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Mining Review Jun 21, 1902

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 -^r-  VOL.\���������NO-X- \  SANDON, B. 0., SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 1902.  $2.00 PER YEAR.  Town Jottings.  The 2G and 27th will be public holidays, Coronation days.  D. W. Moore, ore buyer for the Trail  smelter was in town this week.  Slocan City will havo abigcelebration  on the 1st, Nelson on the 12th, and Sandon on the 0.  Remember the Coronation ballinSan-  donon the 26th, if you have to forget all  other amusements.  John Daly spent, a few hours in town  on Tuesday with kindred spirits,  "Shady" being of the number.^  The Rev. Mclntyre preached his first  sermons in the Methodist church on  Sunday last, and this week.he and Miss  Mclntyre are busy arranging the' parsonage.  #It is in the air   that   the ; American  smelter trust'will enter   tbis   province,  C. D. Hunter came in from Phoenix  on .Thursday on business with his  .branch store,'the Hunter-Kendrick Co.  As there is a general misunderstanding as to.who are the real "'promoters  of the coronation dance to be held on  the 26th inst., weare requested to state  that several married women as well as  those that ought Lo be are to equally  share the honor.        ���������  Mining Cases in Court.  Slocan Star Will Just Develop.  A mining suit from Cody furnished  the appeal which occupied the Full  court Friday, and brings again before  the court a lot of matters which for  several years past have been up time  and time again. Callaghan vs. Coplen  was the old suit arising over the Cube  Lode and the Cody and Joker fractions  fight. This was carried from court to  court, the appeals both here and at  building one or more smelters.     Tliere  Ottawa going against the   Cube Lode  is room for it, if it will help the mining  industry any.  f Michael McAndrews, anold miner and  prospector of these parts, died in the  Nelson hospital the other day and was  taken to Kaslo for interment. He had  been ailing for a long time.  T. H. Wilson and MiBS Helen Hunter'  were married in Silverton on Monday  by Rev. McColl. They havo gone to  .the coast on a honey moon.  The citizens of New Denver are making arrangements for a coronation day  picnic. A cordial invitation is extended  to Sandon and Threc������Forks.  A good way to adjust matters in this  province would be to abolish tlie two per  cent tax on mines and levy the amount  collected on Jim Dunsmnir's tin title, if  he brings one back from the coronation.  The British Columbia government  has now given the franchise in provincial elections to boys of eighteen.    This  claims. In,Fry vs. Botsford and Mac-  quillan, however, A. C. and F. L. Fry  come in 'claiming to be co-owners with  Coplen to the extent of a half interest  in tho Cube Lode, and want once more  to fight the old case over again, claiming in addition that Wm. Botsford and  J. Macquillan are only in the matter to  the extent of financing the former  law suit.  ��������� The Payne Company put W. de Rose  and a few other men to work on the St.  Keverine on Monday.   The intention is  The present appeal, which was heard I to do considerable work on the property  Friday   by   the    Chief  Justice,    with ' this Rummer.  Byron N.White has been in the city  for the past week looking over things at  the Slocan Star' and talking them over  with his colleagues and assistants.    He  says they havecome to the conclusion not  to work the  mine this summer.   They  have some law suits on  hand,  and it  will   pay   better   to   look   alter   them  properly than to mine at present prices.  A little development and other unimportant work will be done,  but that is.  all.   Asked by a reporter how  the removal of the two per cent tax would  affect   them, ���������������������������   he   said     that,      "In  one   quarter    recently,    we   paid   the  government over $1,700 on that  tax, or  at the rate of about $7,000 a year, and  this sum with  present low prices is a  long step  to profit and loss.   The removal of this  tax would so far  assist  low   grade   properties,    as   to   greatly  facilitate  operations   in   the   country,  the better government is to encourage  mining,   the   great    industry    of   the  country, and collect necessary revenue  from minor industries, properties and  businesses  made prosperous in conse-v  quence of the developed mining operations."  Mines and Mining.  The Bosun shipped last month five  cars of ore. One, car gave returns of  .$1,100. '  A Montreal syndicate have purchased  tho Caroline and Hastings claims on  Whitewater creek. A force will be put  to work them next week. These are  asbestos properties.  The Fisher Maiden's ore shoot in the  lower workings is 110 feet long and'is  without a break. The shoot measures  eight feet across at the widest point and  will average from two and one-half, to,  three feet across. Shipments will not  commence until the new wagon.road  from the mine is built.  Must Be Recorded When Done.  Mining1 Around Sandon.  Messrs. Justices Drake and Martin,  will be continued this morning, is from  an order of Mr, Justice Irving, by  which he held that tho judgment rendered by the the Full court of British  Columbia, and the Supreme court of  Canada was not an estoppel to the  plaintiffs from asserting their claim to  title in the Cube Lode mineral claim,  although by the former.judgment it was  hold that the Cube Lode claim was an  invalid and illegal survey,  and that the'  is much like female franchise; it will be | act'on b-v a Part ow,,er of tlie Cube Lode  duplicating the votes of the heads of the  household.  On June 23rd and 24th the C. P. R.  will sell round trip' tickets from all  points in the Kotenay to Vancouver and  Victoria to the coronation celebrations  at single, first class fare for the round  trip,, tickets good for 15 days. .Full  particulars from local agents.  Tlie public generally wilh regret to  learn of the death of James Martin, ex-  M. P. P., of Rossland. Faults he had  for he was human, but he was a whole  souled, generous man, honorable in all  his dealings, and respected beyond the  ordinary mortal by all his intimate  acquaintances.  Alderman Jallandis likely to move on  to the farm near Edmonton on the 1st  of July, Thos. Jalland havint; sold out  his interests at Enderby and taken  charge of the Sandon branch, The city  council will soon lie like Job's"turkey  when he had but one feather in his tail,  the law being walked on and no effort  made to fill the yacancies.  did not bind the co-owners, who are the  plaintifis in this action. - Victoria  Colonist.  Another Fight ac McGuigan.  Constable Black, of New Denver, arrived in the city >on Thursday in  charge of Henry Gibson, of McGuigan, whom he arrested there on  the charge of doing grievous bodily injury to John Rothnie, ore loader for the  Rambler mine at McGuigan. Gibson  bit and scratched Rothnie considerably.  Among the other indignities lie called  Rothnie a "scab." This man Gibson  was among the gang that prevented the'  Hoag Bros, from going on with a contract they secured, at McGuigan. As  the information was laid at Kaslo, and  was not sent up, after spending a night  in the cooler here, Mr. Black took his  man to Kaslo for trial yesterday. There  is a class of idlers in this country who  would like to use unions as a shield to  Manager Pratt says the workings of  the Last Chance are so wet from surface  water, they cannot employ many men.  As soon as the mine dries up a fair force  will be put on.  They are packing down a small quantity of ore from the Reco that is lying  in the workings. In other respects  there is nothing doing at tlie mine, the  night watchman alone being employed  on the property.  The Ruth is opening up on an extensive scale. The mill was started Tuesday and has considerable ore ahead, a  large quantity of ore being ready for it;  and in the workings from 40 to GO men  willbe employed.  Tlie Sunset, owned by G. W. Hughes  and associates, keeps up its record as a  dividend payer, yielding $6,000 again  this week. The ore runs about IS4}4  silver and 75 per cent lead. It is  proving to be, expenses and outlays  considered, the best paying property  in these parts. .  In the B. C. Gazette notice is given  that the lieutenant-governor in council  has made the following order relating  to Sec. 143 of the Mineral Act:  That paragraph two of Sec. 5 of the  Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1S98, be  so interpreted that should any free miner  perforin assessment work on his claim  during any one year to the value of one  hundred dollars or more in excess of the  amount lequired to be done in any one  year of the Mineral Act, the right thereby ginen such free miner of recording a  certificate of work done to the value of  each hundred dollars so as to cover his  assessment work for an additional year  in respect of each one hundred dollars  in excess, shall be exercisable only at  the time oi record of the certificate of  work in respect tothe amount required  to hold the claim during the year in  which such excess shall be performed.  This order came into force on June 1st.  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The  following are the ore shipments  from Sandon for tlie week:  Mine. Tons.  Slocan Star  42  American Boy  44  Reco  20  Total.  106  Hotel Reco Arrivals.  L. R. Lindsay, Mrs. Jennie II. Harris,  W. J.- Twiss, Kaslo; R. Baker, J. M.  Curtis, Toronto; Mrs. W. J. McDonald,  Whitewater; W. R. Wilson, Nelson;  W. B. Strathearn, Rosebery ; Alf. Black-  son, C/L. Lightfoot, J. A. Hepperten,  Vancouver; Chas. Lunn, C. J. Parsons,  F. W. Middleton, Winnipeg; J. T.  Blrck, C. C. Nelson, W. ,S. Drewry, New  gPare Grape Cream'.of Tarrai'Peter  : 'MM;  Denver; D. W. Moore, Trail, C. D.  commit many wrongs on men who are j Hunter, Phoenix; Geo. W. Hughes,  endeavoring to earn an honest living,    j Alamo.  Highest Honors, World's Fair  Sold Medal, Midwinter Fair w  THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday,' Junk 31, 1902.  Mining Keview.  SWaM  lfe  SATURDAY,   JUNE 21,   1902.  ACT IN TIME.  In reading between the  lines  of   the  .provincial    press    and    scanning   the  utterances   of   many   prominent   men,  there is much anxiety abroad as to  the  iuthre of this  province.    Wealth  there  is here certain enough; but this is   a  matter of no moment if conditions in  the country prevent its extraction.   It  is   poor   satisfaction   to   the   hungary  horse to be told there is hay in the bam  if ho is not   allowed access  to it;  it is  equally senseless to talk of ou r "great  resources"  if the  necessary capital to  develop them be not secured, rendeit-d  safe in  investment,  and assured of a  moderate interest in  turn  for employment.    Much of the legislation of the  NEURALGIA  We suggest curing a pain in  the face by taking .Scott's  Emulsion into tlie stomach.  Usual way of treating neuralgia is to rub liniment on the  outside^ That's only a makeshift.  Scott's Emulsion is nerve  food. Scott's Emulsion feeds  and strengthens nerves.  For an obstinate neuralgia,  for nervousness, for nerve  weakness take Scott's Emulsion. It's nerve food and nerve  strength.  .We'll send you a little to try, if you like.  SCOTT   &   TiOWNE,       Chemists, Toronto.  status.   No one eouid object to this,   in  fact every man should encourage   every  oast few  vcars is  in  the direction  of  such effort that was   directed   bv   dis-  rendcring these things impossible.  This is the result of our selection of  representatives in the legislature.  We have too often chosen the mere  political adventurer, the men whose  first consideration is the construction of  a ladder to advance themselves into  position through the purchase by enaet-  j nients of the irresponsible vote. Summed up the situation is causing the  sensible people of the country to ask  themselves the question, Is it worth  making another effort to restore confidence in the country or allow it to  drift bodily into the hands of the  rabble? The consideration is not, as  the ar.archist may claim it is to throw  the countrv into the hands of theeapita-  lisfic class to crush labor, because every  one knows that labor was never driven  more lo desperation in the province  than it is at the present when it itself  virtually has control. The feeling is  now to either let tho country drift on  further in the hands of the irreaponsibles  until the worst shall have been reached,  or make a strong effort to restore desired  conditions, those that will assure the  capitalist money invested here is safe  from the hands of the", destroyer, and  'assured of moderate returns.  From Lhe experiences of the past three  years, labor should be well assured that  it cannot unaided by investments procure profitable employment for itself,  any more than capital can- earn money  without investment. In the controversy, however, capital is bound to  have the best of it in that it can stand  longer without investment than labor  can without employment. We are fully  advised the Dominion authorities are  looking on with much anxiety as to the  turn of events in the province, and  would be willing toencourage any movement in the country calculated to restore stability. We hear it out of the  mouths of every agitator in labor circles,  that labor is going to become a political  .factor in   securing   for  itself  a   better  eretion and sound common, sense.  When, however, it becomes known most  oi these utterances are made with a  view to still further strangle capital  for anarchistic gratification, the situation becomes the more se'-ious.  We submit, and we know we cannot  lie successfully cuntiadieted, that the  best days the country saw, rind the best  ones it will ever see,would be ushered in  at once if English and other eastern  and southern capital was by any means  protected, that for fhe future all invest-  life  ;'vvM,:.';'i:.j dysP  Why can't we come  over to your house and  play any more?-.  Because papa gets so  mad when we make a  little bit of noise.  What makes him that  ���������way?  ��������� - Mamma says it's dyspepsia makes him act  so crazy.  That's about the way  it strikes the small boy.  The dyspeptic has no  idea of his o\yn unreasonableness or harshness. Little things are  magnified and seem to  itify his quick anger.  There's health for'the  yspeptic and happiness  for the family by the  ������������������mw������������������.-������������������������������������ use of Doctor Pierce's  Li:^;'i..-^-.-i Golden Medical Discovery. It cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion  and nutrition, and restores perfect  health and strength, by enabling J  the perfect digestion and assimilation of food.  ������I have taken one bottle of Dr. Pierce's  Golden Medical Discovery for indigestion  and liver complaint," writes Mr. C. M.  Wilson, or Yadkin College, Davidson Co,,  N. C. "Have liad no bad spells since I  commenced taking your medicine ��������� in  fact, have not felt like the same man. Before I took the ' Golden Medical Discovery ' I could not eat anything without awful distress, but now I can eat anything I  wish without having unpleasant feelings."  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets  cleanse  and regulate the bowels,  ments in this country   would  unalterably be assured of from three to five per  cent interest for ihe future.     No   one  will say this is too much, and yet our  legislation is  in the direction of even  preventing this.   With such  an assurance, capital would pour in, new mining  properties would be opened up eveiy  day, the country would  be scoured for  men,  to  whom every cent they could  earn would be paid,  every inch  of our  agricultural, fruit growingand ranching  land would become occupied asxi market  for their products  would be  opened at  their  doors,   and   the   country   would  bound in all directions into unprecedented proppeiity.   Now even the sensible  laborer and  mechanic in  the country  ���������who] allows    his    own    judgment    to  influence him. knows this is the best for  him, still he allows the political  fakir.  Lhe agitator and  the charlatan   to influence him every time be goes  to cast  his ballot.    We honestly   believe this  tii ing can be cured, il" thorough, independent action  was   taken  by  those   who  have much to gain by activity.     Union  mouthers,  Progressive  party   agitators  and labor union oilicials,  who are making   wealth   out of their dupes in the  country     everywhere,      opposite   this  uncontradicted by the intelligence of tlio  naked  facts and  absolute   truth.   We  are quite-assured there is a largo sprinkling of the vote carried away by  such  men, that is thoroughly convined everything is not working right in thecountry ;  but in the absence of proper light they  follow the shadows that flit before them.  Every true lover of this country should  be willing   to allow labor everycent it  was   worth  in c-every calling,   and   no  honest laborer should look for more.  We have before referred to this  matter, and are convinced that if any  organization of the substantial interests  of the country was perfected, and  sensible, moderate and capable speakers  were secured to tour the province over,  much of our political lameness would  be cured, and that at the next elections  common--sense', rather than prejudice  would have an'important bearing on  the results; ���������    ,  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from .date I intend to apply to the  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, Victoria, li. C, for a special  license to cut and carry away timber  from the following described lands: 1st,  commencing at a post maiked J. 11.  Lavelley's north-west corner post, situated near the mouth of the West Fork of  Wilson Creek, thence east 80 chains,  thence south SO cbainsr, thence 'west SO  chains, thence north SO' chains to  place of beginning, containing 040 acres.  Dated this 14th clay of May, 1902.  J. IL LAVELLEY.  2nd. Commencing at a post marked  J. H.' Lavelley's north-west comer  post, . situated on the "north  side of the west fork of Wilson  Creek, about four miles from the forks,  thence east SO chains, thence south SO  chains, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains to place of beginning,  containinsr 040 acres.  Dated this 14th day of May, 1902.    ,  J. II. LAVELLEY-.  McAdains is improving very fast. An  inquest is being held at Ferine to ascertain the cause of the accident there, and  McAdains comes out boldly and says  it was the Crows Nest Pass Coal  Company who killed tlie 140 men. He  says, too, to get justice in the courts of  British Columbia a suitor must have  money to buy up the judges. In the  Western States where cowbOy rule  prevails,, an effort would be made to  stamp this kind of thing out of existence, and the question is how long will  it be tolerated in what is supposed to  be a civilized British province, especially When the object of it all is to make  McAdams a "h���������1 of a fellow" among  the most lawless and reckless elements  of the country.  NOTICE.      '  Notice is hereby  given  that 30 days  from date   1   intend   to   apply   to the  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands  and  Works,  at  Victoria,  B.   C, for  a  special license   to  cut and carry away  timber   from  the   following   described  lands: lsi,coininencingat a post marked  Thos.   Chew's north-east   corner   post,  situated on the noith side of the West  Fork   of  Wilson   Creek,  near A.   McPherson's   north-west  post,   of second  notice of application,  thence south   40  chains, thence west 1(50 chains,' thence  north 40 chains, thence east 100 chains  to     place    of  beginning,   containing  640 acres.  Dated this 10th day of May 1902.  THOS. CHEW.  2nd. Commencing at a post marked  Thos. Chew's north east post, situated  on the noi th side of the West Fork of  Wilson Creek, about 12 miles from the  forks, thence south 80 chains, thence  west SO chains, thence north SO chains,  thence east SO chains to place of  beginning, containing 640 acres.  Dated this 16th day o'f May, 1902-  TIIOS. CjHEW.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply to the'  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, at Victoria, B C, for a  special license to cut and carry away  timber from the following described  lands: 1st, commencing at a post  marked A. McPherson's north-east po t,  situated near ,I.H. Lavelley's north-west  post, of application No. 2, thence south  40 chains, thence west 160 chains, thence  north 40 chains, thence east 160 chains  to ' place of beginning, containing  640 acres.  Dated this 15th day of May, 1902.  a. Mcpherson."  2nd. Commencing at a.post marked  A. McPherson's north-west post,, situated'or. thf- north side of the West Fork  of Wilson Creek, about eight miles from  the forks, thence east SO chains, thence  south SO chains, thence west SO chains, .  .thence north SO chains io place of  beginning, containing 640 acres.  Dated this 15th day of May, 1902.  a. .Mcpherson.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply to the  Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, at Victoria, B. C.,. for a  special license to cut and carry away  timber from .the . following described  lands: 1st, conimencingata post marked Geo. Chew's south-east post, situated  on the south side of the west branch of  Wilson Creek, "about 14 miles from the  forks, thence west 80 chains, thence  north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,  thence south 80 chains to place of  beginning, containing640 acres.  Dated this 19th day of May, 1902.  GEO. CHEW.  Ii  V    >  11  k\  fi!  '.it i  i \  H  Si  i\  ;'V'  "Oil  hi  '3  S'll-  m  'mmmmsm THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, Junb;2i, 1902:  The Canadian Nortliwest  REGULATIONS.  1 Any .even.numbered section of Dominion" Lands in Manitoba-or Northwest Territories, excepting 8 and 26,  which has not been homesteaded, reser- ;  ved to provide -wood lots for-settlers, or  for other purposes',, may be homesteaded  upon by any person who is the sole head  of a family, of any male over 18 years,  to the extent of one quarter section of  160 acres', more or less.  ENTRY. '  Entry may be made personally at the  local land office for the district in which  the land to be taken is situate, or if tlie  homesteader desires, he may, on application to fcheMinisterof the!nterior,Ot-  tawa, the Commissioneroflmmigration,  Winnipeg, or the Local Agent for the  dish-ice in which the land is situate, receive authority for some one to make  entry for him. A fee of "flO is charged  for ordinary homestead entry.  '     HOMESTEAD DUTIES.  Under the present law homestead  duties must be formed in one of the following ways,namely':  (1) By at least six months, residence  upon and cultivation of the land in each  year during the term of three years ;  (2) If the father or the mother (if the  father is deceased) or any person who is  eligible to make a homestead entry, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of the  land entered for by such-person as a  homestead, the requirements of the law  as to residence prior to obtaining patent  may be satisfied by sncli person residing  with the fatheror mother.  (3) If a settler has obtained a patent  for his first homestead, on a certificate  for the issue of such patent countersigned in the manner prescribed in the  Dominion Lands Act, and has obtained  entry for a second homestead, the requirements of this Act as to residence  prior to obtaining patent mUy be satis  fied by residence on the first homestead  (4) ' If the settler lias his permanent  residence upon farming land owned by  him in the vicinity of his homestead,  the requirements of the law as to residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.  APPLICATION FOR'PATENTS.  Should be made at the end of three  years, before the Local Agent, Sub-  Agent or the Homstead Inspector. Before making application for the patent  the settler must give six month's notice  in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion lands at Ottawa' of his intention  to do so.  INFORMATION.  New-arrived immigrants will receive  at the Immigration Office at Winnipeg,  or at any Dominion Lands Office in  Manitoba or the Northwest Territories  information as to the lands that are  open for entry, and from.the officers in  charge, free of exper.ee, advice \ and _assistance in securing lands to suitthem ;  and full information respecting the  land, timber; coal and mineral laws, as  weli as respecting Dominion Lands in  the Railway Belt in British Columbia  may be obtained upon application to  the Secretary at the Department of the  Interior, Ottawa; the Commissioner : of  Immigration,iWinnipeg, Manitoba,- or  to any of the Dominion Lands Agentsin  Manitoba or the^Northwest Territories.  JAMES A. SMART, .  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N. B.���������Tn addition to Free Grant  Lands to which the Regulations* above  stated refer, thousands of acres of most  desirable lands arc available for lease or  purchase from railroad or any other cor-  poratiods and private firms in Western  Canada.  * ,The fifth.annual meeting of the shareholders of the. Crow's Nest Pass Coal  Company was held in Toronto ��������� oh  March 7 th.  -- The net profit of the year after paying  all operation expenses and all charge of  every land amounted to 1207.848.39.  .After paying:^dividend at the rate of 10  per cent per annum, a balance of $28.-  . 142.89 was carried forward to the credit  of profit and loss.  This company's assets are'their coal  mines aiid the townsite of Fernie. Four  years ago this company had no transportation facilities, and their stock sold  as low as 11 cents per share'. Today  their stock.is selling at $90.  , , The Similkameen Valley Coal Com-" .  . pany';." Limited, assets are, coal mines,  -timber,' water power, agricultural and  horticultural land,   city  water works,  electric light plant,  and the townsite of  Ashnola,  surrounded  by the following  'resources:���������Gold, copper, silver, 'lead,  iron, lime, ��������� fire clay, platinum, and a  fine stock raising country, and it is the  smelter centre of the Similkameen valley  with a climate all that could be asked.  Today you can secure an option on this  companyis stoc1.: oy paying 10 cents per  share down and 10 cents per month  until fully paid, with nonforfeiture  clause. This price ��������� is su-bject, to' a  25-cent advance without notice, as soon  as transportation is assured. The present ���������  price is $1.10 per share. Do not wait  until it is too late, but get in on the  ground floor and make a handsome  profit. A purchaserof 100 shares now,  may gain a profit of Jl'8.990. Crow's  Nest shares as an example. This would  be a fair profit on an investment of $10  per month for 11 months! We invite  the fullest inspection /of the company's ''  affairs hy intending .purchasers. For '  further information apply to the Similkameen Vallev Coal Com pan v,- Limited,  Head OfficcNclson, B. C.; Room "A,"  K.W.C. block. Baker st..-Nelson, B.C.  Your ClofKes  ifre Old...  ' '       NOTICE.'  To.John H. Gray and to any and all  others to whom he may have transferred  his interest in the Pansy- and Violet  mineral claims situated on Payne mountain, ,in the Slocan Mining Division of  West Kootenay District, British Columbia.  Take notice that I, D. E. Sprague, a co-  owner in each of the said Pansy and  Violet mineral claims, have expended  $102.50 in doingand having recorded the  annual assessment work on the said  Pansy mine! al claim for the year ending  July 29th,. 1901, as required bysection  24 of the Mineral Act, and $102.50 in  doing and having recorded the annual  assessment work on the said Violet  mineral claim for the' year ' ending  August 9th, 1901, as required by section  24 of the Mineral Ace, and that if within  ninety days from the date of the first  publication of this notice, you.fail ,'or  refuse to contribute your proportion of  the said expenditure, being-, bnereighthy  of the amount expended .in.respect-of  each of the said mineral claims, amounting to $12.80 in'r'espect of each of said-  claims, together'with all costs of advertising, your interest in the said claims'  will become vested, in. me the undersigned,- under the provisions ofL section.  4 of the "Mineral Act,* Amendment  Act, 1900."- ���������.'���������--���������'  The addressfor payment of the said  moneys to me the said DNE. Sprague is,  care of McAnn & Mackay, Barristers,  Kaslo, B.C.  Dated the 11th day of March,. 1902.  . '   D. E. SPRAGUE. ���������      '  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  IRELAND Mineral Claim, situate in the Slocan  Mining Division o������ West Kootenay District. ���������  Whore located: On Tributary creek, adjoining  Minnie Ha Ha, above Sandon.  Take notice that I, A. R. Heyland, of Kaslo,  B. C,ns agent for George Kydd, of Nelson, B.  ��������� !., Free-Miner's Certificate No. 50150, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the'  Mining Kecorder for a Certificate of improvements for the purpoFO of obtaining a Crown'  Grant of the above claim.  And furtherjtake notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th day of May, 1902.  A: Ii. HEYLAND.  M. L. GRIMMETT, iX. B.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary-  Public, Etc.  Sandon, British Columbia.  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Trusting that  we may be favored with your patronage,  I am, yours truly,  W. B. STRATHEARN, Manager, 5HEH  T&E   MINING REVIEW^-Saturday, Jiwirai, 1902,  The Two Per Cent Tax.  It  is  not  unlikely that   the B. C.  government will  see   the  advisability  of removing the two per cent tax on  mining output, and doing something to  put the industry on  a better footing.  By adoption of Ihe eight-hour law; the  output is made to cost the mine owners  in the neighborhood of 12 per cent more  than it used to���������that is 20 per cent loet  on the day for a gain of seven per cent  in the reduction of day wages.   Prices  have gone down very seriously on all  minerals save gold, and the two  per  cent  only  added   grievously    to   the  burden   of  the  low grade properties.  With   the   latter    removed,    refining  accomplished in the province, and sufficient protection  give^i ,Jo refined lead  and lead products to lead, the manu-  ture. ot corrgated leads, shot, piping,  leaf, and all other products of lead consumed in the country, a new era ought  to become a reality in the province.   No  doubt concessions wilfalso have to be  yet made by the railways and Bmelters  that will still further improve conditions in the country.   In the Kootenays  we   have    sufficent    minerals, * acknowledged to be of good grade and in  big bodies, to establish an industry of  sufficient proportions to give  employment directly and indirectly to many  millions   of  people.     To   secure  that  population and employ it Bhould be the  main aim of the governments, the railways and other corporations   similarly  interested.    The  Federal  government  is taking commendable steps to settle  up waste lands in the territories, for  the  revenues . that    population    may  create; and our B. C. government ought  to be equally active and determined, as  to the mining activity in the Kootenay  country, that similar advantages may  accure to   the provincial revenue.  FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS.  Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used  by millions of mothers for their children when  teething. If disturbed at night andbiokenin  your rest by a sick child, suffering and crying  witn pain of cutting teeth. Send at once and  get a bottle of "Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup"  for ehildren teethi. g. It will relieve the poor,  little sufferer immediately, bepend upon it,  mothers, there is no mistake about it. 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Take notice that the Selkirk Mining and  Milling Company, Limited Liability, Free  Miner's Certilieate No. B 52336, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Cert'licateof Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grantofeachof theabove claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2Gth day of May, A. D. 1902.  A. R. HEYLAND,  ENGINEER,  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  SANDON, B.C.  FOR SALE 1  ��������� The Choicest Lots in Blocks  One and Two, Sandon First Addition,  for $50 each.    Apply to  J. M. HARRIS.  As we are going to make some radical  changes in our business shortly after the  end of the month, we' want to clear  out our entire stock of .  Fancy Goods  Games  Wall Pape  Toys  Books and Stationery  <  TKis is a Geiuime Clearing Sale  Aud BARGAINS UNHEARD OF are offered to all  till the last is cleared out.  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He knows  just what they are as well as he knows  ��������� how many eyes he has in his head, but  he hopes to . gain by bantering. No  '��������� doubt he has preserved every paper he  ever got from our officials bearing on  the matter. To make up the statement,  however, the council called in Mr. F. C.  Sewell'a assistance, and he wants $25  for his trouble, which the council don't  "want to pay. As a matter of fact Mr.  Sewell cannot remember old assessment, and cannot therefore give any  information that cannot be given by  anyone else, but being employed he  must be paid.  If the council had kept appointments  and   adjusted    differences    with    Mr.  Harris on a proper basis, all this might  be averted,   as no doubt Mr.   Harris-  records would give  them  all the information they required for a proper statement to Sproat.   In some cases Harris  and Soroat are assessed jointly, and in  . most other cases as Sproat's lots are lying  , along side  of  Harris' the assessments  should be the same.   However, a careful  examination   of    Harris'    books    and  papers, most of which were preserved,  would give the council all the data they  required to meet Sproat's request.   Instead,   however,    of  trying  to   adjust  matters with  Harris on a proper basis,  the council are courting  litigation they  will get to the  mortification of the taxpayers.    When we say tho council,  we  do not wish to be understood as saying  all the members of the  board,   as  we  know   Alderman  Cameron,   ex-Mayor  Lovatt,  in his time, and others,  were  disposed  to. do   the  right thing.   City  Clerk Lyons' past blunders have already  cost the city considerable, and,by   the  time  other  agencies employed   in his  education   are   paid   off,    his    special  friends will find they have an expensive  luxury.   The best thing the council can  do is to have some   competent Victoria  man call  on   Gilbert Malcolm   Sproat.  take up the papers he has, and make  up a statement of liabilities.   If any  papers are missing,   the link   can   be  more  easily  filled   up here than   the  whole chain can be made out of nothing,  but finger nails and prejudice.  ���������*^LJ& Wood's' PhoBjJhbaSniTs  J^^mm^lj      TJie Great English Remedy.  'W'^ffi'^n    Sold and recommended by all  ^k'Cz)\   $) druggists in Canada. Onlyreli-  j0\\Pj^y^. able medicine discovered.  Six  ^^W^^as^pactofiTtfs guaranteed to cure all  forms of Sexual Weakness, all effects of abuse  or excess, Mental Worry, Excessive use of Tobacco, Opium or Stimulants. 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A free miner's certificate is granted for one  or more years, not exceeding five, upon payment in advance ol" ?!0.00 per annum for an  individual, and from $50.00 to $100.00 per annum for a company, according to capital.  A lree miner having discovered mineral in  place may locate a claim 150 x 1500 feet by  marking out the same /with two legal posts,  ben ring location notices, one at each end on  the line of the lode or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within fifteen  days days if located within ten miles of a  mining recorder's office, one additional day  allowed for every additional ten miles or  fraction.    The  fee for recording a cluim is  $5.00. -������������������.:��������� .;-  At least $100 00 must be expended on the  claim each year or paid to the mining recorder  in lieu thereof. When $500.00 has been expended or paid the locator may, upon having  a survey made and upon complying with other  requirements, purchase the'land at $1.00 per  acre. ���������   ���������]{:-. ������������������'���������  Permission may be granted by the Minister  of the Interior to locate claims containing iron  and mica, also copper, in the Yukon Territory  of an urea not exceeding 100 acres  The patent for a mining location shall provide for the payment of royalty on tho sales  n^t exceeding five percent. ���������   ���������..���������       ',.., ..'-,...  ! PLACER  MINING,    MANITOBA,   AND  1 N.i W. T.,  EXCEPTING  THE  YUKON TERRITORY.  THE  Placer mining claims generally, are 100 feet  square; entry fee $5.00 renewable yearly. Ou  the North Saskatchewan river claims arc  either bar or bench, the former being 100 feet  long and extending, between high and low  wate/ruark. The latter includes bar diggius,  but extends back to the base of the hill or  bank, but not exceeding 1,000 fe?t. Where  steam power is used, claims "00 feet'wide may  be obtained. '  DREDGING IN THE RIVEFSOF MANITOBA  AND THE N. W. T., EXCEPTING THE  YUKON TERRITORY.  A free miner may obtain only two leases of  five miles Mich'for a term of'twenty years, renewable in the discretion of the Minister of the  Inteiidr.; ���������������������������'-.���������  'I he lessee's light is confined to the submerged bed or bars of the river below low water  mark, and subject to the rights of all persons  who have, or who may receive entries for bar  diggings or bench chums, except on the .Saskatchewan river, where the lessee may dredge  to high water mark on each alternate leasehold.  ���������  The lessee shall have a d'edee in operation  within one season from the daiy of the lease for  each five miles, but where  a person or company has obtained more than one lensc'one.  dredge for each fifteen miles or fraction is sufficient.  Rental $10 00 per annum for ouch mile  of river leased.   Rovalty at the rate of two and  a half per cent collected on the output after it  exceeds $10,000.00.  DREDGING IN THE YUKON TERRITORY.  Six. lenses of five miles each may be granted  to a free miner for v. term of twenty years, also  renewable.  The lessee's ritiht is confined to the submerged bed or bars in the river below low'water  mark, that boundary .to be fixed by its position  on ihe 1st day of August in the vear of the date  of the louse." '  The lessee shall have one dredge in operation  within two vears from the date of the lease.and  one d red ire for each five miles within six years  from such date. Rental, $100.00 per mile for  first year, aud $10,00 per mile for each subsequent vear. Rovalty, ten per cent on-ihe output in excess of $15,000.00.  PLACER MINING IN THE YUKON TERRI  TORY.  Creek, gulch, river and hill clnims shall not  exceed A0 feet in length, mesured on the base  line or general direction of the creek or gulch,  the width being from 1,000 to 2,000 feet. All  other placer claims shall be 250 feet square.  Claims pre marked by two legal pos's.one at  each end, bearing notices. Kntry must be obtained within ten davs if the claim is within  ten miles of mining recorder's ofhee. One extra day allowed for each additional ten miles  or fraction. ....  The person or company stakunr a claim, nnd  each person in his or its employment, except  house servants, must, hold a free miner's certi-  fieate. ��������� ,-.i   1 t  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a  claim 1,000 feet in length, a"d if the party consist of two, 1,500 feet altogether, on the output  of which no royalty shall bo charged, the rest  of the party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee is $15.00. Royalty at the rate of five  per cent charged on the gross output of tho  claim, with the exception of an annual cxemp  tion of $5,000.00.  any number of claims by purchase, and free  miners, not exceeding ten in number, may  \vork their claims in partnership, by filing notice and paying fee of $2.00. A claim may bo  abandoned and another obtained on thesame  creek, gulch or river, by giving notice and paying fee.  Work must be done on a claim' each year to  the value of atleast $^00.00, or in lieu of work  payment maybe made to the mining recorder  each year for the first three years of $200.00 and  after that $-100.00 for each year.  A certificate that work has been done or fee  paid must be obtained each year; if not, tho  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned, and  open to occupation and entry by a free miner.'  The boundaries of a claim maybe defined  absolutely by having a survey made, and publishing notices iu the Yukon Official Gazette.  HYDRAULIC MINING, YUKON TERRITORY.  Locations suitable for hydraulic mining,hnv-  ing a frontage of from one to five miles, and a  depth of one mile or more may be leased for  twenty years, providing the ground has been  prospected by the applicant or his agent; is  found to be unsuitable for placer mining: and  docs not include within its boundaries anv  mining claims already granted. A rental o'f  $1.50.00 for each mile of frontage, and a royalty  of five per cent on the gross output, less an an-  nuat c ���������cemption of $25,0u0, are charged. Operations must be commenced within one year  from the date of the lease, and not less than  $5,000.00 must be expended aunuallv. The lease  excludes all base metals, quartz and coal, and  provides for the withdrawal of unoperated land  for agricultural or building ourposes,  PETROLEUM.  Al unappropriated Dominion lands shall,  after the first of July, 1901, be open to prospecting for petroleum. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities hemav acquire ���������  610 of available laud, including and surrounding his discovery, at the rate of $1.00 an acre,  subject to royalty at such rate as may be specified by order in council.  ''JAMES A." SMART.  Deputy to the Minister of the Interior  Ottawa, Dee. 25th, 1901.'  LIMITED.  ��������� OPERATING���������  Kaslo ft Slocan Railway,  International Navigation. I Trading Co,  Shortest and quickest route to tho east and'  all points  on the O. N. & R. and  Northern  Pacific Railways in Washington, Oregon and  Southern States. <  TIME CARD EFFECTIVE AUGUST ist;   rooi.  KASLO & SLOCAN RAILWAY CO.  S:30 a.m. leave...  10:55 a.m. arrive..  ��������� Kaslo arrive 4:00 p.m.  '.Sandon Jenvol:45 p.m.  INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION &  TRADING CO., LTD.  KASLO-NELSON ROUTE.  5:20 p.m. leave Nelson....arrive 11:00 a.m  9:10 p.m. arrive... .Kaslo Ieav6     7:00 a.m.  Connecting at Five Mile Poiut with Nelson &  lort fahenpard Railway both to ancl from Rossland, Spokane, Etc.  . Iicketssoldtonll points in United States and  Onnadavia Grent Northern, Northern Pacific  O. R. & N. Co., &c, etc. '  Ocean and steamship tickets and rate:  Hues will be furnished on ai plication.  For further particulars call on or address  itos via all  Rnbt. Irving, Manager. Kaslo, B. C.  Gko. IIuston, Agent, Sandon.  ATLANTIC IIUIBEIP Ticni!  To and from European points via Canadian  and American lines. Apply for sailing dates,  rates and full information to any C. P.R. agent  or R. B. ncCammon, Agent,"Sandon,   ,  W.P. F. Cummlngs, (ien.S.S. Agent,Winnipeg  RELIABLE  AGENTS  WANTED.  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There are a number of mining properties and prospects being worked and  developed at Three Forks and the North  Fork this summer, which will give this  camp a certain amount of activity in  mining. Most of the properties are  just worked to keep up the assessments.  The Bachelor group willbe worked  ���������all summer. Supplies have already  (zone up to the mine. So far considerable money has been spent in developing and opening up these claims, and  there has been considerable tunnelling  done within the last few years.  TheSilverite, adjoiningthe Bachelor,  will be developed by Corey & Foster.  This property was under bond to a  Toronto company a few years ago.  A wagon road is being built from the  Silverite to the Cinderella claim lower  down the hill, and when completed it  will be a mile and a half long.  The old'Grey Eagle has just finished  up assessment work. .In 1894 ore was  first found in the first workings, and  shortly after Col. Walton took a bond  on the property. It has since been relocated tinder another name. Tliere has  never been much work done so far.  There are four men at work on a claim |  nearly opposite the Alamo concentrator  on the'north side of Carpenter creek.  The Roulette and Joe Joe groups on  the North Fork are being worked.  The Monitor mine is keeping up  steady development and is looking welh  Quick Treats  Wooden and Fibre Talis and  Pails ol Every Description.  Clothes Wringers  Clothes Pins, Sad Irons,  Bnislies, Etc.  WE HAVE EVERY THING TO  COMPLETELY OUTFIT THE  FAMILY LAUNDRY. CALL  AND SEE OUR LINES.  Of delightfully appetizing danti-  ness are npt difficult of procurement or preparation, only two  things are necessary to ensure  success.  One���������A knowledge of the large  and wonderfully varied assortment  of Canned, Preserved, Smoked,'  Dried and Pickled danties to be  found in our stock of groceries,  and the other���������a small amount of  money with to purchase an ample supply. 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The Iron Hand will in the near future  prove to be a very valuable mine to that  district, if it has not proved so already.  It is situated near other good properties-  16-2-1 Reeo Avenue, Sandon.  Cook's Cotton Boot Compound  Is successfully used monthly by over  '10,000Ladies. Safe, effectual. Ladies ask  ���������_ your druggist for Cook's Cotton Bool Compound. Take no other, as all Mixtures, pills and  imitations are dangerous. Price, No. 1, $lper  box; No. 3,10 degrees stronger, $3 per box. No.  1 or 2, mailed on receipt of price and two 8-eent  Stamps. Ihe Cook Company Windsor, Out.  |g*HNos. i and 2 sold and recommended by all  responsible Druggists in Canada.  No. 1 find No. 2 are sold in Sandon by E. F.  McQueen aud F. J. Donaldson, Druggists.  Corned Beef, Pickled Ox Tongue ,and Salt Pork a specialty.  Always a choice supply on hand of all kinds of  Fresh and Smoked Meats,  Fresh and Salt Fish,  Hams, Bacon and Lard,  Fresh Sausage of all kinds daily,  Oysters and Game in season.  ;. ������������������''..    NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days from  date I intend to apply to the Honorable the  ( hief t'oinmissioner of Lands and Works at  Victcriar, B C, foraspeeial license to cutand  carry away timber from the followii'g described lands: /lst, commencing at a post  marked J. B. Tudthope's north-east post, situated near the head of a lake, at the head of  the West Fork of Wilson Creek, thence south  80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north  80 chains, thence east 80 chains to tne place of  beginning, containing 040 acres.  Dated this 9th day of Alay, 1!'02.  J. B. TUDTHOPE.  Vo2. Commencing at a post marked J B.,  Tudthope's south-east post, situated about one  mile from the head of a lake, at the head of  West Fork of Wilson Creek, thence west 80  chains, thence north 80 chains, thence east 80  chains, thence south 80 chains to the place of  beginning, "containing M0 acres.  Pated this 9th day of May, 1902  J. B. TUDTHOPE.  ���������  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ������  e  9  ���������  9  0  ������  e  ������  ������  9  0  9  e  e  ������  e  e  9  9  0 0000O0������������0O������00������������0O������9������00O0tfO90OO00OO00������O������*OO������OO ���������.���������������������������������������������  9  .'-.���������'������  0  0  0  0  0  o  o  0  0  o  . 0  0  9  O  9  9  O  9  9  ������  9  9  9  SANDON, B. C.  HEAD OFFICE���������NELSON, B. C.  MARKETS AT ROSSLAND,  NELSON, KASLO, TRAIL, REVELSTOKE,  GRAND FORKS,  PHOENIX,   FERNIE,   CRANBROOK,   FORT STEEL..  NEW YORK BREWERY,  SANDON  Towgood & Bruder  Brewers of Lager Beer.  Give our Bottled Beer a trial���������satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephone 24��������� Silverton and New Denver.  K"^s55������  PI  ERECT FORn AND STRAIGHT FRONT  .'.���������CORSETS  Are taking the place of all others.   Women  who dress with the mode must wear this model.  rTr^r"cD-ujc?'^l.BO Corset.  rf(.������'lj������<.C������*������������.CWM.<"k/".<'K������Wl/������.l"^������.("������/������������.("l('(.(������UM.CK'<.(S('(.(S<'*.l������������<M.������- l'Wwrt.>SjM.I*UM.f\j<  IHE HUNTER-KENDRICK CO. LTD.  09099900  069000900000009000900 0O0O99O9000������O000������OOO90ee  m  lFY00*WANt    eS  HIGH PROMPT REMITTANCES  CAREFUL ASSORTMENT  COmTEOUSiTREATHE^T  To  ;'HE:alS������S^ Q^CEKTrr;^  r&  (>  3  I  J  I  i  1  1*  it  \ '  ;J  us  i  4  i  11  l!  If  U  Si  to*'),  \<!  w  fit  In  m  m  *%.  If  M  Si


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