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The Miner Aug 13, 1898

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Array ��l
Daily Edition No "Th.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday Morning, August 13, 1898.
Eighth Year.
A Shop unequalled anywhere.
tern after which all  others   model.
ploying   experienced  workmen  who
specialists.     Make a shoe complete.
place any worn Olll   part.     No  dela)
ong waiting,
no pav.    I Ea.ll
Besl   Le
job satisfactory  or ?
soling and  heeling;  I
al    Lowest    Price
Patent    Buttons
��� ._......���
X Latest Novelty, X
VBILINdSand     X
I Grand July Clearance Sale
lll.ACK   &  FANCY
X Reduced Prices, t
We will offer for the next ten days all of our entire stock
at reduced   prices   with   Special   Reductions   on   the
.  .  .  following1 lines .  .  .
I Our Stock is Complete in House Furnisfiinos. x
Summer Dress Goods.
Warm Weather Fabrics.
Ladles Slurl Waists.
Ladles' I) & A Oorsets.
Ladies' and Children's CJndervei
Ladies' Silk and Kid Gloves,
Ladies' Silk and Alpaca Skirts.
Sailor Hats, Hull' Price.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts,
| .Men's Fancy ('aniline  Shuts.
. ; Men's ISlne!-: Sateen Shirts.
] Men's Duck and Flannel Suits
Men's Si rn w Hats.
Men's Pants and Overalls.
An Armistice Declared
Both Nations.
Hostilities Countermanded on Laid and
Bun.���The Protocol Contains Six
Oonditi"iis  of Peace*
PICKLED LAMB'S TONGUE in Glass and Kits.
;tll strictly new and sweet.
S^^SS?**-*-^***5 S9S3
Try Our Coffees, 3��^., 40c, 5��c-    Freshly ground.
Goods delivered promptly to ttll parts ol the oity.   Tel, 13.
TTTl confident of success, Mr. Semlin was
llf occupied in forming his cabinet when
U1 | this despatch left.
Washington, Aug. 1:2.���Ambassador
Oambon mid Secretary Thiebault drove
ovor to the While House from the
Prenoh embassy iu a heavy driving
rain. Contrary to all former visits
they drove illl the way to the White
House and alighted in tho broad porte
ooohere, Both were immediately
usherod inside tho cabinet room where
president McKinley and Secretary Bay
had been awaiting them for live min
utes, and there in the historical
chamber the ceremony of formally
agreeing to and signing the protocol
of peace took place.
Washington, Aug. 12.���Secretary
Long has cabled Admiral Sampson,
Admiral Dewey and the other naval
commanders that* the poace protocol
hits been signed and to cease all hostilities.
Washington, Aug. 12.���The peace
protocol was signed at 4.25 p. ni. Secretary Alger has cabled orders to all
the military comraanderB that tho
protocol of piano has been signed and
to cense hostilities.
Would-Be Premier Succumbs
to the Inevitable.
The Opposition Loader Has Accepted Oflice.
He ia Now Occupied in Framing
His Cabinet.
Victoria, Aug. 12.��� The Hon. Robert
Beaven in an interview with the lieutenant governor this afternoon announced that he found it impossible
to form a ministry out of the members
'.���loot, and asked to be relieved of the
task he had undertaken, Mr. Beaven
made no recommendation as to whom
his honor should next summon, It is
understood that Mr. Semlin, who nl-
roady had several interviews with the
lieutenant, governor will  now be sent
Vancouver, Aug. 12. ���(Special to
Tho Minor.)���The Hon. Robert Beaven
this afternoon informed tho lieutenant
govornor that all his attempts to form
a cabinet had proved futile, and begged
to be relieved of tho task. The lieutenant governor, Mclunis, accepted
Mr. Beaveu's resignation and sent for
Mr. Semlin.
Mr. Semlin arrived at government
House this ovoning, and had an interview with tho governor. On leaving
his honor, Mr Semlin announced that
ho had been entrusted with tho task of
forming a cabinot, but declined to
speak further at the time concerning
liis  plans, hut*   appeared  to   be quito
I .	
Fire There   Destroyed    Only   a    Few
Port. Townsend, Wash., Aug. 12.���
Thc steamer Oity of Topeka, which
arrived here today from   Skagway, re-
i ports the lire not so serious as reported.
! A few hundred  dollars will   cover the
Aiiiong (he passengers on the C'ity of
; Topeka was Mrs. A. D. Field of St.
Paul, Minn., who left Dawson Oity on
I July 28. She says boats arriving at
Dawson trom St. Michaels are bringing but a small amount of provisions
and are confining their business to the
passenger traffic. As a result provisions will probably be scarce again this
winter. Among the recent deaths at
Dawson Oity hospital were H. McQuillan of Chicago, ,T. S. Copper of
Now York, Peter Shearer of Chicago,
Frod Hart of Philadelphia, A. Johnston, Ed, Dunstan, Captain Hamlin,
Vi. Killop, Theodore Valentine, A.
Nelson, N. P, Swanson,W. S. Meyers,
K. Roebig and (ins Anderson, residences unknown. Fritz Lahuhn of
Arlington, Kns., committed suicide in
his tent on the Stickeen river by hanging himself. He left a letter and some
money for bis wife,
The wreck of the schooner Oity of
Bitkn has been found off Cape Oininy.
When the schooner left Sitka some
weeks ago she had several passengers
and prospeotors on board, but no trace
of tbein conld be found.
Ottawa, Aug. 12.���The following
officers have been appointed to the B.
C. rifle corps: Rossland Rifle company
to be captain, Peter McLaren Forin ;
to be lieutenant, Kenneth Luinsden
Burnet, retired list; to be second lieutenant, provisionally, John Louis Graham Abbott.
Nelson Rifle company, to be captain,
Arthur Kdward Hodgins, reserve of
officers; to be lieutenant, Henry Edward MncDoimell; to be second lieutenant, provisionally, William Alfred
Kamloops Rifle company, to be second lieutenants provisionally, Edward
A. Nash, John R. Vicars and Cecil Vi.
Washington, Aug. 12.���The protocol
First.���That Spain will relinquish all
claim to sovereignty over and title to
Second���That Porto Rico and other
Spanish islands in the West Indies and
au island in the Ladrones to be selected by tho United States shall be
ceded to the latter.
Third���That tho United States will
occupy and hold the city, hay and
harbor of Manila pending the conclusion of a treaty of peace which shall
determine the control and disposition
of the Philippines.
Fourth���That. Cuba, Porto Rico, and
the other Spanish islands in tho Wost
Indies shall bo immediately evacuated
and that commissioners be appointed
within ten days who shall within
thirty -lays from tho signing of the
protocol,meet at Havana and San Juan
respectively to arrange and execute,
the details of the evacuation.
Fifth���That the United States and
Spain will each appoint* not more than
flvo commissioners to negotiate and
conclude a treaty of peaco and that the
commissioners aro to meet in Paris
not later than October 1.
Sixth���On the signing of tho protocol
hostilities will be suspended and notice
to that efl'ect will be given as soon as
possible by each government to the
commanders of its military and naval
The abovo is the official statement of
the protocol's contents as prepared and
given to tho press by Secretary Day.
The protocol was signed at 4 :25 p. m.
by Secretary of State Day representing
the United States and M. Cambou, the
French ambassador, representing the
Spanish government.
Washington, Aug. 12.���With thc
simplicity in keeping with the republican institutions (ho war which has
raged between Spain and the United
States for three months and 22 days
was quietly terminated at 28 minutes
past -1 o'clock this afternoon when|See-
retary Day for the United States and
M. Oambon for Spain in the preseuco
of President McKinley signed the
protocol winch will form Iho basis for
a definite treaty of peace. It is but
a simple justice to our sister republic
of France to record the fact that by her
good offices, this speedy termination of
the war that might have run on indefinitely, was brought ahout. and the
president declared that action on the
part of the French government as
worthy of his special praises.
When Ambassador Cambon reached
the White Houso it wat just !i:i")5
o'clock, five minutes in advance of the
appointed hour. With Secretary Thiebault he was ushered inside. At 4:05
they were announced to the waiting
party in the cabinet room aud wero
ushered into the president. After an
exchange of diplomatic courtesies no
unnecessary loss of time occurred, and
Assistant Secretary of State Cridler,
on the part of the United States and
first Secretary Thiebault, on tho part
of Spain rotirod to a window whero
thoro was a critical formal examination of the protocol.   This inspection
had all the outward formalities due to
a document of this importance, it was
prepared in duplicate at the state department, ono copy to bo retained by
the United States government, the
othor to become the property of Spain.
The text is handsomely engrossed in a
running old English script. Each copy
of the protocol is arranged iu a double
column, tho French and English standing along sido for comparison as to
the exactness of translation. The two
copies are alike except that the one
had by this government has the English text in the flrst colunni and the
signature of Secretary Day ahead of
that of M. Cambon, whilo the copy to
be transmitted to Spain has Frencli in
the first column and the signature of
M. Cambon ahead of Secretary Day.
The protocol sent to Spain was accompanied by the credentials issued by
President McKinley specially empowering tho secretary of state to
affix his signature to the document.
The examination of Iho protocol was
satisfactory and tho document was
handed to M. Cambon first and then
to Socrotnry Day who then affixed
their signatures in thatjorder to each
side of the two copies. Then the last
detail in making the protocol binding
was administered by Assistant* Secretary Cridler in charge of the chancery
work who attached the seal of the
United Slates.
Throughout the ceremony all but
the two signers remained standing.
lii. Cambon in signing for Spain occupied the seat whieh the secretary of
the navy, Long, now away on a vacation, usually occupied, tho president
stood at tho left hand corner at the
head of the great cabinet table, Secretary Day, M. Thiebault and M. Cambou, iu the order named, on the left
side of tho table. The rest of tho party
were standing in other parts of the
President McKinley called for the
proclamation whieh ho had caused to
bo drawn up, suspending hostilities
and signed it in the presence of M.
Cambon. Without delay orders were
given hy telephone that cable messages
be immediately sent to all the naval
commanders, Dewey in tho Philippines, Sampson at Guantanamo and
tho various commandauts at the navy
yards and stations to cease hostilities
There is a despatch boat at Hong
Kong and it is believed that it can
reach General Merritt iu 48 hours by
steaming at top sped.
On tho part of the army, while Secretary Algor availed himself of tho
telegraph. General Corbin braved the
storm and rushed across to tho war department whero he immediately issued
the ordors, which have been prepared
in advance, to all tho military commanders, to ceaso their operations.
Tho state department fulfilled its duty
by notifying all tho diplomatic and
consular agents of the action taken
which had beeu taken.
President McKinley's Message to the People.
Distinguished Prelates  Have  Arrived
in  New York.
New York, Aug. 12.���Among the
passengers ou the steamship Campania,
which arrived today, were the most
Reverend Archbishop Keene of the college of the propaganda at Rome, the
Most Reverend A. Langovin, O. M.
I., archbishop of St. Boniface, Manitoba, tho Very Reverend Jean Mario,
abbe of Bellefontaine, the Right Hon.
Sir William Marriott, niomber of the
British privy council, who came here
in connection with western railway
interests, H. Seton Karr, conservative M. P. for St. Helens, and tho
Hon. Michael Herbert, C. B., first secretary of tho British legation at Paris.
Archbishop Langovin said he was
glad to learn that the United States
and Spain wero ;again at poace. He
said that ho had au audience with
Pope Loo XIII, a month ago and his
holiness did not appear to him to look
much different than he did 21 years
ago. "Of courso I know that the popo
is just that much older" said tho archbishop of Manitoba, "but I also remember that then his holiness Iuul a
deathly pale face and was feeble, hut
the years have rolled on and I cannot
say that I have noticed any perceptible
change in the pope's health or appearance. At his advanced years the pope's
passing away cannot long be delayed.
When I spoke to him ho asked anxiously about the United States and
Canada, he talked of England, France
and Germany and expressed sorrow
that    America   and    Spain   were   at
Tbe Military and .Naval Commanders Fo-
ceivo Orders to Stop Hostilities-
Text of Orders.
Washington,Aug.  12.���The president
has issued the following proclamation
By the president  of  tho United
States of America.
A proclamation. Whereas by a
protocol concluded and signed
August 12, IS98, by William R.
Day, secretary of the United
States and his excellency Jules
Cambon, ambassador extraordinary
and plenipotentiary of the republic of France at Washington expressly representing for this purpose tho government of Spain.
The government of the United
States and Spain have formally
agreed upon the terms upon which
negotiations for the establishment
of peace betweeu the two countries shall bo undertaken ; and
Whereas it is iu the said protocol
agreed that upon its conclusion
and signature, hostilities between
tho two countries shall be suspended and that notice to tho
effect shall bo given as soon as
possible by each government to the
commanders of its military and
naval force.   Now,
Therefore, I, William McKinley,
president of tho United States, do
in accordance with the stipulations
of the protocol, declare and proclaim on tho part of the United
States a suspension of hostilities,
and do hereby command that the
orders bo immediately given
through tho proper channels to the
commanders both military and
naval of the United States to abstain from all acts inconsistent
with this proclamation. In witness whereof I have herouuto set*
my hand and caused the seal of
the United States to be affixed.
Done in tho city of Washington
this 12th day of August in the
year of our Lord ono thousand
eight hundred and ninety-eight,
and of thc independence of the
United States tho one hundred and
Bv the President.
Secretary of Stato.
A copy of the proclamation has been
cabled   to   our army   and  navy commanders.   Spain will cable to hor commanders liko instructions.
Court Grants  Power   to Dig up a
Buried Body.
London, Aug. 12.���In the probate,
divorce and admiralty divisions of the
high court of justice today,Sir Francis
Jeuno, president of the court, granted
tho application of Mrs. Anna Maria
Druco, for an order empowering hor to
opon the gravo and inspect tho coffin
which is alleged to contain tho remains of a man buried as Thomas
Charles Druco, who, tho applicant assorts, is in fact and in law tho fifth
Duko of Portland. During her evidence, Mrs. Hamilton, one of tho
witnesses, adhered firmly to the statement that she had seeu and spoken to
Thomas Charles Druce after his
alleged death.
Washington, Aug. 12.���Tho order
sent to Genoral Merritt to suspend hostilities was as follows: From tho
adjutant genoral's oflice, Washington,
August 12, 181)8, to Merritt, Manila.
The president directs all military
operations against the enemy to bo suspended. Peaco negotiations aro Hearing a completion, a protocol having
jnst* beeu signed by the representatives
of tho two countries. You will inform tho commanders of the Spanish
forces in the Philippines of theso instructions. Further orders will follow.
Acknowledge tho receipt of this.
By order of the secretary of war,
Adjutant Genoral.
The orders sent to General Miles and
General Shafter were identical with
the above save as to names.
As tho order states further instructions will bo sent to each general.
General Merritt will be directed to
confer with the Spanish commander at
Manila to carry out the terms of the
protocol and to occupy Manila immediately.
General Miles will put himself iu
communication with the chief authorities iu Porto Rico for tho purpose of
having the Spanish forces turn over San
Juan and other points to him preparatory to tho evacuation. Owing to the
conditions in Cuba the orders to General Shafter to bo sent hereafter will
be very different to thoso to the
other generals. Tho navy department,
is also preparing orders to all tho commanders .limilar to tho war department
New York, Aug. 12.���Copper
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%\xt JRiitet
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The preliminaries of peace between
the United States and Spain have been
signed and orders have beeu despatched
to the various military and naval commanders to suspend operations. The
protocol announcing the terms of
peace, wliich we publish today, contains nothing that has not been foreshadowed in the press for several days
past. These terms are from the American point of view undoubtedly mod-
orate, and are far below the anticipations of tho American press as expressed at earlier stages of tho campaign. Viewed from a Spanish standpoint, however, they are certainly very
severe, amounting to nothing less than
the loss of practically the. whole of her
oolonial empire.
Thero can be no question as to the
wisdom of both parties in coming to
terins without* unnecessary haggling or
delay. Spain would never bo able to
pay the United States a war indemnity, nor would tho latter be allowed to retain any portion of Spain's
European territory, wero such a thing
to he desired hy tho Americans. Thus
the Americans could gain nothing
more than they havo got by a continuance of tho war, save an additional
outpouring of blood and treasure, Spaiu
on the other hand could expect nothing but bankruptcy and practical annihilation as a nation had she attempted
to prolong hostilities.
So far everything has le in,comparatively speaking, plain sailing for the
Americans, and thoy have carried all
beforo them, but their difficulties are
by no moans ended with the war. Tho
Cuban question has yet to bo settled.
If tho Spanish troops are withdrawn
trom the island, and an American garrison is not simultaneously substituted,
there is every probability of another
war in Cuba. Once the Cubans find
themsolves masters of the island, it is,
judging from their present tompor, extremely unlikely that they will allow
uny American forco to land except by
force of arms. Even under tho most
favorable circumstances, it is almost
inevitable that tho insurgents will
tax American tact and forbearance to
the utmost.
In the Philippines the insurgent
question again arises, though the
futuro control of tho islands is not yot
settled. Should it be decided to establish American rule in that quarter, tho
history of the American management
of thoir Indians at home does not suggest a hopeful prospect for the speody
and peaceful subjugation of tho Philippines.
As! wo ventured to anticipate yesterday, Mr. Beaven has found the burden
of cabinet making too heavy for his
shoulders and has retired into the
obscurity whence he temporarily
emerged. With Mr. Turner dismissed,
and Mr. Heaven impossible, the lieutenant governor has been forced into
the path he should have voluntarily
chosen, and has asked Mr. Semlin to
form a ministry. Thus ends, where
it should have begun, the most exciting crisis in British Columbia's political history.
Mr. Semlin, supported as he is by
numerous able and willing colleagues,
will have no difficulty in forming his
cabinet, and an ora of good and resolute government will immediately begin. What tho exact personnel of tho
cabinet will be it is difficult to say,
but Messrs. Cotton and Martin aro
sure to bo asked to join. While no
authoritative statement of his policy
has boen made, or could be expected
at this early date,   it  seems  probable
from the statements that have appeared
from time to time inj the official organs, that Mr. Semlin will convene
the houso as soon as possible, pass an
equitable redistribution hill and then
appeal to tho country, when he will bo
assured of meeting tho new house with
a greatly increased majority.
While naturally pleased at the state
of affairs, we must not forgot a word
of sympathy for some of the more rabid
Turner organs, who aro sure to foel
this blow keenly. The Colonist of late
seems to havo had some glimmeriug
of the impending catastrophe, for it
has apparently been trying to forget its
sorrows by struggling hopelessly with
tho intricacies of constitutional law.
In its issue of Thursday, it has an
article of appalling length in which it
endeavors to prove that the governor
acted unconstitutionally in dismissing
Mr. Turner. The point of its argument
seems to he, that because the crown is
supposed to act on the advice of its
ministers, and because Mr. Turner did
not adviso his own dismissal, therefore his dismissal was unconstitutional. Unfortunately for this delici-
ously simple and naive argument,there
are abundant and sufficient precedents
showing conclusively that it is the
constitutional right of the crown to
dismiss a ministry, which, in its
opinion,has no longer the confidence of
the people. This was exactly the caso
with the Turner government, and
consequently, we are afraid that tho
painful lucubrations of the Colonist
aro but labor lost.
ustiew * g-ooids
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W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Official Directory.
Governor-General        -        Karl of Aberdeen
Premier - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common*?, Dominion Parliament, West Kootenny Hewitt BoBtook
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Mai'kets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
A despatch published in this morning's issue marks another step in what
promises to be the most sensational
succession caso in tho annals of the
English courts. The facts as somo of
our readers may remember, are briefly
theso. The late Duko of Portland was a
very eccentric man. He honeycombed
his country placo, Welbeck Abbey,
with underground passages so that he
might go in and out unobserved even
by his servant::. The Duko eventually
died unmarried, tho title and estate
going to a distant relation. About two
months ago Mrs. Anna Maria Druce,
who claims to bo the daughter-in-law
of tho lato Duke, brought an action to
establish her son as the rightful duke.
Her case briefly is, that the late duko
led a dual existence, and married under tho name of Druce. This man
Druco was supposed lo have died some
years beforo the Duke, but it is claimed
that; Draco's coffin only contains a roll
of lead, hence tho application to havo
the coffin opened. Tho application wat
made two months ago, hut tho court
would not grant it until young Druce,
who was working in Australia as a
sailor,applied in person. In the meantime the grave has been watched night
and day. It. may ho mentioned hero
that Druco undoubtedly bore a resemblance to thc Duke, and was also
a man of singular habits. He founded
tho woll known Baker street Bazaar
iu London, but his employes were
not permitted to approach him on pain
of dismissal. His office was always
barred, and ho only saw his manager
twice a week hy appointment. Ho
got into the building hy a secret passage. His similarity of habits lends
oolor to Mrs. Drtlce's contention, and
there aro many who think (hat hor i
son is tho rightful duke.
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The news we print today to tho effect
that tho legal proceedings taken to
quashjthe elect no light by-law have
not terminated in fiivor ot the city,
will come as a great surprise to most j
people, especially in view of the
mayor's statement at the city council
mooting on tho strength of which tho
mayor was empowered to close the
deal with the Electric Light company.
It would bo interesting to know what
prompted the mayor's action. Did he
act on his own initiative? Or, did he
take legal advice bofore, ho camo to tho
conclusion that there were no further
legal obstacles in tho way of taking
over the electric light plant? If he
acted without professional advice and
tho by-law is quashed, his worship
may find himself in all sorts of unforeseen difficulties, A more gross case of
mismanagement and carelessness could
hardly be imagined.
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timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
In stock,l,0(.0,()OOft.of Flooring, Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
.s��'iti*:i:\   iMMtits AW    WINDOWS   mm:
Property Owners.
Do you want the rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? II so we can do il for
you. Will work either by day
or by contract.
Address T. W.
Cure "Miner" ollice
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL- SIZE  $tS.
Including Supply of Chomloal charges
with each.
Delivered F. O. B. nt Portland, Ore.
The Babcock is the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Kire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and  Department  Supplies.
171 4th St Portland, Ore.
Lieut.Governor ��� Hon T R Mclnnes
l'remiei - Hon J II Turner
Attorney-General       -        Hon I) M Eberts
Com of Lands und Works Hon G 1! Martin
Minister Mines and Education Hon Jas linker
President Executive Council Hon C K Pooley
Members Legislative Assembly lor West Kootenay- North Hiding J.ljl Kellie
Soulh Riding                 - .n* Hume
Major ��� John Houston
Aldermen���Chas Hillyer, W K Teetzel, J A
Gilker, .1 J Malone, E 1' Whalley, Thos Madden.
Cily Clerk ��� ��� J l\ Strachan
Polite Magistrate E A -.. ..~.c
Chief of Police . A   E McKinnon
Chief of Kire Depart men! , W J Thompson
Auditor - John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - TMWard
Health Offlcor - Dr. La llmi
Cily Engineer ��� A. L. M'Culloeh
Cily oounoil meets every Monday, 3 p.m., at
city hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. EC Arthur. Dr. (i A It Hall, (ico John
stone.   Principal   J It Groen,
Presldont - J Roderick Robertson,
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
Scey-Trcas. John A Turner.
President John A. Turner
Vicc-Pres. \V. A, Jowelt.
Secretary P. McArthur
Treas. A II Clements
Medical Snpl. . Dr. C. A II Hall
I !1oki
United States, Ontario, Que
leoand Eastern  Provinces
PollltH on N. & K. S. line.
-,'jclorin and Rossland.
\'ow Denver, Sandon nnd
-Uocon Lake Points.
Ivnslo and Kootenay Lake
tossland. Trail, Nakusp,
itobson, points on main line
:. P. IL, Vancouver and
6.Ifl p.m.
2.30 p.m.
7,Ifl a.m.
7.00 a.m.
01'1-ick nouns.
Lobby npened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Ceneral
Delivery, 8 a,m, lo 8 p.m.;  Registration, 8.30
a.111. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Havings Hank
9 n.ni. to I p.m.; Sunday 1 hour (10 lo 11 u.m).
J. A. GILKER,Postmaster,
Government Inspector of Agencies XV J Goepel
Gold Commissioner - O.G.Dennis
Mining Recorder-Tux Col ��� lt F Tolmie
Collector of Customs - Goo.Jolinstone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judge - j a Forin
Registrar ETHSlmpklns
Inspector of Schools - William Hums
Warden Capt. N. Eltzsttibbs
First Jailer - R. Liddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer - John Mcljiren
Senior Guard R, tnoe
Ciiiiicn ov England���Matin 11 a.m.; Even
Song. 7.1*0 pin. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st nnd 3rd Sundays in the inonih after
Matins; on 2nd and 41 h Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School al'.'..'III p.m. Rev. II. S. Akehurst. Rector.   Cor Ward nnd Silica streets.
Presbyterian Chuuoii���Servlcos at 11 a.m.
and 7.:m p.m. Sunday Scliool ut 2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 11.111.;
Christian Endeavor Socloty ineels every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. It. Frew,
Methodist   Cnonon-Corner  silica  and
Josephine Streets. Services at lla.ni. and 7,80
p. 111. ; Sabbath School, 2,30p.m.! Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworlh
League C. lv. Tuesday atSa. m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor.
Roman Catholic CHURCH���Mass at Nelson
every Sunday at Sand 10.30 a.m.; Hcnedictlon
nl 7.:'.0 I08 p.m.   Rev. Father Eerjand, Priest.
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
ovonlng at II a.m, and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in the school bouse. Strangers cordially welcomed.   Rev. G. R. Welch, Pastor.
SALVATION ARMY���Services every evening
at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria slrcet.
Adjutant Millner iu charge.
NKLSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. moots second Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brcthron Incited.
G. L. LENNOX, Socrotory. ���
I.  O.  0,   F.     Kooienay  Lodge
g N'o. Ill, meets every Monday night,
at  Iheir  'lull,  Kooienay struct.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially inviied.
WM. HODSON, Secretory.
...NELSON   LODGE  No. IU, K. of   P���
Vftnioets in Castle hall, McDonald tiloi*
jM.'vory  Tuesday  evening  at,  8 o'clock,
1AM visiting knights cordially invited,
.1. .1. Malone, cc.
(8201 Geo. Partridge, k. of it.ami s.
NELSON   LODGE,   I. O, O. T.      Meets in
Castle Hall, McDonald Hlock, every Monday
evening al, 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor
dially invited, John TELFORD,
Chief Templar.
J. E. Jacobsoti   Sec'y
SONS    OE     KNGLAND,   incctH
second and fourth Wednesday of
each iiionlh at It. of P. Hall, Mac-
���ft Jl)   Donald Hlock,   cor. Vernon   and
^^^�����2'    Josephine streets.   Visiting breth-
rn cordially invited. ERNEST KINO,
Chas. H. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTENAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 mcotM
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in the
K of P Hall. F \V Swanell, C. D, S. tt. R.; J It
Green, C.R.: J. Purkiss, Secy.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meets
every Thursday in tho I.O.O.F. hall. F W
Swanell, M.W.: W Hodson, Itec.-Soc; J. J.
Driscoll, Financior F, J Siiulre. Receiver and
P. M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1CD2 meets in tho Mc-
Donald block every Thursday evening nt 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invitod.
John Toye W.M.; F. J. Bradley, U.S. THE MINER, SATURDAY,   AUGUST 13,  1898.
Itrli-r    Jfeiilion    of   Happening*   In   die
DNI 1 let Itiiring I lie I'asl
Fi iv Hays.
Uev. Bathei' Ferland  left yesterday
evening fur a visit to Nakusp,
Morley Hoag of the Dominion Foto
company, has roturned froni Kaslo,
William Ogilvie, the Canadian coin-
MisiV'iiei', i.s en route lo (lie Yukon.
Miles Cotton, Horace Dagan, and
Charles  Mason  of  Kuskonofik nre ut*
the Queen's.
Five recent assays of ore Iiuin tlie
Tamarac mine near Ymir ure reported
to have yielded, $2(1, 840, SIC #10
and $12.
James Bannerman, of the Vancouver
Hardware company, left yesterday
evening for a business visit Lo Brooklyn mnl Trail.
Sir'Wilfrid Laurier has definitely
announced that the vole on the prohibition plebiscite will take place on
September 20.
A match game of baseball will be
played on Sunday afternoon at  Ymir
between the home team anil  the Brie
and Salmo chilis.
R. I<\ (liven, M, I'. P., and Police
Magistrate Lucas, of Kaslo, spent yesterday in the city anil participated in
the Masonic ceremonies.
II. W. Simpson anil .lames Macdonald, of the Mini of II. \V. Simpson
& Oo,contractors, lefl yesterday evening on a visit to their camps.
Wanted- Twenty good axemen at
Slocan Junction camp, to cleai  light
of wav   for   II-   W,   Simpson   &   l'o.
Apply to foreman at the camp.
I'. Burns of Calgary, wholesale meat
dealer of the Kootenay, returned last
evening fmm a visit, to the branch
store's throughout the country.
D. A. McBeath has purchased one
half interest in the Algonquin hotel at*
Hall siiling with Vv, A Doyle, and
intends running a first class house.
There will bo a picnic excursion to
Balfour on Friday, August 30, in coil-
iiection with the congregation and
Sunday school of St. Saviours   cliureh.
C. D. Porter, Spokane; S. ('. Wing,
Kaslo: 1(. Brydone-Jiick, Vancouver;
W. Burns, Balfour; H. ('. McArthur,
Toronto; W. Darlington, Kossland,
are registered at the Phair.
The dance held last nighl ul the
hotel Hume hall hy the cadet hand
was a verv successful affair, There
was a large crowd of ladies and gentlemen and a pleasant, evening was spent.
Tne offertory at the masonic ceremonies in laying lhe cornerstone of
St. Saviour's churfih, yesterday,
amounted to about $7,"), and was
donated to the building fund of the
new church.
The Nelson baseball club have met
with good success in their sale of
tickets for the excursion to Marcus on
Sunday. The success of the excursion
is now assured and (he train will be
run as previously announced.
H. K. Haultain, mining engineer, of
Hossland, left the city for home last
night. Work on the Juno group, which
he has heen superintending has been
temporarily suspended. The main
shaft on the properlv is now down
about 70 feet.
;t lot of
e (ream Freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of . .
���lumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
[Vancouver & Nelson, B.O.
In a circular issued to  stockholders, i
the London & B. C.  Gold  Fields com-1
pany states that it   has   about  00,000
Ions of ore in sight in the  Ymir mine
in Ymir camp.   This ore is estimated
to yield the owners a net profit of be-j
tween *."i and Jjifi.
Arrangements are being made feral
lilting celebratiou of labor day, which
falls on .Monday, Septembers, itis
likely there will bc a procession of the
different labor organizations of the
city and a picnic and games at the
recreation grounds.
There will be a game of cricket
played this afternoon on the recreation
grounds liy the Nelson cricket club.
It i.s earnestly hoped that there will be
it sufficient numbor of members present to make up two full elevens. Play
will begin af 2:30 p. in.
On Sunday next thero will he a
(lower   service   in    the     Presbyterian
church al li a. m.   Children are asked I
to bring bouquets of flowers whioh will
be  distributed  among the sick during
the   afternoon.   The  evening  service
will be a service of song.
Lost On Wednesday, a pocket book '-
containing 840 in money and a bank j
cheque for S27."i, drawn on lhe bank of \
British Columbia. A reward of $20 is
offered for recovery of same on being!
returned to David Fraser or Thomas!
.Madden, at the .Madden house
M. ('. Maclean, Macleod: Mr. and
Mrs. Miller, Montreal; Mrs lieer, !
Robson; s. ('. Gallagher, Brooklyn;
K. G. Chamberlain, Ottawa; D. M.
Hyman, Denver; G. Dixon, Toronto; I
D. S. Thomson, Montreal; George ('.
Hammond, arc registered at (he Hume.
Times are better in Ymir Ihan they
evci' weie before, Plenty of work
and not an idle man in town, and yet,
people say the town has been boomed
too iiiiiili. tf any man doubts this,
let. him come to this ollice and we will
gladly tell him where he can gel all
I he work he wants.    Miner.
The tunnel in the Princess mine,
near lhe Athabasca, is now completed
to a distance of 100 feet. The contractors failed to strike the lead and
work has heen suspended until a new
survey of the tunnel has been made,
when il. is expected that the lead will
be encountered within lo or 20 feet.
The cily scavengers, 0. E.Chase and
II. B. Holbrook were fined $20 mid
eosls each yesterday hy Police Magistrate   Crease, for   disturbing lh ' peace
by indulging in a fistic encounter,
resulting from an argument as to the
prices respectively charged for scavenger work.
The contract for publishing tl.e
Hossland souvenir has been awarded
lo Ihe Grip company of Toronto. H.
W G. Jackson who is in charge of (be.
publication of the work, will leave for
the eas! early next week to supervise
the Issuance of the book,
E. 0. Rmnsey, an employe at the
Butte Mills, near Sheep ereek station
at lhe international boundary, south
of Kossland committed suicide on
Thursday nighl by cutting his throat
in the hunk house at the mill. The
fatal aet wns the ending of a drunken
Henry Scton Karr, conservative
M, P. for St. Helen's, Kngland, whose
arrival in New York is mentioned in
today's despatches, is on his way to
British Columbia. He will first visit
some mining properties in Wyoming,
and then come on to Nelson and Kossland to look after his inining interests
in West Kootenay.
Thc Methodisl Sunday school picnic
yesterday to Balfour was largely attended both by adults and children,
The steamer left lhe wharf shortly
after 8 o'clock, and arrived at Balfour
at 0:30 a.m. A pleasant outing was enjoyed, and about 0:30 p.m. (he steamer
returned With the party who, although
tired, were unanimous in saying lhat
a pleasant day had heen spent,
Henry 10, Croasdaiie, general manager of the Hall .Mines, limited, Nelson, writing lo the Vancouver World,
iinder dale of August I, says: "I give
below tlm results of this company's
smelting operations for the four weeks
ending July 20, 1808: Twenty days
smelting, 8,946 tons of ore, yielded 108
tons of matte, containing approximately, 61 tons of copper, 01,S!)0 ozs.
of silver." No return, however, is
made of the gold.
Tbe ladies of tliu Catholic church
will hold a bazaar and sale of goods
towards the cud of September or early
in October, the dale of wliich has not
yet been lixed. A handsome gold watch
and chili n has been donated hy Jacob
Dover, which will bo voted on to
decide wliich of tlie three following
young ladies of the cily arc tho most*
popular and be the possessor of the
watch: Misses Agnes Oainphell.
Teresa Simpson and M. linger. Votes
nro ten cents each, the proceeds to go
to the building fund of tho now
Alfred Woodhouse, M, IO. of Hossland, has been Instrumental in closing
a deal whereby a 500 ton smelter may
he built at. Grand Porks in (he near
future. The new smeller is a London
syndicate. Kx-Mayor Manly has donated 1000 acres of land to the smelter
company. The smelter company has
also taken a 00 days option on the
water power up tho norlh fork. To
show good faith on thoir part tbo
smelter company has put up a guarantee of ��200 in cash that, it will carry
out its agreement.
Aug. 12.���At Boston���Boston 8,
Cleveland, 2.
At Now York-New York 4, Chicago II.
At Brooklyn���Brooklyn, li, Cincinnati 4.
At Philadelphia���St. Louis 2, Philadelphia u.
At Toronto���Toronto 4, Buffalo 5.
Where no consiJeriition  isnaincl in transfer*
the nominal sum of 81 is tol.e undorsieod.
Aug. 0
Citv of Campbell���John E. Uooson t.
Mallyuanl, ^.$100.
Frances���W. F. Brongbhiii lo George
Drf Muine.
l'-iul, IVineiss Fraction Robert
Diddie lo George Brine,
Hiillie C, Rosie E - Andrew Gaiviy to j
Geoige Hriiie.
E ini'isn, Gniiifrhxii���W. J. Thomson
und I) ,1  fletle to A. II. Clements. J��,
Sn tue���Same, to 0. K. Trvou mid John
I-OV.'. '.1.
Monarch,     Bealliec,    Echo,    Humes,
Moyea���S.    E.    Coulter    to    Thomas
Pl)iin, -,-.
Parrot, Ecla, Moieslio, Lexii glon���
William Crolt'iiu to Ed GoseellD.
W. J. Bryan - W. E Carlyle and Frtd j
W. Myers to Gee. H. Green, }A.
Kockford���W. E. Carlyle to George II.
Gierrj, '���-,.
Aug. 9���
Oregon -Richard Diamond to Samuel
Aug. 10-
Sophie- William F. Edaur to S. Des
Brisay, .',
Silver Shield -John T. Shield (o E. H.
Faulkner, $25.
Alpine���Dan     Hanlora    to    Joseph
Aug. 11-
Toronto, Champion, Vikiug, Maggie,
Keiio Fraction, Gold Hill���Option lo
purchase, II. R. Bellamy to J. Roderick
Iowa, Iron Chief��� C. J. Wilson to the
Hamilton nud Kossland Gold Mining Co,
Summit-John Lirablad it nl to John
A. Turner, ,-4', $1,000.
Summit- Samo to simie, .}, $'2,(XH).
Ainot   Clms Monroe lo Daniel Wilton,
option to [inrcliiiso, $30,000.
Aug. 12���
Lion, Sidney. Andy, Yellow Copper,
Gladys���A. IJ. Huldicl), XV. VV. Hnt-vo,
Chas. Monroe, to Daniel Wilson, option
to purchase, $10,000.
Wild Cat���J. 8. Phillips to Puul
Victoria���T. O. Skatbo to Frauk
The Legal Proceedings Aro  Not Over.
A Complicated Matter.
Tho Miner learns on unquestionable
authority that the mayor was mistaken when he announced that judgment had been rendered quashing the
proceedings against the above by-law.
Tho facts are these. A technical
error was discovered in the issue of the
order, and the judge declined to consider tho matter whilo the documents
were not in order, and the (piestion
was not dealt with on its merits at
all. The order has been re-issued and
a fresh service has boon made, and
the matter will conic up for hearing
in throe or four days. It is understood that tho debentures havo been
sold, and the purchase price of tho
plant paid ovor to tho Electric Light
company, so in the event of the by-law
being quashed thero appears to be
every prospect of a most disastrous
Tom Woods, William Edgar, and E.
Todd camo in from tho Big Horn group
on Sunday and brought in about 50
pounds of tine looking ore with them.
Tho Big Horn group consists of tho
Sophia, Green Horn, Buck Horn and
Big Horn claims, situate botwoon the
south fork of Porcupine and Hidden
creeks, about eight miles from Ymir.
By taking tho Victor trail pack horses
can bo taken clear through to the
group. Considerable work has been
done on all four of tho claims. This is
a gold and coppor proposition and assays as high as %V,',l in gold to the ton
has been got. from what would be
practically called surfaco showings.
Tho owners will tako in another lot of
supplies at onco and work will continue on this proporty. S. DesBrisay,
our wholesale merchant, is largely interested in this property. The Big
Horn group has a most wonderful
showing as a four foot ledgo can bo
traced through the entire four claims.
There aro also sovoral other good locations adjoining the Big Horn group,
and wo look for some good reports
from this section within the next fow
months. ���Ymir Miner.
Transfers of inining property have
boon rather active this weok, several
prominent local men making investments. John A. Turner has purchased a half interest in the Summit
claim for |8000. Daniel Wilson has
secured options to purchase on the
Arnot and ou the Lion Sidney and
Andy group for |80,000 and -$10,000 respectively. Frank Fletcher has also
acquired tho Victoria from T. Skatbo,
tho remuneration not being mentioned.
Restaurant   Outfit
First Class in everv
particular,   Apply.
box 51, Nelson, B, C.
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads,
Bill Heads, Envelopes,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in outline of business
ancl while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
Fair Price
We keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
Tfte Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhe   rtlMner
fl>t(j. 8. pub. Co.
To Eastern and Eutopean Points.
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To Rich and active Mining Districts   of Klondike ancl Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to  Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Hossland  and   Main   Line points
Kuoiriiiiy bike���Kaslo ltoutv.
Stb. Kokanee
Execpt Sunday. Except Sunday
i  p.m.���Loavoa���NELSON���ArrlvoB-U   a.m
Callingat way polls In both diroc tions.
liiHilriia.v Itlrrr Itoiilr.
Stb. Nelson.
Mon. Fri. Mon. F
7 a. in.-Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives���8.00 p. m
Tues. Wed. Tlmr8, Sat,
. a in���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives���10.30 p.m
Outward connection I'ilot Bay with Str. Ko-
kanee, but inward such connection made Mondays and Fridays onlv.
Str. calls way ports in both directions  who
Train*   to  nml   from   Klni-nii   City, S-iiiiIiiu
nud Uloouii   lake  Points.
(Sundays  Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Present
Reduced Rates East
nnd full information by addressing nearest
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat the partnership
heretofore existing between J. S. McClelliiiid
and H. I). Ashcroft. under thc llrm name of
Ashcroft & McClelland is this day dissolved
by mutual consent. J, S. McClelland retiring.
II. D. Ashcroft still continues the business ami
is liable for all indebtedness from Aug. 1. All
outstanding accounts must bepaid lo the llrm
of Ashcroft Si McClelland on or bofore Aug.
15. And all accounts against the llrm must be
presented by that date.
Nelson, 13. C, Aug. (ith, 18118.
j. s. McClelland
iflki'iiom: ��.<>. :ti.
Manufacrurers of
Ilalr.-iiiii  Hot Spring-,   Water Aerated nud
supplied to Hie Trnilr.
For One Cent a Word?
You can find a buyer for "Any
Old Thing" if you advertise.
('In'���sillnl AdvertiMriiit'iilH.
All advertisements in,   is column are   T
1 cent a word each insertion.   No ad-   T
1   vertisement taken for less thnn 25 conts.   i
���������������������������������������������������������f ������������     ������������
Old papers nt The  MINER otllce.   25 cents
per hundred.
A 5 roomed furnished cottage cor. Kooienay
and Observatory street.   Apply nt pieuiises.
FOUND.���A small key, National Cash Regis-
tor,   Apply "Miner" ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. XV. 3. Astley, Itobson street,
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Hox 180,
FOR SALE.���Lnrgo four oared boat,   with
Bail,   Fifteen dollars.   Write
Baker Street.
Cook (woman) for  small camp; $40.
Girls for Housework,
Cook wants situation.
Was the Corner Stone of St.
Saviour's Church
Most Worshipful  Grand Master D-
Wilson, Officers and Members of
Kelson Lodge A..F.&A. M
A special communication of the
grand lodge of British Oolunibin,
A. F. &. A. M., waa held in the Masonic hall at Nelson, yesterday afternoon, the most worshipful Bro. D.
Wilson of Victoria, grand muster,
presiding, The object of the meeting
was for the purpose of laying the the
corner stone of the new St. Saviour's
church now in course of election. The
ceremony was performed hy thu grand
master assisted liy tho officers and
members of the Nelson lodge nnd
visiting brethren from neighboring
lodges. The grand lodge convened
about 3:30, and shortly after -I o'clock
a procession wns formed on Baker
street to inarch to the church. The
order of the procession was as follows:
Tvler���Bro. Maltby.
Master Masons.
It. W. Bio, Bannerman, grand tvler.
W. Bro. McFai'land, grand pur.
Bro, Hodgins. grand superintendent
of works.
AV. Bro. G. L. Lennox, grand marshal.
W. Bro. H. Byers, grand director of
K. W. Bin. J. A. Raymer of Rossland lodge, grand treasurer.
Very Worshipful Bro. Dr. Quinlan,
grand secretary.
W. Bro. (ieo. Johnstone with lights,
accompanied by two stewards, W.
Bro. Pearcy and Bro. Ragless.
W. Bro. Yates,ind Bro. Frew, grand
W. Bros. Chipman and Green of
Kaslo, grand stewards, with  columns.
W. Bros. J. Hamilton and F.
Fletcher, grand senior and junior
K. W. Bro. John A. Turner, deputy
grand master.
It. W. Bro. N. T. McLeod, grand
standard hearer.
W. Bro. OrtVge of Revelstoke, and
Bro. Dunn, grand deacons.
Most Worshipful Bro. D. Wilson,
grand master, with Bros. Day and
Rosendale, grand sword hearers.
About 7."> members ef the craft were
present and the procession presented
a very creditable appearance. The
route from the lodge room was up
Baker street, thence up Ward street
to the church.
As the procession approached the
cliureh the choir, who were provided
with seats on the lloor, covering the
foundation, sang the church hymn,
"The church's foundation."
When the procession halted at, the
church the members uncovered and
the grand master and his officers
passed through the lines together with
the escort to the platform, where the
rest of the brethren surrounded the
platform, forming a hollow square.
The grand marshal then proclaimed
silence, after whieh the vicar of tho
church, Kev. II. Akehurst, addressed
the grand master, requesting him to
lay the corner stone of the new edifice
The grand master briefly replied,
accepting the work and expressing his
best wishes for the success of St.
Saviour's church and parish.
Thc grand chaplain then offered a
By command of the grand master,
the grand treasurer then deposited in
the cavity under the stone a casket
containing a copy of the daily Miner
of August 12; a copy of the weekly
Tribune of August (I; a copy of the
Economist of August 10; a short history of the parish nnd church of the
Sb. Saviour's; a list of the church
dignitaries of the province; vicar and
officers of the church; list of contributors lo the new church; copy of the
constitution of the grand lodge of
British Columbia and proceedings of
the grand lodge of 1898 and the circular convening this special communication; the bylaws of Nelson lodge,
and list, of officers, also the current
coins of Canada.
The most, worshipful grand master,
assisted by tbe acting grand lodge
ollicers, then proceeded to lay the
corner stone in due and ancient form.
The stone, which was a square block
of granite, hung on a derrick by ropes,
and at a signal from the grand master,
was lowered to position by three regular stops, the members of thc order
giving the grand honors. The superintendent of works then presented the
working tools to the grand master,
who handed the square to the deputy
grand master, the level to the grand
senior warden, and the. plumb to the
arantl junior warden. After the meaning and uses of the working tools had
been explained by the grand ollicers,
on command of tlie grand master the
corner stone was tested and was found
to be square, level and plumb, and the
craftsmen were reported to have faithfully performed their work. The grand
master then declared the stone to be
well formed, true and trusty, and correctly laid according fo thc rules of
free masonry.
The elements of consecration were
then presented. The deputy grand
master scattered on the stone a vessel
of corn as an emblem of plenty; the
grand senior warden p aired over the
stone a vessel of wine as an emblem
of joy and gladnes--', and the grand
junior warden poured out a vessel of
oil as an emblem of peace and consolation. As each ollice was performed
the brethren responded " So mote
it lie."
'I lie grand master then delivered the
following invocation: " May the all
bounteous Author of nature bless the
people of this place with an abund
ance of thu necessaries, conveniences
and comforts of life. May He assist
in the erection and completion of this
undertaking; protect the workmen
from accident.; long preserve the
structure from decay and ruin, an I
grant unto us and all men an abundant supply of the corn of nourishment,
the wine of refreshment and the oil of
joy." He then struck the stone three
times with, the gavel and delivered
over to architect G. D. Curtis the implements of masonic i rchit.ecture.
An anthem was now sung by the
choir, after which the grand master
addressed tlie audience explaining the
object of the order of Ancient, Free
and Accepted Free Masons, and the
reasons for such ceremonies as that
which he had just performed.
Kev. Mr. Akehurst replied on behalf
of the parish of SI. Saviour's thanking
the most worshipful grand master and
the ollicers of the grand lodge for laying the corner stone and expressing
his best wishes for the prosperity of
the noble order of free masonry.
After thc benediction by the grand
chaplain the procession was reformed
and marched back lo the lodge room,
where the communication oi the grand
lodge was closed.
At, 8 o'clock in the evening a special
meeting of Nelson lodge was held, at
which the grand master attended.
There was a large attendance of the
members of the craft.
After the usual business was transacted the brethren adjourned to the
refreshment room, where a reception
was tendered the grand master. Refreshments were served and a
pleasant, evening was spent,
usual loyal and masonic toasts
given and eloquently responded to.
The meeting adjourned about 12
o'clock, the members being well
pleased with the success of this, the
first public masonic function in Nelson
1898      PROVINCIAL      1898
nniler the direction of
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
T7vuiDiTinM Kirkpatrick b Wilson �� ��
P   A il    ul     IU IN are receiving Seasonable  Goods
for the best   trade   of  Nelson   in
the lines of
num r: i 10 t  ,   ���    GROCERIES, TEAS ���i COFFEE
OCT. 5 to 13 Inclusive ,p.     ,.' . , .
I he quality is the best and prices
! right.      As always, our stock of
New Westminster crockery and glassware
in eonjuction with the
Citizen6'Grand Yearfu Celebration is ful1 and bein^ added to as needed'
The Promium Liut Is tho Largest
ever olt'ereil Wesl of Toronto.
Sketch of  the Fatuous Statesman Canning's   Life.
George Canning horn April 11, 1770,
died August 8, 1S27. His mother being
widowed soon aftor marriage, took to
the stage and achieved no great success, and George owed his education to
his uncle, a wealthy London bunker.
He was sent to Eton and Oxford where,
he became better known as a scholar,
u wit and an orator. At 2)1 he entered
politics as a supporter of Pitt,who was
much in need of ablo associates. Canning had been a Whig at college and
for sonic time afterwards, and his joining Pitt was adversely criticized. But
tho bond of union was opposition to
tho French revolution, a question on
which the. Whig party itself had split.
Canning not only took Pitt's position
in parliament, but published thu anti-
Jociboin, a weekly paper, which vigorously opposed {novation in morals,
literature and politics. Iu 1807 Canning became secretary for foreign
affairs in a gloomy period of the history, when Napoleon seemed to be
supreme in Europe. It was Canning
who planned the seizure of thc Danish
fleet to prevent its joining the fleet of
France; it was he who encouraged
Spain in its resistence of Napoleon;
is was he who first recognized the
military genius of Wellington. In 1809
he fought a duel with Lord Castlo-
reagh, owing to a dispute over tho
disastrous Walcheren expedition. The
result was that both resigned office and
Canning took no very prominent part
in politics again until 1822. In tho
last five years of his life he became
famous as the opponent of the Holy
Alliance,and was everywhere regarded
as the champion of national and popular liberty. In home politics he advocated free trade and Catholic emancipation, but* was opposed to parliamentary reform.���Toronto Globe.
Pyro-SpecUcular bomb��rdmcnt ol  Santiago
Je Cuba and Blowing up of the 'Tlalne."
i Followed by an up-to-date l-'ire Work* 1 ll��play,
which hns heen specially Bocured for Four
Nights nt an enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle fleet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Dog Show.  Open to the World.
The Finest Bands in the Province
will provide Music.
Special rates over all Railway anil
Steamboat Lines.
No entrance fees charged for Ex-
Premium Lists, Entry Forms, and
full information on application to
Chairman Col, Com, Secy. Tel. Com.
Pres. R. A. & I. Poo.      Secy. 11. A. & 1. Soe.
Exhibition Commissioner.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
nnd Dyed hy llie New PROCESS nt
Reasonable Prices.
STEVENS,   Thk  Tailor.     ���^-^
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Photographic Suppfies
Thomson Stationery Co.
St. Johns, Nfld., Aug. 12.��� It was
announced today that Lieutenant-Governor MaoGallum governor of
Lagos, West Africa, will succeed Sir
Herbert Murray as governor of Newfoundland. The government, it is believed, j acted so promptly because of
conditions created by the petition now
circulating hern for the retention of
Sir Herbert Murray in the governorship,
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. .  .
Itrnki'ii lllll  Itloek
Kuker st.
Spokane  Falls 6l
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without change
J of cars between Nelson and Eossland and
j Spokane and Rossland.
(Daily Exoept Sunday)
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"    12:05 "   ROSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8-30 a-m. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 n.m.
makes close connections ut Spokane for
all Pacific Const Points.
Passengers for Kettle River tind Boundary Creek, connect at Marcus with Stage
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and sec   us.
Steamship Lines
From Montreal or Quebec
Boavor Line���Lako Huron Aug. 3
Beaver Lino���Lake Superior Aug. 10
Dominion Line���Vancouver Auk.   0
Dominion Line���Scotsman Auk. 13
Allan Line���Callfornian July 28
Allan Line���Numidian Auk-   1
From New York
White Star Line���Teutonic Auk.  3
White Star Lino���Britannic Auk- 10
Cunard Line���Lucania Auk-  ���'
Cuninl Line���Ktruria Auk. 18
Allan State Lino���State of Nebraska.     Auk. 2((
Allan State Line���Mongolian Auk- 18
Anchur Line���Kurnessia Aug. '20
Anchor Line���Anchoiln Auk- 18
Cabin, $*lo.oo, J50, nu, till ?80 nml upwards,
Intermediate, 181.00and upwards
Steerage $22.50 and up* arils,
FasHotiKerH ticketed through to all poinls In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of the Kuropeiin ennli lent.
Prepaid passages arranged from all pointi .
Apply  to  GEO.  S. BEER,   I'.P.lt.  'I eke.
Agent. Nelson, or to,     WILLIAM STIT'I
584)   General Agent, C.P.K. Odious. Winnipeg.
Notice is hereby irivcn tlmt sixty (601 days
aftei date I intend to apply to lhe G'liel Commissioner of Land and Works for permission to
purchase three hundred and twenty (320) acres
unreserve crown land, more or less:
Commencing at a stake marked "B. W.'s N,
E. north-east corner", thenco eighty (X0) chains
south: thence forty (Vt) chnins west; thence
eighty (80) chains north; ihenco forty (40)
chains east to point of commenceinentisituated
near the head of Kokanee Creek about ten
miles from Kooteray Lake, Nelson Mining
Division, West Kootenny District.
Dated this 2nd August 1898.
Nelson, B. C, Aug. 2,18U8.
for Nobbiest and best and Save KASH.
Are Saving Money every day
on tlieir Hardware Hills by
allowing us to figure witb I bent.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
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Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Hstate and General Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
FOR SALE  _��������W\-wa
Corner Lul mi Vernon St., wilh Building. 12 Lots in Blook
44F���Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine ana Robson,
FOR RENT ^����������
2 I.nt-s nml Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica St,, near Oedur St.,
$20 per month.   House mnl 2 Lots, Houston St,  $15 month.
Call and sec onr full list of property for sale in   "Hume"
ancl "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NKLSON,  B.C.
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business!
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer    j ,;
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses to Rent at $8, $14 and $15.   furnished House $35.
FOR SALE���A 2 lot corner Ward Streot, 8300.   2 lots, garden and fenced
Victoria Street, $000.   7 roomed  house Silica street, $2800.
A new House, lirst story stone, 2ml rough east, 7 rooms, Electl'lo Lights, Batlj
hot ami cold water.   Finished in Ursl* elass manner, ready about  ��
10th August.   Three minutes from post offlco.   Prices
quoted at my office,
Typewriting and Stenography Work Done.
Agency B. C. Acetylene tins Machine Company.
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
whose curative qualities are known all over Canada Many Mineral Waters col
tain valuable mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, having t|
same medical value, make such a line palatable beverage wheu bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B.


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