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The Moyie Leader Apr 29, 1905

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Array *,u-^~.t_,  7/  ;,.      I. ic  -> _ ''!.'���;������  UK J A  l/^lr^  /'  /  1      -    ���      ;  . __* -*fi.*f    v .    *,,*, J* *s  NO 3-  MOYIE, B, C APRIL 29, 1905.  $2 A YEAB  Ls-S^**-'*-^  Ir* ���  ,is poor stock; good potatoes.  ^e trade winners, -If you want  the-bad stock you must not, expect us to fill your order.  Fresh vegetables, Sjich as onions, spinach, radishes, rhuhart,  asparagus and lettuce are very  nice to;have at this time ,, of tne  year, but when one" of pur 8,taff  offered the rMissourian cucum  , bers also; he , said that was, en-  *i_ <���        *        * ' _     ,   y  The fresh goods are always to  Tiei found at v,      ������  LOCAL NEWS.  i   ��� i  Six ", Muckers  Convicted.  Are  THEY WOEKBD OVHRTUffl  Radian :; bank ;:'of',:coiMERCE  '2��5?oapit" $So��  Reserve, _. ��,       , ..      ho  Reserve,  ��� ���*,.      .,      ��� >   -,   Qt)0 (^ov> 30> ��W)  Total Resources   - 91.0��U>YUU ���  Deposits Received.    Present ttate of Interest 3 per cent,  est o per oc-uu.  ���IF.C.MUPAS. ��  k��$%  TQ  And >?iceCottage-for,Sal&  0'N.BASY��TEEMS.   APPL^  1 ^ *W    . --T- ll  Thev Pleaded ..Griiiltv, and  were- Each' Fined ��� $2.50  ' ' and ' Costs,  ' Six muckers,  F. Kelly, Frod_ Ege,  P.   Haitigan, ' Chas. f Holding,  Otto  ,\Ve*j'ter and Pv. Sheridan, employed  at  tlie. St. Eugene mine pleaded* guiiCy  and,, were each  fined '$2.50 and  costs  yesterday    for    violating   the    Eight  Hour law.' The case was  tried 'before  Lewiu.Tliompsoiij justice of the pence.  Thos. Morgan, the mine inspector  for  this district,  intended to be  present,  but   the' train"'"was" delated   and   the  trial was over  when  he  arrived., On  the 8th and,-9th' of March, these  men  were working in the shaft level. There  was a rush of work and they were asked  to work overtimo in order to .have fhe  ���muck cleared  away for,the' shift   foi-*  lowing.  'The matter was  reported  to  the mine inspector,- who in turn caused,the arrest o( themeri. , There is also a heavy-,line for' a cbmpauy violating this law, and the  case against', tlie  Se.'Eugene company wiikcomeTiip .for  trial later on.    Mr.  Cronin fis  not in  town,   60 '"'it is  not possible  to  give  bis views on the-matter.    ���  3^^^^ESSS?'a2agS5  *��ry A^feW'Claris b.f  l0U Homestead Brand'*  ���Boiik of Trade-Meetings ^  -.The Moyie Board of Trade    hud    a  well attended meeting in   Eagle   hal^  last night, and considerable good work  was  accomplished.    The  new set' ol  by-laws were adopied and ' the " committee, was  thanked   and s discharged,  The Question of having the small debts  court're-establibhed in Moyie Was   dis-  cuflsed'.and the secretary vasjnstruc***  ed to, commuincale   with   Mr. .J.  Armstrong, the government rSgent, on  tbe matter,    The deplorabletcondition  of  the streets   aud   the roads  in .the  viciuitv of tins town wasbiouglto  the  notice-'of the  board.    It was  pointo  out, that Moyie was conuibutinfr heav  revenue to the govornemeul und   Uiat  Rev. C. McDiarmid and   wife   were  in Cranbiook Wednesday.     ,  Get the habit and drink 'Moyie  Brewery beer.  ,   Mrs. Buchauan was   taken   to    the  Oranbrook hospital Tuesday.  Dr. King,   M.' P. P-, was in' town  Monday on professional   business.  ''Mr, and Mrs.  C.'A.   Foote   are in  Pincher Creek visiting with relatives.  Farrell <fc Smyth have some snaps  in city property. , - (  The telephone line b'eUveir. Moyie  and Cranbrook is again in working  order. ��� <,  Louis Collins has moved here from  'Morrissey Mines and will, piodably re-,  num p-rmauently.  Webster Burton was down to Oranbrook last Monday and attended ,the  ball id aid of Uie hospital. ,   ���  Bishop   Donten-  ow   Westminster  will arrive here" on or about- the Sth  0I* ^7-     ' ' .       , J'     , '     '  i Boss and, Fred Tate, two of .Crau-  brook'jB leading young rfien, were in  Moyie the first of ihe week on a holiday.' '  ��� ��� People should not forget, that' the  ladies of the Catholic church intend  giving a social on May 24th.  'FOR 'BALE���A" good cook" stove  and dresser. Apply at house * next  door to school  house. '   .  James Wright and'- Miss, Lizzie  Johnson'of Moyie were married last  Tuesday in Oranbrook.  Mrs. Porter camej over from the  'Coeur, 'd'Alenes this week to join  lier husband, Dave Porter.  M. A. Beale, oi the firm of Beale   tt  Elwell, Cranbrook, was in   town ��� during tbe week hustling for  business.  FOB.,'RENT���Ono  five- room  cot-  and    "also      several    smaller  o  Floor Rugs!  Along with our Carpets and Floor  Oils we are now' showing and immense line of, Floor Rugs, probably  the finest assortment ever brought to  Moyie. It does not need _ special experience to appreciate the values. ' ln  e*-ery way these rugs are exceptional  in quality, texture, coloring,' design.  Wo think you will be so well pleased  with the patterns that you will ^uot be'  satisfied until you have at least oue of  ,of thc ruga in your home.  The Right   Rev.* 1  wilifi, O. A-l'l'/j   oi  No  Pire Brigade Dance.  Vegetables and Fruits at  in return  the town  v>as justly  entitled  JP&OMPT AND SATISFACTORY  Are the 0 haracteristics of  bmpanie. wo represent.   insUr* with Us dad got,tbe benefit of  lower rate we offer and adequate protection.  ,be  HATS.  3.1-rv the bebt rutmo ol buto.ia 6mm.    Seo our  made "Phtdt: or TKK WrK." They're boautio!  FURinSHEIio  union  to a lair appiopi ation ior public improvements. Tbe^ aeoretarv .wo* instructed to'write the government agent voicins; the Gentimcnis or the  board nnd asking for a .liberal appropriation. Mter touching on tho military condition ol the town the meeting adjourned.  I. 0. 0. P- Annirersait-  The 86th anniversary of tlie founding of tbe Indepondeal O'rder of Odd^  fellows will be, observed by the  members oi '.Vildey Lodge ��o. 44.  The members of the order us a body  will attend tho rvgulfcr areaidg service al tho S-ethodist church., 1 hoy-  will aeer at E. Oampbell'rj. store at  7-15 c'dctk and march to tbe church,  Vibilinc lacmbero are ocrdially mvit*  ed to join with tho loc.iUcdgo.  Td .lovers of  ones.   Apply to   1).  J. Elmer,  town-  site agent; ;       ' ', '",   ���  Geo. Staplesj assistant at the C. P.  R; station,'was in the Cranbrook | hospital' this week. He was ' threatened  with an attack of typhoid.  The' 'Leader, is indebted to Mr.  Joseph Nieders'tadt for several bottles  of his excellent 'beer turnert out by  the Moyie BroweryJ  F,OR "SALE���Ab'out GO acjres _ of  land, suitable for ranching, adjoining  the Moyie townsite. Apply to D- .7.  Elmer.  John McDonald, tlie boatman,   wi 11  leave   next   Tuesday  for ^ Penticton  He is taking seven   of his "boats   with  him, and tho remaining ones be  has  disposed of to a lnca 1 party,  Frank Smith, who was arrested last  week on a charge of stealing �� P'"r of  cufr links from the store of Hill & Oo.,  was given a hearing Monday and was  fined ?5 and costs.  Junies Lemmon has been elected by  the Moyie Miners. "Union as 'tide dele-  .rute to'lhe annual convention of the  Western Federation of Miners which  will be held in Salt Lake City on _ May  2-J th. __z   Tallt of Contest:  The members oi the Hoyic and  Cranbrook gun clubs are talking of  having a friendly contest in either  Cranbrook or Moyie before long, lhe  Oranbrook team will probably be  made up of Hyde Baker, Ales Moff-  alt, J. F. M. rinkhara and Dr, Green,  while the Moyie team will probably  be made up of Hugh Cameron, Robt.  Campbell;��� Chan. Armstrong and  Welratcr Burton,  It was  a jolly,', and   sociable  crowd  that gathered in Eagle hall last Monday evening totattend the dance giyen  in aid of the local fire  brigade,    And'  the desired   result  was  certainly  acd  complished, for after paying all expenses the ladieo had "the snug eum'of $90  to be handed   dyer  to "the Moyie fire  lighters. .About$70  of   this   will   be  used to pay ' for, two'lengths -of  hose,  whioh was .bought   recently,   and   the  balance will remain  in  the treasury  until  needed/  The  ladies' in charge  did'a lot'of hard work and their efforts  should    be- duly  appreciated  by   the  people   of .Moyie.    Mrs.    Whitehead  donated 10 gallona of icecream.    This  was" cold  and   netted   over$17. ^ And  this is only.,one indtance of' the  valuable work done by the ladies.   Several   o-ihers contributed  plenty of  time  and    labor   selling    tickets'   soliciting  aubsciptions,   preparing    tlie    luaco,  etc. * i   ���  -A. 0 ommnni ca.tir.-ii'  Editor Leader-   J   understand  that  "7 , METAL'   MARKET.  'New   Yobk���Bar silver,  5G| cen(��-  Lend; $4.50.' -Zinc (spelterV $6.00'.    "  ,   London*���Lead, ��12. lis M.e  "Methodist Meeting.^ " '  y . I   ,  The regular official meeting of  the  the trustees' Ol   tho * Moyie  Methodis^    <  church was hold here,. Tuesday evening and presided  over  by  Rbv;  S. J.'  Tliorapsdn  ot  Cranbrook', the district-  superintendent., The church ha^s  liad  an excellent year.  ,It now holds prop-  erty to tlie value of nearly $1,000, with   '  an indebtedness of  only $200. against "  it.  -The receipts,oi the year amounted,  to $6;\2^90.   The' plate, collections a-_  mounted to $198", and $30'was  donat- ���"  ed by Cranbrook friends.    A   resolu-    *  '      > * i *  tion  "of  thanks*   was ~ tendered ��' the  Ladios' Aid' for their generous support  during the year,and also'lo Mr. Louis ,  Thomas as a mark of  appreciation., of;  *'"-  ,',*'*-*     -j  his services.   A .resolution wao^ passed  asking that Mr. Thomas be,allowed  to  l'emain in charge'of the Moyie church  for liiaother year:  :HE- UXlAiA  Water Go. At Work.  --,   j.-t n\       �� il. ! to ho able to btipply wiM  FKntH��     ' &QK\& sidence-i of that vicinity  illSMAU^    ---*- I8 beine laid deeper  than  ���-OepoHits of $1.00 ordtipw&rds * received- '*    ,;  ,' .ja;  ���A.    Thiirp ia :no ' better; irivebttoent than, a ,oavinb.  Bank 'deposit. :.  ; Once opened it grows whether added to VOi vnoC  1     f . : Intereii  allviwed at  currsnt  >A. :'y gounded twice a.year.     .      j-  ratflS ', and   com  "J..-F.-M...PI  foilt^n  [fVageid  ���-a*  $'  7]  1]  ;1  1  o  "���fj  ^^.^^^^y i^A^^^^  J-.i*,^   s!i^  ��� h;Ao received ono oliipraout cf Hue  p-hJhl- lasldc -t^flstins o ?^��J'  Bro /ilneot tied oilL body Axes with  icin-'orced  amlls,  Archer.'  fiiieJ.���    ^  invincible hair on ^Kon.Aob;- jm  1,1-i,, o' ^ew -or!.. 1 cad }ca. a-  leiVtioivto the following pi^|      ���  raatafroto 10 cents to M- /'lie*-  from W cents to Sl-50-per ^o^,  ?ha7o all kinds of epoon bait. ; ed by  thefamous Taconia Troutyba: op lit  tips ior TO cents, and a thousand qt^er  things that please a flshermana Ua.t.  '' i-jtving-aecured the ������peryicoa o, i-jr. i  |>*".T Bdniicttof -San ^ranois3D, ?at--  r^i-i/o' rav-barbai' shop will.;be 3i:r3 el  fek l^obWh to tile barber .jbi-o'feMicn.  " ^banking yon for past favota, t am  very truly .yqursi ..���   ,, .  ]  BBJ.B.AKBBi   '  Tlio Moyio Water company is lay-  in^a water main Iiora Qucena avenue South on Ta-;!Sioc- ctreot no as  lobe able,to'  btipply w:Mer to   tho re-  '. ..   .   _.._!_.,������     'r*j10   mam  uny  on tho  -vatem, the   ditch being over five  feet  ir de-th.    The system is in first class  condition again and till ot tho   patrons  mo getting water  their has been a good deal ot comment on tho fact that" l.-g�� belonging  to the Moyio Lumber and Milling Co ,  Ltd, interfered with boating cu the  narrow-i this spring, and foel that a  word of explanation would not brj  amiss.  All our lcg3  were   boomed   in   the  mill boom %t fall   and   tlie   channel  left open for boats at that  time.    But  beforo the' the ice was odt of either  of  the hikes this spring   30iue  miscreant  look*   it   upon   himself   to   cut    the  boom about half way   down   and  by  doing so let cut a number of logs  rig-  gregaling probably a Quarter of   a  million.   These we have been  doing   our  best to .recapture, hut about  the   time  we would get them in such shape that  they could be  Handled,  some   sportsman or boatman would  take it   upon  himself to let   them  go  again  thus  making necessary  double  work.    \\ a  have  now, however, corralled praotic-  ally all of them, and hope  that   there  will be no moro trouble in luture.  Wc regret tho iuronveniendo these  drifting'logs have C'.uccd to the people of the town mil r.itb ic assure al.  that we do  not   let thoco   conditions  exist wbjre we r.aa prevent the::-.,    '/"l -Iriublfene.  donotieel howe'.er thai wcthouM   be ;   .,     ,  called to account fcr the crimii.al acts , ^^--g  of others, especially  when   such   aslsj  nre a aou'ree o-" ani:< yacco and coct   to ,  us.    We trust this explanation will be |  satiofactorv.    Yours truly,  HUGH  CAMERON,  itjuatterg Must Mdyol  tJ       I ... I , , , r i  J. A- Harvey, of Cranbrook, solicitor for tlie owners of the Moyie'to.wn-  aite,' was, here yesterday cenferriug,  withll.J. Elmer,, tho local agent^  on matters pertaining to the town,,  it is undejatood ��hat Mr. Harvey ,.hac  notified all sp-ur.tiers on Uuid, ad^qip-  ing tho towusUe that tuey -pa'.ist either  move ofi or p-iy ground rent. .Another order has. been issued , to, the  effect that the red light ( dj^rict, is to  bs confined, to ' that portion, cf tlic_  town up nert to the ha-ne, cf, the hill-  and that tbe houses down c,(i tl*,e , tlat  are not to be longer used fcr immoral  purposes.    ' ��� ���' -   -  Th'o G-nn-Olul).  ��� The Moyie Gun club held Its weekly  shoot  yestorcdjiy  afteniocn, and  tho  following is a list cf.r the   contestants  and   thc,number   cf    clay    pigeons  broken by- oach ��� , '  Cameron         31 out 50  Campbell        "f'    31  Mgr.  Atoiit  lU'ci-'iBali*1"'.  1 here are few diseases that inllicL  more torture -than rheumatism and  Ctier'* isorobAbly iio disease for which  ��ucb a- -'aried- and useless let of tsme-  diea have been suggested, To say  thntit'ean. bo, cured is, therefore ,a  bold statement'to;niiike, but Chamber.  l-u-Vs Pain Balin which en]oyQ an. ex-  to'p-iVe'Bale.'liiiS met with fire��t;adcoeaB  in Vnc treatment of this disease, - One  ap-bV'-cJaiibhdt +aiaBal.Ji Will :rekeVe  the rain, an*l hundreds cf suffe rers  ha70 teotified by -pernianenfc " cures* by  its use. Why suffer when Fain Bami  ���iffords such quick relief and costs but  il .Trifle    For sale by W. J.. Atchison.  April  QutDiit.  Tho output oi tho St. Eugene mine  for the month of April was approximately 39.00.: tons; of an -averago of u  little over iOO ���'���toika per day.     ;  ititocuintlo Vnins Q-Ucfely BoMavDd.-  The -'eWeciating*.-pains character*-  iotic of*rbeumutism aud aciitica are  ?^f&7iid^*.apply.Iug..fc^rnbar.  reliving PQwer ol - the -lininient has  beeto SI tirpris.^d* delight of .thou?.  ��nda of suffersre. The qir.ck relief  }'wm pain whloB-it afibrds is^alcme  v-orth many times Uo .cost, *or sals  By W. J. Atchison, ���      ���  ;. - 'A    ���        'J        :,..,..,      '���  '   0  Q   ,  l4  V  ~ ���(  A':<  i  K   )  Aiway  MOHH't   *,i  :ibe. perfect  biscuit, cake and' briiad.  \     **       - ' ���   ���"   ' ! .     i ��� V- ' ~1  Price* Baling fow  cHicAeq.u.s. a.  ,'sr Oo*  ^     UJS,iJLJM15JK,UVJn." ���JSJtjB'lNl-'Xl..  "il  ���?*t,.~<7.&t.j&L sOrsbr s  '���o     j   F..M.P!NKHAM, Manager;  , ���    ��� ���,���...-������ >"--:������' -���^.���.v-'.-f'-  ��.      />       a. ,-A* \-*y* -i,,"    '��'.. '��� '- -*. "  <��  i K...H. SSIAI.I.. Mannsor.  y  I '"K '"  Mj  .rau.  fo  I That wlu'.i l'.d-*f* "i t-hi  '���is double   in   ri.oidi'v  . j     Good room--*, gooc  I   tables aud   bar,-    \ ,"riil .xi   the,    right   ypot  and Orct idas-i samp  le.  aO'J'TiS.  ; -i.iyi-  FcV sale l-.y ���- "��� _^ rf3--U.-^/-JVa'l!f.'iJl-*W-4-^Ui-i-i  ttwiirax   _M* ,^4*. tafa&\*aM4*.i. -a*-* ,■.'—- _t»
The Cobbler
And Voiles tein
He Drops In io Tell  the   German Shoemaker of a.i\  Experiment That
Was   Not   a   Success.
.J aa "5
ANS," says Mr, Voglestein ash
he comes  in  my place der
odder day mit some old hats
on his  head,   "do you hear
vhat happens to me last -week?"
"Haype you vhas in sliaiiy' I says.
"Don't  be  some   fools.    Eaferybody
tells me dot I should liaf some muse-
' urns mit my soda water works, und so
last -week I put,him in.   Der first thing
as you go,in vhas a stuffed lion.  I put
a sign on him, 'Der King of Beasts,'
und last/week a man comes in und looks
aroundt und looks ugly und. says:
,   " -I vhas no man to take a bluff. Who
told  you  dot  lion   vhas   der  king  of
• beasts?'     ' ,
< " 'I read it ln some books.'
,"'Vh"oli; I .dispute it.    Take off dot
■ oign or I shall knock him out in one
, round.   I vhas der king of beasts'myself.'       .   '    '  ,
'"I tried to argue mit him dot he
vhas no beast, but he kicks dot stuffed
Hon-all   oafer   und  den   cuts  off   his
cis* eyes snu-*. Dot next day der fat police sergeant comes in to see der sights,
und vhen he looks aroundt be says:
-' 'Mr. Voglestein, yhas dot policeman
"'lie vhas.'
" 'Vhas he on duty for you?'
" 'He vhas.  He vhas on duty, but he
vhas tired oudt und goes to sleep.'
"Dot makes der sergeant mud. He
says if I insult der police force I vhas
pulled in for green goods und my museum vhas all busted oop. So* I haf to
take dot figger und put a new suit on
him und call him der czar of Russia.'
ln one hour & nihilist comes in'und hits
him mit. a crowbar, und he vhas
smashed into ten.t'ousand pieces.' It'
makes me awful tired if folks don't
know somefings., I haf n bully figger
dot vhas Christopher Columbus one
day und Judas Iscariot der next.-* Two
days ago he vhas Judas. A man comes
in und looks at' him-a long time und
den says: <     ,    "* ,
"'Who vhas dot'man-here?'
" 'He vhas Judas.'  , -     *
\"l thought, so? I vhas, down on Judas for more' ash ten years, und' ,now
you shall see how queek'I vhill knock
his'head off.'     i,   <T *, .,  '
" 'But he yhas only' wax,' I'says.
" 'Dot vhas no dceferouce to nie. He
goes back on a friend of mine, und
wax or no wax he vhas a licked man in
two minutes.' '
■' ' '!Und he hauls off und knocks Judas
by der middle of'next week in one ■
round, lind vhen I want- damages ha
knocks me after**Judas.' I fix der >.ead
on again -und, make him Shakespeare;
und yesterday a-woman comes in und
'says he vhas der man who winks, at
her on'a street car. y,', ,,    ' *,,
"P laugh "at her, but she goes oudt
und gets' her husband, und 'he raises
sooch a row ash neffer vhas. He gifs
dot Shakespeare an .uppercut;* on der(
chin, und'avbay goes his headtund
vhas in twenty pieces in a minute und
can neffer be fixed' oop "again. . '
"I don't belief I shall .stay 'in der
museum ,peesness, Hans. .It^vhas too
mooch oxplaln all der, time, und der
peoples ""vhas too strenuous for me. It
mightcdo for you, howeffer, und,if you
say, so you shall-haf her for half price,
und I-put .him in your back room,to-;
morrow, und you yhas a great mandmit
some" busts on you."    i      M. QUAD.
*    1*. H.l
/rem, D(
,;-n', IH
,1 .lm
i 'vKli
.Ii.teU K
„•■ tit lil
nii the
I'-io J'.ct?
i.o*. ice,
TI'JL* r A.p
Dated A
'J* 1 tno '
"t \ "'"''S.**
' »i>',i.-cs   .S-5*
to Los
'.  Mel
tail und walks away mit it.   For fcefty
dollars I buys a wax figure of Napoleon crossing the Alps,   ne vhas cllmb-
' ing up mit his feet und waving a flag
'in his hand, und it gifs me great pleasure dot all der people praise him.  More
ash one t'oiis'and persons vhas.delight-
- ed vhen a young man mit a black eye
comes in und limps aroundt and spits
oafer his shoulder und says:.      "     ,  .;
"'Vliell, I don't, belief you haf'sooch
' check  till I see him.  , How dare you
make me oop like.dot und.call me Napoleon?'., ,       ".,'-
'" 'My" frehdtil don't'you know some*
.tings?'.says I.    'Dot figure ,vhas der
great Napoleon, und"'he .vhas walking
oafer some mountains.   Don't you neffer "hear of Napoleon?'"
" 'Neffer in all my,- life. Dot vhas
my hair und eyes und body.-, If you
don't give me fcefty dollars I shall
make him tired.' ,  <-
"I spheak mit dot'man more ash ten
minutes! but he gets madder all der
time. _By und by he shuuips in mit a
. right Sand swing und kuocks dot Napoleon all to pieces, und he also kicks
me three times before he goes out. • No-
pody finds Napoleon in my place any
more. I fix him oop ash well ash I
can und mark him, 'Der Tomb of
Shakespeare.* If somepody comes in
und claims he vhas dor tomb himself
I can't help it und shall call on der po-
' lice to put him oudt.
."Dot vhas badt for'me, Hans, but
two weeks ago, a man makes me der
figure of Queen Elizabeth, und she vhai,
so grand dot eaferyhody vhas full of
praise. Three days ago a man comes
In my place und sees dot figure und
" 'Who vhas dot old girl in der corner, eh?'
J' 'She vhas Queen Elizabeth.'
~" 'Vhas she deadt?'
" 'Of course.'
" 'now long vhas she deadt, eh?*
,  " 'More ash a- hooucrcd years.'
" 'I can't belief dot.' he says. 'If she
vhas deadt one hooncred years, vhy
docs she flirt mit me? Don't you see
her wink her eyes? I guess I go oafer
unci talk to her.'
"1 bc'K him to keep avhay, but he
goes oafer und lifts dot Queen Elizabeth oop und dances her aroundt dot
museum, und pooty queok her head
und arms und leiis fall off und she
- vhas in ten > pieces. I haf no more
queens in my place. I fix dot oue oop
und call her 'Dot Fisherman's Daughter." but dor pooblic vims not deceived.
"Und how vhas it abo.idt my police-
mans? Listen to mo, now. Hans. For
fcefty dollars a man says he shall make
me sooc-h a wax policeman ash neffer
vhas before, und I gif him der job. I
put dot figger in der middle of der museum, und he vhas so lifelike dot I almost; ask hiin to go oudt und haf some
..*' ' beer. In two days..a feller comes in und
looks around und says:       >■...'•
"'I  vhas   like  a   lamb, if  somebody
don't fool mit me,"but,if dot cop tries
to run me in he vhas' paralyzed forever
more.   You shust gif him a pointer not
dt0> take me for a spring chicken.'
"I laugh at him und oxplain dot it
vhas only a wax figure,, but-he walks
around und'gets mad und says:
" 'Vliell, I don't like his looks, und I
vhas down on der whole gang.  I vhill
f shust gif him a little token to remem-
v>er nio tiy.*
"Und what you belief ho did, Hans?,
By gollv, but he puts ono l*.:-\,.':.iCif
,und shumps in W'ui'ts dot figger on
der jaw u.n<Wys him omit.   He vhas
' going,/-walk on him vhen I buys him
i'Sot a dollar.   Dot policemans vhas
tfo uimce, und so I fix him oafer mit
His  Worst  Fears  ConBrmeil.
Finding himself standing in front of
a doctor's office, Tuff old Knutt yielded
to a sudden impulse and stepped inside.
"Doc," he said, "kin a man,git',sick
by jist breathin' a unwholesome atmosphere?" * ,, , ,
"lie can1," answered^the doctor. I
shall'be obliged, my friend, if you will
'improve the" atmosphere „of this office
by getting out .of here in" just three
seconds.  Oneftwo"—
But .Tuffold Knutt, was on the out,
side.—Chicago Tribune." ,   ,
No  Use  to Save.
VTou should be more economical, my
dear, and save* something for a rainy
"What's the use? I can't go" shopping
and spend it on a rainy day."—New-
York World'
I,yles—Did you ever come across a'
more conceited fellow than Bulger?
They say lie is an' atheist, and I believe he Is. Bonter—I wouldn't like to
go so far as that, but I know that he
doesn't recognize the existence of a superior being.—-Town and Country.
A  Mean   SuSTKestlon.  *
"You know," said Miss Kreech after
her solo, "I intend to go abroad to finish my musical education."
"Why not finish it right now," suggested Miss Cadley, "and save the expense?"—Philadelphia Ledger.
Leader of the People Tells His Majesty
He is an  Impossibility.
Paris   Human lte   publishes   the   following  letter,   which   It   states   Father
Gapon Is sending to the Czar:
"Full of simple faith in you as the
Father of your People, I marched towards you, peacefully accompanied toy
the children of your people—as you
must know—as you do know. The innocent blood of workingmen. of tneir
wives and of their children of tender
age, will henceforth and forever separate you, their assassin, and the Russian people. Never will the moral tie
between the people and you be renewed.
You will .no longer be able to curb by
any half-measure, or even by the promise of the' states general, the flood ol
popular feeling, now,furiously swollen.
Bombs, dynamite, collective and individual terrorism, and popular insurrection await all the assassins,of tho people, who have been despoiled of their j
rights.- I tell you this; and so it snail
be. Waves, of blood such as perhaps
have nowhere else been .seen will bo
poured out on account of you. ■
"Russia herself will, perhaps, perish.
Try to understand it once for all, and
' remember it.    Renounce, then, as soon
as possible, with all* your family,  the
throne of Russia, and appear before the
"tribunal of the Russian people.    Have
pity on your children—have pity on tha
- countries of the empire, you who offered peace to other nations,and .slaughtered your own." ,     ' j
In''a postscript Father Gapon adds:
"Know that this letter Is the document
Justifying incidents  of- revolution  and
terrorism • which will not fail to occur
ln 'Russia.',' ■ f        ' <  ,            >      -, '   '',
',, , /'The  Victory   Is   Near' If —."   ,
In'an appeal to the"Russian' people,
Father Gapon'congratulates the work-
.Ingmen on the heroism they have displayed in beginning the revolution from
which the happiness,and liberty of Russia must spring." He bids them not be
discouraged, and not tq be taken in by
'the promises 'of the assassin Czar or his
ignoble' ministers.. ,"The victory,': he
says, " is near if the Rusian people
shows a united front without atstinc-,
tion of'Classes or creeds, or, race.. Call
to your aid men of action. Have
doneuwith chatterers and'occupy.yourselves at once witli the propaganda and
the organization-of armed insurrection.
Join-hands with the soldiqrs and tho
Cossacks. Despise the Holy 'Synod,
and "do not-listen to the priests. Organize fighting battalions', of working-
men. Do "not give .the, accursed Gov-
' ernment, that band'of brigands, and assassins of the people, time to collect its
forces, but" shoot the; monsters,, the
chiefs, and the .officers of the policf,
governors, gendarmes, generals and officers who giye orders to shoot you.
And do not' forget armed demonstrations, local insurrections and strikes.
"Know that all fneasuresr-haye been tak-
' en in order that you may have in time
"all sort of arms in' sufficient numbers,
including  dynamite."   /
Father Gapon bids the,Russian people'rise as'&ne man at a signal'from
the committee of defence. "Stop the
life* of the cities,'.' he says, "by'destroying ,the water mains, the gas pipes, the
telephone 'and telegraph 'wires, the
tramways and» railways, the Government buildings and the prisons. ,'But
respect private , property." . ' . _
He announces that the-plan "of the
general,insurrection will'be worked out
as soon as*possible by the committee
of defence* in prder to realize the abolition of autocracy, the institution of a
provisional revolutionary Government
and the immediate summoning of a
constituent assembly, on the. basis' of
universal suffrage. Victory and vengeance,  he says, are near.
He promised to come to join the
workingmen when the supreme moment
arrives.1 * . '
The Line Above * Mukden.
- The following distance table of the
stations on the Manchurian Railway
from Liaoyang to Harbin will be found
useful .in the event that the operations
of the war are carried back to Tieling
and further north. The distances are
' all measured from Port Arthur.
Liaoyang    232
Yenta (junction for coal mines) 246
Shaho. 258
lVIukden   (junction  for coal  mines).276
Fuhshltal    287
Bintaitse    3<tt
tieling   318
Kalyun    338
Changtufu   i*"3^8
Bhuangmiaotse    3"*
Kuokiatien ' 409.
Fungchuling 425
Fankiatun   446
Kuanchengtse   (j'ct'for Kirin)    466
Moshatse    .'•'• 4S3
Wuhai    501
Yima 513
Taolaihohchan 538
Postmaster    Lee    Looks, Ten    Years
-■ Younger Than His Seventy-six Years
,   and He Gives' the Credit to the Great
Canadian  Kidney Remedy.
Tabucinlac, Cumberland Co., N.B.,
April 3.—(Special).—Horatio J. Lee,
postmaster here, is now in his seventy-
sixth year but so bright and healthy
does he look and so,energetic is he
in his movements that he would easily
pass for ten years younger. '
"How' do I keep young looking," the
postmaster 'says.    "Well I attribute 'it
largely to my   good   health   and   my
"I'health  is  mainly   due to   the  use  of
Dodd's,Kidney Pills. '
,'I first learned the value of this Kidney Remedy some'- years ago. ' I was
then 'suffering from Kidney Disease.
My feet ancl legs swelled and I,had to
rise eight or ten times in the night because of urinary troubles. Six boxes
of Dodd's Kidney Pills restored .my
health at that time, and I have used
them at intervals since. ,        ,
"To anyone afflicted with. Kidney
Trouble I say 'Dodd's" Kidney Pills are
all' right.' Try them and you will be
sure to find a benefit."
a Proteetlom
A -Word Ia FftTor ot tho Muck Abased
, da\»tterboxc».'
The virtue of silence has often been
overrated, for there are times when
the most reckless of talkers cannot do
so much harm or wound so cruelly as
the person* who holds peace. The old
proverb hath it that "speech is silver
and silence is golden," but nevertheless
silence is not always golden. It sometimes partakes of a leaden quality and
, descends with, crushing force upon an
-"assembly., Theoretically It is a quality
that commands the highest admiration,
but practically it is a virtue that Is
sometimes better honored in the broach
than in the observance, says the ProT-
idence Journal.     - *       '
There is certainly much , to , be said
for the woman who chatters as blithely as a "canary, and there are many
times when she is to be preferred to
the one who wraps, herself in an awful silence, under whose baneful ln-
1 fluence all cheerfulness dies.'
Behind the power and knowledge
which make any one capable of enrich-
'Ing social life with reviving conversation must lie, ''as a foundation, the earnest desire to "give pleasure independent of what" one may receive in return
and a «enso of duty regarding those
whom we meet in the world.     -    -
The young woman,who goes into the
world1, of society to which' .circumstances give her the open door with
the capability of Interesting and rousing a cheerful flowof pleasant-conversation has an assurance of enjoyment
wherever sbo appears.'
Orlfflnallr   Intended as
From , Svrord ,Cnts.-_ -
. It is probable that the epaulet was
originally intended as a protection to
the shoulder, from sword cuts" rather
than as an ornament. "Ever since 1795.
they have been worn by commissioned,
officers of the British'navy. According
to the officer's rank they vary in de^_
sign. A sublieutenant 'wears' onl-r one
composed of gold lace; other ranks two.
The degree of rank is shown by crowns,'
anchors and stars werked in silver up,-
on the.epaulets' and als© by the thickness of the cord of which they are coin;
' posed. Previous to the' Crimean war
epaulets were worn'.by, both officers
and men of the army. Here, as in the
navy, distinction ,was shown both in
their texture and design. .Those of the
otecer were made'of gold braid, while
with the rank and file they were merely of worsted.—London TeleeraDh.    ,
Frenlcn 'of Fate..
•There' goes Tuffnut, -.the , pugilist
Under other, circumstances ' he might
have made a success of a very, different
kind." '• r        •;, !i      ",
■ "No doubt With a fair tenor voice
and his peculiar system of fighting he
would hav» made a tremendous success
on the op jra stage."-NeV York Press.
'    ' ,      Proved '.It.'    A v      '    if
"I told,him he was profane."  . '
" '"What,did he say?"
•' "lie swore he wasn't." '— Clevejand.
Plain  Tlenl*"-  ,      l~   '
It Helpai to Keep TJiem Fre»b andjn
A- '   /,   <       Good .Condition. \   <
- Do   you-, ever  think" of 'airing "your
clothes ?  No ? - You think that when you
.wear-them they'get aired.*; So/they do,
sfcutsMiot-- thoroughly '.and', properly aa
they ought to. To keep" your, clothes in
really good condition you should brush
and shake and- air them every little
wliile. The dress-.or suit you wear every'day should havo .a-daily shaking
,and brushing and thorough going over
once, a week,' says, the Pittsburg Press.
You .will be'rewarded for, your pains,
as'your clothes' will last much'longei
and look much better. If it is wool oi
dark material*the dust gets ground,in,
and very soon tho whole dress-has a
•rusty, appearance that' with ' a little
pains and care you might have avoided.,
' Pressing-is a'great renovator,, and'
skirts   particularly   need   It   once   in
"awhile as they get hard wear and aro
apt' to.be pulled out,of shape,and get
knee1 holes,' which, certainly. are not
pretty.d There is' another advantage
about airing your clothes -that ds most
d important. *It keeps them f reshy and'
clean'. Nothing is .more disagreeablo
than1 an odor of cooklhg'or stale; per-
dfume   on   anyone's   clothes.    To   be
- fresh and clean and neat is the way to
be,always attractive,' 'and every*"girl
'can be and Should be all three..'    -
:•'      "   LAUNDRY*..LINES..
A^, physicians are agreed thatevj
one needs a new supply of new bll
in the spring. » The reason is p-Jr
close "confinement in over-heateda!
perfectly ventilated homes and *J]
places, have  clogged the blood. \
impurities.   The liver is sluggish-1
kidneys   fail   to   perform  Uu^,. tf
properly. , The impure blood is shol
in a score of ways.   You may onlyfl
a little tired, or easily depressed bl
these are mere symptoms from ^{f
more serious trouble  will follow
other cases impure blood rrfAkps its
manifest  in  pimples.'and disflgnri.
eruptions, occasional headaches, ad
iable' appetite,  attacks of indigesii]
or rheumatism, pains in the,back•«
loins!" But whatever the trouble,^
is-only one sure way to get rid'tfl
and that is through the rich, red.1
blood which comes from tha use'onf
William's Pink Pills. . Eyery pi*A
take makes new, rich blood, bracestL
nerves, overcomes all weakness, d,-J
the' germs of disease from the hJ
and gives you.vim and'energy to JeJ
the'torrid heat of the coming sumcj
Mr. Charles Sa'ulnier, Corherrle, Xj
says': —"l7was very much run'doij
and sc weak I. could hardly work. L
seemea as-though my blood waslitl
better than water. •    I    tried se^l
medicines, but got'nothing to help;
until I began  taking   Dr.   "Williu"
Pink Pills, 'It.was simply astonbL
how quickly these pills began tpy
me; and how. much new life anijr-
they put Into nie. * They Iiaveraj
me as-sound as,I ever was.','    ~X
Good blbo'd'ls the secret "of ha.1
and   strength.     Ther secret  of
blood  'is ",Dr.   Williams'   Pink m
These pills, do not act upon thcioJ
el's—their whole mission is"3 torina*Ei
new'• rich',' health-giving blood, whitf
strengthens every '■organ,   and. ever!
nerve   and . drives   disease  from ihl
body.    Don't take  anything hut thi
genuine pills,,  whicha,b.avp   the full
name,"DP,Williams"   Pink Pills foi
Pale People" printed on, tbc'-wrappel
around-each box.    If in doubt, writl
The Dr. Williams Medicine Co., BrockJ
ville, Ont,'and the pills will-be seel
at 50 cents a  box' or  six   boxes fo|
, Lever's Y-7. (Wiftu Head) "Disinfe'cta.-j
Soap Powder is beltei than, ollier/powden
ascit is both soar* ajiid disinfectant,
Bureau  DraTverm. ,,.
• To clean Bureau drawers begin with
the top one. Turn everything out, laying aside soiled ribbons or collars* or
bits of lace that have passed their days
of usefulness. These can be cleaned or
destroyed  after   house   cleaning  days
are over.:Pre.*™ ^^**    rubbing  with  a  cloth  dipped  in am-
Lemon'julco'and'salt wipe out,the
average stain. , ' •
Rub the irons with a cloth soaked in
kerosene to prevent scorching.
' Machine oil spots'on linen or calico
should be removed before washing by
aro hopelessly wor:
of  them in  the quickest and easiest
Turn tho drawer bottom up and
brush it out with a broad, soft paint
brush, wipe out with a dampened cloth
and then go over it with a cloth wet
with a few drops of alcohol. The drawer is then ready to receive the ribbons,
laces and accessories vv-hich one usually finds in that "top drawer." 'The alcohol dries tho drawer and makes lt
possible to replace the articles at once.
The remaining drawers can be cleaned
in thc same way. And when all dresser
and bureau drawers have been gon«
over a long step has been taken toward the dreaded house cleaning.
Earthquakes in Britain.
Earthquakes are not so uncommon in
the British Isles as might be supposed.
Of thc G,S31 earthquakes which have
been reported In the world from tho
earliest times up to 1850, the British
I^los were responsible for no fewer
than 255. The District of Comrle, in
Perthshire, Is the fivonte resort of the
earthquake, anil in the winter of 1S39,
HO earthquakes -A ere experienced in
this locality. Boih, In. England and
Scotland tho autumn is the commonest
time for carthqu.iUe.**; there have boon
79 in autumn, 7-1 in winter, 44 in spring
and 58'in "summer ,
Tsaikiakiu    563
Schuangchengpao    5S1
Wukia    5t)G
Harbin   617
Fliea and  Screen*.
It Is a curious fact that flies will not
pass through netting, even though the
meshes be quite large, unless there is 8
source of light, as from a window behind it. Thus in rooms .with window*
only on one side a net over the window,
will absolutely keep the flies out, al-
551 i though ,the meshes of the net may b€
If you wash black stockings in a
warm lather of soap and water—no
soda—and add a little vinegar to the
rinsing water they will keep a good
color' till worn put.
.-Linen crash, blue denim and ticking
are the best possible fabrics for covering iron holders. Make them removable bv basting one end together, and
occasionally put, them in the family
Beeswax and salt rubbed on .flatlrona
will make them  as  smooth, ni  crinaa
The Cornwall papers contain a t'tuJ
anttincldent in tho .life of the newftl
mier of Ontario.    They  say that Erl
J. P. Whitney has a good memor*.,.'!
is generally known, he went to sital
in Cornwall in, his early days and kj
coming   a law   student , in   , Sasffllf
Macdonald's office and warmly Kpossj
Ing the latter's cause on ail oco'
came to take^a warnv-inteiest jnjftl
tiesi    He  often  talked  politicsr**te-j
friend'with"whom he lived In town.c
thefady ot the house use'd to encopi
hl'm with the remark that he wouia
Premier some day.   "If I do/' said J
-buddlng.stateiSimn. "I will ^nd ymisj
best silk dress I can &*" It tookmj
time   for   Mr., Whitney   to  realize ii.|
ambition,   but   the ,dicss   arrived
laturday,'to the delight of the «clp|.j
ent.   *■ •	
Cannot Be Colonels.
The Department of Militia tas Issued an order" prohibiting any Btittail
of the Civil Service in.that mH
Crom holding'a commission si «»J|
or adjutant of militia "It Is °^ -*l
reads the order, "that in the eunt .1
rui outbreak of war the positio > til
Department of -Militia and.J**H
must be entirely different from tnaU|
other departments of the pub U,^.f
its efficient working Ml
o£ tlie militi-'l
an inch apart.
Will   Soon   Have   Cheap   Butter.
Dr.  Ilenncr,' a  German  chemist, has
been experimenting with  cocoanut oil,       ..,,,*.    Jt„
and finds that it makes a very satis- J niter, and when the ink begins to dis
Inlc Stain* on "Wood.
Ink stains are troublesome to get out
of wood. The following is effectual
Touch the spot with a camel's haii
brush  or feather dipped in spirits  ol
factory article of butter. It contains
7 per cent, of soluble acids, namely
butyric acid and carpic or dlcylic acid,
which gives the butter a pleasant aroma and savor, making it taste something like a hazelnut. This butter will
keep fifteen or twenty days before
showing any acid reaction, and sustains
many of the tests of true butter, for
which it is a better substitute than
oleomargarine and can be produced
much more cheaply. Posterity will
face a scarcity of milk and the butter
made therefrom, so rapid is the Increase ,of populatipxi and so restricted
In comparison with the'available area
for pasturage, and perhaps, the cocoa
tree may come  in  as  the  most useful
appear rub the -biiot over as qulcklj
as possible with a rag dipped in cotf
represents care, skill and scientific accuracy
in its manufacture.,, That is why ,t does your
washing without shrinking woolens, fr&ymB
linens or injuring your hsxnds.
Equally good with ha.rd or soft w^ter.
No scrubbing, no boiling, more cleansing.
less toiling.
Try Sunlight
Your money bev-ck if not satisfied.
vice. Upon
pends the. efficiency
forces in the field. Lt is.
paramount-importance for the s-icc fl
of the" campaign that lt shoii d not Mi
Cer"detriment by being *-aMe w J«|
members of its civil staff ^l»l
at 'such a moment in order to sem|
with troops in the field."
Every mother should be able lo treat
thc minor ailments of her little ones.
Prompt action may prevent serious
illness—-perhaps save a child's life. A
simple remedy in the home is therefore an'absolute necessity, and for this
purpose there is nothing else so good
u.« ...ay  .„...,.,... M  a..«.  .—    . as■ Baby's  Own Tablets.,  These Tab-,
auxiliary of the cow anywhere to bu lets promptly cure all stomach a.nd
found. Much may be hoped from Dr. [bowel troubles, break up colds, allay
Henner's experiments,. as leading the J fevers, destroy | worms, aid tee thin"
way   of   others,   and   possibly   to   final
success, thus utilizing a, substance
which can be produced practically
without limit and which is of known
wholesomeness and purity.
! anel make little ones healthy and,cheer"
| fnl.'    Guaranteed to contain ho opiate
or poisonous
The   Discrimination   of   Tammas.
ThejElder: A ye, sir, ye'r weel met. I
Jest want tao di.scush thish Free Kirk
beesiness wi' ye."
The Meenister: Aye, Tammas, but I
think we'll better wait until ye'r sober.
The Elder: Shober! 'Na, na, sir. I
3inna gle a darn for theology when I'm
soothing stuff. Mrs.
John N. Pringle, Forest Falls, Opt.,
says:—"I think-I can thank Baby's
Own Tablets for my baby's life. Pie
was badly .constipated, but after giving him tlie Tablets be was relieved
at. once. ' 1 also find them good When
he is at all restless, and I feel I-cannot say.too much in their favor." Sold
by all druggist1 or sent by mail at 25
cents a box by writing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvtlle, Ont.
"«*J*V5i—<*•*»'»•' not)  THE^VlOYIE   LEADER  Western canadun editors.  I   A series of Articles  Describ-  &     ���their Lives, their. Aims  ing  i  8.  ceo  and their Influence.  28.' ,  A. STEWART.  Worry wont cure a cough. "When  you | find a cough holding on���  when everything else has failed���  try  Consumption  It is  guaranteed  to cure.    If it  doesn't, we'll refund your money.  Prices: , S,. C. Weixs & Co. 304  25c. 50c. $1.   LeRoy, N.Y., Toronto, Can.  Here is1 a new Mark Twain story, or  rather an old one recently come to  light. Some years ago the famous  humorist asked a neighbor if he might  read a set of his books. The neighbor  replied ungraciously that he was welcome to read them in his library, hut  he had a rule never to let a book leave  the liouse. Some weeks later the same  neighbor sent over to ask for the loan  of his lawn mower. "I should be very  glad to loan you my lawn mower," said  Mark Twain, * nut since f make it a  trule never to let. it leave my lawn, you  will be obliged to use it there."  Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere  o  Beware,of Ointments  for Catarrh that Contain Mercury,  7 ' ��� '* .a7stewart. ,    ,',;''  Editor "and,,'Proprietor of the Prince  '* "Albert Advocate.    "     ��� ^     ?  -Many men engaged in: ^wspaper  work in  the "'Canadian \\ est havo a  sB^��si��r*o��'  SSLt'drS-n.. >����'**����� <*_%* *'��  tieularlv attractive personality. He  S " better listener.than talker.; He  .never oMrudes ,his views. There is  Sothlng histrionic or spectacular about  hSn-aothlng"that would-appeal to the  ordinarv observer as remarkably keen  or brilliant. '. He is not reserved, or  taciturn but he certainly displays to  ale<-s degree than the average western  \ newsoaper  man  that laail-fellow-well-  met camaraderie, ttint exuberant,good  IteVtowship which-in its heartiness* is  apt wbe undistlnguisliing m'lts friend-  1M�� that characterizes the general-  i to oi. y-estern. newspaper men.   * Mr  either him or his paper.   <  And it is undeniable that both,the,  Advocate and its editor have opinions,  and strong ones.    Neither the paper  nor its editor are spineless wobblers.  But neither is offensive or dictatorial  in the advocacy of "the'views professed.  Both recognize th'at there is something  l to be said on the other side, and treat  ' those who differ with them with the  respect due  to intelligent opponents,  in their moderation is  the secret of  the' influence  of both. * Blind, unreasoning partyism has no supporter in  Mr. Stewart.    He always appeals, not  to "party allegiance or great party personages? but to  sound  and  intellible  ' principles..   He uses no rhetorical ex-  'aggerations, no catch phrases that obscure  while  pretending to enlighten.  All political and'other issues are tested   by,, the   touchstone   of   ordinary,  everyday;  common   sense. " One  may  i differ with Mr. Stewart's, conclusions,  hut' 'none, can .deny him  the  respect  due a thoughtful; moderate and logical  -thinker. <,       -   ,.r '       ,  1 Mr.   Stewart,    like   many ��� another  Western 'editor, is a graduate of the  case." Few ^printers in'Canada have  had'a more thorough or more'varied  training. -He,is an Irishman by birth,  having been   born  ,in   County   Dpwn  some thirty-five years, ago."   He came'  to Canada with his parents in the year  of'the great western boom, in 1SS2,.  The family located ,at Emerson, which  at ,that time was a typical boom town,  two daily papers being,published there.  In one of these offices young'Stewart  went ,as errand, boy*and devil.   After  a short ,time he removed to Brandon,  still in the' same useful and lowly ca-  .paeity.   A year or two' later he came  to Winnipeg, working here 'a summer,  and then,   desiring  to   see ' somewhat  more of the. world, and to  secure a  wider   knowledge    of    the-   business,  moved to St. Paul, where another year  was spent'in various o'ffices. . Another  year was spent in New York,1" principally in  the  employ  of Bradstreet's.  But the call of the. West came to the  young printer again, and he came back  to Manitoba with a determination to  farm.   The life of a pioneer on a homestead;1  however,   proved   uncongenial.  The", smell of printers'* ink called him  to tlie newspaper���"office 'as irresistibly  uh inpr.-ury will nuroli dottroy the *mn��o of email and  romplel.-lj dernnge 111.- uluilo 8..HU-M. when enluruiK  it through tl,e nucouri r,ur*..i�� fc-.. 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Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on every  box. ,  ,   ��** i  Husband���I" actually believe, 'my  dear, that you think more of < your,  poodle than ,you db of "me. Wife���  I'd like to know what reason you have  for thnking so. Husband���Well, you  never allow him to eat anything you  cook. .'-,'. * -* ���   ,'  i  <���  At last the telephone girl condecend-  ed to answer. "What's that sir," she  exclaimed. "Are you <, swearing?".  "Not-audibly, miss," said theyman'at*  the other end of he wir;" "but 'I, confess that as a long distance mind-reader you are an'expert."   ���',   l ''     .  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"Well, he was a mighty delicate pup, and I had a lot of trouble  raising him." * *   "   ,  Many inherit weak lungs,; and as1 disease usually assails the weakest point,  these persons are continually exposed  to attacks of cold and pulmonary disturbances. �� The^speedy'use'of Bickle's  Anti-Consumptive'Syrup will1 be found  a preventive and a protection, strengthening-the organs so that they, are not  so liable to derangement from exposure or abrupt- atmospheric changes.  Bickle's Syrup is ��� cheap and good.  J)0NT take chances on the kind  of tea you drink. ; It icloesiVtr pay.    Insist on having  ivy oi ncaiou ii^���^,.-.1-~-   ���T- as that'of the-sea, does the'sailor'to  StCTanlacks that Bohemian buoyancy | Ws ship. - Mr. Stewart struck .out-for.  itietilstlie hall-mark of many of: hisi the^Western States .working, in   the  principal,offices in Helena,cAnaconda,  Spokane, Tacoma, -. Seattle, and the  State printing office at .Olympia. In  ftliese he gained 'invaluable "experience  in every branch of th printing and publishing business..^  , It will thus be seen"that few printers  in the Canadian West have had a more  .complete mechanical training and experience than Mr. Stewart. '" *-,  ��� Mr. Stewart went to Prince'Albert  in 1S94 to take charge of lie newly organized , paper *and ��� after' a few  months was so * satisfied with its  prospects that he decided to * purchase he -business, which he has  conducted ever since. From a very  modest beginning it has grown till it  is now an eight page, all home print  paper, taking natural rank as one of  the four or five best papers in the Territories. The mechanical equipment  of the office is one of the best in the  ,West, including a fine two-revolution  'press, gordon jobbers, monoline, cutters, stitchers, &c, ample to keep pace  with the rapid growth - of one of the  most "progressive cities of. Western  Canada. Typographically,, editorially  and  reportorially,  the  Advocate is  a  l/<*invorkers.    He abjures (the    wild  hni woolly westerners." ? He is sound  j hi sane, thoughtful'and earnest.   In*  the northernmost/ frontier town of the  J prairie section of "the" Dominion he .has  [stood for p'rofessionarideals that are  | conservatively "progr;bssive.'   To'' pick  1 up a copy of the Advocate-r-not merely  {-now, -.vhen Prince Albert is one of tho  Jraost important cities of the West, but  If or years, past, when.it was popularly  (regarded as hanging oh to the outside  ledge of civilization���none would ever  ���think, cither by its makeup, by its edi-  itonal opinions, or by its news columns  ���that it was .published in a town that  pas  the   farthest  Canadian limit   of  ���agricultural effort.   Indeed", if the imprint was not noticed, the general im-"  Ipression would be that tho Advocate  R-��is a typical repiesentatlve of that  pss of capable journals punished in  p old established, populous and prosperous community.  In this respect the Advocate is merely the reflection of its owner. The  pnest qualities of older civilizations  pvo in the person of Mr. Stewart been  transplanted to the new. conditions of  Tioncer journalism, Without losing  pne -chit of the endowment he brought  A Veteran's Stor .-GoorBH Lovris, or Shamo  kin. Pa., write: "I nm eighty ycnt> of nue. I ha����  boon troublod with cnuirrh for fifty jenro, nn.1 in.my  time lm.e u��o.l n ureal many i-ntnrrh cuicn. but novor  hud imj relief until I u-oiADr. Aknew's Cntnrrlinl  Powder.   Ono box cured me comploioiy.   it) tenta.   in  ���- *��� *������- >���'-"-��� wuuU���uimi. no "-"e." i paper of which any place might well  '���th htm, he has adapted those quali-^be 1)r0Ud. in this respect the city on  |1ps to the environment of the West,  f nd with such * conspicuous    success  fet it  has   passed   into   a proverb  Imong his fellowworkers.    Mr.  Stew-  |rt   is   the    embodiment,   of    quiet  ih'engUi and modest ability.   He has  I judicial temperament which prevents  |im from taking any step without nia-  vTz consideration, and saves him from  pe errors into which more impetuous  If -"res inevitably fall.   For the same  i?as��n he seldom has occasion to mod-  P" a|iy position once taken.   It is thus  IP tfoiuier ,that the personal and edi-  ffiat opinions are  treated  with  the  patest    respect    by  all  who  know  i'nard's  Liniment Cures   Dandruff.  the Saskatchewan has much for which  to thank Mr. Stewart, who, with unflagging energy, enterprise and wisdom,  has helped" it grow from an outpost  trading village to its present status,  and whose efforts in the, future will  not be the least of the factors to its  continued progress. Happy indeed is  that Western town,���--the supreme need  of each of���which is the most widespread publicity concerning its natural  wealth and advantages���which has an  editor as persistent, so effective, and  so able as Mr. Stewart, and a paper  as enterprising and as progressive as  the Prince Albert Advocate.  Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia,  |Your doctor will tell you that  I'"'-!, pale, weak, nervous ch.il-  gdren become strong and well  |j>y taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.  i^mall doses, for a few days.  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Mary bought her first-pair of rubber  shoe's the other day. On her next afternoon "off the streets were slushly  and Marv had some distance to walk,  but when she returned her mistress  noticed that the rubbers had not been  worn. "Why Mary, why .didn't you*  wear your gum shoes?" she asked.  Mary looked,"at her mistress with astonishment. "What; an' dirty them  the first time I put them on?" she -demanded.  Conjurer���You have 'seen, -me put  the marked shilling in this hat. I.now  ask our friend over there with the red  nose to'fish it out of'his pocket. Our  friend-- C rising)���I di daft .'know you  wanted the,>whole shilling back.' After  you handed it to me this morning I had  to ,use',<a sixpence, but1 here's the  change.       ,   *   ��    ' ,      '      ',  Helpless as'a Baby.-South Americnn Rhen-  mutio Cure ntrlkes the root of tho ailment and  strikes lt quiok. B. W: Wriuht, 10 Dnniel street,  Urockvillo. 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Thero is a certain part of this great  west that has, until the present time,  been practically unknown, owing to its  distance from all traits of civilization,  but it has  been awaiting the Settler  for many years, and now that Die new  line of the Canadian Northern Ry. has  been extended to the. Elbow, the.second crossing of the. great- Saskatchewan River,    the    Mississippi    of, the  North, settlers, the business men, and  the homeseckers . will  be  pouring-in  to'tako advantage of the great fertile  wheat belt in the valley of the river  Saskatchewan, undoubtedly the' finest  tract of wheat   country in   Western  Canada, towards which all eyes will  be turned in a.few.. years.-. ' -JTo   aid  homeseekers the   Canadian   Northern  Ry., are issuing round trip tickets from  all stations on  their  line,  Gladstone,  'Necpawa and South to* any point west  of Dauphin as far; west as the Elbow  on the main line, and Melfort ou the  Prince Albert extension at the nomine  al fiffure of one single fare.   Evidently  the "Railway  Company expect a- good  class oi" traveller on this new line as  thev are  placing first class  Sleepers  in the service, and equipment of the  very latest design.  "Mrs. Younglove���Our cook says  those eges you sent yesterday were  ancient. "Grocer���Very sorry ma'in.  They, were the best we could get. You  see all tho young chickens were killed  off for the holiday trade, so the old  hens are the only ones left to do the  lavin'. Mrs. Youngiove���Oh. to be  stiro. Of course, 1 hadn't thought of  that.   *  Hot   Hortrt  Like n" Polluted   Spr pB.--Mr��.  rive .oiir. hmleted with d.-pei'-lii. lon-tipntion. h rt  .li^c.^onnri nnrioua i.KMtriition. I uiroJ tlio li��>��� rt  trouble with Or. Asnuw1. Cure for the UVurt nmi the  c.lh"r nilinont. vanished llko rant Had roller lo  li ti. 1 j* un hour after tlio li a -.t dee    -27  Mistres���Verona, what kind of meat  have vou in thc pantry this morning?  Cook���Therc'e some scraps of heel,  ma'am, an' a little boiled ham, an  what's left of the roast pork we had  vesterdav. Mistress-Well, work them  "up into a chicken salad for. dinner.  ������You were held up, were'nt your;  "I was.". "Tell me, how did you feel.'  "I felt'relieved."   .'���    '  DON'T THROW AWAY tWONElf  . On eastern nnd southern riOTSorv stock thnt  will kill the first, winter, but smirl a post.;ar 1  for our catalogue-of trees, that will <rrow n  Manitoba and tho Territories. Apples, crnls  plums, small fruits, ornnmeutol trees .ttu-i  slirub��, porroninl   plants, etc.  'BUCHANNAN'S NUR3KKI.ES.  ST. CHARLES, MANITOBA  Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.  man -,w*ti6 Would  The  E3sa^-*s5s^5SsaaBBSCTaa  o woti  fi  <%jjr    |>S  %j , rub   S 2"7  Every day from five to fifteen- letters are received by  The Ogilvi'e Flour Mills Co. from women living in' the  smaller towns throughout Canada, saying they have asked  their grocer-for Royal Household Flour but can't get it(  One writes-���"I told my grocer, Mr.���, that I would buy  * Royal Household' regularly if' he would always keep it  on hand, but he said he wouldn't take on another brand of  flour until he was obliged to." Another says���"My grocer,  is-an 'olddfogie' and never gets the newest or the1 best  things until the year after." A third says���''We haven't  an enterprising grocer in our' town and are obliged to send  to���-���for 'Royal Household' or take a poorer flour." -  ��� "Write  dire-eft to  Ogllvie's. -; ���  If you can't get "Royal Household" from your grocer,  write to us direct���we will immediately give you the name  of the nearest grocer who keeps "Royal Household"^ and(  send you also the "Royal Household" recipes. . There is no;  good reason ^hy your grocer should, compel you to use  inferior flour���no first class /grocer will hesitate to order  "Royal Household" for you, and even the smallest dealer  will get it if you insist upon it- y      *-., ���   ,. ; V   v-sy/'  THE OGIL^IE FLOUR MILLS CO., LIMITED, MONTREAL^  *  ?���*-..:*���������*���*��� '"*'.,-;f -ii a- .- -;vfK-.v;|  *���*-*���*   ���*���     '���* *   ' a".**. ���..,,-* c---V ������������>a  ' "*   .s *    vr,* "��� * "���'�� "*'".,-'"���'  "* ' / *���* d v" ���**-���**. /. ��Am  ! -.        A   ' " *     4 S     -     . '   ���    ���*'���  V    ��� F< *���*   "-* -i  V:  7  I ,*  t  <, ,,  .1 ,*,���, 4 ���  '.ViTjif-.  A^,*-'-. tv_jll  ���fv , r  ... 'ii*: i" v-.^\  ,-,i-**��,V-.'5j  iff'  *   -,   a       , ^ a j  ''���"-ii'l  i* * *'. -  S. *���- t  - lv  .Vl    -I,.,:-:;  Indeitruotlble. Hand.omo. Perfect.     Only 25.cont�� per rnnnlng foot.  Supplied, by u�� or local doalor.  THE  PAGE WIRE   FENCE CO.   LIMITED, JrVaJk-.rvlll.,    Toronto,    Montreal    Winn!p��B,  t54  St. J ohm  I . .   . .;-B   -j.f.M. FSNKHAiVi, Manager.  -���rfi.-Hf-' ^iL^vi sZ-i-jAt -rfijdS- tfr���-&..:A~-^ .**-*���"--v'r"'  y.iE.H. S*ltAIyt,M��*ia?er.  7 !     Good .penis, yood  lal.U-e aud  b, _;,  >,X! aud Orel cUea 3*.u��j>!o s^-jtss.-.  . u.>���   lly IU   "'����   ".-'""B  iTinU vvlu'ii lake iu..U'.i.-S  ���': is'iiiiiiblo. in   rapuhiy.  ' .vet'nl   llit;    ri-.fiI  ^h>1  A.y-,    Forsniod'y c*. iv jrj.Wa  1      <���  -. '.���^MaaKK^FSlWWSIW'KW^^ T pr"  ~J7.-'*" zr.v T���'^i?Lffli*5f:��a.5srrsM  ���"..���>?" "J       "j'Ta VT��-y>        i*  ��*! # T* *"���-"l anil ��. <��". 1      t?* *% TT*!  I    ^i&*_&_,   '     l O. O. F.  i %5^3�� -^Vf-jr;'j  ^itli-j-jed ia thsiiiteresl. of the p-d*-.*.  o? Moj'io and 'East Kootenay  ?. j..?��T"jr;&co.,   -  -  -   rnJ.nsi.er^.  * .'>-,��� > 1 * *; f* '���**       '     A- '"* "<* .*"*���. s~* rA ^ ^"4 J01!!  ! a k t��J      !'. S f.? 5. i *' O 1A fi Vi "faS O  v *. ���*-   *' f "* tf5  { ATtAts rv.iryi'i,u<?--drtv r.ci'l'i; in tUd, ,    ^ CI? O      Ci  ^_J w.* **��� *^---V.-v..-/ *--.-^A.- --**.���*=-���. v V^-ft." -T*."-*-^'���<**."V* ^.���"^.���'^���^���>W'*WX��>.**^.S6?^��Ui-  ��,.��- .yt,   -v> - !-**���'"VilTHHO^,    WlJS. '"���K**'"*W -��W TJ lli  f^ '    km C is M- O OP-$7    '     )F  ir  KATES OF* .SDUSCRlrTIO***.  Oia I  Oae Year..  ,42.00  SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 3005..  0 <*  I  <.,  I if'  5@����f fg& /  �����<fflSRS5KSP*i*,  ifeof..' ���  \*-V,        .     ' i  -A Womans Clothes'.  f\Vi> ,vr * ,'i(!*:i'a*d-i-. t},;\'- nn,**-;i *u. 7vl v* ��� h >" *   .*  *; *r  1   P"*. ��y i-'*'**-  ("'>��!,  ill It  ���I.IV' ''    ���������������     ,'..       :t.'*'l!,-l*:l-.-y    .' '- i'lljllk   li  -r-*v>      r- r^f^rr\Tr\ir^i    -.*-�����,   i-juv  \) "'  i' <;��!���'���-,  II i ir-'i'.'- <. i--  '��� i     i' ���*'*���:���'ia^J   .i.>d*  Im-m'"--   np   i void.  ' ' ij.i.i.: r.'I ��"**..���-   .'boUi .- .-it Uie. ,     *  P.' O. Drug' and Stationery Store,  ;   '   ��� W.'J. AT0MIS0M,    ' '   <  It  Jltpftl "  -.,.���.�����-, A li-.-in lu-iJoston   aava   tliiit   "jiGS  n  -Hard      _���.,.-.-'u-dle sufticioiit   w   cli.it.ljo   imj'  u can '   ���' -"-- -������'���    it Uiijrjiit  be   io,  in,, Co^ttiu  or   b     b' i l.f're  i;i   (be   v/sol   we   luiifk   tbe  army '   uni-i.;ii ougbl to fa.i allow^d^ST-i n ycnrj   , ffjc  ��� .   . ��� i    ���O/i'  ��� "l'tp-s-rij-iic.-v; rnrr'ully prcp.iro  'it  Pubpr.i-STr.r.  -ate^T-V'P'^-*l**t*i>,TN^<^^gJgl'^'WJ!ftWI^  ^7';7^r;7.,7yf:^'R^t , ���      ,  ���i not o   ��� iiy= tlie BVruio' Lt'iife-e.    Herd   i-i'jtl*'f'i    'if  Laur,     J.t-t tiwt a lady net-da   (,v<-ry��� yenr   ue-\'^JJ      -f*>^' - Jvy'-fv  _Ffi  ' i'"i'i'i'X to ihe cH-'i-'in'tb"   bt-Mu   riiy."'      J^ |       .'"''^      --v'';' ���  riu.*, Jo  tlw yJi-st  d' Ciucd   o".:   JEighl..p   / /'i lie.       "*'    '-''      T, ,  W? .%dy"?y7. '\\oi , ��� J^ailfiCll ��  =^ $ ' '",    i . ..'-',        .'., "A"��� .     ���  <. if* 'irJ'imicd   by   '-he  weirep,   oigbl  p .it.-*, of -t.iue'fXOxl'onir) M^lil p-iirs   of  -i'lirh    hbo^b. i,wu' udu*i 'Bfinmnitt-  for  ',    .'   ,'-     '..��jiii/Tsur,,two,outer ysirinunt'S fur  v,'iu-  '   y      "^     tcr^Mxioen'cotton sliirtwaifits,  twenty  r0!?.     four jjiiim u�� btookuigs,   two' kiihouas,  ,7 i'fnr cottoii slnitwiiisfc suit--, tcii under*  ,    ^      tk'it. fourtyekht hnnyiierr.liiofa, eigiit  Co^st    '") ' .,-'*  ,   f  .,   sorsel oovcra. neokwurp.  eight   iiii5;tu-  'bOllj'*-' *   " ' * '  '���    . ,  n >   Kir.niti, two Hiiibnllan,  oitjht. jmiw   t.*f  1        ,   , cuiton glovoc,   ti-*:  winter   muleiveKt-j.  i|l,i|-|       lj '-' '1 ���_���, r   r   -���/  7? jour wo'ollt::.!  biilrtv/iiiaU,   twelve   oor<-  I here     .. ��� ' ...       ".    .  381,3,    rfii   SIlllJIKCl    fentlofvedto,    oigUt  y, puir-i of kid aio'7'i-j oiubt yaii> oC rub-  biJiis", sixteen juini   ot'-'ootton  druwcra,  ona muif, bbltd, buokslsj'otc.    '     " ,    r-  ��� j-'ORTira jEsy.Aet.i3:,rT-3NTT \."  " ���Wii aro f-bowintj  .* Knio-.i   ''bivmii'fi;  lino of ._ ' _       , '  '   '      DJAMON13   BIX'GS ' .   .    '  Ay  t        C        -3  parri Jadying from the ro.tton papsr   ust'cl  'tublo     'la'the postage atsi.rapB.ivnd, stationery,  , "iyocc    lMuilock ia conducting the   poft   oilie-e  aeed I   .buaineeh. in n"cho-*-p,' but not*,   e'iiolent  imawt    ^iKiuncr.    If'this is   nut bo   the   con-  ble: ,. * tiactors who supply tho   ilimsy   stuff  ."make    should *be   interviewed.     The'people  ; n-akfl     want the matter investigated.��� Fernio  tion h ' iiedge.      ! * a'      ' ��  . ,.. i,.m.wu.u>.wu ' n-  1  . aion f ' ,-���,������.       . ��� 1  , A female aeronaut, stranded on high,  -    * Chami   tbit a-hcile iu   the   ^as-bjg   and   cyme  ,    ,l   "'' .    dowr^.    Moral:  If'.c, gas-bag  bothert.  _ *X[    you, bite.it. , "  '(      '-^     -.  i-zilJlUi        '                                     >������������ n'-jf���wiiiiLi ������iiiiiii >iini��-|in  x ' .  _ �� u ��� i.   .w ������  -        i  and uimuiljerlain'B  CousU K0J��cdy  lT:o   Bt'st  ���rripD( * ivrxti Bloat l'oiiulivr.  ' -f    ,  *   "We s'  , /'Mothers buy it fopcroupjy childrpn  ���,E.eme    railroad,men buy it for  severe  cobghs  seema ' and    elderely     people buy it, for  In'  aevera  .grippe," aay Hloore Bros., Eldon/Iowo.  'rio qui   ''We acll ccrl; pf.Chaniberlain'a, Cougli  best t!    Semody   time,    any   othor  kind. ' It  , ' and cc" sseenic to bare   t,aAss~   tbe, load   over  jidulfc   ( several other &ocd brandn;'*    There --is  and '<    no question but.  this  inedicine   ia  the  ,   tVtchi    best that can bo  procured   fo?  cOugh-i  jrrrr^    and colils, whether it be a ch'.ld    or nr  ���M tii    adult that is aii'icicd.   Italr/ays cum.-.-.  and   cure,*'  i*uickly.    Uold   by   Ya  A.  ,., j*lU    Atchison.  M?7  , I  "A  ��� . )��>J     'ORAS;)PA")()}T,;-  hi*]', on Victoria strcu', Sr'joiirnm;;  Odd Fellows' cordially invited.    ���  A. tl. ?.Jn,VKU0Wi;, "    -'d J. Mjisth,  2i il-lq Grand.'  ' L'e-Ji-'yi  Moyio'  Mi-D-erB'   Union  ", No. 71   VV. F.'of M.  }it*Gt5 in iircGrtjuor 33a 11 ovtsiy S;itui-  daj.* 'evening;. Sojourning r.temhersi  Are' cordially invited to attend.  Cum. il,\ /CMC.**,    , Thok. E, Kku.y,  i-'reeid.'-i] fc. ' St <��� rotary  ���/l  ^J moyie. ,       -   , w  %     UHIOIir MADE Clothing'a Specialty,     fl  U' Wolsey Unshrinkable ^Underwear '. S.  i'i " ..,' ���     7- ���"  4(      ���' ���'    '      and- Wa L. Douglass' Shoes. 8?  ���?!;* XONE   BF/JCTER QX. THE MAKXET. Viy  rf/ji. .    r' ,      ' y �� ' "'  ^,   Trunks,, V-alises/ Suit Gases, Hats, Etc,   ^'  j    C5*-Vs?*S.-Nl*"--���._���-Vi*������-.,,-^^i^-w-v^*,^k*Vi;-,^'-^-a'-^-.-,"-iu'^"*;--*- -*v-a.,-^Sk.-<5:i.-^a4.*,s:rss;^s?  T.vo"e-jrT'T<i ^ih.t?tih�� ir^r-i p.55  ���L. J1. vk-^ -i-f ���..o-j-i JlTJi* *!��**���-��.��-^ ** ^   ^.j *.- i    -O* ^ -L/  -   " /t*^l.-^jr^jy-i-,^,,,.-  L-O^S**--!**"*  I   InMnoXMfaMtiUunt]  iii  tii,  {Br  id  (   >7^At.   / 77<'<^/ . J FIRST-C  .��.,  GLASS. WOBK  We iXeilhct-* 'I\Jiiriini/.oi or  Z$n\v\Q-y,Chinese.  "L��nav(i vVorlr wtUi     '  !or(ent;,igetiient*j or for presentation on j*"-      .^ ��� _ tr> ^^^      -firn  <7>   'pi'v\  hirthday.orftuypl.Iierocc.iEt.icn.    Tli6y |7��L,=Jb.   Si'lHi SV,,ifl j^ i  4j5  *jU,  will nial;e a pleaiSing and very accept-j \  gift at any tin-,��. -' *   -     I  - ��� i' -. i.  " ". - 'W. F: *(T.<iTE,   y"  Graduate, Optician,       UftANBROOK.  ���ttsi^-i-i;-A-*'e.-arr-��,��-^''TTW+l('��iE.-c*  II  '(.KB  (;       - .       .P. .F. JOBJVS'IOM   -   -,   '  . Q ft  ^r^S5l^&- - ' ;..|! ^M^3ot0lWNGW,and>.wellPurnisiieaJ 'TJie  Teiblps1 arc- 'Supplied; with tlie Best the'  Market affo'r&s. The "Ear is Filled with  ., te  �����>  ' <t;  < H'  (iV  Vlr  Vl/  �����*  -���ct-t";- -ij].-A-.-  'sYtii  ���i'",-.-.i i. v.,:.j.|-?  ���   '    .    .     ''-  E. A.JIILL.   ,  ,    J. IT. JJAWifK,,  Wo.-U.y l'jos.' , ��� Vdor; iiv K<>4;v,  1    i    ��    *r        r   r '  l��yW11T-Y*W'-tt��aCT'WyjW��r|rjtpiB^l|.j| |TIB,''JI^ByafWt��TTTPTJ1r �� WrCS 1 JWM,*>��i*T".irl   , ,���?r_ ,  Harvey ��� & ' Mc Carter,  r * l     11 ���  .is ' '    ' '.  "rj-1?"1"^"y*""-'" I*'-*-'-/***' rci tw.pw^wt-^-p-h-* ���W'^i^~*T-���^l^l!wr��*^!*,  w."F,-ei-irBD; ��� " *'::'  ��� *   ^     i ^  ' A��@ ATDIBJ^o'  NJELSOM",  f <*.  *.  7-P- c  ., (" ��� Whdlesiale'i;,'WiQ.'3  '4i and Spirit oHer-  " chant.<        '���''���  Agent rpr_C'Rigi:ry..Bi:ewin^ \e'.'-:  Beer, Ale and Pcrter.  T. Label & Go/3    '  '    *  [ ���^JtJti. (. .,,1 .K. ���ii.ZlAj    I>",I. Li,\.U   KV/i^!      ��!,;IV.  ORANBRQOIC: ',..;*'    'Ji. c  - j" iii:-i.Si's u KAi*1* \%    (S5    izL.tL'jLyJi f  1    4 t ?        * - ,        J       i      i  -*i>  ���ii  *,'j  >.!f*'r  f,hq driest Brand's of- Liquors and Cigars:    ���  HEADQUARTEEj;S\ FOR' COMMERCIAL"; ,.    -    S  ,  ,        AND'R'IINJIN-Q' MEM d    *   '7^'       -d /    ���" J  �� '.uorii*:     7 ���     " ���,   ".,--    '--���',   ���     ���'  *    iiitvxian.ooL.vztBXA' g  ��� wTwrwMTi i'i mini iittiwii *n miw ��� inn  , I;; '      <       ,  i' 1   ���       ' r, *# ^. A .. '   '��� ��� <  1*1 l^* i ST? fv > f 'J  j?j '     ' y? "vj     '    -   "    will   hii,ve  prompt/ attention iif   you  .   ' 1*^ "'i  ' ' " -- abnd theiu to us, .You take no chan  ces in deuling,witli lis aa *v,*e p-uaran- '"  MB'  "   ,    '. * >     ,     ��  'o. m (-isT.'it- *."*'       ' -f s5* p3 P .T -3 n--1 "-3 VI?  Keg Beer, Bottled  3eei'   ak(V J/ouls:-:  ���, Hay'and Ovsdrit- y  cMIfe' and ,'CaIgary^  ''i?^''Z7^',^^"T��Z& ,  George H. .'Thompson,;  . BAitnisiTKfi, yoLrcrron, JSo-  . ��� la'iy rrjm.iq, &c,  "o '   ' , * '  " A  CliAXBEOOK,    " BniTisit qor.tjJir.fA.  BUY YOUK   ,  .���ff"*Hi ��*"��/,*^-:"s Tj?3'-7^���>        ** ,  .,',,' '" !    lt!T|:irSr,W��,��     l-^***.   �����"*'J     /--."'u- fl^V. ^*"j*l   Irrl-^l   ..  '  ^-jtr^wtJCSii J-^a j: 'Trt ��ii*  *-eir��� D  \,-.1*1 ii  '.*,"1T. I)'  John  ' ii'.inu  i.uil kecp-i ixoo.l time.   But rfiiuoiiincD ^o.i*  .'..mo i -.vatchra r.iisbeh.ue b,*r,*.usc thi/ i-rn't  *"jntl"! bo!n if..    Thev often i!.'ii*t kcI Mir c'lv  ���"or,he (lua tliov nliiiul.;.    '.'in   wmni.iu'r-t. ���',,  '*io Rt-t  lO'.lI lL'0  ii;iu Ciguru..  ' ���'   f..       ' -   * J f   *'    r.t . 1 I,'  iU'f'^A      i.l   ������     iS. il-.'. i\s'Ji'  Cici.'",        y<itv.. <*.i'.      (  >;*.k jtiyiucry.  ^       ' '-ill''-,   T'Ar.  .  Vieftr'a f-'-i,  ' A.'Bi Stewart &.-0o-. ���-  .  ,        , .-ci ntk ro:i  k<7> i ;rf ay  ki'Ea:-!���. j.aundky.  i;   BK.*-^,L-    ��-*sf-   �����i-"?^*'T-*'*r^-i^-^-y^,^y^-"  - T-ac-f-ut.����Bi.ag*aiq  ���F aid.?JU    ,        .d-'f77.t.7i V��  r���* **--*���-jr=.^*x��.'  1   AJJ  r*��:��js^n.Txvar�� r~ -r-trsj"*-  Brea-i, Pies, Caires,  Etc  TvfGlve Los,":  f[-j|(i],yj|f;pi.' '  jut6,vy  sIiocb,   pants, Vest's', ���*;blanket's,  Hl'fll/ VliiPlll ' 7 "'    ' I" ills, pillows, and jsmall "y/ares'such  as buttona,'etc.       . '  OurCIiqOKER^, DBPARTAIENT  iu, without doubt; the  largest, in East1!]  Kootenay.1-"   In   this  department you-"'  will soe all kinds of staple  and  fancy   j  ehiaii'and glaa.iware, including.dinner.   ,|  "sets,  toilet' sets, Ub>' glassware., bar,  glassware,   plairf   white rau,(A .printed  ware, stone jars'aacl jugs, elc. .* , *  ���v. - - '       fr       '.*-'-    - . _  \X.y   - GROCERY DE'PARTTdENT.  -^hore is little ; use oL mention.-   m  |l|   wa i)ua. a-* ovaryLocly knows'that  wo  IwVe  -everything yuncler   the   j  || . su'n gold in a first class.grooury  st  M     ''   '"When in  Omul ironic  urop   i  '.J    ���  rl  ���&-  store,*'  in   and   see*"   n's.    You are always1  n'xlrv j:"ink  '��  I'i  **-    *_������  ti iiaat .Kootenay's ��>ig: ;Hail Ordei  'd: ' OKVNRIIOOK. ���  Be. I  *   the watch ��e!K en.itic,   pi-ih.'.ps   i-uiiit.  _nlit.e      alto-ether,    i.'uw, ��c o.r,i turn t>. waieh  r-oumi'   like this into a Uf-c-ful timepieco n^iiin  ,f."r'/i    for a very   little    money.    V. f   would  t.ika ii apart, clean it llioioushly,   pui  It to^etlier, and hard it   back   to   you  as j*,orid as  new.  W. H. WiLSON,'  ITBW BXJSINSISB  V-aa?   -y^,/    Jj, ...^    ���)      J     *1     (J    A,   tJ.    .^.    i^T    ���   t      1 l  .-(Mfr TroTc^tiso^y  , I ;  r-i *���' a-- ���-*.��� i    '.. , "J o  . ll--..��-i liy V:' .      t,.*��   *i  1 \*l Ply^C*"!-"  la blO:*..*'."  .-''ii-   :���;*"  1';*'���-;| <.'!; --7",*,   *,.  j>,.tlK' l.I-i'.i    :,\-'A  u 'A.  We l',i-.o foiii.i-l" a   putncr-ibin  foi  the purpouo of earning on bu-'.n; cS u- J _CX. .c-:.   ���' ^^^.IfiX^i.! 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