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The Moyie Leader Aug 3, 1901

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*■-*• 2.-41-   „ ,
-   AW
.,-at* *.*-        '-*
t." . .,G0   TO   THE
.*T,'OVIE I'lIAIOIAOV, Kootenay Hotel bldg
.^p .eculiar, 1-rop.   Leading Diugrgict.
•  £
^  1                    •\G#-i*M~f' "
.£       J        £    tJ>
a OC^J Cf'^s-
-«-   «        *"""
/ 1
1    /
*    •'/
1     I*
1$     ~
1   t#
anas, Oranges, Berries.
LEAIOXS, 25.-id ;■•* i- d.i,.(.-.i ui
;1GL 4, NQ. 16,.
MOYIE, B. C AUGUST 3. 1901
CI'jiflTffHDn    APT)  PlTrnmnn!
, i.^| And knockdown in prices'will commence
.  Monday, July 1st, I9O2.
* "fill CLOTHING —Fine tweed'suits from ¥5.00 up lo ?20.0d.
'• t>W, .-   '        ■   • '" '
..•f'M ,        . '  SECOND ItOUXD.    '
■''flKF • UNDERWEAll—Full suits from $1.50 to $0.50 per suit.    '
\iQf •'      .      , third round:
• ^wl'TOP SHIRTS—Good flannel from 50 ola to .$"2*. 50.
.")» •'■ ■     FOURTH ROUND.' .;
""-•flSji-IATS-—From 25 cts to a No. 1 fur hat @'#L75.
' $11        ' .7 FIFTH ROUND.      ,   '
'"•v<m[ " * ■      , - ' <   *
-6B8?OOT3—Mmeis' digging shoes from $3,00   i<7 "if-I.25d ' Fiib" sliocs
-^&        •'       "   "        from $2.50 to'$-1.75.'       ..'       -' -* ■   ■
Judge   Stanford , Signs
the Order.
3. X. Tate, accountant for the Moyie
Lumber Co., was to Nelson on busin •;;--■;
this weel-;
ill I0H LEBER 00.
i'iuj-.niliiig i.'j-li.
Editor Leader :    Several letters have
recently  appeared   in   the   Cranbrook
j Heraldi-urgiijg the necessity of   strong
th2rf week- j The Mill Sogn Keady to! moT" T'^a,Ioplcd for th0 lnes~
J..A. llarvey of Fort   Stedu   mis   in! -p.,,, j ervaLi.m of our  game   and   fLh.    Ono
M'iyie on professional" business   Wed-! ' -HU.il. such   letter   from   n , rc-t-iden i   strongly
Companies    Will   not   Tijslel   to   the   X>e-
mantis of t!te Miners
-   ' Citiou.
$f»t .the same I-time  the ;'visitors will be  '|g,
">.»-    'shown the^iinest   display of .Dress  M
■Q-oods ever'shown in Moyie.
fe.'Uest value ever offered  in -East  Kootenay for  the  money.
early and sectiro a  front seat.'
Seattle, Aug. 1.—An order and temporary injunction restraining the
strikers at Northport, W'aih., attempting to'inlerfere v.-ith the employment
of non-.union men in the Northport
md el ter wad A.gned today by Jndj,M
Uanford of tlio L'ni!-d ^'.m^ di.-tri.-l,
court.    Tbe order  is cn-ucping. in   it.-
-terms, and prohibits (be Rtrikor.--, their
agents an I repriisuntativcH from al'
teiI)i-!jif2ALi.»- ""v aiiuinjsr. ^ interfere
with the company or'by throats, iorce
or persuasion to pieveut'any   emjiloie
of tjie couipany  from   going lo  work.
Tiie iiijunouon is made*   nUinv.bJc;   in
Spo3:aiio September 18-
^fodslnncl,   JJ.   C,,   Ait*.   '.GO.—Tin;
litrike of (lie miner.-;' -anion yr,<--- (jui,.f iv
[along.    'Phe to»vn is as   p;ic fnl   a.s r*.
conniiy village. f   Nut  a  HeCk  on 'the
nesday.^   *
L. A. Ilickcrs returned   from   Ivas'l.i
dncfd-iy.    JI.j was'accompanied by
his eldest son.
Ad. B. Kin^, the   Cranbrook  grocer,
was in Moyie last Monday evening.
HAVE    SPENT   $40,000'
The St. Eugene millmen gave a very J
enjoyable danse at. the Lake Shore!
boarding hou.se last Saturday evening. ;
The huckleberry  season 'is  drawing;
to a close.    The crop waa npt as large
thi.s year as usual.
condemns the devest ii.-i-j work of
some vand.'il a'mong flic trout with
dynamite afc Palmers Bar. Another
such outrage had _recently been committed in the creek at tho head of'
-Movie lake, evidences of nhicb were
| It Is One of ilio Mo6t   Complete   Mill, to l.^und by J.   E.    Aiders     ...w)     n..l,  •
Me Puvna iii this rai-t of the
(helling   there.     Such   work
j brings home strongly to risrht thinking
and    otiiers
as    this
J|Paid Up Capital   $8,000,000.
jCIP '    f (kMMPDf ^l sllrLl,:o can bt" ■"en [°show thal on"of
Vl *Vvi!Jlllil^Jl\W^ ! tbe ino.5t despenite   battk-u  is   \va-ir.^
Harold i'olhn d " returned Monday
from the head of Perry crook, where he
w.u prospecting.! fie ha.^ some nice
gold fpiartz specimens and a <p.iantiiy'
of placer gold a-i a resuit. , Mr. Pollani ;
made spine good locutions while there.
Mrs. W. II. Stone returned from
Cranbrook Monday. a   **
f o
CO. Demaurez, our jeweler, is go-
in^ to'make profeseional trips from
Blairmore to X. otcnay Landing: His
headquaner'k will always be 'Moyie* nt.
Uie old standi This stands good fis
lon.c as (he St. Eugeno is not \v irking
full f<mv. _ ,    /
Coo. .Mitchell went into C.
\\- men the necessity   for public   opinion
-'    | being exercised, and  onlv  ccfojieration
It is expected that the Moyio   Linn- ,'ot tlje people themselves will «ave   our
ber Co.'s sawmill will be ready for   op i ",unc ho n absolute extinction aTidour
"irolion iu a week    01    10   days'   lini... M*d:i"o from almost total ib:plt;!ion.
:- (
The installing of the r.iachinoiy i.s
almost completed and a good' portion
of the logs are iii the boom n.-ar tin-
mill rondy to ha* sawed.
The Moyie Lu'mbor Co.' have already expended clo---e to. if40,000 between . machinery, timber' limits atid-
,     _ Tvoub'ii Gottiii},' Licfiist*.
Tiie trials and tribul.itiun% of a 'nun
preparing * to got married are sonu*-
(-111103 many. Nobody knows this Lifter than ":-;andy" McFurbmo, who w.is
married here i.is'. Tuesday.
L-Ll'X i I 1 II
if.rA,li\lA0lC£S£rJS/ Prdorietor.
j  . The   wedding   w.1-3    to   have    talrcn
,...„. - ,,     „.     u?brook Ipbice Monday- morning.    "Kiuidv" v/ns
yestcruuy morning.    Mr. Mitchell   lic-e i tol-J-1 "
b-jen nn the'sick hat I itel}'.   •■
1'-"»t tiie,»eaeration.of miners has undertaken in many a day. '\'et the
issues at 8t«i ke are extremely inportun c.
The question oi, wages for muckers is
merely a'"detail. If nothing ■ more
than that "were h.volveJ all tho mines
would'probably be at work at the
scale of I$3 and $3.50 for eight hours,-
The conflict  is  not; the  matter  of
wages.    Sr-rippc-d of all its verbiage, i:,e
j question is   this:    Shall the unions* or
j tho   mine   managers ■ dominate     the
i mines of the camp?'   On that line the
_ W>-*» Ui...l',v.-U; until the close down
shii'iboss, at. the St. Eugene mill, is now
working on bis claimi near Cry;vfor.-l
ie '' Hotels for the' Tmasses.   Everything , First j battlf.Fis lf"g fr°"ghl- J- ■ ^0l«*lb9
: „     "■   -   "', • i.very life of the federation of miners in
iw everyjrespect.    Sample Rooms  for ,
Commercial Men,
British Odiumhia
this province, and that orgauiz.ition is
throwing every ounce of its,' energy
into the contest, wi I h the, hope of
Kitclxeuer's Iron aiine,
Il is hard  to  get definite  news  re-
irding the report tiut   (he  bi:nd   on
fffi 1j tbe iron mine at Kitcliouer had been
f£\ I taken up. The Leader sent a telegram
^ j to t^e "postmaster at Kitchener this
^ .' morning and reeBiytxl the following
V. l>ESAt7X.>riBK.    i'roi>.
ii      ^
ijarge sample 100m in coiniectjen .
with house for commorcial num. Best""
of accommodations.
Cecil Prest, was down from Oran-
biook this week 'looking after-* (J.* TT.
M'iner's store. , *
(   Wm. L'acey left   with   hist, team   for
Morressy   Tnur-sday,    where   lie     wiil
work'at railway construction,
C, J. lips'e left for Spokian.3 Sunday.
'Ed Hill was in Cranbrook Tuesday.
n r
' ..Park, Mitchell & Co. are now shipping a'jout 100,000 feet'of lumber each
week to., the territories, and' expect
soon to evec double tbis nmount.
A new Klondyke shoe,   size  6, 'has
been found on  tiie   street  aud   left  at
j this ofiice,    It is no good" to us  'unless
the owner brings as   the   mate-   which
he is cordially invited to' do.
Frank Johnston was  in   Craubrook
Mrs. Gorman expects to  soon  leave
for Elko.'
Mrs. Li. M. Mansfield of Fort" Steele
I n,.u. Jiat P-r-stmasfcer Hope cuuhl issue
thu"jieec.*-sary 'license, so ho let it goat
that.    Monday morning he* called   for
ids document,   but   a   miner's   lice us--
was the best thai   IJopu   cbuld   do   for
iiim.    '-Sandy'' was in a   pickle,1 .Th.i
wedding w:i3 to take piace in an hour's
time, tho train for the cast   had   gone,
andtbe'biide   was patiently   waiting.
There was nothing to do   but  pospone
the wedding.    '[Sandy".took a  freight
later in  the day   and    went    to   Fois
Steele," returning with tiie "'license  the
follovj-inir--—<hi-u^-^n.-Kaj^— (Jjq   deal    Wil
pulled off.
iv as
.    D: J. Leahy is spending ti   few   days
iu Craubrook.   ;,
Kev. W.(i Fortune,'the Presbyterian
minister oi Cranbrook. will be in
Moyie next Thursday evening, AugUst
8th, and will h old service in the Odd
Fellows' hail. '     „
"Rumor   that   payment   has   been ! was out to Moyie on a visio thi
A J'arabls.
Behold the advertiser went forth tn
And when be sowed some seed fel 1
into  handbills   and dodgers,   and   the
made, but cannot confirm.    Principals
out of town."
s week.
HeadquartersJor Comm-Hnciai .and J^Vning" fviei
?10YD-:,   11. r.
>«^^^^'",^'>^<>l^--,<^->iOw->^^*>^'----fc->i^,'«^.-'V^-*S» Vii-*^S!i'-Vfc"*l-*
yjiomen to Give a Dance,
At a meeting of the Moyij Fire
Brigade heh* last' Wednesday evening
it "•ao'docided to give a ball V/cdnes-
tlay evening. Angu.-l Iftb, for the
piu pose oL raising funds for the purchase: of hc;'o and other :ippti.uicerp
1 Tickets for tho j;-.me will   sog-j  be   On
Mrs. I**T. A. MacKenzie h.as 'been
nuite ill, Out is now able . to be out
The Leader staff wiis given a trc-at
one day tliis week in the .way of   some
street cleaner came aud gathered them
Yours Tiuh-,
Member of the L. A. S.
M(!l''arlan<i—C'ro.J.sm.-m  '.Vcdtllii^.
A   quite   but   p;ctty   wedding   look
place nt  the   lioinn   of Mr.  mid   Mrs.
Q'iias. Grossman 'at'AldridgM Tuesilay
evening   when   their  daughter,    Miss
Annie Grossman, and  Alexander  Mc-
Furla'ne wcie   united  in   marriage   by
tiie J.'uv. W. L. Sheridan:     .Mis-   Lulu
Crowe and Mr.   H.   li.   iJmioek   wore
ihe attei.diuitc    The bride and biides-
maiu' vv,c-e   prettily  attired 'in   white,
A iiu'inb.*:- 01 pres3nt*j w.-ru giVun, denv
an.-tcUiiiLr the nigh   rufj,ird   in   which
both the bud.' and groom   were    hold.
AHer   the  <v.\:ai my   <*'on,-3'ratt:biiion-i".,
aud wfcliwishe.-' wcio in order,  a'ml   aii *
joined in wishing Mr.   air!   Mrs.   Mc- '
Faiiino every ini'.pin.^.-'and pr-jdp-;i-ity
in their future life.      ' "
I'elfraou on •£ Vactti.ni.
J. O. Peterson, one of'tiie oldest and
best known newspaycr writers in  *Spo--
-kaue, isin Moyie with hi** famiiy on." a
vacation trip.*   Mr. l'cter.-on   was   for-
merl.v on the Chronicle, but is  now   ?>
correspondent for outside newspapers.
He is president of the   iire.ss ,club   of
thiit place, which position he has held
for the pttatrsix or se\jen years, and   tcJ
him is due the credit of so ably  entertaining the visiting  editors  on 'press ,
days-during   the annual   "expositions*
He and his family lire  guests'at   th$
"Kid"' Tillies Dead. , ,
'•"Kid" Miles,.a weil known character
around   Moyie   last   winter,    dropped
dead   at   his   brother's    ranch     near
Pmcher creek tbe   fore   par!*,   of   tills
week, a-heiv 'he has been   making his '
home for some   time,     Miles  was   in    *
Aloyie 'for nearly a year and staid most     ,
of tbe time at   tlie   Moyie   hotel.    He
was then   in   thc   last   stapes
"Wo ba*vc unloaded a car this week and have now on hand n
large stock in the best'.brands,    Hero is a list to select from :
sale, and all should help the good work j:ls to the -**•« of dynamite for  catching
j fish in Moyie Like.    Parties fishing in
*Hf:y jBe A-iioOut Sc. Eugene.
Some feli among ,"concert and tht-
'ater programs and tho people being
interested in the performances and no.-
in bargains, they ,were 'left ou tho seats
strawberries   grown   on    Mr.   Ciaiks j01* crllm^d andUiroiVn 6n  the   lloor. j fiouriahicg.    Durinij   thi
i-iuch near town.    Tiiey were beacties I     Au -1 S0!l10 /e!1 itl-ionS LM .^lie.nes I J,A\y tlie '
nulgoto  pi-O'-o   tlie   ricimess   of   thu'and the ei:"1  -^'--T^esi  aud. popular
oil in t-hi-j locality. *' contempt sprang up and clicked them.
But, some   fell 'into 'tha   newspapeis,
which found their way into thi,  homes . montb tbeeo.nnany
of people who had time to read   them, \$2?) tlQQ
'tbe upper hikes 's.,y there i -------   ttnd 'W brot forth f,«it..adme a   I.un   ''
f'gorous-complaint   "is be
Ono Vein* Ago.
o year ago tho town of Moyie was"
modth    of
St. Eugene chipped 120  onloads of   concentrates   or   2,100   uni*.
Tho gross value of ihis ore was estimated   at   .-JiKJSOOO.    .During   tho
Mill    to    It;
COMA-TOES—Dolhic, Tartan,  Colon- j BAKED ■ B15 A a 3—-Witli    or  f/ftboul !    i'iere,   thc Indian   who    dicoovorcd
, the St. Eugene, was in town this week-
land had ssver-il persons en tiie siring.
[He chums to have struck another ledg"
KAA\ 3JEAKS—Tartnn, ItedCrooe.
pl\S—French, Gifted, Aylmcrs.
^LACHES—Tartan, Bolloy.
Jl'ARS—Tartan, Osbawa.
[Ll li PLUMS—Tartan.
foMB,u?D "    ■.
i'";!-::1: gace'    "
!!   MUUES—Coodwillics.
tomato Qimc-?.
SALMON—Hale or Tail,;.
j OVSTEKS—Cove, Blue points.
t IIMLMU v(»—Ancbovuy,   c-hnmi
j tomato sauce.
" B A TAX* FA X! fill.MPS.
i JJOflLESK—Turkov, Chichen, .''-nci:
I'titAWJiEIlRlES—Tartan,   Ayliuor, j j.yyOLLSIE  BBAW^f.
l'i> HASPBEJiltiES—Tartan, Ayi- j 1M-C|.S j,-j.;kT.
mors. '   ^ ! BEkK—Corned, «nd Iloasi.
BL VCK       RASPBEltKIHS—Tartan,   SAUDI NJG«--Froncb. Oamidian.
I Bolleys. ; LUNCII TONGUE—Kcx
liFi: APPLE—Chunks,  .Sliced, and
. Whole.
In G'allon Pio Fruits wc aro coir.]-.lr.h', r.ii'i v.*
quote pricoe, v^hich v.-c j^uarantwC \"i!l bo lot*.
-nv-:<\      -la
"    ""        *v'-'-'j1
s nlentv n; I .     , .   . i
,vi - ,..*.-        dred some sixty and some   thiitv   rohl
;oidonca 01 such work going on.    Tbis       ,.-,     , ,     ,. ^ \    .»,
i:    , 0u,.,i*  ;,-., ,.*V*        - '     Vs. bo bas cars let him hear.—Ev.        I     lb
j ;-a shame  n   true,    There   :o  plenty!
>o  fish for nil. if ci>tight in   t.ho   proper1
I w.iy, but if jiic use of dyn irnite   is  re   '
'ctJiially as bi;-; as ttioSt. Eu[;eue, wliirb
j *>"s one day's ric!.> Irom Moyie, and   that
j is all   tiie   inifn*M('on   tii"!    could   bt
uci (got out of liin:.
d tt
i . - i »".)iice, our.ed to l
j     I-icb.aidd <•": i'rmgles famous Georgia   -iven tl;
it   will   coon"   be [minstrels v. ill show'in   thc   Odd   i-"ul {attcidnu/"{
I !ows hail tonight.     Reserved touts  ..n
ct tho "!» ooIciibj*.
tt    the   Kootenay/ last
evening, although gotten lip  on   short
ono   of   tlie   best
given this year in Moyb*, and all  (bos-;;
M'roughiy   enioyed   them-
r solve.*:.
, civilising
i and the "''
Uliolslil;-; I'.-oui !>(i>; ;-.J   i' ■-h:'.:(i,)|-'.
In tl.*'!   r.ipidiy
t f e "btMking   bio-nnho"
Cranbrook iler.i!
CiriPPEI) j>.Ji,.i:F—Libby'r.
ROAST MUTTOX.      ■      -
POTTED- Cifcken,    i)uck;
y.OJ;0    •   -••!;•
! eon-.monly oten    .1.3   they'
j'years ago.    Management of   ir.o
linoral,   .
Industrial ;■.••: hi bit ion
Mis?, Jack of   Kimberley   and   Mi.-:, j otl ■***:*le :"'t P. D. Hope's Drug Store.
iuurot 01 Cranb'-ook   wero   in   Movie! "       **" " -   ■-
i. a visit this   week.    Miss   Jack   bus       u. , . .•*"■»•••
■ fit engage! :-s   a.-s-i..! ant   teacher' in !     K,in'"° t!lL' t,'"lilin3en'si iIr>ke began   a ; —.    u-u.-.    i,.*.ui,   Vn-o   h>v    nuners
.0 Movie S.diool tor the rmnimx tetm. ! 1!Umbt'" (>! P^<^> iucluding a magis- j mul sum lk.iv, rf f.371 ot tbe 1 i„,e. O,.
Min. B,*.;ber hac 'neon in .Movie
! held    ii
■ cou'ifel <:a"i*
.tlc'al C»i-''>l.-ii i.nis.
"orlr,    Aug.   j.—13 ir
•    l.'\\d.
■.-.re  nr:,   a-
were   t'-i,vit , 1..0 genial dju'f-t
c-oniing tt^ni. , , , .
j trate, h.is euunircd as to tin
the weoic visiting with her iiuib md, f, ,,.    ,-,,    ,,.     -      ,    ,,
" England,   the     prosecuting
. . >e   follow im-*   dc-onition
JL--hl       (I V,".  Mi'Aim,  CM.-mayor   ot  X.'slo . 0J tbo -vord -
iy.OOtu,,,-  ...,„,,.,,    ..,,-„,.» ,,,-,,1    ,,u,     „!d (mc „f ,„„ „;,„,!losl LuvyeKin lhc J      „a ^ .c  i(> ^ i|a! us u,^
Leu.    in , r.notenay-,  wns    over   to    Movie   o   '
i   07 , ...
iu-ineas llfs week.
meaning ' i"'r, broke-/!*' price. $17.00
!     Bomb
on, .-uig.
l-.i),ui Cli   ir><
'lp»«EOBAF3   OKfcuNl   C.T TJ.fJTi,-3   f-OWDCr
i'onsiU'S i el a.
.tiul one of the !n
to   ho    held    in | If lotonnv.-,  waa
Cmnbrook. Sejitembor -lo. W>   and   27,, pu.-fo^ioual
h.p.e made   iirrangem-jnls   for  a   first. '
old time bnc!:fng contest. ILer.iy
rsroulolie iuui otihws, and nbo.: nnio ■
icra.f Indians, fame] ;or ti*.ui-/ ju'.L'ng,
:..-. -)u-t.   .l   -
'    ■   ihl-  nil:. -
Or. Livus i-*   .jacking   his  stock   of' thev are dct'jstc.!
! is to   hi.*;   country,   and   though   both
J may bo useful m trouble   nrne   times,
peace- !
11 ;:gs  and  iu   r>rep.iring   to   move   to
. aavji   consented   :o   ia].
'.coil.'iJenliy e.-poeie;.'  ti*.
Wil £% iO m Q ip ll fXwH'i
MaedoiiaM, I
u v/
ho   vei
'    '*■■*!_
.on:-! n*.
■: ll
,0 .
* J   1*
il .".port.
._ -.
,.     t
1 -
... ii-1 .;
.   ii
I'.i 1 •
. .J
, 1    1
--■->.     \; .    k. .    ..'H",-;il..t-     \;
vice f:   tii'i   flu   ['"cllcw's
'/".ov/ a 1 1; .-,  v.u and S p, m.
!;,' cordi :!'y ii:"itt-|.
t 1.-1 t.iid   in..!   I lie   •'' 1 ii.ii!>■;
n on the   iio--/:.i;-d   brai.^-ii   <
ic'- o. ;• , ri:.
!   nil!
l.lii     I:
K-turns; .-',0 when iielp io reeded ji
scab i.; tlie la>t to contiibute iu,--:-*(ai:ee.
and I no 'ir.*-' to _. ..i>i« a beiicl't ire
t!'".-*':* li'Lorrd L-> piocnre. 1 Lj cares
only !'■ ; i-nr. ei; - lie .*/!:■• no, ' e.\o:id
C'..' '    '•'■'.t 1 I .*. ',','V, .oid lor }■   ir.i'i.ica-
' '.'...     ..  Ill      '
*'i ininsicriiui
; bot'ol, :>royie,
If 'A ivii gone
'oiii'oia.ion.    a.
": *:" Au.i.'.l, 1"'.*:, j,v til jpr.i-i *
lm: 1.   -..n:--: ...f ll:v  ,(.,(..,> hh)| i.ijl 1 a 11  j  *..->..  UeilJ'  the  1\{K   1  Ull) I
from   '!'• A".    Unvmry   lo'AK.ri
*,' H, W, n.WtXKrf,
"hii.*;'r.).;ivi.i-!o Tijsneeti.'i-.
l oi, tne   i..;ikc
j dhore mine, whore the sikift   i.s .lo   b«
islarfced,,        .'*''-.
I.'is*   ;*'*;.'
iii i   ,'d
il-   !.• a
Iff   :•■!
AA l^oiii ii.-'ii.
■,-•.■■ i
t, in rv • 11
■ mi.a
■c .k*.   wn.
i-.i ".-  .ii.--
i*'r(-.7ii oy
enemy to hnnv:-:ii','io ihe
and to all po.;ierily."
j *s .ui
j-lighesi. Honors, World's Fair
Gold.Medal, Midwinter Fair
.   Avoid  H-ikins: I'ov.-dcrs   coritalninR-
riTuuk,   Thoy ;>■•.) jii.ir.rt.jiv*.  f;-j i,..,,,iiiv'
■* <s ib wifmi.
' AA
Published in the interest of tbe people
of Moyie and Last Kootenay.
F. J. SHYTn A: CO.,    -   -   -    Publishers.
scaiceJy  enough   busine,--,   to   pay  for
-cfiug j he type, doing thi-piess   worlc
andbu)in^   tho   white   pipei.
towns must grow  before   their
J^arve,    &   BicCarter >THJg   POST ' OFFICE.'
11 FORT STEELE, 13. C ' " AiVi-i
The.-e J Harvey, McCarler * Alexander.
will pay.    And as a. > uie as snon   :iS   a! tj . ""'   "" I   "
'own i-  laigc  enough    (o   sunport   a   tf&rriSterS  & SolicitorsJrrt^^ ^m
P*uier decently   Mme   olh(jr   7ubbp].   =====-—h-s^^ ARTICLES,;   -
it irr.« or -nr.sciur'rioK.
OioYoar  *
  J      ' •'"»<-    .'.111;.      Luuouei =^.--=.---=2™5
com.*s in and cuts the busincs, in two. I Milling' StOCk
SATURDAY, MJG. •"!, 1901.
The St. Eugene mine
produced ' more lead
during- the year IjjOQ
than any other single
producer in the Prov-j
ince, or nearly as much
as the combined output J =«.*,
of the entire Slocan dis- J(Iate kIea-
trict.—Minister of Mines. '   ~
It i- .-aid that thc lios.-land   miners'
union is tiding (he camera  to good advantage in its  campaign   against   unfriendly   m-pects.      The' story    goes
ih-.U the. cimtmgonl'ri first'work was fo
t-eeure a i-nan-jhol ol* Count'Eric Ericl:-
j son. who i** at work an Hie   No,   2   ore,!
I dump of the Le Eoi, but that tho   wily I
| -Swede dodged (he leu* niooi effect na I lj
by pulling hid hat down over   his   eye's
,'tud   face   wl enever   tho kodaks   were
pointed in his direction.    The camera
in a strike campaign is quite an un-to-
'CRANBRObE. ,,p, d. HOPE^
Daily market prices   by   wire
from Spokane.
CHcm-fsi and S>i-iij»-|rli»t.
r.ovip. r. c
They make a specialty
of this line of .business.
ROftRF   AND      '   P1T(>IjIXLlv ..  i=u^^^-,u,_, r
U\JC>OUx^P\ IJ, l  li Ui'Jirji-Ty-,- "-CrXTJGTliJN W()() { \
FERNIE, and all  oiht-r poin^ in BritiFh Colnnibia.  '       -      "''
'     i'V*j'
'   i JS*-'
The issue between the Amalgamated
Iron Workers  Association    and    thc
United States Steel Corporation  is  an
exceptional one.    The strike is. not for
hours of woik or rates of pay,   it   i-j   -i
straight   fight   for   the   existence   of
Unionism.    Jt is   a   pity    that   some j
hi cans of amicable settlement  cannot-
be   reached.     Surely    laboring   men I
'   have aa much   right   to   combine   as j
capitalists,  Trades unionism has much
to  commend   it.    Woikingmen  assist
each other iu times of trial, altogether
apart from   disagreements   witb    employers, and this feature is  very   commendable,     Un   tha  other   band,   an j
employer cannot be expected to   allow
his workmen to dictate his manner  of
conducting his own business.'    Mutual
consideration of the one for  the  other
W. F   GI7RB,
Slocan Diill: Some'overpowering
and disastrous influence attaches itself
to tho name Miner as a newspaper appendage in this province. The Yinir
Miner became deceased, the Greenwood
Miner was absorded by a more enterprising rival, (he Nelson Miner has|
been taken under the paternal cue   of
fSheriff Tuck, and (he Holland   .Miner f ORANBROOK.
is being rapidly put on the hike bv  an
irate public for   its  stand  against"  the
Notary Public, Accountant, ■■ Commission and
Insurance Agent.      '   <*•
s, c.
Why Does' Everybody Prefer
Punch bus   a   cartoon   lepresenlim*
Canada as a good-looking young squaw*
dressed in a   blanket with   a   feather-
head dress   and   rifle..   J'f   (he   gentle
daughter of the for-.t h id been   ropie-
senfed in a bicycle suit and a   camera,
it whnlcl he nearer tin? mark.    As it  ij
the cartoon is a libel on Canada and on
tbe squaw.—Co'o - tj.
E. A. ELTON,',
Commission    and   Insurance
■ Air-ent.
Insurance Co.V
Port Steele, B. C.
Because IVs.the best'and ^"constantly
kept on hando by the only wholesaler
in EastKootenay.    ',
Clothing,   Gents9 ; Furnishings,
Boots,  Shoes, Hats,,Gloves, Etc.
Victohja a'vb., HfOYIl
I ' "
Board $'6.00 Per Week.
MRS; WIIPPEUEAD,  Proprietress.
5$/.s-H-rt/ s&."-rfz_s'>» sOr.x'lTj&r ri.V   o,
> i
>z.,YA;.~!r v.f •<<,&,
•^.vC-/„r^ xlzsA-!. -./.A. i- -M-5.A
«  ', ,    . ., «7W.-C.   UtOCK, 'NJBI.SON. II. c.
(lOllh, Kilvi.r lo,i,l „,„i n '•
appears to be th. only solution of such   tn     "^^ ^^  'md   Scl,,(*   arc
aiflicult.es as   arc  constantly  cominJ,,       .^T1     " °WPrlauity of ^"ing
np."_Corporalionr    are   Jd   T^".1111"^8^^   °™   ^>-
_   I -this time before a court;  of   naval   of- i
] rijhlcy t-lls   half    wh.u    1
„_„**--_,       , . —   J-tns tmu
&oulics8,and in some instances there is   <*
ground for the assertion. .The coal T-^' .7 '"""^ l'""'ua unu wn,u ho
barons furnish an instance. Thoy \\ Ti ■ ""V3 nb°Ut ,ho fara0U8
grind the miners  down   to  8tarva'»on I V       J      eS*mpSOn iu ft   Ver-V
^ages and restrict the outnut,  makin,,   *        a,d P°Slti°n'
th«^na«^»PV the piper/ 1    OrgaaizeTSb^S^^y   and
Ihe steel strike  is   to   be deplored,   the    aooner   'corporation     m  na 1.
and it is very  durable  that a settle-   recogni.e the fact \hheL Z7£
Physician and Surge od]
MOYIE,   • British boiumbia.
msmn - ■ supry
Oity    Shaving   Parlor,
' i f
.  '      r. CENTRAL   HOTEL.
for all   concerned.    A- single    union
may meet with defeat once in a  while,
but its members   will
"t,H I   [',}.
t i' rl-
I f '», 1 i
74F 7:^-1 f
i   ilk...,  i ,•>#' Ui
' .,*? '■     ,r'A<  It)
7 JJJ.-t f  .H-ffi
1    i'lrO
'ff,L3i*-" is* J   -*i
'      if>  .""'Til
" - M''     J'Rt 'j
i'*t|::/  iji
ment   shall   be   reached   very   soon.
Those who are neither partial 'to   one
side nor piejudiced against   Lhe   oilier
will hope ior an outcome beue/icia!  to   and he strong,r than -ev-r
labor,  creditable   u   capital   .md   dis-
couraging  to   unreasoning   agitation.
But il there is to  be combination  ol
capital 'on a gigantic scale there   must,
be   a   corresponding eomoiuauou    of
labor.    If Ubor   could   not   oigauize
under such circumstances oerfdom and
vassalage would return. The twentieth
century is not for a new serfdom.
again   organize
Moyie, B. C.
Conditions must be becoming desperate when a mine mandger is forced
to buy a newspaper to defend himself.
It will take more than the efforts of the
-Rossland Miner to convince tlie people
that Manager Maedonald is right,
Send Your Work
VVhere.it   will  be, ,Done r .-Satisfactory.
P. LUTNEE, Pbop.
a ■   PISH, _ FLESH 7
 ^ ^i;> js v E.
- FREI^MII J IN("r!w,;?1,.Cr ^^^^^'"'^^.XOIIANOJ."
investor^'   MIL^INCj G()LD ^vrlwe wanted nl mice for E.i.Uru
'    d   Panics having mining property for nale arc' wmcWl   to   ,. , ,
sampes ol their ore to (he EXCHANGE for, exhibition '"'
,    We devre lo hear from pro-^uoctors  who Imvo   nmmi -....r •    •
oral'dai.hs in Pritish Columbia:      '   ■ P'omiMiig  )1;llj_,
m,S!^°";U!(i1milli,,° »'»"« »ro' rc.)uesf.,d' (o'maico th,*   Pv
OIIAiNC^ tlieir beadquarU-rs whtn.in N'oi«or ■ "
All samples should herein by express,- PREPAID    '    '    '
f       Correspondenoe solicited.   .Address all commn,iJeati'on3-to
i:;i_,lophono^, .LO-i. P.O. Box 700.       *        , ^ELBO^ B. ,;,
, JAKE KELSON; Proprietor.
Miners   headquarters.     Good, .accommodations   for'' traveler,;,
* liquor* -ind cigars kept in .stock.   *
Lake Shore Addition     d        MOYIE B.C.
Best   wi!
1 =
'■ «!
Another batch   of  nonunion   workmen   at   the   Northport   smelter   h'ave
had tbeir guns taken away from them,
This ia proving   to   be   an    expensive
proposition to the management.
Hi» '-vi re
,. •{)<{ I.- T '.'■
;     ■'fr' i J     ,
h Ab : ,"' '     '..,
ff|:Pi ,;'• , ,,fr
''',%: "f if-
'*    •  ?,, '..   ' ''«
.*• i>A ,  t .«
.    ■* '•.■* ' ft* >   Vl-
i' *>r"
ipj*'''*-      •■■ '
h\Kl -        li   •'.
■i'fW'? , iffc:.*i
TUB   MUEOWJililtS    AL^'JtiAI,.
In the appeal ol the 7iueowners to
. thc Dominiou government theie are a
, a umber of grievances set forth   which |
are   extremely   childish,    and     from
which   tbey   need   never   expect    any
fcympathy l"iom that body.
.   The eight hour law, for instance, ib
on the statue books   fo remain.   'It  j,*,
?iot an experiment, but a law which  is j
now in force m nearly everv minim'! »,, ...
oamp in the civilized world Th° | ,Uie blye'lli Cl4' Council has passed
tampering wilh this law at thi. time'I m luU'.WaSe" solution and will have
-.vould create a ruction in British. Col- I fju8lUn10" bel °n '^ EUl'Plie«- C!°^
umbia that would be difhculL to .ettle.   lllli
After all the trouble m securing a
bono, from the government ou refined
load, no definite steps have yet been
taken ior ,ihu election of a leiiuery.
Purely this matter will not be lot <*o Lm
Barber Shop.
.Hot, Cold and Vapor Baths j
Opposite   Cosmopolitan     note!
Bread delivered
to any part o   the city,'
Always ox JIaxd.* ,     '     '
• '■ A. SLINN,-Projp.
r,. roisv if ci,,
It should be left alone.
The Piovinoi.il "niaator and servant"
act and tho Dominion "alien labor"
act aie two other lava which shouhl be
left severely alone. There never Hab
and never will be a tctrcity of good
miners in tho mining district;. of°the
■Kootcnays so long au tho Luvs and
wages aie fair.
^° doubt a cbango in some of tne
provincial law., would he beneficial to
the mineov/ner.s, but it nuM be tairen
jintoconsidciation that 'hen- aiu others.
beside this, tl I.'-- to bo •.alibied.
Irresb   new   milk   delivered    to   all
= ,imrlsortown  twice   r:    day.    Snlisfac-
WAXivn-TiiU--Tworthv mes asd wo- j lion guaranteed
iaeu to U-u-ol and advcruBe for old e.Uibh.hcd f'^ntccc
liouse of bohdlinnncml standing.   fciUa:-y-,7S0 „ '      '       Mrs. Adelaide Dill   Pn.n
yen aud excuses, all u«j able in cash.   X0 Um-' ' [
vc.m-required.   Give leieif ice, rna   eneloso
fcolf addressed stamjicd euv.opc.    Audrey :,lau
i\tf(tl l!\"\    i^.t-i   t iT.I.. -..
Porter and -M
ir "Always; on Hand.
auality hot excelled in the country. TTry it and
be convinced.
agei, ,io3 CiiMnu Hlclg, Ciiifujjo,
,    Tbc;7cl.«on Tiibune   ha-   lijnired   it
.out that there is  not   a   new.-pap-r  in
.-either oniieJ.Ionl-P.ayi- paying  today,
and in ease where theio are two papeis
ouch as llexebioke, Noleon r.nd   I.'o5h-
land   they   a:v   -imply  yomg   behind.
Thc   Tribune   jj  about   right.    Jt   n-
aafe to k,iy that "in .South F.ast   Kootenay there i. noionn of :he papei.s  an\
,-moiethan beeping even at tbe prc.-ent
.time.    The Foil   .Steele  J',ospeolor is
suiely going behind,   and   it   b,  about
-mp -a.\ !   t;;.*k   willi   the   Pcnie  Fioe1
',,(v-(h'- Cranbiook ilemhl   and   t|ie
d'hyie Lc.iJo: lo  levi   e-en.    Thi.-*   ).-
not due to the fault c i the towns or   to
.the f;i"lt of (ho poupie.     ; t i * Mirjily a
f-a sufbeient volume of business,
burnnc-,8 men of Uie to,vns named
cioufcommi-iure. (.f *t,1JCK (,,,,.   Uo,ks   J-t)]. R
-lr<-.<;n.in,tl„etoMMu,.d  „,„,,,  „m,.Cr /nm.
""-■ ;"»''"--"W  \oviium      «..UIJ.lUl.JI1If „,   lhe
'"'•«■•« ..Mem,,.., ))uM .,„„„,,, J(i|| tJlu VL,M
■MII.-0) Alajli- MM,, ,,,,,„,.„.. 1:o,,(.r(, ,(l,<l§1
•'l>Il«.,^0i.al|„M„,.|,1 ll.,»r.. Ml ,!„]„. v.esl>
»'"'«:' Vl-Ium*. 1,0111, il,,.,,,, '•OH.iun.en.ltc
Ore  popjt ,,f cu-ro,u,c.ir.-.f,| „,.lt.t   IIlol(! or
''"V' . J--vr «•" v rntiox
;"b < th I'"'1. ,  -,.,
treated Waters of all,
-»-o #-
B. C
-     _    JOSJVSTOJV   BROS.   '
Thi^Hotel is New and well Furnished.  The
M»'warl S.?ppi-ied with the Best the
Hi (^?i;alord5' The Bar is Filled with
the ^est Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
JOi.'.v   fiAr.iir,;;,
'v.    x>.   H.
imit.x .Ii.j-11'terrlKicjI .mul.,|;,, .,,,,,,j- fo ,,Jf
",",'h',mill|k   J0»^  O'    1..H'IS    .11.(1    folk',    fr„     ,
7t(*;",!,C0,:t,;t,";l't «»»1   icnevc tnnLtr ftom
"t-   y(lmVH.|;   "OC-IIIIOU.     CollllHOIlci.."    -t     tl,(.
!""' I(,,,|,l"r  -"J l. Minuted „u..r ;|J0   ,UM
''■•oik  "f .Mo* jo  m,   oj.i.oMta i;„|,c.ls  j.Ihm 1
"""(.helium-*-oritli, tjieiice Mj clvuii*   vim
'■'<.»"-wiU..iln^;ioitJi. lliciico^ti,,.„Jst.„.,  i.',
JfMiJ.'l"!' J-OUSo.V.
Orders ZiofaUu.
Headquarters for commercial
and mining msn
lotm.-iir,tH)iA,y,Ui.\   &
* <!i
.y---.«i<-*-v^.^.-v^^^„. '>i.t:j.-*.M;iii,ii,iinj,*,    *.,
'Soda. Water
Jinn* lOih "Mi.
-ndyertiiing   space  thev
'J 'i"rt , <u \
<;1.'. i ■ ,..-n ..
**!>' <i ' llici
th'.* I..I .., ••
Kojtc. .-", ■
nut     r|.,u
lill!.l..:i./..'j r.|,(.lli;,
*-•   i.- i-j.   .'
'-'of  1   1 .-.
-.' t. ill
m* -
< I 1
!   - ..i
f*     '"
•   r  1      '
.f OJ']
I        .   I   ''       M. r     ,        u
ia.{, lli'Jiicu.'Ocli.'iiu:: north,
tl.Lii.:u_no lihiuus woi, thence 60 clmlns «oi,u, ,0
"c,"""t ot '<io"nimuncni«-cjo ucrcw,'-more or
June 10th 1901, ,J_,0
"'&&■&$-1 *'d f - -, ,-
■[ / x,'<,<!- A  ... Cor-Vri«^n-.v,e «•?• c
' /iVi**)"^10,:?'"*'"/''-'-1'-' H*.~nCt-.*^**r.rtrl.di:sc»'i-|>t,ion iuw
I    ,   „ "I, .. LJ. F c',,-;,?;,*i.', I'.'i.-'.fioi.'.'lo. . .'•-V-rnKuinic.-,.
ec .7;f^c*,^.ri'';.^''vt i-'i««!l'^Soii.l:nt*eute*
J       ,.';*". V- '    ',',   V1(    VV ,*.'■!'7yt.tUrjl!;?l>;|t.ollS,-|.
-      '  , •   ' ." -t.-tlill ^h;*..1*!,;..;,   .J-.in". i-:.-'"r .,..■.-.. ...-,>
/■•,iMi;7'*!7'yl'!":,'r;!f0'1 'WKKlr.    T,;iri.'cst o'r-
Brnccli Oiiioo. n% F St., W«.,lil"-to!.S. 0,
Prest, thepEotog-ra-
. .pher, .iias'just -re-
.. fceived the finest lot
-;pf, ; .mouiding-s
"East Kootenay,
W. A.. Prest,
'.■    ';   '/        rbotographor,   .*
C'r..:.5.*cooic,     Moyiv,     I-'c,,.t Stisole.
Will Visit'Moyie on i
'. Tuesday and WeanoS{ja I'CRANSBOOK'" BRANCH.
'^-l.:&, ^0Wr:%J^ y^>
'irronjn j-^«.»rfJf-.r.|>_ ^^   ^
A JT1'
Fait! Up. 'dapital';.$B,000,OOQ. 7
* . *. i    * ' * ■ ■
•/• i*S
f* ,'■*,.■,
WlUMiiHHranR«a raaasHasagisEE  Sri  IfWHE MOYIE LEADER.  MOYIE,    B.    C,  ��&&���'  r  IER FATHER  iVAS'A DRUNKARD  gPfacky Young Lady Takes on  f Herself to Cure Her father  of the Liquor Habit.  >,  &TGRY OF HER SUCCESS.  TALES OF THE TOWN.  SOME  HUMOROUS   ITEMS  FROM  THE  CITY OF  CHURCHES.  cf  hor letter  rends     as  ���father had often proyi-  ���^s^UsSapnoi-her to    stop drinking-,    and  ���.fcSBKWfrawo.^ (]o s0 for a i-imQi but then rc-  *>iWtu>1acd to it .stronger than-ever. One  m  niter  a  terrible  spree,   ho  >>nid  ^Stp^us:    'It's    no    use.   'I can't i-top  ^iMeinkhig.'      Our   -hearts    seemed,  to'  $t"Urn to stone, and we decided to try  ,%a Tasteless' Samaria   Prescription,-  ^Krjiicli wo had read about in the pa-  Tj&rs.   We  g*avc h"m thc rtmedy,' entirely -without his knowledge,  in his  "V, colTee,  or food regularly, accord-  ig to direction.-?,  and ho never knew  e wns   taking  it.    One  package  re-  joved all liis desire for liquor, " and  -b snys it is now distasteful to,hiin.  is health and appetite are also won'  i.s  .health and'   appetite are     also  jondf-i-fully   improved. c and    no /me  "puld know him for tiie'same limn.  ;*- is  now  fifteen months  since     wo  've it to liim and we feel' sure that  change is for good.   Please send  one   of your    little books,  as I  ���ant to give it to a friend." n  BNT'FREE TO ��� ALU.���A'sample  Tasteless     Samaria    Prescription  ,.5-dly Sent Free,   with full particu-  fffrs in plain    sealed   envelope.      All  " jters considered '   sacredly .confiden-  Address The    Samaria Remedy  <?, 30 Jordan street, Toronto,  Ont..  Confildcrlnf? a Landlord's Feelings.  A PalthlCKS 1-ovcr Doe* tlie HisJ't  Tliinj?-WIiy StraHlicrrieg Went Vi>.  Three A^aiiibt One.  When n policeman on Pacific street  came along- to whore a family was moving out at 10 o'clock at night, he halted  and said to the man who was wrestling  with an old bureau:  .. "You must be rushed with' basin pes  during the daytime to move out at this  hour."  "No,   no  great   rush,"   was  tbe   reply.  It's simply on account ot my feelings for  'the landlord."  "lie wanted thehouse at once, eh?"  "Oh, no., You see it was this way. lie  comes in this afternoon aud says: t  " 'Baker, when are you going to pay  your rent?'  " 'As soon as ever I can,' I says.  " 'You are now owing me, for four  months,' says he. '    "  It's tliree to a day,' says I.  It's four and two days over,' s"nys he.  It's only three.'  "''It's four hnd inore.'    ,,,  "My landlord is a man who prides him-  polf on always being right," explained the  tenant, "and it hurts hi's feelings to find  himself in thefvrong. He'd got a'month  extra on, as I'm an hone,st man", hut I  didn't want lo insist and dispute and  bring him out as mistaken." * '  "And so you'decided to move?"  "That's it. sir. Out ot- eonsiijpriitlon'  for his .feelings I'm vacating his house  and Koing across the curia I, and he'll keep  right on claiming thnt I owed him Jour  months' rent, and there'll be nobody to  showr,. bitn his error and make him'feel  bnd!"'    '���  A CHILD'S SUFFERING  I IKK      MOTHER       FEAREI,-      SHE  WO LIED NOT TtE(;AJL\ HE]I  HEALTH.  Shu AV.if, Fjr-t Attacked witli KhfUiiiHti-.-iii  Jiij.l tlieii -ivitli St. Vitti*' JXuice���SIi<-  Was Unable to'll<:li> Jl��;r.-,ell* arid Had  !<�� be C'ai-ii.t  l-*or Almost Like an Iiilmit.  "���I  "']  n.n  lie had enterPd a cobbler's shop to get  n shoe repaired, and after looking fixedly  at him for'a'moment the,cobbler sternly  began:      ��� ,    '  , "Sir, I remember. you! 'Twenty-one  years ago, when I had a cobbler shop in  Toledo, you"���  "Ah,   so, it,'is   you!"   interrupted - tlie  other.  "Glad to see yon.    Yes? 21  years  ago, when you liad a cobbler shop in To-,  ledo, I fell in, lovt- with your daughter."  "And you were engaged to be married  to her, but broke your promise and her  heart.*  'Sir"-���  "St nothing more." soothingly replied  the cwhcr.i "I've always been sorry about  ���1hat matter and intended to do the right:  thing when the time came. It, has entiio  at last. Put two cement patches'on that  shoe ,nnd clfarge me double price nnd  give me a receipt in full.".,  Ionian's GMsim Temperance 'Unioi  IK  ADOPT THE  m  FOR the CURE of DRUNKENNESS  ��>'��$  * Letter from. Mrs.  Ceorg.1 ��� Grant,  'u is ley,   Ont.,   giving- 'pat Ufmlars  '(.ure effected by "Samaria Ti-escrip-  Lion," resulting in its use and adoption by tlie 1'aislo/ Woman's Christian Temperance  Union.  (Copy)  I-aisley, Ont.  December 11 tli, 1900.  caw-;  , A-"-f  m  <IV*!  :" ���<  m  ?m  4 ��!  .itp  |The. Samaria Jlemedy Co.,  30 Jordan Street,  Toronto,' Ont.'  Dear Sirs.���I penned a few lines to  you some time ago,���as a member of  tho   t. niperanco  cause,   1   wrote     for  lnformai ion;   at  that, .time" I had     in  my  mind   frauds  whoso  son  wa.s    a  great causa of anxiety and trouble on  ������   account   of   ni*     drunken   habits.       ]  H*-strongly m'-gvd  tho, friends to try t.ho  ? remedy I saw advertised  in the.   To-  | ronto   Globe.    They   did   so.    It    was  I tho  Sam'ana  Uemedy ���  that  was  od-  nihtistered and  1  am pleased   to     in-  foim  the  comjiany  tho medicine   was  helpful;   tho     young     man     lias   not,  drank, a drop sine.:, breaking oil* from  old  companions;   ami .special'.prayers  on  his   behalf,   all   aided   iu  breaking  the chains.  AL the last meeting, or.-tho.W. 0.  T. U. here, 1 introduced your medicine for the cure of tho liquor habit,  tvnd a resolution wns passed, '���That  inasmuch ns it is the aim of this organization to help the poor inebriate,  we should rccoiium-nd this r.->nody in  homes whero' persons are ;**.(,dieted to  the use of intoxicit.iiiL,' ."qnors."  Now-, .sirs, wishing you a, .s.iiv.'ssfiil  cat ecr in your noble work, and feeling thai* assist unco can be given in  Ih.' precincts of homo by the hand of  mother or wife, trusting God liiny  fp*'1! up useful avenues for your la-  I tus.      Yours very respectfully.  (Signed j        M IIS.' CEO KG F. G KANT,  On behalf of l'alsley \V. G. T.  U. ���  FREE SAMPLE g��^  ft!Ion, testimonials imd price sent in pla.ii  wiled envelope. Kne.loso Za stump. Addrosi  'lllli SAMAHIA JUCMEUY C( >., 8(�� .Tordnn Ht.  TORONTO, Ontai-K  "Strawberries.0 eh?" queried the Red-  ford i ronup woman i.s she came down to  her tit'-e.   "Ilbw much a box?"  "Only a quarter,  ma'am, and  the best  in the market." replied the' peddler.  '- "Ihit 1 was offered * berries at 20 cents."  '"  "What time was that?!'  "At 0 o'clock this morning."    '     .  "And it is now 3 in the afternoon, or  six hours Inter., Madam, can't you see  for yourself that my' berries havp had six  hours longer in which to grow and nre  consequently enough larger to make up  the difference in price?"  "Why. that's it. of course," she replied  after a moment's thought, and sho'handed  over her quarter with satisfaction in her  heart.         7   ���       ',  There was a hat less man covered with  mud standing at the corner of Court and  State streets the other day, and there  were a policeman and '.'50 citizens surrounding liim. and as the man scraped at  the mud on his legs the policeman said:  ,  "Well, you see, you "ought to bavehcen  more careful."  "But I was'careful." protested the victim. ��  "Then how did you happen to set  knocked over?"  "Why, it was t!ii�� way: As I wn�� crossing the street  a  bike   was  coming nlmiL'  from  one  direction   and   a   horseless carriage from another direeii.ui, and ri-_r.ii mi  the corner stood a man waiting to dim Pie  for' $2    borrowed    money       There    were  tliree  things  to  didge   nt   once,   nnd   tlie  first  I  knew the-" hike h:t  ml*- '>u .m.'.csi.le.  the   hnrsolos-s  enrriiige  "i,   the  nther   and  the man .Veiled at  me 'h.1l  he'd sue me In-  fore night   if  I'didn't   square  "P      ldrnd.  nlive,   lull   a   feller   ought   i��   have   -'.h-  sr.rt   of   a   show,   hadn't   he?" ��� LJrookl.vi  Citizen.  Erom  the  Sun,   Orangoville,   Oat.  Among tbe    much    respected     residents   'of    Grange ill-   is    Mrs.    Marshall,    who* lives    m a pretty    little  cottage  on  First street.      i or   some  years her   twelve-vear-dld    daughter,'  Mamie, has been a sullerer Irom rheumatism    combined   with, thai      other  terrible  aflliction���St.   Vitus'     dance.  Jn' conversation   i ecently   with   a    reporter of the Sun, Mrs. Marshall'told  the following story of hct   daughter's  sufTeriu---   and   subsequent    restoration  to health ;���"At  Jie    age  of eight,"  says Mr. . Marshall,   "Alainio was  atT  tacked with rheumatism,  from which  She suffered  vcry mUch, an,(t ulthough  she .was   treated   ny, a  clever   doctor  her health did  not improve.  To make  her condition worse, she was attacked will] St.  Vitus,' dance, ana 1 really  gavo up hope  of ever ..seeing her   enjoy  good   health   .-.gain.       JJer     arms  and   limbs  would    twitch     and     jerk  ���spasmodically  and   she  could   scarcely hold   il dish iu her hand,   und  had  to -be looked  after almost like an infant.    While   Maiuio  was  in  this  condition   a neighbor  who had   used  Dr.  Williams'   Fink    J'ills   with   beneficial  results in her o**n family advised  h-  to  try  them   in .Mamie's case    I,had  myself'often  heard   these pills highly  spoken of,'but it�� had not occurred to  me  before   that   they .might' cure  my  little gii-J,  but now I decided to give  them   to  her.      Uoforo   she  hud  completed   the  second   box I  could see  a  marked change for  the better, and by.  the time she imd Taken fibe boxes she  trace of both tho rheumatism and. St.  Vitus' * dance   had vanished,  and  she  is now as bright,  active and healthy  as any  child   of,her  a'ge.    Some  lime  has elapsed since she discontinued the  use of th'i -pills, but not the slightest  trace   of  the   trouble  has  since made  itself     manifest.      I think,' therefore,  that I  am safe in saying  that   I  believe    Dr.   Wilfiams'   I'inic'   Pills     nol  only restored my child to"' health, but  have worked a permanent cure."  liheumatism, St. Vitus' dance and  all kindrea diseases of th... biood and  nerves speedily yield lo Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills and ihe cures thus effected ar*s permanent, because this medicine makes rich, red blood strengthens ll-.fc. nerves, and thus rcafches the  root o" the trouble. These pilts are  sold by all dealers in medicine or  will h". sent post paid at ;"3U cents a  box or. six boxes for S2.50, by .'addressing the' Dr. Williams Medicine  Co., Brockville,   Ont.  A CQUNTRY   ROAD.  A .I"'!-,', Mr.ny way, \v]n>e lierrrring Koi  I-J li1)  '.,  '-.flii  ',':it hl�� ni.s jiri.i  goi-I'Ti-.-rJ;  Al.ii.;t,  l.:i.. Mlk on t.ne si.!'- ! .okiiig down,  Aa.! '"j.y;ii llu* otticr you can <���<���? tlie town  Fuil-rw li.c jiic.'d couihj itroiiKli nicadows ffrcen,  O'tr wl.idi thick wooJs iir.l riuible ledji'.s lean.  i  A liHle f-Trthor, where- tiie road dpscetid3,  A I.i. A:'H -snft tii.kle wii.'i eomip bird song Wcndi,  (Go-it*-  from   its cd^e  tlie  di-ar  old  dame's  fmall  cot  llr.f in.ldoii lij <]u.ii:it flowers); lush bergamot  ilnkt'i swrct  it3 banks,  its depths the  boys titill  swim  Or uateh the minnows from some willow limb.  rpu:i it-i bridge how often I have stood,  V. j Idling thn west, \vlu.i>e priory si'ci.ed to flood  Willi tenuoroFl lisht lhe poorboiioc aii'l the grave*  Bc-*ii!c it���turn to gold the brooklet's waves���  Till fium the hill, oh, dearest sight of all,  I baw my father, and I heard him call]       o  He came with tturdy -stride and swinging pall���  Hy hand in his���told riiy'(Ky's'whole tale  Of joys,  that 'neath  his bright crnilo eeemed to  grow,  While lessened was my every childish woe  As hits sweet words fell on my soul like balm  While we walked homeward through the fragrant  calm. '  ���ifury 3t. McCarthy in Boston Trmtcript,  .There never was, and never will be, a  universal panacea, in one roni dy, for all ills  to which flefeh is "heir���the very nature of  rnuny curatives being such that were ihe  germs of other and differently stated diseases robted in tho system of the patient���  what would relievo one ill in turn would aggravate the other. Wo have, however, in  Quinine "Wine, when obtainable in a sound,  unadulterah d state, a remedy for many and  ���grievous ills.' By its gradual and judicious  uso the frailest systems are led'inio convalescence and strength by the influence which  Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.  It relieves the drooping spirits of tho.-.e with  whom n chronic state, of morbid de**pond-  ,oncy and luck of iuteirc^t i* life is tt disease,  and; by tmnqniJizing the nerves, disposes to  sound and refreshing sleoi>-L-imparts vigor  to the action.of tlie blood, which, being  itimuhilcd'j courses throughout the veins,  strengthening- the hca thy unimal functions  of tho system, thereby making -activity a  necessary result, strengthening tho frame,  and giving lifo to the digeblive organs, which  naturally demand increased substance���ro-  sult, improved appetite*. Northrop &, Lyman,  of Toronto havo given to the jnblie iheir  superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, and,  gauged by the opinion of scientists, this  wine approaches nearest perfection of any in  tho market.    All druggists Eell it.  When   !.! Huns  Clian-^ Grlnsed.  Once during a dry season in China  tlie viceroy, Karl Li Hung Chang, called on tbe American minister, Mr. Conner, nnd spoke of tho weather.  "Y"n," said Mr. Conger, "it seems to  ;>e dry everywhere. It !s dry in my  country too. I-rend In one of our papers the other day that In many places  in tbe west the people were praying for  rain."  ���-What!" said tlie pari. "Do your people pray to tbeir Cod for rain?"  "Oh, yos." said the minister, "tbey  ���ftpn pray for rain."  "And does their Cod send it when  .hey' pray for it?" asked the earl:  "Yes. sometimes their prayers aroan-  ���wi-red. and sometimes theyare not."  "All the same like Chinese joss, bey7"  .-.-iid the earl," with a grin and a chuckle.  The Trnlh  nt  Lost.  "Oh,   dor-tor.   i-.-   it   very   dnnprrrous   to  swallow c<'!ii( nl ':"'  "Very   <birgemtj��.   indeed."  "And ;;iill:i peirha. doctor?"  "Very --prion-:."    ���  "And   poreelnfn���oh.  doctor,  is  poisonous?"  "K.\eu��e    me,    madam,    have   you  tempted <*uicii]e?"  "No:   I've  swallowed  one of my   false  tooth."���-Pearson's.  it very  at-  Interr��i��to��l, Lecture.  Bin j-  Know Too Ulneh.  "Yin women who have had the ad-  ���nnrajje of advanced education make  cood wives?" asked the bachelor  lioiighffnlly.  At this the benedict took him to one  ���u.ie, where he could speak contiden-  'nilly.''   , f    -  "it" yon ever marry." be said, "and  lind occasion to frame up a r'otil pood  .-sense for a protracted session at the  ���nib, you will discover that It'is possible for a woman to know too much."  Chicago Post,  Mr.   flighstiiff���This   mania   for  stock,  gambling is deplorable.    It .seems hardly  possible that thinking beings���  The  cannot  courses  plant  A ii ii ii..1   I,.,..., (>r Fertility.  loss of fertilizer from rains  be. estimated. The. water  e'arry   millions   of, tons      of  foods   to   the  sea.     The-   Nile  * 'In India elephants over 12 and up  to 'lo years of age are deempd the  best to purchase, and will generally  work well ni.''-] ' they are 80 years  old. ' .  Tf the reports of the farmers are  true, lhe Lord invents a new bug  with an increased appetite every  spring. a'  alone pours''more than 1,000 -tons  into the Mediterranean every IM  hours:, The' tuinual Joss from the  earth's soil i.s greater than the en-  lire deposits of '#iuuio, even before  they were exhausted. Unless a large,  portion of the fertilizer is reclaimed  from the sea, a time may come when  the world's average yield 'of  will bo exceedingly low-!  crops  "Croat Keott! P. D. C.'s liavo fallen 17  ppint--*. a ih! I'm l.lng on 'em! Quick,  u here's'my hat'.���"'���Chicago News., .  7.! ti let e��l..  ' "Talk about hard liick," sni.l Jimmy  Pores*. "I broke, into a lawyer's house  Iii*-! night an (he i.-iu-ver got the drop on  me an advi-ed me to git out.  "Ifuh," exclaimed the r.ther crook, "you  gut off dead o:i��y!", .  "Hut   ain't   all   nf it.     Pen  he charged  me   .flO  Pi ess.  for   his   advice." ��� Philadelphia  n  Girls in love should be asked to  look closely al the number of fatal  cases of after taking scattered round  every neighborhood.  A STRANGE FLOWER. c  One of the strangest- bqtannical. curiosities ' in the world is the "Wonder-Wonder'-' flower, found in the  Malay peninsula. , It is simply a  blossom, without leaves,, vine or  stem) and grows as a parasite'" on  decayed wood. This extraordinary  flower i,*- something, like,a yard in  diameter, and .has. a globular cup in  the middle with a capacity of five or  six quarts.  The man .who  lives  to  lives, to a bad purpose.  no  purpose  CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY  TIME" TABLE  FAGGED O.UT.���None but thoso who  have become fagged out know.what a depressed, miserable feeling it is. All strength  Is gone, and despondency has taken hold of  tbe sufFerers. They feel as though there is  nothing to live for. Thero, however, is a  cure���one box of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills  will do wonders in restoring health and  strength. Mandrake and Dandelion are two  of tho articles entering into tho composition  of Parmelee's Pills.  SORROWS  OF  RESEARCH.  "Did you succeed in fouling any  illustrious ancestors ?"  "No,,but, T scared up a .lot of kin-  folks that* T didn't want, lo know al  all."  Pianos  enable  girls   to  show  fingerings   ami   their     rings   a I  same  time.  their  -the  *.#*  ���-&&  Beddock, June 11, 1R07.  C    (\.  RTCTTARDK   &.  CO.  Dent- Sirs,���MINARD'S Ll NTMENT  is my remedy for'NEURALGIA.   .  H relieves  at. once.  a. s. Mcdonald.  New South Wales' has paid ��74.1,-  000 in fifteen years for lhe destruction of over 24,000,000 noxious ani-  mn 1 s���kn ngaroos,. wal 1 abies, diligoes  nnd  others.  �� How's This?  We offer 0m> Handled Dollars Reward ior  any eiiwe of Cnt..rih Unit cannot be cuied hy  Hall's Catarrh Cut;.  F. ���). CHUNKY .t CO., Prons , Toledo, 0.  .Wo, the untler-igni'd, hnvu Kiiown.lt'. J.  Clienoy for the last lo year.*, and believe liim  perfectly honorable iu.ifl business transactions,  and tin nelnlly nblo :o carry opt any obligation  made bv their Arm.  Wkst&'fituax,Wholesale Prupgi-its.TMfdo.O.  W.ti.nixo,   . Kixn'an   Ai   jMakvi.v,    Wholcsal'  Dl-Uggi*-*!'*, Tele'lo, O.  Halls Catarrh Cine istnk'ni internally, net-*  lug directly u|Kiii ilu* blood nmi air.cnus sup*  fnc��i of tlie "-system. Price, ..'e. per bottle. Bold  by all <b-ugg:"ts.   '."e-ubnoiil.ais frco  Hull's Family PilJ aro the bo*t.  LOPPED IT OFF.  To win-���Has he sent you a check  for your  services ?  Browne���Yes, but, il isn't, for the  nmoiinl I expected, although I sent  him  a bill.  Towni'���Your writing's bnd. Maybe  he didn't decipher  (he nmounl.  Drowiip���-I'm afraid ho did do-cipher it. T wrote !?1G0 very plainly,  and he sent ��10.  Minard's Liniment Cures .Diphtheria.  Mr. Thomas Ballard, Syracuse, N. T.,  writes: 'JI havo been afflicted for nearly a  your with that most-to-bo dreaded disease  dyspopsia, and at times worn out with pain  and want of sleep, and, after trying almost  everything recommended, I tried one,box of  l'aimelco's Vegetable Pills. I am now nearly  well, and believe they will cure me. I would  not bo without them for any money.   /,*  NO, SUGGESTIONS-  ���'���'I must say,", rcnrajrkecl*the physician,   -"your-'husband*   is     in,    a bad  ,way.      Any  arrangements    you    may  wa.nt  to make"��� .-���'.,-'  "Oh,   doctor,''   she  cried,   "I  could  never think of marrying again."  When a politician is weighed in the  balance he is usually found wanting  ���an -oillce with a big salary and lit-  Uo work.   .'..'*  Minard's, Liniment Cnres Distemper. ���  Mnrrled Life E.\-po��iccl.  Willie Kocrum���Pa. why do some people call  vegetables garden snss?  .Mr. Hoernm (wearily)���Oh���-ah���why  do some people call vegetables garden  pass? Why, because having ,a garden  and raising vegetables is so conducive to  the use of profanity. Now, run nvny.  Willie, and, for gotuhie^s' sake/don't n *U  uie what conducive means! ��� Brooklyn  Uaglc.   Fniidlj- TnlU-.  "I tindorstfind." t-omarked the father,  "that Jane has rejected that young  Sc.'KldlpB because he didn't size up to  her ideas of manly beauty."  "And she should he ashamed of hcr-  Kplf," added (he mother thoughtlessly.  "If I had looked for a handsome man,  I might have never been married."-���  Philadelphia Times.  TIIE COUGHING and wheezing ��f por-  sons troubled w.th bronchitis or the a.-tluna  is cxces*ively harassing to them .-elves and  annoying to 'other.-. Dr. Thomas' Eclectric  Oil obviate.-* all this entirely, safely and  speedily, aud is a benign remedy for .lameness, sore.--, injuries, piles, kidney and spiual  troubles. ".*������"'������  AU.'  CSC  (i.3i  18 09  12.30  1S.15  21.21  12.15  19.10  10.'  S. R. Marie. Owen  Sound,  Toronto L.V  and East, Via Lakes,   Mon., Thurs  ���  and bat '. -.21.59  Tues , Fri. and Sun..:   Jlontrwl, Toronto,   New Yorlc and . ..  cast, via all rail, daily 21,50  Rat     Portage    and     intermediate  , pints, Mon., Weil. & Fri    7.r.0  Tue��,, Thurs. &.Sat    '���  Rat    Portage     and     iutei-medinte  points. Tlies., Tin*r.s, and Sac  M.CO  Moi-., Wed. a nu Fri ,   MoL-on, Lac   l)u Uoimct  and   intermediate Points. Thurs only    7 30  Po-rtago la Prairie, Brandon, Calgary  Nelson and all Kootenay and Coast  points, daily      7.1")  Portage. In. Piairie, Brandon, mid intermediate points; daily ex Sun��� 19.10  Portage la Prairie. Brandon, BIoo-c-  jaw- nnd intermediate points daily  exisuiidav-     S."C  Gliditone, Neepawa, jMinaedosa and  intermediate points, -...wily ex Sim.   S.SO  Sii *al Lake, Yorktou and intermediate points, Mon., Wed. and Fri ....   8.30  Tues. Thurs., and Saturday  10.10  Rapid    City,      Hinuiota,     Minot.i.  Tues., Thurs. and Sat    8.3;  Jlon., Wed. andFii       '  10.10  Mordcn, Deloraine aiidiiuerniedic--.ee  points daily ex -jiin   T.-lO 10.23  X ipinka, Alameda and  intermediate  points, .Mon., Wed., Thurs. 6a Sat   7.J0  Mot* ., Tues., Thurs. and Fri  10.20  Glenboro, Souris, and intermediate  points, riail vex Sua    7.30 IS.-lo  yapinlra.Melifa, Alameda aud inter  mediate points,   Mon., Wed,  Fri.  7.30  Tues., Thurs. aud i*at  1S.J5  Pipestone, Ke��ton,Areola and interned ate  points,   Mon. Vved.,' Fri.   7.30  Tues.. Thurs. and Sat :    38.45  Frobysn're, llirsh.  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ITixson,   mortified,  very red., ���  grew  The, "old curiosity shop" immortalized by Dickens, which is situated,  in Portugal street, a delapidated  thoroughfare, lying behind the La.w  Courts, London, is to be demolished.  The residence of Mrs. Cam]), in Ging-  gale street, ITolborn, is also being,  destroyed.  J. W. LKOXABD,  Gen. Supt  c. k. ^rcPHERso^���", ,  Gen. Pass. Agent.  THE. CANADIAN NORTHERN RY. CO  I Leave  Sl'ATlONS and Days.     Going  South.  The man whose education is finished. ,li el ps to swell the iindertakcrs'  bank balance.  '   AND TN COLT)    WEATHER.  '''When did  the window blush 7"  "When'���'it*.saw   the  weather  strip."  Minard's Liniment Cares Colds. Etc.  New Zealand, with a'death rate of  less than 12 per di 000 a year, is the  most healthy of all the British colonics.  IMoney   invested  thc best interest.  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.'.lay Ovii a Townslte. .(
3Ir. A. C. .Mi.ore made a trip to   the f
International line on the upper Koote- '
during - Ih
i m
"AHhi-im tbx'j
nay uver uunng.the p^t vveek, on , clanacfd aloud; ia c-b:rcx± of. iadJgna-
biirinoria m conr.eet'ioi; *.:-*th i-oir.e ' lioji' w«'-reupc*ai my^ride and servant,
real estate at thai point.      '     '    "'   "   ' ^x> a^'eery and intelligent Malay, j
ror.izcelicn     v/itli
TEAT BLESSED MOSQUITO ! we*ried~^Th The alarm and anxiety ol
*      the previous night, she fell asleep,
mesaui local"    x   ex-        "She awoke with a sudden, sense of
terror knocking at her heairt.   By the
light of 'the moon   which   penetrated
through a small window in the hut she
a    confirmatory    "Tuaa" J sav-> Sle-iman extended by her side; for
(winch, means '"master,"  but ia fre-    R short space of time she heard nothing
3rs?srs James Casey, N. C. 'uQlIiristiy , queiiily usedasana-ffii-mativeinconver- j bufc the noise of &"13 1Qu*d snore's,'when
and Sri Ialien, have located 320 acre:-- ' Ba-10ri by the Malays, ns if he thought ■' suddenly a sort of shuffling sound in-
!>f Kind on the American side 'cf t-i- ' L° ou8"ht to agree, although, as a. son *ids the room ©truck her as something
-pn  .-„-,.-.   i;,-.,-   ,i, i        r- ,'    \     ( of the country, tho exasperatim? little    Grange.   It seemed ps though some aui-
i.ouoa^i; hue., through which tlie , insects' had not the power to Scute mal ivas crawling aldnff the floor; ami
:iey: rauroad   from   Jennings   to   lie ; kiui as they did rae. -        . as ab&" looked with trembling   "expect
ancy toward the direction whence it
came, tho face of Tong-,"slowly rose,
beside Sleiinan from the oth^r side of
the low bed on which she lay.    She held
eoal fields in British Columbia,  passes. I     **** *had taken a few days' leave niter
11* is a very advantageous location fo- !■ 1?™ 7°ck&. cf hard ^OTk." aad' had
a ,.„„„., Mllg o„ W,„ ,,,* ,,,i!r„,„i    SS^S^KS^^S,
anil tiie i-ii-er ami si;rrounded by   tiin-    to bag some game en route and fetch up I hev bireat'-h. hardly daring to keep her
-"Mile J at. a Read's 'bungalow, who waa dis-' l"' e>rps fuced on h.
*?■     ' A I
' '' V >' i*' >
i   , r-« i '
»    iV  5f'
lfm t i
;? . » f
ber r.moiling lauds and mines.    AV
nothing material has dove]
is evident thai the
»iors Perrv jloirJd
asmxaaszzag^ym'nT:-'' -»>"* iwm-wvi-***ffi*^-*-**?r*E-**^^
y.iZ A- ..^■isA'-i<<AA/Ai.<tA<.<f-±. A*L<?
1 O
tO   9
im lest the intensity of
oned ve- 7>i tTict officer ia-Uie state adjoining my I k?r -?aze sll0u-a d™w .Tong's attention
t<-   J--',  icj own.    We* had frudced fai-. and hnrt    "> hei-feelf.'   Al flash of something bright.
dent that the  gentlemou   ««,„,•.!    made afofr baffToSL^S
secured   viluutle   grouud.«~Bou-    E?ipe, wild pigeon, and jungle fov
*.' -     i.' -1
'. .1
. .      - -      - jungle fowl.  In
traveransg the paths through wliich at
 :    I w™es we had been obliged to cut our
tioiut iii Koitci. j- ?**?' }ve had-seen traelcs of deer and
A jiuv in (he United State, court at   t^teJ^S?* "S ^TT*1 wafl
-    i- ,- : ° aense to roIlo>v them.   And now we
jiuliarmpolis   returned   a   verdict    in j* had'spread our mattrea
ivhicli it was held f.i;*u ;t v.as no viola
J 1
' > • If1
1 '■• ih'
A'. *'H
* ik tJ!
■   i.,«'"'
'• "; ■ ■:
• ..'"  h •
l!" » ^'•    .
. ,^ . .  .- - ,
1 I ' it   J.
i-1  ...
'. WA: •
,K if--*"'
.■ii .'i1;
'S >';^
...; j r
:* .T.i
•"■ 1,1't
, .'-,-':    i «'
'   '  i     {''•
■ < Jf«
c,   v     i-* ,
*' I   ^
.'•ii.   ;,;
-tt ■"!■
AA ''ii','
f  4K
iion ol law to use a eounrci tit coin   In
ouening a jackpot in a poker game. •'
r l The ease v;ns that of  Jesse I'a^e,   of
f-Shiora, who was charged w'ith, passing
'-.i coui-tcrfoit dollar v/'n'il'c "i-e   had   his
feet m:dor,a polref ■tallc. " A  jackpot) forth W^ii.ion from my follower, Mat.
f as tke ob.ect ior   r.-n:cfi   tlie   players { -1 haT"e slumbered tbrougb a heavy thun-
Xvere'Gtrivfni,'. ' Pag'o brohe'tlio pot for/ rJersto-rm and-an earthqualie, and even
pmething bright,
a long-drawn groan, a "short struggle,
and then a pillow flung* over the mouth
which was still capable of crying out
for help, and brawny muscular arms,
pressing it firmly, downftill the convulsive Jieaving ceased, and all was still as
death. Tijah closed her eyes with
ses and setup I 0D®'deeP shuddering sSglv and fainted;
our, curtains, intending to settle down I When sIie regaiaed    her   senses,   sho
Carpenters' Tools
**        "* '- " '       *"  - !*■
Builders' Supplies,
Shelf and Heavy
Hardware, Painte,
Oils and Glass.
io rest for the night. I was so tired that
1 enould have, slept, in spile of h-g-h
temperature, but for the incursions 'of
these worcying pestgftfcot _aA made
then- way by some srrat-eigem under tlie
feared to move or look q.t first, dreading', Ha^xmsmiuun
wliat ghfistly eight would meet   her:
She put out her hand and felt   about
cautiously.   The dead form of Sleiinan
 0.„1MUU„ul(i    %VM still'beside her; the pillow rested
frame of my setting-.henco'thT^xp'e^ I OTer'tbe ia-ce> in- the room no sound','
tivo whioh'-hwd escajned me and called b- ^l0^' a stealthy passing to and
'" ""     ' ' foQ—Tong and his wife preparing to
get rid of the body-     - :      " f.
" 'Tijah paused, thinking what to do;
then she rose slowly and crept outside.
j| j,  ±^1**^^ *+iJ.*.i even
K dollar aiid   tossed   ihe  coin   on , the { ^vo -S^^ +°f *a' wake^ ^^nt ,  . ...  ,
......... ,i -**1*"0 f ailed to, disturb-me when once I \ lhe door °^ iha House ivns. open,'ajid
was safely, in the aa-ma of Morpheiwi    T-ong fcad evid«»*ly just gone out. ' Sh<*
out the ping of a persistent proboscis-   cau£l-t- up a- sarong (skirt) which lay
'armed- monster -has "a peculiarly roirz****-    near. -^€r 0J1 thP ^oor. and flung it oyei;
i"g efltct upon  my "nerves, and   in*    her ^PPa;" then', without a backward
'eornnip. reigns supreme,"    ' '     '     | ff^nce, she flea thrpugh the doorway,
'After a short wrestle with the two in-    Qn^ M fa-s^ a^ ^ terror-stricken limbs 1
wiers of my ppjvacy ojHifl. vain attempt   y!ouId ca,rry l!^^ dowi> '^ the seashore.
fitsm-ug'ljtWilsatupinanplpJtofrfcsiff.   U ?°?kr*° %e- to wuf&tea tba kbleh.
?»h*ho» and proceeded w fliljumlli^him?   ft,ad !a a fc*»0ras»f**hff had £!»«■«£
table v/itl: the chips tlijit; were already] was safely.in' the
thero.    The pot ivas raked in by a man
who was a wilrjcss for Ihe government
jn thc case.    '   ■
■ 'A i,
i Couldii^t. r.oflo liim,
It was late and getting later.
However, that did not stop tbe
soundof muffled voices in the parlor.
Meantime the gas meter worked
steadily. - o   <
The paler endured it as long as he
could and then' resolved on heroic
measures.      '■        ' " ■    ,
.   "Phyllis," he called from the head df
the  stair-?,  "has   th.e ' morniug' paper
come jet?"
pip*, ftt jJuTsaaii tlm6«iatwjsiafrflpBe«   I*10 ^^l& m& had m out iri hfiFtJflv
, ii he happened to be   ,   ^ to Mw 07e'f tJl6 »l5«s bf sm whioh
ot my faithful Mat, if he happened to be
awake, \ ' r ■
"I have always been taugh.t, from the
years of my earliest childhood, that
I every creature ,on God's earth was cre-
\ aied for some good and useful purpose
VYd! any human being tell me what's
the use of a mcs<iuitb7V
To which remark I received an unex-
■gn-pg, »nJ   eo   hai  a   Jut  ;j(
sumnier »oo(Ji!, l^iut we still Iwve.a   fe;v  jju-,.-
died' skirts :uh| blouses (hat we'are offerin'/!..
(Jet one bt-fprc they all go. '   ,    '"
And rcrncmj>er that our dry goods otocl: i:3 d,s
est und'best assorted \n town. '7
GENTS, come and «ce our stock o/ clothing, i„Jot, %
and 'shoos/ shirts, ties, collar?, underwear!"'j i ,.^ >f
are the'ime-it in the land, and ^ru^o and"'style  Zi  >VJ
Fresh groceries arriving every, day at  root   i,r,d
pricesd       ' ''  ,           '      ""
u.|..   I
«i... 5
D.i ,\
fc ■*' ■*-.'
m A Little Stove Sense. . . ■
w '    " ■  '*'    ,,''■•■
Our stock id  cnmplele   and   can no},   he   beatr-1
"' ^uaV^y :},,u- Price?-   'Ooine and' inspect „ai] he \
' vinced,        ' *- ■ '■
on ■
4nd, say;    Wc haye ail kinds, qualify j?,uj ,.,-■ ,    ,
•urnituic*.    Fresh carload ji:ct ('in-'ved,   '
*° V" i      "■ - *
.SToracs ax gjianjujook and movjk
' f
. . n Ajeeto overy Moncla> pvening it)  thou,
Tho b«t 'Of {iccommpdtUionsjhftll  on  Victpria street. ' Bopumum
Odd 3?elIovii oordlally.invitedi • ■    "
lay between her and her.parents* home
In. Malacca, It was a frail bark- for
safety; but she felt she could trust <■>
it sooner than to those , bloodthirsty
creatures slje had left behind, A lom.-
vvay she rowed, and ths next day when
the sun got up and scorched her, sin-
pulled in her paddle and rolled herself
v    !ur the f ravulicg publfo,
McMahon Bros.,' Props,
P. I. ^fOOIiE, A. D, -PjluilAfOpp,
Noble Grand.   ' " '   Secr'y.
,1    - ,
And the pater   went   back   to   bed
wondering if they would  keep  houa'e
,.or live with him.—E*x::
"I have heard that question before^' I wilite c™$te tipped tlie'waves and   t
|cTuan (faster),'amd once I found the    .Leav5' bnnk °* clouds obscured the star -
,i fi
.. hi
; * w
n A,&->;t!r.fm.
Wfi 7i   f
ih";;-? i S.M.'S'ffl1
'i I'*     i-<     •>    *-.    *j    'If
'  f(»'t iv *^     ' "it',9   3     M.J
BOAT FOP. SALE—Price  $0.
particulars apply at this office.
Weill, Matt, tell me.  What's the good,
If -.
I l'. t.
fi'     ll /'J
WAxrrn~rjtU3Two.rmri- .iib.v axVd u'o-
ruicu to (ravel nnd advertise for old established
liou.se of solid iiuaiieial standing, salarv .r?80 a'
year aud expsnses, all nayablc in cash. .N*o caii-
va&ing required. Give, references and enclose
self addressed stumped euvlope. Address Jiau
tiger, :?oa Caxton Bldg., Chicago,    < 4-1
' '".)?' ... T|J ;t|.
Ar> ■>■ 'Ay ({><
54 K
".-''I c
*i i: i
'! *t?
>i I'1 •
.   i a-
■ 'i
■ ?D
IS'olicc lo Bolonriticnt Co-Wivnci*.
ToJoserJkWibjjsltursl.or.to auy jier.ou or
^eisoustowhomliemay have transferred hi.-,
nueresi in tho iron Mbuntaiu mineral elaiiti,
militated at the foot of .Mo\ie lake mi the Fort
Steele'Mining Division of tlie district of East
Kootenay, B.C. aud recorded in the recorder^
oilice of lhe Fort Steele Mmiug Jjis-iaion.    .
Vou, and each of yon, are herebv notified that
1 have expended two humdred dollars in labor
.' nd improvements upon the above mentioned
mineral claim m order to hold said minora
claim under tbe provisions of tlie mineral act
aud if within ninety days from the date of tins
notice you fail or refuse to contribute vour
poroportiou of such expenditures together with"
all costs of advertising, your interest* in said
claims ivill become .(bo
of them, then?
> ''It's a long story, but I will tell Tuan
u he Jikes to heao-."
( "Tell on. I'm all attention,"
i .rtnd this is the tale that he told me
1 had often seen the heroine of it (his
wife) passing- to and fro a cross the back-
premises attached to my residence. She
was a pretty "young- Malay ; woman,
affed about 20 years, with a particular-
■ly. bright and pleasing manner.,
"Tuan knows my wife^ Katijah; she
-was a widow when I married her. When
we were quite small we lived in the
same  village  near  Malacca,   and    wo
played together, nnd I was very fond of
her.   Then wc grew up, and I went to
be a servant to a European, and he*
lather married lier when she was 14 to
a rich man, who was a cattle dealer ancl
had plenty of money.   He was old. perhaps 40 yoara of age.   'Tijah could.not
care xor him. He took her away to a
place on the coast, where he lived with
his brother and sister-in-law, ancl I did
uot see her again for many days and
weeks.   Her husband, Sleixnan, used to
go   away  very  often to Singapore on
light, and in, a few'moments a bla-ck
pail  of  darkness enveloped ber.   The-
wind struck the fragile; craft, whirlinr
it wildly' round, and before ,--he couii!
seize the paddle to try and steady it, tin
bot^t capsized, aud  she was Hung 'into
the angry sea.   Sbn struck out bdldlv
and swam until her hands touched tl7
upturned bark, to which she,clung, endeavoring to right it.    Poor girlf she
knew not where/sho was,-how far fro3:>
shore, how long, her strength    would
la'st,.and whether there was any hopeof
At last the squall passed oxer and the
water became comparatively calm, but
the moon, had not risen and she could
see nothing. .She began' to get exhausted and felt'that she could not hold on
BOOTS   AND    SHOESjMoyfe   Miners'   Union
- .Repaired and Made to Order/       ]   ■ 3£PO-s7' I.f
■   ,  "     I Meets in, McGregor hall every Tuesdavj
R. A. SMITH,'     Movie ■ cvef]f' - 8ojol,rm"^  !m'^™ " ««■
**-    l ^u.yAt;-] cordially invited to attend.      ' r
j JouniMoDosaw), P. T. Smvtji, '
wmx' abrohaots
. J'VgsIi  and Cured Mc.il-*  i.
■ ^iGame  qrx!  Poultry'
" supply, .tmly fthe bcit '
* trade solicited,.'
' fe«h
*   «1 ■
i '>..",- it.
f •- .*- - ■
,.> \^'
sear. MacEachken <fc Macdojtalds.
House     painter,     graine,-,
glazier    and   .pnperhangi-r.
All, work  on   perfect   surd
face gui-.inlecu.    i'ric-e.s   ac.
'cording-   io    cpnility    and
., stock required
Mpyie, B. 0,
chas.' p: gampbell^
Funeral Director
Emfoalmer.     ., ,
r a-' r-
>    ,    '   ■    A-Tain < ifice.
-     , •  «;
r \* *    * *   /1
Moyie Board of Trade
Elects on the iirst We<lue«lay
r    ,     evening of each  month'at    '
S o'clock rihar'p.'    7     .    ■
*r, P. i^AliliELh, Prey.
V. P. aIacdoxau),     Leu-jh Tho.\i<son,
No. 4 0<".T.
Meej.«! on the last Tlnm.
day'of each im> si *,) . V
itiug brottiurn invited
Fine   Suiting-,  ' Overco,-/-,.* '    ■'
iVousrr«,' Imported     G..„,ir
* C ■. •■. .
t     -'•*
r.>"1' J
»"• v"fl
I V->;)!
i •  -"#1*
[•       ii ^is^i
&    i   *■■•*?*  pi
i&titUu   \a^\
much longeir and would sink and drown   Graduate of Champion   College of   iht-l       ^**»^«—^^
to die, and prayed  for help.   AJN,ia'f] IeraI   iurnituro   repairing.    Oilice   and   '^^^^^^
thing as light a? -a feather to-iched her ! st0l'°' -^i^n'.s    b'look,   near   Canadian ' PrSSfoyterlan      ' Church
ih'Vif tr
;'B* '
lK M''
act ro ,iraeua mo .Miocra, Act N«r - J B1JS of Ss sales^fth ^^ ** r"
baicd at Moyio, B. 0. this 7U, d'aj of J^iooi. | ab^nVn^ °fG ^ W*en h° lmd been
j absent  or  about  three  weeks,   'Tijah
__        ! knew he would soon come a«*ain    Her
■ heart was sdd, for &e always dreaded
cheek—a mosquito, sent to £.i>-0 her
life. When she heard the sound which
Tuan cursed just now she knew tha
Bank of  Couuneicc.    Telegraph   and
mail orders- promptly attended to.
d7^ft-:-' -
1.4 '
Assessment worlc CoctracLs Taken."
Panics wishing to have assessmen
jvork done on claims in the vicinitv o
Moyie, will do well to consult or write
the undersigned for terms. Work
left in my care will bo promptly at
tended to, nnd satisfaction will. bt
guaranteed. rf. A. SCOTT.
TO TllK I)33AI-\
A rich lady cured of her de-lines.-,
and noises iii the head by Dr. Nichol
son's Artificial liar Drums, gave ^10,-
000 to his Institute, so that deaf people
unable to procure the Ear Drums mav
have them free. ' Address Kb, 14522
The Xiofiolson institute, 7S0, Eighth
Avon ne, New York, U. S. A.
land must be quite near, for a mosquito   Ol'P Tl "hrnnlr
never flies out to sea.    She let go her I        C"~LUL UUlt)
anchorage, and, making one more ef-
fort, swam bravely on, and very soon
her feet touched ihe beach.
"Meanwhile, thos*: cru'-l murderers
had finished (heir work, and be Eorc daylight dawned had R-ot rid of every trace
of their il] doing. -The neighbors inquired -what had become of Sleiman and
B. C.
his coming, as she did not love him' ilc | \vh^ * hft hful  conae a*-& gone so.eufl-
was old and ugly, very ngly.   ne'had
only one tootk wb.ich hung down ovei
his under lip like" a tusk, and which
gave    him    a    repulsive    appearance.
Halcyon Hot Spring.
The most complete health resort on
the continent of North America. Situated midst, scenery unrivalled
jsranducr.     TJIE   HALCYON
Tijah hated him. Well, she was
sitting idly on the seashore, behind
some rocks, looking over thc sea
and washing she could get into tliekoleh
(native boat), which lay moored close
by, and row across the water to her old
home where she had been so happy.
"Suddenly she heard  steps, and became aware of voices convcrsim? in an
undertone on the other side of the rocks,
winch,  projecting  seaward, concealed
her from view, and sbe recognized thai
the persons talking were her brother-
in-law   Tong and his wife.   She beard
that the two were plotting awav Slei-
man's life.   Tong said that he had news
tuat his brother would come to-morrow,
and that he would have about $200 with
bim.    They would hill him, and conceal Ins body, but how to accomplish it
without letting 'Tijah "know?   At the
mention of her name, she betrayed her
presence by a low cry.   In a. Pecond the
<i i
' i<
Us    -
j i
r l<
ISPJ-UNGS  Sanitarium, Halcyon   Hot
springs, Arrov Lake, B.   0.    Resident
physician and nurse,    Boating fishing
pnd   exclusions.      Telegraphic    communication   irith -nil   parts   of    the
world.    Two mails arrive and   depart
daily..   Terms, $15  to   $18   per1 week
according   to   residence"  in   hotel  or
villas.    Its -baths cure all   nervous and
muscular diseases.    Its waters* heal all
kidney-,   liver   and " stomach  troubles.
Thc-baths and waters   aro
'•le remedy for gi
HOT I £v0 %vere upon her asking her what she
an  invalliver and lead  poison-
j did there, and whether she had heard
what they had said. Terrified of the
wretches, she gasped out that she was
sleeping and their voices startled her,
but that she knew nothing of what they
had been saying. , Tong grasp'ed her
by ..the shoulders and told her if she
was speaking the truth it was well for
her; but if not, she had better keep her
mouth shut, or he would b'iaiar (a
threat).   Then they let her go.  -,
"The next day Sieimah arrived and
was greeted with effusion by his relatives. -'Tijah trembled and was silent.
She dared not tell him of the danger .'he
was in, but she made up her mind,- if
j she could get the opportunity, to warn
' bim.  to   take  enre*.-   Till late Sleiinati
" 'Oh,' said" Tpng, .'he left hurried]v;
'he took 'Tijah with him and w*mtawav
m thc kloeh at daybreak to catch a
steamer which would pass there goinr
to Singapore.' ,
"It was a very mysterious afEair, ond-
no one could make out the truth; bui
when the police- had gii-en up ull search,
hndmg they could prove nothing, emit*
unexpectedly  the  murder waa   found
! out.    A man of the village went into
the jungle to cut wood, and at midday
he walked dmm to the creok to -wasi.
after his food.   Coming back through
tlio swampy mangrove near th.erivCT Ik
noticed  a   very great swarm of flies:
They were like a cloud, they were &.,
thick.      'What    have'   we    here?'    he
thought; 'some dead animal, perhaps,'
and went to see. Sunk in tbe mud where
the river washed over it at high tide he
found a barrel, from which proceeded
a  very nauseous smell.    Ttis curiosifv
was aroused, so lie put^in hia hand':
feeling something hurd, he drew it out.
It was tt skull, the skull or a man, an;'
projecting from the upper jaw was ,-*
long tooth, like a. tusk.   'Aha!' he cried:
He went and told the police, and thev
came and took the cask, and the mur-!
der was proved, because the cloth"-,
and the. tooth were; those, of Sleiman
f° Tong.was hanged, and his wife ,is
m priison now in. China jail hi Singapore, She will never come:6vit till'«ho
dies. ..*■'',* ■'■'*,'
.  SERVICES    *
t. , '
Aro held in McGregor hail each   Sab
bath at 11 A, m. and S p. rp.
Sabbaih 'school and pastoi'o hibh
class at .'j p. ni.
Tii.e public are invited and tvi.l i,r
welcomed cordially i.o e'acli and all oi
these dtrvi.ces.' '(J. B. GKEIG, t
, •»nii:niNiiR„,;RS1.(U,Ti t.'rn^
^gcrhcertold   by the   iCeg or do/r,
. -Bottled Beer
.   .iS-'Stoak. ...
-     ft
0.il«irtu Orders Given Strict Aiu-nl
Buffalo, ^76?0p, July 2,
16; Aug-. 6, 20.
Epworth League Meeting-, San Francisco,
$50, July 13, 14, 15.
aiid Mens Furnishers.
Clothing. Boots and Shoe?,
A Full .Stock of Miners Suppiii-.
Always on I fa nd.
CallTand   Inspect Our   Goods,
«   '- .**  >i
\ t
Christian       Endeavor
Convention. Cincinnati, $28.50, July
2nd, 3rd.
• ri "r;
;roy.Vv!*f.o, ciful T
National Education As-
^ociationj Detroit,
""571,2&, Jiily'2. 3. -■,'-'■
Prices Griveii
and" Orders
Taken on
in the Printing
Line at the ,
KaI'/.'1'>'.s    .wn    H|.;m
J-»i:j.jvi:i. v.
J A\i.
j A
Apply tor Rates, Mai.i--, Time Carrls, Tickets arid
i*1l*iU Information l.o,Xf;arc'.st Local
'., Aiiiiit.' - '  ;,-
ti, liiisisr, Ageiii, Moyie.
■J.8,CAP.T?iit,*   . . e.-j, COYUC,
•liis), Pa'srs. Afii.. Ass't Gen'. Pnry.. A;,'I.
^^'J''-,   ■   ' . V'uiieover.
—-—— ►.
It —
3 &** (I 5-a s?" sp\
i aa !»■?. a ji« te'
i^L/i'igJf *0
IV... —, lj  / ,^il   jv^j J lj
This JM-'t.o'cerlily   (hut   Wm.   \)A'\
and   tljcf uii.di-j-sit'-iieiiv have    h^A\
pariheri;.hip,.ind ll'o.iinjior.sigiicd   I',
authority tod<*ol!<-<:t;;iil   iic«mills  *'
.lhe /Inn ci Ivdnnndy tt Dalln.'i ,-ititI v ■'
pny all hi! f
"JM .-lJJiilUSl   III." !-;l?|H!
TITOS.. S.*IvEN*:srHI)''
/>OT:'Iv().'!.t.*.S"AI,Ji:— )d,il (iiiT
'■:*(•   ii.di.'iiifin
stiecl in' \>:\he   AA;
pHrti<,,'ii!-fji*;i apply v,JL thid o/licc
w. fl^nmamnoDMtn.
wi^.-'i.wi.'.'ijMMi ,,'ljuw


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