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 *����tp(*r��W*VI J��"'lrv��^aT^Mf -^^T** =S��!-"*Jpi-
��� H'/V
Daily Edition, No.  19.
Nelson. British Columbia. Wednesday, June i,__i898.
Eighth Year
A shipment of the famous
Julia Marlowe
American Footwear
Come Early and Secure a Pair.
Fred Irvine & Co.
DRY"GOODS    ''      BOOTS and SHOES
Our Stock of High Class Dry Goods is now complete in all
departments and we invite special inspection to
our Dress Goods Department of
Summer IWins, Lawns, Grenadines 8 Oroandies
$s,ooa,ooo woutb ot jromm to
Tbe�� tt Wbr tmmttom #��� <**e ����� te be
Atmm**-Ano Army' eM xorr
Mowrta Wave Htmplnloo Tbelr: Wer*.
-Generals a��4 Admirals Wreu  o
Washington, May 31���The significant
[statement wss made by a cabinet officer,
letter the regular Tuesday meeting ofthe
[cabinet today, that no news bad been re-
loefred ainoe Monday from Schley direct-
|ly, and thst it *as now believed tbat
nothing would be heard for two or three
fdays st least   It was plainly anticipated
owever.io some quarters that he might
[through the poeuession of some informa-
Jtfon tbat would tend to neutralize the
ptrangtb of tbe enemy's position, make a
Did attempt tb enter tbe harbor of San-
ftjig-rt and destroy or capture tbe Spanish
With the assistance of a single regi-
ant of regular United States troops,
irWoh it if believed even now to be on
Ithe way to his support, tbe officials are
onfldent that tbe fleet ean reduce tbe
iforts at the entrance to Santiago harbor
id make untenable the position of . the
lition of the Spanish ships within. Of
, this plan is based upon the theory
at Cervera will not attempt to make bis
ape|by a desperate sortie at night.
This movement of Schley's is tinques-
aonably in ptirsnance of the president's
olicy to send a helping hand to the
Starving Beooncentrados. The Spanish
tauadron might be kept within Santiago
larbor until tbe end 0? tbe war without
endangering an American life, and because of its distance and isolation from
lavana, Santiago has little to attract a
iitary-"attack, moreover is in the very
Jdst|of an insurgent section of the island.
Che town affords a splendid base for the
itribntion of supplies to the famiUeslot
modifies her original proclamation of
April 23, so as to make tbe rule relative
to supplying provisions, subsistence and
ooal to belligerent ships consorm closely
to the very severe English rules on tbe
subject. Tbe Japanese proclamation is
rather remarkable in the great exactness
with which it prescribes'the rules that
are to govern Japanese subjects in tbeir
dealings with the belligerents, and the
treatment that will be accorded belligerent ships.
' After a conference today the naval
-bureau chiefs, presumably with tbe
knowledge" ot the constructive ability of
American shipyards' capability of undertaking this work, resolved to reduce the
time of the building of the newahips to a
maximum of 82 months.
���The navy department bought another
yacht today, tbe'Enquirer, belonging to
W. J. Connors, of tbe Buffalo Courier at
New York for use in the auxiliary fleet by
whioh the Mosquito fleet will be designated in aooordance with tbe recently enacted aot on the subject. Other purchases are in prospect, but the formal
selection ot the dozen vessels tp be purchased trom the eligible list of over 100
supplied by the examining board has not
been made.
The torpedo boat Rowan built at
Beattie by Moran Bros., has now been
prepared for her trials and instructions
were sent to the. Department today to
run the trip on Friday on Puget Sound.
A Fierce Engagement  Between
the Navies of the two
Warring Nations.
Fourteen  Warships   Bombard  the   Spanish  Forte���
Combat is Long and Severe aiid the Forts are
Much  Damaged.-rCannonading Heard:
From the Open
insurgents and to the Reconoentrados,
who still drag out a miserable existence
in the interior. Already, the president
has begun to prepare, to help them
people Commissary General of tbe army
haB'prepared an estimate of $1,000,000 for
tbe purchase of sufficient supplies to
feed 160,000 reconcentrados for sis
months. For tbe time beingit is felt
tbat the real field of action is remerred
rrom Washington, and is centred witb
tbe troops now advancing under ouletf
from here. The time of preparation bat
gone by, and it remains only for the
preparations to be carried into actual
effect. A leading naval official pointed
to bis desk wbiob was clear of papers
and documents snd remarked tbat all
tbe preparatory details were now well
along, and tbat so far ss the authorities
here are concerned tbey bad only lo wait
for tbe execution.
Tbere will continue to be much routine
detail in the maintenance of tbe general
military and naval force, but this is now io
well established channels. The more
vital features of tbe campaign itself bare
been fully matured.
To a certain extent tbe military and
naval operations will be directed Iron
Washington, and yet witb General Miles
at tbe front, and Admiral Sampson and
Commodore Sobiey in Cuban waters,
tbey will bave most to do witb tbe time
and circumstances of tbe attack. Tbe
commanders, military and naval, bave
been given wide latitude, as tbe authorities fully appreciate tbat a battle cannot
be fought in advance on paper.
All that bas been attempted is, to outline the campaign and make the fullest
provision for adequate toroes, ample supplies and the fullest co-operatio�� between
the navy and army in tbe successful
execution of the plans.
The real blows are for the commanders
to strike, and in the execution of this
part of the programme the authorities
here can take little part. It is for this
reason that they regard themselves now
rather as spectators of what is about to
occur. Tbe consular reports issued today contain some additional declarations
of neutrality, this time from Brazil, Japan
British Guinea, St. Lomia and Gibraltar.
It is noticeable tbat both Brazil and
Japan go out of the way of the usual formal preamble to express regret at the
outbreak of hostilities between the
United States  and   Spain.     Bermuda
War Expenses Assuming a Huge Figure/
Washington, May-81.���The Secretary
of wae baaasked Coogwas for an additional appropriation of $5,871,000, ms����
op ot following items: Torpedoes
11,386,000, including |1BO,000 for defence
of Manila harbor 5 torpedoes and guns
and monitor batteriss f*70,000; amount
by tortiflostion 1736,000; contingencies
of tbe armyfioO.COO^nd ordioanoe stores
and supplies f8,200,0M.
This is expedited practically to complete
tlie natal and war deficiency estimates,
so far ss oan be seen, save for the items
ot between ��40,000,0 and f 80,000,000 to
be submitted, immediately to ��over tbe
expenses of tbe-volunteers under tbe
president's seoond call.
Chairman Cannon of tbe bonse appropriation oommittee was in oonsultation
today witb tbe war department offioials
oyer tbe estimates, and tbey will be incorporated. .     ���
Jn.tbe general deficiency4bil',with everything now in sight, tbe total carried by
tbe general deficiency bill, will reach
|206,706,805, making it the largest deficiency bill ever presented to congress
It will be submitted to congress in tbe
nest few days.
The Appraisement of Captured Vessels
Going on at Key West.
Key West, May 31���The appraisement
of the prize ship Pedro which has been
formally seized by tbe government was
made this afternoon by tbe naval board
of appraisement, appointed by the secretary of the navy. Her value was plaoed
The Pedro wss 0 aptured by the flagship New York off Havana, the first day
of the blockade. She was first sighted
by the Mayflower which informed the
flagship, whereupon the latter put off
aud captured ber.
The prize money Will be divided between tbe two. ships. Although tbe
question is yet to he decided whether
the other ships of the blockading squadron were in sight when the capture was
made. If tbey were, then all will come
in for a share of the prize. ,
Cape Haytien, Hay ti, May 31, 5.15
p.m.���Advices just reoeived here from
Havana say that since two o'clock this,
afternoon, the Amerioan fleet, at Santiago de Cuba bas been cannonading the
batteries at Moro castle, La Z oapa and
Punta Gorda. . At the same-time,- it is
added, the Amerioan ships havefeetn engaged with tbe Spanish rbips. The fir*
ing was extremely heavy. ~ At 3.45 p.m.
tbe cannonading became less heavy again
at tbe fortifications, but was more aeoeo
were engaged.
Moro castle is At the entrance of the
harbor :>f San fa'gode Cube- La Zooepe
is a short distance inside the harbor entrance of Santiago de Cube, showing
tbst tbe Amerioan fleet bat entered tbt
harbor, seoor$ng to the Havana ndrieee,
via Cape Haytien and bat engaged the
Spanish fleet.
6.49 p.m.���At tbis hour tbe Santiago
oable is still working from Santiago;
Private messages intimate tbat there bas
been a severe flgbt between tbe Ameri*
oan fleet and the outer fortifieatione and
the Spanish fleet.
Tbe flgbt lasted the greater part o( tbe
afternoon. Tbe advantage appears to
bave been witb tbe Americans. Aooord-
ing to tbe latest advices tbe oombet is
still, in progress.
* Port au Prinoe, Bayti, Me> 31���About
two p'oloek tbis afternoon tbe Amerioan
squadron composed of 14 warships, of
wbiob the oruiser New York displayed
tbe flag of Hear Admiral Sampson, and a
number of torpedo boats begsn a heavy
bombardment against tbe heavy guns of
tbe forts and tbe harbor of Ssotiago de
Tbe American fire wee direeted principally against the forts aad barbor. Tbe
forts ot Moro castle, La Goeapa and
Punta Gorda suffered especially. The
cannonading wss very persistent and eannot bave failed to be destructive. *
It lasted until 3.45 p.m. Tbe town,
which is situated near the inner end - of
the harbor,, esosped damage. At .3.45
the cannonade diminished. About 3
o'clock cannon discharges were heard at
a distance, which presumably were at
sea, oohtinning for some time. The
Spanish authorities maintain striot silence as to the number of victims of the
American'.ftre, who were apparently numerous.
OOCtmeb. better equippeJ than ever before except ia the matter of clothing; and
they are ia excellent spirits. r':Fi*rth*a��8--
andmen it ie added, ooeupy territory
along the northern ooset near Menata.
The Spanish troops have withdftwi to
Santiago. Holquin and Manaanlto.
General Garcia still hae bis headquarters at Bayaao. General Mario Meooeal
baa been obliged- to abondou bia contemplated sttaekee on the- Holquin
province of ��� Santiago de Cube.  Oeo-
tbrowo 10,00(1 men into Uie eity to4
Strongly fortified tbe neighboring Mils.
^BGW^Lw-fWymm^O  vW   W^WWW WTW   ^w <��v^
Key West, May 31.���News received
here today from Santiago de Cuba says
tbat tbe auxiliary cruiser St. Paul has
out the cable off that port.
-   ~k~
Insurgents   Well   Equipped
Making Good Progress.
Key West, Msy 3l.-Tbe
Florida returned here at T t. m. todey
from Cuba, baying successfully lauded ���
moet important expedition oa tbe island.
Nasrly tour hundred #eo witb tpeek
train and ��� large quantity of tnm ��4
ammunition' sailed   tor  Guantaaemo.
"TFtw*^wtt^wy�� WWTTWW        'TWT'       -W WWWyWWW'W"'
Tbeee men end equipment constituted en
expedition able to operate independently
and defend itself against:any body nf
Spenib troops wbiob might oppose it.
Tbe expedition was under tommsud of
Cob Joee Lteret, formerly insurgent
commander at Matayas proviatt.  3t
assumed tbe direction of atfaita (mined* *
iately upon tbe landing of tbe expedition.
Tbis ia tbe mm powerful sati-Spanisb
etpeditk* ever sent to Cuba.. About
900 ere Cubans and tbe others are Ainer* -
composed entirely of Americans under
Awelian Ladd, .tnd tneMet nptttt on
Three Amerioan pbyakmm art witb
party wbiob is drssttd in oanvssuni-
forms furnished by tbe U. 0. gorero-
meat and tbe eommlsssrtt deportment
hed rations enough to leet fifteen days
after lending. Tba peek traie eoosltted
of 75 mules end t5 horses. The espedi*
tion carried 7^C3 rifl�� ���MS.OOOjOQO
rounds of ammunitioa for Qentral
Garcia.   'y-",/'A    -.-���7\:.''. ���:"-."'-./ -.-.; ' r;7yy
The expeoition was eobvoyed by the
oruiser Marblebead, torpedo bewt dee-
troyer Eagle anil other vmUpe..
Key West, May 31���Couriers from
Cuba today brought highly enoouragiog
reports from General Calixta Gareia's
army.   Garcia alone, it is said, has 10,-
Key West May 31.���Another price bet
been captured. She is the Spanish bark
Maria Dolores of Bilbao. She wae over*
hauled by one ot tbe American eruisese
sue miles off Porto Rico. She wae bound
from Rio Janeiro to San Juan de Portw
Rico with coal. Some eases supposed to
oontain ammunition were found under
the ooal.
i THfc MINER, WEDNESDAY, JUNE  ��    1898.
Wat JRintr.
Published Daily except Monday.
Thk Miner Printing & Publishing Co.,
Limited Liability. '���'
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor must
be accompanied by thc name nnd address
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Subscription Rates.
Dally; per montlvby ciivricr I 1 CO
per month by mail    IW
per half year by mail    6 06
psr year  10 09
per year, foreign..   . 18 W
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Weekly, per half year..-...'.    f 1 2��
"      peryear    200
'���       poryear, foreign -tm
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
Advertising rates made known on application.
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Copy Tor Changes of Atvertlfteinent-aMMt
be Im the Office . by 4 o'clock p.ia. ta
Insnre change.
It was generally expected that
theearlyiweeksijbf *.*:*!& war! would
bring forth some decisive results;
both siiies believing'in the power of
their naviesitos^e^their .opponents from the seas. -Six weeks have
now gone by, and no agtitiii of 'any
moment has been fought either on
sea or on land on the Atlantic7 side;
The - action at Manila,- decisive- as
it was, will probably have, no - decis*
ive effect on the issue of the cam <
paign. The Spaniards must be
driven from Cuba, and the Atlantic
squadrons annihilated before - peace
can be declared, and the objects of
the war  attained,  while  a  serious
Macintoshfivsueceeded-- in* securing-
252,000" shares^at;>$6, th-u-SHtobtain*
ing a control ofr the-stoclfcfe TWft:
immediMe-resuhrrwas that; thitoppo-
sitfen meeting in Spokane fell
through, and there is now every
prospect of a two-third majority in
fttvorof the sale to the -B. A: C,
who have in any case the control of
the property. The sale of the great
mine to the B. A.C. is now assured,
and the. fact that; a - large - dividend
paying! mine is in the hands of an
���English company should do" more
than anything to strengthen the:
confidence of the British market in
Acthijr Mayor Teetzel Ezpresees his Opinion onthe-Question.
' A Miner representative had an interview with Acting Mayor Teetzel yesterday, with a view to setting a statement
of- tbe position of tl��e city couueH in thia
m-Uter. Mr, Teetzel:said that according
to the terms of the bond entered into between the oity nud tbe Electric Light Co,
last fall, it was agreed that the price
should be the coat ot the plant and 12 per
cent added for good Will. At' th at time
the price, on the basis just given,
amounted to about' $85,000, and about
$2000 hive sineC- beea laid out in improvements.
Jfr. Teetzel tbeu pointed out that all
tbe stock bad been P&id for, the promoters receiving no shares for their services
in floating; the business. Hia further
said'tbat the city was now: paying 82W
per month for street lights or $2500 per
year, and that with the growth of the
cf the city moro lights'wonld be needed;1
while the interest on the $40,000 asked
for would only be $2000, a gain to- the
city |of $520 nouuallv.. * The income of
electric light company is said to be 81,-
'���... iv*-.-:
In-accordance with its- expressed
intention whieiv opening the discus*
sion of: the-question of the electric
light by-law to be submitted to a
vote-ofthe-property owners- of3 the
City1, of Nelson on1 Juo& 9, The
Miner this*' morning publishes * an
interview with* Acting Mayor Te*t-
zdi which is decidedly in favor' of
the acquisition of the franchise by-
the city.. Other * interviews, ��� some*
favorable and-othere-unfavorable to
the by-l&w, will '* be published
future issues.
come, Mr. Teetzel also said that in
case f-of insufficient'^wflter power from
Cottonwood oieek'duritrg thefall^- extra
power could be obtained from: Anderson
creek and otber sources, and. also tbat.
accumulators could be installed at a low
Mr. Teetsel concluded by saying5 tbfct*
in bis opiniouitbo<h��reb��)lder8vwcreval*
ready j- repenting of tbeir- bargain -and
tbat be thought it improbable that' tba
franchise would ever te secured on such'
Wvorable terms-ogain.
A Former Governor General of Canada
Favors tbe Anglo-American Alliance.
reverse' to the Americans  in  Cuba
,,      ...r     .,   .' ���      ���     ��u    4C0 a month, leaving, a substantial iu-
would nullify  their-success  in the-j^^     irr. Wi��i .!��, .����� thiH^
Phillippines, and possibly.cause the
evacuation-of the islands.
The naval war up to date strongly,
recalls the familiar gameof "blind*-
��� man's buff,'-' neither.combatant, being apparently- able- to locate the
other. , The-arrtval of Admiral Cervera in Santiago de-Cuba has put a
mot* definite* aspect tow thb state-of
thc game, and 'our' despatches last
night indicate that a desperate
b��ttleis being wagedrat-the harbor
of- that 1 port,. - where-- Commodore'
Schley is trying to ��� force' an entrance.
The Spaniards have atli- thet ad*1
vb^tages of t position, and- thei*
shore ba&eries' should- lend* most
effecttver'aui; and sever*1- America*
ipsa ts to be anticipated if th* Sjtan'
isiv^ati is te be d4gttt>y*d; Th*<
wiping^ out of' Cervera's <��� squadron
wouldleav* Schley free t&>operaie
wtttr-Sampsbn later oirirt "attacking
th*-Cadia - squadroiv which" iw now
somewhere on the- Atlantic, and
their- combined squadrons would
probably be too powerful - forf the
Spaniards to ���- successfully contend
with;- ���
" flitiidv therefore depends oh the
comoat now* going on at' Santiago,
awi/ScWey's-5 success,. unless l.fc
squadron were hopelessly crippledy
would be a d^th blow-to Spain;
. New"York, May 31.���A special cable
tt> tbe World frbm tendon says thb
Marquis of Dufferiu andJ AVo wbbse
jipiqne position' and' experience as a
diplomat-makes bim the highest authority in soob mattort, said today in regard
\o nn Anglo American' alliance, M'J'nm
fnre theso is^no Englishman^-who-cldes
hot earnestly- dJSaftelttiebest possible
understandings, and that close amity
should^ exist between the United States
and Great Britain, bnt the question of
an alliance, using the term in its diplomatic and technical sense is one which'
involves* various issues; which''1 for"tbe
movent' seems to me; would" be premature to discuss." ' i
Government Bills Receive Final* Recd-v
ioge.���Government of the Yukon*
We pH^rVe in yesterday's issue
of the Rossland' Miner that Mr.
Macintosh*! manager of the British
America: Corporation, Has neatly
checkmated any hostile move on tlie
part of the dissatisfied' section of
the   Ee   Roi    shareholders.      Nfr
Ottawa, May 31.���The House of Commons, this - morning opened its first
morning sitting of the session. Tbe
attendance was very sparse, owing to the
permission given to committees to meet
ooncorrently with tba honsei
Sir Heniy, Jauly^ iatroduoed a government bill^tOLprovide foi the;provisional
government of, the, Yukon district.
Governmeiit billis to amend the Canada
evidenceaeti respecting a transport contract with tbe Winnipeg and Great
Northern railway were given a final
In supply, 00 the item ��� of fli610,000
ior construction work-on the SoutangeB
Ctoal, Minister. Joly stated that the
estimated cost of the can&l is $67,000,000.
The government will have it'open for
traffic next spring, unless unforeseen
impediments;:intervene* Mr. Bergeron
expressed hia belief tbat-the canal would
not. be open to large vessels for five
Eyesight Tested Free-
; F TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B; C,
'Watch for Advertisement Tomorrow''
EC. TRA��ESi Manager.
Btanch M^x'kets in feqssl^^   Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, Ninfri Denver and;Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will Have careful and prompt attention.,
-? , /.''*.:���     *  * * ' : * :���������)* - '"'i': -A'*   7 ,-i'* yy' . ," .* ���'.. ��� -530,i
and War vRrices^are now reigning-in every! line:
pf goods;���'prices having;greatly advanced within the last few days. Contemplating the advance we were fortunate enough to secure several carloads of commodi.ties, wrhich will be
soldto; the; best; interests of our customers. It
will be, money-in-your: jacket to deal with us.
W^'sblicit-yowr^patroRagev . . .
Better Orders--get:Garefttl and ^Prompt attention^. W18)
We are prepared to furnish kiln; di-ied:lumber .at regular >
prices and carry Rough  and; Dressed.-Lumber,. Coast
Flooring .and'Ceiling,'  Turned rWork and Mouldings^
Shingles   and   Lath,   Sa;sh ; and ��� IDoorsv       Estimates
Cheerfully given. - ***.-,���
P. R. RATION;   ..    . A
Ei8bing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
Your Tobaccos.
Post Office
Xigar Store
Where  you will always find a well
assorted  stock- of Imported- nnd
Doinestic.Ci-^ara.'.Gigtaettes Tobaccos and a full stock of
Pipies-at reasonable
&. Ji iWiGHTON,
Large, House, New, Jx>
For Sale--^Ai Desirable 2 lot
Gofner with 2 story House
SilieatSt.    -' -    $2^800.
Office     ���     ���:,';.������'������������    Opp.-Post Office.
Baker Street, West     -A.           HTcImbI
Official Directory,
Governor-Genernl        - Earl of Aberdeen '.
Premier - - Sir WHMd Laurier <|
Member House of Common?, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenay    ���    Hewitt Bostock
HonT II Mclnnes
Hon J II Turner
Hon D-M-Eberts
Hon G B Marlin
Premier "'���'���;���.
AUornoy-Genernl- -
Com of Lands and Works
Minister Mines and Education H611 Jag Baker
President Exoentive Council HpnCE P-oojlbjr
Members Lcgitlativc Assembly tor.West Kbbt-
enay���Nprth Riding ���'.-' J-M Kellie
South Riding - J F Hmno
Mayor - - John Honston
Aldermen���Chaa Hillyer, WF Teetzel,. J .A
Gilker, J J JIalono, E P Whialloy. Thos Madden.
City Clerk ���     '. . ���
Police Magistrate
Chief of Police
Chief of Fire Department
Water Commissioner ���
Health Officer
City council moets every Monday, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
J K Strachan
., - ��� K^A Crieas*
A: F McKlnnon
W.J Tlipnipspn
John Hamilton
TRI Ward
- Dr.LaBau
,Dr.;EC Arthur. Dn GAB Hall, aco.Jqh^
sfcorie.. Principal���J R:.Green.-;;.
President- - J Roderick Rabortaon.:
Vice-Presidenk . - Jamea Ln,vuf*enc;er
Secy-Tretis. . ��� -J-dKoiTfi'fnor;
President - John A Turner.
Vice-Pres. - W. A. Jowett.
Sopraiary,.: - D McArthur.
Treas. - "    A H Clements:
Medical S^ipt. .. Dr. G 4,0JlaiU
8.00 p.iii.
4.00 p.m
5.00 p.m
If nitcd StatoH, Ontario. Quebec ainl Eastern Provinces
Points oh-N. A F. S. line.
Victoria and Rowland.
Ve w. Den ver. Sandon,. and
Slocan Lake Points. , * .
Kaslo and Kootenay Lake
Itosslivnd. Trull. Nakusp.
���tobson, points on main line
v. P. lii, Vancouver and
5.15 p.m.
>|.S, p.m..
ii*���     "i^ r -     ���*
7.ta a.ui.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from* a.m. to 10 p.m.; Geneml,
Delivery, 8 a,m,. to..8 p.m.; Registratioa, 8J0
a;m. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
9 a.m. to I p.m.;. Sunday 1 hour{10 to 11 a.m). S
J. A. GILKERiPoattmssrer.:
Government Inspector of Agencies VV J Goepel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Aseossor ���
County Court Judgo
Registrar. ."
O. G. Dennis
R F Tolmie
Geo. Johnstono
John Keen,-.
J A Forin.
Warden -  ... Capt, N Fitzstubbs.
First Jailer - - R Liddell.
Second Jailer - Geo Partridge.
Third Jailer . .John McLaren
Senior Guard . R Inct.
CiiuncnovENoiMiD-Matin lla.m*: Even
Song. 7.?0 p.m. every Sunday* Holy Communion on )st and 3rd Sundays in tho-montli after
Matins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday.SohooUt.2J��p.mji Rev. HP?Sj Akehurst. Rector. Cor Ward and Silica streets.
I PRESBYTKKriN Church���So^Jowat 11 ft.ni.-
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor SocietyJiieets every Monday evening  at 8 o'clock.    Rov. R. Frew,
.Methodist    Cnuncn-Corner  Silicn   nnd
JostphinoJstrce-ta. ������ Sw-viced ��t \l am,, enA, 7.W
p. m.; Sabbath School, 2.38p.m.: Prayor meit-  '
tag on Friday evening at |.o'olock; Epworth >
LeagueC.K..Tuesdayat8a.m.   Rev.Qeo^T
Morden, .Pastor.. .".**���
; Roman catholic Chukch���Mass at Neleoa a
at 7.K0 to 8 p.m.   RiBv. Father Fertand. PrlSt.     J
B*f tist'fCiiuBCH .*r Sentient,���: rooming ��id ���
evening at U a.m. and 7.80 p.in.: Prayer mL-e{:
ing Wedooedwr.eTefthjir at .8 otttit,. UeeUnm
are held in the school house.   Strangerro^dl-
ally welcomed.  Rev. G. R. Welch. Paa-torT^
Salvation Armt���Services every eveninir
at 8,-oclook, in barracks on VictoriaiBtraet"
Adjutant MiUner in chgrge.        WT*,T^T!*
NELSON LODGE, No, ��. Av Ti'*Al
M. meetii second Wadw^ftjr in-,e����bi-.
month.  Visiting brethren inrlted..
O.! L. Lknnox, Secretary.
I. O. O: F.    Kootenay Lodge
No. 16, meets every Monday nigh ti
at. their Hall,, Kooteaay et��e#>.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially inrited.
WM.-HOD80NV Secretory.
NELSON LODGE No. 25.. K, of P.,
Ameeta in Castle.haU. McDoaaldblock
WXPy* .F."01*?41? oyening at 8.o'clock.
flAii visiting knights cordiaJJ�� Jarlte*
Gko. Partridok.-K;ot R. ��nd a
NELSON. LODGE,  I. O. O. T.     M��atorJ��i
Oastle Hall,. McDonald Block, every Monday
eve��ing at 8 o'cl-poki. ^hiiting/Xempwrftcwx'..
jioit-o- tn^n.H John Tklford,
Chief Templar.
George Nunn T^ec'y
dially invited,
Sf)Hd: OF ENGLAND, imet��
secopd and. fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P.'Hall, IJac-
Donjtld Block,   cor. Vernon  and
^. Josephine streets.  Visiting breth-.
m cordially invited.        Ernest Kino,
: Cqas. H. Farrow, Worthy-President-
COURT KOOTENAY. LO.F., NO. 31J8 meeta-
lst and 3rd Wednesday in etich month 'in "the"
K of P Hall.   F W SwapeU. C. D.i8. O. R.J J.R.-
Green; CR.: J. Purkiss?B*e6y." ~.
NELSON LQDGE, NO?: lft.A.O^U.W., .omtg.-
every Thursday in the I.6.O.F. hall.    F W.
Swanell; M.W.: W Hodson, Rec.-Sec.; j. J-
DrisColl, Financier F. J Rquiw, R��ceiyer aad
P.M.W. ���""' -   '
* ixrt*^r?r^fiSPt^vttT!iias*i -rpviw*! *s���w7
atir.-Ni t****lf "-t *���'?
THE, MI.N.&R(,W^p.HjF<SP^Y, JU^fE: 1^18,98.
|- Ut?^i. Mji-svyt*!*^ ������i.,*,.v:ij:ss^-ri<-S.��ii*>;!i,.-!lii   Ihe
'-': ������^-���|j*i)**!fis��ii":>����'*iii>*i,j{ llie j'iitU'
' f&O-J^MSt-i.   -
j R. D. Tuin��r, "ilonti-enl; S.- Wqrcl,'
Sloean City and Fred Richardson if,
(Ymir aro tit the Hume.
-',   A telegram was received in the city
j yesterday stating thabJYIjiyor Houston
fand John A. Gibson left for Nelson on
he 3.80 triiin.
l\tys&Silk,..'-^iijjapiiis,- Montreal; -Frithk
^aiiiliid^^^worth aod --FiM.-'dhalde-
|*cott, Vancouver,, registered.. at the.
iPhair yesterday,    o
r J. Fred Ritchie, -president of the
Pjototfuiah Milling Co,;. John McKane
fjand^G-FCi1 Tiihstall went out yesterday
.to Eagle creek, to inspect the. com^
Wny^s propertyA,
If' R-ey/iJ,. A., Wood, wife and family
I'WtIV-M in, t^ciiy-on^atstrnight's train*
fehirojij|p!gibp''"'' Krtslo,! %here ;Mr.v Wbod,
^lash-eeh appointed to the pastorate ot
ihe Methodist church.
J The regular meeting of the Ladies
-Hospital Aid Society will be held >on
jlonday, June 6 in the Presbyterian
t'h.u*r$h at,,3 o'clock* Ladies of Nelson
ipre cordially invited to attend. ���
Donations of magazines have, been
Jreceived by the.Kootenay Lake Gener-
/al,BospjtfU_Jrom the following parties:
rMi-s. 'Ihurman, Mrs. Stutter, Mrs.
^Alexander Dow, and H. J. Evans.
I, Principal J. It. Gieen of< the Nelson
'public school left on yesterday evening's train for a couple of months'
vacation in the North West Territories and in Michigan. The schools will
[not reopen until thc eud of August.
The soliciting committees appoint-
���bd,,. at Monday*, evening'* meeting to
l-ftiwas- the*- city- for-subscriptions in
id of the Dominion Day celebrations
Ire meeting with good success , so far,
Ind hope to be able to give a good
eport on Friday evening.
; Thomas Flym and SamueL-Coulter
fave four men-at work on - the. Mam-
iioth mine near Hall Siding and have
low a shaft down 35 feet. The shovv-
]'ig is getting1 better with depth, and
|; is their intention to continue until
lie 100 foot level is readied, when
i>osscutting will be continued.
"Tlie Last Shot,'.' a tn!e of thajndian
mutiny, lv mg , eakptjcial!/ worth tf' jnen-
tioi!., Oqe-ol tl)elvfe��;tnM.-^ ukthe evening
was .tli.e.p!ttb���ia>7.Lnjr:i:ji; liy Mr. T. Rynu,.,
whose pn't r.raice ��.s mo-?td.xt rorr..
The entertainment closed with the "Bon-
i:ie Fisbiifet'-: a pliariiiiii,1,' c -me*ly which
\vus exce.l'W*.ily received.
Mi] BTtNf} -QF-: C1T��' COUNCIL
Revolt of rubric,. Works Comm''!tP'
Tie  Powder Mugjiziue.
P" b+0+b++++*4++b+++b+bO+
t DO
These talented performers gavs, another
jBt epjoyaWe enteitaipmeot last night
traducing fiesh songs und stoiics, Mr.
r��ckenzie'e rendering of "Simon the
jillarer" aud Miss Glover's recitation,
|piano owners desiring the services
a   first  class  piano tuner, please
ive'orders atilaxjob'Dovei-'sstoreT^""
ft       -ii-, ���  '������ '  ���'
WtStb*k$1 X      ���    :.*.-���   *.-.���--.,-.    :���.,.,.-.,.;'--,-....,-
|e have
h -.Cadet of ������-"--.   : a ���*.
iwhich no well aj3ppint*e;d.,
home should be ^without'
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
jon hand a full line of v .'
oj.every .description...^.''..
;Ailfi:lkjB-.are $$&&  ".
ingat vfcry lowprices.
'���', At ii ra,je,t:iMg;,ol.,ihejei,ty council, bel^l
ou Mond.'iy atteroooD, Acting Mayor
Tei-tzel took the chair, wiih Alder men
Hillyer.iMadden;iu��^ Mojope pi*eBeijt,,i,
"���..The report tt tlie public v.orkd com*-
raiHcc; whs read n.nd iidopted ns n wholes
Its miiin ipro^is^fmp. jvore u*,/olJyj-V4*,:���
1. That n mini :nol exceeding 8200 be
expended on Hie- impr .-ven>ent of the
recKpatjoii ground*.
2. Thnt a ^itlewalk be laid on the eas-t
side of Stiinloy street from Baker street
to Silica alnei^, and a ciossin^ ut ihat
point to tlie south side of Siiica street.
o.;.'J,h��tm,6.fi.:iil.:si��le,.vaik be laid on
thp-{">*ntli side of Silica street, to grade
from Stanley street, to the--, Engl iffy
4.;.\VHUi:Lrefc*?.eacp....tto..!..tl*je question t(
placj.itf..; lira., eiiiDfluishera.-: iu..* cett*iq j
stores ond blocks in the city, the com-,
mittee reconiiAe^d^.lthfefit be
ed to   merchants ead pothers   that'the
council considered it advisabl�� that sijffh
extittguisliers Hhould be pl^^^stof-es
and other business premises, esp|ci-nl}.^
where^tbestock i��'vory -inflammable or
liable to bfigleiitiy injured by water.    -
5. Thet tbe committee also recommend
thut the icity clerk, be directed, to ob-tain
informatiuu as to c >st of iu��talliug a fiie
C. That the plunking of Vernon street
b idge be renewed, aud that the nt<oee-
Siicy additiyu-ul frtiioRers be piovided.
7. That anew crossing belaid iit.4b��
junction of Hall and Wataj street.
8 That the gradaof Vernon, aL.-��e,t.at
the corner ot Hall street be loweitd, and
n 16 ftKitiioadwpy constructed ou Hail|
stieet from Vernon sheet to the Cl'.B
9. ThainGfoot sid^w/flb'bo.l^iiLdon*,
on tho west side of Kootenay street, from.
Baker ttr<;e,t to, .Vidtoria street, and on
the north sido, of-rVictoria street from
Kootenay to Falls street,,
10. Thut a 6 foot sidewalk be laid oa
the-west-side of-'Wuril street, from Baker,
to Silici.stiieet
; 11. Thnt a 3 plank sidewalk on tbe
south side of Carbonate street be extended to Cedar str*^e>.
12." That Nelson Boat Chibbe charged I
a ieutnl of $1.00-per j eai for. using tbe ,<
approach on JoseJriHe street tq the boat J
The report of tbe city engjue^er ou the
improvetneDt3 .on. \^*nr*^,} t<tfee$, from
Baker *�� Silica street was referred ,to the
public-, w/oris^coaiini ttee��
A letter frop> Cbf)��r Wat/sr-mASioa-be;
half of \yilliam, Pjajrdue,, con?*lfiiniug
that water wai runnjngjnto the cellar of
his hotel, was referro^,- to the city
A letter from A. l^rHodgius was rei<*|-j
complaining of tbe;. ista^ftjof Kootenay
"streetvaskipg for ao1^��in^6n"tbTnortK;
sidle- ptrTJalifer,. strAet^ acrotsi Kooteiiajf
stree|v.a .ei^iw^^o^
that the roadway should be graded down
past his.house,
_:;.. The wpr^-w^s ortlei edi. dos^jri^ th^
chief of p police ordered, to have, the
encumbrances moved from tbe street.
A sidewalk was ordered to be con-
strHcted-oD tbe^easfc-side^ol'Eootenay.J
street, fro.n?,0!?flef-����f*tory.HMj^
It wa^^o^-ibjt^di^ th#jt thjj.
city engineer be* ordered to report on the
nmouB-i of powder or other explosives
kept or stored in the powder magazine
across the lakeland -also on .the probable
effects, of an e^pbpion on.tijje City of
NelsQcu,,-* .���'.���-. -   *"' ""���.'���
|:   - . qjpssi^^ppjENT.
} Vienna, May 30.���Tlie .chess^lsyers in
the- inteirnationaj!;. meters,, tournament,
which is to begin tomorrow, aJt>10 o'ejockj
in;the mornJD-g, assembled a(t the Vienj^
cbess club today.in. order fe.draw their
numbers for tlie scheduled match.
newspaper; MAN
I ForOneCie^iaiPpr^ t
��� '\'.''Ox^y^' 7   ... ���
���      You can find a buyer foi-*'Any i-
��� Old Thing " if you advertise. T
+ 4'laii��in*rfl^ava��-rti��rMi*Piit*. X
^ All kdrertisemonU In this column nro -+
, I oeni a word each insertion. No ni- . J
"^T��riUj��)ni��n)�� taken for loan limn 25 conlx.   ���
.....    ,v. ,.-... J
���������4 ���������������������������������������������������������������f
Old vapqif^jit. 'J'HK^aip.KK jofll^; 253��:cnlH
per hi^iutmi.-:!,-'"'       ~A'-: x  '������' '��� ���] ;���;";V
VOli SALK���A Bakery Delivery Wagon in
good condiiioii.,. ApDJy to iliUK &Xot,t,,   18-19
FOUND.���Asmall ker, Nationnl Cash RegiH-
ter... AJtply "Ifiaeic'"onlco.?.
^ WANTKD^-A :young Girl to take caro of
two you^H childrop. Apply afc tUo,.'office cf
Messrs. Galliher Jt Wilson, or at the office of
this pi^por, Jt.
���-., LOSJ",���Tyrp,,weej^s aaro, ftllJwJy.'aUinbrell*
with silver hVudle and ��teel shaft, finder will
oblige by returning ifr to-the office of;thin paper
' t^-womftii.-'wha-telli your fortune only with
tke Gypsy cards; without iigking n question
uke tol!�� what,yqu rai^e for. your' past, pi-ev
ent and future. Hhe will be here only a few
dftf a, bo call early. ICoom 4, Grand Central
hotel; use the parlor aa a wnifcing rcKjm.
Gives a fiist-class meal,for.
Eyer^, After noonr
To   all-. Eastern, and  Europeari
To  Pa-yific  Coast and -Tra*pspa*pi-
fic Points.
To  the   Rich and  active Mining
Districts  of Klondike and the
New Tourist Car Service
Daily.to St. Paul., .
Daily (except Monday) to Eastern Canadian and U'.S. Points.
Tickets issued through*and Baggage, che.cked.-to destination.
To Rossliind and Main   Line points.
Kootenay Hiike���U����I�� Konte.
Str. Kokanbk
Krccpt Sunday      " E?c,ep.^ ^f^*.5!"
I  p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives��� if 'a.m.
. t
Calling at way ports in both directions.
KoolcMay Klver tt����tc.   ''
Str. Nsuox.
Mon. Wed. Fri. Mon. XVnA. SO.
7 m. in.���Leaves���NELSON--Arrlves-^LSflTp/n.
Ituns to Kuskanook, {tevw^t^y Atxan&otag'n
Lnnilinc1 cnlling at way port's and makes cloa-fc
connections at Pilot Bay with Steamer Koka-
ji*8orr8tc(��inBr"m(iytrfa�� Wffllltl��Ba3��ag*%ISa|-
vided busiiic*-s offers,
Teatnn Ut naitrum Sloc��a7vttf..��aa4an\
aud Slocan lake Velatn.
iSfmAnyM Xxt^ieA) ^
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m,
Reduced Rates East
and fultJnfpcmntioo. by. > addressiha nearest
locnl ujtenfc. or GEO. S. BiCEl!. City Ticket
Asfcnt, Nelson, v , ^,
.Tr-w. ftisg. AQQpt..
N��J51fti   '    -K
Write for Klondike folder and Map.,
e; J. COYLE.
Intttulioo&LJiwgitiM). & Tiadii-g- ��o��p[Dy
Time. Canl Effective MaylSy 488^:>1
Suljject to Cbangp.yrit]iont Notice.
8. S. lBteraatloMl.
Leaves Kaslo* at 3.30 a. In. every day except
Sund.iy, calling at alL wa^points. t u
Connects at Hve Mile Point1 Villi S. F. & N.
train at 6.45 a. m., arrives Nels<>u���af 7.^0 .a._lin.
Leaves Nelsou at 5 p. in., connecting .at Five
MUo;PQintwitb tr&in.fSrom.Spolcaau^ifti^tytas
at Kaslo 8/90 p. m.
* Connects at Pilot Bay with S. S. Alberta for
Bonner' Ferry and Kootenay Klr-3r.polp.te.,
���'. ���. Albert*. '
, ���*  *-,* ** >���
> Leaves Kaslo on arrival of K. Sc S. train on
vo*, wtfi
day% f kw? tou^M^kiriill "&y fiofnli.
nects at Bonner's-Ferry with Qrft. trains.
Leaves. Bonner's Ferry *t 8 p. tn^w
WedneSddv arid Friday, arriving if
m. next day.
Close csnnection vith East K^obMajrpoInts
���ia JenningB anifBon'ner.s Ferrjr, '
Spokane Palls A
TIME  CARD  NO.. 11   ....
Qovfu XfOOTr: l  :
IiCaro 8.00 aTmiu Kaslo
"    8.3ffa. m.   South Fork
"    9.*30a. m,. Spronle's     ' ������
9.51 |t,m.' Whitewater '���
"    lO.OSa. m.   Bear,Lake. "
"   10.18 a. m.-MoOftitffUj- ��
10.38 a. in. Cody Junction "
10.50 a. m.   Sandon- " Leave
G$)ing East.,
Arrive 3.50 p.m.'
" 3.15 p.m.;
2.15 p.m..
2.00 p.m.'
1.48 p.m.,
1.33 pm.,'
1.12 p.m.;
1.00 p.m.,
a big  sHike. op. the. Nievaila_ groiip of
clAimo, in tbe Goat river mining district,
wbiob are located about three miles from*
tbg.Orow's Nest ^m^-^ailwny, and al^o at
about the same distance from tbe Nelson
& B-e.dliugton-iaiJwax,.  While doing at-
sesement worlt on tbe pioperty .'a 6trong
ajj,footJedge o��, galena was. uooovered
ap4-wbicl) ij, pr,oDoui)ped,by tbe best,
minersjn.tbpt eeptiau to. be tbe njost,
promising discovery in thnt drstriot, aud;
tbp.rasyltiof the ne^ay, volue, ia. looked \
forward to with ,ia��<j.hjnteceat.   3Ir. Hiii
ia iu town fpr the purpose of ebdeavor-
inglo inHwwk- capital tefwtber push |
developuient.1 ,
^anc(��ive^ fy JSelspn, B.C.
, St Thoumf, ,0-Wuab West. Indies, t M*y-���
pi.���4t: QftWR.;. ftesrsp��pex.i. CQtieapoi>.
dent, Mr. Emerssohn, who was arrested
afc Porto Bico and sabsequentl; escaped
and wpadeclaxed a spy-by. the Alcalde of
P*09**.^MPl^AajRCi^PR-biSj liead,
is reported to have reached Santa Cruz.
C; P.; Hil.1, T/.Si c^aitppas' officer at Port
Hill, Idaho, is do^ iu Nelspn and reports.)
When looking- for a Suit
of Clothes you will have
tfl^dg a mistake.if,you4p
np.j;< inspect oup, Assortment. They fit the best,
weatr the_ best and are the
best in Nelson for the
A well selected stock
of Waterproof Qoods,
Boots iahdj Shpgs, Gents'
Furnisjiings and: Hats.
Allat-very^ Low. Prices.
Lcay�� ll:00-%vm.   Sapdqa.,, ArriT��s 11:15 a.m..
AiriVe 11:20 1%       Cody  '      Lcaya   11:25  "   "
ROBT. IRVfKO,        GEO. F. CoipBLAND.
mi G.F.ScP.A Superintendent.,
Frotn* MjmMxmI
Ijikc Winnipee���Beaver Line,..".'... rrTJune Js'
Lake Huron���BeaVor "Xlnei..'....'.-....'Juntf��-
"   'From Now'Vbrg,n,
MNe.stic-\V,hi*te^toi; .Lino, -. Jui)B,151
Germftnle-Whlte' Star Linfe..: June 22 *
KfcurUt���Cunard line." ..*, r.......June 11
Campania-Qunaid Une Jlino M -.
Yorkshire-Dominion Line....ff?^!^UMl��i -ru   ����� ���     ��
Dominion���Dominion Line ..........iV.'June J8   "he Dmiiig Cars are.pperafced i�� t
Laurcntian���Allan  Line Jtin^ll        ft* f(atrow, tn* melt'clegAn
PartsiaprAlian.Une- ...\....9tmi��l      latnt-nimtmA    wni.i. ����-.-�����
rrabln, |i5.00, $.50, ��00, $70, |80 and upwards.
Intermediate, ^34.00 and upward*. ~***	
Steerage. $22.50 and UDw^i;djs, ,. I
Passengers ticJtgfcft Mtmbgh to all points in J
reat Britain or' Ir^fwnf. nnd at kpeciallv low J
Northern ITy.
Welson  dt  F >^t-
Tiie. onlyi��Uj nil rauta/intlwat*. oluuige
ol^mn Jo#wipojlt&im Aad.BoHludiuid
(Duly Except Sund��y)
    �����������*   1 ���
Lata* 6.2a��.m. iH;L��C��,Amw.5.3*p.m.
8^0..a-ia.��POXANE.," - 34ft>m.
malcefi close cocuections at Spokape for
nUrPadifiaCoaat-jPonJta.- -: ' ' irF'Fr*-i
ary Creek, connect at Marcnaj-fj^fltfftigfl
imm mmkhuh 2k im
' v.u.��� p,>|��, r.ar,. pji>. pm.. p.m>-
Vo. 5>o.3 No. 1 No. 2 N#,;4,,NfcJl
?:15 9.<00.. ROBSON...8:00 '    236
,500-, 2:(��,i 10:00...THAllr....IM   1M5^, 1*1
3:t5    11.15.ROSSLAND.6W 1^0'm. ���"
No's. 1 nnd 2 connect wilh C. P. R. main line
��tearners, and,, trains tos nod fronvNelaOU at
BoMon* r~    """' ' """
" No'h, 3 and 4 are local trains bbtween Trail
audfUoeBlan^V '"*   "'       ""'*    ���'
No's. 5 .awk, 6 ;ere .local traiiiA bet,weea.T����ll
��nd Rob<nn. No. 6 connects^ \\itH train No. i
from Rwitond. "'*' *��� T***V��47?1?
, AU. trains dally.
T. P. GUTEIOUS. Gap. Supt
... mm. EAST
Use a flrst class line   in travelimr between
,     Minpeupojii'St..P*nl aiid 'Ch%ti$ofim
the principal towp�� ip Central Wjaeojisin*
Pnllniun Palace SleepinK and Chair Can
Setvice.. -   .        .   --1 . ���" V'-r y-
rates to an parts of.the European continent
Prepaid passagesi arranawUroril 411'polnts.
Apply to GEO   S._BBER,   C.P.R.  Ticket
Agent. Nelson, or to,    LVILLIAM STITT.
Wl), General Agent, CP^OMppa,, Winnlpag.
Wlfr  MAPI  IT
It l�� IUc]Iei(.Jt(Mler��lnJ^aliwieiil.
It I* the HeavleHJUMedl JM����>
It han a Uock UAllMt UniUheO.
It Crosnen Xo Sand -H��Mif>rts.
It Is tht o*lj Ua* *ytpj*\a��; lu*url*a*
Club Room ����r��.
It In .Voted for IheTSpwrieny atlinPLtrnpleyen.
���C la the Oalr Hie iervliutJIIeali ���* tke
" a.U. Carte. I*Uji��    ,- * :'""~
%. F. WEIR,
Sigp.of-the Bi^Re^l^ati
. . Baker Street . .
Attractive, Tours, daring^ Seaaoa of
Navigation on Great Lakes -tia Dalath in
c.Qnaectipn, with Magoiiieeut Paasenget
Steamers.NortUweat aod,Northland.
For. maps, tickets and completeinfoimatioa,
call oh or aaareb's Agents, E.k'S.'Rt;; Ci'ft%?���
S. Nav. Co., N & P. S. Ry., or        ���'��� - % ' -*--"���-
ts. ti. ltlXO.V, -General jtceat,
Spokane, vr.nabt
F. 1. WDITUFY, ��. P. A T. A^*'' " -:-"~l-
'Ml    '      -:."""       '""*8fc'Finl,,ltai,
^itynUQ.  Mpij^ajw fetvvA * la Carta,
*    THIS WISC0USI*    **
r-"��i --C?|
Direct conaeetions ><t -Chicago and Milwanket
tor all FJustern pomU. . .        ,
For full information oell nn ypur neareit Wqket
komtt   nvmtfttt*'-'       - ��� "��� w*"      ��;-*
Agent, or. write
Jar. A. Clock,
General A|(ont,
246 Stark S^e^t.
,       r  Pjor,t!��nd,^Ore,
or,      Jas. C. Pond,
General Pat*. Agent
Milwaukps, l��i��.
AVI) KKPORTKD OX BY      ���������=*'"�����
' ifi!kLci*t-,'->if?^tiI c*xp��ticii.ce iam^iM."
,/*l*��*!*wn�����w6*te��gfe''oT- WiirtJ;w British
Col^5u,bia,- T��riiw:itewi6n��bl��::' -s  *=   r ?, ""-
"W   ��� WI-��OWkl|,.Ov
.* wtm%AMt3tnmo*.*   '
audi JiQfflEBa
timber should iapply'to*
The Nelson Planing am
-, ������   *- ���   ���  .:,.', ���.*'..*.
In stock,l,00(^C00^^^iQpt:Jing,Wni^,
; ���    Moulding?, Doors, Saihes apd,
every description of .J oineijv
;��a*jug^ ��fto��ji, axi��; wipmytA ,��m��.-
-"*- *��� '-������
M- C Cameron, M.P. West Huron,
beLientrGov. of N.W.T.
Ottawa, May 31.���In the House of
Commons today, Premier Laurier confirmed the report of M. C. Cameron's
appointment as lieutenant-governor of
the North West Territories in succession
to Hon. 0. H. Mackintosh, who resigned
several months ago to accept tbe management ot the British America Corporation.
Montreal, May 81.���J. C. Miceock,
the newly appointed United States eon-
sal at Dawson City and N. H. Burke,
rice-consul at the same place, arrived in
this eity laat night, on tbeir way to Dawson. They are from Philadelphia and
leave for tbe Yukon tomorrow via tbe
cy.B. ������:       :'
the Bame'time it haa special importance
inasmuch as it proves that Washington
ia aware that whatever may. be the in?
dividual sympathies of many Frenchmen,
France as a eoantry is resolved to maintain strict neutrality,
British Correspondents^Warned Against
Croasing^to Cuba.
Meeting of the  Orange Lodge.���Mr.
Wallace Retires.
Ottawa, May 31.���Tbe Orange Grand
Lodge ot British America, met here
today. Grand Master N. Clark Wallaoe
M. P. delivered his annnal address, in
which he noted that the membership of
the association was increasing and a
cheery sign was tbe steady accession ot
young men.
Referring to Canadian public aflhirs,'
lie said:" llie Manitoba School question
seems to bave effectually reoeived ita
quietus, as a factor in federal legislation." He also said", when publio men
solicit Papal interference] in secular matters in this Dominion, it is time to sound
lhe alarm."
A referenoe is made^to the proposed
Anglo-Saxon alliance. This consnmma*
lion wonld make for the peaoe, progress,
prosperity and enlightenment of mankind*-- A paragraph was devclsd tb the
S&emory of the late Dalton McCarthy,
fn conclusion Mr. Wallace alluded to
bis eleven years term of office and announced bis intention of retiring at this
Key West, May 31.���W. H. J. Taylor,
British Consul -here, today received a
cablegram from Alexander Collan, British Consul General at Havana in the
following terms," Please warn British
correspondents of newspapers who may
be in Key West with the intention of
coming to Cuba against attempting to
do so, especiallo by the means adopted
by Knight, Robinson and Whigbam, all
of whom were arrested and are now in
prison. It is needless to say this recommendation applies with still greater
stringency to correspondents wbo are
American citizens.1*
The three correspondents named in tbe
despatch crossed to Cuba in ^newspaper
tuga and landed from small boats only to
immediately captured. Knight Iwho represented the London Times is in fortress Cabanas at Havana. Robinson of
thecal! Mall Gazette, and Wbigbam
wbo represents the London Standard are
in tbe Manatnaas gaol.
Pondon, Mty 8J.���JCaob latere*! it
taken here in the silver market. Owing
fo tha run on tbe Rank of Spain, where
��� semi-panic in said to prevail. Large
order! are expeoted, as the mint is re*
ported to be turning out ft half a million
pesetas daily.
Waff Paper, Sporting Goofo,
���   Hammock*,   ���
Cameras, Kodaks,
PhotoopaDhic Supplies.
Thomson Stationery Co.
UMXfSD. (d��)
Will You Help
Support it? - ���
- Would you like a
Morning visitor, giving
you the news of the
World for the past 24
hours? If so, we can
Supply you.
KirKpatrick fe WWson t
are receiving Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of -
The quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of.
is full and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson, ^ker street
We are headquarters for
Knickerbocker Suits
See our line at $6.50.    Golf Hose and
everything to match.
P. O. Store   -  -   -   J. A. G ILK El
We close at 6 o'clock every night except Saturdays.
The Miner will contain the best news service
BON TON    #
Will Reopen on June
ist next.
OflPEBEP TO   W2*m
British Ship Ordered to Leave
Fort of Manilla.
London, Mny 81.���Tbe owners of tbe
British ship Ueniata, wbicb bus been
loading at Manila, bave received a dat*
patoh dated May 24, saying Bear Admiral
Pewey has ordered the vessel to leate
t|��e port, from wbicb it is oonjeetnred
Hiat. tbe .American commander oontem*
plated some aetioo.
Regiment   to   be   Organised In
Washington, May 81.���W. J. Bryan
after all, may be made a colonel in the
Tolunteers now being organised ;to drive
the Spanish .out of the western helms'
Today tbe seoretary of war authorised
the Governor of Nebraska to raise a regiment of infantry for tbe service of tbe
government under the President's eall
for 76,000 additional volunteers.
The governor previously had requested
authority to do this, and the regiment
he proposes to tender the government is
being organized with the expectation
that Mr. Bryan shall be its commanding
Through Hostility of Individual French'
men to the United States.
Paris, May31.���The Journal's despatch
today commenting upon tbe commercial
convention between France .and the
United States says:
., "The war is undoubtedly oausing much
injury to onr exporters and onr trade
with the United States, if not entirely
stopped, will, certainly be materially
diminished. The convention gives us
the advantages mainly for the future,
whioh we hope are near at hand* bat at I
Board by Day op Week,  Only White
Help BmpJoyed.   Pint Olaee
in Every Respect.
Notice of Dissolution,
Nottoo Is kersey given that the partnership
feevetofore soMsttag between as as Brewers in
Xt/laoa, B.C., bas this 4ay been dissolved toy
nratnsleoMtnt. AU debt* owing to the mi4
perta��r��hlperttob#pel4 te tbe undersigned
WOlism Oesasll and eB claims against, tbe
nrtd partatfiWp are to be prsssatsd to t|�� said
Williamawnri! at tlie. Castle Brswery,: Nrt-
ton. 8.0., by whom tbe same will be -settled.
Dated at Nelson, B.O., this t8tb day of Hay,
APnUfS, Iwks
"^HZnA.Ctmot f&ti&m&m
Ona Year - - " - $10.00
Half Year ������ ��� ... $5.00
One rionth '   -       -       -       $1.00
Experience has taught
us that $1 in hand is
worth $2 on the books.
Your intention is good,
but small matters are
easily forgotten. Our
motto is, "No Man is
Rich enough to get this
Paper for nothing."
Lawrence Hat&wareCoj
pta jfltS reacty mixed and dry.
Boiled and Raw Llli Seed   OH,
Varnishes, White Lead
Paint and Varnish Brushes
Builders' Hardware
Telephone ai.   Prompt Delivery
Miners' Supplier
���<       NCBTIOIt
Sitiut* xt mo Natsow Hnmro Prow* 09
w��ar KootooAt Pienwor.-Wirea*
hoenroDi-Aoovr two Mwm Sours East
oy Yum, co nm Noam axna or pobcv-
tut* Coon amd Atavy *} a KnaPxov vt.
sixty days ttom defy hereof, te apply to the
Mining Recorder for e^Cferttllsete of Improvements, for the parpoee ot obtaining a Crown
Oraat of the above claim.
And further take notice tbataettoajnader
Seetloa If, nest be eemneaeed; before the
issnaaee ef sash eertlfleate of Improvement*
W. J. NBLflON.
Sated this tttb torot May UU.
Smura nr twa Nmao* Mnrnre Dmwow oy
Wsay Kooookax Dtoraiot. Wnsna Lo-
CATaD.���Aboct H Mium Woou vbui
PoBcrrnaa Chk narras ikto tbs
Baishox TBxvko, on 9bo South bids axd
aboct i'A Mils FaoM sain Porccfin*
*    Cbbbc       . -
TAKE NOTICE tbnt I, Kenneth L. Burnet.
Free Miner** Certlfleete No, mtl A, noting
na Agent for O. '��. Whltemnn, Free Miner's
CertificateNe. 801>a, intend, sixty dayafrom
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certiflente of Improvement*, for the
pnrppee of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above Claim. ��� >
And further take notice that action, tinder
Section 37, mutt be commenced before the itf'
���nance of such Certificate of Improvements.
taxmt this Sth dar Of Mhy, 1898,
As a Special Induce*
ment to commence with
the first issues we offer
you the Daily Edition of
The Miner to January
l�� 1899 for $5.00.
. Jf you wish to take advantage of this offer and
read a good paper, send
in your name and money.
m  mmm
You Get
0 v For Seven and a Half
Months for
. . FERLAND'S . .
m mm mm mmmm w
Press Ooofls, males' Capes ana Jackets*
A large Assortment to cnoose from
We carry a full line of Clothing, Gent's
Furnishings, Hats,   Caps,   Boots &
Shoes.   Our prices on these lines are
Gam&fe & O'Reiffu
Ciuif Enoineerv
Proi/inciaf Land 6upveuoP6
Real Bitste sad Qeneral Agent*
Financial and Insurance Agent*
Notsrlc* Public, Etc.
We have for sale the followinl
Valuable Property*
Yes, but we 4oq't a4vertise %\tb
prices, at we lo#e mottOf hf
doing so.
List and Priest on
at onr Office.
Call,and see our full list of property for sale in  "ffilttM
and ������A?' Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain*
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agent*.    *
Baker Street, NELSON, B.
We Guarantee to Dispose of
Entire Output
The above is part of the agreement which we signed With
a large Fruit Grower. Last evening we received his flrat
shipment of Strawberries and sold them at 17^ cents per
box. Price cuts no figure from now on. We promised to
��� dispose of his crop and are going to doit. Price to-daj
will be 15 cents. Dont pay more, that's all they are worth.
Thousands of crates are waiting in Walla Walla for want
of buyers.
We close at 7 p.m. because we pledged ourselves to do so.
Farley & Simpson, Props.
gHgB-=5gg5g=s!g==���gg.'   7<"'.. ii tB=ssssaBSBBBBsaummmmaom
All  Communications relating to British Columbia busim
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer


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