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The Miner Jul 6, 1898

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Array Daily   Edition, No. 49.
Kelson,   British Columbia.  Wednesday Morning, July 6,   1898.
lull V
A shipment of thc famous
Julia Marlowe
(.'01110 Early and Secure a Pair.
% Latest Novelty, *
t,     VEILINGS und
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<* 0)
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Sf ...  following? lines .  .  .
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Si-' I
THli 0OL0H,
Wan 1'lr.H In He' Fight. Chiuril BSci'
Many SI Ho*, lunn, On-fiou and
Indiana   .loin   hi.���8ihiu1.h1i   1'iiiilntii
de patehe -eoi ivi I 1 the office Jure
of lb \ i * *. 1.in ii Pre is from Madrid
for transmission tn ho United Btatos
givii : Sj ae* '" version of tho
t ���:-' nlv ������-. 1 that Ihe Span��� ���"������ censor
lm - i'lpini-sscd * \ 11 iated Press
dei; * lies, or thai thoy are regarded
by tic :-;; nniards 1    bei 1 ���   ini .. diblc.
Off Santiago de Culm. Monday. July
i, iip. ni.. per Associated Pross Despatch Boat Cynthia, vin l'i rl Antonio
and Kingston, duly 5.��� Aftor ti chase
of "O miles to thc westward tbe Brooklyn, closely followed by the Oregon,
overhauled tho Cristobal Colon. After
she   had   run   nshore   aud   had hauled
down the flag Captain Cook of tho
Brooklyn went on board her and tho
commander of tho Spanish cruiser sur
rendered, and was taken on board the
New York, which came up an hour
after the Brooklyn and Oregon had
completed the capture of the Cristobal
Colon. The latter was not seriously
damaged though she was struck sovoral
times by shots from the Brooklyn.
During the chase a clever manoeuvre
of Commodore Schley's iii heading due
west to Cape Cauey while the Cristobal Colon had tnkeu a more southerly
course with u much greater distance to |
cover, rendered her   escape impossible, j
There seems to  bo   no doubl that tho
Cristobal Colon and per haps the three I
other Spanish armored cruisers would
have escaped badil not been for tho
prompt action of Commodore Schley.
Tho Brooklyn, his flagship, alone was
in a position to attack the Spanish
vessels as tbey left lhe harbor, and the
commodore steamed towards them and
oilgngod all lour cruisers al once, in-
fliotiug great damage on them. The
Orogon was the lirst to join tho Brooklyn, and aftor a timo the Iowa. Indi
ana and Texas closed around tho Spaniards, till pouring deadly lir,. Bui
from the beginning to the end of tho
tight fhe Brooklyn, Oregon and Gloucester look the most* important part in
the   destruction   of   the   enemy.    One
man, George Henry Elliot, was killed
ou hoard the Brooklyn, His head was
blown off by a shell. One other man
on hoard of her, J. Burns, was also
The Brooklyn was struck half a
dozon times, but no injury was done
to any of the other ships.
Nam. s .',' ' aie. rs Kille 1 So Par a.. Can
Bo Obtained.
(quarters i (It m cal Shatter's
Army. July *!, via Port Antonio,
Janui oa, July -'���. On Board tho Associate'! Press Despatch Boat Cynthia, via
Kingston, July 5.���Tho following is a
substituted list of tho officers killed so
far as it can bo obtained :
.(tiles Jord, lirsi lioutenaul Sixth infantry.
\V. II. Smith, first lieutenant Tenth
William Ship, first lieutenant Tenth
\V. Sauter, Thirteenth infantry.
John M. Hamilton, lieutenant colonel Ninth cavalry.
Albeit <'. horse, major First cavalry.
E. N. Bruckoy, second lieutenant
Tenth infantry.
Weatherill, Sixth infantry.
.1). Miehie, Tenth infantry.
W. IS*.  Dickinson. Tenth infantry.
Vienna, July 6,���The class players
contested the twenty-foiirlh round of
the big tournament today with the following results: Showalter lost to
Marco, Alapin lost to Caro, and Pills-
hurv lost to Maroczy. Lipke and
Tarrasch drew, Trenchard lost to
Burno, Tschigorin and Schlechter
drew. Steinitz and Blackburn, Halprin and Junowski, Baird and Wahl-
brodt adjourned their games. Stouitz
aud Halprin have tho belter games,but
tho Buird-Wahlbiodt game is nearly
Associated  Pross  Reports   Suppressed
in Madrid.
London, July B.���The despatches of
tbo Associated Press telling of the destruction of Cervera's fleet* including
the official accounts of the hattie. have
boon telegraphed  to  Madrid, aud   the
July ii.��� At Wilkesbarre���Wilkes-
liarre 8, Montreal B.
At Washington ��� Washington -I,
Brooklyn 3,
Al Baltimore���Baltimore i'. Philadelphia I.
At New York���New York 2, Boston 5.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg s, St. Bonis
At Chicago���OhioagO 5, Cleveland   I.
Madrid, July ii.���It is inferred that
the news received in Madrid, to the
effect that the British consular agent
at Hong Kong sent a despatch boat to
Manila for the purpose of informing
Uear Admiral Dewey of the fact that
Admiral Camara's squadron has traversed the Sue/ canal, refers to the
British authorities at Hong Kong having taken that stop.
a   Combined    Land   hii   Sea   inarit   in
I'rolialilc. Ulittlcallip*   (an    Knlrr
tin   Harbor of Santiago,   nines Will
lie \<>   UIiHlacIc.
Port* Said. July 5.��� Admiral Camara's torpedo boats have sailed, it is
said, for a Spanish port.
Washington, July ii. ���As a result of
the cabinet meeting today instructions
were sent by the president to Admiral
Sampson and General Shafter to confer
together concerning a joint plan of
attack upon the oity. Upon tho outcome of this conference depends the
line of action of the immediate future.
Bor the present I ho land bombardment
bas been deferred, as the situation is
so completely changed hy the annihilation of the Spanish fleet that il is
manifestly the part of wisdom for the
land iiombai'dment to await Ihe cooperation aud support or a bombardment from Admiral Sampson's fleet.
General Shaffer's demand for the
surrender of Santiago on the pain of
bombardment was made at 7 :ii() o'clock
Sunday morning. An hour later Admiral Cervera niade is suicidal dash
from the harbor, rosultiug ina complete
transformation of tho naval and military conditions. Instead of a menacing Spanish tie. t within tho harbor,
tho way has   beeu opened, save For the
shore batteries, for tl itraueo of the
American licet np to the very wharves
of tin oity. With this material chaugi
wrought it was obvious to the authorities h iro that tho blow which vas intended to bo delivered by General
Shatter alone would bo doubly effective
aud decisive if the two Eorces could be
brought together and blows delivered
simultaneously from laud and sea. It
is for this reason that tho conference
to lie hold 1 (���tween tin American gen-
i i,-' .nid adrairal in ro I e held.
Uii in the dose of office hours today
uo word had. conic either to the war or
navy departments as far as was disclosed as to what determination bad
been reached. At the same timo it' iti
the clear expectation of tho authorities
here that tho conference will result in
ti determination by tho admiral to take
his fleet through Lhe narrow nock of
the harbor, make his way past tho
shore batteries and fortifications and
tako position before the city for bombardment.
There is reason to believe that tho
instructions to Admiral Sampson at
least conveyed the desire, if not the.
instructions, thai ho cuter the harbor,
but it is said that tho admiral and the
gonoral continue to be tlir supreme
officials in authority, and that being
on tho scene and alive to all the conditions, iheir judgment will betaken
as final. There is said to be no
obstacle so far as navigation is concerned to the entrance of the harbor
by the American fleet. The Cristobal
Colon, which cleared the Merrimac
and got out of the harbor on Sunday,
draws   ;>;!    feet   of   water,    which    is
within seven inches of the draught of
the battleships Iowa, Indiana, Massachusetts and Oregon, and is more than
tho draught of the battleship Texas.
Moreover, the navy department has
known for the last ten days that tbo
neck of the channel was open, despite
the sinking of the Merrimac, and that
there was a clear seaway of seven
fathoms, through which any ship iti
onr navy could sail. This removes all
difficulties except those arising from
submarine mines and shore batteries.
As to file mines, little, account is
taken of them since the Spanish
licet passed over thein. The Spaniards are in tho habit of using eon-
tact mines, BO that there is little
likelihood of there being mines
operated by electric connection with
tho shore.
Tho forts and batteries have been
badly weakened by the constant fire of
the fleet for many weeks past, and
while still a factor, they are greatly
disabled. Ouoe opened to the oity, Iho
licet and army could combine in a terrific double fire.
No less than 393 heavy guns would
bo  trained  from   lhe warships ou the
city,  anil at  the same   time    llie   siege
guns would rain down a torrent of
steel froni that quarter. The siege guns
throw shells of 185 pounds. There are
four mortar howitzers and a large
number of smaller howitzers. These
are in the heavy artillery, while the
light artillery embraces a groat number
of 82-calibar guns. This combined fire
from land and sea would be terrific in
its effects. The action of the foreign
representatives at Santiago has heen
tin additional reason for deferring the
bombardment. It. was made known
late today that one of General
Shaffer's despatches stated that the
representatives had joined in a request
to him in put off the shelling of tlie
city for another brief period until tbeir
respective colonies could be removed.
jTbis accounts for the departure of the
' foreign warships  from   Santiago  har
bor, as thoy aro bearing away tho foreign residents boforo the bombardment
begins. The activity of tho consuls at
Santiago has led to no diplomatic complications which have reached tho
state department so far, aud the
authorities here feel that nothing of
that nature will develop.
Tho stato department today took
occasion to dispel some of tho Spanish
illusions over tho escape of Admiral
Cervera's fleet. It .seems that Madrid
is uot alone in tho belief that the fleet
made a handsome sortie from Santiago
and left, the American ships far in the
rear, Today a cablegram camo from
tho United States uinister at Car-
aooas, saying the Spanish residents
there were glorifying tbe Spanish
naval victory. The minister was informed briefly that Cervera's fleet had
been destroyed, that tho admiral had
lieen made a prisoner aud that Shafter
had demanded the surrender of the
city. The definite official report
reached here today that the Spanish
fleet had entered Sue/, canal, made no
change in tho plans of the navy department us to sending Commodore
Watson's squadron to tlie coast of
Spain. Secretary Long said it would
start at tho earliest possible moment,
but be did uot care to give the day of
Plan Was Adopted by a Small Mojority
in a Council of War.
Off Santiago do Cuba, the Afternoon
of July I, via Port Antonio, July 5,
via Kingston, Tuesday, Noon,���Admiral Cervera held a consultation with
his officers liefore sailing from the harbor of Santiago de Cuba, tind by a
small majority the move was agreed
upou. The minority said that their
destruction was sure, as many of the
firemen had mutinied and tho host
men iu tho fleet were worn out* by
serving the guns on the shore batteries.
Early on the morning of the sortie
careful observations were taken of the
soa east and west. Admiral Cervera
decided, upon taking the westward
course with Manzimillo, Cienfuegos or
if possible Havana as the port to bo
reached. H"* would have gone east but
Eor the sigh.ting of a large transport
fleet off Siboney, and but for the assurance that tho convoy of war vessels
was still with the transports. As a
matte, of faet there are no war vessels
thero any larger than a converted
yacht,except the Now York, that oould
not have obstructed Cervera's escape
ti the eastward.
Naval men say fhe Spanish vessels
eould have disabled or sunk the New
York and escaped had the eastward
courso beon chosen. It was feared for
a, timo by many that some of the
sailors and officers who swam ashore
from the Vizcaya and the Almirante
Oquendo and tho Maria Teresa were
killed by the insurgents who were seen
in the chapparal near tho beach. This
eould not be verified at time of wilting, as no accurate estimate of the loss
of the Spanish fleet "wa,s obtainable.
It is claimed that ono shell killed 100
men on the Vizcaya, raking the vessel
fore and aft.
and    Medicine   Being
Under Great Difficultie
New York, July 5.���Chairman
Stephen B. Barton uf the Red Cross
society lias reoeived the following
cablegram from Clara Barton, the despatch coming through tbe war department, from Playe del Este, and bearing
date of July 4 :
"Lesser and her force are attending
the wounded here. They are constantly
coming in. Elwell and his forces are
landing supplies from the State of
Texas in tho surf, day and night,
without, docks, under great difficulties
and dangers. General S-hafter sends its
urgent appeals from the front for
medecino and food; none there. Will
try to send tbem by four-mule wagons
to him tonight and go on ourselves."
Miss Barton does not give her exact
Admiral l-forw-rn i*. Thouglil In Spain
ti> Hove Cucupril I'nuu Buulluzo.���
Various Mad'III l>,-ihiIi-Im s and
The Government Is Holding  Its Own
���Martial Law Declared,
Washington, July li.���Tbe state de
partment lias posted the following bulletin :
An official telegram was received
yesterday by the dcpartnicni of slate
from Monte Video announcing a
military revolt against the government
al the capital in which many were
killed and wounded. Martial law bas
been declared and the citizens arc
being called out in defense of the government, which is now said to be
holding its own, although a renewed
attack by the revolutionists is
momentarily expected.
Victoria, July 5.���The Baptist convention opened today, the Key. W.
Trothr delivering an address of welcome to tho visitors which was replied
, to by  H. 0. Nowcombe of Vancouver.
i Now officers wero elected as follows :
President, Rev. W. Trotter, Victoria;
vice president, E. B. Morgan, Vancouver; secretary, S. 0. Schooley,Vancouver; treasurer, W. Marchant, Victoria
Madrid, July 6,���Almost indescribable enthusiasm continues to provail
here over the supposed oscapo of Cervera and his squadron from the harbor
of Santiago de Cuba.
Tho admiral's name is on overy
tongue and it* is claimed that il was he
who saved Santiago de Cuba by
"adding to (lenoral Linares' handful
of soldiers his brave sailors to man tho
guns ashore aud rop��l the Americans
under General Shafter."
Such is the exultant eulogy of Admiral Cervera hear*', on all sides. This
state of public feeling is due to the
official announcements from Santiago
de Cuba. Bor instance, one statement
from Santiago de Cuba is us follows:
"When Admiral Cervera found that it
was certain that Colonel Escarios' reinforcements were in close proximity
to Santiago the admiral held a council
of war with the commander, of his
Bquadron, disclosing a plan to force
the blockade in broad, daylight. The
commanders responded unanimously, "
It was then arranged that the torpedo
boat destroyers should lake the lead,
feigning an attack,and discharge their
torpedoes against the enemy's ships,
the cruiser Cristobal Colon protecting
their advance, sheltered by the batteries of Morro Castle and distracting
tho enemy's attention while the remainder of the Bquadron sailed out of
the, harbor. Tho Americans -it first*
were taken by surprise. Then they
opened a tremendous lire, especially
against the torpedo boat desrroyers,
whom Admiral Cervera had instructed
to steer an opposite courso to the
squadron. The Americans wive deceived, and raaneuvred towards the
supposed course of the Spaniards, while
Admiral Cervera went full steam
ahead, maintaining a continuous fire
until clear of the American lii'cs, and
then steamed away westward, pursued
for seine distance by 'he swiftest
Amerioan vessels until ihey wive lost
to sight from Motto Castle.
hi tie meantime the torpedo boat
destroyers sank under the rain of
shells from the numerous American
warships, It is presumed that part of
their crews were saved by tho enemy
or swam ashore.
The foregoing is the popular Spanish
version of the sortie of Admiral Cervera from the harbor of Santiago de
Cuba, and the sacrifice of the crews of
tbe lorpedo beat destroyers is said to
be highly  appreciated by  the   Queen
Regent, while the general public is
overjoyed at their conduct. It is supposed here that Admiral Cervera is
running for Havana, since he has not
beeu reported as arriving at Cienfuegos, and there will be tremendous
anxiety here until it is known that
Cervera and his Bquadron are safe in
Havana harbor.
Hoiies ave expressed in this city that
the Spanish admiral may capture or
destroy some American vosaols while
on his way to Havana, Foreign news
giving contradictory versions of the
sortie have east a tinge of perplexity
and dampness upon tho general rejoicing. In military circles it is considered that General Shoftor has been
checked, that Bear Admiral Sampson
has beeu 1 allied and lhal tho aspect of
the wnr  fins   heen changed.    But   the
universal expression is that peace la
impossible until something occurs
which is satisfactory to the national
Loudou, July 5,���The Madrid cor-
respondent of tho Times su;,- lhal Ad*
iiuiiil Cervera's family have roc oi ved a
telegram professedly from him stating
thai he is a prisoner, bul its authenticity is doubted, 'lhe following is the
only official despatch tho government
has ii ceived siii.e yesterday :
'.'Al dusk hist n.ghi thore reached
the Sooapa battery seven shipwrecked
men from the sunken torpedo heal destroyers. They said llie Infanta Maria
Teresa was steaming in an undamaged
condition behind Point Luzon ont of
sight of tho tOWll, and ihat the Alini.'-
anie Oquendo was afire. Subsequently
other Bailors, 1 don't know bow many,
got ashore, and confirmed the above,
Tho enemy attacked our  forces during
the   moming. causing   ������   loss of seven
wounded,   Coloiiol   Escarios'  columns
have arrived. "
The despatch goes on to describe the
intervention of the foreign consuls at
Santiago, and the offer of the Americans to delay the bombardment until
July S, provided the Spanish refrain
from attacking tbem. It concludes
with the words, "I'have agreed." THE  MINER, WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 1898
llu Jflmer.
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Insure clinnge.
only squadron that was near onough
io llu- scene of action to havo a chance
of doing any effective work has been
completely annihilated. As at the
hattie of Manila,the loss to tho Americans was practically nil, while every
ship in Cervera's squadron was destroyed. Tho perfect immunity from
damage so far enjoyed by the American fleets will go down in history us
the most remarkable ever known in
any war. Whatever happens to the
Spanish troops, Santiago is now indeed
a doomed city. Nothing can save her
irom annihilation by Sampson's squadrons. V?hile General Linares and his
men liave, as their only alternative to
surrender, the desperate chance of
cutting their way through the cordon
of enemies surrounding their city.
Our Arctic S
Is the centre of attraction these hot days.
C><*%      Try our !ce Cream Sodas, Made
with Hazelwood Ice Cream.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
Official Directory.
Qovornor-Qonorul Karl of Abordoon
Premier        - Sir Wilfrid Laurlor
Member House of Common*--, Dominion Parliament, West ICoolonay Hewitt Unstuck
Lieul.-Governor - lion T R Mclnnes
Promlet - - Hon J II Turner
Attorney-General - Hon 1) JI Eborts
Com of Lands nnd Works Hon (i It Martin
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jan linker
President Executive Council Ilon 0 10 Pooley
Mombors Legislative Assembly lor West* Kootenay* North Hiding J M Kellie
Booth Hiding                 - .1 F Hume
On the first of July, us previously
announced in our columns, the Hall
Mines Co., Limited, cut the wages of
the roustabout laborers ~0 per cont, tho
rate falling from 25 to 20 cents an
hour. The result has been that the
smelter men have struck work. The
Miner has hitherto refrained from
commenting ou this state of affairs in
the hope that the trouble would be
quickly settled, and that it would be
therefore unnecosary to give publicity
to this most unfortunate disturbance of
our chief local industry. Unfortunately these hopes have not been realized, and it hns become necessary to
put some of the facts of tho case before tho public.
This reduction in wages is most
regrettable, and is extremely unfair to
the men. Those who will fed it the
most aro the married men, many of
whom have families, and wbo find it
impossible to livo 'and bring up tin ir
children properlv on less than $2,50 a
day. Were it possible for them to
work every day of the month.it might
still he possible for them to live
decently on the reduced wage, but
everyone who is conversant with the
affairs of the smelter is aware that it
is not* possible for the rotistabouts to
get regular work owing to tho constant
closing down of the big blast furnace, which has beeu occurring-with
great regularity nearly every month,
and also owing to the nature of the
work, whieh varies in amount from
time lo time. Many of the single
men who chiefly board at the boarding
house have found even at the old rato
of pay, that their monthly cheques
were practically eaten up by their
board bills, while some did not earn
enSUgh to keep out of debt.
In the fnce of this irregularity of
employment the men tire, we consider,
perfectly right to refuse to accept tho
Out, Anyone who knows what smelter
work is, knows that it is extremely
hard, hot aud trying work, probably
the most fatiguing form of manual
labor, and no company has the right*
to expect men to work liko slaves or
boasts of burden, thankful to ho able
to got enough money to pay for what
they eat, and without a chance to better themselves, to save a dollar for
times of sickness,provide any comforts
for their homes,or decent clothing and
education for their children.
Tbe action of the Hall Mines' management is, from their own point of
view, a short-sighted one. and was
adopted, there is good reason to believe, against the advice of the superintendent of the smelter. The men
who have boen working up to date
wero an intelligent, orderly and bard-
working set of men. Every man
thoroughly understood what he had to
do and worked witli a will for the
good of the company, not shirking the
increased burdens some of them bitterly have bad to bear, And their reward is a reduction in wages.
Tbo company cannot hope to fill
tbeir places. Tbe best they can get
will be a set of inefficient, inexperienced, worthless men, probably dagos,
a class of labor, that for all tho good
they do tbo couutry, is hardly preferable to Chinee. The sympathy of the
people of Nelson is entirely with the
men in their present struggle.
Another   crushing   defeat   has been
intlioted on the  Spaniards, and their
The coast newspapers that support
the Turner government claim that
their ret urn will firing "progress and
prosperity" to tho province. In fact,
"progress tind prosperity" is the rally
ing cry of the Turner forces. In this
riding the men who are conducting A.
S. Farwell's campaign use tbo same
words for their rallying ery. Yet Mr.
Farwell poses as an independent; even
so independent that he cares no moro
for the Turner crowd than he does for
the opposition crowd, and the kindest
expression lie has ever used in referring to the members of the. opposition
is, "t)h, they are till a lot of fools."
"Progress and prosperity" are high
sounding words, but what has Mr.
Farwell ever (lone towards bringing
about prosperity in Kootenay or progress in Nelson? His independent fol-
owers will probably tell us beforo election day.
At the office of the Hall Mines,
Limited, on Toad mountain, is posted
a* sheet of paper on which are a number of names of employees of the eom-
pony. There is also a notification on
that ��� heel of paper fo the effect that
.?.">, ihe priie of u miner's license, will
lie retained from the pay of each name
on tin* list. This is the tax thut Premier Turner has refused to do away
with, although his party lias been
petitioned to do so for ten years past.
Premier Tumor is tho man whom A.
S. Farwell wiil support if be is elected
to the legislative assembly, for does he
not denounce the opposition on every
occasion us a loi of fools. Tlie working miners cf this riding would he
worso than fools if they cast their
votes for a man who in any way supper::, the Turner government.
All kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats wholesale and retail. Fresh Fish received daily.
Mail orders receive careful and prompt attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meal
i*> -.*���;.-^.^^4.4.^^^^-52^-45
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, Few Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermon���Chas Hillyer, W F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J J Malone, E P Whalloy, Thos Madden.
City Clerk
Police Magistrate
Chief of Police
Chief of Fii'e Depart mont
W'niii- Commlssionot
Health Offlcor
City council moots every Monday, '.t p.m., at
city hall, cut- Viotoria and Josephine st
J K Strachan
K A Crease
A   F McKinnon
W .1 Thompson
John Hamilton
'I' ,M Ward
Dr. Lallan
sen,101, TRUSTEES,
Dr. EC Arthur. Dr. ll A 1! Hull. GOO John.
stono.   Principal  J R Qroon,
1'resilient. j Roderick Robertson,
Vice-President ��� James Lawrence.
Socy-Treas, John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vice-Pros. \Y. A. Jowott.
Secretary D. McArthur
Treas. A 11 Clements
Modioal Sopt. . Dr. it. A nilull
child   in   llie
1,1 induce every man, woman nm
in Nelson to come and inspect oui
ome   '.'.;
u \;o In
stock and prices, We would have you do this for we are sure
thnt you would become our customer timl friend, Wo have the
largest ancl best selected *..,������ ol Groceries in the cily. 'Hie
famous products el' every country in. mir line are represented on
our shelves.
EVERYTHING FIRST CLASS. Never behind tho thnes. No retrograding
here. Our business c; 11111 tn serve its patrons to their best interests,
ns well us our own, and you can always depend upon our best service
being afforded you.
Tbe fairness of our prices throughout our entire line at all times shows onr
grasp upon the market.     CAN'T .!!!���: BEAT AT AM,;   THAT'S Al.l,.
Mr. B. V. Bodwell tit tb* meeting in
Rossland wanted to know "thc definition of the policy cf tho independent
government party ; if thoy cannot support tbo government why aro tbey not
oppositionists, and if tbey support the
government bow can they bo independent?" Should any independent
candidate get a majority of votes on
Saturday next* (it is, however, confidently expected that none of tbem
will)tbe government papers in tho next
issue will be found numbering them
as supporters of Mr. Turner's opposition.
The management of the Hall Mines,
Limited, are open and avowed support*
ers of tbo candidacy of A. S. Farwell.
They are also open and avowed in
their attempts to lowor wages in this
section. Tbey want mon to work in
their smelter for twenty cents an botir.
June 2~'���
Woodstock���W. Wilde, on Fawn ck,
2 mi 11 of Sheep ok.
Marblehead���J. Danielson, on Fawn
ok, n of Sheep ck.
First Relief���F. Hoss, ne of and 4
mi up e fk of n fk of Salmon river.
Josie���A. B.   Shannon,   J. Moon, :l.*,'
mi 11 of w arm of Kootenay   lake   and
111 mi 11 of Shannon ck.
June 2:\���
Aberdeen���A. B. Shannon, J. Moon,
11 side of and '.oni ti]iJShannon ck on n
side of w arm of Kootenav lake.
Pennsylvania���J, Garber, on center
fk 0 -I!) .ck, adj Northern Light.
Castle���J. (larber, on center k of -11)
ok, adj Morning Star.
Mint���M. W. Brewster, on s fk of
Wild Horse ck U mi from Wren.
New Vork, July 5.���Bar silver,
59 1-H.    Mexican dollars, 4r>-.,.
Copper, quiet. Brokers, $11.76[.exchange, $11-75 to $11.87K.
Lead, very firm. Brokers, J8.80;
exchange,'$4 to $-1.05.
Tin, firmer. Straits, $15.75 to
$15 Nfi.    Plates, quiet.
Washington, July 5.���Tbo Second
brigade, first division of tho Second
army corps, broke camp at Camp Alger
this afternoon, and started on their
journey to Santiago to reinforce General Shafter.
Brisav & Co.,
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
 ������, *.i,*n*.    n    --rriii  WtSESi
8.00 p.m. UnltodStatos,Ontario,Quo-
lice nml  Kit-Stern   Provinces
Points on N. & P. s. lino.
Vlotorln and Kn-iBland.
8.111) a.in. \i\v Donvor, Sandon nnd
4locnn Lako I'nints.
l.uii p.in. (tnslo nnd Kooienay Lako
(i.i)ti p.in. ';,*���--!.Hid.  Trail,    Nakusp,
ttolison. points un main llm
I '.  !'. I,'..   Vancouvor umi
J.\ llllllpi'l
5.1S p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.18 a.m.
7.00 n.m.
oi i-'H'i: HOURS,
Lobby oponod fnnn 7 n.m. in 10p.m.; Gonoral
Doliv,  y,8 n.m. t" 8 p.m.;  Registration, 8.80
n.m. tu 7 p.m.;Money Ordors nm! Savings Bank
0a.m. in l p.m.; Sunday 1 hour(10to 11 a.m).
.). A. (ill,K 1*1,. Poslmaslor,
Govornmont Inspector of Agencies W .1 Qoepol
(). II. Dennis
It I*' Tiilmic
Ccn. Johnstone
.lohn Keen,
���l V Forin.
ET HSimpkins,
Gold Commissioner
Mining Rocordor-Tax Cul
' lollector ef Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Courl Judge
Kir-it Jailor
Second Jailor
Third Jailor
Senior Guard
Capt, N Fltatubbs,
1* Liddoll.
Goo I'art ridge.
John MoLnvon
11 lnen.
STATION.    .    .    .
A.    E.     YOUNG,   AGENT.
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
2���-:���'-'��� "������
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
T. \V. (IKAY.
In stock,l,000,000ft.of Plooring.Lintag
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery,
s< i;i;i:\ hooks and   Wixnovra made
TO OKIklllC.
Your Tobacco
>        ���^ffilT'
��� AT TII10 ���
Post Office
Cigar Store
Where   ymi  will  ahvajs find n   we]
assorted stock "1' Imported   .-uul
Domestic OiKiii'S, Cigarettes Tobaccos and a full stock  of
Pipes at reasonable
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and  sec    us.
Scaled tendersaddressed lo tho undersigned
will lu; received up to Saturday Oth July
for tho building of an addition lo the Nelson
Courl House.
I'luus mul sjici-iMentions can be seen nt. tlio
ollice of tlie architect, Mr. A. E, Hodgins,
linker street.
Tho lowest or nny tender not neeosHiirrily
. o. G. Dennis,
fill. It'll  DIRECTORY.
CiiiKcii in* England���Matin lin.in.: liven
Song, "..'iin in. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st* iiuul 3rd Sundays in lhe month nftor
Matins; on 2nd and 1th Sundays, at 8 n.m
Sunday School nt 2.30 p.m. Kev. H. S. Ako-
hurst, lleclor.   Cor Word and Silica streets.
Prbsbvtehun Church -Sorvlcosnl n a.m.
and   7.ttll   p.m.     Sunday  School nl  '.'..'ill  p.m
Prayer mooting Thursday evening nt 8 p.in.;
Christian lOndonvor Society meets every Mondny   evening   at  8   o'clock.     Uev.  H.  Frew
Methodist Church���Corner silicn nnd
Josephine Street*. Services nt 11 a.m. nnd 7.:\l)
p. iii. ; Sabbath School. 2,30p.m.: Prayor mooting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League ('. E��� Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rov, Goo, 11,
Morden, Pastor,
Roman Catholic Church���Mass nt Nelson
every Sunday nt 8 and 10.30 am.; Henciticiion
nt 7.:o iosji.m.   Rov, FathorFerland, Priest.
Baptist Church ��� services morning nod
evening al 11 n.iu. nnd 7.Jtl p.m.; Prayor nicel-
Ing Wednesday ovonlng al 8 p.m.; Meetings
nre held in lhe school houso. Si dingers cordially welcomed,   Kev. ti. lt. Welch. Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services everv evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Viotoria street,
Adjutant Mlllner in charge.
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. moots second Wodnesilny In eaoh
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
O. L. LENNOX, Secretary.
I.  0.  II.   V.     Kootenny Lodgo
j* No, 10, moots ovory Monday night,
nl   their   Hall,   Kootenay  sO'cct.
Sojourning Odd Follows oordially invited.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
XJBk NKLSON   LODGE  No. 2.1, IC. of  P.,
ICdnw-ls in Cnstlo hull, .1101)00111(1 block
[OCJgovory Tuosday  evening at 8 o'clock,
���uW?.vrtAli visiting knights cordially invited,
^���tffey J. J. Malone, 0.0.
(820) Geo, Partridge, K.of it.amis.
NKLSON LODGE, 1. O. O. T. Moots in
Cnstlo Hall, McDonald lllock, overy Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars cor
dinlly invited, Jiiiin TELFORD,
Chief Teniplni'.
Goorgo Niiiui    Sec'y
sons    OF    ENGLAND,  moot*
second noil  fourth Wciinesdny of
ench month at K. of P, Hull. Mao-
llonahl Mock,   cor. Vernon   and
'    Josephine streets,   Visiting breth-
rn cordially invited.        ERNEST Kino,
OlIAS, 11. FARROW, Worthy President
I nO-til
OOURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO, 8188 meet*
tsi and 8rd Wednesday In each month in iho
K of P Hall. V W Swanell, C. D. s. it. R,j J lt
Green. C.R.: J. Purktss, Secy.
NBLSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday in Ihe 1,0.0.1-'. hall. V W
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson. Roe.-Sua; J. J.
liriseoll, Flnancior F. J Houirc. Rooelvor and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1002 meets in the McDonald  block  every Thursday  evening at 8-
' >ok.   Vi-iling nii'tnbit's cordially inviled.
Gold Commissioner  ,|0|m Toyo, W.M.; F. J. llrndley, U.S. THE MINER.   WEDNESDAY, JULY 6, 1898
Brief   Mention    or   Happenings   In   die
District During Iho Past
iv iv l>nys.
E, King of King & Burdiok, merchants, Kaslo, spent yesterday in the
N. P. Mackay, n Kaslo barrister, arrived I'l'inii Slocau i'iiy last night.
11. A. Purine nl' Toronto is at thi
A political meoting vill lie held at
Yniir tonight,at which J. Pred Hume,
opposition candidate, and S. S. Taylor
will address the electors. Mr. Farwell
and his friends have an invitation to
he present.
R. A. Jauos of Calgary, who is
largely interested in ranching operations in southern Alberta, accompanied liy Mrs. and Miss Janes, arrived
in the city last night and arc registered at the Queen's.
.lohn Shollasf, for drawing a knife
and threatening to do bodily injury to
Pred Swanson, was lined $20 and costs
or two months in jail by Police Magistrate Crease yesterday! Swanson is an
engineer and Shollast was employed as
ii bottle-washer. ��The men got into
nn altercation, wilh the result as
\V. (I. Mackenzie of  Vanoover  is in
lhe city.
,1. V'tiil Ritchie of  Rossland left for
Inline on hist night's train.
Sketch of Plans of the New Church ti
Be Erected by Nelson Parish,
/Baam.      TOlSriGS-IEIT       -n^����
Marry Lindley Comedy^*
In ;i new version ofthe most popular of dramas.
"East   Lynne."
"At the third performance of East Lynne the house
was crowded"   News-Advertiser.
The Best Comedies. The Newest Songs. Artistic Dancing.
Tickets on Sale at The Canada Drug & Book Co.
A Miner reporter was yesterday
shown lhe plans for the new English
church in   Nelson, the contract I'm'the
erection of which wus recently let lo
Contractor young, 'fhe plans provide
for u very beautiful and substantial
structuro, and were prepared by (!. i'.l. k.  heaile  und   \V.  Et.   Leatle  of |CurtiH,^architect.    Tho stylo is gothic,
belonging to ancient  history.
London,  England,  lire in the city
Mr, Harry Abbott returned in Vancouver by yesterday evening's train.
The water iu the lake is going down
al the rate of several inches each day.
Stlpel'illlelllleUl    1 [edley  nf     lhe     I Illl
Mines smelter went In Trail yesterday
\V. ll. Kukins, Toronto, and John
Knox, Hamilton, registered af the
Phair last night.
Architect's. I) Curtis has moved
his offlco to room 5 in tin* Turnor-
Boeckh hlnck.
A newspaper has heen started at
Greenwood City, with !���'. II. McCarter
and Sons as proprietors.
I). ,1. Dewar, principal of the Trail
schools, arrived in tlie c fy last night
and registered al i he Phair,
0. \V. McMillan, I rave! ling representative of th" Calgary Brewing and
Mull in;; company, i* in i liu citj.
W. ,1. Qui ul tn, 'ii \v. i.-i. has retui in
from tin- e .:* t. w here he   attended I lie
meeting of   tho . ran I   lodgi    A.  P, &
A,  M.
Frank -Miner, Brooklyn; I'.. ���>.
Ross, Montreal; T. !',. Hill.Vtincouvi ',
ami .1. McMastor, Etevelstoko, an* reg-
isti red al tho Qi u's
Tho Special   l'i o'clock edition *���! Tin
Miner yesti rday, containing il"- lato
war despatches, was greatly appreciated
by the citizons of Nelson.
There will be a oriekel mat* h i u
Saturday afternoon next al 3:45 o'clock
hciwi on an eleven of oricki ters and
tin eleven of baseball players.
Reports froni tsorthoasl Kootenay
are lo the effect Unit \V. 0. Wel!.-:. the
opposil ion candidate will be elected '������-
a large majority on Saturday.
In tho roporl of the [. 0. 0. F installation nf ollicers for Nelson lodgo
the name of Mr. J, Scoloy, inner
guard, was accidentally omitted.
S. Ukita, socretary to the Japauoso
oonsnl at Vancouver, who is visiting
the Kootenay country for the purpose
of securing information regarding the
mines,  is in the city.
A meeting of the celebration committee will be held this evening at the
office of R. S. Lennie. to wind up tho
business of tho committco and prepare
a statement of fhiaiicos.
A, Whitelaw aud G-. Guise are opening out ill businoss under lhe firm
name of "The Lister Produce Co.," in
the Hume block on Vernon street.
They are wholesale ami retail dealers
in produce
A scratch lacrosse team is being
gotten together to play llu- Nelson
team, wim wnn the championship of
the Kootenay at the toiirnanient held
here on July 2. The game will he
played next week.
perpendicular. The roof will he open,
tin* windows of cathedral glass in
small quarrios, Tho cornice will he
moulded nml carved,    The   main body
of    the    ehureh  will    he  00x118 feet.   tllO
eusl end being buill of wood, iu view
of iln* furiher additions in (is necessary. Below the roofing ihe walls
will 11* nf stone, and the gables in
magpio work, timber nml plaster. It
will In* buill mi the site nf the present
mission church, which is being removed to the east side of the grounds
! lo make room for the new structure.
When completed the new church will
cosi $8500, nml will have a si ating
capacity of !!00. It will be an ornament
In the city nml a credit  to the parish.
Member  of the  Legislative Assembly
tor the   Nelson   Itlillns or  West
Kiiotrmiy lllstrlet.
"A Noble Outcast" was a great improvement on Monday night's performance and won well merited applause and laughter fiom n largo nudi-
enco. Hurry Lindley was m mi especi-
il ly happy v. i n, having n pari whieh
gave him nuuij oppi rtunitii s ef which
hi made i le* most. The support given
by tie* M i si ��� Mathes, Leonard ami
NathoJ ancl Messrs. Chapman ami
Lewis was uniformly good. Ry spei ini
roqui -l " Easl Lymio" is In he producod tonight, nm! i uii: popular drama
ku- been most luccessfully producod by
the company in   carious   cities, whose
pi : HI i] III    liuilii s uie OUlogisI ie    in     ils
The He Roi    Boarding fine ic (llosi il
Ston ki epors Will  < rain.
Che Re Roi bon ��� ��� .'���:��� biitiso hns been
closed owing to tin ������ tning into fi��co
of the Truck Act. 'i lie hue manager
says thai now ii i*- mu' worth whije
eon'ic:'*in. tin* business!, nit the accounts have in he collected ..mn th.i
men mnl cannot ' o withhold by the
mining company, cm! thinks the men
an- the losers. ''��� hero i-- no doubt,
however, thn; the ttot is greatly to tho
advantage of all married men, and mi
mnn. whether married or single, liked
being obliged lo I oord al n house
named by the company which employed him.
Tho store-keepers  nf  Kossland   will
beuelit by the change.
Talk of Satan reproving sin, the
present campaign has produced nothing funnier than the alien editor of
the Colonist lecturing Joe Martin bo-
eilUSO he once said that if the Macdonald government didn't treat Manitoba
fairly flic people of llie province would
become annexationists. Here is the
Colonist whooping it up for Britain
and howling pro-British sentiments,
when only il short time ago its editor
solemnly swore lo renounce Queen
Victoria and uphold the constitution
of the United States.���The Province.
The opposition is accused of having
no policy. Its policy is a fair redistribution of seats that the will of the
people may be expressed in the legislature of the province.���The Rossland
If Cassiar, with two or three hundred voters, is entitled to two members, and if Vancouver, with five or
six thousand voters, is only entitled to
four members, how many eggs make a
dozen ?���The Province.
We publish in today's issue a letter,
written by un observant business man
nf Vancouver, who has lately visited
the interior and more especially the cities of the great mining districts of our
province, and whilst quietly doing
his own work, taken note of the general political feeling ot the merchants
uud representative men of all classes.
with whom he camo in contact. He
corroborates to the full the confident
anticipation of our party iu Vancouver
und on the coast generally, that the
upper ami inner country, and more
especially the progressive mining districts, will af lhe coming election be
found strong for the opposition cause,
���News- Advertiser?*
The opposition is accused of having
no leader. Mr. Semlin is commander
in chief, Mr. I'1. O, Colton is general
of division, and Mr. Joseph Martin is
attached to the staff.���Rossland
If the British Columbia elector will
stop to think a moment what he is
about In dn iu voting ; if he will re
member that liis descendants will probably occupy this prbvince; that if
will he his sacred duty to aid tn the
utmost of his power in smoothing the
path of those descendants by voting
against anything like the wild, reckless
extravagance of Turnerism with its
Quixotic   ambit inns   aud    wild   goose
schemes���if the elector pauses to consider all these things and not the vain
and empty promises of selfish politicians clinging desperately to power,
he will east his vote resolutely against
Turnerism.���The Kootenay Mail.
'i.atioivm ov riti.vi it'i.i:<4
.-kiloiitc.il   by   Ddcj.iitc.H In  Coiivettlluu on
The '-'lit Iln)' of .Iune. 1808,
a lot of
Ice Cream freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during1 the warm weather.
The Spokesman-Review is authority
I'm- the statement that R. E. Brown,
the mining mnn. who is largely interested in Kootenay properties, is now
organizing the biggest newspaper enterprise ever launched in British Columbia, lie proposes to establish a
chain of papers through the inining
districts of the province, to include
Rossland, Nelson. Kaslo and one town
each in East Kootenay and the Boundary district. Tlm general manager of
the chain of papers will be Harold
I'liiice, who litis beeu engaged liy Mr.
Brown, ami who left Spokane for the
Kootenay yesterday;
Madrid, July 5.���An official despatch from Havana says that in the
fight on July 2 three men were killed
and seven wounded on the Reina
Mercedes. Of the troops disembarked
hy Admiral Camara 71 were rendered
hors de combat.
Now Mentioned   as  Likelv to Succeed
Lord Aberdeen.
It is now said in London that the.
name receiving most attention as the
probable SUCessor to Lord Aberdeen as
governor general of Canada is that of
Lord Strathcona, who is now Canada's
high commission ir.
We have also constantly
on hand a full lino of .  .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
of every  description
which   we are   ofter-
ingat very low prices.
"Whereas, The Turner government
by its class legislation, (1) by imposing a tax upon the output of metalliferous mines not imposed upon the
output, of coal mines; (2) by refusing
to remove the tax imposed on men
working in metalliferous mines j(8) by
denying the people of tho province
equitable representation in the legislative assembly, has proven itself unworthy of further confidence or continuance iu ollice; and,
"Whereas, The railway policy of the.
, present administration  is mimical to
j the best welfare of   the   province   us a
whole therefore be it
"Resolved, That the interests of the.
Nelson riding of West Kootenay district demand that* the electors return
as their representative in the next
provincial legislature a man who will
not only strongly advocate but will
also use his influence with the members of the legislative assembly opposed
to the present administration to secure
the following reforms:
"Pirst���Au equitable plan of representation in the legislative assembly on a
basis that will recognize that an elector iu one portion of the province is
ihe equal of an elector in any other
portion where, like circumstances prevail.
"Second���Equalization iu taxation
with respect, to mines, so that if the
output of the metalliferous mines be
taxed, the output of all eoal mines
shall be treated in the same manner,
"Third���Repeal of the special tax
imposed upon working miners iu the
metalliferous mines, which partakes
of the nature of ti trade tax and is an
unjust exaction.
"Fourth���Au ameudmeut to the assessment aflt which permits what is
virtually dual taxation, under tho indefensible mortgage tax, or tux upou
"Fifth���The passage of a general
railway act, which will allow the
building of railways by bona flde railway men without cost to the province
either in cash subsidies or land grants.
"Sixth���The starving out of railway
charter mongers by refusing to grant
any further land subsidies in aid of
railway construction, and by insisting
wherever cash subsidies are granted
that such subsidies shall lie by way of
loan secured by a lien upon the railways
when built.
"Seventh���The absolute prohibition
of the immigration of Chinese into the
province, and the exclusion of Chinese
from employment by any company receiving any concession whatever from
the erown.
"Eighth���That* in employing labor on
public works preference bo given to
citizens of the province, and also that
all government offices be filled by
capable bona fide residents of the district where the vacancies exist.
"Ninth���Due recognition of the fact
that the mining industry is the chief
attraction for outside capital to the
province, and is responsible for the increase in its population ; that this industry muy be vitally affected by legislation, and its importance demands
that we should have in tho cabinet a
practical rather than a theoretical
"And with a viow to securing the
abovo reforms, wo pledge ourselves to
Support by onr votes and influence the
nominee of this convention. "
Gentlemen,���I offer myself es an independent candidate to represent you
in the next ProvincialJParliflnient.
Should I be fortunate enough to secure your support I shall endeavor to
bring about the following reforms:
(1) A change in the Mineral Act to
compel all partners in a inining claini
to bear their share of the assessment
work or forfeit their interest.
(2) An amendment to cause litigants
to put ii]i reasonable security for costs
before adversing applications for certificates of improvements,
(3) Regular promotion in the Civil
Service, avoiding the injustice of the
appointment of outsiders over the
heads of men already in the service,
all vacancies being tilled by our own
(I) The removal from the Statute
book of the discriminatory tax of S5.IJ0
per annum on mechanics, miners and
others employed in nur metalliferous
If returned I pledge myself to work
to the best of my ability to secure a
local expenditure of public monies
in proportion in the revenue collected
in the district, ami in ensure such expenditure being laid out to the best
possible advantage.
The inining interests of British Columbia have now reached such proportions lhal it is desirable they should
be administrated by n separate department under the charge of n minister
who would devote his undivided attention to the subject.
1 shall endenvor In rescind the legislation of THi. by whieh mining suits
were taken out of lhe jurisdiction of
tbe County Court and relegated to the
Supremo Court, thereby entailing increased costs and interminable delays.
During the past eight years Kootenay has been represented bv straight
government supporters and by an out
and out. oppositionist, the result ill
neither case nas been satisfactory, I
consider the time has arrived when all
the Kootenay members should join in
advocating measures for the benefit of
this district as a whole and for its
special industry, without regard to
| DO
��� For One Cent a .Word? t
��� > ���*>
X      ^ ou can find a buyer for " Any
T Old Thing" if vou advert ii-
+ tin.-.sn, il Ailvcrliscmciifs. 1
T All advertisements in this oolumn are Y
T 1 cent a word eiich lnsorlton,   No ad- T
X vorliBoment taken for loss than 25 cents. ��
��� ���
��� ��������������������������������������������������"�������� ���5*0>***4-**
Old papers at Tiik   Miner oUU-p.   25 cunU
per hundrnil.
POUND.���A small key, Natlonnl Cash Regis-
tc-r.    Apply "Miner" ollice.
MUtfIC LESSON'S. - On piano organ or
(guitar, by Mrs. W, .1. Astley, Knhson Htroet,
two doors went of Stanley.   1". 0. Box LSI).
No effort should be spared by those
who have tbe matter in bund to compile and publish tit the earliest possible
moment fresh and relinblo statistics,
The mining industry has progressed so
rapidly iu British Columbia in the
past year or two that the figures for
1800 which adorn lhe pages of volumes
on IK117 (Sllid volumes published along
iu   the   year    1898),    convey   about us
adequate information as an encyclopedia ' of 1860, At least every six
months there should   he published bul-
i let ins which would bring all necessary
3fl(i Hardware i inforation down to date.   Surely with
I an army of gold commissioners, none
of whom are fainting from fatigue,
the department of mines, aided by the
government mineralogist, could keep
:i little nearer the head of the procession.
A would-be investor glancing over
the results of last year would in many
cases form un entirely wrong impression of the progress of affairs in some
particular section. To be valuable our
mineral statistics and information gen
crally intended for the outside world
Bhould avoid as far  as  possible  dates
A public meeting' will be
held in the FIRE HALL,
Nelson, on
Friday July, 8, at 8 p.m-
Vancouver Hardware
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
Mr. J- Fred Hume
will address the meeting1  and
Mr. A. S. Farwell is invited to attend-
Applications fur ilie position of Secretary to
the British Columbia Chamber of Mines will
be received un io and including July t8tb., 1N'.��.
Applicants wlllploaHo state qualifications, remuneration expected, references, etc.
Hue, pro tem,
Vanoouver, B. C.
Fifty dollars will be paid by mo for tho arrest
and conviction of any porson for poisoning or
attempting to poison dogs,
I will sell at cost, for the balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors nnd shirt waists.
.1 osephino si.. Nelson.
Mr. J. Fred Hume will hold a public meeting at Ymir on Wednesday
evening, .Inly (>. Mr. A. S. Farwell
is invited to be present.
For the next  thirty  days   Flowers
and Hair Goods.
j Room li,   Turner-Boeokh   block.   En-
I     trance Baker street.   Open from
S a. in. to 4,30 p. in.
rpAKE NOTICE that I. Elmer E. Dills will
L apply to tliu Weill Commissioner of West
Kootenny. II. ('.. thirty days after (Into, for u
license to sell Honor liy retail at my hotel,
located tit Brooklyn, In the West Konicnny
ilisi-ii-l. KbMKit K. lilbl.s.
Hilled nt. Kelson, I!, t'., this 'JTtli dny of Juno
18(IS. 021
'TAKE NOTICK that I. W. VL. Walmal'ey.
" will apply to the Hold Commissioner of
West Kootenay, H. ('.. thirty days after date,
for n license to sell liciuor by retail at my holel,
located at Brooklyn In tho West Kootenny
district. W. 11. WALMSI/BSV,
I'nted at Nelson, If. C, tliis '.'nil dny  of July,
it",    and   thc   poundkeeper   was in-
jstructed   to   take   steps   lo  abate the
A number  of   accounts were passed,
after whieh the council adjourned.
The <lly Engineer Iteporls on llie Ponder
.Ua:;u/l,H* Across tiie Lnlcc.��� Estimated Cost of Diverting; Btrcnui* Nil
Addition "A" Into -To! tun I* (HMl 4'i-e.-U.
���Tenders fm- Laying Water I'liie.
At the regular meeting of the eity
council on Monday afternoon there
Were present* Mayor lb nston and
Aldermen Hillyer, Gilkor, Malone and
Considerable business was transacted
iu the way of ordering public improvements,
The city engineeivas authorized at
the last meeting of the council, reported   in   reference   to   the    powder
magazine across the lake, as follows:
"Gentlemen: With reference to tho
effects on the city oi' Nelson of the explosion of the powdor magazine, situated on the opposite side ol' Kootenay
hike, I herewith give tin- following
experiences in other placos from explosions of dynamite in quantities.
"First���The explosion of powder
mills at Shagtierke, N, Y., in 1 *>;-.':
This explosion shook in buildings in
Shagtierke village two miles away,
and Valley Polls, two miles distant,
and scarcely a window remained
Second���A mngazino containing 2000
pounds of dynamite exploded in 1805
near Lockport, on the Chicago driuago
canal, illl miles distant from Chicago.
The shock took place during the night
and was sufficient to awake Jail the
people in Chicago and to frighten tlio
residents of the country t'o;- .V) miles in
every direction. Hundreds of iviu-
dows iu Loekporf and Joliet wore
shattered. A boarding house i quarter
of a mile fro:-: the magazine v.;'.';
nearly shaken from its foundation,
throwing lhe inmates from thoir !** ds.
"Third���A powder factory al Sha-
mokin, Pa., in 1802, 19 miles from
Pittsburg, iu which thc shock was fell
(10 or TO miles nwny.
"Fourth���Twenty thousand pounds
of dynamite at Suumeytown, Pa., in
which the shock was distinctly ell at
Reading, 80 miles oway
"Fifth���Besides these there aro
many others of which 1 have uot particulars just now. Ai Johannesburg,
Transvaal, at Stratford, (int.. where
there was considerable destruction oi'
"The results cl' au i xplosion oi the
Nelson powder magazine would depend to a considerable oxtont on the
condition of tho atmosphere. With .i
dense, heavy condition of the atmosphere iln- effect would bo greatest.
The explosion would certainly shatter
windows all over the cily and might
do much greater damage. In auy case,
the location of the present magazine is
a serious menace to thc security of
life and property in the city of Nelson.
(Sienedi       "A. L, M'CULLOOH. "
The report was ordered to be forwarded lo the attorney general, to take
action in tlie matter.
Tho city engineer also reported as to
tho cost of draining the streams Bowing across Addition A into Cottonwood
creek, which he estimated would cost
about $335. The estimated cosi of diverting tho creeks flowing across
locks IIO, ill, -11. -!'>, 4-i, 83, 84 and 28
into Ward creek as an outlet is ��1100.
It was decided to grade a road on
Cedar street in front of Judge Forins'
residence at a cost of about .���?:;."! ; to
grade a road on Silica street in front*
of block 24, SB and 26 ill* a probable
cost of $o0 to ST."), and also to expend
about $85 iu improving Mill street
from Hendryx to Cedar. The wor'.*; was
ordered done by dny labor.
H. Stutter wrote offering to the oity
three buildings on the recreation
grounds for $110,
By-law  No.   30,   imposing a lax of
$21'0   on    insurance   companies   doing
business   in   the    city,    was    finally
J The    following   resolution   was   on
motion of Alderman  Hillyer. seconded
by Alderman Madden, adopted :
"That, in reference to opon heap
roasting at the Hall Mines smelter, it
be referred to the medical officer to report as to whether the same is injurious tn vegetation or to the health of
the city. " f
Tenders wore received for laying
Illlllll feet oi' water pipe as follows :'
l.emon & Co., $720, for laying
0-inoll pipe and backfilling; 8 cents per
lineal foot,
James Thompson, $685, for 0-inch
pipe, B cents per foot; for 4-inch pipe,
ti cents; hydrants, frs.
Minero & Hair, for 6-inch pipe, 7
cents; 4-inch pipe, 0 cents; hvdrnnts.
ifiti. DO,
\V. P. MoEnchorn, SsiO; I'm- 0-inoh
Pipe, S cents; for 4-inch pipe. I cents;
hydrants, $2.
Henry Hodskinson, $480; for pipe. 7
cents: hydrants, $5.
Lawrence Hardware Co.,0-inch pipe,
R cents; 4-inch pipe,0 cents; hydrants,
Noll & Thompson. 0-inoh pipe, UK,
cents; 4-inch pipe.ll1., cents; hydrants,
(,n motion it was decided to award
the contract to the lowest tenderer.
The city clerk was authorized to
write to Premier Turner requesting
lhat a pension be granted to W.
Several complaints weie received in
regard to cattle running at large in the
Mineral   Claims   Being   Developed  in
tho Trout Lake District.
Tho .Mountain Coat, on North Fork,
about 12 miles from Trout Lake City,
has an exceptionally fine ledge of copper ore.
Anderson & Craig of Kaslo were in
(own last week to record asscsincnt
work on the Pawn Broker group, situated on Hope creek, nbout three miles
from the Lardo river. They have a
six-foot ledge of fine galena and iron
on* in quartz in a contact of lime and
slate, The ledge is opened up with cuts
and stripping for a distance of 1500
feet and appears to bo a strong vein.
Their samples are a high grade cube
(Jn the Glacier,about four miles from
hero, is the the claim,owned by Mover
&Co Thoy are riming a tunnel, which
is   now   in   no    feet.   The   Klondike
group, owned by Thomas Wilson of
Trail, Cralmm Fowler of Rossland
and Nathan Lay of Trout Lake, consists of live claims. The work is being
(lone on the Northern Bell. Thev have
n 211-foot shaft and a 12-font crosscut.
The ledge is about 12 inches wide, nnd
surface assays gave 760 ounces of silver nnd about $11 in gold.
Mobile claim, owned by Charles Dillon and J. Bruno of Trout Lake, has a
12-fool shaft ou an 18-inch ledge.
The Norway group on Five Mile
creek, owned by (ins Johnson, Cus
Zulquist, Oie Avorg and Oie Larson.
j hns a fine surface, showing a high
grade of galena and grey copper. They
nre running a tunnel, which is now in
5 feet to crosscut the lead.
The Spokane Hoy. also on Five Mile
|creek, is   owned   by   B.   Joico, and is
showing up nicely,    The ore   is   aline
cube galena and resembles   that of the
Silver Cup closely.
Thc Dad Shot, on Duncan river,
owned by Frod Johnson,William Johnson nnd Fred Campbell, hns a 150-foot
tunnel on a ledge of line galena iiud
grey copper. The property hns recently
been bonded fur $100,000, and experts
are nov, examining lhe claim in the
interests of Iho 1 ondholdors.
A. -'.andreon, Morrison Lindgren and
Mr. Nelson, nl! of this cily, have a
pr mp of 13 claims on Canyon creok
about 11 mill s from the lake. The
Pedro has u two-foot ledge from which
surfaco assays gave 10(1 ounces of silvor, 17 ounces in copper and 5 pwt. in
gold, i "i the i lOtti 'i thoy have an *;*i-
foof shaft ".''a ledge of gnleria and iron
in quartz. Tho Columbia, on tho samo
lodge, owned i.r Kd Snudroon, bus a
i.ei'* 'ii .. .i DO feet, nml is iii n coarse
cul e gab nn \ ���';., li runs about I ,"i
ot.n: es in silver ate; 75 por cent in
li .;d.
S:.i '.* Atkinson was down a few days
go from Gainer creek.  He says things
Americans Driven  Back,   But   Rally
and Rout   the Enemy.
Santiago de Culm, July ���'!. ',:.'"!'.
in., per Associated Press Despatch
Boat Dandy, to Port Antonio, vin
Kingston,Jamaica, .Inly !, 11:80 p, in.
���Tho Spanish made a desperate nighl
ntlack on our left shortly before ten
on Saturday evening. The assault was
directed at* the positions that had been
carried by General Kent's men. The
Spaniards leaped trenches aud charged
across the open, striking heavily upou
General Wykoff's brigade, consisting
of the Ninth, Thirteenth and Twenty -
foui'th infantry. They wen1 reinforced
by ii heavy lire all along their line of
guns and batteries, nnd succeeded iu
driving some of our men from the
trenches, but a heavy tini was ln'jtnru
poured in and staggered the Spanish
line and sent it reeling backward with
heavy loss. The Americans hnd advanced from thc trenches for lhe first
time, and while the Spaniards were in
thc open, some of the American galling guns did terrible execution.
#   #
Kirkpatrick h Wilson
are receiving Seasonable Goods
fof lhe best trade ol Nelson in
the lines of
'ilie quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is fiill and being added to as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,BAKER STREET
���        a        ���
London, July 5.���The correspondent
of Ihe Times says the despatches received from American sources describing tlio destruction of Admiral Cervera's squadron, which lhe morning
papers considered wild and exaggerated
and consequently held buck, havo uow
been published in special editions.
They are generally regarded ns sub-
sanitally true, and have produced a
almost painful impression among nl!
classes, but there is perfect tranquility, 1 pi rceive uo symptoms of dangerous popular excitement.
in iii
mm     9r*y w *��    fry-fp^
for Nobbiest and best .uul Save KASH.
Buffalo, N. V.. July 5.���Al ihe
meeting of the Buffalo railway passenger committee held here today Mr.
Charles F. Adams wns appointed joint
agent of the Baptist convention, to bo
held in Buffulo on July II to 17, ISUS.
Mr. Adams conducted the (i. A. II.
joint agency Inst year with signal success.
Madrid. July o.��� The Spanish -< mnl
at Sin en pore wires i lc following message from General Augusti, captain
general ol' the Philippines :
' ''Ibe   situation :.*-   nu ;,**;*i* i 'i.
family has succeeded   in   . liiwrdi nsly
escaping  from   Miocaboru   in   ������ : * * r
and having passed (lir   nth I In    \nic
can vessels, an i red i al  l.v . I    'an la.
Arc Saving Money every day
on their 1 lardwaiv Bills by
allowing us to Figure with  them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Lawrence Hardware Coy.
, \ aluable i roperty.
Oc tlif  Slocan   Klriing   *-f V.c-t   Etoo(i-��ilj
t'.lcrlninl i>lsl!*Icf,
Gentlemen: AI lhe 11 (jtiesl of a
large proportion of the community
representing    every    section   ol    llu
uii cnnine ;r:>,
The Lade brothers went up to their
property on Gainer creek several days
ago to thoroughly develop nnd ascertain the value of the strike they made
last year. This was n rich strike of
tellnride ore which gave returns of
$330 to the ton in gold from a sample
shipment made to Nelson smelter hist
are looking remarkably well on his Hiding, I beg to announce myself as a
property, the Milton. The lead on candidate fov your suffrages in the
which he is located is   supposed to be coming elections.
that of the Wagner group, and samples] In respectfully soliciting ytiur votes
liave heen taken from this lend show- nod support 1 declare myself h srtp-
ing an average of 1 to ounces in silver. j porter and follower of tbe  Hon. J. If.
Turner as tho Lender of Llie only I'arty
in this Province with a defined Policy
and coherent exist ence.
During my eight years residence in
this District I have heen a consistent
supporter of his Party in recognition
of their attitude in meeting, and in
cases anticipating tho requirements
and expansion of this great mining
region. [ am iu favor of the following reforms:  -
(1) The abolition of the Tax upon
working miners.
(2) The abolition of tho Mortgage
(3) The distribution of seats in ^he
Legislature in direct proportion to
(-11 I do not approve of tho Policy of
the late Legislative Assembly in using
their influence to exclude foreign railroads, such as the proposed railroad
to Boundary Creek.
(5) I favor certain revisions in the
Mineral and Land Acts, particularly
some easy plan by which the holders
of claims cnn advertise out iheir defaulting co-owners.
((i) In filling all Government appointments I am in favor of appointing
bona fide residents of the District in
������ill cases where such can be found
competent to act.
(7) I believe that the Provincial
Legislature should bring all the aid
and   Influence   at   its   command to
the assistance of the lead inining industry, especially ill (he direction of
obtaining stronger recognition from
tlie Federal Government at-Ottawa of
the importance of this industry and
the disadvantages under which it now
If you do me Hie honor (o elect me
as your representative I will at -ill
times endeavor lo protect nud further
the Interests, not only of Ihe prospector but also o'all those employed
in nnd around our mines,   recognizing
iliiit our entire community is dependant upon the inining industry.
I nm, (noi Ionian,
Vour obedient servant,
John l.* Hetai.la.ck.
Waff Paper,      Sporting Goods,
��   Hammocks,   ��
Cameras, Kodaks,
Photographic Supplies.
Provincial Land Surveyors
Reol Estate and General Agents
Financial and Insurance Agents
Notaries   Public,   Etc.
���3 f
The   Men Who   Did   the Work Recognized by the Nation.
Washington, July ii.���Representative
Berry of Kentucky, 11 member of tho
house committee on foreign affairs,
introduced the following resolution today :
"Resolved, That the thanks of congress and of the American people are
hereby tendered to Commodore Schley,
I'nited Mates navy, and the officers
and men under his command, for their
heroic and distinguished conduct in
destroying the Spanish fleet in Cuban
witters on the third of July last. "
Mr. Kerry iu speaking of his resolution said:
"I propose that the officers to whom
the glory is due shall be recognized.
Schley is the real hero ot the incident. Sampson commands fhe fleet in
the waters, but it was Commodore
Schley in command when Cervera and
his fleet niade the plucky attempt at
escape, and it was through the ships
under Schley that every one of the
Spanish fleet met its destruction, "
Corner   lot   on    Vernon    Street      with
Lots for Sale in all parts of  the  Oity.
Call and sc- List.
;';ill and sec our full list of properly fov sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ton Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain,
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON,  B. C.
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick*Robertson,
General Manager i .,-,.    -, >^��T    .^    _
S. S. Fowler, E. M., ^ , NELSON,   B. C.
Mining Engineer J                                  m
Madrid, July 5.���The cabinet council this evening after a short session
decided not to open negotiations for
peace! but to continue the wnr tit nil
risks while n single soldier remains in
Cuba.    The government   hns UO   news
ns 10 ihe bombardment of Santiago nnd
hns eabletl Governor General Blanco
for details of the naval buttle.
Houses to rent at 815, 820,  SHU,  and
A two lot cornel' close in $112").   '
A  (i   roomed    House,   good   garden
12000.    Also others.
A first-class Stenographer, Typo-
writer and Accountant always on
Kingston,   Jamaica,   July  16.���The
British worships Alert and Pallas, the
former with   i-l  refugees aboard, and
tho   latter   with   38, and the Austrian
! man-of-war  Kaiserin   Maria  Theresa
with 88, arrived at Port  Royal this
' morning.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
nnd Dyed liy ihe N'kw Process nt
Uoasonablo Priced,
STEVENS, The Tailor,     7
Room 0, IIu.i.Yicn B1.1; .  NELSON.
P. S.-ljidies Wool Dross Goods Spoused
before Making Up.
Madrid, July 6,���Senor Sagasta has
announced that Admiral Cervera's
squadron has been defeated, that the
Almiinnte Oquendo has been burned
land the Infanta Maria Teresa sunk,
andthat Admiral Cervera himself is a
prisoner of war.
Thomson Stationery Co.
MMITBU (lll!2|
JNSl KAMI, and ��� - -
J ��14
IAIMM. Ml'IME., M Min. Absoo. Cornwall I
Opposite Phair Hotel,
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583.
Bxtondod experience in Chile nnd German
Son lh A frien. Assays nnd analysis of oros.
Reports nnd valuations on mineral properties
Underground survoylng and mine plans kept
up by contract.
Twenty yenrs" experience tn minini;.
Thorough  knowledge of  mines  ot  British
Columbia,  Terms Reasonable.


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