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Mining Review Sep 20, 1902

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Array VOL. 6.���������NO. 14.  SANDON, B. C., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1902.  $2.00 PER YEAR.  Town Jottings.  Lead is ������10, 18s, 6d in London,  C. D.   Hunter   is  in   the  city  Phoenix.  Eng.  from  W. W. Fallows went to Nelson on  Tuesday on business.  Robt. Irving, president of the K. & S.,  Sundayed at the Hotel Reco.  Mrs. Atherton and family came m  from New Denver on Thursday.  Mrs. Jas. Vallance returned home on  Saturday from a trip to tlie coast.  M. McCarthy after some weeks' absence is back at his old-post at the  O. P. R. ticker.  Thompson Bros, are making some  changes in the way of improvements in  their saloon.  How interesting it will be to see John  Daly rocking the baby to sleep, and it  is a daughter, too. ���������  M. R. W. Rathborne has commenced  ( work for Mr. Alexander on Big Timber  mine on Payne hill.  Messis. Towgood & Brtider, of the  New York Brewery, find business considerably on the mend, orders coming  in freely for their excellent beer.  Mr. Parrieh, of Greenwood, consul-  ti-ig engineer for the Payne, has been  up to the property this week and reports everything in excellentshape.  We understand that no change has  taken place at the Washington mine  the past week, though any good man  who wants to go to work there can  do so.  Some people used to say that Mr. Mc-  Naught, of the Halcyon Springs, was  invincible; but it is not so, as he  was married a few days ago to a Miss  Horner from England.  Mr. C. H. Rashdall, of New Denver,  was. in the city Wednesday. It was  generally understood he was too long  acquainted with1 his late partner Fauquier, for his own welfare. *  It is Mr. Gordon, superintendent of  the Ruth mill, who is getting up the  staff of employees for the big mill in  Mexico that Tom Mitchell ia putting up.  The men will be leaving here in a day  or two.  Three new properties, the Coin, the  Blue Bird and the St. Kevern, are all  looking well under development work  boing done on them���������each having a  body of ore, though none of them have  anything phenomenal to report this  week.  There appears to be a sort of half  working friendliness among that trio���������  HouBton, Wilkes and ' Deans. This  will do well enough until Wilkes either  takes the labor nomination in Nelson  himself next elections, or throws in his  lot with Deans. Watch and Bee how  the fur will fly then.  The British editors are quite right  when they say some of the B. C. mines  are over capitalized and cannot be  ex  pected to pay reasonable interest on  capitalization. They conclude from  their visit our mines are not exceed in  the world, but then a strong horse may  be overloaded.  Senator Templeman spent Sunday in  the city. He is making a tour of the  miningdistricts tolearn as far as possible  what Federal legislation might be of  benefit to the industry. Whathe thinks  most strange is that all interested are  not united on the matter. As far,as  can be learned,' he is in favor of placing  duties on lead and   lead manufactures.  Little Ossie ClifFe had one of the most  miraculous escapes from serious injur}1*  or death on Tuesday last ever recordod  in the district. He fell from-the top  railing of the top veranda of the residence to the ground, a distance of 2G  feet, without receiving a scratch. He  was shook up and dazed for a while,  but next morning;was as well  as ever.  Some B. C.   mine   owners  object  to  placing a duty on lead and   lead products in this way:   They argue that as  most of the Coeur d'Alene mines yield  but 50 ozs. of silver or less, they cannot'  mine for less'than three cents a pound  for lead, and any Canadian manufac-  turer.who can get lead at present prices  should be satisfied with this protection.  So far so good.   It is never argued that,  the imposition of  the proposed duties  could do us any harm only they could  do us no good.   Well, let us see.   In  the first  place,   all   of   the  American  silver-lead mines do not run this low in  silver; many of them do much better.  Again,   it  is an easy matter  for the  American  government   to .lower    the  home duties against raw lead, and they  would get all they wanted from Mexico  and B. C. at a low figure,   With   this  possibility  in  the balance,  Canadian  capitalists will not put their money into  the establishment of manufactories and  run the chance of American competition at any time.   What Canada wants  is the employment of its own people at  home in   lead manufacturing, and the  circulation of our own money at  home  for manufactures, when by doing so we  secure the choice of outside markets for  raw  lead  or  manufactures,    as the}'  best offer.  ZINC  an  IN DEMAND.  Mr.  Jones  Buying Slocan  Zine fop  a Kansas Firm.  The Democrat's Strike.  It looks now as if the old man J. G.  Steele waa at length to be rewarded for  his several years of hard work in this  camp. He is the chief owner of the  Democat in the Idaho basin, and a  short lime ago his company gave a lease  on it. This week of a sudden the  workmen struck two feet of carbonates  that run 175 ounces in silver, and  present indications are that a large  body of solid ore is not far distant.  Hotel Reco Arrivals.  J.N.Sutton, Whitewater; T. Jones.  Iola, Kansas; C. D. Hunter, Phoenix;  CVS. Rashdall, New Denver; A. Milloy,  Rossiand; W. Downie, Nelson; H. A.  Small, Vancouver; W. H. Lewis, Mrs.  H. Newcombe McGuigan.  It now looks as if there was a bright  day dawning for the zinc bearing mines  of the, Slocan, which   means most of  them, Mr. G. W. Hughes' Sunset being  a marked exception. ��������� At the late   revision of smelter charges   zinc bearing  pre became a penalized, detracting from  the   value  of  products.   This  is   now  likely to be cured, to an extent at least.  Mr. T. Jones, of Iola, Kansas, who represents the   Lanyon  Zinc, Company,  one of the largest handlers, if not the  largest, in the United States, has spent  several days in the camp taking in the  situation, with   the result that he may  be soon buying for his company.   His  company's works are capable of handling over 200 tons of metallic zinc a day,  preferring the ores that carry low values  in iron and lead and running  high in  zinc and silver.   This, of course, gives a  great   preference to  Slocan ores over  those  of; the  Coeur d'Alenes.   These  works   finish   smelting    and    refining  operations to the fullest extent turning  out all the various products of the  ore.  To the present the company have confined their purchases for the most part,  to the   states   of  Colorado,   Utah and  Missouri;   but  after  making  a   little  enquiry they have come to the conclusion there may ben favorable field in B. C.  and   they  are  now   here   to   see.   It  is unfortunate that to the present there  havobcen no  advantageous  transport  facilities to Kansas on account of arrangements  between  connecting  railways;   but,  of course, business  calls  attention to its own requirements, and  it is hoped as favorable, rates will   be  made from B; C. to the  Iola works as  for any  corresponding distance  elsewhere.   Notonly this,  but if our ores  prove advantageous at prices the company can pay, it may lead to the erection of smelters nearer here  when the  obstacle  of freights, will   be  more or  less over come.  As yet Mr, Jones has made no purchases for his firm; but he is to have  interviews with the railway companies,  and tlie prices he will bo able to offer  will largely depend on his (success -with  them. He has made analysis of  samples of some of the ores and finds  that the outputs of many of the mines,  such as the Bosun, the Payne, the  Ivanhoe, the Lucky Jim and several  others are well suited, to the requirements to his firm, if suitable transportation rates can be secured. In fact he  had no idea before coming here that so  many of our mines turned out as high  grade zinc values as they do. Coal and  coke are the only assistants their  furnaces require���������no other minerals for  fluxes���������forsmeltingandrefining. From  indications it is evident that if Mr.  Jones' mission turns out as one can  imagine it will, it will convert the zinc  penalty of most of our mines into a  premium, and in this way advance the  total  values  from 10 to 15 per cent,  which will revolutionise the entire  m ining business of the country. Heretofore those of our mine owners that  have concentrators, were anxious to  separate the zinc percentage from other  values so as not to lower the value of  the latter in the market; but if.this  scheme becomes a success, as it promises well to do, it will bring;that value to  the front as the most important element  in the output.  Mr. Jones is likely to remain in these  parts for several weeks going over the  field fully, communicating with bis  company from time to time as to the result of his mission, which is two fold :  First, canvassing the field as to  future purchases, and secondly, considering the possibility of locating smelters  nearer the supply of ores, to diminish  the cost of transport. Mr. Jones understands his business thoroughly; is well  in the confidence of his principals, and  is anxious to meet the producers one  and all so that he may in the shortest  time become possessed of all the information available bearing on the subject  in all-its details.  Similkameen Coal,  Mr. B. P. Little, who' is consulting  engineer for the Diamonp Vale Goal  and Iron Mines, Limited, returned  home from the Similkameen a iew days  ago and gives good accounts of the coal  properties in that section of country.  His compony's coal lands are situated  on the Quilchena creek near Princeton.  Mr. Smith" and T. Wilson, two. of  the largest shareholders of the company, looked over the coal showings  and were well pleased with the work  done by the diamond drill/Another  drill will be used in the operations next  spring. Mr. Little has just finished  surveys on some ten square miles 'owned by the company.  Already six seams of coal have been  exposed running from four to 20 feet in  width, which crops out on the creek  bank. On the largest vein a tunnel  will be driven this winter, which will  give employment to six men. A small  steam plant will' be installed to help  out the work.  Some excellent showings have been  taken out of a 50 foot tunnel which has  opened up a six foot seam. The assays  show 59.02 per cent fixed carbon, 5 per  cent moisture, 3.03 per cent ash and  32,95 per cent volatile matter.  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The following are the ore shipments  from Sandon for, the week :  Mine. , Tons.  Payne .....'.'  82  Ruth '..- 42  American Boy ........;  21  Mercury  21  Ivanhoe 20  jLotai.  186  The Republic group near Slocan will  commence shipping shortly.  M&u&^fBBaBBBm3fiBB8R  ^-fe^-^*.?^^ -������������������*-.' THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, September 20, 1902.  The Mining Review.  SATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER 20,  1902.  The Nelson News:   "In all the  discussion over Mr. Kirby's paper  there  was not a single suggestion thrown out  as to how  revenue   should  be  drawn  from the mining industry without crippling it."   And supposing revenue can-  hot be drawn by any means from the  mines   without   crippling them,   why  should   it   be  drawn   at all?   It is a  noted fact that without  the development of  mining   in   this  province its.  population would today be  confined to  a few fishing villages on the coast.   Is  it then a fact that there is no   way of  raising the $100,000 a year .got out  of  the mines   as  a   revenue  tax without  driving our population   back   to those  few fishing  villages   again?   Surely   it  Bays but little  for   the  ability   of  our  representatives in the house   if   they  can  see  no  means  of   bridging   this  comparatively small matter.   We fully  admit as many representatives at the  Nelson Mining Institute admitted, that  if was only this two per cent mining tax  our   mines had to grapple with as an  impediment  in   the  way of successful  operation, it could be easily overcome.  But thera are so many such obstacles.  We find our mine owners paying a third  more for provisions, for their men than  their American   neighbors pay;   they  pay  25   to  50 per cent additional  on  machinery; 30 to 60 per cent on candles and powder; work  an eight  hour  shift against a ten hour shift in many  of the states, and take $1.30 for their  output of lead,   while  the  Americans  get $3.50.   Let any of these carpers who  insist on a   mining tax go to Ontario,  Manitoba or any of the other provinces  and they will find the merchant and business men paying a tax of froml two   to  three per cent on   their merchandise;  the house holder paying two or three  per cent on his house and lands, but our  government can impose but one-half of  one per cent on these effects, collect but  once every five or ten years and lose the  half.of even this, and then tax the mine  two per cent in addition to all the other  taxes we have named and tie   up the  country, if the mine can't pay it.   If it  was a fact that a mine was like a farm,  a matter of interest to the  owner only,  the situation would be different;   but  when   it   is  an   institution on   whose  operation the growth and welfare of the  whole country is depending, the matter  become   different.    We  have  said  it  before, and we repeat it again, that if  the government taxes the general public  properly and equitably, collects its taxation, it can easily get along without imposing burdens on non dividend paying  mines.   If again, we secure a reduction  of Federal taxes on mining supplies and  BOTTLE BABIES  Bottle babies are so likely  to sfet thin. What can be  done ? More milk, condensed  milk, watered milk, household  mixtures���������try them all. Then  try a little Scott's Emulsion in  the bottle.  It does for babies what it  does for old folks���������gives new,  firm flesh and strong life.  You'll be pleased with the result. It takes only a little in  milk to make baby fat.  it at fair wages, and the general public  will not be found complaining of their  increased provincial taxation.  We'll send you a little to try, il you lik*.  SCOTT   &   BOWNE,      Chemists,  Toronto.  requisites, and by imposing a reasonable tariff on lead and lead products,"  we enlarge our market for products,  another, point will be gained. The  next requirement is to choke basswood  politicians and the labor agitators who  are ever inducing conditions that are  frightening capital away from the  country, and this province will commence an era of unexampled progress.  It will then offer an abundance of work  for every man in all callings that wants  The Conservative convention at Revelstoke on Saturday chose again  Charles Wilson, of Vancouver, as their  provincial leader, disappointing two or  three other aspirants, and declared  in favor of Federal party lines  next election, but not until then. We  cannot see how this latter, could be  otherwise. To decide for party lines  now, would force every representative  in tbe house to more or less stultify  himself with his constituents, as scarcely one was elected by a straight party  vote, to act party when not elected  party would have been a stultfication.  This means also the bear and bull  business of the past session will likely  last either until the government is  defeated or the general election comes  around.  FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS.  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Svrup has been used  by millions of mothers for their children when  teething. If disturbed at nitrht and broken in  your rest by a sick child, suffering aud crying  witn pain of cutting teeth. Send at once and  get a bottle of "Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup"  for ehildren teething. It will relieve the poor,  little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it,  mothers, there is no mistake about it. 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It is not because this man's name is  Houston, we say this; but it stands to  reason that no party can do itself credit  in any event by placing on any of its  shoulders a man who can never argue  with any opponent without calling him  "a son of a b ," and  getting  his  face smashed for it in.return.  Game Laws.  It is lawful to shoot game as follows  (dates inclusive):  September 1 to December 14-���������Deer,  buck or doe; mountain goat, mountain  sheep (ram).  September 1 to December 31���������Caribou; elk, wapiti, (bull); grouse of all  kinds, including prairie chickens; hare;  moose (bull).  September 1 to February 28���������Bittern;  duck, all kinds; heron; meadow lark,  plover.  November 2 to March 31���������Beaver,  land otter, marten.  5.000 shares (of $1.00 each) fully paid  up stock in the Similkameen Valley  Coal Company at 8 cents each, in lots  of 100 shares or more.  This is not pooled stock and the certificates will be delivered on receipt of  remittance.  If you want to buy or sell stock  of any kind write us.  E. B. McDERMID,  Chartered Accountant, Nelson.  NOTICE.  In the matter of an application for a duplicate  of a Certificate of Title to Blocks 3 and 10  of Lot S91,  Group  I,  Kootenay   District  (Map 689).  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that it is. my  intention to issue at the expiration  of one  month  from  the  first publication hereof a  di plicate of Ihe Certificate of Title to the above  mentioned lauds in the District of Kootenay in  the name of James M.Barton, which Certificate  is dated  the 6th day of February, 1902,  and  numbered 1157 A.  H. F. MACLEOD.  ��������� ���������'"-'���������' District Registrar.  Land Registry Oflice,  Nelson, B.C.  9th September, 1902.  1BeSm' as&L Wooav SftospMiieX  4mS&a8&i\      pfe Grgat English Remedy.   *  Sold and recommended by all  /"druggists in Canada. Only reli-  ���������-able medicine discovered.  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Chew's south east corner post,  situated on the north side of the west  fork of Wilson creek, near the foot of  the second lake on said creek, thence  west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,  thence east 80 chains, thence south 80  chains, to the place of beginning.  GEO. CHEW.  Dated July 31st, 1902.  See the New Stock  Printers Stationery  at this office.  eoe������������9oo������eoeeo������������(  leoeaea������ THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday? September 20  1903.  Tie Canadian Nortliwest  REGULATIONS.  2  Any even numbered section of Dominion Lands in Manitoba or Northwest Territories, excepting 8 and 26,  which has not been homesteaded, reserved to provide wood lots for settlers, or  for other purposes, may be homesteaded  upon by any person who is the sole head  of a family, of any male over 18 years,  to the exte-nt of one quarter section of  160 acres, more or less.  ' ENTKY.  Entry may be made personally at the  local land office for the district in which  the land to be taken is situate, or if the  homesteader desires, ho may, on application to the Ministerof the Interior,Ottawa, the Commissioneroflmmigration,  Winnipeg, or the Local Agent for the  district iu which the land is situate, receive authority for some one to make  entry for him. A fee of $10 is charged  for ordinary homestead entry.  HOMESTEAD DUTIES.  Under the present law homestead  duties must be formed in one of the following ways, namely:  (1) By at least six months, residence  upon and cultivation of the land in each  year during the term of three years;       I  (2) If the father or the mother (if the  father is deceased) or any person who is  eligible to make a homestead entry, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the  land entered for by such person as a  homestead, tlie requirements of the law  as to residence prior to obtaining patent  may be satisfied by such person residing  with the father or mother.  (3) If a settler has obtained a patent  for his first homestead j on a certificate  for the issue of such patent countersigned in the manner prescribed in the  Dominion Lands Act, and has obtained  entry for a second homestead, the requirements of this Act as to residence  prior to obtaining patent'may. be satisfied by residence on the first.homestead.  (4) If the settler has his permanent  residence upon farming land owned by  him in the vicinity of his homestead,  the requirements of the law as to residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.  APPLICATION FOR PATENTS.  Should be made at the- end of three  years, before the Local Agent, Sub-  Agent or the Homstead Inspector. Before making application for the patent  the settler must give six month's notice  in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of his intention  to do so.  INFORMATION.  ' New-arrived immigrants will  receive  at the Immigration Office at Winnipeg,  or at any  Dominion   Lands  Office  in  Manitoba or the Northwest  Territories  information as to the   lands  that  are  open for entry, and from the officers   in  charge, free of expense, advice and  assistance in securing lands to suit them ;  and   full  information   respecting    the  land, timber, coal and mineral laws, as  well as respecting Dominion   Lands   in  the Railway Belt in   British   Columbia  may be obtained   upon   application   to  the Secretary at the Department of the  Interior, Ottawa; the CommisBioner of  Immigration, Winnipeg, Manitoba, or  to any of the Dominion Lands Agentsin  Manitoba or the Northwest Territories.  JAMES A. SMART,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  -   NOTICE. '  Notice  is  hereby  given that thirty  days from date, I intend to apply to the  Honorable the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works at Victoria, B. C, for  a special license to cut and carry away  timber from   the   following described  lands:   Commencing  at   post  marked  D.St Dennis' north-east post, situated  on the west bank of the Columbia river,  about 11 miles south of Nakusn, thence  south-west 80 chains, thence south-east  80 chains, thence north-east 80 chains  to the bank of river,  thence north-west  SO chains following bank of river to the  place of beginning.  D. ST DENNIS.  August 30th, 1902.  Cook's Cotton Uoot Compound  . Is successfully used monthly by over  ���������'10,000Ladies. Safe, effectual. Ladies ask  ,. your druggist for Cook's Cotton Bool Compound. Take no other, as all Mixtures, pills and  imitations are dangerous. Price, No. 1, $1 per  box; No. 8,10 degrees stronger,S3 per box. No.  1 or 2, mailed on receipt of price and two 8-eent  Stamps.   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"  GRACIE,  MINNIE,  LITTLE ESTELLA FRAC  HON   AND  TORNADO    Mineral   Claims!  situate in the Slocan Mining Division o  , West Kootenay District.  Where located:   About two miles south west  of Sandon.  Take notice that the Selkirk Mining and  Milling   company,   Limited' Liability,   Free  Miner's Certificate No. JB 52338, intend, sixty  days from tho date hereof, to ' apply to the  Mining Kecorder for a-Certificate of Improvements, for the^mrpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of each of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,'.must' be   commenced  before the  issuance of si.ch Certificate of Improvements.-'  Dated this 20th day of May, A. D. 1902.  Short Line  TO  St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago  AND ALL POINTS EAST  Seattle, Tacoma, Victoria, Portland  AND ALL PACIFIC COAST POINTS.  Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining & Buffett SmokingLibrary Cars.  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(!.,��������� Free Miner's Certificate No. 50150, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Kecorder for a: Certificate of Improvements for the purpopc of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,  must be commenced before  the.  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th day of May, 190.'.  A. R. HEYLAND.  Alta Lodge, No. 29.  A. F. AND A. M;  Regular Communication of the lodge.  Meets first Thursday in each month at S p. m.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.  JAMBS M. BARTON, Sec'y.    ,  A. R. HEYLAND,  ENGINEER,  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  SANDON, B.C.  M. L. GRIMMETT, XL. B.  Barrister, .Solicitor,  Notary  Public, Etc. v  Sandon, British C lumbla.  mm cof  COFFEE  ROASTERS  Dealers in TEA AND COFFEE.  We are offering at the lowest prices  the best erades of Ceylon, Iridin, Uhina  and Japan Teas.  For Prices see Nelson daily papers.  A TRIAL ORDER SOLICITED.  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The conservative association   in   session last   week  at  Revelstoke  elected  CharleB Wilson, of Vancouver, loader;  declared for party lines at   the  general  election; elected John Houston, of Nelson, president of the provincial association, and -the - following, named   vice-  presidents:   Goodeve, of Rossiand, Mc-  Kelvie, of Vernon;   Seymour,  of   Vancouver; Annandale, of New   Westminster, and McPhillips, of Victoria.  The  president and    vice-presidents  afterwards met and  elected   Green,   of  Kaslo; Robinson, ofICamloops;Reid, of  New Westminster; Seymour,   of  Vancouver, and Russall, of Victoria, members of the executive.    Frank S.   Barnard was re-elected treasurer;   and the  election   of   secretary   was : deferred.  Revelstoke beat Victoria as   the   place  at which the next  convention   will   be  held. The next convention will be made  up of five delegates for each member returned   the legislative   assembry  from  each provincial electoral district.  The lollowing are the clauses   of   the  platform:  That the policy of the party in matters  of provincial roads and trails, ownership and control of railways, and the"  development of agricultural resources,  as laid down in the platform adopted in  October, 1899, is herehy re-affirmed.  That to encourage the mining industry tbe taxation of metalliferous mines  should be on a basis of percentage ol net  proGt6.  , That government ownership of telephone systems should be brought about  as a first step in the acquisition of public utilities.  That a portion of every coal area hereafter to be disposed of should be reser-  Vdd from sale or lease, so that state  owned may be easily possible if their  operation becomes necessary or advisable.  That in pulp land leases provision  should be made for re-foresting, and  that steps should be taken for the general preservation of forests by the guarding against wasteful destruction of timber.  That the legislature and the government of the province should persevere  intbeir efforts to secure the exclusion  of Asiatic labor.  That the matter of better terms in the  way of subsidies and appropriations for  tlie province should be vigorously pressed upon the dominion goxernment.  That the silver-lead industries of the  province be fostered and encouraged by  the imposition of increased custom duties  on lead and lead products imported into  Canada, and that the conservative members of the dominion house be urged to  support any motion introduced for such  purposes.  That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss ond injury  both to the partiesdirectly and indirectly concerned and the public, legislation  should be pressed to provide means for  au amicable adjustment of such disputes,  between employers and employees.  To actively aid in construction of  trails throughout the undeveloped portion of the province, and the building of  provincial trunk roads of public necessity.  At the opening of school again your  children will need to replenish their  school requisites, all of" which can  be secured at reasonable prices at  Continued on Page 5.  Canadian  Excursion Kate?  SEPTEMBER 29 & 3  TO  Washington  AND RETURN  From Rossiand, Nelson, etc., corresponding reductions from all stations.  Through Tourist Sleeping Cars.  EAST  Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for  St. Paul; leaves Kootenay Landing  Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto,  Montreal, etc.  ������   ' WEST  Leaves Revelstoke daily for Seattle  and Vancouver.  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The question of introducing party  lines at the next general election was  taken up and the following resolution  was presented and carried, C. A. Sem-  lin, from Ashcroft, dissenting, as intro-  structed:  "That in the opinion of this convention the stability of government and  beneficial legislation can best be secured  by the introduction of party lines in  local elections and that such a course be  adopted."  Charles Wilson, K. C, havingtender-  ed his resignation as leader, some argument was advanced that the question of  leadership be left to the candidates  of  t le party   who   secured   seats   in   the  house, and occasion was taken   by   colonel Prior, R. McBride and   F. Carter-  0 itton to declare their  personal   po'si-  , tions.i'. After a ful discussion it was set-  tied that the leadership should be determined by the convention. It was uuani-  mously decided amidst a scene of  great  enthusiasm that the resignation of   Mr.  Wilson should not be   accepted.     The  convention was then addressed by Mr.  Wilson, and, on the   invitation   of   the  president, Mr. Borden said a few words  felicitating.the delegates upon   the elo-  q  uence, enthusiasm and   unity   which  prevailed.     The evening  session   was  taken up with matters of  construction  and organization.  , i  The Bosun Mine.  For some months the Bosun has been  quietly pushing ahead development  work, and today it is in a better condition than it has been any time in  its history, says the New Denver Ledge.  The long No. 1 tunnel, run in from the  Silverton wagon road for a distance of  1,500 feet, has come in contact with aa  fine a showing of zinc ore as any mine  in the camp can boast of. The shoot is  about 18 inches in thickness, and an  average assay'gives 607 ounces silver to  the ton. The ore also carries two per  cent copper. This showing of copper is  particularly interesting as it iB the first  that has appeared in the ore.  There is a vertical depth of 600 feet  on the lead at the point where the ore  has been encountered, and an upraise  has been made for a distance of 175  feet to connect the No. 1 tunnel -with a  90 foot winze sunk from the No, 2.  This opens up something like 265 feet  of stoping ground, and puts the mine  on a better footing than it ever has  been. There is ore blocked out to keep  the property working at its present  capacity for three years. Thirty-five  men are employed.  An ore house has been erected at the  Silverton road, and from there to the  lake shore landing is but a short distance, greatly reducing the cost of hauling the ore.  The Republic group near Slocan will  commence shipping shortly.  To be well dressed. To  know that you are dressed in  a smart, stylish suit gives  you confidence .in yourself  and enables you to better  transact your business.  Our big business has been  built up on HIGH CLASS  CLOTHING, the BEST  BOOTS AND SHOES men  can manufacture. 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Coallands may'be purchased at $10.00 per  acre for soft coal, and $20.00 for anthracite.  Not more than 320 acres can be acquired by  one individual'or company. -'.Royalty at such  rates as may from time to time bo specified by  order in council shall be collected on the  gross output.  QUARTZ.  Persons of eighteen years and over and  joint stock companies holding free miner's  certificates may obtain entry for a mining  location,  A free miner's certificate is granted for one  or more years, not exceeding five, upon pny-  ment in advance of $10,.00 per annum for an  individual^ and from $50.00 to $100.00 per annum for a company, according to capital.  A lree miner having discovered mineral in  place may locate a claim 350 x 1500 feet by  marking out the same with two legal posts,  beiiring location notices, one at each end on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within fifteen  days days if located within ten miles of a  mining recorder's office, one additional day  allowed for every additional ten miles or  fraction. The fee for recording a claim is  $5.00.  At least $100.00 must be expended on the  claim each year or paid to the mining recorder  in lieu thereof. When $500.00 has been expended or paid the locator may, upon having  a survey made and upon complying with other  requirements, purchase the land at��������� $1.00 per  acre.  Permission may be granted by the Minister  of the Interior to locate claims containing iron  and'miea, also copper, in the Yukon Territory  of an area not exceeding 100 acre9  The patent for a mining location shall provide for the payment of royalty on  the sales  not exceeding five per cent.  PLACER  MINING,   MANITOBA,   AND   THE  N.   W. T.,   EXCEPTING THE  YUKON TERRITORY.  Placer mining claims generally are 100 feet  square; entry fee $5.00 renewable yearly. On  the North Saskatchewan river claims are  either bar or bench, the former being 100 feet  long and extending between high and low  watermark. The latter includes bar diggius,  but extends back to the base of the hill or  bank, but not exceeding 1,000 fcjt. Where  steam power is used, claims 200 feet wide may  be obtained.  DREDGING IN THE RIVERS OF MANITOBA  AND THE N. W. T.. EXCEPTING THE  YUKON TERRITORY.  A free miner may obtain only two leases of  five miles each for a term of twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's light is confined to the submerged bed or bars of the river below low water  mark, and subject to the rights of all .persons  who have, or who may receive entries for bar  diggings or bench claims, except on the Sas-,  katchewa'n river, where the lessee may dredge  to high water mark on each alternate leasehold. .  The lessee shall have a dredge in operation  within one season from the data of the lease for  each live miles, but where a person or. company has obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient. 'Rental $10 00 per annum for each mile  of river leased. Royalty at the rate of two and  a half per cent collected on the outputafter it  exceeds $10,000.00.    .  DREDGING IN THE YUKON TERRITORY.  Six leases of fiveiniles each may be granted  to a free miner for a term of twenty years, also  renewable.  The lessee's right is confined to the submerged bed or bars in the river below low water  mark,thatt>outidary to be fixed by its position  on the 1st day of August in thevear of the date  of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in operation  within two years from the date of the lease,and  one dredge for each five miles within six years  from such date. Rental, $100.00 per mile for  first year, nnd $10.00 per mile for each subsequent year. Rovalty, ten per cent on the output in excess of $15,000.00.  PLACER MINING IN THE YUKON TERRI  TORY.  Creek, gulch, river and hill claims shall not  exceed 250 feet in length, measured on the base  line or general direction of the creek or gulch,  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000 feet. All  other placer claims shall be 250 feet square.  Claims pre marked by two legal posts, one at  each end, bearing noiices. Entry must be obtained within ten days if the claim is within  ten miles of mining recorder's office. One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles  or fraction. .���������-'���������,  The person or company staking a claim, and  each person in his or its employment, except  house servants, must hold a free miner's certificate.,  I    The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a  I claim 1,000 feet In length, and if the party con-  l slat of two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the output  of which no royalty shall bo charged, the rest  of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee is $15.00. Royalty at the rate of five  per cent charged on the gross output of the  claim, with the exception of an annual exemp  tion of $5,000.00.  any number of claims by purchase, and free  miners, not exceeding Hen' in rnumber, may  work their claims in partnership, by filing notice and paying fee of $2.00. A claim may bo  abandonedaiid another, obtained on the spine  creek, gulch or river',"by giving ndtice and paying fee. ., ,,    .      .     .. ���������     ,     .   !j '  Work must be done on a claim each year to  the value of at least $i00.00, or in < lieu of work  payment may be made to the mining recorder  each vear for the first three >rea'rs 'of $200.00 and  after that $100.00 for each year... . ;   ... ���������  A certificate that work has been done or fee  paid must be obtained each year;.if not, the  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned, and  open to occupation and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may be .defined  absolutely by having a survey made, and publishing notices in the Yukon Ofiicial Gazette*! j  HYDRAULIC MINING, YUKON' TERRITORY*  Locations suitable for hydraulic mining,hny  ing a frontage of from one to five miles, and a  depth of one. mile or more.may be leasedfpr  twenty years, providing the ground' has been. -  prospected by the applicant or his agent; is  fouud to be unsuitable for placer mining: and  does not include within its boundaries any  mining claims already granted. Arental c\i  $150.00 for each mile of frontage, and a royalty  of five per cent on the. gross output, less an an>  nuat exemption of $25,0u0, are charged. Opera;  ttons must bo 'commenced' within one year  from the date of the lease, and not less.than  $5,000.00 must be expended annually. The lease  excludes all base metals, quartz1 and coal, and  provides for the withdrawal of unoperated land  for agricultural or building nurposes,  -      PETROLEUM. ���������  "  Al unappropriated Dominion lands shall,  after the first of July, 1901, be open to prospecting for petroleum. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities he may. acquire  040 of available land, including and surrounding his discovery, at the rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject to royalty at such rate as may be specified by order iu council.  JAMES A. SMART.  Deputy to the Minister of the Interior  Ottawa, Dec. 25th, 1901.  LIMITED.  International Navigation & Trading Co,,  Kaslo I Slocan Railway Company,  NOTICE.  Commencing Sunday. August 17th, 1902, the  following time card willbe in effect on .  Kootenay Lake and K. & S. Ry.  KASLO & SLOCAN RAILWAY.  KASLO-SANDON ROUTE.  9:00a.m. leave......Kaslo.....arrive 3:15p.m.  10:40 a.m. leave.. Whit ewater...leave  1:42 p.m.  11:00 a.m. leave McGuigan. ...leave 1:22 p.m.  11:25 a.m. arrive.... .Sandon.... .leave 1:00 p.m.  A direct connection is made at Kaslo with  steamer both to and from Nelson.  STEAMER SERVICE.  KASLO-NELSON ROUTE.  :00 a.m. leave.... .Nelson arrive 7:15 p.m*  :35 p.m. arrive... .Kaslo.... .Ieav6 ,   8:40 a.m.  Calling regularly at Ainsworth and Pilot  Day and at all way landings on signal.  Connecting at Nelson with Nelson A Fort  Sheppard Railway both to and from Rossiand,  Spokane, Etc.  Tickets sold to all points in Unitod States and  Canada-'ia Great.Northern, Northern-Pacific,  O. R. &N. Co., Ac, &a.  Ocean and steamship tickets and' rates via all  lines will be furnished on ai plication.  For further particulars call on or address .  Robt. Irving, Manager. Kaslo, B.C...'  Gxo. Huston, Agent, Sandon.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP TICKETS .  To and from European points via Canadian  and American lines. Apply for sailing* datea,  rates and full information to any C. P.R. agent  or R. B. ricCsmmon, Agent, Sandon,'      <���������  W.P. F. eumnilngs, Gen.S.S. Agent,Winnipeg  ^enVsle WANTED.     \  We wan t at once trustworthy men and women  in every locality, local-or traveling, to introduce a now discovory and keep our show cards  and advertising matter tacked up in conspicuous places throughout tho town arid  country. Steady employment year round;  commission or salary, $65 per month arid  Expenses, not to exceed $2.50 per day.  Write for particulars.   Postofflce Box 337.   :  INTERNATIONAL flEDIClNE CO. London, Ont.  ���������������   Saving's Bank Free  SEND YOUR ADDRESS TO THE  Pacific Newspaper Union, 927 Market  St., San Francisco, and secure free, a  beautiful Saving's bank,also full particulars regarding the new Three Volume  1902 International Encyclopaedic  Dletionery which is now being furnished  to readers of this paper for only Five  Cents a Day. THE MINING REVIEW-Saturdva, September 20, 1902.  Here and There.  Mrs. Hasking, of Rossiand, is suing  the owners of Le Roi No. 2 mine for  $12'000 damages foi tho loss of her  husband, who was killed by the inrush  of water from the unused shaft some  time ago.  According to some of our exchanges  there is a delegation of Old Country  people now looking Canada over for a  field into to which to dump some of its  paupers.   There is no such field in this  country.   There are plenty of openings  and  opportunities  for    men    without  means, who are capable of working and  are willing to work,   but   none   for the  penniless unable or unwilling  to earn  an honest living.   We may say in this  connection there are facilities in Canada  for founding institutions in  which old  or infirm people could do something in  the way of maintaining themselves,  if  institutions    were    established     and  managed   by   some  competent  heads.  If those spying out the land are only  philanthropic  and   willing to  go   the  right way about it, they can place many  of their poor in the  way   of   earning  a  partial living at least,, many   of them  doing   it    outright   under    judicious  management.  Quick Ideals  .���������WasXm������  TQachmes  Wooden and Hire Tuns and  Palls or Every Description.  Clothes w '  Him/iti������/'  This paper is now in a position to go j  ringers  Clones Pins, M Irons,  Brushes, Etc.  WE HAVE EVERY THING TO  COMPLETELY OUTFIT THE  FAMILY LAUNDRY. ��������� CALL  AND SEE ODE LINES.  Of delightfully appetizing dauti-.  ness are not difficult of procurement or preparation, ' only two  things are. necessary  to   ensure ���������  success.  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C.   smelters,    for  instance, have not for a long time got  more than $2.85 for the article in Montreal, and from this must be   deducted  the $1.30 paid to  the owners, costs of  commission, storage and other commercial charges before their price for smelting and refining is reached.   We venture  the opinion that if any British Columbian wanted to  contract   to   take   the  output of any or all of the the smelters  of B. C. he could get it not at $4.70 but  at a considerable percentage less than  $2.85.   As  a matter, of fact we do not  know what is a proper charge for smelting and refining; but when the attempt  is made  to show   it is   much   of  the  difference between the $1.30 paid to the  mine owners and the $4.70 charged by  Montreal dealers, $3.40, the figures are  $2.00, or 150 per cent out.   Let us have  fair play in every case, no matter where  the burden falls.  .BYERS  16-2-1 Reco Avenue, Sandon.  Corned Beef, Pickled Ox Tongue aud Salt Pork a specialty.  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