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The Miner Sep 12, 1898

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 Daily Edition No. 107.
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday Morning, September 12, 1898.
Ninth Year
<&t  REMOVAL  SALE %np
The first of October we move  into  the   Beer
Hlock, next to Jacob Dover, the Jeweller and
for tlie balance of September we will offer our
stock of
Boots and Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
So for your pocketbook's sake don't miss this sale.
Bargains that give you a " Glad I went there " feeling.
Stirring Events of the Past
Few Days.
Tho  Ozar's Proposal of Continental Tis-
armament   Opens   the Eyes of
Frenchmen aB to Iheir Ally-
London, .Sept. 10.���Tliat thore is no
close time in polities has been abundantly proved by tlio events of tho past
fortnight, a period during which tbo
statesmen wore supposed to bo enjoying their holiday, but which wit-
nesso.'i a series of world slinking public events.
The czar's pe.ieo receipt, tho tragical
re-opening of tbo D- yfus case, the
Anglo-German agreement, the re-
conquest of tbe Soudan, the massacre
of British troops in Crete and the dismissal of Li Hung (lining from tbo
Chinese foreign office, aro all compressed into the fortnight ending today
and all arc still as keenly discussed
as on the day which saw their birth.
The oloser the czar's proposal is
scrutinized, llie more ihe people aro
confirmed in the belief that, it is an
outcome of Anglo-American friendship, li is patent to overy one, and the
moro rapid will be the growth of
Anglo-American cordially, which has
been in tlio air fur a year past. The
Becrotary of state for the colonies, Mr.
Joseph Chamberlain,whon interviewed
on his arrival at New York, voiced tho
sentiment prevailing when he remarked that there was nothing peculiar
about the disarmament proposal coming from such u sourco ut such a
time. In short it is regarded here as a
lullaby intended to turn Groat Britain
back to the policy of drift from which
Russia's overt acts of unfriendliness
threatened to cause hor to diverge.
Much greater faith i.s placed in tbo
pending negotiations between London
and St. Petersburg, which presage a
friendly agreement in regard to China,
than in tbo czar's millenium,
It is difficult at a disatneo to realize
the heaviness of the blow tho Russian
Utopian proposal has dealt Franco and
Frenchmen. The latter now see how
I lightly thoir ally regards his obligations to them and all hopos and illusions in regard to the lost provinces
{have boon dissipated in a moment.
I The shock has boon so rude that
1 Russia bad deemed it* wiso to try to
[soften it by launching a suggestion
[for a compromise whereby Alsaco-Lor-
Iraine would be neutralized, thus establishing a zone botwoon Franco |aiid
���Germany and apparently removing the
Inecossity for extensive armanionts.
IThe scheme is equally as practicable
|as the ozar's peaco pyrotechnio.
French self-esteem will never con-
r.enrio give up its aspirations while
lerinany still holds to Marshall Von
Mobile's belief that Alsace-Lorraine is
jioccssory for the security of the west-
I'm boundary of the German ompiro.
|\   Spiritod   20 Mile   Go on the Manhattan Beach Track.
New York, Sept. 10. ��� Jimmy Michael, tho  Welshman, met his erstwhile
:onqueror, "Major"   Taylor, tho   col-
rcd   rider, in  a   20   milo   unlimited
iacod   raco   on tho Manhattan   Beach
icyclo track, this  afternoon and won
i good stylo.    Michael smarted under
ofoat by Taylor, two  weeks   ago,   in
lhe  best two out   of  three, one   mile
accd   heats, and he   prepared himself
irefully for tbo distance.   Taylor was
.unisy in his picking up  of   the pace
|ud lost it  during   the  contest, while
liohael'a every  move was  as perfect
S clockwork.    Both  got behind   their
aco immediatley and in the   first  lap
lylor gained 15  yards.    At   tbe   end
tho first mile the colored   rider  had
lined 00 yards. His time was 1.46 1-5
,d Michael's 1.60 2-5.   In the last lap
of the second mile Taylor lost his pace
and at the end of the second mile
Michael had pulled down Taylor's advantage to 10 yards. In the third
milo Michael got on equal terms and
soon gained 20 yards on his opponent
wbo had difficulty in keeping with
the pace.
Michael's mon worked together and
brought him to the rear of Taylor's
wheel in the seventh mile and on tho
next lap Michaels passed Taylor. Taylor was 11 2-5 seconds ahead at the finish of the fifth mile, but when the
next threo miles were covered Michaels led by 17 8-5 seconds aud continued to increase the lead in each succeeding lap. In the last lap Michael
was two laps to the good, while Taylor did not finish. The official verdict
of tbo judges was that Mieheal won by
a lap and a half and 110 yards, which
fully calculated is about lilOO yards.
Political   Affairs   in   Spain   are  Very
Much Complicated.
Madrid, Sept. 10.���The position of
the ministry has been greatly shaken
by the charges made today (Friday)
against the government collectively
and individually by Senor Caualejas,
editor of El Heraldo. and now recognized as tbo lieutenant in the newly
organized party headed by Gonoral
Polavieja. It is believed that Senor
Caualejas has documents to support
his accufa-rir.ns of thi iiicapactiy
against Lioutonant. Governor Correa.
minister for war, and Captain Aunon,
minister of marine. The majority of
the cabinet, listened to the speech and
tbo silence of tho ministerial deputies
was most* suggestive. A minister in
reply to a question as to the rumors
that a ministerial crisis was imminent, said it, was idle to conceal tho fact
that a crisis was inevitable and would
come next week, after the chambers
had adoptod the governments bill,
authorizing the alienation of national
territory   as a condition of peace.
Victoria, Sopt. 10.���Argument in
tho case of Arthur vs. City of Nelson,
known as the eloctrie light by-law
case, is closed. Judgment reserved.
Result will lw known in a few days.
Was'the Great Chinaman, Li Hung Ohang.
Dismissed From Office���At the Instance of Sir Chas. Maodonald.
Pekin, Sept. 10.���An imperial edict,
announcing that the emporor has no
further need of Li Hung Chang's services as a minister of the Chinese
office, was promulgated on Thursday.
It is a short, eout dismissal for which
uo reasons are given. He presumably
remains in office as grnnd secretary.
The news of Li Hung Chang's dismissal was uot unexpected. A growing distrust of tbe great Chinese statesman has been observed for some time
post among his colloagnes. It will be
a great blow to Russia, with which
country Li Hung Chang has faithfully served for months past. Whenever the foreign officers received the
British minister, Sir Claude Macdonald, iu audience, Li iminediateely visited tho Russian minister and reported
tho wholo proceedings to him. Thon,
lately there have boen indications that
Li Hung Chang was wholly in the
service of Russia, and on Saturday
last, in the presence of the foriegu
officials, Sir Claude Macdonald, reproached Li Hung Chang for his conduct and his dismissal from the foreign office was probably the immediate consequence. It is said that Russia
will strenonsly endeavor to bring about
the reinstatement of Li Hung Chang.
The courage of the latter gave him
tho leadership of the foreign offlco in
which he was the only minister prepared to vigorously answer harsh foreign demands.
A panicky feeling prevades officialdom here. The emperor is daily edict-
ing dismissals or promotions without
apparent causes. A new edict required
tho viceroys to send to the capital lists
of men capable of bearing arms. This
is looked upon as indicating the origin
of a militia on tho American model.
Fire Swept Fiercely
the Town.
LOSS,   OVER   $2,000,000
Only One Store Left and Only One Saloon
Churches,   Eesidences,   Stores,
Everything, Gone-
New Westminster, via Vancouver,
Sopt. 11.���(Special to Tbe Miner)���
About midnight Saturday fire broke out
in the neighborhood of tho Queen's
hotel, exactly how and where being a
matter of dispute impossible to settle
as yet. The fire brigade was called
out but before the firemeu got to work
the fire had enveloped the Queen's
hotel and was rapidly spreading to
adjaceut property. Tha appliances for
fighting fire though sufficient for an
ordinary fire were of little avail in
stopping a general conflagration and
that was what the fire speedily became. The water supply was totally
inadequate and it soon became evident
that the fire had tho mastery. From
house to house, from store to store, it
spread, westreward long the main
street and south towards Front street
and the water front, and structure
aftor structure went down before it.
Never was there such a sight on this
coast. The burning of Vancouver 10
years ago was nothing to this great
fire. The flames Bwept ovor hundreds
of acres, licking up everything before
them. It is impossible at this writing
to give a list of the buildings destroyed
or an accurate statement of the loss,
nor is it likely that it will be forthcoming tonight.
Between 250 and ,100 buildings were
destroyed, including churches, hotels,
stores, warehouses, workshops and
residences. 'From tho Queen's hotel
westward to the Royal^Plauiug mills
the fire made a clean swoop, leaving
nothing but ruin in its path. The
only store left is Harvey's on Front
street and Hogan's hotel is the only
saloon left in town. There aro many
hundreds homeless and penniless
through tho fire and prompt measures
of relief will have to be taken. The
disaster is simply appalling.
Great preparations had been made
for the holding of the provincial exhibition, the dato of the opening being
fixed for Ocotber 5. What effect the
fire will have upon the undertaking
remains to be seen.
nials from the government who seriously feared that if such overdrawn
versions of the affair obtained credence, Germany's friendly relations with
Russia would be endangered. The
most significant statement made was
by an official who has the full confidence of the minister for foreign
affairs, Baron Von Bulow. It was as
'' An understanding has been reached
between England and Germany on
certain points wliich have long been
under discussion and on some new
questions. The agreement is limited
and far from being of the wide reaching nature represented by tho newspapers. The reports in the English
newspapers are mostly guess work, the
wish beiug father to tho thought.
There have beeu old questions in dispute such as Poiidoland in southwest
Africa. These are now settled, besides other questions wliich might
have caused difficulty in the future,
such as Delagoa bay and a joint loan
to Portugal. The significance of the
agreement however, does not lie in the
importance of the subject matter, but
iu the fact that it furnishes the basis
for more cordial relations. The emperor's telegram was doubtless scut
after he had knowledge of the completion of tho agreement aud as indicative of his intent to carry out the
spirit of the new understanding." It
will be observed that the German
official carefully avoids the use of the
word treaty.
A high official tells the London correspondent of the Associated Press that
the agreement between Great Britain
and Germany was a necessary preliminary to their joining the czar's conference. In regard to the latter, a
member of the Russian embassay says
he does not look for an early conference and he admits the possibility of
the refusal of one of the powers to
join, in which case it would be
The foregin office says that the emperor's spesch at Porta, in which he
said a good army v, as the best assur-
.anco of peace, has been misconstrued.
It is added that his majesty, in bis
remarks, was in no way opposed to
the czar's peace proposal, which the
German foreign office construes as
merely a proposition to stop the further
extension of armaments.
Assassination ofthe Empress,
of Austria.
A Steamer on the  Route From White
Horse Rapids to Dawson City.
Victoria, Sept. 10.���Mr. James McAulay, of this city, arrived back from
Dawson today, having been one of a
party of 100 who took passage on the
river steamer Columbian on her first
trip to Whito Horse rapids from Dawson. The Columbian waa built at
Victoria for the Canadian Development
company, aud taken in by way of St.
Michaels. Though 150 feet long and
the largest craft that has yet appeared
on the upper river, she found plenty of
water Jill the way, but lost fire days
on sandbars through lack of information as to the channols to be followed.
The Anglican, owned by tho same
company, made a successful trip from
Teslin lako with a party of Canadian
troops, but returning was uuable to
proceod more than 70 miles up the
Hootainqua river. Thorefore, proceeding back down the Hootalinqua, sho
struck a rock 15 miles from tho mouth
(Aid was abandoned by the crow, who
returned to Pelly, whero they met Mr.
Maitland Kersey, manager of the company, he having boon a passenger by
the Colnmbia. The Canadian Pacific
Navigation company's steamer Yukon
reached Dawson on August 22, having
made the trip from St. Michaels in
eight days. Capt. Irving proposed
to take her back to St. Michaels.
Berlin Says the Agreement Is Limited
and Has Been Exaggerated.
Berlin, Sept. 10.���The news of the
important understanding arrived at between Germany and Great Britain has
caused a sensation. The matter engrossed public attention throughout
the week. The first reports were so
exaggerated as to  draw out formal de-
Break   a
Gas    Pipe
Montreal, Sept. 10.���Thieves visited
the house of W. Viner, second hand
dealer, 223 Carig stret, last night and
almost caused the death of Viner, his
wife and threo children. Viner woke
about !) o'clock in the morning with
a suffocating sense and desperately
rousing himself and opening the window found his wife and children unconscious. He called for assistance
and with great difficulty ail were resuscitated. Examination showed the
house had been entered by burglars
through the basement window and in
stepping down the burglars had broken
a gas pipe causing an extensive leak of
New York, Sept. 10.���The S. S. City
of Rome sailed at noon today for
Portsmouth, N. H. She had on board
94 officers ond men of Admiral Cervera's squadron. Some of these are so
badly wounded that they will never
reach their native land. Three were
in the throes of death when the vessel
swung into the stream. At Portsmouth the City of Rome will take on
board Admiral Cervera, his staff and
1400 of the Spanish naval prisoners.
Captain D. Victor Concas, of the Infanta Maria Teresa, and Captain Eu-
late, of the Vizcaya, are on board the
City of Rome.
Sept. 10.���At Brooklyn���Brooklyn 2,
Baltimore 1. Second game���Brooklyn
2, Baltimore 4.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg 10, Cleveland 9.
At Washington���Washington 4, Philadelphia 5.
At Boston���Boston 8, New York 6.
At Cincinnati���Cincinnati 1, Louisville 8.
At Chicago���Chicago 2,  St. Louis 4.
At Providence���Providence 6, Springfield 4.
New York, Sept. 10.���The certificate
of corporation of the great steel trust,
to be known as the Federal company,
was filed today in the secretary; of
state's offlco at Trenton, N. J. It is
tho largest company admitted under
tho laws of Now Jersey. Its paid up
capital is $200,000,000. An incorporation tax of $40,000 was paid to the secretary of state. The location of the
principal office of the company is 00
Grand street, Jersey City.
Ohieoutimi, Que., Sept. 10.���Two
Chicago reporters were drowned while
coming down Grand Discharge rapids
at a place called Laveche Caille. The
rapids are always portaged, but they
tried to come through against the
warning of their guides, who were
While  Walking in a Geneva Street  an
Italian Stabs Her to the Heart.
Arrest ofthe Aisassin-
Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 10.���The
Empress of Austria was assassinated
at the hotel Beaurivage this afternoon
by an anarchist, who was arrested.
He stabbed her majesty with a stiletto.
The Empress of Austria, wife of
Francis Joseph of Austria and King of
Hungary, was born December 24, 1837.
She was a daughter of Duke Maximil-
lian of Bavaria and was married April
24, 1854. It appear her majesty was
working from her hotel to the landing
place of the steamer about 1 o'clock,
when an Italian anarchist suddenly
approached and stabbed her to the
heart. The empress fell, got up again,
and was carried to the steamer unconscious. Thu boat started, but seeing
that the empress had not recovered
consciousness, the captain returned and
the empress was carried to |the hotel
Beaurivage, where she expired.
Berne, Switzerland, Sept. 10.���The
president of Switzerland and other
members of the government were
stunned with horror and grief when the
news reached tbe palaco that the em-
prees, so beloved by all Europeans, nad
fallen a victim to an assassion within
the borders of their country. They
immediately arranged to hold an extraordinary federal council on Sunday
morning, in order to consider the
measures to take against the assassin.
The latter must bo tried according to
the statues of tho canton in which
the crime was committed, which forbids capital punishment, and makes
life imprisonment tho severest penalty
which can be imposed.
When the Austrian minister, Count
Kuefstoin, was informed of the tragedy, he hurried to the palaco and was
met with expressions of deepest sympathy. As soon as a special traiii
could be arranged, tbe misinter started
for Geneva,accompanied by the deputy
prosecutor general, who took up the
case at once,his chief being on a vacation. Ho will hold a preliminary inquiry at Geneva at soon as possible,
and return tomorrow, in order to report
to the federal council. The federal
authorities had beeu informed of the
visit of the empress and they notified
the governors of the cantons that the
empress expected to visit, instructing
them to take special police measures
for her safety, if it appeared necessary.
They were not informed of her majesty's intention to visit Geneva, nor
were tbe local officials there aware of
her presence, as she was traveling incognito, hence the police are not
blamed, though the ^circumstances responsible for the lack of precautions
are widely regretted.
All Switzerland is profoundly stirred
with sorrow and indignation. The
papers of all the cities have printed
extra editions expressing horror over
the crime. Luecheui, tho anarchist
assassin, lived at Parma, Italy.
Vienna, Sept. 10 ���The news of the
assassination became known shortly
before 0 o'clock this afternoon. It
spread liko lightning. Tho streets
were suddenly filled with people, many
becoming impassable for vehicles. Extra editions wero issued by all tho
papers. Many Vienueso considered
the report incrcdablo until the semiofficial Wiener Abeudpost appoarod
confirming tbe statemeuts of tbo othor
papers. All tho papers accompanied
the announcement with warm tributes
to the dead empress. They woro
eagerly snatched from the bands of tho
sollers and read aloud to groups of
citizens. Au indescribable griof overpowers tho pooplo. The performances
at court, theatres, and the jubileo exhibition havo beon coucalled.
Victoria. Sept. 10.���Tho iron proporty of Mr. J. C. Anderson, at Sechart,
ou the west coast of Vancouver Island,
is reported to have been purchased by
a Chicago syndicate, whose representative returned from the wost coast
on the last trip of the Willipa and immediately proceeded to Chicago.
Montreal, Sept. 10.���Consul Rattray
telegraphed from Vienna that the
world bicycle meot next year will be
held in Montreal. THE MINER,  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1898
llie Jftiner.
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A great calamity befel the town of
Westminster yesterday and one which
will arouse the sympathies of tho
whole countrv. In a few hour.-; fire
swept away hundreds of homes and
Ncores of business houses, leaving their
owners probably penniless on tho
street. It is at such a time as this
that men feel their dependence one
upon the other and when assistance
freely and opportunely offered is doubly
valued. No appeal has come out from
the stricken town as yet, but it cannot bo tbat so great a disaster could
come without inflicting much Buffering, He that givetb quickly in aid ot
distress givoth twice. Should the
facts warrant it, and there is strong
belief that thoy will, ir would be a
praiseworthy act for his worship the
mayor and the members of tho council
to devise means of relief for those
who havo been so greviously smitten.
It may bo that the disaster is not so
complete as the despatches picture, but
the probability is that tho brief talc of
ruin which our special correspondent
tolls is in no sense an enlarged ono,
but, on the contrary, only half Ibe
truth. Euthcr particulars will ba in
through the day, and tlio J mayor
should learti the true condition of
affairs at once.
throws no protection whatever. He
left that to inference and that was
more eloquent than if he had entered into explanation. Certainly when the protection which is given what ave known
as the professions comes into mind, the
man who labors with his hands lias
cause to complain of the disabilities
under which he lies in Ibis respect.
Lawyers, doctors, dentists, teachers,
have tlieir special incorporation which
confers ou them far-reaching powers
in protecting themselves from (he
operations of those who havo not
sought membership in their very exacting orders. No doctor, lawyer,
dentist, or teacher can eome to this
province aud engage in professional
work without a probationary term of
residence, a special examination and
the payment of a largo fee,which must
be regarded as a tax on permission to
practice. But tho workingman has no
such protection under the law. Competitors with Iiud in his handicraft
may crowd in from the four winds,
from the pauperized districts of continental Europe or from thc congested
lands of Asia, and he has no protection
whatever. Overplus of labor means reduced wages and this is what the native workingman and those of his race
havo to endure from the unrestricted
competition to which he is exposed.
There is something dreadfully wrong
somewhere and it is in no way surprising that wage-earners grow restless and aggressive.
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Spain dates her commercial, and
cousenuoutly her political decline from
the expulsion of tho Jews by Ferdinand. That unstable sovereign hesitated at the perpetration of so groat a
wrong,and his hesitancy was strengthened by the offer of a large sme of
money by the Jews for revocation of
tho inhuman edict. But Torquemada,
manager of the Holy Inijuisition, went
to the King and remarked that. Juda
bad betrayed the Saviour for money
and the poor king become so terrified
that the Jews bad to go. It would be
strange if France's ruin should date
from the day of the persecution of the
Jew, Captain Dreyfus. Great and
astounding events often hinge upon
trivial and seemingly commonplace
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
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Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Mai kets in Eossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
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To the August number of tlie Canadian Mining Review Mr. Vi. tt. Johnson, B. A.; B. A. Sc., Slocan City,
contributed a valuable article upon
"Cyanide experiments upon dry ores
of the southern Slocan district. " For
the genoral reader the article would be
uninteresting if not unintelligablo, but
to many experts and mine owners with
scientific knowledge the information
contained in Mr. Jouhson's contribution is timely and valuable. Too
technical aud exhaustive for careful
analysis or digest 111 the limited space
at our disposal, we can only say that
Mr. Johnson, who has given much
application to the subject, sets down
in the Review the results of a series of
experiments extending over a period of
four mouths, which results he considers eminently satisfactory. The mode of
proceduro is gone into minutely, the
various processes being fully explaiued
and the tabulated statements establish
fully the economy of this mode of extracting from their constituents the
precious metals. The article, which
was evidently prepared with much
oare, is well worth pernsal by those
who fiud pleasure in following out ox-
act scientific experiments, while to
mine-owners in quest of processes by
which tlieir ores can he most profitably
treated the explanations and advice
given by Mr. Johnson must prove most
Perhaps as fine a speech as any ovor
delivored on this subject in this province, was that of Hon. Joseph Martin
on labor and trades-unionism at
Nanaimo on Labor Day. There was
one particular part of his address deserving of more than passing notice.
With a touch of satire admirably applied ho dealt with the legal profession, or rather tho law society, as the
most oxactiug trades-union in existence, a union strengthened at every
point by legal enactments which could
not bo violated without severe penalties to the offender. Mr. Martin did
not contrast this stato of things with
unionism in tho mechauioal trades
around which tho law in this country
The Scriptures tell us that in the.
last days thero shall be "wars and
rumors of wars ami nation shall rise
against nation" till all save lhe
chosen fow aro worsted iu the great
cataolasm of the end. Yet wo find
peaco societies and drearnors of universal peace crowing over the czar's
impossible projoct. The Scriptures
also say that in tho last days the Jews
shall go back to Palestine and re-establish thoir system of religion there.
Yet wo find the society for the chris-
tainissing of tho Jews spending thousands of pounds annually iu quest of
converts. Do not these mistaken
efforts of zealots look liko flying in tho
face of Providence.
Without wishing o he accused of exercising a carping spirit, we again
point out the ineffectiveness of the
electric light plant to light lhe city.
Tho council should make some move
iu the matter today. Thoso using
electric light are put to great inconvenience by the frequent failures that
have occurred of late and as they pay
for the light they do not get, they
consider that they are worthy of some
Lord Bacon took the view, and the
same idea i.s expressed by Shakespeare,
that a long peace was hurtful to a nation, just as loug inactivity is hurtful
to a man. But though Great Britain
has had a long peaco, the action of the
army in the Soudan shows that th
military arm, at least, has suffered 11
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Partridge rule, Wild Duck I'lite, [toned Cblcken. 1 ���< nml lur
l.i'.v.   Morton's  Kippered   Herring, Miioked   llnliliui.    NhmImU'*
miiIi'Ii Herring nnd t'liuiiiti llnilillv*.. Lobster. >i.i>i-i-i.  HRrdlnm,
sardines in Mutliird. rig* Fret alio i-unri*!*, l'lrkli-H. -t'tilsiini. Ikrt'ri*-
lugs, Soups,  >!���'., Fte.
Have you tried the Geneva Sausage in Tins, very tine.
Prompt delivery to nil parts ot lhe city and special attention lo Mail Orders.
Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regula!
prices und carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling', Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R. STATION     .    .    .
The Irishman usually has luck upon i
his side. Here's a whole cily burned
up and Hogan comes through with the j
only saloon standing in the place. No
matter what kind of a day it is for
the rest, of the world is it always a
great day for Ireland.
The Kosslander newspaper has suspended publication. Man's a vapor,
full of woes; starts a paper, up ho
Dreyfus may live nor only to overturn his enemies,but the entire system
which shields them,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
..FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Governor-General        -        Earl <��f Aberdeen
Premier        - - Sit Wilfrid LauMor
Member House of Common.", Dominion Parliament, West ICootonny Hewitt Hostook
Lieut-Governor - Hon T R Mclnnes
Premier - Hon Chas Soralln
Attornoy-Gonornl - Hon Joseph Martin
Mlnlslorof Finance - Hon FC Colton
Minister Mines and Education Hon J F Hume
Pres Exoculivo Council Hon Dr MoKecbnle
Member Legislative Assembly tor Nelson Hilling Hon .1 F Hume
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermen-Chas Hillyer. W F Teetzel, .1 A
Gilker, J J Malone, E P Whalley. Thos Madden.
City Clerk - - JK Strachan
Police Magistrate K A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKinnon
Chief of Fire Department . W .1 Thompson
Auiliinr - John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - T M Ward
Health Officer - - lir. Lnllnu
City Engineer - A. L. M'Cullooh
Oity oounoil moets evory Monday, 3 p.m., al
city hall, oor Viotoria and Josephine st ������
Dr. K 0 Arthur. Dr. QAII Hall, Geo Johnstone.   Principal   J It Groen.
President - J Hoderiek Robertson,
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
Secy-Troas. - John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vice-Pros. vv. a. Jowott,
Secretary D. MoArthur
Trciu. * J A Foi in
Modleal Sopt. . Dr. G. A I! Hall
S.iki p.m
8.3(1 a.m.
I.OO p.m
(1.00 p.m
I'nited States, Ontario, Que
beoand ICastorn Provinoei
Points on N. & F. S. line
Victoria and Rossland,
N'ew Denver. Sandon and
31ocan Luke Points.
Kaslo and Kootenay Lake
Rossland. Trail, Nakusp.
Robson, points on main lint
('. P. R��� Vanoouver ami
.1.1*1 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.(10 a.m.
officio nouns.
Lobby opened from 7 11.tn. lo 10 p.m.; General
Delivery, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.;  Registration. 8.30
turn, lo 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
lla.ni. lo I p.m.; Sunday I hour|1Q to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goepel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Keeorder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Courl. Judge
Inspector of Schools
O. G. Dennis
11 F Tolmie
Geo. Johnstone
John Keen
J A Forin
E T II Simpkins
William liurns
New York, Sept. io.���The commander of the Rough Riders who
fought so well in Ouba, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt,lias informed his friends
that he will accept, the nomination for
Kovornor of New York should it be
tendered to him by tho Saratoga convention.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
Warden Capt,N. Fitsstubba
First Jailor            ��� H. Liddell
Second Jailer Goo. Partridge
Third Jailer               - John McLaren
Senior Guard   R,Inco
Cnuncn ok England���Matin  n a.in.; Even
Smitf. ~.'U p in. every Sunday. Holy (Vminun-
ion im island 3rd Sundays iu the month afler
Malins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, at H a.m.
Sunday School nl :>.'M) n.ni. Kev U.S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and silica streets.
Pbbbbytrbian Church Services at n a.m.
and l.'M p.m. Sunday School at, 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thursday eveniriK at 8 p.m.;
Christian Endeavor Society meets evt*ry Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Kov. It. Frew,
Methodist   Chproh���Corner Silica  nnd
Josephine Streets. Services at 11 a m. nnd 7,80
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.80p.m.] Prayor meet*
fog on Friday evening at 8 o'cloek; Ep worth
League <\ K., Tuesdny at 8 a.m. Kev. John
Itobson, Pastor.
Roman Catholic Church���Mass at Xelson
every Sunday at Hand 10.80 a.m.; Benediction
at 7 80 to 8 p.m.   Kev. Father Ferland, Priest.
Baptist Ohuroh ��� Bor vices morning and
evening at 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer meet*
tag Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in tin; school houses, strangers <���< rai-
ully welcomed.   Kev. (j. K. Welch. Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street.
Adjutant Millner in charge.
NKLSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. meets socond Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox. Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenny Lodge
No. lii, moete every Monday night,
at   tlieir   Hail,   Kootenny street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invited.
A, II. Clements, N. G.       Fred J Squires, Secy
^ NKLSON LODGK No. 25, K. of I'.,
.'Alnoets in Unstlo hall, McDonald block
ISjevery second and fourth Tuesday even-
"ling nt 8 o'clock. All visiting Knitt-tl
cordinlly invited, '
it. (i. Joy, 0, C.
(iuo. Uohh K. of II. nnd B,
NELSON   LODGK,   I. O. O. T.      Meets In
Cnslle Hall, McDonald  lllock, every Mondtg
evening  nl 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor' ,
dlnlly invited, John TbLTORD,    / |
chief Templar.
J. 1'". Jaoobson  Sec'y
SONS    OK     KNGLAND,   meet.
second nnd fourth Wednesday of
eaoh month nt, K. of P. Hall. Mao
Donald Hlock,   cor. Vernon   and
Josephine streets.  Visiting broth*
rn cordially invited.        Kkneht Kino,
Chas. II. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meetl
1st nnd 3rd Wednesday in ench month in the
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. 8. C, R.I J R
Green. C.R.: J. Purkiss, Seey.
NKLSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet I
every  Thursday in the 1,0.O.K.  hall.     G  Cl
Williams, M.W.:  W S Smith, Rec.-Sec.; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Receiver and I
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1602 meets In tho Mc-L
Donald block every Thursday evening at 8]
o'clock. Visiting members cordinlly invited."
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Bindley, R.S. THE MINER, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER **, 1898.
���Iiiii'    Mention    <���<"   IlnpiM-iiliiKi   In   Hie
District Ihiring Hie Past
Few Dnys.
Claude A. Cregan, of Rossland, is in
tho oity.
Eugene Oroteau, mining engineer of
Yimr i�� in town.
Vi. H. Cowan, the contractor, is on
a visit to Nelson.
Oolonel and Doctor Kollar aro registered at the Phair.
Opening of fall jackets to-tlay at
P. Irvine & Co. 's.
John Keen, provincial assessor anil
collector, is in Nelson.
A meeting of (he hoard of trade will
he held this evening at 8 p. m.
Fall opening of ladies jackets and
capes to-day at V. Irvine & Co's.
J. Vi. Heywood and W. 0. Hepburn,
of the Arnot mine, arc in the city.
Ernest Kennedy, the well known
mining broker of Rossland, is in the
E. J. Matthews, superintendent of
the Pilot Bay smelter is on a visit to
the city.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Wilson returned
last night from a visit to the Halcyon
Hot Springs.
Dr. Forin has returned to Nelson
from a visit to his old home in Belleville,  Out.      .
Frank M. O'Brien, was iu the city
yesterday on his way to Brooklyn
from Kuskonook.
Dr. Iloves of Trail, is on a visit to
Nelson. He reports that things nro
hinking ii]) considerably in the smelter
Pred Irvine & Co. will hold,
to-day tlieir fall opening of
ladies capes, jackets and dress materials.
Vi. (1. .1. Stephen, paymaster on the
i Crow's Nest Pass railway, and D. A.
��� Smith,   assistant    paymaster,   are   in
I Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Turner leave
1 this morning for Spokano with Miss
Emma Turner, who is going to school
i in that city.
The government has been asked to
Ibuild a road up Forty-Nine creok, near
1 Nelson,to facilitate getting in supplies
I to the properties there.
Among     those   registered    at     the
JQueen's   are -W. H. C41a/.e,   Erie;   B.
(Diamond, Ymir Miner; E. Smith London ; and T. Connor, Kamloops.
On Saturday morning  Joe Paquette,
|iua nager  of   the   0,   P.   K.  tolegraiih
ollice, received the   sad   news   of   tho
Ideal li of his sister, Mrs. P. A. Calder,
fat Calgary.
P. E. Morrison, surgeon dentist,who
Ir ntly   bought   out Dr. II.  E, Hall's
Ibraotioe was taken to the (ieneral bos
��)ital yesterday, suffering from an   nt-
ivck of typhoid fever.
Tho return ball gnme between the
jlnme and tho Queen's hotel, which,
[t had been hoped, would havo been
played yesterday did not como off.
'.'here was. liowovor, a practice gnmo
|n the recreation grounds.
0. tt. Wallis, N. B. Bullou aud H.
|it. Bunihall, who have been in Nelson
i.i business connected with tlio Juno
(roup, left on Saturday for Kossland.
Messrs. Bullen and Kuniball  intend to
'turn to England next woek.
Among thoso registered at tho Hume,
pi tho  past   two   days   are T. Gates,
| Toronto; F. P. Wilson, Vancouver;
P. Vi. McArthur, Ymir; W. Browne,
Spokane; W. E. Davidson, Toronto,
and Mr. and Mrs. Nivin, Whitewater.
Among thoso registered at the Phair
during   the   last   two  days are R. C.
| Davies,   Quebec;   T.   Binney,   P.   D.
i Martin,   P. Mory,   San Francisco; J.
;0.   Adams.   Butte;   C. E.   Fradgley,
| Ymir; J. H. Calvert, Toronto; J. W.
Welch, Brooklyn.
There will be a public meeting held
in tho Baptist church this evening under the direction of the prohibition
committee. The resident ministers
will, with others, deliver addresses in
the interest of prohibition. Selected
music will be be rendered by the prohibition choir.
The body which wns found the other
day in the river near Rovelstoko has
been identified as that of Mr.
Spragge, barrister of that city, who
has been missing since Juno. Tlio verdict of the coroner's jury was accidental death by drowning.
Zinc ores aro wanted by a London
syndicate which has recently taken up
a new process of treating them, and
Arthur Brown, P. G. S., of Loudon,
is in Rossland for the purpose of examining and purchasing a large quantity of such oro for treatment at this
company's works iu England.
Tho Iron Horso mino in Rossland has passed into the hands of the
Montreal syndicate, consisting of
Messrs. Hosmor, Mackay and others
who have already mndo largo investments in Rossland. They control,
among other properties, the Monte
Cristo Consolidated, and the Virginia
mining properties. Tho purchase price
is stated to bo $100,000.
Opening of   fall   jackets   to-day  at
at P. Irvine & Co. 's.
Ithd inside or outside walls of your house
rest and pleasure fortius eye.
|f you havo decided on 1 lie slmdcN you need
���xleriur oriuterior decoration, permit us to
vour order.   Wo  have   PAINTS   ready
:od and also Dry Colors, Oils. etc.. to make
desired lone.   Tho quality is excellent, the
|irs being permanent and tno Oils ensuring
Tal durability-   . ,       , ���
��� Prices on these goods and Brushes of
description, is lnoucrato.
The Reason Why There was a Demand
for Candles at the Hume.
Thoro was tho usual Saturday night
crowd at the Hume. Gentlemen wero
scattered in groups around the office
Some smoking meditatively, some conversing, some shaking Winnipeg at
the cigar stand, while others strolled
about at elegant ease. Charlie Prosser
sat behind the desk struggling with
tho thousand aud ono thiugs that
absorb the timo and attention of the
up-to-date hotel clerk. Walter, the
boss of tho bell-boys, lolled in his
chair, for a long night of ups and
downs was boforo him. All was serene
and everything was lovely. Thero
wero sounds from the bar of
the preparation of mellifluous
mixed drinks and corks popped
merrily at intervals. Upstairs iu tho
parlor a numbor of ladies and gentlemen woro deep in the niceties of that
uoble game, whist. Throughout tho
appartnients tho guests wero writing,
or reading or reclining after a satisfactory encounter with tho culinary
It was 9:15
Some contend that it was only 9:10,
hut careful enquiry establishes the
correctness of the first quotation. Without a word of warning, without tho
faintest intimation of what it was
about to do, the electric light wont out
throughout tho establishment. There
were sweet but subdued shrieks from
the ladies, deep and damning imprecation from the men down stairs. Suddenly and simultaneously fifty-three
call bells crashed iu the oflice. Thore
was a hoarse whisper of "firo. " Bror
Prosser slipped from his scat and
counselled all to bo calm. As a pro-
cautionary measure, the night boiug
dark, he closed the safe aud gavo the
combination a friendly turn.
"Gentlemen," said he, out of the.
darkness, "thore isn't the least cause
for alarm. You need uot go up to pull
out your trunks. Tho portor will do
that in duo time. This is not a groat
conflagration, it is merely a snuff-out
which has como an hour and a half before its time and broken the record.
Again I assure you, there is uo cause
for alarm. This is almost a nightly
occurence and has como with such frequency of late that it uow only causes
anger wlioro it once caused astonishment. "
Not since ho gavo up ton good, big,
faithfully earned $'s for a baseball dinner did Charlie, speak
so forcibly and a murmur of approval ran through the anxious throng.
And he proceeded to ignito the emergency lamps ho keeps under the
Meanwhile, the call bells continued
to clang, and Walter, confused by so
many peremptory summonses, hurried
in to say that there was a wild waill
for more light throughout tho houso.
Lamps, suggested souieouo. Impos-
ible. Candles suggested another. "Wo
haven't any," suid Walter. "Go got
them" cried Manager Hume, "get a
wholo (rase."
And so tho guests at tho Hume went
hack to the ono-caiidlo power light of
their forefathers,and they watched tho
wicks grow long,thoy saw tho "letters
iu the candlo" of wliich tho song
speaks, and thoy remarked the liquid
grease guttoring down tho candle sides
and glueing tho dim torches to tho
tables. And they woudored how tlieir
fathers put up with this thing so long.
Then tho conclusion was forced upon
thom that ovon this huniblo light was
surer aud more serviceable than an
electric light which hasn't the strength
to go after 10 o'clock at night. Aud so
it was all ovor the city.
importers of
��avy and Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Mantle  opeuing at Fred Irvine   &
Co's., to-day.
Windsor, Sept. 10.���Win. Bradshaw,
an old resident here, is dead, aged 73.
He had been engineer on railway
transfers for many yenrs.
The     Iron   Mask   Sale���Items   Prom
the Slocan.
It is stated on good authority that
the Goodorham-Blackstock syndicate
have purchased the Iron Mask for $1,-
000,000. The deal has been pending
for i-ome.tinie. The deal Will,of course,
put an end to all litigation which has
been going on with the Centre Star
nntl that promised with the War
Assays of ore taken from the While
Sparrow and Torpedo groups, gave
seven ounces silver, $49 in gold, with
a good percentage in copper.
A ton of Slocan ore samples recently
shipped by the C. P. R. to Paris is to
form part of an exhibit which tho
railroad is maintiiiing in that city.
Tho steam hoist plant at the Jackson
mines has been put iu operation and
three shifts are sinking on the shaft,
at the bottom of which there is a good
ore showing.
The work of packing ore from tbe
Bosun to the lako shore was started
Friday, and shipments from the mine
will be made at regular intervals bero-
after. Tho property continues to improve ns work progresses, enough oro
being in sight to pay for the mine several times over.
Two new tunnels have been started
on the Maud E aud World's Fair of the
Noblo Five group. The work is on
the main lead, which this year has
been uncovered a distauco of about
2000 feet on tho west side of the
Fred Irvine & Co. will hold,
to-day thoir fall opeuing of
ladies capes, jackets and dress materials.
To the Editor of Tho Miner.
Sir:���The story of the reward which
the inveutor of choss chose from his
thankful master, the Persian Shah, is
woll kuown. His reward consisted of
oue grain of wheat for the first square
on the chess board, two grains of
wheat for the secoud. four for the
third, each square having double the
amount of the proceeding one.
Tho grand total for the (14 squares
would be 18,440,744,7110,709,551.615
grains of wheat, a number which a
great many of your readers will be
unable to read, much loss have any idoa
what the amount means. The number in words reads as tollows: Eighteen trillions, four hundred and forty-
six thousand seven hundred and forty-
four billions, seven hundred and
thirty thousand seven hundred and
nine millions, five hundred and fifty-
oue thousands, six hundred nnd fifteen
To transport this vast amount of
wheat would reqniro 1140 strings of
cars, each ono reaching round the surface of the globo, and then several
English fleets would be needed to
carry the surplus���if Mulholland's
statistics of the rolling stocks of tlie
railroads of tho world would bo taken
as a basis.    Yours, etc.,
Tho Hon. C. H. Mackintosh  Has  Acquired the Townsite of Deer Park.
Negotiations for the sale of the Deer
Pnrk townsite and a good deal of the
adjoining land which have been pending for somo weeks, culminated the
other day whon Mr. Mackintosh's offer
of $10,000 was acceptod. The sum of
$8000 was originally offered and refused, but after a good deal of dickering, the property changed hands at
tho price named.
Tho townsite was laid off aud platted
two years ngo by Colonel E. S. Topping of Trail, who owned a half interest, John, Julius and S. F. Peterson
being joint owners of tho other half.
The deal includes 1400 acres iu all,
taking in tho unsold lots in the town-
site proper, with the exception of 40
acres and five blocks wliich aro re
tained by the vendors, but ou which
Mr. Mackintosh nlso has an option.
The property includes three miles of
the lake front, and in places runs back
of tbe lako over a mile.
It has been stated that Mr. Mackintosh has made the purchase solely for
residential purposes, ns he desires to
have his family nearer tho sphere of
his business activities than Vancouver, where thoy aro living at present. It is also asserted that he intends
to erect a comfortable houso on his
new acquisition.
Shipments form Rossland for the
week euding September 10 were: Wnr
Eaglo, 1505 tons; Le Roi, 1688; Iron
Musk 160 i Giant, 16; total, 8874.
Tho shipments for the week are the
largest in tho history of tho camp.
The next largest shipments were for
tho woek ending July 80, when the
total output amounted to 8080 tons.
Mantlo opening at Frod Irviue &
Co's., to-day.
NOTICK IS HKKKBY GIVEN'that- an extraordinary meeting of the Shareholders
of tho " Exchequer Gold Mining Company,
Limited Liability,'' will be held at Its head office, on linker street, in the city of Nelson, B.C.,
on tho ini li day of September, A. II.. J898 at the
hour of eight o'clock in tho afternoon for the
purpoBo of
ID Considering; propositions for tho working and further dovelopemcnt of tho mines.
12) Ratifying a certain agreoment of tho 0th
Soptember, A. D��� 1898.
(3) Appointing Trustees and Offlcors for tho
said Company and to transact Buch further
and other 1 nisi n ess ae may come bofore the Buld
Dated this 10th day of Septcmbor, A. D.,
ir Ton llnve n Hobby for some particular
Medicine or Drug and dont liko to be offered a
substitute, coine here when you need a now
supply. We are pretty sure to havo lt. Everything that a well stocked Drug Store usually
carries, and a Ureal Mnny Things Besides,
can be found on our shelves.
The purity of tho Drugs sold by us nnd the
accuracy of our prescript Ion dopartmint insures to our customers just " What the Doctor
Canada Drug & Book Oo.
(AIMM. MFIME., II Min. Assoc. Ooniwail I
Opposito Phair Hotel,
NELSON. B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Kxtendod experience in Chilo and German
South Africa. Assays and analyals of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying nnd mine plans kept
up hy contract.
International Navigation k Trading Company.
Summer Card. Effective June 20.1898.
Subject to change without notice.
South b'nd.   S. s. International.   North b'nd
Read down Road up
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo     8 00   "        "    Lv
Boat Lvs. 3.30 a.m. Kaslo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    4.30   " Ainsworth 7.30	
"5 00   " Pilot Bay 6.45	
"5 30   "   Balfour   6.10	
������     Ar   6.40   " 5 Mile Pt. 5.25	
"    7.15   "    Nelson    4.45    "        "   Lv
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'thport. l.SS    " Train   "
"    "   11.20   " RoBsland 12.05 a.m.   "
"     "    3.10   "  Spokano   8.30    "
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Boat and   Spokano train daily except Sunday.
8. n. Alberta.
Traiii Lvb 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo     8.00   " "    Lv
Boat Lvb 5.00   "     Kaslo    1.00   "      Boat Ar
"     6.20  "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.     "      "
"      "    7.00   " Pilot Bay 11.00   "        "
"      "   10.00   " Kuskon'k 8.00	
"     "   12.00 m. Goat River 6.00	
"    1.00 a.m. Bonndary 5.00	
" Ar      8.00 " B'rs Ferry 2.00   "       "     Lv
Train Lv 11.40 " B'rs Ferry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokano 7.50 a.m.    "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenay Lake Service.
Commencing 20 June, 1898.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. S
Alberta will leave KaBlo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All times aro subject to change without notice.
Meals and berths not Included.
Passongors on S. S. International from Nol
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Bay, will connect at that
point with thoS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alborta, from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purBer, havo stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
Tho company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lnko and Slocan points with all points In tho
United Slates and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenay River.
Tickets sold and bnggago checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our oflice.
P. O. Box 122, Kaslo. B.C
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and seo   us.
B. C.
Manufacturers of
Halcyon lint Spring*  Water Aerated and
Supplied t* the Trade.
To Eastern and European Points.
To   Pacific,   Coast, China, Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets   issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To  Rosslnnd  nnd  Main   Line points
(i.lOp m.-Lea ves���NELSON-Arrivcs-10.:,0p,in
Kootenny Lake���KtMlo Itonte.
Stu. Kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
I   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
Kooienay Itiver lEoute.
Stu. Nf.lsox.
Except Sunday Kxcept Sunday
7 a.m.���Leaves���NKLSON -Arrives-10.30 p.m.
Outward connect ion Pilot Bay with Str. Ko-
kunee, but inward such connection is not guaranteed.
Steamers on their respective routes call at
regular Landings in hoth directions and al
other points when signalled.
Trains  to and from Hlocnn City. Sandon
nnd Sloean   Lake   I'oliils.
(Sundaj'B Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Present
Reduced Rates East
and ful) information by addressing nearest
local agent, or GKO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Trnv. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
Iii Carload Lo t
Slocan River Mills, Slocan City. B. C\
Sawmill for sale, Correspondence Solicited.
Repaired. Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
and Dyed by tho New PROCESS at
Roasonnble Prices,
STEVENS, The Tailor..
Room 9. Hillyer Blk.,  NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Dress floods Sponged
bofore Making Up.
For One Cent a Word?
You cnn find a buyer for "Any
Old Thing " if you advertise.
(iiissiflrd Advertisements.
All advertisements in is column are
1 cent a word each insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
^   i cc
���  ven
���������������*������������������������ ������������     ������������
WANTED.���Throe or four roomed house  in
central location.   Address Miner olllco.
WANTED-A situation as Engineer or Ma
chlnlst. Good rcfronccs. Address "K,"Miner
Office. 109
FOUND.-A Bmall key, National Cash Regis-
tor.   Apply "Miner" ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano organ nr
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Aslley, Robson street,
two doors wost of Stanley.   P. O. llox 180.
Experienced Tio Mnkcrscan get steady work
it Nakusp.   Apply Immediately to
NakuBp, B.C.
Baker Street.
Wanted���Furnished House.
2 Chambermaids
4 Girls for Houso Work.
10 Men, $2.25 per day.
J. H. Love. THE MINER   MONDAV, SEPTEMBER  ti,  1898.
Btauoes   connected with   Col.   Henri's
suicide, which, the Jews reniaric, was
1803       PROVINCIAL      1098
p��33 *3?*SSiS��S^eft��9����S����9eSiBS��SSS��9*fc?��?����-S����^**SS��S�� ess*
ceomplished   on   the day the  Zionist '   ,    '   sty r r -r~* j rr\ t /~\   |\ T    <$
The Liberte says tbe examination of Aii      l"l I N    E
lie doouraenta in the Drevfns case had | *������* ^1-lHUlHUll     <A
Threaten British Control o\
That Stream.
A French Force Reported at Pashoda on
the White Nile, South of Khartoum.
Gives  Alarm.
led (ieneral Z&rlinden, the raiuister
for war. to the conelusion that the
, prisoner is guilty as they did liis predecessors and that, consequently, the
general has declined to resume the
military governorship of Paris next
A semi-offloial note issued this evening, says tho minister for war has
handed to the minister of justice the
papers in the Dreyfus ease with the
definite opinion thereon. The counoil;
it is added, will on Monday decide
definitely upon the. course to be taken.
under Iho direction of
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of [Jritish Columbia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive i
'A   Tug
London, Sept. 10.��� Tlie dramatic
news reoeived from Omdurman today,
showing apparently thai Pnshoiln, oil
the White Nile, about -loo miles south
of Khartoum, has beeu occupied by a
white force, causes the greatest sensation hero. If, as there seems little
room to doubt, tho troops occupying
that placo are French, this will prove
a disastrous set back to the British
victories of the Nile and at ouce. disposes of the question of a British water
���way to the Upper Nile. Additional
evidence of the fact that Sir Herbert
Kitchoner expects serious and important events to grow out of this new
feature in thc African situation comes
this afternoon with the news that the
newspaper correspondents from the expedition are not allowed to proceed
to Fashoda, but havo been ordered to
return immediately to Cairo.
If the French should elaim to oxer
ciso authority over Fashoda either
Great Britain or France must back
down m order to avoid war. Successive British cabinets under Lord Beac-
onsfield, the late William K. Gladstone, Lord Roseberry and thc Marquis
of Salisbury, have warned France that
Groat Britain will consider interference in the Nile valley as a cause for
Great Britain took General Sir
Herbert Kitchener's victory very
calmly. General Kitchener will probably be given a grant of $126,000 and
will be made a viscount as a preliminary to elevating him to the peerage,
when he is expected to (ako the title
of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum.
Omdurman, Sept. 10.���General Sir
Herbert Kitchener, oomrcander of the
Anglo-Egyptain expedition, suggests
the estabishmeiit of an unseetariau college and medical mission in Khartoum
in memory of General Gordon, (ho
establishment to lie conducted by British tutors aud be maintained to educate the sons of Sheiks. They should
issue certificates (nullifying tlie holders
to fill government positions. General
Kitchener hopes I lie British public
will subscribe ��60,000 at least, with
whieh sum the college and mission
could oasity 'ie established,
Out   in   Two   in
Near Brooklyn.
The   other  evening
was leaving Brooklyn,
the    Darl
In conjuction with tho ff)
Citizen&'Granci Yearlu Cefebration �� _
<i PRIZES  ��
of om* Clothing i* gen orally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We (!��� nl offer our goods below cobt,
bocauso wo have no desire to Ioko
money. Wo sell i\t pi ites which arc
sufficient to pny for good material and
good workmanship. The size ��nd variety of onr stock enables us to pleitne 11
customer both as lo style nnd tit. Indeed we aro particular on these points.
We rather lose a sale than permit un-
satisfactory garments lo leave the
These values cannot be Surpassed.
= =J. A. GILKER--
as the Kossland
the lights of a
tig were seen. The Kossland whistled,
and the tug (which belongs tothe Genelle Lumber company) replied. For
sonic reason, as yet unexplained, tho
tug swung across   the bows of   the lug
j boat, which   crashed into   her cutting
I her completely in two.   The  fore part
I of the   tug   drifted  oneway, and   the
j stern Ihe other, bui. fortunately, all on j
board  were   saved.    The   two ends of ,,,,,.,        ,���
1 the tug were afterwards secured and I Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bl.
lie Promlum List ta the Largest
ovor olfurod Wesl of Toronto.
Py.-o-Spcctncular Itumhtirdment of  SuntiiiRO
Ue Cuba and Blowing up ofthe "Haine."
Followed l��y an up-to-date Firo Works Display,
whioh lm* boon specially scoured for Four
Ni^liH nl un onoriuoiiBexponso
towed to land.    The Kossliind received i
110 damage, her bows
little scratched.
being  merely a
It is Probable That the Government Will
Eeopen It���Strong   Anti-Jewish
Peeling in France-
Paris, Sept. 10.���Expectations were
not realized today. The ministerial
council was to have held a special sitting with the object of hearing the
war minister's account of the Dreyfus
case and the newly discovered delinquency in the staff officers. But General Surlinden, finding he had not yet
the grounds upon which to form a
Bound opinion, asked for an adjournment. Ho is a worthy colleague of the
conscientious Brisson, and was chosen
to investigate the Dreyfus affair, as he
has us minister, because he is not
biased and is weighted with a sense of
the responsibility involved in the matter. If against reopening the case, he
would have retired to leave the government a free hand. Judge of the
disappointment when news was received that the council had adjourned.
The Dreyfus affair is in a good channel. The minister of justice, has named
six accomplished, experienced, keen
jurists to examine the sivret letters
and everything connected with the
case. The reopening will entirely depend on this committee. None of the
six is a Jew except one of them, M,
Oropon, has written "Monothoism of
the Jewish people," a Standard work.
All six aro men of unblemished characters and in the habit of sifting evidence. The six set to work directly
after the war minister gives his opinion.
The country being now violently
anti-Semite and Drefyus being a Jew,
the government will have to act warily. The late Lieut.-Col. Henri's confession brought public opinion round
to a revision,but the hostility to Dreyfus has not abated. Tbe people feel
that a mystery of iniquity is involved
in the affair and they want to penetrate it. They are beginning to understand that the general staff is no better
than wheu it rendered tlie military
disasters of 1K70 inevitable. Tno resignation of (ieneral Boisdfevre, as
chief of the general staff is a standing
puzzle and it arouses suspicions (hat
only a public trial can quiet. The
peoplo ask was Dreyfus an accomplice
of Esterhazy? The darkest conjectures
are seemingly justified  by the circum-
ays plans
cycle Heet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Do? Show.   Open to the World.
Ten Pots all Sizes
Butter Crocks
the   Province
Special mtes over all Railway and
Steamboat  Lines
No entrance fees charged for Ex-
Premium Lists, Entry Forms, and
full information on application to
A despatch from London
for a short steamship route between , The Fines! lands i
Milford Haven, Wales and Paspebioc, will provide Music.
Que., are progressing. Tbe Canadian
Steamship company, working in conjunction with the Atlantic and Lake
Superior railway company, have announced that pendiing the completion
of a line of 21-knot steamers of the
first class, steamships of somewhat
less power have been chartered with
whioh to make the journey between
Milford Haven and Paspobialo in a
little over four days. The railway
company is completing docks at Pas-
pebiao for the largest ocean steamers
and tho Great Western railway, of
Kngland, is arranging for a special express service to London.
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
Milk Pitchers t
Howls |
Pie and Pudding Dishes. J
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of ... .
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Every Morning.
Special attention to .Mail orders.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,BakerSt- Tel-10-
New   York.   Sept.   10.���Bar   si
6OI4 ; Mexican dollars, 4fi3^.
Fall   opening of   ladies  jaekels
capos to-day at F. Irvine & Co.'s.
Chairman Cel- ('em
Pros. 1!. A. & I. ?oe
Secy. Cel. Com.
Secy. R. A. 651. Soc.
Exhibition Commissioner.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges
Tho regular monthly general hv nt.tng of the
South Kuii'ciiiiy 11 mid <ii Trado will lit; In III in
tho   Hoard room on Monday,   Sept 121I1 at 8
o'olook p, 111
Steamship Lines
Front Montreal or Quebec
Beaver Lino���Lake Huron Oct.  .*>
Heaver Line���Lake Superior Oct. 12
Dominion Lrlne���Van' on ver Sept 17
Dominion Line- Scotsman Sept 10
Allan Une���Call forn Ian Sept 22
Allan Line���Numidian Oot. 1
From New York
While Star Line���Teutonic  Sept 28
While Star Line���Britannic Oct, P
Cunard  Line��� Lueania Oct.   1
Cunard Line��� Etrurla Oct. s
Allan Htal.e Line���State of Nebraska... .Oct. 21
Allan Htnto Line���Mongolian ..Oct. 7
Anchor Line���Furnessia Sept. 21
Anchor Line���Anehoria Oct. 22
Cabin, $15.00, $S0, (be, 870 $80 and upwards.
Intermediate, ���34.00 ami upwards
Steerage. $22.50 and upwards.
Passengers ticketed through to all points iu
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of thc European conti lont.
Prepaid passages arranged from all point*
Apply   to  GEO.   B.   JiKKK.   C.P.K.  T oke���
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM HTIT'L
554)   General Agent, C.P.R. Offices. Winnipeg.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Wel6ori  &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y,
��� First Class 111 every respect A
A    Po you want a good Square meal for    ���
25 CENTS?     |
DINNER i2 TO 8     |
First Class Cook Employed X
Kaslern   Oyslfi*..    Btereivi'-il
-Tookt'ri an.l M.ylc. -
f++4-<.+f+++++> ���������*>*��� ������������ ���������!
I t
X Y. HOSHI - Proprietor. I
��� ���
t-4.+>+*+****+++ 4.>��. ����������������������� ++*+���?
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
A Large  Variety   below   the
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Thomson Stationery Co.
The only all rail route without change | ARCHITECTS,   BUILDERS
of cars between Nelson and Rosslani aid : nvl j     TATATTPQ
Spokane and Rossland. and    JUUNLKb
I When requiring thoroughly seasoned
Umber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
T. AV. lilt AY.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and General Agents, Pire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
Corner L>t on Vernon St., with Building. 12 Lots in Block
44F���Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine and Robson.
mm ."��*��*
2 Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley Si, on Observatory
St., 812 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar St.,
$20 per month,    House and 2 Lots, Houston St.   $15 month.
Call and see our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Hover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B.C
All   Communications relating to British Columbia busines
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
'%%^%^ !%t%%l%%^%%^%^%t\,
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"    12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8.30 am. SPOKANE   "    310 p.m
Truin Unit leaves Nelson nt fi:'2() am.
ninkes close conneolioDS nt Spokane for
nil I'lieiiic Const Points.
Passengers for Kettle Brvernud Boundary Creek, connect nt Marcus with Stage
ti. DIXON, ti. V. &TA.
Spokane, Wash.
In stock,l,0C0,000ft.of Ploorihg.Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
Subscribe for The Miner
m sn:a:v  doors .l\i>   iiimiiiiis   u ����������>:
to <i::��i'.i:
One Year
Half Year
One rionth
$5.00 I
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. Ii. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
m,1 Broken Hill lllock Bnkcr SI.
Charles D. J. Christie
FOR RENT-Planished House and 2 lots, (ior. Cedar and Victoria, 920.0
4 roomed House, $14.00, 4 roomed House, $15. ���! roomed Hon.'
Cor. .Stanley and Victoria, $20.00,   A large Boarding House, !fX>.
FOR SALE��� 5 roomed Cottage, 2 lots, Cor Kootenay and Ohservatory, hnl
finish, painted, good fence, $1250.   2 good Lots, Addition "A" $4(8
Call and see our Wallace Acetylene Gas Machine.
PAB5T : : :
A Trial will convini
that the World's Leadiii
Beer loses none of its got!
qualities by being bottltf
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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