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Mining Review Nov 13, 1897

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Array / t-
VOL. 1,    NOV 22."
I. ll'S
If be Minister of the Interior Makes
a Trip Through  the
,;������" Kootenay^     ,,    ��� .-'���'���:"
Surprised   at
the   Size   and
of   Sandon.
A telegram from   Mr. Bostoek, M.P.,
Monday, saving Mr.'Siflon was on
lve C. P. R. train was  the only riotifi-
lition Sandonites  had of a  visit from
fee Minister of the Interior  that day,
Ij his way home from the Yukon.   As
ton as  tlie party which included  Mr.
stock,  a Globe correspondent, and
fie     Minister's      private,    secretary,"
pitched the town, saddle horses: were
Vwaiting.to take them  to   tho Ruth'
tine and the Slocan Star concentrator;'
fcich   are close by,  and  there, they
���nr something ,-yyhich   they   acknow-
fclged opened their eyes considerably
t the ,mining importance of this sec-
>mi.   The huge tunnels at the  Ruth,
fading out their cars of precious ore.
\jithe. Star'-.concentrator cleansing its
Phs   of   the shining metal.     After a
Luple "ofi hours,stay  at  those .places
party returned to the'Goodeiioiigh,
riere   a   reception of short duration
|ok, place, also'a visit  to.the Sandon
Jab before  leaving for   Kaslo on  the
,'���'& S. special, run in for the occasion;
l'.:. Sifton asked   Mr Clifl'e, an  old ac-
j-aiistance,   to send him   statistics, of
fp shipments from this section and, of
['(���parts, that will doubtless be a strong
f^erage 'in'the future in securing the
���cnssary   public institutions  for the
kjThe Minister says there are vast
Seas ot mineral in the Yukon of
f'j,ich the public so far have no knowledge, but the explored parts are well
jiken up,  and the hardship  to be cn-
:red in getting there and living when
Jiere are'most-difhcirlt Of description
'hit. Bostoek says there is but little
If.ubt . as;.to .securing; the ,Customs
liuse ' petitioned for. The require ;
puts of the place demand it,1'and it
IU 11 certainly be granted us soon as
K.ssible. .-������-,
�����' '������:-�����- ������
Orangemen'*- Celebrate.
be that will not be able to get any, ore
to work on for some reason or other;
The Braden syndicate cwns; the smelter,7 and the impression prevails that
Omaha-Grant Smelling' company of
of the United.States is ��� heavily interested in the enterprise. It is thought
that the syndicate purchase the Pilot
Bay plant, so that in the event of .conditions changing;as regards the Slocan
ores.by local"7 smellers, the Ohiaha-
Grant'company, which now treats ' a
very considerable proportion of the
silver-lead ores of this district, will not
lose any business opportunities.
"It is a surprising fact to me that
nearly all theore mined in the S'ocan
country is being sent to the United
States for treatment. It costs $22.50
tier ton for transportation charges and
treatment, and in addition to this a
duty of ont and a half per cent, is collected by the United States on the lead
in the ores. This runs into money and
if it were not for the fact; that the ores
are of a high grade they could not
stand such heavy lixcd charges and
duty and leave a residue of profit for
the mine owner. As I understand it,
too, the smelters on the other side of
the line'pnly give 95 per cent, of tlie
value of the lead. Our people are
growling over a .charge of ��11 for transportation and treatment.
"To show how rich tlie ore cf some
of the mines of that'section' are'l need
only rhentiqn a recent shipment of a
cirJoad made from the Ileco mine to
the Smelter of the Omaha & Grant
Smelting company's works at Omaha.
The net returns from the carload were
��4,576.20, while the gross returns were
$5,35.1.49. The freight,'duty and other
fees and charges on this carload of ore
footed lip a total of S755.29. The ore
assays 405.5 ounces in silver and 50 per
cent, lead to the ton. If this ore was
smelted in Canada look at how much
of these charges would have remained
here to do the country . good."���Rossland Miner.
Ill   18   110;
Large Number of Men at Work in
the Mines.   :  : :'
Mr. Joe Flower and Mr. Williams arrived in tlie city -on Tuesday "from
.Lemon Creek where, they have been
engaged doing some development work
on thoir properties;, ih" Chjlcbot .and
Delphine, which have splendid surface
showing ������with one sh��t of dynamite,
a few days ago, they exposed,7 a new
ledge ..about two ,feet wide/ '.Their
claims are situated on the last/north
fork of Lemon creek. They state that
at present there; are about 100 men at
work on the creek. ...���'''      '    ,:
The'������ Canadian Gold Fields Co. are
busy building a��� .raw-hide-trail, from
the Kootenai river to the Golden
Wedge, on Lemon creek, so that travel
between these two points will be greatly-, facilitated. ��� '
On tho Alpine group about 4,0 tneii
are at work ; on the Howard Fraction
and 'on'-the Meteor,group a number are
engaged ; five or six men are at work
on the .Golden-Wedge, and. are vigorously pushing;.;on the work';',.'men ;are
also at work on the Morning Star and
th'e ChapJeau. ,--A\x. W.illiams 'thinks
about 250 men have been engaged - oh.
LenK.mereelc during the past summer.
They do not report any great quantity
of snow in th' hills.  .: ��� : '������-,.     ���-. '}.���
'Dot Yas Hell!"
A German Prospector Gets Tangled7 Up
* in a Water Wheel.
Ut' Guy  Fawkes-..himself had   been
ijesent at the entertainment'-'.in Speri-
Ih's hall on Friday evening,,he would
ff/.'ye appreciated it  much  more than
v'l attempt, to blow'..up; the parliament
(Wildings, iii the reign of King James.'
proceedings consisted of music,
Speeches and dancing, the latter, being
''tended out until the "We'sma' ours
^,ant the twall." -The music and floor
i'ing' good all voted   it a, most enjoy
l!5';!e affair.' 'The attendance was about
I; I couples, making a large/festive as-
j'.Jinblage,    Refreshments -were served
Jlfylic hall, which, no doubt,materially
Vcled to the evening's enjoyment.
Road to Lemon Creek.
3-   ;.;;:-.^_-..:;"      ;
��� i '   '    '
1>!]A   gang of men   left  for  Six   Mile
||),eek last Wednesday for.the purpose
''constructing a trail  from the pres-
S&js.'i terminus of the government'trail
ftj.the north fork of Lemon creek.   It
Ij-Jbeing constructed  by private enter-
|\*isc, a petition having been'success-
11 *-'ly   circulated  among  the business
W)��n  of this city.     The'same  parties
/ife circulating  a petition  to the  gov-
Unment asking that a wagon road  be
B|!iiilt over   the trail   next spring:   It
"'Mil be 13 miles in length and will cost
7$t to exceed $1,100 per mile.   It will
Af.itend from   Kootenay lake   up  Six
Iv.hle .creek, crossing thc divide  at the
fifead  and terminate at the north fork
Si''' ' ,
*���'   Lemon creek.
....'There area large .number of good
'!��� vms in that district and it now costs
) .X1. four cents per pound to get in
m. ,X|cs. It is the intention, of some
yM 'them to rawhide ore over the trail
Ivy.the smelter this winter.���Nelson
Not long ago a prospector was floating down Snake river on a rudely constructed, raft, which served the purpose
of a, boat, en route to the Seven Devils
and Mine of. the'numerous bars'.below
Huntington, he had"to pass the placer
mine of Mr. Ruchman at the mouth of
Powder river. Mr. Ruchman 'has a
wheel that hoists the water out of
Snake river into the bar he is mining.
In , some unaccountable .manner :the
prospector, who is a Dutchman, allowed his raft' to get into the current,
whrich drew the raft and tlie. Dutchman into the hole. In a few seconds
the whole outfit'.was ground through,
blankets, rocker, grub, Dutchman and
all. Strange as if may seem the man
escaped with about enough clothes on to
wad a shotgun, a wetter but wiser man.
The balance of the outfit was swept
down the stream. The only explana:
tion the Dutchman gave, "Mine Gott!
Dot vas hell!"
Many Hundred   Tons will   be   Shipped
'���.:���'���* This  Winter.    ]  "'     '. '   '.-'
Kipling on Canada.
Slocan Alright.
R, M. Grogan, ot the brokerage
Rolt & Grogan, is back from  a
;.l. the Slocan, Ainsworth and  Lardeau
|>!,strlcts.   Mr.   Grogan   declares   that
\\ V-e Slocan country is in  >i lively   and
I'ty-osperous business condition notwith-
j'anding the fact that the mine-owners
J,'ere are  paying  ��22.50   per  ton   for
W,nnsportat.ion'and smelting charges to
j-nerican  reduction  works.     He   rc-
Iv.rta that at Ainsworth a concentrator
Ibeing built for the  product   of   the
highland mine.   Continuing he   said :
Iv}"While in Kaslo   1 heard   that   the
Hot Bay smelter is to blow in on  the
I th of November, provided ore can be
itaincd for treat ment' there.     How-
cr, the general sentiment  seems   to
"It is a great country; a country
with a future; .-There is; a fine,; hard,
bracing climate, the climate that puts
iron and grit into men's bones, and
there are all good things to be got out
of the ground, if people-will work for
them. What it wants is more men
and more money. Why don't Englishmen think more of it as a field for
English capital and enterprise? Surely thero is an excellent opening both
for the investing and the emigrating
Briton there. Things don't, perhaps,
move quite so fast as in the States, but
they are safer, and you are under the
flag you know, and among men of the
same stock and breed. Send your
folks to Canada, and if they can't go
themselves, let them send their money ���
���plenty of it.���St. James Gazette.   .
Coming to Sandon.
E. H: Tomlinson who with Dr;: Hen-
dryx, recently sold the Last Chance
group to'a 'syndicate represented by
Scott. Mc.pbna.kl, is a 7gu6st at the
,Phair.' Mr. Tomlihson states tha tT the
Last . Chance Mining ' and MiJ'ling
company has been disincorporated be-
e'aiise the new. syndicate prefers that
the interests should beheld individually. .. He states that the Last.Chance; is
now shipping from two to ten carloads
of ore and the', vein iu No 3 or the lower tunnel, when' lie saw it last Monday
had shipping Ore and carboriates from
wall to wall, a width of about five feet.
The shipments are just commencing
and it is expected that during the; raw-
hiding ;_ season /several. hundred
tons per month will be'shipped. -The,
���nine is looking fine and the outlook is
tnat it.will become one of the heaviest
shippers, in'the-district.' ; -
Mr. Tomlinson will start 'i camp at
Lardeau next spring and would have
done so this winter.had -.transportation
facilities been better. He is interested
in thc Hope and Park Region,two
miles below the big jam on theDuncan
river. There is a 60 foot tunnel on the
The ledge breaks over and the
height of the tunnel.is the width- of
vein. Assays give a result of70 ounces
in silver and 40 to 50 per cent. lead. It
appears to be a fine concentrating proposition, the pays'reak being about IS
inches in width.. Mr. Tomlinson is interesting himself in the question of
'transportation facilities and as soon as
they are improved there will be many
others besides himself who will be actively engaged in the work of development. Mr. G.O. Buchanan owns two
claims in the same ledge and adjoining the Hope.���-Nelson Miner.
of Landsdow'he, and   warmly   praising
the conduct of tho Anglo-Egyptian  expedition   in   the   Soudan     campaign.
The premier came to the leading passage in . his  speech,   introducing   the
tangled question ofthe Niger and conflicting claims and  interest ��� of  Great
Britiiii and France in that7 section  of
West Africa.   He said :
. "It might not   achieve   the. general
.conciliatory.process desired if!   entered into a/l   the   negotiations; between
the powers respecting Africa.;, We are,
ali't.ware of tlie great extent;  of., territory oast loose during the last 20 years
in Africa and put up as the   object   of
acquisition     ior  several   enterprising
governments.    We desire that the territory should   be   governed   on   strict
principles of right and with a constant
re aro to its i rosperity and to  the in-
tereKts of the empire.   We do not   desire, unjust   and   illigitiniate   achievements and we do hot wish to take   territory simply bec.iuse   it   would   look
well to paint red on the map. , Our ob-
jcels are strictly business.   We wish to
extend commerce, trade, industry   and
civilizutinn to  throw   open   as   many
markets as ; nssible and   to   bring,  together as  iiuuiy  consumers , and', product i'P as possible -and to open the natural highways and waterways   of  the
coiitineiit.' ; ,.
His lbrdirhip then]passsed on to
speak of the situation in the.-east.s- He
,'said this history ofthe past years was
that tire European concert had -failed
to prevent Greece from going, to war,
bnt it had succei ded in preserving; the
peace of Euro].e. It was,: he'submitted, a great iaid praiseworthy! achievement for tlie '...concert to, avert that
calamity. He continued : "Had " the
concert, exerted all its influence to pre-
verit:Gr.seee from going to war the res-
poiisibilifi might not have restedupon
it, oft rasing Greecefrom the map;"
To the Kdltor of Tlie Mining Review:
Dear Sir,^���The, Leage here has  the
habit of writing squibs about  people
and  then  refusing   to admit a reply
through its columns!   For this reason
I have to ask yf'.for space to reply to
ah item in this r..week's issue in which
it stated  that   I had utterly failed to
prove certain charges  I had preferred
against  the   Mining Recorder of New
Denver,   and that the   Gold Commissioner -had slated they  were "Worse
than groundless.'.'   Why, then,  did he
not say so.at:the time,; or why was it
twice  postponed for a  decision? .He
must have understood  his job.   When
the government  wrote] me   they were
going to send the papers to Mr. Dennis
for investigation  I wrote them  to enquire   if the investigation ,would include the charges   I made against   A.
Sproat in 1896.   Their reply was  that
it would not.   I had no intimation  of
when the trial would take place, until
late the previous evening,  thus leaving me no time to get my witnesses,
who were   working out of town.    Ae
Sproat and I swore diametrically opposite on almost every point at issue
I could see nothing to delay decision,
and proceeded to write out the following   three objections    to   the   whole
investigation    which   I    handed    to
Mr. Dennis' after he had given his de:,
cision :���'"'...'.;.. ,<<���'���/ , ''.;,���
���   1.   The   government     should   have
made   a   full  investigation   into  Mr.
Sproat's conduct or hone at all,
2.   I should   have been notified to
Now a   Shipper���A   Second   Tunnel
|". ���'��� be ' Driven. .. .
;-'''1 Mr. Grim met t'iias just returned from
the Cartiproiiian. mine at Lemon creek,
and he reports things in. a flourshing
condition .tlirr'e. The.trail is.completed
and at present there are over 100 tons
of ore on the dump and rawhiding.will
set, in at oncq. '.��� .They^'cxpc.ct-a . very;
low rate ,:for freight and treatment
when the Slocan and Nelson section of
road is completed which will be now in
a very few clay's.        J; ;/���!' v.;
The companv are letting tbe contrcct
for No.'2 tunnel at a length of 165 feet1,
to tap the main Jead at a depth of 91)
feet. At present they are operating
on a lead with a pay streak of . from
throe to five feet, which assays from
��25 to $250 per t in mostly gold though
with a slight admixture of lead and
silver. This locality appears to be on
the dividing line between Silvery Slocan and the gold country Rossland-
ward.   ;-, ...,-.
Mr. Grimmett has now some magnificent samples of ore in his office from
the mine. All experts agree in voting
the Cameronian a most valuable property. ,
Lord Salisbury's Speech at the Mansion
House Banquet.
In Spencer's Opera, hall on Wednesday evening the 17th inst, the Four
Leaf Comedy company in the great
three act comedy "Behind the Screen,"
under the management of McCall and
Hand. All the lastest eastern, successes, artistic dancing, and funny situations will be introduced by a company
of artists direct from ihe east
Den.r Sir.���We have used Norway
Pine S.\ rup in our home a great, deal.
I have a lit tie boy who has had asthma
for five.or six years (he is only 10 now),
and during the severe attacks he-would
get great reli -f from using the syrup.
For an ordinary cold it is ahead of any
cough medicine I ever took.
EDWAHD  WlNCllESTIK,       j
Smith's Cove, N. S.
London, Nov. 9.���The brillancy of
the gathering at the Lord Mayor's banquet at the Guildhall this evening was
somewhat marred by the tokens of
mourning for Her Royal Highness, the
late Duclies8 of Teck. The entrance
of the Marquis of Salisbury and Arthur
Balfour, the first lord of the treasury,
was the signal for loud applause. After the usual loyal formal toasts, the
Marquis of Landsdowne, secretary of
state of war. responded for the "Army."
In-the course of his speech' he eulogized "the gallant work being done on
our Indian frontier, especially by native troops, who have long wished to
stand shoulder to shoulder with  us."
The Marquis of Salisbury on rising
was greeted with several minutes of
continuous cheering. tie began by
deploring the engineers' strike, which,
he said, "involves the future prosperity cr disaster of tho country," but
added that he was glad to say there
was a renewed prospect that the intercession of the board of trade in the
matter as a peace maker would prove
After referred to the conduct of the
troops on the Indian frontier in terms
similai to thoso used by   the   Marquis
Sandon Still Gets the Go-by Even After
an Appropriation.
What the government intends te do
about lhe erection of a gaol here appears shrouded in very black clouds,
and no .daylight breaking anywhere
through' them. We are advised a sum
of7 SSOO,' and not a very large one in all
conscience, was placed in the estimates for the purpose, last session,
which under ordinary circumstances
should have given us the building long
ere this, but a hammer has not been
struck on it yet. It is true the town is
likely soon to be incorporated, but this
is no reason it should not be something like fairly treated for its contributions to the treasury in the past and
pressnt. So far thc place sends to
Victoria some S-1,000 a year in hotel
licenses probably $1,000 more in miscellaneous licenses, a large sum , in
police collections, a heavy land tax,
and so- far it has not had, all told,
$1,000 of Local government money
spcNtonit. Now in all eense of fair
play, it is time we, at least, got a goal
and a Record office. Come.gentlemen,
do not let timidity; or the belief that
the place is able to take care of itself,
stand in the way of doing us some
measure of justice.
It is true Sandon does not send a
supporter of the governnient to the
House ; but if we only had a redistribution of scats thi.t would give us a
member, and justice in thc expenditure of public money, there is no telling what the place might do. Withholding representation and justice in
public works is no way to capture a
people's best consideration.
ormulate. my charges and forward
them to the Gold Commissioner for investigation. As it was my letters to
different departments of the government criticising the. action of their
agent, were piled together and designated charges! I had no copies of
these and could ��� not be expected to
keep them in memory for months.
3. I,should have had some days'
notice of when this investigation
would: take place, so that witnesses
could have been procured.
I had stated that Sproat was injuring
my business by advising people during
office hours to go to others to have
their work done. To prove this in the
absence of witnesses T produced a letter .written me by Sproat in which he
undertook to, tell me how to write put
blank forms. The letter was badly
spelled and liad. no form to it; but he
had the gall to tell me to "Make them
out as others do, as I do myself."
That:is pretty good, "as I do myself."
Big Indian me! I argue that this
showed what he would feed the people
on, viz., that I did not understand my
business. Dennis refused, to admit the
letter, stating that, he did not consider
it had anything to do with the case.
;The only excuse for such a letter would
be tliat he had gone out of his way to
befriend the public; but who would
believe that when it is known that he
holds interests in different mining
properties, and that he sometimes goes
out to restake mineral claims himself?
1 imagine he would be one of the first
to jump a property if he saw an opening. Thanking you for the space, Mr.
Editor, I am
Yours, etc., ; ,   ���
, ... J. Irjvin.
New Denver, B. C, Nov. 10, '97. '
struction, is quoted as saying :
"I am sorry to see   the  newspapers
taking up the matter and printing such
scurrilous articles. lam prepared at any
and ail times to state the real facts   in
any case of complaint, either  by mail
or by wire., The facts are that certain
men came the east whose fare had been
advanced by the   company   and   they
weregiven  to   understand   that' they
must, and agreed to, repay   this   fare.
In fact, they signed contracts   to  this
effect.   A few endeavored to evade this
payment and in  consequence  of  this
there has been trouble. ' They also endeavored to create dissatisfaction, and
you have  seen   the   statements   ��Ka.t
have been published.   In regard to the
other complaints. I do uot  see   where
they come in.   The men have the best
of board, and they receive 100 cents on
the dollar for their wages.   Each   man
is charged 50 cents per month for medical fees, which is  the least   amount I
ever heard of any   company charging.
We allow liotime   check   scalpers,, on
the line, and  the men   are .paid   the
wages they were hired.for before   they
left the east.   They   were   hired   with
the understanding tliat  they  were   to
do any  class   of   work   the   company
wanted done.   I am not hard   on ' the
men, and I always do as 1 agree to   do.
I.have a long record  on   large   works
and I have  employed   a   great   many
men in my time, and have always lived
up to an)\agreement I have made.   On
the other hand I expect the   rneri   to
carry out thir part   of  agreement  br_
contract, and. have insisted   upon   it
There are now  'about 4.000 men   employed on the line between Movie lake
and McLeod and   we  expect   to   have
the track down   to   the". head   of  the
Kootenay lake by November   of   next
year, which will be ahead of the   contract time.   The work   is' progressing
satisfactorily and I look for  no   drawbacks of any kind."
Recorded  at  New Denver.
Nov 2���Brockville, ne.ir Howbcrv,   Win 12
Cropp aud W F Cook. -' ^
*o��,T37X;?eal F���ch!on< -N'��"le Pive Mountain. C A I'reeman; .Seven, J'ayno .Mountain
J HO IMVPfc, *
n Nov i���Last Link,' Carpenter.
Crab, same, V JMcC'uaig.
1)   McCnsiisr;
^���NovC���Silver Crefk, J'uur:Mile, W]| JJr.in-
. Nov S-Troean, li��nci Slacan Lake, Thos Ast-
bury. Jas McDonald, Wm Haluy, Jobn Orals.
Nov 3���Far Away.
Nov o���High Rock.
" Nov 0-Burnslcle, Kentucky Girl, Hope.
Al0exa^r'Uo"?/l.rileti0n' " W Gord0�� (�� <*"
llfeh^S' " Ji Asunder   to   the
>l&a��^��b-   faction, K
,  Slocan Milling Co, Ltd. to U H MoPhorson
ete:lo,0('"��r SUe 'mC b����W'nfc"wktSr 'rK:
:Lei;i��r0^i,.Sanl Kle!"b<;'�� to J��s<^
S^Mum. ���' J��h" Sh(iridan t0 ]> ^I "ayes, .Jan
^Nov 2���Silver   Cord.   Blue
Wilbur A
Fraction, Bllz/.ard and I.inlo Widow- Frac
bet!!.d^tto%,:oMtt,,d.M Co to V���u
Same, same fo Edwin H Tomhnbon, same.
sameT 3_MaJ��r F''acl'o�� i.Chas More to same.
?w',^Ie a��3 Laple Fraction  1-3, Patrick
Day to JIary K Ifaininelineyer, Nov ii, $2,,00. -
���uFnl1*,���1*,}' S1K:er s<andara ]. Giant j.
.W: R i, James liowas to same, same, S-VjOO.
ti?r��Y;'~''\i,rhaven' Laurier and Klondyke J,
.Wm It Smith to UusseU'Ornisby, Ootia.
r^v,��THTetai Easter". the Price-Eaton Co to
Joseph O Eaton, Oct 2.1.
Ar^��"Ji"A'2iiW,,n,P J'��v"yand Daniel E
McVay to the Ruth Mines,Oct 27.
$100yOm'ng 3' H U   jroster to same, Oct 22,
>-T?T- S���Sun Down i.PatKarfon to JackLaw-'
son, Oct2(i.
Recorded at Slocan City.
A youth starts forth, of tender years���
From home and friends and comrades
dear, '
To visit climes of ice and snow.
Where is he now ?   I do net know.���
And yet amid the snow and ice
He bravely with his strange device
Climb's icy peaks, and wintry trail
Bright gold to find without avaiJ.���
And yet to youth hope's always bright,
As onward trudges this brave knight.
The lofty peak is reached at last,
He cares not   now   and   plants   his
But why recall so sad a talc ;
No more his friends will hear his hail
iS'or clarion voice-Nor grasp his hand���
The youth has gone to join a band
Where Klondyke gold is   naught   but
Workmen are Well Treated,   Says
gineer M. J. Haney.
Some time ago a statement was published which purported to come from
a workmen who had just returned from
the Crow's Nest, in which the methods
of the C. P. R. in connection with the
building ef the road in the pass were
exposed. In reply to the statement referred to M. J. Haney, manager of con-
The Chapleau at Slocan City is now
a shipper.
The Republic mine on Robinson
crsek now has six men at work.
There are now five men at work On
the Omega near the Selkirk, drifting
with hope of striking the main lead at
ah early day.     '..",''-..', .-.>..';.���.":���. .
, The Bolander mine has recently,
made a strike of mare than usual importance. This mine is owned by
Ohio parties. A crown grant has been
secured, and the quality of the ore
turned out is causing the mine to be
considered a very valuable property.
Mr. Strangham was down from the
Ajax mine on Tuesday, and reports ra
valuable new strike in that promising
property. Some two weeks since they
found a new lead and have driven in a
tunnel some 45 fset. The new , lead
is'three feet in width with a nice seam
of metal sand witched in between two
layers of carbonates. Tbe metal is
rich, and the appearance of carbonates
on either side renders the stoping
much easier and more valuable.
The Enterprise mine has opened up
again after the owners have adjusted
their personal differences. There are
at present 10 men,at work, and development will be pushed making the mine
a steady shipper.
The Sovereign mine has ten men at
work. The ore is improving and development is going ahead steadily.
The Star and the Ruth mines have
both struck large rich leads of ore on
their lower tunnels���in fact better ore
than they have ever had in these remunerative properties. The Star's
strike is 750 feet from the surface on a
length of 1,000 feet of tunnel, and the
Ruth's find is under very similar circumstances. These finds go to show
mineral is here at any depth and improving in quality with descent.
Rawhiding has now set in. On Thursday the Reco sent up four horses, to
haul to the K. and S. at the trail crossing. This mine will largely increase
shipments this winter.
-rr(^:?3rSllvei' City.O E Thorn field; Oakdale,
H N McNaugliton and It A Cameron.
Oct 30���Florence, O M Gething.
Nov I���Surerise, Jas Karrell; Never Sweat,
Andrew Uatowski and Jas ICowalski.
n Nov 3���Bonanza, Dan  Tennis;  Olive, R C
Graham and Jno McLaughlin.
Novo���Lisgar, J G Millar.
Nov 6���Cape Fraction, A C Allen.
Oct2S���Sousan  G.   Sousan   S, Park,
Oct2!)���Missing Link, John 13 Skinner
Oct30���Conundrum No  1,   |foli-t  Hu��
Conundrurn No 2. WTt Tomly.i^n.
Nov3���Chapleau, Mmerva,    Mars.   Frank'
Dick. '
Nov,1)���Evening Star, Erin Fraction.
Nov 6���Trail aler.
Nov S���Lucky Diamond.
Oet2.s���Creole], D  E   llafuso to ISeaumont
Nov 1���Frederick l, Steven Powers to Michael Powers.
Copper Cllft!, same lo same. <
Nov 2���Mohawk l,  Frank Schabot to J   G
Cossette 1-1G, Albert Cowtto is A Kinnl
Same, same to Michael PrliiiPimx.
Cliilkat Hi, H E Sharpe to Harry -Williams.
Delphian 1-G, Clias Culver to same.
Services every Suhbath at 11 a. m.
and 7.15 p.m. Traycr meeting every
Thursday evening at 7.45. Epwortii
League, "Literary evenings," Monday
at S p.m.
Pastor, Rev. A. ML Sanford, A.B.
Union Sabbath School at 3 p. m. in
the Methodist church.
' Sleeplessness is one of the most frequent symptows of heart and nerve
troubles. It affects all classes and all
ages. Milburn's Heart and Kerve Pills
restore the nerves to healthy action
and regulate the heart. Mr. Miles
Boone, Fredericton, X. B., tells how
they work. 'T could never rest well,
and oft-m woke up with a start, and
then sleep left me for the night. The*c
pills gave me almost immediate relief,
giving me healthful, refreshing sleep,
and I am now strong and well."
Sandon Ore Shipments.
A Fratricidal Qnarrel.
Word comes from Seaforth, Ont., of
an awful tragedy that happened at
Bayfield a few days ago, a man meeting his death at the hands of his
brother. Harvey and. Frank Elliott
ran the Albion hotel there for their
mother. Yesterday Harvey Elliott
went to Varna, a small village a few
miles east of Bayfield, and returned in
the evening, under the influence of
liquor. It is not known exactly how
the affair happened, but it is hinted
that there was a quarrel between the
brothers. At any rate Harvey was
shot dead by his brother Frank. The
murderer has been placed under arreist,
and an inquest will be held.
The following is a list of ore shipments over the K. ifc S. from Sandon
for the week ending Nov. 11 .-
A mock trial, under the.'auspice* of'
the E. L.- Literary -'Society, is to take
place in Virginia hall, on the evening
of the 24th," before' Justice Grimmett,
and a full court. G-."\V. Grimmett and
C. Haney are to conduct the prosecution, and the Rev. A. M. Sanford and
R. Webb are retained to defend the
prisoner. The charge i is ��� assault and
battery with intent to robbery and the
settlement of ah old grudge. The
Judge should see that, all attorneys
wear proper gowns. Admission 50
cents. Ticicets can be had at Grim-
mett's jewelry store and Olide's bookstore.
.-.-..T'.r;:.:,-���������..���;-:.:���.-.--r,--: .�����������''    "-v ��"."'���;."-���''::-. -'������-���..v-1.-.-vjrv' '.���v.r.-.-^"s:.vv.-:r^:j -:���>*; w ?y+^?-i\ ,-.:���. i!:;\"v- ���,-:,' *'$<v^--;-\\:.- ;;,r\:tr<\ s~:\.xv -^."-x - '\tyyy-^
������^.-���'i '.'���*- + '. ���.���n...\ ..-.{..-��,��. w -I.. i..;,.s ������,':.*' V-���.-���&��� i-, ,.!��� ..vt-:\r. :;'(j- '.':'���<'.*{,��� ���*' vi- "V* .c,i-*Vjik".. ������ - .v' -'���'.*ii". . ;���'. <���'.*������ r.-.. ������;-'< s��v *��� i.* : ���������..--j-.;.": !������% ������'���.--A ������ ���-'. "-v.".i .���f��^.���s,���.��� J iV V i�� ,'i* ������*.- -"^ r, ,-r. " \s i .���/ - ��������� ��� -^ !\"i*'r-v ��������.���'.��� .'��� j' ����� ��� v ������ ��� 'v1'?-1' ���'��� fi' "��������������� J<tB.i-l;0: ��������':
--:."���?.������ - ��* -.-.'���;���.��\lv4,. Ii- ���;..- i-���-.'.&?!,���-!-!���. vS.-'^vj />:���'������ �����,���$-���*'- :���... >'-^ r.- js>s..-,��,'���.,������-.-��� ��� !:li: i-i���A.'.t,-*."*uV .l-.t:... ^s. *��,>,.. ��������� �����'���<'',",i ":��������� *t.;-.L .��-.:< :��!<.'.-, -;. ��� j;A ���.��' i--.; ,i;"-" 1,,.',,1 *-::���? ���'���������<; ��- j* ,-/,i"'5.j���rtf,*i,,r.'.,"-.��� ��� �����������:, w/:s.* ���;���������..ffs��.-,i- ������.'p���.���- liV'J,1"".-', ;.''7V;*.'������'.'.'�� .��� .*&����'
. if--W��". ���'��� ���^���-���.'���''i.. :\y'^<'Jtf{\' -biKf.r������'���' ^���sf--i1.V'.1 >���'/���" V-- ��� r-5- i'.!'i- :*, >.-i'���*>���,��.������ ?J-"-, ���������;���* ���'������<���������.����� ��� ��� -^ .��"i: ������������ ���-lA.'i!J-x-im\.',j .'.������. *,tV?"';'; '..������>;' .;.;���*,. *\.s-'\ 'v.-.y...:--'j,V-7.'"" M' ���!../.���'���:' r:���':*'��� . .* 'i' .>:��'5 :��� - .������!���-��� .-;���'�����' '&���:��� '->';-V ��� *��� V><f'V '^/ ' ���.��������A ."V ��� V^h: :".v4
,;jv,'v :��> .-��.-*. fir 'tj,-.^!-"; .:���>������( i\��� . - -.r.  ; ,.���. . ���'... !,-'������ ���  rtJ-i-r'-t/'.'-.rMA.'.f.: v&r.t.'- T- *������    ���;��� V,; t- \.. :���.������' .s,*v- �����'.   '.:.,f'.��l, i^;*.���   ���:��� V.��-i 4.-.���.������ ��� ����� rf .. - .' ���-'..������,. ,'*.*..".���;�����'.!*�����/'' ���. r,. >.v..iy   >;.i-,', -vv   . ..-r-. ��� !��� t    ,.^- ."-  r"������..���:!���. -'*J . .-   n -s t ,*i-.���.>',-. -.-���.ff--.    n "a..---..,.-. .���,
prfwrt?" THE MINING REVIEW.  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1% 1897  -i������w5&rJ  The Milling Review  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY... ..NOVEMBER 13, 1S97;  SunscnirTioN- $2.01). Pkr Yeah  1 ��������� Stiuctia'''fn Advance.'  are 'employed to keep offenders out,  while others are engaged in keeping  them in. And thtii it goes to the end  of the chapter.  TIME TO ACT.  ,:     -.'  To any one  who' takes   the trouble  to'look into   the financial situation   of  , this province, it must be apparent, it is  high time  some changes. Of a   radical  character. were made in : the management ,of'things in this province'.    The  most prominent of the Liberal papers,  though   the  . present' government   is  nominally Conservative,   are  opposed  to placing "the present leaders ,of the  opposition in responsibility, alleging .it  would   only   result   in  rendering "the  last   condition worse than   the  first."  Even though, it .should prove the case,  though, there   is. no proof  of  the soft  impeachment,   it  is no   argument for  continuing things as   they  are. .'.'Because one judge gives bad judgement,  or because an applicant, for a; judgeship -is'known;���������not supposed to be���������  unfit for the trust is, no reason incompetent men should be retained in harness.    Let known .wrong be ever, and  always combatted,   and   a change for  ,.the better will'eventually come. , We  venture the opinion that if the present  opposition leaders 'were doubly as in-  compenteiit as they are;.if /.they were,  only Liberals,' and had .a good, chance  for success.at the, polls, .they would be  taken up   by the' Liberal 'papers .thai:  are now throwing stones in their pathway.    As party politics  are a  matter  of no consequence to us, we speak on  '   the broad ground of public interests.  What  we   have   to   say   is, that  the  present debt of the; province   and  the  unstable   character of the fe\v:'unimportant assets we .have   to show for it,  are   simply appalling.    With the  late  loan of two and.a half-millions voted,  we have a gross debt of nine millions,  or at least sixty dollars per head oi.our  population, and assets there..would'be  serious difficulty   in   getting   $io'per  head for.    As   we have said   in   previous issues,   the present  government  are  not   lo blame   for  all this  as the'  liability has been piling up for the dast  25 years ;   but  they are,.to blame",for,  late loans,   for not making -a vigorous  eflort to reduce the rate of- interest on  indebtedness,     and   ..handling ,. more  carefully the   annual   receipts  ofthe  country.  With these properly managed  they   are ample   to sensibly  diminish,  through   sinking     fund   investments,  much of   our  present  heavy interest  bearing debt.      It may   be   that   the  . present opposition have not sufficiently  mastered   a   scheme for the accomplishment of these ends, but it is   none  the less a fact,   the present  and   past  rampant looseness  and   extravagance  should be brought to -a close.- -   ' .��������� ;   ' -  As an asset  the indebtedness of the  Nakusp and Slocan railroad.of $647,-  072   is figuring   prominently   as valuable .;'.'.,   but  how  payment is   going  to be   got   is    on   very  questionable  conditions.     The N. & S.  is but.,43  miles long, and could be built tor less  money.     As payment   the government  is   to get 40   per cent, of,the;.gross  earnings,   but  all   of  the   latter   are  classed on the  long haul basis, so that  even their actual value is   heavily discounted.    But it is not alone on   the  'provincial liability'score  that the government  is   lamentably weak., it is on  their everyday doings as well;    '7  We have a representation of 33  members, or about one to ev.-ry 4,500  population, yet the city of Victoria  with its 15,000 people, hasfive representatives, and Mr. Hume, of Nelson,  has at least 20,000 in his constituency,  and no prospect of a reasonable-  change under redistribution. No  doubt the Vancouver World considers  this all right, because it is opposed to  an opposition led by Conservative  members.  We find a gaol at Nanaimo, with its  4,000 people, and nine officials drawing $7,140 a year, while Sandon with  its population of 4,000 in town and  surroundings cannot get even a  Record office or a lock-up causing the  cost of the latter to be spent annually  in transporting offenders to the gaol at  Kamloops.  We find'$11,500 a year paid to tlie  speaker of the - House, when other  provinces, with infinitely less debt,  pay but One-third of that amount, and  $700 paid to the first sessional clerk  that would be regarded as a fair yearly salary in other provinces. In Victoria the gaol has three gaolers and  three convict guards, and what they  all do for their money must be a  mystery to those acquainted with the  nature of these institutions in other  provinces,    it may be  some of them  ,.,. Th their eagerness to, make up a  favorable', slate,, thc present'government classes an expenditure of $386  on gold specimens at the World's :Fair  Chicago, in. their'list of assets. We  wouldiike to know how the money is  going- to be , realized out of it, -"and  placed in the treasury.' Oii the same  basis a' merchant; in difficulties could  inchide the, money he, spent in advertising while in business, in hiv assets',  but w.- are confident :,.his creditors  ; would pay but little'attention to it. '��������� In  the assets there 'is another item ,of  $15,415 due -, by,' farmers for seed  grain. aheiit the Eraser river flood. If  this province collects as.wdl, as other-  provinces do .on..loans7 for : the, same  purpose, the item  on $; but no more  ftRKNSflS JMMIGRflNTS.  There will tie a Big Movement.; to  Manitoba and the' Northwest  ���������;',";;":  ;Kext  Spring. v  -^ $500 ������ "' IN* ���������:; G@LD! ***  ; may: be worth. -25c.  I  I  C. Governship Offered to Senator  ,, T.X M'Innes.  ' Ottawa, Nov 3.���������The orclcr-fncoun-  cil appointing Senator T. R.' Mclnnes  to be lieu tenant '"..governor of British  Columbia has.not yet been passed, but  the offer of tlie.position has ; certainly,  been niade to him and it, is thought, he  .w'll i.cci'pt. The , vacant senatorship  will go to J.C.Mchigan.of the Vancouver  World.. Mr. Templ.eton;of the Victoria  Times, is being boomed , for .the position,1 but h(Ms hot likely to,get it.  Contrary to the definite, pledge made,  by Hon. Sydney,Fisher in ..the, House,  of Cqm'nipns last session,. .John Dyke,  formaiiy years the efficient representative ofthe Caiiadaiii .government ,,at  Liverpool,, is to be turned .adrift,.without any retiring aTowance., . Mr. Pish-'  er kept- Dyke in until All'. Jury was  initiate.1 into the detaiiS:.of- the office  work.  The militia department is being deluged with ; applications dor'���������'::'Foiiian  raid and Red river veteran medals.  Applications should not be sent to Ottawa:, but t,o district, officers commanding.    ' ���������       ��������� '������������������     .'".,'      . ....  ���������:-.,���������-.��������� AKRIVUI)   AT   DUNVEGAN..'__"'.  Information has been received at the  mounted police department to thc effect that Inspector Moodie 'and his  police patrol, which is'endeavoring' to  reach Yukon, by -the pverlarid . route  from Edmonton, reached Dun vegan oh  September 30th. -!; ,;:.';  Homestead   Entries  An Increase of   35 Per Cent.   Compared  With   Last Year.  7 The homestead entries in Manitoba  and the Northwest Territories have increased this year at leaat .35 per cent.  over1 those of ,1896, 7 This is an estimate made-com paring last year with  the first nine months of this year:-and  what -are expected to be made-, before-  the end of December; In ������������������ 1S96 ..there  wore 1857.homesteads taken up; 1111.to  the and of September of this year the  number was o.V"r 1(100. At- Yorkton  arid other points there.are, frnm 300 to  400 Galacians and foreigners of various  mitibnaltiis. who have .not yvt, paid  their entry fees,'but arc .expected ,tn do  so some time this month. As.an indication of how entries are being made.1'  the reparts' from 'Dauphin'and Regiua  land;offices were received yesterday for  last week ."and- show that at \Regina  there were eighteen -entries and at  Dauphin thirty-two.  '���������   A very interesting, letter has ...been  rceived by   Commissioner   Me'Crean ,  ������f tlie immigration  department,  from  Mr. Samuel Bricker.'.Oi'', Kansas,   who  came to this country -last   summer-'"its  a delegate-from-this district.to  inspect  the land.as, a   desirable   location   for  niahy  faniilie-fi-,:of,���������'farmers   fiom   his  state.   Mi'. Bricker farmed'for; twenty  years iii -I'eni'isyJ vnnia beforo going ; to  Kansas'cicrhteen;years ago.':   He1 elid7  not farm'-.in the easy-going fashion,'(hut  in; a scientific way.   ITe.dicI not shrink  any ihing7 because of h:ird   work.   ; In  spite, of all'this'his capital ������������������ toad ily "'diminished until how he has only $10,000  left tbathecan safely' run ���������:,' on.77    Ex-:  tracts from the letter follow-'' "   .-,',',  '������������������"���������My arrival-iron-, the,Northwest with  the samples'1 brought' back  with '/me  has7raised qui to an   excitement7 with  but one meeting'sinoe   I   came   home.,  [have sole! ono-uf my   farms for dive  thousand dollars, just half what it, cost  me,7and in a lew -days' my,1 town 'property aim will make a;8alo0of;my stock7-  and farm ing: effects in about a   month  and will then put my attention to   the  'Northwest.''-' 1 have been flooded:  with  'letters from pretty well   over "���������'Kansas,  unci also visitors,' siucfc' T-. have -been  home, wanting to know how;*!-.- found  thing-sin the ; North west.;77'They   are  forming'clubs all over tho-country, and  are- really' 'n'6'tonishe'd- at-my! report and  also' liny samples1:1     There'1 is   at7 this  time a dozen or more iiv"this   locality  who want to'go between this' and   the  'first of Jahua'-'ry. 'i'My.'advice to'; 'them  is'io have at least-six-or-so of'the stout  liven to go this: fall'or^winter '-and --let7  their!families know; 11 bout'the country:  'During |,hp winter' they can  get-work,  ahd'iivfcheymeantimo- look/tip   a ''location, -and when thoy are-ready for their  families 'Twill -briiig   tliemvout   with;  other's'.'. Now [ would7 like to.have your  advice;oiv the matter',   and   also   if''' I  should send parties with letter -;pf ���������������������������recommendations'to  you.     Would   you  hei]:) i.hem in getting 7 some- work,   and'  also assist'and advise them   in.locating  in the proper season ? -I think' in   the'  lirst lot that .will goi.'oiuv of   my . sons'  will be along.   If-ybu-wilibe- so: kind  iisto letmirhave your advice sol -can  report to my-people  I swill'be   much  obliged.'  They are very much   excited  at Wioha'ta, Kansas. '. I have   had ������������������ to  answer' several.:letters   since7 7coming  hoinq.  .They; have -large"' clubs' there  iiiid' lilscat Ofatha "and- at   Minaples,"  Kans'as."'.'���������;���������.    ���������:���������,,',,    .   ' ��������������������������� '   ���������: ' :-     ���������'���������������������������������������������' :- '.  20  PRIZES.  ist Prize  $200  $200  2nd Prize  1  ioo  ,'roo ���������  3rd Prize  'So  .5������.,  . 2 Prizes; of  25  each  .  S������      7  5 Prizes, of  ��������� .10.  each;  .5.0 ���������  ro Prizes7 of  ".'-.'- '5  each  "   5o.   .  ���������':' i,'   '      ��������� '.'' ,'' .':  '''��������� ;'. ,:'���������' . '������������������.���������.?S'0������ .',.'.' :     ,-.'.- ..��������� '..  To the Twenty people who solve this puzzle, if therb are so many correct, we  will give the above Prizes IN CASH. ' -'":'���������! ������������������..':..' .:':':::  :������������������;..: \2:?  ;Send;.No,:Money,.���������, ^Ei^'' .������������������'���������'��������� ���������  ' If inore than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (in addition'  'to the7"/'Money. Prizes)' be' awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver  Watch;" of .which the net factory prjeeis $10:. If^preferred, the winner .can  choose a genuine Gold-cased Watch'of the same value. ,.  ' \-s; this wonderful ofler is only made to advertise our farfamed Silver Watches,  every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply with them.  i4!������8^ ;tH: ��������� u L  A word liere  tntianlrjg  "True to the  Time.  The qualities ..;.  of our  Watches   ):���������  which are      <  acknowledged  to be the'  foremost ,,.'   ,-t  in the English  and American  Markets.   .  F' - R ^ Kl - ST  Our Proud  position  In the Watch  Trade.:, :  Ii END- R -^G  A word which  here means  they will last  ���������|������a llle-tlme.  ; -���������'.,]? AIRLX STAGGARD.-' ,.:. -  Mr: Samuel Humphries, retired .car-,  riuge manufacturer," Strathroy, Opt.,  says: ' "For a long time I have-'had  kidney troubles and pain in the back.  I, could,not straighten up andoften had  to sit down until the' pain and- weakness went away. I have taken one box  of Doan's Kidney Pillsawd must, say  lhey'are a great kidney medicine, be-  cuise they hav.e entirely removed ' all  pain .from my back, curing the uxiinarv  difficulties and benefitting my' general  health in a remarkable degree."  His   First  Chance.  "Is there a. man in all the audience,"  demanded the female speaker o.n  woman's right, fiercely, ''that has ever  clone anything to lighten the burden  resting on his wife's shoulders'? is  there a man here," she continued, folding her arms and looking over her  audience with superb scorn, "that has  ever j;--t up in the morning,' leaving  his tired, wnrnout wife , to enjoy her  slumbers, gone quietly downstairs,  made the fire, cooked his own breakfast, sewn the missing buttons on the  children's shoes, darned the family  stockings/scoured the pots and kettles,  cleaned and filled the lami s, swept the  kitchen, and .ione aJl this, il necessary, day after clay uncomplainingly?  W there is such a man in this audience, let him stand up. I should like  to see him."  And far back in the hall a mild-looking man-in spectacles, in obedience to  tlie summons, timidly arose. He was  the husband of the eloquent speaker.  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The deposits of iron ore in .New   Jer-  80} are suflicient fo supply the needs ol  thc United States for half a conturj ,but  until Thos A  Edison undertook  eight  years ago lo sohc the problem ol  how  to get the non m< out   01   the   mountains of lock it was practically ol litlle  use.   Anybody can   take   a   piece   of  magnetit, puherize it with a hammer,  the nhold a magnet ovci it   and   draw  up from it little black particles which  are iron ore. leaving  the   sand   undisturbed.   But to be ol pi.ictical   seiwce  it was necessan to do tins on   a   scale  as'colossal as the phenomena of nature  Edison   has    constructed     maclunen  which will leduce ten tons of   rock   to  dust evcij minute     lie  has  limmled  apparatuses \\hercb\ the   p.uticles   of  iron ore are separated lrom  this  elust,  and altei six month* of   almost   hopc-  less experimenting he bus been able to  compicss   this   dust   into    biiquettes  ������vInch are thoroughly   porous   and   at  the same time  'tbsolnttlj   watei) rool  The deposits of magnetito,   though   ol  low grulo,   are   enormous      In   .'j,000  acres   immediately   suiroundintr    the  Edjson millfe   thete   .\ro   over  200,000  tons oi low grade oic, and Edi.scn o\\ ns  JG,000 acres in whicli   the   deposit   is  proportionately     as   Luge.        Edison  planned the woik upon so cumpn hen-  si\e a scale and the con iction  foiced  itself upon him that he must invent  a  new method of extrictmg tbe ore horn  the mountain side   construct crushing  m.icnincn laigcr than had  c\er   been  usee)   before;    introduce   a   magnetic  seoaration s) stem of his own , and   altogether to rc-crcate   the  entire < ntci  piise on a   plan   even   more   gin mtic  than his fust conception      Engincd*,  tried engineers    u������ed   to   large   operations, smiled incredulously     Pome ol  them spoke of tne entcipiiso   ns   Ech  son's hobbt, while othei* called it   his  lolly.    Some showed him on papet that  no   machine   could     be    constuicted  powerful enough to ciusb  successfully  fne, six or seven ton locks ,   oi il such  n machine could he   constructed   tint  it would nevei   withstand  tho   tmihc  jif that would result     This  particular  difficulty has been suimountcd so completely thit 100-horsc-powei lsicquned  to reduce rocks weighing six  to seven  tons to chibt in less than thice   seconds  from the time   thoy  aie   thrown   into  the ciushing machine    Edison is now  doing on a gigantic scale pist wh it   he  did at first with a hammer and i  shoe-  magnet,    lie  is  ciushing   locks   and  then chopping   the   lesulting   powdei  past  powerful   electro magnets      The  sand is not effected b\, the   magnetism  and goes stnught on while the lion ore  is attiacted to one side and   lills  in   a  heap ol Us own     Tt maj    suiprise   the  pnpeiheial onsen ci of the great  eaish  jug pi.iiit to le mi th it the  Coiliss  on  gine which runs at a bi^h rate ol ^petcl  ttkeo no pait vvhitcvei in the crushing  process     There is something ol a trick  in it, but it is an  ellective    inswi l   to  the engtneeis  who   deelaicel   th it,   no  machine could be made strong enough  'o stand the   stnui   ot   ciushing   the  ^reat boulders     It is  the   momentum  of tlie 70 tons ot   metal   contained   in  the moymg p irts ol the rolls at a   vcrv  high rate ol speed     It a rock drops   in  between the rolls so as to in * an^   wav  impede  their piogiess    a   clutch   bv  which tne rolls are < onneeted to thc engine allows tbe lattei to let go its bold.  After   tliat   tbe   momentum   ot    thc  roll?     docs     the    vvoik      ot     ciushing, the engine of course, immediately  catching hold again the   moment   the  impeding lock hag been   crushed   and  passed through to the next set   ol   toilers     One might think lor the moment  that these rolls would besuddenl.v stopped b> the obstiuctmg  rock  the   moment the   power   ol   thc   engine   was  withdrawn     But it is  only   neccssarj  to imagine how tint sinie rock   would  suflei if allowed to bear  the  brunt   ol  a   head on   collision   oi   two   expiess  trains.    On!) the fastest   tram  trivels  with tlie  velocit>   attained   bj   these  rolls , and, besides, i' is 70 tons ol  iron  ,md steel against live or six tons ol oie-  bcaring rock.    Again, the rocic is drop-  peel oyer ten leet into the pit before  it  strikes the rolls, and the. impact on the  rapidly   moving   roll   is   often   great  enough to break thc   boulder   in   two.  In abort, it is thc kinetic energy of the  rolls that cIocb tlie real work  of crushing.  ferioniv   i>> moie app.uent  thin   real  'lhe    inner bi It ol the   Maiestio, mm  inches  ol II nvevi/cd stcil,   wis once  attacked ts inferioi,  though it  lh nov  held up as model of what the Canopus  should have bet n     At, a m ilt< i ol lact,  =uch is  tbe modern  improvement   in  armor plates th u, tbe inni-i.ic h pi it< s  ofthe Map st K    u< i qual  in rcsistmt,  power to tli   bcvcnti en me ne s  ol the  old non .unior   such  as  Bntithshijs  launched in the  '70's eanv       'lhat  oi  the CmopnSjhaideiH d bj  m improved  piocess,   Is   neaily   iqual  to   the   M i-  jcstie's  niiif   inches,   while   the   uldl-  tional   piujection   in    the   mattci   of  aimored deck   i& more ample" and com  plete, the le being practic 11}  two such  decks.     Ilic   baibette   guns���������four 12  inch nmoi,  a thickness  which should  keep out   thc   projectile   oi anv   gin,  ailoat, except  at close lange,  when no  armoi that can ">e carried  i������hkel\ to  be cairicd   as  likely   to  withstand  a  direct impact   fiom  an armor plci< n.g  projectile    Thc  twelve    0 inch  quick-  lire rs aie disposed m sep.uate aimored  easements,     in   precisely    the    simc  fashion   at, those  of the Mijestic, and  the dozen  12-poiiiidei   cpnck fneis   m  aleo arranged   on the-  generAl plan   ol  tho  piololvpc     A   distinctive   leiluie  of the Canopus is a 2 inch  mckh -ucel  belt   winch piejjce ts   ill hei   w itei inn  ioiwmd ol  the   0-ineli  arinoi      She i"  also remiukable foi   lhe bin ill amount  of wood   use d   in   hei   c onstine Ik ii,   i  linoleum  '.imil.utoth.il   emnlovcd in  destio.veis being used instead   the nsk  ol   the  warsbijj  being s< t on   fin   in  action   being   tl us    considerably    induced     The toui tor[icdo tubes  ate all  submeiged ,  Ii fifth   above vvitu, having been discarded  as useless loi pi ic-  tica. woik     Unlike ill   Bnti-di  bittle-  ships ol lecent vi'ars, the Canopus will  cam  Ikj funnels  lore and n't  instead  of side  bv   side    'Ibis and   the  veiy  light   lighting masts,   will   make   her  much like the   Japanese Eulpi  in   lp-  Iicirance    She will be the ln-������t b ittie  ship fitted with  Belleville boilers, and  will have  2u le< t ol thee.   Theheit-  ma suriace ls 32,000 squaieicot    The  engines with   13 500 horsepowei,  ti.Lt-  uialdiaught, aie exoccted  lo develop  a Sliced oi 18 25 knots     'J his, is nearly  a knot in excess oi the Mqcstic s tn d  result?,  and   m ly be e\.\pcctccl  to pio-  duceovei   17 knots   continuous steam  ing at sc i���������a   highei   rate  than   thc  avciage.   This   is on   a displacement  ot 13,000 tons igamst the Lo 000 o. tbe  Majestic  5?   ^ lOU      nouic  (_   hniti ind Ui.it 1  /^   ladles    of    I  ^"ltn    LuK  "M-i'K       Wortky  Mo it i^uc \iMtc_d  till, household of  tlie    Sultan,   slit:  ot<     home   to  the  the  luicm   were  smothered with  1-M'jhtcr to dis  tmt' that her  1 id\ship  wore  in    liinci    vest  of    steel     ind  whalebone,  tifht, mipenc-  tiihlc and sti-  flniK, in other  words, a coiset  The ladies  of the h irem  would no doubt  hive b( en  eqUT.ll} .'Stow-hcd, 'houfrh jieihaps not  disposed to 1 uicrhUn li id thtj known th it  tht women of western n itions thioujrh filse  ldt is of dtheae\ i iT 1 l 1 sileix e untold  agonj, i id soiiitLiines de uli, Unouj,h litjr-  kct of their he illh m a uoiiuuK way  Women who sulfei in tin, wav shrink from  the enih in lssinij examinations and local  tieatmeut insisted upon bv the majority of  phvsiei ins If thej onlj knew it theie is  no necessiU for Lhese oideals An eminent and skillful pin .ici m long since dis  c-overed a ieineu\ that woiul<i ua> use in  the pnvacj of their own h unes It is Dr  Pierct'b Fivoute I'ltscniaioi It lets di  icetlyon the fi miniiie oifraiiism jrivmir it  strength, vijror iikI el lslieilv It slops all  debthtatingr druns It is the gieitesl of all  ueive tonics md mvijjoi ltois for women  Tnousauds of women who weie wi ik Mtk-  ly, pttul mt md despondent invalids are  to daj hippj md lu ilth\ is |h< lesult of  the use of this wijntliiini medn .lie Good  diuiririsls do not uKise substitutes foi this  liieomp ir-ible renieeh  I ln\e used Or 1'iMees 1 uonle l'r ���������-trip  lion unci C.nliliii Meilu il IJKiiAel} in iu\  finiilj ��������� wnlts Mrs G V Conner oi <v.llcf;hiii\  Springs Moiit^oiui r\ Cti Vi mil li im. foi ml  lllein to be Lhe be^l iiieiheincs tint I ever nsctl "  S.nd y one cent st imp-, to euvtr cost of  mailing- and customs <m/i to tin Woild's  Dispensuy Mtdiril \ssoci ition B11IT1I0,  N V, for a papi r cuveied eoju of f)r  Pitrce's Common Sense Medical \d\isur,  ���������Cloth bindnifj so st imp- V whole \Ied-  icil libiiiy in one iooo page  lolumt  CURE  BILIOUSNESS  CONSTIPATION  SIGK HEADACHE  UVER TROUBLES  AND   AIL  Modern Economy.  A singulii instance* of the \vn> m  which laige corporatf6ns aie now 'ible  to ccononn/e by keepms: vvitlun themselves the piofits which ioimcrly went  to outside mdustiics is seen in tlie  mannei ol an extensive English i,u'  to id Theie is hardly n thing needed  on thc line, from a locomotive to a  printedUbel, th it is made for it by  people not belonging to thc com| inv  It makes its cwn artificial legs \\ hen  <in employee is so unlortunate as to  lose n limb, a wooden leg oi aim, as  the casern iv be, one is sent nom the  mini e.upentei's shop Thele>g-mik  ing oepaitment emplovs a couple ol  c\peit lnstiument makeis, who aie  kept at work constantlv to supplv tbe  demmd One mm is engigcd solely  lo etching fincy designs upon the  plite ot ground glass used in the first-  class compartments and saloon. A  photogr.iphcr-in-oidin.u> is alwavs  reidy tor a summons fi a bndjje  shows signs oi decav 01 nn embankment is likely to slip, a despatch is  sent to the photogi iphcr, who ioitb-  with takes a picture ol tbe "accident,"  which is iorwardod to the engineer in  chief, who is thus often s>av cd the nt  cessity oi making a personal visit  S a laxative, one pill acts perfectly,  and if a stronger action is  desired a cathartic effect is produced  by two pills. In obstinate cases,  where a puigahve is necessary, thiec  pills will be found sufficient. These  pills leave no unpleasant after effect  One pill taken each night during  thuty days will cuie constipation  PmCC  ?5C    OR   5   FOP   S)   OO  MEN'S  OUTFITTER.  Cheapest CASH STORE in Sandon  Opposite Biyan's Cafe  The Diamond Jubilee of Telegraphy.  A.' CUJJF FOU CHILBLAINS.  Dear Sirs.---I used [iTagyard's Yellow  <Oil i'or chilblains this winter and iound  it most effectual. It relieves the irritation alnxost instantly, and a few-  Applications result in a complete euro.  .: F. L'ESTKANGE.  Port Sydney, Ont.  Jew,.Type:of....Warship..  Great Britain's new first-clnss battleship Canopus, recently launched at  Portsmouth dockyards, is the first of a  type which.may be best described as  an improved Renown. In .armament  they ������������������ ";arc/equal ?to the Majestic, in  speed they arc intended to be superior,  and although in armour they average  prio inches ts three inches' less the in-  It is curious that this present vear  should lecord the diamond ]ubilee ol  tclcgiaphy, and, at tbe same time,  bring into prominent notie < the pos  silulities of wireless telcgraptiv On  June 10, 3837 Cooke and Whetstones-  hrst patent ioi electric tclegi.uihs was  signed bj Geoige IV. Thc Pill Mall  Ga/.ette states (hit on Julv 4 ol that  K.u the Insl telegripb wiie vv is laid.  The cncuit wis between Elision and  Camden Town Railway stations, under  the permanent way of the Loudon and  Northwestern Railway, (then named  the London and Birmingham Railway  Co.) The line consisted of live.wires,  eaoli vyirc laid in separate grooves cut  out of long blocks of wood. There are  many of these blocks in existence. A  year oi- two ago one was dug up, which  actually formed part of the-, circuit  through was Hashed to all parts of the  empire the. message from Buckingham  palace on Jubilee day.; so that a portion of the first..telegraph wire is dug  up and seryes as an aid to thc royal  message in tlie very year in which it  is proposeel to telegraph without wires.  ���������Paris Edition of The New York  Herahk' ���������. - -v"\..:  :  AND OTHER INVESTMENTS.  Even Represent it ion Guaranteed.  sa:vti)o>:. b. c.  DRESS AND  MANTLE MAKING  At icasonable uites, and on the shortest notice SHOP on Slocan Star  street, thiee doois east of The Mining  Review office  I"  THERE  IS HOPE. ;        ���������  There is hope for those who sudor  from billiousness and liver complaint  Bwrelock Blood Bitters regulates tin  liver and restores health and vigor.  Hero is the proof;  Dear Sirs.���������I was troubled with  billiousncss and sick headache, and  could get no relief until I tried B. B. B.  I have taken four bottles and am now  completely cured. I recommend it as  the best cure for all liver troubles.  Mrs. George UaddoW, Walkertpii;   0������t  E. S. TOPPING  TRAIL, B.C.  'Has minus unci mining stocks lor  sale; will try to prote-ctinvestors.  LOTS POR SALE IX  TRAIL AND DEER PARK.  "Will examine and report on mines.  Twonty-elght years' experience in  mining.   Como or write;  PL C. Uolde  V. M.: Gray.  HOUSE  AND SIGN  PAINTERS  PAPER-HANGERS, &c., '&&.  A large stock of Wall Paper, etc.,  constantly on band.  We get otii paints from the East at  reduced figures and give our customers  the bene-fit.  Can bo found at Black's hotel or the  Balmoral.  aits vs  i.  CALL,  SANDON SAW, SHINGLE & PLANING MILL  Have in stock or cut to ordei on short notice, all kinds of Rough and  Dressed Lumber     Dimension stuff up to 46 feet long  KILN DRIED LUMBER AND MOULDINGS, EQUAL TO ANY IMPORTED.  A large stock of all kinds of BUILDERS' SUPPLIES suitable to the local  trade now on hand, mcludii g |(|LN DRIED Flooring, Rustic Shiplap,  Rebated Door Jambs, Plowed Pullev Stvles. Square and Moulded Casing, Plain  and Moulded Base, V Joint Ceiling, Beaded Wainscoting, also a great  variety of Mouldings, including Crown, Bed, Boelection, Wainscote Capmg ;  Cornice and Sprung Moulds, as well as a variety of Cove, Quarter and Half  Rounds, O G and Square Stops, Parting Beads, Square and Beaded Balusters,  Roof Rolls���������Grounds, and all kinds of finishing materials  HAVING LATELY RECEIVED A CAR LOAD OF  ZPC      DOORS AND WINDOWS  IN A GREAT VARIETY OF STYLES AND SIZES  R.E.Palmer, B.A., Sc.  Pitov^crAi, Land Surveyou,  Sandon.  Agents���������Rand A, Wallbrid^e.  M. L. Grimmett, l.l.b.  BvitRibTi.it,    Solicitor,    Notary  Puplic, Eic  Sandon,     B. C.  J. J. Godfrey. W. J. Bowser, L L B.  F. L. Christie, L. L. B.  Bowser,  Godfrey  & Christie,  Bahuistlils, Solicitous, Etc  Sandon, B. C. Vancouver, B. C.  I am now able to supply the public without delay, with anything in this line,  of a first-class quality, and at rock bottom prices.  ALSO A VARIETY OF TURNINGS, BRACKETS, &C.  Newel Posts, Turned Balustcis, Verandah  Truss and other Fancy Brackets,  Table Legs (morticed), Corner and Plinth Blocks, Turned Stool Tops, eSrc  Also in stock some of the best Shingles manufactured  A11 inspection of my stock is requested  Geo. Lovatt, Prop.  Don't forget our QHErlF FUEL.    Snort ^laosSr 25, cart load.dchveied.  FINEST   CUISINE  IN KOO'lENAY.  The Filbert.  Wvi  Sudrow, Propnetor and Manager  First-class in every particular.  Newlv furnished    Best Liejuors.  Hayes & 6���������������  Manufacturers and Dealers in  STOVES  FURNACES  PIECEB TINWARE  COPPER WARE  GALVANIZED IRONWARE  AIR PIPES  FANS  Mining Work a S]   cialty, ���������  Svnoov, B. C.  Thc undersigned begs to inform the ladies of Sandon and vicinity that she  has opened a new Ladies Furnishing Store in Sandon.  NEW GOODS.  NOW ARRIVING  will make hei stock most complete in all departments     Styles in every line the  very latest, goods the very best, and prices the very lowest  Shop three doois west fiom Sandon Hotel  KILN DRIED COAST LUMBER  Flooring, Siding, Wide Clear Fir and Cedar, Wainscoting, Ceilings,  Mouldings, Moulded Casings, Finishing Lumber, Brackets, Lath,  Shingles, etc., etc. - .  Entire hills of Finishing Lumber furnished.  Orders taken for S ish. Store Fronts, Bars, Refrigerators,  Store and Office Fixtures, and Fire-pioof Safes.  O. J. MeLacfilaa  rACTOKY AND YAM) NEXT TO 1".M CTMC POWER-HOUSE,      SANDON.  THE NEW YORK  BREWING CO.  on  the Cody  road,  are now ready for  business, and are brewing  EXTA FINE LAGER BEER,  PORTER and BOTTLED BEER.  . f  Dreyer & Hoffmeier.  M. J.  HENRY  NUK JERTflflN *������������ FLORIJT  VANCOUVER, B. C.  GrecniiOHsc, Nursery, .Apiary jukI Post-  office Address C04 Westminster Road.  Lirge stock of flowering bulbs for  fall planting, at eastern prices or Jess.  Finest stock of transplanted three  or four-year-o/d fruit trees I cveroiTered.  An extra choice assortment ol small  fruit plants and brusbes.roses.O'-nament-  als, etc , at the lowest cish prices. '  NO AGENTS' Send for a catalogue  before plaei g your orders, it will pay  you.  Going ������East?  IF YOU ARE,  DO NOT FORGET  THREE IMPORTANT POINTS. ,  v'ah#'i.i*vjMi#Ih������r*..Jaw'w***'t ������*.*������i.f>kj'W(fc*'i.#'uM ������-t������M.ru'i.#<  THE....  FIRST���������Go via -ot Paul because the lines to  service0'" ������Tord   jou   the *very  best  SECOND���������See that the cupon bevond St.  Paul re ids via Ihe-Winconsln Central because'  ui.it line 'nakes close connections with all  the trj.m,-continental lines enteilr.g the  Union Depot there, and its service is first-  class in everj pai tlcular  THIRD���������ror Information,    call  on  your*  neighbor and friend���������the nearest ticket agent  ���������and ask for a ticket reading via tho Wisconsin Central lines, or address  Jas Pond,  Gen. Pas Agt,  Milwaukee, Wib  or Geo S. Batty,  General Agent.  24(1 Stark fe.t,  Portland, Or.  SANDON, B. C.  \ American Plan,   ������3.50,pser day.  C European   Plan,  $2.00 per day.  \ '.*     "  I Strictly First-ciass.  \ MRS, M. A. SMITH, Prop. ';  J ft                                                             L,  SPOKANE FULLS S NORTHERN  NELSON 5 FORI SHEPPARD RY.  RED MOUNTAIN RAW  4  Joiiiisiri- Hums'  THE ONLY ROUTE to Tli AIL CREEK  and the mineral districts of the Colvllle Reservation, Nelton, Kiulo, Kootenay  Lake and Slocan points.  DAILY EXCEPT 6T7KDAY,    BETWEEN  SP0KaNE,R0SSLAND AND NELSON  LEAVl.  10 00 a.ni  810 a.m  8 00 a.m  .Rossland  . Nelson  .Spokane  AKRIVK  3 40 pm.  G 00 p m.  0 00 p m.  No change of cars between Spokane and  Rossland.  Close connections at Nelson with steamers  for Kaslo and all Kooten.iy lake points.  Passengers lor Kettle river <md Boundary  creek connect at Marcus with stage daily.  AGENTS FOR GURNEY'S  STOVES AND RANGES.  4*  Commercial  Work that can  be executed.  "2^  4-  4  ORTHERN  PACIFIC RAILWAY.  Solid Vestibule Te vins.  Modern* Equipmfht.      ^  THROUGH PICKETS  to Tacoma,  Seattle,! Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, and California Points.  ���������.  (  St. Paul, St. Louis, Chicago, New  York, Boston, and all Points East, alao  European S. S. tickets.  TIME    SCHEDULE.  No  1. West  No 2. East  Dopart  Depart  10.55 p.m.  7.09 a m.  For information, time-cards, maps and  tickets, call on or write F D GIBBS, general  agent, Spokane, "Wash ; or A. D Clnrlton,  assistant passenger agent. No 255 Morrison  street, corner Third, Portland. Oregon.  Kaslo and Slocan  Railway.  4*.  Orders taken for Printing  at ClifTo's  Bookstore  will receive prompt  attention.  ���������**  4  sfoC^cfatM*        ������2^v|C������������2^������0\^  Hardware and Granite Ware,  and all kinds of Household Furnishing Goods  Workers in Sheet-Iron and Copper  work of all kinds.  TlflE  CflRb.  Leave  8 00 a m.        Kaslo      Arrive 3 SO p.m.  S3fi " South Folk      "      3.15 ���������'  "      0 36 " s>poules         "      2.15 "  9 51 " Whitewater       '      2 00 "  "     1003 " Bear Lake       "      1.4S "  "     10 IS " McGuigan        "       133 "  "    10S8 " Cody Junction   "      1.12 "  ArrivelOSO " Sandon      Leave 1.00 "  CODY LINE.  TIE HOTEL Mill  Strictly first-class.  Capt. M. A. Morrison, Manager.,  Morrison a McDonald, Proprietors,  Good Sample Rooms and  all other essentials of a first-class house.  All Smokers Like  A Well-finished Pipe, the best sample  of Tobacco, Cicrars and Cigarettes procurable���������and "JACOB KELSEN has  them. He has alsn the latest arrival of  Fruits, and Billiard Tables for recreation.   Give him a call.  Leave 11 00 a.m.  "     11.20   '���������  Sandon  Cody  Arrive 11 45 a.ra,  Leave 11.25   "  Subject to change without notloo.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.  ROBERT IRVING,  G. F. &P. A.  GEO. F. COPELAND,     .  Superintendent.  Canadian Pacific  Railway     And Soo Pacific.  The Most Direct Route to all Points in;  Canada, United States and Europe.; ,:  "���������.    DAILY SERVICE. \ ;,'"  Baggago checked   through to  destination'  without change. ...  fUdg^The Oniy Line':;  operating tourist cars to' Toronto, Montreal-  and Boston without change, also through : ,  cars to St. Paul daily.      .  Luxurious^ Sleepeis   and   Magniticeint'  '  ' Dining- Cars on all Trains.    ��������� :   ���������;  Trains leave Sandon  14 o'clock, dail.v,  connections with steamers for thenorth,  except Monday; and south daily, :  except Sundays.  '*'���������  Call on nearest C. P.  K. agent forlurthsr-  partlculars, It will save you time and mosey  A. C. McARTHUR, agent, Sandon;  H. M. Macgregor, traveling passenger  agent, Nelson j Geo.McL.Brown distrlot  passengeragent, Vancouver.  r  f  : ���������>���������  "\^r  "I  >1 ^ I1  .w v.- l&V.  4  THE MINING REVIEW  SATURDAY, NOYEMBEE13. 1897.  IBS  $1  m  JN9  m  i*st":ji  ase3  IS  MOUNTAIN  ECHOES.  Slocan City now has a school.  All the latest novels.' at Cli.Te's book  ���������tore.7' .': '' ,  All the latest magazines at Cliffe's  bookstore.  A trail is being built to the Kilo at  Lemon Creek.   :       ,  Rossland and Nelson ; are now connected by telephone.  An Italian named Romano has victimized several at Slocan City with  bogus bills.  HansHohensee had a leg broken at  the Kilo mine near 'Siocau City, the  other day.  ' Presbyterian services in Virginia  hall at 11 a.m., and at.7.30 p.m., Rev.  A. D. Menzies; in the pulpit.  Lead is dropping in the market. It  wiis quoted yesterday at $3.50, but silver was a little better at 57i.  It is said that the Ibex mine is to be  sold by the Sheriff in a short time to  satisfy some $9,000 of judgements.  It is feared that Thomas Bradley, of  Slocan City, is lost in the mount tins  and rhat the worst has befallen him.  John Johnson proprietor of tho Silver King hotel, Nelson, is dead. He  was one of the pioneers of the country.  The Rev. Father Patrols (R. C), of  Nelson, held service in Virginia hall,  .'Wednesday morning last, at 9 o'clock.  Lawyer Grimmett being unable to  write'made his maik^ oiv Tuesday  morning. A slip on thesidewalk, however, wai the occasion of the:figure.  : Rossland:: has a debt of 3100,000,  which is not a baelshowing for a place  four years old., Keeping on at'this  pace for 50 years, the place will be  pretty well blistered. ,  ,:: The hydrants for ;..,: e new .waterworks system have arrived and will  soon,be "placed iu position, giving'the  townall the electriclight and fire protection it could hope for. '  ��������� Jack Frost may send a scarcity of  ice to our new curling rink this winter;  but the god of water will send a del-  ,   uge of Adam's ale as.sooh-as' the fresh-  7   ets set in in the/spring.  It is said the7 Bank of B.N. A., who  are creditors to thc> extent of some  $35,000, and other creditors are moving  to appoint a liquidator for the Noble  Five mine. It is a well-equipped institution and ought to have done better.  ��������� It would be a wise precaution if  those who intend to climb the steps to  the Methodist church all winter would  take out accident policies. It might  be toturh on the eompanies.but it will  be joy to some of the individuals..:,;-  Squire LovattJ is'vowing .vengeance;  tempered with'mefcy, on those steps at  the corner cof the skating rink. ������������������ A  tumble there on Monday gave him; a  ve>rv sore arm. It will be a surprise il  theaecidents ofthe winter end with"  this arm. "  The Slocan City papers are nt' it  hammer and' tongs educating their  readers with such chioce ex'pr. ssions  as follow':.: ' :".'"Hbe Wash; Egotist Butler, dead failure, Jerkwater, rotten  work, erratic ranting r.ig, accomplished  linr." Boys, stop wrangling and : go  fishing.  Mr. Harris has now his heating apparatus for his several blocks in full  swing, and all giving the. very best ������f  satisfaction. It is generally conceded  that "long arm heating'' does hot do  the most effectual work, but.in this  case the operation is simply perfect.  The boiler in the rink sends iis steam  effectually throughout all the buildings with which it is connected.  AT THE   HOTELS.  ... Black's���������J. W. Leathven, Hamilton;  A. A. Stewart, Woodstock; J. Fleishman, A. R. Tufts, Vancouver; B. Wl  Dnlton, J. H. Lovquidge, Revelstoke;  T. H. Byers, C. A. Hanna, A. Anderson  G-O: Foss, J'. G. McGuigm, A. W  Goodenough and wife, T. Mitchell, A.  C. Burdiek, S. Hunter, Kaslo; A. AV  Wright,: Rossland; R. M. Glass, Granby;  P. Bradley, Denver, Col.; J.Bell, Whitewater; T. Adair, T. D.'Hey den,Ton nil b;  H. Bve'r's, Nashville; J.: Halpin. G:  West, H. C. Holden, J. H. Muraiii Nr-w  Denver; A. G. King. Spokane; W. ���������,H������,r-  e:ier, Rosebury; ; F. J. Squire, S. J.  Mighton, Nelson; G. D. Ross, R. Mnn-  son, Nakusp; J. Moffatt, Duluth; G. IT.  Crosier, Chicago; J. A. Dalton, Sher-  brooke; W. Hunter, Silverton. -  G6odenoughr-F. Lading, Nelson ; J.  W. Powell, Victoria; J. A. McKenna,  A. Maguire, H. Bostoek, Hon, Clifford  Sifton, Ottawa ; F. W. Goelsal, Macleod;  J. C. Joliff, L. B. Keyser, Golden ; G: W.  Hughes. Idaho 'mine ; F. J. Finnecune,  A. Sproat, New Denver; Rev. H. C.  Newcombe, F. E. Archer, Mrs. Haeldar,  Mr. nnd Mrs. G. B. Gerrard, Miss Kate  A. KeJlaher, Miss Kenny, Kaslo.  Balmoral���������L. Patr;os, A. B. Gray,  Nelson; E. L. Smith, A. Cameron,  Kaslo; J. Holden, Rossland ; J. Purdon,  Lardeau ; AV. J. Plaskett. Liverpool;  H. McDonald, Bear Lake; A."Graham  and wife, Hot Springs; W. H. Maxwell, Slocan City.  , Sandon���������W. Murphy, Mrs. Murphy,  M. Knight, New Denver ; E. Cuming,  W\ E. Hadelell, H. B. Fletcher, A. Burrows, B.Cook, J. Lucas, Kaslo; F.J.  Smyth, Slocan City ; E. Davis, Three  Forks ; J. Meldru xi, Klondyke, Alta.;  A. Pearson, W.G. Clark, Burton City. '  PERSONAL   MENTION.  Miss Bemis, wha has been taking a  course in a Chicago college, arrived  in: town Sunday to reside with her  mother, Mrs; Lyons.,  F. Darling, of the Canadian General'  Electric Co., wit'i headquarters at Nelson, was in town this week looking up  business.,,. ���������-.,,.       ���������    - ;   ,  Mr. Geo. Wharton, of Spokane, who  is interested in the Reco, was here for  a few days and returned home yesterday well pleased with the'work at this  celebrated mine. . ,,    '''  Mr E. J. Field, of the Wonderful  mine, has recently returned from Spokane; but so/fax is not prepared to "say  much aV to the .future operations 'on.  this���������in many respects���������wonderful  property.,     . .   ;, ���������..-��������� r -.  The entertainment given by the Fra-  zer Dramatic company on , Saturday  evening drew one of the largest houses  ever held in town. Rose Garland is  not a difficult play, but received a  treatment in the hands of this company  that gave it special interest. Mri.  Frazer himself bore out hia excellent  reputation as an artist, and his support  was well up to the mark. The house  earned about $225, and netted a handsome figure for the fire brigade.  .-"������������������Messrs.'Bartlett Bros., who have been  in th. packing, business here and very  successfully for , a length of time, are  closing up here to engage in the same  line on the Klondj ke route in.' the  spring. They say there is but one  practical route to the Klondyke and  that is via :Fort Wrangle, Telegraph  Creek and Teslin, and they are going  to locate on it with 200 head oi mules.  The pablic will only hope they may  meet with a full measure of success in  their new venture; but, of course, like  everything else it has to be tried.  On Tuesday night a number of the  boys connected with the Methodist  church made "n bee" and hauled down  from the hills, by clothesline cable, a  number of logs and cut them into firewood for the pleasure ofthe parson.  All told they must have cut over a  cord, but one would have thought from  the war whoops that filled the air in  that neighborhood from 8 to 11 that  the pile should have been considerably  larger. As it is, however, there is no  one disposed to demur. "The boys"  on assembling at the parsonage, were  treated  cake and coffee.  ; Slocan City is going to have   a   new  record office and jail   and  this   is   the  kind of justice tho Turner government  is disposed to dole out  to  tlie   Slocan.  We are not disposed to find fault  with  the government for giving these buildings to that town, especially   the jail,  for from the war waging  between  the  two local papers, we take it such an institution is. required   there,   but   our  ground for fault finding is at   the  way  in which this town is slighted.     Then;  is more mining   and there, pare   more  mining entries of a bonafide! character  in and around Sandon then there are in  the whole of the rest of   the country  combined, and still no sign of a record  office; and if jails are established   as  a  result of residence of industrial population no one will question the   claims  to preferment of Sandon.     We   would  just as soon support the Turner government as any other administration_; but  when they are sojopposed to yielding a  modicum of justice to   our   town   and  surroundings a sense of fair play  compels us to look for   men   in   authority  who   will   measure  the  requirements  of the country impartially.  FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS.  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been  used by millions of mothers for their children  while teething. If disturbed at night and  broken of your rest by a sick child, suflering  and crying with pain of cutting teeth. Sena  at once and get a bottle of "Mrs. Winslow's'  Soothing Syrup" for children teething. It  will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Depend upon It, mothera, there is no  mistake about It. It cures diarrhoea, regulates  the stomach and bowels, cures Wind Colic,  soltens the gums and reduces Inflammation,  and gives tone anel energy to the system.  "Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup" for children  teething is pleasant to the taste and is the  prescription ol one of the oldest and best  femalephyslnians and nurses ln the United  States. Price twenty-five centa a bottle.  Said by all druggists throughout the world.  Be sure and ask lor "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing  Syrup."  T������������ES!  Now is the time to  buy.    We Carry  The Largest Stock  of Air Tight' .  ^QUEEN" HEATING STOVES,  BOX STOYES, COOKING STOVES,  RANGES, ETC., ETC.  Camp  and   Sybley Stovas  made  to  order.  Wanted.  Men to sell for the Fouthill Nurseries.  Over 7(10 acres of Canadian Grown Stock. We  i;np������rt no stock from the States. Farmer*,  1 irnters' sons, Implement agents, students,  I jachers. 'retired ministers, energetic clerks  who wish to make advancement���������������������������And the  v/ork of selling our Hardy, Home Grown  Kureery Stock, pleasant as well us profitable,  U7e want more such men this season as the  clsmand for our goods is increasing owing to  1 ie lact that we guarantee all our stock free  com'San .lose Scale. We make contracts  v.-tth wholoorpart time men. Employment  t -'iu year round.. 'We pay both commission  :, ad salary. Write us for our terms. Outfit  i.-ee. '   , ,  STONK * WELLINGTON, Toronto, Ont.  PRICES  OP   MAGAZINES.  The following monthly, magazines  are always kept' in stock at Cliffe's  Bookstore:  MAGAZINE. PRICE.'  The Young Ladies' Journal......35 ,cents  ''    Cosmopolitan  15   "  '?'   Aren-i. ....;...........30    "  "    .'j.idies'-Home Journal......15    "  "   Canadian..'....'.......;. ....15   "  Munsev's..... ;.....'....15   "  Wallpaper!  Wall Paper!  We have purchased the entire stock  Of,Wall Papers kept by : Holden  & Gray,' who are retiring from  business, at a heavy reduction,  and are now oflering the lot at a  special bargain. The stock includes Canadian and'American,  browns, whites and gilts. All  goes at a bargain. We are- also  :; receiving a fine lot: of Ingrains  direct irom'; the Montreal mills,  that we offer at right prices. We  have pick and choice. :���������  For Sale or to Rent  Dwelling house, iormerly ocaupied '��������� by Pete  Annance.   Apply to ,  BOWSER, GODFREY ���������& CHRISTIE.  Notice.  Xot.Ice is hereby given that itis the intention of the Nakusp and Slocan Railway  Company to apply to the railway' committee  ofthe Privy Council, to sanction the building  and construction of a branch line of railway  lrom a point -about one mile east of Three  Forks to Bear Lake, a distance of about six  miles, for the. purpose of srlving increased  facilities to business and ol transporting  the products oftbe mines,and tosanction the  appropriation of tbe necessary lands lor that  purpose under the compulsory powers vested  in the said company, by the railway act or  any olheract in it-i Iiehalf. .Signed  JOHN V. ARMSTRONG,  . Secretary Nakusp and Slocan Railway Co.  Dated at Victoria, B.C., Oct. 20th,11807..   .      ,  PROVIDENCE FUR COMPANY,  49 Westminster St., Providence, R. I.  , Wants all kinds of Raw Purs, Slcins,  Ginseng, Senecn, &o. Full prices guaranteed. Careful selection, courteous  treatment, .immediate remittance.  Shipping Tags, Kopes, furnished ��������� free.  Write for latest��������� price rurcuiara.-'  Application for Liqiioi License  Notice Is hereby (riven that 30 days lroin  date.'Uic iindersijriied will apply to the Stipendiary .Magistrate of West Kootonay, for a  Liquor License to sell liquor by retail, at the  Victoria Hotel, Sandon.  11. A.McDO.VALl).  Dated November S, .1X117.  W.J  ANTED���������TRUSTWORTHY AND ACT-  ive gentlemen or ladles to travel lor re-  sponsible, established house in British Columbia. Monthly $65.00 and expenses. Position steady. Reference. Knclose self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y, Chicago.  .���������   i  Caution.  Wohereby notify the public that we are in  no way connected with the business of the  Bartlett House, and will not be responsible for  any debts contracted for its, business operations.  ,-.������������������������������������  BARTLETT BROS.  Sandon, Oct 12, 1897.  Man Wanted;  For every unoccupied district in Canada to  sell our High Grade Canadian Grown Nursery  Stock. Every tree and bush guaranteed free  from San Jose Scale. Liberal terms to part  time men, and good wages to those giving  their entire time to the work. The demand  for good grown and acclimated NurseryStock  is on the increase.  Apply now and secure good ground. All  ourslock guaranteed true to name cr purchase  price refunded.        .    ' ; ,  E. P. BLACKFORD & CO.. Toronto. Can.  Dissolution of Partnership.'  Notice |s hereby given lhat the partnership  heretofore existing botwoen the undersigned  as the proprietors ofthe Sandon Boot & Shoo  store, fn Sandon, has this day been dissolved  by mutual consent. Wm. Golden retiring  lrom said partnership. .... ,.'.���������  F. J. Golden will carry on the business, and  will collect all debtsowfng to said partnership  and pay all accounts owing by said partnership.  .-'���������';''  Dated this fith day of October, 1S97.  ���������'"    F. J. GOLDEN.      ,    '  ���������    , '.-..    WM. GOLDEN      .    ..'.'���������,  WHEN YOU ARE AT HEAR LAKE STOP AT THE  03  OKA   jSMB&A Al ���������  HR5T-CL/155 HOTEL.  RATES���������$2.00 PER DAY ;' $10.50 PER WEEK.  The  northern   connecting   point   of   the  C.'P.'R. on Slocan lake.  has the only safe harbor north of Slocan City.  NEW    NOVELS!  We have just received a fine,  lot of new novels 'embracing the  latest works from the best author?,  and all going at a bargain.  TOTS dNb FdNQT  QOObS!   to  Our Toys and Fancy Goods,  for Santa Claus, who has made  our.Bookstore his headquarters  lor the Slocan country, is now on  the' way and the old gentleman  will be shortly'on hand to make  his'selection.  Mail orders will receive  prompt attention.  II. I. McDonald, Proprietor.  SUBSCRIBE FOR  $2.00 a YEAR���������STRICTLY IN ADVANCE.  ose oery  It is at Roseber}^ where the beautiful  Slocan steamer -ties up over night- and  where the employe es can bringtheir families.  Groceries, Hardware, Tinware.  Dry (roods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes.  lots were put on the market June 28th and  are selling fast. You cannot afford to wait  if you want a lot;    They are going up.  WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF EVERYTHING.  SANDON AND ROSSLAND.  oseoery  Men are grading and clearing the town-  site, and several buildings are about to be  erected.  K.ASLO.  s.  SANDON.  Can ho easily transformed into Fortunes  :f properly handled.   We assist inventors to  lertect thoir inventions and secure for them  ho strongest claims possible under paicnt  aws.. ADVICE FREE. Freo: 100 page illustrated book on,Patents.    MARION & MA-  KION, Exports, Temple ��������� Building, .Mont-  : trcal.   Tho only Arm of graduate engineers  in the Dominion transacting patent business  'ixclusively.   Highest references.  SILVERWARE  In endless variety. Our store is full  of Novelties for Christmas. What to  give is the QUESTION ! We can  answer that for you, and will do it  with pleasure by showing you goods  ���������new and rare.  There is nothing so easily sent as  Silverware aud Jewellery. We guarantee its safe delivery >o any part of  Canada, United States and Great  Britain.  THE RELIABLE JEWELLER  AND OPTICIAN.  I. GBIMETT.  is designed to be the distributing centre for  the Slocan.  At Sandon, Rossland, Kelson, Kaslo, Pilot Bay and Three Forks.  SandoB, Slocan City.  mmf him\,iiiiimipi-jiiii������Wiiu|iiV.-^j i���������iaiaiiiMiw������������Hii r"jf*"***ijpj���������"���������j  WHEN IN SANDON STOP AT THE  SANDON, B. C. Rates $2.50 to $4.00 per day.  Heackjimrters for Mining ***  and Commercial Men. ���������'   R. CUNNING, 1'itOPiUETOit.  Mining Review $2.00  per year in advarce.  Everything Up-to-date ii,ourline- a rme selection of worst-  eds, Tweeds and Fancy Veatings.  will become the great Concentrating City-ofthe- Slocan, having abundance  of water and  being easy of access to the mining centre.  Watch this.  W  Agents for the Dominion  Piano  and Organ  Co.  Teems���������One-half cash ; balance three and  six months.    For full particulars apply to  General Agent.  ,1V  V.  ��������� ��������� i. , f' ' '������������������    jf(;  '.-��������� -fV   -   t       ,' *���������!���������! ���������        ,1 -���������    ������������������',       '.i ���������>���������  "       -   /      .  (.-      V ������������������* ' . 4 -.1" ,!-���������-.<. J ' r -,.-��������������� '    ���������'     .1   *     i ���������-',"��������� i ,-      ���������-     ���������>    -     ' r       ;���������'   ,     ������n ���������'���������      i.f   , ��������� J S   .   ''-      ,   ���������. ".    "L.   ��������� n  ,    . J  " i- I i,������  n-',   --' {.i   ���������.   V|"~ ,    ��������� ���������     !������������������  Jl,..n       -'  i,    .,  rM.      ��������� .,  .     -   ,'*'   fit,   u*       ������     .   *   'I   .   ,���������  I   ��������� ">. . .J.,   . .        'l.r   ������������������������:->    ',���������  '-ijji v   -J     t I i,   -.


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