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The Miner May 15, 1898

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Daily Edition, No. 6.
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday Morning, May [5,  1898.
Eighth Year
lace Bod
A shipment of the famous
Julia Marlowe
American Footwear
Gome Early and Secure a Pair.
Fred Irvine & Co.
3(3   BAKEE  STREET    "
Our Stock of High Class, Dry Goods is now complete in all
departments and we invite special inspection to
our Dress Goods Department of
Summer MM. Lawns, <3renad]ne6 & ^Organdies
Battle Expected at Aay Time.���American*
Preparing for a Leas War.���Secret
tepmcntaMvfft et All rarMes Present at
:    tlie ��HMcq*u(e�����Uv-rrjene 'tlnb-
���red Wim.
Toronto, Oot, May 14���The funeral of
tlie late Dalton McCarthy took place
this afternoon. It was the roost imposing one ever seen in Toronto, being Attended by most of the prominent member** ot Canadian sooial and legal oiroles,
and by representatives of a large number
sf societies. Sp oial trains were rub to
nllow friends of the dead statesman outside the city the opportunity of attending the obtequies. The funeral service
ras conducted at St. George's church by
lev. Canon Cnyl-py assisted by bis son
I lev. Prof. Cayley. An opportunity to see
he remains was given to fri*fmdsl>fnt6^
araily between 10 and 12 o'clock tbis a.
j,, and many hundreds called at tberesi-
||euce. At two o'clock tbe funeral oor-
ege moved from tbe residence on Bever-
yst., by way of the Grange road and
ohn street to the church. Members of
be Country and Hunt club, Dalton McCarthy club, Irish Protestant Benevolent
ooiety and a number of otber organiza-
ions formed part of tbe procession. Tbe
nterment took place in St James' ceme-
ery. 'Tbe floral tributes received at tbe
eaidenoe were of most magnifloent di*
tensions. . Among others a splendid
jlumn of roses several feet high waa
Ietfeived from the Domiuion government
nd another^f rom Their Excellencies Lord
nd Lady Aberdeen and tbere were other
ieautiful floral tributes from prominent
mblio men, from tbe Hunt club, Dalton
IcGarthy club and others.
for the new lead stack, now in course of
erection, and,the furnaces will be blown
in about July let.
. Mr. Gutelius, superintendent of tbe
Trnil-Rossland railways has secured estimates of the oost of widening the narrow gmige railway and also estimates of
the cost of building an entirely new line
between the two towns nnd tbe question
will., be decided <when Vice-president
Shaughnessy visits tho Kootenay. district
in a couple of weeks.
W. G. Tye, chief engineer in charge of
tbe location of tbe Bobson-Pen tic ton extension has a number of draughtsmen at
work preparing plans and grade of tbe
road and says that tbe road will certainly
be built tbis year. Bids for construction
are being received from well koown opii-
trnctors and when once started tbe road
will be rushed through as quickly as possible. The news of tbe early construction
of tbe road bas been a great stimulus to
trade in tbe Boundary Creek oountry,
and Mr McDonald*) contracting freight
agent, will leave in a few days to arrange
for tbe improvement of the freight service, so tbat the business ean be bandied
with greater dispatch. The C. P. B. are
making arrangements whieh will more
tban offset the advantages of the route
via Marcus and are determined to give
the people of the Boundary Creek distriot the freight and railway connection
with outside points for which they have
waited so long.
Washington, May 14.���Definite official information reached the -authorities here late this afternoon that the
Spanish squadron had been sighted off
the island of Curaco, one of the Dutch
West Indies lying off the west coast of
Venezuela. This information was regarded as of vital importance, as it
not only, fixed the position of the
enemy, but disclosed the purpose of
the Spanish admiral to elude the fleet
of Admiral Sampson, make his way
through the Caribbean sea.probably to
Cuba. The island of Curaco was originally Spanish and is peopled mainly
by descendants of Spaniards, although
it is now one of the Dutch possessions.
The Spanish squadron's course was
also influenced by the fact that the
French cable starting from Caracas,
Venezuela, touches at the island of
Curaco, thence proceeding northward
through the Caribbean sea to Hayti;
with spurs running east and west to
Porto Rico and Cuba respectively. Hfe
is thua enabled to get in touch from
Caraop with the Spanish authorities in
I Cuba Jund' Porto- Rioo,- iiud thrrfugh
them directly with the Spanish Admit all ty at Madrid.'
No immediate battle with Admiral
Sampson's  fleet is  expected,  as  the
Spaniards, it seems likelv, have succeeded in passing south ot the United
States fleet and are now well to  the
westward of it.     As the enemy is in
reach of the rebels, the navy depart*
ment regards ifc of the most vital concern that the  exact whereabouts of
American ships should not be made
known  during   the  next   few days.
They have ifelt handicapped by the
fact that the Spanish admiral knew
the whereabouts of American ships,
while the U. S. authorities were in a
state of doubt as to the locality of the
Spaniards.    The officials here regard
it as essential, during the next few
days, to reverse this condition so that
the Spanish admiral will be moving
inthedark while the American officers
will  be  posted  as    to   the  Spanish
movements through the Carribean.
prise. They were prepared to risk a few
rifle shots, but not the murderous fire of
maxim?. However, Capt. McCalla, who
is noted for determination and' courage,
if for any quality, it ean be taken for
granted will not abandon the task until
he succeeds, considering the great
strategy of such a move tbe lose sustained by American vessels was insigini-
ficant, and the venture was certainly
warranted by the results.
Tbe war department Bhowa no signs of
relaxation in its war preparations
but appears to be making ready
for hostilities on the theory that
war is to last a long time. Thus, bids
were opened today for supplying the
government with large numbers pf
armor piercing shells of the larger
calibres, such as are used mostly by
coast defence guns in attacking or
repelling heavily armed ironclads.
ITalteA Mates Teasel Jtepalrs ta Freaek
fntt.���A Preach Vessel
Washington, May 14.���In the war department the day was one of extraordinary activity. Arrangements for the expeditions to Cuba and to the Phillipines
continued with unabated vigor. Concerning the former, however, the date of
departuro is still uncertain, and will
depend upon the developments of the
next few days. This uncertainty, bow-
ever, in nowise interferes with tbe preparations 1, for hurrying to Tampa the
large amount of supplies whioh will be
taken to Cuba by the army of occupation. According to tbe present plans,
many of the volunteers will be held at:
Cbickamauga until tbe date, for tbeir
embarkation is near, at band, wben they
will be Bent on to Tampa. Assistant
secretary Meiklejobn today chartered the
ship Miami as a transport for/ the army.
I This vessel is i now at . Norfolk wbenoe sbe
will opal and then start forTampa. <
- ���    . HAVANA PRKrABED.   *
The, department  is,  doubtless in-
formed as to the whereabouts of Ad-
the Trail Smelter to Start up���Railway
Extension into Boundary.
F. W. Peters, district freight agent of
ie C.P.R. returned on Friday night from
visit to Trail.    He reports things as
eing lively around the smelter recently
taken over by the C.P.R.    Ore is being
laken in from the War Eagle, Centre
Star, Iron Mask and other mines in tbe
district and is being roasted preparatory
being put through the blast furnaces.
Ner 200 tons of machinery have been
Irdered from  Canadian manufacturers
Washington, May 14���Official information reaches here to-day tbat the Spanish
government bad filed a protest at tbe
foreign office in Paris against tbe permission given, by tbe French authorities
at Martinique to tbe United States auxiliary cruiser Harvard to remain in the
harbor at St.  Pierre, Martinique, for
several days to make necessary repairs.
Tbe   French   government    bas   taken
speedy action on the protest and insists
that tbe U.S. cruiser being disabled she
bas a full right to remain seven days or
such time as may be necessary to complete her repairs, and that in the meantime no stress Will be taken to force ber
to leave tbe French port.   The Spanish
protest is an important development in
the critical naval situation in the West
Indies, as it makes clear for the first
time.the plans of the Spanish Admiral to
have the Harvard forced out of the harbor at Martinique, and tben to capture
her by bis swift cruisers or destroy her.
It is impossible for tbe Spanish warships
to attack her while she is inside the harbor as international law forbids suoh an
attack in a neutral harbor.   The most
the Spanish admiral can do is to wait
outside the harbor in hopes of taking
the Harvard as she leaves.    But a wait
of seven days would be futile, as other
American ships can go to the relief of
the Harvard before that time.
miral Sampson's sqadron. but it does
not give any information on the subject, and the same rigid silence prevails as to the whereabouts and destination of Commodore Schley's flying
squadron. The game has reached such
a critical state that premature publication as to the0whereabouts of TJ. S.
ships might cause inestimable loss and
failure of present plans.   In one respect the manoeuv0er of the   Spanish
fleet is a relief' to naval officials here,
ns it seems to assure the safety of the
battle ship Oregon.   She is proceeding
from the north coast of South America to join Admiral Sampson's fleet,
and is somewhere inthe neighborhood
of   Martinique.      Had  the  Spanish
squadron   remained   at that   point
there would have been serious danger
that the Oregon would be interrupted
now howeyer   she   is well out of the
way of the Spaniards, so long as she
follows the usual route. '
The determined attack made by the
Marblehead and other vessels on the
ocean cables running seaward from Cien-
fuegos shows that the government finds
it necessary to cut off all communication
between Captain General Blanco at
Havana and Spain by cable. , That the
effort was not wholly successful was
owing to the appearance of a superior
force of infantry, aided by machine
guns, which appears to .have taken the
sailors engaged in cable cutting by. sur-
City of Mexico, May 14.���Leading
Spanish residents here assert they bave
reliable news from Havana,. brought by
tbe steamer Lafayette, to Vera Cruz.
Governor Blanco has shown great, energy
in preparing for .the expected siege by
the United States fleet and land forces.
Tlie 'city and forts are provisioned for
three or four months. It is believed the
mortality among tbe besiegers in hot and
rainy season will compel tbe Americans
to raise the Beige. .
Havana is now surrounded by entrenchments for thirty miles. The troops
in the garrison number 7,000, and a like
number are in the interior fighting tbe
insurgents. The condition of tbe recon-
centrados iu Havana grows steadily
worse. The Spaniards ask them when
their Yankee benefactors are coming to
relieve them. The mortality is increasing
among this wretched class who have
taken to begging for morsels of food. Nobody in Havana, except a few higher
officer, knows that the Spanish fleet was
annihilated at Manilla, and the story is
believed that the Americans were beaten
there. Governor Blanco allows no unfavorable news to be circulated. It is
believed in Havana tbat the campaign in
the islands will prove enormously fatal
to the American troops and will be prolonged a year.
Another account is that the food supply in Havana is good for a much lets
time and tbat Governor Blanco is in a
trap unless the Spanish fleet breaks tbe
blockade to allow supplies to come in.
The Hava" a people con tin ue light-hearted
and tbe'theatres put on pieces ridiculing
the American fleet.
Washington, D.C.. May 14���The officials of the State and Navy department
strongly deprecate as mischievous and
dangerous the efforts to create the impression tbat France is not acting up to
the rule in tbe'observance of s trict neu-
Irahty between the United States and
Spain;  They "say that even were there
some slight foundation for tbe statements, the time isjvery inopportune for
newspaper''   attacks   tbat   might even
involve France in the present hostilities.
As a matter of fact, they say there is no
evidence of any disposition on the part
of French colonial officials in the West
Indies to discriminate against the United
States and in favor of Spain.   If there
had been any delay in the transmission
of cable despatches from Martinique to
the United States government or in the
reverse direction, the American government is not in possession of evidenoe
tending in the slightest degree to", show
that, obstacles were .purposed or interposed.   As far as tbe matter of cabling is
concerned there is also an entire absence,
aa yet/of inijr evidence thstthe Spanish
fleet was aooorded any undue advantage
in tbis respect
St. Thomas, Danish Went Indies, lUny
14���The (bird-class French crniser, Admiral   Rigault de Grouille, which was
at San Juan de Porto Rico during tbe
bombardment     of     the     forts     at
that place by tbe fleet of Rear Admiral
Sampson on Thursday morning, left tbere
about noon yesterday aud arrived here
tbis morning,  She reports tbat the iu
habitants of San Juan fled to the oountry immediately the firing commenced;
women and children being trampled on
in the mad scramble for safety.   As the
orew of tbe French cruiser remained on
their ship tbey cannot say anything in
regard to tlie exact condition of affairs
ashore, but tbey claim one shell exploded
in a school bouse, killing a number of
ohildren while another shell demolished
the bouse of tbe commandant of marines
of San Juan.  The parts of the city within rwge of the fort suffered the most.
The officers of the French Ship say they
do not know bow many persons were,
killed during the  bombardment, but
tbey expressed tbe opinion   that  the
number was remarkably small. On
tbe other band tbey say the number of
persons wounded was very large. The
officer of tbe French cruiser alfoieritioised
the wisdom of:the bombardment Tbe
Admiral Rigault de Grouille was injured
by pieces of ^exploding shell during the
bombardment aod her rigging cut.
Wben the French cruiser left San Juan
its inhabitants were beginning to return.
The most strict censorship over telegraphic messages is observed at tbe capital
of Porto Rioo.
Parie, May 14���The Temps this evening publishes the following from Madrid:
"Tbe success achieved by tbe Spanish
troops against the American landing
parties in Cuba, and the insignificant re-,
suit of the bombardment of San Juan
de Porto Rico, bave strengthened the
feeling here in favor of prolonging the
war in the Antilles and Philippines. It
is believed that Admiral Cervera's squadron, so "fcoon as it has picked up its
despatch boats and torpedo boats off
Martinique, will Cuban waters and perhaps even farther." ;,'
Ha warden, May 14���Mr. Gladstone
this evening, il anything, is a trifle better than yesterday and he is quite as
comfortable as possible, under the circumstances.
Paris, May 14.���The French newspapers unanimously condemn the
speech delivered by Mr. Joseph Cham-
berlaim, the British secretary of state
for the colonies, at Birmingham last
night, and say there is all probability
of an immediate war between Great
Rritain and France.
The Temps says: "The establishment of an Anglo-American alliance
is a sympton to whieh too much -attention cannot be given, bub it is certainly a German alliance which the
British cabinet has immediately in
The Republique Francaise terms Mr.
Chamberlain a ''civil Boulanger," remarking that he referred to Russia in
terms which a statesman should not
allow himself to use.
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euxp ���teM*Ut(aiMrijigtof i i
:.'- ��
��xe Jttitur.
Published Daily except Monday.
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co..
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The resignation of His Excellency,
the Governor General, as reported in
the telegrams is extraordinary. Only
last year in a speech at Toronto he
made a point of mentioning when his*
term of office expired and the length
of time that he would still be among
us. If the telegram is correct his
determination to resign would seem to
indicate the recent arising of a very
strong and unan tieipated reasons for
such a course. This j together '-.With the
resignation of the general tomm and
ing the militia at the same time, wonld
seem to indicate that matters at
Ottawa are not >s rosy behind he
scenes as would appear to the public.
In commenting on the resignation
of General Gascoign in a speech before
parliament a few days ago Sir Charles
Tupper is leported to have used very
violent language, speaking of the retiring official, among other things, as
"a cad," and "scoring" him repeatedly in the most unmeasured and outrageous term?. The General has certainly not proved either successful or
dignified as the head of the Canadian
militia, but the [reported intemperate
language of Sir Charles Tupper can
only have the effect of arousing opposition to himself and sympathy for the
roan attacked by him. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier very properly rebuked Sir
Charles for speaking as he did.
For some weeks past the French
fleets have been on a war footing,
with reserve vessels and men. called
out and in service. No; reason is
known for this warlike measure, but,
taken in connection Mr. Chamberlain's
speech day before yesterday, the excited French press comments thereon,
the fortifying of St. Johns, Newfound*
land, and the recent troubles in West
Africa, it would seem as if more than
one country was expecting war in the
near future.
: When Japan conquered China the
former plucky little nation was not
allowed by Russia to reap the fruits of
her valor and victory, but was
"choused" out of Corea. The Ainerr
���cans are a different sort of people and
do not propose to stand similar treatment. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
A dispatch says that Germany has
intimated to the United ^States that
she expects to have a voice in the disposition of the Philipines. /We might
exchange courtesies in that vay," and
say that we intend having something
to say about the restoration of Alsace
and Lorraine to France. This "would
be quite justifiable, and it would win
France over to our side with a rapidity
and energy that would make Germany
hesitate about insisting upori having
too much to say. The United States
has acquired the Philippines by virtue
of conquest, and the world will sustain us in the maintenance of our
The Miner, ��� a weekly paper published
at Nelson, B. C, started aa a daily paper
Tuesday morning, with the telegraphic
service of the Associated Press as supplied to the best daily papers of the province. The Kooteuay district and its
principal city bave been growing so fast
lately that the daily was a natural outcome. The flrtt issue was well gotten up
and the merchants of the town showed
their appreciation by liberally responding
to the.'' ad ?! columns;���Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
London, May 14.���The Right Hon.
Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state
for the colonies, made an important
speech on public affairs at Birmingham this evening. Mr. Chauibclrain
after deprecating the constant assertions in certain quarters that Lord
Salisbury was "discredited" and the
government "weak and vacillating,"
"If foreign nations believe and act
upon those statements . they
will     . find themselves       much
mistaken and that courteous diplomacy and graceful concessions are not
incompatible with a firm maintenance
of the country's honor and interests,'
Then he declared that be intended to
make "a plain statement of facts, unfettered by the mysteries and reticences of the diplomacy of half a century
ago, which without revealing secret
negotiations, should be understood."
Mr. Chamberlain said he would accept
the judgment of the people as willingly as that of the wisest diplomatist
in the world.
��� * Referring to the policy of strict isolation that England has pursued since
the Crimean war, he remarked that
this had been "perfectly justifiable,"'
but he added, "the time luj-s arrived
when Great Britain may be confiont-
ied-by a "combination' of powers, and
our first duty is to draw all parts of
the i empire into closer unity, and our
next to2 maintain the bonds of unity
with our kinsmen across the Atlantic."
[Loud cheers.] '"There is a powerful
and generous nation," said Mr, Chamberlain, "speaking our language, bred
of our race aud having interests identical with ours. I would go aa far as
to. say that, terrible as war may be,
even war itself would be cheaply purchased'if in a great and-noble cause
the Stars and Stripes and the Union
Jack should wave together over an
Anglo-Saxon, alliance." [Prolonged
" One of the most satisfactory results of Lord Salisbury's policy, he
adds, is that at the present time these
two great nations understand each
other better than they ever havejdone
since over a century ago. when they
we're separated -by the blunder of a
British government."
Mr. Chamberlain proceeded to draw
a gloomy picture of the situation in
China, '.* where we have to count witb
Russia as in Afghanistan, except that
we do. not possess an army or defensive frontier in China, and cannot
therefore injure Russia without an
allyi The fate of the whole Chinese
empire is involved and our interests
are so enormous that no more vital
question was ever presented for decision��� to^tbe^Britisb���nation-and-a
British government. Unless the fate
of China is to be decided without England's voice we mnst not reject the
idea of an alliance with those powers
whose interests are similar to ours."
The first block of trenary stock of the
Mountain Goat Mining company, operating the Jubilee mine ia tbe Ymir district, consisting of 100,000 shares bas
aU been sold at five cents per share. A
-contract has been let by tbe company for
the driving a 100 foot working tunnel on
the Jubilee, and tbe work will be com*
menced with as little delay as possible:
At a meeting of tbe company . held in
Rossland on Thursday, it was decided
to'withdraw from tbe market Block;, still
in the treasury.
The London, England, Empire says
"It ia stated-that the-Atlantic ocean jast
off Bantry bay is at present abounding
with sharker Whilst entering the bay
laat Sunday afternoon the passengers of
the Allan liner Carthaginian counted
some fiftv of tbem within the space of a
few hours, and the captain declared
tbat in all bis experience he never saw
anything like it before. Tbe sea at the
time was very calm. The sharks probably find this tbe safest side. Should the
belligerents warm to tbeir work, with
torpedoes, submarine boats and other
weird engines of war, we shall probably
see more and more of them." '
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Official Directory,
Governor-General        ���        Earl of Aberdeen
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Member House of Common?, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenny    -    Hewitt Bostock
Lieut-Governor - Hon T R Mclnnes
Premier - ��� Hon J H Turner
Attorney-General ��� Hon DM Eberts
Com of Lands and Works Hon G B Martin
Minister Mines and Education Hon* Jas Baker
President Executive Council , Hon.C.K*^*ooley
Members Legislative -Assembly tor Weat Koot-
enajr-North Riding .-JM Kellie
South Riding     ��� - * .   J F Hume
Mayor - . .John Houston'
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer, W ,F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J J Malone, E P Whalley, Thos .Madden.
City Clerk ��� ��� J K Strachan
Police Magistrate ��� . E A Crease
Chief of Police .A FMoKinnon
Chief of Firo Department . W J.Thompson
Auditor ��� John Hamilton
Water Commissioner ��� T M Ward
Health Officer   "       ��� ���        Rr. JUBhu
City council meets every Monday, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall. Geo Johnstone.   Principal���J R Green.
President ��� J Roderick Robertson.
Vice-President ��� James Lawrence.
Secy-Treaa. ��� John A Turner.
President ��� John A Turner.
Vlco-PrcH. - W. A. Jowett
Secretary D McArthur.
Treas. ��� AH Clements
Medical Supt. .   . Dr. GAB Hall.
8.00 p.m.
8.30; a.m.
United Stales. Ontario. Que'
bee and* Eastern Provinces
Point* on N. A F. S. line.
Victoria and Ro>wland.
New Denver, Sandon and
Slocan Lake Points.
(Casio and: Kootenay Lake
Rossland.: Trail, Nakusp.
Robson, points on main line
0. P. R.. Vancouver and
5.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.15 a,u.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m; to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery,8 a,ra, to 8 p.m.; 'Registration. 8.30
aun. to 7 p.ra.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner -    -    O. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col ��� RFTolmie
Collector of Customs - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor ��� John Keen.
County Court Judge ��� J A Forin.
Registrar ��� JBTHSlmpfclns,
Warden    .        ��� Capt, N Fltestubbs.
First Jailer ��� ��� RLiddell.
Second Jailer ��� Goo partridge.
Third Jailer . John McLaren    <1
Senior Guard - RInco.
Chubckof EN��L4ND-Matin ll a.m.; Even
Song. 7.80 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st und 3rd Sundays in tbe month after
Matins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m.'
SundayScboolat8.aop.ro. Rev. If. S. Ake*
hurst. Rector.  Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Pbkbbvtkkun Courch-Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday 8chool at 2.�� p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets ovory If on*
day evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Mbtwodibt Cnmtcn-Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets. 8ervioes at 11 a.m. and 7.80
p. m.; Sabbath School, 2.38p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League C, E., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. Geo. H.
Mordsn, Pastor.      ���_ ;, ,.:.;;r--'   ���   *
Roman Catholic Church���Mass at Nelson j
every Sunday at 8 and 10.80 a.m.; Benediction t
at730to8p.m. Rev.FatherFerland,Priest
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and I
evening at 11a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet-l
ing Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.: Meetings'
are held in the school house. Strangers cordi-
ally weloomed. Rev.G.R. Walsh,Pastor.
. Salvation Armt���Services every evening *
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.'*
Adjutant Millner in charge.
,K��LSON LODGB, Na �� IF.tA.
M. meeU second Wedneoday In aaob
month. Visiting brethren Invited.    -
Q. L. Lwewox, Secretary.
���  L O. O. F.    Kootenay Lodge.
Na 18, meet* every Monday nlght.il
at their Hall. Kootenay street^
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally invited.        ,,
WM. HOD80N, Secretary.   "
NELSON   LODGE No  85, K. of P.���
imeeta In Castle hall, McDonald block 3
bvery Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock/]
[All visiting knights cordially invited, (A
.   J. J. Malonv. c.C. ;.i
Gko. Partridqk. K. of R. and S��
NELSON LODGE. I. O. G. T. Meets _.
Castle Hall, McDonald Block, every Monday*
evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars cor- j
dially invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
.   . J. Morliy Hoaq, Sec'y! ���
second and fourth Wednesday of i.l
each month at K. of P. Hall, Mac-'!1
Donald Block,   cor. Vernon   and.
 Josephine streets.   Visiting breth-ii
rn cordially invited. ,..--*. Ernest Kino,        **'\
Chas. H. Farrow,   ���-���'.- Worthy President tj
���:.-.**,*.  Secretary.
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F,, NO. 3138 meeti/J
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tht',
Kof PHall. JW Swanell, CD. S. C.R.; JR\
Green,C.R.; J. Purktaa, Secy.
^^j^innmoLmonomM I ^���tf2Wt&i*HrnittUt2t**Jto��l'^Wt<��Za MtJ.t.si.5-irrtw*m��m
Brief   Menlln?:    or    flnppenlugs  ln   tbe
Dlslrlcl (Miring the Past
*   - Ir'i-vi l��ays.
R. M.'Glass of Giariby, P. Q, i�� at
the Nelson House.
Henry King of Rosslund. and C. Dill-
man nro nt tbe Hume.
Thomns C. Brainerd and wife, of
Montreal are at the Phair.
- Mrs. E. O. dark will take charge of
Queen's Hotel on Monday next.
The citizens of Northport are apply-
ing for an act of incorporation.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roderick Robertson
spent the past week in Spokane.
Mr. and Mis. O. A. Sutherland of
Kaslo. are registered at the Phair.
S; J. Wood, representing the Toronto Globe, arrived in thti city last week.
fit Slocan City will celebrate the 4th of
July with horse i��ces and other sports.
It is .expected" that the provincial
legislature will prorogue next Wednesday..
G. A. Mitchell, travelling passenger
agent of the Great Northern railway,
is in the city,
R. Hedley, superintendent of the
Hall Mines smelter returned to the
city last night.
.The Provincial government has
made a grant of $3,000 to the Sisters'
hospital at Rossland.
William Wilson t>f the firm of Wil-
Bon and Harshaw : left -yesterday
morning for a visit to Spokane.
The improvements to the Phair
hotel are almost completed and add
greatly to the appearance of the
? M. Ji Haney, superintendent of construction on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, left for Kuskonook yesterday
The water of the lake has risen
about a foot during the past couple of
days, and the end of the city wharf i*
now submerged.
Mr. Bobbin will occupy the pulpit of
Methodist church at the morning and
evening service today in the absence
| of the pastor.
Mi> and *R(rs. Char|ee CampbelLRoss-
j Jand; P. J. Mason, Winnipeg; W. J.
[Fraser, Ymir, are registered at the
[Grand Central.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Cummings of
j Kaslo, registered at the Hume' last
(night on their return from a visit to
(Eastern Canada.
A.  Perrier   and. Ormie   Stewart,
(clerks in the employ of A. Ferlandi
Jry goods merchant, are laid np with
n attack of la grippe.
The appointment pf George: Reid
; . TWO OiARtOAPS . .    -
brought Iron Water Pipe
& C��st Iron- Sewer Pipe
with complete stock
of Fittings also .
Hobe Valves,
Steam Coctt,
Basin Cocks,
Closet Tanks & Seats,
Lead Waste Pipe, Traps.
Full  line Plumbers'  Supplies ^ t
iVancouver Rrices.
lyanconTer Hardware Co.,
Vancouver & kelson, B.O.
Linklater of Salmo to be a notary
public .with in tvn J for the tuainhvnd of
British Columbia has been gazetted. -
Two Chinnmen have been summoned to appear before police magistrate Crease on Monday, to answer to
the charge of maintaining a nuisance.
D. W. Moore, oro buyer for the Trail
smelter, is at; present in the Slocan,
arranging for the purchase of the sil-
vei^lead ores of some of the largest
shipping mines. x
The contract for'lhe erection of the
new store for the Lawrence Hardware
Company, on the last side of ther
present buildiug was let last night to
W. H. Coxhead.
Rev, Father Ferland will conduct
services in the Romun Catholic
church today as follows: Low mass at
8, a.m ; high mass at 10 a.m.; Benediction and sermon at 7.30 p. rn.
John A. Turner k Co. have sold the
balance of ther stock of groceries to
Kirkpatrick- and Wilson.: Hamilton
Hyers will take over the hardware
business on Wednesday next.
The ceremony of swearing in the
members of Nelson company of the
Kootenay. rifles took place yesterday
evening at the court house before.
GoldComniissioner Dennis.
Dr. J. A. Armstrong, Dominion veterinarian, has returned. to the city
from a trip to Rossland, where he has
been engaged during the past couple of
weeks in stamping out hog cholera
among the swine in that vicinity.    '
*      A '���'
The business men of Kamloops have,
agreed to close their stores and offices
at. noon of..Wednesday of each week
from May 18 to November 1st, in order
that they and their employees may
enjoy a weekly half holiday.
A. J. Walters of Spokane, returued
to the city yesterday evening from a"
visit to the Blackcock mine near jYihir,
recently purchased by the Howard C.
Walters compAny. Arrangements are
being made to put 25 men to work at
once on the property.
The British Columbia Gazette of
this week contains the announcement
that a general meeting of the Le Roi
Mining and Smelting company (foreign) will be held at the office of
Messrs. Daly & Hamilton, Rpsssland
on Friday June 3, for the purpose of
disposing of the whole or any portion
of its assets, rights, and powers, privileges and franchises.
' DO
For One Cent a Word?
You can find a buyer for "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise.
C'lasstflrd AdvrrfiM-t-nients.
All advcrtiffcincr.ts in this column ?ro
1 cent a word each insertion. N'o advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
Old papers at The Minsk office.   25 conts
per hundred. *,
Owing to the fact tbat ai ace taking1
over the busiuess of the Nelson Cafe, we
bave been-short of help, we have not
been a*le to give pa good satisfaction as
we wished. We have now a good. Well
qqalified staff of assistants aDd. will do
onr best to cater to tbe wants of the put*
-jio/iq first class style in every partionlar
A call is solioited. Try onr special Son-
day dinner to-day.: from 18 90. tp 8. y.
Hoebi, proprietor.
: pxtrnTravinelal Companies.
.,_���_. (bboistbations)   I
British Columbia Smelting and Refin-
iog Company. Capital #3,600,000, h ��25
���hares. Head oflJee Jer��ey:City,N.y. P.
J. Fitzgerald,Trail,-attorney.
Cariboo Dredging'Company. Capital!
816,000 in HI shares. Head office Tacoma,
Wash.   W\A. Jobnstop, Qnesnelle, at-
^���^*-^-^^^-^.- ���- ���-���;-*���;--:-- --**������
The British Colombian Copper Com"
pany; /Capital $1,000,000 in |5 sbaret,
bead office in New York. Frederiok*
Keffer, Anaconda, B. C, attorney.
Chicken Broth .Consomme Alphabet
Green Onions Olives
Lobiter, in Mayonaise
FISH   -
Fried Sea Bass Boiled Halibut
Potatoes Vaturell
0OII.ID   -,"���
Calf* Toiiruo Pickled Pigs Feet, Spanish
.  vlnegatelle
Sirloin of Beef, Spring Chicken
au jus Cranberry Sauce
Saddle of Mutton Loin Pork
with Jelly Apple Sauce
Fricassee Chicken, Ranch Rea
Teal Cutlets, Breaded. Braised Mushroons
���-���%    Stejjr^dBeef.Dublin Style. Cheese
yA:7m6MOV '���'���'''.'
... Strawberry Shortcake with Cream
Cream Snow Steamed Potatoes
filled Spinich : Green Peas
''������*' Sweet Corn
Apple Cream Lemon,        -   Rhubarb
Pumpkin Ice Cream
English Pudding, Hard Sauce
o ������ ... ..CAKE.  ,'
Sponge -Jelly Roll Coconut
-    Orango - - Apple     Cheese
The Bon Ton Restaurant on Josephine street
will ba opened on Saturday morning Mny 14th.
Board by the week or month. Only while help
employed. "   (dZt)
WANTED���A Canary, a good sitiger.   Apply by letter with prico to "G," Miner office.
Captain wanted at once on Stick ine river for
passenger steamer. Good wages to a competent man. Apply with references to Union
Steamship Company, Vancouver.
Wanted a situation as cook, housekeeper, or
general servant.   Apply B. B. care of Miner, p
Y. Hoski will open an Ice Cream Parlor in
the Nelson Cnfe on Monday niKht and will
keep open all night.   Come in and try a dish.
Tlie lacrosse match between the
New. Comers and the Old Timers yesterday afternoon attracted n large
crowd of spectators, it being the first
of the season. The tennis lined np
about 4 o'clock and the game lasted an
hour and a half, resulting in a victory
for the Old Timers by a* score of 2 goals'
to l. During the game there were a
large number of brilliant individual
plays which showed tbat in the club-
there is ample material, from which
to select a flrst class team. All that is
required is practice and now that the
stores: will he closed nt 7 o'clock each
evening, the boys will have a good
opportunity of getting in condition to
compete with all comers for the 1898,
championship of the Kootenay.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thsrsday in tho I.O.O.F. hall. F W
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson, Rec.-Scc; J. J.
Drisooll, Financlor V. J Squire. Receiver and'
Plaining: Mill
Poors, Sashes and Turned
Work, Brackets and Fittings. Satisfaction guaranteed. Prices Reasonable.
We have now in Stock  three
trunks of Samples of Cloth-.
.   ing.    In this lot there are
75 Pairs Separate Pants,
75 Odd Coats ...
and a number of Odd Suits.
Also Underwear, Socks,
Etc. We have put these
Goods on sale at about half
the regular price, they
will not last long so if you
are looking for snaps make
no delay.
Sign of the! Big Red Hat,
. . Baker Street . .
To all Eastern - and . European
Points. ,' "~" .
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To the Rich and active-Mining
Districts of Klondike and the
Yukon. ���  ���
New Tourist Car Service
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Monday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland and Main   Line points.
Kootenay lake���li*fla, Vante.
_ Str. ICqkakkk
Except Sunday. .Except Sunday.
I  p.m.���Leaves-NELSON���Arrives-11 ,a.m.
Calling at way ports in both directions.
Kaolrnay. Hlver. Rente.
Mon. Wed. Fri. Mon, Wed. IW.
7 a. m.���Lcaves-NELSON-Arrires���130 p. in.
Runs to Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Landing) calling at way-porta and mates close
connections at Pilot May with Steamer Kona-
nee. Steamer may make additional trips pra-|
vided business otters, *,-i
Ioieroitionil Kivipiioo i. Trading -Coipujr
��� /     	
Kootknat Lake and Rivzk.
Summer Card.      Effective March 15.1898.
South b'nd.   S.g. laternsllvnal.   North b'nd.
Read down Road up
1 rain Lvs 100 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
���'     Ar 3.1a   "      Knslo    8.00   '��� '���    Lt
Boat Lvs  5.15 a.m.   Kaslo   8.10 p.m.  Boat
"        ��.��5 ".Ainsworth 7.10   "
, 7.15 " Pilot Uay   0 30   "
7.45 "    Balfour    0.00   '���
��J.OO "  5MiloPt. 510   "
m   "        8.45 "    Nelson     4.15   "
Train Ar 12.58 p.m. Northport 1.00 " Train Lr
2.30 "   Rowland   12.00 noon
"   .    ��.40"   Spokane    8.00 a.in.
Sandon:Kaslo train daily.   Boat  aud
kane train daily, except Sunday.
:.-   B.��. Alberts.
Train Lvs 1 00 p.m, Sandon 10.50 a. in. Train Ar
"      Ar S.45 "      Kaslo    8.00   '���       "������   Lts
Boat Lts  5.00 "      Kaslo     l.'XJ "      Boat Ar
'":���;���   O20 " Ainsworth 11.10p.m.
���    "     ," 7.��0 ���'   Pilot Bay HOO ������ "    -
"... 10.00 " Kuskanook 8.00 "
12.00 " Goat River 6.00 '��� "    '
���    "���       1.00 a.m. BoundV 5.00 "
Boat Ar    8.00 '.' Bonner* Fy ZOO "   Boat Lrs
Train Lts 11.10 "  B'rs Ferry 1.15 ������   Train Ar
".   " 2.45". Spokane-. 7.00 a.ni. ." Lt
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaal
ror abovo. points Tuesdays and   Saturdays.
Returning on Wednesdays aud Sundttys,
, Meaisand ber: hs not included.
Pas .    - -
Trains to and rrom Sloean City, San-ian
and-Sloean lake .-Taint*.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves���N ELSON��� Anires���t SO p. m. -
Ascertain Fbesbmt
Reduced Rates East
and full information by addressing .nearest
locnl agent, cr GEO. S. BEER,, City Ticket
Agent, Nelxon,
Trav. Pass. Agent,
Dist Pubr. Agent,
.   Vancouver.
Write for Klondike fold*? and Map.
Goimo West. Daily      , .GoInoKabt.
Leave 8.00 a. n). Kaslo           ArriTa^.50p.m;
-"    8.28 a.m. South Fork      "     115 p.m.
"    9.38 a.m. Sproule's           "      3.15 p.m.
"     9.61a.m. Whitewater    ��f     100 p.m.
"   10.03 a.m. Boar Lake        ".    lAtpsm,
*'   10.18 a.m. McGuigan        "     l.��3pAi.
"   10:30a. m. Baileyis           " 7 1:21 p.m.
". 10.39 a. ra. Junction           "     l.lip.m.
Are. 10.50 a.m. Sandon        Loara LOO p.m.
mi    .     G. F.&P. A-     * Saperintendunt^
Steamship; Jiines
From. RIontreal
Lake Huron���Bearer Line Mai 18
Lake Superior���Beavor Line May 24
From New York.'
Majestic���Whito Star Line May 18'
Germanic���White Star Line May 25r
Campania���Cunard Line May 21
Umbria���Cunard. Line Mny 28
From Montryal
Yorkshire���Dominion Line May f
Dominion���Dominion Line ...., May 11
Carthaginian���Allan  Line .'...May  21
Ualifornion���Allan Line Mar 98'
Cabin, ��47.50, |50,$fl0. |70, ftt nnd upward*.
Intermediate, 832.50 and upwards.
Steerage. 922.50 and upwards.
Passengers ticketed through to all point* in
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of the European continent
Prepaid passages arranged from all points.
Apply^to GEO. S. KEER; C.PiR.-TU*et'
Agent Nelson, or to. WILLIAM STITT. '! I
554) ~ General Agent C.P.R. Oflfoefc Wvlanipe*.
It Is tke 91 out modem In f^nlvwent.
It Is tbe Heaviest Hailed Une.
It has a Kae|(-��alla*t Basdbed.
It Crosses Sa Sand Desserts.
Itis the Only line Mania* Lnxnrlan*
Club Room Cars.
It ts Noted r*r tke Courtesy af Its Employes.
It Is tke Only line ferrlaf MeaU an* tke
��� ln Carte Flan.'
Attractive Tours daring .Season of
Navigation on Great Lakes via Drilnth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, tickets and complete lnfoimatioo
call on or address Agents, K. & S. Ky., C, & K.
S. Nav. Co., N & F. S. Ry., or
C. li. UIXOX, Central Agent,
Spokane, Wask.
F. I. WHITNET, 6. P. *.T. A.,
S51 ��t^ rani, Minn.
issengers on 8. !*, Internalional from Xelson, . Spokane, etc, for points on Kootenay
Lske sojulli of.lllot Bay. will connect at that
point with the S.S. Alberta.
Passengers fqr. Nelson via S.S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay can by arrangement
with purser hare stop-over, at Pilot Bay or
Aawworth. or connect with S.S. Internationa
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
!-;ake and Mocan pointx with all points In tha
united Stato*and Canada, by way of Spokane
and Kooienay Uiver.
' -Tr?k*f* "M and   baggage checked to all
points by pursers on Punier* or at our oflice.
, P..Q,.Box 122, Kaslo, B.C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort
rSheppard RW��
Red Mountain R'y,
The-oni j all rail mute without ..ohugt
of out between Helsou and Soulaod aad
Sjpokane and Eoulan-j.
r,. (Dailf Except Sunday)
Lwre S.20 a.n. NELSON Arrive 5 35 p.m.
A..il2sOB,!��  BOSSL'D   "  11:20  "
"  ,830o-m.SPOKANE  "   310p.m.
Fassenfrers for Kettle River and Bound-
ary Qreek.OQnn^eot atMareoa with Stage
'   Schedule
l!fPBCTIVM��ON|)AY NOV;   Ily Wl.
Mt.   p.��.   P.M.
No. 5 No. J No. 1
P.M.   P.M.   P.M.
No. 2 No. 4Xo.|
9:43 9��0.. ROBSON...8:0ij VM
a.oo tm kmm:..trail....tk�� um  im
S:U    ll:��.ROSSLANO.G-UD UMm.
, No's, 1 and 3 connect with C. P. It. main Una
���teaman, and trains to and from Nelson at
No's, S and 4 are local trains betweea Trail
and Kossland.
, No's, fl and 6 are local, trains bet wean Trail
and Robson. Na 0 connect* with train No. 4
from Roasland.
All.trains daily.
F. P. OUTBUUS. Gsn.8upt-
Use, a first cUssJme in trayelinjc between
Minneapolis. St. Paul and Chicago, and
the principal towns in Central Wisconsin*
PvUman.P��U�������Slecpin^ and Chair Cars
-~-.-:*Harvle*-,: ���"".��� ���'������',";. -""A,-"" ;i ; -   .
yfef.pi.Ving Cars awr operated in the ioterest of
lie; patrons, the most, elegant aerrioe ever
inaugurated. Meals are served a la Carte.
To obtain first claaa service your ticket should
read via ������    .-;-     'v.'     .   'v'".  ',.'-',
Direct connections at Chicago and Milwaukee
for all Eastern points. -    .
Fer full information call on your nearest ticket
agent, or write       .        ...
Jaa. A. Clock,       or     Jan. C. Poko,
OenenU Agent.        General Pass. Agent
346 SUrk Street. Milwaukee, Vttn.
Portland. Ore.
Twenty yeara' experience in mining.
Thorough knowledge of mines of British
Columbia.   Terms Reasonable.
INRVKANCK and - ���
Mi u*--e*>J*'-'*"-,> -MN^K^e.rfisasasBjSji'esa iKMJ^itic;-t-,*i��3*rt ^aja
~:tl��U ii*Jai^V-3W*i"i<'C��icWK=^\i3JXi^
���� s jKinrJmiv��cii^>u~Hi^v
w-Ai jjJ-Jl^Cw *i-Ci-
��� t-j.   . ,.n...i*i*,rJ..,,..i.i ii    i' ������ ���  ��� j--������-'���^-inn?--*-lrr*~'tw^'���^f*a'^ntxBS*^^
Sho was poor, 6he*was ugly, and it was
her flrst party. In these few words was
written tho history of her little tragedy
aiid of the countless little tragedies that
go to mako Tip the great undercurrent of
society, whilo its surfaco is ever of the
same heartless brilliancy. 'We beg for
"woman's rights," yot ib seems to ine that
they, like charity, should begin at home
or in the homes of her friends, whero of-
. ten, invited as an honored guest, she is
tho veriest slavo to conventionality. If it
might only bo tliat a young girl at social
functions could have all the independence
that sho demands elsewhere. As it now*
is, sho must rely upon three things���her
wit, a man and a chaperon. The first falling, the second is very apt to, while the
third proclaims an ignomonious retreat.
Were hor privileges thq Same as those of
the moro fortunate man, she would be free
from all embarrassment. Were lt no more
causo for roiuui'k to find a woman "6tag-
ging it" or standing alone at a ball than
It is to see a man smoking on the piazza
or leaning in a blase attitude in the doorway how much happier she would be. It
would do away with all that vulgar talk
about being "stuck with a girl," when sho
is far the more miserable of the two, real-
izingher abject dependence on this stick
of humanity who has not enough tact to
hide, from, her the fatal fact that he cannot get away.
You may. argue that even were these
privileges granted that a man when sought
by a,maiden might bow himself away
without any compunction and she would
still bo whero she is now. But no, the cir-
cumstarico surrounding her social failure
would be entirely different. It would not
be so much noticed, and. there would nl-
��� ways be o certain amount of conjecture
concerning -it. At any rato, the world
.-could not say tho next day: "Poor Arabella, shiecame to the ball last night without a chaperon and spent the whole even-
" lng with ono; man lyj. '-suppose the next
thins we shall hear will be that she doesn't
caro for eocioty and is going to become ft
train&d nurse."
Why doc3 the world always make these
remarks with a peculiar, smile ot amusement, as though Isuciv5 things were very
trivial and its only real interest waa cenr
tercd in tho tactful, beautiful woman, who,
to bo sure, wins all the more glory under
the present regime? But, then, old world,'
you only -..;,'laugh with; us." You were
never known to condoie. So I suppose
you will find nothing to attract your attention iii the incident which I am about
to relate regarding the girl who was poor,
who was ugly and who went to her flrat
A cousin under obligations to her mother had been' asked to take her.: A heavy
snow had fallen, which, though the dis-
tancowas not great, necessitated a carriage, a fact not adding to the cousin's
good humor. No flowers need be sent,
however, so thero was some consolation in
that. ' When they had flitted through the
long awning like hurrying phantoms of
the night, a great Tvaye.of. light from the
opening door had engulfed thein. They
found themselves" borne resistlessly along
with tho crowd surging up the broad stairway and dropped finally into their respective dressing rooms���the one all full of
eager,'chattering voices, soft, fluffy wraps,
fur lined shoes, etc., the other a staid, sober
study in black and white, blurred by much
Smoke.%. *:
Arabella, for that washer name, quickly freed herself of the old made over
cloak in order to display the dainty, Iqce
trimmed muslin which showed smother's
deft touches. Then sho went to the mirror, where all the others went, hut the
contrast between her own homely face and
tho happy, pretty ones that peeped over
her shoulders to get a last glimpse of recommendation was too great- So she
turnedjuyay with a little sigh, joined her
cousin, who waited outside, and went solemnly down the wide stairs. As they
made the first turn a vision; so wonderful
spread itself below that she impulsively
grasped her companion's arm, exclaiming,
"Oh, how.beautiful!" while he, to cover
his annoyance, said laughingly: "But you
must appear very used to it all. You must
not let every one know that it is your flrst
party." ���-������'*���- . .
��� ^ So she-accordinglyJbecame -very^quiet,-
but she could not help thinking that the
long expanse of polished floor appeared"to
'Je saying, "Come, dancing feet, I'm waiting, and I long to be caressed by the soft
touch of downy skirt*, "that the masslv*
chandeliers stretched out their arms in silent benediction over the fair scene, which;
the mirrors  never '.wearied* of repeating, i
Then the music, so provokingly attractive. .
Would any one ask her to dancef Her eyes
sparkled, but they were not pretty syes.
too nobody noticed thom. '.'���'���     S*.
At this moment a tail blond In pink
gauzo swept by, but turned in affected
surprise to tho cousin, holding out her
hand and. making that time worn remark:
"Why, I did not recognize you at flrat.
How charmed lam to soo you I" The cousin seemed equally charmed, and they entered into a most animated conversation,
until Anally, recollecting tho situation, tho
necessary introductions were made, and
the cousin, with tho tall woman in pink
gaiize, strolled unconcernedly away, leaving the poor, ugly little girl standing appalled before a great hulking fellow, with
glasses which so exaggerated his eyes that
they seemed starting from his head ln
They stood for some moments staring
s* each other. He then asked her to dance,
nt a duty to be got through with aa
quickly as poss'blo, and she found herself
being whirled rapidly through the rooms,
but somehow the pleasure had gone out of
It all. Her young brain was on flro with
tho thought that she was with a strange
man, who did not seem in the least interested in her, and that she knew of no way
to relieve him or herself. What could thn
evening have in store for her? She knew
her cousin well enough to expect little
from him. This man would scarcely take
upon himself the trouble of introducing
her, and, of course, the hands of tho.host-
css were full. Truly the situation was
They had stopped dancing and wore
walking about like two shipwrecked sailors on a doserfc island, he looking anxiously for some sign of rescue, she with the
settled despair of one who knows that
none can come. And bo they walked and
walketL   Dances. iiiigan-anJLfixtdad. th*
rauslo noaclng niocKtngiy out to them,
but still they walked on, their conversation, if one may dignify it by that name,
consisting of spasmodic attempts at little
speeches prompted by common politeness.
Finally in desperation he sought a secluded seat where she would not be seen
at all, but where his eye could command a
view of the entrance to the supper room.
Here he placed himself like a cat waiting
to pounce upon its elusive prey, whilo she,
poor little thing, was trying so bravely to
repress the hard 6obs that rose in her
throat and to keep the horrible silence
from settling down upon them, as it
threatened to do. So eagerly was his eye
fastened on the doorway that fortunately
he did not look at her, else he would have
seen a face almost tragic in its misery that
would have stamped itself indelibly upon
his mind. But, then; he could not know
that this was the party of which she had
dreamed and talked, for which she had
actually lived these many days past: Ho
could not know what this failure meant
to her, and how many bright, sweet hopes
lt swept away out of her life. He could
not know how, as she looked ahead, the
days stretched themselves out ln endless
grayncss, and there seemed nothing, nothing worth living for.
Oh, sho clinched her cold little hands
and determined on one more effort to redeem herself in this stranger's eyes. "I
am very sorry, Mr. Blake," she said quite
calmly, "that I have been so thrust upon
you, audi know I have made your evening a terrible bore. I also realize now that
even had I known every one here it would
have made no difference. There aro some
unfortunately of which this may be said,
but what can a woman do in such a position?   I want, however, to thank you''���
"Oh, please don't talk like that,"ho interrupted quickly, still without losing
sight of tho door, "you know I go to so
many affairs"-- But he never finished
what he Intended to. say, for, suddenly
bounding from his seat, he exclaimed in
the fbrgetfulness of the moment, "By
Jove, there is your cousin at last!" Ho
started forward with a gleam in his exaggerated eyes which seemed to say, "Ah,
you shall not escape me now!" She followed him quickly, and they joined the
cousin, happy in the possession of another
blond in brilliant red. Mr. Blake grasped
the band of the latter like a drowning
man clutches the proverbial straw, thus
giving Arabella an opportunity of saying
. ln an undertone to her cousin, "I should
like to go home if you please."
"What, so early 1 Why, we have not had
supper yet 1" he cried in astonishment.
"You must take me!" she demanded
sternly, and he saw a certain determination on her plain features that made him
turn and say: ' 'It is too bad that I cannot
have the pleasure of being at supper with
you, but Arabella is not feeling well, and
I must take her home. I shall leave you
to my friend, Mr. Blake.   Good night!"
It was quick work getting into the made
over cloak, for lt did not make any difference now about "mussing" the dress, and
they.were soon rolling through the white,
snowy street, away from all the light,
warmth, perfume, flowers, music, beauty
and���-and���happiness (?).   .
At home! I)ear old home! Had It ever
seemed so sheltering- before! She had
ecacrely dared trust herself to speak during the drive, but when tbey reached .the
front door she held ont her hand, saying
With a strange, harsh little laugh: "twas
not a brilliant success, was I, ooueinf
The door closed quickly behind blm,
���nd she hurriedly turned out the hall
light, knowing her mother would be waiting for her. Somehow, as she qulokly
groped heir way up the stairs in the darkness, the situation seemed prophetic of her
whole future life, and she whispered to
herself those touching words which James
Lane Allen puts into the mouth of Mrs.
Falconer, "I shall go softly all my days."
The years rolled away over the head of
the poor little, ugly girl, as they will roll
over the heads of all of us, until she Is
now a woman of 85. She lias been truo to
her word. She has gone softly all her
days, but It has been the soft tread of a
trained nurse in the sickroom; where she
bas found that happiness which appalls
and silences the rollicking old world. Yet
sometimes even now, when this brave,
good woman lies down on her little white
iron bed to �� well merited repose, when
green shade, tbe patient at rest, and the
medicine given for tho night, her pillow
U Wot with the salt tears of bitterness at
tt�� recollection of the first and only party
Ot bor Ufe.���Ida S. Buchanan in Louis-
f|U�� Coorttr-Jouroal.
-;'        ���   5        .*** *: ���;- * *
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steamer La Touraine, outward bound
this afternoon, ran down a row boat containing 8 U.S. government employee?
eDgngcd in laying submarine mines in
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of tbe men were drowned. The steamer
proceeded to sea without stopping.
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