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The Miner Oct 18, 1898

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 [Daily Edition No   138.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday Morning,   October 18, 1898.
Ninth Yeat
We are now doing business in our
new Store in the Aberdeen Block and
extend a cordial invitation to our
many customers and friends to call
and see us. You are as welcome to
look as to trade
G^   LILLIE BROS.   $*>
fVarlike Preparations are Being Pushed at Brest-
Iron olads practice
[our French Armored Ciuisers Being Prepared For Aotive Service at Toulon-
Fashoda the Cause.
! Paris, Oct. 17.���Inquiries mado to-
j*y at the offices of the French min-
Jtry of marine, confirm the report as
jblished by Le Soleil in a despatch
om Toulon, saying that vice-Ad-
iral Fournier, who is uow at Tunis
iHi the minister of marine, will re-
rn immediately to Toulon, where
dors have beeu rccoived to speedily
epare the armoured cruisers Admiral
oheart, Bonvines,. J'-.V" ���'���V��i and
���ilnily for active service aud that
addition orders have been
| sued to send the largest possible
i'lnber of Runners   to   Brest  without
lay to man tlio   forts   and  batteries
lere.    The vessels mentioned   are   to
promptly placed on a war footing
Id are to bo sent to Brest. Rumor
Janocts tho French naval preparations
Ith the quostion in dispute with
������eat Britain as to the possession of
Tshodft on tho Nile. The Paris pairs today iu chronicling tho move-
1,'uts of the British fleot in th Med-
jrranean, announce that three Brit-
li ironclads aro engaged iu gun
notice off Pizert, the Frencli naval
Jtion in tho Mediterranean on tho
frioan coast.
JjSent the Girl to Kuskonook to Collect
the Money���She Will be Brought
Back Here.
For Americans May Cause
Trouble in Cuba.    .
lowing  clipping from  the  Anaconda
Standard will show:
"Great Falls, Oct. 14.���Wah Lung,
Wah Chung, or whatevor may be the
name of the dingy-skinned merchant
of Revelstoke takes the purse. The
Chinese cases were tried this morning
aud the commissioner adjudged that
Koo Wong must return to the bed and
board of her lord and master and that
Hho must go in company of Moy Toy,
who v as sent here as ambassador extraordinary to got hor. She was arrayed this morning at the hearing in
a garb that would put old Solomon
himself to blush for richness and variety nf hues. Tbere was silk straight
from the looms of China that was
worth more than its weight in gold
and Koo, who is an adept with the
needlo, had embroidered pictures on it
which quadrupled its value. But she
had to go hack. Woug Sang may bo a
little luckier. Ho had a certificate that
permitted him to remain iu this
country, and ho and Joe Wing aud the
coy Koo Woug all swore that he had
never left this couutry, though tho officer from Port Hill thought that he
had seen him somowhere in the British possessions and believed that he
was engaged in the business of smuggling the heathen of his own nation
across tho line. His case is taken under consideration. Joe Wing is
caught dead to rights. He has uo paper "chuckchi," and apparently never
did have one. Ho will have to sail
the seaB to tho far Orient.''
The Chinamen here say that Wong
Sang is a noted smuggle.-, .aid has
amassed a considerable fortune by
getting his countrymen into America
without any custom house formalities.
One of thom who knew him in San
Francisco 20 years ago, says he was a
well known highbinder, but has spent
tho last 10 years iu this province,
whero ho has occupied himself exclusively in smuggling.
The State ofthe Amerioan Army the Spaniards Think They Would Uever
Have Lost Santiago.
the place of those now in existence.
Tho present canons on that subject,
therefore, remain in force. In the house
of deputies, after a debate which has
continued for so' Tal days, a step in the
direction of church unity was taken,
the discussion of this subject was participated in by the offering of an
amendment to the constitution by the
Rev. Dr. Huntingdon, of New York.
While agreeing with the principle
of this, the deputies finally agreed to
adopt a brief amendment offered by
Mr. Fuude, of Minnesota, as follows:
'' But provision may be made by canon
for the temporary uso of other forms
and directories of worship by congregations not already in union with this
church, who are willing to accept the
spiritual oversight of the bishop of the
The amendment if adopted by the
bishops will go to the diocese for action, and must be passed upon by tho
next general oouventiou beforo it bo-
comes operative.
lhe usually sacred aud inviolate ed-
rial snnotum of this paper wit-
.od strange and unusual sights
;erday evening, when a party of
'nauien including Wall Chung of
lstoke and a local Chiuese store-
ler.came in to hoar tho latest news
ho Chinese trial at Great Fallff,
.ah Chuug, who is  au   intelligent
lamau speaking  fair English,   put
er a different   aspect on the story.
ippears   that   Lun   Foo of Kusko-
. is is   his   cousin, aud he  claims
he never sold   the  girl to him at
His story is briefly as follows:
'  brought the girl down from Rev
like to Nelson on thnt most import-
lof   all  feminine   errands, namely
le the dressmaker.   It seems  that
IChiueso   Worth   of this  province
. at   Nelson,   and he had  a Yoko-
i suit for   sale   that his wife  had
ier heart ou.
,o business was transacted, and
Japanese suit was bought, when
| Chung reiuombered that his cou-
ijiiu Foo owed him $400, and as he
to go to Rossland himself, he
the girl down to collect the
tftv. in charge of Wong Sang.
Saug   delivered  his   precious
i;e to Lun Foo, and expressed his
tion of returning to Nelson,
h he did not do, but cached him-
u the vicinity. Lun Foo gave
iri the money, and temporarily
sed her in a room in the Butte
at Kuskonook, and went back
j restaurant. Next morning the
had flown. Wong Sang had in-
1 the girl to go off with him at
ight on the Ainsworth, and soon
1 himself across the line, a girl
1400 ahead.
ien   the girl's whereabouts  was
Wah  Chung  sent Moy  Toy
to   Great  Falls   to  bring  her
That he was successful, the fol-
Ogilvio      Initiates      Reforms���Some
Wealthy Miners Return.
Victoria. Oct. 17.���The steamer
Danube reached port this morning
with hetween $125,000 and $150,000 in
Klondike gold dust and paper. There
were about 80 miners, including William Munsie and Mr. Bloomingdale,
of this city, both of whom are just
out from Dawson. Among the rich
members of the Klondike party who
came up the river on the jsteamer
James Domville, were Dr. John Bon-
nnr, of Ontario, a claim owner on
Hunker creeir, who brought out about
$80,000; S. G. Lawton, who had about
$25,000; George Barrack, $15,000
and Hugh McArthur, Chas. Milne and
R. Laugmire, each of whom had
well filled wallets. Mr. Munsie reports that a great improvement has
been noticed in the post-office at Dawson since Mr. Ogilvie reorganized the
Many of General Gomez Staff Reported
to Have Resigned.
Havaua, Oct. 17.���The American
military commission held a conference
at their headquarters today. Rear-
Admiral Sampson was present. Senor
Giranta, secretary of the Spanish commission presented the American commission an official note setting the
time when'the next detachments of
Spanish troops will leave the island.
It. is reported here that many of the
officers of General Gomez's staff havo
received leave of absence but it is
added, thoy havo really resigned,
owing to sorious trouble with their
Washington, Oct. 17.���Information
has reached the war department that a
high offloer of the Spanish army very
recently made the statement that had
the Spaniards beeu aware of the condition of the American army, its inability to withstand the hardships of a
campaign, its lack of medical and
other supplies and general inefficiency,
as told in the American papers, the
Spaniards would not have given up,
but would have continued fighting for
a'long time to come, fully believing
that they would have been able to
prevent the capture of Cuba by the
American army. This statement is
known to have beon made to tho Americau officers now in Cuba, and causes
some uneasiness in official circles, as
it may menu that the Spaniards are
uot ready to yield the island under the
terms of the protocol.
It is believed by officials in Washington that had it not been for the
outcry regarding tho army and the
conduct, of the war that there never
would have been any question raised
by the Spanish peaco commissioners
regarding the Cuban debt. It is pointed
out that under the protocol the sole
question left for the commissioners
was the settlement of the Philippines];
and that there was nothing about the
Cuban debt or any other Cuban question say those who are in a position to
know. It is asserted that the Madrid
government was aware when it asked
for peace and when negotiations were
opened that it was useless to ask that
the Cuban debt be taken into consideration by any commission and that it
is only siuco the reports of the bad
condition of the United States army
bad reached Madrid that the question
had beon raised.
Another matter that caused grave
consideration in tho war departmennt
is tho temper of the Spaniards in
Cuba, and the fear that tho impression which now prevails there may
lead them to regard the American
troops of not much account and act
accordingly after the occupancy by the
United States. The matter has been
discussed in the war department and
it is probable that when the troops are
sent to Cuba they will be a force of
such size and character as to give the
islanders a different impression of
United States soldiers than they now
entertain. "The impression among
the Spaniards in Cuba," said an officer
in a position to know what is going
on, is that the American soldiers are
weak and puny, incapable of withstanding hardships and whom it will
be an easy matter} to vanquish. This
feeling may make it difficult for the
Americans at first. This impression
is due to the charges that have been
made against the war department
with such virulence and insistance
during the past few months."
Judgment   Has   Boeu    Rendered��� An
Outlino of th e Case.
Washington, Oct. 17.���The decision
of the arbitrators iu the McCord case
has beeu rendered, but its purport is not
yet known to tho state department.
The arbitrator was Sir Henry Strong,
chief justico of Canada. He telegraphed the state depatmeut that he
had rendered his decision on Saturday
aud would snpply detailed iuforma-
tiou by mail.
McCord was an American civil engineer living in Peru, whose person
and property were seized during the
revolutionary movement in that
country. Various secretaries of state
had mado efforts to secure compensation for McCord, but it remaiued for
Secretary Oluey to secure au undertaking oh the part of Peru to submit
the case for arbitration. McCord's
claini originally was for $200,000.
Secretary Olney offered to accept $50, -
000 as a settlement in full, but since
that offer was mnde, other expenses
have accruod so that it may be that
the final nward will be for a larger
The Cuban Debt Causes Differences of Opinion.
Elaborate Interchange  of Opinions���Are
"Kelinquish" and "Evacuate" Synonymous Termi?
Heavy   Wind,   Snow   and   Rain���Tbe
Wires Down.
Kansas City, Oct. 17.���A genuine
blizzard prevails southwest and wost
today. A heavy wet snow has fallen
since three o'clock this morning
driven by a strong wind. Wires are
down in all directions and railway
traffic is delayed. Snow followed after
24 hours of steady rain. Tho sidewalks aro covered with three inches of
slush. There has been a decided fall
in the temporature and the suddenness
of the storm, coining as it has upon
the track of summer weather, will
undoubtedly cause great suffering, especially on ranges covered with cattle.
Kansas City is practically cut off
from telegraphic communication witb
the west.
Discussion of the Cemetery Question Adjourned Until Wednesday���Large
Eeoeipts From Eate Payers.
New York, Oct. 17.���The Cunard
line steamer Uiubria, Captain Dutton,
which arrived this morning from
Liverpool and Queenstown, was detained on the voyage on Monday, Oct.
10, for seveu hours, owing to a broken bolt of the eccentric strap. The
accident happened at 6 :25 p. m., when
one day out from Queenstown. The
chief engineer mode the necessary
repairs and the steamer proceeded
without* further accident.
Boston, Mass., Oct. 17.���A. N. Curtis finished a bicycle run between
New York and this city at 7:02, covering the distance in 18 hours 32
I minutes. The former record was 3
hours 23 minutes.
The   Honorary   Degree   of  L. L. D.,
Conferred on President McKinley.
Chicago, Oct. 17.���During the day
rain set in and continued at intervals.
The bicycle parade sheduled for tonight was ordered postponed until
Thursday night becauso of the inclement-weather. In mud bespotted carriages, drawn by dripping horses, the
presidential party, escorted by a party
of distinguished citizens, arrived at
tho residence of the president, W. R.
Harper, of the Chicago University
this afternoon. The pouring rain, or
the ankle deep mud, had no terrors or
the hundreds of students who stood in
crowds about the residence and
cheered the president as his carriage
came in sight and long after he had
entered President Harper's house.
Among those who witnessed the conferring of the degroe of L. L. D., upon the president, woro, Mrs. McKinley, Secretary Gage and Mrs. Gage,
Secretary Bliss and Secretary Wilson.
The degree was conferred by the dean
of the University.
A Step Taken in  the Direction of the
Unity of the Church.
Washington, Oct. 17.���The house
of bishops in secret session, by a vote
of 81 to 24 rejected a proposition bearing on the subject of the re-marriage
of divorced persons  designed to take
At the weekly meeting of the city
council held yesterday afternoon in the
city hall, there vyas, for the first
time for many months, a full attendance of members, Mayor Houston and
Alderman Teetzel, Hillyer, Whalley,
Gilker, Madden and Malone being
After the minutes of the former
meeting had been read and adopted, a
petition was heard from the residents
on the Mines road who wanted sewer
connections. On the motion of Aldermen Teetzel and Gilker it was decided
that a sewer bo laid from Stanley
street to Kootenay, provided the
year's rates wero paid in advance.
After a number of accounts had been
ordered paid , a discussion regarding
the new cemetery arose, and it was decided to let the matter stand over to
be thoroughly discussed tomorrow at
a special meeting nf the council.
The mayor thou suggested that tho
grading of tho principal streets be
established, so that a by-law fixing the
grados might be passed. Tho question was discussed but no action was
A large number of citizens have
availed thomselvos of the opportunity
of obtaining a rebate on tho sower,
wator and electric light rates by paying in advance. The acting oity
treasurer received $11842 last week from
this source, about 50 per cent of which
claims a rebate of 20 per cent, as tho
payment was for rates three months
in advance.
The council then adjourned until
tomorrow at 8. p. m., when the cemetery question will be settled.
London, Oct. 17.���Mrs. Nancy
Guilford, tho Bridgeport, Conn., midwife, was again brought up iu the
Bow street police court today upon extradition proceedings, and further remanded.
Paris, Oct. 17.���Tho peace commission wili meet again Wednesday next.
During today's session the commissioners were occupied with the. Spanish presentation of Tuesday last, aud
tho American answer submitted on
Friday, relating to Cuba and the debt
of that island. Tho examination of
the American views on the subject
was not concluded today but will be
concluded at the next joint meeting
following which the Spaniards will
doubtless roply in writing, the conclusion ot tho subjects soon followiug.
The interchanges regarding Cuba are
now so far advanced that the Spaniards will not fail to understand the
United States determination not to assume part of the so called Cuban debt
of $400,000,000. It should not, however,
be understood that the Americans during tho course of the controversy
have been unmindful of certain local
burdens liko tbo municipal obligations of the Cuban cities, railroads and
kindred properties, local and permanent, lt should not bo forgotten, howover, that the American attitude in
Cuba is held not to bo that of an acquiring power, either of territory or
its real or constructive obligations.
The opposing Spaniards keenly contend that sovereignly involves burdens
as well as blessings and that both
should pass togothor from Spaiu.
Closely following this contention, the
Spaniards are pressing for a construction of tho word "relinquish"
in the Cuban articles of tbo protocol.
"We must consent" they urge, "to
relinquish sovereignty over Cuba,
but to whom ? We have not agreed to
relinquish it to the Cubans, we relinquish it to tho United Statos. " Thus
crystalizing tlieir reasoning, the Spaniards bind debt and sovereignty together and urge that tho relinquishment must bo to tbo United States.
While this contention is keenly aud
vigorously supported, it has uot shaken
tho position of the Americans, who
cut the thread of Spanish diplomacy
in the middle of tho word "relinquish," by practically assuring the
Spaniards that they need not cherish
anxiety as to whom to relinquish but
to conform to the fourth article of the
protocol, which pledges Spain, "that
Cuba, Porto Rico aud other Spanish
islands of the West Indies, shall be
immediately evacuated.
Briefly tbo American response to
tho Spanish diplomacy as to construction and definition was. that tho
words "relinquish" and "evacuate"
are interchangeable and have the same
meaning. Thus, threo sessions wero
given up to patiently meeting Spain's
view and contentions touching the
protocol to relinquish their sovereignty
and title to Cuba and there is a possibility of two sessions moro.
Botweeii Twenty   and  Thirty Casual-
ities Near  Barnet Junction.
Lcndon, Oct. 17.���A terrible railway
accident occurred this evening on
the Great Western railway, near Burnet, about 11 miles north of London.
An express train going at the rate of
a milo a minute came into collision
with a freight train that was switching across the track at Barnet junction. The express piled up a complete wreck, ^<'.' ie dead and 13 seriously injured havo I "ti recovered from
tho wreckage aud thw l aro others undor the debris.
Now York, Oct. 17.���Henry Allen,
the wealthy young Irishman, whoso
mysterious disappearance from the
Hotel Bradford, has already been do-
scribed, was found in a aheap lodging
house on the Bowery today, dazed and
unable to givo any information as to
where he had passed the timo sinco
last Tuesday. Allen will sail tomorrow on the Germanic with the trunk
full of valuables tbat ho possesses.
Berne, Switzerland, Oct. 17.���The
president of tho Swiss confederation,
M. Eugene Ruffy, has received threatening letters from anarchists. Precautions are being takou by the polico to
prevent an attempt on his lifo. THE MINER. TUESDAY,  OCTOBER 18, 1898.
Wxt Jfctur.
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By the Claytou-Buhver treaty between the United States and Great
Britain both nations aro enjoined
from having an armed fleet upon the
great lakes. The first, mentioned government wishes to havo the treaty
modified so that it can put armed vessels on inland waters as part of its
naval equipment. The reason given
is tbat the United States wishes to
encourage ship-building on the inland
waters. This is not a good reason and
Canada must view with concern the
placing|of armed vessels on the lakes
where there is uo need whatever for
them. No foreign loo conld ever penetrate Canada to the lakes and through
thom invade or even menace the
United States, and tho attitude of
Canada towards her neighbor is not
such as to warrant the presence of a
lake fleet, for such a fleet must beget
a similar one on Canada's part, which
would necessitate a needless expenditure of money.
Again, the fortifications at Esquimalt ou Vancouver island can be understood as being a provision against a
descent on that coast of a foreign fleet,
but tho necessity for fortifying Montreal is not readily seen. With Quebec
furnished with modern artillery it
would bo impossible for a hostile vessel to pass up the St. Lawrence to
assail Montreal, or auy other point on
the river or lakes. Perhaps these in
land fortifications were planned merely
to gratify local militarism and to
throw a little money into tho country
to show that Canada has not been entirely overlooked in the expenditure
for purposes of defence. But such
works are not needed and tho expenditure is ill-advised. There will never
be war between tbis country and the
United States, the only misfortune
which could render the U. S. inland
fleet and Canada's inland fortifications useful, aud these warlike preparations servo only to create distrust
and apprehension for which there
aro no grounds whatover.
However Hou. Mr. Turner's friends
may view the statements of that gentleman beforo the commission appointed
to enquire into certain transactions in
connection with the contructiou of
the parliament buildings at Victoria,
they are not satisfactory as au explanation to the public. Mr. Turner can
be shown to have been in error iu
many of bis answers and tho whole
examination does uot leave him in a
favorable light in tho eyes of tho people. Tho News-Advortiscr of Vancouver accuses the lato premier of dolit-
orato falsehood in his examination
and it deals the prostrate foe sundry
knocks which aro quite unnecessary
considering that the ox-premier hasjost
everything and is out of public affairs
in this province for good. It was
gonerally folt that his government
could not last becauso it was responsible for acts which could not bo do-
fended. Investigation bbs shown tbat
tho ways of Mr. Turner's government wero vory lax, to uso a mild
term, but his rule is past and whilo
indignation may rise that such a stato
of things was allowed to continue so
long, furthor denunciation of tho men
responsible serves no purpose but to
please the vindictive. The culprits
are answerable only to public opinion
aud tho public, having placod them
where they can do no further harm,
will let things go tlieir way, confident
that their successors as far as in their
power, will repair the defects of the
past and give this province government
which will put to shame those who attempted to fasten Turnerism permanently upon it.
Elsewhere will be found tho unexpected and surprising announcement
that Mr. E. C. Senkler, of the legal
firm of Bowes & Senkler, has been j
appointed gold commissioner of the ;
Yukon in the place of Mr. Gordon
Hunter, who has resigned.
We say surprising not because Mr.
Senkler is likely to be anything but an
ornament tb his now position, but because his name has never been mentioned iu that connection, nor was he
known to have any ambitions towards
tho gold commissionership. In fact,
it is generally stated that the appointment came as a surprise to Mr. Senkler himself.
While practicing law here Mr.
Senkler showed that he was possessed
of ability, integrity and many other
sterling qualities, being deservedly
and universally popular. Now that
ho has | gone, The Miner joins with
his numerous friends in offering Mr.
Senkler its heartiest congratulations,
and good wishes for that success
which will surely attend him in tho
wider sphere of action on wliich he has
Our despatches this morning say that
Lord Charles Beresford has arrived iu
Pekin. He was sent out, not as the
telegram says by the government, but*
by tho London chamber of commerce,
probably tho most influential body in
the world. With an able and outspoken Imperialist like Lord Charles
Beresford in China, with Lord Salisbury's firm attitude with regard to
Fashoda, and with the cordial support
of the English liberals at home it
seems probable that tho British gov -
eminent is about to take a firm siand
such as will astonish the world iu
general, and France and Russia in
We read that Mr. Ogilvie brought up
the gamblers of Dawson aud fined
them, but we do not hear that he ordered public gambling houses to close.
Tho provincial exhibition which
closed on Thursday is reported to
have been most successful. The peoplo generally will be glad to hear this,
as it was feared that the calamity
which befell the city a short time ago
would have had a bad effect upon the
attendance and the entry list. Both,
however, proved satisfactory and New
Westminster now rests contented over
a work well done.
It is odd to think that French naval
vessels visit the shores of Newfoundland, a British possession, land crews
and knock the people about who are
engage in the lobster fisheries. The
French do this under the treaty which
gives them shore rights on certain
parts of the coast. Recently they put a
stop to miuiug operations on the
coast. It is not surprising that the
British subjects of Newfoundland
ask, "Under which flag?"
The court at Great Falls has ordered
the return of the abducted Chinese
girl to her rightful owner, but uothing
is said about the |400, which Wong
Sang presumably retains. That, Chinese smuggler and general grafter
i-ems to have got off very oasily, for
he will not mind a few days in jail.
Altogether, for anyone who desires to
abduct girls, steal money and other-
Wise break the laws, it would seem
to I e best to be a Chinaman,
Gambling could not be suppressed in a
mining camp it is true, but professional gamblers can be suppressed anywhere, for they are vagrants under
tho act aud vicious persons. But
rather than bring them up periodically
and (iuo them as seems to be Mr. Ogil-
vie's plan, would it not be better to
charge them a small monthly fee, cr
lot. them carry on business on the
weekly paymont   plan.
The Turk has been ordered to got
off the island of Crete and it goes
without saying that ho will comply.
The Sultan's tenure of office seems to
be drawing to a close and his throne
is so insecure that tho work of removing it will bo a mere pushover for
some power, probably Great Britain.
The boot and shoe manufacturers of
Quebec have made a strong protest to
Sir Wilfrid Laurier against reciprocity with tbe United States. Probably
tbey fear that if American shoes are
admitted free to this market tho native manufacturer will not last.
Paris, Oct. 17.���A semi-official note
issued this eveniug says that the statements to the effect that the French
warships which are being placed on
the war footing have been ordered to
Brest, is incorrect, and it is added
that undue importance has been attached to the incident.
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Don't Let the Moss Grow on Your Feet
Keep Abreast of the Times, That's Our Motto-
Next week you will find us in our new quarters, just one door east of the
old premises, where we will be in a better position than ever to cater to   and
supply the wants of our many customers, both in the line of close prices and
prompt attention.
We have been neglecting some of onr customers during the past week, having had two carloads of goods lying at the station awaiting tho completion of
our new premises before unloading, thereby causing a little delay on the part
of filling orders. However, we are pleased to say that thc goods are all in our
warehouse now and next week we will have them on our shelves, disposable
at the same low prices as have always prevailed here and brought our name so
prominently before the careful buyer,
To the Private Families
We wonld say that our stock will be the finest and most complete in B. C. in the line of Fancy Groceries, Biscuits, Bottled
mid Canned Goods.
To Close Buying Mining Camps
We would say that our stock is larger than ever in our line.
See our warerooms. A glance over this department will convince you that ne are your money savor. Our prices are so
that we defy competition where full weight and honest measure
is considered,   ('all and get acquainted with us anyhow.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Pursuant   tu   "< 'rcilllom  Deeds Ael" mill
Amending Acta.
_L^I Thomas VV. Gray, of Nelson, British Columbia, mill owner, hns, liy deed bearing date
the 16th day ot September, A. II., 18I-8, assigned all his personal estate, credit m and effects which may bo seized and sold under execution, and all his real estate, to Thomas Martindale Ward, of the said cily of Nelson, agent,
iu trust, for the purpose of paying ratably and
proportionately and without preference or
priority, tho creditors of the said Thomas W,
Gray, iheir just debts,
Tho said deed was executed ly the snid
Thomas W. Gray, the assignor, and
the said Thomas Murtindnle Wnrd.the trustee,
on the 16th dav of September, A. ll. 1898, and
the said trusteo has undertaken the trusts
created by the said deed.
All persons having Claims against the said
ThomasXV. Gruy aro required on or beforo tho
Cth day of Oclober, A. li. 18118. to deliver to the
said trustee full particulars of the same, duly
verified by Statutory Declaration, together
with the particulars of tho security, if any,
held by them, and all persons indebted to the
said Thomas W. Gray, are required to pay tlie
amounts due by Ihein to tho snid trusteo forthwith.
And notico is hereby given lhat after tho
said lith day of October, A. I). 18118 thc trustee
will proceed to distribute the nssots among Ibo
parlies entitled thereto, having regard only
to Ihe claims ot whieh ho slmll then iinve hud
Solicitors for tho Trustee.
Hated at Nelson, B. C. this 16th day of  Sop
teniber. A. IL. 18118.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling', Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R. STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
Stewart's Heaters
A carload of Coal Heatersdirectfrom
the Factory  arrived  on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful Httention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome incuts and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
p. burns & co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer und Porter.
Drop in   and  see   us.
B. C.
For   New   Goods, Gloves,
Laces, Silks, Drapes,  Corsets call on
Mrs. McLaughlin,
uk.ti.   estate and   ivsiitiMi; agent
Valuable Baler Street and other excellent property for sale,
oni cr Turiirr-Horrhli Itlork. Nelson, D. C.
Official Directory.
Ciiuhcii of England���Matin 11a.m.; Kvon
Song. 7.HO p.m. every Sunday. Holy ('(milium. .
Ion un 1st. nml ,1rd Sundays in the month nfter
Mill ins: on 2ml nml 41 li Sundays, at 8 n.m.
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rev. H. S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Phkbbvtkkian Church���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayor meeting Thursday evoning at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society moels overy Monday ovening at 8 o'clock. Rov. R. Frew,
Pastor. .
MRTHODIBT Church���Corner Silicn audi
Josephine Streets. Services at 11a m. and 7.301
p. in. ; Sabbath Scliool, 2.30 p.m.: Prayor meet-1
inn on Friday ovening at 8 o'clock; Epworthl
League O, li., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Her. John I
Robson, Pastor, I
Catholic Church���Mass at Nelson, flrstL
and third Sunday at Sand 10.00 a.m.; Honcdic-**!
I inn at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Rev. Father Ferland,]
BAPTIST Church ��� Ser' leea morning and
oveningat 11 a.m.and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening nt 8 p.m.; Meeting*
are held in the school houso. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Rev, O. It. Wolch, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street
Adiiilmil Millner in charge.
NELSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. & Aj
M. moets socond Wednesday in orcI|
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lknnox, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge!
No. 10, meets overy Monday nightf
at  their   Hall,  Kootenay ���feetj
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
A. II. Clements, N. G.       Fred J Squlros, Soc.|
.NKLSON LODGK No. 25, K. ot Pi
Kiimeets in Castlo hall, McDonald blocl
slovcry second and fourth Tuesday eveil
Jing at 8 o'clock. All visiting knightf
''cordially invited,
It. G. Jot, C. C.
18201 Cko. Robb K. of R. and S.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O. G. T.      Meets
Castlo Hall, McDonald Block, every Mondrl
evening  at 8 o'clock.    Visiting Templars col
dlally Invited, John Tklkobd,   r
Chief Teraplar.l
J. F. Jacobsor   Sei|
-��=��&.        NELSONS   QUKKN    NO.    .
Iff      ^��   SONS     OF     KNGLAND,   niee]
second and fourth Wednesday
each month at K. of P. Hall,
Donald Block,   cor. Vornon   ail
        Josephine Btreets.   Visiting bretj
rn cordially invited. Ernest Kino,     \
Chas. H. Farrow, Worthj PresldeiJ
1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month in tl
K of V Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. P O. R.; Jl
Green, C.R.: J. Purklss, Secy.
every  Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hall.    G|
Williams, M.W.; W 8 Smith, Reo.-Seo.; J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Receiver
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 1692 meets in the I
Donald  block every Thursday evening
o'clock.   Visiting members cordially i��Tlt|
JohnToye W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.8. ....
A. Nelson Man Gets the Gold
Only an  Hour  and  a Talf to Make His
Preparations��� l Patty of Friends
S��e Him Off.
There was considerable excitement
ut 'Oio 0. P It. station yesterday even-
inn tlio timo thn (5:10 train was due to
leave. The occasion of the gathering
was to say good bye to E. 0. fc'eukler,
member of tlio firm of Bowes & Henk-
,.ler, who   left   Nelson last night.    In-
* quiry as to the cause of his going
elicited the information that Mr. Senkler has been fortunate to secure no loss
nu appointment than the gold conimis-
sionership of the Yukon, vice Mr. Gor-
* don Hunter who han resigned.
It appears that  about  5 o'clock yesterday afternoon   Mr. Senkler received
' a telegram advising him of his appointment,    and   instructing   him   to
��� proceed to Victoria forthwith. Mr.
Senkler thus had but nn hour and a
half to pack up and make all his preparations, but he managed to do it
thanks to the courtesv of tho C. P. K.
officials who held tho train for him for
a few minutes,
Mr. Bowes, the new gold commissioner's lato partner was away from
Nelson yesterday and knows nothing
about the promotion of tho junior
member of the linn. The appointment,
it is understood, came as a surprise
to Mr. Senkler as well as to his
Mr. Senkler will proceed to the scene
| of his new   duties   as   soon as prncti-
I cable.
Among   llie party who saw tho new
[gold   commissioner   off  Yiore  Messrs.
IiA. H.  Buchanan   and   Brown, of   the
[Bank of   Montreal,   A.   M.   Johnson.
iJohn Elliott  and Dr.   Symonds.   Mr.
[Elliot got on the train to accompany
'iiini as far as Robson.
|The Condition of tbo Cubans is Not so
Bad as Has Been Said.
Havana, Oct. 17.���Industry and
lommeroe continue at a standstill.
IMany planters and merchants who
���recently returned horo anticipating
���n early resumption of business aro go-
I ng abroad again to wait until affairs
lire settled. They do not dare to embark
, n business ventures or risk a cent in
j he present unsatisfactory and indoli-
I'lito condition of politics on tho island. In the meantime tho country
llaily grows poorer. The sugar and
[obacco crops are unsown.
That the condition of tho Cubans is
liot so desperate or black as painted,
luitside the fact that tliey arc short of
lations is confirmed by Colonel Rowan
Ind Lieutenant Parker, who after
grossing the island fivo times, covering
���000 miles,and visiting many insurgent camps in the island, report that
lie men in the camps aro efficient,
ell disciplined nnd officered by men
a high ordor of intelligence and
lluciition. Prom these men who have
[niggled and suffered for three long
Bars for idoal of freedom, resistance
to be feared to any solution of the
-olilom not having for its basis inde-
' udeuco.
iioudon, Oct. 17.���-Sir Henry Irv-
Ig's physician announces that he will
lit bo ablo to appear on the stage for
Jo weeks. He is suffering from
lurisy and requires a complete  rest.
Condensed News of the Happenings of tho
Week In and Around  Our Busy
(ity and Kootenay.
Tickets are selling rapidly for the
Lely concert to be held in the Presbyterian church on Thursday evening.
Iu the Ymir camp there are at present about 240 men at work in the hills
within a radius of 10 miles of the
William Swartsfinger last week
struck a lead of 10 feet of ore on the
Star claini on Eagle creek slope next to
the Eureka claim.
The C. P. R. have arranged to make
extensivo improvements at Laggan,
including the erection of a slone five
stall round houso.
Tho young peoplo of the Presbyterian church will meet tonight to reorganize the Y. P. S. C. E., a large attendance is desired.
The ladies of the Roman Catholic
church will hold their bazaar and
salo of work next week, particulars
of which will appear later. *
Several Nelsonites wont out on last
night's train to view the Smith-
Burley glove contest at the International music hall, Rossland.
Attention is drawn to the advertisement of D. McArthur & Co., which
appears in this issue. The firm is
offering especial bargains in furniture,
carpets, etc.
Tho youngest town in the Boundary
country is Minto, nt the foot of
Christina lako, near Cascade City. It
was named after tho new governor
geuend of Canada.
Vernon W. Smith has boon gradually increasing his force on his contract on tho Robson-Penticton branch
and now has 125 men at work on his
mile and a quarter contract near McCormick's landing.
It is thought that by January 1,
1809 a land telegraph line between
Dawson City and Skagway will be
built, and as soon as possible thereafter tho latter place will be connected
by cable with Vancouver, and through
it with the rest of the world.
A company has been organized to
supply the mines of Rossland with
compressed air nnd the plant is to be
located on Beaver creek about four
miles below Trail on the east side of
the river. F. A. Heinze is one of the
promotors of the scheme.
Barney Wilson, t;he well known
violin player, tells a representative of
the Miner that there is a sidewalk on
Silica street that is four feet high.
He is ready to go to court and substantiate the above statement as he claims
to have lenruod tho facts by experionce.
Conductor William Elson of tho C.
f. R. at Kamloops spent yesterday iu
tho city. Mr. Elson is well known
in Nelson having boen in charge of
tho first train that came into tho oity
ovor the Robson branch. He is interested in the Conductor mine in the
Dr. Spencer continued the special
services iu the Baptist church last
night and preached a good sermon on
tho Ten Virgins to an appreciative
audienco. The doctor also sang a solo.
He will speak tonight on the subject
of the "The four rich Fools. " Service
to commence at 8 o'clock.
Two men, McCauley and William
Dove, of McRae's lauding,! on Christina lako, were arrested last woek for
selling liquors along the tote road
without a license. Thoy were tried
in Grand Forks   and   fined
Judge   Forin   went   to    Revelstoke
yesterday evening.
W. W. JLeacb of the geological survey
of Canada is at the Phair.
Z>. flfocBrtbur & Co.
At Reduced Prices for Cash to make Room for new goods
Ihen Her Heart is Set on it
I'oinan  is sure to obtain just what
lhe Perfection Cook Stove which is
I leader this season, is just the one
llelight the good housekeeper.
Is construction is perfect. It proles the greatest amount of neat
Tn tho smallest quantity of fuel and
te are fow parts liable to break or
lout of order. It is one of the best
les on ths market at the price.
importers of
fnts, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
R. McGuire, manager of  the
Gibson mine, is at the Hume.
D. Y.   Camp,   chief   electrician   of
the O. P. R., left   last   night for  the;
coast. j
D. McLeod, purchasing agent of j
Mann, Foley Bros. & Larsen, is in '
J. M. Harris, manager of the Reco
mine at* Sandon, is ou a business visit
to Spokane.
George Tunstall, agent for the Hamilton Powder company left last night
for a short visit to Rossland.
The Hon. E. Dewdney, ex-lieutenant
governor of British Columbia, left on
yesterday evening's train for Victoria.
J. O. McLeod, superintendent of
the railway and steamship mail service left yesterday ovening for Rossland.
Among those registered at the Hume
are Andrew J. Murphy, New Denver;
L. G. Honderson, Victoria; Randall
Davidson, Montreal.
Among those registered at the Hume
are C. A. Griffiths, Toronto; A. M.
Lucas, Kaslo; W. W. Law, Grenwood
City; Raoul Green, Sandon, and E.
S. Ironside, Trail.
Among those registered at the
Queen's are J. P. Cheiiier and E.
Riouv, Sudbury; J. R. Wood and W.
S. Clarke, Silverton; Mrs. Sutherland, Kuskonook; H. K. Livingstone,
E. Casey, A. D. Smith and S. McOr-
nioiid, Brooklyn.
A. N. C. Treadgold, who has recently returned from the Klondike,
which he has been visiting in the interests of the London Mining Journal
is at the Phair. Mr. Treadgold declined to speak for publication, as his
roport is not yet in.
$15.00 and up
30c per yd.  and up.
Bedroom Sets
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug
Carpets, Ingrain
Full line of Household and Office Furniture at a liberal discount.   Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
A Ymir Property   Which  is Showing
up Well Under Development.
At the Dundee mine in the Ymir
district a concentrator of the daily
capacity of 50 tons is being erected. The
concentrator will be equipped with all
the latest improved machinery including rolls, trommels, jigs, sizers, concentrating tables, buddies, etc. All
the abovo except the tables and buddies will be driven by steam power,
with two 35 horse power boilers and a
IiO horse power ougino. The tables and
buddies will be driven by an electric
plant the power of which is derived
from water. The mill is 85 feet by 40 feet
with an engiuo room of 40 feet by 25
feet. A tramway 1530 feet in length
connects the mine with the concentrator which will be in running order
about November 18. The Dundee
group of claims includes the Parker,
Lightheart, Old Bill, Klondike and
White Pino. The work on the claims
consists of a shaft 250 feet deep with
a drift east on the 200 foot level for
100 feet all in ore. At this depth the
vein is 18 feot wide between the
walls. The west drift at this level is
in oro seven feet wide. Stoping is
going on and ore is being hauled to
the Ymir depot for shipment.
no extra chargo being made for the
lecture administered by tho justices.
Alexander Lucas, of Kaslo, provin
cial organizer for the conservative
party, in British Columbia, is in the
city after a visit to the coast cities.
Mr. Lucas states that British Columbia is largely conservative and that
the prospects are that party will carry
the province at the next election, either
provincial or Dominion.
f: Fred Williamson and E. Costley
were in the city yesterday procuring
supplies for a force of men who are
going to work on the Aaron's Rod
group of claims on Lower Arrow
lakes. There is 390 feet of tunnelling
done on the property and the showings
indicate that it will in the near future
be a shipping mine.
The Canadian Geological survey
places the total value of the mineral
output of the Dominion last year at
128,000,000, an increase of over$fi,-
000,000 over the previous year. The
output ir, divided as follows among the
principal mining provinces: British
Columbia, 110,455,268; Nova Scotia,
$0,000,000; Ontario, 15,000,000; Quebec, $2,008,206; North West Territories and Yukon, $3,000,000.
The Ontario government has provided by ordor-in-council that Empire day shall be observed May 28, of
each year, or the day before the
Queen's birthday. There will not be
any holiday in the schools, but iu
places of the ordinary exercises the
scholars will rocito patriotic selections,
and the "old flag" will be conspicuously displayed. The function is to
be open to parents and friends of the
On the Bullion group of three claims
1}2' miles up   Quartz   creek,   development work is progressing rapidly. There
aro a number of ledges running across
$15  each, ' the claims   each   of which have   beeu
D. McArthur & Co. are offering
some bargains in cheap carpets.       *
MISSING���One female St. Bernard
dog, answering to name of "Lady,"
Anyone retaining her after this notice
will be prosecuted.
D. McArthur & Co. are clearing
out for cash a large stock of bedroom
sets and Wilton rug parlor sets to
make room for new   cods. *
uncovered at different points. In the
115 foot shaft, two feet of clay and
talc has been struck, which indicates
that it is a fissure vein. The rock is
highly mineralized and runs from $15
to $20 per ton. Two shifts of men are
now at work.
Geneva papers contain particulars
of the new Simplon tunnel, which is
to be bored through part of the Alps.
The works will consist of a tunnel
of a single course of 19,780 metres
(about 64,780 ft.) and eventually a second tunnel, seven metres distant from
the flrst, paraloll with it and connected by transverse galleries.
The work will occupy five years aud
a half, and the total cost will be 58, -
820,000 tr.
Tho rock cutting machines are made
on a new model, and will be able to
penetrato nt the rate of five metres
every 24 hours.    	
Ernest Torry who went out in tho
mountains about a month ago, with tho
intention of trapping for the winter,
died at his cabin in tlio Macaroni
basin on Wednesday last. Mr. Terry
built a cabin beforo boing taken sick
on Whito GrouBe mouutain and in it
he was found in a helpless condition
by Mr. Hooker who happened to be
passing that way and called at the
cabin. Alex. Asselin wns left to attend to Mr. Terry while Hooker came
to Nelson for help. On Mr. Hooker's
return with medicine, Mr. Terry was
removed on a stretcher to Macaroni
basin where ho died noxt day. The
remains wero given decent burial and
the place of interment was marked
with a cross giving tho name of deceased and date of his death.
New York, Oct. 17.
Mexican   dollars,   10% ;
cates, 59% to <S0%.
Bar silver, 60;
silver certifi-
Tho following aro tho prices of groceries, provisions,etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is tho intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected overy week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in the city :
Ogilvie's Hungarian per 50 lb sack.. 1 75
Lake of tho Woods         "              .. 175
Snow Klnke per 60 lb sack  1 50
dra lit
Wheat per ton  32 00(��35 00
Bran perton  2(IOO(ic22 00
Ground feed per <on  26 00ia28 00
Corn (whole)      "        20 00w28 00
Corn (cracked)   "         27 00W30 00
Oals                    ���'         30O0W32 00
Oatmeal per 10 Itm  40��    50
Rolled oats (B & Kl  05
Rolled oats 111 Sc K) 811, sacK  40
Ilny (baled) per ton  19 (KX320 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs  1 00�� 1 25
BoctB per lb  2!
Cabbage per lb  2.
Cauliflower per lb	
Onions per II)     03
Cucumbers  05
Salmon (smoked) per tt>  12JO    15
Oysters Olympian) per qt  80
Oysters (Eastern) per tin  00
Cod per 11,  08
Halibutportb  124��    15
Smeltspertl  12J@    15
Fn rm Proilucr.
Eggs per doz  25
Bui ter (Creamery)  25<a    30
Butter (Dairy)   20��e    25
Cheeso CCanadian)  13W   17J
Choose  Swiss)  20��    30
Ham (American) por It,  16
Hum (Canadian) per II,  15
Bacon (American,) per lb  15
Bacon (Canadian) per lb  11��    10
Bacon (rolled) per lb  12��    10
Bacon (long clear) per lb  124
Shoulders per lb  12*
Lnrdperlb  12J
Beefpcrlb  8��     15
Mutton per lb  10��    18
Voalperlb  15��    18
Perk por lb  12J��    15
Bananas per doz  40��    50
Lemons (California) per doz  35��    40
Oranges (California seedlings)  40��    50
Melons (each)  25��    00
Crab apples per lb  05
Apples  04
Tomatoes  08��    10
Grapes  121        IS
Peaches  08
Pears (Bartlcttsl  08       10
Pears (small green)  0(1        08
Plums (greengage)  05
Plums  04        05
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Asvoo. Cornwall.)
Until further notico no passengers will be
carried over tho line of the Crow s Nest  Pass
railway betwoen Kuskonook and Cranbrook.
Tenders will be received by tho Hudson's
Bay Co. up till noon on Saturday, Oct. 22 for
thc construction of a brick and stone building,
three story and basement, on lots at corner of
Baker and Stanley street a.
Plans and specifications mny bo seen nt tho
Hudson's Bay Stores. N. T. MACLEOD
4*]* Harry Nickerson*
JEWELER ��� ��� ��� ���
Josephine St. Opposite Clarke Hotel
JD. McArthur & Oo. are opening
up a fine assortment of rattan goods.
See them I *
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. You will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Oo,
Opposite Pliuir Hotel,
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
A Flrat Class in every respect I
X t
^     Do you want n good Square meal for
l    25 CENTS?
���     DINNER 12 TO 8
| Eastern  Oysters x
A received daily ���
��� ���
j    Cooked Any Style.     X
+���������������������*������������������������������������ ���������������!
I Y. HOSHI - Proprietor. X
Aberdeen Block j
Three Offices en suite large,
well lighted, facing Baker
3       Two Single Ollices.
Victoria   Block
Three Offices, en suite.
One Office.
Two   stores,   facing   Josephine St,    Apply to
Room 1 Victoria Block.
C. W. WEST & CO.
will fill   no   orders   for  Wood
Coal or Lime unless
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will be put into the hands
of a collector.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. \V. J. Astley, Itobson street
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
WANTED-A waiter. Apply between 11
and 12 in thc morning to the Steward, Nelion
Club. 133
Old papers at Tiik Miner "office.   25 cents
per hundred,
, -	 THE MINER   TUESDAY, OCTOBER  18,  1898.
A Large Crowd to See the
Burley-Smith Contest-
He Did His Utmost ti Avoid Punishment
and Took the Limit Every
Time He Pell
in their exaggerated demands, Senor
Sagnsta should address the European
governmouts asking arbitration at least
upon the points to which an agreement
could not be reached, hut, iu view
of tho electoral struggle now in full
vigor in the United States and of the
declamations of the jingo press, which
affirm without limits the rights of
the conqueror, it is safe to assume
that a request for arbitration would
l.e without avail and serve no purpose
other than loss of time."
Paris, Oct. 17.���Senor Agoucillo,
speoial envoy of the Philippine insurgent government, arrived at Havre by
La Tournine today and reached Paris
late this afternoon. He has apartments at the Hotel Continental ou the
snmo floor with tho members of the
United States peace commission whom
ho came to seo regarding the fate of
tho Philippines, but whom ho has
not yet met.
Rossland, Oct. 17���(Special to The
Miner)���The 10 round boxing contest
between Nick Burloy ani Coolgardie
Smith took place this ovening at* tho
International music hall. Hurley
was seconded by Cox Wlialey and Jack
McArthur, and Coolgardie Smith by
Lewis. Tom Hall was referee and Max
Carter time keeper.
Nick Burley had tho advantage iu
height, weight and reach, and is,
moreover, a clever boxer with considerable ring experience, having boxed
with such men as Sharkey, and other
stars in the Pacific coast fistic firmament. Ernest Smith, commonly known
as "Coolgardie," is a mining man
from Australia, where he won Iho
middle-weight amateur championship.
He won a fight in Rossland last
December, and moro recently vanquished the champion of tho North
West Territories at Dawson City.
Despite the odds against him thero
were many who fanoied Ooolgardie's
chances, remembering the cleverness
and dash shown in previous contests.
Comparatively little money changed
hands over the result, for, while there
was plenty of money to say that Smith
would last the 10 rounds, thero were
not many who backed him right out
for any amount of money.
Tho'fight was not a very exciting
one, as Smith, realizing in tho first
round that he could not. win, adopted
falling tactics from the outset. He
fell several times in each round, taking his full nine seconds on each occasion. He clinched whenever an
opportunity showed itself, and generaly availed himself to the utmost of
all the resources of ring generalship.
Notwithstanding all his efforts, howover, Jlia was badly punished, and,
his friends say, broke a rib towards
the end of tho fight, but he was still
on his feet when tho gong sounded at
the end of the lOlh round, so thc
contest was declared a draw.
The hall was packed   to   its   utmost
capacity, and though the mill was disappointing in a souse,   it   was  agreed
on all sides that the contest was a gen
uiue ono.
Warrant Out for His Arrest���He  Held
up a Train.
Kansas City,Oct. 17.���The grand jury
returned the indictment against Jesse
James, sou of tho noted outlay, Win.
Lowe, thc self confessed train robber,
Chas. Polk, Andy Ryan and Caleb
Stone, for holding up aud robbins a
Missouri-Pacific traiii at Belt line junction on the night of September 36.
Lowe and Ryan are already iu jail.
Warrants for tho arrest of the otliers
were immediately issued.
I Londou, Oct. 17.���The Constantinople correspondent of the Times,
j telegraphiug Sunday, says:
Two worn out war craft, patched up
for the occasion, have proceeded to the
Dardenelles to swell the naval escort of
Emperor William, and 24 Turkish
officers have gone thero on board a
yacht. Emperor William, on the
Hohenzollern, is exnected to reach the
Dardenelles this afternoon aud to arrive at. Pera, whero the German legation is situated, on Tuesday  nioruiug.
A fleet of tugs will meet the emperor of Germany in the sea of Marmora.
The German colony will go by a
largo steamer.
Paris, Oct. 17,��� The duchess of Devonshire, wife of the lord president of
the council of British ministers, while
ou board n train for Calais, bound for
London, lost a satchel containing jewelry worth ��80.000. Her grace left
the traiii at A miens and returned to
report her loss to thn police, lt is believed that thc satchel was stolen, but
there is no clue to the thief.
A   Passenger   Declares There Wore no
Officers About When Needed.
���Falmouth, Eng., Oct. 17.���The inquest upon the remains of the victims
of tho wreck of the Mohegan was adjourned today for a weok iu order to
allow of the attendance of a representative of tho board of trado.
Mr. R. Kelly, one of the rescued
passengors, created a sensation by declaring that (here were no officers about
except tho captain wheu they were
most needed lo supervise the launch'
ing of the bonis.
He Intended   to  Take Refuge   in   tho
British Embassy   at   Pokin.
Loudon, Oct. 17.���The Pekin correspondent of the Times says :
Princo Clung, president of the
Tsung Li Yamen, has informed Sir
Claude Macdonald officially that the
health of the- emperor is improving.
He declared that the empress dowager
is not opposed to genuine reform, but
only to such violent and impracticable
reforms as were hastily decreed. Her
majesty will proceed on lines more
adapted to Chinese conditions.
Tho Baptist mission at Sing Ngan
Fu in thc province of Shen-Si has appealed   for protection.
The Pekin correspondent of the Daily
Telegraph says:
It is said in the highest circles that
the emperor will bo formally deposed
on November Zi, the birthday of the
empress dowager, and that Prince
Jun, a boy of IH, will be named ns
his successor.
The Berlin correspondent of the
Standard says : The emperor of China
was to havo taken refuge at the British
embassy in Pekin, whence he would
have issued a proclamation declaring
the acts of the dowager void, but the
plan was discovered and frustrated.
Pekin, Oct. 17.���Lord Charles Bores-
ford, who has been instructed by
thc government with a special mission
to China, arrived hore yesterday.
Manufacturers of
Hnlr} on Hot Spring* Water Aerated nail
sn ppl lul to the Trade.
Snbscrible for The Daily Miner, it
costs you but One Dollar per month,
delivered at your residence.
Trading Company.
Summer Card. Effective June 20,1898.
Subject to change without notice.
The Spaniards Complain of Exorbitant
American Demands.
Madrid, Oct. 17.���La Epoca, the
conservative organ renews the suggestion of La Corrcspondeneia (independent aud semi-official) regarding arbitration botween tho United States aud
Spain.    It says:
"The negotiations at present arc going on without touching thc question
of tho Philippines, which is most ob-
scuro and which lends itself to gravest dissensions. Owing to the vagueness and lack of clearness of tho protocol tho commissioners are meeting
with serious difficulties. It has been
said that if his adversaries aro obstinate
South li'nil.   8. 8. iuterniillanul.   North b'nd
Dead down Read up
Train Lva 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   3.15   "      Kadlo     8 00   "        "    Lv
llout Lvs. 3.30a.m. Kaslo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"      "    1.30   " Ainsworth 7.30    "        "    "
"    5 (XI   " I'ilot Bay 6.45    "        "     "
"    5 30   "    Balfour    6.10	
"    Ar   6.40   " 5 Mile Pt. 5.25    "        "    "
"    7.15   "    Nelson    4.45    "        '���   Lv
Truin "   10.05 p.m. N'tliport 1.55    " Train   "
"     "   11.20  '��� Kossland 12.05 a.m.   "
"     "    3.10   " Spokano   8.30	
Sandon.Knslo train daily. Boat and Spokane traiii daily except Sunday.
H. n. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo    8.00   "        "    Lv
I Ion I Lvb 8.00   "     Kaslo     1.00   "      Boat Ar
"    6.20 "Ainsworth il.40 p.m.    "     "
"      "    7.00   " Pilot liny 11.00   "        "
"   10.00   "  Kuskun k 8.00   '	
"   12,00 m. Qont Elver 6 00	
"      "     1.00a.m.Boundary 5.00   "       "      ���'
"Ar K.I'd " B'rs Kerry 2.00 " " Lv
Train Lv 11.40  " B'ro Perry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.46 p.m. Spokane 7.60 a.m.     "      Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Bont, leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays and   Saturdays
ltoturnliig on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Mpii'lHl Kootenny Lake Service.
Commencing 20 June, 1808.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. 8
Alberta will icnvc Kuslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday. Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and  Kuslo,
calling at all wny points.
(All tinios are subject to change without notico.
Menls and berths not* included.
Passengors on S. S. International from Nol
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Bay, will connect at that
point with the S. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with pursor, havo stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect wilh 8. S. International
at Knslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootonay
Lako nnd Slocan points with hll points in the
United States and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenay Hivcr.
Tickets sold and  baggage checked  to all
pointB by pursers on steamers or at our office.
P. O. Box 122, Kaslo, B.C
A Large  Variety   below   the
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
Charles Tom. trading as Tailor and
Clothier, at lhe town of Oolden, in the Province of British Columbia, has by deed dated
thc lirst day of October, 18118, assigned lo me
ull his personal es'ate.creditsnnd eifects which
muy be seized and sold under execution, and
nil his ronl est at.o for the general benefit of his
creditors, pursunnt to tno " Creditors Trust
Iiceds Act."
A meeting of the creditors will bo hold ul my
oflice in tho said town of Golden, on Saturday,
the 22nd dny of Octobor, at Iho hour of two
o'clock in tho afternoon, for tho giving of directions with reference to the disposal of tho
All creditors are requested to forward full
particulars of their claims, duly verified, lo mo
on or before tho fifteenth day of November.
1808, after which date I shall proceed to distribute the assets among the parties entitled
theret-o. having regard only to tho claims of
which I shall then have had notico.
Dated at Golden, I!  0., October 1st, 1808.
���     K. A. IIAGGKN.
Fieai.cial Agent, Golden.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .   .
lii'nkrn Hill Itlnrk linker SI.
To Eastern and European Points.
To   Pacific   Coast, China,   Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets   issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland and Main Line points-
Kiiiitniuv Lake���Knslo It null'.
Stb. Kokanke
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
4   p.m.���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Kootenay Hlver Koute.
8tr. Nelson.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon,, Wed., Fri.
7 a.m.���Leaves���NELSON--ArnvoB--fi..10   p.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee in both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes call at
principal Landings in both directions and at
other points when signalled.
Train*  to-and from Sloean City. Sandon
and fdlocan  Lake Points.
(Sundays Kxceptud)
9 a. m.���LeaTCS-NELSON���Arrives-2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Rates
and full information by addressing nearest
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ttokot
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nolson
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouvor
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
Wo don't offer our goods below cost,
becauso we have no desiro to lose
money. Wo sell at prices which are
sufficient to pay for good material and
good workmanship. The siie and varioty of our stock enables ut to please a
customer both as to style and fit. Indeed wo are particular on these points.
Wo rather lose a sale than permit unsatisfactory garments to leave the
These values cannot bo surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
P     . STORE.
��^ Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ~>��
zrsrzErw" * g-ooids
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and General Agents,  Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE         r^y-Y
(Joiner Lot on Vernon St., with RuildiiiK. 12 Lota in Block
44F���Cheap.   2 Ia.Ib Cor. Josephine and Robson.
FOR RENT        -T--�����������������
2 Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., $12per month. Dwelling on Silica St,, near Cedur St.,.
$20 per month.    Mouse and 2 Lots, Houston St.  $15 mouth.
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
AVe have Two Claims on Rover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business;)
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
(Itor. cHiu-b & Demon $te.
flelson... vJ8. ffj
Finest Flo tel in tke Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Manager]
PABST : : :
1        A Trial   will   convincf
that the World's  Leading
Beer loses none of its gook
qualities by  being  bottle
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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