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The Moyie Leader Apr 25, 1903

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Array tasm  ���a  w  f  .Ia-  ���^-tw.***1*  f  h  r,    '    \        "  J"  -^r.  1    "v  jfA'.iy^" x MAY COXfJERX.  i-^Sr^-^8-1!'^' " ' ' -  ' r,r'"'  EfflRubyje donH xr ���"���'l1';"' ^"l',r;"-  ftlllS-'n up, bat buy  -,.v;.    -.'to   ~-   :  ���KM35B^*-ffoli,J-> lola  for  =f��:  *-  V  ���' *  "Mm  t-s  Sfig  k^j-j f/.r r^if  j-am  LJ;0^*,t  ��� v--���_--  ���? * *  '-\    j**'<    -*T*  '/ft- U  -��� - 'A      1  ir1  ]��&sdi  ^%��  ���-__..,.-_..���..   ,   r. , .     . ... \-~  u* j/^J -?        'A l^J  %*& ft  Atf!  1iih  lb  "2.  MOYIE, Bo C. APRIL 25,1903.-,  S3 A XEAg  nm  V >��*,��� "-9..- "> -���'*-*���_- -d#" W' -,;,-���   < 5--.'- .j    -        !  '     '   * " ..', Vr?'    i  as  BEAD BIB OVE3&.  Iam  a salesman., I  represent E,  CAMPBELL  4 00.  of  Moyie.     No  ���   doubt you lia/i.   a   good   many   tight  ���    weight, salesmen   trying   to   pell you  good?, but none as-light  woi';hl  as   I  am; nevertheless I havo brains.-,  1 must talk, you must 15.-.lei: ti> me;  you cannot shut tne- up or  tbrov.   ni��  "out.   'IJoM/At    JSot. nni.l you look  me over, ne I'm   not   ��oin��   buck ,to  . It. C.tsni'b'-ll <fe Co.'o Etorii tuiy , .-iioru ;  in fact J juhl luft there. But f peaking '  ii; itll fsiiniorfj about ilin hou."0 my a*l-  vico lo yon i;5 to scur-,: up ft .n.r r-"?.-'il  or<icr aud.^o dirc'cl oi '.Hotul to It.  Oitnipbell <fc Co.'s at onco. It v,-i|l be  lilhid aocurntf-ly ��r.d dol.\t-rad np-nin-  aly; in fact you will be surprised what  'oBlc-'rling   (]U.dHy,3. 'irthd   at _-.vbut   lyw  prices you have purchased'.  Confidently, I-juat repeat' the same  fixnet wordings wherever I gO; tmd  do you'know thtit I'm gettiug lo{$ of  'biJine.-s. Tbat'ri why # they call ma  ���the truthful little sftlc-sma.  I'don't drink.    Qood day.  IOC-J    ^1~\.V"c-  i-'iiE pi.ici.i-..e :-iO,\t'lu-A'iLiy.  JanU's Ui'tr-niii "i-.i-j im!   tor AffAoruiaA  i-id will boa v/ayai/owi ii inor.tli.,        t    ;  fh} ! Sten Hanson haa boon   di.-;nneseJ, ,    i  W V/ j f      ;  ,T/? ''   ^"'lip f'oorad and  family iiave rs-j  iM ; turned from Missoula, Mont.   ��� -  Wfi ���    '^ll13 ,,<?e on l"nG iil"e ^H -*aPidly break-1  JJK j Jag up and will likely   be  .all   out  by j  iiii | tomorrow or next dav. " |  '-'[iff ' d " ;  mh ''    '^' ^'' -^ri3"lf^'nn.'-f ^ovi-ruineni egenf,,'  ���J--X  ! will be in Moyie Friday ntxt, iiay l&t,  w/    and will hold an* elc'ciiou ol   firo   w:tr-  deuG. -   ���.       '    '  Harry L?irnock and wife atoi-ped   ofl  in Moyio Wcdnocday cm tlicir, way   to  r8%  1 f\ I fj ^ ��% C��5  ill I   %    I-  'ml sS i  8-^  8^  ffi 9 ���8 H H H g ii gS5 gS |^   fe  s e ra m~/ id ���-&&$ s is a s s S  ss  METAL   MARKET.  ' New Yojuc���Bar silver, fL} cents',  Le.id.!RG7��." Copper, "$1?.75. Zinc,  (upclteO *5.0��.     ' ' M    '      '     ���  London���.'Load, ��12, as. ' -  f  li l$U  an  Rl  on 0i  "i?s  M  l��U  1?  Thfinlsr-,  AZA  H  uflll  ��\  hoi 1   ^nve  Kr*  f*\-  m  JS"elsou.    JiTra. l5imock will   mako   he./.*  homo in iJcksO'i during the gurntiicr.'  Alpine parncron r< turned from Fair-  bfiulf, i*.Tir.:j(ieoLiJ, Y'-.v.-:. wetdc,    D/3  w.'���..-���  tiwoiiipuni.-.u by   Iii.-.   dcin-jhier,   M;>.s j  ' To .-^.y that the peepb ci the Koolt?- I conGkic-r that the protection lie-  enjoys  J-Jmma Camcr.jp.. , ���> j ���.���:-.-,-��, and in fact of   the et.tiro   west,. costs tho 'miner-* ia. this province more  At the liucr-nse coi.'."ttj:-.:-ionor&' meet- J '*-r.' dlFh'j'iri.c-iiLdj discouraged ..nd clio-; in one week, j might say in one day  i:;g i'-i I'-rni.'! ycslerdt.y Ch:i'-. i-'iirrfill } x'.i-jtod ovor t!;c manner in which liiey i and.not overstep the mark, tl;au tho  ���tr*,d Tom Under v;ere g-rented .i lit,eu.-" I were turned do7,-h by th-; govern mwit j protection vn ask on lead will coat the  for iVorrissey, nr.d   Ds.u ?-.1l-Kay's   t'-p- j a'- Oiuwa, is puttiuc-j it  wild.    Mover . eastern farmer in a/tar?  50  47  m 15  '    11}  5  4s  4-  n  SO  20'  18  Id  n  �� 20  5  ��� 4.  ;..50'  ,      ���80   ^  10   L  3.50  ~  pliciitlon w:ia rejected.  I war;' ;,ucb ft united elibr-f made   for a |     "I say that if tho  ��Overnnieut  does  Miss .Marietta   LaDcl),  elocutionist;! i11^ fnd '-'-i^i'^ble piece of Icgi&LiCion, i not reconsider and make good - our  re-  and never were the wishes oi the poo-; ouest, the people of British Cohi'mbia  pie no igupminiously | ignored. The j should, as a unit, place themselves on  people are indignant, and justly so.      ['record as   opposed   to   ?,   policy   that  \J  8'B  .Yr"  ���-,'.V  *���:?:��  and iha-; Etnlie ' Francca Scott, soprano, ' will give 'tin .entertainment in  the Odd Fellows hall next Friday  evening, May- 1st. Both ladies are'  Hccninplipljcd, aud will give an entertainment well worth seeing,  A petition is being circulated asking  the Commissioner of Land's and  Works to refuse lo grant the Ik-it  Kootenay Lumber Co. permission to  obstruct the lower -Moyie river with  dams. It isconUmd-jd that the back-  ing up or the \.\!.ter in ,'the lake will  ruin A. T. Clark's valmiblt- hay ranch  and will also caua'o tiie tit. Eu&eue  company a grer.t deal <it trouble iu  getting rid ot the "tailings from their  mill.  wm  N�����������������������������������f ��������� ������������^^ ;.gewsral news note;:  ^   *-^*zxr^^  1.-^:^^-2  j     gir Oliver MowsL is desjd.  rlUSWrfil IS A MR'1      ftP '      ^fftF4MFPCF^     Sirs. Iloboit 'Fifzeimmons,   wiia  ���Paid' Up Capital :;$8,000,OGO. J-!  .Reserve,' -    r ������ ��� .     ' 2,500,000.5 _    ���  ^pn-.itF deceived..   Present Hate of Interest 'J per cent.  wmm mm. .'..'-       ��� '-t.c.kaipas. hbh  The tov/n of Moyie, for instance, depends almost solely on the St. Eugene  mine for its support., The St. Eugene  means the ruin of the silver-lead mining industry, an industry that during  the year 1900 produced in  value   one-  hau the largest body'of silver-lead  ore j third of the mineral output of  British  or> the American continent and  could   Columbia.''  ship 300 tons of ore a day for the ndst.1  three years   without  fu.ther  develop-!     James Cronin,    manager of, the  St.  ment.    When the nurfa   is   iu  ooera- \ EuSe��e ���nGi has tll3S to ��a-v: .,  lion it omnlovs SOO meh-and- its pav-'i     "Tlie.easlom C.inidiana are a   lot of  roll average*   ?30.000  monthly.    But i Politicians; they   have   no regard for  today there is   not ' a   wheel  turning,  the west and pur needs out-here. Their  and this mammoth piupertv ' is ,:���>: |iulery3t evidently ceases when the  sik-nfas a grave. Ar.dall this bocuwe , KfVkies iXVQ reached, aud for my part  the legislators of the east aro no*; v--"iito"j T'VQ-no larLher use for-them' See^  eno-it'h awake to ' give protoctica to ', now, we might as well bo annexed to  one of Canada's leading industries. ' \ Cliiua a" boKad u? vvith eftsteru' C;Vn'  Al .i public meeting hold in  Movie ; ada-    Tiiero i3 n0   Bease   ia   the wa?  ��� w zK-tea&aw**^'***'*******^*?^  a   of! Wednesday evening (no following ies* ', tas governnient uas   treated   us  ano  t���--*-��� !'"<.,���/--������ <���        solution was passed': ,      '-hroY/n us   down.    \Vo   havo worked  Two k tore bodies   ha'vo  been   taker.!    \vhere.t-3,   The   people    of "British   ^e.tarift question- up.  and liad  not  out of the Jj'crui'j coal mine. - They ere j Columbia have with   one   voice  asked ! only'the whole province but Manitoba  two   Italian   bictuers.      The     bodies.-.,   ���-,-.'..               d         ... ,     iinrl   },he   Urriiorier   behind   us Tho  ���.��,.^^ , f ���     i   <-,���-������ ^^   , a              i tho ' J)onunicn   government- ,icr ado-   auu  \1>V   isuuuin...   u^uil.u  lo. iul  were in a fair state o'pi-etcrvati-jn. ow-                                �� v    ���,nn- ..-of v-,in;.,n-i fnii..fn ti.Q ,-r���,  .  -   .    ,,          .           ..',                   '        ; .-..i.-ifo >*.-nt,irti;r.i-i in ,(i."i   m.r. ' matter v-asexplained iu.iy to tlie gov-  mg to the coolness ot tlie mints.             iquate p.oteolion on u���u, anu ,                         r              , -   Lo ' j     Whereas, Tbe  people   of Manitoba '��� ernnient.    'Lhcy cannot   say   the  evi-  churon Bervicos. ��� I ftniithc:Xortliwcst have th:ou��'h   llitir : dence >vvs   not   iorlhcomius   and  in  i  a5 ii | boards of trade  .'JO p. m.  endorseu   tne   appc.lj  : good time before the budget was made  and  up this year.    I am sick of the   whole  Imperial Sank oi -uanaoa.  CAPITAL, (Authorized)   CAPITAL, d'a-d  Up')   j?,EST .....'.  1U;.M3 OFFICE, TORONTO. OKTAHH-.  T U. ?,iI-;KlUTT, rres.. 1\-Ji. WILWIII. r"  E. HAY, Af.iBlini Gen. Manngtr.    Vv  ..V��,0.-0,000  l'lU'E-?,SYTr:Ri.\>7���Siind'iy school  v;.\a: i,p. m.   ::,t*r'-i'?'> in tho ha'.l iU  <*;   |,c5ub|0Ct :    ' Sowing Olltl  lv,e-ll>mg.'' j       ,,r, _a ,.       , , ,.   ,,      ' luisinpca ind    up.*, nn f'nvlftrliJ-   ihp.ul  -. I      , . ,_,   .,.:n1,..   ;m,;inri   ���-,  nlt���.,!        Whereas; It ha j been proven'to the ��� on&iue^s nnu  .,ec no t.a\ ii^in aueau  j-i-.t are i ......a.-v   l'lviiev!   iu   attci.u ' . .-,.-.���.. ,,,. ��� -.rr  *^ ! Ihesq ic-rvicMc.      ' j Dominion government   that   ihe pro- : -or tnw section of m;   province.    \\ e  .*: j         ' "    i>   ���/ LLLOAI.TO'dlT, r&sior.' iccliou we ask is in all-fairness due to j l-4��� riot been able to  get  simple jus-  i re,*' atuJ    Gen. Man.  t  !  1  ���he icau  mining   Lidusl  -A  MOF't'.ST, C!iiei Inr-pecior.  k.a.-.'vin r .Alii-  CRAHBSOOK BRANCH :;.Zi^2  SAV1NCS J")EARTMENT~*Jnlorest allowed on deposits. ���  rh,ifi3 sold, available in all  p.trts   oi   Canada,   United   States and  Europe.    Special attention given to collections.  F. H. MARSH, .Manager.  METiTOJif-jr���rjuntkiv   .-eiioui - rt   o\  m.    Pro ichin,:   -it     / :'J0   oyqlock. j C'sIupaAui  .ibjort .    "Idnoc:- iv=l5:,a wUaT'CcU, '   I -   Therefore, V;"e, UK people of ^loyie,' e:'u Canada, and pay through the ���  ,.'  STOCK  QUOTATIONS.  Furnished  by  Beale, HutchiGon &<  Elweil, br'okei's, Hoyje*, B. C,  Asked.        Bid.,  Crow's ]STest Coal:.. .��350.00 $340.00,  St. Eugene   North Star   Sullivan   Can. Gold Fields   Golconda.-.f ..':   War Eagle.,,   Payne   American Boy   Alberta, Coal Co '  East C. >T. Coal.. .  St.Eugene Mountain  Can, O'ilcfc Coal Ltd.  o  ^rKngafc.a..aajaacfftgamur-<urj��Oi. i aa.   1 J-  Sucoeasf^ri'oar fov 3rethodif,iti.  ', .At the fourth and last meeting o/  the quarterly ofilcial board of the  Moyie Methodist missionary the buei--*  ness for tlie past year was summed up,  showing (hat though tho to'Wu has  been rather quiet, yet tlie ieport for  the year was tho bc-3t ,on record for  tliis mission.  The Sunday school   report   for   tho '  year showed that good work was being .  done there,    There aro 42 members oh   .  this   roll,   with   eight ' teachers-   and  officers.    A new and'splendid  library  has been added to the   Hunday 'school '  recently, con slating , of   37   books o'f  cspeoially good.reading. ��� ���  Tbe report of tho  women's auxiliary  for Uie year showed that they had don'e  their part in making ths  past  a site- '  I cessful year. * ���  As this was the last meeting for the  conference year the following mem-'  mofial was passed to show tho appreciation of Mr; A. E. Marshall:, '  "Thai this quarterly,   ofilcial board  place on record their hearty apprecia- '  tiou of the services of Bro. A.  E.   Marshall, who'has   supplied   tho mission  during the"  past  year.    His  ministry  has   been   blessed   by   God,   and wo.  earnestly request that   the  conference  .return him to this' field, for  another  year.'        ^  SJCay .Not JCenvu Moyio.-     '       A"  "1 have reconsidered   my  intention'  of moving away from   Moyie   for .the  present at least,'' said D. J. Elmer this  week after he returned from   his  trip  to Kalispell and Hayden, Mont. '.'True  things   are   pretty   lively   over  there"  now owingto the amount-of railroad"  construction   going   on, but   for  permanency I do not consider  that country has the resources to make' it equal  to South East  Kootenay.    Kalispell }k  ���a beautiful place and a thriving place.  There are 43   saloons,   some  splendid  stores, banks, etc., and the place ha3 a  metropolitan     appearance    generally.  But i found that many of the business ���  ten have "cold  feet."    They  want io  iriufh ! *--co in ^,e t.mlL matter. Wc are t.ixod  up to the neck for the benefit of   east-  uan-uut. ana pay uirougn ine > kos"-: l  a:iar.i .vri.o:.:-: . o ' II. C , in   public   ^o-:;.:ng   ^scmblod,J ior mining the   whole  dominion, ycl j s^fo^^Yoa'see, when tho new cutoff  A. a. ?IA]W1��ALL. Pastor. jii:ctesfc ac,air.-;t our   -u-ji." d-imr.n-.k-  be-,! ^'b-Cn w-"f: fr r consideration   at   the | id built Kalispell will lose   about $50.-*     i i.*.*-refused and        '   , ' hand? of tho ��� ovorument as   wo  have i 000 a month of its payroll.  .������oi:..m-'-. i:.*.--'-.j-:*.ir-s'*ati v:. ; '"^  v    "    ''" ' 'i.nnn .inMir'ia'.*,- tiw- l-��nw>r*   -ind!     "Hayden has 10 saloons,  one hotel,  i       TiAa.-O.vi-..   -IM..,-1  'ir, Ipsa, n;*r  r,\'i\:,'St.   <^ . U'iCn tlOUlg .01   ".i,  paau   A.O.'y e-tl a    auti |  d j I hfvc usetl Ciia'-aberl:.in's Ootigh  V "Remedy v:r a number of years and  'i: ! have  no    hesitancy    in   saying   that  ���"���  riimm ii i in hi n ww  ii mii>'ii��iiin>..-%,iwiu����uwiiii i*.��.xit>iwHr*^*1'ir*'jn��^ie^  YOU HAVE A  Lo'x. to ;^:ll  A irOUc'K TO KENT.  MtKI^t.-: STOCK TO  tEI/L,  (n if yrr, v.sh io invi-e-l  m ;  :y , ." <~.    ���_ cou.-idi-  fr  I.  r-j.3  ; j? ^ c  <��� Jis n . r-.-i   "J A    n     1 ii s  ii is the bes:. reiredy for coughs, colds  and croup I  have   ever used  in   my  family, I have not words to express, vjeP,a 0f gnme Ci* {j]e most p.-omineiit  my confide'hee in this remedy .���iris. J ,-,oa ,n x0yicd A. P. Maedonald, pros-  J. A. Mcore, North Star, Mich. For;' lc-,jnti 0f lhG bo^rj 0f trade, and of the  -'tle-bv P, IX H.^p:-,  drii^gist. ��� r.rm   0r   AT.cEaclu-rti   c:  Macdonaki.,  :-   '-i,\Avr. his \-jews-is follow,-:'  ��� ii_a jt*5*-ijm<s*<c ir=��;'T>raj(E��-S!rrvr-<��2?-^'r>---tu^i. t*zt?*zg*lx r��3K  I     llosolve./riiAi unless our requ^t be , been ������.-��� ...    -~ ,- ... ���y ! a dance hall, and one   or   two stores.  : granted, we will henceforth' oppose a j more we are first put on will! ?-**-*��-. There are SQVeral ex-Moyie people in  policy that docs not consider the re-: ble excuses and ��� finally thrown- aside i Hayden. Amongst them are Harry  t'ttirc'ineutsol the people orthewe?t.     'without any  explanation,'and   all   our I Eimock, Geo. lieed, Al Murphy,  Fred  j alTorts in the paat have iuet amounted I'Sloat and   Mrs.   Lacy.    Ed Cuff,  Ui,s ���  I          ,*.',,                   ' prizefighter, is also there,    ���  j to nothing."                                                j l J       '   .                        i  'fWhat do I  think   about   the way  1 the government at Ottawa hag   treated  . the lead question?" said If Campbell,  ! t,f the  Tbe Leader this week solicited the  How   to YFai'tl   oil" aa   Attack oi        ,_  K)ieumatisia.  "For years when spring   time par&a 4  j ����� ������  L.A���.dJL    V  ^  fe     " ."-^ /^\ '--"-vi (?"-*!  '���The  pAj-fo   of    RriJijh   C'.)ii:mtnt  httve with ono   volco,   ro'iuesu  b  thtit  ���..r.-u.-.f V. Cini^oel: .U\. - when   ou ant| T.went iufco  S'^deuing, I  9*&  ', -       ���   ��� .-.���.*--,���,.   *i'���,.���.   sure of an attack ot   rheumatisn?  g.nd  '.or h---oMnion. ,   -.a-''.., it sjeems  ist   for protection   ever* atUlcl: was mor�� seyfi:" f-h*u -tliS  ._! preceding one/'says Josie   ilcpGnaitJ.  io me that our reqaoov.   .....  t  on our "tuinoipal industry (o'tlif*   pros-  ���O ^  ^.:\ n  ' fir.  .di/V  9  aa, i0.,d .r -rke:,-: iSr. i.l.i be no longn- , ;.pj ^^l^ has j,^;, lirCd'enL'0l. to j *��� hl���< Lc^an count*' WeaL Va- ^  --.spph-jdlH she prcdiictotche.A) ki'.ior ', j.^.y ^ ,;,o ^.-^ ,,nJ foi.cU)lQ n:an.! tried everything with nc relief . what-  cGuvtrk't'.AU'ka-'  JF^ic.  an.l   ^--��! - j ^r '{.Ua.��� Wonhl -.ilmost insuru its beini; ! ever, 'until   I   procured   a  bottle   of  ,_���*-    .��.>-.. _.��t  Ff,��-*l>5$��is  i-'AP;-*;"-! ���  & GiMVTH.'  i  MOVIE. | XI'';LSON",  '1. .' . r, .*       ^-**'  ���   .-J   -'J   . .V -\ tl .  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IV.'. ll.!.  f ii :   ,v .'ei'tnu'-'iit  ..At :>a nothii.g ��o e--pO-,t honi tbom. ' a nc* V*���W  ' ' a ; ..--v i-i.l bi- i- anxious to do the i ctu''A- b:it J al��'ftys keep, a bottle of  ���i;lif >1_|1;1> . j,-, t n-ince thev u-igl.tj Chamberlain's Pain Balm in tho  ..uKiic--.aii.u-   h.i-.Jguuo   ,o  far a,   l0 ,; ��ouce .u,d when I  Jet 1  any  sy nip ions  oi a return J soon di:ve it  away-   with  N. i'  iv,  lot iii-'bci' duti'M t'.s hiad," Mi. j  i 'M-'.uit a ooiicef-.-iii-ti t'-' the   lead   ind us-  of  this lini-  ^������ffes  ���-;uk.*->.3drf\/3fj  The leading Xa-rUesa-ia^  ^ent3 i'nrnisherB.  ^1. ..;. j.-  -.,- r. ,j��-������r-�����IT  . 1.: C-fl  ,'IS .1 *   . ���>*-  i \v .'.-  l ,\ AJ'!  p.ovi;  U -VA:  iiii '  "-,-,-.'   n.i'.-i-  iy   ii,   !'-.d  i.- ,   ... I   i    ,  -.--/^.yi��-*���*  ���: -i -_  ��� . ..   , ���*�� ^ ��� j  "    '-1  '?  '.  r,   I "'   1  -S-J I*."  .\5  ^���1  Si  .',:������? 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BECAUSE we guakantee every plug,  I and  ; BECAUSE, yptir dealer   is   aulhorzicd  to   refund   your   money   if  you arc not satisfied.  -* ���       A -  '  LXJtK  J^Ntl'IRK  TOKACCO  COi�� tTli. mjttl WWW  f*l "*"J��  >������ -If  iAfy-f-  !'��� f-f.  ,.-*!     f .'     '  ���.'---"If     '.'���  ')     -',  1  '-  ',  >'    '  i'i ',.'-���'  1 * 'f  , t  ?EQUAL  ,   ^f  PARTNERS ��� 1  Ry HOWARD FIELDING  Copyright, i?Cl, by Charles W. Kooke.  t  at  **i>--h-'H-^-.>-HH-**M-��'��**'K-*^  ��� Pr. Johnson bowed and withdrew.  Dr. KeuihiJi took n seat by the bed,  and without appearing to do anything  particularly important he determined  with great thoroughness the condition  of his- patient. Not all that he observed  would be comprehensible by a layman.  The most conspicuous feature in tbe  case was the improvement of Elsie's  spirits. She spoke cheerfully to Bren-  tl.t and seemed to have acquired in-so  short a time a certain dependence u]>  o:i her. Then, almost as she was s'peak>  lug. lier eyes closed, her hands upon  the white coverlet relaxed, and she fell  0 sleep.  , Kendall and Brenda' watched her In  silence for a moment while thr> professional nurse," wli'o tiad remained in attendance, adjusted the shades upon the  electric lights.    ,  "While she sleeps." whispered Bren-  tin. "1 would like to telephone to my  father.' Dr. Johnson told me that Mr.  Alden is probably still held at the station. He must be or he would be here.  ' My father must try to secure his release. By the way,'of course Miss Miller asked for him7"  "For Mr. AldcnV   Yes," replied Kendall.  "What did you tell her?"  "We said that ho had sept all sorts of  kind   messages  nnd   that   he  received  constant reports from us, but that she  "must not ask to see him before tomorrow.",'  "Did she plead to see, him at once?"  , asked Brcnda.        . <  . Kendall hesitated for a'moment while  they, we're, passing silently out,of the  room. ���. ' ,   ���  "Miss Miller is a very obedient ,pa-,  tient," he said.' "No one could give  less trouble." -    ' "  "Well?" rejoined Brendaf, 'Tlease  proceed."  '.'I don't quite understand."  "Yon have something more to say."  "It occurred to me," said Kendall  slowly, "thai she exhibited less anxiety to see Mr. Alden than I should have  expected." ��� ���  This  statement  seemed   to    furnish  Brenda    with'   -nbuudant   'food'   for  , thought.   She   stiid , nothing  as   they  traversed the long corridor,' and  Kendall   also   was   silent.   After    Brenda  had  sent   the, message  to   her  father  she conferred  with  Kendall in regard  to  her  remaining .in   tho   hospital   as  ICisie's nurse ami then dispatched her  .   maid   under  James'    escort   for   such  things as'she 'would need.  The departure of the, servants left  Brenda nnd Kendall alone In the reception room.  "I wish you would tell me more-  nbout Miss Miller," said she. "1 cannot understand why she should not  have wished to see Mr. Alden."  . "1 did not say thut." responded Kendall. "Jt was her manner that struck  tne as peculiar."  "She seems as unaffected and irapul-  oive as a child." said Brenda.   "1 can  imagine her asking for Mr.  Alden  as  ��� naturally as If he had been a drink of  water."  "That Is precisely what she did not  - do." snld the doctor. "Let me tell you  just what happened. When she was  brought to the hospital, she was unconscious. For certain reasons we  took ber to the room where she now  is, though that would not have been  the ordinary course. While I was  making my first examination of the  wound she began to revive, and 1 believe that she regained the full command of her faculties within a few  minutes. It Is not always possible to  say just when a patient's mind becomes effectually clear, but I am perfectly sure that Miss Miller's w.-is wide  nwnke some little time before she  chose to let that fact appear.  "You must remember that we overestimated the gravity of the wound  and Indeed "were expecting the worst  at any moment. Considering tlie' nature of the case, it was important to  question her Immediately. I asked  her who had Inflicted the injury, and  1 know that she heard and understood  me as well as you dp now, but she  made no sign. After her first view of  the place, which she must have recognized as a room In a hospital, she  closed her eyes, and I think it must  have been a matter of five minuted  before she opened them."  "Thinking," said Brenda,  "thinking,  thinking.   Poor child!"  "Though she is obviously abnormally  sensitive to pain;" Kendall continued,  "she bore what had to be done With the  fortitude of a Christian martyr. ;I  made, up my mind after awhile that a  miracle had protected her and that she  had a chance to survive; therefore 1  ceased to ask questions, deciding to let  her take her own time. When she  spoke, It was not in reply to me, and  she seemed to address no one. 'I am  going to die,' she said, and then she began to cry very softly, as you saw hep  a few minutes ago. I replied that 1 did  not think so, but she shook her head,  murmuring something about tho grief  of heir mother, who could not come in  time to see her. I asked for her mother's address and was Informed by a  police sergeant who had just been admitted to the room, coming under orders from Captain Neale, that Mrs.  Simmons, the landlady, had telegraphed to Mrs. Miller.  "The sergeant then came ���lumbering  up to the side of the bed. armed with a  notebook and ii pencil. Without waiting for him to put a single question  Miss Miller told her story of the crime  as 1 told it to you. She had stepped  out upon the veranda and had almost  Kendall and Brenda watched licr.in silence for a vwrttsnt. <  immediately re-entered tbe "room by  tbe eastern window. She neither,saw  nor heard any one. Beyond a confused  memory of a sharp and terrible pang,  sudden, unexpected and probably meaningless) because the mind .is darkened  before lt can comprehend, she can recall nothing. There was very little for  the sergeant to put down in his notebook."  "Did he believe her?" asked Brenda.  " "Yes; ,1 think the sergeant did," replied Kendall,' with a slight emphasis  on the noun. "At least the only indication of doubt he gave me was to ask  me in the corridor afterward whether  the wound could have been self inflicted. I told him to dismiss the Idea; and  he seemed to have no dilllculty in doing so. It is not, at the drst glance, a  physical Impossibility, but practically  it js precisely that."  "Suppose she should say that she did  it," said Brenda.  * t (  ."With apologies to Miss Miller," responded Kendall, "I must-tell you that  thnt would not affect my opinion'in  the least If she -has any desire to  shield the guilty, Bhe cannot do it in  that way."  Brehda's keen gray eyes searched the  physician's face.  "Do you believe thnt?" she demanded.  "Frankly," said Kendall, "my opinion Is thnt Miss Miller knows perfectly  ���well who did this deed."'  ."And her motive for concealment?"  "I leave thnt to Ivr own heart," was  the reply. "Yet it would seem that  there could bo but one." ������  "A motive of the heart," said Brenda.  "Do yous realize that this amounts to  an accusation?"  "Then let us not ,speak of lt any  more," said Kendall. "Let us get back  to Mr. Alden."  "We have already done so," she said;  but the doctor would uot be drawn  into such aii'admissiqn. ,  '  "After the police officer had. gone,"  he resumed. "Miss Miller asked fne  whether a note addressed to 'her had  been found in her room. I answered  yes, and then she inquired whether  Mr/Alden had been informed of her  misfortune. _Fearing to excite ber, 1  substituted for the truth the fiction  that I just outlined to you, and my  poor little patient merely sighed. She  did not ask when she could see Mr.  Alden nor mention his - name again  in any connection."  "From which you infer"���  "Nothing whatever," Insisted Kendall.'  "You do not trust me," said Brenda,  not without bitterness. "You believe  Mr. Alden guilty of this frightful crime,  and you dare not say so .in my presence for fear that I may not be discreet and you may be put into an unpleasant position."  "I could scarcely be put Into a position more unpleasant than this one,"  said Kendall earnestly. "1 want to  tell you the exact truth about���about  everything thnt I know or imagine,  aud it is deadly hard to do it when  3'ou look at mo as if I were an enemy.  -This is ns near as- I can come to an  accurate expression: Miss Miller's manner convinces me that she is shielding  th�� assassin, and there Is no known  reason, why she should shield any one  else than Mr. Alden."  '  "But why not'take the perfectly easy  alternative vthat she is telling the  truth?"  "I will," said Kendall, "If you wish  me to."  "I am very serious," said Brenda.  "This Is a promise you are making?"  "It is," replied Kendall, his face  flushed and his voice not quite steady.  "It is my word of honor given to you,  and so twice sacred as the word of  a friend," he added. "You were good  enough to say that we were friends  two years ago."  "I have better cause to say It now,"  she replied. "Let me hasten to,prove  my sincerity in the usual Way, by bur-  dening^ you with, a confidence. You  must be wondering at me." i  "Why?" d, '-, - '    ���.������:-������������    f'���  "Because I am here."  "It is a fine thing," said Kendall1  earnestly.   "So much I know."  "I will tell you more," rejoined  Brenda, "and it will make you think  better of Mr.������ Alden. This tragedy of  today is a revelation to me. but not of  the kind that you suppose. Mr. Alden  had not concealed from me that his  heart had been won away, but I did  not understand. He told me of Miss  Miller's existence two months ago/but  I would not hear all he wished to say.  He intimated that he had begun to regard her with feelings that made his  engagement to me dishonorable. I  viewed him with pity," and Brenda  laughed very softly and without mirth.  "I was so incredibly Ignorant of everything outside my own1 sphere that I  could not Imagine the existence of  such a woman as lies now In that room  out there.  "Clarence said she was an actress,  and ha looked at me as & man upon  tne defensive. I can see him now. I  pictured a siren, a creature grotesquely  unworthy, appealing to his wild and  reckless nature with thin artifices  thnt would be clear as glass to him  when he should view them with a dispassionate eye. Truly, I was only  sorry for him, ashamed of him a little,  yet very anxious to help him. It seemed to me that breaking our engage-'  ment,would be the very worst thing  that could happen to bim, and so I refused to consider the woman at all.  One meets men in society. Dr. Kendall, whose well known ways of life  have an unfortunate tendency to pervert women's Ideas in such matters.  We admit the existence of certain persons whom we see ln the park with  elegant equipages, but we cannot con*,  aider them as rivals."  "But  surely  he  spoke  of  her  with  respect," said Kendall.  "Absolute,"   replied   Brenda,   "but' I  thought him the more a fool.   He said  one evening, I remember���and it was  only a very short time ago���that Miss  Miller cared nothing for him and never  would.   I was merely convinced by his  sincerity that the woman' was playing  a deep game, and I swore by such gods  as I have that I would save him from  her.   And so it went on until last evening,  when he sent me a  note  which  made- It  impossible  that our engagement should continue.    It was only a  frank, honest statement that his heart  had passed utterly out,of his control.  I can seo now that he could have done  no better, but I did not take tha right  viewr at, the moment    Perhaps it was  because I had heard that day for the  first time that Mr. Alden's engagement  with mo was of the highest Importance  In his business affairs.    If he had allowed It to,continue for that reason���'  But he.had not.    it was really all my  doing. -' ���*,     ,  "However, to continue, I went to his  office today because I was Impatient,  and I told him that the engagement  was at an end. That was In ten words.  And the loss of me, Dr. Kendall, affected him so little. He was obviously fo  wrapped in nn impenetrable happiness  that I lost my'temper for tbe first-time  In a good many years and cut short the  interview. �� Oh, we -were perfectly courteous to each other, and when we parted���most uhromantically, with an elevator man rattling- the catch of the  door to make me hurry ��� we shook  hands upon a vow of friendship. But  I was in a shameful rage as I left the  building.      .       ���  "I went up, town as far as the shop-,  ping district and wandered aimlessly  in the stores. Then I got upon a street  car, preferring it to the loneliness of a  cab. And so.it happened that a newsboy thrust the story of this crime into  my face.- The paper was wet from the  press���printed aud upon the street within half an. hour after the discovery of  the crime. A reporter must have been  right upon the scene by accident and  have rushed to his office immediately.  "Let me confess-my own folly. In  the very first Instant I feared that Mr.'  Alden might have struck the blow. It  was sheer madness. . I was overwrought by the excitement of the afternoon, and, remember, I tben pictured  Miss Miller as a desperate and scheming woman, one whose real nature was  likely tp be revealed to Mr.0 Alden in  an Instant by an unguarded word.  What mad scene might follow, who  could say? There might have been  some sort of struggle. She might have  turned the knife against herself, meaning to strike hlra. Impatience smothered me. I must know at once, and,  besides, I had a deadly longing to see  her���to see the woman who had wrecked a life that was dear to me and lost  her own in doing it  "My first awakening was in her  room. There \**a.s something of herself  In it Afterward I came here and  heard that old man in the office say  'the child.' And then 1 saw her, with  indescribable surprise, even after such  preparation as I- had had. Her rival?  I annnot so vain. Why did I not see  her before? And the Idea that Clarence Alden could have lifted his hand  against a'creature so patheticnllycbeau-  tiful that she must appeal irresistibly  'to-a man so strong as he Irf utterly  monstrous.   You can't believe it."  "You are quite light," said Kendall.  "I don't believe it."  - . ������  . ��� Aa:. .  lllstorlo Coiiflanratluiiri.  A Hst of great cities burned would he  a list of nearly all the great,capital.-; of  the world. Persepolis, the splendid residence of n long scries of rulers whose  tributary provinces'extended from the  Indus to the Hellespont, was burned,  with ail its palaces aud temples; Babylon and Carthage were so utterly destroyed that their very location has become a matter of doubt. Rome was  burned eight times, Jerusalem four  times, and, though they rose from their  ashes,  The second temple Is not like the first.  Athens, Syracuse, Bagdad, Ah-xan-,  dria and Antioch now exhibit only a  shadow of their former grandeur. The,  iPhcenicians, like the Spartans.,and Assyrians, disappeared with the ruin of  their capitals, but the most fateful conflagration', recorded in, the history of  the world is perhaps that of Moscow.  "They talk as if the fate of Europe  had been decided at Waterloo," says  De Bourienne in his memoirs of the  first empire. "If Napoleon had beaten  Wellington and BJuchera dozen times,  it could uot have retrieved the reverses  of the three preceding years. The truth  is that the Freuch Caesar and his fortune were ruined by the burning of  Moscow. That city was the funeral  pile of the great nation."  Mun More Liquid  Than   Solid.  " Every fibcr-and every cell that enters  into the formation of a living body Is  bathed In > moisture, by which means  alone these ultimate elements are kept  alive and are enabled to carry out their  duties. Even the bones, which appear  to be> the most solid of all, owe more  than half their weight to the presence  of fluid.   '  "That our bodies contain a large  amount of Quid is proved' in a striking  manner by the blisters which rise'after  theSinfliction of a burn. >  ���Water, in fact, plays a very important part in tho human anatomy, for it  Is through its agency that the vital  processes of digestion, absorptioa and  the excretion ,of waste products "are  carried out  To reduce the whole matter to figures  and taking 154 founds to be the total  .weight of an average full grown man,  it is said that water alone accounts for  109 pounds of the whole.   ,l!*>  Eatlnx a. I'rieUly Tear.  My fir.-'! sad experience of ihe African pricklv pear was gained on  visit to the ini.i-k'd place of Algiers.  The" fruit w/is handed to us, politely  peeled by the Arab dealer, mid thus as  we made acquaintance with its delightful coolness no suspicion of-its'evil  qualities entered our minds.  A few days Inter, adding the excitement of a little trespassing to the  'more legitimate pleasures of,a country  ramble, we came" upon a well laden  group of prickly pear bushes and could  not resist the temptation to help ourselves to some of the fruit. The result  was woeful.  Concentrated essence of stinging nettle seemed all at once 1o be ass-ailing  hands, lips aud tongue, and our skin,  wherever il had come in contact with  the ill matured fruit, was covered with  a thick crop of minute, .bristly hairs,  apparently growing from if, and venomous and irritating to the last degree.  Our silk gloves, transformed suddenly into miniature- robes of Nessus, had  to be Up-own away, perfectly unwearable, and the inadvertent use of our  pocket handkerchiefs before we ���had  fully realized the extent of our misfortune caused fresh agonies, in' which  nose-as well as bus participated. For  many a day did "the retribution of that  theft haunt lis in.the form of,myriads  of tiny stings.-"Home I.ifeon an Ostrich Farm." '       ' ' '      .  i i  Wanted a   Chlnene  Souk.  Most of the policemen in Australia  are Irishmeu, whose genius for humorous blundering loses nothing of its quality, under the Southern Cross. Here is  an Instance: Many Chinese names are  reminiscent of a burlesque and are  probably merely barbarian caricatures  of the originals. Of these Fong Fat  Ah Su and Ah Foo are the most common. "     "  A newly appointed ct;ior in a county-  court was ordered by the judge in a  case in which a-Chinese was witness  to call for Ah Song., The son of Erin  looked puzzled and darted a look at  the bench to try to discover if this  was a .colonial joke; but, seeing the  judge as grave as an undertaker, he  turned lo the audience and blandly inquired, "Gintlemen, -will any of you favor his honor with a song?"  Tlie   Invention   of   the   I'Juno.  The honor of iu'wntlug, the piano is  churned by.Jihe English, the French and  the Germans.' Father Wood.'an English monk .at Home, is said to have  been the real inventor in 1711 and to  have manufactured one, which he sold  lo Samuel Crispi. the author of "Virginia," from whom it, was purchased  by Fnl Ice Greville, though Count Carll  claims ���the credit for P.artholemmeo  Christiforic'of 1'adun , (luring bis stay  Iii Florence some three years later  (1714). The French attribute the invention to a Parisian mimed Marl us,  who, they alleged, produced in 173G a  harpsichord In ' which 'hammers had  been substituted for the old plectrums  or' quills. The Germans are the last iu  the field with .7. C. Schroder of Drcs1  den, who claimed (1717), when eighteen  years of age, to have "constructed aft-'  er much consideration the model of a  new clavier with hammers, upon which  he could piny loudly or softly."  A Skillful Adver��!��t.r  ���Many yr-urs ago Sir Tim,,,:,'.; ,...  wart a  passenger  0���  ,,���  j;^,  ,' 'J-  steunier bound for Ceylon.    \v'-i  tho Ued sea the boat was di-aY,  it   brcame   necessary   to   th,.,,,'  board a part of her cargo.   i.j-.';.  an interested spectator of th,-',,  tions for lightening ihe ship.  he bolted the scene and In-  r  ill  IIVl'  j'-'-wr  dollar dicker with the clnW'W'2'  secured a paint brush nnd :i"L\  black paint. Then, to the 'j,,.^-'  ment of tlie captain and pa^eii. l/t'\  cheerfully labeled "i-.cn box ai.ii'V  thrown overboard "Use I.iptoiX'-j-^  The cargo, of course, floated ' n^r  and fur miles in Araby und 0-',,.', ],���'���  the natives saw that I<-gci��l. f-,',|k  quently the passengers on the ^C  .steamer were compelled to alnindon  and take to small boats. t)u rcac-iji.  land Sir Thomas was the lii-it |0 ,,,,,,  a cable office and'wire the d(-::lU,.t'j'  of the, boat and safety of the travels  to London. 'The message was si-nc  "Lipton." Of course his n;tu-,. v*s]  every , English newspaper t!,(, ,jfiJ  morning, signed lo that un-.-*^ a,j  he was the best advertised ui.-m j',. -J,  kingdom.  t  t  Why   GrsifiM   Grotvs  Ilollotv.  The stems of grass and oats are usually hollow, and the knots of nodes  which occur at intervals and which  haye a peculiar degree of firmness, derived from . the interlacing of fibers,  give them a firmness and strength  which thej- would otherwise lack. If  the material of wheat straw were in a  solid form, it would make but a thin  wiry stem, which' would snap with  great ease, but in the hollow form,  with the intervening knots, the necessary support is afforded.  The MoHt Keumrlcnble Suicide.  The most curious suicide in the an-  nais of self destruction occurred at Chi-  quote, N. B., in the spring of 1S00. Be-  fore committing tho deed the self murderer, who was named W. It. T. Jones,  dug his own grave and placed a rough  cofiin of-his owii handiwork at the bottom. The dirt from the opening was  kept from rolling back into tlie excavation by boards held in place by a trigger to which a siring was attached.  Everything in readiness, the deliberate  Mr.'Jones, as subsequent developments  - revealed, .got in the cofiin. took a dose  of poison -and then pulled the string,  burying himself beneath tons of earth.  This has been put down as one of the  most unique nnd successful cases of  self destruction on record.  ' Uiini'ipreclatoU.  The shrewdness of one of Ih'-tout.il  ers of a famous estate in M-niif gay,  rise to many uinuslng stoiics, onto/  which has recently been retold.  , One day the man, who w us a ���;,.���  lumber operator, was superintending1  crew which was breaking.up n loj^ jai  In the river. Suddenly the si-iin-e o  which ho was standing slipp,.! Tl  lumberman dropped out of .-.hjl.t in tt  water, and'the logs closed over bim.,  The nearest Frenchman mi v. the a  cident. Hopping briskly over tlm a\\\  pery logs, he helped the ''boss" to lain  Nothing was said about the acciden  After an'hour or so the Frenchman b-  gan.to get anxious because the rewar  which he considered due was not foni  coining. lie approached the liirnbc;  man. and, pulling clumsily at liis caj ''  stammered: , ���   f  "I see 3'ou fall In, m'nieur, an' I ru   !  queek to pull yoii out 'fore vou drown  ed." .'  "Prob'ly," snapped the lumberman-  "prob'ly if you'd been 'tending tu busl [  ness' as  you'd .oughter you  wouldn' -  have seen me fall in!" [  Mttni   Cat*.  ��i  "<*  TBI  J   '  *  i  t  r  1  t     *  (  ���vr  I  s  [CONTlN-UEn.] '���./"'     .  Fried  Mouse.  According to an old superstition,  fried 'n'Miso ip considered a specific for  Binallp.-*, while; on the other hand, to  cat food which a mouse has nibbled is  said lo give a sore throat  nieH.sed AVIth a Wife.  A former vicar of a country parish  not far from Sheffield was a gentleman  distinguished for his learning and for  the position he took at Cambridge. Ono  day a visitor to the village got into conversation with one of the parishioners,  and the talk turned to the vicar.  "Your clergyman," said the visitor,  "is a very able man. Why, he is a  wrangler."  "I never heard that," was the reply  of the villager, "but his missis is."���  London Tit-Bits.  The   Persian   Army.  The Persian army.'according to Henry Savage Landor, the traveler, is a  "painful sight," although there are  some good Cossack cavalry which has  been drilled by Russian otticers. The  infantry, however, 'is a ragged, lazy,  shiftless lot. He, nskod permission to  see the army drill. "We do not drill  in summer; it's too hot," said'tbe general. "Do you drill in winter?" "No;  it\s too cold." "Are the troops, then,  only drilled in the autumn and spring?"  "Sometimes. They are principally  drilled a few days before the shah's,  birthday, so that they may look well  on the parade day before his majesty."  The peculiar breed of cats found in i  the Isle of }Ian differs from otliers onlr ��  in, that they havo no tails, and the lack  thereof Is tbe insoluble puzzle to n*t  uialists.   Since it has become tlie fashion to explain everything by tlie^rj-  ciples of evolution, two theories Lsk  been  offered���one  that, owing to ti -  limited range and lack of dense tons ���  the original ca^shad ho use for ii  and consequently  they (the tails, 'i  the cats)- gradually atrophied for luc'i  of use and became, rudimentary; a/jot!*-  er that the primitive Mitux cut off al (  .their cats:   tails and in the tt-urse of ,  time developed a tailless breed.   0m  thing is certain���the cats are there, and  they have no tails.'  Pci��y��' Llbrsipy.  Pepys' library at Magdalen college,  Oxford, remains in the old presses  mentioned in the diary as having been  set up "to my most extraordinary satisfaction, so that I think it will be aa  noble a closet as any man hath." There  are 3,000 volumes.  First to Climb Mont IHnnc.  Jacques Balmat, a guide, was , the  first man to climb Mout Blanc. He  climbed it in 178G and by so doing won  the prize offered by Horace de Saus-  sure/  Where Drnnkardn Cnn't Marry.  In Waldeck, Germany, there is a law  which prohibits the marriage of any  Individual who has the habit of overdrinking, and once identified with the  habit an inebriate must produce sufficient proofof reformation to warrant  his receiving a license at any future  time.- '������;'.  Arrow   HcimIm.  Miniature arrow heads cut out of  jasper and car.uclian are found to this  day by Arabs in the desert sands and  strung in necklaces for charms.  .  Her Object.  "But why is she''so anxious to be  prominent in society?"  "Because she wants to go on the  stage.".  The ija.w ol Falling Flotltes.  All falling bodies, whether they bo  crystal raindcops or meteorites, fall  with what philosophers term "a uniform accelerated motion"���in oilier  words, if a body be moving at a certain  velocity at the expiration of one second  from the beginning of its fall it will be  moving with twice that velocity at the  expiration of two seconds, gaining in  speed at a uniform rate throughout the  course of its fall.  Unui>])recluted.  "lie's not what you would call strictly "handsome," said tlie major, beaming  through his glasses, on a baby as he  lay'bowling in his mother's arms, "but  it's the kind of face that grows on you."  "It's not the kind of face that grew  on you!" was the, indignant and unex-.  pected reply of the fond mother. "You'd  he better looking If it had!"  A   Full   Hand.  "John," said Mrs. Norton as she seated herself at the hotel breakfast, table,  "did,you call a waiter?'"  "Yes," said Norton, looking-up from  his paper. "I called him, and he had a  tray full."  Feminine   Conversation.  Blobbs���Women talk about nothing  hut their dress.  Slobbs���Oh, I don't know. It seems  to me I've heard .some of, them talk  about their hats. '  ;  .  Where Horne IJeHtinien   Are Shuffled.  A sales stable is a place where horse  destinies are shuffled by reckless and-  unthinking bauds; also cits doors-open  on the four corners of the world's'  crossed highways. You might go from  there lo find your work waiting between the shafts of a baker's cart just  around the corner, or you might be  sent across seas to die miserably of  tsetse stings on the South African  veldt���Sewell Ford in "Horses Nine."  .     c :~^��� ' I  An.  Old  I.esrncy.  ��� A Wednesbury (England) resident Id  the sixteenth century left SI.000 tupro m  vide annually on St Thomas' tiny three ^  gowns and three coats to indigent per .  sons of the'piirlsli.  .Following the cus (  torn of the  times,  the money wits w *  vested in land (in this case In miner  a'.s),   and  the original  legacy  has ia  creased in value to $30,000.   ln-.u-.iil o  the three gowns and  three coats th- i  charity commissioners who nd miniate ���_  the funds are able to present 200 sown*  aud Klxty coats.  i  ,   Cantor   Oil. ,  A simple method of taking castor o'. ���  according   to   Medical   News,   witUoi  producing any nauseating effects is t  instruct the  patient to wash  out tl  mouth  with  water as  hot as  can .<,  borne, swallow a little of it, then sta!-|  low the oil and follow this by riiisii'5  out  the mouth  well  with   hot watt-;,t  The first swallow of the water clciiusd j  the mouth, makes the membrane:* hot'  so that the oil does not stick, and coc-f  sequently slips down-easily. '  She Thought  of IIlm.  Coamley���I didn't know you were acquainted with Miss Lovcth' She asked  rue last night if .1 knew you.  Hon mley���That was nice of her.  What led her to ask you that I wonder? '  - Coamley���Why���er���I had just asked  her if she could imagine any one uglier  that     Bill     Thompson.  AnnlOR-y.  . The Investigator���When a man is going to do a mean thing and. knows he  is going to do it, why does he approach  It by degrees?  , The Casuist���On the dsame principle,  I suppose, by which a singer slides  down the: whole-gamut ���before', he attacks his lowest  note.  A  ,      Dnrd io Please.  Brown���You don't look very hafC.  Dumley.  Dumley���I have just lost a fiver on J |  bet. |  Brown���Th.it's hnd. j  Dumley���Yes. I had an awful afuci?  of rheumatism this morning. 'i"<- tWjf  young squirt of a doctor, Tlp.S'ih-'. -*'f  me a fiver be could cure it before m^'xi  and I'll be hanged if he didu't win t��'|  money!  From the Court*. >  High above the buzz of factories, ttjf  clang of trolley gongs and lh< l,,"e'|  of traffic rose a crash that tend'1-'1 ll,*|  visitor to America. J  "I  hear that  noise ..wherever I E�� f,  said he.   "What is it?''  . "Don'tbealarmed,"wercpliod    lhiU|  only somebody's relatives .breai.i��S-lli^  will."    :  If  He   Only  Could.  Mrs. Nooricli���Isn't it grand to ride  in .your own carriage?  Mr. Nooricli--Yes, but I'd enjoy It  more if I could stand on the sidewalk  aud see myself ride by.���Brooklyn Life.  >;���.���>'���������'...���. ^."-1*"    '-       "":-     .   ^.^&\'V?>ii'*&*��&$  A, Shock.  Chollie���I went down to a rather informal affair last evening,, deah boy,  and, gwacibus. I was"compelled to witness a dreadful sight!  '"Horrors!   What,was it?"  "A fellow without evening dress eating breakfast food for supper!"  Better  Than  u   Hen.  Customer (in grocery)���Are those eggs  fresh?  Grocer's  Boy���Yes. ma'am.    ,'Tain't  been a hour since I laid "em in that box.  The Tronlile With  the  Clo<��-  "What time is  it?" asked Hi* fll"  suspiciously as he came in.  "About1."  ���.' Just then the clock struck 3. i  "Gracious!   When did the clod. eo�� ^  luence to stutter?" he said, witli. ��K fr  hie attempt at Justification and ���> Jokc  caf  People differ as to jokes, but Here is a  rule that ���may be depended upon: A  joke you (ell yourself is always a good  one.���Atchison Globe.  A 'I'rentlce .Hand.  "Thnt. man you had doing some  pente-r work is a fraud."        -,       a  "How do you know?    He |d"�� ^  work."    ,  ntef  He cleared up the mess he u|:ult''  "Thnt may be, but he's no nuV*  a cl  Judge  *M  ���'ii'1*  He   WIpei-HU   porch*  She���Don't you always eluvet  you pass the cemetery? ' ^  He���Not I.    I'm, going to he  ed.���Columbia Jester.  V*1  En* ft**  !*. Vt!  <f  ^wMm0$ittmA BBf THE  MOYlfc LEADER.  . inwflHI  B.   C.  feature   of  An  amusing  leature  oi   tlie  present  ��fcontr&versy     concerning  the     metric  -stem-   in  which one party holds to  n',e  vnrd   and   pound   as   consecrated  hi.��1o"Shxoii  standards,  is  that   the  States     fundamental     lefral  r.f   length nnd   -mass    are  meter  and   the   kilogram,   respec-  otrd not the yard and  pound.  vtii'd is legally expressed  as the  'J.'.Tth part of a meter.  in consequence of the |H,t. drv  wcatht-r. enormous .���>��;.rnis of locust--  have bet u hatched out, and ;*re  threat enimr to devour ij, 13 H.c -. ,,UJlii-  crops in Andalusia, J-'si,i ..nuidurn  and Castile. The go\ernni.-ni, ,-- takin"  measures  to  deal  with   ih,- pest.  WSLSOfys FLY pads  WSI.L RsD YOUR HOUSE OF  FLIES iH A HEW HOURS.  $100 -REWARD;  ill  00.  be iilea-s-  M-i,.. readers of tins wiper  li   ',   leern   that   there.is   at.    least   one  fe       i,.,*   di.sertbe     that     science   has   \,eea  r,"U<i      cure   in   all   its  statfes.   and    that  , rh     Hall's   Catarrh   Cure   is   the  '���     to     th  ihetovffia  aait gi(  -   0110 it  tl  I fa   1   la-ga  ttiidltgi  �� lon'jam  sl nue on  ��'1 'Ihe  J t ui the  l hlui  w the at*  the slip  to ty-id  nt eident  hiiiaii be  ��� < i en art!  not form  - lumkr  t lili cap,  m' I run  )U dlOWB  bormaE-  g to bus!  wouldnt  found Id  hers only  I the lad  Ie to nst  the fa*  the-jiniv  i it s bar!  g to \k  e forffl  tor ts,  dlllS,  i  for lacij  , flaot1  it off all tM  ourse ol  \<\    One  iii re, and  lUm (,i the (lifouse and u-ivinj*  Jfpnt -.t r.'i'Kth l-y huildinf.' up the coii-  Hitudu" and assisting- nature iir' iJoma  fts noil' '1 '10 proprietors' have so much  ,tl. in H* curative powers thai the?' u."-  jer One Hundred Dollars for any cum-  that it fuils to cure. 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Von can always tell 'anaemic meh  -untl women. They arc pale, weak  ���'and languid��� the Victims of head-  laches and backaches, easily t.irotl and  falways averse to .exertion. They  U-an't eat, or they can't, digest what'  [they do cat. Their uiii-triing nerves  llvill s'.e.-p: tiioir temper is irritable. ;  [their vitality vanishes. And it all  |coiii"s from pool- blood and unstrung  |ii'*rl>i-s. Vou can promptly banish-  lanaeinia by enrishing your blood ffnd  ttomni; up your nerves with Or. Wil-  iiiims'' Pink, Fills'. They bring good  ippetitc. sound sleep, bright .spirits  Ltul perfect health. Thoy arc int-ons-  ���u-.thly the greatesj. hea.lt h-giving  iiehit-ine that science has yet discdv-  ��ml. All over the world, grateful  icojile prove tlie truth of these  ���tat.-iiienis. Miss A. M. Tucl:ey,0.\-  irifl. Out , Says :���" I do not. know  .-hat would have, become of me had  jt not been for lh\ Williams" I'inl.  'ills. '"My blood seemed to have  lrned to Water, and I was trotihlo.l  ,-iih hfadachcK.'di/.zint.'ss nn'd gpnc-rnl  prostration. Kveiitually, J became  S&o weak I could scarcely move  il"ab'out. ' 1 tried - several medicine;',  d>ut they did not help me. Then I  {f,wns advised-to try. Dr. William's  ffiPink I'ills.' and I soon began to "find  fgrcat benclit from llieni, and after  ptakiiu,'- theiili for n few weeks all, my  fold strength and  health returned."  Don't waste, time and money, ex-  sperimenl iutr with other medicines.  fwhcn Pr. Williams' Pink Pills will  surely make you well.' Vou ran get.  them from any dealer in medicine,  or post paid, at oOc. per box. or six-  boxes fur, $2.;">0 by writintr direct, to  the Dr Williams' "Medicine Co..Brock-  -i il it-   Ont.  Sometimes  the hardest " things    to  bear, lire what   the neighbors say.  Minard's liniment for sale eVerTwt-erc.  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Hossw'-a.t,   Higbv Co..   N. S.   ���  Ml,  Lions  ��� <:t��hl  Cordelia, we  ly r.'ctminic-nd  feet  cannot   conscicn-  the   lootp.tid     for  B  m  a(ttc.JA?#  .Minard's linimcht Cares Dandruff.  .mltliiU^  11 ingh-l  Miu  "M  A    L', I I  fman   in  toes  S   Minlc  .-ind   h.-r  lii11   ini(..  of len   lows   a    young  faUn-i-'s   boot   often  m  ,lt-t tb.  ilUWB  ilicd liiycM  I go/  .11)2  m  1 Milfci-fd wil'n nervous headache  ami indices! ion. The une of Or.  AiihiisI Kocnig'fi llamluirg Oiops  ciii-i-il MU. t'litirely.���Kruiik Hnnuird.  ll" Avenue 1), San Antoimi. Tex..  Miij   2'Jial.  ^fy|^  -A thing of beauty may .remain a  loy forever if.you'll let the other fellow marry, her.       ; .    -  Minard's iklineflt Cures HurnE, etc.  rriie Northeastern railwaj' of England is building at its York works  two autocars to run on its railway,  each of whioh w-i 11 carry a complete  apparatus"' for .'generating its own clown hiotiyo\power.. The carriage approaches closeb' to the tram type.  Tn fact, the' vehicle will be' a tram  saloon witlr an engine compartment  at one end and a conductor's compartment at the other, says the  liOiidon   Ttitics.  sorrow  of    the  These   mifiiculous   spritiKS,  Minister   to   v   mind   diseased.  Pliick   from   the-   memory  a  rooted  Rn/c   out      the   written   troubles  In Am,  And    with   Mvoot    oblivious   antidotes  Cleanse   th<:   stuffed   bosom   of   those   perilous   ."tuff*. .  .  Whii-li   wcicli   heavily   upon   Kidney, Liver  titid   Stomach. ,  Therefoie.   nli   ye   who  suffer���Give  physic   lo      the  ciogs :   have   none   of   it,   but  come and   be  cured   at  The" Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium B.C.  Ti'MOrS���Slo to $18 i er ��"-ek.  Ar-a   Yon   Going  Compete ?  to  Then will also be offered :���  Three Prizes at Brandon  Fair in S9G3.  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Breakfast may often be a movable  feast without materially disturbing the  routine of an orderly housekeeping day.  Invalids, mothers whose rest has been  broken by teething babies and, above  all,   rapidly  growing children,   should '  have their sleep out.   Nature demands  thisj and violence is done to her when :  sleepy people are rudely aroused from i  their beds..  Early to bed is the single j  safe -.ii-eserii'tion to insure early to rise, j  We need to repeat it over and over to  our  hurrying,  anxious,  toiling Amur- '  lean men and women: Rest, rest and ''  again rest.   Do not think time ill spent  that is spent in 'repairing tho ravages  of our well nigh Incessant activity.        '-.  means by which <---ea, birds  their tJiiif-t when far <mt at  .sea j.s dcscril-cu l>y an old skipiier.  who tells how he has seen birds *A.  .'���fa, f.'t- fr-mi any land tli-it.co'ild  furnish them uuh-r, ijo\eriiJ'-r round  nnd ni.dor a storm cloud, (-battenn,'  like du'-L.s on a hot d:iy at a pond  nnd di]in'-j),<> m the dropr- of rain la  they ftdi. TIipv will smell a rair.  tioud 100 miles distant, or eve:, further, and scud ior it with almost in-  t c. i i ce i v ab 1 e s w i ft n ess.  Lewr's  Y-Z  (V��ise  ant     ^o.ij>    I'ovder  othtr     |j')\\ tiers,   a.s  am'   disinfectant.  Head)   Disinfect-  is  better     th.:ii  it   is   both ..suiip  I     A ns I r,  ,sheep.  lia      has   about     S7,00-"i,ii(m  Prominent American Bishor  Writes For the Benefit of  Canadian Sufferers.  V-Te m.-irte our own clothing, and make  our prices the lowest in Antci-ica for perfect clothing. Send your  name and we will jna.il this money-saver   The Firnt Pantomime.  ���Most pantomime characters were  originally borrowed from the Italians,  The first real English pantomime was  produced ut a theater in Lincoln's Inn  Fields In 1720. It was called "Harlequin Executed," and its subtitle was  "A New'Italian Comic Scene Between  a Scaramouche, a Harlequin, a Country Farmer, His Wife and ' Others."  ���Tlie Performance was very successful.  About the middle of the eighteenth century the character of pantomime per-  formiuices was -completely altered,  chiefly because of the genius of the famous Grhnaldi, wTho made the clown  the lirst figure of the pantomime. Gri-  maldi first appeared at Sadler's Wells  theater, where he played the part of a  monkey. 'He was actively engaged on  the sla  the close of his stage career he took a  benefit at Di-nry Lane theater, which  realized nearly ��GU0. He also received  ��100 from the Drnry Lane fund. This  was in June, 1S2S. He died in 1S37 and  was buried in tho churchyard in St.  James' chapel, E'eutouville hill.���London Standard.  tie Strongly Recommends  ���ahie'.sOcicrr CompoiiiMl  The Health   Giving Spring  Medicine.  ���nt  rlerurvme  Thousands of -i--omiii  in Ca/iadu and oilier �� lands thi-List-,}-.  the. i.sc ,of Paine's lVk-r\ .('ompoimd  are tA\\>\>ily p'lrsnme. iiu'.'r ([sasi nt n !  duties and niiniMerin^ wi-th s'uecet--.-  tn   their  cone, i-.'-atK'.ns.     Heart trou  lilt',  ."sleL-plcfj-.trC.^S,     Ill.-f VOllStll'S.S.     Slllf-  !i'��-h ami impum hinod, weak diges  , tion, constipation and hentlach.' an  the ti-onLU-s .!iat ' drag eli'i-i-ymc.  down to deeper siiffi-riiij,,s and ;c-iils  To-iiay Faine's t'eleiy Qompoimti i*-  the chosen hon;<j n.edicbie of nil w;st  and jirtulent ministers'and [u-iest.-;,' A  vast number, of them owe theii ltves  and     present   sood    health      to      Ih,  ^P^PJPmmESSSSSBBSSSSSSBSSSSSBBS  Exclusive Man's and 8oys' Guifiiiing Store  READV  TO   PUT  ON  Perfect'flttim? fiuita. tailored from Rcnuino imported all-  wool black Clay Worsted, in the new single or double-b'reastod  sacnuo styles. Kvorj- Penxn Kilk stitched. Tho " Jamieson-  madc" trou-era arc lamous for their shapelincs-3. Slngle-  breahted vests, without collars. Sizes, 35 to 14 diet measure,  n!so t-pc.-ie-I iizcx for short stout men unci tall slim men.  ��.-;-ni>Ic.4 or<-loll2 on request. A Ht jruuracitci<l. // suit Is  riot exactly as dtscntied we will ictjrn ymr money ard pay alt  charges. We wilt send you with tammies our " Perfect" Self '  Ptasuremcnt form, with full and simple instructioiit.  gas-*   Our new CitUldyuo id on 'the press.    It tells the price  gg ��*    nf everything men and boyH should wear.  PHILIP- JAMIESON  Imtiporter and Manufacturer,  Toronto, Ont.  ^  Phcips'   world   renowned   prescri|;tioi-  e for forty-nine years, and at' that   "makes .sick people, well."  Ite*-  ."Inhti  f:   ^richund,  Imihop of  nurlinti  ton,   Vf..F   writes  as  lollows,:  "i   h,-,ie   been   asked   why   I   recoin  menhi.'d    J'aine's    t'< I ery      Oompound  and   i   dor-ire'to   put on   record   frankly 'my   rtvsops   for  thi.��:   endorscnienl.  , hopinti; 'that   my   words   may     inspire  , th"'--e   read:*rsi who   n(.-ed   health     and  , sarennth   with   faith   to   try    ���l,ainc'.=  i Cel.'.-.v^ ('omj)ountl am! jn-ovcto them-  ' selve-5   its   worth.  '"At the. Fuiui) Allen hospital, an  im :'it tition in'which I run dccpl\- in-  icvstcd,     Paine's    l.'e!ery   Compound  Auimulx   nu��I   PoIsoiih.  ' Certain substances which are deadly  hi their effects upon men can be taken  by the brute creation with impunity.  llors**es can take 'large doses of antimony, dogs of mercury, goats of tobacco,' mice of hemlock and rabbits of  belladonna without Injury; , 0u the  other hand, dogs- and cais are much  more susceptible to the .influence of  chloroform Umn man and are much  sooner killed by it If this invaluable  anaesthetic had been first tried upon  .animals, we should probably have never enjoyed its blessings,- as it .would  have been found to be so fatal that its  discoverer .would have been afraid to  test its effects upon hniuan beings. It  is evident, then, that an experiment  upon an' animal can never b  moans of any certain deductions so far  as man is concerned.-  ha.*:  ters  ol  been   used  sraccessfully.    The   Si.s  ���������t.   Mnrv's  ?~- rely  tip'  ound   as    b  ln   m\    own  Aiercy   at  Mount  i tie's   Celery   Com]  and   st renglht'iiei-.  on   1  tonic  hou*--.' Ik.Id, one  of ,1 he  tnken- l'ainp's   Celery  liver   trouble   of  lo'im  domestics  Compound  .standimr.  litis  foi  and  says. 'Tt. has done more good than  any other medicine.' Several priesli-  havc   spoken  rcmecty.  Sliyi-ocUets lleforc Cnuiiowdcr.  It niattei-s very little in the long run  to the small boy when, how or where  fireworks'were first madoVnd of what  they are made now. But the fact remains that the despised heathen Chinese first made them and used them  ami that civilized communities did not  .know"of them until the fourteenth century. The skyrocket was first invented  toward the close of the ninth century  and at that time was used, so it\is said,  hi India and China in war. That was  long before the invention of gunpowder.  to me. in praine of. this-  and,,I believe it has the con  fidc-r.ee of my associates. Even did  1 not know froni personal observa-  sioh of the worth of Paine's Celery  Compound 1 should feel like praising  tbe i h for the simple -reason that it is  prepared by tho Wells ,<c P.ichardson  Co.. a firm whose members T have  known for neai ly a quarter of a con-'  tury, and in whom I have perfect  confidence."  I.ady Alarjorio Gordon, the daughter of, the Karl and Countess of Aberdeen, has announced -her candidature for the school board at jMeth-  lick,  Aberdeenshire.  WHAT'S THfi FIRST THING  YOU WANT IN THE KITCHEN?  Fl ..OCR, of course���could almost do  without a fire. But fire or no fire,  dour you must have. May as, well  get tho best going. Without serious  question   that is      '  ,  OGILVIE'S HUNGARIAN  Proved that way so many times; it's  no longer open to'argument.  ^��Mat^mmmtf^mrimmimfmmmmcmtmmaam^mmmm^^^^'mmMm*mamm^wtgmi^n^mmtamm^m^  For your porridge for breakfast,  use  OQILVIE  OATS  1   ^re-s.   you   is  SF"    SO  3.  JSi  ' IMPERVIOUS' 6HEATH9M6 '''  ���        �� ���  THE"8EST SLBt5LS?NO PAPER f^ADE.  Tt Ifl fery mucb slronper ami thicker than any other (tarred or buildlnjrl  paper. It Is l'mpervtom to \r!tid, Iiecpa. out col.l, Uocpd In lisct, carries no imell  er odor, ubporbs no rjoistui-e, Impiirtu no ta*te or flavor to jmythiuff with  .whicli lt comes In oontnet-. It Ih largely used,not only for aheotlnif lioasen. b-at ���  "for Unia�� cold" storag-o buildings, rofrlBCr&tors, dairies, eiaamorleo, ana ��ti  places vrliere the object is to keep mn even and uniform teinporaturo, ��*ad -a-4  th�� same time avoldinij dacc.pjxei*.  .   "Write our Agents, TEKS Bs PJSKSSiS, Wlnnlpoff, for sample*.  ���    T-MK EI.  El.  S����3>E3Y <0O.,  l_lnr��lt��dP  &��t,UL��!U.  tB3SSSB^3SSSS^m^SS^^S^S^^^?^^^  Ornamental Jsdc.  The Chiuese'liave cut jade for ages,  but never ornamented it except' by  seiilp'.ui-e. When il was introduced into llidiii. .the unlive jewelers, willi their  quick eye for-color, at once saw what  a perfect ground it afforded for mounting precious stones, and they were the  lirst. to incrust (hem on'jade. The India museum in London possesses ihe  choicest specimens of this work known  of the best mogul period.  Kiu'ir   What   He  Wanted.  "Cnn I show you anything'.'" n<*  the youn.^ man behind the counter  the inii store. '  "I   ii-iiess  so,"  said   the  young  m,  who  had dropped  in.    "1   want one  those    tli*-.npp.-ni-ii!g    huts    you    we  when vou    o to tho opera.    Cot uny  't ed-  at  in  of  ,ir  nag  m;  "some  wi'iiy  Hair   No*   CJray.  ii," s.iid the Rev. Ciond  hi.v you'll brir.-i your i'a-  hairs   in   sorrow   to   the  "Yo  man.  tln-r's  grave."  "No danger." replied young Rakely.  "Ho hnsn't tiny. Worryin about nie's  made  him   bald."  . Wljjtt- Sho   Dliln't   Sar.  Mnmma (to Flossie, who has been  luiiehiug with a little (Viend)-I hope  you were very polite, Flossie, at the table and said "Yes, please," uud "No,  thank you." ' >  Flossie-Well, I didu't. say "No, thank  you."  Mistress Scc*Uh a Cook. ,  "How   many   ways   can   you  meat?"        .  "Tht-ee, mum."  "What are thoy?"  ".Welt done, rare and raw."  serve  Pnlriful   Gsi>o��nre.  Richard ��� Uneducated people often  have a lat of insisht.  Robert���That is so. Our new. maid  knows that sho is n better cook (ban  we've been1 used to. ��� Detroit Free  Press.  Minard's Lifiimea-i Relieves Nearaigia.  -"Hope  deferred  trives the letter car-  carrier   impoi'tance.  Key  a Cough.  Just a little tick-ling cough  may not suggest any trouble  but it is often the fore-runner  of very serious lung- disease.-  Gray's Syrup of Red Spruce Gum  soothes and heals the irritated membrane and the  coug-h passes away. Gray's  Syrup "of Red Spruce Gum  is a .carefully compounded  preparation and is a specific  remedy for all throatandlung  affections.  One  bottle   will  strnte its virtue.  The';' British- weather service is collecting reports- from the .North Atlantic and 3iediterranean of the temperatures observed by shipping masy  iters. 'File data thus collected are lb  be worked -tip into charts. This will  show, aniong other things, the- extent of   the  Ci till'., stream.  ��� Sunlight Soap^ will not  burn the nap off woolens  nor the surface off linens.  etc -f^P-lij &fL&   &My mM/O ��o fTUfV  f  L.YOUR R?OKEY  BACK IF YOU DO NOT LSKE  ROSE &. (LAFLARilHE, SELL1NG"ASENTS, MONTREAL  ml  REDUCES  jUlt for the OcSaROE. Bar. as)  Why do wc wear  Dealers all over Dominion say they give better satisfaction than any others. The. people say they fit better,  loqk better, wear better.���-Because thcydarc'honestly-  made'out of. pure new rubber.  "G-raali-y Rubbers wear liKe iron  ���WV. W. U. No.   -fi-S-Ct..  ������The annual loss of fruit by- in.sectis j A dttiiiagetl . foothallet- has i'.is^  is ,put by the United States eiitomo-.l been fitted . at a Idondon Imspital  gist at  SoOO,000,001). with a  celuloid .nosu. ��� '  ������*%&^  IaWaW  j*hu&* i  !,      ,  i '���"'.  !;'     ���  1 *, ;*  if--  . i .'  .;   i.  ��� j'  '.   i ..  '���f  - f  . /'  ,t><MPa��^g^^^^<ftg?��^>g��aEts^  TEE I0I1B LBABER  ^���^jagy^^reug:��rK3gigar>a^  ' ���i*$*i&��'-  !   HISTORY   HEPEATING  [7SEL-F  r'tblished in the interest ox the people ��� .���        , J'-  i   . t.   "T-'p"'-'. you ec E-m? pl'ij'-'wiffc ;=--.&,  j 2 Ii?,T3 a gln.y'-h'-u-e���-a r"*tty pta.y-fc'J'js�����>  : r        down v-ider i':a r>Vl oak tr'ee, ". ',  j 'AxiS. my foy*- &r,�� i'lili- are ��i! .'o've ill era,  '  of Movie r.r.d Hast Kootenay.  iliUfttl B*wMw3   ^iiiJiJli    &->  PS  Sill  ��<t  1*0. 865, A. k. IJ.       ! 13  '   K*  jtfeets in the I. 0. O. F. ball every     !   j-\<  ,1!]  . ,T. S^EVXII & CC-,    -  FaTjIlEhoT--        ._ : ..4-rxi.  i     S.it.Kih-y  cvrami;  ���*,    9    n'rln.  o't'iccic.  k**J  IT-  aiUoh'tl* it si e^h&prc-tCISBt loaves! ; !jV   /3    A;..1'?''-1*'"* .���-��=- '���"'������'���'. ' -*���"; ���V-a*?!? ,' .-*-��� ,,��� . ��� '���r-t.i- -> ���   -*���-"--dirliv i--,. iV,  ttdRyb'.le. I 'uufiti two .-.-.tri-ow's nests �����<" /*��^'"r  "���"'   A"         ;��--���* A ..���-:.! Visit..ig o^hi.Su  ....-> ^.Jli.lij l.;* j E^  o   roo-cO-J nt-r-rs that d.-oppec* fr-om tlie         :s.*t,'.ti^,-. r ,  -a..�� v.-���*   *"-���  *-J-/j vile.'.   '0   :.lt��':icl   lho?e  Mcoliac.-.. ' I-.',!  eaves, l.-it' 'Aa: ���'"���;   c.'"-"i  ;-/ -���      ..',   ?���.--.- 1 j i v  Bt/fl /  -...g  '*-/a, i&at.    ��tc/  r ��  j&.Jia-JD  Yc".  i-iiiiA t ���.*- sor.rcr.>::r:c..-.  ���, ���0 f And 1 fixe-3 -he--/ up or iono tiny eheJ^eo,   ;���" '"'' ��� aud oh.' o.veiythmg- Is so nlc&I  lYon't you eo ciowa -'.era fine' pla;' with  J*10l    I'  If you T-'iJJ, I'll fciss-3 y<r o '.wice'.  t  i '7. am lonesome- bv w/L-aJt" (u tbe pla3'��  SATU.E1}A\ , APRIL 2;-, 1G0.J.  szzt^^&m. ^a-unriT^cga,  house,  The <-,ueFt;oii naturally  sruas, v/mil i    And ovcryi-blmr is uo nice;  ���  ,,., .  -      - , i �� think yoi; jc./*.*it so play with rac.  was Galhncr doing'      ' , r ,     ��0ie;  II you will, I'll kl&a you twice*-''  Boi:  fe-lfii   t v -"**=,-.V~ -.? f'-.v ^i-':����  inrnir fc'f :���::��!sn  ,, i . F. JoiiiJS-i'o:-  :A'0-'.  i   *--'  Soc'v. '   S  ������'.  fsap:  i  .l=jwijs?*j  It would seem that E. G. Smith,  M. P. P., is not as big a chubber as  =ome peopjs'had hira eicecbtip.fo;-.  Tbe people of the west, bs' daiiinsd,  is the only ' inference   which   can   be  drawn 'from    llr. Fielding's     budget  'speech.   One way to force tlse eastern legis-  Lors lo recognise lead would lie to  manufactures bullets cut ot that product for them.  The JSfclsoii Xova- ha** ftnrtcd on its  second year. F. J. Peine is publishing a daily new-iv-apir that Nelson a;id  tlio Kootcnays. can w-11   feel   nroud :?*.  Then with  boyish contempt ha answered  <she was six and lie was' eight),  "I don't care anything for your play-house,  ���    -  and the sipht of dolls I hale;    -  And your leaves and bird's nests are n'oth-  ins if they do look so pretty and nice;  So I don't think I care to >jo with you, even' i  though you would kiss me.twlo.e,"- i-  Then her little lips quivered with anguisa  ', '��� "and _ the" child's   Heart swelled with  .While tho tears ran down the nott little    ia T^O Days his App2i?fo  Sciai'iied, life  nobbUnfi/irot-ii'j t��:; wj Cuitos Us  Co:':t:ntx.iyy:A. fc'!f-l/. -'���';"-��� I*iy's  Liquified   Oss^e', Which  Instantly DsaSi'oycd  '   the   Disease  ,"    Germe'.' "  1Sfes^ls^3 wi-^->- J*��;,��a ^"- " i '^'  ,    !    ["v  r.Ii-et'i every Monday e.'ex.:r.^ in   tiu-ir j   f-g  hall   on   Victoria  Gtrcot.    Sojourninj  Odd Foliowa cordially invited.  A. D. Drujimojjd, P. D. JIofe,  Noble Grand. . Secr'y.  /v46 ^^.r'-'w'-r^'  6^2  w  m  ���C^C3=BCtM��js  So many godf. .--'O in any creeds, fo  many patl.s tl:r;t wfii'l .-.in! '.yind. )Vliih'  ���just the art of being hind, is all tbe  sud world nead-s.���EIla- Wheeler Wilcox.  cheeks.  He saw it, tien answered aCTin:  "Why, Susie, you lenow I was Joking,  Pon't cry, little sweetheart, Sue;  Y^at 'dis get my rcr.ky-fcorss cna new toy  gua;  ' -, ,...-'  And I'll play all ^ay v:'-ith you."  II.  yho years had passed by nil i-wlftly with  their medley of plcr-iura nnd pain,   ,.  And ono day 1 inisrd thc-tc low lovo word.s  in th'r-f ppot by ths ithn.-lol huier  "I   am  lonesome,"  naM  Gobble  to  Sti3l<A  Sleep Was Nzinrcl aaj Rcsit'uJ, His  Pains pa:! Achca VaahJjciJaad  Kc Tfersw Away tih Cs'i-js. '  ''X^^.-t   Angtict   X  M-fj -.' '���;. l-'-jil with  r-' --"ie     nufccnlni"  **a��V��" r '  n-:..i"i*i'i.    ���  t'o'  KSvV-^'��        '"���''���".    ^"3   lJlitJ    c'ti-  .���. _ .R y/ia>>5r    (,,-?,. 11... r r f..ij...i  Moyie Boar.d of Trade"  ,y  - '   -        k\  Meets on the first Wednesday ., %p\  Evening of each    month e,t STnS  8 o'clock sharp   in the court  house.  Jams- CitONisr, Hon, Pres.  A. (1\ ]\fACDpsAr,D, Prc3.  P. h\ Johnston, "Jt. ^CAMi-nr-u,,  Vic,e-Pres. - Scc'y.  i  -1  13  *cr*s ���g-gerggrsgy-aj'-^oj i^srssra  The rccidents of -Moyie have put  themselves en record as saying : "We  will hereafter oppose a policy that  docs not consider tiie requirements of  thu people of the west."  It is'said that there is a young lady  .in Cranbrook who io so modest' ehe  would not retire so long as there was  a copy of the Christian Observer in  the room. We wonder if she would  object to a Moriiasey Miner, .a Frank  Sentinel, or a Fort Steele Prospector.  Jf the the C. P. R. moves their  wharf and slips from Kootenay Landing lo Kuskonook that Utile town may  again 'thrive and hum for a few months  like it did live years ago. it that lime  Kuskonook'was the v.eslern   terminus  j.   am  iones.o:ne,"  naM  gobble  to  StisKi.     ; -��   ,;;..     _ , .         ' jn .���,.-��������� ,���*.,'iv   v ho  "won't yon eome'and play with me?. -    W i-OVI.i-���".--. il ,  '.   ,       ,., ",f i-<r^.*  I havo built us a honpfc, a proity npwhDusn,     |i '\CiV\~\~\        ' '     "','.'-  '   "dfj'f.  down under the. r.jd' oak tree,                     A -f d ,.". \\ ,'"h*   ���  "-'*���-'������ -''.���  Ana  'tic* lived  nil  .sntudy tinci neatly, '(Jr.    !j -./'.���Jiir,; t' W".    y, '. i ::, ��� ':.A'-*'  coyy r.nd" ehc��i*ful and y.-arm���                 ll ���'CL'^r,t ['l v. di-..   J":   ,--,'  !'-.e  K youTi go'I'll Iuvo you forever and pro- J jl n^*"-*.>"' .<',' if f   >���    -' ' - o:-v. ;.;*,:-  ic*ct and shield you from harm."            ; [! ,v;,-7'-f "i-'..- J- .         -'���  '   ;,���        h" o  | t.u> t r-.'..-l >.>L; .;           ���*       ,              '���               .  "I am lonesome bymyself in the now house, | j| i/J-'LiAJ.*: fl -!''', ',l'',-''",',' "' T  And'tis cozy and cheerful and warm;        iii ' f ���--������..���.-���    ' f:- '"-'������ ���":,.i-:. uliy  ior  �� thlnt- you mlfht go and live wiLh mo,     |i . ,���-7''.',., H fi'-t* v/t-olf:.    \Vhen  Susie, - r   .., ji-__ViJii:KuVc..-; ji j g-ot rplv; -s coru-  And I'll love ycu en<L pldeld yoa from LOCATE'.. !> -ooid--t"   to rA-i '">,"->  IiArm.'  rhon with woman's perverseness she answered tho lover's plea of the man".   '  "I don't believe I'll go to your nw house; 1"  really don't Bed how I can.  And your- neat, new rooms aro nothinc, if  ���thoy do .look rg cozy and warm;  So I don't think I caro to go with you, even  ^ji^^^^-i   onicsjopetsrc-uiid  .  '--������'.5&4j0r Jhe   lGrt.rj.3Jui--  iir* z'.l tills tim.e I  lost- ahotiti t'.vcnty-'dvo 'j-ounrl.-- "in  wciph't; iu j?rc; I va-.j a, ceznnlero  v.-rofk. l1!}' r.p'.Qtl--< ;.ii.l flr-cp left;  mo,.    "�� fr'Tii a nuuii-cv of   i_-0'-vl ton:r3  though you would shield   mo ' from     to brd-xs mo p.p  and  rlvo ni-3 x.l eppc-  harm." t.te.-bt:*' none'.of'lhpr.i h"l-:ed'iK0.  "Ahc-ti3t t'.iifi lime nijiliiajrliter com-  menced lakir.fj Ozono ior a chronic  sove tbroat an.i qtii-hv,-, iiom vrliich  she had snff.or.ed tcr year?. Li r. *-]ioi't  riiiin sh.-) vriis coniple'.ef," cured of this  trcuhle.":*"c'*' d.d-^'ife. i^'o pr'-'er-ti-.-e t.'��=  tho j'rci.nrn'-icn in hov cisc- t'.'at I emu*  Then the man  felt the thrill of anguish,  the man's heart swelled with pain;  But sho smiled as she looked toward him,  y then softly answered again:    ,  "Why, Bobble, you know I was joking;  1 am- B.lways ypyr sweetheart true;  :  Let us set tho wedding day, Robbie,  ' And I'll go and live with you."  ���Flnle Garrett, in Nashville Bonner.  MOST   PRECIOUS   OF   STONES.  Some   Ii^erettilnj*-   I^iietM   Altont   the  Value   oi.  RnbiCK.  '"To the question: '"\Miicli is the  most va-lua-'ole precious stone'.-" nine  people oiix. ol ev-ery ten, at least, will,  without the sOii^htest hesitation, rppiy:  in nccii trying jt my:cl:\ .".ni ih two  day;.' linn*- ivy {ippe-i'i*- i-'wurTied mid  my BlCC-p b''C:uv.e ss v. '.oJ th ever. All  tho pa:-.*, and c.cho*3 hf- I "-.'iviisbe'l by  the lin;e I ha-.i (��� nricd 0-i tho to'-oud  bot'le, fir.it I tbro'v .in-nv ?ny cau-is.  Ozoin tnn-.fi irp mv ?y.i-"; snui i I e-  ecuiio a no'w ir.-.'ii. I ;-���:i:v-'- :,;if"1v in  fir--.i, r<- r.H i- y ���f:!'".'-.? r-.-AA "J 'if-. I  'cof w:ll i;i'i r-r-i:-/ -. r'^od i.e-,jiih  now rn '"-vc-1 [ di '  in ray i'"-!'.  ^-I'-''! 1     ",/, 'ft .  /��� ;*-" "f T'^??^- '  Harvey   &   MoOarter,  rORT STEKhE, B. C  Uarrcy, ^ruCurLcr i,- ritihhaut,  ���  REVELsTOKE, B. C.  Barristers '&��� Solicitors.  ij.vniitsTiiii, socicxroK, etc.  CEANBSOOK, , B. C  ^3   1   F,  The ijafest buy of the seapon, and, you will doable you.  money in tlirce mpntba. The company havo 12 clai.ui-,  which furrount! tho St.'Eugomi rniuu���the ��� lurgo��jt cib'er-  lead mine on the Amcricun continent.  Cdl  f�� ��i  id-  u  y,  fi  ii ? j ? n  .-.1  s  Iii  ^  GK !S.N0W-d8Slii  si in benrs a. dfiaffe, ;  n  ^Oj  For Particulars apply lo  g^  BOX 85.  . '-FARRELL & SMYTH,  d  1  3I0YIE. B. ���:  a  ��� ^s-2^^^^^^:^^��^-^^       3S2S^S5 ���'as^i  DR. P. B. KING,  t  1  Oranbrook. B, C.  V  h js & y ���  gr7Krrr*t<TanrTTgyn*.rrj*<rMiwr,Ji*��  Schools of blackjack und horse poker  were well ��� erf-iihlielied ."-nd &loep u'fis  scarce in the town, few ot the inhabitants cf the place drank water.  ��T9 J-lEr*"a KariPMt~ra7r.ig*,',g  jr.ST WHAT vou io:eu.  Cliaiiihtu'ltiiii's   Stomacl*. tunl Liver  T-iblets.  Wht,n you f.jel dull a-fter eating.  W-hen yon lnue no appetite.  .Whee you have a bad taste in rnoulh  When your li*.Ol- is torpid.  When jov.v bov/elj are conocinntcd,  ���    -When you have ;v hcivUckc.  When you feel bilioua.  'They will impiove your appetite,  cleanse and invigorate your stomach,  and'regulate yoni liver and bowels.  Price 25 cents per box. For sale by  P. D. T-Iope, druggist.  When In  jranprooK-���-*a  Wi. WILLS 15 TLI? A BED TO BEE \'0U  AT THE  Pioneer ��� Hardware  r\ ;'_  ^   --*--   5-->���?"V5-~  "V  . c- or, ���  %U  i -a: i ir-.r-.">  ?  George H. Thompson,  Bauriptkr, Solicitor,  No  tary Public, itc.  Solicitor for the Imperial    ���  , }4ank of Canada,  CRANBROOK,       BBiTTFii'CoiiuarnrA.  JIOYIKfi  Li.-. .^IMG   IIO'XKL.  ft  wrags, tnetnicais,  toilet Articles  Drug and Stationery  i  ��� Store,       ' ,  ( r,-  Office Stationery  - School 'Supplies.  fxTiiiriHi  m  f��  F��V.i\sSBbIBSl3  v. 4  \>   - - ;---f.    t  ,���' N4  *'V.* "     ���-dv-..-'  ,'���>  s.  e.  Whore you will find tbe largest ctoc  of general hardwure in T>-t Koo'enaj-  Mnil orders  givpn   prompt   tUtcntio?  l[^,,Tins:iiit':il!ijr Kiid   Plumliins.  ee   asR&sirifii  ?.    '���      '-v    '-  V/Cr '  -j,- ^  4'';;'- -.ff-  V"?       "C<:'-,S^-  / ���  AAV L'^.I  iv i ��  .British Columbia  a!  1? TT?  ^A.  CK3  ir  -fV  ��,.���y.^:','���^. ., .  ago i eiiEjr  Tlie bast of  accommodations  for the f ravel.ng'pnblic.  P. J. McMahon, Mgr.  !M2I}25IiSTAl>'j:, JilBS'TXi'JiEIiUbiCO.     "  us   sJOua,   3 Uti LuE-tOilU    Uyullylj  ft. A. AJ:7DRr,7vS,  rir^r*,i!Wj��muuijjjmJtjmyti  ^n    bio  CRANBROOK.  FOR   .VJXE   TAILORING   GO    TO  ���^w rf=��  Lt yon want to buy  or    sell   apply   to  Bealo, Hutchison  -��.*^  n��ftu  T'XOSS.ESIT'iSS  TC AJvD rROM ALL  D  i?22j>  ��4E  -VTA  \a3 st & ic  Ozam Ads itsoldh"cr-:' 'a;----.-'.���><���:-.��,���    i  *     ,  ���----.;���     |  -c is coiiccdo.l bjT rncd'er-- m<---i th-- I -<��      c^-  the can so of r-ir.r-fte-itd.T o^^ma,''; ,-V-U I ^* ��   BHs . a   -^ 1^  SS���d!SS-.^ fc^Si aydf;: mebohaht tailoe,  tepidly because it ir.":'.-di.:^iy r-<-:r.���-;'.:*��� i  this cause.    It.  acts  tiicro-:.vniv.   bj- ! Fine   Suitings,    Overco^tiug-  cause it oradicntp.-, zv-m-* tr'*-A* pTt1'^ rP ��� r .*/-.,  t��� o ������+ i   *i   ^        ' . Irousera,   Imported    Goods.  er Always on land'  Quality not excelled in the-country.iJ:;TryI!it!and  "be convinced.  *ijmr^mr*rmrxattim!3*acmr***+**3  Liii'l Lllblli  if       ���    ~~    -^    R  *;r-.T*r.   ,. --,    *.���  ���V ii  ': A  w   i  '.-'^ f--   f-  i MOYIE  Ozono ci-'rsr, olT.er.ce by d.^' ��� v.  ing the dissjm 'sc-r-no t'h-^ c.-t..'-^  it,    It iucf.p'ci.illy ;,r     ,-,-:..)  :������> ,-  -..  of rheuinatiFr.i r.-i.l   %\.ii    -,-,,,-,      f .  ^^(^^-^'- in'^o (EAST K0DTEHAT.:E0TTLIHG CO  CFiAMBROClC. B- C.  wiiry iK     Hill rti'    *ia^  Ji  P. F. J OR MS 10 ft  Max&%>  J)  ^ Thud Hotel is New and well Furnished.  Tho J  Powley-f; Liquified 0-:oi'f :���; mid  only oy roliabJo d^-n-: ��� --,'���*.--.���,- ]*,y  fakirs or -pod-] ior.'. }-V."-; ���* ���. .- -,--, n. j  ��?1.C0 per b .1 tie. Our Ir,. ���'-- .'>-> ' <t,,-c"  mr-Ji-r.i   frco <-.������. a : ;-i;'{,   ,���-; 3*,.;>ao   Ruj  I address.  ! THfl 0^');7E CO.- Li^itt'fi,  I Toronto, t >rA  VKT,  j&xe&ZQCL "waters ox all  Orders, SoMciteiJ.  LJ>  the Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars. J  HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMERCIAL.  AND MZNINO MEN  >ii movie, ���-        -       _       _       - - KK.TisnrcoLiJ.Hur.\   j    [.'fv'^i*  S��S3  #n_������i:BirK,*�� xtar wafW'! ��<i���w�� ��� wraurwt -����T��^w������r��w-��i-"  Kit ��k-����^^<^w^*.<��^grj* j�� x"��.��th-  ���i     !i      '..  ��� ", .t:i*- *.;  f'/l 0 f I  .d��  t-A,  !  - ^-    ".   -���      *.  ; i   '   I  -��-  ir*--   -;i��  ��� .' ' i    .  iiM   i  .   '   '*- ,  I,*  i   'on'  I-   : ��� f   '���' > d   V,    ���"���   r*'   ft J' ���   yA   r  r-1*  'CO  ��� UK.'       tt'J.li'fiJ      illlt1     VjOA-A:    i'l'ii'l,  ���A   '..'���!  (;iii'-*:), J.iii"j",:f"-'b -  '"'l      .  tl0   I''".'    'Tjr.'s   Vj .^\.  a -i - r > /-.;! *,; *J Ll i-1; u '���> / *-  .. ryr.-SV- -'"1f ���  '"-^:f,'.  I '  ��    ,.'  Hr  ���'/   -J  a   ���' i ,  ���^  o     n *���  'lu-i  c  -  ���Ai,     .fo  I.  ]0".i   i   ���  - i <; ������ i.  ,.i  , -- ,;    ���   ...,   |  t-.   ��� ,.i ;.'���-   ���:    I  ".    ..  0   '.->     1)1.).  : iu    A,i   ;.���'.'.   ;. 0   ,  * A '. ' I).' ,l'AL .   'C        .  .. ) . <���������]���<���'���(  .', l.r 'li ...i  -  I  *.!(..i    ,'Uj'. i  !���).      ... c  'I In- i,i .(i>  . * (,    *��� '    .'     i       ' '    (     .      ' \    , i|.  .ii. \.(ji., ���*'   i   '     I'      '       '       ���        .!,'_';..!:!].   ,  ;.'   I - Ol  tl '   '    HI .      .J      I,(l     ' ��� I. (,      jij   . ..'(' I  .���.'.(,> ie liiii-u, a.'.il '.!.;��� -���-.i.a K'���':<:'.' Moyu: I:. Uv. ������  . li.'tcd hi Ci-.ujljrooi;, ii. C.; ci.is nhn.}.  d,.v (.A  ���Aj-.,-:'.; '.'(������'. W. K. (.:���!..".I'Jj',  '' '(I    '   '        -,    '     I   '- A       '   .1 , ,       '  A' . ;....,   ,.' -'i.Aiji, ii.'.u .,<A  '      ' "   '.AiyCr^A  f     d -. :i'-,   JCt'.L..,-,   j-djj'ici ;  ��� - ill a., a ill  ;..   (,.       , -  >' " -v H'jy   !.-. ..f, d.'or-'-i..; .,   ....   .,  ')���-  i .,,.1.0.1,1,' ;���-. ci 1 >.'..  ' . ���! bv i'i.   .-*,  '. ,    .,;'  i  ild    ('.      ('(,,,'..,..  ; - nui, (.' ,   :l    .' ,)   ' I'll   ,'.  >.' '   '.' ",,l>   I.   '   "  ���    Ab    1:>* a    ��� "ic r  |. .',.      ������'    ;:..    i. . .  .   ' l u ��� ���"'  �� .s.����_-*.-  --   (-  ��-JI-  :���, -* \ '  : '��� i'  .    .      .  ,1   '       A''  I   '     '  I'll  '   .!���������'.I  ! i.  ~v~:crr r af, f^^ipn:^ 'Pip [���f^^.i--?   Tint Snriwirt;  1.-; fi!; n' ia.   ,. j .        ;l- . '    '  t. j .L.'.   ' ,. J. ',   .1 j'/ t.".'j r -I /  ">r- ^-/-IS.*6-  C.HA8.  P.  CAMPBELL,   RS��  fl   'A  i. a ^-:?'.-,  ^"'/���yvlTip.i^rj ���-���-:"������'���  V Mi)'.'.- '!-.,'.'  i  (d. .  i  . i  i ���L   "' * i '          i  *)!i��    *.    (>  p.> .  > .i  i.,   .    ii!,  * '  i '        ���J  '  'i-i>..  A'   ���!.- -  ;d  .    * * ��� 1 ���           '    '  i ' .i      '  ��� i, ,i "i-  *  i  mm j  1 I,  ' d  . - i'  ''   "    ' Ji'GOl-r  -IT J     ���.-.--..rr  t^P'f-%  l-.'wj    O-  ������ _;)!.! r.^*;   ,H  I. n     '>'':,  vrf ."��� .���''. ::  . -i.  -1,  VCt      a .< -ll.'  <:....���  (.IC(   ' I (���  i: -.'  u  ,'Ni../i'<).\.  3'KOMrT iJELIVEiiY.       .      -i    '  ... i .���'!'. j  MiAAr;foHhoA,Aiicanrs.    criJIbrooR, <; j ^'2'Kirst, A veone. y    .B.W':-'fi^ WAfr'j-iJ'Q.ueen^' A^e.    ,��'���  MOYIE I If ^dquai:".-  ','<  /���'���IV, ,A ���-,-'('��� d- - ''=  i , i',   ���     .*.   .       -. ,'.  Kji.V��.iL>iU\>> ���  -",J A* fs.  r'v        ' .  t^ h     r...  ). iu.no,..': iip.icr,  yoiv  Eakt Ko'cnw.'.y. i.:.,v>U]iC.���,l-!  ���   i*j',-v"'  ' ���"   "i      ...     ! <\ ���*" -.l1-  ! .".:..', V.      .vA'Vli *.;-���---.--"-    '  fi   'dci >['.;;.': jUuldiin:.  , O'O'^li 'Vi^Giidao^ri.^^  I      ���.-.���������   ...ll  'I W. ri��� dfroNiy. Prep.  f ���-���<���"���. 4s*x r-/  .''V.^^4, ^t  ft:, ^'r ^  t"A'.'l^  1 r   -���I V  V    14liR? w  V'. ft K  r> f'if^j, &  '/    ts  .'(   ���'iai.        if.  A��, 2 j <tf ��v  f"lA-/r *'  ���', .ytev  > "nM,rt,y


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