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The Miner May 11, 1898

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Daily Edition, No. 2.
Nelson, British Columbia, Wednesday Morning, May 11,  1898.
Eighth Year
Dont Hesitate!
when thinking of buying
but come direct to
and rest assured  that you  are getting
goods at right prices.     We are leaders for style.     Leaders
for service.     Leaders for fitting qualities.
LJlHeS' Shoe rfolise jjaker Street, We.t.
Fred Irvine & Co.
Our Stock of High Class Dry Goods is now complete in all
departments and we invite special inspection to
our Dress Goods Department of
America** Eager ta Advance-Change af
Prealdental Election.
Summer /Wins, Lawns, Grenadines S Organdies
Mr. W* VT. Peters, District Freight Agent
Betnrni* front n KusliiewC-Frlp along
tHe C. N. p. Bnllway.
F. W. Peters, district freight agent,
who has charge of tbe freight traffic of
the C.P.R. in the Kootenay district from
Penticton to Fort Steele and from Arrowhead to the international boundary,
returned on Sunday from a trip through
East Kootenay. Mr. Peters rode on
horseback from Goat Bi ver Landin g to
Fort Steele, following the tote road
along the line of construction of the
Crow's NeBt Pass railway. .
To a  Mines  reporter,    Mr.  Peters
"statedtliafone ofthTobj^tf^f^his^trip?
was to endeavor to improve the service
for handling freight into the Moyie lake
On account of the breaking up of the
sleigh road from Kuskonook, earlier than
usual, a number of the merchants in the
���mall towns along the route were disappointed in getting, in their supplies and
had  to get their supplies   from Fort
Steele.   Mr. Peters arranged with the
engineers and contractors on the railway
construction to make some improvements
on the present  road   from Kuskonook
and several freighting outfits are improving the  road from Thompson's ranche,
south ofthe international boundary line,
to ^Murphy's  camp.    Within  the past
week several loads of freight have gone
in by that route, which is 20 miles shorter
than the road by Kuskonook.   The object in using the route via Thompson's
ranche is to save the trade of the towns
to be supplied,.for Nelson.
Mr. Peters stated that Moyie city appeared to be a good point, and should
develop into a lively town. There are
some first class mines in the vicinity
which have been thoroughly proven and
are owned by men with abundant capital
for development work.
The town of Cranbrook has a beautiful site and is building up rapidly. Several rich discoveries have been made in
the vicinity recently and the town evi
dently has a prosperous future before it
At Fort Steele there is considerable
excitement over the placer mines on
Brewery and Wild Horse creeks, and
some rich finds were made during the
.past few weeks on Perry creek.
The people in each of the towns mentioned are waiting anxiously for the com-
nlfttlinn..Of-tk* f!irnnt>a V-aof ^P...  .���;|_�����,
to provide them with the necessary
transportation facilities for the development of the district. At present tbe
steamers on the river- can only operate
during the period of high water and are
compelled to be idle for a great part of
the year. They are thus forced to charge
very high rates. It is the intention of
the C.P.R. Co., as soon as tbey reaoh tbe
Kootenay river, pr within a reasonable
distance of it witb the Crow's Nest Paw
railway to ship in freight from this way,
and everywb-ere ^Mr. Peters {found the
metchants anxious for sucb a service.
Tbe Crow's Nest Pass Coal company
are developing their mines as rapidly as
possible and are hurrying forward tbeir
coking ovens and tbe installation of machinery in order to be in a position to
supply the smelters of Kootenay as soon
as transportation facilities are available.
This will give the shelters eoke at a
price which should guarantee the smelt-
ing of the ore of the Kootenay at a greatly reduced cost and thus be of great
benefit in the development of the mineral resources of the oountry. By the
time cold weather sets in next fall, coal
for domestic use will bedelivered at every
point in the Kootenay at very low cost.
Construction'work on the railway is
being rushed along and tbe engineers
and contractors employed are men of experience and energy 'and are constructing a first class road bed. The completion of the road will open up a large
tract of country, witb rich mineral resources, tbe trade of which must be of
great benefit to the business men of Nelson/ __j	
convoy of the troops all of tbe transports
should be gathered in one fleet to Btart
from Tampa, and the navy is likely to
prevail in this.
Washington, D. C.,May 10.���It it. hard
to tell whether the naval officials were
relieved or disappointed by the news
tbat came late this afternoon to both the
navy and state departments to the effect
that the Spanish squadron had arrived at
Cadiz, Spain; that the safety of the
Oregon from attack is now completely
assured, and that tbe way is clear for
military operations in Cuba without running tbe risk of having the occupying
army's line of communication cut. On
the otber hand it is believed that no enduring peace can be secured until the
Spanish navy bas been destroyed; and,
it now appears, tbat to do this the IJ. S.
sailors must make up their minds to go
after the Spaniards,���a task very much
more difficult than tbat of meeting them
near the American shore.
It was suggested by some of the members of the war board that there was a
pdssibility that the Spanish squadron
might make a quick passage iu to the
Pacific through the Suez canal and attack Dewey at Manila. It ia now known
that, contrary to tbe common understanding, the Suez canal is open to war
���Ullfl*)'VI"VVl��gViVtU*' v.r*a����mivft*w*> |-mW'*mm��   *��
the Spanish choose to take this course
tbey would have a long start of any pursuing fleet from this side of the Atlantic,
It is scarcely believed however that tbe
Spanish are willing to take great risks of
exposing to attack tbeir own borne ports
by tbe withdrawal of so considerable a
portion of tbeir naval strength) as would
be required to outmatch Dewey.
Nothing waa beard from Admiral
Sampson to-day. But there, is a confident expectation that interesting news
will be coming from bis squadron within
tbe next 28 hours. Whether this means
an attack on Porto Rico or not cannot
be learned. One effect of the retreat of
the Spanish squadron has been to hasten,
even more, the preparations already trader way for tbe dispatching of the
military expeditions to Cuba. It bas also
caused a complete change in concentration plans.
Time is now believed to be tbe greatest factor. Tbere is no longer opportunities to indulge in drilHnj^and^pLeetice
Washington, May 10,���Four measures
were passed by the senate today. One
of them provides for carrying on the additional work in tbe adjutant general's
office. Tbe second authorizes the enlistment of a volunteer signal corps, two-
tbirds of the members of which must be
expert electricians or telegraphers. The
third was the so-called "immune bill"
passed by tbe house. The fourth was a
measure suspending existing laws so that
the additional hospital stewards can be
appointed. The postoffice appropriation
bill, carrying appropriations which aggregate more than 199,000,00, was
passed after a debate which bas lasted
for several days.
After an extended and interesting debate the resolutions submitting to the
legislatures of the various: states the
amendment to the constitution of the
United States changing the date of the
beginning of the terms of the president,
vice president and members of oongress
from the 4th of March to the4tb of May,
was adopted. Following is the text of
the proposed amendment: "The term of
office of president and vice president
and of the 56th Congress shall continue
until the fourth day of May in the year
nineteen hundred and one at noon and
the fourth'day of May at noon shall
thereafter be substituted for the fourth
of March as the commencement of the
termination of the official term of president, vice president, senators and representatives in Congress.
A   LA
Artillery lined la the Streeta-Vatted Mates
Blockade efCaba Broken.
Flood* or Recruits.
Washington,- D. C, May 10.���Reports
reoeived at ;the adit-general's office up
to this a.m. show that 39,351 men had
been mastered into the volunteer army
of the United States. It is probable
however by this time that the actual
number mustered-in is about 40,000 in
Avoiding Annexation.
Washington, May 10.���The house committee of foreign affairs meet to-day to
consider, the Hawaiian annexation resolution, but finally defeated the vote
until next Thursday.
gpanttlt Blockade Bunatag.
Madrid, May 10,4 p.ra���A dispatch received here from Havana today says :
tbe Spanish steamer Montszerat whiob,
with a velueble cargo, troops and a large
sum of money intended for Havana, escaped the U. S. fleet and entered the
port ot Cienfuegos, Cuba, has now run
the blockade of the American squadron
and has entered the port of Havana in
safety. It Ib claimed here tbat tbis
proves tbe blockade of Cuban ports ineffective.
RtMio-Japancfte Treaty.
Tokio, May 10.���It is announced in
Engage Brtltah Ye����eU.
Steps are being taken on the Pacific
coast by Americans to evade  Spanish
privateers.   Tbe British steamship Ga-
rone, 2478 tons, Capt. Pritchard, now en
route from Liverpool to this port, has
been chartered by the British American
Transportation company to insure against
molestation   from   Spanish   privateers.
The American Transportation company
reports that it has received private information by cable from Spain to the
effect tbat privateers are on tbe point of
departure for the waters between "Vancouver island and the mouth of the Yukon, with the express object of holding
up the south bound Klondike treasure
ships. Tbe Garonne, as a British bottom,
of course  is safe from molestation, although, for the sako of greater surety, it
is intended to operate not from Puget
Sound, but- from Vancouver and Victoria.
maocevring. The regular army
not need these and is to be thrown at once
into the fray. Many of tbe regiments of
tbe national guard, which are entering
tbe volunteer service are felt to be sufficiently trained from a military point of
view to follow tbe regulars immediately.
The department today indicated its purpose of dispatching those volunteer
troops directly to the gulf coast for shipment, instead of sending them to Chioka-
mauga. Tbis disposition was shown by
the changes in the new orders issued to
the troops. Although there may yet be
a return to the original programme of
concentration, if the plans show signs of
weakness as they develop.
The quartermaster General has already
under charter 28 merchant Bteamers for
tbe transport of troops; and roughly
speaking these should carry about 70,000
men. Others are being procured as
rapidly aa possible.
The plans of tbe war department are to
have these vessels assemble at the different gulf ports to take on troops which
will be sent there. ' ~
The navy department bill is expected
to furnish convoys for those which would
be absolutely helpless against Spanish
attack. At this point these signs of
friction first the transports will be
obliged to await Admiral Sampson's return in order to secure proper convoys
and secondly the navy objects very
decidedly to undertaking the task of
conveying a number of transports. It
insists that to assure the safety of the
the government gazette today that
the Russian and Japanese governments
have agreed upon a, modus vivendi regarding Corea. On the 25th April
representatives of the two governments at Tokio, signed a protocal, the
text of which, as published in the
Gazette today is as follows:
1. Russia and Japan definitely recognize the sovereignty and entire inde-'
pendence of Corea, arid mutually engage to refrain from all direct interference in the internal affairs of that
2. Desiring to avoid every possible
causo of misunderstanding in the
future Russia and Japan mutually
engage in case Corea should apply to
either of them for assistance or advice
not to take any measures in the nomination of military instructors or financial advisers without having previously come to a mutual agreement in the
3. In view of the large development
of Japanese commercial and industrial
Enterprises in Corea as well as the considerable number of Japanese subjects
resident in that country, the Russian
government will not impede the, development of commercial and industrial
relations between Japan aud Corea.
Rome, May 10-A atate of saiga haf
been proclaimed in the provinoj of Florence and at Ligourna, Pisa, Sines,
Massa and Grosseto, also in the town of
Spezzia. Tbe naval port of Spezzia i
excepted from the decree.
At Mesma a crowd of women and
children proceeded to tbe town ball and
demanded food. Tbey were dispersed
by the police and the crowd tben began
breaking street lamps and tried to loot
a provision store. The proprietor shot
one of the rioters with a gun which in*
creased the disturbance. Troops are
now occupying the town.
Lugano, Switzerland,   May 10.���The
workmen at Creeva near Luino, number- *
ing several thousand. struck work to-day
and a fight ooourred with the customs
The Dake and Duchess of Saxe
Weiningen who wereattacked by brigands
outside of Rome a couple of .{years ago
were driving to day througbjLuimowhen
they found themselves between the
rioters of the Customs officers as the
latter fired a volley. The Duke and
Duchess were not hurt but a.dozen of tha
rioters fell. Tbe Dukyal party returned
here ai a gallop.
Tbe Italian Socialist deputy Renoali
has..arrived, here frojn .R^iuftu��o~~H*--
to found a federal repnbliolike tbe Swiss
republic. Tbe riotous demonstrations at
Luino began on Sunday. Tbe mob leaders demand a reduction io the price of
bread wbiob tbe local authorities conceded. To-day the rioters attacked Jthe
caribiniers in the barracks end also attacked the prison. The polioe fired on
the mob killing several persons ind
wounding a number of others.
Madrid, 2.10 p.m.���In the chamber of
Deputies to-day the Cataline deputies
strongly protested against the proclamation of martial law in Barcelona as tbere
have been no disorders there.
The minister of the interior, Senor
Calderon, replied that the authorities
of Barcelona undoubtedly bad food reason  for tbeir action.   Thereupon tbe
Cataline deputies declared they would
postpone tbeir intended questions of tbe
minister of war, "until a proper government bas been formed."   A Valencian
j deputy declared the captaio general of
Valencia had threatened the newspapers,
saying he would break up their forms if
tbey attacked tbe government.
Rome, May 10.���The Premier, Marquis Di Rudini, has sent a message to
the authorities of Naples, Milan and
other affected districts and to the army
commanders, declaring that though
the ..agitation may be spreading it is
less intense, and also pointing out the
tranquility of Piedmont, Sicily aud
Sardinia as facts of the highest importance in discouraging the agitators of
disorder and in encouraging those
who are wishing to maintain the integrity of the fatherland.
At the Toronto horse 'show sergeant
instructor J. Page, of "B" squadron,
Winnipeg, took second prize in the sabre
competition for non-commissioned officers and men.
Italian Biota.
Rome, May 10���Advices received from
Milan to-dny give details of tbe arrest
of 200 rioters in a monastery tbere.   It
appears  that the students from Pavia
whe joined in  tbe   disturbances,  entrenched themselves in the monstary, and
while a detachment of troops was passing
the students fired   upon the soldiers.
The military authorities  sent two field
guuB to the scene, opened fire on the
monastery, made a breach in its. walls
and entered the building.   The students
escaped.   All the monks were arrested
and will be imprisoned, previous to being
distributed among the other monasteries
of  their   order.     For the  present the
monks will be held at tbe disopal of the
military     authorities.        A      catholic
newspaper of Milan was confiscated this
morning.   The town, however, is resuming its normal condition. ....j-iWaVi-;*.^
Wxt Jttiiter.
Published Dally except Monday.
Thx Miner Printing & Publishing Co.,
Limited Liability.
j. k. Mcdonald
B.D. ANDERSON     ���
Citv Editor.
Business Manager.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor must
be accompanied by the name and address
ot the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Subscription Rates.
'Daily, per month by carrier............... J 100
"    par month by mall           100
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Subscriptions invariably in advance.
Advertising rates made known on application.
Th* Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Copy ter'changes af Advertisement mast
he In the OMee by 4 o'clock p.m. to
Insnre change.
The.pending  sale  of  the   Le Roi
mining property to the British American Corporation brings out in sharp
contrast the liberality of Canadian laws
towards our American cousins, and
the illiberal treatment legally accorded us by them in return.   While we
permit them to own property here,
they   refuse   to   recripiocute.    The
American owners of the Canadian Le
Roi mine own u smelter at Northport
in the United States at which the ore
from the mine is treated.   They wish
to sell their whole property together;
but the American laws do not permit
a British company to hold real estate
in the United State.   This is neither
courteous nor good business.   Surely
our friends across the line should not
return   evil  for good,   rudeness for
kindness,    hostility for   friendliness.
There is inucli goodwill atid likingfor
Americans here, and they are granted
every liberty that pur. people have,
Itoping too much to"bclieve that out-
good ffiend* in   Washington/ Idaho
and Montana will insist on our being
treated in their country at least as
we|l as we treat them here.   It is like
Wise as much to tbeir interest to do so
as to ours.    This is a good time to
remove all   unnecessary   causes for
irritation between the two countries���
and there are no necessary one*.
��� One of the needs of the Province is,
that in the appointment of men to
the ^(n4iciary, none but good men
should be selected. If a good man
can be secured from the Provincial
bar he should be got; but, if such a
man eon not be secured at home, it is
far better that a selection should be
made'from outside than that an inferior man should be inflicted on the
people. While this is true it is also
truo that where a well qualified suitable British Columbia lawyer, such as
E. P. Davis of Vancouver, can be
secured for such an important position
as chief justice it would not be just
to overlook the rights of the local bar
and bring in an outsider. Mr. Davis'
appointment would we believe be
approved by the majority of the
British Columbia bar.
Wars and rumors of warp, famines,
pestilence, turbulence, excitement and
insurrection have for many hundreds
of years previously been prophesied as
among tbe striking signs by which the
end of the present dispensation in the
world would be recognised. The prophesies were certainly made an4 are
well known, the signs seem to be here.
Are we approaching the end of the
world? Or, are the prophets and signs
wrong? If any one had. time enough
to turn his attention from the wai-
dispatches, the Italian riots, the making of money or other equally important matters, he would be surprised to
find the number of people who are
earnestly discussing,this subject..
ions that it can only be described es
the wiping out of the Spanish naval
forces in the Paciiic.   It is difficult if
not impossible for, us at present to
know how this  was done.    So far as \
we can tell from the telegrams, there ;
were more  Spanish  than   American
vessels present, but the Americ an vessels were so much larger and more
powerful; the Spaniards were so negligent and careless; the United States
commodore was so prompt, so daring
and ready; and his  seaman were so
much better  trained, that the result
waa foregone, inevitable and glorious
for the  victor.     So  far  as personal
bravery goes  the Spaniards were as
gallant foes  as   men  could   wish to
meet.   They fought, aud died where
they fought.   The captain of the largest vessel  of  thc   Spanish  squadron
swore that he would go down with his
Bhip before he would surrender.    His
ship was not large.      It was smaller
than most of the American vessels;
but he kept his word, and fought till
the Spanish squadron was destroyed
and he and his vessel sank under the
storm    of    Yankee   shot   aad   shell.
Neither victor nor vanquished could
have asked  for a better fight when
the fight came.   But the vanquished
seem to have been lacking in foresight,
leadership   and   preparation for the
forces they were sure to meet, though
indiviually  they were as   brave and
and fearless of death as men could be.
Their national characteristics, as exhibited in-the*Peninsular war, seem to
be    unchanged.      The   squadron   at
Manila fought   like the   defenders of
Saragossa.   They could fight and die
gallantly and fe'avlesly when cornered,
without  a thought of surrender; but
they appear to.have lacked the foresight,  condition  of preparedness and
generalship   which     would    prevent
their being cornered.
Double and Single, Steel and Elastic.    All
Sizes.    Prices Low.      Come and get fitted.
W. R Teetzel: & Co. ":   :  Nelson.
Drugs and Assay Supplies
Official Directory.
Governor-General - Earl of Aberdeen
Premier - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Commons, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenay   *.������   Hewitt Bostock
^Kmmmmamm-----m------m-mmm^^ ...
'���^^"""""Watch for Advertisement Tomorrow"
E. C. TRAVE5, Manager.
Lieut-Governor - Hon T R Mclnnes
Premier - - Hon JII Turner
Attorney-General - Hon D M Eberts
Com of Lands and Works Hon G B Martin
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jas Baker
President Executive Council "��� Hon C E Pooley
Members Legislative Assembly tor Weat Kootenay���North Riding J M Kellie
Sonth Hiding                  ��� JF Hume
The Spanish    defeat in the naval
battle at Manila was serious.   So ser-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in B.ossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldcrmen-Chas Hillyer, W F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J J Malone, E P Whaliey, Thoa Madden.
City Clerk ���
Polico Masistrato
Chief of Police
Chief of Fire Department
Water Commissioner
Health OlHcer
City council meets overy Monday, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
J K Strachan
E A Crease
A F McKinnon
W J Thompson
John Hamilton
T M Word
Dr. La Ban
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. GAB Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal���J R Green.
President - J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
Secy-Treas. - John A Turner.
laterr��Mus New* Sele'n From ilie  Lively
Xtnir, May 10���(S-eciol correspon-
decce)���C. O'Brien Reddin of Kossland,
has beeu iu Ymir for tbe past few days
looking after raiuiuK property. It is understood tbat Mr, Eeddin purchased ono
or two properties while here but the facts
io coo nection with the deal will uot be
made publio for a few days.
The saw mill starts up here to-jay.
Tbe oncers bave orders ahead
for a large lot ot lumber. . ;
Building eontiuues here at a rapid rate
and several new buildings* are now under
Tlie Ifcreliant* of Nelson (0 he take A Co
���Tloif tbeir Place* or Kmloe��s nl J p.m.
About twenty-five of the clerks in the
stores io the city met in the Council
Chamber yeaterdayeveDing to inauga r-
ote a movement to secure the closing.of
the busiuess houses of the city at 7
o'clock. J. Erlioli was (decLed chairman
of the meeting.
It was deoided to appoint a committee
consisting of George Steele, Bert Good
and Thos. McCammon to interview the
merchants of the city, with tbe object of
getting them to sigu an agreement to
close at 7 o'clock each evoning,���Saturday nights and nights"prereding'holiJays
excepted ; also to close on legal lolidfiye
and Sundays. The committee will report
at a meeting to be held 0:1 Thursday
evening. Should      they      secure
the requisite number of signatures thc
City Council will be asked to.pass..a bylaw enforcing the -surly closing.
The object of the clerks iu making the
request is that tbey may be allowed an
hour or two c:ic h evening for recreation.
The system lias been found to work very
satisfactorily ia otber citios, and the
clerks are coufiduut tlxty eau m-ike it a
Success in Neis>u, anil give their employ-
era better service during ths working
Mr. Gladstone  Doing Mill.
Hawarden, May 10.���Mr. Gladstone's
condition today is satisfactory considering thc circumstances.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every j Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hall. F W
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson, Rec.-Sec.; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier; F. J Squire. Receiver and
P. M. W.
President -                John A Turner.
VicePres. -                  W. A. Jowett.
Secretary -                   D McArthur.
Treas. -                     AH Clements
Medical Supt. .            Dr.GABHall.
and War Prices are now reigning in every line
of goods, prices having greatly advanced with- -
in the last few days. Contemplating the advance we were fortunate enough to secure several carloads of commodities, which will be
sold to the best interests of our customers. It
'will be money in your pocket to deal with us.
. We solicit vour oatronap'e. . ...   ..*...,-.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Letter Orders get Careful and Prompt attention. <dl8)
8.S0 a.in.|UnitedStates,Ontario,Quebec and Eastern Provinces
Points on N. & F. S. line.
Victoria and Rowland.
8.30, a.in. Mew Denver, Sandon and
Blocan Lake Points.
4.00 p.m. Kaslo and Kootenay Lake
o.OO p.m. Hossland. Trail, Nakusp.
-dobson, points on main i'nu
0. P. It.. Vancouver am
Duo -I
5.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
10.15 a. hi.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.;  Registration, 8.-20
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
9 a.m. to i p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Roug-h and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring- and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
P. R. STATION.    .    .    .
4,\M*   YOUN0, AQBNT.
Wail Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Q-arden & Flower Seeds.
Your Tobaccos.
��� AT THE ���
Post Office
Cigar Store
Where  you will alwri-j s find a well
assorted  stock of Iu:pprted   and
Domestic Cigai'Sjpigarettes To-
bacoes and awell stock of
Pipes at reasonable
S. J. MIGHTON. 'dl9>
To Borrow Money, to Buy or Build, or if
you want to Rent Buy, or Sell a House, See
Baker Street     ���    ���    ���     Opp. Post Office.
Corner Baker and Josephine Streets.
Prescriptions a Specialty
. .H. M. VINCENT ..
linker Street, West       ��� ���       Xelson
Government Inspector of Agencies VV J Goepel
Gold Commissioner - p. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col - RFTolmio
Collector of Customs - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor - John Keen,
Uountjr ouuit jiuiko -    "" ���" j a. Forin,
Registrar - ETHSimpkins,
Warden ��� Capt. N Fitzstubbs.
First Jailer ��� ��� R Liddell.
Second Jailer - Geo Partridge.
Third Jailer - John McLaurin.
Senior Guard - R Inee.
Church op EKQLAND-Matin lla.m.; Even
Song, 7.30 p.m._every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in thc month after
Matins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 am.
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Presbyterian Churcii���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.ni.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Pastor.  ...
Methodist CHURCH-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a.m. and 7.30
p. m.; Sabbath School, 2.36 p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League C, E., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. Geo. H,
Morden, Pastor.
Roman Catholic Church���Mass at Nelson
every Sunday at-8 and10.30 a;mj; BehbdietioST
at7.30to8p.m.   Rev. FatherFerland, Priest.
Baptist Church��� Services morning and
evening at 11a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in tho school house. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Rev. G. R. Walsh, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services every ��� evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adjutant Millner in charge.
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. 8c A.
meets second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
I. O. O. F.    Kootenay Lodge,
No. 1G^ moots every Monday night,
at  their Hall, Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
WAI. HODSON, Secretary.
..NELSON   LODGE  No. 25, K. of P.,
^vameets in Castle hall, McDonald block
Jaevery Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock,
^All visiting knights cordially invited,
_ J. J. Malone, C.C
"(820) Geo. Partridge, K. of R. and S.
NELSON LODGE. I. O. G. T. Meets in
Castle Hall, McDonald Block, every Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars cordially invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
J. Morley Hoao, Sec'y
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. Hall, MacDonald Block,   cor. Vernon  and
        Josephine streets.   Visiting breth-
rn cordially invited.        Ernest King,
Chas. H. Farrow, Worthy. President.
I;     Secretary.
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meets
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in the
K of P Hall. F W Swanell. C. D. S. C. R.; J R
Green, C.R.: J. Purkiss, Secy. . ..WMre*-r-**tfF-M>;*M^
"~i Tr"tT""*; -t~T'
Brief   Mention   ot] Happenings  ln the
District During the Past
lew Days.
J. J. McMullin, Ymir, is in the city.
Robt. Fisher, Rossland, is  in  the
A. E. Teeter of Slocan City, arrived
in the dty bn the afternoon train yes-
W. Blakemore, manager of the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company is at
the Phair.
The driving of the piles for tlie O.P.
R. transfer wharf will be completed
this week. /,
E. L. Taylor has been elected captain
of the Revelstoke company of the
Kootenav rifles.
IL S. Keeler, San Francisco; D.
Mothiot, W. R, Mendenhall, W. J.
Wilson, Spokane are at the Phair.
Vice-president Shaughnessy of the
C.P.R. and Land Commisser Hamilton
are expected to visit Nelson about
May 20th.
posed route last week and estimates
for the work will be prepared at once.
The warm weather is rapidly cutting
the snow off the hills and as a consequence the water in the lake is rising
rapidly. At the end of the city wharf
the water is within a foot of the top,
and the end of the C.P.R wharf is
Charles R. Carroll, airived from
Olympia, Wash., on Monday evening
to take the position of operator of the
Thorne typesetting machine in ' The
Miner office. Mr. Carroll is an expert
operator, having had large experience
in a number of the leading newspaper
offices on the coast.
Posters are out announcing a celebration of the Queen's birthday at
Kaslo. The programme of sports will
consist of horse races, hose reel races,
baseball competition, - band competition, etc. The proceedings will wind
up with a grand ball in the evening.
The C.P.R. are hurrying forward
the construction of the ferry slip at
Robson, to overcome the necessity, of
transferring freight between Nelson
and Rossland. A considerable amount
of ore from the Rossland mines is being brought to the Hall Mines smelter
over-the C.P.R.
Commencing with this morning,
trains on the Nelson and Fort Sheppard railway will leave the Nelsou
depot at 0.20 a.m. instead of 9.20 as
formerly and will pass the Mountain
siding at 7.05. The date of arrival
from Spokane remains unchanged at
6.35 o'clock.
C. Keary Hammond, Sanden; W. F.
DuBois, Enterprise; A. J. McKay, New
York, and J. Kirkpatrick, Winnipeg,
are guests at the Hume.
The contract for the removal of the
rock bluff on Josephine street has been
awarded to Noel & Thompson at $1.75
per cubic yard for earth.
Teere are at present
prisoners in the Provincial jail at Nelson. Those sentenced to hard labor
are kept busy improving the jail
The Italian named Cirianni who was
operated on in the Kootenay Lake
General hospital by Prs. Hall and
Hawkey, is doing well and making a
rapid recovery.
The lira brigade had a practice run
last evening down Baker street. They
intend taking part in the hose reel
competitions either at Kaslo or Rossland on the Queen's birthday.
W. J. Pettingall, of the Canada
Drug & Book company, leaves this
week for Revelstoke where he will
take charge of the company's business
for the next two>r three months.
H. Forde, of the firm of Henry
Forde & Co., left last evening for a
business visit to Rossland, to be absent, a few days. During bis absence
the Kootenay Supply will answer all
business inquiries for the firm.
The C. P./JR. intend starting construction work on the JEtobson-F'entic-
fion railway line early in August. Mr.
Tye, the engineer in charge of the survey has located a first class line to
other [contractors went over the pro-
Big Honor Judge  Forin  Presides at the
Begnlar Session for Kootenay County.
The regular session of the county court
of Kootenay opened here on Monday before Hia Honor, Judge Forin. The
docket was a short one, and the court
will probably continue in session this
week for *caseB already set. The sittiug
j of the courts attracted the bulk of the
twenty-two  legai talent from the Slocan as a number
4��ii ���f Uoi.     ... .    .    ... -     ������*..-.
For One Cent a Word?
You can find a buyer for "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise.
Classified Advertisements.
All advertisements in this column are
lcent a word each insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
Old papers at The Miner oflice.
per hundred.
25 cents
The Bon Ton Restaurant on Josephine street
will be opened on-Saturday morning May 14th.
Board by the week or month. Only white help
employed. (d23)
Wrought Iron Water Pipe
& Cast Iron Sewer Pipe
with complete stock
of Fittings also . . .
Globe Valves,
Steam Cocks,
Basin Cocks,
Closet Tanks & Seats,
Lead Waste Pipe, Traps.
of the cases to be tried are from that
district The following is a list of tbe
oases ,:���
Tufts va. Baohnnan.���Commission to
Bryden Jack to take evidence of plaintiff.
Adjudged costs to defendant in any
McClarey vs. Baohanan.���Judgment
against Mabee. Non suit} by Freeland,
Leave to sue again. *
Niven vs. 'Willey.���Judgment.
Simpson vs. Pearson.���Judgment for
8158.51 and costs. Fourteen days to
open up by defendant.
A number of cases against Buchanan
and the Black Diamond tow set over
till the next oourt.
Teeter vs. Foley.���Jadgnaeut for plaintiff. -,
Regina vs. Gray.���Fixed for day after
tomorrow. Appeal on - behalf of Thos.
W. Gray, proprietor of the Nelson plaining mill, from a oonviotion for a breach
of tbe Fisheries Act, for putting sawdust
into the river. This is au important case,
involving the convenience of the sawmills on tha one hand, and the preservation of tbe fisheries of the Kootenay on
the other.
Mannarino vs. C. p. &���Action for
damages on behalf of the father of a
young man who was killed last summer
on the CiP.R. line betweenRobsonand
Nelson; The plaintiff otaims $1,000
damages oo the ground of negligence on
the part of the company. ��� A jury baa
been summoned and tbe oasis will - be
trieid tomorrow.
both teams contain some excellent
players. Among the members of the
old club are several players that sustained the honor of Nelson in hard
fought contests in past. years. The
new comers boast of several players
that formerly belonged to some of the
crack teams in the east. This is the
first real practice game of the season
and a team composed of the best material in each Will be selected to represent Nelson iri^any matches that may
be arranged with outside towns.
Dancan SI ver Improvements.
R. S. Gallop, who has had charge of tie
government work of improving aud cleaning out the Duncan river is at the Phair.
Mr. Gallop states that $3,000 was spent
last year on the river, $3,000 this spring,
and it is probable that another. $3,000 will
be spent next fall. The river is now navigable for 15 miles above Houser lake,
and tbe steamer Idaho makes regular
trips. A trail ia very badly needed from
the bead of navigation, and if this were
built tbere would be n -considerable
amount of mining development carried
on this summer. There are a large number of valuable claims in the locality
wbicb cannot be worked for lack of transportation facilities. A barge has been
built on fiouser lake, to take horses
Across, and to bring down ore for shipment to tbe smelters. The Idaho will
try to bring the ore down the lower river
to Kootenay lake to meet the large
steamers. Tbe Oold Hill Company have
a number of men at work building a trail
up Houser Creek to their property and
are taking up horses to pack in supplies
to tbeir claims. Tbey expect to do considerable work this summer.
To all Eastern and European
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To the Rich and active Mining
Districts of Klondike and the
Yukon.     .
New Tourist Car Service
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Monday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland and Main Line points.
6. lOp.m.-Leaves���NELSON���Arrives-lO.SOp.m
Kootenny lake���Knslo Benie.
Str. Kokanee
Exsept Sunday. Except Sunday.
1  p.m.���Leaves-NELSON���Arrives���11  a.m.
Calling at way ports in both directions.
Kooienay Illver Beate..
Str. N'elsox.
Mon. Wed. Fri. Mon. Wed. Fri.
7 a. m.���Leaves���NK-LSON���Arrivos���&M p. m.
Runs to Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Landing* calling Ht way ports and makes close
connections at Pilot Bay with Steamer Kofca-
nee. Steamer may make additional trips provided business offers,'
trains to and from Sloean City, Sandon
and Blocan Lake Points.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.��� Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���ISO p. m.
Ascertain Present
Reduced Kates East
Ifilenatijui Nirigttin i Trading Gnyuf
Kootbnat Lake ahd Rirut.
Summer Card.      Effective March 15.1888.
South b'nd,  g.g. International.  North b'nd.
_, .    Read down Read up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10M a��m. Train Ar
���'    Ar 3.15  ���'     Kaslo   8.00  "        '���   Lv
Boat Lvs 5.45 a.m.  Kaslo   8.10 p.m. Boat Ar
6.45 ������ Ainsworth 7.10   " "
7.15 " Pilot Bay  8.30   "
7.45"    Balfour   8.00   "
8.00"  5MilePt. 5.10   "
9.15 "    Nelson     4.45   " "
Train Ar 12.58 p.m. Northport 1.00 " Train Lvs
8.50^'  Rowland   12.00noon,   "
8.40 " Spokane    8.00 a.m.        "
Sandon-Kaslo train dally.   Boat and Spokane train daily except Sunday.
S.I. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m, Sandon 10.50 a.m, Train Ar
"     Ar 3.45"     Kaslo    8.00  '*       "  Lvs
Boat Lvs  5.00 "     Kaslo    I.i�� "      Boat Ar
a�� ���' Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.
7J0 "  Pilot Bay 11.00 ������
10.00 " Kuskanook 8.00 "
12.00 " Goat River 8.00 '��� "
1.00 a.m. Bound* 5.00 " "
Boat Ar 8.00 ������ Bonners Fr 2.00 " Bout LVs
Train Lvs 11.40 " B'rs Ferry 1.15 ������ Train Ar
" 2.15 ������ Spokane 7.00 a.m. " Lvs
Sandou-Kaslo train daily. Boat leaves Kaslo
tor above points Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Meals and borthsnot inoluded.
Passengers on 8. 8, International from Nel*
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Day. will connect at that
point with the S.S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S.S, Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay can by arrangement
with purser have stop-over at Pilot Bay
Sr or
Ainsworth, or connect wiih S.S. Internat
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with all points in the
United States and Canada, by way of Spokane
and Kootenay River.
Tickets sold and bsggag* oheoked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our offlo*.
n ~ n        ��.ALEXANDER, Gcn.Mgr.
P. O. Box 133, Kaslo, B.C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson & Port
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
and full information
local agent, or GEO.
Agent, NeUon,
Trav. Pass. Agent,
by addressing nearest
S. BEER. City Ticket
Dist Pass* Agent,
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
Tlie only all nil route without ohttge
of oan between Nelson md Soggbuid and
Spokane aud Eoagland.
(Doily Exoept Sunday)
Leave 9.20 a.m. NELS0H Arrive 5.35 p.nu
"   11:45 "  BOSSLT   "    2:55  "
"   8.00a.m.8POKAlTE  "   6.40 p.m.
Going Wbbt.
Leave 8.00 a. m.
8.26 a. m.
9.38 a.m.  Sproule's
Daily Gonra BUST.
Kasto Arrive 3.50 p.m.
South fork      "     3.15 p.m.
10.03 a.m.
10.18 a. m.
10:30 a.m.
10.39 a.m. Ju:	
10.50 a.m. Sandon
Bear Lake
2.15 p.m
1.48 p;m.
1.83 p in.
1:21 p.m.
LOO p.m.
mi G. F. & P. 4.
Passengers for Kettle Ri��er and Boundary Creek, oonneot at Marcus withSta^t
mmm * western rt.
TOIT1VE  MONDAV NOV.   22,  1897.
-ftetsHer Divorce.
W-WbiDfftoD, p. C*, May JO���Judge
Hagnor late to-day signed a decree granting Franeea Hodgson Burnett, the
novelist, a divorce from Pr. Burnett, a
well known oculist of tbis city. Mrs.
Burnettsis-permitted ^to-resurae��� ber
maiden name of Hodgaon.
Steamship Um
.."-,..    ��� "      .. From Montreal
take Ontario���Beaver Line May 4
Lako Winnipeg���Beaver Line May 11
From New York.
Teutonic���white Star Line. May 4
flrittanic���White Star Line ...MayII
Lucania���Cunard Line  May 7
Servia���Cunard Line   May 10
From Montreal
Yorkshire���Dominion Une  .May 7
Eominion���Dominion Line  May 14
aurentian���Allan Line     .. .May 7
Parisian���Allan Line. ��� May 14
Cabin, |47.50, $50, $60, |70, f80 and upwanfs.
Intermediate, ��32.50 and upwards.
Steerage. S22.50 ahd upwanls,
Passengers ticketed through to all points in
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of the European continent,
prepaid pftfwagee arranged from all points.
Apply to GEO. S. BEER,   C.P.R. Ticket
Agent. Nelson, or to,    WILLIAM STITT,
554)  General Agent, C.P.R. Offices. Winnipeg.
Full   line Plumbers'
Vancouver Prices.
Supplies  at
faicoiira Hardware Co.
Vancouver & Nelson, B.O.
New Tramway Hope.
The installation of the new wire
rope on the Hall Alines tramway was
completed yesterday and ore will be
brought down by it to the smelter
today. The new rope | is nine milw
long in two sections and it is estimated
that it will last for 2J years. The smelter will be started up again in full
blast today.
K. t*. C Olre-f ters Meet.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Kootenay Lake General Hospital
Society was held in the hospital building yesterdayo afternoon at which
.there were present, President John
A. Turner, Messs. Forin, Jowett, Clements, Pettingill, McArthur, Shaw,
Traves, Ha,milton and Farley.
Dr. G. A. B. Hall, was re-appointed
medical officer. It was decided
that the medical practitioners of the
city be allowed to send patients to the
hospital on proper arrangements as to
payment being made. ���
lacrosse -Game.
A match game of lacrosse will be
played on the recreation grounds on
Saturday afternoon between the"New
Comers" and the "Old Timers." An
exciting game may be looked for as
T   - -
A full line of*. .
Top Shirts,
Ti*��c  P��r Spring ...
* ��ca  and Summer Wear.
These we got at very close
prices by clearing out the
lines and we  are  selling
them very much below
their regular value.
Do not fail to give us a
look when you want to buy a
suit of clothing for ,you will
find our goods superior in
make and material.
r.u. p.m. r.v. p.h. p.m. v.u.
Xo. 5 Vo. S No. 1 Vn. t No. 4 No. *
ft:45 9:00..ROBSON...SHW        f��
10:00...TRAIL...7��) MM    Utt
ll:15.ROSSIiANO.6��0 18:00 in.
No's. I and 9 connect with C. P. R. mats lint
steamers, and trains to and (rom Nelson al
No's, 3 and 4 are local trains betw������ Trail
and Rossland.
* No's, 5 and 8 are local trains between Trail
and Robson. No. 6 connect* witb troln -No*. I
from Rossland.
All trains dally.
F. P. GUTEUUS. Gen. Suft.
14 U tke Most M-s4eral��|S����lpmeat.
It Is the Heavies* Balled uae.
It has a Boek-llaUast B��a4l��e4.
It Cresses Ufa Saa-4 desserts.
Ills the OMly Mae Siuuitaf  l<��x��H*w
dab Koeai Cars.
It Is Mete* tar Ibe Cenrteny attHMaapteye*.
It Is the Oaly Uae ftervlac Meals ea Ike
a la Carte flam.
Sign of the Big Red Hat,
. . Baker Street , .
Attractive Tours daring Season of
Navigation on Great Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete information
call on or address Agents, K. 5c S. Ry., C. ft K.
S. Nav. Co., N '4c F. S. Ry., or
C. C. DUO, General AgeaU
Spokane, Wash.
F. I. WHITJfEV, C. r. * T. A.,
851 St. Paal, Mlaa.
Use a flrst class line in traveling between
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago, and
the principal towns in Central Wisconsin'
Pullman Palace Sleeping and Chair Car*
Service        .       .        .        .        .
The Dining Cars are operated lo the interest of
it* patrons, the most elegant service ever
inaugurated.   Meals are served a la Carte.
To obtain flrst class servioe your ticket should
read via        .        .        ,        .        .
+     THE WISCONSIN     ���
+     CENTRAL UNES     *
Direct connections at Chicago and MllwaokfO
for all Eastern points.        .        .        .
For full information call on your nearest tieket
agent, or write        .        .        ...
Jas. A. Chock.       or      Jas. C. Pokd,
General Agent.       Oeaeral Pass. Agent
146 Stark Street, Milwaukee. Wis.
Portland, Ort.
Twenty years' experience in mining.
.n ��� -- *  ���   *
knowledge of mines
Terms Reasonable.
of British
NEL80N, B. O.
IMVBANCS aad ��� ��� ���
VICTORIA 8f.,   ' M NELSON, B. Or RJft*��Sl^&Si&.T.��tt��^^
Gold Standard Practically Established  In
(lie United Slates.
Washington, May 10.���The U. S.
treasury today began paying out gold
over the counter in lieu of currency.
This will be continued indefinitely,
Tlie available cash balance on hand
including the hundred million reserve
is $218,313,580.
la the Kloadlke Trade fear Capture  By
8paal*h Privateers.
Vancouver, May 10.���From reports
sent of the motion in the House of Commons at Ottawa regarding the shipment
of freight via Seattle for the Yukon
military contingent, it appears that the
true enormity of the matter is not realized
in the east. * Although a large part of the
supplies will be shipped via Vancouver,
yet at this port they will be transhipped
to American vessels ofthe Boston and
Alaska company. This is a grave and
serious ground'of complaint, for a reliable local firm offered to send the supplies north in British bottoms and imder1
the Union Jack, but Mr. Jordan has preferred to have them transported in
vessels that fly the stars and stripes. '";;'
The next question that arises is, will
supplies in an American bottom be safe
from ihe Spanish?
��� Segalar Trips.
It is proposed to make three trip3 during the summer. At present tbe Garonne is on her way round from England,
having on board 55 people for Klondike,
and about 1000 tons of freight. Some
280 tons of this cargo belongs to the
British American company and is for the
equipment of stores in Dawson and other
northern points, while 5,000 tons is for
the 0. P. R. railway. Slie is due to arrive early in June and is already outfitted
for the Klondike trade, so that she can
proceed north immediately.
More Hrlllsli Peal*.
In connection witb the Gavonne a
river fleet ot five stern wheelers (the
Robert Kerr, City of Chicago, Fall
Waters, Mascot and Lulu Stuart) will be
operated. Tbe Kerr is capable ot handling on each trip 270 people and 4,000
' tons of freight, each of tbe others bos
accommodation for 125 passengers and
2,000 to as of cargo. They are under C.
J��. R management, while the Gavonne te
the property of tbe Frank Waterhouse
Company, Ltd.
Warns Weadiber*.
The British American Transportation
Co.   is   reported   to   have   despatched
messengers overland to Dawson to warn
outgoing miners against the danger ot
travelling  by American   vessels,   and
"pointing^out"also' the: in^eqWasyrof'ttlB"
protection afforded   merchant shipping
flying the stars and stripes by the United
States fleet in Northern waters.
' '*. *; caaadlan Troop*. '.*������������
Tomorrow the Canadian contingent of
the Canadian permanent militia forces is
due to arrive here.   Tbey will be quartered at the drill shed until   Saturday
Tbey are assured of a warm welcome.
Wram Ibe Old Ceaatrr.-Ogllvle ftaaabed,
Tke Sealing Award to be raid.
Toronto, May 10.���Special cable to the
Evening Telegram from London to-day,
says: the Westminster Gazette to-day
under its city ��news sayB that without
meaning any offence it might be stated
that it confesses to getting rather tired
of Mr. Ogilvie's Klondike lectures. He
seems to be doing more harm tban good.
He excites with wonderful stories, and
yet says that no importance is to be attached to them, An extract from his
speeches as given, in which reference is
made to the proapectuaes of mining
companies, and the Gazette concludes
by suggesting that Mr. Ogilvie express a
definite opinion of some of the schemes
now before the British investor and for
ever atter hold his peace.
Canada Represented,
A First Lieut, of the Canadian artillery
at present quartered at; Aldershot has
entered for Beveralof the competitions at
the royal military tournament to be held
at the Agricultural Hall. Islington  from
9th ia3fc. to 2nd June. ,      :
UultcaiStatcs. Will Pay-l/p.'
Iu tbe House of Commons this afternoon Hon. George Cr.rsou, Parliamentary
Secretary of the foreign office, in reply
to a question of Sir George Baden
Powell, said that the Congress oE tho
United States wn3 making provision to
pny the claims of the Canadian sealers.
Free Trade Steinberg Oppose Ihe Import
Duly on Lead.
A telegram was received in the city
yesterday from Mayor Houston, who,
in company with John A. Gibson,
went to Ottawa a couple, of weeks jigo
to advocate the imposition by the
Dominion government of an import
duty on lead products.
The telegram stated that tho delegation are having an uphill fight, owing to the fact the majority Jof tho
members of 'Parliament from British
Columbia are free traders, aod are
apposed to protection in any form.
. The. delegation are however fighting
the B. C. members on the question of
the appointment of a chief justice for
the Province The members support
the claims of E. P. Davis, Q.C., of
Vancouver, and the delegation are
urging the government to appoint D.
C. Fraser, M. P., of Guysboro, N. S.
They will know in a few days what
the decision1 of the government in the
matter of lead duty is.
The (ieaeral New* or the World Briefly
The remains of the late Lady Cartier,
widow of Sir Geo. E. Cartier, will arrive
in Montreal on Sunday next by the Parisian.
The new trial of Mrs. Sternaman,
charged with poisoning her husband, is
likely to stretch out many days. Tbere
are witneisea in all 50 for the crow a and
39 for the defence ;.*v   :
Hariiil< an Snakes
A visitor'.to'iMrs. Bseoher-atowe, tae
author of the far-famed "Uncle Tom's
Cabin," had a bad quarter of an hour
while waiting to see her in her Florida
home some time before she died. He had
been shown into the drawing room, and
was there but a'! fow moments whon he
saw two big black snakes���ono coiled up
on a chair and the other on the matting
near the window. He at once Jumped up
on the table, aind began yelling for help.
Mrs. Beecher-Stowe came in reply to his
cries, and took in at a glance the novel
situation. "Ekm'tbe afraid," she said,
with a smile, "they're only rat traps.
If you hate snakes, I hate rats, and these
creatures dispose of them for me. They
are quite harmless," with which she
lifted them up in l��er hands and placed
them outside on the grass.
t.aw and the Pry Rot.
On a railroad in Pennsylvania stand 33
Pullman palace cars, closely guarded
day and night by watchmen whose only
duty it is to see that ho one. interferes
with the process of decay and despoliation
which the elements have inaugurated.
The oars are the property of the Penn-
slyvania Railroad company and represent
an outlay of about 1400,000. These handsome coaches have been dragged through
the slow and tortuous process of litigation
for over five years. Both the railroad and
the Pullman company have claims on
the carsj^and���until���affinal, decision is
rendered In the courts these magnificent
vehicles of travel by rail are left to rot
and crumble in tha open air. They will
soon be unfit for any use except kindling
wood and old scrap iron.���Exchange.
What It Power?
Teach mankind to lift itself out of the
mental conditions that create the petty
frictions of daily life. It is power to control nervo force, that the slamming of a
door, the rippling of water, the hissing
of steam will* not excite it. It is power
to control mind, power to slip the dead
latch against rubbish thoughts and rubbish conversation; it is power to hold
the anchor of purpose, and not drift into
unprofitable acts; it ia power to hold self
above Irritation, selfishness, unkindness;
it is power to bring happiness into the
lives around you.   It is this we want.
Not in Stock.
Floor Walker���She complains that
you didn't show her common civility.
Salesman���I showed her everything in
my daparttnent, sir;���Detroit Journal.
are the Newest and Most Fashionable
Thomson Stationery Co.
LIMITED.       , (d22)
Will You Help
Support it? ��� ���
Would you like a
Morning visitor, giving
you the news of the
World for the past 24
hours? If so, we can
Supply you.
The Miner will contain the best news service
obtainable. ;
One Year -      ���      -      . $10.00
Half Year    -      ���      -      -      $5.00
One ilonth      -   '   -       -        $1.00
BY MAIL OR  '-aopicp -r
Experience has taught
us that [$r in hand is
worth $2 on the books.
Your intention is good,
but small matters are
easily forgotten. Our
motto is, "No Man is
Rich enough to get this
Paper for nothing."
As a Special Inducement to commence with
the first issues we offer
you the Daily Edition of
The Miner to January
1, 1899 for $5.00.
If you wish to take advantage of this offer and
read a good paper, send
in your name and money.
ns.  m *#*   *���*
You Get
For Seven and a Half
Months for
Kirkpatriek & Wilson t
are receiving Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices x
. ������Tjgiji;.--"   As always, our stock of
is full and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,BAKER STREET
J. Jl. ��itkw
Cfotfiier and Furnisfier
Lawrence Harare ��o.
PaifltS ready mixed and dry.
Boiled and Raw UllSeed   OH,
Varnishes, White Lead
Paint and Varnish Brushes KalSOHline
Builders' Hardware Miners' Supplies
Telephone at.   Prompt Delivery
This Space Reserved for
A. Ferland
Pry floods, Roots ana Slices,
flans' ftrnlsMngs, etc.
BAKER St.       Illl       NELSON
(janfe & O'Reiffu
(Mf Engineers .
Provinciaf Land Surveyors
R����J Eatate �����<! Otn��r��l Af Ml*
FlMMicltl nnd Im-ni-mic* Aftntt
Nofrlw   Public.   Pte.
We have for sale the following
Valuable Property.
Three lots with 5 roomed house, New. Lots
all cleared and fenced. $2,250
Hall Mines Road.
Three Lots fenced and cleared and seeded
with potatoes.   On Kootenay st.     -8C75
Six lots, corner Stanley $700
Three Jots   ������ �����    with House        $000
Call and see our full list of property for sale in  "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & Q'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B. C,
Picnics and Fishing Parties, ���
Are hot a success unless you take a nice Lunch along- consisting of
something like the following: Mustard and Horse Radish, Mixed
and Prepared. Lunch Tongue, Chipped Beef, Sportsmen's Sardines, McLaren's Imperial Cheese, and if you are late don't forget a
Bottle of "Ketchup", all of which are sold at the lowest possible
Prices   at the        :        :     "":        :        :        :        :       \ -...'.        .
Farley & Simpson, Props.
All  Communications relating- to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Draper 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer


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