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The Moyie Leader Apr 7, 1911

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 .If 7 '
•I .        , j.
,     r
' i *'- V
> ■?.   'J
1   '
/ 1
r   1"
| VArV
^ Vi
I '* 7^   <*, I
,_- in the
te '.siii'tj
can g-etl
>d" suit J
de and|
id a.
fA^^'iA--    ±AX-  ,     v /...j    ..... . -»■
A*->- Ii ilm
*\ ^
- Our
-«Hfles tbe most exacting
Wilson, the Jeweler.
|C r  AN   BR  0   0  K
tl~T~C\ rz> 1 a      ?li*     "~,/'   A '
,.__ * '- r,!A,   ^•;5^--'i#V*oiVVVvV'vVWV^
If yen want lo see and read with
comfort get a p.ir of
\V. H. Wilson, jeweler, optician.
C   R   A   No B   R   0   0   _.£
/OL.H NO, L.
:. ^c importer, and 'manufacturer when  you  take  advan-
l "V_*f the opportu-iities whicli Birks. Vancouver mail  order
lervice offers, >'Ou. ■->"•■< _   ,
Since our affiliation, in 1905, with Ryne Bros. ,of , Tor -
h 10"there.its i»o4-firm,whicii offers*' siich certain values,, or
Kci'ent service."- Write to "Birks,'! Vancouver, for their
[oil catalogue and order goods at manufacturers prices. „ •
ijjenry feifks & Sons, Limited,
[eweleiy mailorder 'house.      / -      Tico. !Z. Trorey; Man. Dir.
,:. Vancouver,:k C<       " ',
I   , . GENERAL- FLOAT        |
,  It ir eBtimated that New York
has 159 moving picture show_.
The Ice Cream Season
•"  *V ' ' '   <       ''   ■
will'"soon open. <{ Keep'your eyes "open ' for  the
.the'-besVcr/eaia in the market:
The- Canadian , Bank of Commerce will erect a. building of its
own ia Creston' this spring.
Tapped, eight feet, from the
ground, a rubber tree 13 inches
iu d'ameter yield, three pimts of
_ap.   , , ,
Old Resident Dead
|        tuCAL A'SSAYS J
There   are   50    (h-m
people --.nd institutions in   Green-1
wood that do not have an ad in
the local paper. ,
< ———.,
aThf_Jj_nigh_s of J'ythias grand,
lodge will be held at Kamloops
this year,, and the date 'set is
Wffdne-day/May 10th;      >    ' ,
Moyie'lost an old and respected
resident last ^Sunday niorning' in
the'death of Edward Desaulnier,
who committed suicide. Despondency is the only, can-,, attributable for the act. • .MV Desaulnier
was up and around Sunday morning, ati'd nothing unusual'was
noticed in his manner, 'J'en minutes before he was found dead he
had been "talking'"with* .list "son
business' "Eddie, liis' brother Felix   and ■ Md
IHcad Office'
.    ■* ', '     ''   'K.-TA.HI.i_.-KH1 1 S97 v . -      ,.
--'•;■- ,   ■ i      - ' jf.8   •
JSocilo ,«&? ■"HSlx^oll''' K
'<": IlNS.URANGE-; and ^MININGf - ;', , (
'- and INVESTMENT BROKERS. . ' ,"-
' Y-   ;   ^      \. ' -\ '„'".;      CRANBROOK, B. C
,   ._■ —■— ■  ,r <■•
The , Phoenix: • ■ Pioneer ,'' has
changed, ownership. "Mr, Love
has sold out; to Gilbert Kay and
li.'W,' Conway, two experienced
printers and newspaper men..
^■•■■;:/-MMI-E-t-B E'ER;, ',,.,-,■'
I JliWade W;th^^'enVbrew_r i...admittedly the'hest' Beer in East
,to^y.>^itl>he BeSt..falt and the Purest Spring Water _tt is
u^celfed Cor quaUty:. < r.isist on having Mpyie Beer.   ,     -    ,-   .   ^
f    • ■'   -v/,*7   . ';-V;''>"__OTTl,K»,wA-:0   UKAVT   KEEK.
-Vi'ij^OYIE^BR^WtNG' CO.- »\.
Chesnutt. He left thein.and went
in .behind the' bar',and" took a
23-35 fiile'tiiat liad .been left there
by a trapper.' He then  went 'in
Moyie'lake is still cov'ered ivith
The fishing season opens on the
first of May.   , '
"Steamshovel "Mike" is down
from the Kullivan mine.      , *"'
c-Jame-"Wi ight has" left for"* his
farm near 'iirskine, Alber;ta.
J. S. _.iacEacliern has sold his
launch to Win.' Iteese.       ,    '
-Miss Stiuson   is   at* Kimberley
and is assisting  in the postoffice
i , ,    .
at that place.
Feli?: Desaulnier arid Kddie Desaulnier left yesterday .for   their
£ A _?ew Snaps Left Yet.
> ■     '   '
^ Since the beginning of our clean up sale la«t Sitnrday   we  £
> havo fli-posed of an immen.-e amount nt   our , stock.      Here  <
^ are a few of the bargains yet to be had.         '           _                   <J
? Silver polish, liottle, 20r; sciab UrusJics, eacli,  15c; slio6  poli.sli,   black   ^'
^> and t-in, 2 for1 25c, jirouurl colTei, lb. 20c; ifiini>owdor j;rcc>i lea, U)."'35c;   ■C
£, sjjiderle^ tircin lu.i, Yn. i"><:\ small liniji vjla^scs, 4 (f>r  25';.    lemon   <._-   \
\ tracts, boUlc, 15c; ol«- oil, gallon, $1.75; lunch pails, t»cli 45c.         '         "*
■s •          v                       .
the I-Iabi't.
ao to
by a trapper.' tie tnen  wen.   in-        -, ,       -     ■   ?   -   •'
_   _i    ii    •_ •       "   ™ -,♦■ -.v'o   farm near Pincher Creek, Alberta
to the.back sitting room, SAt in  a ,
Texas steers 'are ' shipped' to'
Chicago 'where the packing, houses
press,them into' cans and ship
theni,back to Texas for",consumption by the soldiers. .    -
"   ,   ""_? Olfiriil Jery:fAttra_'ive.Price.-;Oa All their-   'I      0.
Cloth Upholstered Furniture'
25 per cent
discouut vrill'be given off every piece for the next montl.
'  Here Is Tour Chance.
1   * «     i , i
," .His Majesty, King George "V\,
wishes that his', birthday should
be officially, celebrated in his .dominions beyond the' eeas,', on the
actual date of - the anniversary,
viz., .ird June.
' -<•  "- - ~	
M. A. Macdonald, of the fir m of
Harvey, AlcCarter  & "Macdonald.
Cranbrook, • has '.joined. the   law
arm' of Ross &   Lane in'' Fernie.
He.   still   retains ' his   connection
with tlie Cranbr'ook,-fir'm.'' V,
:<^Attorney-General' ""Bowser --will
accompany .Premier'McBride to
the , coronation ceremonies this
summer. During ,hi_ ab.ence J.
P. lMcLoed, recently of Greenwood will have charge of the attorney-general's ofiice."
chair, placed the   muzzle-of? the
gun .to.his heart and set the  trigger off with" his foo'fc.   • The report'
aroused those   in;Vhe' adjoining
room aud when th.y investigated-,
Mr.   Desamlnier - was   breathing
Hi.-- last.   The funeral was held at
Cranbrook Tuesday morning,  and
there was a large attendance both
from _>Ioyie and Cranbrook.,   '
> Edward    Desaulnier'   was-   (51-
years old last'February   and ,had
lived in Moyie   for   the   past   10
years.,'   He, was  'in   partnership
with his ' brother   Victor in.   the
Central hotel and in other  prop-
er.y and,   investments   in   town.
Prior to coming" to Moyie  he  had
lived in the Coeur d'Aleue country,
going there in 18S4.   ,He   was also a,'pioneer   in   California   and
j\lo"ntana.'.His  'wife .died   while
living in the Cpeur d'Alenes.     He
is survived by a son and a daughter.'  His son has  been   living  .in
Moyie  for  some   time,,,  and   his
daughter .is, at present, in  Mon
F.'G. 'Lo,ng, the shoemaker, is
locating at ,, Galecian,, .-Alberta.
His iamily will move tliere next
week.    ,, - ",      ." "'
, -Mrp. Davin, of Ann Arbor,
Michigan,'i_ in Moyie' ou'a'visit'
with her sister,, Mrs. R- Campbell, and hei brothel*. W. L. Reid.
c W.H.Wilson, jeweler and'optician of Cranbrook, will, bo in
Moyie nent Tuesday, Ap'rill llthj
and can be found at the' Moyie
'Drug Score.,
The money subscribed in "NIoyie
'"towards the John Houston memorial fund has been forwarded, to
the ImperiaFBauk at Nelson. The
amount raised was $3.
For   Rent—Two ' room   house,
furnished, $o<a mouth.     Apply to
Mrs. R.'K. Wallace. *
• * *,,
iThe members of Wildey „ Lodge
No. 4.-1, T. p. O.  Fv-   will  celebrate
the ninety second anniversary  of
tlie order by attending > church  in
la body on Sunday evening,, April
V of all styles and'leathers for   ; '      >
man, .woman and child. ,   ■       *-'
S S E,  < WI  ND, O W   v;D I S P L AY
Bowser Slakes Good
Mining Near Eastport
A. Gordon French, who is experimenting on refractory zine
ores in Nelson, will soon have a
small smelter completed by which
he can* demonstrate his new fpro-
cess. The new plant will be able
to treat from four uo six tons of
zinc ore per day.
Imperial Bank of Canada.
,   _*_.<.A-a-ri-d-r ---;---sl?:0"?S°o°o
"        OwBflSKb-JI-d -—%™g%     '
0»p.(_l Paul Up   5,715'090.00
I      .   ".S3S"7"5rderssoid avaible u.
* . part of the World   -
Savings Btuil. Department. I
LO.O.F. Granii Eodge
This hotel is now under new
management, and is tirst class
in every respect
V     PuoriuEToa
Victoria Street.
Shamrock Creamery Butter
Shamrock Leaf Lard
Shamrock Hams
Imperator Bacon
all   first
Fruit and
A. i. Stewart
For sale by
grocers and ;^
B. C.
Reliable authorities reckon the
coal fields of China as , equal in
value to all the other coal fields of
the world combined, but, so far
they are practically lying idle.
Oue province, Hunan, has 21,700
miles of solid coal, anthracite ancl
bituminous. * ■
Accepts the Challenge
At the close of the debate on
Socialism last Friday night a
direct challenge was made to
Arthur Barber ancl Chas. A. Mac-
Kay to prove their statements.
These gentlemen have accepted
the challange, and havo selected
Wednesday evening, April 12th,
for a further discussion. Marcus
Martin will look after the upholding of the Socialist cause. Tho
meeting will be open to tho public.
Incorporation of Merritt
Men-it.'s incorporation has
been authorized by the Provincial Government ancl the civic
elections will be held in the course,
of two or three weeks. It is generally conceded that .Isaac Eastwood will be the first mayor by
-real, hut' expects. to  come •' west 30th.
— —-"■■  -' '    y'team "was got up iu the boilei'3
at,the.Porto llico mill _yeste-day,
and at noon*the whistl.' blew for
the first time this seaBoi-. The
planers will be running in a few
days. '       '
Actrio consisting of Mrs. Miller,
Messrs Clarke and Cliffe will sing
'•Beautiful Isle of Somewhere" on
Sunday evening in the Methodist
church. Music and subject .will
be in keeping with Palm Sunday.
Ice cream will be served - on
Monday, the 10th, afternoon and
evening in Mr." Fitch's old stand
in Morley building by the ladies
of the Methodist church. Ice
cream and cake 15 cents. Coffee
and cake will also be served.
The Odd Fellows' grand lodge
for British Columbia will be held
at Cranbrook this year,' 'and will
open on Wednesday, June J4th.
The meeting'at Cranbrook will be
a big boost for0 the' order in the
Kootenay.. ' Even .though the
grand lodge is to be held at Cranbrook all the lodges along the
Crow consider it an East Kootenay aif iir and are, giving their
support. ' Already the lodges at
Cranbrook, Moyie and Fernie have
appointed their committees. For
Cranbrook the committee in
charge of arrangements is composed as follows: H. "White, chair-
man-VV. M. Harris, secretary; C.
It. Ward, R. E. Beattie,' W. S.
Macdonald, J. P! Fink, F. R. Morris, II. Hickenbotham, J. Manning, J. llallet; W. S. Hall, and
13. H. Pat more.
At the last meeting of the
Moyie lodge,II. J. Lowes, James
Roberts and A. G. Monk house
were appointed to work in conjunction with the Cranbrook committee. On one nt tho evenings,
during the session thoro will be a
monster    banquet,   and   on
Mr. W.J: Bowser, L.L. B., 'a
barrister of New Brunswick, has
just arrived in this city "and will
practice here. He has taken of
fices for that purpose in the Turner block on Cordova street., Mr.
Bowser is a graduate ofDalhousie
Uuniversity,'' Nova Scotia,, and
will be sure to s"uccee'd in his fro-
f__3ion.;'-i'-om the News-Advertiser, Vancouver, of twenty; years
ago. V ■ ' .' , '
- The quondam of M...*7*VVJ- Bowser, L. L. B"„ is uow the lion. William J- Bowser, K. C, L. L.B., M.
P. P., Attorney-General of the
Province of British Columbia, the
leader of his poll at the last provincial elections. He is recognized everywhere as the driving
forco'of the government of the
day. He has held practically
every portfolio in the gift of
Premier McBride. He will go
higher yet.
',, The'Copper Falls  Mining  Com-"
pany, whose claims are nearj-ast- '
port, Idaho, have issued   a   pros:   ,
pectus    giving   a. .comprehensive
idea of .their, property and their
plan  of   operation.' ■' The 'officers •
are Clias*. Redpath,, president;  A.
Mute, vice-president, and Spencer
Lewis,', secretary-treasurer. '    The
property   is located  three  miles
south of, Eastport,  and close  to
the   railroad.      The   property-i.
pretty well opened   up   and . will'
be 'worked,'q'uite exteniiively 'this '
,yearV " ' ~_L '
Miss L. M. Scott, trained nurse
of Itathwel^ Hospital, Winnipeg,
is ready for engagements of, any
kind. ' Maternity a specialty.
Shareholders' Meeting Held
'•Our baby cries for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy," writes
Mrs. T. R. Kendrick, Kasacn, Ga.
•'It is the best cough remedy on
the market for coughs,  colds  and   whooping cough
When a medicine must be given
to young children it should be
pleasant to take. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is made from loaf
sugar, aud the roots used in its
preparation give it a flavor .similar to maple syrup, making it
pleasant to take. It* has no
superior for cold?, croup and
For sale by all
croup."    For sale by all dealers.
The   annual    meeting    of   the
'shareholders  of the,'Moyie  Telephone vt Electric  Light Company j
was held in the office of the  com-1
pany yesterday afternoon.     The •
auditor's report showed the  com-j
puny to be  on a  firm   footing  fi-'
nancially.    The   following  board
of directors  wero   elected:   P.   F.'
Johnston,   president;   V.   D-saul-.
nior, vice-president; F.   J.   Smyth,,
treasurer: J. W. Fitch  and  Philip J
Conrad,   sr.      Philip  Conrad,  jc.,
, J was reappointed secretary  of  the
In buying baking powder
examine tiie label and Sake
only a brand sbown So be
made witb Cream oi Tartar
NELSON ■   ,   .'.
All White Labor.
Laavo work with the   local agent
Agent, for
The Hudson's Bay Co.
Royal Seal, K. & H. and
Kootenay Standard eig-ars.
i In Moyio about 10 inst.
opening day the delegates will be
given a trip either to Moyio or to
Elko.        ,, .
Murphy Goes Insane
J. J, Murphy, who for some
years has been running a store at
Ilosmer, went insane last week
from brooding over tho present,
mine trouble,' The old man was
weak and ill and the absolute
certainty of a failure to make a
living during the strike so worked
upon his mind .that ho became deranged.' He was! brought to the
Cranbrook hospital, and when he
is able to stand the trip will be
taken to the asylum at New West'
minster. Murphy is well known in
Moyie, having run a store here
for several years. Ho is about 05
years of age.
Lame Shoulder is nearly al-
wavs duo to rheumatism of the
muscles, and quickly yields to the
f rt-e application of Chamberlain's
Liniment.    For sale by all dealers.
The Last Debate
The debate in the I'niou hall
this evening will bo more in tho
nature of a friendly dis-cus-ion on
the increased _ost of living. This.
will be the last debate of this
season.        ■    .	
Strike Situation
*****  E_39
There is no change in the strike
situation in the coal fields'east of
here. All the miners aro idle,
and the horses around the mines
have beeu turned out to pasture,
A pre, wholesome, Feliabie Grape
Cream o! Tartar BaKing Powder,
.roves the flavor and adds
Im taiiMiiMess oi. flse food.
Making Ties and Flume
Messrs. Ij'itch vt Hazlewood have
about 20 men making ties on
their limits on Bridge creek, and
a half » do/.eu men are working
ou tho flume, which is being built
from Aldridge up Bridge creek
for a wile and a half or'more.
~-No,ime: fhosp.
Boil.   Reduce' Site ■ He&M__-_iiae5S
©S She Food.,
»I am <inS«c positive -hst the use o_ aEum bakJnfl,
dowdcr sbould be condemned."
v —Prof. Vaushan, University of Michigan.
RestS ihe Lahe? and remember' that
"Alum, sodium alum, basic aluminum sulphate,
snlpbate ot aluminum, all mean lhe same tbInU-
namely. BURNT ALVM."—Kansat Slaic Board of litallh.
■    >Wr*
'      •ifM
"    ■■-¥,Ai
a &m
ft' r'vA-
;: im
' II-'''
. ll'|f.
, V"'a",
'* <•!"-_'']
,.. * ." *
iAnl-A i
''■■-¥,   ?
: m
-   l"
' ! ■■•'
A:;.: -
,';tti:   A
,;■•■■     if:
\"A   <!
S1A   i"
!l    ■• --_-/  TIIE  MOYIE LEADER  I  . .j  li;'. a  YWLlA-  fsmw  mP: ���: is  Is?-- j     !V-  _<<���' ' '    ,:/V  1-   '  . l  /i. -  . J -  i'-w, ,.  . ���-.-  V*  It ;'.  I,  -    t-  ,  li?'* "  ill  1  B"  A Traveler's Uxperience  "My one wish will he," writes Harry  f. I'oJlurd, a woll known boot aud shoe  traveler of Hartford, "that everyone  with a bad stompch may lea; a h. 1  _i_ bet ore it _ too J.tc, that Ncrvilme  is the one remody to cure. Why, I  ra. in mighty bad shape, ray dig'"-tiGii  was .11 wrohg.'aud every night 1 would  T>,il<.;i rip wth H .tirt auu fiau niy  hc.irt jumping lihf _ t.rcsbing machine.  Th'b w*.& earned by gad in rny stomach  prp-> ing against m; heart. \\ hen J  -laited to use Ncrvilme J got better  mighty last. Ii is citainly <i giaud  re'iieJy 'for tha traveling ruan, Keeps  joqr -tornach V. ord.-r, cures ciamps,  prevci'is.'umhago or rheumatism, breaks  uf. ,<.Ulfet colds and siire 'hroat���iu fact  there Irisii'i beer, an __he or pain inside  or Vlsid. for th_ pant two years that  I havn'i cured with Voivilmc. Do you  wr.nd.Ti I r_<;-m_i_nd it?'*  l  UATXIvHK   BEEAEJ.   UP   MEETING  TTTHKK��,iL cumc fron no one knew  S'VV      but, certain   it  is  that  a  large  rattlesnake    snd.iciiiy    a.ipeuiv.  withi.  the  circle of a  Salvalion  Army  direct   night   meeting  at' S.iJidu,   Color  ado,  a  law  day.  ago,' ami   posed  there  in coiled position, mtilir"' his, tail seemingly:   in time to the beat  ot tbe dium.  -be   bu.'il'o  was  noticed  by   tlie  crowd,  and   aii 'attempt   was.' made,   th  attract  Hit* ..Italian of Captain  {.van., but he  ,  was   -iiigi.jjj   _nd   gazing   towards   the  b<'avcn_}    But  as   the  (rowd   began   to  ��� wa>-er, lie eepio-  th. -iialvc.  oStilJ 'singing and h.Hti'tg drums, the  eiijt'.ro array siowly backed off and left  t|ie tuakv; coiled, wth his haj.<J slighlly  ducked, and bin rattles going'nt a gieal  rate , T,be reptile locked as if, he were  charmed, but aa thu music gat farther  and farther away from him, ho straightened up and dnrtod for the protection  of the culvert,,where b�� disappeared. '  The "colored peooio of the town immediately assembled in groups, and  '(teemed to regard the thing as au ill  omen. **> / '  | 111. o.eupaiit of the fourth four flit  1 was, looking through the pages of  tlio dictionary Ihc agent wa*. tiy-  ing to sell him. "No," he said, closing  the book and handing'it back, "I don'L  waut it. ' It'b twr-nty years behind,ihe  times. It defines 'janitor' as 'erne  laker' of a building. 'lie's the __ie  maker!" ( t "  BU-tGI-AK  went   home ,one  night.  fumbled   noiselessly  at   the   key  bole  A  and let iiiniself in without  making a hound. lie was' about to  creep sn.ttly npatalrs. when hib wire appeared on the uj-i-T landing.  "Mike," said hhe, "wot makes ye  come in f>0 quiet?"   *  '-Blame it!" belli.wod the l.urgl.11,  "I tbouglit 1 was ia another hou.e!  rill,   teacher   wan   telling  of Red Hiding Hood.    She had d  be' Btorv  I de-  and   tbe   wild  'Red Jviding  A   vN autopobile manufacturer Raid the  -TV   othor day: _ ��� ,  _ "Caid are now made,to last. The  ri?|h man no longer finds his 1&08 car un-  faebiorablo IIkii hia, 190"  coat in  1910.  "At the beginning1-of thp iniiuatry  a ear was antiquated in no time���ao  antiquated that pooplo lauglied at it'."  "They tell a story in Botroit about  a dealer who had, in 1900, an antiquated  car. Ue tried vair.ly to sell this.car.  He put lower and lower priqe tags ou it  ���$100, !i-0, $J0���and finally he put on  a tag to,tiie effect that the car wa6 to  bo g'ven uwa%.     , i-    .     '���  " Even theu there were no lakcTs.  "So ono ev-oning, debperate, the dealer lelt tbat 189J car 111 a vacant lot  , besid, his (.shop, hoping tbat some one  would steal it in, the night. But when  he came down, next morning, not ouJy  was the old c'.r still there, but another  one of similar pattein-,had been blaced  beside it."  fieriL)-d   (be   woodb  nrilmals  (hat liv<- Jliore.  "Suildcnly," (-be (.aid.  flood' heard  si  Ii.ud   iioibe,  aro.ind and ��hat do'you suppose idle saw  hlunrliiig there, laoking'at ber aqd bhuw  u,g fill its sharp, white tectli?"  ,        ,  "Teddy Rou.evelt!" cried one of tbe  boys.  1 V        +��� �� ,  rHK huhband ^amo home very" lato'  the otJier night fiom au important  political meeting. In, the b:>!l he  ki-.od up rather ��. row. gro'wJing and  swaaiijig to himself til) rh'* Wife called  to him from u'iBtaira, "What;_ the  matter, my dearf','- <     ���*���   *  "Matter ��� hie ��� is.", he shouted.'  "that there are two hat rabies here, aud  I dunno wbicn one to'hang my hat ou."  "But you've got two Jntls, haven't,  you.''_.i"i<l the wife,'e-Othin'gly. 'f'llang  one ou 'each rack.    , ,    ,    ���    '   ��� -   ���  tbo   collar,    and    -h<,<ited.        '.Vhom    do  .011 mean by tbe bo-by, s>irr.ibf"  "Wliy,   my  friend '.Michel!"   whiivd  the Imy. ,  "He \\as'to base raqt me  here,  but  lie ha.n 't come.''  'lhe polic-inan, 01 roiirse, accepled,  thc o.planniion and let lii'ji go; where-  I upon The boy retioated Lw^nty pace-,,  ���'btnieK a deiisive attitudf, and yelled.  ",Ai'd whom did you mean by 'the  booby'?" , ���  ��     ���     *  8I2VJ'jR..I_ young men were standin'g  before the desk in a hotel tbe  other day talking aboiif dogs. 0..0  of them rbought he'd bulbar the telephone girl by drawing her into the .discussion. She- is pretty and good natured,  but lhat afteiiu'on s-ho -\%as very, bnt-y. ���  "Say, Bct-sie,"' said ihe voung nsiin,  "what,kind of dogs, do'you"]ikef' *  'Tlie   girj   found   time  to   say,   "Pox  terriers."  , '"Vou do?"  Yes,, 1V1. ,iu>il love to  have  11   nice'  She  lnri"V.l   tittle fov 1.frier."  I'd  ���1 dt  "Gee!"   said   the   voung   man,  ,  lilif t,o'he a  little foi terrier. "  Tbo 'g'rl   smiled.   ��"You*-.might  Jill the bill," she said.  "Why naif" be ask-d.   ,     '   ��� ���  "Because," ebo replied, after answer-  iiiR n call. "I'd want one bright enough lo bo taught something.'-'  B" WO  Scotchmen   met and  exchanged  t      the small talk  appropriate to, tbe  hour.    As 'they were parting to' go  suppjerward, Sandy said to Jock: "-Took.  inoii"   I'II'go ye a roond on tne Jinks in  the inorrn '. " ' '  "The morrn'f" Jock repeated'doubtfully. ' , -r ���  , "Aye, mon, the.morrn'," .aid Sandy.  "['11 go yo avrqpnd en' the linl^s tbe  inorrn'."               .>                   ,.       ,l-  "Ay, wee'l;" said Jock. "I'll go ye.  But f had intended to get marriet in tbe  inorrn'."    < , '       _  ' '  DOINd- AW.S.T WITH T��Z WHEEL-  BAEEOW   , '.  1'til. old-fashioned  string of laborprt-  I        WitH  .hovels   and  wheelbarrows  I ' is now beiig replaeod 'by various.  mechanical ��� devices,, _ape_iaily in .the  tranbp'ortatiou of material about the  .buildings of, a factory plant.r -,Thi��  seeiris tb ro enforce the advice of a  wriiei in a' .New York evening paper  some time age, who tol.l the <workets  that their onJy hope -of/saving their  jobs m this age was in doing some foriji  of work requiring thought, as uo machine ia likely to be devised lhat can  think., jMI purely'-mechanical Jabooj  however, seen^s doomed to surrender  booner   01   Jater  ,to*the   machine.    "In  \ J R. JAMES COW AN has beeu E.ifet  J-L duriug tho holidayh. Happening  to meet the gei'ial contractor on  the street the otli��T day. I naturally  inquirej- about .Ure J'.'itchen It., 2 17''j,  the iiund.oiii. i.aiuiF stalh(jii by Joe  J'-iklien, i.OlVi ���Hcb-ie Boneh'JI, S.Oo-ii,  tb.it"be boucbt of Thomas Hodgio'i during, the last Canada National Ks-bilii-  tion iu Toronto. -Jr. (,'owau is ^ery eu-  tbiiMastie about "Voung Joe," at tliey  ci(U I lip staJJion, and thinks that if 110-  tbii.g unforeseeu h.ipp.nfl he will bbow  bis gieatnos oi. the turf during thu'  coining season. At the pre-ont time Toe  J'atchen II. is at I'Jcubauloii. Cal., along  with several of R. J. Mackenzie's  Jioises, i'11 charge of the Hamilton reins-  mao, jf, II. -James/and he i_ doing nicely, according to a recent Jetter fiom bis  tiiiiiuug quartcis.  During tno .ib'-uieo of bis tegular  t;ainer ,.Dick���McM.ih(in, the we)]-ki.o\Mi  grand circuit drivcr.worked J,oe l'atc!,,  en II. s'6verttl ������low miles, aud'at thei'"1"  end of, o_e of thcin let tbe horse step!  a fast quarter, au 1 when he dismounte.i,  ���pioiiounced-Joe 10 be po^sesbed of mote  .sj eeel tlifin any lioise be over drove,  .'Mid he has dri\i-n ��oifie ol tbe world's  gieatost pacers. 'I bus it will be seen  "hat tbe higher honsc critics regard tlie  forme Ortllia .tallum ab of.vhanip'on-  sbip quality, nn.l fiom this it would  seein that the (bou'oly-bred ^acer hat,  only io remain sound to make good.  The'  same   j��ontlo:ii_n    owns, another  gon/1 s(al|ion   in^'b" irotter��� Peter \\il |  ton, 11   handsome   KJband   chestnut   by  the   renowned   Hire,   J'oter   the   Great,  -lOr'/i���Ma/e  V*'., by Wilton, 2.13M. a  noted noil of George \VMiics. , Ibis stal  Jiou was imporled u.lo (.'itaudit byvMiu'i  \Villj-j,io'wii'er  of  tbe ('ruickston  Stoqk  iFiiriu, 'Gait',, Out., liy whom 'he was soil  to  -Mr.   Cowan   when  a  grow thy  Ihroe-  yearpld.'    Lust ycai  ho was handled1^  little on.the'^farm truck at Canuington,  and was  sent   to  Trainer James alongr  wilh, Joe Patchf-n II, in the fall. ��� Since  g'oi/ig  to 'Califqrr.iii'J'eter   Walton   has  developed to such an "extent that James  c.usiil.r. -iliiin  of grand circuit calibre,'  and if a|i goes well lie will be. a Canadian   represe'r/tiifn-e   in   thelxbTg early  closing events for blowvclass trotters on  lhe big~Qlraeks. a  ,  From his breeding, much would naturally he, expected1 of'ret'or 0AViIton.    His  WHAT ABOUT YOUR KIDNEYS?  Your back aches and fairly groans  with iho distiesn of kidnev trouble.  You're discouraged, but you mustn't  give up. The battle can" be quickly-  won when J)r. Hamilton's Pills get tn  work. , These Kidney specialists bring  new health and vitality to young and  old alike. Even oue box proves tbeii  marvelous power. Cout/iuie this great  lieaJcr, and your kidneys will become as  strong, ah- vigorous, as able to work as  new ones. ��� ��� v  Iittiiiember (his: Dr. Hamilton's l-'ills  are purely vegetable; they do cure Ii),er,  bladder and kidney trouble. They will  euro you, or your money back. Price  25c. per box, at all dealers. ���  kings    of    Sweden,   Norway,   Den���   CJ A "���_"_E"'''T"|_  :,   Greece,   and   Wurtemberg.     The  %9f\ V ��#A^  HER  FINGER.  was the statement recently made in  tlie coinmi's of a Gentian illustrated  paper, whicli has now, rr.nic to the front  with a frank confession of the iniquities, of its own country 'in this  dnectipn. Some s-lartling revelations  aii, jnade regarding tbe ingenious methods whicli lutiftbc.'ii devised by Qprmttu  md other Continental antiquity dealers  tho direct purpose of hoodwinking  the ������rcdulou- Transj-Uanti'- anlibuily  collector. n  It is a fact^-Iainentablc, perhaps, but  true���tbat the supply ot antique furniture  and   curios  at   this   pqiiod   of t tlie  iuvasiot    of , J'.nrope   l;y   tho   weattby  American  tourist  is   by   no  menus  proportionate   to   the   dp'tiand,     A   sacred  scarab  ."..OOO  yo��r��   old,   dug  from  the  gravn nf'an ancient   l-gyptl;an; a ,uo*.nl-  en H,tb(.t from, the liini" of tho I'oaunnt'.s  War   in    the   ei|r!y   .ixtepii'th   crntui'v:  un   artn-cbair   of    Ijouis , X VI,,f are   nil  ���irticles -wliicb  are ,bee<i:ning more  and  'more   rare   in   the ' market,   wlillis    the  derniiiid,  instead'of diminishing, is  increasing.     Furmtijre  and  curios .dating  previous  tb   Ifi/yo^or  oven'1870 are' no  lonffcr to be picked up for'a song, nor  eyon for a goo<ily sum of doll.irg. r,But  necessity   is   the   motbpr  of   invention.  Rather .than   disappoint Vhc   expect a-  tionsof  the   liberal-handed   American  nntiquity     hiMitert'tbc     dealers    Ibem-  selves get "to woik, and,year,by year  manufacj;ure   in   advance   sufficient   to  meet requirements. ' ,'  The easiest "antique," of any to produce, audi' one which coirmands = the  nigliMt prices is the "antique" 'btfst  or statue���a product par 'excellence, of  Italv.    When a statue or bu'st has been  the  mark.  1-mperor Fiedeuck   v.i- Gruud  Master f  of (ho German  Masons during the last  thirty years r.f  liis life, and  thu  office  is now held   by   I'rinco   J'rcilerick   I.eo-  jiold   of l'russi;i.   tlie' KaUe'-'_  brolher-  in-Jaw.  Napoleon, JIT. was a Freemason of  the Jtalian' rite, and , endvivoied to  eoiinternt't the tendency of the French  .lasuus ti, radicalism nnd republican-  ;sm tiy rfi'tting i'rinco Mural appointed  Giand" Alastir of tlia. Grand Orient of  France, buf hip efforts in tiiis direction  w.'ie doomed to laiJure, uiivi it was tla>  Masonic element in' Ficnch politics  vvbuh cotitiiliiit.d ,m<,r<> than anytbtng  else to the ihc-i tliro'.v of the Kmilirc,  It is interesting to add 'in this connection that thi"'vast majority of the  presidents of tho United Slates from  (r.ojg. \Vas!iii,gU*n df.wn ia Theodore  Roosevelt have been Masons; a notable  e_eopti_ii, however, beii'g'.lohn Ijumcy  Ad|ims,' who talked'and wioto against;  tbo ordjer with mticii vigor, and it,was  11.1'iitioued the other day I hut a reecnl  Jfoll 0! the two hopses of Congress,al  Washington, had revoal'-d the fact that  S7 per c^nt, ofu the members of Ilm,  lower bouse and SO per 'cunt, of , the  ini'mbcr. of the Semite belonged to  (be  fraternity, ��� ���        ''''  Factory,   Edward   K.   Hammond   gives] bire, along wit'h Bipgen,'stands out far  K  ,   A  SATE  I_fVESTJ_IENT  The rainier who. needs a  drill should  get a good  one, and as he has  had  no  ccpuriCKV  niuvj- K,i\o tha'matter to those who  thoroughly understand their construction. \\ ben he buy s bli.idfolded he is  like lhe 11:1*1 who ruarries iu liable an'd  yOC'NO attorney not notcd.for his  '.brilliancy reviently appeared' in  , ��� court to ask for an extru allowance in an action which he was so for-,  tuuate aa to have been retained tn. The  cbuit col discovering anything at all  unusual, complicated, cr extraordinary  about the litigation, inquired of tbe  young   man-.     , ,   ,   ,  '''What is thpie'about this .case" that  to yon seems extraordinary?" ,     . ���   *   ,  '"'That I  got it," blandly,  and  inno-  centlj- replied tbe youthful aspirant for  Ices. fe       '_:  *    .    ������   1     .--- -:  .* GROUP of normal ..school girls from  ��_v an interior New York town wpre  together at Keeler's" Restauiant,  Albany, beiU upon'a lark* (which they  agreed could best be attained by ordering some'��T,eal flri,n!vB,' l'.ke men. The  Waiter, ou being' d'uec.tefl* to bring  "sonio drinks" all arouud, bbked.  '''What, kind!" -  '        ���;   ,  Tbe lea ler replied with'' firmness,  "Cocktails."        ���> ',     ,    '  " Yes? miss," said the waiter; ",what,  kind  ot cncktailsT"  This threw the girls into confiisiou,  milil one of fnem saver! the situation by  suddenly exclaiming,  "Ob! lager."  ,  v ��      *    -<���  "(p\VO   women   on   a   train,, seated   to-  i.     gethcr^ held each a covered basket.  From   one   a   faint   snufll'ng   noise  some striking instances of replacing the  wheelbarrow with devices-that do not  draw wages. The object of it all is to  ���'cut the non--produetive labor payroll."' Money is needed to improve the  product; it shouJi not be'thrown away  in paying non-skilled men tb,wbeelju���k  and abov'e'all the other'sires of extreme  Speed, and the Wilton 'marcs; have demonstrated beyond a,, doubt that <_hey  are producers of more thau. ordinary  merit. Nothing will be neglected in  Peter Wilton's education in bpeod'and  lacing, wanner-!'and  the   earnest  wish  about.    After leliii.g us  of such  a  use   of his popular owner V friends ia that  of "mechanical conveyors and 'chutes  iu  a nut-aiu. bolLtfac.tory. where, scrap was  tanner  is per-  malving these machines,,! proceeded; while from the other came,  'now aud  then, an indignant purr.  The- conductor came by.  " Ilogs ain't allowed on th'iB train,"  said   he. ,      ' v>  '"I his is a cut!" protested tbe ownct  of  ihe  purring basket.  ".Make no-difference���docs.ain't allowed '' repeated  this stolid logician.  "Must I get of_! too?" inquired tbe  other woman. "I have a turtle in the  basket." ^ '  ���'No, ma'am. Turtles is insects, and  cats i_ dogs,'' he told bei.  repents at leistiro. The  fectly s':fe in buying the Kentucky  Craiii Drill, because' it is made by a  firm tint lias bid raor�� than fifty years'  e_.perie.ie in the manufacture of seeding m.u Lines, used successfully by the  mn-t progiessive farmers in al! parts of  tbe v, nrJ 1. Their experts have bad  actual field experience wherever grain is  grown ii'id they buii 1 grain drills that  mei'L ail conditions. This company  hfindles many styles of Kc itucky Giain  Drillp that vy-ill do the bc*st possible  work m various localities. We refer to  The American. Seeding-Machine Co.,  King ai"! James streets, Winnipeg.  Write and ask them tor a cony of their  Kentucky Tirill catalog'ie They handle  ��I! -.ryles of grain drills���uo matter  what ki 1 .1 of furrow opener ynu waul  you ear- ret it on a Kentucky Prill. The  American Seedii'g-Mnchn e Co. stamiB  back of every Ko'itucky Drill, and Ihe  machine simply muit do ail they cla'ir.  for it. Tneir cl,_ims are ma'iV) and if  tho Kentucky would not back up their  guarantee by its actual work,,, they  would not warrant ii the w"vy they do.  Go to \o,ir local de'vler, after, you have  read their catalogue, and insist on hoc  ing tbe  Kentucky   Drill.  Corns, Corns, Corns  Discovered at Inst, a remedy lb it ih  dure, s'lfc and p-iitilorte, I'utuum 'h I'.iii)  lev-, I'orn K\tiactr,T, a prompt, i-lfiviive,  p'111 less r. rijiiver ut corns ard bu.i ens.  I'tiln-iiii V I'liiiib'Ss lorn Fxtric|..r m-i  thcr 1 .1 >sh���", pan nor di<*< o'lifo.: Its  naiiii. ynu lev, tells a stoiy , keep il pi  sight, lic-e it ia Putnam'a I'lfnix*.  ti in Ijvtr.ii tor. Sold by druggists, pne,  S.-ii  economicaJIy handled ,in this way, Mr.  Hammond assures us that wheelbarrow  men mav bo ^replaced'in'many another.  Nearly all trucking'and tbe like can be  simplified ifvsome study is'given to, the  question of handling inateiial. '  _ Sonielinses, he notes,'it is not'a question of equipoienl so mucn'as rearrangement of machinery or of departments  or"Cf"w._k m procsB, a8���m .the pl*an  adopted at tbe plant of tbe D. M_ Good-,  willio Company of Ch'*cago. This fae-  toiy makes bo\-es, and the lumber co-.es  .tfl'the mill in nlanks, After'the luiiber  has beenLsawed, instead of piling, itVn  itiie flcor or on a truck before taking it  to tbe rio-saws, this'Handling ia saved  by grouping the rip saws and",tbe crosscut saws,in pairs. 'j\.3 the, nieces are*, cut  in lengths by the' cross-cut saws, they  ar? pushed acro'-s the beneh,so th-it th'sy  .lie in cisy reach ofr Ibe rip saw operator. This man fakes all of them..reaching in front 'of, his inac'ui e, niid saws  {���hem''to the require J width. Beys tako  the 'rip-saw pieces and 'bold them on  ti neks readv for the neat department.  At jia��;,onp ba.dJmg of mittnaJs is,  saved by this S'l-id" arrangement anrl  a groat saving in time is pnssibl". More-  be  proves  goo ( end-fib   to   win   the  Sl.  and M, and other big stakes. .  The weather during the past week has  been a trifle too chilly for'ice racing and  several meets weio called off. The.tem-  peiaturo has been low all over the West,  several; places' recording temperatures'  worse than 50 below zero. "Recently a  Calgary liorseinan was explaininrj ,to  some friends ,in Winnipeg that Calgary  pef/ple would like t,o hold ice matinees  but that the weather, would not1 permit;  howevci'^ori Jan. 13 the, meicury1 i_ Calgary went down to -il, below zero,'the  boldest ever recorded in,.that city.   '    "  Dan namiUon', one of the'best known  lic/rs-im*ii in Western Canada, has de-  -iided 'to 'iiiak. -Winnipeg his-home in fu-  tine and is mov ir.R away fiom'Neepawa,  where1 he has resided for a number of  years. He w.lh-.-till keep his , stock  I arm neiir Medicine Hat. A.Jberta, and  will go in for lior.se breeding more e.x-  foisnely than  ever.  A't  a  i.ieet ng  of  buried,a few years it i_,nest to impossible, says the instructive',German article, to discern fro'm the tjnarble.whether it has been lying in the earth for  three;or for'a thousandvyeara. Heads,  busts;,and statues of the various Olympian gods! n.nd''goildcs��cs are accordingly  ordered iu great numbers from poor,  but talented sculptors, 'wtio bave still  their reputations to "make. Those rei  pose rfrom two to three year's in the  "pai-fh,* until the,surface of tae marble  is thoroughly" btained and- roughened.  They'are then -readvt'for the ceremony  of excavation, which frequently is limed to take,place before'the"very eves  of au eager Anglo American public.  All doubts as to their genuineness arc  thus once and for all removed.       ,'  Tbe manufacture of antique /pins is  likewise an -"extremely. simple- process  for those who are instructed in the art.  What, connoisseur? term in', technical  language " patijia ", (the peculiar varnish l:k- rust' which ' eoverB ancient  bronzes or, medals) 'may be produced  by a very, homely-'iiiethod. whicli, bears  obvious fjitrus of having beeii "made in  German*}-." r Th'e coins', which must'-be  small, are thoroughly mixed with boiled  potatoes' whif h arc then in-the form of  small balls given as food't'o ge*se. The  digestive process furnishes th'/, coin  'wilh H'e Ti_e��w.R.Try, appearaVc-' of< antiquity, and is said to be considerably  more effective than tbe Italian method  .. _, , _ , 1 of binding the c-nins tc the sole�� of the  the   Brandon   Turf|feet-   ai���-   wearjn,r   th"(.1T1    continiioiislv  SENATOR DASH of Tallapoosa prid-  ^ ed himself on his rise from the  bottom, for Senator Dash in his  youth , bad wc/rked with the colored  men in the cotton fields. Boasting at  a political meeting about his rise, the  .orator sh'glen out Uncle Calhoun Webster among his audience arid said: "I  see before me old Calhoun Webster,  beside whom, in tbe broiling Southern sun, I toiled day after day.  Now, ladies and gcnllcrien, I appeal to  Uiicle Calhoun. TcM us all, uncle, was  1, or was I not, a good man in tho cotton  flrd Is,"  "Yo' WU7 a good man, senntah," thinged negro replied, "yo wuz a good man  fo' a fack; but yo' sut'ny didn't work  much.''  AN    elderly    gentleman,    who  son  z r::._.',;A7i_i. .eurs_g;i  1 n _.._ ,���i_  r*��l,:_. ivtTllr-on im_r.],Uj,  knew  ,-mothing of law, lived in an  an Irish village where no lawyers  had e'er penetrated. ai"l was in the  habit of making the wiIIh nf li ih neigh  bors. At hi: e-irly hour oi.e morning ho  w��b hiouscn frn'ii his shimDcr by :\  knoi'lvii K ili ')''1 fl!1'��, find, putting h s  hond out of tbo window, he asked who  wim tl.re    *  ,over. this mr'hod of handling the !um-'  ber enables tiie work to proceed much  imin. urivormlv than it ever did wh"n  e.-icb order was eairied fn,*n one depi.rl-  me'it to the next. In another woodworking factory where such an arrange  n em could not be mad",'the time and  labor of handling small parts. Mr. Ilapi-  111 rn d tclN us, were cut to'a minmiu-u  by ir stalling b"lt conveyors between tbe  di'T��rent machii es. \  "This factory turns out wood-backed  bnisrus of vanoua Ki'ids, and s-nall  woi.ilesi parts are continually in proc*"s  through tbo wood working departments.  I'������lend of rougirsnwirg fbe Btock, tu*n  liling it on a truck, carrying it to th'>  the .< x1 iiiaeh'ne, and so ou. tbe ma-  cl ines thc arraigod down the length of  the denartmeut and ihe le"g'hwise and  etossvv'se liantllM'g of the sri.i k is done  by brll-eciv _ vors. These belt conveyors ii" driven by power from the ma  ehires bei ween which they carry thr  sin.ill pai-ts and arc home madr f.lTair'-  ccinstriii'te I 'of canvas belting, u-.oh  wJwi.ii vroodeh strips arc screwed crcss-  wi~c. '  By j'hnniug machirca a great deil ot  unnecessary labor, c ia Vie cut out and  often ar overworked pice of oqirpmjn.  ciiii l,e relieved by a study of'the .'ii.-  difioi'S Jn one ��ubl'��hing pint, i'lgs  eo1 'lining niigav'aes t-, 5, f,a',ie 1 w.-re  iirigi'i'illy sent down fbe clev-itni in,  wl'c 1 trucks.    They were  then  slid  out  GRIM  FIGHTS   WITH  MXTEDEEEES  %  RMIvI) and   iliVpeiatc crirrliniils  m-t  A    infrequently s'ioW* fight when driven "into a corner, bi.t happily such  pitched 'bii.tle_  betwen'ii   tbo  forebs   of  order and unnrcby as tliat, which .raged  in   lhe   ljast   Knd, of  I.ondoa  ther other  day arc exceedingly, rare. <- "  About t'iventy'-six years apo, however,  (Here did occur u swiiewbut similar case.  A gang of armed burglars had 'beeu  surprised by "police officers in a turning  off" Die City Road;' London,; and took'  refuge ' in �� disu_.ll .burial ground,  whence Uiey opened n heavy fire with  large calibre revolvers on.thqir would-  be 1 captors, using tbo tombHtoues as  cover.    ' . .'''''  One constable'was shot clean through  tho/T-h~3firl,a.notii-r(1h'nd bis thigh s'mash-  ed. tfut by this time police whistlcb  weie sounding on all' sides, ami soon rtf;  ���itiforeemeniB arrived. '' "  The cemetery! vvas ru'sbci], "but most  of the burglars escape..in tbes darkness  and confusion, only, one being captiired. I  'Directly afterwards the leader of'the.'  gang wad seeu<to run into a narrow oul-f  de-sHc^cfllled Tomtit 6,'ourt. and a.'.drown.  policetijen .dashed hot-foot 1 aftpr". ,him,1  cerlHin l"bat tliey bad-hini.. .- .' "  . But no. ' Tlie -UH.n. with almost incredible agilily swarrned up, a ' w;ater-pipe,  und on to Uio roofn of 0 .block'of seventy or eighty ho'iises lying between Jiast  Road m.d Oily Road."  From this new vantage ground be0re-  commenced .ftrinj- ���t tht; police, of .whom  there were now som.er'JhVec hundred as,-  HPinblcd. \ I.aflders^wtre procured, and'  about fifty eonatnbles elimliod'on to (he  roofs from different sides. 0^ the block.  Then, at a signal, from below tliey con-'  verged on tho .desperado,' who', from he  hind'a sheltering chimney-stack, continued shonlji.g rupidly.  In the end he was f-e,���_<l from behind whilp prosantiug his revolver 'at  two cotistabjes iti trout,,.' ���,  What even a,'single armed and desper-  Mr��. B. K. Bo1wpIi7o�� ?'17 p7n  renJ,or Avo , St. Ilu.uf. ��, Wtll "  ^'7" 'fcu,"��t>'"<��''��i;on(y cb. ���",  tlium tha poi��on on lured* fcin,.ll  '".S-i'J.    "C*1'. ���'���Wfl,B^' yniriouM.it-,,,  "    l\ ho 1 Ui�� lilo<>,���. ^tiaiiin^ hjII.iI irirrf  _--B,JchV'"'H'.'"'.��� ' "^ i-�� ��hc i. .i  1 Quu. hrYwo-rnp   A I.. -...���  . . . ..       1 'h  how. h,>w.ror. did not, a��. ��m _���, ,,1  e eel. Qulia on tbo e>nlrnr-T u���"'  booamp uure and more ����olleri an. nl/  colore.1. It then be*��� to /e-n. .... r 1   ',  h 'if pil,.f.il the flnijet wM| I��,s.��,iu7|, t  enre, h..w��r f. ll ��*_!��� 1,*,*^ ,{���., ��� J  ol i mw-lj.. Iinln-enl*. .nd oili-r p., v*n  U'.n�� which the doctor Rata m.V'�����  In o tl��*s_ Ho���lr*c* llo-���li��|. 1 f,.ftrK,"  (hit I. I wmt. ia tha ��n.plf���l tl,���fl���..  w��uMh4��ia uiMed. W�� w��ro l���l.l iir*  m��* rNnllArUf inyownln w)ihj_Z-i_ p,,),  had otfooted aouva *rli,n eT��ryUifn|{ .^0  h'�� t f-i'lcrt an-l tha dootor'hud ia-iril. t  onlr -'-iiuUUrx- could ��_to Uia B-areom  tLd.Ill '      )    ��� a   ���  n "J^ ' h"_*or_,' ��<nM-A to (rive Z,,m  H IK �� trlii. A au .ply wiw j, oeurail m,J  wa eo uiunta .1 hi 1 7,i.m Hulc tr -liner'.  Il only noojel k row d-vy, io,��hmr t���,  -��ivd,.m or thl.ncp. Thebl<K��,l pol-orln_  ai.dlnri-ioiantl.n won ro iuo.��l, th�� ihviS  b oiu.e la*, acuta, and it vr_�� ev-ll^it  Ta-ytah^-Ur that t' a trobfil�� va. bci-w  m I'ica I Mn'o-n ami ��til| Ian ana wj.  portavar.il win tlio Z lju Unit and in i|,���  ��� >l lh�� tet.ertnm pora w_�� tli in>u rh'r  clsnrio (,'tlicn l.o��.ls,|. In on ><r 1',-, 8  woolc. iro'.i fl -.(, O-Hiino ������ Inir with Z.,-|.  f}nlc;-|ha ilit-��,ir w.�� onll.ely w*U; �����i  had v-oaniilio t/, im-Rnkln th�����r��tnM-B  luitf.-vd o{ irvlnit ordlnarr pi��i.��r>"l���n.'  no doubt I n'luild hivo 1'vvovl ui,-vli  bntiM   nd hiiiMnt son a Mfonj-."  >AII moth -rt _,.n .Id n^ �� t* li c_��_ 'ti.ni II ,|  x< a f ur�� on-t tor bloo<l r.a*Moa|���K, (e i��r,nf  - ita, 'a rs* ��.ra   from   b.rb^-1 inir-,  br t*..',  .^���'ema, r��.hva^ Jetter, i.l!. r��,--i_. lv^ ttA,  ulcfffn. pll*.. b-d )t-x. *t*}t-n �� r Invji.nrl x\\  'klql^ijnr. i��ndrl< ��-.-��, ^.1��< vll'dnn  ��� -.la nnd a'or^aorpo.tfr air nv Z.m B.l. 1 q.  T ��r rttiV. lor p.lca. 8*iirt I" alirr,. I01 i*4-..gt  nr   -*n ir"' I I.ix.   'Il<!fi|  6 oil 1��� I ,ltl  -' I j  a fi'mirade, ,l^a'i'!iiadeil bi,i"i  arnioTy of the .btirrhclip, Kf '  bpsi<?gpil by the tr,pnp-. Jf-' i*  ijontiiiimus fiis'LnK' Milliix,''l!1  _ ^ tiiii      n people. whiJ-1* t;bf> solli.-iss��a__i,  ate crinifnaT'can'd^aBai.iisral.rVeVow 1>\�� ���"���������"���", "���"'llet!-, iiiTo"  of pol;ce, when  be is iusid  e a-building  and bis assailant*'.' aTe t outside.1" wa��  ebowii "at 'St. -Blazey, Cornwall,,early in  HUH). ,wberi' a rnan flat-nV'1 \>t'] IjA'nch  held-at bay, half the constnViilnry- ot thi  county for yearly four dayi and nights.  He'bad !o*\s of-unniiunitlon. t^n-1 )it>-  fired_.rcpeafe(lly from tne windnwa of Jj's;  eortage'iSt thi>��.(> 'who strove fo nr*pr.-..eb  hiTT*.' Me-surpifmbi-d in" the em] to t-x?  hau��lion   due to luck of vslepii and food.'  Iu April. 1901. ngiiin, an Ital-au vara-  hini'er named Maidn, srnt'.ii'c-il nt Bordi-  ghera, after quarrelling with nnd'killing  . r:i,-  ,1U  but   M.'.]  iq! e 1 1  un  �� wit.'. Dlwiwrnt, anUarptlc Ifnlment.  I fn-'tTXli-.n Vu hvmC of ti-oublo.. bval-  1.,^ ,u'.,l hvk>IUUih. Almmnuvn, wj(S  l-urii-t,,- svcli .13 Kvltru, wenrt, cr.ljv'  wt^-pli,^ ht/^jv.-; h,;alj. cu-v HOifs,  ^"���"''S; rvyiuc.fi Vrvrlrf<je�� Veluiv  v.nwM���-v, Hyilrtx-.eio;curt,9i.ti��:i:��  aurt njujilnn. TakcM out i��v,re__��� ���__  lnl-t,nl.-,ii.iu..���,4>'fi*i Lvmcn-W.  A ci-l-mcr wi-ltoa; -My v. Ifo haa  l��v��. Iro-t.lixl wlili a ruptured lln.b  l��.r ly ..r u yi?_,fw-no :e��t dity or  r.ljrht. V.-*. u-i.,1 tuo.^i iw_r_ known  n-imiay for tho IraiiM^���null.lrF,  i:vv<i.*pun trmj^rliry li-ll_r,ont-l:tU?  Jk.01. ..f AISSOKIirNK, J11.  hiu, Sov-ii umxl b/ |-til��binK on will. Urn  I~i,<J��� onlv. ^iw, wiyi.tlieri* Is no mora  ,111 nml 1-r.M nm RUfTcred from p��In  &"!?�� tl��o uv-oi-1 or till, d aifS.liV2.tlr,���,  "',c vcr/iH v,, ,��� -L,jr(1 oinl pr.,|,|.  ^'''r'',!!'"'-rn,"'K'��,s--^  ".'��  unit  |,l,'a-n.ni, U, Uw.*���.jtil.^ly n|���  "It"-? 11- jn- '��� us >r -I'adilv  erly I could uot i��et a wink ot  tli'iikmg of tbe will I have made.  "Whit's the matter with the will?"  Hiked the lawyer.  "Matter indeed!" replied  '"-���lutre, 1 ve not )pft, myself a  I egged stool to sit upon "  Pliih  sleep,  J'itt.  three  flip .vvn.^u/miui a 1 , Arti co   n,:'i w1-_1'--'-  2*,,. ��d II-.I.HS-.. s.�����. ijAk��\,��:zz" ,uu  AKA NSAS '?enator was ia'Philadelphia at shad time, and his political friends invile.d him to a mon,,,  strous dinner, down the Delaware. Th('  Hcn'it'ir 'had a beautiful. time.' But he  refused to, admit that Pennsylvania.  ;ih a State, was sunerior. to his loved  I'an.saH or that the products of tbe  Knst could surpass those of the West.  When, the plaiked shad wns served the  senator eyed it in ad'nir-itinn.'  "That's a beautiful fi.��h," he said.  .'"Tl 'm." tnnrniure.it the Philadelphia  politician, who was his pr'ncinnj bust,  "I guess you don't havo. fish like that  in Kansas, do youf',' Tlie,se.nntbr .shook'  liis  head. 7  ."No." he admitted. "No, we don't  have fish line that, in Kansas. 'We don't  need 'pip. The Lord knows,, where to-  send  brain, food."  A  STORY     went     through     Germany  about a Sehtisterlntb, or cobbler's  boy,  who' waited  outside  the  pal-'  ���ice  tn  si'P  the  eimieror   come   forth   for  his a-"tiT"oon ai-ieg.    Fiiplintr the delay  Icitiriiis.  lp. sn-ldei ly exclaimed:,  "The   booby   isn't   comi   gl     T   slinll  go. "  A  policeman  at  once  caught  bim   by  tu the wagon, but this u.eihi ,' wis not  only pIiiu- and rnulb m  tlie (lev-.ilnr ^erv ���, 1* 1  th s \,<Rfr���. .t d,.i'n(.ry chute has now  been instilled which iiinu from the bind  erv ou the seennd floor to lhe wagon.  Mnilbag'. are 'brown M'to this chute in  fbe binder, and sli :��� mieiily down into  the wngori tbat is waif ing in the slreet  fi.r Ihi'in. Often gravity bai to be an  as- -t'i'l in plinpid'j . chulu frir hand  Iiiir mater'n!" Such was the esse in a  gravity lumber carrier wifh rolls . . .  Ibe hi lulling of stock in this factory  n:i��  grcatlv expedited.    ...  "In hindlipg material from on-- sloty  10 tlie next, tune Inst in trucking wi_  sived at i.ne of Morris _. CimpHnv's  pn< I. ng plants,by the use of a rornnur  show'n in the figure. By arrangipg the  roll;) on'this conveyor in ft Hiiirril. chiite  goods can be. pent by their own weiglit  dovvn tli" heioht'of five stories easily  and ciiickly vvith a minimum amount of  handling.  "So. any factory* manager may,well  study, .time used by wheelbarrow men.  He _ may,.find that bv the purchase, of  prmi'-ment for lini',]\ng material he ciin  eiil bis nnn-rirodncf-ive. llbqr erst iu two,'  or if tiiay'be'.rhfit bv a s'iiri'ile rearrange-  tne"t of departments dr o" mnchi".es a  similar saving can ��� be made .which de-.  ma nils not an .investment of money but  of :'i little thought."   V  ston. rJ'J,e directors (ben eJeete 1 the  fnllovving officers: ������- President, Teter  Payne; vice-pr.-iJcnt, Dr. Coxcj sccre-  lary-tieasnrvr, Jj. J. (iemeut, \ committee was then appointed to draw up a  iiiogi.-i'nuie for the race rneetii g to bo  held lUnv ?i-?.r>. ;   1  Tbe Dominion of Canada'fair will be  held al Regiila, .Sask., ibis b.mu-cr anil  the race piogrtiTiirne bas bieu drawn up  and consists of tbe following light harness events in addition to a number ot  purses for runners'an 1 fanners' horses:  Aug. 1. first day���Free-for-all trot,  purse $('00; 3 00 trot for h'oises born 111  Canaoa, pn'ue 6300.   ,  Aug. _.  second  day���2.30  trot,  purse  $'W; 2.:iU p.-*ce or _.'_n trot, purse $1,000.  Aug.    i>,    third     day���-Uotelk'-r per's  Aug.  Ji>    si.tli   dav���2.1S   trot,   purse,  $1..-,fi0; 2.10 pace or 2.3!. troL, purse $000.  Aug. S, fourth day���TroUnr pace for  ."> y oar-old-., hopples barred, pur��e $u'vi0f  2.-_o pace or 2.20 trot, purse ���j.'ino.  Aug. !��, fifth day ��� Tree Tor all trot r,r  pace. piir*-e $i;tif); 2..'15 pice or C .0 trot,  mir-e *fjflf); 2.15 pace or 2.10 trot, purse  <i,n0.��  Rug. 10. ni\-tb day���2.J8 trot, purse  it-HOO; 2.J0 p,i��e or 2.15 trov, guaranteed  s't.ike fl.uou.  peasants are enid m e*<eel. ',Muny a  worm-eaten' old cupboard gains its  apnearancc of ajutioufty .thanks to a  well directed pea-r:fle. \ Oil oayitiegv  acqu're the 'dark loolc of the age���  " patina" again--bv beirg'hiing iu the  wide chiip*-evH of an ol l-favhioncd peasant dwelling. A heavv wooden armchair upon which Charles the Boll of  iliin/nndv is related to hive sat. iu  easilv obtaired, the only difficulty lying  in tho heavv B.urgn'idv velvet, and ;f  has been found Hint the well worn r��d  nl-.t'-b of the- familini- Berlin 1*011 c-  wheeler drosebke is an exeell'-nt substitute���antique enough.to please tbe  most   fastidious.  KTN<_" G-EOBGE NOT A MASON  Aug,   11,   seventh' .lay-  pace   or  2 2il trot for horne-i win. h have" started  nt the mi'i'tipi. bi<- vv" 10 -iionev, puine  .<"01; '_'._, , . ,.) J , , iioi. ji.r hurs--i  vv i h ' ive i ,. w< n any nn/.v moii'-y at  the meet 11 g but hii-ve started in race4.  In .iiblirmn th.-re are three purses for  runner. f,n each day of the meeting and  ���everai linr". iren from the Middle West  l.ave HlgmfJf d Iboir intention of Hending  along entries.  A  8TEESING A SHIP BY Wn-ELEBS  -SII rI*  containing  neither  crew  nor  passengers   can    now   be   steered  from the shore by means of a new  German  invention.     The apparatus   for  sending  the   eloctricnl   waves   is   placed  ��� .ii   the  bridge  of   a   lighthouse,  and   the  I ship obeys lliein, giving signals on each  I lure bv means of gunshots or bells Huch  ; 1 cra''L would be  of in.tstiriirible service  for blocking/a harbor, in timo of war.  FT pre. is, a useful method to k.e"p the  carpet beneath the' bed free from dust  and fluff. Take some unbleached capco  th��' sire of th'e bed, and bind neatly.  F.fiy this on the floor and fasten secure  ly nt each corner, either by safety-,pins  to the carpet or tapes to the toot of  ��� lie b"l, -cheii its W'-'ioval each dav for  ���j'li'nltjing purposes will be found a simple  r-n't'er.  Tron Lnc.e on the wrong side on a  blanket., and this'-will throw up the  pattern beautifully.  :   DRUG SHAKES AT PREMIUM  National Drug and Chomical Co.; of  Canada (5 per cent, first preference  shares of �� I each are now quoted on the  I.ondon market at a! premium of 121..'.  per cent., the present price being ��1  2s., Gil.  KING  GROiiGT.   unlike 'most   other  Protestant rulers, is  not a  Mason,-  allli'ough  be has just   consented  to  become tho patron of a great charitable  institution    in    I.nglaijd     founded * and  ���nainfained  by  the Masonic  fraternity.  His   father,   Edward .AT...   at  the  tune  of   his  death   last   spring,   had   Jieen   a  Mason  for clone  upon   fi'ty years,  having   been, first   initiated   in   Stockholm  during  a   visit  to  Sweden   prioi   to  his  marriage,    imthediat-ely. t. indeed,    after  his  return   to' I.uropp  from   the   United  St'ites.     Tor the  last quarter of a  cen  tnrv   prodding   hi��-   accession     to    the  throne   he   was   Omul   Master   of    the1  Rnglisb   I'Voemasons,  and    a.s    "iic'n    il |  became   ins   duty   on   two   occasions   to  issue   edicts     forbidding     th"     I'mrl'i''  Masons   to   hold    any     Masonic     inter 1  course    whatsoever    with     French     11:11! |  Italian   lodges,   which   deny   the   exist  et'co   of   the   Divinity  and   which   have  eliminated    the    untr.e    of    the    Grand  Architect   of   the   Universe   from    lh"ir  ancient   ritual       When   he   came   to   tbe  throne  he   resigned   the   G-aiid   Mastei-  ship  to  his  brother,  tho   Duke  r,f  Con  naught,    owing     to    the     apprehension  Hint   he   might   be   called    nnor,   in   h".  capacity as chief of the craft in Great  Critaiu   to  give   his  name   to   -nea<-mp'<  that   were   not  consistent   with   the  nil  vice of his ministers.  King,, George always resisted'- his  father s recommendation that'll.; should  become a Freemason, and the only other  Protestant monarch who..hits kept similarly aloof from the fraternity is the  Kaiser, whoso father was an'��� enthusiastic Mason. The Emperor's brother.  Prince ITenr.v,, is a Mason, and so, too.  are   Prince Henry   of  the'.Netherlands,  VERY SHORT AND  RIGHf-'_T0_-THE POINT  FRANK   MILT-ER   TET-.-S   WHY*\fl  .   RECOMMENDS  DODD'S  KIDNEY  PITjT.S   , . . j I'm!.  He TJs-e-I Them for K}ieu_i_'ti'i_, Heart  wt'r,>  ado V-str'jiigls.ilil.  �� .Kiimlly ��i,<.v<..'. f;,o he-i* ,;��f  on ilii'-jro'ir', iunl Mint Mi.-iiV j,  .hot befofp Jip hiul li'inseTt   b :*'  l>.''Ilio��'��ll,'l.viv1'fu.Hirl^l   "-i 1' 1  tii'i'lly" rlu'  <>inin<  pupuljiioi. ..'  ghi'rnr   ii.'tiding   licnitlr.'.l-    >���''  aiillM.\iiiOHeah   visjtnm., v-;. *  nigTit  in1 the  nl loe^s'-wiitcii't 1' *  gif^s i.r^ili'^ cj$i r^��rd;niir>-' *��� !"  t,'AnoflieV-v?eui-5i'tional ca-e   .e *  i?C<'urred    i��   <'aliCo'-ui.'.     'f �����  i:;iined'-so,iiSa:c i.nd J'-'Ieining, <i",  ing  tied   k'llii g   .1   l.,i;ik   1 ,<   ���  stpiiltjig   h's  1,'ol't.  iinrcVu.ii',1  in ;,  loop holed  log cnl.iti  "'.  v  1  for thrrnsi'lv es n 1 h�� >p ,p. i , ,  '     J'Vlir    l],*IKlnd    -Itllcr]    llli'il'  ul th.'ir -t roiJ'^i'ii) : lu:! *1 ,1 '  nn .bo'tglii f 1 f-i.TrP',,iP; '  ii-peai ipg rit!,*- ��� !>. v lib, '  ibeiv b" i.ie;i,iii 11 1. wiui '��� 1  sco'e. 1*. H,r ei,d A pi v. ��� i  lui!' !i v, as( ,1p I' 11 frui 1 ��� I  1 <!i vv i)   i;;i'i"    t ,j"   1 i.j.i"   nl    i,'n  "1  t'le]  ��� j  '1  Ji  '    i't I  '     11  A-' I  ,V|j  I '-II  1", ,r j  u   ,1 j  >H  il-d    ':  f|!own  <i  DiperFe' rnd Luirbago. and They Went  R-"ffht to the Root of His Troubles  KlkuiouHi, 11C. ��� (FfpecialJ ��� I rank  Miller, "-ection foreirmi on the railroad  nore, whov-e wrrk pr*>oses h'n> (o> all  kirn's of weither, bis discovered thit '  l)0'ld'�� .Kidi'ev PiJK ar- a s.Aereig'n  remedy for'those kidnev- ij's t!iat almost  iiivniii.bly .follow ueglectefl colds.  " For four years f -.ulFpii'd frrm T.u'ii-  b.'go. Heart Disease and J-Iiriiinal's-.i,  brought on from a cold." sava Mr.  Miller, "Ard I got the very besl-'rosti! ���  from using Dodd 's,. Fxidne,- J'ills. I  freely'recoinineiiil Dodd \ /Kidi-ov PilU  to anyone siiffeiing from these dis  ea��i ���-.''  Phort and to the po'iit, that sfate  ment. isn't it? But if is just like  Dodd's Kidney I" lis. They "go right  fo the point. They cure th'e Tr.;diip">;i.  Healthy JCid-ieys strain all the impurities out of Iti" bluol. Tire 1,1.x. 1  means good circulation und reuewc 1  life  and  energy-  rill   over  Hie  inl 'v.  Thus Dodd'' Jvidiiey ]��i||s not only  chip disease. They* ti.nt' up Hi,, whnb"  body and make a 'nan feel lhat he has  been given a new lease of life Th'<t\  i'bv people ul! 1 \ei i'ii, ida are shunting  the pn.i"es  of Dodd's  Ki'lnfv   Pills.  wi   i, s   j, ���  piece?,  v ii-* th 1 c  * 1. ' ,1- n  I,:u!  th--   V.  f ���;���:>.1 'i .(i !  vr,  , iv It  '1 ..  ���i)I,c  ��.'���!���,  s  griar.f-  ' I"  I 11 <  Moi e tl ri" *  Inriouc ov .,npi  tiled 1,1 bl'H'lc  I'-riins,"! .mt I,  iti br'dg.". II  .1 li'n s"]|ii'n>'  ret nIv < 1 an J b  ,f,-,.,,l   ,-,./,  ,*f   1,  .the'-..  ID , too, Idol re  live I build'Ti *, l^',* i-i ^ ".,  bnlb't-tirmif. \ i*i il' r  mid ri.ptitv ,,'h" ,Ts -mumi  lip Lent  Thc-'i  il' .it   I, 11    r  f f ru s Jj.-, f,   iii'til    his     1  ���i.|n;li  hansred.    Tbeii.  v i'l"  nn I  he took  his own  life.  1' i'  ii 1  111  u,  11  Xeaily all chi'drci.'  wtiriiis, and maiiv are 1  Spat.' Hkmii sjnll������_'11,* bv u  Graie's We 1 in I'vii rmin A  remedy o'" Ihp l.in'd 'h.it ( .  SMM's Cure  .lor,* cnu-ha,  -^ aud lull.**  curr.  colli*.  ...       S3 cu.a.  CALSBCR  ESTER  CARTRIDOE&  ;,    MANDTAOTTJRED  ANTIQUES  P'T.OPi;R  who travel  tc. Europe from  this side of the Atlantic -will probably   never   guess   what ,an   enormous   111118B   of   faked   "antique   furniture"   tliey   pick   up   in   Oermany   and  delightoj'lly carry away with them. This  Why suffer from corns when they can  bo painlessly rooted out by using Hollo-  way's, Corn  Cure.  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oes not coiiaiu Akin
FANCIES ■','■'
WHEN Dobbin was in the height of
his   popularity   _,   ,t   uu-ans   oi
tiaveJ. the ma. v. Hose horse -was
-If. kept, fattest, eleii,.-if   drove or was
ln.v-.-n   vvitb   coilsiderab'i    pridi.   i«   h•_ 1 iiomp.    Votb'i'g   t-.itl   g
turnout.    The fellow win,,.   n,,rS(,  hob j «r   fitjier   more   pb vein
■    '    i, ARE A BLESSING
IfenJtby* huhu « ai • good  babies, ,and
tbe  jjooo   b-.by   ,«  u   bl. bsing  in
,tiie  inothtr
% h in   to , -<-e
IV "l
among the cities'that !u- between { hi-
^M^t-t"'^"^..1..^ nUorilAL FOR ■■
e_l_rlv  in  the  eiti".->  o:
wer> j.'a.'ltsyn,    Lansiug    and
I'elroit,   J'bi t
Pontile,     tl,'-
•*.i_ln-'tuie of  uii-oiiiolii). s ba.  glow.
to slkh an |)mti,|oiib evteni tut   i S.tr '.
}t1£j?^Z'1!:tRA*l0aS,yii-;'*xi'* ,(-'r"/ili,a'fp|1>*!b-'v. i'la'v*,. Kv('0' '7o.e„H»,l  is w.i'iVi |l.artof iU-i.. j.-,..../ -uIuikuhI- ir.i-li(  i
icros.  tho a J reel!  and  r<s> iiui.   stickinv! cd w iUj deli--- * - -   -       *        ■       !—•     ■— ■ ■-      '*      '
,   ,      ,,   ....    . .  -c, i - -  light; _W"ji ii«w wwil ,,
'Hi  in ill directions, alv. .w, e'.ciled uu-bntg-?   pride   ♦-.   thi    J->i..J   -•.ii.'iil-
iav< iU.de comment.   '      .      , 5toi.lv  tho biekli   bvbv  i,ia<  ,,„>! <-*, ,'•-„,
Ihe advent of thp an*,) • r l.ilc fa 4 Mi 't .Ji|.«„- writeheii 'ain, "fvilmrn it is uot
lorif miythilig moiv tl,,i p, ti,.iiqfertb.'tbv '_ . .i.Ii wlieo. he is ■.)'"'«' yd"
•be problem of upkeep i1,,,.,, a, living | ne th-j ,one tu „J,.*ii».. I'fii..ir, v0ji
inunal to a tbiobbipg -i-Thine, Vuijsive bun eddies, -ul 04, ._°! ufhV i,,0ii
'he.problem hits' ii-crcas I in i-nporUm <s|-ivb.ej. hit iittje st'ihi-. j„ u«ilV to
md an,;lc<_ _V when 1 <• u> [. Jbbn's J digest. 7hpn wu.-n >*'• i-'cr«-si md VI
lay it wa. a ^natter of -/ ,11 oats IiiauA ! 1,1 g yon give h-u .ou.p "hooUiTii"-"
ncT.'ui <jijantlty,,of «.o.i ti . •', of warm j mi.-ti.r_- to quiet Mid. ' Tnat U --io,i<?—
porter-, -ird cine"-.! V * '**g. ,lrj,'iv rei-it-mber' his, J Hie (.tomaeh is iiotV,
'ud vfatchiftg, H has ilrow b'ftmip ,!,qj{es, f-tropg—ai, _  .grown
Scf.t( j v_i_  are
t     ,U     t.Jllllpl.ItSllg
dud ot VJk h gju'*• gr^.Vsi .itiJu-t'-v
A"ia-Jv I'l/i.uni) ;.nrotii.ibiI(* «<•■• OiV,
fucuiif.J   and   shipped   Hum alu*-'    (•>•
\I'('ll„*;il,    CltKS    id    l!/l(l        'l|(|s'ji»    tl'!,'
.11   ,
, "— ,    '   * •'    ..-..- 1 ,,,-   A-    .'jet- } I,
.fusihs^t.f   'be < -»i/-i>( ;uo''uct),j-i,< !' t  .      >,
Hii'ied  M.tt-".    There  1- Jjirdfy  a  A. ■■) !l,u
Hi     w ho 1,     .,     s,,lT,l     . 1  ,,,,  I a ..1     . ♦   ' , I,     *..'._.
11. Wiiub ,1 yjlTd
iluloifin'iifj*. freigjn
cajucity^ d.jeJ 7i.it-
fioK. siihe. tJi'.y are run a- i,
in. "iriifi lines .is -.i wlit.i s
' ia) fnni
n no Jo.i.i    i, t ' th. -.",.
11.S, IphIp.I  to  th  it
IfliVt;    .Jj..    jjf     i|j„.,,
' I, 1. ,
( r,ii,}
*i 11 1
I r  1.
"i   i ,
I in 'j ;i 1
■    'A    A
'r fi'
1H N
-^— ,       ' ' *> /       -i       ,,"
• S there any fidvantiige it) bftvinj. n iia^jfaJlv goor) figure?
ul   1*. or« of Jlie momentous qut-stivirifi of the Jiourr  Dfteji tbe
.,„.v?ii. fasHi.n concical'oi' rpyV-aJl any, brnnit v'of line's-ad
io't. h ■v'l.ml.i loors Susy better for stm|.Yiijig'r-a,rofuf/v where
kr, w-iKt b'"i flbuuld "Jjs piaoijd? ' r '       '
prci.-- at flic iiiomt-af 'i« 4rf}niend<,i^«1)' i/itririftv   Its bliu•'
»pt ti"«p'h'"v> I, bt,t a 3W«i*»o/h und a Bnuifj, j,* ii'wi-!! 'under
',tP».l bv the woman wHV> ■cani-os bin' »«/}»..vvn jn-,t bl'«wi«*
: ,ijf I'jkirV it. but who f rum ppjiUcplf r-pe r«f»r kcoimhViv ui'is to con
trr-t h<j*:PU' wj'Ti   whi*,t  isjwsvTbk'.-,Vi:bf   oiosf'ub-oMely
If!-. -I-i.li       1,Jlf''l(I\     >.(,!•
pradicJiv 'all,the   loading   n  doi..   »i  tr,,,,,,,, ,',     ,i,,/,
a single <}ay.    |{y  d;lytirwtk on  S.i.'b,, l„,„, f       f(. rt,l(
it.Ofilig  the   fijst   of   the  Jong  l-'se ,< 1* V*> Vi'
' fi*
' twliauf- or to5 Uttl^ MtJfwji t-^dltTiJictlj*,'  Then it req«ir._
_ht? *^f f •"■?','»**•«/ m (bo *tyl. Aga.Jl'K sbonJ-1 he iiatod
th<-t th,i j-rrau.j.t of c-romw be take., tiMt th- -,v_.„! «„,.'
^'W!t^MbP''JiaiutraJ,<br,ei-/>. ,ih, S (/.(i ftnd <'„' ™-
,Uplup_. "1 ben- urns! be ij-r- 'pVmVn.i if lk. !,. A'A th •
gVWtf,.ba» tiot'an hVb toojuueb. Vu^vinlp hJ.lrt 4t«-Ti
ca'H-r tu earn <,ut ibese Km% »,_.._ ,n.vi '«, S ,, rw'fo
if„i  fr.^,li 80svf(lbr"Pa,h-«' (»«F "»«•". "'V-d _|-0 us -be front
Uut the ««o  .I^MJr«t(-.„fbthf »,,»ffl skirts „rA ,!JW.| Z '
iit'),b'>r,ryotingsfer > twi<ii bv, wHIkinsf
-iov-ty A'isil iho old r5*i.'Ii A-jstn tylJ the
fad $0 bti-sry tlpjp(.t-bc"vl)i*t'l 1 losg Hifih?
ifff)-. c.»0ir,iij<>,y,''yi'hp were i;i;'rri|v romp-
ing <»r ui advae.ee. " .  '     '      t
'   *T Tit-1. aJlowtd to kcfii up ti),Viii,'J
-ilid f,he iiov.    •,   "       ,       •    '
" \ad   Why  D.t.ar'rav f" taakfd ,)|be
g<*»itkinttn.       -1    ,  j.7 V
'WUl,    naid''thfl -Kt-..-"Vrro see5 it's
Hns way, , We'ip a-pluyu ' automobile.
.I"ucm) f-llci_ ahead /is 'be ii,Or», ihe
1iioi___,aii4,-thfl-«wbcels^-!f'     ' ,
n!"y6-i,'''*'"aT_'th.ro!d nun. '•butiwhtit
ire you?"--   "    J     r"
ibe upkeep, matter, "^For ,& .-in autotno '
bile i-j-'what it 6ught to b«,|Kand is QXgp-
auioHioUiIv'v, begjt.v to eolip. ilrnvti t.l tin-   ,-;if<.^t
tre!sht  yards     AJI  dav  lyug 'r\\# vv .-( I .j*   ,„
ol idling t«e 1 un i.inoi .n|if t'b^ iVv.igh    1 i„"
0.*is. b!.«I(iii1_tjiU't,hto/,5il'j t!ivru .o'ltuAi    •,
tlif1)-"H''l! wjtJ.vtdiiri tf.e'-.biclts ot'tr,i,', J, I
1 - • *.
i>f-;,t At
0,1 n
.. T<,
'if afp-i
( ne*
oil, ic clogging- fjtei 'larts, anrhwl^n
beat .iu.f fiictiot) .develop, this fdY.igtl
'natter ciirbpnij-ps-^ henco tiie objuiioii-
able smoke. 't', v   '    A ,
•1   J'An   nil   m.si' be   Jifc-Jit,   well ri'tm^j'
of foreign  panicleV an.)  muBf po^psH
a «tid.t<body--Usaf is^ v'i.-.crsity;. ,lt mu-t, r r„    v.     .       . .,   -.■
iil-0 flow frefh- thTough tbe   neellai-ical  !f^.   Tbe fright,c»ir-*-i,re ,Iii.r-d up„.«i
ii!er fir tho  e.rculitt.ng vrttem   -   ?^  JU"h *"ie^iu?Ut-. I^T" hV^^-nv-,-,,-y
'machine.   And it jnuKt notVoafttiJate tooH-!"'??, WHK.rloa^ii.nlta-Voij.ly.    As
aud at'.i-ijojt,^ ,to alt thp olhei .i< *av't
g_ shiptLOatJjoe"- on', liy dsrk- tl.o^uuLt
mobiln 9\>v i.iit ar« riad.v Us move 'Iui<;
riuKV fho mn to \'li>.UgO' iv S'XtyJi.>ur<
' Tbe aiitomob le'cur. tbatvare used'.ar
this pnfpo?-- ail'bs-iw e-td floors, ivltc'.-..-
they, are loaded. Th-ie ar.rffl Aotpii
parallel ,l..««l if that  .ro.-. a  tbo«nigh
not'lnd.e-yin.t'wboHy. t-lL-liinatip' efflu
vium'. For, on the quality and quantity
•>f it he' 'oil Used much,, ifpec-sarily depends. 1 , - "* c ' A, '
' 7,Thejnfan-«on" tb$ streef, and'the buy-
j-i-Sj arid ' owners : of s-fftompbil^s,, .now
•til too littlooabouf-fbese points. "They
-ake^'jthp ariv-ipp of ^"friends'^on1- ihp. oil
-i«l oiling pib'r*psit|on'—i-or they a'l'd per-1
•n'lUded by rh^ clever salesman who' has
•ideas'*nf h's own. ' And fb?y dodge^er*
vonaJ' investigation1, ibecaiise, rhe, ^vvbole
•natter is k<> tiefygged for»them''int,t(;ch-
nicij terJrts and arguments tbat*a course,
111 V-'hoctaw,. ot<, Chme.*c _sPems ^prefer-"
ibier "ijet, ,a 'little discussion *ii|tdayi.
rep"* show, how t.a-*y it. is tb iloca^e'.the
•fluje-nf thp'habntirig odor whi-h vjtrie
,'3rs JleJ-ye, SpflJ,ovvi,j^a']ily it jii^y' in
whole \)V>iti i;firt, *bpr"<-,bvjated lyy Lbe
jtiver* or'bwner. Th's without obiur-
ira-vioils a««>t,nst "inv£ntor«, ibakers.'^iies-1
men ,or yiDybody else*—<dinp}y by ration-
ll "attention  tQ the oiling question.
,   Vow. the ojiing quction bieakn into
two 1'iaiu  lines:  (a) quality of oil, and
1 by mUnner-0'- _i"iheationi    Give,  the
ight kind of O'J right Iv npolied and the
driven pump, which draw-i oil frrin, tbe
crank case and'distrth-tes ft wi(fh a de-
prep -of regularity-and 'pv**>*nness., Tbe
"mechanical, o;IiT feed^oil to^the-'parts
drop by 'drop"/'      '•     A   , >
gettirig'-ieally  et-okv' abrit. ,
oil  dripping  in  the  streets'and  smoke.Jj' 7"e_ _,jnpp"y-jy*item'
talutirg tbe nostii|s of the, public. And
?he ovynfrs of automobil/'*'no  more^tfn
'ov a ride i" a Htnoke ^vagiritban a ridp,
behind a half-starved, u_kci"ipt horse.
While busy^ at' ojher1 pioble-jis, tbe
makers'of automobiles hie 'not given
this 'question-, quite the wthoitgbt and
consideration that ',ita M'ii|iorfattee do-
■*er*«*_. bur it caflnoti'be -..1id"that they'
bav^e wholly neglected it. They .have
provided 'improved sysfewis For' oilVlis-
rribution, and have endeiuoreg lo eliminate   lea.ages./ Buti.rhVse   effqrts  do
m^nns a "peart-
i '*!, 1
f t  T Venture ,to say.'"says ,H.< M. ,Jer-
cotfre. mecnaiticalengineer, "that, the'
"day isr not far distant w'hen smoke* and
odor_as'companioiis of some, auto mob ije<*
\vtll be only reminiscences. • Even tqday,
vviih a, propej; lubRipati^syyteui and "a
proper s-rade of oil,''there is.no valid
excuse^, for the vnoking 'car, vvfiicb ,'A
/letrimenffU to^thc maker as',well as of-
,feii«iveito'"tne r.wnVr and the snielJpr.
, v"tini'rov-eme;'tp are ocing ,niade' 111"
eng!r;es looking (o 'Hie complete e!imr
ination of all, gawlinl' odors. Of cpur«e.
in'the preteiit slate of devpJor>'n?nt*thi<!
od<vr is-^eisist^nt. _vot rit).will he conquered. 1 , ," ' '' I ' \(
■^"lila'cW snioke from a car show' tbat
*pora,g__ol;i (■ is bfitjg.fed than-iA being
binned, k  Vith-'-ii' 1-tHe' precaution, one
< bioago they* can unload at "two differ.
ent terminah.|.Vlh|'V-is nci^ssy/.v ba" j
■eabse the piocss otV mi'loading is "three'"
or four times longer, than.that of get 1
tingleari ,tttmly> tut sblpment. . •    '   ,•  !<
Mult of tlU'se autotiivibiles :lre l'irought
down fc'o'the'loadingj^bu*** ()u tnii,vks i.i^
5>tqad of being driv'ej) through the street
liy their own motive power.", This is
to_k«ep^lhem vfroni being soiled "or'iu-
SUired. The level^, of < the 'wagons -is , almost the same as tbifc of the floor "of
tbe. earj'find alUfbat^is neiijisi'ry j_ fo
lit up a 'sb'ort gitn'gvvay pspet'inHy built,
Here's* Home Dye
'    That  ,
0/O»rj O«.o.1 '
alwayi/b-ea^ mor- or
lest of a -ifficnlt under*
Uim.- Hoi w,wllui
,      /    you _»•     •
5+nd toe Sum pi *
C*rd anct Story
koo.t.i »# j,
Th* JOH"N<Ol.i
«—-■WM^—i.MIH[|l       Montr-* l.'Cn.
i /   JUST THINK Or IT1        <     '      .
WUh .OV.O-U. yon c__ color either Wool,
Cotton; Si'k or Mixed Coodt Perfectly with
tha SAME Dye. No" chance of usinp tile,
V/ROMG Dye io>- the Goo^s you hive to color.
or theJpiji,,po.'*e.„-j;.T)ieli the '_uton,t<"buy
is puvhed into'the freight-car,-either-by
main strength of the ■ulen'engagevl in
loading, or else th<» machim.' n>a)vesv Ibe
short ruri ubder it"; ^own power. Ahe
ens fhatS-are driven 'down to the,'li/ad
ing-f,!ace. arer easier to brtndie.'.Tjip
gangplank in their ca??, is loiifiei ,.iud
slants from the 'ground to, flip floor r,f
1 lie car. The sl0p# is riot much greater
ubau that <u pn ordinary hi]), btid, at-'
ter a'preliiniriary cough,or two. the auto
wiihilt] clinilis"it and di*-a,j.peais iuto the
car,'in un time.   ° „        T<,"'     ' '
> A1 gnat many of these trei^hi-eajs
thnt-are iised^in lhe shipping rii aato-
rficU.flp*-, have^dopr*- l>o*li u(|" the "bides,
and  at fhe-end. * iWliqin   shtpmonfs  are
N'o-loiiger -Has  ,\ '\"Yrf\
: ;; ,  Cord,fcbr.'Ca4arrli;;Op;.fciiS
Tli'ar Si's-,—I  iinu, !,<•< n 'ui  ijie^lri^. V    ■  J'„„ £0ft
t/uiiness  fcr
"up-to d;tf.* di
JJ.iwo     '
uv, r w\ year]
»«i-li iV.e ll
•ertiiii Kind'
•t.   .III'I    ,is   III
d< epV A'A
1'rtHH'., in ii;: x> sulf^'ez f,(, e(^i1aril"s'j
and iiotit'ng  t,b.   eupririH's > ib>  if   < _     t[
tarrJie-viU"     ">v,'^-atrd    bv    irrti'^i',,1   * *
curiusif   i opiHcl ,jn.t trv,*>Y" a  li'T i!| i-,1 .
c-'i-ijW-cgc nf tM.ta rhivof.j-v' ti.-Dthf,
time 1 bt'd fijvisbeil itvmd <7V(.>f tli" .;;:.,
tvU'e'iiUIJit" iif (  it irili|>"o"i    ,'  w.is'cotn
7.lptf.ly <nr<d.,    Tt„t'lwi- t'clii   iniiths  *-'
agiij ftnd I ^J/oiVti jiever .inca' eveji  h«d S-, '  •,
"cirld     I tosj^ d_r fijijrffrbo/oue ;ii ,indis
ppiHnbie r«*'liedv- in p'/er-(  hoii«.pJifJI 1,    '     ,,  ,
,   d-ipned) J-awr.-ncf. Mend, "Brockvill.k
^'- '• ,<   '7
> i(Caf..rrhu'o! n is sold under gniirkiitee,
iD'2rjc. pile  and   $1   aizes ' Get  it itcom '
yij>ur4ilealer'     ^ „ ",    A l
-' i^AiAi
<v. -
^    ......     .«..^    wrvi.    ...,_.        .vu,>     L$L\ UUSU    V-llll
test_ h'S own oil. an! h" can Veep «'ur^
watch'on tne Ceding of bis «iaiihi». .
But when, be,has'done these thing* i*_
,b*!is by, uo means exhauste'l the subieel.
F.ir-he f'Mi'!'- tint get -.n oil whicli is too
heavy, too light Of (too ehpiq*.    Oil
aiy cpr, but are located R.agonally
across'from each other, so'tbi- wren ii
b;g nla. h ne is r.illi'd in fli«rc iv pli-ntv
t,f*rocm for it to Jlti inaiupiivrel nifn
j^o^itinn lengthwise *Ti   tin* inc. _
In Xevv v-|>i,v City opi-of tiie ni'iro-tds
biis had a hiige'struetu'e built ptcJuvii -i>-
r<« low a<» h-if a cent pei, niilp of travel.
a« imviii n-ir a cenr pe* miie or travel.   (   ,.      Jth     ,.M   ,„    f    !,o's,ble  d.'Ii, „lt
The  gasoline bo.t  .^ estimated  as low 1 \?1   "!\l\J*,    ., ''".AA, '
nsiht, quantify rf gasni-ue in, cotubus-,
•ion in thp ,engine, and the, sraoke and
-mell pioblems begin to stait toward
the  vanishing point.
H." C.  Barber, one "of tin; best known j **s !l ff'     .   ,    , ,.   .
uitoinob'lp -ile- m.nsgprs ilow  operat-  warniPg^ that cheap cylmdei  nl .0 costing  in   the   Detroit  tie! I,   in   dismissing   llest in fbe. end—Pi'd smoky.    £-0 to be
too economic il in thc price paid fir 1 il
is a dangerous mistake. i.
,;„ _»". « „n vi,„ ,„.,.. > ,„'       :   ;    7,11 (nis nail a litia-p'sinipru^e run r pirelnwi ■(>-
mu price all the wav rrom -10 cents to "Slii ^ * .. .        ,   -
,._,~.,ii„-,     , „rA ,:;i. A^   1.     '   T.    -    V7 s<* a recp-virig srario'i torautoini.hu-...
per gallon.    1.100 oil's are obtainable •■( r A- . 1 • , ,       nn  .., -,,
nu ,.7'„.- .,   rr.,ti,h     Tr ;.V ,      ,.' ,  ._      I Nolliuitr «'l./-   is   hilM'IlM  there     K'UUOs
on ce»ns,a giti-on.    It is pollinated thar   »,   .   r- A      .1        *      v   • .„    .     ,,
,„    1  1 .:„. *: t V ,"  ,w<v   Jpad   frrtm   the   street   'iiTO    he  buildi'ig
ci.P,J"bIIC&.°_Lm,"S.:„°-U?5t. -. ^N. that aufiiuobnes ,„ay be 1,,,, ,,, a „?
r-nr a i.ile.     \nd ii is the gener"!
wi,li me tlio questidis raised iri this ar-
tb |p, said v ,
f "The oil probltmi is first one ,of vis-.
cositics. distribuiiuns ami temper-lures.
Tn determine whether an  oil  pi>s-,ess{>s
ie  ricbt   consi's;em v.  fake  a   piece  (\f
soft, white paper and pour a few drops
11 it.    If on nibbing (be oil'r.imdly di^-
iiipe.irs*   into   rhe  paper,   leaving  sitth*
body* or viscurus matter on tne p'u-cr,
■"  is  ;HH>r oil."* Ai'd   to  if-p  poor oil is
tii'Ugii g to the macninery. Li results,
if (here is much  foreign, matter  m tho
Pe-otte tbe fact'tliar nothing initi't]*o<
j mobiles is recti, ed and 'Wiv<red at tb's
pirtienlir station, if  ismuip nl* rlip bus
■est  fii'.ght teruuu.ils or" the many be.
lodging to tb.vt I md
if You aro Weik aud Easily Tired Try
Dr.  Williams'   Pink Pills
0!ls vary in localities. One may bin
an oil which works splendidly in "W'em
gan On ,a trip ro Ari/ona'n may- be
• li<jCov-pi*ed thai it ,s wortliless. "The
heat of .v.Ti'zona n ay be too muc'i for it.
If ts a che-nic il 1 nposs,)ii]}ty-,,to makV
an oil which wtll retain the-s.me coum-v.
ion-'y in all ciim.-Hi s and al1'sea,sc'ns, Sn
if you  are  d'-rermii ed  tn go  to a Im:
"'bun-lips,   when,  -;iiii!plertfii s-v.is   linkeo
by' tlu«   r.i.id.   known   fo   fl.e   S j." 1 ird
its- JZV P.nmirn iRrnJ.   the  '''Kuig'-  liiglb
way '"—rhe onlv road marted bv Jjiillot
de  .liiufias on   Fns  m.n> of  t-pi>f 1   f-'aii
''oiDia. ^ptblislipd    in    fins    ,iuFt     two
years btxljirp  the   Anier'c.ui  rv, u'.lf-on."
rt stiil 'liftiiii-, roe Juuelv fiiirliw iv tJia*
it  .Iway-s Hvas.   ibe  ,'tily  road   ci.m'pct
ing    the    old    missions—a    im re    long
s""i.ihh   i[r<r, the barf bny^-.i  h,i!s rhat
sKirt   the   si-...
These Pills Cure Khsusmti'-ni.—'! < '-'•>.->
many who ••iifT't'r ,t"rom riioiimiitis'ii a
trial vif Patmelee \ V.,g. table .'ills ,s
'1 (lominepdod. The-v luive pionoiiiecd
•lotion upon the'liver nil kidneys aji 1
by regulatnig the action of th-sp'org ins
act as .in alfe'iutiw in rtireveutin2;
the admixture of uric acid and blo.-d
that Causes this o.ui.ful disorder.    1 tit*v
hull n""" °-'''>'0" ttts expert to discover wherein lies the
Iftil " ,,1*li'« lhe gown unboeiiJiiii g. The shoublcr seilili
ot I' H'lil u fraction woiks woudeis. Ilufiv waist,
■\'-o iiiust be careiully b.il.u.icl so 1l1.it it vwll
'•tut • ii 1 " U ""'it' it un inch oi.I ot 1 be way* I lie skut
LSf, I v j"1' K I'llliei too far t'oi.ianl or Inn I'aV b.u-s, the
1»m A{] ' "! '"' hliMiliiW-ly stiilight and the prOpoltimi w II
Th,   ' 'l'
■»!t  )„ I   ..
'7" tun.'
f'^'ll ■",
* rem, v, |
''"Slit rn,
r1'" th. ,„
''•list hue!    Where will it eventually be loeitodf
•lie bust is one of the pie-cut slibs, but, at  the
>  woman  ii.usl   lip long waisted  11   lie  thought .it
'a- are not lo be thought of fit nil eos(.   \lihongh
Worked in  (he lediieiu^r r,|" weight, tliere .11c en
"it   f rami win Iv  of wh'ih.  if  nnl   the flesh, en limit
'•  n tontenled that  the wtnsl  line pi iced h'gh
'" 'lisguising hips', 'ot Ibe lines of (lie skirt fulling
11   ibovp the natural cm v c of the 1101 uml waist  line
'nis,        '"J'ltuitily   lhe   long,   loose  ceil   is always  mine
""'■ tii-ii   i° Kl<'"'   :«*omjni. than   is   tlie.tim  close   fitting
ltra'Kb't r.r l'*' l'l''i"'-v outlines.- the figure;-. When, the''first
,ll"t'f slii', V"'"1'' ■K°vvi*.. , appeni'p'il ihpi'e'Was invariably iin
^ntpiJi''. ""''I"'•"'•'£• "" priuecss shape. over vvliich fell
'■lis s''r.,i"i '""'('' "r <!",ir<' uow-n." ' N'inv evii flic under slip
Wmli 1 ■ ■ ''""'" '":'"«' tbe bust, and, 'iu trntli, fits tbe
H,it „.,'!,;'■   ""' I'Msler ense fifs Ibe bobl|r.■■ 7 '   7
$* prpso'it' r ' !'.*''° 's onieh. fo ridicule, ii'ii't "t'o condeitin in
"•"I'liei'tv'' ,r r' ","; "iere..is much lo admire', .for when the
''af«'iil "■,!' 1 .•""' is wt'i'lved out well if is'v ery cli.ir.m'ing and
I'" "tfiim"' .''"!'"■' ■ hiajo'rity of cases' is beconiing. 'The too
n'(!, civin U'"s- 'Mitlining so firmlv everv line
'"'"'•li -i.tr- !".'.'■w lir"»I'»<,»<'c to bust anillii|ii
TbiH ;„  ,,'.'V,',I!,,'I7■' tliair tlii;sp vague oui lines.
King Blue Velvet Cost 11 ne with Ermine
'""l mi  reference to it be exaggerateil  scant skirts
'"*■»''siR'ie!.'",rlis,il' 'Mirvos vviflioiitdiilliiiiiig them.    One of
*»r niiidels this-sensdii■ is'n gown of vol
'i.ik „,, t..slr:i|iibl skirt. 11 waist, vvll li high Waist line, iinule
'•llir figur""'-1'"1, ''''"lie'piece with the skirl.' Not one Hue
y "itlir,. /,', J.*' s''ar.l'ly defined.'' nnd yet ii woiiian wilh a
(./'"nt i,,!"'V ''"'"'•' '"'st in the cosliiuie. .Kbit t rimiui'iigs
'liii'n,. 1" ''"'(> l''e ■stnartem.; and these are most care-
H!l  as  mil   to   interfere   with   (he  lines  of  the
nig.  "lie  th.it. is  willioul   sm   .lining you.  let .him
a .slime at.  hei:."    'I'hb . Mag'laleu 's adi/rat ion-=of ■ the   C.brist
i-eiiiii'iii-i- throughout   tin*..'.(nnna   lic'r7defeniM"  against  the  as-
suulis of  Vents. '   7   '       J .   ' •'     • .'   '   '
A powerful 'dual not takes .place in the room'where the
I.as't" Sup-pcr w.is- -er\ cl. .' ii, I lie grca.l Hi blind- characters,
who pl.ived pnniiin'ciil puis iu'.tlie Uagcily cf 'Ibe Crucifixion
Tire p'Ori raved,' i'liid the ■'m.ni wlmse 'sight the Xazarene re
Atiiivd "describes I be .spectacle t.t', ijbvisl ■ being led towards
Calvarv. Kinally. lhe wanton Uuiiinii general, enraged at Ibe
Mag'la'len 's scorn, rushes out-to juin the cursing mob. leaving
the'Voriaii  failbl'ul  10  tbe  Inst.
L1 rhe oil you .n-d List so 11
_ive the s.-.'ue u",.!loicd sit lsfactimi
this w*;nter'. bcclu-e |i> al! pn>b duliiy
it won't. Yi u ought lo chn litre (be
grade of oil with tbe season.
It remain* to be said th\t .luroinobrie
mamtfactureis   and    oil   producers   are
woikng    nidppei-.dently.      Thev    never
Vnaemin   is   i   sf.xt,,   I «r - -»   vvh'oh   01)0   have unitedly- tried  to  solve  thp  pro!,
fills beciuso of I ick of blood, ot becauie   lems involved  in  fhe use of oil  in tb"
iho   blood   's   poor    wc.ik,   and   watery.   iid'chintMn    of   car".     Of   course .the
The mm or wo'ii.in who has not enough   o'l   oeonle   have,   nunv   of   t'npui.   done
blood  ;s  pale, I'liigml, easily tired and   their   best   to   produce   a   smo-.th,   vis
easily  depressed       \s   the   double   pro jiuuns o 1.    Hut so'ilet nnes faults 01 !,,-,!
gn'sses 1,1 her symptoms show themselves:   struction hate n ndered  good oils of .■'
•   inl  the life of thc sufferer it 01.e of   more   value   thin   the  very  poorest.   !t
misery.'     .wiaomii   upi tis   the   door   In'is up to die tti,.t   who is buvni" an an',,
(iiiismiHvtioii,   and   gives   victims   to  all   to look  well to the constnictini   oi  <» -.
1 l,o   cpiicmic    ip.'.l n|ies.    bccuiso     the   with  riVrto, e  to  "he cliitg s.stein    n
wlule body  is weihcrn '  and  uniblp ro j use,    It piift rot leak all over fie pave
res st the  itirfii-is ,f .jiscnsc.     Or.   \\ il j meiits       II     must    neilb< r    del tge    1   r
! 11ns'   1'nik   fills   11,   the   best   remedy 1 stirv e   the   cicuhttrv    system   of   •
in  the  world  for  the <*,ir,>  of  a'11 mill, I'"ar.    Thi 11    wJimi  these  points ,,r,> -,,
-in I   all    its   attiiiiint    misoues       TJ.ey , to, let h'in   gt>  into  the oilgr.ulii ;; ipl
•n.tke th|' blon 1  rich, re!, :\nd pure, tluH|''ons  witli  circ
bimgiig  iii'iilih   1111I stn I'g-n   to   weak.f       Ke^ul 11 mr  of  ill smelling,  di.tpin.'
despondi'iit 11 c 11 ind wn'iien,    \\ e do not j noisy  cars   bv   mittnoipilides  <aiiunt   be
I • ow o'  1 s,'tiglc 1 tsc of ailaeinia where   avoided.    Tn" rights ol   the public will
>r. Williams' pink  PIN have failed tc,|be  conserve!     The  car  owner  and  c 1-
cere   c'   given  ,1   fur   trial.     Mr.   .lohn   maker slunll  welcnue r, asiiii.ible icg..
Ifistings    vrenu. S isk , was a  v it! un of   litiots.    '1 ( • v   often   point   out   deft its
t'ns   double    and    found     new     he.illh   the remedying of which means progress
thiough   Dr.   Willi nis*  Pink   Pills.     Ho, in the evo'ii'ioe .if better types of c-iir
jsiys-   ''I    was   w-.irku g   on   a   radway I—steps toward  the   Perfect Car  of Tn ,
(i,>l'n 11 g.i tp.iiit and fnnn 1 111 vself grad 11 [morrow „    ^ |
•illv  running down.    I did not p.iv   mm hi
atf'ention'to it. at first, but. .soon f lieir.inl      One    indication-   of    flip    tremendous
ti, bi'se'iny  iinu'etile ■'aiul-it was a   triii]; Kr0?'.t.n . °". tlio   automobile'  industry
to  get-  f hrOugh 'my  day's   work.    ,f  grit.
cliiutc WTth yquj nutomobiie, y mi niv-f J i-m-t be taken iiu orditig to dLfeci.... *
sold an <•-! wjitablp to the tpnp?-i | and used siendih nnitibv v.,It s,„„ i,l\
ivres yon mist eueou liter. Aid don't'giy., evidence of" iheir beivei'cial effet ts.
expect; rhe oil you  in-d List so  n„o!
It Eubs Pam,.'_vyay.—Tbsr«. is r.r. lim
meat su  pflic.ioiou^  in   ihrrwimii  piiiu
<is Mr Thi  "     ' JjClectric fill      ( ne It Hid
that  rubs it sn rubs the tiiii, iw-iV   and'
on this ac ount tbeie  i<S j p pi*, pir.l'for.
tint   st.tpds   s,,   b'gli   'i,  pphiK   .-st  ,-n
There is no s per nam killer, p'i), iipble
as thousands i,n  atie.t w>i   tint,  used  ^
it    success.nllv   iu    treating ui.ti,'.-   ail
ments. * '
faXC-dp   jQtopd   ctJersKs^.    croa*vui   C<a»4dA»    b-MD3£
\*  throfii   GJC*.i lantt*ui.- ->    <
HEAD OFHCE      •       WmNlPEtCAV/DA
>'t n' '•■
rets ',
.coats are  very smart  and almost  without ex-
.'"_"«:. .Iiltlioiigh   tliey,show  oil'  ilu"  present ■era/.e
iiinsi   wuiidci-l'iilly.     :\   siniill  niiinunt   of  nulls   i'ei]i,ii-,.,|,. 1,,||   |,>(   (he   wiiiiuin   ivho   knows
•lie clothes r.f this win'or. bnf   thinks she
To make petal" crniiuolles boil llnee or four potatoes and
mush .fTCni t'hr.iugli a wire sieve' ivith a woo len spoon; :ubl
one dhiice of'' bijitler. Hie yolk of H" e.W, season wilh pepper
Hid suit. Whip the wlrte "f an egg In a stiff troth an.I stir
hi If of il in- 'flu-" ''"'"' i"'"7-oi,iall, bills, di" in b-aten egg.
oil in broaili'iuinbs.. I'r.v in deep l'i' •« !1 lll>'1' brnwvi
liiiin on  paper by. the lire. ,-,',,
,   slewed   n* 'be,-!     lake   Iwh   pnnnds   nf   ov-rlii'i'K
pi,,,!,,  ;„  11,,-,'." .piarls nf w.-iter. mid  11  little  salt,
,,„]   , k   sl.iwh    'in   one   hum    n'l   a   I'll':   ""'"
I   carrots,   tiirnip.s.  onions,   and
cat   picros. on.I  simmer   for one
siiuiii ■■liiiiinling I'm' '•ach person, and
I'bn-c ' In- moat  nn 11  very hot  dish.
on   il. 'thiclicii   and   color  the   gravy.
To ma'
and cut ii|
skim   veil.
thimv   in   '-ne   piuind   "I    miv
cplery all wnslo"! and  cot  in
nnd ;'i Ii'iiM' In01 is-    .Vi'il
bnil   for twenty  mil .ul''
nrran^P  ""' 'diiiii|ilii'i-"'
and serve
nedicine from. Ihc doc.'iir on the works,
but, it did not b,'l'7 me. and finally I,
got so bad I 'toll the foreman I would'
havo fo quit. ITe fold 1110 not-to lose
hope, that, he would get some medioine
Hint would soon make,me'all right/That
eight be'Went to 1 iiitii and , bought mo
three boxes of Or. Williams' Pink 'Pills.
I had not taken; more than two boxes
when I begun'.to feel better, and after
I hid used five boxes I was a.s well and
strong as ever, and could do a day's
work with anv man on the job. I may
hist add tlui! before I begun taking the
•ii!N I'.'w.i'i mv run down that I weighed
only 1_'_' pounds, and while taking I hem
1 '.--'i'od '7- iiiuiri's. I cannot say tun
•iincli in favor of IV. Williams' Pink
1'ills. and s| rough' ,i,'commend them to
•ill   run  ilnwii   men."
Vou can got these ('-Ms through any
mod',-ire dealer or by ninil at oil cents
•1 box ■•- six hov.'s for $'-'.."0. 'from The
P-. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
the United States, and a-'feature .that
i.s quite unknown to'the general public,
is lite''enormous, number of railroad
freight-cars thai, are built especially for
transporting -lutnmobilps and are used
,'fbr notjiing else. There are P'.OOO of
thfi.se automobile freight-cars-busy from
Ono year's end fo the other hurrying
to'and fro over the rails. As most of
fhe great, motor car factories are located
cast of the, Mississippi River, the principal    joiirneyiiigs    of    these    ears   are
To discern and deal immediately with
causes and  overcome  them,  rather  than j
to  battle with  effects'afrer llio  disease!
has   secured   n   lodgement,   is   the   elrlofj
aim   of  the   medical   man.  and   Pickle's!
Anti-Consumptive Syrup is lhe result of
patient  -Miily  along tli'ii.'particular  line.
At   the   first   appeiinince   of   a   cold   ihc
Syrup   will    be    fi.uiul   11.   most   efficient
re'i'iv'y.      arresting      development      and
speedily   healing  the  affected   parts,  so
flint the ailment  disappears.
ASSURANCES   ISSUED Commuted amt. 11,129.980.00
ASSURANCES   IN   FORCE  3,009.746.00 L_cr-a» SB p.c.
PREMIUMS   ON   SAME  ... ... 100._S_._7 Increase30 p.c.
CASH   PREMIUMS  75.29_.85 Increase37 p.c.
INTEREST  15,018.44 Incrsaa. 4S p.c
TOTAL  CLAIMS   ALL  PAID— (4).   ... 13.635.10
ASSETS-..'  802,497.00 Incraase 19 p.c
RESERVE  ON   POLICIES ...     116.S32.13 Increase57p.c.
GROSS  SURPLUS  183.892.00
NET  SURPLUS—Over  all  LiabtliHe-.. 83.477.00 Increasa 12I>.c.
INVESTMENTS-—The Company has exceptionally good facilitic. and
f"g ' i"ifo'i 'or inve-trncrt of funds, sll of which are being placed
In first mortgages on improved Western farms. Tbe Company h..-.
never lost a dollar ou any of its investments.
For every $100 invested, the Company holds security of «t20.
INTEREST—The average' rate of interest in, 19(19"earned bv British
companies was 4.34 per cent.; by American ec/m panics. 4.M percent.:
by Canadian companies. 15.41 per cent.: by the Monarch Life in 1909.
6.67 per cent., and in 1910, 7.69 per cent
The Average Canadian Life Policy a-no_nt_ to $1,574, the Monarch
Life Average being $2^385.
The Compauy still maintains ita'reputation of securing its business
at a low expense ratio. The Total Termination from all sources is
exceedingly small. ■
A complete copy of the Annual Statement, Including & ivnopMs of
the addresses of the President, Mr. .1. T. Gordon, ami of the .Vicc-I're.si-
dent. Mr. ,V. Bawlf, i» of interest, and will be forwarded to any address
upon request.
.•. T. Gordon E. S.  Popham,  M.D. C.  K. Gordon
N- Bawlf O. F. Carrutbers- R.   U. Otto
I*:.   I., 'laylor,  K.G G.  A.  Charlton.  M.D. R   G ironside
Hon. R. Rogers .las. Murphy T. .J. S.  Skimier'
I). E.  Sprugue iL W. Kchli- J.   W. W. Stewart
President Vice-President*     ,
Managing, Director SecreUry and. Actroary
I        J.   W.   W.   STEWART J. A-.TtfACFAiiLA-fE,  A.LA.
-7if_t*_i *&r  i  *���*.  "Pabliblied in Lhe interest of ibe people  pi Mriyie.aud.E-.-^Kootei-ay.  ��� "      .^.J.^MVTJr.^r-JWJSja^R.  /  Government Road Work  A\  John Keid, ^superintend"1'' ��� ��*  government road \yorlr Jn . this  district, \va. in .^loyie yesterday  con ferring witli J|2d. Taylor, the  local,foreman, .iir. Hei.d has, pine  road gang*; and two bridge gangs.. Qp-. J.  at work, and the gqvernn-ent is  employing between 1_0 and ,150  men.  School Report  ������"The following aro the' percentages of attendance at tlie  Moyie school for "March.  KnrlMi't,   Attendance,.rer-'tg-  "AT IT HERE SIIVCE ISO.'.  *>  �� '  i  .1      '  l7",|=9'��   ���  ��&"<; ii, t -  ,J., '���*--'  la Mr, P   > I-     '  pfcT  .ie '  'Vl  HVTi:    OF    SUISS-lll-'TION-.  .FRIDAY, APK'L 7.   lflU  "      Wit}, this Issue thc '"Leader  .starts on its   fourteenth .year.  The coal, strike is. .-pi'dying-  ,'to be no joke, even if--it .djd  .{.tart on the first day of April.  0 if.','  --���^l-erBh'S5?as%e&'ef ,i, .man -is  , ;for_ncd W liis daily .thpttg'hts  laiad,daily   ^vord-s,   aicd /daily  .   tactions', until it becomes fixed..  'His principles,stiffen into h,a-  *bits. , Asi-lie thinks ,'pftcu._ .so  he jsv likely','to   ]>fccphie ,pcr-  " inaucntly^-Western Catholic.  , Nelson ' >vill .pot.1-liave, .the  '(only meuiQr,ial to the.late Jphii  ���   Houston.       .On^^c '."Grand  /fruuk Piibific 260 .miles ��� .casv  1  ' <0f prince jRxipejct..there is  a,  .towusitg      named    Houston;  1   .'Tliis >vas n-amed iii ;.-onpr,.pt  <���- fthe old-jpuriialistic^var hqrse.  ;     'Lots ip. Hbustpu are,, now .be-  ��� .iag offered for ' 'frpi*. ' $5,0  vtP  ,.$40pvejich.  f'fK*  U-Vye .*-"  ,..).,. I  Complete   Kootenay   Central -  5,1     ,____. :  'The management of' the Canadian Pacific railway company, announces that tho contract1 for the  second section of .2 miles on the  Kooteuay_Central railway will be  nwar5it*d tliia year in order to assure completion of the line in 1012.  -    Bank Pays  D^tdeo"! ,  ��� '* .     , i    i  "        *' ,  -The .Imperial Ji.vnk of Canada  has declared a'.dividend at the  rate of 12 per cent per. annum for  the quarter ending 30th'' April,  1911, payable ou the 1st   of 'May,  next.        , , ' -   '  it   ���< , ��� _���.   -  ' _.  Liked the  Proposition  "   "       i J        "  > ' '     r'   -,' ''  A. black hand gang telegraphed  to a'man:  ' '    ' ......  ', ''Seiul us S5,000 or we .-will kidnap your wife " ' " -      '   �� '  The hu-jband wired1 back;   ;  "Price too high, but your proposition in'te'rests'ine."'" '   <"   -;                      - ^ ,,  v  The Difference   -"  iU, 35.34 S6.19  Wtv. > M , 35.23    '       80.06  The following aro the names of  those'.!, each division who have  made perfect attendance- during  the mouth: '* '       ''  Division 1���Bella Crowe, Teed  Crowe,' Arthur Forsyth, I'eslie  il'orsyth, Jvithleen Jlo.t.e, Agnes  JLutner, Jennie "Mar-hallj Nelson  plinth.  Division' 2���Jeane Blackburn,  Alice, Bienton, James Campbell,  John Chamberlain, Harriet- Collin,' Victor, Desaulnier, Dominic  Kerdglin, Julia Home,' Douglas  Home, Boy' Lau?,', Ethel L*vne,  Florence tiivesley, Matthew "Mar.-  shall, Charles McFailaiie, "Mary  McFarlane, '.Toe*'Mueller,, George  Smitli,* Patrick Therrien, Alma  i Desaulnier., < "       "f ',  AaA  Alaska's 'Wealth..  ."When a duck lays an egg, .she  31196 waddles off as if; nothing,,;had  happened. When a Ijen lays an  egg, an 'exchange says, rthere!s .a  noise. 1The,heu advertises. Hencej  the demand for hens' eggs instead  of ducks'. The moral shoulc. bo  obvious to merchants."  1        ���      ,. t  * t 1  *       NOTICE  Alaska'has more "gold than .ever  had<Cal.fornia, Australia, or South"  Africa; it has more - copper,, than  twenty Luttes; it has .more -hard  coal than "Pen iiay(lvania; "and'* it  has more tin than Wales. The  hay that, rots in its tundras' and  plains .would fatten all the s cattle  that'roam the prairies of ^ Kansas,  Okiahom^, and Texas.     ^' <���   >���  1 (   ^___ _-___' ���**    ���  1 Only^One Cure  1. j  land prises  All accounts, due me  are  to be  paid tp' ,V.    Desaulnier,   at" the  A man askejd a Kentucky colonel whether''there aren any other  cures for snakebite besides 'whiskey. < '.,     A    ���    ;*,,  ''.Who cares,whettlerjthere' are  or not?"iasked the Kentuekia'n.  L��_4SER  ^SayelourMonef,  ��� *'&mmxict flow!-  We want evayoTieb FJnow  trial we are pfayin�� r:  pera-nrtum credited inlblf @  on savings ..ppsil.tf'- ^  & upwar.) subject To\Kth-  .rawa\brcheq-ue&*-  v ontimef-epositsof*  * S^rnoutU. & crver. ���*���  Reinvest monc^fordienb  m first mortgagesS-o a  ) ,'^ericraTlrnaTic\albii5"ucs3/  " We wanVffiur savmJs'accnT  & if)rou are not saving -r  ��� .yaTcmatic-TIf, *> ���*: ��� *  GommcnceNOWWimU-,'  H -1 Deposits ty mail ^^  ��� ��� loutari scp3 V'Draft,  > > r F>6.T.:(3(fice' ���*-. Caress, ^  ' Or.er or RcJistercS^7^  ';i_ettcr h with-fawab -  -.^���can. be ma-fT-*-"  I. O. O. F.  JvVUdny l-o.lc- N<>. *4-  araets Tuesday evenings in the  Miners .Union' hall.      Sojourning  Odd Fellows cordially invited.  J_.,L. Hui-r,      -    *'F.rJ. Smyth,  Noble Grand.' Scir'y.  s^VVyVV>rV!*^rVSArVS��W  The Wonderful Cu.<  =_;eoe=_=  Bt. Kug.11- litnlnu No. S7  K. of P.  Meels'every Tlnuarfny  evening in" McGregor  hnllal 8 1- 'clock. Voting brethron welcome  '1 '  n.-G. Macdosalij, '   , C. A.'Footk,,  ChnncpJlor Comf   '    K '..It. , &. ' S"  Svlklili  A. 1'  l.o.ti;-,   Nu.  .   *   A.   Jl.  Gr.  ltegular   meetings  on   the  first'Wednesday       of    each  - -j- month. /   '  Visiting brethren ^yelcome. 1  TJ^A.. Ayres,  Wr. M.   _     <��� !  jimos Potter,' Secretaryr,  Pr. Elirli-li's Sp-cific: or "606" is the only _p  ever a'scovtreil tocuri; Jjldotl poison ('(uickly and  ce^sfully. Wc liave .ecured this reniarl-aJj]- -.j,,  "606," whicli lias been fully tested and proved to  i'OSlTXVJ. cure for the' terrifying  specific, blood  , ease.    "606" is now in use in our lulioralory.   Rt  ber,  ' '606''   has cured thousand,   of   men   in   1;_r|  most of tliem were cured after first treatment.   We  . experienced medical doctors and Iciiow liow to rtiajf  your'ca'sc, using Von-Du.-gern's Blpud(Test.  ���*\Vrite for iiifor;nation. .' v  ' ft t 1  Special trea.i-ieut for all other diseases of men:  -11      ,-       "���  . ���  Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins,^Hydrocele; "BIc  and Skin Disorders,' Sores, Ulcers', Kidney, Bladder  Rcclal Disorders, etc., and���Con'ractcd Ailiiicnls.  ' , ' ,v'    ' ,''''' ''  ''  Best,Anatomical' Musciun In the iNfOrthwestv'  * " ' ���  ���'     - '' '  Dr. Kelley's   Museum,  216 lloward St,  SPOKANE, Wash I  '^pc.tipatipn brings   many.ail-'  ments in its train and is  the' primary ' cause " of    much  sickness.  t'��,v*      v^,     ���'   ��� -"-��� ^v ,      ,"         1 IIIC*.  J       v..-���.^._        .--. ���       ^   Central .hotel," and those  having -Keep your bowels regular madam,  accounts against me can also0 pre-j^d'you will escape many' of' the  .��.-.��- 4-     4-\ - .r. w-     4- --��      I --m *-V-       - 1__1 A. ^. m.**. w_*l> - -11-> _-_-r ctvi _^ _-��� OtiCl  1  ,"' An ,ip-portan.t^, change -in t.the  \land policy of the government is  crystallised in an qrrler in .council  1/ passed at   a   speqial ��� meeting   at  ' 'victoria Tuesday.    .In, substance  ,the effect of tlie new order'.is to  increase the price of ;land  classi-  .fied as second class from  $2.50  to  _$S per acre and, that of first class  Jlknd.froinW to SN). ' The , new  scale of prices will prevail .from  the  beginning  of the provincial  ^fiscal year, that is in respect of all  ,    pending applications not already  'passed" at   the   old   standard   of  'prices. ,In addition,to thus, amending the schedule qf prices .for  'crown land,   the   government   is  ' also* doubliug the fee to purchasers   of   land    surveyed   by   the  "crown,.the cjiarge hereafter being  50 cents per acre  in   place   of   25  Jce'nts    as      heretofore    charged.  'There will be no increase iu the  acreage   survey    q^RfEP   to   ,pre-  'emptors, whose position 'in other  respects renmin unaltered as well.  .That,is, pre-empto.. will continue  ,to acquire .lands under  old condi-  ^tions'audat.the old price  and   to  enjoy the advantage  of  entering  'upon ann taking up  lands within  the   various   reserv es, clo.cd   as  against investors.  Adjusting Lead  Bounty  ("i. 0. Buohauan has his ollice ,in  -Nelson this'week aud  is  winding  up his affairs iu   connection  with  ,the disttibution of,the lead bounty  tfor the fiscal  year  ending   March  .31st, 1011.   The amount   of   lead  produced in the Kootenay district  upon which,fche bounty is paid will  ,fcotal  approximately   17,000 tons.  ���The Sullivan and the   St.   Eugene  were the  heaviest  lead producers  during the year.     The lead bouu-  .fcy has been the  salvation   of   the  .lead   minera   of   the   Kootenays.  . Th6 bounty has a little over  two  Vrpore'years to go.. ,1b  will  expire  'yn-vTane'so'th,  lOLS,   however, at  '.the .rate the boiinty Is being ,us,ed  ���there-jvill be  enough   money ;left  overtq continue' ,it   for   another  jrear, or to "'ane Spth, 101f.  ,QA.RI> QF  THANKS  .We.take ,this oppo.rti.hitar of  .thanking qur many friend., and  Sympathisers ;in Moyie .ivho stood  'jby us and assisted in pur .recent  .fosreaveipent. Sincerely,  ''"        /piAVA.It'P ^ESATJLNIKR.,  Victor D-irfATji-MEii,  .0. h\ DESAUr-NIER, '  sent them to-him.  ��a '   6. F.,DESAULNIER  METAL    MARKET.,  New, "York�����5ar silver, a{"i cts.  Lead $4.50. . ' ,  .  London���Lead/ ���12, 17s. Od.  'Incf&es qf, rheumatj-ism , relief  from pain make3 sleep and rest  possible. This may be obtained  by applying Chamberlain's Liniment.    For sale by all dealers.  ailments   to   which'   women   are  ���   -, x. *; * .     . ���   ���.   '       '  '  subject. " Constipation ,is\a  very  "simple* "thing, "but -Mike, many  simple things, it may lead to s-er-  ious .consequenoes. Nature often  needs a little assistance and. wherf  Chamberlain's, Tablets are given  at,the first indication, much distress and suffering may be  avoided.   Sold by all dealers. *  ittoyie; Miners',,, Union  *.-: No! 71   VV. F. of M.   '''  .^Meets'hi JUuers*,  Union Hall ev,  ery Saturday  evening1.     Sojourn.  ing m'embersaro- cordially,' invited  to .attend. . .   *���    .<-.,-1   -  *        * *i   i '  ^    ���' '  Joe  McLaren    -* /' James Roberts  V,     Presidenr,."'    J    "     "'   Sprrelnry  ; 0 . ' T hit' * '      ,       '  Moyie Hi  DB,. F.E. MILES  <������;. '"'Dentist,^ -;',  Cranbrook;.; .��� -:',   u,yC  Georg-e H Thompson,0 ',  '   ' ^BARRIi-TEB.    -'SOLICITOII -  ,;   -  ;    V Notary PuBi-ic, <fcc. ,   ,"   *  "���    ' c , ,    1.  CEANBROQK,       British OoLUiima  !Thepp.en;'I>i)'6r'  ���'��� SCIENTIFIC n!w/dISC0VER'IES7 "  . *    r,' , , 'I , .        ., '    \       ,',   ,    1  ' r By the clcctro-magnctic" telcgraph>n A  onerau-rcini exactly locato aTracturo In-  11 biibmarlue cabJo neatly -OtiO miles long..-  A few (ossUs sput to an exrort* geologist  enable him to accurately dctcrrnlnG tlia  rock" fonniaion-.-.rom which thoy aro  taken, TJiS- he can dcscrilx*. as perfectly-  na ir tho i-ilcky formation was before,uiro^  ��� on iho tabic'7 ... ,' '.'" ' "* A.���'��� ' >  So, also,'In medical  science.", Disease >  "has.cortaln uninisUikabltf.Bigns or symp-  .toras. ..Uyrcttfion of this'fact the physicians'and siH-cialista connect*- with Iir.  .'loreo'sInvalids' Hotel and. Surgical In-,  stltuto at''l_iiffnlo',vnro enabled to accn-.  ratcly determino*-tho naturo, of niany.  chronic diseases wltlioiit seeing and personally examining their patients, .-.n rce-  oSni?lngdls9a_owiUioutapersou^  '7   .',,     ',_ V/VA*VS/WNrN��  1 \A\   I' .   ';.'.'  '���Jt ?.. F.;JOHNSTON  - If     , ' . '     jj  , -Tliis hotel is new and well]  The tables, are   supplied  , best,the  market, uftofds.,.,  .*, is , filled   witli ,'t.ie 'best hlj  liquors and cigars.  _���*-'   ^__,    1' -  'Ji\yy 'tHea3quarterst'fd  , Commercial' and Mininl  W. K,. BE ATT Y ,   ,  " ��� '���Embiilmer and .Undertaker, _  Phone 9.   .,"   * - CRANBROOK  -Moyie  Chamberlain's, CougTi Remedjf  Cures Colds. Croup *i��d ^-.pi-jj Coueh.  Your  NOTICE  Harvey,.' ^McCarter ; &  - , V /Macdonald.' V/...  Barristera/Solicitors, Notaries, Etc 5>  j Cran'brook; ���-y' -��,'* iB.g Cr  T. T. McVlt.tic.-~.E.'.lr L.'s'.-i'll.', Vr-i'a'rkcr, V.Azi  McVITTlE & PARKER  ,'   Provincial'Laxd'- 'Survkying'1 '"  RAILWAY^   MINI-JO   KNC.lN>:i-KING  Estimates'Furnished.  '" '    0*FFIGES \  Fort Steele P. O. Box 2a.  Cranbrook P. O. Box 11. '  to buy BOOTS and  SHOES at your own  price.  Positively leading; oh April 12th.  Tend_rs-.will be received by the undersigned up to tlie 22ik1 day of April, 1911,  at 5 P. M.   for   the   purcliase'of  Block  27, Subdivision of Lot  No. x 541,   Group  one, ,Xew Westminister District, situated  in tlie City of Vancouver, and being  the  site of the old Provincial  Court   House  Each tender must be enclosed in a   registered ietter and must be 'addressed   to  the  undersigned,   and   plainly .marked  '���Tender.or old Vancouver Court House  Site," and must be accompanied   by   an  accepted cheque for ten per cent of   the  first payment of   the   purchase   money.  Payment for tlie  property   will c,be   accepted in instalments of  one-quarter   of  tlie purchase money.,   Tlie first  of -sucli  iiistalmjeut.   to   be   paid   within ��� thirty  days after tlie; acceptance of the   tender,  and the other three annually' thereafter,  with interest at the rate   of   6  per   cent  per annum.,   In the event of the   person  whose tender is accepted failing to complete the first   instalment  within  thirty  days of  the   notice   of   such acceptance  the sale to   him will   be   cancelled   and'  liis ten per cent deposit forfeited.      The  cheques of unsuccessful   tenderers   will  be'returned.    The highest   or  any   tender ''will   not necessalily   be  accepted.  No commissions   of   any   kind   will   be  allowed.  UTIvLAAM R. ROSS,'  Minister of Land'*.  Department of I^md.s,  Victoria, B. C.  'March 7th, 1911.  W. P. GTJRD,  BARKIBTKK. SOLICITOR, KTC  DKSAD-.XIKJC    KUOS.  Largev sample"1 ,'ronni' in  ,with .house^for coni'merci.] j  of a-fcomrhodutioh.''   '   *,  >,- , /   '���'���--'<.    ; '���       i      .  " '',  ,,,HeadquBrter8 for C'j  i' .rv- 7?merci_l and WiniDgJ  QUJ-KNS'A'VK,'',', .  CRANBROOK.  B. C  17 cents a day  buys an  LIVER  STOP AT THI  COSMOPOLITAN  i i.     .,  WHEN f.N  '' ���; CRANJ  E. IT. S3IAI.L, Jlannccr.  t  Good .boms, good table!  *   and first class ���sanipf  Land Act  CI-ANBB.OOK LAND DISTRICT.  DISTBICTOF EAST KOOTENAY  Goo4 line of Trunks  Fine Shoes lor sate.  and   Qenfs  Anyone owing amouhits  should no* call later ,tlia?i  April lljfe.  ie,  JSS  c.  TAKB XOTICI5 that on the 24th  day of April next the Consolidated  Mining & Smelling Company of Canada,  Limited, will apply to tlie Gold Commissioner of the lrort Steele Miuingi Division to mark out' inidcr -authorit,;, of  Section 7109 of the Mineral Act, a parcel  of ground described as commencing at a  post at the S. W. corner of lot 4419,  tlience West 10 cliains; thence,.South to  rvot 4416; tlience' Northerly along the  West boundaries of lots 4416! 4415 and  4049, to lot 4419; thence West to point of  commencement,..containing about twenty  acres'as a space for thedeposits of leavings and deads from the St. Eugene  Group of Mineral Claims, held by the  said Company under   grants   from   the  Crown-  Dated. Movie, B. C, lSUi March, 1911  TI-IK CONSOLIDATED MINING .&  SMEIvTINO COMPANY ol   CANADA,  i^imiti'-D,  '.������;.'  By C. II. TMcDougalJ, .Agent.  lie patJi ,  ease bv ^iri'-tictil" and woIK'stabllshcd  principles of .modem   scicnc��v.    Certain  discaspa- display certain" pccnllar traits.,  Siibjected. to scientific analysis tbey fur-  nlsh abiuidant*data to guWO'tho ."?��-'  'munt'of'tlic skillful .practltoncr.   Ihls-  raotJiod of treating patients at a dlstani-e,-  by mail, has been so snccc.sfnl.thBt there  Is -scarcely a*-city or  a village, in  the,  jTJnJted States that is jiot represented by  ,ono or, more cases jijjnn  thp records of  practico-iit-thd Invalids' Hotel and faur-  glcal InstltutiO. - Such rarq cases as cannot bo treated Jn tills way,-which require,  surgical oporatlons or careful-after-trcat-  racnt,or electrIoah"Uiera nou tics, receive  tho -orvtcosor.tho most skillful specialists  'at tho Institution.-: t     '"   ' "'  Dr.  this'  tuto with a full Staff oflEUysi��� -- ���  wero nxjiert in . their, s|KjcI-it!c��. Ihesc  nhyslclans may bo consulted, by letter,  free and without charge whatever. II you ^  f-wl9h a-specialist's advice upon any  chronic malady.' Tho samo system of  "spcclallteJJ-'is observed as in thc depart-  mentnof a medical collego. The profrs>*<irt  who would assumo to lecture in all departments with,equal easo'and proficiency  would' Ixs severely ridiculed uy his col-  Icagucs, and it is just us absured to Sui*-  p\ft.e that, tho ��� generai prnctitloner can  keep lilmsolf Informed of tho many new  methods of treatment that ore being constantly dovised and adopted in the several  departments of Mcdiclno and Surgery.  People who havo been patients at Dr.  Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, IJuflulo. N. Y.,  have much to say In regard to this wonderfully equipped Sanitarium, where all  tho latest electrical apparatus, as well as  electric water baths, Turkish baths, static  electric machines, high-frequency current, and other most modern^ind up-to-  date apparatus are used for the cure of  clirotilc diseases. 'Tho treatment of the  clironlc'diseases that'are peculiar, te  women havo for'many years been a large  factor in tho cores efTected at the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute. \  Tho violet-ray treatment, which is  another Interesting proceediire, is carried  out by concontratlng* thc llgnt, rich in  tho vlolot or chemical rays, from an arc  light with a specially prepared carbon,  upon any portion of tho'body that may bo  tho scat ot pain. Sufferers from neiiral-  gla.'sclatlca, rheumatism, strains, sprains,  alio from thoso obscuro exhausting,pains  (Dim origin of which cannot at times bo  accurately determined) frequently find  immediate relief from a single treatment  and usually with a little persistence in  the use of this aid, comfortable health or  perfect recovery Is obtained. .,,,:*  -Then, there Is the incandescent llglit  bath, consisting of a cabinet In w liich tlio  patient is bathed in tho combined rays  of many electric lights. It lias produced really wonderful results In diabetes,  sciatica, rheumatism, obesity," anmmla,  and some forms Ot kidney and heart  trouble. It has also proven valuable in  chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and  the various skin diseases. As a general  hygienic measure ita efficiency can scarcely be over-estimated.  In medicine tliere lias been rapid and  real progress during recent years, nnd Dr.  Plerro has kept up with tlie tltnes? in that  he h,ts h.id tho manufacture and ingredients In his w-ll-known remedies Improved  in a modem laboratory by slvilled I'liem-  lita, the greaUwt caro being t-xerci'-cii to  see that tlio Ingredients entering Into Ids  well-known medicines Dr. I'ic rce's. Ka- -  vurili! Vre-scriptlon us well as the "Golden J  Medical   Discovery" are  extracted  from ,   tho l)i*_tvariety nf native medicinal roots, |  gathered witli groat care and :i 11 lie proper j  season of the year, so that their medic!- .,,���������!   .-nvt  nal properties may be most reliable. j     .]f yOll want. *\n\  Great caro Is exercised not to over en-    -, ��� r    i. i U[Uil ol'  courjse. thoso i\ ho consult the specialists    line Ol ClOLUHiJ,  of  this institution that  no false hopes [ nishillCS, tl'V  may be- raised. ' ���=���   '  Dr. Pierce's Common f->ncc Medical  Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps  to pay expense. oT mailing only. Send 50  one-cent stamps for the cloth-bound.  Write the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical  Institute. Dr. K. V. Vlerce, President, at  BulUIo, a*?. Y.  Dr. HE.  "'     -   DENTIS':  The Expert Crown a]  * < , Worker.  Office over air.  , Wall       I'.-P'"*'  Armstrong; Ave.,  1  price $125.00  small payment down  and easy j installments  for balance.   See  F. j. SMYTH  CA.  FOl  .THE-TAIM  ���'W.e 'carry ���"��stoc  to make an .$$���?  made in to\vii,!ot  al  oti  Local Agent.  MOYIE.  Trade Marks  Designs  .... Copyrights &c.  Jlnrono scmlltiB n nltoteli and doaorlntlrai mny  niil?icW ancortnlii our opinion froo wl.ctlior im  Mo���' ��t?l"t Icontlilont'al. HflHDBOOK <>��P��'��ll��  ���ont froe. (llrtoat nponny for BocurliiitpntoiitH.  r.tonts t'kon ttlroiiKh Munn A Co. reculvo  tpecial notice, wltlioiit ohnrco. In tho  Scientific JfinericaiL  A handsomely miuttatod vreeMy.' ' ^"J crl0r:  -illation ol uny sdcuttllo Journal. lonns ror  Oniiada, S3.7S ������>��� yv'T, liost__o l.rcpaid. Sold by  nil nowHdcalura.  MUNN &Co.36'Broa*wi'''New York  Braucli Cmice. <B5 V St��� Waanlu-tou. D. C  yon    a   speci  nnidc to .your ..neaS  have-ready-to-wcir  clothingf, the  best  fitting clothiuff i"  C. A.  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