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Mining Review Mar 9, 1901

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Array M-<������3yUc_  VOL. 4.���������NO. 39.  SANDON, B. C, SATURDAY, MARCH, 9 1901.  $2.00 PER YEAR.  City Council ueetln  THE LOCAL GRAFT.  The council met Monday, the Mayor  and Aldermen Atherton, Gomm and  Foiliott were present.  Communications.���������From .]. W. Hal-  main,- asking for $35 for services to relief  committee.  From Win, Walmsley, offering to do  the scavenger work.  From H. R. Jorand, re a claim of  J. Thomps-on- for injury sustained by  lighting h're in May last.  From Provincial Secretary, appointing Aid. Atherton and T. Brown on the  police and license coir mission.  From Mayor Carthew, Cumberland,  asking for relief,for mine sufferers.  Jorand's communication was filed,  and the clerk was instructed to reply,  .stating the city was not responsible.  On motion of Atherton and Gomm,  the council voted ,f50 to the Union-mine  sii fieri::rs.  Tlie accounts passed by (he finance  committee were -ordered to be paid, as  follows: ,  Salaries $?70 00  Special Police for February     1.5 00  Geo. Walmsley, dray and wood..   19 50  The Mining.Review     18 75  Albert Yates is visiting his parents in  Golden.  a case of smallpox duly  igain to Sandon  Win. Stubbs, coal ���������     10 00  Bank of Commerce, loan   City Hall contract-balance.........2484 00  E. A. Brown, architect;  16990  H. Byers.................................:..   41 36  Cntta, Percha Co.-.,fire:hose. .:...    13 00  Booth & Robinson.:.:.................   21 00'  A.- Gillies, rlabor.....;.........;:...,. .���������     SM  W.B. Livingstone, teaming........    .8 53  A. Osborne, wood.....      2 50  .Sandon Cartage Co.....      9 00  W. H. Lillv, Ftindry accounts....     5 67  A. Crawford......:..:........... .....   28 75  .1. Carthew, relief '..'     50 00  J. A. Morgan...        0 00  The account of G<?o. Lovatt was laid  over for further consideration.  .. The Mayor and clerk were authorized  by a resolution of Gomm and Atherton  ���������'to-.sign a contract with the Sandon  Waterworks Light,Co. for water supply.  Hotel Arrivals  For the Week.  Denver���������W.N. Brayton, T. Nordling,  John Anderson, Alfred Anderson, John  Jones, P. Henry, Kaslo; W. M. Ross,  Phoenix; Thos. Wilkinson, Slocan; M.  E. Hamilton, Whitewater: E. L.Kenny,  Kuskonook; W."A. Hill, Montreal.  Reco���������PI. M. Burritt, ,S.< B. Linder, C.  A. Godson, Vancouver; J. H. Parsons,.  E.MeCormick, Thos. Gray, F. W.Swan-  nell, Nelson; J. H. Stickjand. Herbert  T. Twigg, J. T. Black, New Denver; H.  W. S. Tergiei, Colin C. Brown. Thos.  Hilliard, Rossland; Joe Thatcher, Hot  Springs; D. H. Hannineton, Slocan; C.  II. HutchingR, F. Smith"; Toronto; CM.  Lancaster, Spokane; E. Rammelmeyer,  Silverton; W. C. Putnam, Machland,  N. S.; C. D. Hunter, Phoenix, Geo.  Hughes, Alamo; H. Giegench, Kaslo.  The Slocan Star ia now meeting with  f-ome of the richest ore produced in the  district. The body is 8te������d galena with  large streaks of ruby silver, and a gold  value of $8 per ton. Of course the entire  body is not made up this way, but often  large blocks of such mixture are met  with. The company has about 70 men  working, will start the concentrator in a  couple of weeks, and with a contract  with the Everett smelter.until January  next, it should be a busy and prosperous  year atthe Star.  Mr. W. de R. Rose, now of New Denver, is in the city for a fow days, the  Bosun mine, on which he has been  working, having closed down. We do  not, as a fact, know the reason for the  closing, but imagine it is the smelter  difficulty, as the mine is in excellent  shape. We imagine Mr. Sandiford made  every enquiry as to the. best smelting  arrangements he could, make, and the  owner-* in England considered them unsatisfactory and ordered the close,  Moyie  has  quarantined.  C. D. Hunter is back  for a short time.  J. T. Kelly, of Three Forks, will move  to Phoenix shortly.  The Catholics of Silverton are going to  give a St. Patrick's day concert.  ���������The Miners' hospital annual ball is to  be held on the 18th inst. in the Miners'  Union Hall.  Mr. H. Strickland, of Bourne Bros,  store, New Denver, is spending a few  days in town.  Mrs Cameron, Three Forks, has now  about $1,500, a subscription benefit given  by 'sympathisers.  With the late frosty weather rawhid-  ing has resumed, there being perfect  safety from slides.  Slocan City is going to have an hospital. The site is a good one, but hospitals are expensive.-  The phonograph company billed for  Monday night failed lo put in an appearance and broke up in Kaslo.  J. R. Crudge has been transferred from  the C. P. R. freight office at Nelson to  the position of agent at Kaslo.  Rev.McKee, of .iSIocan, preached, in  the.Presbyterianchurch last Sunday, Mr.  Fergilstni pccuping the Slocan pulpit, w  ;-���������'.���������'There are 3*et two or three, rooms to  let,upstairs in' the Mining Review, building, suitable for bed-rooms or offices/  The're was a smashing of freieht cars  on a C. P. R. bridge a mile this "side of  Nelson on Sunday, but no one was hurt.  Ed Hill was arrested and brought  back to Sandon by Chief Stubbs to make  a settlement for a $20 watch he purchased from Geo. Knowles.  Mr. C. J. Smith, who has been* bookkeeper for Mr. Harris for over four years,  will leave in a month or so for Spokane,  with his pockets well lined with Sandon "tin;"  Arch. McCorvie cut up a shindy at  Mullin's hotel, Three Forks, last week,  because he could not get the whiskey he  wanted,- and, on Saturday Judge Lilly  lined him $15.  There is an old saying that if March  comes in like a lion it will go out like a  lamb. If this is true the end of the  month ought to be like the tamest lamb  in.the country.  Tlie customs returns for the past year  show the Kootenay yielded 40 per cent,  of the whole of the province. This  should show the legislature there is such'  a district ap thc Kootenay.  '���������Shady" Giegerich asks the difference  between the Democratic and Republican  parties at present, and answers by saying the Democratic Bill is unpaid, and  the Republican Bill is .receipted (reseated.)  Silvertonian: One of our merchants  was the victim of a fraud last week in  the shape of a raised pay-cheque, drawn  hy the Emily Edith management on the  Bank of Commerce in Sandon. The  cheque was cashed here and sent on for  collection through the Bank of Montreal.  The fraud was discovered in Sandon.  .D. J. Robertson and wife are enjoying  the New Denver climate.  Wm. Eccles has started up in the  packing business at Three Forks.  Mr. J. Robertson Barr has at length  been heard from.   He is at Argenta.  Mr. Thos. Jalland is back from the  Okanagun country and is spending a  few days in the city.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  have given $200 to the sufferers of the  Union Mine disaster.  Alex. Oliver, in his laughable French  dialect recitations, will take part in the  St. Patrick's concert at Silverton.  Miss Lillian J. Warner, formerly of  Sandon. was married on Wednesday to  Mr. D. S. Huntington, of Spokane.  Herb Sharp was trying a snap shot to  secure a picture in the Star mine, when  the "wapun busted," and burned his  hand very badly.  The Rev. J. A. Cleland, Presbyterian,  has returned from the States, and is  now stationed near Nanaimo, B. C, a  full fledged Church of England preacher.  Mr. Heap/of the Last Chance, is collecting samples of ore from the Slocan  mines, for exhibition at the Mining  Congress to be held shortly in Los Angeles, California..  A pool and billiard tournament is  being held:at the Hotel Reco this week,  and as we go to press the7finals have not  yet been played. The names of the successful '"knights of the cue" and their  prizes will be published/iiext week.  . In the police court, yesterday Alex.  Wliito'aceused' Wm. McGulic-ch and Ed.  Wills of stealing some $80. After hearing all-,.- the evidence, Judge Lilly decided it was not strong enough to convict the defendants, and dismissed the  case.   ,  Five patients were received into the  Miners' Hospital this week, namely;  Ed. Keapeck, Robt. Dal ton, Albert Du-  puis, Martin Shannon and, Neil Prest.  Mat Braunquist, Clark C. Miller and E.  L. Kenny left the institution as cured,  and Frank Campbell aud Henry Warren  will leave in a few days.  Slocan Ore Shipments.  Whitewater Ore Shipments.  The following are the ore  shipments  for the week ending March 7th:  Mine. Tons.  Silver King  1?,%  Sunset (Jackson Basin)  21 ~  Sunset (Can. Gold Fields)  53  Toial.  87>^  Ore Shipments from Three Forks.  The following are the ore shipments  for January and February:  Mine. Tons.  Monitor     265^  Corinth , 40  Queen Bess  3G7  Total.  632>i  ^4  From McGuigan.  Shipments from McG  ary and February:  Mine.  uigan  for Janu-  Tons.  Rambler   Red Fox .....  ������������������������������������ ���������    ........    297K   -.;.. 21  Surpise   Antoine.......     ........  ......   20  .......   16  Total..;  354><  Slocan Lake Shipments.  The following are the lake shipments  for January and February:  Mine. Tons.  Arlington .......... 4S0  Hewett..... ......... 390  Bosun.........  120  Hartney  .... .    60 '  Enterprise    00  Two Friends....    40   .  Black Prince .'.   20  Bondholder .....:.....    20  ���������fllNESAND TUNING.  It is reported the mine owners of Rossland are importing Italians to work  their mines. This will certainly be a  blow at the prosperity of the city. There  was no strike in the Rossland district  when the trouble was on "in the Slocan,  and rates were agreed on amicably. It  is then unfair to resort to the cheap  labor now, which will turn out to be  dear labor in the end, not only to the  business public but to the ownerB themselves as well. When everything is running smoothly in a mining camp the  best of white labor unrestricted by legislation is found to be the most satisfactory to every one interested.  P. M. Hayes is applying for a crown  grant for the Erie claim.  The Enterprise mine is to have a concentrator the,coming spring.  <-' .  Fifteen men were added to Ihe Rambler-Cariboo staff last week.  Whitewater ore shipments for January and February were Sunset 61 tons.  P. Dwyer left on Saturday morning  for Silverton with a number of miners to  work at the Hewitt.  It is currently reported that the city  is the loser of a $40 band instrument, by  the sudden departure of a late member  ol the brass band.  For the past week the Reco-Good-  enough Co. have had sixteen horses  hauling ore, making one trip a day and  drawing a ton each, making a total of  16 tons a day. '  For last month the following Sandon  mines shipped to the Hall Mines smelter  American Boy, Trade Dollar,  Queen Bess, Sovereign, Ivanhoe, Miller  Creek. From Whitewater: Sunset.  and Whitewater.  Mr. Hughes ' is pushing work with a  full force of men on the Trade Dollar  and Sunset properties, and is almost  certain to yet have fine properties in  both. Large quantities of ore have been  taken off the surface of the Sunset.  The Ivanhoe mill shipped 15 cars of  concentrates to the Hall Mines smelter  in the last three weeks netting good  returns. The water supply is excellent,  as the flume was repaired recent'*?.  The concentrator's capacity at present  is something like 150 tons a day. It  is the intention to'have the'shipments  increased. The company are taking  out considerable clean ore at the mine.  Total..  1190  From Sandon.  Ore shipments from Sandon for January and February:  Mine. Tons.  Pavne '.'  1112  Last Chance ',:... 430  Ivanhoe  300  American Bov  238  Ruth. .....'.  151  Star  120  Sovereign 105  Trade Dollar  S4  Goodenough    70  Reco ."  38  Miller Creek  20  Kaslo Group  10  Wonderful  4  Total  2682  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The following shipments of ore were  shipped from here this week:  Mine. Tons.  Lust Chance  77  Payne  02  American Boy  60  Ivanhoe  47  Ruth  31  Reco  27  Slocan Star  20  Total,  425  There will be a total eclipse of the sun  on the 17th of May.  The Kaslo Kootenaian is sure of a  smelter and a refinery for that town,  and next the parliament buildings. One  thing at a time, gentlemen.  i3r"5iilE^ I r,      I  t      I  SOME  MEDICINES   ONLY   RELIEVE  FOR A SHORT TIME.  ������odd'* Kidney fill Cure* Sinr (tared���������  The C'r-ic of .Mr. Gilchrist, or Port Hope,  ProvcHTlitn.  ' Port Hiope, Ont., Feb. 18. (Special).���������  !Away back in 1896, Mr. Chaa. Gilohriat  Ex-Ohief Constable of this town, waa  Buffering*; with. Diabetes. H'e was in  very bad shape, and never expected to  be well again. 'He waa oared by  Dodd's Kidney Pills in March, of that  year (18U6), bat some thought that  the disease would return. Five yearfl  have elapsed, and Mr. Gilchrist L3 still  enjoy ing good hiealth.  On April 24, 1896, he wrote :���������"I have  been a sufferer for ,ten years with  Diabetes and, Kidney disorders*. My  lurine was of a dark, bricky color, and  the pain while passing was something  awful.  In the O-lonminar.  In tbs gloaming*, oh, my darling.  Waited I alone tor thee  Where the rosea In the p-arden  Bloomed In beauty, fancy fre������.     \  '  As I listened to the zephyr*  Quiv'rlng- through the appl������ treact,  All it once a plaintive moaning;  Qavd my blood a -fcntls freezs  In the gloaming;, oh, my darling  Came.your father's prize bull pun  And I guessed in half a second  Just what sort of -fame wa������ u*j  Off I bolted like the dickens  With a frenzied kind of sprawl.  And it was a neck or nothing;  Race to reach the garden wali  ���������  By that ������*ardcn wall, my darling-*  We engaged in fierce ������ft'ray,  Acd I very literally  Had to tear myself away.  What precisely happened, darling",  I can scarcely mention hore.  But I'll own I walked home backward  In the gloaming, oh, my di-arl  __ _  ���������Pick Mo Up.  Bad  Form.  "Listen!" he whispered.  Marjorie pressed his hand softly.  "Not now," ake said. "It is bad form  to listen while the piano i$ playing!"���������  Detroit Journal.  Still tTn-jneiicheiS.  Johnny complained of being thirsty,  and as they happened to be passing n  drug store at the time his father took  hire, in and Irrigated his throat with  soda water.  A few minutes later Johnny's thirst  Impelled him to ask for a glass of lemonade, which was found at a convenient lunch counter and duly absorbed. '  "Papa," said Johnny a few minutes  later, "isn't thero some place where  I can get a drink of water? Those  things didn't unthirst me a bit!"���������Chicago Tribune.  It Depend*.  Teacher���������A child is born on the 4th  I have been treated by    the ' of March, 1900.   How old will it be on  doctors, and havo used almos.t every  medicine advertised, but could get no  relief. lately I have been* very bad.  JTho pain Ln my back was dreadful I  could not sit in a chair without, having a cushion at the small of my back.  S heard of Oodd'si Kidney P-lla, and  decided to try once more for a cure.  They cured me completely, and I can  heartily recommend them to- anyone."  On July 2, 1900, he writes;���������"I am  .very well, and have been so since the  spring- af '90. My urine is a natural  healthy color. There is no pain in nuy  back. I aim sure I would have been  in lay grave now, but for Dodd'a  Kidney Pills. They certainly saved  my life. .There is no medicine like  them,," and to this letter he adds "all  that I say about Dodd's Kidney Pills  is the truth. If they were not good,  Fwould not say they were good. The  citizens of Port Hope all know me,  and can vouch for ovory word I have  "���������written.'*  Same medicines only relieve. Dodd's  Kidney Pills cure, to stay cured. If  you want a satisfactory, permanent,  and sure cure for Kidney Complaint,  use the only remedy with an unbroken record of success in every case,  and not a single failure���������Dodd's Kidney Pills.  the same date in 1940?  Pupil���������That will depend upon whether it is a boy or a girl.���������Boston Transcript.  An Anaentmlnded Fnlher.  Hewitt���������Congratulate me, old man.  I'm"a happy father.  Jewett���������Boy or girl?  Hewitt���������By Jove, old man, I forgot  to inquire!���������Brooklyn Life.  Employer���������What are you pondering  over so long?  Clerk���������I want to ask for an abatement of taxes, nnd I can't think of any  reason to give.  Employer���������Well, Meyer, I'll tell you.  Suppose I cut down your salary?���������  Lustige Blatter.  A  Yontlifnl   Ep-ol.ir.  Teacher���������Name something of importance existing today that was not in  existence 100 years ago.  Small--Pupil���������Me.���������Chicago News.  A Sever������ PcnmUy.  GRAPES FROM CANAAN.  "'���������   IA very tittle child may open a very  large dot>r into Heaveta.  To be content with less is to have  less disdain tent.  No coiin is current with God without love's stamp on it.  It is little use lending a hand unless;  you give a heart.  IWhem wa think to) thank God for  our pleasures it will be easier to bless  Him for our burdens.  It is mOfokotriy to pray that your  children may be gathered home iin eternity while you do nothing to keep  them at litems Ln time.  Atigrlicnn   Fiction.  In the fine old English novel Harold  is protesting his un worthiness.  "You are wealthy!" he cries desperately. "Yours are these broad acies,  these oaks and yews"���������  The beautiful Betty interrupts him.  "Does It follow necessarily thai I  have no yews for you?" she murmurs,  blushing with thc utmost violence.  Here everything goes, and the bulk  of it substantially as merry as a marriage bell.  7~c3  "Henpeck was arrested for deserting  his wife."  "Indeed! I hope he was well punished."  "He was. The judire sent him back  to her."  HIn Sight Not Offended.  Styles���������1 do hato to see a wotvan  hanging on to a strap in a. street car.  Barton���������And so you always give a  woman a seat when you have one to  give?  Styles���������No, I never-'go quite so far as  that. I give my whole attention to my  newspaper, you see. In that way my  Bight is not offended by the poor,,  weary woman.���������Boston Transcript.  RUSSIANSACRED PICTURES.  to     m  Tlicy Arc Made  In lhe Province of Vladimir by Hm>. rcitsanl*".     -  ��������� They are  to be seen  everywhere���������  tfhe icons,  or sacred  pictures; of the  Russians'.     They are found standing  on a shelf opposite the door of every  Russian room, be it shop or private  house, market stall or railway Lbook-  ing office.     Many also are found in  the    streets, outside churches  or   in  shrines    where    passers-by stop and  make obeisance. '.  It ia   a matter of    wonder  to tho  stranger    when  bis    droahky driver  stops Suddenly in the middle of    the  road; doffs  his  hat  and   mutters]    a  'fe*w words of prayer.     His devotion to  the icons seems' to the foreigner   as  strange as the fact that he devoutly,  crosses:   himself    before  he entrusts)  himself and his vehicle to a bridge.  A writer explains that icons vary  much in mate-rial and value, but little ia style. The style id always  strictly Byzantine, and is copied faithfully from some old picture, in it*  turn a slavish copy of another.  The story of the manufacture of  Lhe icons is interesting. ^ Most of  them are made ki the Province of Vladimir by jpeaeants who work at them  in their cottages. Very much like  an up-to-date factory process is tha  fashioning of these pictures'. Tha  work passes: from hand to hand. One  man makes the boards, another paints)  the backgrounds, a third puts in the  figures, and the picture passes on  from fashioner to fashioner until all  is complete. It is said that as many  aa two millions of icons: are produced  each year.  Some of those hung in tho churches  arc valuable, being, like that of Our  Lady of Kazan, i,n the Cathedral in  St. Petersburg, covered with, and indeed almost made of, precious atones.   -  Mixed About Names.  Teacher (to new pupil)���������What is your  last name, iny.little man?  New Pupil���������Tommy.  "What is 'your full name?"  "Tommy Tompkins."  "Then Tompkins is your last name."  "No, it isn't. When I was born, my  name was Tompkins, and they, didn't  give me the other one for a month afterward."  NEW ALASKAN   STEAMSHIP LINE.  Vancouver,    B. O.     has    been    frequently  ui������cd  to  grant a subsidy  to  any company that would establish    a  lino of steamers to Alaskan ports, but  no action has  been  taken,  and probably tho need for it has now passed. It  is announced    that    thc Yukon    and  White Pass Railway   has;   lately purchased two steamers in    England    to  ran between Vancouver and Skaguay;  and the Canadian Pacific Railway will  landoubtedly  put as many vessels on  the run to Skaguay, St. Michael, and  other ports in Alaska as,"can be profitably employed.  Antfi-onted,  "More new gowns!" he cried.  "Why, yes," she answered sweetly.  "All of mine are last century's styles.'"  ���������Philadelphia North American. :__,  .    ���������������  HOLDING, HIS OWN.  Even the latest inventions cannot  do away with all timie-honored methods. A far-mier of the old school  made this very plain, the other day;  His wife wanted same tacks, and he  went into the village hardware store  to buy a package. Tho -'storekeeper  thought  ho saw; an  opportunity.  I'll tell you what you want, said he  You want a bicycle to ride around  your farm on. It'll save you time and  money.  They're cheap now, dirt cheap at  thirty-five dollars.  The farmer scratched his chin. I'd  ruther put tho money into a cow, he  said.  But think, replied the storekeeper,  jocosely, think how foolish you'd look  riding round town on a cow.  Well, said the farmer, I don't know.  Perhaps    I shouldn't look   bo   much  moire fooIiBh than lah/>vdi milkin' a,  bicyole!  And ho knight tho taoks.  IHenn   A.linnt  It.  "Whenever Bannister wants to.feet  even with his wife for anything that  ���������she has said to make him feel like %  whipped cur, he sitys 'hello' to her."  "Why?"  "She was a telephone girl before he  married her and is trying, now that  they have money, to keep It a secret."  ���������Chicago Times-Herald.  . ������ -.  RECEIPTS FOR GRAFTING WAX,  The ' following recipes have been  extensively used and are reliable;  Hard wax: resjin, four pounds; beest-  wax, one piouiha; half a pint or more  oif raw luulsced oil, free from all cotton-seed oils or other adulterants].  Melt till gradually together, turn imto  cool water, and pull until smooth.  Moire oil can be used if too hard.  Liquid wax; good white resin, ono  pound; beef tallow, one ounce. Melt  and remove from the fire. Add gradually eight ounces of alcohol, stirring until mixture is smooth. Keep  im closed bottles and apply with a  brush  when used.  Division of Iialior.  "There's nobody can say we don't  live wrell." remarked Mr. Pneer. "We  nearly always have oatmeal and mackerel for breakfast."  "I know it," sighed the wife. "I eat  the oatmeal, and you eat the mackerel."���������Chicago Tribune.  Breaking* tlie Ne-jvn to Him.  "Don't you think that I shoot rather  well, Roberts?"  "Yes. sir! Oh, yes. sir I Indeed I  dun no as I ever see a better shooter,  never, sir. All you need, sir, is to 'lias well as you shoot, sir, an you'll be  a wunner."���������Scraos.  garding tho immense amount of traffic carried on Russia'a great inland  river, the Volga.  Givie soma wotkhb time and    they  Mil twn into gaudy bsstteorfliea.  IN INDIANA.     '  Despite the following bit of dialogue, found in tho Indianapolis Journal, thero is nothing topographically  wrong about the town in question.  Do you mean to tell me, said an  inquiring visitor in Hoosjer vjllage,  that thoso two Hill brothers are deaf  and dumb?  Yes, replied the native, we alius;  calls em' the two" Hills: without a  holler.   < .      \ ' 1  '.���������'!,; ,  ��������� 1 ���������    ������������������������������������*$������      ..-���������.  Nature feathers the oars of the  duck, but Lt has. to feather its own  nest. \  Thar������  are 19,802   working!  loeomfl*  tlv������������ U> OjrfljM; JteHata.        .. i(1 , BAFFLED.  CASE   OF  SCIATICA WHICH  REFUSED TO YIELD TO THEIR  TREATMENT.  TucLP-itlciU Snfciil Xoarlj* Tliren .llmillis In  a Hospital Wliliout  <;ettliiK Keller���������lh*.  WUlliiiii.s';riiiI.. IMll-i  Iteslored  Him to I  llcnKli aiiil..Stroiit*tli.  For upwards of a quarter of aceh-  tuiry,  Mr.  Geo.   McLean   has  been  a  ���������resident of the town of Thorold. He  is foreman iu  the  lumber  yards    of  McCleary &,  McLean,  and  is  known  not  only    to    the    citizens  of     the  town, but by most of the inhabitants  of-the adjoining region as well. Many  of Mr. McLean's    friends know  that  he was afflicted with a severe type of  sciatica, and 'know also  that  he  has"  been released from- the pangs of that  excruciating   trouble.   Believing   that  .���������his story .would be- of public  interest,  a reporter called upon him, and ask-  ���������ed him' to what agency he attributed,  his fortunate release from pain. Mr.  McLean's    unhesitating  reply    was:  "Dr.  Williams'    Pink    Pills,  and    I  never  hesitate  to say so either."  Mr.  McLean  continued;   "i  was  afflicted  with sciatica for a number of years.  The most severe attack occurred Several years ago, when I was confined  to my bed for several months. I Suffered horribly with the  trouble, and  the only rnlief I could get was from  morphLne, either iu  tablets or hypo-  dermically injected.    I could not put  my left foot on  the  ground without  undergoing    intense    agony.   I    was  treated by physicians, and at the hospital in St. Catharines, to which institution I-had to be taken on a stretcher.   I  was in     the    hospital    nearly  three months, hut without being cured.   Then I returned home very much  discouraged.   I next tried electricity,  but  it had no  perceptible   effect,   i  also tried a number of advertised medicines,   but with  no  better  results.  Finally, Iwas urged to try Dr. Williams.' Pink Pills, and as I was willing  to try  anything that seemed  to  offer hope of a cure,  I got    several  boxes.   I had been using the pills nearly a rn'oath before I found much relief, but from that on my recovery was  rapid,  and in  the course   of  a    few  months, I was as well as ever I had  been.   I    am now a   strong, healthy  man, and although I have since  endured much exposure, I have had no  . return of the trouble,   and feel', the t  my cure is. permanent.   Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills certainly proved a blessing  im my case, and I shall praise   them  whejn opportunity offers."  Rheumatism,    sciatica,     neuralgia,  partial    paralysis, locomotor    ataxia,  nervous  headache,   nervous   prostration,    and diaeaoes   depending   upon  humora in the blood, c-uch as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc., all disappear before a fair treatment with Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills.     They   give    a  healthy glow   to pale and sallow complexions.   Sold    by    all   dealers   and  pofet paid at 50o a box, or 6 boxes for  $2.50, by addressing the Dr. Williams'  Medicine Co., Birockville, Out.    Do not  be persuaded to tako some substitute.  AN EFFECTIVE  REMEDY  -But'tuc-Pnl-liMlicr "IVtil Never Use It  Amain.  His namo is suppressed in compliance  with a solemn promise, but he is a publisher in a certain line known throughout llio land. He is of that type that  foresees awful results from tho most  trivial indications. If he has a pain in  his great too, ho anticipates an amputation of his leg, and if a neuralgic  shoot pierces his body he considers  himself a victim of galloping consumption.  iia waked up tho other night with a  dull ache in his side. Of course it was  pneumonia and a bad case at that. He  called upon his wife to get thc "big  bottle" of witch haxel and give his side  a thorough rubbing.- She found the  bottle, which is properly labeled, and  returned.  "No, no," he said as she began preparations for* the application, "Don't  turn down the covers. It.would be my  death if the, air struck me." So she  slid hands and bottle between the  sheets and fought sleep for a full hour  ���������while'she rubbed. Finally he reported  that he was all right and paid a glowing tribute to the curative powers of  witch hazel.  When the good wife went to replace  the   bottle,   she   found   her  hands  us  black as coal and the sleeves of her  only garment in the same condition.  She hurried to her patient in fear and  trembling to find his side as deep an  ebony as that of the king of Dahomey  and ull of his surroundings of the same  color.    Just as he concluded that ho  was   rapidly   mortifying  or   had   the  black plague aud not more than a 'few'  minutes to live the son came in.   He  heard the story breathlessly told and  then laughed until his back had to be  pounded to insure breathing.   When, he  told how he had filled that bottle with  ink, as he had bought more than the  usual depositories would hold, the old  gentleman forgot all about pneumonia  while he was turning the air a ghoulish  blue and Impregnating It with the odor  of sulphur.  Tit For Tat.  Slopay���������I want you to make another  suit for me..          Tailor (reluctantly)���������Yes?  Slopay���������Yes.   Now let me see something in the way of a check.  .Tailor���������All right; but suppose you do  the same for me.���������Philadelphia Press.  THESE FOUR REMEDIES  Mr.  EverytliiiiK  (iocs  Wrou*-;.  "Why do you  .si-em  to  dislike  Simpson, Miss Hopkins?"  "Oh. he's the man who never comes  In your house.������������������ without putting up the  broken window shade, sitting in the  disabled chair or getting the cracked  teacup."���������Detroit Free Press.  NOT CLIPPED.  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Many people get the complete system :  for the sake of the Emulsion of Cod-  Liver Oil, which they themselves need,-  and give away the other three prepare/-*  tions to their friends.  The second article is a Tonic.   It is  good for weak, thin, dyspeptic, nervous  people, for those who nave no appetite,  I who heed bracing up.  Whatever your disease one or more     mi j : 7_,a "***",  of these four preparations will be of n JAuUS!J? s- take only th9 Emulsion  benefit to you. m* the Tonic.  According to the needs of your case,  fully explained in the Treatise given  free with the free medicine, you may  SrfcS!?-?'-0' &nyJw?.> or thlP������������F or  ail veue>f m combination.  A cure is certain if tha simple  __ ���������o���������.^v -���������"������������������  ���������" mo I   a. cure is certain  Scottish Lowlands, iu some parts of   directions are followed.  Scotland,  notably in  the  north,   the i .'Ths Remedies are especially adapted  , TO WHIP THE EDITOR.  .What are you crying about f asked a  kind-iheaxted stranger of a lad1 stand*  ing in front of a newspaper office  weeping- as if his heart would break.  Oh, pa's gone up stairs; to whip the  editor.  Well, haa he come down yet f pursued the gentle Samaritan.  Pieces of him have,    said   the   boy,  with a fresh burst of tearfl, and I'm  expecting the rest of him every min  orte.,  little creature is unknown  It ia not ho long ago that a Scotch  judge waa trying a case which had to  do with the escape of a squirrel from  its cage, and tho question as to whether it had been stolen.  Wero its wings clipped 1 he asked a  witness.  But, my lord, interposed the counsel, it is a quadruped.  Quadruped or no quadruped, said his j  honor, sternly, if its wings had been  clipped it could never have escaped.  THE PIPE ORGAN.  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Xttn  will g������t yon highest powible pric������������ ������������������������������������ SRWjIO t* 'tiit^xvirtgi  ������.; ri*,*rff,*m,������--'***.<i  THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, March 9,  1901.  Tlie Mining Review.  SATURDAY, MARCH !>, 1901.  RAILWAYS.  What the provincial government intends to do this session in the railway  line appears to be among the uncertainties; but it is earnestly hoped that for  everything they give they will receive a  satisfactory concession. When the province was younger, and less known of  its great resources, large subsidies may  'have'been defensible; but it is different  now when it is fully known  the traffic  on any colonization road, in a very short  time' becomes profitable,    it is also ing* the oil into body and life  known that charters have in themselves  FOOD    MEDICINE  1  Scott's emulsion oi cod-liver  oil is equally food and medicine.  A little of it sets the stomach  at work on some easy food���������.  that is medicine.  How does it "set the stomach  . S. DnKWKY  .Sandon, B, C.  H.T.Twi.;.-  New Denver.B. C.  as civilization   may open   markets   for'w  from time to time.   Should not the government���������should not every one of our  parliamentary       representatives���������have  these prospects in view in   every debate Civil and Mining Engineer.-  in the House, and have our railway and  Be-ifoid ������fc McNeil Code.  all other commercial and industrial systems shaped with a view to securing the  ideal at the earliest date possible.  DREWRY & TWIGG  Dominion and' Provincial Laud Surveyors.  PRESERVE OUR RESOURCES.  been sold for handsome sums, after the  incorporators had pocketed large subsidies received from the province.  The recent legislation, or rather railway deals of Manitoba  should   set our  legislature athinking.   In that province  the government leased the entire Northern   Pacific  system  for fli) years, at an  average of about .$250,000 a year.   They  in  turn get the Mann  and Mclvenzii-  people to take the lease ofi' their hands  and give the government  entire control  of rates over their line from Lake Superior to Winnipeg and the leased lines,  by the  government's   endorsing   their  bonds for a moderate amount for a term  of years.   The great advantage-of., that  deal is this:   The government can  fix  the rates on the eutiri" system at such  figures as will enable the road to pay its  way and let them out of responsibility on  the guarantee.  While their is so much talk, Canada  over, about railway 'rate*3, no one expects railways to adopt such rates as  will force them to run at loss-the anxiety  is simply to prevent them from making  excessive profits.  What we want to come at now, however, is the desirability of our government's having in ��������� 11 future railway deals  a due regard for the   interests   of the  people.     Supposing    the    government  were to build the road  from Vancouver  into tlie Boundary themselves, and then  lease it, controlling the rates, it would  be one long step towards securing the  competition for winch the people are so  anxiously looking.   If again after building it they commenced   its   operation  themselves, it would be but a very short  time before they would find eastern connections willing to do just what Mannahd  McKenzie have done With the Manitoba  government���������to take over the road and  give   the  government control of  such  length of system as would ensure competition   for  a   largo   portion    of   our  population.  If the proposed smelters and refineries  necessary to develop the industry in our  mining districts are built in  the future  us thoy are most certain to be, it is very  desirable we should have cheap rates to  the .seaboard for our refined minerals, to  enable thorn  to .compete .in. England,  China, Japan or elsewhere,   with   the  .products from any other  country   producing.   Government control  of a line  from  the inteiior to Vancouver would J  then become all important.  These are all rcsonable possibilities���������  our industry in young, and will yet if  properly fostered by the government,  become one of large proportions.  The government at every step in the  construction of transport facilities  should henceforth have these large proportions in view, and by everything in  their power hasten their consummation.  It appears to us that instead of wrangling over routine, every day bills, or ap-  . We.sincerely hope that Mr. Green and  all our interior representatives will- see  to it that,in whatever assistance is given  at work?" By making strength: It0 rai,w������yB in rlie province in the future,  ���������"*"'        , the people get a full  return  orequiva-  by Creating Strength :   by turn- | lent for their concessions, whatever they  'may be. There was an excuse, in the.  past, wher. little or nothing was known  of the capabilities of the country,: for the'  bonuses and subsidies that were given  to railways, but now* there is none for  continuing the practice. The results of  the last few years show unmistakably  A. R. HEYLAND,  ENGINEER.  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  SANDON, B.C.  -that is food.  We'll send you a little to try, if you like.  SCOTT & BOWNJS.    Chemists. -Toronto.  M. L. GRIMMETT, LI. 13.  Barrister, Solicitor.  Notary  Public, Etc.  Sandon, British Columbia.  pointments to office, our representatives  would take time to breathe and: look  over the possibilities of the. future, and  shape every enactment dealing with the  interior on '/there lines, it would be  accomplishing that for which the future  would have to give them ciedit.  A wise and prudent farmer on going  on to a bush farm, from the first has the  ultimate of his improved property in  view, and every improvement is made  with a view to having it a part and par-  col of his ultimate ideal. The legislation  of this province ought to be from year.to  year on the same lines.  We all expect the ultimate of this  province will be extensive mines in all  the rocky ceuntry, with their concentrators, smelters and refineries at convenient distances apart, and tall chimnies  the assurance of manufactories, where  most adapted, converting our pig lead,  silver and gold into such  manufactures  Transfer of Business.  that every road in the country properly  managed, payu its way, and will do bet  ter as the country becomes more (level    oped.    They also show that the bonuses I beg to notify all I have trans?ered mvdravi'  and subsidies almost invariably go into ^"I,*.'l.e^s.i������.r ���������?0yerT"1>,ln0^t*hs' ������i U,u-V, "VV reV r,  ���������  * from the east, to John'J vo, who will attend >��������� I  D. Cartel! navies & Co..  Consulting and Analytical Chemisis.  SOMS OWJ-KRS AND  I'ATKNTEES  OK Till-  LATEST HANDY PROSFECTQBS' iUUft,  Apartado 83,     DURANGO, MEXICO.  .    ~������v<*t    ��������� iiV   V������.">1,    LW4JUJ.IU    J   Vl>,  the pockets of the promoters.    It is then   calls ns well as I dirt myself.   My Coal busine-  .   ���������   .    .      ... 1   .   .1 ���������       will bo in charge  of Kobt. Cunning, who-a n  infinitely    better    that   the   companies   nil all orders for cash,   i thani* all patrons i" r  ������'--* I imst [avors, and hope they will be continue!  Will,   1111-   D,inn,.Bnn������i.   ,,..*M    ... ._   -   ....-_  should build the roads on their own  resources, and save the public plunder  or that the government should build the  roads and,save the bonuses and subsidies for the people.  The deal that Premier Roblin lias  completed for Manitoba is proof that  further government waste kof public resources in this province is wholly uncalled for.  .If provincial guarantees are asked for  by companies,-they may be given to a  limited extent, on condition that the  government retains in its own hands the  control of rates. Ji very one desires to  see all roads pay when built, and by  controlling the rates, the government  retains power, itfelf a guarantee,  without permitting, in excessive rates,  injustice to the people.  What Mr. Van Home said  the other  day   about   government  ownership   of  railways is quite true���������it is not well to  have governments owningand operating  roads, as such  management would be  sure to be inefficient and costly, but control of rates is a very different, thing.. If,  for instance, the government assisted a  road from Vancouver to the Boundary,  on condition'of controlling rates, and  Hill's into the coal iields was extended  west, but a small expenditure would be  with my successors until mv return.  E. A. CAM IC HON.  The Denver House  0000  Headquarters for Travelling Men and  -   Miners.  The Table is first class.  The Bar is alwuys stocked by the best  Imported Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  The Rooms are all that can be desired  /or comfort.  NELSON & CO., Proprietors.  Established 1858.  M. R; Smith & Co.  flannfacturers of ail kinds of  Plain and Fancy  VICTORIA, B.C.  BRANCH-VANCOUVER. B. C.  Going to bed to tumble aud toss and  dream; to pursue iu vaiii the "phantom  sleep through long weary hours and rise  to a new clay unrested and unrefreshed.  That is the way with many a woman, who  is tormented by the aches and pains resulting from female weakness, and other  diseases of the delicate organs of woman.  Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription was  made to cure just such cases and it does  what it was made for. It heals ulceration nnd iuflimmmlion, dries debilitating  drains, cures female weakness, strengthens the body, soothes the nerves and  enriches the blood. It gives lusting  strength for the day and sound sleep  for the night.  " l'or three years I suffered continually." writes  Mrs. I��������� J, Dennis, or H28 I{a-it Collect- St.. Jacksonville, IIIj-. "/.wiiclit relief among ihe medical  profession ami found none, until induced to try  Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. When I  commenced Inking this medicine I weighed  ninety-five pounds, It built me up until now r  weigh one hundred and fifty-six pounds���������more  than I ever weighed before. I was .10 bad I  would lie from day lo dav and long for death to  conic nnd relieve my suffering. I had internal  inflammation, 11 disagreeable drain, bearing  down pains and such dUti-css every month. But  now I never have a pain���������do nil "my own work  and am a stronj; and healthy woman. Thanks  to your medicine."  Biliousness is banished  by the use of  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.  required to have the systems joined, and  this could, be done by stipulating for  rates on the entire system from east to  west, and give the people the relief they  aie ho anxiously seeking.  FOR OVHR FIFTY YEA US  Mrs. Winslows .Soothing Syrup has been used  by millions of mothers for their children when  teething, if disturbed at nii-ht and b'okenin  your rest by e. Bick child, suffering, and crying:  witn pain of cutting teeth.   Send at once and  got 11 bottle of "Mrs.Wiiislow'sSo-ithingSyrui)" 1 ------ .---- r-~    >...nvt,u;ji,.     mm   i;uu:  for children teething.   It will relieve the poor | will make the hoi ti'stiind brightest fires  Utile sufferer Iminediate'.y.   Impend upon it, ��������� ' ������������������ ���������- '     -* -��������� ������������������    ���������       ������������������   ���������   fc   -   - '  mothers, there is no mistake about it.   It cures  diarrhoea, legulates the stoinach and bowels,  cures Wind Colic, softens tr-e guiiisaud reduces  I'illumination, and gives tone and energy to tho  system    "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing .Syrup" for  children teething is pleasant to the taste and is  the prescription of one'of the oldest and best  female physicians ami  nurses lu Ihe I'uited  States.  Price Wc, a bottle.  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This coa!  besides it is eariiy handled, as it is verv  clean.    We have it furall kinds of grate  E. if. Cameroiv  FOR SALE.  Mine, Mill nnd Smelter Supplies; Asuayers'  Supplies; Hoisting Plants; Steam, Gasoline  or Horse-Power Machinery of every description supplied on the shortest possible notice, al  ;he very lowest prices, direct from the nearest  manufacturers to you.  The National  Ore &  Reduction   Co.  APARTADO 83. DURANdO, MEXICO.  Highest cash paid for Matte and Bullion.  Write for price list.    U. S. representatives,  Howt-rd Chemical Works, St. I.ouls, Mo., U.S.A THE MINING REVIEW-Saturday, March 9) i9ot  We cannot see the sense of going the  length    that  some   papers .are  going,  .   '   notably   the   Nelson   Tribune,  on  this  Crow's Nest Pass Coal question.   It will  be admitted  all around  no country can  become great that is limited to one railway.   The C. P. R. has perhaps done as  well  for Canada as any one road could  or would possibly have done; but that  does not alter the   facts.    One store,  if  strong enough, could do all the bus-mess  of Sandon, and even if it sold as low as  (lie   lowest, the   people   with   it  alone  would not feel  they were getting fair  treatment, and so on with railways.   It  may also be argued with  strong probabilities of  truth, that all- the  roads of  America will   yet   be   in the one trust;  but the people want all  there is to be  got from competition while it is available.  We believe the Crow's Nest coal is the  best article  for smelting on the continent, and all that is  required of it for  home consumption  should   be   made a  ���������first consideration with the people in all  railway  and    other    industrial- deals.  Hill's  proposed  railway  into  the   coal  fields' should- not  he  let in without restrictions; but  if such   restrictions can  be imposed aswilj invariably secure preferences for  homo  purposes, iifthc fuel  supply, the necessary end will  be  fully  secured.  The strong probability is that if Hill's  road once gets into the coal fields, it will  not end I here���������it will   be extended further, and-may result in securing cheaper  rates for ore und  fuel  delivery even at  B.   C.'-smelters.    We  cannot  all'ord  to  tun: mrage any railways, or fuel negotiations that will in  any way handicap our  ���������own. resources,, but  if  further  railway  competition can be secured, and our interests protected in   the fuel supply at  (he same time, it will in  the end result  as the best for the B. C. people.  THE] BIO- STORE].  9  O    ������  \    Qnvin  .9  9  9  9  9  j Tlie First SMpment ui spring ury  rived and More on tie' Way.  We m Offering Special Values in Dress Goods, I  Carpets, Oilcloths, Tapestry, Spares, Curtains.' i  J    Have You Had Our Latest Quotations on Groceries? 'i  Changes  in Government.  A   coitui-.si'oxDicN'r asks   us  why   Sir  ��������� Charles Tupper resigned as  he did after-  the   elections   of  lSDO.    The reason  is  this:    According  to    the  principles  of  responsible government, which we now  have,    Governor-Generals    and    Lieutenant-Governors are supposed to take  . advice onlyfrom ministers who have the  .-.confidence of a majority of the people's  representatives, and they are supposed  never to be partisans.   After that election the Governor-General had no means'  of knowing of himself whether Tupper  carried  or lost  the country, until the  . ll./iitfo met, outside of newspaper comment and public opinion.   Tupper asked  him to consent to several appointments.  He knew many.of them were not urgent  and wad anxious to know before he acted  whether or not the recommending niin-  j.stt-r,  Tupper,   wss   supported   in   the  country,  and declined  to do  as asked  until   he'obtained, the information   he  sought.   Then when  the  Governor re  ���������'fused   to act on Tupper's recommendation, according to constitution, he had  no course left but resign.   Had the Governor sanctioned Tupper's recommendations, the. latter could have remained in  oflice until the House met, when a vote  would  have'.shown whether or not he  carried the country.  An Old Miner's Dream.  There   is  an old  miner living near  /-'    .    i /,.;     . "iiucr  nvintr npftr  Central City, in the  Black Hills   S  D  who was a pioneer in that region.    Dur-  ������g  the past few years   he  has su  k  scores   ol   prospect-holes.   He is 'eon-  antlvon the lookout for a .fabuloush*  ���������id mine which,  according to a death-  -ed^s iifement said to have" been  made  I "lib. I'nther De Smit died in St  Uiiisiifow years ago, and the storv  ���������������-.������������l th;; Black Hills that, shot y  bo ore breathing his last, the celebrated  privet uttered these words ��������� Lur*ltc������  ''The richness of gold is in the .Black  Hills.    Ihey   have   not   found   it   yet.  ItWioro^1"08" r0nChe"tl !t'   bllt������0t)et  This old miner is working and searching for the secret.   The  finding 0f   the  mine is his dream by day and by ���������ig* t  Slocan City is being incorporated as a  city sure by Act of parliament.  In addition to our "inade-to-order department, which  will always be kept up to the pink of perfection, we have  put in a fine assortment of all * .  i)  imlW  . y.%_ ?  rnpiiM  Our Boots and Shoes, Underclothino;, and   in fact  all supplies���������just what's wanted iii the camp.    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Buy daily at *2::t0 p. in.; arrives at Kaslo daily  at i n in.  s.N. International lenvos No's ,11 daily at 7  11.in., leaves Pilot Buy daily 111 0:J."> 11.111 .arrives  ut Kaslo dally at. '0:15 a. in. Returning, leaves  KahIo daily nt 1 *> 111. .* leaves Pilot Hn\ daily 111  2,'M p.m.; arrivesat Nelson daily at l:'il) p.m.  B. & N. AND K. V. RYS.  W. QRIMMETT'JS,  Graduate Optician.  I'lisscitfrer train leavesKiiskonook forSpokiinc  daliyon ihearrival 01 .steamer Kaslo connec-  tion" at Booner's Kerry with (Ireat Northern  liver, cast, bound  Leaves Spokane for Kuskonook daily at (".'5  a. ni., making direct coiinc-lion at KuskonoDk  with steamer Kaslo for Nelson and Ktislo.  .Steamers ea'1 at principal landings in both  directions, nnd at other points when signalled.  Tickets sold to all parts in I'anaada and the  t'nitod States.  To ascertain   rates   and   hill    information  addre.SR Roiit. Iuvim; Kaslo. B. 0.  tlKO. Huston, Local Agent.  Canadian   Pacific  and  SOO   Line.  A POINTER"  FIRST-CLASS   SLEEPERS  on all trains from Revelstoke and Koot-  |enay Landing.  TOURIST CARS  pass Dunmore Junction for St. Paul on  ���������Sundays,    Tuesdays,    Thursdays    ,���������,  1- rir ays;   loronto on Mondays and Wednesdays: Montreal and Boston on Satur-  duv e'irlit- 5ai"������ CttrS PaSS *Re,8toke ������111--  tniiiidepartsSa.nl., except Sunday  1 vlU<   rP' fJieve,8t0^., Main Lino aiid  ]       i(   Coast,  connectiup at  Rosebery  I or   Slocan   City,    Nelson,    Rossland,  Hoi.ndary   Country,   and   all   Ration  pniiits via Crow's Nest route.  I'ortime-iablcs,  rates and full i���������f01-.  niiition, (���������nil ,,��������� or address nearest  local  ajjent, or  H. W. ILmihouu, .'gent,,  r   <-.   ,-, Sandon, B. C, or  J"rh,������:wTV' K.'T.Covlk'  J). I .A., Nelson.    A.G.P.A., Vancouver  A(,^7^WASD-L'���������   or QUKEN   Vic  'ohn'('mYlkV&  two reviews in this  Co., CJnelph, Ont.  paper.  ...   -,--,-   Pnperalso  World  Publishing  SKS^ilf^^ ir***Mrm*'zii*,9**i1,2������*?;ki2l. ���������'"y4^  CHILDREN'S TEETH.  IDentLsts urge mothers to take more  care of their children's teeth during  the first years of life. From the time  when the little white points come  pricking through they should be  cleaned carefully at least once a day,  for on the care of these first teeth depends to a great extent the condition  Of the second set. A small soft brush  (should be applied night and morning,  but if only once can be managed, then  at -night.  before it is used; it will then go further.  Fish as a ft>bd contains much the  same proportion of nutriment as meat,  only in a much lighter form.  .A lump of soda laid upon the drain  pipe down which wasto water passes  "will prevent the clogging of tho pipe  with grease.  Chloride of lime is an infallible preventive of rats. It should be put  down their holes and spread about  wherever  they are likely to  appear.  Cayenne pepper blown into the  cracks where ants congregate will  drive them away.  Soap and chalk mixed and rubbed  on mildewed spots will remove them.  'All spices should  be  kept   in  tins,  'A little grated castile soap used two   and ^ sh:cm]d .^  kept  Ln   a    dry  or three times a week is a good thing  pjaoe  for  children's  teeth/ as   well   as  for (    Baked appies are.the moat heaith-  tfctae in older jaws.   A pinch of pre-   ful deasert tha(t can bo nlaced  upcm  cipitated chalk oil the tooth brush  with the soap makes a combination  that cleans the teeth better than anything else.  The first teeth should be watched  closely for cavities, which should be  promptly filled with a soft filling, the  idea 'being to retain the temporary set  until the jaw has stretched sufficiently to receive the second teeth.  . Mothers often excuse a row of  blackened stumps in a* child's mouth,  .with" the remark that "potor teeth are  an inheritance" from one parent to  .the other. This is true, undoubtedly, but it should be the incentive to  redoubled effort on the mother's part.  Two or three generations of care will  produce sound teeth, and that then  iWiill be the heritage passed on. It is  ���������worth any sacrifice to secure this  double  blessing and beauty.  !A point often neglected by mothers  daring the teeth-forming period is to  see that the proper food is supplied.  A teaspoonful of lime water often to  the baby in arms, and later soft-boiled eggs and other bone-producing  floods, should be provided.  PUDDINGS.  Almond Pudding.���������Stir one table-  spobnful of butter into one half cupful of scalded milk; when the butter  is. melted pour it over three ounces of  bread crumbs:. Let cool, then add one  fourth of a cupful of finely chopped  almonds, five drops of extract of bitter almtonad and one fourth cupful of  jgranulated Sugar; stir in two well-  beaten eggs. Turn the mixture into  buttered cups and bake 20 or 30 minutes in a hot oven.  Banana Pudding.���������Cut stale cake  into, thin slices, and line a dish with  them. Cover with bananas sliced thin;  sprinkle with sugar and a very little  lemoax juice. Pour over this a cupful  of rather thin boiled custard, make  another layer of cake.bananas and custard.   Serve cold.  'Apple Pudding.���������Pure, core and  aJLoe onto ugh apples to fill a baking  diah. flutter the dish well, put in a  layer of apples, sweeten to taste and  dot with bits of butter, cover with a  layer of cako sliced thin, stale cake  will do nicely. Continue the layers  until tho dish iu full. Serve hot or cold  and with or without cream.  Orange Pudding.���������To one quart of  milk add one half of a cupful of sugar,  two tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, dissolved' in a little cold water, and the  ���������well-beaten yolks of two-eggs, Grate  the rind and press out the juice of  three oranges. Scald the milk, add the  corn starch, and then the other ingredients. Boil four or five minutes.  Beat the whites of. the egg3 to a stiff  froth, and two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, and spread over the pudding.   Set in a hbt oven to brown.  USEFUL HINTS.  Soap should be kept for some time  the  table.  Good pastry can only bs made when  the ingredients are absolutely cold.  The colder eggs, are, the quicker  they will froth.  A spoonful of vinegar added to the  water in which fis.h is boiled will make  it firm and tendor.  A little vinegar should be kept boiling on the stove while onions or cabbage is being cobked; it will prevent  the disagreeable odor going through  the  hbuse.  Grained wood should be washed with  cold tea, a small surface only at a  time, and1 rubbed well with a flannel  cloth before it becomes dry.  Ammonia painted oyer woodwork  will darken it.  Pickles should never be kept in  glazed ware, as the vinegar forms a  poisonous compound, with the ������*laz-  ing*.  Always well heat a gridiron before  broiling meat, fish, bread or anything  else.  Whole cloves w,ill more effectually  exterminate moths than camphor, tobacco or cedar shavings.  Lemons "will keep a long time if covered with cold water.  ter pound fat to each pound lean. Season with pepper aud salt. Pound in a  mortar one dessertspoonful parsley,  four sage leaves, one small bunch  savory herbs, two blades mace, a little nutmeg, and half teaspoton lemon  peel. Mix thbroujghly with the meatj  put into a mold, and pour over it  enough strong stock to make it moist.  Bake one and one-half hours, aud when  done, allow to oool, When roady tb  serve, cut in thin slices and garnish  with parsley or cross.  A Novel Fruit Dish.���������Cut a pumpkin into a basket with old-fashioned  tub handles. Scrape out the pulp and  seeds. Polish or varnish the rind and  pile high with oranges, apples, pears  and grapes of various colors, letting  them hang over the edge cf the basket.  Cream Tnffy.���������f^ne pint granulated  or coffee A sufraT, half pint water,  three tablespoons vinegar or one teaspoon cream 'artar and butter the  size of a hickory nut. Boil' without  stirring untiV mixture threads froin a  spoon. DPul' as soon as. the candy can  be  handled.  DOMESTIC EECIPES. w  Cherry Pudding.���������Put a pint of  cherries, canned or fresh into an  earthen or enameled dish that can be  set on top of the stove. Make a crust  of ono pint of flour, one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder, a little  salt and sufficient milk to make a  soft dough. Place over the fruit, cover tightly Avith another dish and let  cobk on top of the stove. Do not remove the cover. Cook half an hour,  turn bottom side up, and serve with  rich sauce. There-'should be plenty  ofjuice so that the pudding will not  burn. This pudding is just as good  if baked in the oven, or steamed, and  we think half an hour a short period  for proper cooking of tho crust.  Clove Cake.���������One cup molasses, one  cup sugar, half cup butter, one cup  chbpped raisins, two-thirds cup sour  milk; one teaspoonful each of soda,  cloves and nutmeg; and two of cinnamon ; three cups flour. This is a good  and cheap fruit cake.  Bibbon Cake.���������Cream one cup of  butter with two cups of sugar; add  four well-beaten eggs, a oup of milk,  and throe and a half cups of sifted  flour, to whicli one heaped teaspoonful of baking powder has been added.  Divide the batter into three parts. To  ono add a teaspoonful of melted chocolate and flavor with vanilla; to the  second add- pink fruit colouring and  flavor the third with lemon. Bake in  layer cake tins, put together with boiled icing, the broiwln a-t the bottom,  then the pijak, lastly the white. Ice  the top, coloring it pink.  [Pork Cheese���������Cut 2 lbs cold roast  pork into fine pieocs, allowing quar-  A greiM many women who are other-  vise n<*-at do not give tho care necessary tj keep their toilet belongings  in good condition. Tne brushes and  combs are possibly the most neglected  in this line, some being used without  cleaning for months, and others so  carelessly washed as to' be but little  improved by the process. All hair  brushes should be well washed every  week, and the work should be carefully done., A little pearline added to  half a bowlful of warm rainwater will  make a well cleansing sud. The brush  and combs should be worked quickly  through the water by dipping the  bristles in and out, then rinsed in cold  water and well shaken'. If the brush  backs are (silver or ivory they should  not be wet, but rubbed with a little  whiting and well polished. Comba  should bo washed through; the sud and  well dried. Thus, cared' for brushes and  combs will be purified and cleansed so  as to zniake them healthful for use  and will last much longer than if neglected.  FAMILY PRIDE.  ���������Woodr-I notice Sawyer is very proud  of��������� his family tree,  Slabb���������Well, he ought to be. His  father got his start in the lumber  business. ,  RUSSIA'S BIG RIVER.  i'nvcriintrnf <*t.*il!sflcs Give Sonic intercut  lits DclallN ofltH Trafnr.  Everywhere up the   volga  and  its  hundred  tributaries  ascend  the iron  barges of the Caspian Sea oil fleet,  while    through    the    canals to    St.  Petersburg alone pass; annually, during the 215 days of free navigation,  thousands of    steamers and    barges  bearing  millions  of  tons  of  freight.  Every known means of locomotion is  used, from men, who, like oxen, tramp  the  tow  ���������������������������laths,  hauling  the  smaller  barges, to powerful tugs that creep  along by means of an endless; chain  laid  in  the beds of " the canals  and  minor rivers, dragging after them at  snail  pace great  caravans  of  heavy  barges.     From the greater streams]  imniemse craft nearly 400 feet long,  16 feet in depth, carrying 6,000 tons   ,  of  freight, drift  down . the  Caspian,  where they are broken to pieces to be  used as firewood on thc steamers going up stream.  15,000 MILES OF  RIVER.  In all there are 8,000 miles of navigable waterways in the valley of Volga, or, if the streams which float "the  giant rafts from so large a part  of the traffic of the rivers are included, the mileage is increased to nearly  15,000, or as; much as that of the valley of the Mississippi. -  Fifty mousand rafts are floated  down the Volga annually, many of  them 100 feet long by 7 thick, and  this gives but a.-faint idea of the real  traffic of the river; for in addition  'there are ten rnillion tons of produce  passing up and down the river during  thc open season. Much of this] centres at Nijni Novgorod, To-this famous market steamers; and barges come  from all parts of Russia, bringing  goods to be sold at the great annual  fair, over |&200,000,000 worth of merchandise changing hands in a a few  weeks; 30,000 craft, -jncluding rafts,  are required for this traffic; they  come from as far north as Archangel,  as* far east as: the Urals, ifrom Astra-  kan in, the south, St. Petersburg and  Moscow in the west; while great caravans of shijas: of the desert arrive daily  from all partis of Asia. ...-.".,  The more praise a man bestows; upon himself the wiser he is; not.  H a woman is dressed to kill she ia  a. dangerous associate.  Says Dr. Dillingham of the New York Health Board  ���������The Dreadful After-Effects Most to BeDread-  ��������� ed. '.'.".  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The best plan is lo prevent la grippe,  if possible,'or, once ii victim, (o apply, ������������ th������ upbuilding of the system,  yourself diligently to obtaining what. oauso, it. contains in condensed mil  relief you can, Dr. Chase's Syrup of ' form,! the. most efficient restoratives  Linseed ami Turpentine is  wonderful-   ^no-vn to man.  ly beneficial, because it allays the in-j Qho-ugh only .known in Canada for  fl-immation in the throat and bronchi- a few years, this frmous discovery of  al tubes, locsens lhe cough, heals the D/r. Chase, the Receipt Bbok author,  lungs, and prevents pneumonia or con- has become generally recognized by  Bumpiion. ' physicians and people alike as a great  It is a great mistake, to suppose that  9trengthener and    blood builder.     In  Dr. Chase1,*- Syrup of Linseed and Tur-   no case is it more successful than in  res'twing and reinvigorating a -system wasted by la g/rippe. .Whether,  weakened by overwork, worry or d'w>-  ease. Dr. Chase's Nerve Food will re������-  new vigb&r and vitality. Fifty cents a  bojK, all dealers, or Edjma-oaoii, Baftea  & C������-, Toronto.  penlinc it a mere cough remedy, I, is.  far more. It thoroughly cures the  cold as well, and seems to take the  aches and pains oiit of the bone/3. No  ordinary cough mixture could ever  attain the enormous sale whic** this  medicijue now has.   For old and young  ',������( Tf> THOROUGHLY APPRECIATE TRA jpu havo only to mm  -Cli- Y LOjN  Lyamy lilciiilod, doliciou-iiy flavoured and abaolu'o'y pure.  Lead Paokots   25, 30, 40, 50 and 60o,  THE PAARDEBERG GATE.  McmoricH of Hie ISrUlsli Columbians Who  i������-������ I   i������,���������  i'i��������������������������� >'i i.;:.-.In  Tne citizens of Victoria,, B.C. have  ���������decided upon the forml of their memorial to the brave British Columbiana  .who gave their lives for the Empire  in South Afrioa.  The projeot is to erect on the waterfront of Belleville street, opposite the  main   entrance   of    the   government  buildings, a public water gate or approach frojin the harbour to be   known  aa th* "Paardeberj-r Gate."  .   TJi.i������ stracture will comprise landing,  steps about 100 feet long, leading to a  .platform about 30 feet    wide;    from  thence the level of    the   roadway is  reached by two broad flights with balustrades. The centre of this, platform  "is , to be occupied by  a   bronze    bas-  relief about 6 feet by 3 feet 6   inches,  ' repiresenting the incident of the death  of Sergeant Scott at Paardeberg while  leading his comrades to the attack of  the    Boer positions.     This   bas-relief  eat in the wall, fronting the harbour,  within pilasters and under a pediment  surmounted by the word Paardeberg  Will afford the central motive to the  construction.  The piers at the Iower"end of the  stairs will be surmounted by liona  supporting the arms of the city, those  of the upper end by ornamental light  ���������standards.  This plan provides a large    amount  of masonry work with a   very small  portion, of actual sculpture or bronze  casting; yet thc prominence given to  this later feature at the head of converging steps and  fronting  the  harbour will give great dignity and point  to    the    event   commemorated.   It is  also  proposed to acquire, if possible, a  captured Boer cannon which will'then  occupy an upper platform! above    the  bronze to be approached from Belleville street by three   or four    broad  steps,   ���������.'  The work is to be executed in granite at a cost, including the bronze,  estimated at about $15,000. It is  (thotigiht tjjat ian additional $10,000  would enable the carrying of the  flanking walls on each side as far as  the bridge and the foot of Menzies  street.  -***���������-  HUMOROUS.  A brught ten-year-aLd girl,    whose  j addicted to amateur photo-  "������(  ^dphy, attended atrial at oourt the  cxthor day for the first time. This  was her account of the judge'3 charge  The judge nuo.de a long speech to the  jury of twelve man, and then sent  them' off into a little dark room to  develop.   .  KEEPING THJ3 OBLLAB SWEET.  When cellars become musty or foul  odors a."e noticed, the best thing, to  do is tocloscall thc doors'and windows  and burn enough sulphur to fill the  cellar room with dense fumes. Leave it  clotsed for an hour or two, and then  open the doiors and windows. Next  whitewash' the walls and ceiling with i   ~ "  two coats of good whitewash. Sulphur.)   gas is heavy and settles; hence care  must be useH tol agitato the air in  the ceflar by selecting a windy day  far the work. Sulphur fumes will de-  Btroy all kinds of germs.  I To w-Ki for mt  Oon-gilatt Oata-  logue of Sheet  Musio and Books  with Spooinl nitos  of discount  WHALEY,  ROYCE & Go.  IBS "Ton-re St.  Toronto, eat.  irdtttiujutllm  figfe sIsBatera to ������a vrmUa of ������b������ esnafea  I was ������aired of lame back, after suffering 15 years by MENAED'S LINT-  MlENT.  Two Rivers, W. 8,   BOBERT ROSS.  X was ' o������re4   of ..Diphtheria,   after  i-'-.failed.'  rw  MENT.  Atttigpnish;.  I was culred/ ot contraction of, muscles by MINARDI������ LINIMENT.  MR& SAUNDERS.  ,    ,        ������ ^v*   . * .-���������*-*h*'**,<-u***.*-*.>    aiier  I iS^Sm   t^lle4'   b,r   MINARD-S LINI-  J.QBN A. FOHET.  THE MAN BEHIND THE MULES.  During General White's sortie from  Ladysinith, the British battery mules  onl the left were stampeded. The  captain of one of the batteries. ��������� see-  ing" his first SergetxM flying by with  the first gun, shouted angrily:.  Mi, bit I Where are you going?  To whioh the gunner curtly replied:  Hanged if I know, 1   Ask the raulefl I  Minard's Liniment Cures Garget in Gows,  FAMILY TIBS.  HoiW, olose is your relationship  to  that millionaire?  Oh, his brother married my brother-in-law's, sister. r  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  NEIGHBORLY.  Husband���������Isn't it .about time Mrs.  Borrore was returning our call t  Wife���������Year-, but if (she, does return it  it will be more than .she does with the  other things she gets from us.  FOR OVBR PIPTY YBARft  ME8 WCTSLOW-fl SOOTHING STBT/P hu be������  .*J*wd by mothers for their children teething. It soothei  tha child, aoftens the gums, allays nam, cares wind col lot  $a& I ��������� tha beat remedy for diarrhoea, 25c t> bottle. Sold  bjr all dnuxista throughout the world. B������ auiw and m*  for''Mw. Wln-Jow'o Soothing Syrup.*-  ��������� -  ������... irulA,  Soothing Syrup.  NOT IN A CONDITION.  Didn't  your wife  sympathise   with  you' when you had the grip t  NO*; ahe had it herself.  [ Minard's Liniment (iures Colds, etc.  The last census! of Russia gives the  population at 136,000,000. This is a  gain of 71 per cent., since 1780. A good  part of the growth has oeen by annexation.  $100 Howard, $100.  Tho reader* of this paper will be pleased to  learn that there is at least one dreaded dUeasa  that ���������denes has been able to oure in all its  stage* and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh  Care lathe only positive cure now known ta  the medioal fraternity. Catarrh beinf"* a cone*  titutiona' disease, requires a constitutional  treatment. Hall's Catarrh Care is taken internally, acting: directly upon the blood and  mucous surfaces of the system, thereby destroying: : the foundation of the disease, and  oririno- thn tM.Mj.M-, o*-~���������*������- -���������*���������"-���������  JUBILEE &������>&&*  xeaettmsmstatmemeetmimmteeemtmtmemm    that ia requisite to M>  ������Ib8 Ui������ Isltr in gainlDg the beaefltoo/ tha Jubilee, Mo,-  P. &J. fiadll a*- J*- Co., Montreal.  jUEEM PCTOBIA.  . Her Life and Glorious Reign makes the greatest  Biography ever written. We want a fen* more agent*  tfaMlve memorial volume Urlohly lllufltratcd. HemaA  ebly!o*T*-rloeforsuoham������--tiiflcentboo'*.Noeiperienoi  or eapital neoe-usarjr; expeaaire outfit free; freight paid*  t-ookiontlma. An*rbodycanmakefrom5tj--910mrda--;  Write quiok. J. It, NlckoH k Co., Pablinhem, Torootx*  Canada.    Atrial package of Cox'a rat-StUrt   _^. Cur* tor Pile* will be Mat free It  (iny eddiJ������������on,R������*(-?������of tiro seat ttanp.    Wokijlfe, aa  Creacr ������������J������*   AddreM, THE H0*FOBIXQ     BTSfiV  flauMgra Caalnsrs���������Netr nnporutioiis ������neet Esalis)-  Siicep and Amwjoan JSag Casins3-reJUta������j|ood������ ������k  ri������ht prion.  PABK, BLAOKWELL ft CO., "Toronto,  SLATB, TILE and    ~ oouolas bro*.,  METAL ROOFS roao-^"1^ "oka  and Sheet Metal fforke.  ROOFING SLATE, in Blaek,  Bed or Green. SLATE BLACKBOARDS. (Wesapplr  Public and High Schools, Toronto). Rooflns Felt, Pitoh,  Coal Tar, eta ROOFING TILE (Sno New City Bull*.  ingt, Toronto, done by our firm). Metal CoilinjB, Oor-  aioei, eta Efitimite������ furnished for work complete or for  materials shipped to any part of the country. Phone 1981.  AGENTS Sail Queen's Mournins* and  King: Edward Genuine Photograph  Buttons���������ton oente each, forty osnts dozen,  PHOTO JEWELLERY MANUPftOTURINC 00., TORONTO.   Mention this paper.  A GENTS-1'LIFE AND TIMES  OP QUEEN VIO.  tona "-containinga full r.cfou*"- of tho moat illua-  trioiis reign in thf history of the hoH(1 ; including the  early lite of her Majesty, her accos: iui. .0 the throne and  coronation; tnnrringe to Prince Albert; great erents   '  during the brilliant reign, personal traits and charao-  teristics that endeared her to the people; graphlo dea-  enptioa of/her. charniing home life; noble qualities as  wife and mother; wonderful growth of the British Empire, etc.,.together with a ckotch of the life of-Kins  Edwr-rd VII.. written by A. L. Merrill, fS.A.; the moall  complete and  authentic life of  England's illustrious  Queen; embellished with more than 100 superb engrar*  logs of historic scenes, portraits, etc.; nearly six hundred pages; price ?1.75; oucfJb free to experienced canvassers; we   pay freight; give credit, premiums, and  liberal commissions; no promises broken.   The old and  reliable company, Parish Publishing Co., Toronto.  ! CONTRARY TO HUMAN NATURE.  When a foot-ball match was being  played in Enaylaad a clergyanan walked up *o a group of boys who were  clustering round the gates and asked  them if they would like to go inside.  Try us, mister, they cried in a  breath.  Then you shall; but first you must  promise not to shout, went on the  gentleman.  The eager light in the boys' eyes  died out at this and one of their  ���������nunuber looked at the parson reproachfully, and said;  Keep yorur money. If ye was to tie  my tongue down wi* a gold chain ah  couldn't help shoutin' when our side  scored  a goal.  (RECIPE  FOR BRIDAL SALAD.  'A salad for a wedding breakfast or  dinner  13 made as foJlows:   Shred a  quarter of    a   now   cabbage as fine  as the petals of a chrysanthemum. Remove tho seeds from two sweet green  peppers of medium size and slice thorn  ��������� to  very' fine  rings;    then  Blice one  medium-sized onion as thin as possible.  Mix  thcae   ingredients   together  and  lay them %htly In a salad bowl; surround  them .with quarters of toma-  toea; pour a dressing' over all com-  posed of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper,  aaid tsWevai. 1 '��������� /  ,  ���������.������������������>   Wruikles aare little ruta made by  6Si������ uriteelffi ot tijEBA-     . ,   ,    .       .  ! Th'oee folks next door didn't invite  ���������uls to* their reception.  Hbw queer 1  Yeis; afterwards* they sent <us over  a platter of the refreshments.  work.  The proprietor have ���������T much SSL ta   viotoria.6"��������� ^hU% ."^- iliu.trio?.' E /ffi  ar^DoV.I���������1'^6"1 thafc ft^ offer SneHa-S    ahortl?; ail tte.&S'L? \?0^"4' *"$* tS  Hall'aF-wnilyPiifa are the best  Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.  IT MIGHT BE WORSE.  Take  the trouble life allots you,  Bear it "with' a c'oiurage bright;  If yotu hiad to cftoose your trouble,  You.' would be in fiadder plight.   ,  H-tf-w did you get on conversing with  that Fretnch lady?  All rijght; my Fretnch' waisn't any  worse   than her iEng-li������h.  W PC 1064  etc., win bo riven ��������� this. will 1 ,l-ome������'t������t death, buriaL  written, beautifuHy illuStm/.rte " ifp1i������ble work, ireill  price remarkablj'low for^ ������������������7e11 >bolm������ !"d th8  51.50; send in your n������m������ 0y,al ������?Uvo boo!t* ������^  which'is now befng preZed '^1!nrde/-,for an outfi^  andthesame..:ilbe^ in ^-6p*-e'i,ly M P������B������'ble.  no charge for outfit f ,^y "-..Ofdw as received  paid; no, territory ������sfi���������p,ii������,l��������� ���������e*".. bo-loess; frei������h8  ft or someone wiil get ahead otyo'u.^'1 W .tbSnk. *hwi  WILLIAM  BRIQQs,  Methodlet Boob and Publlohlne flou.e, Toreflt*  THE MO8T NUTRITIOUS.  M9NTRBAL HOTCi. DIRBOTORV. -     AAiQRni   IH  AV������W������E HOUSE   ftfe*-* ^ A OISUXRilf  QRATEFUL-OOMFORTiMQ.  RESiGrNArro^r.  She���������Didn't you marrj* me for better or -worse P  He-���������WtoV my dear.   Tou  were good  enoiujgh.   I didn't .want you any better.  For all ekln ailments.  IJ- c' S������������������8rt A Co., Manoheeter, England  BREAKPA8T-8U PPBB.  GREEN OR BLACK,  "Pure tea oalms, restores and cheers those in distress."  DRINK IT.  A free samp e of delicious SAUDA Tea sent on recetet af  postal mentfonin-r wnlch you drtok-Black. Jtaei. t������ torn  Debentures.  Debentures for $roo and  upwards are issued for terms  cf one, two, three, four or five  years. Coupons are attached  for interest from the date on  which the money is received at  four per cent, p.r annum, payable half-yearly.  INVESTIGATION   80LIOITED.  The Canada Pornjanent & Western  Oflusada gSert^afs Corporation,  I etMi t Teraato St.. Tar*mta.  mm������ THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday,  March 9,  1901.  Diary of a Restaurant Boarder,  Monday.  .Roast beef to-night for dinner!  I ate to beat the Dutch,  A treat like that's unusual,  We don't get many such.  Tuesday.  Tlie aftermath we've garnered  Of yesterday's delight,  From that fine roast they gave us  Some nice cold cuts to-night.'  Wednesday.  That luscious roast of Monday  Is lingering with us yet;  "lVas served to us this evening,  Disguised as beef croquette.  Thursday.  It seems Skinflint's investment  In roast was not so rash,  As we supposed.   Tin's evening,  'Twas served again���������as hash.  ��������� Friday.  To-day we all were grateful  To get a little fish,  No beef, we hope, remaining  To form another dish.  Saturday.  Ah me!   To-night we greeted  Once more our dear old friend���������  The beef bones boiled for "potage"  "Well this must be the end.  Sunday.  Gee whizz!   This beats the record !  Last Thursday's hash���������Oh  my!���������  With crust and raisins added.  Is soived as mincemeat pie.  Wit and Humor.  Little drops of waler.  Poured into the milk,  Make the milkman's do lighter  Dress herself in silk.  Kisses are worth their face value.  A brick can become a smooth article  when it is hard pressed.  Crows are wise birds���������they never do  anything without caws.  The way to get rid of a tree of its  hark is to skin it. This is also applicable to dogs.  . He���������"some   tunes    quite   carry   me  away." ;  She���������"Only tell me one, and I will  play it with great pleasure.  k Ould fro Ono.  f  Hill, Rockefeller & Co. have bought a  controlling interest in Crow's Nest Pass  coalfields from Cox,. Jafl'ray & Co.,which  means they are intended as a feeder for  the smelter trust across the line. This,  of couse, in the interest of the province,  should be checkmated. Hill, in turn, is  asking the British Columbia parliament  for a railroad charier to connect his  American lines with the coalfields..' The  British Columbia people want more  railways, they want cheap access to the  American smelters, and they want local  smelters properly encouraged. The proposition is to make the best terms possible to secure;-all three. The C. P. R.  has done well by thc country, but it will  do better with a second road.       ..'  Provincial smelters are . most advantageous, but it is well to have access to  two systems and all markets for our  ores.  it is now the duty of the B. 0. legis- ���������  latnrc to see,we get a quit pro quo in j  railway matters. If Hill gels a charter,  it should be distinctly settled that we  get cheap rates lo the American smelters  that the government has control of rates  over the proposed lines, and that B. C.  demand is supplied with coal before export is allowed. Such stipulations in-  volve a-15 mat deal of legislation, but  they are possible and should be secured  before If ill gets hie pound of flesh.  Certificate of Improvements.  . Jobbers and Retailers in  Hardware  and  ning* Supplies  T* Rails and Track Iron,  Crow's Nest Coal,  Bar and Sheet Iron,  Jessop & Canton Steel for Hand and  Machine Drills,  Powder, Caps, Fuse,  Iron Pipe and Fittings, "  Oils, Waste, etc.,  Mine or Mill Supplie-" of all kind---,  Agents Traux Automatic Ore.Cars.  MINERS'  SUF^F^LiIElS. c  1 -J-  Gold Seal White Rubber Coats    | Hip Rubber Boots, leather soles  Black and Yellow Oil Coats I Knee Rubber Boots, leather soles  Blankets, Pillows, Quilts, etc. ,  CALL AND GET OUR PRICES.  RECO AVENUE.  Our Present.Stock of  Head Office-  Stores at  -Nelson, B.C.  Nelson, B.C.   Kaslo, B.C.   Sandon, B.C.  Clothes Cleaned,  Pressed  and Repaired  AT THE   I.   X.  L.   TAILOR   bHOP,  Opposite Union Hotel,  F.  PHILLIPS,  Proprietor.  Wall Paper TCust Be Sold  in order to make room for a new stock  that is coming from the east shortly.  CLIFFE'5 BOOKSTORE.  Alta Lodge, No. 29.  A. iVAND A. Jf.  .Regular fnniinuticiitiotror the lodge.  Meets lirst Thursday in each month at S *>.  Visiting- brethren conlialh* invited.  THOS. BROWN, Sec'y.  NOTICE:���������Krie Minenil Claim, .sitimtc in the  Slogan Aliimi'- Division of West Kooteimv  District.  Where located: On ti. K. I.ce mount-tin,  adjoining Iho Mitnietipnll-j claim.  Take notice that I, I'. M. Haves, acting as  ajj-ent for the Erie Mining it Milling ('ompfniv,  Limited, of Sandon, Free Mlner'B ('ertillcaie  No. J* 21IJ21, intend, sixty days from the date  hereof, to ui-ply to the Alining Necorder for a  Certificate of Improvement*), for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grunt of the above claim.  And further take notice lhat action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this Oth day of March, 1901.  J'. Al..Jf A YES.  ��������� eii(tt(i������������9������������ci������(������������������((i������������i  IF YOU WANT  ANYTHING IN  Cutlery  .Stoves'.',  Slay- Bells  Wo can  show  you  Home nice lines in  these goods at reasonable prices.  HARRY NASH.  Jn the new stand, oppositeC.I'.K, depot.  Apples I.     -/Vpples!  Tills MonlJi It's Apples-Hot Med Apples,.-  But fresh Winter Apples���������fresh from our farm in the Okanagon  valley���������Norther Spys, Bell Flowers, Kings, Baldwins, Spitzburg  and all other varities. >  Cody'-Avenue'.  JALLAND BROS.  FOLLioTT & . McMillan  Contractors  emd BiailcLer^s.  Dealers fn Rou^K and Dressed Lumber, Coast  Flooring  and Joint FfntsKin������ Lumber TQouIdfn������, Etc.  SASH AND DOOR ON HAND TO ORDER.   JOBBING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO.  FACTORY ON MAIN STREET.  9tl8������t������������ttlO������(������������ltttlt  ��������� ������������������������  J.  W.  BALMAIN,  Civil   Engineer,   Architect,   Ktc.  i'. O. lio.v 170.  SANDON, ISIUTI.SII t'OUJMJUA.  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP Jim  To und from European points via (Jaiiiid'nn  and-American linen.   Apply for ���������iiiillnifilnin*  jatcs and full information to auv (,*��������� l> u ������������������,,���������/  .or H. W. Harbour, ArciiI, Sandon  W.P. P. Cummlnss, Ci'cn.S.S. A|*ciii,\Vi*uii-ieg  Dealers inTQeafs  AT SANDON  ROSSLANJ). "NELSON, KASLO, WLOT BAY, THREE FORKS, SLOCAN CITY.  amuftMoaam-JMaia-'-g  wmrtt^irBSBmsmmamaBtmmiesmiaaB  wemmmmummi  mmsxmaiumixmm


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