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The Miner Jul 9, 1898

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 /Hk ���
ulv   Ldition,
Aelson,   British Columbia.  ;-alurd;iy Morning, July u,   iSqS.
Eighth Year
Rir!)'-s Patent
A shipment of the famous
ib FOR ladies
Come Early and Secure a Pair,
���������������^���* ������>������.��**���>������---��� .i'.^-**^
X Latest Novelty. %
<* * Kill OLOVES. * !���
��� ������������������������������"*>���������
-�� Sil.ACK   &   FANCY f
X      PARASOLS at      ��
��� Reduced Prices, ^
IIIIC iylCyOl Ulllv 30IV -:'
We will offer for the next ten clays all of our entire stock
at  reduced   prices   with  Special   Reductions   on   the
.   .  .   Tullowing lines  .  .   .
4! Slimmer Dress Goods.
4- Worm Weather Fabrics.
* Ladies Shirt Waists.
Jj Ladies' I> (V A Corsets.
td Ladies'and Children's  Qndervests
I Ladies' Sill; aiid Kid Gloves.
X Ladies' Silk and Alpaca Skirts
-������ Sailor Hals, Hal! Priee.
I Our Stock is Complete in House rurol
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties,
.Men's Negligee Shirts.
Men's i-'.im 5' Onillbrio   Shirts.
Men's I31nck .Sateen Shirts.
Men's Duel: and Flannel Suits.
Men's Straw Hats.
Men's Taiiis and Overalls.
os. 1
������������SS+** ���e8>444S9������4S9��-��4-��SS>��^f����H^-��S9>>H>S&��-��4^
Cnmiiru on Ills ��ny n> Cndlz, Prospects
nf Ponce, sinirii'i- Ordered i" Force
tin' Tranftportii ucnr Blioro i�� Hasten
nu' Lauding,
Washington, July >S.��� There was a
continuation for the peace meeting
held today and evory thing x points to
ponce. Such for instance was the confirmation by the stale departmenl of
the report that tlie Cadis', fleet was
returning to Spain, since it is
soarcely conceivable that the Spanish
government would doom this lust* remnant of their fleet to destruction at
the hands of Watson's squadron.
Therefore the assumption is that the
Spanish government calculates that at
least an armistice, precedent to peace,
will ho obtained before the ships reach
The conditions at Santiago also aro
reported as favorable just now. Accord-
lug to Shaffer's despatches the Spanish
aro in a desperate plight, and Gen-
criil Shaffer's action in allowing Linares in commuuicate 1'reely with
Madrid is an implication that there is
al   least  a   reasonable   hopo  that the
Spanish general contemplates surrender. Nevertheless preparations
are being made for a final engagement, which may begin tomorrow if
Shafter's reinforcements are on hand.
This being the hurricane season and
tlie wind setting straight on llie south-
cm coast, the masters of tho transports have become alarmed, and have
taken their ships many miles out to
sea, necessitating long journeys by
the ships which make their landing
through the surf with the greatest
difficulty and danger. So slow and
tedious has been the service that
Secretory Alger has ordered General
Shafter to seize the transports one
and all, and place them as near the
coast as he chooses without regard to
the fear of (heir mast ers.
London, July 8���Under the able direction of Lord Strathcona.the colonial
marriages bill was read tor the second
time in the houso of lords today, with
a majority of 1~"J to 40.
Walling r<n- American Treasure Sliijx
From Hie Yukon. -United Slates Con*
Mil Smith iti'tiiii'is SimnS-l: Privateers in Hiding.
Victoria, Ji. C, July 8.���The despatch sent out from Washington today
that a privateer with letters of Marque
from Spain is lying in wait at Queen
Charlotte Island for American treasure ships from the Yukon, is a sequel
to the stories in circulation a month
ago that a man giving the name of
George C. Brown, was applying for
authority to lit out such an expedition,
United States Consul Smith being
interviewed on Hie subject this afternoon said thai he has received information and has overy reason to give
re deuce to il that 11 small though
fasl steamer, mounting fivi rapid
firing guns ana Hying the Qnp, of Spain
is now hiding in ono of tho many
harbors in the vicinity of Queen
Charlotte Sound or of Prince of Wales
[gland, on the other side of Dixon
entrance, waiting thc coming of her
Consul Smith says he vec ivad his
first information from H. B. Mac-
Gowan, a well known steamboat man
wheso company is operating the
steamer Alpha,j which arrived from
llnliax on Monday. Mr. MacGowau's
steamer had engaged a Vancouver
pilot, by name Westerly, who is well
known among sealing men, having for
several seasons been masti *��� -'r' the
sealing sohoouer O, D. Baud, to meet
the Alpha on her arrival hero aud
pilot her to Vancouver. Seeing Westerly on the streets of Vancouver after
the arrival of the Alpha at Victoria
MacGowan asked him why he had
uot come down for her. In reply
Westerly said "he liad a belter thing
in hand." and proceeded lo tell the
following starling story :
"In company with another pilot,
whose aame he would uot give, he
had been engaged to act as pilot on
a Spanish privateer, which wus hidden in one of the inlets of Queen Charlotte Sound or Dixon entrance, Tho
pilots were to be taken up to her
on a tug by an agent* who alone was
aware of the whereabouts of tlio privateer. The pilots were to pilot the
steamer wherever the master wished
to go and for their services they wore
to receive **suut) for two months work.
Each man being on duty t2 hours
each day. Captain Westerly objected
to going on the privateer at first he
said, bur, agreed on being told that it
was not tho intention of the legalized
pirates to kill any of thoso on the
vessels falling into (heir hands. They
would, the agent said, plunder tho
vessels ot their treasure and burn
them aftor making prisoners of their
passengers and crews. He was fui'ther
induced to start for the hiding place
of tlie pirate by being promised 25
per cent of his pay in advance,but notwithstanding ilie inducement offered
he ultimately backed out and is continuing to act as hcrelotore in more
peaceable pilotage ventures. Captain
Westerly refused to give ihe names of
those who made arrangements with
him but Consul Smith had every reason to believe from information
received thai it is a man whose name
is well known iu Vancouver mercantile circles. Seafaring meu who have
been spoken to Oil the subject say that
the privateer is'lying hidden as slated
111 the vicinity of Queen Charlotte
Island. He bus chosen an ideal spot
for though a licet of vessels were I
go in search for him he might continue hidden from sight in one of the
many inlets for years ere the searchers
could locate him. The inlets and bay
of those islands abound in good and
secure, though woll hidden harbora
and the sparse population and infro-
quenoy of the vessels calling there
render it a very safe cache. Senor
Oobrejo, tho Spaniard, said to be an
agent of Spain, is still here but he is
mute on anything, refusing to affirm
or deny   that   he   is commissioned to
represent his country, or in fact to say
anything save to promise interesting
developments later.
The     Insurgents      Plunder,    Murder,
and Rifle the Dead.
Before Santiago, July 7, Per Associated Press Despatch Boat Dauntless,
Via Port Antonio and Kingston,
Jamaica, July 8, 1 p. 111.���It is now
known that after the fall of El Caney
July I the Spanish soldiers who escaped
along the foot hills marched into General Garoia's men posted to the north
of Santiago. They fought desperately but were shown no mercy by
the Cubans and were macheteil to the
last man.
General Del Ryne, who was in command, was brutally mutilated. The
knowledge of this massacre found its
way into Santiago, and changed the
Spanish resolution to die rather than
surrender. After the fall of El Caney,
tlio Cubans sacked the town, Information of these two outrages was
promptly conveyed to Shafter who
issued orders that auy Cuban found
rifling the bodies of the dead or
wounded Spanish would bo promptly
dealt with. To prevent the possibility
of the Cubans plundering Santiago
when it eauinilales, it has lieen decided
to forbid the Cubans entering thp
Strengthening tlieir Position, will Resist to the Last.
Hong Kong. July 8,���A despatch
irom Manila undor date of July -1 says
(hat Admiral Dewey will remain in
active service until General Merritt
arrives. The rebels are practically
doing nothing, but the Spaniards are
strengthening their position, destroying huts and woods and constructing
entrenchments. Tim authorities have
enacted a penalty of ;}100(> against anybody who shall raise the prices of
The Spaniards assert that in spite of
rho loss of the waterworks there will
be no famines during tho rainy season.
They ore confident that au ample foroe
from Cadiz will arrive soon and an
uihilato the Americans, and they
still hopo to conciliate the natives.
In the meantime thoy declare that
they will endure patiently whatever
comes and resist to the utmost.
Hobson   Valuing tho Spanish Prizes���
Cristobal May bo Saved.
Off Santiago do Cuba, July 7. Via
tho Despatch Boat Dauntless, Port
Antonio, July 8, Via Kingston,
Jamaica.July S. ���10 a.m.���Tho United
States auxiliary cruiser has sailed
for Portsmouth, N. H., with the balance of tho prisoners. The total is
now I7,"i.
A board of officers today is inspecting the Cristobal Colon and it is hoped
tliat sho may bo saved. Naval Constructor Hobson is on board thi! Spanish cruiser and is about to valuo the
Infanta Mario Terresa. Tlie remains
of the Vixeaya and Alinirunto Oquendo
are worthless wrecks.
Full Results of the Various Races at
tlie Regatta.
London, July 8.���The following are
the results of the Henley regatta:
Grand challenge cup for eights.
Leander beal lirst Trinity, Cambridge,
by three-fourth of a length; time,
7 18I, Wayfold challenge trap for fours,
the Kingston Rowing club (holders
ef  the   cnn)   paddolert    home   alono,
heating tin' crew of Cains college,
Ciiinliridge, who ran into the piles and
disabled     tlieir   boat.      The   Nickalls
Challenge cup and silver goblets for
pairs. Tlu! Thames Rowing club beat
Jesus   college,     Cambridge,    by   eight
lengths in 8:44, Stewards challenge
cup for fours. Leander club, holders
of the cup, beat New college, Oxford
by one-fourth of a length; time,
Ladies' challenge plate for college
and scliool eights, Eton college, holders of tho trophy, beat first Trinity,
Cambridge, by three-fourths of a
length ; timo 7 :0)S. Thames challenge
cup for eights, Trinity college, Oxford, beat Coopers' Hill Boat club by
two and one-fourth lengths; time 7 :l!tj
Visitors' challenge CUD for college,
school fours, New college, Oxford,
boat University college, Oxford, by
two and three-fourth lengths; tinu^
id tiiiiiril Passengers t'onllui ibe ttrimri
��r 1 lie I'ownrdly Action nf the (rrw
nl' iln- French Liner.���Helpless llii-
iiiniilly Fighting I'm- Life.
Boston, Mass., July 8.���From Ihe
testimony of three persons, Otto
Zeiger from New York. John Orchard
of Baltimore, and Charles Liebra,chief
c( ok of thi! Stafford hotel, Philadelphia, it appears that the fourth engineer of the La Bourgoyne, who was
saved, acted in the most brutal manner
toward (lie pasengcrs. The threo men
agreed that the statement that after
the collision, when every one was
surrounding the boats the fourth engi-
neer snid: "Damn the passengers,
let thom save themselves, we save ourselves first." He also said that if he
had a revolver he would shoot the pas
Mr. Liebra spike in great praise of
the caplain of the La Bourgoyne, although that officer did not think the
accident was serious aud informed the
saloon passengers that there was no
danger., This is thought to be 0110
reason that none of the 70 first class
passengers were saved. On the voyage
Liebra became acquainted with Yusouf,
the wrestler, the terrible Turk, who
was a passenger. After tho eolision
Liebra says ho saw Yusouf struggling
in a crowd of drowning passengers,
beating tbem off with a stiletto and
shoving them aside while tryng to
reach a boat. Ha failed, ' owovor and
went down. In conversation with
Liebra, bofore tho wreck, the wrestler
had expressed himself as ill pleased
with the treatment he had received
in America.
L. Tarlaid, of 104 West Thirty-sixth
street, New York, and 0. M Lucas
from northern Prance, the latter bei g
a waiter on board the La Bour:oyno,
each tell of being driven away from
a boat containing Austrians irmed
with knives. While the Halifax was
entering Boston harbor this morning,
eight passengers gavo their names as
witnesses to thi! fact that the Aus
trians used knives to keep people
from their boat. Ono of the crow, a
steward, who spoke English well declined to give his name as he said it
would be bad for him when he got
back. He said he was in bed at the
time of the accident. The shock wakened him and he ran up the spar deck
to his boat. There were S."i men
appointed to each boat, but thero
wero only seven or eight at his which
was the second mates', No. 7.
The second mate was at his post and
the boat was immediately got ready.
There were about 50 passengers iii his
boat, including a lot of women. As
the La Bourgoyne was sinking tho
boat caught and was upset, throwing
every one into Hie water. He enmo
up in a minute and was saved two
minutes later by a raft. Thero wore
lots of women and children screaming
for help Ol'OUUd but he tinned his head
away as he said he did not like to soo
these things. The young Frenchman
from New Orleans said he could not
say   anything   in   praise of  the  crew
of the l.ll Bourgoyne, He did not see
any of the ollicers after the accident
except the captain who was gesticulating on the bridge Messrs/Zoicer and
Karainer., second class passengers,
state that Victor Gendrot and another
sailor of the La Bourgoyne deserve
great praise for their bravery in saving
some   passengers,      They     called     for
volunteers lo go from tho Cromartyshire and were tin! means of saving
many others who would otherwise
have perished. They were t he only sailors who did anything to help the passengers.
New York, July 8.���Peter Mahor
fought Joe Goddard at the Lennox
Athletic club tonight, and wiped out
the two previous decisions against him.
Twice Goddard was only saved by the
bell from being put out' and when ho
retired after tho eighth round, no
one blamed him considering tho fearful
hammering ho got. Both men wero
badly punished. wLam
Published Daily except Monday.
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III! Ill llli' Ullli'f   liy   I  o'clock   ll-'"-   Iii
Insure clinnge.
crowd, that ho could not out himsel
loose if ho would, and if there is one
thing more than another the people of
Kootenay bave made up their minds
about, it ii- that tliey waul to have
nothing more io do with the Turner
Today polling in the general Provincial elections inkcs place all over
the Province, and the fate of llie Turner government will be decided. In
this riding, and generally all over the
Province, the opposition is justly .jubilant aud confident of success, while
the government supporters are correspondingly deproi sed, Notwithstanding
all tlieir advantages, the fact that they
are the party in power, and the Ea :!
of a practically unlimited supply of
money, Ihey are all conscious that
the battle is lost. From the premier,
who disheartened by an unsuccessful
tour of tho provinces, felt it* was uo
good to accept an invitation to speak
at Vancouver before the elections,
dowu to Mr. Farwell, whose most
i'a ing and optimistic forecast of the
lesalt of tho eleotious is given in tl e
News-Advertiser of July Oth, are all
rosigned to defeat.
Tho forecast, i.s as follows: '' Mr.
Farwell. the government candidate
in the Nelson riding of West Kootenav,
admits that the government will only
got 11) seats���or just half the legislature. Iu this number he counts
himself as being elected, of which
there is, however, no probability, when
a government candidate has to admit
a defeat in the whole province, there
is not much reason for surprise al the
despair of Mr. Turner, as shown by
his refusing to speak in Vancouver
before the elections."
Let every supporter of honest government get out and work today for Mr.
Hume. And then with a long pull,
U strong, pull and a pull all together, the
Opposition candidate will be returned
With a thumping majority to swell
tlio ranks of those who are determined
that at last British Columbia is to hai o
a government worthy of herself and
her resources.
Electors   should remember that.now
they can vote without* fear or favor.
There is no chance of the ballots being
traced. They should also remember
that this secret ballot* is due entirely
to the opposition, all tho members of
tho government opposing tho measure.
Vote for J. Fred Hume, anil tho
party who aro opposed to tyranny and
Our Arctic Soda Fountain
Is thc centre of attraction these hot days.
r>-0      Try our Ice Cream Sodas, Made
with Hazelwood Ice Cream
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
Everything points to tho accession
of the opposition to powor in which
case Mr. Hume's sound judgment, and
well known executive and administrative capacity will bo of great service
in the council of the party. These
qualities of Mr. Hume's are thoroughly
recognized at Victoria as well as at
Nelson, and even the Turner government admit them.
Thi! premier has stated publicly that
if be is returned Chinese Martin will
be commissioner of lands and works.
Where do Mr. Farwell's pretensions
get oil' at?
All kinds of Fresh and Salted Meals wholesale and retail. Fresh Fish received daily.
Mail orders receive careful and prompt attention.
E. C. TRAVE5, Manager
Mining   and   Other   News   From tho
Quartz Creek Camp.
J. W. Miisterson is having lhe storo
room formerly occupied by J. C. Allen
put in flrst. class shape.
The members of thi! Methodist congregation have just completed ii neat
parsonage on their lots corner of Third
and Popular streets.
A forco of men has been put, to work
on the Blue Eyed Nellie. This was
among the t first properties ever located
iu the camp. A large amount of work
was done ou (ids property last yoar.
A. B. Buckworth and Paul Fuller
are doing assessment work on their
proporty, the Grout Northern and .Sunlight, situated no the head of Midge
Creek. From these properties some
big assays have been obtained and they
are considered two of tho best proper-
lies in that section.
(irant Morris went to Erie, tho hitler
part of last week to visit some mining
properly he is interested in. The
property consists of live olaims, the
Litton. Litton No. 2, Black Prince,
Did (let* There and Sampson. Mr.
Morris brought buck some fine samples
of ore with him, which looked as
though it would run well up in gold
and copper, A 20-foot tunnel has
been driven on the Hid (Jet There. L
,1. ^Winslow, (Charles Ruwings and
Mr. Hanna are also interested in this
If anyone who attended the meeting
at the Fire ball last night ever had
any doubt as to which of thc two
candidates is lhe favored one of the
electors, the reception given last night
to Mr. Hume and his supporters laid
those doubts at rest. Mr. Hume si t
his position and record before lhe
meeting in a straightforward sensible
address, and the vociferous cheers lhat
marked its conclusion showed how
thoroughly satisfactory il was to his
Careful attontionjto Mr. Farwell and
his coadjutors failed to elicit any more
substantial reason for supporting him
than the assertion that, com pared with
Mr. Hume, ho would he a persona
grata with the Turner government,
and so \1 o ill 1 o ablo to do more for his
constituency. Unfortunately tor them
the Turner government will not be
returned,and sn this argument returns,
like a boomerang.with redoubled force
Upon th.' head of Mr, Farwell.
With llie single exception nf a disgusting exhibition last night, the campaign has been conducted on both
sides with good taste and gentlemanly
feeling, but lhe wishes of lhe elect irate havo boon none the less clearly
marked. Mr. Hume's position is
dearly defined, The people know what
ho has done in the past, and have
overy confidence in his actions in the
future. While with regard to Mr.
Farwell, he, ns the mayor dourly
pointed out last night, is so inextricably associated with tho government
The Harry Lindley company gavo
a very successful and artistic entertainment of "Lord Fuuntloroy" lust
evening. Tonight they produce. Oliver
Byron's play, "The Upper Hand."
The play should give Mr. Lindley
wide scope for his great comic powers
and will doubtless afford a merry
evening. The election returns are to
be read from tho stage.
Three lots, corner Ward and Houston streets. A small four-roomed
house. Lots planted with potatoes. A
special bargain. 56
Minstrel Entertainment
Tuesday, July 12th at 8:15
p. in
Admission 50 Cents
Com i and havo a good Laugh
For the benefit of tho
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, T-Tew Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail tb any branch wiil havo careful anil prompt attention.
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that you would become our customer and friend. We have the
largest and best selected stock of Groceries in the city. Thc
famous products ol every country in our line are represented on
our shelves.
EVERYTHING   FIRST CLASS.- Never behind tho limes.   No retrograding
bere. Our business is run to serve its | ati-ons to their lies! interests,
us well us our own, and you c.'iii always depend upon our lies' Borvice
being afforded you.
The fairness of our prices  throughout our entire litis al all times shows our
grasp upon the market.     CAN'T BE BEAT AT Aid.;   THAT'S Aid,.
Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We tire prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash anil Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully j,riven.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R. STATION.    .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
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Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
timber should apply lo
The Nelson Planing Mill
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every description of Joiuory,
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Post Office
��*.���Cigar Store
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Domestic Uigurs, Cigarettes Tobaccos and a full stock of
Pipes at reasonable
S. J. MIGHTON. dl9)
B. C.
Going West. Daily          Gonra Kast.
Leave 8.00 a. m. Kaslo           Arrive 8.S0 p.m,
"    8.86 a. m. South Pork      "     8.15 p.m.
"    9.86 a, m. Sproule's          "     2.15 p.m.
"     9.51 a, in. Whitewator    "     3.00p.m.
"   10.03a.m. Bear Lake        "     1.48 p.m.
"   10.18 a. in. McGuigan         "      1,33 pm,
"    10,38 a.m. Cody Junction   "      1.12 p.m,
Are.   10.50 a. in. Sandon         Leavo   1.Oil p,in.
Leave 11:00a.m.   Sandon     Arrive 11:45 a,in.
Arrive 11:20  "        Cody Leave   11:25   "
8641 U. F, & P. 4 Superintendent.
Official Directory.
Qoromor-Goneral Earl of Aberdeen
Promicr        - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Mombui' House of Common*", Dominion Parliament, West Kootoniiy Hewitt Bostock
Ltcut.-Covernor Hon T H Midlines
I'riMiiiei - - Hon ,1 II Turner
Attornoy-Gonornl        - Hon DM Eberts
Com of Lands and Works Hon li II Martin
Minister Minos and Eduoation Hon Jas Baker
President. Exeoutive Counoil Hon C I'.' Pooley
Mombors Legislative Assembly tor Wost Kootenny North Riding J M Kellie
Sooth Riding               - -i 1'' Hume
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermon���Chan Hillyer, \V F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J ,i Malone, K P Whalley, Thos Mad-
City Clerk - J K Strachan
Pollco Magistrate - E A Pi-ease
Chief of Pollco .        A   F McKinnon
Chief of Firo Department . W J Thompson
Auditor John Hamilton
Water Commissioner TM Ward
Health Oflloor ��� Dr. Lallan
Cily Engineer A. L. M'Oullooll
City council meets every Monday, .'t p.m., at
city hall, eor Victoria and Josephine st
SCHOOL tius'I'kkh.
Dr. K C Arthur, Dr. G All Hall. Goo Johnstone   Principal   J It Green,
Prosldont J Roderick Robert-son,
Vice President - James Lawrence.
Socy-Treas. John A'turner.
Prosldont John A. Turner
V'li 0 Pros. \\'. A. Jowett.
Secretary D. MoArthur
Treas. \ II Clements
Medical Supt, . Dr. (f. A Ii Hall
Close      �� NELSON POS'I OFFICE  j     Due
8.00 p.m.
8,30 a.m.
t.i" p.m,
Uniied Stales, Ontario,Quo
Leo (did I asLorn I 'rm ine .-
Point- oo N. ,'i.. E. s. line,
Vieiori'i and Kosslnud.
-' .-.   I itiiv, i-.  Sandon and
���-inc.oi Like Points.
��� ���."������i" .inil I.i olonay l.:,i.,
ii     ..ml.   'rn.it.    Nakusp
tohson. i-'ii'i* on main Iim
.   I'.   P..    Yaneni: \ er ,* in
A'iunlpi i;
5,15 p.m,
2.30 p.m.
7.45 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
OPPICli nouns.
l.ohh.i opened from 7 a.m. to to p.m.; 0 iral
Dolivery,8 a,m, to s p.m.;  Kogistralion, 8.30
a.m. to T p.m.jMonoy Orders and Savings Hank
0n.m. to l p.m.; Sunday 1 hour(10tolla.m)',
J. A. QILKER, I'osimaster.
Government Inspector of Agonclos W J Goopol
Gold Commissioner . 0, o. Dennis
Mining Rooordor-Tax Col ��� RFTolmle
Collector of Customs - Goo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen,
County Court Judgo - J A Forin.
lloglstrnr E T H Simpklns]
Warden Capt, N Fltwtubbs.
First Jailer ��� - u Liddsll,
Second Jailer ��� Geo Partridge.
Third Jailer . J0hn McLaren
Senior Guard - R luce,
Cnuncn ok England Matin lla.m.;Evon
Soni;. 7.30 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in Ihe month after
Matins; on 2nd and ith Sundays, at 3 a m
Sunday Sol Iat2.30p.rn. Uev II. S Akehurst. Iteelor.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
I'ni.-iivi-khun Cnuncn ServicesnI ll a rn
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2,80 p.m'
Prayer mooting Thursday ovonlng at S p.m.'
Christian Endeavor Society moels every Monday ovening at 8 o'clock, Kev. It.' Frew
Pastor. '
MKTiioiitsT Cnuncn���Corner Silioi\ nnd
Josephine StroSte. Services at ll a.m. and 7.:.��
ji. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.80p.m.; Prayor mooting on Frldaj ovening al 8 o'clock; Epworth
LoagUoC, lv. Tuesday al X a.m. Hev. lieo. 11
Morden, Pastor.
Roman Catholic Cnuitcn���Mass at Nelson
overy Sunday at Band 10.80 rem.; Benodlotlon
nt I.MitoSp.m.   Hev. Father Ferland, Priest,
llAi'i ist Ciiiui-ii ��� Services morning and
pvoningal 11 a.m. and 7.311 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday ovonlng al 3 p.m.: Meetings
aro held in tho school house. Strangers Coral-
ally welcomed.   Hev, (i. It. Welch, Paslor.
Salvation Army���Sorvioes every ovening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria Btreef.
Ailinlant Milliter in charge.
A    NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. k A.
"*( jfM- moels second Wednesday In each
'yf\ month.    Visiting brethren invited.
O. L. Lennox, Seoretary,
'jiBJiN '���   "���  O.   F.     Kooienay Lodge
ft^-S&J.P:': No. HI, meets every Monday night,
nl   their   'lull,   Koolcnny sp-cel.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
WM. HODSON, Secretary.
�� NELSON    LODGE   No. 2.1. K. of   P.,
moots in Cnstlo hall, MoDonald blook
every Tuosday evening nl  K o'clock,
All Visiting knights cordially invited,
.1. J. MALONE, C.O.
(820) Geo, Parthidoe, Itot R.andS,
NELSON LODGE, I. O. G. T, Meets In
Castle Hall, McDonald lllock, every Monday
evening at 3 o'clock. Visiting' Templars oor
dlally invited, John Telford,
Chief Templar.
George Niinn    Seo'y
llltrtB III seoond and fourth Wednesday of
H3-U.D- eaoh month nl K. of P. Hall, Mac-
��*\ 1)1   Donald  lllock,   cor.  Vernon   and
%^^   Josoplilne streets,   Visit Ing bro thru ooruially invited.        Ekxkht King,
Cuas. II. Farrow, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAV, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meets
1st andjBrd Wednesday In each month in the
IC of P Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. S. C. It.; J It
Orcen.C.lt.: J. Purkiss. Secy.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday |n iho 1,0.0.1'. hull. F XV
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson, Rcc.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Hiiulre. Iteceiver and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 10112 meets In the McDonald block ovcry Thursday evening at 8
oolook. Visiting memhors cordially invited.
John Toyc, W.M.; F. J. Bradley, lt.S. \
Brief     .tli'lillmi     ol'     llappeiilii,;s
IMsIrlcl Ikui-liig the I'usl
I'VlV  IlllJ'S.
Guy  Bullock,   Kuskonook, i.s in tho
Irwin, Rossland, is in the
Hicks,   Winnipeg,   is at tbe
B.   H,
J. B. MnoLmon, Vancouver, is ai the
R. B, Jack, Russell Crock, i.s at
lhe Phair.
u. ,r. Peebles, Bonington Falls, is at
the Phair.
J Li. M. Livingstone,   who 1ms opened
up in business in Brooklyn, is in the
1 laiiiiltou Byors has commenced work
on his now warehouse on the 0. P, H.
lako front.
It will bo a dry day in the oity today
us all bars in hotels nud saloons must
be closed.
A. T Garland, merchant, Kaslo and
Nelson, arrived iu the city yesterday
R. Kerr has received iho contract
for G. F, Jacr's new brick blnck on
Josephine strict.
Work has laco started on an SOO-fool
tunnel from tho Sandon side ni the R,
B. Loo in the Slocau country,
William Brandon of Butte and E. J.
Mathews of Filet Bay. returned to
Kelson yesterday afternoon.
The following Kasloites registered
at Hi" Hunu : R, McLean, A. Carney, 10. Gnmniiugs, N. 1'. McKay.
George Luther Lennox of this city
was admitted tn the bar nf British
Columbia   on   Thursday  at   Victoria.
Very little betting has been done i n
tho result nl' the election, the friends
of Jlr. "Farwell wanting odds of 2
to 1.
Tho weather has been very warm
for tho past few days but today will
be   exceedingly   hot���for   tho Farwell
An excursion train will be run from
Nelson   to   Slocan   on   July P.'   for the
Orangemen's celebration, leaving the
Nelson depot at 7 :4B a. in.
Tho excavation for (I. F. Beer's mw
block on Baker street is about completed and the contract for the foundation vill bo let in a few days.
Tho Doves and Havens 'will give a
minstrel entertainment in the Hume
hall on Tuesday next, July 12, for I lie
benefit of tho English church building
A. W. Sheppard, Presbyterian missionary at Ymir, is confined to lhe
Nelson hospital, suffering from rheumatism. He has been ill for (he past
In our l'fpu't of the county court
proceedings yestarday morning  inthe
case of Elliot vs. O'Connor, the
amount sued for should have read
fi 100 and the amount awarded $800.
Tho members of Nelson L. O. L. No.
Kit):.' will hold their church parade
to tli��> Presbyterian church tomorrow,
(Sunday) evening. Tho brethren
will meet at the lodge room in the
Macdonald block at (i p. m.
Tuesday evening, July 111, has been
fixed as the date for the rendition of
tho contata, "Under the Palms, " in
the Presbyterian church. A choir
of fill voices under the leadership of
Mr. Parkinson will provide the music
a lot oi
Ice Cream freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
duriiiP' the warm weather.
Wc have also constantly
on hand a full line ot" .  .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
Tiitiwiir Hardware
Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
The   members   of   Nelsou   L. O. I* ]
No.   1693   will   celebrate the 12th of]
July   next* Tuesday at Slocau City and |
invito  Rojourning  members   to  meet |
with   them   at their   hall in tho Macdonald block af, (i a. in. ;   return leaves
Slocan  at   7 p.   in.     Singles faro lor
round trip. x
If   tho writer of a lotter signed "A
Uitizon of Nelson," will scud Ins
name to Tho Miner oflice, it will ie-
coive attention. No communications
can bo published unless accompanied
by tho name and address of tho writer,
not necessarily for publication but as
a guarantee of good faith.
A suniptons banquet was tendered
by the members of the Yoiinu Canada
club last evening to Mr. Qeorge Nm n
who leaves this evening for Winnipeg,
where ho will wed ono of tho fair
daughters of the prairie capital.
During lhe evening Mr. Nunn was
the recipient of au address and a
handsome lea servile as a slight
token of the esteem in which he is held
by iho boys of the V. C. 0. Mr.
Nunn replied in a fow suitable words,
and a pleasant evening was enjoyed.
Cairo, July 8.���Admiral Camara
has informed the Egyptian government that he has been ordered to
return to Spain.
New York, July K.���If was learned
today that JO,000 tons of ooal are now
on the way to the Philippine Islands
win re thoy will be transferred tothe
bunkers of Admiral Dewey's shins.
Washington, July 8.���All lhe Spanish naval officers captured by the
American fleet aro to bo confined within the limits of the naval academy
grounds at Annapolis. Thoy will le
placed in the quarti rs vacated by the
American naval offlcors who left the
academy lo yo into active service,
and they will he treated with tlio
greatest      consideration. Admiral
(Vi'vi'ii will be anion;; the prisoners
who in all likelihood will be given tbo
freedom (if the groi wC under limited
Madrid, July B.���La Correspon-
dencia d'Espana say-;:
There is a feeling of alarm dee io
a belief thai tho the U uited Stntos
warships Oregon, Texas and New
York arc now oa their way to Spain,
and that precautions aro Icing taken
at all the seaport'* lo avoid a invpris
T'he ministers are divided in tin r
opinions as to the advisability of it i-
mediato negotiations for peace. Tiie
war parly is inclined to adopt tlu:
view of Marshall Martine/. I'amp is, who
considers that the Spanish army must
first liy a notable victory wipo out the
defeat ofthe navy. The peace party
urges direct negotiations with the
United States.
���^-^i���        TOUSriGKKT       ,90*^*
Marry Lindley Comedy^.
will present Oliver Byron's most Laughable
Comedy Drama,
"The Upper Hand."
'Ihe Post Comedies. The Newest Songs. Artistic Dancing.
Tickets on Sale at The Canada Drug & Book Co.
June 38���
Independence No. 2���1''. < Iranlham,
1 mi up Wild Horse crook.
Aleuia���J. D. Macdonald. .' mi up
Quartz creek.
Eclipse���H. McGaudloss,, 2', ini n
of  Vmir on Salmon river.
Lii Surselva���O. Muth, on Salmon
river, '.' mi above Hall Siding.
Maryan���A. Chisholm, '.. mi n w
of Ymirjuiine.
Alexander���Same, 8 mi n of Ymir.
Maggie���Same,   same.
Gladstone���A. Chishclm and O. Muth,
Ivanhoi���S.   A.   Fleming, 1 mi s w
of Hall Siding,
Jessie���J.   Bassett,   .1. W. Hamilton
and A.   Tapper,   1J.-*   mi s e of Nelson
Eh'UN.��� W. I.  Lavin, 'e mi n w
Of Salmo.
Henry Erne���,M C. Donaldson, IC
mi v of Salmo.
Koiio���H. R. Bellamy, on n sido of
Eagle creek, adj. White Swan.
Warwick���.A Jill's, a 1 head of Sandy
Juno 29���
Eagle Bird���.P Puller, ou Porcupine
creek, V mi from  Yinir.
��� Eaglo Rock���Same. same.
Hawk Eyo���P. Fuller, IS. Kolegham,
Hailstorm���J. Knudson and A, (1.
Mellander, ti mi rip Rover crook.
Manilla���T. G, Roy, e fk Cottonwood ck,
liasiu���S.   J,     Mighton,     on   Toad
adj.   Last
I'm- Member or Hie Legislative Assembly
r��r ilie   Nelson Killing ��r Wesl
KiMileiiiiy IMsllirt.
i'i.inouii  uf  i'i:n(in.i\
mountain   near   Hall
Monte Cristo���C. Rolliu, l'., mi s i.r
Hall biding,
Juno 80���
Toronto���W.   Foot,  '���'���   mi e of  Hal)
Sidiuc, formerly Liilleii.
Maiiuilla���S.   Lel'ehoie,    J.   Tihbo- vail.
Adopted  by  DclesnlcN in (Joiiveiillon mi
llu- '.'I-.1 Dny ��r .Iun.-, 1898.
"Whereas, Tho Turner government
by its class legislation, (1) by imposing a '.ax liiion tho output of metalliferous mi nos not imposed upou tho
output of ooal mines; (2) by refusing
to remove the tax imposed on men
working in metalliferous mines j(8) by
denying tlio people of the. province
equitable representation in the legislative assembly, has proven itself unworthy of further confidence or continuance in office; and,
"Whereas, The railway policy of Iho
present administration is inimical to
tho best welfare of the province as a
whole therefore bo if
"Resolved, Thai the interests of tho
Nelson riding of West Kootenay district demand that the electors return
as their representative in tho next
provincial legislature a man who will
not ouly strongly advocate but* will
also use his influence wilh the members of tho legislative assembly opposed
fo tho presont administration to secure
the foil'iv. ing reforms :
"Firs'���Mi equitable plan of representation in tno legislative assembly ou a
basis that will recognize that* au elector in '.ii" portion of the province is
tl"* equal of an elector in any other
portion where liko circumstances pre-
(Jenllenien,���1 oiler myself HS mi independent candidate to represent you
in the next Provincial Pmliiillienf,
Should 1 bo fortunate enough to secure your support I shall endeavor to
bring aliout the following reforms:
(1) A chango in the Mineial Act to
compel all pari ners in a mining claim
to boar tlieir share of the assessment
work or forfeit their interest.
(2) An amendment to cause litigants
to put up reasonable security for cost*
before adversing applications for certificates nf Improvements,
(li) Regular promotion jn tbo Civil
Service, avoiding the injustice of the
appointment, of outsiders over tho
heads of men already in the service,
all vacancies being filled by our own
(4) Tho removal from the Statute
book of the discriminatory tax of 05.00
per annum on mechanics, miners and
others employed in nut' metalliferous
[f returned I pledge, myself to  work
to the liest. of my  ability  to secure a
local   expenditure   of   publio   monies
1 in proportion to tlio revenue collected
j in the district, and to ensure such  ox-
penditure being laid out to tho best
: possible advantage.
Tbo inining interests of British Coi-
I uinbia. bave now reached suoh proportions lhat. it is desirable they si,oulil
In- administrated by a separate depart-
| nicnt under the charge of a minister
I who would devote his undivided al.ten-
i tion to the subject.
I shall endeavor to rescind the legislation of '9(1, by which milling suits
wore taken out of ihe jurisdiction of
the County Court and i ulegated to the
Supreme Courl, I li roby entailing increased costs and interminable delay:.
During the past eigbl years Kootenay has been represented bv straight,
government supporters and by an out
land   out   oppositionist,   the  result  in
I neither case has lieen satisfactory, I
consider the time has arrived when all
II lie Pool onay members should join in
mlvociiting measures for the benefit of
this   district as a  whole and for  its
j special   industry,   wil bout,  regard   to
I party.
**>���* ^���**ll**t>-i>*X***-*>fl^*>-i*X-X'-tfO-lt 4--^*><--
I *
��� DO
oi ihe Blocan  ieiiIIhk <ii' Wesl  Kootenny
Electoral District,
Gentlemen:- At the request of a
large  proportion  of  the community
representing overy section of the
Hiding, I beg to announce mysolf ,as a
candidate for your suffrages in the
coining elections,
ill respectfully soliciting your votes
and support I declare myself a supporter and follower ofthe Hon. .1. II.
'1 timer as tlio Loader of the only I'art y
in this Province with a defined Policy
and coherent existence.
During my eight, years resilience in
this District I have boon a consistent
supporter of his Party in recognition
of their attitude ill meeting, and in
cases anticipating the requirements
and expansion of this great mining
region. I am in favor of the following reforms:���
(1) The abolition of llie Tax upon
working miners.
(2) The abolition of the Mortgage
(II) Tlio distribution of seats in the
Legislature in direct proportion to
(1)1 do not approve of the Policy of
Ibe Info Legislative Assembly in using
their Influence to exclude foreign railroads, such as the proposed railroad
fo lioundary Creek.
(6) I favor certain revisions in llie
���Mineral and Land Acts, particularly
some easy plan by which lhe holders
of claims cnn advertise out their defaulting co-owners.
|(i) In Riling all Government appointments 1   am  in favor of appointing
bona lide residents of the District, in
all    cases   where   such   can   bo    found
competent lo act.
(7) I believe that tho Provincial
Legislature should bring all the aid
and Influence al, ils command to
the assistance of the lead mining industry, especially in the direct ion of
obtaining stronger recognition from
the Federal Government af Ottawa of
tlio importance of this industry and
the disadvantages undei' which it now j
If you do mo the honor to elect me
as  your representative  I  will at* all
finies endeavor to protect and  further
the interests,   not only   of tlie prospector but also of all those employed
in and around our mines,  recognizing
that our entire community is dopen-
��� "   dant upon tlie inining industry.
I am, Gentleman,
Your obedient servant,
John L. Rbitai.IiA.ck.
dean,   on   vr   sine   Fern   or. ck,    adj.
Cold Pields-M. '!';��� lip, ou n fi
Clearwater creok,. forn i fly J3i 11 ville.
Nelky���W. M. Rutlmlge, % mi e of
Shield's landing on Lower Arrow
.lohn Long���0. L. Stewart, head of
Graham crook, 7 mi n of Kootenay
Robin���J. Morrison, on s fk of Dry
creek, formorly Early Bird.
Flossie 0.���E, B, Irving, J. Moon,
mi n i. of Summit Siding.
Dewey���Same , at head of While-
water and Five Mile creeks.
Oariiiel���J. E. Anderson, lb, mi s of
Sloean crossing ou e sido of Kootenay
St.   Antlionv���N.   A.   Tiinmins and
J.    If.   Campbell,   a   fk   Wild   Horse
creek, adj. Last Chance.
July 1-
Ore Pin���1. O'Neill, 4 im n of Erie,
formerly Monarch,
Lone Star���J. F. Payne, et al on
Granite crook, :.' mi s of Nancy 0.
Little Wonder���G. W. Willard and
T, T. Henderson, on Slide crook, 1 mi
n of Second Relief,
Hobson���K. W. Craig. 1 mi e of n
fk of Salmon river, adj. Polio Single-
Brooklyn���W .0. Ooppock, on o sido
ot Pup creek, 6 mi from Lowor Arrow
Riverside���.1. Beaton, 2 mi s of
Hall Siding ou Salmon river.
Canadian���P. Philbert, n fk of
Clear creok, formerly Belleville.
Emma���A. J. Smith, et al, between
Cottonwood and Roaring crooks.
War Eagle���. II C. Scovel. (i mi from
Ymir and 2 mi from N. & F. S. Ry.
Lo Roi���B. T. Foote, samo.
I'. O. D.���A. (I. Erickson, between
Porcupine and Geervish creeks, adj.
Pig Patch.
Pairs���A. Jeffs, between Give (hit
and III creeks, formerly Maple Leaf.
Doiniinou���10. Branigan, on Sandy
crook, li'.j mi   up Kootenay river.
Smelter returns received from the
ore sent from the Mollie Hughes to
tho Trail ('rook smelter netted tho
owners $98 per ton. The ore ran ii,"i*4
ounces iu silver and $1(1 iu gold. (Ire
much richer than this in gold is now
being taken oui from a deposit lately
For tlie next Thirty Days
. . . Also . . .
Flowers and  Hair Goods.
Second���Equalization   in   taxation
with respect to  mines, so   tliat if  the
output of  'he  metalliferous mines bo
taxed, (he   output  of   all   ooal  mines
hall be treated in the samo manner,
"Third���Repeal of the special tax
imposed upon working miners ill the
metalliferous mines, which partakes
nf the nature of a trado tax and is an
unjust exaction.
"Fourth���An amendment to tho assessment act which permits what is
virtually dual taxation, under tho indefensible mortgage tax, or tax upon
"Fifth���Tho passage of a general
railway net, which will allow the
building of railways by bona iido railway men without cost to the province
either in cash subsidies or land grants.
"Sixth���The starving out of railway
charter mongers by refusing to grant
any further land subsidies in aid of
railway construction, and by insisting
wherever cash subsidies aro granted
that* such subsidies shall bo by way of
loan .secured by a lien upon the railways
when built.
"Seventh���Tho absolute prohibition
of the immigration of Chinese into the
province, and the exclusion of Chinese
from employment by any company receiving any concession whatever from
the crown.
"Eighth���Tliat in employing labor on
public, works preference be given to
citizens of the province, and also Unit
all government offices bo tilled by
callable bona fide residents of the distriot. whero tho vacancies exist.
"Ninth���Duo recognition of the fact
that the mining industry is the chief
attraction for outside capital to the
provinco, and is responsible for the increase iu its population; lhat this industry may be vitally affected by legislation, and its importance demands
that we* should have in the cabinet a
practical rather than a theoretical
"And with a view to securing the
abovo reforms, we pledge ourselves to
support by our votes and influence the
nominee of this convention."
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"Any J.
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WANTED���Any kind   of   employment  by
yoinitf marrlod man. 26, well educated.
Apply II. B. this ofiloo.
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Room li,   Turnor-Iioeckli   block.  Entrance Bilker street.    Open from
ti a. in, to 4,80 p. iu.
1 will sell at cost, for the balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
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Josephine st., Xelson.
Scavengering   Co.
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I OjtJ.
iliuiii' <>iieiis Hi;- Ball.���Far well Follows*,���
Cnllllier, Jlncdomilil nnd Otliers
Address Hie Meellng. ��� Opposition
The publio meeting of the electors
of the eity Of Xelson, held inthe
Fire hall last night and called by the
opposition candidate, was a grand
rally and was in striking contrast to
the meeting called by the independent government candidato a shorl
time ago.   At Mr.   Parwoll's meeting
there was scarcely a baker's dozen;
at Mr. Hume's meeting last night the
hall was packed to the doors, and
the difference in attendance maybe
taken as almost an indication as to
how the electors will record their votes
Mayor Houston, as chairman of Mr,
Hume's committee, took the chair at
8:16 and in opening tho meeting said
that each candidate would bo allowed
to speak 20 minutes in which to
state his case alter which any friends
of the candidates who wished to
speak would bo allowed to do so. Ho
thon called on Mr. Knmo to address tho
3. Fred Hume, opposition candidate,
iu rising was receivod with groat
applause. He said that evory oue
present was acquainted with tho manner in which lie was nominated. He
was not a self-nominated candidato
like Mr, Farwell but had in en duly
nominated by a convention of dch gates
from every portion oi the constituency.
Mr. Farwell pretended to bo an independent candidate, bul such a person
is .scarcely known in politics. His
affinities must: be with one sido or the
other. As for himself, every i lector
knew exactly where to And him.
Mr. Hume then took up Clause 2
of Mr. Farwell's published platform
in which ho (Jlr. Farwell) advocated
an amendment to cause litigants to put
up security for costs beforo adversing
applications for certificates of improvt -
ment and contended that it would be
in the interests of tho largo corporations and not of the prospector. Large
companies could tako in a portion of
a poor man's claim and the litter
would have to put up large costs'before
ho could light the corporation in the
He took up the (piestion of charter
mongers and showed how the house
had been troubled for years with men
who applied for charters for railways
for tho purpose of selling them and
with no intention of building the
railways, instancing the charters
granted to tlio Cassiar Central railway
and tho Victoria and Eastern railway.
The government newspapers claimed
tliat* he had never dono anything for
this constituency. During the past
session he asked for $208,000 and thp
government had granted his request
to the extent of $150,000, wliich sum
is now being spout ou trails, etc., on
tho eve of the (lection. Mr. Farwell
and Mr. Betallack have boon given
credit by government newspapers for
securing these appropriations but he
left the audience to judge whether a
person outside the house aud who was
not  even  at  Viotoria at the time the
appropriations   were   made could have
very much to do with it.
Tho next (piestion taken up was
the financial position of the provinco
and figures wero quoted to prove that
tho province is rapidly being ran into
debt and that this yoar there is a
deficit of ovor $1,000,000.
As an instance of tho extravagance
of the Turner government he showed
that the original estimate for the
erection of the parliament buildings
nt Victoria was $000,000, bul up to
dale there had heen expended $1,102,-
000 and Ihey arc not completed yot.
Tho revision of the statutes were estimated lo cost $25,000, but ii is found
it cost $61,000,
The redistribution bill was another
glaring instance of ���'injustice to this
portion of the province and Jlr. Hume
road a list of the constituencies in
the province showing the great inequality in the number of members
to each district on a basis of population. Tho opposition claimed that 88
mombors properly apportioned ovor
the province went sufficient and hud
sat for 2-i hours on (his clause of the
bill, but the government had a few
pocket boroughs which they wanted
to provide with members and had
raised the numbor Ot 88.
Tlio Duiismirs  aro (ho real rulers of
this  provinco   aud he for ene thought
iii   is   time   that   iheir  monopoly  bo
1 rnkeu.    This Ihe opposition is pledged
!lo (lo.
Anothor quostion is the miner's tax.
Ho had taken the mattor up in 18514.
In J.slid he was informed by Hon.
Mr. Pooley the lax should bo taken
off and again iu 181)7 ho had a fight
over tiie question. In 1898 Mr. Cotton moved a resolution to abolish the
tax on minors but it was doi'oatod by
the government. Mr. Hume's time
now being up, he resumed his seat
amid loud applause.
Mr. Farwell on rising was well
received. He said ho was born in
England but had lived 114 years in
Canada. Everything he possessed is
invested in West Kootenay. In reply
to Mr. Hume he staled that he had not
introduced Clause 2 in his address in
the interests of any cor],-oration but
in the interests of the prospectors.
He did not claini to have secured the
appropriations for West Kootenay but
in making such appropriations (he
government docs not consult tho opposition members.
In going around the country he
found hundreds of voters who had
not taken the trouble to register and
it i.s the people's own fault if they
are not properly represented.
lie did not think Hon. Mr. Turner
knew very well what he wus talking
aliout when discussing the minors'
tax and it is the duty of the mom hers
to post the government on such questions.
He lias boon here nine years and is
not pledged to cither tho government
or the opposition, but will uso his
own judgment on all questions.
In regard to the financial situation
he commended the policy of tho government in borrowing money from
fin'- old country. A new- country can-
mil 1 o run ou its revenue. He favored
borrowing money il' his district got
a fair share.
('n tho Chinese question he stated
that the provincial government had
no control. Ho had uever employed
a Chinaman iu his lifo. Ho (rusted
.lohn MeKano would be elected in
Kossland aud the two would make
themselves felt at Victoria.
Mr. Farwell's time was not up but
he said he had uothiug further to say
and look his seat amid applause.
W. A. Galliher then came on the
platform and was greeted with loud
and prolonged cheering. He stated the
personal qualifications of both candi-
dates were all that could bo desired and
consequently the contest, was fined
down to an issuo botwoon the "ins
and outs". He had had considerable
experience in politics, and had always
found that for a num to havo any
weight in the legislature he must ally
himself to one party or the othor, and
that, Mr. Farwell doubtless intended to bo independent, but when ho
got to Viotoria he would find ho was a
government mau in spite of himself.
Mr. Hume's position was well known
and his supporters always know
whoro  to find him.    (Loud applause.)
W. A. Maodouald, in a very clever
and amusing, if not a convincing
speech, said Farwell was not a man
to knuckle under to anyone. Ho conceded that Kootenay had not proper
representation and did not got hor
share of appropriations. Tho remedy
for this was an independent representative. He thought that the govorn-
mi nt should bo praised for the high
credit of the province, and enumerated
the benefits thej' had conferred on
Kootenay. He concluded a rather
drawn out speech by predicting (he
success of the government.
S. S. Taylor replied and scored tho
government, very effectively for not
being ablo lo produce government
candidates, and haivng to resort to
tho subterfuge of sotting up so called
independants. It had boon impossible
so far lo find out wlioro Farwell stood.
A mooting liad been called in Xelson,
but it was a flasoo, and at their meeting at Ymir Farwell's representatives
were afraid lo got ou the platform, ll
was not truo to say Hume had done
nothing at Vieotria, ho had obtained
large appropriations from n host ile
government. Tho government's policy
of development first showed itself
two weeks before the election, but tho
peoplo of Ymir wore not* deceived.
The government wore dilatory, the
premier had confessed that for eight
years ho had thought tho $5 tax ou
miners unjust, but it was still in
force. Ho showed that Farwell's proposed amendments to the mineral act,
regarding defaulting co-owners, and
putting up security for costs on filing
an adverse, would militate in every
case against the poor prospector and in
favor of the rich man.
John Elliott   followed aud said tliat
we aro fighting tho government because wo are fighting for our rights,
it was an uphill battle, but it was
only a mater of timo. Tho government
i.s dilatory, we were promised a
land registry office two years ago aud
it is not installed yet. The government showed thoir consideration for
tho pooplo by tho way they treated
tho squatters, making it impossible
for tho poor pooplo to buy thoir homes.
Del Smith, editor of tho looal government organ, was then called upon
and asked tho meeting which was tho
best man, and loud shouts of Hume
was tho response, if thoro was anyone
shouting for Farwell ho was not
audible. He then accused Humo of
employing Chinese, had to apologize
and retract ir, and was eventually
hooted off the platform.
Tho chairman, Mayor Houston,
(hen addressed lint meeting and asked
what Farwell had done for tho prosperity of Kootenay? Nothing, hot
grab laud titles. He was defeated
eight years ago.and would be defeated
again. He was in the leading strings
of Gilbert Malcolm Sproat, Selous
and St. Blirbe and could not break
loose from his associations oven if he
would. His intimacy with Hob Lemon
and Charles Waterman was only for
electioneering purposes, Farwell had
no money invested in Kootenay, and
spent most of his money in Victoria,
while Humo had all his money invested here. During the agitation for
tho removal of lhe 2 per cent fax on
tlio mineral output, Harwell liad to lie
handsomely paid before ho would go
lo Victoria in llie matter, this notwitn-
standing his enthusiasm for Kootenay.
If was said that Mr. Humo was not
a brilliant man. Did lhe premier
shape like a brilliant man when he
made his last speech here? Hume has
for four years shown himself to bo an
honest representative. Hume* represents the peoplo.Farwell only a clique.
The meeting thou adjourned.
ng uompaoy.
International Navigation &
Summer Card, Effect!to June 20, lsus.
Subject to change without notico.
South b'nd,  S. S. International.   North b'nd.
Road down Road up
Train I,vs 1,00p.m. Sandon Pt.j0ti.in. Train Ar
"   Ar   .'(.fl   "      Kaslo     S1KI   "        "     l.v
Boat Lvs. 8.30 n.m. Kaslo    8.30 p.m. Boat/r
"    t.tl'i   " Ainsworth 7.30	
"    5 na  " Pilot Hay n.l.'i	
"    ,i:m   "   Halfour   ii.iii	
"    Ar   ll.in   " 5Mile l'i* 6.25	
"     7.1*5   "    Nelson    l.t.'i    " "    l.v
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'tliport t.So    "  Train   "
"    "   11,20   " Kosslmid 12.05 a.m.   "
"     "     ll.tll   "   Spokane   S.llll	
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Hont ami   Spo-
knne train daily except Sunday,
s. s. Allx-rlii.
Train Lvs I.(HI p.m. Snndon 10,50 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   tl.to   "     ICaslo     S.no   " "     Lv
Bout l.vs 5.00   "     Kaslo     1.00   "      Heat Ar
"    (1.20 "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m.
"     7.(10   "  Pilot Dav 11.(10    " "
"     ������  10.00  " Kuskon'k s.o.1   "       "     "
"   12,00 m. Gont Rlvor (i.OO   "        "      "
"    1.00a.m. RoundaryS.OO	
" Ar      8.00  " ll'r.i Kerry 2.00   "        "     I.t
Train l.v 11.to  " D'rs Ferry 1.18   "    Train Ar
"  Ar 2.4.1 p.m. Spokano 7.50 a.m.     "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train dally,   Heat Io&ygs Kaslo
for above points  Tuesdays mnl    Saturdays,
Roturoing on Wednesdays nnd Sundays.
Sperlal Kootenny Lake trrrlrr.
Commencing 20 Juno, isiis.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. 8.
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth,
Pilol Hay and .Nelson.
Leaving Nelson -S a.in., Tuesday, Friday anil
Saturday for Pilot Hay. Ainsworth and  Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All times are subject tuclianitc without notice)
Meals and berths not included.
Passengers on 8. S. International frnin Nelson. .Spokane, etc., for points on Kootenny
Lake south of Pilot. Hay. will connect at that
point with theS. S. Alberta.
I 'OBSOngors for Nelson via S. S. Alborla. from
points south of Pilot Hay, can, by arrangOUlont
with purser, have slop-over at Pilol* Hay or
Ainsworth, or connect with S. S. International
at Kaslo.
Tho company's BtoamerS connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocan points with all points in the
United States and Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kooienay River.
Tickets sold and baKK'iKO checked lo all
points by pursers on steamers or at our ollice.
G. ALEXANDER. G��n. Mgr.
P. O. lio.x 122, Kaslo, B.C.
sltuatb in thk nelson mining division of
West Kootenay District.���Where
Locatedi-Ahol't two Miles Sooth East
(if v.mill, on tim north side oe porcuPINE Creek and about J a MilbFbon it.
tPAKK notice lhai 1, W. J. Nelson,Froo
JL    Minor's  Certiiicato   No.  0791A.  Intend,
sixly days from dale hereof, lo apply to tho
Mining Hccorder fora Certificate of Improve-
meals, for Iho purpose nf obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim,
And  further tako notico that action, under
Section 37,   must   be  commenced   before the
issuance of such ceilillcnte of improvemenis.
Dated this 2e"i dnT of May HON.
Waff Paper,      Sportino Goods
@   Hammoclta   ��
Photographic 6uppfie6,
Thomson Stationery Co.
are receiving' Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is the best and prices
right.      As always, our stock of
is full and beiny added to as needed.
Kirkpatrick ,J Wilson,BAKIiR STREET
o ��� ��
for Nobbiest and best ami Save KASH.
Are Saving  Money every day
on     their    Hardware   Bills   by
allowing ns to figure with  them.
._,;T_. i* ...
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 21.
Gamble S O'Reii^W"1^^;;,;^;!;;;,,:^;"1"^
(iiii Engineers,
Proi/inclaf Land Surveyors
Real Kstate uiul Qencrul Agents
Financial und Insurance Agents
Notaries   Public,   VAi*.
Corner loi  on  Vernon  Street   with
Lots for Sale in all parts of the City,
full mid see Dist.
ail ami see our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lois in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
llaker Street,  NELSON,   B. C.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business    |
to be addressed to P. O. Dra wer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engine
Houses to rent at $15, $20, 830, unci 1INSURANCB, REAL ESTATE,
',io' ^___ MONEY TO LOAN.
A two lot corner close in $025,
A rt roomed   House, good garden,
12000.   Also others.
A lii st-i-hiss Stenographer, Typo-
writer aud Accountant always on
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned) Pressed
una Dyod by the Nkw PROCB8S at
Koaeonablc Prices,
STEVENS,   The   Tailor.    _-^
Room P. Hiu-yeu But., NELSON.
P, S.���Ladies Wool Dress Hoods Sponged
bofore Making Up,
(AIMM. MFIME., It Min. Absoc. Cornwall.I
Opposite Phair Hotel,
NELSON. B.C. P.O. BOX 583.
INSURANCE and ��� - -
Kxtondod experience in Chile and German
Kouth Africa.  Assays nnd analysis of oroi.
1 Reports nnd valuations on mineral proportlos
I Underground surveying and mino plans kept
i up by contract.
Twenty years' experience in inining.
Thorough knowledge of mines ot British
Columbia.   Terms lteauonablo.


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