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Mining Review Jun 4, 1898

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Array VOL. 1.    TO. 52.  SATO ON, B: C.��������� SATURDAY, , JOTE'J-, 1898.  PRICE FIVE CENTS.  THE KINGDOM OF SPAIN  Interesting Facts  About the Land  ."."���������:���������.     Of the Dons.  Tho general desire in this country  for some exact knowledge about Spain  just now is clearly evinced at the libraries of all the large cities., Tlie libraries  have been so pestered by the demands  of the public that they have placed all  the books relating to "our friends, the  emeny," on shelves where the people  can pick them out for thernselve-*;  "���������"Ven themthe general thirst for facts  about Spain does not seem to be satisfied, and all kinds of impossible requests are made for information which  cannot be furnished. It would seem,  therefore, that a few plain statements  concerning the actual condition of the  land of the, Dons will make timely  reading.  The Kingdom of   Spain 'constitutes  what might be called lhe southwestern  arm of Europe, where it reaches down  and almost touches   northern   Africa.  It is a true peninsula,    ashed on three  sides by the waters ofthe- Mediterranean, the Bay of Biscay'and the  Atlantic ocean, and joined by a wide neck of  land to. France..    The   great   Fort" of  Gibraltar, cut from tlie solid  rock   of  its southern extremity .completely commands the entrance io the Mediterranean.   It is. however,  owned   and   garrisoned by Great Britain.   Spain   is   a  Monarchy founded by the,union ofthe  Houses of Arragon and Ciistile  during  the Ffithteenth Century. She has been  ruled intermittently by the'Hous's of  , Arragon, Bourbon, Savoy   and   Haps-  hurg for -100 years,  exc.pt   once . when  Joseph Bonaparte was proclaimed King-,  by his brother, the Emperor Napoleon,  and once when the country was  a- Kc-  public, during   1873   and   1874.     The  House of Bourbon is in power at   present, although its supremacy is opposed  by the Carlists, who claim a bar sinister interferes with the .purity   of  the  descent.   TKe present king is   Alfonso  VIII, who, however, is   but   12   years  old, and whose  mother,  Maria   Christina, is the regent ofthe country,  Total area and.population in America  45,205 square, miles and ���������2,*138,S95' persons respectively.   Her possessions 'in  Asia are:   The Phillipine islands,area,  114,320 square miles, population 7,000.-  000 ; the Zulu islands, area,'950 square  miles, population, 75,000; the Caroline  islands and Paraos area, 560 miles, population, 36,000, the  Marianne' islands,  area, 420 square miles, population, 10,-  172. Total area and population in Asia,  116,256 square miles and 7,121,172 persons.   Her possessions in   Africa   are  Rio de Orb and  Adrar,   .area,   234,000  square miles, population, 100,000;  Iful  (near Cape Nun), area, 27 square miles,  population, 6,000; Fernando Po,  Anna-  bon, CoriscOjElobey and San Juan,nrea,  S50 square   miles,   population; 30,000;  Total area and population   in   Africa,  243,877 square miles and .136,000   persons.   The total area.of Spain's foreign  possessions is 405,338  square   miles.  The total population is   9,695,567   persons.   So that'her foreign   possessions  have an area more than twice as large  as her own und a   foreign   population  'nearly'half the size'of   her   own.     Of  course il' she. loses   Cuba   her' foreign  urea will he  reduced 'one-ninth,   and  foreign population,-if the loss   of  garrison is. considered,   will   be   reduced  nearlv one-sixth. ,    ",'.' fi  fortified Port of Passages and the inili- ;  tary ports of Santoria, Saiitaridcr; Fer- ;  r'ol, Corunna and Vigo. In the Basgue .  provinces are Bilbao and Victoria. To i  the left of tlie Ebro are Pamplona, Ta- '  lalla, Jaca; Venasqua; Moiisou, i'uyct-r-';  da, Seo de Urzel Balaquer and Lerida. j  Nearer the Mediterranean are Cardona, |  Hostalrich. Oahipredoii, Kipoli, . Ger-  onn, Olto, Onrtefollit. Figueras. y On |  the Mediterranean arc PalaniOB.Baroel- j  ona, Tarragona, Malaga, Alni'-ria, Cartagena and Alicante/'; Logruno.Tudela,  Karagosa, Mexuinzs' and 'IVirtosa are  in the Euro.    Burgos and   Murella   lie  #  theory that boars , will not attack a  man unless they themselves are at:,  tacked, the larger one rushed upon  'him.' Hampered .'though he was with  his pack- Moir dealt, the bear-,, a.   blow  deep  HOAV SI'AI.V  J.S.'.GOVJSItXUn.''  The present' Constitution  of   Spain  w.is proclaimed-in 1S7C.     It proclaims  the government to bo a   constitutional  monarchy, the executive resting in tlie  king, the power tu make .laws  "in  the  cortes with the king."     The cortes   is  composed of   a   senate   and   congress  i-qiial'ih authority.   There  aro ''three  classes pi senators���������ii'rst.  senators   by  their own   right:   secondly,   senators  nominated by tho. crown, and   thirdly,  senators elected by the corporations of  state1, that is, the communal and prov-  , incial states, the church, the universities, acadamies   and   by   the   largest  payers of contributions.     Senators   of  tlieir own riglit are the grandees ofthe  kingdom, whose titles and  possessions'  entitle them to the privilege. The congress is formed by deputies in the pro.  portion of one to every 50,000 of a population.   In 1878 Cuba was given  the  right to send deputies to the cortes   in  the proportion of one, to   every   40,000  free.inhabitants paying 125 pesetas  in.  i.axes yearly. . The constitution further  enacts that she king is invoilable,  but  his ministers are responsible   and   all  his decrees must he countersigned   by  one ni" tlicin.   -Tlie curies m list approve,  bin: marriage before.hi-.* cu'n.. contract  it.  ���������und he cannot marry anyone excluded  by law from succession to  the   crown:  .If nil the lines became extinct the king  would be elected by   a. "vote   of  the  nation."   After the king the reins   of  government are guided hy a president  of the council and ministers of foreign  affairs, justice,   li nance,   the   interior,  war, marine,   agriculture,   commerce,  and public works and a minister of the  colonics.  JIKIi 'AUK A   A.N'D  FOI'UI.ATION.  Spain'** area'and population,'as it is  at the present time, is interesting, in  view of the fact'that once her possessions were greater than those of any  other European power. Her present  area, including the Balearic and Canary islands,each of which is considered  a province, is 197,070 square miles.  .Vow York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania  und all ofthe New England states, combined have an area-of 102,065 square  miles.'Spain is therefore a trifle larger  than these stales. On.the other hand  Texas has an area of 262,290 square  miles, so that if Spain is 35,005 square-  miles larger than the states above mentioned, Texas is, in turn, 74,020 square  miles larger than Spain. The popu-  i:.linn of .-'I'llin is e.Miriiatcd id be 17,-  ���������'������������������3l>,-!'-J .il-iiiin. lhe siiiut- a.s thai ol' the  .'m*w Kiigliiiid anil middle stales naim-il  above.  .HKR I'OKKIGN POSXKSSIONS.  TWEI.VJ*: -.HIUJOK     SI'AXAlfpS     CANNOT  1'KAI)  Olt  WI.'ITK.  Census returns show that a very  large proportion of the inhabitants of  Spain are illiterate. Nearly 12,000,000  in the kingdom can neither read nor  write. Tn the whole of Spain it was  fon nil tha t but 5,004,460 persons could  read and writej 008,0"" persons could  road only, and yet Spain supports 24,-  529 public and 5 576 private .-schools.  A law making" education coiwpuJsory  was passed in 1S57, but it was never  enforced, partly fnr political reasons  and partly because of the wretched  pay of the teachers���������?50 to ������100 a year  being usual fee. In higher education  Spain,is not bchind-hiincl. . She bus 10  large universities, currying an enrol-,  ment of 1.6,000 students.  Spain gets its revenue by a system  of direct and indirect taxation, stamp  duties, government monopolies, etc.  Direct taxes are imposed on landed'  property, houses, live stock,commerce,  registration acts, titles of nobility,  mortgages, etc.; the indirect taxes  coriie from foreign imports, articles of  consumption, tolls, bridge and ferry  divas; Ho: revenue for 1S90 and 1S97  was ������3<",771 ,-i;")0; her ex pi. nil it i ires ������'.'"0,-  456,5S-I. Sin: liad besides this, however;'  mi extraordinary expenditure of ������9,-  360,000. ��������� Her public debt now is over  ���������?.l,7UO,0OO.b0O, including over $350,000,-  000 incurred in Cuba.  WHAT TtllC   F*KOri.E,I.lVK  ON.  Spain is an agricultural country.   In  the early part p.". the century the country was owned .by   landed   proprietors  who had acquired great tracts of  land,  but in.recent years these   tracts   have,  been divided and have passed into lhe  hai-ds \,f small farmers and fruit growers.    The vine is the  most   important  culture,but large quantities oforanges,  raisens, nuts and  olives  aro   exported  every year. "Spain is rich in minerals,,  the annual value of   mineral   exports  being   about '.'������6,040,000.       Sho   also  manufactures cotton goods.     She has  nearly 70,000 looms.   Her imports  for  lSOG-7-anioiinti-d to' ������29,306,906.     Her  exports brought her in ������34,890,400: The  most primilivi* conditions   prevail   in  many parts of Spain and in. some., portions life is a 1 most as if. was when    Oo-  'liiinbti. travelled ibr connwy roads  mi  funt leading hi*litth. .son by the hand,  'lhii: is'due lu the , nitagro   means ��������� of  communication, there hi ing but  7,5-18  niilea of railway in the whole country.  This'is only 3.0 linear miles of road for  ovcrv 100 squiiro miles1   of   territory.  New England alone has as many miles  of railroad as lias Spain and   her   territory is not nearly so gieat.   The  same  area as Spain picked-out ol" .the  upper  eastern United States has nearly 110,000  miles of road.    But the pt.'opleof Spun;  .*���������'. i."i a.lii. iv i.��������� {'.������������������:: -.: i.'y , e.-i; . : !.������������������ n; d  mules, ivhich, -perhaps, .make   up   in  wornouf. romance what,  they   Jack   in  sjieed-  THE   (JATIIOI.IC  CIH'Udir  AllSOl.t"!'!-:.  to the south, of it: Toro, Itodrign, Valencia de Alcantara. -Albuquerque and  Badajos lie along the Portugiu>se Iron-  tier. Tarifa and Algeeiras are in tbo  Straits of Gibraltar, and Cadiz is at its  entrance. Not all of those could withstand the projectiles of modern great  guns, but quite the best methods prevail, and an army invasion would have  some difficulty in breaking through  the barrier.. " '. .  COULD     MOHUA7.K'     OVKK       A        JlllJ.IO.V  ,   SOLOIEKS.'', ���������  Spain maintains a permanent army.  She also has what is known'as'an active reserve and a,' sedentary reserve,  each of which could he relied upon, for  support in time of war.   .Any Spaniard j sary, for those iii each town of that in-  vbove'the age of. 19 is liable to be  called Upon to serve in the pi-riipiiunt  army for three years., From this part  of th'e'ariny the soldier passes to the  active* reserve for,three years' service,  and from thence to the sedentary' reserve for six years'service.     By   pay  ing 1,500 pesetas any onij may' escape  service. The colonial army requires  every able-bodied subject lo serve  eight years in the varioiiK reserves.  Thus moat of the "king's siuijei-ts iire  niilitiiiiiien/aiid it is estimated th  time of need Spain couldy.-isily nioliil-  izean eflicient army of LOSSJI-'iO men.  The standing army numbers ���������about  70,000 ��������� men, although recent h*vh s  make this number nearer' 100.000.    ���������  Spain's navy is dikewiso cij-alile.  The 'foi lowing is a. list of her 'must, important "inen-of-war, all of which.' are  of the armored class and capable of  holding their own in a modern combat:  "y  '���������'���������' '',-��������� '  A Convention Called for Selecting an i with his axe that sank its .biadc  '     i������^������������������������������������j^r,*  rin-.A;Ani~^ in the animal's neck.  Independent Candidate. _. .,. Therushof- tll0: ilttack sent ,)0th  man and bear rolling down tha hill together in the snow.' Moir held on -to  his axe arc! kept trying to work -clear  of his pack. ������������������'���������The bear first 'bit Moir on  topof thehead making several bad  scalp wounds. He then crushed -hit*'  left arm at the elbow,'and finally.bit  his left leg badly from thigh to ankle.  Moir all this time kept 'fighting and  once choked the bear oil by a grip ami  his throat. He noticed at that "time  that bruin seemed.''to be weakening,  probably from loss of blood tiuu to : the  axe.wound in his neck. Moir -''finally  got free of his pack and with a few  well directed blows of his axe succeeded  in dispatching the bear.., Turning to  look for the other bear, who had  watched the 'struggle with apparent  unconcern, Moir found that he had  gone. He estimates that the entire  struggle did not last over ten' minutes.  \Vor"n with the conflict and '..blinded  by the blood streaming down his face,  Moir started back for Sproule's binding his bleeding arm with one of his  suspenders tii at' the bear had bitten in  twii. It took him over six hours to,  cover the three miles, and when about  6 p.;m. lie staggered into the "hotel at  Sproule's nearly fainting from fatigue  ;imd loss of blood, it was the. first intimation that any one but himself had  of the thrilling experience.  j". After considerable correspondence  jand interviews between many  j of the leading Independents of  theySloean Elector District, in  the absence, of an organization, with  election machinery ,'��������� a convention  of delegates has been called for Thursday next 9th of Juno to.Vie held in Vir-.  giniahall, Sandon, at 7.30 p. in. This  is considered fairest to alj .parlies, lis  in holding'it here-at Unit hour, no one  between Kaslo and Slocan City need  lose much 'more'then one day over it.  In the absence of a voters' list,'it is  impossible to do absolute justice in the  matter of representation at the convention ; but-the list appended is at.  least ns close im approximation to������ it  as can possibly be made. The people  to be represented iii this convention  are, all wha> are not committed supporters of the Turner govern ment: It  will, under tlie 'circunistances.be neecs  Indicated  Xnuie.                          y  Tons.  ir. P  Carlos V  ".........  .. .I),2-I5  -15.000  Pelayo  ." ;,;-.  .. .!l,������00  fi.SOl)  Oquenclo   .. .7,(KIII  ���������   i:!,700  Cutaliina.......'   . ..7,0!MI  1-3,000  Clsnoros.   .. ..7.IW0  15.IXJI1  Alarla 'I'urosii :.  .. i",(UK)  li'i.Olll)  I', lie Asluri'is...............  .. .7,1)110  15,0011  Vlzonya. ...     ....!...  ...7,0011  l.'i.Hill)  Cristobal Colon.. .......  v  l!,IS0  1-1,000  .   The following are {.lei  k proti  otod and.  partially protected:  A Iplionso Y111....'.-   . .I.SOI)  ,    12,000  Le'1'inl.o.....'......    ...-1..S00 ,  12,000  Eusemula :   . .1.0110  2.700  Isle de l.iison.........   ,..1.1)110  .2,700  IsludeC'iilia   .  ..1.1)11(1'  2,700  dependent way of thinking to have a  local meeting aiioii; themselves bei'ote  Thursday and select the number of  delegates culled for, who'as credentials  should have certificates of the chair-  "man,and secretary of the meeting appointing them. It is considered that  in bringing',out'a candidate that, way  he will at least be a ropresentatiTe  man ofthe people of this way of thinking, and not. a. self-constituted candidate or one advanced by"a clique who  t in i have axes 16 grind. There can be  ' no.thing wrong in,each local meeting  giving their delegates' instructions us  to how they should act at tho convention and whom the j' should support as  first,-second or third choice; but they  should.also be allowed 'a' latitude of  judgement to bring out the most able  maiv available.- Tliere .never was a  time in the history of the country in  which the parliament required bra-ns,  experience and all around ability more  than at the present time.  The number of delegates allotted   to  each place are as lollowe :  Clarke, Q.C., appearing for the  province of Ontario. '���������'-.,  The following i������v a summary of the  decision on the points submitted :   .  , J.That the beds ef.rivers and lakes'  are the property of the provinces.  '2. That the public harbors are vested  in the -Dominion,' but in respect of  harbors generally it is dependent oh  facts whether or- hot the harbors become Dominion property.  " 3. Fishing regulations' seem, to be  divided between the provinces',- and  the Dominion has power to make regulations regarding .-.open and'' closed,,  seasons, the size of meshes in nets,  etc., but the o*,ynership of tlie fishing'  privileges rests iii the provinces. The  Dominion.'.has the power to issue licenses to parties acquiring fishing  rights from the provinces, but cannot  grant monopolies. ���������  4. The right of the Dominion to prevent or permit the erection of works  in navigable waters is confirmed.''  :.The. 1'rivy Council has reversed the  decision of the.supreme court of Newfoundland 'in .tho case, of Fox and  others versus the government'of New-:  fouhdland. -  B  With Scissors anii'Pcn.  The Fidelity mine reports another  important strike.  The Comstock is likely to have a  new concentrator.  The Mountain Lilly of the Roulette  group, has five inches of clean ore;  During the interval from May 19 to  the 31st, the-Idaho shipped from Three  Forks 811 tons to Everett.  The Payne has added 30 more miners  the last few days and the institution  will soon be in full running order as  before the late fire.  mi  Citizens of   New Denver Jog  the  ;    Government's  Memory.  RCIL  Must of these vessels have a normal  speed of -0 knots, and sevoral, not il.ify  the Vizcaya and ihe Maria T resa,   ex-  Besides the Canary and Balearic islands,Spain holds the. colonies of Cuba,  area, 41,655 miles ; population before  the war, 1,631,6S7; (Porto Rico, area,  3,500 square miles, population, 800,708.  The domination of the Catholic  church in Spain i.������ almost absolute.  Nearly the' whole population adhere to  that creed. Indeed no other form of  worsiiiri is,allowed lobe practiced publicly. ''J'hi:'i.-ist'ceni-us showi d :.i*.',-l!:!5  priests living' in tht. &2 dioc*>t> oi' the  country. There are 1,0-iS monks living  in 1GJ. monasteries and lA.u'.G nuns living in 1,027 convents There are 05  cathedral.'-, 30 religious colleges and  18,504 churches. Besides thcie are  over 10.000 houses devoted to religious,  purposes.' A restricted liberty of worship i.- ������1 lowed the i.V'U-'M-aiit.s. Init.it.  ha.- lo In- '-f-pt. very private,, ami no  public aillloiiiircinrn!.   ol    the    fuel    i.������  permitted.   The church dignitaries are  supported by the state.  ��������� A  COH DON  OF FOKTS.  Spain is well defended from invasion  by a cordon of forts and fortified towns  drawn completely around her frontier.  On the north there isFuenterrabia,the  ceed this rate. ' Spain also has n nuni-  erous* fleet of torpedo boats and 'torpedo boat destroyers. Her lighting  navy is luaniT-d by 1,00:2 ollicers 9.000  marines and 14,000 sailors, besides  about 1,000 mechanics of .���������various  kinds.  Hk'H' lmil.I.IAXT  HISTORY.  This is in fact the army and this the  navy which will protect the   > euutil'ul  Spanish cities which have known   less  change since the days   of  the   Moors  than almost any other   in    the.  world.  Spain is not, after   all,: a-   modernised  nation in the sense that other   nations  ai*o niodt-.rui.M-il.    ili-r p.-opli.*   :iiv  j-'ov-  erni-il by tin; .������.pirit of <Aiiii\^ti--m   thai,  caused Isiiliellu to plnh*i' in r   j.-wcl.s <o  that Columbus might start  westward;  that caused Ferdinand and his consort  to move their throne chairs up  to  the  very walls of trie Moorish   strongholds  that the , example   might   incite   the  chivalrous bravery of their   followers ;  that caused the houses olUrena and De  Leon to pledge their estates   that   the  Moors might be driven  from   the   Al-  hambra.   The memory of that period,  the most romantic . aud   brilliant   in  Sp.-.iiish history, when halt"   the  world  was theirs, never dies in their breasts,  and it, more than anything else, would  sustain them in a war of nations. This  pride of race,   however,   is   not   what  they would fight fin.   Out of the ruins  of   tlieir   past   greatness   have   risen  ti:;aiitiful   monuments���������--Madrid,     the  Capital city, with its palaces   and   its  470,000   worshippers   of   the   iiNcionl.  throne ; IJarcelnua, with its quarter  of'! having a  u million, mostly eager   for   war,   and  blind to all but its .romance ;   Malaga,  with its 100,000, who  daily   have   the  remains of Moors to teach thorn    what,  manner of lighters' were tlie  ancestors;  Cartagena    Cadiz,   Valencia,   Suvollo  and Grenada, where memory stops and  'the grotesque."- and arebeequ'-c   of,- the  gr-at  "ifiM-ri-ih i'���������ni.'j'ic lil'l    ->:it-    "lit.    ot  tin  niiii'i.-cutb (.���������'-.���������it.'.i.ry -iiideiirry    <*iiie.  bai-l;-   to     lli'.    ' lini.-     ivli'-u    war    in  Spniii meant honor, valor and gion .  Place.  No of Del.  Sandon  - 7- .,,  Kaslo  ).  "'. '   '.      7 .'  Jfew Denver  5  Slocan City  .5   ...  Silverton  "4   ���������  .  Three Forks  2  Whitewater  o  Ainsworth  2  Itohson  1  Kosebery  ���������1  Bennington I  "all's '  ' "1  Deer Park  1     .  Pilot Bav  ���������    1  -  Galena.  ��������������������������������������������������������������� 1 - ���������  Duncan City  ���������     "  '  '.' 1  There are doubts  ns to  whether tlie  three last places are in fhe district., if  not they will hot of course be represented. Befor the close of the convention'an electoral association will be  formed. y   ���������  Elect Delegates.  , A public meeting was held in the  Music Hall- last evening to elect delegates to attend the conv. ntion, at  which a candidaf.c for this riding will  j bo nominated for lhe legislature.    The  I1 following .live delegates were ,i*hos,!i:  J'. T. Tipping, D. It. Young, \V. j.  Andrews, Hobt. Bradshaw and T. Mul-  vcy. They were instructed to secure  if possible a candidate from this side  of the range.  The foregoing is from the Slocan  City News. IIc-w does this correspond  with the declaration of the News of.  twoiwe'cks ago that Mr. Retallack, of  Kaslo, was to be our next member. It  is evident that the News does not voice  the sentiment of its own town even.  Council met Manclay evening, all pres-  ont but Aid. Mightori. .���������.;'���������*  Hunter���������Siyitzei*���������That   the   Sandon-  Water '&-.Light Co.'"be billed S2S for work  done because of land slide Carried.  Hunter���������Crawford���������Hesolved, Whereas a gold commissioner has been, appointed for the Slocan arid, Slocan City  mining divisions, and whereas it has  hitherto been the custom tp make each  gold commissioner,'an .assistant com. pf  Lands and ..Works, a govt, agent and a  Co. court registrar, and whereas (it is of  particular importance that th'e -appointments'-should be iuiinedmtelv-*-inaile in [  this district, -therefore-the,city council  of Sandon .urgently requests the provincial government to confer upon the  gold commissioner for. these districts the  above   appointments   without   delay   Carried. ' y  Ifui-iter���������Cunning���������-That the Public  Works com. attend to tho proper hanging of the fire bell���������Carried.  Eroddy��������� Hunter���������That the services  of Mi*. W'aite be retained   one month as  night watchman at $80.00 Carried.  The first sitting of the court'of revision  on assessment is to be* held at 2 p.m. on  the 0th of July.  The solicitor is to be asked as to  whether the special act asked for to enable the council to borrow-money had  passed the'House.  On motion of Switzer and Broildy the  council adjourned. ���������  '   ���������  "  Something to Consider.  A Bear Story.  Sandon Ore Shipments.  Tho   I'oUowing is   a list of,ore shipments  over the   K. '& S.  from  Sandon  for the week ending June 3:  Kuth   90  To show the absurdity of publishing  or frying to publish daily newspapers  in these small places, one has only to  look at tho first page of the B. C. News  of Friday week. The first two columns  aring heading,. taking up  about eight ���������iiii-ln..* of s'.aee uiv d,-  voted to'an encounter W. Moir had  with a bear at .Whitewater. This is  what they call the '.'leadir'-in' thod-n'Jy  paper. Here is the pith of the. stor\* :  ; Moir is a prospector and miner, who  has spent about two years in th!  Kootenay. He is from Wellington,  OniKxio. "Wednesday morning,' about  11 o'i-Ioc.'c 'hi' '.v.if t.'ilinj: up the moiiii-  lain iihout t.w.. mi;.'.-- above .Siu-oulc's  and one mile east, with a pack on his  back and an axe in his hand en the  way to do assessment work on one of  his claims���������the Jarvis. Suddenly and  without warning he was confronted by  two large grizzly bears, weighing about  /50 and 500 lbs.respectively.  Contrary to the commonly accepted  One of tho most important problems  for.the electors ni" B. O. to'cojisidor in  the .present, election i.-; this:' Ifwlu-n  .-he province had' comparatively no  dabt and i-niiM-ipiciitly no.i.,teri-*U- to  pay. on indebtedness arid a revenue as  large, per-capita as it is to-day, and  comparatively less demands on the  provincial treasury, the country could  not be saved from 'annually recurring  deficits, how is the machine to be  run from this time forward when the  interest on debentures is quite equal  to half our revenue? We want all to  fully understand that our criticism of  the government is not intended to  either defeat the. Turner government-  or place the opposition h' power, but  merely to open the eyes of the electors  to a true state of ullairs that they m; y  tii-.: more intelligently cast,their bal-,  lots on pollingday. if it transpires, as  a matter of fact, that the opposition is  no more capable than the government,  there is the greater necessity for electing intelligent, independent repi'i'-si-nt-  atives -that tiny may, when the new  House meets, du tlie best possible,-.regardless of faction,-lor the country. ���������  'New Denverites are getting anxious  about promised government expenditures, and have petitioned as below.  While we scarcely see the necessity for  petitioning .under such circumstances,  we cari only say the same sentiment pervades all -sections' where promises of  grants have been made :���������  S. T. Walker ^vas called to the chair  arid tho meeting1'was at onec brought  to business' by the 'introduction . of the  following resolution by Messrs Kerr and  Fauquier:  ���������''Whereas, a great niany men are out  of work in the Slocan District, and  whereas, there are loud complaints of  the delay in proceeding'with the public  works; therefore this meeting calls upon  the government., to spend the appropriations for this year at onpe, and particularly to commence work at oiico on.the  New, Denver-Three Forks wagon' road  tlie vault in. the- govorhmeiic'qfiice.' in  New Denver, the-wagon-road,- from New  Denver to Silverton,, and the expenditure of ������000 in public improvements on  tlie stroets and government projjei'ty in  New Denver.  "And further, that the government be  requested to carry out the above works  by day labor at fo.00 a day, and to employ none but men of the district in the  work, 'whether as superintendent or. as  laborers/'. ,     '  , The question of- fire protection was  culled up by Mr. Mitchell by the reading  of an article stating that the Provincial  Board of Undarwriters have sent from  Vancouver Mr. Koss, as their agent, to  inspect the fire appliances and apparatus of the several inland ��������� Kootenay  towns, that their condition might be  learned, in view to fixing a new rate of  fire insurance.  After briefly discussing the matter the  secretary was instructed by resolution  '���������'to advise the.-proper'authorities at A'ic-  toria that it is the sense of this meeting  that the usual appropriation be immediately made for tbo purchase-of proper  -ippli.-iin-.Rs for lir-y pnuectiwi in "f?iv  I'i-iivci*. uihI for tin', fiinimtioii of i. iir<-  lii-igade tn In-- oo**.ipri.s<.*d nt' voluuu-i-.r  residents of this town." , .  While at -work on the new tragon  road at a point about a mile and a half  from town some good looking rock was  encountered which carried considerable galena. A claim was immediately staked which may develop into a  great mine, who knows ?���������Slocan City  News.  The Whitewater Deep is now taking  out and sacking ore and expects to begin shipping shortly. The new blower  recently put in runs like a charm.  The wagon road has been completed  and a force of men is now engaged on  cabins and houses.  Frank P. Sherwood has returned and  is now preparing to begin operations  on bis fine South Fork property, the  Bismark Group. But very little development work is new necessary to  m.ike the Bismark a regular shipper.���������  Kootenaian.  Frank Watson, general manager of  the   Arlington  mine,   arrived in  the  city  on   Wednesday evening and   on  the next morning made a trip^over the  new road up   Springer creek.   On  his  returu  he stopped  at   the News office  long enough to say a few things which  are   of  a   very   encouraging   nature.  Within about  two weeks the whistle  of the Arlington will again be heard.  By that time it is the intention of the  manager to  have  a  force of .15 or 20  men at work  on  the property  taking  out ore for shipment.   Eegular ship-  lhents of two or  three   carloads   per  .week will be made from the start, and  as soon as the road  is completed it is  very likely that the  weekly output of  the Arlington will reach a high figure.  It is known to be a mine of most promising results, and long ago would have  been rated among   the leading properties of the district had there been a  road   over which  its  ore   could have  reached  a shipping point.     But  this  obstacle   will   soon   be  removed   and  again  it will resume operations, this  time under more favorable conditions.  S. C. News.  TWO  NEW FINDS.  Strikes   on   the   Fidelity  and   Tyro  Four   Mile.  THE WAR SITUATION.  The    American',   Fleet   Form   a    Chain  Across   Winward Passage.���������U. S.  Aid   for   the  Cubans,  IMPORTANT DECISION.  Beds of Rivers find  Uakes Are '.be Piop-  ���������:M\' .ol   ;lie   l-'rovinces.-1  New York, May 3I.;���������A despatch from  Mole, St. Michaels, says that the American fleet forms a .complete chain across  the Windward Passage to. Santiago de  Cuba and it is impossible foi* the Spanish cruisers tried to steam out and only  escaped des.truetwn by regaining their  port.  Key West. May ���������'!! 'fhe most powerful anti-Spanish expedition <-v*;r organ--  i/.i-d, for; military purposes in Cuba set  sail from here on the 2lsl of May'and  -successfully landed on the Cuban coast  last Thursday. The party consisted of  ;I00 Americans and 'JOO Cubans with  large supplies of munitions of war. They  were joined by 1,500 armed insurgents,  'fhe local Cuban colony is elnt^d at tlie  -ui-'-fss <���������*!   (In.* ex'.flilion.  Cameron  l������c   !.ioul.-Governor  Judgement, wa*- oiv>.;11 by the Imperial Privy Council on tlie question submitted by the Dominion and Provincial governments of Canada. The  judgement is considered here as being  in favor of the provinces. The case  was argued July 2S, 1897, Edward  Blake, Q.C., A. Irving, Q.C., and   J. M.  ���������Ottawa, May 31.���������In the Houso to-day  Premier Laurier continued the report of  M. C. Cameron's appointment as lietit-.-  governor of the North West Territories.  Mr. Cameron has been 31. P. for West  Huron.  Hardly as deep as the grass roots on  the old trail leading up to the Fidelity  mine and   within   500 feet of the  old  workings, is b<*ing uncovered as fine a  showing of ore a?- any in   the country.  It i.-  identical    in character ivith  the  ore   in th' discovery .-hsifi   ������n tin   Fi-  deliiy. whiVh   run   irom   .">0  to (���������������' per  cent, lead and irom  100 to 520 ounces  in silver per ton, and  this new discovery without a doubt  will run  equally  as well, and is fully as big on  the surface.   This rich   strike   is divided between the two properties,  the Fidelity  owned by   Byron, Holtz and  Williamson and the Tyro claim owned by J. C.  Harris.   Work will be pushed on this  new strike, and im doubt within a fevr  weeks  we will hear the tinkle  of tho  beil������ of the   pack   trains   announcing  th.it another shipment of Fidelity oro  is  bc'ng delivered at  the dock.   This  Fidelity claim is getting to he a dandy  and although  only eleven months old  on tlie 2olh ttlt.  it   is taking   its place  among  the best mines of this section.  The vein is   a  true fissure,   and this is  the sicond   big  pay sliute  discovered  ooiiiinj-  uiivutu   to tin* surface.   The  vein   .is  not   only��������� fulfilling   its   early  promis.-lml. is far exceeding-it.  The Tyro claim owned by J. C. Harris  adjoins the Fidelity on the'west and ,  this strike has been made directly on  the boundary line ofthe two claims  and was first discovered by Mr. Harris  who ran a croi-s-cul on the surface and  .eiit t'nn vein. The Tyro has the Fidelity vriii n.iid ihere i.- nii reiiMn. t������*  iiotil.it but, i-b.it ������it-hrr -dii-ifcs will, be-  ''niind on ibis vein. Mr.Tlarri.i's ranch  may not have produced trie goose liutt  laid the golden egg, but it has pro-  dKceda quartz ledge that will produce  tlie silver nugget, which we hope at no  very distant date will be interchange*:,  able for gold ac the ratio of 10 to 1.���������'  Silvertonian.  m  .***.,   mm  ?.;..'.      ...'..���������..���������.... ' ii     '    -    ���������       -..���������"���������'  }>������������������>--;-"T- *-��������� ���������tJ.TT-T* TJ*- ���������--���������.-���������I ������������������������������������������������������--������������������ ������������������... ������������������-��������������������������� __.���������__���������-_���������.r-r-rr���������irrj ~- =- "  ��������� -B-fv,"1' ������������������*������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  n������r-������ ������������������ *\ii. ���������*���������s-������ r?9 ���������>r- r- "-������- v������ .T!������- j*>->���������r,T"i -���������n.n^n-iT>r**-iJ'" -"Ty ^'���������"!*.'i1������''\ !"���������' ~"T7r"**'Tn*7T.r '���������** ������������������"���������-*"'-*' "TTTT- ���������"*'������������������'��������� ������������������ "**' f*T������t;-**i j.-'-v;**""? *i'"T;".'* ,* -������������������^^���������-i���������i���������v-t-i'a���������-���������������������������������������������������     1 ��������� "--"^������������������t-  ^���������v-^t^v^  -���������   .-.'..���������   .k\   .,   -'-,���������>>-''  :������-,���������.������������������.���������/.-���������*���������...   --s'-. ''*.������������������ ^    ������"  " I,.--.',,'. -.���������..   ..--it.". ...    l-  -     .-..������������������������  "v."  ��������� --1 -f   ���������   '-���������.      .���������-.������/���������������������������.    ��������� .". .v-:- >i -, - .' '. v,*...   4V-.; u.-Jr.-   ,-.,,,;,.;--. i'---    ���������-- ������[,  . v. tfi ..>,..    t, -������������������.. ������������������.������,���������'������������������".   ������������������'���������     .     ���������* pi ...r.--���������������������������������  *.���������..,.!/  I       "    i*    Sl   .l.-.f!'-  *������������������������ i. *; '1 * ��������������� *  -. >**. *--i'--".?  i-    *4"i.!..  ".���������  . -:*--.v 2  THE MINING REVIEW.  SATURDAY, JUNE 4,   1898.  .-.������Sv  ������"5.*,.i*-i  &*.  & *>��������� * *  tSbe finning IReview  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  SATURDAY JUNE  4, 1898.  Subscription $2.00 Pkr Year  Strictly in Advnacu.  THE GOVERNMENTS FINANCING.  The   more   the   financing   of   the  Turner government is looked into, to  any   competent business   man,   there  appears to   be   urgent necessity for a  change of methods.     The statement  of assets and liabilities published   by  the  government  themselves   for   the  year ending  June, 1896, gives  an illustration of what   we mean.    Among  the assets  we find $3So paid  for   an  exhibit  of minerals   at the   World's  Fair and a total of $6,200 advanced  to three   of the ministers   as  part of  their salaries.      Under   any and   all  circumstances, the electors will remember that the ministers are no more the  owners of the  funds of the  province  than is a teller in a bank the owner of  the   monies   that' pass   through   his  hands.    Like the teller,   they are put  there   in a  position of trust, and   expected to make the use of every-cent  of the public money that the. public  would like to see made of it.    It may  be that the expenditure at the World's  Fair was fully justifiable,   but it is no  more an asset  at the end of the year  than is the money a merchant spends  in advertising in the local paper.,. The  creditors of an estate  would certainly  laugh  at the; list of assets, an  embarrassed merchant would produce, if it  contained  expenditures  for advertising-  But what of the advances to the  ministers. What would a merchant  say to his clerk if he found by the  cash book that,the clerk had drawn  six or nine months'salary ahead and  charged himself with it, without ever  saying by your leave ? We think he  would be taken to the.police court for  theft; and yet Mr. Turner's colleagues do this, and we are asked to  clap them on the backs for doing so.  Have the people any right to use one  class of servants different from an  other?  his duty to recommend the name of  that man to the Lieut-Governor to  form a new ministry. There is an instance of this in the palmy days of Sir  Francis Hincks in Canada. He was  the leador of the opposition, and the  government being defeated he was  called on to form a new government.  Instead of doing this he recommended  a representative' from Quebec who  undertook the task and succeeded.  No ; the duty of the people is to set to  work in their own inteiest, to right the  wrongs of things < as they now are  found. If the present government are  incapable of doing it or unwilling to  do it under pressure, let the people  placethe responsibility in the hands  of men,' no matter who they are, the  country has reason to place confidence in.  SONG  AND  SEQUEL.  The Slocan   City   News   -says that  were there a government candidate in  the   west side of the Riding, a candidate whose chances of election are as  good   as   those   of Mr.  Retallack,   il  would not be unwilling to support him.  Well, how does il know   there   is not  such  a man available ?    Surely it will  not say there  arc not as capable men  in, the west as   Mr. Retallack is, and  until a'convention .is held, the ground  canvassed,    the    available     material  named, it is in no position to take the  rash stand it has taken in offering ,.its  support  to Mr. Retallack, merely because he is ambitious and possibly puts  up well for newspaper support.  It mJy  be all   right enough for  a newspaper  on a given side  to name a list of meii  from whom to select a candidate;' but  it,certainly  is very  indelicate   to say  the   least of, it,  for any paper   to  say  "John L. Retallack is to be our next  member," before being nominated by  any number of the representative men  of that  party by  convention, requisition or otherwise.    We say again,  so  far as  the government supporters  of  the   Riding,   as  a whole,   have   any  knowledge of the facts, Mr. RetalLck  is simply a   self-constituted candidate,  barring, of course,   the.booming.of a  couple of newspapers,   that so far  as  we know may be paid for the purpose.  If Mr. Retallack   has been otherwise  nominated,  the public would like   to  know something about it.  "Lonu lane without a turning,  IIui ��������� krup lhe end in sight!  F.*.i* ������!(! tlio ii*.-us nr������ burning  l.ilte beacons in tho night.  "Tar off tlio bells aio chiming!  .V.v.i;- with si;*h and tearl  The J.ill win lmid in ulimbing,  lint lhe summit'!, oool and clearl  ."rh" sun'** riSQ tomorrow  A.u! .ill tho liurk destroy.  Bo, 1j.i-.-p il'u house of borrow  And Ui-il. u rup with Joy I"  (Th-it'*- wli.it the jioets sing ua���������  liKy'd havo us be content���������  B: 1 : li '.iii.' hongs thoy bring US  L-on't sulUa up the rent,  And nil iho bright buns rising  l-i s ,-i vi lon.oiro-.v's skies,  Yf-tii golden bianm suiprising,  IJuji'I mnko the biseuit.s rise!)  ������������������Atliintu Constitution.  A TV AC WHET WOOING  A gentleman   of this  city,   who  is  now touring the constituency over  in  the   interest'  of "Mr.  Retallack���������the  self-constituted candidate of the Turner government,���������said to  a party the  other day,   "You can't  beat him,   he  has  too much money.    Once elected  he will be in the cabinet as minister of  mines before two years."    Those who  know Mr. Retallack best  must be the  best judges as  to   his capability for a  portfolio.      The   government   is    in  straits for abler men than they have at  command, and if Mr. Retallack is one  of those abler men,we are informed he  is, though but few know it,he might fill  the bill.    But what about his strength  as a candidate���������-his money?    Is this  the qualification   a young country like  this, heels over neck in debt  through  extravagance and incompetency; and  with all  its resources yef to   develop,  requires ?    We ask this question in all  seriousness.    Is   it because an   ambitious man   has money,   made perhaps  by some streak of good luck, that he  of  all others should be sent to parliament   to pull the   province   out of its  present  financial straits?    What  are  we to think of this estimate of the people of the Slocan?    That they are to  be  so far forgetful  of the  country's  futuie that they will  allow themselves  ���������to be bought and sold  like  sheep   in  the shambles?    On one occasion  the  celebrated "I bet you Cook" of   Sim-  coe,    in    running    against   the   late  D'Alton McCarthy  said when  asked  to speak, "I'll bet you I'll be elected,  for I've  a cord of $10 bills   to do   it  with."     This, Mr.   Retallack's   man  wonld represent to be that gentleman's  position.    We have   a diflerent  opinion, however,   of the electors  of the  Slocan.  The Slocan City News is surprised  that The Review is not abusing Mr.  Retallack. Oh I no, dear I The editor  of this paper has long since passed  that stage of development. Mr. Retallack has just "as good a right to be  a candidate as any other man ; and if  his party accepts him, it is at least  evidence he is a man of average respectability, and that is all we look  for in candidates. In that field we  are not in search of either saints or  angels. It may he the opinion of the  news that The Review has "growled"  to use its choicest expression, and said  nothing, that is has not a bused Mr.  Retallack and has named no opponent. We do hot intend to name candidates for a whole electorate, but we  are at this moment doing what we can  to convene a representation of delegates from all parts of the district so  that their choice, and inferential')- the  choice of the constituency, may be  placed in the field. When he is  brought out The Rev.lkw will be found  saying something, and'that too without even a:"growl."  Some will say to defeat the Turner  government means to place the leaders of the opposition-^-a more incapable set of men���������in office. While  this .'is theoretically true, it is not unex-  ceptionally practically so: The pages  of Canadian political history have  many instances of contradiction to  this theory. When Blake and Mackenzie resigned office in Ontario in  1872, they recommended Oliver  Mowat, then on the Bench and not in  the House at all, as their successor  and he was selected. If Mr. Turner  was beaten on a vote in the House tomorrow, and Mr. Semlin knew the  majority of the House wanted a man  who was not then in parliament and  would support no other,   it would be  Some people will have it that to oppose a straight government candidate  in this constituency means to endorse  the opposition platform. Nothing is  farther from the truth. To oppose  the government candidate means simply to express disapproval of some,  more or less, of the government's ways  of doing business. Nothing more and  nothing less. A candidate can easily  run in this division by showing what  he considers the short comings of the  government, and how he would correct them. If his reasoning is better  than that of the opposition, he should  have no trouble in .taking the latter  and some at least of the government's  following with him, and forcing his  icf-rms irrespective of'the personnel  of the cabinet:  , The Slocan City News says, "Klon.  dyke will soon be forgotten; the brief  boom it enjoyed will pass into history  as an unjustifiable event." And yet it  defends the Turner government in  taking $1,600,000 of the cash of this  province to build a railway, to enable  the merchants of Vancouver and Victoria to get the trade of a country that  "wilPsoon be forgotten." Is this consistent ?  TO CURE COLD IN ONE DAY.  Take LaxativeBromoQuinine Tablets.  All druggists refund the money if it  fails to cure,   25 cents.  Miss  Lcilu  Hamilton was the chiei  t. .inf.'r.iiibui*   in   tlio   bunking  oflloo of  L-L-ii-'i!!   Urcis.,   Stato  street,   Boston.  .In; iii; noted  tho fucrliug of  six  other  !;. ;'cv,-iinn;*; machiiK.-., and sho kept her  nii hoi th tn'.tuti   buay Irom  morning until  .'.TiOiilOOIl.  iii.-,.*- Hamilton wiis not only invalua-  iih; t> her pm [-lovers. Sho was also ol  ���������-rent ii'o to hor sux, in whoso emanoi-  ������������������iitiou tbo wiis mos.c vitally concerned.  Mi.-s Hamilton was, in fact, a fnir  '���������pediiicii..in' the "new woman." Hor  . jrre-it ambition wus to see woman, in  the .full possess ion.of tho ballot, rising  nn j.;n::ifc-billows of'reform until all tha  .sins of wicked. liir.u were, swept away  ::i one great, tidal -wave of feiniuina  votes.,        "' '���������������������������' ,        y      , -��������� -  l'.ut Miss Hamilton *was a very at-  triictivc. youiig woman. She possessed  laruo uud lustrous blue eyes, \vhioh  looked a ten (lily mid straight into thf  eye's.'Of others ami gave birth to new^  scLn-ations  in  tho hearts of the wicked  'men." "''.-'������������������".'  iii short, Bifiss Hamilton had all the  ���������tppo.-'.rimcG of being a pretty, happy,  guileless-chorus girl while she was at  heme a combination of Miss Susan B,  Anthouy:and Dr. Mary Walker.  "This year, when my summer vacation comes,','" sho told one of her colleagues,' "I 11111 going somewhere where,  I can rest and whore 1 won't be troubled hymen. I havo discovered au ideal  ulaoo at Wauwinet, on Nantucket. It's  a little neck of land, and on one sido is  the fmrf aud on the other the still water. It is out of the terrible rush, and  there aro a great many womeu thero,  and as far as I know not one single  ���������'mau'.,. If that is not n paradise, I do not  know what is. "  . ���������   <���������'���������  Thus it happened that Miss Hamilton  'lauded at Wauwinet, where she peacefully established hersolf for three weeks  of  uninterrupted .rest.. Miss Hamilton.  was greeted by, a littlo bevy of  women ���������  ���������who wore spectacles,,had little red oasos  at  tho  end's  of  their noses  and were  plain  iu  tlieir dress  aud iu    general  strict iu their appearance.  .. "We  aro  so  glad  you havo comb,"  they exclaimed iu a chorus, "aud  it  is *  so'niee to have oue so youug aud girlish  looking iuterostod in the groat  cause 1?"  Miss Hamilton had made only one  mistake in hev catalogue of the advantages of '"Wnu'winofc. As it happened,  there was a fine old mansion; which had  been recently purchased by a ��������� party of  bachelors from New York city. Here  they had established themselves for  their first soason. Thus it happened, that  thero wero really 20 siuglo 111011 instead  of none at all when Miss Hamilton made  her first appearance.  Miss Hamilton rose early after a fine  night's rest. She" enjoyed, with equal  zest her breakfast. Thou sho started out  for a ram bio along the beach. She looked down toward 'Soonsefc, saw the soaring tower of Sankaty light and trudged  toward it usa magnet draws its iron.  This brought her past tho clubhouse,  whore, all unknown,'sho became an object of great interest.  "Gad, Cuarlio, just look there,"  called Billy Hills, from the reading  room, "and don't go too near tho window or y.fcu will scare her I But, Jove,  isn't sho a rare bird for Wauwinet? Sho  is the first good looking girl I have seen  since we arrived."  "Guess I'll take a little stroll," quietly 'observed Davy Holmes. "Think  I need a littlo exercise."  "No, you don'tl" a half dozen voices  objected. "You are too well known.  Ycu 1 may disgrace yourself iu Now  York as much as you like, but hero we  want to be respeotable." So "Davy"  subsided and bided his time.  A howling northeasterly storm had  cut the neck of land on which Wauwinet.stands in two pieces. This breach  ooourred at the spot which had always  been called the "Haulovor," because it  was the narrowest spot where the fishermen hauled their boats over to the  othor side. It was now called tho  "Opening" and wa8 growing wider and  wider.     '  Miss Hamilton began at once to harden her muscles by rowing and had rented a small skiff for the. season. Sho  came to this opening and, littlo realizing the danger when the tide was running, she boldly rowed up to it and  suddenly found herself carried along  toward the open sea by a'power as unmanageable as it was imperceptible.'  This was on the evening of her first  day. Charlie Harris had seen her. set  out and was slyly following, unseen,  behind the hedge of bay berry which  grew along the footpaths of tho neck.  He thougbt'at first that Miss Hamil  ton handled the oars in a manner which  would bo oreditablo to an amazou. Ho  was quite as ignorant as Miss Hamilton  hersolf of the great dauger iu which she  rowed. '   1  But as Miss Hamilton approached the  broad opening which leads to the great  ocean she became alarmed. Sho saw  Harris and for a moment forgot her  prejudices by calling for help.  Ii took less than a minute for Harris,  somewhat lighter by tho clothing he  had hastily taken from his buck, to  reach the boat. Miss Hamilton had fo"j������,  gotten his sex. A t 1 !:o ������nTno timo she forgot her prevailing opinion of his kind.  Her heart swelled with gratitude as h*a  took the oars.  But Charlie Harris was unable to  oope with that tide, aud .the boat and  its two occupants weut sweeping aloug  faster and faster until it was among  the heavy breakers of the soa.  It chanced also that Charlie had him-,  self been observed, and a party of 11  dozen young gentlemen were  soon seeu.  His feelings were somewhat mixed.  His dosire to bo saved was divided with  the hope that he might have the honor  of saving Miss Hamilton alone. He  was disappointed, however. The little  boat was brought alongside, and tho  pair was transferred safely and brought  to shore.  Then Charlie noticed his own condition and quinkly lied without further  conversation. Miss Hamilton also came  to her senses aud startod for the hotel  without a word.  Sho i-aid nothing about her adventure  ���������^"to the array of severo matrons who  lined the pi izza as she approached, and,  eatiug hor supper as quickly as possible,  she joined the group, which was busily  discut-siug the primugauda of their cause  and tho campaign which was to be  waged lor the emancipation of womeu.  Somehow the old subject had lost some  ot its savor to Mis-s Hanii'tou. She talked less and scorned to havo lo=fc hor animation.  Charlie Harris was also Buffering in  a different way.  ' Wo are going to apply to tho life-  saving .service, old man,"said Keggio  Bowles, 'for a situation here to rescue  pretty giil.s iu the summer, but I'm  alraid you'll uot be cap'en, Charlie'1  Each one had a little jibe until it was  too hot tor Charlie. He wout to his  room and dressed lor evouing. It was  horn iu him that ho owed Miss Hamilton an apology. At all ovouts it made  au excellent excuse.  As Charlie approached the hotel>he  noticed Miss'Hamilton, and he quietly  oursed to himself whpu he saw her surroundings. Miss Hamilton also uotioed  him, and her color deepened. It was  just this moment that she began to hate  the "oaiise."  ��������� "I beg pardon for interrupting," ho  said, "but I should like to speak to you,  Miss Hamilton."  The entire company roso as if gov-  "ernod. by the same impulse aiid departed  ''with elevated nqsos. Miss Hamilton aud  Harris had the place to themselves. -,  ,''At .tho departure Miss Hamilton  found-to her'surprise that sho had actually, accepted im -jiivilatiou to visit.  Sanljaty li������h,c''tho nost day.'  When the two d<.'parted the: next  morning, there v/as a- wavo 'of dismay  'iu tho camp of the woman .'suirragisiS.  "Ii is.a most Oi:���������������������������--.ruci'tul proceeding,  and she is no" ioiiVi-v, i-c-.-i cetaijlo," Y.?-  clared, tho juicier at. the crowd,, aiid her.  opinion v,*::'-re-.-iii'df-i": as final.  Miss ��������� H,*;';:;iii01.1 wiis no longer trou-  blod by tiiiii' spci'ety. -StiuuiiCly ruoi.^h  she v.'ay 110 longer ���������.���������coiiocri-.ed.6ver I'uo  degraded 'condition'of woman.  *''.* 6tt ao m  ���������Wheu Mi *-.s Leila Kauii'toii returned'  to the old oilice en State street, .she was  ���������diKi'.ovp.rud , to lu *>.'s ('-huniiiug mul girlish us ever, and it was iilsp notiei.d that,  i.ertaiu: ciiilcrs whom she had beon  wont to roc. ivo cai-.ie uo more.  It Svas further .chrouiclc.d'" that there  wero other things about-MissJ-IumiUou'  which .'.wore now and strange. \Thca  tho pott'mnii canio and a letter was  handed to liur���������-sn uvent of tiu-eoori'our  times a week--���������Miss Hamiltou wouk-  turn.a little, pale and quickly hiae"ic in  her waist.  A; month later these events had their  explanation when Miss Hamilton came  to the ofTico with' a sparkling object oh  her engagement liuger, and the vouer-  ablo senior parcuerrecoived hor resignation to take efl'ccfc soon.���������Boston Globe.  Coinota to Aiipoar.  The Loudou Globe says that a number of comets will appear in the skies  during.tho year 1898. "The PonsAViu-  nocke comet should open the list hy appearing iu April, after au absence of  about 5)4 years. In May the celebrated  Enoke comet is due. This comet has a  period of only 8J������ years, and its, frequent reappearanoe has been the means  of astronomers discovering a great deal  about oomets and their, wanderings  through space. -In June we should have  two,of these cosmioal visitors���������Swift's  and Wolfe's oomets���������the former after  au absence of . six years and the latter a  trifle longer. Temple's oomet completes  tho visitors' list by arriving in September. These oomets are all regular visit-,  ors, whose periods are so well known  that their arrivals may bo timed almost  to the hour. Others, no doubt/will arrive, hut they will doubtless be casuals,'  of whoso antecedents nothing is known,  and most of them such small fry as tq  catch the attention of only the most assiduous observera" ���������  Two New Eoglond states only havo expressed a prefprenoa for any flower���������"Vermont for tho red oJorar, by aot of the legislature, and Khodo Island, by vote of lta  60I100I children, -for the violet.  m  p a ������   _ ���������    _  n fef ft ifSi ss  id;  &.&$ y"Ef'\yaa"<a*'a  f?i         A tuecHcSus Chost in Itsiih". |*j  Hi    Slifiplc, f>afo ������nJ Qutok Curo for *||  loRSSKPS, DfARRK'IE/S, COUGHS,|  W        COLDS, SEIEUKflTiSSVI. |  I                   MEURftl.G:A.    - ||  25 and 50 cent Bottles. |  BUY ONLY'THE GENUINE.$  M BEWARE OF IMITATIONS  K PERRY DAVIS'  ^������iKl������^^K!������^!i!'S'^^S;^S;S5!������S!"!S^^'������&  1  Scott's Emulsion is not a  "baby food," but is a most  excellent food for babies  who are not well nourished.  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The  modern pol!c*-i".iii does not pioclaim his  coiniiijf Irj the evil u'.._i v'iy blioutin^ or by  cuiyiiijaLuitein. lie does his woik more  qi'.u'Li*,- .ind effectively than the old-fash-  io'iett town watchman.  Il is thus that in all the walks of life and  in .ill occii'intuM---, time-, change and knowledge and (.fTiciency inciease. In this reined liu'dic.ii hcieiicc has kept pace with  the advance in t-iht_i lines. Physicians and  chemists have l--iowii isipidly more skillful.  Tlieie are medicinal preparations now-a-  d.iyb that cure diseases tliat were a few  yens nijo eonsicleied absolutely incurable.  Tlie final triumph in this respect is Dr.  Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It  was p.! st given to the world thirty years  a','o. and has stood the test evei since that  time. 11 ernes 9*5 per cent, of all cases of  consumption, bronchial, thioat and kindred  affections. 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A letter received in London from  Sierra Ledie^ West Coat of A frica, says  that a Mendi native, who was with the  American missionaries at Itotufurik  ... when they were massacred by the in  ' surgents . engaged-." in the uprising  against the imposition o'. the hut tax,  but who 'made his escape by resuming  his native garb, furnishes the following account of the tragedy.-: ' ���������  "VVe started to walk to Sierra Leone,  but had:'only'gone half a mile  when,  we met the.war' boys, who blocked the  way.     The   Bev. Mr. Cain   tried   to  frighten, them by firing a, revolver over  their heads,  but seeing they were determined to do mischief he  cast his  revolver away  and said he  would not  have   anybody's blood  on his hands.  The  war boys . then seized   the party,  including Misses Archer and Kent,and  ' stripped  them of'their   clothing aud  dragged   them   back   to tlie   mission  house, in frbiit of. which  the war boys  cut down the Bow Mr. Cain aiid hacked  him, to death, and treated Miss Archer  and Miss Kent in the same .way.    Miss  Hiitlield, who was very ill, wa, thrown  on a barb wire netting   and finally her  throat was cut.    Mrs. Cain  escaped to  thu bush with a   native girl,   but  thu  war boys  found them" and they   were  killed."  50C. 50C.     }  tareffi  These watches are solid l-l-carat i  gold, and our usual list price for -v  them here in England is ������5 (S*25) <  each, but to introduce our. ondr- V  mous Catalogue, we will iichd yon %  this watch free,if you take ad van- c  tag'o'of. onr-marvellous offer. If f  you -.t'aiit one, write ns 'without- s  deliy. 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Hmmediate    connection    made   at  junction points, ho delay.;   quick service and superb accjuiptnent'/tre few of  the.many advantages  offered   by   this  line."'      ���������'"���������   '      ���������'''-,:'     '������������������"'        .'���������'���������'.:'.  Kiondyfce Wild-Cats.  M. Ogilvie, 1). L. S., who is now lecturing in London   on the  Yukon,  has  evidently and wi=cJy recognized that  while   he may  hold   very   optimistic  views concerning the mining potentialities of the Northern gold iields, promoters of wild-cat companies will not  hesitate to take advantage of his perhaps, too highly  coloured utterances  to serve their own ends, and  he has,  theiefore, we are glad to see, taken the  'precaution to warn  the British public  in the most emphatic language, not to  put money   into  Klondyke   concerns  without   the most careful   investigation.   "There is a, 'Klondyke boom' at  present,"   Mr. Ogilvie   is reported  to  liaye said, "and it is quite conceivable  that a good  many people   may  burn  their  fingers.    Several   public companies have  been  located of late  with  the object of buying mining claims in  the Yukon.    Now, tho vendor's title to  claims  he proposes  to sell, should be  subjected to the strictest examination.  It is necessary   to bear the conditions  which  constitute   a mining   title   in  mind.   The most important of them  is  that every claim must  be  worked  continuously and  'in good faith'  during the working months.   If the claim  remains unworked for seventy-two consecutive hours, the title lapses and the  'claim  can  be   'jumped.'     Subject  to  these conditions  claims   may betcom-  bined   provided the agreement is recorded."   In view of the remarks  we  published   last month regarding the  probable   results   of this   well-known  lecturer's visit to England, it is eminently satisfactory   to know  that   Mr.  Ogilvie   is taking so sensible a means  of discouraging, to the best of his ability, rash speculation in Klondike wildcat ventures.���������Mining Record.  UNSOLICITED TUSTIMONIAL.  15 Princes St., BiiininKliam, Eiif,'.  "T tlianlc you very much lor tlio.  benutiful watch you sunt, mc free ������f '  charge. I. have tci-tcd It, for nine  month������������������ and it never varies one h.-ill'-n-  inlnuie from one week'.*, end. to nn-  othei-."��������� IC. Wi'i.kh.  "To rIvo away a flolil Watch worth  $2o is certainly a splendid advertisc-  inenl,l)ii!.nsthc\Vatr;lnnal-cr*.-.\llian<*e  is (Iii! luri-est lirm ol watchmakers in  KiiKl.ind.they can airordlt."��������� KditoivX,  lie sure and address your letter, 181,    "i  OxKOitn S-riti'isr, London, England.      <  JIake money order payable to II. 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Park  "Davis & Co. are building   a   wing   to  their Walkerville establishment and a  number of American masons were employed on  the  joby   They   came   to  Walkerville in the morning and   went  to their homes in Detroit after   finishing their day's  work.     The   Windsor  and Walkerville masons employed   on  the job   objected   to   the   Americans  working there and made complaint   to  J. II. Kenning, who is the  alien  labor  agent in Windsor,  appointed   by   the  Dominion government.   Kenning conferred with the manager' of   the   firm  and the contractor. He explained that  the law was   being   violated   and   he  would have to report the matter to the  departmart of justice unless the Amer-  cang were discharged.1   Accordingly the  Detroit masons   wero   discharged   on  Saturday night.   Mr. Kenning also received notice that in all probability   a  number of American employes   would  be brought to Canada as aeon  as   the  Wabash railway commenced   running  extra passenger trains-over the  Grand  Trunk railway.   He informed the   au-  thorsties at Ottawa, and since then has  received assurances from the company  that Canadian trainmen will   be   employed. .-  ,    .  olear away all doubts as to the efficacy ol  Milburn's Heart and Nervo Pills from the  minds of the most skeptical:  " For several yours I have been a constant sufferer from nervous hcadncho, nnd  the pain was so intense that sometimes I  was almost crazy. I really thought thai  my head would burst. I consulted a number of physicians, and took many remedies,  but without effect. I noticed Milburn's  Heart and Nerve Pills advertised, and as  they seemed to suit my case, I got a box and  began their use. 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Closu connPotior.���������! at Nelson with  ei<>:ini-���������  tor Kaslo and all Kooiun.-*. \- .������.-" tif."'-  r-  Passpnirera for Kettle rivr .iiui  Hnuntlary  creek connecLnt Marcn������ with .statrptlali**.  without  is impossible.  [anadian Pacific  Railway And Soo Paciflc Line,  THE FAST AND SUPHItlOU UOV'VK  10 EASTERN AND EUROPEAN POINTS.  10 PACIFIC COAST AND FAR EASE POINTS.  TO RICH GOLDFIELDS OF KLOHDYDE. YUKON.  TOURIST CAItSBllVrCK dally loSt. Paul.  Dully except Tuesday to Kastei-n, flniiadlan  and U. K, point*.  BnKCtasfPplicplci'd In destination nnd throu(;li  tickets i.-Mioi'.  DAITiV (JONXECTIOX lo tho iniiin lino  points, excepting Sunday���������to and from  Nelson.  Train leaves Sandon dally at 7.15 p. m.  Train arrives Sandon daily at 1.55p. m.  Ascertain presentreducedi-nies and full information by addressing nearest local agent  ��������� . ��������� or ��������� '.'.-,  A. C.'MnABTHXTIii' Agent, Sandon  W. F. Anderson.Trav. Pass. Agt,.,Nelson  K.'J. 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Sandon      Leave 1.00 "  Lonve 11.00 a.m.  ���������'     1120     '*.  CODY LINK.  Sandon  Cody  Arrive 11.15 a.m.  .     ���������*       U.a-i' "  Snblect. lo ohnnge without, notice.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.  UOBERT IRVING,  G. F. A P. A;  GHO.'I'. COPBLAND,  Superintendent.  ���������For, cheap Railroad- and Steamship  Tickets to and from all points, apply t������  S. Cajipbeli., Aguiit, Sandon, B. 0.'  THE  NEW  YORK WORLD,  THRICE'  ���������A-WEEK EOlTiOK.  United States Volunteers.  IS and Sometimes 24 Pages a Week  156 Papers a Year���������Published  every Alternate Day ex-  .   cept  Sunday.  The work of mustering the volunteers into the service of the United  States under the president's first call  for troops is practically completed.  Adjutant-General Corbin has reported  that the number of volunteers so far  mustered was 118,000, and that enough  were prepared for muster to swell the  number to between 121,000 and 122,-  000. 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COAST LUMBER.    Its Advailta������es as a Railroad Centei"  Flooring, Siding", Ceiling, Mouldings,  Laths, Shingles, Doors and Windows,  Glass. Store and Office Fixtures.  Bo-JL McLachlan.  Its Advantages as a Distributing   ������$?  Center.  ��������� Rosebery is the only town in Kootenay having  both railroad and steamboat connection that can  ship goods daily to ten different towns, whereby the  shipper can see his wares leave his hands and that  they will be received by the consignee within two  hours.  KACTOKY AND YARD XEXT TO ELECTRIC POWEE-HOUSE,      SANDON.  *)&&"%"%>      r$fr&"$?8S/  *-  We have every  ^  facility for ^  ������ &2-m  turning out the  best Mining and ^|  Commercial  Work that can  be executed.  Orders taken for Printing  at Cliffe'a Bookstore  will receive prompt  attention.'  C)?������     'il* 'mm* "Jm* "A" "^* "mm*     ^t3  Do you see this  package?  ^/'  %  keep it in  your mind  and when you ask  for "Athlete '  lH0HTREAL.CAH.8,L0MDOT,mG.x  See that this is  what you get.  Rosebery enjoys the position of king of the  funnell as il were, for ihe railroad business of the  whole of tlie Kootenays. All ore and matter for'  shipment from Nelson, Trail Creek and the Slocan  must, and is now passing out this way to the main  line of the C. P. R., as well as all goods coming  in from Revelstoke to the Kootenay country.  NOTE. To substantiate this: The C. P. R.  are now putting in track weigh scales at Rosebery, -  the first and only scales that has been put in on any  of the C. P. R. branches in Kootenay���������which  goes to show the importance of this point by the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company's actions.  Its Advantages as a Steamboat Point.  i Rosebery claims, without opposition, of being  the only junction on the lake, unlike Slocan City,  where you can step ofi the steamer to a waiting  train and continue your journey. You can take  either a north or south train at this terminus; consequently Rosebery is the best transient town in  the race. Nervertheless we claim Slocan City  second in importance, and would say watch the  head and foot of Slocan Lake, viz.���������  ROSEBERY AND SLOCAN CITY.  Its Advantages as a Manufacturing  Center.  As a manufacturing center Rosebery claims to  have demonstrated the fact that after the careful  observation ofthe Denver (Colorado) Ore Coy's  manager, as the natural advantages of all points in  Kootenay for the treatment of ores the cheapest,  Rosebery was selected, and they now are erecting  works, with a capacity of 250 tons per day, which  will be in operation within 90 days; and it is their  intention to pay out monthly in the vicinity of  . $100,000. I might also add Rosebery has the ,  . . largest water power from Wilson river flowing into '  Slocan Lake.  AS TO OLIMATE.  Rosebery claims the mildest climate on Slocan  Lake, from its admirable southern exposure and  absolute shelter from the north; snow always  leaves the place about the 15th of March.  AS A TOWNSITE.  As a townsite, Rosebery is without a peer. It  1 is possessed of all the flat land available at the  mouth of the Wilson river leading to the valley���������  mining region���������consequently there is no danger of  any contagion. The title is a Crown Grant and  ��������� is perfect. All purchasers of lots are safe in this  respect. The only safe speculative townsite in the  Slocan is Rosebery.  Why should I say the only safe speculative town-  site in the Slocan ? Because Rosebery business  lots to-day are only $150 to $200 each and are  bound to increase rapidly this summer. These '  - figures can, and will, double before long. The  time to buy is now. Don't wait till they are from  $700 to $1,000, as you did in Slocan City last May,  tr0 in on the "round floor and make a few dollars  in speculation; if you want to invest go to Vancouver or Winnipeg ; if you want to speculate and  and clean up money go quick to Rosebery before  lots are out of sight.  What's Wanted in Rosebery.  _-   AVe want a restaurant.  Wc want a good hotel right away.  AVe want a first-class general store.  AVe want a butcher shop.  *Jj& Anyone   looking for an  opening  spy  out this  ���������sb> place at once.  ������t> Maps and price-lists on application; prices run  ***** from $75 to $200. (  *4^ TERMS:    One-third   cash,  balance 3   and 6  ^5 months.     For actual builders special terms can be  JL arranged for a few lots by applying to :  4s        A, H. BEATTIE, General Agent, Rosebery,  ?���������������������������������;  flTVi Msaggsaa^Ai  THE MINING REVIEW  SATURDAY, JUNE 4, 1898.  MOUNTAIN   ECHOES.  Lead reached 58J yesterday.  and  is  Silver has reached 5S cents,  still climbing.  R. Teeter killed a cinnamon bear on  Lemon creek that weighed 1,200 lbs.  So far tliere appears to have been  more war rumors than soldiers killed  in this Hispano-American war.  A battle was reported oIl'SuntiiiKO on  "Wednesday, with, so far as confirmation goes, no loss on either side.  The Star shipped three cars ol* ore  this week by C. U. R.; and the.Ava a  small trial shipment of 125 lbs by the  K. <fc S.  The Province man on the wing, from  Vancouver, was deing the town on  Monday last in the interest of his  bright paper.  The man who kept the "*> cents and  up" bourdin}*- house, the old Rrco, has  gone "up" himself, and so have a few  small creditors.  A magniiicent stock of new injrrain  wall paper, borders and ceilings at  Clill'e's bookstore, Sandon. All tastes  can be fully met.  Air. Pitts has a cow that has twin  calves Although this is not a dairy  country, properly speaking, tkis incident is an advantage in that line.  Be not deceived .' A cough, ho-irsc-  iioss or croup are not to be trifiled with.  A dose in time of Shiloh's Cure will  save you much trouble. Sold at McQueen's, Drug Store.  _Mr. R. F. Green, of Kaslo, announces  himself as an independent candidate  in the Slocan constituency. Nothing  but a convention can make a proper  selection, however.  Cure that cough with Shiloh's Cure.  The best cough cure. Believes croup  promptly. One million bottles sold  last year. 40 doses for 25 cts. Sold at  McQueen's-Drug Store.;     .  _Dyspepsia cured. Shiloh's Vitalizer  immediately relieves sour stomach,  coming up of food distress, and is the  great kidney and liver remedy. Sold  at McQueen's Drug Store.  Ladies, take the best. If ��������� you are  troubled with constipation, sallow  skin, and a tired feeling, take. Karl's  Clover Tea. It is pleasant to take-  Sold at McQueen's Drug Store. '  'Our readers will remember the Presbyterian concert in Virginia hall, Monday evening. The best talent in the  city has been secured for the occasion,  and a rare treat may be looked for.  Karl's Clover Boot Tea is a pleasant  laxative. Regulates the bowels, purifies the blood. Clears the complexion.  Easy to take and pleasant to take. 25  cts.   Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.   .  *������Ir. AV. H..Brandon, of Slocan City,  ivas in town on Tuesday. He is in  i favor of an independent candidate ancl  a. western man, which appears to be  the prevailing feeling of tho entire  west. ; '<-.:'���������'.'���������  The water in the creek has been  mad, very mad, for the past few days���������  in fact, "bilinjr" over with wroth, but  a. little cribbing has prevented loss,  and all is now quite again on the Potomac.  W. G. McKinnon, of Silverton, one  of the beat known business men ef the  Slocan country was drowned rccentlv  on his way to the Klondyke. His untimely death is the cause of universal  regret.  The good book says the Lord loyeth  ���������x cheerful giver, and on the door post  of Mr. MeMartin's, barber shop is a  notice referring to some of the telegraphic war news as "A" cheerful liar  from Calgary."  James Cameron, late of the Silver*"  tonian tried to become an American  ���������"sojer," but the doctors would not pass  him. He was strong enough to handle  the pen. a pair of scissors and a paste  pot, but not a musket.  A slide ca-ne down on the C. P. B.  from the north side, this side of Three  forks, on Monday night,.which turned  the current of the creek. The turn  torn away about 100 feet of the  track.. This i-' why thero was.no tivin  Ttn-.*-tl-iv.    ft.  T.--I.*-. -A\ ri*.*lu.   ii������i,  day,'  ll'vi'l-iVcr'  th  The lrs< idiers- -.i-iid oll'io-. f.-* ul  1,'uiuu dubbatii SclniKi witsi'i Lu out! vey.  through the press, the thanks of the  school to those who have so kindly  donated books to the library. Any  others having books for which they  have no piirticulnr iise can confer a  favor on the school, and consequently  the children and youth of the city, by  doing likewise.  After making due enquiry we find  that fam.'s McMillan & Co., Minneapolis, Minn., are one of the most re  sponsible and liberal linns dealing in  lades on the continent. We, therefore,  cheerfully recommend them to any ol"  our readers having hide.*! or furs to  sell, with tlie iissiirauce' tiiat in con-  siyning to tliis firm they will got a full  measure of honorable treatment.  The  city   council  ha* .ptir."!*,.-.*--f.'d a  a bell for the lire hnli chat will be very  useful for time and lire purposes.^ Last  year   wo  liad   several   i.ime   whistles.  "often discordant it i> :x\\y.   ' ='11. alwav< ;  ..ni ark inn   time ai  ii.!.-rval.������   iii'nin   th<-���������'  less.    Tin; new bell  \\ :.-��������� iiin'.ribeil mi it ,  ,u  sort of genealogiewi   record   of the j  cits* officials only surpassed by that of  the Book of Genesis.    As it is customary   for  certain   relixious   bodies   to  have a  ceremony called "blessing tlie  bell" on  erecting them, it-might not  be out of place for  the council to follow suit.  Owing to the condition *f the roads  one car of ore from the Antuiue mine  was the onlv shipment from here last  month.  The AVaehingtin mine is expected to  open up in a few days.  A number of black bears and English capitalists have been seen prowling around in thu neighborhood of  McGuigan The former looking for  prospectors, and the latter for prospects.  DREADFULLY  NERVOUS.  Gents:���������1 was dreadfully nervous,  and for relief took your Karl's Clover  Boot Tea. It quieted my nerves and  strengthened my whole nervous system. I was troubled with constipation, kidney and bowel trouble. Your  Tea soon cleansed n,y system so  thoroughly that \ rapidly regained  health and htrength. Mrs. S. A. Sweet,  Hartford, Conn. Sold at McQueen's  Drug Store.  PERSONAL   MENTION.  W.Harrington has gone on a visit  to friends to Sioux City, Iowa.  Mrs. AA'aite, wife ul* policeman  Waite, and their little son arrived  from Begin.i last Monday evening and  have taken up their residence en Sun-  njside.  K.T.Green, of Kaslo, and AV. Hunter, of Silverton, were both pleasant  callers at The Bi:vikw office this week.  It must be that there is an election in  the wind.  Union Sabbath School at 2.30 p.m. in  the Methodist church.  CHURCH    NOTES.  Methodist, Rev. A. M. Sanford, A.B..  pastor.���������Regular services willbe held  to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p." m.  Subject ff.r the morning, "The weak  Apostle," and the evening, "Christ the  Bondman." Special music at evening  service.  '. Pki'sbytekian.���������Rev. J. Clelland will  preach as usual in the Virginia hall,  to-morrow at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p. m.  MINING RECORDS.  Recorded   at  New Denver,  LOCATIONS.  Four  May  2n���������Baltimore  Stewart.'.-  Mile,    Edward  Hughes,   n  S Mac-  Ituble, uorth of Molllo  Intyre.  Dandy Fractional, Carpenter, Dun McLeod.  Bklgood, Carpenter, David Clark.  May 20���������Lone, name, Willie Eeeles.  Bodle, liear lake, .III AVerely.  May 37���������Hynk. north ol Xow Denver.George  Duyis.  May 2S���������Dewey, Bannock Point,/! E lltirretl  Gaplllii. Gnat  Mountain,   David   Hremner  and, Itnssell Thompson. -  Eliza Kractional, Three Forks, Wm Gallag-  nnn. ,  May .10���������Marmion, ITouson creek, David  Murphy.  ASSESSMENTS.    ,  May 35���������Trade Dollar, Sir Frcdarick, Little  Ben,Queen Ann, Joseph IT, Altoonn, Dayton  Xo 2, At-liiN No'3, Kuri-ka, Mineral Hill, Summit, Richmond.  May.21!���������Hemlock, Isis, Conlidence, Caledonia,  May27���������Cui-letr-n, Lakeview, Alpha, Laku-  view Fraction.  May 2.S���������Palmilo, Corneracker, Fa i-liaven.  Noonday, Hit-or miss, JIuchacho.  May.10���������Boss, Atlanta, North Star N'o (I,  Aitchso Fraclion, HeatherBell, firey. Eagle,  Fourth ol July. ,  'I'KANSFEI'iS.  May2ii���������isis ', Wm S Drewry to Itobt Williams, ilaicli .'III.'  -Medferd. Cinderella, A il Docksteader to  nieonn.ru B Keyser, April 15, $2,52.1.  .May 27���������B������ii:ipai*t-e i, Adam Scaia to Rosele  Cortiana, May 23.  May 2S���������Soho 1-0, .las Brown to .las C Ity-in,  May io. $1,H)0.   .      ��������� ..  . Recorded at Slocan City.  '.May :  i..<k;ati  II ii  ' >.-'.  lu.ni.  .-.'������������������'-���������ii-|>*. u   II li.'-aiuisli  !l-h������.---.il T.Mi.l-r ,\*..*.'.TIi..  .May 2-1���������I..ydia.lane. Tims Bleach, Al atari /.a,  I't'ter Anio't.;   Ch.-iph-au,   Fractional,    llnvUl  Aral and A T Halilt-rsnn.  May 21 > I Treasure Vault,Harold E)lis;Anglo-  Ameri������an,.l U I)e\vai-;l''lashlii;lit,.I 'i Tipping;  Hireli.T.I Baty.  ASSICS.SMKX'I'.S.   .  Ju���������Xoonday,Quoin.-;-,  Susaiia,   Hum-  1��������� tVlohralion, Coimar,Siiiili-jhl Frae-  May  bnlilt.  May  tion. -  Aiay21���������Corker N'n.'I, Kiii-ly-KUht, Sadie li  (,'lai-iot.  Atay 2H���������Hernioru, Lu -icy Buy, I.oanni Star,  CielThitrc Ell. Jtune, Acfideiilnl, V i-isd Al, FL  (-, Mayflower, liolduu West,, Lone Ledge.  TB.-VXSFEItS.  May a> ���������Nanny I laul;.-  \cltlutuu Lull EUraves  No 2,  ,$*S2-.i.  of .Vi,   K   W  I' I" OAirfCIAL   S K C J! K T A I! VS  OF KICK.'  A, l.la.-.i.- l,t-:;l-  l.p.-'ii in tin*. !i;  hi.-  iwniiis  by  for-jOJii'* t-iiiKi past, had  i !>it   i'm" f-i'iiTrgiii*" ,:fr"''iii  t.hc. Il'.-en trail in ; iii  ���������'vijiiiit.;, ^r.-Llis "<obliKvc'.-iiidti_U*j.el.'.,  to witness tlie ore packing as it was  dailv taking place ; lint the pool fellow  now' rests from his labors. The other  day the eagle eye of Tom McCluskcy,  rifle in hand, caught sight of bruin,  and after a couple, of well, directed  shots he rolled over bidding a dieu to  life even at this period of election excitement. Tom says his bearship  weighed about 300 lbs, and he has the  hide as well as those of three other  "ai)imiies" of the same forest faith for  Salf!<  I'd i.-  !ii.i>.'oi:i: ti:.   Lieut  ���������  ���������       h ..������������������ I..-.I1 ph-as.-tl  IIJjIIC'illlV.-lll.illlK-'.i      j'' rs--  lectors ni' Votes, nn;!ir  of section It! of i!im .'  Act, IS'.-iS,'.'namely :  Jouk D. SiiiiiAi.i*. of  the R(!velskike_lt tiling,  Electoral District.  Aluxaxdek Lucas  i--.iil.-C". -v  ��������� rj|.i(:.in  ,   in   !.i.  hr.- iirovisinns  ���������I'dititrii'iiliciii  tin.  Cid  hevelst.oxe,- for  West- Kootenay  .������������������Slocan Itiding-.   W'esf-  oral District.  I.V>l.'.Kl':ii'l<    !**. ���������'i'l.il.M I  tin'   Neli-nn   Itiilinu,  Ki. I'-.ti.ra! 'Hi*lri:l.  Jon?; .I-":i:i;ui'. -.:' I'  of Kiiiid,  Kootenav  for the  JOIeet-  ui, fnr I  lt.l.*ll*J-V  IT IS EASIER  to imitate than to originate, but it is not so easy to successfully  imitate a specialty in which eminent FOOD EXPERTS have  developed the latest achievements of modern science.  I. O. 0. P.  is the most perfect fotm of concentrated nutriment,  unequalled  for its strengthening, stimulating, and notirshing qualities.  BOVKJL, Limited  30 Farringdon Street,  London, England.  25 and 27 St. Peter Street,  Montreal, Canada.  .AT TUK   HOTELS.  Balmoral���������A R McDonald, J A McDonald, Kaslo; Frank Culver.Silverton;  N J Gilpin, Sam Kennedy, Revolstoke;  C F Yates, New Denver;* (.ico It McDonald, Whitewater.  Sandon���������A L Roberts, Silverton; A  F Johiii-on, Kdwin Ciiiiimiiif*.*-. Kaslo;  John Farai!(iy,MeGni<,'an; K MeGivern,  Xiikusp; Fred Windorf, Siaikatie; Sam  KiMincdy, lievelstoke.  Heco���������W E MeCormiok. I) Bell  Irvinjj, Vancouver; \ R McDonald, W  S Drewry, (.Jus Johnson. Kit-do: P  Burns, Henry A Bniion, Xelson: T B  Gerrard and wife, Canso, X S; \V It  Angus. R D Turner, Montionl; A Grant,  Scotland; T Kalin, NT������w York; ,J M  Coombs, Winnipeg; Arch W Giles,Tor  onto; W Hunter, Silverton; Jas Ui-.11,  Edinburgh;  Goodcnough��������� H M Adams, OS  Dixon, Spokane; C T Wilkinson, Vancouver; J.A McDonell, Coal Creek, BO;  F J Finicune, Alex Sproat, New Denver; J'.-M Binns, Montreal; F O Why te,  Toronto; W.-'A Day, E A ,Mosely,  Washington, D 0; Frank Darling';',Nelson; Bernard Macdonald, Butte,  Moot.  ���������      ,. ���������_      FOItOVKUFlF.VVKA.lt  Mrs. Winslow's Sootliins; Syrup has been  used by millions of mothers for tlieir children  wlillc teething. If disturbed at night- and  broken of your rest by a siek child, sufleriiie,  andei-yiii*r with pain ofeuttini; teeth. Send  ill., once aiid set. a bottle, of "Mrs. Winslort-'s  .Soothing Syrup" for children teeLhiiur. tt  will.relieve tlie poor little sulTcrer'immedial.-  ly. Depend upon it. niothei-.s,' tliere Is 110  mistake about it. Itcurr-sdini-rhoea, regulates  the stomach and bowels, cures Wind Colic,  softens the gums and reduces Inflammation,  and gives tone and euergy to , the system.  "Mrs.Winslow's Soothing Syrup" for children  teething is pleasant to the taste and is tlie  prescription of one of the oldest and best  female physicians aiid .nurses in the United  States. Price twenty-live cents a bottle.  Sold by all druggists throughout the world..  He sure and ask lor "Mrs. Winslow's Soothing  Syrup."  GREAT MUSrC OFFER.  Send us tlie names and addresses of  three or.more performers on the piano  or organ, together . with ten cents in  silver or postage,'and we will mail you  five pieces full sheet music size, consisting of pouuliu* songs, waltzes,  inarches, etc., arranged for the piano  and organ.    Address,  Chicago Book ,t News Co.,  215-221 Wabash Ave.,     Chicago , 111  $100 Reward.  One Hundred Dollars will be cheerfully and promptly paid for anycase  of' runkennoss (tho Liquor Habit) or  Tobacco Ilnbit that "1'yan's Alcholic  and Tobacco Cure" will not euro in  two weeks. Tlie 5:11111- remedy cures  both the liquor habit and Tobacco  Habit nt the same time. Send to-day;  you either get cured or make one hundred dollars. Sent by mail postage  paid to any part of the world for One  Dollar.   Address all orders to  R. It yam, R.A.C.  Gower Point, Ont.  Silrer City Lodfre, Xo. 39, meets every Friday evenlng.at 7.30 o'clock,ln Crawford's hall.  F. C. SKW'ELL, -V. G.  M. L OR1MMETT, V. G. Grand.  G. \V. WA1TK, Hec. Sec.  All sojourning brother's  cordially Invited  to attend.  To. Whom It May Concern.  W. FURNIVAL  "Thu" Mercantile Auctioneer, is now  prepared to handle all kinds of merchandise, mining stocks, &c.  Parties wishing <o consult him,please  address W. FUI1NTYAL, V. O. Box 117,  Sandon, B. C.  Licensed Auctioneer for thenrovince.  ('I.'*..**.**^!.'���������*.���������������!.'**.���������*���������''*���������''���������'������������������  THE....  SANDON, B. C.  AGENTS.���������Book business Is belter than for  years past; also have better and faster sell-  ins books. Agents cleariri; from $10,000 to  $-10,090 weekiv. A. few leaders are: "Queen  Victoria," "Life ol Mr. Gladstone,'' -'My  Mother's Bible Stories," 'Progressive Speaker." "Klondyke Gold Fields," "Woman,"  "Glimpses of tho Unseen," Breakfast, Dinner  "andSupper," "Canada: an Encyclopedia."  Hooks on time. Outfits., free to canvassers.  THE Bl'fADDKY-GAURETSON CO.. Limited,  Toronto.  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  Kiiwdon Mineral Claim situate, in the Slocan,  Mining Division ol West Kootenay Dis-  tric. Where located: Joining the east  side lino of tlie Bluebird Claim on Carpenter creek.   , :  Take notice that, I, Charles A. Stooss, ol  Kaslo,' B. C, acting as agent for James L.  Montgomery F. M.'C. No. -1(150 A. and Daniel  C. Corbin, J<\ M. C. No. 1404A. and George D.  Potter, F. M. C. No. 4750 A, Free Miner's Certificate, intend, sixty days from the date hereof  to apply to the Mining Recorder ler a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown  Grant ofthe above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, mast be commenced belore the  issuance of such Certilieate of Improvements  Dated this 30th day ol" April, 189S. .^  CHA.HDES A. STOKSS..  American  Kuropean  ['Ian,  Plan,  *3.f)0  $���������2.00  per day.   <  per  day.   f  STiircrrA- First-class.  MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.  i'*.i-,4'\.rit'ur.i'\.r.i'*if\*'Wt  M.L. Grimmett, l.l.b.  Bakuistkii,    Solicitor,    Notary  Ftipijo,. Etc:  Sandon,     B. C.  mm  #D*L  We guarantee that th-;se  Plasters will relieve  pain quicker than any  other. Put up only in  25c. Sin boxes and $1.00  yard rolls. The latter  allows you to cut the  Piaster any size.  Every family  s h o u 1 d have one  rcsdy for an emergency.  DAVI8 & LAWREHCE CO.,  limited,   Montreal  Beware of imitations  It  -r;g^TC������rw^ijuv-a!iijjiigmii-Miim''jiiui.������aiuiiiiM!������m������-i  lie Hofei.l/fiocoi  Strictlv First-eLif-s.  I'O RTM ANN B MOSafe CO., Props.  EDUCATION.  "\Totice is hereby given,that the. an-  ���������L' nual rxamiiiation' of -candidates  for certificates of qualification to teach  in the Public Schools of the Province  will be held as follows, commencing on  Monday, July 4th', 1S9S, at 8,45 a. m :���������  'Victoria In South Park School  Building. .'' ������������������ '-.'���������'  '  Vancouver.......In High School Building. -! ��������� .. ��������������������������� ..      ' ���������'���������'������������������'..  ICamloops..... .In Public School Build-  iiitr.  Each 'applicant must forward a no  tice, thirty days before'the,' examination, stating the.'clas* and grade of certificate fnr which he will be a  ���������jahdidate, ��������� the optional -subjects  selected, and at which of the above-  named places he will attend.  J*>.v*ry notice of'intention, ty be .an  aj p.licaiit.mual be. acconipained . with  satisfactory testimonial of moral character.  Candidates are notified that; all of  the above requirements must be fulfilled before theirapplie'atidns can be  filed.'  ' All candidates for Erst Class, Grade  A, rVrtifion-tpa, including Graduates,  must attend in Victoria to take the  suhjcti-s prescribed for July 13th and  14th instants, and to undergo required  oral examination.  ..���������..'    .���������-'���������������������������      S.D.POPE.,  ' Superintendent of Education'.  Education Office,  Victoria, M:ij-4th, 1S9S. mvu.  Tlie  Good   Snniplo Ilooms.  Good Tabic*.     .  best Brands of Liquors,  Cigars.  H.ECO AVK.VUK, SANDON.  gj-tagilB****;  saseaaaaaacttts  1  =>,=j.'=J^lr.  W1  I HOME WORK  I  FOIL  FAMILIES.  "l  We want a number of families to do  work for us at home, whole or spare  time. Tlie work we send our workers  is cpiickly and easily done, and returned by parcel pout as finished. Good  money made at home. l<'or particulars  ready to commence send name and  address. TIIK STANDARD SUl-PIA'  CO., Dopt. B., London, Out.  I  AOKXTS.���������"The best Life of Her Jlajesty I  haveseen." writes Lord Lome abont "Queen  Victoria." Agents make five dollars dally.  Outfit free. 1.IRADLKY-GARR1CTSON CO.,  Limited, Toronto.  idneys.  /   OURED   5OOO  Perhaps they're tlio nourcft *f y������ur ti  beakh and you don't know it.  Here's how you can tell:���������  If you have Back Ache or Lame Back.  If you have Puffiness under the Eyea  or Swelling of the Feet.       "      .  If your Urine contains Sediment of  any kind or is High Colored and  Scanty.  If you have Coated Tongue and  Nasty Taste in the Mouth.  If you have Dizzy Spells, Headaches,  Bad Dreams;���������Feel Dull, Drowsy,  Weak and Nervous. Then you have  Kidney Complaint.  The sooner you start taking-  DOAN'S KIDNEY PfiLLS  the more quickly will your health return.  They've cured thousands of cases of kidney trouble during- Lhe  past year. If you are  a sufferer they can  cure you.  Book that tells all  about Doan's Kidney  l'ills sent free to any  ������������������..-'dress.-  UiciDoaii Kidney Pill  Co., Toronto, Out.  w  last year'.with the Dr. San den Electric  Belt���������famous the world over.    No drugs, no  ill-effects,  but simply   nature's  own  remedy���������  Electricity,   Drains,   Night Losses,  Varicocele,    Unclevelopment,  Im-  pbtency,    and   all   results    of   Youthful  Errors speedily cured. y  ULTffiE fre:  at office, or write for book -explaining all.    Sent  sealed  request.    Address  upon  MARK  DR. R. SANDEN, 156 St. James Street, Montreal, Que.  TRAPPERS. MNGHF-1EN  FiiJl I'ric.-s;  Correct Suk-clio  DEALER!  ALL SHIP US  unt  Itopos.it Tags Furnished Fiee  The  Cannot be over estimated���������its effect on the head  and entire system is great. If they are weak or  defective in vision, they cause headache and nervous  strain. Children and adults are subject to these  troubles, which can be remedied by" the proper  glasses.  My oiler is to test free of charge the eyes of every  man, woman and child who desires to know the  state of their eyes.  GRADUATE OPTICIAN.  Bruce White. N. J. Cavanaugh.  WHITE & CAYANAUGH  Manufacturers of and dealers,  in Rough and Dressed Lumber a specialty.  Estimates furnished. . ''  Contiactors and Builders.  OFFICE AND MUX, CODY, B. C.  AND OTHER INVESTMENTS.  Every t>"presentation Guaranteed.  sandon; B. 0."  DENT/ST.  VIRGINIA BLOCK, SANDON.  All work promptly executed.  Tn9^-BKi1'tBtiy W"Wl'a*^nl*fi"*''MMW'hlil'flJW'Wtf W-ll'WWWWl- Wlii-'r *H9 .^ '^���������'l.dl- *���������& *MV inMlJ uvru1 vslIU' U*lll^il'flC!ril VI  S"        WHEN IN 5-flNbON 5T0F ������T THE  IIS,.  >���������  ^ SANDON, B. C. Rates $2.50'to $-1.00 per day.  1*4    Headquarters for Mining  and Commercial Men.  R. CUNNING, Pkoprietob.  mimm^imiimM^mimkm&m^mtM  ���������tmaaEaB-Bae-matmaB^^  At Sandon, Rossland, Nelson, Kaslo, Pilot Bay and Three Forks.  Sandon. Slocan City.  mmmfmmm  Everything Up-to-date SSine' AfineBeicotiohofwo������t-  L'wceds and Fancy Vestinga.  Agents  for the Dominion  Piano  and Organ  Co.  ,-SE  Rossland  West,  ���������!,   i'Jr  tho  Kooteiiiiy  Riding;,  lOhictonil Distrii-i..'  And IIin If-onnui- tin: Lieutunant-  .Govt-rnf-r l-i.-i.**. hnun (.ileased to appoint  tlirt undnrhii'iit-ioiicd person to lie a  llistribuiinj; Cuilcc-LOr, under tho provision;- vf section 1/ of ihe said Act,  namely: -.  In   tho former. EleeU-rnl District of  West   Kootenay,   Gi'OKtii-; A.  iMl'Fak-  i.axd, of Nelson.  Victoria, May 20, 1898. 4 t  TALLOW, QIN5ENQ, 5ENECA.  Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices, -������a  WHEN YOU A HE AT BEAR LAKE STOP AT THE  No Commission Charged.  200 IRST AVE.. NORTH.  nmmmvouj.  FIRST-CLASS HOTEL.  RATES���������S2.00 PER DAY; $10.50 PER WEEK  H. I. McDonald, Proprietor.  -wis  :  ma\  nvs#5>*.5i-*&t;.


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