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The Moyie Leader Apr 25, 1908

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■000,00 g,
-OOU.0C £.*«
6. Ji a , ,
• J. I
'r«. WILSON, Jeweler
..CRANBROOK.     ,    ,
-*—•*** -••» Moiys. ^r* «n :•   **"
...-,o'-i»i'.-v^a«- ztspr-
"~^ ,-':,>lf „
m v?£A
i'<SA.     ■ siT -!.■
•M     "
AVOIJ. ir, NO 3
i ^i*!
'movie, b. c, Ami.
We-'are unloading today a car of"', '' -
'        ' _, " . * ■ '■-, &       ■ ,
'a (FROM WASHINGTON) .   ,'' \ •'
If you w,ant good„ potatoes just send' in, your
order. ,  . a    .     *
I        GENERAL FLOAT       I
• '     ■* -     i '        "'I S
is to be started at Creufcon.
.The Greater.  Eujrene.
W- H- Aldrid>e, who wag in
It is rumored that a newspaper, Vancouver recently,, has ^the fol-
to be atarted at Creaton. ' lowing to say^a'bout Moyie's  big
Fewer birds were used this year
C, JlKUHI 11, 	
otjS glasses do ir
'-*1     f'l'IlHj
W. H. WILSON, Optician
$2 A  YEAH
to decorate Easter hats than ever
before.   <  '•    '
6., W. Taylor Dominion fish Inspector, is making:'a tour of the
Kootenays. *'    >, . ,. ■     " ,     '
P. D7 Hope has opened a drug
store in the Miinro, " building   at
Crestou. '<     "'"""     *     ' /
rwi °<J^a -,  -'1*   - *
I * r=
^+--^ * **■
f.-*-_'<   ->u-    .-„_7..  -,"*/>
-.!«     .        '   r,*        ^'f _A,  -'     .<
l, -:-
I        &£'   jlJJ- -
Considerable mining' is beibg
done along the Moyie river south
of Kingsgate ' -  *' ,,  •
'T-*}?fe seems to be little'pro*
pacts, of ~ the Marysville -• smelter
resuming operations.   --'■.'
<■'    ,'
1       k     1%/
,-./•. :-
'  o    ^      ^
Fire, I*ife and Accideat;Ijisaraiice.
' ?^,e Consolidated company^ Has
1200 men on the payroll,-at Ross-'
land, Trail and.'Mo'yie.;^^,,,;" J;,-
, "Of the"' i ,300: prisoners; in 'the
Wa.lla4 Walla penitentiary only
185'have been married,
?A>r   . „
s-A    -.,'*
&V '   a "''Vi -*^     J'1-"* '.«\".j r-v." '"   -*   A"»1   I     ^..'';'''    A     .-^r ' " '« V   '"
1^*. Anothervcar or(.the .celebrated, Calaaryd «. •■
|Vf' ^'-r ; .f Milhngr,Company's f y;;y^  --•• - ;y. - .'
Br.....'  -,;" ^.a,.^/: *;.'>"- «^*> A-'--y■ i- r   >,A»r- -.<>'% « -—■ ""t 'V    --.
lft»i ft>-*J<   '■^i'jc1  .,■"-'?-■• !#!" ,*vsfVffc»* ~.*''v! .v^L*«-r'-*"-."ii ,    j*     .,  .      t'/c-
""",■'"1.  /ft'  '-ri^   '^Xlj-t-^Z"^^'^   U,,""1-1  ^'f'1      ' d   A-v A'
f Also, Bran,fChbp;« Oats-jandf ^Vheafcf.lrf fi-., * > *
_ ■- -*.■     > .A .. v,.  .-* i- , u-ri .*■     -    *.,.•        _^- ^ .. ..^     ... ^..-vt..^ ... . ^ * -
",  i," ■''   .   ,  .'— ,       A
'", The miut at<Octawa, has already
bought: 250,000 ounces of silver
from the Trail emelter."
mine: ■" .     A,  i '    < ,        -
. 'I t- u ' f
:   "The St. Eugene,  at Moyie,   in
East Kootenay, is also owned  by
ourccimpanyi.   Itis famous as  a
lead producer and also yields 'considerable silver. J Th:s property is
developing some large ore shoots
about.the   2,66§ * footi' level,  al:
though somewhat 6'f,.iower grade!
Improvements recently completed
in the mill haye(greatJy increased
its' capacity,' ybesideary' increasing
the percentage of recoveries.. "The
dailyyiboriage isj^aboufc. 500,/tons,
vrMehdyields^mJ tons of ,concentrates.   This upturn is smelted,'at
Trail and constitutes' the   major
portion,of the 20,000 tousvtons,of
refined lead wej-are -'now, turning
out * yearly.*, j^f here      reduction
works also contain furnaces .which
are treatingisevekj hundred  tons
of gold-copper ores- daily."-,. -    "•
TheK.;of *P.' grarid-'Io'dge^will
cinvene at Victoria ptr-May * lithT
E. A.^ Hilly will represent ;,tha
Moyie'lodge. f   ,,       '      ', ,
, The First Thought mine at^Ori-
ent,owned-by;<P.- Burns <fc Oo.i"J is >
shipping.-soine '$200ljore. to, tnei
smelter. ' *■', f-'"'''a   /',   n f 'i . "
!*&> *
■ ■~ v„ A**1 't<u*.<'?. * -ri-oi^^Af, ..f ijii-^.s'* w-^s^jitj-kv.-
,.«r  .*'
W> '-.«•» ,
'      A",   —rr  ,    ,- ,, ,-
* Ore from the Snowstorm ^ mine"
in theOoeur 'd'Alenes :is'now' be-
ie   smelter   at
'    "  '        "■«'*:..
,   * .J-*-.
ingj treated,fat
■ r   ■-z.'t* & «r--^t-.*-—-.-i-^aB.'Sf- .-•"-_ _J':'_-^-*^_**;"_,_^-- _-*_'_ -'
. ^;-,•• *fe^QTT£Vp^N<^JBT<OBE., ..,
dyief;Cdidperativ0^ Assdciation^Iitd
■  1    ^
-V ik
^^"CTheJPovertx" BalI."1'T'
-' :*-fv 'y-i^i—a vi -
-Varied" indeed were the ycos-
tiimeswoin-at^the .poverty bSH
Alonday'evening,'and we did not
kjKjjv; there -were so- many old
clotHes'in.* towiudThe'men had
Coxey's'army bVa'ten a mile, and
the'ladiesj* well"''they' looked just
too. cute for. anything dressed in
their! wrappers, y.-Hkimonos -and
other ;apparel", which"'" they, .'don
while doing'3their morning' housework: ■*, MrsyHerritt/was awarded
a pretty, cup£ and^'saucer • for < the
best1'lady costume,Tarid.-Fred' Ege
was pr'esented'with a Tuddy bear.
' i*'    l l.       v    -a.        ~    &       \i   \
Ani extra^good" lap Ji.luuch?'r was.
served.' ^The dancef was ^m . every
w'ayra'-success1, aiid'the money ~left
•»*»•>* ^a-*>ai*-j.9*3.d3.&»d»**j> irj-iidar ■
Thos. Sjwei-butts  was over  to"
Cascade.      r , <. '•
* The weather,is a little chily for j
boating. , >
i '
Thos. Rader was up   from1 Mor-
rissey-this week.
The water in Moyie lake is raising quite rapidly. <*
Miss" Martha Keaney is , home
from Reveldtoke.. r -;    —?
Dave Porter and wife intend going east on a visit Shortly.'
Dr King was^up /rom Cran-,
brook on"' professional .business
Thursday.., ,       ' , •      ''  c *
,      i r      ," ''' n*^
The driving of logs down Limb
creek,1"'will probably;start next
week.   "•        -   , ', J -     d
*' '        '-- r     *   ■  '        '   "'
Mrs." 1 Alfred','   Sherman   ' .left
Thursday-'for    Spokane   Wash.,
to join'her husband.y *        -'"v   '-
■"' Give, your order to C.  A. Foote
for a si>i ing;suit' and ' keep  your
money at home. ' f
;' ,Mi13 y^a'ker Jwas up from Cranbrook during * the ' week visiting
with friends'. ''"        ,
., Paul Jensen is down on' the
.Moyie;" river' looking after Jas.
Gibbon's place. - "    ,     ""
. „<:FOR IsaLeJWo good, substantial houses and lots on'^easy
terms.    Apply' to P, J. Smyth. ',
Mrs. -J. F: Webber; sister of Jack
McTayisb\,and, two .children, "of
Clinton, Iowa, are here on a "visit
��� St. ,Andrews .".Presbyterian
church., .Divine-service Sabbath
evening 7:30- p. m: Speaker WV
T.  McCree. *•-.- * ■ * ' ?
BBasaaaaaBmBSBBBaaset wwim^^u^
_    -'This is'ihe time of tlio year tp do your painl- '
ingfwhile the daystare cloudy a^ind cool', and before
the dust begins,to fly.   - J   '
,,     'We cany Prism Brand ready mixed   paint, in"
all the leading,c')l9rs.    Also' white   lead/oil,  tur-'
pontine, varnishes,-paint brushes, etc.| etc.
, : * With Pdsm Brand mixed paint   you  can   do'
fyourown^orkaK^ellasany'Rainter.^   \   '    '
\.\  [ Try a"lil^ °i> yo-4r kitchen ceiling or 'wainscot-^.',
mg, and be convinced that with Prism Brand  vou
are a painter.       .        <..'*•'        ■•       -   , r
, "'     « '      t 1      A        ,  . L. J
MacEachern & Maedonald
"Central" .is'Located.' *
|se : Union rMade ^Fldur. * v. We' have  tested this
f AVlE*^OTJlE%L '" \   : <
lality i^fifstplass.. %ZA0 and   $3.75.vPer Sack.
.-   - ,   - -( Special prices this week on        , , t ,
y ;mccready shoes.
*~ -.,       J * * ■•     - *•    h ( • *-' 1. *.    *
>rms Cash.   Deposit; Accounts Opened,
^r»n«rultjieale^ ^yi    ,tQe„.es $
,to .Chicago to take treatment. for, wUVg'o tnjvards building  a-danc'i
1 * '  ■ T~ -i *   ' ,
u Odd, FeIIowsT   Anniversay.
stomach trouble.
.. E. H: Small and' Bdale <k El well
of Oranbrook have put plate glass
windows in their places. This is
the best, possible indication of
prosperity. "   , , . '
X James-Cronin1- was Von  Wednes^
d-iyjsy eaatbouud " train. „ HeVaa
p'   .   .     „   MOYIE'S'   LEADING   HOTEL;7    v       ' "    '   , f
[Hotel Kootenay
The best of accommodations
for the Traveling Public,
ftarj-e and Commodious Sample Eoojus. Billiard Rooms,
MoTAVISH 4 CAMERON Proprietors.
Don IkfcKay, for several years
in • charge . of the ^ governmr-nt
roads in the district, is now run-
ningr a'Veal, estate offica in
Montana. John Reid is ailing his
Four at a birth was an unusual
event which happened at the Slo-
can Hospital on. Monday. The
Jady is ,the second' wife of Mr.
Thomas Cat. The doctor's services
were not required.— Slocan Mining Review.       y
Over 1000 unemployed men are
in Prince Rupert, and no more
laborers will •- be allowed to land
at the northern terminus till the
contractors are ready co start
construction work, which will be
about June 1.
Tomorrow will be the 89th   anniversary of the I.  O.   O.  F. and
the  day    is. fittingly • observed
wherever the'.; order    exists.    In
Moyie tomorrow evening   all  the
members in town who  can' possibly   attend will.* march    to „the
Presbyterian    church, -where   a
special service wilPbe - conducted
by the Rev.    Gr.   H.   Find lay   of
Trail, who is a member of Wildey.
lodge.   All  Odd - Fellows  are requested to meet at McGregor hall
tomorrow evening' at 6:30   o'clock
and prepare for the march to  the
church.    There    will    be    spec a!
music by the   choir, assisted-by
Mr. Kamm,. cornet; and Miss  Hid-
dle, violin.    Mrs., Patrequin    will
sing two solos,'"The Holy City,"
aud "Ninety and Nine."'
' Goldie Stewart, of, the McJyie
Drug & Stationery Co , will have
charge of the central office of the
aerWo telephone cjmpany. The
hours will be on week days from
8 a: m. to 9 p.< m., arid on Sundays
from-12 md to S p.- m. .There .will
be 25 phones in town to start'
with.-'The rate to-bs,, charge!
will be $3"a month for business
houses ' and $2 for ( residences..
The'phones and. other_, supplies
wiufbeuordet*ed from Chicago.
',.'- : ^New^ Train Service:'• " '
' The"1 first,
" New York—Bar s-ilver, !jo
Lead, $4.75. . Copper, 13 cter.
Losdon—Lead/£13, 5s, '    ■
.No Ladies in  Choirs".
Soo-Spokane   train,
since the service was discontinued
last     January,   ?went     through
Moyie last'Tuesday morBTing  go-L7X»1
, ,,     „ B     I voices,    ojuia.or   cnem— t
ing west, and the first train going  „Jrll f,,      ' ,    . ~
«*.#-   w»^^   *i. ,.    w-j-f-j   *   mththe1  new  regulation
going^ to „ inspect-his , farm near
CowleyS"' -'- -'•*   '■
'- E.A; Hill*isrt:gatting'' ready- to
build on his :iotv,on ^Tavistock
street/which'he purchased recently.    ^    . > '    *r J
* ~ - *
' Mrs. McKinnon and daughter of
ReveIstokeH'are " spendiug a   few
days in Moyie and "are the   guests
of Mr. and Mrs. MacEachern.
COOK—First class ' experience
and reliable, <wishes position in
hotel or boarding house. Apply
J. J.' T. Bjx 494. Nelson.
Wm AleDougall returned this
week from Spokane with his
bride. \They have.taken up their
residence at the Sc, E igene.    The       There will be a   10  cent tea at
Leader extends   congratulations,   the    Presbyterian    cnurch    next
Methodist   church,    tomorrow ' Monday,   April 127, in    honor   of
At  Ottawa sima ; of' the  local   -
Catholic church.ctioird which, had!. *
arranged for ladies   to   take ' part'',
in their Ejiter miijic"^ prugr,*'iilio '*" r
were obliged to"dispence wich"thwl;,l1,'
female,voice<;v; W,hen the .decfee,"'^
of Pope Piii3 X  on^ciiuroh  niusief
was'issued, in^ which .decreed-it; ,'*
T*.9 Pr9vided that woman 'sh6uld
not'sing' at. mass "and certain'-feer-'
vices'of the church,  the chui-ohes
were given'  a certain lougth^of
time to   prepare choirs" of male    -
Some.of them—complied    ,
-*-*     ii>-ttTr|
....    m^„4.   i.i. ,     ,„   ,        ,        »v'i,u. ljj.o   new  regu/atious   many
ease   went   through    Wednesday! ,, .    .    T. ...      '
flvonincr     ti.oq-^8      i, u moaths afiT° but others *, till con tin-
evening,    i Uese trains have   been -„„j i.„ i ,   .'
fued to have womeu iu  the choirs.
r,i 1
running almost on time ever since
Tne trains going west always stop
at Moyie, and on one or two occasions those going bast' stopped
A 10 Cent Tea.
The rule is now  btrietly   enforced
in Ottawa. '* "
Route to Finlay River
Aurora Looking Better.
Why is it
,aBHAIWL^^  „ that 90 per cent of the trav
ellers are wearing
TettONTe Clothing?   Ask
irtr; Kb
» "*%•-•"- j«r j*»LretJt«r jSu«tj*rj«i' -«c x&r.,
Imperial Bank of Canada.
Capital Authorized-
Capital paid up	
The Montana mine owners association, composed of 300 active
operators and skippers and representing a combined capital, of $1,
000,000. have secured control of
the Idaho Smelter and Rjfiaing
company's Panhandle Smelter at
Sand Point.
George Torney made hi-i escape
from the Trail lockup the other
day in regular dime novel style.
He locked the policeman in the
kitchen.got out through the office
and while on his way to liberty
he made a young lady dismount
from a horse she was riding, aud
mounting the steed was soon on
the other side of the boundary
The Debate.
Savings bank department.
.|'^'?*r8s-' -^-i-owed on deposits from date  of   deposits   and
MfeM quarterly. ..-.-. .-,, .
4. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
-*5** ***>-■ -*v-,-^i*" *fr?1fry,*-JKT ^a-jpnefanj*- tprrrp.-jp. ty. ip. ip    ^^ J
The subject for debate for next
Monday evening is the one adjourned from last Monday evening, owing to several counter attractions, viz: "Resolved that the
extension of the boubty on lead
s fit and proper legislation."
Lots Sold Weir.
Some 50 government lots were
auctioned at Hosmer this week,
ahd brought from $300 up $g as
iiigha8 fl.OjpQ apiece.
"~ The big strike Which 'was made
lately on the Aurora has been
creating a good deal of favorable
comment. Some samples can be
seen in the window of A. B. Stewart's store. Themen working ou
the property are getting ready
to take out some ore for shipment.
Small Debts Court.
Cranbrook Herald: A , small
debts court is to be established in
Moyie. Mr. Joseph ltyan, judge
of the small debts court, of Cranbrook. will hold a sitting in town
each Saturday. Provincial Constable Routh has been appointed
clerk of the court at Moyie.
evening>t 7:30. The Rev! Wm.
Boulton's subject^ will 'be: "A
Struggle for Exi3tance.", You
are cordially, invited.
Wm. Boyd left this week for
Kalispell' Mont., where he will
probably remain. He has sold
his place to Archie Flemming,
clerk in R. Campbell's store.
J. E. Crowe's many friends are
pleased to hear of his turn for the
better and his good chances for
recovery. For several days his
life hung in the balance, but he
now seems to be past the danger
Rev. G. H. Findlay. Tea will be
served during the afternoon and
evening, beginning at 2-o'clock,
and at S o'clock in the evening
there will be a short program of
musical and literary numbers.
Dance April  29th.
Dance Pavilion Meeting.
Those interested in the building
of a dancing pavilion are urged
to attend a public meeting in the
union hall tomorrow (Sunday)
afternoon at -4 o'clock.
Hand Painted
We havo just received a
shipment   of    beautiful
hand   painted   Austrian [
chna  which   we    must
sell   at  once  aud  at
great reduction.
Don't  miss  this   oppor-
tunit}-.        Come    early
and get a small   tea set,
. chocolate    sot,'   or  pre-
After three months" of a most
successful dancing. school, the
Moj'ie Dancing Club will surrender their lease on Morley hall
on May 1st. They> .vill give a
big dance next Wednesday evening, April 29th. '
The. best and most direct   route
to  the  scene  of the   new' placer
-find, on '   the    Finlay    river    is
by way of Ashcroft, according  to
F. T. Cromwell, who    knows   tk<j
northern part of British Columbia
as well as anyone.    Only Ias't year
he  headed   a  party which   came'
overland from   E.Imonfcon   to   the
coast  via the    Yellowhead   piss.
The route via   JI izleton is   longer
and   more  difficult,   with    fewer
chances  of  replenishing  supplies
en route, Mr Cromwell says,   and
he advises   intending stampeJers
to go iu   by   way of A-ihcrofc-to
Quesnelle and   chen    aci-ojs    the
Griscom portage by Fort <Jeorge.
--J-" 'i
'&(• -I
M' 'l
•IV '
-I <
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Cures Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough.
Take notice that after April 10
all wood and coal sold by the
undersignad will be for cash only.
Money must accompany orders. "■
serve set. Sugars and
creams, Butter dishes,
celery trays, cracker
jars and salads, etc. .
This large and beatiful
assortment 'will be on
sale for the next two
weeks so call and see us
There; is never a pestieia as to
the absolute purify and heaifh-
fulness of food raised with
A pure, cream of tartar powd
Its fame is world wide
No alum; no phosphate of lime
i-efivs .->  *  V  THE LEADER, MOVIE. BRITISH COLUMBIA^  A J  +  -1   f  ���     ,A      , jt.-  1 \'. rt'   . r" ;.<,  *V.V      ���"  I'u/f    *  Km'-  ft'!*-        'ir .  /    "    r      "'       I ,  il*       ,  r '1- 1  ' h v '��'  ��� -vv,'('' ^  ' ^- -   '. v.  . 4-1 \l   "    . .���-i  'J| ''i, r     .'   ,'  4* ���;��, --' 1  Tr'(   .'    A       '    ''c  &-.;*'��� :  ���,l"-�� i./'rV  J'A ���     "V  <���% C   .*-'       ,;       < <���  .   "PK��      �� f ''���'!���  ���I'^-v*'.*  ti-fli'&y'  ��1     f,   -      - -   i  *w> si!, ";<  REFUGEES  . By A. CONAW DOYLE.  Author   ot   "The   Return   o!   Sherlock  Holmes"  CopjTlRty. 1893, by Harper & Brothers  Ik  1 '.-_ ��� "  ���    i*  ?$&.-��;?, '���"-������:"  '.'i*t^? rvi-.-ti.,  ��ti r*��- ,.",' s-i  .**   *    -rS-1,''   f-��    ,      ��  _��F^>    T ''.J*',    l_l (.   '*  'tSWF.A'-f    V'  '4.y,A$Ai  S-"C*"'4lf   i'a"'."'���  fr. ,. %*}"'"'' K ��  i'feivl^  ,11 ���? w-'��-  '4,'-&fe*A  If s,  IA  . .-  IP"-     .  1 It   Ljf-."  lr��f   r*   ��  ���    {#*�������'$���>���'���'.  Lit) "�����-���-  Ifif.  M-f. .  t&j-.^r " -7S-.C!*,  Sr>"j> , ."a*' I  i-A'. * if.  fCf-V.'n  li;;'*;'  ij-V^i-*''   r>  ! * *-(;p '-  ^Ay.'l'r,  "*r   .'. 'A    '       '  - 't r,      J.  ��� ,KA��, -A'1;.  .' I y*l"-;i'<Ar.  ' I   '   !   ^ ,J.   J,  ri 'i   - i  ^' .pv  , tli  .       Jh1   .  >:��� :     ,��*  A  r '        - .   .  j. r f, ���-  (Continued)  "liow a;J you come, uutilc?"  .     "lu a fiUeclu'." ,  "AVhero is lt?"  ���.'That is it, beyond ��hfr.auberge."  ;*Coaie. let us make for it."  =s--''Aua you,'Auiory, are you coming?"  '      ,*-My  fulth,  it is time that I  came,  r'from'what you tell uie.   There is room  foi* a man with a sword -at his side In  this establishment of yours."  -But what would you do?"  "I would ba*.e a word with this Cap-  .   tain -Dalbert.'   Ila,   here-conies   our  '    caleche! f Whip up.' driver, and 5 llvres  to you if you, pass the gate-of the(ln-  rnl'idps within the hour."- -   '   ,   ���  It was no light matter to drive fast  in  an age of sprlngless carriages and  'deeply   rutted   roads,   hut Ajio  driver  lashed   at   his   two   rough,   undipped  t horses, and the ealeehe Jolted and cja-t-^  'lived upon its way. ' rt  /'When   was   all   this?"  'asked   the  guardsman.'  '"It was ycstei-daynight."  <' "And where is A'dele now?"  "Sbe'is at home."       ���  "And this Dalbert?"    -    ,  <--Oh,. he is there also!"  "'What!    You   have left her  in  his  power while you came away to Versailles?'!^ ���'        '    '* t   s  1   '   '/She -i*o-iocke& in her room."   '  ."Pah!   What is a lock?"   The youngi  ^inan raved  with his hands in tlie air  ,   at the thought of his' own impotence.'  , '   "And Pierre is there."     a ^  ,"IIe is useless." 1 '   ,      .  "And Amos Green.','  "Ah, that Is better.   Ho Is'a man by  " the look of him."    ���'���  "His' mother was one of ��� our own  folk from Staten Island, near Man*  ' hattan 'She was one of those scattered  lambs who fled early before the wolves  -���nhen first, it was seen that .the king's  hand waxed heavily upon Jsrael. He  .speaks French, and yet' he is neilher  French to the eye nor aro his ways  liUe our ways."  '   "And   you   have" left   him   in   the  house?" J- _  ' "Tes; he was sat with'this Dalbert,  smoking with him' and telling lhim  si range tales."  " l  "What   guard ' could ' he * bfrp-he   a  Btranger in a strange land?   you did.ill  to leave .Adele thus, .uncle." ,   ������  "She is (in God's hands,t Amory."  "I trust so.   Oh, I-am on fire to be  there!"       '      a' '      . ;     t       -'   \  Soon,  as  the  road  curved down  to  the   river   bank,   the   cityi, wallfgrew  nearer and nearer until they had passed the southern gate aud were rattling  ' over the stony causeway, leaving tlie  broad  Luxembourg   upon- their   right  nnd Colbert's last work, tlie'Invalides,  upon their nleft. yilie young officer had  his' head , still Ihrusb bufof" the win-  <.dow, but his view was obscured by, a  broad gilded carriage which  lumbered  heavily alo'ng in front of them.   As the  road broadened, however, it swened to  oue side, and he was able to catch a  glimpse of the Catinat house.  It was surrounded ou every side bj  nn immense crowd.  The house of the Huguenot merchant  was a tall, narrow buildiu?, standing  at the corner of the Rue St Martin  and the Hue de Biron. It was four  stories in1 height, grim and grave like '  its owner, with high peaked roof, long  diamond paned windows, a framework  ' of black wood, with giny plaster filling  the interstices, -and five stone steps  which led up to the narrow and somber  door. The upper F'.ory was but 'a  waichouse, in wlpcb the trader kept  his stock, but the scond and third  were furnished with balconies edged  with stout wooden bslustr.ulcs. As  the uncle and the nephew sprang out  of tlie caleche they found themselves  upon the outskirts of a dense crowd of  people, who were swaying and tossing  with excitement, their chins all thrown  forward and their gaze directed upward. Following their e*,es, (lie young  otlicer saw a sight which left him  standnig'bereft of eveiy sensation eave.  amazement.  From  ihe upper balcony there was  hanging  head  downward  a man clad  t  > I*  t  i  ,'i  fef :&-iag.  "Pull me lip, son qt the devil, pull mi  ���upi" He streamed.  In the bright blue coat and white  breeches of one. of the king's dragoons.  Ilis hat arid'wighad dropped off.-aud-  ills close cropped head swung slowly  backward nnd forward a good fifty  feet above the pavement His voice  resounded over the whole place; until  the air Was tilled with his screams for  mercy,.- -  .- '��� ��� ���  Above him at tho corner of the balcony 'there stood a young man who  leaned with a bent back over the  balustrade aud who held the dangling  dragoo;i! by either ankle. His face,  howeygry was not directed toward his  victim, but was half turned over his  shoulder  to confront a  group of sol-  open wmaow wmen oppffea-out mro  the balcony.  Suddenly the crowd gave a groan of  j etcitempnt. The young mau had released his grip upouoneof the ankles,  and the dragoon hung now by one only,  his other leg flapping helplessly in the  air. ' i  "Full'me up. son of the devil, pull  me up!" he screamed. "Would you  murder me, then?   Help, good people,  help!"  "Do you want to come up. captain?"  said   the   strong,   clear   voice  of   the  young  man  above hi in,  speaking  excellent French. ,  "Yes, baci'ed name of God. yes!"  "Order off your men, then."  "Away, you dolts, you Imbeciles!  Do  jyou wish to see me da-med to pieces?  Away. I sa'i !   Off with you!"  "That Is better," said the youth when  the   soldiers   had   vanished   from   tho  window.    He gave a 'tug atstbe dra-.  goon's leg'as he, spoke, which jerked  him   up   so ' far   Uiat, he  could   twist  'round and catch hold of the lower edge  of  the   balcony.    "How do  you  find  yourself now?" he asked.  '"Let me up, sir; let me,up!"  "All in 'good time.    I  fear that lt la  Inconvenient to, you to talk with your  heels In the air.    I am golpg to pull  vou up, but only on conditions."  "Oh, they are granted!., I am slip-.  ping!" ' ,        '     .  "You will leave this house���you and  your men. You will ^ot trouble this  old man or this young girl any further.  Do vou promise?"  "Oh. yes; we shall go!, Only pull me  up!"       . .'"  "Not' so fast.,- It may be 'easier to  talk to you likeJthis. I do uqt know-  how the laws" are over here. Maybe,,  'this sort of thing is not permitted. You  will'promise me', that'I shall haveno  trouble over.the matter." ���.".  "None, none.   Ouly.pull me up!"       ���  "Very good.   Come along."    '<  *  -,,  , ne   dragged   at ,the,t dragoon's ,leg,  .while the other gripped his way up the  'balustrade uiilil  amid ,n." buzz of congratulation from.'tho crowd he tumbled  ail 'n a heap over tlie, rail on to.'tlie  balcony,  where^ he layfor a few moments as'he had  fallen.1 '"Then, stag-"  perlng to'his-feet. withdutua glance At.  his opponent, he rushed with a bellow  of'rage througIi"the open 'window.  While this-little drama had been enacted overhead,the young guardsman  had shaken ofT his' first stupor of  vnmazen).euf 'and had pushed his way  through the 'crowd ,wilh t such vigor  that he and'his companion,had near.Iy.  , reached Hthe bottom of the steps.' The'  uniform of the king's guard was in-It-"  self'n passport anywhere,'aud the face  of old Catinat'was so well, known in  the district Hat evprv nnp drew haok  to' e'ear a path for him 'toward bis(  iio'usc. The^ door was flung open for'  them.and an .old servant stood .wringing his hands in the dark passagef' -���--  "Oh, master! Oh,- master!" he cried.*  "Such doings! .Such infamy!", - .. ���  , As he spoke a clatter and shouting;  which had burst, out again -upstairs  ended suddenly in a,tremendous vcrash,  with volleys of onth's and a prolonged  bumping and smashing, which shook  the old house to its' foundations. The  soldier'and the,IIiigiie'not rtisbed swiftly up the first flight of stairs and were  n'bontito ascend" tlie second one,'from''  the head of which the uproar seemed  to'.proceed, when* four, men, so Mocked  together that they formed but one rolling b'u'ndlevcame,'tlnidding down amid  a'debris of spliutered stair rails^and  writhed and struggled upon the landing, "-triggering up, falling down, and  all'breathing together like the wind in  a chimney. So twisted and twined  were'they that it was'liard to pick one  from the other s.tve that the innermost  was clad in black Flemish "cloth, while  the three who clung^to him were soldiers of the king. Yet so strong and  vigorous was the man whom they tried  to hold that as often as he could find  his feet he dragged them after him  from end to end of the passage, as a  bo-n* might pull the curs which had  fastened oii to his haunches. Au officer, who-bad rushed down at the heels  of the brawlers, thrust his'bands ln to  catch the civilian by the throat, but  he vhipped them back again with0 an  oath as the man's strong white teeth  met [n his left thumb. Clapping tlie  wound to his month, be flashed out his  sword nnci -vas about to drive it  through the body of his unarmed opponent when De Catinat sprang for-  ���\\ar.l and caught him by the wrist.  "You .vil.ain, Dalbert!" he cried.  Tho sudden appearance^of oue of the,  king's own bo.lyguard had a magic  efiett upon the brawlers. Dalbert  .-.pr.ing back, with his thumb still In bis  monlli and his sword drooping, scowling darkly at the newcomer. ' His  li-oo[ers had released their victim and  ������100.1 panting in a line, while the young  man leaned against the wall, brushing  the dust from his black coat.  "I bad a little .account to .settle with  j ou before, Dalbert." said De Catinat,  unsbeUthing-'his   rapier. - Your swo"rd,-  sir."  "I have no quarrel with you."  "-No?"    De Catinat  stopped forward  nnd struck .him  across  the  face with  his open  hand.   "It seems to me that  you have one now," said he.  "Hell and furies!" screamed tho captain.  "To your arms, men! dlola, there,  from above!  Cut down this fellow and  seize   your   prisoner!    Hola!    In   the,  king'-j name!"  At his call n do/en more troopers  c.une hurrying Oow'n the stairs,-while  the three upon the lauding advanced  upon theii former antagonist. He slipped by thorn, howe\or, and caught out  ol the old merchant's hand the thick  oak stick. ������'���' ,  :   "I am with you, sir," said he, taking  his place beside tlie guardsman.  "Call off your canaille and fight me,  like a gentleman," cried De Catinat  -: "A . gentleman!,   Hark   to   tho   bourgeois Huguenot, whose family peddles  cloth!" A.y , ',;y -a       a. - a-"  "You c'dward. ;I- will';write liar on  you with my,sword point!" ���'.- A A.  'lie. sprang forward and sent In a  thrust which might have found its  way to Dalber't's heart had the heavy  saber of a'dragoo.u uot descended from  Uie side and shorn' his more delicate  weapon-off close tc- the hilt With a.  shout of. triumph his enemy Sprang  furiously upon him with his rapier  shortened, but was' met by a sharp  blow from -the cudgel of the young  stranger which sent his weapon tinkling on to the ground. A trooper,  however, on tlie stair had'pulled out a'  pistol and, clapping it withinda foot of  the guardsman's head, was about'.to  settle   tlie  combat  once  and  forever  1 w-iien a'"little oia gc. neir.au wno-nad  quietly ascended' from the street and  who had been looking on with an  amused and interested smile at this  fierv sequence of events took a sudde..  quick 'step forward and ordered ail  parties to drop their weapons with a  voict so decided, so steru and so full  of authority that���ibe saber points ah  clinked, down ^oretber upoa the parquet flooring as though it were a part  of their daily drill.  '   '  "Upon my word, gentlemen; upon  my word!" he said, " looking sternly  from one to the other. ��� In his gait, and  bearing he had a dainty slrut and  backward cock of' the head, which,  taken with his sharp black eyes, his  high, thin features and his assured  manuer. would impress a stranger with  the feeling. that this was a man of  power. And, indeed, in' France or out  of It tbere were few to whom this  man's name-was not familiar, for iu  all" France the only figure which ldomcd  up as large as that of the king was.  tills very little gentleman ��� who stood  now. with gold snuffbox In one hand  and-deep laced handkerchief' In the,  otiier, upou the lauding of tlie Hugue-'  not's house, for who was there who  did not know the last of the great  French nobles, the bravest of French  captain*-, the beloved Conde. victor of  Kocrpv audJiero of tho'Frou'de?  De Cntltku raised tho stump ,of his  "sword in a sfilut'b.        .   , ,    ���  "Ileli,   heh!"   cried   the' old   soldier,  peering af'Uhn.  "You wore'with uie on'  tlie IJhlne���hch? I know your face, cap-'  tain.   But the household was with Tu*  reune."     , ���' .,  "I .was1 in tbe regiment, of Picardy,  your highness. ���. De Catinat is my.  name." -, -1' " , , '  "Yes. yes.  But you,, sir, who the de\-H  are you?" <��� i        " ���,' }  "I'aptiihi  DaibertAyour highness/ of  the Lans-uedoc Mine dragoons." -,'      y,  "Hey!   1 was passing,tn my carriage  and'l''sa\y yon standing'on your head'  '"iii-Uie aiiv'Tbe young man let-ypu" upon conditions, as.I understood." .Ad'1 ���,,  '  "He   sworo  he /would,, go -from   the  ���tou5,iV" wiod '-1--' y��*---B straiiger.   4^ret  when i liad'lef him up*',be "set his men*  upon me.,nnd we all- came 'ddwustairs ,  together.".,      ,  "My faith," you seem to,have left )it-r  tli? behind -y,ou,V said Conde,1- smiling, (  as he glanced at the litter which was  strewn all over-tlie flo'or/-''And^so you (,  broke youi- parole, Captii'in Dalb'ert?"   y  i'"l-.could not bold treaty-w-ith aHu-'  guenot and>an euemyfif.the king." said r  the dragoon sulkily. ���''"    , \*\   --    ' ���;���  j  "You,-could hold {treaty,-  It,.appears,  hut not keep it^'And why,did you let  bim go, sir?;'   "        ', ��� / ,     f y A*  ��� "I believed'his promise.   I" have been,  used to deal with Indians." .  _"     ,f"  /'Heh!    And Vou 'think, an .Indian's  word is,better than that of an.officer'-  in the king's dragoon:-;?"'' v     ~ ,,*      j  "I did not-think-so an houf ago."   -f  "You are very strong,.monsieur,"'said *  Coude, glancing' keenly, aty the bro'ad'*  sboultitfrs ' and arching * caest "of .the^  jouhg stranger. '"You 'nre,frbni\C.in-'  ada, 1, presume?"'    l     '    ' '    .*  , "It.haye  been  there,. sirv, 'But id am  l'rom,NewdYdrk."'r/f   ..-      . t    ,  1,0 ".And , "how/' came" ypii    to   lspe:ik.'  French?'^    ';"-.-    '^  -*i   - V     . ,  "IMy1 niother'.'was^ of4 French' blood.';  "And   bow'long"have   you'been  iu  Panq?"    '    '  -"A 'day."   . .  ,"Heh!     And\you   already   begin   to  throw your mother's country folk ont,,  of windows!" ' >  "He was annoying'a" young maid,  sir, and I asked him, to stop, whereou  he whipped out b.s sword and would  have slain me had I not closed with  him, upon which , be called upon h.'s  fellows to aid biui. To keep theu> off  1 swore that I would drop him over if  they moved' a step', Yet when I let.  bim go tbey set upjn me again." '*  "Hem!    You d.d very well.   You are  young,  but you have "resource." , -  "I was  reared In tbe woods, sir.".  "If there are  many of your kidney  you may give my friend De Fronteuac  some  work ere  be  found  this empire  of, which  he talks.    But  how  is this,  Captain  Dalbert?    What  have you  to1  say ]'  "The   king's   orders,   your' highness,  are  to  use  every   means   which   may  drive    these    people    into' the    true,  church." ' " - ������  "Ou my word, you  look a very, fine  apostle aud a pretty  champion  for, a.  holy cause/' said Cdiide", glancing sardonically 'Out  of   his  twinkling  black"  eyes at "the brutal fficc of the dragoon.  "Take your men out of this, sir,,and  never venture to set foot again across"  this threshold."        -     "���     , *  "But tbe king's command, your .highness." _        .  "I will tell tbe king when'I sec him  (hat I leftvsr/ldlers and that 1 find  brigands. Not a word, sir!* Away!  i*ou take your Shame -with -you, and  you leave your- honor -"behind." " He  had turned In aa, instant from the  btieeriiig, strutting old beau to the  fierce so djer with' set face and eye of  (ire. Dalbert' shrank'- back from his  baleful gaze, ahd; muttering an':order  to his meu,"Jthey filed off down the  stair with clattering teot and clank, of  sabprs.    - ��� .���..  -your highness," said the old Huguenot, coming forw.ird and throwing  open one of the doors which led rrom  the landing, ".you have indeed been a  savior of Isiael anil a stumbling block  to the frowaid tb.s day. Will you not  deign to ro-t under my roof and e\ en  to take a cup of wine ere you go onward?"  Conde raised his thick eyebrows at  the Sci-iptui.il fashion of the merchant's speech, but he bowed courteously to.the invitation.  "My carriage waits beldw," said he,  "and I must not delay longer. It is  hot often that I leave my castle-of  Chantilly to come,to Paris,'aud it. was  a fortunate chance, which made me  pass in time to be of service* to honest  men," He inclined again his bewigged  head and. strutted off in his dainty,  dandified fashion'. From- the window.'  De Catinat could sce.-hiiii step into .the  same gilded ('chariot which had stood  In his way ad be drove from Versailles.  "By Any faith,"- said he, turning to  the young American, "we all : owe  thanks to the prince, but it seems to  me, sir, that we are your debtors even  more. You have risked your life .for  my cousin, and but foi- your cudgel  Dalbert would have' bad Win' blade  through me When he had. me. at a van  ned* raisetrup-a*; n cnamplon rm-m<i  Stedand as a helper for those who  are In need." , .. 1  But their young visitor appc aredto ,  be more embarked by their thanks ,  than by any of his preceding ad*en- .  tures. The'blood flushed to his weather tauned. clear cut face, as smooth as ]  that of a boy and yet marked by firm-  ness of lip and shrewdness In the keen  blue eyes. "     ���  "I, have 'a  mother and  two slstets  overthe water," said he diffidently.  "And  you ' honor   women   for  their  sake?'V .-,���,. . ���      ���*   ..,��� ���  "We always honor-women ovortbeie.  Perhaps' it is that we have f-o few.   Over  in  these' old  countries you have  not  learned what it Is to be wiUiout them.  I have felt what a good woman Is and  how, like the ssiifthinc, she draws out  of one's soul-all  that Is purest aud  best." ' r i    *       , ,  "Indeed, the ladies should be very  much obliged to monsieur, who Is as  .eloquent as lie"to liravo." tmia Adele  Catinat who, standing In ihe' open  door.diad listened to the latter part of  his remarks.  ''   "Much- of my life has been spent In  the'woods," said he, "and one speaks  so little there.that ohe comes to forget  how ,to do it.    It wag for Ahis that my  father wished" me to stay some time in  "Francef'for ,he   Would   not have   me  grow up a mere trapper aud trader." "  ;   "And how long ilo.you stop In,Par-  Is?" oskod/theA-'iiiirdKiuan.     '       '^  V'UnUrEphriilm Sayag'p, tho'master,  .of-the'Golden Bod.  iny father's ship,  comes fo^me.. She has. b,ren ^o, Bristol,'  !ls now at Koiien and then must go to  Bristol"again.'*' When she comes back'  ���once more Ephraim conies to Parls^for.  me, and It will be time, for .mo'to go." .,  .j;.Uid how, like you Paris?   Uave��you  sce'n the city yet?",'     v     '*'.;''    - -  ' -'"Only as^I;j6urupYyed throue-h It yes-^  te'r. evening on'my way to this house."  It is a',wondrous place,,,but P marvel  how ^ you 'can  find your  way'among  these thousands of bouses." - ' - - V'.;  '���"."Perchance' It would be as" well that"  you'should'have a 'guide. at���Qi-st,'.',said  Ded, Catinat,' ."Sod it 'y'ou^Jiavo   two  horses'" ready ih yourstables, uncle,rOur_  ; friend, and I might shortly ride'back to  Versailles' together, for'I'have a spelL  ofguar^d-agajn before many hours are-  over.*-'Then'for some days he might  bide .with ,me .Uieie, if he will,share a  soldier's   quarters,   and   so_r. sqo_ more  than'the'llue^St.1 Martin can offer.", ���,   .  * ,"'1,.should be right glad-to come out  withjyou, _if we may leavve'-all here in'  sa'fety," said Amos. '     .���'.      ',-'.<  ., "Oh,   fear   not   for, Uiat,';   said' tlio'-  . Huguenot. ,i "The order,- of the Prince  of Conde will be as a1 shield andJ'a buckler, to "us for many a day.   Id will or-.  - dec Pierre lorsaddlVtbe horses." t * .\ \^  A After- riding ^soine' 'time .'He Catinat.  said,/ "Now, 'if ^yoh will ..look .there" in<  the gap of*the trees',dyou will s^e 'the'  1  arn  AN   EARLY   TEST.  Fire, Lfiihtninii    f<  Rust and Storm Proof  Durable and , f  Ornamental  Lat us know^ tho size of any roof  you are thinking of covering and wa  will make you ah interesting offer.  Metallic Roofing Co^  Limltttd-*  ' i      ���  MANDFACTOItRBS /   / ,  TORONTO nnd WINNIPEG  ISA   ' ���      '   1 *��� r v,4f  WESTERN" CAN ADA' FACTORY, t*  797   Notre   Dame  Av��., '       Winnipeg.  He Feared to 'Presume  ��� The 'American tourist -is so' firmly-  convinced that lie is b.eiug cheated'on  nil hands during his European travels 'tli lit ho occn'ftio'nally "over.-it<3J>8  tlie-bounds of'prudence. ."What, is  (he, price of this j.ii.'?" asked a .young  man in. a Pans shop, handling a  .-���.mall biooch of exquisite "workman;  ship.. "Twenty' francs, -monsieur.,  said the clerk. f"Thnt/s /altogether, too  much," said tlie yonng Amon,caiitr  -it's, for a pieBtjnt fQr'my .s^ister. 111  ���rive0- you 5 franc*, for it." "Zen}'it  w-ould be t, zat-r-cava-".7^'present, to  your stater," said.^tlie-.Fi'eaphm.an with  a deprecating 'shvug^-and' I"do'injoi  know  niademoit.eU'}."j.��,:���-'. -,''/;*'- -*~  "   Muscular , Rheumatism jSubdu^d.���  Wlien one *-  " '*'��..������ �����=����j-  Hit rheuni.. .���... ,��.-  ..___,--.-  than' to iuive the 1'reg-ioui" rubbed/ witli  Dr. Thomas' 12clecti-ic-Oil. ;'rThcror'is-  no.. oil ,that .so.speedily *sl\Q\vs .its,ef-  'fect' ih ��� subduing ''pain...' Let' the;, rub--  bijia, b&bridk' and cdntimic^until.-'ease  ih secured^ 'There, is inorevvirtue;'in  a bottle'of if'than ���'dftn be fully-rO'sti-  mated. -   :���   ,     i p >,,   '.-*   ���       ,  ..   , : u _..-. ���_j���L.���,f���, -,i u ,^jjti. \h   _.  ���The 'dj?lay(wright���,L Hpncstlyv :��ow  -'Northern 'Australia is .the.",only tropical land- where1- Hie .'white, working  man lias., unanimously, taken'"up ilhc  piek'-'aiicl ^shovel,, anc(,..'put lhellquestion  of his suitability.'to^e/prodf.'.,.*Iu  Harold Quickly Got a Chance to Make  1 Good His Boas"'.  It was close to midnight, and, although she had yawned a "dozen rimes  during the past half hour, he stayed  on and tried fcfget up euougli nerv.e to  test lils fate As the clock,struck 12  ���ae-took a long breath and reached- for  ucr haud^nnd aalil, "Mis��.= Bluutly-  \raudi-ftvpr"since S unit Jw��*ut the  picnic last summer I have been madly  ia love with you.'*,, .    '.  "Is'lirat'soT*. she "renllJJAd.etlfling*a*  yawn   and,   looking  ap^ouslylat' thfl,  clock ���"��� , '   !      ' d   ���  "Ye*. Maudes-Will yon marry.*i��(?T.  Say that you'll'be mine aiid make'tne;  the happiest, man-huUie.'Wrldl" : ���<  ,.-  ���*\VIi.VT-er���we "liavon't   known  each  plher very long.'*'Sh^wi<ij<-s?sl,('''J*;?n"  tlnued to wateli the clock.,    .       ���via,.'  ."Long eiiough for me to 'knowMliat  you arc the only girl I could eyer Joyo  Say the ��wprd and  I'll do <nuyJbhlngV  anythhig-^you, m-iy ask."4,   ���/,?,.y.     :  "You wll)?" asked'the glrl^beginntnpy  to show pomp/lulcrest  in''tho .matter  for the nrst/tltoefy/. f';*>!';, ;)d il��-  >   "I will, Maude." ,'.',       -��-'���"      "'   ,  '"Anything 1 way ai-krri.-'Ti-n,'- j;'*-d;f  ���  "Anything, no iDatter what , JM'Icap  Into o'dpu ��t* ltoi'i.s-r��r yoh.'frd/thro'Wi.  myself ITilo the raging- sea or leap from  a balloon were yon io aslrllv .WiU'ypu-? ,,'  put nle to the ti>��t, d'-rtr??'f," h'- /J'k ,'f ij^  "Yw.  Hitrofil" ��he snld and <she, re-.��  '.'     '* . ...       '/_-.    ...�����.-*.     l.l���        ......rl        �����.*!  Shiloh's  Cure  Cures  Coughs  anii Colds  QUICKLY  ''���"'  t"(   ��r     ,     ^  *  ^Orsl ,  ���^.Vltor       -'  "���������eeci,,.  d,Jf^tat.d'l  evertntd 4"  ���f^.y-pci,,.,  1110 'mn t.,i  b"l,y   34jta,  M.UCSS tca.,  Sh,1��--*��U.  '-���5c..K)c,ti*;|  'Showing Patent Tab-  i^bur, hilt and makedtr'acks;?for'')ioipe.  'I've gotd to .get ,up'al.,RA.6*clo<-l��* totpbiV  f- vWhen if {he^itomb;yof | I l^ls*   ��oi> ^.of;.  rfivander.'-who'-'ls nM-n^ioiH-U byfvirgli.;'  'wns discovered about thevtw"elfth,cebf\  turjt. ��by ' a   coup try man ^dlgiflilg- neJir.  Koiner'lt In wild "that a v!a��ip'"waa still-  ''bufninc.'yover-dhls   liead-^'iyhlch /must'  ba�� " b��.n flighted d &WffiVWff;  years he/pre'. ,<v ^jp' fa&$fa&%^fa  ^Baptista" norta*In\hl8 treatise; on natri'  ,u-*al  magic, relatesytnat^aboui-^lOOOMj  marble Bpr^jilcber.of'tjj^Roinan period"  was "discovered^^aoll^lantt'+near.^a-Vf  pies., ,Qn oppn*.ng.,the rWmjwns. found.  nlvlar'Coht'ainliiB'a" bufiiSngMamp.^Tbe >  "In m"p; bet-ame^f-stlnqt -on--,t)Veablng{fJtl��tf��  'vial land 'exVo��inp:;the,Iatpp;t^,tlie open^  ���nlr.'-.Ifwns siipposedvV tlia^ tt^had^.wenV  (���oncealMl be/ore tii(;;Chrltk)ao^ra^aMdJi  those \wbo' 'saw J tj-i report wi dthatTtho'  lamp^ei'ilftedf'q "splendid 'aaine.^^,r^'  ��� iI.n' ] lWiO*, a frema'rl-abjo^ lamp ;'was~  f bu nd -fnWr i.-A test ps^r&dW it.^ by!-n *Crw- .*  .statue arid barred wiU^hedge.anddwIth  rwalk* stretching^;jiway \toy/thefydeOso*  ��� woods ^Yhich^clust'ered, round them...^   ..  'i.-cThe'y�� p'assed througli^tho-'gateway ot>  the-, palace, 'and 'Uie* broad *Bweeping^  drive lay in frontjof.tlicm, dotted"wlth^  carriages and;borscmen. >0n tbe gravel,  'walks .were ufauy^gayly dressed ladles,-*  who strolled among-the,"-flower-beds or  watched the fountains willi, tTic- sunlight glinting  upou' their .high  water  .sprays.*'*One 'of thesey who "toad kept,  bcr eyes turned upon the gate;* came'.  hastening forward the.instantJhat De  Gatlnat'app'eared. ^It'was Mile. Nanon,-  the coufldante of Mine', de Malntenon.  '���I am so pleased .to see you, captain,'' skederied, "and'I have w'alted so ,  patienfly.    Madame, would speak with  you. ...The'klng,comes,to her at 3, and  we bave"but twenty minutes. ,1 beard  trH^lTHl'FbkiJHE^BABY^  . i ,.��� u {- ;��At<^ .rfyy"frgg- pl*r3 i-^7,  vA* "mother Lwlio^has- oncetu^tl^ab^'s  Oiyn Tablets'-for,'ilher,"children'iwilljal-  ivays-ruse --theiii '.forythcVmindr w.^ail-  menti? thotV comeJ'to * all-'-littlevfonesi  /The Tablefe" arC\thV\b"esfc>niedl9ine|'iti  Uie' w-o'fldlldr {he'-.curefpf'indigestion,  colic, cbnstipatiovn,"'diarrho-Sa/teeth;  ing troubles^.andybreaking^ up coldB.  A'ndvthe 3 mother,^ has {the'j; guarantee"  of a government .-analyst,' '.that /.this  me'clj'cine contains" no prisonous opiate  'or" narcotic:4 Mrs.-^Ym. -F��: Gay,- Si.  Eleanors, j^.B.I.. .says :-*--"I '-have used  Babes' Own.Tdble'ts^with t)ie��bestt'of  . Sold by^ medicine  ealcrs'or by mail' ai,2^^*1*1-^^  bin- the Br., Williams'/Medicine Qo.,t  r'ockvilledOnt..   i,-'*"    *T , "���-*..' .*St; ,  results' and < know ;n'othingi.;to \.equal  thorn for .the cure of stomach",and  bowel troubles-f 1'do not feel, safe un-,  less rhave a'boxrtrBaby'sOWnTn*-0  lets'in'the house."  dealers1 nr "  from- tl- ^  Brbckville, w..v.- _ �� _,        ..   .-^  America ..ha.? accepted ,��� the _ invito  tionfof 'tne Chinese government ,for  the United" States battleship fleet., to  ���visitcChina-* *.r   A,  ,   ,-   ���'   ,'.1  'fWcURE A'dOLD' IN ONE DAY^  Take^-LAXATIVIl.BROMO .Quinine  Tabletad   Druggists 'refund .moiiey '-'if  i�� faijtlp tovcure.   E. Wd Grove's signa-  ���ture-^is'^on' er-sh box.  ,25c.  A" total of' 30",082'J emigrants * left  Iiblanil last year. -Since 1851,"-17103,-  015 tiishmen*nnd women have! left  yie island.-       - - - f     ' . , . i" ���,  , ,'.   ". *      , '   /.  v ^ Why" ,tfuffcr * from" * corns when they  can be- pntnlc ssly -rooted *out ��� by using Hollowny.'s  Corn Curq.  ,    .  Trfcasure trove- secreted by Portu-  .guc.-^e buccaneers in, bygone, days has  beeif ipvoaled near "the seaside'village  of 1'aiailelha in *a Temarkflble- manner. Tiro village is being' slowly  washed away by. the action Of tlie s-ea  and building h.'ivQ_becn undermined  from  tiirte  to 'time.''  '   -  ���"J am to plcctsc'd lb see v<ju, aCpUitn."  . that, you had gone-to Paris, and-so I  stationed  myself  here.     Madame  haB  something which she would ask you."  ".Then 1 will come at once. Ah, De  Brlssac, it is well met!" -  A tall, biul.v olhcpr was passing in  the bame uniform .which De Catinat  wore, lie turned at once and came  smiling toward his comrade.  "Ah, Amoiy, you ha-, e covered a  league or two from the dust on your  coat!''  "We are fresh from 1'aris. But I  am  called  on  business...- This   is  my : ... ,    .  ��� friend, ;M'. Amos'- Green;    I 'leave, himl flle lirt,!��! man. :va.nish.ul,ln,the,crush of  in your'-hands;  for  he:ls!a  stranger;] .sP.c!.lLt^i-CIlic,,-g;t) ^��^a'  ���from America-aud would fain, see all  that you can show.    I-le-stays wirh me  at iiij*. fjuarlers!    And ,my-horse,- too,  De Brr-Ssac. ���  You  can give- It to the  groom."   ���.-.._    '   ...''. ,"   .  , TI:ii.;owing .the bridle- to bin-, brother  officer'aud pressing {lie hand'of Amaji  Green, De Catinat 'sprang.''from' his  horse and -foiloiyed nt the top. of his  speed in (he dire'e'tipu which the yo'uiig  lady .had'already taken", '  (To-A>p Con-tinuea.,  ENGLISH SPAVIN LINIMENT remorm  all hard, soft or rall<m��'*<l lumps una bletn  ishes, from horses, blood spftTin, enrbi,  iplinii. nn^bniK", jsweenpy. Btifles, npralna, ��ore  Jmi BwnlU'ii throat, roiig'ns, etc. Snro $50 by  Uhc" of one bottle Warranted the "most woo  Irrful   Blemish   Cur.)   ever   koown.  'I lie srrfingct' slood  buro'i-o  the  long  Hue.of carriagps    '  "What Is-g'iiiir? rtii liere?" lie" a sired.  "Wedding." uliKpeifd the IKtle for  clgnci  In I-'rciii'li bonis.  "Wluit kind of a wedding?"  "Tin."  "Tin?"  '���Yes,' moil.*-leur , Mj luother. Count  de I.nxaiii, Is iiiai i-, lug y.c dnughter of  ze rich plekle maUer. He'll get '/.a tin  boos monsieur underst-md-,"'  And. ligh'ting'ii silk tipped clg.'trelte,  n^lo'inp1"pmcpd"botwep^ twoTc^Unarlca'lt  vessels.VoA^^C'gokiyVndf thefotben pf-r  stiver,'/" Eacb -was'f ii 11 /o'^ri -ypry.. P��'ref  4��-  ^Pi^a^ntiiibr; iuim"-ups!jrte|  yi?*.i'i*-s in/a _far--off ^vV--tern ii'i.msl  V-i��^;^n1ilJLyJg'|i.yiii|; up ha  wfasf jibout'l-o tufn h',* faiv ei��|  ���When-^uddqnly he' MrucA ��'j  Sb��ir-^a|tebwu:ajlie- wu^ ~>v^ *|  ttlojiV/Jdr^Vgt^n'ffiiw cl��K5>-S j  'daf^tA^bld^Jrftnil S*ti,pjJ��l tej  iiig i 'j- JSl-"4J4S,'i '' ���       I  to talk -td you." " ' -���|  ^Tatt'MShed.Mi m?W t \m*&  ^If^nfwnht'^o tali,' to !W,i|  you^nW^ofiipo:il hsv.oii'fS  andiuie; hdiirsi ia.'from,S- �� s|  ^ftnvnVc>lorn'rChYihtI��iii -1<I����  !f\ These-. piSIs--'Cure,   Rnt'-m'~  To^ilie' .ukany <who. buitei uqbi  fii^THE^ DOWAGERS-^" >*X?& ^h\ej^\^r^9n^c;\  .; ^4 'j , Z "f  "    ftUt:"JT* f '^ u havcf-VproVfoalnc^aptson v>  'A .'-'  -   ':. .���-        - ...*-    ,.,:-.        .   liv(jr aatj Kidneys and b> r  nie5^ctibS;dl^tl^sef��brfc'��ii-.. *���  ^'.Thls ;curlo��s,')flmp,38'as*'n'ot,'mcaat. to;  ncare la waj-^evll.-spirits.-rrromta,: tomb.*  i"^- ***N*li--*****i.-'w- ^***-��*i'^***i-.... .**��_^*i.U^iaJl*.*--*aa.*.-rf.  btits? wns;*an- attonipt-.to, pcrpprtiate^tne,-?1  proroiftHl^'k n oVl edge^of ��M 5 xl mlns%01y-^  hius. jivijo effected^thls wonder bykhla  skill inUhe-cbpmfcnl'.krtli h . - *f,'X^C  ritled  WidoW**Gt-*\to-the .Rear-'lortbo*  '    '^-Social  Procession.-     :*  v^   .-*  .>t-lttle '��ytnpothy,"t.lsllK-st,owed oujl-.  tied wld'o.ys'arjer.tlie first few dayft*df^-  tbetr   hereavementy'0%v*course^wheir'  nn    carl ddlpi ;hls- .AWl<Iow>renia!ns**-'ns  countpss.-iibu't with" the,, uqpel.cphie ad-* "  d'ltlon "dowager."* which of^en-ls' mls-  ieadTn'g as" far as 'herbage Is concerned:  Thackeray, -although.,.*j he'.-professedi  good-  breeding.    Io0kedv on ..dowiigpr^  d uchesses as * fa I r * (a rgets 'for" sa wa"smf%  So did  Du   Maurler.  though   the only,  otTense of, ,the*-pnpr  womeni, was that,  tbey bad-lost their "husbands.   It(ls a-  double blow to a, woman ofitltle,,wben  her husband, dies,'for  If grief J eaves '  ber 'time -"for^reflection -8be_ ^eallzes.��  that, no^matter luiw young^she*'may5"  be. slfe'ls'YctegateV'lVflie re'ar'In^thO  social-processloti.'.. The new duchoss-or-  marchioness or countoss^stens Into the  limelight, and tlieT'dowager Is luck*y"tc"  find a^pjacii, ln^ tlie_last row of the;,  chorus^ for the v'e'ry~te"rm"-"Implies oldt  womaiTbood., and,*.Ia'njpst.,casvcs ���she^  only  wastes timet\t she combats the  Impression.  Ordinary wldo'ws may .have* better  chances' for matrimony than- 'debu-  lantps.' though, that's doubtful. -Dow*  iigers scYdoin contract ncw,m��rri(ige's,  'for few men have, courage1 to-���lead  them to the.altar. Sg.ln j>ll the hfTnlrs  of society they make tho best of the  custom'that dictates'they shall follow  meekly lo'tbc wakes;qCih-Jl^LUftttered  daughters-ln-lflw. 4  Host���Well,   Toiniiiy,  what do  want '?'-';���    . '   ���   "    -.-���'���  Vi.sitiiK' Boy���I, want'some of  turkey-  first,   but ;T���I   haven't  you  tiie.  .�� . ... vj".     ih.ju, wuv     ...I  I,        IllLVUIl    L K^-1^  my   oth��r  wants   classified   yet.���Chicago Tribune.  ��� ' .''. ���  fagef   Your   hand,   sir!     These  .are  things which a man cannot forget."  [ "Aye,- you may-well thank him, Amory" broke in tbe bid Tfuguenot,. who \    -Kni.iker���It doesn't always pay    to  -    - '    -���      ��� ���- ���"-���-   . be -polite;. ������  ���    Bocker-y-Nd;   end   seats'   are   never  had' returned after, escorting his illu's- i be polite  trtous gqest to the carriage.   "He has  fmoMmsg  ~m;"^'''"'''^-- ^-A.A'iVA^AA ��&'/%  wmmmm  -    <    The Notary 'In France. ""-  The notary Is a most Important pcr-  ibn In nil" smrtll country -towns ln  Ifraricc.* Kveryhbdy consults hjm. from  (he lilg^'lnndowiier when he' Jias discussions willi Ills iK-lglibor over right  of vvay.to the peasant who buys a few  irioters of laud "a-- sobii'-as he has any  surplus funds. We wvrc constantly  'urving rows with' one of our neighbors  -iver a little .strip of wood Unit run up  into ours.' Whenever he wast angry  .vllh u��, which happened quite often  "K-e- rrpver knew w hyi, bri> hud a deep,  igly ditch marie Just across the road  iliicli ��*<��� alwayi took when we were  idl'ig nroiiiid (he property. The woods  \erc> so lliliik nnd low.'with fiTpiity of  lionis, t'lia't we coii'ld not -get jpilojjg b,V  seeping on (itie side und wor^ypOligod  o go 'hiick lind iniilcp quite n long -de--  :>ur, Tho -'nii|ii'r.*ii'" did. Ills ln^t-to huy It  or us. but llii'iiiiin,would npvor>,KCll ���  ilh.'i- eiijoypilf l tlfliik; ''hiivliigythC  -iwpr��to'.niirioy. im.'-Mma. WndUlngtoo  i Sfril..."-" . ,     '  , The1 back collar s}ti.{ijl  |;dpuc shjrti ih iiiwirtcil ia ij,'S  J"lftab^iBnewn in cm, E  Ti^In.llys way t!iestarlL.[  I'easiSy'iuscrted and it a��a[  \,r dtouched - the  neck v of ��� tact  'ywearer.^r >  f. \ A -iV I ' r |  ���'tbe tab, cannot move. '  |if<xjiu''ieft in the butfija'-httf  l-.-ior-*' the /.collar lo_ wor.  '-^iglitly1 .��rbui one 'side ��j  l^the" 'ptherj so that the coils  1 -.may rbe" easily adjusted a  Kh*ev front."'Jv*    "   -  .-J *"���' '   ���  KM t^Oirtx-pn-Tooke Shirtte  JH - t&isdtab; be found.  n,r"f '- '*-<}*-? -',  ^f^foOKE q^OTHERS. LfMITtO,-  ^Sl,-jiJ$AiVMONTREAU ' I  US* Al    '_  Hyawj.hM.im-^1.- ^.tt-jt/j'^-*  HT-r-j*'  ���Sl-f-fS,  ^lteniativ-F-lnrpr^'bnM^.fl  ture' lot: upfe ^aOkt> *nd ifW  "causea*":tW.-J painful- dlsoirie i  m*d&t"*>be-Uak<!n-. accotding.i" ��-|  ���and" ii^d' steadily ^a,tul *ilc|  speedily VBive\evl'J<Jng^k-rf���lfc(.4  ficinl'-effects.-? f.f-ff.,i,��A  ~   MrsA 'jawback���-v'VVjl'r !  letfcliesiff man a little sen-ic,!  *y Mr.��. JawbacW���Vos, and tnecl  late *to-,'-dsc it.���Cleeland l.e-J  Minard'r Liniment Relieve* IM  - v       . -s. - ___ -1- I  -A Q'he'total number^ of' pi-r-rsj  ceipt-* of* state" relief "tin out'!.cJg  An n.ow^J.6J��S.43g.-.,J-l,,v  --;��- Ar-  >'*- . ti. ,vL- .' ', t'"���  ^.*W H AT^CAIJ^gSj, H E ADACj  From October'V May, Cold-'  most  frequent  cai'feed' of   H;  LAXAtLVE   BROA10" Qb'IM^i  moves caused li. \V. Grove"  -��� ���A%. ^ .<"%' v  A "Bi-aziJiar.r'Convict C-  ThcT>ei?nlVoloTi,y*'oV' tho ���"*.  nin.-fbu'co.' 'Brnfitil.  is on an  mlk>�� ofT���the coast  Tlieic a;  Victa'at preserjL   Tliej nrNc'  and'work tillff p. m. 0-r th-1'  tivitUog "rottbn  of a inpi-ii*!  Bnis-ll  i.rnzu. ii i�� ii "i"" -��� ��� ��,; 'Gzftft���,  nnd .the*cheapest of n-n 'i!��-'' "-fSAii  The'groifp of lsLinds i.. ��Wj-*\.';.* I ml  nl ono belongs Is uli.-if t!i>-'i-v'j"  F  u  . ^jfriw.in'  ions!, SpW <"�����  M  mf  sugar .cured.  W.    N.  No.  Apply  It -to Your  Life..      ;���,'/'.'  :'ila ve yojli-vyor 'watclnwl- Uic-ew-epil.  Ingly delicate inid.v.pt IIitij presHilrc of  the bund of ir.-sl-lllf.il Tiiupi-r Iff will  make   tlio   strliig;.pnj(luc;efjLvpe'i-iVctiy-  true note, vlhi'iniiig'-ni' n'lis'oiinp flcoiird'  with ��� Ids  own  never rlwiiiging.. tuning  roik.1-   The   practiced   linnd ,ls   nt   oik--  wlth the accunitc car; nnd the r>resH)ii-e  Is brought, to-hour with ..most .delicate  adjust ment to the" resistance.. The-.ten-  slon Is never exceeded, ho Hover breaks  a'strlng, but lie patiently-strll-osUliV.  nole agiiln and r.gaiii  till  tlio  tone' is  true -amlulie oar issatlsfl^d.und, then  tbe .muscles   relax   aiid   tlie   pressure1  ceases. :.  Ldyin theFf'^  .Long standing, case compli'tjt*  ��� by Dr.' A. .VV. Chaso's Hf>'\ ,  * Iio-ulaclic aii<l  N> n"'1  What hosts 'ol ;> ��� I'i''  of these ailinen-t^  And  in yiiin. ,- ���      ...  X .-Because .they . ii'i'c,' "���"'  'after : niediciiiles  \-lik''/'  ���"���f'nrJf'AV"Vi-r'T.-li-'i'-; ^ ^  fiot.'"n'" niei-c  relief-, for In  -lieu'ralgia  but-  is.'i I.1"'!  the-; only 'way 'fliMU h"*  ,jjc j;ea'Uy.;:. cured--by. i;''  votis .system.       ,       .  r Mrs.  ^<mi.-.s t'lMii'-\y; ���  Polerb'ofo; Out:, shd^-  lC't'inoro.or, I.**,*' '  a'clicB' -'and    nrvi'AA\  VWU-3.-'U(-s'i<lPS sn-frnii.  '      fn r  ns .work   �������* '���"  ns tin us ,\M'i'\ ������������  Chasfcifi^crvtt I-"'1  tcnr'-genc-niMy  ���'"l  cure of ji.iy olj  in my :.c'!ll\e ,!".!'''l  merits  im  tnnitl-  'n 0 '   .had'failed.'���"  Neiiralgiiir-".'1 . ���  nro'always li" ii',-'1,-'  nerves.    ^I11  using I)'1- .'"'  nt  nm i111  riition;,  i  W. I'I"1 l  , 1,-11 ll-'l'  using Dr. A. W- ',  ;,,rtf ?.��^MW  Hates. & Co.'. T<7'��^ferf^p  and. 3ig"��'V'*'S -�� .ii t'BU^d^MBi  the'famous KoeoU>- ���� ; lj2��fo**&��<.  every box. ,���;���-,���-.;"ksSBSBBSSSt ft^jWcf'*^''*  THE LEADER. MOYIE, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  > ShloVsC  'fo*- im..., ^8  theih.,  *���  * fJTSl c ]  ~t*-yitw  ��  anteeci,,.l  11 ('n'-y bdC^' ������.!  tlianamiL^u  evertr:td <4f  tal*e.-iic;ltI1t  1110 lam f.i'r  b"l,y   81)3  SUl"'��   (.cajj  S->;lo.uU|  '-���5c..fflc.,ti*;|  ?atentTab-  RTSr  '.���  collar stti<{ bI  iiutcrtcvl in lsr|  i cm,  iy the stud's|  :d and it ass  neck v of-tit 1  .collar is-cJ  jt move. '  ', is suffidfjll  hcbutfiSa-JK^j  liar   to" was  ii one 'side it!  that the ec&  ly adjusted a  . i  M r r  MkeSbirticc  Hind.  HERS. LfMITtO,-'  TREAU ' "���!  ffice  Hours.  nh^"\ntM  rv't."*terii nil  iu\d  up m  II   ills   ii*  aa  kj BtrucA ��'  e- won -'w''' *"-!  ft flue Clo'-W  il ttinijjed *�����������  you, Pai4.*<S  u   ' I  fimpi-ll I'tcAl  5 tail,' to mk.11  J -ISV.Wi'f I  ip, tiw, a,,!;f  "*���-.- AL^. V  jre*" Rnt'-i11"-  io. bultei iiwl  pf  J'liinielw-^f  .cOiuut-i"1?*'  .^apuon �����'  s'and b>  Sttj-torgnn-.. -"1  ���eVbnM1;?,, M  if and    ^H  ifuV dl��o"---'[L  ��o"tdinj?.t.> U-J  y--*0,nd    *ilcl  ddijc&'.qf ..lh-4  ^y'vvjiir ���  little 'aen-ic.  fos, and tnecf  Iceland Lev  t Rjjjieves. IM  iei\of' p'-r-fsS  ief'thiout'l.c-1  May, Co!(L<  iCi'sed' of IH  iiMO"Qin.M-|  \V. Groveos��;  Convict Cot'  ���"oV tho "tit-  is on an  _ Tlieif a��-j  I'liej nrNcfij  m. Ot thf'-j  a ��i 11 jh* -ns-.  jicv\ worw-f*  1 is' I It".' of'  H'lIVC  W*V  to.l.'i <-���"������ -I  nf n'i> '  id-. I�� ni''*-]  wIl.'M" tii'"--")  rid - orr.r  d.d  !>���   ���  , fi.ll "f Ml  umi'ioul'  gia.  Fl  se conipli'1]^  so's Nerv<J;��  c mi-'  l.iCli "'''-'fi  for In*1'I  , -liionf  ,. ifi*-,  y. ivtlo.in-fl|  ,,.-��� 711 ''I  H PIMPLES  ND ERUPTIONS  mmmmm.  WANT BRITISH SAILORS.  fNeeds a Tonic in Spring  |fy and Build Up the  ��� Blood.,  mm  JSvant    new    health ' and  j*��Bpring you must build up  ,3��,with   a   tonic   medicine.  /^^iffe.*dtirlng  the   long   winter  HwlbX^responsiblo  for  the    de-  ibSpjiidition and feeling of-con-  dreMiieSs which affects somaqy  ^en&'spring.      This condition  lAK&he, blood is'impure and  gt is what causes pimples  ;7y    eruptions    in"  some;'  .^-twinges- of  rheumatibin^  8rp, stabbing painsiof neu-  "-'ii1' appetite, frequent head-  a desiio to "avoid exeition  i!��'to_ bad blood.  -Any or all  Rubles can be���bariishecl by  '"of such i a tonic medicine  liarns' .Pink  Pills.   ��� Every  tis' -medicine helps to make  JJf1'red   bloody ' which   drives  ities,   atirnulates ��� every .or-,  gthena, every-���, nerve,'*., and-  Oeling' of new. health*' aijid  Ho' weak, ti'ied.out/ailing  omen.^ -Here is, proof that  'Pink Pills is tlie greai-  pring medicines.   Mr.' Hon-  Chipman,   N, TB.,   says:���  g.I,.was so weak,, and rais-  ,t ;I could, hardly drag', my-  ..,'���-* My appetite was poor, J  ileep well,- and 'dreaded tfork;  "*was in a. terrible condition,'  fed pirfiples and small boils  mt  all  over*'  me. ������ These  i and; pain,, andK caused jne  .fble.' -" 1 tried' "several ''nfedi-  i^-witliout', the  least, benefit,  av* a friend asked'me why  y-DrnVilliarns'Pink-.Pills.  ..'so highly of .this medicine  "cidod to"' take'liis advi'ce aiid'  Ipilis -a-.-tiial:;'"; f',got "a "half,  Ms -'and., tlie 'resultiivas that  lilroe'1, they" ferbe finished ?l f elt  -SSfogether''ji;diffeV,entf'iinanf.  pliBfled ^friydblood, builtVnp" my,  B^teW-aria~-I"havo" not-had ,a  *on|rny <fiesh,^nbt'|a> sick^ da'j;  for" th'is -Ve'ason'^.'ean highly'  Td.Dr.^'illiams'i.'Pink'sPills^  tp&i builder ��and- > pu'rifle'r?'-',  ' djmedicine-'dealers, or ' by  ^ery," few --women diave - ajiy'  f. of 'iiarliiirnontary'. law. -    .. '���"  AMfA.,'t   <,',><,'     '   ���>        ,.   IA*  jroujshoulflj^heai- .my1 wife.  IbVeny s'pc'ak'er^'o'f.. the ^hduse,  ftst-twelve^years~Ne\->> ^ork  y ;'��� -;/^-'���t'tx-j >'jhXa  I ncxpe'nslve!*----To -those' wlio  %*<t dyspepsia,'^ intJigOstion��ri  ii/,or:,any 'ailmenf 'arising^  .���ngemeut'Qf-the digestiye'sys-'  laU" of .-Parmelee's^-Vege'lable,  commended', "sliould ,the suf,-..  w"acquairitedAvi.th'-them.' The;  :be,�� inexpensive   unci. . the  *bp" an'o'ther ���- customer.��'for  iiit"- medicine/ -* So ''effective  ion*- th at" nianyjcyres'' can t  ^traced", to their use where,  fhave . proved? ineffective.,  yyv.���~���^-���-%-(\w ���*���' ^ .t a  .-JlSlsie" Brown', ia; tlie^niean-  'jZ .   u.     ,r'   ''fV    ff '*k^A\  ���tho\ matter?"-~%["'-^.f"  ^yoiid believefit .ofylier^f Ii,  ^hor   my   new-   Arerry * Widow  .she went right'out, rind,got  %' one."f-Detjoit Free Pres. "*  ifiesci-  RPJH  CANNOTjB^^CURED  CAI^APPiriUATiUKS'Tisthey  reach the seat of the disease.  is  a bloodVor  constitutional  and in  oider, tos cureat you  ke  internal  remedies.*   Hall's  .  Cure , is    taken    internally,  its  directly 'on1' the   blood, and  "    surfaces, a Hall's' ,Catarrh  '.not"a' quack  medicine.    If  Jcribod  by  one" ofA the'best  ns-iriithis  country for.years  ta .regular prescription. , lt is  d of the. best_ ponies known,^  d with the -'best blood pun-  ..���Uting, directly orj-the mucous  u,Ja*cesSv,Tho,perfect combination, ci  ^M$ivmingredients 'is what produces  ^clMwndeifiil'iesults in curing-Ca-  atarrh^Send -for testimonials free.  a -"Me��j.   CHE-N��y-&-CO.,-**/ ._-  "' Props.,-  Toledo, . O^  b*y druggists,  pi ice 75c.  ���"Tail's' Family. PiUs, forAcon-  oa.   ",        ��� ', d --  -r\��� :    ->-   t' -    '     *  MAD  CHAUFFEUR.  Is full ot whizzing wheels  vou ml with slender wires. ,-  walk because my feet  fiod with rubber Urea. - .  k��  Jftjpiwldng plug Is In my throat,  |m%or In my breast.  [ht aiul day lt beats away  i/'ill not let rnc rest.  %s aro somohow turned to cranki  ^^���e'ftlly both��.*r me.  riot crank them up too high  : thorp 'will be.  horn Iu either car  |*jp a constant toot.  "lceep( It eolnf; so  the public scoot,  ie awny tho cup of tea  inso tho vossq-l clean.  5ht to know my only drink,  of ga��;oline  'the day 1 chanced to meet  '"' unlucky stnri)  blue and brass who chanKOd.  ._' motor car.  Ilnna Irvlnjr hi New York Sm>  **���  rop  cohol  ^^ptWs.prescribe very liftie, if  '^lcphol these days. They  J^c^ptrong tonics and altera-  S%Slhis is -all 'in keeping,  .Wtn^m^'dern medical science.  t��||if-tinS Why Ayer^ Sar"  Apiaripiijs now made ehtirejy  ^^gr6m:" alcohol.   Ask your  JpwiiSlFollow his advice. ���  Attempt to Get Old Country Boys t*  , Go to Sea.  To provide,.British' boys of good  character Sand physique with nautical  scholarships, to train'them for a sea  career, is''the interesting scheme put  forward by Lord Drassey.  Speaking at a conference' of representatives of county" councils, the  Navy League, and others, at the' Westminster Palace Hotel, Lord Brassey'  Baid . that the sea cai eer - .was tlie  greatest' of tBritish industries.  , .    ,  He suggested .th'at the various counties should provide nautical scholar-  Bbipg, for boys", which would, be tenable ,at tlie training homes for a sea,  career. , ' '''.''       ,  ���'"'I' think ,the , moneys^ held by the  various 'county council-/1 for technical  Instruction might be to some extent  devoted to the "training of seamen,"  he said. ,' -*A*��r    ,     ' ,  .' Th?"training of Seamen is an industry without which we should sink very  low in the family tof nations." -    -���   ,  ,"The law of'this country provides1  ships to'train boys who have some  sort of taint -of' criminality,, about  them,'"- baid , Sir-* John, Grey" Hill.  "There' is riio provision, how.ever, for  the poor, honest "boy. Thereoare 40,-  000 aliens, in the British mercantile  marine, and'.thoro are plenty of poor  boys in .England who could fill these  positions." , -   , , "  ^~ >,    i"  Sir John added that the institutions  which  remained ,for ppor, boys ;with-,  out,,.ad taint',were thd, Exmouth,    the'  .Warspite; tlie Aretliusaf the Chichea-  ter,-jand;.the .Navy "League', barge  at  Windsor.",. In addition -tliere were the  Watts tHome,f managed  by  Dr.   Bar-  riardo's suecessoV, and-in the Mersey  the Indefatigable,and the"Lancashire '  Navy���League Sea���Training,Home.   ,  >   "There, are thousands of poor Brit-A  ish'boys who would like nothing better than^a sea career,{but"they cannot '  get= a proper training,"i said  an  ex-,  navy officeryjdiscussirig.the matter.  * "Itrisda'cujious fact,** however, that(  if la'- p'oo'rf boy  commits  ��ome" petty'  crjime; or,,-other*-the"law gfves him-a  good, rthorough' se��l 'training. -.-*.. ^  *��� :  -' '"In'''a'few'-years tliis lad whb'-wasi  sent.'to a draining 'ship- as a^'pnnish-'  ment emerges-'as a thoroughly capable,  seaman who can alwayEr,earn his own  living,*'.-.K. 'A'-��� n-'-'i' *��** -''.'V *���/���. d, "-. -   '"iy  ,'The boy. who'was honest ybut poor  fios'sibly" degenerates'."into a. hopeless  ounger simpfy .Because 'he hasn't'had  discipline ^and'selfrreliance drummed  into1-1--him-   like /(his "'lessd  worthy  brother.-'.   ,SA     .    l.'\$��v   .     . '  '��� ."The v introduction/ of"-lads into'; the  .riSivy   who- are,, oif strong' physique  * would jbe " of*, infinite   value T to "the  State.a*"''jf^^'-d-   ��   '"':       ������     ,  ;-j.J"The, granting of nautical schplar-  ships'isugg^sts'great possibilities."   It.  may:.partly-''splve -tliejonemployed pro-  ble.ni.'TheVe^is'a1 l^ge class .of ^boys";  whoya're-to'ughy strong and*hardy; "but  Havo-a-liimted intelligence.~'\ ���" f   ,  --*"Nautical-yscholarship8J would' save  these',boys,'frooiiTa .life ^.inactivity  .and waste."-- .   d   '*"'���.'",   * '���- ' d'    ���-'  '."'iW'  Wo pubiiih our forznulAi  n      Wo"b*nJ*h ��loohol  7_ - from our m*dicin��a  We urco yoa.to  oontititt your.  , doctor  t^^^tbere is daily action of the bow-  pwgp'olsohbus products are absorbed,  ctuSini?!headache, biliousness, nausea,  -,*., -*<" Gifted '.Woman's .Champion'.., '*���*  i-'--,.*...    . -* '��� ,--. ���>-: " y  i i Miss,-Beatrice,,Harraden,.,the gifted  authoress,-'who -has' tfeen-champioiiing  the'eau'se.^of ".Mrs/A^'ankhurst' in 'the  'press, 'is   an enthusiastic ��� student  of'  'thoi,wdmaiifsfin'ovemen^ Cwliichj has^  "'���do'ne so, much .to^revolutioniyejpublic'  opinion lately.' ~u xA\t'- i__   "f ��, '.a   *'.  -I";It isvfifteen'yoars"sirice.Miss.ITarra-.  de'h'startled the-"novel"reading world  .by.��,the��pubiic4ti>oii'- "of .Jier   famous,  "Ships That,Pass Jn the Night."  Although she Has 'written 'aJ'good deal,  ^sinco then; she* has never, done iiny-L  ���thing .to equaL-thai book.   Miss Har-*  ���raden*'is a slow woriter, seldorrr"devot-,,  ling   more- than  two "-"hours  a -day ^to  literature,", and* her story, "Katharine  Frensham," took her nearly four years  to- complete." ��,  Few'of the admirers of "Ships That  Pass. In the Night" are aware that  the title Js a ���.quotation . from;.Longfellow, and is'"to'-be found-in his  ''Tales oi a "Wayside Inn." Miss .Har-  raden's storj' was "the favonle ;novel,  of the" late Cecil "Rhodes, and wks the  only-work of fiction found in his bedroom after his death.  Miss Harraden has been'inundated  with letters "from'her1 readers all over  thejwbrld, some.,of which make amusing "reading. Shortly after-the publication of one "of her-later "works^ she  received'-a* communication .from an  American woman' oi whom 'she hadv  never heard- before. The jvriter stated that she herself had'brought-out  a book, and offered to send Miss Harraden a copy-yin return foe one of her  own novels.' The fair unknown .concluded Jier-1 letter by saying:.*-.       ..:"  "Though I amr aware that my book  is larger and'costs more than yours,  I am prepared to waive the difference  in Bize and price." ,-    ,       ,  Premier's ; Physician   Famous.   ^  Sir Thomas .Barlow',' the f-unous  Wimpole street physician, who is in  attendance on the Prime Minister of  Great Britain, is noted .for his* bedside * manner," which is wonderfully  suave'ami ntagnciic. Burly and .jovial with a" free and henity Lanca-  shiie style, ho carries about him an  atmosphere that cheers and inspirits.  Before he became physician extraordinary to Queen Victoria and physician to King Edwards household,  Sir Thomas waa known as the cnit-  dr-Mi's doctor, nnd the famous children's in-.titi.tion in Great Orinond  street, London, holds his name m high  reverence. .  The lute Queen Victoria s last hours  wore tenderly watched by Sir Thomas.  He also attended, with unremitting  patience, tho late Lady Ouraon  He is a temperance doctor, but not  a fanatic nn the subject. Nor is he a  diet faddist, for he, consumes his  meals rnpidlv'nnd at irregular hours  His hobbv is books, which he carries  in Btaeks'on his iouim-ys. Two year*  ago he presided at a remarkable fune  tion���a dinner attended only by mem  bof*  of tho  bis Barlow   family.  From all parts of England Barlows  fo-pgathoretl at the Il'iM Cecil and  it was then discovered,that tho.ong  Inal'sto'ck of. the family came frotr-  thc villa.ee cf Barlow, or Barlee, ,'neai  Chesterfield. They were^ people ^v  position, who owned propel ty from the  date of Doomsday book.and the Nor  man oonalieii.  ;    '    ���'������,..-'-. The Martian Sky..A".  The clearness .of the' Martian .sky  i-onics In to nhet the; greater tr'iinsuiis-  ���lon'of its. air.f From dawn till dusk  lay after day In the summer season  nnd largely in whiter the sun .shines  ���mt ol' a heiiroii innocent of cloud. N*o  -hic.d of the port and only n' little-  ^-creoii of air tempers its- tenuis to. the  soil held up to it. Such nn exposure  rar exceeds anything we have on earth,  for with us. even in the tropics, clouds  anther' as soon as the heating grows  ���xcessiye and cool the air by plumps of  ���aln.���rerclvial Lowell in Century. '  WOMAN GIVES. LONDON TIME.  ���������������      ,   '  Miss   Bellville   Holds   Monopoly   on  * Commodity.  ,' It is a curious circumstances that  London, ^vhich is so near to Greenwich, does not -cet it* official time  from* that, famous observatory but"  from a woman., Practically every big  watch and clock maker in that.city  pays her a fee once a week to learn  the-right, timed, And, oddly enough,  this regulating of,the watches of London haft been a business of this wo-,  man's family for ��� more than seventy  years. -     .      i. A  It" seems that the father of the present "human - timepiece", was a- Mr,  Bellville.' who in 1835 was assistant,  to tl*e*astronomer.royal. He hit upon  .the "bright^idea of taking around to  th'e.- principal London .watchmakers a  corrected^chronometer,',. Jn this way,  he'soon, built up an income of about  $2,500. a year. When-he'died, in 1850,  his widow was g��anted the privilege  of having .liter chronometer corrected  at Greenwich whcnever'she'iljy?ed and  ''peddled" lthe'>time( until' 18*92, when'  she reached thedadvanced age ofH 82  and retired.    ���   "*'���'     .'-fidn."''  This rhjht to a monopoly of the ab-  ��olutelv correct time did notjeave  the f-Be'llvlile family with tho retirement of tlie old woman, however, for  her daughter succeded to the lucrative job.^-Evpry Monday morning ,she  goes from her home in Maidenhead,  on th��s Thame.'-, to the royal^observa-  ,tory at Greenwich/where sl-e receives  from the'keeperran official document  flaying that n��r( chronometer differs  from mean time* hy so and so many,  leconds, arid tenths of seconds. Such  *'favor'Is granted'to"no other person,,,  /ind 'strme'd with''this 'exclusive, credential*. Miss,Bellville,sallies forth to  correct the timepieces-.of ���"the world..  , She--.has-about forty'customers*'in"  f^indon,"-scattered" all over" the ^city.  To each-she repairs in turn and permits them to'correct their.time in.'aq-;  cordance with t>*nt,of her own chronometer nnd the official document. From  these r"f,<-)'rty."cu|tomers "-'of this woman  the "rest" of-London gets its ideas  of  Mme.  *   A- AA  '    av-'  .:M*1   V "Wi  It Is no ordin-*rv chronometer that,  Miss Bellville carn<��B aboutr,with her.'  ..ft wsis-made in '1S35- bv*Arnold,-one  of the most famous watchmakers ,that  'ever, lived, 'for < f^�� f D"ke -'of -Sussex",  a son of Georee^TTI." After possessing1  'It'a-short .time-the. noble owner discarded "it -"because" it'"was too'nclumsyj  and Mr. Bellville bought it at 'a fancy,  ,prfC���.-,V?'"'-.���.'-)'     'j   '���' "^.'"-ifa  ^ ���It was originallvwin a gold-case, but.  the assistant ,to the .astronomer-royal  had a silver one1 substituted, hoping  tbat'o-dts " unpretentious-* 'anpi-arance  wo"ld he less likely 6to excite the cu-  piditv'of'the roneh ,characters in the  "slir-dy" parts of old. London";, where  liisibusiness often' took himvv '*  ' rich men'o::ly stewards...  > r        *<av -       ,    i    ������  *  ^   _   r       ' *��� -  Bishop ,of  London  Cautions"Wealthy  '.'   *"-    Against  Maladministration.  ', The Lord Mayor 'of London, attend-^  ^'ed-byhis.slieriSa.'and 'a large*-congregation of representative city men listened-''to J a dnotable'*sermon ..by, the  BisKop" of'London recently, at StJ Mi-  "ehael's cliurch, CornhillA ! "-"���, M -,*,   /  '��� Grouped,->around   the^.Lprd^ Mayor  ���were   such,-w;el]-known.r'men  as  Lord-  .'Aldenham.fwho'' formerly-repre_sented,  the'city'of London in Tarliament;,Sn-,.  Albert, Eollit, chairman of''companies  ancl   owner, of  steamships;  the Hon.  E. Hiibbard,.a prominent figure in the*  banking . world; "Sir' Clarence, Smith,;  --an    ex-sheriff;    Sir ��� Walpole  ��� Lloyd'  ^Greenwell,  one-of-the, lieutenants  of  ^the city^f London ;*Sir,Boverton Redwood, the great"authority>upon petroleum;  Mr. - W. 'Bridgesi ;Webb, .chair-  ,man of ,the Baltic ^exchange, and Mr.  .J. G. 'N.airne. the chief cashier of the  Bank of England.      .. :  The' problem, of London's growing  millions, the spiritual** needs of. the  .great city,,the w.-iht of more churches  Vnd Sunday schools, the-vital neces-  ,aity of reaching the children in the  densely populated slums���these were  the .main themes of the "bishop's sermon, *and he appealed 'directly to'the  business men-for help. t   "���   ''"  "It dces^riot matter how much money you leave behind you,"  said  Dr.  . Ingram.   >,"Ask  yourselves  this question*: Are you honorable in your busi-,  ness,' 'straight'  in your private life?..  What I'told the.business men of New  fork I will tell you. " You' are solely  stewards of what money yoc have; not  one penny of it belongs to you.   The  wealth   you   possess,   Vhether   it- be  thousands or tens of thousands, ��� has  ;be"en lent' to you by God to administer justly.   , '        \     **  .    ."Of courso,-you have a right to put  , money 'by for' the sake of your children, or as a safeguard against adversity.    But. this   is   the ,question" you  must put to yourselves: Are you od-  ..mlnistering the money God. has lent  you for tho good of the people?   You,  who   employ   so    many,   .who   have  brought together in one great city,thi--  vhsti-multitude. should be the flrst( to  see to its welfare."        ��� ���  "   One   story  the  bishop   told   to ..em-  .phasize his appeal for aid. That morning ho had, he said, knelt beside one  of the richest women in Englund, why  was  face  to'face with  the  onteal  of  an operation which would mean either  life or death to her.  "7* gave her," d.-clarcd the bishop,  "tho same, encouragement and consolation as I would huve given any poor  woman In Whitcohapcl or Bethnal  Green, but It was worth more'to her  -at that moment than all her million's." ���   Zebras In Harness.  1 The African zebra was formerly Te-'  garded as being too wild and vicious  to be of use in harness, but time has  changed this, and now in British  Rast Africa any number of zebras  can be purchased ready trained to  bit and bridle. The zebra will be  found most useful in Africa and India  as it io exceedingly strong, a fait  trotter and immune from many diseases which attack horses.  . Perhaps tlie oddest animal in har-'  icss is the wild bodr which is driven  hy a French' peasant at Montlucon.  ft.Is.three years old and.able to draw  * small two-wheeled cart. As a bit  is no use, the reins are attached to  -.he animal's eve teethJ  Cold Settles  on Kidneys  Cure is obtained promptly by using  Dr. A. W. 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"What do you mean?" be asked.'  * "Of course you may have, been excited''a bit during the trial, major. 1  know those other' fellows were worrying you 'like everything, hut that Is  hardly an excuse' for using cuss 'words  You should have waited until you got  outside.-. It won't do"���  /'Does your honor mean to Intimate  that I swore^fn your presence while  trying a case?" demanded the ��� major  sternly-  "I don't intimate anything, major,  but you just look at that" And he  -banded the transcrfptJoJDysart There,'  nestling Jn the'-mfdst of a long argument oyerKan objection, printed as,  plain, as type could .make It, were the  words: ' f  "It Is & damned obscure Injury."  Unrequired nearly five .minutes for.  the major to think out bow it happened. Then he grabbed a pen. Shoved it  irito' the ' ink bottle' and viciously,  scratched out'the ribald sentence,* over  which.he wrote:   ' . ���  "It "is 'a damnum absque injuria,"  meaning a damage without an Injury.  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Bai-riiitu once appeared "at Oxford to  lecture on "lluniltiig." The rowdy  students would not i^ive hinirn hearing.- At length, in a lnomenliiry lull,  he .shouted. "Thenyon don't want to  hear niiythiiig abbiit hiinilnig?"  "We   donU!"   was   the  answer   In   a  roar. -j:  '���',''���'."'. *  -.'���Well."   retoj-te'd; Bartium.   "I've  got  yonr-.nj.oney,'. aud  there's  no hiiinbug  about that!"   ,'-.',��� '"'���:.  The disturbance came' to a sudden  finish, and Barnutn proceeded In peace.  A bronze bowl'of'Gieek origin and  dating from the lirst half of the fifth  cenluly"B.C, ��� was'sold, at Christie's  for if.3,223; while a laige-"*Gieek bion/.c  shield, .made about two centuries  phi her, realized ?1,155.  Minard's. Liniment  Cures  Burns,  etc  Worm Secretes Camphor.  Professor Cook of Washington reports the surprising discovery of cam;  phor as an animal secretion. The animal concerned is a myriapod, resembling a worm or small slug and scientifically known as Polyzoniuin rosal-  bum. It lives in the humus of moist,  undisturbed foiests. When handled it  gives off a very distinct odor of camphor and ejects a milky fluid which  possesses the smell, flavor and taste  of ordinary camphor. Professor CooU  thinks that tho camphor is secreted  instead of the prussic or hydrocyanic  acid found in * other--myria pods as n  means of defence.f, A"  SHOPPING- IN 'CAIRO.  Where-Bargaining Is the Perfume, the  a - -'-PoeW of' Trade.* - -, ' 5"  ."I'enterediSidi Okba's shoplnCalro,"  said the man with 'the oriental labels  ,on his luggage,'"'and a handsome carpet  caught my'eye." 'What is'the price of  that?' J asked.   �� -   ' '���        * '    ,     -    -  ."'That carpet--Is, not for sale.'-Sldi  Okba answered. ,T bonghtfit at'greato  cost for my own-delectation-only.  Uow e  beautiful it Is!1' But will not monsieur,  partake-with me of, coffee ��and cigarettes?" ��� ��� ' >  '���'! partook.' The next morning I was  In that'neighborhood again, 'and Sidi  came forth a'ad saluted me. lie had  changed bis mind'about retaining the.  carpet Allah forbade selfishness among  the true 'believers, and" since I desired1  I berthing he''d let me have it for $1,000.  ��� -*T11 givejj^ou $10.' said I.     .. ��  '  "He,'fell back, almost fainting; then  in a weak,* pained voice he offered me  icoffee 'agaihj, k -    * ,.,        ,',  "Next day Vben I turned^up he came  down to $900, and 1, went^up to $15,  and we drank more coffee and smoked..  Nest day.he'dropped to $S0O,"and^I rose  to,$1750.   We we-reVery cheerfu'i-;ovef  the-coffee, and tobacco "that day*' ���We  , had' the carpet^ spread beforeiis to ad-^  "mire, fit, was" evident that we. would  strike.a' bargain-yet, and just'before I  left  Cairo   we. did  strike-"a   bargain.'  "The carpet became mine for, $50.''   It  would have cost $250 at home.   As we  shook   hands   in   farewell 'Sidi   Okba  said:    ,f, "* ':"'-'  ,."T.-love a good bargainer like yourself. Bargaining Is the bloom, the perfume, the poetry of trade?"I'adore It*",  ���Exchange.  TEES& PERSSE LIMITED, Agts.  CALGARY y   , ���        WINNIPEG.. ���,   jy  EDMONTON  rA  a  k  '      "7 I  'fn  t*\  if A  Heard at the Drama.  Mrs. Ryetop���John, how much time  elapses between the second and third  acts? ' Mr. ��� Ryetop���The programme  says six months, Maria." Mrs. Ryetop  (aghast)���Six months, John? Lands,  we can't wait! Why, them 'buckwheat  cakes I left to riz will have gone clear,  through the roof by that, time!���Chicago News.  r      J . ( .  ,. Centerpiece Roll."  .  A* coaveniy-ntv for'-the dfnlngroon  much  appreciated "by those who take  pride���and .wbo^does not?-Mn tbe-num-  . ber,'-Variety, anad'condltion "of their cen-  terpIeceB  and  doilies  Is" a  receptacle  -bjndei:'to" keep "the'iiTf rom'.being creased *  ', when,laid away., y* <��� ���- ���-  .    -  -  'n A long roll of'cardboard,. QStlong as-  the width ot^yous. largest centerpiece,  'is .* first wrapped -'in' "cotton -weddin-;  ���and then 'eovei-ed with 'flowered silk,  or Jcretonnp Is reiilly better, and" trie,  ends arc''gaL*jered and tied with/ribbon.,    ' ' '.   r    ��� _. ^ "  v Take next a square,of tbe material  the,size of the'length of the roll.  Llneu  this witb'a .cbntrasting^shade-rblue is,  good, as it assists, in  keeping the contents  from  yellowing��� and   bind  with-  the ribbon. , , ���    *f  To use place the centerpiece on* this  square, putting blue tissue paper _be-  .tween, ,-wrap carefully aroundlthe pad-  .deddrubedarid- tie wltb a ribbon tacked  to the cover.     ���  t   ���},,   '".  ��,V  The.tube may be filled with lavender  or rose leaves-betOre covering, and the.  quaint, old fashioned sieeut v ill, add a  further charm to the dainty dnVn thus  itoreil away-  '     '      !  its   cost  item.  To    But'ter-  ^makers���and'  air.who^buy*',  salt iri large  quantities, ..  is   no 'inconsiderable  Minard's  where. i  Liniment^  for   sale  '<"-  ,   i'  \V A'  every-  Windsor Salt  goes "farther���������and  doesybetten,  work.     Its cost is reallyAlessi  ,-���a n'd   it'  makes   the;,'.  butter worth  ' *     ��' i"  more.     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It is to''remind my wife to ask me If I forgot  something she told me to remember.  Force of Habit.  . Lady (formerly a telephone girl)- -  Porter, why didn't you call me, as I Instructed yon? Sleeping Car Pprter)��� t  did, ma'am! Sure's you're born, I did.  l_sald. "Seven-thirty, ma'am," an' you  said, "Line's out of order."���rick-Me-  Up. '   . *.  LTe that will not be counseled cannot  be helped.���German Proverb.  A Censored News Hem.  The methods of up to date--joum.il-  i-mi have not ye-t penetrated as far as  Turkey. This Is how the Stamboul announced the assassination of the late  king and crown prince of "Portugal:  "Tho-king and the crown prince of  Portugal after their return from Villa-  vicosa' met with an accident and were  killed." And on tho follov- Ing day the  journal announces. "Prince Manuel  was today proclaimed king of Portugal in place of ills father, who died  last night."  Outrivals In Splendor Anything of the  ' Kind  In  Europe.        ,  The throne room of Spain outriva'.l  ln splendor any in Europe. 0  The ancient * throne stands In tho  apartment kuown as the room of ambassadors. The . decorations 'of this  apartment include" vast crystal chandeliers, huge tables inlaid with precious  marbles, vast plate glass'mirrors, gildings, rich hangings and above'all the  painted c ceiling representing the long  line of Spanish kings in the various  picturesque costumes of the provinces.  Here Spanish kings receive on state  occasions,, and here, too, their bodies  lie In state after death.. The throne is  of rich velvet, embroidered. Around it  are grouped four great silver lions with  their heads turned away as If guarding  the occupant. Four broad steps lead up  to the throne room from the pollsbed  'floor of the room, and the crimson covered footstool is in Itself a work of art  In this room have been gathered for  ages curios and gems from Spanish  possessions the world over at a time  when Spain was mistress of the world.  And here In front of the throne hang  chandeliers of rock crystal which have  for generations been the envy of other  EnroDean ruloro  Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and  every form of contagious Itch on human or animals cured in 30 minutes  by   Wolford's   Sanitary   Lotion.  Krffl    Send tis'your  ^narafl and address -  >     > *- for IJ piece,  of i  Jewelryto sell at 10 cents eacb. When sold fend tii (h��  SI.so and wenlllsend yon theso TWO SOLID OOLD  filled RDTCS. We tni��t you with the Jewelry and wills����� ni  it All charges paid.  Seadusyonrnamo&ndaddrcasnow-.  ST/17? MFQ. 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"There's really no use in beginning-^  .  When you can't pet anything; done!  So he wastedLa.whoJe long hour.  Tick, tick, it went'slo'wly'by.  WTint   wonders   ho   might   have   accOD*-  rlished  Had he only tli* pluck to tryl  "An hour!    Why, that's sixty mlnute��r  Cried Dick, with his face aglow.  "I've timo to read over my less ins  And run oh an errand or so!"   )'  He blacked father's boots in addition,     ���  Combed Brother Bob's curly brown hair.  Mailed  some  letters and  brought  in the  |;   '. eggs -''���-.-    f  Aa-l ���j" en hp-l t>*ree minutes to spare.  ���Youth ��� Companloht.  AN INFLAMED TENDON  NEEDS COOLING. ,  Husband��� Come heie, Jennie.  Theie goes tlie woman Geoige Blown  spends  all   his  spare  time  with. ���-  Wife (rushing 'to window)���Why,  that'-.  Geoige  Biov.n's  wife.  Husband���Well. 1 know it is.  Wife*���You  buite1���Life.  WE PAY HIGH PRICES FOR FURS  and hide��, oi tan thorn foi robes, rugs  or coats X. W. Hide & Fm Co.,  Minneapolis  Tlio statement of a southern clergyman that Kentucky iri on a highoi  plane, moinlly, thim M.i^.ichiiftCtt-*.  will give tlie jo-.<.-siniths throughrr.it  the countiy an opportunity to ie-.t.Uo  the old one,-now- at least fifty yeais  old, that the dtffeience between "Ma*>-  Saehusetts and Kentucky is that one  "WiU do It and restore the circulation,  assist natuie to repair strained, ruptured ligaments more successfully than  Firing. No blister, no lialr gone, and  jou can use the horse. $2.00 per bottle,  delivered.   Book 2-0 Free.  ABSORBINE, JR., for manVInd, *lT0O  "bottle. Cures Strained Toro Llg-.iments,  Vnicose Veins, Varicocele, Hydrocele,"enlarged Glands and Ulcers.   Alb." nain ���,,i^v'r  IT. F. YOUNG. PDF,-137Honmouth SI, Springfield, Mass.  LYMAN SONS fi CO., Montreal, Canadian Agents.  Also furnlihid 6y Martin Bolt A. Wi/itn* Co* Winnipeg  Tli* Nat/otul Druff 4 Chtmlcaf Co* Wtnnlpig and CaJgarg*  mnd Htadirccn Bro*. Co. Ltd- Yajicoimr.  ���.if I  ''SRI  m  fill  t  v-  (V-  ���<v,  l"r>'.  ^A* ,  A-f i  '"A*.  ? < ���"  V.  i."- !  A   Regiment's   Reputation.  A eeiUin Fit'iich uionaicli was the  eiui-.e of an exhibition of humor en  tho p.nt of an officer belonging to the  ftimou-* Regiment uf Oilcans . He ^as  -,ei\t to the conn with c.-ifa'ii intelli-  ponce, find, in accoidance with the  (-u.-rtoin winch pievailed then, lie a-*k-  t'fl that tlie Cio.-.-, of St. Louis should  be  piven  to  linn.  "But you are veiy yotinsr to have  me Cio*-',, of St   Loui--," siiul tin* kmir.  " Vh, sue," t-aid the oflicer, with a  twinkle in his eye, "we do not live  lonj: in join   Regiment  of Oilcans."  Xeiily all cluhhcn aic subject to  wot 111=;. ami main- are born with fhein.  Spate tliem suffeting by us-ing Mother  Gi,i\oi' Wonn Kxleiniinatoi.the be-^t  lometly of the kind that can be had.  Mrs Quimbj-���Archibald. " do you  know  .uivthiii!?  about    tho-o     peojilo  who au* moving in no\t dooi5  Mr   Quimby��� All    1    know     ibout  them is that they, aro people of. some  makes shoes and boots, and tho other' consequence; Two mon liave jusf  mnkes booze.andsliooti*.���Boston Tm- carried in the madam's spring hat.���;  veller.f Chicago -Tribune.  Ttser& ��� is QnSy On��  That is  9P  USEO THE WOULD OVER TO CURE A COLO IU CUE DAY.  Always   remember  for   this  ,signature  the   full  on . every  name.  box.  ^nyi^a , t*  . (' A  ���j-*. r     ��� "���*.  * ��    ^* -*. ��  -^-,-.*      -���ST ��� *��  ^Z'l^iMM  A,    "i..  .-.'  ���fc->    **   '  IiV  [i&'A  flfc'*',  -     THE LEADER, MOYIE. BRITISHCOLUMBIA  11  ,'f  Itf'.* '.  if "��'".*  �����v  1  v  fl MOTEffi LEIBER.  Pablinhed in the interest of tbe people  of Moyit> and East Kootenay.  F. J. SMYTH, Pcbushkr.  ' I i-s  ,      , <        BATBiOr-IDBSCltirTIOS.  Oit Year.....��� ��� ��� -  ..J2.00  ���f.  ,i* ; -"  , ,*:*">���>  ���'fAf.       '  '"}���?  SATURDAY. APKIL 25, 100S.1  S-I  - j- <>,.., -<  M*k. i ���.--.  .   r?: >j*v '.if?t  ' y-* 'i*j >   y. ',?-  ?--���*���{������ ��?;ws  'A'dti'- '��**���  '*!,,   ,'*!'"���".     ?V  '    tf'^t-'^''  'fjA-'/'Sl W  The sign of the times:   $.  Moyie is still in need of a bank.  _: *--��*-���   ' Good morning! Have you clean-'  ** i  ed up your back yard?  The Modesty of Women     ,  Naturally makes them shrink from the  Indelicate questions, the obnoxious examinations, and -mpleasai.t local treatments, which some physician* consider  essential in Uie treatment of diseases of  vomen. Yet, if help can be had.it to  better to submit to this ordeal than let  the disease grow and spread. The trouble  l�� tlia.t so often tho woman undergoes all  fhfann^nS and shame for nothing, atroyer  ThonssndVSif vromea who have been  curedB*. DrdiPJerce'* Favorlto Procrip-  tion wj-ft\ in -XWiatioa of the cure  which dlsdeiwlsNtf-Mi the examination*  and local treatment^ Tjif IT. 15 BQ other the scalp.  mrdirine  ?" j-"r--* r"*"- "^fl> r��r nrtifiMfl  ' The C. P. R. always tioes things  for Moyie by halves, We get just  half the Soo Spokane service.  When a mm tell^you how you  ought to  run your business just  -take �� look at the way fce\ ia  rnn-  mng his own. .  women as ��t>w��rlm Prescription,- It  cures debilitating drains, irreguiamy and  female weakness. It always helps. It  almost always cures. It U ^f^r^  alcoholic, non '- secret, allots ingredients  being printed on its bottle-**rapper; contains no deleterious or habit-forming  drugs,,and every native medicinal root  entering Into its composition has tho full  endorsement of those most eminent la tho  tevoral schools or medical practice, bomo  of these numerous and strongest of professional endorsements of its ingredients,  will be found In a pamphlet wrapped  around tho bottle, also in a booklet mailed  free on request, by Dr. R. V. Pierce, of  Buffalo, N. Y. These professional endorsements should" havo far more- weight  than any amount of tho ordinary lay, or  non-professional testimonials.  The most intelligent women now-o-days  insist on knowing what thoy take as medicine instead of opening their mouths like  ' a lot of young birds "'and gulping down  whatever is offered them. �� Favorite Proscription " is of ksows cOMPOsrnoH. It  makes  weak   women   strong   and' sick  women well.    , ....     ',        .. ^   Dr, Pierce's Medical Advisor Is sent free  ,7,--   --6*i- if"  - ���,4,*i.-,iE-'(f^"%  F'St--'?**;* i-vs  i'-r>7fr-��j'��* '..5r  Whatever isc his mentnl condi-  tion normally^ Harry Thaw's, continued incarceration makes, him  boiling mad. ,    .  1  Cranbrook is always up to'date.  "She is now making abid .for outfitting parties going to the. Find-  lay river district.     " f ��� ���   ,  on receipt of stamps to pay expense< of  mailing Wm. Scndto Dr. It. V. Pierce,  Suffalo, N. Y��� 31 one-cent stamps for pa-  Dcr-covcred, or 50 stamps for cloth-bound.,  Af{ sick consult tlio Doctor, freo of chargo  by letter. AH such'communications aro  held sacredly confidential.,  Dr Pierce's Pleasant PpJJoU invigorate  ind regulate stomach, liver and bpw��tt.  ll"*, V.6-   *  '-.���'I'  'i .yr-'f-ii*:,'-'  &iyMt*\'  '-I- .". Zlf��'  IE you meet a map whose appearance and'manner you do not  like, it is doll.trs to doughnuts  that* he doesn't like 'yours. So  there you are.    .  4ij.)i{-^t3'*if,,  1 .-��� - S*     '  ''L-iV      Vi ,1**     ...I*  Pa1"''  I tK "     ..    -J'  't'K  . vi  /,* <fl 1  I .''*���* *".'���  J.'  I.  I  1.,��  y..,u!  fMayor ATuttle of ^Fernie must  appear at the revision of the  voters list on May.. 4fch, his right  to Tote being disputed on the  ground that he is not a British  subject'. '    -u i  '" The Nelson^Daily* News has  3-. been runnings for sis: years. It  has increased in. siz^ from t four  piges to eight pages and is one of  the brighest newspapers iqt the  jjro-7-ince.      '       .     ���       c <^ -f  This is from  the I/ondon   Paily  3f*il:   WIDOW anxious  to  hear  of siti-tation at housekeeper where  she'could have one child as  part  pitlary;   reference exchanged.���5.  Coulson's-ter,, Penzance, IJag,   1-��,   George Ada's jokes are not  understood in England. An American company is playing the "College Widow" in I^ondon, and the  English spectators are interested  and pulled by turns. Much of  Ade's slang was Greek to the Baf?-  Jiah'and njaoy of   fche   be3t jokes  ftr** received it? moUnehoiy silence.  -= f*i .  Twelve ye<*rs ago IJ. T. Lowery  Jo-it $300. This is how it happened: "lb was in New Denver  (and the hotel burned down, causing us to jump fpom a window to  the glass-strew*-; terra fjrn^a, leaving our cjothes and our diamonds  to be cremated. As the landlord  did not charge us for the room  that night *nd we h&vp pever  had a shave since, we b&v& by  tljis tim-j recovered from the  financial shock of th.*>t period."  Thinking of Spring  Fainting, Etc?:.,  �� ������ theat bemembee   ; '��  B. H. SHORT,  '     "n  ', <    ORANBROOK, B��� ,C  1   ���    -     Box   -33,       '   :<  ���  Will send competent  inan^ to paint, kalso-  mine or paper your  home.  Ju  CALDER" BROS.  ,      V.*.        X ���* ^ ^ t>  I       -*   K i ~~ l        ���*���  CONTRACTORS  < ��,ND r " *  .    BUILDERS.  Work by the day or contract.  Estimates cheerfully given.  All work guaranteed first class,  MoyijE, b. b.  BUY YOUR  Cigars,  Tol^acc  FEOM  A B. Slewarf  & Co.  Newbro's  Herpicide,  The original DaudiulT germ  de-  A���new   scientific   non-irritant  germicide   and  prophlylsctic   for  Cures dandruff, falling hair and  pre vents'ha Id n ess ,by destroying  the dandruff germ. -*"  ' Baldness is a contagious disease  crused by �� microbe,  <��� <>  Newbro's' Ilerpicide absolutely  destroys the dandruff germs.  For Sale at the  * ���*       ���  MOYIE   DRUG' . AND  STATIONEFY   STORE.  St.   Joseph!s .Convent.  ��� .   .'   ' *.  ' r   J r ^    '   " A      *  KK1.SON, B. C.;  '   ' ' /  hoarding and Day School conducted by the Siute'ra of St. Joseph, Nelaonj  B. c! Commercirtl "and(i business  conrsea a specialty, c Excellence and  awift progress chara'cteaize ^each department. ^Parents eliould write s,for  particulars. One ..month assures tlie  public of the thoroughness 'of the  Sinters' methods of 'teaching. Terms  commence January, April and *Sept  Pupils are admitted during term.    ,. A  MINE RAJv. ACT/        , .'    j  (FORM   F.) ' *"  CERTIFIC4.TK OF lUVROVEHZXTS.  t    '    , <c  .    i      NOTJ0E." '  ,'        r?     '  IiOt'SoS515iIIalf'MooavMlqeral Claim, situate In the Fort Steele Miuing Dijiafoji' of ��*st  Kootenay District. ' '        -,    '    ,  Where located: Ou St. Eugeno hill aear  Mojle.       , . ,'f '      r*    ,       f  TAKE NOTICE that I, Th.os. T. McVittc F. if.  C. N'o B1001 Agcut for John Rr.Fttrrell F.^M. _C.  No. B 1359, Sadie Fftirell F.',ir. C. No B 982,  Norm/m *>y. Burdett F.,, Nf, C. No B1358, ���  William Bird F. M. G. So B 685. Henry J.' C.  Stcuart Free'Mmcr'H Certificate No.*B1335,-in-  tc'nd, slxt> dajsfroin the date hereof,_to apply to the ���tlinlng.Rec.orderlidra Certificate,of  Improvements, tor Xhe'p-jxpose 0f * obtaiijlog a  a C-rowu Grant of the above claifp.  u  And further ^tate notice-th^t acttonj' under  section'37, must be commenced before the is  <ua.nce o( Euch Certiflcate of iraprovenuenfa.  1 Dated this Wnd. day of February, A. D. 1908.  , " THOS. T. MeVITTlE '  " ,  I   O.O. F.  Wilder E-otlee No. 44.  Meets Tuexday evenings in McGregor  hall on Victoria" street Sujournmi:  Odd Fellows cordially inviti d.  H.J.LOWKS       ��� *-'-*S���>  ,   Ntibl'e Grand. ise*ry-  St. -tCusenc todce No. 31.  K.  Of P.  Meets evt-ry Tbursdaj  evening    in    MtGret.01  ball hi 8  < 'clock. ��� Vif-  iiing brtillicis uniled  W. J. Peltham, ' E. A. Hill  Chancellor Conn- K.B.andS,  Moyie   Miners'   Union  No.7l  W. F. of M.  Meets in McGregor hall every  Saturday evening      .Sojourning   members  are cordially invited to attend.  John Taylor' '        Thos. E, Kelly,  President. '- ,      Secretary  q. a;;reneau,  ;':'. ' "'bXbbeb.' y    -  Firrt Calss Work  HOTEL  -VKOOTENAY  - '       ���' d! "* '        ' ' "      '-1  Harvey,~-iMcCarter  &  Mat3donald.  , ,,  ���'  f. ���    .     i'   - .-    ���     '" ��� ��� ,  ..rBarristers, Solkilors/Notaries, Etc..  Cranbrook,,-   -    B- c-  Shoe Repairing  Mining, Shoes  Made to Order  THE CANADIAN BAM  OF COMMERCE   [  HEAD   OFFICE. TORONTO  ESTaBLISUEU i88j  B. K. WALKER, Presfdent  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager ,<  A. H. IRKLAMD, Superintendent of  , Brancbea    ^ ���    .  B. A. SMtTif  feHOEMAKEa,"  OYIE,"  B.C.,  Paid-up Capjtol, SI0,000,.,  Rest,   -   -   -      5,0o4i!l  Total Assets, - 113,000?  BANK MONEY ORDERS  taaUtO AT THC FOtXOWMO RATE* 1  * $5 and .under.     3 cents  Over $5 ��nd nol exceeding $10     6 cents  ",    *|10    .   " '���',       ,$30    J0 ccntt g,  "    $30      j,"     ^-^ $50    15 cent, '  These Order* ��re payable at r����* *l "-"T ofRt^ {" (^arisidlt oi �� Chart.  .vr..i.������ �����..��r,i^Hl. and at tbe orincitwU bankinir ooints in tin- Ui.h..,* .  lUeae wraent ��rc ^�����j.aawi�� c. ,�����.. ~. ��� v ~"~~- �������� v.���.���n u. a k.nartjT��!B.  (Yukon excepted), and *t tbe principal banking pomts in the Uuitvd .*>tat��  They arc negotiable at $4-90 to the"/, sterling in Grc��l Bnta'm an4 hihtt,  They form ar-feacccllent method of"remitting small ��tim�� of tnoney-wtH  ,   -and at small cost, and may be obtained without delay at any ol6ce of lit t  CRANBROOK BRAMUH..  ]"!}[ ���'';' \ // , r.T.-BRYHNEjS  ofiitByj  Gosmopblitaii Hotel  '     *��� f    '        ' 'HAflBV DIMOCK.,  Proprietor. '       .  ;,;  *   !��� . Nearest Hotel to the St. Eugene mine.  ' ���     .-  ," " *, r'i * , f     ,     y.r-,*,A     y    ,  Hfeadduarters  for Miners.  BAR'SUJ?iilED. iyiTH'JiEST.BRANDS 0F;L1QU0H.S ANDQlJ  ''-"V,./,"  yRates,$l'.OPXdayjandup,  ^ ���    P, V. A>       ,.rJ .      ,^'V7tJ . r ' .  *r f ��  '',���(,'     >'.''.     ���'������I',  w: r: ourd,       -  i"      r> it,��� > *  1 ''    4, ��� ' ""'  ��   BAKKIBTBK,'SO*CICITOB, ��XO.  '" --.        ���     ..   , "     1 ���   :  CEANBBOOK;       ,,    " '    B. C,  -1 -  -Ay,;p.;^'pyNB^K.-A-  Barrister/solicitor,Notary Public, ^tc  Crantoroo-k, B. C;y i:; J  DR. F: B. MILES,  -\',A,'Ar-  V1 "^     <* .  -&" i>s3sra,i3,ai,V ��tf 'C  Cranljrpdkr 'vv",'r >/B,^C.  T, T. StcVUtle, C. E,  P.J.. 0. H. Y. Tarl er, C  McVITTIE & PARKER  Provincial Laxd Surveying  railway �� mining engineering  Estimates Furnished,  OPFJCEg  Fort Steele P. O. Box 23.  Ci-anhrook P. O, Box 11,  ���maw  LINOLEUM  CARPETS  .��  George H. Thompson,  , V .-I-. v. "���    -  BiRnrfiXKB, t3oLrcj:TOR  a  K 1 t i  c tary Public, <fec.  f a- *     I '     *        t  CBANB5P0K,      British Columbia  ORANBROOK  ��� >,���,��.     . ,,.<���?   "  E. H. SMALL, Mama^er.       '.�� .     .  ���JA,       .      -  -'i",,%       A;^ ���>���' -,*%.r ���,  *; A'-".   ��� ' ,    -      ,* '*   o,'l 0.  ._        'J - ' 1 " -j     '  Good rooms, good' tables and bar  -,-  and   first class sample roorna.   ^  >    ' 1 * \   ���     f 1J*     tM  -,- !'-<*.  fr ���<*%* ,h77"s **���.' 1 y*C  .-V^ .'  Win.f Jewell  Express and Gener-  ,  ' , al  ^Delivery   Busi:/  - ness.^d; Li very? and *"��  ���" diFeed' Stabieiy;* /;V':'* 'J::  t ���- Il     1        , j ��� j 1, ,.       ui  >     ^  ��. For f-Sale  V V     I-   r.  11   ^*f  INTERNATI9NAL -'  HOTEL.  This hotel is now underY new  management, and w first class  .       " ' '        ' A  jin every respect *    V J.   'l ' -  ���  B: E. TAYL.pB.,:Mg;r,  -���"-i   - *-- ljeave Orders at"  j '    A  1 *AA    v   1   '  '-'iA     s>*   T-' '*  ,   *- ^- 1= ; GWynne's Store.;-; , ���" -;., "���' d  /  <y.v  -���*"-7T - /.*���) , *-  './��,***��� ��-**  Moyie.y*. ai-_VU British;, Colambia  k - ,       fA-' *���/.' -1, , , -* *-'-."-; jsiv/  ft* .-jc'  -t��      -. w. ���    - >J' .' u," , i,.-y .-j   ���''-��� ^   ,  '"���*���"��������     'J,- -J' 1   . J    1 *-_.*,t7.t-.-tJ4,'   -k -1    *,       ��^'  senpYyoubTtvorkv( to' the  *:v*feb6TENAYV.V,;^:.  "������' STEAM1/* ^ *V"  LAUNDRY.  "��� *������   '     ? it1  >' '       ^? NELSON"     v'' ;'C ->J  .   All White Labor,;   .t  ���f ,l   '   ' A   '���*.".���       " i*"  ,r'i   '  '"' f% -    I      " ' ,- ���.',���,  Leave workrWith the local  "Rent  A, B; STEW ART.5  ~1"; 'L'iigV^ssbHmcnt^pf ���; GO:0AB TS and' BABY j  :*7> - .t ,AfC^RRIAGES.yfiPriccs 'frojfio.^ Hip.,      i  I.*-,A,:   /f.-i-J;.^-'', ',-f ,,*y* ^y^'yftft^'-yii'    ;��� ^-".   ���     f*,^,.  '   -   t    "     ���  -^   ^.��>.     \^   .'*, .  -1, ,T    A't   \  moyie  EDUOATIQIfA^,  Mr. S. Moore, B. Aa" will give  lessons on Bookkeeping, Arithmetic, language apd Science in the  evening. ~ , ,  Mrs. Moore teaches  the  organ,  piano,and theory of musfa.  Apply at residence,  Firg Wardens Busy.  The fire wardens were bestiring  themselves yesterday. They inspected most of the chimneys and  stove pipes in town and will complete their work in a day or two.  It is understood they liaye seyeral  recommendations to make.  -vX.  Cranbrook Race Meet,  Lovers of the fast horses will  gather at Cranbrook in large  numbers for the r^oes on May }8  and 19. Purses to the amount of  $2,400 have been hung up, and  eorrje of the best horses in the  west will be there to cotupete for  them. There will be reduced  rates on the railways.  FOR SALE���Fresh milch cows,  F*or particulars write to j  ji   MORGAN LONG,  PincHer Creek Alta.  JXJST ARRIVED  A  t'resh supply of  pur noted  Imperator Hams  and Bacon.  Haras. $15 per 100 pounds, 16��  cents per pound single   hams.  Bacou, $17 per 100 pounds; 18��  Gents per pound single   slabs,  Try our Shamrock  Leaf Lard and Empress Creamery but  ������' ter.   -.  TUEY, ARE A SPECIALTY  P. BURNS & CO  MOYIE, B. a  W. K, BEATTY  Embalmer and Undertaker,  Phope 9.JT CBA3UBBOQK  .When furnishing your  liome or hoteldori't forget we cam furnish you  promptly and complete.   ,  MAIL ORDERS GIVEN  PROMPT ATTENTION  Standard Furniture  1,  Company  NELSON,  B. C,  AG NTS  Mason & liis-ch Piano Co,  Qstermoor Mattress.  Globe-Wernick Office Furniture,  mmmmm**\    i, n.. I l..������a������wminn Willi WW  -THJ5-  GENTLEMEN���  If you want a stylish,  up  to date tailor made suit, call  and inspect our spring goods  before ordering elsewhere.  We guaratee all  Our Work.  Cleaning,      repairing and  pressing done.  Prices Right.  C.A.F00TE  Merchant Tailor,  MOYIE, BO  lotsl.  ���I        PJSSAPUttPR    BROS,   rop��.  i  L��r6'e sample room ia copnection  with bonae for commercial men. Bea*  o{ ftOcornmodationB.  Hcadqnartera  for   Com*-  mercial s,nd Mimns-'Men.  QlfEEKB  AVKKT?)!, MOTlZ,  ��. Q  A. 1.   McKILLOP  JTELSOS,  B. G  O   F. PE3AULNIER ���  "  1 '���    "PE-UPI.  JN  WOOD, COAL J! FEED  PROMPT' DELI VERY.  Queens' A^re.      MOYIE  ^NMbl^N  RATLWAY  One Way Colonist  Rates to Albarta and  British Columbia  From TORONTO  BRANTFORD       '  OUBLPH  GAL!  1 LONDON $40.05  KINGSTON   50.10  OTTAWA 51.40  OTTAWA via Chicago 52.45  MONTREAL . .��� 52 70  QUEBEC.................... .50.00  ST. JOIIN-MONCTON..,.". . ...00.05  HALIFAX ���'.. /-��� --���; -,: .,63.45  ,    -1. ���'   ."������',-'"-     ���*, ��� , *-       . .*c'  -  " 8  ir  '"      '       f  \''    P.\F. JOilJSfSlOJV >   '   ,,, ."  Thw Hotelis New and well Furnished  ��� :   Tables are Supplied with the Best I  , MarK'et affbrds. The Bar is Filled  1      the Best Brands of Liquors and Ci  HEADQUARTERS   FOR COMMERCIAL  *  "   '  *    AND MINING MEK   .  OTIK     "        ��� - ������      " ���     '     ~     "    '��� UB1TISB COW  ������������!l      CA��0   �����S�����S��*E<!�����e���'3��a^-����*B63a��3��s����9������9(  Mjyie  As mide by tlio present brewer is admitIcdlrl  Best Beer in East Kootenay. Willi tl-o Best MiKj  tie Pmest Spriog Wa'ter it is unoxcelled rorqu��K|  Insist on having Moyio Beer,  Bottled and Draft Beer.  E EEI1   CI  CHAS, INDERWIES, Mgr.  ���MOYIE?  Tibkets on sale Feb. 29fch, April  29th, 1008, Corresponding low  rates from intermediate points.  Correspondence invited and  cheerfully answered, Call on or  write        1  JOHN MOE,  Diet, Pubs. Agt,  Pplton,  E.J.C0YLE,  Ato't Gonl. I'ann, Ac  V����fliv����-.  1  Property for Sale  IN ALL PARTS OF TOWN  F. J. SMYTH  Insuranc^ Real Estate, Collection*


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