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Mining Review May 7, 1898

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 YOL. 1.    NO. 48.  SANDON, B. C, SATURDAY, MAY   7, 1898.  PRICE FIYE CENTS.  i il BATTLE.  Dewey's fleet and the Htars and stripes  are waving ovor the Phillipines to-day.  The bombardment began'early yesterday morning and lasted but a few  hours. Before half a dozen guns rang  SpMiSl Flfi-et  Suffer  H6aYy LOSS Off out, what ofthe population remained  behind took to the hills.     The . rpsist-  Came, Near Manilla.  " The Spanish Cfeyernor Refused   to Surrender Guns   and Torpedoes.  London, May 2.���������A naval battle was  fought off;Cavite, near Manilla, yesterday afternoqn in which the American  fleet under Admiral Dewey, completely destroyed ,.the Spanish fleet. The  Spanish loss was very heavy.; Most of  the Spanish marines ,went down with  their ships. The, American loss was  small.  L*NDotr; May 2���������Details of the naval  battle have been received at tlie British colonial office. The engagement  began yesterday afternoon and lasted  two hours; It resulted in, the total annihilation of the Spanish fleet. But  one American vessel, whose name is  riot mentioned, was disabled.  Commodore Dewey at once requested  the British consul to convey messages  to the Spanish governor-general demanding the surrender of all torpedoes  . and guns at Manilla, and also possession of the cable offices there, saying  that unless terms were complied with  he would proceed at once to the bombardment of the city.' The Spanish  governor, refused to surrender the torpedoes and guns and cable offices. The  massage ended , by saying . that it was  . "expected that the bombardment of  Manilla would begin Monday morning.  These despatches were received yesterday and as nothing further has been  received' this morning' it is supposed  the Spaniards have cut the cable.  WANT REVENGE,  Madeid, May 2.���������Newspapers express determination to avenge the defeat of the Spanish fleet nt Manilla.  The conduct of the Spanish admiral in  sinking the remnant of his fleet in  order to prevent its capture by the  Americans is highly extolled by the  press and leading officials.  DOWN WITH HIS SHIP.  Jxrwpox, May 2.���������A special^] espatch  from Mu'irid .this morning says that  v tbe^Spaniards fongiit"~*pjandid}y, thp  ,jMu3or������ refusing to lelivovthe burning  -and sinking ships.   The^caiitiiin of the  . Jiena Christina   Went 'down with his  vessel.  AMEKICAN FLEET.  Tho fighting vessels of the squdron  aro ; The Baltimore, protected cruiser,  built in 1887; displacement; 3,413 tons;  horsepower, 101064; speed 20.09. She  Jias four 6-pound and two 3-pound  ���������?*pld fire guns, two 1-pound rapid fire  <cannon, 4 Hotchkiss revolving cannon  #nd two Gatlings. ��������� ���������. ���������'  The Olympia, protected cruiser, built  &a 1891; displacement, 5,870; horsepower, 17,313; speed; ;21.6. She has  four 8-inch breach-loading rifles," ten  5-inch rapid fire guns, fourteen 6-pound  ������md six 1-pound rapid fire guns and  four Gatlings. "'".-:..-���������  The Raleigh, protected cruiser, built  fn 1889; displacement, 8,212; horsepower, 10,008; speed, 19. She has ten  5-inch and one 6-inch-"rapid fire guns,  eighth-pound and four i-pbund rapid  fire cannon and two Gatlings. '  ��������� The Boston, protected cruiser, built  jn 1883; displacement 8,000 tons;  ^lorse-power 4,030;. speed" 15.6. She  jhassfjt 6-inch and ' typ^-incii; breech-  goading rifles, two 6:pound, two 8-  jpound and two 1-pound rapid-fire guns,  two Hotchkiss revolving cannon and  two Gatlings.  The Concord, gunboat', built in 3888;  displacement, 1.710; horse-power 3,405;  speed 16.8. She has six 6:inch breech  loading rifles, two 6-pound and two 3-  pound rapid-fire guns, two Hotchkiss  revolving cannon and, two Gatlings:  The Petrel, gunboat, built in 1887;  displacement, 892 ���������tonB;,.Jhor8e-power  1,095; speed 11.7 She lias four 6-inch  breech-loading rifles; ...one 1-ppund  rapid-fire gun, two Hotchkiaa revolving cannon and two Gatlings.  the Spanish fleet.  Tonnage.  3,312  3.520  8,090  1;I30  1,152  521  521  500  very  ance was but feeble. Admiral Dewey  now has possession of the harbor and  the mines as well as an immense supply of torpedoes, ammunition and coal.  He will co-operate with the insugents,  who are closing in, in rebuilding the  fortificatii ns, and cannot be disloged.  THE DESTROYED FLEET.  Following is a list of   the   Spanish  vessels that were at. Manilla :  Speed  KnotB.  Castllln, eru iser  J... ..'.,.14.  Rcinn Christina, cruiser..... rj.6  Iietna Mercedes, cruiser........, .17.5  Don Juan do Austria, cruiser 14.  Vclasco, cruiser M.S  Klcano, gunboat....... ...11.5  Uon, Lczo, gunboat................11.  Marquis del Ducrw.gunboat. .. 10.  Geu . Alava, transport   Ccbu, transport   Manilla; transport   Spain has also a number of  Bniall gunboats in tho Phillipine  waters, but they would perform no service more important than that of' picket duty.  Total tonnage of   the above named  lighting ve'tsHs, 14:912.  At the Caroline islands, riot far from  the. -Phillipines :  Islade Cuba,cruiser .10.  Isla (le Luson, cruisor 10.  Qulros, gunboat....................11.5  Vlllalobos. euuboat....'........... ,11.5  The fiist two of the latter   list  engaged in the Sunday morning tilt.  WASHINGTON EXCITED.  Washington, May 3.���������Full confirmation has been received here through  London, of Admiral Dewev's great victory over the Sp mish at Manilla. But  one American ship was injured in the  encounter and the 16ss;of-,life was  considerable, as is borne out by  fact that the fleet nt once began  reduction of Manilla.  ��������� Washington has been> ringing  two days with the praises of Admiral  Dewey- and ; his men���������-they are the  heroes of the day. It is not thought  possible that Spain can make any successful rally against the liille. fleet  which now holds Manilla, with possession of all the stores, coal, ammunition  and mines. "Co-operating with the insurgents the forts will soon be rebuilt  and made stronger than ever.  An Eloquent  Lesson   for  the  tending Purchaser.  In-  1,080  1,030  315  315  were  While the ncwsp'api r< nfotlx r camps  in this country are talking coiifimiiiliv  of what their canij.s are '"(.������oiiig to do,"  our purpose is to show prub.ible invi s-  tors what they ought'in depend on,  what our mines have dmie, iimi  are doing.  For instance .we find llie minei shipping from the railway depots hero  from the first of January to the 30lh  of April shipped as follows :  MINE. TONS.  Payne........ ...........4,580  Ruth........................:....  1,640  Last Chance.... ..���������.....:...........  879  Star   418  Reco    340  Queen Bess.... ;.......    175  Ajax.......:...; .:;.     33  Goodenough ���������.     20  Sovereign......... ...'..,  20  Wonderful Bird        5j  Fountain Fraction..............       5  Total , 8.115J  Trom Three Forks, four miles . west  of Sandon, the shipment* binee (lie 1st  Of January were :  Idaho '.  1,009  Queen Bess     610j  in-  the  the  for  THE TOWN Of. BAHILLA.  Alfred W.Dyer, of ThisQjty, Who. Lived  There, Describes It,  The Spanish ships destroyed by the  Americans were the. cruisers Reina  Cristina, Castilla, Vclasco and Don  Juan de Austria, and the gunboats  J'aragua, Ulloa, , El Cano, General  Ivuexo and Marquis Del Duero, nine in  till. This fleet was slightly inferior to  the American fleet in guns, but more  than made up for it in fighting force.  WARSHIPS CUT IT.  London, May 3.���������Advices state that  tests from Hong Kong show that the  cable, has been cut about fifty ��������� miles  from: Manilla. A week or, a fortnight  Btastelapse before it can be  repaired.  Paris, May 8.���������It is reported here  that the American- warships cut the  Manilla cable and took the end Jon  board'for the purpose - of communication with their, government.  Hon),; Kong, May 8, via London,���������  Manilla has fallen under' the "lire  of  "Manilla, which, the bulletins say,  has just been taken by tlie American!  fleet, is a very creditable specimen of  Oriental metropoles," said Alfred- W.  Dyer last evening. Mr. Dyer was for  years a resident of the far cast, and is  well acquainted with Ythe situation  there, for it was only a little more than  three years ago that he was in Manilla  itself.  "The town has a population of about  230,000," continued Mr. Dyer,"of which  about 160,000 are natives, 50,000,half-  breeds between Chiiieseahd'Philippine  islanders, 15,000 Chinese and 5,000 European Spaniards. Outside of tho Spaniards thre are only, about 250 white  men in the city. The towns commerce,  is about $9,000,00.0 a year, largely in  woods and sugar.     ,  Y i    ;  "The city, which was founded in  1571, is subject to exceedingly ��������� severe  earthquakes, and* the architecture is  correspondingly frail, for the native  has learned that a light rush house  tumbling about ono's ears in an earthquake is considerably''more pleasant  than heavy abodes of stone; consequently, ii the town was shelled, the  place would not stand under'a bombardment for any time at all.  "Then- is .properly no heritor in fruiit  of Manilla. The town lies on a big  bay, but what passes for a harbor is  merely a roadstead, and-when the monsoon blows, the wind is so hard it is  practicallj impossible for vessels to  navigate the waters. Omore side of  Manilla is a big swamp, while on the  other are some, low hills surrounded by  the forts mentioned in, the dispatches.  '"If, as reported, the governor-general  has surrendered the entire islands to  the United States, the Americans have  a heavo task before them in. control  ling tho islands, for the population is  totally incapable of self-government  and the governor must be an autocrat  ofthe sternest type."���������Rossland Miner,  Total 1,0193  We are without th������ shipments from  McGuigan, five miles to the east of  Sandon, for the months of January unci  February, but we have them fur March  and April as follows :  Rambler-Cariboo........  285!  Dardanelles    45'  Antoine......................:.......     00'  Total 420  Assuming the shipments furJiimiury  and February were the same np lor  March and April, for t)ie. sake of  compilation, though they were  much more, the. total.... would , be  from McGuigan 840 tons. ]  We have then a grand total from the  district of Sandon, viz:'  "���������'  '   ������������������  *   ''  Sandon  8,115J  he was so foolish as to leave a country  like the Trail Creek division for the  cold wilds of Alaska, but at the same  time lie desires to warn those who contemplate going to that frigid country to  refrain from doing so. The steamers  going to and from Dyea stop at - Fort  Wrangle and he says that those who  are returning greatly outnumber those  who are going at present, ai.d 90 out of  100 have hard luck stories to tell of  their experience in Dyea, Skagwav  and Dawson, nnd when they speak of  these places it is with objurgations on  their lips. The Stiekeen river is not  yet free fiom ice, and therefore it is  impossible to navigate that waterway,  and hundreds aro waiting for that  event so they may he able to push on  toward the gold fields. The town is  generally in poor condition as there  are so many men without funds there.  They .\re anxious to got away, but  havc.no money with which to .pay for  transportulien. Ail the "sure thing"  men and tin horn gamblers, the writer  says, have ben made to leave Wrangel  because the police magistrate would  not tolerate (heir iniquities. Tliey  were givon'notice that their room 'was  preferable to their coiwpjiuy. The  writer concludes as follows :  ' Tell all who think of coming to this  God-forsaken country to stay away as  this is ono of the poorest places on  earth for a man to sojour yin, and from  what I can learn the farther north one  goes the worse it gets. I hear that  Jerry Spel man is talking of coming  here. Get a deputation to, wait on  him to dissuade him from doing so, as  if he does so he will never oeose to regret his action."���������Miner.       .  -  Three Forks.  1.619J  McGuigan.....:..'.r...".".."..'...; '.,";:    84tr  . '    Grand total of tons 10,575}  Some ofthe mines such as tho lii-co,  have not shipped tlu-jr full output  but have large quantities on hand.  However, as this ore in gross value  will average ������110 per ton iho total output of the district, .tn I'mr an shipments extend for the four months  netted $1,163,277,  As mining goes in this section about  one-third of this will go iu dividends,  or about.$390,U00. Nn\v this- is moire  money earned by th( se mints net in  four months than the whole of them  cost the owners two or hree years ago.  We are aware that because of the  fluctuating price of silver ah.l its demonetization, as it h.is been demonetized, there is something of a prejudice  against silver properties where there-  should be none, as to 'capitalists'the-  whole.question is one of dividends.'' .It  is not what the properties are or what  they are not, but what th"y 'make for  their owrier3,nnd so far in ihi- jirovii.ee  it has been in favor of the silver properties. Last year the silver .mints ofthe  province made more for their owners  than the gold mints di.l and from present indications, even <it the low price  of silver, they are likely to do it again  this year. i  ' What we want here to impress on  the attention of capitalists outside is  :this: That the list of possible mines  in tliis district is in no respect exhausted ; but that from indications  dozens o( the undeveloped properties  of this locality that can be secured  very cheap, are likely to turn out as  good investments as the largest shippers we'have quoted adove. Of course,  it is impossible .to say which of them  are likely to become the best; but as  there is more or less risk in such in-  vestments, it is'best to invert where  the risks arc minimized, and we think  they are in the properties of this district.  Be Fair.  The Spokane Miner and Electrician  has this to say of the Spokesman-  Review. The M. and E. is rig'ht;Anier-  icans are certainly given as-many  privileges here as as Canadians are  given on the other side:  "The refusal rl theoDoininion Parliament to grant Mr. Corbin's request or  permission lo build up the Kettle River  Valley, has given the Spokesman-  Review a further opportunity of upholding its reputation for- unfairness  and narrow-mindedness. It has talked  about the bigotry of Canadians and  has'compared Canada to Cbifja^Corea,  Thibet and other barbaric nnd^ un-  oiyilized/Gbuiitries. Does the editor of  this public spirited journal know that  no Canadian or other alien is legally  aliowcd'to hold real estate in this  state? Docs he realize thai none of  our neighbors, froth whose country we  are reaping suph vast benefits, can own  a home among us ? And this in spite  of the fact that. Americans are received  there with open arms and are offered  every protection and privilege ac  corded to Canadian citizens. If this  great daily would devote its feeble influence to awakening bur people to a  sense of the unfairness of the alien  laws governing this portion of the  country, it might do some good and at  least would not further impair the  neighborly spirit shown in the past by  our Canadian cousins.  Now that the C. P. , R. have their  charter for a.branch extension to this  town it is bound to grow. It has  plenty of comparatively level ground  lor a large population, a fine supply of  the best of water, ample fuel, and a  large surrounding of most promising  mines.  The Whitewater has already more  thwi a continental reputation, ind  in the. hands of the new company who  are erecting their concentrator, it is  certain to forge ahead faster than ever  before. ' The concentrator will be commenced within two weeks.  The Whitewater Deep on tho same  vein as the Whitewater,' but lower  down, has evidences already of great  superiority in an eighteen inch seam  o' tl e very best ore. ' The company  are now preparing to drive a new 2,000  feet tunnel lower down than their  present strike, which will be near the  level of the country but sufficiently  high for a reasonable dump. They will  use a water-wheel to secure a full supply ot fresh air in their workings.  The Qtieen Bess company have a  number of men working ������n the J. C,  the Vancouver and other properties  here they have bonded, with excellent  prospects ahead of them so far as indications go.  The Charleston is now being worked  again and will doubtless be heard from  to advantage later on.  The Northern Belle has 10 men  working with a certain increase in a  few days. They are putting in hoisting machinery and a saw mill, so they  are confident tbey have a good property and are going to make the most  of it.  Mr. W. J. Macdonald is building a.i  addition te his store to meet future  'demands. J. M. Wright is going to  put up new bath rooms which are  needed. The post oflice store is also  in.line for larger trade, amf the three  first-class hotels of the place aie at all  times .in form to cater to all (rade.com-  ing their way.  gold and silver at all ? Should not the  credit of the country b������ sufficient security ?  $ f $  If parliament would pass a law prohibiting the use   of woolen goods in  the manufacture of coats and trousers,  would < not wool depreciate in ' value  and all the fabrics used/ for the purpose rise in value?    Something like  this happened when silver was demonetized.   In the United States, in 1873,  the gold standard alone was adopted,  and'silver was then depr'ved of' one  of'its chief uses ; the whole burden of  redemption   was thrown   upon   gold;  and, of course, it began at once  to appreciate and every other vendiole product   depreciated.    Silver  being red-  ucccd to the condition of a commodity  and  being no longer  legal tender, it  began to depreciate in value,  and it  will continue to do'so as long as it is  measured by the gold standard, which  is a false one.   By adopting a double  standard  this fictitious value in gold  will be arrested to a great extent.   Ie  not this "a consi-inmation devoutly to  be wished?"   The measurement of all  values by either gold or silver is a device of stock gamblers and shylocks to  increase the rate of usury.  THE NECKTIE SOCIAL.  e  With Scissors and Pen.  A Successful   Entertainment Under   the  Auspices of the   Home Mission  Society.  Dollars and Cents.  SOME ILLUSTRIODS STRIKERS.  KLONDYKE BOOM WAKING.  Former Rosslander Tells His Friends  to Stay Away From the North.  The Dardanelles Closad.'���������"  The Dardanelles mine is closeddown  for; the present to allow of some repairs  on the compressor which have become  necessary and also on account of the  unusual rush of water which has practically drowned the pumps* " A fine  showing of ore is reported in the lower  working*,  That the Klondyke boom has reached  its height and is now rapidly waning is  eridenced in mOre ways than one. It  is certain, too, that it will never again  reach the Bitwe heights that il has for  nothing is harder to restore than a  burst ed boom. A letter was received  in this city yesterday from a former  resident of Rossland who is now. at  Fort Wrangel. He says that he is so  disgusted with himself that he does  not wish it to be generally known that  REV. HERCERT M.   CABSOB,    LYNN,    MASS.  A strike springs from the sacred germ  of resistance, implanted by nature in  every man.   There is nothing  higher  or holier in human nature   than   that  impulse which resists oppression, and  strikes for liberty.   A dog will bite,   a  mule will kick, a cat will scratch , but  the man who will   not  strike  against  tyranny and injustice is lower than   a  rabbit.   The man   who  is   afrai :   to  strike, afraid tO'rcsist,who will sit and  wipe his eyes and say "Let well enough  alone," "Thank God it  is ��������� no   worse,"  and "The Lord loveth those  whom he  chasteneth," is a barnacle on the   ship!  of prngress.'     Had   his   advice been  followed in the past,   mankind  would  to-day; be little better than the animals  and'the   human race   would  be liko  apes.   Moses struck against capitalist  Pharaoh   Of   Egypt;   Christ   struck  against the   corruptions   of  Judaism.  He formed a union of twelve men and  ���������ne of them was a scab.   Cromwell instituted a national strike against   the  king and the aristocracy, and the king  lost the strike and his head. too. : Our  revolutionary forefathers organized   a  glorious strike   against  English   taxation and were successful. John Brown  started   a   small   strike  at   Harper's  Ferry forty vears ago that   struck the  shackles from the limbs of millions of  people, and people think none the less  of him for it to-day.     Even Christianity itself was the ethioal  result  of a  long series of labor strikes and revolutionists.  ,.     WORMS CAN'T STAY  When Dr. Low's Pleasant Worm  Syrup is used. It's death to the  worms, easy, on the system and nice to  take. Contains sufficient laxative so  that there is no need of giving castor  oil or calomel afterwards.  The single gold standard is a oom-  parativelv recent innovation. Since  the time of Edward II; when gold was  first coined in England, down to 1816,  both metals were u ed as legal tender.  The adoption of the single gold standard in America.took place in 1873, and  since that time-the- rich have become"  rapidly richer and the poor poorer.  There are'now millions of laborers in  the United States out of employment.  We have the same monometalism' in  Canada,. and the conditions' are ho  better.'  SS$  The scarcity of-gold and silver, combined with the various uses they servo,  has singled , them out iii a semi-civilized age as ,the best metals to. use. as  currency. If both.of them are.in use,  their value willvary in proportion to  tho rates of their production. If one  of them is deprived of its .use, as a  legal currency, the other will rise in  value; and it is just here that ������������������ the  trouble is; the creditor gains, bj the  rise in value of gold,, and the debtor  loses in the same' proportion. As our  national debt i j over S50 per capita, or  about $250,000,000 for the whole of  Canada, it is a matter of the greatest  concern to each of us how our money  is constituted. If the debtor is made  to pay'his debts in gold, the longer th  debt remains unpaid, even if he pay  the interest regularly, the more the  face value of the bond or mortgage becomes, measured: in the commodities  he products.  i ?.$ .  Paper money is denounced because  it deprives the banker, broker, moneylender and stock gambler of the opportunity of maintaining.his fictitious  standards of value. Gold- monometalism is the ideal money lenders system;  it enables him to collect his annual  interesc regularly, at the same tims  increase the principal at a compound  rate.  ���������*���������$*���������  By adopting a single standard (either  of-gol������' or silver) it makes it easier for  . the bankers and the broKers, who deal  in stccks, to disturb business. These  men have the power to make money  scarce whenever they find it profitable  to do so. Is not this too great a power  to be, in .the hands of any class  in the country? If debts could  be made-payable in either silver  or gold.the smaller j coins would  circulate among the people, and they  would not find their way bo easily into  the vaults of the bank. There would  be more ready coin among the people.  The 5, 10, 25 and 50 cent coins, are not  so easy to corner as the la. ger denom-  inations. Of the twe evils choose the  least. But why make our currency  out of so expensive a commodity as  The necktie and ice-cream social in  the Virginia hall in aid of the Methodist church  on Monday evening was  a decided success from all points���������execution of programme, attendance and  receipts.   Mr. G; W. Grimrnett  occupied the chair.   The: Sandon orchestra  ���������Messrs. Fallows; Sewell, Duffy, Griffith and Clifle���������gave a couple ol selections ; Mesdames Gunn and Spots'wood  and MiissiEmily Jones,   well delivered  recitations.      This   waa  Mrs.  Spots-  wood's first appearance, and' she gave  unequalled satisfaction.  .Misses Skinner aud Cliffe  gave an  insrumental  duet; Mrs, Clifle, * solo;  the choir,"a'  chorus and the Male Quartette a characteristic song.   Mr. Parry, of Nelson,  but recently of Winnipeg,  and  Mr.;  Lowes,'city,.after giving songs .jvire,  two or, three times encored and'com-1  pelled by the clappind of hands to reappear.  ' This   was   also  Mr. Lowes'  lirstbow to a Sandon public, and he  will, no doubt, add much.'strength  to;  the musical circles of the city.    The  refreshments, including cakes, coflee  and ice-cream, served by the ladies and  young people of the   church,   were a  factor in the success of the entertainment.  There is some talk of starting up the  Freddy Lee again. It was at one timo  quite a shipper.  Col. Ray is pushing development  work mu his properties across tha  gulch,a few rods up Cody way.  The Mollie Hughes mine, near,,New  Denver, has turned out a sample of ore  giving ������28.65 in gold and 4,039 ounces  in silver.  The Rambler-Cariboo at McGuigan,  the largest shipper there, is making  read}' for harder work this summer  than ever before.  The Star has a good supply of water  now, and as a result it has taken oil *  largely increased stafi* of miners. 'It  will scon be back to its - old shipping  record again. ,   ,      '  The Sovereign mine is- one of the  first to pack ore thin spring. There  are several horses at it now. -Prof.  1 iddy says the mine has considerable  ready to ship.  The Noble Five has largely increased  its staff and is pushing its development  work rapidly. When it'commences to  ship again it will have a large quantity  on, hand to start with.  It is not unlikely active operations  will commence on the Monitor new  Three Forks shortly. For some time  past the two owners were at loggex-  heads and neither would work with  other. There is talk of new parties  taking it over.  0\  The council met Monday evening,  all present but Aids. Cunning and  Mighton. " ,"   .  COMMUNICATIONS.. ,  From Bank of B. C. re solicitors fee������;  bank decided to accept monies due;.by-  Government in lieu of pro notes, held.  ���������Filed       -    --_ .��������� ��������� ���������_:--";--.."':"  ..-From Pearson <fc Pearson.. applied  fsr a reduction cf music hall' license.  Application refused.' ������ ���������'   '*''  Crawford���������Switzer���������That the mayor  and clerk execute an assignment of  monies due by the government  bank.���������Carried.  to  MINING RECORDS.  From tflfl Gazette,  A license as an extra-provincial com  pany has ben issued to the Jenckes  Machine company. The capital stock  is $150,000, divided into 1,500 shares of  $100 each. The head office is in Sher-  brooke, province of Quebec; the oflice.  in .the province is in Rossland, and  Frank R; Mendenhall is the attorney.  The following extra-provineial companies have registered:  The B. C. Copper company, limited,  with a capital stock of $1,000,000. The  head office is located in the city of New  York in the state of New York, and the  office in the province is at Anaconda  and Frederick Keffer is the attorney.  The object's to carry on a general  mining business.  The Big Bump Mining company ,with  a capital stock of $150,000.' The head  office is located in Spokane, the province office is in Rossland an F. H.  01iveri8 the attorney. The object is  to carry on a mining business in all  its branches.  The Northwest Gold Dredging company, with a capital stock of 850,000.  The head office is located in Tacoma,  Wash.; in the province the office is in  Quesnelie and W. A. Johnson is the attorney. The object is to dredge for  gold in the streams of the province.  Following are the new incorporations : Abbottsford Gold Mining company, limited, with a capital stock of  -a,000,000. The head office is in Rossland and the object is to carry on a  mining business.  The Manufacturer's agency, limited,  with a capital stock of $10,000. The  office is at Vancouver and the object is  to carry on the business of merchants  and mercantile agents.  J. H. Long, J. M. Scott and S. S. Taylor Lave given notice that they have  applied to the benchers of the law society for a call to the bar.  Recorded at New Denver.  "   LOCATIONS.  April 27.���������Hiehtower, Slocan Lake, Mill  creek, W. D. Ml tcbell and Alex MeKay.  April 28���������Harold Fractional, Goat Mountain, Pat Fitzgerald.       ���������   ���������  Mai van a, Four Mile, Gerald Gardner.  April 30���������Hardup, Silverton, Paul Hauck.'  May 2���������Clifl" Fraction, Four Mile, E M Sand-  ilanus. V  /., May 3���������Carpenter creek, Frank A Wells.  ASSKSSMENTS.  April 25���������Lottery.  April.2S���������Hardscrapel, Handy, Clinton,  April 27���������New Discovery, Isabella,: Laka  View. Side Hill, Clinton.  April 28���������Lake Show, Keewatia, Ma Mere.  April 29���������Florence.  May 2���������Arigelo, Belt Fraction, Ruby Traut.  Kentucky Girl, Isabel Fraction, Sliver Cup,  Blue Peter Fraction, Comstock.  May 3���������Mineral King, Iran Clad.  TKANSFER&  .'��������� April 26���������Bockland }, Henry C Wheeler- ts  Wra Ward Spmks, April 11.  April 27���������Little Giant }, Geo Foirbairn, to  Peter Grant, Jan 15.  Little GiaU, Peter Grant to Fred Liebscher,  Feb IS.  Lake View i, James Santen to Chas J Grant  Nov 30.   .  April 29���������Copper Kinjr, Michlffan,' Falrie  Queee, agreement setting forth equal shares,  KLSwan, W A. Swan, F W Wright, M Mat-  aon.  1 Same, j iu each, R L Swan and W A Swan  to Emily Swan. April 12. .  ;April30���������Iron Clad, EagleFraction'Emlly  Edith Fraction, Katie, 1-5.in each, Patrick  Daly lo W E Rammelweyer. Dec 21.  Same, 1-5 in each, FH Bartlett to iamo,  Feb 12.  Emily Edith i.P.itrick Daly to same, Deo 21.  Crescent, L Ii Bartlett to samo, Feb 21.  JIlstj.OKFraotlon*, FH Bartlett to same,  Feb 12.  Patrick Daly to Ciias E Hope, transfer mt  interest ln a ditch on JIG and Emily Edith.  F H Bartiutt to Chas E Hope. Bftme, April 80  May 2���������Cable j. Jas Sauten to Johu Jones,  Jan 27. ..,..���������.  Dunedin i, Jas Marshall to Thos Brown,  Oct 12. ..-������������������>-,  Same J, same to Duncau S Forbes, April 12.  Same j, Duncan Forbes to Thos Brown,  Nov 18.    ���������    '  TEETHING  TIME  Is hard'on the babies. There're apt  to have Diarrhoea, and mothers know  how dangerous tbat is. Mrs. Chas.  Bott, Harlow, Ont., says :���������-"������ can  highly recommend Dr. Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry. It cured  my baby of Diarrhoea after all other  means failed."  Recorded at Socan City.  LOCATIONS.  April ,22��������� Wild Deer, W W Freeman and  Jno Guthrie; Oro, British Canadian Gold-  fields, Exploration, Development and Investment Co Ltd; Valentine. Frank Chapin. G W-  W>ck and Valentine Wagner.  April 27���������Mount! nn Branch, EB Dunlop.  ASSESSMENTS. .  April 23���������Paystreak, Vanity Fair.  April 25���������Mastidon,   ���������  April 26���������United Empire, Sunnysjdo Fraction,  April 28���������Little Bonanza, Caledonia Fraction, Texas, Brighton, Mountain Key Fraction, ���������   . '/','���������  TRANSFERS.  April 29���������Alma, St Albln, Forlorn Hope,  Chesapeake. Dixie and Shlloh 4, W L Callahan to Thos Tobin, $1,000,  .   April 25���������Ohio I,KJ  Klrkwood to   FA  Wells, $500,  April 28���������Susan S J,'Wm Harrlo to Frank B  Strohm.  TO CURE COLD IN ONEWAY.  Take LaxativeBromo Quinine Tablets.  All druggists refund the money if it  fails to cure. | 26 cents.  :i.J - in*-':1-.'..-. ������.��������� ������v,i.������ -��������� ���������'...',.?*;"������������������?. ��������� .WMSM'SaVsfiS  SOT  .Mis.  are  ^7~  ������att ���������  i&em  ��������� LI ���������i: V   ���������  ���������������������������pat?*.  Ii1. ���������������!?*���������:.  ;,'HAT'"V1,,S" 2  THE -MiNiKG REVIEW.  SATURDAY,   J\&Y   7, 1898.  9  i-jarii'  v������*'S*l  ,1  ���������j:*:-!  ���������..������������������%���������>  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  :i'SA'rURDAY.....'....^......MAY. 7, 18981  Spbscription $2.00 Per Yeak :   Y ,;.'..���������,  ;. ,.'.'..,; .....   STEICTI.Y, IX  ADTOACK.  ..!���������.*  Y YWHO; IS TO BLAME ?  ���������',;��������� The:.'���������. Province,;.,. Hewitt   Rostock's  paper, published at Victoria, says :  "It doesn't  make   much  difference  what it is^ Y ;If the Turner government  ^ once gets,its hands on it,; up goes the  'expense   account."   ���������������������������' Ih'an editorial  article along side this squib   we read :  /.'Understanding  this to be  the case,  that  the   Dominion  government   has  abandoned  all intentions of touching  ��������� the projact of building  a road   to the  Yukon, Messrs. Mann and Mackenzie  have  turned to the British Columbia  legislature;    at    the   request   of     a  number bf>the   leading merchants  of  'Vancouver and Victoria,   who  naturally .object to seeing a'profitable trade,  that might Come   to the   businessmen  vf this province,   diverted  into other  channels,  and have made  a proposi-  vti'On .to build, an all-Canadian   road  :- from a   'British Columbia seaport  to  Teslin .lake  provided the legislature  will give them the usual cash bonus of  $4,000 a  mile.      This proposal   did  not originate with the contractors.     It  ,;was made to'them by prominent business hien of the twin cities, and   they  fell in with it. "���������       ,      ,.������������������������������������  "���������"'J Nbvyi.Ybe it first remembered Mr.  Bostbck,' in his place on the, floor of.  the House at Ottawa,   did his, best to  "Y-force Ythe-Mann-Mackenzie  contract  ���������,pn the people of Canada;   Continuing  -.the proposal of "the merchants of the  ���������Ytwiri cities.'' the Province says: "There  '��������� isrmuch   in this proposal   that is   infinitely preferable to the arrangement  originally  entered  -into at   Ottawa."  Tlie first idea in this joint of diatribes  is that the Turner government is   an  expensive ;one,; which  few will deny,  X but in the-next breath  it is egged   on  , l>y the, paper that of all others considers   it: expensive,   to  saddle  another  , debt���������up   in   the millions,   $4,000 a  mile to the Yukon���������on  the shoulders  : of the  entire population  of the prov-  'ince,- thatthe merchants of the   twin  ''.'cities'.may' profit' by  it.    Can wholesale cheek and gall go: farther ?    This  province-is'to-day notwithstanding its  youth more.heavily in debt per capita  ���������of; its people than  any other province  ���������in Canada;Yand very little of that debt  'for the general welfare of the people.  It has,   since entering  Confederation,  when it was entirely; relieved of debt,  unfortunately been presided over by a  government lhat was   forever  in   the  hands of boomsters  and  speculators  on the coast that have used it continually in.feathering their  own nests, to  the prejridice of the rest of the population of the country.     No doubt that  through the proposed railway to Lake  -Teslin,-the jobbers in the   coast cities  would.develop a lucrative trade;   but  the, lfne would, be of no earthly use to  any one.east of the city of New Westminster.    Then why in'the name of all  that is consistent should the   eastern  portion   of the province   that   is deprived of proper representation in the  House,   that it  might   properly voice  its own. sentiments and convictions, be  thus mercilessly' fleeced to build up a  coast trade only ?    And. why should a  paper like the.Province, that is on all  others times at daggers drawn with the  'government, and that accuses it of ex-  ; trayagance at every step, urge it on in  this way,fleecing the helpless multitude  for the benefit of the fo.vored few?    If  on no other question the Province certainly owes, an apology to   the public  on this:  If the government is justified in  listening to; a few men in the twin  cities, and piling a debt on the.coun-'  try at their request, it is justified in  listening.,to'a few more in another corner of-the country and heaping up a  debt at -'their instance, and so on of  the ] entire..debt" of the country. No,  Mr. Bostock and his organ, the Province, after the conviction of their own  month's, areOhe last that should'prate  ,;.  It is reported  that "Joe" Martin is  to   take   the   leadership of the Local  opposition.    If .this; be'so  God  help  the opposition.    Were   it not for' his  falsehood and deception,  Jo,_  would  never  have been" heard of as a 'politician  outside -of his   own   doorstep.  On   one   .occasion., in    an-   election  in-    Francois     Xavier,      Manitoba,  on" which   the' fate   of  the   Norquay  government, depended,   when   it was  asserted   that '-joe"   and   friends,   if  in office,, woukl abolish the use of the,  French langu ige   in   the   House   and  wipe out   the separate schools  of the  province, "Joe" ninde the most solemn  pledge to,, tlie electors that thereY was  not a word of truth in: the allegation.  They succeeded   in carrying 'tlie constituency   on   the   strength ' of Joe's  pledge, and die result was   the advent  of joe and Iriends to oflice.    Once in  office Joe-'passed,,.the; famous'school  bill abolishing   the   French   language  and, wiping out   separate schools.    It  was for his falsehood and treachery in  these respect's that" Liiiirier   refused co  take him into his cabinet, which-drove  'joe out of Federal politics.    This fact  proves conclusively  1h.1t no  dependence is tovbe 'placed on his   word of  honor';: and with   that established his  third-rate ability 'as a speaker and debater will be of bui' little avail  in this  country.    No one believes,'the Turner  government is all that it; ought to.be,  but  onething,is .certain,   and that is  ho government,with '��������� Joe Martin 'in it  would  be'  any improvement.     Joe's  reputation   has preceded "him here;  and his   leadership of the   opposition  will, be'the proverbial millstone."' '     >.  O  BROTHER  ESAU3V  Ken come'and go in the thronging street.  They Wander the worldwide sea,  They trend the forest with eager feet,  '������������������ Tliey roam like the sea bird free,:'  But we, in the mirk of tho clanging marts,   ,  Drudge the dull hours away..  For bur need���������for their need who aro near our,  ' .hearts   .-.,', '''������������������,:  (God help usl)���������we have sold the day.  The \viiid,sings glad up'the frosty sky.  The innd,clouds flurry over, :   ,  Tho;blown gull, swoops high veering by       ,..'  ' And calls to Ilia comrade rover.      '.       -..,  Tho striving trees, toss free their gold  In the riot of wild November,,:'-  .  And we who roamed with the-winds of old  In our s������i-vUe cells remember.  O Brother Kaaus under.tho sun,   ���������  ���������Who have: sold'for earthly lure  . <.,  Frio' heaven's hue and the sea's broad blue,"  Gou's primogeniture.   ,;  Was'never a way but this���������to sit       i,   /.  ��������� ,T!ius, heiu���������and to feel .without     ;   '���������'..',  How lhe  bloSvn  pines , groan  and the shrill  gulls flit'  .      ';,--.      ",,   ������������������'-���������'������������������  And thu pluming billows Bliout? ,       Y  O Kiother Esaus who yearn for tho sky    /  , And dream of the sp.lendors lost, '..,  Who wit. the bread ye.Save bought thereby,   ....  , Du ye count llie'biller cost? .  Through,the citied'world our hosts band low  ,'  Ovei'their.sordid task,- ..   '  \\;hilo the free winds blow and the riyevrf ilov  And sun glad cattle bank.  But we, ohYpity us, .Jacob, brothor���������  Wo who have sold to you        ''-.-'  Tito blot.-ihig of wood and ridging flood  And ci������ns{;o'rating(i(';*.v���������  Wo, in thu mirk' of our .clanging marts,  .'Drudgu,life's brief best uwiiy.'  For ouj''.needs���������for their nuods who are near  our hearts', '���������-.;, '. ,   ��������� ..  (God help ua!)���������wo have sold tho day.  ���������; ���������Herbert Bntos in Chap BookT'.1  , From present indications it may be  longer before there is a conflict of any-  magnitude between the United States  and'Spain than most people have any  idea of. Spain appears to be playing  a waiting gaiiie and the.-'U. S. has. ho  cause for a rush.-' "The U. S. in short  has no pretext for crossing the Atlantic to attack1 Spain, as the freedom.of  Cuba is the only cause for interference  at all. On the other hand Spain appears to feel she is over-matched; at  ���������the-outset, and her only hope is to delay anticipating the inrerference of  other nations. If by delay,_ complica-i  tion.' or sympathies happened to drag  other nations' into the stniggle,-.which;  would creat a general war, Spain's1 -fill-'  lest hopes would be fully met.: It appeared,'someYdays ago as.if France or  Russia or perhaps both were, likely to  take a hand in with'Spain, but thejn-  terference of either now looks more  improbable ���������than then. By other  powers forming an alliance"with Spain  England would be more than likely to  join lhe United State's.' With such an  alliance, which would be 'a powerful:  one, ho one 'living' could foretell, the  end. ^ /\s it is anything, .even the most  unlikely, may. yet turn up. ,   .  A MODEL-vFOR'YKATIONS.  Quaker Rule; of   Living., Worthy   Of  .Emulation.  about the public debt of the country  V^-^r^nbf; ,'at all slow, in denouncing tb^rbpbt bf ;fhe country, and principally because it has been created for  purely selfish purposes   like the Teslin  Lake   railway.      In    every   country  there nmst.t be-more or less  sectional  ���������' expenditures, but they should in every  case be made with an eye to justice to  ?11 sections  the   country over.    Had  the whofe debt  of B. C.   been made  on the basis of the expenditures in the  Kootenay country, it would not be   a  tithe bfwfiat it is", ;'aTid it is because it  is what it is because of unequal distribution that the;peoj)le of' the province  are ofieriiig(their. chief complaints.  '\Veriiiive no poor���������that.is "fo say. except ..disabled .persons' and .the -agotl  who have been unfortunate.- ThrsiLwe'  proviile for in p!o.;!S;int homes. Ono of  the principled ��������� of pu'r. ''discipline." is  that cveryo'ho must .maintain himself,  keep out.of-debt and live well within  his inea'ns. So'that a Quaker has always, unless liy accident, enough bud  aside to keep hi'm above want. Where-  over you see a quaker spenclintr.tncnoy  you may know that his debts- are all  paid. ��������� if we find a friuiid appealing 1.6  live libovehis mean's the.master 'is.inquired into at,quarterly incptiiur,;and  hiHafrairs'.Ji.roex'imined'. II tbeyat-e  right all his debts .paid, unebdio- extravagance -%or.'. 'ihere. -wordlv-' liixurv  alio n, the tiflair,is dropped;,, but otherwise he is 'admonished; 111ul.il' l't.con-  CGntinucs after'"chough admonitions  he is dropped, from the society.. On  the othor ha'ncl,, if a friend is noticed  to be poor, the others g.uif������tly g-ive hi.ni  what is nee. ssary tq^liy^decepXtliViasra  matter of course and a/.cor^><jiiotf.ce.Qf  the principle of whieli,.cules aliie society. If he is in .business troiiblu',;itri\i  an exaniihationpf, his.books and,business by ii 'cdtyiniittee shows, that it is  not his fault; "but, has .resulted* from  oJicr causeis; the friends pay'Jiis debts  tmd assist him*to, start again. Eor.  similar reasons" we do not.worship .in  aiiy meeting .house until it. is.ail paid  ���������for j ���������'��������� Should.' h'n'y/i'rien.d %<i.ie leaving  orphans, thesc-'iirc, taken in. by some-  "iio who has.'jYb-ch.ilclren. and treated  aa her own, aiid an old lady, will in the  same way look out. Ipr: a young one  without means;to \v|io.;n: shp.will.give  a home.  ,  '  NEWS FROM PpRT-dfOPE.  Word has been ..recieved . from Por.'-'  Hope. Ont., that -Mr.- VV". A:. Carson, -th?  well-known grocer, hasbeeh cured o1  ���������-'hortne.ss of Breatli, "Ncrvousi'irss  Dizziness and Debility ' by Milburn's  Ileart and -Nerve Pills. Mr.'- CiVrsotv  recommends this remedy'to.all -troubled'.  with heart������������������or-nerVe weakness' .   1 -.'   .  LOYED HEU FEIENB.  She had whispered, "Yes, Jack, I  love you, "in response to his question.  His kisses were still v/arm on her lips.'_  Their' hearts ware beating in' unison,  thougli not so tuihultuou sly as before,  and now that the first rapture and thrill  , were over they wero asking questions'  and making their little confessions ixtior  tho manner of lovors on tho threshold of,  an engagement.:...;, YY"'' -''-'';���������-��������� '���������.:������������������. "',���������.''  ,. "Hq>v many times,have I been: in lovti  before?' Now, .Tack, do you thi.tik-that i.-i  u fair'question?'.'.she asked',-"ineutiiiy hi.;  look -'with a rbgnish glaueo. -'X-        ,:  .���������'Why, curttuiily ic: is,., Dora,,", beri  pliotl earnestly.,. ���������'' Vou say you love im.  ep it,doesn't really inake tiny tiiiiert'iiei-  liboiit^ho otli.e'rsY 'i'boy're clouts for itoy.-,  but I'thiiik'T ought to know. " Still, ii  thore are sa many of cbein"���������     '  "Pl'.-ase-stop, .J-.t'ik. 1 won't have .vet:  .siiyiu'g: sucb. droa..!i'ti.V . things,--iiii'il v.-'it/:  tbii.t look f,.. yotu- liuio, ">she. iuterruj'.-tetl.  playfully plaeiifff- hor. ���������hand ov.-f. iii.-'  luouili; ,,but qtii'.kly wiilidray, ijg-' i;  wheuhe altumpt'. ;'i tu l;i:;.vit  "How clurp.'yiin."'- s-.lio .extknivxi, .  'i'a'tiur.-ih'o'-\\'iiy';ytu'1v'o:b.e'i:'u ti\l':-'i;;,;: '  ,���������; \Ve.H,. LiYyon irou't waut- u;u   Us :Xx  things why dofiY^-yi'a. answer wyquv.  tion?''-,. ,.   .. ,,,������������������.,���������;'   '������������������ .,-   '.-,'��������� ������������������...'        -.  '"''ilnst I.YliK'lty''. '.'/.;:,.,  '- ''.'rani'lifi-'aiUybii j'tii:st, my dear."  '  ���������' "A'li'd'-yo'u'Svcil'-ii hutii liits litt.Or i tbll  :wilb-vou?"   '   :  :���������;.���������.��������� ^yell.'''���������     ,' /���������-'���������'.  '. " "Jj'biit dependt.,' you are,, going   to  say.   Yorini.ufln't.hi'siuitoso long.   J c..  .  read your..thoughts.,!���������'  "Can you'- T'hiit'B eouveni'.-nt far yc'  I'm sure.   ,.1 wi.sh: I. etiuld   read your ;  then''I'd know tho answer to iny qnc "  tioii." '���������':'.'       ���������       '���������"',;;"' -' '"���������'         :"  "Would you really- like to know?"   >  "Why, yes, or 1 shouldn't have askeu  It" :        ":  k'W7ell, Jack, if it will relievo your  mind any to know i t you havo no pretlo-  cessors." '     -    .;'  "Are you sure, Dora?"  "Yes, Jack. You are the first and  .only."  "Thanks awfully, Dora. I'm glad to  hear it, and now that question is settled  wo will"������������������''.  "Oh, no, my boy I' Yon don't get off  quite so easily as that I T want-your con-,  fession now. About how many dozen  times have you been in love,;pray:.tell?":  jack Vernon winced. He hadn't  counted oh this exactly.   .--,,-  "Come, young man, you are now on  the witness .stand, sworn to tell, the  truth, the whole truth and nothing but  the truth!"-she continued bahfefingly.  "Must I?" said "Jack, helplessly repeating her question of a few m'iiihte's  before.  "I am afraid you must, my dear, -'  mimicked she.       ' . ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������   .   . ';.  "But Iain afraid you will hate me  after I confess." ���������' .  "Is the record, then, so long?"  "No.. It is a very short one.   I have  inevsr loved .but once���������before."  ."And she���������she'.refused you?"''...  "No; I never asked her. "  ���������     "Wrhy  not?    You   see,   I  want  the  whole story now."  "Because of pride. She was a wealthy,  heiress, I a penniless lawyer, witb my  ��������� faino and fortune yet to make. I loved  ;her; Tarn not ashamed to say it. She  ,:was a woman that one could not help,  loving; she-was all to me then that you  are uow, and"���������  "Andmoro.    Go on and say it,' Jack.  I want the whole truth."     .       ���������  ";    "No, I won't  say that, but she was  'the first, and love was a new sensation  to me then, and if I had been her equal  .in wealth   and   station   I  might-���������but,  pshaw I   What's the use of  telling, you  all tliis? It is all over now.  Her lovo was  not for'nie.    I   have  put it asiilo���������ami,'  besides, Tbave  you:    But why are you  looking so sober, Dora? Have I confuss-  ..ed  too  much?   Yrou wanted   the whole  , truth,, you know." ..':��������� .'.  "Yes, and I am glad ,you were.braye  "enough to toll it. How long ago was it,  ; thut���������that this happened?" she faltered '  ' ���������  "Three years."';    "���������  "And her name?" she asked, in low  tone* ....  i'N'isod I tell that?"  "Y'es, please, "'said'Dora faintly.  -���������"Edith Burton.'.",:, ���������   '  Dora's face grew,,&uddenly pale..  ; ��������� .-,-���������"I thought perhaps she was the one, ���������'.  she  s'ai'd   in  a voice that J tick .-scarcely  recognized.   ;-':'  "Why; do��������� yon know bar?" he ������x-  claimed in surprise: ������������������- --' '���������'  "I used to rpom with her at hoarding  school, .'answered  Dora.    Shelio'liv  gained ..'onuol of. her: voice'now;    '' ������������������ i= j ���������  jIs a govd,v.nob)e..woman,, far better than.:-  I am, aud'l don't wonder,that.you Jovo-  her.'w ���������' ''J.:.''.'        ...'   . ',.  :;  ''., "    .,, ...  "You mean- loved," oorreo'fed Jack.  "My love for -her is'-ih'the 'past tfeu'se,  not the present.";   :������������������:+<������������������:  " 'Trite love ioan,ne:ver die,'.',' qjjotod ���������  .Dora  gravely. ' "'Wasn't, it tho. divine  .VVilliti'm  who  said  that?   But   there,  Jack,' We have'talked'enough of loye for  one evening.-   Don't yb'u:thih-k'so?'"'  mo yet."  ���������;���������;. . ��������� ':���������.;   ,.   ���������'.-'.' ..'���������  "You didn't ask me that question.  Yon simply asked me if Iloved you,  and yon got your answer, I .believe.''  '.- "And 1 nih to take the rest/for gritnt-  sd,',eh?",. Y ...'' Y . ���������,; ' ���������';������������������','  ,-. "Wall, no. Nothing:should be taken  -for granted,in.this,world.' I'll give you,  your answer, but not now. i think I'd  better send it to yon in writing."    ,Y  "My, my!   How formal wa are  gc-,t-r  .ting all at once. ...But, af terall, I think  ��������� I  prefer it that way;  then: I can cany'  your note next, to my heart for a mascot  .'.li'iitil' you'; are mine for good and oil;,.  Shan't I run over here for it'tomorrow,  morning?   I'm-anxious to get it as soon,  ���������'���������as'-'pb.ssibl'e.'''" .'.'. -.. '���������'.".���������;������������������''-���������.  ;'-.,'" .'."' .".-'.  "No.   I'll mail  it  to  your oflice in  -'Now York."  ,.,-'- "'."Y--;-"v. ;-,YY  "All -right, Dora, and now:just 0110  bofoi-u I go." Ho bent down and planted ti kiss on her unresisting lip;-;.  "Tlmhk;;, dear. Now,.please forget, thai  there ever was any other girl aud don't  look quite so sober the next tinui, I call,  I'll be over again Wednesday evening  if nothing happens. Goodnight, Dora."  "Good; night, Jack.'' ,   .'  ,.Wiu:n .'lack Voriion ' reached ,hia oflice  in. Temple court ' tho .next 'morning., ho  found Dora Stoveus?. note awaiting hini.  Tearing it open, ho read: ,:.'J."  IJaobiti.VK,'-N... Y., 0:110 p. 111., March 15. '  .��������� DiiAit .1ac:k���������TIiu lovo I expressed for..you  un'hu'ui'. h'ijo 1 Und litis,, turneil to pity, audi  mn (toiiif; to miilcu you luippyby siuiicliii^r to  yon thu only womuij you huvo it right to' limi-  ry. Al'lor !i<!ariii������ your eoniosEioii and kmny  hii; wlint 1 do 1 ouuld novor be hnppy with you.  1, l;no'w you think you aro in lovo witli 1110, but  tii������ lentlrils. of your heart n'ro Btillintwiued  atoun'c! lliatotirly lo\'i\'nnd���������and t-lto ncedh you  nioro than I do. .1 told yoit tiho wna my school  uiiilo yuura nyo. 1 still Toward,hot- us one of niy  dearest iriends, and, lliouKh" wo Iniy'ri. never.  u:et Kiaeo wo yi-aduatou, wo huvo idways kept  up n conespotidenou. 1 incloiio my Ititest letter  from her, rueuived'twonionthh! ayo.: I'did-not  know until tonight who tho uiun was that she'  .lows..- 1 knowiiow, and I wish you -both"all  thu joy that Jifo in each' o'hor'a Boeicty can  briiiK you^ Go to hor, .lack, and-,. i.iitko be.  happy, und my blessing und prayers ,\vill ,i;o  with you., Kot good uij;ht thia time,, but gobd-  byl   Ever your l'riun'd, ���������     ���������-.-; ..''   .<:-     Doi:a.  The; inclosure ran' as follows:  :   /,.   Kochesteh, K.'YM Jan. iiS  ,���������Mv Pea it Doha���������Xo, I mil ;iiot- ei!gat:ed,.yet,,  and never expect to be.   1 have   had pUiuty of  elianoe.fl  to cont'or  uiy. lin'iid  and foHutio, e.v  peeially. the  latter, upoif tispirhig  iiijphcauts,  but 1 have declined them all.' l.havc never met  uniau 1 really cared lor  except, one, aiid ihe  lieve he  caved, for mo  at a tiiuu. ���������'; Perhaps he  does yet;   but, ulus, ho  disooveied lhat 1 y.v  tin  beiross, und  tlien' prido (he was a  yovtiis-'  lawyer with plenty of ������������������brains'-, und-am bit ion,  but no money) hold him buck.-   He loved me���������  niy heart told inu . that���������but-' fortune ' hun'.eij:  wero fiultu'riiig around me  like moths around ;  a candle, nnd   1-suppose- ho wtis"afi-aid  if  lib,  Bpoke ho would  bo  classed withtliu rest, just-.  as though lbe alchemy of a woman's lovo could  not detect, tlio gold among tlio dross. .    ';  Ah, well, ho is gone, -and there's no use'  mourning for'tho'pastl I eaiiiiot help sigiiing,.  though, to think that- the veiy money���������'which'  'has- attracted so luany society moths should  diivo away the only man 1 ever; loved!  . There, Dora, you have my secret and know  why I shall' evermore a lauidcn be, but please  don't toll. Wishing you a'lover true some  time, dear Dora (not. being burdened with  wealth,'you won't, havo so many unworthy  ones us I), and hoping to, hear from you soon,  I remain, with'oceans of love,',yours Mueeroly,  liDITli  BL'ii'i'ON.  . Late that afternoon ���������������������������Dora Slovens received the following brief-messugu l'roni  Jack \7ernou:  My Deau DbttA���������Many thanks for your kind  no'.o aud the inclosure. There'uro at I'.r.jt two  niigels loft on earth. You uro ojib of them.  May heuven ever guard arid bless you I Yourii  grAtefully, ..Jack.  P;' S.��������� I start for Kcchoster n't onco and will  mail this on my way io tho train. ���������'; ���������,-.:���������'.  And as Dora read .thesowords she  smiled one little, weo'ghost of' a' smile  and.whispered: .'���������, ....  "Better my heart than hers!"���������Vv'ii'-  liam Seldon Gidley in Chicago'Kcooi'd:  , Dr. Juukcr'a rliscapo. Y  .., Dr. Junker, tho Russian \���������'explorer,  who did not see a white pc-rst::: . i'c-  years while he was studying the ntttivt...  and natural history of. tho'-upper J>.j.t.bt:ii-  gi-Makua river, made nso of tin in^cti-  ious expedient to get to tho coast ou his  way homo iu ISSU.- He oould t:i,t t'e-  scend tho'Nile,'for tho Mahdists bl'stt-ict/l  the way. He could not follow the U'uiu.  road by way of. Victoria Nyuii'za, tor  tho Waganda and othbr tribes had. b'jin  -killing whites aud'if they did not murder .'Junker they would at leai-"t detain  him as a prisoner., Arab traders ivtiiiiu'  not take him in their .caravans for le;.:-  they would lose the 'friendship of the  native chiefs along tho road. At hist the  doctor went to one of ..the traders with.  , this proposal: '".���������'"���������'.  "You cannot take me with you as a  friend,'-' he said, "but you can.ttvlio'mo  as a slave. Look at this." And Lr:  Junker showed the trader an.order.wi't;,  ten' In: Arabic and sighed by a well  known, firm in Zanzibar,-.authorising-  the doctor to make any arrauge-a'cuts be  desired with the Arabs of Central Africa,-;  -and the firm would honor .bis drafts.'-."  "Now," continued Dr. ��������� Junker,' "3;  have written out a contract, ami if you.  will sign it with ine 1 shall rcaub tbt1  coast. It provides that'when-you t". ,'ive.,  me alive at Zanzibar the sum oi, ������1,-'  600 (Austrian thalers) will be paid to  you by this firm. You cannot take me  with you as a traveler or a frioucl, and  you must therefore take me.as tt slave.���������"  The bargain was made ou this basis.  In passing through the hostile tribes the  white man was represented to be a slave  who had boon purchased from it' nt-gro  tribe farther north. As si slave ho pastfeil  muster even at the court of. cruel Kiitf;  Mwtinga and was allowed to pass on iu  peace with his supposed master. ���������Har ,  per's Round Table.  ��������� Kxcmpt.  .:  Amy���������Did you���������er-���������^evor experienoo.  ..that���������ur���������oreepy .sensation?  Mamies-You know Jack has no mustache.���������New York Journal.  Not up to Date, ���������  is'Ylittlo    Dick   beilowing  "What  about?"  .  ','Well, his grandpii gave hitii a gingerbread horse, and lie is.-mad becausu  ���������it i :i't a gingerbread wJicel "��������� Dt'troit  IfrO'j'I'riiss..'" ';���������������������������  ..^tlH'ts   Tll'Si  :i������V  -.���������.Tho-. writer wits aKli/it-itOie'd" on vi-.it.  big' the. hnub- c,i tiit:J].:);i.i..:.;i'il(,.~oi' ;i"i.'.-  (saj-s a traveler) to nee ttdu., y rat -iitir   .  ii}g:ijiiie'tly*aroi'iiii.l.. the room.ami cia-\v^.,.  iugfitp'(:hti master's legs  in: it   fqiij  rf";.u ���������  uiilitii' .-niaitiit-r.  - Jis1(.:;d tif rcpitTt'ii';: :  or' giving an.alarm he-tcoic'it- tip' Jh'l'..''  hand,  and   careftsed   fits alrd'^ibdlf v.' :  ,.}<:n;[ued fer the first time, to   our  utl-.-'i  astotii.-biiicitt, that it was  a  qri:;ioi:i .i  Bangkok to  keep''pcf'"i-iitV.~   Tlicsci,i.t  taken very young' and .6ar'oftrllyJi'eiir'(  until they attain a monstrous,size- fro....  good and-plentiful feeding? ' *   '. '  ';       /-;��������� .���������A.i'air- of Theiri.       '    ���������','-:  She-T-I-:dfetest': a  manwh'o'is nl'wa3>  itixbkipg.shop. ,.���������."��������� '      .-���������'��������� ;-   "' ,;���������'" ".;,','."  ���������   ��������� -, ,. ���������    i^i- a ,u<^������������������-v������-     .Ha���������And I  dislike a-T.'omah who al-  >i'Bnt youhavenit-p-roBiiflea ���������tomarry I ?vayfJ ^^ ^^ _obioago Wewfl,  '. ^8S2������  : In jY,;;Feininore  Cooper's Leather  Stocking- Tales; we  read stories of the  w o n d e r fu 1' agility,  ;!physical endurance,  and the unerring- accuracy of the eye of  the American, Indian ���������  when he reigned supreme over this continent. Before he was  debauched by modern  civilization, he was a'  magnificent specimen '  of ..physical manhood..  He-lived entirely in  the open air, and  knew no .medicihe; save the.simple tterbs  gathered by his squaws.  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It gives sound and refreshing sleep,  drives away all.hodily and mental fatigue  and imparts' vigor and health to every organ of the body.- Medicine dealers sell it,  and have,nothing else, "just as good!" '.   ���������  "A few of .my symptoms," ..writes Charles  Book, of Climax, Kalamazoo Co., Mich., "were  heart-burn, fullness after eating, pain in niy  bowels, bad taste iii my mouth, and occusiqiia"!  fever and hot i\usbes. .Dr.'Pierce's'.Golden  Medical Discovery cured all these and 1 .am  ���������perfectly, well'.",       .   ,     .-. ;       .',���������      .',..  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant- Pellets are sure,  speedy and pernuiiieut ,cure for,.constipation. One little ''Vc-Uet'' is a gentle laxative and,two a mild cathartic, ..They never  gfripe.    Found at all niedieine stores; .  The clogged-up machinery of the  system requires cl eaning out after.the  wear and tear of the winter's.work.  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TIip highest prize of-.lst -drawing anipuhts'to. Mark 50,000, in-;  frense in 2ihV dr.Wiiie to Mark  55-000 -i.n 3rd Marie 00,000, in 4t.b  M-nrk 65,000, in 5th Mark 70.000,  in..6tlV''Mark 75,000,.in 7th Mark  200;'060;.'-'mk1 l.opetber. with the  .premium of"Mark 300,000, iii,tlie  ���������most fortunate'case to Mark  500,000. ���������..-'    ������������������.-.���������:���������������������������������������������    -1 .  TIhj oflici.il cost for participation in'thu first two  ���������.dr.'iwin^s ninouiiLs tu  ��������� E)ottnr4.50 for a full.ticlict,  BoUav:2'.2*5 for bai'f "a ticlict.  , 2>oHar 1.13 for onc=quavtcr of a tfeftct.  Half rcsj).";titirirti;r"i;:tick(;^.'\vUr.eiititJt;"/to nn<S;h'alf  rcsp. ono-iiiiartef-of.tljp ainwmt.'.A'on hythc rcs|tcctivfr  iiiiiinhcr. uaincri'un tlit- ticket.  , ThL-stak^s Tnr participation in tliefollfiwiii(,'<lrawiii(,'s  'as wifll as tlie exact priz������-'-tahl������r';ir������ indicated in the  OFFICIAL I'UOSri-CTITS, which I send on du-  inatid gratis in advance.'.TlUJ prospect us is also ^c.nt .  Craiis witiri'V(:ry'or<lfr..-'^fti:r:.tli<: drawing* \ shall  ftirw-iird toevt-ry tickot-hnlder tlic'Oflici.d list (������f lilt:  winning iiumlicrs. __ ,  The payhTent'ah'cr forwardirig  1 of the amounts won  , to those cnhcornivd will liavt* my spc-cinl nnd   prompt'  "-. atynti'ui, au<l witli thc.iiKist fjbsolntti-rfccrycj;;-.'-        ;  ��������� jf ^r"i"J-:^ti'iitt:������11tfv'-iif.in6|V-*y.c;i*ii" 1 >l? ii\adt: by American  : Hank-notes by rej.nstccetj lejter  or  I^>sU>/li<:<,:<. 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Banfe ^,'  ���������x.< I'- .'-v.,,-v.,.' ���������:... :w.:- ������������������    - ������������������'.������������������ '��������� J;.',;;;.;.. :  !.'  ..       -        -;.:;r:i:.''-'iY^;.l l** <*X.i?.z'&  Sandon, B. C.  M  *. t  rtn^m T- a 9*11  rr-iy-  *";f.''" .?',������-,*:   - "Jf '-���������'  -.',  ji-  'Li'''Cj   ' SATURDAY. MAY   7, 1898.
'   \
[EG 10 Ml
-History of the  Negotiations   That
Preceded Hostilities.
The Spanish Government Was Asked
to Pacify Cuba and Was Unable to
Do So���Many Hollow Assurances of
Good Will on the Part of Spain.
Lonijox, April 30.���A correspondent
of the Daily Tim essays there was little
danger that peace would be   disturbed
under President Cleveland, because the
Cleveland cabinet gave distinct   assurances that, Spain's sovereignty   Wuiild
be respected lint I President   Cleveland
was'regarded as a man   of  his   word.
With the advent of President   ftreKin-
luy it was r marked that all   such   assurance were avoided and   indications
were given   that   only   a   short   time
would be accorded for the suppression
olj the rebellion in ' 'uba.   The Spanish
government   saw   there   was    danger
ahead.- When  General Woodford   'arrived he soon let it be known   ihfjt   lie
���hachanjmportant musion  to execute,
bu't'hc made tt distinctly favorable pergonal iinprc.M-ion by Ids amicable, conciliatory-and - sciuimloiiHjy   ctiurLeous
maimer, giving all the Spani&h   ministers the impression Lhat In- would avoid
sill   unuece.ss.try   diplomatic   friction.
Gradually   ho    gave    indication,     o
x America's distress  and   disseuiinaiet
iJAia idea that the hum tne indignation
"'fell iii II'ic United   Stales   at   General
Wcyl'-r's operations might, eventually
I'ot'ce the hmul of the Washington gov-
On Sept'-inbtr l.'>,  at,  S.tn Sebasrian,
General Woodford bad his   lirst   interview with tlio Duke oi'T utan.   It was
then that he declaretl in the most positive terms thiUlho   president   desired
most earnestly   peace   and   friendship
between Spain'and the United States,
He then  proceeded  to   read   extracts
from his instructions.     As these were
lengthy, delicate and   important,   l-ho
J)ukc ol'Teutiin  suggesteil a   fornmllv
wiittcn   communication,    which-   he
could submit to  the  cabinet   council.
Thou followed tt conversation, General
' Woodford indicating America's tksire
Ab.L.ender.her   good   oflicts   t>.   secure
j]>��hcG,��thc .Duke   of   TueUn   direo'ly
VTiint'iig lhat the Americans   were  neit
vetoing tbt-ir best  to slop  filibustering,
fjl'he. convers.ition, nnwever. wn's  inain-
'.t-fined in a cordi tl and  friendly' lone
''C$h September 23k1 the promised' note'
was presumed.    It was a. prolix doctt-
!iMent_wheroin the m:tinr purpose"  was
joviilcnl enough tintler-'a mass  of   aiiii-
Kblc verb.ige.    After tlie  most  libtral
-','ii'xi rctaions and   friendly   assurances,
'with a review of the history of the.Cn-
'ban rebellion, the note,drew thefollow-
���ing conclusions :
<..'i"lt is visionary for   Spain   to   hqpc
that Cuba, even   if   eventually   iiiliju-
"g.ited by_ slieer  exhaustion,  oan   even
bear to Spain anything like   Lhe  rol.-t-
tums.whioh she lias bore."   Then, representing th.tt,  the sentiment   of .the
American pooplc   strongly   demanded
that if Lhe United States  is   to   main-
t tin neutrality towards the combatants
they should be fully recognised tis-'&uch
in fact, tis well as in name.   The  note
also asked   in   the   friendliest   terms.
"Whether the  time had   not   arrived
when Spain, os her own   volition   and
moved by her own   interests. ..tnd   by
every paramount sentiment of humanity will put a stop to tliis   destructive
w.ir, and make proposals of settlement
honorable to herself and  jtisl   to   the
Cuban colony and mankind.     All that
is nsk^'d or expected is that some, safe
way/tfiay be provided " for   the   action
which Spain may undertake with   jus-
fice*and  self-respect,   and   that 'the
..settlement shall be a lasting one.   For
the#.ci20tnpli8hment of ��� this  act   now
and inithe future the   government   of
1 h e <J5n jtte.d'^St'at'es: Y'h ere by   offers   its
The consequences that might ensue
frothfthe refusal of this offer arc stated
witli equal clearness: Y     ���   Y
^Teannot'disguis'e the gravity of the
situa'fcidli or conceal the conviction of
the president that should his present
offei'-bc fruitless his duty to liu. coun-
trymcri" willhecessi'tiile. aii early decision us to a course of action ��� which
time and transient emergencies may
��� In conclusion a, reply is requested
l)el'bre;t'he;eHd.p.f.October-in the folio w-
ing terms';*'-';^ x:.,, ;,.     '      ."'��� ^
''It-is sincerely.hoped- that during the-
coming month of October the govern-
ine.i}t;pf SgOjiivpiay,ejther^. hi?; able.; to
foVn^rtttvs'bme'prbp'os'arunder  which
this tender of good offiqes may become
effeiRfvcrW'ihay'give satisfactory   assurances'that peace in Cuba, with, the
(���(foils of Spain.be promptly   assured."
Before tlie Spanish government could
'������prepare a reply Senor-Gaiiovas was.,.as-.
f-assinatedy-a'Tjiberal' 'cabinet   wits   installed with mure libpcfvtTprospco't.B of
a. peaceful compromise with the United
States.    As soon as the ministers  hail
time lo Bxamine   the  situation   they'
] repared   a  con.e.iliatqry.   reply  , and
handed '"it "to -'"fjeheraf Woodford   on
October 23:   In this   document   Senor
Gullon returns Spain's   assurances   oi
sympathy and good will...Itjs admitcd
tiat a certain ampiuitQij|,^isiJ^^-'i has
been indirectly inflicted on thcUniled
States,   as   must   always   happen   to
neighbors when there is a   praloiigucd
disturbancejin   an  adjacent   country,
[ and if admits that this justifies '.he de-
hirt s f. r peace and   Iriendly   observa-
iio"s, but ii, oi ver justiiie? interterence
or imrusiiiii.    '1a,i- Gtdion note Indite, -
thitt the Liberal ninii-try i��. well liilt <l
to initiate mi tisureb to early termiu.it
the striigtr!'.  ��� ml it outline.' tl,o iut<'i'u-
nions in-I Hi.! l  ii i ,i I'Oiit to be > , inferred
on Cuba, :,t, ilie same time   il    alli'ilen
Lo the nature   of   Spam's   iovereigntj
over the itl ind.   As (ii in r.iJ \\\,otb'oid
has not ftj.i cii'.i d !l,e   niiim*   wherein
President   McKinl y    mi;.>ht    j-tenre
jjeaee Srhor Gnilon Mijrg'Mh ihat while
Spain continues the militai^ "j emtiout-
and insliltitions autonomy Lhe  United
States choul I retrain irom   furnishing
the rcoourot !��� wherewilh tlie Cuban in-
stirgenl?. nave been niipplitd iioin   the
be{! inning.
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^    Its Advantages as a  Distributing    4^
Rosebery is the only town in Kootenay having
both railroad and steamboat connection that can
ship goods daily to ten diflerent towns, whereby the
shipper can see his wares leave his hands and that
they will be received by the consignee within two
hours. ''
Its Advantages as a Railroad Center.
Rosebery enjoys the position of king of the
funncll as it were, for the raih'oad business of the
whole of the Kootenays. All ore and matter for
shipment from Nelson,^Trail Creek and|the Slocan
must, and is now passing out this way to the main
line of the C. P. R., as well as all goods coming
in from Revelstoke to the Kootenay country.
NOTE. To substantiate this: The C. P. R.
are now putting in track weigh scales at Rosebery,
the first and only scales that has been put in on any
of the 'C. P. R. branches in Kootenay���which
goes to show the importance of|lhis point by the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company's actions.
Its Advantages as a Steamboat Point.
Rosebery claims, without opposition, of being
the only junction on the lake, unlike Slocan City,
where you can step of) the steamer to a waiting
train and continue your journey. You can take
either a north or south train at this terminus,; consequently Roseberygis the best transient town in
the race. Nevertheless we claim Slocan City
second in importance, and would say watch the
head and foot of Slocan Lake, viz.���
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Its Advantages as a Manufacturing
As a manufacturing center Rosebery claims to
have demonstrated the fact that after the careful
observation of the Denver (Colorado) Ore Coy's
manager, as the natural advantages of all points in
Kootenay for^the treatment of ores 'the cheapest,
Rosebery was selected, and they now are erecting
��� works, with a capacity of 250 tons per day,-which
will be in operation within 90 days; and it is their
intention to pay out monthly in the vicinity of
$100,000. I might also add Rosebery has the
largest water power from Wilson river flowing into
Slocan Lake.
Rosebery claims the mildest climate on Slocan
Lake, from its admirable southern exposure and
absolute shelter from the north; snow always
leaves tlie place about the 15th of March.
As a townsite, Rosebery is without a peer.     It
is possessed of all   the flat land available at  the
���mouth ofthe Wilson river leading to the valley���
mining region���consequently there is no danger of
,      any contagion.    The/title is a Crown Grant and
"'��� is. perfect.    All purchasers of lots are safe in this
respect.    The only safe speculative townsite in the
Slocan is Rosebery.
Why should I say the only safe speculative town-
site in the Slocan ���?' Because Rosebery business
lots to-day are only $150 lo $200 each and are
bound to" increase rapidly this summer. These
figures can, and will, double before long. The
time to buy is now. ��� Don't waittill'they are from
$700 to $1,000, asyou did in Slocan City last May, '
go in on the ground floor and make a few''dollars,
in speculation j if you want to investgo to Van-
��� couver or Winnipeg ; if you want to speculate and
and clean up money go quick to Rosebery before i
;lots are put of sight. ���
What's Wanted in Rosebery.
We want a restaurant. \ : :.-.'
, We want a good hotel right'avy&y. ���". -���'
���_������������  '���.   We want'a.first-class general-store. ���'',"���'    ������������������..>.���������,
.,���;',-':������ .-..We-want a-b'utcher slviR.
���Anyone, looking, for air "opening  spy   out this
-   -place-at"once:-:;.".;'";"     !���,.-
...... -Mapsand-price-lists on application; prices run
from $75. to $200. ..-���.���':"'
TERMS :    One-third   cash,  balance 3  and 6
months.     For actual builders special terms can be.
���_ arranged; fo'r;a: few'lots by applying to .',     "'<':'
'" A. ML. BeAtTTIE; General Agent, Rosebery.
tiS >rf/"    ���)���>    ���&���    ���*���'   ���A'     ���*���
��fc.    �������
>V ? A'
'.���^ THE MINING REVIEW.  SATURDAY. MAY 7, 1898.  &  ��������� ���������vi  ���������'���������5  Mountain echoes.  It is now definitely decided; to open  the Hotel Reco on Monday.  Mr. D fryer is having a neat verandah  erected in front of his house.  Ore packing has already commenced  ���������which the mules very much tegret.  Have you seen those new shirtwaists  and ready-made wrappers at  Hunter  .    Bros. ' ���������; ;.    ���������������������������.''  There ia no war news of any importance since the taking of Manilla on  the 1st inst.  Some wonder if the C. P. R. company are going to build their new passenger depot here this season. ;   ,,:  It looks now as if the, C. P. R. werr  Eoimc to make an effort to get into  Kaslo as they are building a $6,000  dock there.  When you go prospecting don't  for-.  , get that we carry a fine line' of Hardware--���������we can  furnish you with your  complete outfit.���������Hunter Bros.,  A daily mail on the K. & S. commenced on Sunday, that is henceforth  we will have a mail on Sunday as well  as every other day in the week.  It will be seen that The Review is  largely increaaing its foreign advertising. This is because its circulation is  increasing and becoming more widespread.  It is reported that at the Manilla engagement the United States loss was  50 killed and 100 wounded. The U.  S. troops are hourly expected to attack  Porta Rico.  . It is thought the reduced price of  coke and coal over the CrowV Neat  road will cheapen smelting, by $1.50  per'ton. This means considerable to  Kootenay.   _'_      ;__. ,'���������'���������'.', ';  The two Miners at Rossland and Nelson are waging a war as, to the merits  of two towns for the headquarters pf  the Koo������enay rifles. 'Supposing'the  editors fight it out for the generalship.  ' :TheYB. N. A. Bank has opened an  agency in Dawson City, with Mr. Doig.  late of this place as manager. "������������������ All  manner of banking business may now  be transacted through any agency of  the Bank in this country and the one  at Dawson City.  The . Union Sabbath School are, at  considerable expense, placing a library  in the church for the use of. the scholars. Any one having books in their  way can find room for them in the S.  S. library and thereby help supply  reading for the children.  PEBSONAL   MENTION.  Mr. Sandilands who spent several  days at Spokane and other southern  points, returned on Sunday.  Mrs. Millpy and son have arrived  from Toronto, .and hOw the Dr. is  happily domiciled in Mr. Gable's cottage on Siuinysiile.  '���������'. W. Williamson, in Atherton's store,  who has some : mining properties  around' Fort 'Steele, went over this  week: to look after them and see what  they are doing.  CHURCH    NOTES.  Methodist, Rev. A M. Sanford, A.B.,  pastor.���������Regular services- will be held  tO-morrow at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p. m.  The pastor will lie home from district  meeting ami occupy the pulpit morning and evening. . . ,:���������  The Rev. Mr., Yaf.es, will hold English Church services in Spencer's hall  on Sunday evening next at the regular  hour. ���������'������������������'. '.<.'.,'  '.Presbyterian:���������Rev. J. Clelland will  preach ..as ua.tal in thu Virginia hall.  to-morrow���������������t 11 'a.m. and 7.30 p.m.  Union Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m. in  the Methodist, church.  Is a pure concentrated food ; a delicious strength-giving specific  for the invalid or the victim of a weak stomach, and a refreshing  and invigorating beverage to the healthy. Like, other preparations possessing genuine merit, it is followed by     - :  NuirERQus Inferior Imitations:  All of which are dependent for their sale mainly upon  Pilfering Its Merits and Reputation.  '���������'���������,. ''.."'.'' ���������' ' ' .I'''.  / Do not be deceived when you purchase prepared condensed  foods, either animal or vegetable, but take only those prepared by  AT THE  HOTELS.  Goodenough���������Melville Parry .Nelson:  C. Ault, Kiislo; E. R. Thomas, New  York; Jno. Dunbar, Montreal; John H.  Millzner, Sun Francisco; 0. D. Eraser,  Portland; J. C.Crom,,Vancouver; H.E.  Beasley, Nelson; S. A. Landon, "Montreal; R. Russell, Nelson. A. A.-Young,  Spokane; W. Williams, Montreal;  Sandon���������J Fletcher, Nakusp; W G  Clark, Burton City;. Jas. Moffatt,  Slocan City, M Murchison, M Welde,  New Denver; Jno. Nesbit, Whitewater;  J McLaren, Pet th, Ont.; Neil Regan,  Trout Lake; D J; Weir, Kaslo; Grant  Thurboriiy Silverton; Geo Dougherty,  Rossland.  , Barmoral���������D Cameron,. Halcyon  Springs; Chas J Kapps, Kaslo, Thos  Blackwood, Winnipeg; Ed Thomas,  Three Forks; J Grant, Whitewater;  Stanley Miller. Nelson; John Bradley,  S. McPhaden, Nakusp; Frank Culver,  Siivarton, W S Twiss. Kaslo.  30" FARRINGDOH STREET,  ENGLAND.  27 ST. PETER STREET,  1NTREAI, CANADA.  I. O. O.  Silver City Lodge. No. 39, meets every Friday evening.at 7.30 o'clook.in Crawford's hall.  F. C. SEWELL. N. G.' ��������� "  M. L. GRIMMETT, V. G. Grand.  G. W. WATTE, Rec. Sec.  All sojourning brothers cordially invited  to attend.' '������������������'���������    ���������,   ���������  To Wiiom It May Concern.  This company can claim many years of. experience in the preparation of condensed foods, having supplied such for nearly all  THE ARCTIC EXPLORATION EXPEDITIONS  of the past ten years,   and for  the  campaigns of the  British  Army in Africa and A<-ia during the same period.  DESPATCHES   RECEIVED AS WE  GO TO PRESS.        v.  ���������?:'���������  Key W.fst, April 29.���������The Newport  captured a little, vessel that was attempting to carry news of movements  of the fleet into Havana. The capture  is of considerable importance.  Key .West, April 29.���������A. sailor on  the Monitor Panther has been conveyed hen.' and ordered to be shot. He  was can.-lit tampering with the lock of  the magazine. ..-'������������������  Another Member for Kootenay.  The Rev. R. N. Powell, of New Denver, in the: absence of the pastor, occupied the pulpit of the Methodist  church Sunday last and preached two  eloquent sermons. Mr. Parry, of Nelson, and Mr. Hargraves; ������f Winnipeg,  assisted the choir in the evening the  latter singing-a solo.  Kaslo base-ballists have sent a challenge to the Sandon and Nelson teams  ���������toplay at the tournament on the 24th.  The Sandon club, will hold a meeting  goon, for re-organixation, meantime accepting ., the challenge, so there wi'.l  likely be lively times on the diamond  in the lake-city.  As we go to press we are advised the  Hotel Reco will have its house warming on Thursday evening next by a  dance in the Virginia hall and supper  in the hotel. We have only time to  say that everything will be recherche,'  and no pains will be spared to make all  present fully at home.  -Tlie Silvertonian complains   that a  mine owner in. that, camp gave inform- j  ex-  the  The following telegram which  plains itself has been received at  Review oflice ���������  '  ' ���������������������������  Amendment to redistribution bill  gives Kootenay another member making altogether 38. The new constituency is called the Slocan riding and  includes the Duncan river country Yas  far nort)) as Hall creek and also that  portion of former Nelson riding 'north"  of Kootenay river and the west arm of  the lake.  Notice.  i     Strictly First-class.  PORTMANNBROS.&'CO., Props.  W. FURMVAL  "The'.' Mercantile Auctioneer, is now:  prepared to handle all kinds of merchandise, mining stocks, &c.  Parties wishing '0 consult him.please  address W. FURNIVAL, P. O. Box 117,  Sandon, B.C.  Licensed Auctioneer for the province,  -������������k������M.rltti".j"WH..-H.'i.lH*M.i<w'<.'*u't.rnj'l.f*������*'i.fn,������t.������*k.*������.r<  TKE....  SANDON, B. C.  ��������� ���������  By virtue oi a writ of Fieri Fnola Issued out  oi the Supreme Court of British Columbia, at  Nelson, In thesuitol E. G. Schmidt., plaintiff  against the Phoenix. Consolidated Miuinc  Company. Limited Liability, delendants for  the sum oi $594.95 and $3.50 costs, I have seized  the property ofthe aforesaid company, situated on the North Fork of Carpenter Creek, 3}  miles from Thieo Forks, Sloeun district.West  Kootenay, and recorded, in the Recorder's  books at New Denver, consisting ol throe  mineral claims, respectively named Phoenix,  Libby R. una AUiambr.i. together with buildings thereon nnd everything belonging thereto, and shall on Saturday,the lltli day of May,  1898. at the hour of 11 olclock a. m., at the  Court House, Nelson, sell the same by Public  Auction.'or so much thereof as to cover the  alorsaidsums together \vith thesherifl's fees,  poundage and all expenses attending thereto,  unless the said sum be sooner paid to me.  ' S. REDGRAVE, Sheriff ol KooteDay.  Sandon. B. C, April 23rd, 1893.,!  Purchasers must satisfy themselves as to  title. ,        ���������"'���������'.  .      Good Sample Rooms;  , Good Table.  The best Brands of Liquors and  '��������� .  Cigars.,  ItECO-AVENUE, SANDON-.  American  European  Plan,  Plan,  $3.50 per day.  $2.00 per day.  Non-Suited.  ation about his mine Mvit he knew was ing proper staking of  >iot correct, and then joined in a feeling, to discredit the paper. This is not  right. The future of the country will  be' largely affected by the representations of its: press, and everyone should  aid the papers in getting :it the naked  facts. These always wear the best,  and. if given unvarnished will eventually have the desired effect.  Callan.in and bis partners, who  claimed the Mollie' Gibson group on  Kokanee creek, have been knocked out  'in their lawsuit, by a decision given  by Justice MeColl, in the supreme  court, the plaintiffs Callanan et al,  having,been non-suited. The ground."  for the decision were that the plaintiffs  had not complied with the act regard-  the claims; in  the places where stone monuments  had: been erected in the place of  wootlen posts. The hoh-suit was given  with costs.  ERYSIPELAS CURED.  The Kaslo fire brigade are getting  up a tournament for'the 24th in that  burgh, and have sent a ohallenge to  the Saudon brigade, which was readily  accepted. Chief Sewell thinks he can  send oyer a team of twelve that-will  show such skill in slinging hose that  other brigades will hesitate before  throwing down the gauntlet to our fire  laddies. We understand the brigade  have given .ray to Nelson for a First  of July celebration. Will Sandon not  celebrate a national holiday this i>um-  mer ?. '-,  ���������"'������������������'  The Spokane Miner says : Mr. E. M,  Sandilands, J. P., of Sandon, B.C., has  bee.q.aguest in the city for lhe past  week and returned home this morning.  This was his first visit to the city and  he has had an opportunity of meeting  many of his old acquaintances who  knew him in earlier days when he occupied the position of police constable  at Kaslo, and more lately at Three  Forks. Mr. Sandilands is now in the  banking and brokerage business at  Sandon, and among other responsible  positions, is provincial agent for the  Wonderful and Miller Creek Mining  companies of this city.  Though there are different opinions  as to the advisability of constructing  the creek raceway as far as it has been  constructed, without first   consulting  the ratepayers as to the cost, there can  be but the sine as to the suitability of  the structure; Y It is in   proportions  ample for any freshet :hat may  ever  take place.   Strongly built and quite  comprehensive   for   a   street   superstructure later on as the town requires  it and asthe finances warrant.   The  next considerations   are a protecting  gateway at the commencement, and  the further extension later on.   With  suitable timbers on  top of- the cross  beams planked with three inch or four  inch planks, it woald make a magnificent street.    With  the city   drained  into it under  a properly  constructed  sewer system, Sandon should remain  for all time as it has stood to the present, the healthiest place in the coun  "I wish to Btate that I use Burdock  Blood Bitters'for Erysipelas in my face  and a general run down state of health.  The use of a few bottles cured me complete! v."  * MRS. CHAS. COOK,  Bellevile, Ont.  m������order@d  Kidneys;;     ^  Perhaps they're the source of your IB  health and you don't know it.  Here's how you can tell i���������  If you have Back Ache or Lame Back.  If you have PufTlness under the Eyef  or Swelling of the Feet. . ,:  If your Urine contains Sediment ot  any kind or is High Colored and  Scanty. '   ���������'   Y  . If you havo Coated Tongue tad  Nasty Taste in the Mouth. >"  If you.have Dizzy Spells, Headaches,  Bad Dreams,��������� Feel Dull, Drowsy,  Weak and Nervous. Then you havo  Kidney Complaint.  The sooner you start taking'  DOAN'S KIDNEY PILE.9  the more quickly will your health return.  They've cured thousands of cases of kidney trouble during the  past year. If you are  a" sufferer they can  cure you.  Book that  tells all  about Doan's Kidney  Pills sent free to any  address.  The Doan Kidney Pill  Co., Toronto, Ont  TRY THE  D. Store  Reco  For Fresh Groceries,  Butter and Eggs.  Fruits and Vegetables.  Avenue,  opposite    Bryan Hotel.  Stiucti/y First-class.  MRS. I. A; SMITH, Prop;  i^WH4MafH^WS������Mlf*t*'W't������Mlf*t������n.f-h������'t*f*t<M.|-k4>W'lk<'t.rt������  -epairmg1  Hi Lowest Living Prices.  :'V.'\';i''''''Repairing WatcH $1.50.  Mainspring $1.50;  No man can &ive satisfactory work at lowest rates  ,      and guarantee the same.    What does a guarantee   ,  ���������"���������''';. mean?    It means that when I, clean awatchit runs   ;: -,'   ,  12 months. Should dirt be the cause of stoppage,  I clean it again freeY of. charge. Should a-break inside of  12 months, a new one will be put in; youkept with  a mainspring during that time. All' other repairs  guaranteed in the same way. Y  ,..:��������� y    .      Orders by mail promptly attended to. Y  JEWELER ANQ OPTICIAN.  HTTiBROS,  -, '��������� "THE  LEADING  (tlotbiers, ibattere,  <5ent0' furnisbere,  t %. anb feet fitters.  John B:Stetson Hats a specialty.  Stores Irj Sandon and Silverton.  i,^YS Trnnta ?u.^hRr qf ramlliea to do  ���������,'..T'������ work w^oud our workers  is quickly and easily done, nnd return-  ^���������^parof' ^gt as flashed. Good  ^,ivy.^a<?e ttt ho,ne- For Particulars  renuy to commence   send name nnd  CO "np'nt^T STANDAItD SUPPLY  VU.t.Dept,B., London, Ont.  WANTED ���������51in,aii d^slre8 -t������  ,.-���������   . . , nil a steady, pay  ing position and earn good waees ! If  you are-at present employed that need  not prevent you from sending us a pos*  tal-card to learn what we can do for you.  We have thelar-gest, most "complete  and thoroughly up-to-date nurseries in  the Dominien. There is a largely increasing demand for Home-grown Nursery Stock,  ALL SUPPLIES SENT FREE.  TRE TRIAL COSTS YOU NOTHING  YOU GET YOUR PAY EVERY  SATURDAY.  If you cannot give full time to, our  interests we oan arrange liberal terms  with you for part time. We grow a full  line of Fruit Trees, Berry Bushes,  FlWoving Shr'ibf. Ornnmon'nl. Trees,  Hedging, Bulbs, Rose's and Seed Potatoes. ��������� All our stock "guaranteed and  warranted to live.  .Write and tell usyou are open for an  offer and we will make you a propose  tion'you will want to aocept.  E. P. BLACKFORD & CO.,  Toronto, Ont.  Bruce White. N. J. Cavanaugh.  : white i cavanaugh:  Manufacturers of and dealers  in Rough arid Dressed Lum-  1  ber a specialty. Y  AND OTHER INVESTRIENTS.  Every Representation Guaranteed.  Estimates furnished.  ' Contractors and Builders.  OFFICE AND MILL, CODY, B.C.  SANDON. B. C.  0r. Mllloy,  DENTIST.  BLACK'S HOTEL/ SANDON.  All work promptly executed.  WHEN IN SdNbON STOP AT THE  M. L. Grimrnett, l.l.b.  Barrister,    Solicitor,    Notary  Puplic, Etc.  Sandon,  , B. C.  KOR OVER FIFTY YEARS.  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been  used by millions of mothers for their children  while teething. If disturbed at night and  broken of your rest by a, sick child. Buffering  and crying with pain of cutting teeth. Send  at once and get n bottle t.f "Mrs. Winslow's  Soothing Syrup" for children teething. It  will relieve the poor little suffererjlmmedlat-  Iy- Depend upon It, mothers, there is no  mistake about It.' It cures diarrnoen, regulates  the stomach and bowels, cures Wind Colic,  softens the gums and reduces Inflammation,  and gives tone and energy to the system.  "Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup" for children  teething Is pleasant to the taste and is the  prescription of one of the oldest and best  female physicians and nurses in the United  States.. Price twenty-five cents a, bottle.  Sold by all druggists throughout the' world.  Be sure and ask lor "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing  Syrup."  ���������100 Reward.  One Hundred Dollars will be cheerfully and promptly,paid lor any ' case  of drunkenness (the Liquor Habit) or  Tobacco Habit that "Ryan's Alcholic  and Tobacco Cure" .'will not cure in  two weeks. The same remedy cures  both the liquor habit and Tobacco  Habit at the same time. . Send to-day;  you either get cured or m^ke one hundred dollars. Sent by mail postage  paid, to any part of th- world for One  Dollar.    Address all orders to  R. Ryan, R.A.C.  Gower Point, Ont.'  I   rr   !AND0K- R c- Rates $2.50 to $4.������0 per day.  ^   Headquarters for Mining #**  | and Commercial Men. R. CUNNING, Proprietoe.  W 8NTPn By Old Established House���������High  UnfliriU GradoMan or Woman, of good  church standing, to act as Manager here and  do ollice work and correspondence at their  home. Business already built up and established here. Salary $000. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope for our terms to A.  P. T. Elder. General Manager, 189 Mich, avo.,  Chicago, 111,  For Sale Cheap.  AGENTS.���������Book business Is better than for  years past; also have better and faster sell-  Ins books.. .Agents clearing from $10,000 to  .? 1.1,000 weekly. A few leaders are: "Queen  Victoria," "Lifo ol Mr. Gladstone," -'My  Mother's Bible Stories." "Progressive Speaker." "Klondyke Gold Fields," "Woman,"  "Glimpses ofthe Unseen," Breaklast, Dinner  and Supper," "Canada: an Encyclopedia."  Books on time. Outfits free to canvassers.  THE BRADLEY-G ARItETSON CO., Limited.  Toronto. '  ^ AGENTS.--"The best Life of Her Majesty I  have seen," writos Lord Lome abont "Queen  Victoria."   Agents msike five dollars dally.  P,uUU '.ree- -HR-vnLEY-GARRETSON CO.,  Limited, Toronto.  For a Patriotic Smoke  Use Mighton's best  Parties wishing to purchase a high  grade bicycle cheap, can do so by communicating with this office. Reasons  for selling is that it cannot be used in  Sandon.  avana*-  Reliable. war despatches read daily.  Which deals with those weaknesses resulting  from Errors of Youth, such as Drains,  Night Losses, Weak Back, Impot-  ency, Varicocele, etc.   It explains to you  fully just why Electricity cures and cures  permanently. It tells all about the world  famed DR. SANDEN ELECTRIC BELT for  Weak Men, young and old. I am the inventor, and with  jt I cured 5,000'last year.  CONSULTATION FREE  at office, i{ you do not live near enough to call, write for  the  above book, sent sealed free.  DR. R. SANDEN, 156 St. James Street, Montreal, Que.  Special Fancy Blend Ceylon 3SC-  Assortment complete.      Prices low.  At Sandon, Rossland, Kelson, Kaslo, Pilot Bay and Three ForKs.  SandoH. Slocan City, *  Notice.  HALIFAX HAPPENINGS.  Every sufferer from Sick Headi/che  and Constipation should know that  Laxa-Liver Pills are a perfect cure.  Margaret Brennan. 5 Granville Street,  Halifax, N. S., says:���������''I have used  Laxa-Liver Pills fer Constipation and  Sick Headache and found them excellent."  The Sandon Transfer Company has  dissolved'the partnership heretofore  existing between A. H. Stirritt and E.  A. Cameron, A. H. Stirritt retiring  from the business and E. A. Cameron  continuing the transfer busine-s in his  own name. El. A. Cameron will collect  all outstanding accounts of tho Company, and pay oil'its liabilities.  Full Prict-s. Correct Selection  Found $100.  Moreorlese, picked up in front of  my office. Owner can get same by  proving ownership and pay for thin advertisement.  Ropes & Tags Furnished Fiee  T/flLLOW, QIHSENQ, SENECfl.  Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices.  Immediate Remittances.  Everything Up-to-date X^^B fj^?;^?0^  Agents for the Dominion Piano and Organ Co.  WHEN YOU ARE AT BEAR LAKE STOP AT THE  No Commission Charged.  200 FIRST AVE.. NORTH,  nSNNEdFOLIJ,  FIRST-CLdSS HOTEL. .  RATES-������2.00 PER DAY; $10.50 PER WSBK.  H. I. McDonald, Proprietor.  IS&  i  <s.* ���������  it "'Kl  ",W'v.  T .���������"���������"TTT"  T it" w' "'' 5"���������'"*" t" r~ i  ���������if   '     i,.  . ������ i." *     i ..i"  \i^r  i.*.^f** -  ���������y.������-������ ������ ������ -1 "���������!i,r"  >\  I    t   Kf.  |  It"  ���������I  if,'     ���������'<  '4'.1  ���������ii  f   <���������   r  ������������������>���������1->" 5k������~i i������������������wif������������������ ���������"���������" t������- rr;  i   *     %    -- \        t     i       ^t       *,      i    t*1 - V  '      I    '  .il  "*Z


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