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The Moyie Leader Apr 16, 1904

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 ���I-  .^V'l  * -*-r  - r:'''r-,-l  V >  ���r., v-  ,     1  \V)-4'  ��� -v-  L  " -,*'.!;;'  il "i  V'��f"  'l n    "  ������So-  ���f'*!.  ���*!"��*  V  ����#  >���-������<.  .-1  ^'V  ^-v'V--  �����������  ���r  v  -�������*  WSL^vv^-  /fag s   i   m &  ijaU* t jtuLtf  "./fY*>V"T"   "T">   <P     A'^PfT   '"T,   jnoi  if-1">  A  YKAR  ,^^^^^m^^k.  w  sly  68     H S ra H 'x     ^-i n   "H  11 fl P   # $B %  ,1  * ��v*";/v-vt:  v #v'-1^v  ��� ,;<fe :?.^;;  ���i' ;'t^KV|>vVv'  1 ' kOS -' ,.v irVs^'wc Have them ; i:  ? ���''���v.v^'''?:'   3tock ; it is old  You Neeij  tbe-a ' heck from the factory; Don't buy  old  stock yon" aro throwing away.  ��" n_* s  '" *   vr"��A��-",**.t.HS "hS'??^  4 ���   , iavV8!8;iSv  ,1   If  ...   f -  We caja supply yuu.i-  wants in the above  lines. We carry a full  line of kitchen uten-  siiSo    "   ���  ^^ *'5>>'",;:::.''^"'i",,'��'*'*  IESHoHIDUN   BANK   OF   C01SERC  **'* ���700,000.  _ ,000,000  ^ ������ *:&7?#L .Total Resources   -,8^oqu,UJu-,     _    .  11 V>r'- i'{"i 'f ,  f. G. "IlLPfcS,; MGR  S   ���'   -7.7^ Dei,ositS Jvocoived.   Preso^lBatoorintcre^rcen-.  M       - .'���- '.ry?; <M��v.'���. <   n n ft f,5 n E.  ;|e|pOK BR^  ^^s^^sms^^s^ss^s^i  r^S3I^5S3S  <v's*-��**iiR5-  MUST   HAVE   INSURANCE.  Body  ^riona and has common cense, but  "^     l-ife and. .Accident insurance  *- '���.'V'v '5  ���2?.*?-?^rfv  t^nanuot do without- lhat is if  he cares for  bis   own  v/elfar?  and  "* GKANBl-lOOK.B.C  For ttu kinds of insurance and the best  ,7-^  >-i  ii  ��  .The St, Eugene will commence  next Monday, April 18th, to1 prepare  for the resumption of work; being-  confident the Government will grant  the bonus on the portion of. ore nee*.  essa-ry to export. Tc continue working will be dependent on the Government doing- this."-James Oronin.  To tho residents of luoyio in particular and to the people oi tbe iCoc.it-  irays generally mora joyful lidings vex never made known. Por nearly j  ! thi" loni' years this mammoth property has been lying idle. V/ilh tho i<-,- '  amis 'of ions of ore blocked out and ov. the dumps, with the most expansive  and ur;-to-uate machinery going io wreck and to rust, ihe spot which was  oikov' verHablb hive of Industry has been in death-iiko wleuoc. Io .ive  within a stone's throw of ono'of the largCEi and riche.it, silver-lead mine. or.  the American continent and yet derive little or no benefit .rem- it has-been  tho experience cf the residents cf Moyie.  " Effort after effort hai been made during the past two years 10 get matter* \  so adjusted that the iniiie'could reopen, but all were in vain. /"Vme= Oronin, ���  T G 'Blaokptcck and the other directors o" the company have labored itnoeiifc- j  m'aiy and spent both valuable time and money in assisting in   bringing  about ,    ,Ihe first payment of the lead boun-  the'ne'eessary conditions to justify a resumption of opeiations. v My'has  been   made.   There   were^ -1  ��� M-  Cronin savs it will.take about three  weeks to get  the mine  and   mill  running in full swing, and that shipments to the Trail smelter v. ill not likely  begin until the first part of'May.    Men will be put ou  gradually  until  a fi:U  rp-ca is obtained.   That the Government will extend the bounty on   a   certain  fixed quantity oi exported ore for a period<of one   year   there   is   scarcely    a  shadow of a doubt.' Thererefore, with the good price of  both  lead-and  Oliver  and the brisk demand far both metal's, the St. Eugene company and the town  of Moyie will experience prosperous times for years to come  etioBj  Lead Bounty Paid,  claimant and , they received their  cheques"Tuesday. The largest amount  went to the Highland mine at Ains-  worth, which got $13,000 for its shaic.  'Next m order came the North Star,  Rambler-Cariboo, -Payne, Slocan Star  and Euth.  METAL   MARKET.   .  Nbv.' Yojii:���Bar silver, b'.'Q cents  Lead, $1.00.. Copper, $12.75. Zinc,  (spelter) -ro.Oo.  LosiiOX���Lv.u!,f4'2   Gs. 3d.  LOCAL  NEWS.  !-i  ���j  .-.  in  1  1  i  i  '  i j  9 --j  $4,000,000  S?2,9S3,S9G  .��P2J��)36,312  1  ^  S'  ..  s  "Man.  b*? imperial Bank of i��anaad.  'J* "' c .VPITAL, (.Authorized)   CAPITAL, (Paid  Up)   ..   , REST   ;   HiADrOFFICE, TOKO^rO���   ^^..oe.PreP and - Ge���-, Man  ,T.W. Ml-RTUTT. rres.  1}^;rAl^> ^OFK'AT, Chief Inspector. ,  E SAY, APGiatant 0en.fci-l.vn..o^'.                      (                      .       .     ��� ���  ���                                                           ,TriJl    A ceneralbanking hm-i- ^'  CRANBROOK BRANCH.    n088 transacted. ^  qT^ir^5EAr.'Br^I'r^in'orest allowed on deposits. -^  S^S,a^iUhloinall   P-ts   of   Canada,   United   States  and       {l  "Enronc    ��opc:,i1 attention givou lo -collections. ^  -,     r  ? F. H. MARSH, Manager. ^  LwL- -v v, *,^^ .��,*t^ ^^.^^ .^fr ���^nr  ��r?v:-s��-'"-i - '-v*'- -      ^_ i_pw.__,.^u.��� ��� ^,:3=.--,--r-rT��'?;''-=^'=it-"*^^^i^^^-*"1*1^^^s^^  j��������"���j-   *-~'*?^^^:��� ;  _._          ��������� ���-*>  Building Is Brisk  The spring building bqom atartod  off brifjUly this woek. 11. Campbell is  bulidins an siUliiinn. ot ������itix20 to his  eloro, to bo used ds u sioreroonr. and  warehouse. When completed bis  building will be 60 feet in length and  2Sfeet in width.  Char-. Lives-ley   is   erecting   an  ai-  Oy WgL-rman on Canada,  Cy.   Warmau, v:ritiri��  in Leslie1'  ' The ice ou the Like is rapidiy breaking up.' ,-  Constabie Routhe(and wife were in  Cronbrook'WednOsday.  Thoro are two cases or rfoarlet fever  reported m tow^.  Mre. Chron nf I>oealai:d is hero vis-  Port Sioole rrospootor i   Tho poo- {.^ ^ ^ jin^( y^ ^  n!o Cf Moyio havo v/^tod ^^     ilnoBiobirn.-A XUodonuld hm on  1 .���-.    ,i.x  iw..,.   a/uia   th'/,        "Vrtttj     MliLtj    IL  The Turn of the Tide.  Monthly  Marino.    o.KPro,53oa    tlio i fot- thfl t��ru of tho tido,   sow llml il  opinion that tho  people of Canada  is on th�� How Ihsy Will tida ib en 106  ��.,V  i,  tractivs residence on Tavisioch street  wave of prosperity they all deserve  No prettier mountain retreat is  there, than along Moyio Lake, no  mine of greater wealth than the St.  I}u?ene, and no more cosmopolitan  people than iho&e of the town of Moyie.  Foote Branching Out,  j^isi &S-�� W*��/  ^    *l^e now represent tho London & Lancashire Life Assurance^..  Jv^b0 issue ��:omo veiy attractive  policies-llc''e s an exi ^1^-���  .    ; joint Endowment policy covering two Uves-husband and ,ifc ci  * 1-two members of a family, under one policy.  ���" l . ,    ���     ' i     \  iti.-W ri'lVL'S inoic. than   such   com--  -   ;      Our joint rate is only A J'Kh   ^J',L'3 "'"'^  r\ .' ^ -panics as tho New York Life, churgo on on.) life.  '       .', S Send to us for Intimate forms, or !,ive us a ��:�����-  are growiug favorably  impressed with  the notion of becoming an  independent    republic.    He    says:    "Twenty  year ago only a few deciiers   dreamed  of the republic of Canada.    Ten years  later 10 per cent of the people wore in  opposite tho Catholic churchy It is favor of i't, aud today 20 out oi every  22x20, and two stories high.* '    1100   Cunudianti   would , welcome   ihe  The contnictintr firm ol Bremon i".   neWs that Canada had cast ofl' the cab-  N-olson have finished   grading   the'lot    iu thai, moors her   to   the   motherland  for ' I"    T    Howard's   b".idiug.     The I aml had blo.-omed out   as   a  nation."      C A. Koote, the tailor  has a   epiej.  buildir- wia be i:>X10, i-nd work on it j The forogoing   occa.ion-i  the   Wood- j piJ line of tv. eeds, worsts and   ��rge,  "Striuatonce. '  i stock,  Ontario,  J^ro*,    to  remark:   on the'road and they a,vexpaed^to  Rob*   Kmsoy is nlanniu^ to  ^rec{ a j "\7hetb��T the situation be jubt as the j arnvo next weeu,    tie n..u   .���   - -  ,-;obtoryhuih��nKonhi,lot   opposite | wnlcr llll0lud put*, it   or    not, n,   one   a stock of mon^lurnishmgs ^^  It, will bo "O.v.jO J who is  not  bunded   by   imperial  tie*  | ;i<ui lovu ol c'.tTything conm-cltd with  'the moJliurUiHl   but   has   observed   a  . l  (lie Kootenay I lot  in t-i/e.    ���.   -..   .i..���u> 'i'.-iyli* i"  OW.  T)i:>l��'Ol.  Oit i' iVonuo a tym>  tnoro  liwd :i ' grov/iiiir tendency toward independence  nnc   ft ho   was   puoro  and I of iu'Ik'H in  Unmuhau life.  tabli-mu'iU.    IMr.    I'V-'ue  is   meeting  wilii rplmdid   --UC70-S   in   bit   bi.oiier**.  iin.l    no   man- is  bettei  oithcr.  sntitlul to  it  display a nice lin<; of SUjor allocs.  Mrs. Eobt. Campbell, was visitins;  with friends in "Cranbrpok during the  u'eek,        '  F. F. ��ddy rctur^d fr.qn; FJ^.eU'f  Creek, bringing v/it^ hjm ipj,1.? Sti-l-U  cov;s.  The Kencta S'^dicjae pompaqy helfl  forth ir. |.!;o ball .several uigb.ts .th^  week.  jolin "rink, Ih'.n McDonald an^  John (i-hbon ",vere tip to Moyio fatfi:*  day looking around.  It u saiil that J. J. Murphy will re-��  turn lo Moyie and engage in business,  Lie is now at Morrissey Mines,  J. 11 Mo \.ul!iii of Fernie, chief  license inspeetci s.nd chief ccnstahle  of lhe district, was m Moyie Tuesday  ou a tour ol iu*.pt"j'U'n.  CRANBUOOK, �����. -C  IE;yo�� want "an" thing, stylish and neat go to  t*jja��  ^^:A^  : '.i  '"/.Tne leading Ladies and Gen^fu^wshCTS^  WKHHU.P***          ^ ���       -  .-        -      '^^^-^ar^  Memorial JiaLiiiocu  . ,,,      -,  ,niiv:   .-.,.v,    ....a   L----*- - . . n/inm.'-vini    -s'mi.p'h, Slater .shoos are ' Ik- best iu   Canada  r..p ."   ^  iw*���   ^   d^cro^C\o, r,,y not reach to   national  aspira- .1^01 la>   ,JU,U, ;md tho ^^ ^ ^^^   th(j  ^^        _  iukin,-    Yea, he went about  wi.no a | tion.. but tho   fact remains I halt heiv _ - - -  IleTmU   solemcboly   .ountonanree   is , strong element m   I an^a   .Inch        ^ ^   meeling  0|   lhe   Asjocutto 1 ��� - -  ^consumptive  cougho   and   ayte | believes that the  -^M��"^  " ! Hoards   oi  Trade  hold   m   Nelson  ; ,   f  , Hltlo   ll>s slats (an ob.oloto word    country    should   be   fouuwedby   the n]t morllll l0 lhc Govern- l   - . _  ; thev   dia   ,u,l-   out  ..uito   development, of  national    idcah,  and   munt n!khli: for lhn oxtension    of   dio ,      lam La  er 4va, y  Jrom   Morn.sey  .  I u "t'ee     roore niortallc, ho was   that .1.1, id, a is more than an   under- [ ^ bmuty ^ ral|filJl! mili!Hn,���l, ; -duu, the ���r,t oi ,���0 -ck  IU''"m   'vndsorriesighie'tb see!    JIo    curreut is iiuhcated   by   the  frequent j^   ^ MnC(lon;li(irepresentcd the JMoyic I     ^.wWei.rrn A:.. Macdon.dil   aru  asauuoau,. & '      8ure) | public   'utterances   on-.._ the ��� subject, j  There maynever be   a .Canadian-'republic, and thoro never -willbe annex-  luulco  (!'  ^a  Xo  10  ill  w  ft'  ���'.��'  A1  ',!/'  "4*S^_.  iniBSAtJr.N.tTSKIJSKOS-'  ^-"i>H-  Large   sample joom jn.J�����Qcl[on  with lwuaTfqrcomTucrchil men.; Best  ���of accommodations.  Headquarters for Comihencial and Mining Men  QUEEN. AVE'NhK,  (^     fnciul (married   to.be  svho'was a hearlie eater, whose shappe  ,Vil,- somctbmge to. marvel a',tc,  indeed he-wnsse yo pride of all ye eiti-  y.ens of MoyiC.' Said Sleek to Slim  (those were,their names) I was as  loaunoasiyef-vo- years ag<v hutto L.  hearkened to a humorous lecture onne  -Love, Courtship and   Marriage     and  nelcd thereupon and hence tho change.  - ,,'vndmvo.advieetoyo, and   to.   all  ye  ^Lahere bachelors of Moyie, is to take m  ' VG lecture, ou "Uovo, Courtship and.  Marriage^'onye 20th day ,of April,  change youre   ways   and   also .your*  looks- ' _���. r-------  Cluiroli Wcrvlcvis.  MFTitonisT-In Od<l  Follows   1 tall  -.      i      'Vhoolat 10 a.  m.   Mornmg  Suml;: "tii "'^��ck"  -^l-"Th>'  8CrVw. :.h'ill bo called no   more  Jacob,  J1;?1   :  '     for as a. prince   hast   thou  ;^,.-vith Uou   and   with   man  and  1 -l,..! "   J Inn      '!*���   .>-.  P  ^  j^  ?  510YIK,^'-'V*  ������*'4  I  .notion.with the United States, but a  measure o.t.greator Canadian independence,-we believe, is bound lo come."  board, ami Mr/Cronin. was also.  M  the meeting..  iresent'! ding a  V   '��� UtuV.  I a, weel-:  full 'line of wall paper   lo  itci-  their  Th'.-y e>:pi.'Ut it ter arrive, within  STOP. AT THE  ��J?  ,     Claims Surveyed,-    .,  T. T. l.lcVittie and his 'men , have  completed Vive, surveying of the St.  Kugone Mountain Mines ' group nm. .  havo returned to Lort Steele. .Mr.|  MeViUie has been Engaged to survey;  ! the Lam-lev' claims near the St. Lu- j  ; gene, and he will begin on ' this work;  | about the first ol May.    : ''...'  Doctor will Locate Here.  CREAfV?  iaiassB^^  lui"t prevailed," (Jen  everyone welcome^ ^lok? ?^.or }  ; .WHEN'IN  CRANBROOK.)  , i  J, 11. IJOlTSilSi  l'i'o*>.  Good rooms, good  tables and  bar,  *       , ..aud iirst class sample rooms  ��� Dr. ILvrvio of Cranbrook was ni  town on professional business Thursday. The doctor inteuds locating permanently in Moyie some time in May.  He will be unable, to leave Cranbrook  until Dr, Green relumsfrom the east,.  IS USE THE MOST;" ECONOMICAL.  Greater in leavening strength,  a spoonful raises more dough,  or goes farther.  rice Baking 'Powder .Go.  CHICAGOi'U.'S. A. CF  He Resolves to Settle All the Discussion About Grasshoppers   and   MaJke;r   a  Trip   to   the   Country fe*  >v  [Copyright, 1U03, by C. B. Lewis.]  HERE -waa  a   look  of  dignity  SEEN   HERE AND THERE.  Elaborate  Black' C.owit.s���'Flic Scanor.  of the  Taffeta  Hat.  , Black cloth street gowns arc made  up with much fringe anil applications  of dyed lace over v.-hite satin .foundations. Tliey are also trimmed with  ruchings of bias chiffon velvet and  fagotings of heavy black silk showing  the white foundation.  Black chiffon gowns lined with net  are trimmed with applications of s:l-  "���Ay  olo-ael   Banker  Kcr/   the   Family  Skeleton  WaLS   Brought   Out  Lie  Has  and importance on Mr. Bowser's face as he reached home  the other evening, but before  Mrs. Bowser had had time to question  nlm he somewhat patronizingly observed:  "I'd like dinner rlglit away, as I  shall be out this evening in the interests* of science.",  ���'You are not going to sit out in the  yard all night' to see how much the  sunflowers grow, are you?" she asked.  "When .1 propose to make a fool of  myself T will send you a postal card!"  , "Then what is it?',,'  Ho was huffed and refused to answer  until after dinner. Then, as he was  getting ready to go out, he said:  "It may bo close upon midnight before I return, and you needn't sit .up.'  I shall go out into tho country for at  least two miles, nnd shall pass an hour  or two in some meadow."  "But what is it all about?" she asked.  Vlf I hurt your feelings, in speaking  about the sunflowers 1 beg' your pardon."  "Well, n dispute has arisen between  naturalists over'the grasshopper. 'One  faction contends-that he does not sleep  ot night, the other"that he is a sound  sleeper. One faction contends that his  long hind'legs are merely for .ornament,  the other that they are used to jump  with. I have been' asked by our club to  investigate and report on the matter,"  ��� "Are you sure that it is not a joke  ,of some kind?" '     ' t  "Joke? Joke? Who would attempt  to joke with me on such a subject?"  "But we all know that every living  thing must sleep, and as for the grasshopper's hind legs, of course he uses  them to jump with."  "My dear woman, you are taking tho  same ground as one faction does and  proving that the matter ought to be set;  tied''Without delay. I go out unprejudiced.   I go to Investigate and report,"  "Well, T hope you, won't come home  mad at me," she sighed.  "What nonsense:" he exclaimed.  "What have you got to do with a grasshopper's hind legs? ���Why should I  come, home mad at you? Don't talk  like a schoolgirl. By this time tomorrow the world will know the grasshopper as he is, and the name of Bowser  will be spoken in every language  known to man.   I'm off to investigate."  Mrs. Bowser and the cat watched him  from the front door until he was lost  in the darkness of evening, and then  both sighed and turned away. She  went In to pick up a book and become  Interested, and the cat found her way  to the back yard to engage in three or  four scraps and come oiit victor every  time.    Mr. Bowser might have  heard  opens one eye at intervals, as if watcn-  iug out for enemies. I am now about  ��� to poke him upin order to'get a line  on his hind legs.  "Mem. Xo. 2. I have poked. As I  poked he jumped, and as he jumped it  seemed to me that he only made use of  his right hind leg. If this be so then  a three legged grasshopper would answer every purpose. I shall investigate  further.  "Mem. Xo. 3. Have found another  hopper, and he seems to be wide awake.  It may be that my approach aroused  him. Later on he will be poked.  ' "Mem. Xo. A. I poked and he jumped.  I am not at all satisfied with what I  saw. He seemed only to use his front  legs to jump and to use his hind ones  to kick out with after he was in the  air. It may be that his hind feet are  his defense, same as a mule's. It is a  question never discussed before, and  tbe honor of solving It will belong to  IUfr.  "Mem.  Xo.  5.    I  have cornered nn  old socker of a hopper under a burdock  leaf,  and it is my opinion that he is  sound asleep. , I have tickled him with  a 'straw and he has humped his back  as'if baying an attack of nightmare.   I  am going,to give him a suddeu jab and  keep my eyes on his hind legs.   One of  tbe most important questions in  natural science is on the point of being  solved.  "Mem. Xo. G.   I poked and"���  And that was all.    The farmer who  had taken  him  for an anarchist had  kept  an eye on' him,  as  he, said  he,  would, and after seeing him climb the  fence had hurried on and got his sons,  Jim  and  Bill,  to go  back  with  him;  They found Mr. Bowser lying in the  meadow on his stomach, and the first  thing ho knew of their presence they  had laid hands on him and were walloping   him   about   with   uncalled   for  energy.    He tried to explain, but the  farmer interrupted him with:  ,."Go in, Jim; go for him, Bill!   Dura  his  hide,   but we'll  give  him  all  the  ' bomb  bizuess  he wants before  he is  through with us!"  "You fools, my name is Bowser!" he  shouted.  "I don't keer^'whether it's Bowser or  Towser," shouted the farmer ia return, "but I know you won't burn any  barns for me."  Mr. Bowser fought back, but three to  one is big odds. They ripped the collar off his coat, tore all the buttons off  his vest and rolled him over and over  and threw him over the fence, and  when he had gathered himself up he  looked like a tramp who had been carried across the country by, a cyclone.  The three men sat on the fence and  watched until he had limped out of  eight,'and they only jeered when ho  Always  Sought to Maintain  is.  Proper   Dignity.  HAVE alw.*i.\s contended, sub,"  ���--.ud Colonel Bunker as lie got  his chair tilled hack to I lie  "proper aii.'j;le--"I have always  contended that a man should maintain hio dignity under all circinn-  sl-iiiccs, and in carrying out this ide:i  1 havo had to rc-orf to the code on  .several occasions. Previous to my little affair with Mr. David Bertram,  ���which occurred in this state thirty  years ago, 'dignity and the mule were  considi'ivd as wide apart as the poles.  Since then tliey havo gene hand in  hand. I will relate tho incident.  "A.s a  member of the  legislature  I  had a certain dignity to maintain  KS," said the pink .'hocked school-  ma'am, "you'd he surprised at  the array of family skeletons  trotted out for the teacher's inspect ion  by the pupils of every primary school.  All tlie trials and tribulations of a family are retailed to the leacher, sometimes in a most embarrassing fashion.  For instance, the reading lesson the  other day was about somebody's pet  dog and how much its master loved it.  Little Willie Smith was moved to way:  ���' 'We, got a dog to our house. It's got  mange awful. I'ajia wanted to kill it.  hut mamma said she'd get a divorce if  he'd lie such a cruel brute. Then papa,  he kicked lhe dog, and nianium, Flic  throwed the sugar bowl and-went, and  had 'isteriv.s, aud tho doctor came /.ud'���  "I shut him off at that point, but  Willie routed' me a moment afterward  by saying:  "'Oh, teacher, your checks is Just  like my mamma's! D'yoti rub red Ktuff  on evury day too?' "--1'ortland Orogo-  nian.  BOLEROS  AND  "nor,  '��">���   win  im,,,,.  ���  '1'1"-   '-!> *���!���,.  The   bolero.   ���.���j,]4.j,   .^'  by   the  thi*ee-qn;i,,jrl.'   "'.''*  into    estn-i,-..  CL0ljSE.  ..THE-VMOyiE  WIOY'E,  bll ck  Then* are  tv. I,  Knids df  ����I "can. stand "'a lot  but there are times  t: is sorely tried.  ������The-other evening  ��r,Vtowant^here/the *,  1;.1}<:irsl   ^Brtt red. most plcnsn  f.-rent kinds of m-.i,.,.',, '    '"''"  are especially no:;,-,..'^,  fair, cut slce-Vvj ..,���- ,,',,  the   other',   practic  up in the hack t<  J'Jli?-).,",  (,-v -a oi��V  ���������^������tlt*  wide holts so iij.-u  The hitter bolero ;1  ' S110w'li-jftW  ������"- are  "In nlace I frequent nc  it is of velvet and so..,,',    ��;;'V!'the' cooking, Is.good  and,then again u (*. '���"    2'A'-^r^?��V sc  both;  but one met  is v' "''^'-{bayihg'a.hard time  K s,r:I-!'S-it,'"r��iV the need of-'.a lit  n.a ins always of t|)(  skirt.  Sometimes these  plain   thick    -���������it-.  is si  s.i  ����� al,,  ������'i.'i'-x a--,  1:11   'I'ninu,!  iringe and cord,   'j i-0M(  'AAA.  'J(* u-re tn!r:  A, TAFFETA. HAT.  ver  embroidery and  bunches  of silk  poppies in black and palest green.   ,  The skirts of these chiffon evening  gowns"are made verj' full, with many  narrow rufilings, and the short sleeves  are also made of the same small' riif-  flings.  A gown recently seen was of .black  chantilly -having-a shirred skirt and. a,  waist trimmed with tiny black silk  rosebuds and their leaves and a wide  belt and applications of dull green  chiffon velvet.  Taffeta hats are now being worn,  and they will continue the vogue until  straw takes their place. They are  mostly shirred in bands held together  by���coarse lace or chiffon gniigings.  The picture shows a plain taffeta hat  trimmed with a twist of tulle and a  long black ostrich feather.  JL'DIC CIIOLLET.  WHAT IS WORN. ,  Plnmeil   Hats  Arc  tiooil   Investments.  Entire  Gowiim  JHn-le   of   Lr.cc,  A plumed hat'is about the best millinery investment any woman can  make. '^  Elbow sleeves continue to be most  popular for evening wear, but they are  of a most fancy description,'-trimmed  with many ru flies and ruchings and  even decorated with tabs and ends of  narrow velvet <or flowered ribbon.  Entire gowns of ecru lace never go  out of fashion, and they are always  easy to remodel in a dozen different  ways. v  Spangled tulle over pale colored satin  makes a delightfully dainty evening  gown, although it is decidedly perishable.   '  There Is also a revival of pale colored  brocades, but these are more suitable  felt,the need;  band was, playing a  I -was"feeling-at per  wn'en I ! chanced I  room/'/andftny^eyeni  me completely.^';  ,   ."There'"against, tl  was" a-, woman ",in"^a  sipping'a cremffd  green ^nder.a^at  shade of yelIo?r"*i  ������  Inattentive  Strang'er^Arif the  tivetoybu?tV  Pretty, Cashier-Si  Stranger,-7,Oh, u<  you/;-I,,.was'only c  str'uetiona aij^i'intei  which sayB/'JPleast  tion'of'vwaiters tc  thought if .they, "wei  ����� would report ,thei  ���moro^^Aaaerican.  --;/,  , -'"Three's  THEY   ROLLED   HIM   OVER   AND   OYER   AND   THREW,   HIM   OYEH.  THE   FENCE.  sometning atiout grasshoppers at tne  corner drug store or lhe family butcher's, but he decided to go to the fountain head, the country pasture.  He in list have looked like a man with  a' mission, for he had hardly boarded  tho car when a fellow passenger moved  nearer to him and inquired:       '.���'.*  "Have you got anything very tremendous on your mind,'neighbor?"''  "What do you mean, sir?" stiffly de-'  mrinded Mr. Bowser.  ���"Why, you look to me as if yon were  goin' somewhere to buy a new milk  cow. or to tear up an acre or two of  ground."  "You mind your business, sir!"  : "Oh, I'll mind my business all right  nnd I'll keep an eye on you at the same  time. Now that I look at you a ii'ttle  closer, I'll be hanged if I don't think  you are an anarchist. If you are,'douit  hang around my farm long. I expect  you've got a.bomb in your pocket, but  you can't skeer me."  'Mr. Bowser changed seats to be rid  of the man, and at the end of the route  he let him get a good start before he  took to the highway behind him."It  wns a bright moonlight night, and a  grauehopper could be seen as well as  by noonday. After going half a mile  the fence was climbed and the discoverer was ready to begin investigations.'  It did not take him long as he crept  about on hands and knees to discover  n grasshopper under a stalk of clover,  and after five minutes of peering about  the following entry was made in his  memorandum book:  "It Is a settled fact that the grnss-  boDper sleejpu, but at the same time he  threatened to sue for $1,000,000 damages.  It was striking midnight and Mrs.  Bowser was still reading when the  front door was unlocked and.Mr. Uow-  Ber entered.  ��Ts that you, dear?" she called.  ,;Ycs, it is me, dear," ho replied as lie  stood before her, "and I've got a few  words to say to you!"       <  "You've been run over or something?"  ' "I have." ���     , '���"':, ���,>������   ���������  "You didn't find out about the grasshoppers?"-  ���   "1 didn't." -���, :  "And it's, all my fault?"      '  "It is!" .     V.  "And your lawyer will see my lawyer, and you'll send me home to mother by the evening train tomorrow?"  "I will!" he answered as he kicked  at the cat and turned away to go upstairs and make repairs and go to bed.  Mrs. Bowser followed him after  awhile to find him in bed and fitfully  sleeping. His nose had been skinned,  his face scratched and his. ear hurt,  and his chin seemed to be all on one  side.  "Docs a grasshopper sleep at night?"  "By thunder, but I can lick tho three  of you rolled together!" he exclaimed  as ho put up his fists in his sleep.  "And about a hopper's hind legs?"  she asked. -  "Yes, my name's Bowser, and if I  don't make you fellers sweat for this  I'm a goat!"  "Poor Bowser!" she sighed as she  bent down and kissed the scratch on  his nose and then turned out the lights.  M. QUAD.  CLOTH'COSTUME. .  for middle aged women than for younger matrons. A stiff silk is never, ot  bourse, suitable for a young girl.  Washable .shirt waist costumes of  white serge will bo worn, a great deal  this summer, and wise women unmaking them up at present. To he  practical ������������tliey should be unlined, of  course, with neatly bound seams. A  blouse Twaist is the best, and it can be  worn with a wide kid belt, either white  or colored, to match the necktie.  Persian lawn and the soft finished  lawns which look so much like chiffon,  as well as the all over English'cm-  broidery, are commanding great attention for blouses. The backs are trimmed  as well'as the fronts, although pcrhnpa  not quite as elaborately, the cuffs being of la'jbe or embroidery to match the  rest of the trimming. A. great variety  of shapes are to be seen in these cuffs,  some extending almost to the elbow  and others being deeper ou the outside  of the arrn than ou the inside. Deep  lace berthas of Valenciennes or renaissance lace are a novelty for trimming  the ilner blouses.  The cut shows a. costume of moleskin gray cloth trimmed with touches  of light gray silk and white lace me  dulliona. . JUDIG  CIIOLLET.  THE MULE JJOLTED WITH  Mill   citizen   I   was   riding  a   mule   into  rhillipsvillc to attend an auction sale.  As 1 entered the town the, mule boiled  with me, and in Ids .light lie performed many wild gyrations.    My posit'on-  was locked upon ��s ridiculous by most  of lhe people, anil by Mr.  David  Bertram   in   particuln'r.    This   gentleman  laughed  until  he shed, tears,   aii.il   he  declared' that the performance was a  whole circus  in   itself.     He  was  still  lailirlilng when I dismounted andw'-.t!:  ed up to him and observed:  " To' seem in merry'mood, sub. Perhaps yo' will state the cause of yo'r  hilarity and let me laugh wilh yo'?'  "Ho stafed it. It had reference to  ine and the mule. When he had finished I said:  " 'My dear sun, if any antics of mine  have furnished yo' relaxation for a  ' few minutes I must feel highly honored. AVill yo* in turn now honor me?  Pwill name Judge fjordon as-my second, and h^ will confer with any gentleman you select.''  "Mr. Bertram's smile faded at once."  said the colonel, "and it didn't take  him a minute to realize tlie seriousness of the situation. He had gone too  far���altogether too far, sub���and lie  would have been glad to apologize. I  wouldn't have i.t, however. I had  made up my mind not only to maintain my own dignity; but that of the  mule as well, and the combination wa.s  a little hard for him to swallow. He  was a man of courage besides, ��� and  after a little hesitation he nanied his  second, and a duel was arranged for.  "We met at sunrise two mornings  later. The weapons were piMol.s, and  at the first (ire I cut a lock of hair  from his head, while his bullet went  wide. I meant to bote him through  the shoulder at the second fire, but before wc were ready our seconds asked  if- the affair could not be stopped. I  answered them:'  " 'Gentlemen, I havo no desire to  slaughter Mr. Bertram, but r must  contend that my position on that runaway mule was in no sense or manner  undignified. I know I lost my hat. I  know that my hair (lew. I know that  my eyes bulged out and my coat tails  flapped.'  " "I do not recognize it to the fullest  extent,' replied my opponent, and then  I continued:  " 'I believe my mule jumped over  two or three carts, .escaped two or  three fences, stood on his head and  performed various other evolutions,  but I cannot admit that he rendered  himself ridiculous. If it is so contended   by others, then this duel  must go  Oil.'  ,"'The   attitude   of   yo'r, mule . was  somewhat queer.; butat the same time  full'of dignity,' replied' Mr. Bertram. '  .... "Next   moment   wo   were   grasping  each other's,hand.  "That was tlio upbuilding/ or the  mule. He was recognized as an animal  of character, and gentlemen who had  he.-; ha led to bestride him before now.  ���helped to, iuake h'iin popular... And It  became known far and' wide���far. and  wide, suh--1h:it any one seeking to impugn the'dignity, of;, the mule would  have to Ktand 'boI'd' Colonel Bunker on  the field of honnb. and-it was wonderful how few critics he , had."   '��� ,  M. QUAD.  no���What did-you say when that Idiot Lamb ton proposed to you?  She���You'd better propose and see.  Tin-   Clicnticr   Wny,  The great ship labored heavily In tbe  storm.  "Captain," implored the passengers,  "have' yoii' tried everything to save  us?"  "Everything," replied the captain,  "but one. There is a cargo ot oil in the  hold"-  ��� "Then why in heaven's name do you  ndt pour it on the, troubled xvaters?"  they demanded Indignantly.  "'Because." replied the captain, slinking h'is head helplessly, "we have Just  received a marconigram staling that  nil has been advanced two points anil  is likely to go higher. It were cheaper  for us to drown."���Cincinnati Times-  Star.    '  Tlicii   Tliere  Wait  Silence.  A well known English actor was  once while a young man touring  through, the provinces. One night  when his cue came he was very nervous and on going upon the stage could  hardly speak. The audience was greatly displeased, and "thinc's began to  come his way." ��� lie stood ihis bombardment for a few minutes until a  green Ijcad of cabbage sped by his  ear. Stepping to tbe front of tbe  stage, die raised his hand for silence  and exclaimed:  "I came here tonight determined to  please an inletested audience, but I  sincerely regret that any person has  lost his head over the matter!"���Philadelphia Pri'.s-?.  "as"  ���BriUNU TAILOR M.KDZ.  In black, gray or mole color, o;*Blrr  over a dainty hl-n.?-* ami a vide bit.  of leather or silk. '  Spring  fitrpet fashions will stum.  variety   of   these bioii.-"e costumtsi1."  fcibollne. In gray, 1 luck ana white:* ,;  other   mixtures. ' Tli��j  will he tr:  met!   with  pipings of velvet or beer  silk, and  the wide belt will be ot i '  sa im e.  Dress   waists   blouslng  all  arm:!'  both   back  and   front,  over tlie -r,J  wide   bolts  will   be  among  the us  chic   spring   models,   and   the   sfc.i  which   accompany   those   bloiised'  fecLs  will  be wry full and ouly fed,,  down part of (he way.  The   picture, .-.hows   a   spring (;.."���>",  made of dull blue cloth trlnir-.u-W'tt'1  bands of Persian and a dark blue bolt.  JUDIC CHOLLE'I.  '  Tom'-^I" suppose y  even''ng\wltli>our  .; "Dick-'^Pleasant  , <Wtinake4oye to  .*- -TomfrQh^'W'as th  U.blcl^Ye^and  �� VhaveVBens'^enougli  V'wasn^w.ated-^1  ���   - ��� -. V-Nfe^ ~~  : , --    -* .J.V.��� v/..-;,.* ���  There-1.never  wns  * unlvewKpto'ace-i. |  nla"to-'f-wbich  lieeli  ,v ture-.of^inany  cu:a  ,i were" .the :'{6erms   .>!  i -./Beat^dfMa*0.    roc  % J the; ofttienti-whnt  "Vln.i'turnv'-iypuld  "-(ru  li- oht"atriflbte>in sound  rr,,a'iwmedy3��>r,.maiiy  Its 'eraobiar and ��|v  ays'terna^a-re. led li  Btrerifcth;*by tho u  exerts,'onT-'.nature s  relieves-J^'the t>r<?'  with.'I'J whom a cli  deeoondency  and   1<  IN   FASHION'S  REALM.  Confidence. '  "A woman will not esteem a mini  whom she cannot trust," said tbe moralist. ,     '  "Yes," answered \Mr. Meekton, "ancl  I am delighted to'note that Henrietta  always trusts me to put the cat out and  fix the furnace fire and lock the basement door and do a lot of things."-���  Washington Star.  I7iiI>>ir<loiinl>I c.  "George," said his father .sternly, "did  yon speak Impudently to your mother?"  Tlie youngster looked uncomfortable;  then he brightened up.  "I only said lo her what 1 said to the  cook "  "To the cook:" roared, his father.  "That's .still -worse!"���Cleveland Plalii  Deiile  H in cli-    TnfTef.'i    a mm*    For    Elderll  AVomcii���.11 o I onlv In   Clotli.  niack taffeta inset with black char''  rlllv l.ice and made up over while si!,  wnii'li    shows    under    the   Insi-rllou  makes a very smart dress for"a midc";  a,'.'ed woman, but there should be mzi '  One tuekings to break the stillness of  the   taffeta,   and   the   bottom   i.' ti'  skirt should be .edged hy tiny fn'-'sw  niching:    Bands of mink  are particularly artistic for trimming either cloth  C<>5) Nil !1 j;,  PJlo on!   Tlio on'  Oli.  Uiore's. lots of room,       '  And '.v-ril'iro km -nucli tluj faster!  Pile on!    Pile on !  And away. �����,.���'II j;o/  For of hill and dale we're master!  Away!    We're olT!  Oh, the Ice ly smooth!  ���Oil, i!u: f-nrsw In hard and Icy!  The ru.-td is clear.  And ilu; moor) is lirli^ht.  And  the breez," is  I'r.e.sh and s;->l<-v!  V/tM*-ll(le!    \v,. i;v-'  How (he fence:! -"-.In!  Oh.  the moon .eeem.s slow behind  u  Then ,��J!,-,  <|1(.n  .siuii-t, .  J'Vu* ii moment more..  Al the foot will Kiirely (Ind ujj!  II'iiij: on!    1 hint; out  Oh, the lloud oi   pink  I'm  the r'lu'vi.H.  like1 bloornn cf-el*  Put,   ho!     I,oo!v ci:(! j;  There'* a 111rn.- :i stop.  And lhe bliua once' more Is over!  ���Duulon Ifleuu.  ia  a'^jdisease.    ant  -." nerves^difeposos  to  ..��� sleep���Imports vitrc  '    bloodUAiFhich,   bei  ;,i;thrdUKli$*ho      veir  heaUhy/ienirniil  fui  thereb'y^riJakincr   ac  Bult>'.sptrem--thc!i!n<-  life"sto,Uhp diprcsti*  rallyjrd.eniand   inci  improved., appetite  -'" bfffiWoron to.     ha  theiiVStiperior Qui  '������rate.'-'XH.ai.d,     ftaui;  *cl��B-tis,t.9r    tho   w  . 'perfection'    ot    an  - drug([l>Mi boH  It.  .��-,,-i^$~�� :  .''������IJowdon1.'is sho  ���wlth^motor omr  , ln\pr*pparatiori  instituted in i  m'arider'a^in-Chicrl  whoV-have cons  ���mno'Vwerc Engl  AnglfiflrlEh,  twi  audl..6neJ.Gerrna  "'���"-'���f'V-,^,-  7 ~uilrz   We'*havo no he  Dr. "J.-fD. KelloRi  ���withbii'l/'doubt th  ' troduced Jor <lys��  and,ail' 'summer  ��tc. l��.'lt���'Promptl  lails ito ieflcct a  should'-never bo  their; children   ar  'it big .-work i  ' and'?south of  b^'tH1"1 by^tho I  iii -tiie'accepta:  London.- firm i  constructljon o  neh ."' '��� i ' '*  gown or riNK. Mtmn.  or  thin   materials.    It   is  possiblj* *j  obtain   beautiful  markings even in  narrow strip. ^ ^  dressy  ,er!  The Kid���It's all right dis oncet, Imls-  ���ter, hut dis is a private slide. If yotiso  intend to use it reg'lar, "yousq's got ter  pay me!���New York Evening Journal.  Moleskin gray clotli makes     ^   ^  ! costume and is very dressy wllC"   ���  lieved   by   applications  of  silver  lighter gray. ailJ  There is a new princess gown "-  ��� vritli a sort of guimpc.   The body 1-^  is of black Jetted or embroidered i"-^  rial, and  the .guiinpe  is <>f vc.1''3r(r,1Iis  spangled or plain material win1  parent sleeve puffs. . q nre  Trains  even  on  evening'P,w"'r  re ion-'  'uinf-d.  ...AV'REQUIStTI  ���On.the cattle  men and stock  ' apothecaries, Di  is-kept on hrvne  ready-mado med  human, ills, - bul  medicine, ol   bu  ��� and ca'ttlo riv  greatly ,\��imrli''��  ll' "      ^    ' ,   v \  *^> t V  '^Agitato 'nam  '' oldest'; residen  /Swansea, has  96:'?x]B*? hntl  .butcher, aailoi  he took part  ,-\ ;0cafness  by lee*! appllcat!  AlaeaMd 'portion  way to 'cure deal  tiona) remedies.'  flamed condition  .Eustachian Tube  you have a runil  Ing, and when It  the result, and i  taken out and tl  condition, 'h carnitine canes out c  *tvWch_.,t,s nothliif  the mucous cKiirf:  TWe'-Wlll   Klvc  caea.o|i:X>CB.fneaa  not*hp'Cured t)y  clrculkra, free.  orj*i;     f.  '    Sold hy all dn  Hall's, Family  _ AipOflg the  sented, ,at tl  ' val' next O  zio-^'.Evcryn  "Tho."VVitch':  aftd "A Bid!  Wood.  much shorter, and the sides an-  f-:o that a round, full effect Is g  i��gnifiesi  digestion  ���carry a s:  tare and  your   li\  , digestioi  It Is nnnorod that the ruby  coin in  licr   SJifirp   Itetort.  r.essle���Don't you think, dear, you'd ',  better attend to your own business?      1  Lizzie��� It isn't necessary, dear. You '  attend to it so thoroughly, you know. '  --iioston Transcriot I  nibined tfjtb ,)l -  the popular gem of the  and  tliis .will   be co;  silver and platinum.  The   illustration   shows   ��"  made wl  will 1"  .seiifc'1'1  (.VClU'1''  II.  bin"  ���lii'-i*"  gown  of   pink   mull  rings.   It Ih trimmed with <!m  nuulications. JUDIG CliOU-  ii'-i  i'.  Sold Ever ,i^:J-,fi^a;.'.'  "'i Or, p  ART  OF  CONVERSATION.  Stuclto.l  II  "���-'n-.  '"   "���'���'���'(I  ('���   IIP,  '-'    I:n|ii0Ii  s ''f IjiIi.iv " ,       .'     -   "a"  r'raihi  of Colors.  n  ��W'<%i^  ^^otnefevening I went into . ��*  !" r"S'" ^J?^lSji��?��otfcso much because  "r:r,'''rSost restful,color scheme.   I had been  a '���<<'nlrn,V>K���' wJ* time at the studio, and  SIiuulil   Ut-   V'Micc-rt-tl   ami  With   SerioiiHiifiis.  hf-r "Education  1<jw   of   us  ively,   to  to retire grace-  It is a common  i'S;S'  Hi!  'lnh'r,:'---f having a.hard time at tne ��^ ;���-  '^���-V^eltijfe'neWofca little relaxation    lhe  I Wa8feellng7at peace w *h "*" �� ^  when I chanced to look acioss inc  ^and^evening was spoiled for  me completely.;;  Q&6'  oleros a:c  :i!   'hhllDlH.,,  iios��-;-ure,ch*ar  Caroline   Hazard   in  of   YVomen"   says,   -How  study   to   put   things  persu'isi  reach a proper climax  fully from a subject."  saying that the art of conversation h'as  disappeared from among us, and yet it  is an  art held in  honor by  all   men.  Telegraphic speech has taken the place  of   the   more   earefill    and   elaborate  forms of conference.   But it is an art  which should he presented to nil young  people and  which  they   should   study  with seriousness  and attention.   Nothing really inspires, nothing really  creates enthusiasm but the perception of  "   whether it bo in art  POPULAR OTTAWA  MAN IN  L  Dodd's  Kidney   Pills Cured   Him  of Stone in the Kidneys..  150-foot; roil,'4 -r':cv MrD....  150-foot roll, ,'i i'&e"4 liigla...  150-foot roll, <> feet MkJ>~.   :?-t.75      J5.50      6.50  For poultry aad garden.   Better than old style.  THE   FACE  WIRE   FE?  Of local dealer or us.    Freight paid.  NGE   CO.   LIMITED       253  AV.illcervUle  Montreal  SVimiipc*.  St. John  SSffiit the red background  as a^6man7in-'a glaring blue waist  a:._VV  ^mtfrile  menllie of  vivid  most assertivo  was             , ,, . ^      .  sipping-a crem^-'tle me  green .nnder.aO^t of a  shade of yelIo?r*~*���   Inattentive  Walters.  Stranger-Are" the waiters here alien-  Uvetoybu?t';;  Pretty, Cashier-Slr-r-r-i!  =.* .7^,^-1 Ob.   no oflens  nn ultimate ideal,  or mu  of   sp  beauty has to  Stranger ���Oh,  no  .j  mse,  1  assure  m  \w\iMz.- :������-���:���'������  \c color,/ppecSiif'  ind-a'-widebu.  ScUon^SHntedontl.bI..ofrflre,  which sayB/'JPlease repot"   an> xnaUtn  -  tion of"-waiters  to cashier.       Ann  iwould 'report'.them; tha t'seall.-B al ti  morf America a-  ��  ''./^'i^taree's  a  Crowd,"  Tom^lVppbse you spent a pleasant  ' eveninff-wltnyyour best girl?  ' Dick^Pleasant? Huh! A. felloe  . 'dan'tmak^loVe to his girl in a crowd. ,  ������ -Tom^O^as there a crowd there?  ' W^YellUnd the chump didn t  I wfe<rfenougb to realize that he  V wasn't'^wanted.-Phlladelphla Press.  -t ���j'V"<?si/i"'.-��'' ,,   ��� _m    npver   will   bo   fl  ,, Ther^.never  was . *"*   ncr^,ody.  for all  * unlyerealljp^iacea.  in one j-ccit   y. ^  nla,-to-^Wch  flebh  is  iu-����� h   thai  Blrel!*,.-."..���r��'v  own   restoratives       1��  *l-iritt>   of   tlio��-t  ins-.'will- sbon  ise iCostumeV! ps  i avui wiihe jiH  yVvill'Ve-tri^  velvet or .bestf;.  t will be;of tt^  ingVnil, arouiS  . ovcrVlie7?{-*|;  tnoug: the ,es|;  and the'stlnf  ese> blouscvi^ |?  h-and'.ouly m  ���;.,.������', 'A-v '���������������������':���.;���������'$  a'"' spring 'tallarf  ii.'trimmed wUb\  dark bluebell.  G-GEi6LLET.--''i  cxerts,on7'nature & own  ^tV.tfwh'om   a 'chronic   stale   of   iriorbn  .-'toSftS^ho11, veins".    BtrenCtlu'iiin��,    th.  liealtby7Tanirnal   functions  AIJ.1* 1. vv.    .... -     ,  sic br In any other of the realms  iritual   thought.    This   ideal   of  uiMu.y has to come to the aid of every  form of expression, lifting and raising  it into its own kingdom.   The student  who lias even begun on such a course  of training, who can seo beauty in everything in the created world and  in  the realm of thought, has certainly be-,  gun  to be  beautiful  in  himself.    For  beauty most truly passes into the person who studies the beautiful.   No one  can give out what he does not have lo  give.   He must first absorb beauty at  the great natural reservoirs and fountains of the beautiful before he himself  can become truly beautiful in life'and  character and so able to transmit beauty to all around him.  ANCIENT,BABYLON.  It�� Great "Wall IVim One ot tlie AVon-  ��Ier/��  ot  TIiohc  Daj-n.  According to Herodotus, the ancient  city of Babylon stood on a broad, level  plain and was an exact ."���rjuare of fourteen miles each way, making the entire  circuit of the-city, fifty-six miles. It  was protected both by'n wall and a  moat, the latter being broad and deep  and kept constantly tilled with water.  But the wall was the wonder of wonders, being iJ3 1-3 feet in width and an  even 200 feet in height. This monster  barrier was provided with 100 gates,  all of solid brass, the lintels and side  pieces being in'bronze. Cros*-- walls  ran along the banks of tlie Euphrates,  each provided with twenty-five gates,  which corresponded to the number of  streets running in each direction from  the river.  The  most remarkable edifice  inside  the wall was the temple of Eel, a pyra  of   eight  square  stadia     -"���-   tU>  Mr. Sl A. Caislily, tins "Well-known SiiortH-  iiih.11, Tolls AVhy 11,3 in l.r.Lt.-riil n, the  <;r��-ut CutiHiUun Kidney itui'icily.  Ottawa,, Ont., Miir, 21���(Special).���  Few people Jn the Capital are a.s well  known mid popular as Mr. ������Wain"  Cassidy. piopi leloL- of the IJjjou Motel, .Mi'tcalf Street! As a hunter and  fisherman of more than local reputation, he has become known to followers of tho rod and -^-un all over the  country, und many of the iv.embi'rs of  parliament who make an atiini.d SO7  journ here arc counted among his personal  mends.  The news, therefore, that he has  found tt complete cure for a dangerous malady will give general satisfaction.    Speaking,,of it he says ���  "My friends all know that I have  been troubled' for ycira '.'.'tlli Stoue  in the Kidneys; that though' 1 consulted the best physicians and tiied  nearly every reinedj I could ihmk of.  T  was  unable to get  better.  "Some time u^o a friend told me  JJodd's. .Kidney., dills would��� cm  A.s a last resort I tried the;  they have cured me I cannot imagine more J-cere suffwiing than ..no endures'who has stone in the' K idneys,  and I feel t.he \\.inne.,t gr.iutn le to-  *,v>ai ds  Dodd's  Kidney   tills." -.  11 the disease is of tin- Kidn-vs or  from the Kidneys, Dodd's Kidney  Pills  will cure it.  ,Janf  l'ou'.ineyTa-gecl  y?, v. no recently  broke  hoi*  neck    by  falling  stair.s.     was    the     widow  Poultney,  who  was  the  < :an . awful Prospect. ,;:  ��� ..[AJrpa'dy Japan  has; cut' oft tho: world's'  supply olf./'C,an,iijhor. which she curitrui's.���  Kews'liVnlj. ,'���'       '���"���������������������.(,���' "!?.'"��� '-"7 ���''���',..  :-: 7\Ve.'Citel4gnia5s;f'ite a-foe '���..-,"'.",-.: '..  . ��� ' 'J.l'f,i.i'e"'-J'.re. ihar7 Jap or Russla'n; ���'���'"''  '.'AlpQ .mbra'-BriCfUOv.to' .lie-icared ;' 7 ,-���"  ��� 'Vhan C!-ilnaf'ria,ri'or.;. Prussian. , 7     VV  '���'��� "Xh'e-'tiamisk.'pr xiia.t W-; yesterday ,7 ;  .';��� .'���".    l-tt"pa'rdf;!l witli auoh Ica'thlng' .,,.:'"'���'.,���.'';':,  i ."..���   Is,; .oiu's' no .rhor'e, and so tho isoth    ���      '  .'.���/, Will, gobble'Up/.-Jur clothing.�� :'.,.. '���     ���.,,  . ;Sob.*!'..���will���;th'o,vrr.lgJuyl, rnbth invade'. '������'���'  '. ''',.'.7'And'fl'^fit'!U9-.t'o,'''a''tIr.ts.h7,:'-f������''���'.���',���.���        ..���'���������  And, carriphorl���sa7=l. nriri afraid . V ''������'���  >'���' ;Our.VArdr.c-i;es ;will���''diminish;'.,' V  "\ vyHferi'.-.in' tlie CKcrr'y Blossom Lahd'7 H7  .,������''��� The dogs .���sl'���wt\r; are 'dinning;;,..'' .  A We'li' lal-Jejour -'sujii'rher'-oilting,' and,,  The'ir.6th'.%vin take' hlsinnirig. 7\  ���'.'���' :..7 ";.,," ������v;"v ��� V"�� ������;.-������:- v,7...   V  When, winter coir.es I plainly see        -,  '������,.'.   :Wu;ll '-'have to dre'ss'lnieather.     ,���������'.'��� 7  ��� Of ���"else', in cottoaurapory ;.���--:'���'-: i;--7-".-::.:;'  '���':". "Uri'Sul'tiivl .to .this .weai'licr. .���:.':'   '���'   i'.7,.  i: When'rhcvim'a'tlsrsif seizes ua���  ,7  Oh, friend. ha\'c- you. reflected'?���. :: -  ,. Tliireil bs npeariiphot* ilinment , !���_''���  'fi.;.VTo"soo't'l"te th:e parts'afifcted; ���,7 ���'. ;  ���Clarice, AV. Jclley in Xe\v!. "Tork 'Time*.  AWro    Vow    OuiltcSii-iE "?        "*   ����.    ��=������  SHEATHING  TV%q  I3��st   B*-!i!di��-.Ef;  E=��slF>e��i-  Made.  It  ,1s y��ry much str6npr*r, orvd   thicker  than   any  ptlier   (tarred,   or  balld-  '-   -   ���-   -vinri.  keeps  out cold,  keeps  tn heat,  car-  - flavor  to  uniform  t��mpera.tnr��,   and   at   tho  Wrllo our Agents, TEF-S & PEBSSE, Wljinlpeo, for .amplea.  The E. B. EDDY CO., LlsinSted,  S5ULL.  me.  and  His   K " c c> r.i r.-ondntiou.  down-  oi   En wait d  ,"ounvi"i"    iT.d  home   for   boys  governor   01   a  rescue  the site now occupied by  Dr. ilar-  on  nai  do's home at Stepney.  of  tho   nystcni  necessary '.re  YOU GAH'T BE  ATTR&C  Wllllons    of    Lives    Yearly/   Dr.  An  new's   Catarrhal  Powder   Relieves In  30  Minutes. r   ,  mid  On  the  ���f't*'  rally*e'''denifv>'v.   ������    -     , r    ,..���,.���  improved, appetite     Northiop   f J*������  '"ofToronto.     have   pcivon   to   the   publi.  *Vi"i^ <��tiTifirior  Quinine V. ino  at  the  ow  ,^-fff^ftvruivcd 'by  the  opinions    o  eclciiti^tsr    tho   vine   ajproatto   nearo'  'pertMtion'    of    any in   the  market.      All  dmg(ri��t��; sell  It.          -' "-lioii'don*' is  shortly  wlth^motor omnibuses.  ' ,V .   to   be    provi  ded  summit of this pyramid stood a pure  gold image of Bel forty feet high, two  other smaller figures ot lhe same precious metal and a golden table forty feet  long nnd fifteen feet wide. This wonderful city first came prominently into  the history of the world in the year 747  B. C, but since the time of Alexander  the Great it has, been a ruin, the site  having at one time been entirely lost.  Kminent  throat  and  nose  spe^f Ve-  rin-l-*   r-iactice  hichly   recommend Dr.  Ag  $*llU rCa, >urhal  Powder,  as  muo. perm��  enl.   pn.inle-.s-.   .11   all    cases    of    Cold    in  baiii*-hes the disease  like magic  ���t!!  di-ugiri'.ts  Sold  by  28  A Perfect Flour   FOR   BREAD and  PASTRY  Sold In, Oricinal Packages Only  ,' By All Dealers  rf., rr ^g^..^,tA^,<-wrlw.--a-^^ca^Jvfn��c^>M^  ... * -     iCME  0S��   10   HAN3t��  VujK  SHIPMENTS  ^nv r  ��      V'H/l O^x  &*Tt '��-   -lo'cO'lP.lCN   YOUR   GRAIN   TO   ,\  RELIABLE   FIRM  Oil      W SL21 1.   PROMPT SERVICE   ftHD  OARCMJL  AUENTWM  er-ignodwanb, you. ,l.a.iae�� and W|II ^..vor to Bl,o .atl.lact  BdTnncodoacon.iunm.bu.      BoCerenc.s    Union Hank of Canada.  Tb. oldest .stahllihod  Oraln Co��mlMion    ^            $����*   JOTJ g gl^B  "L^  Brain   Exoh3r.D8.   Winnipeg. ^"^ ,^mmmm!KSmmKt  v\  fflmw-*raf*wmMnAMUU*iraK'!lal7'cfc  ' "Have you  a  recommendation from  your last placeV"  "Yes,   siree!    Seven  months  off  for  good behavior!"���Chicago American.  In  prckaration  convalescent officers  of  nav\,   the    recpiisite  THE GREAT CONDOR.  for the   reception iof  the  at my and  ii.......   v....    .. , changes  at   Os  borne aie being rapidly effected.    The  mansion and  park,   it will  ' * -'  bored, were gi\en for this  purpo  King I'^dward.  ^  A"  SuKKestioii.  remi-m-  se by  ,   , Sewlon'n  Bine,  It is well known that under the action  of  gravity   the  wnter   composing  such a thin shell as a soap bubble tends  to run down on all sides, so that the  walls of the'bubble grow thin at, the  top   and  thicken  toward  the  bottom.  After a  time  the  bubble  becomes  so  thin at tbe top that further flow of water  from  this  point  can  hardly   take  place,   and  finally  the  bubble  bursts'  But before this Last stage Is reacbed a  degree of thinness in the walls of the  bubble is attained which causes it lo  glow   with   brilliant   iridescent  colors.  Newton noticed that on top of the thin  bubble illuminated by white sky light  REALM..  V  For'"'Elder.-;'.  n   Cloth. 7  tb black 'cliai*:.''  i>.ver.-'W,hlte 'siV  the-7. Insertion.'.  ss'for'h'.rhiddlfj;;  should be rosxV  the stiffness nl'?.  bottotnc. <-.' tt<77  ly.tlny fr'%�� 7  uk' lire partictiV  ing either cloti 7:  -'. ln^pPopiration fbr the reception of  instituted in 1674. of British C'om-  ���maridera-in-Cliicf. Of tho eighteen  who,-have consecutively held oliice  ���n-inoVwerc English, three Irish, two  Angl6-=IrlEh, two Scotch, one Piench,  audl..6nej .German.  -'-���'f'.H.^r-'-  .  .   -AjlTX. ��� ���  We'-havo no hesitation in saying ttinl  Dr. "JVD. KelloRg's Oyuentory Loidin.1 is  ���withoiiti- doubt the best medicine e\er Introduced Jor dysentery, diarrhoea, cholcia  and-,all- summer complaints, i-on sncKness.  Vat,.promptly  gives   leliei   nnd   never  tbe  ��tc.  lails ito ieflcct a positive cure. -Motiicis  Bhould' never bo without a Uotao ulicn  their, children   aro  teething.  ��� t'-'V,    -��� r~   A big .-Work in connecting the north  'and\?sbuth of the Thames has been  bil-gun"* by^tho London County Council  in the "'acceptance of a tender by a  London.-firm at JC 1,088.48.), for the  construction of tho Kotherhitho tunnel! ���"''���' ' '*  A''REQUISITES FOB THE RANCAK-.ll  ���On the cattle runpfca of the u.-sL. where  men and stock are far from doctors nn  apothecaries. Dr Thomas. kclecLric Oil  Is1 kept on hand by the intelligent as 11  ready-ma-do medicine, not only for nuiiij  human ills. - but as a horso and entile  mndiclne of BurnasBiiifr. merit. vA hiise  c^'tlo     rancher     will   find     matters  and  greatly 'simplified by  nsinR  this  Oil.  named  Goridgc,   one  of  the  M  LW-  -A-. nwta  oldest',residents of Fforestfuch, ncn-  'Bwanscja, has just died at *he age. 01  96;"'\']He hnd boon sackmaker, mi.ler,  butcher, nailor, farmer, E,tiru'-gb'r. and  he^took part in the Chartist 1 ir,ts.  , VOcafness Cannot Be Cured  b*f local applications na they cannot reach the  AlaeaMd vportlon of the oar. There la only one  way to 'cure deafness, and thnt Is by constitutional retnoiSlea. Deafness Is caused by an In-  flamed .condition of the mucous lining of the  ..Eustachian Tube. When tlila tubo Is lnflanne<l  yon have a rumbllnc sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entirely closed, DeafnesH In  the.iremit, and unless the Inflammation can be  taken out and this tube.restored to Its,normal  condition. hearlnK will be destroyed forever,  nine, caaes out of ton are caused by Catarrh,  whlch^jj nothliiK but an .Inllamed condition of  thO. mucous mil fa run  ^TWe^'Wlll  Klve One   Hundred   Dollars  for any  ca5*-.��o��"JDea.f neas (caused by eatai rh) that enn-  ���.not^h1!*[tared t>y Hall's Catarrh Cure.    Send for  ctrculi'.rs, free.  A tJ-\ ,        F. J.  CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.  \   SOW l��y all driiRKtsts, "i..c  Ball's, Faintly Pills arc the best.  It  In  the Moist  DIfllcult ItlrdL   In  World to 'I'rni��.  Probably the great condor is the most  difficult bird in tbe world to trap. One  of the great vultures, it inhabits lofty  peaks of the Andes, hardly accessible  to man. It builds its nest among tho  topmost crags, often on it lodge of some  precipice with an almost perpendicular  drop of many hundred feet  An extremely wary bird, it shares  with its controllers the proverbial "ca-  cde eye" and is thus able to see immense distances while yet unseen by  man. Its -wings have a spread of  twelve feet, and, though its tUpht is  heavy, it can sustain itself for long periods in the air.  To trap it uiph ascend to its haunts  and shoot some animal of considerable  size. This is skinned, and a man lies  down by the body under the ?kiu and  waits, perhaps for hours. Scon condors come flocking round until one settles on the skin, when the man below  grips its legs, flings Ihc skin ever it  and stabs it to death.  The strength of these birds is cnor-  , mou's,   and  the  condor  hunters  often  have   their   arms   broken   by   strokes  from their powerful wings.  Rhesimafism  ��� What's   the  Cause?���Witere's tho Cure?-The  active inltatii.f: cause of this most painful of di.',<.aM��s is poisonous uric ucid In  the Mood Sou ill American llhcuinatic  Cure neutralizes tho ar.d poison. Bailees 111 6 lio'lrb and cures in 1 to 3  dajs.���90 , ^^^^  \n eleclTiail engineer of J ondon  lias lost his life, at Tam*iuy, Counts  Uonepal. While he and hi*, companions were standing on a ">ier, u buu  wnve -sv.ept 111. and he a as carried  to sea and drowned  "j/jgS  mM&  ,7r.  &s$  W  out  Sudden   Deaths   on   the    Sn-  CrOSSC. r��jlVoplo apparently well and  happy to-day. to-morrow are stricken  down, raid in ninety-nine ra'-es out. of  every     bundled    tlio    heart   is  the  cause.  T  Cure., nu     v.,!    ..   -  ail       It  relievos  in  ."0  minutes,  an  most 'chronic, cases.���Dl  [5.^.*  "**-:  'ZSS^-'-  fhe-k.nc!   of  *>*;���;���'   'e,n,?dT1".hin   reach   of  -uie   f.u    the   Heart    1      vt cures  John    Noce    Moore,    a  ff.-mer-J.  of  the  City   oi    l.on-��-'n.  resnlejue  :ti  Hus-  lllness  of  some  ..Sir  Ijord  Mayoi-  died recently at his  soil   Square, .after, an  He���-I suppose it -would not be proper to kiss you on such a, .short acquaintance?  She���Xo.    What a pi  been acquainted a little longer!  itv we  haven't  Tlie  OtTcndinp:  llitndfccrcliJet'.  It is in fact a grave sanitary question whether the handkerchief docs not  do more harm than good as it is ordinarily used. When w�� assume that the  nose does not need to be >v!pc<J. ^c-fate  ..���i<, .-.nci.  nil   n3   tO  Ho wa.s born in Sloc.Uport  duration,  in  1S26  Esghiy  Years Old ��� Catarrh  Fifty Years. *-"������'��� Apnow's Catarrhal  Powder cures him. Want any stronger  evidence of the power, of this wonderful'  remedy over this universal disease 7  Want the truth of tho case 'continued ?  Write George Lewis, Shamokin, Pa. He  ���"1 look upon my tcure as a rriir-  '    It  relieves  in  ten   minutes.���S9  TUunntmted   street   names   are   suggested for  London.  Tho Hi "lit Honorablo J . Towo-ll "JtVil-  ]it,.MS ^i L" for South -liirmingh.ini,  who bad a fatal apoplectic seizure at  tho House of Commons recen-K, ��as  thc son oi tho late Mr. -Joseph V U-  and was born :n  1S40. ,  blue, red and blue, and so on, the colors showing more extremes of red and  purple in the higher orders. This blue  band which first expands outward from  the black spot at the top ancl descends  slowly with the subsidence of tbe water Newton called the "blue of the first  order," and, although somewhat dingy,  he judged it to be of th'e same tint as  the blue of the sky���T. J. J. See in Atlantic.  Vv  nt  XlffM.  Parke���Does your baby keep you np  nights?  Lane���I should say so. "Why, I haven't  been home before midnight for a month.  ���Life.  Fitting.  "What's your idea in beginning with  pie and eating your-dumer backward'"  "My stomach's upset."-  THE   GREAT  ENGLISH   REMEDY.  TESTIMONIAL from the I^ate SIR SAMOEL  BAKER, the famous Nilo Explorer:���  "Newton  Abbot.  Devon. Dear   Sirs���I hay*   ,  delayed   my   thanks ns 1   wished to   test   the  effect of   Blair's   Pills by a sufficient Interval  of time.  "For ton years I had suffered acutely from  Gout and life had lost its attraction/owIdr to  the uncertainty of health. , and the sudden  ���visitations of the enemy which, prostrated me  for months, or weeks, according to thc virulence  oi tho attacks c  '"Blair's Pills have rendered me immense  Bervico, as Ino longer fear an attack-ot Gout.  "For tho last twenty months I have boen  comparatively 'free, as ono or two'uttunpted  visitations havo boen immediately stumped  out by ihe assistance of Blair's Pills.  "Truly yours, (Signed) Saml. W. Bakek.'  UYJU.1, BOSS 4. Co., Toronto nnd Hontrcsl.  J. IT. lir.YSlul.E,   (l��rp��w��, !U��.  says :  acle.'  Audrey  nose does  a  reasonably  the  danger  of the  broad' proposition   ns  Imndkerehief  as a  Most   nasal   ca-  Gent-ral   and    l.e.uy  have'���sold''their'   London   hous  'henceforth"! Sir   Kedyers ��� will  life  of a   country .squi:t>. at  Devonshire.  5-.iicr;  and  lead   the  >ed  on.  disease   propagator,  tiu-rhs are of an  infectious  cuatactet,  " -in. I  notably those of gnp orii  So*, oral mc-B havo 1-��g�� fined im  Monmout hMiit e for heing helplessly  drunk on  rhubarb wine  liams,  Georp,*o Thomas Hodinen, a rierk in  the,employ of Donald Currto vV- Co..  \vi\-s remanded at tho Mansion House  upon a charge oi stealing cmios to  the value of ilt.ooo, thc property of  tho firm-.  Ill fortune never crushed that man  whom good fortune deceived not.���Ben  Jn*i��a.��.     - ..__...       _ ..  Mr.     Cornolitis   Laindio,    of Cardiff,  v ho   is still hale and hearty,    tnjeys  ne   distinction   of  having   lunched   at  Abbotsford  with    Sir " "  thc novelist.  Walter   Scott,  1 ever'--    Y-Z     (Wise  Head)   t>i = lnfcctant  Soap    -owrier is n  boon to  ���ny liome  diiln-foctb     and      clcaiiM-b      nt    the     saim  lime.  T.iverpoof magistrates Mispect that  telephones aro being used by letting  ir.cn. and those are to be Mipp-vs-seii  in   drinking  shops.     What next 7  dancers  v ere  I Ai  nu tin.  :-ict!  s   pnssil"1  voir in ��  ings c  mnkes a dal^'  r(,ssv when rf  of  silver ^  0S3Rownn^.  The body !'���  d nw'"'  thin  1^01(101"'  h of very  rial will, tni-a  wns ��r*  oiig"r'  Ing i-  ides an'  .jiinr-il-  "  will linens"11'  .��ct Is J-'  e ruby  coitil"'- ,  incd WJtb J"1  AxfiQpfr the new pieces Lo ho nre-  sented; ,at the J^ceds Triennial. lVsli  val ' next Octolxrr are tho cantatas,  zio^"Everyman." by Walford I'uvies.  "Tho."VVitch's Ihiuyhtor." by Ma'.ken-  aftd "A Ballad of Dundee." by CI.as  Wood:  A Smiling Face  '��� (Signifies robust health and good  digestion. You can always  ���carry a smiling face in spite of  tare and worry if you keep  your   liver   right    and   your  . digestion good by using  -Woul.1  Win  RMI.er   ^��*f-  -Would you still W....I .ne to bo your  wife if n,y  father was a  poot  num.  asued the beatUiful heiress  hiblting mysselr. ���tiiua0o  aid.  arm  Probably There   Now.  Bobby-ra, did you ever see an  of, the sea'.  Father���Y os.  "Whore was it?"  "It was  huggins the shore the List  I saw of it."-Sniart Pet.  M��OWWl����UM!  Your doctor will tell you that  I thin, pale, weak, nervous chd-  dren become strong and well  by taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla,  Small doses, for a few days.  ,\. troupe of Russian  loudlv hissed at the, Bordesley  ace vBinninglnun^ the other WfclU-  ������You cannot blame tis, but the gd-  PcnmentV said the leader ��� in f''^\  Knglish. and then' the hissed ��u<-  iirnett' into .cheers. . ' .    ���  USKKlll. AT ALI. T1HICS.--In winter  ���Vi��� Uii.rior l'.inn,loe'3.Vegeta,le liHH  ���will copo with and overcome nay niojrQ  of the (liRostive oiy<uis w ,,_  chan-ve cri resulencc,. or  may      bniiK  Inch  larituvi  rhnii��e   of   diet  *SSft-6,,rhc��v   shon\re"Sfw^^fpt- at  hllnd  '   and   "once    thoir   bcr.encul   action  stnicturo.    and    tho    most  thctn   confiiiently...  The Lord Mayor of Matvhe^t.'r f-.iys  a iad he enrmd  is 5d of which he  mother..  that when he was  only is 6d a week,  took   home,   to   his  Carpenter's; Mate   William   I'roclpr.  r-unboat Cocks'fee, and  killed'bv  ���so,'of' 1.1. M. gi  a native of Doven.  has been   Kibei.  falling down  a  stair  at vireennck.  Appetite poor?��/ Bowels  constipated? Tongue coated?  Head ache? It's your liver!  Ayer's Pills are liver pills, all  VAfTPfraMf"* Bold for J- C. AjrerCo.,  Lo-woll, Kut.  Want your meuslache or beard  a beautl'ul brown or rich black? Use  JO  ri]  el  f 1  they  in  will  iuiy  them,  thoir  can   use  without  ttiinr     in  delicate  to  The change is very prompt  and very marked     Ask your  doctor why it Is.    He has our-  formula and will explain  Bradford   corporation  is  anxious  *top  the street cxyinp  of. newspapers  on   Sunday.     Can't  hear  v.-hisperihir   the-odds   on  this  noise.  1 lie  bookies  account    of  ��� A.' CITRE'fOR. FEVKll AN'D AGl'F,.���  Tarnielee's Vegetable J'illa are eorniiounU-  evl for use in.any climate,  be fouiul to preserve their powers  latitude. Jn fover and ague Ih.-y net. upon tho secretions and neutralize the poison which has found its way into ��� .the  hlood. They correct the iropurities which  find entrance into tho system tl.rou.ch  flrinkiriK  water  or "''    "nf'  if  imed   a.s  ��  Not for lnany 7years havo such  dense "shoals of .'sprats been.met with  in the Wash, and the extraordinary,  caru'oe*'- lhat have been landed recent-,  ly have caused a slump in tho food  market, so''-- that.-the ��� catches, havo'  been .sent away in trucks for. nianuro'  at 16s per ton. .  preventive  fevers   are   avoided.  tfll!l   Kill-  ide  li diieli  C.SH IU*4  Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cent*.  An   An-penl  The   Owner-Sot'   here  never did you any l.,,r,n. jl.d U  The  rorter���Anj    naim-  uot.  The Owner--^Vell1 th  us if it did.-Broulclvn h^  ��n.0O iv botttft.  J.Ci. ATM CO..  r ''0'vpl,-_^lJS=.-.-<*  lOT -T������i!a��a"a3=��*ra=-5j  * "9  iidre  That trunk., -,._--  1 he v  en. don't treat It I ^ST��%^neIiPwUh A?er'* PHI-  the past  Church     of  rim inp  'hundred  Pity for tho poor parson 1  ten vcars  over  one  Kn'gland   clorffy.ncn  have  lish   work'  A little Sunlight Soap will clean  eat   glass   and  other articles unti  they shine and sparkle.     Sunlight  Soap will Wash other things than  cloth  All  been   admitted   to   the  Rnglisli   wor  hottsctji. or   i>nuper   lunatic  nsylums.  1  ���' ; ;   "vTack," , the O.W.R'. clog stationed  at lioading. collected ��50 Inst year  for tho'G.W.U. Servants' Widows and  Orphans Fund, which supports 'V57  widows and 434 orphans'  "London  and  Carlisle are now  con  led    up   with    underground    tclc;;i*a  cables,   and   the  system   is  beint?  rapidly pushed  into  Scotland,  and  r.vit,  day too soon.  For a lancednshire (arm for which1  tho owincr paid ��24,000 thirty yours  ago,   ��4.000 is now  tho highest offer.  The Sussex County authorities know  something   They haS j , kept on  fining-  the   srbrehirifr   motorists,    until . now _.  thev have enough to buy a motor lor  the* chief constable.    Great" scheme   !  Those whom neglected  coughs  have killed were once M heaWiy  ��� and robust as you.    Don t follow  in their paths of neglect,    "i.ak��  ��fe^S  Coi^suisapi  The Lung  Tonic  rieht  now.    It  is guaranteed to  cure.    It has cured  many thous-  WC     -    T.eRov. N. V- Tgronto. Ct  5-S3 o>   ���*������*��� ~y 3  CL10U-1:  m��,mm$MM- i"**"'
■v At?'-»» t> ^.v-s-ifjw.1 *w*r:v
v    1 1   4,.
(ivffi ip'-nri*)
>i1ls    1'LiaLIJjJt.
|OtPJtl«l«»«»h«.»nT .
• -U *ex:?.k£Mjim*wb4*s*c ts* n^f ,_,._
wmiii ml a Hum ftig«»ipWi«tt«ilMa*«a*Ua<v'«,1«nt»S«JM< A
1     1)      l|.    irjiiT, .-.;   -)f (j),.   ,- - j.-Jo I
'    ' ' i
•»   'V.i    I mi   E,i,.*   \'u •'{;■,. j
.1 . -.1.' '.'Til  .V CM>,
1 y-M.;,..v.--j.
<4s ^vv;v.:.^*--^
,tM-'i!','. .  .-     jito-^ r^",*'~K«i        p    ri    i-.;/-«r> r-     r«
|THE   POST . OFFICSIMrjn'p | sfW pnip^i %&&& €€€«€€���
.     DRUG STOSE, no. see. a.'l. u.     ' $ MOYffc LUfoHBK
- n:;>   .,* ;-;o..-.
Vt:*.-   ..
, vrupjvv. at;;ii. in ia.y.
» ««.-**.**. mnKXat
^ Mtll7?-^vv !
1    .y^i^        * 1 "iff-TT-ril1
! ---^ * ..  ~*  eyiii  \ it ■ —.	
pi   fa M  *t
j V ono of tlie best if not the   very be-t ;
iiG.-.O'ly forjVyj of. ;<~e.-h   .i:jd   vft.ilily. |"
ii $ ft 9 B 1*3  &
MiV ! j;: ;!/«• i. O, <). F. hull (■•'•«.^
,   ' Vitu-dii •  e.-enmj   ft    tl   /-VlOvk.     i /]*•
,■-                                                                                                   I '.T.
I      YisVirijj; L-.-threr.   are cordiali'* in-      : ^
,                                             '               ! pb'
i     vited   to   H'tte;\".   ...est;  meet :■);■-!,     ' /.«
!                                                         I W
' "    '    """vitj , J . r. V   ::s.'..n,|
'■ $
t"      ****** A^j,' SJv» "T** *^» ^ ji        "j
"    ^-V'e !   5."'-v-",;  --v
Sa:v,,Planing and Lath '^--,-
; . X
1   /■"vi",'t"j
)Y!B;B. G _, .
1>n"?' ' f"<'"'.v.      /|V /'iii;ti^, HhJpl.ij'i/CoinriM.ii i-cmrd,, .-;i:iu-n^-,ni, :•"!,';';"'!!"'' !'   ^-^rz
5b*3 'is*^
|  ' H. CAMERON, fflgr.
'Mh;llv*. '
With thi- \,--o t'*<.   I ..w'-r I. , „    ^■'■ii'iV hirloBj of. fle.-h   and   v't.il.t-,-1
,,» «-.™„=..^ „, :t, ^.c..:.;,!^^^^^:-^ Wi-£«^Toilet.eyv,pocket
:..l.-o.oil.otl-.,..- l,u,-1,-,«.. o.:tcrp.!,rs   in j-    For :.!«,,„ ,,l,o   c,,„n„l  l„tc   »!,.• o.l        bOOjiS,. liairbrUShef3-.
\1  iMM* (* if     ll    It'    li*"l1iH'i1|--,|/w! li ,  \ !   * i \     nilr. I    111      iL      l"l>!  t  Men  1        .4  .,  J       .             1 _    . J ,- . « .   . _
Met.* every Monday cvo,i:ne- in   she „ |    $^€€€€€€€i€€€€^#^^^V^- - -,     f:Stft
-Jali   rn   Vintnrin" nlrc\V    ;a,"<K;:*.;;;,., J -- = = »__-._._,._^ J-.-^LlJ    "V>>'V-^'V-; ''-^ ''v^
Odd roll.v - e(-rd;::,!!v i::\:tcd. ! " £^&$ZZi$ZX-.&i{-i^Z$^^^^ '
l - -       •■--    »,"",ui    i,iiv    niv;   on
"Moyii*, it h.i'-' eypurienecd   hoih   ^,ros- | "» it-"* natural statu tve have a fall   line
, perity .in.J aclveis-ity   during   'ts   e::i?-|c"    ^'■'>»UJoi'*.:    including   -J-.'-jli    v.'eli
.-nee.    .'It lime'*,   the   najifr   l|.i«i   uot ) k,:nw= hr!i!'drf :,i£ Pott's; Aliens e'r,
been a, ,oul  as   v,o   would   Hired  t„   „ •^1^'^'.'" 'r1™1* U>  llml   Ui' *
^ ■ I vTimjilute ;.((a;,v o,
havf* i-"l>:i, Vjd,  In:!   oyrnlj'tioii-.   iverc< UJM-C^' /»\i;  '.JEO'c--'r-*
-ueh tln.t we eonl-1   not   -Jo   othorv.-ise. I i^'ll^re.     , '   ■
"■■•o ,„,,,,.,„,,:,.;,, o„. ,,„., chas. E. fieid & Co,  !
Ti. CAvi'iiKu., •     F. J. fc!:-iy.;!i,
, -*\Toble OraiuJ.        ■ ,    .Seci'v.
perfimie3, OoL
og-nes, Etc. .JMoyie Board of Trade
""wwraviroiTwr T .E-JJl-A «
I'MAYIE RnTWT"'»    '":«
tf-       JL?A\^   Iv.   IJJ^ ■ O O  tr   in. 8    \
^ ~Ov.l^5fc.   ^3»t        ,i3v.    ^-^^Jtauii ^2Sv.^£i.   %^    ^       li    t   t   ,     i* . ,. ■
' p. f. jomui'ioji
hiy&Wl3      OAT     O -^cr^u of p.'ich     m«,i:
Meets on f heJirat V/edm'.-driy  ,
e::i:i^ of o.'tch     month  at
iiv !.!•; ucc'»nlicfc;   to   our   do! h.    Tii*»!
jjubli-.h-.r.-v of ilif"   leader   v. Of.li]   Juvul
"   i
:br:fv;ii«ut! l.ic f |; upy: i.ms:   .i;;o   -...Tv,-1
■''"■■'   -Iutt   !;ie   '.".vn. D«rf
jlfGi(Iesii:.t:  t!j}j   cr. .CaMphHl
..I reel.
-hoy    ,:„|    co.v-r!V-,i'   .hat    !!k-   t<".vn f D«-. jvpr   ^j,^^
\vouKl':it!.iiii tabs on now life ::nd   bc-r^^^ ' t^HuJ/-^«asa^*
and '/5atli 'Booms,
^ois  on   Tavisiotl;
come j'ro*,p-,:i-ij!..-,, 'lur iiredi<-t'.ons
'i.'V'rjrccii correct, for alieady "he
vvaye of pro.-perily i< a]>pareut. As
the tov.-r. i::-.M.-ovru .-o will   the  Leader
In STONE DuildinK.
the tov.-r. K-o:ovn; ,,o will   the  Leader oiUAJi j.uiiGing. ,
i<.*pr<"-.-7     .'V.r^jlhc  t,ta  tlie  L-usi-j J-  H,   PLUJOKEiVSTEIN". I
lie. r :::«:;:  '..'    "'.Icvi-j   have   ■ tryoV.   '-''"^^^  ,'	
uc.c A.-.a: i,:    ?.:cy:'j   have   ■ tryoV.   bv J
their iiciine ;:'jv,'ipij;cr   ;;*,'.:.f;;lly.   and I
ihoir liberp.l iiiitrojia^-c  has  \acn  t"uly{^a
ajiptet-iatot]. ( ' | •
Tnis id !.oi:;.cr'1f.ji7^il'.r «Ir^->*_■.
C *t
F. Augustus Ihirzo paid his  Due <.f
:*.-20,000aM   coolly as   !,hci-h   it   l,,u
been 20 centu, and   there    v.-n-:    a.o\   a
minute's interruption of biisinoo.:.
.-> >2-~4.  .^—- ^„
Commercial men .say   that   business
'.*-• heU.er along'thi?   Cr>\v'i.   J:,'est   3:nr.
than i'li anv other   imm   of tbe   piov-
l.'i-e, ana few :.ia. in In-tier poc'ti.m   to j
kno",7 thr.:'1. the-jo mine :-.- n, '
House and lot on Victpria f.'raet.
House and   lot 'or.  La.':e ".'bore
ayennc. '
BusincGs    L.i i d:    'on     Victoria
titicol.    ■
Good dairy busineus iioar town.
MiuiiiL' stock,
.for nmi\
Oface rooms and living, a;;pari-
"ients on Victoria ttrcbt.   '
flou-ieslor rent.
We,do   r.   generai   eomnu.ciou
J ' K'i.u—v, iifij. ju rej;.
A. ]\ "M.ic,i>o:.*«.i.j), I're.-.
IT. !-\ J'ujxsto:-,        ..    II. (\A:;rn:;j:.,
k'Vico-I'r;;;,. S'*c'v,
.  & DXJNBAi?'.     " '*'
Uftrriotcri?, Solicitors, Notarion, F,tc.
Cranbrook,   -   -    b. 0;
"*" 'm'ovii;
- ^ ,   ';. - -i v.*  <
& u-\ : -. v' -Vs*
B.tni:/sTKi:. solicitor  cvc
arrell & .Smyth
Box 35.
B.  C.
Fruit, Tea, Coffee,
,. Stovepipes ana
Tinware r>.t
wnnn f
There, are aewntson metals tiiat'ar?
more valuable poim-I for pound than'
gold. Very good" But for plain, un-
i^suming,  easily ^satisfied   newspaper
iiif-n plfiin gold   v.'ill   do.    It    will   be. v^aa^^       a
fl    -    =  -^.»'i"UM readily M the J^   \VJT, V. CROSBY, Proprietor.
   j ^ •■ -  v osypix s  Odiivent.
i'or i: Disordered Sto manh. | NELSOA*  B.C.
flf F; ^a^P
15 &M
George K. Thompson,
tary Vvv.nc, S.c'.
PROMPT DELIVERY. |CR^JBR00K,       Bn;^n Cbi.vln
Queens' A;'e.      cMOYIE
«i 'i'-""!';
.    ..     -r-'-H'.rk
"■'■«TfVif.j.i«i»,|>-    /,■'::$
 ">^»*a>M^^w^11Ml ' ^ • ^ y,^ r * * i* Vy-.'^ v.
K ..   . " ' "'   '  "*- ^^.^. ffl-^-f^
I.   I   II   I   I   11.11  ■   ■!■,,  I   ■*' '
!  ' '     ' aP'sZflt.
f .:- , --."-.'••.vv'.
Tlie Hnfnat buy of th«" ^a^,n, anil 'ywti will 'i.f-,.f,:( ,„.,r
money in tbrOe inoiulis." 'J'lie .'.in^uny K.-t-.r-" J-] Vum.-,
•vhich -jbrrutind the-St. Eugene .iniiie^-thv: Lint,-.-: J!ve:-
'•cad mine on the Amivioan tMinlineni. '
MOVIC's   Ui^..;vg  tlbTKi.
'■I have been troubled for some time       vnnln. ot,f, n D ' J ,'    . , n,      <     •   .     ,
tli iad-iest-on «nd   ,onr   ,f„m-,n„ »L *°~ . h0°.&m] m.l Sch°o1  ^duct-  Our aim 13 to please patrons,
ed hy ihe Sisters of St. Joseph, Nelson
1'. O. Commercial and business
ennr-sea a specialty. Excellence and ■'
swift progre-,3 characteaize each department. Parents should write for
particulars. One month asaurps the
public of the thoroughness of the
Sisters' methods of teaching Tern-
■commence.January, April und Sopl
I upils are admitted during term
with indigestion .-ind -"onr stomach,
.days- Mrs. tiaraii W. Curtis, of Lee,
Mdss.Vami have been taking Cb-iiri-
berlain'3 Stomach and Liver Tablets
which have helped me very much so
that now 1 can t-at many tiling that
before I could not," If you i,.,Y0 auy
trouble with your atornac!) whv not
take these Tablets :;nd yet well? For,
sale by all drugyifci--.
r.r.AM Ti: '."[fitoi nu.
'•'I'vM-i'ltl -.piii! l'!ihS|„ij   lo'icli u j,; the
To   u.-.v;   an 38th   een;u:y     phrase,
this is an   "oVr   true   tali;.'"     Having
happened in a -mail V,ryinia  town in J
tlu- wiut' 1 of J'JOJ, it, i< a   story    vi ry '
much of thc jT...-ent.    Up to ' a.   .-hi,*,'
time ayo .Mr.-. John   JO.    Hanm.!!.   0:
"M'-lf.t Station,   Y,i.. had    uu    I'l'i.-oim! '    ■
knowludyc ul the i.irc curative  o or-1     ilci,JAT,JS  (;'lr*J  *dl   X.tvouV :ini
'ti^.,1 fhambrrlVn's t'uw-^h   il^nu dv j Vr,,^lllitr 1>>'W*.
"U,l Jmn-iry/'sh,. SllVs,   "mv    iM.,', ! ,-flri   U;Vri^^  ' ITfal    all - Eidn.-y,
tookadrcadfdcoldiuid.ii,   .,.■."..    , .„"    ■"""'' a,"« 'S*l"»»»'»« Allien,
—I |1 Treasury Stock Is Wow Se/lin
at JO Cents a Share,
-■ "-)t•«.v"",',
I tl      1 \ ," •    ^%J"-
^j  For Pnrticulaio apply u;
Good   draft and   bottled  beer
always on hand.       ---------
The best of'faccommodnLicjii'
for the traveling ptiblic.
j -P. J. McMahon, Mgr.
FOR   FI\E   TAILOT?L\0   CO    TO
VfC*r ,"z^?
r/    <
fc)   BOX 35.
e Mum m mm
ARROW   LAKE,  B.   C.
Jhe iVIosi Complete
Health Resort en
the Continent ct
North America.
??   T    P' T'??.  ""Kl 77), -^'1
i^2t^3i2!22^T;S^ 2£
^     '  ,-■;"'■.
• b.;i
'I !
I ."'-,;:•'d -fie wvi'.d    )i:h-j    !HH'U.',.oi,...,
■■' but one of. riivr iH'i^libois (ohi bie  how
, tluViT.'hir'iy !]uil c'lired'her   Iiu!V  Itov
and ! Iici:; ^ivnig it to my    baby    at
■■once and it soon, cured h'er.    I hearli! v
thank., the mantifacturors-of Chanibc-r-
hiiii'fi Cough Ivbmedy for   placing   so
grenl a cure within my reach.    I 'cannot recommend it  too liighlv   01". :--iiv
' 00 muchjn it. favor.    T hope all .' who
read tliis ,'lvil! fry il, and  bis convinced
ad I wa;-."     For sale by   all druggists.
1 ions persons in each.slate to. travel
for house.'established cloven vears and
wilh.a large capital, to call upon merchants ami agents lor successful! and
proli'tablc line. Verniiinent, engage-
'"ment. Weekeiy cash salary of $2<\
and all traveling e.qiet'ises a'ml hotel
bill advanced in cash each week. Experience not essentia]. Mention reference and enclose sWuMi-e^d ,.,..•<_.
lope. THE XATlu:V\E, W jicar
' -""" S< . OhVa;;o.
Tlify ■.:.. a Xevcrfailing K,;II,edv
lor all Ivlieuinatic-Tiotibles.   '"'
Tf]K.\IH--!jijr;tr,ifis per week, according lo residence in Hotel or Villas
n  fa   rf
tf^^OJW. U*U%I)
Prices G-iveii.
and   Orders
Taken on
in the Printing-
Line at the
£Ailfft      nvnnr
TO V :
S,   Paul,.   Dujuth,   Minneapolis,
Seattle, Tacoma, Pictoria;  Port-
'' ^        land,
ANJ.)   A 1,1.    J'ACIKIO   COAST   POINTS.
Through Palace and 'iVnnisf, Sleepers,
Dining and   Uufrot   Smoking .Li--'
;:   bniry .Cars.
2   Fast   Overland  ft
For Tickets,'Kutes, Folders and
I'lill mlormati.m, call oil or ad-
dre.-saiiy Orrat Xortbern Agent
or write . ■
,;- "v. i'. a..        (;. p. ,Cv.,._ A;'  '     [
Health),-       701 \V. ■litwrsidu Ave  !
°»rj (p»
. m. run It
Fine   fSnithigs,    Ovorco.iting
'i'rou.-ers,    Em ported     Ooxl-
moyie, B. c
Area ted Waters  of all
Orders Solicited.   ;
Soda Water  and Syphens.
~      -—     V    .       "* "-'   . '   ■!■■»! ni 1 iii U' ■ 111  ii-m«j»i   _u.i    11 .mi—mill mi>wiII«ii>h "■_£'"J!r^__l   . , "~" ~_      _Z_ *       1
* * ., \\1^
Link Your For-
tuneslto the . .
i-j   COiVEPAJM\
r   j vj.a,'Mhi.u^».. ..
,WH" ■*--~-~«-'v»->"~.-<«^~~~r~"»««»«__„„.
:',S"v.**oi.KSAi.E aa-huetail' :
Fresh   and CuredVroats, Frerih1*
Fish, Game   an:i   Poultry.    We
supply Honly   the   best.     Your
trade solicited. '
In   all   the '..Principal
Cities and)   Towns   in
British Columbia.
Which Eurnishhs Life
Insurance as an invest-;
ihent for you and a safeguard, for your family.
t   -i
^ '■■':
:■"'■' A*f*
% SMYTH, tali,
Aro yif, j}; 0.
jV7 /^> ERS Tad n]Jt T'lSS TEHEIi^ClCO.
?r Beer, Porter and 'loffleci
^'.;sii. ^jiok-atio,\V.i,h/'' Kl'A1N!:A!7i(,„.-* roi- East '•'•vitknay.
H* ■ ,j|^ 11 t* on  U*•&*^
ferfap 00 rieiiL
Q/iialitv not excelled in the^'coimtry.   Try it anc
be convinced.
1»*   iVr jr".    -^rU.


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