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Mining Review Jul 7, 1900

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 .-: i>^awuxjc  .VnS,  4.���������NO. 5.  SANDON, 1). C.,'   JULY 7, 1900.  iJ2.00 PER YEAR.  O  Tlie Slocan District.-  Whatever mny be said oi other mining  districts of  the.'Province us a field for  I extensive   investments,   the  Slocan   is  ! essentially tlie poor man's country. It  may be tliat the men who have (.sunk  their millions in   tlie Rossland and  the  , Boundary districts (and it takes millions  to work properties there) win every one  ['reach the zenith of their ambition; but  that in  no way diminishes the force of  tlio contention!   that -the Slocan is the  poor mail's country. ���������,  There nre now, including: the Slocan  ' City and Whitewater districts,, some 00  properties .that could be made to pay  right along  as worked without a dollar  i of imported capital, excepting, perhaps,  a few temporary loans from banks, and  ' every ono of them has been put in shipping condition  without the aid of oul-  , side millionaires.   Thev are tho product  [of local men ,with moderate means. It  is tructhat a few of them, such as the  l'nyne, etc., aie contiolled by outside  millions; but theso millions have only  got hold of thc properties since they  were made paying by men of Pinal 1  means. Scarcely a week transpires that  | some new-property has not disclosed ore  in paying quantities under the drili and  pick of men who put in a year's work or  so, with hut very limited means, and are  then turned ovir under sale or l.ond to  men of means who will make fortunes  out of the energies of their predecessors.  AVe might yo over the shipping,proper-  tits of the district, one by one. and ir,  would be found that noaily every one of  them aftor showing- paying ore passed  from the hands of the locators' at figures  varying from $1,000 to $15,000. The  slate owes these original developers���������  prospectors aud locators���������a great deal,  much more than they will ever get credit  for; and it appears to us it has means at  hand to sufjlciently reward them, if our  representatives would only take- the  matter in hand instead of wasting their  energies over eight-hour squabbles.  The slate lend, money to railways, for  irrigation purposes, for dyking, etc., then  J wry not lend  some of it to prospectois  who have good  security.   As uo have  snid  above,   many a prospector in   the  Slocan  ha-j been foicoJ to part wilh his  prospective millions, nay, we might say  assured   millions,    simply   because   he  could not command a little more nioney  to develop his find,   build   trai's,   etc.  Why, we ask, docs not the government  eoiiie  to the relief of such  men,  upon  whom above all others the future of the  country depends, and lend them means  ft to make   the   necessary   impioveinents  fi and to enable the prospectors, who of all  w others are entitled to it,  to  retain   the  jf/.. wealth, tauing security upon lhe property.  14.      We will give  a case in   point.   The  Ii other day Mr. Kcrlin uncovered a moat  'f. promising vein of ore within a few feet  fi of his own property, carrying snflici'ont  k,assurance that it crosses his .property,  }; and, .presumably for the lack of private  jl' mufrfis to proceed with the work, he lias  |i}| given a bond on it. Now, if the pros-  J.X pects are sufficiently definite to warrant  fli''private individuals or a corporation in  ft advancing money oh the showing there  T^iwd the _ bonders to put up . more in  working it they are suflioior.tly definite  jw to wurrant any government in lending  fi'li money to Mr. Jverlin to go on with the  |r''w,ork "under tho supervision of a com-  Eftncteiib engineer. The sum advanced  jjf> need not be large at first, but might be  <increased .froip time to timeiaa tho show-)  I.^ing under development warranted.   In  this way the pioneers, the men entitled  to the reward, would become the millionaires, and not the outsiders or the  local capitalists. Failure would, of  course, occur in some cases, but the  country would become developed, and  labor would be employed under the  operation;  and  there is  no more crime  j in wasting money in minings failures  than theie is in 'non-paying railways,  dykes, etc. Q  We know there are many who will not  agree with us in this advance; but we  uie confident it is the proper tiling for  the country, and we will stick at it until  something conies of it. The government  can borrow Ihe money at -1 per cent, and  by  lending it at Tor 8, or even more,  j they cover cost of supervision of work  and put by a rest from excess of interest  to assist in covering losses wherever  failure is realized. Such a proposition  would make the Slocan tho poor man's  country truly.  From Far and Near.  u -   'Kaslo wants a new chief of police.  "A Robsoii Indian, named  bonis,  was  drowned at Watci loo last week.  An Italian, name unknown, drowned  himself near Procter the other day.  The C. J'. Ii. nie making great iin-  piovements ou theirdock at Silverton.  I). Bremner, who spentseveral months  in Scotland, has returned to Silverton.  McJNichol, of Silverton, won several  jumping and running prizes at Nelson.  The sum of $9(5,000 is iu the Ottawa  estimates for the Lardo-Duncan railway. '  The case against rfaybriek, of Slocan  Junction, for selling venison out of season, has been dismissed.  Jn the L/iir-oiired iace at Nelson, Winnipeg got away with Vancouver, as the  Yankee would say, "lilf nothin'."  The Silvertonian s.iys Jack Carl in  killed three bears with a rifle tho other  day near the Wakefield concentrator.  Jack must have been on the long shift  in that engagement.  There are some hotel changes at  Whitewater. .Mr. Walmsloy vacates the  Jackson House and re-opens the Whitewater, while Palmer and Allan, of the  the Coin nil, Kaslo, takeover tho Jackson: House.  An appalling accident happened at  Tacuma on Wednesday last, by which  about 00 people lost their lives. An  electric train loaded with excursionists,  many of ihem women ^-and children,  jumped the track crashing down a deep  gulch.  Police Magistrate Carney ran for  school trustee the other day in Kaslo.  championed In P.P. Green, M. P. P.,  and Mayor McAnn, and was beaten by  Mrs. Livingstone in a majority of (5.'5.  Tho Conservatives will have to fun Mrs.  Livingstone against Mr. Green for parliament next time.  Upwards of 20,000 people including  men, women and children have been  butchered by the heathen Chinee so far.  Latest reports have it, that not a white  person is left alive in I'elcin. After such  atrocities it will'iiot bo any. harm surely  for the powers to convert the pig-tails  with the most forcible means of modern  civilization;  The Chinese have adopted ii now. system of warfare���������that of butchering.  They, have by this timo butchered nearly  every white man, recardloss of .nationality; in Pekin, and tho work is being  extended toother places. If the Chinese  will not adopt tlio usages of civilized  nations in business' aiid will not be civilized the march of progress must go on  all the same,- even at the expense of  annihilating the Chinese empire.  Tlie Minnesota Silver Co.  TIih long tunnel at the Ivanhoe is now  in 1400 feet, and tho company are looking for the lead every day. In the driving they crossed two other leads in both  of which they found ore, and of but the  one they had previous knowledge. The  entire mine is showing up remarkably  well with 15 feet of concentrating ore.  Thero are 30 men at work on the Ivanhoe and IS at the Sunshine with some  '10 at the concentrator.  All the stone vork is completed at the  concentrator, and thoy are fully justified  in saying they have a foundation unsurpassed in the country. Thc framework  of the'concentrator proper is all but finished, there remaining but the orebins  and crusher structures to erect. The  roofing, siding, etc., will be commenced  next week. Some of themiaehinery has  arrived and consignments are coining in  daily Mr. Ilickey expects thc mill to  be leady for operations bv the loth of  gept. Mr. Mj.-Rae, mill ^ contractor of  .Montana, who built the Wakefield, has  charge of the work.  Grading for the flume is pretty welt  done. A "Y" is put in to collect foices  from Miller and Tributary creeks. A  pipe will also convey water ' from Carpenter creek to drive a wheel at the  base, which, combined, will provide  ample power and water needs at every  sen ion of the vear. Carpenter creek  supply will not be needed until the force  is deficient in tho hill streams. Mr.  IJu:Key has also underway a complete  system for domestic use and fire pro  tection.  PURELY PERSONAL.  HINES AND TUNING.  The Ruby, near the Bosun, has a rich  strike.  Mr. Benneduni will sliortly begin work  on the Golden Wedge.  The mines ol Moyie shipped (50 tons of  ore per day during June.  , Pre shipments from   Whitewater for  tlie week -we're: Whitewater; 134 tons.  The oio shipments via K. & S. for the  week were: Last Chance SO tons; American Boy 20.  The Idaho mine has iiow over .30 men  at work aud the property is shipping 20  tons of ore daily.  "W. W. Fallows and J. Dimick are doing assessment work on' their claims in  the Windermere.. (j  ,\V. A. CopletV has found an eight-inch  vein of solid galena, running .100 oz. silver, in the Meadow, a property on the  Columbia river below Nakusp.  At Slocan Sports.  Mr. and Mrs. G. B. McDonald are  visiting in Kaslo.  Geo. Alexander, of Kaslo, spent'a few  days hero this week. " (  Wm. Richards was in from Kaslo this  week for a day in the old town.  ,Mrs. Funk,aft or a long visit at Seattle,  returned home on Monday las-t.  J. G. Main has gone lo Kaslo to take  charge of thc firm's business there.  Mark Mauley, of the Arlington mine  ���������it Slocan, was in the city Monday.  A. W. Wright returned Thursday from  a trip to Rossland and othot mining  camps. , '      ''  Mr. Fallows is in from thc Wirder-  mere. IJe says business i-. not very  brisk there. t  II. Haines, of thc 13. C. Bank here,  was the principal water power that Nelson could boast of on Dominion Day.    '  I'. D. Moore, government inspector of,  roads, was in town this week. Mr. D.  C. Kutiz, of ICaslo, was also here some  days.  Mrs.Egan has returned Irom Spokane,  and she and Mr. JSgan will.likely take  up their residence at the rvanhoe.con-  centrator.  Dr. and Mrs. Gomm returned Wednesday from their honeymoon trip and are  now comfortably settled in the Lane  cottage, Cody avc.  Mr. Sa'ndiford. son of W. Sandjford of  the Bosun mine,   who has been managing properties in Servia for some lime,  j is now, in New Denver   and is likely to  I take hold of some Slocan propei ties.  P. J. Ilickey, jr., is in town on a visit.  He will soon be a larger man than the  senior P. J. if lie sticks to it. Mrs.  Ilickey and children will soon be up  from Spokane for a few months' visit.  Mrs. Ilambly, who has been, visiting  her daughter, Mrs. Jalland, for some  weeks, left this week for her home near  Edmonton. Mrs. Jalland accompanied  hor in a trip to the Okanag.ui country.  Mr. Cruse, late C. P. K. agent here,  and Mrs. Cruso left on Tuesdav for Midway, wheie Mr. Cruse thinks ol taking  up ranching. When down to business  Mr. Cruse makes an excellent official.  All join in wishing both success in their  new.venture.  Miss Mary Crawford has resigned her  position in the post oflice, and loft on  Tuesday lor an extended visit with Miss ���������  Rawlings and: other friends in Ontario.  She was a most 'efficient, official in tlio  post office'and will bp much missed.  Miss Mary McDonald has taken,a position in the oflice" since Miss Crawford  left.  Three Marriages.  As usual, oui townsman, J. S, Gustv',  gobbled a handful of the prize money at  the Slocan sports on Monday! He took  first money in the running, hop, step  aiid jump, clearing 40 ft. 1 in. He also  took first in standing-long-jump, clearing 11 ft. OW in. lie' only reached second place in running-long-jump clearing  10 ft. 8>.< in, McNichol. of; Silverton,  going ono inch more. Of course it is  pretty close measuring when it goes to.  an inch in such a distance. Sandon was  defeated in football by the Silverton  hustlers. The day was fair, and it is  said everything turned out quite satisfactory.'  On the evening of July 1st, in thc perioral the Kaslo hotel, by the Rev. A. D.  Menzies, Daniel Hurley of Sandon to  Mrs. Lizzie Mclntyre of the same place.  At the Manse, ICaslo, by tlie Kev. A.  D. Menzieson the evening of June 13ih,  William Lr-Barner, of . Whitewater, to  Mrs. Susanna M. Hughes, of Ivaslo.���������  Kootenaian.  Rev. A. M. Sanford performed a like  ceremony for Larry O'Neil and Miss M.  A. Lees at Three Forks on the 2nd.  The CaiiadianBank of Commerce and  the Bank of B. C, are about to amalgamate, in which case tho amalgamation  will make a strong institution and will,  of course, take over all the ag��������� licios of  Doth and make but little or, no changes  in the officials the cou'nUy over. The Mining Review.  SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1900.  'J THAT RELIEF.  Our coteru is out in favor of taking a  portion of the relief money for the repair  of Sunnyside road, and principally because that in a pro rata division of the  money there would be but small relief  for any and all. Well, we contend that  even small relief, under present circumstances, is better than none at all; and,  in using the money, as suggested, the  .benefit to all but residents would be inappreciable. The money, by outsiders  at least,   was sent in to be distributed  , amongst those who lost'lheir all, or lost  so heavily as to be left in even worse  circumstances, 'that is with their business interests all gone and in debt. If  a .cash value had been placed on the  goods sent in, and all' contributions  valued as cash, a payment of at least 3  per cent, or .fSO per .$1,000 loss, could  have been made, which would have been  much appreciated .by r. all. Will our  neighbor tell us how Messrs. Griffith,  Fallows and others, who lost heavily on  Sunnyside and are not going to re-build,  will be helped by the construction of the  wagon road up that hill? Or again, how  people living down the creek towards  the lower end of the town will be helped  by that wagon road? Again, if the  money in hands is now too small for distribution, as is alleged, which it is not,  it will be smaller when that road is  built, and the stronger reason  whv  no  'general distribution should be made.  Wo give every member of that committee, who have at much inconvenience  given their time ior nothing, credit for j  ' acting in the very best of good faith; but  even good faith may be mistaken. If  any subscribed to assist public works,  their money should certainly go as  intended; but under no circumstances  should money sent in for direct distribution among the'?i3ufferers be taken for  improvements that should be met by  direct taxation. We are quite confident  that undsr a proper distribution of the  money in hand, there would be enough  coming to residents of Sunnyside to  build that road, and they could apply it'  that way if they felt so disposed.  and opportunity. ������As there is no use in  crying over spilt milk, there'is no use  in dealing acrimoniously with the mistakes of the past, but merely to hold  them in view as guide for the future.  Silvertonian:  , r"The editor of The Sandon' Mining  Review does not know the difl'evence between revising the Voters' List openly  now after the election and .revising it  underhandedly just before the election,  but as there are so, many things that  that editor don't know this will not surprise aio'one."  Well, the difference between the editor  of The Review ai.d the scribe of the Silvertonian is this: The former acknowledges he does not know everything, and  the latter refuses������to do so. He, the  latter, posseses two great attributes���������  omniscience and infallibility like the  Pope. There was no "underhand" attempt to revise the Slocan lists before  the elections; it was overhand And  strictly according to law. But pray  what use would a list revised now be  for an election four years hence? It  would be as defective as the one last  used. In every other province in Confederation the lists are revised, as they  ought to be, just before the elections';  but apparently this is one of the very  few things our contemporary does not  know.  It is now to be hoped that our council,  and all in responsibility in the place,  will take1 a lesson' from the mistakes of  the pdst. It is, of course, a question if  any lire brigade, under the most favorable circumstances, could,have stayed  a lire in Sandon, even with our unexcelled water supply, on account of the  narrowness of the main street and, comparatively speaJdng, absence of cross  streets to act as lire breaks; but if the  flume had been planked a fighting chance  would have been afforded. It is true  the council were hampered for means;  but the previous two years, all will now  admit, monies had been spent in salaries  and other outlays that might have been  saved, as they will be saved iu the  iuture, and applied that way. In a  place like this, with escapes problemat-.  ical, fire protection should be the first  consideration. Every facility should be  provided to enable our company to make  the best possible use of all. appliances  The Silvertonian says that Mr. Green  will have nothing to do with either Mar-  tinism or Turnerism in the House. We  are not sure that it is is an Ishinaelite a  representative may be the most-service  to a constituency. A representative is  always the better of" being allied ^to one  side of the House or the other, though  he need not necessarily endoise a Bill  from either in which he cannot concur.  The Silvertonian says the recent rains  ruined the orange crop in that vicinity.  There will be more known about it after  the 12th.  Alta Lodge, No. 29.  A. F. AND A. JI."  Regular Communication of the lodge.  Meets fust Thursday in cuch month at S p. ra.  Visiting brethren cordially invited.  THOS. BROWN, Sec'y.  W. I. Warner, _, ���������.  , MINING   CONTRACTOR.  PROPERTIES   HANDLED   ON   COA1M1SS10N  Mines and Mineral Claims examined and  reports mode.  Interests taken in part payment for services  rendered.  Contracts taken for opening up lost or  invisible ledges.  Twenty years experience.  SANDON* B.C.  The Denver House  JOHN NELSON, Pnor.  This house has recently been  repapered and refitted in all appointments. The table is firstclass, the bar supplies the best  and the rooms are all that can  be desired for comfort.  Rates Moderate.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  Dayton No. ., Altoina, Bin Knot, Itucben and  lanauda  Mineral Claims,   situate 111 the  Plocnn Mining Division of West Kootenay  District.      Where   located:      On   Payne  mountain, about one and one-half miles  from the town of Sandon.  Take notice that I, Alexander Sproat, agent  for the Sundon Mining <Si Milling  Company,  Limited, Free   Miner's   Certificate   No. 1I93S,  intend,   sixty days from the dale hereof,  to  apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further tnlce notice that action, under  Section :;7, must be commenced befbre the issuance ot such Certificates of' Improvements.  ,ALEX. Sl'KOAT.  Dated this 28th day of April, 1900,   '  At New Denver.  R. Elliott  ' Furniture Dealer  and Undertaker  KASLO, B. C.  Has lots of; Furniture that must  be sold cheap, also a ,bath house  and outfit cheap.   ���������  Established  1858.  M. R. Smith & Co.  flamifacturers of all kinds of  Plain and Fancy  niw ���������i mam.  VICTORIA, B.C.  BRANCH-VANCOUVER, B. C.  STRACHAN BRO  Plumbers.  -   ��������� -ff.     (  , Sewer and Water Connections, i  Plumbing of all kind. i  Gas Fitting our specialty. { '  Agents :��������� !  N01 they Gas Engine Co.,       ���������   ,    j  Standard Automatic Gas Engine,   {  Pelton and Tutthill Water Wheels,!  ' Flexible Metallic Tubing, Etc. ,     /  Opera House Block.        NELSON^ Es  (-^  "Imperial  'i  Limited"  Service for  the  year   1900  v\Ji  be commenced June 10'r  The   "Imperial  Limite  takes you across the Cc]  tineut iu four days ,wir  out change.    It is a so.  vestibuled train, luxurio^  ly equipped   with   evej?  possible  essential  for if.  comfort  aud   conveniens  of passengers;    Ask yoilj  friends who have travelltg  ou it, or address  E.J. Coyle, A.Q.P.A., Vancouver, B.C.  W. P. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, B. C.  ;atlantic steamship ticket. I  To and from European points via Canadi:?  and American lines.   Apply for sailing datif  rates and full information to any C. 1'. Ii. age)  or J. R. Crudge, Agent, Sandon, ;  W. P. H. Cummings, Ocn.S.S. Agent Winnipi,  ' t .1  FOLLIOTT   &   McMILLAFI  Contractors      ^  and BiailcLer^s.     f  Plans and estimates furnished on all classes of building's- f  Factory opposite the C. 1J. R. freight shed. ��������� )  Sash and Doors,  Frames and Mouldings, on hand or to order o$  short notice. , ,*{  Dealers fn RousSh aivd Dressed Lumber  Slurries, LatK, X������ime and TJnck. |  CALL AND GET PRICES.   . '       /  P. O. Box 155. Sandon,.B. C.  I  HIDES AND DEER SKINS.  SHIP  TO  McMillan fur & wool co. j  EXPORTERS AND IMPORTERS.  200-312 First Ave. North, Minneapolis, Minn.  .SP"    Write   for   Our   Circular   and   See   the-   Prices   we   PayJ r.0^__^.!������_-ar^ssm4e_a^  *LC������W> gll' JIW W -J.H.  Snpplcmciitary Estimates.,  Ottawa/June ,���������In the supplement-  ; ary estimates brought' down to-day,  which totals $7,^4,000,1, there is an item'  for Kuril loops public building of )f5,000.  There is also ^20,000 for the Vancouver  diill hall; Columbia river improvements  in the narrows between the Upper, and  Lower Arrow lakes, $15,000; Columbia  river improvements above Golden, $3,000;  Eraser river improvements and ship  channel protection works, $40,000; general repairs and improvements to harbor, diver and bridger works in Victoria  harbor, $3,000; removal of dredger rock  "and dredging at other points, $15,000;  Anderson and Kennedy lakes, clearing j  ���������'outlets, $2,500; Salmon river, removal of  driftwood, $2,500; Williams' head quarantine station wharf, repairs, $2,000;  total, $82,000. Alberni-Clayoquot telegraph line, $6,500; Ashcroft-Barkerville  telegraph line, repoleing, $14,000; telegraph line from Golden station, C.P.R.,  to Windermere, $9,000; telephone connection between Vancouver Island and  Salt Spring Island, $1,550; telegraph  line from 150- iUile House .to Quesnellc  Forks and Horsefly, $6,000. There is  also $121,000 for the Yukon and Ques-  r nelle telegraph lines. "  List of Dead Increases.  New York, July.���������Sixty-seven bodies  given up by the .waters of North river is  the horrible evidence that tonight eon-  ��������� firms the tale of thc disaster at the docks  of the North German Lloyd line in  Hobo ken. Each hour that passes witnesses additional recoveries of bodies,  seared, maimed and'burned beyond all  semblance of human flesh, and the half  has not yet boon told, as ali of the  bodies brought to the surface today were  caught on. grappling hooks. About the  first of next week people'will realize the  appalling loss of life, as it will then be  time for the bodies that are now lying  at the bottom of the river to come to the  surface of the water ol" their own accord,  lhe list of -missing is still placed at but  few below tho '300 mark.  A^  Germany Wants Satisfaction.  Berlin, July 2.���������From well founded  sources the representative of the Associated Press ' is able to state that afler a  detailed statement by Count von Bue-  low, secretary of state for foreign affairs,  regarding the Chinese situation, Em-  porer William made up his mind to  insist on full satisfaction for thc death  of Baron von Kettler for which purpose  he resolved to send armed forces as largo  as those of other countries.  Botha Released on Bail.  n Capetown, July 2. ���������- Commandant  l\ Philip Botha, who  was captured  by the  89 British near Kroonstadt on May 17th.  has been released under heavy bail.   He  |/"is to reside at Aliwal North  until  the  || conclusion of his preliminary examina-  ll' tion.  Ii-    Let the Japs Do It.  , I.Wlon, July 3.���������The Times this  ��������� morning editorially advocates strenously  i������ that the powers' in vice Japan to inter-  fj yene in China, or'at least that'they shall  IS place .no obstacle in the way of the ex-  ^ tensive employment of-Japanese'troop's  in quelling the rebellion.  K)..--        ./.; : ���������-'���������  . NICKERSON, The Watch maker; and  ^second-hand dealer was born in the  .J business. ���������Try.hiiril' ' Baker street, Nel-  !! son, B.C.    .  '��������� z  e  o  o  a  ���������,  a  e  0  ��������� '  e  c  ���������  a  ���������  a  s  e  ���������  e  8  PTLJiSnTHJiR BROS,  GeixeraM^ercKanfrs* ;  Have opened up a new aud well-selected stock of  TxTeA/v Goods I  bought at right prices.  3>JCD CDJ-jTD STOCK.  .4)  .������  .���������������  <e  ���������������.  c  ���������  -���������  ���������������  ���������  ������������������������  ���������������  ���������*  *  ������  ������  *  ������ i  *  seoos>o������������������o������ofeeoe  oot������<������it������i������������i������t������o������������������tit������**������������*������tgtt������f������c*teieiett������t������������o������o  o  *  5) 009C o������ e 4 o  -a^iiioiia  < f  If  iVtiit'-',ini>,  ' V & I  Just below the fire-swept rme.  A fine selection of goods  always ou liaud.  Sp><E2oi_Etl  _A.ttention Given to IFfine  BRADSHAW  BROS.  FRONT STREET,     KASLO.  Miners' Boots and Shoes.  Clothing and Furnishings,  Be=t makes of Tents���������5x7 al $2.50,  CxS at $2.75.  Harry Nash  Practical  Tinsmith and Plumber.  Agent for Metallic Roofing Co.  of Canada.  Manufacturer of Galvanized Airpipc,  Powdcr-thawers, Camp. Stoves and all  kinds of Sheet Metal Work,  With the latest in tools, machines and  Good Stock, I am prepared to do only  first-class work.  Personal attention given to all orders.  Estimates Given*. .. - Modbkatk Phicks.  MAir. OkdKits' Pjio.mi'TIA' Attended To.  Shop, at present, near Sandon Sawmill.  r-f-H-f-M-f+f-H-i  H+H+H+++++:  Everything* in New  Books, Stationery and  ill Papers, 'v  t  t  t  ���������*���������  t  ~i-H~W4^4-H+*-H~H~H~H++^+H-^++ H.^-H-H-H-H-Tf-H-^ THE LOCAL GRAFT:  C. J. Smith was one of the boosters of  ' the 4th in town, having had an excellent  display of fireworks.  G. H. Muirhead has opened a restaurant on the site of the Bryan cafe, and is  building up a big trade.  The proposed Wood block, at the head  of Reco ave., is to be built after all, to  the evident delight of many citizens.'  E. A. Cameron has commenced his  ^contract on the wapu road leading to  the K. & S. track on Sunnyside. ���������  Probably one-fourth of our population  left the place Sunday and Monday to  take in the sports at Nelson and Slocan  City.  Harry Nash has taken the local agency  for the Metallic Roofing Co. of Canada,  and will likely have a busy season ahead  of him.  Aid. Crawford has moved into his  new residence ,on Sunnyside. Mr. C. .1.  Smith will occupy the Wilson residence  ��������� vacated by him.  ' J. Stocker, late of the K. & S. hotel,  McGuigan, has'opened a restaurant at  the Miners' hotel. He is said to be an  excellent caterer.  Monday being the holiday for Dominion Day the bund tooted on the street in  the afternoon and the small boy did his  share with the fire-crackers.  It was learned the other day that a  hotel in the city had a Chinaman cook,  and at once vengeance in many quarters  was sot on edge. We cannot believe it  is to the interest of any one to import  the "heathen Chinee,"  The Nelson Dailies are doing a wise  thing. Tho Tribune is taking the morning field and the Miner the evening. Of  course the mail service is such that it  will leave the Miner at a disadvantage  in the Slocan; but it should fare better  in other fields.  We have on iile for reference by, our  leaders the latest price circular of the  McMillan Fur & Wool Co., Minneapolis,  Minn. Their advertisement appears in  another column, and we take pleasure  in recommending any parties who have  goods in their line to ship to them.  In the Slocaiv proper, which embraces  the record offices at Slocan, New Denver  and Kaslo, there were 1,322 claims recorded last year; 2,272 certificates of  improvements; 1,100 bills of sale and  transfers; and 2,220 Free Minors' certificates issued. What other territory has  an equally good showing?  Mi. Jas. Griffith, who soon takes his  leave of the town to embark in business  in Trout Lake, waa farewelled on Tuesday evening by thc leader of thc band,  Mr. Trailer). "The band members, who  were, in it, enjoyed to the full the "bachelor" party and the spiead prepared by  the ingenious hand of Mrs. Tranery.    ���������  Mr. Campbell, who has been an excellent official, has resigned his position  as IC. & S. agent here aud will take up a  better position across the line as soon  as his successor is appointed. It would  be but a gracious act, that would give  general satisfaction, if the company  would promote Mr. Hamilton, at McGuigan, to the vacancy.  In Lhe drilling contest at Nelson McLeod and Ringwood. of the Slocan Star,  tooK first money, winning the Robertson  trophy and ^100. They drilled 41 5-0  inches in coarse granite in the fifteen  minutes. Ross and McLeod, of Green-.,  wood, went two-thirds of an inch better,  but were barred from this competion by  an error in entry. They took the citizens' prize of $100, however.     .  It may-be that two policemen would  be expensive in the city, but at times  there is need for them. On Monday a  youth loaded up-well, with bad whiskey  made it his special business to employ  the foulest language ever heard in the  place, and that at the top of his voice, to  several of our most respectable citizens,  and he escaped the'police when a term  of three months in the cooler would  have done him efficient service.  Byer$ & Co.  Jobbers and Retailers in'  Hardware  and  Mining Supplies  ���������T' Rails and Track Iron,  Crow's Nest Coal,  Bar and Sheet Iron,  Jessop & Canton Steel for Hand and  Machine Drills,  Powder, Caps, Fuse,  Iron Pipe and Fittings,  Oils, Waste, etc.,  Mine or Mill Supplies of all kinds,   .  Agents Traux, Automatic Ore Cars.  Head Office���������Nelson, B.C.    . '  Stores at���������  Nelson, B.C.   Kaslo, B.C.   Sandon, B.C.  The Knighta of Phythias celebrated  their annual memorial day with due  solemnity on Wednesday evening in the  Methodist tabernacle. A choir composed of Mrs. Clifl'e, Miss Plant, .Messrs.  Grimmett and Gable, rendered two suitable selections.' Mrs. Sanford presiding  at the organ. Rev. J. A. Ferguson.delivered an excellent address, bearing on  lessons of the past, the opportunities of  the present and their connections with  the future.  Police Court.  J. P. McLean, alias Kruger, hailing  irom New Denver, was told by the Beak  to get out of town the other day, and he  got. A few other old stiffs got word of  the way things were going and they got  also to the relief of Sandon.  Robt. Burns (not the bard, however),  J. A. Donnelly and S. S. Manning paid  each $20 and costs this week into the  city treasury for being drunk aud disorderly and using obscene language on  the streets. Win. Dowding paid $10 for  the same offence. It may be reraaikod,  however, that none of the men are old-  timers. Most ot them are late arrivals  who imagined that English law did not  extend to Sandon. If peop!e_\vant^to.  get diunk there is no law to prevent  them doing so, but there is a law against  appearing on the streets in that condition and annoying the public, aud it will  be enforced.  J. W. BALMAIN,  Civil   Engineer,   Architect,   Etc.  1*. O. Box I/O.  SANDON, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  M. L. GRIMMETT, LL.\E.  Barrister, Solicitor, Notary  '7   Public, Etc.  7  Sandon, British Columbia.  W;S. Duewuy .H.T.Twioci  Sandon, B, C.       New Denver, 11. C.  ������������������.DREWRY  & TW1QQ  Dominion and Provincial Lund Surveyors.  Civil nnd Mining Engineers-,  liedfoid .������ McNeil Code.  BALjADA-TBA I  A fine," pure, dainty, tasting Ceylon, production, put up iu a i   [  ueat one-half and oue pound packages.    Having secured the agency j   '  of this favorite brand of tea, we are prepared to, recommend it4to'all, J_  feeling assured that one trial will establish its superiority over all'"  other package teas for its delightful flavor and reasonable price.  GOFFH1BS.  els,)  My blend of Mocha aud Java is acknowledged to be the best.'   i   I  'Ail  i.i.1 1: '-.r .   '     _i j j- i.  /-\ ���������   _ ���������        .    '      ^    r!.  All other Hues of pure, clean and fresh Groceries  1. *&  H}. CHeeerrLoli-  SANDON,  KASLO.  AINSWORTH.  W. J, ARMSTRONG k CO.  TAILORS  P1VP1Y    in the - their new premises-  _  next to the planing mill.  P. Burns & Co  Jnge;  Dealers m IQeats.  AT SANDON  ROSSLAND, NELSON, KASLO, PILOT BAY, THREE FORKS, SLOCAN CITY*  THE WM. HAMILTON MANUFACTURING GOi  LIMITED.  oil  1  1TOMUIUG11, ONTARIO,  CANADA.  BUYERS OF  ���������oo������������e*0ee������������0������aa-ocasce������ee  We have a large stock of oats and feed  and cheap.    A car of fresh vegetables to  :ed in all other lines, fresF  arrive early,", Leave order.  now.  Fancy aiid staple groceries as usual..'.'.  Preserving jars and crockery in variety.  Cody Avenue.  JALLAND BROS  fPayi


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