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The Miner Sep 26, 1898

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Array }ailv Edition No. 119.
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday Morning, September 26,  1898.
Ninth Year
The first of October we move  into   the   Beer
Block, next to Jacob Dover, the Jeweller and
for the balance of September we will offer our
stock of
Soots and Shoes at Greatly Reduced Prices.
So for your pockclbook's sake don't miss this sale.
Bargains that give you a " Glad I went there " feeling.
''3 SHOE
Murderers to Die at
Dawson Oity.
party, -which will be submitted at its
annual meeting at Stuttgart, It points
out that socialism is steadily increasing throughout Germany and has
found its way iuto tint provinces,
where a fow years ago socialism was
unknown. The electoral campaign of
the socialists cost 200.00(1 marks. ' The
spreading of pamphlets proved most
successful and the socialistic press now
comprises OH political papers,two illustrated papers and two comic papers,
one of which is illustrated. The total
receipts of the socialistic party for the
year amounted to 520,000,000 marks
and the expenditure footed np 1140,000,-
000 marks.
The Turn of Affairs in China
Quite a Shock.
He Had Enough Influence to Arouse the
Empress and   the   Kussian
Party Triumphs-
|ireo of Them arc Indians and  One a
White Man Who Killed His Comrade in a Quarrel-
Ottawa,   Sopt.
approved of
24.���Lord Aberdeen
an order-in-council
lowing tho law to take its course in
i case of Joseph Nantuok, Dawson
lintiiek, aud Jim Nantuok, throe Iu-
lius, for the murder of William
leliau in the Klondike and they j ^j"("
111 be executed on November 1.
huk Nantuok, who was sentenced to
[hung along with the three, gets im-
Isonnient for life. Iu the caso of E.
Indorson, a Klondiker, who mur-
l-ed his comrade Peterson, as u re-
It of a quarrel, the law will take its
Itrsc, and Henderson will be hanged
1 November 1.
ho sentence of death passed on
Iin Baptiste Guillemain, of St. Hya-
Ithe, Que., has been changed by the
cutivo to imprisonment for life,
lillemain killed his uucle and was
Lteneed to be   hanged   on   tho   80th
Powers    Determined     to   Tako
Active Measures  in Crete.
Soiidon, Sept. 24.���The Cretan qnes-
��� has taken a step toward final solu-
li by tho acceptance of the four great
Ters of Italy's proposals, which in-
llo tho dismissal of all tho Turkish
lips and functionaries. Tho ad-
%ls of the powers in Cretan waters
decided that the ringleaders of
[recent massacre are to be tried be-
a court martial composed of Brit-
tune, Sept.   24.���Within   24 hours,
lit   Britain,   Russia,   Prance,   and
will   append   their signatures to
irreomeut   for   tlio   pacification of
island of   Crete, including   a plan
{coercing   tho Sultan into   submis-
The   scheme has   for somo time
drafted but  its  inforcement was
ed to iuvite the  participation  of
In any,   which   country    declined.
Ihe beginning of the week the four
Its will  send an ultimatum to tho
tin of  Turkey, summoning him to
jpt the project and informing  him
unless ho  does, measures will  bo
li to enforce his   compliance.    Tho
Its   have   irrevocably   decided   to
the Cretau question immediately
i will   not*   hesitate to   send   their
to the Dardanelles and beyond, it
The   Court   of   Arbitration   May Not,
Meet Until May Next.
Washington, Sept. 84.��� The approaching meeting at Paris of the British
Venezuelan court of arbitration, iu
which Chief Justice Puller and Justice
Brewer are arbitrators in behalf of the
republic, will bo hardly second in importance to the meeting at Paris of tho
peace commission, owing to the crisis
wliich the Venezuelan question raised
between thc United States and Great
Britain during tho Cleveland adminis-
tind tho extent to wliich the
doctrine is involved. The
present plans are for the court to hold
a preliminary session in January at
whieh time Justice Brewer will go to
Paris. But Chief Justice Fuller is I
not likely to go to the first meeting, j
Justice Brewer possibly will arrange
fora postponement until May.at which j
time both the chief justices will be i
free to join tho other arbitrators and
take up the sorious business of the
New3 From General Kitchener's Expedition to  That  Place    Anxiously
Awaited in England-
United  Stales  May  Prevent War
Between Chili and Argentine.
Iidou, Sept. 24.��� The war cloud
(���ing over Chili and Argentina is
closely watched and has caused
(uness here. Tho idea of an ap-
arms is vigorously deprecated,
Ispecially as tlie  Spectator  points
llio English investors will  havo to
flbuto topay the piper."
Dailv Mail urges that Croat
|in, tho" United States, Germany
Italy mako strong reprosenta-
to &rgentiua and the Chilians
war, and tho St. James Ga-
Isuggcsts that the United States
Ty its willingness to bring pre.t-
fo bear on the two countries by
Kng its intention of enforcing
[���Intrators award by war if neces-
London, Sept. 24.���The impatience
here to learn tho outcome of the
journey of General Sir Herbert Kich-
ener to Fashoda is in no wise allayed,
and although tho press on both sides
of tho channel is calmer this week,
yet anxiety is felt iu Great Britain iu
regard to tho effect which the determined action of General Kitchener
will have upou France. Iu viow of
tho critical political situation in that
country there are fears that tho Freuch
authorities may seek foreign diversion
from their internal strife. The Parisian papers have adoptod a more compromising tone, and instead of declaring that the Frouch flag will never be
lowered at Fashoda, they now put forward the occupation of that place by
Major Marchand as a lever by whioh
France may bo able to obtain advantages elsewhere.
The  Eolaire says:   "Great   Britain!
must   buy   our   renunciation   of    our
claims   there,   as  sho  bought    Germany's. "
The Temps also declares that tho
question now is simply ono of coming
to an agreement on tho conditions
of exchange.
I iter in the day, it transpired that
the news from General Kitchener was
dated when he was only half way towards Fashoda and consequently it
was of little importance.
Berlin, Sept. 24���Emperor William
visited Stettin yesterday to open tho
new harbor. During the course of a
speech, which he delivered in reply lo
tlio address of welcome of the burgomaster, his majesty said: "Our future
lies in the water and, as lord and king
of the land, I express gratitude to
you for having brought Stettin to this
degree of prosperity. I hope, expect,
and might also say, I demand, further
development at the same rate of pro-
gross. ''	
London, Sopt. 24.���The recent dramatic development of the Chinese
puzzle came as a disagreeable shock
to the peoplo of Great Britain. Kot
only iu Great Britain, but abroad, the
Queen dowager's proclamation is interpreted as a fresh defeat for the
British policy, and its an act of revenge upon the part of tlio latter's
arch enemy, Li Hung Obang. It is
generally believed thut tho mission of
Marquis Ito, tho Japanese statesman,
to China for the purpose of attempting
to bring about an offensive and defensive alliance between Japan and
China, was the last straw which roused
the tigress in tho empress dowager and
enabled the Russian party, led by Li
Hung Chang, to regain its influence.
It is well known tliat thc Chiuese. in
spite of their defeat in the war with
Japan still regard^ the Japanese I as
! inferior beings, and the. intense hatred
lot' the dowager empress for anything
i Japanese is also an acknowledged fact.
Advices received here from the
European capitals indicate tbat
political circles anticipate tlie re-iu-
statement cf Li Hung Chang in power
and that the reactionary wave in
China will lead to a closer understanding between Ihe United States and
Great Britain and Japan, resulting in
Combining pressure in favor of reforms. The French newspapers rejoice
ut the prospects of Li Hung Chang's
return to power, simply becauso it
would 1 e unpleasant for Great Britain.
Tho Tepms referring to the reform
edicts of tlie Emperor of China, says:
"His reforming ardor was marked by
mere zeal than discretion. To suggest
that the Mandarins publish their accounts of receipts and expenditures
was liko plucking out their soul."
Shanghai, Sept. 24.���The British
consul hero has entered a protest
agaiust tho Chineso officials in stopping the steamer Eldorado and searching her for Kuug, the Cautouese reformer. It is reported that Admiral
Seymour, the British naval commander, contemplates landing a party
of sailors and marines at Taku. Tho
Taola governor has asked the assistance of tho British consul iu capturing
Kung, whom ho described as a degraded criminal. There is no doubt
that if ho be arrested lie will bo
promptly executed.
Pekin, Sept. 24.���The imperial decree that tlio emperor practically abdicates his powers in favor of the dowager empress ends as follows : '' Now
that China is disturbed and there is
need that all business shall be well
done, the emperor agitated from morning to oveniug for the welfare of all
affiars, andTtfearful lest errors may
occur, (observing from the, beginning
of the reign of Tung Chi, that the empress dowager had twice given instructions to the emperor, each timo
with signal ability and success) so
wo now, considering the important interests of tho empire have begged tho
empress dowager to give tho emperor
the benefit of her ripe experience and
her instructions. The dowager empress litis been pleased to accede to this
I request. Therefore, it is to tint good
I of the whole empire that this auspicious event bo brought about. From this
day the empress dowager conducts the
business in the imperial parliaments
and on the eighth day of the present
month (Chinese calendar) we will
tuko immediately tlie princes and
ministers to perform the ceremony in
the Chin Chung palace. Let the
Yamen(foroign office) prepare that the
ceremony may be performed wilh fitting honors."
The German Soldier  at the   Mercy of
Wernigored summoned him and abused
him, calling bim the greatest blackguard and tho lowest houud in the
regiment'. Scherhardt naturally became excited and replied that he did
not thiuk he deserved such names,
whereupon tho Count boxed his ears
heavily, throwing him against a
wagon. Seliernhardt then called out
to two of his comrades, saying: "You
see that I was struck." Thereupon,
tho count flew iuto a rage, drew his
sabre and stabbed the sergeant twice,
lirst iu (ho leg and then stabbed bim
behind the ear. The sergeant took out
his handkerchief to staunch the blood
and tried to stand attention, Imt he
dropped unconscious and died iu the
hospital on the folio ving day, Seliernhardt was tho son ot a working man
and had two brothers in tho army.
Count Stolberg-Wernigored formerly
belonged to the 12th Hussars, which
regiment ho had to leave because he
assaulted his orderly. Nevertheless,
it* appears that his present conduct is
not regarded seriously by the German
military authorities and if he l.e punished, wliich is doubtful, he will get
off with a slight reprimand. It is
officially held that he did. right and
that* more severe punishment of the
officer would bo detrimental to discipline. It is also reported that tiie
Emperor William has expressed his approval of tlie action of Count Stolberg-
The French Republic May
be Overthrown.
Premier Frisson ia Sinned for Not Maintaining Civil Authority as Against
the    Military.
Philadelphia, Sept. 24.��� Play in the
cricket match between Captain Warner's English eleven and the Philadelphia colts, was resumed today. When
Stumps were drawn last night, the
colts were all out in tho (irst innings
for TT runs and the visiters had lost
three wickets for V.i runs. The Englishmen ended their first innings with
tt score of 188. When tho stumps were
drawn touight.the colts had scored Kill
runs for 18 wickets.
Berlin, Spt. 24.���Work has teen
commenced on the now mammoth
dock at the Imperial ship yards of
Kiel. It will be 550 feet long and 06
feet deep. It is intended to dock large
ironclads   of   the   Kaiser    Fricderich
type      ___	
Montreal, Sept. 24.���Joseph Martin
reached here today and will proceed to
Quebec. Mr. Martin said he had
some special matters to attend to aud
would only bo in Quelea a couple of
A Victoria Paper Says That Prohibition
Will Have a Hollow Victory
in This Provinco
London, Sept. 24.���The alarming
situation in Franco rivets tho attention of Europe. The excitement is increasing hourly, uow revelations aid
developments are expected aud a military coup d'etat would not surprise
anybody. The weakness of M. Brisson, the premier, over the affair of
Lieutenant Colonel Picquart, who is
now in secret confinement in tho prison
of Cherche Midi, placed there apparency without the knowledge of the
government, and in spite of tho fact
ihat he was in the bands of a civil
court, litis disgusted even his own personal friends, wim call bini a coward
and a dolt, while the enemies of a revision of the Dreyfus caso accuse him
of being a hvpocrite and of haviug
sold himself toa Dreyfus syndicate, an
organization which undoubtedly exists.
General Zurlindeu, who was enco
ijpilitary governor of Fans, with tho
cognizance of Gen real C'lmnoino, who
succeeded the latter as minister of
war. acted entirely without reference
In Ibe premier, Jt. Brisson. who, with
a majority of his colleagues, was completely dumbfounded tit his proceedings. The supporters of the cabinet
declare that M. Brisson, in order to
sav*' the constitute , ;.* ' i dismiss
General Chiinoine and General Zurlindeu, and eveu arraign them for
treasonable conduct. Only bold action
will secure the supremacy of tho civil
law. One satisfactory feature of the
prosecution of Colonel Picquart is lhat
tho war office has engaged to give him
an open trial, vihieli M. Brisson insisted upon before he consented to the
prisoner's transfer to the military
prison of Cherche Midi. The friends
of Colonel Pieauart declare that if he
is publicly tried he will throw floods
of light upon the whole mystery.
Victoria, Sept. 24.���Tho Colonist, as
a result of information supplied by
correspondents throughout tho province, makes tho following forecast of
the prohibition plebiscite to be taken
next Thursday: Victoria, Nanaimo
and the other districts of Vancouver
Island will endorse prohibition, but
with so small a portion of tho total
available vote as to afford no reliable
indication of tho truo opinion. In
Vancouver city tho anti-prohibitionists will score an equally inconsequential victory, offset by thc endorsation
of the prohibition proposal in the municipalities of the Fraser valley. Kamloops and tho tributary district of Yale
will endorse prohibition by a small
majority, as will also old Cariboo, and
tho Revelstoko and Kaslo divisions of
West Kootenay,, while tho Okanagan
valley will voice an emphatic "Aye. "
Rossland and Nelson divisions, on the
other hand, will vote contra. East
Kootenay, Upper Cariboo and the
othor districts not touched upon above,
bear so unimportant a relation to tho
general vote as not to affect the result
materially. "Tho outcome of Thursday's balloting may, therefore, bo
looked forward to as a barren victory
for tho friends of prohibition ; barren,
inasmuch as the general apathy will
lead to the polling of a small vote
everywhere. "
Sept,   24.���The
a report  of    the
London, Sept. 24.���Tho French
Mediterranean squadron, consisting of
six vessels, gave an exhibition of tiring
in the presence of the minister of
marine, Mr. Lockroy, at Toulon on
Tuesday, the range being two miles.
Tho ships tired 860 shells at a wooden
ship, the Arregento, beforo setting tiro
and sinkiug her. Tho result was con-
socialist! sidered vory satisfactory.
German Soldier  at the
the   Officers.
Berlin, Sept. 24.���The brutal assas
sinatioil of Sergeant Seliernhardt by
Count Stolberg-Wernigored, a captain
of cavalry, has caused much comment.
It appears that Schernhardt was superintending the cooking of rations during a bivouac of the 16th Uhlans near
Huahona, Alsace, when he received
an order to get a load of forage. During his absence the soldiers bungled in
handling the stove, with the result
that the food was spoiled. When
Seliernhardt returned, Count Stolberg-
Berlin, Sept. 2-1.���A new and highly
important invention was tested at the
Norman nianouveres this week. It was
in the shape of a Greek-Phoenician
lire,invented by a Berlin engineer. It
ignates on contact with the air or
water and cannot be quenched by
either water or oilier things. It burns
with a brilliant flame exceeding big
searchlights, it can be sunk underwater or under ground and when
brought to the surface instantly bursts
into flame at any desired point. It
was tested during tlie night off the
Island of Helligoland and Kie land
proved most efficient.
It  is Bolieved   That  Further  Honors
Await tho Distinguished Socrotnry.
London, Sept. 24.���Tho elevation of
Mr. George Curzon to the peerage as
Baron Curzon, of Kedleston is generally approved. Lord Scarsdale, his
father, is one of tho four peers in this
couutry who are in holy orders, the
others being tho Earl of Bossborough.
the Earl of Devon and the Marquis of
Normanby. Lord Scarsdale is rector
of a little Derbyshire hamlet, Kedleston, from which tho new peer takes
his title. It is suggested that Mr.
Curzon may return with a still higher
title. The new baron does not carry
with it a seat in tho House of Lords.
as he is given rank among tho representative peers of Ireland, though taking his title from an English hamlet.
But it places his name on tho list of
possiblo candidates for tho next
vacancy in the Houso of Lords.
Boston, Sept. 24.���At tho closing
session of the supreme grand lodge, I.
O. O. F., in Copley hall today it was
voted not to publish tho decisions of
the grand sire hereafter, between the
sessious of the grand lodge. It was
voted that the patriarch militants be
denied the right to parade unless they
aro iu good standing, and it was also
voted not to grant any licenses iu Ihe
futuro to any accident or insurance
companies to do business in the name
of the order. The usual resolution of
thanks was adopted and then the new
ollicers were publicly installed.
Toronto, Sept.24.���Thc election petition against John McLaughlin, conservative member for Slovniount.camo up
at Osgoodo Hall, this morning and was
dismissed, no evidence being offered,
thc case having been sawn off.
London, Sopt. 24.���The Globe says
alarming information lias boon received by the government as to the
position of British residents in the.
Philippines. The British gunboat,
Rattler, of tho China station, has been
ordered to proceed wilh all possible
speed to tho island of Luzon, in the
central part of the Philippines, where
the British community is said to bo in
imminent danger from the uatives.
Loudon, Sept 24.���Grant Richards,
publisher, has secured Iho publication
rights of Major Estcrhazy's confession
of his connection with thc Dreyfus
ease. The statement will be contained
inja book of the size of the ordinary six
shilling novel and will be issued as
soon as possible. THE- MINER, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 26,  1898
lihc illiner.
deavors in the way of  a fair will
be up-to-date iu this respect.
Published Daily except Sunday.
Tiik Miner Pkinhno & Publishing Co.;
Limited Liability.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor umsl
be accompanied by the name nnd address
of lhe writer, not, necessarily for publica
tion, but us evidence of good faith.
Stjbsobiption Rates
Daily, per monlli by carrier J 1l*>
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Subscriptions invariably in advance.
Advertising rates made known on application
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
The Egyptian expedition which has
had so successful an issue, has cost so
far ��3,000,(100, which sum includes
the cost of 550 miles of narrow guage
railway. When it is considered that
the brief brush which the United
States had with tottering Spain involved the expenditure of hundreds of
millions, it can easily be seen that
those accustomed to war are the persons who can carry it on in the most
economical way.
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��E Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 13
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Money to Loan.
Rents Collected.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
ami Dyea by ihe Nhw Process nt
Reasonable IWrep,
3 STEVENS,  The Tailor.
Copy fm- Changes of Advertisement   musi
lie 111 (he Willie   liy   4   o'clock   p.m.
in-iii'   change.
Tho Kamloops Standard sets up a
lugubrious wail to the effect that the
Semlin-Martin government has dismissed over sixty employes. Then
we turn to the Victoria Colonist aud
Iiud that the persons "dismissed so far
are Messrs. Mason, Kains, Gosnell,
Kennedy and Allan, and Mrs. Campbell
and Miss Woolley." Where are the
other fifty-three? Perhaps the Standard can tell.
Tho English mail brings detailed
counts of the operations of the army
before Omdurman, It appears that the
khalifa, before putting himself at the
head of his army, told the teachers at
tho mosque and the mahdi's tomb that
he was going to overturn the English
aud the infidels and would be back in
Omdurman for noonday prayers. Believing in this the mollahs or priests
by their harangues aroused tuo Dervishes to religious frenzy and they
went forth to the onslaught with cries
of "Allah, rasul Allah el Mahdi."
Tho khalifa's army, with front extending over three miles, is said to
have presented tt magnificent appearance, the London Daily Telegraph correspondent describing it as "one of
the grandest spectacles it is possible to
imagine. "Under innumerable banners,
the'omirs and officers paiiopliod?in glit- j
teriug steel and mounted on splendid
horses, it must have indeed been a!
striking picture that English and
Egyptians had presented to them. "No
army could have been more magnificently led and from the precision
of its movements, those who saw it
say, it might well have been a trained
European army. It numbered fully
50,000 men, and moved directly on the
British and Egyptian front.
The battle began at 0:80 in the
morning, when Major Williams' battery opened firo on the advancing host
moro than two thousand yards away.
A little later maxims, Nordenfelta and
15-pounders came info ploy and the
fight had fairly begun. The Dervishes
staggered, shrank back and dropped
under the frightful fusilade, still the
emirs cheered them on and at li :45
they made a desperate attempt to rush
the batteries, but the hot fire from the
rapid firing guns beal upon them like
hail, the First Grenadier guards and
infantry generally plying tbem with
steady long range volleys that increased to continuous lire as tho enemy
ran in. No human force could withstand this withering blast and what*
was left of the enemy turned away,
but still fleroe and undaunted. Again
and again they came, on, however,
getting once within 200 yards of tho
British front, hut could not close, as
was their desire. None of this great
mass feared death. It was the bravery
of fanaticism. Macdonald's brigade
was nearly broken,but with great skill
Macdonald wheeled rapidly his crack
corps threo times to meet three-different attacks and the bravest Dervishes
fell within a few yards of his unbroken front. It was il o'clock iu the
nftornoon before tho force had fought
its way into Omdurman, leaving behind on tho plain 15,000 of the enemy
dead, and as many moro wounded.
Having reached their camp on tho
other side of the city the worn out
men, after quenching their thirst,
threw themselves on the ground and
went to sleep. They had been without
wator and food for nearly fourteen
hours. Thus was barbaric rule iu the
Soudan brought to ruiu. It was a vie-
' tory that makes the Anglo-Saxon
heart throb with pride and gratitude.
The Nelson Miner doubts the right
of the Colonist to speak to the views
of the liberal party in regard to a recent appointment. Admitting that the
j point is well taken ; why did not tho
ic- j Miner give its views ou the same interesting topic?���Victoria Colonist.
That is tdways the way. Misery
likes company aud thc Colonist is
looking wildly around for someone to
take its view of affairs tind relieve its
loneliness. But The Miner eannot
join it in condemning an appointment
which was in every way commendable.
British tars and United States blue
jackets from war vessels in tho harbor
stood shoulder to shoulder at the unveiling of the Champlain monument
at Quebec, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier
made tho speech of tho day. If he was
in his best form it is safe to say that
tho visitors heard something worth
listening to, for there never was a real
orator in Canada until Laurier appeared.
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The new government in this province is altogether too strict. Here
' they havo enacted that no gold commissioner, recorder or anyone having
anything to do with the miuing department shall stake claims or own
any interest in mining properties. If
this sort of thing goes on there wont
be anything for government employes
to do but to work.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Mai kets in Eossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Extended experience In rhile ami German
South Africa, Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports mnl valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plana kept
up by contract.
III*: 11.   IMAM.   A\l>   iNM It AM K  AGENT
run m: ami company fvndb.
Baler Street
������client property
Olilce Tin 111 r lln.cl.li Itlock
Vilsiin. It. ��'.
Official Directory.
The reformer who advised the Emperor of China to grant liberty of the
press in the flowery kingdom is now a
fugitive from assassins, hot 111 pursuit
of him, which goes to show that eveu
the Chinese fear ihe introduction of
the unbridled yellow press which does
not hesitate to publish what is uot
Thomas Greeuway is iu some respects the "Oom Paul," of Manitoba,
tind Hugh John Macdonald will have
to sit up nights and think out uew
tactics if he wishes to overturn tho
foxy old farmer of Minnedosa, who
seldom takes refuge under the baru
when a political fight is on.
The Quebec confercueo has many
knotty problems to solve, but to our
mind this incursion of Clarke Wallace
can be dealt with only by the bouncer
for (hat august assemblage.
The territorial electious will take
placo this fall and there is a demand
there for stumpers who can speak German, Swedish, Gallician, French and
Victoria, Sept. 21.��� The publishers
of Henderson's directory, just out,
enumerated for Victoria 74!)N names,
or 1077 more than a year ago. They
suggest* that each directory name
represents 011 the average H}s persons,
which would give a total population of
26,2411, To test the. average, a census
was made yesterday of Quadra street,
tin important residential thoroughfare,
and for 71 names 111 the. directory a
population of 2!IN was found. This
would seem to indicate, that four is a
more correct average than 8J^ and
would give Victoria a population of
'l'n those who arc purchasers of Groceries and Pro\ isinns
wc would remind ymi that we Qgure quite prominently in
catering to that class of trade. Our customers tire many
and if you ire not one of theni why ymi cannot become
one any too soon.
We are about lo vacate our pvesent premises at the end
of this month, tt ft ei' which you will Bud usonedoor further
east, where the facilities will be such  as  tn  greatly  assist,
us in handling our increasing trade.
To the people we would say that if they should notice
that our place of business is closed at. 7 p. 111 , not to suppose, as did a friend of ours who came into town to see us
last week, that, we were in financial difficulties. Ou being
asked bis reasons foi his suppositious, he said il looked like
it on lhe face of things, anil he was convinced thai it, was
a dead sure thing if we sold goods In everyone as cheap  as
we did to him.   He evidently forgot our motto "Fairness
to everyone and
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson. 3
���-' ' i p. in. ;
8.0(1 p.ni.
8.30 n.m
���l.ijti p.m
I'.OO p.in.
United Slates, Ontario. Quo
ice ami KuHtern Provinces
I'nints on N. Sc V. S. line.
Victoria and Hossland,
\'c\v lienvcr, Sandon anil
slocun Lake Points.
Kaslo and Kootonay Lake
Itossiitnd. Trail, Nakusp.
Robson, points on main line
tt. 1'. It., Vancouver anil
5.15 p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7.45 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulat
prices ancl carry Rough anil Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling-, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles ancl Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C.  P.  R.  STATION     .    .    .
The provincial government has donated $21100 to the New Westminster
fair. Notwithstanding tho great fire
the exhibition arrangements have not
been interrupted and tho programme
will be caricd out in its entirety. It
will, if it reach expectation, aud there
is a goueal hopo of success, prove the
finest exhibition ever held in this
province, and it offers something that
no city has yet offerod at exhibition
time and that is a firo swept district*
which shows what Westminster came
through aud lived.   Spokane's 1 est cu
ll. OF L. F.   TRUSTEES.
Toronto, Sept. 21���The   Brotherhood
of   Locomotive Firemen this   uioruing
j elected the grand   board of   trustees as
I follows:   A. S.   Hawlcy, New  York;
' Fred   Kceler,   Houston, Texas ; Frank
McManamy, Grand Rapids, Mich.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice tind Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Cai-eftil attention.
Nothing but fresh timl wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
bobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.-, General
Delivery,8 a.m, to 8 p.m.;  Registration. 8.30
a.m. to 7 p.ni.; Money Orders and Savings Bank
II a.m. lo 1 p.m.; Sunday 1 hour 110 to 11 a.nil.
.1. A. GILKER, Postmaster.
Government Inspector of Agencies XV J Goepel
IJnIil Commissioner O. G. Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tax Col ��� H F Tolmie
Collector of Customs        - Geo. Johnstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judge J A Forin
Registrar K T ll Blmpklns
Inspector of Schools W Uiaui Burns
Cnuncn of Kmh.ami -Matin   11 n.m.; Even
Song. T.l-0 p.m. evory Sunday.   Holy Commun
inn on tst anil 3rd Suniliiys in lhe month after
M.itins; on 2nd ami 4th Sundays, at 8 il.tu
Sunday school at 2.801 p.m. Uev 11. K. Ake
hurst, Hector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
1'iiKsnvTKuiAN Church -servicesut n a.m.
and 7.110 p.m. Sunday School at 2,80 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening al. 8 p.ni.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Monday evening at. 8 o'cloek. Hev. K. Frew,
IODIST Cui-hcii-Corner Silica and
ine Streets. Services ut 11 n in. nnd 7.80
p. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer meeting on Friday evening al 8 o'clock; Fpworth
dengue C. F... Tuesday at 8 a.m. Uev. John
Itobson, Pastor.
Catholic Ciiuhcii���Mass at Nelson, Hrst
uiul third Sunday at. 8 and 10.00 a.in.; Uonedic-
tionali.30 to 8 p.m. liev. Father Ferland,
���BAPTIST CiIUROU ��� Services morning and
evening at II a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.in.; Meetings
are held in the sehuol house. Su-angors cordially welcomed.   Rev, G. lt. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Ahmy���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks ou Victoria street.
Adjutant Millner in charge.
NELSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. ScA.
M. meets socond Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethren invited.
G. L. Lennox, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. lli, meets ovory Monday night,
at  tlieir  Hall,  Kootenay street,
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially invitod.
A. II. Clements, V, G.       Fred J Squires, Sec.y
NELSON LODGK No. 28, K. of P.,
meets in Castlo hall, McDonald block
ivory second and fourth Tuesday even-
ling at 8 o'clock. All visiting knights
cordially invited,
R. G. Joy, 0,0.
(8C0I G BO, Itoss K. of It. and S.
London, Sept. 24.���Tho estate of the
late Wolf Joel, tho South African
millionaire, who was shot and killed
at Johannesburg in March last byLud-
wig Von Velthein, amounts to ��1,200,-
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O. O. T.      Meets ln
Castlo Hall, McDonald lllock, every Monday
evening  at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor
dlally invited, John Tklkord,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jaeobson   Sec'y
NKLSON S   QUKKN   NO.  2-11
SONS     OF     ENGLAND,   meets
second and fourth Wednesday of
each month at K. of P. Hall, Mai
Donald Block,   cor. Vernon   and
Josephine streets.   Visiting broth
rn cordially invited.        Ernest Kino,
Chas. 11. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 moets
lsl nnd 3rd Wednesday in each month In tho
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. S. 0. K.;JH
Green, O.R.: J. Purkiss, Secy.
NELSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet
every Thursday in the I.O.O.F. hall. G C
Williams. M.W.: W S Smith, Rec.-Sec; J. J.
Driscoll, Flnancior F. J Squire. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1602 moots in tho McDonald block every Thursday evening at
o'clock.   Visiting members cordially invited,!
John Toye W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.S. THE MINER, MONDAY.  SEPTEMBER 26, 1898.
ilil.liiill     nr    ���llllipi'lllllg'i
Dlslrlcl During llie Part
Few Hays.
In   Ihe
P.J.Rnsell has returned from Brook-
IG. M. Gouyard of Tenver. Color-
|lo, is in the city.
'The tote, road from Brooklyn to Castile city is completed.
I J. H. Bowes returned yesterday
cuing from Bossland.
I A. B. Irwin of the Porto Rico mine,
registered at the Phair.
1 Burn���Yesterday evening to tho wife
'"   Possherg, a daughter.    .
IW. L.' Bowers, representing the
[astern Supply company, is at the
[J. Poupore, the contractor, and P.
���urns, registered at the Phair on Sat-
Yday evening.
lOharles ttt. Barbe has obtained the
I'lson agency of the Crow's Nest
loal company.
(His Honor Judge Forin who has
pen in the east is expected in Nel-
(.ii in a few days.
i. S. Tavlor left on   yesterday events traiii for  Victoria   to   enter   for
bar examination.
The caso of Regina vs. Bruno, for
liurder, will be heard this morning tit
lie court house at 9 :80.
P. V. Richardson, representing
Jleorge V. Allan & Co., of Vancouver,
I registered at the Hume.
I The steamer Kaslo arrived yesterday
laving in tow a barge loaded with
Imo rock for the Hall Mines smelter.
I Four men who worked at the mill
Ii the night of the robbery of the
lean-up of the Golden Cache amalgam
live been arrested.
{Captain  Preston, who   for  the  last
liree months has   been an   inmate  of
Kootenay Lake   General Hospital
|ft for England on Saturday night's
ITho (i :40  p. in.   0. P. R  train  on
lltnrdiiy relieved the town of the
nice of about 1(10 dagos, who have
ft to workou tho Brooklyn-Penticiou
k tension.
|Among those registered at the Phair
j-e J. Wilson, Kamloops; H. R. Wag-
hr, Denver, Col. ; 1). 0. Johnson,
Iverett; R. J. Hannah, Toronto, aud
J. Hill ior, Vancouver.
jDiek Berry killed a salmon with a
���lub last week in the Kettle river,
list below the falls near Cascade Cily,
iugliing 46 pounds, and an Indian
|ught one weighing 60 pounds.
Among those registered at the Hume
H. C.  Barker, Kossland ; S. V. Malay,   Trail;,!.   II. Young.   Rossland;
M.   Bolsford,    Vancouver;   J.    A.
jimlmi, and C. A. Wing, Montreal.   J
[Miss Rath has   resigned her position
the Nelson public   school, and Miss
iekoni, B. A., from Greenwood City
|ill   take  her place.    Miss Wickom is
'���sister   to   Mrs.    Pcarcy,   the acting
��� ineipal.
It. Harbottle, owner of the May-
Iwsoin mine, from wliich a sample of
was sent to New Westminster o.v-
lition informs The Miner that the
Inple assayed $410 in gold, 2 ounces
|vcr and 2 per cent copper.
(loorgo   Tnnstall,    district   agent of
Hamilton  Powder company,   re-
icd   from   Rossland   on   Saturday
lining.    While    in     Kossland     Mr.
install was confined to  his   bed  for
days with a touch of fever.
The rains of the past few days  havo
l\ the eil'eet of   clearing   tho   atmos-
uind extinguishing the brush fires
which were raging on tho mountain
sides along tho Kootenay and Slocau
S. J. Mighton and J. Ross have secured the charter for the Ymir waterworks from the provincial government.
James Young, manager of the Dominion Express company at Rossland
spent yesterday in town, on his return
from a holiday visit to Winnipeg.
J. Nolan, customs collector at Waneta, came iu on the Nelson & Fort
Sheppard train yesterday evening
suffering from a broken leg, the result
of au accident at Northport.
S.   J.   Mighton  returned   yesterday
from a business visit   to the Boundary
couutry. He reports mining operations
as   active   and  the   peoplo   anxiously I
waiting for the advent of the railway.
J. S. Clute, Sr., of New West- j
minster, provincial inspector of Cus- I
toms is seriously ill with typhoid i
fever.    Mr.   Chile   recently    returned
from   a visit  to tho Yukon on government business.
The funeral of John Bryan, who
died of typhoid fever at the Vernon
street hospital took placo on Saturday.
In the delirium of fever he mentioned
in his ravings the name of his brother
George Bryan of London, England,
which is the only clue known as to
his relations.
H, Vi. Simpson, who has tho contract for clearing the right of way of
the West Kootenay Power and Light
company, had an awkwtird time yesterday in getting his pack horses
across the Kootenay river. The stream
was swollen owing to the recent rains,
tind at one time it seemed as if many
would be lost. Eventually, however,
by dint of great exertions, all the animals were got across in safety.
A Prominent 0. P. R. Offlcia
Visit to  Nelson.
Mr. James Oborne, who is an assistant of Mr. Shaughnessy, having under
his especial supervision the mechanical
department of thu 0. P. R., registered
at the Phair yesterday evening.
When questioned as to the report,
promulgated by the Rossland Miner
tnat the Crow's Nest Pass railway
was to bo diverted to a routo via Salmo
and Trail, Mr. Oborne said most emphatically that he had heard nothing
of any suoh alteration in the proposed
The Miner reporter reminded him
that in June last. Mr. Shaughnessy
had stated most emphatically that the
Crow's Nest Pass railway would come
through Nelson, whereupon Mr. Oborno
said, "You may be confident, that
whatever Mr. Shaughnessy promised,
he will do.''
This is Mr. Oborne's first visit to
the Kootenay, and he is greatly impressed with tho country. Nelson with
its numerous stores carrying each a
special line of goods, gives him the
idea of a city that had come to stay.
He expressed admiration for the steamboat service on tlie Columbia river
which would compare favorably with
any in the east.
Mr. Oborne leaves this morning for
Sandon. and will return to Montreal
over the newly constructed Crow's
Nest Pass railway.
The   Caso   Has   Been   Remanded   for
Final Consideration.
The crazy Chinaman who is at* present confined in the city jail, was on
Saturday brought up for examination
before Police Magistrate Crease. Dr.
Symonds examined him at considerable length, and pronounced him insane. The caso was adjourned until
this afternoon at 2 o'clock to admit of
the necessary second   medical opinion.
I Dr. LaBau examined him on Saturday
j evening and gave the same verdict as
Dr. Symonds. Several Chinameu will
testify today as to the unfortunate
man's actions, and an amusing time
is expected.
Meanwhile Chief of Police McKinnon has been making all preparations
for his probable departure to the in-
sane asylum at New Westminster, He '
is making a collection among the other
Chinamen, and hopes to get together
a sufficient sum to enable the insane
man to bo sent away without   expense
j to the city.
The   man,   though    frequently   up-
i roarious, is not iu any way dangerous.
On Saturday   morning when the chief
[ of police visited him iu the jail he was
I singing at the top of his voice. On
being asked why   he  was   Binging, he
| replied, "The birds make me sing,"
He then wished to go to church, and
shortly afterwards changing liis mood,
lie threatened the chief with dire punishment for arresting him without a
The man was originally a conk, but
has done nothing for the last is I
months or two years, living on crusts
of bread and other scraps thrown out
from hotels and private houses, ln his
hut the chief found a box full of crusts
of bread, which he had saved. The
remainder of his worldly possessions
consists of some white aprons and
other articles of a cook's attire, aud
two boxes of paper fans. The man has
so far declined to give his name.
It is fortunate that the lunatic is iu
this country and not in China, where
they have a somewhat summary way
of disposing of madmen. In the words
of an exceptionally intelligent Chinaman of this city, "In China they take
olazy men to plisou for five years,
after that," he explained with an expressive wave of the hands, "if not
well, they go away!"
Window Shades, Shade Cloths, Cornice Poles
and Trimmings, Brass Rods, (Extension and
Banner), a lot of Sundries, Curtain Stretchers
Step Ladders, Etc., Hearth, Counter, Floor
Brushes, Etc. Fifty different styles of the
Latest and Finest Shades to choose from.
The Largest and Finest Stock ever Brought
to Kootenay.
In addition to our present well assorted stock
of Fine Furniture and  Coverings,   we   have
now on the way
3 Big Palace Oars of Furniture
'utility counts for more in this class
Hardware then  in any other line
life of a building depends on it.
fur stock is first cla^s.   It has been
lliered   from   manufacturers noted
I the  excellence  of tlieir product,
there is entire absence of "cheap"
Ids in the collection.
Irices are not higher than you often
j for poorly made goods.
The people of Nelson heard with
great satisfaction of tho selection of
Mr. J. Fred Hume for a cabinet position in the new government, but
there was general regret expressed
when it became known that the appointment would necessitate the removal of Mr. Hume to the capital,
whore his position as a minister renders it imperative that he should reside during his term of office, so as
the better to control the important department of which he is the head.
Yesterday the minister left the eity,
accompanied by his family, to take up
his residence at Victoria. The party
was made up of Hon. Mr. Hume, Mrs.
Hume and children, -ind Miss Irvine,
Mrs. Hume's sistor. Until they can
secure a suitable resideuce ut the
capital the family will occupy apartments at the Driard.
A   Burning Chimney on  the Victoria
Hotel Threatens Disaster.
On Saturday forenoon a Miuer reporter noticed flames issuing from a
chimney ou the Victoria hotel on Victoria street,wliich was closed up a few
weeks ago. A family arc at present
occupying some of the upstairs rooms
and htid a short time previously
kindled a fire in the stove with the rosult that the soot in the chimney
caught fire and threatened to ignite
the building. Upon going to the fire
hall to notify the chief of the fire brig-
tide that official was found to bo absent
and there was nobody in charge of the
hall. A member of the brigade was
found and watched the firo uniti all
danger was past.
Tlie chief of llie brigade is employed
by tho council to do patrol duty on the
street during the day time and cannot
possibly be expected to be on the street
and at the fire ball at the same ti.ue
but some arrangement should certainly be made whereby in his absence
some one might bc
of all kinds to arrive next week, the whole of
which will be
Sold at Popular Prices
All welcome.    Come and see the Stock and ask for prices.
All new goods.    No old   stock.     Remember   the   address.
The New Furniture House.
Applewhaite Block Oor. Baker and Kootenay St.
The Nelson Furniture Co.
Having purchased a large job lot of Mackintoshes
ancl Waterproof Coats, cheap for cash, I will for
the next 30 days sell them off below wholesale
Prices. This is a rare opportunity to secure goods
at the
The case of McArthur vs. Cordingly.
was heard on Sartuday by Mr. Justice
Irving, lu this caso Mr. McArthur,
the well known local furniture dealer,
was suing Mr. Cordingly, formerly
bookkeeper and manager of tho business, for 91186.36, beiug cash received
and the value of furniture delivered.
J. Macdonald and A. W. Peck, who
had audited tho'books of the firm,gavo
evidence for the plaintiff, and Mr.
Cordingly gave evidence in his own
behalf. The defendant claimed that
he had been overcharged.
The plaintiff, however, succeeded,
receiving judgment for the full amount.
with costs. W. A. Macdonald, O,. 0.,
was for the plaintiff, and W. A.
Galliher, for the defendant.
lo "Creditors Deeds Act"
A ������������-���ifll li ji Acts,
hall to give the alarm in case of fire
Should a lire break out in a remote
part of the eity and the alarm be giveu
by telephone, serious loss might, be
occasioned through the absence of tho
fire chief who is necessarily away
from the hall.
Importers of
|ints, Oils, Shell'Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Mr. F. L. Cox, son of Senator
George A. Cox, and managing director of the Imperial Life Associa-
iton, left with his wife, on Saturday
evening, fatter making but a short
stay in tho eity.
Mr. Cox, who came, here from the
coast, has been combining business
with pleasure in his visit to this province. He has been visiting various
towns in tho west with the view of
judging for himself of tlieir respective opportunities. He intends to increase tho operations of his company
in this province, and to establish several sub-agencies.
Mr. Cox left ou Saturday oveuing
for Rossland, and it was his intention
to leave tliat town yosterday for his
homo in Toronto.
Rumor of the Drowning of Jerry Robil-
lard Uutruo���"Es et Posseblee. "
The many friends of Jerry Robil-
lard were shocked on Saturday morning on hearing the report that he had
fallen off the steamer Nelson and had
been drowned while en route to his
claims 011 Crawford Bay. Just as a
search party was being organized to
drag the lako in the hopo of finding
the body, news was received that the
rumor was unfounded and that Jerry
was alivo and well, at Pilot Bay.
When informed nf the rumor as to his
death it is said that Jerry merely
shook his head and said, "Es ct, es et
posseblee. I must be a wonderful
On his last trip to tint mines in July
with a party of surveyors, Jerry is reported to have lain down on the wharf
on landing at Crawford Bay, and to
have fallen asleep. Upon being awakened a few hours later and being told
that he had lain asleep for three days
and that the parly had visited the
claims and returned to Nelson, Jerry's
only remark was, " Es et posseblee. "
His familiar figure will doubtless bo
seen in tho streets of Nelson 111 a few
Thomas W. Gray, of Nelson, British Columbia, mill owner, hns, hy deed bearing (into
tho lBlh day ot September, A. II., 181)8, assigned all his personal estate, credits and effects which may be seized and sold under exc-
in charge of the tiro I CUtlpn, and all his real estate, to Thomas Mar-
1 Undue Ward, of the said city of Nelson, agent,
in trust, for tho purpose of paying ratably ami
proportionately and without preference or
priority, the creditors of the said Thomas W,
Gray, iheir just debts,
The said deed was executed by the said
Thomas W. Gray, the assignor, and
the said Thomas Martindale Ward.the trustee,
on the Uith dav of .September, A. 1>. 181)8, and
the said trusteo has undertaken the trusts
created by the said deed.
All persons having claims against tho said
Thomas W. Gray are required on or before the
lith day of October, A. 1). 1808, to deliver to the
said trustee full particulars of tho samo, duly
verified by Statutory Declaration, together
with lhe particulars of the security, if any,
held by them, and all persons indebted to the
said Thomas W. Gray, are required to pay the
amounts duo by them to the said trusteo forthwith.
And notico is hereby given that, after the
said 6th day of October. A. II. 18118, the trustee
will proceed to distribute tlie assets among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard only
to Iho claims of whieh ho shall then have had
A meeting of tlio creditors of the said
Thomas Gray will be held at the oflice of Ward
Bros, on Baker street, Nelson, 11. (_.'.. on Thursday, the (ith day of October, A. D. 181)8, at the
hour of 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon.
Solicitors for the Trustee,
Dated at Nelson. II. C., tliis Wth day of Seo
tember, A. 1)., 181)8.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an extraordinary meeting of the Shareholders
of Iho " Exchequer Gold Mining Company,
Limited Liability," will be held at its head oflice. on Baker street, in the cily of Nelson, ll.C,
on the 28th day of September, A. I)., 18118 at the
hour of eight o'clock in lhe afternoon for the
purpose of
ill Considering propositions for the working and further develojictnent of llie mines.
(2) Ratifying a certain agreement of the (ith
September, A. ll.. 1SD8.
(IP Appointing Trustees 11ml Officers for tho
said Company and to transact such further
und other business as may come before the said
Ihis 10th day of September, A. P.,
Miss Buckley requests the ladies of
Nelson to attend her millinery opening ou Tuesday and Wednesday, September 27 and 28, All the latest novelties in trimmings.
Broken Hill Block, corner Baker
tind Ward streets. *
A large block of
Al Mining Stoek
in the . . .
Dundee Gold Mining Company
Address P. T, Z��� Miner Office.
If You Have a Hobby fur some partioular
Medicine or Drug and dont like to be ottered a
substitute, come here when you need a new
supply. We are pretty sure to have it. Ever,"
thing that n well stocked Drug Store usual
carries, nnd a <;r<-ni Many Tilings Besides,
can be found on our shelves.
The purity of the Drugs sold by us and the
accuracy of our prescription department insures to our customers just "What tho Doctor
Canada Drug & Book Co.
ii i.is-iiom no. :u.
Manufacturers of
Halcyon Hot Springs  Wnlcr Acinlt'il and
Supplied lo llie Trade.
Experienced Tie Makers can get steady work
at Nakusp.  Apply immediately to
Nakusp. II. 0.
POUND.���A small key, National Cash  Register.   Apply "Miner" ollice.
MUSIC LE8SONS. ��� On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. .1. Astley, Itobson street
two doors west of Stanley.   1'. O. Hox 180.
Old papers at Ti
per hundred.
1: MINER olBcc.   25 cents
Baker Street.
|y 1    Wanted���4 Woodohoppers,
12 Men, $2.25 per day.
���I Men for unloading wood.
J, H. Love. THE MINER   MONDAY, SEPTEMBER  26,  1898.
lllilTllHllill      TTT��! f!  '" f'"*' west have
A I H AHAK    ft      \l    NH  They   expressed
n 1 liiiij no un  1111 ii u; nu,(:h iin;n,,,.(111 ,���,
Nelson's Nearest Mine Being-
Concentrator, Tramway ani
Nearly Completed ar.d Considei
ab'e Imurovement Done-
ineral claims and the Rose.Ruby and operating a wood-sawing  machine ou
,   ���     ..      ,   *,  ��� rn     ,,,     : Fisgard   street,   m   Chinatown,    tins
wangle fractional claims,    rhe Atha-  morning met With   a   horrible  death.
Although there have beeu a considerable numbor of mineral claims located in tin- immediate vicinity of
Nelson, the nearest property to the
city on which sufficient work lias been
doue to develop a mine is the Athabasca group situated on Morning
mountain, 8% miles from Nelson. The
group includes the Athabasca, Al-
gonia, Manitoba, Alberta, Lorettb
basca Gold Mines, limited, with head
offics in London, Enlgand, with capital stock of ��200,000; J. A. Turner,
secretary; E. Nelson Fell, manager of
the mino took over the property on
April Iti of this year from the Athabasca Gold Mining company, since
which time work on the property bas
beeu vigorously prosecuted. Prior to
that date not much development work
had been done although about bOO
tons of ore were shinned to the smelter
with satisfactory results.
The work is now being prosecuted
on two ledges on thc Athabasca, the
central claini of the group. Ou one
vein a shaft is now down 160 feet from
the surface, and on the other a tunnel
has beon carried 500 feet. The vein
was struck in the tunnel about sis
weeks ago, aud has been drifted along
about 50 feet and is from two to three
feet wide. The same vein is also being
worked from a tunnel tit a higher
level from which a Bhipment of 1 .">'._.
tons was recently made to the Hall
Mines smelter, tlie returns of which
were 6.28 ounces in gold ainl 1.1 ounces
in silver, per ton. The ore ttt the
lower level also appears to be exceedingly rich. In the shaft tho vein has
been" tapped at the lower level.
A ten stamp mill for
of the ore is nearing
will be in operation in
Give Out ereek. It is
tlie mine by a surface
way 3160 feet long, with a 1200 foot
fall, which will convey the ore from
the chute at the mine to the concentrator. The machinery for the mill
and tramway was supplied by Fraser
& Chambers of Chicago, and consists
of the usual t.<u stamp mill, witli three
vanners. Tite mill will be nm with
water, working two wheels, through a
pipe DD0 feet long with a full of ili)7
feet. Tho water is conveyed to the
pipe line by a flume 3400 feet lung.
Tiie engineering work litis beeu carried
on under the superintendeucy of II.
W. Mussen and everything in connection with the concentrator, the tramway and the flume aro of a very substantial character. At the concentrator there arc a boarding house,
mine and assay office tind a residence
for the amalgamator, A. Ooustans.
The assay ollice is in charge of Capt.
G. H. MulldorlVr. At* thc mine there
i.s a steam hoist to raise the oro from
the shaft and one steam drill is being
operated. About .1000 tons of ore aro
tho  dump waiting the starting up
returned  to Ottawa.
themselves as   being
lmpresed by the   evidences   that
! were everywhere present to their view
: of material progress.
The city council litis decided to petition the licuteniint-governor-iu-couneil
to appoint a royal commission to investigate tiie charges preferred by Mr.
E A. Macdonald against the Toronto
Strict railway in connection with the
securing of the charter.
Balph Smith, M. P. P.,of Nanaimo,
has been elected president of the Dominion Trades congress.
Daily    telegraphic    communication
I over the new wire between Vancouver
and Montreal opened on Wednesday.
Kamloops fall   assizes   will be   held
1 Water Humo i Monday, Ocotber  ii.    There   are   only
I two cases for trial.
Two young Hainiltoiiians have er-
I ceutly been elevated to the bench iu
British Columbia. One is Paulus
Emilius Irving, Q. C, and the other
is Archer Martin, Q. 0. Judge Irving
and Judge Martin went west to grow
up with the country and, as will be
seen, they have k< pt pace with the
country's    growth.      Hamilton   men,
1898      PROVINCIAL      1393
Exhibition I
under the direction of
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial   ��
Society of British Columhia.
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive! p
iu conjuction wilh tho : j*
Citizens'Grand Yearly Celebration, ��
3����i^����S9S������(S������i5a����'S9S��Sa��S -3--8*S��8����*s��e8S*eSii
of our ClctUlng is generally sufficient to
make a life lon^ customer.
Wc (lent offer our goods below cost,
because wu bavo iio desire to lose
money. Wc sell nt prices which arc
sufficient to pay for good material and 91
Kood workmanship. The size ami vai-i- A)
<���!>��� of onr stock enables us to ploase a <jf
customer both as to style nnd Itt. In- 91
deed wo nro particular on these points. ��)
We rather lose a sale than permit nn- -g
satisfactory garments to leave the Ji
store. SO
These values cannot he surpassed. y
I *
wherever they go, have a way of coming to the top.���Hamilton Herald.
Terrible   Death   of   a    Wood-Sawing
Machine Operator in Victoria.
I.���Peter   Gl'ice,
machine   on
= = J. A. GILKER
e^����Sa��S*����-^*'��':������itfa��S*S *S��*-����^��*SS*?6S����^J*S��SSS9S��
The Premium Lis) is the Largest
ever offered West of Toronto.
Pyro-Spectacular Bombardment of Santlag
de Cuba mid Blew in   np ol the "flalne."
Victoria,    Sept.
n wood-
i'he flywheel broke aud a piece of iron
two  by   six   inches    passed   through
Grice's  body,   tearing  out    his heart I
and part of his liver, which were picked j
up   nn    tiie   street by the police.    The j
governor   belt   had   slipped and Grico |
was   attempting   to   stop the flywheel
with a   stick of   wood, the steam having just been shut off. when tint wheel
broke into   many   pieces.    Grioe   was
born   in   Ontario, where   his   parents
now reside,   and   came   hero 2~   years
ago.    He has two brothers m Victoria.
Followed by an up-to-date I'ire Works Di inlay,
which has heen specially secured fur Four
Nights at. an enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle neet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Hor.sc Races.
Dog SJiow.   Open to tlie World.
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
Milk Pitchers
Pie and Pudding- Dishes.
Tea Pots all Sizes
Butter Crocks
The Finest  Bands  in  the Provlnci
will provide .Music.
Special rates over till  Railway mul, QUALITY   UNEQUALED
Steamboat Lines.
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of ....
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
the  treatmi nt
completion and |for tluee years
a  few days on !
connected with I
gravity  tram-;
Thc Lorillard-Beresford  Stable a Winner With Tnd   Sloan up,
London, Sept. 34.���At the third
dav's racing at the Manchester meeting, the Oldham welter handicap of
200 sovereigns for three years and up.
one mile, was won by Mr. D Seymour's Ally, Lady Fisher.
The Gerard nursery handicap of 200
sovereigns, was won by the Lnrillard-
i'l'to-ford stables, with Domini II on
which Tod Sloan had the mount.
The Prince Edward handicap was
won by ^ir. II. ('. White's six year
old mare Georgie. Twelve horses ran.
The handicap is of 2000 sovereigns
md upwards.
United  States'Authorities Will Tolerate
no  Dilatory Action on the Fart
of tbe Spaniards-
No entrance fees charged for Exhibits.
Premium Lists, Entry Forms, and
full information on application to
Chairman Cel. Coin. Sucy. Cel. Cora.
Pros. It. A. & I. S'oe.      Secy. ll. A. & I. Soc.
XV. If. KtCAitV.
Exhibit Ion (tonimisslonor.
������ 4 *������ AAA A ��� A l-X-A-l At $���>�����������*��������� ���
������- ���
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Every Morning,
Special attention to Mail orders.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson, ^i*
St.     Tel. io.
��� Kit'st Class in ovt
[������������������������ -tAAHrAA* AAAA -���<������*> ���
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth   Brushes,
Ato-^also rJo��d Value in Sponges.^g^
i!W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
���$��� i
of the concentrator. At the present
time iio men are employed at the mine
and about 60 on the tramway, tliiino
and concentrator, The improvements
made this summer have used up over
400.000 foot of lumber,all of which has
boon purohased from Nelsou dealers.
A complete system of electricity furnishes light to the mine and to Iho
different buildings in connection.
Tho manager Mr. Fell, has the fullest confidence that the Athabasca will
develop into one of the largest niiucs
in the Kootenay district and the company have spared no expense in perfecting the arrangements for developing the mino and conveying the ore to
tlie concentrator for treatment. The
wagon road front i be
the Hall Mines road is
and in excellent condition.
The situation selected for the concentrator and residences   commands  a
splendid view of   the   lake and or   the
citv of Nelson.
The   citizens   of     Xelson   who   are
naturally greatly interested in the development of the mineral resources of
the vicinity will bo pleased to learn
of the success of the Athabasca mine,
which under present management will
doubtless justify the expectations of
the company.
Items of Interest From   All   Over   the
Inspector Moody, N. Vi. M. P., is
said to havo reached Dawson Oity via
Messrs. Hardy and Ross will watch
Ontario's interests tit the Quebec conference.
The latest estimate of the Manitoba
and Territories wheat crop is 88,000,-
ooo bushels.
O. Knox of High River. Alta., litis
beeu appointed stock inspector for tlio
North West territories, with headquarters at Winnipeg.
Hon. Clifford Sifton and Major
Sutherland, who havo beeu   travelling
Washington, Sept. 24.���Tho ollieials
here are watching wifch interest tho
progress being mado by the military
commission at Havana in securing the
evacuation of tho island of Cuba. The
commission has been very slow in
making reports to the war department,
but from the latest, received it appears
that the body would like to have more
definite instructions as to procedure.
II seems that the Spanish side has said
that they could not begin the evacuation of the island until November 1,
arid that it could not be completed before February 28 next.
In view of the alarming state of the
Cubans who arc suffering from hunger
anil their inability iu the present, uncertain conditions for obtaining work,
the president decided that he could not
assent to the consumption of so much
time. Therefore, he caused tho commission to be instructed to demand
that the evacuation by the Spaniards
begin not later than October li), aud
to be completed by December 81 next.
What the result of this demand will be
is uot yet known, but it is said that
the administration is determined to
tolerate no dilatory action on the part
of the Spanish forces in leaving the
island, all hough disposed to permit
reasonable time.
Notice has also been taken of the ox-
mcentrator tolpected purpose of the Spanish oaptain-
if easy grade general to remove from the island the
remains of Christopher Columbus with
part   of   the surmounting monument.
Eastern  Oysters
received daily
Cooked Any Style.
��� ���
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
���   FOR SALE   __.��wo!i8SK8��.
^ Corner Loi ou Vernon St., with Building,   12 Lois in Block
Xfor rent
111''   Cheap,   - Lets Cor. Josephine and Robson.
l! Lots lind Dwelling near Cor Stanley St., on Observatory
St.,, $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica St���, near Cedar St.,
$20 per month.    House tind 2 Lots, Houston St.   .$15 month.
Proprietor. ��� ./"*all and sec our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
W ������������������+44++*4W    and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume   Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Hover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
^TRAVELLING * Baker Street,  NELS*      ���
A Large  Variety   below   the
Ordinary Price.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
Thomson Stationery Co. p' RoDER'cL*���N���'age.- 1
LIMITED                              Id22)                                                                                      & I
isrEJLsojsr                 S. S. Fowler, E. M., ;
 1                     Mininy Engineer J
If the monument is not a permanent
Ifixture, then ii is hard to decide -what
j will be done and it is possible that at-
| tentlon will be called to the iiii'ractioii
of the terms of tin- protocol, although
: this must be done with haste in order
' to succeed m ils object, tis the removal
is said to be fixed for next Tuesday,
#J. Harry Nickerson*
JEWELER ��� ��� ��� <��� ^-^
Josephine St. Opposite Clarke Hotel j
Charles D. J. Christie
It is reported from Fort Steele that
the North Krai- Mining company will
soon start up >vith a largo force of
men, and thar contracts have beeu
made Eor 100,0110 feet of lumber to be
used iu timbering, A large hoisting
plan! is to be put in. When tlie railway is completed to the mine it is
expected to become a steady shipper.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer und Porter,
Drop  in   and  see    us.
Agent for ....
The Dominion Permanent Loan Co.
No Stock to be subscribed for.
A definite contract given. Loan
on the installment plan from 5^
years up.
Montreal, Sept. 2-1.��� Lieutenant General Lord William Seymour, commander of the British forces in North
America, arrived hero today enrouto
for the Pacific const, where ho goes to
look tifter the uew land defences. General Seymour had not been in Montreal
for 117 years having been brigade major
here in 1861.
B, C.
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
,       .  , ,, i'-,f     whose ourolive qualities are known all over Canada.   Many Mineral Wnters  con--
mis  luKen ovct  ine practice or tftjn  va]nftble mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, having the
Dr.    H.   E,   I lull and   is   pre- saute medical value, malic such a tine palatable beverage wben bottled,
pared to do nil kinds of Dental THnDDC   jC   CCi      I AA
Work   bv latest methods.  .  . lnuKrL  CC   VAJ.,   -UKl.
nroulnniLT      -         ����*,;��. NKLSON, VICTORIA & VANCOUVER.-


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