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Mining Review Nov 6, 1897

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Array ���v-v-;
'.iS)-    ,������  '.
I  fT-'V
YOL. 1.    NO. 22.
For Sale or to Rent]
DwelUnghouse/lormerlyoceupied, by l'ete
Annance.   Apply to
vv ive gentlemen or Indies to travel lor responsible, established hoHse in i British Columbia. Monthly $09.00 and expenses. ..Posi-
tlonsteady. Reference. Encloseself-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept Y, Chicago.
ffllltf 111.
We hereby notify the public that we are hi
no way connected with the business of tho
Bartlett House, and will riot be rtsponsi bio (or
any debts contracted for its business operational '
Sandon,: Oct 12, 1897.
Man Wanted.
]'"or ovcry.unoccuploci district In Canndci to
sell our High Grndo Canadian Grown Nursery
Stock. Every treo and bniili guaranteed free
from Sim Jose Scale. , Liberal terms to pari
time men, and.good wages to thoso. giving
theircntirotime to the work. The demand
for good grown and iiccllmatcd Nil rwiry Stock
is on the increase
Apply now and secure good ground. All
our slock guaranteed true to name cr purchase
pi-Ice refunded. . '
.K. P. HliACKFORD & CO., Toronto. Can.
Comparative Ore Shipments for 1895,
1896 and 1897.
Custom House Figures for 53 Mines
Slocan and Ainsworth Cleared
at. Kaslo
"Men to soil for tho Fonthill Nurseries.
Over 700 acres of Canadian Grown Stock. We
import no stock from tho States. Farmers,
larmers' sons, implement agents, students,
tenohers. retired ministers,: er.ergetlo clerks
who wish to make advancement���Arid the
work of selling our. Hardy, Home Grown
Nursery Stock, pleasant as well us profitable,
���We want more such mon this season as the
demand for our goods is Increasing owing to
the fact, that wo guaranleo all our, stock free
from San ,T6so Scale., We make contracts'
with whole or part, time men. Employment
the year round. We pay' both commission
And salary. Write us for our terras. Outfit
free. ���
Notice Is hereby given thatjltis the intention of the Nakusp and Slocan Railway
Company to apply to the railway committee
ofthe Privy Council, to sanction Lhe building
and construction of a branch lino of railway
lrom a point about one inllo oast, of Three
Forks to Bear Lake, a distance of about six
miles, for tho purpose of elvliig Increased
facilities to business and of transporting
the products ofthe mines, and to sanction the
appropriation of the necessary lands tor that,
purpose under the compulsory powers vested
in the said company, by the railway act or
Any otlier aot in its behalf. *       Signed
Secretary Nakusp and Slocan Railway Co.
'Datedat.YIetorin.; B. C.,Oct. 20th, 1S97.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between the undersigned
astho proprietors of I he Sandon Boot & Shoe
store, in Sainton, has this day been dissolved
,'iy mutual consent. \ "'v. .'lol('��n retiring
from said partnership.
F.J. Golden will carry on the business, and
will col leet all debts owing to said partnership
and pay all accounts owing by said partnership..
.Dated ihistlth day of October, 1S07.
The following article though brief,is
more eloquent than many ten times its
length, in the story that it tells: It
represents hours of labor spent in digging out tlie facts from official records.
It shows at almost the glance of tho
eye the remarkable growth of the ore
shipni' nts through Knslo in the last
three years and tells the talc of mining
development in the Slocan and Ainsworth camps simply, clearly and convincingly While it does all this, still
it docs not tell tlie whole story for it
takes no account tif those mines that
shipped via tho Nakusp & Slocan railway clearing at Revelstoke. This list
would include prominent divident payers like tlie Idaho and Monitor near
Three Porks. Thc records show 14
shipping mines for 1805, 39 for IS9G
and 53 for 1S97,
This then, is a " comparative statement of ore shipped from parts of the
Slocan and Ainsworth mining districts,
passing through the custom house at
Kaslo for the five recorded months ..of
thc year 1895, all of 1896 and the first
nine months of the vear 1897:
f fession.
The solos of Mrs. Harry Watson
were all excellent. A favorite with
Victoria audiences, this lady can always count upon .1 hearty welcome,
but it is doubtful whether her voice
has ever been hoard to better advantage. Her rendition of Donizetti's '*0
luce de quest anima" was finished <*uid.
gave hor an opportunity to prove the
'wonderful range at her oonnnancl.
Thero remains one other performer
wo thy of mention. A phenomenal
juvenile who simply captured his audi-
cr.c" with "Comicalities," it, Master
"Sammy" Johnson. Such precocity,
such marvellous sill'-podsession. such
appreciation of thc humor he tries to
convey to his hearers is seldom seen.
To say that bis contribution was all too
short is to express the opinion of nme-
tentn�� of tbe audience, and if nothing
else last evening betray ed V lYs Mar-
rack's possession of good judgement as
an entertainer, her inclusion of iittlo
Sammy'' portrayal of the negro ""comedian would be. suilieient of itself.
i am GisL
The Defendants' Cross  Appeal
Been  Dismissed,
Gross "Weight
Year. oi Ore in Lbs.
1835 (5 months)... 2,20i,S98
ISOfi (12 months)..        23;.'i��,52l
1S97 (!) months)...       .'17,133,605
Gross value of
Ore in Dollars
-.������    $114,5-11
'      .. 1,S53,��0;
���Totals.....Y..   ''.:-72,683,010v';.,;'   7'^082,097
.. The following, is-! an alpha,beticaily
arranged list of the,mines which:clear-
ed'.here.. A dozeVmore might-be atld-
ed.lpr these districts, if the Revelstoke
ana Nelson custom house records were
available. Y    ;.: YY'V : ���'-..Y'YY'.'.':~V7
':������   .-SHIPPERS OF, Sf.OOAX AND V/CIXITY. .;. .
F. J.
American Boy.
Kootenay & Co.
Last Chance.
Great Western.
Monti zuiuii.
-li-liiyy   OliVCt*. -
Antelope.     Ajax..
Antoine.       Roco.
Blue Bird.    Gibson.
Black Fox.   Ibex.
Freddy Lee.  Jackson.
Lucky Jim.   No. 27.
Maiden. Payne.
Noble Five. Ruth.
R: E. Lee.    Surprise.
Slocan Star. Sunset.
Slocan Boy,, Wonderful
Silver Bell.
49 Westminster St., Pkoviukscb. R. I.
Wants all kinds of Raw Furs, Skins,
Ginseng, Seneca, Ac. Full prices guaranteed/ Careful' selection, courteous
treatment, immediate remittance.
Shipping Tags, Ropes, furnished free.
. Write for latest price 'circulars.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been
used by millions of mothers for their children,
while teething. If disturbed at night and'
broken of your rest by a sick child, suffering
hud crying with pain of cutting teeth. Send
at once and get.abottle c.f "Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup" for children teething. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Depend,'upon it,, mothers, there is. no
mistalceaboutlt. Itcuresdiarrlioea;regulates
the stomach and bowels, cures Wind Colic,
softens thegums and reduces Inflammation,
and gives tono and energy to the system.
"Mi'S.AYinslow's Soothing Syrup" for children
teething is pleasant to the tasto and is the
. prescription .61 one of tho oldest and best
fomalephysinians and nurses iii the United
States. Price twenty-five cents a bottle.
Said by all druggists throughout the world.
Be sure and ask lor "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Syrup." ..,:
The following monthly magazines
are always kept in stock at Cliffe's
Bookstore :������ '
MAGAZINE.        ',' ' PEICE.
The Young Ladies' Journal......35.cents
Black Diamond. Little Phil. Sunlight.
C.P.M.&M.Com- Gallagher.    Skyline.
pany. Highlander. Tariff
Little Mamie. Number One. Neosho.
Little Donald. Wakefield.���British
Columbia News.
A New Town for Kootenay.
With in a year there will be a .new
town in this district, says, the Trail
Creek News, and from present; indications it will bea "hummer." ' It will
be located at."or near Robson, and. will
be the actual terminus of , the Crow's
Nest Pass railway, with attendant car
shops, etc. There were be located the:
smelterB ofthe War Eagle and Center
Star "mines,and all kinds and colors of
money will be expended in building
up a town .of great commercial "importance. At least that is the story that
is told to us;       ������*..- . "'���' V---
".  Ladies'. Home Journal..
iFASHIONS, go to Miss. Cameron, just
'opposite Hotel Kootenay. Perfect
cutting, fitting and finishing guaranteed.   All work done with despatch.
Miss Cameron.
Can be easily transformed into Fortunes
If properly handled. Wo assist inventors to
perfect thoir invontions and securo for them
iho strongest claims possible under patent
laws. ADVICE FREE. Free: 100 pago illustrated book on Patents. MARION & MA-
KION, Exports,- Temple Building, Mont-
treat. Tlio only firm of graduate engineers
in tho Dominion transacting patent business
exclusively.   Highest references,
Miss Marrack and Her Pupils Delight a
Victoria Audience.
The following from, the Victoria Colonist has reference to the concert
company that will appear here Oct. 13,
14 and 15 in Spencer's Hall:
"It has often been said that Victoria
does not possess a good instructor in
vocal music, but the concert given last
evening in Institute hall under thc
patronage of the Lieutenant-Governor
and Mr.-,. Dewdney nitiHt havo convinced those who had the gp��d fortune
to be presen,' that Miss Marrack possesses those qualities which are characteristic of the. successful teacher. Of
Miss Marriok's singing it would be
superfluous to say anything. A finished artiste, possessed of a phenomenal contralto voice, her rendering of
the only solo given by hei* during the
evening, and for which she selected
the ever popular "Annie Laurie," won
the hearts of her hearers. In her duet
with Mrs. Harry Watson, Miss Mar-
rack's voice was heard to even better
advantage, and coupled with the evidences of her ability as a teacher, presented by'.'those who -have received
their vocal training under her tuition,
and who took part in the , eonccrt,
proves beyond doubt that thc lady has:
thu necessary qualifications to place
her in the very front rank of her pro-
g-|\Vork;on the Fidelity, it is reported,
will be resumed on Wednesday next.
..:.;��� A lino vein of ore is being opened up
in the Springdale in" Skylark camp,
Boundary Creek district. -, Development work is being pushed. ;���-.;.
���The winze at' the. Northern. Lode,
Deadwbod' camp, iii the Greenwood
district;.is now down about 90 feet.' It
is intended to0cross-cut;" the . big lode
when the 100-level is 'reached,".-;��� ���
,,; There is.,an, interesting description
in the" Trout Lake Topic of the Silver
Cup p'op(H'ty,!,near.Trout Lake,,in.the
���'olqc.an;. which'; is'ownod by Thos.Dunii,
. W-.-'Fiirrell and other Vancouveriles
���'���.'��� Work is being vigorously .carried on
'.at:'the Waverley mini;, at Albert Canyon, owned.; by ,; the B. C. (Gold-fields
.Company., A third/'tunnel:.has been
started 300 feet.below thesecond." The
;W*ork continues to: expose a good body
of :ore,   ..':���'. '     ':'
'A force of men were'put to work . on
the silverNugget. the first of the week,
Hnd.HughSutherland.w'h'o'7 is'largely;
interested in the property; is expected,"
wheii the forcp will largely be increased
and work continued all winter.--'-Silver-
tonian. ';. ''.--."��� '������-.].:..���: ^y^i^ ..   ������
Air; W. H Braudotf, ; manager,of the
Canadian group of eight claims just up
from; the Unth^says his company are
developing- very fast. So far they have
about 150 tons on the -dunip, princi-
[Dally concentrating ore, and' are ship?
ping oiip. car this week us a test of its
value. Tli'-y will ship no more1 until
spring when they intend to build, a
The BullioiD, on the mountain just
back., of Bear lake, has recently surprised its owners by developing into
what they are certain id the making of
a mine. A few men were sent up a
short time ago to do thc neeess.iry assessment work, and in doing the same
they took,out 50 sacks of ore, which
will.not run. less than $00 ounces, ir?
silver, besides about $f in gold .to the
ton. Samples from the sacks.run as
high as 1,200 ounces in silver. As
early as possible next.spring development 011 an extensive scale will be.,
commenced. T., G. Proctor, W. A.
Jowett and others are the owners.
Victoria, B.C., Nov, 1���The full court
to-day delivered judgement in the Nelson & Fort Sheppard railway company
versus Parker et al case, dismissing the
defendants' cross appeal in the action.
An injunction order had been granted
restraining the defendants from in any
way dealing   with  certain portions  of
the Quartz Creek townsite and agninst
this  they appealed,  but  their appeal
now stands dismissed.     The  railway
company has obtained the cronn grant
and. their action  for trespass  against
thu plaintiffs  will now go on,   the defendants in   the  meantime   being restrained from in any way dealing with
the land.    The   chief justice   111  liis
judgement thus refened to an ''ncident
in tho case:   '-'It'is   much   to   be  regretted  that ono of the   parties to  the
action, or his too anxious friends, have
not observed   the propriety  of maintaining silence, at least from comment,
whilst the ciase was sub j tidier*, bin on
the contrary , have printed in thc newspapers   what  purports  to  be   the  de-
fendunts's argument upon this appeal,
embellished with prominent head lines
and  have sent  copies   to tho judges.
Such   action is a   gross   contempt of
court, and may, if repeateu!, be fitting
ly dealt with.
O Lowden, of Chicago, and  Mrs. Cor
alan, of San Francisco.    An income of
but  S3,(J00 yearly  is provided  for his
two sons, George M., jr., and Sanger W.
Mrs. Lowden is also given the summer
residence known  as   'Castle Rc-st" on
an island 'in the   St. Lawrence  river.
About $150,000, in sums of ��10,000 and
$20,000, is left to various charitable institutions in Chicago.   A sum of $200.-
006, is given for theereetion of a manual
training school in Pullman, which is
also endowed   with  51,200,000.     Five
old employees   are given $5,000 , each
Two Mster8iand  two brothers   of
dead   millionaire    are   given   ��50,000
each, and another brother gets $25,000.
If the estate shall be more than sufficient to satisfy-air the devices,  trusts
and legacies named,  the executors are
directed to divide  the excess into two
equal shares and add   the name respectively to thc two portions set aside for
(he daughters,  Mrs. Lowden ami  Mrs.
October Saw Nearly $400,OOo Wort!
of Oro Cleared at Kaslo.
News in General.
ipinents of ore from the Sandon and Whitewater camps fell a little
short of those ofthe preceding month,
but with the additional., shipments
I from Ainswonh and the ore sent out
by-the Kootenay Ore Co., the customs
house clearances at Kaslo are the
largest on record as will be seen by the
following  tables :
The following are the mines which
shipped over the K. & S. railway via
Ksislo during October,
Payne ...:....'....... ....,3,194.000
Ruth  1,G30;000
Whitewater  1,521,000
Star    .360,000
Best....      120 000
Noble Five  .  104,000
Great Western      100,000
Washington..........;.............       90.000
Antoine.....       30.000
Wonderful ;       30,000
Edison's' Latest Wonder.
The^ Electrical  Engineer ������'publishes'
the   first   authoritative     account     of
Thomas, A.-Edison's success in ;recov-
eriiig by.'.electrical'means.' the iron in
low grade'pre    Thc inventor's ���'.exper--
irnents   have befeh  carried on  during
the past'six years   at the old Ogden
iron mines aYew-miles-from Dover, N.
J., where he has. built up a:plant covering   several   acres   of  ground,   and
which after many experiments, is now
capable of producing daily  from 1JO0O
to 1^500 tops of almost chemicallj'piire
iron.7 The ore worked contains on the
average about 25. per cent, of iron.   Mr.
Edison states that, there are 200,000,000
.ton8-of:7.this."bi;t)-'o-ri th'e--lahd-77imi*:iedi-
ately     surrounding   his   plant,   from
which can be produced 50,000,000 tons
of iroii.   His process, in brief, consists
of blasting the ore from the mountain
sides   and   then   by  means   of steam
shovels and miniature cars conveying
it   to  massive crushers   where   it   is
broken up antVpassed on to other mills
where it is  pulverized.'. Tbe powder
is then allowed to fall in close proximity  to electro-magnets which deflect
the   iron   to one side   and   the   non-
metallic'matter falls to the other side
by gravity.   From   the time the ore is
blasted until it is resolved into this
metallic form" and compressed to brin-
quettes for shipment the'process is entirely automatic.
A now hotel, the Windsor, has   been
opened at Trout Lake.
Rossland is anxious to negotiate   an
additional loan of 515,000.
Nanaimo people hope before long  to
be supplying Japan with coal.
All the
stock   of  the   Halcyon
Association   has   been
Slocan Boy.
Red Fox	
Ra mbl er-Cariboo..
Mt. Adams	
The threatened scarlet fever epidemic at Kamlobps is now thoroughly
under control.
A now townsite is being surveyed
about two miles below Hobson, on the
west side of the river.
It is understood the Pilot Bay smelter will be blown in in the course of a
week or ten days. '
John M. Burke is predicting a fullblown boom in Fort Steele next spring,
on the advent of the C. P. B..
Vancouver Liberals will banquet the
Minister'of tho Interior on his. return
lrom the northern   gold-fields.
Lem Chung, a Chinaman, committed
suicide in Nelson tlie other day by taking an overdose of opium.
Nanaimo was thrown into a great
state of excitement last week by the
appearance of a live dear in town.
Ainsworth is to have a Miners' Union
Hospita', to be maintained by monthly assessment. The building is now
in course of erEction.
A skeleton found at Sooke river recently is supposed to be that of Joe
Godfrey, who disappeared in July Ia$t.
Godfrey is a native of Guelph, Ont.
Black Diamond        90,000
The ore was distributed among the
different smelters in the United States
as follow s:
Pueblo  3,768,000
Everett  2,771,000
Omaha.....     510,000
Kootenay Ore Co , Kaslo    297,200
Tflcoma .....:      30,000
Aurora       30,000
blasting. Several pieces of rock have
fallen near the houses on Sunnyeide,
keeping timid ladies in alarm.
Mr. Grimmett, who is looking after
the incorporation petition, says there
is nothing new to report; but hfi is of
the opinion tkat it will be granted; arid
the town incorporated in time to elect
a council at the first of 'the New Year.
The,London Times has offered Hud-
yard Kipling 81.00 per word for hi��
new noem. We know many who would
give "that paper all the poems it might
want, at half ���the money, and make
them as long as they might be required.
Mr. Harry Williams took a force of
men with him to-day to his mine, the
Sir Walter, 22 miles from Albert Canyon, where he'is taking out 500 tons of ���
ore and sending it to a smelter. His
ledge is 3 feet of clean ore and averages 400 oz. of silver to the ton.
A man in! this town the other day
broupht home three graters to his wife.
"Well," said the wife, "what did you
bring these for? Did vou not know
I had plenty of these already?" "Well,
wife," said the husband, ''instead of
scolding I thought you would be grate-
Miss LaDell was in town| Wednesday
and has made arrangements for the*
appearance of Miss World and herself '
in the, Virginia hall, on the' 19th and
2rjth. She telegraphed Saturday saying that owing to a railway.* accident
she could not meet her engagement
that night.
The dance at Pierson & Fisher's new
hotel Saturday evening was well attended. The .building is 70x30, two
stories, well built, and most elegantly
finished, the first floor in oiled cedar
and the second ia the best of wall
paper. It is very roomy and specially
adapted for its purpose.
Here   is   the   splendid   record    for
OcLober. 1S97, as shown by the records:
No. lbs. of ore.'.     8,450,600
Total value......      ��373,674
Pounds of lead    2,784,110
Ounces silver        397,977
The   reeord   for   the   corresponding
month is as follow:
No. lbs. of ore  1,286,993
Gross value     $62,204
Pounds lead......;...................    508,234
Ounces silver       72,974
Records for the   month   of October,
Pounds ore ".....".. 735,000
Gross value..............  $6,672
Pounds lead....  26,950
Ounces silver  9,007
Silverton's Ontloot
St. John, N. F-.'N'ov. 1.���The White-
way ministry has-been defeated iii tho
general legislative   election , and   will
probably,resign   by   the   end   of   the
month."  At the time this  dispatch   is
sent this evening the full returns have
not yet been received, but there is   no
doubt that the opposition has obtained
19 out of the 36 seats.     The  government lias won in 11 districts.  . Six remain to hear   from,  but  the   full   returns will doubtless bo   in   to-morrow.
Sir William   Whiteway,  tho   premier,
has been defeated by' S52 votes  in   the
Trinity district, which  has   furnished
the greatest surprise of. the   campaign.
Mr. .1 It.   Scott,   thc   receiver-general,
has been beaten by 700 in the Placentia
district.   Tlie Hon. HY ,I.   B.   Woods,
surveyor general, was defeated by   -100
votes in the Baie de Verde district, and
in the Bonavista district Mr. Taet,  thc
medical director.-was defeated by 1,000
votes.   The only executive cabinet officers   remaining   are   Hon.   R.   Bond
colonial secretary, who   will  probanly
carry Tilliiigato, and the   Hon.   E.   P.
Morris, solicitor general, whose majority in the St. John district is 300.   ' Sir
James -Winter, lender of the opiiosition,
carried the Burin district with   a   majority of two to one over his   Ministerial opponent, amd tho opposition majority throughout'the colony are in   most
cases very large.
For the  purpose    of   Organization    and
Looking after the Voters' Lists.
Messrs. Semlin and Hume, M. P. P's.
and members of the opposition in the
House were in town the past few days
looking after organization,for the completionof voters' lists -feci'. Their chief
objection to the government is its bad
financial policy and of a fact the finances of the province have ' been most
wretchedly managed. With the late
loan of ,52,500,000, there is a mortgage
debt of nearly nine millions on a population of 150,000 or $60 a head piled up
in about 26 years. Wc repeat such
debt piling is simply scandalous. Add-
to this the S50 per caput of Dominion
debt, the'municipal'and mortgage liability of individuals, and we have the
people of British Columbia���every
man, woman an child owing over $200,
and very little to show for it.
Dear Sir.���Wo have used Norway
Pine S��� rup in our home a great deal.
I have a little boy who has had asthma
for five or six'years (he. is only 10 now),
and during the severe attacks he would
-get great reli'f from using .the syrup.
For an ordinary cold it is ahead of any
cough medicine I ever took.
Smith's Cove, N. S.
The outlook for a busy season among
the mines of Silverton becomes more
encouraging each week, as men are being put to worK on properties that
have been idle all summer, and their
starting up at the present time is a
welcome surprise. It is claimed by
the conservative ones that there will
be fully 200 men employed in the
camp during the,winter, which will
give a pay roll of about $700 .per day,
making a grand total of over ��20,000
per month which will be paid in wages.
This alone will make Silverton the
most lively business point on the Slocan lake, but there are some of our
mining men who think this estimate
altogether too small. At the present
time thc Thompson is employing. 30
men, the Vancouver 50 in the mine
and on the road, the Galena Mines between 20 and 30, the Lora Boone 4,
Lakeyiew 4, Silver Nugget 7, Cascade 4,
Frisco 4, and wh^n the Wakefield resumes operations next muiith between
30 and 40 men will be employed. While
it is hard to say ns to the numbrr
which will be given employment at
the Fidelity, it is safe to say hot less
than 10 or 15 will be kept steadily at
work, and there is a probability of
double that number being employed.
There are also deals being quietly
worked, which if consummated, will
result in active work on several other
properties, and will largely increase
the number of men employed.
With this bright future for the winter, Silverton is bound to prosper and
her population will rapidly increase.���
Sandon Ore Shipments.
The will of George M. Pullman,
which has been filed for probate, made
the following provision's for his family
and .riends : To his widow he left thc
homestead on Prairie avenue. Sufficient funds are also set aside to provide
her an income of $50,060 yearly during
her life. ^$1,000,000 each is left in
trust for his two daughters, Mrs. Frank
m cuts
following is   a list of ore ship-
over the   K. & S. from  Sandon
for the week ending Oct. 28 :
Payne 400
Ruth , 105
Goodenongh .'........   15
ijost Chance  30
The beautiful has put in an appearance for keeps.
During the weeK the Reco shipped
SO tons of ore over the C. P. R.s and
the Star 120 tons.
The excavations for the pipe of the
new water system are well under way,
the main cutting being very nearly
The small boys are rustling business
with handsleighs. The two or three
inches of snow appear to be a godsend
to them. ���'.���������'
A professional man from an adjoining town was fined $7.00 and costs by
the Beak this weak for inebriation and
exposure. _ ���
The Coterie Club had a very nice
party in Virginia hall on Thursday
night and a pleasant time spent by all
John, the Chinaman, who has been
been selling vegetables here all summer, has left for the winter. He could
not stand "the coldee."
The Re**. AD. Menzies will, hold
Presbyterian services in the Virginia
hall, both morning and evening at 11
and 7.30 o'clock, tomorrow.
On Thursday silver took a slump
but partiallv recovered itself yesterday
and was quoted at 58J. Lead,however,
has taken a drop, and is now bought at
S3.75. '
Mr. M. L. Grimmett is going out to
the Cameronian mine in a few days to
sec how that most promising institution, in which he is interested, is progressing.
The Slocan Cityitcs and New Den-
verites had a foot-ball wrestle on
Friday last. Thc latter telegraphed
Cliffe's Book-store here for ii football
for the occasion.
Mclnnis Bros, have opened their
new hotel nearly opposite, the Kootenay House. The building is a neat,
comfortable one and is fitted up in all
the modem improvements.
The new fire hall is now nearly
closed in and the tower for the drying
of hose is an imposing one. We are
confident its erection will lead to no
confusion of tongues like the tower of
Joe Martin, or "Fighting Joe," has a
letter in The Province advocating
greater freedom for the legal profession. The opinion generally prevails
that, the limbs have too much freedom
as it is. *
The parties building the new mule
trail above the Cody branch of the K.
& S. are not   very guarded   in their
The Dominion government issued a
very neat hand book showing the resources of Canada by provinces. The
provincial write-ups occupy about 65
pages, 20 of which are taken up by a
description of those of Manitoba,
written, by Mr. Cliffe. of The Review,
just before he left the province in May
The Noble Five Mining Co. were to
to have had a! meeting of shareholders
on Sat jrday, but as two-thirds of the
amount of stock was not represented
an adjournment to the 25th inst. was
made. There are some unfavorable
reports abroad, but in the absence of
evidence we refuse to give vitality to
"any of them. ,'���
As Mrs. McClusky was passing the
new fire hall Thursday morning she received an injury that _ will lay her up
for some days. A piece of scantling
fell from a height and alighting on a
platform -bounded and struck-her on
the head making an ugly flesh wound
that bled profusely. Had the stick
fallen on her directly it would have
killed hor on the spot. Dr. Gomm is
Mr. Sussman, mining expert of the
C P. R., has been in town for some
days looking over the mining situation.
The company have in .contemplation
the erection of smelters at Robson at
an early day, and his late trips are to
ascertain the quantity and yalue of
ore shipped from different parts of the
country, that they may erect smelters
to meet the requirements. He speaks
very highly of the Sandon section of
the country, and sayB the railway co'y
set a high value on it as a shipping
The Frazer Dramatic Co. re-organized' will hold forth in Spencer's hall,
this (Saturday) evening and give Rose
Garland, a four act comedy, for the
benefit of the Sandon Fire Brigade.
The company now consiBtB of ten performers. Mr. Frazer was always a host
in himself, and with his experience in
managing dramatic companies, it is
but reasonable to assume he will be
well supported by his late selection.
The press of Kaslo is unsparing in its
praise of their rendition of this play in
that town. .
Iii. Spencer is taking time by. the
forelock and getting ready for the holidays. ', He is extending his hall 20
feet back and putting in a moveable
stage, and reflooriag all in hardwood.
On Xmas night he will hold' a grand
prize ball at which valuable presents
will be given, and a grand masquerade
ball on New Year's night. A full orchestra of seven players will be present on both occasions. The usual
Fridaj'- night dances willbe kept up
until then to give all who desire it a
chance to improve for the holiday
Some of the hobos around town who
must cat and won't work played a
hallow'en trick on P. Burns & Co. on
Monday night. They..cut a hole in the
wire screen on the front window, got
into thc butcher shop and stole $9.50
out of tlie till, the change the manager
left, for the cutter in the morning. As
they did not try the safe, they were, of
course, but amateurs in the profession
and clumsy ones nt that. The cutter
sleeps upstairs and heard his dog making a fuss below, but thought it was a
cat, and paid no more attention to his
watohman. A dose of lead would not
be a bad remedy for some of these
A change in the train service will be
made on the C. P. R. that will be of
much service to Sandon. There will
be no stop over at Nakusp, the trains
will come direct from the main line
reaching here about 6p.m., and stop-,
ping over till 7.30 n<-xt morning. It
will make close connections with the
boat at Rosebery, reaching Nelson in.
time to connect with the Fort Sheppard train for Spokane. It, will return
from Nelson on the arrival of the Spokane train, thus enabling passengers
to reach Spokane the day they leave
here an<i to reach here from Spokane
the same day. This will materially
lessen the travel via Kaslo.
y vtMkgm:
M    : "'������       '���   _:': ������''���;������������' -:   ���        '���-���- ��� '     ���
. -i    - p'i ' .���> 'l     i    - .!t,      ' ���     >r  -'i       ���>   ��� i      ��� '     i   ii��i    i   ���:      ���   ��    "i ��� r ��  ' ���   .i t- -'      If.   -i  ���   i hPi ' .i. ���     , t ii-     .      .,--��'���     - -^  *.',,.>-   'i   < i       , t       '    ' ��    ii . >*'<���    <��� s ,*'    - . i . -t       ���      i    r       ' 'I       - v       -   '��
11 T HE 'MINING RE TIE W.  SATURDAY;; 'NOVEMBER ,6, 1897.  WW  (fee  ���������-X."  fr.  .'3  6Y18I  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA;'  " . 1' ' .      '  'SATURDAY.........OCTOBER 30', 1897.  Subscription 92.00 Pkr Year .'"; .,  ���������-.'' '.   Steictia'.in. Advance.  .Jr> ...  OUR FINANCIAL POSITION. ...  As ' is   universally- coiiceeded   by  ���������- statesmen, the   principal measure of a  government's merits or demerits  is its  financial statement.    Policies   on  this  or that question, when applied to central governments,   are all   important,  ,.'. but,, never;of, as much moment  as its  ��������� financial management;   and   the comparisonis.of infinitely ' more   moment  when applied   to  Provincial ��������� administrations..    In fact  the    financial management of a provincial government is  its real measure of  wortli.  .The province   has at this moment a  .:   gross debt of,$6,..(.46,768,   with assets  of $2,381,477, or a   net debt of $4,-  ', 088,76s,    which     shows   some   veiy  /.wretched financing   in the past.7   Rel-  ,   atively speaking, the province has" but  a handful of people, "and for them to  '  be saddled   with a debt of such m:ig-;  , nitude is a   very scriousi matter,    it is  7 true������   the, population    and : revenue  '  enue resources of. the country .will in-  ;.crease,.';but  the' history of   provincial  management in Canada goes, to prove  ' that liabilities always gro'w-as resources  improve;  the one appears to be con-'  .tingent on the other: .  But we   have notyet presented ' the  gravest feature of our  provincial situation���������our assets have to be consider-.  ' ably discounted.    About one-third  of  the amount, $647,072,   is, a mortgage  on   the   Nakusp, and'Slocan   railway,  which may or may not. be all paid up  in, time. ,$583,021 is the capital.credit  of the province given it by the Dominion at  Confederation, and   on 'which  we draw annually nearly:$3'o, 000.  To  consume this   for the   liquidation of a  liability   would be like killing   the hen  that lays  the.golden egg.     To' use   it  , would be   to cripple  our resources   in  the future.      Some $14,000. more   is  ' made up of debts due   by individuals,  which may or may not be valuable.     -  '���������.'��������� Of course there is now just as much  virtue   in brooding over  spilt milk   as  ���������there is in talking over our debt.   Now  ��������� it is this, and .the only thing  that can  be done by the  wisest   of' statesman-  ������������������; ship, is to reduce our.interest   by subsequent   debentures     properly    sold.  There is no reason   why;the' province  , should   pay more  than   3^  per cent.  on its debt,   and doubtless   if our debentures   were properly handled   they  could   be   reduced   to   an aggregate  bearing that rate only.  Taking the  high expenses of living  into account, there are   but few over-  ��������� paid officials in the country, but there  are some, and   others   whose services  might well be dispensed with.  There does not, for instance, appear to be a necessity for paying Hon.  .-G...B. Martin, $4,000 a,year as Commissioner of Lands, for as. good men  as he is can be got for $1,500 to $2,-  000 less. Even $4,000. a year ap-  ���������' pears a large salary for the ministers  themselves, when, they are provided  with deputies at from $2,200 to $2,7  400 a year. There is the greatest  necessity' for simplifying our form of  government, that less than $290,267 a  year will do to cover salaries in connection with'civil government and the  administration of justice.  The transfer of.prisoners to' the  gaols is another heavy item, that might  easily be dispensed with. . If an ordinary drunk at a distant point such as  Sandon, for instance, cannot pay a  fine   that  may   be  imposed,    and the  ''Montreal,   for what he said   in his re  cent trip'through  the  Kootenay coun  tiy against the establishment of a mint  in Canada,  and the increase of' silver  coin, and very properly so.      All told  there are but  $iS,poo,oooin gold   in  Canada, more "than half, of which   is  held   by the government,'and"the balance 'in circulation.      The''desire   of  Mr.- Clouston is   to see   gold only the  basis-'of our currency, and, as there, is  no means<of, increasing' this from, .the  natural output of the'yellow metal   by  more than . -17 per, cent, per ���������annum, if  his; theory held good iu "operation, that  .would'.lie-uhe'��������� natural growth in'7development oi resources.    Of course there  is a,greater circulation-of paper money  than this,  but ,it''should   not  be' naturally greater, if, the laws ;of the country,, as regards banking'   were,  rigidly  carried out.   . Bank bills  are   but the  pro, notes   of banks,   and   the , latter  allege  they could put up gold ��������� at any  time  for their  redemption,,  which'the'  history of banking,   even ,,in Canada','  where banks arc supposed to,'be' especially stable, shows that such  is not the  case;   as several   banks   have   failed,  and' no   one oPtheirYcver  redeemed  its paper in full,' even their   securities  with' the,government' were insufficient  by-'considerable   to   meet .liabilities;'-  There is not a   progressive man in the  country to-day who is not wound up" in  the banking system   iii. some ..way,- that  will say Canada  has,-money enough to  develop i,ts;,resource's.    Then to  meet  public'requirements   it, should be .increased, and if gold   cannot be found  sufficient to support' tlie increase,   the  only alternative is; to accept silver,' the  next availablesubstitute.'    It is not so  muclv'the question.whether  the. ratio  shall be ,..i5>-< or 16 to t   so long  as  some   reasonable,   .relative   value    is  adopted and-established.  Neither does'Mr. Clouston want to  see a mint opened in the country, lie  would rather see Canada-lose a million ,'dollars', in the coinage of the  $18,000,000 of "American gold; now in  circulation; in , the country; and the  growth ofthe country in-other respects  retarded, so long as his theory of  banking.fads was carried out.   :  The trouble in this-country' is this :  It is against the interests of financial  inititutions, that are using, money .to  make money, to sec* currency increased, . as that cheapens it in- their  hands; but our statesmen, and parliamentarians should look beyond'that  and face to face, with the ' general,  needsof the country. We . have thc  resources'in agriciiiturallands, mining  and timber interests, and all we require is men and money to develop  th'jm, a something tliat will never be'  done as long as pessimists like-. Mr.  Clouston are allowed, to hold their  hands on the throttle of progress.  rilllllYB.;  He Snccanibed Suddenly to  an Attack of Apoplexy/  It; Has- Been Decided  to Place His Son  ,    in the Field as: Candidate for;Mayor  of Greater   New ��������� York���������A Sketcli of  His Career.    "        ���������        '. ���������  !#?  ?!  C. P, R. Earnings,  The Net Profits for September Pass  the  Million   Dollar   Mark.  magistrate gives him an alternative.of  . a term of imprisonment, there are the  expenses of the prisoner and a constable to Kamloops. instead of erecting a, substantial lock-up here. More  money has been spent , in mileages to  and from Sandon, since the creation  of the town, than would build a safe  gaol, and yet the town is as badly off  for'court facilities as it was at tlie  first. Economy is pleaded, but it is'  of a very false character. There is  $5,400 more a year eaten up in gaol  official's salaries at Kamloops and  points where gaols ��������� are established  than would support them' at convenient-distances, and save the cost of  transport besides. Dissected the expenditures show too many officials  where government institutions are established and the wants of newer  sections of the.country entirely ever-  looked.  Mr.   CLOUSTON'S  YIEWS   CONSIDERED.  ' We find thc press of the province is  after  Mr. Clouston,   of the   Bank   of  Montreal, Oct. 28.���������Canadian Pacific  Railway, company's earnings for September, 1S07, were: Gross earnings :?2,t-  3-14,.529; working exponsrs $],2S-I,03S,*  net profits ������1,059,S91. ; In September,.  1S06, the, net profits $758,828; and for  tlie nine months ending the 30th. ol  September, 1897, the figures are as follows: Gross��������� ������16,396,340 ; working expenses 89,750,490; not profits $(i;U45.~  ���������850....' For the nine months ending the  30th Sopteii-.licr, 1S96, there wns a net  profit c of 85,381,361. The. increase in  not profits over tho same period of last  year is, therefore, for So'ptember ."?"0.1 ,-  ���������563 and from January 1st to September  30th ������1,204,490. ���������        ',  Now Y01 k; Oct.- 29.���������Hcnrj' George  died, sit the Union Square Hotel about  5 o'clock 'this morning. After speaking7, at several,'.different" ��������� campaign  meetings last, night, Mr. ..George 'returned to the hotel about 11 o'clock.  He utti 11 light supper aiid immediately  retired. .About 3.30 o'clock tin's morning he awoke and complained of suffering sev,ere���������p:iiiis. Finally ho became unconscious, l'r*jin which condition ho did not. again recover and*'in  spite of the efforts of his physicians  he ''.passed away at 5 o'clock. ��������� Apo  plexy is given, as the cause of his sudden death..   ,���������'    .    '���������   ' ;      :  A SKETCH  OF' HIS OAIUCEU. '"'���������  Honry George was,born in I'hiladcl-  phia, Soptombor 2, .1.S39. Ho'attended  tho public schools' until 1S53, when he  learned tlio printing trade; At tho  'age of19' ho worked his way.,'to California lis'a, sailor, and after setting  'type'���������for sonic years ho entered tho  editotial oilice of the San Prnneisco  Tiin'cs as rojiorfer, and. subsequently,  became the city editor -of tho- paper.  He was oiie of tlie founders of the San  Francisco EveRing Post.; ".In' 1876 lip  ..wins appointed, state-, inspector of .gi'is  meters, but moved .in ,1880.'to .Now  York.' The, next year ho visited England,.and on'his return became famous  ���������11s a-writer nnd lecturer on social re-'  ibrm, /advocating the single ,tax on  land. His principal publications ftro  "Otiriiind and LaiK! Policy," ".Prpgress  and Poverty" and ���������'���������Social Problems."-.  ���������In 1SSG lie was nominated fur mayor  of Now York by tho. (.'< litrai .Labor convention", aiid though7 ho-.pollod a. vote  that-surprised his opponents'he was  'defeated...'-. During lho present cam-:  paign for tho ! mayoralty of Greater.  Now York he was again nominated for  the oilieo. and wns considered one , of  lho 'most formidable candidates- in lho  'field.,, ilis death .will .completely -disrupt the calculations of tlio politicians  hi that city.  ' :2Qy,  PRIZES.  ist Prize ,,,  $260  $200  2nd Prize  100  100  3rd Prize  5������  ..   5������  .2 Prizes-,of.  ���������������������������' 25  "each  ��������� ������������������'.'. 5������  5 Prizes of  , ro  each  50  , ��������� ..  ro Prizes of  "���������    ;,"7,5  each  ...   So ���������������������������..  ./",. ....      ,;;    ' '��������� ���������:.���������"������������������������������������'   ,'��������� ������������������ .;'���������'.:' ���������   -'���������'-.       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The qualities  of our  Watches ,   '';   ;  which'are    r   '  acknowledged  to be the  foremost      ';  in the English  and American  ' Markets.  1. . Send your answer on an ���������Tnter-  nationaY Post-Card" which can be  bought at tlie postoflice (price 2 cents).  There'is no entrance fee or rcharge  whatever.     , ' ,        ,  2. In addition to the; Cash Prizes,  everyone who sends the correct answer,  will thereby win one , of, our  '.'Faithful  rimekeeper" Silver Watches which we  Consular Service  in. Kootenay..  so on. If not more than twenty win  and receive the Watch and Chain, and  and if these do not buy "anything from  the Catalogue, the whole of the prize  money will be equally divided among  them,, giving $25 each. "All amounts  in this advertisement are taken at'the  exchange of $5 to ������1.  A form will be sent free to you  NEXT   DOOR   JO   B.  N. A.   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Catalogue ;  the Second, Prize to the winner who  orders the second largest amount, aud  to reach.us by Dec. 25th of all goods  ordered on account of these Prizes.   , '  6. The names and addresses of  cash prize winners will be printed in  the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Dec. 31st next,  and subsequently''.' in the New,:York  Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be  posted the same day.-   ,  7. , Write your 'name and address in  full every time you write us to . avoid  mistakes..  8. Orders for these Prizes inay be  sent in sepanitely from time to ' time,  and you will be credited with the total  of all when you send in the report form  as above.  9. When: sending orders please  remember that the letter postage to  England is 5 cents per half ounce, and  if insufficient postage is used the letter  is liable to go astray.  Colonel* L. Edwin Dudley, ,of Vari-  cotrrer, United 8l.iil.os consul for all of.  British Columbia except Victoria and  Nanaimo, was in the city to-day. Pie  statod'that ho had just returned from a  trip to Rossland.where he had installed  F. R. Blochbergor as consular agent at  that plac.o. #ColoncI Dudley is making  a trip through, thc Kootenay and  studying out the necessities of the  different towns to see what consular  service is required. He lias co.lie to  no conclusion, as to whether or not the  business for Kootenay. can be transacted by tho Rossland office. He says  ho wants to afford facilities for the  peopie'who are developing the country,  and will doevorything that is in his'  power to assist them. The value of  .exports from his consular district during tho: first two quarters of this'year  has been larger than in any other consular district in Canada. From Nelson  ho goes to Knslo and Slocan points.���������  Rossland Miner. . ....'���������  Discouraged  Klondykers.  Aspen, Cob, Oct. 20.���������Prof. Charles  M. Daggett, for many years a resident  of this city, )ia������ returned "to Aspen  from a futile attempt to roach tlie  "Klondyke. lie reports hundreds of  men, who a few months ago left for  the gold Holds in tlio best spirits, with  woll-lilled pocket-books, now returning  heartsick and discouraged, without a  cent in tho world.  Of between 0,000 nnd 10,000 people  who startod for the Klondyke, less  than 2,000 got oyer .the passes. .Prof,  Daggett says their condition is tleplor-  alle. Some idea ' of.the number of  men who arc without means now. in  the covin try can bo gained from the  fact thitt 26 stowaways wore:discovered  on the boat which brought thc professor back.  THERE IS HOPE.  There is hope for thoso "who   suffer  from billiousness and liver complaint  Burdock Blood- Bitters   regulates   the  liver and   restores   health   and   vigor.  Hero is the'proof;  Dear Sirs.���������I was troubled with  billiousness and sick headache, and  could get no relief until f Iried B. 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' '������������������<.''.  The   Watcliniakers' Alliance & Ernest  Goode's Stores,  LIMITED.  , Incorporated according to Act of Parliament���������Capital ������90,000 ($450,000).  LARGEST ENGLISH WATCHMAKERS,     ,  184   OXFORD  STREET,   LONDON.  Cable Address���������"Clociclike, London." /Business Established 1885.  !n'nM!iii;;:!iiiniii[iMiniiNiianiaiMtiiii!iiiiiiniiiiiii!iiiiMiii!Mii[iiiiiiMiiiiinii!ii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii  -SJS'crr  ������������������'*&?$$ XV'CT#  W      W     " w^  ���������sasvHSia mims :wsiivwtn3H������  'ASdOHCI ,'SS3NIZZIO   ..  'HOVIM01S HflOS       'NHflHXMVHK  variHOHDs "wnHKa xnvs  'HHOVaVHH 'NOlXVdlXSNOD  'ssHwsnorna 'visd'ddSAa  pm: 'slog sno[njoJ35 jsjoav atii oVajdunj ���������  uotuuio.1 v uiojj satjijndaii ?v\ ]\y- s?aoui3j  puu poo[g 3tj) sDijrjrl j 'suoijajD.sg 3tjJ s:po. un  'sp.As.og pii-e ^JAfj 'tp-juiojg ?ij) so^n-cry  ."sc *S3: -es:  ���������SO.111Q .50 S|nir:s"noJijj w.}i '?������������������ .  pjra   ora   ni*T,     '���������? fT7?:*^*-'"���������" ���������  Id    t^;-L-*^'    ,  I The largest stock  = of Furniture in the  I Slocan - Kootenay  I at bottom prices.  =, Bed-room Suites to  sselec't'from. .  *'  Carpets, Matting, Floor  Cloth, Rugs, Mats.  IRON BEDSTEADS.  Upholstered Parlor and  Dining Suites in NEWEST  DESIGNS.     ���������''.'.���������-  COUCHES  LOUNGES  .EASY CHAIRS''  in stock and made to order  in any design.  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On no similar occasion has such a crowd  assembled in  Mechanics'   Pavilion   as   that   which  poured into the big building   to-night  to witness the   Lavigne-Walcott  fight.  Betting on the fight had  been  brisk  all day.     Thousands of  dollars   were  poured into the   pool rooms   to-night,  thc great bulk of which was placed on  Lavigne.   Two days ago Walcott was  the favorite with some bets  at  ten   to  eight.   At S o'clock to-night pools were  selling at six and a half, will? Lavigne  the favorite.    While the evening's pre-  grant was  late in   opening,   the   prc-  Jirrjinaries between local   boxers   weie  curtailed, and at 9.50 Joe Walcott step  ped into the ring -wrapped  in   a   long  grey bath robe.   He was   followed   by  Tom O'Kourke,   George   Dickson   and  Joe Cotton.    Walcott was  warmly  applauded, but it wiir, discounted by   the  roar of applause which greeted George  Lavigne aa he followed the  negro  into  the ring.   Lavigne's seconds  wen1  his  brother, Billy Lavigne, Tom Grath and  Billy Armstrong.  iVJieji Lavigne and Walcott dropped  their robes, their splendid condition  was apparent. The gong sounded at  9.55. Both men came to the centre  and sparred- Lavigne led first with  }u's right and clinched., Lavigne  caught Walcott, on the head with n left  hand and a moment later got in a good  left on tlie body. Wnkott stopped an-  oihej.* rush with a good stiff left on tho  face. Lnyigne forced thc fighting and  Janded both right and left on the ja<\,  staggering thc negro, who repeatedly  clinched to avoid the terrifiic rushes  from Lavigne. The gong sounded during a hot-mix-up in front of tho ring,  In which the white man had all t p  best of it, drawing blood from Walcott'-.  nose.  iu the second round Lavigne rushed  Walcott into a corner and tried- with  his right^but-was stopped by a stiff  left on thc- face. Lavigne hail the  better ofthe round, doing all thc forcing. The pace during the first four  rounds was terrific. In the third round  Lavigne missed a left and right for thc  face and clinched. A moment later  he put in two on the face and clinched.  The Kid put in two bad rights on thc  body in succession and got a hard left  on thc face. Layigne rushed, but Joe  ducked and George went over his head.  Lavigne forced Walcott around the  ring, but the latter did some fast work.  In the lourth round Lavigne opened  Up hostilities with a right hook, but  was neatly stopped by a right. The  Kid put a straight left on Walcott's  nose, and rushed him to the ropes and  landed on his noi������c again. Walcott  smiled and toen forced the pace and  land a left on the head, 'but Lavigne  rushed him to thc post, and Walcott  slipped to thefloor. Walcott made a  better showing in this round. From  the fifth to the twelveth and last  Lavigne had things about all his own  way. ��������� >���������   ,        : ,''  ' Walcott was not anxious to leave  his cornor for the twelfth,and asked for  a, draw, but the Kid rushed at him like  a tiger. Upon finding that he had to  fight, Joe did it with, a will, but La-  vign- landed a hot one under the heart,  which sobered Walcott. Lavigne rushed Joe to the ropes and led frequently  without return, Joe being apparently  unable either to ward off the blows or  return   them. .,..���������������.'.''���������  7 He again limped to. his corner and  a few seconds later O'Jtouyke , called  Referee Craney over arid said his man  could go no further. A scene of indescribable confusion ensued upon tbe  referee announcing that the Saginaw,  Kid was a winner.. Walcott had to be  carried out of the ring, while Lavigne  jumped through the ropes and followed  pis seconds to the dressing-room.  little doubt thai our trade can be largely extendeu if we will only   make;, an  effort   to   cultivate it.   Among the articles that might be largely exported by  Canada may be mentioned flour, grain>  hay, canned goods, cheese, butter,; lard,  hams,   bacon,   oil   and   paints.  .  The  C.P;R.state that they-,aro   giving, the  same export rates to  the port   of   St,  John'as are   current   from   the. same  shipping points tb New York.     As far  as freight rates are  concerned,   therefore/the Canadian   manufacturer has  exactly the' same .advantage   as   his  rival in the.United, States,-'    Some 'of  the islands have a 'considerable"; nopu  lation. /Trinidad, for instance, , is   reported as having 245,000 nnd,Barbados  180,000. British Guiana, statistics as to  which are also giyen.in the hand book,  has a populatioii'of 278,000.:   The other  islands, above referred to have a   population varying' Iron, 12,000 to 00,000  Cariboo Creek. District is, in ,Need  of Traiispotatiou.        ������������������'.;  other day on his waj east.      The   balance of" the party remained  in   Winnipeg.   "The  aspect, of things  in ' the  Kootenay country   indicate    a   bright  future,"     remarked   the    ex-Premier,  speaking-of his observation^ in British  Columbia, "and the conditions in   the  coast cities were of  a   character   that  showed a remarkable revival  of trade.  There-is no doubt ./but   the "Klondyke  boom is a factor in  the" improvement  noticeable in   British   Columbia,   and  everybody is speaking of. and   preparing for a great   rush,  in   the , spring."  Sir Mackenzie Bowell!i.was   much'  impressed with the development in   the  silver district around.Slocan  City  and  also the gold  regions,   ana   while   individuals; wertv inaking  towards   the  Yukon capitalists .were more interested  in the quartz 'mining   regions 'of   the  Pacific Province.   The7 trip  has   been  of great benefit to thf.-e^-fremier, who'  is enjoying the best of health and ia in  excellent spirits..'.'  FAIRLY STAGGARD.  Mr. Samuel Humphries, retired carriage manufacturer, Strathroy, Ont.,  says: "For a long time I have hud  kidney troubles and pain in the back.  I could not straighten .tip and often had  to sit down until the pam and weakness went away. I have taken one  box of Doan's Kidney Pills and must  say they area great kidney medicine,  because thoy have entirely removed  all pain from my back, 'curing the  urinary difficulties and benefitting my  general health in a remarkable degree."  A number of Rosslanclers are interested in the minos of tho Cariboo Creek  District, and among them arfi R. J.  Bealey.Dr. Edwird Bowes, Edward C.  Finch and Mr. Johnson. The district  is coming to the front rapidly, and as  soon as better transportation facilities  are secured, it will take rank with  some of the best mining .sections' in  the Kootenay country/ i'������������������  ���������Edward C. Finch, wbo, has  just "arrived back from a visit to the   district,  is enthusiastic   in; his   praise/of   its  merits.   "On the properties of the   Silver Rucen company," ho   said,   "there  is considerable work in progrrss.    Preparation?       under way there to continue the        ^*dl   winter.     Quarters  are being    rected   to accommodate 16  men, which is about/the force that  /we  intend to keep at work during thc winter.   We are now contracting   for   the  necessary ..'supplies' forthe men  during  the coming cold weather/ In tlie meanwhile a force is kept at   work developing the   properties'  of   the   company,  which are eight in  number.     I   must  say that they were never in better condition'than thoy .'ire   at  present.   . A  crown gfaiT f naif been earned: nnd soon  will be issued   for   properties   ol'.^the  company.       In   the   window   of ' the  com pan}*, next door to the Mineroffice^  there may be soeii 1,000-potinds of / the  ore from tjie Silver Queen.   Hon. Geo.  B. Foster/president  of the   company,  writes me in the spring, when   it  may  be expedient to erect a smelter, that it  will be easy to  raise   the   money   for  that -purpose..-    He lias   sold   a   large  block, of the stock among  his   friends,  and they stand ready to take more;   as  he has assured them of tlie   merits   of  tho mine.  "Among the claims that have recently been bondpd in the district is the  Promistnra. James Brady, of the firm  of Brady & Moynahan, has a 820,000  bond on this property, and the bond is  in the interest of a syndicate of Rossland people. Work is' to'-b'e pushed on  the Promistura during thewinter. The  Clark McGinnis property has been  bonded by W-iUliam McKenzie of Toronto and'P. Burns, the wholesale butcher.  "Swan and Wright have struck" it  rich on their claim at the head of Cariboo creek. The ore carries galena,  copper, and silver, nnd the assays are  high. The district, in my opinion, is  onedi the comiiig"bnes;" "concluded  Mr. Finch.  If life, is worth  haviiifr it is worth  vv '"  taking.   care,  of.  y rY. Recklessness   does  if   ^ not pay,  either in  ���������l     S    :   our work   or  '~-   - y   o u r    pleasure.  When     people  read of a young  man   who   has  h.e en, killed  while, performing some reckless 'feat  on   a  toboggan or at  some other, haz-  j ,,        melons ; sport,  ' r //   tllfiir'sympathy-  il ///. is   mixed  with  .^���������i>]jt//       surprise   that  .S3* Hi" any 'human  being  should   thus  carelessly risk life.  There are thou-,  sands of men who  are recklessly;risking their lives while they  go about their common every-day avocations. They over-work, they, do not take  sufficient time, from business or labor to eat  or sleep or rest, or to care for,their health.  Outraged nature throws out danger, signals,  to which they,;pay.'no"heed. They suffer  from bilious or nervous disorders, from  sick headache, giddiness, drowsiness, cold  chills, flushings of heat, ' shortness of  breath, ^blotches ou the skin, loss'i of appetite, . uncomfortable sensations in the  stomach after meals, loss of sleep, lassitude and trembling sensations. These are  the advance symptoms of serious and fatal  maladies. 7   >-, .''������������������'  AH disorders of this nature are cured by  Dr, Pierce's Gqlden Medical Discovery. It  restores the lost appetite, gives sound'and  refreshing sleep, makes tlie digestion per-  fect/tlie liver active. , It purifies the blood  and makes'It rich with the life-giving elements of the food. It. is the great blood-  luakerand flesh-builder. It makes the body,  active and the brain keen. ���������. It is the best'  of nerve tonics. Thousands have testified  to its merits. No honest dealer will urge  upon you a substitute for.the little extra  profit it maj-afford. ..  The man or woman who neglects constipation is gathering in.the system a store  of disorders that will culminate in some  serious and possibly fatal malady.. Dr.  /Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are a safe, sure,  speedy and permanent cure for constipation. One little ',.' Pellet " is a gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic,  SANDON SAW, SHINGLE & PLANING ,7!ILL  Have,'.;in stock or cut to order on short notice, all kinds of Rough and  Dressed Lumber.    Dimension stuff up to 46 feet long. '"  .<?. '-.���������.    '.'';���������'' ���������;.       ' ... ���������������������������',',     ' ���������������������������      .-������������������'",-��������� ...  KILN DRIED LUMBER AND MOULDINGS, EQUAL TO ANY IMPORTED.  \." Alarge stock of all kinds of BUILDERS' SUPPLIES suitable tp; the local  trade now on hand, including KILN / DRIED Flooring, Rustic Shiplap,  Rebated Door Jambs, Plowed Pulley Styles, Square and Moulded Casing/Plain  and Moulded Base, ' V Joint Ceiling, Beaded Wainscoting * also a great  variety of Mouldings, including Crowri, Bed, Boelection, Wainscote Capingj  Cornice and Sprung Moulds, as well as a, variety,of Cove, Quarter and Half  Rounds, O.G. and Square Stops, Parting Beads, Square and Beaded Balusters,  Roof Rolls���������Grounds, and all kinds of finishing materials. '���������'���������  HAVING LATELY RECEIVED A CAR LOAD OF '.  DOORS AND WINDOWS  .   . . - ,-������������������-        1   , - ���������      .'���������-���������,'.. _    , ���������'���������>  IN A GREAT VARIETY OF STYLES AND SIZES.  R.E.Palmer,B.A.,Sc.  ,    Provincial Land Surveyor,  "������������������'',,- Sandon. ";-.'  Agents���������Rand & Wallbridge.    '  M. L. Grrimmett, l.l.b.  barrister, ' solicitor,   notary  Poplic, Etc.  Sandon,    B. C?���������������������������'���������.  J.J.Godfrey.      .  W. J. Bowser, ���������L.L.B  F. L. Christie, L.L. B;    :  Bowser/"Grodfrey  ..:.���������"'.,'���������:��������� ; & Christie,  ' Baeeistees'; Soucitoes,. Etc.  ,.; .'  Sandon, B.C.      ./     Vancouver, B. C.  Manufacturers and Dealers in  .STOVES  FURNACES  PIECEE TINWARE  COPPERWARE  GALVANIZED IRONWARE  AIR PIPES  '' '   FANS';  Mining Work a Sj, cialty.  Sandon, B. C.  I am now able to supply the public without delay, with anything in this- line,  of a first-class quality;'and at rock bottom prices.  ALSO Ai VARIETY OF TURNINGS, BRACKETS, ;������C.''    !  Newel Posts, Turned Balusters, Verandah. Truss and other Fancy Brackets,  Table Legs (mprticed), Corner and Plinth Blocks, Turned Stool Tops, &c. ','  Also in stock, some ofthe best Shingles manufactured. '-..���������'���������.  An inspection of my stock is requested. '    / r:  Geo. Lovatt, "Prop.  Don't forget our QHE/ir FUEL.    Short Slabs $1.2 5, cart load,delivered.  A FATHER IN TROUBLE.  He is Charged   With   Failing   to   Support His Child.  Canada and the West Indies.  The Canadian Pacific Railway has  issued a small hand book on Canada's  interests in the West India Island. All  agents ofthe company recently visited  Bermuda, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St.  Kitts, Antigua, Dominica. St. Lucia,  Barbados,7 Trinidad and Dcmcrara.  The imports of the different islands arc  given, and it is apparent at a glance  that Canada does a very small trade  with them compared, with that done  by the United States. Tho C-P. R's.  hand book ought to be studied carefully by every Canadian manufacturer  and merchant. ���������' The goods imported  into the islands are for the most part  suoh oi Canada produces, aad there la  Nelson, Oct. 27.���������Constable Inc.e has  returned from a trip to Kaslo, where  he went with a Mr. Roberts, who was  arrested on complaint of his. wife and  charged with failing to support his  child. The details of the case are  vague, but according to Mr. Robert's  story, it appears that while living in  Idaho some, years ago he and his wile  did not agrce.One day he found both his  wife and child missing and rumor gave  him thc impression she was not unaccompanied. A long time afterwards  ho ran across her in Kulsp, and, securing the child, Mr. Robert's took his  turn ut running awny. His wife (i.ially  located him in Nelson and caused liis  arrest 'on the charge stated. It is  understood that the chief of police of  Kaslo noted as judge and jury in the  matter and taking the child from the  father and turned itover to the mother.  Mr. Roberts was about to Center the  cmplov ofthe smelter- company' when  he wns arrested.  ,ln Spring Time.gei Plsi'e Blood  fay using B.B.B.  .-. ' , ���������   ^  "��������� No other remedy possesses such pet-  feet cleansing, healing and purifying  properties as Burdock Blood Bitters.  It not only cleanses internally, but it  heals, when applied externally, all  sores ulcers, abscesses, scrofulous sores,  blotches, eruptions, , etc., leaving the  skin clean and pure as a babe's.  Taken internally'"it removes all morbid  effete or waste matter from the system,  and thoroughly regulates all the organs  of the body, restoring the stomach,  liver, bowels ��������� and blood to healthy  action. V . *.-  ���������*  A CURE FOR CHILBLAINS.  Dear Sirs.���������I used tfagynrd's Yellow  Oil for chiJblains this winter and found  it m^st effectual. It relieves the irritation almost instantly, and a few  applications result in a complete cure.  F. L'Estrange.  Port Sydney, Ont.  DRESS AND  MANTLE MAKING  At reasonable rales, and on die shortest notice. SHOP on Slocan Star  street, three doors east of The Mining  Review office.  E. S, TOPPI  TKAIL, B.C.  Has minos und mining stocks (or  sale; will try to protect investors.  LOTS FOR SALE IN  TRAIL AND DEER PARK.  Will cxiimlnoand report on mines.  Twenty-eight years' experience In  mining.   Ciome or write.  H. C. Holden.  F. M. Gray.  ..HOLDEN & GRAY..  A���������������S1N PAINTERS  PA PER.-H ANGERS," etc., &c.  Spealis Well of British iColumbia.  Sir Mackenzie Bowell, in company  with D. Mann and wife and Hugh  Sutherland,  reached'   Winnipeg   the  A liirge stock of Wall Paper, &c,  constantly on hand.  Wc got oui paints froni the East at  reduced figures and give our customers  the benefit.  Cau be found at Black's hotel or the  Balmoral.  aiTK us \ CALL.  FINEST .CUISINE .jqr KOO'iENAY.  The Filbert.  Wm. SuiiKow, Proprietor and Manager.  First-class in every particular.  Newly furnished.   Best Liquors.,!  EWST0RE  ���������o  ,   The undersigned begs to inform the ladies of Sandon and/vicinity that she  has opened a new Ladies Furnishing Store in Sandon.    '  NEW  NOW ARRIVING  will make.her stock most complete in all departments.    Styles in everyiine the,  very latest; goods the very best, arid prices the/very lowest, .    '  Shop -"three doors west from Sandon Hotel. b  THE NEW YORK  BREWING GO.  on  the Cody road,, are now ready for  business, and are brewing:     '  EXTA FINE LAGER BEER-  PORTER and BOTTLED BEER.  Dreyer S HoSmeier.  M. J.  HENRY  TfUR/ERr/ldN ������������ FLORIJT  ���������".      VANCOUVER, B.C.  Greenhouse, Nursery, ,\pi,iry and Post-  oftice Address, G04 Westminster Road.  .   Large stock of flowering  bulbs  for  fall planting, at eastern prices or less.  Finest stock of transplanted three  or iour-year-o.'d fruit trees I everoffered.  .. A,11. *;xtra Cihoieo assortment of small  lruitplants;andbru9hes,roscs,omament-  als, etc., at the lowest cash prices.  NO AQENTSi Send fdr a catalogue  oelore placing your orders, it will pay  you. *   J  ast?  .IF YOU ARE,  , DO-NOT FORGET  THREE IIHPQRTANT. POINTS.  KM DRIED GOAST LUMBER  Flooring, Siding, Wide Clear Fir and Cedar, Wainscoting/Ceilings,  Mouldings, Moulded Casings, Finishing Lumber, Brackets, Lath,  Shingles, etc., etc.  Entire bills of Finishing Lumber furnished.  Orders taken for Sash,'Store Fronts, Bars, Refrigerators,  Store and Office Fixtures, and Fire-proof Safes.*  /WWH.'l.nifWb'WVl.HCI.fVWVW'K'US^WtAc  THE....  thnP^t30^!!1 St,VPa,ul because tho lines to  set-vice. you  the very  best  uSEC0N])--3ee that the cupon beyond St.  that TnoSr,T^���������tteWInconBln'contria becauJo  tnat lino makes close connections with all  nni'^ran,s-continental   lines   entering the  J!?i? ���������?epot th?Fe' llna ils service is first-'  class in every particular.  ^^"S1^0-F?r information, call on your  neighbor and friend-the nearest ticket agent  -and ask for a ticket reading via the "v7is-  consin Central lines, or .address ,  Jas. Pond, - or Geo. S. Batty,  GM.',Pas*,AstV ���������:-        General Agent.  Miiwaulteo.Wis. 21C Stark St.,  Portland, Or.  SANDON, B. C.  a>. J. iVlcLachlae,  FACTORY AND YARD NEXT TO ELECTRIC POWEIt^HOtJBE,      SANDON.  y  't...  ���������-��������� -y^y"-' ���������'���������'y   .-���������':. ���������"���������"������������������.  American Plan,   $3.50 per day.  <  r  European   Plan,   $2.00 per day.  ��������� ,-s  V  r/' /          ... '���������'-.'  Strictly First-class...  s  I  IBS. M. A. SMITH, Prop;  5  .^������������������������s*������������.*H^\.*���������������.M.,^ui"U'������.r������(^.r*^up",..i.������%,'n.r,..\.  "**  gsj- Jf.   J$.   Jp.  *$?*&"$?${  *  JlilM tfies  mmjim s northern  ." NELSON 5 FORT SHEPP/1RD RY.  , Y -RED MOUNTAIN MILIMr  THE ONLY RQUTEto TRAIL CREEK  and the mineral districts of the Colville -Reservation, Nelson, Kaslo, Kootenay ,  Lake and Slocan points.  daily except sunday,  between  SPOKaNE,ROSSLAND and nelson  I.EAVE  10.00 a.m..  8.10 am..  S.00 a.m..  ..Rossland...  ....Nelson....  ..Spokane...  aubtvk  .3.40 p.m.  ..0.00 p.m.  ...0.00 p.m.  No change of cars between Spokane and  ...   Rossland.  ��������� Closo connections at Nelson with steamers  for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake points.  Passengers lor Kettle river and Boundary  creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  AGENTS FOR GURNEY'S  STOVES AND RANGES.  We have every  facility for  turning out the  Commercial  Work that can  be executed.  4  best Mining and $������������*  4-  4  ; *  NORTHERN  if      PACIFIC RAILWAY.  Solid Vestibule Trains.  Modern Eqtjipsiest.  THROUGH = TICKETS  to Tacoma,  Seattle,   Victoria. Vancouver, Portland, and California Points.  St. Paul, St. Louis, Chicago, New  York, Boston, and nil Points East, also  European S. S. tickets.  TIME . SCHEDULE.  No. 1; West  No. 2. East  Depart  Depart  10.53 p.m.  7.09 a.m.  For .information, time-cards, maps and  tickets, call on or writeF. D. GIBBS, general  agent, Spokane, Wash. ; or A. D. Cliarlton,  assistant passenger agent. No. 253 Morrison  street, corner Third, Portland. Oregon.  Hardware and Granite Ware,  and all kinds of Household Furnishing Goods. '���������' y  kaslo and s l0can  Railway.  TlflE CARD.  Orders taken for Printing  at Cliffe's Bookstore  will receive prompt  attention.  Workers in Sheet-Iron and Copper  work of all kinds.  HE HOTEL yiGOlll  Strictly first-class.  Capt. M. A. Morrison, Manager.  Morrison & McDonald, Proprietors.  Good Sample Rooms and  all other essentials of a first-class house.  Air Smokers Like  A Well-finished Pipe, the best sample  of Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes procurable���������and JACOB EELSEN has  them. He has also the latest: arrival of  Fruits, arid Billiard Tables for recreation.   Give him a coll.  Leave  S.00 a.m.  ���������"      S.30 "  "   :   9.36 "  9.51 "  "     10.03 "  "     10.1S "  "     10.3S  ArrivelO.50  Kaslo      Arrive S.50 p.m.  South Folk      "      3.15 ���������������  Spoules "      2.15 "  Whitewater       '      2.00 "  Boar Lake       "      1.48 "  McGuigan       "      1.33 "  Cody Junction   "      1.12 "  Sandon      Leave 1.00 "  CODY LINE.  Leave 11.00 a.m.  "     11.20   "  Sandon  Cody  Arrive 11.45 a.m.  Leave 11.25   "  Subject to change without notleo.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.  KOBEKT IRVING,  Q. F. A P. A.  GEO. F. COPELAND,  Superlntcndant.  [anadian Pacific  Railway    And soo Pacmc.  The Most Direct Koute to all Points in  Canada, LTnited States and Europe.  DAILY SERVICE.  Baggage checked  through to  destination  without change.  >The Only Line  operating tourist cars to Toronto, Montreal  and Boston without change, also through  cars to St. Paul daily.  Luxurious   Sleepers   and   Magnificent  'Dining: Cars on all Trains.  Trains leave Sandon  II o'clock, dallj, connections with  steamers for the north,  except Monday; and south dally,  except Sundays.  Call on nearest C. P.  R. agent for lurthor  particulars, it will save you timo aud money  A. C. McAUTHUK, agent, Sandon;  H. M. Macgregor, traveling passenger  agent, Nelson; Geo.MoL.BroW!"*. district  passenger agent, Vancouver.  ���������:-rT~--.- THE MINING REVIEW.  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1897.  MINING RECOKDS.  Recorded  at  New Denver.  LOCATIONS.  Oct 27-Bendigo, Four Mile, AVm Lewis.  n..i -xi_i?orlriord Carpenter, Jas R Itynn;  A?cade,^ear Lake \Vm A Imager; KflleWhlte,  New Denver, Thos M Clement.  Vovl-G S Fractional, Payne mountain,  Fred ltochcc; Annie H, Carpenter Angus  (latheson and W S Taylor, South Park,  Galena Farm, F Culver.  , ASSESSMENTS.  Oct 2fi���������Omega.  Oct23-Mldn!ght Fraction, Empire Noll,  Braid.  Oct 29���������Lilla Kooke, Henderson, Douglas,  Goldbug.VllliamJohn. Galena Bank. Cazu-  bazua Fraction No2, Wakefield Fraction.  Nov 1���������Sunriso No 0.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  Oct 30���������Okanagan.  TRANSFERS.  Octal-Amazon i, Jas S Reid to Mrs K  Bargez, Oct 13.  Oct 22���������P T F Pynian to W S Taylor.  PrlntlcoBoy ail  interest, By the Sheriff, .1  W Ryan to P M Hayes, July I). iliO.  ��������� Oct 23���������Irene, A H Mumenauer to Geo Alexander, Oct 15.  Manitoba, Power of Attorney. Samuel K  Watson to John Nunn.  Manitoba, John Nunn and S imuel E Wat-  eon to Hugh McKay, Oct 21, $1.00.  Oct25��������� Blow Your Horn, A H Bremner to  The West Kootenay (B C) Exploring and Mining Co, Ltd, OcLSj.  Prentice Fraction :, W II Bowling to E L  Wilson, June 30.  Red Fox 1-8 and Cehtral 1-0, A W Wrlgnt to  C'has McGregor, Oct 13.  Same, same to Alfred Robinson, same.  Oct K-Electrio J, nolloo of title to same, A  C Allen.  Oct ������0���������Fountain Fraction 1-0, IraAV Black  to Itobt McDonald, Oct 23, $20.  Ira W Bl.iclt and Robt McDonald to John  McDonald, one year's lease on J Fountain  Fraction.  Fountain Fraction \, Ira W Black loJohn  McDonald, Oct 20, SJ.tiOO conditionally.  Fountain Fraction J..lennie Knapp to John  McDonald, one year's lease, 2(1 per cent, of proceeds, Oct 211.  Ocfc:W-RA 31 i, John Carraher to Henry  Fitzgerald, Oct 20.  Yuma Fraction, R W Gordon to Geo Alexander, Oct 11.  Aurora Fraction, H B Alexander to The  Ruth Mines; Oct 11.  Yuma.Aurora No 2 and Suburban Fraction,  E M Siindilands to same, Oct20.  The Trenton, Walter dough to James Cran,  Oct 111.  Recorded at Slocan City.  A FAIR TRIAL.  ''I was troubled with a very bad  headache last winter nnd decided to  give Laxa-Liver Pills a fair trial. On.'  box of them cured me and I have not  had a headache shire. They arc a  long way ahead of any other remedy I  ever tried."  Miss Jan'e Munuoe,  Wcstbourne, Man.  Now is the time to  buy.    We carry  The Largest Stock  of Air Tight  "QUEEN" HEATING STOVES,  BOX STOVES, COOKING STOVES,  RANGES, ETC., ETC.  Camp   and   Sybley Stoves  made   to  order.  HAMILTON BYERS,  '   SANDON.  KASLO.  MEN'S  OUTFITTER.  Cheapest CASH STORE in Sandon.  LOCATIONS.  Oct 22���������Birtle, Lemon, Dan Ilanlon, Anson,  Herbert Bunting.  Oct2.3��������� H G, Ernest Rncklifl*.  Oct 2.*i-Oasis, H N McNaught: -19, Chas  Burke.  Oct 20���������Sir Wilfred, F A Brewer and Joseph  Payne.  ASSESSMENTS.  Oet22-^-BetterStill.  Get 23���������Black Horse, It A Cam eron.  Oct 20���������Denver Fraction, W K Richmond.  Oct 27���������Snow Bird. J T Tipping.  TRANSFERS.  Oct 22���������Mono }, Godfrey Adams to E L Wilson,  Owl 5-12, WH Crawlord to W Tomlinson.  Oct 23���������Two Friends 1-S, C Murphy to AV E  Bole.  Oct2G���������Birch Grove }, Chas R Burke to  Joseph Payne.  AT THE   HOTELS.  Opposite Bryan's Cafe.  ftND OTHER INVESTIYiENTS.  Every Representation Guaranteed.  SANDON. B. C.  Mining Review $2.00  per year in advarce.  IS IT?  YES, WHY?  Because we sell Diamonds that  are Diamonds, and Rings  stamped 14 carat are 14 carat  solid gold. Our 18 carat  Rings are 1S carat plump  solid goid.  We have lhe largest stock of  Watches in the Slocan���������watches lhat are warranted to be  good timekeepers, are taken  back if not as represented.  LADIES!  We have a few Diamond Set  Watches. Little beauties in 14  carat solid gold, fitted with  good reliable Waltham movements ; you may see them in  my window any day.  PRESENTATION GOODS.  Do you desire to send a present  to a distant friend; nothing  sent so-easily as jewellry.  All custom work kept in a  fire-proof safe.  E  JEWELLER AND OPTICIAK.  Balmoral R. H. Trueman, Vancouver; M. J. McKinnon, New Denver;  S. M. Aulav; Fairvicw; C. M. Arnold.  C. P. Yates* Kaslo; A. J. McDonald  Baltimore.  Sandon���������G. Hambly, J. C. Boyce, G.  Fairbaim, A. Fulmorc, Silverton; , S.  Newman, London; O. Murphy, Three  Forks; J. Stewart, J. H. Stewart, New  Denver; A. G. Praser, 'IS. dimming,  Kaslo; A. F. Carnegie, F. W. Bailey.  C. M. Woodworth, Slocan City; G.  Trick, Chicago; C. Rowland, Seattle; S.  H. Cunning, Perry.  Goodenough���������H. A. Jackson, J. E.  Jackson, F. J. Holman, Ii. E. Swift, C.  S. Griffith, Spokane; A. Bishop,   Kaslo;  C. Crogley, Silverton; Miss M. L 1 Dell.  Toronto; H. Morgan, G. C. Wharton;  New Denver; R. D. McTier, J. H. Suss-  man, R. O. Adams, A. C. Anderson,  Montreal; J. J. Willie, G. McL. Brown,  ���������Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Cockshutt,  Brantford; P. B. Wallace,  London;   II.  D. Curtiss, Slocan City.  Black's���������N. A. Bnrritt, Trail; R.  Ewart, Spokane; A. W. Strickland, R.  McCaskill, Miss Wise. C. S. Carpenter,  Bossland; A. D. Emany, W. J. Mc-  Master, W. B. Bigg, It. J. McKenzie,  Toronto; B. Butner, P. Wood, A. Des  Brisay, Slocan City; W. L. Callaman.  A. E; Tanquier, New Denver; F. C.  Nevin, Whitewater; P. G. Lealer, G. B.  Church, J Moffatt, J. F. Hume, 11.  Bradford. H.C. Barton, B..7 W. Wiley,  Nelson; J. H. Falconer. Victoria; A. M.  Aulev, Fairview; J. W. Trumbull, Montreal;" A. K. Tufts, A. French, P. T.  Richardson, L. E. Dudley, W. M. Kane,  Vancouver; P. MbArdle, Omaha; J.  McPnail; London; G. A. Semlin, Cache  Creek; L. B. Ra/nsdell, M. C. Hilleny,  Gardner, Mass.; W; W. Freeman, Wil-  mur: T. E. Devlin, Kaslo; R. J. Hamilton, Nakusp; J. R. Hull, Kamloops.  ,  ^W^'^!^'!^^2^L^I^^I  The   northern  connecting  point   of   the  C. P. R. on Slocan lake.  ery  has the only, safe harbor north of Slocan City.  ery  I intend to remain in Sandon in order to   make room   for new goods arriving daily.  Groceries, Hardware, Tinware.  Dry Goods, Clothing, Boot's and Shoes.  ^mjtfuipmewiVgway^uas^aw  ���������ts  wc  t CARRY A COMPLETE LINE QF EVERYTHING.  SANDON AND ROSSLAND.  mmm  WAYAl'AVAVA^  It is at Rosebery where the beautiful  Slocan steamer ties up oyer night and  where the employees etui bring their "families.  lots were put on the market June 28th and  are selling fast. Yon cannot afford to wait  if you want a lot.    They are going up.  CHURCH   DIRECTORY.  METHODIST    CHURCH.  Services every Sabbath at 11 a. m.  and 7.15 p. m. Prayer meeting every  Thursday evening at 7.45. .Epworth  League, "Literary evenings," Monday  at 8 p.m.  Pastor, Rev. A. M. Sanford, A.B.  Union Sabbath School at 3 p.m. in  the Methodist church.  PERSONAL   MENTION.  Lieut Portman and wife have gone  to Tacoma on an extended visit.  Mr. and Mrs. McArthur have returned from the coast. Mrs Mc-  Arthur would not stay there the winter,  and Mac is up to his elbows in depot  work again.  J. McL. Brown, executive agent of  the C. P. R. at Vancouver, was a pleasant caller at The Review office on  Wednesday. He thinks business in  general throughout the country is. improving, and that, with the advent of  raw-hiding, Sandon will be a lively  town.  l^^gi^S^W^^.-*^^  At Sandon, Rossland, Kelson, Kaslo, Pilot Bay and Three Forks:  "Sandon. Slocan City.  WHEN IN SdNDON STQF AT THE  SANDON, B. C.  Headquarters for Mining  and Commercial Men.  Rates S2.50 to $4.00 per day.  ������*#  R. CUNNING, Proprietor.  ]^^^IMMMM'^WlW^Wi^^^^MMMM^^^M  Everything Up-to-date ���������������r���������' Afinosolcb������iou'ofWorst"  L'wocde and Fancy Vestings.  Agents  for the  Dominion  Piano  and Organ   Co.  ������tearing Sale of Ready  Made Slothing.  A golden opportunity to secure Ready-made Clothing at your own price.  Heavy Doubl-breasted Blue Serge Suits old price $14.00; now $7.50  Single-breasted Blue and Black Serge Suits old price 14.00; now    7.00  Double-breasted Blue and Black Serge Saits... .old price 16.00 ; now 10.00  Brown Bannockburn (extra quality) old price 16.00; now 12.00  Black Clay Worsted (extra quality) old price 20.00 ; now 14.00  Canadian Suits (extra quality) old price 12.00; now   6.00  J8@fMen's Overcoats, in all the stylish collars.  Double-breasted Mellon best Wool Tweed old price r8.oo ; now 14.00  Heavy Black Serges (extra quality).. .old price 16.00 ; noiv 12.00  Men's Chenchella Pea Jackets. .....Y. ...old price 15.00 ; nown.oo  Men's Irish Frieze ;Pea Jackets...... ..........old price 7.00 ; now   4.00  HEADQUARTERS  osebery  Men are grading and clearing the town-  site, and several buildings are about to be  erected.  Mackanaw Suits, Overalls,"Underwear, Blankets, Boots and Shoes, Hats and  Caps, Neckwearj Trunks and Valises. Y  I would like to have you drop in and look over my stock.    You have to  buy ; first call in and look around.  ;j.y  is designed to be the distributing centre for  the Slocan. *  I.  /I  i.  i(]  -)  Umw Uw  will become the great Concentrating City of  the Slocan, having abundance of water and  being easy of access to the mining centre.  Watch this.  Terms���������One-half cash ; balance three and  six months.    For full particulars apply to  Opposite Bryan Cafe.  General Agent*  ,]     II    ..    1 . ^.      ^      1  -.   , 1 .T ���������     .   1 .        .     -"  "������������������.'   , '       "     I   lr      "    '1,        .        ",,,     .'   1 w>.' - Il     * 1 ' . ,f    _    r ^ - -    ���������   it ,-J.    1   ^    . .  , A        h.       1    ������������������   ��������� " .-A        '  . t       ^      . h .) L'|ir '     ,.- ,1    J.  ���������' *.. ,���������;���������'.< ^   ��������� ���������������      <    ��������� .'     L.  ��������� I   "������������������!.  ������ ������     ' .   r      ���������    *  \t iT"**.! *. 11 - --..-,���������        till ri'.^i Hui    ' T-y      *i. 1       *.,i --��������� 4   ���������y ���������       ib/    > w kr    1   r   ..>..���������������      ..I"- ������ i**' ������       ',      r  .1   i "i i������-   ..* .l_,r ������"in        *"���������!-'--������".��������� ^..i-- r *������l 1.^ , .j^tI ii,  l.    ���������-���������..   *   **��������� -i*s "' .i" v. <i\ i ��������� f   ..���������-*���������  I   ;���������'   *    ,  '���������     *      'j, i - .- 'ii   -���������  ^(.s">   i������ ��������� *<��������� . Li. *     ji       i'  ���������. i. '  ���������   ���������   i . ., v.  - *��������� -i     -���������   ���������������!   *������   -    ���������c-' v    >' - i \*   .'   ���������>������'������������������!. *!J'.'      \    ������������������ '-'���������> v '   ,       ->i A - ���������   ������������������W--I    i ���������*���������, ivi if*;, 'j ������ j"i������ ���������*     :I   . - ': ���������  .^.1*1: i-i .   ,���������  1.1 ���������fi.-.V"  .: ��������� *J ... 1.


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