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Mining Review Jun 12, 1897

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Array '^SSflfSSS-'yi
Rl'-Vy'V.;, ;.yyy:,yy-
'!?"'' '.������#'"'.
\ '/i
Its  Origin, Infancy and Development.
A Remarkable Place for Three Year*
When one comes to think that  five
years ago,   where Sandon now.stands
with its  2,000 pconlo  resident and  at
least     1,200   more 'miners    tributary
',' spending thoir earnings in the place,
was a cedar swamp with scarcely a tree
blazed to mark a trail to any place, ho
must readily conclude it is a wonderful place for its days.' There are some
pessimists who will  even now express
a doubt  as to its  large proportions  in
the future; simply, becntiac  it  is  not
larger   now.    forgottinsr   that      even
London,  ttio  great,   with  its   present
population equal to th it of the whole
of .Canada, was  once a   place smaller
, ^tk^ Sandon,   though   surrounded  at
tlie time with n considerable circle  of
opportunities.   But great as has been
its nominal growth  in the past there
are those, who apeak with knowledge
on tho subject,  who say it is   so surrounded, with   the  resource!,   of   the
Kootenay country   that   its   development of the.past must even   be  ox-
' Receded in the future. *-In January 1S93
li there was not a house where Sandon
now stands.   There  was a  trail from
the townsite to' Three Forks,   which
-   had then the old ore house as  its only,
building, thence to Bear Lake,   which
was at the time a place of some promise, "and where   Mr. Atherton���minus
his ..'matrimonial ido.15���kept  a si ore?
It was extended   thence   to  Kaslo,  a
point of some note- with   nn improved
road built by the Knsloitcs themselves.
The   road   was   extended   also   from
Three Forks   10   New Denver,   which
had a store kept by   Bourn Bros.,  two
or throi^-hotcls and   some  other   business places.
Prospecting  to some extent in the
mountains about had been indulged to
���,j   some extent, but SandoiH was'without
a'home or a demarcation of existence.
<Mr. R. Cunning, who it now  the obliging and popular host of the commodious   Hotel Sandon,   was   the first  to
pitch his tent on the lownsil'',  and as
freightage by mule power was the only
conveyance, from Kaslo   at a cost of
from G to S cents a pound, and 110-supply centre  of. any  note   be ins; nearer,
one may well imagine hi.* bills of faro
were not blest with "all the  delicacies
of the season."   The fust building was
his hotel, the log building just north of
������where   his present house  stands/    If
you arc troubled with an attack of (he
blues just   call on   Mr.  Cunning  and
get him to recite his curly experiences
in   the hotel-lino  in Sandon. -"^ There
were prose-it with him  in the town nt
the time Mike Kerlin, Arch. Ciiishnlm.
Dick Iliimbley,  and Robt. Kerlin, (he
former  alone   of   whom 'remains'" a
present citizen,   as company with Mr
Cunning.     After rolling  up  the  lo��s
of   the   hotel   as   best    they   could,
could,    they    split    the    straight est
grained   that   could   be   found   into
"boards", if that is the technical name
for their production, pinned the edges
with jack knives, and made a lloor and
roof/ Wc may well imagine  the work
was as well done as the sewing of Evo
when   she  made garments  out  ol tig
leaves���not water-proof over coats, we
presume���for her liogc lord Adam.
There appears   to   bo   litllo   or no
record remaining of the doings of flic
first prospectors  on our hill to]is,  but
,     it is known that old John Sandon, who
gave, his name  to the creek (hat runs
down from the saw mill, and who was
f     drowned in  it about two years after,
came here in 1S91,   and locakd   with
;   Bruce White   and   Charles Chambers
:    the   Slocan Star   in   October'of that.
year.   They went   away later'in   the
fall and returned ��� tho next spring  to
resume   active,  operations   . on 'their
claim,     Before   Mr.   Saudon's   death
White ,nin.I associates  bought, out  the
interest-; ��f Sandon and Chambers   in
the Star,  and through   their foresight
made themselves wealthy men.   About
the time of the   discovery of the Star
the Noble Five; the Fred Lee and the
j   Payne group had been located, and the
Reco in   July  '02. '-Mr. J.UL Harris;
one of the: most   tireless   of Western
pioneers,   came .prospecting   in. the
spring of 1S92 and stuck to if till July
.  '92,   discovering  several   mines   that
turned   out   with   iinliflercnt   results.
Oh thc 5th  of July '02   Reco,  Brown
���' and   Hillj'   localcd"  tho   Reco, ,   and
"Hi-. Harris  thinking   it  was  a better
���finch than his  cwn, in   company with
'-Messrs. | Kelly and  Horton   bought it
. out from ^ the Lea tecs' at 92,700 and
\made their fortunes.   This isliow tlie
; principal 'street   of   Sandon   got   its
name from the.Reco mine called after
its discoverer?- As we have said above,
the^nly way to civilization (at Kaslo)
all this time-was ever the road (?) via
Three Forks and bear Creek,   laid out
by G. W. Hughes,   one of the pioneer
freighters; who used at times to stop/at
Mil,' Cunning'sy"board": roofed; ';Hotel
^ahdoh/v. All 6f the 'trio, who; bought
'the Reco wereventuresome- aiiddamit-
l��ss7:Americansywho'f;\vere,|.l.iouhd   to
make a spoon/here or spoil;;the 'horn.
'They, /made thei spoon>y however,': and���/
Kept^tlie'horn.- also;"; ^During ;/l.S92;, '93''
���.���iiiel.'94 the wopds,;Were,..full;of pr.os,-
pector,��. the bo'oni given to the .country
by Jas. Wardher oyer his antioipalions,
of'.- /the. .;.Fred ,Lee  having   attracted^
many   silver,'iiungrv;; mortals   hither-
ward. ; During those/years  also oper^
'alions'oii'/ tlW Star,   tlie Fred 'Lfee,:the
Noble Five, thol^i-yiVc',' tho Reco :��.n'd;
tlie Wonderful, were -going ahead, the
ore going to Kaslo by' wule train and
supplies returning, via the Slocan river
from Nelson and btlierWoutherii points.
Mi\ WardnerWas always  considered a |
boomer; ;,bitt his -efforts horey were not
misplaced, - as  y tho',   -Freddy,;,Lee
has-, not, turned '.out -'a prodigy,'' they,.]
brought-many here  who.nr'o not sorry
for their "venture.''""   V. ''-'"'yy-'."' '
.<'After..-Mr. Cunnings 'got;; his ; hotel
under way-; he/and colleag'ues'we're end-"
gelling their, brains for a name'- for the
tPwn till Mr.G.' suggested Siin.don,/nd
all agreed'to the proposal.   This is''the
origin;of, the n'anie of,;the city , in the
val ley. 'At tli e ti.ni.e,-. th'e' spri ng of ,'03.;
i t-is, pros ii m eel tth at "��� th ough th (iro 'were
but about half.a;'dpzeir.pe'ople5ih.- the
town there 'were - prirhaps, as many as
.50 ,;irimcrs'��� employed, .-operating .;,the:
mines named,1 all "of which "were; exporting., lhorej';or less.';,;',In the fall- of
thaty 3'oar .therejjwerc, /probably , 200
miners 'at  work-in;the. several mines
and,possibly 30 or -10 Who.; considered
themselves.residents: -of;:  the,   town,
though,actually nomads.. The collapse
���in<isilver -that year,;,however, nearly,
.broke the.mining iiidustry^rif. reduced
Kaslo, from, a;:thriving Vvillage; to" a
committee of. about "a, dozen  and sent
lhe Sandon miners, llgiiriitively-speaking,; to .grass.' ,'But it was  the  darkest
-h 011 r before; the d awn.: 'A re yi va 1 wa s'
thc resuIt:which has been  continuing
with  increased ratio to tho'���.' present,'
and  as. good:seiise   is displacing hobbies,'is likely to become permanent for
���ali'time-..-' Gold andsilver have ihtrin-,
sically relative.values   as  the" several
brcadstufl's have, ahd one cannot ,fluc-.
tiiiite"sensibly������;'-without iaflectingjtbo
other, .which..will of cpura.e. -keep  the
'���'market''- well' balanced and steady, pre-
.veiitiiigfiitVirc panics.      ','.'. \
���^ The silver decline, however, hiul the
'effect, of causing., a.regulnr stampede
���from the towii/'so that'in .the winter of
-'03-4,    there  resided  permanently'   in
thff place btit: ,i\fiko..Kerlin,', Chns. Lu-
cnson,.M. A.-AHan; A. L. Rosberry and
R   Ctinning,   of whom   hut   Lucison(
McKerlin and . Ciuir.ing at present remain.   Of course   these   people Were
soph rate 'from .the .minora in the hills;
fcjic latter wore not considered  by.the
��� residents    as   citizens. "There "were
quite   a number..then; who stuck.to
their work   undismayed,   among   the*
list   being   M-.  Harris.     This  latter
gentleman secured  the mineral rights
of the townsite" from,the government
in May. 1S0.2,  and'bent his energies,,to'
.making a town after   he got;tho Reco
welL:.under: way.   The site was at 'the
���time called the Sandon Mineral Claim,
and because he did.nqt   at the   lime"
lake thf  precaution- To include  in the
wording of the transfer surface as well'|
as,niineral rights', there are some who
think the title for building purposes is
not perfect.   But this is mere imagin-
atiGn as mining rights can at all times,
hold all .rights' during pleasure ��� as the
courts;have so far decided.'' '-������'���       '���
- In tlit. spring of lS94-,"iis;is intimated
AboyCj-'silvcr took a,Aim for the heller
and   has continued to impi-ovc  ever
sineejand'frotn the nature of monetary
things the -melal must always retain
its comparative value.   In 1S9-1 ii tierce
fire   devastated   the   country  .around
leaving   Sandon.    in   the   valley   untouched.'   Tin's drove  settlement  this
way.-'n'nd caused /Mr.' Athortuii,   our
matrimonially   inclined P. M.,  'to..remove from Bear Creek,   and locate in
genera! merchandise in town, and also
secure,  the   post office.    Gluts. ^Lund-
berg, now (if Kaslo. ��� opened a second
hotel, and Mr.-King, of tho Exchange,
located still' another.   In   the  earlier
days  he  was cook at   the Star mine.
In  live  winter   of .189-1-5   probably^/o
people., remained   here.     Tho   hotels
were, of course,  crowded,   and shacks
filled   with   anxious ��� settlers' thickly
studded  the valley.    Probably a dozen
of these early settlers stiHreniaiii' residents. It. is'a safe.estimate to say thn't
at that  time possibly 200 miners were
employed in the several mints around.
In our  next issue  we iyill  continue
the sketch  to the pn-sont and note the
rapid growth   uniil   the present, business and professional  cntc'rjirizc-s   are
reached, which   embrace���2 chartered
banks, 2 law ofilcci
brewery, 2 bottliiig-;wprks,'';5 Laundries
-';-l::-t6bacco.-''8tofe,';L'.l;;:-Iiirnitwre,-stp;re'i'' c
j'ew'elers,; 1 news agency,';,l;book store,,
-I tin 'shop,'.;2;'drug stores;' 2sinillinery
stores,'1.; 1 dress maker, 5 gent's'.furhish-
ing��, , 4^restaura'3its,!; l.tafly;puller,,,; I
'('saw-mini'-'l-livory stable,, aijcf lastly but
hot; leastl.v, 2 print ing.-offices.;,j, There
are" besides, 'a ' complete; system. of-
electric lightsand water works, 2,lin'es
pfrailway, asasli and 'door factory and
other institutions under,wny.' -...,;
About 190,000 Shares Sold in Three
Mr. G.D. Hand Interviewed in Spokane
Says   There   is   No   Attempt    to
Change the  I'resent   Manage-'
c  ment.
Nearly $600 in Prizes And a Rich
Bill of  Fare.
, Nor.   to  be  behind'yolher towns; in
Canada   in.-;expression's: of; Joyalty0.to
Queen andCpuntry,. lis the result���of -a;
���ineetihg: in Black's, hotel "one;'eveniiig
lust .week,; ,' "an   extensive',- com mi ttee
)Df:citizens,;;was,'Struckvand ydivided-
inti)' "sub-cpinmittees.;, to take.., charge'
;of.a   jubilee eblrbrationJn Sandon oh
the'-28rd-(j which^promises;;,to'be one; of
;the ,goeatest deinohstratibiis,;; from;, all
pbih.ts of view, oyer, held in -tlie-. Slocan
country I'-.-' ;.Tli'e^-'."f6!ipwIngy'cohi'mitfee,'
aire  at,work;.'and- arranging;,all.details';!
of the day's entertainment':"'  "'���"''';,":'���."";���;'���"-
; Ira W. Black,,, president';;- C.'.l). ILuiit
.tpr, secretiiry-' and treasurer. ,;.lNIessr>.
I'Chrislio,'.; Annancc.^Hill��������������� and; Xlintz-
,burger,;-;; coinmittee    on I amusement;
Messrs." A.  D.   Willianis^feo^Gonncll,
Rpl^crts   niicl   BissOli,-  committee -oh
nuisic:,. Messrs: Lily,' Zelleaiul-Bisseil,
.advertising;...  Messrs.y Mc.'-iTtlujry and
Lily;   trgnsportation."  -Messiv. iGrini-
niett,   Ath(2i;ton,..Smith,     Sandlands,'
Mytton, Wilsp.n,:Gcigc'rich'^.Dr. Yphng;
\V. D. McMil Ian, rt ception commit fee'
Messrs'.;.. Cuniiing,.-',R'.; McDonald, v Eli
.���.Thompson," Mil ton' MattiiJ, .oon.mittee.
���Oil games." ;":.;;,:'--'; y ,; y;-" ;���'������;,-l'-;, ':-'.'-''-
Among 'the ranVusc'ments;;will;;bbL--;
Drilling matclf;"horse races,; base ball,,
lacrosse, lawnyttsiinisyfoot racing, Cal���:.
edonian games; dancing,   etc. ..Excursion rrates ;'will be ;giyen) on "alK rail-
���ways.;;;;;-;,',,.':v;,'..-..;,;;;,.yy^.,''-''-,    ; ...
A New Methodist-Church for Sandon.
���'���'��� -'-'��� "\"' '':" '.������'' ���&���'"";;��� -.;.y-' ;���V-.y. .
:: The "committee iny.chii rgo of , the
building operatiofts bf���the now Methodist Church, .expect -to' have a good
conimodious church erected, by ,thc
first,of. August. -The. cpntracD hasbeen
awnnlcd,to, Messrs. T. J. Tn ylor���&. Sons
.and work has already been commenced,
the criblbuntlation haying;, been laid
this weeky. y, .-������";;y
- The. church will be bui It on the side,
hill just above tin Kaslo,' and Slocan j
railroad.and,below' 'live- school house,
which will present a. good , /-appearance
from allparts of the tti.ivn;" This_ situation makes it- poasiblo'to' have an : cx-
cellont basement; which iii course.- o.
time', will be;'. fi tte.'d tip, for Sabb a th
School work/reading and. rocreation
rooms.; ���'������\,'t '��� -;'-'���. '.-���'���'"
The size of the building will lie 30x45
and .in .'addition thore:will be a chance
10x13 at the Cji'st eml for tho.use;of tho
choir,.  A  tower ."j-.i-ojectiiigV-'i.wi)   feet
from tke front will bo erected
.west end and will be sixteen feet
at   the
tist,2 asaa\
o doctors,   1  den
ifilees, 7. gi-n'.,'-i,.'il stores, >
uiicy,, 3 biiicHcr oliops, 2
land oiIic':S, 4. saloons, 17 hotels, 1
boarding house, 3 bakeries, 5 carpenter shops, 1 blacksmith, 2 hardwares,
3 fruit stores, ,2 groceries, 5 mining
agencies, 2 boot and shoe makers, 4
barber   shops,   3 tailors,  1  packer,   1
than the main entrance of the  church.
The exterior,will bo finished in rustic
and the inter;with . wai"sentt(ing   five
feet high fromthq floor and   paper   on
the remaining portions, 'of-, ti'ic, walls.
On cither sides of Iho main Iipdy   of
the church there;.will be four windows
and one window on-each" side   of   thi;
chancel.   Two windows   will   also   be'
made in the west end and one   higher
up in the tower in-order to throw light
on the gallery which may al any   time
be'pul- in, in case  larger   seating   no-
cqnimodati'on is required. .-
The cost of the building, when   com
pleted will be in the vicinity of ��3,000,
and of this, ��2,000'"must  be   raised, at
once in order to finish the  iiinin   body
of the '.church..'  Messrs-   tlarris'.-and
Sproat have'presented   the   lots   upon
which'the church, is. being erected and
the citizens/in general havo. thus   far
Responded very^gen'eriilly   to  solicitations  for   financial   assistance.     The
'committee in charge entertain no  fear
lhat the full anvotint. required  will   be
provided by the time   tho   church',- is
The. present successful stage of build
c,. Tlie biic sale'of Noble Five stock, re-'
ported ,qn the stock .'..'exchange'-'' Monday
bus'caused hot a little flurry in niinin'g
'circles'; due to'tlic h.ict that.'there'"- have
been several big deals -.in   Noble' Five
during the present; month.  '.. The.'.first
sale of any,note was aboiit three /weeks
ago; when 40,000 shares  were reported
oh,the exchange, and closely./following
this'were.two-other, deals,- includiiig;
15,000 shares.; ��� -Yesterday;there  was ;a:;
-ileal of 95,000 shares ofstpek 'reported',
tho transfer,; ueing   recorded /'as   froni
..Gnliish te/Randjbiit the p'rice paid whs;
not given.-'//This makes a'.'tptal transfer
^of the'Rtpck;of;;;Ne)ldeyPiye /Company
amoun'ting, to /.loO.OOO,   wliile ��� from. ;a
reliable''rpsburoe ', it   is  learne'tl ; that
40j000 additional shares,������unreported on/
th o^ex.ch lingo,,h avihg , qiiietly chan '<��1 .-'.i
hano\s;'pf a."grah(I. total bf,'ip0,000 share.f
.during I'lle.throe week's.y'Th-y- amount
paiel for/this, stock is said ib: be in   the,
neighborjiood of $00,000, ;��� al though  .no
definite 'figures'cnnbfi's.ecqredyi/y
/ The Noble Five is a Slpcanproperty,'
and.one- of: the- best'known ".'in ;this;
s-'otioii,' of which. John D: Porter is. President.   ;-Thc   sale^y therefore, -caused
-rumor.6f a'desire to'securez/contrbl  *f
ihe property bv 'a- 'uhitv-i of. inlercsta
perhaps/different from,those in control,'
, l)ii t, it'Sppiild riot, be' confirmed, k; .; It/'isj
anrued on the'one,hand thfifc the;  total,
shnrpsof the-pCompany; arc .1.200,000,
and; that transfer/of theono.'-sixth of tho
whole-would'cut."little /figure:. in   tiie,
nian,vgoment.���'' ���;,,pn., the/- other1  hand,���
there ure��� conditions where/the sale -of
a '���few-thousand shares hayogiven.,' control .to a;��� combination of-sha-rehplders;
,in'.;other.',, mines.no.tably} %XiC!\ Lo , Roi,
when Senator Turner',an'd yiiis :,friends
tpbk^charge ot the;propertyy lf:' there
;is.:'an'.vthing.in this,-   however,-it ;-will,
'taketlme to develop the,fact- .������;/' ������"���:-.'.'.]
;, The pnrohaser of the stock ,/repbrted
sold ���Monday..was"- C. ,/D, / jiand./ ; Mr.
Rand Is member of the firm, of .Rand tfc
.Wallbr.i.dgc; stock brokers of  this city
arid of Rand Brtis. Vancouver, and .<in-
vestigationjn the matter "shows. that'
5fr. Raudwent east April List.   While
there it is known that he spent a great
deal of time .investigating   the  Noble
Five, whiclvat/; the  time   created   no
coinme'nt'.-   ;;-;   /.' :"',/"y-   "' /'."
.'���'���Mr'. Rand'took a/largo niinibsr of
shares of the - Noble Five';.east- .with
him," said a mau who had considerable
��- ���      . '������* ���,     ���'..���"'���.,'���,
knowledge of the.deal, "which he: dis-^
posed of to-New York, Boston, Montreal
'and'Ottawa-parties.',." On'hisway home
early in May Mr. / Rand  learne'd   that
.owing to the tlosds  in -Dakota   some
parties.largely interested in Noble Five
stock were   compelled   to 'realize; ��� on
their investment.   Pie made, arrange-
inpnts with eastern-capitalists to'.buy
any-reasonable, amounts that:may.  be
offered,.a hd befqre returning to Spokane
had purchased 50.000. shares! of Noble
Five/ through   Galusha   in'-'-Spoka'nel'
.-Since th'at time Mr. Rand has not been
idle, but has been quietly going   along
.picking up Noble Five stock as  it has
been offered, with the result that  during the/present week he has, purchased
So.OOO shares:"-   --    - ...
Mr; .Rand being in   Spokane   a   few
day, ago was interviewed by a reporter
as to the big 'mining deal.
,   'ih'erb was a shade of amiifcmeut on
Mr. Rand's face as he replied :
"The stock was cheap, arid I considered
it .well worth buying at present pr'ces.
rpl-" ��� roperty is not a prospect by: any
change would - be - contemplated'p���. ;as.
they'are'inore than satisfied with tlie
pfesenV'manageirient.".':.';' / :--: ;,///-/.;;
- The Noble Fi ve;group if composed of:
the; World's Fair/ Maud ;/J5/:;;Bonaza"
Kihgv ,'Knoxyille,. Deadmari,';', Wild
Goose, Lucretia "and'Noble Five1, y The
company was;;organized- last"August,
the officers being,:/ ,;:,'.. ,;>,'..���.���',-'
President, John D. Porter; yice-'pre-
siderit'find/genc^ai riianager.J.'G. Mc-
Guigan; secf el ay',. J. F. Cutter, treasurer, S. S./Titus; business manager,,Ii. M.
S.her.'.nan.: .     ,'.;,;y:'/ ,'       ��� "-���
The mineis'developed by eight tunnels, all run on "the" vei.i. , A darge
amount of /sloping.- has.' been ; done.
From August,.��6 January ,1, aside"from
developing tho minn and exploring new
boilies, butlittle Work was .done', ���and;
during that time a trainway 0,100 feet
long-arid "��; concentrator was "installed
This/train way has an elevatiotv of 2il0Ql
feet libovethc mill; At one point, oyer
the .Noble Fivo'slide^the -��� tramway is;
430'feot above the ground.'": The install
latibii of tho tram way and,, .mill 'invol-
yGd/an-experirlii.ure. of 'nearly 540,0.00,
arid at the aahiq.time S20,000 was .expended . in. the ���clcyelopiri'ent ,of r the
mine. ��� :Sin'ce-January ore to.;the.; value
of'S40,000has been shipped;'aii'd. there
are;400,/tpi.s of, concentrates,vat,,.the.
riiill ./The coiripanyhas ,75 riieri/ori the
pay roll at ihe.;iriinb and hi'the^jij-''"
! fhe-fbad winds down a valley between
bluf/s and/sandhills, which..''.'-widen���;'-' to
a circular plane on'-the, ba!nk: of: the
South Saskatchewariy wlii<diiigua'wide
/navigable;river. .'In. the', lovely;,valley
is Medicine Hat, a " lively, town'-with
valley in several circles, three tracks
being visible at once each lower than
the other. Pursuing the course of the
Illicilliwaet, whose blue limpid waters
tumble over a succession of falls down
tlie  narrow rocky gorge.    At Albert
/OT1  the frnb-i cf-^\,-,cV%�� �����- -
an. hospital and'police barracks/. :.The. Ganypri 'the';, train stops for five, minutes,
riy^r is, spanned: by a;lprig|irpn '.bridge, and; the'time /is tob;ishortly''A platforiii;-:
A; s)iprt: distance ,on a': natural gas .well; is built over the , edge,; of-' the /-narrow;,
has been struck, 'which gave consider- chasm' giving a; splendid���; view   where
_ ,/,'��� ���','-,'���.   ���-.'.���----. ..,-- ���-,-- ,---���-��� -    -'-_-,---
able light .around..-'; We are in the
lbotl[Mls of the, Rockies, as night closes
in ,'Stvu expect to waken, up in sight of.
the great backbone of America,.,,|
'. Calgary as/seen by/night has/a' very
fine appearance.-' Jt is lighted by ;the
300 feet below the foaming torrent
rushes through its rocky file. This in
itself is well worth the trip to those
bent on sight seeing.
At   Revelstoke,   where  we  arrive ���,-
arc  light system.     Its "broad " le^[ I SSet^-t--'- C��!Uml*  * ^in
There ,are the old and the
streets compare most favorably with new towns, the latter the outcome of
Brandon. This- is the centre of the railway traffic. It is a stirring place,
ranch country and "the hub" for the Here passengers for ��� the Kootenay
cow-boy.    A road runs  north   to the  &ke leave of the main line and as we
are of the number, we part with regret
Edmonton district;. and' one'south; to
MapcLe6d; and. Lfethb ridge--coal fields.
.The/, lattery is;* also connected' with
.Medicine/Hat.',.; ;���:.'.- / ������:'7"y;������������;���,���',''<'���"..'���
/ LeavingGalgaryat,3 a.m. we; get
the, first glimpse ,pf the .'mountain'' peaks
at 3.30,"-.',;Thejsight.-is most impressive,
..l,A.i��<l:i! "L.'-;1:-'-'j  '      '���''        ��������� ' -'���"������
from fellow passengers, who for the
short time are so genial and agreeable
to each other. There were many
English and American tourists aboard
who, one and all, were delighted with
the  grand; scenery.     One American
us, .while. ;others; /, are _draped    in
shadows like fleecy/clouds,;/, prily.'/dis-.;
tingujshable/.from /the latter .by -.their,,
sharp rpJitlines.;|;7,FoiloOTiig:-, up."Ithe
Bow river,/from Calgary- arid skirting
the  foothills ���.fpr,. hours ;>ve reach' the,
���,, -^ ,-.-���,-���-      ,   ���   ,/" y/^-'Vi^feocky-ifastriess shortly ;after/-5;;y The
"Mr;; Galusha had nothing to^thm^ ;no^;,. turbulent^t^am-'of ;a
aresoftheNobie?iyi.y.-i, .y"      -���.-   -   -...-...���
the lofty rugged peaks  glisten  in the I remarked 'that he had crossed "their'
sua s rays, which have not yet reached | three transcontinental roads but  saw,
nothing to compare with the C. P. R.
line.    So much for Old Canada.
From Revelstoke we run  down the
the selling 6f'G0,0p0 sh
Fiye. stoiik which was reportod as Slaving been sold Ivy- Galusha ; to'^Rand,'^
?aid^P- Suteririeister,'Jr-^asG*;eyen-
irig.-;, "It'went from my hands;:|direct
to. Mr. Rarid arid he placed it 'with"pri-'
vate parities..".."   ,'���;/���',--.-/;.,,; ,;| ,;.; y ,.'
greenish; hue. /The. first peak'we pass
looked' aPif ,.it;'had-been;cleft";, in,'twd
by'.7s"Priie , riiighty ���force;^^/; leaving-half
hanging 011 high: .������'���.^Clouds" and .icayes,
are seenup/the.side;' arid,,with silvery
streams falling like'.misty;veils:;'"add'a.
charm to whatis beyond .'.pur-ability,'.to
describe! I'/y:'/"yy.,':-1 //I'y>: ���/::yr/
:;, At,.Cannibre,, -the|famousy/Thfee
Sisters-are.;seen,;uriiqtie'in 'their-siinil-
arity. /��� An.obseryation/car, ;tHe open
Columbia to Arrow Head where boat
is taken for different points south.    At
8 p. m.l/we leave   by steamer Nakusp
for her namesake at the foot of iJower
Arrow Lake   arriving there at  11 30
The trip  on the winding lake  is most
delightful.    The   varying scenery   as
seen from  the  deck of a' steamer is
fine indeed, the immense search lights
al times lit up the shore  quite clearly.
Nakusp is prettily situated on the ter-*  '
raced lake shore.    We stayed at the
Leland.   a comfortable and commodious house.    It seemed strange to one
used so long  to the  broad prairies to
From Brandon, Man., to Sandon, B.C.
C. ?. R.
y ilati "fir);-
mg.opurations had been hir;
the energetic and faithful wOnc" of the
Building Committee, composed ."'of
Messrs -G.W. and M.L. Grimmett. J.A,
Smith, J. R. Cameron and M. E. Hall,
ji'hcsc gentlemen and the pastor, Rev.
A. M. Sandford will be pleased at any
time to give' information concerning
the work and to receive donations toward the Building Fund. It is cxpec-
cd that the church will be formally
opened on the first pf August.
Hie .
moans, but it is a fully developcd,going
concern. vVlthongh not a divitlend
payer, still those of us who have been
buying.tho stock are living in tho
hopes Pf it-'payirig. dividends in the
neiir future." ���
"Who arj the   principal   hollers   of
stocks of,the company." y   '
.'���   "The.officers arc some ��� of  mv   most
intimate friends.",
"What has been the average price
that/has b' en paid for this big bunch
of stocks?"
"That,'', he replied, as be shifted one
leg over-the other, "is a matter that I
am not at liberty to state, but we were
well satisfied with the figure.-"
"Is it riot true that this purchase is
in the interest of a syndicate or combination desiring;to secure control?"
1 "It is no- syndicate, but personal
friends, of mine, who >vill be guided,
largely.hi'what Irhay advise, in regard
to reselling." ..;.������  I
"Does this transfer of stock
ciiangc of mariagsment?"
���'Because 0 per cent of the   stockj of
the company happens to change hands
no   .reason     0.     such  , a     thing,
change is   preposterous.
cs mean a
The idea of
Even i
my   friends   had   control,   no
.'After;' farewells''* were; said 'to. tlie
kind friends."'assembled at the station
'we boarded..the;w-est-boun'd."train - -at;
1 r'."5.o,; leaving the ''beautiful-- '"Wheat
City'.' behind arid found ourselves;com-;
meri'cirig a;long'journey, by-night. ::;As
the;coiintry,here  is pretty well known
Aye.will just give /.passing notes.;-iSey-J
'era I ^-1 > if e i ty" downs'are', passed" in the
night such,as,   Oak La-ke, \rirdeii and
ivtopspmiri, until the peep.o' day,finds
.us...at Broadyiew-r-first. divisional.point,
west! 'Old Sol   is  an  early  riser,/at
this  season   in/the west,  making' his
appearance at 3.30.; cutting short  the
fifstr'night's" sleep. '/jAsa new. country
is always-interesting -td: the writer dull
sleep    was   lightly   shook   bfl.y';A't
Broadview,   and'  Grenfell,'/there  are
some handsome stone.blocks.and rest-,
dences, -reminding ;us of the old. Stone
T'^vn in far away Perth-county (Ont.)
Some.of the.passengers are still sleeping..   It seems  a'waste of time when
the   early  morning   sunlight:   on. the
boundless  prairies /is   so-.refreshing.
Our penchant  for'sightseeing will be
doubtless satiated before, theo journey
is ended. -   Nearing Indian.Head, ...a
���prettily-situated to^vn  of about 1,400,
good farms; are again seen,   making a
pleasing;change afrcr the long stretch
of reserve   land   east-of   that  point.
The Experimental farm,  next  to  the
one at Bradon, is the finest in tlie-west;
Qu'Appelle,'.meaning 'Who calls'���the
Indian's answer  to the' echoes  heard
iii the valley to. the north,   is  also  a
place of .importance.   .       ".''..
Regina witli  a population of f,Soo
has,, a city-like ajjpearance..   Its chief
importance though is   its. official position'.    Here are the   Lieut-Governor's
residence,    the' Territorial   Assembly
buildings   and th:" N. W. M. P. barracks,    forming a succession';-of ���little
villas west  of the town.     There  are
also some line  buildings,  in the town
proper.    The  Prince Albert line connects here.      A   short distance   from
here is   a place called /.Pense,   which
would have been more  appropriately
named Pensive, as it fronts oh a   vast
dreary marsh and gives the other side
of the picture of the beautiful prairies.
; Moose Jaw is the terminus  of' the
Soo line   which   connects   at Pasqtia.
The company have here, and at other
divisional points,  pretty   gradeii plots
.well cultivated;    Our numbers are reinforced by passengers from   the   Soo
train.     Shortly after leaving Moose
Jaw; the ranch land is entered and for
many niiles no sign of farm life is seen
save numerous herds of cattle, apparently   monarchs of all   they   survey.
Hilly-stretches   with occasional   lakelets vary tlie landscape.'    Some of the
lakes,(alkali)   where drying iip glisten
in the sun  like -the salt beds in the
Orient. '
At Gull Lake nearly 400; miles west
of Manitoba   a, favorable change   in
the air is noticeable, the balmly warm
winds succeeding the chilly   ones   we
felt at .Regina.  . There   aresome  immense ianches in   these parts  all  in-
1 closed,    but, dwellings are   like   the
proverbial angels' visits���few and far
between.      We   scare up   a beautiful
and -fleet antelope.    As it is the   first
seen on the open he was watched with
interest while a skulking cayote scarcely received a passing notice.
From Passmore to   Medicine Hat
e^r.   r    !������-,���   .        ~ ���'   ���-f"'  he wakened.-by, the hoarse whistle- of'
ily foi; view,ng;theiscenery):is;attached. fopsdf ;the mountains:::gleanung';wh^-";;
here. ."As ltwas;/���^;ery;icold':fe^y could  ���" '"- -���-1-^/-���  - ���&---r.auaP. wril^y;>/
;bear the'open air/ride long,.,/but with;
heavy frieze overcoat' - and -gloves.' v/e
managed a,t;'tihies/.'to/endure:/.it; until
the .wanner  air"; b'Jyorid the   summit
was^reached. ; 'Passing:' A.nthracite---a,
coal field���we y come to i-'Caiiada's'.
'���grand;:.--;���'���;���.{"���'''������';.!"]'������ -'^:^t��~t^;��.-''\,
'.','/ ;':/;';"/;-NATiONALyPARK;/';;;.:..;;/:/."-//;;
where ��� 'beautiful/,: Banff/.- is;':���'situated;:
The hotel- arid sanitariuin';Vvith, its: fam-.
ous; ;;._hpt;. spnngsi-arej^a^litde;,!. distant.^!
The;red depot'built;of /"cedar,;logs in
thcrough had /a   rustic a'nd% romantic
appearance.;' - Ay little, ;beyond -/is tlie Lake, whoSepebblyvbeach ^inVi^bhe,
Great D^ide-the summity An arch       ���;.(^,    b^ after-the'loiig^dusty
jvitli.-a, wooded:designtells the travel- ���    - /bllta dip 0f the hand in;the ���-icy
ler where   the waters,now.east to   the      "'   j�����y ���������,;   tix,;���u"^"A'^;i
tt..j_-'./''    ;,     ....:���:- water, dispels such, thought.-. .-.A savy-,
mill humming- on.the";; far.,; shore  arid
:in the sunlight;of 'a/June imoniing.
t .Leave.; -Nakusp'.-"''-' at tf 30 i: ni. v/ and'-^ - / y ;a^4/K
wind/.;/around.'the1;-hill:side ata^yery^vS'^^^y
;hack/;to hear,, starting-point/bitiihigfrW��^
above .-.the town. - :After��� trayellirigf.fdr^^^^"^
half;an^ hour;we/skirt-,theMigre:;;of <$m^^^^i
Lak^i"'/^ich' is.-��� only fpurf- ra^J:iro0t0tttti^
Nakusp; bnt many-hundred .Sef aboVe^ ;:t'i^lfSliS
Pz-ss ^$Wm& Lake';-;:whefr!niiiarous^^
cfish r..^vere seen' jumping upytb-; secure?
cedar-arid" pine: fip^esfs -areso'"^
that; day is/almost/ like night 'in' their?
;depths.. ��� Stop/:at the/head'oX Slocan
Hudson; and west ;to,;: tlie,: Columbia
and Pacific, 'and it was'soon;appar'erit
to   the watchers. ;     One;  Ik^;-feels-
���somewhat .raised above'"' the ��� o^diiiary
affairs of life. , Theredoes ��� nPt S&sgj^
to be  as graat engineering difficulties^]
and we, have. entered . the ' Kicking
Horse pass,-, as was  encountered on
���the north, shore of, Lake'-Superior,'.'-the;
descent thoughis' very steep; the .train
having, on full brakes and   the trainmen  all  on the  alert to avoid, acci-/
dents.  ';;',"",. ?:    y;��     y-
To attempt to give a description of
the, -beauty.'..- of the.' Cpluffilbia valley
���would, be. futile, besides it is the intention to only give our impressions of tlie
trip. The.pld chestnut phrase, ''The
. scenery baffles description," is the only
adequate one.- Steamers run up- the:
river-from.Golden, 'a stirring town, "to
Fort Steel, a booming mining locality,
near.,t'���",  1-"��"'--1    <--���-���-���'
stream. ^    .���
too/rapid��� for navigation and .it there
makes a great detour round the Sel-
Kirks. .��� '''...
Leaying:the,Columbia at  Donald,
where for the second'time watches are
set ./back   .one   hour,; and; plunging
through dark tunnels  and by yawning
chasms we reach   the   Beaver valley
cpirimencing, the ascent of the: Selkirk
range..   Inniany respects we think the
latter grander than the Rockies.    The
creek rushes over rocks in a  succession of cascades, and the road almost
encircles some spurs.     Mounts Mac-
douald  and Hermit  towering nearly
a mile and a half above on either side
of the track, with  their glacier beds,
are   objects ,pf great interest   to   the
eager sightseers in the observation car.
The view here is  often, unfortunately
lost in the great . snow sheds,   which
ave a   necessity  owing to snow slides
from'the precipituous mountain, sides.
A' little  beyond   Rogers'Pass we
with the singing of birds and tlie .pine- -
scented air  makes the stop  pleasant.
At Rosebery   we meet   the  steamer
���^chruns  to^Slo5an City.     New ' \_ ���' -1
Denvet^jseen/near   ^  ���   -   1-���> ' "'   ���
beach withN^i
pretty water front:'; ;/:";;/:";-;. ��
From Denver. we; ruri-alorig a deep;/'y
canyon; up which "is situated : Sandon; y;;y;
On the sides, ,��f the liigli mpiintains ������ =.- ���*;;
are seen the:mines,.of .silver and other :://:;:-.
minerals;: which make ./this.' district-the /. &!��� ]
Mecca.of .speculators and prospectors;; ^l^:
. -From Three .Forks,; Ayhere; there -.'iii'M^
a large-concentrator, the stiflest.of/all/y/i^
grades (4^ per cent.) is commenced^ |
The engine pushes  the: two, heavily-/;V
loaded' cars ahead; /'This-is dorie: tof
prevent a possible-break away pf the - /
cars, which   might meet a -'sad'fate in!:
such an event.'   From the front bf'the';:
,the head  waters, of that^eat 'W / splendid^viewis had,'; and/yye'y
!.    Below that point the river 'is B   *��������� glunPSe> r '^   ^af?n^
r The prosj>ect  at first is  net myitmg., ���
Solompn said,  '."There is nothing new ,
under' the sun."   Had he seen/San'dpn'���'���";���
as it-now is   those ..wise -words, 'might i
never have been   spoken;     Its-very
newness is  its most, striking .feature,,,:
unless, perhaps,. it is  its  deplorable,
lack of space.     But here are represented all lines of business   and  pro- >'
fessions,' numbering   over   100   and
ever  increasing.      There   is  a  population  of 2,060  or more,   which  is
constantly being  increased   by eager
seekers after the shining metals, which
here seem to be stpred -in  lavish profusion in the great mountains.
With  an apology for die extended
space, I am
Humbly yours,
.'..���' G. A.' Stevens,
. Review staff.
cross the summit and come upon   the
grandest of all in point of majesty and
Great Glacier.    The
C. P. R.    have'   a   magnificent  hotel
here with law^ns, fountains, ete., commanding   a fine  view of the   eternal
field . of, ice,   deep blue   and,- pearly
.white   in  its' varying depths.     RIount
Sir Donald, rising   to the giddy height
of S,ooo feet above the road   with   a
foaming cascade  falling  sheer   down
the side for, thousands of feet, is indescribably picturesque. ���   We reluctantly
leave   this  ideal spot  so  favored by
nature.    The best Rockie peaks were
soriiewhat   obseured   by  clouds  and
Mount Stephen and Castle Rock were
not seen to advantage,   though   their
lofty heads weresometimes seen above
the mists. -    '
Leaving Glacier we come to the
great loop where the road winds down
"rom  the   high plateau to  ihe   deep
I The ties, for the. Trail-Robson road
are being distributed, but no steel has
commenced to arrive. Most of the
men have been laid ; off pending the
arrival of the rails.' -
The Columbia ife Western road is beginning to use Canmore coal on its
' The last of the piles on the construction of the Trail-Robspn road was
driven to-day, and the last of the bridge
work.and grading will be done inside
of a week. .'  ,
The Columbia   and   Western's  machine shops on smelter hill' are   being
rapidlv completed.     The   building;  is
100x40 feet in size with   a   40x20  foot
wing.    The   equipment   will   include
everything needed to repair   the  care
and engines of theroad.    Among  the
machinery will be a   wheel   and   drill
press, a lathe for turning tires, a bolt-
cutter, a band saw and wood  working
^ ���T^rxr^r'-rf! ���\
���1.    .-1. ^7"' T��j   i��r.���''    ?,vriT<-.-?T~r-,m7*irrwr?r'-'prT.-r^~rr"tr*' ��������� iwr vii-i-t���*vv ���!������- r-^-.^-^-r.^i-n���.- ,, , _,_ ,__^_____   !    '���    ��� ���**       .*-     '���    I "   ���  ^J'-Aijaisi'wp
r'V-"'. ,s- ��     .- v " Vl ���' ������ * .'��� .    -. -ni ��������������   .'. vt'i-    ,'-������*���     �� (j- i ;a ���������������    ���   ��������� ���  1 ��� 1 ������' t'Ai'ili 1 ����� T., i,*. ��� ,,1.  v. -t .���        . ��,'.,i��.'a.. ��� a ;. 1 qr. .��� 11. ,p     **.,*.���..��� ..<.���      '��� i""i.^t  ������.   ��� -s .'   ��� Ji �����* ��� -ii��v.��� ��-���..�� * s  ,:��������.     ���! v r.- ��������    �� '  ^     ��� ���}��� M     i-1. ������.,.*1 ��������� 1 ���    !���* ��� ������. ������< -'���.-��'    *������ >'  Is   t^ii&SSw&'jc
/��� .-����������� i'V: > :,;V ������\'i>:-:t*i .���:���''..-   '"���',�����* ,""-���-  ���-'.-,..:-   ������.-. [t V> : ''.��������������..'-'   ''"'i .'���'-������   ���    j'.*:-' "-,: ��� ���.������."���������^'.'V^ "'.>/ ��� ' ';  V\-* �� .-rt't, ������V-,.\*; \��-,..-.j. ������     -v. ���j'-.,.,��� -    ��./.'- ���;;-Jj?NV> T.t...',-���- *,���;;;���-���.. ���-���: ^  ..^jS>�����������,�����-��� *^�� -- i"Vj,j. ,:.':ir ;*-.:%���''. '-���.-.;:���*' n,-.; :J:T,,��1i. ,<��� .1- a'vfess^fei :S5^  '/);���������',,'  w:.  &������  >2:  :The,mif^^  :s$$$$|^^  Yiew  ".<#  y-y'���������';SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  v- ���������.;'s;������'^  .;;V;Suns9kirar6x'.:S2.0O,,PER' Teak ���������������������������'. :';   _'   '  -y -./��������� '���������:''.'.,.',,;, ���������'..yy;'\ Stiiictia-, in Advance;  ���������M:;ftt; --:;:LNTRpDtJCTORY.-,';;:; :'": .  .:;   "It- is customary   for  publishers, in  introducing -a ynew paper,, to 'make ,, a-  "''���������' long list of promises ;,as to the course  /;, of ; the , journal;:; making . /its y-bow  ; .to its constituency of readers���������-this we  will forego. : Wc believe there, is room  ///'in; Sandon / and; vicinity- for .a , paper  .   ��������� thati, will endeavor' in'e'ver'y.- way.pos-'  : ;' sible.'   to,,   advance   , their' ; material-  ./, /'iriterests,, arid ,'-this, is the .field /The  : - Review will enter and as fully.as pos-.  sible specially occupy. , .,      !.'.-..;"���������'.'.���������'  -In the 'older provinces' the political  ;,. element is,the.leading.feature of every,  '", 'publication, great'or'siriall; but poli-'  .; tics, assucli will /have but, little con--  ;, /cern: for us.y Although   th'c nhteced-  etits of the Editor are Conservative,'   '.,,,-'.   ,'������������������-���������,  ��������� ,}:   . ��������� '      ..'.'  . '. ..  ..we doiiot.intend, to,makepohtics.any  ::. feature af the- paper. , This, of course,-  :������������������ '���������'.does not.imply: that in'pplii-ics- whpre  -.   public,, and especially;..local interests  .//areafl'ected, the paper will be strictly  neutral.'.'': We resrve to ourselves the  :'.'��������� /right'"to. criticise political; 'as well/as  --'.all other, public, irieasur'es purely upon  :  "their-merits   and   their   probable in-  ./ fluencc.on the country,; and  especial-  ������������������{ ly the natural; field of the/paper.''.The  leading feature of the publicati iv will  ;: be the local, news", of.'.. the/, town   and.  ;,��������� vicinity always supporting such mpve-  mentsas we aire convinced are for the  public welfare   within  .our ��������� coristitu-  /eney;   As/��������� the chief resources of this.  - section "of conn try are essentially miri-  '-.-"iriff, the mining news of the surround-:  -.: nigs will have our full/consideration.  ; .In mining inntt-.ers   wc havov much ftp  :vlearn,sb that  if t,hc:paper is not an;  //���������authority or even ;axianproach .topne  ���������from theuoutset, our rcaders'.iinust bear,  : "with our deficiencies.   "Rome was not  ���������'.,:���������'.- ���������.'.-. .        ',���������"   '    'X- ...       '.'���������'.    ���������   :  ",. built in a.day,", and  neither .dm the.  /mining experts of the; country inherit'  , their knowledge; by/birtli, it  was, all  TTicquired  by ".observation , and diligent;  ; searoh. y Wc purpose bestowing on the  ,., mininginterests of the province.' and  ".especially those'of our immediate surroundings, our'closest study,, and  in  . time so ."mastering the subject that -wc  can speak with. a degree of authority.  y'We arc fully aware that in the,past  the' town of,Sandon, as a mining ccn-  :tre, has. not always received fair play  at the hands of a, -section of- tho provincial press���������that : in- many respects  its substantial worth and evident resources, were misrepresented and. belittled, from , motives that would not  bear the.light of honest investigation.  Our aim will be to correct this as fully  as possible.     ,  There is no questioning the fact that  the,/ whole province of. British Columbia is rich in mineral resources.  It is equally a' fact that in this respect  the Slocan country is/particularly favored, and that.'in.all. that constitutes  the natural capabilities for successful  mining camps the vicinity of Sandon  is pre-emii e'nt. That other sections of  the country have well paying mines,  and offer golden opportunities for successful investments, goes without, a  question; th.it there are again other  sections so far unexplored and uninvestigated that may surpass usin.wealth'-  arid opportunities is also a fact that  present light' will not attempt to gainsay ; but that the Sandon section at  present '���������has numerically, more paying  mines that.-can.be operated at a less  expense than any. other in the country so fair operated, and that the camp  has a bigger pay roll -than any other  in the country so far operated, and i.as  therefote more money in commercial  circulation than any other town in the  country; are matters we consider it out-  duty to hold before the public.   .  As we have said above, It may be  that the future will develop more  localities more specially favored in  these respects. When such events do  transpire, The Review will be among  the first to acknowledge the facts,  always giving credit where credit is due.  With this brief outline of theuseful-  patrnago warrant a larger . papery we  will, bo remjy with; The Review, to  meet public requirements. We may  say that we have in hand a very complete job printing plant, which we are  adding, to .'in a few days.''' With,' this  outfit we are iri: a position /with; ihe assistance of pur experienced compositors  to dp' any work ' that maj' be- required  in the";country, in the highest style Of  the-:airt.::"With this introduction we  bow,to the public./     "y; "'-'y.'y.y'.y  m  riess ol the paper, we introduceitto the  public asking for the patronage" which  our position considerately entitles us  to. Although the paper is at present  but a 28 column sheet, it must not be  understood that this is .to be its size  for all time. We have on the premises steam presses capable of printing  as large sheets as are to be found in  the country, so that as soon as our advertising, circulation and job priming  ������������������yv.;-:t y,.: yTHAT RAILWAY. - . ;,":;, y;  The' Hon. Mr, Greenway , lms.'/a   proposition oil ban tHvi therailway line - that  hc'expects^vill   revolutionize   the   railway* rates of the Northwest country ; but  from a careful analysis of-the facts, must  fall -far short,of his'alleged'ex'pectations.  -His proposition ;is  to   guarantee   4' per  cent on. two   or   three   million   second  bonds, which means that   the -/province  -will virtually have to biiild.tho road, and  that in return lie'will get/a guarantee, of  p cents' a bushel on whoatfroiii Winnipeg  to iJuluth for,all time.,; If all the/wheat  grown; in 'Manitoba was raised ���������-' within   a  radiusof 15. or 20 miles of AVinnipeg, so  that^ho fanners of,, the   country   could  haul it 'there   for . shipment,   it   might  pay tne .province to give even that large,  guarantee, but as,little of it is produced  within that radius, the' value of the; '��������� proposed deal must be   regarded, by   the  whole Canadian west with' vnucli. s'orious-  nessi--.'';'-.,     ��������� ���������}������������������.'���������':���������'. '������������������.���������:.'"���������.���������'' ,''.'.'/������������������'���������,'!:-.' .:.-ir-/Y.  /It is generally stated, that corporations  have Ho souls, and 'railway  .corporations  iiiustbeiricluded in tho list, '/.They; are'  run to inake as lnu.ch moneyas possible  for th������ owners."  If'Mr.' G'reeaw'ay's new  favorite was to do what he;expects'.'!ifc.;:to  do, cut the rate of wheat from Whinipeg.  k> Buliith,,:th'e C.T. R. and tlie/���������"'���������'N'v-P.-'R-:  would be so,fai','(out of,-it,','-, to usea /vul-',  garisua, 'that.they would combine to niake  .their money   in   other   service.,   -/They  would of course charge more for service  in' other fields to .make up; tho ; sbortaue.  On wheat they would charge-local-'rate's  from alloulside-points, anel inthat   way  make up what they would lose   in , the  Dttluth cut // Fov, instance; the local rate  on wheat from Brandon to   iVinnipeg   is  a,bout 10'cents, and if. the'.'-.Q.'JP. R. ..and  the.N. P. R. lines;were,forced-tb/take': 6  cents -from-Winnipeg 'to   X)'uliith,..' they  /would charge their 10 cents from  Bran-  don.to Winnipeg and 16 e.ents to'Dulut-b,,  which is no': perceptible ,/reduction ; on  present rates."  The .result;.would-be ��������� the  'entire'-. West   and   North'-', of  Manitoba  would have.to build a third 'railway-..for  competition, and be without, it   in   the  end; -        ���������'��������� /���������;.;.  But this riailwayqu.estioriihas  another  aspect that Manitoba: and trie entire.west  should lookrat in a different, light. ,   It' is  generallyVonceded by. statesmen,  that  the nearei/consumers can be got to   the  productftjo'nsumed, the better   for /con-  stirher and pro.chtcer. Now,as if arranged  for the purpose by Providence,  there is  an inte.rchangable production   between  Manitoba.;..aiyl   British   Columbia,   that  should have the deepest consideration of  the governments of both provinees,  the  height of land in the   mountains : Being  tlie dividing line. East of that the ri'atur--  al productions;   are   wheat and   other  grains, roots and   ve^etables^��������� the   very  things British. Columbia, must   have   at  any     prices      to      sustain    her.     increasing thousands of peojile   employed  in different classes of pursuits,   v On-the  other hand the latter provinco raises for  export in a,bundance  minerals, -luinber,  fish and fruits, the very productions   the  eastern slope of country must import for  all time.   Why then do not the   governments on both sides make a special effort  to   diminish.;  the cost of interchangable  freights and create blessings  for  both?  If instead of getting Manitoba's productions to the east at a much cheaper rate,  the Manitoba premier would only make  an effort to get them west where nature  intended them, to go, as far as coiisump;  tion demanded, and get cheaper'  return  freights., he would be taking a step   that  would   be    at. once   practicable,    and  sensible.   To our mind, before the   Du-  luth proposition is closed, which   as .we  showed in the   commencement- of  this  article, can  secure   in   any- event   but  very questionable service to th"<? farming'  community of Manitoba, the governments  of British Columbia and Manitoba should  jointly interview the ,C. P. R.- and see   if  something tangible in the way of  reduced inter-provincial ireights cannot.be  secured for   all   time.     Now, while . the  Crow's Nest railway, the Hudson's   Bay,  outlet, and the Duluth  scheme,  are   all  dangling before the country would be a  most opportune time for taking  up   the  proposition on its practical merits.     As  nature intended our trado to bo reciprocal, it. is a great'pity the exigencies   and  fancies of politicians shoulrl  pervert   it  for questionable ends.  -Vy     ",;y INCORPORATION.      ':'i.;%  :;; 'Another-matter that demands the/"attention, of the citizens of .Sandon   is .incorporation;     -Boards   of Trade;'may  make themselves very useful in 'suggesting reforms, but it can, only be to ari'.exev  cutive authority, -sueli as a couricil-^they  have no mean's by law, or 'otherwise- of  enforciiig or crystaliginginto enactments*  their own conclusions.".    Elsewhere .:. we>  Have'referred to the necessity of ' sewerage, and'a system cannot   well: be 'con-  structecl   except   through ; a   corperate  council.   It is not to be   expected   idiI-  vate,individuals' will take hold /of   it, as  they would!pf d;water;system, and-'-trust  to luck for their ���������returns. "> -.Some, may  think that because.<)there. is -a; slender  ���������cloud, on the title to 'realty in' the'-place'  .uicbrporatip'ri. could riot be made-, workable, biit this Is not the case. '.Incorpor-.  ation credit/has for it's foundatioii largely  the resourses of the people,' and, wholly  the   taxable,   assets /within   the   limits;  Without realty in question, the ' taxable"  assets/of the |3lace are a suflientresource  for incorporation:with, it   they  .are : of  course increased; ai'id there '/can.. be   no.  doubt as to thS finality of the realty question./:. The:courts/have,already, in'so far  as;tested, decitled.that,-thei-mining rights'  of the/owners of fche townsite'really "eivi-  brace;tho surface rights'as "well. -But   a  little 'maneuvering is necessary to- get   a  complete title from:the crown, and,; that  will settle-all doubts lorevj. ,,:  There are some who say that'iu'cprpoi'_'  ation necessitates taxation ',from -' wliicli  tlie people; are' free without "it.v /This/Zis  yery true, but.en' the basis' that, men are  always wil ling to hives t'-'SJ? 1 for ��������� a / ������2: "'��������� return,': incorporation; /.j;; ./defensible. In  addition to .readily' securing a sewerage  system, under' 'io',;'witli.\ e'ontiriued/  salubrity the ��������� place: 'demands side-'  walks, and streets'are kept'.., up":: by; the  whole community who really profit / by  them and not by a limited,few property  holders". ,-, A 'better ; school system-  is imperative with; the'1 growth''/ of .the  place,arid generally improved morality is  observed. Better ibe/protectiOn, anlm-.  portant matter in itself can easily be"secured, and taxation, if the; people are  only judicious, in their.debenture investments, can bo 'kept down to a trifle. We  ;woukl like to,; receive*. correspondence  from'' our townspeople on the subject,,that  tlie run of public, sentiment can : be -secured; .'. If it vfavors 'the /proposition ���������:a  bill can easily bo got through the Local  Houseat its next sitting, and a council  elected before the early spring. .   .-  .���������,fr>ut it, is a grave,question/whether pr'n'ot  ithe/taxation / referred.'/ to ,is1' .the'" best"  ���������means of accom]>lishirig\the end. v. ���������"������������������;;.���������':;���������"  .There are iii this country   adventurers  ������������������'":  '���������-''���������'      ���������'���������������������������'      '   yr ���������     ',������    '"'���������   :     '..-   - ���������/-'��������� :   . "   ���������;-.-.  and bona fide-.prospectors; and /ininers  \vith-'varying 'sums 'of; capital,:, and if  the .unprincipled ^onciis happen; to.' be  liieri of liiearisy as they often are,tlie ������100  .tasati6n:will/only act like- a ":shower of.  rain on; a; duck's; back, .If on;the; '��������� other  hand tlie:cp.nipariies.are; men' of /,h'oiipr-  hut ..poor,' the'ftaximay seh'ously cripple  many:pf .thcm,,;:;To sum;: it up,vif | puh  finances,/are as :.:economically,; bandied  as they can be, and further revenues are  necessary,'? fiirther;, taxationi".jriust-.;';:'be'  levied, and mining companies% muso' be'  subject.to it/if after considering the .desirability tp.; foster, the', industry;- it/.is  fouiid.'imperativo' by riot, otherwise. ','." /  ,, To our/mind a hotter .jricans/;-of protecting the niim'o of milling is in/the  iip-  '. -   . .-.       .���������'���������,��������������������������� o: ������������������,, ������������������       ' '���������  ��������� t.,      :  ...  poiiitmeiit of .properly qualified.;inspectors for stated districts, who ' wqiild recoil frpm'tiiiie to time tliO'-output /aiitl  probable resourses'of all',,: mines/ "whose'  ownc'rs'place stocks oh the market. .-, In  any case, wo -'would liks to hoar, from our  Vancouver'confrere' u'nder.'correctiprij if  we "are wrong; in", the jiublicniterest.''.,"."::  A.  ::::M&^M:sMim.  3).  A /REFORMATION "BROUGHT": ABOUT  ;/. :,;;y;; .���������;'",; - BY A DOLtiAR/BiLL.;/'/'::/::';;: j,:/:  Tlie Tiiiei'jB; M'/iuuiii- 61't-ilo, auil :3Iocie of  ' - Thought   as':'- Staled     by   Himsulf /iii  ..::,^;:.i>;ooi;st<;i������i./xiiika : \v'iui.';-'iin.''aiaii '''.Syifo.  : ci>Jefii<i������i]cu Hiiny        ./>���������:^',-:'::..������.c-./'.: V-,'  ,:^,r ./:;,:;/DRAINAGE.:,; ���������������������������.tyt-i't  .There is np.questioning the'fact 'that.  Sandon requires'a drainage systein;"'" Its  water works are'veiy'cpmpletc" and" the'  town is, amply supplied " with /'tlie'   very  ��������� ���������. FREE   MINER'S CERTIFICATES.. ���������������������������  ������������������'��������� The Vernon News   asserts   that   the  ���������-.'���������������������������������������������'. -.' ;.      C     .���������',.���������  schedule of fees to be -charged for. the  issue of a.Free.Miner-s.Certificaie''vt'd". a  Mining.Co."inserted in the Mineral .Act  passed last session of the legislature,: is,  unjustifiable, and. the News-Advertiser  defends the act on. the,:grounds:���������That  the provincial administration cannot be  carried on without taxation: that: mining  companies should not. be : made" exceptional, when considering taxation: that  training:"', companies are less taxed-in-  British Columbia than in any other cpun-  tr'y-���������all at least aredeliatable. -.-,  Supposing mining companies were  more liberally treated in this than in  any other'conntry on' the face' of- tho  globe, of itself, it is no proof, taxation' in  any form should now set in. Alt the circumstances in all countries husbanding  mining must be considered before sound  comparisons can be made. That the administration cannot be carried .on without ftither taxation is a statement subject to qualification when . the circumstances are considered. , In the first  place it must be acknowledged that in  proportion to population. British Coltim-  bii, has a larger revenue than any other  province m the Canadian Confederation,  and au infinitely larger one than most  countries under responsible /government.  If it is proven these are' expended with  the utmost care .thsfc. advanced statesmanship would suggest, and that the  urgency of our necessities natural demand considoreed calls for more, then  the further taxation of mining companies  becomes a proper subject for. consideration, but not until tlieh. . ,If the News-  Advertiser vouches for the judiciousness  of all government, expenditures to date,  then it is in a position to defend further  mining* taxation, but not until then;  There is of course no reason why mining  companies should.be made stall.fed pets;  but on the ground that the New-Advertiser cefends protection to native iridus-j  tries by the Federal government,  whether mining Go's." in this province  should" be treated to liberality in taxation is a matter for thought.,  We agree with' the News-Advertiser  that the'eredit of the country anel the  boner of its name as a mining field must  be protected from the onslaughts of unprincipled individuals   and   companies,  Best water;the ������rirtlvcan/supply / for : all'  purposes���������fire, protection,; domestic.rises  and sWcrage if-necessary.: In many of  the eastern provinces where the /'people  are net so favored.bynatiii'e as they, are  here--iwhei'o they -.'have "tp; take;: :their  water supply,'through/nltatian,; from the  streams into Which the seweririrors emntv  '-���������.,'-..:':    V  -    /:y: ������������������', -���������:,'- ,:...:-.5' .--.',:    l  there is no phjiction to dramage.into,the  streams.'W'jjaro .iiifo'i'med-. the /health  inspectors   filvject": to/; the^'idrainago : of  Sandoii into tho.creek, but that objection  must.bo removed in 'he'interest^ot the  ,..'.    - ���������"'���������'. : ��������� ���������'���������  ', "   ,.', ��������� ���������,;,���������.:,,:,-..: t*.  '     -.' '  - -���������  health of the people, arid; drainageln to  tho'stream -must be "made.'; ;/: 'Already-  through the '���������concentrators'!.the stream is;  vitiated, and rendered unfit for domestic  purposes ai.aiiy point'of its ./length, /so  thata1.further, pollution can ���������". render/-: it-  rib/comparative; injury, even if it was ^required for domestic purposes, whichit is  nbt,';nature supplying all .needs'-from the  side.hills/ '-All of these Kboteiiay: towns,  must havec, drainage 'inr proportion.",-to  pppulatipn; and.there'is nohelpforitbut  to utilise the streams. There is no cure  for it in' Sandon, / but / to " tise nature's  outlet���������the stream, and the health offi-.  cers, if they desire the, health of : the'  people, must: withdraw their, objection,:  and drainage into the creek .cannot be  inado a day too soon. With the current  of this stream, but a short distance of its  rim-'is requried to,cure it of' any pollu-  tio'ri by Saudon's drairiaa;e. ', .'''���������'".  Presbytery Meeting at Kaslo.';  " ���������-"���������      ���������".".���������"."..-; '"-"���������",     *       :".'-". '.","."���������"...   Rev. T. ' Menzies attended., a  nipeting-.of tlie Presbytery, of ��������� this- district .at Kaslo,���������������������������Wednesday.;,-June 2.' It  was an..'extra (pro re nata) session to  accommodate tip's pah of the district.  Rev.T. Glassford, of Trail,; was elected  moderator.: The others in;atteiicinri'"(3e  were, Rev. McBood, of'Spnlliiinsheen ;  Rev. A. G: Wilson^ Vernon ; J. Paton,  Grand Forks, and Elder H. Dawes,  Nelsori. -The licensure of James Nairn  of Kaslo and Thomas Menzies- of Sandon'was concluded in the .afternoon,.  and in the evening they were ordained  before a largo congregation. Rev. J.  Paton preached, on "The Fatherhood  of God.", Rev. Glassford addressed  the ministers ,' and Rev: Wilson  the people. '     .    '   . v  The ladies of the church provided  an ordination dinner at the man?o at  5.80 o'clock, with the members of the  preabytory, board of ��������� manageraeut,  Alderman Buchanan and others present". Rev. .Menzies, replving to the  toast'"Sandon," said the people of the  surrounding towns "were all compelled  to look.up to Sandon," and no one dissented.  Rev. G*iA. Wilson, who has been  missionary: at Vernon, has accepted a  call to a pastorate there.  ��������� Exhibition of Ore in the East. -  ' To convince Eastern people that the  vast, mineral wealth of British Columbia is not confined, to the interior, but  the' coast shows as groat a:field for investment, Mr. Beaumont Boggs is  making up a fine sot of specimens from  the Vicloria-Tcxada group of claims on  Tpxada island which ho will send East  'on missionary duty." These specimens will be placed on exhibition at  Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec  and various other Canadian towns.  When the people there see the quartz  with splashes of gold showing here and  there through it, they will have their  eyes opened as to the possibilities of  the coast mines, lind'thc results will no  doubt bo satisfactory.       !,  There" wag. nothing/, about -h-;m,v,trnac  would make1; ohei'rememb/er hiin; for i:e  was1 noithev.'large  ii'or.:.-siiiali; liglu nor;  3'ark,  ; \veil'!- nor .lU-clres.sej;/.   iJosb-ibiy;  this   %vas: tliev oiiuEe-or. his/;su-cce'js: in:  the lite/he ''liau.tlioaen-^tliat: oi' acont'  mori..ihieJ:',--says:i'h'a Nert'.:.York Sun.. /  /���������, He.cO'tild': not "be "easily  followed  in  a ci-o'wd,'arid,''once', laji'.siglu of,:wa^'  .difllcullto ti-ace.-; A policeman:,in full-  ,pur3intA.;Svlien/: asked'/ what": kind "of .&���������  '���������iriui'irhe;was after cldme,to��������� a"dea.-i��������� halt.::  He could hot tell t.ria -lclud'of ir:ari...; At  ���������another, 'time a: policeman /h.-iridc-d   to  him'Vpine stolen ..'goods:-lb  iiold,::whila  he   was.: iroiiing.:-lils', prisbiiei-., ��������� :;'l't / is  needless'   to ,say   wliat ���������'became:��������� Of   the  gO-Ods.    :; ':.     ;.,-���������'���������.''.   ''.'-,'.'..'   /:",-.:������������������':;,;:"���������..���������';���������;:������������������:;,  "   This .inari was walking'along one .otf  the rp-s'idence./streeHs.: of'New York one"  afternoon.,,, Ke dicl'/not  often .go into  those streets.  '. Tiierewas i;ule..rlo inf  'yite-.ihis  skill,,,.and  the ���������'presence'^  of so  many homes -weighed.-!iipori liim... '���������' Another ni'a'ri' sprang fro'rn the ear. mt the  end of, the  block and caane:,rapidly, toward/ him. ."/ With    true.":;metropolitan'  haste "he :slid Ivis hand into/ his po/-.ket,  brought   therefrom'/-a/; bunch, of,, keys,  and had one ready for the la,tch by: the  tiinehehad retuched/the 'ilight of steps  nearest the. Other. One.     ...     ;' /':.;;..:.,./  This Other One looked "into/ the/man's  face.;  "Something, there -stirred a hew,:  siti-ange: feeling  within hdm.","Without  a second  thought,  fo'r.ail. his "training  had. ; been ..toward   instant  action,!   he/  ;sald quietly :' :..:,.-��������� ;/'*,/:;:���������./���������>,:���������;.".:���������:"'. ���������'  .'���������"I am-; hungry;"  /  -'. /y.: y.iy ���������>.:,//.-;.:/'���������:���������:;::  ���������,'.: Tlie... man,.Avith'ihlSj'/.foO't.^up.ori,'the;  steps, ���������\va.s.:h'urigi,y,.: tdb;/ witli the.: pKsa-  ant-.'sensatioh' of one whose .day: is>ov,er,!:  'and-'who  knows that only a. fe.w.feet  away, a,.- pleasant" , board., is .waiting,/  around :which:,-will-,gather, bright" faces  belonging /to. .himself���������a'- hunger of/the^  h'eai-t along: with /that of t-hia stomacli';';  .';".'But the. Other One/ had;noi such pro--  spect; and, yet ;wa/s hungry. ;.���������.���������:';The".' man  on /the' steps-: gave1... hi tri /a/  dollar. :'.ahd  hurried  on 'with , t-li-e/. feeling/that par.-:  haps, by doing sr> he ;had,,iriade himself  a',little. more./worthy..of'/ the' coirifort-s  just wTthin. the'brown-stone .wall..:   - ���������'  ,.   The: Othea-.-One  foi-ded; the" bill 'arid  tucked .'..it-ycEU'efully1   into; :ari������������������;'.'Inner  pocket.:    Then .he wenrtoa/restauraii.t  and. ordered; a good/meal,; but /when:he;  paid: for if tlie������������������ dollar'was 'hot /disturb-.  'ed. ,'-i":-::-;"." ���������/���������:���������;.���������;;������������������".;��������� ,.;���������������������������,:���������/:; -,. ;-:���������:���������������������������./":;.':':':::';  - Some  days" later;.1 the"'man/who,-had  'given  it to  him stood again: with his;  foot upon  tire steps, and with: tlie; key  between his impatient finger's, when he  ., was, again accosted, y:. He turned/: with  no; sign of/recognition, i-n his face.i   He  elid- nof remember 'the--Other One,; but  : tlie /Other: Oho .said with a .little hesitation:. ���������'-:'.'���������: .::,'/  ....'.-'��������� '���������',������������������'. /���������;/���������"/:/ ;y"-:,:/:-  '   "I dld'n' neod the dollar;yo' give.mo  : th' "other/day.'.-.I was'n' hungry."...:. I elo'  know.'.w'hy I tole.yo'/I.wa's. ,/Prpb'ly'  some'tliiri'   in'yciur face.  , "T know .yo'.  You're a good man.-y'An' yo'dough-f.to'  be  warned..'    When- j'O', give '���������ine : that,  dollar-yo'  took/out: a roll :o' 'bills  an',  held 'em careless like iri your hand..  I  could: 'a'  snatched ;'em ran1: got/ dway.  'fore yo:-: coula/fa.give th'' 'larm,   /I'd. a  done/It', tooyefeyou was difC'rerit.;   ,'I*m  a, .thief.   .- Thtit's-imy���������rriiy -.perfeah   as,  yo' ./might   say./ /I// thought; I'd- r come,  'round an' tellyo'."., ;.-"������������������ ' ';   :;.",,:/.  /:,  The "mail  stood  in  silent amazement  while   the  Other  One  went "down /the  strefrt and out of sight;,/'  Then /he went;  slo^vly ,,up  the-;steps.  .: Tlie Other. One  made psure/.-tliat; the "dollar  remained  safely ih: that inner pocket.- ���������   ..,'���������;:���������':  ,   "Mebbe  I'd   ought . to::a . give: ..it   to  Ivim," lie. said.- . /"Mebbe he thoughVI'.d  ���������.right to a give  it.   .But������������������" lie went,  on down,the.street. '���������:'��������� .       ���������'">'.'  ,'. After that lie came again and again,,  and, by degrees,, gave his,mariner; of  life to  the man.        -       -������������������ -;���������������.:. ,,..1:  ���������-/'I hain't what yo'.-call, poor; I'm:' a  sm-to' sucaes's . in - my���������my : ;perf&sh.  Make .''bout two ' hundr-e:d:a .mc-nth..  Sometimes I gives" it 'way ;/'mostly'-1:  spends it. S'pose/ I'd'/pter, lay by tf oi>;  a frosty mornin'. But we hain't buUC  tliat. way. ~ Easy; got.;;��������� _.easy.:red '.Qt:  But-, th' stiffs ..hain't .no earthly -.'use.  Wy,;jes' las' night 's I.was goin' cjut  of a restau'rajit wi'th a"overcoatv/ib'  sealskin :jacket on my arm that -had  been laid on.:lop. o.' one of'them. Uftie',  pertetioris, I run right into a 'stiffjf. ..-I-  says to.rnyself/.'Done'fur !'���������-'" .:But ' I  tips my hat an', . 'Beg. yoUr pardon!'  says I/to htm." An'.-he -says���������gruff a.'-,  a bear, 'See h'ere ! You want; to look  where you're a-goin'.' I looked an' I  viit;,.:/',-:.:.,/;-..; ,:/��������� ,'.:/': '.-v. .-:/: - / -/.-. /':/"���������  '.'.'"No,..T'dori',git much fei- 'em. Th'  overcoa.-t was a sure-iiuff sixty- dollar;  but there's" -a resk git-tin' red o' /.such  property.������������������'.-. /An'���������yth'. feller wliaf; takes  mine'gives meronly a few dollars fur  it,an'.fifteen fur th', jacket. ,.That was  worth, a good'three: hundred,' too ! But  us fellers can't set'our prices. ..' '.The  men we deals/. witli hain't throwin'  riioney away, they,"hain't."  , He .wandered " away, and the. .man  went into his house with a shudder upon him as he thought /of the Other One  oii-t'in-the'street.alone: ���������'.'..,-. ������������������'  "No'fambly," he had answered1 ones,  "not now. I/used to have some folks  o' my, own, ,but;tha.t was-a good ,^-hile  ago. : .They .mostly died. T: hain't 's  old 's -you be, but sometimes; I feel a  hundred." / ''  It was:some tirrae before they ,met  aga.i-n. / The.man,began to look for liis  thief, and to feel disappointed1 as day  after day werit by without, bringing  him. He had given tne matter, up as  ai . thing of the past, when they-, m-et  again in tho old way. The man spoke  more than'/usual, but the Other One  was more silent and seemed to . bn  Eittidying. him-carefully. It /was not  pleasant to be thus looked af by one  who professed himself to.be a ; common thief.     At last the thief spoke:  "I wonder how yo' feel���������bein' a man  'mong men ,'s you be. I know what  they say 'bout yo'���������your word's good  your bond. An' I can't help wonderin'  how you feel. I���������I can't never be anything but what I be���������not if I stay here  Mebbe I might git t' be difC'rent if I  was in a new place.���������rubbedit all out 'n  started agin, s'o'mmers where nobody  didn't know." .'Mebbe .South Afriker 'd  be the plaoe fc-r me.; But I'd like to  try your way an' see how it feels. II  thus' sseni good t' be jes' yo'.  "Mebbe havin' that dollar 'round is  ketchin'���������like .measles, ur smallpox.  But I'd like f git my money in some  other way. Mebbe th' thing it buys  ud look batter lo me, ari, taste better,  too. , I do' know what's g-ittin f be th"  matter 'uv me. There was a big  double wateli-chaln right to. my. hand  las' night���������jest' 'give "to me,, 's yo' mighl  say. Sort o' flyin' in ;������h' fate of P.rovi-  dencp not to take it: ,- Buit I coud'n".  I di'i'ri want it. . TVouldn' a' touched  it el' I was to go hungry. Some-th-ln' 's  th' matter. . I never.ought to a kriew-  ed yo'. Been kind o' down in th'  mouth ever since." i-,  Then he wandered off, leaving (the  man to go into his bright home and to  feel again that .wretched'shudder and,  alorng with it, a. sense of duty undone.  This" was a case in which the rector  should have been called. A sickness  of the life needed Its doctor as great as  an .."illness of the body. Perhaps he  Bhould  have  helped  the fellow  away.  We;:^;g;/t'^  |lie'-Burroiiiiding ;-tpw  JD^wliich ;\Y(3 purp(^e;?lie  puri:1ines'':t3ia^^^  ;;;;;-^:Qll^;,(S^(jl5;;;;"  :Biblesyand:/������  ;d eiioniinatip iis>'S";]^  ,to:;;;m'b.e.t^/alM'e^  andj;amgazra|&^  ;;;/;::;;Sp;HoQXjSup:p^  oi^; ;s|p c^embrac;y  (demands/o^pgmm  i^gyO'ffic;^:;;and^  wfe5;daury;%o^ei^^  0 eilings,;t Borders ;'au d fi) e coratio ixs.; ;; / Oii|;  ^ti^ck;' J^i.':.;^;;Mi^';Ji ^'K^K^^^^Sv S^:'S^"'"Kc^lS^^^yi':-vS  :;-^/:;;;-y-;;:-.;:/'v/:;MUSrC;^  willbe/GO^  menfcs. in'"aj few-day  To}rs, Faiicj^ China Ware, &c, are also  prominent features of our stock. We aim at  haying the most complete stock itf^-the  Kootenaj^ countiy, so that there will be no.  need of sending* to Toronto or elsewhere for  anything in our lines, as they can be got "from  us at very  :^;:  $7**?  BIowl  Bottles are   bib-,  ok  cess  being as  Pharaohs,  for in ... . . ._   ments  are  depic-fD. ,the Wowing pro-  work just  as  thA,^ _       ,.       ���������   chine made bottle the . BgypUan  monu-  ���������___.ed  glass-blo^vers  , at  UrltiH-i, M.ey  work  today.   Ma,  ������     ���������.*.    T,..ii- x. is are molded.  In   the British     -  books that are pr^(Ulm 111)rliry. ���������  color,   those   that  red and those ('���������'  ere blue.        , >        ,  1C  UottlOR.  he b  the  time of. the  Museum   library   the  estTi.ted are yellow in  We   offer \ all   lines as   low as they can  possibly lie sold in this country, the expenses,  of living considered.  We solicit orders from the surrounding  towns as well as (radc from the citizens, and  assure all they will get the very best of  treatment.  kL  LW'������.  11U1I5PH  ���������Mi.* wiuin ���������;j,y- ���������-!���������'..  WiMU^lB^i^^^fl^^  miEMMINa REYIEW,  Ss  <?  o  ifTflElRECOS  ^Mpin^  :The.  :Worlc/  is  J'~:r.  Mineralylmprpyihg ..as  :':^"y;,y v;;/":;/'i bVngSPrpgre6sod.y:;://;/-;'::/.;;'/:.  ^:;;T>ThiB'fniiii^i8 noivslupphig regularly  /;/ytw6:c:'rs;bf liighgr>id^^  Hy/the e|u;ality'!isihi proving/jiB;ywprk;;:is  '/y/bMng^deyelq^  /y/fceen, sHipping/fetne/ Dtehyer'^ smelter,  ^/;btit'aro;iateiyfs  I; and GMnt^Th&y"have/!twenty;'mules  /'bringing the/bre'frbnVthe:?inin^ to the  ;/cars// The animals bring from/SOO' /to,  /350 lbs/ each;;maliiug^wo"trips; ayday,'  '''The latest',Mturris;"th68e /of j-'June./the  :/4thfiiet; to rtiie/bimk: 3657 l;lWs:S32d0.03,  y36i|^Llbs; ������3627^38; which/show^ a  ���������'proyement iii;the;;quaii.ty brtlieminer^  iT/T^lujfyMrs':--- Jan 'y: 1 /. t o;'7th' of.-April  '  :;. lo^X: 146,436.lbs., which g  //OzVsilvefaiiillO^  '���������//ore averagedli75!C;oz'3: silver to the ion  :y and;75.7^  ('/, -!^29!duty^irre^ iieti^.pr.oceecls'  L^;/ 'y'Sverei $7yi30.9l!i'or;the;"three:-rn6nths.':' "  if -yy.' -;,:Fronl;:Jtmurry'i9,'il895:tb  ;���������:���������' December.638,025 lbs;, cif/ore were'fship-!  K/Cy:ped; producing 75,5jL2,Miozsi"siiyeriihd  " "''"'"'"; 316J507lbs. of; lea,d^/The ::;silyer;: gave  :.-l ���������'  /CHAPTER ;:1.  :":^'f 225.87; ozs/pcr, ton; and ;;; lead:-per, cent  r^//;;38;40//After.p^  ivy "   ;y;,;;.year^etteci;$45; 310.77. r^^iv^F?  Kyy/D tyring'! /1S96/ th pv. sliipmerits V'wcre  .;���������;:'K842,718'pb'uhds "oKeji  ���������//4iH804.24 bzs.^  0/'jof-leadV: ;! Froir/this :canie''3^.7:2;ozs;: of,  /y'silver!p(3r- 'ton -and 87.72 per beut^^lead;  '���������������������������;-:;;-: After/thcTordi na^  ;/yt!he!year!uetted!^M  ;;"/;!::tIiree;;m^  /;;; of qre;^vere;;shipped,; which   produced;  5W:'li5iy52.i9:bzs;rof:8ilver=''an  / yceht/lead./l he.shipnieiit.-after' charge's:  y' t deducteel netted ,,'S7'2,'261 '.ftf/atid; po w!y as  /,:y;abbye still^atb^siupmOT  /"//���������m'pre/graM^  te-^-  /|y;/;|;|/^  ���������///.//NewKae/b^  y ��������� /Victoria of Buz/McDonald/ a/./ prospec-  /��������� "tor^wheiwais washed pv/eir/the" falls /on:  y/]?cweirriypr!a^fe^ y Powell  ./triyer-is'onHliii iRhiiiiliu^Vopppsite/Tex-1;  };���������/; a'da"island/and -McDonaid andyay.epivi-  y/paniqh/ha!d!b^n//6u':^  ! ���������;/prospecting./' A.shortydistanec;: /aboyc  // the- falls' on/tne^wclLriyor^Mcponald.  ;.. '������������������'/push ed; his; b qat"ou,t 'frpni;yshbre,;;:,witli:  y; the/in t/eritioji of;::;dping;.yspme|V:fishing.  :yThe,riyerrushes's^  :'':.::and'soniethiriggbing;wrp'ng,.-.':.}vithy the  ;;;;;pars"McDqriald>trpyb;:hardy  //of/them-top/fidd^  fc/./eju/rreint'Sv^  y//y seeing/iliat-lie/wsis/;,;unable /t.p,!��������� ��������� liaiidle"  / ..fy^tli'e.'.bpat^ltp'stb  '/;/:'��������� ������verboard cyidently/hopihgyto /swim;  /;';/;:::ashore; ^The^irapid^ircain^-howevori'  //y; bore, hjni away. With, one/cry. ofidispair  ;y;/the,uri fortunate/man 'r went .b very tlie  i/y-yfails'whiA  y ';:������������������: below ^' revealed ������������������tluv'shittteralfragments!  //of/the boatbut'thcniairs body: w.iis not  -���������'.r ,rf eepvereel;-': McDonn I'd': ha d .for- sbniii  ���������''; time worked; on" tho.^l'exada'^islaiid.  .//'mines;; He was anativo/pf NovaScotia;.'  -/and abont,45 j'ears/bi; age. y;    '.r ���������"��������� >:y'i  ./.The. .ehristmas/; jEve/'/that^brou^hty  liai3piness/;to,::;;sb::;nian^;'thbt;san  .homes /brought./to";,liie /nothing .'.more'/.  'than'/,::ay'long, //uncomfbrtable./journey;..  a.i,C. the''iibyeity; of ��������� a/flrst: situatlorii'/rbr/'.  Ziyhad;���������.'.;traveled���������'. trpm/ L/ondbri; to':tbe:';;  laite-tountry; -arid".whe'n,.I:;reached:,'the,  station/at-Ulladale, 'my ;f senses, '���������, were'';;  hjmbed lAvithc'ebld",;and/;,frost.',';/'���������:-  '���������'���������:���������':��������� EviiJently ���������: soriie /mistake , Jiad    been/  niad.e as .'to" the tinie of. tlie trains,. fbr  .'the  'carriage 'i.wh'loli'v:iyiia.d/..; experited::  'would;,j be.; sent: .to; meet- nie'-:had; riot  ���������yet: ari-ived.    The station was /a, small  -orie./ahd there were, few people about:  ;The~ wind ;,wailed .disirially./i-ound , the;,  'building.'; .The';.open/arbhway;: that led;  fi-om/'the'^tatiori;. to/'the'/road (-looked;^  like a /black, yawning abyss..: Any thing,  : was, better -tlian,: remaining tht re,/-. so/I  re;-olved tb/flll up^the tirrie thai::'r-must':  ;.wait- in,;.walking:;. down  theVroad ...that  ledytp'; Ulladale/;:;'In;,'theVvdistarice;; was ;  ,tli'e:!pretty  to\vri,. the/ch^reh-s'piresVpf^^,  .wl ich iStbbdV.outi.tallv/and;1 whiteyJiist;  "as'. I-;rffa.oh,S-d,',the:erid;:bf;the;;:TO  moori came/from,behind tie clouds and  ca'st. a,; s'Hyei^:.Cisie'"am.,.-;byer..'/th'e/';;shbW7.:  .clad; scene, -anil then H,was ./exceeding-:.  ;iy;'.b;eautifui;r:;;;;:;y;./;y^^  ;:;;I'leaned; byer;/the" stile ito ��������� gaze/at/H.;  The/mobnliglit ldssed;-the/white spires,/  the snow-coyered 'meadbws.'/the distant/  houses;/Fromxthfe/bareTiedges andjjthb";  : branches/..of,; the:..;: trees //liuhg;:.great,  icicles j/whierij/glUtered;;^  .The/red "���������berries';shone ::;bn ./.the/hbljy  itreesythe 'ta/lly^rk^rs./stpbd/put'iin a;:  :.martial''^arr'ayy /th'e/sta/rs ;Shone,:iri(,the::  :iM^t'������skyi^y.:r:yyyy'^:y:y::s^yy.y''yr--yy::  y/pii, .be^tlful/ChHstmas: Bye^Spme-:;  thing'stirred���������;in;riiy heart;aiid.;:brbught:':  tears,to;:;rii.y;/'eyes:'^w^  ;gan/tp:r;irig^and;^e;sbft,;;s'^et;bh  came to, irie^aerbsg .the 'sribw.I; thought;  .'bfythe'fh'appyy'hpm  M������i'n;was shining'on,��������� of ,/dey.pted'/hus-/  : bail ds : and ;yylves,:: fond;.', / fathersS;, arid /  ��������� mothers, ..'ih'eiTyf'.'bhildren-^'h^'nie-^iirbmr'  /school,',of:happy, loyei^./'kindly'trierids.:.  ;.':I'/.lookedyup; to the-'slty.'-arid ,I;prayed  /that.Heaven':wpuld -serid/'soriie^brie;/to"  love ine.  /Every, bnefexpeets/a:gift-at/'  'ChrlEitmas^time," arid k.thatV;: was /wliat;  I.asked ;frbiri :Heayeri.';.::That: was; 'my:/  prayer on Christirias/eve; and my/story:  will tell';;hbw^t;,was;;i^^  :;;I;;i-eturned;tb ^he'staitToni/Just- as/the'  hour was;strllbrig, .arid fbundZ/that;'the';  /carriage /: had./arrived during ;-my;-ab-;/  /sence;: /.The icoabhniah: touched.his- hat  as.I/canie' up the 'Platform./jThere was';  rib/other /being/iri/stgtit.  ,wias likea falrmarble: statue; yet wha.t  a/depth of feeling lay in the dark blue  ''eyes':!-';:;.;;;:,:'::^;";./;;:;:;i;,;;v:;- -;:.j^,; .���������..r,:^;/.,.;-:;.;,,A.  / V'Tou liave had ��������� a;'; long, cold journey,  ee.ns  :',lly  ':,,"}r.  /ili  .:';H,;V;'ry;  Hl.Vl  ",;��������� ri e  yreriHed,  "ilici  ���������' ��������� / ^.  .���������,'���������'���������/.' ~   ���������":.  : ''���������"���������'* '���������''  ���������','i..yi'.i.r.-ft.g-  hllibi  ���������-'-!.'.'  ���������".iiii.  -��������������������������� ,'������������������  i'/'.":;  ';'- . b'U".  ''m.'J\. v.'ill  CeVC:!  ,lir<  .;ih;V: v/xii  2 :;���������'!:  :i<i. ttl-C  lis! .';������������������  hi'-yei  ?''!-'' ���������  :,,1"   '.  DOli,  ���������out.&yd  ���������ei'fe  ���������of.', plain.'..black'  (Bilk/-;  inn.  ���������'ioji'e'^ho  !v' 1  j'e'rrifcs  '���������',-��������� '��������� '" -���������'������������������-':-.  ," "i;wiii  not forg^  :���������' it,  in ,'Chr  ���������st'rnas,  if  a.ycry  ,bnt!'':else': in':,  the-  house  dfjes'.'.'.X  cried.  'as;  Mpiaccrd a  spray p-f.  rsd-bei^i-  SHE OAMH-lirr.WITH:;A^,QUIET,  GRAGBVULT  y5:/-"-:./':','- ::;;::"i"- motosient.sy,:;/:;.5.;:v:,S:;:-i::::;-./''"  i$i  '":y:.-:;''Z ^TO'EASTEKN/EEADEESy;:^;,  ;'y:;Wc;purppse;:socuring;:aiargb  '':.;tuency "of readers-for/TnE;:EEyiEw',;'in  ;":ihe''-, Eastern/'..'Prpyinees,^  yStates and Europe,1'and:toalUwelmye  :::'to:say'we7intend;tphia;kb/^  "reliable record of mining; ncwsvinZ" the  /.Kobtpnay, Cpuntry: never publishing/a  yreporturitil we hayetiie best of -fiS.'sbns-  /for believing it to be/reliable und er all  '..xircurnstaiices. -,;I-!eaders .iniis������-:-how-  ' ever,/f.ully;,uiiderstiuid:tliat:-iri,: minirig  there, is no.'.chain of facts, as/in ''vinahy ���������  ".other lilies of indiistry.. /ITbr sinstance,  though a mine turns out.such and such  a quantity/of a certain grade of pre ���������''.today; it is bej'ond human knowledge, to  what the turn put will: be several  ^farther clown,so thatit' i oports'; of-  are not verified on further prose-  l^f work, the public must "not  liz/ove",'' $he projectors' ^contemplated  ^-'wroiig. The genera 1 history is ,how-  ever, that ores improve "as. work progresses though seams -may   widen '.-.'or  ��������� disappear altogether as .work is progressed/and sometimes after disappearing, reappearing   again   after   further  ���������operations.' All we can promise is to  give the facts,in all cases as- they are  attested, and this pur readers one and  all may rely on faithfully,  ci"-  V  -\:,  The Sunrise (Jroup.;  |Among the very valuable properties  i^he.Slocan, the mineral claims "Sunrise1' and "Mascott 3" ;are -destined to;  take a prominent rank.   They   are   in  close   proximity   to    the  ���������celebrated  mines   Slocan   Star  and ' Ruth    immediately    adjacent" ("b    the  /latter.  There is every indication   that   these  properties will,turn: out ..to be one   of  the big paying- dividend mines. '  A very considerable amount of per-  ^/manent   developnientment   work   has  :|?',lreil^y been done oh- these properties  ^^"^ this prior to incorporating;   Re-  IllWy a charter under - British  Coin m-  bifpaws has been obtnined  under the  ti������ of the Sandon Mining and Milling  Co. ^L't'ci.     Vigorous   proseoution   of  development _ will be coritinuecl, to defray   which     a    limited   amount    of  Treasury shares will be sold by   Peter  LecJ.air, of London, who is one. of   the  principal (stockholders) owners.   Parties who are fortunate   enough   in   securing these   shares   will   have   good  , ieasbn to rejoice. !  The carriage for.Miss'Ebrs'tbr,;:from  ;Pllamere,''/.he:: said.: Aiid: a,;'few':;mi  tes/later^I/was/oW my/way/'tp^th^Hall:;  :;-.-It/seemd as!:th6ugh;;the:?St'a.rs:::were;  /iighUng, me:;tq .a-freslrjife,- as, tlibugh'  the'' 'snbw-fringed. '-brariohes-, pf th'e-'tal 1  'frees/;were "beclcohirig/'tbr me;,"/;I/-'felt-a  y-ftri'd;;: sensation/win: "driving :;;!albng  through this'siient1 country "on .Christ-'  :m'a'sVEve'.';.:������ '.'};...'[ ''���������":? /-'y/;:'';:;~'::y./;-t:" .-���������  ;; ;TTie ;mbbn shprie but "with, ;a.:/:Wliiter^;  brighter;iightl  I'saw ;;:th'at //Sve/iwere:  driving ;thrpug-li'a/beautiful; park.'.The;  w:iter: lying ..under i.the trees ;was":com-.  plel/ely /frozen; "-the;:' evergreens.; stood  prit distinct;and ;clear;"/aiid:-lhe 'weirci:  music; of./the' .'/Wind,, as : it .'stirred ;-;the;  .great .trees,-; sounded /as;.-//thoug-h; :������������������ the  ;y"ry:.sp;ir!t".bf-ChvisLmasw'eifb abroad.  .A/sudden   ; curve;- /the" ^ripple ;:'of;a,;  fountain not; j'Ot. frozen, / tlie ;cry : of !ii  'startled: bird, '-. the  deep/bay ing;;:bf;: a  hound, and we were: driving Jiip.'-'a fine  avenue  of'chestnut  treesi'; The/ mbon/  .revealed/ a' nobIe:<;piie;,oif::bunaings. ;ll  see  the-picture .now -aa; .1 saw^it-itlien."  /Uliamere,  was  a- large,,-.handsn'me'-Vre'r  .siaence, built in. the Italian'style,: with.'  cpillarod-porch: and balebny,; and. state-"  ������������������ly\;.wirigs.y A 'lawn sloped down/ tp the"  very/edge  of  the  lake, /: aiid the /park  .lay;; behind..' the.hbuse'.1;: No ruddy; light  shone.-f fom the "windows; all;;was; dark:  ,ari 1 gloomy. /It struck me ya'guely,:'as  ;I stood outside, that the .house 'held a  secret.;   No;: answer'.'came  to  the';'flrst  ring; - the, second .brought an: old grey-TV  haired  man,/;  who"   .opened / the /door  cautiously,-'it  seemed ,to,.:'me.,", in .'the  large,: entrance./ ���������; hall .there    were'   no  evergreens,;/ rip /firelight,/ ��������� rioCmistlefoe  ,brngh,;/only'gloom:and; deep sh'a'dbTv-.s.  A; small' Jarnp .glirnniered;, sornewtiere  in:the' depth's, of tlie,hall. ; I felt chilled.  ".l\nss S'orster,"  said/the butler,  "my  lady is:.expecting/you.    "Will:you step  ithis'.way-?";;:���������-;'''-.'���������.���������;.���������';.'���������..;   '��������� /",      ":,..-..:...;"-'  'He led the way.-to;the, library,'where  a, fire burned in the gTate.and' alighted  lanip stood on -the table.,.; As-for any  s.gn.of Christmas,; I might v.as well  hove loked for roses in December..':    ''  "I will  tell Lady Culmore that  are here,'' vhe said.  He went away,,: leaving ,,/me, alone.  Vv"hat a silent house this -was,! No  sound disturbed.it, not even'the opening.or shutting of a door; and ..the  silence appeared to grow more- and  more intense. It seemed as though  an atmosphere of wrong-doing filled  tiie house. I turned up the lamp. The  light fell on handsome marble busts,  oh well-lined book-cases, on massive  bronze ornaments, on a few choice  pictures.   ,; -'.-.'''���������..'.  presently  the  door opened,  and  the  grey-haired butler    announced   "Lady  Culmore."    I   heard   the   rustle     of   a  silken dress; a; faint; odor,   as -'of...hello-,  trope, was wafted to me.   As I saw her  then  I shall  see  her until I die.. She  came in with a quiet, graceful move-  n-.ent.    Her   dress  was   of crich   ruby  velvet,   while   fine   lace, shrouded -tlie  white    shoulders    and ..the"   rrounded  arms.    Jewels flashed  in  her hair,  on-  her neck, on her arms.\ She was beautiful  as  a  Queen,   and  if  ever  a woman's face told a story, her face did.  I  read" in it   power,' passion,, terrible  repression���������the    outcome    of  an-"'unnatural-life;   I   read . wistfulness   and  fear.    It was, the  loveliest-,    but ."/the:  strangest face I had ever seen. / One  peculiarity  of it ��������� was  that,  when  she  was not speaking or. smiling, her; lips,  became very pale.'  She came to Vie with outstretched,  hands, but without a smile, without,a  eleam of vkBobbw In her eyeij.    Sha  you  ;;Miss;:Forster,";;islie;/said.; "It;'is ./eight  o'clock, .and'we. are just going tp/take  fea/yMrs!."Harper"shall; ^ibw ypu;.tb  : your, roorii,/. and, then"you caih;join/us.";  ," JSCpt^ta'/save;/niy:: life^couldyi'i'haye  -refrained,'; as,;i.":'raised/;my;:eyes,';:,filled  /with; tears/ /to^her^face^/'frbrii^sa^ing:;;;  ''x;;"This;>ls;;riot /riitioh like- Christmas.";  yAridyifJthe. woras^had.;beeri:sb/many;  /barbed; arrows;' that ;i>Iereed'. her. hearty  she" could / not /have.' Started' more; :y It,  "was"fas;/thpugh;:some;;-long-lost;:vplce  had spoken -tocher.'-:/, ���������������������������:������������������;.' ::;y;y-/lyj-^fi,:/:;:;:  .:; ,-,1'Is /it-Christmas ;Eve:V ��������� she"replied.'  :''I;:had:;::fbrgotten';lt.'V-;':.;:;:v:.':".-y:';::;;:;-;;:::y  /; "Youifprgot^lthat^lt'-was/ChTistriiaa;.  ;Eye:?V/I/ /cried^/wbiideririgytb/'-myself  what;,/manner; ijbtf-^/worriari /vthis' /was.  ^���������Wh^'^Iicpntiriuea.'.'lthe^whble"^  reriiembers'/ and" loves "���������Christmas:!''.;;'  /-yavlbved^ltvpnce,"; she":' remarked;. ;/y;;  ^:VAndi/wh^:;iiot,nbw;?";:I;,askbd,;:^ith^  out; /thinking - that/perhaps, nay ; w;prds  were /'abrupt;/;/-;;'"'';;-;;: ">' :y:-''::-;y";i://f'  -,'//'Now/?" /she': answered, ydulIy.y''Oih',/  npw';i^/ciuite-different !V;;She ^looked  confused,  as,.though-.'she'..liardly "'kkeyi:.;  how-, tb; answer, irie.';>:,Th'eri,/;iseeing the:  /.tears/rain; -down;rny/fa.ce,..she /added,;  ^"Tbiismu'st.'/'t^-to'rbe'Vh'a.ppy.'... It was/  kincl: of .you ;tb: come.'; You: iwll iflnd  TJllamere"a: beautiful'plabe, /'but very;  /duil.''>:::.y;;;:;:;;;/'-/ ';;/;;���������/;/'���������..;,/'.v,,-":;/-;'���������:;:;;;��������� y,'  ������������������;: She';'shuddered 'as:' she'������������������:spoke,;' arid -I  ;iibtice'd; tliat;.her ��������� voice /was sweet.and;.  cltaribut-sadly: deficient "in.; the,'sweet  :ilitbnatibns';;,tha.t',:spea-k;;;bfyhope /aiid  ipye.:���������/'Ivbelteve/; that: I';::.;was''./almost  ;frighteried;;.by;-.-heir./-t';;/ iy:yy:y:';:-;<;;":;;-'j  ;1 "'Vjiu.are;::fatigued /wlth^/ypur;;long  ' journey,"'' - "she: said,   seeing,;:-,'that/ my  /tears^stilt -fell:;y'';.".;;;:.;,;:-;/y..";,../,.';:. y.  ::;:^Yes; /but/it/is/ riot/ that,"  I /replied.  "I thought Christmas wasi so bea,utl-  /ful;:in Eriglarid.'^;;/;/���������;;//;":::; ;:.;';'/;/;-;,;::/  : "Sp it is/jishe replied,)arid she clasp-.  ;ed;.her white hands .together.c"But riot  .here���������riot '��������� vhere;.-. we/;forget /it.'-..'It";must:  seem strange to you;!':���������/--''/'-.//.:/; 'y./1;   .���������"������������������  y "I;.:'������������������ had \read,: ;such";beautiful- stories';  of .Chrlstrnas^Bye/in;England���������of the  : holly ./and; nidistietqe,.: and" of Christmas/  decoration.".:' I/reriiesibered;iny prayer.-  at;.the. stile ��������� under,'.;tlfe-;^snow-fringed  ;trtes.-;.'.'y;:;.-:y' ���������;.::;-.,';���������';;;,.'':���������;:;'v:'S;;;'/;.:;:;, ,���������:-'-:���������. r:  ;"I;haye asked for-a/Christmas/gift,'^  :-I: said,/impulsiyely. '.'���������.'; . > !'���������':.". //;/;'';; >:-'.  :'.': "What : haveL you,; .asked. for/?' /she  Inquired;;/y '^;;.':.;il: i-y-y^'y-.:-'^:y /'''.'.'  "I; was:'loolcing.   at    the; blue,   sky,  watching: the;' stars, /and, I -.asked that  Heaven, ���������aa my Christrnas'gift,:might  giye/m.e;some oneto love me." .-  .'.'Sorrie one to love you .!"..she echoed.  Her" face/.flu'shed,:-:''her,; eyes sparkled,;,  , htr,hands trembled. 'Ask for a' sword:  ; to pleroe your heart, for a 'deadly- seir-  pent';.t6;poison.,you, -for'/lightning; to  strike1 you dead,,if you wili; but:never,  ask for any one / to love you^never for  any .one whom you ban love''!" ;'...���������'.;  .Arid .��������� the/next minute she yvas gone.  A. kindly,- cpniely woman, whom'I  knew- afterfard; as Mrs.. Harper,; the  housekeeper,-'-"caane /���������-to;-; me 'ay,,few.  rninutes   later.;': ;/-' :, .���������������������������.':  "Will you go;;to your ropmi miss?"  she asked. "You must' be tired and  .-cold.":,!:";;, ".,;';--y.:/ ."-:."; ;"':.". ���������".:  / Yet,./though the "wintry: wind: had  pierced me, /and the frost had; seized'  my hands, my heart .was colder still;  and: I/longed for the happy, suririy_  France that I/had left;'��������� ��������� /   v  ''We/'went through long winding passages,, Mrs. Harper carried a wax-taper,  which made the darkness seem all the  more profound. The wind ' moaned  fitfully. ; ,,:    /';���������    ' .:'; '���������.���������';.  "What a dreary house I". I cried. Involuntarily. "Why do you not have  it; lighted .?'���������;  "There is no gas nearer thari.ttlla-  dale," she.replied, "and that is quite  five' miles away. Besides, no one cares  abotit having the place lighted up.".  "No one_cares !" I repeated. "What  an extraordinary thing! I, thought  everyone liked to make a house cheerful."'   ���������.-"���������������������������--. . - -.  "All the,gas tliat could be made in  the world would not render this house  cheerful," said i'Mrs. Harper.' "There is  a shadow over it." -  . "The. shadow,of what ?" I asked,  with a pale' face and fast-beating  heart.  "No one. knowrs. I can see the  shadow and feel it, but I can not, tell  what, it is. You are young, Miss Pors-  ter, and you must try to be cheerful.  Do. not let thg.gloom oppress you. That  is  the  bell'for  tea."'    :,- J,.  I looked at my,few plain and simple  dresses., . '   , .  "I am ashamed to go down in one of  these,"   I  said.   "Are  there   any  visitors.?" :  ',-. She laughed a dreary laugh.  "Visitors!" No; they seldom come  hero."- - ,(,-  "But Lady Culmore was.so superbly  dusred !" I cried.- '    "  The     housekeeper .   looked      at   me  /ed. holly....in' my hsUi1 arid' one Mri; the  '��������� bodice^:pt  my; dress/'   -/      :/-:/'  A/ few;niinutes.' afterv.'ard/.I stood at'  ��������� the drawing-room door/with-a,beating  ;heart.',; There was" a/deathvlike"silence  /within;;:the/-wind/was wailing outside,  ���������/ihe;., -shadows i;-were!;;''' deepening-; : and;  .gal.h'ering-; ai/puhd-rh'e. .���������' Ii took courage,',  ;.ep-tried!;''.'the;/dbbr;;:and; found myself; in  a-'magriiflcerit-rbom,;; lofty, arid beauti-:  ;:fullj-:dbcbrated.';The::: ceiling/was! paint-!  ^J   there/; were;   fine,; pictures/   a   few  ;rare-:statues,;'jardinieres' ;filled.y./with  : cpslly ���������.exbtics,. luxurious "furniture; '.-al-.  .together '-::it,._W'as. - a,;, iriost ...charming  ar'artmerit!1;^!;:' was'/lighted :-by: wax-,  .- tapers.;, La'dyifCulmbre was: seated be-  "Sforc;the';>-uddy";fire;y-;;: '/' :',yy" '/..j;;;y  , ."Come: In, ./Miss. .Forster,"; she'^'said.  :-'.Ybuv>iil;be glad to, have: sboiie tea, I  arii/'sUfe.",,':-  .;,;':."/- :V//,-,y. ";".!.':' '..-���������' .:������������������ ':  :  :'K^- cozy, little .table' was', drawn: lb'the  ;^?-'e: a "silver tea-service, with .'cups and-  sriucer's,. of'. Sevres, tchiria,; was   placed  '0P.ri.t::,,.^/.t.pok'-'a.;:'seat;i''-'arid''.:'theri'''La!ay;  'Culinoi-e/forgot/all.about,me. .She .sat  /looking.'������������������.into'.' the,:, fire, .'holding"in  her.  !;white "hand a fan of delicate feathers.;  Kvideritly' she'sa-iv /pictures/ ii-L the. Are!  :y.-h,ieh..I-could.not see',-she.'read stories  /there;'which; i/apuld/not' read/::../!;;%/;r  ;-.''fAfter :a'' shbrtLinterval,-,,a   'servant  /brought "in" a / sllyer:; stand; andkettle,  ;and;placed:: them-'bn;;;the;;tabieL;;: y";  y"Sir;,Rudblph" is/:comirigj";-riiy: lady/',  /slic-'sald;;:/:";"- ''/y-y:://;/;:///:,';:;-;';';'.'-.;y-v/���������  y J'-'had ;,thpughtV/her;::cold.:arid -vvithy  bitt/^mptibn,: :but;/I: 'saW::;riow;"that'!l:  had 7:b!eeii: /mistaken.';;: Her-'f'a/cepcharig-  ;eci.;:.;,T.he../p/ecuI������ar/,Lpa "lips:  ;aisa:ppeare;a;''the'r;'riiask!'as ;of stone !fell';'!  th'?reV/:'vva^s';;/;the;;: flushed,'ypassibriate;?  ;l:ieautifulvface;/of.;a;;tliying,^lbvirig;:;wp-';  ;AP?,?-'.'.'. -I/rib tk;e(l / that -she/ placed/;; brie;  .''liand' over ;hei;:heart!"/.as though ;.she::  /!w;^u^ -^l!.l'!lts! beating!-;/;ii'liaye;-never  ,sf eii. stich, painysuch: passion,/such;/In-!  /tensity-of .ibriging/jn anythuriian'-eyes!  ;as/T;read 'iri:'hers;:'"!;;'::::/: y/;;;/;/'1;:-':'';";:/"':'  y-Again;the; door;bpenfedyand 'Sir :Rii--:  ,dc!iih:;eritered.;; i/forgbt-at:first.tb iook;  at;hiin^div.the.wonder!!;felti'at her; The'.  'agpny:'lh''tlie,>eyes:of;a'.:f'rig.hteiied: bird  when .-the ,sria/ke;;first;-,/fixes'!:it; would;  give .'/a-::!f ain't .idea -!."of/'the lexpressieiri./in-  hers;: yet//in! tliem/ishone -a:/gleam;:;pf /  ioye--un,utterable,: despairing iove;;But,,'  wheri::he,spoke, ,;i.;.looked ,at'him.-.He,  .was/riot .a model^ :bf,;manly:,beaUty; but  'he.:'.Had/ia.'-;. face,/that,-^������������������p.ne'er'iseeri,:', could -  nov.erj.be fo"rgbtteri.,/."He/!was, tall, with:  theVei-ect^figUrey'/the/fbrbad^/shouldersr"  the^niuseular/jlimbs'i.th&fdistiriguisli-a  true'-Englishman; '"-The.  chief,'charnis  white arm |o him, and showed iiim this  -little,., red-.'mark.ca.iised  by, the  broken  gbid.1;: Tri' doing '..so' her hand.'.. touched  him,;  It was .'accidental;'-1/ believe;;' but  I. shay Jnevxir: forget the 'incident.    It  wag, oyer;: in ."-ay mbnierit;;  but, 'while  that .rnbmerit lasted, the scene' wa^J 'ter-;  rible. ..; His  face, changed, ��������� fiprce!anger  llaniGd; from  his, eyes.,:!' He������������������',sh&pk'. the,  white hand from him as though it had-  been- ;a-~viper. '/",.    '���������/ ',;.������������������������������������: -.'," '���������,.,      -,'������������������;������������������' :  "���������������������������: "You* forget!"   he .'-'/cried: in'-.a .voice  so cold and ; hard ;/that I recognized it  with .difficulty';/ arid,; shuddering,;'white,',  trembling: -: she ^shrank: away '���������.^frbm liim./'  ../"Good-riight,'Miss irbrs.ter,". said Sir  Rudolph,   abruptly; '"I .hope, you' will  niake; yourself/as happy,as ypu,can.",. -  ; He" was  gone .be-fore- I; had' time 'tp  reply!'':,-:;; -"v./.; ;;���������"::" yyyy ''/:;'������������������'..^:.      yf;-':  -1 /Lady'/Culniore :stood. .quite, .still for a  fewriipmerits;;,, then/ she-tore . the,jew-  :!eis':frbrii"her hair, from;her. neck,-from  her /ar.msy and: dashed^therii  upon-the .  :;gro;urid."y ���������'/.::';.".:-;:.:;;��������� .'..'.������������������:-."-.,y'::-.:'--!!-..'':;;'':-:   ;���������:  : ,,, "Arri-,";l  so  hateful, '/so /'horrible,-'.'   she  scried,   "that ::he 'yvill.'not-, look .at ,/me,  that I.may/ribt tpucli-him? Oh, heaven,  am I so/hateful,; so loathsomeasythat?"  Suddenly '/'.she .remembered  my;,-presenter aiid, looked; at me with -.a: /.wild,  passionate ./despair   that 'touched,,'iriy  very "heart. :;I,: went /'to.vpick, up/ the  ���������'' ���������: ��������� -'([LJ-MITib'^f ABllilTY.)!!;'-;/ /��������� ���������  /; SIIJS.-KKGAlipED-MB. GBITIOALliY. ���������.... k ;:  ���������beautiful geiris/strewn upon tlie ground.  I laid /them,:,, a -glittering,//niagriific'e'nt  riiass,: pri: the;table. Slip .cam"e.;up;:to  ,theni:;with:s a/ha'if-shamed "f ace:;, /:���������-/���������/;  :.;'.::"How:.; passionate. T/'am, /Miss ;Fors-'  ter!!'; she -said/ 'y'What -can you-/ think  ���������pfijirie,?//:;-/;^-/;,^  -/"I'have-, liad no time to .think,: at -all  'yet';'*!! i!.repiied.: ���������:;:;��������� -;;.,.-;;;;,/;/.;./;-;':-: :"y:/  ���������;' Then /she-.wa/lked. to one of .the large  .mirrors; .arid/stobd before: it for! some  iriiriutes.in, silence/::'':,'":/:: -���������;.'���������... ���������;',v'-','.. ':./"/���������/  .'-"Misa/.Fbrster, e'ome /here,", she. sa.id,:  after she^^ had��������� .'"looked//lprig'^ -arid,! earrir  estly- at/ herself. / :. -; :/ f:":';:',:/.' -::.;./:":;;;/ /:;,;  ;-T -went: to her,rand we stood side by  side. /She "regarded//me critically. ; "/��������� ���������;  ';/','!Ypu 'are/beautiful;''.-she said,���������������������������slowly..  "You! are dark;.; as tlie/ daughters ./of  sunny .-Spain, -and :.,ypurr: eyes.;are//like  dusky;/velyet���������rib, they. are .'ilk'e' .'purple.  |heart's-ease';.:but/ybu are ript'so/beau-'  ,tif ul'/, as ;, I arn.".; ! She.; ..turned;:. to .trie  fiercely arid clutched'my. hands/: '/"Tell  me," she cried-���������"y,ou have /had', tinie 'to  'judge/-tell; :-me���������aril.' -I ./not; a/'/wbma/ri.  whom "any riian could -love?":' -yy - /  /! .'!Yes,''';i/]fephed;;.quickly',: half. fright^-'  eried by" her /strange, nianner, ::;;..:/ /  /./"Look;/at; riiy/:arm,",; she /continued.:  :"If - any,/other, iirian^had/b/een: in -his;  place,/he/wbuid!/.haye. kissed':it; and/lie  flung .it"frorii:hini!":::y;i /;';/���������/: y'"'y- ���������::.:,���������-'  ;;I -liad/no;; tinie: to" answer.'The;, foot-  marl/'canie in to:clear,;;the table, arid  I "went .back-to "riiy/ rob ni;'///:';;///;";:;;";:  /.;  To be continued next", week.    ! ' !��������� Z'  AGAI:; ;TIIED0Oll   OPENiD,: ASD  SIlt'KU-.  v'// /;' /   /doijpii enter.;!)/; : -���������������������������//,  of. his face lay in his mouth ariclteyes.  The mouth was tender, proud-and\firm,,  its graceful lines unhidden :by,:the/6fark  musta:ehe.' I> could never describe /Abe  beauty,/the  power  arid ..tlie ,.pathos/S^  his-eyes./.W'hen; they; looked: at .meT'  they /.were, /kindly, i clear'/ and   bright;  when; they, fell on Ladj'/Culmpre's face,  I. read' aversion and fear' in them/  /Sir. .Rudolph,' held'-, out .his ������������������ hand  and  ba'd.o/'nie..-; welcome :.'������������������'to ������������������TJllamere.    His  greeting /was; a -th'busand, times ..more  kindly-than;ljady Culmbre's had been.  [He ;Eaid-'that/;"lie'/'hoped  I! should: riot  fincl it dull-^that.he/spent his own time  in"; reading,; boating/ fishing; arid!rambling -oyer .the  hills.-. Arid; all "tlie  time  he /spoke.: his/.wife's '/eyes  were   fixed  on him: with - the ���������: look of: "a frightened  bird../ ,.!':'���������������������������:/,'-"/���������-;;'";:'' ;.-, !/-y/^: ' /. :' -.  . We/ sat: down, and if-ever/there was  a study these two,; hUsband arid wife,  'presented' one.'-'i;...see 'the: whole scene ���������'  so plainly���������the rii'agnificent room, with  the pale clear!, light/from'-.- the wax ta- -  ���������pers, the glpw'!pf the' fire as it' fell-on!  the pictures'.arid ^statues,, the bloom.and  fragrance ..of.-, the; hothouse' -flowers. '���������'���������'- I  shall   never/forget   how'  the. firelight  fell on ��������� .-the-.rich  dress, arid /jewels/the  fair.! hair., -and- beautiful  face :of Lady.  C ulmore, ! and... on! the   dark" head  and  "noble   face /of .Sir  Rudolph. /Had   she  donricd the rich robe and gems to please  Sir Rudolph?   If so, it was indeed labor  in vain.    After the first half-shrinking,  look' his   eyes   were   carefully  averted'  from her.    I could see, that plainly.  It  was! not  careless - indifference;   it  was  that ho would-not look at her.    When  he   spoke   to   me- his. eyes   met   minfe.  with a frank, open expression.   If Lady  Culmore addressed him, they were studiously fixed  on anything'but her.  As tea proceeded,  the wonder to 'me  grew greater. , When, Sir Rudolph addressed  his wife he seemed quite unconscious of. the  constraint  and coldness  that, came,into his voice,  as she  seemed quite unconseious of the pleading   that  came  into  hers.    There . was  no   attempt' at   conversation   between  them.    I   could   not! say  that  Sir  Rudolph   was .wanting   in   civility  or  attention   to   the   beautiful   woman  who  looked   at/him   with.  such, passionate,  entreating,   love-lit   eyes;   but/.he  did  only just what was needful���������no more.  There   was   more   below   the   surface,  unless I was greatly mistaken.   I read  shrinking    aversion,    something-,   more  than diplike���������loathing even-on, his part;  on   hers,   love  thyt  was: painful in  its  passionate entvca.t;,-.    Altogether I felt  that I was in ait-'atiuost-hcro of mystery.    The gloom  of the house,  the "silence   that     reijy.ed   in   the   splendid  rooms,   the  curious  ;-.?rect of husband'  and   wife,, all   confirir.-el-'tho   idea.  One little incident ������;;-,; rcssed rne  much. Lady Culmore \v.-,-o a very  handsome diamond brace..'., the gold  'of the; setting of ono of tho stone's  was 'slightly damaged, and ir.-.-.l her  arm. She raised it suddenly with a  little cry of pain, and went over to  her husband.  "Rudolph," she said, ';'\vlll you sot- tn  this bracelet for me?" 'And she looked  at'him with eyes so full of love Unit  my wonder was that he did not cm-  brace her on the spot and kiss the  lovely pleading face. '  She held out her beautifully rounded  /'.Tiist About iTrainji.-'.'  ��������� Ferry���������Ii you will.  'take a  bath ! I'll  give you :a 'dollar.    Wayworn Watson  ;���������A.   dollar /wouldn't pay : fer " me  ftin-  .eraii^Cincinnati. Bhq.uireiv; .'  ; Workhouse ' Wi'Hie���������Make: any. good  resrelushuns db furst of f /year,' Pete?  Perambulating:Pete���������Yep.. I ain't goiri',  ter -woi-k no- more.���������Philadelphia North-  American.'���������'// -.- ':':;: '.,!���������'        ,/-.'-  First. -Hobo .(bitterly)���������They '-/t#Jk':- of  passing wiaw',-: to1, make everybody  .wash.'. Second Hobo/,,(more./bitterly).���������-  They tlrfnk they-oan"compel us: to git  off the^eartli.-^Petrpit Journal.- !  SsSi^riia-l Dawson���������i: got a good notion  to. make faces at: de first copper comin'  ���������along and g.tmesetf in jail. Everett  Wrest���������Don't you dp-it... Break a winder--. You make' faces at. de cop and  you'll git, yer head -knocked in.^-Indi-  anapolis Journal.'/'/ y:'.';/���������: ���������'..'"; ������������������'  ://"E,f I wuzter go in ez a'perfessliunal,  man,", reariarked '���������'- Jleand eririg. Mike,  thoughtfully,,."I believe I'd rather.be  .a/pick-pocke-t/thanaburgiar.'.':: "I don't  sea's .'it-;makes' hiucli difference," replied /Plodding P,ete;:y.both.-of .'em  m^eians work.",. "Yes, but a burglar liez  ter change, arbun':in a lonesome fashion  an', operate," while folks' is downtown  seein'.-.de sights'"an', enjoyirideirselfs.  A- pickpocket caai sorter, cpmbine business wid pleasure. "-^Washington Star.  .;        ;���������-���������' ,T!ioy,. ah, i><;. /-.'./ /-/,./  -/E-.G-.   Wiswell   has   been" appointed  agent in//Brandbri:;for "the; cbleliratod  ROSSLAlsD '&,'',TEA'1IJ-. 'CrtEEK::',jriN^  I^G,, GliODP,/ incorporated/ under tb!b,  above title, which consists of; the/foliow-  irig. well-knotni jn'opertie's:'������������������ ������������������'.-���������"   ������������������' .,!: /,/'  !/Tne/   ISLANIi/^EI^Ie,; " GOIiDEN  CROWN,'/ KOBEItT" :ERUCE, /;FREE  SILVER, ;SOUTIliilPTON: and EMiU  'A-;!:/'y.;;./;;//y'::y;:i;;!/:!;/;^!."//;-���������/:'y!;/';'.-.  ���������'���������. All bfjvliicli!belong:to^/'the'. Rossland  (Sit^rairCreek; Miriiug/Coy/making! a  strong ;ebmpaiiy/ asallttifc; pi'opbrtyvhas  ljeeniully paicl'for and several thousand!  dollars yybrtli!ipf''i'oausiand!; development  Ayork:done, wliicli Was:alsb' paid   for"by  the;promoters.,-Tlie Company; aid' not  offer bnesbare ofstock! for "sale,  till it  >vas'satisfied-that;/.tliey' liad!'sufficient'  sbpTOnjj/.to   secure !/a| .shipping!/inine-  winch/fact'is now .'assured -as-.tliey/'have  ripwcbmpleted,.fifty   feet of shaft"' wo>J<r  ;.ori the.Grblden Crown', which'/slibvvs.u^k  splen;did;body of ores/and 'the/msnlige-  ment will now; Cbmmence   running'���������!"��������� the  .working,tuniiel^whicn^wili ;tap the vein  ata, lo^r level;! and the/ best of experts  of the!cariip;;:predict:/that;:jtiie;./!G-bldeii;.  Crown will/sopn'.'be.'a-'shippjpgiminV.!;;-.-:.^.!;  / /There has also,. beeri!a' crosscut "made  bn!the I?iand/: Belle; to batchy the/lead  froui' theSbutliBend/wlrich/now shbvys!  up the:ishirid;B'olie!sufliciPntly/tb/ push  fur'tlier development! with; almosty/posi-  tivo:;,assurance; of -getting!; aysbipjiing  JiiiiieJ/,:/;/ !;/;./'/������������������:.:/!;/vi"''/-';-//,1^'"////:'''/:1  /The 13 bleieriCi-own/'lslarid! /; Bene .'and!  /RobbrtBruce/are adjoiniiig,/claiins!; arid  a^e/separated froiri/the Jpther;;/ three by;  the;South Bend, ;Gk>ld ; Dpllary/and !!A1-:  !^i"y-"/'Tlie'^4s^:f''������"i :the;/.Dea/d\ypbdii  \yiiicH:acijbins the,&plclen/"Crbwn/bn:the:  west,; arid!: whicli/is,pwried byG.W;!Callig!:  lian," -the.--well-known5 uiming/,/bxpei't.::  i'tuis clear a-oross/theRobert./Bruce'i'and  pne/pf!!tlie/ledges;frbm/the" South /Bericl  ."through the::F^  lias, tlie ������������������'���������; Albariyy! ledge//wh ich/, can!/Be!  traced:to;tlieTniperiaf/ arid;G.!R. Sover-  !bign'riiiries,;ahd'/;tliere!is a/gpocl/ surface  showing orithe- Southrtnipton/// y!//!://':!  '.,.'��������� All six of these .claims are hi this brie;  Cbmpan3';an;d;pui''chaser3'o!fstpbk.get-an  interest:,in,.all/whichj/;takeii'.;,in!tpy  ;sideraiibn;: with the/fact ��������� /tiiafc/ ;the;- Cbiri-'  p;any;is:only!stbcked for !S!l,Opb,p0!0!!vyitli'  $250,000 as treasury/stock!; tb; be !used for:  dev^lppmerity'makes/ brie/of/^they best'  buys'bver;on^red;to;thp/^ublic/.yl'/  PXCIOTIBS^-FOR'/jIINIn'O: "'���������/ASJj'./ThANSPpR'rA-!  ,.���������,,,,, TO, INVESl-OBS...       ,,  :^e,;!l���������nld:/say/;t!h^/"Sr4^ter^bin^  wbqtlier^'nbt'they'should5^^  capital; in thisv Cbmpaey'&^tocic/theyi//  should consider!:././':���������'"./-.-;.'.' .'.Z/y:';'/!/!-y -,/:>���������::/  ,; CJ) The!riuniber:bf^ro:perties","extent:"':''  !ef '^������^."-'.';ltnd.n������mber::of!leads!to';bb/!/  .���������"'^^dy ^"J'ing!stock!!.in:this/QompV-'y  any.with its/six l/ullclaims at;10 cents, -/:-/  is /like .buyin^in'! west; bth^r, "comp'-^v-!'  ."105y���������}ii<ihl]^ye only;bne cJa!iiri; at;a;'f  littlevbetter.tllan';ejne cent;arid'' ahal������/!y  ; :;(2) Thecpnyciiibnce o/!situatibri antl"-''  the excellent ^cilities/fbfimining'aiid/y  .transportatibnv ��������� "���������:':-V'/-;::''/":-;:-'y:,//,'i /!/////:  t:P)^i fact:that tliefprbnioters haye,-!,;;'  not"be(in;;dopendent/upbn! the!sale-bf/,//  Treasury;Stoclv; to . begin; deyelopment'//;  '^Clr?f?;. ^u k have,' before/ pfTering'.; 'stock'"' y"  for sale;/ perfbrm'ed!: sufficibnt!work t%:?/:  dempnstratethat-they/naye every,pros-//-:;/  -pect; Of! gettinga shipping; mine.'///':/;,/<''^  /(4) ;The/lngh;standing!bf! its/officdrs/;-' ^  Tiie.Gffieer^are';^,:; ///���������/./:/^//.,:-;!u.7-y'/;!//;  Fires.���������a!ngus;#; Youjstg, f-'-y'c;'.: ���������/'/////-/:/  ,'"'������������������ !'.:���������!'';'/"' ;/ S,eattlp,;Wa8h/",,--.���������/,/;;;;/;//;/-'!;  Mgr.~Ex^rAYoi?!;H; White/ -- yi'-'yJ///'y  /v   of.S������attle,'nowPf;Eosrland/// //;  Supt;���������M,;A/Giiekst^:;!;..��������� /'!;/-,!! '^t't'tt'^  ���������!';;!'//!       .'''���������"'.;,' ..Bbs^larid."/ .!���������''���������!���������!!/-'/;/!/;//'���������/:)  Calf and see  map  of Property "^nd;,//!;  learn/;particulars :pf;Cpinpany.:/Stbok:-/;-^  iii this^Coinpanyis bound, to-make,you-!//;^  money.';-/���������/;//::/'/; /yZ/'yy.;/:/ ///y./-':-���������-;',;���������/":  -./ :'- (���������'''/../'���������'���������^.STABJC'ISliED' IN;:i^*,':^V'i^::';i/iy:r  TNCpjiP'onAran'rBY Uox^l.OiiA^^^iSio/;:.  y-tf-y  Mm������  y,; -:- y;:,^:-:;:|  ;;/,6*;-  Paid-iip/Capitai.';.  R-eserve/Eurid..;/./  /.^.S4,866,666/i  !':^Sl;o3S,333/  ;//. .; LbNDOX-OFPrOE^' Clementsl^ane,-^:/::-  ::/:; ;.;, .;,,-/;: l,ombai-d 'Street; E. O../.y^'.w'v- o:  W/! y!:;/;.cquiti/OF !DiRECT6Bs.'!/i/;!-,/;/j!//  J/.H/Bi-bdie/:'/..;-/':/:'-:--.:i/'V<E.:'A;H>)OTe::;y/!::!J;/  John James Cater ' ; ��������� - H. J/'"B.:Kendall //i/  Gasparrl Farrer ./.:.; '���������'.��������� ;" X J. Kiiigslbrd':/-/;':  Honry R. Fnrrer., Frederic Lubbock-/:  RichardH.;Glyn'     / Geo.'D. -Whatmari:/  y., ;,;.'-:-,-.;;Secretar^-A.. G: Wallis.:v/'  ;:'/*-": /  !;;;/;;//,yyl/;//.://!?^  -.-/For. convenience/of location for mining  find sliippirig purppse'Sj/these'; properties  cannptbe'surpassfcU;/; Tliereis au/abun-'  dancb.of timber, and/Lfike' Creek/which  runs from tho./"su'mmifcof the //mountain,  to Trail; Creekand. passes,.' .-these/.eladnis,  proyidesabountifulstipply of ;iyater. / / ������������������'.;  !.,!';.-/���������//:���������;-���������-;/'://toxxkls/;/' -!!'!/"/"-^''':'7"'r  ,;... There are. splendid'.! opportunities for  ���������tunnelling and it is the intention of tlie  Company, "shortly,':'to/tun a", tunnel, to  patch the lead upon'.which/ /the /work is  now .being done, 'thus'/ cheapening,: the  cost of :iriinmg.- The; property heswith^!  ift'abput:three.;'iriiles/of the Trail' shielt-  er. ; The ���������/'Columbia/A''Western. .Railway,  wi^iri/one claim ancl a/half (about, 1,700  Head Office :in! Canada���������St; James St;// "'-  y/.yy/yy/-- /Montreal.;-       ;:A::::;.:-//^:;/.:/../  /-: //lit; STnCEJtAK. Generiifjfariager. ���������Hyi-'.:;'  ..,,,,,,-//;, J,Et3tstr, in spector;,--// ;/;/:���������/:;::;//  /:'.::,//;BRANCHES.JN,CANADA./y!^//:/':!:!'  ;Lpndon //':;" y Kiilgstbii/ : Haliiax. -N-'S;/���������;���������-  Bnintfordy/// :Ottawa     - ,-Rossland; B; C.---  -Paris-.-. ;,:/.,,/.Montreal::/Sandon;.B.:c./-:;  Hamilton/   y   Quebec    / :/Victoria"B/C/'--:  Torontp;,;://.;  ai.John,N.B.Vancouver.B.C.:';  Fredoncton .N".B.AVInnipeg. /-Brandoii,: Man." :-.-?���������  >yy:y,y::.Kasio,:B. 0/-:;Traii;-B;,c. ���������'// .���������������������������'.,'-,.-���������;'ty'  : AGENTS' IKr, THE UNITED STATES; ETC. / /  'T'-New^.Yo'rk^B'J'.-Wail Street^WV IiaWsbrixfe /  .1.-O./Welsh;.���������/,.'.'���������,-:.-.'/:, ' ' ./---'fi,.:. -,.,- ":/���������::/'/���������' /"-.'.���������/.���������  y:Sith Franeiscb-^-121:Saiisohi St.���������H.: M.'-i;/;-  McMiehael'imdJ/R. Ambrose; - "��������� '/ ':-,���������/.-;  . London;Bankers���������The Bank: of England��������� '  Messrs.-.Glyn'&Co.---- ��������� ������������������'-:���������-. ���������';---;--/'.:,-/K-:-::y";.----/���������  / Foveitrn Agents���������Liverpool���������Bank of Liver-'.  popl. ,.Seotland--iSTatldnaI Bank.ol Scotland,/;;  Limited, -and';branches.-���������"rreianrt-���������,'Bro-A-  yiucIal-TBank "Of/Ireland-/'-/Limlteu'iyand^-;  branches;/-iNational: Bank//Limited^/and^:::���������  bi-anehes;,:r Anslvalta���������TJnlou Bank'Ol - A'ust^:y  ralia, 'Limited::.;-New1' Zealand���������Union Bariki,.:  of;Australia,:/Liihited.,, India,.-Glilna/and.'/:..  Japan���������Mercaulile Bank of India, Limited ;.:/;:  Agra Bank; Limited. "AVestlirdies���������Colonial ���������:-.'  Bank. ��������� 'Paris���������Messrs. Marctiard,.'Krauss, et.���������;.-.���������  Oie.v. Lyons-^Credlt Lyorinals..; ';:;//;���������':;..:::;  /"/ !//// ������������������'", ������������������' GEORGE'KYDt), Manager/:/'/;!;  /' !���������' '.!,!'!-���������;"////'/"i':! /'/::��������� ,-... /'.:���������',-'���������'Sandon,'B; C./y  /;Sy;:vf!>Sil  ������  *?'&���������'���������.  She���������Well,' how  by this time?  He���������Oh, I'm just  do  you like  cycling  tum'bline: to it.  Tribute to   :i  ^Iotlt-I V.'.ifo.  "I :want a death'certifiipate!", said an  .excited individual, ., rushing into tlie  health office yesterday afternoon. He  grot it and was a-sked for the-customary  dollar. ���������',-,.-  "Whafs that?" he exclaimed, looking surprised.  "I'll", give-you "50 cents."  "It'll never , do,'.' said Secretary  Combs, nodding his head.- "Couldn't  tako   a   penny   less."  "Well, here's the dollar," . declared  the mail. "I wouldn't have had her  die for five. She was a model wife."������������������  Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Itnnois:i)iiu'p oftlu': I>ull Thud.  ,'Taie dull thud." said. Mir. Flatdwel-  ler, "may have disappeared in a grrea,t  measure in literature, ibut it is not  lost; it may.be hear^l now in the modern steam pipes, where often it comes  down with a great jounce. But ,it  doesn't- appear to hurt itself, for often  you can hear it cihuckling to itself for  as much as fifteen minutes afterward.  "The sickening thud we no longer  hear of anywhere; it has been carried  off  very likely by itself."   .  Sjm.'i* O-at of Tuno.  ,T,lia new English primate, Dr. Tern--  pic, onco entered an Bast End church  while a mission service was being held,  and standing.in a back pew, joined in  tho singing of a Moody and Sankey  hymn. Next to him stood a working*  man, .who was singing- lustily iii tune.  Tiho workingman stood, the dissonance  lis long as he could, and then, nudging the bisliop, said, in a whisper:  "Here, dry up, mister, you're spoiling  the stiow!"���������San Francisco Wave.  feefei from the/present;,works, 'all: clown  graefe, tHus''affording unequalled' facilities for .conveying/ores to the; oars,'./aiid  thence.to the; smelter./ There'., also is a  movement, on footto erecta smelter on  the R. E. Lee or ITaid ! of Erin.". groimdsj  whicli.; are /iii close 'proximity to- !th!e.  property. .Should .this! be effected, the  ore can be. treated at the very, lowest'  possible cost. This'.will, admit/ of/the  treatment oflo w grade ores,/ which heretofore has beei-i impossible. ,/;;..  ���������: / .���������'���������-."      ,. 50,000 -shaiies . -.. -::.':'!;-��������� "���������"���������'  /Of the Treasury. Stoclc-is'now..offereel  for sale at the very low^ri'ioe of   ���������/'���������'' ".  ���������ten- cisyTsi'Eii, sn^ijE,������������������;       y  to provide funds to pay the . costs , connected with continuing of,development  after completion of. the- now existing  contracts.'" .'���������'<.-.;������������������'  . The Capital Stock of the Companj' is  ������1,000.000, divided into 1,000.000 ' shares  of the par value of $1.00 eaah, of which  250,000 has been plaio.d as Treasury  Stock.  . .Regarding the present famous and  the untold future possibilities of the  Trail Creek Camp, so much has been  said and written that it is needless to  make any more than a passing rqfereiuce.  Kossland, the great and growing business centre, has been styled the "Bull's  Kye pf America." It might''well be  called.the Buli:s . Eye of the World. It  attracts the -minor and the capitalist,  the business man and the laborer from  all parts. , '  The vast number of mines -and prospective mines with which, on every  hand it is surrounded, makes Rossland  to-day one of the' most talked ,;*f and  universally admired spots on Earth.  As i\ field for profitable and safe investment the Trail Creek Camp stands  without a rival. One year ago there  were -but two shipping mines; now  there arc tweKty, and everything else  has increased in proportion.  We have every reason to believe  Hint, under the excellent management,  judging by the business-like manner  in which everything in connection  with this Company has been executed,  within one year the Uosslund & Trail  Creek Mining Company's property will  stand high among the producing  mines of the District. '  JB|0M  -,' Incorporated riy.Hoyal'Charter 1SG2.'/'!,././  Capital (with power to increase)': /....$2,920,6oo-:/::  Reserve,...;,.....:.....;......",.;.-:....:;... ;$-!SG,606:-  Head Office:���������fibLomburd St.,!Londori,Eng.;/:  ; ���������// ���������.//���������- bra!nches :.; ���������! ������������������;../;;-/ //,v!!-!/-!;  Iu British Columbia:���������Viclbria/ Vancouver.:-:  Xew "Westminster, Nanalmo, Kamloops; /  ,/ /NELSON, KASLO and SAJSTDOK" (SloeiUi/  /;: district).- ��������� : yy,/���������,-,/-;.;,-';-;,//: ���������: y/r  In the United Slates :-f-San Prari'ciscb and"/  /.Portland.; /;    . "     -.".-." .;..   //"/:-:;/-.   ���������::;./-  - AGENTS AND.CORRESPONDENTS: ,ci  Can aba :-rCariadian / Bank; of:. Comraeroe,  Merchants BiiDk of Canada.the MoisonsBank,;;  Imperial Bank of Canada and Bank ot Nova  Scotia.   United ���������-���������tates:���������Canadian Bank of :  Commerce (Aseney), New .York���������;- Bank, of  Nova Scotia, Chicapco.   The'London and San '  Francisco  Bank,   Limited,-   Tacoma.-    Tho ;  Puget Sound NalioiiaL Bank,   Seattle.   The,  Exchange:National Bank, Spokane., AtrST-":  n alia ax d New Zeat, ajn-d . :^-Bank of: Aust- ���������'  ralasia.'. Hoxol-ulit :���������Bishop <fc. Co,,';:..',:.;:: ���������;������������������  ;.'.���������,!'/���������' : HENRY F. MY<TTON,^raiiager// ;/:  Sandon, Branch; ���������'".  ���������":^;  Railway'  '-//wSi'  And Soo Pacific.  The MostDirect Roiite to allPoints in  '.��������� .Canada, United States and Europe.. ���������  /:'   DAILY SERVICE;; .:--;  Baggage chc.ked-- through to destination  without change.  iH^Tlie -Only Line  operating tourist cars to Toronto, Montreal  -. and Boston without, change, also through  cars in St. Paul daily.  Luxurious   Sleepei's   and  Magnificent  Dining-Cars on all Trains.  Trains leave Sandou 11 o'clock, daili, connections with steamers for the north,  except Monday; and south daily,  except Sunday*,.  Call on nearest C. P. R. a������eut for further  particulars, it will save you tune and money.  A.   C  McARTHUR,   assent,   Sandon;  H. M.' Macgregor,   traveling passenger  ���������   agent, Nelson ; Geo.McL.Brown, district  passenger agent, Vancouver.  i  Every Style and kind  done in/the most  Artistic Manner....  The Mining Review.  ^f^p^rj^r^^j^zJ'rzzz3  mmmmmmgmmm^B$mmamig$; '&  . *Zi  *4=:;  m  HE mMMQ REVIEW;  !:/..^v;,,;  y^/'!  MOUNTAIN "ECHOES.  The stock of the'Reco is now ejuoted  ;at ?2.50 per sharp.'-;      " ',-,'������������������'  :, 'The rush of people to the Fort Steele  '-section.' has   created   a'   lack;-of. provisions;' -, /-:'-': '-   ,';  Ave:  and  Shipping from tho  mehcecV'.'.-.nJ - is likely  briskly.'  Arho hits eom-  to be-continued  ,/. Workiiigmen are grading jjieco,  .,.,!.iiic.������ly for'tlic riie������.-QiV the 23rJ,.''  . .general purposes,       y ; '    "'���������</  !������������������''-. ,A'.meeting of, the  Kootenay Mining  Protective Association i.sbeing:heltl at  -..- -.Rossland to-day.     '//;,'::  ;",:' S.-indon-hasjiistn-eason to feel.pr'ou.t]  of its'hotels'. , No town in Canada; of it.s  age or size has better.      ,  , .The body of foreman Oiilis.-whowns.  killed in asnOwslide at the Ibex  mine  '���������������������������   last winter; has been found and sen*, to  Port Artbiiiyi'or burial.-        :! ,,  /    Ibis siiiil Capt. Thompsoivvyho owns  - the Auditorium claims;   adjoining/^ju"  Payne 'group.������ will ..comnice, deviifop  :��������������������������� -: nienl work ihla few.days,  ',. ;.  The (own! is at the .presents .time'  1 very'active in the building, line. There  "' -are lii'lccn new' business and dwellings  :   under course of erection.  ;     '-The Aygo. is milking its ..first shipment of 15 tons  of ore! this week',  to  :Kiislo.   'The ore'is'of'a .high grade, and.  /promises''well for thp mine.  t> -...-.. -  - It is reported  that. the   Papal Able-  gale" will recommend  to the Pope the  b acceptance   of   the 'Manitoba; school  settlement us it now stands.., y  Tlic'btlawa government" is disposed  :  to'sit on -tho Oolmnbiiiy and 'Western  ��������� "Railway. project, for a- tinie,'; limiliug  tlie coast- to the one'railway.  ���������'".'-���������;���������:.- AH the/Wading, dailypapers, all the  /.latest magazines,   and all  the.   latest  novels arcTbeirig r.ecivcd at CJiffe's, the  . Lending bookstore, and sold at 'eastern  '��������� prices.- ��������� ���������' - ' ,;;'.' ���������" !.  .'/ There is row ybetvpen- tho govern-  / lncnt-.and.tlie city council: a's to the  'ownership of'Nelson-jail. It is a'; pity  the building is not large ��������� enough' to  'hold. the.whole of. them.   /, -  ...���������'.Kaslo gave the Washington's,, of  Spokane, a bad defeat on the diamond  at Spokane cm the St-h, -and Rossland  : does not appear to be in it with either  club. " The standing, was���������Kaslo 15,  Spokane 12. yy  Wm, Davis, a, walking CNoycleBpedia  : and -perpetual calender, held forth '"in  front of Black's hotel -Friday evening,  selling books containing ail the, wisdom of the past ages, /with a panacea  for every ache and pain. /  Do :you want any job printing-done  in ,tho highest style of the art', If'so  1 he Rjsvif.'.v .office' is prep-.ui'ei to do it.  , Considerable dissatisfaction is expressed; in--some .quarters over . the  division of Slocan section for. registration purposes./  ,;,,:.������. '"     '���������;'  ,'D/N. Peters, la to /of Pug������'t Sound,  has leased the new hotel von thc-Ccdy  road,,'- and. purposes' opening it..;ab6ui.  thc!,'.2Gth iii grand style.   "...     .'-���������. ,  ft is s-iid tne largest church: .cbngre-  gatiOn :evcr assei'hbied in Sandon met  in Spencer's Hall,oh Sunday -.- evening  last, about ,150 being present. . This is  nejt a bad sign'oithe times.   .'..'���������,""  ��������� The Two' Friends Mining Co; that  purchased,,the .Great Western .mineral  claim i'n -Washington Basin, are doing  active work and; will, probably ship  ore in the next three, weeks-.'  -���������-'-. ' '. ;���������' '-.  -.- A now-mine was found in,a peculiar  way near Silverton'' last week.. While,  workmen were at' work laying a,' water  pipe they-struck a ledge over 100 feet  wide that runs 200 ounces of silver./ '���������'.  TheC. P./R, are doing a very useful  ;(ct i'n'erecting that elevated,.road just,  south of tliestation. Through it teams  can     enter/at     -one end      and  dump-their loads .into a car below in an  instant, and depart preventing a clogging of the streets through'delay  Wo were unavoidably late this issue,  on account of the non-arrival of Our  paper.; ��������� ,'..-. ���������     '-,    ���������//,/,  . ''' : ./  ' -/ill, readers', of The' Review ��������� will  please'bear in niind the, paper, is not  under the"control in any degree of any  clitpie,, party' or section of the' community' out side of the/publishers.. We  are promised the liberal 'patronage, of  several'lor- a, 'well-written paper, and  that is all .there is 16 it. ��������� '���������'.      ,;   , / .,',  ;satue;I}1:y,;;jij^e; i2y is9f.  ., (aiewitt Bostoek, M. P., has presented  ti'ic Ssujdon Curling Club with a: nic.e-  ensraved silver cup. The ohlb 'appreciates 'tlje 'presentation highlv. ; Sandon won tlie cup las.it' winter iii a- closely .contested match with .. Kaslo. It-is  now the'property,. of 'the Sandon Club',  and is to be competed J'or again, next  winter.'-.'  ....'" '"' / '���������','��������� "'���������  ^>'5^S^-"'^,  7'L.  ���������K9  &>\  w  ���������3*  -KOVVIO  GLEAN L-AG-  oi-.  l^oui-  IoIIkxIs., -  of the'  Mr. D. M. ircMillah, of,  Man., advertises as a mining  this issue.' : Wo art- personally, nti-  ejnainled with the 'gentleman, and  cheerfully: recommend him, to those  wanting the services lie oilers as/a  solid, reliable business.man, honorable  in-all"dealihgs. ,���������'-���������/'- ��������� -f:  /   At;the Hotels.       '���������> ..'-.-,--:  ;Tho following are registered at/the  Gnodenrjugh : P.Porter, Kaslo; A'. C.  Boleland. W.'A. Galliher, Nelson ; J. F.  Lanson, "P. Walsh, , W. ,'Wacekind,  Spokane. ,':' '- -. ��������� ./; ;; ,, ,  ' ',.:        -^-������\    -  , Among flie 'inany arrivals at "isrwak's  hotel the 'past / few days; were y-'P.  Welch,' :F. R. Reid,, Spokane.;/-A. H.  Wallbridge, Vancouver; C. L. Bailev,  Ira Bates,' - W. R! Bigg, Toronto ; J. W.  Oakes, St. Paul.      ���������/,'.-;../ c. .,. -,  .Registered' at the."Sandon Hotel���������-'  ir.B.-Sample, .Seattle j'-yL. Lawrence,  Vancouver ; J. BrbWn, San'Francisco;  0. 0. Clark, J, J. Ralleily, J. P. Moran,  '^--.-^-fSnokjlllOj-..---���������������������������,-~:./      .  '  Brandon,  broker in'  PEESONAL   .AIENTION  j  to pack  for the  for the  at it in  /If you want a blank book,, a book to  -/���������'��������� read, a newspaper or a magazine, wall-  .':���������   paper, anything in tlie'stationery"lino,-  ; -lii'ncj* goods or toys, give Cliflo's bookstore���������-opposite  tlie  San'dpn Hotel���������a  -  call.    We hn<e ho .double-prices,;all  ', cheap. /'"     .   >"���������-. ;; ��������� '' ;   ���������-.- /. . .���������'-.���������  Thcy-havc made arich find at. Ten  "luile-Creek on the Blue Ridge!   Eight  ���������- claims are staked  out   on, the   same  -:Tv._ein,   wliieih- shows ' an   extraordinary  length-.     Very  high, grade ;/alcna   is.  found iii all, running11(50 ounces,of silver and 70 per cent, lead.,  /.. Dan'Mnnn.'of Montreal, and W'ni.-.  '.'... McKenzii', of Toronto, have been given  the contract to build tho Crow's "Nest  Pass:-R iilway from Fort '^McLeod ' to  Nelson. The distance is 330 miles and  the cost will be about SS,000.������;00. The  road will.be'completed as-'rapidly as,  possible.   ' -  ���������A/company of English capitalists  have secured po.-session of that point  of land at'the junction of Kootenay  lake and the. west arm of the lake, and  Kootenay City, has arisen.. It is ol>  .'.p'ositp/Balfour and Pilot Bay, and. is  on the proposed linc'ofteie Crow's Nest  Pass railroad.       y  F.J. Golden has' just completed a  two story structure, 11 feet front and  27 feet length. The building is being  neatly papered antl decoraled, and wiil  be occupied by Lyon & Coon, as a Union Express, office.' Mr. j. G. Maine,  . wholesale liquor dealer, will also have  his'pffl.ee located, in' the.sam.c building.  Post Master E.R. Atherton was mar-,  ried on Wednesday to Miss Bessie  ��������� Irwin, of Ne Is oh, sister of Mr- Irwin,. of  Trwin/ifc Co., merchants, of that / town.  The happy couple, have gone ! ������h. a  three weeks'tour of the - coast. Mr.'  Atherton's many friends here wish  him and his bridemanyy ears of happy  ���������wedded life.  : J.B.Grant, of Denrer, Col., one of  the best known 'mining- men of the  continent has spent several .days in  town, sejme say with a view to lookinc  the ground over as a. site for a  smelter.' Mr.'Grant is as dumb as tlie  proverbial clam when there" is a reporter around, but all Iho same, mining men think there'is a smelter for  Sandon.in the wind. ������������������  '  Bartlett Bros, arc prc-j)aring  1'or shipping   <i00 tons- of ore  Noble.   Five,   and   150; tons  American,Boy.   They willbe  ,the/..uext,'few days.  ..Their new  hotel  just across.the.alley- is nearly ready for  occupancy.   Is is rented and willbe  opened by tho-22ncl. "..-'- ./���������  . .ijari AfcLatiglilin is erecting a.build-'  ing next the Electric Light- Works/  30 x40 which be intends t,p convert into  a sash and door factory. / Ho is" putting-in the necessary machinery, and  in a.short time, will have all operated  by water power. Nodoubt ho will find,  plenty of business, for /his   enterprise';"  ; SOiiio.'.bf oiir confrere's attempt to belittle Sandon on tho ground it has not,  as much sunshii-ic in the wii.ter.as  other places in flic-c'qun'try',. have.. It  1st rue the. south hill shut off some of  Sol's rays in winter, and lessens the  open'countenance of the landscape, but,  S.,ndomtes are a modest people, anyway,and have not the iise-lbr as much  aerial countenance or cheek as other  ,placeshave'. y . ���������   ���������  It; is' never to, bo supposed that  editors' heads, big, or even swelled, as  they "'may be, contain.all the "knowledge available. On this account we  solicit conespondence from our readers, wherever'.located-, on all.matters of,  public nmment/ On ho account will  ;wc.allow individuals to air .'personal  jangles through our columns/but all  letters sensibly written on/public matters,, whether in harmony or ; in con-  fiict with oiir ideas, will/always be  welcomed ahd'givpn due prominence.  '. 'An Israelite'indeed in whom there is.  no guile liad a. comical adventure in  front of: Mr.. J. M. 'Harris' ovl'ce one  day last week. Ho .undertook to lift a  piece of ore -that weighs 630 lbs, but.,  whether to take it home to.Jerusalem  in/his., pants .pocket, as a Christmas  box,' deponent say eth! not. He  lifted the ore and at ���������once his knees  gave out, and he fell backwards - the!  'chunk' falling on- his breast. The bystanders'thought ho was killed by. the.  force of tho job-lot, but he speedily  recovered unci went his way declaring  the Jews should have nothing to do  with 'Gentile, currency. "Yalicoh"  wants no.more to do with the Reco. ���������  TheAttorney-G^neral is likely to  visit this town at' an early date  taking in the. courts at Nelson, and  some of our townspeople, think of giving him a banquet on the occasion.  This is right. Saudon's demands under  ��������� present sirowlli on government attention are many and no1 better opportunity could be had for pressing tliem  upon the attention of the   government  - than at a banquet   to   this" honorable  .   gentleman.   Who will  commence  the  work.-  J. A. McPheo, of Kaslo, has been arrested lor forgery. As nearly as we  can get at the particulars, they are  these:    Last year ho! and   a partner  - made application a year ago to relocate the Yejseniite, -a dead -man's  'claim, on Blue Ridge. Recorder Keen  refused the application, and the evidence   showed   that   McPhcc.  to   get  . even, appended   the  names ol several  "���������"-oitizens  without  their   consent"- to  it  petitifev..to the government , lo  have  Keen   removed.      Mcl'eee-   hus   bee'n  committed by the magistrate for trial.  Tho Payne, .wagon road has beaii com-  , Dieted and is now in shape for Ira file.  Shipments have been resumed, two  car loads having been shipped Saturday last. It, is said that about'80 or -10  tons per day will be forwarded, of  which two-thirds will bosont to Pueblo,  Colorado, and the !balance will bt'  taken by the Puget Sound Reeluelion  ��������� works, at Everett. : A close, tip pr ox ii nation of values and cost, of production  have resulted in an estimate that this  quantity will net tho fortunate owners  of the property not less than 950,00-  per month This estimate is consider  ������d conservative by the initialed.  It is tinie the Department at Ottawa  paid some attention to tlie wants of  Sandon in the way of improved postal  facilities. Usually tho general delivery, on days of eastern mails, which  arrive at 11.30, is not open much -before 5 p.m. 'As Iho boys say, life is:  too short for a wait of five hours for  the curtain to rise. Tlie tumble is  there is wurk for three clerks when  such Hiai's-arrivo and the government  allows'but., a salary for one! Sandon  P. O. has, outgrown its,- swaddling  clolr es and the government should be  fully advised of the fact by the silting  member. On account of the large  number of strangers passsing to and  ro, the work is rendered much more  fnborious tnan.it otherwise would be.  Mr. Mytton, Manager of the Bank of  British Columbia here has had a  lengthy correspondence from Mrs. Anna  J.Bcechcr, Presenclent of Local Council of Women in charge of .collecting,  asking him to promote in every way,he  can a subscription list in aid of the  Diamond Jubilee Fund for the Order  of Victoria Nurses. This order is  based on the universality of. suffering,  and the prevalent desire to aid in mitigating the consequences' to those who  are not in a position to hi-lp I'm m-  selves.' The ultimate aim is lo as far  as possible-distribute-the 'organization  over.the country wheiv. the nurses nundo the most good in relieving sullering  humanity. Mr. Myiton has a list in  his office on which all subscriptions  large or small wili be thankfully received.  Some people say Sandon' cannot be a  large place, as there is not room for a  large place on its site. Certainly th .re  is not as'lunchroom as there'is on ,'the  prairie around Regina, but when the.  streams are.directed into one course,that  is straightened, deepened and Widened  to meet the demaiicd of all freshets,  anil then planked for a, street  make room fur two good  streets, and their length from  Three Forks will iiccoininodntc  - Mr. .!/M. 1-Iariis   is' expected home  about,''.he end of this.m'onth. ' .���������.-..'.;   ;  J. I:. Jackson, . the   well-known   oie  buy or,'- is staying a t the CrOodenoiigh.- ,-  ,   N, A.Burritt, of the: Trail, brewery,  was in/toVh. a few days ago  on a .business trip.' "��������� ;. ., - ���������:,.  '/ Mr. G-.A. McDonald/has .rented,Bartlett. Bros.' new- hotel "on Reco Ave., and  will open it up about the 22nd. ��������� / /.. ���������  '; Mrs.,AV. Ardery; has arrived in/town  from Seattle to join her husband,. who  is already a resident of Sandon.   ���������"  Col. W.L. Davis, of Denver,-Obi., is  a guest.at the Goodenough. He is investigating properties in the vicinity.;  Geo.'Lindsay, of Griswold, Mail'., was  in town Thursday making sales of  goods for several agencies he represents.-:   ,".','" /���������"  ������������������-.������������������' '������������������.   -   ,  Mr. J..Whitclaw, of Nelson, was-jiif"  town o.n TJmrsday in the /'ihteresk Of  the firm of,Guisc'& Whitclaw, of wh\gh  lie is:ii-partner, y'"���������"���������  H. G.Higeby, of Wardney, Idaho, is  .in'town looking for a possible location for the establishment of a mercantile business.   " . ���������-. .       .  Mr./T.hcjs. Brinerd ami daughter, of  Montreal, arc registered at the Good-  enough. 'Mr. Brinerd represents the;  Hamilton powder Co. '     '/ " ,  ��������� J. H. .Brown, late . hotclkeopcr, . of  Brandon, Man., is hovering , around.  Sandon for several days: He evidently  sees something good here in a business  way, and.'is likely to alight on it. ���������'-..,-  R. J.,,Cory, representing the E'.'./.P.-  Allisworks of Milwaukee, who have  put iii" conccntt-atoiMna'chinery -or the  Slocan Star, the Noble Five /and the  .Reco, ".is in the city working upbusi  ness!     ..������������������'��������� / ' '��������� ���������        ���������'"''.  Chief of Police Hamilton feels proud,,  aiid justly so, over the success of his  daughter Estella Maiid at tlie.Manitoba,  College last week. She' took first posi-'  tibn and carried off the' scholarship of  5120 in her second year's examination,  for .Timor B. A.: Last year as well, she'  stood.first in nearly all. mathematical  subjects, which is an excellent - showing.   '..���������'���������'    - ���������  '���������:.. ���������  .,  A   I>i_',������:i-ji>t.iii������ oi'  'X'lirc,  .-.-. ?,re,sr. jliit^c'.'.-f,/  '���������Nothing:'.is "lore destructive tp,-laces  than carclcsj wi-.thhi^-. - "\Vliwrj" the. laice  .-is.,rarc-''or txp/i-o.-.y-i-bi' CL-;ir;.e; i./is .ail--  -'ways l-'lio lx'.uei'.i/.an-1.;,��������� i-u'hV it over, tq!  ,'a U'UEtw.-prl'liy.i.s-labi.'sr'hirion.l ilj'at makes  a'. siiCiCia-i;y. ,6i' .ele.,.;.'/.;:.^' .a-r.i'l 'ivriairlhij:  ���������such arttc-ies; buit/twith Die io=y expen-v  siveMacey tlie' c-.lea.n:iig can as ,w,ell''be.  'clone'-a.t'-.'h:6rhe.. it is not a'��������� fHi-ii'cult nor-  a. tedious. tiXi'Ji,. but oi-e; rtyu'iriuar ea-re.  and the- u:k=. OJ:'.proper materials:  :.  Keal lace; axil! delicate silk la,ees are  'easily   cleaned  by. .tilic-' u,-e  oi 'benzine;"  gasoline; or -naphtha.    Dut.ias. tht-Eeai'-  tidea.; are��������� iiiiiaiiiujable,  it is better. . to  use-tiiem in ;a rp'irim.-.whfire liierft.is no,  fire.'  ,;liasto   Lhj   k-ice   shioothly-on   a  piece .<dj.'.. thin ,-m-iisUiri," bea:/; c-arefuil  to  leave a, good.-inai-fiiu oil''. Ihe muslin on'  all sideis ol' the fc-.:i-.    I'ui I'he.ffasoHne'1  ���������in a bov.'l and doviL't: lihc lhx-e and mils-  lin up; aiKl <i>v,-;i in' iio^a;:iciJy. ,, IC.the'  g-asoliiie  tc^mts  di: ty,' 'put the    lace  into'   aniiU',v,'."v.e5.c,i   i./d   pour... ,t"i-es.h  JB-asolir.o ov.:.-'lt.    ;.;p ii..u;i. and/duwn,  neiiis, eaiti'ul to, kt-cp  tits lace'on, the.  under  aide   until   ic  in .pc-rfec-lly clean.'  Elien' sl'i'eteh   tiio   cloti'i -Willi' the  iace  uppei'iuosl    ou     ':;   cleaii"',-."table,... , aiid  secure- it with a fc-.v tacks or. pins, Tihis  could- be  placed  in  a   luoin   v. here  no.  dust will Jal] oil il. and allcived' to remain a.ll day, l'or while it will dry iii a  short ,tim,.:-,   a.   day's .airiiuy    'will >   be'  necc-s-rrary  to  be  rid   oi' - the. odor.   , It'  gasoline thai-lias been used'is set aside  for' a 'few..lunirt; tiii; dirt will all settle;  to the' bottom,  and   the 'clear .jjas-ci-line  can be-' pc-uiod off .anil. "use.1 again ' to  wash silk, kid 'clove;?, or anything- that  oannot be was lied... iii water. "...  '/ Yet' anotliSr./.way- is" to' sew the lace  carefully  'on ,.;&'��������� boit!:-.-  or . 'wmj. such'  article,, covered' for   .the  .purp-o-s'a,   and  /'so-ali- it   in" hot 'y^apsi-.do .'into 'which  .have'been put a few drops of ammo'iila'-'  or,, kerosene.    In sjlch c^sca  lha watoi-'  'may  bo bi-o-ug-ht;to  a boil,,but where  ,'tlie color of the:lac'e"is.to. !jp prc-sferyed-,  boiling or even  exeeedingiy hot  watci-'  should lie avoided.    "Wli^n the la.ee has  become" perfe'elly/clean,     the -''b'o'ttlc''  .should .be" removed from.tho wale- and  ���������set "aside- or'hun-������ up 'to' dry..-'iiv>a'-p!acq>  free from . lust. / Tills   method,   tho ugh'  perhaps a little mor'e/tedicus tliah. the.  other, is exceedingly g-ood, and makes  tlie  lace  look- fresh  and ' new 'without.  ;t,ho fjiisp-icion/ oi'. n.n' oilo-:.  Aiiotherway. is-to sew the laces carefully o-n. a cloth, v.'/i^-h mast then'Ik:  stretched and tacked to, a table, then  go c-arefi:!.!y over' Uie" lace rwith a ras,  lising olia.'k-'w-et'.. Willi, anunonia and  wate-v. Aft'ei the' la.oe aixl clotih-.-iiava  :?thoioug'h-ly. <i;ie.': the chalk may, be  slia.kc-n, out.. To have ,Uie very" best: results u'heri.//tr.s in������- '.-(.-his .p-lan. the- dry .  in-g shou.il/bc-,dor.e by-the sun.' ,  / Still, an ether way oi' drying laeea are  well a--i .other, delieito fabrics wihlcli.  cannot,be ,i=.uec.e...'...,:uiiy. irc-ned is by  picLyi.'-t; thf.-m rmn; t",ly, 'while y/t'Wf.t;  'window pa.no o/ marble .^lab. This  ejlv.-iate all r.Cces-i^ty' -ot 'iror.-inij,  they will appear fresh-and new.���������  /Who have: WATCHES arid want  thehito keep time; ���������! ;..y -y/y  ,.(   /-.Your watcii needs cleaning-���������we  ; /liayeuo doubti'it does--hine,out  ofeyery ten yratches heed clean-  /1  ing! a n d, - oiling.../; Som etimes; the  ';'���������' ...owner neglects it too loiig./and,  '������.he -result ���������is !,w6rn  pivots'. and  general debility  on/the part of  /the watch... 'We=..clean.;/for.$1.50;  ,.:.;and iTu.it.in lhainspring at ������1.50/  ������������������'-���������'" and give a WRITTEN GUAKAlSr-  . ��������� ':-.TBI? with all work. , Large stock  /     ,bf!Eirst-class, Watches on hand. I  ng- and Stock Brokers  ^otari>s Pubiic aiid-"Conve^aiicerSj  vSANDOlSr, B.C.,  Mines^oughtarid'Sbl^,;-///;^^^^; y  ���������/;!���������;/;,/���������:/    /.,;,/,,;. ���������:', Companies" Stocked, and'Promoted./    ,/:.//':":;''   /!/''���������:'/"  JEWELER AND OPTICIAN;  AND OTHER INVESTMENTS.  '���������   -^ ' ' .''-���������-��������� ���������"' '"  : , /     . .'  Every 'Representation, Guaranteed.  ������   :-.  SAXDON  B. C.  BIG,'DIVIDENDS  Arc being earned by /.'  dealers, purchasing their  groceries, ;H^  JJrj^Goods^Glo tiling^ S'oo^a^d'Sfepe^  1'iiiiiriiininno'ciT'i'y)'   nuii "uau^jiy  WE CARRY A COIVIPLETE-LINE OF- EVERYTHING.  : :  SANDbf.-! AKd'eosSLAND. '! '���������''/  .^  -'--/;",;,.' ��������� From, the. j -"'./; .���������'������������������  Brackman & Kerr Milling Co.  :,,t   "Soutii/edmoxton; alta/:.  Wm.C.Zellc, E.if;  Win.L.O'Connen.  MINIKG    OPERATORS;  on r.  will  aiwl  Now,  Yo-i'k'. Sun.  MINING RECORDS  Eecorded at ]STew Denver."  ASSESSMENTS.  Juno 1 ,  Tiiiiholt��������� W H Perguson  Snou-banlc���������J 1) Reid  Mam moth no 5��������� Hen i-y Covington  GrizKley���������Prank Provost aiid H AHcJIilla.n  Hope Fraction��������� A Hush  Slculcuiii���������W CIBoic  Victoria���������Mat-tin Isaacson .  Howling Grceiir-Joseph r.'iiw '  Shiloh���������\VL Callanan  Hi'inbolillxo :l���������WIS. I-Iillyiir  Iloriiriilia���������S T Walker el all  xo. :l��������� T. Sharnian  Pro'.!//: Leo Fnicllpn���������\V H Onrnce  ���������June 2 :'  Ilei'nlo'ck���������Clius. Pass  Baltic���������Herman Clever   ���������     ,     .        .  ��������� Summit���������E S Kinney .  ,,  Silverton xo.^ anilFishermaidon���������AAWebb  . now Comet���������A N-atilt ,    , ���������  Star���������II C Freer  June.'i   .        .  Ilostock���������A R Finghiud  -. Cjuoeu Fraation���������David Mrttlioson"'  JIurlou���������Floron'co   L   Jlelnnis., Alexander  Sproat (it al ,   '  In' The   Ladle-;  Home   Jouihiil   Mrs.  S.  T. I-t'orer,.; in   U.lliiig 'how,, to fry .the  fc-ma.ll   fish..'   c}uo/(.'j' "the    'old'/saying':  "Small fsh s'ic:u-l,l swim' twi-ie���������oiice. in  water arid: once in oil." "Smells,- trout,  whitebait,:   perch , and ���������-. calfiE-h'," -; she'  sayM.   "ai'e.pe-rhaps,    more    'pa.lata.ble  fried t-l'.an broiled;'   Siiiail fcli may  bt  Kir'ppcel���������that !s;,t'he.intc'sti-ii.es may bs.  pus-hod o-iit Uivd.r t'ae sills, so .that'.tho  IlK-h n:ay retain their shape.-; Wash and  cl-.-y,  ,l-lieu d'u'hiL   with sa,lL. and  pepper,  dip in "cisg and roll in breaderu-mbci/ci-'  they may be,rolled th  commeal. Have  ready, a socd ,sh;e<l .pan  with siiflieient  oil  to. cover..   Put the fish in  a frying,  basilcet.'-then into the- oil a.t,a tempera  ture 'of : 800   tlesrean'.- Fahrenheit,    and  cook for a.bout live m'.nutcs.    Drain o-n  brcijyn pa.ptr and sc-i:ve.   Wiiero a small  quantity  of  fat   is .us.ed,   and' the  fish  cooked   on, one   side   and   than" turned  and cooked on/ the -other, -the .'method is  really n-cit   frying���������it  is  sautering;  the  result is  much more indigestible  than  real   frying.    Catfish     are    frequejibly-  fried  in  this   way without  being  dipped in crumbs.    Sunifish may be rolled  in floiir or conimeal and carefully fried  in dripping, oil or lard.    A mixture of  dripping and .lard makes a better frying material than lard alone.    A. pure  vegetable' oil is  freer from  danger. o,f  disease germs  than either. ������������������ Never use  butter   for   frying  fish;, it   boils  al   a  low temperature,    consequently   bums  quickly;  the  butyric  acid   softens  the  fiber   of  the. fish,  destroys , the  flavor,  and causes it to became soft as soon as  taken from the pan." .'���������/-.  ^  Deeds of.nll descriptions drawn up.-   /.  ��������� ���������-���������    ;��������� -,   ' ---    . ."^-- - ���������:.    ,/  Practical  experience in. the   development and niiinugement'of niincs.  A knowledge of. tliis, and-: surrounding'  camps,   enalles   us/to   offer , good  '   properties to investors.       ���������;.:..������������������"���������  Conscientious,, reports    furnished   .on  properties: Correspondance solicited.'  : / sa;ndon/ b. c. '-'' ��������� ���������/1 ,  ESBBESBBgBBiHiWaSFaffi '  At Sandon, Rowland/Helson./Kasio./Pilot Bay p  -��������� /.y' Slocan ^City'.':/."y- ;..y//': ���������:-.:;;';.-;:,.  -Sandon.  i'\4>\.t*n'r,r\t'\,r<i>  M.^i������������i,rk<M,M  ^THE..  WHEN IN������������������SflM.b'b'N STQV m THE  a-'  ssssa  Pi/ ,.'���������. SANDON B./C/;.-,;; ^EatesS25Oto;������4.0Opcrday:    /:;  |lgj| -Hcadeiuarters for Mining,' ���������;     "'/'***     :  ; to,  '/ ,/and Commercial Men.//"  / / -R./CUNNING,; PiiorniEToii-  #=:.  SANDON  - ���������  , B: C.'  A  n erica n  Plan,  68.50  per  day  E  u'rop'i  an  flan,..  S2.00.  per  day  STinCTIA" TlEST-CLASS.  MRS.  A.  Prop.  CALL  Notice.  M. L.cGrrimmett5 l.l.b.  Bakkistbi;,   ;Solicitoii,  ' Notary. ;  , Puiilic, Eic.:   :  ',      .   ��������� ���������'" Sandon,     B. C.  Notice is hereby given that at Hie expiration.of onc.inonth from first publication here  of tlie undei-siKneci will apply to the Stipendiary arngistratc. for tho' district oi AVcst,  Kootenay, for a license to sell .liquors by retail, at the hotel situated on the Cody road,  and known as the -Greentree Hotel.  Dated at Sandon, thik 10th day of June, 1S97.  b.       LEUTFIRED POTtTlf ANN.  JOHN PORT.MANN.   .  il, will  Ir.isiness  Oo'.ly   lo  It   CTl.'llt  niany bus.ness plncci. Willi the side-  hills terraced properly in they can lie  at a'moderate expenditure,; .room can  t>e nude lei stow away a great many  families comfortably' and in healthy  cjnurlcrs. 'J.'ho town has tne best water  inthe wurld. 'Druin.igc, of tlie ' most  efficient cliarncter can be easily got,  our mines are among the .best paying  in tlie.. world, so tii'cre is no  reason ,-iandon should not have 'its  many thousands ofp'eoplc. Wo have  not i h������> r.oom for race tracks (some  i'laces have) so the people will have to  confine lhoiii3'olo3 to re.ces for health,  wealth and happiness abandoning a  national sport.  .1 line I  Bonnie Doon Fraction���������-JnoStewart  tUipital���������Geo M Davis  Beaver A lllircmnei'  Onslow���������Kohl Cooper  Silver Hill���������.1 A Smith Ot ill  Mercury���������.1 A Smith ���������  Eur'.-ka xo.2 and Jllneral Hill��������� lirucCWhilc  Shu.suap���������I' fi Byrne  .Tunc"  Florence���������Lot "Willey  W & I, Three Guardsman and Clipper���������X W  Fe.������sler  (Jiiebec��������� A li.iohn.son  Dlcauutiim Fraction���������W I Hancock  Jennet. C���������I A Cold well  Utiuer Slate���������.1. K. Coolc el al  T G���������/riio.s.lohnson '  lloule.tte, Lucky Move Rebound, Mountain  Lilly , .  II A Ross et ni  Lost-Tiger���������T Lonezon     .    .       ���������  Ru.-nzlc���������Chiis WCallalian  Rabbit Paw���������Star M A M Cs-  Two urol.hei-s���������.1V I'ui'viance  .Times.  Globe���������FrnejI.De Lash ni nth  Ktliel Fraction���������II iM'lwiii  Ili-il .Inckel���������1.' minis  Hudson Fraction��������� L Roy SI liter  Itit-limond���������Geo Gooilerliam   '  Sumlown���������T A Collins  .  Pilot���������"SVRWinste.'id  nonnnzii���������C .1 Grunt et al  ���������Suwanec   Albert. Tiehuc  Boarders Wanted.  Comfortable rooms and.good .accommodations. Terms -moderate.- Only boarding  house in tho west-end.  . ' MRS. McINTYRTi.  For Sale.  ���������f. J.J3od!rey.:^���������:W; J. Bowser, /L.L.B.  ;       P. L. Christie, L. L; B.   /  Bowser, Godfrey  , & Christie^  Barkisteiis, SoLicrroitSj Etc.  Sandon, B. C. 'Vancouver, B.C.  B. M. McMillan,  Real Estatk,.  ��������� Minixg Broker,  Brandon, Manitoba.  ���������,;��������������������������� "  The Miners'/Tailor,  '.:- ���������'"������������������ ���������)*��������� ' '������������������  Opposite Ira Black's Hotel,  ./--:   -    ./:/.':';.'-���������'.';/.,.���������.///,,--.'-���������';'.  and examine the latest-in Eine Irish"  Serges, /Scotch Tweeds and:Englislr  Worsteds. -   ' ,-'������������������ :  .   A full  Vet ings,,  of Pant . (3o6ds,   Fancy.'.  Perfect Fit and Finish/  The two hotels known as theThislle and the  Exchange. Centrally si tualcd. TheExclumge  goes wiih fixtures, safe/piano, Ac. Terms  made known by applying to R. Klntr, at the  Exchange.  -^���������aJSK-^-^jj,:;  A Wcll-linished Pij)e, the bestsamplc  of Tobacco, Cigars and Cigarettes pro-  curablc-aiHl "JACOB KELSEN lifts  them. I-Ie has also the latest arrival ol  Fruits, and Billiard Tables for recreation.    Giro-him a call.  .     '*'  'Miss E. Wilson  Has just received an  KleganlLlne of  ���������HEW. ..BLOUSES  ���������  _,. SAILORS.'...'  Pnicrrv an*[) New Styles Belts  ���������      Ladies' Outfitting,   Millinery  and Fancy e:oodgr  Cody Avenue.  Wm. K. Leightox.  ^^^2jbub_  A; D. Williams  Olllces:  SANDON; B.C.  NANAIMO, B.C.  (FINING OPERATORS AND BROKERS.  OFFICIAL  BEOKERS.  The Argo Mines of Sandon, Lttl/Lty.  The Kokanee Creek Mining and Milling Co., Ltd. Lty,  We hai c  a line list of_Prospects and Mines for sale; also several Fractional  Interests^in Developed Properties close to Sandon.  CORIIESPONnj^CE  solicited.  i,A'  rpi  ie Mining Review  Handled'by all  Newsdealers.  SB  |||11  s  i i  'u.  ^/i  ..'^���������isl &.r*gg  /  Every tiling Up-to-date  in our lino.   A. line selection ofAVorat-  eds, Tweeds and Fancy Vestings.  Agents for  the Dominion   Piano  Organ   Co.  Wi  mumm  JA  mmmm  mmm  /  Watclies, Clocks, Jewelry,  EUNNING EIGHT?  ���������     If so, you  are in  luck, if  not, br/ttersend to us.   We  will nialveitiiUNPROPJiULy,'  and not charge too  much  either.   Or if you heed a.  .  .iliiiiniii!Ui!i!!iiii;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiii(isi:iiiiiiiiiiiiiin!:ii  l!l!iIi:m!lli!II!IIlll!lll!llll!i:U!l!:iilll!Il|:;!llI!:nilIli!lll!II||!|||l  we have all the best makes,  and guai antce them to bo '  accurate time-pieces;'also  on hand a   well   assorted '  stock1 of .SILVERWATtE,  KNIVES, &c.  R.    Stratherii  & Co.  W. Hallcr, Manager.   Sandon, B.C.  N:" ' "    '        (  t'"���������"' -.������������������'';��������� ' jL h ���������  >   .  .i??l'  -w���������tr-"-   , 1wi;,*-,': -j; ��������� ���������������������������ii-v  .V-.--V" ���������'���������>;',i.\'.  ''ITTi  , r.-yv-ti  '.'tl.  ��������� th "l


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