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Mining Review Apr 25, 1903

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Array VOL. 6.���������NO  \f6  SANDON, B. 0., SATURDAY, APfilL 25,   1903;  $2.00 PEE YEAR  wiiifiiiji  Breezy Happenings Around The  Leading Property of the  ���������   Silvery Slocan.  The force around the mill and zinc  plant is now over 30 and at the mine  about 50 men are employed, making a  total of about SO men all told, or nearly  as many as are employed just now by  all the other mines around town combined.  Steam being discarded, the concentrator is now running full capacity by  water power. The milling machinery  has been greatly remodelled' by Foreman Little during-, the past winter to  save all the zinc and the result now is  " more than up to expectations. Prac-  lically all the zinc is saved with no additional expense or tax on the  machinery. Tha product turned is almost entirety zinc ore. The per centage  it contains of silver and lead being very  low, while the amount of white iron,  which is impossible to wash off without  taking other values with it, has been  greatly reduced. When the zinc is put  through the roasting and magnetising  process, as it will shortly, the high portage of from CO to 70 per cent, to the ton  of pure zinc will be attained.  When rhe Payne companj* purchased  the mill its capacity was 120 tons, per  day of 24 hours. Under the improvements made by Manager Garde and  ; JB. P. Little its capacity has been more  than doubled. The mill empties the  large ore bin as fast as its is filled. An  idea of what can be run' may be conceived when a few days ago 77 tram cars  of ore, or a total of about 235 tons were  milled in 19^4 hours.  Another tram men was put on last  Sunday at the mine, The tram is now  running day and night, and is taxed to  its utmost to keep the concentrator in  supply.  The ore milled at present is taken  from the workings of No. S funnel, near  the recent great strike, and is carried  a way, as fast as it is mined. The,dumps  will be resumed again shortly.  The company have on exhibition in  its office a number fine samples of tha  concentrates now being made by the  mill. They include every compartment  from tho "bull" to the fine jigs. Every  size from hens' egj-s to almost powder.  Samples of the zinc exhibited areas  clean as can be secured by milling, the  lead and silver it contains being almost  nil, and the percentage of "spathic" or  white iron being surprisingly small.  The samples speak of themselves for the  success of the recent experiments.  Improvements are going on around  the various'buildings of the company at  the Siding. A lawn is being,made in I  front of the office, and a terrace of steps  and other conveniences are being built  around the residence of Foreman Little  andjtlie up-to-date Assay office.  Zinc shipments were curtailed1'for  some weeks and the ore sacked and piled  up in and around the basement. Several hundred tons were accumulated  and ail available space was bk  make room the bulk was .disposed of to  tho Canadian Smelting Works at Trail.  A car or two have,been shipped by the  C. P. R. every day this week, hut the  zinc is still pouring of the spouts at the  concentrator. The Trail company have  purchased the ore ou'tiight. On reach-  tho smelter its is put through the roasting and magnetizing process; thoroughly cleaned and shipped to Iola, Kansas,  for-market.  Work on the zinc, plant is forging  ahead. A number of carpenters are  building and men filling up around the  j cribwork. The necessary machinery is  now on the way and will arrive when  the construction is advanced far enough'  to allow it to be placed in position.  When finished the Payne Consolidated  Mining Company, limited, will possess  the most complete and economical milling plant to be found in the province.  Joe Streit, foreman at the mine, who  was injured by a blast last week, was  not hurt near as bad as reported, in fact  his accident only caused a few bruises.  He had a close call and miraculous escape, which.he will not soon forget. Mr.  Streit did not considered his injuries  bad enough to go the hospital and decided to stay at the mine. With a few  days rest he was out again and superintending the work in tunnel and stope as  if nothing happened.  ri'ri!,u.iv  Resent The Refusal of the Government to Protect the  Lead Industry.  Tax Sale Cancelled.  E, M. Sandilands, mining broker, has  been corresponding with A. Lucas, of  Kaslo, commissioner, in regard to the  cancelling of the advertised sale of  mineral claims for taxes in the Slocan.  The government has cancelled the sale  of the Rossland and Trail districts, and  E. M. grasped the opportunity to secure  the same concession for this district.  He received word on Tuesday from Mr.  Lucas that he had been instructed by  the government that.'the Slocan sale  wa������ cancelled also and the delinquents  may feel easy. In this connection we  may say that John Houston, the member f"r Nelson, has a bill now before the  local legislature, which if it passes provides that the sale of mineral claims for  taxes shall not take place until six  months after notice has been given.  Should this become Jaw the sale will be  .      ,    ���������     . | xiii.x-.uiix.iu.      jLJicuj/unun    ca);icoo.u nc-  indefinitely  postponed,  and   when  it |ingthftt while regreting the decision of  f.at-*>H I.IU'.fx it Id I..-,.,..,] ,,   ���������     ���������_        ���������  ���������    ������ ���������    " "  t^-es place it is hoped a more prosper-  Pay un t. f"*^ ������'������y holder, to'  W up their taxes, which is almost  impossible at present. a'wost  Since the Dominion government announced its intention not to Adjust tne  tariff on lead, but granting a bounty  instead,indignation meetingsliave been  held in the principal towns and cities  of the province, at which strong resolutions were paesed condemning the government and forwarding copies of such  resolutions to the Finance Minister,  Mr. Fielding, and the member for !fale-  Cariboo. Nelson took the initititive in  the matter. Mayor Kose called a mass  meeting of citizens last Saturday, which  was largely and enthusiastically attend-  ed; resulting in the drafting of a strong  condemnatory resolution against the  action of the government in not  acceding to this country's request.  It is proposod to make the agitation  general all through the province.  On Monday morning Mayor Grimmett  received the following telegram from  Nelson.  Nelson, April 18th, 1903  To Mayor of Sandon,  Mass meeting today passed resolution  severely condemning action of government refusing tariff relief silver-load industry. Will you kindly call meeting and  pass similar resolution; wiring your  member and Fielding.  W. D. Rcse,   mayor .  His worship was in New Denver at the  time and immediately upon hie return  made arrangements to call a assembly  of citizens on Tuesday evening.  The meeting was held in the city  hall, and the attendance was fair.  On motion of Jas. Vallance and E, A.  Cameron the mayor was appointed  chairman and P. Johnston eecretaiy.  The Mayor in opening the evening's  proceeings Btated the meeting was called  to resent the action of the Dominion  government in regard to the lead tariff  and he wanted to know the sentiment  of the people present as to how they  should receive the decision of the government in the matter.  ' A few remarks were made by James  Vallance, George Huston and .Angus  McDonald.   The opinion expressed he  "Therefore, be it resolved, that we  the citizens in mass meeting nt Sandon,  resent the action of the government in  the failure to provide such remedies' as  a sufficient duty on lead and its products  would insure.  "And, be it further resolved, that the  Dominion government be requested to  grant a bonus to the producer of lead  sufficient to reyive the lead mining industry and the various commercial and  industrial interests'dependent on it.  "Be it further resolved, that it should  be carefully provided that the bonus,  should be paid direct to the producer,  and that tho smelter and transportation  companies should be precluded from depriving the producer of the. benefit intended to be conferred by such bonus.  "And, be it further resolved, that a  copy of this resolution be wired  to , W.  A. Galliher,   M.  Laurier."  and  Sir  Wilfrid  What course the silver-lead mine-  owners will take in regard to the government's decision not to grant their  request in the tariff'is not known, but  the opinion prevails that some exception will be taken to the Dominion government's attitude. If any action is  taken on the part of thesilver-leadmin-  ers it will not be done until they are  advised by their delegates at Ottawa. J.  L. Retallack and L. Pratt, of the full  purport of the government's intentions.  Silver Will Go Higher.  Sandon Ore Shipments.  The following  are the ore  sh:  ipments  from Sandon  i for  the week:  Mine.  Tons.  .fi  ���������ILVER-LEAD.  Bath ....  91  .. (13  20  the government in not granting the adjustment of the lead tariff as asked by  the mine owners, it should be the endeavor of the meeting to secure the bonus  granted, for the producers and not the  smelters, With this aim in view tho  following resolution was unanimously  passed:  "Whereas this meeting learns with  deep regret that the Dominion government has made no provision for adjust-  Silver will probably advance in  price  to 51   cents   or  better  owing   to  the  strength given the market by  the purchase of large quantities by the government for coinage for the Philippine islands.'   As that is a new market for silver and as it  will  take three  years for  the mints to complete the orders for the  present urgency and for other reasons,  s.ilver mining will be profitable for several years to come. The present authorized purchase of silver for the   Oriental  possessions is but the beginning  of  a  continued series of lesser purchase.9, for  as the island become settled and ^'business relations with the   United   States  and other countries   increase  the  demand for an exchange medium will also  increase.   As time passes the American  peso will be used in the islands  to  an  extent as will gradually   displace   the  Mexican dollar, and the silver for  the  peso will be purchased  in   the   United  States and produced by Americans from  American silver mines.  And that is not  all.   The peso will open   a market   for  American silver in other Oriental countries where the Mexican dollar  is "now  need extensively.���������Mining and  Engineering Review.  E. M.  Sandilands,   magistrate,   was  in New   Denver  Thursday'deciding   a  ing the duty on lead and   its product,'���������  i���������. ������f,T^ ^   batter>'-   The   dc-  , .   .   Poaattb,   fendant pleaded guilty and was   fined  Total.  704  ZIXC.  ^���������^ Payne.    * ..120  and whereas, lead mining is now in ade  moralized state, as under the present-  conditions it cannot-he profitably cari  ned on ; and whereas, the government  has refused assistance to the lead industry by providing adequate duties on  lead and its products, a bonugshould.be  Jgiven.direct to the producer only.  | $5 and costs. An idea of the remuneration oaid this office of the judiciary may  be had from the fact that the fee derived from the case was 50 cents, and  his expense $4. But then it is worth  something to be called "Yer Honner"  in court, it offsets what vou are called  out of it.  SI  mm  fe?$!������5SsP?^^  nattBamsBiem H-^V"/ .^ltl-1*I  i -*.#q '*iVlWn.r  ���������. ��������� jwj wv. tv.v)nir*JmtJixJVW *MW -  art  THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, A'puil 25, 1903.  The Mining Review.  SATURDAY, APRIL 2o, 1003.  The Dominion  government bus been  strongly censured by almost the entire  province tlie past week for  refusing the  request of the silver-lead  producers of  raising the  tariff.   The government is  by principal opposed  to   higher   tariff  changes,  and   for   the this reason the  province of British Columbia ie   to suf-  ter.   It seems strange that although the  Minister of Finance could   not  see .his  way clear to remedy tlie silver-lead industry, which  is  in  such  a deplorable  condition,   but  could   grant   remedial  . legislation to the beet sugar industry of  Eastern Canada.   The  manufacture of  sugar from beetroot  is   only  in   its infancy and is inaigiiificent in comparison  with   the  silver-lead   industry of  tlie  "Koolenays, but the   Dominion  cabinet  raised   tho duty on  sugar coming into  Canada to protect the Ontario industry  from the   cheap product   of   Germany.  The government has raised the tariff on  sugar to protect one industry, why could  it not do solo   benefit   another?   This  is the bitter pill British Columbians are  asked to swallow, but it will   not   take  the   dose   without a  vigorous   protest.  The fact is this province has been treated with contempt by the governing authorities at Ottawa too lonsr, it is about  time the   populace   took  a determined  stand to have its lawful rights properly  recognized at the capital.   The time was  never more opportune; than   at present.  The unanimous request of the province  for a change in the lead tariff to piolect  the country's most  promising industry  from   annihilation   is  totally ignored,  while   an   insignificant  one is deemed  worth   of   favor.     If   be   government  imagine., it can   ignore with   impunity  the great necessities of this province in  the way of legislation, it will   be  badly  deceived.   British Columbia has   been  spurned   by   eastern   politicians    long  enough.   A worm will turn in the end,  and it is high time we   took a   turn   to  have our   rights   recognized.   Nothing  will   be  gained  by submission, that is  apparent; then let us   see what  can be  done by agitation.  land grant went to that company. The  disputed territorv has been prominent  before the public for some. A number  of prospectors and others have staked  valuable timber lands and mineral and  oil claims in this section, some of which  are crown granted, and the C. P. R.  have-taken action to deprive the locators of their holdings--, claiming they  revert to tho company by right of charter. The question was brought up in  the House and the debate on the issue  elici'ted the fact that lhe land was not  really gri.nt.ed, but was oOered in exchange for another section of territory  granted elsewhere, but the Iran fer was  never completed. On Monday the government introduced a motion to rescind  the transfer and every member in the  House s*oted with the government. The  result is a severe blow to tlie C..P. R.,  but is hailed w ilh .satisfaction by the  entire country, and the locator of lands  in lCafit Kootenay retain their holdings  to the i.hargrin of the big railway.  Mr. Fielding on introducing the estimates claimed to have the largest surplus for years. He might have acknowledged the taxation of the country  is al.-o the largest for years. If Mr.  Fielding wants to make a surplu* in  reality, and not imaginary, he should  grant the taiiff requisition of the silver-  lead in lustry and give British Columbia  affairs a little   consideration   at  least.  NURSING  MOTHERS  A mother's poor health is bad  enoughs for the mother but  worse still for the nursing  baby..  ���������_��������� Mothers find Scott's Emul-,  si,on a nou.r is h i n.s. and  strengthening food. If '.the  breast milk is scanty or thin  Scott's Emulsion will make it  rich nd more abundant.  "'"vv hen mothers take Scott's  Em si on the babies share in  the benefits.' Thin babies 2.1-ow  fat ' Weak babies get strong.  We'll send you a little to try, if you like.  SCOTT   &   IJOWNE,      Chemists,  ToroDto  The man who started to run a race in  chains aud fetters  would   be   visibly  handicapped.     No  one would expect  him   to   succeed./  The    in an    who!  runs   the   race   ofi  life   when   h i s  digestive  and  nutritive   organs are  diseased is equally,  handicapped.     In  the   one   case   his  strength   is   overweighted,   in   the  other it is under-  m i n e d .    Success  demands    above  all   else   a   sound  stomach.  Doctor Pierce's  Golden Medical  Discovery cures  diseases of the  stomach   and other organs of digestion  and nutrition.  $3,000  FORFEIT will be paid,by  WoRixD's Dispensary Iyikdicai, Association, Proprietors, Buffalo, N. Y., if  they cannot show tlie original signature  m, ���������     ���������  i ,    . i    of the individual volunteering the testi-  The provincial   government   turned    monial be,ow> ?nd also of th������ writers of  down on Monday by a unanimous  vote ; every testimonial among the thousands  which  they are constantly publishing,  thus proving their genuineness,  the grant of blocks '..,593 and 4,594, in  lieu of earned lands for section 8 of Ihe  Columbia and Western railway.' This  land is situated in the Fort Steele mining division of East Kootenay and cov  "The praise I would like to give your.' Golden  Medical Discovery' I cannot utter in words or  describe with pen," writes James B. Ambrose,  Rsq., of 1205*4-Mifflin Street, Huntingdon, Pa.  "I was taken wilh what our physicians here  said was indigestion. I doctored with the best  around here nnd found no relief. I wrote to  you and you sent me a question blank to fill out,  ....    ...,...., ,.r ���������.,.,,.!.. #,no ' n-iitiir.1.   iii.fra i  ttn(1 I did-so, and you then advised me to use  ers an area of nearlv one  mil.ion  acres    Dr. Pierce's.Golden Medical Discovery.  I took  ���������   .'���������    *:    u��������� .       ;.,,>..���������i ,...,!   ���������������u���������!nn,���������      Uiree bottles and I felt so good that I stopped,  rich in tanner, mineral and  petioleum.    ueilig cure(1.   T have no symptoms of gastric  ..,, . -ii i ���������..!-.     trouble or indigestion now."  This excessive land grant was given the j     Dr< tree's Common Sense Medical  Columbia and Western railway  for lhe ' Adviser, sent free on receipt of stamps  ���������'.���������.'���������    'i to cover expense of customs and mailing  construction of a certain section ot the   only;   Thirty-one one-cent   stamps for  line, hv the Dnnsmair. government.   On    the book in paper covers, or 50 stamps  ' '  for tiie cloth-bound volume.    Address  the C P. R. purchasing that railway Ihe    Dr# e., y. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.  Then, and not till then, will the people  of the west have much confidence in his  ability to produce the surplusessooften  and so loudly heralded by the Minister  of Finance himself. The west is in urgent need of tariff revision to protect its  brightest iiidiiHtry from utter ruin, and  Mr. folding is asked for bread and&'ives  a stone. Old free trade Cobden ideas  may have been all right when Columbus  discovered America, but forayoungand  vigorous country like Canada they are  painfully ancient. The Finance .Minister and hiscolleages want a shaking np.  The west is growing in spite of the con-  t.'.ir.pt for it shown by its unnatural  mother. It is younti, vigorous and eager  to expand, but is kept down by clipped  wings. Its representation in the House  of Commons at Ottawa is small, but the  time may come when it will prove the  thorn in the side of the Laurier government, cause the overthrow of the  fossilized Liberal regime, and relieve  the country of Cobdenism as uselefs as  as it is obseluto. If the Laurier government,, wishes to remain in power it  should loolc ahead, mete out to the west  the justice it is entitled to���������it asks no  more. Until this is done the province  will clamor for redress no matter what  may be the consequences to the powers  that rule���������and rule so ignoiniuously.  towed into Weymbunth and diydocked  for repairs. AW the canvass was toially  destroyed. The los-'s is placed at $25,000  and is covered by inr-urance. The damage is being rapidly repaired and the  yacht will be ready for another trial.  in about three weeks. Sir,Thomas  would not feel the loss to thc bout or  .himself were it not for the drowning of  seaman Collier.. The deceased had been  on the three Lipton challengers and was  highly thought of.  Contrast the action of the Liberal government in its treatment of the lead  industry and the statement of the Conservative leader on the same and note  the difference between the politician  and the statesman. In replying to the  budget speech of Mr. Fielding, the. leader of the Opposition, Mr. 11. L. .Borden,  referred to the leading industry 01 this  province in tho following manner:'''! ho  lead mines of British Columbia, crushed by the combined efforts of an Ameii-  can combine, an x\mencaii prohibitive  tariff, and a non-protective Canadian  tariff, were in a condition of stagnation ;  the best mining region in the world was  practically paralyzed at the present time  for lack of protection." In the. face of  this grave condition of affairs the Liberal premier will allow this industry to  become almost extinct for the sake of  defunct parly principles. Aud such men  rule in this fair Canada of ours! .  The speedy Shamrock came to grief  last Saturday. While on a trial spin off  Weyinounth and rounding a headland,  a suddeli, squall struck the challenger  and completely dismantled her. Thc  accident occurred so suddenly that the  crew were powerless-'. One sailor was  swept over the deck and drowned. Sir  Thomas and a number of friends who  were on the yacht at the time were  knocked down a hatchway, but none  seriously hurt. How-they .escaped'is a  miracle. The squall broke the mast,  which carried the rigging with it and  went by the board, leaving the challenger   almost   a   complete   wreck  James Cronin, manager of the big  St. Eugene, is bitter in his denouncia-  tion of the Dominion government 'and  eastern Canadians, whom be says are  politicians only. He states decidedly  that the min������ will not start, up, and ho  ha1, gone on a trip to California. We  are afraid that the majority of the Slocan producers share the same opinion as  Mr. Cronin, and will act likewise as to  opening up the mines. In that event  unlepst.he government grants speedy  relief, the rich silver-lead districts are  doomed in spite of their wealth.  Mr. Fielding states as the reason for  not granting the change in the lead  tariff is that the cast is so prosperous,  it would be impossible to educate the  people to the need of tariff reform. Be-  the east is prosperous on account of its  fostered and protected industiei,, the  west is to treated with disdain and has  to sutler. Such argument savors of the  hidebound political niounteback rather  than the statesman.  Hoii. Joseph.Martin is confined in St.  Joseph's hospital, Victoria, and.is ailing  with a disease that necessitates the amputation of a leg. lie will not attend  puriiament.any more Ibis session;,  Mr.  Fielding,   if  yoii'.w.'ipld   do.Ihe  right kind of fielding, you  would catch  The j this province by helping the Slocan and  Shamrock"���������-all that was'left of i:���������was* not go batting it.  ������*������������������;  ������ * ���������,  ������. -.' '���������  'X.   it   t**tj  iim  IS m  ���������km  a 4 tf-T  nh  *;'Sj']  W  ���������*. ��������� VI  >"*> ���������' *i  Ml  * M  54 i'i4  $'Vt  m  %  m  ���������t?A  m  'j������*u,.-|  t  m  'L'  m THE INNING REVIIiW���������SA-n  Rday, April 25,  1903.  -Ml  %������xand JffifeillxnoFg @f&nins'I "\  The Misses M. aud A.McKiu-  nou beg to announce to the Ladies  of Sandon and vicinity, that they  will have a Grand Millinery  Opening on  Friday, May ist.  and following days.    All the lat-  test   Parisian   and    New   York  Styles in Millinery will be 011 ex-    l__; l\������W i/IiI '"        "1  hibition. We cordially .invite you to come and inspect our large  and handsome display of Hats, Trimmings, etc , before making  your selection elsewhere.  \ M. and  Local News  Notes.  JMf MILLINERS,  'vn,    Sandon, B.C.  Garden and flower  seeds  bookstore.  at   Cliffe's  An accident to the engine at the Yule-  C-iriboo Lumber Go's, mill at Nakuep  had earned a shut-down for a few days  last week.  Sandon, The Leading Merchant  Tailor in the Kootenay Country  Mines and Mining.  The Rev. J. H. White, of Nelson,  superintendent of B. C. mission, will  preach in Sandon at 11 a. m.: and 7.30  p.m. Come and hear him. Sunday  school in the afternoon at 2.30. Prayer  .meeting. Wednesday even ing At 8 o'clock.  Three Forks service Monday evening at  7 o'clock.  W. F. Baile\r is back again to the  Payne., He was summoned a short time  ago to California to attend the bedside  of his father, who was dangerously ill  and has since died. After the funeral  obsequies were over he returned by way  of Vancouver, where he   met a number  ,01 Sandonites.who are now residents of  the coast.  V,. R. Atherton rapidly disponed of  his large stock ofcheap fancy shirts advertised in last week's Review. The  rush was so great that they disappeared  in a.short while, some who knew a good  thing when they saw it, buying half & {  . dozen. Tha demand was such that it  was with difficutly E. R. retained the  one on his back.  Fire again visited New Denver at an  early hour on Tuesday morning. About  2 o'clock a blaze was discovered in an  outbuilding in the rear of the Cleaver  block, and the flames soon spread to the  building itself. A bucket brigade was  booh formed to fight the fire, but it was  apparent the entire block was doomed.  All effort was then turned to save the  Newmarket hotel which stood in great  Shipments from the Fisher Maiden  .will shortly be resumed.  The Kootenay mine at Rossland" has  contracted with the Trail smelter to ship  50 tons daily.  It is reported that construction work  on the Hewitt mill will be commenced  in the course of a couple of weeks.  The Ottawa on Springer creek is experiencing difficulty in getting its ore  down groin the mine owing to the poor  condition of the .roads.  Placer mining is expected to be active  this year in East Kootenay. A large  number of locations have been made  along the Bull riyer and tributaries.  The Cherry Creek Gold Mining Co's.  property in Fire Valley is turning out  to be a bonaza. The tunnel is now in  a distance of 150 feet showing the vein to  be 5 feet wide, the ore of which will run  from $20 to ifcOOO per ton.  New York capitalists are negotiating  with the owners of the Myrtle- property  with a view to purchasing. The property lias been developed all winter- and  so far four care of high grade ore has  been taken out ready for shipment.  The Active Gold Mining company,  operating the Union .Lick property near  Ymir, have acquired timber limits adjacent with a view togoining into the  lumber business. A plant has been  ordered, including a shingle mill of a  daily capacity of GO,000. They expect, to  realize enough out of this  venture  to  ������.... r���������    '1 '  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough. Price 25 cents; large size 50c.  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy.  For Bowel Complaints.    Price 35 cents  Chamberlain's Pain Balm.  An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism.   Price 25 cents; large size 50 cents.  Chamberlain's Stomach and  Liver Tablets.  For  Disorders of the Stomach, Liver  and Bowels.   Price 25 cents.  Every one of these preparations  is guaranteed and if not fully satisfactory to the purchaser the  money will foe refunded.  Important Amendment.  Jonh Houston has introduced an   a-  mendment to the proposed bill to amend  the Assessment Act providing that   tlie  tax on crown   granted   mineral   claims  shall be retained at25cents per acre and.  not increased to 50 cents us provided for  in the original amendment.   He further  seeks to limit the exemption from   taxation by the proviso that the said   exemption shall apply only   to   moneys  actually expended on mining  develop-  TICKETS  TO ALL POINTS  East and West  VIA  ....������������������   Mnuim   io j ment and not   to   "other   milling   im  pay for the complete  development of  provements."   Another important pro-  the mine. ' vision proposed by him is in respect   to  ���������,.���������..i < .������������������������������������������������������  the mine  A   Mother's  Recommendation  Short Line  TO  St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago  AND ALL POINTS EAST  (Seattle, Taeoma,  Victoria, Portland  AND_AM- PACIFIC COAST POINTS.  Through Palace and Tourist Sleeper*  Dining & Buffett Smoking Library Cara.  ^   Fast Trains at Convenient Hours  Between Spokane & Pyget Sound  For rates,foldei-Fand full .'information  regarding trips, call on or address ���������������  agent O. R. & N. Company. "  A'B^%Dp,.,ni?t0"*       H.Brandt.  G. W. P. a. c. P. &T. A'  battle, Wash.     Spokane, \VRE..  I have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for a number of years and have no  danger of - destruction! ~T^ buiki7ngl^"T'" "'^'^ U,at ^ is th������ best  between the burning block and the IZ^^n^T 7' ^ J  Newmarket was blown up with dvna- L*IJZ "Sed ln ,n-v famil.v- I have  mite and the back stairway of the hotel thi������. r^med ^"V"? c������������������������������������ in  was covered with wet. blankets to keep it g^ Mi(.h  from catching. In this way the bucket (,��������������� ' "  brigade saved the large hotel, and  how \    v       ,....  it was accomplished is a wonder, as the , ��������� , ������ b,IIlons attftck take Chamber-  buildings almost adjoined. The origin ," Stom������ch Rn'* L'^r Tablets and a  of the fire is unknown.                              j ���������?"   1  0Ure "* c*r,ain.   For sale bt F   J  Donaldson. '  greater publicity to advertising the .'ale  of claims for delinquent taxes. In order  to jrive greater publicity to the sale of  claims they wo did have to be advertised  in-a paper circulating in the district, in  which the claims are located, four timed  arid  onc������in   the Gazette.     Under the  Reco Hotel Arrivals.  John Danner, Toronto; Thos A Gray,  Geo H Rancay, Chas M Jones, H SnelV.'  R Stewart, C A Carman, Vancouver-  May McNeil, Nelson; John Barclay,  AV  mite and the back stairway of the hotel  th"    >Z\ Tr"? ?nM���������<*  in art(1  on������- ���������-   the Gazette.     Under tl1(, | Mav McNeil, Nel������on ��������� 7,hn BarH      \j  was covered with wet. blankets tokeepUstw^  from catching.   In this wav the bucket  ��������������������������� * br P' J;' Dr'I***<1- ftdvPrti*aed <>��������� in a p,p(.ri��������� which 'hey                '        ������ '0" = A,f Baoh Ril"   F���������"-  hrio-adfi suvflf. th������ lflr������������ !,,.,���������]   ��������� ��������� .i   .... . ar������ located and fon r i.i mr.  ;.,    .1.,. n' lclp('0 ��������� R R MoCammon.   Grain?   *?n.i...  uette. fJe would aipo limit fhecosU to  one dollar for adverting and fifty cents  ior all expends in connection \* ith the  tar sae. in lieu of the fixed charge of  six dollars at present in vogue.  d W Alexander. Kaslo; R H Jameson,  Victoria; A W R Mark lev,   Calgary;   F  I E Harrison, Niagara Fall.-; B P   Little  land wife, Payne mine. ������".."i.<,tiifl������������u<*jtf-.<arnr*,'_"������.-*���������* *<  "/.'  THJi MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, April, 25, 1903.  Slocan Ore Shipments-  We have been asked by eastern subscribers who are interested in the Slocan  minea to keep the ore shipments standing if possible. The following are the  shipments from the 1st of January to  date:  Sandon.  Payne  452  Slocan Star  SOGU  Ivanhoe  231%  American Boy  338  Reco  134  Ruth  140  Blue Bird      20  Idaho        21  Monitor  420  Queen Bess.  124  Toial 2067^  Zinc.  Payne     723  Ivanhoe    180  Total  903  MCGUIGAN.  Rambler  434)6  Antoine  102  Red Fox    24  Slocan Boy  16  Silver Glance  55  Surprise  4%  Rio  9  Total  645  Slocan  Lake   Points.  Arlington  40  Black Prince  17  Bondholder  1  Bosun  400  Dayton  4  Enterprise  165  Fisher Maiden  28C  Ottawa  100  Republic  20  Meteor  12  Total  1639  The Gold of Ophip.  "At last the Ophir of Solomon has  been found," remarks the Engineering  and Mining Journal. "Every ancient  digging in the country tributary to the  Indian ocean or Red Sea has at different  times been put forward as a claimaut  for the honor. The old trenches in Mysore, which were the incentive to the  prospecting that made the Kolar gold  field; the relics found among the ruined  cities of Zimbabwe in Mashonaland, so  graphically described by the late Mr. J.  Theodore Bent; the prehistoric remains  encountered in the Nubian mountains,  between the Nile and the Red Sea, by  Mr. Charles J. Alford, have each in  turn been accredited with the source of  wealth of the great Hebrew king. To  these precise localities there have been  added the more vaguo suggestions of  other countries and places, from the  highlands of Abyssinia to the mountains of the moon, until the multiplicity  of applicants for the honor have postponed the decision to a later day.  "That day, according to Dr. Carl  Peters, has come. In the Zambesi region there is a mountain named Fura,  a name which the Portuguese adopted  from Arabian traders. The latter said  it was a corruption of the Hebrew word'  Ophir.      Moreover  Carthaginians, is a modification of Afur  or Aufur���������thus  from   Ophir,   through  Atir, AfeiyAfrious, was Africa evolved.  A pretty bit of   philological  evolution,  butuntrustworthy in its very nature, as  similar   deductions-hare  often, been  found.   However, Dr. Peters ,,was well  aware of the danger in relying, upon   a i  philological basis;   he went much further���������ho went co the Zambesi. Between  that great river and  the   babi,   in   the  modern   Rhodesia,   there   are ' many  thousand old mines, 240 of,which afford  the beginnings of undertakings now in  course of actual exploitation.     The extensive series of old workings  reaches  from north of the .Zambesi to the Mur-  chison range in theTransvaal.   Messrs.  Hall and Neal, who also have written a  book abuut it, estimate that   the area  covered is 740,000 square mileB. Within  this area thei e are ruins of entire cities,  fortresses and temples, bearing  plentiful evidence of the ancient worship  of  Baal-Ashera ard the civilisation which  characterized the Himylarites of southern Arabia.  "The discussion of this fascinating  problem presents three features of particular interest; in the first place, all  the old legends impute thegold of Ophir  to Arabia, where gold in quantity has  not been found, the idea of rich resources having grown from the fact that the  gold of the ancient world passed through  the hands of the Arabians, who were  the great traders and pirateu of antiquity, and of a much later historic period alt-o. The 'gold of Arabia,' therefore, obviously belongs to the category  of the Greek kalends. Secondly, the  African negro, as we know him and find  him, never could have done this work  Have under the compulsion of a higher  race. Moreover, if we accept litterally  the bibical statistics the output.of the  Ophir must have been colossal. In First  Chronicles we read that King. Day id con-  tritributed to the building of the temple  no less than '3000 talents of cold, of  Ophir.' A talent being 114 pounds  Troy, these three thousands would be  worth ovei $80,000,000 of our money,  These must have been 'powerful' dig-  ' gings from which such a tribute could  come to a Hebrew monarch. , No such  scanty gophering as has been seen in  Nubia will explain the wealth of the  Semitic kings nor that of the Ptolemies,  all of ���������whom obtained great stores of  gold from an unknown El Dorado.  "It appears likely that Solomon's  treasure vaults have been uncovered.  It is still a fascinating subject of conjecture how the ore was treated and  shipped from the interior to the Red  Sea, although the methods of the Arab  traders serve as a connecting link between the transport systems of widely  separated periods."  JUST WHAT YOU NEED.  Chamberlain's  Stomach and Liver Tablet*.  When you feel dull after sating.  When you have no appetite.  When youhaveabad taste in mouth.  When your liver is torpid.  When your bowels are constipated.  When you have a headache.  When you feel billious.  They will improve your appetite,  cleanse and invigorate your stomach,  and regulate your   liver  and   bowels.  the" word"'Afri"ca";iPnce25cent8Perbox'   For 8llle by *"���������  which the Romans took over from   the  J. Donaldson.  I have,now in stock a choice assortment of  Nicke  Enamelled  and O'et^a^i^Lra.eci "V^v/^str*������.  Remember I am Headquatrers for Plumbing and  Sheet Metal Roofing.  Tinsmith & Plumber,  Sandon, B. C.  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The/following arc 'be only tnrifi" 'I'.'o-  lutions brought before Ihe -Dominion  pafliiiii'eiit  "The Governor in-Coiincil may, by  order-in-council, direct that a duty of  $7 per ton shall be imposed in Schedule  A, on all iron and steel rail v. ay bars,  or rails in any form, for railways, ini-  , ported into Canada, and from and after  the publication of such order in the  Canadian Gazette, such duties shall be  levied, collected and paid on all' such  rails, and thereafter Item 238, in Schedule A, and Item 585, in Schedule B,  nhall be repealed. , Provided, however,  that bhcIi order shall not be passed until the Governor-in-Council is satisfied  that steel rails of the best quality, suitable for tho useof Canadian railways,  aro being manufactured in Canada,  from steel made in Canada, in sufficient  quantity to meet the ordinary requirements of the markets.  "Articles which'are the growth, produce or manufacture of any foreign conn-  try which treats imi-orts from Canada  less favorably than those from other  countries, may be subject to a surtax  . over and above the duties of Schedule  A, such surtax in every case to be a  third of the duty, as fixed by such Schedule A. Such surtax shall apply to any  article, tho chief value, of which was  produced in sii( h foreign country, although it may have been improved or  advanced in value by .the labor of another country, notwithstanding the provisions of the British Preferential Tar-  ifF, and regulations thereunder.  "Any question arising as to' nny foreign country, or goods coming under th������  operation of this section, shall be decided by the .Minister of Customs, whose  decision shall be final.  "The Minister of Customs, with the  approval of tlie Governor-in-Council,  may mako regulations for carrying out  the purpose of this section.  "Such surtax shall not apply to any  - goods actually purchased on" or before  the ICrh day of April, 1!)03, by any corporation, firm or person in Canada, for  immediate transportation to Canada.  "That the period of exemption from  duty of machinery, and structural, iion  and steel, for use in the construction  and equipment of factories, for the  manufacture of sugar from beetroot,  shall be extended to the 30th day of  Jane, 1904.  "That Item-409 in Schedule A, respecting the duty on ships and other vessels  built in foreign countries, and applying  for Canadian register, be repealed.  "That machinery and appliances of a  kind not made in Canada, for exclusive  use in alluvial gold" mining, be added to  tho free list until Juno 30, 1004."  of a return 1 mjoii drive it' away wi������. h  one or twoapplicutions of thin liniment,  for sale bv V. J. Donaldson. '  Government Surveys for This  Year  The program me ,of work for the geological survey of the Dominion government during tbe coining summer is already outlined. It. G. McConnell and  J. Keeie will continue to map out the  niineral areas of the Klondike', with  special reference to gold-bearing gravels  and reefs; li. W. Brock accompanied by  Mr. Boyd, will investigate the silver-  lead, copper and other ore deposits of  the Kootenay district; D. B. Dow.ling  wlil make detailed surveys of the coal  strata of th* foot hill district eaiit of the  Rockies and in the Bow river pass; W.  Leach wih continue his work on the  coal deposits of British Columbia.  M.   L.  GRIiviMETT, I,L. B.  Barrister, Solicitor,   Notary  ' Public, Etc.  SamdoH, BrltUli Columbia.  ���������ATLANTIS STBAM8BIP TIKffi  To und fro'p - European points via Caun<.iini  and Aniericnn lines Apply for uniting'.'ties,  rates and full information lo any (. .'.Ii. a(<ent  or A. M. Lewis, Agent, Sandon,  W.P. F. C unit., in us, i'eu.S.3. A sent, Winnipeg  tT-rf-^aTBacaaa���������aacac  Instructions have been cabled out  the old country to commence work' on  tlie Mansfield properties situated at tho  head of the south fork of Kaslo creek.  These properties are controlled by English and French capital and ingnaged  by Earnest Mansfield. Tlie properties  were worked extensively some three  years ago, when about .$200,000 was expended, but- the,past year the properties  were idle owing to internal friction in  the company. The ore is principally  free milling gold.  Alta Lodge, No. 29.    '  .1. V.  AND A. M.  Regular Goinimi: icatiou of the lodge.  Meet������ first Thursday in each month ut 8 p. m.  Visiting; br������threu cordially invited.  JAMES M. BARTON, See'y.  Established 1858.  Why you should buy  nanufacturers of a.I kinds of  Plain and Fancy  NKri'.TIllNriKl  VICTORIA, B. C.  BRANCH-VANCOUVER, B. C.  est.  Try Lethbridge Coal, then vou will  have the best, and cheapest. 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THE EMPIRE TOBACCO CO., Ltd.  fit   Ros.land  nnd  Nelson with  the Canadian  l'neilio Kailwav.  Connects at Nelson with K. R. <t N. Co. for  Knsloand K. & S. points.  Connects nt  Curlew with stage for Greenwood and Midway, B. <:.  Bufl'ettearsruiion trains between Spokane  and Kepublie.  Effective STov. 5.., 1902.  Leave. Arrive.  "���������'?-���������"��������� m Spokane  5:45 p.m.  JO.xOa. 111 Rossland 2:10 p m  ,T:',"a-In  Nelson 8:00 p. m'  11:00 a.m Grand Korks 4-OOp m  9:15 a. m._  Republic 5:40 p.m'.  H. A. JACUSOK, G. P. ,t T. A.,  Spokane, Wash.  G. K.TACKABURV,  , Agent, Nelson, B.C.  50   YEARS-  EXPERIENCE  Certificat.  of Improvements.  NOTICE.  How to Ward Off an Attack  of Rheumatism.  "For years when spring time came on  and I went into gardening, I was sure to  have 1111 attack of rheumatism and every,  attack was more severe than the proceeding one," says Josie McDonald, of  Man,'Logan county, West Va. "I tried  fverything with no relief whatever, until I procured a bottle of Chamberlain's  Pain Balm,, and the first application  give me e.ise, and before the first bottle  was used! felt like anew person. Now  I feel that I am cured,but, I alwayakeep  a bottle of Chamblcrlnin's Pain Palm in  the house and when I f������el any Symplons  Ci'ossfcll and Ethel Fraction Mineral Claims,  situate in the Sloomr Mining Division of  West Kootenav 1'istrlct Where located:���������  At  the head of Eight-Mile Creek.  Take notice that I, Cobort Ewin, Free Miner's  Certificate No H. f>90.'0, intend, sixty days ffom  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  abov claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuanae of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this l*t day of February, A. D. 1903.  Robort Kwin.  Trade Marks  Designs  cofyrights &c.  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K.aSI-0-SANDON ROUTE.-   ' .-'.:  9:00 a.m. leave......Kaslo  10:'IU a.m. leave..Whitewatar...leave I:''.! p.  11:00 a.m. leave....McGuigan. ...leave l:a2p.  ll:2f> a.m. arrive Sandon.... .leave 1:00 p.  a&e   MetarGateju   S|...kni.c, k.c  arrive  3:15p.m  '""      m  ni  m  A direct connection is'mj.de at Kaslo with  steamer both to and from Nelson.  STEAMER SERVICE.  KASLO-xVELSON ROUTE.  5:00 a.m. leave Nelson arrive   7 15 p.m  3:35 p.m. arrive Kaslo.. leave   8:40 p. m  j    Calling regularly nt   Ainsworth   and   Pilot  1 Bay and at nil way landings on signal.  I    Connecting at Nelson  with Nelson it Fort  I Sheopard Railway both to and from Rosslend, .  ^ssfes  JpoPaso.Fecess'.n.'l Poultry Ne'.i-nsj,. jj  5 Bt'TtSSSi?iM^ffi^W \ j. "������ ���������*������ P������������c������ia������ call on or addreH  1 Roht. Irving, VanngerKaslo, B. C.  E. G. PRIOR & CO., General Agents, Victoria, Vancouver and Kamloops. Ge0* ,������ostos, ABcnt, Sandon.  ^HBMaMS^^ rtViOL-JU^eiv.^.m'i?.;.'**  f.;'# ('3 teijrMZX'L-'it  *:a'U,-4S.*&totMJ:xr'  tt*^UO%.r.-#.--'L^������S!tetf^  ^ n_vv������W1������^^^ W^?^**1^1^^  THE MINING REVIEW���������Saturday, April  25,  1903.  This Week It's Coats, .  The Wet Season in tlie Slocan is now on and'you want  to protect yourself from the cold drizzling* rains by proper Waterproof clothing, that will keep you warm and  dry.        We have just what you need.  Klgby Waterproof and HuMier Coats.  Onl/ TKe Best  ��������� ������������������>���������)������������������>������������������ h ��������� ���������+��������������������������������������������� t H M H H-++  A  Large  Stock  on hand  going  below ��������� Cost to clear  out If you are looking for Bargins in any line of  Men's Furnishing call and see. ��������� A few of those Cheap  Fancy Shirts on hand.     Get one before they disappear.  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The West Kootenay District meeting  of the Methodist church will be held in  Grand Forks on May 5th and Gth.  Wm. Murray atone time employed as  a cook in various mines around Sandon  died in Spokane Tuefday uf pneumonia.  About thirty, including both sexes  will take part in the rival concert to be  held in the Miners' hall on Tuesday  April 28th.  Geo. McDonald and L, Melnnes spent  a few days fishing,in New Denver this  week. The fish were scarce, but the  yarns are plentiful.  Another fire like last Tuesday's and  New Denver will be outclassed by Rosebery. It is little wonder Lowery is  moving to Vancouver,  The Now Denver Knights of Pythias  lost everything in Tuesday's blaze. We  understand the lodge intends to build a  hall of their own before long.  The Misses McKinnon, milliners, invite the ladies of Sandon and vicinity to  their grand millinery opening on Friday, May 1st, and following days.  Owing to a slight misunderstanding  of dates there was no council meeting  this week. However, tho board have  all business well in hand and there is  nothing very pressing.  The report has been resurrected again  that Carl Hand will visit the Slocan the  first part of next month when he will  open up tlie Galena Farm.  '���������' The Hums repairs were finished Monday, and il is now thought to be  substantial enough to ofier resistance  to any volume of water that may come  with the spring thaw.  The ladies and gentlemen are busy  practicing every night this week for the  rival concert to be given in the Miners'  ha'l Tuesday April 28th; Many surprises are in store forthe public.  R. B. McCammon, of Grand Forks,  came in town Saturday evening for a  short visit. He has severed hia connection with the C.P.R. and left Wednesday  for California, to enter the employ of  the Southern Pacific.  Six men were put to work at the  American Boy this week to get things in  shape around the mine preparatory to  starting up. The number will be increased as soon as the workings permit,  until the usual force is employed.  Mr?. Geo. Bobbins returned from  Spokane Tuesday. She has been under  treatment by an eye specialist for some  time and her sight is greatly improved.  Her sister, Miss Jack, who accompanied  her to that city, will return shortly.  A box car jumped the track on the  Ivanhoe trestle Thursday eveningas the  G. P. R. engine with two empty freight  carF was returning to Three Forks. The  spot is a bad one for a jump to occur,  but fortunately no damage was done.  Messrs. Downie, Crease and Bain-  bridge, officials of the Nelson division of  the C. P. R., visited Sandon with their  private car Jast Saturday. They were  on a tour of inspection along the line  and left by special the following day.  The condition of the C.P.R. track  between Sandon and Rosebery is in  a very deplorable condition, and should  receive more attention than it is at the  present time receiving. Cars leaving  the track is almost a daily occurrence."  The removal of Thos. Brown to Phoenix leaves a vacancy in.tha city council  and'the question naturally rises, who  will take his place ? With the present  council no difficulty should be experienced, but on account of the few  that can qua.ify it is a eas-eof who's  who.  Corned Beef, Pickled Ox Tongue and Salt Pork a specialty.  Always a choice supply on hand of all kinds of  Fresh and Smoked Meats,  Fresh and Sal Fish, :  Hams, Bacon and Lard,  Fresh Sausage of all kind's daily,  Oysters and Game in season.  SANDON, B. C,  HEAD OFFIQE���������NELSON, B. C.  MARKETS AT ROSSLAND, NELSON, KASLO, TRAIL, REVELSTOKE,  GRAND FORKS,  PHOENIX,   FERNIE,   CRANBROOK.   FORT STEEL.  NEW YORK  SANDON  Towgood & Bruder  Brewers of Lager Beer.  Give our Bottled Beer a trial���������satisfaction guaranteed.  Telephone 24���������Silverton and New Denver.  Agents :    Warden Bros., Slocan Bottling Works,  Slocan City. . Kaslo.  Neat Work Promptly  turned out is keeping  us "busy.       We can  still do yours. Try us.  %  if'  My-I  ml  W1*  ri  I  w.  w  ���������- w*>'?i,  v^xVVi*"  mi  ���������MM  mm  WW.,  ������������������,*���������'������ 1  *.V".'4 51  mi  ���������m  ���������*'rft,������s>  3  hi  if  I  Ml  Li.    A  t���������  { fa  it


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