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The Moyie Leader Apr 2, 1904

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 j��   (,;  k l-  V!  ^    (   'M  r^f^  i-"  i*  1 'V&83$  _J__'l^-_��/,WSfS.  ,  ' y'jtp-ltol.fjp*'  Vi'V   VA ��#"  ���  ' l< "to;'*  -��� .,+->-  .^?  -I..  .ferr^  '' Z�� t? rS it ��*���" ~-  '<���, _ . _-_^-^-^*rrr-  c J_-  _^^_2_i_~5s__-4=y&,&=.  -.2r-*^,^"-^��,K"-;*   - -  S6?  - r Ir"  i   S r    'J*,tft"/.,''7WM  -CF  ''ft  Ikf  �����p  You  leeo  MOYIE, H. CI, APIUf, 2. 1901  , _,, ?r, "l^ !"=**, I  **������_���*   I H*s  -.*��      - a V41 -"* ii J s *:' 6 ti b 8 .to    kw I , rrr.v  *"-������-   ' '     f,hi-."_   .'a. .con :.*; J.onic  .ro.-i  "   v f\ 3 P* ff^ "rr. "f*i 531 "*1'  ���j��   : ftZi\ilJiI-IOL.y |  "\v. 3. Tit.coy   of   Craubroo:  '^  1_ iUi.vn.  j    Pan:  Ail' Interested  Havs | ��s��d��  L.' J-Ks! *<      IJLi>'  Clwi. Ca._i.on :���*; km  rook  ,\ <*ra-  W/    I  ,!-VW"*-V|  I j, t U    J fj,* r�� >_  <' " ).** X,  iV   /'^)#l^  ���i    I' 7U-ii  ��I? life  W 1*1     1' \t?  Q __7a & *���  <i  Si  _"  1  ' I ��,  Pancios are ir. bloom in 3. U. Hav.-k'c.!   ^  IU? i^_mft          " " " $2 A .YEAR  , <22��3ff��_��"-"3"""S^ _-_--V_-��� ��_-.'-<.-a5r�� *��- *�����-* rt | ,  T^TTSST 4 WORD TO OUE: PATRONS.' | \  ,n  f4  ���1  - yV re IS W f?i 11       ^% vx-C  ��� 5<iY.��'"l{2"a I    ilNe       - w  Signed It.  >.  a  *�����'  i ,��,;  Gomer J.>nc-^ T.-as r.p from   W^rdiv:;    !��  | Sitnday.  List your property' v,it*. Farrsll  i SiayUi.  . l    -    fr-'V-i-IV-   l'lOJl'L   O'ij  i^--]h irnivi i!'_* i^voij,., j--���� j  arc throwing awr.yV  nl-;  W _ '     v   rvi(Aflla-: 'i'ar  *c-ti rnc 1 :rcni   .?'���  :  l-BOIilB��0HEi\[!Ei!]LIl!~r;. '. ,;,:;  '%( '  '   iin"V"-��..brook.  No Opposite It LcoM for; J^���'-L:t-  F'-om Either tlie iJeoDle  .4'  #  ^  "J.*  j p-o  ! week  co::ic   :-i"i-  .'. ' n    l\ ii  1  or the Government  -     d    H.  Ha'wko'  has   purcb...*cd tbo i  ' slabs at  tbe   fcui- ParL'-Mitcii��ll   mill i  ne:ir to':/i:.*  a  j  4  Ylnoii&houl. tr.c dcp.-pfcs'.on whicu  ..as'prevailed all over tbo Koolcntty,,  T.-oli-3-.e Blnckof.sadny to Moy'r an_.  to our InisJufcBS, i.T.-i are giaO ' tc ?ny  ���ve hr.c kipt e:es ou ibo road nl pro-  -..;re?r.  Since buving our   present   Lufii.icf-a  prcrcisea We bnve   lud. tha   room   to  i<rc-Uly cnlnrse and Jmpro\o our _tock, ^  and in anticipatlnr. of work of-in- ��� ro-  R~.medat tbe St. T-Hgeno wo   b-vc  an-  ��lo,l ir.any new lines co Lh.U   wa   no'..'  i.r* ;���-- one of tbo lr.ryest and best fi^orf-  cii ptMiva to be' for-u!   in   in" _ If^w  .-ayr. - ,    '     ,,,  " [i bi-v�� been our u'm to maiie ino  n.-.8t oi Uvini; as low in Moyie as in any  town in East or West Koot,-.-i--y, and  we leol justly proud of the fact .bat w,  Gel 1 at price.? as low as tbo-o v-t.il nz  tb. bvrf^st bu-jinoss emit ers of this.  n-.jning country,  ,) \  i  I  ^;  II  ''j  ."l  "Jt'i,>''BS5n+E-l'JiH{-^<*Jr   '-   KS" r" ' _, iiS"  i \ JJS*^__2ii_s_   ' "       ""*  '^ft'*'  "^     "~* ���  r_c��Mr-"-'*wT5!2_5  .^^^.^::4|T^-^Trj����|^-5^^,,;___^ ',  �� t i trv xt i  S1HFBCE  question.  To give   ths   pitb "oi   tbo  tn-itter- They ask tlie uQvernmcnt  t'o  allo'.v the Canadian   lead 'smelters   at  p-caent operating, to export such sur-  S1^^"'"^       ,i.nl      ��'�� 700.000."       ' Ipluoore \iudcr   tbe benefits   of   J.be  Paid   VV   Capital.    ^5^^Q00 Ld Bounty Act, fof a   period   com-  iirSw bmhch. ���  r  'a&ZZSSZSSZ^Z2^^-* "* , --��aW!!n^_____5^?^5tS-33  *"'*"^��I1^.^-^SS^^^?^S*S^2_S&'^ - - .       -        H  menciug ^i-pin J---1,-�����. ,  30tliJdne,  1905,   provided   that   the  ara0unt of lead .in   ore   so  exported  back in Moyie and haa  bis   old   position with the St. Eugene, com pan;/  Obas. Ar'mstroug, clerk at the  Co.-uAcpo'iUmhot.i, Cranbrook, was in  town Tbursday.  p J. McM.ib.OTi and wife have returned from'Seattle, where they weie  bpcndiug thc wim-er.  j?ev.    McDiar.nid,     a  l'r^^''erian  Compare our prices on   !.ou.  potaloes, buttor, e.jgfi,  crt.r..-,  good j, husar, tea,'.ofices, s.r.  hoes, and you will und the;  thc lowefci, at rock bottom.  r-i-i/'.P.'l  can.i. J  r.ll uiliB-,  ivith  W c* n U q p h AFH  IM-C^wl^  -AND-  Ma print*ailO ���  s  amount of lead .in   ore   so  ^^^-   -u-v-���. ,  111 not -xceea 11,000  to�� o��   ^OOoS 8uaday April 10*        'Pi-,.. r-.i-,--r l-p.p.rs of       >v--.   Smith, , raotn  BUilll   liv-.   v...- ���     .     { , .  pounds per annum.    Tha producers o,  said ore to recsUe the full benefit  of  gIneral news notes.  Mrs. Smith,, mother   of  K.  A.  and  AVm. Smith, returned   from   tho  east,  the" bounty,   provided     a    sufficient] Wednesday.  l^oimt^remains .'available   after   the     The Moyie Odd I'ellows will celebrate       p    QiQ ifl B00n l0 have a new   jail  r"'u -       .      . i -,u ..: ', n-il I   .     ���-.,     .___: o-,- n} thr. order   bun-.  Body  and  aniouui! ion'-"- ���  .--v ,   I   J '���"       ���> - . ���r,i,7r   fimv  nroducer. of lead orea-,both, mineu and j thQ ?^th anmver?ary o. tbe onkr _ bun  | _meUed in Canada havo   received   tbe  e nov  pe  I-PWKfflollieo a man a.u do without-in bouk. ^^ Kn0W. ��  hj^r ^ -^ ss';m-s��"- - ��� I ���  i#i7d#he rp.v. leave to Lhe pro.c^o^ . , H- jttb WJC '"*���"-   ;   ��.;JllCe4   wte   oer  1%M|>S^'    lV,��� ponmon sence, but ��� ^     othorw ss at  such   icducea   r.*u  ^M|   Lite ana a-*,"��-~- --��� 0 Md  a  ''i'M^viiW,,- {nmilv    Write - -    ��� -*���        ���    Y&  r^eaie d* Elwell.  ..J  *^       ' '  CilAXBBOOlC, B.C. fe  Pov au kinds of insurance and th, best.  m^��jWIM"","!iL____-��� ,--������ f"2��*i5"A*���   ^"-T"   J^n*"   *"S,'~  ,r ^- -.- *o�� -v- ^r ^ *-  T.UU ��>v{v-i ��-'*"- ���-- . T.    t,   "  dav evening April 21tb.    Kev. I* ��� Th. o.  9     bounty to which they are now ent'tlea,  Tay._; wm cominct tho service. '  I'   at the full   rate   cf   ��15.00'per   ton;      Ed Hill and wife, E.  Campbell  and  othorw ss at' such   reduced   rate   per  p   ^ John3,on    wsnt   to   Cranbrook  fl0I^-_��4u-bEorb'the   unearned   bal-  Tue^lay    and  carje home   the  same  METAL   MARKET.  New   York���Bar silver,    53.1- cents  Lead,' U.C-0.     Conner..   $12,75.    Zinc,  (speltoO $".05'.  " Lc*x.oo>7���-Lcail, Xl2   Ss. Od."  W.   H.   Uormau,   provincial  po.-l  office inspector, ia dead.  h.-.  Tho   Dominion     government    has  ,ance ,    \  The memorial was endorsed by the  I Nelson board of trade>VedncB,day oven-  ling It was one of the largest meet-  I inaS of the board ever held in that city  Uml the people there' eccmed-rto^ weil  I realise 'the importance of tbe Msue.  I The Rossland; Trail,   K'aslo,  Sandon  I "- ,.      l_   ^f *-.,Al. r^-l 11  Will JJuilvl to Micliei.  A number of  experienced  railroaders'ol Victoria  and   Vancouver  b:��v��  during the nas-t'tVw dav?. accepted en.  Tuesday    and  came home   the  ^meLrauted  a  subsidy of   $50,000   for  ajployraeiit- with    reprooentatiyes    o-  ovoning    on   the   delayed   westbound .J b,p cervice betweed Canada and ! JaaieB J.. Hill,'and   it   ic   unuersloo"?  "trhin. Mexico, ' ���    I ����ro tbat their sorvjcss   will .be   re  Dr. King was in  Moyie Wednesday  attending    11.'Cameror  tbo Moyie Lumber Cora  been suffering for some  Mexic0 ,      mere uuihubi.   0oL..v.ww    ,.....���     -.  ���ie Wednesday ' ���        ,       .       Jauirod very shortly in the East Koote- ���  r    manag-i-  of  '   John L. Sullivan is seriously id *i h . uay district} IIiU bc-in;; nov.'   ready  tc  jpanv who has  a wasting disease which has   gradually j prQeee(I aa   3?��J:,   :1?   v-aatber  permit-  time''past with  rndencinedhishorculsau   frame   acu   with tll(. esltn3ion 0f Hm-   from  Mor-  natism. it is not belic-'ed that h��� CA�� Vp��e lon<;.   ^^   tQ   twviXCl   along the opposite  r^r^srsra jr.-u.-s.^ -v.��->- -  .      -���      -.__.   -**��-  ��>i.nb "t will  be I on their claims on tuewL- ������.,������,,������ nD   more   markets  lor  .$4,000,000  $2,983,8%  " .$2,636,312  V'V-J^g CAPITAL (Authori^.....-  4 ^t#-        CAPITAL, CPmcI LP)-- ��� ���;; _ _  5 v **%M?-        HKSX   1 : ^l��) omOB, TORONTO,   Oy^^ and -0cn. Man. ,  l^^l^Uirr.rre,    ^^\^hxT,CM Inspector.  J   ,?^,A,JstantGon..'- A,��eDei,l banking bu,i*  ,  *j ^=4=====^===^^?!^ allow-d on deposits.  * V;^1'0^   ^-   t^h  pi   of   Canada,   United   StV  i-7 j���*" poldcJ^V- Tort on Jlvcn ^ collections.  4\s;^Pt'-   ^W'-1-"1       "u       i:   H   MARSH,  Mans  the Crow's NTest Coal company, is at  Butts looking up more markets lor  coal and coke.  Tho Crow's Nest Pass 'Lumber  the doourheni, after  \,hich it vsni  o  | ^^   ^   ^^   satisfied  wlth  torwarded io Ottawa. vcster J .Lii showing, and intend  doing more  Manager Cronin v.h.n bcei.   y *. n_  day .      ,d   V*���?���  ::;2]^l^, the   Kiederstadt  dancoi^---^--on  ari0ll>er   sluft  projects of the b..   W^ ^.off.K. (;_^ nnnr>uU,,ikHHg   next  Monday   vad .ap lhe miU night nnd day  to cut  the* logs   in   the   boon;   before  high  \\ater.  ates  and  f/hTmARSH, Manager  -�� \0? r^"* *���  -���^���#3^-'^" .      ,       .-. t A.,��.,r.i,i-,, Life  AsFumnct- Co.,  He -aid thev would start immediate  upon bcaiirg encouraging news   irom  Ottawa.    Tho    sooner   the  boards  o.  ���,   trade brought pressure   to  boar   upon  $   Ihc government tbe sooner they coub.  ' '1,-inwork.    Ho did not   think   tnor_  wonld he any opposition to the p.o^ci.  The Kit. Euuono company has a con-  trWt signed with the Trail smelter ano  U11otl.tronod.awuaiid  ready   to  wbn  ,NiU. a   lorcigno,,   buying    concern  ikllh   LJ.,-so   co.il.acw   aro  cummin.  u.^lL!Joact.onultl:,.os,innioui.  I -incn-birc Life Asfumnot Co.  ^���^^^t::::r:^:^,,ii^^   ���-- -- --, ,i- 1,1,,   f',v';r''0 Oil OIK") lUC.  ^Saa.ii-.-- 'is tbo -Nan   ������ '��- Ll-'V t.i��'��c��  \vtwe now u.pro,ont tho, Lonuou  *���    u**!**:^..     .. iiv.^,ili!*r  .*-.<_.   "-*���.  in the Conrad building next Mom-a.  e,-enin-. Everybody invited. Sup-  nerwiilbC-crvedattbeCosmopohUu  hotel.    Dancing   will   begin   at  mno  u'clock.  Libt Wednesday was Miss Edith  llawkti's thirtee.uh bhthd-.iv, am. a  party wa, given m her honor by hoi  parent, iu tne Burn, block, sex oral  Of btrhiendsw-rc present and a   judy  v.,u_ wa, ,-IH'��- U'r -*CVv,ra' hOUrS-  John Oonsidine, ol.cc bo=s of Spokane's divo district an I owner of the  noiorious Peoples theater un Howard  stre&t. is now half o>vncr m a big  Now York theater.  t"---- ���  with tbo esu-fi-ion of lino   from  Mor-  isse*-   to   rnrn;c,   along tl.6 opposite  bank o" tha I''ik rivjjr :*r3m' tho town  of LV-rni?;  which   <viil  be  crossed  by  the new hue to  tho  mines.    The  announcement   of   construction   of the  Hill road   through   to   the   mines  in  which,Hill is now  a   dictating  o.vner^  will occasion no little   surprise, where  it has been eagerly looked  for  during  some time past.    The making   of   ths  new connection with' tlio Crow's Nesi  mines will   n-veriliekss   cause  Fern's  to boom during thc forthcoming summer.  ' ^ii^ndtousforl-Vhrntcforn^or^vc-u,.. c.  ,<k\f$ '        C U A N" 3 K O OK, ;B- C  J"ifV.^- ^ ..J^,,��x��u-^^-��"*-*r_i__:iT__-r_^^^2:^������  . , _.  g^^^,^^^.^^    -���- .v7, ovlf, nsat fa:o to  lilf T   v% fVi^v, ��� ���,.-.������   .,    .,-   \p Mictions i.und the St. Kugcuc  ,,,'iu to .nearly re-umpiJoncf ouera-  uuu-. A biuall lon-o o�� mun w ^t^d-  ilv employed lepariug the im.Lnu-vU I-  - Tl... Miii'1' is-i'i  be  4 .        mci. , ct-.  ivJikcd  u it= fi'.n "-^^���-��'-y %'-":u "  :'LlltS. -   -  ���Tl|u0.jL..;-!,bavouuc..rcdihcMouU  lsll��� Lumber As.oci.a.un w reduce the  i iVci'-bi-    -'-��� -.. . .  I s-vhl Ou,tent and ��i:oadv��U��   -   cen.,  I���u- lOOibb. if i'^' ���".L,o..'iiiicu - -   -  Bcr.-ji't S3S-- ^{?"��r-: PJ-'t-  The    Cranbrook  licr(ild   con.pls.cd  the sixth year cf   it- publication  I.'---.".    ! wctic.    L >v s'r-7  year-;  Cranbrook   and  Tl.e Mid faahionel^mocrat- in   th. | tho llu-ral.l have   been    making  rapid  . ,. ..    wb "i   Gtri.d'*-   and iln-rt.- -vc:n*-to be -xniibun-  bt,   April     -(hi*  Lb.Oc-e present "  ...l,. -.nril      "���0ti>.      vlll  i ..j ,.,vL1, Courtship and Marriage.      i��-e  f^hmWtsv.ill bo served and   an   on  hovablo social evening   is   anticipated.,  The Siockb.olm ourt h.-ui   '.usl  p:  - Adult-:, i.">   conis  j UofiTobircn'.- extra.  ! ~"wAXTJil>.  1  :     Spc ���' d Uom'0v-c:nt''.livo in  adjcii Jnir  -n1"--   i-��   aniici��j.i,iv;v.. |       i ..v. .-.^^   ^luKlien,   15 coot,. \ ���..�����UJd the Arctic   ,-ploror  , nurcc  i i * __.      !. .     .1 ���    �� i M ('��� '* .        I _____       ����v tj -.  lyuibii-i-ing on-i of th-.-'brighter wepk-,  I lies in tbo province, uni. in the lan-  | guauo of Kip V*n Winkle, "may he  ilive long and prv">-.pe:-."  to b  |   iv'liSt-P  Ogaliy do .d.  . * .vo  y. -1 *j  .-i r  .-.. Ml!  inid   no  -il ���! .. '-).'.���  lias  t:  i   i  thi.  {UK. i  am'.  '="- v. ,:v!" ^vr!:.:";/:������� - ��������������. ii-,���-��� -  !:������! '.el: s:-,y*' tli it  withi::   ���-  .tivl   Toro.it--  n.i))i'.'.,v'v t.'^'v1 i-cfvirt.  (Jonc.-.il iCuroi):'.,Vn: siys-ho Im*' dc-  ' p-jic>' in  ';"!'(.��� Wit.**  Who    ".11-"  ' -'i-lCvl Lo sign tr.'"   irj.'ly   ot  i"ni_i'>.      v'llOv;  i.i.."'!l   ������    '-",  n fcrt'im   i'lngli-'n    '.'-  :" ''���,-  ,vjlh,    oi   H-'bd    linanoiai     M:indiug |Cil,,.  .^i.m-sS'21 weekly   with  expense., ad- . u  t >^i'">  ' ^ffii'j lea-  ,dteg tadies a^d:Gerrts^fers.  .    ������.���,���-..���'il 1,c;'i,:'M.V,;0a'VhMUn,!ayl->   ''������''��,: 'llIC--1  (iiioc thoir pin" '-��� 1'��� ;���"���������- ;, ,, ,     i  l���et to all co vo- ,u.:d ua .'   ��   '"'Tb- C/P. K- also ofleml to   increase    I-. ���.voi:i.i  ,,v >. -''v'   i.l'hM-'lu  iU".' Ul.'. -''u    '     ''  ,,.i^. hi  -.-'.ovi tvi   c imr-oio  u ;  :-!.ui!  .   [A..'i:  \v is    bv  Ml"  111 1.1..v o   1    'I  Ohn.-Mii i*-  ' real ���"' ' r ���  111:  .Mitii.n   i'  ',11     l'lv't  ���..ii-ng   h1**  ;, .__M,,nt-  .nm heaunuarl.-.-..    i,\. ^   , v . ,h ��� f'-nioi.in i'.toitic. whuh  ' ^"i'J  n;^u.i^��v   "^��� -       ^^~^^^^^-^^=-'^^J'        .'"'".V"".-Vhc  Canadian   iNorthern,  te^^^w*^^��-i_���_^rr=5?^^^^ ���~~~~      ,.^,*rr^-^kr[i?>i '1,uui0   ��^''      ,, ,inrl:nod thc raihvay's  8 3v A ii^.   , V^^4 ^^  ^ ^ K' lU0:r ���:;," .T-lSv . Tht.ro  the   matte,  Large'  sainple/oom   in iOorlnecUon  witlibouse for'commercial mon,0 ^ _3��o  of accommodations.  into-Vmada.    "l^ <^  "-   "���  J00  ^V*��T^r:^     <* would   be  si.Mll>rob.iol>-J;8i^niidi;in   ^orlherr    7S  jftloPW   Ind   ntade  a, -.counleV  propo^l  ^  '   n-i-ii- to reduce, their  price   ;ib   u-  ,-j   agieinv io , [U1   rclUlcu  WU:l1 ' I'    wni  ' over  the   territory  cl^TMc3^n,.Th,ro-.thc-,naHcr  i      . ii,/>  nre-ont  time.'  stands ivt the- ptc,.��"  cnurclv Sot-vices.  MKrHOtiisT^In Od.l .li-ellows   Unil  .  Atldres^The   Columhia,.030  Monou  Bidg., Chicago', 111.  N   ll  jS.  t'^  v ,   ,     ���MKTtiOI.ISl^    v Evouing  ^i^1^1^-1;^;;^!'   "Now is Christ  hi6CrVIC|";,\M dead, am!   become   the  Hoat-quaptere tor .C.ommenoiaJ and Mlmng sV!en'  QOEKN  AVE-JUH,  ���MOYlK.ll"-!."3-  was'interested through it.   smelter   at  .Tr.nl.      The .'output   to   begin    with J  WQUld bo   botwecn   sovon ' and '.eight'j  /tiioti'mid tons a year. l  V- A  company   is   being   formed and|  I preporations being made   to   estab.ish ,  |on   Perry-creek a  logging   aud   lnm- ���  I'ijnrlns  enterprise   larger   and   bolter j  j equipped than any yet undertaken   raj  I the Kootonays.    Tlie  system   ot   log-j  i-gi���.g will bo the same as that   used, on  i tli/const���   No teams or trucks will be  n-RA^BBOOE.   a��ed; nor the logs hauled, on   sleighs  ^"^"^���^���^ ! aua driven in the   streams.    Instead, a  sjHloni of h.ggiurr engines with   cables  j and rigging will be used tc "yard out  the lnjis.. , ������ ,   '  STOV AT THE  *ftO0LM  TBI  WHEN IN  1 ��� 4 mm  ir  --8 c-  J. it. ��0-��VNCS, l'roi.7  '��� Good rooms, good  tables and   bin,  '���     and Iirst class sampl? rooms.  .-Baking-rowdsr.-  HI6HEST IH.-STBEH8TH Ar.0 PARITY  Improves the flavor and adds  to the healthfulness of the  food.  .  -    i"tyt  t'   - --U'r n__-_a_a��t3-___��--_g  9  #   -j  She Madces It Decidedly Interest-  ing For Mr. B. For Or_e Evening by Hauling Him Over  the Coals, to His Great  \ Astonishment.  , [Copyright, 1903, by C. B. Lewis.]  ���.HERE   was   a   certain   atmosphere surrounding Mr. Bowser  as  he  came  home  the  other  evening    that    warned    Mrs.  Bowser of trouble to come.   As a matter of fact, several things liad annoyed  him during tbe day, and on-the street  car coming home a drunken man had  Insisted on recognizing liim as a long  lost brother, and a loafer had stepped  on his feet and then called" him a liar.  It was only natural that he should  blame  Mrs.  Bowser and  hold her responsible,  and all through  the dinner  hour he was casting about for an excuse to open his batteries.    Mrs. Bow-'  eer-was watching the thermometer, and  they had no sooner reached the sitting  room than she said:  "Mr. Bowser, the gas bill came In to-  , day, and It is $1 more than last month:  This extravagance  on' your part  has  got to stop or I shall know tlie reason  why.    You seem to be doing your best  to drive me to the poorhouse."  "Wh-what's that?" exclaimed Mr.  Bowser as he looked at her and wondered if he heard aright.  "I went down cellar the other day  lifter  you   had   gone,"   she   continued,  "and there were - two gas jets blazing  away as if the rats were holding a festival.   You lighted them and left them.  That's  just your .way.     You, a,ro  the  most careless,, extravagant man I know  of, and you'll have to make a change  for the better or there will be trouble  In this house."  "You���you are talking to me?"  "Yes, sir, I'm talking straight to you,  and I bope you won't lose ,a word of  what I  say.    That last  ton of  range  coal is nearly out.    Did you sell part  of  it  to  the  neighbors   or   encourage  "\  that a. revolution bad broken out awl  was likely to be a success.  The cat sat up beyond reach of bis  foot and purred aud grinned for Mrs.  Bowser to go on and fire more grape-  shot, and presently there was more to  be heard.  "There are some few things I am  going to do this winter, and I want to  tell you in advance /ind warn you not  to raise any row with me. We need  three or four fire escapes around tbe  house, and I'm going to buy 'em. I  don't propose to be burned up in my  bed at night, no, matter how you feel  about It. Then I shall take dumbbell  and other exercises for my rheumatism. The doctor has ordered it, you  know. He says if I could take boxing_  lessons it would be u good thing, but-  I haven't made up my mind about that  yet."  ��� "Are you���you Mrs. Bowser?" asked  a hoarse voice as she paused ��� for  breath.  "I am, sir.   I am Mrs. Bowser, wife  of  Mr.  Bowser, and   I  am talking to  him and to no one else. There Is a sale  next week by auction of antique furniture,  and  I  shall attend.   This  house  needs a table of the Louis XIL style,  a cabinet of the Louis XIII. make and  a sofa and a few chairs to show that  we are up on Louis XIV.  If I can pick  up any old masters in cracked frames  at the same time I'm going to do it."  "Good Lord!  Good Lord!" whispered  Mr. Bowser as he wriggled around in  his chair," while the cat got under the  piano to whisper to herself:  '  "Gee whiz, but ain't the old man  having a hot old time in this old town  tonight!"  "I shall also look around for a nice  milk  cow,"  resumed   Mrs.  Bowser as  she  walked  up and  down' the  room.  "We use two quarts of milk per day,  and by buying a cow for $40 and paying out $3 per-week for her keep I figure  that  we  would  save about $300  per year.  I was reading yesterday that  every family ought to keep a bog, as  hogs   never  eat anything  beyond   the  fish bones and potato peelings', which  are generally wasted, and I shall buy  one and save about ��2o0 a year on our  pork.   We will also need a few hens.  I believe you paid a dollar apiece for  those you bought two, or three years  ago and that they all turned out roosters and we never got  an egg,  but I  know11 can do bettor than that.    The  hens  can   be had  for, about 50 cents  apiece, and we can build a henhouse of  Roman architecture for $73.   We will  EVENING COSTUMES.  C.o-rram ot Black Tulle���Vojcne of Chenille- 'and   Accordion   1'Ia.ltinsr.  Evening gowns of black tulle and  chiffon are considered very smart.  These are trimmed with black velvet  ribbon or tiny ruchlngs of lustrous  silk. Medallions of black velvet and  chantilly lace are also very smart. The  hair, being dressed low, requires less  ornament than formerly, and when  there is ornamentation it ' takes the  form of jeweled pins or combs.  Crepe de chine dresses trimmed with  fringe of the same shade are always  graceful and pretty.  Chenille tassels and chenille fringe  arc���-__;_-__=-_;scd-=-in' combination  with  HONEST ABE. U.S.M.  He Writes Some Poetry Tor Uncle Jo��h  White.   Who   If   In   Love  With a Widow.  [Copyright, 1903, by C. E. Lewis.]  I FOUND Uncle Josh White'at his  farmhouse gate the other day as j  I drove up with a letter, but I noticed when I was yet a quarter of  a mile away (hat his white locks and  venerable whiskers hnd been dyed a  jet black by the village barber. Uncle  Josh Is seventy-two years old and has  500 wrinkles on his face, nnd the black  hair and whiskers rutide him look too  funny for any tiling;  "Hello," I said as I drove up, "hut  what's become of Uncle Josh? I don't  remember to have seen him lately."  "Uncle Josh Is around, 1 guess," he  answered, with a pleased look.  "Glad to hear it. Didn't know but  he'd gone out Avest.   Just give him this  You   may   ���np��'i_..��  the  notes  of tlie  gray  . ini-u.iuv,  l,uk  And i-r-t__.d up the notes of the Jay;  You may toll of tlie rose as It blooms by  tlie door;  .You may talk of the tulip and -link;  You may cull me the clioicest and rarest  of blooms.  But I shall continue to think  That noihlnc on earth can compare with  my Jane.  Oh, would that I now stood beside her  To show to the world  the  tu-mul-tu-oua  love  I've sot for the widder named Snyder!  Uncle Josh had sat beside me at the  kitchen table as I wrote, sometimes  trying to read a line without bis  glasses and again gazing Into vacancy  and uttering long sighs. ' When I had  finished I read the poem to him and  asked how he liked it  "Abe," he replied as he brought hia  fist down on the table, "the Widder  Snyder is mine from this hour. There  hain't no widder oh earth who kin  stand up ag'ln slch poetry as that. It'll  wobble her from head to heel, and all  I've got to do Is to foller It up by ostein' her to have me. By thunder, Abe,  but I'll put them verses ag'in any man's  FOR  MORNING V^  "on".   ���"'"�����-<   SMP,   u  s����"��<��..:iu, ,,'"*,  Plata HblrtwnlM.,or v'-"'  and broadcloth au- -vo,'!'."'".'  made coats.   The       ' "*'"  ders and moif .,���:'  One  T1,<".   ".a-,.  "iu:  of the most iwfU���,-  sesslsan unlink skl 'S  -oilI cut and wH, tltt, ^  used winter or ^       ; Jm,  waists and a pn-tly u*|n    Jf  -Th?-''  " - * donost  ;_.;,. the-n  \Chdrt.\  ' " 'man:'  ,, \�� ���*. �����������  I'or dinner or ri-Hau-e,  insintli- way of ;M;|���';���'"-���  the blouse of <���,-���,     ''*:-  the blouse of ere,-  narrow  lace    i,)H.rUoil      '-   -.  This Is mad-' *.eiv _,,���   * ��*"  parent  yoke   a,..   a   ^ ".  much   pulYVd   sleeves  ue  The   three <-  tight cuff of lace.   '" ^ iDto.'  letter and my best respects." - _ ......  "Abe. don't you know me?" he asked ' million dollars and win out.    If I'd sot  as he took the letter. - , down and tried for a  million,, years -I  "You  are   Uncle Josh's  boy  Jim.   I    couldn't have done half so well."  I "Were your hair and whiskers dyed  ,' when you called at the widow's?" I  asked s,an he followed me out to tbe  gate.  ; - "So, Abe, and I'm ua leetle bothered  about that. ' She'll see in a mlnlt that  there has been a change, aud mebbe  she'll ask about it.    I  don't wiint her  uiirter -v-' i  walking suits |��� conju,,' .'J  kilted skirt, unions,,;;;!0;  with  a   wide  bund of ������,  leather.  runt'.  Of the  triiijiniii  the colored Paraguay '{���,��{*.  f01'   ��l!'-[,  reckon."  "Look again.",  "By John. If it ain't Uncle Josh himself! Well, well! Say, Uncle Josh. If  you only had a bat on your shoulder  I'd say yon were going out to play'two  old cat' with the kids. Gone right  back to thirty years old, and as good  I looking a chap as can he found iu tho    to think I'm vain, you know, but what  "   country.   How did you do It?" ' can I tell her?"  "Abe." he said as lie stroked his I "That you were struck by lightning,  whiskers and kept one eye on the I<: always turns white hair black. Tell  house, "I was waltln' for- you. You lier tijat �� thunderbolt knocked you  are a truthful man. Mebbe you know down while you were splitting rails."  what my true age is. hut I want to ' "*'" l'�� *��������� Ake. Jt did thunder the  ask you how old I look jest as I stand    other day, and she must have heard It.  TOO SIT  IUGHT  TnEKE  AND   LISTEN-' TO  ' ME."  tramps to throw it into the street? I'm  sure that you are responsible in some  way that it didn't last longer."  "Woman!" shouted Mr. Bowser as he  finally got his breath. "Have -you been  hit on the bead and had your senses  knocked out ot you?"  "No, sir, I haven't," sho replied In decided tones. "You sit right down there  and listen to me. How does it come  that the butcher has sent in a bill for  a balance of 10 cents? Don't squirm  around and look as red as a boiled lobster, but give me a straight answer.  Did you stop and buy a sausage to oat  at the office? Have you been sending  pork chops to some distressed family  und keeping it a secret from me?"  "I won't be talked to-in this manner!" he said as he blustered up.  "As your wife 1 have a right to tail-  to you and shall exercise it.   Mr. Bowser,   four  months  ago  I   bought   four  dozen clothespins at 2 cents a dozen.  Today 1  counted  them   up  and   found  only forty-five.   I want to know what  has become of the missing three.  Have  you thrown them at cats, sold them for  fuel or loaned them to spine builder to  make   scaffolding   for   a   skyscraper?.  The money value is not groat, but the  v   loss of three clothespins' goes to show  that yorS; have no  care  how  soon  we  bring  up   in   some, charitable   institution.   Answer rue without dodging."  ���Mr.'Bowser..couldn't answer at all.  He had been "jumped*on" so suddenly  ' and so vigorously that ho was like a  man headed, up in a barrel. The cat,  who had been asleep under tbe lounge'  to prepare for' a night's promenade  uround the neighborhood,'.woke. up. as-  Mrs; Bowser began to talk, and she  was so tickled at seeing Mrs. Bowser  having the best of it that she grinned  in Mr. Bowser's face and narrowly  escaped a tremendous, kick launched in  her direction. . ���'  "And there's another thing," continued, Mrs. Bowser after a moment of  waiting. "A pane of glass in one of  the kitchen windows has been cracked. Who cracked it? Don't toll me that  the cook did it by accident or that some  boy threw a stone from the alley. You  are morally responsible for all the windows, and you must be on band to  protect them. Did you break that pane  to spite me and .help along your waste  and extravagance? Did -VOu take a  sledge hammer and standoff and deliberately pound and whack and smash  until you had succeeded in cracking it  from  top to  bottom?"  "By thunder, woman, but I���I"���  stammered Mr. Bowser as he realized  then  have our own. eggs and  not be  swallowing microbes every day."  "I forbid it, woman���I forbid it!"  shouted Mr. Bowser as he jumped up  anil waved his arms around.  "Man, do you know who you are talking to?"'  "I say I forbid it!"  "Butthat "won^t make any difference.  I am Mrs. Bowser;, you are simply the  husband of Mrs. Bowser. When I don't  know enough to run things around  here I'll step down and out. and you  may try it. And there's another thing  I wish to speak about. Your father is  all right in a way, but 1 don't want  him coming around here and thinking  he can run ine or my house. I shall  submit to no dictation from him."  "lias the end of the "world -come at  last?" asked Mr. Bowser of himself as  he pinched his leg and remembered  how often he had inveighed against his  mother-in-law.  "And now about clubs," said Mrs.  Bowser as she paused before him.  "You belong to two or three, aud they  aro always working you for, a soft  thing. I propose to join four or five,  and I think I can hold my own. 1  want something to take up my evenings  and use up my spare cash. It is quite  likely I shall be asked to deliver recitations < and essays, and the name of  Mrs. Bowser may come to be known in  the land. You have had many opportunities, but you have not accomplished  "And this to me���to me���to me!"  gasped Mr. Bowser as be glanced at  the cat and saw that she was almost in  convulsions.  "And ono more thing, Mr. Bowser.  You are one of the most careless men  in the world, as I have often observed.  Should you lose your purse with 15  cents in it on the street car or In a  store don't come home and expect any  sympathy from me. I have told you  that you can't be trusted even with a  quarter to go to the butcher's for a  pound of bacon, and if you will persist  iu your careless ways you must take  the consequences. I think that Is about  all tonight. Let me. see!. No, there "la  one more thing. If I come home and  find that you have given,away one of  my dresses or cloaks to some lazy old  tramp I'll not buy you another garment of any sort for a year."  "And she talks-she talks���she-talks!"  groaned Mr. Bowser.  "That's quite all, and now I have  business in the library, and you needn't  sit up for me. It is sixty miles to  your ���father's house, and the train  leaves at 10 o'clock in the morning.  .Should you. decide to go my lawyer and  your lawyer can easily arrange about  the alimony.' goodnight, Mr. Bowser,  good night." .  Two hours later Mrs. Bowser came  soffly into'the room to find Mr. Bowser  asleep in his chair with the cat on his  knees. .Thoy had gone to sleep while  wondering where he .was'at' and the  look still remained on his face.  m! QUAD.  GKEl'I. DU CHINE GOWN.  lace. White chifTon combined with  jeweled lace is another feature of the  moment,-and tiny gold tassels brighten  up otherwise somber gowns of black'. ,  Accordion plaiting on liberty satin  and crepe de chine continues in high  favor.  A beautiful robe a princesse for the  bride's mother at a coming wedding of  importance is of pansy colored  velvet  with a black and gold galloon trimming  on   either   side   of   a   \;ery   fine   point  d'alencon  lace   vest,   which   Is  further  beautified by being studded with a design of finely wrought gold.  The gown  hangs in graceful folds to the ground,  and at the feet "appears^ Greek trimming of gold galloon.   Some ruches of  old d'alencon  form  a  fitting  finish  to  the sleeves, .which are of fairly voluminous proportions.  To complete this exquisite toilette de  reception  is a  pale  heliotrope   beaver  hat.   Its  only   trimming   being   a   long,   sweeping  plume,  which nearly touches the shoulder.    A  bouquet   of   parma    violets    and    La  France roses will accompany this chic  costume.  The picture shows n crepe de chine  evening gown made with gaugings.  JUDIC CIIOLLET.  '  here?     If  you   was   a  stranger  what  would you guess my age to be?"  "I'd   say   from   thirty  to  thirty-five.  Uncle Josh���not a day more."  "Wouldn't you say forty-five?"  "Never.     l"d  allow  up  to  thirty-five  and then bet two to one."  I    "Then that settles It. and tliey  may  blow  till   they   can't   blow  no   longer.-  It's the hair and whiskers. Abe.    I've  had 'em fixed up a bit, nud Sarah and  , Bill have-been jumpiu' on me about it.  j They both say I look to be ninety'and  that I hain't got the* sense of a hen to  go and color up.    I couldn't see that I  looked over forty, aud you say lhat I  'don't  look   over   thirty-live,   aud-they  . may talk and.be hanged to 'em."  "And   what's" in   the   wind,    Uncle  Jo-h'-f" I said as I gave him a wink.  "Kin you keep It, Abe?"  "Of course."  "Then   it's   the   new   widder   that's  moved on to the old Frazer farm.   Seen  her yitV"  "No."  "Waal,'she's a daisy. Only thirty-five,  handsome as an alarm clock and wuth  $10,000.    Abe, I'm on her trail."  "Shoo, Uncle Josh!"  "On   her   trail,   Abe* and   bound  to  overhaul her.   I stopped there the other  FASHION   HINTS.  Circular   Trlmmlnffn   Are   Once   More  Coni-i_HT   Into   Voffue.  One of the daintiest frocks seen recently was of royal blue chiffon trimmed with gaugings and wide rufiles of  accordion plaited chiffon peeping from  under a dyed lace bolero.  ( The latest skirts show circular trimmings   instead   of   the   perpendicular  Yes, I wns knocked over by a blamed  J big thunderbolt,   but  all   tho harm   it  did was to turn my hair and whiskers  black  and  set  me back   to   thlrly-five  years old.   There ain't uo files on you.  young man."  |   , Uncle Josh was to copy and send the  poem off that afternoon, and he thought  he should have an answer In a couple  of days.   lie did have one.   Two days  later be stopped  me at  the buruyard  and beckoned me Into the barn.  I noticed  that he was pale and  agitated,  and I feared that Sarah or Bill might  be seriously ill.  "I've got au answer from the Widder  Snyder," ho said as his chin quivered.  "Oh, I sec! Well, wbnt Is It'?*  For answer he took from his pocket  a folded sheet of foolscap and handed  it to me. A woman's hand had used a  pencil- to write:  You may tell me of donkeys and aas��s and  aich.  Of men who have -wheela In their liead:  You may sine me the aon*. of the old gander goose i  Or the calf who la 111 In hia bed;  You may tell mo of meadows and valley.,  and rills;  Tou'raay talk of tho surf on the shore;  You may ��end mo a car load of roue, and  '      pinks  And tempt me with pantiles galoro.  a new siiii-.r Tisr  " ot-Wii  froni"1'!  she  wi  as *'.4,t!i  ;,      ] laSt^',/1  , , .-lif-.ht,  s. m'aii'.i-i  '' that,! -7  '   ,     sher���Bt  '   the.ll-  ", Thi-  and";-'i  ��� and'ii  ,. ������ ���  ; v  ,  V   The  ' powe'i  sons"'  ,   " .Hours  , Isignci  ' '> T-fii"  .---:�����_������  , .  '' , 'm,'">'  '   ���- by*!oci  djseafit  \    way;t(  ���7   ,   tional}  "'' ���; Jlaw"  'A Eustxw  .' '-- -,you hi  -'  ' 7 '"-rH_,,ai  . -.   . .-v. the".re  '}"> .'taken?  *    .-���',;con_Jt'  1 ���'. ���' nine'-��  '-. " . -'.which  -   "$tlie mi  -V '.Wei  .Cease-o  V-j'not be  \ > '''.'cJtaeu'a  v :^>w$fciii  -V-tf.etitxi!  'v::m^  *   '^rproly  ly ,-iimve  .'. 'V-5 idsS.t  �����_.,. 'Mturei  ^"^i-were  l,\  L/7t'4?seate  effects   are   quite   swji.:. for w/'i-r^S  in*t-  . '���_���-_(��� have",  -   'lAobtai  _, '���--:', a'rei-  V'srits-'e  Avsyste  J-VstVen'  ; Vv exert  ;, relio-i  *. V'i'wi'".'  w^*-.les?D<  'A- (Z<-is:g&'  -"��� --"^neryi  -"P !7sleeb  * -' ��" bloo  ,' V;throi  vn,,- S'lienU  A   Co-i-.imrniivc   Sacc-e-rtm.  "You say your flying'machine was a  ���comparative success'.'"  "Yes," answered the inventor. "It  got info lhe air.'and back to earth without spilling an.vl.iody or breaking any  machinery'."���Washington   Star.  I_-tMl_y   -Cxi-Inl-n-...  ���   The Cop���By Jove! Tlie folks here live  pretty high, don't they?  The Cook���Oh, yes.. I p.-ve them to  understand that they'd liave to if they  wanted to keep me.���Brooklyn Life.  A. SMAKT SKJKT.  lines we havg become so used to.  Fringe plays, as important a ���"'-part in  the trimming of the skirt as of the  waist. -  The three piece costume Is among  the smartest conceits of fashion. This  consists of a dress trimmed with fringe  or dyed lace and a cape with long  chiffon or fur stole ends of the same  material as the dress and trimmed  with the same dyed, lace. .  Three-quarter coats of moleskin  are  lined with cream satin and have flulTy  ���jabots of creamy lace.   The tiny skins  are so joined together as to produce a  plalded effect.  On the whole, fashions are plainer  than heretofore, but the materials are  more voluminous and more costly.  In the cut ia shown the latest thing  in skirts. It is made with circular  tucks and fringe trimming.  ..  ���      . JUDIC. CHOLLKT.  "ABE,  DON'T  TOU KNOW   ME?" HE   ASKED."  day to see if she wanted to buy any  hogs, and I fell iu love with her before  she had opened her mouth. Her name  Is Snyder now, but I'll make her change  It to White -within a year or break my  back a-tryin'. I've told Sarah and  Bill so, and they are inakin' things  mighty hot for me. They say I've got  one foot In the grave and won't live a  year, but you see how little they know  about it."  "And so you are going to propose to  the Widow Snyder, eh?"-. Tasked when  I had got my.breath back.  "Jest, as shore as turnips is turnips,'  Abe,'and.I ain't goin' to waste much  time about it either.    I want to-begin  court!n' right. aw;ay, and that's where  you come in."  "But I can't court for you."  "I don't want you to. The day I  called the widder and roc talked mostly  about hogs and cows, but she let It  drop that she loved poetry and had a |  tender feel in' for poets. You are a  poet, Abe. and a gol du rued'good one.'*  ,"And you  want her to fall in   love  with me?    I, see." .' '  "You don't see  nuthln' of the  sort.  I want you to do me the biggest favor  on  earth  by   wrilin*  me socio  poetry  nnd lettin' mo pass it off as my own.  I ain't offerin' you  money down,  but  I'm sayln' that from.the day I marry  the Widder Snyder your hay, oats, butter and   taters  won't cost you  a   red  cent.     Sarah   and   Bill   have  gone   to J  town today, and you jest come in for a i  glass of milk and a  piece of pie and i  start that courtin' off for me"  Half an hour later I had turned th��  wheel and ground out:  But  I  shall  still   think   as   tho'day.  flee  away  And the winds of old winter doth High  That  the  fool of a  man   who  taketli  the  1 cako  Is the fool who resort* to the dye.  "Abe, what does it mean?" tremblingly asked Uncle Josh as I handed  him back the paper.  "It  means  that  the  Widow   Snyder  doefin't    want   to    become    the   ilrs  White," I replied. ���  "She turns me down, does Elbe?"  "She does."  "And I go back to seventy-two years  again, don't I?"  "I guess you do."  "And you won't mistake me for my  son again?"  "Not hardly."  "  "Waal, I'll go and git soft soap nnd,  hartshorn and wash off this dye und  let  the   Widder  Snyder  go  to  Tcias.  And���and"���  "And what?" I asked.  "You kin go there too."  M. QUAD.  wear and  are uio.t cl.w-.i*. on 6  and   woolens   with  a .iii__'h .ir;*.  Some   of, these   lac*"  .ir* ���*.���������---i  Iwo dislinct color*-'. ,uul otV-i. Un  frame of medallion .l).i|-o to v_r:.~  the daintiest Utile <-ni!>roidi*n.M *p-  A few of these motifs of'Uew.--  broidery are quite -iifficient to tr.:"  bodlce,   and'  tliey   aie   nl_o us*.-  coatees nnd boleros-, and c-iKX.a:,;  smart w.il��tcoal3 of p.de toloif-lc*  The Illustration shows u ii.'t l ��---'<"*3_ii*>  waist having a deep yol.u wbicb f* - -. -*il-fe'i  the Jong shouldered effect. '       H'f^il  judic ciio'ir.   I*<-of.-t;  , *   r^theii  '' *.:��ra-t0  - '.-".sclor  v.V-per..  ���'?A*drug  ft .',y,t&>.n  ��� -M  -\*-*are-  , - .<i%j?~~>  . ���'*&&}  A fl'bus  --*,,- ��_ica..  WHAT WOMEN ARE WEAR:1'  Sorry   He   Spoke.  Auntie���Whom do you love best?  Dolly���Mamma.        -  Auntie���Who next?  Dolly-You. . " -   ,  Auntie���Who next?        "".'"  Dolly���Baby.  Father (from the background)���And  where does daddy come In?  Dolly-Two o'clock In the morulnt'.^-  Buffalo School No. r>0 Weekly.  Ilrlaru   tu   IK-JO  Sl. It--���Klirurnl 5I&  nnd   Accord iun   IMallloKi.  White cloth Is as fnslnouaLiI-as.v  but'It is only for tlio well to dotts  count   of   the   rapidity with -ili:^"  I soils.  1 We have returned to the !S30 stjc  In matters of dress, a*, witne-s the l:<-  sklrts and the de<*i> point".! vai  bunds. Old fashioiiii! silk*;, tfoiver-  or plain, are trimmed *>"' buyci c  ruches of pale blue or pink  Loose banging bolero*, of black cf  fou velvet are (riiumed with &u'-"  gold thread t.iwN nnd hands o. c.  broidered lace.  Both hirse and small spots .-m"^  velvet   brox-lies   nre  coming  Into*  vor.     Velvet j-owns of every kiiid:.  seen for both day ami --renin;,' wear  Soft chine slik<. together ��itli ''���  .red  muslins and  mulK m.'l.v1 clisr:  Ing   gowns   and   hlou*"-   (<��   erai  wear.    They arc parth-ulsiiiy Ijccoiv,  to young girls. f  Accordion    plaited   black   crepe ^  chine made with a Vide glnlk ��"'  - grc.  '����'����"*''  ,. * -. Ia  ���   . Soa  ^.��'.",;ensvj  "���,Y  -;. _'  "i *���- -a  ' V Ti  *    "���      nlt  f  ��U"e  . in.,?  *ste  -*th'  1  -Tivl-,1  "The Bill before the house.'*  ���New York Evening Journal.  &  itf  "*'������ rtewnrd.  ��� "r thought," be said, "that I knew  rou may tell me of mountains and valleya    how tomako love "  and Ktreams. '  Of dells midst the tall whlsperin? pine.  Of nieadowa that charm and watera that  roll     , i  As the sun in tlie weat doth decline;        ]  And don't j'ou?"  Well,  It didn't seem to work right ' ed.   thick 'vicunas.     Invisible rh*'''^  OOWJ* OF  IVOltY  CT-OTfl.  handsome   Jeweled   buckle   is fl     .  useful as well as .becoming ii''('r"  gown. j  -.inclines  nnd   similar  iiimtorbils ^r_  ag.iin much um^l. as well a" ,(>"r'   '..  Vou   may   sing  me   the  aongr  of  tho   Bad  nlglitlnKale;  You may -Int mo the awcet robin's lay-  When I told Itose she was thc only girl    ut ripen nnd other quiet  patu  1 I had ever loved." , rics an- smart. ,   ���  ���    "What did she Bay?" '     The picture shows :i g"'11 "f     ,,j  I    "She said she'd never marry a liar." ' cloth   trimmed   with   nnrrow  A��' '  -Chicago Post. ' | wotted, velvet      J UDIC CllOU'*1' r^^.cm'i^l^T' ���  ���^���Mimm&,  ���'������vtislfe  -(,.;:iv.4,'.'��mi,-v,.u*r;';��''.^iJ; ���  . ��� -. ''_  ���t-  j^^lfeoYiKB.'G.'  THE TWO ARTISTS.  ���t   a.  '. u '^t.];  "iTh>-*r��Lhpowoi- in i"vu-3s;;t is  I'obye-  .Tha.reaJ.i;      Pt.oc.,.y.Uor-G,n.-i-1tl    cf  j^l.SCO'l il'CCr-  1.,'vTrd  donosteff.vthe  'dsklr   , '1l-   ''    thSoly.Synod  ol"  the  *b^  11 flu^> H^b-VHe  is  also  th. mo,  !n!��-*r.*li'"S  ^y.'wintp ���_������.'  1 a w-liiu  rnaii: 'h. Jib?  j< -v, fr.;-. a    ���  iV;  :."'��� "ft In-.  IK(jrtIoii 70't  ������y:."rui.;.ffjj  J �����'���, coll  eves  si*  xSajis, tha  TIN.  If -  .  K*-*.t ��� io'to '  rter  font   iu  conJunci'|0I1,  lousoHand li,u  ,ld v"f -..wini | -i  ng  Boot-rs ilitln'tgive Mrs. Jamo.  '.ssriS^KS^aw  -. themand cured her.  ���fi-nr ' fifteen^years Mrs. John A_.__J�����*��������  .   ?fi ��� I.!..** nni      was   a ' treat - sune.er  ot. Wiorton.-- Ont..   was   ��   ��\       t      tin_e  froni'lIeart^Disease.    I'or aa>s a*. n-_���^  she  was confined   to   bed,   and  it  weeks  studio.  seemad  ����� man,  thatr-  for  "'li;,,,  "ay hi-H,,,'  sher���p.tarted1usiug  Iir.   Atcnew h   v.u��.  the-lI��'art-'?M-,Thro(. bottles cured  hor.  Thiaivremedy,, relievos  in  thirty  minutes  and "vi-ures-^'every  form  ot  heart  dlseaae  tlie horse  tin.'  picture.  and'''iiervo_pness  of   Vlu<livo-*-OcU  '   Tlirl'EOW'"'   <jt   v IUUIU'   "���  S^fihinks .it ut ����-2��>-:��^  ���hour.sV?hotfce.-   No ivuson . i;>.-d  b    -i*-.  ( wB;.orS"this  summary  d.snii.s^l.  p.ch  tlie  I'lKM.- Is ouly one  ' /-^Deafness Cannot Be, Cured  -   bv'ii^alftap.lJcatlonsas Oiov cannot re-  '     3ona.����AM|es.    no.'ifn.-M Is cuum-J  by an  In  . __l_sPKSS this who .caioii-d  to I" normal  ���   ffit$3toarlnB   -.Mil   be   ^'-oyc-a   former.  nlnV=.L-_ise-_Vout  of  leu  are  cj.ij-."<1  by   Catann,  wffifiJ_^uiU ��ut an  milamed "conditio.,  of  ''%^SS^"f On? II.md,od  Do.larH  for'any  ^Me!Of3pV"_!noS's .cnu��.l by c-ata.rh) tliat ran-  V, SSTbef^Sl by HUH'.. C-itanh Cure.    Send for  .    .Vt^l^rV.  J.  C17EKKV ft COl. Toledo. Q.  "'  I   ���?j*4soldr_'vall vlrupTB-I.sU, "iuc.  .        4��ia��"s family PI Us arc U*.  :e best.  -^��^ *VJ8S$ho   Hussian   imperial  family.  l"r^-,��^-^.'i\rrmil4te  is   _o.ooo,ooo    ac  ^pitfiteom lhe ti..ib.-r go t  7':?vgt��ifce  oi   tho  Czar-  ���20, ooo, ooo    ac ros.       All  go to the prl-  ''&!��mmrr+-.  in:r Tjsr.  Ho  first  ; .and''���olhtr. fon  i Tshitpe to sur c  liiaiin.iiiler-il spr  tirsoflace r<i_  suffideh,t".to t-;--  are , nlso us^li ^  7 and ^pociaii '  'piiic.colomSck -  ;hows.7u,-:iiew _  ) yokl' wbiclir- -  eiTect.::- 7     '  DIC ���'CHOI LEI*  ! ���* St'ren'&th" bv iho inilnence winch Qiiiimu-  , '-exertsVon natuie'h own icsloruuvi-s, ii  ,Veli0VC85'   the     droomni,'   spirits   ol   Uiom  j'VwltliW?.vhoiii a chiJT.uc stute of moilnd  VpidcWondency   and   Jack   oi   ...U-resi. in   liu  *vh   �����-������. .���.. i(M(i   |)V   Li-u,1(|ui1i-/*iik  #i^S^^:  thi  >"-^ne"rvesJfdis|.o^.s  to   bound   and   lein-vhin.  -���   "sleep^inipaits \isor to tlie nftion*oi  the  1'W-blodvlsKwh.-h.   heniK   stiimilatoil.   couis-  ,'" V'through   the      veins.      strcnu'theniinr    -lu  v-vfl.ca_-hy,-aiiiiiiul   functions   of   the   -.ystein.  ,, .,,���r,i_ipro'ved  ���"Vofjffiroronto  AREWEAR1^  l��ic���Klrur-d Mb;  n   I'lnlllui;..  aslj'iouill'l. as��w  e .well'to do ut s  Ity'���w.lt.ii. wlM'  to.the!-30stic ^  as witness the I.-,  e|) poiiift'd waii"  .(Hi.rsllks, /lower��  d \vU.\ frayed c  r piiik.. ...'-  -iw of black,cbi!  nied   witli daicr  ind bands of <-  ill- spots nnd v "-  .���coniing into-'-  >f every kiiid?.  1 (���renin',' wear,:  gotber witli &  :\\\*,:. nifilv-f"��� chart-  us,-s-���������jar. evew-  ioul:u;ly liecpmi.  ,'biacU   crepe  vide cli'vlle ac'i  v.'v-Perfefetion  A t-. *S i{'.7(i.��-��( i  luivo   pi\en   to   the   pul.li<  Wine  ut.  ihe  u.si.  h    ol  earebt  thu   niu-rki-t.       Al)  r^theiclSupcrior  Quinine- \\inc  nt  Uie  i  ,    frrate?$",faiul,      uaugod   by  the  opinion  ��� ^vJBClontik-lH.      the   wine- approaches   no  oi     any   in  t   'r*<i$$}itic outside world of' Ilus.si.i.  furs  - ..'tar^'consideri-d  a  test, of ihe  lin.mcial  '/.,.'sfpositiion oT the wearer, so-th-��t. ma.iy  " :',"'businesM  men  *u*<*  oliliged ,to   ppi-nd   a  -'grcat^deal of mowv on them.  -nVlH.ki&it   ���  ~  ,      ,.'..; Lever's   Y-7.   (Wise   lRiad)   Dlnnfce'    -  . Soap^'i'owder -ilusted   in   the   buili.  X'T.'ensjtfie'-waLer and disinfects.,  *\< ���.'>',:?,"-'         -  Vv7' "fr3f\.^  i    "*FHohors do  not create honor.  soft  ,"-YfiU ciinn.)  t ainblc to heaven.  ."'Tni-P.ussin  furs nnd tinier aui".-  sa^-jireser've-d    (luring  the   time  -ir_;\decp   straw   h'ainpor.s.  inftiejen   straw   hamners,  st'ee^tiil      i-.i    turpentine -l.iid  the;.f6ld.s.  Cb-irll*   Ettiyuioml    -*>:1��    the Story  ��Okt   SUCC-h.llll    -*ltlg_-��t'.  The young ujan was a plugger.   He  was  not   one   of   the   men   who    were  active on   the 'recent     election,   how-  over,   but   a   plugger  to   work.'     For  he'.'had '    been     close  to:, his  Ho   had   received   his    first  good order through the ollices of   a  lriend,  and   was  working a.way  as if  bis  life depended  on  it,   writes Charles   l-\ J.ayiiiond.   in     Toronto Star.  Sometimes     it   would   f-ecm   a.s   if  he j  bad  secured   the proper  outlines  and  proportions and   ti.e correct figure of  tbat  v.i-.s  to   fmiii  part  of  Then l.e  would  go    and  take   a   good   look   ut   the   original���  tlie   animal   ho    wu.   copying   from���  and   come   back   diHhii-i_m-il.    lie   did  not.    .Seem   able     to   {���������t     the     thing  right, and bo invd.'d  tiie motley, and  needed it  quickly.  One day he l.rlii-ved' he had the  sketch correctly. His looiu-imiU and  l'ellow-in-peucil JinJ block had told  him that'tlie tiling U-.3 woll done.  'J lien tho young uum brought in au  old friend and o.piit.  ."Too still. 'IJicn- isn't enough detail.    Jt is  witlioi.t  \i(;or."  The words galled him. Thu. young  fellow deliberately look his work  and destroyed it, ' Tlu-n he took tho  old head's advnv ar.d went ut it  aguin. He worked h.ird-r than ever.  U-S rooin-inutv, v.ho v>u.s a quick  worker, and turned out stujl with  great.ease, tcrid him lie was a chump  to bother so much.a'ihe quick worker soon left Hamilton, lor this was  the town where tiie scene took place.  He went to -New York'. He said his  genius would be recognized quicker  there than in thc city bj' the mountain. However, the plugger who hud  torn up the sketch worked on.  had pleaded the linn with his  effort, und " had ^ot ^another order.  Nearly four years went by.  One day the si'idio .door in Hamilton was opened and m came thc  quick worker who had left to havo  ,his genius the quicker recognized in  New York. VI he plugger was still  jidiigging- However, there were evidences of work on hand now. There  were the cu.r-inu.rks of prosperity, c-  '���Hello!"  They- shook hands, and the man  from New York passed out a hard  luck    story and    made a    touch   for  $10. .  "Not i>for me," replied the quick  man, as thc plugger asked him how  he liked  New   York.  "Why?"  "No  place  for a  man."  "Why?" ' ,     ���  The quick worker could not explain why he had not fitted in over  tliere except on the ground of the  New- -Yorkers' dull appreciation of a  good  thing.  "I am going to New York soon,"  said thc plug. Thc two men parted  soon after. The quick man drifted  away, and thc slow worker went to  Gotham. He got a place in New  York,' and whenever he did a sketch  he, did his best.,. He gradually got a  reputation. Instead of chasing work,  work chased hi in. He refused many  ^orders because tie had not time to  give  them   his  best.  lie called ' in one day this week  and shook us by the, band. He is  how on his- way from civilization,  away in the northland, with two Indian guides, and he will take by thc  magic   of   his   pencil   wild   life   for    a  l_ook and magazine.    For this he will  receive more .money  than some   men  would  make  in   a  decade.  The   young   man's   name   is   Arthur  ITeniing,   illustrator    and   writer     of  wild  life,   once  of    Hamilton  by  the  Mountain,   and    now   of     New   York.  He   is   the   chap    who   fussed     about  the horse.  ,   The  quick     sketch    artist  is  quick,  but  still unappreciated.  HE'S A VETERAN  OF THE CRIMEA  And     He    Tells    What    Dodd's  Kidney Pills do For Him.  TH5 PAGE >�����..-"-_  It 13 the fence that has stood the  test of  toe-stands the   hea^t rtra.in-nev��  t-Bb-tta standardTthe world over.   Order through our local agent or direct from ps.^  -���EF-CE 1^5. LIMITED VTalkeprllle. OnU  __���*._�����_. Cine.     _t. Jofcn. J..B.     TriM-lpes, M__M  He Knows Others Too Who Have Boen  - Troubled    With    Kidney  Complaint,  have Used Dodd's   Kidney   Pills  and  Are Well Peoplo To-day.  1-irdcll, Ont., March 7th���(Sp-idal.)  ���1'ostmaster Henry Bird of this place  is one of those grand old men  who carried Britain's ilag to victory  over the walls of Sebastopol. He  tells many interesting tales of thoso  terrible days, and also how he escapes  the pains and aches brought on by to  many days a_id nights of hardships  and exposure.  "I have been troubled for yours,"  he . says, "with Kidney Trouble,  brought on by lying in tho trenches  In front of Sebastopol, where thousands of my brothers in arms lost  thoir lives. Butyevery time I feel my  trouble coming on L use Dodd'a Kidney Pills. I liavo found them-do me  good each and every time.  "1 never took - more than one or  two boxes at" a time, and so never  gave them a chance to make n. complete cure in my case. ' But when I  feel my, trouble coming back L' shall  surely use Dodd's Kidney Pills aguin,  for I know Dodd's Kidney Pills enn  do even more than is claimed for  them. T know some of my neighbors  who havo used them for the same  trouble as myself and who are well  people to-day." '  The period of service for the Itus-  sinii soldier is fifteen years���four in  the ' ranks, two years on .ur.lough.  liable, to recall at any moment, and,  nine yo-irs in the reserves, which can  only ho called out in case of ,\var or  nation-il  danger.  GEORGIE ON  DIETING.  Tho Pall of Rheumatic Pains.  -Wlien a sufferer finds permanent telief in  ,i:ch a meritorious medicine as South  Vnierlcan ltheum-tic Cure, how (.lad he  a lo tell it. C. W. Mayhew. of '1 hames-  .ille. Out . couldn't walk or feed himself  pr month-���four years a^o three bottles  ,f ihis tcreuL remedy cured him���not a  ,ain s>inee���isn't that encouragement for  'leumatic  sulTerers> ?���82.  At breakfast ma &l.e says to me  That bread's the staff of life, and when  I take'a lump of eu_;.-.r she  Just maJ'.--s me put it back again.  I can't lvivo doughnuts neither, 'cause  l^a says .1 mustn't t-at aneh truelt;  I wif,H hoys didn't have no pas  Or mas to watcli them, blame the luck!  :.Pa takes moli'sses on his cakes  And Kiif__r in his coffee, too:  Vou ought to liear tlie row he rnalten      '  When I want sweets!    I never knew  The tunc when lie let douulinuts go  -Vc-iuisi- they might be rich, you bet!  I wlsl- the doctor 'd fix It So  JJe'd only oat the things I et.  At dinner whvn It comes to pie  J'a says I mustn't liave a bite  JJce.iu.'-t- i ml-fJit get sick and die  Or have tlie nightmare in the night.  And then lie --ilct-s two pieces, .'cause      >  11,- gets the one I ought of had.  If boys would never have no pad-  1 guess they'd all be viretty t'lad.  When I grow up to lie a rna,n  I'm go'ii' to be a doctor then,  !_e<-uii_e I've thoiif-hl about a plan  For ho>s to even up witli men.  I'll t"i\ It so Iheir pus can't eat  A thing unless the bo> a can, too;  1 gneiss that tlien tlie things that's sweet  Won't be so bad to take, don't you?  It makes n*.y pa and ma feci had  To have me ast for sweets or pie;  You'd think one little doughnut had  J-noiig'o bad stuff to make me die.  But if they couldn't cat them till  .They'd not set heavy on my chest  I guess they'd let me have my fill  r   And jus>t keep hopin" for the best.-  ���Chicago Record-Herald.  Try   OGILVIE'S  'ROYAL HOUS  A Perfect FLOUR For  BREAD and PASTRY  Sold��� in original packages  only��� by all dealers.    '      (1  1X1  !��__!_*  O-ILYIE'S- Millers to B. R. H. The Prince oi Wales.  EDDY'S  IMPERVIOUS SHEA"  Th**  Bost   13��JiIc_ir-ie  """*�����F>����r  It  in -ery  much ��tronP.r  tind  thicker  than   any  other  (tarred   or  "��*���  It   Is   impervious   to  wind,  keeps out cold, keeps  ui uj���*���__.__ t_  Inff)   paper,    ji l   .*��- ._u^,.. * ��v#_-,   .-    _.  rles no smell or odor," absorb! no moisture. Impart- no taste or  anything with which it comes in contact. It la largely used not only for  abaetlnff hou_e-. but for lining cold utor-ge buildings, refrigerators, dulr-  <_..    rrp.morlM    and nil daces  wbert   Uio   object   Is   to   keep   an   ��v��o   aud  at  th��  nam* time avoiding d-mpnees.  mniform  teinper&tur*.   and  WrllB 6ar Agent; TEES * PEHSSE, Winnipeg, for _amp.����.  Tho E_ B. EDDY CO., Limited,  HULL.  r���UX-OM���WM-������-.  In the pwblic schools of Jan-m the  Knglish language is require by law  to ho taught. The Japanese youths  in tbe ' open ports and commercial  cities are all eager to learn "English,  as a' passport to wealth, position and  employment.  What makes you Despondent?  ���Has the stomach gone wrong ? IIav��  tliu nervo centres grown tired and listless ? Aie you threatened with nervous  prostration'? South American Kl-,'Wii(- :.  nature's���'���"���"corrector,,.."1-.makes the stbuiacli  right, gives a world of nerve force. Keeps  the circulation perfect. A regular constitution builder for rundown people.  "I   owe, my    life   to  '    -    Would   Have .Wall-ed  Too.  They tell this story in,the coramis-  gioner's ofiice at '���'Hi:, i-d.uul: r  Two'Irish iinmi^ratit" Just arrived  stood one morning on the government  landing wsitchlng a dredger nt work a  few yards any. rresently a diver,  full rigged, crawled painfully from the  channel slime up a ladder to the deck  of the dredge. Oue or the Irishmen,  very much surprised, turned to his companion und said:  "Look at that monl Look at bun!  Begorra. if I'd known the way over I'd  walked too!"  Do You Want  SOME OhE   TO   liAN'JI t   fCUD   .KIP'.'EIIT--  to cbmsich voua ch^in to a reus.".* nsn  PROMPT SEnVlOE ,ANO   OAREl-Ut   ATTENTION  If co, the und-r.l��ne.lw_-��t_ your buslne.* and will cdoaro^to give ,utl-t��ctlo3.  Ca��h advanced on consijrnmeuts.      Kef0renc'��:    Union Bank of Cauaua.  Tbe oldest tstahlished. Grain Commission  Mercliant in WinnipeB.  Grain   Exchange,   Winnipeg.  .*��  It will become a matter of. wonder  that there should ever have existed  those who thought it admirable to  enjoy without working, at tho expense 'of others who worked without'  enjoying.  ra  said  s  One    lady  it."���84  says  A   Nioc   I.i-sht   n on I "c.h��.  "Oh. yes, I've opened an ofiice.'  the young lawyer. "You may' remember that you saw me buying an ahirn.  cloek the other day."     <,  "Yes," replied befriend.   "You have  to get up early these mornings., eb7"  "Oh,   no." I   use  it   to  wake   me  up  when it's time to go home."  THE NEW ORLEANS LEVEES.  Protected  Mental   power  ill-fed brains.  cannot   he   _*ot   ir.nn  Btill  Knclan-l'i ".__.-.cn_ L BT ,l*-"  Knglishmen, at least the more progressive among them, aro , finally  awakening to the absurdity of the  old law whicli establishes what aro  known as "ancient lights." Under  this law windows " which have boen  in existence for nineteen years or  more cannot l)e deprived of light by  the construction of neighboring  buildings without due compensation  having been made to the owner. Iu  other words, air owner of land cannot erect a building which will shut  in any of the windows of neighboring buildings, providing the latter  have been in existence for nineteen  or more years, without making himself liable, to extensive damages.  Moreover, the damaged owner .- can  prevent     the     erection   of     anv   such  iiiilding   which   will   take  igh.t  light,  enjoyed   it  property,  made    to  a.^es  i-epouh'-d.  7\iost of the .Japanese houses are oi  one general shape and two stories in  height. They bre put together by a  curious method ��� of mortising, at  which these people are adepts,, not  one nail being used throughout the  construction of tho whole building.  Heart Disease Relieved in 30  Minutes.���Dr.   .Ajjuew's     Cure,   for  the  Heart ffives perfect relief in all ca��es of  Organic or Sympathetic Heart disease in  30 minutes, and speedily effects a cure.  It is a peerless remedy for Palpitation. ���  Shortness of Breath, Smothering Spells,  l'ain In Left Side, and all symptoms of a  Piseas��d Heart.     One doae convinces.���-83  Thc lOmperor of .Japan is an athlete m his way. ITe has introit.iced  football into the Land of the Chrysanthemum, and amuses himself Ly  playing an amateur game in his private grounds with some of his fi i'-nds.  most of. whom: are not so fond of it.  his  i'he  has  any  away  if   he    .wishes.: to    do   so.  by   virtue  of" the   lime   he.  lias become a  part  of his  l'.ITorts      are   now   being  have     this   relic     of   past  It   is  this  more than  anything .els., that   hns-prevented tlie  erection   of  high     buildings    iu. Loudon.,       '...', ,'..   ��� '7  SOMI-Tl'lNO   ilORB   THAN   A   VL'KG-  is   the   only   effect   of  the  market.     I'jrnie-  I'ill- ' .are   more   than   a  .'hoy strengthen  the  stomach.  ATIVK.-t.To. purge  muiiv  pilis  now   oil  lee's   Vegetable  purirativf  whore     other     pills   'weaken  it.        They  the liver  positions.  Ipree     institutions    can  be   properly  only  be    men.    each  of  worked    out  whom     is  and   also  sy  the ri��hts of others  jealous  of his own  rights  .���mpathetically  jealous    of  l" others���who will neither  hiuiseh "aggress   on his ..".c'S^^    !j  stnali    things    or   great, nor- tolei.atc  Tfjrcssio'u  on  them  III.   I'llill   hnv����t.  (who-   has  gone  into the  finds Wil-  biscuits)���  N o w,  this?  Fa t her  pantry''unexpectedly   nnd ���  liam,   aged   fen, .   .stealing  William,  what  ilo  you   mean by  Uo  you   Know     that  'lie   law  punishes   people   for   smull   olfences?   ���  "Well,  you  stole  once und   did  not  get punished.",  i.1?....... .���-'������  -"Yes,  father.      You stole mother's  heart.."-  "Kight,   my'son,   but,   remember,   I  got   severe .punishment   for     that.     I  got   a   life ''sentence   and   ,a  still."  agg  PON'ir  FOR  THR .DEBl'Lrr.ATI'-.O.���  ailments   which   they were  used   to  No o-ae can be perfectlv fre-j  no    one    can   be   per  till  all  :tlv  a-t  , t   c iIimIusI.  moral  till  all   are  moral:  no  one can  Le perfectly happy tllbal^a'''" 5l^"^'  .was  praiseworthy  and it  is equal-  STEADILY FORGING AHEAD  The    Western,  Assurance  Company   is   a    Flourishing  Financial Concern.  Of     the    many  flourishing  financial  concerns   which  have their  h-udquar-  ters in Toronto,  few  can point  to a  more gratifying record than that disclosed at -the  annual  meeting   of  tha  Western    Assurance    Compauy,   a full  report of which  appeared  in  tho columns of tho "Mail and Empire on Saturday,  Feb-  20.    The financial  statement" ' showed    tho    company   to   be  steadilv forging ahead! an appreciable  advance    in    business   being evident.  The income for the year was S3.67S.-  3S7.45,'and the expenditures were >3.-  372.474.S5,   leaving   a   profit   of   $"305,-  912.60, or upwards of  15 per cent, on  the  company's   capital  stock.     There  was an increase of 5-3r.67o._8 in premium earnings  and  of $10,681.71 -'n Interest earnings, while thero was a decrease ol" >~73._73-3S in losses  incurred.  With assets  of $3.546,357-25 and a reserve     fund    of    $1,289,850,   the  company's financial position is  as secure  and" firmly   established   as    w.se_  a��d  eifieieut  management can make it.  An interesting portion of President  George A. Cox's address was that In  which he referred to the company's  interest in the great fire at Baltimore. Having maintained an agency  there for 30 years, it would be unreasonable to hope to escape without  some considerable 'loss. The com-  pnriv's share of the ���insurance due had  been estimated at'S'35��.o����_ "h'chw.a"  about equal to the company's income  for 'one month. Tho, probable advancement of rates in other cities on  similar ;propei-ties to those destroyed  will largely offset this loss.���Mail and  Empire, Toronto.        ' V ;\__'.  F.verv .Japanese barrack has a gym-  nasiui.vind the Japanese soldiers  rank among the best gymnasts 111 the  world. In lutlf a minute they can  scale a fourteen-foot wall by simply  bounding on each others' shoulders,  supporting   two* or   three  How  the   Crescent   City   I  rrfini   Flood.  One of the most remarkable and interesting chapters iu the book of the  world's accomplishments In civil engineering, is tho history of the levees  that protect the city of New Orleans  from encroachments of the Mississippi  river.- Ordinarily the level of the Mis- |  sissippi at Now Orleans is that of the j  gulf of Mexico, souiejhing over 110-���'  miles to the south, but at high water it  rises about twenty feet. The water  elevation of Lake Pontchartraln, behind the city, is normally ���also about  that of the gulf, with which It connects, but a high wind tide raises it  something like three and a half feet.  New Orleans' front levees are therefore  built to withstand a wall of water'  twenty feet high, with three feet added as an extra precaution,'while those  guarding the city at its'back are made  to resist a three aiid a half foot tide,  ���with three feet additional.  The river levees are of two classes,  those In :the outlying districts, being  simply mounds of earth to protect the  city from inundation and those within  the city proper built not only as safeguards, but to give heavy drays  Two-thiids of thc average pa-.tor's  time is spent in "coddling " rtVu*  snii-its instead 01* goin_, after, thfe s.n-  ncrs.  When   tho little folks take colds  and coughs, don't neglect them  and  let  them  strain the  tender  membranes of their lungs,  Give them  Cure" ��n-cLuns  Dill cure them quickly and  trengthen their lungs.  It is pleasant to take,  xs,  25c. SOc. and $1.00.   308  and  fillip''''''   A     clever    theft  n.-u-ng the Spartans.  Iv so among Christians, provided the  'theft be, on  n sullU'iently lar-re scale,  but skin  "Do you see that   inan over  asked   the   detective,   with  un  mystery.  "Yes."   said  the   citizen eagerly,  see  him.    What  of him?'.'  "Tijat   man,"     said   the  ��� "that 'man   13   a   professional  The saving thnt beauty .s  deep is a skin'deep saying.  . Command Is a blight to the affections Whatsoever of beauty-whatsoever of poetry-there Is in trie passion lhat unites the sexes w .the*, v 0  nnd dies in thc cold ntmo*phcre of  authority.  one    man  others.  We hear  vile body,'  there?"  air    of  detective  "ncmotism  in the state is ass.on.i  with despotism  in the family.  tod  exclaimed    the  "Who     would  CHObhB'1'  slowly  forger,"  "Good   gracious!  citizen      in     surprise  ever  have    thought     it?   Why   dor. t  you arrest him. then?  "Can't. " said the detective wearily. --It isn't against the law to  make  horseshoes,   ia   '"-"'  Po but gain a boy's trust:  coir, inc...  behavior  that  von have  at   heart;   let   him   cus-  tho  wis-er   of   (be  of  s  a great, deal about "the  and many are c-.v*<"Wragcd  bv the phrase to transgress the laws  of health. But nature quicr. y suppresses those who treat disrespectfully one. of her. highe'-t products, and  lea yes the world to be poopb-d by'-he  descendants of those who are��� npi. so  foolish.  trucks easy acceus to the shipping, a  solid and '" continuous embankment,  paved, covered with railway tracks  and skirted with wharfs. Right where  one would naturally expect to find -the  highest levees, however, are the lowest,  for in the business section height has  been sacrificed to commercial necessity.  Even If the levees were to break no  such disaster would result as Is usually conjured up in the .uilnds of.those  unfamiliar with, the conditions, for under tbe worst conditions such it breach  would soon,reach a limit of width, and  If nothing Were done to relieve the  difficulty'the basin between the levee  nnd Lake Pontehartrain is so large that  the water would spread over the  ground in a thin layer, rising gradually until it overflowed the top of the  low hr.nks of .pontehartrain. As a  matter of fact, however, if a break  should occur In the river levee the  lake levees would he cut In numerous  places, affbrding free channels for the  escape of the .water greatly exceeding  in area the Inlet through tbe breach.  THE   GREAT  ENGLISH   REMEDY.  TESTIMONIAL from the bate SIR SAMUEL,  CAKER, the famous Nile Explorer:���  "Newton Abbot. Devon. Dear Sirs-T haw  .aia...,i mv thanks as I wished to tost tna  Jfco! lUirt   1-llS, W a ��0M._ tafv.l  the  uncertainty  tilt.     CLIO-UJ        '"  ��"*���"--   _- - ��� -   , .  for months, or weeks, according to the virulouc.  0f**Bla1-'saCPills   hava    rendered me��� *������..  ���arvice, as I no longer fear an attack of Gout.  M.%��'?he   last  twenty   months..^oW  stamped  comr'aratively   free,   a.  ono or tuoatf mpted  yisiiations   have   boon  immoiliatoly  oat by ihe assistance of Blair's Pills.  "Truly yours, (Signed) KAMI,. W. I3AKEH."  LTE15, SONS A Co., Turoslo -nd Bunlrrtl.  J. \1. UHYSUALE,   -iHpvw., Mu.  A Pill in Time  will save a serious sicknisss, especially  to people subject to Bilious attacks,  Sick Headaches or who suffer from  Stomach disorders. A pill in need is a  friend indeed, and you should never  be widtout a box of  ara's  ���Iv Sold Everywhere.      In boxes 25 centa.  of   the   '-���  him by your  his   happiness  cover  that  you  two.  let him experience the Ivneht of  following   vour   ��dvice  and   tli".  o% Us  St a,*lse ���from  disregard n, ��-  foar not that yon will ri-ndiU   (non.h  jrtiide him.  ^   of love are words of life.  There are very , few cleansing operations in which Sunlight  Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright  and clean. in  A  Peaceful, School.  Miss Sarah Scott, teacher  country school In Franlclln township,  O., has n model school, and she Is free  from the cares and trials of the ordinary teacher. She Is teacher, school  aud, all. She walks two'miles each  morning, rings the school bell at the  regular time of conveuing, observes recess and noon lunch hour and dismisses school nt -o'clock. But she has  not a single pupil. When she was appointed last August it was expected  that some children in. the district-would  be sent to school. However, all the  young,folk:-were qualified for the district high school, and so Miss Scott  has none to teach. Being under contract, the directors told her to observe  the regular school rules, and this she  does. Regularly each day she reads  from the first primer and does a problem or two from the arithmetic. When  this is finished slie has time for sewing  and reading.���Toledo News Bee.  Kindness Is a language that even the  dumb brute can understand: like silence it is golden and touches the heart  _f every animate' thin  Maxwell's TalLsiuan.. .  CEDARF-ENCE-P05TS.-  IbrM I" fl" !_tli���� .m-ll tu<l,   lo '  U-��. "rl.ll_.nt, Jll-nf.ot-. V. S. -.  t��-l tt*l lo��?f  lo cur   lT-d  l-l..-_d_rr.. C. B-  Empty   vessels   never  to bo silent.  know   i-iH-uel  A hypothetical religion  is apt  hypocritical.  Id be  The     Gospel    of   another  new life.to this one-  ."life' g:\i-*  Sinners blame the law for the fruili*  f  their lusts.  1.NI.-.SS  L'SIOJ'"  ���The  consviinption   of  Dr.  trie  OH   has   in-own   to   great  ,.ro��.oit  MotwIthHUmllnp,    the ^t^h^   ^   a   WIDE sriTir.uK OF _ ���..,-..   .  rV   " ' - ���-  Dr.   lluuiuis    I-.i'iiv-  i.-i,;-  it.   linn  ljeen   on   the  Works  ilv-onr^arsVl.s.'i.rosperityis   ,.s   i'.;r<  km   cvvm-   and   the   .lei-iaii. .  for     t  -in-     ., t  .erio.l.ha.s   very   greatly   mere���"���������  ���      ''    '  ..nelU-iol   in   all   count rios.   au.l ;   '^r  .���  rod"red   fresh   supplies   are   -oi*m-i, l>  UKkeil   for.   Wc  arc  all   liable   to  be  by   our  triumphs.    tripped   up  in creation.���  T,i our tn-.'i-i 1 "��'.-" f'" ' ���'���'  interests of the fi<w. let us not.  the rights of lhe ninny.  vt-  I'd'  ���net  >a/   rc  \_j    .No    ��&T i  Jst^HS j-,.    . .     'r -I"-'.A-KP&
- p - -, ,*'." s -^"JjpB-S
i   ■    •. . •- ''■'^ix.-.i
• -  .'.  ,    <.-'i«ftfri-~_
-< - '--• iHSg-fa
• -   -, ~.0££8&
iiiii  iiiulll
Published in the interest of thc people
of Movie and East Kootenay
tf. J. S.1IVTII vt CO.,
O nc Year.
ATURDAY, APRIL.   2 1901,
TLV is the time of the year Hip
bib-mating" prospector forgets th**
niii^ V located las.-, year, out of
•-•'.icl. Mf car. tako millions, and sud
.renly . :TM-jl-icr.i fcome iioat be Icund
a' ai.-vdier ;/L'.e so rich he ie get.inij
j earl;-to eta., out to locate The-big-
gesL-thi„g~0-i-eai tb.
w-,:^ai*". iTHK   POST   OFFFCE
The many friends of John Blount j-".1 -"^ *■ UO A U2.Ai.UJL_.
will be pleased to learn-that he has entirely recovered from his :..t-iek of rheumatism. Chamberlain's I'uin Brihn
cured him after tbe best doctors in the
town (Monon, Ind.) bad failed to give
relief. The prompt relief irom pain
which Ibis liniment ailords is alone
worth.many times in coat. Sold by all
P, D.  HOPE,  Mgr,
13 „- -«1li
Darber baei)-^_^
Jn STONE Building.
Open--Wednesday   , ■
and Saturday
<":  t   fi ^ fcj i.U       'X
*J     _J   r_   ?_ B*J   rt S3 *v_   "
I? tl ft n        «_
'» (&& &-* &~^
MGyii. t-C-iiUi UH.u.i -<» _,
NO. 866, A. L. TT.   ■      A   E ft
' ,    .-•     -      .-T. -��*.  ^~, ^.J^'..<^.f^-^^'y*^-^^-^r-f^-f^'^''^'r-iiAr.^0f.Jut'. ^f     ~
Meets in,the I. 0. 0. F. hall every
Saturday evening at 8 o'clock.
Visiting brethren are cordially invited  to   nitmd   tncfee  ineetuijcs.
'.. A. rf.UITJ.,      '    ,      P. F. .foii.N-J't-N'..
JVes. . i?v«'y.
3 ^"^ ^t.
n-nnni-i MHonrwR
!_ .ia
Tlu pen, k. of ?.To-ris=ey J.Iinot". v/ith j \v. S3. Sxo:;e, Prop
the au .nd cnlerp^fio of tlie r»cpp.ttcii,;
are ru!vl:.i.-£ .» c ir.meiul.iMo t-ffort to
h-.vc ,'jc- 1.3-.1 to the riiM head im proves, a.r prcl'ininury 1,0 a Vi*a__on road
*mi"__ fji«it pomt. Tho prcpcHition
,'. .iiU i'H\'v_ ihe support and en-
i-oninp r.,-?nl :-l every public-spiiitod
\>f-'Cr"\}, "uero v.'iii be a large travel
3ii f*'.T (li'-eitioii tbo com in 2 ..urn mer ;,
• iii-d'tlie aiTtiiro there, probably more
than anywhere gJ?i_, will bripg a lar^je
trac'... ftj:d a great deal oi capital to the
jSjrsKf* L O.'O.  F.
-^JV»   S-!'! i& Zl\
.Meets every "Mond.iy evfmin.T; i.-. iiieir
hull on Victoria s'rte'. Sojouri-jr.>'.
Odd Follow.-- :.;Tdi:-'liv,iinit'.d.
*V        '   '
r.v. •T!/«^,^- Pj»v
ii   A  Modern Hotel
I   In a Modern Town
I'mjirl.-i.-r,. -
■•<-- :^-r;-r^-'3
■Jj -  " --*J--'g. »:^
'ft i :-, ;^-';l-vi:'r-%V;'
M ■''^'-'■Afi^i^
'n ,     -   -'_'*,'_r-/' *i.--4t.
K. CiMPJIKLU     ' F. J. ..r'YT/i,
' Noble Grand. Secr'y.
_rK*.-Mr_-l_r-. J
' AS8-&
-V __». iiJ-iJ-Ldv"^
Mrs. W. A. Prest,
'■ Fhotographer
llo.-'r,     Fort Steele.
'ihe n:ost conspicuous ami, i_i..cr-
bsling feature of lbs Paioao-Japan coo
wc': if tli? -"'renuoaity of tbo war cor-
reppotide.'its. Sines tb? opaning of
ho_lilili?o thoy have -taslrojcd the
Z.r.3sian navy on the Paciiic;cl03efl up
::■,■- -tijoi!. of the harbor fteveral times;
>..;. ..-■! ;,_".'_! tool_r posnessiou of the
- "-v . -.-i to'.vii of Fort Arthur; drowned
ll i... regv.u_.5n-3 ox liussian soldiers
:.'"ougli tbe ice on lake Baikel; had an
cnfe/emMit he'tweea the Japanese
snd .l?)_8_!iaii.. in v'hiclt 2,500 Russians
v7tTi_ ];-ll,.-d; liud a sbirmi^h in whicli
t1 e Jaj-,i__ese e^ecv-ted a military evo-
..Mou    .'vitii   a   dash   and   brilliancy] SfjOVeplpeS aUd '
"efju.l   .   Nv-pcie-.-n  "when  he ''utag-'
ee.cd I.n. Jpe,': all of   which wns abto-
' Luff '7 trite, e.-'-uept in   this  one  pnrfi-
,-;'.Kr—nothing of the ulnd  over hap-
B. 0
Toys, Toilai; setji, poolceA
books, hair brushes,
perfumer, Ocl-        i
agues. Etc. | Moyie Board of Trade
Meets on lhe firrt Vi'-stltieMlay
evening, of each month at
S'oVat'k sh :*']i   i-i tiv. --onrt
J ami-.-. Cnoxrx, IFun. Pros.
A. F, -.Ia'.tiox.'.U); Pi'e*».
P. F. JViiNPTO-*:,; K. CAMJ-nKr.i.
"\"irft-l"re'i.       ■      ,       vSco'v
.Garristcra, Solicitors, Notaries, Etc,
/1 3i^33Ppr
•.•' r*-"7 '."sT-M!£_*>
.'_ rf^'. :-_b_^
■i, S3Q'^s^rr^i
i'l I.--  '„, '>i"i^*/'ri>
•ri'- _H '^'•*;;'*"",
f8 '    — "   ""
i k-T? Pl*'_,,_...
^   "' ' ' ' ^ M'vvmIi
I'i-. . tJ i    i v '.if--.',-(--iV-.«
C. , ' . v- ■-■= ^.Jfe^
Fruit.'Tea; Goffeef
Hesidontial (.lot,   on fcCjjmpbcIl
Residential    lota  on  Tavistock
Hor.ee an. lo'/Oii Victoria etrecl.
House and  lot on La'so Shore
• Eueinecs .block    on     Victoria'
street.       '
Good dairy business near town.
-Mining stock,
OJEce looms and, living  appurt-
mpnts on Victoria-street,
Hqupcg for ron*'.
We do   a   general  commission
^.^■S'*"-. tt'\
I , ■ ,;_7/'V-.i-iK^
rt I .-. .-v/5S":-5fei
■'. f-•-.', -,,'-"t.'i«!?€'Miiv
;"  '•i.-J*'. .i^^Ml
•*';'A,. il *-«*W.J'V_
Tinware at
a1" I a ■
F. -CROSBY, Proprietor
t       I',AT; l.f \JJ    t'U-LOINC!.
,",' ii *v.'_i:. railroad cchemesthat are
* v _jfo:;.'JLc." :u Ta.cI J7, oo ten ay ma-
t- alii..-, a railroad m.in tvoukl make
.1 •.' low. end of the valley look like a
•Vide, .veb with linesdivcrsiug in every j i^-irclm* and my .School ~ conducl-
-ji-"' ttiorj. ed ;5y t)\e His-Aers of St, Joseph, Nelson.
Tbe builQliig of the Great 7.Torlhern ■ R   b.      Co'i-iirierciai     and    business
fconrfcsa  specialty.    Excellence   and
arreil & Smj
Box 35.
;*.ioyie, u. c.
"• J "JL»'i << JiH^H*^"-/1 '.1-** ■' ^ - Kr *-S_-
roseph's   Oonyento
-7EJ.S0N, U^ 0.
Willi]] * 'Ifil k 'f Ppn*
W. F. aUED
c-^iau^-t -w-jy-a;.- tinr-ani-<
aueerls5 A*sre.      MOYI
f-'-ni 'ArorritEfy (o iJichel.    The Ivoo-
Icj.a" CT-nlriiJ Vo:u   a   point   on   the
'JiL-it JN'orlhcrn up the Kootenay val--
lev.    'J 'jo    S .okane     branch   from   a
J "
point on tiie Ciow'o  Eest  branch.    A
branch from Elko to the Flathead, and
an'other through the St.  Mary's  river
conn-.;,  looks   aa   though   people  of
!..-.£'-   'v.1...-!   ;:.id   f*tr- seeing  faculties
realize '.here is some-hing in the coun-
swifi proL,rp.c cliaracte.ii.-_e each de-
partcient. Parents should write for
particular... Cue month' aasurea the
public of the thoroughness of the
Sisters' methoda of teaching. Terms
com ir... nf-e January. * April and Hept.
Pupils are admitted during term.
-.'-J'.-r-.'.j.-il,.'- V.1-J
_"1.0'Up--on of Cranb'.ook
:: the- Odd Fellov.--, hall
.-.iV-L; /'-.prii :'0th, un
i'-arriage.'' Re-
"i-e!-hmcals v/ill be'sor'.ed and a.: enjoyable snciai evoninK io anticipated.
■Aduiv.-i, <"0,cer.ts- children, 1'- cents,
tv.ll kc.i;n
''Love. Courtship and j.'. a mage
i'KAi; v.
\ jiofGir.
is Halcyon Hot %tm
■ Baniisriai,
ARROW   LAKE, B.   0.
Jhe Mos. Ccmplete
h'eaSiri    Resort   on
tho   Coi.'jr.er-'       of
North America.
'-Tk •■•ill. -.-..■i. riir„ ffto- j tn Tell 1- ir* l::i'
SFc-ad' 'nee. -
To   r.-ir   ai; IStl;   ceuiury     phrase,
tb.is i.-- mi   "o'er   true   tale.'     j-f.iviij';
Its fWriLS Cure
i Mi-'cular Disc-asee.
ZTcrvoua   and
i ir>]>enc! In a i-mali 'Virginia (.--.vn  ii:
'\w wir.L'1.*"of JilO:., it is a   rdu;j,
, "rjli cf fl-.e present,    ijp lo   «.     '. .--'
io   WATLCS    Ileal   all    i'lidney,
•r a:_(I 'jto much Aihiit-n:'..
" j^5=-_->i-»a--i
Our aim is to plea._e patrons
Good  oral, and  boLUed  beer
alv/ays on hand.    •    '
i^e\.    \-rr*-v,    V"V*4.
,.i J:    i'\'    ) h:
d».   vi V4.., i-jA: ^Is  ty 2E5>>
TO   Ai.r.  I'OJNTS
Mai km Mm
--• yj.v-
i.'ic-y  are
. .-il P,!','"-.-
'I- riVci'.:Jcv.
:.p:ncdv i
Li       '   7-/->. /*~v    -Ji-»V    -hkr
DR, F.. E, KING-,
:o xo*Ba"'*^JX'S"x, „
Cranbrook,    ,        E, O.
George H. Thompson,
BiURis'ii-rR., HOuiciTO.'^  Into'-
tary Pi-'TJi-ic, *bc.      s
, tlolicitor for the Imperial '
Dank of Canada.
OltAXBROOK.       Biu'iisn Coi.uJfiUA.
m i mi _3>_i«-W-aurrr-_-'^_-g«^^ej-i_-<iM^Z---tifr^K---r^
:-:oYir/G l_.._.-ji:jg hotel
c   Tho best of""accor_iir.o,datioi..<
for^the traveling public.
F. J. McMaiion5 Mgr.
i''l    WOUlv,
t:m- i-^y.'-'rb. .loiin V. 1 ..11.1,1,..,
.M:-1V Htailon, "va.,lind :.o ;,':,'■
'.-.-ivleilV1 Oi tbe r.ue t.i: d.ve p- j
.i-'-i < .' I'.liijriberlairj'f. Cn':_;h  "'■":(.
'/   .-■   .billl,    rv, ' fll'-.   ;..;   ;/     '';.;y
luck -' dreadiul cold .ir-d at   c.n
to i-ei-'i'fini in J ic>"
• 1 i
n I Ici-P 01  \"ii!-.a. P&'if     ,     ,   ...   7j
a   fill
Eine   Suiting-*,    Overcoating
Trouper?,   Imported  . Goods.
1 _..!_..■-. -«
■f .;e'"L"^-f^
4' ''7''/-,^
*» '''vjr.'s-^
'»4 .~'v *vr-i>v
$ imm
i   . -'fi-v-*-
Which. Furnishhs Lift.
Insu.i'.'vuce afc j.lt_. in "7ej-.t-
mcut ior you and a sale-
guard for your family:
|J  ! bin«, Agen
motjk; h_ b.
v .0- i-«"_»i*_''-r .p'*."-*-!-*-.. ■•&s,;^.^Wi'5'<¥,-^W'»'y*_W'r-;wKfWJ^*'^"^ ""
,_-I.--._X_fi<_<^iU^r-v-I.'.     ..*L*?*lrl. .*.£,!*'..*-rr**J'**\l&^...,. .^^C*;t.A^-.v«v^.*< -*   ' *• *^
1 ieur-.'t '•;!(• wOi.kl   h;<,fi   i np-ii-o-ii,",!
j-ntuno 0/ my lioi^bborri told me bow j
ti. iri remedy _.,..(.! cured 'her   little   boy
aud' I besaa giving it to my   baby   at
Once u'-id'it soon cured her. . ihcartily
Lhiink the manufaclureri! of Cliamber-
.ainV.Cough Eemedy for   placing .so
great a cure within ray. reach.    I cannot recommend it too highly   or .'-.ay
00 much iu it favor.    2 hope all   vrlio
read thi? will try it and be convinced
?5 I was."   Eor sale by   all druggists.
ii --..
''•, ious. per sons iu each utat'e to travel
for house eatablltihed eleven yearo and
(■.vith a large capital, to call upon iner-
chaKta and agents lor eucces-full and
pro_7tabl- line. Permanent engage-
meat; "vTeekely .cash salary' of $2i
iinU all traveling cipenoea and hotel
bill'atlb.'anoed iu ca.-li each woe!:. Experience not essential. Mention reference and enclose self-addressed envelope. 1-HE RATIONAL, 5.32 %,ar
':':urn St.. Chicafo.
ancl   Orders ■
Takeia on
in the Printing
Line at the
r^.£XO>"3i-l.,_LB aL_X'X*-TjS2   ■
• '''■■■ ,f0
Sj   Pa»»!,   Dujiifh,   Minneapolis,
'Chicago/ '■■ ', ."
/.:») ai.'i_ t'orx'TS. t-Ast.-,!-   ,'■
Seattle, Tacoma, Pjc^oria;   Port
.-.  !and;.      ."
AiTjTJ  AL57,   rACIFJO  C0A3T  rolir'JS,,  !
Through Palace and -Tourist Sleepers,
Dining and  Buffet Smolang  Li-
. . brary Oara.    ,
£.|  fast   Overland
I     Per.Tickets,  Eatos,  Eolderf.   and
Pull  in .or ma tii. n,.cull on   or  ad-
j    dress any  Grrat, ITbrthern Agent
j    .or write   "
Orfiois 8c".iciic<l
■ v;.wJ
,    v...*,i:.X\\
*A ^ s-^
~ 1       ,ll
/-: d (1 h\", ta a "f\ n!r:, tbh laW;.co.
Soda. Wcitor  aud. .fcjyplieno,
1 n/^r*ir+nrr>*vmyt*tr*'*''~-rr-r!i>
rrwr Tr.> ■■._■■_*■.
Fresh   and Cured Meata,. Ereah^
..Fish, Game  aafi  Poultry.   Wo   ,
supply'Jcnly   the  best, -   Your
trade solicited, '     jv
'$31 ■ all; the   Mnerpal
J!  f.      .--
.api'iiees; roi'ier.aniljiop.
Qiuaiityihot eicelle'dln'tho cputitry;   Try ii w10
he conViiiced-. - :
.■    .-. .,       .. ..      ■•-    -.-.., -....^;-   *..'..-.    ....     . ■■     .■.-  i--.    -..*■:   • - ■, .   .-_■.■■
■   .     ,. ■ 1 .■ . ' ___——v: *-*:'''- - '  --* :
59 ^K8-S^5£^3S^^^*a3;bs€«€'S-55^B««««^5 |
-.>    '
p. __?. joEwmojv
I .This Hotel is "Now and well F.urnMieci  T/io
VI. «t'
-- •?
Cities, ancl   Towns   in 11
British Columbia-
Tables are Supplied .with the 3'est $)}?
Market affords. The Bar -is Filled".witn
fthe Best Brands of LiquorB.. and Cigars.
ititsTian (joi.i-^":r v
Ut   WU"-- **


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