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Mining Review Jul 21, 1900

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 VOL. 4.���������NO. 7.  SANDON, B. C, JULY 21, 1900.  $2.00 PER YEAR.  The Gliinese War.  It is now evident that the war with  China will be one of tho most atrocious  in the world's history, and especially of  modern times. _Revenge for the awful  atrocities alieady committed and more  particularly the butchering at Pekin  , must follow, which will involve nearly  all nations in Christendom. As tilings  go in enlightened countries, the Chinese  '" have no defense for, their.acts, though  they attempt to justify them from their  own standpoint. They claim that European nations havo no right to send in  their missionaries, thercj and to some  extent they are right. The wholesale  loss of life and the sorrow' that-must  come to tiie lot of so many families,  Christendom over, is hardly to be compensated for by the work done by Christ-;  ian missionaries. It would be much  better to allow them to remain worshippers of their Confucius than to have  thousands of the best of tlie sons of all  nations slaughtered without ceremony  through an attempt to Christianise or  even civilize them.  The Chinese are a people very set in  liieir convictions, populous almost without number and may be kept on the  tield of battle at but a.trifling cost to the  government���������three circumstances going  to show Ihatbofore the war is over very  heavy expense and great loss of life will  he entailed on all nations taking part in  it, which embraces the various branches  of the Christian faith.  A Lucky 'Vest.  Some people make very lucky hits. A  couple of years ago Mr. Biggerstaff Wilson was a clerk in one of the branch  banks in this city. Through some source  he had command of .$12,000 and he, invested it iu stock in the Last Chance  mine. Within four months he made his  $12,000 in profits, and we. presume 'that  today he could realise $100,000 for his  interest in that property. Of course,  many another man might have done as  ���������Mr. Wilson did when he made the investment, but every man has not $12,000  whenever he wants it.        ,  Last Chance Meet;  Meetings of the shareholders and directors ,of the Last Chance Alining Company were held at the company's office,  near this city, on Tuesday last. The  following officers were elected: President, Dr. Hendryx; vicc-pres.. Bigger-  staff Wilson ; treasurer, Air. istimson ;  secretary, Mr. Heap. Sir. Regan is the  fifth director.  The New Reco.  Tlie, Reco hotel will be ready for occupancy in a few days.and will certainly  be an institution of much importance.to  the place. There is nothing of, more  import in a place than good hotel accommodation. It'always brings people  to a place and occasions, them to stay.  Commercial travellers, speculators, pros  pectors, visitors and others invariably  make for the places which have good  hotels to spend Sundays or other days  with time on their hands. This means  the circulation of more or less money in  the place. We believe the late Reco was  not a financial bonanza to the owners  and this may not pay very well "either  for a time; but none the.less it will be a  service to the city in more substantial  respects than one. The new building  will be modern in all respects where  convenience and comfort to guests may  suggest.  HINES AND fllNING.  The Ruth's purchase from Alike Kerlin  piomises totnrn out one of the biggest  things of the camp.  Ore shipments from Whitewater for  the week were: Wiiitewater, 94^ tons;  Hillside, 2}4 ; total 97 tons.  The Duncau'AIines Co. are said to be  about taking an optiot. on the celebrated  Highland mine, near Ainsworth.  The Jackson mine, at Whitewater,  which has been closed over a year, is to  start up shortly with a fair staff.  Air. Jas. Alartin, of Rossland, was in  town Wednesday on his way to Three  Forks to do assessement work on several  pioperties he has there.  The Saudon ore shipments for the  past week were: via K. it S.���������S2 tons for  the Last Chance, and 50 for-the Payne;  viaC P. R.���������-65 tons for Payne.  Preparations are well .under way for  tl e long tunnel at the Star. Air. Byron  White is expected here eyery day when  new developments may come-,to the surface.        .    - .'"'',-       "       i  Steady development work continues at  the Rambler-Cariboo, in order, as the  management hope, soon to resume dividend payment. Better and larger plant  is consequently being ordered, including  a 10-drill compressor. A 280 horsepower boiler is also to be installed.  Air. Tracy is going up to his five claims  on Wiison creek, 10 miles from Rosebery, in a few days to do assessment  work. Air. Tracy thinks he has some  good properties there, and, being an old  prospector, he ought to know a good  thing when he sees it. He finds wide  ledges on all his properties and surface  showings averaging from $2.20 to $17.50  in gold, with values in copper and other  minerals. It would pay capitalists to  have a' look at them.  Another Fire.  picionB of those who lean to the belief  tliat the fire in the opera house, that  destroyed the whole town, originated in  the same way. It certainly,.is., not, too  much to ask that the Provincial government set the best detectives they can-  secure at work on this affair and' furnish  for the future a watch force that will  give the people a degree of security in  the vicinity.  PURELY PERSONAL;  II. Geigerich, of Kaslo, was in the city  Wednesday.        , '  Airs. Robinson, of Wiiitewater, wae in  the city,this week.  Jas. Griffith loft on Alonday to boom  the business of Trout Lake.  Airs. Sanford spent a few days with  friends in New Denver this week. '  Alining Inspector AIcGregor and wife,  of Rossland, spent a few days in the city  this week.  ' Re\v J. Roberts, of New Denver, visited at the paisonagu here, Tuesday and  Wednesday.  Air. Perry, of Victoria, one pf the officials of the Noble Five company, was in  the city this week.  Mr. Pollock, of P. Burns & Co., wiih  his wife left on Wednesday for Winnipeg. Air.. Jackson, of Nelson, took his  place here.  Air. Huston, late, of the C. P. R. at  Nakusp/who has succeeded Air. Campbell in1 the K. & S., brought over his  family this week and they are now settled in Air. Campbell's late residence.  . Dr. Hendryx and wife, and.Mr. Stim-  son, wife and son, who reside at Los  Angeles, CaIM are in the city for a visit  of several days. The Doctor and Air.  Stimson are heavy shareholders in;the  Last Chance mine. They find everything at the mine in good shape, and, no  doubt, are fully aware that in it they  have an excellent property.  The Task Before Them.  It is only by looking at figures that  the task the powers have before them in  disposing of China can be fully understood. -That nation has now a population of over 400,000,000. This is six  times as many as the United States  havo, seventy times that of Canada, ten  times that of the Br-tish Isles, or as  Kmany as the following countries have  altogether:  Great Britain and Ireland  France  Germany  Austria-Hungary  United States  Russia  '  Italy-  Spain  Shortly before four o'clock Friday  morning the south-west corner of the  Last Chance ore house was seen to be  on fire by some of the inmates of the  manager's residence  close by,  and   iii  a few moments the entire structure .was) Sweeden and Norway  atmass of flames and in ashes  in a shoi t f Belgium  time.   One of the men had been over the   Portugal  premises   an   hour before and nothing   Holland  unusual was noticed in any quarter.    As   Switzerland  there had been- no fire on the premises   Denmark  for several days'before it is readily sur-   Greece  mised  that the destruction is  the work  of an  incendiary.   In addition   to the  ore  house,.,. the lower terminal of   the  tram, the machinery, a quantity of ore  and a lot of. lumber aro destroyed and  much damage has been done to thecable.  The immediate loss may run up to $25,-  000 to say nothing of that arising through  the stoppage of  mining and. shipping.  Incidents like this strengthen  the sus-  39,000,000  38,000,000  47,000,000  40,000,000  70,000,000  92,000,000  30,000,000!  10,000,000  7,000,000  (3,000,000  5,000.000  4,000,000  3,000,000  2,000,000  2,000,000  Total 406,000,000  In fact China is equal in population to  the whole of Europe' and the United  States together. It has as much prejudice and viciousness as all these countries combined, and its people, capable  of bearing arms, can live on much less  on the field of battle than it requires to  keep up the regular British army.  Things Tliat km to 'Be.  T!'0government ought to be petitioned  for power to drain into the flume. Outside scavenging and cremating must be  done, but the business blocks, hotels,  etc., along the line of the flume should  have the power to use it. as a sewer.  The creek.ought then to be cleared of  logs and other impediments all the way  to the lake, to give a rapid, unobstructed  current.  *.���������  Thegovernmi nt ought to be petitioned  to remove Reco avenue 20 feet farther  north, from Pitts store down, to enable  the new buildings now going up between  Flume street aiid the avenue to have  greater length when desired.  The council ought to declare Flume  street (Central avc. or any other name)  a 60-foot street by by-law, "thus preventing further work in buildings the expenses of altering or removing- which  will in time have to be paid for by the  people. At the same time notices ought  to be posted up fixing a date at which it  wiil be open for traffic.  *  * ~  Those who have real estate to sell or  lease ought to.sell or lease at such rates  that small rotaU dealers can make a few  cents for themselves as well as the landlords. The quickened settlement of the  place'would soon make up the difference  lo the landlords.  ***  The new school ought lo be sommenced  at once so that the gafh'rs now exposed  to much of the evils of the place while  running the streets would come under  some form of discipline.  The mine owners who are in litigation  over properties ought to settle their disputes at once,so that all the mines  might ship to their fullest capacity  while lead is so high in price. - We maj'  not have Boer and Chinese wars again  in some time to raise its price.  .     * ^ *  Cody ought to move to Sandon now,  and all its vacant'houses would be taken  up at once.  *  The Beak ought  rheumatics.  *  to  get. cured of  the  The mayor ought to go east to see the  baby, and bring tliefamily back. ,  Is It Unionism?  "Now, I am going to make a startling  statement, and one which I do not fear  will be contradicted, because it is true.  Union men, right here in- St. Thomas,  habitually patronize cheap, non-union  labor, in preference to, well-paid labor,  More than that.lhey give their patronage  to aliens in preference to their own  countrymen. In short, they patronize  Chinamen.','  The Nelson Tribune takes the foregoing from the St. Thomas (Ont.) Times.  The union men of the ; Slocan cannot be  accused of employing Chinamen, they  even run them out of the country;,but  all the same some of them send to  Eaton's for goods they can get here, and  at not as great a difference in price as  there-is between the wages here and in  Toronto. '    ' - THE MININ.G REVIEW���������Sattodav,, Jcr.y 21, 1900.  1  4  The Mining Review.  SATURDAY, JULY 21, 1900.  STREETS AND OTHER MATTERS.  It is a great pity that Air. Cunning is  extending~liisiioteirf������i out on the projected wide street on the flume, as it will  barr many proposed alterations, in the  make up of the town that would be of  substantial interest in the way of reduced insurance rates, attractiveness'of  appearance, etc. To Air. Cunning's  credit, it must be said, he did not desire  i to do so if only ho had been ailowed to  extend his building back a much Ic-s  distance on Reco avenue. Two or three  difficulties, however, insurmountable  the way things are at present, stand for  the time in the way. In the first place  as long as Reco ave. is a street by usage  or statute the council are of themselves  unable to sanction .any .changes in i's  location���������they can only be made by a  legal process requiring time.  What the council should have done  some time ago was to have declared a  ��������� wide street on the flume, and passed  the necessary by-law to have legalized  it. In such case they could' have  expropriated the necessary portion of  Mr. Cunning's lot to have established  the wide street, leaving payment therefor to be settled by arbitration. If the  place is ever to be better than the fire  trap it was before, this street wiil yet  have to be made uniformly wide, the  necessary portion of Air. Cunning's lot  will have to be taken when the expense  will be many times greater. Even if the  necessary by-law was passed now, it  would save the city the cost of any  building that might be done on the  street later, as the people would then be  aware the}- were building on a street,  while by building now they are, they  know, on their own property. Of course,  after the council assumed the street  under by-law they would be liable for  , accidents on it that were due to neglect;  but these might be averted by posting  up requisite notices.  There is no reason that Reco avenue,  with no buildings on the north side,  should have more width than would  allow two teams to pass easily,and there  would be width enough for that and  all conveniences of business men beside,  if formal steps had been taken to appropriate even the whole of the old  street. The cutting of a few points of  the north hill would have given plenty  of street room on the now cancelled lots,  which would also give a straight face on  the lots.  There is, of course, no reason why Air.  Cunning should have abandoned any  portion of his property, and no law  contemplates that any man should do  it except in the public interest, and  that after being fairly compensated for  the concession. That it is in the public  interest that the street on the flume  should be at least 00 feet wide, and that  we should have equally wide cross  streets at short intervals, no one can  deny, and it is apparent that the council  are not as urgent as they, might be in  making the changes. It is true they are  without immediate cash, and but little  in the way of street making can be done  without it; but expressions of their  intentions should be on record, which  would have had some influence and,  perhaps, enough weight to have secured  the necessaay aid from some quarters.  If, for instance, the public knew that a  60 or 70 feet street on the flume wasde-  cided on ;that the council was decided on  securing the necessary legislation, municipal and otherwise, to' open it, showing  that arbitration awards 'alone would be  paid to those whose property would be  taken for the purpose, it would have had  a mateiial influence in modifying later  difficulties. If the place is to offer inducements fo prospective business men  and families in settlement, the outlined  changes must be made, and then at the  cost of dollars, where dimes would do it  now. We" do not write in this way for  the'purpose of censuring or, blaming  anyone, but solely in the interest of the  future of the place and the people. It  will be poor satisfaction for the'people  to put up expensive buildings, and, for  the want of a little precaution and liberality now, have in two or three years  hence a repetition of the late disaster,  leaving many in even a worse condition  than they are.ot present.  Air. Harris' plans may clash with the  interests or supposed interests of some  people in other parts of tlie city;, but  there is one thing certain that since the  fire he has sacrificed much and shown a  disposition to sacrifice immensely more  to lay the city out, from'the post office  corner down, on a plan that would  greatly improve its appearance and add  to the value of property; but instead of  seconding his efforts some have felt disposed to block them at every angle. lie  is even' now building a sidewalk from  the C. P. R. depot to the planing mill  wnich will be of g'reat service to the  place as well as a saving to the taxpayers. Some may attribute it to selfish  motives, and it may be of much service  to him; but all the same it saves the  people a heavy expenditure they would  otherwise, have to meet by taxation.  ���������British Columbia. Supposing, for instance, that in the late labor trouble in  this province, a Conciliatory Board had  said to the mine owners, "You shall pay  the miners $3.35 a day for eight hours,"  the owners, because they had substantial assets in the country, could have  been made fo pay it. But how would  the law work'on the other side? .Supposing such Board had decided that the  men should have taken $3.15 a day, liow  would they have been compelled to accept it? If they did not choose' to do it  theyr would simply have put on .their  hats and left tlie country. -The findings  of such a Board in a country like this  can be made operative in so far as the  capitalist or owner is concerned ; but it  would be only so much waste paper  when applied, to the laboier or artisan,  there are so many moans of enabling the  latter to defy its operations. It is simply arrant rot to talk of making compulsory legislation workable in any country  wherc labor can so readily change its  conditions and amenability to decisions.  No one' knows this better than Air.  Houston, but in bombastic prating on  the subject he deceives that section of  labor that is not sufficiently intelligent  to understand the matter in> all its  phases, and that is all he aims at. .  Elliott'  Furniture Dealef  and Undertaker  '   KASLO, B. C.  Has lots of Furuilure that niust  be sold cheap, also a bath house  and outfit cheap.  W. I. Warner, M. E. I  MINING   CONTRACTOR.  PROPERTIES   HANDLED   ON   COMMISSION.  Mince find Mineral Claims examined and  reports mndu.  Interests tukeu in part payment for services  rendered. -, ,  Contracts tiikon ' for oponing up lost or  invisible ledges.  Twenty years experience.  SANDON, B.C.  Alta Lodge, No. 29.  A. F. AND X. M.  Regular Communication of the lodge.  Meets first Thursday in each month at S p. in.  Visiting brethren cordially invitod.  THOS. 11EOWN, Seu'w  "COMPULSORY CONCILIATION."  Some of the twaddle the Nelson Tribune is getting off these days would be  amusing .but for the injury it is doing  the country, in prejudicing the minds of  the people against capital." If the prejudices of the industrial clases are secured lo Air. Houston, it matters little  what becomes of the country���������he becomes through it "the lion of the hour,"  and that makes up for e^eo'thing else.  But Air. Houston is fond of one-Fided  legislation. So long as the side whose  support he wants is satisfied with any  measure, that is all lhe public should  look for. lie now wants what he calls  "compulsory conciliation" in labor disputes. How he could make the settlement of labor troubles compulsory in  this country on more than one side���������  capiral���������the public arc at a loss to understand. In England, or other countries similarly situated, where laborers  seldom have the means to migrate and  are generally unable to secure other employment than that which their forefathers followed for generations, measures of this character���������"compulsory  conciliation" acts���������may be made to work  tolerably well; but it is very different in  Sewer and Water Connections.  Plumbing of all kind.  Gas Fitting our specialty.  Agents :���������  Noithey Gas Engine Co.,  Standard Automatic Gas Engine,  Pelton and Tutthill Water Wheels,  Flexible Aletallic Tubing, Etc.  Opera House Block. NELSON^ B. C.  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Geology and Prospecting.  ���������������  it  The studv of the remains of plant and  animal life r'that have existed in past  ���������ages is like history, astronomy, fossil  languages, politics and all other branches  of human knowledge; it is mighty interesting .when one gets interested in it.  ��������� But it is extremely difficult to get very  deeply interested in something that we  know nothing aboul. There are so many  branches of knowledge that one cannot  know everything. But the subject on  which I am asked to write is, I believe,  of vital interest to the miner and prospector, though our knowledge of it was  not developed for their special benefit,  but because of the interest and lascitia-  tion of the subject itself.  Though I never spent a week in search  of mineral, veins, I have a fellow feeling  for the prospector. In the fust place  there is a charm in out-door life, in  tramping over the hills and mounta:ns  'and through the deep ravines and rocky  canyons; in going into camp tiled  enough to make rest sweet, and hungry  enough to devour with the keenest relish  the ham,'bacon, cofiee, flapjacks and  anything else that happens to come  'along that is eatable; and in sleeping in  the pure air under the blue tent of the  sky with the whispering of the pines  and the vaiied voices of the mountain  streams to charm away worldly cares  and lull to sleep, or fill waking moments  -with the rude, wild music of nature. If  seems so good not to have^to wear stylihh  clothes, especially if one lias none to  wear; to be where there is no fear of  ticspassing on any man's land, and to  l'jar nobody's dog; to feel that tlie world  is yours as much as anybody's, and  whatever riches you may find buried in  its treasure house you can call your  own.  The prospector descends into'the dark  mine, submitting himself to slavery  awhile tliat he may "grub stake" himself and be a free man lor the rest of the  year and have a piospect ol "striking  something n'ch" and becoming as  wealth}' or more wealthy than his employer. .  ��������� The mine owner is much the same  kind of a man, but he has the advantage  in having more money to start with, and  is looking for a place where he can invest his money in a "good proposition''  and get richer.  With both mine owner and piospector  intelligence and judgement are needed.  I know the saying is common that "a  greenhorn is as apt to strike it rich as  anyone." I think this statement is veiv  misleading; and what seems harsher, 1  don't think it is true. It is true that  sometimes those who have learned little  from books and nothing from experience  have blundered onto rich leads; but if  tho truth were summed up I think it  would appear that a very large peicent-  age of good mines have been found by  men of experience,men who have woiked  in mines, have seen and handled the  ores and have observed the rock in which  they occur. I firmly believe, loo, that a  man's chances of finding the treasures  hid m (lie earth would be increased  many fold by adding to his experience  that of oihfir'men, by studying the mode  of occurrence of ores, the rock formations in which they'occur���������;in fact, the  better knowledge of geology and mineralogy he possesses the better his power  of observation and judgment the better  his chances of success. The same holds  true of the dealer in mining property.  It is true that these sciences arc large  ones, but it is just as true ' tliat the  chances of failure without the necessary  knowledge are fully.as large. If a sick  man, ignorant of tho properties of drugs,  were turned  ioose in  an apothecary's  shop he might blunder onto something  that would help him,, but the chances  would be against him.    We need not be  scared by the.voluminous books on geology with their frightful' looking names.  There are simple, interesting books, giving the most important information,and  written exppecially for prospectors and  mining men, and for the understanding  of them no previous knowledge of geology and' mineralogy arc needed.   These  may lead -o deeper study   later.    But  someone will say that certain minerals  have been found where no experienced  prospector   would   seaich,   and   where  geologists have said  they cannot occur.  The j rouble is, an old miner comes from  California   to Montana   and  begins   to  look for gold here.   He knows'just how  the rock looks in which the ore occurs  where he mined in California, and he is  looking for the.same kind of rock and  the same looking ore,   but he probably  will not find it.   An old Montana miner  goes to t Colorado and meets  with  the  same disappointment.    His views of the  occurrence of ores are too narrow.   The  precious metals occur in many dill'eient  kinds of rock and under'a 'great variety  of conditions;   and one  would have to  know the geology of the whole world to  know all' the conditions in which thev  occur; yet there are certain  underlying  truths that,  if understood,  will vastly  increase tlie chances of success and save  not   only   many   years   but many   life  times. "Many  brother   geologists���������perhaps I ought to say. uncle geologists, for  1 think' they are of  the generation' that  is passing away���������have studied a- certain  region and have judged all the world by  that.   I might whisper-to you, too, that  not all who talk-, and write on geological  subjects know just what they are talking  about, and   1 have no doubt   you havo  thought   of   that   befoie   reading   this  article.    But   whatever   any man   may  say, truth is the same, and if all work  together it will take a long time to find  it all "out."-dProf. Earl Douglas, Ph.D..  University of Montana,   in  Northwest  Mining Journal.  The "Point" of Difference.  A misplaced comma has got a Greeley  County (Kan.), paper into" a--peck~of  trouble. The journal in question recently'published an item in which the  following sentence occurred: "Two  young men went with their girls to Tribune to attend the teachers' institute,  and as soon as they loft, the girls got  drunic." The comma belonged after the  "girls," and the latter are milking it hot  for lhe editor.  is thin blood. It causes pale  faces, white lips, weak nerves  and lack of vitality. A blood-  enriching, fat producing  food-medicinc is needed.  Sc5HS &muhkiri>  goes: to the root of the  trouble, strengthens and enriches the blood, and builds  up the entire system.  'For Anemic girls, thin  boys, and enfeebled mothers,  it is  the Standard  remedy.  toe. and $1.00, all druggists,  SCOTT,& liOWNJi, Chemists, Toroalo.'  Harry Nash"  Practical  Tinsmith and Plumber.  Agent for Metallic Roofing Co.  of Canada,  Manufacturer of Galvanized Airpipe,  Powder-thawers, Camp Stoves and all  kinds of Sheet Metal Work.  With the latest in tools, machines and  Good Stock, I am prepared to do only  first-class work.  Peisonal attention given lo all orders.  E&TIJIATK& Given. Modeijati: Pnicns.  Maij, Ounmts ]juo.mptl\\ Attended To.  Shop, at present, near  Sandon Sawmill.  ,   J.- W.  BAI.MAIN,  Civil   Engineer,   Architect,  Etc.  BRADSHAW  BROS.  ,     IRONT STREET,    'KASLO.  Miners' Boots and Shoes,  Clothing and Furnishings,  Best makes of Tents���������5x7 at ������2.50,  GxS at $2.75.  ' <? .^<S>^<s>$>������*$x$xS><Sxsx3><sxS>3><^  i <s>  Will draw the attention to  to what is going on in the ���������  mercantile worid; therefore keeping the names of  leading merchants, with  tlieir up-to-date announcements,  before the public.  Try an Ad in the Mining  Review, which has a large  circulation.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS-  NOTICJC.  Dnyton No. 2, AHoina, Din Knot, Iviicben and  Iiimtiiiln   Mineral  Claim",   .situate  in the  Plocan Minim.' Division of West Kootonay  Distviet.      Whore   located:       On    I'uyne  mountain, aboiit'one and one-half miles  from the town of Sandon.  Take notlco that I, Alexander Sprout, .agent  for the Saiidon Mininf,' it  Hilling Company,  Limited,  Free' Miner's   Certificate  No. 1-KI3S,  intend,   sixty days from  the dale hereof,   to  apply to the 'Mining  Recorder for, Certificates  of Improvements, for the purpose- of obtaining  Crown Grunts of tho above claims.  And further tnlco notice that action,<under  Section 87, must.be commenced. uefpre tho issuance ol such Certificates of Improvements.  '     : ."ALEX.SI'ItOAT.  Dated Uiis'-'Slh day of April, 1900,  , At Now Pcnven  1'. O. Box 170.  SANDON", BBITIS1I COLUMBIA.  M. L. GRIMMETT, IX. B.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary ���������  Public, Etc.  Sandon, British Columbia.  W. S. Diikwuy  Sundoii, B, C.  II. T. TwiGG  Now Denver, B. C.  DREWRY & TWIGG  Dominion und Provincial Land Stirveyots.  Civil and Mining Engineers.  Bcrtfoid it McNeil Code.  A. R. HEYLAND.  ENGINEER,  AND PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  SANDON, B.C.  The Denver House  JOII2sT NELSON, Pnoi'/  Th'is house has recently been  repapered and refitted in all appointments. TJ15 table is firstclass, the' bar supplies the best  and tho rooms are all that can  be desired for comfort.  Rates Moderate.  Canadian Pacific Railway.  u  Oil  JJ  Service for the year 1900 will  be commenced June 10th.  The "Imperial Limited"  takes you across the Continent iu four days without change. It is a solid  vestibuled train, luxuriously equipped with every  possible essential for the  comfort and convenience  of passengers. Ask your  friends who have travelled  on it; or address .  E. j; Coyle, A.Q.P.A., Vancouver, B.C.  W. P. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, B. C.  ��������� ������������������ ATLANTIC SHApp. TICKETS.; 7  To and from Knropeati points via Canadian  and American lines. Apply for sailing dates,  rates and full information to any C. I'. K. agent  or J. K. Cnidjre, Airent, Sandon,  W. P. P. Cunitninffs, Gen.S.S. Agent Winnipeg **fr*>*ir*t*v i4>au w jjt������  THE .MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, July ai," 1900.  r4-r-MH^4-HM--M-+44-+-H-������-M--������-H  r+++4++-H-  WALL PAPER  , 1, l.l-W>t.>-> WM.,.l,���������.<.,X<.fW������.l>l.'>.l"k.".<,l<".<S<'<.<-W>.0<M.,>,P,.C>.'VCn'l.Cn>l.(>iJ'  A Nice Selection  of Wall Paper in stock  and NEW DESIGNS   ���������  to arrive shortly.  .,.>������.,������1,.������.rl������>s<,l.������u'i.<������.ci.iSi'i.n.i'i.f<><'l.n.i'li������.cwi<.ci.".i1u������i.������"uM.i-M>s<-n'<.l"i<".i,ii".<'>.,*.iH ^"  ��������� ������������������    IZ  U H M H I M H M H M ��������� ��������� H-++-H++++++++*-���������  i  1  !SI  if  m  1>A  fffln/tfjwt^iwMuimiiMiMmnaiBam  *fimwwm>Hmrkwm>tli.wi  -OTsasKSSSSGFJ? fSFSSSBS THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, July 21, 1900.  City] Council.  All  if 85 00  -100.00  90.00  ��������� 150.00  50.00  3.00  21.35  31.00  3.05  3.50  32.05  08.00  14.00  10.00  10.00  10.96  Council   met  Monday evening,  picsent but Aid. Hunter.  - A letter of'resignation from the mayor  was fyled.' .  . The following accounts were ordered  to be paid:���������"  Police Magistrate Lillyfsalary ���������  Wm. Stubbs, constable, "   ".  A. Nye, scavenger, salary  M. L. Grimmett, 3 mos. salary  Miners' Union       - - -- '  W. Hood  J. B. Grant, seal  Tythall & Son,'assessment rolls  Ii. Geigerich  C. Nelson, New Denver  Jalland & Co., hay  L. Doolan, rent..  McQueen, drugs   , _   -  Dr. Power, r'e "Red Paddy" ���������'  Stubbs, parties to gaol  Folliott & McMillan, work  The police magistrate's report for June  showed  a revenue of $80.00.  which was  fyled.  Mr, Harris wrote council  saying that  certain  lots  were   his   and   asked   the  council not to grant   liquor licenses to  parties on same.   Motion of Buckley and  Thompson   it was   referred   to   license  commissioners.-  The committee of citizens appointed  to look after the re-organization of the  fire brigade recommended, in their report, three stations���������one at, or near, the  K. & S. crossing, the second onr Slocan  'Star street, near the centre of the town,  and the third near the Kootenay hotel,  with a sub-chief for each, and local citizens to manage. The committee also  recommended hose and other appliances  for each with light racing carts for the  upper and lower stations, the mayor to  have the chief oveisight of all three  stations. They recommended -a drying  rower at the central station.. The racing  carts would be expected to carry about  300 feet of hose, and could be cheaply  made or built.���������Report fyled.      ..   -  ������������������>������������������  DHXJNTEIR  BROS,  ;   - General TQ.ercKants*  Have opened up'a new and1 well-selected stock of  iNfe-vv Goods  The Atlin Gold Fields.  li' 1  Latest advices 'ri.i Victoria show that  some 500 men are engaged in hydiaulic-  ing in the Atlin District, where it is ccr-  lain that last year's output of !(800,000  will be substantially increased. At  Brackctt's hydraulic claims, on W'illow  deck, three wash tips recently made in  ihe course of some teven weeks of work  leali ed $1S,000. , Many free milling gold  quartz claims are being recorded, but it  is'too eat ly yet to Eay whether or not  the" finds are profitably workable. It is  "ikelv, from present indications, that  Atlin w:II this ytar yield about$1,300,000  of gold, though some estimate a double  output, as compared with last year,  which wonld mean ,$1,000,000. The more  conservative estimate seems the more  likely. Most men willing to work in  Atlin can there earn fair wages, but  whilst there is general activity together  with a hopeful feeling and hydraulic  proceeds on practical fines, nothing  phenomenal can be reported of tho district.���������News-Advertiser.  Chinese War Notes:  Thc allied troops, on the morning of  Julv 17, succeeded in forcing the walls  and capturing the torts of the native  city of Tien Tsin. The losses of the  allies were 800 killed or wounded, chiefly  a-nong the Russians and Japanese; but  the Chinese wcie completely routed,  The Chi nose population of Montreal  at a meeting in that city passed a unanimous resolution condemning the actions  of their countrymen in terms of abhor-  ence. They claim to be pleased with  the methods of white people and desirous of learning the lessons of Christianity. The question is, would they if they  were back in China?  The leported invasion of the Russian  territory of Manchuria and Siberia by  tho hordes of China is looked upon as a  serious complication. It will, with the  horrible outrage on her ambassador.give  bought at right  prices.  into cdjljTd stock:'  )<������<������������c<<te(ecie(������tt������iite������������<i<������t ���������������������>���������������������������>  ���������a������������*������eeo������<  >oe*oe������������caoa*o<  ������  cmJij*  /$���������  Just below the fire-swept line.  M  ������=^^*-������  A fine selection of goods  always on hand.  \  K,  *$������-'.  ^  Special  Attention  to  'in.e  Russia an excuse for individual revenge  and greater compensation 'when the day  of settlement arriveu.  Telegraphic Briefs.  Winnipeg, July 17.���������The Manitoba  cricketers defeated Minnesota at Chicago  yesterday 105 to 50.  Ottawa, July 17.���������A cable has been  received at tho Militia Department from  Lord Roberts stating that Lieut. Borden,  son of Dr. Borden, the Minister of Militia, was shot dead.  Ottawa, July 17.���������Lieutenant-Colonel  Herchmer is in the city arranging to resume his old position as commissioner  of the Northwest Mounted Police.  Toionto, July 17.���������Hon. Sir Oliver  Mowat, Lieu tenant-Governor of Ontario,  is indisposed and was unable to attend  the funeral of his brother, the late Dr.  Mowat, professor of theology in Queens  Univereity, Kingston.  Toronto, July 17.���������The Ontario Government will probably have a much  greater revenue this year from the suc-  cesQion duties than anticipated. The  estimate was $175,000 and already $130,-  000 has been collected. Tlie Christie,  Ilallain and Alcornc estates in Toronto  will yield at least $75,000.  FOLLIOTT. &   MciV  Gontractors  BuilcLer^s  LLAN  and  Plans and estimates furnished on all classes of buildings.  Factory opposite the C. P. R. freight shed.  Sash and Doors,  Frames and Mouldings on hand or to order on  short notice.  P. O.  Dealers In. Rou^K and Dressed Lumber.  SR?i\������les, Lath,, Lime and Tf^nck.  CALL AND GET PRICES.  Box 155.  Sandon, B. C.  Finest Stationery  ������s  Bc*K THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, July si, 1900.  THE LOCAL GRAFT.  ' Tent town is growing daily.  Mr. Vallance is putting.the last finishings on his residence, inside and out.  .    ' Obis. Walmsley has ids new saloon on  the old Kootenay hotel site-ready for oc-  cupancy.  The Ottawa parliament prorogued on  Tuesday, and the Local House opened  on Thursday.  ' F J. Donaldson lias broken ground  for his new drug store on the old Bait-  lett hotel site.  1 ��������� r> Weir formerly of the Star boarding  1 v. w������lr'1U '     .-.       a position with  I house stall,  liasuKeu      r  ' Hunter & Kendnck.  '��������� Messrs Grimmett and Pitts have eom-  f      ' mc^ced   the   foundation of   their   new  i stores on tlie old site.  Air Scott,   of   Vancouver,   is' having  a Suple of houses he has at Cody moved  Mndon and will plant them on faun-  nyside.-  ���������' Air Oliffo has in his bookstore window  ; samples-of  gooseberries, red and black  < currants, all beauties,  and the hrst cui  tinted fruits ever grown in Sandon.  Fumieating and no .suiall-pox again  Hrf-ivs the"mails a day at tlie boundary.  I fsomeoQio   L'  had their brains fumi-  iSft wouldbea good thing for the  . country.  Things at the Ivanhoe concentrator  are moviiiB on well. The building is  ���������ho?w nearlv covered in and the machin-  e,y ia beinB put in place as rapidly as  possfble.' t  Tames Woods has leased 25 feet of the  corne of Ivanhoe and Flume streets,  OTuoAte the Kootenay saloon, from Mr.  Hwrisand is builnmg a giocery store  thereon fronting on the tlume  The new Reco hotel looks remarkably  w3,ti,������ evenings when lit up by the  electric lights The city will, '.whe^ all  toSSd buildings are completed,  .have a very interesting appearance. ���������  The Sandon football bbys,. like capitalists have found .some hidden treasures in the way of expert players at the  mfneLand think .'they can widlop anj  team in the country, ���������. even . the Sil> er  toniai.B.V ���������..; ���������"   ���������;'' ������������������������������������'������������������ ;    i  The men at Mr. Tattne's ranch aie  boana"oe.have..tbe:residen������i.n^  sh-ine for the reception of Mis. A?"nk  o her an- val, which..some say will be  when Mr, T. returns,, from his. visit to  old Acadia. : :  .  The chatter of theberrypicker-is now  everywhere heard in the bushes. It will  ho all well enough until some one of  thenv finds'a brown bear also;.P.������*������ng  berries a 'few rods distant, and then the  iiidustry;rW.nidroRJfor a time.  The Methodists of the city have pur-'  chased a lot from Mr. Harris, a few lots  Sftheone the CaUiohcs pureed  Sr&lo'?a.fripWnf^S.r  time before a new church will be- under.  Mr T J. Lendrum managirigdireetor  . :      '      of the Bosun, was in the city Tuesday.  < lie savs there is much mining activity.  : onVlocan Lake, but like a^thenrwl10e  :   =0^^ ^ t^m  Province.-  stands. The upper story may.,.be . laid  out for a hall. ��������� ���������  .  Wm. Dunn  has returned lo Sandon  ������hSre^S^oSS^e|  gonand'crime seem to be njoxe .c*mmo������  than gold nuggets at that Ala-Kan  "golden strand."  jeit & Co.  Jobbers and Retailers in  Hardware  and  Mining Supplies  *T' Rails and Track Iron,  Crow's Nest Coal,  Bar aud Sheet Iron,  Jessop & Canton Steel for Hand and  Machine Drills,  Powder, Caps, Fuse,  Iron Pipe and Fittings,  Oils, Waste, etc.,  Mine or Mill Supplies of all kinds,  Agents Traux Automatic Ore Cars.  Head Office���������Nelson,  Stores at  B.C.  Nelson, B.C.   Kaslo, B.C.   Sandon, B.C.  The new government is going to expend $0,000 on the Lemon Creek wagon  road.  There is talk of putting in the Western  Union telegraph system in the K. & S.  service.  NICKERSON, The Watchmaker and  second-hand dealer was born in the  business. Try him! 'Baker street, Nelson, B. C.  The Canadian Pacific railway traffic  recipts for the week ending July 14,were  $5150,000; for the same week of last year,  they were $567,000.  ��������� Walmsley & Bennett are moving into  their new hotel this -week. They are  putting in the best of furniture and.fitting it up in excellent shape for a large  business.  Mr; Green, M.P.P., "was in the city  Wednesday on his way to the Legislature. He thinks the powers that be can  develop a strong government if they  take the proper steps, ' but if not they  will be defeated.  J.R.Cameron has now fully opened  up in Gents' furnishings, boots and  shoes and all miners' requisites iii these  lines, which with his merchant tailoring  should keep him a busy man. He reports business good all around.  Thenew British Columbia building at  the Winnipeg exhibition grounds is now  hearing completion. It is an attractive  looking structure,., situated directly in  front of the new grand stand, and built  entirely of British Columbia lumber.  The people of Whitewater are,very  justly clamoring for a government appropriation for sidewalks. That town  has contributed much to the treasury,  and to the present has had but little  recognition. Its demands are moderate  and they ought to be met.  Dr. Hendryx came near meeting with  a serious accident at the five Friday  morning. He ran down to get the hose  and when at tlie steps the cable broke,  an end hitting him on the shoulder arid  leg. He will, however, be around in a  few days. Had the blow been on the  head the worst consequences might have  followed.  A Whitewater Possibility..  . It is quite possible and even likely  that Whitewater may become known as  a gold as well as a silver producer of importance. -Mr. Charles Plowman, who  represents English capital, has taken an  option on several claims at Whitewater,  within three miles of .the railway, which  give encouraging assays in gold.  A fine, pure, dainty, tasting Ceylon production, put up in a,  neat one-half and one pound packages.    Haviug secured .the agency  of this favorite brand of tea, we are prepared to recommend it to al  feelino- assured that- one trial will establish its superiority over all  other "package teas for its delightful flavor and reasonable price.  COK'H'HiBS.  My blend of Mocha aud Java is acknowledged to be the-best.  ,    All other lines of pure, clean and fresh Groceries. <���������     -    -  Pi.  Giei  ^r?iolr  SANDON.  KASLO,  AINSWORTH.  W.J.  TAILORS  REOPENED  &C0.  in the their new premises  next to the planing mill.  Dealers in Treats  AT SANDON  ROSSLAND, NELSON, KASLO, PILOT BAY, THREE FORKS,  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CM  SLOCAN CITY. j>J  ' i'uj  LIMITED.  W  PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO,  CANADA.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  We have a large-stock of oats and feed in all other lines,  and cheap.    A car of fresh vegetables.to arrive early.    Leave ordersfl  now.      ��������� '���������''���������     ���������       '���������''���������;     ''���������'"'"'���������'"   ". ' ; ..,::".���������-'���������    ������������������'     . ������������������.  '  Fancy and staple groceries as usual.  Preserving jars and crockery in variety.  Cody Avenue. .    ,  JALLAND


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