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The Moyie Leader Aug 10, 1901

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 ���feL  wwmwismBa  ��?*f��  / k  L V  I'-i  i-~<  0  f\'  HI       ���*  'Jfj&fiESS  &l  -�� i-.J.  3 V'? *���\  *A    ,3  J  *is.  J";  ������. -      r-.-!  "3      ,  W  m  V-3  ���r>3SEJiS  ;]��'% |T^ C%  pJ9  ,:>>  FRESH PLUMS,  BAN-  aiias, Oranges, Berries.  LEAfOXS, 25els per dozen at  /   /  ''���7  7  190:  SS A- YEAE  s?M  O'  ?  3  ���if/   i  TJ * ^^TTjra    jTnTn]pr!|iM].iai!o^iiu, which w-o behind ii��� ' i    fmjTjrjT  JjiilliWU        itbllJJUi'sJ j counter, us well a. a box of cigars   hi.:] i ][      fjIiAilUl  And'knockdowTi in prices are now in full  ��� " '    ' .' ''     ,    swing-,'  ;     ',     FIRST POUND.  .CLOTHING ���Fine, tweed sail." fram $5.00 updo f}i20'.0O.  SECOND PJOUND.  ;UKD,ERWEAE���Fpll suits from fpL.50 to $G.50 per suit.  '  Tniip ROUND.        "       . p  ?Or SlilltTS���Good flannel from 50 cts to $2.50.    ���  -FOURTH SOUND.  I ATS���From 25 cts to a No, 1 fur hat (<$]��Llv.  '   '" ���    "    FIFTH ROUND. '  feoOTS���Minors' $\%%\\\% shoos fry.n $3,00, fo" %V2��,.'~~J;'in'e"' s-hocs  from ?2.50 (o���!jvJ,7.j. .. _ ��� <     >  at M^oyie  and Quo  ~i l Tir?TT    ;, 5  L'Ull  i.j o   iO i.4." Li.t3ii' <  (TJplf^Tirr  500TT WAS JJ3FE VICTIM  "4  m  #  latlier   Seimaiional  Ewdiny  for  jt  Quiet  Ji.JtUc Suituiuy Kveiiiiis Sitthig  at Sirdar.  <%  i.t the- same  time 'the  visitors,,will "be   |}j  shown the finest   .display of Dress  .Goods ever shown in Moyie.  ��  ^  rBest value ever offored , in  East  Kootcjuiy for   the  money;    Come  early and eebure a 'frputtcat.,  i >"  1. ��t^C*  f    '��\*4       *,  t ��      J   �����  L  r  m  i-  ��� .  '^   '   ti "a  j I'll bJ o^jii  COMPANY".   , '     ���  *t&  4h  $r  %  ���  \  ���E, a;��'  2?aid U-p;  fiBR&Ok BRRHCIJ.  Papital ' $8,000,000. "   ,  ' -<      r  ! ���':��������� "HUfiEilT ^INES, iGB  SunJbivyed and robbed! Sudi' i-=  I what occLin-L'd I:) f lio qtiiot iind p,'ic ;-  ful town of Moyio i-l>urLJy i'itt-v' tnid  night li'st \V< du^j.-Jay iuurn'iii:;, ni;d  ��S. -A. rico't, uiu> of tlsu best Known  men in lov.'n. iv.i- the victim. The  Wurk W-k domi !;y two r,i;ii, and'ti:c  hoodk> Mi'jurcd w. t':?.:75.- '. ir tnlpri'c-  ^ j'lu^�� nf;l 3"-1 lj��i'-!1 enptund. ,        ' ' ' ,  ��       It vr;,iti ^iioitly uff.'r J2 oVloi-k when  ///VA! the :V!oyio hotel closed,    S.   A.   Scotl,  who rooniri ih   (ho' house,   v.mh  .^iiiing  eut'-ide   Mlhiii'j   v, ith   so mo,   fiieurih.  II*.-In.1 tli'in   f:i;oiI   iti^ltt   :iad   went,  .i.'ouud u�� n huiUi.iu, in the rc.r.f.i   (he  hold._ Ju.it us hu eauie oui,  two  wo.  (jpr:;ug upon hinvund on i .-.tru ���!:   lijsjs  ov��r iIr-''lie id v.;;th n ;��� uu.:bi_.,   h u;i;k:  inj( iiim ten��!.-!".;������>.    \v"l.i'-  ;:i ;;,:-con-  (iltion IJi'^y ;ci.r;f j ^i/., ,.���   (i^,.   pockut i  book which   cviil-iin,-il ��� WIo   in   '):1L-,|  but ovciloo'-re I mjosj tin ���.'I  o!j.i:iijo  in |  bis puiHs pocket nntt   hi*   revolver  in  his inside  coat   pookul.    As   (lie rnj-  bors sturtcd lo iiin Scott tog.ii.-iud con-  5ci0i'.oiie9s, drew   hid   gun   aod    Qrcd  (lu^e siioig in uuloic riucecsjion at the  ilobiag objects.    But it was (juke dark  biiqh chungc a^ there wa5 in the till -it  t.be time.  They then commanded thri'r victii-i.-  to r. main wiiuio Uuy wi>i\ until  'lh<-'v  could got iiw.iy,  threatening  to   t,'x;oi  anyone who   (ivod   to  follow   lhi.ni  or  tfcek to find out which v/ay the\- v-'onh!  c;o,,   Not widbintj (o t��ke and   cliunc i*  of being filial, witli   lead   the .victim!-  olieyed, and in a fow minuets the  rob.  bers were out of' fcjglit   and-well   on  jtheir way   to  parts   unknown.    It  is  thought, that the men who   performed  the trick were familiar with their surroundings.  GRANBROOK ��� ITEMS. -  Aggressive    Steps    by.  liosslancl Strikers.  AT "THE   WAR   EAGLE  OMcers Went Tlirougli n  Wumljer   of tlie  UuiUting-i, 7jut 'Were  (Jnrowardcfl.  LOCAL    NEWS.  A. A. Bi'ale id   in   Cn'iribromc   and  ."'ort Steele. *>'  i,    i. '  __A. Vvr. Suthorl.md v*-ao in Cranbrool:  '*V,'<incjr-d;u ' -  ,Yv\ ]v. Ileid' transicted bu.dnpw in  Ctanbrook Thurodiiv. ' j  The .Moyie Lumber Co'*-, sawmill  will start up ne.xt week.     ;%  A. II.  Shun   K-lurned   from   Kitch  fcuer iliis morning:  Ab�� Jj'g^ett  (Ijj)arted  List Mond.-i'  !,or iu'iu'inui points.  J.' P. J-'ar.-eil   an 1  o'ro'.tk viaitord W'-dn1 sdav.  Jlosaland'; J8. O., Aug,  R.���The mnct  fiargieasivo step yet taken in th�� t-triko  .-itu.ition here was enacted lod.iy when  buildings at the War Eagle mine were  -enrolled by oflljunj \A the kw hn- con-  pealvd iVL'iipon.s.,, Under Canadian  -"tatiiled a scroti w irrant mnv be io-  jt.-Ui.tI at lb'-��� ius'.iinceof two crodilable  ! witnesses who are rK.\u\y to swear that  to the h:>st'of tin-ir h/iief weiipon:* are  concealed for innoo,-.e:; of tljalurbiug'  the peace. The two witneo-'Ci were  readily procured among members of  (lie ininera' union said a'wurr.int wiio  sworn out'and placed,in the hando of  the :)o!iee.   'Cuief ^atiiban   -and   ,->er-  Cran brook Herald :       -       ' '   ,  ���Dave GrilJUb, the'pioneer   of   Wild  Horse,   \ya6   in   town   Tuesday.     Ho  Inought over nearly $1500 in gold, dust  wiiieii he sold to   the   Canadian  Rank  'of'Commerce.    This   dust   wad   taken  from a iesoed portion ol the Invicta on  the Wild ��ior3e.    The   Nip and   Tuck  is being worked witli hydraulic-machinery, bui no   cleanup   has   yet   been  miide.     :>Ir.   Griflith    expressed     the ,  opinion   that   the   output   for    Wild  Horrio this season   would  be   between  $15,000 and  $"20,000  in  nuggets  and  dust.  L-\A week the /inn of   ?J.   Mclnnea  ill t  10  wile    were  Cran-'jg, .|UJt Uii'ueo, brotuefr of the- Snokane  I uiiieer,  went   to  the  War Eticdo,  ac-  it Co,, with meat  market's  in   a  leading towns of South East Kootenay  and also ilacleod. became   amialgami-'  ted with the well known .me.it, firm1 of  P. Bunio-  &   Co, -lint   hua ' markets  tliroughout   iJritihh    Columbia.     The  two flrnia have been operating together  iioretoh/re, with Air. MoTnneain charge  ol the bu^inesrj in  South  .East  Koole-  nay.    In tlie future the entire busjincaS  throughout tiie province' will   bo   car-  rial on under the  name   of 1\  Burnt*  &, Co.    Arr. , MoIrucs  will   look   after*  r p  cat tie pnrehadiug mid oti(er outside  work 'jver the district. ' The buainode  of South' Ei&t Kootenav and  Aiicleod  ,.,,..,   -., , ,     , . , will be in charge of W. W. Doble, who '  ]U\uy   ,11,J;vhlu^   ^ent   thejeump^med   by^.be   proMdeut, of    lire   j,... l,2ClJ the h-jad book keeper for" M.  Molunes tfe  Co.   for'somo   time,    i',  tKtKWjmnxntr ���&ix^j**snMX^*rarjtL.%\'VOJxzx,i  m-rf't^.ajsatTiogjrwsifc  XX   JL' X   V X  rr\  ��.,-v*,,:-93t  B' ^�� "�� '.1      t -r  r\  ���..1 \J ..  A  at the tnneais;! the men got away.  By t.bia lim-i ,quite a numb.-r had  gathered around, including Constable  Drumuiond. Scott waa taken to the  Central bote', wnea it was found that  aside from being pretty badly  shaken  ���up: past oi the v/e.ejt in Cranb-ooic.  A T. Citnlc .went   to  Elko   today   to  ; ^tu-ncl u meeting o!   the   license  eom-  nri��-ioners.  ���-       , ..  Dou'i forgot, to buy a ticket for tile  fire bc'uefit dalles next Vj'ednesduy  evening.'  " G. II. Gilpin was in (own on business  in eunuecfion with bid branch store  tins week.  Jako Nelson, proprietor of tie Cosmopolitan hotel, was, in Craabtuok  wins week.  ��� D. N. AlcKechnie, shii'thoss at the  St. Eugene mill,   is   spending   a,   few  ' N. A.' Mackenzie, Proprietor,  ���> ' '/\ * L , -   .' ���.>..       /1 op find frighten-d   he   v.-a-s   not  much!  .       ��� a n  ���.   < , ''������  ���;;Tflio ���'; Hotel,"for tlie .masses.. -'Everytniriff. First|hurU j^rll*ninioulI Solsomc^kn,H;iT:,? tT"   '".  '���'���$; ,ia";;every;} respect.'   Sample Booms  for  '-5'S '   Oomme rcial Men.  r     i     ,i ������        , ������,!���, it     T. T. AloVittie, I', L.   ,5.., has   com-  I and a thorough dearou ot the town and ' ,    . ,   .    ��� " '  ! ,. -,,-,' Pie'ted ho wor��: for the aiojie Lumber  biuroundiugd country  was   maue.   but i ^ J  . , o * ' j Co.'and has returned to Fort Steele.  ! with no succeed.  miner*.' union, Rupsro Buhner, aud   a  party of union men.  , The officers searched, a   number  of  buiJdihgti, luit came away empty  handed,   "Abbolutely  nothing   waa  found-  to indicate that the  sworn   statement  of .witnesses had   foundation   in   fact. {Odd Fellows' Hall  Thursday  a   pres-  Bui'.-is it Co now have- 25   markets dn  Bri!i?h Columbia,'  (   I'-esoiUoii WiiJi a \V.:tc(i.  After the Presbyterian perviee in the  / *'��w-v *J X 1 sit.  umrjnMJK-*i.��irHfJKjesxrsf^.  The money taken was one SflOO bill,  e  '-" */E^S^ ���^.^.^i>^.^.>r.^.^.^.^.^.^^/7.>''.^'/"..��;4;'7i": -^z^i^iy^^ WdS   simply   i>.  'Vl^ "^'^^^^^ "^������vjL'^aw'fj^ j jj^urlv to the   i  British Golam"bi a"' lwo $50 bnu, two $20 bins and th  balance was in $5 bills,    Tue sandbag  simply   i>.   black   stocking   filled  ^ i neitny to tfie   iop    with,  silted    st'.u.d.  , Air. and Airs. Jilingeuamith are now  iu charge of the dining room cf Elko's  leading hole!.  ���Large sample room in connection  with hou&e for'commercial men. Best  of accommodations  h'eadquartersVror1  Commenoiaf^ and"Mining Men.  .  QUEKN-  AVENSJS, ��� ��� ~    ��� MOYIE,   ��. Os  yiV I The stocking ha^ a laundry mark o-i it  ^jwiiich  is  almost   bleached   out,   but  W ;' looks like the figures  "6~i".    Kone oi  -1-. *if3 | the Jioyie laundries use such a   mark.  r.f$\    The holdup was a   uanng   oiie,  und iant day on the lake.  ^f$ j\wn;: done   evi lentiy   by   men   la"'iliai !     lie v. \V. G.   Fortune  of   Craubrook  ^��j! with the   surroundings   and   who   the j wrt's down to Movie Thursday   evening  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Doble \yer��  AIo,>ie Thursday. Air. Doble is now  manager for P: Burns & Go's, East  Kootenay   meat markets.  o i  F.  E.   Simpson   and   wife   were   in  Aloyie last can day and spent a pleas-  Considerable indignation was excited  and this was increased by the fact that  throughout the balance of the evening  a number of tno strikers paraded., uu-  .disturbed'about the company's offices  aud buildings. The end of the incident has not been heard yet.  _l__ '. 1  '    \  'i'Ue Georgia Minbti-c's.  The Georgia minstrels uhu.'fod to a  crowded 'uout'e in tlJOvOdd Pellowshall  Jasit Sat'.uday evening'.' Standingioom  was at a premium and'between 30 and  -10 people were turned away, While  some of the "gags" wore ti trifle .stale  others were very good, and the show  ou the   whole    was   better   th'un    the  entalion of a gold watch was made by  tlie Ladies' Aid to.AIidd Daisy Hillier.-  Key. Fortune made the presentation!,!  in a few ' well chosen words. Alisa  Hillier won the gifc by her , bucoessftfl  efforts In raising $70, for ' the Presby-  terian manso. Messro. Gooder.ham ��g  Blackstook were the largest contribu-  ters, $20 cheque being their amount  sent in.        ,.. .  ]I) I average coming here.  /^j habits of their 'vk'fini As mar :o  rfeott can deseiibe toe. men one was  r'aliicr tall and the oilier \vnh oi medium  bight aud   heavy  bet.    It   iy  iliought  v j? \  ��m  the\ are tlie same men   who   held   up  ���wtMvW0��OK*r*&c*~sv9a^,s&xis&MM^mMM*mM.wm*iaranwMtK  I    ,! What About Canned Goods?  Wo have unloaded a car this-wcek mid have now on hand a  large .stock in the beat briindd.    Here is a list to select from :  i fe.v   nigh to  Even* ai'oit fd boing made to locate  the men, and tlie authorities in all'tLv  surroundinirs to ami ? have bcjn noi uii-d.  and held services in tue   Odd   Peilows  hall.  Constable   Wiison   of   Cr-.riton   w;is  in   Afoyie   Thursday  conferring    with  j Constable Drummoud.  i     Dub, John.-j;> und B. E.   'JViy'Ior   re-  ! turned ml-   week   from   Perry   cieek,  I A-here   they    were   uoi^g   nssestmenl  | work,"  i  !     Aiiss Tibbiitts  Tins is an experimental trip for  these minstrels aud the manager is  well pleased with the result.  , The minstrels traveled hi two of  thoir own cars, and spent a whole day  in Movie. I:, is needle^ to say they  th'oioogbly enjoyed themsel'ves. In the  morning they went boating and in the  afternoon they went hi swimming.  The sight of '30 negroes in Aloyie , lake  in a bunch was i.uher an unusual one.  AVJiafc Mrns Scott  IIH AVItU?  ,    The following was handed in at tUii  ofiiee this morning :  The .Cranbrook Herald days thsfe  Scott was 3iindbagged with two 'ladies'''  stockings rilled with sand. Was it two'  ladies' stockings, or the stockings of'  two ladies? - Or two ladies' four stockings, or one lady's' two stockings, or  one stocking of each, lady? Perhaps  "the editor wilt say they were hose, not  stockings at all.  hilt   for  Cieeton   this  The account, of   tlie holdup   wbi0h ! >veek, where tho  will   lake   charge   of  'i  'i*  /  OMATOES���Dclhie, Tartan,   Colon  ;;  .rA'X DEAXy���Tartan, "Red Cr-��es.  'f  EAK���French, Sifted, Aylmers.  \V.KKT l-OTATOES���Di)Y��-rr.  CACKES���Tartan, l5oll��\y\  EAJIH��� Tartan, Osliawa.  Dili;  PI.U'IH���Tiii-lmi.  0-iUAPD "  ItEEN GAGE  11'Bi illl fit!���Ooad wiilk-,-'.  CI'iAWUEftttJK:4���T.ir'.n., 'Aylnuo-,  *0i  4  ���iDAKEJ)   U��A^3��� With    or   without  1 ��� nmato c-at;ce,  ] PACIFIC CAKAHlhS.  | SALMON��� Klusoi Tails  J CLAMS ��� bougie'.  |CLA:d ClfOWDEP.  j 0\\STEi^-~Covc, HIpc. Points.  ! ?iKf?lM\C���\ue!iovey,   shu'm  I       <- i        . . .  1 '     toil! TO ) tilOl I .  j SOiJSEi) .\lAOKRKb.  : UATAVTA Sir KIM �����,-!.  ' PiGlCLl'lSS���- Put Icov, (Much  ! I-J.XULiell   LMJAWX.  I occurred at Sirdar Sunday   evening  given in  follow*--:  j given in tlie JNel��un Tribune and it  as !  re eehoi'l for the coming term.  James C'Leary  for  several   months  j d.<y eyi i:in;r in    -v.iic  rj ma^k.s and m-i\i -d with, nun-; ['laved   a  I very pronum oi p,..,t.    .Nothin,-   vh.u-  5t. JK,'j;ol'o 3Sca:iIe3l��!0.  I'iic painters and  puporhftngcrd   are  now at work fjnishing the insideo; the \  managei's re^silenee at th? St. Pugene. I  The rooms aro large and  \yell lighted, f  mil tin weod finishing ami   plumbing  are   lino  specimens  of   workmanship.  CoV, i:>ate i:a? been used in the selection of p.iper for the walls and ceilings  and tho difIVrent  loomr. iiavo a   rich  and. aItiactive aiipearanco.    The house  o  v,'..Tk'Y timt  The Empress Ts I?eart.  Cronberg, Aug. 5.���The Dowager  Empress of Germany, bister to King  Edward and mother of Emperor William, died at her castle here today, the  cancerous nflection of the throat "irom  which she suffered having proved fatal  sooner than was expected. 0 Sue \\\\&  nearly 01 years of agr, her birthday ^  being November 21. IS 10.     '  iltboso' i't ine L.tko Sherc   working?,  i     Tho Siid'ir hotel, at Sirdar, waa   the i -J-t yeaie:if.:.v cening for his l\omo in    will bo ready to oeeupv   in  about   t\s-  ! ta i:e of a Vimv daring lubitip o-i .Sun- | '-'nhfornfa.  two    mm   i,i '    RAd, Campbell   6:   Co.  have  a   big: ,       ���"-    ���Joe'.j of ah.iivi which, they   me   ftdlinj: ! '    "t,,-ll,,,! s,ftrts "��i��',��!a;-.  ���t genuine   hard   limes   prlees.    Call)     T!"-':,'��--: - : -h(-ol   will   again  mil tee them 'or voursih.      < ; ne~f Al^nday after the   vae.uioii  2*o\v Co'arU'oiific Opened.  The now courthouse was used last,  Vv'ednosday evening for the first time.  Chief Magistrate Armstrong of Fort  Steele occupied the bench. Some  small debts cases were all that were"  attended'te\  New  ; ev< i ;���  l-  !)'.  ��� >i tlie* roohi'  i'e  I  Ed.) rASPDJvUUIF.S��� Turlaii. Ayl- j |.li;-iS  ynor.  '   mors. j KiORF���Co:ned, and Koa��l  UOK       RASi'DEPKIKS���Tartan, [SARDINES  J !h'\v uii'i1'!   ;  '"aw '.;'���  1     The Siu.:.i  jPoniue. ard ���  ! Sund.iy i.i  n!  j.i  t:i .in  i  ��� -a", i  in it  Cr.   I J,  Ciarsl  l.'OJl  and  doyio hardwire man, \va.> In town la a*,.  Fieneh. <"!an uliar.  Uollrty.: ' j i.UNCH 'J'O.NCL'F-d^-x  ��� NE APPLE- Chunks,   Sliced,   and I CJUrPtfn DKCF���i.ibl-yV  Whole     ' lDliV'lJ-Kl> If AM.  , iJAJEUlOilhlFS���lvOtrgi^-. | "HCiTNA SATSAGK.  f dOOSEURRUIBS���Hollev'a.- ! 1>(;AS ���' MTT'i Wf'^  ' L VWTON" BEPRiES--Dollev-i',. i iMM'TKn���Cluruni,  1 i'ALMl'KrN���Delhie, ' ''roae  mpltti'.. am! will b^ph  I in proj;re:-', ���.  In (tallon fie Fruit.-! we i:rc c  quote pi-icon, which we guaran'.e  elsewhere.  i..oi;:.  .-   Plac  I'.jfd   h)  1 Oi'C'Uj  '. i'  ,   ov.;;. .;::;������     ,     ,  ab ���"'���'    II   o'i'i ''.'!"   <   i  ndiir." cv [).)!;.���:��� _>;.��� mn \   . >  ;���>,'-ko I 'nan > oIiucl   !���������.  ihe front dniM and ano'hiu by ila.'.-iil-  (lour so th U. r.D   cue   eotild   b'aV"   ::!!'  building.    Ti"!   ivv.voin.'i *���   wore   i.m  tn.if ks and ecu wa..   M'p^lMt   \.!ii'.   .  ���-i'r-siiPiJi^:'.    '|,:,1. re 'were  i-'.wn   nil n  . rung iTO .n i 'h :   i liih-   .'!   '  . :\r tlw.-o i!'t"/ a' .'���!*���'" e<.���:���;.'  tiwow no ' I- ir hand:'. . u i :���  >'i lung   I i  ttli'ii'  mceiing  of   the ,  A, W. Sp  rape; l tL  to 1  ,r,l  '���Iiiyio Water Co. Mr. Miiiei U'.rni.-.!>eii  iio jiiyo and fi'tings for th.o same,  'The  hvd:au-.s    :i::d (Ittin-i-s   for  eiro.".  a,- v->t,ii'.  i'lio '  t appm-.ittvi, ,;ir  ' Mr.  IMctal Ouolatioiia. ' ���'  York, Aug. 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''    ���        ���' ������: '  j:uri'?;--n com;1..  I ll  mMMI HE MOYI.E LEADER.  MOYJE,   B.    C.  E PATIENTLY  Oi?E DISGRACE  letter froin a Lady Wftos  Husband Was Dissipated.  SIMPLE WORDS THAT HAVE TANGLED  UP  ENGLISH  COURTS.  She Cured Him With a Secrei  Remedy.  NT;  .^liiad'for years patiently   borne  .^^Sisgriacu,,   uulTering, misery'   and  �����~l$��MWb[ous     due   'to,    my   husband's  f^gj&ing habits. Hearing of your  liaMveJioiis remedy, for<> Uio cure' of  ['_",' ^''tjripkenhess.. which I could give my  j"'" .\/lfflgband .secretly, l'-dcchhd to'try it.  f"-"' -'l'^^'o<'ur0<:} a lockage and mixed it  K"' T-if*^liH fo"cl mitl  coffeo;  atid,  as    the  ft -'\7r:vjpbedy was odorless mid tasteless,  ^"''^"ylM'flid. nqt know ,what it'was that  [/_'''.^'SE4; quickly , relieved, his craving, for  I1'^-^I.^S"01"' Ir�� soon ' -pan to pick' up  | ' r]l.-il^W^> his, nppecite ,for solid food re-;  I ~4v?.tj||ne'd, he stuck to; his work rcfrular-  {-^^L^^'and wo now have" a happy home.  '��� tor,  /���iafj  yo/ffier he was completely cured I told  ui what I���had done, when he ac-  ibwledged. that it had been his sav-  g, as he had not the resolution to  ��ak olT of his own accord. 1 Jioart-  advise all women afflicted as I  p? to��givo your remedy a trial."  '"SNT. FREE TO ALdJ.���A' sample  |kngG of   Tasteless    Samaria Pre-  ��...-;, ,-- fjMption SENT FREE >vith full par-  F~; jj-i'fulars in plain'''sealed envelope. All  r''" -^'J6!!^1'" considered, sacredly confiden-  a Address The" Samaria Remedy  30 Jordan'street,.'-Toronto,  Ohl.  - -fri  - THE  isd's CMstlaii Temperance Uiiioi  ADOPT TIXK  ISsaSBAMUttA* PISCMM"  f' .';.*/��� ,*��0R tie CVRE of DRUNKENNESS  i  ������--,*���$&' i   ' -  ;  '-.jivCotter from' Mrs.  George Grant,   of  ���   "-i*V" JfiiuMey,   Out.,   giving  pat titulars    of  ��� ^.-"at.'iire effected'by ���'Samaria Prescrip-  , ^-^pii'.n," resulting in  its use and adop-  .<f^.   ' by ih0 ^if-v' Woman's   Chris--  '���    <-��wMl! n Temperance   Union.  "- ���.r'~,,Ji  ( - -.-f n.5f   (Copy) ' '      '.  |.^, LVV'tisl.-y,' One., December llth, 1900.  ''���'"^/.Ti1"'. Sam aria,.Tinned;/ Co.,  i   V.iO'    *'�� Jordtin Street, Toronto,  Ont.  j    ,K",' "��" ' 'ear Sirs���I penned a few lines to  f- '.v?,*-^1  \ scnio time ago.���as a member of  \m ��� i f'/fh- ' temperance  cause.,   I  wrote   , for  - 1i.  Munition;  at _ that' time 1 had    in  y  mind   frit n,cls  whose  son  was    a  real cause of anxiety and trouble on  ccotmt   of  i.K-t     drunken  habits.   - 1  trongly urged  the frii-nds  to  try the  emedy I's.vw advertised  in the'   To-  onto   Globe.   Thoy  did  so.-  It    was  the Samaria Ih'medy    that was, nd-  rapinislorod and 1  am'pleased  to\  in-  Jforni the company tho medicine 'W  gjielpful;^ the     young    man     has  not  rank a! drop since, breaking oil'from  Id  companions:   and special  prayers  his  behalf,  all  aided  in breaking  he chains.  At' the  5a.se  meeting  of  the  W.   C.  .  U.  here,  1  introduced your medi-  ne for tho cure of the liquor hahit,  id a resolution  was passed,   "That  asmuch as it is  the aim of this or-  auization to help the poor inebriate,  ���re should recommend this remedy in  lomes where persons are at'dicted to  lio    'use-     of     intoxicating .'"qtiors."  ow,   sirs,   wishing you  a s.iceossful  mvr in your noble w6rk,  and feeing that assistance can  be given   in  he precincts of homo by the hand of  uiUkt  or Wife,     trusting  God may  l,l,n up useful avenues for your    hv-  ol'S,      Yours very respectfully.  fKiyued)        ]\JiJ��. GEORGE GRANT,  On behalf of Paisley VV. C. T. TJ.  Some Ti-rinn of Almost Everyday  Use TJint Proved U> Ba Too Pro-  Toiina For the Intelligence of the  Learned  Ileocli  u���d   Bar.  In a case that crime before a famous  lord justice some time ago the counsel  for the proseculloji :a the evidence had  to mention a "blouse."  The judge asked what a blouse was,  .and it was explained that this was part  of a lady's dress. But the case came to  a dead stop for the time, for the judge  did not know which part, and after  some hesitation the barrister admitted  that he wasn't sure. Several learned  brothers gave their opinion, some opining a blouse was the upper half of a  lady's costume, while others insisted it  must be the lower half. ,The entire  court, filled with learned celebrities  whose heads held all the laws of Britain, from pitch and toss to manslaughter, argued it out, but nobody was sure.  The judge thought it was the lower  half, but a junior barrister who iiad  lately been ,'niarriod said he thought  that that half was called a skirt, but  did not feel certain. At length a lady  was called, who set the court right. "���  Another'odd dilemma happened not  long ago when In ��the Ilobson "horse  faking" case the word "fetlock" arose.  A fetlock, as everybody knows, Is the  ankle of  a  horse.    Tlie   court asked  what It was,, however, ami the prosecuting  counsel, was  nobphised.    The  witnesses were out of court save one,  and   he   knew   nothing..    The ' judge  thought n fetlock'was a sort of, hind  knee; otherwise "lioek," but one" learned brother wiis Quite certain it was the  lock oMialr-that hangs over a horse's  forehead. '  The   defendant's   solicitor  opined It was-that part of the harness  which slips over the'tail, the crupper,  and another legal celebrity agreed with  the judge.  Finally the court had to call  a stable groom to clear up the mystery.  In a ease that was settled some years  since   the   recorder <was   brought   up  short try a. phrase used by the counsel  for defense, who spoke of atransactlon  concerning   a   pound   of   "blacklead."  This is a common and useful article,'  but the counsel on being asked to explain  its nature said  it was a black  substance used for boot polishing.   The  recorder thought it was a mineral used  in  lead pencils,  hut another barrister  asserted it to be a "tough kind of lead  used for roofing houses." The case was  broughtdo a standstill, and one.lawyer,  unsurpassed   in   legal   knowledge,   declared that blacklead was a slang term  for pig iron as produced in the north  country.'  A fourth expounder of. the  law vaguely suggested it was the opposite of .white lead, and finally a domestic servant put the court right, aud  the assembly at last learned that it was'  used for blacking stoves.  1   Another dilemma was produced a little while ago on the western circuit by  the   introduction   of   the   words   "dry  nurse" hi an address to the court. This  bewildered the judge, who asked if a  dry nurse was a nurse who dried babies after they had been washed.   That  solution did not occur to the learned  counsel,   who,, after some   hesitation,  EAHTY PRAISE  :    FROM QUEBEC  A RACIXE MAN   EXPRESSES HIMSELF STRONGEY FOR DODD'S  KIDNEY  PILLS.  Dis Letter is Typical of Hundreds  Lately Received From Lower Province���Same Work Being IJpne All  Over the Dominion���Dodd's Kidney l'jUs stand Alone in the Conquest of Kidney Disease.  Racine, Que., July 15.���(Speciat)���  Jt is a very strange thing, but lately all through this province the people have been, talking in a straight,  oownnght way about the medicine,  Dodd's Kidney. Pills. Never before  has a remedy made so many warm,  outspoken friends for itself. Whatever part, of Quebec one chances to be  in the mentioning of Dodd's Kidney  i-JJlN is always enough to bring forth  the grateful story of an experience  with this most "remarkable remedy  from one of the listeners.  These experiences include 'nearly all  the fatal non-com agious discuses  Bnglifs Disease, . Jh'abetos, Dropsy  Rheumatism, Bladder - and ��� Urinary  Disorders, , Female Trouble, TlearU,  f rouble, Blood Diseases, Nervous  Complaints are all emphatically declared <o have been entirely cured bv  Dodd's Kidney Pills. But more 'than  any oilier complainl,Backachc counts  oftenei;.  JDinJlrs Couatre,   of  this  town,   savs  they, cured him of backache and' other Kidney troubles, and writes abetter for publication in this paper    to  hat effect.  "J  am  going  to say  a word    concerning    Dodd's    Kidney    Pills," ho  writes.   "J pannot do otherwise, than  praise this wonderful medicine heartily,  for 1" am now,   owing to Dodd's  Kidney Pills in perfect health.      For  some time I have not felt "the slightest pain in the back.   My kidneys are  working properly.   When I go to bed  I    find   .rest,,   whereas before   using  Dodd's Kidney Pills' I got up   more  fatigued than the night before. I had  pain in the'back and headache which  broke niy sleep.  "I have taken only three 'boxes of  Dodd's Kidney Pills,'and cannot help  but credit them with my' cure. 1  have1 been free from my trouble since  taking Dodd's Kidney Pills."  When King Davis, ' musing, said :  "All men are liars," he must ' have  been glancing over, the tax schedules  of the day;- , ,       l  Lincoln's  Swcnr "Word.  One story that is told of Lincoln re-  hiti s to that extreme, correctively critical attitude which Secretary,.Seward  always maintained toward the president.  Mr. Lincoln and the secretary had  managed to escape from a man who  had been boring tbern, and as they  reached the bouse the president threw  hiuiFelf into an armchair and ex-  da i mod:  "By jings. governor, we art> here!"  ��� Mr. Seward replied by asking in a  .vproving tone:  "Mr. President, where did you learn  that inelegant expression?"  .Mr. Lincoln immediately turned to  several young men who had entered  the room In time to'hear the exclamation and said: ��� rl  "Young gentlemen, excuse me for  swearing before you. 'By jings' is  ���swearing, for my good old mother  taught me'that anything "that had a  'by' before it Is swearing. I won't do  so any more."���Youth's Comnanion.  Dr. J.'D. K. Jlcgg's Dysentery Cordial is a  speedy cuie. for dysentery, diurrhce i, cholera, oumnier conijjlfiint, tea biekners and  complaints mcLental to children teething.  It gives immediate reliti tj those buffering  from f'vj effects of indiscretion in etiliny un-  ripo fruit, cucumbers, etc. it act3 with won-  clerful rapidity and never failo to conquer  the di.->ea=e. No One need fe.ir choleia if  they lime a bottle of this modicine convenient,  A financier is a man who makes  lots of money, isn't it father? "No,  Freddy; financier is a man who gets  hold of lots of money other people  have made."  Cofxl   -��f*t::l  Jll  ITiUl   Tilomv.  Th*�� manufacture of spurious shillings out of gi'iiuin.; silver--;m ofTens-'e  unknown till very recent linn\s���is  slil] going on actively. . rj j1(J ront of  the difficulty is tin- gr.-.a fuii jn ihe  value of silviT bullion. Doughty  speaking, an ounce of silver is fust  n,o\v worth only two shillings" 3%  ponce, but when coined at the mint  it becomes worth five schillings six  pence. The fraud cannot be' detected by weighing, for the weight is  that of a good shilling; neither will  linging the com on tlie counter help  one, for the silver is genu me, and of  the  right standard,  On    the     attention   being  directed,'  however,  to the Workmanship  of the  base coins it is seen that tho milling  of the rim  and   the edges   of the devices, engraved in relief are less sharp  than they ought  to   be.     This arises  from   tho  fact  that  instead   of  being  struck the false shilling is-cast in-a  mold.     'When roguery shall  have  enlisted   the  services   of  a  skilled     engraver find die sinker'it is not easv  to  see  what    steps   can   be   taken  to  abate the evil,  unless it be determined to increase the size and weight of  our silver coinage to an extent that  will  reduce  the   coiner's  gains.     Unfortunately   this   would   also .deprive  the  mint  of an   important  source'of  profit.    MeanwhiU.-,  the Dank, of England   keeps  a  watchful   eve   on     parcels   of   silver���particularly   on    Victorian   , shillings, of recent  date���and  a  spurious  shilling  is  promptly     cut  in  halves,, and   returned with  the  laconic note, "Not made at the mint."  ���London News.  The never-failing medicine, Holloway's  Corn Cure, removes all kinds of corns, warts,  etc; even the most difficult to remove cannot  withstand this wonderful rcniody.  O.  for a lodge in some vast .wilderness, , "  Some'boundless contiguity of shade,  With soda fountains���a1 million more  or less���  .Aiid   countless   rivers    filled    with  lemonade ��� *  ���������Beer wouldn't rhyme!  AVIio KINO. In deed t  "Your friend Jones was Quite seriobsly  stali!,e(l in a fight7 last night."  "Vos, I know. What's the latest about  it?",,       ���'      ,  "Well, the detect Ives are trying to determine who was most concerned.'*  "Must like the idiots! Any one-"could  tell them that Jones was, of course.','���  Philadelphia Press.   -  "Do yon recognize  "No."  "I(  was I  who eloped with your ibin-h-  tei  :i yo:ir ngi>."  "Vi'<. iind "what  nh\y V"  "V.'i-!!. |.i:li:ip< ii  i- ,a  litrlo late,  hit   I  ���>"-!  vim will p,Tinii me even n!  I in-. Jalc  �� ���''��� t<f couirhuiil.iie yuu, sir."  Slid Jiy tlie Sen  Wn������������.  It was Sunday evening,    fie stood pensive,  looking nt   the  unsympathetic surf.  On the morrow he would be again behind ���  the ribbon counter.  "(food waves," lie sol)lnnui-/.ed, "we be  of one blood. Wo arrive at the shore in  great stylo���and we go away broke."���  Philadelphia Press.  Qiilckor AVny.  Bobbs���Did  your  uncle make his fortune,in Northern Pacific?  Nobbs���No. ITo used to drive an ice  wagon.��� Baltimore American. '     ' ,  The Mtornl  H_.jid.  She���Do   you   know ,"Tlie   Barber  Seville?" ���  lie���No.    I shave myself.���Sehalk.  of  THE' .BEST PILLS.-Mr. Wm. Vander-  voort, Sydney Crossing, Ont., write-: "We  have been using, Parmelee's Pilld, and find  them by far the best pills we ever used."  Foh Delicate a>-d Debilitated Constiiu-  tton-9 these pills act like a charm. Taken in  small doses, the effect is both a tonic and a'  stimulant, mildly exciting the secretions of  the body, giving tone and victor,- ' ',  Many a man who glories in his  birthright and thanks Cod for his independence is afraid to wear cheap  clothes.  REE SAMPLP. ;i��<i pamphlet giv  J,..,,".'"S  full   Inform  testimonials   and   unco sont In plaii  ,   '����� envelope.   Knelono ��e  stamp.   Addrcai  UK SAMA1UA KlfiMEDY CO., ��() Jordan Rt         TORONTO, Ontiirlt  Minn,  ���lied  Defore marriage,  a  man yearns   for  .voniaii and. afterwards he earns  for  llier  s����Eriia AND'.Aaini -csm Bilious Dkiunqh-  !p^TS .nr? PO?lli"oly cured   by the use of  fcC68f118"' /-lWnot only cleanse tho  [Blomach and bowels from all bilious matter,  IthL   ,y ��voa tho o^retory vessels, causing  S lP P����� copious efjusions  from fho  s wood into tho bowels,'.after which the. corrupted mass is thrown out by tho natural  B��VWyV Thoy are used as a  ;ffoneral    family  medicine  with    tho   best  said he thought it meant a nurse who  was not addicted to drinking and therefore most suitable to look after infants.  Nobody seemed to know what the term  really meant, though several more  guesses were made, the last of thetn  that a drjr nurse was one who could  not amuse children.  The court was again nonplused by a  statement made "that somebody concerned In the,case supposed to suffer  from melancholia was really "as jolly  as a sandboy.'' The judge-wanted to  know what a sandboy was in order to  .form some idea as to the exact degree  of jollity Involved. The counsel could  not tell him, though one suggested it  was a boy who sntided the roads and  the other thought it might be a lad  building sand'eastles ou the seashore.  Tho 'whole court stopped to discuss  what a sandboy was and why he was  jolly, but they could not solve the problem.  ��� It Is hardly believable that anybody  should not know what a "snaflle" is,  but a Loudon magistrate recently desired to be Informed, and nobody could  tell blm what a snaflle might be. ' A  solicitor thought it was the same thing  as the "curb," and the clerk had an  Idea It was a kind of cold in the head  which horses omigiit. causing them to  snufllo a good deal.���London Answer*.  , So rapidly do<\s lung irritation spreadnnd  deepen, that often in a few wceko a simple  cough culminates in tubercular consumption. Give hetd to a c.ugh. there is always  dang'-r in do ay. gef a bo tie of B.ckle's  4Anti-Consumptive Syrup and cure yourself.  It is a imdicuie unsurpassed',for all throat  and lung troubles. It.is compounded from  M-vural herbs, < ach one of which stands'at  the head of tho^ list as overling a wonderful  influence in ��� curing consumption and all  lung disea-es.  A GENIUS.  "They say,my cousin is a wonderful doctor."  ���  '"you bet he is; I swallowed a nickel" the other day, and he made me  cough up $2."  U14/  &&S /iMU)  ^y  THE CAFABM NOfflEM RL CO  An old man "who goes babling of  love is not half as ridiculous as ,au  old woman rwho limps because Jim-  shoes, are  too small.  Say a man is honest and people  pay no attention; say he is rich and  they exclaim "Oh I"���but say he is  both and  they  think you lie.  Andrew Carnegie complains that  he can't digest his ,food ; but, he  should cheer up. There are nund'-eds  of men not half so rich who are afflict ed the same way.  Ignorance of the .law excuses  one except the judge who tries  case.  no  the  Jflnari'i LtJdmenl Cores Distemper.  The Resinlt of HI* Stndr.  "I suppose you have made a study of  human nature," remarked the friend.  "I attribute my success In life to that  fact,",answered Senator Sorgutun.  "Were you ever tempted .to give the  world the benefit of your observations,  to put them into book 'form as a human  comedy or something of that sort?"  "My dear sir. it wouldn't take a book  to do it 1 have figured on the problem  of human nnture until I know the an  swer. I should just say. 'Human nature loves money,' and let it go til  that."���Exchange.  Stations and Days.  Loavo from   Canadian  Northern depot���  Winnipeg ,o Jlorris,Eni  '  ersoii.dt. 1'julctc.dly  St Pant    to    Emerson  Morris,'Wimiiprs dlv  Winnipeg   10  Eomil.  Miami, Bel :iont JTart-  ney & Brandon, ftton.,  Wodandl-'rl.    -    .  -  Brandon, Hartnoy, Belmont, Btiami, Kolaud,  to Winnipeg,   Tues.,  IhursanaSnt.    - -  Winni eg to Portnge !.�����.  P. and   intermediate  s aliens, daily ex Sun.  Portage la P. and intermediate   stations, t -,'  Whniipegd.lv ex Su-.1  Whmipeg to stations on  Beaver ana Delta l>rcn  ches, Xue-s. and Thurs  Beaver and Delta bi-'ch  statious', to Winnipeg  Tues. ami Thurs.    -  Winnipeg to Portage Li  1'., Gladstone.    ���   -   ���  Dauphin,    etc.,    Mon.  "Wed. and Fri. -   -  Druiphin. Gladstone, P."  la Prairie, Winnipeg  Tucs.,  Thurs. &   Sat.  Winnipeg to W'p'gosis.  Tues. and Thurs.   ���    -  Winnipegosi)   to   Wpr;  Mon. and Fri   Winnipeg      to    Grand  View , iM!nn. and  Fri.  jfrandTiev to    "Wpg  Tues. aud Sat   Dauphin, to    W'p'gosis  and return, Sat '..  Dauphin to Swan ltiver  Ss El wood, Wed '  Elwoodto Swan itiver  & Dauphin, Fri   Leave from C. P. depot  Winnipeg  io Warroad  Beaudette and intermediate staiions.Mon,  Wed., and I'M   Beaudette, Warroad,etc.  10 Winnipeg Tues.,  Thurs. and Sat   13.00  3.45 ;  9.45  0.15  9..15  5.0)  14 10  8.U)  8.0)  8.01  0.00  1(5.4")  5.0")  2J.J5  10.00  20.10  ��0.-15  20.45  lfi.15  19.15  12.C0  COO  1S.30  21.S3  12.20  Who have any trouble with their eyes  should not fail to visit (he only institution in Manitoba devoted exclusively to the testing and correction of defective vision. We have  two of the most ex pert eye =pecialista  'n Canada assisted by the most perfect optical instruments.'  Consultation free.    Eyes tested free.  DK.' PHA.IR, Miumper,  BOSTON OPTICAL PARLORS  l'ortagc Ave., Cor. Main St.,  Wir.nipcg  D. B. HAKJTA,  G-en, Stjit.  GEO. H. SHAW,  Tr.af.Mfft  (results.  . Occasionally.a politician... is curod  |Of obesity of the cranium, 'but onco  , Y.'e disease develops it is hard : to  ^dislodge. ,..'.".  T was  cured  of   a severe   cold    by  MhN'ARD'S   UNJM10NT.  Oxford, iN.S. Jl. 1\  ITEWSON".  I was cured of a terrible sprain by  MiyAltD'S LTNJMENT. ' . ; '..   ,      ,  Eiai). COIIESON,    .  Yarmouth, N.S. .   Y. A. A. C  1 was cured of Black Erysipelas by  MINATUrS LINIMENT.  Tnglevillo. J. AV. RUGOLES.' ,  FOR NINE YEARS.���Mr. Samuel Bryna,  Thed ford, writes: ".For nine years 1 su lie red  with ulcerated sores on my leg; I expended  over $100 to physieiiuid, and tried every  preparation I heard of Or'stiwrec'bmmcudci  for Mich disease, but could get no relief. Tat  liiht was .recommended to givo Dr. Thomas'  Eclectric Oil a trial; which has. resulted,  after lining eight bottles (using: it internally  and externally), in a, complete cure. I believe it is tho best medicine in the world, and  1 write this to let others know what it has,  dono for mo."  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  TIME TABLE      >  REFLECTIONS    OP  A  BACHELOR.  Every woman has a list of women  in her head that, she is going to get  even with when her husband "becomes  very, rich.  The average woman's idea of comfort when she is miserable is to have  a'man put his arm around her and  say,  '"There, there."  When a man sees a woman, with  high heeled shoes and a rainy-day  skirt on. ho feels so ashamed that he  can't look her in the face.  Patience-  is  unravelled  hope.  You can always tell just what's  bound to happen to a fool till something else does. o  Probably the greatest pleasure most  of tho women will get in heaven will  be hanging over tne walls watching  the men in  the other place rubber. "  '   A  crust and  a kind  word  arc  better  than a feast and indigestion.  Wisdom is  often    nearer  when  stoop than when we soar. "���  we  Never build upon a possibility.  Thereby you will be saved much disappointment.  It is mighty hard to, sympathize  with anything that causes us inconvenience. .  .  ' It. will be observed that the doctors never disagree when it conies to  a matter  of charge*. , t  Bnartt Liniment Cures Diplitiieria.  At tl,i  MB  time  of year it is  a truly  (���remarkable statesman, who: can     at-  ^S^.i"8.' much ���n-U6ntion as  a base-  ; oau player.  A 1.1 o-y  drunk  w  ���year-old Yankee says he has  hiskey air his life. If it was  Uio Amoncnn brand ho-certainly is n  hero. .       ������        "'  '  Fault-finding  baa  its root  in  like, ��� criticism; in. kindness,  dis-  . When in the city attending the Fair you are  invited l<> call at  McNEILL & MYERS,'  : j FASHIONABLE TAILORS : :  ^(! Portaco' Avenue, oppoMie Qne'enVI fo-  fpl, and leave your order for a suit "f elofhcs  Lntest Styles.  , A Fnnionii Twroplc.  The most magnificent work of architecture in the woH'Id is the Taj. Mahal,  in Agra, nitiilushin: It was erected by  Shah .Tehan to the meinory of bis favorite queou. It isoctagnnal in form,  of pure white marble, inlaid with jasper, carnelIan, turquoise, agate, amethysts and ���sapphires; The work took  22,000 men 20 years to complete, and  though there were free gifts and the  labor was free the cost Is estimated at  $10,000,000.       if : :  LVIAIt.  21.501  !1,50  7.C0  14.C0  7 30  Minard's Liniment Gares Colds, Etc.  Fault-finding has  its  root  in  like,   criticism   in  kindness.  dis-  This is u. fairly good old world, so  'tis well not to take it too literally,  and   it   is   as  white lies.  well     to     wink   at   its  S S.   Jfarlo, Owra  Sound,  Toronto  antllt'ast, Via Lakes,   .Mon., Thurs  Tues .Jfrl. atulSun   Moutf/.il, Toronto.- Nc.v  York and  cast, via all rriil, daily.,,;'...........  itat..   PortaR0    and     iiilerinediato  .'i)oints,'-!Mon., Wed. & Fi 1. ......  ���Tue.$.,Thurs.- <&Sat  ...;.....,..  Kafc   ' Portapfo    and     iiitei-inediate  ]joInl8,1,ufiS���G,iiri\3, nml Sab.......  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Glenboro; Souris, and 'iiitOimcdlato  points;-daily ox ,Sun..    7.80  Napinka,Mclita, Alameda and later  inodiato points,   .Men., Wed.,', ffrl.   7.30  Tues., Thurs. and Sat. ".  l'lpcstone, Beaton, Areola and into*  .mediate points,   Mon. V/ed.,  .Fri.  7.S0  Tues.,'Thurs.and Safe.  .pa  li'robysn^re, Jilrsh.  lHenfuit, iCste  vai, Bat. ;    7..":0  Mon......  1M5  Gratna.Bt. Paul,..Chicago....;.daily 1-1:10 13,  Stonewall, y?uelou..Tues. ThnrSj Sat 12 2) 18.3(1  West Sei::lrlr Mon. Wed, Fri 18SO  West SeUtirlc Tues. Thuvs, S'at 10.0'  Einpraon.......... Tvfon, Wed and Fri  7.50 17.1C  0.3C  6.31  18 00  12.80  13.15  21.23  12.15  19.10  i6:t-y  19.10  19.10  19.21  19.20  1S.15  18.45  18.45  J. W. LKONABD,  Gcu. fiupt.  O. E. l\rcPItJi;RSON,  Gen. Pass. Agent.  How's This?  We nfTer On." lliindied Dollars Reward tot  iiiy ca-^c of Cat.nh ih.it cannot he emcii hy  UallV l iiturrli Cuh\- '  . .    I"   i. CIIIONKV & CO.. Pi-ops .Ti.Iedi., O.  ����� e. tliu ut> ler-igrii'd, hav.j known V. .1.  .Uii-noy r ;r rhe  liisi L> v,.,in and ln'li<-v.; Iiim  < rfeMly lionorniih- In all 'msaiofs, tranpnrtioiii  a-i(! I'm ncl.-illy jilih- u carry i.pi any , bliL-.aicm'  uia,,e l>y pini- flnii,  Wiwr& 1'iur \X, U holo^iile i)ri:-|,'t-Ui=.Tolc(lo,0.  W Ai.niNci.     Uian-.n   Ss   IIaiii ix,    Wholi-SHl'  DruffjriM-, '\.-h\ 'o, ().  Halls t'atnn-h Cure Is taken internally, net-  liig-. oirwtlj- Tipim tlie blood .and mi; en us sxix-  facftj of I ho '.y'slHtn, I'ri<'c, Y;",c. por botUc. Bold  by-all anigg Ms.   '"estiinonkls free       '    ������   .  Hall's Family Plfj aletlie bo^t..  ��Tily; Snnljtir-ned.  Last tumuner two little girls In a,  Gollege avenue family were repeatedly  .romonst.i'atod with by their indulgent-  mother for playing bareheaded in tho  sun. "Von 'will be burned ,so badly,"  said she to them- finally, "that people  will think you are black children." Her  warning- bad /.little effect, however, and  she.gave up trying to keep their bats  on. a '..'-.',.���.','  ��� .One day she sent them to a neighbo'r  a. block or so distant to make some inquiries concerning a 'w.'ish wbman. Mrs.  S.. the''neighbor' in q/iest'iou',', mistook  thom for (lie children of a Mrs. Black  who lived in ahothof'street nearby.  '/  "Voii  are   the  little   Black ���'children,  are you not?" she asked. -  "Oh., no," came tho prompt response-  from   tho  elder, v ''Only .sunburned."   :  -A.C3-E3STTS '    "\WrA.3^TT3SlS.-  We arc in aead of a  few  ieliabl- Akoiiu  throughout the coiini,-y to handle our  GASOLINE-LAMPS AKD SUPPLIES.  Good profit and quick  sales.    For partico-  :ars address  ("HE  IXCAN13KSCENT  GAS LAM}��  313 Main St., \\ innlpt.gr.  Co.  iLL-��00L IICA ROOFING SS  established. 10 years trial. A. homo industry.  Encourage it. BEWARE of American Paper  Veiling, which cracks in our climate For sain-  {lies and testimonials apply to  .- W. GL FONSECA, (Sole AccnL)  S.HUliM .!���. J7li lllc^iiis Avc.,1-:.. ��t hkif<i-<'K  Jssiifi- ol itlurriitiiti  l.tfcii^fs  Minardi Lliiisnt' Cnm Garget Id Cows.  When ti woman is very positive ���shr  is never certain. !  The overage man gets angry  e.vary  tinio  lie  is  in   tho wrjon'g and   knows  it. .-'��� ;  I Kcconimoiifl  .%   to all mothers who %vaut their biibies   J  0, to have pink, clean, clear, and $  S healthy skin.     ' <fr  .a  a  .'���������' M'urto of tlio finest materials. J  ^ No aoap.ivlieiever made, is Itotinr.   2  �� THE ALBERT TOILET .SOAP CflM'.li(JSTRF.Al,   *  -* ��� ���,-       ��� ' S  ��� Manufacturers of the Cclebiatfd ��  ��� ���'���.'������ A,  O                ALBERT TOILET SOAPS. '��  ��� ���  ��� '���  W. N.. U. No.  3M.  WlP& .faaf.a'.>:'f  iA  ' ('?'. .-  .���;... .  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