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The Miner Jul 26, 1898

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 (Daily Edition No. by.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, July 26, 189X.
Eighth Year.
'("jiOOt iBtHOB-H��! id IB-Bill
A Shop unequalled anywhere. A Pattern after which all others model. Em-
ploying experienced workmen who arc
specialists. Make a shoe complete. Replace any worn oui part. No delay nor
long waiting. Every job satisfactory or
no pay. Half soling and heeling from
$0 Best Leather al Lowest Prices. Free
jQ Laces. Free Patent Buttons. Free
Ql   Pullon  I looks.
)QGQBG0Q.QGOQQQQ6)QQ.( ���;.->;/
T ��� T
'   &   FANCY ���
PARASOLS at      J
I ���r.!iFredIrvine&Co-i"��~
U)       -, i.ll.i.Mir, an,l
|* * KID OLOVES. *
, . ced Prices, t
! Grand July Clearance Sale i
We will oiler for the next, ten days all of onr entire stock
at  reduced   prices   with  Special   Reductions   oil   the
.   .   .   following lines  .   .   .
a. Summer Dress Goods.
Warm Weather Fabrics.
Ladies Shirt Waists.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Men's Negligee Shirts.
iii  Ladies' 1) it A ('msets. ' Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
li) Ladies' and Children's Undervests, i Men's Black Sateen Shirts.
Ladies' Silk and Kitl Gloves. , Men's Duck and Flannel Suits
|<1   Ladies' Silk and Alpaca Skirts. j Men's Straw Hats.
Siiilm- Hals, Half Price. I Men's Punts and Overalls.
Our Stock is Complete in house Furnishings,
l-pnui.ii Wounded Bxpreis Pleasure nt
Itt'cnlvlng Same Treatment im Amort
conn.���IllflTcruuce in Harluniansblp.���
Iliislurill.v 1,nnlil, I   of Sliiirpsliinili'1-s.
Washington, July 25.���Prom Sunti-
f.igo, under (lute of   July   8, Mrs. John
tddison Porter, wife of  the secretary
if the  president, and now with  Miss
l^lura Barton in the Cuban relief work,
has written a personal letter describing the condition  there.    It was writ-
Hen B week after the great battles of Kl
lunoy and San   Juan.    The Red Cross
Evas then aiding  in the care of  the
[wounded   and   feeding   the   fugitives
(from Santiago.    The Spanish wounded
���actives expressed much gratitude that
hey were given the  same at lent ion as
llie*   Americans.    Une    surgeon   who
jlressed the wounds of 300   American
:nd Spanish soldiers  told  Mrs. Porter
J hat nearly   all   the   Spanish were hit
J wo Or three limes, while as a rule the
|\me:'ieuiis   leeeived   a   single wound,
, Heating the difference of marksmanship.     At   Ihis   time   everybody   was
msy earing for the sick and wounded,
the Amerioan dead have  been buried,
'���ut   the   trenches   were   full of  dead
fepauiards, whose bodies floated on the
lurfaeo of   lhe   water   caused   by   the
Jains and filled the air with   a sicken-
���ig odor.
She   cites   instances of Spanish bar-
arity, and   says iu  several instances
hen were shot dead as they lay in lied
Iross   litters   on lhe   way   to the hos-
lituls.   This firing went on so unceasingly   that the surgeons had   lo  oper
te   by   moonlight.    They were afraid
o light the lanterns, as Spanish sharp-
Shooters would   have   picked them oil',
lomniissioiis   authorizing    this   das-
���ardly   work, she   writes, were  found
'.n the bodies of  some   of   these guerillas.
'iuul   Round   of    the   Tournament-
Scores of   the Players.
' Vienna, July 25.���This morning llie
Jhirty-oighth and final round of the in-
'I'liational chess  tournament was be-
un in this eity, when   the men faced
w'h other as follows :
Tarrasch vs. Wahlbrodt, Schiffers vs.
urn, Janowski  vs. Trenchard, Pills-
liry vs.   Baird,   Blackburne vs. Caro,
hov   Iter vs. Lipke,   Marco vs. Hal-
rin, tceinitz vs. Maroczy, Tsohigorin
k Alapin, Schlechter a byo.
j Tlio    adjourned    games    from   the
dirty-sixth    round    were,   concluded
festerday.   Burn  beat Pillsbury, and
Alapin and Schiffers drew. At the ail-
inuni'-eiit at '.'<��� Ver'.- this urti*i:.j..u
Janowski had beaten Trenchard, and
Schowalter and Lipke, unit Marco and
Halprin had drawn their games. Pillsbury llieu had a win against Baird,
but all Iln- other contests stood even.
Here follows the score of all the players up lo date:
After the conclusion of play in the
final round iu the international chess
tournament in this city ihis evening it,
wus found Unit Pillsbury and Tarrasch
had an equal number of games and
thai therefore the match which is to
begin on Tuesday will have to decide
the destination of lhe lirst iuul second
prizes. Moreover, ono game, that between Blackburne and Caro was left
unfinished this evening, and by winning this game Blackburne may come
in for a share of the tenth prize. The
result* will have to be awaited before
the tournament will be wound up.
Janowski won the third prize, Steinitz
the fourth, Sehluchter the fifth, Burn
and Tschigorin divided the sixth and
seventh prizes, Lipke and Maroczy
divided the eighth and ninth prizes,
and Alapin is at present the only candidate for the tenth and final prize.
Won. Lost.
Alapin   IK'., 171.,
Baird    i) " 27
Blackburne  18 18
Burn  20 ill
Caro   1;>i._, ^:p���
Halprin  15 33
Janowski   n;i., 191/
Lipke   2HK, \t\K,
Marco  ]?.., lo'i,"
Maroczy  20 16
Pillsbury   -J7'.. SU
Schiffers. . . 17 " 10
Schlechter  :>���>*,, i-i'.,
Schowalter   17" 20
Steinitz  34 13
Tarrasch  271.,' K*���
Trenchard     (i 81
Tschigorin  201., if,i/
Wahlbrodt   Ihi, 20k",
An Old Statute of  Massachusetts Bars
Highland Cadets Prom Boston.
Ottawa, July 25.���It is roportod here
ihat there stato governor of Massachusetts   has   informed the   Highland
cadets of Montreal that they eannot. attend the Scottish gathering at Boston
on September 15 next carrying arms
because of an old statute of the commonwealth of Massachusetts that forbids the carrying of arms by any except (he state militia,the Unifeil States
troops and the Ancient and Honorable
Artillery company of Boston. But
for this the state would be glad of their
Madrid, July 25.���A private despatch from San Juan de Porto Rico
says a strong American squadron has
appeared before Bahia, Honda, but
lhat the American attempt to disembark was repulsed with considerable
New York, July 25.���Bar silver,
693*4 Mexican dollars, 40. Silver certificates, 68% to 59,ln'.
I.iiiiral ullv. Hill l.iinil lit Once With
Ills Troops,-Cable Will lie Itrmly liy
Saturday.���Communication    Now   in
Mil  Ht.   TIlOlllilH.
Washington, July 25.���The war department was busy today hurrying the
despatch of the remainder of Miles'
expedition against Porto Rico. Such
progress has been made that, if, is
hoped that all of the troops will be on
Porto Rican soil within a week at the
latest. General Miles i.s not expected
to defer his landing until that time,
but presumably will pick out a suitable
place for encamping his troops and
establish himself ashore awaiting the
arrival of the other detachments now
on Iheir way.
It will be at least* Saturday before a
direct* cable can be established with
him, and in tho meantime reliance
must be hud on the. despatch boats
running across to St. Thomas, about
four hours run distant.
It Is Thought Inconceivable   in Washington That He Wrote It.
Washington, July 25.���Nothing has
come yet from General Shafter containing any reference to tho correspondence supposed to have passed hetween himself und Garcia. The officials have no doubt that General Shaffer
wrote a reply to Garoia's letter, but*
they still refuse to believe that Garcia
wrote or knew of the letter said to
have been addressed by him to General
Shatter. One point that seems to afford
some basis for ihis disbelief is General
Shutter's statement that, ho invited
General Garcia to be present at the
ceremonies attending the raising of
the American flag over Santiago. It
is hardly conceivable, therefore, that
General Garcia should have made such
a statement as that attributed to feini
in the letter.
I While regretting the friction that
exists between the Cuban and American forces, the government* can seo no
cause at this moment for a modification in|the programme it hus made for
lhe government of that city. One of
the ablest, of the administration advisers has stated:
"Civil government in a town like
Santiago can only exist in time of
peace. In war time arms must bo
supreme until peace is restored. The
only form of government that can be
maintained over the territory occupied
by an army is a military government. "
Lieutenant    Hobson     Pronounces    It
Feasible, Though Difficult.
New York, July 25.���Lieutenant
Hobson announced this afternoon that
the Merrimau & Chapman Derrick
company has consented to undertake
lhe rescue of the Colon and was making every effort* to begin work us soon
us possible. "The difficulty of saving
the Colon," said he, "lies in the complete submersion upou her beam ends
of a steamer of 7000 tons. Only a short
portion of her stem is clear of the
water, which tills her whole interior.
Her sea valves are open und her sides
ure perforated in a few places jby
shells. Tho beach upon which sho
lies is exceedingly shelving, forming a
part of the faco of the mountain,
which rises from the sea and towers
aloft. In short, all tho conditions aro
such which renders the righting and
raising of the ship an engineering feat
of large proportions. At the same
time it is simple and quite feasible.
No new appliances are needed, and
nothing has to be invented. It is
simply a question of getting to the
spot iu time the accepted means and
methods on a sufficient scale."
The Oulian Colonial Government* Hopes
to Win Over the Insurgents,
Madrid, July 25, il a. 111.���It i.s announced tonight that complete tranquility prevails throughout Spain. Tho
Cuban colonial government, it is announced, will confer with representatives of Maximo Gomez, and, it is believed, that* the conference may result
in the insurgents espousing the Spanish cause.
Sir George Clarke Commends American
Seizure of Hawaii and Porto Rico.
London, July 25. ���Sir George Sydenham Clarke, the expert on naval tactics
for imperial defense, writes to tho
Daily Graphic this   morning strongly
approving of the American annexation
of Hawaii and Porto Rico.    He says :
"It is for the best interests of the
world that any canal connecting tho
Atlantic and Pacific should bo controlled by the United States, and wdiat*
ever attitude tlio European powers may
take foreign interference is out of the
question, because the interests of the
United States and Great Britain in the
future canal will be paramount. Therefore Lord Salisbury's policy toward
the United States is wise and states
The lottor has,evoked au article in
the Daily Graphic calling attention to
the revival of England's traditional
policy to prevent the United States
from acquiring strategical positions in
tho Atlantic and the Pacific, enabling
it to control tho possible canal. The
Daily Graphic in an editorial this
morning suys it agrees with Sir George
Sydenham Clarke, but is curious to
know what induced Lord Salisbury to
adopt an attitude which has so much
facilitated the success of America.
What   Aro   American   Intentions Regarding the Philippines.
London, July 25.���The Berlin correspondent of the Daily News says:
According to a despatch from Washington, the interview between McKinley and the German ambassador, Dr.
Vou Holleben, was cordial, the latter
assuring the president of tho friendly
feeling of Emperor William and
Germany toward tho United States.
It is said that Dr. Holloben conveyed
Emperor William's desire for an
amicable statement of America's intention regarding the Philippines. It
is not known here whether Mr. McKinley responded.
The German firms at Manila have
decided to petition the government
again to obtain from the United States
indemnity for thoir losses. They
wanted tlie English traders po join iu
the appeal, but the latter received a
hint from London not to join, as Lord
Salisbury had already received favorable assurances from Washington.
Her Captain Claims  the  Steamer Was
Outside the Blockaded Zone.
St, Thomas, D. W. I. July 25.���Captain Lot��o of tlio German steamer
Gretna, which arrived here yesterday
and reported as having beon fired upon
three times oft' San Juan de Porto Rico
on Saturday night by an American
warship, understood to be the United
States cruiser New Orleans, was quoted
in an interviow today as saying that
the first solid shot fell within 20 yards
of tho ship. The steamer was immediately stopped, but her captain adds two
more shots were fired over the Gretna's
bows from close rango.
Lator.'���An officer from tho New
Orleans hoarded the Gretna and asked
if tho ship was injured. Captain Lotze
was highly indignant at being fired
upon, as ho considered his ship was
outside of tho blockaded zone. He
says ho saw nothing of the invading
The Troops Will  Remain Thero Until
Yellow Fever Is  Eradicatod.
Washington, July 25.���Rumors of
several kinds have boen in circulation
as to tho disposition of General
Shaffer's army, but tho war department has not como to auy conclusion
as yot in tho mattor. A sufficient
forco is to bo kept at Santiago to
maintain the position that the United
Statos has taken and to preserve order.
Whilo thero is yellow fever in the
army no attempt will be mado to
bring the troops to the United Statos.
Tho war department, it* may bo stated,
is making efforts to secure for General
Shatter's army an ample supply of
nutritious food. Tho soldiers will havo
a rest and careful attention so that
they may get in tho best of condition
It is not believed at the department
that auy numbor of troops will bo
necessary at Santiago after the Spanish prisoners have been deported.
Toronto, July 25.���A bush fire started
at Ardirea, Simcoe county, 011 Sunday,
but tbe wind went down when the lire
had reached within 500 yards of
Mickle, Dyniuet & Sons' yards, and
they were saved from destruction. Assistance has arrived from Allandale.
The lire is still burning.
Toronto, July 25.���Louis W. Pears,
a young Englishman, 2(1 years old, was
found dead in tho bathroom at the
Spadina Avenue boarding houso this
morning. His parents live at Melbourne Links, Monmouthshire, England, uud remitted regularly to Louis.
Thero was no apparent cause of death.
An inquest will be hold.
Washington, July 25.���A treasury
statement shows there are about 800, -
000 persons to whom bonds' of the
government's popular loan will bo
allotted. All persons offering to tako
$4500 or loss will receive bonds. The
first shipment of the now bonds was
made today.
Wnn   Beerclury   lo   the   Bfarqult of Luiis-
downe.-Wai  < r or tbe  Slaff la
tbe Rebellion or ISSS.-Ilns Seen Service In sevi-riil <'nmpulgni.
Toronto, July 25.���The following is
dated London, July 25:
The Earl of Minto is to bo the successor of Lord Abordeon as governor
gonoral of Canada. The appointment
has been approved by the Queen.
Gilbert John Murry Kinyoumead
Elliot, fourth earl of Minto, was horn
in 1845. In 1883 he married the
daughter of the Hon. Charles Grey.
He was educated in Trinity college,
Cambridge, and soon after completing
his course was appointed ensign of the
Scotts' Guards in 1867. The Earl of
Miuto in 1877 served with the Turkish
army and also took part in the Afghan
war in 1870. In 1881 he became private
secretary to General Lord Roberts at
the Cape. He went as a volunteer
through the Egyptian campaign of
1882, and from 1882 to 1885 was military secretary to the Marquis of Lausdowne, then governor general of Canada. Ho was chief of staff in the
northwest rebellion of 1885. Ho is tho
owner of immense landed estates.
Has Been Attending the Judioial Court
of the Privy Council.
Ottawa, July 35.���Deputy Minister
of Justice Newcombe, who has been
in Great, Britain on h-isinw)H b��?o.re the
judicial court of the privy council, has
returned. The principal caso witL
which he had to do was an appeal to
determine whether the Canada Sugar
Refining company could enter a cargo
of sugar under the schedule in force
prior to Foster's tariff revision of 1895.
The vessel called at Sydney on April
29, the tariff was increased on May 3
and the vessel arrived at Montreal on
May 4. The government collected under the new tariff. The amount involved is $30,000, and the probability
is that the decision will bo in favor of
tho government.
The Receiver  General  Says  His Mission Was a Success.
St. John, July 2.���The Fmech
steamer Dahomey leaving Liverpool
on July 16 for Halifax arrived here today. She reports that she stuck on
Cape Spear during a thick fog, staving
her bows and filling her foropeak with
water, but she floated off again without damage. Among her passengers
was Mr. Merino, receiver goneral of
the colony and one of tho special dele-
gotcs to London with regard to the
appointment of a royal commission for
investigating the affairs of Newfound-
land. Mr. Merino asserts that tho
commissioners' labors met with entire
Tho British government will appoint
a royul commission aud in many other
ways tho visit of Mr. Merino and his
associates hadjjthe most beneficial results.
Tho Toronto World Astonishes the Ontario Masons.
Toronto, July 25.���The World today
writes up a private session of the
Masonic grand lodge. Its representative walked into the mooting with tho
other members aud got a report of tho
proceedings, As it happened thore
was nothing of special importance to
report, but when the mombors road
the report in tho World this morning
of Iheir meeting, the proceedings of
which are usually guarded with greatest secrecy, there was quito a flutter
In Masonic circles.
Condition of Affairs in Skagwoy���Reid
May Die.
Juneau, Alaska, July 17, Steamship
Al-Ki to Departure Bay, B. O, July
25.���The town of Skagway is still under martial law and all saloons aro
closed. Twenty-six meu who had
boen bound over by the United States
commissioner have been taken to
City Surveyor Reid, who killed
"Soapy" Smith recently, and who received a wouud in tho hip, may die,
blood poisoning having set in.
July 25.���At, Philadelphia���Washington 8, Philadelphia 4.
At Brooklyn���Brooklyn 4, Boston 2.
At Chicago���Chicago 7, Cleveland 0. THE MINER, TUESDAY, JULY 26, 1898.
rtUJs^-i-M-H^Ala. flKiVn
"llu Jftmer.
Published Dally oxocpt Sunday,
Tiik.  Mineb  Printing  & PuBLISUlNO
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Abb COMMUNICATIONS to tho Editor musi
be accompanied by tlio namo and addrosH
ot tho wrltor, nol nocossarlly fur publication, but as ovidenuo of good faith.
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the letter al all. Men who deliberately'
originate suoh lips ure u disgrace to
journalism. Mr. Sylvester Scovol.wa?
correspondent of Ihe New York World,
; has 111 n responsible for several
"fuko" despatches. After making
liimuolf generally objectionable to the
officers with whom he bus como in
contact he has wound up his career, as
far as Cuba is concerned, by slapping
Goneral Shaffer's face because he was
not allowed to assist in raising the
American flag over Santiago. His con-
duet bus led to the light punishment
of expulsion from the island, and it is
hoped that his successor will pay more
attention to the truth und good manners.
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A fow days ago'we commented on
the stato of affairs in tho far cast, and
tho preparations England was making
in view, apparently, of a possible conflict with Russia. The situation now
appears likely to la* further complicated by the internal condition of the
Chinese empire. The Toronto Mail
and Empire, in its latest issue to hand,
has an editorial on the subject, in
which it says, "What wus at first reported to be thc marauding of robber
bauds in the southern provinces of
China now appeal's to lie a deliberate
revolution, led by men of conviction, "
The promoters of this revolution are
most of thein men with a European
education, and are members of the
Chinese progressive society, called (he
Hing-Chung-Wooy. It is stated lhat
their aim is lhe establishment of u republican form of government, but
however this maybe they ure undoubtedly striving to overthrow the Manchu
dynasty, and this is what is likely to
causo international complications. The
Mnnchus, who are Tartars, not Chinese conquered China some 280 vein's
ago and have held sway there ever
since, doing nothing but living on the
taxes wrung from the people.
If the revolution succeeds, and a certain amount of virility nnd a desire for
improvement be thereby infused into
the government, the partition of China
���among the European powers would be
stopped and the whole country thrown
open to international commerce. This
is exactly what. Great Britain desires
und on the faco of it it would seem
probable that* she would gladly see a
���successful revolution. Russia, on the
other hand, would prefer to maintain
tho present regime, for the Chinese
emperor now on tiie throne seems
either unable or unwilling to refuse
uny of the. Russian demands no matter
how exorbitant they may he. Moreover, the emperor is old and the last
of his line, and iu the inevitable confusion consequent on his decease Russia
will not want lo lose a chance of obtaining a further share of the spoils.
Thus in the event of the revolution attaining menacing proportions there
seems to be a chance of I lie powers
ranging themselves on opposite sides,
as was invariably the case in our
struggle with France for the control of
India. On the other hand, the introduction of British officers into the
Chinese army and navy muy lie Ihe
hands of the English government,
while against this again i.s the fuel
that there is a considerable and influential section of the house of commons
that, has already declared itself opposed
to bolstering up the Chinese empire or
in any way introducing a second "sick
man" into international polities, People holding theso views would gladly
see a strong govern.m nl of uny kind
established in China. Thus in every
wny a most Interesting and complicated problem is unfolding itself beforo
the eyes of those who take uu interest
iu the trend of events iu the fur east.
As will be seen in our report, of yesterday's council meeting given in another column, lhe validity of the electric light l.y-law, which was recently
passod with barely the required majority, is about lo he contested in the
court:,. In commenting on his the
mayor reniorkod thai il wus not fair
to ask lhe cily lo light   lhe cnSO, US   if
would not be possible to collect lhe
costs from Ihe parties who have instituted the proceedings Whether such
is lhe ease ur noi The Miner is not in
a position to say,but it muy be pointed
out lhat if his worship the mayor is
sn solicitous lo guard lhe eity exchequer from loss, he should have considered ull these things before rushing
through a by-law of such importance
in defiance of the wishes of a large
and influential section of the ratepayers. We understand, however, that
lhe cily will light (he case in spite of
vain regrets.
Tooth Blushes,
& CO. Nelson, B. C,
fficial Director
also Good Value in Sponj;ef
| flovi mor (It'iii'iiil        - ICiii-I ut Aberdeen
j Premier Sir Wilfrid Lniiriot*
Member lion nof Common*, Dominion Pni'lla.,
imiiii, \\ ,*-, ICooti nnj Ilowill HoslocU
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
9.--y-l-l-l-ty-ll-l-*---.- ������
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan
Orders by mail to any branch wiil have careful and prompt attention
Licul,-Govoriior lion'I' li Mclnncn'
I'l'oinloi llm, ,i ii Turner!
AUornoy-Goiioml        - Hon li M ffiborts
('om of Lands and Works Hon (I li Martin
Minis-tor Minos and Education Hon Jus linker.
President Executive Council I Ion i: li,Pooloyi
Mombors Legislatives
onay���North Riding
South Pddinu .1 K Ilium*,'
; Assembly toi- West Koot-1
lng J :,i Rolliej
Onr despatches todny stale (hat the
Earl of Minto has been appointed successor to Lord Aberdeen as governor
general of Canada. Lord Minto's name
will he familiar to Canadians, as this
is by no means his first visit to Canada in an official capacity. lie wus
military secretary to ihe Maranis of
Lansdownewhe.il the lul I er was governor general of Canada, and ho was
also chief of the stall in the northwest
rebellion of 1885. Lord Minto has seen
a good deal of active service, having
heen through the Russo-Turkish war
:\m\ the Afghan and Egyptian campaigns.
Mayor John Houston
Aldermen���Chas Hlllyor, W F Teolzol, .1 A
Gilker, J J Molono, E 1' Whalley, Thos Mad-
Police Magistrate
Chief of Pollco
chii'f ,,r Kin' Dopartmonl
Water i lomiulsslonor
cily lOngiucor
Cily council moots evory Mondny, li |
��� It) hall, oor Victoria nnd Josophlno ki
J K Stracham
K A Crease
A  FMoKinnon.
w .1 Thompson)
John Hamilton!
'I' ?.l Ward
Dr, LaBnttj
A. I,. M'Culloob
EC Arthur. Dr. G A H Hall, Goo John
'.   Principal   -I l: Groon,
�������������� *>+*>l-**-*
Our Grocery Business bus grown sn rapidly during lhe
past few months we ure compelled to make room somehow,
In order to do this we have fully decided to dispose ni mir
Entire Stock of Crockery and Olassware al Prices which
have never been heard of in the District of Kootenay,
Ladies don't miss this golden opportunity.    Call and  look
through.   There is sure to be something you will
fore lhe Will is over.
Vlco President
-I Roderick Robertson.
James Lawrence
.I,ilin A TiirniT,
John A. Turnei
Vi. A. Jowotl
I). MoArtlmr
A II Clemoi..
in. (.'. Allllidl'l
Bargains don't
mow, our stuck
When you come to look through Iln
your Grocery List also, for as you well
assorted and Prices Right.
Ladies come early beforo your neighbor gels ah
and picks out the besl Bargains. All goods deliver,
free of charge to any part ofthe city.
is well
of  you
8.0U p.m, United States, Ontario, Quo
liec and Eastern Provlncei
PolnUou N. & F. s. Iin,..
\ i*  ,ni,i and [to-island.
S..'!i> n,ni. Sow Donvor, Sandon un,;
Slocan Lako I 'olnts,
1.00 iun. (Casio und Kootonny Lulu*
0.00 p.iii. Kossland. Trail, Nakusp,
Uolison. points on main Iin,
'��� I'. I!.. Vune,nr, or and
���A innipi'K
6.18 p.m,
,", '
7.1.'i a.in.,
7,00 a,m,
I Always*Lasy   to  Find   a Tree ou
Ihe Promt s.
orriei: nouns.
1 ii' T a.m. iu in p.m.; Genoral
Lobby oi
Dolivery.8 a,m, In s p.m.;  Registration, 8.1
a.m. loi p.m.; Monoy Orders and Savings BanU
I IIm.iii. iu I p.m.; Sunday I hour(10 to 11 u.inl.
���I. A. aiLKEH, Postinaslo
*��'���>*��;��'.��?*<&�� ii? BS
We nre prepared to furnish kiln driec
prices und carry Rough  and   Dresse
A bine shirted cavalcade camo riding
over the Nebraska prairie, toward Hart
Headers' shack, which was like a
spot ofj brown on a measureless field of
gray. Hart Henders watched with interest, and finally announced to his
wife that, the man in front was .Iim
Mullett and that somebody was tied to
one of the horses.
Jim   Mullett   rode   ahead     of    the;
others,   who  approached   in   a   more
leisurely   fashion,    as     though    their
mounts were exhausted,
"Howdy, Hart?" he cried. "Wo
wanter to borry your wagon tongue. " I
JJ "Busted it on the way to Gridley
las' week," said Hart." "Left the
wagon there.    Howdy?"
"Howdy? Pretty well, oonsiderin',
Mebbe you've got a 3x4 scontlin'?"
"Where in tlumder'd anian git a 2x-l
out in the heart of a peraray without
even a tree in 80 mile? Howdy, Jim,
"Right good. We're goin to hang i M
Kirk, you know. Shot a holo into i vj
Miggs an' crippled Sandy Wallace. N
We be'e ravagin' all over this here J
country lookn' for a tree an' can't* jj^
lind oue. The boys got kinder
and allowed if thev conld get
Flooring and Ceiling,
Shingles and Lath,
Cheerfully given.
limner at regular
Lumber, Coasl
Turned Work and Mouldings,
Sash   and   Doors,        Estimates
Government [nspoctorof
(iol,l Commissioner
Mining Rocordor-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judgo
Inspector of Sohools
onoios \v ,i Goopo
o. (I. Dennl,
i: l'"l'oluiii
Ceo. Julin.-toui
-inlin Keen'
-I A Forin
William Kiirn,
STATION.    .    .    .
First Jailor
Socond Jalli r
! 'third Jailer
'��� Senior Guard
Cl I'l
^^u^jju^^u^u^^ ; ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS
b     ��� ��� and J
N Fitalubba!
II bidden.
(leo Partridge
John McLaren
R I nee
When requiring  thoroughly  seasoned
timber should apply to
The Nelson Planing Mill
ion ,,i,
The Paper of the People.
tired I ^
i wagon ! vj
tonguo   or  a  beam  they'd hang him |-
down yonr well,    Not so   they'd reach
the'water, you know.   We'd lie p'lite wj
nnd keerful about anything   liko that. N
Didn't wanter drown him.   We've laid  S
out to do it for the moral effect.  Nothin' hut hangin' will do. Mebbe you've IV
got   n   hedstid   that   could   be 'pulled
apart, so the sides would   make a good
thing   to   gn   across   lhe   top   of   lhe
well?" S
"Xo. The tick is set on two dry I ^
goods boxes. Table leg wouldn't do, IS
would it?" S
Everybody Reads It.
. {some of the war correspondents now
at tho front ought to be placed in n
dime museum and taken round and exhibited to an admiring and wondering
public. The other day a long and eloquent letter, purporting to have been
.ent to (Ieneral Shatter by (Ieneral
Garcia, was sent over the wires and
published in almost every paper both
in Canada and the United Stales. It
would now seem from the tenor of a
telegram received last night from
Washington   that Garcia never  wrote
"Too short,   Well,   I'm  glad  in   'a
seen    you,     anyway.    Hart.    Howdy?;
We'll go on up to Line   Orossin'.    it's!
only IS miles, and there used  to  be   a I
eottonwood there   by   lhe   crick, if   it
lliu'l  he'll  blown   over.     Well,  howdy,'
Karl.     1   know    we've   gut    your hos! ���
Wishes uud lhal   you'd be glad to help!
lis cm uf our trouble. "
"You hei," said Hart,    "Howdy?" |
And lhe cavalcade started off   northward in an optimistic endeavor lo lind
ihe eottonwood tree. ���Chicago Record,
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
In st(ick,l,(l(iO,UI)llft.of Flooring, Lining
.Mouldings, I lours. Sashes and
every description of Joinery.
i Mill
ES   [SOUKS   AM>    iiiii,5i:-,
ROM ,U' KNOI.AND���Matin   11 ll.lll.; Kvei
r.M-0 p.m. ovory Sunday.   Holy Commun
i*l aim 3rd .sun,Iny- in llie mont li nfi
-; on .'ud end  in,  Sundays,  al   S n i
y School al 2,30 p.m.    Hev. II. s. Akc
���st, Hector.   Cor Word and Silica stroots
PKRSiiYTicnuN Cnuncn   Servlcesal ll a ni
ond 7.:'.n  p.in.    Sunday School in. 2.30 i, in
I Prayor meeting Thursday ovoning at s p.m
I Christian I'.ndoavor Society meets ovory Mm,
ilny ovoning  ul  s  o'clock.    Kev. |;. From
Methodist    Church -Comer  Silicn   -.urn
l-u'-epll SI reels.    Services at 11,1.111. nnd J,3
j,. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30p.m.; Prayor ra,
iik on Friday ovoning nt ,s o'clock; Kpwort
Longuo C, IC, Tuesday at 8 a.m.   Hev. lie,,. II
Mordon, Pastor. |
Roman Catholic Church���Mass al Nclsoi
overy Sunday ���t 8and lunn a.m.; Bonodlctloi
at 7.110 to 8 p.m.   Hev. Fnthor Forlnnd, Priest.J
Baptist Imuucii ��� Servlcos morning an
-vonlngal II a.in. and 7.30 iun.; Prayor in, el
, ..ig \\ cdnosday ovonlng ,,'  8 p.in.;   ji,.,.] \IM
MADE   aro held In the Bohool houso.   Strangers cord
ally welcomed.   Hev. a. H. Welch, Pastor
Salvation Army���Services  even  ovo
at 8 p clock iu  barracks on Victoria BtroCI
Ai lm;, iiii Mlllnor iu chargo.
Brewers of Fine Lager
lieer and I 'oiler.
Drop  in   and  see   us.
B. C.
Bishop   Doane   of  Albany recalls an
incident illustrating the  freshness and
range of   Mr. Gladstone's rare scholarship and wonderful   memory.    Several
bishops on their way  to  Lambeth last
yeur went from Chester to   Hawarden,
and     sending     in    their   cards   were
promptly admitted to   Mr. (Hailstone's
presence.    One   of   the  names on   the
cards was that of the bishop of Wyoming, nnd it was   pronounced in the oid
man's     ear     with     the     "o"   long.
"Surely," he   said, "that   cannot  be i
Wyoming, because  I  remember  years !
ago    reading    Campbell's     charming !
poem,   'Gertrude  of   Wyoming,'   and J
the meter certainly  required the short
Wall Papers,
Fishing Tackle,
Garden & Flower Seeds.
Your Tobaccos
AT THE ���
Post Office
��b^^ Cigar Store
Where   you  will  always  lind   u   well
assorted  slock of  Imported    and
Domestic('igiii-s.Cigui-el.tes Tobaccos and i. full slock  of
Pipes at reasonable
Ni. LSI IN LODGK, No, 23. A. K. & A
.11. raoets second Wednesday ifeue
month.   Visiting brothron invited*
G. 1,. Lennox, Soorotary.
-(KffisV        I*   ��-  <>���   1'"-      Kooienay Lodg!
C/gfyy _��� Nr,. Ill, meets overy Monday iiljjli
" *   '   nl   thoir   'lull,   Kooienay sli'iio
Sojourning Odd Follows oordlally invited.
WM. HODSON, Sooretary.
^H^NELSON   LODGK  No. '.'*',, K. nf  I
ots in ensile hall, MoDonaldbl
'luosday ovening ni  s o'olool
,'islting knights cordially Invitod^
.1.   J.  "llAI.ONK. CO.
IH'-'1) GKO. PaRTHIDQE, K.of ll.illi:!.
NKLSON'   LODGK,   l, 0, (l. T.     Meets
Castle Hull, MoDonald Blook, everv Mondi
MoDonald Block, every Mondi
iveniii!.; al. S o'elock. Visit ing Templars C��
dlally inviied. John 'I'm.fori,.
Qoorgo Nunn   Soo'y
1 Will sell,'it cost for the balance of the season all trimmed
millinery, children's hats and
bonnets, sailors and shirt waists.
Josephine st., Nelson.
SONS    OF    KNGLAND,  in
s,*e,mil and fomili VVodnosds
oaoh moiiih nt K. of P, Hall, Ma
���i JJ)   Donald Blook,   cor. Vernon
%==g'   Josophino streets.   Visiting brotl
rn oordlally invited,       Krnebt Kino,     1
Oiias. II. Fabrow, Worthy Presidoii
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.K., NO. 8188 meel
Isl and 3rd Wednesday In each monlh in 111
K of r Hall. V XV .Swanell, O. I). S, 0. It.; JT
Green,O.R.: ,1. Purklss,Sooy.
NELSON LODGK, NO, 10 A.O.U.W., mei
every Thursday in tho I.O.O.F. hall. F
Swanell, M,W.: W Hudson, Koc.-Sec.; J.
B M��|!| Finanolor *'��� J s,|uire. Receiver
NKLSON 1..0.L. No. 1IIII2 ineels in tho I
Donald block every Thursday ovening a
lOelook,   Visitin.; members eoi.lially invil
1 John loyc, W.M.; I', J. Uradley, U.is. THE MINER, TUESDAY,  JULY 26, 1S98.
MM *tnmnti*Mf2ii.tK*i*,
i'i'V P    1 1     X*-'A.     r'P.Wtt
Mmihh LubAL ftfaWo
EVENTS   01'    LK'tlillES'L'   [Tl   AW
Brief    mui,.",    1,1   miipiieiilitiw   in   lha
Ulslrlcl During lhe Vu*t
!'i-i*i Dnys.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. A. ?ouuf! of Spok-
nno are al the Hnmo,
Mr. and Jlrs. F. W. Laiiig of I'.evel-
Btoko are in the city.
F. R. 0. Beer, general inei'ehanl of
Hnhsou.  is in (he city.
Dr. U. .1. Hawkey lefl last uighl fol'
a two weeks' trip to Victoria.
VV. A. .lowed left yesli r.lay 1 veninjf
for ii few days vsil to tho eosisl cities.
.1. W, ('. Haldnue end P. Allied
Vui'k of Liverpool, England, nre al Iho
5 It. M. Bird, Balfour; P. J. Hickey
and W. II. Gandey, Sandon, ore ul Iho
Horn.--In Nelson. ,,n Sunday, July
24, to the wife of D. O. i.i wis, a
His Honor Judge Forin lefl yeslor-
day for Revelsloke to held sittings cf
the county court.
(5! Jl. F. Andree. Slocan; Guy Tanner,
Spokane; Louis Guise and J. Matthew
Seaver, Kossland, are al the Phair.
Alex Smith, an old uewi paper man
and the present oi'guilissi I of Iho lilierul
party in Ontario, is visiting Vancouver.
Hon. ('. H. Mackintosh, mnuiiging
director of the B. A. C.who has spent
the past few days al the Halcyon
springs, returned yostorday evening to
Judge and Mrs. Townsend of Pern-
broke, who have heen ill Kelson for
the tiasl week ou a visit to Captain
and Mrs. Duncan, left yesterday evening for their home.
The provincial police officios ore UOW
located upstairs in the Morn hlock in
chargo of F. A. R. Mountain, chief
provincial constable, and ('. I). Jarvis,
provincial constable
The British America Corporation hns
purchased tho Algonquin group of
mines on Castle  mountain, two  miles
east of Cascade, and las! week started
work with ton nun.
The steamer Nelson loaves the city
wharf every morning except Sunday,
running to Kuskonook und returns Oil
Mondays and Fridays, and lo Goal
River Landing and return un Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays aud Saturdays.
Hamilton livers, hardware merchant
of Nelson und Kuslo. has secured the
eonlract to furnish all ihe hardware to
he used in the construction of tho concentrator now being huili al the
Whitewater mines.
' City Scavengers Holbrook and Chare
appeared beforo Gold Commissioner
Dennis yesterday to answer lo the
charge of creating n nuisance by dumping refuse within the city limits. Each
was lined $1(1 and costs.
Miss Shaw, colonial editor of the
London Times, has lefl Vancouver by
the Tartar for Skagway, She will
make a flying trip to Dawson und return.     She   expressed     herself     iir.'eh
pleased with what she has seen of the
A meeting will be held this evening
al 7 :80 o'clock in the ollice of Dr. G.
A. 15. Hall, for tbe purpose of malting
preliminary arrangements for tho
organization  of a   rifle  association lo
act in conjunction with   Iho Kootenay
llilhs.'   AH  interested  aS'u   invited"to
i e    irei-elll.
Joseph Piano, an Italian, appeared
I, fori' Police Magistrate Crease yesterday on u i III!  |       '.''*���',���'  I.ij   ! Illil i'   of
Police Mel ini , u ol! i     ���   '��������������� i * uci al, il
weapon .    lie wu    i          "���'��� aud costs
ami lhe   ,v< ap, ll,  a   ���' -calibre ( lull 'ti revolver, v, ns eoufisi at,
Tho drug il ':" of W. !���'. Teetzel is
hoing completely renovated. A plute
glass froni is being pul in tlw building
and the store is being papered. When
the improvements are completed this
will be one of tho most attractive drug
stores in the interiorof British Columbia,
After the completion of Ihe new ('.
P. 11. steol steamer now building at
tho company's shipyards at Nelsou if
is probable that the Eokauce will be
put on tho ways aud 20 feet added to
her length. Kol only will this greatly
increase hoi carrying capacity, but it
is claimed that it will materially add
to her Sliced.
Rov. \V. G. Lyon, who was drowned
in tin, Whiti Horse rapids w bile on
route to i he Yukon, was woll kuo'w u
in tho northwest. Deceased was al
one time resilient clorgyiuuii for the
Church of England al Fori Qa'Appolle,
and 1,1't for Iho STukou some months
ago in company with Messrs. Boyco
and Spooring of Qu'Appclle Station.
The results of tho Hall mines smelting operations during a period of 16
days, 18 hi,ins. ending July !: "10
days, ill hours' smelting: 8208 tons of
Sliver King ore Irom Ihe company's
mine and 'M'-' tons of purchasod ore
were suielled.yii ldiug 158 Ions matte,
containing (approximately), from Silver Is"i ig ore, (lii ions copper, 40,440
i./s. silver, i!' ozs. gold: from purchased ore, 8 tons copper, :!;���.'') OZH. silver.   I 79 o/'.s.  gold. "
him, said, lie understood liis Lordship
j"(tes1i'i'd to 'see him : you, i."i' lid, said
my Lord, who are you'.' Ken Jonson,
reply'd the other: No, no, ,|uoth my
Lord, vou cannot bo Ben Jonson who
wrote !!,"Sileni Woman, yon look as
if you eould uoi say Bo to a Gooses
I:.;, iv; 'il Bi ii, vory well, said iny
Lord, win, wus heller pleased at the
Joko Hum offended at tho Affront, I
nm now convinced by your Wil you
are   Ben   Jonson.���"Joo   Miller's Jest
Candidate    Elected   There   Will    Bn
Opposed to Turnerism.
RObeift Macpherson, M, L. A., returned this morning from Cassiar,
where he has heen doing active missionary vvorl: in llu.' eanse of good government.
Mr. Macpherson says that Cassiar is
praotichlly a unit agaiusl Turnerism
and will only elect men who will
promise to oppose Turner. The three
candidates running thero are not government candidates, Mr, McTavish is
au oppositionist, and Mr. Clifford
classes himself an independent.���Prov
m mi,mi mn m 111,1.1x1
��� 'if,   I ���'..
a lot of
Ice Cream freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
Plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offer-
ingat very low prices.
[Fer Harflware Go,.
Vancouver & Nelson, B. G.
The movements of Iheir excellencies
after leaving Vancouver will bo as fol
lows: Thursday, July 28, arfivo Vernon 8 a. in. : Friday, July '.".), leave
Coldstream; Friday, July 30, arrive
Guisachan; Saturday. July 80, leave
Vernon; Sunday, July ill, at Field or
Glacier; Monday, August I, arrive
CulgHjy; Tuesday, Anpusl 2, leave
Calgary; Wednesday, August il, arrive
Brandon ; Thursday, Augnsl I. arrive
Winnipeg, r :,",<>;,. in.; Friday, August
."', leave Winnipeg 2 :2S p. in. ; Saturday, Aliens; 0, arrive St. Paul at 7:20
p. in. : Sunday, August 7, arrive Saull
Sic. Mario 10:30 a. m. : Monday,
August 8, leave Sault Sie. Marie 11 :50
a. in. ; arrive ui North Bay 8:80 p. in, :
train trom Quehoo du i to arrivo ul
'.!:::() a. ni. Tuesday; Tuosday, August
li, leave North Bay i a. m. ; arrive
Gravonhnrst (for steamboat), 11 :'.'"> a.
iu. ; Wednesday, August 10, on boal ;
Thursday, Augusl 11, leave boal iu
morning; arrwe Toronto 8 p. m. ;
leave Toronto 8:50 p. in. ; arrive via
Hamilton, Buffalo 9:-lG p. .u:. ; arrive
Mayvillo midnight : Friday, August
12, Chautauqua; Saturday. August
Augusl 18, leavo Chautauqua early and
arrive Toronto 4:E0 p. m.; have Toronto 0:80 p in. ; Sunday, Augusl 11,
arrive Montreal, i i20 a. m. : have
Montreal 7:05 p. in. ; Monday. August
16, about l.lid-day arrive at Now Richmond.
Here is a item from a London'weekly
whoso lone is sympathetic toward the
colonies and it gives us a gluilCO of
ourselves as others sec us: "Prosperity
is in itself tho all-sufflcient advertisement lor a prosperous country. Tho
United Slates had no difficulty in filling up the vacanl area of the Union
without t ho help of a vigorous immigra>
tion policy. So it will be with Canada if mineral discoveries, high prices
and good crops combine to establish
the Dominion in its character as a
country where people can do well,
Tho fatal mistake of allowing tho railway companies to grab so much of
the laud iii tin- northwest deprived
Canada of the wealth of free homo-
steads, which was perhaps tho greatest
iuducomonl tho United States offered
to settlers. The old conservative mistake of undue tenderness to corporations has retarded tho growth of population in tho west, but now il is fair
to assume that the mineral discoveries
and the agricultural prosperity of
western Canada are doing moro to fill
lip   the   country     ihan    Ihe    vigorous
immigration policy,"
"I always consider my wife proposed
to nie." an old gentleman once remarked. "We were al a picnic in a
ruined   cnslle,    and    I  had    (lie merry
thoughl of the fowl served to me in
the carving. [ showed it to a girl 1
much admired, but had not dared to
propose to, as she was an heiress, and
asked lur if she knew tho old superstition about pulling a merry thought
over I he door, [stuck it up over a
ruined arch and looked  at   her.
" 'Now' I said 'if the old saying is
true the first woman who walks under
that will ho my future wife.'
"She looked ine full in the face,then
stepped under it, and I leavo you to
guess how long I was in setting up
matters. "���London Telegraph.
Mv Lord Craven, in King .Tames'
lirst reign, was very desirous to see
Hen Jonson, whieh being told to Ben,
he went to my Lord's house: but being
iu a very tattered condition, as poets
sometimes ure, tho Porter refns'd him
him Admittance, with some saucy
Language, which tbe other did not
fail to return: My.Lord happening to
come out while tliey were wrangling,
asked the occasion of it: Ben, who
stood in need of no-body to   speak  for
has taken over (lie practice of
Dr, 11. M. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods. .  .
Hi���!,,,: tun Block Baiter SI.
tl is the Most Modern in Equipment.
II Is (lie llciivlcsl Hulled Uno.
II bus n ICock-KnlliiHl RiiKtllii'd.
ll CrosNON SioSiiml DeMsciift,
il Is  lliu tlii'.y I,ine   Bunuing   ILuntrlomi
-Ulitli  Boom Vnrn.
II is Noted for (Iio Courtesy of Its Employes.
Il I, lhe Only Line Si-1* *. I a�� Meals mi llie
n la Carte   IMiut.
Attractive Tours during Season of
Navigation on Great Lakes via Dulnth iu
connection with Magniflpent Passenger
Steamers Northwest aud Northland.
For maps, tickets and comploto inhumation
cull on ur address Agonte, R. &.-S. Ky., (J, & K
S. Nav, Co., N' & V. S. Ry., or
c. tl. DIXON, Goneral Agen
Spiihain-, trunk.
r. i. wiirrnfFr, ��. �����. a t. a���
St l'lllll.  Ml;,,.
lulci'iiiiliiisiil Navigation k Trailing Company.
Summor Card. Effective June 20,1898.
Subject to chango without notico.
South b'nd.   S. 6, International,   North b'nd
Road down Read up
Train Lva I.OOp.in. Sandon 10.60a.m. Train.\r
"  Ar  :i.I.",  "     Kn-l,i    sun  "       "    Lv
Ileal  Lvb. 3.30n.m.  Knslo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"     1.30   " Ainsworth 7.311	
"    .' uu   "  I'iloi Hay  0.-15 '
"     530   "    Hull',,nr   11.10	
"    Ar   Uio   " SMUe Pt. 6.25	
"     7.15   "    Nelson    1,15    " "   l.v
Train "   10.05 p.m. N'thport 1,56    "  Traiii   "
"    "   11.20   " Rossland 12.05 (Mil.   "
"    "    3.10   "  Spokano   8.30   "
Sandon-Kaslo  train dally.   Hoat, and   Spokane train daily except Sunday.
S. Is. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.16   "     Kaslo     S.OII   " "    l.v
Boat Lvs  5.00   "      Kaslo     1.00   "      limit Ar
'���    il.-jo "Ainsworth 11.10 p.m.    "     "
"    T.iio   " I'iloi Hav 11.00   "       ''
������   lo.oo  " Kuskon'k x.no   "
"   12.00m.Goat lilvorG.QO	
l.lHia.m. Boundary 5.00   "
"Ar      8.011  " B'rsForry 2.00   "       "     Lv
Train Lv ll.lo  " B'rs Forry 1.16   "    Train Ar
"  Ar 2,16p.m. Spokano 7.60a.m.    "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Hoat. leaves Kaslo
for abovo points Tuesdays and   Saturdays
Uoturning on NVodnosdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenny lake Service,
Commoncing 20 .June, 18118.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday s. s
A llu rl ii will i,-iiv,- Kaslo .',),. in., for Ainsworth
I'ilot Hay and Nelson.
Leaving Xelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilol Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all way points.
(All times aro subject to clianqo without nolle e
Mollis and bertha nol included.
Passengers on S, S. Internationa] from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., tor points on Kootenay
Lake soul h of Pilot Bay, will connect at lhal.
point with thoS.S. Alberta.
Passougors for Nelson vi,, s. s. Alberta, from
points south of I'ilot Hay, can, by arrnngouionl
wit 11 inu-ser, have stop-over al Pilot Hoy or
Ainsworth, or connect wiih s. S. International
ill Knslo.
Tho company's si earners connect Kootenny
Lako and Slocan points with all points in Uio
United Stales ana Canada; byway of Spokano
and Kootenay Rlvor.
Tickets sold and bnggago checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our ollice.
P, 0. Hox 122, Kaslo, B.O
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year ��� -       $10.00
Half Year -      -      -      $5.00
[One Tlontli      -        -        -        $1.00
j-*�����*-���_�� BY MAIL OK  CARRIER         ,n
TTtTTmTmmmtmTYTYTv ftnfmTmnmm wr
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has been
used up. If so we
shall be pleased to
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads,
f 1
Bill Heads,  Envelopes,
Posters. Dodgers,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
are right in our
line of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
Good Work
Fair Price
Wc keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining"
Forms and will print
anything" you may
To all Eastern and European
To Pacific Coast and Transpacific Points.
To the Rich and active Mining-
Districts of Klondike and the
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St.  Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points.
Tickets issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Kossland and Main   Line  points
lUOp.m.-Leaves- NELSON���Arrives-10.30 p,m
Knotcmiy i.niic-Kiihiu iliuiii*.
Except Sunday, Except Sunday.
I   p.m.- Leaves���NKLSON'���Arrives���11   a.m.
Calllngat way ports in both directions.
Kootenny River Jtimir.
Stb. nklson.
Mon. Wed. Fri. Mon, Wed. Fri.
7 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���8.80 p. 111.
Huns to Kuskanook (formerly Armstrong's
Landfngi calling at way ports making close
connections at Pilot* Hay with Steamer Koka-
nei*. Steamer makes additional trips when
vided business warrants.
'Ili-allis   Iii .-inil  Irinii   Slocan City, Snuiloii
anil Sloraii   Lake   roiuls.
(Sundays Kxceptcd)
'J a. 111.���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives���2.20 p. nl.
Aboektain Present
Red'aced Rates East
and full informal ion by   addressing nearest
local iiKi'iit. or OKO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agouti Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Agent, Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver.
Write for Klondike folder and Map.
Spokane  Falls &
Morthem R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without change
of cars between Nelson and Eossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
(Daily Except Sunday)
Leave 6-20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"    12:05 "   EOSSL'D    "   11:20   "
"    8.30 a-m. SPOKANE   "    3.10 p.m.
Tte Daify Miner
is meeting with good
success and if not on
1 our list you should
bc. Wc deliver it to
your home for oni
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhe   flfotner
Iptoi. & pub. Co.
Train that Iphvch Nelson nt 6:20 n.m.
makes close connections nt Spokniie tor
nil l'ncilic Const l'oiuts.
Passengers for Kettle Kiver nud Boundary Creek, connect lit Marcus with Stage
? For One Cent a Word?
X     You ean find a buyer for "Any
T Old Thing" if you advertise,
1 ia --nil .i iiii, vi 1-1 nn ni ^.
All ailvci'lisciiieulK iut nln column aro
1 cent a word caeli iiiKcrlion.   No ad
VOl'tlSOtnont taken for less
-filiun,    i>u   nil      .
in tban 2*5 centH.   ���
���������������������^������������������������������������^     4444.
Oldpftnera at. Thk Miner office.  2a cents
ior hunarod.
FOUND.-A small key, National Cash Regit-
tor.   Apply "Minor" ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano organ or
guitar, by Mra. w. .1. Astloy, Robson utroct,
two doors west, of Stanloy.   P. O. Hox 180.
TO LET���Two rooms well fnrnlshod, llKliteil
by electric HkIiI. willi private family. Victoria
St. next lo Victoria Hotel. IX THE MINER, TUESDAY, JULY 26,  1898.
Bank or Montreal Offers !��8 1-3 Cents for
WUole Amount. Tenders for Sewer
Supplies.���Proceedings toQunsb Elc��5-
trlc Light By-law. Adjourned Meeting Wednesday Afterno	
puli ���
��� in ;it
At the regular meeting of the city
oounoil held yesterday afternoon there
were present Mayor Houston, Aldermen Hillyer, Madden, Teetzel and
The minutes of last luri'liiiK were
rend nnd adoptod.
A number of bills were received in
connection with the reception to liis
Exoellenoy the Governor General on
the recent visit of the vico regal party
to Nelson, and on tho suggostiou of
the mayor were referred to the finance
committee to report on,
Tenders   for   supplies   required   for
sewer extension were received   us   fol
Balfour Brick Oo.���86,000 brick, at
$11 per thousand,
H.   J.   Evans  & Co. ��� 60 barrels
Portland cement, $6 per barrel.
Turner, Beetbn & Oo.���0-inch .sewer
pipe, 313 cents   per foot; 12-inch   pipf
44 cents; cement, $6,10 per barrel.
Onslow Newliug���8-inch pipe, '.
cents per foot; 12-inch pipe, 60 cent
15-ineli pipe, ?,"i cents.
H. ,T. Evans & Co.���8-inch pip
26k{ cents; 12-inch pipe, 52 conl
15-mch pipe, 80 cents.
The tenders were referred to th
lie works committee, to report
the next meeting of the council.
The public works committee recommended that certain extensions be
made to the, sewer system as reported
by the city engineer. Tenders were
received for the purchase of the city
debentures, as authorized by by-laws
recently submitted lo I lie rate-payers
for approval, as follows:
Bank of British Columbia, for $5000
of debentures at HU cents.
Bank of Halifax, for $20,000, as per
by-laws 2,2 and 88, at par wilh deductions of 81,111 for legal fees to examine the validity of the by-laws.
Bank of Montreal, for whole amount
of $66,000 debentures, 98)^ cents.
The mayor notified the council that
Dr. Arthur and R. M. Macdonald had
entered procedings to quash tlie electric light by-law on the grounds that
the mayor and council were interested
in the Electric Light company, and
therefore the transaction is illegal. Ue
further stated that he did not* consider
it fair that the eity should be called
upon to fight the ease, when if successful it would be impossible to recover
the costs of the ease, from either of the
parties named. The notice had been
held back until after the result of the
provincial elections was known and
an extension of time for this purpose
was secured. The costs to the city of
defending the by-law would not he less
than iJIOl), and lie doubted if any fraction of it could be collected afterwards.
Noel & Thompson .submitted n list of
tools which they wished'to sell to lhe
city, and their communication was referred to the public works committee.
On motion the council adjourned
until Wednesday afternoon at il
water. In addition there is lhe Kootenay Sampling Works at Kaslo. A
smelter is in operation at Pilot Bay,
another at the Hall mini's at Nelson,
the Canadian Pacific has one at Trail
anil the Be Roi Mining company has
one al Northport. A cyanide plant is
bein- built ul Silica.' B C. And all
this in the short time [ have mentioned.
"In 1805 there was not a bank in the
country. Now the Morchiuits' Bank
offiHalifax, the Bank of Montreal, the
Punk of Uri tish Columbia and the
Bank of British North America all
have branches in thc Kootenay. Take
this all together and I think it i.s a
pretty good showing for a new
nelson cafe. Kirkpatrick & Wilson f
Joseph Ladue at* Last  (lets a Patent to
Dawson City Townsite.
Joseph Ladue has at last secured
from the Canadian government a pat
cut for Kin acres nl' laud on which the
townsite of Dawson is located. His
representative, armed with the papers,
arrived in Dawson late in June
Small log store rooms are renting for
$600 and $700 a month, and corner lots
on lhe principal business streots have
sold as high as $20,000 cash.
The Nugget announces lhat C. J.
Herman and ,1. Boyd, both of San
Francisco, were drowned in White
Horse rapids on June ii. A Ma/tson,
the other member of the party, narrowly escaped a similar fate. They
were going through the White Horse
on a scow which ran against a rock
and upset, throwing all three men and
their outfits into the water. Boyd and
Herman sunk almost instantly, but
Matson came to the surface, grabbed
lhe scow aud clung on until he was
finally rescued. ���The Province.
Nineteen   Austrian   Sailors    Arrested
for Cruelty and  Brutality.
Havre, July 25.���Nineteen Austrian
sailors who arrived here by La Bre-
tagne yesterday were taken before a
magistrate and confronted by some
second chiss posengers, survivors of Ba
Bourgoyne, ou charges of cruelty and
brutality at the time of tlie collision
of La Bourgoyne and thc British ship
Cromartyshire oft' Sable islands on
July 4. The evidence against theni was
very slight, six of the accused were
helil on the roruand. The others were
di sell urged.
He Suggests Terms   ol'   Peace   to   End
the Present War.
London, July :J.'i.���A special despatch from Rome says the pope has
communicated to the powers the peace
proposals that he considers should be
acceptable to both the United States
and Spain, namely, the American annexation of Cuban and Porto Rico, tho
restitution of the Philippines to Spain
and a commercial treaty giving Spain
exceptional advantages in tho colonies
Four Years Development Work   in ihe
Kootenay Mining District.
"Did you ever stop lo realize, what
the development of tlie inining country
north of Spokane during the lust three
or four years amounted to?" asked
General Agent Dixon of the Great
Northern Railway a day or so ago iu
conversation with a Spokesman-Review reporter, mi his rotnru from a
trip over lhe line of lhe Spokane Falls
& Northern railway. Perhaps the
recent acquisition of that road liy his
own company bad something in do
with his actions, and perhaps it had
not, but the fact remains lhal he gathered considerable information concerning the country during his trip,
"Rossland, Xelson. Ktwlo, Sandon,
New Denver. Three Porks, Greenwood
and a number of oilier towns have
grown into good sized towns from
either small oomps or nothing but the
wilderness," he continued. "Four
years ago UO railroad penetrated the
heart ol' lhe Kooienay region. Now
the district has several lines and inori)
are projectod, Tlie towns are taking
on metropolitan airs, are equipped or
are  equipping  themselves with water
and electric light   plants aud llie class
of bnildings in them would do oredil
lo any town. They are steadily going
ahead and every mouth marks a decided forward stop, Foreign capital is
coining in more freely.
"The one item of mining machinery
put in alone shows ihe tremendous
advance made in mineral development.
Where there were no concentrators at
all four years ago there are now many.
In the Sloean one is installed at tlie
Montezuma mine on lhe BOUth fork of
the Kaslo. one at the Washington, one
at the |Noblo Five, one at (lie Slocau
Star and one at the Idaho. There is
also a concentrator al Pilot Pay, one
at the No. 1 al Ainsworlli and one at
the Highlander in the same camp, and
one nt Woodbury creek, above Ainsworth. One bas been ordered for the
Whitewater in the Slocan and one is
being built ill Jackson near the While-
London, July 25.���The parliamentary
bye election held in Reading today to
fill the vacancy caused by the dealh of
the late conservative member, Mr. O,
P, Murdoch, resulted in a victory fnr
the liberal candidate, Mr. C. W. Palmer, who formerly represented Reading, but wus an unsuccessful candidate
for the seat against, Mr. Murdoch at
the last general elections.
Now York, July 25.���Kid McPart-
land of New York and Jack Everhardt
of New Orleans fought 25 rounds tonight, at the Greater New York
Athletic, elnb, Coney Island, and at the
end of the fight both men wero able to
go several rounds more. Referee S. O.
Austin satisfied everyone by declaring
the fight a draw.
London, July 25.���The premium on
gold at Buenos Ayres i.s quoted at
IT:',. Ill; at Madrid, at 72.65; at Lisbon,
at so; at Rome, at* 107.47.
V. HOSHI, Proprietor
The Best Meals in the City
from 25 cents up.
Tables   supplied   with    all
the delicacies of the season
are receiving1 Seasonable Goods
for the best trade of Nelson in
the lines of
The quality is the besl and prices
right.       As always, our stock of
is full and being added lo as needed.
Kirkpatrickand Wilson,BAKKR STREET
Special attention paid to auditing
Company's books. Business accounts balanced aud set in order.
For terms apply
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL-8IZ6 $15.
Including Supply of Chemical Charges
with each.
Delivered F. o. B. 111 Portland, Ore.
The  Babcock  is  the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and  Department   Supplies.
I71 4th St. I>urtlanil, Ort.
(AIMM. MFIME*, M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite Phair Hotel.
NELSON. B.C. P.O. BOX 583.
Kxtoiidod oxporlonco in Cliilo nml German
South Africa. Assays nml analysis of oron.
Reports nml Viilnntions on mineral properties
Underground surveying aud mino plans l��;,i
up by contract.
Steamship Lines
Prom Montreal nr Quebec
Qoavor Lino   Lako Huron Aug. 11
Beaver Lino���Lake Superior Aug. 10
iiiiiiiiiiiuii Lino  Vancouver auk. ii
Dominion Lino  SooUman Aun. 111
Allan Lino���Callfornian -luly H8
Allan Lino  Numldlan Auk.  1
From Now York
Whiio Sim- Lino���Toutonio Ann. n
Whilo Slur Lino���Urilaiinio Aug, 10
Cunard Lino- Lucanla Auk- 6
('innnl Lino- Etrurla... Aug. 13
Allan sinio Line  State of Nebraska.... Aug. 20
Allan Sinio Lino   Mongolian ..Auk. 13
Anohor Line���Furnessla Auk. 20
Anchor Lino���Anchorla Auy. 18
Cabin, $45.00, $50, SjbU, S70 $80 ami upwards
[ntermodiato, $34.00 and upwards
Steerage. $*i2.'Ji and upwards,
I'osioiiKii's tiokotod through toall point*
final Britain or Ireland, and at special! y low
ratos In nil parts of tho EuropOan oontlaont
Propoid passages arranged trom nil polnti.
Applv  In GFKO.  B.  BEER,   C.P.R.  '1 eke
Agont, Nelson, or lo,     WILLIAM S'I'IT'I
���Mil  Genoral Agent, C.l'.lt. Odious, Winnipeg.
Twenty yours' experience in mining.
Thorough  knowledge of mines of British
Columbia.  Torms Huusomilile.
718 NELSON, B. O.
For the next Thirty Days
. . . Also . . .
Flowers and  Hair Goods.
Room 6,   Turner-Boeokh   block. Kn*
trance linker street.   Open from
8 a. 111. to 4.30 p. 111.
Repaired, Altered, Cleaned, Pressed
and Dyod by  Iho NKW   PROCESS ut
Reasonable Prices,
STEVENS, The Tailor.    ~~~-^
Room o. Hii.i.ykr Bi.k., NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Dress Goods Sponged
beforo Making Up.
The Sacred Cantata
will be presented in tlie
Wednesday Ev'g, July 27th.
Commence K p.hi. Admission llftc.
Wall Paper, 8portina Goods
���   Hammocks,   ��
Cameras, Kodaks
Photographic Supplies,
for Nobbiest and best and Save KASH.
Arc Saving Money over)' day
on their 1 hardware Bills by
allowing us to figure with them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 21.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Ktc...
FOR SALE   ___����v������.va!Wk
Cornel' Loi on Vernon St., with Building. 12 Lots in lllock
111''   Ohenp.   2 i.i is Cm*. Josephine and Rohson.
FOR RENT ����ix\\\vKMN*.
2 Luis .-imi Dwelling near Oor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., 812 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar St.,
$20 per month,    House aud 2 Lots, Houston St., $15 month,
all and see our full list ol" property for side  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson, -,
General Manager j .,,-,.   ~nlVT    r>   r
S. S. Fowler, E. M., i INbLSON,   B. C.
Mining" Engineer J                                      m
Charles D. J. Christie
Houses lo rent at SI I, $15, and 830.   I insurance, real estate,
Two Lots, garden and fenced,   Victoria street, 9600, A   first-class Stenographer,   Type-
A 8 roomed Furnished   House,  well writer  and   Accountant always   on
finished, on fenced lot, .$700. |hand,
0        ���        o
a       ���       o
A Trial   will   convinc
that the  World's   Leading
Beer loses none of its good
qualities by   being   bottled
in our own country.
Thomson Stationery Co.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
���W. A. JOWETT,!
Victoria Street = NELSON, B. C.


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