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The Moyie Leader Apr 13, 1901

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Array .*  ii  1 *r ,r -"ill.  aSas  ii j  _'*��  IF  I?  I-  ���V*  ' "i.  rV-$&?"s_  v_<%  FOR YOUR  OO   TO  Till-.  3��OYU. i'.?:-K*._ AOYj I'onieji..:'-jKiIC-3 !.i<i_  JO";. Sf.l .-Cii,<r_Q_.,    l.'Vi'W JSr;,;?;,-.;...  '' e_'  S3  1  "ST  '#!  '$  __nl  ,Ai3���  ^  ���^"^e  ���"��*>-~'<''  /.  i*f-t  /��� t'  /  ,  tf  V -"''  ;'5~-  >  �����**"���  *<>"  I ^ I <*  Knw:- i      ph     Bd   M |s"*~b_  ir ���*'  *"_/*        i c_-t_        **"���*���        '*-��� T "r*"-"!    V">���_  4 ���& JM" M^MM^  ��     PAFE3BL  AT  CAI-m-S BOOKSTORE  VOL. 3, NO. 52.  MOYIE, B. C., APRIL L3.1901.  S3 A YEAE  p i ft T  rnnniiU'n w O'? tjttj-eii'3  ip-fi  .L  * rr.'/l.-.  !"fc ._.y v.' ij���  m gTSIFG  S1;  U10 SIMH  "Onn.-jT jl f,T  (for Three Month^ End-;  ing- 'March 31. j  AMGMIS  TO   $105,000!  1,000 pairs miners- heavy digging sfeoes  00 to $5.50,  &%  ��+'*-*.  m  1,000 pairs mens, fme s hoe#'  '������ ���   - ���'���?-- :-"'r' - ',,;" ."$'s.*5  G. It. Gilpin wa.; i:i icvn y ee.'v.il;.'.  Pat MoXeil has rfitu.-neu _-0   Moyie.  .James   Ci'o.jm    wa;:'   in    Ci a.) bru.'jk  yesterday.  Father Coccola is in town  and   will I  remain over tomoirow. - ���  E. L. Cardinal and family leflMnyi,.  this mornintr lor Nelso::.  Muckers' Demand.s Hot  Sustained,  j allege that if .lie r7irii-;c had het-n orgn-  niz.d   Unit  tliey   v/ouUl    I;ave   eluded  do vvn tiit'ir  j.lined   and    lowered   the  -caL. of -..ages to i|'.'j for machine  men  ���ind ij;2 fur uinjkers'itgrti:.-!.'. !..'5.20  ;-nd  ���V2.50, the present wages.   3ffil. l_U-i_]pn-__-t-i" 1  ..iiKancj.  T  A particularly ;.ad accident occurred  at the St. Eugene   mine   last  ..undav  l  JIave von seen tho..e suinr.les o_ wall  to S5.00. ��  500 pairs boys' and youths' shoes ���  .'���,.-���'.��� -$1-90 to S.50.  ( ��� ��� , **  A fullhs.ortmentolladios  and,, misses  ehoea   at all    prices.    Con 10  along and bring your fee. willi you..    ��  ^  m  m  .Hill vikl "Mine Ol'.socl Doini T.'mporm'il.',-  oil ..'.cnuiib of l!iu l'rr:vsii>iii��  _.'>v>- j j��aper .1-   OllpinS? �� .      ,  Vrire of'Lean. ,   !     j.'^. Harvey   leinrtied .hoii:                 '��� I the coast th.s week.  .  iror/i  .iriripj-s,' T.'jijou   'Cake,   a   liallot   i>ni!  cliiros to not so Out DM  ' '���' :> Strllco.  De-  rn, . m.    XV            '-(���       .-���  i   i  .,-'   i     Pio Sirnonottia, of liosssk-iid/wss ip I  rhe yt.   Eusone .Uonsol mated Mm-J                               *                      . ,  "                      ���                                 - ���    I town tin. weak. ,  ing Company, Limited,   has  declined !                                                           ,  >irs. Harper ltfton a'visit to  Grand  eeid;.:gampbbll &*" co..  k  . ^. >*r. rf^. /j��r�� >^< >*r��  ^  ���jfBB**  BANK ���. OF '��� COM  Paid Up..Capital   $8,00��,00p.  i 6 - , ,  CRANBROOK BRUNCH: , HllBERf HAINES,- MGR  it. Second dividend. Tlie dividend was :  Jor. the first, three months of tiie year j  ending April 1st, and was otv a basis j  uf three per cent on .'!,500,000 shares. |  ItMinoutHs to !jiLUr"i;00U.        ' 1  Tho tit. I.up.i.i: mine   n.ver- looked i  more protii.ciii^ -in   iU , hi.iory.   The j  ore bodies are   more   fi'llly   developed  and the  hicihies   for   working ar,e excellent.    Tlie concentrator ia   perhaps  tjio ;nu-t complete mill of it? kind   in  t  the north wu.t, and tl';e rnus whicli   it'  Fork.. D. C, this v,-ol1:.  Arthur Trent's boat   will   be   ratll.il  ,a the llotul Kootenay tonight.   '.  for some time piist trouble,has been  browing in Rji_sl.ind between the  mine owners and some of the members nf tho miners' union;  As a ;-e_uilt of ,lhe Mtagniuion   of   tlie  'j mining industry and the taxing of tiio  R. A. Fisher went lo Uhiinnoru   Jhis,, iijdusi'r;- to death by our   gewrninun!  I week to go into bu.-iues;.. ; tlie big mining i.<bnp.ini^2 of"ltos.land  J. J. Murphy   and   T,   V.   J.owncy   ii.-iyi. bc'in forced to post fne  following  wiire in Cranbrook thi. \\eek. noticed addressed In  their   employee^:  1   The work of taking   the   census   in i     "it being a matter of common report,  Movie i.. ;.rogressin;  favon-.L!..  The Mbnntain Goat 'rhiner.il. claim  i. showing'up some line ore.  The io.; on   the   hike   i_    bec.iipjng  MINEOWrII;E.BJ -JJOTIOES morni��B v'Mn by."���� exi***��� a ,  [ bor of caps, Frod Fioice, a miner, lost  sight of ono eye and  it  is doubtful   it  the digntof   thu  other   can   be    saved,  fierce wa.s taking a cap out of the box  when a drop of hot grceso fell fronrhis  candle  igniting    with    the   explosive  material.    Jle was' taken    to   tlie   St.'  Eugene hospital.    His  brother,   Wm.'  J'lerce, who lives in Burke, Idaho,  was  notified and he came up   to   take   bis  brother to Spokane to an   eye "specialist for I reatmunt.    .Mr. .fierce stopped <���  in Moyie a .hqrt   timis   to   Took, after-  some business   lor   his    brother.''  He   "  was .simply iLstoni-iie-i at  the   amount-, ���  of money raided for hi_ brother,   which  w.is so me t'n'ing oyer #300, and   wished '  through tho Leader to   kindly 'thank  tho people for the same'.    ,  li.is been making of 'late'are ���fij���iG}y i veiy brittle .md  can   only   last  but   a  ���,   j few (lays more.  ��  ���r',;  i'   Hon.E. 0- ^.rnith , pasM'd    through  record bre-ikoi'<P  that a certain element in rhe Rossi and  minors' union is .insisting upon tbe  abrogation'of the settlement ''that wa.  euteri-'d into a. year ngo at the inst:?,nc��'  of M^ssr... It A. Clute and R'tlph  vvmitl), wo ihink it only r)y,b,\, to all  coijcerni.d that we should state at the  -!,earlier,   i.p'portunity .offered,   that   if  j Moyie yes'erd.iy morning nn   his jvav ; anv  VAR'CIAI.  CJvOSl.DO'.Va'   OF MfNG.  <��� ' '  This we. It .the,majority of ttie   men j to the legisbitnre at Victoria.  employed in the mine , were   laid   off!    There ia talk of giving up   the  2-llb  andthe concentrator was closed down   of May celebration on account' of  tho  mine shutting down. ��� ,,  F. C.Glappof   the   East   KDotenny  Bottling   works,   Cranbrook,   was  in  ;tion is   taken   by    tlie   miners'  A. T  rJA.  a  1  ...211  '  ��� v L      I'J.-A.TviAcIvENica., Proprietor.  '' v '' '      K ' ' '  ' h' <��� J  v-"i"rh a     'T+i\t>��.l  ������Frl'i* 1-?" :-" --v>oofc��ocj       "5^TrV^"pp-f:"h-i-vi a*    *p".*".�������!  1 ini every, respect.   , Sample -JRooms  xor,  ���   ���  ' ' Ooraniercial Man? r  MOYIE, British  Columbia.  ^^^^&i^&^^^gt^S^!^^^t^^^^i .05&&M  .* ^<s .__���"._*��'���. ���<Sr.jfr.^6'. a!>,j*v>. ,i:--,j<c,'-ja*'.jfir'xf'r,jcr.J4~-.j0r.j/i-r.jD-���.js--.^*-.  ii^. ^><"^<k?-,��sv>��v':',:!f-' -^.^'^,^*>^->��!-*v^"x*^-^^'N^.>^->^i.>^->:{k.>  \* if\   (f^ A YB i~ 'IP rl I   W f% It -O 1  lib ��� tj'Viihi a,! iiOi-bl  v. ch".,iurJNTri;u,   l'hu>.  Large sample iOom in connection  with house for commercial men. Best  of accommodations.  ?^_"'>��_"-VV-..'irr-  Headquarters foi' Commenciat and Mining   Wen.  QUKI->T   AYEXU.E,  MOYIE,   n. e.  .fW  priir-i.-vrjt-^^jry  -V.  r  ^EA  Might be Equaled but Never  Excelled by any 50 cent Tea  on Eartho    -We Have It in  and  One half  iD  !b09  .ris.  e  ib<  today. Most of tha men let out have  left the catup. ^Manager 'Cronin 'was  'seen at the statiou this morning by a  representative^ the Leader,and when  tpiestioned regarding'the matter said:  "It is impossible for me to say ��� at  the present time how long tlie elos"  down will last, as it, is merely   a   mat-  '    1 ft  ter of the price of lead   which   effec'.?  the whole .iluation.    Tel. , me   when  1  the price of lead will iise. and T will  tell .you when the mine will resume  operatiohs?, 1 (kr_o\v no more about is  v"_a-_}v-U dy. The pi-r.^-mt, prh;e,_f;'  lead prevents,the mine .working nt ;i  profit, hence th'e close down.",  ,"How miiny men v/ill.bu employed  by the company during the closedown?" was I hen asked.  "I rhiiik'We \v;]l employ between oO  nnd 60 men," replied Mr. Cronin;  "and tiiis 11 limber yoi^ mu.t jeniem-  b.>r," he. continued, "i. moro iiiau  many of the mines in thi. country are  employing ,v!iun,iuiiDing iu full In.ist."  Mr, Cronin left for Spokane ibis  morning. .   AKJ-Xj-IONAL.   1.0 0.1lX.S.  A new tunnel % being driven on the  Society Girl property about 1200 feet  below the old one. ��� It is now in over  100 feet. '    '  The moving picture entertainment  given in Morley h-ili .Monday evening  was one of the best of its kind o\cr  given iu the town.  Thero will be work uu in th.1 initiatory degr.-O in the Odd J'el.owic  lodge next Monday evening, ami a  good attendance is desired, as thero  will he visiting brethren.  The special song service al the  fresbyterian church last Sunday t veiling was splendid and there was a large  audience present, Rev. Greig preivhcd  a special' sermon lor the oeca-ion  whiclr was both interesting and instructive.  -Vorl- <m  llam ti.jrim.  Work on the   dam    for    the    ?_ -vie  waterworks was begun this  week   and  IT. fohu'd hat! a force of men employed,  Orgiinized labor could own the earth  if its members would only drop their  petty jealousies, and stand together for  tho advancemunt' of their own. interests, instv'.id of quarreling over matters which do m;t concein them.���  Typographical Journal.  -v^-AND^ia^  .asss^ss^i^^^^  J-USTXESS    X.OCAI.S.  Garden seeds of all kinds at P. D.  Hope's fost Ollice drug store.  If you watit a good suit calfat Footes  FOlv .SALE.���Two gasoline lamps  at half price. Apply at .1), J. Elmer's  eigiir store.'    .  : .Did you-see C.  A.   Footed  summer  suitings yet,?.   Ho has some,  .beauties.  Vapor bath's for sale at T. D. Hope's  toivn Tliursd.iy. '  , '  Mrs. P. D. Hope returned from  Kimberiey -yesterday. 3he w.is accompanied by her mother.  By the death of his grandmother,. J.  E. Angers, a resident Of this place, ha-  fallen heir to $5,000.  Jack Allen, the last, smallpox pa-  lient, lms i-.en'given his libeity, and  the town is now'untirley free from the  disease.     ��� ,> , ^  8. AvScott. r^'porli; a good strike on  the Friday iniuoial 'claim on which he  has had cons.iderable vrork done  latch.     " ���,   i . "'  James Kerrigan tho Cranbrook  wholesale man. is fitting up ;. brewery  in that town and will r,odu engage" i.i  the manufacture of beer.  J u_t received .i large assortment of  sample, ol" .w.ill pall paper. Price,  from 12 cents to $1.00 per roll. G. H.  Gilpin.  A sermon in   the   interests   ol   the  temperance movement will be preached iu the  school  building'on   Sunday  evening, at S.  p1.  m.    A good   atten  dance is desired.  FOIl SALE.���House hud lot in  Lake Shore addition on main street.  House valued a .'F100. House and Ios  can   be   bought   for   #600.-   aI.o   sh.  boats for sale it-from #10 to   $20 each.  c  Apply to 31. L. Hollister.'  ,'A social dance was given in the I. O.,  O.'F. ball   last   evening   by    Me.srs'.  Lindsay. Wilson and Murphy.     It wa.  well.attended and proved to be a   very  enjoyable affair. ;  Mr. and Mrs. W. J. _ Waikina- left  Moyie yesterday fur tho Windonnere  district. A party was given in fln.ii  honor at Mrs. Farrcll's home Wednesday evening.  A pl.-asanf, birthday party was given  at the homo oi Mr. and Mis. J. K.  Crowe in the Luke Shore addition  Thursday evening in honor of tliei:  daughter, Mis-:. Lulu Crowe.  Government Agent  Armstrong   wa-j  out to Moyie this week   and   put   four  men to work improving  tho  road   between    the   town    and    the    nuisance  ground north of the sawmill.  Prof. Payne gave a hypnotic cntoi-  tainment, in the Odd Fellows hall  Tl.ui'bday evening, which did not come  up lo tlie expectations of many of his  audience, although the professor  claims he could not, get the proper subjects to. work on.    /        :.'���'���'  Chus. "Diamond and   Hob   Mills o.irr  have it to .say,   no -'doubt,������ that   'they'  were the last ones to cross tho lake  on  the ice,this year:1.    They   crossed': yesterday   afternoon,    but    well    realised  'while doing so that the ice    was  thing but KaTy.'      ,  ���  anv  1 union looking to a change in the existing labor conditions in this -camp,  we,' the undersigned, will have no  alternative but to close down our  mines and re'-open only .under a re-,  dticed scale of wages.  "The accumulating burdens' that  have been imp.sed ' upon the mining  induslry in this province are already  heavy to bear, and if these burdens are  increased it, will be impossible to ��� operate lhes���3 mines on n business basis.  ���'We have been struggling for a -long  time past, to put these mines ��� on a  fiaying hi ;i_, and haye been devising  all manner of iva-ys and means for the  ..ceomplh-diment of this end .without  resorting to the reduction'or wages.  . "Con-ie uicully, anv further trouble  or expense to the companies at this  time will leave no alternative but, to  abandon uur elu.u-ts to ra. niiaiii wages  at the old standard, and we will be  cum pel led lo adopt the long considered  plan oi reducing miners' wages to - .f 3  per day, una muckers and unskilled  surface U.bor to $2 per day.  (Signed)  "Le'I-oi Mining Co., Ltd.  :'Le Jioi -S.0. 2, L-d.  "Bossl.iiid Great, Western Mines,  ���'Kootenay Miming Co., Ltd.  '���'By Bernard Macdon.dd, G. M.  "War E.igle C. M, &V>. Co... Ltd.  "Center Star Mining Co., Ltd.  "By Edmund IL   Kirby, G. M."  I.eeontly nonces were posted at   the  mines by    the    managers,    furbidiiing  ollicerrf of t!re  union to <;;.   on   co   any  of the  pioper.ies,   otherw.se pro'cecu  tions for trespass would follow. v  The  l-.os.la.nd'  miners'    kuiou    has  balloted on Hie question as to whether  a strike ahould be inaugurated .0   su..  tain,ihe muckers in their demai.vl   for  an advauoe of from , *2.")0   tu  *���'> 00  iu  the pay per day, and   as    to   whether  certain   vither   grievances    should    be  remedied on   penalty   of   a   walk   out.  When tho balloting w..s  concluded   it  was found the vote stood   12   short   of  tho numi-or required for a   three-qu.ir  icit.  niiijuiiiy.  tlie   nu.nbor   nereis.iry  lor the   strike,   aud    this,    of   course,  mean, that there   will    bo   .no   strike.  The ollioeis of   the   union    are    much  vii.gruntled   over   the   result.      They  elaim a   number   of   grievances,    and'  the chief cause of these is the violation  of   the  agreement   entered    into    hist  year in which it i.   chinned   the   mini:  manager.,   piomiscd   lo   allow   the   officers  of   the   union   the   privilege   of  soliciting members from   among   nonunion miners.  it is alleged that this agreement iias  b.cu broken by  refusing   the  walking  deiegtitirf access to   the   mines.    They  a'so oojec. to the system of   espionage  which exists in some of tbe mines and j  objest to being spied on   by   detectives!  Of any alio ti agency.    They also object, '  they say, to the attempted   disruption  of the union, by the frequent, diselmrg-  'i'o.riv o/- mall-inure .,  J. H. MacE.ichern, of the firin of  MacEachern & Macdonild, was down  to tbe new town of -Blah-more lasjfc  week. -''Moyie is good'enough for ine,-"-'  said'Mr. MacEachern y��heh .he returned.    "While there is   no   question  i. , ���  ^ %x -  they have huge deposila of coal therp'  the country i. ao level and tho place  so situated that it is a difficult matter  to tell vet'whore the main town willba'.  Blairmoro in , a six hour ride from  Movie and about 40 Smiles this, side  of Pincher Creek, It now has a population'of about 100. Tne'-townsite'is  onejnii-e from the railway station hind  theonine hs beyond thaf-a mile again.  The townsite is owned by a Montana  company and clear titles cannot yet be  given on lots purchased." One veiu of  coal near there can be traced for two  mile;1, bur, then this is.Only one of  several veins iu that0vi,.inijy,"    ',  Arrested for Theft.  ' Geo.. Albert and' Mrs;. ' Elh-sbetu  Smitheram of Bhiirmore were arsested  by 'Constable Drummand last Suudij,^  morning upon the arrival of the try.'i?.  from the east. The arrest was ms*df.  on the strength of n telegram which  the cousiabie received from thejusUerf  of the peace of^that town. The. JtM'C  wero charged with theft evidently by  the ' husband of the woman. Tlis  couple was locked up i;i the jail ai.cl  held for %1- hour., but as no writ tew  warrant appeared nor no .one 'o prog'  ecute the case they were turned loose  and left lo continue their journey in  peace.   ' ���  To Enlarge Uoui.iustou Falls rimrt.  L. A. Carnpboll, manager , for the  West Kootenay Power ct Light com-'  pany, has returned from the east after  an absence of two months, says tlie  Rossland Miner, aud 'makes tho in.-  porfant announcement that he has let  the contract for tho machinery nec-  essarp for the sxtonsion of the plant  at Bonm'ngton Falls to 12,000 horse  power. A portion of the now plant  will ha in operation in about ten  mo.it.hs. Some idea of the size- of the  plant may be formed when it is known  that it will wer:h 1,4000,000 pounds  mill it will take 50 cars to carry it.  ,    New Sawmill   Project Progressing.  L"he machinery for Grant & Go's,  new sawmill has been purchased and  is expected to reach heic about May  Luh. Tho company has a, force of  men on the upper hike taking out  timber and getting everything ready  so that there will be no delay when the  machinery airiveii.  work on tlie Dcwc.v.  C.'O. Demaure'/, the jeweler, has ;t  very promising mineral claim in the  Dewey, which is located on Palmers  bar. He has a nice led.ge of quartz}  assays from which tuns #3.(50 in gold  and ljiU-10 in silver. Ho has three men  at work developing it and intends doing considerable work. ��� A stock coin-'  pany will soon be formed to handle   it.  ItXc!..:.! QiioliitionH.,  New York, April. 10.���Bar silver,  oil;"-" cents. Lead, price for .-miners  aud sinelters, ,?1.':>7 at tbe close.    Cop  ing of union men on. various '.pretexts  and also tu, the ' importation   of    alien   .per,-brokers' price,|l$I7.00.  labor.    On tho -other band,   the   bosses       London, April 9.���Lead $2.6.3.  o   ���_'  i:  S'  m '������   i  IJ.  .  "*ii ��� i ,  #"*-.  " "xK i i   ���  .    ���  It.    .T,  iii ij,   .  tf   {�� IS ' i  ' ^ '      l  I i,r       '*��    ���*  . w,  ."''," ���*���!  - .      *  'r  vT  ���    '     ���k&^f'-''' '  ��� v  .���*, ".-,;  /?!rr^iv:  ������'' l!i'?j  - - i ��'  i,r  ;'��� ��� i-  v,-  ���^1 ih i'��  ,.i  ��� ^i-  i?  -' I re  i*  J   V  j ?  t  !n5i V,. h  ' ;?!'H'-';  f,,>i��?i'-'-5 :;  -. .vi'Mti,..)  ����������� -,vfJH .'  h ���-.*&*''  Lf.   i*Jt-f      '  '.'   ''IffB.    i  ' ���" IW-: ��  ' -'     Mr*   fJ  .   '.,itO    ���  .'���> -ni!r.  , ,   ,��������!.'   '  .'���' '���|(��-!..   ,  '���.���:jr i1  i.   > 1 it i ''  f .' j-;fip" !'<  I   l'  :-f   ;  '}.('���'$���'  ��*Vn$,'      i  r��*i ��** * .1.   *"    <   ���  ttfiHS"- ���--  .;���  ' i<  li  I  3  1  t  Vl  r.r: :,*������- .^inek:.uukJu;.1LL'.1. i.-ftirg  ���JSrKjrwr^CT'l;':'gBal:wggi^^  THE MOYIB LBADER._  Published in the interest of the people  of Moyie and East Kootenay.  F, J. S.UYTII vt CO..  -   -    rubllslier-,.  EATICS OF SOH'SCl'.Il'TIO".  One Year ?2-00  The lieopki of Mjyic should not,,ind  will not, become discouraged over the  cutting down-of the forces at the St.  Eugene mine. They know that it is  no fault of the mine and thit the suspension work is but for a short, period  ol time. People who, live -in mining  camps mii4 expect such occunences,  and must learn to make the best of  them when they cohie.  Harvey    &   McCarter,  FOI.T STEELE, B.C  Harvey. MVC'arter & Alexander,  FJEKNIE, B. C  Barristers & Solicitors.  HlXrMI 1X39aSt^^*--Jr.*T=r^&i-T**s*C*rrinatMan*^  SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 1901.  LEADEK'S TIU31D YKA��.  This issue of the ,Leader closes  , the third year of its existence. ,Aud  riglit here we wisn-to^ihankifs patrons  and readers for the strong and steadfast support they have given it during  the past three years. They have re-  Cognized its work and have shown The vvelcome news u0meg f.-om  their appreciation by,  giving  it   their   r>oa&1.UKl  Cranbrook Herald: Before any  charter is gi.mted to the Jim Hill people, the government should see that  the coal supply of this province is assured; so far as it is within the capacity  of the coal company so to do. It is all  right to talk about the C. P. It. octopus  but Jim Hill is no railroad saint, and  if he gets a cinch he works it to a  finish.  Milling- Stock  business. It will be the aini of the  Leader in future, as it has in the past,  to earn recognition and approval as an  authentic medium of news. It will be  found ever in touch with the spirit,, of  the place; ever ready to echo the  opinions of citizens; to promote their  interests; to bespeak their needs' and  to sustain their ambitions.  it'junww'ii mjyw^r<  Spokane has decided to continue its  annual exposition, which is a veiy  good idea.  About the-lastact of the St. Eugene  mine before closing down was to de-  blare a dividend of $10r>,000. '    ,  Blairniore seems to be tile' nert new  town on the Crow's jSTeat'liue to 'enjoy  a boom. But booms are not always  the best for a town. . ' ,  The prospect of receiving a bonus  from the,government for the encouraging of the lead refining industry iu  Canada now seems good.  firm-i m���h��.hmm����� iimm  '���' Li Hung Chang is sehielliing of a  .manufacturer. He operates a cotton  hiill at Sharghai that covers 60 acres  "and employs 6,000.workmen.  A'western paper; rejoicing over the  promotion of Lieut. Hobsou, says he  is qualified to command anything from  ' a battle ship   to .a   fleet   of 'smacks.  ��� Just so.    Especially the smacks.,  * J_J�� J*.*  ll JL unan  Aguiualdo'  action in '.swearing  allegiance to the United States is' but  another evidence of the,shrewdness of  the man. Ho is capable of coping  With the people of any country. ���  The Vancouver Grocers' association  has prepared a blacklist of 7J-2 persons  to whom all credit .will in future be  refuped. The number is one-tenth of  all the heads of ianiilies in Vancouver.  that the miners of that place  have voted against going out on a  strike. Labor troubles are always  detrimental to a camp, and especially  at a time like this when the mine  owners are in the wrong humor to  listen to grievances. A strike at this  .time would be of inCalcuable injury to  (he Kootenays, and it is very doubtful  if it would result in/any, 'good for the  miners. ��  cran-brook:  .Daily market prices  by   wire    t  from Spokane.  LEWIS THOMSON,  Notary Public, Accountant,   Commission   axp  Insurance Agent.  Money to'Loan!  THE   POST OFFICE  DltUG & STATIONERY STOKE-  TOILET ARTICLES,  PATENT MEDICINES,  OFFICE STATIONERY.  SCHOOL SUPPLIES.  V  P.D.HOPE,  Clieiiusl, and IJr'tiffK-iM.  '  ' moyii:. y- <-'  JUST IN  Neck ties, fancy sox, white and colored  starched shirts, negligee shirts, underwear.   Men's felt hats in all shades  and qualities.     Ladies'   Sailor   hats  children's hats.  T. E. MAHAFFY,  GO   TO   THE  jimxni'j'i  Moyie,  B,  C.  . F. GrURD,  KAiinisTisn, s6r./rpiT<>rv, etc.  CRANBROOK; ���        B. C.  The term  "Patent   Medicines"   still  ��� i  clings to the proprietary preparations  sold in drug stores, yet uot, a single  one of them is covered by a patent.  This .title was applied at a time when  it was a custom of - the United States  government to grant patents thereon,  but for many years6 past. the United  StalesTmtent Oflice'has been following  a consistent practice of refusing pit-  en t protection 'for any compound within the domain, of materia ��� medica.  In' this respect, the United States is,in'  line with all foreign countries.  IIi.lc.you Uot Springs.  The most complete 'health resort entile" continent of Worth'America.' Situated midst scenery unrivalled for  gnimhier. THE HALCYON HOT  SPKlNGd-Sanitarium, Halcyon Hot  springs, Arrow Lake, B.' C. Resident  physician and nurse, Boatiiig fishing  and excursions. Telegraphic communication with all parts of the  world. Two mails arrive and depart,  daily. Terms, H'l5 to $1S per week  according to residence in hotel or  villas. Its baths cure all, nervous and  muscular diseases. lis waters heal all  kidney, liver and stonia'ch troubles.  The baths and waters are ' an -invalu-  ble remedy for silver and lead poison-  mg.    ,  Japanese are employed sorting ore  at a mine on Vancouver island and  are getting paid 90 cents a day. The  Japanese are equally as dangerous to  ��� white labor as are the Chinese, and  are just as well worth watching.  NOTICE. "  Notice is iierouy'siven that i Jia.vc.bcen instructed tojcollect alt bills and other debts due  to Win. Mills, sometime leasee o�� the Cosmopolitan hotel, Moyie. All parties indebted to  Wm. Mills will please communicate with me  forthwith. ��� J.EWId THOMtaOX,  Moyie, March 1001. ' 3-IS  E. A. ELTOST,  Cpmmission   and   Insurance  Agenvt.  NEW. YORK LiPE"  LONDON AND LANCASHIRE,  .'   PKffiNIX'OF BROOKLYN  LONDON MUTUAL,FIltE      ,  ,-       ��� ��� ,   .    Insurance Co.'s  Fort Steele, B. C.  ��� ���   C. Vr HIGG-INS.   ���.  Physician and Surgeon  . OFFICE���EARRELL BLOCK,  MOYIE,     " British'Columbia.  ,'.��^.iuj��J.J������-^i^I��^g��gJ��".������^'-^^'-*"'"n*1M*tg����g' "'      *"  City    Shaving   Parlor,  i,  CENTRAL   HOTEL.     '  V.-I5S3UEY CLIX15, Prop.  , Moyie, B. C.    ,  Send Your Work,  c  To the^^c,^^',  ��� CITY. LAUNDRY*:  Where it  will' be Done  Satisfactory.  ���  ' P. LUTNER, Prop.    '���  The smallpox case at Fernie has already cost the government !j"?,,500,and  this does not include anything for the  actual loss sustained by the ltoyal  hotel iu the  distruction   of   bedding,.  i "���        "  furniture, .etc. ....  Eber C.1 Smith, the pioneer newspaperman, of Rossland, is now in  Manila. Eber O.,, it will be remembered, a few years ago, refused to  recognize the printers' union;and the  union in return Lias had little use lor  Eber C. '  ' :  l-'-OTICE.  Notice ic hereby given that I, George E. ^luir,  of 'Movie. B. 0., ii'ill owner, intend thirty days  after date to apply to the chief commisiioner of  lands and works for a special license under  laud acts to cut and carry avay Umber ou the  following described lauds, situate iu tho vicinity of upper .Moy.e Jake lowifT The south east  corner post of baid lands is situated about three  and one half miles north east of the upuer end  of upper Moyie lake and about one quarter  mile eaet of governii'erit''road. Thence uoith  SO cluiius, thcuce wes>t 120 chains, thence south  SO ehaius, thence oastfl'20 chains, to place of  commencement. GEORGE P.MUIR,  Movie, B. C. March 30th 1901. 3-i'J.  GOOD WOKK.  A  V'lilCES  REASON ABIE  Tnirnn  .?.,  Ul  "E3IO"CJr*S"E2-   ���  1 i  For your outfit.    The largest stock in  East Kootenay.  KEIB&CG.,  ClUNEROCK, B. C  CORNER OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.  ^:5v5f3^v��-'5,v��w.,^y*��w*vS��*��^->*^'^^*-^^w^*^'*'��'^^*^********^,'~:'*/  '/li  , _    ,          vv  ii/  'JOHNSTON  BEOS  I Thirf Hotel is,New and well Furnished. The |  Tables are Supplied with the Best the f  Market aflords. The Bar is Filled, with�����  /ft  'ft  0/  iif  W  /ft  /ft  Q\     , , ��� ,  �� HEADQUARTERS  FOR COMMERCIAL $  j��. , ' AND MINING M.EN'. g  "R   AlOVr'E,,' - ���    ,,      ��� ��� ��� . itKlTiSII COLtMUIA  ��eeS6S"5"^S*^"*:933&S6S6������66S6S���e���e���6������6������6ee���6S���6������6����  the ��sest Brands of Liquors and Cigar si |  "AGENTS   FOR PABST'S   MILWAUKEE BEER.    '   ' .        JJ  , '     ' '   ��� , ., <?  - "u" " '     " ( i , 1  BUTCMBU'SHOP.  QUEEN'S  AVENUE.  'FISH, FLESH , '"  AND    FOWL '  OF THE BEST QU.\ Llf.X AT LIVING PRICES.  Bread uRiivered   '  ' to any part 6   the'eity.  PIES, dAKES AND ETC.  i '  Always on IIaxd.  ,  '   '   A.' SLINN, Pro|}.  THE  'PROSPECTORS-   EXCHANGEE.  SO. i   lC.-AV.-fJ.    IIW1CIC, .NI3LSO.V.  1$. O.  Gold, Silver-lead and (jopper mines wanted at tho EXCHANGE  ' 'EllE-E^IILLING GOLD iiroperties'wanted at once for Eastern  investors.     , , , ���  -, Panics having mining property for saliva,��� -requested   to "send  samples of their ore to the'EXCHANGE for exhibition.  ���Wo dcairc lo hear from prosrf&etors who have   promising   thin-  era] claims in British Columbia. - ,  ���v   '       Prospectors and mining men are   requested _ to   make the   EX-  jl   CHANGE their heaclt^uarterS when in Nelson.  ���^          - All samples shoulil be sent by e.tprsss. Pi-tEPAID. ,_   -, t  '    Correspondence solicited.    Address all couiirmnications;tO  V.  AXDBEW.F  $   Telephone No. 104. P. 0. Box 700.  n osisyn EJCG Hit.  NELSON, B. 0.  i  \  'K  if-  %  it  \  ���J* i^n-^ri^n^s: i^x t^s: zijn^-* A^jr^"/.;* lyr^s* tyrr?;, \-^n.^-^/T7.y: vyrzp t^ni,  Clothing,   Gents'    Furnishirigs-j  Boots9. Shoes, Hats, Gloves^ Etc.  IF YOU ARE A  OF DOMESTIC A>:i) IMrOKTHD  It was generally considered that it  would be easier for a camel, to enter  lbs eye of a needle than for a smallpox  suspect to enter the town of Nelson,  ,bul such is not the case. That (own  :iow has a patient, and he came from  Phoenix.    The resolution passed by the District Association cf thu Western Eed  eration of Miners at Nel&ou Lust week  favoring th.e government controlling  the refinery in Canada, if onv. bu built,  ,isa very Bensiblu tuggestion. If Decontrolled, it would preclude the possibility of the industry ever afterwards  being gobbled up by the smcltei  tru-t.  NOTICE.  >*olice *s horei-y & veu that J, tfp.mes rark. of.  Grand Pulley,, Ontario, farmer, iutenrt thirty  day.'after dale to apply io tha chief com-  miss.icnerof lr.ur's and woikk for a rpdiiiU  license under InuOs ac'p to cut and carry nv.-ay  liml er on the following dc:ei-i!.'(ecl lands i.itu-  iiteil in the v'emity of upper afovio lii'vc tov/it:  The north easi corner pot.1 oi sttid lands is  Htutitod about two stud or.c halt miles uciil,  L-a^tof the ujiptM- end of upper Moyie. hike and  about one (jiiartei-mile jiim of government road  thc-nce \vc-!-l1-:0 ehcin.��. ihence .^outh SO chain;-,  Th'o-'ece.--.^!. 120 (.-naius, thence north t'O chains  to v'.'S-J of cumiiie'ieemeut.   t  ,   JAiirii I'AltK.  ;-'.-rir  '"  1 ?.ii.rch :otii t?oi. t;-io  Bar her Shop..  Hot, Cold and Vapor Baths.  Opposite   Cosmopolitari    Hotel  vsr. ii- rexsv i>j-oj>,  MOVIE DAIRY.  Fresh new milk delivered to all  parts of town twice a day. Satisfaction guaranteed.  .    Mrs. Adelaide Dill; Prop.  giKjy-.K3k-ZJgjatf��T=Ba^rgag'wr^  - ,      . "    ,. v.  EftST KOOTEBAY BOTTLING CO.  CRANBROOK, B   C.  Areated Waters 'if all  "Kinds.-  m&A   ........as  PIPES ANA TOBACCOS,  Call and examine l^y'.'new  .stock and you will be   ccn-  ,   vinced that I have the  best  .    brands there are in the market.  COME AND SICE US.  Victoria Avij.,,Movtii. B. 0  ���T: V. LOWNteY- Prdprletbr;  Miners   Headquarters.     Good   accommodations   for   travelers.  [liquors -and cigars kept hi atock.'  Best   .vin'e"}  D. J. ELMER'S   Clgai  Store.  Kcxt door to ICooteiir-y Hotel. Victoria street, 3Ipyic. IJ. 9*.  =r.T��.rjsr��  Lake Shore Addition  SlOYIE, B. 0i  irw.-wsrMBM��m  '-'*'    -  ��� i^x ^i-^V  -i^^r '���VrzVi ;/vS"AJ^v->VT^r -/.Ji-2^. ^ "^v5  J'  The  only   uo'use   in   East  ^s-/^ir,.;~.^  Kootn.iy  ]   heated throughout With hot'a'i'".  ��� First class in   every   respect.    Specif  1 rates to boarders.., Good samplo .room  j for commercial men.  j European plan.    Open clay 'and nip's  [f fate has demned to any  woman  a  home, a husband aud a baby,  let   her  take up   art,   or   medicine,  or   black  smithing,   as   she   chooses,   and    try'  sinceiely to make the best out  of  her  ���life that she can.    But to  claim    that  ��� these are,nobler occupations then   her  jiui ci ift', the high calling of wifehood,  i  u i otheihoodj'is the  most   shallow  i d d" i^c nts of cant.���Ladies' Home  j  i  NOTICK.  Not ice i:: ncrc-1 y Riven th-U, T, J>. H. Martin,  mir.er, intend CO ihiys after date tc apply to the  eiiicf eominiKioner of li'iivN and works ' for ft  special license under hind act to cut and eairy  a^tiy tin-lie! on the following f'efcriheil lauds  .vim':!'d in the '.icinily of the upper atoyiu  hike tov.it: Southwest corner pc-M mtuated  about ore half mile n.jrtheus-t of Movie iivei  falls", thence north KO chains, thence e.".st SO  chain.1-, t! euco aoutli fcO clir.ius, thciicc v.-cst.SO  cha'nw to l lace oi coiameiieemeut.  D. IT. MAKTIM.  jlo; ic, I-'. C. Feb. 20th 1001. t! !���'.  Orders Solioited.  Sod'a Water  and Syphons.  if\e  liwD  ���'*lij f^ ?���  b -! '.  'kU,USf  9  XOTICLC.  Notice is here'.y given tlift I, Hen J. Jtyley,  miner, intend sixty days after dr.te to  apply ro the chief coinmi'-sioiier cf laud and  woiks for u "pi-v'ifl liccir-e under lanil act to  cut and carry away limber ou the fullowinsf  desenbed hinds situated in Ihe vicinity of the  upuoi Mo\ie lake tou-it: South c.-tjt coiner  port iituc.ti'il iihout/'inileis north Mest of Die  ,Mo>io river jails.: thence west, en,ht> chains,  thence north SO chains, thence east. 80 chains,  thence south SO cnains- i;o tlie place of eom-  nieneement. I!i:X J. HYht'.Y,     . ;���  Meyie, h. C. .Feb^i-b. VM.. :'-"������  �� /<   ,�� <vi��� Av %ty \y,\ y.j} >  ���FOIl���  HEAVY T��AMINO-  ���ALSO��� -  BAGGAfi:,       EXI'UIO.HS     AKI)      GENHlvAJ. j  i)KMVJCKV.  MOYIE.  t HOTEL.  k.ji. sjiaL^ rrop.  4  i  if  J-  1  i  i  ��� o J--  OKANBROOBC", - -  B. O.  <t  FOK  -f. ^  4   NELSON.  :p>.  "Friceib GiveL  and   Orcleri  Taken on)  Everythitig1"  in the Printing  Line at tne  Oo^l i:  ADDRESS  NELSON.  xxie  i��art^ii'iwi����r w*t  cr^'  AJ  ��3  'v*'  l   1 T  .AN  'H. A. MacKknkib, rroprielor.  The iliote'i fdr:tlie 'masses.   Everything First  in| every* respect.    Sample j^Kooms  for  Oomniercial Men.  "'��� ���" -Briti-sh -.Columbia  f ..  -: v  r  t  ���" >  nf  Mv  '�����&  ;;^'.  Si * \  a  . ��� ���  "f  ft  <.1  1-3  fe-V��  m  ���5  r  Y  * V   a-/ 5 *ra*  ..Mi  ���**^&��i*BujZrZja1  t\h  HlKUJiniifHU  mmtwi'UHwu.**! M  i*  41*  THE MOYIE LEADER.  MOYIE,    B.    C.  C. P. It.' TO REDUCE KATES.  S  f  i  r  r  i  Winnipeg, March 23:���The C. P. li.  passenger   department  announces  the  the following- changes  in the passenger rates: ,  ���  On and after Thursday, March 21,  a round trip rate will be introduced  for local points throughout Manitoba  and    the  Northwest.    The   rate  will  ], be a fare and two-thirds of the.pres-  '|ent    rate   and    will be good for one  " month  from  the  date  of  issue.   The  same rates are now in eJTect in Ontario'and Quebec'  It is understood that on April 1 a  cut   of    20 per cent -will be made ia  rates on , the    Pacific    division,  and  round ,  trip rates also introduced, in  *' jfjlritish Columbia.  'J5    Commercial  travellers tickets, west  >v "Sof Caninore and Macleod, will bo re-  '~"->*fduced     on    April    1  to S  cents per  vfduced  t j mile.  si ,  -   1  f  r Regarding the reductions in rates  to ' the Pa��-American exhibition, for  t���*M which enquiries, are heard,-' an announcement will be 'made by the end  of this week. A meeting is now on  in St. Louis', when the Western Pas-  eager association will fix on tho  rates from Manitoba and the Northwest. Mr. Jtobt. Kerr, traffic, manager of the C.' P. R. is attending .the  meeting.  t  ffl  r."��M  j v M SBJS  .- , iTVa  'fit  �� <S"t$  i I cured a horse of the mange with  '^ONARD'S LINIMENT.     , ,    -  " CillllSTOPIlEIl SAUNDERS.  ts Dulhousie. '  r, , ''    ' 1  I cured a horse t-itdlv 1 oiT. by  pitch'fork; with MINARD'S LINIMENT. "     , ���,.  EDWARD L1NLIEF.  , St. Peter's,  C.  B. '        ���    '     .  I cured a horse of a' bad swelling  with MINARD'S LINIMENT.-*  THOMAS W."PAYNE.  Bathurst.  N.   B.  ITER' REPL.Y.  "Don't you often wish you were a  man, Miss ��� Bellefield?" asked young  ���Mr. Fitzgoslin.      L  *��� "\     .   ',  "Why, no, of course not, Mr. Fitzgoslin,"   replied   the girl,   "do  you?"  In    Belgium    there are more than  30,000 dogs used for draft purposes.  |"They  are  mostly employed  by   milkmen, peddler's and small farmers, and  [a society for the improvement of the  IHreed has just'been formed. "  1 Bandits  I Demd.nd  f Rich  * R&.n./'om  ��  I For  *? Release of  % Captive  % Maiden  Romance is fairly outdone In the  strange story of a love affair which' recently came io light on the occasion of  a Quiet weddipg in the little town pf  Marble Falls, on tho Colorado river, in  western Texas: The story was told to  the astonished guests by the happy  bride and groom. ,  "My little wife," said the groom,  "weighs about 120 pounds, and she cost  me just that many'pounds of pure gold.  I considered the price reasonable at tlie  time, and I, would have added another  mule load of tho precious mineral if It  had been demanded!" '���  Mrs. or Senora Poyerema, who before  the wedding ceremony was known to  her friends in Texas as Lorena Jarrett,  .assisted her husband in explaining tlie  remark, as he does not speak English'  su.Hciently. "All that he has,-said is  only too true," said the bride. "V.'e  have had a strange adventure, but  siiice it has ended so happily I'no longer , shudder in recalling1 it as I did  through" man j' long, weary, days and  Klccplcss nights."  t Miss Jarrett has a wealthy uncle iu  Manzanillo and among his warmest  friends Antonio Poyeretna. This man,  who is worth several millions of dollars, does not hesitate to say that he.  h  Free and eaBy'expecloration immediately  ^relieves and frees the throat and lungs from  pviscid phlegm, and a medicine   that,  pro-'  !;motea this ia the best medicine to use for'  'coughs, colds, inflammation of  the lungs  and all affections of the ttucoat and chest.  This is precisely  what  Bickle's Anfci-Coa-  Bumptivo Syrup .ia a specific, for, and whore-  ever used It has given, unbounded' satisfaction.   Children like it because it is pleasant,  adtilta like it becauue it relieves' and cures  the disease.     , ..     ,  PASSED THE AGE LIMIT.  , Miss     Oldgirl���Oh,     did you. say I  wo-s a croquette or a coquette?  Mr.: Sourdrop���A croquette.  What     a    strange   mistake! ' Whatever made'you say''croquette?'       .  Because    they     don't    -make     croquettes out of spring chickens.  For the purpose of cultivating  closer' relations with Bulgaria, the  Russian government has entered in-  80 an agreement reducing telegraph  flolls from 40 to 23 centimes, a. word  and introducing ah international1  money  order system.  'A municipal ownership league has  entered the St. Louis municipal campaign as an important factor. It  professes to have 12,000 votes behind  ft which are pledged to support no  aandidate not in favor of the public  ownership of the street' rail-ways  and lighting plants.    , '      '  The high- liver  may  dwell   on  ground floor  or  in the garret.  the  Trifles light as hair have .turned the  ���whole course of many, a man's appetite.  When a man's debts amount to  good round sum he should try  square tlie circle.  a  to  A man may. be rather slow before  marriage, but after the knot is tied  he is made fast.  You may hire some men to be good  but ns soon as ' you stop paying  tSiem you're up against it.  Aa Irish philosopher says that  many a man dies of starvation today  while feeding on tomorrow's hopes.  hi Rheumatism of tho back.  The cause is Uric Acid  in the.blood. If the kidneys did their work there  would be no Uric Acid and  no Lumbago. Make the  kidneys do'their work. The  sure, positive (and only  cure for Lumbago is  wmitiWMmmmm  CAPTUKED BY I1AXD1TS.  commenced life as a sandal shod muleteer, lie made his great fortune by reopening one of the bonanza mines of  .Guadalajara. It was through her uncle tli at Miss Jarrett went to Mexico  to enter the employ of the wealthy old  miner as governess of his children.  After school hours Miss -Lorena was  in the habit of riding to the nearest  village postoflice, and sometimes she  galloped about over the'ranch aud the  foothills of the great mountainirange,  only ashort distance away. One of the  girls frequently accompanied her, and  Romualdo was always at her service.  Oue eveuinkj tbe young man and his  teacher extended their ride into the  mountains, where there was a pretty  waterfall.  They had reached the place, and  Romualdo was about to dismount,  when a black Mexican wearing a large  sombrero stepped from,behind n. great  rock with a carbine in his hand. "Stop,  senor," he said. "You need not dismount. I think ' you are Romualdo  Poyereina."  , The trembling youth answered that  bis uame had been uttered correctly.  Twp horsemen emerged from the bushes, both of them armed and looking as  ugly as the man who had spoken.  "I was dumb with terror aud unable  to move," said Miss Lorena. "I could  hardly realize what was happening until I discovered that they were leading  our horses away into tho mountains. 1  began to cry and beg them to lot us go  home. One of the merciless wretches  put a pistol in my face and told me if I  made any more noise he would kill sue  instantly."  The Texas girl and her escort had  been captured by throe brigands, members of the baud of Lugo (Jortinas. oue  of the most desperate of modern criminals. The brigands took their prisoners into the high mountains not more  than ten miles away, whore they dismounted, and camped.  .!. "Shortly,after we reached the camp,"  continued Miss Jarrott, "a tall, flue,  looking Mexican walked up to .the  camp, and 1 threw myself at tiis feet,  imploring,his protection. lie. bent over,  ���and,; taking'my hands, he toid, me t��  get:up and rest contented.  ; "'Go over, there and lie down,' b��  said. 'Not a hair of your head shall be  harmed.'  "1 soon learned that this man watt  Cortinas himself, the leader of the  -band.  j-'.  "Soori after Cortinas took Senor  Poyereina by the arm and led him  aside. They wore not long away;, and  when they returned Romualdo bent  over me and whispered: 'Do not fear.  Not the least harm will come to you.  Suinmou all your fortitude, and let  hope occupy your mind until I return.  A few hours will ?oon pa-\s.' In a Tvtt  iri'iiiieui.i 1 saw Koii.uaMo and oij<. \f  tlu- baml'iis ride away ::f full gallop."  Yii'-x Jarrett did not comprohend  what V.-33 passing at the time, i.'.-.ptain  Uorlhiun had simply said to Koiuualdo:  "1 happen to know ".hat "your father  has a large sum in gold at uie hacienda. I <k\sire. senor, to retire from'this  dangerous business, but I need quite a  fortune to enable 1110 to liv<> like a  gentleman. I sent my men to captur<;  you alone, but since they have brought  tho- beautiful America.no I will either  have to change my plan or shed her  blood. I am riot cruel. -The affair can  be arranged another way. 1 know  your father. "VYe worked . together  when he was a' muleteer, though he  was older than I. He has a heart. Us  also knows Lugo Cortinas. Co to your  father and tell,him if. he would save  this girl's Ufe he must s-r-ud me gold���  a mule load of gold. Th(>r<> is no time  to be lost. ��� The ruralos' are watching  the mountain pusses'.' Tomorrow at  noon I, will meet you on the top-of  Mount Blanco, and if you are not there'  I shall wait one hour, anil then J will  hang this'little Americano, whom it is  easy to see yon love so well, to a limb  of the, lone oak". If ihe terms suit you.  mount a horse, take one of my "men  and ride. Treachery will he punished  by death. I .wilLslay every creature-  that has a drop'of .vuur hl.ood in it.---,  veins. Every animal shall' be killed  and the- hacienda left a V.ioking ruin.  Now yo'u may go. Remember that the  terms of the ransom are ihe girl's  weiglit in gold.    Not an ounce less.",.  Young,Poyereina was well informed  as to tho desperate character'of the  man be was dealing with, and he kuew  that it would'be useless to exchange  words with him. Ife, reached the hacienda before morning, where he found  everything in confusion and the whole  family in the greatest distress.  Quickly explaining, the situation to  his father, the,young man fell upon his  knees and confessed his love for the  American girl.  ' "No'ruatter as to that," said tbe gen-'  erous old man. "Wo must save her.  Truly, I know this Cortinas. ancl a  more-heartless, merciless wretch never  lived. Take faithful, oid, Balmaceda'  with .you. Bring a' pack mule to the  door, and I will have the gold ready."  Both  parties reached 'the summit of  Mount Blanco at-nearly tfle same in-  ' stain.' , ' -   ,,.  The-Texas girl was not yet aware of  the fact that she was being ransomed,  and she saidT"When I saw the pack-  mule unloaded aud (he sacks containing great gold bars and.coined gold  emptied in a groat heap. I stood like  one in a dream, wondering what it all.  meant. A pole was accurately measured in "order to find the exact center,  and then it was balanced across another pole, one end of which rested aipon  a limb of the lone oak. while the other  was sustained" by a, gentle 'horse. A  strong sack was attached to one end  of the balance pole, and a loop made  of a lariat was thrown over the'-other  end. ��� ���  t 1 '  The now thoroughly -amazed young  woman was requested to'seat herself  in that loop. ���,   t  Gold was poured -into the sack until  an.exact equipoise had bee.n established  between the gold and the body of the  girl.  "Not another grain." exclaimed the  bandit with a grandiloquent air. "I  said she was worth her weiglit in gold,  and the amount has been attained. Not  another cent The word of Cortinas is  his bond. Let us separate. " With all  my heart I wish you well. Remember  mo kindly to your father, young man."  While the bandit was forming and  uttering these words bis confederates  were, packing the irold ancl mounting  their horses. Only a few moments  passed before they were galloping  away, leaving thoir released captives  so utterly bewildered with joy that  they could hardly unci language to express their feelings.  "The enormous sum of gold rested  upon my mind like some hideous nightmare," she says. "They would not tell  me how much Jt had cost to save my  life, but I estimated that 1 had caused  tbe kind old gentleman to lose something like $40,000. ���' I did  uot dare to  A FATHER'S STOR  IfE  TELLS    HOW    HIS  GAINED HEALTH.  STRENGTH.'  SON  AND  RE--  Had I1U fvpiuu. Injured, ,aitd fur Tiv.i  Yf.im Was L'il;.hl��' Jo do Any Worlr,  mid for Most of th<5 Time \Vii�� Oon-  flut'd  lo  fh��  |iuuvc.>  Mr. W.  D'Entremont, a- well known  former living at West Pubnico, N. S.,  writes:    "I  believe   it,is   only right  tkat 1 should let you know the benefit    your     medicine ��� Dr.     Williams'  Pink  Pills��� have been  to  my    son,  Constant,   sixteen  years   of  ag&.   For  several  years  he  was  almost  a  constant invalid, the result of an injury  to  his spine while 'working with his  brothers on the farm.    He grew: weak  and listless,"had no appetite, and for  two years was, unable to work   and  was, for   the most   of-the  time    confined   to  the house, and for a, part of  the time to his bed. He suffered considerably  from pains     in   the   back ;  his legs were weak, and    he had fre-  ���quent headaches.    At different,    times  he was attended<-by  two doctors, [but  got no' benefit 'from the    treatment.  Then  I  procured  an  electric   belt for  him,  but it was simply money wasted as it did not do him ,a particle of  good.'    One   day   while my son was  reading a newspaper, he came across  an article telling of a' cure in a somewhat shnilar case through  the use of  Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills,  and he then  decided ' to give them a trial.    After  the second box was  taken there was  a-marked  improvement' in hi^  condition,   lie  continued     the  use  of    the  pills until he had taken eight boxes,  and,they have restored him to health;  His   appetite has  returned ;   the pain  has left his, back; he has gained flesh;  is  able  to  ride a. bicycle,  enjoys life  and  is able to do' a day's work    as  well as any one of Lis age. ��� This, letter   is  given  gladly'.so  that   'others  may learn the merits of Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills, and find a cure if ailing.''  Dr.   Williams'  Pink Pills  cure  such  ca,scs as  the one noted above because  they create new, rich, red blood, thus  strengthening   weak    and'   shattered'  nerves.    They'do not purge and weaken like other medicines, but strengthen from  the   firiit ���  close  to the last.  Sold  by all  dealers  in   medicine     or  sent post paid at 50 cents a box or  Dr.Williams' Medicine Co.,   Brockvi'le,  Ont..  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The, female student in chemistry-  should be able aualyze he own complexion .  1 \es  -tat'- or Oirio, Ciy\ 01.- Tor.iaio,. ���  ''  ','CAK  ('Ol-.NI-V, I*4'  ji'UANK J.C;j;:mw xiiiikc4 oath thai lie "'h ha  ��.\ii'n- i���-ii-t 1,<���!���..; the erm ol F."J. ema'iT &  I'o, -lo 1 k  l)ii'ii.i-"��   in  th    (,'Hv   of   To .'do,  "iinty !.,,d M.'.t.,' r.ff'.ro-Sii'l, nnd :lin.r. ��.iid lirm  /ill  ji.-iy il'C -urn  ���(  (i.M-;  HUNJ'KhD Dul.-  .M<^ lor c.ic-li and evorv ruse M'.<-;i1;u-rli th it  '���.ll|..r.(, 1)<J cure ���  by lh<; tij-oot    IIA 1.1.'s TATA HUH  1 mt::. IUIaNK J. tliHXKY.  Nwoni  t.i  I (;f,.i-e  in.- and  sulipir'i.cd in  uw  ] ve>-"iicf\ this i tli I'.iiy ot  U.je. lid.i'r, A. li., 1S;8G  A. W. UI.K^MiN,  :-i:a 1. j  .\ntavy I'uUic.  H'hIIV. Paturih Collie i". Ink n ' internally and  ��� eid '!ii,-;e;iy on tlie: M' ud nnd int.conn surfaces  0' tlu-.ijsK-'lii.    S'-u 1 hit testimonial?, :;ce.  !���" J  Ci 1 K.N'K V vt CO.. 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If a man owns but one shirt he  naturally short of change.'  is  You can never judge a man's  brains'  by the length of his beard.  Heaven  never helps  a man who  a victim  of  that1 tired  feeling., .  is  Men never  experience.  get too     old  to acquire  FAGGED . OTJT.-None' but thosD who  have become fagged out know what a depressed, miserable feeling it is. All strength  is gone, and despondency has taken hold of  the sufferers. They feel" as though there is  nothing to live for. There, however, is a  cure���one box of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills  will do wonders in restoring health and  strength. Mandrake and Dandelion are two  of tho articles entering into the composition  of Parmelee's Pills.  ���;������..''.      WEIGHING THK.MAIDEN.'.  dream thatT would ever be able to repay such a sum; and I felt that my  whole life would be -.'passed' under a  cloud of regret.  Something better happened. Cupid  had been skirmishing, and the work  that the little god had-commenced perhaps the first day the Texas girl spoilt  at tho-hacienda, was soon an affair of  such importance that it. could not be  kept a secret.   The marriage resulted.  Coutpatxrit, nut   e-!��u>-n,v.  A. A. .Gallagher, district pai.seng'v  agent of the Missouri Pacific railroao  while en route south was tiiKen quiir  iirn'nd was compelled to stop at Mom  gomery, Ala. He went to 11 hotel an 1  sent for a. physician.    .'  The medical man said:  "You have a ease of pneumonia ar.ci  must have a nurse."  "All right."- said Gallagher. "Do you  know a good uurse you can *end to  look after me''"  The doctor said he did and would  have the curs? at the hotel within ar.  hour. In about an hour a cnlorvd wo  man who measured about nine feet k,  girth put in an appearance, and Gal ���  higher asked her if she had ever uurs  ed sick people.  "Yes, indeed." she replied. "I'ze bad  considerable sperience with ailing pus-  sons. 1 missed Marster John, and 'it-  died: then I missed Mistress Lucy, nno  she died: then I missed Mistress Lu  cy's ��� sister. The doctor 'didn't" think  she was so very poorly, but she done  died."-    ���'.-'''���'.,���        ���������,'''        ' . ������''  ;��� "Have' you   had  any   other   experience In nursing?" asked Gallagher.  "Yes, indeed. . Only last week I left  Colonel Carter's house, where-1 nussed  the colonel for five days,", '���     \  "Weil, did the.colonel get well?" asked Gallagher.  "No. The colonel be died, too. but'  ���Dr. Jones., who 'tended him, run a big  knife into the colonel and opened him  up. The doctor had been ont' late the  night before and,was a little nervous.  The knife sort ������of slipped and just  about cut tht colonel's heart out/Then  the. doctor said 'al! h��� couldn't uavi?  ���him.;" ��� ������  "You seem to be a good nurse," said  Gallagher, '"and you're engaged.'  I-\jrj!.i-.o  'Your majesty,"' saM  1 op pi ::ue, u'lais-  '.*:���. "this is the mmv who hr.s !>��� en  mis  .���inmni'ii  seevice.  behavim:  hhr.srlf.,    I   woiiid   n  thnt you dismiss hi'n from your  *"Ab. yen:1 maj-est;'." cv.  prit. "yjn'H never do !  are such a lover of hook^ I need not re  mind you how .ha1 ha ions it is to tmu  dowu a page."���Philadelphia Press.  ���filmed the enl-  .1     Since, j on  T  I3ov.-  He Toid.  sat. g'r","   s-ai;!   the 'dentist.   '  work in a ri-stair-arit."  '"Why i--oV" sr.i.I :l:e next customer,  mg after the retrc-ifii.i: figure.  "BocaiihC," replied  first thing she said w  mr.s-t  iuo  !c-  THE BRIGHTEST FLOWERS must  fade, but young lives endangered' by severo  coughs and colds may bo preserved by Dr.  Thomas' Eclectric Oil.' 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'I  Vii;5'"  is:i:"::"  fc-.ft.r  ;ii..H *  .'il  : !  -    }'-  11  -,1 ii *,/-.  >; ;�� si  ���  ���    l,|f,.5l" \r  ViV  !    1-c.fclO.  ���".-"iiW v  !:     *iK  , , ��>vr;.-  '   --i^ "'  i\>>\  '  ;-M ���.;  -��� *;:  '.   illf  !,  ;:''1|!J;  j|h'  lh!st(!u  'j"Hil>r'  ' i :,i'-l  t * >S '  I'2 ". ,Wl  ,f -',    it  ����� '5  <    ,'  r  rC  >!1  u  i  I  1    !   *  2'A N-AMEKI CAN EXi'OSmoiV.  fUs��!'<ilo, r.', V., X". .:. A., r.scy tc Koy. 19 01  fjDjj ry.7A.ov.'Ai' Di v :uku /io and 2V    j  To all tlie lodges: oj the I.   0.  G.   F .  throughout the world, greeting:" "  you aie hereby "rater".: illy request fd  to unite with  the   vr.sl  arr-ty.'1 oi  O-.Jd  ' Fallows in tnalrinc; "Odd Fallows' Dav'f  :it    the    IVir.- Ai::Gric:m     exposition  !$L&mi  HjT  ^WEKSJOLBIW  01-ri355.,:-vSj.j;f  7 wives g-anertily h.ave tinmor-  j ricd Sisters... ThesesiswrsaJwayscomo  ' out to vioit them, am} the rest goes "by itself.     -  ��� Mrs. Lorrilard had cm un^nari-ied trio-  ter.    She v>xia very attractive,  THE J?IUZB OJvU.TI0W.  i'  g to  By   BCBN   p,   l$3iCprOSS>��  ^^f^ss^as^^ cj;  m  The fficulty of Brandon academy had  offered e prizs for the best oration tp bo j  delivered at the coding-commencement j  by any member of the graduating- class.  She was    This prize was to be a schoJarshirJ in  VSe woixld im/itc you:1 (!-���  toulion tp o,.3.r!  inerr.omhlo In   thci  annals  of our   bo  18 ye-ac-s oJJ, if you took her word for  it;   and ��he waa blond and pink and  t , white and plump. ���   She    oame   from  loved order, end to Lhr.b cr.fi V/e ex teed j awnc p]acj in Ohio, and she visited the  lo the niembcre of your lodgo a cordinl I Lprrilard-3 at, Stanton���which is in New  ���Tsms&  'invitation to bo  present on  casioi:.  this  Ou June  2jG27  we iniliL'ipato tho  pleasure of" meeting and grueling  Grand Sire Cuble, ihe Grand Master  and Grand O/licers of eaeli Grand  Lodge  Mexico, 100 miles iroin .he .railroad,  across Dead Man's valley (there is always a Dead Man's \ alley) ajie some  stee/p bills and a lavij. bed a mile wide.  It' 3"<>n have, never seen a- lava bed, yea  | cannot appreciate that. You might ij-'y  to imagine the ocean lashed into i'tiry  I by {v si moon, then f a n cy i is, grea t waves  ur;s(liction'  throughout   l'n j an<j bUlows arid swells cshaiiRcd  sud-  ashes always iu sloe?:.  0  world: as well as macy of the members | deniy to dark gray-brown stone at the  of your lodge. '' " ' neJi?b-t- of the storm, apd you may jorm'  -r i"     .,    v n,n,.. . j a vague idea o'f'whafc the- lava bod be-  Tn order that everv Odd I'enow  and    ,���.*��� x?���, ��+,���.*��       ��� i   *:    ' -i      j ���  ,    . ���     tween l^ort btaa-ton and the railroad is  Kebeckah may be informed 'or the good  intentions of the Buffalo Odd Fellows,  we respectfully re'quesfc you to have  this card and the enclosed letter print  ed  in   your   dnily   .nnd   weekly  news  paper Frctornally yours,  1.0.0. F. Pan-AmIsiuc/.j:  Co'-jmittiJee,  To Tc.. R, T-os: Halt Across tho I'r.ci.Oc.  The Evening Telegram, of JMrtland,  Ore., Hays:    "The Robertson Jiu/t Co.  ft: the i:ear fuLure'will   build  a  main'-  ' moth raft cod tain ing  almost   10,000,-  000 feet of toys, which  will   be   towed  ''across the   pacific  ocean   io   OrienUl  points. ��� ,'  Fcrcevoral years Ihe Robertson "fta"I  Company has   been  engngod in ,,c"on-  struefcing and towing to San Francisco  large rafts, and the success ol" the  past  few'years has  inspired   the  raft com-  'pany v/ith confidence, and it b.is   de-  cided that if a rafj; can be ������nioceasfully  , towedlo-San Francisco, one Gan also be  towed across tho ocean.  , The'present scene of   operations   pf  tbe pobertston Raft Company is West,-  'port, on tlie  Columbia ' River,   about  aijrty.miles below Portland.    A raft to  he made up of about, 6,000,000  feet  is  , now under construction, and it   is  expected to start   it   to   San   Francisco  about June ,1.    The   raft   which   the  u" * i i  company expects tp tow lo China will  .-be lashed together with more than oue  ton of chain of Lhe bes; quality.  made regarding- the nature of tbe prize   T\?Tn-t-r* T T? nnfo  ; to bs given.    It he could only gain it!-'    I ��*-e*��t iWOIS.  1   ' Ho'was'a poor bojr.   It bad been hard j  work for him to complete the academy ;        A. complets line  cf, Cuilderb'  course.   13tit by doing    whatever   Ho Hardware,  palnls and ' Vara  found to do, outside of school hours,' "  and "patient, persistent study, he had  (succeeded in riot only keeping up with  his" class, but in practically leading-it'.  Ho was iooked upon aa the member of  the graduating class' "who   was   most  likely to carry off the honors al tho  coming commencement*.   ' ''  '���  His heart was set upon obtaining p.  thorough education,    but   it   Beemecl  probable that his sphool days must end  with the completion of tho   academy i  course.   But .wheji  the possibility of  Orders for Tinsmithing and Plumbing  given prompt attention a:ic? lialisfac-  don-guaranteed. i,  USQK  like.  It frightoned Ukn Spencer badly,  fh.e ambulance tycntelippingi and sliding, and ,"boast-icg-, and thumping, and  bounding over the one passable part,  in "a way thitt only an ambulance conducted by- a driver whohas spenthis life  on Arizona and New Mexico roads could  possibly s'itind. It put aU the'lawa'of  ccntrijMjUal iorce'raid of etjuilibrium at  nmight. It and'Ueo four mtilec wore  laws unto' theitoecl'vos.' ,  !Miss Spencer, v.aa not aooustomed io  t hat i,ort. of thingi   She stood it, as long  ns ebe could, end then she told Maj.  Roche���in whose'chaise she x\t.'s traveling^��� thatsheiDe'iuitto getout ajid walk.  She,had ix>t!horptl the major a good deal  already, and "j.t?. wns gHJtting"tired, so  otio did riot say anything, but simply  told the driver to "slow up" arid let Miss  Spencer get out by hepself.''     '  1   She feil behin..a after a- moment, an'd  thp- amptilance went   relentlessly ; dm  creaking,' flapping its canvas, clanking  its chains, its brake screeching shrilly.  And ��is'itdfanpjfe^red"aoa*etimcsl��55t to  sight ip a g'reat i5&llo-.v, ooanetim'es toit-  tsecuring a- scholarship in college was  presented  a  great  hope took possession of him.' Ho"could gratify his ambition, perhaps, if ha were to win. tk'nt.  ' "FJ1 do'the best I can to get it,"1 he  said,   bravely and hopefully.   "Xhat'p  the best anyone can dp,"'  '    He had one rival in his class.   That  rivai was Robert* Torrey,'the"son of tha  one rich mail of Brandon.    He was a fellow of gcoo natural ability; 1 ut being  a rich man's son had interfered witji  his progress in maiiy yvays.    Ho had  not felt tlie^ s'ptir of necessity, as had  John .Darryll, and tlie result-wo-3 that  he had become rarelees and Jacked arn��  bitibn. ' ��fp  w(quld go through  sphobl  beennsD it was e.xpecte.d that one.in hiu  _   -      . I - .  -v      - ���     . ... '   ���  jioyik's j.eApjnx: iiotki..  And covering capacity are what f|  .show the economy of pqint; ^pt ��  , jbhe pr��ce per gallon; '      " -     $  Wea^s iltfrog-egt .and Qoversmoat;  It is the best paint..economy,j*gLa4e  . to painj; jbuxlcMngs yyitfy '  8t S0.LDvBY  STOKES AT CitAJ&UKCjpKl AND  MOXIK.  of iK-coniiri.odation?  for the traveling public.  MoMahon Bros.,.��� Props.  ���$W^  %��&&A^%&i2��&  ,>7o X.a1;or Unions 'XJiere.  "But why is it," asked th'e thoughtful Chinaman, "that I may go to  your heaven, while I may not go to  your country?" The missionary  shrugged his shoulders. "There is no  labor vote ,:u heaven '" cairl he.  Highest price paid   for   Raw   Furs.  ���'Pack in sacks and send by exp ress   to  James Gill, Cranbrook.  LOTS:���for saje on easy term.-, in all  parts of town. D, J . Elmer's Cigar"  Store.  For Sale.���A six room house uud  lot in Lake Shore additio.y. For particulars apply at this office.  Drop in &,t?d inspect 0. A. Foot,s;s  stock forgcntlemens tailoring m the  Central building.  WANTEJ}���iurnished or unfurnished house to rent. App'y at this  office.  P, IX Hope's; Post Of;co drug' store,  for anything in the drug line at right  prices.  TO THE DEAF.  o  A rich lady cured of her Deafness  and noises in the head by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial Ear Drums, gave $10,-  /i00-to' his Institute, so that, deaf  people unable to- procure the Ear  Drums may have them free. Address  No, M522 The Nicholson Institute,  7S0, Eighth Avenue) New York,  U. S. A.     _  AsMiSHiiciit work Contracts Tiilten.   -  Parti or wishing to have nssosumuiit  work done on claims in tho vicinity of  Moyie. will do well to consult oi write  the undersigned for terms. Work  left in my care will he promptly attended , to, and satisfaction will be  guaranteed. S. A. SCOTT.  ���.�����, 50   \��ARS"  ^|& EXPERIENCE  ing tip a,smooth Jflca oj2 3a.vn, .Miss Spencer felt herself "S-bandoofd, indeed, in  a New Mexico desert'iiaJev that terrible  uddsummex suiiV   TjH^heitt'was fiery,  searching, parching.' ^Th-e sky was like  hot blue glaos, ,Gbe   wondered   why,  when the la.ya"(Tgp�� hqt' enough to'burn'  her feet "ihwiijjK .ilie.^oles of her shoes,  :t did not, melt pp grow soft.   She kept  on walking because she was oj*ra.id to  stop.     Twice she slipped and fell and  cut her hands.     -Under   the   porous,  piled-up  rock,   rabbits  and., owls'.and  qr.ail were hidden; there were snakes,  too,  and lizards.   At   firat   siie    -was  frightened when they scurried by -her,  but soon, with h^r head ringing and  her eyes dazed with congested   blood  and her mouth open and as dry as flour,  sh* did not even notice them. *  _ She reached tlie end Of the huge rock  river at last, and found the ambulance  waiting.    The driver was asleep, _a-nd  :ne rimjor was drinking been-.,   He .offered her some,-and when- sho had drunk  it sfie held out her broad little foot!"'  ^ "My shoes axe all cut to pieces, and  they were new and awfully heavy."  'Ton shotuld have kept still," ho answered.  Now-, Miss Spencer wanted sympathy,  nnd when she didn't get it she took a dislike to the major; and because she disliked him, eha eventually made him  -:orry.  For line first fortnight of her visit she  was not pretty. She was sunburned  from her passage of the lava sea. Her  face was red and swollen, then blotchy,  and dasrlly peely. After that sho returned to the normal pink and white  She was the only, girl at the post, and  ' there was a bachelor, a brevet bachelor,  R. A. SMITH,      Moyie.1  EEA.it MaoEa'cjiubs & Macdoxaldb.  '-^���**^*"*'*p--:hV**-**^."Tf"��TTTir-  S. -J.  TOpMB     0  House painter,; .^ruiner,  glHgier tmdt p^perhanfjGr.  All work .en perfect surface guranteed. Prices according    to   .quality   and j  stocjt required  Moyie, B. .0.  *eec��rat^3^.'cw>wv����wwM��uacw��6ict��  young contract surgeon, and ^��aj.  Pvoche's son. The bachelor officer was  studious���the'kind that have much faith  and think that the great fathers in  vWashington.' will reward lieutenants  who pass high exams, aad have ideas on  interesting study and one which to be  successful requires technical knowledge. In the large vineyards, as a rule,  the owner himself givea personal super-  rision ix) every detail; sometimes a  manager or overseer performs these  luties. .One of the largest growers in  ibis section tells me that the most sue-  position would do bo, but not'because  he cared" very 'much about 'the education which a, college coursjs is supposed  to represent. ���>    '   <  He recognized the fact that in John  DarryU he hod a, rival who' was quiie  IikeJy to carry off tlie hbiiors' of ihe  * class.   Ue respected John,'as did all'  who knew the manly young fellow, but  that did not prevent him from cherishing a feeling of jealouey toward'him,  -It'Beemed to Roberfc that the honors  ought  naturally to' come to him, because he occupied a >��� social    position  "which the other did not.   He did not  caro about,tbe scholarship as a scholarship, but it would.gratify his pride  to wm it nway from his rival, and at>  he. made up his mind to secure it If it  .were possible to do so.'  "I suppose you're going tp .try forth��  prize?'' he said'tp John oncda'y.  "t    "Y3b, I am," answered John, frankly.  '"You will, of oour.ee?"  "Certainly," responded Robert. "And  Z mean to win. I give you fair warning  of that."  "All right, ii you .win fairly," answered5^ John, with one of his bright,  .pleasant smiles that made his face attractive. "Jpshall try very hard to get  the start of you, but, of course, I may  fail to do so. If I do, you may be very  sure that it won't be because I.didn't  do my best." -v  "Of course, tk,6 .prize lies between us,"  .said Robert. "Both of us .know that  no one else stands any chance of .getting it. It's you and I���and I'm going  to win."  "If you can," laughed John'. -  The oi'ations .which were to bo delivered   in  competition  for the   prize I  were to be submitted to the president j  of .the academy a month before com-, j-roHX   jjakbei!,   it,   i>.   e.,  j..   Ii.   9. j  mencement. Just about that time Pres-; '   ' '  ident Jackson was obliged to go away  for a fortnight, and ho announced to  the graduating class just before his departure that the orations were to be  handed to Prof. Fay,.the secretary of  the faculty, for examination.  j     John   Darryll  put  a great deal   of  j honest, conscientious work on his ora-  | tion.   He wrote and rewrote it.  He was  not content, with it as long as he saw a  chance of improving it.  "There!" he said, as'he finished  copying it for the last time. 'IThat is  all I can do with it. It may not win the  nrize.'but I shall have the satisfaction  BOOTS    AMD    jSHQES  P.epaired m\ J'ade tq Order.     ;   NOT^IEg  F^B^rJO  & ��NS-BTB:&N0E ^jENTS,  COLIiEjOTJOJN'S  PROMpTL.V .-MADE.  Wn  1 mB**$$$&,   ��� MOYIE,' B. C. '���  Hv^*^c^=yc^-wiwiwM^.^ww. twt*waf^��ww<^toA K*vv*\*mji  WILDEY L0D3E STO. M  Meets'every Monday ovening in thojir  j hull dn Victoria streot. ,'Sojourning  j Odd Fellows cordially invited.  WHOJ.BSALE AND HETAIL'  OHAr?.  P.  CAMPBELL,  Funeral Director  and * l    C < i  Bmba-lnier.  fj..IiniD, 2>. G.  x. i.. noi/UPTBis', rkij^s.  , FltAXK. DiXllV,P.    U.  ���i. M. J.l-KIM.t V, r, s.  MEAT     'MERCHANTS.  j Moyie.; Miners'   llnion^  Fresh  and Cured Meats, Fresh  il'issh, Game  aud  Poultry.    We  . j       fiiippiy   only   the   best.     Your  trade solicited.  �� MAIUCET.S   A'V  | JJ--VJP-   /i-. MACLEOD, ,      .   FORT STEELE  j Meets in McGregor hall every Tuesday I YERKJR, .KIiMJil^HLEY,  Gmdaato of .Champion  College oi tin?-! ove���"S- , -Sojourning    mem bora    are   WAIipNE'K,' CRA*S"BftOOJt.  MOYIE',* ,    Main office,  -Cfl'ArNBROQK, 8. O.  United .Stutee.   ,Upholstering,and gen-! ^^.'^J'-V invited to allerid.  -P.-T. &iyni,  eral .furniture  rQf,��iring.'    Olfice   and,;-K. H." JJimocj:,  store,'Aiken's    block,  near  Canadian 1 -   President  Bank of   Commerce.    Telegraph   and  nmil orders promptlv attendtd to.,        i.����.       .     -c-�� t       r.   ����  Moyie Board of Trade  Oranbrooiv B. C. I ���    Ar  ,  -   ���   ���   .    ,   ,  - ; Meets  m   the Moyie school  i  house on the liist Wednesday    -  evening>uf each month at  S-o'clock sharp.  J. P. Fauiujij., Pres.-  P. Macuoxam),    Lev.ts Tiio^pox,  ��iv*i *���. "iM��rvwew^nw.^?t  tFOR   FJN-E  TAILORING,,-GO    TO  vja^jro^rvxicsxr'rxgCT^ajcjwacjcftfflryi  JI32HJMT  mr\  Office and Residence  i sv%*wn��* \.mmi ^*"����� ���>������ ���  -rr-ii-fr.-     i ni..mn . ,  M  CKAITJBROOK  '.MERCHANT   TAILOB,  '    ' Fine   Suitings, ��� Overcoating  'J-ronser.s,   imported     Cooiis.  Vico-Prcs. . Sec'y. |  COTJItT SJOTIE.  MOYIE,  B, 0,  STAR CUSTOMER'S   JOKES.  A Too Trustful Cafchiee- Jfcayly W��-eolcB  j a   Reslauntilt.  j     One of tlio aitsraciionH of a certain  ! Chestnut stixyi-o cafe is    a    beautiful  . , ���    j..     j t,    i .Angora cat. which fa.   generaJlv   very  jes-stul  y-rower is the foreigner    who )     .; , ,       ��� ,   ** ,..        J       ,J  .,,,,.6,     7,       .    ...      ��        ^    ,,     inild-mvuinored and ladvbke, sa-vs the  vvith hia family of eignt or ten comes    w,;,.,��0ir,S!���  ��,.,,  t     ^ .   "  , , , ��-      .��� ,    iJhiiauclj)nia lKreord.    The cat -passes  and leases or buys 25 or 50 acres of    ,,,���..* ^ \^���<-n     -,,������ A, l      ,  most oa nor time Bittmg- upon tlie cash-  ^a^^aa*^^ vJUCJUT .1IOIIE.        |  SJ a ^ *ff % Wv. o o x" BR�� ?* 8  /4l0lA =-��.���' io*s. | il I] H f   " D H t W C F  /   !4'>>^<Jt,V\��& lV*>.*.��s on tub lac Tlmrs j .   .  \   l^\fcj��&#X$A   1...    :  ^^M^l /iMijg iTethufu   In'vltcl" I  JURECT ItO'JTK.  t.oiitt��'iitl.  Lager beor sold   by the   Keg or  dox-in  bottlec  Anyone sending a sketch and description may  quickly n-K-.ort.iiiii our opinion free whr.tber an  invention ia probably patentable. Communications strictly eouddeiaial. Handbook on Patents  Bent tree. Oldest agency for securing patents.  ' Patents taken tu.cv.Kfo 'Slunn & Co. receive.  special notice, without chimre, in tho  ' Scientific Mmtfm..,,  A Ii^ritliimrioly.illiistratfid wcoKly. I.nrucat cir-  f-.ilrit.Uit* nf..anv t-cienlillc ioiirnul. 'J'orins, $3 a  vr:iri-':i'6.<r -ftiont'iH, $1.  fWd by all ncwsdealera.  WM& 0Q.2GlG^d^' Hew"'  Privucb Office. 020 V St., WasbiDKiou, IJ, C.  land, cacli member of the family having  -ds or her part in. the work to perform  from .spring until picking time, while  the winter is devoted to the making of  the baskets. Thus no outside expenditure ii> incurred yjid when the grapes are  sold tbe proceeds return to the family  is the profit on the individual labor of  .jach member���quite in contrast with  Ihc large owner who is compelled to  hire help to do esch'littlething.inaddi-  lion to buying bis baskets.  The Concord grape is the only variety  :>f auy consequence raised in, this re-  vfiou, and some idea of tlie magnitude  Di" the business carried on may be had  when it is known that, the .shipments  this year from Chautauqua county alone  nrnountcd to 3,500 car loads, 3,000 bas-  ' ets of ten pounds each in each car.  These are taken from the grower by  someone of the numerous growers' associations, whose business it is to find'  i market. Strange as it may seem it is  nevertheless true that three-fourths of  chem go to \ points west of Chicago,  while the other one-fourth travels eastward. '   "  The making, of baskets, is an impor-  faxit item. Many factories are em;  ployed. The price ranges from two to  two and a half cents .per basket; thus  the grower, who would lind his business  in any way '.profitable must in addition  to the cost of the hu'-?-)"?t realize at.least  -   ��� EAST. '  Winnipeg,  Toroa lo,  Bufbilo,  Montreal,  Boston,  ^iTew York,  WEST.  c  Koolenays,  V-aracouvor,  Victoria,  Seattle,'  Portland,  San Francisco,  F. I. MOOItE, C. K.       G. T. McGRE��it)K, it- S.  ier's desk. She waia pofiing there one  day recently when th^i star customer  went up to the d'^stlc k�� poy for his neon-  diay meal.  "Did you ever tickle a cat's nose with j  a toothpick?" the patron asked of the I g-p, J'AUL  cafihler. "It haa un avvfully funny cf- j  feet on the animal. Makes it sleepy." i  ITvi luid a toothpick Ln his band, and, j  offering it to the cashier, said: "Take  ..hia and tickle thvj cat there with it*",  The cashier took the little splinter oi  wood and possad tho end of it over tht  nose of the drowsy Angora. Tho next  instant pass einilted a scream, of  anguish a*id leajxid many feet into the  air. Vv'i-uh tail erect slie clambered up  the v.-all, jumped over the bar, overturned a number of glasses and bottle?  and finally disappeared through an open  trap into the cellar, where for five minutes she seemed to bo haying �� fit; The  cashier' was pallid ��� 'with ��� fear. Ih-  couldn't imagine what had .happened  and the star customer had suddenly dis-  u-ppearedv After awhile the cashier ex-  '���mir.cd , + he'tr^ti-iTiiclf snrl   found .iir;*  via. Soo Line.  i Presbyterian     Church  I SERVICES  ! Are held in McCL'UKor ^iau ouch   "aab-  i . ��  j bath at'll a. m. and 8 p. m.  !     Sabbath   school  and   pastor's   bible  j class at ���"> p. m.  i     The public arc invited   and   will   bo  I welcomed cordially to ouch and   all .of  J those services. G. 13. GR13IO,  ! '     Pastor.  Bottled Beer  in Stock.....  Ovttsule-Orders Given Strict Attention.-  CHICAGO, i  AIX UNITED STATICS  POINTS.  Through tic'lcols to England, the   continents of Australia, China and Japan.  St. Eugene International  BAB.BER SIIOF AND  BATH ItOOMS.  W. R. STONE, Prop.  St. Eugene Mine, Mo>io V.  C,  i  B!i>"tam��WW  ���Itcsidehtial lots $12,5'.Co* "Salfe. Seo  D.J. FAmer,-       ,  T>(:[Kirt  S:50 a. m.  3:09 p.m.  TBAISS .ItOMS  WEST  EAST  Arrive  3:09 p. m.  8 :50 a. m.  Apply for Rates; Maps, Time Cards, Tickets and  Full Infonnattou to Xearcst Local  ��� Agent,  -   '������'���.  G." Hilli'er, "Agent, Moyie.  j.S'. CAitTER,  i)iSiy"Pass: A'gt.  '     Nelsoii,-  E. J. COVLB,."-  Ass't Gen. Piiss'.'A'Kt.  Vancovc-.-  THE BOH TON STORE 0^ MOYIE,  : ! Call and see1 our neW.1 spring  stock of men's, and boys'  suits just arrived.  Ladies'and Gents'Ftirnishmgf.  I,    See Hill & Co.'s new lot of ties  -'They, are beauties.'  .-'-moyie, b;o  FINE WATCH   JtEl'AHUNC*  TWUNTV YICARR KXI'KUIKNCK.  Fine stock of serviceable watches :it,  reasonably prices, -lust the thing for  miners.  ' Orro.s.Ti; Kootenay I-Totki..  ��.i  PICTURES FRAMED  Prest, the pnotogra-  pher^ has juSt received the finest lot  of mouldings in  East Kootenay.  '/Vv,' Wv;A.,Prest,^VV''' -  Fhotographer,  Cr.mbroolc,    flloyio,     fort Seelo  Will Visit Moyie on  1  Tuesday and Wednesday  m  km  m  m  11^  w  w  M  Hi/  I  r,k:


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