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Mining Review Jul 30, 1898

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 {/    ls*\  '���������'���������:������������������<:f.  ���������o,  r  s~  ^  ��������� : ,y--C*.,, ;Cr<',, &r"T7  $r,  ':><>  VOL. 2.    NO. 8.  SANDON, B. C, SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1898.  )  \  m  is  PRICE FIVE CENTS.  I  The Slocan Boy Sold to a  English Syndicate.  Strong  Mr. John L. Retallack, of Kaslo, representing shareholders, and Mr. W.  E. Mann, representing a syndicate,  have concluded negotiations for, the  - sale of the Slocan Boy mine. The syndicate which is made up of English  capitalists, pays ������100,000 for the prop-  , - ���������,   erty-  In several respects the purchase of  the Slocan Boy is one of the most .important deals ever made in the Slocan.  The Slocan Boy joins the Washington  property four miles from this city,  which is owned principally by Messrs.  Retallack, Mann, Ralph Clark, A. E.  Jefferson and H. Montgomery,of Kaslo.  It is believed the purchase means that  both mines will practically be run under one' management, wnich ' in view  of the peculiar topographical position  of the mines will be of advantage to  both properties.   The purchase of the  - Slocan Boy will also increase the value  of the Wathington Stock. For some  time the report has been current in the  north that the syndicate represented  by Mr. Retallack wanted both of these  mines. It is now believed this desire  has been principally achieved.  The Slocan Boy is one' of the best  . , known properties in the Slocan. It  was among the first properties discovered in the district. The claim was  discovered by Billy Lynch and , was  sold by him and Mr. William Alperson  to the present owners in 1891. These  , owners are all Spokane people and it is  owned about share and share alike.  The owners who.just sold arc said to be  Messrs. Robert Easson, GeorgcP.Blair,  M. Green, A. XV. Sicgal and W. C.  Word.  During the first two vears of tlie  rnine,s life but little work was done on  it, althought it was one of the earliest  mines Crown granted. The property  has always been operated by the  owners under a leasing arrangement to  Mr. T. C. Gibson, of Kaslo, whose last-  lease, which was for two years, expired  only a few days ago. ^  1 The first improvement work on  the  t   mine was clone in 1S95 when a 250-foot  shaft was sunk.   From  the   start   the  mine has been valuable;and.;since jit  - wa'aleased it has paid back to its owners the purchase price several times  over, besides meeting the expenses of  development work. From a small ore  chute connected with the middle tunnel $175,000 was taken during a few  weeks in the summer 'of 1895.  There are two veins on the property.  The main   or   Washington   vein   furnishes clean shipping  ore   averaging  141 ounces'in silver to the ton and carrying C9 per   cent   lead.     This   vein  runs through the entire   side   of  the  mountain.   The other vein is a   small  vein running across the north   end   of  the property, but it is one of the  richest in the Slocan country, is very similar to the   ore   in   tho   Goodenough  property, and   runs   several   hundred  ounces in silver and SO per   cent, lead  to the ton.   The main   ledge   is   from  three.to ten feet in width.  The only machinery used in the  Slocan Boy is a one-horse whim. All  the ore ever stoped in the Slocan Boy  was taken from above the 100-foot  level, The deeper workings have been  entirely for development purposes.  It is argued that an ownership of  the Slocan Boy and Washington would  be advantageous. No. 3 tunnel on the  Washington would tap the Slocan Boy  ledge at the 000-foot level and that  with little expense. Both properties  could be worked much more cheaply  than either of the properties could be  .handled separately.  the burning of the Payne ore houae.the |    ���������  stoppage of the Noble Five, the   acci- '  dent to the Star,and the Reco doing no  packing this year, the   year's   output \  may not be larger (ban   that   of  last  season ; but it will be given by alnrger   They  number of mines.    As the ore   in   the  first   worked   pro])erties   appears    as  plentiful as ever, and   in   most   cases  tnore.sb,   it is evident the 'commencement made this season bj-our additional propertieSjWill lead to much'heavier  shipments later on as they also secure  improved facilities for delivery.   Altogether the indications for   a   steady,  permanent business are most hopeful.  Shonld Encourage   the  velopment of Individual  Properties.  De-  L  It is universally conceded that the  less t'nkering done with the mining  laws of any country the better for tliat  country, and the rule is equally good  in this province.   Pt-0|>le try  to grasp  the purport of the laws  at  the outset. Lthcr irJStitutions the Federal  and when  they find themselves disap-  as it has for any other place in providing us with a large amount of mineral  wealth, and if tlie people will not  second the efforts of nature,providence  cannot be blamed for the consequences. .  There is no doubt bi-t that much  could be done for lead smelting in this  country by bonusing the industry. We  need not look for government aid in  the shape of duties ; but the bonusing  would accomplish the same desiredro-  snlts. We want refineries and mints.  These can all he got if the people only  property represent their claims.  Tliis city needs a customs house and  I  A Writer for the ''Financial Hews"  Describes Sandon.  To be Opened in a Few Days Under  Miss Skinner's Care.  Our city school will open in a few  days under Miss Skinner, and it would  be well if all who have children of  school age would send them at once  and regularly that the best results may  follow.  We are aware that here  as   well   as  everywhere elsp, some who have   children; they will not send for the reason  they or the children for some indefinite  reason, do not'like the tt acher.     This  in all wrongjand children in later years  will acknowledge it with  deep   regret.  Miss Skinner has a good ecrtificate.sho  has good tcstmonials from   where she  formerly taught arid can gct'more from  many parents here. She is industrious  and painstaking, and has do..e as  well  as any one could   have done  for   the  children who submitted to her  methods.  The trouble, wherever' trouble in  such cases arises, in nine cases out of  ten, can be found in the parents themselves. Parents must know the methods of teaching are changing yearly,  as the best educationists in the' country suggest. If, then, parents see variations from their school days, they  must know they are the suggestions of  the Boards of Education and must be  followed by the teachers.  In many other cases differences arisi  through the parents listening too attentively to the stories of their children.  In most cases these stories are made  up from false premises, the children  either will not, or cannot, understand.  If instead of listening to thenrtlie parents would go direct to the teacher, them if'permitted to do so  they .would get the facts which   would      The    present   laws  is   it re  ie country  pointed  through  changes,   confusion  doubly confounded follows  always resulting in losses  and set backs   to the  country.'     When,   however,    features  glaringly   bad   exist,   thes    must   be  changed;  and, of   course,  tlie sooner  the better.   This latter is true of British Columbia at (lie present moment.  Tlie $5 tax   on  practical   mine operatives must be removed, and limited to  owners   and prospectors   only.     The  privilege of paying ������]00 into the treasury   in   lieu   of assessment work   on  prospects  is doubly bad, and must be  removed at once.    For instance,  the  payment does not become  a circulating medium  amongst the commercial  or business community, as it would if  expended   on  the property   either by  the owner or by an employee, which.is:  one drawback.   The second  is   it  tards  the opening up of th  by postponing   a knowledge of what  there is in the property.   For instance  the assessment work of one year may  stop a fevr days' work short of revealing  evidence of a  favorable property.  If   instead  of doing   assessment   the  next one or two^ycars  the owner  pays  5100   a   year into   the   treasury,   the  country is kept in ignorance  for those  years, unnecessiirily, of the existence  of a promising property.   The idea is  to get as speedily as possible a full  knowledge of where there is nnd where  there is not actunl mineral wealth, and  this can only be done  bv as much expenditure ancl labor as possible.  The extension of time given a session or two ago in which to record improvements' or time to do them, is a  mistake, it encourages a speculative  spirit in the minds of men who have  neither the means nor the will to work  properties as they should be worked,  and often prevents their ��������� falling into  the   haniis  of men  win*  would  government would doubtless give us, if   our  claims and our needs were only properly pressed   by   properly   crcdentialed  delegates.   In the absence of a   Bostrd  of Trade, the city council should move  in this matter; and whether Kaslo invites them or not, our council   shuttle!  have a delegation present at that  conference, to see   that   our   requirments  and just dues are properly represented.  Accompanying the council's delegation  should be representatives from all  the  leading mines in this vicinity, to   see  that our importance as a  mining centre is properly laid before the   conference.   Tt would be   wfll   if our   delegation were selected at once,   so   that  they   might   confer   with   the    mine  owners ancl have the mining representatives   selncted   to   co-operate   with  theni when the ministers arrive.  AN IMPORTANT CASE.  Full Court Affiims   the   Decision   That  Wooded Posts Must be Used.  Work  The Dull Season.  . This is one of the dullest seasons iri  the Sandon cam^-���������in short it is the  trough.between the two seasons.    The  .'" past winter's business is all over, and  sloping has not commenced   for  next  : winter's.ra winding.   Most of the ship-  : ping mines have plenty of capital behind them, and are not--. compelled to  undertake expensive summer -packing  to pay development work. They are  then simply developing for  stoping a  : couple of months later for early raw-  hiding.   As a result perhaps there are  .not more than 600 miners at work in  the surroundings of Sandon. Mines  like the Payne and the Star that have  their trams,and like the Ruth that has  its wagon road, can,of course,mine and  deliver to the cars nearly as cheaply at  one season as at another; but those  that are without these advanced facilities (and they embrace the larger portion of the younger properties) are  governed by seasons.  Last year 24 properties shipped from  Sandon, and it is safe to say , before  this year is out the number will be in-  often open their eyes.    The   best   experience shows, it is always  of advantage to the pupils, and in   fact   to   all  who are concerned.if the parents would  unvaryingly support the  teacher,   till  they learn from disinterested   and   reliable sources,  the teacher   is wrong.  We cannot  too   strongly   impress   oi.  on parents the fact that speaking  disrespectfully of teaehers in the hearing  of children utterly destroys  the influence of the teacher, with   those   children.    In short children might as well  be kept from school, when the   parent  refuses to support the teacher  The trustees   of  Sandon   have   the  promise of the government of the erection of another   school   building   and  the employment of another teacher, as  soon as the average attendance reaches  40.   In sending regularly and  ing the efforts of the   teacher   Sandon  parents have now a   line   opportunity  of serving their children ancl receiving  their thanks for the  service   in   later  years.   There are   many   children   in  town cli'asing the streets  day   in   and  day out that ought to be al school, and  especially while it costs  nothing.     If  parents do  not   intend   to   put   their  children ���������through for  professions,   all  the same, a good education is service  able.   A year's  attendance   at  school  always adds many years to the youth's  usefulness in alter years.   We' would,  therefore, urge all parents to make an  effort to dispense with the   services'of  their, children at home, and send .them  regularly to school, when the trustees  will see.the best possible is   done   for  them in the way of school accommoda-  tien and tuition,  require a few  minor alterations of these descriptions,  and when they arc once made they  ought to be permitted to remain so  until tini" and experience suggest the  necessity imperatively for further alterations, and then these should be  made as carefully as possible.  A case of more than   usual   interest  is that of CaJlihnn vs. George, just   decided by the   full   court   at   Victoria.  The plaintifl located   certain   mineral  claims, but in so doing   erected   stone  monuments in place of  wooden   posts  us required by the statute.     The   defendant relocated the claims, erecting  wooden posts as required.   The action  was then taken by the plaintiffs to secure the claims, but Mr.   Justice   Mc-  Coll decided   against   them,   holding  that stone monuments would, not;   answer in place of wooden posts, even   if  as contended by. the   plaintiffs,   there  was an abgencc of wood in the vicinity.  The plaintiffs ajipealccfagainst the decision and the full court dismissed the  appeal with costs.     They   thereupon  applied for leave to appeal to the privy  council, which application was granted  upon their depositing Sl,500 to secure  costs.   It is the intention of the plaintiffs to bring the case before the privy  immediately.  "Square" Mineral Claims.  At the convention  of  the International Mining Congress recently  held  at   Salt Lake City   a committee, appointed to report its to the advisability  of amending the United States mining  laws, submitted a majority and minority   report.      W. li. Heyburn,   well  known as  a mining lawyer in  Idaho  support-1 ancl Kootenay,  favored  the minority  'report, says the Rossland Miner.   He  opposed the proposition of the majority to abolith the apex law and to substitute in its place the '���������square" claim,  giving  the locator everything witnin  and beneath . his lines.    He said  he  lived   near   Britis'i Columbia,  where,  since 1891, the square claim   has been  the law.    The people of  British Columbia, he  claimed,   after an  experience of laws   based on  the American  laws, as well as  of the   square claim,  now desire  to change back  once more  to the American system.   He argued  that   a  difficulty   of  location   would  arise after the adoption of the square  claim law.  Ballot Box Stuffing.  A Word of Explanation.  .  No one must  infer   from what  we  write on-1'the political  situation   thut'l  we are 'particularly  opposed   to   Joe  Martin's leadership in the province of  a non-politicul government.    What we  aro opposed to is: Firstly, the introduction of Federal politics, and secondly,  the   promotion   of   Martin   over   the,  htitds   of"those  who   have done   tlie  work far' the opposition.   So far  Martin has done nothing for any party in  the province, and it is only  in years  hence when he has done his share of  the work that he can honestly put forward a fair claim to the leadership.  Sandon Jeeds a Board of Trade.  CHILDREN'S KIDNEYS  Are often so weak tha,t they cannot  retain   their   water.    Don't scold   or  punish   the   little  ones.     Give  them  Doan's Kidney Pills and soon  every-  --   ��������� thing will be all right  and  the beds I  creased by half  a dozen     Owing   to   sweet and dry.  We have time and again   called  the  attention of the. business men  of Sandon to the many services a   Board   of  Trade might accomplish for this city;  but no one has felt   disposed   to   take  the initiative."' An opportunity to accomplish something is now on the surface, if we   only  had   tlie ' machinery  with which to do it. It appears a number of Ottawa Cabinet   Ministers   are  shortly to visit the Kootenay, and  the  Kootenaian says thev  are  to   hold   a  conference at Kaslo under tlie auspices  of the Board  of   Trade   of   that   city.  We are further adyised Rossland,  Nelson anil,Revelstoke Boards   of   Trade  arc to.be asked-to   send   delegates   to  that conference; but   no   mention   is  made of Sandon no   more   than   if  it  never had an existence.   We cannot of  course, expect Kaslo to look   after   its  own interests and these of  Sandon   as  well, if the business people   here   will  make no move in their own behalf.   ,  Nature has done as much for Sandon  Even.Sandon had a little ballot box  stuffing in the last   election.     When  Mr. Mighton   the   Deputy   Returning  Officer here, counted the ballots at the  close of the polling, he gave   a certificate to Mr. Green's scrutineer showing  there  were   81   ballots   cast   for   Mr.  Green and 80 for .Mr.   Retallack,   with  one spoilt.   He still asserts   this   was  the   standing   of  the   poll   when   he  handed over the ballot box.   When  it  was opened by Mr. Andrews,   the   Returning Officer, at  Kaslo,   there   were  but SO good ballots for Mr.  Green  and  apparently,SO for Mr. Retallack.      As,  however, one of the latter  <was   badly  marked Mr. Andrew's was  induced  to  reject it,   under   the   appearance   the  iinarking was to   identify   the   voter.  Mr. Andrews offered no  serious objection to rejecting   that   ballot,   as   the  totals in the division were   not   close.  This left Mr. Green iiere   SO   and   Mr.  Retallack 79, or the former one ahead.  It is generally uiulc stood  there   were  at least ?3,000 bet by   Mr.   Retallack's  friends that-he-would have a   niajortiy  here, and no doubt the 40 or 50 outside  votes polled here, wore to save the bets.  Now as some of these Retallack beting  men refused to allow their   money   to  go to the. Green men until Mr. Andrew?  made his final returns,   it   is   evident  there   were   understandings   between  one of those who had charge of,   or access to the ballot box.after ballots were  counted here and these betters who refused to accept Mr.  Mighton's  count.'  The only explanation is that   some  of  the ballot box custodians were   to   tix  the ballots so   the   Retallack   betters  would not lose   their   wads,   and   the  latter felt it was going to be done, lhe  result,however, shows as the poet sang  "The best Jaid plans of mice   and men  gang aft aglee."   In the face of person-  atinff.ballot boxstufling,publicbrihirig-  whiskey andittll, Mr. Green and friends  have a right-to ieel proud-   of ; the   results.  The special commissioner of the"Fin-  ancial News," who has been surveying  the Mining camps of British Columbia  has this to say of Sandon and its mines:  "This city which has just been incorporated, is situated in a gulch certainly not more than 200 yards wide,   part  of which is occupied by   the   railway  tracks, and surrounded by  almost   in-  accessable mountains, which are litter-  ally filled with magnificent ore. It was  located but six years ago, and tlie first  building was erected   in   1S95,   sirce  tliat time tho town has grown by leaps  and bounds, until to-day notwithstanding its cramped position,   it contains  some 2,000 inhabitants, and one of the  most comfortable hotels in   the   country.   Sandon is particularly fortunate  in being served by two   lines   of  railway���������one the Canadian Pacific and tho  other the Kaslo and Slocan,connecting  via Kootenay lake   with   the   Pacific  trunk lines of the south.    The Crow's  Nest line ofthe Pacific, expectetl to be  finished in 1S98, will have a branch to  Slocan lake, thus bringing, Sandon  in  close connection with the   main   line,  and so establishing a link between the  camps and the trans-continental   lines  and smelters of the United States.  The  entire population is supported  by  the  mining industry ; for here arc situated  what will be   the   greatest   silvjr-lead |  mines which the world has   over   produced.   Already several of these mines  have paiddividends which would make  the mouths of Africa or,West   Australia water.   For  instance,   the   Payne  has, even after expending ������600,000 on  improvements   to   its   tramway    and  wagon road, paid the enormous sum of  5900,000   in    dividends    within    ten  months.   A half interest in this property was   purchased   before   this  for  ?S7,000.   The Reco, which capitalized  at ������1,000,000, has  paid   in   dividends  since   February,   1897,   8250,000,   and  still larger divitlcnds are promised   for  several years from the   bodies   of  ore  now in sight.  "In an   interesting   interview   with  Mr. J. M Harris, the principal owner  of the mii-ip, who was also the original  locator of the town, he   informed  me  that owning to t lie failure of the bank  in which  his small   capital   was   deposited, his partner,   Mr.   Kelly,   and  himself started the Reco   mine   on   a  'working capital ol*25 cents, and having  struck ore immediately they   wore enabled to ship small quantities  and   so  pay tlieir way whilst living from hand  to mouth.   I coultl with ease   amplify  the.������;e instances by mentioning  many  others of note, sucli as the Slocan Star  with supplies of all kinds for one year,  with cook and porter, and tlie tluee  officialb of the B. N. A. and the Bank's  solicitor, Mr. Tabor, of the firm of Bowser, Godfrey & Christie, of Vancouver,  left by the S, S. Pakshau on April 1st  for Skagway. The party reached Dawson. City on the 17th of May, and  opened the first bank in the Yukon  district on May 19th. Mr. Doig, the  leader ������f the expedition, now the  bank's manager at Dawson, gives   an  With Scissors and Pen.  ntcresting account of the hardships of  the passes and of the difficulties of  crossing tlie half-frozen lakes before  tho upper reaches of the Yukon were  reached.  The population  of   Dawson,   which  duriDg the winter was only  1,500 people, had raised by June 13, to  an ..estimated 6,000 of whom  four-fifths   were  living under canvas, while it was estimated that from 20,000 to 25,000 people  wore coming in by the   trails   and"  as  many more via St. Michael's.   The arrival of steamer*1 from  St.   Michael's,  which were expected  by   the   end   of  June, will have relieved   the shortage  of provisions which was   severely felt  at the beginning of   the   month.     At  that time maose meat  was   91.50   per  pound, sugar ������1, ham ������3, tinned meats  ���������?5 per tin, eggs 512 per dozen,   whisky  $10 a bottle, while the  regular   wages  for laborers were $1.50 per hour.   Gold  dust was passing as currency at ������17 an  ounce.     The  mining   inspector estimated the output for   this   season   at  57,000,000���������a much lower amount than  has been anticipated, but   which   was  accounted for by the   lact that fear of  famine had driven many miners  back  to Circle City, where food w&s   plentiful, so that there was great   shortness  of labor, and many claims were consequently left   untouched.       Rents   at  Dawson are at present from   5500  to  ������������������"���������2,000 a   mo .th   for  a  log  building.  Front lots are'held at  ?400   per   foot.  The Bank of British   north   America  were temporarily doing business in a  large tent, with wood   floor,   awaiting  the construction   of  a   two-story   log  building for their use.   Logs   were  S9  each and nails ?20 a pound.  ship  again   next  Inconsistancy,  Some Jotunalists have a peculiar wav  of paying higk compliments to men in.  their profession. Tho Movie City Leader  in dealing with the results of the , South  East Kootenay election says ''When'the  electors" considered the ability of the two  candidates, the importance of having a  thorough, capable man as a representative and Baillie's utter deficiency in  statesman like tact, the contest was too  heavy a burden for him.    Again it says :  The Leader entertains the highest regard ancl respect for Mr.Baillie as a citizen. It considers him one of the most  able and thorough journalists in the entire province ; but it has maintaincd,and  will continue to maintain, that he was  hot the proper man  The Alamo   will  week, bo it is said.  Tbe Star shipped 60 tons of ore over  the C. P. R. the past, week.  The  Whitewater concentrator has a  cap-icity of 100 tons a day.  The   Whitewater  Deep   has   commenced an 1,800 feet tunnel.  The   Antoinc mine   of   McGuigan,'  shipped two cars of ore in July.  Work is soon to be commenced oa  the Ajax Fraction, north of Cody.    -  It is reported that the Lemon creek  section is showing up well these times  under a little development.  The ore shipments from Three Forks  for week ending July 21st were : Queen  Bess, 20 tons to Everett; Idaho, 152  tons to Aurora. There were no shipments the week previous.  The Last Chance is now shipping  from tunnels 3 and 4, and many think  it will yet rival the famous Payne as  an ore producer. The last strike is 24  inches of the very best of ore 'in tunnel 4.  The Wonderful company are going  to try another shaft to find the ledge '  they believe to be on the property,  though the float oro may be from the  extension of the Payne across, the  gulch, or some one ye' unknown a dis- -  tance away. ^  The Kootenaian has it that a Kaslo  company have discovered a free milling gold mine, near Whitewater, that '  runs from $34 to S83 to the ton. It has  an ������18 inch lead. T. J. Lindrum, ' of u  Ainsworth, ever on the alert for a good  thing, is said to have boHght a half  interest in it.  ..uu unu jjilujci muii to represent this  the Ruth, the Queen Bess Proprietary, district at such tui important stage of its  the Noble Five, the Last  Chance,  and   develepment.  many others too numerous to mention,      It becomes rathor tough when one of  aJl of which are in the dividend-paying   tho "most able" journalists in the   prov-  list or about to enter. Of the per-  manancy of the ore in these mines it is  impossible to have any doubt; for the  Reco hastapped the ore chute .at 600  feet depth, and tlie Payne has driven  a tunnel and cut tlie reef at 1,000 feet  depth, these proofs also extending to  all the surrounding properties.  Some 284,000 of the 500,000 shares of  the LeRoi stock have passed into the  hands of the B. A. O. at $6 a share, or  on the basis of $3,000,000 for the mine.  This is a good thing for the province,  as it is felt iu many quarters so reckless has been the purchasing of their  agent heretofore, that disappointment  might result, if something certain was  not purchased. '. .       ,   '  J. T. Tipping returned on Wednesday  morning from the second north fork of  Lemon creek, where he had been doing  the assessment on the Klondyke No. 2,  a   property   belonging to   Vancouver  parties.   Mr. Tipping reports that-he  made a big strike on  this claim, having   encountered c a   four-foot,  J edge  which contains a 12-inch paystreak of,  high grade ore.   He has apprised the  owners of his discovery, and he thinks  it very likely   that they  will proceed  without delay to thoroughly develop  the property.  A Vancouver Smelter.  It is announced that a combination  has been made bi'tween the Vancouver  Smelter company, of London, England,  capital ������150,000   and what  is  locally  known as the Treat Smelter company.  This   latter   was   recently   refused   a  bonus on ore treated, the city of Vancouver   not seeing   its  way, clear. te  guarantee the same, says the British  Columbia "Mining Critic."   The com  binatioii looks to the acquiring by the  Vancouver Smelter company   of  the  plant now in this city   and owned  by  Mr. Treat and his associates.  This has  a capacity of 100 tons  per day.   E.J.  Howell, who represents the Vancouver  Smelter Co., is said to be acting on behalf of the Rothschild syndicate.   He  left for England  this week  to perfect  the  arrangement.     It is   confidently  asserted   that   active operations   will  begin  in the near future, ancl that before the end of   the yeacthc  city of  Vancouver will have a capable smelter  planter plant in working order.  indie is deficient in ability and ."utterly  deficient in statesmanlike ability." -. If  these are facts should not all of one accord declare God to help the future -of  the people they intend to educate.; If  the ablest and most thorough journalist  is not (i qualified to represent a rural  constituency, there is but little hope for.  the future education ofthe jiepple  MINING KECORDS.  Recorded  at  New Denver.  LOCATIONS.  Cody  creek,  July  ID���������Flossie  Fractional,  Klizabeth Ann Cameron.  The Klondyke Returns  Klondyke boomsters have been placing the  output   of the   Klondyke   at  from $15,000,000 to ; $20,000,000.   In a  letter in other columns, Mr. Doig, late  of the Bank of B. N. A. here, but now  of the branch  in Dawson City, places  the amount at  ������7,000,000.   There arc  at  least 4,000 miners at  work in   tho  country and perhaps 100,000 to 150,000  others   depending   on   them.     These  miners then will average about $1,750  each.   Taken for all in all the public  will see that man  for  man   there  is  nothing in the business  for even  the  miners, ancl  but starvation, or a dead  loss   for others.     A few   may  make  money ;   but only! a few can  hope to  ni ike a success of it. >  Sandon Ore Shipments.  , The following is a list of ore shipments oyer the K. & S. from Sandon  for the week ending July 22 :  WOflD FROM D. DOIG.  SUMMER COMPLAINT  Carries off thousands of children  every year. Mother your child's not  safe unless you have a bottle of Dr.  Fowler's Extract of Wild Strawberry  in tlie houte. It is always prompt and  effective to check and cure all bowel  complaints, ;   .  Says the Yukon Output this Season Will  be $7,000,000.  . MINE.  Payne   Ruth   Last Chance..  To'tal..   TONS.  .....450     60    40  .....550  July 20���������Little Dora, relocation of Littio Joe,  McGuigan, P Chlsholm.  Spinx, west fork Cody ,ereek-,.W C Adams,  July 21���������Lancaster, south  fork Carpenter  Robt Porter.  U S, Sealon creek. Jno N Plekard.  July '������>���������Syndicate, east fork Fennel creek,  Cirilnndle. *  July 20���������Bird Fractional, relacatiou of La  Paloma, Surprise basin, Norman McMillan.  Princess, between Wilson and Carpenter  creeks, IMartin Clair arid John Lowes.  July 2G���������Shaddy; south fork Carpenter, EM  Sandilands.  ASSESSMENTS.  July 1!'���������UesMe No I, Commander, Tyro,  Boatswain Fraction, ID lack Horse.  July 20���������^\rl^terloo, ISlnck Hawk, Bell Smith  Arctic, Fountain Fraction, Mocking Bird,  Dreadnauglit.  July 21���������Majestic, Unexpected, Rushlord,  Sheridan, Phoenix, ICelso.  July tl'!.���������Mountain -View, Dunderbory, Calgary Boy, Kiiglund. irelrnd, Scotland.: Glenwood, New Brunswick.  Jul;- 25���������Clipper, , Santana, Lllv, Lnurler;  Tiptop, Mac B, Philadelphia, Semiphbie,  Prickly in-met. Snow Bird.     -  July 2ti���������.\ va Fraction.  TRANSFERS.  July 'JD���������Monitor No ;?,J,Jas MeKIernnn and  C H Lourson, July 1:!.  July 2:1���������Iron Mountain, Silver Cup No 2,  Mountain Chief No 3, Sarnla. notice of Intended sale by Sheriff Aug 6, to satisfy Judge-  inent for SlSi.-lll ontered by Thomas Loyd  against!) A Van Horn  Will ot Chas L Arnold in favor of AVm A  Arnold, lather, covering all mining and other  interests .        ,  July 2ii���������Apis J, Robert Jones to E M Sandilands, Jau 22, $-200  Recorded at Slocan City.  cmon, 11 H Dunlop, I-miicis   M.  lllair C.irler;   Heco,. Lemon,  Word has been received from D.  Doig, formerly manager of the Bank of  B. N. A. in this city, but now manager  of tlie institution's branch nt Dawson  City writes.  Taking with them cash, books,furniture, an assay outfit, and all the necessaries for a. bank at a distance . of  two  BLENHEIM, ONT.  "I have been suffering with heart  trouble and excessive nervousness  since. Inst spring and became completely debilitated and weakened so  that I thought I was going to die.  Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills have  completely cured me, and I cannot be  too thankful for my recovery." Mes.  mouths' travel from their base,together' Jas. Grist, Blenheim, Ont.  LOCAT1QNS.  July is���������Toronto ];mctional. Springer; Anyus McWillinm.    ,.  July 16���������Texas, Jack creek,' J -A Foley: Mountain .Homo  Fj-'ictionni, Lemon, S D Kcid,  July iS���������I'aciric l7rnction.il, Li  same, Jas U Thompson.  July ip���������Proirress, Slocan Iak������  Jon .Sullivan.  July so���������Silver CI irt". Ten Mile, Harry Low; Myrtle, same,  same and Michael Ilimers; .Samson, Lemon. K Uradsliaw;  II Slmficr, Jackcii'uk.J Ueid. .'  ���������'  '.    ASSESSMENTS. .���������.',',   "  July is���������Time, Stratford. Missing Link, Murillo .Fraction,  MajTLiie, Iowa Hoy, Voiinjj- Hear, lJrij;ht Light.  Julv lo-Cuiiimdriiiit i. Conundrum a, Altai Hub, Alexander, .  No s, I>(.'Hey, .\zicc Xo=, , . ,.        -'  , Jully i8���������Snowstorm, St Paul, Comstock,   Kmmct*  Great Uritaiti Fraction. '   -  O unite,  Uathcr. Baltic.  July so���������X 1.  Fraction, I-arl.  FlaastafT,  Herth,   Great   Britain,   Harden,   Kad,';  K, Maple Leaf, I'orcupine, Tnto-.i, Free Gold  &>m  i TRANSFERS.  ' J"'y C���������Time, 1-4. Herbert W Kent to Frank Culver.  Oakluid r-4, Thonlas House to E M .S.tnditands,  July 16��������� Liitlc Dolphin i-r, I I* Nault ;o C l7 Denver.  Inly iB���������Free Gold Fraction z-8, Geo T GomerU to Jnnicji  F  Reilly. .���������-,.������������������  tire  ������M  ?rS*  SS5:  .   t\r    ������������������ -,!t *���������;���������>��������� *       ..������������������:.,- .ii ���������, i i"1 itf, 'i ���������,���������������  ��������� '������������������������ .      * -���������.    - v-i-' .kt .  - ���������  ���������".*&'  . ������ ��������� ���������.s    i ��������� ���������' r    *,'-.���������    ���������   .", '   ���������-   ������������������ j " - ��������������� >- "������������������-i"i. 'j:     r r ��������� i -    ���������    .������.���������     -,-.,'- -y -j *.,?, .��������� ���������   ������    :   i... r - ;-   * .- tr   m   \ -.    ,r^  v ��������� J ���������  -���������- ,- .*���������, ������-���������.������������������<��������� %.'   ,���������'��������������������������� *  ������ ���������������������, ���������������    *  1 . i V      I     . " ���������*-, 1   v ' I,  "���������   ���������      "  ���������������',     '     " ' '    ��������� ������ ^ *"'        .    .        ..���������"������������������ *W" ir.",1' ''ifi   "I'     -i ��������� id , (���������     .     ���������     *, ������      117-     '     , i    ..*���������.-.-���������"',������������������>��������� y v. ���������' i   ������'���������-,���������   * t      I        "    *    jl       * "I i        I   "������ . iM   ^ l      ������ t      i   , if .     ,  r.    ��������� < ���������    ,i  ������������������ j,, ,    M.  \ ��������� ���������   i ���������_ ������-i        . ������������������ ��������� i    '     *  ��������� i   , nj ���������! _  R--mr  ft*?*  8������-���������, THE MINING- REVIEW.  SATURDAY*, JULY 30, 1898.  ZbeflhininglReviexv  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA,  SATUEDAY JULY 30,1S9S.  Subscription ������2.00 Per Yeik  Strictly in Abvnack.  THE OPPOSITION CAUCUS.-  The Opposition caucus at Vancouver yesterday does not seem to have  been an unqualified success. The  public is still in the dark as to who is  the leader of the party. Mr. Semlin  is supposed to have held that proud  position since Mr. Beavin was turned  down, bui it is reasonable to suppose  that Mr. Semlin's reign is rapidly  drawing to a close. All signs; point  to the supplanting of Semlin, Conservative, by "Martin, Liberal. It is an  open secret that Mr. Martin is determined to lead the party, if possible,  and in this he has the hearty support  of every Liberal in the Opposition.  But how unpleasant this must be for  Messrs.  Semlin and   Cotton !    They,  no doubt, realize now   that it  is too  late to arrange otherwise,   that   with  "Joe" Martin in the Legislature   they  are no longer important factors in .the  councils   of the   party.    Mr,  Martin  ��������� will be boss of the show, as it is next  to impossible   for   such a   prominent  Grit as he   to work  in harmony   with  ,  tvvo such  dyed-in-the-wool Tories   as  Messrs. Semlin and Cotton.    It is tolerably certain that a split between the  two factions  will occur   before   long."  'When   Mr. Cotton   discovered   that  Mr. Martin was a stronger man politically than himself he ceased   to antagonize him. and his once outspoken  dislike and dread for the   gentleman  from Winnipeg has turned to fawning  flattery.     But it is  not likely that this  change of front  on   the  part  of  the  editor  of   the   News-Advertiser  will  save his   political bacon.    His recent  honied praise of Martin and his consequent disloyalty to   Mr. Semlin will  avail   him   nothing   when   the   time  comes for him to get his conge.    And  it is safe to say that when Mr. Cotton  is forced out of the Opposition all the  other  Conservatives   in the party will  have   to go wilh him.    It is, however,  not likely that this will occur until Mr.  Martin has succeeded in so surrounding himself   with   Liberal   suppotters  that  he can show  a majority in   the  Legislature.    The   lack of a   Liberal  majority is   the   only re-tson   for   Mr.  Martin's     present   attitude   towards  Messrs. Semlin and Cotton, and none  know  it better   than  they do.    They  are tolerated   by Mr. Martin   because,  he wants to use them  for a while, but  he will not delay   in reading them out  of the party when it is safe   to do so.  Meanwhile it  is  probable   that  Mr.  Martin's ends  will be   served best by  the  nominal retention of Mr. Senllin  as leader of the Opposition.  If the foregoing from the Rossland  Miner, Grit, voices the wish of the  Liberal section of the British Columbia Opposition, then all we have to  say is it is a sorryday for the lot. No  one who has an ounce of discretion  will truthfully say that the introduction  of Federal politics into the B. C. legislature can do any good, while it is  certain to work a great deal of mischief. Mr. Martin cannot be premier  immediately, and the sooner his  friends know it and submit to the inevitable, the better it.will be for all  interested. Messrs. Cotton and Semlin have been leading the opposition  for years past, and it is largely through  their exhibitions of the objectionable  features of the Turner government's  policy that the opposition is now coming into power. Solar Martin has  done little or no service for the opposition ; and to'give him precedence  now over the heads of those who have  fought the battles in the past would be  an outrage the spirit of fair play of  the people as a whole will not tolerate,  the wishes of fire brands like the  Miner to the contrary notwithstanding. Let Martin and associates once  usurp supremacy, as the Miner suggests they-will, and that moment the  Conservative members of the party  would be fully justified in coalescing  with the Turner party, and where then  would Martin and associates find  themselves stranded ? [  '  ���������  But the last clauses of the Miner's  article are the most significant of the  whole���������the lack of a Liberal majority  is the only reason for Martin's present  attitude. Dear, oh dear, Semlin and  Cotton are to become cats' paws and  pull chestnuts out of the fire. Well,  we shall see. The present House has  a Conservative majority, and in it he  (Martin) can do nothing; but one  single kick will show thc'electors what  is up, so that in subsequent elections,  if he forces the issue, he will find himself with even a smaller Liberal following than he has at present.  What the people are now looking  for is an efficient economical and progressive government���������one that - will  sava in governmental paraphernalia  and expend more on roads, bridges,  etc. to open up the country. This is  what they want and not the Tomfoolery of Federal politics, forcing many  an able man to dig his own political  grave.      If   Martin  is wise  he  will  call ofi blabbers of the Miner stamp  that have long noses for political scent  and little brain for execution. It is  only necessary to show the power of  the Miner, to point out the fact that it  did everything it could to defeat  James Martin in his constituency, because of his alleged inability for the  position, and he was elected by 180 of  a majoritv. While men, according to  to that paper's representation of complete unfitness for positions, can be  elected to them with such sweeping  majorities, in the face of its strongest  protests, the countiy is safe.  DESPOTISM.  To the Editor Slocan Sun :  Sir,��������� We the   undersigned   would  like   through    the   columns   of   your  paper   to show up some of the injustices done us by the men   in charge of  the Lardo-Duncan   public works,   for  no reason save   that we voted for Mr.  R. F. Green.  , The day before  elections,   James Goodenough,   who is a  very   warm   friend   of   Mr. Phil   McDonald, came to us and said if we did  not vote   for   John L. Retallack  we  would be   fired. N  We   told  him  we  would exercise our  own judgement in  that respect and that we were not running after Retallack  or any one   else  for the privilege of earning a living on  work   that   rightly   belonged   to   us.  Two days after election,   lor this free  expression of our sentiments, we were  informed   that  our services were   no  longer required.    We asked Mr. Melrose, the foreman of our gang, if wc  were discharged on account of incompetency, and he informed us   that our  work   was quite satisfactory,   but  he  had to obey orders from headquarters.  The next morning we were compelled  to pack  our   blankets   iS miles,   notwithstanding that a boat, in charge of  Mr. Phil. McDonald,   followed us all  the way,   which   could have   carried  them without  any   trouble.     'But he  absolutely refused to take them, saying  that we were d������������������ lucky to get  transportation   to Kaslo.     We   were jiven  the papers   which contained  the false  statement,   purporting to  have   come  from   Mr. Carney, that   the men  employed   on   government   work   were  being   herded   like   a   lot  of   sheep.  But the   Slocan Sun   which contained  the contradiction of the lie, was   not  given us  until the day after  the election,   Mr.  McDonald having carried  them around in his pocket.    The day  before election   a   large consignment  of whiskey and cigars arrived,   which  we were informed came from John L.  Retallack.  John Marsh ' ,  Fred W. A. Wood  James Irving  L. Cody  I. Goodwin  The foregoing correspondence goes  a long distance   towards unqualifiedly  etablishing trie fact  that the late government expenditures  in  this constituency were made  at the instigation of  interested parties  to buy up  the constituency  for   Mr. Retallack with the  people's own money.    If the  matter  is not   cleared   up before then,   as   a  matter of justice   to all interested, at  the next session of parliament arrangements must be made   for afull  investigation  that the responsibility may be  placed on the proper shoulders.   This  gagging of the electors must be effectually stopped,, in some   way or other,  or   things   will  go   on from   bad   to  worse;      Mr. Carney and   others,   in  the late campaign,   who were in a position   to know at least some of' the  facts, declared   from public platforms  that bribery   by public   money was  rampant  in some parts of the constituency,' arid theywere as often called  liars   by',-" some   of   Mr.   Retallack's  friends.' .The truth   is now, however,  partially   out,    and it remains  for a  committee of, investigation   to  get  at  the   rest of the story.    If Mr.  Retallack  is entirely clear of complicity in  this   scandalous matter   every:','effort',  ought to be made   to prove it.    If on  the other hand the gold commissioner  so far prostituted his office   as to   be  responsible for the business, he ought  to be bounced   without ceremony ; or  if again   it turns out  that  only   Mr.  Retallack's   committee on   their  sole  responsibility are culpable, the people  ought to know it.    In justice to all, wc  repeat, a  vigorous effort ought  to be  made to secure  in elections the uninfluenced voice of the people.  ing the past 12 months, and the satisfaction investors are getting out of  their properties, are fast dispelling  this prejudice. Capitalists are corn-  commencing to learn that it is immaterial what the character of the properties in which their money is sunk so  long as the dividends are sufficiently  large and certain.  We repeat it the frequent strikes of  late are proving that our mines are of  no temporary character, but that they  are permanent, increasing iu the value  of outputs as capital and labor are  expended upon them.  But this is not all. The cost of  smelting is going down, and will sink  still farther as soon as coke and coal  are brought in over the Crow's Nest  road, and the C. P. R. gets its smelter  system well under way. Besides  wagon roads and trams are fast supplanting ' expensive mule packing,  bringing the mines and the railway's  very close together. In short owing  to these reductions some of the mines  with certain qualities of ores, such as  the Idaho, arc seriously contemplating  dropping concentrating and shipping  in bulk. Others again, such as the  Ajax, are likely to utilize the trams of  their neighbors, all reducing the cost  of transport and encouraging stoping  on a more extensive scale.  Well, but, say some, these things  can hardly be real, as we do not'  see corresponding improvements in  business. Most close observers,  will see that much of the appaient  business solidity of new camps arises  from transient trade���������from men on  the move in search of foi tunes in a  night. Sandon lias grown past this,  and most of the country for that matter, so the business people are likely  to secure in the future, will be more  of the substantial permanent line, ancl  the number, of business houses will  have to be determined by what can  live and be, supported in ihis way.  The mushroom days of Sandon :-re  past, and the business of the future  while slower, will be more of a permanent nature.  We confidently believe that a year  henee double the number of mines  now in operation in our vicinity will  be shipping, and the number of business houses that will be content with  a regular, steady trade with,them, will  be here doing a steady and remunerative trade.  them in a portfolio. Besides this Mr.  Mclnnes' father is Lieut-governof,and  we know of no reason why the country  should give important posts to all the  members of any given family.  TO CURE COLD IN ONE DAY.  Take Laxati veBromo Quinine Tablets.  All druggists refund the money if it  fails to cure.   25 cents.  A SKEIN   OF   WOOL.  t am holdinj? her wool in nn attitude qnaint.  Peeling  jus,t  like a  wooden  armed,   stained  window saint;  She is Bitting ut eas-j in 11 negligent poso,  As charming and fiv&h ns the dew on n rose.  She than..-iinc for Li.liiiiig hur out other tangle  And call? uig "so kind"  Whon I Uiy I don't inind.  Why, to please her 1 vow I would slnvo ot a  mangle.  Young Cupid, no doubt, In a mischievous vein,  Is weaving a snare fiom that innocent skein,  For who could bo blind to thoiu dimplc-s divine,  Those eyes thatsortigi-.i'-hly glaucoupat mine?  I am longing with lovurlike ki^us to smother  That swo.t little lnco,  But 1 ktiu-t- it's a c-ii������o  Or a flirt at ono end inc! u fool at tho othcrl  ���������tioldon Penny.  FOIBLES  OF  GREAT  MEN.  FEDERAL POLITICS.  DECIDEDLY    ENCOURAGING.  During the last few days numerous  rich strikes have been met with in old,  young and altogether new mining  properties iu; this vicinity, which is  proof that the fondest dreams, even of  interested parties, concerning this  camp are certain to be��������� eventually realized. Last year altogether 24 mines  shipped from Sandon, and we shall  be disappointed if that number is not  increased by half a dozen more before this year is over.  It is true that the prejudice in  favor of gold properties has had a  depressing effect- on this camp ; but  even this will in time be overcome���������  in short the amount of ��������� English capital invested in our surroundings dur-  We very much regret, in short we  cannot help deploring, the efforts  some of the provincial papers, notably the Rossland Miner, are putting  forth to introduce Federal politics  into our Provincial legislature. As  politics go in Canada, the more a  representative becomes a politician  the less he becomes a man, _and we  have no manhood to lose in our provincial parliament. We have many  reforms to make, and they should be  made liberally, but it does not follow  that wc want either Reformers, Liberals or Conservatives. In, a word,  what is wanted in the Legislature is  men who can devise the least expensive way of handling our public business so as to give the most money  possible for public works, and the employment of,, labor, to.open up our  vast, undeveloped resources. We  want tins done ; but it does not follow-  that we want either Grits or Tories to  do it. ."'    ���������'���������"'. .'-     .  The Rossland Miner, however,  wants to see the traitor game played  in all its political splendor. It knows  full well the question of Federal politics was no issue in the late campaign  ���������that Conservatives voted for Liberals and Liberals for Conservatives.  So far, as the opposition was concerned a desire to see better government was the only question involved.  To spring politics now and take the  advantage of unsuspecting,electors is  altogether beneath manhood. For  our part we see nothing gained by  Federal politics in any of the provincial Legislatures, and to introduce  them now in British Columbia would  be very ill-advised. If disturbers will  have them, the only fair way of introducing them is just before a general  election, so that no mean advantage  will be taken of any One. Let all  under such circumstances then, vote  for oragainst them with their eyes  open.    '"  ������������������  Napoleon's Fondmiai* For White Trousers.  A Famous Juriit's Weakness.  Tho weakness of 11 Kiuafc imin is often  that fenturo which contains tho most Interest for thu studoiiL of luunnii iiiituro. It  nmy bu of interest to know that Ntipolrrm  sot nsido 91,000 a year for dress Unfortunately ho had a weakness for whilo  brooches, nnd often whilo wholly absorbed  in stato affairs lie would spill Ink or oolleo  on those doltoalo trousers, whiuli bu would  haston to ohiuiKO ujion discovering tho  spots. This clrctimstanco cost tho blameless but timid Cointo do Komusiit his pluca  11s master of tho robes Tho tnnporor  spoiled liiq clothes so frocjiionily that" the  imperial tailor was constantly receiving  fresh orrlurs, and ������1,000 boenmo insulii-  oicnt to moot tho bills. Tho master of  robes was foolishly afraid to ninntlon the  subject to Napoleon and continued to give  unsatisfactory ropllus to tha inslstont tailor, who bocmno pressing in his domnnd.i.  At longth, bocomiiig exasperated, the tailor took tho bold stop of oomplaining to  Napoloon, who learned with astonishment  and nngoi' that lie owed his tailor f 0,000.  Ho paid tho bill and at the snnio timo dismissed tho fi-i(rhtouod Comto do Reinusat.  "Ihope," said the emporor, tmiling and  frowning at tho sumo timo nt his newly  appointed master of robos, "that you will  not expose mo to tho disgrace of being  dunned for the brooches I am 'wearing."  Tho famous judge, Lord Konyon, had a  weakness for indiscriminately passing the  sentence of death upon the victims of low  brought bofore him. This peculiar weakness took its form in terrorizing the defendants and aftorward invariably modifying tho decroo. Ho passed tho terriblo sen-  tonco of doath upon a young woman who  had beon found guilty of theft, but intimated that he meant to recommend her to  mercy. Tho young woman only heard tho  formula of tho sentence and fainted. Lord  Kenyon, evidently muoh agitated, called  out: "I don't mean to hang you I Will no  ono tell hor that I don't mean to hang  her?"  The number of colobrated mon who  stand conspicuous in human foibles and  weaknesses is largo, and often it is among  tha great minds that selfishness, vim icy  and unreasonableness aro found to hold  tho most unchecked ' sway.���������Detroit Freo  Pross.  It is said that XV. B. Mclnnes, M.  P., is anxious to resign his seat in the  Commons and take a portfolio in the  new B. C. Cabinet. If the B. C. opposition are wise they will leave Mr.  Mclnnes where he is. There are  plenty of capable, deserving men." in  the present B. C. opposition to fill a-H  the portfolios available. ��������� If Mclnnes  has allithe brains he himself thinks he  has, surely   Mr. Laurier   can  utilize  &Tho Badge of Deference.  Perhnpi he used it from choico. It mtiy  havo beon tho rule ot tho company that ho  should uso it. Howovor that may bo, I  could not do'othorwiso, says John S. Durham in Tho Atlantic, than romark the fact  that tho portor deferentially held out a silver tray to recoivo tho chair chocks from  passengers. It was the nicest aot of discrimination I had over observed in tho  workday world. I was on a train between  Now York and Boston. The porter was  only an agent in a business transaction oi  a corporation, but tho agent at tho station  who had thrown out tho check with businesslike dol'tnoss and tho conductor who  had briskly oxchanged that check for another wero also only agents in tho transaction. In thoir dally intercourse with tho  rinblic thoy must mako friends, and, with  tho faithful performance of tlieir dufcios,  they very properly look forward to ud-  vancoment in their chosoji careor.  Tho silvor salver, howovor, marks tho  portor. It is tho badKoof all his tribe. Ho  may be an oducated man, as ambitious und  as intolligont us the baggage agont or aa  the conductor, but ho must keep his place,  and that place is at tho bottom, and his  color Axes it. Ho is an American citizen,  and theoretically ho onjoys inalienable  rights, among which aro liborty and tha  pursuit of happiness, but in his case liborty  aiid the pursuit of happiness havo their  limits fixed rigidly by a sontiinont���������tho  sontiment of organized labor In the United  States. Tho tray is tlie badge of deferenco.  Ho philosophically keeps himself lu bis  plnco and makes tho best of it.  I    The man whose home  is menaced by midnight  ��������� marauders  isn't slow to  j_ grasp a vreapon to de-  ,-^==rj I fend it.   The same man  B^-.S/iiL. when thrc-aten-  lrfft*jfe~^ ea- by an erieniy  SW'^&J^Vten thousand  *i V v~^bj*?v���������ts7 times more  1������C*~K dangerous, will  S?--y/calinl3' go his  KgjA way and make  ^jjjESj no effort at de-  aygSsgjSi! fence. The  ,f \?&\ most danger-  ' ������^3 ous saf all man-  "*;������ kind's enemies  ZK is consumption.  * There is but  one effective  If weapon with  M which to com-  zp bat this grim  destroyer. 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Theso two great works  afford no real parallol to the Nicaragua  pro'joct, oithcr as to cost or feasibility. The  ono work parallel to this undertaking is  vory near, very liko it, both in place und  circuinstiuioo; it is that of tho. Panama  canal across tho isthmus of Darien.^��������� Hon.  David Turpio in ii arpor's Magazino.  Authors nnd Publishers.-  An American author who has made  England his homo foi- sometime pust told,  mo that he was bound it, coufuss that he  did so becnuso his socioi position was so  much bettor thoro ixinn in America.  "Here," ho said, "1 p.m sought for for my  own sake, for what J nayo accomplished aa  o writer and not /jjr what I havo earned.  At home'my publisher held a better social  position than i, not been uso ho was any  more desirab'e porsonally, but bocauso he  was a-mua of wealth and could entertain  moro lavishly than,! could. 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Far in Canada's northwest,  'Lies a hamlet most obscure ;  There the weary seek their rest,  And from toil and labor are secure.  They can puss mid-summer days,  And perceive the snow-clad peaks,  Far above their summits raise,  And there, the wanderer fortune  seeks.  Years may pass, and others come,  And Time, his onward course per-  sue.  For outer world,  and business hum,  We do not know  :,nd cannot view.  From early morn till'dewy eve,  Unchanged our lot will be,        ,  For earthly cares/ambition grives  As forlorn mariners, on the sea.  How oft our thoughts do wander far,  For .pensive hours we can't complain : -..-.. -���������--.=.-���������  The meager dream,of Cuban's war,  Believes   our joys,   and troubles  feign.  So to this land of distant fame,  Ynu forlorn wanderer, come with  ,   haste,  And settle down, your future fame  , And Sandon's comforts you  will  "'     ,     taste.  relatives whom ho has not Eeen in fifty  3'ears. He is an honorable, well-informed man Ipr oi.-e lending the life he  docs, and his old neighbors and friends  wish him speedy return to health, tie  is well oil"in Ibis world's goods, and  should while he can, try to enjoy his  means as far as possible.���������Ashcrolt  Journal.  ATENTION   TRAVELLING   PUBLIC.  STRANGE DOINGS IN HE MEN.  Queer Story of Superstition-Revealed in  a Bavarian,Criminal  Court.  50C. 50C.  GOLD WATCH  FREE.  These watches are solid 14-carat  gold, and our usual list price for  them���������here in England is ������5 (S^5)  each, but to introduce our enormous Catalogue, we will send you  this watch free if you take adyan-  ������ tago of our marvellous offer. If  }, you -.I'ant one, write us without  deliy. With your-letter send us  50 cents International Money  Order, for wnlch we will send you  a solid silver brooch.worth SI, md-  our ofler. 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The Kntterichs gladly  gave Frair Wohlfarther the money and  '. asked her to send it for theni. Then  they were informed that their daughtei  had three children,who must be christened and clad according to their rank.  After that the children received a gift  of a chapel, but were in need of an  altarl * Then strange things happened  in heaven ; the twelve apostles needed  new clolhes, a famine broke out and  all the angels "would die of hunger unless the Kotterichs sent a pig,the angel  Gabriel lost his golden sword in driving back the devils, the daughter committed a deadly sin, and it would take  1,600 marks to save her from purgatory.  The Virgin, however, made presents  from time to time. Sho sent a churn,  later a sofa, for which, however, an upholsterer later sent a bill; then she  thought Frau Kotterich needed a new  bonnet, but as this came accompanied  by the milliner's bill, the good woman  thought it unkind. The family had  delivered 8,400 marks ($2,100) in cash,  besides many objects that cost much  money, to Frau Wohlfarther for the  Virgin, when their medium of communication with hcayen was arrested.  ' '    UNSOLICITED TKSTIJIOSIAL.    .  15 Princes St., Birmingham, Eng.  "1 thank you very uracil lor the  beautiful watch you sent mo free of  charge. T have tested it for nine  months and it. never varies one half-ami mite from one week's end to another."��������� K. Wimcs.  "To give away a Gold Watch worth  $25 is certainly a splendid advertlse-  mcnt,biii..islheWatchmukciVAllinnce  is the largest firm oi watchmakers in  England,they can afTord It."���������KditorX.  Be sure and'address your letter, 184,-  Oxroun Stkket, London, England.  JIake nionoy order payable to II. U.  Idle, cashier.  P, FALLS-8  NELSON 8 FORT SHEPPARD RY. ,  RED MOUNTAIN RAILWAY'  4*  .4*  Proctor & McMillan Bros.  OF BALFOUR  Manufacture a first-class article in Pressed Brick; they arc selling at low figures. 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DAVIS & LAWRENCE CO.,  LIMITED,   MONTREAL  Beware of imitations  Andrew Oleson over 70 years of age  and the last of the quartette   of  Aus.  tralian miners, is now in Ashcroft and  will go down in a day   or   two to  the  hot springs at Agassiz   for   his   rheumatic trouble.   His last partner, Steve  Ite*we, was buried the 23rd of June at  Quesnclle.   Oleson, Stephen Dowe and  brother, and one other, landed in Cariboo over 35 years ago, and not  having  success in the mines, decided to locate  and clear up a piece of  ground   along'  the   Cariboo   road.     Ti.e  Australian  ranch is tho result.   It is, perhaps, the  finest piece of land in British   Columbia, and for   many   years   these   men  worked at clearing it ofi" and  breaking  it up.    They   had   but   little  money  when they arrived in Cariboo,   coming  direct from a teu  year's 6tay  in   the  Australian mines.    By a rare chance  they obtained four oxen of Harper   on  credit, interest n't the rata of two   per  cent, a month.   Theso oxen cost them  bofore they were  paid   for,   principal  and interest, over ������1,500.    All of   the'  original party are now dead except Mr.  Oleson, or Andrew, as he is known by  all in this section. Tnis is his first trip  down since he wont to Cariboo 35 j ears  ago, and only once has he been further  from the farm than Quesnelle orBaker-  villc, the exception being once to the  150-Mile House.   He saw for the   first  time in Ashcroft   a,   modern   railway  car, never having seen a railway before  exeept n tramway in Australia   thirty  miles long.   Mr. Olesen expects to   return to the ranch as soon as his health  will permit, but says he shall sell out I ���������  and go foi" a trip to Stredgn to see hie Vrpndetful Bird.....*......*.......  Lenvo 11.00 a.m.  "     11.20    "  Sandon  Cody  Arrive 11.45 a.m.  11.25   "  Subject to change without notice.  Trains run on Pacific Standard Tims.  ROBERT IRVING,  G. F. & P. A.  GEO. F. COPELAND,  Superintendent.  For cheap Railroad and Steamship  Tickets to and from all points, apply to  S. Campbell. Agent, Sandon, B. C."  We have every  ^  facility for ^  turning out the  best Mining and ^  Commercial  Work that can  be executed.  *  *  *  *  $100 Reward.  .Ono'Hundred Dollars'-will be cheerfully and promptly paid lor any case  of runkonness (the Liquor Habit) or  Tobacco Habit that ".Ryan's Alcho.lic  iind,Tob-acco Cure" will not cure in  two weeks. The same remedy euros  both the liquor habit awl . Tobuoc.o  Habit at the same time. Send, to-day;  you either get cured or make oue hundred1 dollars. Sent; by mail postage  paid to any part of the world' for One  Dollar.   Address all orders to  ''...-      R. Ryan, R.A.C.  ��������� Gower Point, Out.  PRICES' OF   MAGAZINES.  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MUNN & CO 36IBroadway, ['  Branob Onlce, & F St., WnjrhlnitoiiV D. i  Do you see this  package?  keep it in  your mind  and when you ask  for "Athlete *  See that this is  what you get.  The many advantages enjoyed by Rosebery put  before the public, CLAIMED WITHOUT,  OPPOSITION.  Its Advantages as a Distributing  Center.  Rosebe;r/ is the only town in Kootenay having  both railroad and steamboat connection that can  ship goods daily to ten diflerent towns, whereby the  shipper can see his wares leave his hands and that  they will be received by the consignee within" two  hours.  Its Advantages as a Railroad Center.  Rosebery enjoys the position of king of the  funnell as it were, for the raihoad business of the  whole of the Kootenays. All ore and matter for  shipment from Nelson, Trail Creek and the Slocan  must, and is now; passing out this way to the main  , line of the C. P. R., as well as all goods coming  in from Revelstoke to the Kootenay country.  NOTE. To substantiate this: The C. P. R.  are now putting in track weigh, scales at Rosebery,  the first and only scales that has been put in on any  of the C. P. R. branches in Kootenay���������which  goes to show the importance of this point by the  Canadian Pacific Railway Company's actions. -  Its Advantages as a Steamboat Point.  Rosebery claims, without opposition, of being -  the only junction on the lake, unlike Slocan City,  where you can step ofl the steamer to a waiting '  train and continue your journey. You can take  either a north or south train at this terminus j consequently Rosebery is the best transient town in  the race. Nervertheless we claim Slocan City  second in importance, and would say watch the  head and foot of Slocan Lake, viz.���������  ROSEBERY AND SLOGAN CITY.  Its Advantages as a Manufacturing  Center.  As a manufacturing center Rosebery claims to  have demonstrated the fact that after the careful  observation of the Denver (Colorado) Ore Coy's  manager, as the natural advantages of all points in  Kootenay for the treatment of ores the cheapest,  Rosebery was selected, and they now are erecting  works, with a capacity of 250 tons per day, which  will be in operation within 90 days; and it is their  intention to pay out monthly in the vicinity of  . $100,000. I might also add Rosebery has the  largest water power from Wilson river flowing into'  Slocan Lake.  AS TO CLIMATE.  Rosebery claims the mildest climate on Slocan  Lake, from its admirable southern exposure and  absolute shelter from the north; snow always  leaves the place about the 15th of March".  AS A TOWNSITE.  t As a townsite, Rosebery is without a peer. It.  is possessed of all the flat land available at the  mouth of the Wilson river leading to the valley���������  mining region���������consequently there is no danger of  any contagion. The title is a Crown Grant and  is perfect. All purchasers of lots are safe in this  respect. The only safe speculative townsite in the  Slocan is Rosebery.  Why should I say the only safe speculative town-  site in the Slocan ? Because Rosebery business  lots to-day are only $150 to $200 each and are  bound to increase rapidly this summer. These  figures can, and will, double before long. The  time to buy is now. Don't wait till they are from  $700 to? 1,000, asyoudid in Slocan City last May,  go in on the ground floor and make a few dollars  in speculation; if you want to invest go to Vancouver or Winnipeg ; if you want to speculate and  and clean up money go quick to Rosebery before  lots are out of sight.  What's Wanted in Rosebery.  ������^������  i?.  if?'  <$?���������.  /  We want a restaurant.  We want a good hotel right away.  We want a first-class general store.  We want a butcher shop.  Anyone looking for an opening spy out this  place at once.  Maps and price-lists on application; prices run  from $75-to $200.  TERMS : One-third cash, balance 3 and 6  months. For actual builders special terms can be  arranged for a few lots by applying to  A. H. BEATTIE, General Agent, Rosebery.  ���������a*  HP  Hp  ���������Hp  Hp  4*  ������m  > r.t  ���������V4.  U* 4  THE MIMNG REVIEW  SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1898.  MOUNTAIN  ECHOES.  The Denver-Silverton wagonroad is  now finished.  The rainy weather appears to have  let up a little to take drinks.  Rossland is happy once more; its  music hall is to be re-opened.  The Queen Bess wagon road will cost  $8,000.   The survey is completed.  1 These Sundays there appear to be  more fishermen than biters at the  lake.  It is expected that the "Noble Five  compressor will be in operation any  day now.  ���������'Coughs and Colbs are always  promptly cured by Hagyard's Pectoral  Balsam   25c.  Bar silver has reached the 60 notch  during the last few days, which is good  news for the Slocan.  James McGregor, of the city of "Nanaimo, Esquire has been appointed inspector of metalliferous mines.  The Pilot Bay smelter will be blown  in again as soon as the Crow's Nest  PasB road reaches Kootenay lake.  The Kaslo News is still nailing lies  after" the election. The first thing that  printwill know it will be a "nailer by  trade."  Boils, no matter how many or how  ��������� large, will all disappear when you use  Burdo-jk Blood Bitters���������the best blood  medicine made.  O. Strathern, a Kaslo jeweller, at one  time here, was married at Nelson  Wednesday evening to a Miss Campbell, of Orillia, Ont.  The office or principal place of business of the Dardanelles Mining & Milling company,limited,has been changed  from Kaslo to the city of Victoria.  Stop that Cough ! Take_ warning. _It  usy  lead   to   consumption.   A   25c.  bottle of Shiloh's Cure  may save your  ._life.._Sold at McQueen's Drug Store.  The Kaslo News says the Turner  government had a "narrow escape."  Yes; Mr. Turner will find and so will  the News that it was even worse than  narrow.  Karl's Clover Root Tea, for constipation it's the best, and if after using it  you don't say so, return the package  and get vour money. Sold at McQueen's Drng Store.  Grand Forks is  000 on streets.  going to spend $15,-  We are in possession of some of the  details of a peculiar money losing  case ; but we do not care to give them  publicity at present. They may come  out with a better purpose later on.  Shiloh's Consumption Cure cures  where others fail.' It. is the leading  Cough Cure, and no home should be  without it. Pleasant to take and goes  right to the spot. Sold at McQueen's  Drug Store.  We have an article in other columns  on the sale of the Slocan Boy to an  English syndicate. This does not appear to be the truth. The faet seems  to be that John L. Retallack has taken  a working bond on it.  " The suyreme coutt of British Columbia has decided the law prohibiting  Chinese from working in under ground  mines is valid. This goes a long  distance towards settling the Chinese  question in this countrj .  The Goodenough will close its din-  ingroom Sunday evening, otherwise  the House will be open to roomers as  heretofore. Many will be pleased to  hear the latter announcement, as the  Goodenough is a quiet, homelike place  with well-furnished, airy rooms.  A youth named Thomas fell into  the hands of the peelers, Wednesday,  far furious riding on the streets, and  paid the shot. If these people want to  race furiously, they should try the  trails where they can break no necks  save those of the horses and themselves.  On Saturday and Sunday evenings,  ��������� 6th and 7th 'of Aug., at 8 o'clock, a  contingent of the Salvation Army is to  give musical performances in Spencer's ball. The Washington Marine  band is one of the attractions. They  say everything is of a high order. Admission 25 cents.  The Earl of Mihto, Gilbert John  Murray Kynynmend Elliott, is to be  the next governor-general of Canada.  He is 53 years of"age! He' has had  considerable military experience [ in  Turkey, Afghan and Egypt, and was  chief of the staff in the the North-  West rebellion in 1885.  Mr. J. C. Haldane, of Liverpool, Eng.,  was in the city this week. He is now  crossing the continent writing a book  on the railroad system of this country.  He is an author of considerable note  on mechanical engineering, and is  quite! an authority on shipbuilding  and such mechanical work.  P. Christenson, a miser, was injured  by a blast at the Whitewater deep, on  Saturday last. It appears he went  into a tunnel to see what was wrong  with a blast that did not go off. It  went off while he was going in, and a  piece of rock struck him on the head;  He was taken to the Kaslo hospital  where it is expected he will recover.  An Aylwin man has apples growing  in his garden.  Preparations for the Last Chance's  tram are being pushed ahead vigorously.  The Kootenaia'1 is soliciting poetry  for its columns. How would a repetition of its ante-election editorials fill  the bill ?  If you're crazed with headache send  for Milburn's Sterling Headache Powders, stop it in a minute. 10c. and 25.,  at all dealers.  Frank Robert Cat ford Beer, of Robson, Esquire, has been appointed a justice of the peaco within and for the  county of Kootenay.  Mr. Williamson, late of the Post  Office store, is opening up in cigars  and tobacconists' sundries in the east  end of the Filbert block.  Peter MoDougall was taxed So and  costs by the fieak Thursday for a big  drunk and being disorderly. He , got  24 hours to pay in,but took the time to  clear out.  The   American   flag    was hoisted  at Puerto Eico on  the   26th. A  few  shots were fired to prevent   a landing,  but the landing was   effected without  loss of life.  Catarrh currd. A clear head_ and  sweet breath secured with Shiloh's  Catarrh Remedy. We sell six bottles  for?8 and guarantee an absolute cure.  Soltl at McQueen's Dru j; Store.  For Constipation take Karl's Clover  Root Tea, the great Blood Purifier.  Cures Headache, Nervousness, Eruptions on the skin, and makes the head  clear as a bell.' Sold at McQueen's  Drug Store.  Mr. Martin of the Whitewater hotel  says the entertainment held at ��������� the  house Friday evening hist was in every  respect highly satisfactory. About 125  people were present from outside points  some 35 ladies itj the number. The  music was supplied by Sandon-  ������ The Cranbrook Her.tld states arrangements have been made for the  building of asmelter and refinery there  and l'orthe installation of a plant for  generating electricity to the extent ol  2.000 horse power. The same authority states that the Crow's Nest line of  railway to the North Star landing has  been altered and will be put in hand at  an early date.  BUSY MEN  Who find the day all too short for their numerous engagements,  and who sacrifice luncheon time rather than miss an appointment,  will appreciate a cup of  I. O. O. F.  it is a stimulating restorative,  repairing tlie waste  of the overworked system and increasing both mental and bodily activity.  BOVR1L, Limited  SUrer City Lodge, Xo. 39, meets every Friday evening,at 7.30 o'clock,iu Crawford's hall.  F.-C. SKWBLL, S.G.  M. L. cfolMMKTT, V. G. Grand.  G. W. WAITE, Hoc. Sec.  All sojourning brothers  cordially invited  to attend.  ���������������������  M. L. Grimmett, l.l.b.  Bakrister,    Solicitor,    Notary  Puplic, Etc  Sandon,     B. C. ���������  THE....  30 Farringdon Street,  London, England.'  25 and 27 St.  Peter Street,  Montreal, Canada.  PERSONAL   MENTION.  Mrs. Knowles  New Denver.  visited  this week in  The Turner government is in the  minority of the popular vote by over  1,500, that is the opposition polled, the  province over, 1,500 more votes than  Turner's candidates, and still his  friends say he carried the country.  This majority vote shows that if the  country had proper representation,  Turner would bo beaten to-day by four  or five of a majority.  Last Thursday week a conference  was held in St. Paul between ' representatives of the four great railways  heading Kootenay ward. The intention  was to arrange freight rates to the  Kootenay country. The outcome, appears to be that Jim Hill is to stop  bothering the C. P. It. in the Kootenay  and the C. P. R. is to leave tlill alone  in the north-western States.  The Ladies' Aid social and concert  to be hold in the Viiginia hall promises to be a grand success. The Misses  Hammond, Bennett and Mrs. Linton  of Slocan City, Miss Tones of Winnipeg  and the Misses McKinnon of Calgary  will take part in the programme in 'addition to home talent. Don't forget  the date August the 2nd, as one of the  leading features of the evi ning will be  the serving of Hazel wood ice-croam.  The Vancouver Province publishes  a list of fortunate Klondykcrs,in which  are a number who have brought from  ������1,500 to S3,000 with them. Now,  where is the man with an .ounce of  gumption in his make up, who would  go to the Klondyke and spend nny  time there paying his way and bearing  the consequences for'i?3,000? Perhaps  the Province is sarcastic and calls its  list "fortunate" because they came  home alive.  Walter Adams has returned from  the bouiitlry country.  Mrs. (Dr.) Milloy and son have gone  to Toronto, where they expect to spend  the winter.  Miss Maria Winston, of Spokane, is  visiting her friend, Mrs. Kiblet, at the  Goodenough.  Miss Nellie Jones spent the latter  part of the week visiting a college  friend at Kaslo.  John Batchi, who has been in the.  Western States for some time, returned  to the city on Tuesday.  Mr. and Mrs. A. Crawford are at the  Halcyon Hot Springs, testing the  merits of that health resort.  Mr. Cook, of the C. P. R. freight department here, left this week for Trail  where'his wife and family are, to bring  them to this place.  Jt. F. Green, M.P.P., of Kaslo, was in  the city Wednesday shaking hands  nnd receiving congratulations. He is  making a tour of the constituency.  The Rev. and Mrs. Sanford went to  New Denver on Saturday, where Mr.  Sanford preached on Sunday, Messrs.  Grimmett and Haney taking liis appointments here.  Mrs. Fallows gave a party on Monday evening at her residence, Sunnyside, in honor of. her guests, Miss  Jones, of Winnipeg, and her brother,  Mr. Seal, of the Exchange National  Bank,Spokane.  Mr. C. N. Haney_left Monday morning for Vancouver, "where he expects  to enter the law office of Godfrey, Bowser & Christie. He is a fine young  'man, and his friends here anddsc-  wheio will bo glnd to hear of his success.  THE BANE OF MANY  A WOMAN'S  A. Berlin Lady Tcils  How to Gat Rid of It,  Doan's., Kidney Pills  1      The  Remedy.  Mrs. Eliza Rc'l?, 33 Wellington .St.,  Berlin, Ont., says, " I'"or (en years 1 have  been afflicted witli It'dn^y ancl back trouble, suffering* jrreal ly from dizziness, nervousness, weak uyesi^ht, loss of sleep,  and appetite, and an almost constant  tired, weak feeling-. In I-'ebruary last I  g-ot a box of Doan's Kidney Pills and  received so much benefit from them that  I continued their use until I had taken  three boxes in all, and was completely  cured. They removed every vestige of  pain, dizziness and nervousness, and enabled me to get restful sleep ; so that  from being a sick woman I am now  strong and well again."    ''  Doan's Kidney Pills are the best remedy in  ihe world for Blight's Disease, Diabetes,  Diopsy, liackachc, Gravel, Sediment in tho  Urine, and all Kidney and Hiadder Diseases.  Sold by druggists, or sent by mail on receipt  nf prion, 50 cents a box or i boxes for $1,115.  The Donn Kidney Till Co., Toronto. Out  ��������� SANDON, B. C."  Strictly First-class.  Furnished Booms. .     '  'MiiHfH.fh.'Wk.H.i'i.'i.f't.'i.f'i.H.in.M.rL't.rL'i.r't.'t.rh.'  Bo your Eyes tire easily ?        If So, You Need Glasses.   ���������  Do your Eyes burn ?        If So, You Need Glasses.  Does the type become blurred in reading?        H So, You Need Glasses^  Do you suffer from frontal headache ?        If So, Glasses V/ill Help YouJ  Do you know if you have normal vision ?        If Not "We Can Inform You/)  IT WILL COST YOU NOTHINQ.  ?!  For   Sale.  The desks, counters, book cases and  office furniture ofthe Bank of British  North America, Sandon, for sale.  Apply at the bank.  FOR SALE.  House 10x20, situated on Ruth hill, together  with  some lurnlshliigs;  actual   cost  $105.  Terms $50 oash.   Immediate possession given.  oApply to C. N. HANKY.  fiPPLIGATION FOR RENEWAL OF LICENSES.  Notice Is hereby given that at tho next  meeting of Ihe Board of MoeiisuCommissioners lor the CMty of Sandon, I shall apply for a  renewal or my liquor licenso for tho Pllberl  Hotel, situate on Heco Avenue, In the City ol  Sandon.  JEWELLER AND OPTICIAN.  Sandon.  STOCKS  AND OTHER INVESTMENTS.  Every Representation Guaranteed.  SANDON. B. C.  urn Hotel vim-  Strictly First-class.  PORTMA.NN BROS.& CO., PitOPB.  Good Sample Booms.  ,, Good Table.  The best Brands of Liquors and  Cigars. ,   '.  RECO AVENUE, SANDON. "���������    y  Sandon, Juno 10th. ISflif.  W,U. SUDKOW.  CHURCH    tfOTES.  "Methodist, Rev. A II. Sanford; A.B.,  pastor.���������Regular services will be held  to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.  Subject f'.r the morning, "Patriotism  mid Religion" ; evening, "The Laws  and Influence of xhought."  Pkksuyterian.���������Rev. J. Clclland will  Against many competitors Mr. D. J.  McLachlan, this city, has secured the  contract fortbe erection of Kaslo's city  hall, at a cost of about 38,000. It was  principally through Aid. Moore's vote  that he got it. Some.of the Kaslo contractors are annoyed over an outsider  getting the work,- but they should not  be, for when outside competition was  solicited in the advertisement calling  for tenders, it should have received  justice as it did. We understand even  Mr. McLachlan had a close shave, as  there-was one Kaslo tender but 5300  above him, and two' Nelson tenders be^  tween them. We are. satisfied, however, Mr. McLachlan will endeavor to  do.'right by the Kaslo people in the  purchase of suppli?s locally and the  employment of local labor, and failure  to do this is nearly all. that can.be  raised against outside competition in  any matter of the kind.      .  AGENTS.���������"Tho hest Lite ol Her Majesty, 1  have seen." writes Lord Lorno about "Queen  Victoria." Agents mako live dollars daily.  Outfit iron. HKADLEY-GAUUISON CO.,  Limited, Toronto.  PROVINCIAL SECItETAHY'S  OFFICE.  OIS HONOUR the Li<uitenant-Gov-  -*-������������������ ernor nas been pleased to make  the following appointments :  30th June, 189S.  Alexander Sruovr, of the Town of  New Denver, Esquire, to be a Gold  Commissioner at New Denver,a Stipendiary Magistrate within and for tho  County of Kootenay, and a Deputy  Registrar ��������� of the County Court of  Kootenay, holden at New Denver.  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  ATcloriaNo. 0 Mineral Claim situate in the  Slocan .Milling Division of West Kootenay District, about one-half mile from  Sandon and northeast of the Argo Mineral Claim.  Take notice that T, .1. M. II. Fairbairn, act-  iiiirnsiiKcnt Tor  G.I).   McMartin,   F.   M.  (...  SOU I A; T.l\ Durham, K.M.C., 20HI8 A; Thomas  Milne, F.M.C., 9115 A; Thomas Irwin, F.M.C.,  Bruce White.  N. J. Cavanaugh.  WHITE & CAVANAUGH  Manufacturers of and dealers  in Rough and Dressed Lumber a specialty.  Estimates furnished.  Contiactors and Builders.  OFFICE AND MILL, CODY, B. C.  HOME RULE MINERAL CLAIM.  preach  us usual   inthe Virginia hall,  $o,$&$:M^^&^���������&:l������l't  to-morrow at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.        ���������' ' -���������-���������---������������������     Union Sabbath School  odist church at 3p.m.  welcome.  in the  Meth-  Everybody  AT-THE   HOTELS.  ��������� The Citj Council are doing a fine job  on Reco ave.,.;They are collecting the  tailings from'the Star concentrator by  a sluice at the head of the flume, and  spreading them several inches deep on  the street. When thej' become packed  thev ought to leave a .solid, level  street. _As there is considerable waste  galena in the gravel of these streams,  it may be said Sandon's streets are now  paved with silver.  The information now shows that thr  war is about over, if the Americans  act discretely. Spain is sueing for  peace. She is new willing to abandon  all authority in Cuba, and that and  nothing else was the end the United  States set in to accomplish. Spain  might,even voluntarily make further  concessions. The U.S. will make a  serious mistake if they prolong the  war by crossing the Atlantic': This  will lead,the eastern powers to conclude that that country desires a footing in Europe, which European countries that are even now friendly to the  U.S. will not tolerate. Aud, if ever a  third nation becomes involved through  such an understanding, the whole of  Europe, will take sides and rush to  arms.  Goodenough���������-P. Goodeworth, Miss  M.' Winston, Spokane ; C. J. Loevven and  wife, G. W. Hughes, Idaho concentrator;  G. S. Jacquet, Toronto; A. Sproafc,' New  Denver; W. D. Chisholin, Miss E. J.  Gartshore, Hamilton; A. L. Gartshore,  W. B. Walkem, H. It. Cambie, Vancouver; J. Of. Crowdy, Montreal; V. L. Wil-  hier, Three Forks ; F. A. Yurie, England.  Hotel Reco���������J. M. Coombs, Winnipeg;  Jas. Dunsmuir, H. J. Scott, E. J, Perry,  Victc-ia; T. M. Banting, A. M'c.Banting,  Toronto; E. C. Hughes, Seattle; Miss  Hastings, Miss Bishop, Slocan City ;  II.  B. Beasely, It. H. Oarley, Nelson; W. Of.  Klworthy, D. Brainard, Montreal; J. A.  McDonald, Portland;   Of. Ii. Ramsay, D.  C. McGregor,' Vancouver: R. P. Gfraer,,  Kaslo ; J. C- Pauppre, J; S. Lawrence,  Nakusp; J. C. Haldane, Liverpool;' W.  H. Mc-Macron, T. R. McMacron, J. Fyfe,  Rossland.  KOK OVEK FIl^V   YKAIiS.  .Airs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been  used by millions of mothers for their clnklren  while teething. If disturbed at night and  broken oryour rest by a siclc child, siitrernif?  and crying with pain of cutting teeth. Send  at once and get a bottle <.( "Mrs. Winslow's  Soothing Syrtip" for children teething. It  will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediat-  ly. .Depend upon it, mothers, there Is no  mistake about it. 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