken' (Ait..      Now    there a are   a feA  .iolinuy-know-7i lis who oiro ycirepla-  Un.u a rejiort   that, '.the   Moyie, waterworks,hAa !i/.ile, tt'i'ui that, the dam can  never bo 'made. . lo ', hold   'water.    The,  St.. Eujaim; .iiais million;." .in .s-ight   iiud  ���has jvaid   dividciodi-,    ano   ,t.iio   Moy'ie'  water wot ks ai'eyd! right a::o!   will   pay  all kind;-, of dividend*-; iater on,     a  .Jul'v..',ui'i';,r>!...  A^MyioHAayi'KR.rox.  '':       ���'-���,.. :   ''  -i--!;!..���  Soda-'Water, .and .Syph&n.s,  ;3*j&r*r^*.r^^.rx.rM\\-nZM��L.,z.'rfii.iz--*l   '  ie columni  m-iwepijper consti  'Xotick.  'I hii'ty 'biVH niter dale I intend to li'ppiy to llii; j  ubi,'..l'C;;|.l!!JiSSi01llT Of ��� .lllltd.S    lllld   -WOI'ltS    i"!'   it  .speein'l hcihiKC-.to'en't and remove- tjinbi:'.- .fnsin  .tiie fi'ijio'.'.'ii'j; loi.-atioi.:. <.'',"iii!iii'(...-,'i,.:i'i,;; 'aA'thc  iioi'tb'cit.s.L'eoi-nta- j'lOKt, siluati.'d myir. the v,\'s!.  .bunk oi r,leyU: li'via- oj)])f)silu tsobyrts jiluc.'r  aiiiA, 00 ebniuAsoutby thciico 60 ciiiuns \\-,.:sl, i  'hinicess'i chaini; norib, lbeij:-e Sp Arains east, i<;  point, of coinnieucenieul ���i','!,r) acres', lucre or As,;-,.  -.'..'' ''"' , ',.'-    ".'.HOIUiKT lioiir-ON...  JlllK;l'!lh"J:!Ol.' , ���    i���JO   " '     P.A!  ''���i-fi'^v.'^'"'        Ozz'idiiB,.:^  r>y\i*l  * Z'-'.yy'i JU5.i:T55 CSC.  Thi.-ry (tuy's ,-ift.ur ijale I intend toniipiy to. tbu j   ��� Ar.vone n(..i*,lli.";-'i:-ik;;".,-i> an;< AisAAt-Ai ra��1'  f/biio '���flnniiissioaer of lab-is- nud  v/o :���!-.������  for   a j 'ftft;��� y, f^ p7y^,^ ^y^Jy'/l!-^^  * M&m  :���<���:>y ���   i;-y-i..-.y:,��:'?.A',..Av_~iO,>-V,^^'..tiU'C..^j  ;-'y':.-j;    ^v*"&*^-'-y"i:"^"i2k&^  NOTICE.  r-yy  spcoa'aliiuense lo eut. and ��� i-eiiiovo- tiiuber  froiii  t b e- foili-.wji 11 sjt laud i-it uated oii,.Mtiyii; river. ��nst  ,      i    -        , "���    ,1 t       R.ootc:iiiy. ��� CoiihnieiiX-iu;,-.".ta'i.'tvt-mi   :l!5  sum-  UU-e the: stuck Ul    trauo.   oi    the   pue- j ]dt' b(ylvec| yi^c,.". creek  aed   ^Io-'bs.nvor,  J; iiOiiiini; feO cl.ainOs  e.*i,vt, thence So cbuins aorl h,  !Oi,;:ici.! ,S0 (diiii'as v,-esl. I li outre >V c I in ins .south in  n.-O'or.    ���j'jVi ry  ; lino" except   editorial  .hoidd'bi.i c-iih'-i' an item of ncwT; or an  \ll" mat  .:ert:-jemcnf.  oi   morn  lie  ;o',r  >c  :.as:<  tin.- p'.Jiif (if (:,yi!ii,.,iu-iii!;--i;!U acres, :iiio,:c or  ;,.;-s. ; JtOjlKUT llOHyfiN.  ,l ,-s.- iO(h i ,ai   , ��� . ���    i    iii,.  tior-sfArOsivsGiAidoi*.;la', JAa-bkh.-Ao; i^stj-rda  lina^fSS's OlOost; ;,<;:t*asy ry f;.->K-,r;:;r: ;viA.i;h:a.  l,V.t.f-!!tvyf|iAL*;i..t.')iX,ili..''.'. 0'.;,,;!>   y.si).  j'^OSi'/O ;  ;!f^fe^f|fie'7W|^r;'A'A']i' :  A>-    ^ '" s" ���-^���'y >> s ;,. V     >.'  S:u!,��� ���������-..su.j-'/SM*  A'. ls-.ia3.0,ii'','S7 iiiii::!r'0':"i v.-oiiij;.-,    i Aracs:' fir  sasiO-o, , ���':,sy i'.-i.-n.;;;;: y.si'isil.   "Tei'i'is, o:;;  yiS'S    '.'���...i.- "..'0��:,,.;i:.i, ['I.   i'-.-j :t ay:ifl ii..",f:',ii.,;ij;.i  ir.O'IEN'y,��:A.Bi;.jTSK,.;.I">....oi>;y��.',:. r,. ...iio  s.  \:;l:,"y|llME]MTIS^  OmiA;4niLBc8idenQ^   XJBAK.BJICOK  ���"PiOTii'R'^^ i^P. a ^s?An .'������'���'  ! .."���' Brest j' tlie pHotogra-  '.'���. 'plier* ojlias'/ojiist re'r  '-. .;';c|iyed;;tHe:SneMipt  .of, ;:pi^'iiMings'.: in  .. /;Mmi''^b6ienky:i"  ������;���: /:W..'A. Brest,'-: ���  '.'���'"���'   -.'   '      A   Tbotogropher,    s  Cr.'iubi'oclc,.a Aloyicy- 'i-'<is-t ,St'c<Uo.  ;   V/ili Visit Moyie cii o  a      -Tt! oifk-yy o.apl���y.V.oo'dnt.'a  |sf1  Skm t'���  agSrieeKWfleP^nd^ldw  rs,  ff?t ���'  *     jpl    ���-.-������������        ���"���-��� ���' : o,.o.jg'ij: , so...,-..:  "���N ^)-P ^ ���' -MI iA&3'wCj" r^ si ���" ^ n ii d ��� ���-  y^Br rilltaf d.i.j��l ;ildnil;  ���...'-    '��� .-' "      '���:''������      ��� .   ,     J   ' . ���:������������...  ^ualityoojiot^xcelledlri the;. country. Tr^ it panel  .'p..;. y;7 .,o'. a'; ".'���:.:'':    be convinced. ������ ';.'-:/^./:/y;/���/..  . &^.~*?t<r^i^z^witt'zuiJaxrrt*rv&K  ���xxtmtmrMrV. �������  /������  si  .'?  Si:.  HI i-l'RI'/  JOE.NSWjy   BiEOS.  i  '1   ���  DliBBest Brands, of-Liquprs"-and' Gi'^'ars'.  AGENTS 'BOB TABST'S ��� MILWAUKEE BBBB.  fft  ���?�����  ��>  /ft  /ft  /^   m.OY.t>"i,  Ki "      ���    '.    ���  y HEADQUARTERS, FOR COMMERCIAL'    ���  ,     ANDMIMlHG.Mai'f      ..." '  .,-;.'  '���0"~    ��� '"'��� "������ - .'UUl'lTfUi  (:<I.1,!!,1.;!5'!A  i-  \??  <v  ���'.1'  ���0/  ^y|S^W ..,,^..^:  .%5!*' *?
V^'v'W        ^'
MOYIE,    B.    C.
A Plucky Young lady Takes oa
Herself to Cure Her father
of the Liquor Mbit.
Sum Derrochers Cured of Diabetes in
1898—Had It For Over Five
Years—His Recent Letter Proves
That His Cure Still Holds Good.
'A portion, cf her - letter reads     as
y'ollows:—"-.ry 'father had often, prom-
f;.t»d mother ,to    stop drinking;    and
-would'do so for a time, but ther- returned to it stronger than ever. One
day,  after, a terrible  sprco,   he unid
,Ui us: ( 'It's"   no    use.   I can't stop
di-inkin'g.'     Our    hearts   seemed... Lo
turu io stone, and we .deckled to try
the Tasteless. .Samaria ' Prescription,
which, wo had read about in tho pa-
,pcrs.   V/o gave h'rn the remedy,  entirely without .his knowledge, in hi3
tea, cofTce, or food regularly, according to directions, and ho never knew
lio was  taking  it.    One package removed all his desire for liquor,   und
he says it is now distasteful to him.
Ilia health and appetite are also won
His   health and'   appetite aro    also
wonderfully   improved,   and    no Ono
would know, him'for'tho same man.,
It is,-now fifteen months since  wo
g-ave'it, to him„and wc feci sure'that
the change is for good.   Please send
mc', one -of your'   little.,hooks, as"I
want to give it to a friend."
of Tasteless Samaria Prescription
gladly Sent. Freo 'with full particulars in plain sealed envelope. All
letters considered- sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria. Remedy
Co., 30 Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.'
'," "   THE '        (    '
fMian's ■ Christian Temperance Unioi
Quebec, July 29.—(Special)—Sam
Derrochers*, of the Fortress City was
cured of Diabetes by Dodd's Kidney
Pills' in 1898. ,IIis case is well
known hero;, it having been published
in the papers at the time, and a
great'deal of attention was drawn
to Dodd's Kidney Pills on its account.        _ .      ,        '
Diabetes,  however, is known to be
an incurable  disease,    and   many  or
the more sceptical of Quebec citizens
expressed    doubt as  to   the  permanency of.the cure.-These doubts   may
now   bo  se,t  at rest.   Mr. "Derrochers
himself attests that,in three years he
has had no sign of Diabetes'  return.-
,On'May  28,  1898, .,Mr.  Stun     Derrochers  published  the  following  letter  in  the   Quebec papers:    "I have
been, a victim   to    Diabetes for over
five years, with terrible pains around
.my kidm-ys.     My, feet    were always
cold,   and    my  thirst could  not     bo
quenched, ,nb matter    what I drank.
I tried remedy after remedy  but   received no help.   I- purchased  one box'
of Dodd's Kidney Pills and found immediate relief.   £ have now ,, finished
five  boxes,  and, can    say I am    perfectly cured."    ,
Now ^ to clear away'all possible
doubt that Mr. Derrochers was not
cured,, to show, beyond question.thai
Dodd's Kidney Pills did not merely
relievo hini for the time, but actually
cured him of Diabetes, and cured him
to stay, cured, wo publish his letter
of April' 4th, 1901.,
VPear Sirs,—My cure oJ Diabetes
by Dodd's Kid-ney Pills has been permanent. I have not been troubled
with a sign of Diabetes since my
cure three years ago."
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure all diseases . pfr= the Kidneys and. -the
troubles arising' from weak action of
the Kidneys. They aro used throughout the world.
—•»«•.•*,*a 'f!,i«.,,.Py.
lAinc-neajis who g<> abroad must expect to he robbed right pud left," said
a youinc man who recently returned
from a brief European lorn-. "One expects to be held up for all sorts of tips
but when the Urws follow you Dome
you can't help f(.f.j!lJK ., son 0, adinlra.
tion for their ingenuity.
"I went over ou oue of the Red Star
me boats, and the first thing I did on
landing at Antwerp was to go to the
cable office rind send a message to my
mother announcing my safe arrival. I
paid the toll nnd thought no more
about it until I got home, when,among
my mail 1 found,a letter from the Antwerp operator, addressed in care of, my
mother, jaying that through an error
r-niiuTidf charged rno enough for my
cablegram sent on such and such a
date, that he had been obliged to pay
tho difference out of his own pocket,
and as. his salary was very small and
ho had a large family and all that sort
of thing he felt sure'I would reimburse
"The amount was a trifling one, and
I did send him a foreign money order.
I havo since learned from,experienced
travelers that I had been made, the
victim of a systematic form of robbery
and that scarcely a cablegram is ,sent
from the other side unless it is' of -a
business nature 'that i.s, not followed
by some such plea from the European
"What do you'think,of this scheme
ot  telegraphing without wires ? "
"Thai's nothing new. My wife has
kicked my shins under the table for.
20 years." ' ■ ' , « ■
F. \V. Mills as a "peanut king"
has had an interesting career. lie
began life as a peanut vendor on a
train. '■ AY hen only 12 years old he
had contracts with several railroads
running out of Chicago'for thc exclusive rights to sell peanuts on ^hc
trains.   ■
"Didn't yoii 'have' trouble' in gct:
ting so  many  antiques'?"      ' ,
"Dear me, no—1 had them made to
order." ' ■-
Letter frorn Mrs., Ceorjp Grant, of
Paisley, Ont.', giving pai titulars of
a euro effected by "Samaria Prescription," resulting in its use and adoption by tho Paisle5r. Woman's Christian Temperance  Union.
(Copy) ,;
Paisley, Out., December llih, 1900.
Phe Samaria Remedy Co.,      '   '
?0 Jordan Street, Toronto, Ont.
Dear Sirs.—I penned a few lines to
you some time ago;—as a member of
the temperance cause, I' wrote for
information; at that time.I.had in
my mind friends whose son was a
yrcat cause of anxiety and trouble on
account of his drunken hubi's. 1
strongly urgfd the friends to try tho,
remedy I yaw advertised .-in the Toronto Globe. They did so. It -was
tho .Stunarta Remedy ' that was od-
iiiiniistei-ed and I am plouSed, to iti-
form the company the medicine was
helpful; iho young man has not
drank a drop since, breaking off from
old companions: and special prayers
on his belialf, all aided in breaking
tho chains.
At the last meeting of the W. C.
T. U. here, I introduced your medicine for the cure of the liquor habit,
and a resolution was passed. "That
inasmuch as it is the aim of this organization to help the poor inebrialo,
wo should recommend this remedy in
homes where persons aro ar'dictcd to
tbo uso of intoxicating Jiquors."
Now, sirs, wishing you a successful
career* in your noble work, and feel-
big that assistance can be given in
the precincts of home by the hand of
mother or wife, * trusting God may
l>pen up useful avenues for your labors, Yours very respectfully,
On behalf of Paisley W. C. T. U.
iu Ion,  testimonials   nnd  nrico sont  in  plait
{^'".^c-iTiilnpo.   Enclose "So  stamp.    Andrews
T-HK SAMAIilA ItElLEDY CO.. IJnJordan St.'
.         TORONTO, Ontni-U
If you don't intend to marry the
girl, keep away and give the other
follow  a chance.
Mrs. Oelesto Ooon, Syracuse, N.Y., writes:
"For yeans I could not eat many kinds of
food without producing a burning, excruciating pain in my stomach. I took Parme-
leeV Pills according to directions under
'Dyspepsia or Indigestion.' One box entire-
iv cured mo." I can now ©at anything I
choose, without distressing me in the least."
These pills do not cause pain or griping, and
should b« used when a cathartic is required.
lie's SIott.
"So vou loaned Harbinger the money,
did you?"
"Yes." i •     •„ ,
"What did he say?" '
"He promised to pay with alacrity."
"He did. eb? Well, let me tell you this,
if there's one thing that's scarcer with
him than money it's alacrity."
William Barrow, , timekeeper at
Gilliow's cabinet works, , Lancaster,
England, has ,been in the employ of
the firm for 06 years. Although SO
years of age, he is still active, being
invariably the first on ,the premises
in the morning and the last to leave
at night. ' His father held the keys
before him. •
A Chicago woman alleges she can't
live  with her    husband "because     he
has a wooden leg.   If all that's said
* ,   '       ■•
by wives is  true,  some  of them  are
married to men with wooden heads
Stations and Days.
; A Gooil AvcraR-e.
Tarke-rAfter 20 years of married life
how do you manage—as well as ever?
Lane—-Yes, about as well. I understand my wife almost as well as the first
three weeks  we  were'engaged.—Detroit
KfO«  Press. ■
llinart's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Dawson says the prettiest sewing
machine he ever saw was 17 years-
old, with short sleeves, low-neck
dress, and gaitor-boots.
It may be only a trifling cold, but neglect
it Rnd it will fasten its fangs in your lungs,
and you will soon bo carried to an untimely
grave. In this country we ", have sudden
changes and must expect to have coughs and
colds. Wo cannot avoid them, but.we can
effect a cure by using Bickel's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, tho medicine that has never
been known to fail in curing coughs, colds,
bronchitis and all affections of tho throat,
/unge and chest.
C. C. RICHARDS & CO. K   ;
Dent- Sirs,—I havo used MINARD'S
LINIMENT in my stable for over a
year, 'and consider it the very best for
horse, flesh I can get and str ongly recommend it.
Livery Stables,  Quebec.
"Miss Dorothy, why is it you en-
Jpy golf liso much ?"    •'',■.
"Oh, it's just because I like something real stylish to get , cxciUid
about." '   ' ■
fVfeen ITiirrr Wrm thc VefJih. I oa.
The following extract from the London Times of May 14, 1S01. gives an
interesting picture of tbe good old
days: "It Is now the high fashion to
run. or at least to trot, through the
streets at a rate of six miles an hour.
A running walk is absolutely necessary
for any young man wbo has the least
pretension to ton. You must lounge in
a hurry and saunter with expedition.
It is an* old proverb, the .more haste the
worst ■ speed, but Bond street dally
shows us the more hurry the less to
do. When we see our Idle youths riding race horses, walking for wagers or
boxing for fame, we must agree .with
Horace that "slrenua *m» esercet inertia-' "	
Minard's Liniment Gores Colls, Etc.
If one docs not ■"•'■take care, one's
whole life slips away in theorising,,
and we want a second career for
practice.—Fenel on.
Leavo  from ...Canadian
.Northern depot—
Winnipeg to Jlorris.Etn
crson, fcju. I\itil etcdly
St Paul to Emerson
Jlorris, Winnipeg dlr
Winnipeg, to • Roland,
Miami, Bel <*o;it.ITsrt-
ncy & JJr&ndon, iJon.,
Wed and Fri.     -    -  -
Brandon. Harfcney. Belmont, JLlami, Kolaud,
to Winnipeg,' Tues.
'Jhursanii Sat.    - .-
W'inni-eg to Portace 1:
P. nnd intennetlinte
s'alions, daily e:< Sun.
Portals la P. and intei"-
meih'lG   stations   t
V.'iuiiipegdl/ ex Sun
Winnipeg to Bto.'ions on
Uenvcr and Delta bran
ches, Tuc-3. end Thurs
Braver and Delta hr'cli
stations, to Winnipeg
Tnes.aod Thurs.    -
iYlnnipeg;to Portage la
P.,GlauStone.    -   -  ■
Dauphin, etcv Mon.
Wed. and Fn.      - ■
Dauphin. Gladstone. P."
ia Prairio, Winnipeg
Tues., Tirars. &   Sat.
Winnipeg to W'p'gosis,
Tues and Thurs.   -   -
SVinnipegosi ^ to Wpg1
Mon. and Fri	
'Winnipeg » to Granc
View, ilon. and  Fri.
CJr.-ind Viow to Wpg
Tues. and Sat	
Dauphin vy W'p'gOiib
and. rotarn.Sar-	
Dauphin to Swan Hirer
& Klwood, Wed.- ....
Elwood to Swan  Biver
> <te Dauphin) Pri	
Leave from <J. P. depot
Winnipeg to Warrcad
Boaudette and intermediates stalionSjMon,
• Werl., and Fri	
Bcaudotte, Wi* rrcad ,ctc.
to Winnipeg, Tues.,
Thurs. andt?at	
S3 00
5.01 '
5.0 J
! uO.45
21. S3
Gen. 3upt.
S. tt.   Marie, Ou-en  Soa.id,   Toront-)| LV
audEist, Via bakes,  Mon., Thurs |    .
and. Sat    • I-1...J
Titos ,Fri. °-ndSnn	
Montreal, Toronto,   Now York ami
east, via all rail, dally i9i.ul>
Kat     Portage    and    intermediate
points, Mon., Wed. &Fri	
Tues., Thurs. ci, Sat  	
Rat    Portas-o     and     intermediate
n.-lnts. Tues.,Thurs, and Sat.'. 1-i.f 0,
Mon., Wed. and Fr.!	
Molson, Lao  Du Bonnet and   Inter
mediate Points. Thurs only	
Portage la Prairie. Brandon. Calcary
■$100Eeward, $1^00
Tho rcadm-s of this paper" WW be' plea-=«l to
learn that thero is'at least ono „'4r<*adetl diseaac
that Science has henn abjle to cure in »U, it-j
stages, and that is . Co.Ufcri>,. Bail's Oiit*rrh'
Cuj-o istha only vies t)ve cni-e -Jbnomio to ttie
Tnedleul rmtea-nity. Calavrh beiliff a constftu-
tional dJsoasft,reiruiies a. eon«ifa»tiop£vi trefti-
munt. , OHftil'e Cui.irrli Cure tartafci'n.lnternaljy
aothiff direotly upon the iblood'eDd mucous sur.
faces of the sysfeni. ttfwreby destroying the
foundation of the di».in86,aMfi'.(fivl»2'the .patient
strength bv budding- up tbo constitution aiirt
assisting nature In uoing ite. work. The prc-
priotors have so wuitf fidlh hi its curative
powore, that they ofTev Otic ihuudredictrtltw-s for
any case that it falls to cure. Send for llst.ot
testimonial1", ^   _, ,   ,     .-,
•AddroBS.   iT. J.-CHKNKr-& CO..101 do, t
Soldi-.y bruBgiatd, 7Bc.
Hall's Family Pills ate the best.
Kelson and nil Kootenay and Coast
points, daily	
Portage Li Prairie, Braudou. aud intermediate points, daily ex Sun....
Portage la Prairie, Brandon, Moo e
jaw and intermediate i"Jinls daily
exSunday- • •
Hladstone. Kcepawa, jilmncdosa and
xntermeuintepoints, .daily ex bun.
Shoal Lake, Yorkton and.intermedi-
ate points, Mon., Wed. nnd Fn ....
Tues. Thur.".. and Saturday'.	
Rapid City, ' Hamlota,:, Miuota,
Tuet^, Thurs. and S.it	
IS 03
.'1.2 ■
10.1 s
Moni, Wed. andiil.   .
Mordeiii Deloraine and m termed late .
points................... daily es feu n 1 -..-10UJ-
Napinka, Alameda and intermediate
• points, Mon., Wed.,Th:TS. & Sat.
Men., Tues., Thurs. and Sri -.....•
filenboro, Soir.-is, and In'ormerttate
points,daily ex Sun............	
NapinkQ,Mc*lita, Alameda, and inter
mediate points,   Mon., Wed, l<ri.
Tues.,1 Thurs. and Sat.......  •■
Pincstone, Keston.Areola and inter
'■mediato points.   Mon. Wed.., Fri.
Tues., Thurs. and Sat.... 	
Frobysnirs, Kirsh. Bienfaife, Estc-
van, Sat. •'.	
IMcn...... ...........••*.-.-•-■**.-...
Gretna, St. Paul. |Ciiieago......clnily
Stoudwall,1 Tuelon-.Tues. Thurs, Sat
West Selkirk  Jton, \V ed, Fn
West Selkirk.......Tues. Thurs, 5>ae
Bmeryon Mon. Wod and 1-ri
7. SO
""   l.Af5
11.10 13. 5
It V/an Made of nn Old S<e<*l iriJe nnd
Was SIi»ri)ei>oa to a. lluzor EU^e.
WMx It He Killed Sixteen Men—The
IJnel V.'Itri \orria  Wrlcht.
James Bowie, famous by reason of tbe
TrorM renowned knifo «-:ilIed by his name,
was born in Burke county, Ga., in 1700.
In lb02 his father"oniignited tn Louisi-
nna. That country v.-iw then slill under
French domination. There had Leon
large tracts of land granted hy the
French crown ia the territory named for
I^ouis XIV, and one of these, in the parish of Catahoula, was acanired hy the
elder IJo-iyk*. lie < was a man of* substance, owning nearly-100 slaves. lie
Boon had his estate opened out nnd was
growing superb crops of cotton, and corn.
His son James he sent first lo a famous
private school at Natchez, Miss., an.^afterward to,the Jesuit college, then located in New Orleans. ■
James Bowie in 1S27 -vvns challenged to
a duel with' ISforris Wright.    The pocket
pistols ,of that "day wore  uncertain.     It
was; long before the percussion cap had
hi ■en  brought into common use, and  the
flintlock nrm was the only firearm known;
It was' liable to inifsn  fire just when lt
ought not lo.    Bowie determined to rely
upon^a knife he had caused to he made
for  just  such   a   contingency.     He   had
taketr- a 14 inch file,  such as was then
used  to sharpen  crosscut fiaws and  tlie
upright saws used for turning out-planks
from logs.' lie had the file marks care-"
fully ground off tlio file and the, smooth
piece of steel  sl:iHfulIy  reduced   by  the
griiKlslono until it' was about the thickness  and' weight  ho   desired.    Then  he
took  it  to'n  Spaniard   In  New   Orleans
known as "Pedro, 01ho slrilled cutler," a
man who had learned hi.-j art in Toledo,
where the finest sword blades m'all Spain
were forged.'   lie-tempered and finished
tlK' kniTo, fitted it with a crosspieee and
haft.   'When it wns done, James, Bowie
had a,weapon "fit <o fight for a man's'life
with." as lie said to Governor Wells.    It
was beautifully- balanced, and the artist
had hollow ground it like a razor,  with
n  double edge for three', or  four inches
from the point. ■ ' ■
The knifo was .fitted with a wooden
scabbard, covered with lontherAand wns
sharp enough lo shave the hair off the
hack of one's band.,- This was the original howie knife,, though it was' somewhat modified subsequently in shape.
Natchez island, where the Gght was to
be, wan midway between the Louisiana
nnd Mississippi shores of the great Father of Waters. Therefore it was a favorite meeting place for gentlemen who
had to adjust affairs that might have a
fatal ending, as the authorities of neither
Btate could interfere.,'
It was understood -that each' of ,the
principals should have but one friend,
and certainly not more tlianvtwo. on, the
ground. But Mr.' Wright- had five or six
present.' The fight began with pistols.
One of Bowie's missed fire, while both of
Wright's took effect upon bi3 antag'stiLst.
Thinking he had Bowie at his mercy,
Korris Wright sprang upon hi in. In a
moment Bowie had drawn his deadly
knife, and, though two or three of
Wright's' friends were shooting at iiiui.
and hitting him,' too, Bowie made one
awful slash at Wright's neck. The keen
steel hit Into the , very, neckbone. The
blood shot out over Bowie, and Norris
Wright was dead before he touched the
ground. *   ' -
■ Seriously wounded himself, it was for
gome time a very doubtful question
whether or not -he would ever get "well.
But youth, a temperate life and an excellent constitution finally brought him
around, and in a year from that time' he
killed General Crain with the same knife
he had used in his first encounter. ]"The
knife doesn't miss fire," he said to an intimate friend, Mr. Bynuni of the parish
of Rapides.   "The pistol does."
James Bowie was engaged In the purchase ancl contest of claims for great
tracts ©f land that had been grants made
by the French crown. When Louisiana
was ceded to the United States and finally became a state, there was a good deal
of trouble on this account over some of
the titles to land along tho Red river and
its tributaries. A man often had to fight
for his plantation, as frequently he would
not give it !up to somebody with an old
French or Spanish grant- It was in
thpse contests that James' Bowie did the
most of his killing. He had 16 lives on
his hands from . the use of that one
knife. After much consideration" he had
made a knife that has been the model
and pattern for all the real bowie knives
that ever had the' sanction of their originator. , '
In 1S35''Colonel Bowie" sold his Louisiana property and went to Texas. The
Lone Star State was in the throes of a
bloody revolution. The gallant resistance
of the Texans so exasperated General
Santa Anna, who was chief in command
of the Mexican forces, that he swore he
would take no more prisoners. When
Bowie arrived ln Texas, he was at once
made a colonel of riflemen in the army of
In January, 1S30, Colonel Bowie was
ordered to San Antonio dc Bexar to assist in holding that place against Santa
Anna's coming forces. The siege ran
along until March, when San Antonio,
trusting in tho'pledged word of honor of
Santa Anui, with a starved out garrison,
purrenderetf. A general massacre took
place. Travis, Crockett and Bowie were
murdered In cold blood, a stain on General Santa Anna's memory that time can
never blot out. Colonel Bowie was badly, wounded three times and was in a
room of the main work of tbe place called
the Alamo. lie opposed the surrender as
Ion? ns was possible.
lie was lying on his bed when he heard
the triumphant Mexicans coming in. It
was the first hint he had had of thesur-
render. He knew his life was ended, lie
could, however, move about a little. The
instant the'Mexicans came into the room
they hegan'shooting nt hirn. . He grasped
his knife and leaped among them like.an
enraged tiger. And when the firing ended six of his enemies had crossed the
Styx with James Bowie and gone with
him to the shades.
z^td&tisd/ d^nJns
Conltln't Vinil  Hie  Corkscrew.
Tbey live pretty well out," in a hand,
some liouie, but not near enough to a
fire station to be "handy in case of accident." As tbe house i.s their-own
and their all the .husband bad boon
somewhat iu terror of a blaze for some
time.- So' be .laid ip a stock of hand
grenades, those ' little glass bottles
which are supposed to put out any fire
that may start.
One day tho blaze came. Tlie cook
started it in tlie kitchen. Then she
fied howling tocher*room and began to
pack her trunk. The wife,prides herself on her ability lo keep her head,'so
first she stepped to the telephone and
turned in the alarm, and then she went
for the hand grenades'.
When, the fire department did arrive,
the men found her'standing over the
sideboard runu ringing tbroiigh ,the
drawers. Copious streams of water
soon drowned thc bFaze and ruined'the
lower floor, and the department left.
Still she r'umifcaged. ■ Her husband
came, called by the phone girl, tie saw
her there, , ■
"Why, my dear girl," he Bald, "why
didn't yon use the hand grenades and
etop the fire as soon as It started?
Then the whole lower part of the house
wouldn't have been soaked." ■■
' "John," she responded Icily, "if you
would just keep tlie corkscrew where
it belongs, Lcould'use the horrid old
grenades. But It Is gone and how was
I to open.themV"
Mrs. Snnggs—I could never understand why the .Russians call their ruler thc While Czar.
Mr, Snaggs—"I suppose that the numerous .plots against his .life keeps
him pale all the time.
Said a shrewd minister before the'
collection was taken up : "Thoso who
are in, debt need not- place anything
on  thc plate.:'     The     collection was
double the,usual  amount."   <
The poll taken of' Cardiff, Wales,
on the, question, of whether children
in the board ,,schools should bo
taught the Welsh language has'resulted iti a majority of G7' votes
against it.
sort's LIfllment. Cnreg ° Dlrtfintpcr.
Toss—T've got a ucw way to toll a person's age.
Joss—Is that so? Will you tell any
one's ngo?
Tcsi»—Vea.        "       '
Joss—Toll me yours, then.—Philadelphia Press.        , '„ '   , ■
Tlirlf/y Dnvle. ' r,
"Ma. Davie Dibbs acts so funny.'*'
''How. JiiumieV"
"Well.' ma, he has money, nn he- goes
rotin" with all us boys when we buy,
candy, an bo never spends a ceut."—Chicago Record-Herald'.   '   '
.SLEEPLESSNESS is dueVnervous ex-
citement. The delicately, constituted, the
financierjthe business man, and those whose
. occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all suffer less or more from it.-
Sleep is the great restorer of a worried brain,
and to get sleep cleanse' the stomach, from
all impurities frith a few doses ei Parnielee'e
Vegetable Pills, gelatine coated, containing
no mercury, and are guaranteed to give satisfaction or the money will be refunded.
Sorai>    iinmr/.r/as    r:>:r:>j",-r;>plm    V.'.'s i
ranted  to Cure  Hie  Iiluef..
"When a man takes nn ocean voyage.'
remarked   the   ob*--crver   of ' event*-)   an.;
things, "his home is not the only thing h'<-
gives up reluctantly." '
II Ik  Solution.
"I wonder .why^'thcy call it the 'honeymoon''* ">h<- cooed sliyly.    .
"I gni'ss." 'he responded, thoughtfully,
"it is Iii-c:*.ii<sp by the end of it ayman'a
cii*-h is i-. uiKi-d to bis last quarter."—
liiutiklyii ,Eu^!(j,
1 Hollow-ay's Corn Cure is a specific for the
removal of corns und wartd. "We have never
heard of its failing to remove even the -worst
kind.      ' '
A man should never withdraw the
sentinel lie has cm guard : sometimes when his wife is pleasant est,
she is Following a Clue.
"The straw hat has come to stay.'* remarked the observer of events aud things,
"but the fly paper hasn't come, to stick
yet."   ,
Bacon—The Derby„ was a pronounced
success this year.
Egbert—Guess you didn't,try to pronounce the name of the winner.
Now Zealand has so many rapid
.streams and rivers that their water
might be eas-fiy utilized to supply
motive power" for machinery. '•'
Mollie—Is she a good sailor?
Chollio—Ns.     She  says  it makes
sick to hear me talk about my yacht.
A western farmer writes to his local
paper and puts his foot in it thus: "If out,
people want to see a big hog, come out to
my farm and ask for me."
" "You should bo like the thermometer,'
my boy, and get up in the morning with
the sun."
"But  you  forget,   pop,  that  the  thcr-
momorer gets up by degrees."
Mrs. Orimsonbeak—Now, I see they
say there's snow on the moon.
Mr. Crimsoubeak—Well, what's the use
in worrying about that. There's a mau
there to shovel it, isn't thero?
"Why in the world is it," remarked the
observer of events and things, "that a
woman in choosing a shoe will pick put
the smallest one she can wear, but when
it comes to a hat she gets the largest one
she can find ?"
Patience—She says her face is her fortune.
Patrice—Well, I'm thankful I'm not ia
her family.
"I wouldn't, like to come in for any part
ol a fortune like that.",
HAD LA GRIPPE.—Mr. A. Nickerson,
farmer, Dutton, writes: "Last winter I had
la grippe, and it left me with a severe pain
in the small of my hack and hip that used to
catch'-me whenever I tried to climb a fence.
Thi= lasted for about two months, when I
bought a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
and u£ed it both internally and externally,
morning and evening, for three days, at the
expiration of which time I was completely
cured."  ' '
Oahnnd  Enlightenment.
"Pa, what's th' diff'rence between sport
an pastime?"     ,
"Some people make money on sport,
Jimmy, but pastime has to he its own
reward."—Chicago Record-Herald.
"I suppose I haven't done a thing," observed the flea, with becoming modesty,
"to the superstition that a black cat
brings nothing but good luck!"—Detroi'
Journal. ■ ,
Approved of Them. For Others.
The Patient—Is it true that Welsh rabbits are unhoalthj-?
The Doctor—I can't say. I was never
called in to attend one.—New York
"Tom, whom did you say 'our- friend
B. married?"
"Well, he married $200,000. I forgot
her nama."—Striuc Stories. ■
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator does
not require the help of tiny purgative medicine to complete the cure. Give it a trial
and be convinced.
A man ate a bowl of yeast to win
a bet. and is reported to bo all pnfTc.l
up  over his success.
A    farm    has     been     discovered
Texas' on  which there  is  no  oil. '
stock   company   has  boon  formed
promote it.
Gea. Supt.
Gen. Pass. Age at.
("Wanted a CTinn*?e of Diet.
There are some things of which even
the poor may get more than is necessary
A weary and hungry man fell from sheer
fnintness by the wayside; A crowd gaih
ered. at onco, and nn otlicious bystuudei
bustkd forward, shouting:,
"Stand hack.'   Give him ■hir!".
The fainting man rallied and sat up.
"Air!" he gasped. "Give me air.' Why
gentlemen. I've had nothing but ,air foi
tirea weeks 1"
An ostrich tried to eat
button aad died. The goal
tho only thing remaining
collar button to overthrow.
' We are in need of  a  few   reliable Agent*
throughout the country to handle our,
Good proSt and quick sales.   For particiv
!:ira address
313 Main St., "\*» innipej;.
MiiaM's, Lisimeit Cures (M Lb Grai
■■    - -     • '■■&
■ .The largest coal. train engine , m' : W
England'has been construe tod by the (^
Great Northern railway. II. is is de-j M'
signed' to draw 800, tons. A .['B
and so would   many a young    ■
la'dv, ratlier thnu tuke a bath
without, the "Aiben"
Who  docs  the  best .his    circumstance
Does well,    acts nobiy——angels could
no moro.
fs B)..||>y^: AWi \"AI!>'8
k mlbl &■ vnlV'-ov.Al,-.a.
Be loving" and you will never want
for love: be Jumble niiid you will
never want for, guiding.—Dinah Mu-
loch Craik. ''
"Why  i.s    the root    of  the   tongue
like a rejected man."
"Because it's down in the mouth."
It  lenvrs the  ?kin wni.'erfully soft K
and fre.-h. and its faint fraj-ranci* i.i>x- K
trernoiy-'ii leasing. h
Htirare of  Iiiiltat Ions. w
W. N. U. No. 33G. .-sj+irr ^'^icv •t"*t- ^.^-^^ -''■gBV^^T^-TTrr-iiMi
'Oman's Crut-lly.
30.—Maruuerite   D.\n<
ii.il -i.ug.
ler, just tried at Brodcmx for murdct
ing lier husband, and "£r.(~nced to
three ye.ir-. impiisonmer.t, aeen:-* io
be a type of new woman, beinj; atlih-i-
ic in body iti;c! ^dependent in mind.
Describing: i):e n^iir 'l-jTme. Danglei
MBS.  PKEH;S'  li^'KIi"""	
iii ca.4:i,r,E?"E, ni;r:i>.
"I \T.ia in the   hsibii
going  out
* -.
. <>■/,
f *
\* "l '.'
r i   v'    '
i *'i    i  .
■.      " 'll.
•ft „
r     -J!
'     !,"'»*
' v*^»'
-   f7»t.
.- 51
«   ■ * i
v.. n ;#>■,i,.,iji
alone rher.ever I fclf l;):o ft. I believe
iu sruUijal frsfdoip.   i.u    the  nnuri .ge
ctatp.    One evening my husband tried
to forcibly stop me as I   -wis   passing
from my apartment through our More
£oic£" to a'"ball, while   h:i    was   to   re
;najn at iioipe and finish t.'ie accounts.
A fight   ensued,   and'    I,   being    tbo
stronger, finally - "thieiy ' my   husband
into the big   safe   and   slammed    the
door slmt.    J returned from the t}.\nce
at midnight and   tried  unsuccessfully
lo open the safe.    Then I went to bod,
relying upon (lie employees to   release
my husband.
The next morning the cauhier found
"Madam, 1 need help- won't you give
me. something?"'/ The quest ion'was addressed lo Mr,*--. Phelps, who had just
entered her carriage.
J bankrupt, mi' Jjrm oi Phelps lV. to. i.-.
more pjosperous than ever. And Mrs.
Phelps to-day is a very cheerful, happy
woman—far happier than when she
was a devotee at the altar of fashion.
For she knows that she has ihe i-miile
each, and make'knee pants at 1G to is ! of Ifi'n io "'hori\ ^he Jias con-sccrawcl
' not only her wealth apd her time, hut
herself.—N. Y. Qpscjever.
J good-sized grisi [ i can fake you to
,' naif a dozen families in this very house
, who maJce trousers ior Phelps & Co., at
,,the same prices, and who, like us, have
finished conts at from fivo to'fen cents'
cents a dozen pair
"Eighteen ee/its a <?oaen pairs I   You
stores in the riiy in a vain search lot
a   certain costly fabric, and  now fe'Jr
Jiatshe was nn dxcccdnigly unfortunate
aud mo.il ill-used individual., Presently thc carriage drew up before, another
store, which Mrs. Pbe'pR entered after
instructing her  four year-old   son   1o
remain seated in Ihe carriage until her,
return,'   Master Phelps, was very obedient for ubout three minutes.   Then his
attention was art rac-jyil by something,
which appealed to him'«*uitc as strongly
as to- a. less ai-'ntocrfrue juvenile—the
antics of a monkey tinder charge of n
peripatetic musi^ian.'-'SfniHliiift on i'ipr
toe, lie Jaid hit hvmds rlgVtm.si. the door",
which,     having'"  beeai      accidentally
' r * 3
.y:\" -1 -5  y..
:''I5".1      '!    i!
f'ill *.
■ if t> ?
-." it \rw
"rS*."-. -AU
li'.t  •,,' r y
.»■)!. .'■ j ffe:
;fJVi'»-.'fi -1?'-'.'
%*& ■■■ im
ctifred tpjier, ff;at th'a mile v/as air
tight and that hev Juisbaud was in
flange? of suOocation'. '
3'okux)'' o:i t3»o Cncumlior.
-"'":    #   i' .    *    ' _■-   -," i        '
Ilere is little Tommy's psaay on tlie
• ■   '"The ciiknmb'er j-3 a yegitable that is
bilt like a do^hounil; but' it   air.t  got
any   logs—just   nobg.    Jt   grows   on
Vynos liko 'grapes,   only nofiror the
'.ground.   Billy   Grlivjos'   father   gny&
iflontorshioniaty'in'   circusses eala  cti-
jcumbers cos they duble them up.'
"Oukunibcfs is not a forrinlroqt, It
is domestick, an' can be handled with
impoonity at alj times, you cut it in
to slicez an' pore vinegar on it, an'
sault maybee an' pepar,' " Soins fokes
put oil on theini.    Then vou eat it an
, .. , ,    -.  ■    - -     . -■ --w
snrjeK—.'nui soixieji..hixig grasped tlie'ljov',
■swung Ji.ipi frorii rilijA -in front-of 'a
ruiiavij-y team,,Find l.-i'icl him, frightened
and (Seivnming, i}l hih djothor's arms. ■
After she ]*ad lootjied the. child njuj
put him jji.to the carriage, ifrs. Phelps
turned to the rri{her-shabbily^lressed
tnaii'iov.'hose a'gi^'ly 'her soil's rc-scue
was Oijc '■' r        ' ■ „7
^ "This is a revelation to me,"saidMrs.
, Pheljjs.    "1 cannot, see how vou managed to exist at all."
"It's hpen a 113rd, h^rd struggle,'" replied Thompson.   "With,tho aid of our
littJe girl—for she has been sewing ever
since she was. four years old—we were
occasionally able to earn a, dollar in •<'
day; but that was seldom. ■ We hud co
pay a dollar and a quarter per week fox"'
this room, and hardly ever 'bad more
than four dollars a wee]c to feed, clothe,
and warm the^tbreeof us.  13utforihc
ln%t six months the child has boeVill.' |
Ten days ago my ^jfe took pick, apd be*- '
cause of haying to ivnit on, hcr'and the
cliilfi 1 Vag able to do- so little 'jsewipg
that' the foreman got'angry'the. other
day apd rofus'o'dito give "pie any more
work.    Besides, -we haye-'bec-n falling
bi-jh'ind wjth" the rent, ipid only yesterday X received notice tliat if I iionlt ji-jy
up by the end of the week I and my sick
family must leave."    '" '  '
"Outrageous!"   Who is your  landlord V." ■ '    "' '  '      '
i fc^
■ ■i-ffsy
: 'i-k
1 i».
i  ■; ■
iyh ia
Lrfl*; ■   I
r^hi   i'i !
I Hi'
say, 'That tuches tlje rite spot'~but a
little later you may kno b.eter.
''1 nu a'boy wuinst that caled five
cukes and' culled -for iu"dur. But v/lie'n
his dad eated just wun little slice he
had to have 2'hosspital eloktors an' a
stoodent what belt] things, j us' to stay
around bar the nite an' amows him.,
"\Vi')h reining me that we aro ivun-'
erfuUyand-fcerfiilly jjiaiel—an' no 2
of us alike."
A. ICiiookor.
'   KNOCKKH—(Nocl;-er.)r-~une who,
or that which, knocks.    Sjieci/ically, n
■person, being,'ur  individual   who   decries, detracts, minimizes  or   belittles
teinvhije, tab- jijirf'j&'ftvi'jj fllio jiifl.isd
Shi th© lajjg y-efiisod ihe. profldred
'/)Vhy should yo.u reward a.lazy vagabond? That i$ rvvhat you called me a
bit ago when I asketj you ior some-
thing," .he remarjced.   „'
Mrs. Phelps lopkyed at lu'm clogely
and recognized him.'
'."I was out of h.upa.py/.'^h.e.explaisaed!
"Pardon what I kjid('^,d iell aie ho.w
I can assist vou'..'.' "   "     '       ' '
."Madam, you've itxvl^l me io pome to
your'home.   If .vo/^jti 's*giaeaki^dc.ess!
come to mine ia^fjea&/!   '"
Mrs. Phelps iqc>k.eflap him in apuuze-
"I can hardly do that," she said. ."I
would much rather—"
"As you ploate, madam. "I'm glnd I
was able to rescue your child. ,.Tf j^ou're
I glad, I 'wish you'd visit my home.   It
isu't much to ask."
"What is j-our name, and where do
you live?"
He said his name'was'James Thompson, and named an obscure street as his
"After -I've taken my child home, I'll
call and see you," said Mrs.Phelps.
'Tll'.be there by the time you are," he
An   hour later Mrs. Phelps, accom
Thompson t'ook a paper from his
pocket, and, remarking that it was his
last receipt,i.handed it to Mrs, Phelps,
w"hq,»nffer a. singje glance, started, pud
then stood staring at it in open-mouthed
asternishment. ppv hpr p>vn .name was
affixed to the receipt!"     ' '    ,   ' '     ,'
"What!" she bj/iciiiivtetf, na'soon fts
she could i)»d \i& $6| w» "Thia house-
mine'?"        f      , ■■
• "Bo it eefiras'..'.'
"This is my ngent's work," said Jfra.
Phelps, half to.hprself. "And he would
have turned you into, the, street! Horrible!"   ',,,..
Sho opened her pochet and took out
sprne bills,
.-'•Mr. Thompson,'.' she said, "I thank
you for insisting-'fljia.i 1 should come
here. ■ You hav^-'^.^jjed py eyes to- some
things I ^v■a.is bii^jt ro pefore.  .Take this
zrjt is only a'^ry;dmall part of the
heavy debt I' owp yonV'^Biiv fuel, food,
clpthing,  furniture,   medicines—wiiat-
eyer^yDV. and j^pgipk-fa'piily most require.   Spend 'if. {tftfifl /Jnipay no rent;
this room sliaJI i^i-V^tyon another
cent."    '       '      '■-*•' -    •     ,
"God bless you, ma dame! "Thompson
exclaimed, his eyes filing- rwith" tears.
"I take your gifts now'ivith a glad and
thankful heart. I felt sure That all vou
needed was to see and understand. But,
oh, remember that there- are others hi
this house almost as badly oil' as you
found me."
Carpenters' TgolSj
Builders' Supplies.
Shelf and Heavy
Oils and Glas^
t ,
pargaias at Gifpins
'° . '      ■ " *
'£] ii yoii ai,e )pzWn}g iy: anything u? the b,aygaiti Hue just give usr  I
j7, a call for,we have bargains in pyecything uqder'the siju. j^
p    ,    The first pluct'lo get ofEjit ie cpr dry  goods depart'tn^'pt,   We  's
& have a finely assorted stock' of the best that money can buy, and to   >«
. w  make room for our fall stock are  giving   big  inducements' to  buv   •>
fc^  Come and price our gooi}*-; and you will tell your  friends tliat GiL-  f).
i$ Plif has the best and cheapest goods  jn  East  Kootenay.    Talk' is  iS
'*%' cheap but our good-   are   cheaper,   so   wlie:i I we say bp-rgaina  v/o
''  nuaii bargains ]' bargains, bargains every time. '" '
Then comes shirts, underwear,  ties,   collars,   hpee,   boots and
shoes Cstricily up io date) window   blinds,   curtains," carpet?,  linol-
^ eums, oil cloths, mats, vugs,   fiifnituro (in theso   li'noa  Jwo  excell)
y\  nien'd and boys'clotbinjj, never a misfit, hats,  caps, crockery,  glass
"   ware, hardware of'iill kiiidc' ' ' '
bargains, y?s; bargains; .yell   1"   guesq   bargains.' Bargains   in
$j groceries because thev are strictly first   class, an.d   prices'  dovvu   to IS
|^  the lovvest notch.    If yptj aro fooking for'good cheap" catableG'-'cojnc  U
^ and'see us and you will never vqgrp't'it.    Wc'have'lho   largest   a'nd  y
best assorted stock in Moyjo and can therefore sell the clioapest.'
vf     l?oi)'I forget tliap v;e carry Uie best line cf cloves   in  Canada
ty none and tbey pro, all ^argaine. -, ,    f
^eg^.TinsmlUiIuc: find iMiimiuHBr-
MiTt-'I)? 8 'Wh\i)lN^ )W(&<-
The'best of  accommodationtf
■ for tbe I raveling public.
McMahon Bros.,' Props.
—, fc—'— ■'    ■■■■    —     '■- ..■■..-■-■■   »»..fT ■M.y»^T.yw.«.,>».r*..
*" <Ii "" "*
British fol'inibia .,
Pennaiieot' -^^^ ■
j'vOAin1 And savings compakv.
The objeots of tbe company   '
are:    To' afford  a safe   and
profitable means for the  saving of small sums by  regular .
instalments, as well as for tbe
investment of small amounts  > '
of capital at a productive rate
"of interest.    To assist members in building,  purchasing,
, or improving homes and clear-
! ing  off  existing   incumber-   '
P. T. SMYTH,     Ag^nf, Moyie,
ylipOESgOR? TO „ ,
M, ?lplnnes.& Co,
Ereah and Cured Meats, Freeh
Fish, Game and Poultry. Wo
supply, only tlie, host. Your
trade solicited.        ' '   ;
At   all   the   Principal
Cities   and Towns   in
British Columbia.
'M'liA^l     1(J        . >       **    "*■      '-**-*O.L
*!II'' '-4' i'i      -Opposite of booster.,   A,
M      the acts, accomplishment...  deedS;   ad- I panied  hy  a  trusty   servant  having
r;      ventures, works or business of anothei.   dnven into a narrow street, entered a
O, fame, indeed, doth sit on rock-
Since all th world is full of knockers.
fi m.....
■1  -t^ ,■
i ;>$>■•:'
m: •■
W' ■
13 it: Ut-\.j
bp • -
;- t'i.
Notice If) "Uclcnriuont Co-Oivitcr.
To Josepli Wilmshurst, or lo any purf.011 or
liorsons to whom he may have transferred his
interest iu the Iron aiouutain mineral claim,
shunted at thc foot of Moyie lake iu the Fon
Steele Milling Dnision of the district of East
Kootenay, B. C. iiud recorded in Uie recorder's
ollice of the Fort Steele Mining division.
You, and each of you, are heieby notified tliat
J hi'.ve expended '.wo humdred dollar1-  in  labor
■■ml imi>ro\cmentsupou  the above mentioned
mineral claim iu order  to  hold .said   miiicia
claim under th« provision** of  Ihe  miueral   act
and if within ninety iluys from the date of  (his
notice you fail   or  refuse,  to   contribute   your
poroportiou of such expenditures together with
all cc-ts of acivcrlis-mjr,  your intciebt*-  in said
claim-, will bepome   tho  rropeftv  of   ihe   sub"
scribcr uuder seel ion l  of an act entitled  "an
act to amend the Mineral Act 1900"
Dated at Moyie, i'.. C. this, 7th day of June lOm,
Arich lady cured of her .deafness
and noises in the liead by ])r. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums, gnvc !flO,
000 to his Institute, bo that deaf people
unable to procure, the E.ir Brmns may
have, tliein free. Afldrcas • JSTo, 1-1022
The Nicholson Institute, 7S0, 15i»htb
Avenue, New York, IJ. S. A.
flulcyim  Hoi. .Siirin;;,.-.
The most complete healtli resort on
the continent of North America.    Situated    midst   Scenery    unrivalled   for
«rnnduer.'." THE   HALCYON    HOT
STRINGS  Sanitarium, Halcyon   Hot
springs, Arrow Lake, B.   C.    BesidenJ.
physician and'hurS'e,    Boating fishing
and   excursions. '   Telegraphic    communication    with   all ' parts   of    : the.
world.    Two mails arrive and   depart
aily.    Terms, $15 .to   .$J.S  per   week
according-   to   residence   in   hotel', or
villas.    Its baths cure all   nervous and
■ muscular'diseases.'  Its waters heal all
kidney,  liver   and, stomach  troubles.
The baths and waters   arc  mi invalu-
ble lenutly for silver and lead   poison-
most uninviting-tenement, and ascended
three flights or rickety, filthy stairs,
\vas admitted to a small attic room,
lighted by a single window. The floor
wa.s carpetless. A cracked, stove, an
old table, a large box which served as
a cupboard, a bed, and. two or three
broken-backed chairs, were the only
furniture. But though so bare and
comfortless, ihe room was clean. Upon
the scantily co\ erod bed lay two persons
—a woman of perhaps 35 and a little
girl of about six—both evidently ill and
both sleeping nneasil3'.
"I asked you to come here because I
wanted you to see this," said Thompson   m  a low  voice.    "This"—with a
comprehensive wave of the hand—"is
I my home.   You see all my furniture—
[ except what's at the pawnshop.   I have
no fire, and no fuel to make it with; no
food, ancl no money to buy it, with.   1
have a little medicine left by the doctor,
but none of thc comforts needed by my,
sick wife and child.   This, madain, is
why I asked you for help jhis morning."
Mrs. Phelps covered her face.
"TIow long have you been in this deplorable condition?" asked Mrs. Phelps.*
A'To-day is the first I've had to bog,"
was   the  reply;   "something-   I'd 'have
thrown  myself   into   the river rather
than do If it hadn't been for them.  But
I couldn't see them starve.   I came to
the city five years and more ago," he
added after a inoiiient*s pau.se.   "I had
bad luck, for work was dull.   J-Yom having a little house by ourselves, we'were
obliged to move hero, nnd then my wife,
who was a good seamstress, succeeded
in getting men's trousers-to make at IS
cents a pair.''
"Kigktoen cents a pair!" exclaimed
Mrs. Phelps.
"Yes; but the price soon fell to 35
cents, and as I was out of employment,
r helped with the sewing. V,y workiup-
from early morning till late at night
we managed to earn enough to pay our
rent and buy sufficient food to keep us
from   starviiif     "Rnf .+i.,-.   -..~i«-. ..■ ,
down, down, down, to 13, to ,12, eVen to
ten cents a pair."   , ,  ■,.
"What! Ten cents-for making.a.
pair of'troil-sers? Who is mean enough
to pay such wages as that?"   .
"The great clothing firm of Phelps &
Co., jruadam!" :,
"Phelps & Co.! Impossible!"
"The firm, madam, of which your
husband was the head. I wonder if,
when he'gave largely to some library,
church or hospital, he ever thought of
the poor wretches who toiled, day and
night, summer and winter, with aching
eyes, weary fingers and hu'ngry-
! .stomachs, that the mil] which ■ground
Upon  reaching home  Mrs.  Phelps
went to her room and shut herself in'.
Her visit to-James'Thompson'had indeed, been, a revelation to her.  How had
she discharged the responsibility which
the possession of great wealth carries
with it?    ' liy 'lavishing,  money    oa
flowers, music, rich viands and.the like,
when so many were lacking the necessaries of life.    And, mos,t humilia-ting
thought of all, much of the very wealth
w-hich  she enjoyed had   beta earned
"for her by those same starving poor.
Theirs it was—not hers—if justice were
done.   In, her humiliation she knelt ancl
offered what was, perhaps, thc fn-st real
prayer  that  had  risen from lier lips
for a, long time; a prayer in which she
craved pardon for the thoughtlessness,
selfishness  and frivolity  of the past,
and consecrated he-r wealth io the service of Christ and "of those concerninc
whom. He said:    "Inasmuch as ye have
done it unto one of the least of these
*   *   *. ye have done ituntoMe."
Repaired and Al-ide to Order.
R, A. SMITH, '    Moyie.
W1J,DJSY LOD.CJE NO. 4<L      '
Meets every Monday evening in   th^ir'
hall", pn   Victoria street.    Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
, '■•«���(
P. 1. MOOKK,    /  .   A. D. DRUJ^MOSD,     '
House painter," p;raine.-,
glazier and '""p-iperhanger.
All work on perfect surface guranteed. Prices according to quality .in.j
slock required
Moyie, B. C.
Moyie   Miners'   Union
' no.? 1.
Meets in McGregor hall every 'Tuesday
Fine   Suitings,    Overcoating
Trousere,   Imported    Ooods.  ■
MOYIE, ' -:      b, 0
A year has passed.   James Thompson
with  his wife and daughter, both of
whom have been restored to health, a,ro
living  in   a neat, pleasant house, tho
gift of Sirs. Phelps, through whose im
strumontality-Thompson has procured
lucrative  employment.   The year ha*
witnessed   sonjc  other change?, too—
especially in thc real estate owned by
Mrs. Phelps.    Very promptly she called
upon her agent nnd g,\ ve that, individual
some instructions which fairly took his
breath away.   She obtained from him
a list of all tenements owned by her,
and then set to work tq systematically
visit each house and the families occupying  it.    Such   poverty, squalor and
degradation   as  she encountered!    As
a result of this inspection, she ordered
a general  reduction of the    rents,   a
thorough clean.!ng of all the    houses
and  numerous  repairs,    while   some
erazy habitations she ordered to be demolished.
Phelps &. Co. no longer pay starvation
wages lo their employes,    Mrs. Phelps'
husband had bequeathed bora controlling interest in the firm, and one da vshe
startled the other partners by 'proposing a heavy increase in the rates'paid
for  making up    clothing.    They    demurred, and said that such nn 'iuoren.«e
would   bankrupt,  the  firm.    .Put Mrs,
Phelps  persisted in her demand.and
finally, induced the senior partner to
accompany her tothe abodes of some of
the people employed by the firm.   They
had not, visited many places when he
said he had seen quite enough.
"How. do you suppose the patronage
of, Phelps & Co. would bo affeoted,"
asked Mrs. Phelps, ."if our" customers
were aware, that their new "garments
had been lying a few hours.before 011
the dirty floor of a tenement or.on the
Funeral Director
evening,     sojourning    members    are
cordially invited to at lend.   ' -
John McDonald,
JVT. SMrni.
Moyie Board of Trade
Meets on the Jjrst Wednesday t
evening pf pool)  month at
Graduated' Champion  College ol   the' S o'clock'sharp.
United Stales.     Upholstering and gen-j J. P. FAWlihh, Vre*.
eral  furniture  repairing.    Office   and I A- !'• MtcboNAui,    Lewis Thomson,
sfore, Aiken's    block,   near  Canadian '
Bank of-Commerce.    Telegraph   and
mail orders promptly attended to.
JOSHIMI MI3l>KUSTAriT, i'roj..
Lager beer sold   by the   Keg'or ^lozeij
Bottled Beer
in Stock. ...
Outside Orders'Given Strict A tUmliuit
eoyit'j' moyib.
M<t. -10(18.
Meets 011 tbe last Thurs
day of each mo ul h. V
iting hrothem invited
O, T. McGKEOOJt, k'^ fa'.
SEPT. 3RD.   '17TII.
The Leading'Ladies
and Mens Furnishers.
Clothing, Boots' and Shoes.
A Full Stock of Miners SupplieK
Always on Hand.
Cailjand   Inspect Our   Goods.
All Hail, Lakes, Spo line
Via.'St. Tauland Chicago.   y'v   j
Through Sleeping dar \.
Kootenay: Landing   to]
Toronto. Oiie change to j
:'  /■/''BJJFFALO] /        '
Apply ./or Kates, Maps, Time CarilH, Tickets and
Full lu/ormation to Xenrest'Local .
;   Agent, ■        '. . ■■ A
,„,t -. .   ,        .     submitted to.'the inevitahle1. Thewo"-es
^it-u.-b money might turn  him out a {.""'ere  raised,  and, fur froni becoming,j
hed of a child sick with a confagiou:
disease?" ! G. Hlllier, Agent, Moyie.
Pcing unable to answer, this question ! J- S. carter,' j.; / C0Y,,.
saliBfactorily,  both partners 0 quietly i     "D5si> „-; Agt.. .  ^ ^. ^
I. '
i-IC'lver. ) dm
. A   i
j?rice& Giveii
and   Orders
Taken otf '. '■
in tne Printing
at the
';:'; :'•■' ■'■•<■. /]■ tY~ALfO~ /':': ■:; " ', ■\
BAGGACJI-:,       E.VI'JiKSS     AND      GlONKKAf
■7.':,' DJcravuRy. ■   ''
-''■- MOYIE.:: :
..'''■     ■ '    Notloo. "",''''
This is to cerlity that Wm. Dallna
and the undersigned have dissolved
partnership and the undersigned has
authority to collect ail accounts; duo
the linn nf Kennedy <t Ihdlus and will
pay ail bills against, the sanie.
J-12' T.HOH. S. K'ENNKOV,■".'


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