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The Moyie Leader Apr 9, 1904

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 *f   r    ���-,lJvAAti',m^k  , -'        ,*> V 5iW5ST*lfePRSJ5,  -f.  * *$a8-'l&T-  ���t '"SW��  7) ���? SWjp^Sf?^'.  Q>  m 001  MOYIE^B. 0.. APim^. I9ty'_  The Sfc- Eugene,  yil_,ga_.__ if*      #_              |     Th3- _,,]. 0f oetiing ready fu  .-���������-   j -g  WAfWilVWtXl U"*^'    ThG   management  an*" I |  ill I l*��Bfi^3f IbW         -              .      lhaaclion   oit.ic'goH |  TO OUR  Pi^^e  I  r I  MOUslyav/aUin-traction   oi tho go-;   .  ernmeht  regarding   the e::tcn,ir,n _ oj &  r%    t ...   | the lead  bonus and   the  desir^  n^ ^  TellB   Of COllfllCt  With | formation U ejected 'to arrive  irom ���  Ottawa any  day.    The  compauy  no..  two large contract, to nil, ana !d nn:.-'  ] i              il./...-. 'i\r\' 1\  thO' 0.   P. fy '    ,j^;;';;rto   work on  them,    ."loth    ! there    coutrict.,    however, ar��   con-  ' ,    ", I -jngent on lhe G.venr.n.nf-i action.  1  .'Till fl PUIffl '      ' H"���^ ��' lhc olJ ti'mf'ri ar��  "'  i V]1.hliUUGii j rivin|, 1)C)Ce daily, and tlio town id  a-.  sumiftg that" thi i'ty arpe.rr.meo of for  mer, day's.  Lumbermen   Showed   that  Thev were Barely Mak.  ��� ing  a' 'Legitimate  Profit''  Was a Grand Affair  Ai, prominent' lumberman in tb:_  district, amj'a man" thoroughly constant whh the subject, was iv,.:euh.  a r_r>r__enlatWe A., the   L.ai...'   a  .eu  if lhc famous LfimigAn'j ball -ur>-  pa_.ed Sicdor-tadfs ball it H'Jrely was  1 ft T,eav;a_D.er. .Thsro Lavo .con lew if  'anv betl^ dances, given in Moyie  than lhe ono Monday evening. Ibe  l0on_ ni llio Conrad building wao  taxed to its full capacity, raid a .ulhcr j  lot of people was never gathered uivk-i     fa-  -   . .-      .,(���,.|nrl       "t.     IIHIL'1'     "3  roof.  . r_pre_ei:la'We of the   Lea..,-   a  .e�� , one   �� ^^ ^   ^   [ol.  dilyS since for a platemaul o. H-  lad.   and du. ^     ^.^    ft  Warding the -cent   controversy  ^ l^^ .8appfer   was   served   ,1 the  tweon the lurub  ,      j Cosraojiohtau hotel.  It,    He .aid: ��� ,       ���  ��Tl'o original pb-:i��on  cf   "ho  ����m--  1  Th.0H��houL tho dcpru&ion whic��  has prevailed ail over the Kootenay.,  v.-e have stuck i-V-idily to Movie- and  i'o our business, and arc S^id io bay  wc lwvc kept over on the'road of p.-o-,  _res..  Since buying our' piescnt   businesa  premises we hr-ve   had    tbe   room   to  .  greatly pnlargo and improve or.r block,  Lid in anticipation of work being   re-,  pump.: at lhe Sl.'P.Hficne w*   ba-.e   nd-  dc-il lu.niy now line., yo that,   we   now  liave one of the largest and best as.ort-  cil stocks tc bo found  in   llio   Koolo-  rlviys. ��� .  ' I! h.i*- been our i.im to makfl tbe  cost ot liy in - as low in Movie as in any  town in E u't or West Koolcnoy, and  we feci justly proud'of the [act that we.  BC-Uatprlcoaa- lov/.-as tlioo. paid, in .  the krgest busino.d centois ot tin::  mining.country, ���', ,    _  ' Compare our prices on 'lour, meal  ���ooUtoos, butter, opga, cream," canned  iooda, sugar, lea, coffee., and all other  lines, and you will find they ,are with  the lowest, at rocriJcrtrornT  vsszs&MS^  LOCAL NEWS.  't-\  %  wil-_3S^2  is  PSSffSFmTST   HAVE 'INSTJBA?*^-  -I mmWi' '^ ' .lu-ut -a bomo cli iales.   ' Body   and,  ��li#othe. a man can do wtt^ut y> Know.  ,��ctboT on eu.��ic .^ L .   flua-  'itf. nroiit.    However, in  ',-iewof the attention that   lhi_ tan: o.   "[^ iftUe instoa(l  0E   toward.   -;-  ;;.; Whvto-; bad attained, the lumber-     ;    ^e6t lhei0 WOuld be a. diflerent,        ^ .^^^ ^^ ^ .? n(J lcngeJ  men expre-sed thc-nselvea as willing to \ ^ ^ ^ ^ pus9'fc,lger lraias maclb j ^ ^^ . ^ ^^      ,     -,  -  meet the Ol P. K-hall way �� apy j-u;   lransfevd unfcU the wreckage ^3 clea. ��� i a  ^^    ^    doy;n    f  duction they mrgtit, _eo   .;_ ^Mf,g. ,1��   ed away.  1 Marysville Monday  ron"  | METAL"MARKET, '  ���ifisw   .Yori-:-���B.ir silver,    .rjliocntE  Lead, $-1.00.      Coy par,    * 12.75.    Zinc"  (speller^ %n.(Ai.  "London-���l^'..-d����� 12  :'?.od.  M01'''"'-1'::1".  P^e:��� ��.U. >'-^.XlS- S =i��l ��** ��. "��' iS ii>JUS  M.J_5__Si'0'ranU-'ivo to tr.o protc_^ ....  ,i   ;<���  ��-ictlv as  it'Ctf-uus.  or to put u e...ioi,iy  -.o   i  ��."_7 nl^uiVeJu-^irteighij   Broke'Vtoiigli the Ioe.   l 'H.'c=  '  ,c.i.   per   ima-lrcil,   v.-l,io0|     ���  "     ���  ������� i,ite a��i4 ac-xv. - rfm  -u>*>4vBS.<;#i.i ... _,.,.-;    1,��� r,a, AS lUr  SSKSB   .^.- Ifltis;it  becaves'lpr,hi3  g^,sUinily.   Write ^ A^^  ^  amoron ie able to   be   but   And  around sgaip. .     ���    .  the lakeT   B. W. Patmoro wa, up   from   Oran-  arouiiu ..&  ���cry   ne.u    ^  '     * I   1 'X. ^umi.m,�� . A"**", ��*t X-��� ����� ^morOIS ���";��u��ng I ^t Tu-aa,  '"   I      to.  eVsOcenlslolliat-  aad  m,,ta  .  ^.a.,   ,ore���^n     ?    v ^  -   "|   ���1^7-,!SlonKreSanl��rtlcpo���U0 co,  ^^^^  GEWERftL.  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CREAM  FOR FIFTY YEARS A FAVORITE  Always makes the perfect  biscuit, cake and bread.  laking  CHICAGO, U. S��A<  ���-a  5'tV  llr    wjt I  _flfJtift-aA-^^  >& FATHER OF THE NAVY
S«K_« P»_tle_larlr Beer Stories of Hit
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XC-taBcci of Hia DlatiBgui-S-cd Bravery
—History of Qumb Alexandra's "Dour
X-ittl. Admir_,l.-'
Admiral Sir Henry Keppel, the
Father of the British Fleet, who died
in January of this year at his residence 8, The Albany, Piccadilly,
London, was signally remembered by
Queen. Alexandra, who sent' a wreath
to "My Dear Little Admiral/' 'lhe
incident at his funeral struck a
popular chord, and stories oi his
boyhood and life have since beeu
printed at great length in tho Eng-
lish papers. Some ol these aro particularly interesting and Canadian,
will be glad to have u. reprint of
Hia title of Father of the Fleet
wa$ officially recognized, for by sjie-
cial   Order-in-Council     his   name    i_-
mained at  the    head  of  the
List of the Navy,  though he
ly retired in 1879.
Henry Keppel, .fifth son of the
fourth Earl of Albemarle, vho wai
great-grandson of the Dutchman who
came over with the^Frmcc- of Orange,
.was born on June,14„ 3 SOD. Tho
gallant old' sailor used' to tell, with
a chuckle, tho' tale ,that at tho ago
of threo weeks he was' given up as
hopeless, and "placed in my father's
footpan. to be interred in-the garden
at the back of tho houso, .not being
entitled to a-berth",in consecrated
ground. Tn fact," he said, "they all
thought I was dead,, but my old
nurse' fancied .she,.saw- a, glimmer of
life in .me,,-.and brought ■ ine round,'
rind saved ine "from' being buried like
a kitten." ,'    * .    ,   -      •    ,.
. Another early recollection was that'
his  nurse  frightened     liiin   witli,   the,
warning,   "Boney    is   coining!"    and
when he-was-six years old he learnt,
of tho victory|at-"Waterloo.
Ho was: sent ' to 'a preparatory
school at , Nccdham Market.' A
uprightly, mischievous, boy of infinite spirit, his school days Verb,
not altogether uneventful, ancl the
gallant old gentleman has left on record the follon-ing exploit: "As the
warm weather approached I succeeded in finding where the master kept
hi. hair powder, and with -it--mix.-" |
Bomo finely-powdered, sugar.    On coin
admiiui. sue
ing   into school
him,   and  as   he
became black
little     gams
H.    .CKi'PKL.   O.C.ll.
the   flies  soon   founu
got   warm   his   head
instead  of  white.    This
exceeded   my     expecta
tions, as, irritated beyond endurance,
ho  dismissed tho  school."
When   ho  was   11     years     old    his
father decided that it was time to Jix
,    on his career.    Lord Albemarlc talked
the   matter   over   with   hi in   and    his
brother Tom.   Both   lads   wanted   to
join   the Navy,   but  tho   earl   thought
,   it  desirable  tAat  thoy  should   choose
different  professions.    Neither,  of   the
boys   would  give   way.    "Relating  the
incident",   Sir   Henry   adds:    "As    we
disagree.-,   I  hit     Tom    in  the    eye,
,which   he,  being  the   biggest,   ret'urn-
eyd   with interest.    When   we   had  had
enough father decided wo .houlchboth
be    sailors."        Jn    this    rough-and-
ready-way  was  tho  career  of   the  fu-
,   ture   'Admiral   of     the   Fleet   settled,
though,     as a    matter    of fact, ,   his
brother  went  into  the   Church.
In 1822, he was entered at' the
Royal Naval school at . Gosport.
Among the friends he made at this
time were Ilallowell, Suckling, an'd
Francis Blackwood, all* more or ,,1-jss
connected with 'Nelson, ih: was ap-.
pointed to.tho Tweed, commanded by
Captain F.- Hunri, half brother of
Canning, in 181M, and began life, at
While    the  Tw.eed     was  at     liahia
Keppel, who     was     of .-particularly
diminutive    appearance,      was'    taken
ashoro by his 'commander and   ordered   later to  convey . a.'despatch   to tho
Tweed   in the  bay.     .Lord-Cochra.no
was   then    blockading   the   port,     on
behalf   of thc   infant  Empire,   then  a
colony of Portugal.    It was the,Portuguese o/licer  of the  guard   who   refused  to let tho small   oflicer  of    tho
King pass, Keppel saw that the muskets     iin tho:. guardhouse,  looked   too
well   poli.hed   for   use.      Ue' told   his
coxswain to bo ready for a rush, and
beforo  a rifle    could   be   taken   from
the  racks,   this  youngster  of   3 5  had
carried   all  before  him   like  a   miniature hurricane, followed by his boat's
crew, leaving, the sentry on  his back.
They, wero  all  in  the  boat in   an  instant,   a  few  musket balls  from    tho
astonished"; ■' guard t ,fal 1 in'g'   into 'tho
water as tliey rowed away.
Keppel .generally, attracted the 'attention of his commander.''.' "-We shall,
see you aii admiral yet, young Kpp-.
pel," said lie. ■•Very likely, Ar,"
replied the cheeky .youth, , "when I
haven't, noso enough!'-left to tell between tho smell of powder and ship's
P>o'" ,    ■*■..-   ■<.*->   ■■-.    '
Tho  Tweed returned t'o'Spithoad in
,_Vebruai.\, 1825, and joined the Cha'n-
uadion, and a little rnoro than
the  ship    was    paid
out of commi.si n. In 1827 Midshipman Keppel again joyied the
Tweed on this -vessel being commissioned by Captain Lord John
Churchill. She was inspected by tho
last of the line of Lord High Admirals, the Duke of Clarence, afterwards William IV7., but Sir Henry
added in his reminiscences, with that
quaint humor that distinguisned
him, "he did not notice me, although
I had red hair like his flag lieutenant,  Hon.  J. F.  Ross."
Whilo in    the  Tweed    Keppel   was
promoted   to   bo, sub-lieutenant,   and
a year later,  in'1829,  became lieutenant,   being  then  just  20  years    of
age.    On his  return ashore ho joined
the staff oi the. "hind" Duke of Sussex, /and  then  in   1829  he embarked
in the Galatea,1 another ship  of   the
Channel   Squadron,   commanded      by
Capt.     Charles     Napier,     C.B.,    and
'Sailed   to   the   West  Indies  in   search
of glory and  prize    money.    It    was
during  this     voyage  that  tho young,
lieutenant  fought  his  first  and   only
duel.    His opponent,   a fellow o'heer,
declared  for   apology   or   blood,    but
it was  not  blood.     Honor  was  held
to   havo   been   satisfied   after   two exchanges of fruitless shots,  and    then
came   tho preliminaries  to  reconciliation.    Hutton,    the   other   principal,
held  that Keppel should advance   to
him;   this he refused  to  do,   and   tho
affair   was  settled by the  two   meeting midway and making up tho quarrel.    Within   a  month  of  this  quart ci
he    was  nqarly     killed    by   a    roguo
0 In 1829 Keppel was at tho Cape,
distinguishing himself chiefly as ,a
devil-may-care sportsman.' 'The steep
and almost: precipitous clill down
which he drove tandem is still known
as "Keppel's Folly." But the old
tar, who loved a yarn and a talk of
early days, used to say of these escapades, "I'vo been at the bottom
oi most ditches in most parts of
tho world."
In 1S33 he was promoted to Commander, and given'tho command of
the brig Childers a year later, one of,
the" signatories '• to his commission
heing Sir Thomas Hardy, Nelson's
./aithful-IJardy. He was :so small of
stature that' his friends persuaded
him not 'to, apply in person for the
ship. Thereafter he saw a good deal
' of: tho": slave trade, and Chineso and
Malay pirates infested the Eastern
seas.v and perpetually imperilled our
merchant ships. Hi's first job was to
blockade 'GO -miles of coast with
boats, and* this he did so well that
tho Rajah offered him his daughter
in marriage.
He was home for tho Coronation
of Queen Victoria, at which he was
present. In liis next ship, the Dido,
ho renewed his acquaintance with
the Eastern seas.
Keppel commanded the St. Jean
d'Acro,- a/me ship', in the Baltic during the war with Russia, and subsequently took but troops to tho
Crimea, "where he was appointed
commander of the Naval Brigade and
greatly ..distinguished himself, being
gazetted "three times for bravery.*-
Next he hoisted his broad pennant
in tho .Raleigh for the East Indies,-
but had the misfortune to ground her
off Macao, and, to stand a court-
martial which might have been serious if his brilliant exploit-at Fat-
shan Creek had not covered him with
fresh honors.
The late admiral often said he did
not think much of the oflicer who had
not lost a ship, and sometimes bewailed , his own hard fate in being
thus mado the means of improving
our charts. It had been his luck, ho
said, during his service to discover
17 rocks, unknown till he ran his
ship  on   them.
Probably • the finest'piece of txoat
work ever done was Keppel's attack
with seven boats on 35 large Chinese
junks in Fatshan Creek n 3 857,
when his galley was sunk beneath
'him, and five out of six of the men
in it wero killed or wounded. At
thc first attack the Chinese firs was
so hot that the boats were obliged
to fall back. Then Keppel called
out, "Let's try onco more with tho
row-boats, boys," and the men gave
such a cheer, and made such ah onslaught, that tlie Chinamen gave
way, and a number of the junks were
captured and  several slmk.
Talking of these 'days he used to
Say that, like a cat, he must have
had at least nine lives, considering
the chances of death which he had
escaped. Tho K.C.B. was deservedly
bestowed upon him for his courageous and clever leadership in the l'ast-
mentioned   action.
He was sent to the Cape in 18G0
as Naval Commander-in-Chief, and
from that position he was transferred
to the Brazilian station. In 3.8.G7. ho
hoisted his flag on tbe Rodney as
vice-admiral commander-in-chief on"
the China" and' Japan .station: Returning to England,he .attained the
'rank of full; admiral, and Oxford.conferred upon him the honorary degree
,of D.C.L.—rather to his' aiiiusehient.
Tbe other 'steps of honor, which ha
trod may be summarized.. Sir-Harry
was created O.C.B. in 1871, and became Admiral of the Fleet six years
l..t'er.' He retired i» 1879, but that
only began lor him another equally
busy life of travel. To the last he
was never so happy'as when lie was
traveling across the ocean, bound for
a far-off land, and, no voyager Was
more .welcome on., board. ,■'*'..'
With the Royal family Sir Harry
iv a .s a favorite from boyhood,' and to
His Majesty"and lhe Queen was known
tis ''Daddy." 'Ihe Queen, not long
a.go,-*sent a greeting, to "Aly dear Utile Admiral." Sir Harry was indeed "aVittle admiral," for he was
scarcely over 5 feet on height. He
Was probably the only man, outside
Members of' tho Royal family, ever
Photographed with liis arm linked in
that'of Queen  Alexandra.
A pretty story is told of tho old
salt, who always delighted in the
id ay of children, being once taken
linawarcs at Marlborough Ilojise in
the midst of stepjiing through a lively hornpipe with little Prince Edward of York.
' The late admiral married first
Katharine Louisa, daughter of Gen-',
cral Sir John Crosbie, who was a
great invalid, and died in 1859; and
Secondly, Jane Elizabeth, daughter
of Mr. Martin John West, who died
In 1895.
Goes Into th« Minictrj Without Portfolio
—Swon or tlio rriTy Council by tho
CoTernor-Gtneral—Sketch of tiie Cl.ic
and Political Carver or the New Federal Minister—A 34  L/rff.ee Mason.
At a quarter to one o'clock on
Feb. 5, Mr. C. S. Hjman, M.P., for
London, was suo.ii oi the Privy
Council, without portfolio, in the
presence of tho Govemor-Oenetal, in
His Excellency's olhce in tlu East
The new Minister was introduced bv
Sir Wilfrid Launor,_ who was accompanied by Messis. Sutheilanl
and Prefontame
Hon. Charles Smith Hyman was
born at London, Ont., in 1851. His
father was the late F. \V. Hymun,
who came to Canada from Penn,
Pennsylvania, in 1S3G, and his mother was a daughter of the late William Niles, ex-ALP. lie was educated at Helhmith . College, London.
On his fathei's death he succeeded
him in his bu.Miiess as a leather merchant and tanner, and at present is
head of the nrin of C. S. Hyman &
Co., London. Ho was president of
the London Board of Trade, 1831-
1882, and then entered the City
.Council.      He was  chairman   of    tho
Sled   Kscltt-T   nn<l   l-cipingr at   St. Mont/,
Stritzeiland—__e.o_.tin;;   nu   Toioiito
J5_i} nt Kilt, of .1 Milu a Miuut..
.Switzerland may well be termed
"the home of the ice sportsman,"
notwithstanding Canada's strong
claim to the title.
In the little Alpine republic all
sorts) of snow and ice pastimes thrive
and most are of the simplest description. For instance, one of tbe
leading   diveisions  is coasting,   en  a
in: a,
HOy.   C. S.   HYMA-..
Finance   Committee,   and  was elected
Mayor   of  London   in   188*1.    He  has
been president  of the London   Cricket   Club,   and  president oi   the   Canadian   Cricket   Association.   Ho   is     a
member   of   the   Chinch  of   England.
Ho  was   married     in   187(5   to   Elizabeth,   daughter  of Mr.   John  Birrell,
London.    He unsuccessful^- contested.
London   for the  House   ol*   Commons
at  tho, general  election of 1887.    At
the election of 1891   he was returned
by a majority of 187  over Sir  John
Carling,   but   was  unseated   on   petition.   He  was elected   English Secretary of  the  Ottawa  Reform   Convention  of 1893.   Mr    Hyman   was   successful   in  , carrying  London     in  the
Liberal  interests at the general  election of 1900, and has taken a prominent part in the House of Commons
ever  since,   having, been chairman  of
tho Railway Committee, and a member of the Redistribution   Committee
of  last session.    He  has  always   taken a deep interest m Masonry'   Ho is
a Past Master of Tuscan Lodge,   No
195,  London.   Ho is   also  a member
of  the  London   Lodge   of  Perfection,
as well as a member of the So.eroi.jn
Chapter  of  Rose  Croix.   Ho  has  attained  the 31st degree.
MOlllTZ. b
much moie extensive and yet Iops
complicated plan than om tobogganing.
Instead of erecting clubhouses and
designing elaborate inclined uoodm
fatructuies, as do our toboggaii enthusiasts, as a gtneial rule the
Swiss sportsmen select an extended
stretch of sloping ground, providing
ono or more paiticuhuly steep ascents hcie and there, and lay out a
racing course by banking i the i-now
on either tide and pounding the
floor of the tiack to boaidhkc hni d-
ness. Now all is ready, and warmly
clad natives and„tourists vie in sledding from 'end to end against time.
Some sensational recoids liave been
made, as the sleds bound downward
with tremendous velocity.
A favoiite vanation of coasting is
"sled leaping," which ron.iMs of
speeding to an icy "take off," where
the coaster pulls upwaid on his
sled in its bounding flight and
launches forward into a bed,of loosely packed snow.
Ho who covers the greatest distance over the show bed from tho
"tako off" is,  of rout sc, the winner.
The centie of Swiss snow and ico
spor,ts in the famed icsort, St.
Montz. 'I hern has been constructed
a magnificent sledding tiack called
the Cresta run
The run can be used all winter,
and traveleis consider it a potent attraction when outlining tups on the
continent. '
In the illustrations accompanying
this  article arc shown scenes on  the
Cresta run   ■-
-ccbonli-r at Toronto.
Toronto has one of tho largest and
fastest fleets of ice yachts- on tho
continent. The club has a large
membership,   most of  whom  are   ac-
Va-t Areas of rcitilu Lands Which Am
I.JUcly to Iteconne tho *.. oilu's Wlieut-
fields—Whero rioductloii 1» JJoirul.-i
aiul Conslnot-Urc.it Fotests of Iin.-
ainiber—A Chinos-  -.awii-lll.
To the obseiver of events and conditions in this poition of the Orient
it ib not di.licitH to understand the
tenacity of Russia m hanging on to
Maiichuiia. Jt is the richest of all
thc piovinces of China and as u.l
as it   is rich.
Tlie Chinese Eastern Ihulway, the
southeastern branch ol the trrcat
Siberian Railway, ui its course
through Manchuria to its ond .it
l'oi t Aitliur passes through more
than a thousand miles of as continuously rich agt iculiural country
as can be found .uiyu hi'ie m 1 lu-
world, Jt is a countiy where it op
failures and famine ai v almost unknown and wh.'ri- pioduuion is as
tegular and constant as .ti*v pluc.
dependent on natuial iainfall. The
countiy tributary to the .'linu'se
East.'i*n Railway oinbtiuvs apptovi-
inatcly 05,Ot'O sqiiau' miles, almost
eveiy ncie of winch i.s tillable soil.
But this docs not coinpndiend all
nor even a major pa> t of Manchuria.
One of the most fruitful
the   woi Id     is   that   of   the
Ihver.   only   a  poi tion  ol
traversed   by   the   railioad.
liiKlrum.-iit of Tin (,,,,
31-acl-uri..—ij, -j,
= 'i :i Sin-.;
Woaiing  i j, .    , iln
Manchurian   puin-h
is   a     v\oodt\i     in'i
arcaind    tho    ne. \p
which   is  usualh
pounds.   On   the
i   Al&-"&\
•       .-8i"W5_
i ,ui
, . „ .      J'fanergV_?m>;
valh'vs of
Ntingut i
which     is
Tins   riv-
%^_      il__i_J^'.;J"Vr^ T
- '-Z-y~~>!*—r— I " "     V V V    ' Al r ' '
-j j.   IS---  -i^t^v\M.i"~ ■"■
r^£i. •  _»_-
f presses i1 nip
\. rega nfi^u
', tirel^"l^
) sure^Vw£i^
5   liringj^yol
- with^mchf
^ city toTtl-C
' the ^an^
, 'with'npflKj
• forcoTol^n-
*■ ' •'"ThejftJ's'j
I IzedfjWbrJt;
P, fPilfifim
' hope;?'nnd
!- dcbiliiaiet
'   ask&o$g
in  largo
f ' aslonislill
lctteis   th-  o.hrse _nj n,.-"bega_iWo|
of pun.shimii t~l'"eia«
CA.Sui i l*. vr
wearer oi   flu  --an^ile is \-.
using  his
capable   of
to be fed, and us tin
Its    wearer  from    h
Bleep he gets  must L
sitting posture.
i.e r_<f
• < .'ii.;ne procr-jfeteei^
in.; down  n.ialjfi- proo%tna
, i , i EV F'4M* ^Sa*?'v5
i- obumc- id -?.; eoijn^BLS^
Otl\yk-h  SAWMI1 I.
«•_ of   Sir   Klchai-il Cartwrluht S^crstar.
• f th* K«w Kailway  ConiinUdun.
At a meeting of the Cabinet on
Feb. 1 the appointment of Captain
A. D. Cartwright, barrister, of Toronto, as secretaiy of the Railway
Commission was formally ratified,
position    carries   with  it  a  sal-
is    al-
tive and own ntid run ice j adits. H
Is no uncommon sight to see fiom
thiity to fifty ^ jachts on the bay
flanking the city any pleasant day
during tho winter.
The yachts carry from two to ten
persons, depending upon their si/e
and  the velocity of the  wind.
The speed attained in a stiff wind
Is often teinfic, exceeding frequently a mile a minute.
Shaltar Buy «r   Chwmulpo   Aro   Now  -•_-
trolle.I  hy Jupin,
One of the principal desires of Russia has been to obtain the Rozc Islands in thc Corean liai bor of Chemulpo, because thoy would bo of
Immense value to hor for coaling
fetation.. Japan's recent victories
however, at present stand in th-i
way. Whether tho favor of tho (rod
of   war   will   change   this   status
'i.'.' •       CAPT. CAr._WI.IGHT.
ary of $-1,000 per year. Captain
Oa'rtwrie-ht i.s a son of Sir Richard
Cartwright, Minister of Trade and
Commerce. Captain Caitwright is
an honorary captain and adjutant
of tho Royal Grenadiers,
for several years secretary
Ontario Rifle. Association."
«c~«J • •-'V.-7 '•*___sCL«*/. J'
To Keep 8ta«l From Rust.
Iron and steel goods of all descriptions are kept fiee rrom rust in tho
following manner. Dissolve one-half
of an ounce of camphor in one pound
o/ hog's lard, take off thc scum and
add as much black lead as will give
the mixturo an iron color Iron and
steel goods of all kinds rubbed with
this mixture and left with it on for
twenty-four hours and then rubbed
with a linen cloth will keep clean
t or. mootlMU
of couise, yet in tho womb of tho
future. The islands shelter the Ray of
Chemulpo and command thc southern water-way of the estuary of the
Han, thc direct toad by water ti;
Mapu, the poi t of Seoul a distance
of 55 miles. An attempt was made
to purchase the islands from Coioa
but the Jn panose .succes.sfulU opposed the sale. Chemulpo, which means
"Muddy Haiboi," wns opened" tn
foreign coiniiu'i eu in ISS'i. It has
about 2,000 foieign icsidenl
cipally  Japanese
pi m-
1 Iin   I fiM-lieth' l>i ttui],
arc   tluee  clause.',   of clnldien
accoidmg   to 'Ihe   Home  Siieinc
g.'L/.iiie,   that   teai hei s  diead     to
ceivc—namely,   the   only      child,
youngest,  child   arid   the   child     r
by his giandraother.
-IANun.J. A.TZ3
cr, emptying into the Amur, is the
waterway for the northern part of
Manchuria and drains an immense
aiea of arable land. Some of tho
rnhest sections aie rolling lulls of
black loam
While    beans,   barley,   oats,   millet,
tobacco,  hemp,   coin   and   vegetables
aie  the present  j.i mcipal, crops    and
aie  grown     rather   extensively     and
profitably, the     entire    Snngari  valley  wciiis   to   be   esp.'cinily     adapted
to  the  production   of  wheat,  and    it
has  always  been  grown   in  a     small
way  for local     use  by  the     natives.
Thero   arc  three   varieties   in   -.cneral
use—a small,  plump  white  wheat,    a
longer  grain   of  a  darker  color   'and
another   huger   and   longer   and   sull
darker   but   quite     thin   grain,
intioduction   of   improved  seed
in  time no doubt   improve  the
ity  and  quantify  of  production
timately    making   this  one     of
world's  greatest   wheat  fields.
Tho great need of the country is
modern agricultural implements, nnd
hciein is an opportuni-v for Canadian trade. The net lesults of the
war may, of course, have .some effect on the freedom accotded if Russia remains in control, but so tar
there have beeu no obstacles placed
in   the   way.
Thc   manufacture     of   flour
ready  becoming- an   important
try,   and     /.louring  mills     are
elected   in  various   parts  of  the   J.ro-
vmce      llatbin   is   the   present   centre
of  this   industry  and   is  destined     to
become   one   of   the  great   /lour     producing ceiiUes or  the  world        It     is
situated   m     the   heart  of  vho   valley
of thc Snngari,   on   the  bit ills of that
stream,   wheio   it   has   tbe  advantage
of water    transportation     fiom     the
wheat-fields a.s well as transportation
ljy rail from three different directions.
It   has     in  addilion     to   this     ch<>ap
water transportation  to the sea, two
linos  of railway   reaching  the  ocean,
one at  Vladivostock and     the    other
line  touching  it   at   Newchwang, Dal-
nv  and  Port  Arthur.      Though    only
tbiee years   old,   this   is   one    or   the
greatest  cities  of  Asia  and  has     the
largest   European1 population    of  any
Asiatic   city,   contaiiiine;   (K),OCO Russians,   besides  the  soldicts      The  native     Clnncs-o     population     numbers'
about  4 0,000
Aside from the ngriciillur.il re-
soiiMer Manchuria, has gieat foii-sLs
wliich are especially attracting Russian enterprises. Many important
lumbering plants have been established, particularly at points tributary to the Yalu and Sungui i Ri\-
ers. along the upner wateis of whidi
streams thei e are vasl foi eats containing ininieii.se ouautitics of exceedingly fh-o timber. The timber
along the Yalu, which is very abundant on both the Corean and Manchurian .sides of the stieam. i.s mainly pine, vciy much like the white
pine of Canada, and is . h,. pi mcipal
source of supply for the China market.
Hitherto     lumberin-r-  has  been   carried  on  in a very pnmitiv.   w.iv    tin-
logs  being cut     into     timber  bv  the
whipsaw method,   the natives usiio
thin   and  nniiow     saw   blade,
teeth     set .so  a.s   to     cut  both
The   Russians   aie,   howevei,
rlucing  new  and   heavier     niarhinerv
It  is said  that  thev .ue to const nut
at the mouth of the   Yalu the mtoikI
laig.'st   .sawmill  in   tlie woi Id     Theie
aro   several   largo     sawmills   in      ||10
city of  Hnihin,  cutting   timber winch
i.s   rafted   down   the   Snngari      River
along   tho   head   wnto.s   of  wlnih   «-
tensive     Ii'i-nbPiing  operations     lnve
been   -econtly   l,e,,un     As   (he   (ountry
is   being  developed  by   Russian
r-'isc,   (heie is an
for   hunbi'i
TJio J7ip»ncfo   W jr Cod.
Before   hostilities  bioi.i* out a picturesque  feature of    tlie preparation
for   war   was   thc   vein s.d.o. ot Ilu-
yachima, the Japan-s, warforf,  ei
ancestor   of "tho  .Mikado. lie has a
temple   at   Jvamakuia    __j   of   ._.
ancient   capitals  of  J.t'u.  wa to-
kohama,   but  he is sijpjios A   to _»
piosent  in spirit m  tli-' gr.at Srv'nto
temple  on Kudan lull   Tol.io
twice   a   year   the   'loops    statio:
at Tokio  come  to  p«.v tl^H  losp.'C:
to comrades  who liave fall -n in bit
tic.        Company  bv     loaipany   tr.".
>M,i is?**
flJS;Vi'J t'M**»_»?i
I- 'neasjfcnr
4 r fiw5_-flig
march up and solemtilv pnscnt arc. pytf^$jffii
Lclore tho temple honoring thcr''^ fof^?_1g
dead. Before depanni. ior the frou - * "^'iWillf^____i
also fhe troops went to saline' tie ^ routtf***
god, leaving voIim- oflei'ngs to id i,v'^,i%|"*"E
.«ure their safe retwin The soldion \"~',^^xwh
hang straw sandals up about ;hj |^'s'i&&p
temple. Tins, t h.-s think, will mil: ^A1*-^^'1
them  fleet-footed \   i-_
Thc wot ship ol Ilavathima is
couraged by the (.oveiniiK'nt
makes the soldiers more wut like and
increases their love ior the Mikado
I-ayachhnn's defendant. Wm sonc^
are compiled bv the milrtary aj*
thonties     and     are  taught     m    th
YA byi'Meafia
\ Vwaxfip^t
'<■ A tlonaltren
schools.    Little   children  march miles i t'.iy?^**"-:
in   the  bla/.ing  sun  carrying  the  Ja- ,
panose   flag.    The   spint   of   tho    oil \_
Samurai, thc tetainer ot tho shogun
who never drew his sword without
Just cause and never sheathed it
without honor, is not allowed * to
New Xt.ijor ciT Montroal.
The new Mayor of  Montreal,
Laporte. who h.'i*= just been clectod
by over I2,00u majority, is a good
illustration of what industry and
character can do. Mr. L-aporto is
tho son of poor patents who lived in
avsmall village) near Montreal II-'
learned no Fnghsh at .school 13Jt
making up his mind that n knowledge or both languages w.i'i iift'JS-
sary   to    business   success.
[( condition
, . nin^casj
t .^whlcBsflsi
f     the^tmico
? ., cos-Iot-!.j:
, - ...-Sol-V'-J
J  -*,'ilall's;
w ith
to  spend  his evenings     rcaduur   '■''
English  newspapers.      He    giaduft»\
acquired     a  first-rato  knowledgo
the language, which for all    corn
cial   purposes   is   .still   a   vital  necessity in the  Province of Quebec.
is  now the  head  of a great       ^
sale grocery concern which    does
largo    trade  in   both  Provinu'-'-
much courtesy, "1»t,cstvfa1",
ho  has  devoted niuih ol »
to   municipal   aff.i''s-
from  first  to  bust    o3
man of
sparo  time
ing known
man of undoubted integnfy-
ii id
on tor-
increasing demand
particularly for house
building and railway const rurtio'i.
As in (he (t,se of ngricultuinl linple-
uaiifs, theie seems to be heie an op-
pottuiMtv fo,* (he introduction *ot
(.aiuidian   lumbering   machinery.
8«icrs.'Btio« forKncliBli Kxiiati*1"8'' '
Lieutenant-Colonel    fir-ton   l"1,ur^
ill of the British  army toceullv to
a   good     story   at   the    London
sionary Society's  meeting.      •'-
first .Poor   war,   he  said,   they
holding  a  religious  .servico    ln
open  and  a  Kaffir asked     ^hn^
the  noise   was   about.    Ho   w.ii
that  they   wei o  worshiping  ''(1(1
c.vuso  they  wanted  to go  to h"1*1
which  was   a very  rnco  place
nativo then   inquired,      "Whv.
does  not   England  annex  lioavriu
then. W-M-CT-CT �� -   ��� i��  LORY,  "'"lillun'.  LEADER  is isj'_^)i'Si!!?W^.tv1  !"Vto'-*i.,,$'!;'^5iSk|iS^iSj^- _'"V, ������' -W  'Si^^^ym.ii^m^i  >*)7 !M y��m^^mS^Ar,A.u'^'^ X>~A   RIOO-  LAST OF CUSTER'S  MEN.  Serwcant    MarTT.    I.    Retired    Afte.  Thirty Vcarn' Service.  Sergeant John Martin of the Ninetl-  th company, coast artillery, tfat-onod  HE'S WELL KNOWN  IN PORT HOPE  who was the only  s  Red   Blood  i|^^^^rong,,Nerv^.:V^V;;  ^^f^or'd':;that,,fairly-;;.ex  Ay^irAm^^mmm.  iit^K^1^  Del  ."%.  under    ono  nerves, ,im-  loss   of  flesh.      No  istless and  in-  conutuon  is  perhaps  "'f/tT''-:     //7"-'j-W~v^WK'pVTh-is   coricuciua   ��   v*--���t--  ^^h^^MJfe overwork,   or the re-  V  4Tbtis  &^BStlio^od;health:    Vou must  '    _3fc  r,s^^J^JfSalth    or   succumb    en-  :S��ffiust ono  absolutely  -,*��"'  "^^'^psfeiv life   en  These   pills  every  will  vein  ^ith'ww^-gy' an-" fpp'y th0 ^tal  fofcoro%*n^at.d body.  fc    "rhoi-OJls^notia corner of tho (n  I   iziWofew^erc 'Dr.  Williams'   Fink  SSclM*   brought    health    and  '   SpJ^fifii-^tfppine-s   to   some   weal  !   deDililaXed^despairing    i��r.on.       H  ' vou "lia^JW used Ul�� l*ills '**ourse";  '   ask^vSM&il"^'3 ��"��> Lh��y W,U ,CU  * yfutrS&StateiaCMits    are    solemn  tf _tf MrTOuu les Saulnier. ��orbcr-  <' ira��Sfe's :    "���! was very much  : ''i^d^lfed so weak 1 could hardly  : ' wdifefefeicd as though .nyWu'.d  .v      x        .   w^iffU-feftter than water     L tried  L \    '    MV-j-ilBSjeSlciries.  but 1 got nothing  ^^S*    i   SSpfftuntil   I   began  caking Dr.  s    Wilham^lPink  Pills,'. It was simply  uv ()C"V* ,asloWs.i'n#how    quickly   the.se  mils  ���rse ana m   begf-S&o&elp mo',and how much new  L'WeJi-k&teor  they  put into me.      I  4-.n,uicisi.��&_&���J$ok   by   profession,    and    ihe  ��� i A   lei .S^Me^tti vv as able to cook for fif-.  ''-,'OfirocrlP^iM^last    winter  is,   tho   best  ���i'-wi   ^.^VvSmtnWlthe pills have made mo as  r (.od.  m out a pic  preparation  vtson ol Ih-  warned, en  Hi his a  ���_.   ot   t_.  ,11   ftlM to-  os A   to U  great Shinto  'ok io    Iltn  s  hmr lesp*  sil'in in ba'  npam    liv  jbUincd,_,;j,B^n^��S-a&ver I was.  ^Thengf   no    mystery    about   the  ��� ftpo*_80_SSDr   Williams'   Pink Villa  to  AvymiUmie  and  strength   into you  V n^^i-Tfenv  make  new ,blood,   and  is-  er  ��� .fpuu-w    troubles,   headaches   and  l-WWIieiand the special ailmonts of  SwoSienW^hrough the blood Dr. Wil-  f^lla-ns'Snk Pills feed, and steady '.ha  iSfftl1��tUally make new ?blood. an  l��fIM��Iy they cure all blood di  Iffe&'OTjjlMai-iaeinia, indigestion, liv��  ctl  at Fort McHemy,      man out of 277 to survive the massacre | Mr,  of the Sioux^ Indians under General  Custer, was retired from service by a  general order issued by the department  of the east Sergeant Martin has served  for thirty years, since he was-twenty  years old. lit" will receive th-wc-quar-  tere of his regular pay.   ���  On June 25, 1S70, General Custer scut  Sergeant   Martin,   then   a' trumpeter,  back' from the camp on ,the Little Big  Horn river, Montana, to Captain Ben-  teen for re-enforcements.   Martin said  he had scarcely mounted a hill about a  mile from the camp when he. saw Sitting Bull approaching.  ,   "I knew tbat it was too late for the  re-enforcements, but I continued on my  mission.   I  looked  back for a minute,  and 1  knew tbat  my  comrades were  doomed.   I then hurried on to Captain  Beuteen.   I mctliini coming In the direction of the camp.   Ou the 20th we  had an engagement wilh the same red-<  skins who  had killed Custer and the  detachment.   It was not until the 27th  tbat, we  reached  the  field  where ihe  bodies lay.   We found Custer leaning  against tbe stomach of a dead 'horse.  There we're dead men all around him.  He was nearly the last to die, I think."  Sergeant Martin  also served in the  campaigns in the Black Hills In 1870  and the Yellowstone in 1870 and 1877  under the command of General. Terry  nnd later under General  Stii'rgls.   Ha  "has in his possession a handsomely engrossed certificate  signed  by   Captain  Beuteen  -which  contains the dates of  the various engagements in which he  . fought.  Captain Fiirr, the temporary commander at Fort McHenry, sent Sergeant Martin a letter commending hia  meritorious work in the army.  Sergeant Martin is married and resides at 1321 Hull street.���-Baltimore  Sun.  Chas.     Gilchrist     Declares  Dodd's Kidney Pills Cured  His Diabetes  II. Suffered For..Ten Years and Could Go  So Roll-. Till He Tried tlio <liea  Canadian Kidney Remedy.  Port Hope, Ont.r Mar. 14���(Special)  --It ,has long been admitted that  what will cure Diabetes will cure any  form of Kidney Disease, and Dodd's  Kidney Pills have cured the longstanding Diabetes of Charles Gilchrist  of, this place.  ' Mr. Gilchrist is easily one of ?ho  best known men in Port Hope. For  fifteen years he was Chief of Police*  and for twenty-two years Fishery  Overseer* of 'the Dominion Government. When asked regarding his  cure, ho had no hesitation in .saying  it was caused hy Dodd's ICiduey Pi!la  and nothing else.  "I had Diabetes and Kidney Ii',.��.or-  der for ten years,'- ho said. '-My  urine  was like brickdust and J  had  a  terrible    backache.'     I   tried   doctors,)    tried    everything,    but   could get.no j SQEpTjQS J^   BELIEVERS  ThlovpH  mm!   SHLIi'N.  Bibles are fai-i  by  detcf-tives to be  more rarely stolen th.ui any other objects.   This is not because Bibles aro  worthless 10 'a thu I, but because fev  criminal-, are sulheit-ntly depraved to  steal the good boo1.:.   A detective said  recently   that   in   an   important   case  which he had followed up some years  :tgo   a   thief   had   entered   the   house,  stolen   some valuable jewels and  left  untouched   a   Bible   bound   in   white  ehickeu ���kin and studded with pear*..  The detective caught the thief, and the  man who bad been robbed, a dealer in  curios, visited his despoilor in jail, took  an, interest'in him because he had uot  taken the Bible und eventually reformed him and got him a good job.  "I knew," tbe thief said, "that If I  took that Bible it would do me harm  and-If 1 didn't take it it might do me  good.   I let it alone, and now, thank  heaven, I'm an honest and'a righteous  man."  The detective "added that in another  case where a thief had stolen a Bible  the book had been returned. "Another  thing few thieves will take," he added,  "is  a   child's Savings bank."  If you want to enjoy  vigorous health, take  They are a veritable short cut  to lasting and perfect health.  ^pare* oB��� *. *. r.op..e.o,- THOMAS JB^CH^JJ. ������* M-��  Sold Everywhere in Oanada and U. ��. Am��nc��-  Irt box**. 25 cent*.  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The bacillus 13 tthe diplobacilli_apsllatus-a_ro-  genes, so rare that physicians in the  state have come' across only ono other  instance of its presence.    It enters *  wound, causing the forming under the  skin of gas that is fatal.    Gentleman    ui  ^^  died from the bacillus.    It -was said at j sonalfy" purchased in a drug storo  "~     "     J���  '    ���---*'-' "���-���"id analysis has fail  opiates,  given to a child,  harsh    purgatives     should  avoided.    An ideal medicine for young i j.gjj-j"  children is Baby's Own Tablets, which'-.  euro all  tha  minor  ills  of  childhood,  and the*, mother'has the guarantee of  one of tho foremost analysts of Can-  { ada   that   this  medicine   contains   no  opiate.   'Milton L. Horsey, M. A. He,  demonstrator    in    Chemistry,   ilcGill  University,    says :���"I hereby certify  that I 'have made  a careful analysis  of Baby.s  Own Tablets  which I pe'r-  ^Kllen Terry has a 'passion for tct-  tage--'. She owns three, une at Small  11 vlht*. Kent, being one of., be, finest  examples , of homely Tudor architecture 'in 'I.ngland.  Have  You   a Skin Diisease?--  Tetter, Salt I^heum, Scald Head. IlinR;-  worin, l-Jc-zenia, Itch, Uarbers" Itch, Ul-  cers. Rlotches, Chronic ICrysipelns, Li-.er  Spots, J'-uriifO, J'soriasis, or oti.i'r erup  tions    of    the    .sliin���what  OGILYIE'S- Millers to H. R, B. The Prince of Wales.  ,  ^    ���.  Ur.    Agnew.'s  1 Ointment   has   done  for  others   Jt   can  00  I for you���cure you.    One application,__|ves  35 cents.���S7i      -. '-,  llr. Uhle. of the'authropologi-itl'department of the university of California,  has  troiic   to  Tcrti  to  stud/    the  and   early customs, of    ihc  in-  of   the Pacific coast.  isTiirPRtf-tRtNTIAL^ciGAR  Yoiili   Enjoy Every Bit Of It  01:1 g-m  habitants  in  ? L^'^^SP'^f1*1"'' Cannot Be Cured  8&*lw.  byflflcat'app'icatlons as they rannot reach thc  'jj-    d_iea__5|poittoii '*C tlie car.    There iu only one  W.i 1   SO.cS \ VwaxftO^SUic dcuCuoss, ami that ,1s by .coiistltu-  ilrt 11 v    ttJ  \  '"Uonal'Jrenn.cllL''     Di-atucs. Is caused hy an'ln-  .1.   .V'/fl-K.-- '<omlltion  of  the  muoous  lln'.n-;  ot   the  tit      III     tt-      'Tj-Eusta-htan   rube..    When this  tuhc Is inllame.  niaich miks I '^you^have a lumblliiK soimil or Imperfect hear-  ..^   tlin    Ti Inj&tiujfl/when It Is ontlrely closf'l.  Deafness l��  " tho'V-SuU, a->a unless the inliammation can be  takeni'out and il-.is luije restored to its normal  Si -oncl__k*nJ   hfa-iriK   \\M   be   destroyed   forever;  nin^casls out of ten  are caused by  Catarrh,  <_,wlfleh!tls notlilni; but an Inllamcd condition of  "the^WJlCOUS  sui fares.  * ���(S.'WOv'V-ill  K'--1   t"0  Iliindrod  Dollars  for  any  - ~     '   ->��i fcaused liv catarrh) t  Send for  the hospital-that his chance of rccov     ^ntreal   and sa  cry from shooUng was inflmtesimal, but | ^^to^detcct^tne p  ^^ ���    Anillysi5  none   of   the   physicians   and   experts  could swear before the coroner's jury  that Gentleman would.not have lived  Dropsy is one positive Sign o.  Kidney Disease.-- Have You Auyot  these  uuials-akable  sirdb ?     l-uffiness  un  der tlie eyes ?  enng   feeling '?  nc the .la  of  ttio    oil tj  ho sliouun    1  1     without  eathed     it ?  llowcd * to  ���could he have escaped the bacillus, so  the charge of murder had to be withdrawn.  iate or, narcotic in them  '-   ������      ���" -- mothers know that  is proof,- thereiore ,  in giving their little ones Baby s Own  Tablets they arc, giving them an absolutely safe medicine. Sold, by all  druggists or mailed, at 25c a box by  writing thc Dr. Williams  Co., Brockville, Ont.  Swollen limbs ',�� Sinoth-  eiinv; iv;<=it..b . Change of '.lie character  of tlie urine ? l_xliaustion uiter least exertion ? tf you liave there'3 .- dropsical  tendency and you shouldn't lose un hour  in putting yourself under1 the great South  American   J_idney ,Curu     "'"  -80  Medicine  caso Ot.PoifnPss (cau-v.i by .atarih) that,can-  oivl.  ltteal,    Mr  ��en    clect'd  is  a good  us'try    anil  I.aporto   is.  rho h.cd ir  treal      II ���  boil     13jt  t  a    kuoiv-  vs 1 <i nei ">  s,    ha   used  nOt^Ue'Ctlievl  ly Hall's  -utairh Cine.  1 circulars, fi v c  *^?CBl& F- J- Ciir.SEY&CO.,  ^���vSoW't-y all driicKiM?. ^.,o.  * *" *"   "milly l'llls aie tlio best.  Toledo, O.  bv   an  It's an ensv matter to gauge a person's wisdom.    Draw him ii.tn a d.s-  'cussion. and if ho aRrees with you ..��-  lis sensible.  Vl-ff-2lcl��\inily essay written bj an  ErigSsl? schoolboy appeared the fol-  lOWllitlpn^age :���    "And   He  sed   unto  iu.uses.JC 01111  arxdW  '-*&  m  iVrlli:  the   job.  mt lie conic Jibh,  Morral.   tlit   uj>  Expert  Telejcrnp-ier  at  Eleven.  Robert T. Baird, aged eleven years��  the'son of, Robert I.. iialrd of Grova-  nia, holds a unique place among tha  bright-3'outlis of Georgia.  He is a fast and accurate telegraph  operator and has already done regular ' repent.���A little m  work In Western "Union offices.   At one   of the wonderful pelic  time he was in charge of the offices at i��9   ^rme\ws Veget  Vienna as day operator.  Young Baird seems to have taken to  the key by Instinct.    "When only seven,  years old he could sit at the Instrument  and  send before  his  father knew  he  wag acquainted" with the alphabet.   At  nine years of age he could receive, and  now he is considered a competent operator.���Atlanta Constitution.  A set of silver-mounted dueling pistols cmco owned by George Washington was purchased by a Ww Yoih  dealer the Other day  at an auction.  A Sour Stomach and a Sour  Te-ttper travel  Jiand-in-hand and   aro the  TO   PREVENT   IS BETTER THAN  TO  medicine in the  t-Viape  ets whicli aie known  able   Pills,   ad ministered   at   the   proper   lime   unci   witli   ihe  adhered    to     often   prevent   a  Tablets   keep  ftestion���keep   the   nerve  cinittvu  a need���they're  iiatCn-c's  punncea-  tind   huruilobs,     33   cents.���S8  wfil   bal  -pleasant  MpnT^V^WFoRTIER LTD. MONTREAL  to  ,   While   China   means  inhabitants keep right'on t.  ing lessons.  .    SCME ONE   10  HANBtE  Y.3R 8HJPMEKT8 ,     f%  *������_  ft** "_���   TO CONSION  YOU.  CRASH  TO  A BEtlABtl  Fit*    ��� ��  CLlW   PROMPT SERVICE  AND  OAREf'OL  ATTEMTIOW   . ���  If .o. the nnd.r_lj.ned want* your bu.lu.sa ahd wlll e���de��vor to give-atUlac-l.--.  Cash advanced en consijamenU.     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The  high  discharges,    he    says,    are    frequent  enough to Influence greatly the atmospheric   constituents,   especially   where  tho line passes through narrow thoroughfares.     They   become   antiseptic  agents.  Con<Ielined  Ebb��1  In Germany they make condensed  eggs! The superfluous water is removed, and sugar is added. The con-"  dciised eggs are putTtip for tho market  In hermetically sealed boxes, a pound  box coutalniug about fifteen eggs. This  article: finds a good market in South  Africa, but during the present egg  famine they might be Imported into  this country with more or less profit.���  Indianapolis Journal.  Southern   IndiiMtrieii.  During the past year, according to  the Chattanooga',, Tradesman, there  were established in the south,5,29G new  industries. An interesting fact in connection: with these new Industries is  that the manufacturing interests of the  section are now being diversified na  never before. Among others, plants  established  for the manufacture  ��� ���--��� and  Russia  St..   Louis,    having  will  hake enough   work   on   i;s  haniis  to     make ' a    satisfactory   exhibit   in  Manchuria.  liainfecttmt���is .li*-ii-;ly  tlie   medical   profession  of   Kglinton.   t>a>"-V;.  corns   trom   i"v  "1  feet  Thos.   Sabin.  have,    r��'.iov��J_._wn)]:-.-C|ir0ill        H(V(,el.t  ���.villi   llolloway s  PO   thou  and  do  llkwxso  If  a  eat   slim-, br  woman   doi  L.   cyts   along  l il-'t-  to  tl  n't   have  pretty   v,'t'i  iik  nbout.  it.  in,ie    to  not  l.ifebuov .Soap  recoii)ini.,"<lcl1   hv  as    a  eases.  ..Vritvil IV I Ut:       III**' -���-'���-        - . ,;  ^niml    aaainst   infectious    '^  is  A'   hair    restorative  that will make hair grow  that will   make hair  is  hope enough.  One  year  advertised  in a nitrht.  grow  in  a  Riifsia  feels  LlmtcU   could  unlimited; amount  of, summer  businesSj.  ufc  '.���in  on  its  Russia probably will do something  when it gets it? second wind, if in  the meantime unconfirmed cinnois do  not scare it  to  death.  Coroa has granted  .Japan the  u'pht  to    traverse    its   country.      S^orean  'statesmen are evidently mind leaders.  Coughing is an outward sign  of  ���inward disease.      ,   --.  Cure the disease with   '  -*>"��'��� A%A, 01 'iv'";;"  construed as loot;   !b  ed  Admirals .Togo and jto do not. ue  on extra.., transport .for" their,, 'names,  which inay account for the mobility  ol  the Japanese,' fleet.  It may be that 'Itudyard Kipling i.s  waiting to irive Poet Laureate Austin  the first .poetical  whacV  at .the war-  The  Jai's  lite,  too, even  on your solar  are  so   ��-'  while they are  onfoiiivil^lly ro-  landmg  The Lung'  Tonic  and the cough will stop  Try   it   to-night  benefit   you,  money back.  Price.: S. C. Wei.-3 & Co. 307  25c 5tto cl    T,cRey. N. Y-. Toronto, Can  If   it  doesn't  we'll   give   your  Shakespeare   was   handicap'.).'  cause" there ���������were  no   autoaiobiles   in  his  day  to   blow up and Kill   the  \.\-  Uiins   in  his plays.  11U.IOL'SN'ESS BURDENS LIFK.���The  bilious man is never a companionable  man because hia ailment lenders him tno-  ro.se un. gloomy. The complaint is not  so ilan^qrous aa.it is : disagreeable. Vet  no one need suiter from it wlio om procure l'iii*melee:s Vegetable Pills. , Uy ree-  th'e liver and obviating the-effecta  in'.the stomach they restoro men  to   eheerl'ulness   and-'full ' vigor, of   action.  doesn't always  bring happi-  .  the  average  man  is  willing  chances    along     with     tbe  uln tiii'-  of  bile  _ rossi  Poor man! He can't help t&  He gets bilious.   He needs a  I good liver pill���Ayer's Pills.  1 They act directly on the liver,  cure biliousness.       J^ST-r0^  Moin-y  ness. bu  to take  money.  If vour children' moan and arc , res tli ss  iliu-inc' sleep, coupled when awake with��� '  loss of appetite, pule countenance. 1'iclv-  ine of the nose, etc., you ia'y ^��.'��-n1'  upon it lhat the primary cause of He  trouble is. worms. Mother (.raves Woi 111  effectuallv lemoves these  relieving   the  little   suller-  Want your moustache or beard |  a beautiful brown or rich black? U-*!  BllGitNOHAM'S DYE  ��� .      1 ���_*���_i_���_  nm en..  1'xtei-iiiinatoi-  nest s.   at   once  ers.  ttt'lL' Ap.ple-galc, an American singer once employed at tbe Hi-ofdcn  opera, will go to the royal theatre  at Weimar.  CEDAR FENCE POSTS ^��C  thr*. U Ot. !�����-������ m��H ����v '�� ."��,'"'��^ t*U-Ulx*t�� ��. B��  L��-_, milluu, Hln.wk'���!!. 8. *-   ''  Coi-ea-must be tempted to move in  the spring if it can find, another dat.  THEHOI  Demands Sound Horses Only.  Ljjdo horsetscll nt lest (hanhsir Ihtlr ��ctual value and  ue neither desirable for use or jalo.   Th* remedy  Is easy.   A few bottles of  plexus  While. China's judgment tells it   to  remain' neutral,    its    heart    counsels  flat-iron.  were  of'buttons, brass, piauos,. pottery  paint.  SpcaUer.   of  the .name.  There have been  thirty-three speakers of the national bouse ot represent,^  fives. Eleven of Ihcin became United  States senators and one of them James  K. Polk el' Tennessee, preside nt of U>o  United Stales. The pos.t.on has been  merchanb one physi-  tilled by only one  cian  one^reacber, three editors, white  twenty-four of  tuem  have been  law- 1  B.ICD-'UCES  ������    I       ;  EXPENSE  will be paid by  7 ��� Leve>- Brothers  Limited, Toronto, to any person who  can prove that this soap contains  any form of adulteration whatsoever  < r  contains any  injurious chemical..  T.augh   when   a  friend   tells   a   joke;  it'-.iis'oho of the taxes you ii'iiist. pay.  John Hay, United States j-eeretniy  of state, and "'foriher , minister to  Great Britain, was -a very homely  lad end "used' to put on an apron  and' wash dishes for his .mother.  Some boys and girls tempted h.nv.lo  come out with his apron on, and then  A LINIMENT FOR THE L.OOGl-J..���  Loc-jrera load a lifo which expowB tluni  to'many'.perils. < Wounds, cutH and bruises cannot be altogether avoided in, pre-  [lariric timber for the drive nnd'in river  work,where . wet and cold eoniiitned' are  of daily experience. Coughs and colds and  muscular pains cannot but iiimici. Dr.  Thomas' Eclectric Oil, when a'i.plied to  the injured or administered to the ailing,  works  wonders.  Uiissia by this time has jrot over  .the'notion that it can smack Japan  with one hand  tied behind  its back  wm work a permanent cu��, to, Bp^^f^.^o^'.  Bpliats, Curbs, etc.. end an lonns v>^ ���,,i���r..���m.nu  It cures thousun  -.,���<-.nd3 of cases nnnuaily.   Such cudor^mants  Alk for the OcU-_ou Bar.  CIS  a 'basin of water with him. 'and this  he threw over his tormentors, boys  and girls alike.  _, the one fiuowin. u. a .uarantee of merit.  Cured two Bone Spavins ol Ten Years' Stan.lng.  Earlvllle. N.Y.. Mar. ��i. W.���     .  and wer�� of ten  a niaro that wa��  am roine to giv��  ijured by falling "'rotiB" ���.��������-<;����� g���j,, cVe.   FIe��e  her complete treatment with > our spa gnd h(j  ,Dend^acopyyoJyo��rerynr��ronc.uARK Q  TQR^  Prlaa n , .Ut for JtV ASaHnta".^J��^-��  _.h^ta0o"5^.to"^-t..,J,o�� th. Kor...-  ���h.boo-cfree.<*r��ild.-eu .  OR. B. "��� KENDALL CO.. Enosburg Falls, Vt.  Russia is very short, of '1^'^;  having only eight for every 100.000  inhabitants. Great Britain 'has ��� 1.S0  for the same number.  ���  Soarnla.  The whistle of a locomotiTe Is hettrt-  L.uniu Wl.���  ...... ,      8,300 yards through the' air, the nol._  chafT��l him: ho had purposely brought ��� q{ & rallwny train 2,800 yarda, the re-   ""' port of a musket 1,800 yards, an orcheB-  tra or the roll of a drum 1,000 yards  and the human voice reaches to a distance of 1,000 yards. Distinct speaking is heard in the air from below to  a dlstauce of UC0 yards; from above U  is only understood to have a range of  100 yards downward.  A Fortunato Man.'  "Yes " eald tho man' from.the vrest,  "ho was very lucky. Ho wont to a nevrl/  discovered gold counjtry und In lesatbaD  three weeks come hoino with $1,000.  "That paid liliu well for his time."  "N-no. 1 wiin't go so far aa to any that.  You nee, Ire-had tl'�� ?1,000 whon ho started, hut ho was mighty fortunato to bo.abU  to hold onto It."���-Washington Star.  Severe colds are easily cured n  mo oi iVickle's  Anti-Oonsurnpt.v  liiedicino of extraordnvvi*.  cured by the  "   e S.v-  n-ifl   rb;. - ., ....  (.,cie ninkps  it a uworile witn  a'nd. children.' ���       ���  A.-^-.i-on'tlv tKe .Ta.pnnese~know that  in' fb'bt.ing   an   adversary   b-3  IhisH.a  i.-nece^ary,  if possible,  to  deliver  UHiknockoutblow in the l.rst round.  V^r* " N     ��-/   ' ��M o  47tt  VCXA. .  _ ���.t;;i'rt'lr'.i^rr'i''  A..^AAMiSA  Wp  &1  mm  mmm _.•*•*
~V+?' £-">.
^r^sar^AT'i'_-4 * KfajKtx^aarseassas «a w m»i »- ■ jge
~" "* ■■" > Jf ,_.
'  ■.."(_ in the interest of the people
■.f Moyie nnd E.st Kootenay
;f. •,,-j';_a & co.,  -  -
kates or t>vu;-Jcitii"no>-
a-121. many ui,*,.),,. -,,' j,,.;n f.>if;,..,(
•■yi:ibe},le?-ed to ; ,i.., Vv hu >,.,:, i-n-
tir-ly recovered irom hia at».i<-],- V yh...--
matism. Chamb-i-.i-n't- Tain IhJm
cured him af.fr the bcnttfo_'ors in (Ih- j P, D.   HOPE    JVar
rebel,    lhc prompt relief   irom   pain 	
which Uiis liniment   a'.bids   is   alone1'
worth many times in coal.    .Sold by all
druggists. ' V   '
----- _   -   - —^— _   .    ___„.      _"..... 1".*f-^1,^»ei«-v..j«t^.
.«,-.. _.., e(f_v' I? _ 5...    i-V.i. J _,»«     ■£_£■- 3 _ s vJ t j       «.j   .
__J v n^_.. >__. s^.. xl- -v^. ■<t_; v-v«-<tc v^.: Vk-~*L'z;ZA~:r..■: S■ -^~-._- *-:
_*  « '.j C* rN
NO. 365, A. L_ U.  ',
Meets in <he I. O. O. F. hA.l every
Saturday evening ,at ri u'elock.
Viijiiinsr brv'liireu aro cordially invited   10   sithnd   these  im-eling..
SI The Wentw-opth
I   ^ .        —  ■*»-    *j^x.
SATURDAY, API.IL.   9 1901.
rat.l_--__n.ding busybodies are like
ooi;iin.-*n candles—they want well
'Barber Sho.
R. A. S.HJj jj,
I'. I\ Jo.in sto:-.
LO. O: F.
$ CONN ECU. I ON. !jl
, ;OKAN"B__?.O0i
A   Modern Hotel'
In a Modern Town
-v^%-.5  v:iuivy x.,djro
>"o.   ii •]
"'• '• «"'■'.-'
A n.arlred diliVjrence is apparent   in
.0 Hf'Luae of the stale department of J
-•u-it Oritain  ?n4   Ittusia rc-ceutly; a  J
:.i."j viorps'ha. been organized   at Fori;
ste..jt     A;j;;.in  ilie   titith   of   the  old
-kI-jvj,   '■'j'-he   maiutenaucc   of     large [ ||
jjiiJihiry i-'eiiro.s peace," id ampline.l.      Hd
and Bath Rooms,
In STONE'Buiiding"
-va I
a/a.    -/«b g
Toys, Toilet sets, pocket
books, hair brushes,
perfumes, Colognes, Etc. J Moyie Board of Trade
1 ,-
Meets overy Mbnduy e\enii.g in. thoir
hall on Victoria etroot. Sojourning
Odd Fellowd cordially invited.
R. Oampuelj., F. J. S.Mv/nr,
Noble Granil, Secr'v.
.' Editor Ci:jtce of tbo Fort-.Steele
"l'rd?iiec'*or hud been all tho way to
r..V4lia;4_£_^J_3-ck_. ViA. do not- know
what he we.it for) but he evidently
brought back con.iderable inspiration
and 'wisdom; his paper, con.id.ri-jg
iii-.field aud opportunity/-coinpiuesi
well v.-iih any in tho die trie t,
-_-__-__?_!^"*1*"'J*,',',,'"'"-'^^H~-»-l «... -«.i.i,„,.j , ^^^^n,.         '      —    -.'•."..' /*\V-'
^ rasrs^-_^as?sr_^ ■#■.-'■
j>" :,fr
"ii'.ij'ih''' Dowie   made   the   roniurk
tho other day in' Ati.trulia   that "King
Edward could only get  to  heaven  by
the,skin of bin teeth," and every   public building and hall in the colony was
promptly   closed   to   him   v/iiile   the
American consul 1.a.   warned him   to
return to America to' Escape the v/ratb
oi the crowds., This shows th. marked
unwisdom of both "Elijah" and  the
. American conatil,
--t O-r-
"T'eeidontial Jots   on '.Campbell
3*e*-'-!t,-<j-iaI    3-.:ta   -j:i  .'i'a^isiock
ddect.     «
lloimo and lot on Victoria-tree t.
House aud   lot_ou   Lake Shore
Meets on tlio first Wcdm^h-y
eveiung of c.-i.h month at
1^ o'elo-jk .-iharp in,tbe couit
'Jamics VhOxizi, Hon. I'ren.
, A. F. IWscnoxALV. Tres.
P. F. Jotix.i-o.N-,   ■ it. Ua:.m»ijki.l,
.Viue-l'roj, , •, Hoe'v.
J> r^tStOQS^StTK'i
PRE8T •& CO;'
Cr.hb.oo_.  ' r.loyie,     PirlSfeole.
Susincsa    block
on'    Yioioria
NpImou Nev/a:' ,Nowhere in tha pro-
viuce will tho outcome of  thc "request 'TiVm*   Tpa    '^o-^o^
*o the Qocxinion government,'that e'er-      ~       "'  J-ea? ^0l^S,
Good dairy business usar town.
Mining 6took,    '   ,
FOB' RENT.". '   -
Office rooms and living  oppart-
ments on Victoria street,.
Houses for rent.
■    We do   a   general   coramission
& DUNBAR.      '"
,  '- ,.
Barristers, Solicitors,'XolanY., Etc
j O;raiibrook, ■»   ..    B. C
"|WfJ if ^ ). &_- ?iO   ^ ^ -Qj ^3AH
The 36.es. buy of tiie   season, and   you   will  .Jon!,],
money iri three months.    Tiio comp.:i.y   have   ];i    '
v.-hieli .tHroutul the Ht. Fuj^m. 'snino—tho  la.,-. ..
lead mine on tho American voiHiiu^t. ''. '
,1,1 :r
• 5
\ :'§§^
■ 'y-ilky
'u.-icfii-jyisii. sonro-ro.'., v.yc.
ih . ■AAZSr.
■J r<:-. r^st
^  W
Uiih modifications he made in the r_g-
'...wiovia governing thc.'payment of the
".e'..d bounty be   awaited ' with- kee::er
AvAiety th_.n in the. town   of   iloyie,
".'J- -re is located the great, St.   Eugene
m.Y,_.    If the'request be  granted   this
, .nine will hs- worked to   full  capacity,
giving employment .to upwards of   300
men.   The   business   m.n   of- Moyie I c--<.
Lave (.-..pefienced .. long period of dull I ^L
' times and it is to be hoped thai  when
'the turn in _li:o -ioe' ..Kec  thoy   -,vil]
ncf. soon again havo-to go tlirou^h the
Iriala of tho past feiv years' '
Stovepipes and.
Tinware at   .'
W. 11. -P. CROSBY, Proprietor.
Box 35.
MOYJJi', B. C.
D,I.ALEJ{   I;?
^R. F. E. KING,
X3> -a-DSTTlST*
E^    wj=» #=* a a " '-V   '",'v_L'll.
;jf ireasorf Slock Is 'low SelMgK
^osep2iys'  Conveiit.
iir* -"-■«-
George K. Thompson,      ^
B, 0.   h: ' ■   'u
^_w-_MMg j   ^ ^f-r JPiirticiilars anply.'o
'■3;.' ?SS
hoarding and Buy School   conduct- i
ed hy the Sisters of St, Joseph, Kel-oir ■ ' PR0MFr DELIVERY. '
B. ,0. ■   Commercial  "aud    business j Ci n «Pn «»   .:    _
course, a  specially.    Excellence  aruH    y    °6Iio   ""^-
roiT.iJi.orcierejntorni.ri2;. I swift  nrogrfito cbaracteaise'each "de
(-I have been troubled for some time (.P^rtnieht.    Farenta  should   write  for'
4.1.'.v/ JL j..;..:
BAJvKi.-vT.;.-, SOI.ICITOJJ,   No   j  '^?
tary Fum.ic, etc. 'J'.i
\ rv
-oaut-v ui C'rui'id:',. ! ' J*-*
1    ^'".^"^-%-^-i?^^^C>^v-v^^--v',-'v.>^^.^    ....,„ _   , '_
Solicitor for the Imperinl
1 *-
.V      ,).J,
villi iudigoQtion and   sour   stoinacju " |'Ptlr'Jt'ular3.    One month  as3um*  th'^ j
?ay_ Mrs.   Sarah \7. Cuni-i, cf    lee, I S^0 ■ °''   '!:0, t'-oroughr.ers   of   the ; f fa$ ffi(%!!}&% W A M
„.-   r;!,,..,     b,3tcrs  '^^^   o: tc-achii:-.    Terms ! W^AhlhlHAli A N
Pupjls are admil.ted dnru-j; torm. <  '     ! " " """'""    .
F;<rj;sfj Cor.'i.'f,.,-^,
•"r--'?*:Tao*^* v« le-^f-g^ivr^z^tgMjK:
t'rv-^-*'.>-iJJng. -^^.^u^.tf" .*,-.- --.-*-.TS-.^t 1
>w:..«3.."ani have been takmy   -Jhani-
berh'ifi'.sSicniacli ami   Liver   Tablsb
u-bicii have in-ip-.'d me-,ciy   much    t;0
tli 1. mow i can cat muny :Vim;-*   thvil
be/oie T could not.''    ii you hive anv   '<'""
tronbla v,-i»h your   stomach   why   not
Jake thsoe Tableto and get   v/ell?    For
sale by all druggists.
k$-._-:> rr tjlii.o cgi;.
r-s-'"*=- -ac__K_wa_ac.
H M-IIGFOI! iifll SBlif S
pe ^ Most Compiets
Health,. Resort   on
the   Continent       of
North America,
Its BATHS Cure all   Nervous  and
Muscular DJsec-ca
'•T-ivouli! Si-ol: XlilH .toi-y to Tell It, Jn tlie
-      Headline-.
To   ir-.    au. I3th   ceninry     phr.<se;
tin's is up . "o'c-a   Iruc   ta!p."    Having I
happened in a small '"irsinia town in
the winder of I9C2, it i. a   otory   very
much of the present.    Up to   a   short
time ago'Mrs, John   E.   Harmon,   of
Melfa Station,   '"va., had   no   personal
knowledge of lhe rare curative properties of Chamberlain', Cough l.emedy  for all"ilheumatic^ou*bC
'Lii_lJano„r>V'che .ays,  "my   baby!,   TEJ.Md--f?J-j to !='S  oei'v/ec'-   a>
took a dreadful cold and al   one^  time j cording lo residence in ilotclm- Villa-*
i feared.tho would   have   pneumonia,)
cut one of my neighbors told mo how.
tliis remedy had cured her   little   bo
nnd I began giving it to my   baby   at
once a::d it soon cui.ii h-;r.    1 huartilv     ■<*?       -v
'.bank tlie manufacturer.: of Chain.,.--"-- j     P tf tl W%
-ai«r(, <Jt.u»h   Womidy for   'Vj.b,--   .'fnlClilll
iireal .«•. cure wit hit
Our aim ia io jil.a ;e' l.atrons
Good   dra.'l and   bottled   bec-r
alv,.iy. 0:1 hand.
y.OYlA-i  I.j*i„^;J;,'G   1-0TKL.
;•   m   /"-» •."•^ s-.   f:
^Bi- Xtv   V»t>-     UV V-./ J^
The hv^l  nfVr.ccor..::-;od,itir.nh
"'Vih.' jr.LVc-ling pub]i,\
P.   J.   Tli7n\\*rr*.l-.*„     ■-.'<■
j   p"p^^^^S_M^aE__-_-^:__^
1| ■ Link 5fonr fo?
@ '    tunes to the. ■���
IvIRj-C   ^ INS UP A
r^.TT a—_l**^1T^-Mll«,V->**l»
Utt_«-K»_r ai-->.,1tai—.^^jC-jw
■TieMahon, "_;%r.    g
^ ^T 3} 'TC  s W ^- sT'*5
It_   Y/ATEBS J Ileal   all    Kidn.v, I S jj fg^        fi |f ^ ?88 ^
ver and Htoumch Ailments. ' ' I {" jlYf       |J | 0 _I|   i»
•The;■  _re  u  Neverfai'iing    Bemetiv   «6aMj-|       |3|1H f|   fi
|J4 J*W*™"''***'*~"J^=^»»'^T»C».m-,.-„	
xy^ NCE
■wk-a*- u,^«t4icjr<T
"t? ij
^1 Sf«
I T\ X?
Jn my rcacii.
can -1
^J. A %J C4? i'
.ml lv.oniivi.'iid il too" highly   or   ,-.i\
o.' i;nt-:;]i in ft fa .-or.    .r l/u,..,', ,.)|   ^j,;',
."viid 111 i:j v.dl try it and be coiiviiujiul
aglwa?."    1'orH.ti.  by   all druggists.
'ious persons :-i-each Blala   lo"travel:
'or houao eatabliahed;eleven year,  and'
' .'-vilh a lar£o capital, to call upon n'ier.--
chantfj -'.ad' a gen'tc -lor : c.uccea.f uli an d'
proirtabfe    lino.  ; rej-manenl en-age-
7:nent,' V/cek.iy "c'aah : .alary of ,i;2l'
Jfiidall Vi-avol;ng, C;:pen;;e:;. aud hVoh
bill utl'Viinccd in '.cash each wee':.    Ex-
..perience'-not'' .cf-'.ont:r.l.. TJontion reference and'enclose seif-addios-sed euvo-
iope.    THE; KATIOrrAL,  Al2 j>0lnr
■born yt--, Chicago... '.     .   ,      ;■
1 liO.*:T0 SELL, • '.
"A itO'UfeE TO ''Ei'"''
•Orifyoti'Wisb to iuyjQfc
I., ih.'any'p: tiiVVoouhUir
'^ARREtt A SfViYTH.-.
■^rieeb GivQ-ii'
■and   Orders
Taken, on :'
B very thing,
m tlio Prlntiiij;
Line at Me
1=1 ||:j   '-..■■.   ■   ,.«' ;,v."'
ifiL&lkjS- .r>a.iil,. Dtifutlv  iinnfeapolis;
■'"■:''■■ :   Ofiiii-SrCjO, ' '   '
■■"■     ■■ ■■'■'-■..■... ....:,.....', .>■..■■■.■■■■;;
j -vNlr AM. X'OIMTS  i2AS_V;   .
;    j Sefifi!e5 f acorirja, PlctoriC Port-
■■ ■' . ; land,
.     Aln:).  ■-'/-'   7!AC.n.l7},, CCA.ST   7 01UTS.
Through PalaoeVrhl Tourist■ .'llaypur.,:'
.   fining am}   Bufibi  Smoking  j.i-    :.
''..'        ,;. ' .';■'   .brary Caru.  ;;.. , >,, *
vf|   i-'ast   Overfand  6^
ForTickel8V)(',i!,.;v  Fohlcry  and
J* uli   JuformalKin/cnll on   or   ■■■'-
dretfsrtny   Great ITortbern Ar,.ni
■ or write!-        ' ■'
S. a.YEUKEs,     iT,BRAI*Tj/i','
CJ1. Ji '1-. A.        '
'701'AV. Rivi-r-ido Ave,
Spokane, Wash.'
.        Kno   BuitLngs,    Overcoating
j        Trousers   Imported    Goods.
Aroated Waters of all
Orders Soiici.ed.
Soda:- Wafer , and hyphens.
Wliien Furnigbi^ .t?fe
insurance as a>i i.n'f-est:--
xnenbfoii.you ak'd a sa-fe-
guard.for your family-.
R    T
"_. -a- »    «!a    fc-^JJA Jt it JRJia
.S MOYIE, 13. C.
# '^^'■W^'WW^T T'_      ..,..-■.   _***•-• - _
2Btmnar$»KK'rzjH'jtw ■_.-*■
Oil sift h
"■•id O-vinid :.Jo'ai'-,'. ."rciih1
i;'ia!i, Ga ino ''..n'.i FonHi'v, IY17
HU|iply "oiily l!-a -, h';A, Yc'nr
trade solieiicV
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^ri!]DjjiRST4\nr, it nun t is it an *'*> do.
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