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The Moyie Leader Apr 14, 1900

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 iiiii���iii����������������� w%v. MOYIE ILL CELEBRA.TB  ifeense sale of  Wa  h us xour feet  We  do the rest.     Our  shoes fit'like'tbe W>  wings on a duck, and ajadder is not neces. Wg  sary .to reach our prices.   At'tbe same time (M  do not forget that our stock of Vtj��  Queen's Birthday to Be  ������ Observed.  OF HOEItS ARE ELECTED  U)CAL  NEWS.  PiYROLL SOS IM  The Coming' Celebration will Co   Known  aa tho Third. Annual Celebration,  /X��!?,*  'furnishings, groceries' arc���coruplote.  EEIB, CAMPBELL & CO,  J^J>J.^? >a1^.'����k->ik.-,^fc.'  ^���"^���^���"'^  [CANADIAN.. BANK ' .OF COMMERCE.  Paid Up Capital, $6,000,000.  BRANCH..       ��� -J. W. H. SNIYTHE, MGR.  Moyie wiil celebrate the 2-ith of  May.. At a public meeting held-in  McGregor hall last Monday evening it  .-.-.*.     .-.."   ���*.-.".'     ���������urn     l"Vftn  W&fl  Jiy. tJW��**������"J  ��"*<   *ivayia      wv*w      ���"wv'.. .  towards perfecting a permanent organization  for" that purpose.   The fallowing officers were elected : J. P. Farrell,  president;-P." J. Smyth,-secretary   and  A. P.   Macdonald, treasurer'.    A committee consisting of Dr. Higgins, J. M.  Lindsay and. G.T. McGregor was  appointed to canvass the town and  aser-  tain the amount of funds which could'  be raised for defraying the expences of  a celebration, and to report to a meeting to be held.'at the same, place' next  ���Monday evening..  At this meeting~ an.  executive committee and a financial  committee willbe elected.   The mode  of celebration will be governed by   the  amount' of funds'subscribed  and until,  next  Monday "no    definite    program  will be outlined.   The,coming celebration will be known  as  the   third   annual celebration.  Ira Finch of Kimberley is  in  town.  Sten Hansen was in Fort Steele this  we^.k.  F. J. McMahon  was in rCranbropk  Thursday,.      ', ���  W. D. Hill was out from  Cranbrook  this week.  Geo. Batley of ihe  Central  was in,  Cranbrook Monday.  ' Fred Pieper was  in Moyie between  trains Monday.'  D. J. Elmer and family are  occupying their new home.  H. Byers, the well known hardware  man, was in'Mc^e Sunday.,  '    Archie Leilcli, Cr^opk's  lumber  king, was,in town, today.       ,  ^, '--ani Awftjd of Macleqd  was oyer-  to;3ee bis parents th's^week.    ,        ���  Mr.andMrk. L/M.  Mansfield   ��re  �����r-��������,"..��. Xawlor  residence.  now occupying *h�� u   ��� . 4    A  '���-.-. -. '     ,^A Mrs Mover intend  Mrs. Uielsen at# W* *   J ;  S --?tio2 Hands on a Strike-  The   section: men   fit   Moyie   and  Moyelle are out on a strike, and have  been since April first.   The men were  receiving $1.50 per day and tins scale  was lowered to   $140   PH   ***.   The  ";tQen are staying out apd  c^m   the/  "rilf-not'gft back to work until^ the  old  , eCale is paid.    As it is the section boss  is looking aiV>/'the. road  as best be  THE*LARGEST    SO    PAE| can alone, ___J1 _ .  Fifteen Thousand/Dollars the Amount.  Xt   Made Bute's, to  All   Mnes ��� Br*-*"  Monthly Payroll Frommisea to  ' be Mifc�� larger in Future,  Mr, kelson a^---S^���--'be   a   third W  to. open a reatjMiran?. * tue *P    ^ o{ March, as a good numoe  addition,,       "'     -      '   ,s        ,   ,.���    ^r.*        0���,��Anvedby"the  St.0Bugen  A near as can be .estimated Moyie's  payroll for the. month of March was  $15 000. The St. Eugene Consolidated  Mining Co. paid.oul ^,000 for wages  alone, and the- balance of $3,000 i~  easily made up" from tbe payrolls of  ZI, Mitchell �� Co.. M. Sbeadj ��  contracting outfit and  other smaUer  number  School Meeting;.  A meeting was called to take place  at thoschoQl house Wednesday even-  5ng to elect a trustee, but as only three  men in town tobk enough intrest in  thp matter tP be or, hand, a quorum  could" nqt be secured, therefore the  meeting ' was adjourned. Another  meeting has been d^led to-take place  Monday evening, April 23ra*.  "   There is a deal on for the sale of the ,  Friday mineral claim on the west Bide  of Moyle'Jake, but up to some to prees  ��oSentic information  concerning  ltcan   be'learned.   The   Friday   is  owned by <S..'A.   Scott,   and   J.   A.  Ma   ���   p      V     ���;    /Wys   left .to  -'.There are only a lew  t.^, ^^  get on the voters  list. ' lai  tagc of it.  to!Marob ,?afod ��� & * ~* is >aneienn?  of men employed by  *e  J-0^       tbe deal.   _^__������   "  di^Sli *"- - H    wio"��fn���  x^ u        -. ,   V. .���n;���r�� r-fTftfit  onl    -^n election   will   be   neiu  rT^BSF.^r *js *?rz** ^"? V*"* IrF&ltF*? 7f  - ^^.ITZrV^-SVp  |SM0P0UTAN  H)TEL.  ���    4  'The only house  in ��� East   "��2o6tpa y  ' heated throughout with holair;    ,       ��� J  First .eiaso in  eyery  respect,   {Special ^  "rates to boardera, ��� Good sample room ^  for cQABmercial men. i  'European plan.   Open, day'.and i��ij,hl  ' l i  Bottling Works,, Cranbrook,  was ,.in  Moyie today.  ��� John Stewart   MacEachern   transacted business in Cranbrook  the  first  in  'the  ���        -      .��.v' 'being paid out had a telling eneu    ^       ,vn 01^u^   �� - {or   the  ���F.  Clapp- of   the "East   l^doten^  g^'     and business in'all ^eSU^ie lockup n,t Thu.day ^  -     ���      ���    ���   --     r. .'      ���. *      ,.-. ,.:n ^linniiie.so.    I purpose of electing tnre^  i"     _,.    _  fire   wardens   for  Abo   town  Eloign, and business in'all  lines  ,Ioyie l0c*up: n - ^-^ be  ^.riskl^is^^ fe?,:   town    Every  of the week.  1 For Sale���A lot suitable for ress-  'dence, size 35x180. Price $150 easb.  Apply at'this ofiice.  Andrew Johnston, one of the , new  proprietors of the Moyie hotel, was in  Cranhrookyesierday.    \  '/Tim Farrell and Wm'. Hamilton are  do'ing work on the Society Girl property near the'St. Eugene.  hre   warucuo   ,���   - MRvMrt,  "���- - st, Eugene Band.      , I      le ' nhabitant, of the age of 18 yejj  ���'^fig^held at  the Central  ^. ^^ evcept Chinese;orIndians;  A. 'meet.    ><luday' evening    for    the ^ ^ fcbe e\ecu0n.  hotel'last b ' ~*^"fing.the  St. Eugene     '���   ,   o .   purpose of orga. * '%g^the members .     Dilution of ****** ?f*  band.    The follow.," tir-uments which      By   a   mutual'  agreement   V����:  and tbe respective'in. ..-".Ve. a'. Barrick, Uyellman, Hill and J.. Ji ^rp' ���  ��  thev play :��� T. W.,Kilb~y, --.��. /.  Gojdsong,  disoived partnership, m. Ifturpn*  JoBepb ^Torr5s' cbrnets/^.-; .\soue ; - W.  ln   purchased the interest^o. tue   ?o  B. H. 8^iATiL Tropj  OHAN3ROOK, - - B, C  ���I  ,1  ���5  . I>J-    uv.n.1    n.v^   wv. 0 ,     (  Fred Pollard is building ft residence | ^mmer.  Poor *>opoi Acoomotlatlons.  Thoes who . were  at   the station (?)  last Wednesday  morning when   .the  train from the east pulled in witnessed  an amusing "Bight.   The/platform  was  so crowded with trunks, baggage, etc.,  that the little station  was buried  almost out of aiffhl, and it was  with-no       jtev. Dunn was a  visiu^  ���  ^-.r  little    difficulty    Agent      Mansfield j lhe fir8t o{ the ^eek. ' He. is making  -emerged from, his lair. There ,waofl a. ^.^hrook  hia headquarters .for t Ue  piano, several'quarters of beef,.a few presentfc  baritone; A. T. Fox,'.'^bmv  Cline.tuba; F. W. Clark/tenor, ' \$aul-  Monkhouse, first alio; Eddie /"Ot .'.^c  uier/second alto; D. J. EUaer,1 an- - ��� '  m-er- gentleman.     Mr.  Murphy   will  ^t the business, alone here,fte,:  I:  Millions Given 'A-vjay-  on Half Moon avenue and will soon  move his familly here from (Joatfell.^  4iev. Dunn was a visitor in  Moyie.  ,<>^",1^!i''^^4",��4��.'  DESAtJI.KBEie&I'CO.  , J'ropft.  Regular Meals Served iii tho Dining  Koom^with ^SiioK-rKOnnEits between  meals.  He'dquapi'e^^iG^miriehciAl/.and Mining JVten.      3I0Y1E,  IJEEN   AVENTiE,  h'os��, several'bales o* nay, and other  stuff too numerous to mention. On  top.of this was piled fifteen or twenty  drummers' trunks,' baggage, express  matter, etc.' On -top of this pile eould  be seen the conductor standing directing where, the stuff being, unloaded  should be piled. Passengers, both  ladies and gentlemen, were compelled  to climb over this as best tJny could  in going to or from the train.  This hotel;is;now open to tho public, and*is well furnished throughout. None but tho best brands of wines,  liquors and cigars kept in stock.        .  mtST    CLASS      ACCOMMQD&TIOJS S.  MOYIE, B.    C  fJVirK*  i L'-^j'^j^ ^^-- ���' "'��� -'������:��� -*w^r ^.rmW%T    ���        w  JOEjYSTON BROS*  ?his Hotel is New and well Furnished.  The  Tables are Supplied^with the^est the g  Market affords. The] Bar is Mled witn %  the Best [Brands of Liquors and Cigars. $  ���  . ��� .. v     ' ^ ; ._j^\ w  .������.���HEADQUARTE'Rt.-.MS,^MMBBCiAi. ,- -|  m^uimmmm ^tSB(Co,.������ntIA. |  Spreads Like M11A(ir��.  Wbeu things arc  "the   best"    they  become "the best' selling."    Abraham  Hare, a leading druggist.'of Belleville,  O., writes:   "Electric  Bitters  aro  the,.,  best soiling bitters I have  handled   in  20 years.    You kuow why?-  Most dis-,  eases begin in disorders ot" the stomach  liver,'  kidneys,    bowels,    blood   and  nerves.    Electric Bitters tones up   the  stomach, regulates liver, kidneys  and  bowels, purifies the blood, strengthens  the nerves, hence cures multitudes  of  maladies.    It build,   up    the    entire  svstem     Puts new life and vigor   into  any week,  sickly,   rundown   man   or  woman.    Price    50    cents.    Sold   by  Rope & Beattic, Druggists.  JUOTK10   AKKIVAJ.9.  Central .hotel:��� II Byers. U Mao-  Pherson, A Talpin. Nelson; S Malley,  G II Minor, S Brown Jas Gill, M  Honn, Cranbrook; O I. Shankland,  Jas. Morris, City; P Mercier Quebec;  H.lMadill, Winnipeg; M ^emau.  Letl.bridirc; W F Edwards, Geo.Lee,  J aland Falls, Maine; J no Held, J  Haines, Maclood; N Friedman, -Vancouver.      . .   Uow Grocery I'lrm.  Moyie is to have another mercantile  firm. Kickers & Co. of Kaslo have  secured the, Conrad building in the  Lake Shore addition and will in a few  chiys open with.adarge stock of groce:  ries. They will confine themselvs to  the grocery business' entirely.  ..CVimbtooK Minstrels. V ������  The Home Minstrels, under the direction of Chas. T. Fa^es, will give a^  entertainment in Cranbrook next  Monday and Tuesday evenings for the  benefit of th'e: fire department.- ������-.  Now Milliuory Doyuvtment.  '" Prahbrook Herald: Miss D. Watt  baSra��iVod from the east and taken  Iirofl of the miliiuery department  o7ite"id& Co's. She is . thoroughly  compe ent and ha* spent several weeks  STbo large cities of the east familiar-  Sng lierSelf with thelatest modes  m  millinery'.  Constable Oox has signified^ his intention of resigning his position and  going east". His successor has not yet  been named.'  The assessment; work on  the  Irene  mineral   claim   has  been   completed,  and J. M.  Lindsay,  the  owner,   feels  quite sanguine over tbe prospects of it.  F. M. Medhurst  of  Cranbrook  and  Dr. Wilson of Fernie  returned home  Tuesday from the, recent political convention at Vancouver.  I     The   wrestling   match,   which- was  billed for last Tuesday evening   was   a  " frost."    Not a ticket sold, not a dollar  taken in, not a bill paid.  Wm. Mills intends   making aplica-  tion for a liquor license.    If successful  he will open a hotel in ..the  Stephen-,  son-Jensen block in  the  Lake  Shore  addition".  A. T. Fox informs us tliat six of  the" above have played '"before. He  also sta-tes that there 'is room for three  more players: Prof. A. E. Wheeler of  Wallace, Idaho, is to .be- instructor.  It.will take about sis weeks tp' get the  instruments.  pv.,.-;-?-<sh is v^t airaiu   y           t_   ,Savt)  whiv-  ;.v,  'oyne*1-  Moyic Hotel Ohangss Kands.-  This week the Movie hotel'changed  hands, w'lien Q. Campbell a^d  A^ T.,  Clark transferred their intrest  in   the  business to Andrew Johnston  and  P.  F Johnston of ��aslc.   The  consideration of the deal was $6,000.   Messrs.  Campbell 'and Clark  will  remain   in  Moyie, Mr. Campbell looking af-ter his,  interests in the townsiteand Mr Clark  will give his attention tp his ranch for  tbe present.  Johnston Bros., the new .proprietors,  i       i.......  0{ ,DV.   T&tag'a   ^  -    �����-- Consumption, Coughs  ��h^r     T &e giveaway .over  ten  ^yjSSi   - "������ lottL ar.d have the satis-.  "n-'^/al ���     ^ *t **�� cured thous-  millipn tote!,       *%>     . -Astoma, Bron-  faption of Know     ���:.- .-;^-^ ^hr0flfc; 0he8t ���  -ureiy cured by  .   - ,"50, Druggist,  and Lung diseases are b ,  it.   -Call on Hope & Beatt.  and get  a  free  trial D bottle.    ,  size 50c and .fl.GO. ��� Every botth.  anteed-  a^ds of hoplass ca  chitis, La Grippe an  Regular  ^ ���gUStcT':  At tlie St. Eugoue.  The grading for-tbe siding at the St.  Eugene mill is  well  under  way  and  the work of laying the steel will begin  Johnston ir.ro3., toe new vi��f���-m Monday.    Shipnients'will immediately  are professional hottl men, and   have|'follow the completion of this work..  'ilreadv sue edevl in gaining'the friend- ���r���. -~^  >-oUce -or Dlsoliitiou or rartneriilslp.  N'otice is hercliv siren that the partuersliju  bCM-etoiore  existing between tlie nudersiguefi-  ur_.!_i.:.  ..,.,���.v,.,?,tc  unri.-r iho name,  st\-ie  ihip and the good will  of  the people  oE Moyie.  Mrs. W. J. Watkins and Mrs. 'Wm.  Mills wore - visiting with friends in  Fort Steele this week. They were  also there to purchase two lovoly  easter bouuota.  E. K. Neil of Spoki.no, the man who  designed the plan of tho St. Eugene  concentrator, -wo* up to Moyie-this  \veek. Mr. Neil was highly pleased  with the look of things.  A party was given at the home of Mrs  Dowecr Thursday evening in honor of  Mi=s Tibbatts.'tho teacher of the Moyie  school. Miss Tibbalts went to Nelson  yesterday on a short vacation trip.  W\ G.  Batcman  was  up  from  his  farm'last  Monday.    He intends  embanking in  the   dairy   business  in  a  few weeks, when his milk wagon  will  again bo seen on the streets.  P Douglas Hope; the genial .son of.  Lhe Emerald Isle, the man who cancels  stamps for Her Majesty , and moulds  pills for thepeople, treked over to Cranbrook Thursday to take a "rubber" at  the "beautiful."  Mrs. Fred Southward and children  arrived in Moyie last Monday from  Grimsby Center, Ont., to join Mr.  Southward. They are residing in tho  McGregor residence near Park, Mitchell & Co's. mill.    ������-.!.  The increase of business at the  Central hotel has made it ncsessary  for the proprietors to put in a new  range. A safe was also added to the  institution this week. It is the mten-  to run an all  night restaurant shortly.  *   -'  TCOCAL. XJSWg.  'a meeting of th'ose intrested in  Suudav school work was held V/ednes  dav evening and A. P. Vroo.ne was  was elected Sunday school superintendent. Another meeting will bo held  tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock.  The Odd Fellows held a meeting   in  McGregor   hall   Wednesday    evening  the     ques-  Movie.  and   fnither    considered  lion of organizing a  lodge   in  It was fully decided to do so and tho  proper steps have been taken witli that  und in view.  Mrs. Biggie will iu another week  sever her connection with the Moyio  hotel and, after making a short visit  with friends in Foit Steele, will depart  for Oakland California, to remain.  Mrs. Diggings was the first white  women in Moyie.  T C Drewry came in from Rossland  Sunday and left for Montreal Monday  to be absent three weeks. Mr. Drewry  has purchased another property or  his company, the Sunset, in the  ITkran When he returns a large  force of men will be -employed to develop it.  F E. Simpson and wife, Mrs. Phelps,  Mrs.' Simpson's mother, Wm. Doble  and Geo. Shire were passengers on  Monday's-west bound'.train.. Messrs..  Simpson, Dobel and Shire are on their  way to-Cape Nome, and Mrs. Simpson-  and Mrs. Phelps will go to their old  home in Cripple Creek, Col., to remain  awjating Mr. Simpson's return.  Metal Quotatloua.  New   York,   April    12.���Bar-silver  ���59*   cents.     Lead,  $4,674 @   $4.77^.  The     firm, that   fixes    the    sellng.  prices     for    miners    and     smelters  quotes lead at $4.45 at the close.  "MHltMwffafo., this, iota day ot April)  *'U-iUW-        ^h^iiui^^ilill.Attv,  j. J. Murphy. ^  Harvey   &   McCarter,  FORT STEELE, B. 0.  Harvey, McCarler vt Alexander,  Barristers & Solicitors.  James Kerrigan & Co.  CKAKliliOOK,  Wholesale Grocers  AND  General Agents*  Home  and   Foreign   Bonded   Ware-  ������...'  houses.  Whiskey, Wines, Beer,  Cigars/Produce, Fruit,  Etc.,   Etc.,   Etc.,   |Etc*  -pi  i   Hi  Ml  'j  n  \w  ������m  i i < CB  ".'���Sl  i -j!  ���: al  -fbl  I   H  '    '1 V
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■V.J'; i,
COB»Tri«k*. "*». *T W«»'herlBy Ck«a3t«r.|
I remembered nothing after the blow
from Mr. Keighley Gates' life preserver
" struck me eenseloss to the floor in the
dining room at De Vore Gardens, and for
u whole fortnight I lay unconscious, and
rben.'Vu spite of the doctor's fears,1 1
came round.
I was  eo weak  I  could   not  move a
limb     I  heard  a   low   voice—a   voice
1  knew   eo well.     1   opsned   my eyes,
fciut tho light of the'darkened room was
too strong for'them, and I quickly closed
them again.    But, I had  seen, aud I lay
there in seiuistnpor, dimly wondering if
it wero uofc   all a dream.'   Thero by iio
bedside was- Mabel, my darling, and at
the foot was George, her brother     Had
it  all   been a dream, a   terrible  nightmare?   Had there been a murder?   Wad
George really been imprisoned—suspected of tho crime?   Had   Mabel ever been
decoyed?   Had   there   been a  burglary?
Vee, that. Inst'was true nt any rate, for
there was  I in, bed','weak   as a kitten,
with a head throbbiuK with painful intensity.' i I could not even speak.    1 lay
there wond»riug how much   had really
happened and how much was pimply the
distorted imagination of a eick brain.
At,lust 1 summoned  np' my strength
aud murmured one wort*..
In an instaut my dearest-vcas hending
'   over" me.    1   opened my eyes   aud they
1 rested on tho hweiUfcst, the gladdest and
the happiest fact* in Euj»land. ''
"Thank God,' darling," .'he whispered—"thank God you have come hack to
me!" And she beut over me aud kissed
me. ,
"Don't speak, deareFt,"   she  said  as
'  the words strove to come.    "The doctor
orders it     Try to sleup, aud   remember
that Mabel says all is well."   ■
■My recovery was  ouly a question of
time, with   my dear one for  my nurse,
and   with   nothing   hut  good   news to
learn I rapidly gaiued ground.
,■ Bit by bit all was told me.   How Fifz-
,   gerald had informed"agninst-Gatos. had
asserted   his   identity with ■ Dacre   and
Diirant, and had charged   him .with the
niurder.  How Fitzgerald at his instigation   had_deco3'ed  Mabel, and   how she
had   eventually escaped, aftar meeting
with Dick Lambert in   her prison, and ,1
finally   how  Keighley Gates  had   been j
run to earth, and wasnowawaiting his
It was a tangled web of villainy they
told me, but it threw'in bright relief
the joyouB facts that Mabel was safe aud
that George was again a free mail,
proved guiltless of the terrible charge
that had been made against him.
Happiness reigned again in tbat
house, which had hut lately been the
abode of terrible agony and distress
Only one thought shadowed nnr jov—
the-thought of the poor giri whose one
false step in life had brought upon her
such awful retribution.
The trial of  Keighley Gates, on   account of  all the  circumstances attending   the  orimo,   aroused   an   enormous
amount of  public excitement, and   tho
evidence   of   Fitzgerald   was   eagerly
awaited.   He stated that on tho evening
in question   he had   met Gates  by appointment, and after they had finished
their  business  he had   tho curiosity to
follow him.    He said he saw him waiting   in   South  Audio}' streot, saw   the
woman and George Feu ton walk up together and  finally part, saw Gates stop
tho  woman  and  Faw her  fall   to   the
ground with   the dagger in her breast.
Jealousy was presumably the motive of
the crime.    Gates knew of George's retentions  to hi* wife and of   their meet-
injra.    That he loved the woman cannot
be doubted.     It is  probable  he did noi
believe she  did'what  she could  to dig
oouiage her admirer.   It was'evident he
had   planned   the  murder   beforehand,
for ho had gone  to George'H rooma and
stolen the Venetian glass dagger-so thai
suspicion   should fall   upon   its owner,
and fortune had favored his plans.   Had
not Fitzgerald informed, George Femnn
would have been hanged on what seem
ed absolutely convincing eiicumstantial
George gave his evidence that on the
Wight in question he had parted fron
the woman after high words He had
again implored her tn marry bim, and
hhe had refused, again entreating bin
to leave her forever He had rrproacher
her for her heartlcssuenH, and his beaten
"Tliank God yr.u have come, hack to me?'
ment   oi   L-ady   Florence   Mostyu.     He
gained her love iu the guiso of  an hon
e.st man, and then'dragged her  into his
life of villainy.'   When she had discovered his true  oharacter and   flad' from
hi in, he pursued her and cast his meabei;
about her broihei, 'and   even   after the
murder   he  did   not ecruple to use biui
as his tool. , '        .       '
He allowed nothing to stand in his
way, and when it eeenied to hits immediate advantage hi« did uot hesitate to
hand ovur his accomplioe, Fitzgerald, to
the law. '
By a singular train of event!" this led
tohis.owu undoing, and the man who
had carried'his Mchomcs with, snch «a
higb hand was eventually hounded down
by ihe one man who had witnessed bin
devilish niurder and whom ho had'bo
trayeil. r •
keighley Gates was found guilty'of
murder, without any recommendation
to mercy, and was condemned to death
Brit he cheated justice after all Ho was
fo-vind dead in bed in the condemned call
— poisoned. ,   ,     ■■
How. he managed to Becure the poison
will never be known.
George Fought out Dick Lambert, and
for his eik-ter's sake tried to give uiw
another start irf life. The ttrriole
.thought thao he had been tlie friend and
tool of his sister'sniuiderer overwhelmed the man with reinowe, and will
probabiy'ke-op biw ttr»igbt for the re
maicder of his lift).
Fitzgerald stood his trial in due
course', and in co.'i=ideratiou of his in
strumentality In aiding justice., whereby an unmitigated ncouuriral wan traced
and an innocent man saved from death,
ho .was leniently treated. But 12
mour/is' hard labor will nodoubt enable
him io revise'his ethical code.
Somor two'mouths after I regained
jousoipusnees I was married to 7the
sweetest woman in the world, and in
our happiness we forget tho terrible days
that followed the uitirder of Lady bTor-
ence Mostyu with the Venetian glass
dagger ' ■
<if aj:e .-ind
yours.   longer
ramit'i    f?t>t   half
wiihinit i(s onminj.
it ii -
Colonel Seton Churchill is known in the
British army as "The Bible Officer, because of his preaching to his men on Sunday. " .,,!■■
It is said that Colonel David Harris,
who is in command of the Kimberley
•run-Nun. was at one time a choir boy in
a London Jewish synagogue.
Paul' DeronlvHie has chosen Spain as> his
■ilKide while in exile from France and de-
ilares from-Barcelona, where be now is,
tbat he will refrain fmm talking politics
iluiinir his stay.
T i' O'Connor in describing the up-
n.-ii-.'in.-e of Lord Kitchener wiys that he
v,viiin'u> b« as <'olvll.v nnmored by noveltj
,"r ,.x«-itcmoiit as if bo had lived :il
d.-its aniony iceherjrs.
Eiigliind's     postmaster     general.
Diil.e tif Norfollt. is ''-,years
iui>   borne' his  title   for -10
ili.in any oilier duke outside of the
I'jimily.    His only son is blind and a hope
less imbecile.
Seii.noi-'MJonr's neckiie is gaining a
repm.-m't'ii. It is always a narrow^ hlack
..no uf the "firing" vaiirfy. and it is said
;hal its weiin-r
,thloi)gJi :l s|ie«'.-h
li.-d :i(  least  I wiee.
J'r.)fe--sor lOrncst llaockcl, the winner
of ih<- Tin-iii Itoyal academy '10.000 lire
[ii-ize for the gie:iie>t seientilic achieve-
in.mm in four years, ibougb a man 76
years old, Is athletic enough to ride sev-
,fi':il utiles-^iii n liii-y<'le^e<ery, day.
No presi.l.'iit l-'^Jr*'<'"■ heen so aceessi-,,
l.le. lo   port rait i/,:l'l,,t','}«   as   MeKinley.
Without    meajxTtf   ,()   l,°   offensive,   one
painter' n^nth-   refi^rred   i«   a...
m.igistrn>y :ls   "A   »^tl"-11'   l^sov,
l.-ite.-t t->"i-ti-:iit  is now  being painted
(•(inMi-ini gallery.
raliuer, now a bank mes-st-iiger
was recently ni-hod by an
Her Iiom" h Wfts 'hat
rotter Palmer- should set his sons to
work. -To tench us '-■> g<%' .il""-' f<»' onr-
velve.-." wa.- the "'I1'.''- ,"ni,<1 to »»«ke ns
the kiwi of me;' »vho don't n.sk such ques-
.imie \"": Gaylo. the now congressman
fn'.m I'"-' Ashland district in1 Kentucky,
the (•ne so long represented by Brockin-
riilzc is one of (he handsomest men iu
Kentucky. Six feet, tall, wilh regular,
almost "boyish features, blue eyes, brown
hair, a splendid figure'nml o-ts.v bearing,
he is expected to make a stir in Washington society.   „ ' .■    °
The speech of Senator Reveridge of Indiana was a remarkable font of memory.
It contained about S.000 words, but Mr.
P.everidge repeated it entirely without
notes, and so thoroughly had he memorized it that, although he spoke for over an
hour and a half, he rarely departed from
tbe text of the printed' copy previously
supplied to the profs. ,   ' o
Adlai Stevenson smiled (he other day
when some one told him he was going to
be a1'candidate for the governorship of
Illinois. "Since the close ofrny term ns
vice president," he said, "and my return
from Europe, when 1 took up my residence in IJIooniii'igton, I hare devoted my
time entirely t'o private business, and 1
intend to continue to do so."
He Wii Telliu* IHw-
imriii- one of 'he earliest visits ol the
]>ui mB om. o       )mol,lll>riuce Albert,
manner, w:«s cros*
Scctti-'M   lakes   in   :*
trainer and wm< curious to note every-
latlujr to the management oi
among   many   other
roval family to Ba
dressed in a simpl
ing   one   of   the
thing  ■'«-'
.ii*.   vessel   Hud,
[wag*., 'he cooking.    Approaching the
„.,IIPV.   where   a   brnwoy
"      iiriendiug to the ouliaary
attracted by the
hodgepodge,"  which  the
savory odors
he mis
uf a  I«h  of
higblauder was preparing
-Wliat   is   thai
t known io (be conk.
,;,_;.". inr." was the reply,
made?"   was   the   next
asked   ihe   prince.
11 is
,f luiioie
in   Chicago,
"unpudent  lia.ving tel
who was n<
••How   is   it
,-   .
•■Whv. there's mutton intil t and turnips intii't a;ul enrols ilitil't and"--
■•Ves. yes." >al«l the prince; "hut what
is intil'l':"
The man looked at him. and,' seeing
that the prince was serious, he replied:
••There's mutton iti'til't 'Jind mrnips
intil'l and" -
-Yes. i-ei-iaiiily. I know," tifge<l' the
inquirer, "hut whni Is intii't — intil'l':"
•-.Man." yellei! ^!n' highbinder, brandishing bis biu lad!-, "ain I no (ellin ye
wli.-u'-  iiiiii't?    Tlii'iv's  iiiiiiton, intii't
... c
and  —
lU'ro the iuiemcw was liroiighi t<fa
• !..«e by niie of the pi-i.-if-'- "till, who
fortinnilel.t \\.'t« |»:;-siiig. evplalnlii's lo
his royal liighiii's«. thai -iiuil't" simply
meant "iuio'it" an/l iiniliirit! more.- F.x
flow the -Man Who C'«e» a Rubber
Bnn«l A-ronnd UIu Wud Kl«« I'v H'«
Roll—Cu in Cr:.iik».' Who t-il-e ««»
ilan.llc- Xciv Jloncj-WciiHli In Ev-
«>ry I'ot'kct,
A great many men have cranky Ideas
about preparing their bills for ready
handling. One plan Is to fold each bill
separately, keeping the'denominations
a pa it in the various divisions of their
the search
This  method   facilitates
for tho desired sum  when
br.gi.t. new  .,,,-,^1 ,lli1t in0i!fll ,. . m
hail come to him hv.-li f„lln ..    ' 'jf
Where Of how he got tlion, n ', " '^p
U'.ry to the conductor. b„t ,'■; '^1^
ehh-i!   that   his cusfot,,,r „..,  ""'frfiSSS
c,l with some banking lusih^'
thai   I ho new  money wms „«f i ,
.•ape the t-hances or contnici,., ,'°Cl
::.r.-mgh   ihe Bnn'diiuK or u,,^..^
luui been in couiniori u-e. J   '
Theie are any rm.r.h, i 0f p,oi1
cnonoi  Id go a new coin will}'
perleuchig n pans.    They wMl'JiV1
to a new I nIf <lolhir m->ni •■   .    l:
trernUy.     Then   il
visit  the subtroasm-y o\-ny ^.  ,
nml  £.-t  a  pofki'tfnl of nt.u jf)Ujl
pieces.    They fX|ii»ri,-»cp n s,,(,JV
light in passing ihem out. ^ ,|in!,'
ho- until th, ianJ
Ut-'r"  are  tlir, t ,,
making a purchase. This is nlnios! a | ii,m those who receive then) \s,jj,";
sure truard against passing out a bill . 'uVr "who that iiian 'h."-H(,su',, i,rV
of the wrontr deiioniiiiathvii aid.
A   l"!i«"nlrIonl
,'Tbeue  is  soniei bin;
t'tirr le.
lling to iindfi'siand." saiil a theatrical
manager, "about i.ho perleci rogukirin
of the sizes of .•nnlieiici-s for any given
play.     You know  I   m.tti-igo' I wo  ilion
tfrs here in New York One of
holds about 'J.ooo people and the
holds about   l.«MKI p.-ople
"Now,  when  we haven  play thnt  Is
what   we call  a   great  Kiifi'es.s at   the
small   then ti'r--si;c!» a  success Mini   we
have toturn people ;iwa.\ every liigiit
It is almost invariable lhat tbe uiinibei
turned away, is nut   far from :.:i earl;
night- that is to >;iy. I.OtK) pefiple <-ouie
and get in and .".() conic nml eaniioi get
in.    And, when we liave.n similar sue
cess at   lhe large  litem or the average
number'of people niriieil away Is just
the same-aboui :',.)   that  is. •J.O(X) peo
pie come ami get  in and .10 come nml
cannot,gel in
".Now. to all appearances tbe one
play has made jnsr ns liiy n nil as iln>
other, so why is il Mini Just nliout l,0.'!u
people wnni (o see ilie oin- every njghi
nnd just about •_'.(!(!(! peoph* want to Roe
the other ovfVy niglii,'/ Why do the
2.0X0 never come to the small theater?
They never do.' Suelf ir ihlni; was nev
er heard of. It's a little section in Mie
law of averages ih.-u I never conlil tin
dei-stand."--New York Tribune.
A.   F
.Jokeletx   That   AVouId   Make
(lie SiililJix I^nujih.
Why in thunder is it so much easier
to write 1800 than it is to write 1900?
Patience—That Boston girl's too elegant, don't you think?
Patrice—What's she been saying
now V
"Why, she wa.s speaking of her
brother's sweater, nnd she called it a
perspiration article."
my   dear.
Al r.   Crimson beak—Why,
tho house is like an icebox!
Mrs. (Jrimsonbeak—Yes, I know it.
I'm not going to have you go to-the
club and tell the boys J rnast you every time you come home.
words had been heard by piusscrsby, giv
ing u terrible interpretation to the trag
edy that followed
Other evidence as to Mr Kpisjhlny
Gates was forthcoming Among tin
great scoundrels of modern timos thi.-
cpusuminute villain is worthy of a high
place. ,
It seems ho had mndo a small fortune
in the African diamond   iiclds  and had
returned to England to add to it by less
creditable exertions.
, Under the name of Arthur Durant he
had taken a shooting box in the country
for   the   purpoKG  of   robbery, and   this
ncheiuo was carried to a successful issue
after hia  runaway marriage with Lady
Florence Mostyu.   .After  some months
passed in carrying out various robberies,
up aud down the country, he   appeared
iu London as a man of leisure under the
name of Keighley Gates r
By getting rid nf bis benrd and wear
ing false teeth, he effected  a   complete
dis&uiso, and  his wealth   and   pleasant
manners gained  him   both   friends mid
popularity. |
Oue mistako bo made in clumsily
tampering with the photograph in the
Scotland Yard album. As wo have seen,
the police tixed the abstraction of the
photograph upon him, and it may be
that this would have led to bin ultimate
apprehension even if Fitzgerald had not
informed upon him.
Tha absolute depravity of tha man
was ehowu  by'his cold blooded entrap
"You know that lady who was hero
yesterday who smelled so strong of
perfumery, mamma?''
"Yes, my boy."
"Well, isn't she one of the cologueial
Patience—He Intinia-ted that he wanted to say something complimentary
abo'«t my new waist.
"He didn't seem to know just how-to
go about it."
Mr. Crimsonheak—Those were very
small eggs the grocer brought you yesterday.
•Mrs. Cfimsonbeak—Small, did you
"Why, yes; they weren't as large as
hailstones even."
"You don't give as realistic a tempest
scone as the company at, the other opera house," said tho visitor.
"No," replied the property man; "because those fit her people broke hi here
one night and stole our thunder."—
Yonkers Statesman. .
refuse to
A Dreary fntnre,
"Miss  Bing, why  do  you
marry me?" ,
"Because you aro in the dry goods
business, and I'd never have a chance
to pick up bargains at other shops."—
Chicago Record.    ,
At e rough estimate there are 15,000,-
000''pairs of gloves imported into this
conn try enoh yftax.
"Hi, Jimmy, come on out!"
"Can't! Ma says she saw a. professor
hunting around here this mprnina;."—
New York Journal.
The khedive of Hgypt receives a sal-,
nry of $300,000, n year and has also a
pi irate fortune invested iu productive
farms and cotton plantations in tlie Nile
Queen Victoria always breakfasts pri-
v.-iteiy as a relief from the formality of
other meals, hi summer, wherever she
is, she Inih the breakfast served in, the
open nil.
The niehtar of Chitr.-il is to visit Ii..!!n
;e- ihe truest of ihc British '"government
.-ind is id Lo taken lo !>ee ihe various historic cities and military works likely to
impress him nnd his people with the power of Croat Britain.
It is not generally known that the German emperur, thoiiirh not yet a cyclist,
is an ardent motorist. During his recent
vim'i at Windsor castle he was out on two
of the mornings immediately after day-
bleak and had n couple of hours' spin
before- breakfast. As the emperor rode
in it heavy coat, with the collar turned
up to his cars and his cap-pulled down
over his c-yo^, hardly anybody recognized
Korea is a keg of powder upon which
Russia and Japan sit smoking the "pipe
of peace."—New York World.
The czar still believes that universal
disarmament will come,' but ho is willing
to admit that present complications may
delay it a little.—Philadelphia Lodger.
lu explaining the massing of Itussian
troops in Asia the czar politely assures
Kngland that he had no present intention of usinu them, but 'merely wanted
to lie sure that he can get them therp
promptly when he needs them.—Wash-
in^'liui Slur.
Itus.sia continues doing queer things
which create unpleasant apprehensioiiH
in London. The latest is an experiment
to show in how short n time a column of
(mops could be sent from the Caucasus
(o Kuslik.'on the frontier of Afghanistan.
It was found thnt it could he done in
eight dnys.—Boston .Journal.
A novel penwiper of chamois has a
wishbone of. silver fastened thereon. A
large imitation amethyst '"is'set at .the intersection of the .prongs:   - .
A novelty in a, scarf pin of gold represents a serpent in green enamel coiled
around a large, pink pearl. Diamonds
serve as 'eyes for t lie; serpentV
-A handsome brooch of gold represents
a bee. The.hack is set with a large sapphire. Diamonds and emeralds are freely
used in the wings, while two rubies represent the eyes.
1 The invisible joint belt buckle is growing steadily in favor. Among the many
designs shown is one of gold representing
a series of (inoly wrought scrolls. The
buckle is elaborate Iii finish and massive
in construction.—.lowelers'   Wookhv
No really good'politician is absolutely
sure of any election imril the votes are
counted. — Saliii-diiy lOvening Post.
Nobody has yet petitioned the legislature for a law requiring that lobbyists
shall be branded'with n legible "L" in
■the middle of the forehead. — Boston
| Should these wr.inglings and quarrel-
irigs keep up in the house, and s'enato
(he;, might turn The Congressional' Record into a scraphouk. — Philadelphia
Time*. ,
The   Kirs,   Wjir  Co rre* pon tleii t.
As far, as can be*1 gathered, ihe-tirst
recognized war col-respondent to a
newspaper was a, man., whoso 'name,
unhappily, has sunk into oblivion, at
t-he siege of Antwerp in \SV>i Much
earlier iu .be century, (hough, there
was iu an informal and unrecognized
manner a witness mmied ivior Fitiuer-
ly one can mnke ;i shrewd guess nt
his nationality - "who ou his return
from tin-, Waiel-eren expedition told
the lv.i-iliv.h iiublif u good deal more
about tl:::i uufoiiunaie naval and mill
lary l.lu.uln'Minn the British govern
men! of tbe tiny rand to have published." There was. too. some really admirable pen and ink, work about the
Carli.-si war In the Loudon papers, notably by l-'i-Mderi.-k Hard man and C. L.
Cruinescn.' Mr. (Iruinesen fell into the
bands of the f'arlists and was, about
to^be shot when lie was rescued, from
bis impending fate by the intercession
of the bile Lord" Itaiielagh, who had
taken servif-e' in llio cause of Don Carlos de Bourbon.- London Post. u
lniltinir.i  iiikI, SiieecNi.
'  "There'* iiolbin like famiin on a hillside." said llio maiiwiili Hie faded hair
during a pause in the conversation, "If
vou pick out a good location."
"Do you mean to say," they, asked
bim,1 "thai you ever worked on a hillside farm or any whore else?"
"Who said anything about work In?"
lie rejoined. "I said hillside farmin
was all right If you picked out a good
location. I had a local Ion right down
bohnv a '10 acre farm where a feller
put in one whole summer raisin melons
an pumpkins. When they got ripe,
they broke off f'm the vine an rolled
down on to my' land. It wa.s a good
deal of bother to gather 'em up. but I
done it. Made a pretty good thing out
of it loo."
It was a narrow escape and nearly
cost him his reputation as the laziest
man In the crowd.—Chicago Tribune. '
of the, wrong denomination.
Then there are men who make a
neat roll of all their bills. The li'rst Is
rolled by itself to about the size of a
lead pencil, the next is lapped about
it, and so ou to the cud. Then a rubber 'hand Is placed about the entire
lot. When It Is desired to use one of
the bills, the rubber is removed and
the end of the first bill caught between the thumb aud forefinger' of the
right hand while/the roll is held be-,
nvoeii the thuinb'aiid Core linger of the
left hand, then the bill Is quickly un-
„wouhd, none of the others being disturbed. ■ * ,
^   ^....^t  many   men   never carry  a
pocketbook., One reason for tills Is
that, a well worn purse more easily
slips from the pocket than a roll of
bills. Then; again, the bulk of a pocketbook is annoying. , (t takes up t6o
much room, especially where ihe pan-
'tnloons are made snug. When pocket-
books are not carried, a favorite receptacle, is the watch pocket. When
this Is used, the bills are man\» up into
a little, hard bunch. Their presence
Is always felt against the body. In a
crowd there *ls no danger of losing
them, nnd „whcn traveling with any
considerable sum this is a safe depository.   /
.Some men have a fad of carrying a
lot of nt'W bills In an envelope that is
kept In one of tlie inside pockets.  Now
and then a mau Is found who keeps n
few bills,In every pockcL   Ho" goes on
the theory that If he is robbed of one
lot a sufficient amount will remain to
last" him   until be", reaches home.    Tie
starts out feeling  that he Is going to
bo robbed and makes provision to meet
every possible emergency.    He usually
makes   three   folds   of   his   bills   and
tucks theiu away In the corners of his
pockets witli extreme care.    Fie docs
not   feci   surprised   if   he   finds   upon
making   an   Inventory   after,   'arriving
homo that a part of bis funds lias disappeared, as he expected to be robbed.
Any number of, men are1 found who'
keep' ouly a littlo  working capital   in
thoir trousers Dockets, the bulk of their
funds  belug  concealed   In   broad,   llat
wallets   in   the  inside-  pocket of  their
waistcoats?..  These bills arc always of
large denominations aud  folded  once.
When a man brings forth his reserve
funds.   It  will'be   found   that  nil   the
bills   have   a   smooth,   bright   appearance.     They   have   been   with   him   so
long that they are as-.flat ad a sheet
from a letter press.
Very few men in this country carry
coins in purses.' In Knglaud purses nre
common.1 The material is generally
pigskin, but undressed kid is also used
extensively. The former have two
compartments, ono for small gold coins
and' the other for silver. It is some
times amusing lo watch a man with a
Utile undressed kid bag pay his rare
on the street cars, especially If he is
wearing thick dogskin gloves. Ouly
conductors with groat patience can
watch the proceeding with complneen
cy. A woman can pick out five pennies
from beneath a roll, of bills in con'
slderably less'time than it takes (he
man with the kid purse to bring forth
a nickel. One reason . that tho kid
purse is not popular Is because It fools
like the half of a small dumbbell in
the pocket when fairly well Oiled. In'
London it Is the proper thing to carry a
pigskin owing to the large circulation
of sovereigns. It is essential to keep
the gold and silver separate in order to
avoid mistakes.
There nre coin cranks as well as \k\-
per money cranks. Some years ago
(bore lived a little, round faced man
over In the Back Bay who came into
the business district every week day
morning at precisely 0 o'clock. 'In
paying his fare lie always passed.up a
Wlckwirc— From a superficial
should say yon had a hoiv
water.    Am bright?
-v lf,rrofJ
Hungry Illggltis-You are. An,pB^^S
you'd had a wife that made vr„.^P«^?|^l*
ii jl tho wot lor, for the washjtl Mi?/"',;^pS^Bf^
for'Ihe years and kept you so'l.in-vBMSa^
it von didn't have time to pi-i f0&28f£SW
you'd hate the stuff, too, you woiili^Mjl^
.Indianapolls Press. tSffiffift*
a v
,, "rrv     mm
School   Peaeher (P, QhkdBBfifflSM
did   lhe   wise   iiien  couit- fn'J
\\ \,\
' lie ■ ll*-! ':
'-S. boJ.-tr- Because    Mioy    were
moil.- Phll-'plelpbia   Record.
■ A   London  production of
is contemplated.
Delia Fox is having a m>v C/,*
written for hoi" called "The Toi.iiyVf
Lotta  Llnthlcum  has resignc-i '■»
the Coghlah company and has ictur^
to New York.
-The Russell brothers appcard:
Cork, Ireland., recently In tiie!^
servant girl act.
When Coquelin comes lo New I'd
with Sarah .Bernhardt nest fiill, lier'l
act   Polonius,   not   the  ghost, to
felnce John Drew' bccMiie
has been under only one
—that  of Charles   Frohm:	
thcelghth season of the arraiifjomof.^
"Coralie and Company," the iw^^^-gzpfr
farce at the Paris Palais Royal, i^-llM^^"
to bo so foul that the plot cannot i"1 ::'pS^Mf|
tclligibly described In print for ^-"rf'■v*45iienftM
Alexandre  Bisson, the French r.'ij^,^„_,
W.right, is said-to enjoy nn incoun-W^p'Mt^&
over $SO,000 per annum from roya!iKSC?S^§|||
In that case royalties certainly iir.;.
tho possibility of a royal time.
Miss Bertha GallaiKh Mr. Ilackcn
now leading lady, is a niece of cx-Ls
tenant Governor Watrcs of Pcnnsvl,!
tiia.,   Sho is also related   to the wjjt
known flaw-ley family of,Connectics: [
W. II. Crane has "A  Virginia CiK.'lr
ship," his New  York success tiro stf
sons ago.  in  active  rehears,?/, ami 7
will ,bc  liscd   ou   his   wc^cru tour li.
coiHimctioD with "A Rich Man's Son."
-    Wide AivtiUc Authors. j
"Three hundred editors wore in our
midst last week," says a western ei [
change, "and 300 authors met tl!t'in.it,
tho (rain, escorted thorn to Uic-ir own *
homos and entertained theih (lurinj 4
their stay in oui town." • J
Now, doesn't, the above item sliWf|
the gratitude of authors for favors rf,
colvod? Or can it be that there'was*
conspiracy on the part of said million
to so "corner" those editors with kindness as to mnke.them think twice L*
fore declining any future manuscripts!
We are really inclined tp belie\e there
was., Human natur' is human nitur'
—Atlanta Constitution.
He  Who Siiec-uliitcn In I ««'
Smith—I've been thinking si 101M
of- Investing sonic money in stocii
What would you advise me to do7
Jones—Have you any real citnte*
Joucs—Then I'd advise you to put '
In your wife's name.—Chicago Ne«>
'   A Mercnntlle  Vlevr.
"Posterity will appreciate tne
the earnest statesman.
"That's all right," answered ^ni1'-
Sorghum. "But the trouble about I *
tority is that It always pays da- c1"
dividend to somebody else."—W l1' "»'
ton Star.
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, "Troubled with insomriin, are youV"
said !)iv Paresis after list en hig to ids
jiatient's tale of woe., "Tried all the
usual nMiiodios. have you? ; Well, now
suppose.'-you try to read 'The Impressions of a Bohemian.' It's a now book,
j list but. I tried to road It last night
and was asleep In three minutes."
"Sir." repilod the patient,' with freezing dignity. "1 am the author of that
book, nnd I:have the honor to wish you
a very good evening!"
Many  Fraudulent C'laluin.
All the big life insurance companies
spend a lot of money each year to prevent fraudulent claims from being
paid, and the ingenuity with which
sonic- of these claims are planned calls
foijj (he very best detective service thai
the companies con -command. They
are willing to.spend a good deal more
(ban the amount of tlie policy to expose these frauds. —Indianapolis News.
Have   a   Common   Origin   in   Liver   Complaint--Dr
Chase's Treatment  for the Liver,     ',
{     <fBri)«l
Nine limes cut of Ion It Is over the
Bridge of Sighs that wo pass the narrow gulf from youth to manhood.
Tha cheese ailte Is more tenacious of
life than any other insect.
Oarlylo justly attributed the ill-tem-
per, which made hini a monster in the
eye« of the world, to a bad liver. He
wasbillious /and dyspeptic, suffered
with Btomach pains and headache, was
depressed in spirits and had gloomy
forobodings of the future.
How often the kind father becomes
a monster and the loving mother as
cold through the influence of a torpid
liver. Who can tell how' many qnary'
rels are brought on arid hpw many
happy homes are broken up by, this
same influence?
Nothing.makes ono feel more miserable or more gloomy and disoouraged
than liver complaint, and consequent
billiousness and dyspepsia. The kidneys, too, usually become inactive in
sympathy with u sluggish liver, and
the bowels booomos irregular and constipated. i
To strike with ono blow at these
complicated ills, to mako a prompt,
effective and lastiug cure yon must use
Br. Ohase'a Kidney-Liver Pills, the
most popular remedy known in Canada
and the United States "today. nl,d. !J!
only oue that acts directly on. bo'li tn
liver and kidneys. ,,j
There is more cheerful,. ntisolic»«-
teatiuipy in favor of Dr. Ohase s K
ney:Livor Pills than any other Pllls°1)lS .,
Yoti scarcely meet a person v.h° ( 1
not used them personally or heir ^
their wonderful powers over discis"    ^
Then von can lisoe Dr. Oboso s ^ I
n.y-Liver Pills with greater con^ *,
ence than any patent, medioino, kh ,
ing that they arethe;i most smce'b ^ i
prescription mot with by Dr. ch^ m '
his immense e^perienpo as pract ^
physician and author of thefauious |
ceipt Book. p.j]S f
Dr.    Chase's     Kiduoy-Livei    *'     ft
prouptly  and   positively   euro toig   .
livor, liver complaint, hillonsnesa. oj
kiduoy Vlisf 9
»"u    jet    tS
*- am
pepaia,   constipation,
backacho,   Brights'   disease,
and 'rheumatism      Oue pill a d"   ' flil
cents a box. at all   dealors or  by
from Edmanson,   Bates & Co, l°r"
For piles Dr.    Chase's   Ointnioni
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2o  p
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euoi ��:;:;:wI<moyie leader  <���' llll'lilf,! tfeif  =====   :;1K '^'ISWSKP5 MOYIE,   B.    0.  u->.l  uiijiiii  ���a-  l^l^fliRE-5OVER A WEDDING  'S^Hl^S^pPtntc  Bridegroom  '^MJ^M%Vnriea  GOWN.  In n. StiDBtl-  p,.,0I''< ^j^SffbWnWorical  and genealogical  soc-ie-  W!l,10��'iWhWimetlbvmz to light interesting r.unl-  v-illl4j,,lfei^fe^fg'lia traditions.    In a paper roa.1  11,0 'an WteforW*tlocnl  society  a  New   England-  ��� tiiri,0 ^IWoffi'an'fKcentl.v related an amusing ov  '���' WvlvksiSl&fcfc spirited ancestress of Revoln-      ^amsel,   Abigail .by  Catarrh Can  Be Cured.  Japanese   Catarrh  Cure  PAINTERS  AND WRiTfcRS  -. i  has  >.o V  hea  he i-  n>t. i': leading a  Uli has iUlYored  rarely s-cen on  ('m W'H uj  -Itosion [U  'Tfiflal nc^|  lo!-v n-rrc. J  !HM  name, was  in brothers, Asaph and A she!,  saph had had the courage to  IraWsSparriage. Although the girl had  Ibln^uWected of an inclination for the  iSfllltfrother, she accepted the more  fflfcwW��e     Asaph.,    perhaps     partly  Wowmk"0-  The wcddiu�� d*y wus  SSMoen a ditliculty arose, bhe was  l^rrl'eaWpatriot.'he.a rather lukewarm  WmfflSrM   during   the , very ��� darkest  mm  '��'��� J'*! ^M#Ml  '..'|k3>^i    ���  �����u so |.ii��,.|n?fe|  to  you ^o^mm  0-J Chicks  ''   COfllt- tn'J  were  d.  ��� ERS.  ��f "BcheI  i   new ojrf  ie Toiiil>-.j'|  csignei! f:J  has ictwl  appcard:  In   tlicli  Lo New l',d  :t fall, lier'l  host,  to d  ;e war, and it did not appealing that the marriage should be  '" k'itli much expedition or d)s-  ie 'money that could be spar-  Sted to liclp the cause, while,  ,cdding dress, she  would'not  ed of wearing imported linery  " ould have afforded it.    .She  would  be married   in  home-  -juJSsisiiit'as wero different. . He wa.s  ^o^Ifllragto'dispense with either feast-  6i&ffl^Mi#f clothes and desired to make  ffiren^anijg a graiid-occasion. A quarrel  mWmvk ended by his declaring ob  "' :��ai��Wi,o(-  ���   wife should   submit   to  gel  tiifi^ifMhnt a  wire si  ItnWutaority of her husband aud- that he  "Jffisjfect hi*  bride to stand  up, '  iK^lpDjirsoh in a silk gown and  successfully   coped   with   this   most  dangerous disease, aud cured  to stay cured.  Miss A. Knott, of Bcachville, Oat., writes: "If  w-e had only known of Japanese Catarrh Cure  yeara ago, my father would have been saved  from spending bandied.-) of dollars, and 1 would  have been free from the constant pain and annoyance of this moat disgusting disease.   1 have  had catarrh for yeara.   .My head was stuffed  up so that, 1 could not breathe through my  nostrils.    Mv breath was very impure.    I had  almost a constant pain in my head and over my  eves.   Nothing I eoulil get gave me permanent  rel'ef,  until   using' Japaiu^o   Catarrh    Cure.  From the very Jiisi il gave me relief, and in a  short time hud jvmov.-d the accumulation so  that I could bre.it he freely through the nostrils.  The pain left my head and eyes.     Its effect  upon my breath was truly wonderful, punfy-  i'ing and'removing every vestige of the unpleasant odor, and during the past year since using  vhisrerne v liave not felt tin leas: sign  of my  former trounlo.    1  can highly recommend it,  and know of several other.-* in our neighborhood  whom it has curet'."  Sold by alldi-iiugi-ts. CO cents. A free (sample  sent to any address      Enclose 5-ccnt stamp  Address, Tne  (inlUlhfl & Macpherson Co  Church btreet. Toronto,  ,1*1  be-  uoth-  1S  not  and  yet a  upon  wife,    was  that /they  :&��� j wages���'������"�����  S$albrfde, sir,  %m&VM reply  MlwS;,-,. , ...  $vasrb"ut a few days before the wed-  ���f^During the interval Abigail re ���  ll'tb-sco her lover, sending word -that  ?a$bvusy with ihe preparation of her  llns-outfit. This Asaph comnlacent-  MCept'ed as evidence ot; submission  "ISfylU. ThC silk dress'was no doubt  H&ed   process   of ' preparation. ��� he  WINNIPEG INDUSTRIAL  A. C. Swinbar  very retired 11f��-  severely <if Int'-.  the sueel.  Ito-n I'.-.iiheur left many unfinished  pictures. IioI-.iI.It a !ar_-e canva, representing horpe* Marling at foil gallop.  Though <-fferi'd ."'SJ.^OO !"��' the painting,  she K'l'used lo li:.i.-l> it.  Theodoie \V<ire<. the :nti-t. has presented h'w Int "si  piaiiie, "The Spirit of  Bohemia,9' to the J'.ohemir.n club of ban  Kra'ncisco.   of   which    he    was    recently  elected an honorary ineiiiber.  T.   H.    \ldrich,   ,!hc "poet,   is   a   great  smo'kei   of ei-.iretti-s     "I always do my  best  work after a sh.nt suioke  "and   m.v   favorite   lu.'irs  <>f  v  before noon or after inidnight."  S.   II.  Crockett,   the  author,   shows  in  his person much of the aptitude  lighting which hc.hives in his  stands six  feet  high,   wilh  a  shoulders to match, and  with his ruddy  cheek,' his red  heard' and keen  blue eye  he looks more like a man of action  of letters.  Couldn't sleep at night  with the torture.  s d  ' he  ���it in  o  says,  r  are  for good  In'roes, lie  breadth   of  than  A LONG-DISTANCE MESSAGE.  From  Dexter to Toronto Welcome News Is Sent.  the  hour of  auger  thc-  nnd  IlicMtty arrived and  BSBSfr hut to the groom's  "Mnfhis bride appeared before the  tWat&i company in a plain cotton  !8��Ba?itchcn apron, her sleeves rolled  '*s88ife..,i lc  fl/Mipv  frmn   the knead-  an.    '1 l.n .**pn&rtj*Htf$>u take mo s  rraiiKoi!!OL'.|f^��i�� courlcsj'.  .  . ., "      .ffi^l&aSft shouted  tl  as I am?" she ask-  tnc  loyal  t for l'.��ri-^|^g|f  *"?Vy �����������-**���"���'". �����?�� &  shouted  the groom  and   left  Not in the least disconcerted,  A-bigail   sniilcd   invitingly    at  o,   plucking   up   his   courage.  Without 'a   word  into  the   place  his  brother, and   they   were  ey  me.  Ir. Ilnckc:;  ���c of ex-Lis  f Pcnnsjin-!  to the vA  Connecticut  ���gin In C.',;;.".  ess tiro sa  i I'M I, and i  ���era lour In  Man's Sou."  iora.  wore in our  western ei  met tlit'in .it  o their owe.  heih  duriBj  ilerm show |  ir favors re-  there was��I  said authors j  s with kind-  ik twice U>  lanusci'ipti!  iclieve tLc.'f  man iiatur';|  a I.oat.       |  \g sci'Ioiis'iJJ  'in stociif  to do?     Ml  Wa  Bt^pcr  Me'  Vnrlouo Incomen.  g  before  ITer  (Mrs.   Proctor's)  .  Browning,  Mr. Matthew  Ar-  I were standing in'front of the  one   Sunday   afternoon   talking  lie various incomes made by proni-  rsous.    'Mr.  Browning told  how  house of' a distinguished surgeon  met nn exalted personage who to  ouiiomie joins an inordinate curi-  lLe said to the surgeon. "1 should  ������ know���of course 1  do not  speak  resent   company���what   a   first   rate  makes in his profession."  I, .sir,"   said  tbe  host,   "1   should  t about ��ir>,000 a' year would be  r-k."  it," said the prince, turning to the  knowledgcd lender of the lOuglish  3cs a great barrister make?"  p'posc, sir, ��2.3,000 would hit tho  <; Winnipeg, March 17.���;At the .first  meeting of the Winnipeg Industrial  exhil ition hoard,held on Friday afternoon, ' tho following were present:  Messrs. A. J.'Andrews, president; F.  W. Thompson, vice-pesident; Ala.  Barclay, Aid. Speirs, D. E. Sprague,  Stephen Nairn; T. W. Taylor, J. T.  Gordon, F. W. Drewry, G. F. Gait, I.  M. Ross, J. ArbmbnotaurtG.'H. Greig.  The prize list committee reported  and recommended that it having been  found inmossible to have a creditable  exhibit of field roots or garden vegetables' at an early summer fair,' i*. was  decided to take these classes cat of the  present prize lis-t, aiid hold a fall exhibition for field ioots and garden vegetables,- und.tr tho auspiceti of the association.  A report fi om the attractions committee shows tney have not been idle  and this feature will be on, a scale beyond anything ever teen"hefore,as?l5,-  000 will.be devoted,to the purpose of  securing the very best-class of entertainment in this-' line.     ���   ,   ,  |  " The speeding  events  will   be as follows :  'Free-for-all * 7��0  Ladies' plate.. V '.     40^  Two minute     300  Manitoba Derby      f0^  '3-4 mile dash, handicap   The great cross-country  steeple  chase cup   Stallion race, trot or pace.......  7-8 dash, all ages   1-2 mile heats, all ages   Mixed trot or pace   Ponies, 14 1-2, 1-2 mile hf.ats.  1 1:4 dash, 4 year old and up.  5 1-2 furlong's dash, handicap'."  2.30 da3h   1 1-8 mile dash, handicap.  2.35 dash   Hurdle' race '"."',  Farmers' green   Farmers' open '  This is the greatest  Touojtto, March 19.���An  example of the  great distance to which good news is carried,  j in the shortest possible period, is furnished  i,.' in tho letter quoted below.-In itself the com-  '   munication is deeply interesting, as showing  how some people faco and conquer difficulties of. an apparently insuiinountable nature.  Eczema, or Salt Rheum as it  ia  often called, is one of' the most  agonizing of skin diseases, nothing  but torture during' the day and twofold torture at nig-ht.  But there's'a remedy permanently  cures the worst kind of Eczema���  relieves th��,, itching-, burning and  smarting and soon leaves the skis  smooth and healthy.,  It is Burdock Blood Bitters.    ' ,  Mrs. Welch, Greenbank, Ont.,  tried it and here is what she says:,  "B.B.B. cured me of Eczema three years  ago and I have had no return of it sines.  I was io bad that I could not sleep at nig-ht  wilh it'.  " Being- told of B.B.B. I tried It, and two  otllos made n perfect and permanent cure.'  Senator Cox on  Life Insurance.  Dextfjr, Sept. 8th, 1898.  Arnold Chemical Oo., Limited. '  Dbaii Shis. ��� Kindly send rne, by return  mail, three lnr��e boxes and four sample  boxes of vour pills, which I want for friends  of,mine. *Our local physician treated me for  tltreo years, and I'took ho njuch medicine,  without cnect, that I believed my case hopeless. Seeing your advertisement, I decided,  to trv Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills, and  I must sav they have made a new woman of  me. No woman ever suffered more from  irregularities and ^vomb troubles than I did.  I often had to quit my work entirely, i mally  we all thought I was going into consumption.  When I began using your pills I weighed 97  pounds, and was so weak 1 could hardly  stand. Now I weigh 107^ pounds, and am a  new woman entirely,'all through using Dr.  Arnold's English 'toxin Pille, wh;ch have  banished my pains and irregularities���for  ever I am confident.     Mixxik Livekmopk-  ' Dr. Arnold's Englifch Toxin Til's, the  only medicine that cures diseas-o by killing  Ihe germs that cause it, inv. sold by all  reliable druggists at 75c a box ; sample box.  25c, or sent post paid on receipt of pr:ce by  The Arnold Chemical Co., Limited, Canada  Life Building, 42 King sir^et west, Toronto.  THE  PEDAGOGUE.  British India now has 140 colleges and  17,000 students.  At the Minneapolis College of Agriculture CX) girls are tMudyiiig.scicntiue fanning.  Lincoln   Robinson.   Ph. 'D.,  of  a' rate   of  calculations is one of its ���  iienjamm  i.  of  has   been   appointed   Cray   professor  bdtany at Harvard university. .���  Dr. .lohn 10. Daviess, professor of mathematical ' phys-ics in the University of  Wisconsin, who died recently at the Presbyterian hospital. Chicago, where he had  gone, tn have an operation performed,  \\.-is (11 years old and had been a pro-,  tess'ir ��o the univeisity since 1SGS.  Jfio  m  200  200  300  200  200  300  150  250  200  300  800  800  " '   ...  200  *".:..   ioo  programme ever  U  in  I estate? ��� KM  -on to put a'.-M  ago New*. ��  ohn Millais was also present, aud  i the third asked.   . ^Possibly, sir.  ) a year."  come, come," said the questioner,  sir," said Sir John Millais, rallied, "as a matter of fact, lust year  ��-10,000 and might have made  id I not been taking holiday lon-  ii usual-in Scotland."  i he had finished , speaking, Mr.  i\Z put his anus throuph Mr. Ar-  and   mine   and   said,   "We' don't  that by literature, do we?"���J. Ke-  ul's "Reminiscences."  o tne.  llnilKloiii!   kijiI   llradlanicli.  Sonic   reminiscences   of   Gladstone  ,�����-aajjed, in   Chambers'  Journal   occurs  jffif^jassagc:   "The   late    Mr.   Charles  Tl^M!!11^11'   '"^''edible  as   U   may   seem,  |ed a strange fascination over Mr.  >ne, for wliich no satisfactory ex-  Hon has hitherto been Riven.  When  presented at any racing meet   in   Canada.       -   -  -      ���   A BATTLE SCENE.  Arrangements are being made whereby it is hoped the committee in charge  will be able to secure one of the greatest spectacular "war productions , ever  devised; the pcene being laid in South  Africa ana will represent something  like tho relief of Ladysniith' or other  startling features of the war. It is  suggested that double the" amount of  grand stand accommodation be provided and the manager has been instructed  ,to offer each school pupil a badge' to be  good for admittance on Monday, July  28. Mr. Heubach will also visit British Columbia and endeavor to ' havo a  large exhibit from that province..  The railways will givo free transportation for exhibits from Manitoba  and the Territories and very low rates  from British Columbia and the east.  Dinproved.  "Rfifferty," said Mr. Dolan, "did yez  c-yer hear the ohl.sayin, 'Beauty is only  skin deep?' "  "1 did.   Ah a foine, true sayin It Is."  , "It's nothin iv the koi'nd.  Oi'm thinkT,  in   Iv   Its   foolishness   ivery   toime   Oi  take the cover off a  baked  pitaty."���  Washington Star.  MINARD'S LINMIJ5NT' is the only,  Liniment asked for at my store andHhe  only one we keep for sale.  All the people use it.  HARL12fT FULTON.  Pleasant Bay, C. B.  A LIFE- SAVED.���Mr. James Bryson,  Cameron, slates': "I was confined to my bed  with inflammation ot the lungs, and was  given up 'by the physicians. A neighbor .advised me to tiy Dr Thomas' Eclectric Oil,  stating that his wife had used it for a throat  trouble with the best results. Acting on his  advice I procured the medicine,, and less  ihan'a half bottle cured me; I certainly believe it saved my life. It was with reluctance  that I consented to a trial, as i was reduced  to such a state that I doubled the power of  any remedy to do me any good.  The Austrian emperor's crowu was.  recently photographed in order to cor  rcct imperfect representations of it ou  coins, and official documents. The  crown is? regarded as one of the Qncsl  works of lOuropeati goldsmiths. The  material alnoe is worth SoOO.OOO.  Hotel Balioral,".0^*^^^  Hon. Geo. A. Cos's speech, at the annual meeting of the Canada Lifa  lately has made a most favorable impression in insurance and financial  circles President Cox said: It is a matter of satisfaction that the ne-w  business of the year just closed largely exceeds that of the best year in the  company's history. From every part of the Dominion came these evidences  of'approval and confidence., . .   - '  I think it proper, however, to say that it is not my intention nor oi  those responsible for the management of ' the Company to depart from the  conservative principles by which.it has been so long conducted. Ibeliev*  in building on foundations that will stand the strain and stress of year*.  Whether in the securing of business or in making investments, I prefer to  look at the matter as it is likely to appear ten, twenty, thirty years  hence; and I am content to sacrifice transient success for absolute security  and the permanent welfare of those whose interests are wrapped up in  this institution. At the same .time I think we should not be doing  oiir duty if we did not seek to keep the Canada Life thoroughly abreast-  of the times, both in its agencies and at bead office. "Conservative ITo-  gress" will, therefore, be  our motto. .        ' ,   ' .  The most important matter dealt with in the report, viz., the quia-  quennial investigation. That is always an eventful period, but especi-.,  allv so on this occasion, for the reason that the life companies are now  brought face to face with a most serious practical, problem, viz:, the readjustment of their finances due to the permanent fall that has taken piac��  in the rate of interest. Many, per sons who are hot familiar with life assurance finance do not realize the important place which interest holds in  the foundations of- a life' company. Without its interest income a m��  company would soon become insolvent. It is not alone from the premiums, but from the interest as well, that claims must be met, and if interest is likely to fall below what has been assumed then the security ot a  company's contracts is endangered.' Moreover, the securing  interest larger than that assumed in ft company's calculatioi  main sources of profit. Hence it ,is of the highest importance that tns  margin'of  interest   for   profit  should be maintained. ��� .  President [Cox here gave" illustrations to prov* the almost criminal  negligence that would be involved in blissfully closing one's eyes ��� to Jacts  .before us and gently drifting either into, .ultimate insecurity or into a  'condition devoid of earning uower. Hence,' in face of a jate of interest  that has permanently fallen' and will in all probability continue for som��  time to fall, the advocates of an immediate division of a nominal surplus  mav defeat their own object and prejudice their own, interest by impairing" the stability of a compauy from which their children may obtain little  because they themselves have already; eaten the fruit. Therefore, it ^becomes at times the bouuden duty of those charged with the administration  of   a  great trust'.to .maintain  people's interests,    even  against   their   own^  Under the ameuded Insurance Act of last session svll the companies musl,  bow hold their reserves on new business upon a 3>�� per cent, interest,, baBia  and must further proceeci to bring the reserves on all existing business f  the same basis. As generous creditors'sometimes do for respectable debtors,  the Government has granted an extension of time in which any com--  nanv however weak, mitrht easily meet its obligations under existing  contracts. But a law which is framed to aid the weak should not be used  tc blind the strong. . , a "��� .  In order to place before oui Directors just what was involved, in passing to the higher standard, it 'was, decided during last year to ask our  Actuarial Department to malte a detailed valuation of our 37,000 policies  upon the Hm. 3>2 per cent, basis. Iu addition to this, two other full detailed valuations"were made, viz., one upon the Actuaries' Table and interest  at 4 per cent., and the other upon American Experience 4 per cent.  Table Never has such an exhaustive investigation of its policy liabilities  been undertaken by the Company. But the results prove of great valu*  and interest. While the Actuarial Department was .busily engaged in  measuring up the policv liabilities on different bases, the newly-appointed  Treasurer was hard at'' work taking stock of our assets. When the twe  sides oi our Balance Sheet came together, therefore, it was a, matter of  great satisfaction that" the Company was found in possession of a substantial surplus over all liabilities, even upon the high standard of Hm. 3}�� p��i  ceut.���the new Government basis.  ot  Well,  [letter Men  Gel   M.  "In my opinion :i man loses ;V lot  dignity in the scramble for oM'u-e." .  "I don't know about dignity, bui 1  know he often loses a lot of cash.:'������  Indianapolis Journal.  red bona^^;^t^j||nonibIo moml)Cl. nroso t0 nd(|r(.ss  ��� about r^^y-^'^tl^piise,   tll0   ..^   statesman   would  c W'3 j^-'i^leaW^iis seat in order to got nearer to  i'3  '���WasliiB??',,  ^iw+sagse  aker, and if Mr. Hrndlaugh unex-  .   ,,-  .r|.,��.'��,,"*ri��S.Vs' '    ......    ..     .....     lM,l���.,l���h11     * ���  \'- ^-**^c|y;ly took part in a debate durinn the  ' ,-.,>k'~*?S^��^."'y abseneo of Mr. Gladstone th'e  ..-   .-'.-'.-.^ t ��?'**".. iPlfv-. 1.1     ..I .    ; ��� .  .   ,   .        ...   ...    .1...  . ,' . icoiuojspocin  b'r   l!,'.)v,    .��?*$w''1,     f,Pt--��-<-".     ��"'"     IL     SflMlH'll     ilJ.     li      '  l^j^l^fl^lji'iide  arrangements to  be in forme  rA^^r^cOiately   Mr.   bradlaugh   'caught  tl  , and tne  an both tW  tiusolicitef  iase'3 Kid'  ��r pillsoli  , who haj  ,r heard ol  disease  wso'fl KiJ-  ,ar   cotifid'  itie, kno-V;  success'?1  .. Chase111  practicing  anions R"'  ver Pi��9  aro torP1(1  Biiesfl. dJ9'  y    diSOft"'  lombapo  idoso, "  r  by !��flil  Toronto'  ['itiUOIlt  lS  itood oore.  is7fr,lui,tVftk\vould  almost invariablv enter the  , ��OU8e;|n 'few minutes later, as if he had  <���?&,././.,-;,||y  fi-oni  |,js pi-ivaio ruoni  to  speech, and it seemed  as if hi1  led   ���-    -..���      the  re  -.- u0   "ftor  the   death   of   Mr.  \v^"#SrfitMaugh   there   was  a   debate   in   tbe  ^.w^wsaa  .- ..... -i..:-abk.Iiess  lecoine  Mr. Gladstone delivered  eech  in   favor of  the  c  course  of   his   re-  RSfa^Kji incidentally paid a tribute to 'that  man,' Mr. Bradlaugh."  I','       >TvS/.,i,, ^ VV.V-. v:       .WIS      ll      UV.-LI11I L'  int--D!', i"A&%��*l$g of commons as to the advisn  ['*Mt^ififljowing a Itomnn Catholic to  rV'V*i|astapst   eloiuieiit spei  S.'^kiP^&BPsal,   and   in   the  A Uoy's l?��.t Sprain.  Mr. U. 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It may be powdered dolphin'* &n���  Chop v||ny.  Some dav the- tH^h 1  will explore,  Ani, thouffh  pi-rhaps I'll cat no aow,  I'll *:o�� the same 1 did before���  Chop suey.  ���Chlfvro OatI r >�����"����  A CAREFULLY PREPARED PILL.���  Much time and attention were expended in  the experimenting with the ingredients that  enter into the composition of Parme'.ee s  Vegetable Pills before they were brought to  the state in which they were first, offered to  the public. Whatever other pills may bo,  Parmelee's Vegetable Pills aro the result of  much experiment and study, nr.d all rersons  suffering from dyspepsia or disordered liver  and kidneys may confidently accept them as  being what they are represented to be.  Mildness Itself.  "I don't know about letting you go^to  that children'ts dinner party, Katie.   You  always become so wildly excited at such  places."  "1 won't this time, mamma.   Please let  !    I   won't   do   anything   but  just  and down!"���Chicago Tribune.  me   go  jump up  .    "      '        EXPERT OPINIONS.  1 In order to have.the benefit of independent expert opinion as to how-  far,, the Comuanv should now go towards meeting the new Government  standard it was" decided' to lay the whole situation before two distinguished Actuaries, one English and the other American. The gentlemen  selected, were H. W. Manly, P.I.A., of London, England, the President  of the Institute of Actuaries of Great Britain; and Mr. David Parks tackier Consulting Actuary of New York, ex-President of the Actuarial. Society  of America.    Mr. Manly, who, by the  way, holds the  highest  office   in  the  Pee-  I'lEiictlllnuft nit to Op(li��oi��y.  "Young man." said Uncle Jerry ^  hies  "how do vou pronounce that?"  "Tabblcdv bote, sir," replied the waiter, n recent Importation from Skeduiik.  ''Correct " rejoined Uncle Jerry, nodding his approval. "Bring me that."-  Chlcniro Tribune.  '',.^.   jjngui.shod  .t$8m* ..���   r'Vt#M$vd is owne<1 l)y  A   Kemiirknhle Clock.  most    remarkable   clock    in  :i Hindoo.prince.  fc^K:&*h��!?J>laco of an ordinary  dial  the  In  is a gong,  H^'JiaM'tldieiieatli it, on a metal plale, lie arti-  L * s.��^"4' human bones and skulls in r. heap.  "., ^\tii(a*e being a suflieicnt number to form  -f -yH2|ipi i foct skeletons. At 1 o'clock (be  * * j na^ilier of bones forming n single skelc-  i tbpjcome together with a'snap, tho skele-  r f JtOni;by invisible' nVcchiinism springs to it's  f v" ^eet seizes a mallet and strikes the gong  ! ,i>n<5e   and, rettiriiiug'fo the heap, falls to  I y t?^,fes again. According to the'hour the  ? ' dumber of skeletons which rise from tho  I ilCttp \nries. and when 'the whole VI rise  \ together at noon and midnight the specta  city is =aid to he most grcwsoine.  t*q      I    ���  V   I  -N n1 In Herder  to  Uet  Ilieh.  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'  If the heart bocomes weakened in any  way it cannot pump the blood to tho lungs  as "it should, thero to bo purified and im-  Drecnatod with the life-giving oxygen.  As a result the  blood deteriorates.  It loses its nourishing, vitalizing,  health-giving qualities. The face becomes palo, thin  and waxen, the lips  bloodless, the hands  and foet cold.  There is weak-  ]P^ ness,   tirednoss,  shortness of breath andpalpitat ion. When  those suffering-from thin or watery blood  start taking Milburn's Heart aud Iserve  Pills they are assured of a cure, hvery  dose acts on the heart itself, causing it  to boat strong, steady/and regular.  Every dose, too, introducos into the  blood those vital elements necessary to  mako it rich and rod.  Soon the pale chook takes on th* rosy  hue of health, there is-strength Inatsfcl of  weakness, energy and activity taka the,  olaco'of tiredness aud lassitude. ^  Miss M. 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Mr. Fackler's opinion would have supported a like conservative course,  but he also looked favorably upon a proposal that was under consideration  by the Directors, viz., the paving of a moderate bonus to policy-holders  upou this occasion and then during the present quinquennial period passing to th�� full Z)4 per cent, standard. -r, 0 o ���*,     a  Our own Actuary, Mr. P. Sanderson, M.A., A.I.A., F.S.S., who de-,  servedly stands high in his own profession and whom the Directors-regard,  as one of the most able, reliable and conservative Actuaries in Canada,  would have preferred the immediate adoption of the Hm. SU Per cent,  standard, but after a careful consideration of tha question in all its bearings he waB quite in accord with the medium course that has been pursued.  e  xc  HIGH GRADE PLOWS. SEEDING MAGHIRE4,  Carriages. Wauons, Barrows, Windmill*  Sec.    COCKSHUTT   PLOW   CO., .Winnipeg.  LUCAS, STEELE & BRISTOL,  Importers of Groceries  WritBUS. Hamilton. Ont.  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I     -  i  ���   ,("  .,_,?  1" -  ���i -  1  I  I  I.'*  I.  I-      .  ,lv"i  I  "W M<  is  ���    , ���   ill!-1 .      ;  ,   v<w'M:<  ' i'^ ?||l4'  '  <.fi> l%'\\  "      , "fe   i *��� L&**\     t  :>i".z ,!r��*} > ;,  , .v,  . ,   .} /J. ��.,..J  ~a -   '   '(���*, *7  ,        _ , I >   .   . i, . v  *"**8W3  iWJC  h#^wa  J  .axsrsansr-T  -."~:\S^,'-.-i;;r  sssseafflaBBEsarrss^  Pi-Ill   P'nVfR   IpATOI?  i  e-t3aJ s EL  'avi#  ���"'���SB    S3 8   !>  ; ('  we..-  lu fi  "1.  .'tn ,  Published in tho U-U-resl of the- people  of Movie and I'ust Koolc-iuiy...   too  did  "if:i|  f-  I\ J. SMYTH �� CO.  -    Publisher*.  L-Ss  .rOSEI'II XETUEHSrADT, Fiop  ^'V.  .��&rt.*,.-n*..��.>'.,��k V*V  Lager beor sold   by the   Keg or  dozen  bottles.  HATES OF SOBSCEjrTION.  One Year .'. ?2.00  If ������  on j' f  wo', ]'  , rca   |  got   i  p-i: 5  1113'   -  pre   f  '       i    ^ \7  sio  ; ; *���  .'   ' ��t  .if- , v>:  ;t*  SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1900.  Bottled Beer  in Stock; : . .  COUKT MO VIM  Xo. 4O05.  "(.cts ou the first aud  third Thursday of eacli  inontli. Visiting broth  rcn invited to attend.  LEWIS THOMSON. F. S.  Lent ends tomorrow.  Moyie  will  celebrate  the 'Queen's  Birthday and "celebrate it right.  1-Iuw would Bryan, with Dewey as a  lunniua male, be for president?  ���  Outside Orders Given Strict Attention.  GO   TO   THJ  &  Bloyie   Miners'   Union  ���fiSHO. **71��  fleets in McGregor hall every Tuesday  evening. Sojourning members arc  cordially invited'to attend.  Wholesale   and  Refcail Butchers.  ]). J. Elmer,  Pres.  "W. E. TTockino,  Cor,, Se'c'y  bo  fo!  tl;  n;  tl,  t<:  I  ^'  r  o  M  e  o  i!  E  li-'  .'I  ill  i'r  I iilr  The Leadeh is making up idle boast  when itsays, that Moyie has the,' biggest silver-lead mine in Canada.  *S3I01D"^**E*"  !.'.'  if! 'i";fi', >il  -th  't' ���!-,  ;'!? ,;!,,.!  If any man doubts that Moyie has  backing, let him inspect,, the ,.various  workings of the St. JEu'gene^mine for  himself.  Vi;c  It cost Sookano county $2139.21   to  , convict  and hang' Murderer Webster.  He was the first white man hanged in  lhe county. ',   " '  J.  R. COSTXG-AN, a, 0.  SHOPS   AT  Pernie        '     Fort Steele  Cranbrook Moyie Wardner  MVauMiMM.  oi-fick:   Bank of Commerce nidc  ..'j  !!  ��:'i.i.  1     f, 1 [>��� " ri'-'  The editor of the Leader would  not, trade places with the Prince of  "Wales. Tho prince has been shot, at.  We never have.'  ;4li  1.  VJliy  ���.<'!'��� ,>-,|i]if'  ��� I r'J'.,'',t'f ?  fUr  V(!i;';  Care should be exercised in' the  election of fire wardens next Thursday  tnat men of horse sense and good  judgment are selected.  '���lib  Mm  I  I'.t  '.i. i  i'.,:jn  ;S!'S   11   'f  :kL.'L'dii,  Moyie's depot accommodations are  abominable. The C. P. B. has promised better facilities, but when? The  people are anxious to know.  rV4i.'H  n- s  *'ff4s.ij -  !' I     .������' 'l  "fir ''i^P  *- l>   -uUr! ' r  -rS '\M  iff-  i '���5"i'i{  When "Joe" Martin referred to tho  Bossland banqueters as "while shir ted  hoboes" little did he think that 'the  phrase would stick:  to him  as it   has.  WL'-Hami. f ni.i  !< ;i '  ir. i  ,'" i  ���M  The Columbia Review has suspended publication, and Boberl, Nesbit.  the proprietor, is behind the bars and  will hare to answer to a charge o?  de,-  * c  "amatory libel. V  !&  im  Tiiere is an. openingjn_JIoyie fof a  bank, and it is to be hoped that the  Canadian Ban It of Commence or. some  other reliable financial institution will  locate here in the no distant future.  ; v'  '���  \ 1 *'.'  '    I)           i *;-  ���'',1 .-^  _  i   ?  'r'<!.���'*  ^  i   ���   ,%  , ,' i-.  *r  :|,lxt:  .; -  ; ��� f.  "fQ;  < '-'il  , If  lv> 5  ,\  V      u   \U  f :J <���;  *  .  f ufc  v= ��*  '^ &        -  '   -;-.  r.    ;  ,,��*        *  -    fc -  ���>       t  '"?  ,<f'! -  ������''>' :'  v3"  si o  i*  v.T     r  il ,r,1  \l  (     '    l-  l"-\J  Speaking oi candidates, if J. C.  Drewry qi Movie could be induced to  run iu would easily beat all commers  in the face hands down. And he  pia-y Vol decide to run.    Who can tell?  The Slocan ''Drill" has made its  appearance. Its proprietor gives it  out "cold" that if the "Drill" does uot  .receive sufficient support another  grave will dot the journalistic cemetery. This, lhe people of Slocan  Should endeavor to prevent.  For your oui fit.    The iurgest stock in  v East Kootenay. ���  ,   KEID &..CO.,    '-  i  Cranbrook, B. C.  S. J; WHITCOMB  ' House painter, grainer,  glazier 'and paperhanger.'  / (All work on perfect surface guran teed. Prices according to quality ' and  stock required  Moyie, B; 0.  CRANBROOK  LEWIS THOMSON,.  ' , i     *���  Notary- Public, Accountant,    C0.UMISSI0tf,"BAJJ��  IksuH'Ance Agent.  Moyie, B, 0.  ^^.������^.���',^'  W. F. GUKD,  BAEJIISTKK, SOr.rCITOK, ETC.  fPtTrvrvr-  ^iCviiL  Y  r^  LAUNDRY.  Good  washing.    No  chemicals   used.  Prices heap cheap.    Near Moyie hotel.  MOl'TE, B. C.  Seating capacity 150. Special attention given theatrical companies. For  rates arid particulars apply to  ,G. T. McG-regor:  ���cacfcrCTy^aa^aaaM  OIlAS. P. CAMPBELL,  Undertaking'and embalming  a specialty. Graduate of the  1 champion college of 'the -  United-Stales. lam preparing to do all in this line of  business. Successor to Maggs  & .llughss. Telegraph and  mail orders properly attended  to.    Main office  Oranbrook,  \. 0.  , isew Denver Ledge:    Lilly iiangtry  baunot act in  Pittsburgh because ije'r  play is    considered    jrnrriora  tyeep,  sweetness   o'f  lovere. You oah still sl:  Slocan, even il the bloom is/olf  bhteka; end your tights do/not/need  padding;. Never mind yotjf age/Lilly.  Ootce alcJug Pviid In tlie si/rery/Slocan  breezes blow through koMrj golden  tressee,  ZJKM 4U It.. fjWIWMWl  With this issue the  pie tea the second year  once. And right here t/Ss*��M5 to  thank itc patrons and roudcrs for the  (Staunch aiicl &teadi'nsl support they  have' given it during the p.ist two  years. They have recognised its work  and ��� have shown their appreciation  by giving it their business. Within a  few weeks the Leadfr will he enlarged  and every effort will be made --lo keep  it abeast of the timcc.  CEYLON  TEA  Flavour is Delicious. Absolutely Pure.  i  CAN BE HAD FROM  Eeid,- Campbell & Oo.,  MOYlE, B. C.  CRANBROOK,  B. C.  McVittie & Hutchison,  n  Fire and Life assurance. Min-  " Brokers, Land Surveyers and  \ Conveyancers, aud Notaries  ',   Public.  JJe&vc Onlers at, LoadcT,  Otlico, MOYTE.  MEKCHANT TAILOR,  OEANBEOOK,     ,  Repairing Neatly  and Promptly  Ex-  ���   ecuted.   Special Attention Given  to Mailorders.  Suits   Made   to Order.  This week we received ��a very  choice assortment of Men's  Neckwear. They're ,. in the  very latest shades,, and Jpat-  terns/and in style you have  your choice of Knots, Eour in  Hands, Bows, etc. You will  miss seeing the prettiest line  of neckwear in the city if you ,  miss seeing ours; and then re-  memiber our prices are always right. ,  NELSON,  B. C  ft  fi  lercaei  COMPANY.   (LIMITED.)  V    l:)6h'\  hundred  he  our  .10 w  j/i  ^Ve carry complete lines of  Men's Furnishings, Boots and  Shoes, Groceries  and Liquors. . ,  THE  POST   OFFICE  DRUG  AND  STATIONERY STORE. -    *  Patent medicines, - toilet  articles, office stationery  and [school supplies.  Lending Library : Tf you want a book  ask for it and it will die   procured   for  '    ( ii i  yon without delay.  v ,     ' ,,, ,  IT PAYS TO DEAL WITH  : HOPE &" BEATTIE,  Cliemista mill Druggists,  MOYIE, B.  C  AT G. H.- MINER'S  rV   W*J?   i  !-  --/UK-AX  -��6^AND"^^  cdon  SAW AND PLANING MILL.  All Kinds of Rough and  Dressed Lumber,1 Sash,  Doors (and Shingles��� . \  l~*>r*U$&i  >' Aiit!>.'i/!iA  ������'��.ft^flS  ' .."������ -.*:-.'�� <Sfiai  "   "   8  MOYIE,    B.'C.  FOR  PRICES  APPLY   OR  WR'JTB  a, K. MUIR, Mgr.  :^  You  will find a  full line of  general  hardware,  including  Stoves,, Tinware,  -   Agateware,   Oils,  Paints, Glassware  A Call Solicited.  TJNSlIOP IN CONNECTION.  Moyie, B...C.  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFAOTXTHINa 00,  ���.    ' (LIMITED.)  PETEKBOKOUGH, ONT.,  ���wiim i mil ii���i ��� iii i   n  RAILWAY  AND S00���PACIFIC LINE.  Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention.  Ci-aiibroolc,  Fort Steele    ���  BADEH   CCty  Tq aU point8  its   c>-  Governor   Steunehberg,   of    Idaho,  when under oath before   tne   congressional crnmitte-e \i\i 'Washington 'a   lew  days ago said that he "believed  labor  unions were'crimintlorganizations and  labor leaders criminalri." 'This, is an audacious, declaration and;an idle   boast."  Lawful    trades, 'anions, I made   up., of  respectable:   lawbiding'   workingmen,  are'essential   Ic   the   welfare   of   the  wage   earners.    The  wage  earners  of  ihe country have .ae  good   a, right_ to  form unions for their  own  protection  as have the capUuVJtsa right'' tc ;*prip  trusts for the   s.'tirie   purpose;   ci:id  ,if  there are crimit ftlo  in  one  there   '.ire  crimuV.!/: in the other.'   The ���sweeping  declaration of. Governor   Steuricnberg  '"������ill'be condemned as it deserves to be.  EAST and W^ETS  Gives   the only direct  service fioin the  KOOTENAY   ,  GOUNTRT  Through first class sleeper daily  to and fiom Kootenay Landing. Tourist cars puss Medicine Hat dally foi  St. Paul, Fridays for Montreal and  Boston, Sundays and Wednesdays foi  Toronto.  DAILY   TRAIN.  EAST WEST  12:0i lvs .... MOYIE lve. 10:92 '  Connection tri-weckly at Macleod  for Calgary and Edmonton^ and'daily  at, Medicine Hat for '.'all points East.  Connection daily at Kootenay Landing for nl! points in West. Kootenay,  Slocan and Boundary districts,- and  for Pacific coa6t and main line points  VVi Revelstoke.  TiiiiOUGlH: TICKETS ISSUED and  BAGGAGE CHECKED.TO  DESTINATION.  Cheap Ea'tea to the Old Country.  /.T'f;H- Uir Kb.(..j��;, Mnjia, TJmc C(U-d��, TicK.cts.a-.id  *':l11.   t)'f,_ir.iri(',l,|or. t,0 7-U:dreHt LOfiBl ���  UK ION BARBER SHOP  AND BATH ROOMS. '  T. B. COLLINfe, Prop.  MOYIE, B. C.  vrivn��*.<Qc^,'xnr*Q>unkn����uru��B^Ly<  'PATRONIZE  WHITE LABOR  '   By Scurling Your Work TO tho  PHILIP CONRAD, Pkop.  coon. WCJRK.  PRICKS   REASONAlU.-R,  Oliristmas -is-coming. ."Get  your pictures taken to send  home. PKEST, the photographer, will visit Moyie on  .each Saturday. Flashlight  pictures taken at the Moyie  or at your room or house.  Leave your orders at once.  No time to delay.  ,'T. ANDJCIlSON,  T. P. A. Nokoii.  f*im\) iVidyiviM  15.' j. CO^J'JS,'  A. G. P. A., Vhucovc  Prest &-.Oo;,  Cranl>rooU,  Photographers,  Moyio.     Fort Seolo.  Official Watch Repairer for   C. P. R  I  CkanbrooKj B. C.  BOOTS    AND    SHOES  Repaired and Made to Order.  R. A. SMITH,      Moyie.  NEXT DOOK TO BLACKSMITH SHOP.  <UMM>a  n  \Jt  r\  Ui v.  BREWERY.  i 3  tf  IN  kEGd  AND  r  B0TTI.E3.  MSfi LAG'^R  BESS  AND PORTER ���. .  .  K^^ll  fmi  Orders Promptly attended to;  R. Riesterer arid Co., Props.  NELSON, B. C  una. nuBirvHuuMivr'iimtt  MINERAL   ACT    1890.  (I'OllM   I-.")  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  Tii0 MeiiL-lt:k, Junif,Son' Tnulc dolln.", Lake  Viiivy,. ���Baltimore;,-: Undo ��� Fraction, St.- Jolui  Fiactioii, Genci-nl Bullor Fraction and, Hcll-  to-P/ty Fraction 'Mineral' Cluiins, situate ;iii  the Fort Steele Miuliifj OiviHiou ,of East  Kootenay D.istrlct. -..,'���  VVhii're locnled ;���On the East aide , of Moyio  Liilccf " t      '   '   -      .  -Take notice that',1, JitmoH A. Harvey, agent  for the 'St.- iCugeno ConsdiidnlOvl :-,liuing Com  I>auy Limited, l-'ree. Miner's : cerlifieutc No.  "B98*JK," intend sixty days from tlicj date liereof  to apply to the MininK Recorder Wlr ��i Ouriifi-  catp of improvements for the purpoxe'df obtain,  ing a Crown Grant of the iibove cltiini.  -  And further, take notice that actio 11', uiider  Kection 37,'must be eoininenoed before tho Js-  suadee of uucli Certilieate of Jinproveiiieiits.  .1. A. HAlvVKY,,  Mated ihi.s, 12th .lay of February,-A; -D. MOO.  SUBSCRIBE   FOR  THE  LEADER  FOR FINS  1  ADDRESS  ^W-vj  l#^  fi    l* rrtri  $+4+*-*-***+***+*-*  '  5     05  s  h   m  3"     Z  cq  cd ��  5��  "3Cs��   H  sn  ���T-'   O  3w , j-  ******


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