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Mining Review Mar 12, 1898

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 i������\  -yy*-4jHsz������^*'.  VOL. 1.    NO. 38.  SANDON, B. C, SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1898.  PRICE FIVE CENTS.  OUR MHP I.  A Patriotic Speech by a Canadian,  Mr. D'Arcy Magee.  The following letter from Mr. D'Arcy  H. MacMahon, a son of Mr. Justice  MacMahon, appeared in a recent issue  of the Ottawa Citizen :  "After  reading   a   speech   of Hon.  D'Arcy McGee's. delivered in London  in 1896, one  is impressed  by the marvellous  change   in   feeling   that   has  taken place iu respect to tlie colonies  during the time  that  has since intervened.   In that speech he refers to the  then  not inconsiderable   minority of  those   who in   Great Britain   devoted  themselves to the consideration of thc  colonial question as being  adverse  to  thc retention   by England  of her   colonics in  North America.   He said :���������  'Now I know well   there is  an  active  propagandist   school   growing   up   in  England,  who teach the'paradox  that  by diminishing the area of England's  responsibility they  can   imcreaso the  volume'of England's power ;  that  the  true way to niiik? their country greater  is  to make her less,  and  to  increase  her perpendicular she must diminish  her base (Laughter).    [ will only  answer to   that   style   of  argument   by  pointing to the facts  as they exist in  North   America.     A   great   power, a  first-class power, has grown into being  on this  continent within  a century;  that groat Pacific power has become a  first-class   military power within  the  present decade, and  when,  I ask  the  anti-colonial doctrinarians did ever a  new nation inherit  the tempting estate of power without using and enjoy-  present was 150.   The manner in which  the intruders were detected is interesting.    As usual, each guest, on advancing to  the  entrance of the receiving  room, was told  by an official to "give  your name to tho officers who will present you."   The name of each   gurst  was called out twice, first by the officer  introducing to the President, and again  by the officer who mads the presentation    to   Mrs.   McKinley.      Trie   announcement   was made with distinctness.   But this year an attache ot the  White House stood in a secluded nook  .ind took down every   name that was  called    out.      Comparison   with   the  roster of the invited  was made subsequently, and in this way the names of  the uninvited were singled out and the  black-list  was created.   This was not  all.    Doorkeepers from the Senate and  Mouse were present to add their knowledge of faces to that  of   lhe  White  House   ushers.    Alphabetical lists  of  the invited were in  the  possession of  the officials.    When   there  was doubt  about anyone the lists were c������nsulted.  Some of the uninvited  were asked for  their addresses.   Subsequently letters  were addressed to several ol those who  had   come, without invitation  asking  for explanations of the breach.    Most  of the letters  were ignored.     Several  replied, laying the blame on Congress  men, from whom  thev claim   to have  received   verbal   invitations.     Half n  dozen department people were caught,  and their cases were referred to superior o'" cials.  This and That.  THE GREAT NOTHERN EXTENSION.  ing it? (Cheers.) ^Commercially, England and America are inclined to be  rivals, not allies���������rivds on land, rivals  on sea. If a commercial policy be the  be-all and the end-all of British statesmanship how will they maintain that  policy, how will they hold their own  on the Atlantic or Pacific without a  post or a fort on either ocean which  the j* can call their own ? (Cheers.) If  I were an Englishman, I would resent,  as thc worst species of incivism, such  articles as those of the anti-colonist  Bcctii.n; being a (.'annilian representative 1 content myself with saying that  I firmly believe no other influence  would'havo such a tonde'icy���������slid it rise  to Imperial proportions���������to estrange.,  these provinces altogether from thc  Mother Country as the evil influence  of the new light political philosophy.  (Cheers.)  ���������'No one questions that, through the  Jubilee celebrations interest, has been  centered in the colonies ; an incentive  has been giv-n to tlie 'study of their  resources, and a greater consideration  of the advantages they afford as a field  for Lhe capitalist and the emigrant,  and untold benefits must necessarily  result to tlie Dominion by being thus  prominently and favorably brought to  the attention of tho whole world. But  what is of more importance to us is  t .at on that occasion arid in the heart  of the Empire, with .universal acclaim,  we were welcomed as part of the great  British federation.over which the protecting arm ol the Empire would ever  be stretched for the preservation of  out* territory as an integral part of the  Greater Britain. V  "There is no longer any hostility in  England to colonial connection; and  whatever lukewarmness may have existed to such connection at the tiiue  Mr. Chamberlain assumed office as  ���������Colonial Secretary has been entirely  .dispelled by the virile force with  which that office has be<n administered, aided by the thorough knowledge which ho is shown to possess1 of  our requirements.  Another   Surveying   Party    Will    Start  From Nelson.  N. D. Miller, C. N. Miller, G. Keefer  and H. Nation are superintending the  extension of the Great Northern from  Bonner's Ferry to the Boundary line,  says thc Nelson Tribune. Mr. Nation  is tlie son of tho financial backer of  the Nelson & Bedlington railway. The  proposed line joins tl.c Great Northern  near the depot at Bonner's Ferry and  crosses the Kootenay river below the  old landing. It then skirts the foothills above high water mark. Another  sur-py gang will be put on from this  end and two or three lines run; from  which a definite grade will be selected.  To the Editor of The Mining Review:  Sir,���������It seems, by  their silence,  the  Kaslo papers   are unable to reply   fo  your   very  pertinent questions  about  their  pay   roll   and  shipping   mine.'*.  With your kind permission  I will endeavor, in the interests of the  city of  Sandon, to answer some of those question."; by submitting a few facts, which  every Sandonite ns well aR myself can  see, are daily brought   to our notice.  Now,  take any of our mines  adjacent  to Sandon,   the   Slocan Star,   for instance.   Fourteen men were paid off a  short time ago, they had dinner at the  mine, then made a bee-line  for the K.  & S. depot with their blanket-), then to  the Bank to get  their cheques cashed,  thou off on the t**ain to Kaslo.    There,  before 4S  hours   were passed,   thn-c-  qnarters of their earnings were spent  chiefly in liquor, fun and   a small per-  ci ntitge  in useful merchandise., This  is    not  by    any    means   an   isolated  ease, nor   is it   confined   strictly   to  miners   alone.      1-or   instance,    what  about the brigade  of snows hovellers  who     went   to   Kaslo,    drew     their  pay,   blew   it   in and    came  back lo  Sandon biv/kc.    Numerous instances of  this kind  can be quoted  if necessary.  Some go farther away -than Kaslo for  the desired fun and recreation,  after,  probably, several months  hard  work.  Consequently these mines are of more  benetit to Kaslo and other towns than  to Sandon, and in more ways than one.  Where do  they purchase the majority  of their supplies  for cither hoarding  house or mine?   Eequire into this and  you will find   that not.  more, than 10  per cent, is purchased  here locally.    1  think it is   very plain to an observing  man that  Kaslo   lias r some claim   to  place these mines' on her shipping list  and pay roll.  Now, Sir,   why is this thus ?    What  do the miners say,   "Oh,  thete'snoth-  two general stores, drug stori, blacksmith fdioi'., livery and feed stable--,  and with the opening of spiring will  have a brick plui.t, and now has two  saw mills, which find ready sale for all  the lumber they can cut for- building  and railroad purposes. Messrs. Me-  Mahon brothers were thc first to start,  business there, and their trade has so  increased that thev now have one of  lhe largest mercantile institutions in  the East Kootenay.  A telephone line is now being constructed between Fort Steele and  r>ioyic, and will be in operation by  March lo, and it is the intention of  this company to connect all ihe mining camps with Fort, Steele as fast as  it j.������, practical to do so.���������Spokesman-  Review.  i m m.  To Resume Operations in About 10  Days With a Force of 30  Men or More.  DEATH- IS KINO: CHAOS REIGNS.  Death Rules the Trails Leading   to   the  Land of Gold.  White House Black List,  . lhe United States White House has  a black list. It is an interesting sou ���������*���������  enir of this season's receptions. It  goes  to prove that there arc persons  who own line clothes and who are not  so thin-skinned'.'as to remain away  from places to which they aire not invited. The invitations given this year  to the White House receptions were  prepared with unusual care. Lists of  the invited were kept, and'sards' were  issued to tho individuals hy name.  The heretofore, indefinite and indiscriminate "and ladies" was riot employed. That there might be no misunderstandings, the secretary to the  president; Mr. Porter, and the. gentlemen associated with hi in in the management of details, let it be known  through the newspapers that steps  would be taken to detect any who  came without invitations. But the  method to be employed was not explained. The trap was set and it did  its duty. At one reception 213 persons  who had not been invited came to'the  White House and participated. At  another affair the number ������f uninvited  Obituary.  Chief Justice Davie died at his residence, Victoria, on Monday last. For  many years the deceased had been a  central figure in B. C. polities, was for  .some years premier, which position  lie resigned to accept the Chief Justiceship of thc province. The deceased  wag born in March 1852 at Brixton,  England. He came to this province  with his father when but 10 years old.  lie never had more than an ordinary  English education which he got at a  private school. He was admitted to  'practise'as an attorney at 21 years of  age, and was appointed -a. Q. C. in 1888.  He entered politics in 18S2, became a  minister in 18S8, and soon after premier oh tlie death of Premier, Robson.  He was practically;a. self-made man,  but was possessed of fine abilities.  Though never a pleasing speaker his  addresses werealwaysdistinguished for  their commonsense. ..Itis more than  likely Attorney-General Eberts will be  chosen his successor, that is if politics  at Ottawa are not too strong for the  time being.- . ���������  In the Legislature.  Victoria, March���������Delays continue  with the Legislature, for while it was  expected to see the. estimates presented and the Lieutenant-Governor  attend to. assent to the Revised Statutes  bill, these.anticipations were not realized. His Honor's official visit is now  arranged for to-morrow, while the estimates will crime down on Monday.  This afternoon's session was short and  barren, the chief .interest was lying  in the petitions presented. One of  these was from A. A.. Far well, ,of  Harrison Hot Springs, regarding  the substitution of tin automatic ball  ballot for th'** paper ballot iiv elections,  and asking for .nn opportunity to exhibit his unique invention to the  House A'ith'the end that'it may be  given,a toit at tlie ap-iroachiiiggeneral  contest. Another'comes, from residents of Vancouver opposing tho proposed amendments to the charter for  the purpose off-ranting a. tax exemption to the Canadian Pacific.  mg in Sandon, thc hotel keepers are  without, anything to entertain them,  some even do not fake a newspaper.  They are behind the times in thc  matter of entertainment." The snow  shovellers and others say pretty much  the same thing. What do the mine  owners say for not dealing here more  exclusively ?,Sim ply,' We can do much  better outside! " Th is is a matter that  our-local merchants shoulcMook into.  Some of the mine owners are not adverse to en.dosing parcels of T. Eaton's  dry goods in a car load of hardware.  This practice must be good for the  local dry goods men, and does not hurt  the hardware trade.  If Sandon is to grow and prosper  some means should be adopted to hold  thc money in town. Opportunities  should be given and encouraged ior  catering to the peculiar requirements  of the country. Business men will  only add to their trade and profit by  making it possible for the mines to get  their supplies through them. Hotel  keepers should look more sharph after  the comfort and requirements of their  patrons. Amusements of .various  kinds should be provided to meet the  demand,, and of such a nature that  those who go elsewhere will soon be  brought.to know things can be had in  Sandon equal to any outside. And not  only that, but outsiders will soon find  their way here instead of other points.  Our city council and the public generally ought to wake up and redeem  this city before it is too late and our  population gone.  I think the different churches here  ought to provide entertainments of a  secular character, of such an attractive  nature that the public would not willingly miss them. John Wesley said  hedid'not see what right the devil had  to all the best music. 1 write these  few lines in the interest and welfare of  Sandon, and trust they will have that  effect.   I beg to remain  Yours truly,  Awake.  Vancouver, March 1.���������Tlie following  letter was  received   hy   your   corre���������  pondent to day from one of Mackenzie  ami Mann staff, dated   Wrangel,   February 23:  "The steamer Joan with the  lirst outfit   of   the   Mackenzie   party,  eighty   men   and    thirty-six    horses,  reached Wrangel   on   the   22nd.      At  Dixon's Entrance  the Joan   narrowly  escaped destruction in the  fog and   a  furious storm.   She ran  ashore,   and,  but for the magnificent seamanship of  Captain Lock, another wreck with   all  hands lost would have been chronicled.  All other   steamers   will   be   delayed  three days, as they dared not face the  terrible storm.  "Wrangel is crowded beyond my  power to describe. Everything is wide  open. Roulette. Black Tack, faro,  three card monte, and old fake "times  are runninj- full blast. Lumber is extremely scarce It has all been bought  up at fabulous prices, but there is not  enough!. People are sleeping on  verandas, in the Catholic mission  house, and on boards in the open.  Wherever there is a sheltered spot  they aro packed together like sardines  in a can. For pork and beans and a  six-by-three board, yon are assessed  a dollar and a half a day. Many sleep  in the snow and cerebro spinal meningitis is carrying off numbers. The  miners call cill it "Come and get us."  "Heaven only knows where thc next  rii.sh of-peoplo are going Lop'ut up.    So-  one is going over the trail. It took  four men and ten dogs 15 days to make  10 miles. Tho road is clear for fifteen  miles, then the wind cannot bct. faced  by man or 'icust. The snow is 10 I'cet  deep on the ic>\  "By these moans 1,000 miners arc  blocked at the Stickecn river. People  coming in from Skagway and Dyea  declared that death is king and chaos  reigns. Death camps on the trails and  in the towns. At Skagway tho death  rate, chiefly from spiHal meningitis,  is ten per day. On the trails many  deaths are occurring, but the names of  and the number of victims will not be  known for a long time to come.  "Neil Keith is in charge of the Mackenzie and Man party. His staff consists of,Dr. Clendcning, Lindsay ; Bert  Meek, Winnipeg; Fred Caldcr, Winnipeg ; A.. M. Burns, Montreal, and E. It;'  Weldon, St. Thomas.  One of the first straws to occasion the  present dullness in trade was tho stoppage of the Noble Five last fall throwing some eighty mei out of employment, and the Inability of those of  them who remained around to getem-  ployment since. It looks, however, as  if a return of the good times would  souri again set in.  For some time it has   hern   noised  around that James Dunsinuir, ol*   Victoria, were   putting   money   into   thc  initio and that it would shortly pay its  debts and   resume   operations   again.  From whom the money is  coming   we  know not, nor does it concern the public.   Suffice it then to sny  that   some  SloO.OOO has been secured,  lo   pay   off  the SGO.OOO indebtedness, mostly to the  Bank of B. N. A. and ret ain'thc remaining $90,000 for development and   working expenses.    We understand   Mr.  J.  G. McGuigan, who was in town. Thursday, and went up to'the mine over the I  Reco trail, was   mainly   instrumental  in bringing about this happy condition  of tilings, and he is  to   be retained an  manager, and Mr. G. B.   McDonald   as  ������������������u conn taut.  We believe the main desire of the  new manageniein is to promote development to perfection, shipping little  if any for sometime. The mine is  generally supposed to be a good one,  the plant, coni-entrator and trani are  unexcelled,in the country, and all that  it required is good management for a  time to drift the institution oyer all  difficulties. Some 30 or more miners  will be at work in a few days and  under tho foremanship of Tom McGuigan and the management named  above, there is no doubt, but that the  .Noble Five will soon again retain its  once prominent position and assist  much in giving a now impetus to  mining operations in this portion of  the country.  , thing about the height and size ol  the  French pretendu.   The   barrister   immediately order for this aJJy   the   exact counterpart of every suit  already  ordered by the Marquis.   The lirst day  at dinner the poor young Marquis was  rather disconcerted whenj upon entering   the   dining   room,    his    glance  alignted on  the  very   counterpart   of  himself, standing stiff and self-centred  behind the Englishman's   chair;   and  he looked angrily at his rival to sec if  any insult was intended, but the   Englishman was intent upon making himself agreeable to the lady to notice hi ���������  milled temper.   The second   day   the  same scene was enacted, although our  hero had completely changed even tlie  stylo of his whole tournure; and again  \\';iK the same ill-humor displayed during the whole of dinner, while the Englishman was profiling by   the  silence  of his   witty   rival.      Tie   third   and  fourth were too ridiculous.   Theyoung  Marquis, too clever and too much   the  man of the world not to   feel   the   absurdity of his position,;prudently withdrew.  With Scissors and Pen.  The 700 feet level has been  on the Le Eoi.  reached  The Federal Capital  Montana   Bi-Mettalists  Organizing.  Ore Values  LIVELY MOYIE CITY.  Growth of the Flourishing Town on the  Crow's Nest  Road.  GREAT MUSIC. OFFER.  Send us the names and addresses of  three or more performers on the piano  or organ, tugether with ten cents in  silver or postage, and we will mail you  five pieces full sheet music size, consisting of popular songs, waltzes,  marches^ etc., arranged for the. piano  and organ.    Address,  Chicago Book & News Co,  215-221 Wabash Ave.,    Chicago, 111.  Probably, as 'much'improvement has  taken place at.Moyie City, situated on  the Movie lake at the base of the  mountain which holds the celebrated  Eugene group, as any place in tho East  Koqtenays. While all of these groups  are working, the forces are small, the  owners preferring the rnilroad for shipment of ores. Several thousand tons  of lead and silver ore are oh the dumps  awaiting shipment, while across the  lake on the west side Capt. Sanborne  and others have struck a vein of ore  which runs higher than the St. Eugene, although the lead is not so wide.  There are ten or fifteen other locations  on that side of the lake, all showing  more or less mineral of high grade.  Moyie City   now has three hotels,  You hear people saying every day the  Slocan would perhaps be the greatest  mining centre of the world, if only the  metal was gold instead of silver. . This  kind of talk is all bosh, and altogether  unworthy of any man fa his natural  senses, as it is results count in mining  and not theory or speculations. Let us  look at practical operations for a moment. Though ton for ton there is no  silver mine in the world that gives better  results than the Reco here, yet there are  many in this section whose outputs.  Now, for two years, 1S95 and 1S96,  the gold output of the West Kootenay  mines was 57,768 tons, averaging $34.17  per ton. Lest we should be accused of  making an unfair comparison for silver  by quoting the results of the Reco alone,  we may say in '95 and '96 the average  of the Slocan .silver-lend mines was  SI i6.03 per ton. We have-ih'eu >!?110.03  from silver-lead mines in this section  against $34.17 from gold mining. No  one believes silver is going to'drop much  lower than it has-iaverajjed in 1895 and  1890, but even if it should, at this difference in the results of operation the mine  owners could stand it aud still have  much more satisfactory returns than  their gold confreres have in other sections of the country.  Helena Independent: The state  p**ess Is discussing tho question of- a  union of bi-mctallic forces of Montana  for the fall campaign, naturally evoked  by the addresses recently issued by  the chairman of the national committees of the democratic, populist and  silver republican parties. A diversity  of opinion is manifested. The Demo  cratic party, which has the least to  gain by such union, for the reason  that it can achieve succt ss without  the aid of its former allies, is apparently thc least riisttirbid over the  situation. It is ready to make any  reasonable sacrifice for the good of thc  cause. If the national leaders deem  it-best that such a union should be  effected in order to strengthen tbc lines  elsewhere, the Democrats of Montana  will not be found arrayed against the  judgement and wishes of the men who  arc so ably conducting the national  contest. They believe in giving all  assistance possible to Chairmen Jones  and White and William J, Bryan.  ,.  Ottawa, March  7.���������Considerable ill-  feeling has beej aroused here over the  conditions    which     Congress    seeks  to   impose   in    return    for    bonding  privileges   which   may    be     granted  Canadians at Wrangle.     Not only   is  Canada to  concede everything regarding the AJtantio fisheries   which   has  been in dispute   since   1819,   but  she  must admit American miners'   outfits  up to 1,000 pounds free of   duty   and  must abolish the monopoly' clause in  the Mann-Mackenzie charter.    Everybody is   anxious   to   learn   what   the  Dominion Government will do.  Chief Engineer Coste ol  the   Public  Works department leaves  here   about  tho 2uth inst. and  will   visit   Dawson  City before his return.   He  first  proceeds on the snagboat Samson   to  Observatory Inlet and will carefully note  the requirements in the way of aids to  navigation, such as clearing away   obstructions, etc.   Leaving the boat Mr.  Coste will proceed up the  Naas   rive  some distance to make a rough survey  and see if a railway route is available.  Mr.    Coste   does   not   propose   to  go  through to tlie Stickine by that  route  but will return to the coast   and   proceed on the Samson.   He takes a foreman and   explosives   and tools along.  Obstructions!-] the   Stickine   will   bo  removed.   Crossing to Teslin lake and  proceeding   down    tne    Hootalinqua  river the Fiugcr Rapids   will   be   examined and both here   and   at   Little  On no   cables laid to assist navigators.  Mr. Coste may be  away   four   or   five  months.  The Jubilee near  Ymir  has   been  bonded for ������00,000.  The War Eagle proposes to ship   100  tons daily for a year.  A second payment of ?5,000has been  made on the Evening Star No. 8.  The You Know mine on Red  Mountain has been sold to Spokane parties.  ��������� A strong English company are 'purchasing several claims on Lookout  Mountain.  It is reported a rich strike has   been ���������  made  on the   Diamond   Hitch   near  Grand Forks.  The Victory Triump on Sophie  mountain has a tunnel in 195 feet with  a $25 pavstre.uk.  A shipment from the Silver Cup at  Trout Lake lias given $70 in gold and  over $100 in silver.  The Payne mine lias  now   over 100 '  hands at work again, nnd taking back  all the old staff as soon   as   they   return.  A good strike is reported on' the  Antoine, 18 inches carrying 350 ozs in  .���������diver, and the seam growing larger as  work progresses.  Met on Monday evening in council  chambers, with Aid. Mighton in the  chair in the absense of the mayor;  Switzer, Broddy and Crawford were  present.  COMMUNICATIONS.  The fire committee reported the purchase of requisites to the value of $75,  and that negotiations were under way  for the purchase of an alarm bell.  Reports from the police magistrate  and chief of police declaring the town  to be quiet.  The chief of   fire   brigade was   employed at a salary of S15 a month.    - ���������  J?Y;LAWS. '       _  Aid. Broddy introduced a Public  Morals by-law. The Health by-law  was read a second and a third time.  Shipments for February.  Outwitted the Frenchman.  DOAN'S KIDNEY PILLS.  Doan's Kidney Pills net on the kidneys, bladder and urinary organs only;  They cure backaches, weak back,  rheumatism, diabetes, congestion, inflammation, gravel, Bright's disease  and all other diseases arising from  wrong action of the kidneys and bladder. .  .��������� According to a Paris correspondent  a young English barrister has succeeded in marrying one of the wealthiest heiresses in Paris, and connected  with one of the highest'families. .The  young lady is known to possess an undisguised weakness for a well-dressed  man, and by, loudly expressing the  opinion has been 'of more Rervice' to  tho tailors of' Paris within the last  year than Count d'Orsay ever was in  double the space, of time. The barrister had many rivals, but the most formidable was a g-ntleniiin acknowledged to be the most approved dandy  in Paris. The holy selected these two  to decide from, and invited them both  to her chateau. The Frenchman  declared to his friends that he meant  to cut the matter short at oiv;c by so  outshining the Englishman, by his  dress, that thc latter would retire from  the li Id, crushed to atoms by the  superior skill lie was determined to  manifest on the occasion. The Englishman said nothing, made no boast,  but accepted the-invitation, and, together by the same train, .the two  rivals left Paris for the seat, of War  It so happened that the French dany  had furnished himself with a regular  trousseau for thc occasion at the great  English tailor's in the Rue de Holder,  and the English tailor, out oi sheer  compatriptisin, had told the barrister  of what it was composed. A sudden  idea had flashed across the brain of the  barrister. His servant one of the sanctified, hypocritical- roue valets for wiiom  London was always famous,   is   some-  For February thc following is the  record of the mines shipping via Kaslo  over the K. & S :     " .."'>.>  Mines. '  Pounds.  Payne.......   ... 740.000  Whitewater................   ... 552,000  Lucky Jim;. ;  .... ,240,000  Ruth...... i.....-......:'.   ..."440,000  Silver Bell   .... 123,000  Last Chance........... ���������.  ....'120,000  Bism.irk...............   ...; 107,000  Montezuma.;...... -..   ....   97,000  Rambler..;............       60,000  Reco...... ..'.'........;...'...':..  ...   40,000  Eureka ...';   ...., 47,000  Queen Bess   ..;   40,000  Antoine............;   ....   32,000  Charleston.;.;...;.........   ... -30,000  Stevenson Concentrator   ...   30,000  Dardanells  ;   ....30,000  Ruby Silver....   ...   24,000  Wonderful   ...     ,2,200  Another Find.  s  A Woman Braved the  North.  Far Frozen  The Star people have been driving a  tunnel lower down than these so far  operated,-for some time past, and'were  reward d the past, week by striking  the lead. Altogilhor their' discovery  presents nothing phenomenal, yet indications are a superiority of, metal  over that found in the higher, tunnels,  all of which goes to confirm the theory,  ores are forced from a distance centre-  ward,and the nearer the original source  the better the quality of ore. This at  least is the history so far as operations  in the Slocan have been prosecuted.  QUEER HEART FEELING.  Queer feelings in the heart ate daily  complained of by multitudes of people  ���������don't know the cause, but it makes  ehem nervous, irritable and unfit for  ither work or pleasure. Mr. B. A.  Ross. Ailsa Craig, Ont.. explains it.  He says: "It came- from la grippe.  I was irritable, worried, dizzy, short of  breath and had such a queer feeling  in my heart that I thought I would  give up the ghost. Milburn's Heart  and Nerve Pills changed all this, and  I am free, to-day lrom all these  troubles."  The first white woman to penetrate  the Casfiar country, and who 21 j*ears  ago visited Alaska in search of gold,  arrived:ih the city lasttight fron San  Francisco, says the Victoria Colonist.  Sneis Miss Nellie .Cashman, and in  addition to having spent several years  in the-frozen north, she has prosecuted  her search for gold with varying success in almost every <mining;regiooi in  the United States. She is now out for  the. big stake, nothsng more or less  than the mother lode of the far-famed  Klondyke region. She says if her experience in quartz mining will stand  her in good need and her proverbial  good luck in mining matters stays  with her, she will have a chance at  least to stake out a few claims in the  mountain of gold which is thought to  enrich all the north.  Miss Cashman went to the Cassiar .  district with 200 miners from the Corn-  stock, Nevada, in 1897, at the time of  the gold excitement, being the only  woman in the party. At that time she  was only 16, but as subsequent events  proved, full of courage . and strength.  For a number of years she remained  in t e country, mining and conducting  a mercantile business, and then came  out to Victoria with a stake which put  many of her hardier companions to  the blush. Since then she, has been  engaged in mining in California, Utah,  Colorado, Nevada and Mexico and at  the present time holds claims in most  of those states.' .  EXTRA   PROVINCIAL    COMPANIES.  There are 150 of  Them    Registered    in  British Columbia.  By an inspection of the B. C. Gazette  files to date, it is noted that there are  150 extra provincial companies so far  registered in British Columbia. They  are from the United States, England'  South Africa, Australia and outside  provinces of Canada.  I ' ���������'.���������',���������,' .'.:���������'  :��������� ..'''.' ',..','' , .  -# .' ' .-..���������' " ',,..' '.  ,..,..;.. .'.. .'.���������','���������������������������  \Ci\: -. ���������-.���������' \ ���������'--'���������/��������� V  ",v:"*-  i-^-.'v:   ���������;'.���������������������������   ��������� r."--,..- ''���������   ���������*���������..���������;-,���������.-'.    ,'..-���������   .-*���������-��������� ;.'.?���������   :. ��������� .*..v\- _-���������������������������������������������.>.���������-���������.'   ���������^-������������������i'*,-:-���������-",, .'.'{' ������������������ ".  "���������.,���������-* -{-..!,rv, :-  ,*������������������*���������-j -���������%*-   -������������������%;.������������������.,.���������   --7.V*]   .v--. -'���������,���������.��������� ���������-'   '  * k'^kV^-:.-V-Xtv"*>���������:��������� to -a *;- .������������������-������ '.V;*tv ,:,J'c ���������;���������.' J.\' ^������;������������������- ���������*.<.:l; ;.-A-���������-,,, ':-;.fei-^-���������'; ^f -^*ilJ V' &WL"v*- Vii :���������*-> :'���������*������������������ ^ .-VH -'-���������' ������ ���������* -1fi^'-. ?-.*&: ���������-.' .-������������������-!;- ;'���������������������������������; ���������-'���������.���������  ' 1  "Mi  .-* .���������  ;i7 ���������������..  M   1.        *  1 ~"*'  *  1 ���������  " ���������������������������, 'i-tifff/'  ' r. a Liii'     .  ��������� ' -J- ���������.*,**���������  *7i*nfwq*������-I". !������������������,������������������������������������  *. ,- /-���������"���������-.   ������������������.������ r.  ���������      1     -���������       '   -r*r     , ��������� ���������  u    -     1 ���������    4"   _ * J"*.  it        ��������� t   "*   -I"*  Jr. / ��������� '  f ���������- ��������������� - ���������  ���������ffl  'l*  --.'-*. 2  TOE MINING; REVIEW.  SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1898.  W  The lining Review  SANDON,,BRITISH COLUMBIA, :  SATURDAY...!........MARCH 12, 1898.  SUBSCRIPTION  $2.00 PER YeAK    ,  Strictly in Advnaok  OUR DELEGATION.  We understand the delegation who  have gone to Victoria will among other  matters make a strong card out' of  the statistics we published in burissvie  o'f:the 22nd January. These 'figures  are in themselves . proof this .. section  has never had justice from the Local  Government. Last year Sandon mines  did about one-fourth ot the shippihu  Of the whole Kootenay country, and  as the Kootenay revenues are acknowledged to be one-third of those of the  whole proy ince, Saiidoii must have contributed from a mining point of  . view at'least one-twelfth of the revenues' of the country; and yet we have  not a local government office of ,any  " kind, not even a police court office o<*  a record office. '.,.:'  We have not yet thq government's  published records for 1897, as they are  not yet issued; but by the report of the  Minister of Mines for 189b*,, we seif n<.  , less than 37'crown grants for"' mineral  claims were issued in Sandon's surroundings ;in"lS96 paying the government for some 1,110 acres of otherwise valueless land, i  How that we have assumed our majority and taken on incorporation, we  do not expect the government to run  the machinery internally .for us as  Rossland expects���������-we do not expect,  grants'for fire protection, side walks,  or streets, but there are many other  concessions that should be made as pur  natural clue. In the first, place there  will be a refund of licenses,' poll taxes,  realty taxes, etc.;; that requires no explanation. Then should follow that  appropriation of $800 once made for  a court house. Once received the  council should,.;supplement, the sum  and erect a decent city hall and lockup.     -,������������������.' '.'������������������ '.-���������';.-..:.'������������������ '  Next should follow a record office  We do not advocate the removal of the  office from JNew Denver; that Is a matter of expediency for the government  ." alone to consider. . We know from our  mineral surroundings, the wants of the  mining community and the contri-  . butions of the district; to the provincial treasury, we are entitled to one,  and Aur.clainiB are all. we need to-press  If, for instance, Silverton was added to  Slocan City, as it might easily be, then  seven-eights of the : entries' at New  Denver would.be from sections more'  nearlylpeated t������ Sandon." Taking in  the district trom the summits south of  of the Queen Bess, Ivanhoe, the Adams  and the Canadian groups, crossing the  summit of the east hill to" the divide,  north of the R,eco,Ajax, Payne, Lucky  Jim and other Bear Lake properties,  thence west of Three Forks and around  to the point of starting, and we include a mineral belt, acknowledged by  all whose opinions'are worth considering to be the wealthiest in the known  world, and it all centres in the valley  at. Sandon. All natural and easy trails  converge here. The two railways centre  here as well,as all the prominent commercial interests. This is then the  mineral, commercial and business  centre for that whole tract of mineral  area ; and any conventional effort tr>  carry any of the institutions for property working the -district outside, is  only forcing water up hill, defeating  the aims'of nature.  With a railway from Slocan City to  Nelson, nothing is more natural than  for the court and commercial interests  of that district to go Nelson wards, and  with two railways centreing here, the  rest ef the country around including  Cody, Whitewater, Three Forks and  Rosebery centres in Sandonfor judicial  and commercial purposes.' Then why  not drift with nature and create Sandon a judicial centre- with a record  office and a court house? An hospital  would also he of great, convenience.  We have, when all the mines'are" in  Operation,in reasonable weather .nearly  1,500 men at work in the country encircled by summits to which we have  alluded, with all the trails 'and wagon  roadH coming this way, creating San  don a centre for medical aid as well as  other purposes. If other conditions  are suitable the hospitals should be  where the miners are,when sickness or  injuries overtake them.  Sa-ndon is not looking for either  favors or silver spoon feeding, nothing  but abstract justice, taking our contributions to the^treasury, our natural  surroundings and the convenience of  miners and mining interests, into  account, which are the considerations  that o ight to promp any administration in its every day, actions.    '  With operations our mines commenced, we want wagon roads to Cody,  Three Forks and Whitewater, as business points, and to't.he leading mining  centres . on the surrounding hilla���������  every one of which shortly after opened  would make ample compensation to  the governmer t for 'reasonable assistance. We are confident our del gates  will press every one of these points on  the attention of the government, but  should they overlook any of them, it  is none the less the duty of the government to give all careful attention.  DUTIES.  D It is amu:l.ig to see the wriggling of  straight party papers; in their efturts to  protection and , free trade and  define: trade policies; The fact of the  matter is there is no wholly Free  Trade government under the sun, nor  can there.be while revenues to support governments are raised'by the  taxation of imports.' The duties on  printing papers average how, perhaps,  30 per cent, all around,; arid this may  be .considered protective. If ^they  were reduced to 10 per, cent, they  would be as much protective to that  extent as they'are now at 30 per cent.,  the difference would be in the extent  and hot in the principle. Every cent  of duty levied on an import is protective to the home industry, "whether  levied for the purpose of protection or  for revenue merely. , ���������  When,'however, we are speaking oi  the question from a B. C. point of  view, it is only right to enquire why the  government are not as solicitous for  the welfare of our industries as they  are for those of the other provinces.  The cotton, woolen and other manufactures of Ontario-have had the ear, of  all governments since the inception of  their industries. . The , agricujtuists  of Manitoba and thc Territories have  always had a measure of consideration  from the governments, and so on of  the other provinces until we come to  the mining industries of this, and there  the line appears to be drawn.  I From the effort the G. P.:R. is putting forward to build smelters, it is  evidently their intention to reduce  freights so that low grade ores can be  turned to good account in the country.  Assistance from the.government in the  shape of duties on import metals,  would help to settle the question. A-  vigorous effort is to be made to increase our exports of pulp and paper  to Great Britain, so we may supply her  instead of allowing the Americans' to  do it. Then why riot extend the principle to the. mining industry of this  country ? We have plenty of native  lead < and similar metals to supply not  only homedemands, but Great Britain's demand and that of other countries as well, that the Americans are  now supplying, and. to some extent at  least from Canadian ores. This  should not be the case, and would not  be if an import duty was applied until  smelters and refineries were constructed and placed on a proper footing.  In addition to giving an irijpetus to  the mining interest of the country, it  would give employment to a great  many, operatives that are now employed across the lines, and building  up cities over there. This is a matter  Mr. Bostock should unceasingly force  on the attention of the government.  His constituents are more interested in  this matter than any other people���������in  fact it is a vital matter with them, and  he is supposed to be working for them  rather than any special principle of  trade.  When the Vancouver World does  go in for Gritism, it fairly out-Horods  Herod. In speaking of the Ontario  elections, it says :  To say that the/Opposition did not  make a splendid.fight were to blind  one's eyes to the facts as they appear  in cold typs, and it is exceedingly difficult to understand why they came so  near winning. Not a charge that was  made by them possessed the least  semblance of truth ; every calumny uttered was effectively denied.  Strange, is it not, that the people of  the most intelligent province in Confederation should act that way?���������Virtually set to work and turn out. a government against whom an accusation  of any shade could not be fastened,  and give their peaces to liars, utterers  of calumnies, etc. But then the Vancouver World understands it all, and  no one else should ever d re aro of  thinking for himself.  Touching the tirade of personal  abuse of the editor of this paper in the  Inst issue of the wasp up the gulch, we  have only to sat' we are disposed to  leave him the field in that channel.  When there are principles involved in  any controversy, we are disposed to  discuss them while discussion is in the  public service. As to the charge that  the communication that appeared in  these columns two weeks ago was prepared in this office, we have only to  say that it is wholly untrue. The  manuscript is still in the office, and if  the writer will only call around we  will show it to him and convince him  that he cannot believe a word he; says  himself; but we take it this will be no  news to him.  NOT SO EASY.  It is not so easylto cur������.'an obstinate  cough ; it won't cure itself. Norway  Pine Syrup is tho remedy . indicui.rd  because its record shows that italways  c-ri-'.** coughs, colds and all Inng  trbubles.  REPROACH.  '.T-eathcr.rt, sweetheart, what do ye xvaut c"  JUC-?  Lav.- Iho crying gnllo are flying, skirls  Hi.. ���������  yo.isty soa. , .  Little lips, soft lips, , ,':  I hear thomcrying far;  I hear their voice go calling me  Where'er the shadows are.  Sv.-eethoiiri;, dear heart, what  do ye want o'  ��������� 3D; ''       ���������   ���������    , ' ���������       '--' ,- ';  ?.'--ilii*"t and starlight are over all the lea;.  li.it du.'-tv lies my heart, dear:  rusty lira-its ���������  k-vy.    , ���������" ''  ~k. eeiheurt, sweetheart, what do ye want  o'  '  ' ;'n0?  ---.;. eotlieart, sweetheart, why do ye long  for  "cid  tho- pallinj; suow was falling; skies no  mirs wore blue. ,  LiUi.- ht'isds,. soft liands, .. ' '        ,'  }.: ������������������'. .. v.ijr to rest.  '     I fc-.-i ������������������'.:.iv fingers seeking ont  Tlie'uid wound in my breast.  Bweatliourt, dear  heart, what  do ye want o'  ���������, ������������������>���������������?': ��������� ���������   ���������-..'-,'���������..    ,;' ��������� ���������   ���������  Bare iiml empty were my arms; lonoly wns my  kiu-ii.  fflicni '.������������������j heart is .laid, dear, can't ye lot me  '1:'-"' ',,  '  SweeiiK/'irt, sweetheart, what  do ye want o'  lllef ,      ��������� " .-   '���������     ��������� : '-,.'.'��������� ���������  ���������Post Wheeler in New York Press.  ' A:TIJGr ELOj^EME^T.,  It is ouly after much  consideration/  and weii/hiug  of the'niatter that I am -  aide to force, myself to the point of tell-  iug  tho  truth about  the marriage and  uttfi::ps  at elopement which  preceded  the ceremony...  Aud >tha determimilioa  to  ���������-���������-plain the  matter briefly but-fully!  is  made  simply in  justice to Patit-uco  ami'her I'iiher, Sanmeh.F. Yelnik, &q.,  prosid-.-M- of  the Mogul mines and ball-  a dozen other great  financial concerns,  for  now,I can  afford   both to pity him  and laugh at him. .".'.', ' ,   ,,  ��������� Ifurthermore, thonewspaperspublished ' Huch'ridiculous stories at. the tim'o  that thoy really made us all ashamed,  tolling, as they did,' how I chartered a  steam yacht and snatched'i-'ntieuce from  her father's arms (-nd carried hor away'  to sea on tho palatial craft on which a  clergyman was awaiting us, and of' the'  demands , Mr. Yelnik mado upon ' the  uavy depi\rtmeut to send a warship after us, aud how he nearly succeeded because of iniuiouse contributions to the  presidential campaign fund,    "  Of course o*;Iy the antiadinmistfatidn  papers printed this last stuff, for'it was,  pure stuff aud nonsense.. Nevertheless  the wild stories were seut all over the  country, and I have even seen cabled  dispatches which wore priuted about  cheui-'iu one or two .journals of.London  and Paris. And naturally, as you can  understand, all this was very disagree-'  able. .  Well, to begin with, I did think a  great'deal of Patience���������there's no use  iu denj'ing faots���������and I had been half,  in love with her from boyhood. During  the last year I bad been with her more  than usual, seeing her at home or'on'  the links of the Country club aud, ot  various teas and club fetes.  And by sheer accident; I assure  yon,  I  speut: the summer .011   tho short's  of  Lake  Chainplaiu,   making studies "for  two or three rather ambitious paintings,  to be finished wheu cold weather came,  and Patienco was  there, too, with  her  deep   brown  eyes'and, wavy  hair and  superb  presence.   I know, this . sou nils  like extravagant ciesoiipsio'u, hue  ic   is  ��������� accurace,   fur ���������Patienco'  is one   of   tha.  (r finest specimens of yomig womanhood I  have "ever   seen, thauks   to iiihuritiiuco  aud wheeling.aud tenuis aud  golf ;iud'-  boating.    She was visiting a  cousiu at  Port  Kent���������a  brunette  with red   lipii-  and white teeth and   the very uii'iciiief  dancing   in   her   eyes~-aud   uuturally. ���������  Miss Elaim was  interested, iu  hc-!piii:������  along a love alfair-���������for where is tho girl  who wouldn't be?  I don't know how it happened, but  in some, way, old Moneybags. Yalnik  heard pjt .tho situation and appeared'  suddenly'one gyopiiig at tlie 'rosidouce  of Miss Elaini's parents, At the time  hig traiu from .New York arrived Patience and I .wore stroil-iug. along the  shoro of ChauiijittiB in the .inooulighti  I'll coufess, aud when wti j'fitunitd to  the Elaim home, some time iittui' 10  o'clock, we found : the callous hutirted  old fellow tramping up nnd down the  .veranda, emokjug furiously aud suvk-  ing his. white wiijsi?er������ iu a -uuiiuer  that boded no good for ut������.  He never spoke to me, never ad::-::-.vl.-  edged my presL-uce - by .so inutii v--; a  stare. Eact is, -he utterly ignored me,  and I'll ndiuit that hurt my pride, eou-.  found bi.ii*J He simply took Patir-'cy  by the arm and Hiaj'phgd hor it.-.l;.;-.;-.s,  and next morning thyy weiit 'v[} j....:v.;  York before I had a obanca' to ������ay jdxa?  well. But I was at the statiou, and us  the train pulled outthodeur girl e:'J!-I:  "Goodby, Fred! Don't worry., it'll  all right."  Aud then hor father slaimppd the  window pud scowled as if he woe id  like to bito mo iu half.  During the ensuing si* jnouilis I  worked as hard 'as I could, but-'fiovcv.  did I write to Patience, :ilthough I ;;i.::t  messages to her iu Mariou lijaiu-'s letters.and heard from her uo-.v and thou  through tho same medium,' so I wissn't  really out oil, you see. I camo batk to  town ahput the middle.of Septetnber,  *nd a week later Mis? Elaim anived at  the Yelnik home in Now Jerstjy (;*��������� make  a visit. But, of course old Money bugs  wouldn't allow me to soo Patience, and  naturally I hud too much t-euso to.call,  but the deprivation was hard in more  ways than oue, as you ���������will umlor.staiKl  presently.  A month draggod by, and the r.imo  was approaching for Marion's visit to  be concluded, wheu one Saturday u'.t'.r-  noon I weut aboard a ferryboat lui.:;d  lor Jersey City, whither I was to l-;ko :;  traiu f or the tow*! where 'Patienco lived,  and 011 the bout, for the ��������� firt't thi'.e iu  three months, I mot Mr. Yei.ink. IC;j  was feeliug purtienlarly -ansiahle, i;rob-  ably because he had managed to "ii-jcM  out" some businc-M rival iu cno cf !iis  great Bcheuips, and he approached 11:0,  saying v/ith u grim ismile:  "How do you do, -jir?"  "I'mweii.".  ''HiiVbn't' seen yon hitply out at the  hcusu," he contimr.t1. siir-'iiKtically.  "No, aud you're ������������������01 likely to," I replied, with oui;.hi-..-.is, Hew .long this,  conversation ���������uij-hc havo ooniinued I  don't, know, but at il:..t- moment we  passed in mi cist ream elcao by a ferryboat steamiug from Jersey City to Now-  York, aud one of thc passougers ou it,  a girl we both knew, waved her baud  to me, and I called out:  "Wait there! I'll he over at once."  Then the boats had swept by each  other, and I turned to look at Mr. Yel-  *jik. He was almost livid with rage,  and he trepablecLoB with, a, chill.    .  ,      . ...-���������,.~..;-.-T=rf-.-jT--3a'a  neavens, I'll jnake you pay for thla 1  Buppbse yoa had arranged an elopement," he exclaimed, getting more and  more excited. And he didn't beoome  calm when I told him his surmise was  true.  There were few passengers aboard,  and Patience's father had the sense to  speak in low tones to avoid a scene, but  it; waB awful the way he swore he  would put -me��������� in.iprison for life and  shoot me dead if I ever so.ruuch as darod  to look at his daughter again. Of course  he didu't get off the boat at, Jersey Oity.  He staid' close tome, and of couriso I  ca:ne back to New York ' to , maofc tho  r.Bti'r girl. But alas aud alack! When  t-ve'reached the middle of the river agaiu  '.ui'ii'v the other boat; bound this  -..' for Jersey Oity, old YeluiL* fairly  jji -i-il-ler! for ,ioy aud shouted:  :?."���������"U.iiei'i?-she is! I could reccguizo that  r...iit.aiid coat anywhere. So, you see, sho  IJ'.'ou't elope:, wi.ih you, you uiiserablo,  L-i-.jiikiiig houaei,'you young vilhuu, you  :>:-Jl*CNir"-  i Xtiy jieart sank within meas he spoke,  ior, looking quickly> at the , passing  "crut't, I s'liw bar frightened .half , to  death as she realized our plot had been  discovered, but iu'desperation I shouted:  "Wait for-.uio iu Jersey Gity!"    ,  She nodded, and thon-wewcre gone  again.' Fifteen minutes, elapsed before;  our boat loft the New' York ferry slip,  aud during that time Mr, Yelnik  ''chuckled' aud slapped his knees aud  acted like a wild 'lunatic,.he, was so  overjoyed. ,.  "Yes, 'wait for me in Jersey City 1! "  he uiiiuiukod. "Oh, sho'll wait, don't,  you bo afraid; she'll wait, but. forme  aud not for you, and lot me toll you  0110 thing, sir���������as soon as I can got a  warrant you'll be looked up, and, by  heavens, I'll see you iu Sing Siug before I'm doue with you 1" ,  He weut on in this fashion till we  1 orossed the North river again and had  oooiuo to a dead stop about 100 feet from  the Jersey Oity ferryslip, blocked by a  fleot of caiiulboat's that wore, lazily  crawling up , the Btream against the  tide! I looked aoross them to the boat'  sho had oonie over on. It was blocked  inside of the slip, and, horror of horrors, there she stood ou tho deck ready  to.cross the river' once inore, having  totally misunderstood the message I  shouted. '       .'..,'  , '���������' A.;tugboat, awaiting to get down ,  stream, slowly., approached oirr -craft-  aud came to a dead stop so elos-.e "fchiifc I  ���������oould have stopped, aboard her. Mr.  Yelnik had walked to the other sido'of  our deck, feeliug safe so long as I wtis  there aud afloat." Like a fia.sh ' I saw a  r chance to esuapo arid called to-tiie Tiiiot  of the tug:       -  "Wauta job?"      ,   ,".       .,  ,  "That's my watermelon," he replied.  Iustautly I cleared our rail and limped to the tow bout, shouting:  : '; "Sheer off, quickl Sheer offlVv    ;  ���������    The pilot rang  his bella, the  propeller whirled" viciously, aud we. shot !;r '.���������::���������  ward from the ferryboat as Mr. Ycihik  rushed to its rail and swore at us.  '���������'.- "Skim  around , that fleet, quick,1'  I  oalled, hurrying  up to tho  pilot house  and pulling a $20 bill out of my pocket.  "Now make for  that boat iu' the slip  and  stand by till  I get the young lady  there,'waiting for me."  '���������'   " You bet I will," the pilot responded heartily.  "Bully for you, young feller.  I aiu't beeu married long myself."  In . less tiino almost thuu it takes to  tell it we h*ad opine alouRside tho other  ferryboat, and the dear girl was aboard  ���������with me,, aud we were speeding down  toward tho bay. *>' When we were quite  'Q.u't p'f reach, the pilot asked:     '  "Npyv whore ,do'you waut to go?'.'  ��������� ''Oh, anywhere in New Jersey, so'we  can  be married without stopping for a  license���������say to Atlantic  Highlands or  Long Branch or anywhere. "  "You dear old goose!" exclaimed my  betrothed. "Why, we can't get there  undor two hours, and by that time ho  will havo telegraphed all over the coast  ,.to arrest us on sight."  " '."Good Lord I" I groaned. "-Wha't'll  we do?   I haven't"thought of that"���������  "Why, just let's sail up the Kill "von  Kull here to Bayonne aiid land iu IS  xuinntes," she replied iu a busiuesslike  way, "He never would dream of our  going ashore so olose, but it's all New  Jersey, and in ten minutos more.we  can find a minister aud be m-m-mar-  fied," she concluded, whispering and  blushing.  Aud we did so and took the first train  back to New York and telegraphed from  our hotel to Mr. Yelnik that wo would  be glad to have him oall ou us with his  wife that evening.  'Since then we have boen told that  when the ,old gentleman reached homo  that afternoon he'almost had an attack  of apoplexy, for when he weut' tip the  verauda steps the frout door was ppenod  by his daughter- Patience, who'confessed everything���������how. she aud I had never beeu really iu love,, but how Mti'riou'  had become fitig.uged tome that suihmer,  aud we simply had. to lie inui'ded cluu-  dpstiutly .because. Mr. Yelnik linidJy  suceeeded. iii'prejudicing Mr. and Hrs.  . liltura lij-.-ihisb 1110 ao fehiit they refused  {0 sajietii!,! a wedtiiiig,-rGpfi'ya'''..I'.ljOi.*.'y.  iu Chiuii'jj I'it-scrd.  ���������    T\  11: M:-!.l T,  ������:..  a.  School  niasti.  :������������������\-,:h:-lB  u  lib  .0 be  ;st tii'ii.,-  ,to pick ������  ;:���������;.:,::?  ' fc^i.i'ol;-  .V--W  lieu tha ft  in  ;ue:  ;��������� i.;  I-.*:!'*.  UlH Cifuw  ��������� i\ li.r 1  ������i.d il:0 ii  '*  f-W  :���������'?  ;:......:.....  ���������(Jnuloi  LJ.      _'  i.l 'H.....-I it,:  L.!l  >.tii  .   '"Then  ���������'-. i::)<!  v.oi\,i  rn i  : t  ��������� :.'.  ���������ii-et  :on with  6!iu |;iij')!l  u!' u!;:j.-iic.  !.-i:-';::::  ..i u:;:-.  !g,'-   f....   ,.  :U\   ".'.'rn  111  .....v  or -  i'll'.nirer  ��������� b is will  IKit l.-,:-r It/'.!-; "  " Yvr-,.'.' v.'i-a tin: r.'j.-'y, "we r.lway.-i hu-.i-  tlif   "..���������loiiriiiioe   tii.iC   ll'iiv    i.;   .���������-.-���������:i:. thi;.>  ��������� worsj wtiiti'.i;;  lo i,i!>o i.'.-   i-laiv, ji'   tha't'-:  any MaU.si':;.-.;,!i.-.:i. " ��������� \v'.ii-hi:\vr. ;i' :���������!.���������'��������� <���������  IF.LOVii WfiRE OTHER THAN p'-i-.r-L.'.'-r  [f lovu wuiii ijih'ir ll.r.m n iici-f������.-<��������� t tl:i'i::,  Luve v.'iirii ii'i ^:ii;i, 1.--.-.1 i^:;!,,- ;ii] ;i i.-; ;,*:,  And liiitter wi.'1'e io i.:lit:v!' i'.^ '''��������������������������������������������� -;;.. '..- :  Ero Oi-.'; -lour 'und euui.l .-i!:;; ��������� :ii.- in;o ieaf i  To hill.it i:i lhn's;i!���������������������������.:-.���������.'  If ]07P. were oilier tijan :i r-i;;-:-.- :t thir.^.  If lov? v>'i!i*e othor i,h:m inost :;-..-or;t i.if nil,  Love were tho l-iilturt.'sl gift of !>���������;':���������:- Tito,  Ai'.'i better v.-crii to s}iv:!-n TiejL.ii;1. it-,:.ill  Ii. magic eui) i-jovu iierilouu than ;.:.ie.  Its leivct'ii-.c-s'.voio Tjii-L ���������j:iil,  If love v;ere other tlum Diost .sweet of all.  If love woro other tlian Hid loyo of you,  Lovo wcro a poverty, and -loihiu^ -worth,  Ami nil thu turtle that memory had to do  Would bo  to lonthu  tha  hour that,  gave it  birth. ��������� ���������  Love were not; sweet- nor truo  If lovo were other than tho.lovo.of you.  But lovo is lovo, uud you aro you, and I  Am I that dure to love you with a will,  Knowing that lovo is perfect; true and high, |  And idways yieater than its yreatost ill;      '  Knowing it cannot die,  Biaoe love is lore of you, and I am L  ���������J. Colmore in Woman'a Jon  '.'���������"������������������ " '���������     "'��������� <y   ."' ..'.������������������������������������.,���������     ;  'Tlat-xaw Tci'ts pf tlie Old Tc?>tkm<-ui.  . T'ho'EicKi'aueienl'i-Iebi'e^v.n'iauiifieript.  of tu:y ptu't of ihe Bible is.in f-;t. Peters-,  burg nnd dr*:es.uo earlier, thau the tenth  cc*i'ttii'y. fliore than ",000 copies of'iho  Hebrew Old Testament have been coin-'  pared,, and very few variations 'h'iVb;  been . found. ��������� This, is accounted for hy  the . fact that from! the tiiiie wheu iho  Hebrew canon was formed, aiid eveii before that time, very strict rules were.  laid down for the scribes who copied  t-ho-Bible, The lines and letters wore'  counted, aud each copy, had, to corro-..  spend precisely, with the. one;, from  Ayhich it was taken. Thcy.caleu'nrrid;-  for iustauce, that there were '5,2-i5 verses'  iu the Pentateuch, 22; 200 in the whoio  Bible aud 78,100 letters in Genesis. All'.  of these rules, aud calculations v'^-ro  called.thci-tassorah tradition, cud ai.-.-u!;  the teuth centnry the. college of -.rabbis  of Tiberias, ou the 'Euphrates,"deeir^'d'  Uijon a 'standard Bible, or "authorized  version'." ��������� v ,.���������'".' ���������  The. Hebrew consonants , alone bnd  been written "down up to that tiiue, the  1pronunciation being a niattor of tradition. Now a sys,tom of vowel signs w;;a  devised,'fixing the sense in niahy instances.. The' vowels are Just as ���������iuip!,'?:-'-  tant iu .Hebrew as in'English; pi) it'hi  easy to see how necessary, this lcion-..  Was.. The English consori'iiutsbr cl riitiy  be read hoiird : or bread, or bored or  braid, aud if thoy, occurred in. a sen-'  teuce without the vowels we. slipnld"  have to guess by tho counection whicii  vowels were necessary'. It is. p'osEibl'o  that aftor it text had been'udir-ited nil'-  older liiiiiiUReripts were, dosivufy^d', or  more probably wore neglected , because  of their d'ot'oct's,'and, heu'e-o' tlsey have  al'togothor,disappeared. ���������Iveviev,- 01 ivs������  views. -.���������..,,.-'.     ' )!���������   "  .        *Cru*A������ and tho Air.  According-to'''-a reliabio'conipufatiou,.  a single trco is able through its ie-.i"e's  to purify the air from thocarbohio'acid  arising froiri.. tho rospiratipH. cf a considerable uumber of men���������as liiaiiy-as a!  dozen or n'seore.. The volume of carbon--  io ncid oxhaled by.a human being in'  the course' of ...2.4 hours is estimated . at  300 gallousi and a'.-siuglq squaro yard of  leaf .surface, .counting./both the upper  aiid uuder sides of the. leaves, can do-  compose about a gallon of carbonic aoid  in a-d:-y. ,,;������������������.���������  'X'lio Cook V.'as luiiooent.  The polite agent for the new parlor,plio-  1)0*1 vnpli who knocked nt tho door insisted  til;!!- tho old lady who 'opened ifc'pltK'o the  tubes ii: hor t;ars, and listen'to. ouu snug.  .Pho'iiecd not buy���������a pleasuro . to exhibit  'il���������"just try it-onco, nViulaui," elo.' .-.'..'������������������  "TiiiK '���������-OT'.g you will hoar, i; ;.daui,", he  said as sho liolil tho ��������� tubus doubtfully to  Jior'ears, "is'My-Darling, Pluok a Daisy,  J- com ' Jly Grayo,' as sung ' by Leopoidri,  Jloiiiirity, tho famous NcwYorl; tonqi',1.'  . Thu agent started tho liuiolii'ne up, but  tho old htily dropped the tubes ami unid:  ".T(.-fit; hold on u liiiiuite till I come h,ai;k.  That dratlod uook's opmiiug nn.othur can o������'  toii.'ut.jcs; ill; the kitchen with 'a table  kmi'6;"���������Detroit Free Press. '.-.-'  ,; Tho hvcriigo weight of..-,a dozen eggs is  about 31 ji, dunces. One-eighth of this ohr  tiro y.-oi-'.ht* may he regarded'us nitroge'r  nous I'.iul ntiti-itious huittor, a .'greater prp-  poi'tni"'. than that of uicicfc or of the oystoi'.'  ,.���������' In the third crusiidea single stone from  an iCiifilish engine killed 12 Turks, nnd  after the truce was shown to Saludiu as u  HU'io-:!;.'.'.';'. ,.',;       ''������������������,:' /...-  -^s������-      It is altogether admirable  4nT       when a man, ty dint; of  jSc-^S sheer  will,  wrings  a  for-  r������0fi$~Zg '"       tune   from  niggardly  -;vV' J'^S!^ _^ .. circumstances.'     The  world    is   full  of  instances  where-    men  have done this,  but    never' ill  , history was this  accomplished  -.   , ���������. by a weak and  \ t^j, unhealthy man.  '^^-3"* Ill-health     not  only    weakens  every physical  .function but ev-  ^ery mental fac-  / ulty and every  rn  A--r-    ^*J moral quality.  ���������Sft^'^-JXJ 'If a man will  JsSsjg/ zi*y  Stop and reason  JS&sZy^h? for a'ijiomeni,  'he 'does' ' not  have to be a physician to understand the  causes of impure blood, or its far-reaching*  effects.. When a man's' digestion is "djspr.-  dered, his liver sluggish, his bowels inactive,' the blood is deprived of the proper  food elements, and the sluggish liver and  bowels supply in their place, the foulest  of poisons. The blood is the life-stream.  When it is full of "foul poisons, it carries  and deposits them in'every organ'and tissue, of the body. . Bone, sinew, muscle, and  flesh-tissue, tlie brain eells and the nevv'e  fibres are all fed upon bad, poisonous food.  Serious ill-health is bound to result.- The  man is weakened iu'every fiber of Mis body.  He is weakened physically, iuentally'-and  ��������� morally. He suffers from sick headache,  distress'in' stomach after meals, giddiness  and drowsiness',' loss of appetite and sleepy  bad taste in the mouth, shakine'ss in the  morning, and dullness throughout the day,  and lassitude and an indisposition to work.  Sooner or later these conditions develop  consumption, nervous prostration, malaria;  rheumatism, or some blood 01: skin disease.  Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is.,  the best of all known medicines for ambitious, hard-working men and women. It is  the great-, blood-maker and flesh-builder.  It makes the appetite keen aud hearty, and  the digestion and assimilation perfect, thc  liver active, the blood pure and,rich, the  nerves steady, the body vigorous and the  brain alert. Where' there-is also constipation Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should he  used. Bolli of these great medicines are  for sale by all medicine dealers.  Perhaps they're tho source of your 111  health and you don't know it.  .  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M$  ^s^^.cs^  "   iM"*���������������������������JTy���������J'^*'?."  ���������'!���������.������������������ rT.������������������n������������F.������-'yyi.li������ .��������� ���������    m^^r,/m^^v^.-mm-r^y;-^TSV-'^fJV^.Tr;,7^' ���������'   M i'*l".V!' ***** *'*'^**-*"'-*"'*"r''**T*l'"**''l   .-Jiv' ;-Vj:} ��������� uul'.^jj-i-ivr-!,tJ1^.--^i%;f*. .?. ^'V-'-om'--* v:r ^x-n-r-i*.;-' ������>.-.\:jr,   .������ *r*r������.,;*v*i'v������������������.|������:7-.*>,������-1  s,ltis'-r'���������.,���������,:.��������� n t .���������' '.t-.:.--' -^Vi -������������������v   <> --ii'N'- .!.���������. c-- "i. v-*: .1.���������rt,w*..-,'  ���������,-*���������.;���������  *-'���������.-.!{������������������..-���������.'���������-J* l--i SVf  I'/'i  SATURDAY. MARCH 12: 1898;  THE MINIdNG:'REVIEW.  THE WHITEWATER,  London Company   Being   Formed  . Its Purchase and Operation.  For  "   Speaking of the company-forrried; to  "' -,. tak'e'up the option on the  Whitewater  mine, the B. C. ?>lining  Review   (Lon-  : don) sriy's:,'  "The .London, and British ��������� Columbia.  Gold Fields Co.. Limited, offer for.'sub-  - subscription 87,00p shares of ������1   each,  ���������in a subsidiary company known -isf.hr-  Whitewater Mincs.'Lirinted,' '(.he, .total,  capital of  which   is   ������125,000. ,   This  company has been formed for the- purpose   of  acquiring   the .well   known  Whitewater group in  the Slocan   dis-  ,'���������'.. trict of West Kootenay;   The prospectus of this company, is one of the most  . ' straightforward    documents -.that ���������'we  ''have seen.' The parent company"have  decided to purchase  the' property-  oii  1 the report of Mr. .L"I); Kendall, a partner in the firm'qf Bewick1;   Moreing ; <fc  ���������Co., and in this report   investor?   will  find all the information the}* can desire  concerning this silver-lead property. ,  ' '   "The net profits   produced' by���������'.thc  mine tip to the present*5 time   -iiriount  'to ������154,000,   of  which   $114,000 have'  been made   since   October   loth   last..  Wo believe it'to" he the : first .-dividend  pitying '"mine"- 'purchased' in   British  . Columbia for flotation on  tlie  London,  market, and investors will,do   well, to  .consider the tidviyability of  obtaining  shares in a company of this., moderate  capital, possessing one developed   and  dividend-paying  property, .'purchased  after a'most   exhaustive examination  . .  . -:' . ��������� o '.:  by competent engineers of repute,  rather than to invest' in exploration  ..companies''of-a far larger 'en pi tuliza-  tion, possessing no mines, but only n  few prospects, on which ti.ey. have not  even obtained a report by,, a reliable  miniwg engineer. We ropard the ae-  (���������uisitidn of the Whitewater lnines..' as  a distinct;!/jidyantase to the British  Columbian market, and as. likely- to  increase the interest of European investors in legitimate mining, oper  ntions in tlmt province."    ,,  " ' ���������������l^gl|* ��������� ���������'  The   Railway 'Kip-tit.'  ,   It is '.snid that'the -Joint Traffic association is after the 0. P. 31.' for alleged  violation of the rules of, tlie orgnniza-  tion.   It is also reported. that.the nsso-  ciation'will make tin effort' to prevent  [access of the C. iK Jf,. info   the' Trunk  territory over the 1 ines of .tlie^.Vander-  'bilt, roads.   The relation   between  tlie  0. P. P.., and   the.   Now:'York .'''Central  have been  close,, and'it is said   that  pressure is to be brought to bear upon  the New York pcntral' to. cause it  to  to cease those relations,''.   The story,'  although circulated with great energy  among the western roads, could hot bo  proven.,   . ���������.'.    ', ;'  ATTESTM   TRAVELLIKG   PUBLIC.  HOW TO KEEP WELL.    '  Without'regular''action of the boweip  good health is, impossible. Laxa-  Liver Pills regulate the bowels, cure  constipation, dyspepsia;;, biliousness.  nick headache and all affections of the  organs of digestion. Price 25c. 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"  '." .'.".'���������."'������������������.���������/.���������.���������RED JQUNTA/N MILIffliV  I  Protecting "Business Men.  ,���������...   ,The success with-which forgery hap,  from time to time',  been.prnct.iscl  hy'  .���������'fraudulent'.'alterations    on   ordinary  cheques, .bankerD* drafts, ��������� etc.,. has induced  a  London'  stationery .house to  " introduce a peculiiu-ly sensitive paper,  which,   in   comhination  with ���������' a new  kind of printing ink,  ntTords a protection  hitherto", unknown.   The double  ,, detector, cheque paper, ns it is. termed,'  is tinted with very deliblc writing ink,  mixed wjth the pulp in  the process, of  manufucture;   ft js'j therefore, obvious  that   any   chemical which   removes  writing ink  from  Its surfiii-u  will: an  once alter the tint of the paper, so that  no attempt to remove writing from it  by  chemical reagents can be success)-  ful.   The printing ink, oh the contrary,  is'not,tinted with   writingink,  but is  prepared with ingredients much more  easily aflectnd  h'yj,,.ink't solvents than  any writing ink can be, and is espei.-  iallyi!ada])ted'.' in jts" chemical' "properties for use on the.ink-linted paper,  The result of these combinations is  the production of several varieties-'of  protective cheques printed in sensitive  ink; and also of protective papers, on  ���������which to print or lithograph cheques  in ordinary oil in-'. Prof. Frankland,  F.R'.S.,'states^.that it is quite imposs-  ibje to efface'any kind of writing i'roin  tiiispaper1 without, "such a discoloration of tlie material as to render detection certain." In attempting to remove  writing from these cheques^by the;-,use  of certain chemicals, the 'priii^ed  ground, incompletely discharged, and  either a discoloration or bleach i.<* produced in the paper; while if other  chemicals are employed, the tint of  the paper is changed^to a bright insol-  uable blue. These alterations take  place long before the writing on. the  dbCiumept is removed by any ink discharge*.-tiiatniay be used. *  . . ������oSft**���������������   Postal Tax on^Hewspapers. :.";..  These watches are'soli'd 14-carnt .���������  gold, and 6tir.iisi.ial list price for'- '  themlhere in.Engiand is ������5 ($-25)   <  each, hut to introduce'Oiir'niioW' t  mpns Oatajogue. we will send 'von  ';  this watch free if you take ndvan-' \  tago of our marvellous offer.'   If !;  '���������von '.rant'one,:write us without   t  delny.   With your.letter send us   \  50 .cents   Interna.!iona!.  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TCootoniiv:  Lake anil aioean points.   ���������-..���������"'  ' DAILY EXCKPT SUXDAY,    BETWEE.V   ,.:  SPOKaNE.ROSSLANJ) AND NELSON  I-I-AVE  10.1)0 a.m.-.-...;  8.10,������.m.i   S.Otla.m......  ..Rossland...  ....Nelson...,  ���������Spokane..-.  AitnrvK  ��������� o.-IO p.in.  ...(1.00 p.m.  ...0.00 p.m..  No change of cars between Spokane and  Rossland. '    , -  lor Kaslo.and all Kootenay laks points.  ^,rrisse"('"3,'s .to'"'Kettle river ..'nd Boundarv  creek connect at Marcus with stage dnily.  "UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIAL.  ��������� "��������� 15 Princes SI., Birmintrham. Bug.  "I thank, you very much, for' (he  beautirttl watch you sent -me free ������f  chai-fre. I have -'tested it for nine,  months and it, never varies one half-a-  minulo from ono week's end to, an-  ,other."���������E,-\Vii.ks. 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Both pur-  ties agree that protection shall remain  ��������� 'the'fiscal'policy of the Dominion. It  is stid that protection means ��������� the'taxing of'thev many for the benefit of the  few. In efi'ect it is. Canadians'! have  agreed to be taxed for the benefit .of  Ciunulian industries. This policy iti  to be reversed in the case of newspapers, which together make one of  thc "."largest manufactnring,_iiidustrios  in the Dominion. It is proposed to  impose a postage itax on newspapers  . sent to .subscribers' from the office of  publication.":which is taxing the industry for the benefit 'of the many.  This is a nationnl policy , with a vengeance.:. In all the'scramble for fiscal  favors the newspapers have never  takim part. The presses, the paper,  the ink, the type���������everything "that  goes to make, njnewspapcr has been  taxed, and it 'hiis'-ubmitted'witliout a  murmur.   And now^itSis  to be  taxed  ' directly'; for thej benefit of tho public  exchequer. It will not even be let  alone, which is" the' least, if 'con 1<1 "expect.' :   .���������nraim���������   WHEREAS on the 30th day of July,  ���������'' .- 1S97, a Crown Grant was issed to  Eva Boss, James W.Troup andThonias  McGuigan, for the "American Boy"  mineral.claim, and known as Lot 571,  Group I., ICootenay,District, but -contains a wrong description of the land  thereby intended to be granted, for the.  reason that the plan '"thereto" attached  illustrating the parcel of ground conveyed omits a portion of the land  which was included in the survey, of  the claim for which a Certificate of  Improvement .vas granted. ..'..-  Notice is, hereby-, given that His  Honour the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council has directed the defective  Crown Grant, to.be cancelled and a corrected one to be issued in lieu thereof  /'hree months from the date hereof, unless good cause is shown to the contrary.-  Adverse claims must be filed with  the undersigned on or before the 17th  day. of Mav-ncxt. jv"-';"';;":  :.v.    ���������"   "  ;       kWrrf-'^ORE, ",.  ���������'''Deputy Commissioner of Lands  :     '*^J .,*'  & Works.  Lands and Works'Deparlmeht,  Victoriti, B.C., 17th  February,: 1S9S.  t*  A Fredepieton Lady's Terrible  Suffering-.       :,  Mns. Geo. DorrEUTY tells the following  remarkable story of relief from sufforing  and restoration to health, which  should  TO CURE COLD INTONE DAY.  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets  All druggists refund; the money if it | remedy,  fails to cure.   25 ceuts.  For informatkm, .time-cards,' maps and  tickets, eall on or writeF. D. CrlRBS, ''oneral  ageiiji;, Spokano, \yash.'; or_A, .0,..01i.ar).tQn-  sireot, corner Third, Portland, dreijon.  E'ASLO'' AND    Sl.OGAN  :,';',';  RpWAT,'    '  ���������flhE-CARD."''���������.''  Leavo S.00 a.m.        Knslo      Arrive 3.51) p.m.  '���������'"    ' fi.3C   "   'Sonlli Folk      "      S.15 "  i "       il.SO   " Spoules "       2.15 "  11.51 ..'I      Whitewater       '      2.00 ."���������  "     10.03   "       Bear Lake       "     .l.IS' "  "     10.18   "        McGlli-ran .   , "   - 1.3S "  "     10.3S   "   Cody .Tuiietiou   "      .1.12 "  ArrIvcI0.50   " Sandon      Leave 1.00 "  Subject, to chanRC without, notice.  Trains run on Paciflo Standard Time.  ROBEKT IRVING,  G. Fi A P. A.  GEO,  P. COPELAND,  Superintendent,  For cheap Ruilr./ad and Steamship  Tickets to and from all points, apply to  S. Cajiphki.Ti, Agi-riit, Sandon,-B. Q~,  ,7lY7i\*7i\  Strictly Eirst-clnss.  POUTiMANN- BROS.' & CO., Fkops.  Good  Sample Rooms.  Good Table.  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TO Rl.TCr.Trfm Dnwun..^  a a -vrr\/r>:\T'.  i.o.ts were put!on ^he' market June;; 28th and^  a.rfi sp.llinb- fnsf.  ,  ^nii.;  it jou want a lot,    in  no -ill W/rv^-f..   o.-flPoi'rl     <-/  |Xej are going ;up.  ,..:;i I  Men are grading and clearing the town-"  site, and several buildings are about to be  erected..  ��������� ...' ���������','"���������'       ^:':-:."-^.'  We have every   ^  facility for  turnina: out the  *  is designed^to befthe^ distributing centre for  the Slocan.  ���������c*&  .orr..���������r ^  best Mining and ^  Commercial  Work that can  be executed.  *r  &*���������  4^  Orders taken for. Printing  at   Clifl'e's  Booksloro  will-roeoivc prompt  attention.  4������>  j3.  0>  ������^������ ft^Cj^Cjifc^jS^  will become7 the greaC_Concentrating City of  the Slocan, having abundance of water and  being easy jof access-: to thejmining centre.  Watch this.  Terms���������One-half cash ; balance three and  six months.    For full particulars^apply to  fetssf  VH-r      *l,\������.  t,itr���������, S'  (til   < N ������������������!"  [-1 S������    S.I  General Agent.  ���������r ������������.*���������<  fci  * -*?V"  -*  f~~" ���������   *" ^l" "*������r,,r",,1BT* I'll ������������������  f ���������    II    ���������T" -Wtt      g.    "1 If1] Ij. H*n   I'    *W   ���������*"*-UT-r���������r**'jm ���������    I���������-^l-py-^i-rt-W-, %J ���������   -n PITT-TH -*"****������������������ I      I _t    J  !������������������  ii ��������� ^ i I   ^     ..,., ���������       mi    , ������������������ l _     _  ���������������������������ii  it^-'��������� ,'.  -.  * - i   -'.'j - ���������-,!y v*5'".~ .':j-";-,\ *���������"'���������'/'  l i 'pf*'\i, --"J    v "-        j '.?**     ' - ���������-���������-   '   ���������-, ���������  v     ,'���������   *   ."   .' V '.*-. ' ^(W^i^^^T^^^^   ������."���������   ���������   ' fJ*i: ^ * '-r     '_��������� ^. -      *     \      " ,l    iL'h    -. -,���������        ",,      ,'    '���������,.*���������      'V     -   *���������   . - ���������������������������.*������* *,{(.-������> T '"-���������-, -::1-:' -���������   '/ ''^ .���������; .-a--. ���������-/ -,s -,*'.���������������������������'���������. -;'���������;���������'-;..: : ,;..'���������. .'���������.-���������! ^'UV^''.;   **-.  i' l-* ���������:"--���������: ������������������"*... .', ���������'",���������*;-��������� 'i'-."*.'* .-j-.i''.'   "^ >.'������- ���������������������������--?������.,  H  %  ,rf    **  '���������r'  ������    V'. *��������� A  .���������*$���������  TEE MINMC REVIEW.  SATURDAY. MARCH 12, 1898.  MOUNTAIN   ECHOES.  The ,0. P. K. now owns 6,568'milea of  road.  Ground is broken for the sampler at  Kosebery.      ���������  The Grand Lodj-e of A. 0. XJ. W.' met  at Vancouver on Wednesday.  "Kit" Carson,-, of the. G..P..R.,, has  been transferred to Fort Wrangel.  M-.  Christie   was   prevented    from  poing with  the'Sandtaii dele-rf tion  to'  Victoria. ���������  A big effort is to be made to build, f.  wagun road from the Queen Bess mine  to Sandon in the spring.    , ,  It snowed on Monday last as if it  had never .sneiwed before,'aiid had to  maKc good rawhiding.ih a day.  Our local Beak went, to Kaslo. on  Thursday to see what the offenders  against law and , order; are like over  there.  Fred Mountain has neeii appointed  chief oi" police for the districts of Yale  andEootciay with headquarters a!  Nelson.    ..,,,��������� ��������� ,   ���������:.'���������.  The shortage of the late city clerk of  Nelso.. was $600, and as he gave no  bonds to the council, the- mayor had to  make upthe inciiiey.  At a meeting oi" the fire brigade, on  Thursdav evening it was decided to  give a dance oh Easter Monday, April  11th., in Virginia Hall.  A. Harrison, J. Brown and Baptiste  Boherne were each mulcthed in ���������35.0,0  and costs in the police court, tho .-past  week for indecent exposure.  If any city reader of. The Review  has a history' of British Columbia, wc  should be gfad if he would leave word  to that effect at Clifi'e's bookstore.  In copying the London, Eng., report  of the business of the Bank of B. N. A.,  for the past vear we put S marks wnere  ������ macks Might.to he. The reserve was  therefore ������50,000. -  According to reports .15,000 people  have passed over the C. P. R tlie last  tivo months for the Klondyke, and  what they, \vill find -to do when they  get there is the question.  A few of the "juvenile boys!'', of the  city gave ,i party at ."Mrs. Crawiorcl's,  Sunnyside, Monday evening, and very  gallantly escortel their beet girls home  after an enjoyable evening.  It was "Ti>e wind that shakes the  Barley," (in Thursday night last. The  oldest inhabitant says he never saw  the like of it before here.' It soundeci  like a regular prairie roarer.  The Rossland Miner names two  claims offered at "a sacrifice".with a  surface assay of $4." We cannot see.  where the sacrifice comes in il the  owner gets one cent for 1,000 shares.  Aa we are'going to press,the bachelors of the Sandon-club have their  most fashionable assembly under full  swing in the Virginia hall. It will be  borne in min;l we print every Friday  night.  It is said there will be 810,000,000 in  gold taken out of the; Klondyke the  coming season, and that 50,000 people  will go in.    ">200  apiece will be. a big  M->"rvir..fnr.. t.hp JCIonrl v.:: f>.rs    anil   bnn.rrl  The Federated Canadian Mining Institute of Montreal passed a strong  resolution the other day in favor of an  import duty on l������*ad >ind lead products.  The mining interests of the Slocan in  particular call loudly, for it.  The Kaslo curlers appear anxious to  have a whack at tho Sandonites for th<  Bostock trophy. To do it they will  have to come here, and if the weather  only keeps a little cool anopportunitj  may yet turn up before the winter is  out.  Pearson & Pearson are going to open  their music hall on Monday, evening  by a mixec theatrical and musical performance, which their hand-bills say  willbevery fine. The admission fee  is from 10 cents up, according to seat  chosen.  Kaslo must be a great place according to some of its newspapers. In  speaking of a necessity for a- county  court there, the B. C. News says "hall  the business originates, here." According to this, it is not the most de:  sirable place in the world to have  creditors.  The police officers have set themselves against the use of profane language and other nuisances on tlie  streets, and are going to punish .all  offenders to the fullest extent. In  future, it will be better for all who  want to swear, except in the courts, or  commit nuisances of any kind, to first  wander off into the bush or up into  some of the summits of perpetual  snow. ...  Dr. Cartwright, dentist, billed the  town and visited most bouses to an  nounce his presence for the practise of,  dentistry. He intended to leave on  the 9th., He put a five-line advertisement in The Kevif.w, and he says ..it-  brought him many times more patients  than all his billing. He has now to  remain at the Balmoral for several  days to attend, to the patients he got  through advertising in The Review.  It always pays.  We give place to a communication  from "Awake" in another column, not  because we endorse it, but merely to  give every man who writes in proper  . language si chance to express himself  on all matters that interest the people.  At the same time he gives some good  suggestions. The article only suggests  another argument for a Board of Trade,  as all these matters could bo taken up  by such an organization and dealt with  in a practical manner.  The Ilev. Jas. Woodaworth, general  "superintendent of Methodist missions,  resident at Brandon, Man., delivered a  very interesting and instructive address on mission work throughout his  field including the far north regions ol  Alaska, in the Methodist church Wednesday evening. The congregation  was not very, large, no doubt owing to  the fact that none save church announcements were given, and, perhaps,  a little to the feeling that Sandon, as  yet, should be rather a receiver from  than a giver to mission funds. However, as the Rev. gentleman is an able  speaker, it may be said those present  received more than they gave. The  choir assisted in the service and sang  an anthem.  In ttio: pust two weeks tliei':';."ne  Bent out 18 curs o! ore over the U.P. 11.  ..Tho'Ruth p-.'.npie. have struck it rich  in their lower I minel, and have lacing  lhein :in;imiiieiiM: body of high gnicie  ure. '" ��������� ,  ��������� A speci'al'scssion of the Assize C'i air:,  wiil.be held'at Nelson : on the '21st,  wh'ii Sullivan, ''of'Kuskonook,' will be  tried   for murder,   and   Johnston'   for  seduction. ������������������.'    .-'���������''��������� "  ��������� We should fe  of our readers  copies , of The"  of the followin,  A much pleased il any  could oblige, us with  Mi*m*G Review of any  * dates : . June 19t'li .'ind  2Gth,lS97; Sept: 11th and ISt.h.-lSO/.  A Roman Catholic priest has been  in ti.e city for some (lays collecting  money for a 'church in, Ireland. ' We  /.alee it the Catholics of Ireland require  churches as well as other people; but  Ha'charity should begin at home it  would be much!.'better for the people of  this country to ei-ecf.,and pay for,their  'own churches before they gave, assistance to outside 'partir.s, ������������������..  When,'the roll was called, by tlie  Beak on Monday, Paddy O'Shea, whose  e'i.ise for robbing Stafford: at the, Stiir  hotel was adjourned until that day, was  -non est comatibus.". Pat 'had mfc  been proven gui'ty, though there whs  a strong smell of suspicion on the  clothes of all the officials, .and lor four  he might be when he heard '"the ivi-  d'-neej" he departed from, tit s portion'  m1" the moral vineyard���������in fact he concluded that this was riot n. good mining  camp and he might better remove to  one better suited to 1 lis tastes and calling than this particular one.' In fact,  if he had held his mouth shut on his  lirst appearance bHure 'the Beak,' h"  night have been "'honorably acquitted," but through his love for exposing  his legal knowledge, he got himself entangled in a net of '.suspicion that led  to a. remand, iind Pat thought, that  during a rem and.was a good time to  make tracks, and he made them.  PERSONAL   MENTION.  .Dr.'-'Mill'oy lias returned Yrom the  east and is likely (,o take up his reM-  denoc here permanently.. '������������������   '":'."'.  ���������^Mrs. Fallows went to'Nelsoh the pns-t  week lor a lengthy visit'-with friends:  there, so after tin's itniay be taken lor  granted;Brother Fallows will be a:good  patron of.: the railways..''.'  Mr. Williamson, another Sunnyside  resident,'feels himself a widower now,  Mrs.. Williamson .having gone on'. a  visit of some'months, to her people in  Boston.. .������������������''������������������  CHURCH.    NOTES.  Methodist,, Rev. A. M. Sanford, pii's-  tor.^Reguliir services will.be held tomorrow at 11 a. m. aiid 7.30 p.m. The  pastor will preat.'h the. second of asor-  ies of sermons on "Mhacle" during the  morning service . hd.in the evening  will give the third of a series on "Historical Characters."  ' The Rev. Mr. Yates, will hold English Church services in Spencer's hull  on Sunday evening next at the regular  hour.  ��������� Presbyterian.���������Rev. J. Clelland will  preach  as usual   in the, Virginia hall.  ^'^}ira?vs'*,}/u4Jrfi^-vio\,-Y\iI..2Qjd?-p:sh.iii  the Methodist church.  .Sandon C  Jre  Shipments.  '  The  following  is  a list of ore ship-  incuts  over the  K.  & S.   from  Sandon  for the  week end  ng  March, 10  JUNE  .  TONS.  Payne         150  Ruth..   ;   ...'.     ....M0  Last Chance.      ....: 80  Reco...     ....   .'   ....   60  Queen  Bess   ....     .....   15  BLOOD THAT IS BAD.  H'opd that is bud-makes., tho whole  !y sick. Blood that is good, riiaiius  .���������'ivliole body healthy 'and vigorous.  ���������r lock Blood .Bitt>la makes got <1,  h. ruddy blood.. ."I regard B. ,P������. i>.  ��������� he'best.medicine in" the 'world io  v'.'.e riich,'red .-blood. It cured mo  -..���������'two.years 'suffering from, .weak,  i--i blood.-'' - J js.v'xiE A. Gleason,; Con-  ���������-oii, Ontv  -MINING  RE COEDS:  prsng:  Recorded  at,New Denver  Mien 4-  Aticri 5-  M Ai-cir:  ASSESSMENTS. "  -Fawn.'Mounlain Hoy.  ���������0 K Fraction.  TKANSPKltS.  Domln-  Brltisli  Bell View No. 2,TIenry 12 Thirpe  to (.itt nva. ijreinm-ir, Jan ���������!!), $1.3011.  Sandon, Lone Star ali interest, the  ion Developing���������ftjMlniii-' Co  to. The  (J.olumlut: C'olil Trust, Jan 17.  Makcji 7���������b'rS'l-C, Kaslo 1-ti, AliimaNo 2 1-fi,  JJono Kniution -1:0, -.J S Purke to II B Spr.-igiif,  .''"on 12- ' '  Kewiitin i, Alfred Lc?mieux to Geo Baleer  1m'U7.  ,       -.    . ,t        -,-..-".".  Joseph .'.-; Little A, ('ueen Atui J., Sir KreJ-  enelt ', Ki atik .Tobson to Geo .Baiter, Oct 2'"i.  '     i-'pu OVE-: Firry vkahs.  Mrs; AN'ihslowrs floolbing Syrup' -lid's been  used by millions ol mothers for their child run'  while teethln-r. If disturbed at night, and  broken of your rest, by a sielc ebild, suiloi-int*'  auilcrvin-; with pain of euttins teeth. Send  nt oikm: and get a bottle <d"Mrs. Winslow's  Soolhliifr Syrup" for children teething. U.  will relieve Ihe poor little suilerer tmnuidhit-  ly. l'epend 'ujion -It; iiiothor.-^, thc-rcis no  lii 1st tike about it. Itoiii'i.sdliirrhu-a,,re^iiIiites  tho stomach rind bowels, emes Wind Colic,  .soltciistliuisnnis and reduces lullainuialioiii  and <;ivoi- lone and ��������� cticrsy to the system.  "Mi-s. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" lov children  leethlnt- is pieasunt to the taste iuul is the  prescription, ol one of ihe ioldest. and bent  iemiilepliv'!l','iaiis'iiiiil niirses in the United  Slides. Price twenty-live cents a bottle.  Sold bv nil driij-s-ists Uiivntjjhout. the world:  lie sure and ask lor "iMrs. Winslow's Soot bin-',  Syrup.',"      ' ,  Bring Health, then Beauty  follows. They clear the muddy  complexion, chase away Sick  Headaches and Bilious Spells, cure  Dyspepsia and removeall poisonous  matter from the System.  ��������� Mrs." Addie Therrialt, ai6 Brussels  Street, St. John, N.B., says: "Luxa-  Liver Pills cured me of Constipation,  . Indigestion-, and Bilious Hendaches.  They have corrected the irregularities  of Liver and Stomnch,,.and restored  my entire system to healthy, natural  action."  Total..  ,'1GU   .^tt.^,^  The Fire Department.  ���������Notice of Assign me in  Pursuiint to tho "Ci-edilors' Trusts Deeds  Act. 1S0U," unci am'uudin-'acts  : XUT.ICK is hereby '���������ri'voii-'llint. H. IT. I'll Is  aud .l.CJ. Pills lioiii'g businc.'.:? us iueich.u.t������  i ';'.i-:cl->!\ Th'v -i !"i.'i.!i'i nnd Silverton, iu the  I'-mvuicu ui j'rUi������l! ''idn'n-.')!;���������, have by deed  dated  the fun uny m Ivlareli, A.'D.  1S!)S, as-  Clou, and nn lulu real estate to Howard  Chapman, of Victoria; B.C., salesman, for the  benefit of all their creditors. The sulci deed  wns executed by II. H. Pitts and .7. C. Pitts aud  Howard Chapman on the 5l.li day of March,  AX). 1S0.S. AmeetiiiBof the creditors ol the  snid H. It; Pitts and .!.-��������� C. Pitts will be held at  tin) oilice of the assignee at the place of business of the Ameslfolden Company at Victoria on Tuesday,' the 15th dav of April, lSOS,  at.3 o'eloclc in the iifiernoon. All persons  having claims atrai nst the said H. il. Pitts.and  J. C. Pitts are required to furnish particulars  of tlie same, duly verliied. to the said Howard  Chapman not later thnnSth day of April,18'Ji',  alter which date tlicsnid Howard Chapman  will-proceed lo distribute the estate, bavin;,'  reifiircl to (hose claims only, of which 'he-shall  then have notice.  Dated thisolh dny of March, ISflS.  , BOWSKR, GQiyi-'IlKV & CHRISTIE,  Solicitors for Assignee.  'urifici  Tlie clogged-.up machinery of the  systeixi requires cleaning out after the  wear and tear of the winter's work.  Nothing will do this so thoroughly  and perfectly as the old reliable  ''i^ g a sa/fl iPb ff* S^r  It'cures Constipation, Sick Headaches, Feeling of Tiredness, and all  the evidences of Sluggish Liver and  Impure Blood, ��������� which. are so prevalent in the spring. It makes rich,  red blood and gives buoyancy and  strength to.the entire system.  INI  fiRD OTHER IRVESTPflENTS  'Every Representation Guaranteed.  TAlLORiNG, GLEANING, REPAIRING AND DYEING.  ��������� ,.'.- Bidlingnieyei.'s pjd ft.Jiid.  Pries I'easijnnble,  'STEVE" ENdX. Pkopkietor.  To.-'Whoffl It May������������������ Concern.  /.^W,;FUBNIVAL:;,'  "The" Mercantile'Auctioneer, is how  prepared to handle all kinds ot" merchandise, mining stocks, ore. .       , ,    "������������������'.  Parties wishing 'o consult him,please  addresg W. FUIliXIVAL, P.O. Box 117,  Sandon, B.C. : ' ���������..���������"'..',  Licensed, Auctioneer for the province'.  TO. THE'  RUBUC.  We have this day leased the dining-  room of-our house, the Victoria Hotel,  to Mrs! May Bertram, who, is ��������� au experienced,, pleasing and . entertaining'  hostess, r-h'e has "every, .facility;'for  accommodating a "large number -of  hoardt.-rs, by the day or. meal; and will  spare no pains. in uiaking her guest-B  comfortable' and pleased with her  attractive tables.     , ���������;  BORRNE & McLELLAJS1.'  Whitewater, Jiiii. 1st, 189S;   ..',  '���������-��������������� 1* MH^'ifunj'K ������������������������������������������" *.<���������"*. rru**.t'SjM,ri  il'  ���������SANDON. .B; O.  THE...  ���������SAiSDON, B. C.  Bruce-White. N'. j.'Cavanaugh.  Manufacturers of and dealers  in Rou������-h and Dressed Luni-  ���������-. '   V ������������������:���������������������������   -9        .,���������  ber a specially.    ,  Is'  Estimates furnished. ',..'  ''���������'���������'������������������"      *���������,.'���������  Coni,i actors and Builders.  American  Ruropoatt  Plan,  ������������������Phiti,  *i������3:."50' per day.  $2.00 per  day^  STRiCTrA" FlltST-CliASS.,  MRS'M. A. SMITH, Prop.  ������������������������������������(.i*i������*,i������**-iij"iii'-i������n.rk<������"ti������',v*i������iiiin<'t.������"t  &S&  OFFICE AND MILL, CODY, B. C.  Transfer-, ;of ��������� ��������� Liquor ������������������' License.  Wo hereby -r ve notice Uiat.'iO cliiy'sTroin this  dato ive intend lo aiijily to Llio JJoaril ofliicun-'  seCIoiiimiBsioncrs, Hiuiilon, for a transfer ol  liquor lii-cnso lrom '.'arllcH Brow., 1'cir ili'e  BurUett llonso lo oi'i'tielvos.  Yim,&^AVK^Gr^>  M. L. Grimmett, l.l.r.  Notary  ']3AHKIS'ri*R,    f yoLlClTOR,  Pupltc, Eac.  Sandon.  o  B. O  Notice.  The liromen of the city held a very  importani,meeting Thursday, eveiiiiu*,  nearly the full forec being present.  Fur some time past, they have been  pri'paring by-laws,, and these were  finally adopted at the:meeting.  Another, thing decided on w i.s ,.a  fancy ball on Easter Monday night.  ���������A comriuttec was appointed to confer with the city council and arrange  for a tournament on -Dominion Day,  In which all the surrounding -'companies will be challenged for a si in,  Our Delegation.  The city council at length   acted  our suggestion, called a spe'cinl   meet  ing late Friday  night' and   appointed  viessrs.    Hiuris,    Gr;inmel.t,   Mayor  Atlierton and Aid.   Hunter   the. committee who left for   Victoria   Su  morning.   The wisdom in sending  .Mr.  Harris i.s apparent.    On account of his  large   property    interests,    extensive  knowledge of our minim; surroundings  and his native intelligence,ho is above  all others qualified   for   such    a   ins  As it w s bettor. I o.have a lawyer,   Mr.  Grimme.nt should have been thesreond  and the Mayir or an Alderman to represent the council.    Tliere is always  a  service in  large   delegations,   but   in  view of our cily (inances it woul I liave  been just as well to have   limited   tlie  number to three, as  they   can s������y  inueh as lhe whole-four will saw  take notice tliatthlrtvdaysafiur (Intel ii-ill  apply to thu 1/iccri.sbComniissluncrol'tlieulty  ���������ol ftfindoi), tor :i iransler of liccnsn hold bv  J Irs. Katie JJarger, lor the Waldort'Hotel.to '  ���������  '   '. ' .'I.S. RICHARDSON.  Sandon, March Till, lS'JS.  'A(.,h?\ r*.- .-"The bestLifu of Iter Jlniesly 1  liiive.sei.-n," writes Lord T.orne ahont, -'Oneon  Victoria." Aiient.s ninke live dollars dallv.  Outfit. 1,-oe. BUADUMY-GAltRKTSON CO*.,  Limited, Toronto. .  $100  Reward.  One Hundied Dollars will be cheerfully and promptly paid lor any .case  oi iirunkentiess (the Liquor Habit.) or  Tobacco Habit ihat "Eyan's Alcholic  ���������ind Tobacco Cure" will not cure in  two weeks. The same remedy euros  both_ the-liquor habit and tobacco  Habit sit the same time. Send to-day;  you either get. cured or make one hundred dollars. Sent by mail postage  pair! to any part of the world for Ono  Dollar. Addr,ess all orders to '  , R. Ryan*, R.A-.C;  Gower Point, Ont.  AGKNTS.���������Book business is better than for  years past;1 also have better nnd fiistor sell-  ins books. Agents clearing from $'10,000 to  SHVIiiO wofikly. A few lenders are: "Queen  Victoria," "Jjlfn ol Jlr. Gladstone," ''Jly  "Mot.hor's Bible Stories," 'Progressive Speaker," "IClondyke Gold Fields," "Woman,"  "Glimpses of.the Unseen," Breaktast,Dinner  and Supper," "Canada:, an Kncyclopedia."  Hooks on time. Outfits free to cmivnssors.  T'UE BltADLEV-GARRKTSON CO., Linilted,  Toronto.  JOB.''PRINTING  ��������� The finest work in the country clone  at The Mining Review office. Our  list embraces : milling blanks of every  description, stock   books,  stock' certi-  .cards,  posters  stock  ficaies,   letterheads,. billheads,  laundry  bills,   bills   of   fare,  (colored and   plain),  dogers.  office we have    steam  presses,,  cutters, paging and numbering  ines,  perforators,-   wire-stichers  a   magnificent    assortment     of   type  patterns, cordis, cuts and ornaments.  .   The Mining  Review is without a  peer in.this section as  an   advertising  medium.  THE BE!  MILWAUKEE 'FAMOUS.  UWEQUfiLLEB FOR TABLE USE.  FOR SALE BY  ���������Now the sun is getting 'strong.    Be wise  arid avoid snow-blindness.        :  We can "fit;, you. with any kind of Grasses  you may require for Astigmatism, Myopia,  Hypeemetropia, Peesbyopia.  JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN.  ^  *.  IcGallum &Tliompson  ���������*������������������  4f  WKOLESfiLEfAND  RETAIL BUTCHERS  Golden Bros. Old Stand, :  ��������� Sandon, B. 0.  Poultry, Eish and Game in Season.    ,  ;������������������'���������'���������;'.-:."..'���������'-.4^'  Liberal dealings and Trade solicited.���������.-..; -���������������������������������������������������  ���������'���������.������������������'��������� .������������������.^������������������'������������������- 'v\'V.'-v:- -:*sr-  /'';*:'.:::'^:t'-: -'���������������������������'������������������'���������������������������: ", ':'.:  ������?  ���������'''���������������������������: "ic "ic "ic  *ie "ic !*>i?  SLOCAN STAR STREET.  ITotel Sandon,  Sundon, B.C.  IN THE COUNTY COURT OF KOOTENAY.  " , ' HOLIDEN AT NELSON.        .  We do every, kind of work done in the best steam laundries, by the best  and most experienced workmen. Everything from the most delicate fabric to  the heaviest garment. All work, done expeditiously. We call for goods, and  deliver in any part of the town. / .     ���������  UP-TOWN OFFICE, C. GALES' BARBER SHOP,  Next Slocan News Co. ���������������������������'"  In our  paper  mach-  ;   and  In thegoods'ofKlori'ncoJ.'ITiuul. lutcol the  City of Sun do n, British  Columbia, decease-!  NOTICE is hereby given Unit nil persons  liaviuirclaims tig-ainst. the estate of the said  Florence J. Hand, who died on or about the  Twent.y-n in til day of January, ISOS, are required to send by post prepaid or to deliver to  Martin L. Grimmet.i, of the said City of Sandon, solicitor lor the administrator on or  before the the Twelfth day oi.March, ISOS.their  names, addresses, and descriptions and a full  statement, of particulars of their elaimsand  the natureol tlieseciirlty(ifany)hel(l by them  duly verified, and that alter the said day the  administrator will proceed to distribute the  assets of the deeeased anions; tlie parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the  claims of which he shall then have notice.  Dated this 11th day ot February, 189S. '  Everything Up-to-date 11������'  Tweeds and Fancy Veatings.  Agents for the Dominion  Piano  and Organ Co..  DON'r LET 11'ACH1C  If your stonnu'h, .iver and b own Is  working propcJy you wi!J htivo ���������  ht-tidacke. Burdock Blood BitU rs will  keep you right.so there is no need to let  your head ach?. There is lots of prnnf  thntitisso. "I had severe hendadie  for over three years and was not fioe  from it for a sintrleday. Finally fused  Burdock Blood Bitters, with the re.Miil  ihat it has eoinpletcly cared ri.i*-."  jiiis. Affleck Tnrontoi'  FIRST-CL/IS5 HOTEL.  RATES���������$2.00 PER DAY; $10.50 PER WEEK.  H. I. McDonald, Proprietor.  *   Il  " '     ,M        >   I���������������    ' '  : ���������'������������������ ��������� ������������������'.. ! '. " ��������� ��������� ���������   .. . 'V - '���������     ������������������       :   ,   ���������'���������' '    '" ' ' I  .1 ���������,     .������������������ . ! ." '!l ������������������ ��������� ' ��������� ��������� '    ���������   ��������� i  -i-p-i-s- -"-s-, r������������������-1--���������-r ��������� ���������{,/,-.. -rrr-***T.������������������,-CT*-- -*r~T*-*i-*r.----.���������-~���������-,7^���������---,,���������_ _!_. ._,.__ _ -���������.^^.-^r-j���������, ���������^-m-���������.-J-"- "-���������.���������,------r.i---- ���������>** -*K7^*+r* -.t-z-rr TTil'ITTTr'*i*7~-.---|------; ���������*-***������"J7T,r*"T,7'1i:r*";-.V" ' "i"B,SirT0" -rTV^"P\V7Tir7J^VTniT^fT,*-*.-", V7T'''7";^;rTT'',V~~"'-v**t���������


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