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Mining Review Jun 6, 1903

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 1^  K  VOL. 6.���������NO. 51.  SANDON, B; C, SATURDAY, JUNE 6,   1903.  $2.00 PER YEAR  FLOOD !  Sandon and Carpenter Creeks on  the Rampage.  The past week have has been one of  unrest and anxiety to tlie residents of  Sandon. The people have been hourly  expecting danger from the bursting of  the rushing torrents in the creeks. The  hot sun on Friday, Saturday and following days caused the deep snow in the  mountain tops to melt rapidly. It is  asserted the snow disappeared at the  rate of two feet, a day for three days.  The rush of water may be imagined.  STAR WAGON  HO AD   DESTKOYED.  The first damage caused by the rush-  ing water started below the Ptar concentrator on Sunday night. A big jam  of logs dammed lhe Sandon creek and  the water rushed out on to the Star road,  forming a new channel. The torrent  swept everything before it, destroying  the road and piling up debris to the  depth of over ten feet in the ereek atthe  Sandon Forwarding Co's-. stables. Here  the water again burst into the street  and filling.iu along the C. P. R. trestle  work sent the water down tho back  street.  CELLARS   FLOODED.  All cellars from tha Reco down were  flooded, the water pouring through and  and creating havoc in its course. Men  at once set to work making a dam opposite the hotel to divert its course.  Planks, rocks and sacks of gravel were  soon in position and "danger for a time  averted.  Meanwhile scores of,willing hands  were busy clearing away theobstruction  at the Fowarding Co's stables. Mayor,  aldermen, merchants, hotel keepers and  others worked like Trojans. The work-  was hard and difficult, and finally about  11 o'clock a course was cleared and the  creek, which was now a taibulent river,  was turned into it proper channel.  Men were stationed all over to watch  the flume and had not to wait long.  One jam was hardly cleared away before  another occurred. A log spread across  the creek near the power house, the  flidewalk carried away, the water going  through the basement and spreading  over the west end., The ^ribbing gave  way in many places and blocking the  channel had to be blown up with dvna-  mite many times during the day.  In the afternoon a b'g jam occurred  under the Denver House which is built  across the creek. This has been a menace to the safety of the town since it was  built. A blockade occurs there with  every freshet and  the  majority of our  citizens declare the.building slnuld 'be  remoyod.   The jam of Monday wasjthe  worst yet.   A, log coming down knocked  out the center supports, tore oat a section of the cribbing   and   sent it across  the raging stream.   For a time things  looked 6erious for the rest of tho ; town.  Willing hands were   eotjn   at work and  cleared away, the obstruction,   but  not  before the hind portion of building was  badly  undermined.     The   ground   on  which the building supports rest being  loose  giavel,   it was   swept away like  straw.   There wrb danger for a while of  the building-parting in the cent re or the) repaired,  supports at the rear being carried away, |  but a large log   handy by was  securely  anchored   with   ropes  and  served as a  breakwater against undermining.   The  building seemed as if it would hold   to-  gether and gave relief in   that quarter.  Numerous jams took placein thecreek  up towards Cody, but were quickly dy-  mitted.   Many sheds and outbuildings  along the gulch were overturned or carried away, and in the residences trunks  were packed ready for instant  removal.  About 7 o'clock another jam occured  under the bridge  at the power house,  but with ever cheerful spirit in i=pite of  danger or misfortune, men went to work  and pried up the bridge to leta big stump  loose.   The crib work rearby was badly  shattered,,and A. Osborne's stable, the  curling and skating rinks were flooded  and the water rushing through one basement window and out another, of  the  power house,  as if  it was the regular  course.   A dam of, plank  and old iron  pipe was built by Johnston and  Craig,  who were waist deep in the water while  constructing it, and the  danger  point  passed.   Fortunately the electric light  plant sustained no injury, and the misfortune of darkness with   the flood was  averted.  Very few people slept Monday night.  Watchmen were appointed to'patrol the  streetsand signal for danger.   About 3  o'clock the flume blocked at the Catholic church, and the covering torn up to  loosen the stumps.   In   clearing away  the jam some of the flume bottom came  up too.   About 6 o'clock   another dam  took   place  at  Atherton 'a store.   This  was soon cleared away, but more flume  plank came up and tho splashing water  crumbled away the earth and weakened  the flume.   Hugh rocks and old safes  were soon   rolled in the holes and the  splathing ceased for a time.   Nothing  occured all day Tuesday, the water fell  considerable during the day and it was  hoped cool weather would set in.   People were begining to feel  easier, when  in the evening it commenced   to  rain  the Union hall on Wednesday, but were  raadestaunch as soon as possible. Teams  were busy all day hauling stone and  sacks of gravel to fill in where needed  and the whole day was one of anxiety  and unrest.  In the afternoon cool weather set in,  the rush of water decreased and all danger passed. Business was again resumed and affairs in town were carried  on the same as ever. Through the exertion of our leading citizens the damage  was confined principally to the Star  road and the flume, which can easily be  Albert Ross'   Store Gutted   By  a Blaze.  Mines and Mining.  The total number of miners working  around Slocan City is placed at 70.  Last week the force at the. Meteor  property, near Slocan City was increased to five.  N. F. McNaught, of Silverton, will  commence the summer's work on the  Hampton group at the head of Springer  creek shortly, when six men will be put  to work.  The Ruth sawmill started up Monday  cutting timbers for the mine. More supplies, have been sent up and before long  a force will be put to work at the mine  and the concentrator running.  The ore body recently struck in No. 8  tunnel at the Payne is widening out. It  is two feet thick in the roof and nearly  three in the floor. Everything points  to swelling of the vein as it descends,  deep development work is likely to be  commenced before long.  . More men are being added to the force  at the Rambler and as soon as the tunnels permit the number will be increased to about 100. The warm weather  has furnished ample water supply for  the concentrator, and a '"busy..season is  looked for. The recent strike is showing up well and the mine lias plenty of  ore in eight.  Sluicing at the Wonderful is progressing favorably. Mr. Warner has a good  stream of water and is washing down  the face of the old workings with good  results. Boulders pf high grade ore of  every size are being uncovered. One  met early in the week on being broken  up filled eight sacks. Over a car of ore  has already been taken from the aluic-  ings, and the work proper has only  commenced. The Wonderful is indeed  a wonder. Tunne'ing has dug out large  blocks of ore, more or less pockety, but  the main lead or leads, of which there  is abundant indication, have not been  touched.   Huge  boulders  of  ore have  Shortly after 9 o'cclock last Saturday  evening fire was discovered in the store  of Albert Ross and the alarm was quickly sounded. In a very short time the  flames spread over the interior. At the  time the blaze was diacoyered it had  just commenced, and a bucket or two of  water could easily have extinguished  it. The door was broken in and served  to fan the flames. Considerable time  was lost in getting the hose reels out  and turning on the water, there being  no organized fire brigade, all was confusion. In five,minutes after the first  stream was turned on the fire was extinguished, its sudden cessation being  the wonder of all.  The blaze is supposed to have been  started by the falling of a lamp.   Last  Saturday shortly after starting up, one  of the armatures  at  the  power house  burnt out, cutting off all   the  lights on  that   circuit.     Mr.   Ross   had  a large  Rochester lamp lighted in his store and  business being rather quiet, turned the  lamp down,  went out and   locked the  door. He had only been gone a few minutes when J. H. Park, machinist atthe  Payne   came   along  and   noticed    the  clothing counter near the front door all  aflame.   He quickly spread  the alarm  and wilh others  smashed  in the door,  but before doing  so the fire had made  such headway that buckets were useless  even if any were handy.    The   flames  were fioon extinguished when the water  was turned on.  The entire stock is destroyed, more by  water and smoke than the flames. Mr.  Ross estimates his loss at over $12,000  and has $5,000 ineurance. By rushing  through the flames he managed to save  the books, throwing them out the back  window and jumping himself. He escaped with a few slight burns on his  face and hair singed.  Much sympathy is fe.U for Mr. Rose  in his misfortune. He is arising young  business man nnd has only just lately  bought out his partner, and the entire  loss is sustained by himself. We understand hewill start up again as soon  as the appraisers decide the damage.  The front, interior and fixtures of the  been found all over the property, giving  evidence of  an   enormous vein Borne- store are   totally destroyed, but J. M.  where. Mr. Warner done a lot of tunneling the past year without much success, and will continue sluicing as long  water supply is available. The Won.  derful is the only silver-lead property of  .       .,        ,      ..       ,       .   ...      . ,     , its kind on the i-ontinent, and has   pro-  heavily and continued mostof thenight.   ,   ��������� , .. i���������   c a n n    e    ���������  J b       duced thousands of dollars worth of ore  Breaks occured near Atherton's and  fr 0���������, the sluicings.  Harris, the owner of  the. building has  it fully insured.  W. J. Twiss, insurance agent, was in  town a couple of days this week.   There  was too much excitement on for doing  business.  Pi  nr  il  anmwxBfflRtaa's  / , ..���������  :���������. ,...._.,���������.....,.  SigiasTSSeSboSxBSwtSSSl  ������&; THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, June ,6, 1903.  The Mining Review.  SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 1903.  The governmental affairs at Victoria  are assuming a solutionablo aspect and  one that should have baen sought some  time ago, to save the country from the  inconsistant and complex legislation to  which it has been subjected   to.      Following    upon   the   dismissal .of   Col.  Prior, the Lieut-Governor   has honored  Richard McBride with the trustof forming a government, which at the time the  responsibility was given,thepublicfully  expected to have tbrut-t upon the province another coalition government such  as has been a  manaca   to responsible  government in IS, C. at least,   but  this  state of affairs has been since altered by  the conservative members dropping all  petty   differences,   and  bringing their  united pressure to bear upon   McBride  to accept party lines as the only   salvation irom the present difficulties.   This  move on the part of conservatives will,  while placing them   in  control   of, the  house,  render the unqualified   verdict  of the.electorate.   Instead of the  nonchalance generally shown   the  country  as a whole can now look forward to seeing  a more stable form of government  one time was looked upon as a capable  lire department appears to I ave decou ������  disorganized. Propably this disband-  ment can be traced more to the fact  that Sandon baa not had a visitation  from the fire fiend for over a year, the  members as a consequence losing all  prideand interest in th������irorganizHion.  o , 1 - "  the city's present demands.     What at 1     /~\tt    "POP   TT-T'P*   ROFIV  nun time was looked nnnn sib   a  e.annhle e*   ���������  You can't lose an atom  without feeling it. The body-  is like an engine, a watch,  a machine; must be kept in  good   order   to   run   right.  That's  the reason Scott's  Fireseemingly appears to come upon us ; EmulsipIV is SO  SUCCCSSful  in  when we are in the worst possible posi- j aH wasting diseases.    It feeds,  sition to cope with it, and the safest  nourishes   and   strengthens  and least expensive.way   is   to  at* all       1 j. r      ���������,      ���������       ,,  ,,   . when   ordinary food   wont.  fcimos be prepared for its reception. .    _  Doctors say Scott s Emulsion is, the best nourishment  for those who. are not as well  as they should be���������young or  old.    .  fined to its immediate vicinity and are  very rarely found without certain defined boundaries.  ���������  The Sandon public have spent an ������x-  ceeding merry time the past week, ai.d  one they cannot look back to in after  years without sending a dulcet feeling  throughout their entire human anat-  omies. In fact it will act as a memento  of the vicissitudes of a mining camp  situated high up in the altitude's  of  the lofty Selkirks.  Everything comes he who waits. Bob  Green has waited three years to be  Minister of Mines and got it at last. He  has to be elected vet.*  Automobilists for the Gordon-Bennett cup are wondering if the Irish race  will be suppressed. The man who can  suppress the Irish race has never been  born.  The estimates have been passed and  the provincial legislature dissolved.  In calling upon Richard McBride to  form a Ministry," the Lieutenant-Governor took practically the only course  open to him, and followed the usual  custom of calling upon the leader of the  opposition to reconstruct a following where tha former first minister fails  to carry on the affairs of the country by  defeat on a want of confidence.vote.such  aB has overtaken the late.Prior administration. Premier McBride by surrounding himself with none but ministers of his own political stripe has  forced the aflairs at Victoria to be conducted on party division. It will bring  about a condition that has long been felt  by the.electorate as a remedial necessity for responsible government. Although considerable speculation was  manifested as to what steps the Lieut-  Governor would take in connection with  the recent crisiB at Victoria, those  familar with parliamentary usuages  were not in the least snrpriei-d at the  turn in events. McBride was the leader  of the opposition and as such was by  constitutional precedent entitled to first  consideration.  We have viewed the anowslide Bear  son, which has now pass*d, with a certain amount of accustom, but the high  water of this spring is a variation for  reflection, and has not been unprecedented in the history of the camp, only  with one exception, and that was in  the spring of'94, when it is stated hy  old timers that the gulch was navigable  with the canoe.  a  99  We'll send you a sample free upon request.  SCOTT & BOWNE. Toronto, Ont.  A man says. "Look at this." And he  over-laps his coat to show how loose it j  is. There are some people who can lose  fat to advantage, but the loss of flesh is  one of the accepted evidences of failing  health. As flesh-making processes begin  -"-   '" _ in the stomach, so  J The recent fire should act as an object  lesson to all citizens in forming a permanent as well as an efficient fire organization in the precincts of the town.  On that occasion the method of combating the conflagation was sufficifit  evidence to f how that our present organization is wholly inadequate to meet  In some quarters abuse is phowered  upon McBride for the turn events'have  taken in political matters at Victoria.  Of course this can be easily understood  .when this antipathy shown only emanates from the Liberal section of the  the provincial press. They maintain  that his elevation to the premiership  was not brought about by his own diplomacy,but through the instrumentality  of hie Liberal following while leader  of the opposition, and to throw down  those who stood by him in the hour of  need and league himself with Prior Conservatives was a breach of treachery  upon the part of McBride. There is no  question but McBride fully intended to  carry out his original plan of forming a  coalition government, but when stong  representations were made by the  united Conservative vote in the House,  the dominant factor, to form a strickly  Conservative    administration, he   was  PIANO !  Discovery restores  the lost flesh by  curing diseases of  the stomach and  other organs of  digestion and nutrition and enabling the perfect  digestion and assimilation of food  from which flesh  and strength are  made.  "My wife was for  five years troubled  with indigestion of-  stomach and bowels,  bloating and severe  pain at times during  the' entire five years," writes Mr. T. Milton  Uug-er, of McConnellsburg, Pa. '< Her heart wae  affected, and she took a purgative every few  days but only ��������� received temporary relief. She  got very poor in flesh and I bought one bottle  of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery from  our druggist and after taking it she said she felt  like a new woman. Has no more trouble with  stomach and bowels, and has no pain nor bloating.   Has gained fifteen pounds in ���������weight."  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation and biliousness.  naturally 'when  there is loss of  flesh "we look first  to the stomach for ' justified in taking the course he did, and  the cause. And one in accord with tlie HisiieB 0f the  the cause is generally found to be    electorate.   McBride's justification lies  disease, of the ,in the fact.that province is freed   from  stomach  and  di- ' r  gestive and nutri������ I the scourge of political intrigue.     He  tive tracts result. J ha8 donenothing but what other mem-,  ing in loss of nu- ( "  trition and conse-    bers have been continually doing, flop:  weakness P ^        ' PinS from on* side of'the Mouse to  the  Doctor Pierce's ��������� other, and this move on the part of Mc-  Golden   Medical  I     .        y   , . ,.  Bride puts him among his properassoci-  ates. McBride's political career has  always been clean and ennsistant,  whether in the ranks of the government or the opposition, and to take exception to one transmutation, which  appears to have been a chronic failing  with the majority of the members of  the present House, ia a small matter  compared with an essential necessity.  For Sale #t a l^ar^am  One of the finest toned instruments in this section. A Grand  Piano in every raspuct. It is  known as the Stanley. Regular  Price ia $500.   Now $325.  Q. W. Grimme 1.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Stanley Mineral Claim, situate in the Slocan  Miii'iig Division of West Kootenay District  Where loca'ed :���������On  Seaton   Creek,   two  miles west of Bear Lake.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Win. S. Drewry, acting  as agent for Isaac A. Austin, Free Miner's Certificate No. B 70003, intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining   Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  Section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this iOth' day of May, A. D.1903.  50-3ra  "W. S. Dkkwrv.  *++++++++++++  ���������i  4-iHH  IE. M. Sandilands.  NOTARY PUBLIC,  Mines, Stocks and Insurance.  Crown Grants Obtained.  Deputy  Mining  Recorder.  Sandon,   -   B. C.  ���������f'fi' '��������� il ��������� ���������'��������� ���������'��������� H H *+<H"H+H*  WANTED-SEVERAL INDUSTRIOUS PER-  sonH in each state to travel for house established eleven years and with a large cap!  tal, to call upon merchants and agents for successful and profitable line." Permanent engagement. Weekly cash salary of ?18 and all .  travelling expenses and hotel bills advanced  in cash each week. Experience note sseutial.  Mention reference and encloFe self-addressed  envelope. THE NATIONAL, 334 Dearborn St.,  Chicago.  / The pleasure seeker whose nature  craves for the varied excitement which  they do not every day experience conld  not do better than pay Sandon.a occasional visit, when they would be assured  of at least a change from the ordinary  routine of the great realms of the outer  world.    Sandon's attractions are  con-  U+H+4~Hr+H~H+W I -H I ��������� 11 Hi  |F. \% l^awkins.l  i ���������LICENSED��������� .'���������-.-  I'     PROVINCIAL ASSAYER.  Box 185. Telephone 22.  SANDON, "-:-'  B. C. THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, June 6, 1903.  I'*  v'-  hi  J-*r*  <T  %  1)  i(  11  1  11  ���������$x$><S>^<S><S><S'-<S'-^^ &<i^&$>^$<&&&<$><&$^^  elled "I  Up-to-date in Every Respect.  Meal  Tickets  $5.00  for  $5.50.  Cuisme First class. TOeals t\i $;(:  Open From Morn to Mid=night.  H. MURHARD, Proprietor.  Local News  Notes.  Read Megaw's ad. in another column.  We had more visitors to town this  week than for months past.  Miners are coining back to town in  expectation ef the mines opening up.  The C. P. R. trains get up as far np  Alamo and passengers to town -havo to  walk about live miles. They report, tlie  track in such a condition that it, will  take a couple of we������ks to r-jpair it.  Henry Tye, of Victoria, has been in  town the past week. He is appraiser  for the insurance companies aflectt-d by  Saturday's blaze, and ie estimating the  damage.  George McDonald came in Thursday  evening from Revelstoke. He is greatly  impressed with the railway town, which  is forging rapily ahead.  A baseball team made up of players from Sandoa and New Denver will  play in Nelson on July 1st. Rev. J. K.  Mclntyre, the pitching preacher, will  send in the curves.  No, those sacks at the depot are not  filled with ore, they are tailings to plug  up holes along the flume.  A snowsiide came down near tho Last  Chance on Saturday. ,  ' Large quantities of supplies were sent  out to the mines on Saturday last by  Giegerich and Megaw.  The K & S train came in Thursday  and the line is'open all the way.  The power far the Ivanhoe concentrator has been cutofTby a section of the  flume near the depot being destroyed.  John Daly, of Kaslo, spent a few  hours in the city Thursday.  There is no truth in the report published in the Nelson News that several  houses in town were washed away, A  few had the floor washed but that was  all.  For the first time in many months  Sandon has been free from ore   buyers.  , The Payne has two cars of ore blocked  at its C. P. R. siding. The supply for  the concentrator is now taken from No.  8 tunnel and the ore bins in the mill  are all filled.  Our council pioved itself a working as  well as a business body this week. They  were as handy with the pevee as they  are with tlie pen.  Get one of those styliph hats at E. R.  Atherton's and be up to date.  According to the report pf the  your ClotKes  $re Old..  J. B. CAMERO  Sandon, The Leading; Merchant  Tailor in the Kooteuay Country  TICKETS  TO ALL POINTS  Party lines now prevail in B. C. politics with the Tories in control. Premier  McBride has the assurance of twenty-  two supporters, ore about two-thirds  of the members of the House.  ter of Mines for 1902 the  outp  Slocan mines last year was $1,008,827."  The appraisers have satisfactorily arranged the insurance with Albei t Roes.  He gets nearly the full amount and will  start up again as soon as possible. ���������  The Payne zinc plant went ahead this  week, a few cars of lumber were delivered befoie the freshet.  The so-i-alled progressives, or all that  is left of them, are to meet shortly.  From the inactivity displayed of late  iL would appear they progressed out of  sight.  ���������  The Sloc-Rn Star shipped 63 tons and  the Ivanhoe 23 last Saturday.  Methodist church services on Sunday  when the "pastor, R. J. Mclntyre, will  preach at 11 a. in. and 7.30. In the  morning an object lesson will be 'given  to the boys and girls. In the -evening  the sermon will be to young men.  GraphophoTie selections will ho given  at each service. Shndiw school Sunday  afternoon at 2.30. Prayer meeting on  Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Three  Forks ������erviceon Thursday-May, 7th, at  7 p. in. instead of Monday.     .  This week the following Methodist  ministers are expected to arrive in the  Slocan district as ii. result of. changes  made by lale conference. Rev. W. AV.  Baer of Nanaimo goes to Nelson, Rev.  S. J. Green ol Trout Lake to Kaslo, Rev.  Jas. Calvert of New Westminister to  New Denver and Rev. J. Scott of Victoria to Slocan'Citv.  oatpnt o/The1 Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  Eas  For Coughs, Colds; Croup and Whooping Cough.  Price 25 cents; large size 50c.  and  VIA  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy.  For Bowel Complaints.   Price 35 cents.  Chamberlain's Pain Balm.  An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 25 cents; large size 50 cents.  Chamberlain's Stomach and  Liver Tablets.  For  Disorders of the Stomach, Liver  and Bowels.   Price 25 cents.  ne  TO  Every one ol these preparations  is guaranteed and if not fully sat-, st. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago  isfactory to the  purchaser  the : and all points east  money will be refunded. I  Seattle, Tacoma, Victoria, Portland  AND ALL PACIFIC COAST POINTS.  Reco Hotel Arrivals.  Metal Quotations.  A McAllister, Hamilton; Mrs 'M P  Raid, D P Kane, W J Twiss, H Giegerich, Kaslo; Mrs McNeil,, May McNeil,  Albert Ross, city ; St Elmo Davis, Reco  mine; E A Morris, A J Bates, Henry  Tye, J R Greenfield, Vancouver; G R  Green, Victoria; H Faggy, San Francisco; Jas Watts, Winnipeg; John S  Black, New Denver; J D Anderson,  Trail.  Through Palace nnd Tourist Sleepers.  Dining & Buffett Smoking Library Cars.  2  Fast Trains at Convenient Hours  Between Spokane & Fuget Sound  Silver, 52 %c per or.  Copper, 4*15  per cental  Lead, $4.35 percental  Spelter (zinc) $6 77  Lead ia quoted in the Londoa maiket  at ������11.8s. Od. and silver 24 5-16d.  Robt. McTaggart, sawyer foi tho Slo-  can-Ontario Lumber Co., who has been  spending the week in town, leaves today to handle the.lever. The mill was  closed on account of the freshet.  For rates, folders and full imformation  regarding trips, call on or address any  agent O. R. & N. Com pan v.-  A. B. C. Dennieton,  G.W. P. A.  Seattle, Wash.  II. Brandt,  C.'P. &T.-A.  Spokane, Wash  Percy Dickenson's interest in twelve  mineral claims at the head of Kaslo  creek were sold by the sheriff in Nelson  last Saturday. W. R. Hannington purchased it for $160.  It is to be hoped the clerk of the  weather will keep cool for a few days.  The Best Liniment.  "I have derived great benefit from the  use of Chamberlain's Pain Balm for  rheumatism and lumbago," says Mrs.  Anna Hagelgans, of Tuckahoe, N. J.  "My husband used it for a sprained  back and was also quickly relieved. In  tact it is the best family remedy I have  ever used. I would not think of being  without it. I have recommended it to  many and they always Bpeak highly of  it and declare its merits are wonderful."  For sale by F. J.-Donaldson.  t 1  5 it'  1   /?  a ���������...<,JI>feVl<iI..:W������t3M.-&*./'������ .!irl*J(,fi.(l-������J  THE MINING RE VIEW���������Sa turday, June 6, 1903.  Local News Notes.  D. J. Robertson, the furniture dealer,  with stores here and in Nelson, yiiited  his business branch here the early part  of the week.  F. II. Hawkins, aseayer, has rented  the furnished house of W. Bennett near  the Star gulch. F. H. intends joining  the ranks of the benedicts before long,  and is preparing everything for the  occasion.  Robt. Cunning returned Saturday  last from the southern states, where he  lias spent the past nine months for the  benefit of his health. He returned  greatly improved. Besides visiting the  principal cities along the coast he hacl  occasion to visit Sumpter and other  well-known mining camps of Oregon.  Intending housekeepers should pay a  visit to D. J. Robertson's furniture emporium and seo his complete stock of  house furnishings of all descriptions.  The best goods to make the home cheery  at lowest prices.  R. S. Chamberlain, electrician at the  Fayne, has rented Geo. "Walmsley's cottage near the K. & S. trestle. Mrs.  Chamberlain will arrive shortly from  Vancouver, and reside in Sandon for  the summer.  Thos. Jones, zinc buyer, left Monday  on a trip to the coast and will return  shortly.  Miss Smith, who has been visiting  her sister, Mrs. Bewley, for some time,  left Sundav for Revelstoke.  Mining Experts.  The average mining engineer . ought  to understand that his diploma possesses only contingent value, and is a.credit  or injury tojiim.in the exact ratio .that  his practice.demonstates the., correctness of the theories be has imbibed from  his alma mater.'  If his scholastictrain-  ing has simply saturated him   with.; an  infusion .of. laboratory " wisdom.; and  failed to stimulate hia humility,",he,will  not attack tho   problems-presented  in  practical-mining  along   independent  lines of investigation, and hence,wilvl be  classed as a   "yellow-leggpd  expert,"  rather than as a   wide-awake,   well-informed, practical man, who is ready   to  learn from the smallest object lesson, if  necessary.  G--  Jerry Monteith, lately of the Rambler, has entered into partnership with  George McDonald in Revelstoke. They  have purchased a lot on Connanght  avenue in the railway town, and commenced the erection of a large business  block. The building will be pushed  ahead rapidly, aud in a short time the  firm of McDonald & Monteith start up  in the grocery and gents' funishiiig line  on a large scale.  Sandon has bad plenty of excitement  the past week with fire, flood and inundation. The freshet season is on and  leaving a trail behind it.  Mrs. F. S. Attwood, of Kaslo, visited  her aunt, Mrs. W. W. Fallows, of  Sunnyside, a few days this week.  Miss Jean Watson, of Pincher Creek,  Alta., is visiting in the city, the guest  of Mrs. Alex. Crawford. She will stay  a few weoks.  The Ivanhoe people had to pack supplies by mule to the concentrator asthe  waggon road is now in need of   repair.  Chas. Nelson, formerly of the Denver  House, returned to the city Tuesday  and BOt about placing tho Denvertlou-e  jn a condition to properly withstand  the spring freshets, which ut one time  looked ready to collapse.  As soon as the Payne zinc plant is in  operation others are expected to be  built at the leading mines in the district. The managers are holding back  to see if the Payne will be a success and  there is littlo doubt on thai score.  ��������� There appears to be something queer  about the fire in Ross' store. The lamp  and globe were found intact, dispelling,  the explosion theory. Some venture  the opinion that the blaze was caused  by some careless smoker throwing a  ma^ch among the pile of clothing.  Too Great a Risk.  In almost every neighborhood someone has died from an attack of colic or  cholera morbus, often before medicine  could be procured or physician summoned." A reliable remedy for these  diseases should be kept at hand. The  risk io too great for anyone- to take.  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has undoubtedly saved  the lives of more people and relieved  more pain and suffering than any other  medicine in use. It always can be depended upon. For sale by F. J. Donaldson.  Slocan Ore Shipments.  The following are the ore shipments  from the Slocan since the 1st of January, 1903, to date:'  Sandon.  Payne  567  Slocan Star  995)*'  Ivanhoe  251%  American Boy '.  401  Reco  134  Ruth  140  Blue Bird      20  Idaho  "     21  Monitor  420  Queen Bess  144  Total  3094)4  Zixc.  Payne     823  Ivanhoe    180  Total.  MCGUIGAN.  Rambler   Antoine   Red Fox ;���������.  Slocan Boy.....  Silver Glance.  Surprise..   Rio.. ,.  Bismark   903  573)$'  152^  40 .  16  55  9  18)4  Total   Slogan  Lakb  Arlington   Points.  Black Prince...  Bondholder   Bosun   Dayton   Enterprise ,  Fisher Maidon.  Ottawa   Hartney.   Republic.   Meteor   885  40  *. 17  2  0.00  .4  245  28C  126  21  20  12  Total.  1367  Neat Work Promptly  turned out is keeping  us busy.       We can  still do yours. Try us.  I have now iu stock a choice assortment of  sirad uJgLpjsorxn-eci "\/\/"aar-������.  Remember I am Headquatrers for Plumbing and  Sheet Metal Roofing.  Tinsmith & Plumber,  Sandon, B. C.  ing'in  Stationery .at THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, June & .1903.  Town Jottings.  Outside towns thought we had a celebration on this week. The bombarding  was merely the blasting ot dams in the  creeks.  The worst is over- and the oeople  breathe more freely, business in getting  into it6 normal shape.  Very little damage was done to property outside of the Star road and along  the flume.  There were no ore shipments this  week, the railways are tied up.  Sandon was dammed up and down  this week.' Everywhere a break occured in the flume men dammed it.   ,  D. P. Kane, insurance agent, Kaslo,  was here twice thin week in connection  with the insurance of A. Ross' goods.  H. Giegerich, of Kaslo, was here the  whole week to look after his premises  against damage fiom the flood.  Sample your whiekey before you down  it, as a number of hotel cellars were  rilled with water this week.  Mrs. George and family returned to  the city Monday from a sojourn on the  Pacific slope. . .  y Geo. Robbins, assayer at the Payne,  is laid up with a smashed hand. While  running down the hill with the hose  reel to the blaze Ust Saturday, the reel  got beyond control, threw him down,  ran over him, tore his hand badly and  bruised his leg. He was lixed up at the.  hospital and is now attending to work.  The long expected VVifley table for the  Payne arrived last Saturday. It was  transfered to the K. & 8. and no engine  coming in, a horse was hitched to the  car and hauled to the siding.  There are four washouts and many  jams between here and Alamo on the  C. P. R. No trains have arrived since  Mondav and none expected for several  days yet. In the event of a bridge near  Three Forks going out, which appears  most likely, it is hard to say when traffic  will be resumed. The com pany is doing  its utmost to repair the damage.  Mr. and Mrs. A. David, left Tuesday  for Nelson over the K..&.S., from which  point they go to Kamloops.' Mr. David  has been in poor health for.- some time  takes this change in the hopes of regaining it again.  A wanhout occured on the K. & S. at  Bear lake on Tuesday. The train from  Kaslo runs to that point and passengers  mail, etc., are transfered to handcars.  In this way traffic has been moving all  week and is the only route open to San-  dan from Nelson and Kootenay lake  points.  The loaaeea of the Enterprise mine,  on Ten Mile are now sending out 20  tons of ore a week, or 80 tons a month.  They are preparing to start up the concentrator to treat the low grade ores of  the property. The present force of 21  men will shortly be added to and shipments increased.  Henry Farrell,* an employee of the  new saw mill at Slocan City, met with  a painful accident Tuesday morning  by falling on one of the saws, cutting a  nasty gash in his right arm. Fortunately for him the mill was not running at  the time or the consequence might have  been different.  Dealing editorially with certain ficticious advertising by a certain zinc company   the Lead and Zinc News , of  St.  Louis in   part   has   the   following   to  say:   Zinc ore has   never touched  $57  in its history.   Not in the days   of   the  Joplin boom,   at which time the   market touched the highest point  in   this  country���������if not in  the world���������the   top  price was $56.   During the recent   high  market the top  price paid   was  $42,50  and that foi one single lot of particularly desirable ore.   Strickly speaking,, it  is possible that the cost of mining a ton  of this company's ore may be $7.     Ore  and concentrates have a widely different  meaning when   stiickly   interpretated  and It is possible that it does cost this  company $7 to mine a ton of ore.  What  the wording of the advertisement leads  the public to believe is that a ton of ore,  ready for the   market,   costs   but  $7���������  manifestly an impossibility.    The best  record made by any zinc   mine   in   the  Joplin district  was $11.50   per   ton  of  concentrates ready   for   shipment,   according to the State  Mine  Inspector's  report.  M.  L. GRImMETT, LL. B.  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary  Public, Etc.  Smi<9������, British Columbia.  : uiunc mum? wm  To und from European points Yia Canadian  and American lineB. Apply for sailing dates,  rates and full information to any C, P.R. agent  or A. H. Lewis, Agent, Sandon,  W.P. P. dimming.*;, Gen.S.S. Agent,Winnipeg  Alta Lodge, No. 20.  A. P. AND A. M.  Regular Communication of the lodge.  Meet! llrst Thursday in each month at 8 p. m.  VisttiuK brethren cordially invited.  JAMES M. BARTON, Sec'y.  You Want  the Best.  Try Lethbridge Coal, then you will  have the best and cheapest. This coal  will make thehottestand brightest fires,  besides it is' earily handled, as it is very  clean.   We have it for all kinds of grate.  A. R. HEYLAND,  ENGINEER,  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEY OR.  SANDON.B.C  E. j-J. Cameron..  An Aggravating Cough Cured.  A customer of outb who had been suffering from a severe cough for six  months, boughttwo bottlesof Cbamber-  lain'i Cough Remedy from us and wan  entirely cured by one anda half bottleB  of it. It gives perfect satislaction with  our trade.���������Haynhs-Pakkek & Co.,  Lineville, Alta. For sale by F. J. Donald son.  If it's a bilious attack, takeChamber-  lain's Stomach and Liver Tablets and a  quick recovery is certain. for sale by  F.J.Donaldson.  "WANTED���������SEVERAL PERSONS OF CHAR-  acter and good reputation in each.province,  (one in this district required), to represent and  advertise old established wealthy business  ���������house of solid financial standing. Salary $21  weekly with expenses additional, all payable  iu cash direct each Wednesday from head  offices. Horse and carriage furninhed when  necessary. References. Enclose self-ftddress-  ed envelope. Colonial Company, 331 Dearborn  Street, Chicago.  Established 1858.  CITY OF SANDON.  COURT OF REVISION.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE AN-  nual Sitting of the Court of Revision for  the purpose of hearing all complaints against  the Assessment for the year 1903, as made by  the Assessor of the City of Sandon, B. <\, will  be held in the Council Chamber, City Hall,  Sandon, B. C, on Tuesday, June 16th, 1903, at  3 o'clock, p. m.  C.fi. LYONS, City Clerk.  Sandon, B.C., May 6th, 1903. 47 4  R. Smith & Co.  manufacturers of all kinds of  Plain and Fancy  BRDiS-iD nr  VICTORIA, B. C.  BRANCH-VANCOUVER, B. C.  k  Spokane Falls;  AND NORTERN RAILWAY CO.  NELSON & FORT SHEPHERD RAILWAY CO.  RED MOUNTAIN RAILWAY CO.  WASHINGTON & G. N. RAILWAY CO  VAN., VIC. & E. RY. & N. CO.  The onlv all rail' route between east west  and south to Rossland, Nelson, G rand-Forks  ancl Republic. Connects at Spokane with the.  Great Northern, Northern Pacific andO. R. &  N Co for points east west and south; connects  at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian  Pacific Railway.  Connects at Nelson with K. R. & N.Co. for  Kaslo and K.& S. points.  Connects at Curlew with stage for Greenwood and Midway, B. <s.  Buffett cars run on trains between Spokano  and Republic.  Effective Nov. 22, 1902.   '  Leave. Arrive.  !> :25 a. m Spokane  5:45.p.m.  10:15a. m..;.......Rossland...........2:10 p. m,  7:00 a. m ......... .Nelson  .8:U0 p. m.  11:00 a. m.;......Grand Forks..........4:00 p. m.  9:15 a.m..........Republic..........5:40 p. m.  H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T. A.,  Spokane, Wash.  G. K.TAOKABURY,  Agent, Nelson, B.C.  Why yon should buy  50  YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  .,,���������,.        Copyrights &c.  ,.,��������������������������� Bondlnc a sketch and description may  ���������,ft?ifivlucortalnfour opinion free whether an  "Sa fa sb^%������w^iu-  tpeeial notice, without charge, in the  PLAY  CHEWING  A handsomely illustrated weekly.   I'������������J!t1S,r-  MM i Co.361Brosdway> Hew York  "'Jffi'c! 0fflr0r&5 F St. Washington. D.C.  Because ^ 's ^e ^est' q^a-iity-  BecaUSe *' ls ^ie niost laptinp* chew.  Because i*1 's *^������ ^fl,'2cst high grade  5 to 10c: ping.  Because the tags are valuable for pre-  mining until Jan. 1st, 0906.  Because we guarantee every plug, and  Because your dealer ia authorized to re-  fund your money if you are not  catipfied.  THE EMPIRE TOBACCO CO , Ltd,  Page   Metal Gates  Single or double���������light, strong, durable, econ- !  omical. Will not sag or got rickety. Fitted  with self-acting latches, which open cither  way. A child can open or cloRoin a rtrong  wind���������no surface to resist. Best farm fjatc  made. Use Pago Foncos and Poultry Netting.  The PageWire Fence Co.,Limited,Wall������erville,  Ont.   Montreal, P.Q., and Bt. John, N.B.   10  E. Q. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops.  teay Efay Is hiiptii  LIMITED.  International Navigation &7radiss! Co., Ltd.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway Company,  NOTICE.  Commencing Sunday, August 17th, 1002, the  following time card will he in effect on  Kootenay Lake aud K. & S. Ry.  KASLO & SLOCAN RAILWAY.  KaSLO-SANDON route.  9:00 a.m. leave Kaslo arrive  3:15 p. m  10:40 a.m. leave. .Whitewater...leave  1:4'Z p. m  11:00 a.m. lea-re McGuigan....leave 1:22 p. m  11:25 a.m. arrive Sandon leave 1:00 p. m  A direct connection is made at Kaslo with  steamer both to and from Nelson.  STEAMER SERVICE.  KASLO-NELSON ROUTE.  5:00 a.m. leave Nelson....arrive   7 IS p.m  3:35 p.m. arrive....Kaslo......lea-re   8:40 p.m  , Calling regularly at  Ainsworth  and  Pilot  Bav and at all way landings on signal.  Connecting at Nelson with Nelson <������ Fort  Sheppard Railway both to and from Rossland,  Spokane, Etc.  Tickets sold to all points in United States and  Canada via Great Northern, Northern Pacific,  O. R.'AN.Co.,'&e., <&c.  Ocean and steamship tickets and rates via all  lines will be furnished on a*, plication.  For further particulars call on or address  Robt. Irving, ManngerKaslo, B. C.  G*o. Hustom, Agent, Sandon. THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, June. 3,  1903..  /  Oar ISargim Counter/^  Msfl.i'nai'ii'i. ("1. 'Wi.'Wum.������������������*.���������*.������"wi. ������������wm. ������������>i"i. i\r\.i;r\. i ���������������������', <s<m. **w*i./���������������/*>. <���������,('<.<���������*(������������������.-so.  Great Reductions in every line of goods.   ���������   Our counter  is the spot.for Bargain-Seekers.    Prices away down.  Rigby Waterproof Coats.  Just the thing for  this  showery weather  at  prices   to  suit the times.  See Our New Line of Ties ��������� The Latest Out.  Year Old Boys for -*Pl.5@   HCT  Z5UII.  BIG THING IN UNDERWEAR ! AWAY ^fcg^lScEs.  O-nly TKe Best.  ^-^--TVCSt!-*. -���������*������������������>��������� ,*m*****n**W.fl  II IH-WI     II IHllllWIIMi ||   ���������IIIIW1II I  June Freshets.  The spring may have been late, but  the freshet came on time.  The Star road is anything  but a star  .  road.   It will take a coupled" months  to put it in repair.  We were on nettles all week and did  not know whether to get .up a paper or  take to the hills.  Et is said we lead a strenuous life in  Sandon, and anyone who doubts it  should have lived here this week.  A number of 'drummers' struck town  at flood time, some stayed a few days  and others cleared as ������oon as possble.  Silverton had her share. Fif'ecfii  houses set sail on Monday.  The fate of the Denver hung in lhe  balance. It was not known whether it  would be washed up, blown up or burnt  up, but it had to be propped up.  There are still traces of Lowery in  New Denver. Sonic cents are still in  circulation as mementos of his last trip  to the east. 11. T. should have taken  his cents and nonsense to Vancouver.  Albert Ross is arranging to secure T.  Brown's vacant store and as soon as the  insurance is settled will start up with as  large a stork as before.  Enough pevees and axes went down  the flume to start a loading camp on the  lake, and timber suflicient to rebuild  New Denver.  Sandon was bad enough, but from reports the lake towns were worse.  About 90 in the shade Monday and  little wonder the torrents let loose.  The residents of high places were tlio  envy of tbe low spots.  Over 50 miles an hour was tho estimated spaed of the, water rushing  through town this week. It is surprising the flume held as well as it did.  f The coolness ..manifested by our citizens in face of adversity was greatly in  evidence the past few days. Even when  the greatest danger was thought to be  at hand .cheerfulness prevailed. The  spirit of the men pervaded the women.  There was very little bemoaning against  fate by the fair sex. Anxiety was suppressed and a feeling of take all as it  comes was prominent.  The political upheaval at the coast  has been forgotten by the spring upheaval in town.  There was a meeting of the waters at  the Union hall Monday. The place was  a good selection.  Billy Bennett was tlie busiest man in  town thia week in any emergency.  S Whei)--the freshet wae  atits height  Slocan lake rose 15 inches in   12 hours.  Life insurance companies paid in  Canada if 14,718,049 during 1902.  John Gable returned Wednesday from  a lengthy visit at his old home in Washington, Ontario. He also spent u few  weei-rs in the Territories before* coming  lieie and has gone to work at the Rambler mill.  The 0. P. R. mail of a few days came  in by handcar early Thursday morning.  Our council have had a busy week,  they were here, there and everywhere.  The discussion on Sunday was-that  of a fire brigade, on Monday it w as a  flood brigade.  J. D. Anderson, P. L. S., of Trail, was  in town a few days this week. Mr. Anderson is editor of the Trail Creek News  and came over lo inquire about his  daughter, Lorna, who is ill at the residence of Mrs. A. 11. Lewis.  Rev. Father Cnccola will hold service  in the.Catholic church next Sunday.  The price of bread went up Monday,  Four loav������s aro now given for a quarter  instead of five, owing to the incicaeed  price of Hour.  About the. usual number of miners'  licenses were issued this year by E. M.  Sandlandx, deputy mining recorder, but  there wna a falling off in those issued to  companies.  P. J. Hickey and son returned from  S| okane on Wednesday. They had to  walk past of the wav.  hf+++++ ��������������������������������������������������� f+-H-+;  TKe Daiivfiest Fru.it,  TK   Fiskesf Groceries,  Choicest Smoked TQeafs  a]\d. Canned Goods.  -Pelfcacfes In. Preserved Goods always tr stock at  Corned Beef, Pickled Ox ���������������������������Tongue and Salt Pork a specialty.  Always a choice supply on hand of all kinds of  Fresh and Smoked Meats,  Fresh and Sal Fish,'  Hams, Bacon and Lard,  Fresh Sausage of all kinds daily,  Oysters and Game in season.  SANDON, B. C,  HEAD OFFICE���������NELSON, B. C. ���������  MARKETS AT ROSSLAND,  NELSON,  KASLO,  TRAIL, REVELSTOKE,  GRAND FORKS,  PHOENIX,   FERNIE,   ORANBROOK.   FORT STEKL.  SANDON  owg  Brewers of Lager Ber.  Give our Bottled Beer a trial���������satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephone 24���������Silverton aud New Denver.  Agents :    Worden Bros,, Slocan Bottling Works,  SlocauXity.     * Kaslo.  Our TVew Line of  Jack Guaty had a busy time the.past  few days. His meat supply hnd 'to be  shipped by K. &. S. At Bear lake it  had to be transfered to handcars, occasioning many trips back and forth.  George Bruder was- the only one to  get a good ducking. In looseninga jam  up near Cody ho was knocked off his  feet into the water and had to be fished  out. He was none the worse, however  of his cold bath.  en's l\eckwear>  Also tKe Latest Thin? Yet U  11  J  if  1 -IC  I' .  ���������f'A  m  *>.���������  11  f1


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