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The Miner Oct 27, 1898

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 Daily Edition No   146.
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday Morning, October 27, 1898.
Ninth Year
Is impressed upon every pair of Shoes we offer the
puhlie. In the flrst place we aim to huy only reliable footweur of reliable manufacturers, who are
prepared to stand by their goods with their guarantee, which we in turn give with every pair of
shoes we sell you. It is a safe way to do business
���safe for us, safe for you, and the stamp of durability protects us both, we in our reputation as
reliable shoe dealers, you in the amount of wear
and durability secured through your investment
in Footwear at our store.   A call will convince you
<*&   LILLIE BROS.   $0
France Could Make no Stand
Against England-
Trance MuBt Beat a Retreat From Fa'hoda.
The Irreparable Blunibar the Be-
publio Hae Made-
Paris, Oot. 26.���M. Paul De Cassag-
nac in a remarkable article on the
Fashoda question in the Antorite
writes: '' How conld we make a stand
against England in case of war? She
possesses means of gripping us every
where in onr colonies and in onr naval
cities along our open coasts, whereas,
wo cannot lay onr hands on her anywhere. She could make short work
of onr fleet. War with England wonld
pnt ns in the position of Spain towards
America. We should fight heroically,
but we should be beuwni. * (j.ie*-t*i-
miral Oervera is already to thl front.
It is admiral Fourneir, who enjoys
the blind confidence of tho repnblioan
government. It is not. alas, Santiago
that we should lack. Later on we
should have to pay the hill with Algeria or Indo China.
"Therefore, it is materially nnd
morally, forbidden to think of war.
This would be madness, blindness.
Nobody goes to oertaiu disaster with
his eyes open. Thero still remains
the other alternative, to beat a retreat
and we shall not escape it. It is not
the evacuation of Fnshoda that constitutes our low, the republic having
already committed the irreparable
blunder of coldly abandoning Egypt
to England. It ill becomes her today
to quibble about this or that portion
of the Nile valley which in reality
would be useless to us.
Paris. Oct. 26.���General Lord Herbert Kitchener, commander of the Anglo-Egyptian forces in the Soudan,
and Captain Baratier, the French officer, who brings Major Marchand's
despatches from Fashoda, arrived
hero at 10 o'clock this evening. Gen-
eral|Kitchener left the railway station
unnoticed. Capt. Baratier received an
ovation from hundreds of members of
the���patriotic league and others. M.
Marchell Herbert, a member of the
chamber of deputies, on behalf of the
partiotio league, presented Captain Baratier with a gold medal. The friendly
demonstrations continued until Capt.
Baratier reached his residence. There
was no further iucident.
Paris, Oct. 26.���The  Soir  hears  in
diplomatic circles that France is  prepared to evacuate Fashoda,   with  the
reservation that she shall receive somo
1 compensation,   to  be  arranged bere-
, after.   This result,   says  the Soir,   is
tho outcome of a  new   argument  ad-
I faiiced by Lord Salisbury, to the effect
1 that as the dispatch  of   the Marchand
I minion was not notified to Great Brit-
I niu in accordance with  custom, Great
I Britain's is entitled to dispute the majors right to hold the   territory   occupied.    "As the Quay d'Onay is  thus
placed in a false position through  the
fault of M. Hanotaux, the predecessor
of M. Delcasse, tho latter is forced to
recognize  the justice  of  the British
I objection.''
I Many Prominent Men Speak on the
Fashoda Affair.
London, Oct. 20.��� This evening has
|witnessed a great outpouring of ora-
itory on the Fashoda question.
I Speeches were made at various places
Iby the Hon. Charles T. Ritchie, president of the board of trade. Sir John
IGorst, vice president of the committee
lof council and conservative member
���of parliament for Cambridge Univer-
Isity, Mr. George Wyndhain, under
laecretary of  state  for war; Lord Ed
mund Fitzmaurice, nnd Mr. Alfred
Lyttleton, liberal member of parliament for Leamington. All recognized
the gravity of the situation but declared that even at the risk of war it
was impossible for Lord Salisbury to
recede from his position.
Lord Salisbury held the usual foreign office reception this afternoon
French Ambassador Baron de Courcel,
wns conspicuously absent. It resulted,
therefore, that whatever proposals
he bears from Paris were communicated yesterday to Sir Thomas Anderson, permanent under secretary of
state for foreign affairs.
A report was in circulation in the
oity this evening that the Rothchilds
had been informed that Franco had
afned to evacuate Fashoda, but the
foreign office has no information on
this subject. The activity in naval
preparations continues on both sides
of the channel.
London. Oct. 26. ���The keen desire to
hear the views of the liberal leader
in the House of Commons, Sir William Harcourt, on the Fashoda question was satisfied this evening by his
speech at Aberystwith, Wales. Sir
William Harcourt said it was the urgent duty of everyone, without regard to political differences, to support the government in maintaining
tho rights of the empire in tho present
crisis, n crisis "specially dangerous,
owing to the unexampled situation
in France."
Montroal, Oot. aO.-pThe French
CaaaiiCn papers arc f-r'iA-r '���riticisiug
England over its courso in Egypt.
La Patria, the government organ,
states that though they were loyal
snbjeots of the empire, they were
Frenchmen also.
La Minerva says: "Tho English
do not admit either discussion or arbitration. They simply ordered the recall
of Marchand, nud if this demand is
not complied with they are ready to
make war. This reminds one of
the procedure of the United States
against Spain. Right is nothing to
the Anglo-Saxon from the moment
he is certain he is the stronger.''
London, Oct. 27.���The Cairo correspondent of the Daily Mail telegraphs
a curious report that Major Marchand
has been requested to withdraw from
Fashoda by the way he reached it.
They Thank the TJ- S For Assistance and
Wish the Americans to Withdraw
as Soon aB Possible
Santiago de Cuba, Oct. 26. ���Major
Pettit, in command of the United
States troops at Manzanillo, and military governor of the ci ty, telegraphed
today that the Cuban General Rios
offers 2000 armed men to assist Americans in preserving order, merely asking rations in return. General Wood
sent the following reply: "Certainly
not. The only conditions on which
rations are to be given are the complete disarmoment nnd disbandment of
the Cubans."
The Cuban General Maya Rodrigues
virtually voices the sentiment of the
Cuban army when ho said: '' We
thank tho U. S. for the assistance it
has given us, but the time has now arrived when Cubans should be placed
in the highest office; and should prepare
to take over the island on the departure of the Spanish.''
Cuban extremists here are jubilant
at the reported attitude of the Cubau
assembly at Santa Cruz del Sur, where
the delegates, while expressing their
gratitude to the Americans, practically
demand a distinctive Cuban goveru-
emnt. The Cuban moderates, on the
other hand, regret this stand, thinking
it best for the United States anthori-
ties to continue in charge of affairs
for a year at least, so as to get things
going and to prevent any complications with foreign governments. The
foreign consuls are considering the advisability of appealing to the powers to
prevent a too hasty recognition of the
Cuban government.
But There is Suppressed Excitement on All Sides.
President Faure is Taking Things Easily
And is Looking Around For Material For His Cabinet.
Paris Oct. 26. ���Although there is evidence of suppressed excitement on all
sides here, there has been no disturbance of public order up to the present
time. The police and municipal
guards are out iu strong force and they
will not permit the crowds to assume
dangerous strength, but the situation
was eagerly discussed by excited
groups in the streets.
President Faure this morning received in audience Senntor Lou bolt, president of the chnmber of deputies. It is
the intention of M. Faure to form a
cabinet as rapidly as possible, and the
names of M. Ribot, and de Freycinet
are the most prominently mentioned
in Qpnnoction with the premiership.
During the afternoon M. Faure consulted with M. Leygues, vice president of the chamber of deputies, who
advised the president of the republic
to form a concentration cabinet and to
include among its members M. Ribot,
and Dupuys as the principal ministers.
In the lobbies of the chamber of deputies today the deputies of all shades of
opinion expressed the conviction that
M. Delcasse should remain at the head
of the foreign office, in order to assure
the continuity of the Fashoda negotiations.
General Chanoine is the fifth minister ot tx** who has 3#��lnr*��l hiuoeeJf
absolutely convinced of the guilt of
Dreyfus and the third who has resigned ou that account. Yesterday
was the first time General Chanoine
ever sat on the ministerial bench and
his colleagues' knowing that he was
unaccustomed to the tricks of oratorical effects such as M. Deroulede indulged
in, tried vainly to prevent him ascending the tribune. He spoke briefly,
with painful incoherence, and then
literally bolted from the chamber. A
^wpmnn who was leaving the gallery
after the adjournment on being asked
by a deputy how she enjoyed it all,
replied "Immensely. Wasn't it delic-
ous. So much better than the comedie
"Yes" replied the deputy, "and this
is only the beginning.''
Paris, Oct. 26.���A feeling distinctly
peaceful regarding the Fashoda affair
prevails in Paris this evening. President Faure is taking the crisis quietly
aud the belief is stronger tban it was
yesterday that M. Brisson fell because
he wished to fall. It is now rnraored
that General Chanoine resigned the
war office portfolio out of pique at the
refusal of the general state committee
to give bim command of an army
corps. Extraordinary police precautions have been ordered against possible disturbances at the court of cassation tomorrow, when the Dreyfus revision appeal will be heard.
London, Oct. 26.���William Waldorf
Astor writes to the Times denying
the story that he recently won a bet
by giving a dinner to 27 guests seated
around a table cut from a section of a
red wood tree. He says that the section of a tree placed in the grounds of
Clevedon was placed there as an object
of curiosity and was never intended J;o
be used ns a dining table. No bet was
ever made as to the seating capaoity of
the section. Tho whole story wns a deliberate false accusation. He has entered proceedings against tho paper
which published tlie story. Tho account of tho alleged dinner appeared
in the Dailv Mail.
A Resolution Calliug For a Restrictive
Law in the  English Provinces.
Peterboro, Out. Oct, 26��� The following resolution will come np this afternoon for consideration at the Ontario Sabbath School association convention. This convention composed
of Sabbath school workers of all denomination throughout Ontario,
while kuownig that the province of
Quebec gave a very large majority
against prohibition and cried loudly
that she should not be coerced into accepting prohibition, urges upop the
Dominion government that the several provinces that havo a much larger
vote" for prohibition shall not  be   co
erced into continuance of legielatory
sanction of the traffic and hereby demands that the government shall place
on the statute books a law prohibiting
the manufacture, importation, or sale
of intoxicating liquors. Several members of the association have, however,
given notice of their intention to oppose it.
The   Politioal   Situation   at    Madrid
May Delay Proceedings.
Paris, Oct. 26.���The meeting of the
commissioners lasted an hour and fivo
minutes and was adjourned until tomorrow. Both the Spanish and American commissioners were more reticent
after this session than ever before.
The Americans fully appreciate not
only their own serious responsibility,
but also the delicate position of their
Spanish colleagues, to the burden ot
whoso duties here is now added the
critical polictical situation at Madrid,
which may compel the president, of
teh Spanish peace commission, Senor
Montero Rios, who is also president
of the Spanish senate, to leave   Paris.
The Madrid correspondent of the
Temps adds: The result is that an
open crisis seems to have been avoided
until conclusion of the treaty of peace.
In any case this has done away with
tho necessity for an ad interim government which was lately suggested as
likely to be the only solution of pres
ent difficulties.
The   C.   P.   R.   To  Get   Its Share of
Traffic From U. S. Lines.
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 26.���D. Mc-
Nicol, of Montreal, passenger trafflo
manager, and E. V. Skinner, general
eastern passenger agent of the Canadian Pacific railway, arrived in Buff-
falo this morning eu route to the
'' What effect, in your opinion, will the
decision of the joint traffic association
case have?" was asked of Mr. McNi-
"It means that another association
or agreement must be formed by the
lines interested which will be legal.
The joint trafflo association was organized principally to assist in the
maintenance of rates and in other
matters arising of that character."
"Is there any possibility of Ontario
local rates being restored?"
"Yes, just as soon as the ofranrt
Trunk and its western connections
confine themselves strictly to tariff
rates. The North Bay agreement has
nothing to do with keeping the Canadian Pacific and Grand Trunk ronds
apart. It was simply a question of accepting terms which wero not agreeable to us that we cancelled our contract to use the North Bay line. You
see, the Canadian Pacific has boen laboring under n boycot on the part of
the American roads. This boycot
was instituted to prevent us from getting any immigration traffic but it
has been raised and I- am now on my
way to Chicago to confer with American lines representatives. Things
will-shape themselves eventually and
we will all live to enjoy the blessings
of restored rates.''
The News of the Day Gathered From All
Parts of the World and Here Presented in Condensed Form.
At Erskine church, Montreal,yesterday was celebrated the wedding of
Arch. Hodgson, son of Jonathan Hodgson, a prominent Montrealer and
Mary Fisher Mclntyre, daughter of
the late Duncan Mclntyre, the well
known Canadian millionaire. The
wedding was a very fashionable affair,
the ceremony being conducted by the
Rev. Dr. Barclay.
.ff despatch from London says the
committeo chosen to reorganize the
7th fusileers of London have selected
Major A. Smith to succeed Lieutenant
Colonel Lindsay as commander of tho
battalion subject, of courso. to the
approval   of   the  authorities.
Miss Ida Smith, of Merriton, tho
school teacher whoso presence of mind
saved many children's lives during the
recent cyclone has been granted a
mednl by tho Royal Canadian Humane
Frank Hardman of Peterboro.
charged with being one of tlio assailants of R. S. Perry nt Tweed,Ont., on
Saturday last, was yesterday committed for trial. Perry identified him
as the man he was struggling with
when the otber man shot* him. Perry's
wound is doing well, tho dangerous
symptoms having disappeared.
Racine, Wis. Oct. 26.���The tug Dixon and life saving crew rescued Horace
Acres and crew of six men from the
barge D. L. Filer this afternoon.
The men had been clinging to the riggings for 24 hours and wero half dead
from exposure. The ship was abandoned. She wns one of a tow of barges
bound for Chicago and broke away
from the steamer Pnllio off Port Washington lust evening.
He   Oan Transmit   Power
Without   Wires.
he Distinguished Electrician Says That He
Oan Transmit Power Through the
Air to Any Distanoe.
New York, Oct. 26.���S. Nikola Tes-
la, the electrician, describes in today's
issue of the Electrical Review a possibility in electric power transmission.
His inventions for transmitting elec-
trioity at high pressure over long distances have been successfully applied
at many natural sources of power..
Probably the most important of these
plants in the United States, is at Niagara Falls, which supplies electricity to many largo factories and supplies electric power for running the
trolley lines of the city of Buffalo, 26
miles distant. Tho announcement is
now made that by omploying apparatus
which he had invented capable of generating electricity pressures vastly in
excess of any heretofore used and lo-
oated at the natural sources Of power,
the current can be conducted to a terminal maintained at an elevation
where the rarefied atmosphere is capable of conducting freely the particular current producod; then at a distant, whero the energy is to be used
commercially to maintain a second terminal at about, the same elevation to
attract and receive the current ai d to
convey it to tho earth, through special
means for transforming and utilizing
it. With the article an illustration
is prezcateil si kjv ;������.;;������ .-itrKwiia uf
electricity issuing from a single terminal, giving electrical pressure of
two and a half million volts.
The Electrical Review comments on
Mr. Tesla's novel idea, as follows:
"Tesla now proposes to transmit without the use of wires through the natural medium, tbe earth and air, greater
amounts of power to distances of thousands of miles. This will appear a
dream, a tale from the Arabian Nights
but the extraordinary discoveries Tesla
has made during a number of years of
incessant labor, makes it evident that
his work in this field has passed a
stage of laboratory experiment and is
ready for a practical test on an industrial plan. The.success of his efforts
means that power from such sources as
Niagara will become available in any
part of the world, regardless of distance."
Vianna, Oct. 26.���Tbe excitement
caused hy the prespeots of an outbreak
of bubonic or black plague here has
subsided, aud thanks to onergetic
measures, the danger is greatly diminished. Tho condition of the nurso,
Pechav, who was attacked with Dr.
Muller, who succumbed to tho disease on Sunday, is somewhat worse,
but there are no new cases and it is
thought there will be none, since tho
period for tho incubation of the bacilli is past. Dr. Northnaglo has taken
the initiative in havingj a monumeut
erected tc Dr. Muller as a   hero of sci-
A   $50,000   LOSS.
Bristol, Vermont, Oct. 26.���A firo
broke out in tho grocery store of Ira
Stuart, in the Union block horo today,
and destroyed the entire block mid
tho adjoining postoffice block. Tho
total loss is estimated  at $50,000
Salonica, European Turkey, Oct.
26.���Terrific Htorms havo swept over
Macedonia, doing nn enormous amount
of damage and causing considerable
loss of life. In one instance, a caravan consisting of 47 persons and 100
horses were engulfed in the river Calico and all were drowned.
Loudon, Oct. 27���The Capetown correspondent of tho Times says: "Cecil
Rhodos, addressing a meeting hero
yesterday, Wednesday, said that Great
Britain owed to Lord Salisbury hor
retention of Egypt and the occupation
of Uganda. "
Mctrorolnglcal Report.
Mux. Min.
Sunday, Oct, 2.1  51} 31
Monday,   "   24  4(1 30!
Tuesday,   "   2i 16 37
Wednesday,"   25  47 37
Barometer, Oct. 2  27.70
Rainfall,      "      " ei inch
mrsmiiti ,*..
-. BMiiiap iiniinr    f1n-^^*-^^--^g����*���*^^^-^r-~--'���ggg ,..��� .������������������,
Ulte JHtner.
Published Daily except Sunday.
Thk Minsr Printing  & Publishing Co.,
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accompanied by the name and addross
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
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I in ii r i   change.
In order to secure satisfactory city
government it is necessary for the
citizens to take au interest in municipal affairs aud to use their influence
to secure the very best results. There
is need of reform in the administration of affairs in this city, aud there
nre strong reasons why the citizens
should at once set about the work.
The business of the city should be
conducted on business principles and
at present that is far from boing Ihe
case. The men in control of affairs
act as if they were in no way responsible to the ratepayers and that they
art in office to carry on public business not to meet public requirements,
but merely to suit their own ideas and
to serve their own ends. There are two
men in the council who have tried to
assert their independence of coercive
control, but they have been unable to
carry out their views as to what the
administration should be, an opposing
majority that has no regard whatever
for public opinion, being too much
for them.
The electrio light scandal is enough
to convince the citizens that their
affairs are in bad and untrustworthy
hands. The mayor of tho oity is interested in the electric light company
and he was the chief instrument in
forcing through tho council the sale
to the oity of tho company's effects at
a price far in etcess of what* any sane
man would offer for tho property. And
notwithstanding that the courts sot
aside the by-law and vitiated the sale
on the grounds of the mayor's illegal
position in tho affair, he continues his
connection with the company and has
carried through the council a resolution to appeal the case. This questionable conduct ou tho part of a mayor
would not be .tolerated in any well
organized community for a day and it
has become intolerable in this city.
A mau of honor who iu auy way valued publio respect would not occupy
this position. He would either resign
from the mayoralty or sever his connection wich the company, upon his
connection with which Justice Walkem
based his quashing of the electric light
by law.
The people of Nelson have endured
for some years the very objectionable
municipal government thrust upon
them, in the hope that time would
work a remedy and afford them relief,
but it is plain that their forbearance
has beeu mistaken for weakness aud
that this objectionable government
will continue indefinitely unless they
rouse themselves to action. The city
is attracting attention from all quarters as the most important placo in
Southern British Columbia and business of all kinds will find its way hoie
iu tho near futuro. It will not do to
have it go abroad that tho govcrunient
of tho city is not in safe hands, and
tho sooner the change is mado the
better. Tho credit of this city cannot
be hazarded that slip-shod methods of
management may prevail.
Every citizen of Nelson should, there-'
fore, bbo thnt his name is on tho "ot-
ers' list and that all of his rates, particularly the road tax, are paid. He
will then be iu a position to assert
himself at the polls and leud a hand in
electing a mayor aud couucil that will
be creditable to the city.
personal mention. i^mmmmnfmitmfmiTfmm^fmmmmmwmmnFmm^
Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
21       Four Roomed House on Observatory St.    $15 per month.        ZZ5
J^; Eight roomed furnished house, Observatory St. ^
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 5
% and Savings Co. %
^   advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and    3
���^ 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
Toronto, Oct. 20.��� Tho Globe has an
editorial article on the Kottle River
railway. It points out that an application for a charter will again be luade
at the approaching session and urges
various reasons why it should be
granted, even though it may be
prompted by the Great Northern railway,
R; W. Brock of the geological survey of Canada is at the Phair.
R. McGuire, manager of the Moley
Gibson mine, is at the Hume.
J. L. Parker, leaves   on this   morn-   j
ing's train for Ymir on   mining busi- j j
uess. ��
G. C. Hinton, of  Geo. C. Hinton &   <
Co., Victoria, left for home on yesterday evening's train.
Miss Bodell. who has been paying a
visit to her sister, Mr. D. McParland,
left last night for Rossland.
J. D. Sword of Rossland, representing the Ingersoil-Sergeant (Drill oompany, is staying at the Phair.
H. E. T. Haultain, manager of the
Yellowstone mine near Salmo, leaves
Nelson this morning for the mine.
Mr. Hearn, manager of the Imperial Bank at Revelstoke, arrived at the
Phair last night accompanied by Mrs.
Mrs. Laugford, who has been paying a visit to her sister Mrs. Peters,
loft yesterday evening for her home in
The meeting of the hockey club will
bo held this evening at the Hume
hotel. All hockey players aro requested
to attend.
Mrs. Peters left last night on a visit
to the east, and will probably be away
about two montns. Mr. Peters accompanies her as far as Revelstoke.
W. M. Doull, of Montreal, director
of the West Kootenay Power & Light
compauy, and L. A. Campbell, manager, put up at the Phair last night.
Amoug those who made extensive
purchases at the Roman Catholic Bazaar last night was H. Byers, who invested in a laundry bag and a nightshirt.
H. E. Croasdaiie, general mauager
of the Hall Mines accompanied by
Mrs. Croasdaiie left on yesterday
evening's train for a trip to the old
Amoug those registered at the
Hume are Colin Maclennan, Montreal ; A. W. Lucas Kaslo; C. Vf. McArthur, Ymir; J. A. Kirke, Rossland;
W. O. Dutton, Spokane, and J. A.
Wright, Montreal.
Tho Scotchmen of Nelson intend
to get up n diuner on St. Andrew's
niirlit, November 81. A meeting, the
place aud date of which will be previously announced iu The Miner, will be
held in the near future to make the
necessary  nrraugements.
Among those registered at the
Queen's are D. McMillan, Sandon ; S.
Russ, Portland; J. Forrest, Rossland;
C. P. Weehmann, Slocan City; J.
Dickson, Park Siding; W. H. Shaw,
Brooklyn, and J. Sawyer,   Pilot Bay.
J. S. C. Fraser, manager of the
Roasland branch Of the Bank of Montreal, who has beeu uuder treatment
for the past few weeks at the Halcyon Hot Springs for rheumatic fever
is recovering rapidly and expects in a
few days to be able to resume his duties.
Among those registered at the Phair
are J. M. Anderson Kaslo; J. F. Stevens and L. Mansfield, St. Paul; Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Sutherland, Winnipeg;
A. Henderson and Howard Chapman,
Victoria; H. A. Jackson aud G. H.
Williams, Snokaue; W. N. Ryer, Denver, Col. CM. Kettle, C. N. P. railway; R. J. Thompson, Kuskonook; J.
T. Beatty, Winnipeg; H. A. Edgett,
Vancouver, and T. J. Schofield, Vancouver.
Don't Let the Moss Grow on Your Feet
Keep Abreast of the Times, That's Our Motto.
Next week you will find us in our new quarters, just one door east of the
old premises, where we will lie in a better position than ever to cater to and
supply the wants of our many customers, both in the line of close prices and
prompt attention.
We have been neglecting some of our customers during the past week, having had two carloads of goods lying at the station awaiting the completion of
our new premises before unloading, thereby causing a little delay on the part
of filling orders. However, we are pleased to say that the goods are all in our
warehouse now and next week we will have them on our shelves, disposable
at the same low prices as have always prevailed here and brought our name so
prominently before the careful buyer.
To the Private Families
We would say that our stock will bc the finest and most complete in B. C. in the line of Fancy Groceries, Biscuits, Bottled
and Canned Goods.
To Close Buying Mining Camps ���
We would say that our stock is larger than ever in our line.
See our warerooms. A glance over this department will convince you that we are your money saver. Our prices are so
that we defy competition where full weight and honest measure
is considered.    Call and get acquainted with us anyhow.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring- and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doorer* Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C. P. R. STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
Fred   Irvine   &   Co.,   to Hold  Their
Grand Opening Sale.
Attention is drawn to the advertisement of Fred Irvine & Co., which
appears in this issue. This old established firm has recently enlarged and
refitted their premises and have now
one of the most complete dry goods establishments in the interior of British
Columbia. Viewed from the outside
the large plate glass front, tastefully
dressed gives the passerby an impression of a large city dry goods establishment.
The interior is entirely in keepin g
with the outside. The immense stock
of goods carried by the firm is tastefully arranged and a large staff of
clorks, are always ready to courteously
attend to the wants of their customers.
The storo is lighted by threo *gro
lights, by which the goods are displayed to best advantage.
Commencing with toduy the firm
will have a grand opening] sale of dry
goods, gents' furnishings boots aud
shoes, etc., which will continue until
Saturday evoning.
Special bargains are offered in overy
department, details, of which are
given in their advertisement.
A new feature has boen added to the
firm's line of goods by fhe nddition of
n full range <St Buttrick's fashion patterns, the want of which has for
a long time been felt in Nelson. These
patterns will be ready about November
1, and due uotico of their arrival will
be given in this paper. Customers
wishing samples by mail will receive
the same promptly on application by
post* card to the firm. Customers calling during the opening days will receive a coupon entitling them to cake,
sandwiches and coffee at the Catholic
bazaar free of charge.
William Trevor, a restuarant keeper
at Trail.has filed au application for divorce from his wife Lillie Trevor.
James Reith a prominent Trail grocery
merchant, is mentioned in the application as co-respondent. Besides asking for divorce Mr. Trevor has also
brought action against Reith for f 10,
000 damages.
Stewart's Heaters
A carload of Coal Heaters direct from
the Factory  arrived  on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and LoWBBt Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
p. burns & co.
Wholesale aod Retail Meat Merchants
t��yz> ������������������������-s-^e
Branch Mai'kets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Aberdeen Block i
Three Offices en suite large,   t
well   lighted,    facing    Baker
Two Single Offices.
Victoria   Block
Three Offices, en suite.
One Office.
Two   stores,    facing   Josephine St.    Apply to
3   Room 1 Victoria Block.
(AIMM.  MFIMK., H Min. Aasoo. Cornwall.)
Opposite Pliulr Hotel,
P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile nnd Gorman
South Africa. Assays and analysis of oros.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
For   New   Goods, Gloves,
Laces, Silks, Drapes, Corsets call on
Mrs. McLaughlin,
Valuable Baler Street and  other excellent property for 3ale.
Office Turner-Koerhh llloi-h. Nrlmin. It. C.
Until further notice no passengers  will  be
oarriod over tho lino of the CrowV Nest  Pas.
railway between KuRkonook and Cranbrook.
Corner Ward and silica SI*.
Brewers of Fine La^er
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and seo   us.
B. C.
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food I
for Infants is large, well assorted j
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look   at   our   line   of   Infant's |
Combs, Brushes,   Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc.    You will be pleased |
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Co. THE MINER, THURSDAY, OCTOBER iy, ig98i
arafrrr r-r-r.-
I Condensed News of the Happenings of the
Week In and Around Our Busy
Oity and Kootenay.
The fire brigade turned out last
[night for a practice.
During the absence of Dr. G. A. B.
[Hull from the city on a shootinpholi-
Iday in the mountains. Dr. Arthur
|is attending to his practice.
The benefit concert in   aid  of   John
|Wedlock, who   lost his   eyesight in  a
recent accident at the Hall Mines, will
be held at the Skating rink  tomorrow
Owing to a typographical error in
[the last issue of thiB paner, the average
value of the oro of the Arlington mine
uear Erie, was stated to be $7 per
fon instead of $70.
There were no oases before the police court yesterday afternoon, anil Police Magistrate Creaso who was iu at-
lendanoe was relieved from imposing
fho customary $5 and costs.
A most successful  praotice was held
j'esterday   afternoon   by    tho  Nelson
football    players.    Another    praotice
rill be held this afternoon,   at  which
Jil players are requested to atteud.
There aro throe prisoners now con-
Jued in the city jail, who are being
employed in fixing up the grounds uu-
fier direction of the night partolman
vlio has for the time being beuu trans-
|erred to guard duty.
The first train load of Crow's Nest
l"ass coal is now on its way to Nelsou.
Che train consists of only a few
j'ars wliich will be distributed to different points of the Kootenay as samples of the quality of the coai.
A public meeting of the locnl branch
bf the Womens Council will (D. V.)
lie hold in the lecture room of the
i'rosbyterian church on Saturday next
|)<-t. 29,at 8 p. m. A cordial invitation
given to all the ladies of Nelson to
Attend, several mntters of interesst
[ire to be discussed. *
J. A. Houeyman of the Nelson Iron
.forks leaves this morning for Port-
und,   Oregon,    where   he   will   take
Iharge of the   foundry   until  recently
|arried on by his father, who died a
hort time ago.    His   brother   Vi.   B.
Ifonoyman will continuo in   charge of
lie Nelson business.
The Nelsou Football club has ob-
Hined a return rate of $4.20 to Ross-
Lnil, leaving on Friday night and re-
Jirning on Snturday night. The team
fill be unable to stay in Kossland over
.unlay, as many must be back tbat
imo uight. Friends of tho players
In avail themselves of the rate.
[The Guelph Herald of Oct. 20, con-
}ins a report of the marriage of Mr.
J. Scanlan, grocer, Stanley
Ireet, Nelson, to Miss Minnie Dambe,
jliioh took plaoe at the village of
lockwood, Out., on Oct. 18. The
|iwly marriod couplo will arrivo here
tonight's train and will take up
|eir resideuco in Nelson.
meeting of the executive commit-
of tho Nelson conservative associa-
im was held yesterday  afternoon   at
Eiich tho queston ot securing perman-
lt  rooms  for meeting \wis discussed
Id a committee was appointed to re-
Ii-l ou the mutter   at   next   meeting.
f. Alex Lucas, provincial  organizer,
Vo was in the city attended the mcet-
and gave a vory satisfactory report
|to the   success   ho had met   in  or-
aizing   the   party   in the  different
|vus aud cities iu the province.
lu referouce to  a paragraph  which
peared iu the Miuer yesterday morn-
in regard to   the  unpaid accounts
[he last sitting of the Supreme court
'Jelsou, a representative of this pa-
yesterday  interviewed  the court
listrar,   who under the new order of
}irs is ontrusted  with the payment
���iccouiits connected with the sittings
llie court.
fr. Simpkins stated that! all { ao-
tits for fees in connection with the
Bug of the court which were pre-
ted to him in tho proper way nad
li paid.    Iu  regard  to the billlfor
Itil there comes a time of univer-
lie necessary, and we continue to
la large stock of them.
can supply the  builder  with
j and Latches suitable for interior
|terior use, by the dozen or hun-
And theindividualwho wants a
,��Lock and Key or Blank Keys,
Ind that we can give him the best
Ie least money.
importers of
\tB, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
meals for jurors he did not teel justified in paying it without having the
bill certified by the attorney general's
department. The bill for extra assistance engaged by the deputy sheriff he
bad nothing to do with" and if the
deputy sheriff engaged assistance during the sittings of the court, it was
his own look out to see that they were
paid. In the meantime the bill of Farley & Simpson of the Grand Central
hotel for meals supplied jurors still remains unpaid, and the speoial constables, who did duty in the court
house during the assizes have not as
yet received any remuneration. These
acounts were contracted by the deputy
sheriff under orders of the court and
should be paid by the government.
Tbe bazaar got up by the Ladies of
the Roman Catholic church in aid of
the building fund and which is being
held in the building formerly occupied
by the Lawrence Hardware company,
was again fully attended last night.
One of the features of the bazaar is the
coutest between Miss T. Simpson and
Miss Agnes Campbell for a gold watch
donated by Jacob Dover. The young
lady who gets the largest number of
votes will win the watch.
The following articles will be raffled
for ihis evening. A brinr and amber
pipe, a silver cake basket, an ivory
crucifix aud a medicine chest. A
special attraction tonight will be a
dance, commencing at 10 p. m.,
Au admission fee of 50 cents will be
Grand Master Henderson, of the
I. O. O. F. arrived in the city yesterday afternoon from Slocan City
and paid an official visit last night to
Kootenay Lodge No. 16. During the
afternoon Mr. Henderson was shown
around the city by Mr. A H. Clements aud other members of the order and expressed himself as highly
pleased with the appearance of the
city, which he J said, in his opinion,
is the future metropolis of the Kootenay and far surpassed any city he had
seen in the interior of British Columbia. In company with members of
the order, Mr. Henderson will today
visit the smelter and other points of
interest around the city.
2>. flfccBrtbur & Co,
At Reduced Prices for Cash to make Room for pew goods
Bedroom Sets
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug
Carpets, Ingrain
$15.00 and up
30c per yd. ancl up.
C. W. McArthur, who has been occupied for some time in installing
a mill and plant at the Porto Rico
mine near Ymir, is at the Hume. Mr.
McArthur rqports tfyat the necessary
buildings are up and nearly all of the
machinery is now in. though some
of it has been delayed in transit. Another week's work will suffice to complete everything. The machinery recently pnt in includes a compressor
and a 10-stamp mill.
ROWLEY���In Nelson, ou October 2(*,
1898, at their home ou Josephine
street, the wife of J. Rowley, of
a son.
Full line of Household and Office Furniture at a liberal discount.   Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty.
to our New Block on West Baker Street, where we have opened out
a new stock of
Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Etc.
If you   are  in   need  of  anything  in   these    lines    come  and  see   us.
We are Agents for McCLARY'S "FAMOUS"  Stoves and Ranges.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Repairing
A  Specialty.
Having been detained from business during the alteration of our premises, we will offer our  entire  stock  at
Greatly Reduced Prices for Three Days only
Thursday, Oct. 27th, Friday, Oct.   28th.   Saturday,   Oct.  29th
Ladies' Department
Special Bargains in Dress Goods, Trimmings, Black Satins, Brocade Silk and Satins, Hosiery,
Gloves, Cloths, Flannels, Corsets, Feather Boas, Ladies' and Children's Underwear.
VS^Ss^^Sl ILadies" and Children's Jackets, Costume, Capes and Fursl fe^^^fiV
,48is/yJ|p^rj I at 25 per cent. Discount to clear. | [W^^-S*
Gents' Furnishing Department
Men's Regatta, Flannel and Negligee Shirts, Gloves Lamb's Wool and Fleece Lined Underwear, Cotton and Wool Night Shirts, Latest New York and English Ties, Bows, Scarves Collars and Cuffs, Mens' Ready Made Clothing at 30 per cent, discount to clear.
House Furnishing Department
Curtains, Portiers, Art Denhams and Muslins. ' A large assortment Chenille and Tapestry
Portiers and Table Covers. Special attention is given to our complete stock of Brussel, Aix-
minister, Tapestry and Ingrain Carpets, Oil Cloths and Linoleums. All carpets sewed and
laid free during the Sale.    Table Linens, Napkins, Towels and Towelings at Lowest Prices.
Remnants from all Departments, Half Price.
*     BAKER STREET     *
The Attitude of the Liberal
Party Thereto.
The Eeport of Dun & Oo Shows the Oountry to bein a Prosperous Condition
Death of W. Cochrane-
Ottawa, Oct. 28.���Among tho many
subjects of cuirmt political controversy and criticism there is perhaps none
upou which greater and more honest
misunderstanding appears to exist
than that of the attitude of the Liberal
party upon the question of tariff reform. The Liberal party in Canada,
as iu the old country, has always been
thoroughly identified with the inalienable principles of free trade, and the
local conditions that have compelled a
modification thereof have been submitted to as a matter of necessity and
never ot choice. When therefore (he
Liberal speakers and writers havo declared their unshaken fidelity to free
trade they have declared for the principles and for their fealty thereto, both
personally antt as party representatives,
and wheu they have declared for a
modification of thpse principles in the
field of practical politics, they have
simply recognized aud submitted to the
inexorable logic of the then prerniling
There is nothing incousistent in
such a position ; it is the attitude of
all practical men.
Upon every live issue with scarcely
an exception the policy of auy mau
or any party, if it is worth calling
a policy at all, is teutative aud pro
gressive, moving as the world moves,
progressing as conditions advance.
It is scarcely likely that any student or even fairly close observer of
events will question this in thoory,
but many fail to apply the principles
practically. For instance, it lias been
declared weekly, aud almost daily
during the past two weeks that (he
liberal party has gono back upon the
position it to<:k prior to the general
election in 1896, when it is asserted
that it declared for free trade. The
premier and other prominent meml ers
of the government have been quotod
and misquoted iu support of this contention, the position of the critics
being accuvatoly sum mod up in a sentence by Professor Goldwin Smith in a
publishedjarticle a fow days ago when
he asserts that "at the time of the
election we heard a great deal about*
free trade aud very little about neres-
s:iry caution and delay.''
This is not an acourate statement
of the facts, as may be see by reference to the proceedings of the liberal
convention in Ottawa which formulated the platform upon wliich that
election was fought. Thore is no mention of free trade there, the fact being
recognized that such an ideal condition was impossible under existing
circumstances in Canada; but what
was declared for was, "the adoption
of a sound fiscal policy which, while
not doing injustice to any class would
promote domestic aud foreign trade
and hasten the return of prosperity to
onr people ; aud to that end the tariff
should be reduced to the needs ot
honest, economical and efficient government. " Such was the declaration
of faith, reduced to black aud white
iu June J803, upon which the election
campaign in the spring of 1800 was
conducted, upon which the election
campaign of June 1896 was fought aud
by which the policy of the government since its accession to power has
been guided aud governed ; such is the
declaration of faith of the liberal party
in October 1898, and such will it be to
the eud of the chapter.
It meets 'all possible contingencies
that auy houest government should be
called upon to meet. As conditions
improve and tho industries of the
country recover from the perusicious
effects of artificial protootion, nud as
the country increases and develops
with tho naturally resultant prosperity, moro reductions may , be put iuto
effect. The "needs of houost, economical and efficient, government" will
be less dependent upon the tariff, ns
the natiural resources of the country
develop, and tho "sound fiscal policy"
will adapt itself to tho improved conditions and will carry the [country
nearer and nearer to its ultimate goal
of free trade.
This is tho common sense position
for any government to take, this is
and always has been tho position of
the liberal party, this is the policy
which has so materially augumentod
the present wave of prosperity and development, ' this polioy will assist in
establishing that prosperity as the
permanent, aud notJJ tho exceptional
condition of the country.
The counter charges filed by the liberal member-elect in East Northumberland against Dr.; W. A.'Willough-
by, the late conservative member, aud
defeated candidate of tho last election,
contain several personal allegations
against the doctor as startling and as
serious as have ever been  sworn to  in
an election trial.    It is alleged for ex- ]
ample that in  more than one  part  of ,
the constituency, on the  night  before
the    election,   there   was   a   general
round-up of doubtful  voters, aud that
liquor,  which   had  been    previously j
(Hugged uuder the candidate's person
al ^superivsiou, was freely distributed.
There are not a few liberals who know
and respect Dr. Willoughby as a  mau. '
who sincerely hope   that thero may be .
just as much, and   no  moro,   fouuda- '
tion for  theso  personal  charges  than !
there was  for  the 110,000  corruption '
fend yarn,  �� I
The well known mercantile agency j
of R. G. Dunn & Co., open their last
trade review with the following sen- i
fences: "It has never been possible to
make a more satisfactory quarterly report of failures during the five years
which are covered by the returns made
exclusively by this paper,'than can be
made for the past quarter. While
a very few heavy failures swell the aggregate for the last quarter, those in
real estate, brokerage or, speculation
alono counting more than 11| per
cent of the aggregate, with as much
more in operations not at all reflecting
the geueral state of business,' the aggregate was nevertheless smaller than
iu any other month covered by our
returns for many branches of business. In some branches the failures in
September or August were the smallest
in uny month and also in manv others,
'' the failures for the quarter were the
smallest in any quarter. "
By the unexpected and universally
regretted death of Rev. William
Cochraue, D. D., of Brantford, Canada loses a most estimable citizen,
and the Presbyterian churoh a valued
and much beloved leader. Dr. Cochrane was known from Halifax to Victoria, and in fact far beyond the confines of the Dominion; and wherever
he went, his bright cheery personality, and keen business acumen, made
his reputation among those with whom
he was brought in contact. His busy
life has been fruitful of good works,
and whether as a churchman or a citizen, a preacher or n teacher, he has,
for longer thau the natural term of
one generation, stood foremost in his
church aud in the land of his adoption.
s-ssssse-s eft-sss-se-ss-Sttses-ssi
The Day's Work
Roden's Corner
In Golden Shakles
Fortune's Gate
St. Aubyn
The Fatal Gift       Frankford Moore
Second Thoughts of an Idle
Fellow    -   Jerome K. Jerome
All the newest publications at
Thomson Stationery Co.
Spokane   the   Distributing   Point for
British   Columbia.
Washington, Oct. 26.���The postmaster general, by agreement with Canada, has made Spokane the distribu-
ing point for registered mail for
British Columbia to Spokane. Here
it will be divided into two sealed
sacks, one going to Rossland, the other
to Selson', as fellows:
To Ro.ss.aud���Registered mail for
Anaconda, Arrowhead Boundary Falls,
Burton, Brooklyn, Cascade City, Camp
McKiuney, Carson, Comaplix, Deer
Park, Ferguson, Halcyon [Hot Springs,
Lardeau, Midway, Naksup, Phoenix,
Rock Cr*>ek, Rossland, Thompson's
Laudiing, Trail, Trout Lake. Upper
Graud Forks, Waterloo.
To Nelson���Registered mail for
Ainsworth, Balfour, Cody, Kaslo,
McGuigan, Nelson, New Denver,
Pilot Bay, Rouson, Rosebery, Salmo,
Sandon, Silverton, Slocan, Three
Forks, Waneta. Whitewater,   Ymir.
The postmaftTS at the above named
Canadiau offices will exchange through
Rossland, Nelsou and Spokane registered nintter for the Spokane district,
or nt their option, to post offices iu all
sections of the   United States.
Tenders are invited for the pnrchase
of Lot 1, Block "I" with improvements, situate in the Town of Ymir,
Rented for $12 per month. Tenders
to bo sent in on or before November
10, 1898 to JOHN   DEAN,
Administrator of the Estate of Silas F.
Collensworth, Ymir, B. C.
.1^1 Charles Nowton Owon und Thomas Stev-
oiiHon of tho city of Kuslo in tho province of
British Columbia, furniture Dealers, have hy
fl eed bearing date Ihe eighteen,hday of October,
18:18,assigned all thoir real and personal properly
excopt on therein mentioned to Frederick E
Archer of tho Haid city of Kaslo, trader, in trust
for tho purpose of paying and satisfying ratably
or proportionately and without proference or
priority, the creditors of tho said Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson or of either
of them, i heir just debts.
Tlie said deed was executed by tbo said
Charles Nowton Owon nnd Thomas Slovenson,
tho asslgnors.land the said Frederick K. Archer
tho trustee, on the lllth dav of Oct obcr 181)8, and
the siid trustee has undertaken the trusts
created by Ihe said doed.
All persons having claim* against the aald
Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson,
or either pflhom, must forward and dollvorto
the snid trustee at Kuslo, B. ('.full particulars
nf their claims duly verified together with particulars of security, if any, held by them,
on or before the 17tnday of November, 18118. and
nil persons indebted to tho said Charlos Nowton Owen and Thomas Stevenson or either of
I hem are required lo pay the amounts due by
I hem to the said trustee forthwith. Aftor the
snid 17th day of November, 18118, tbe trustee
will proceed to distribute lhe assets of the said
estate among thc parties ontltlod thereto, having regard only to the claims of which he shall
then nave had notice.
A meeting of tho croditors of the said
Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson
will be held at the premises lately occupied by
thom on Front street. Kaslo, 11. C. at 2.00
o'clock p. m. on Wednesday, tho 9th day of
November, 1888, for the giving of directions
with reference to the disposal of the estate.
Cameron Building,
A Avenuo, Kaslo, B. C.
Solicitors for the 1'iustce
Datod tho 18th day of Ootober, 1888.
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year        -                ��� $10.00
Half Year             .... $3.00
One flonth      .        -        - $1.00
1             pv MAIL OR CARRIER m.
OharleB Tom. trading as Tailor and
Clothier, at the town of Golden, in tho Province of British Columbia, has by deed datod
the flrst day of Octobor, 1898, assigned to mo
all his personal es:ate,credltsandefTectswhlch
may be seized and sold under execution, and
all his real estate for thogenerul benefit of his
creditors,pursuant to the "Creditors Trust
Deeds Act."
A meeting of the croditors will be held at, my
office in the said town of Golden, on Saturday,
the 22nd day of Octobor, at the hour of two
o'clock in ine afternoon, for tho giving of directions with reforence to tho disposal of tlie
All creditors are requested to forward full
particulars of their claims, duly verlflod, to mo
nn or before tho fiftoenth day of November
1898, after which date I shall proceed to distribute tho assets among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to tbe claims of
which 1 shall thon have had notice.
Dated at Golden. B.C., October 1st, 1898.
Financial Agent, Golden.
has taken over the practice of
Dr.   H.   E.   Hall and  is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. .  .
Broken Hill Block Baker SI.
First Class in overy respect ���
Do you want a good Square in Iftl for   I
25 CENTS?    I
A     DINNER 12 TO 8     |
I Eastern  Oysters ���
* received daily ���
[    Cooked Any Style.     X
I Y. HOSHI ��� Proprietor, t
C. W. WEST & CO.
will fill  no  orders  for Wood
Coal or Lime unless
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will be put into the hands
of a collector.
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
m       a life long customer.
Wc don't offer our goods bolow cost,
because we have no desire to lose
money. Wc sell at prices which are
sufficient to pay for good malarial and
good workmanship. The size and variety of our stock enables us to please a
customer both as lo style and fit. Indeed we arc particular on these points.
We rather lose a sale than ipermit unsatisfactory garments to leave the
These values cannot be lurpagsed.
- - J. A. GILKER - -
��^ Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ~v��1
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. Ci
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Etc...
FOR SALE  .v^v.wwv%.
Corner Lot on Vernon St., with Building.   12 Lots in Moc |
<UF���Cheap.   2 Lets Oor. Josephine and Robson.
FOR ftfWT        ���m*mw*n-%
2 Lots and Dwelling near Cor Stanley  St, on Ohservato
St., $12 per month.   Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar S'J
$21) per month.    House and 2 Lots, Houston St.  $15 mon! j
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hume j
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Rover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B.
All  Communications relating to British Columbia busin*'
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Manufacturers of
Hnl.)on Hal Spring*  Water Aerated and
���applied to lh* Trailr.
ROOMS TO LET- Furnished rooms lo let on
Victoria St., two block* cost of Arc hall.    1 III f {
Qtov. fi&arb & Vernon gfe.
flelscm... ^B.
Finest Hotel in the Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Manag]
LOHT-Small bunch of keys with stoel label
'��� Melbourne."   Reward on restoration to box 1
85, post oflice. I
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
���FROM THE���
MUSIC LESSONS. ��� On piano   organ   or
?uitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astley, Hobson street
wo doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 13��.
WANTED���To to ront a medium sized houso
unfurnished, reasonably near the business portion.  Apply at this offlco.
whodo curative qualities are known all over Canada.   Many Mineral Water
tain valuable, mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, bavii {
mime medical value, make such a fine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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