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The Moyie Leader Aug 19, 1905

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 x J      fit-   J-^j. J .**•*'
<i  <-,      »   -(.1
,f       _
i     ,* f* '    *     u      "-i ***_£■>    * *.
 t'"'^-#-   i>
.:--**' .
^   „
i     v-*--
■"    irwBM »■".
5 J
' -    1
-r -A_>-- V-
MOYIE. B. gyXUGOST 19.1905.
j  ""-c
Has  Good  JShowing
Of Ore.
> i
, <        ' ' "      A " '
New   Industry   for
r Canada. „
y s-
'■< t; • -.;"
There are Three ami a Half
Feet of Ore in Bottom of.
fT      t
BBiHCfl -:0F G&RTBRf-GO,
-0   U
The Present Consumption.of
».White Lead in' Canada
\'"is 7.000; Tons,   a p
onltberpWperty/wiil' be^n" Moyie
again", Within *»„ week  or, teavdsyn,
whan flirthet/ pi*"   "1. ',w?rkCwlU
be'outiinod^WV.-f*-.   «;    ^/ f    •'
The "big   shipf- fs   again  <"» l^B
rocks, \    .'.i.r'i/ ' '
TciiM.  ArmsttonK^ *w*« .< down" to
Morriasey Junction* Wednesday
' <8t*nfield;a underwear (or men and
women at Hilt &f<Va.     '    '--\  ,
!  P. F. Johnaton.^Jtbe Moyie, hotel,'
was in Nelson this week.       \     ' •■»
VP.'i. McMahon and wife took m the
lacrosse game at'Cranbrook Wednes-
'Mrs.' &.'. Campbell "and little daughter Helen were>Jaiting".*iri Cranbrook
during the'wee$ ?J },~>     ';'>',   '
Rev. D.'M. Perlcy was down to Fernie, this'week Attending the, district
meeting of the Methodist church. \ d
\ » "    ^A«    '    y-   A    '-? '
The local hosefteam is doing a lot
ef «>od hard pracliciog.for;the. Labor .       .,,..-      „    .   ^,„,
et„goo^(na     » s     j(11 , , «,C»n«lian Mining,Review'of
^y^A18?^?'^00,^?. *.,>i{ , Montredlgives tb^ following account
\ M.fJ. Harperfretumed ho-ne yester- q{ theJ lB4<J.corr^ing; works recently
day, from' the"^Windermere, country J eaUblUb^ ia Montreal: y y],'^ jf^ '
Where tie hM,bjM for the past month.     Tha  ^t?^&il^a  -^ known as the
Carter Wliite leatl company of Canada,'
Limitedrfthe'stockbeing'targely owned
tiy1  tho "shareholders  "oU tbe j Carter
White T, .Lead';Compan^ of f Chicago.
After tlKcT organization of the i»mp»r.ny,
a porti&l of the oldC.P. E. Shops on
Delbriraler* avenue^ was 'selected' for
factory ,^f»Ssefand^ in, Octobfer >t'
thewoc^of^remodellin'g thesa shops'
andTad«ril>tinK them to the requiremenU
of the BiW indnatryC-WM^oomnienoed.
TliVfjistallations of-machinery ?and
plant'^Ww* continued* throughout, the
w&tw&oh'tbtfiftl[>tlenithrm June,
matter*i were sufficientlyj.advanced- to
admit of:\\vi< commencement^oL'cor7
roding operations/j, . t\< pq, f"- rt«. *
*-"'TUe-pirtseBt consumption "of- wbite
W itiOVna^^w'abouVW^8 p"
annvnoV'anditis the inU-ntibn, of tbe
Carter'company- to 'lose * no-time';in
e'qiiipi»iog .the works to enable them to
-Preserving season is
heie^and'weliave put
into stoc^ ,.tbe- well
known c"brbwn"*BrandM
whicli lias^ proved ■', it-<
^self fo be the most satisfactory jar on^tlie
market. •        j ;
rti. a      a ;. v. i
), p '.<.
E.   O
Kammf-and Geo. Clothier
f The Aurora property on the west
side of Moyie lake is showing up fine
and Michael Sullivan, "who has, charge
of the work, is perfectly satisfiedi with
the" showing which .has been -made
since he^tarted on' development six,
w'ecksago. The'best' showing'^*Jin
the shaftoWhioh is now downa^depth
of°90 feet!; In' this'' thsy : have; three
foftf half feet "of ore, arfd they-haye;
already talcen'outov'er   two .carloads.  „„ „  „ ^ .   ,nr
*M£>, BJdU»>, ^fbrm.\ust: that ;thh  loaded"^cMl .u^w^^.-ba
runs'between 45 and\50 perjcenti in   shipped.^ ,, ^^ -,      .. y h_   .,; ,*lf
zi6c,'but*is"not nearly so high /in y.il- ;  t&x mmVm <$*» Presbyterian
,ver*and leail values'as the Tore < inj. the  cburbh'wiaii'totannounce_vthat they
St"Eugene.>r But'there are/good'show- --.A _TJiv^-^.-.^.tnn.^t ■ .tout-, tha
ings'in+several'other places,* and work
on these trill .be shoygd^aheadr tatw.
Vk Walter < Mackay/of ; Portland^ who
wiOTRicbard Wilson holds? the .bond
witnessed £tbe,lacrosset game in^Cran
p'rook" Wednesdaylind "raotfd" for the
d'-"   - u L*y^Ky*ia?\ "-1; A"-*
home boys.; £#■.'■$$& ■*,..',.,    , p   «•-:
^' The last of the lumber in the', yard*
ol 1,'lhel MwSl ^"^«S»B«,».>
""'CozJui'8"Hg'*dog and pony show -will
pariil^Wili'takfeplice it 5 oV*«c »nd
tbe shoW will commence at 8. )iyhr.,iy
> Wm.' LVn'g^ef is bere'fdoing^assess-
ment Work>nlsoW bliUms/ nwr^the
"other U'ortSteele people ar$ interested.
Z22SSSSSSSZ2223I        "     *>a-   H\/%^ j
. > $ietXl^ mXrket^i o_ ; v' *^ i£&
- NEWrYoBK-Bar silver. f% «n ^ fl ^*(JfOT
'kiVtf.«tf*Z!no (spelters f6.00,* -w   ^?l-s .. 'U'igB
LosTOJtrLewl. "513. 18^. 9d-.
, -*yx£ — jl-
-■  i,«i" --v
Frank's payroll is $40,000, a month.
-Ontario OddfellowshiF increased last
year 1,843 in'membersbip./ \^  .' y        r f^,r,^
The second lead stack of; the,. Sulli- f   it ia'^Utad on unquestioned^uthor-
van smeltbr was blown in Thursday.      -      -"'- ------- »-«----• •• —« •■»■ ■
;•-/»••,   ^''<"<" ^-77    -;t'\"«''        ' '
••'" Lowery's tCl*im w;Hl'make its jre-
appbaranbe in- Nelson yabout August
20tb'\     --''''-«
Smithf whiJ^WMjkill^i. ia>tbVm!n9.
iut week/ww held, Saturday,, evening
*<_%^:<ir»i..'r^'M;nariil nnionVhall/rrThe.
"A. case of yollowifever>a8„beentdi«;
^veVed in f NeW "Yorlc.L.^The^suff^rer
came from'Panama.f ^ „' ,       j'V "*
■      .   ^     '», '    '^,^%4jl7^,,y " '  "    ■"    '     ■      -
?Wwtern Terminu8.,„ ^a ■ ,^ ^ ^-^
istioned.author-'. '-■'.,-r. <• s ^.,il r-.j**
ity that Kilrn Iilaid, 22 miles south«t}y,(,p $, ;| /j^.
E^^Simpeon*.Vi»d luiag Tucfcrt} gw^A|4 ^
IuletV,isrto be tbe site of^Laurier, City-, , .'.,, fc 'r _,<
thel'westem^ terminus of.the; Grand *i.^j.i, ^'. i,->|
Triinlc'Paeifio Railway." ConfirmaUon *% *%■<% vt4fl
ofthefactjs found in tne grant ot. \, r -,V ^ ;;\41
lO^OOO^acres offUnd, ' exclusive; ot> ^^ ^ ^
I^i^exves, upon the uW r:^;^ ^/^-
l..^^Ui;-fha.nrnvinoi&l   BOfBmiMUt.i,",""-:* . i V*"! Vail
Sd&ap^priat^ talkCi^t^hall
'ind performed tlje.burial ceremony, at
*ih^Aye^py« 200 of*tbe miner.
Farrell & Sinytli, Moyie.
T       A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF      ^ ,   >
Stanfieid's Unshrinkable Underwear.
•    -     - , returned.,  For salo by
the grave. M4,^_',v ,.-7,-^,--v ,pr A .k,. ,
timed out in a body, and the mine
-nd miil'of the St.'Eugene were closed
down while the *'ceremony ' was being
held. > ' i.
 r     ' r*
Lacrosse  Match.1
,: Th9 lacrosse match in Cranbrook
Wednesday between tbe'local team
from Regina resulted in a tie-three to
three, Roy Clothier and Chas. O Neil
of Moyie played with the Cranbrook
team. ..	
J1       Ar»   You   Going  B»it.
On August 24 and 23 and Septem-
berlti and 17. .the Canadian Pacific
railway will sell at Nelson, Rossland
and Trail 90 day round trip JeJ?*" to
Wmninee. St. Paul, Uululb, *ort
WiUb? lor $52.50 and to Cb cago
$6400 Corresponding rates win oe
made from all Kootenay points.
Through round trip tickets will be
gold on the same dates to Toronto,
Montreal, and all points, in Ontario,
Quebec. Maritime provinces, New
York and New England states, good
on all rail or lake route, at special
pxcur3ioo rates.
for full particulars, first c ass, or
tourist sleeper reservation, apply to J.
S. Carter, D. P.'A. Nekon.
We lake a Specialty
of tbe diamond solitaire engagement Ring and the Wedding Ring. Tho foiraer binds
tbe bargain, the latter ties tho
knot. If you have any serious
intoutions, young man, let s
fix you up. A nice stock to
solcst from.
■a Nellie - Ward;; an * inmate . of one / 01
the houses in the north .end of ,.town,
climbed down off/the "water-wagon"
last TaeB'day andl accumulated a jag
that was a- peach. ' Constable Routb
tenderly gathered-her in, and E. A.
Hill, J. P., assessed ber a V and costs.
i A« you^m N^ScbUaVf Try., 'itonja ^OOO tens per>>umtnia:
^Sf^^ld'i^brihkib^Un^ b>^^mMntained. ^^i^t
?SJM%^""%*;^^:^^-^^ ^Thetwbrki-ifctually hej? in-corrodmg
wearitTManufaoturedm^rurp,T«q!,B. jJJaaw.w«ta» -««•»    **   r*    ,.,_     ,.
sbth'a.t the 'plant hain.ngt' "yet-- baen a
lull n»(>otb at'work. ^The industry be-
pbae'd'i duty of only 5 per cent on,dry
are written, we are glad, to note^that
the ' dominion government1 has" "duly
recognized'tbe importance of this new
Canadian industry, and  has granted
adequate protection thereto by raising
the d«ty on imported white lead to 30
per cet»t * With the excellent quality
of tbe product now turned out by, the
Carte-r White Lead work*,  and  the
abunibnt supply °* Pura metallic lead
furni*bed by the refinery at Trail, B.
C-, Canadian lead users and consumers
may 1* satisfied that they are  getting
tbe b«st article  known  to the world
unde* the designation "white lead."
Another Victim.
—   t
Injured bv a, Blast, \
, A Galician, who was severely' injured by a blast on the railway construction near Yahk, was brought to
town last night on a handcar and
placed under Dr. Harvie's care. The'
man has a leg broken and, several
other minor injuries. He will be sent
to tbe hospital at Cranbrook todar.^
Successful Dance. " , *
"** 1.
There was a rgood attendance at
Prof. Scherer's dance In Eagle hall
Thursday evening. The weather' was
cool and the dancers enjoyed them-
•elves thoroughly. There were many
words of praise for the excellent music
furnished, The orchestra was made
up of Prof. Wilson, first violin, Rube
Scott, second yiolin, Prof. Scherer,
piano, H. V. Large, baritone, and E. O.
Kamm, cornet.
MacEachem's Eesidence
The lumber for J, 8. MacEachern's
new residence is here and work on the
building is under way. Goo. Leask of
Cranbrook has the contract.
- ■v*"*»- *o* *v-
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Bank deposit.
Once opened it grows whether added to or   no^
. InteresV allowed at current   ralos  and   com-
X>oucded twice a year.,
J, F. Mt PINKHAM, Manager.
■■A- Tfe- -At ifa zjiixt-.tfi -AfsSa-
School Opens.
The Moyie public school will open
next Monday with John 8impson as
principal and Miss Brunton in charge
of the junior, room.
Nothing ob the Market Eqsal to Chambor-
laln's  Colic.   Cholera and  Dlnrrhoea
This fact is.well known lo druggists
everywhere, and nine out of ten' will
give costomers this preparation when
tbe best is asked for. Mr. Obe Wit-
mer, a prominent druggist ot Joplin,
Mo ln a circular to his customers,
•avs- "There is nothing on the market in the way of patent medecme
which equals Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy tor
bowel    complaints.    We    sell   and
LibUe Roy Burchf son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Bureh, hid the eiids of two
of th<o fingers of his (left hand blown
off while playing with a dynamite cap
last Saturday. Roy made several
attempts to set off the cap without
success, but finally put a'nai! in it and
then struck the nail with a rock. The
rest can bo easily surmided. This is
the third accident of this kind within
two , years. Earl Shao and Eddie
Lulaor were the other two victims:
Labor Dav Admissions.
Admission to grounds, men. 50c.
Bcn*a over 8 and under 16, 25c.
' Admission to, grand stand, 25o,
Luilios and children free.
NO entrance fee will be charged  for
any ovent.        .      H. White, Sec'y.
the Canaldian'government..vrithja^ew
domestid wryanU. S,The government
loo^V favbr"j.blyj upon 'the proposal/
!^ *..„V»* A-,';—*——/>,- . / ,.*^:.>;
' James Gill, confidential clerk-in ,V:
Hyde ^Baker's .office in; Cranbrook,
pleadedguilty.bofore Judge Forin'fin
Nelson this week and was released^ on
suspended sentence. 'Gill got^away
with 1500 which did not belong,to bim'
"" _ *
The Slocan Star mine is producing
sine ore at tbe rate of 630 tons per
month. It averages 35 per cent, zinc,
45 ounces silver and 3 per cent. lead.
It goes to the United States Zinc Company at Pueblo, ln lead* the .average
is about 250 tons per month.
0    *   ■*  '
There will be something doing every
night as well as every day at the Spokane Interstate Fjiir this fall, October
9th to 15th. The management have
decided to put on a night show at .the
Fair Grounds on every night of Fair
week except Saturday and 'Sunday,
and electric lights are nowv being 'installed all oyer the Grounds.  .     .
prior tofJune' ~l.\ 1908, and- shall' be
1' . .'•f"Tj^:'.l.'.„ »»,\ ..<>•»  tViArA>.Ctrtr
and first olass sample roo.^ns,
Ttfke notice that, I Charles J. Arm-
strotfg intends to apply to the Board of
LicfrUsv Commissioners for the Cr»o-
bro»k District at the first meeting
beliE thirty days after tho first pubhea-
tion Of this notice, for a transfer from
mo to Joseph A Goupill of the license
for tbe Manhattan Hotel situate at
the-town of Moyie, B. C. .
Dattfd this 22nd day of July. A. D. IJOj
(Sgnd)       C. J. Armstrong.
A little forethought may save no
end Of trouble.. Anyone who makes
it a mlc to keep Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy at
bat*4 knows this a fact. (For sale by
3. Pi. Harvie. «'
With the "Dominion Exhibition at
New Westminster just six weeks away
the various committees that haye to
do with tbe elaborate arrangements
are working overtime in order to have
their work all completed so that it will
require only tho pressing of a button
to set everything in full swing on   the
morning of Sept. 27.    '
1   *       < 	
The United Mine Worker*' Association at Fernie has served notice that
on and after September 1 the members
employed by the different coal companies in tho Crow's Nest districts will
not work with those wbnr refuse to
sign the contract and check-off books
as agreed between the coal companies
and the union. It m\y bo taken for
granted that every man who will work
in future in the mines of the Crow'*
Nest district will be a unionf miner.
Coming Events.
Cranbrook Labor Day celebration-
Monday, September 4th.
Nelson Fair opens Sept. 20th and
closes Sept. 23rd.
Dominion Exhibition at New Westminster opens Sept. 27th and  closes
Oct. 7th.
Spokane Intemtate Fair opena Oct.
9ih and closes Oct". 15th.
The Lewis and Clark Fair at Portland will ''lose Oct. 15th,
completed within two years thereaftori ',
- ' - r >«'■*.*■,"'   '  V     '
v* ^Eagles • Convention.
'   ,vo' .°;     JL_:	
The eighth annuil meeting   of  the  .
grand'aerie of the Fraternal  Order ot f'
E.ig,.es,vwhich i9 now in session-'iu
Denver,"Colorado*, promises to "open  a
new epoch in the history of this, popular yoiin'g   fraternity.   The r itual  is
to be  wholly .revised along- Masonic
lines, so as  £0 place tho order on  a
firmer basis, and  greater restrictions
will* be~, placed   on   membership,   although no* occupations will   be   barred. ^Another important matter uudir
consideration is the establishment of a
home. * It is believed th it   Henry   B.
Davis will be  elecie 1   Worthy *Gn,nd
President     to   succeed uT.mjthy   D.
Sullivan.      '.
Made Him' "Sicka-da-Bell."
The other day a man got off at
Kitchener and espied an old Italiau
friend of bis, a section , man, running
up and down 'the platform with a
most agonizing look on Im face and
holding his Btomach with hin haods.
•'What's the matter Santo?" asked
the friend. * ;
"Oh, sicka d.i bell; sicka da bell.     ^
".Yes, too bad, but what cau-ed   it?
"Oh Sicka da bell; to muoha da
black chick." And the native son of
Italy kept on groaning.
Upon enquiry it turned out tbat
the Italians camping at Kitchener
have been bavins great sport killing
crows and eating them.
jr. Price's
Baking Powitor
Always makes the perfect
biscuit, cake and bread.
Pried flaking 5Wfr &•>
CWCAfiO, U. «. .»- -
- *. •*, 1
.J .r- -T-i,r.iqsr.assa=Kr
T^   :
,' XI .r"!4V " *,V?**Wir^. ���ffjn  /  i  $WHEM  KNIGHTHOOD  ***   Or The Love Story of Charles Brandon and Maiy Tudor, the King's Sister, and    ***  $2?       '   Happening In the Reign of His August Majesty King Henry the Eighth , ?jfr  *.%-  Rewritten a-xid R.cndcxed Into Modern English From  Sir Edwin  Caskoden'a Memoir -<  ^    By   EDWIN   CASKODEN   [CHARLES   MAJOR]  ||r CovuriOtit. 1898 arid IX    '     '''" "    '  Copvrioht. 18S8 and 1301, bv tin Iiowcn-MerrOl Company'  �����>*1i  ' Buckingham felt that bis revenge  had slipped tlirougb his Angers this  time, but lie was patient where evil  was to bo accomplished and could wait  Then It was that the council was called  during tlie progress of whfeb Mary  and I had tried to obtain an audience  of the king. -   '  Buckingham had gone, to pay hla respects to the queen and on his way  back had espied Mary waiting for the  king In the anteroom and went to her.  At first she was Irritated at the sight  of this man', whom she so despised,  but a thought came'to her that she  might mak"e uso of him.   She knew his  power with tho citizens and city au- r her uP��n the,throne of France.  thoritics of London and also knew, or  thought she knew, that a smile from  hor'could accomplish everything'with  him. Sho had ample evidence of his"  infatuation, nnd she hoped that she  could procurcBrnndon's liberty through  Buckingham without revealing her  dangerous secret .     .  Much to tho .duke's surprise, sho  sinllcd upon' bim and gave n cordial  welcome, saying: "My lord, you,havo  been unkind to us of late und have not  shown us tho light of your counte-f  nance. I nm glad to sec you 'once'  more.-. Toll me the news."  ^'-'1 cannot say'there Is much* of Inter-,  est Jf l" havo learned the new. dance''  from, Caskoden,- If that is news; and',  "hope f6r a fnvor.at our next ball from''  you must 'not divulge tue met that _  do it It would cost me all the favor 1  enjoy with the people of London;  though I would willingly lose that fa-'  vor a thousand times over for a smile  from you."  She gave the smile,' and as he left  followed his retiring figtire with her  eyes and thought "After all, lie has a  kind heart."       ' "  She breathed a sigh of relief, too, for  she felt sho had accomplished Brandon's release nnd still retained her 'dangerous secret, .the divulging of which  she feared would harden Ilenry's heart  against her blandishments nnd"strand  when she thought that ne naa run  away from her because he loved her.  After Brandon's defense of her in Billingsgate Mary had begun to see^the  whole situation differently; and everything was changed. A She still saw the  same great distance between them'as  before, but with' this' difference/ she  was looking up now. Before that  event he had been plain Charles Brandon and she the Princess Mary. She  was the princess still,' but he was a.  demigod.  So Mary remained at Windsor and  grieved and wept, and dreamed and  longed that she''might see across the  miles* of billowy ocean to her love, her  love, her love! Meanwhile -Brandon  had his trial in secret down In London  and had been condemned to be hanged,  drawn and'Quartered'for having saved  to her inore than life itself.  Put not your trust in princesses!  CHAPTER X.   , ,' ..      ,_.  JUSTICE,  o kino!1  UCH was the state of affalra  when.I returned from France.  How    I    hated    myself , because   I   had   not' faced   tlie  m  .Wl  :6 a.  r.hopc, my-lord."   , ��� <���/, ,'  v.   '' i "..' ,/Tbis gracldusness would have looked  ���"* suspicious* to'one with less'vanity than  >l       "���' -' Buckingham, ibut he saw no craft in It  ,'    ' lie-did scCj-'-howevcr,  that  Maryf'did  . - "*       ,. not-'know,vwho, had ^attacked ,her' in'  j)      Billingsgate,   and  hcffclt 'greatly  relieved.  -"��T* " ' '     ,  -'   7 The "duke  smHed and smirked'nnd  'r    '   ' i' wasf enchanted, at her kindness. ( They  * _. .        wall:cd down the corridor, talking nnd  j ,     *" 'laughing, "lilnry awaiting {nn opportu-  '   ""��� nlty to put the Important question with-"  1    ',-'  out exclting'suspicion.   At last It'came,  ��� ��� >      '" when   Buckingham,   half   inquiringly,  r'cxpresscd,',bls ,'surprlso    that    Mary  *   ,   shouldf bo ffound sitting at the king's  .   '' door. - y  ���  v , ' x.    "I am waiting to soo the king,',' said  ",    " \slier  "Little'Caskoden's friend, Bran-,  '. r_��    if don,' has-been arrested for a brawl, of.  some sort over in,.London, nnd Sir Ed-  \ ... y ���'' ,wln"jaridfLady.Jtrno have importuned  A 'mo'to obtain his'release, wliich I have  (1' ,'y    Promised "to do'f    Perhaps-your grace  ,��.*.    ft ����� will'allow nie't'o'^petition you in placo  "*"���-.';"    of .carrying ".my^-request to  the  king.  ,',^'V,��Jouaro.quite as powerful as his maj-  t*_     i     estypin,jLondon,..and I should like "to1  ,'y. .'.  nsk you'to'obtain for Master, Brandon  i'i,"'-. ' 1 his''lilierty ntibncd."   I.shall'liold ihy-  "A'---' -' self'-inflnltcly obliged if your lordship  - '-.��,   -r .-win do'this for mo."   She smiled upon  1 i ^ '    ' him her sweetest "smile and, assumed''  ' ' I  {     an indifference'that would" have deceived'any orie but Buckingham'. Upon  1 him-under ,the  circumstances  it  was  i ~ worse  than  wasted.    Buckingham  at  onco consented and said that notwithstanding tho "fact that lie did not like  1 Brandon, to oblige" her highness he  would undertake to befriend a much  more disagreeable person.  "I fear," he said, "It will have.torbo  done secretly���by conniving ot his es-  ifl  . <?'  " Wliat is thist" cried Henry.  capo rather than by an order for his  release.      The    citizens    are    greatly  aroused over the alarming  frequency  of such occurrences, and as  many of  the offenders have lately escaped punishment by  reason  of  court  interference I fear this man Brandon will have  to bear the brunt, ln the London mind,  of   nil   these   unpunished   crimes.     It  will bo next to impossible to liberate  him   except   by   arranging   privately  with  tho keeper  for his  escape.    He  could  go down into the country  and  wait in seclusion until it Is all blown  over or until London has a now victim,  und then nn order can be made pardoning him, and he can return."  .   "Pardoning him! 'Whnt-arc you talking of, my lord?    IIo has done nothing  to be pardoned for.   lie should be and  shall be rewarded."    Mary spoko impetuously, but caught herself and tried  to remedy her blunder.    "That Is, if I  havo heard tho stialght'of it   I have  been told that the killing was done ln  the defense of two���women."    Think  . of this poor, unconscious girl, so full  of grief and trouble, talking thus to  Buckingham, who knew so much moro  nbout the affair than oven sho who had  taken so active a part ln it!  "Who told you of it?" asked the  duke. '  , AMary saw she. had made a mistake  and, after hesitating for a moment  answered: "Sir Edwin Caskoden. He  had it from Muster Brandon, I suppose." Rather adroit this was, but  equidistant from both truth and effectiveness.      .  "I will go at once to London and arrange for Brandon's escape," said  Bucklncham. preparing to leave.   "Bui  But  she   was   not  entirely  satisfied  with the arrangement   She knew that  her'obllgaUon to Brandon was'such'ns  to demand of hoi'\ that .she should not  leave the matter "of his release to any  other person, much less to an enemy  such as Buckingham.    Yet the" cos't of  his freedom by u direct net of her own  would be so great that 8he was tempted to take whatever 'risk there might  be in the way that had opened itself to  her.    Not  that" she', would' not, have  made the sacrifice "willingly or would  ,'not havo told Henry all if ,that were  tho only chance tofsave Brandon's life,  but the other way, the one she had taken by Buckingham's help, seemed safe,  and, though not entirely satisfying,1" she  could not see,how It could miscarry.  Buckingham   was  notably 'Jealous, of  his  knightly-word, ���and7 sho* had' u'n-  bounded, faith .inj.her /Influence  over  him." In short, llko<linany anothcjr.'per-  son, she was. as. wrong as^possiblo^just  at'the time when '9*10"thought sho was,  entirely right'and -when thfe cost of a1  mistake wus at Its maximum.'  Sho recolled-nlso from the .thought-  of Brandon's ���"e.scapo,", and. It hurt'her  that ho'6hould,.bo''a"fugftlve''fi-om 'the  Justice that'should ^reward; him, -yet  she quieted "these "disturbing siigges-  tlonsvwltli theTtho'ught'.tbat, lt -would'  be onlyltfor a short time, and, Brandon,  she know,."would'be'onl'yf-too glad to  'make the sacrifice if If purchased'' for  Iier freedom from the worse than damnation that lurked In the Frcnch-mar-i  riagc.       . ,"'" a   'A'  * AU' this ran quickly through Mary's  mind and brought'.rellof, but lt'dld not  cure the' uneasy sense,' weighing like  lend'tupori* her heart, .that, she should  take no clmnca.wlth tbls'tuan's Hfe"and'i  suouia put no' rurtner weight of sacrifice upon h'im, but .should,; go" to rthe'  king "and  toll   him" a  straightforward  story, let it hurt whore it would.- With..  a little  mcdltatlonr however;Ncame' a  thought which decided the question and  absolutely ' made    everything -��� bright  again for her, so .greatswas her capa-  "bllitjvfdr distilling,light*  She "would1  .go-at once to 'Windsbr'with-Jano and  would tdispatch'fa* note to, Brandon- at  Newgate' telling fhim upon his .escape,  to come to her.    Ho-might remain in  hiding in  the neighborhood of Windsor, nnd she could see him every1 day.  The time had come to Miiry when to  "seo him every day" would-turn Plutonian shades into noonday brightness  and weave sunbeams out of utter darte  ness.    With  Mary,  to resolve  was to  act; so the note was soon dispatched  by a page, and one hour later the girls  were on their road to Windsor.   ,  Buckingham went to Newgntc, expecting to make a virtue, with Mary,  out of the necessity imposed by the  king's command in freeing Brandon.-  no. had hoped to induce Brandon to  leave London stealthily and immediately by representing to him ,the evil con-  sequences of a break between the citizens and the king, liable' to grow out  of his release, and relied on Brandon's  generosity to lielp him out, but whon  he found the note which Gary's page  had delivered to the keeper of Newgate  he read it, and all his plans were  changed. ..  Ho caused the keeper to send the  note to the king, suppressing the fact  that he, Buckingham, had any knowledge of it. Tho duke then at once  started to Greenwich, where he arrived and sought tho king a few minutes before the time he knew tho messenger with Mary's note would come.  Tho king was soon found, and Buckingham, in apparent anger, told him  that tho city authorities refused to deliver Brandon except upon an order under tho king's seal.  Henry and Buckingham wero intensely indignant at tho conduct of  tho scurvy burghers, nnd an immense  amount of self Importance was displayed and shamefully wasted. This  manifestation was at Its highest when  the messenger from Newgate arrived  with Mary's poor littlo note us intended by the duke.  The note was handed to Henry, who  rend aloud as follows:  To Mnater Chjrles Brandon, tfreetlnf.:  Soon jou will bo rrt liberty, perhaps ore  this la to your hand Surely would 1 not  leave you long ln prison. I go to Windsor  ut once, thero to live In the hope that I  may seo you speedily. MARY.  "What is this?" cried nonry. "My  sister writing to Brandon? God's  death! My Lord of Buckingham, tho  suspicions you whispered in my ear  may linve- some truth. Wo will let this  follow remain In Newgate and allow  our good people of London to take  their own courso with him."  Buckingham went to Windsor next  day and told Mary that nrrangomei.ts  had been made the night before foi  Brandon's escape and that ho h;:d  heard that Brandon had left for New  Spain.  Mary thanked the duke, but had no  smiles for nny one. Her supply was  exhausted.  She remained'. at Windsor nursing  her love for. tho sake of the very pain  it brought her and dreading thcfbattle  for more tnan ,.life itself...which "she ���  knew she1 should soon be called upon to  fight .  At times sho would fall into one of  her old fits of anger because Brandon  had not come to see her before he left  but soon tho anger melted Into tears,  and the tears brought a sort of Joy  king's displeasure and had not,refused  to go until Brandon, was safely-out of  his trouble.' '-It was hard for me to believe that I bud left such a matter-to  two foolish girls,/ one of them ,-as  changeable ns the wind nnd the other  completely under her control. I could-  ,but think of ��� tho difference between  myself and Brandon, and well knew,  had I been tin his place, ho would have''  liberated mo or stormed'the very walla  of London single handed'and alone. ,',  Next to .myself. I condemned those  wretched girls for leaving Brandon to  perish���Brandon, to whom they both  owed so much. .Their selfishness 'turned mo against all womankind..    ������'"   l  I did not dally this" time.1   I trusted  to no Lady Jane or-Xady Mary*.' I,do-,  terminfed, to go to' the king nt'on'ce nhd  'toll' him  all. * I, did, not  care  if "the  wretched ��� Mary and,.Jane both had to;  marry, the/ French king'"or1.the  devil  himself. - I *dld not care If they nnd all  the host, of'their perfidious 'sisterhood  went to the nether side",of tbe'universe,'*  there to remain forever.-, -1 would-'re-,  trieve my. fault "in^ so far nsjt was re;  triovable and save Brandon,"wii'o was  worth them ''all 'put together.'; I4 would,  ,tell Mary'and^'Jane what I thought of  ~thero. and that should end-matters be-'  tween us..-I felt<as-l did toward them 1  not,onIy because'oiMhelr treatment of-'  Brandon, but because 'they had 'made  me'guilty of a grievous fault for which  I should nevcr'-so long as I lived "for-?  giv'o'myself.^ I determine'd.'to go to the '  king,'and go Ldid within five-minutes;  of the time I heard that Brandon was  yet in'prison,   '""il".    ���    ,.     :.    ,. ,  -Ifoupd the king sitting alone at pubi,^  lie dinner and, 'of 'course,' was^denled  speech with him.-- I-was in-no humor'  to  be  balked,- so���, I   thrust  aside  the  guards^and, .much    to   .everybody's'  fright,' forsI'was w'iJd'w-ith grief, rage  and despair and showed it in every feu-'  ture, rushed to"tho king and fc'll'upon-  my knees.at hisffeet-e*. -   y ... "-\~    �� ;��  ; ..'JusUce. O king!*;'I'cried, and all the ���  courtiers* heard:   "Justice, O king, for.,  the" fworst used' man" and the' bravest,  truest soul' that', ever' lived .and.'suf-.  fered!"  ' vHere .' the; f.tearsJ- began - to >  stream down my faco'^and^my voice  jehoked-In'my throat. it>"Charles Brail;  dbn,'your ..majesty's  one time-friend,  :IIesY.in>ka']bathsome,'.i rayless -dungeon,  condemnedf to-death,' as-your majesty \  may know! forfthe killing of,'two. men '  in Billingsgate .ward.) I will tell'you  all.    I should be thrust-out 'from the  society of decent men,for not*.having  told'you before I left for France', but  Iitrustcd.it to another who has proved  false.   I will tell you nil.   Your sister,  the Lady Mary, and Lady Jane Bolln'g-  broke were returning alone after dark  f 1 om a visit to the soothsayer Grouch'e,  of whom your majesty has heard.    I,  had been notified of tho Lady Mary's  intended visit to him, although sho had  enjoined absolute secrecy upon my informant   I could not go, being detained upon your' majesty's service���it was  the'night of the ball to the ambassadors���and i' asked Brandon to follow  them, which ho did without the knowledge of the princess.     - ,  "Upon returning the ladies were attacked by four ruffians and would have  met with worse than death had not tho1  bravest heart and the best sword in  England defended them victoriously  against such feaiful odds.. Ho left  them at Bridewell without hurt or In-  Jury, though covered with wounds himself. This man Is condemned to be  hanged, drawn and quartered, but I  know not your'majesty's heart If he  bo not at once reprieved and richly rewarded. Think, my king! He saved  tho royal honor ofyour sister, who is  so dear to you and has suffered so terribly for his loyalty and bravery.. Th��  day I left so hurriedly for Franco the  Lady .Mary promised sho would tell  you all and liberate this 'man who had  so nobly saved her, but she Is a woman  and was born to betray."  Tho king laughed a little at my vehemence.  "What is this you are telling me, Sir  Edwin? I know of Brandon's death  sentence, but much as I regret lt I  cannot Interfere with the Justice of our  good people of London for tho murder  of two knights In their streets. If  Brandon committed such a crime, and  I understand he does not deny It, I  cannot help him, however much I  should like to do so. But this nonsense  nbout my Bister! It cannot be true.  It must be trumped up out of your  lovo iu order to save your friend. Have  a care, good master, how you say such  n thing. If It were true, would not  Brandon have told It at his trial?"  "It Is as truo ns that God lives, my  king! If the Lady Mary and Lady  Jane do not bear mo out in every word  I have saM, let my life pay the forfeit  He woultr not tell of tho great reason  for killing tlie men, fearing to compromise the honor of thoso -whom ho  had saved, for, ns your majesty Is  aware, persons sometimes go to  Concho's for purposes other than to  l.sten to his soothsaying. Not ln this  c.r-.e. God knows, but there, are slanderous tongues, and Brandon wiis willing to. dip with closed lips rather than  set them wagging against one so dear,  to you: It seems that these ladles,  who owe r.o much to him, are also  willing that Uo should die rather than  themselves. bear the consequences of  their own folly. Do not delay, I beseech your majesty. Eat not another  morsel, .I pray you,, until this bravo  man, who has so truly served you, be [  takon from his orison and freed from  his sentence of "death. Come, come,  my king, this moment and all that I  have, my wealth, my life, my honor,  are'yours for all time."  The , kingf remained   a   moment ln  thought' with knife in hand.'      .    .,'  "Caskoden,"   I   have   never   detected  you 'in a  Ue in all tlie years I  have  known you.   You are not very'largo in  body, but your honor is great enough'  to stock a Goliath,    I believe you are  telling'the truth.    I will go at'once to  liberate' Brandon, and that little hussy,  ill}-, sister, shall go to France and enjoy life aslbest she can with her old  beauty,' King  Louis.    I   know  of uo  greater punishment to inflict upon her.  This determines me.    She  shall conx  me out. of ,it no longer.,..  Sir Thomas  Brandon, have my horses ready, and I  will go to the lord mayor, then to my  lord bishop of Lincoln^and arrange to  close this French' treaty at once.   Let  everybody  ,kno\y   that   the   Princess  rMary will within the month be queen  of   France.'". ,��� This   was > said   to  tlio  courtiers and was all over Loudon be-  Yore night     '   /        '   ,      ', ���      ,  ';'  ' I followed closely ln the wake of the  king, though  uninvited, for I had' determined to trust to no one, not,even  his majesty, until Brandon should lie  free. "* Henry   had   said   he  would go  first' to  the  lord   mayor  and  then to  Wolsey,    but   after   we   crossed   tlie  bridge he passed down Lower Thames  street and  turned  up Fish' street hill  Into   Grace  Church  street  on   towaid  Bishopsgate.,   Ile^ said he would stop  at, Mistress   Cornwallis'   and   have,a  pudding nnd then on  to 'Wolsey,. who  ut that timo lodged in a house near tlie  wall beyond Bishopsgate. ��� _   '  I-well knew if tho king once reached  Wolsey's It would bo wine and"i)uoil��  aud   other   games,   interspersed ��� un\v  and then with a little blustering tarn  on statecraft, for the rest of the'day.  Then the good bishop would have in a'  few pretty London women, and^a dance*  would   follow, .-with   wine" and 'cardsj,  und dlce,,-aiul Henry would spend the1"  night at Wolsey's and BrandonVie"another iiigbt In the mire of-his Ncjvgato  duiigeon. r -,'       ,f        f . A"  I, resolved to raise heiiven and earth,  and_thejother.;pIace, too,. If necessary,'  before'this, should .'happen.    So I'rodo'  boldly up tdfthe^klng'and"with uncov-p  ercd head addressed him:S"Your-majesty gave mo your rojral'word "that ybu1  ,would go^tO;.the lord mayo/first and  this is tho'rbad to my'"lord, bishop, of  Lincoln. , In till the years l'have known  'your fmajestyf both '"as grillant' prlnco*  a'nd(puissant king, this1 is ,the.first"-re'.,  quest I ever proffered.'and now I only  ask'^of -you' to  save ' your 'bwn'.'noblo  honor and 'do vyour duty as man arid  kinir."1     -���* ',',"** * , <""  These w;ere bold-words, but I did-uoti  cure 'ono littlo farthing whether they,  -pleased ' him or no,t-/i*hc king fstare'd  at* me'and said:  '"Caskoden, you are "a perfect .hound  nfiny heels.' <But you are right"', I'had  forgotten fmyt errand. * You disturbed  my, 'dinner,', and ' my", stomach '"called  loudly for orie of Mistress'1 Cornwallis'  puddings, but ybu-riro right^to.stick to  me.. What-n.'frlend you-are In-case ol  need!":WquId I-'hud one like you.", .. ,  '"Your majestyi has "two of'whom 11  know���one' riding humbly, by, j'bur rby-,  al'side aud,tbe,9ther'lyiHg,.In"tho worst  durigeou'ln CbYistchdom.".\, / ^ :- ���"���;  "! With ^thls; the "king 'w'heel'ed   about  YULTUHES OF MEXICO  HOW THESE BIRDS HAUNT THE ARID  ALKALI ' PLAINS.  '  The Whirring Illu.-U Cone of Baser  Benert Scavei��K<-,r�� ond <lie Way In  WlTlclt <lie Clrc-llnsf Mn��>' De��cendii  Upon It<t  Carrion Prey. /  At night the moon looks down upon-  a desolate, arid plain, stretching away  to the great Sierra  Mndre mountain  chain, deep, shadowy blue, against-the  western sky.    The air is chill, and a  bleak wind searches out every fold in  our    blankets���we"' might   almost   be  spending a night on the tundras.       >.'  With scarce a moment of dawn the  sun floods everything, a most welcome  warmth for awhile, soon to make ono  gdsp in its breathless heat    Long before the rainy season actually,begins  vegetation seems to feel a quickening  'In the' air; the plants scent the coming  moisture weeks beforehand; the rushing strcams,"swollen with the melting  snows from the lower mountain tops,  bring life to the lands through 'which  they flow; spring is awakening everywhere���except on tho alkali plain.  ' Where   a   thin   rind   of   red   brown  grass -roots   partly   covers   tho^ white  dust   parched   mesquite   bushes   find  root, and strange, uncouth organ cacti  rear their columns, Hk'e mammoth candelabra.   nerCj, wild"eyed cattle roiim  uneasily,' nibbling occasionally at the  bitter grass stems.     fh��   ' ,.  , Farther out in the desert, where jeven  the,,mesquite an&'cacti fail, wc rlile  'slowly   across   the   parched   surface,  wondering ifvn single living thing can  endure the bitterness of-the earth.. -In  the distance move tlie 'whirlwinds; of  dust, tall, thin columns" with' perfectly  'distinct   outlines,    undulating   slowly  herennd'tliere, both'life and death In;1  their silent movement '/"    '"',- ,< '���/  * Most remarkable it seems to us when  a, stray .great blue' heron how and'then  'flies silontlyf up from'the desert, (what  can possibly, attract these birds to such  a'placo.'of death"as this,'.distant even  'from"the bjttcr pools?) and flaps slowly"'  out* of' sight.A Twice ��� af.great eb'onyj  raven sails through tile dusty,air over  our_.hea"ds���tlio  same .bird * repassing.;  No other -life' is visible "save the ���bal-''  anccd 1 black specksf high'against the  blue, 'as' Invariably a part o'f.'a-Mexican"1  day"as aro-stars of the night''  Herons,  vultures, raven'f-all move'slowly/seem-,  ing^ less 'alive' than ,the 'distant' dust  columns.J1, f _f _.   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Mr. Draper Is confident,"that Dodd's  Kidney Pills and, nothing else caused  his, cure, as he tried two doctors without getting "help, and was^fast getting  weak and' despondent��when'���he stop-'  ped=alls.othor treatment and'Started;  to . take ���; Dodd'sf, Kidnoy Pills. �� In? . a:  week' he - passed the' largefstorie ,&!and,  four' days later'thof'smallef one. iw^1 *  "..t.Thls^cure causesfa feeling of relief  over people In. these partsjasjtfshows'.  those terrible operations/.long'though^'  tor bei'unavoldable, In,case~of'Gravel,'  are, no' longer" necessary." .f^C.^rT;'-'-''-'-  entire area.  v  LV-* $B;  and started "west toward Guildha'll. .,_ .  ," To' the1lord"'maj*or'jwenaccordihgly'  'went".without" furtheri delay. V*"'"IIe was  ouly-too glad to Iiberate',Brandoniwhen  rhe heard,my,_story, Twbich*the'.kiug had  ordered, mo to,.repeat.    The only'hosi--  t.incy was from, a 'doubt of Its truth." -";  , The lord mayor was kind'enough to  say that .-he,-felt  little1 doubt of 'my  word, hut-that'friendship would often  drive 'n -man to  any extremity, .even,  falsehood, to,save a friend.   v '*  Then I offered to go Into custody my-  self nnd pay tlio 'penalty, death, "for  helping a convicted felon,to escape.IM,  toldMiot tho truth,, to be confirmed or  denied by the princess and hor first  lady in waiting., I know Jane and -was  willing to risk' her truthfulness without 11 doubt���It' was so pronounced as  to be troublesome at'times���nnd as to  Mary���well, I hud; notndoubt of her  either. If she would but stop to think  out the right, sho was sure to do It.  My offer was satisfactory, for what  more can a man do than pledge his life  for his friend? Wo have Scripture foi  that, or something liko it.  Tlio lord mayor did not require my  proffered pledge, but readily consented  that the king should write an order for  Brandon's paidon and release. ", This  was done at once, and wo���that is, I,  together with the sheriff's sergeant and  his four yeomen, hastened to Newgate,  while Henry went over to Wolsey's to  settle Mary's fate.  Brandon was brought up, with chains  and manacles at his ankles and wrists.  When ho entered the room and saw  me, ho exclaimed: "Ah, Caskoden, Is  that you? I thought thoy had brought  me up to hang uie. nnd was glad for  the change. But I suppose you would'  not come to help nt that, even If you  have left me hero to rot.' God only  knows how long; I have forgotten.'\  I could not restrain the tears nt sight  of him.  "Your woids are more than just," I  said, and, being anxious that he should  know at once that my fault had not  been so great ns It looked, continued  hurriedly: "gaining sent me to Franco  upon nn hour's notice tho day after  your arrest I know only too well I  should not havo gone without seeing  you out of this, but you had enjoined  silence upon me, and���and I trusted to  tho promises of another."  "I thought as much. You are In no  way to blame, my friend. All I ask Is  that you never mention the subject  again."  "My friend!" Ah, tlio words were  dear to me as words of lovo from a  sweetheart's liDg!  ' But -we feel the real  spirit of the'  eternal'desert" when, as we "turn to re-,  trace'our steps,'.we spy-,a ^something  white, different rfrbm" the surrounding,  earth,, and .tlie .-spell,, of rpast, agesffalls;1  upon us. fThOjbltteV water is^ver'dry-:-  lug' up| jtbe'whlriwlndss carry the'dust'  from1 place,,to, placc.f the .birds"come,,  arid go as1 they please, but this' relic of,  an'elephant rOf; the olden time'brings  spast";andvpreschtVlnto; close" tbuch'.t  What   scenes .has,. the_',desert( looked,  upon f since ^thls'ptnam'motho; staggered*  'dyiiig' InTofltheyquagmirc,.whichv proved'  Its  tomb?'", Our eyes smart*[from;fthe-,  dust nVwe reluctantly turn our'horses'-  h'cads ~on 'fthe tiack ^trail,~for^we should''  flike'to. 'stajAand search"Houtf,these'ffosf  'sils���more .fascinating'': in" a "way^than-  tho,living beasts'and'birdiv-whIeh'pebA  .pie the, tropics'beyon'd'.^f';^f^t|i^ii'lfA  ><���* One" of '*, the,1 most-Lwonderf ul., of ithie,;  exhibitions 'of ���'bird- Ufefivouchsafed Ho  nst in^. Mexicof,.cqme8 ^as^jjef, leave^tBe  alkali Tplain and "ride "aw ay among'-'the,  ���mesquite scrub. 'A confused-mass-of.  black'npp'ears'ih the.air, which sbon*re-'  solves; itself Into .-hundreds 'of - Individ-,;  uul specks.. The atmosphere Js so"'de-*  celving that what at first seems tofbe^a  vast cloud of .gnats close at hand is  soon seen to be a' multitude ~ofcblrds���%  blackbirds, perhaps, .until ;we approach  and   think   them   ravens   and;,   finally,'  whenj a qunrter of a mile away;, we  know that they are Vultures.    Three  burros lie. dead upon" tlie plain.- 'This  we knew yosteitlay, and hero are the*  scavengers.  "Never have weiseen"vul-  tures so numerous or In such order.*  A careful scrutiny through the glass-.  es shows many score of black andftur-  key buzzards walking about and feed-  nig upon the carcases of,the animals.  From this point there extends .up'wurd  into tlie air*a vast Inverted eone^of  birds, all circling in the same direction.,,  From whero we sit upon our horses  tliere seems not a single one out of,  place, the outline of the cono being' as"  smooth and distinct ns though the birds  were limited In their flight to this particular area. It is a rare sight, tlie sun  lighting up every bird on the' farther  Ride and shadowing' blackv as night  thoso nearest us. > '  Through   one's   partly   closed   eyes  the whole mass appears as a myriad  of slowly revolving w'hoels, intersecting  and   croslng  encji   other's" orbits,  but never breaking their circular outline.   The thousands of Roaring forms  hold us spellbound for minutes before  we rode closer.    Now u change takes  place,  as gradual  but-as, sure as the  shifting clouds of a sunset.   Until this  moment there had been a tendency .to  concentrate at  the base of the cone,  tbat   portion   becoming   blacker   nnd  blacker,1 until It seemed a solid mass of  rnpldly  revolving  forms.    But at' our  near^ approach,     this     concent ration*  ceases and there Is perfect equilibrium  for a time.   Then, as w�� ride up a gentle slope Into clearer view, n wonderful ascent begins.   Slowly the creeping  fcplral wings upward: tho gigantic in-  \erted cone, still perfect in shape, lifts  clear of the ground and drifts awuy;  the summit rises in a curve, which, Utile   by   little,   frays   out   into   rugged  ���linos, all drifting in the same direction,  and before our very eyes the thousands  flf birds merge Into a shapeless, uiulu  htinjr   cloud,   which   rises   and   rises.  Mn ending out more and more until the  eye can no longer distinguish the birds,  which from vultures dwindle to mere  motes   floating   nnd1 lost   among   the  clouds.���C. . William   Beebe   in   Now  York Post.  ,   A   '>,'   .������'r-f t!i<i,15V'teHi;'*'^/<Wro.s  .��.'. U.A.-  *,"'���t  PATRIOT.    V.^.     ,,-__  "J.%��� ",',>>��,-' ,*,,. -j-*v*ty*.y^ifi%*-#%  .���)   .i.,.p_-_ ^..jj,,',,, .. -*"~_^��- c".1"^.-^/ 1 *l^^>��-"*"���  His eyes* ashlnc with, anctentmomprles,  His blood"aglow ,wlth. subtle" racial'j.JIro.  For��_him4'"aro"q.uehched "tliorstlrrlriers.'"6f,  '   ' -*,. rloal^rt0    "~.��r   ' * '-"V 5*"   p^-.-v-     '      ft3 'V-,- **-*.*  ,-v"-�� uesire,% vr-,.��� v-^w m ' ,; c f.'.v.n 1-1^  ,Tho' pageantl'dfi'the' woHdVh'as*)'qcascd*.  ^-'.to^please;'^. .^liV ^*tr��*&  Hushed,aro thojevcnlng^songa, the lutes  ', ,-of ease;" '< - /��� '^..a"^, : ^,j^V  In thb'War.'flame, 'that1" bi'dAancestral  ,Ho casts, his-hopes of h'ome/wiferchild'  v* ';;,0-"sirc,: y^as\\yy>^ fv.'./A^j.;  Instinct,' of-race,.,a,passIont more,than  ���ThofspIrit^bf^his^.countiV/iholds-hlm  -  "thrall;-,;     ^^ Jlr'zC'n*$i:#r  In 'him, forgotten.heroesfi'for^bcars'.Trise,'  ^Strengthening his,heartytofcominon^sac-,  %& of ttl^, drrVaVenlmiioSl '&U.  fAnd f'mar'tyr4 hosts"- thatj,unr'ecbrde(l*,fall  .Salute him from the vold-^wlth 'joyful  yyy criia/?/,; p,^ t��$&-^Ki^  '   ;   ",     ; New. Earl of Morl'ey.     ,  ,   ,Th6< new-'Earl  of ;Mork-y, who  Just been raised to tho House ot iJZ  thtough tho-deathfof his father, t^  somo time ln Ameilca as Lord Bo'Inel  don, and narrowly, escaped bdnir blou��  'up while traveling on the Pacific Willi  roturning.from Norfolk Island to gvi  "ncy, ln/Australla, the Bhip, thP Ava]J*  cauph^fire, .and tho,captain decided S  ruij -fprr Lord Howo Island, which ����  j about Aa hundred-   miles    off.   whw  iwtthin'a,couplo"of mlle3 of the bhoii  ^alljon; board .were compelled to' tain  tosthe!boats,,"and bofoio they hiWmt  moro'Uian 600 yards away tfii>re ��^.  ' terrific lexplosibri,. tho Bhip hnmediatfr  ly dlsappcarlng.b'cneath iho waves In  'a^column^o'f flaino and siiloki.. .Lord  MorleyVjwho; thus,, miraculously eecan.  ed'death^'is, unmarried, and1'the lit*.  to his 'earldom and'to his 08tate����in  jDerbyshlro'la' his "second brother tli.  "Hon.'- Mfintagu Parlter of tho Qrcnadlu  GuardsJiwho w'asj ba'dlyfwoundcd  la  , the Soutli African, war. *'  ."'|^lftaii'._��J'','  .?j\i  %-%M?7y?iB?���; Financiers ,  ^TrpV budaipgrM&nclerk have   b.a,  jUncarth'e^bjr tho^pollco^These rwonlt  les^aged twelvo'and fourteen, havo la  a^s'n^ev'dajr maiJe^9,Q00 per cent, on  fthe^capltabof-ia^penny. ^Obtaining eh- I  Jtranoejjrijth^thjs^sum to" a lavatory,'No'  'VremWedfhls' nether" garments.* Thaw -  .weref.pawnetl^b^ No.- 2  for/BO ccms''  ."W"��hjjthrfscapltalathiis brought Into tbe  business holboughf a, watch onjthc Installment* system/ ^A^'loan of $2^50 \na  ���Jnow,;flp5Jed iWithithe aid of the valch  at.a second pawnbroker's.   Ho returned j  tof pawiib'roker^Af /and' took "out" the  .trouscr8,,kwhIch''werQ then resumed By  fNo>)l,"/and7* theKtwo" divided between I  them-*"thel'$2?mlnu8  working expcnJos,  tfrIctIpn*,on^bobt'leather, etc.   Allowing  cfo'r'Sundays'ond short holidays for the J  djrectbrs^on tho"'Rlvlora, tho company's J  annualJprbflts'Kat this rate   would bo  ncarly?w3.000',000    per '"' cent.���London  rGlob'ePf*}?sfB*!ji*��ff����  I fW    ��.��    A '    ~       r- J-_   -,        ,3  ' Mule.  -London News.  $fVb"  FENCE'AT STONEHENGE  l".,'C  '- 'The ���rlght--��rv thoJS,owner  of,!-"J Stjpne1,  henge.'tho bes'tprcservediDrul'dlcal ruin'  v-;Aycorrcspondent who was -with Col  sTounghusbarid's, mission''to TVbel tell/  laimule' stop':r"MuIos apparentlydciw/  jdfo*fH>irf any caulo*. When tho mhslmi  ^firsticrdss^ditho Xelnpla,a indie slippra L  _In..fthVr&u8lc$and*'fell  Into  thef'jako at.]  gthe-bottom^of the pass. ,IL wasjhouglit  to",bby'dro'wned.*"'"Next,.morning n con-  "vvpy^fOjirid^ItjWlth its nose-Just above  the., lce*/the��'n��,st ofl ihe body llirralljr  -frbzcn'jin."j'-,I>ickaxes1 wero%iJipughL and'  .thda'anImarrwasgduffl..out - It ls'noiv  ^ ..*��b- ��� -��...,.  -, iTwasKd   that the'-  rajhli'slibusofshhlkbo^open tof'hls sub-'  In"Englarid,Uo keep^a barbed'-wire fenco-  by ,-tho. Attorney-General."- '".*,. I, ;'. c\ .9hl?f>fr.����� Baram j-whotrisltetl me, Ul-  ,.'i Sir .Edmund AntfolTus'jniade^hltrfMK - ?.n*b^/-^pf��vP-.r/*si??iSd,*b,m^lf ��"��  ��� unijopular, in, Arnesbury,^ n<sar   which ^niglitfnt /Lstana whon tho-rajiili ,'"'-' *  ttho'rulns He, when he^erecte&th'e-fonco" '���" ~ '~~ *--     "'  "    several years ago,. thereby, preventing  this,use of the paths across^the common  by the villagers. "The";fence,has bben  "destroyed several times. _ Now the, Attorney-General asks an-injunction 'com.-,,  pelling Sir-Edmund ���-* to remove tho'  fence. ' i'J''.t?2Z^ ftfatflU?  Tho Druldlcal remains v/ere 'undoubt-  'edly erected many centuries before tho  Christian era, and, indeed, somo antiquaries say^ they da'tedc-^ about 1,680  years beforo Christ.    " A "     -       A ii t  ��� They wero visited from the earliest  times for tho , purpose of'.publlo worship, and tho holding",of meetlriffs, and  lt was'sald thatprobably{they/marked  tho burial places'of-kings and',great  wanlors. " , l\  i It lsv, con tended that the roads lead-  ^Ing -to 'the Druldlcal temple are,���high-  ways, and. the^. public, therefore, had  the right to uso thorn, aa they"Had used  them-wlthout Interruption until 1301.  Sir iEdmund ,Antrobus'-' defenco^ Is  that the approach 'roads wore "simply  piivato ways, and wcre-,tho property  of tho lord of the manor.-*-They, could  not be describe'd as highways, because  they only led to the anclent'tcmplo, and  nowhero' else. , '  had i  jlinner iparty^-. nisi appearance, clad  simply ''Inr'a' cKawat'lt(wnIstc'o!it), j with  fivo,', followers -In equally, -full dross,  amongf af- doV,en' people convcntlonnllj  attired'was a piquant reminder ihatl,  was."cast of Suez!" "Dian pulled n pipe  C-i-I'was going'to say from hls'.poclu't-  lit up nrid-borc his part gullnntly iu tlie  social,amenities of,the evening.���Loudon Express.^ * -  Bafey's Owii Tablets  t'    l   A. ~  CUREff HOT  WEATHER  AILivmNTS  ''"and sum'm'er'complaints.  Tibet and  Queen  Victoria..  Quaint Information concerning Tibet  was plentiful, in the lecture by Perceval  Landon at the British Academy recently Perhaps the most extraordinary  notion existing In TIbot Is that a Tibetan goddess had come-to life again in  Queen Victoria. '  *  Mr. Landjpn showed a picture of this  goddess, and stated that a Tibetan had  pointed out'.to him that tho- country  was not Invaded durlng.tho late Queen's  reign. Within two years of her death,  however, tho expedition  took placo.  Colonel.Younghusband had an Interview with ono of tho Tibetan abbes  which illustrates tho "complete self-satisfaction of tho pcoplo. Tho abbo was  shown a gramophono and other exam-  Dies of tho most recent efforts of Euro-  ; In' the* hot iweather, the. little ones  suffer7 from stomach and.bowel troubles, are norvous, weak, sleepless and  irritable:   Their., vitality is lower novr-  than-at any'other^season.'..Prompt action at this timo saves a precious IJt-  tle. life. ..Baby's. 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It eJso does  more thoroughly and easily every other kind  ?i^��ish,ng re<I"*red in the household. Sun-  Mgftt is a pure, powerful soap that you should  a.Iways have at hand. Equally good with  hard or soft water.    No scrubbing, no boiling.  Try Sunlight,  rour money back for any cause of complaint.  An Appreciative  Wclnlimnn.  The following tasty inscription Is  from a family, mausoleum erected by a  ,Welsih,',Iandqw-ner rind magistrate In  Merionethshire. To expend tiirf winnings on erecting'a tomb-looks at first  sight eccentric, but.posslbly tbo builder was moved by the reflection that  betting has 'brought, many to their  graves: , ���'���.������ ���  As to my latter orid I g-o  To seek my jublleis  I bless the grood horso Bondiiro,  .   That built this tomb ;for me.  Lover Brothers Limited  Toronto THE MOVIE. LEADER  c?>  New Home��� of-Winnipeg, FrifeffPjess." /  SOMETHING   ABOUT   THE'PALA  TIAt- QUARTERS, ;OF     THE   ,  MANITOBA   FREE   PRESS,** "  .     WINNIPEG., >'A'\       ,^'  Western Canada's great daily, news-  ���.���,_._ the Manitoba Free ^ Pj;ess, is  tit s'eUHng down after having mov-  ,,rt into its palallal new/home on the  rornpr of Portage avenue and Garry  direct, Winnipeg.        "     ,   ', .  The building is the largest in the  nominion of Canada- devoted to news-  .iniier publication. Security, .conven-  1 Ce and beauty varo'the,three considerations paramount in ,lts,i construe-1  >r' ?��<i%  Free  ?  \'i<  IS  Hlon. '-As trf" security,  Press' building is, as nearly j; fire-proof  as'it is pofslblo lo make' Itf/The-irias-  slve pressed, brick and stone exterior,  strong as 'It appears," is but an outer  ' shell," the' building ^bqlng.'structurally,  "a steel cage,, wUh;'eyery;onef ot$>its  enormously strong -columns'' and, glrd-  ' cfrs completely enclosed in brick, terra cotta or other. lire" resisting 'material.   Tlio floors ^thrqughouttare of .con-*  orete, .strengthened* and'^- tifaced**"by  heavy steel netting^burledJn^the, ma,-.  1 crlal.   On this concrete'floortthe outer wooden skin ts laid.; .So non-com-  bustiblo Is" the' Free"'rPress.-^bulldlng'  ~    that a fire co;ild> b& started in ' any  jk   part of th'p premises,;/an'dTthe-b'staft.  * conld stand around,ahdewatch"it,"secure In  tho knowledge s thatj^fthpu^b  ltho wooden floor, the'doors,,partitions  ' and wiiidow,,frames might bel.cohsuni;  ed, absolutely, nof damage ���could;-.  bOf-  dono to tho'f structural -iframework of  the edifice. rThe,hcaTy;! l6s'ses>'which  ordinarily ,-Tesult, from i floors' collapsing during-Uie progress of^fa flro, thus  allowing'- hoayfy and -^expensive', . ma-  ,'cliineryr to��descend<��upbn the top p of  fotlier expensive plant,.in ..the"* lower  ��_Maries,   are  altogether obviated -by'  5��tbo concret^fdM^df'Construction*  ^���'of tho, floorsjIn+the-FreeijBreBStbulld-  Ing.   But to make i^suf affile "of" protection doublylsuro^a*.completo/flre  - extinguishing plant hasbeen'Installed*  .' s water being stbred.*In!.van j Jmmense  - "tank.In tho roofXsupp^le&'^yVpowei*-  -.' fill pumps fromlthe-artesian Iwell.^ over,  200 feet deep, in-ttie\b"asemen�� V$',^j  ��� ,  ' Tho pump, feeding" the|reservoIr,^ls.  ��� in constant operation���fsavb"when" the-  ;   lank Is full, jv'hen J an "automatic*sTdfrf  Ylco shuts It off. '"AJsfthe'waterMowers*  '    the same device. automatlcally,��starts  tlio" pump working'Jagain.. "The'well,  which ranks next, to the city "wells' in.  , point of size, a'ffords ah'abundant sup-"  ply of wator for the engines, thc-hy-  -lraulic newspaper.,andJ^mailing elevators, tho ordinary domeetlc wants; two  drinking" fountains, /and'' thc-hose for  sidewalk and street sprinkling. '��� In ad.  sidewalk and street'sprinkling.-^ In addition, to the capacious artesian well  tho Free Press possesses a' flro, stand  Pipe running from basement to -attic.  A second powerful duplex double action pump, attached' to    tho    steam  Plant and connected with    tho    city  mains, pumps wator directly Into'the  stand pipe at a pressure sufllcent ' to  throw a stream" of 'water 'through    a  throe-quarter, inch nozzle ono hundred  feet high. *      " "*   -���*"-   . "* "***'*  In beauty vof, external- design-,and  of interior, finish', the-Free Press will  hear comparison, with any other newspaper office in or out of Canada. From  tho massive cut,stono lower, floors'to  Its handsome cornice ���"which' is  moulded "of copper���no. detail that  would add to Its appearance'has been  omitted because of, its cost. Tho  rooms are lofty and spacious.* The  main office, In which the,public transacts Its business *wlth, the paper, is  Perhaps the most nobly proportioned  and handsomely finished of any news-  Paper offlco,outside of New York. The  staircases are constructed pf> marble  and steel, tho woodwork is of solid  oak in antiquo finish^. The furniture  waR expressly designed, and Is in  complete harmony with the rest of  Iho building.  hi the' big pressroom In tho basement which is overlooked from the  street on two sides, and on tho third  <>y a gallery specially built for tha  acijommodatlon of visitorsv 'so that  the wholo work of printing and mailing can bo seen, nro tho two hugo IIoo  Perfecting presses, ono of which can  J��rn out twentyfour thousand perfectly folded and printed 10-page papers  '�� an^ hour, the smallest sized paper  iin. Free Press over presents to its  leaders. Working In conjunction tho  lwo presses have a capacity  of 31,-  Losing your hair? Coming'  out by the cbmbful? And  doing nothing? No sense in  that! Why  Ayer's  Hair  air  promptly stop the falling?  Your hair will begin to grow,  too, and all dandruff will disappear. Gould you reasonably expect anything better?  _." Atff�� H*lr Vigor la a gre!��t buccom with  SsTt.il vVr WM ��'"n? out Tory badly, but  ill ��& ^'"S.*: ���*>pp��d It ��nd now my hair it  Ml right." r-^r. cXoasJoow. Xtadttj, .OaL ���  \M�� bottle.;.      .      '   .  for  j. a AYSK 00.,  l^wJjK^SSJii.  H&ir  000 16-page newspapers per hour  These monsters eat up five tons or ten  thousand pounds of white paper ���-  ery working day. ju the matter -of  newspaper color printing, the Free,  Press plant ranks first In the Dominion, the big Hoe press being equipped  with a specially constuicL^i ��,_.���.  deck, capable of printing tho paper -,t  one operation m fiom one* to lour  colors.'.  ' i Ad joining'this room is the mailing  department, with its distributing _u.a  delivery rooms where the brigade of  130 delivery boys and an    army    of  newsboys receive their supply 0f p;t-  pers.   To the lear is the power plant  the boiler room, with   three   boilers.  each of 100 h. p. and the power room.  ..where three almost    silent    engines'  transform     steam     into    .electrical  energy. -, Everything in tlie Free Press  building is���done by electricity,   save  keeping the    accounts,    writing   the  news/and   operating   the   hydiaulic  mailing and newspaper lifts;   water  from .thef artesian wells( supplying the  motor'power'for these'machines.   In  the  engine  room are  located  power  lathes, and a complete  repair   shop,  enabling the Free   Press   to   repair  quickly,, and at any time, breakages  In its.machinery.. So'complete is this  plant that even a forge and anvil, together with a complete blacksmith's  outfit'has.  bean   installed.    Situated  1,500 miles from the point, at which,  ln> the 'case of a break to    its    big  presses, the,parts could be obtained,  the Free Press relies upon1 its skilled  employees and'its own repair plant to  make and replace broken parts,  i The same careful provision Is���mado  to, guard against a'breakdown in'its  "power 'and lighting plant,'   Ono huge  boiler Is always fn reserve.   A duplicate power and lighting plant Is ca-  cat^power and lighting plant Is capable 'to start' up at a moment's notice  and eveh'in thp event���a remote ono���  of.'tho duplicate plant breaking'down,  a third Is'" available   In   au   instant  through,a conduit connection with the  power and lighting plant<'of the Win-,  ^nlpeg'^Electric  Street? Railway' company.    Indeed "every possible precaution1'appears, to-have been taken,to  prevent1 that greatest of disasters���a  failure,, to'get out1 the paper on time.  Tho",motors aro,'so attached rto tho  blg���newspaper* presses that they can  be^disconnected  inside of'three mln-  ujfesj'and ^y^an'elaborate system of  e'ye-bolts and over-head trolleys affixed to the'steel celling girders, should'  ari";accident,occur to one ot the propelling? machines which weighs" over  a_Jtoi�����fromJ.fifteen to eighteen "minutes stifilce'to'change one motor for  another.  ,���-._ y f.   ' * - '-- %     ,  -''"The 'chances of an accident'to its.  bhy newspaper press hre'rende'red still*  more .f remote by tho employment of  an ..interesting, pieceiof.machiriery "at-.  jtachetl to the press known as anelectrical, 'speed.'.controller.'   There   are  many types" of'controller on'the. mar-  'ket, but the 'ono adopted by the Free  Press;"the Kohler.system," is conceded  'to^be'ifar' the most, up-to-date,, having  many .features ,no�� possessed 'by any  other make. jOwingito the heavy cost  ���of installation,'only the largest,news-  'pa'pers in ,the :ilnlted States have.becn  able to adopt-'-the,Kohler sjestem of  speed control'as'applied to,'iicwspa-_  fpe'rTpfess'es.'t,"When thetFree Press in-  ftrodtuced,,thef.-first", and.-only. Kohler,  'controller into Canada the makers remarked 'that western Canadians (must  be a p'rogresslv�� people as'Winnipeg  Had Jthe .distinction*ot being tlie, smallest ''city' on*" the ** American ^ continent  JwEichVowriedJbrieV'of their, machines.  Equipped with- Its ^Kohler system the  -huge '-.press* with,',its*-22,000,-icworkins  parts,' Is under-perfeptlcontrol." 'Electrical!" starting 'and stopping* stations,-  "with*"wfres running", from"1 a ; switch-  -board,' are .'located Cat ^convenient  'parts of the press" and by 'pressing but-,  tons at* any ono of,, these   the    press  can ,be started, speeded   up, . slowed  dow/and-in case of-.accident, stopped, instantly. '     '.",*"',        - * -' "  -}��� Conduits are "constructed all through  the building,' and,take tlie wires whore-  over power Js required. ���  In   all   the  premises "there is not4a single power  shaft, nor an overhead hanger,dripping oil, nor a complication of helting.  Every press, papev   cutter,   linotype,  "stcrotype or "other machine is driven  by Its" own independent motor.  Over tho press and power rooms, located' in the basement, is the business office, already described, ,Tvlth the  cylinder press room 'to the rear. A  spacious r hall. glittering with plato  glass leads, to the speedy "passenger  elevator which gives access to the  floors.above., >"  That immediately above tho business oflibo is given over to the newsi  writing department 'Here are located  the "offices of the editor-in-chief, the  editorial writers and sub-editors, each  of whom has finely appointed quarters. 'The next floor is devoted to  news setting. -Here Is the battery of  eleven Mergentbaler Linotypes, on  which is set tlie .body of- the news appearing twice daily in the Free Press.  Tho "ad alley" in which the, advertisements are .set, is th�� most completely equipped in Canada, as is necessary when it is considered that-  the' Free Press carries moro advertising than * any .other paper in- the  Dominion. , On this floor too, is the  sterotyping department, in which the  pages of type���technically known as  "forms"���are cast by rapids and-in-,  gonious machinery into soini-cylindri-  cal plates, of exactly the same curvature as tho cylinders of the big Hoe  presses in tho basement, to which  thoy arc sent by a special elevator.  On the fourth floor Is tho Job printing department, composing room and  book bindery, whero' printing of all  kinds, from a dodger to a magazine,  is produced. This floor Is a spacious,  well lighted, airy, freo from dust and  nffoi.dEj' healthful su/roundlngs for  tho employees. No finer' composing  ���room esists anywhqro. -Above this  is tho attic storey, used for storage,  be raised thrco or four stories with-  bo raised hrce or four storeys without any disturbance of work In the  lowor portion of building. From the  roof, the outlook from which has already mado it popular with visitors,  a fine view of the city is obtainable.  A modern newspaper is one of the  most wonderful products of complex  organization. It. Is the combined result of many of tho most remarkable  and epoch marking inventions. The  steam engine, the dynamoe, the electric telegraph, which annihilates (Its  tanco, the telephone, which carries  tho sound of human speech hundreds  of miles, tho Mergenthaler, which scte  up lines of type as quickly as the operator can touch the keys, and the  perfecting press, which, devours huge  rolls of white paper that but a short  time before were part of a sifr.uce  forest���all these were necessary before tho public could see at a glance  what "moving accidents by flood and  field" were happening at home and  abroad; what statesmen and politicians were doing at Ottawa, at London, at Washington; the triumph^ of  Togo and the.struggle between .Oya-  ma and Linevitch; thp arrival of vessels bearing friends; the prospects of  harvest and.the prices of grain,���  these, with local happenings of a less  of Kidney Di  Ailments of the Most Painful and Fatal Nature Prevented and  Cured by  DR. 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Chase, the famous receipt  book author, are on every box.  A POINTER ON  PERSONAL  TY-      .  BEAU-  ��    ��� : : : &  What You Want  IsaJFLOlJRthat  Combines  From "Success Magazine.".)  There is a saying that every time  a sheep bleats, it loses a mouthful of  hay." Every time a woman worries  she loses a little of her attractiveness  and takes on marks of age.  If, your servant scorches the soup  or overcooks the meat, never mind.  You cannot afford to worry about it,  and if you scold her, you may make  up your mind to lose some of your  beauty, to let go some of your magnetism.  If the members of the family are  habitually late,* try to .remedy it, but  don't worry about it. If you do, you  will grow older in tho process.  If your husband or children do  things, that do not please you, do not  nag at them. This will only aggravate the evil you complain of, anil it  will cost you some of their love and  respect. Every time you nag you  lose a little of, your power, to charm  and attract Ihem'tp you.  If the cleaners spoil your favorite  dress, don't get angry about it. An  outbreak of hot temper, will "take  away much more of your attractiveness than your dress could supply.  If you lose your pocketbook, don't  worry about it. Worrying will noL  bring it back, but it will tike 'out of  your face and disposition that which  money can never replace.  If you meet with bitter disappointment, don't fret, don't cry over it. If  you sdo, you pay a penalty which you  can1 ill afford. No woman can, fret  and nag and worry and keep away  the marks of ago���or retain her beauty and power to please.  i  *  And   These 'Qualities  /'f^Mrev^htairiedf.'iri  A _Jfc3��    '  WIRE WOUNDS.  ��t '* , '    '  My ,rnarc,' a very valuable one, was  badly bruised and cut by biSIng caught"  in a wire fence. Some of tho-wounds  would not heal, although I tried manv  different medicines.' Dr. Bell advised  me to use MINAKD'S LINIMENT, diluted at first, then^tronger, as tho  sores began to look better, until after  three "weeks, the sores have healedt  and best of all the hair is 'growing  well,-andris'not white as is,most al=  ways lhe~case in"'horse wounds.    ,  V - . ���' \>iy ,_   - ,.F.fM. DOUCET.  Weymouth. ,        " --       ,    '  n  What is the Meaning of  "Well Balanced" Flour.  A perfectly " balanced "   flour is one which  contains the greatest amount of nutriment in its    ,  most easily digestable form.    No , single variety  of wheat will produce  "well balanced" flour.    It  requires the careful  selection of different kinds.  The makers of  ROYAL HOUSEHOLD  FLOUR have more  than1 a hundred elevators,   '  scattered throughout the greatest wheat growing  country in the world, which   enables them to se- ���  cure the very  pick  of the wheat ,that will yield  perfectly balanced flour��� ' <>  , ' ' " c  ��� ���The kind of flour that  produces the best,  the largest and the strongest' loaf��� ,      , ��'   <  ���The loaf which containsu the greatest  amount of bone, muscle and brain-making prc^-  tern and the lowest percentage of waste.  ROYAL * HOUSEHOLD ' makes bread  which reduces the labor of digestion���and gives  greatest nutrition for least,stomach effort. ,    ���  , It's the "balance".in flour that makes bread,   -  easier to digest and gives it many other qualities '  which are usually attributed to other causes.  1 f ; _______ r ' ' ���  Ogilvie's   "Royal   Household"   Flour.,  &c?  a-  v. Several years, ago.^Pr. E. P. Hen son  delivered a lecture on the subject of  "Fools" at' the Lakeview Assembly  grounds. South Framingham. -< Bishop  Vincent, who 'was, -presiding, '- introduced the speaker, saying: "We are  about 't'o listen., to �� a, lecture on fools  by one'of i-the "'greatest���(here the  Bishop paused, while the audience  broke into"*an uproar, .of laughter, and  then- continued.���the greatest lecturers ,of -modern "time's." ) Dr.'< Henson,  nowise nonplussed.^ "rose and" said:1  "Ladies 'and gentlemen, I am nor ps  by one of, the greatest���(here the  a pause and more 'laughter from the  audience,"and then the doctor continued)���would1 have", you believe."  Itch,'Mange, Prairie., scratches, Cuban, Itch on human or ."animals, loured  In '30 minutes by Wolford's Sanitary  Lotion. -��� It neverfalls.- Atall druggists.  Lake of the Woods Milling  Co., Ltd.  ****SK***.*****S*****^******��  momentous but almost as Interesting  a character, and to some at least of  the, newspaper readers, the just as  important announcements of the merchants and business mon, are all looked forward to twice a day, and,make  their appearance regularly, sometimes  in spite of stupendous difliculties. Before this and other news' can be road  in the paper carelessly thrown'by the  delivery boy at a subscriber's door,  hundreds of skilled and highly trained men must each contribute their  quota to the net result, and all must  work at the highest speed and effectiveness, lt Is tho knowledge of theso  things that makes a newspaper office,  which is the centre and gathering  point of all these complex organizations, such a perennial centre of. public attraction. When all the resources  for securing and publishing tho news  aro as complete as in the new home  of tho Free Press, it is no wonder that  it is already ono of tho show placos  of Western Canada's biggest city, and  that no visitor to Winnipeg will honco*  forth bo considered to havo seen all  that should bo seen until ho has inspected tho homo of Westorn Canada's greatest dally newspaper.  There I�� more Ontarrh In thin Motion of the conn-  try tbnn oil other dli>en��o�� put together, and until  tho lust tail renra wwi supposed to be inourablo. For  a grout many yenrs doolors pronounced lt e loonl dl��-  oiwe nnd pro.cr.be.] local romedlw., and by constantly  Tailing to ouro with local treatment, pronounood it  Incurable Solonco has proron catarrh to bo a con-  ntltutlonal dliwnio ond thoroforo reonlreii conrtltu-  tlonnl treatment. Dell's Catarrh Onro. manufactured lir F. J. 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"My  musical talent was onco the means  of saving my life." ','IIow was that?"  the musician asked. "There was a  great flood in our town* in my . boy-  .liood," replied London. "Wheiic the  water struck our house my father got  on a bed and floated with the stream  until he was rescued." "And you?"  thought for a moment, and, turning  don, "I accompanied, him on the, piano."  Minard's  Liniment  Cures   Distemper.  Lady���For goodness sakes, Bridget,  what kind of greens aro those? Bridget���Tho spinach was fed to the cow  by mistake, m'am, so I cooked up ono  of them parlor palms. The guests  won't know tho difference. Lady���  But, Bridget! Thoso palms wero artificial.  Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant  Soap Powder dusted iu the bath, doftens  the w- ^er and disinfects.      , 38  A minister often has a hard time  convincing a young man whom he has  just married that there is no regular  price for the ceremony and yet leaving such an impression that ho will bo  sure to get a liberal donation," said  the Rev. C. P. Smith, pastor of the  North Sido Christian Church in Kansas City, Kan., "and wo often havo  some amusing experiences in connection^ with the matter. I remember  one instance about ten, years ago  when I was preaching at Walla Walla,  Wash. ��� There was no negro .preacher  in town and I was often, called upon  to perform, a ceremony, between negroes. One afternoon after I had married a young negro couple, the groom  asked me what was the price for the  service. ", 'Oh, well,' said I, 'you can  pay me whatever you think it is worth  to you.' "The negro; turned and;' silently looked his bride over from head  to foot, then slowly rolling tip the  whites of his eyes to me, said:  " 'Lawd, sah, you has done ruined me  for life."'  A-schoolmaster*hadTjust-finished a  lesson oh1 "Food," when a'boy put up  his* handr.ion^being-asked what he  .wanted lie ' replied:,?/ "Please, sir,  Jones said he knew., a baby that, was  brought'up on -elephant's- milk, ,��and it  gained '.ten., pounds in weight 'v every,  day."* "Jonesfought!not to. tell you  suctyrubbish.Vfsaid the master-"*-then,  addressing "'Jones, he said: * "xell me  whose baby was brought\up'on "eW  phant's milk." ,To which Jones hesitatingly'replied: "Please, sir, it'was  tho elephant's baby."      ,  '        ^ v  ��� Impurities in the Blood.���When the  action of the Kidneys becomes im-  pairea, impurities in' the" blood are almost sure to follow, and general derangement of the system ensues. Parmelee's Vegetabl Pills will0< regulate  the kidneys, so that they will maintain healthy action and prevent the  complications, w.hicn will . certainly  come when there is derangement of  these delicate organs. As a restorative these pills are in the first rank.  A Private, letter recently received  in, New York from "a Russian rwoman,  according to the Tribune, quotes the  following little'-story as an illustration of the present situation and the  popular attitude in Russia:���"Japan  would have consented to peace with  been able to. send the Mikado the following persons: . Two functionaries,  not drink; one miidjikwho has never  drink; one muojik who has never  been whipped; one workman who has  "always had, enough to'ear. But' the  Czar was,unable to find such persons  in his whole country, and offered .instead: Admiral Alexieff, Grand Duke  Sergius, General Orloff, Admiral.Ouch-  tonisky; and , the ''priest, Jean de  Cronstadt. But the Mikado would not  accept these substitutes, and that is  why the war still goes on."  1   "Look-pleasant."  '     <  (Q. S. Marden in^'Success Magazine")  '', What would bq th'e effect upon"civilization if everybody would keep constantly in mind that-suggestion'of the  photographer, "Look Pleasant?" The  most difficult part of the( photographer's work is the effort to gdl the, subject before, the camera to rid himself  of the cold.r stiff, set expression of  his face and to replace'it;by a genial,  kindly look or a smile. Ho "-is''not  willing to reproduce the sitter until  he succeeds, because he knows, that  the change of expression"'will transform the protograph. ,. * . ' ' r.  How the habit of looking pleasant  would revolutionize our natures, and  civilization itself! If we could only  get-rid of .'the hard, eager, worried  look habitual to many of us,-not for  the fewjseconds we stand before the  camera, but for all our lives, ' how  bright the world would grow! ' ,  ,    1 J   ''               1���    v -���      1  Nearly all infants are more or,less  subject to diarrhoea and such complaints while te"ething and as this period, of their '.lives is the most critical,  mothers should not be witho.ut a'bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery  Cordial. This medicine is a specific  for such, complaintsv ,and 'is .highly  spoken of by those who' have used it*  The proprietors claim it will cure any  *cas'e of cholera or. summer complaint.  .       ',. 'l li U_!  f 4..  t A young ,Virginia _ woman who ' re-4"  cently .moved, to New York" with; her*  husband brought, with her a .typical  colored ;servant. . The, lady'.was, quite  ill,*and one.morning after the physician had left the ' servant appeared,  much concerned for the welfare of  herf mistress.' Approaching the bedside she said: "Miss May, mail mo-  than dun had a cousin what had de  same' ailments what you dun >got."  "Is that so, Cora?" replied the lady.  "'Ycssum," responded Cora, encouraged, "but mail mothah's -cousin she  fdie"d, 'deed she did." -"Well, Cora,"  said her mistress,' angry that she  should tell hor such a tale at such an  inopportune timo, "if that's all you  have to say to mo you can leave the  100m tlnd don't come in again. I  don't, want to hear such stories. You  haven't the sense " you* were born  with, and that was mighty little."  Cora was thoroughly frightened at  what she had done and wished to ameliorate her1 ill-chosen story, so she  thought* for a moment, and, turning  to go, said: "Well, Miss May, mail  lnothah told mo sho died mighty  easy."  Minard's  Liniment  cures  Colds,  Etc.  Language doesn't stand still. Kansas people know a man is a tenderfoot  when he talks about "cyclone cellars."  People in the cyclone belt always refer to them as "fraid holes."  A Cure for Rheumatism.���The intrusion of uric acid into the blood vessels is a fruitful cause of rheumatic  pains. 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"How would about ?350.for  your personarneeds strike you?" "As  I said before, this    strike    can't    be  crushed1���but  be called off.  I didn't say it couldn't  Where's the money?"  WN  \J>  No 64%3  "Man is Filled-With Misery."���This  is not true of all men. . The well,  sound of lung, clear of eye, alert and  buoyant with health, are not miserable, whatever may be their social  condition., To be.well is to be happy,  and we can all be well by getting'and  keeping our bodies in a healthful  state. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil will  .help all to do this.  v    FOR *r>.�� f    rt;         .    , ^ jl^4  THETRAOEOFTHEGRE/TWEST  Overalls, Smocks  aiid Shirts.  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Boggs  There has just come to our table a  very "neat and up^o-date pamphlet  from the offices of the Groat Northern,  Railway, showing to advantage their'  recent extensions in North Dakota,  viz: The Sarles, Thorne, Maxbass  and Sherwood. It is replete witli' information regarding tho desirable districts which' havo been' opened >, up,  and illustrated by,several harvest and  crop scenes. '.It contains also maps  setting, forth -the new extensions' and  projected lines.-;,  Keep them in the house.  STake one when you feel bilious or dizzy. They act directly on the HvCTsBMr*0**  Want your moustache or beard  BUCKINGHAM'S   DYE  a beautiful brown or rich Mack? Use  mnca.o*Mimmiratmin_Tiinrr��OTygt��mifca.M.  If it is a Question of Warmth use  E. B. EDDY'S  It Retains Heat and  Keeps Out Cold.  Write for Samples arid Prices  TEES   &   PERSSG,    Limited,    Agents,    Winnipeg.  "**���*' l**w'**wT<*nrv***???$ t|?!V/  $nexx&%&i 'SsffrSiSf*��ii? KaU  ������H-i\  !i;i'^:;U-.AT??^ fiflrT
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fi mm \mu.
io >uung 'men    not   to   let account*
stand over ,too long."     ' '*'.
J? ibh«hrd iu frfce mterest of the people
of Moyie and East Kootenay.
I '	
r.j.xiratcii..   - - -   eab3it.tr*.
____xx» or iniKuraios.
£) ^e yw....n..^,^,....*»^- -—*
8ATJ7W>AY, A UGUSTMJ9, i905.
~   Faie wages.
The uoifcaely d.jatli of • Frauk W
Smith la*t week ia only another reminder that, mining i* a perilou.
occupation. 'Yet thlro a,re dowe Jew
whocoBtendth.it the miner,- should
jt,ot inawt on ma,inuiuing the union
scales of wages. Such talk i* nonsense
■ ,and i8 indulged in only by thuse whos.
.interest it is to aeryc their masters, th"
wining co-poration'*, or those wbo du
jiot take into con-ddewtion the great
risk of life,'«.«-well (aa the .unhealthy
I' nnd disagreeahle,work. Three dollars
.and fifty cents p'-r day'is little enough
for tho man who takes his' lile in his
hands every time he gqes to bin daily '
labor'knd hie ne«.r and dear ones know
Ciot how' soon they are 'to see the
Jwnly of fatherj brother or son bo/ae to
1 ' .them'   nvang'ed.or dead.   Such  work
j* worthy of the highest pay'uud eyery
<     tune   we  read of   the very  frequent
-    death of a miner or'see his funeral we
'i     ' ' '.'
f> .are forcibly reminded of this fact.'
r    i» *   '
1 I        ' ' "- i I .
Moyie is still burying her, dead  in
- jtlie'same old cemetery.
' "   ■    ,.  e '«        _   , = ,       a , ,    ,
The small boy's fun is at an end for
£ litne.    School opens Monday.
.'Sadie Mac is fast" says a headline.
* J3ut thank goodness Sadie  ia^only    a
*. i
J>or«e.    r    .
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Thfre are some b;g guus trained on
one anotlierin Portsmoutu, U; H..but,
they v« onlyloaded with argument.
Here is a recipe ior cooking a aquaw
fish: Boll the fish ior six hours; fry it
for two iiaursj then stretch it on r
board.', than nail tbe board tu the .side
of a building and letithesunshine on
the fishier tliree.ditysj then take the'
hoard downs remove .the fish from < the
ooard,; throw the fish away, and then
eat the board. , .
* After Septebmar 1st all miners employed by the Crow'* Nest Pass Coal
companj' will be union minprs. This
'iu as 41 should he. As ia'.always the
case many of tbe -ooinerq, although
profiting by rhe aggreement made by
the union with the, company/ retuaed
to join tlie union in any manner, while
willin_{ to accept any benefit derived
through the hands of the union.'    ".,
, Miss fda' Tarbollj . in McCluro's'
Maga^ine for Augti'stj has the follow-
ing on John fD. Rockefeller: Money
madj money mad; sane ineyery^ respect; but money m*d, He is tnot
.i great ninn, pot a .human1 man. He
ia a raachine-r-a- money machine
—stripped,by his overwhelming pas-
uion of greed of every quality which
makes a man worthy of citizenship.
He baa not made good.-' He 'cannot
make food.   It is not in,him.
All over the aovthe'rn states  people
I .        A
are "fleeing lrorn Yellow Jack. In
BrilialiAOalumbia Black Ijck ia the
baby mucti sought alter;    *    , ' ,
,. That {aajo.ua note incident, in prJiich
Mrs. Hvris. F*rnie'8 ciiy council and
&. T.'l^>wefy were involved, ia atill
being served to the public.      „l
"    -     i A' WjirnlnB to   Molb«M. ..  i
.Too much caxe cannot be uaed with
amajl children during .the hot weather
ol f the, summer 'months,   to guaid
a^ainat bowel troubles. 'As a  *ulejh
is only necessary to'give .the child   a
doae of caBtor oil to, .correct1 any disorder of the bowels.   Do.not uae ^.any
substitute, but give theV.old'Iashioned
caBtor oil., and see that .it is 'fresh, as
rancid oirnauseates and /baa   a _tendency to.gripf- If this does notf cheok
the bowels givepChsmberlain's   Colic,
Cholera and 'Diarrhoea Remedy  and
then   a dose of caetox oil, and  tbe
disease1 may be - chocked' in " its   in-
cipiency     and   all"' danger' avoided.
The caator oil and this remedy should
be procured at once and kept ready
for instant use'aa aoon as the first   in-
tlication of any bowel trouble 'appears.
This ia tho most successful  treatment
known and may be  rolled,,upon with
implict confidence even  in   cases of
cholera infantum.' -Foraale liy' S. K.
Harvie.      J    , .,     \ ■>-   '?'",-;
EVJ£KYTHl>ta'JN TUis.   LINE u£
School Supplies
At the
n      .
,"' -    S. K. HAP VIE, Prop...',.
,( t    INyESTIGATIOX      f
shows  that many ' eood watches are
spoiled_'by ,  tampering.   No -mittcr
how little you fsuppoa'e ia the matter
iwitb yours better ' *' ,  "    ■    ,
i i , HAVEJJSFIX, IT- rt ' '
A" wliole.lot of,damage can be done
oy those who are not acquainted with
the delicate" mechanism. ,.'■ We 'know
watches and can repair them. as ' they
should be. Bring us yoursif it doesn't
gojuat right. - r   ;•  >
'a   .. ' J
Graduate Optician,, uCRANBROOK!
". a, ., ' ' „i   r;,«;;..' . s.
Freeh and Cured Meats, Fre*h '**
Fish, Game-'and." Poultry.   We'd **•
f *     ,» - .- i    -     ', <
supply ' o'nly  the beat. '„ Your," v
'    trade solicited.'"" ' ,, ■ >'   '
Under New ?
The Dinins jtC'ioBi?..i8   now   open," the
„'     ll.f J« nevvly   supplied, and
*   , ^.i-'verv'iff'ift will .ho' made   -t
1 -r '*"-     . >■      .(.       .."     '-     - -    ' >   j
.*    '   ,     '   to giveaaiibfiMJliou.     ,,,  L~y
^At        , a i •f i's."'^    y   ' - -     -   ',."'
J. A: GOTJPILL, Propr.
I. O. O. F.
vrn&uj to*** *°- **•
Meets every'Tuasda> evening in their
hall  on   Victoria street.    Sojourning
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
P. T. Smyth, *"•3- Smyth, '
Noble Grand.     .       Beer'y.
Moyie   Miners' , Uuion
No. 71 W. F. of M.
Meets in McGregor hall every Saturday eveninc Sojourning members
are cordially invited to attend/
1). Ha-berbosch.
Tiros. E.' Kelly,
$S .MOYIE. .
UNION MADiE Clothing a Specialty.
Wolsey Unshrinkable Underwear
' /   and W.' L Douglass' Shoesi \
,   '     .  '    NONE   BETTER ON THE MARKET.'
® , Trunks, Valises, Suit Cases, Hats, Etc,
Meets on'tb'e  iiis-L ami il'iiid   Widni-s-
d«3' of each month  at,8 IVM.
E. A. HILL, . J.' U HA.WKE. ,'
.Worthy Prt-s.    „      Worthy Secr'y^
- * . >  - n  -  a .      , s,
...- ,' '
a r
Harvey   &    McCarter,
Barristeia, Solicitors. Notaries, Etc.
1 !■' i '  '   ,      ■
-   '   " ,' ' ' A ' '
Cranbrook,   '-,»-   B.'C.
1 TliisJ Hotel is New- dndiWell Eiirnislied The
* - ? Tables: are Supplied^ with the Best the
1 '/• M^raet affords.',TheiBar is Filled with
I       the Best Brands pf Liquors <_abd Cigars, ,
I ,      / v*"' ■ </-*? ' ;<x. '*•? , "^-^v^V'V'i  Tr v
I '■   ;    ' •'„   P^-AN[DMINI^iO'MEK-.Vjr^^*'^',",,      V1'    .
7 '
a a Wholesale Wme;.
,    andS.Spirit Mer-.;, >
9        •      -,1  J'  a     . rv , -   rA
.r^chant.^  . ,r. v., ^ r ■
Agent for Calgary Brewing Co.'a.,^V;
, Beerf Ale and Porer 1-
'. '"H.   <l.f
-.     1   t   <
/ Tliree Moyie boys are shy a  portion
• of the digitB as a result of monkeying
with dynamise caps. , High exploeives
should be kept on high shelves always.
'    "Drink,"  remarked   the moraliaer,
"shorteRS map's1 days/'    "Right you
are," rejoined tbe demoralizer.   'The
longest day of my life was spent in a
The Trail Craek News say : ''A
young man in town han an open account with a local store 'for over tw<*
years. The first item on it waa a box
of chocolates, and the last wa8 a nursing bottle.   This ought to be a lesson
To accomodate present heavy- travel
from Kpotenkys', to' yincouver. Vi<>
tori ft, Seattle, -Portland ' etc*./the
Canadian Pacific Itailway, have" eatabf-
lish'ed'sleeping car service on Imperial
Limited between Vancouver";, and
Arrowhead. Leaving Arrowhead on
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.'
Leaving Vancouver Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdaya. For berth
reaervationa apply local agents.'
In all thb Principal
Cities^and. Towns in
j   British Columbia    ^
A,     rf-'. ,-s
TJLabelACo.'s1,,1      -('    ■■   ;','-
C't.-'i" -.' '?'    ' it<' - y l i '
< 'f1 : Hays'and CJrain.^k*"
.   <       :_J    i     ■'.    ^
CRANBROOK.    *' ,<    ^ <■     -'B.C
1   .,.i
*h -f. I  '
Barrister,-Solicitor, Notary. Public, Etc
: :S6r&iibro6k,B.C.\ &-
drV;e. Bi.MILES,
/    '
.   . 'jj
Foreign,1 and   Domestic Wines, I iquor^
'«.' ,    ^." f*,f »nd Cigar8.( •..'■'■   ^ 'f*',.
George-H. Thompson;
"''V/Vw,'? - ' *\ ' ** *-\
*    A  y^y   r'BARKISTKR, SOLICITOR,   J
-.v * -'^v ', taryfPublic, &g. ■ - .-,-%>■*.
"•   i ^-- .;*;-  .y       "^ ''.   ^.;.'
.   ,    ,«-1    B*'   .,   'ftJ.^^«     :J1*-|'«    <»,.#i-jO     ,   _'<    I   '*r^      ,-
1  .'       ',-".<'   -I-'.   »*--'     fh-    Jr- .?"*   ,-"<-.-     ,    - „
,. '& ^ LABOR S''DAY ;s a; J
" ,y: SEPTRA,4TH;^;^  I
"Ayi'^-I,y>r \„ 7 #^*.h ^ yy-i nt'.i ^>';|i
< i    *r a       *        , V—V      ^r-    , fj      ->.ii'-if.     A  j J"*       *       vi^ JtYrf      r>
h   i" » •   -   J-    ' i-v 1.~-iw v * *>    ^^ "^v ~ ' ' *  ^ C *•
..K.    ^*a    *   ** *m. *m.        vm-Wji.   ^V4f V*T*in    .i
. 41200 IN^PRIZES.
>V-   ')
"\-J<TV*/.   -,■>"<'y9.:v"^'t^:i-,"'-.^:,K'     ^ •/
Tfe.;most;^ttractive^list of
il      tLo.      r     r>        -<      * ft* J   -I?      If .   ■'t'J   —/—*>    "tf TSl'V    *    > •-     -J
,     r,    -     t       -a a ^| : ,%: ^Special rtramsif will cbe; run
Cranbrbok,VY. , jB^Oy*;^
■-■>'■ *   -   -       - *••"-     - >>■'v^;*... '.'Jfrpm.' all.pointB.'x; ^.^_*v r
■ V-     s "V ' . / .J ^-/.V-'A""" ''!.
Cieiirs",   - Tobnt-eos, ;.i  Confectionery,
P     ',,ii    ','.<  <    ,S*"t   , Vf-,,<- .    , i       "
FABRELL''b£0CK. '- ;f^Victoria St.
1 fi,t « ■ w*i*'j       m   ■ <?"',J- ''it^ ' f -*^-—
Barber Shop
Mn\ hi-
Large sample room in connection
with house for commercial men. Best
of accommodations. ^  <
Headquarters, for   Commercial and Mining Men.   '
B. C
■v ' . ,' ^
*    ":  Ands-Bath Rooms.    -
In STOKE Building.
First Claaa Work.  ,
BAtlw^open -every d.iy. ]
Ai l."franklin
The Best Boy's Bootj
On The Market.
All   our   Rootg,     from     the
smallest Youth's  to   the largest
Men's 6izes, contain nothing but
No. L leather and finding!.,
The cut represents our Boy's
High Cut Box Calf Bal. It is
made with bellows tongue, silver
eyelets and stud hooks over a
toot-form last.
Keg Beer, Bottled
Beer, and Porter
always on Hand.
Or if you wish to invtst
in any of these consult
1  u * f*i       7i *  M  /    i       J     If    •
",vi— "  ^
<t'\"    jtv       ,'- V «/"Vji    - - a tir-iTCeSr- - j tl
'     ' V    s.
.    I
I* ,-„vi.v-, '<i \j.5j.' v;, " f,..,, v",". ,.K"-!"'%"••- -i  .   ."
jf-- t ^' - A. ,^:.^iSrf ^.^    ".    '-1.   (-    ,"'   f-   -l.-.'^., H___—
.    \ "-      t*^(.    \J'
•r :*
7^'^f ^:^^vCT^^-I^WNEY;^rc)pl^ 5
MlNERS',/HEADQUART3RS.^ »>»^' ,"d bw
<    -       - .       »   ^   ,>' "N_... -'r^w"- ?'•*. -7" ' -•»    .        .«»*_   , ••__ nf:	
A. B. Stewart.&'Co.
. Agent   for   Crows'  Nest   ' -
Steam Laundry.'       .   .
Palace - Bakery,
Bread, Pies, Cakes, Etc." .
Twelve Loayes $1.   .
R. T. HOWARD, Prop.
VAJJCOUVER,   -r 'rrr   g.   G.
Commencing 3ep. 20
Larger and better
than ever.
Everything new and
up to date.
All kinds of open air
Each day some thing
You will meet your
old friends there.
Single fare on all
lines "of travel.
Write for prise list.
St.   Joseph's   Convent.
hoarding and Day School conducted by the Sisters of St. Joseph, Nelson
B. C. Commercial and li'idiiiesn
couraea a specialty. Excellence ond
swift progress characterize uach department. Parents should write for
particulars. One month assures the
public of the thoroughucsa of th
Sisters* methods of teaching. Terms
commence January, April and Sept.
Pupils are admitted durinc term.
Save Time
And Gents' Furnisher.
\ ,       r t
Fine   Suitings,, Overcoating
'    Trousers,   Imported    Goods.
( V^every Convenience: for .Working Men.
J.   trO-A *-^
Souto.Vlctoria'St.'^^ ^'i*~. >'
A- 1£*
'J\ Wholesale Wines; Liquors y
and, Cigars."-
CRANBROOK,  ',   . British Colum^
We handle everything [in the Hardware linj
Also Cumberland- blacksmith's coal,', powdej
fuse and capsf;oiirpaints and glass, at
Cranbrook and Moyie.
I J. E. Annable, Sec'y
QrUeens' Ave.      MOYIE
Embalmer*»d Uudcrtakcr,
Phone 89, .CRANBROOK,
Seattle, Tacoma
Pacific  Coast Points
St,  Paul,   Chicago)   New  York
Palace and Tourist Sleepers,   Buffet,
Library carp, Modern Day coaches
Dining   card.     Meals
a La Carte.
Best Meals on Wheels
2   Fast   Overland ft
For Tickets,  Rates,  Folders  and
Full information,/uall on  or- address any  Gn at Northern Agent
A. O. F. A. C.P. il, A.
' Seattle,.'-   701 W.Riv rside   Av
Spakane, AVaehington....   '.'.-,. NeHo.o,
30 Day Limit.
Choice  of Routes.   All Via,   Sumas,
Vancouver to Sealtlo, Via. Victoria.
Through Sleeping Car Arrowhead to Vancouver, Sunday,
Wednesday and Friday.
For Rates, FolJerB or Tickets Apply
tp Local Agent.
f    J. Attwood, Agent, Moyie.
DlBt, Thsh. AtTt WtQ«n. Put    ARt
Dominion Exhibitioi
1<J06—September 27 to October 7—1905
Under the auspices of the Royal Agricultural and Industrial Socic.-
II i
Stupendous and comprehensive array of Exhibits
representing the" resources of all Canada.
$100,000     IN PRIZES    $!0MI
Enlarged grounds, now handsome and spacious building".
> r*dJ
WORLDS CHAMPION EVENTS in Rowing and   Lncroiiie,   IIofM
Broncho "Busting," Military Parades and Exercises.
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and othor Famous Bands,
GRAND WATER CARNIVaIl—Fara-'e of Frascr river fishing. "ee'   i
boats, H. M. warships, Indian war canoes,   etc,
Indian Sports.
For all information write   W, H, KEAItY,    Secrftar.v   w\
New Westminister, 1J.0.     ..   ' : f' ;
d  JI#«1


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