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The Miner Oct 19, 1898

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 Dailv Edition No   139.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday Morning,   October 19, 1898.
Ninth Yeai
We are now doing business in our
new Store in the Aberdeen Block and
extend a cordial invitation to our
many customers and friends to call
and see us. You are as welcome to
look as to trade
%   LILLIE BROS.   $tf>
Galician Family Chopped
to Pieces.
|.\ Man, Two BoyB and Two Girls Found
Butohered in a House Near
Dominion Oity.
Winnipeg,   Oet.    18.���The  Galician
'ttlnment, about   25 miles oast of Do-
jiiniou city, was the   scene of n  most
Inooklng and cold   blooded mnrder  in
'liicli   almost   ono    entire    Galician
liinily was  chopped   to   pieces  with
11 axe.    Tho tragedy occurred on Sat-
���day morning. The name of the mur
I'rod man is Wasyl   Bocehkc, u   Gnli-
[ an about 40 years of age.    Tho  four
md  children  are   two boys nnd two
J rls, ranging from threo to ten years.
llie man who discovered the murder is
[so   a     Galician,     a     neighbor    of
[ocehko's  who  went to his  house on
liturday. about 2 o'clock. Ho knocked
lit getting   no  reply opened the door
|id went in.    The   sight   which   mot
Is eyes  was   horrifying    The   dead
Tidies   of   Bocehke and his four ohil-
|ou were hacked to pieces and bruised
a frightful manner.
Shore Mine���Rich   Strike on the
I Moyie and Queen of the Hill���Work
on the St. Eugene.
mine the value of the property. This
thoy havo dono, and the showing
which is now in sight is much above
the most sanguine expectations of the
men who influenced the syndicate
to take hold of the property.
The famous St. Eugene miue. which
ranks next to tho North Star in East
Kootenay mining properties, will
soon begin to mako a record for itself,
since shipping facilities have been
afforded. Without auy exaggeration,
this mino bids fair to bo a world
beater. Not a mine in British Columbia had an equal amount of ore blocked
out with the same amount of development work done. Por four years work
on this mine has been prosecuted in a
quiet way, and in that time, besides
taking out nearly 7000 tons of ore,
some 5000 feet of tunnels and shafts
have beeu run and iu the neighborhood
of 50,000 tons of oro blocked out. A
good wagon road has heen built from
the mine to this place and the clean
oro will soon bo brought down and
shipped. However, this mine, like
most of tho othors in this viciuity, is
a concentrating proposition, and until
the oro is flrst treated at homo it cau
not be shipped to a great distance nt a
very large profit. But at least two
concentrators will be built hero next
spring and the problem of handling
the ore will be much simplified.
There aro a number of other mining
properties tributary to Moyie City
which will benotne shippers before
many mouths. Tho Society Girl,
situated near the St. E".^ene and
owned by Charles Farrell, and the
Aurora, on tho west shore of Moyie
lake and owned by Captain Sanbnrn
and O. J. Johnson, are being developed
and havo excellent showings.
A Case Which Puzzles Montreal Detectives.
A Man Drops out of Sight, Almost in Tiew
of His Wife, and All Trace of Him
is Lost.
foyie City, Oct. 18.���Since the last
ll wos laid aud the last spike was
|ven in the construction of the
few's Nest Pass railway to Kootenay
le an increased activity has prevailed
land around this place. The milling
lustry. wliich has so long been
ll back ou account of tho laok of
Importation facilities, will now
le full sway.
j'ork on    the  Lako    Shore mine,
Uch   is   situated    almost    in    the
|ct of  the   town,   wns   commenced
week, and double shifts of five men
li aro stoping  oro and putting it in
lore bin   for  shipment.    This   bin
[a capacity  of  70   tons and is con-
|;ed with the^hionth of   the  tunnel
car tramway of   about   80 feet in
I'th.   The   oro will be carted  from
bin,   londod   in   box oars nt   tho
��� close by and shipped to the smel-
hi bulk."   An option on this   prop-
is hold by  a  London   syndicate,
(the owners   are   continuing work-
r.ho mine, and are  not apparently
liciilar as to whether  a sale is eon-
lmated or not.    Martin  Foley, ono
e owners,   is  superintending  the
phenomenally  rich   strike   has
made on  tho   Moyio  and Queen
Hills claims, which are  located
|t   half   wav     between  tho Lake
and    St.   Eugene    mines,   on
lame ledgo.   Thero is now a show-
If betweeu 85  and 40 feet of solid
la, and the chances of this  mam-
body of ore   holding   its width
���favorable.    In   80   days  a 70 foot
"il has been   run   and  the   ledge
distance has  been  gradually
lasing from  four feet to the  pres-
claims  were    bonded about
hiouths  ago  by   the Fort Steele
iopiueut syndicate  of London,   of
|i N. A. Wallinger is the resident*
ger.   The last payment on  the
Iwill be made  the  latter part of
ler, when tho working  force will
|reatly   increased  and  the  mine
shape to be   worked on a large
|systematio  scale.   The  force at
now   is simply  doing dovelop-
Iwork endeavoring to fully deter-
Tho Financial Times of   London Says
it Has  Been Affected.
Toronto, Oct. 18.���Following is a
special cable to the Evening Telegram,
dated Loudon, Oct. 18.���Tho Financial
Times denies having injured the reputation or credit of tho city of Winnipeg. Tlie Tribnne in making such a
chargo, it observes, lost, its temper.
Tbe article goes to say that Winnipeg's
credit has suffered through its attempt
to raise money for waterworks purposes ou the Londou market because of
her council's action. The offer made
bv the mayor of Winnipeg of ��55,000,
the Financial Times declares, was accepted by the bondholders, but this the
Winnipeg council repudiated offering
��40,000. It is a misfortune, it adds,
that the city of Winnipeg should be so
badly represented nnd regret is expressed that the city had been brought
into disrepute through the action of
unwise councillors.
Toronto, Oct. 18.���It appears that
Sir Oliver Mowat was on Sunday
threatened with an attack of paralysis
but the attack was happily confined
to the vocal chords and has now practically passed off. Dr. J. A. Tomple
has been attending him and Sir Oliver's condition today's was quite reassuring.
Many telegrams came iu from all
over the ciuntry todny, though curiously the illness was almosf unknown
in the city, no paper mentioning
it until this evening.
Montreal,   Oot   18.���A     mysterious
disappearance is   puzzling the city detectives.   Dr.   Ireland,   ot  Salisbury,
South Africa, arrived here a short time
ago and after staying a couple of days,
left for  Paris,   Ontario, to meet his
wife, who had been staying with  her
parents   for   about   a  year.    They arrived   here  on Friday and   registered
at tho St. Lawrence Hall on tbe afternoon   of   Saturday   and   Dr.    Ireland
went down to   collect   a bill from   an
officer  of  a ship.     As he   was some
time in returning,   his   wife went  to
search for him.    When   she  was   half
a block away from the wharf sho   saw
him,   and  waved   her   hand   and   he
raised his hat in reply.    This   was  at
5 :80 o'clock, and it was getting pretty
dark, but even at  that   distance. Mrs.
Ireland says she saw her husband jump
as if over a pool   of water,   nud   then
he disappeared   and she has   not   seen
him since.    She   found   his   hat  and
one of  his  gloves  on the wharf and
there the   mystery   begins, for nobody
seems to know what  become of   him.
Mrs. Ireland is   completely   prostrated
at the disappearance of her husband.
Montreal, Oct.  18.��� The strange disappearance of Dr. W. M. Ireland is as
great  a   mystery  as over.    Detectives
have   been working on the case  since
Saturday,   but   are    completely  nonplussed. There are several theories explaining  his   disappearance,   that he
accidontly met death  by  falling  into
the    water,   committed  suicido,   met
with foul  play, or took this means  of
leaving his wife; but   as yet thero  is
nothing to bear out   the theory of foul
play  and  against that  of aocidental
drowning   there is   the   fact  that his
hat   and   gloves   wero   found  on  the
wharf  some  yards    from   the  edge.
There is no  apparent reason  why   he
should commit suicide, except perhaps,
ill health, or why he should leave liis
wife   with   whom his  relations  were
apparently most pleasant.
Dr. Ireland was a sou of Wm. Musgrove Ireland, wholesale grocer of
Trenton, a graduate of Trinity Medical
college, Toronto, and took his license
at Ann Arbor, Mich. He practiced at
Morgan Hill, San Francisco, for several years and there married Maria
Wallace, a sea captain's daughter, sold
out and three years ago went to South
Africa and for a time was family phy
sician to Hon. Cecil Rhodes, volunteered as physician in Mashnoaland rebellion, and was wounded in the hip,
for which he enjoyed n pension. Ho
returned home two years ago and delivered several illustrated lectures
throughout the country on South Africa. He left Trenton last Thursday,
accompanied by his wife, for Montreal to have an operation performed.
He was only 81 years old.
Victoria, Oct. 18.���Tho offloial declaration of the Cassiar election was
made at the court house horo today by
returning officer Alexander. Tho figures stand for tho elected candidates:
Clifford, 171); Irving, 151; while
McTavish defeated, had 54 votes. The
woro 10 spoiled ballots.
Hamilton, Ont, Oct. 18.���It is reported at Ancaster that Dan D. De-
vine, who is serving a 14 year sentence
for burglary, is prepared to give evidence as to tho murder of John Hyslop, treasurer of Ancaster township,
some years ago.
Chatham, Out Oct. 18.���Hon. J. I.
Tarte inspected tho government works
on Rondeau yesterday and spoke in
the evening at the meeting bere.
of the flrst gun
Major Deane and
of General Brook's
Stars and Stripes,
played   tho   "Star
upon tbe flagpole, watched  for developments.
At the sound
from Fort Morro,
Lieutenant Castle,
staff, hoisted the
while the band
Spangled Banner.''
All heads were bared and the
crowds cheered. Fort Morro, Fort
San Cristobal and the United States
revenue cutter Manning lying in the
harbor, fired 21 guns each. Sonor
Munzo Rivios, who wns president of
the recent autonomist council of secretaries, and other officials of the late
insular government, were present at
the proceedings.
Paris, Oct. 18.���Spain can no longer
have auy doubt regarding the ultimate
attitude of the United States towards
the so-called debt Tho American
commissioners have declined to assume
it or any part of it. They have also
deolined to accept a cession of sovereignty to tho United States for in that
case Spain would claim that such a
cession by its own force would impose
the obligation for that debt. It is
confidently believed that in refusing to
accept a cession of sovereignty, the
American commissioners are acting
also upon their announcement to the
world'in the intervention resolutions
disclaiming any intention to exercise
sovereignty or authority over Cuba,
except for pacification, and then to
leave the island to the control of its
people and its people to the'assnmption
of its obligations. This position of the
commissioners couples itself with
the declaration in tho resolution that
the people of Cuba aro bv right and
so-light to be free and independent and
good faith requires the performance
of this declaration, it being plain that
if Cuba were annexed to us, while she
might be free, she would not be independent,
With Dignity  and Impressive Ceremony
the  U. S. Takes Possession
of Porto Rico
Ocean   Steamers Have
Exciting Time
Eeport8d Loss of a Schooner���Unsuccessful Efforts to Be3cue Her Orew,
Who Were Drowned-
John    Coleman  Ferguson  Refused   a
Land Surveyor's  Certiiicato.
Victoria, Oct 18.���The application
of John Coleman Ferguson for a mandamus compelling the board of examiners to act under the proviucial laud
surveyors act and to issue to him a
certificate allowing him to practice as
a provincial land surveyw, was dismissed by Mr. Justice Martin' this
morning. Mr. Ferguson is a member
of the institute of civil engineers of
London, England, and applied hero for
a ! certificate allowing him to practice
as a provincial land surveyor. He
presented his credentials and submitted to au examination on the provincial system of land surveyors, but
refusod to take au examination as to
piano and solid geometry, trigonometry and the other subjaots named iu
section 17 of the act, which the examiners told him to be necessary. His
contention was that ho only had to
satisfy the examiners that he had proper knowledge of the provincial system of laud surveying, in which ho
said he had passed a good examination.
Hon. Joseph Martin, A. G., appeared for the examiners and read au affidavit of Thomas Kains, one of the examiners, showing that the applicant
had not passed a satisfactory examination as to the provincial system of
land surveys, and therefore he could
uot give the certificate. As to the examination under section 17 he had advised the examiners that they had
no power to examine on the subjects
set out in that section, and to issue to
Mr. Ferguson his certificate when he
passed successfully the other necessary
Kingtson, Ont, Oct 18.���The new
Watkins wing of the Kingston geueral
hospital was formally opened with a
special reception today.
San Juan de Porto Rico, Oot 18.���
Promptly at noon today tho American
flag was raised over San Juan. The
ceremony was quiet and dignified,
nnmarrod by disorder of any kind. Tho
11th regular infantry, with two batteries of the 5th artillery, landed this
morning, Tho latter proceoded to
tho forts whilo tho infantry lined up
on tho rocks. It was a holiday for San
Juan and there wero many people in
the streets. Roar Admiral Schley
and General Gordon, accompanied
by their staffs, proceeded to the
place in carriages. The 11th infantry
regiment and band with troop six of
the Sixth U. S. cavalry, then marched
through the streets and formed in the
square opposite the palace. At 11 :
40 a. m. General Brooks, Admiral
Schley and General Gordon, the
United States evacuation commissioners, came out of the palaco with many
naval officers and formed on the right
side of the square. The streets behind
the soldiers were thronged with townspeople who stood waiting in dead silence. At last tho city clock struck
the  hour of 12, and  the   crowds,   al
Kingston, Oct 18���The consecration
services of the most Rev. Gautier to
the archbishopric of Kingston took
place this morning. Surrounded by
the priests of the church, hundreds of
Canadian priests, and in the presence
of great crowds, in tho cathedral of St.
Mary's he took tho oath that bound
him irrevocably to tho destinies of the
diocese. Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Lady
Laurier and the Hon. Mr. Scott represented tho Dominion govornmont and
the Hon. Win. Hardy, tho provincial
govommcut Archbishop Duhamel of
Ottawa was the consocrator and Archbishop O'Brien of Halifax was the
Bar silvor, 00;
silvor  cortifl-
New York, Oct. 1 H.Mexican dollars,   4(i.:l-4
cates, 60Ji to (11.
Copper flrin ; brokers
change, $12.50.
Lead,, quiet and easy
price, $8.70; exchange,
Tin    firm,    Straits   $17.75;   platos
steady ; spelter quiet, domestic $5.
prico $12; ex-
$3.80    to
Montreal, Oct. 18.���Fierce gales and
storms are reported from tho St. Lawrence. The Allan liuo steamship
Laurentiau reports a gale blowing
when she passed up the river on Friday, but she got in with little delay
and reached Montreal on Saturday.
The Allan line steamship Califomian
was not so fortunate. The Cahfornian
arrived off Father Point on Saturday at
8 p. m. but tho storm was so fierce
that no pilot could possibly got aboard
and she lay there till 4 :30 p. m. Sunday, when one of the pilots ventured
out and got safe aboard and the Califomian continued her voyage up the
river. River craft had a hard time of
it and all day Sunday traffic was at
a standstill.
The Richelieu & Ontario Navigation
company's steamer Montreal, which
was due in Quebec ot 7 p. in. on Sunday, reached her dock only at 4 a. m.
Monday. Her officers report a stormy
run down and say that nt Portneuf
thero was six inches of snow.
The Quebec steamship Krim which
arrived in port from Sydney yesterday
had fearfully rough weather coming
up tho river on Saturday. Her docks
were swept mid two ot h"- rents were
carried away. She saw a schooner capsized in the storm in the course of tho
afternoon of Saturday. Three unsuccessful efforts were made aud two boats
were Bwamped in trying to rescue tho
crew, but tney all perished. Threo of
the men clung to tho upturned vessel
for a whilo, but they were finally
swept away ono by ono. The captain
could not ascertain the name of tlio
Toronto. Oct 18.���The latest figures
recoived by local prohibitionists today
indicate a victory of something liko
18,000 in the Dominion at large.
Berlin, Ont Oct. 18.���Another accident resulting from carelessness with
firearms occurred at Bloomingdale on
Sunday. \Yalter Snyder, a young
man of that village, was out shooting
with a revolver and had fired tho weapon several times at the boards. The
revolver finally refused to shoot and
Snyder looked down into the barrel
to see what was wrong. It discharged
at the same moment aud a bullet entered
bis breast,piercing one of his lungs. A
doctor probed for the bullet, but he
was unable to reach it. The young
man lies at tho point of death.
Hymen's Harvest,
The lndj- whom Mr. Freeman Lako hns gono
eaat to marry is Miss Tuck, daughter of Judgo
Tuck, of St. Johns, N. B. Tho wedding will
take placo next Saturday afternoon, and Mr,
Lake will leavo for tho west with his bride
almost immediately.
For Instance
It was in Iho intellectual circlo that toasts
Its shins and airs its wisdom nightly nt tho
blazing hearth in tho olilce of tho Hume. A
fat party was tolling how difficult it was to
ascend tho rapidly flowing rivers on tho way
to the Omonica. "As an instance of tho difficulty encountered, I knew a man," said tho fat
party, "who spont forty days In tracking up
tho Flndlay, and ho enmo down tho si ream in
a day and a half."
"That's nothing," quietly remarked Mr. Jack
McLaren, of tho justlco department, "It took
Gen. Kitchener two years to got up tho Nilo
from Cairo to Omduiiiian and ho camo back in
sovonty-four hours."*
And tho logs crackled gaily and tho flames
roared in Iho chimney,
ritnniln'H Nnlliinnl I*'lower.
most breathless,   and  with  eye fixed England.
Ottawa, Oct. 18.���Lord Aberdeen loft
last night for Kingston. He returns
here Thursday and will stay in Ottawa
until November 8, when he will go to
Quebec.   Ou November  11 ho sails for
Blr William Van Home likes his littio joke.
At the l'hnir the other night ho was particularly happy with thoso about him.
"Havo you heard the latest about Ogilvie!"
ho asked, nodding in the direction of tho famous Manitoba miller, who stood noar by conversing with cx-Lleutonant-(Jovernor Dowd-
"An A morlenn lady who visited tho Win
nipeg exhibition was viewing tho floral specimens in that department when tho question
of national emblems came up. It waa pointed
out to her that the rose was the national flower
of England, tho thistle tho emblem of Scotland and tho shamrock the emblem of Ireland
'And the golden-rod ls Iho national flower of
the Americana' sho added. Thon she asked
'what is Canada's national flower?' No one
answered and to satisfy her curiosity she went
over to an attendant who looked wlso on tho
subject of llowors and enquired
" 'What is Canada's national flower 1'
" 'Ogilvie's, mam,'said ho,"
%\xt ffixxax.
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Insure change.
A report comes from Republic,
in the state. of Washington, to the
effect that wheu the Boundary creek
extension of the Canadian Pacific railway shall have been completed, the
ores from that camp will be shipped
into Oanada for treatment at the Trail
smelter. As American journals,
mining and otherwise, have constantly
pointed out that Canadian ores cannot be profitably treated in Canadian
smelters and that they must be sent
to United States smelters to secure
any return, it will be interesting to
hear their opinion of the intention of
the Republic mine owners to adopt
ao suicidal a policy. It will also be
interesting to see what course the au-
thorites of Washington state will take
to prevent Republic mine owners
from using the Trail smelter. It is
not probable that they will sit quietly
own and permit the ore of Republic
r any other camp to be shipped across
the border for treatment by aliens.
It would be absurd to suppose that
obstacles wonld not bo thrown in the
way of such traffic. The Canadians
may allow their ore to go to Uuitod
Statos smelters because thoy haven't
tho "savce" to treat thom at homo,but
Americans would scarcely bo so foolish as to patronize Canadian smelters,
Should they, however, insist upon
ignoring the fact that the States is
the "natural market" for all ores,Canadian and domestic, it would not be
surprising to find Washington state
going iu for an export duty ou ore, in
order to prevent Republic and such
other camps as may meditate doing
business with the Trail smelter, from
adopting so ruinous a policy.
ing so remote the administration had
not been effective, inasmuch as the
officials were left to act for themselves
and often their regulations were found
to conflict with thoso sent from Ottawa.
Consequently confusion resulted. !
The London Times commentin g edi- i
torially on Miss Shaw's reports, makes
public the same opinions, and these
difficulties will continue to exist as
long as Ottawa undertakes to govern
the region. Therefore, the proposition
ofthe hou. the attorney general of British Columbi a that government of the
Yukon be vested in the province is
a very sensible one and should meet
with the approval of all who have
the progress of the Yukon and the
whole northern territory at heart. In
the civil service in this province are
gold commissioners aud recorders who
are thoroughly familiar with mines
and mining and whose long experience fits them for administrative duties as few men in this country aro
fitted. Then the mining laws of this
country are very liberal and simple in
tlieir application, creating no disabilities such as miners have labored under iu the Yukon. This province has
also a department, of mines, presided
ovor by a minister of mines, which the
Dominion government has not, and
this department, exercises a very keen
supervision over mining affairs. Being thus equipped to deal with the
mining industry it is certain that the
best results to the country and the
miners would follow the investing of
tho province with authority in the
region iu Question.
snfmmw!!f!trmmmmmm^mitmmiTfmmnrmmmw^ notice of assign-
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
All through East Kootonay, by many
considered as rich, if uot richer in
mining properties than West Kootenay.
there are indications of increasod activity consequent ou tho opening of the
Crow's Nest Pass railway, furnishing
the means of transportation for which
the district has long waited. There
are somo very rich mines along the
line of the railway which will begin shipping ore just as soon as the
company accepts freight of that character. Besides those mino3 a large
and important section of country
will be made tributary to the railway,
which means wide mining development in theso parts. Coal and coke
from the pass will shortly begin to
move aud the establishment of smelters at convenient places may be looked
for. Indeed tho prospects for widespread industry could not be brighter
anywhere than they are in Southern
British Columbia at the present  time.
There is already a growing demand
for labor iu the mines and the spring
promises a large ueeessidii tn the industrial population. In this prosperity
Nelson must share and largely share,
as tho centre of tho district and the
chief point on tho railway, which is
certain to contribute greatly to its traffic. There has been difficulty iu securing mon to do tho necessary ballasting on the road, but it is expected that
tbe master of construction will be
able to hand the line over to the company by November 1, about wliich
time the regular traffic, that promises
to do so much for this part of the
couutry, will be established.
To be unsuccessful in a political contest iu the Central American republics
has it disadvantages. It is customary
for the incoming president to shoot a
few of his opponents, imprison others
aud torture some as a variation. T^e
new president of Salvador is at present engaged in this recreation of the
successful politician. Some day the
United States will swoop down on
these vagrant republics, which tho
Monroo doctrine protects, and that
will be the end of them.
The traffic returns of Jhe 0. P. R.
for the week ending October 7 were
$1134,000, 136,000 less than for the same
week last yoar. The cheap fares
swelled the treasury last year evidently. As there must be a steady
movement of population westward,
it could be greatly accelerated by the
restoration of low fares aud it is hoped
that the American lines may again do
something to vex the C. P.. R. that
low rates may gain be got.
With the civil arm ou one side try--
ing to maintain order, and Governor
Tanner on tho other inciting men to
violence by his clamor against the
mine owners, it is little wonder that
lawlessness prevails in the coal re
Kions of Illinois. In this country or
iu England the disorders would be
suppressed first and the talking would
be done afterwards.
They have sent the editor aud the
propietor of a St. Johns, Nfld., paper
to jail for contemptuous relerenoes to
the judges of tbo supreme court, and
there is some talk against it in the
eastern press. Editors have uo more
right to insult people than other men
have and wheu thoy offend and are
punished for it they should not
The good soldier is always ready for
the call of duty. Mr. Senkler was informed by telegraph at 5 p. m. o��
Monday that he hud been appointed
gold comniissiooner for the Yukon
and instructed to leave at once for his
post. He went away on tho six-forty
Tho football season opens this mouth
and simultaneously the drug men put
within handy roach their supplies of
horso liiiament and lotions so that no
abrasion or contusion may go uncared
for or pain go round unsoothed.
After all tho efforts of the correspondents to devise terrible modes of
death for the Chinese emperor, it appears that the poor man lives. Quite
au oxcitiug business is that of tho
special correspondent.
The war fever has broken out in Ireland. On Monday 20,000 persons attended a league meeting at Ballinrobe,
county Mayo, and they fought the
police for four hours.
Miss Shaw, tho correspondent of tho
London Times, who has been to the
Yukon, expresses the very same view
regarding the government of that
region from Ottawa as has been put
forth in The Miner. This paper
pointed out that the seat of control be
lt is said that   the  transcontinental
rato war will bo on again shortly.   In
tbo opinion of   many   it  was one of
those fights  which   should  not  hav
been called off.
1 Victoria, Oct. 18.���The provinoial
government have retired "Archibald
Dick,   inspector   of    coal   mines,   to
I take effect at   the   end of the  present
1 month.
Pursuant   to  "Creditors Heeds Act" and
Amending Acts.
Thomas W. Gray, of Nelson, British Columbia, mill owner, hns, hy deed hearing date
tho Kith day of September, A. D., 18U8, assigned all his personal esluto, credits and,effects which may he seized and Bold under execution, and all his real estate, to Thomas Mar-
tindalo Ward, of the said city of Nelson, agent,
in trust, for the purpose of paying ratably and
.ZS. Kent CM.ut,e <uiu ihsuiuhli. ngciiL. _*��
�� For   Sale,   Cheap   For   Cash 3
��� ��� ��� -^B i >���<""   '"���"���   ""-j   ml   ouAJLoiuyor,   -n*.   u.,   l8V*o,   as
25 160 acres on Kootenay Lake for sale,  with   50  tons hay 3l*-^-���"-^---^D"'^-^-<!^-"-an*,e'
5^ stacked on ground.    $1,000 cash takes it. =35
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security l|raS%FSlfSS��
|i and Savings Co. %
gz advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and ^
fc 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
Don't Let the Moss Grow on Your Feet
Keep Abreast of the Times, That's Our Motto.
Next week you will Hnd ns in onr new quarters, just one door east of the
old premises, where we will be in a better position than ever (o cater to and
supply the wants of our ninny customers, both in the line of close prices and
prompt attention.
We have been neglecting some of our customers during the past week, having had two carloads of goods lying at the station awaiting the completion of
our new premises before unloading, thereby causing a little delay on the part
of filling orders. However, we nre pleased to say tbat the goods arc all in our
warehouse now and next week we will have theni on our shelves, disposable
at the same low prices as have always prevailed here and brought our name so
prominently before the careful buyer.
To the Private Families
We would say that our stock will be the finest and most complete in B. O. in the line of Fancy Groceries, Biscuits, Bottled
and Canned Goods.
To Close Buying Mining Camps
We would say that our stock is larger than ever in our line.
See our warerooins. A glance over this department will convince you that we are your money stiver. Our prices are so
that we defy competition where full weight and honest measure
is considered.   Call and get acquainted with us anyhow.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and L^th, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
OFFICE AND YARD C. P. R. STATION     .    .    .
Stewart's Heaters
A carload of Coal Heaters direct from
the Factory   arrived   on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive direful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets al Nelson nnd Ymir
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Gray, iheir just debts,
The Bald deed was executed I y the said
Thomas W. Gray, the assignor, and
tho said Thomas Martindale Ward.the trustee
on the Kith day of Sept ember, A. D. 1898, and
tho said trusteo has undertaken the trusts
created by the said deed.
All persons having claims against the said
Thomas V,. Gray are required on or before Ihe
6th day of October, A. U. 181)8. to deliver to the
said trusteo full particulars of the Bame, duly 1
verified by Statutory Declaration, together
with thc particulars of the security, if any
hold by them, and all persons indebtod to the
said Thomas W. Gray, are required to pay the
amounts duo by them to the said trusteo forthwith.
Anil nol Ico is hereby given that after the!
Wild Oth day of October. A. I). 1888 the trusteo
Will proceed to distribute Iho assets among the 1
parties entitled thereto, having regard only!
to lhe claims of which he shall Uion have " ul r
Solicitors for tho Trustee.]
Dated at Nelson, B. C. this 10th day of Sep
tomher. A. D., 181)8. '
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
For   New   Goods, Gloves,
Laces, Silks, Drapes,  Corsets call on
Mrs. McLaughlin,
Josephine st.
Valuable Hal*er Street and  otber ex
cellenl property for 3iile.
Oflli't' Turnrr-Bot-rkh Block, Nelson, H. ��
Official Directory
Church ok Enbi.anii-Matin lla.m.j Evi
Song. 7.MI p.m. every Sunday. Holy Commui
Ion on 1st and 3rd Sundays In the month aflil
Matins; on 2nd and 4th Sundays, nt 8 a.nl
Sunday School at 2.80 p.m. Rev. H. 8. Ak|
hurst. Hector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets. I
Prkbrvtkkian Cnuncn -Servicesat 11 a.rl
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.il
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.ni
Christian Endoavor Society moels evory Mil
dny evening at 8 o'clock. Her. II. Frof
Methodist Ohpboii���Corner Silica
Josephine Streets. Services at 11a.m. and I
n. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer mf I
lng on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epwon
League (', E., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. Jol
Hobson, Pastor. 1
Catholic Chukcii���Mass at Nelson, flJ
and third Sundny at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Bonefl
tion at 7.30 to 8 p.m. Rev. Father FerlaJ
Priest. 1
Hai'TIST Cnuncn - Services morning i'l
ovoning at. 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayor mil
ing Wednesday evening at 8 p.ni.; Mcel.iil
aro held in the school houso. Strangers coiT
ally welcomod.   Rov. G. R. Welch, Pastor. 1
Salvation Aiimy���Servicos every even!
���at 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria strt]
Adjutant. Milliter ln charge.
M. meets socond Wednesday in
month.   Visiting brethren invited!
G. L. Lennox. Secretarf
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lo
No. 10, meets every Monday nl
at   thoii   'lull,  Kootenay tf
Sqjournlng Odd Fellows oordlally Invited.
A. II. Clements, N. G.      Fred J Squires, S
NELSON   LODGE  No. 24, K. of
,.'\ii t h in di stir hall, McDonald b
very second nnd fourth Tuesday e
'lug at 8 o'clock. All visiting knl
cordially Invited,
ll. G. Jot.C.C.
18201 GKO. Hobr K. of U. and
NELSON   LODGE,   I. O. G. T.      Mee
Castlo Hull, McDonald Hlnck, every Mo
evening al 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templan
dinlly Invitod, John Tki.kori
Chief Tempi
J. F. Jacobsou
SONS    OF    ENGLAND,   _
second and fourth Wednesdl
each month at K. of P. llall.f
Donald Blook,   oor. Vernon]
Josephine streets.   Visiting 11
rn cordially invited.        Ernest KinoJ
Chas. H. Fahrow, Worthy Pres|
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month il
K of P Ball. F W Swanell, C. D. 8. O. R|
Green, C.R.: J. FurkiBS, Secy.
every  Thursday in the I.O.O.F.  hall.
Williams, M.W.:  W S Smith, Reo.-Soo.:
Driscoll, Finanoior F. J Squire. Receive
P. M. W.
NKLSON L.O.L. No. 1092 meets in til
Donald blook every Thursday evsninif
o'olook. Visiting members cordially li
John Toye W.M.; F. J. Bradley, R.8.    , THE MINER, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1898.
Fast on a Reef Not Far From
They are Encamped on Blashe Island Waiting Por a Ship to Take Them
Into Port.
Victoria, B. 0., Oct. 18.���The
steamer Dirigo, which reached here
this afternoon from Skagway, brought
3,'WH of the wreck of the steamer Brix-
ham on a reef off Blashe island, about
80 miles south of Wrangol. Tho disaster occurred on tho night of Thursday
last, while tho steamer was on her
flrst trip to tho ports of Lynn canal,
sho having been all the summer in St.
Michaels. The passengers wore asleep
when a camion-liko crash startled
them into a rush for the deck. The
calmness of tho officers nud crew prevented any panic. Tho passengers
wero told off iu squads in their places
and tho boats were lowered
iu tho most orderly manner, and
soon all were encamped on Blashe is-
laml. On an examination of tho steamer
being mado. it was found that her
hold was fillod with water. The day
after the disaster tho steamer Alki, of
the Pacific Coast* Steamship company,
hove in sight and in answer to the
signals of distress came alongside and
at tho request of the Brixham's captain, took a number of the passengers
on to Skagway. When thd Dirigo was
bound down she hove to some distance
from the wreck wliich then appeared
to bo well filled with water and hard
and fast on the reef, and a boat put
out to tho Dirigo fiom the cnmp with
a number of passengers and crew, who
asked a passage down for the wrecked
men. As, howover, the Dirigo was
already crowded to her limit, sho having 190 passengers, the request was
necessnrily refused.
The Brixham wns nn iron screw
steamer, ID .years old, having been
built by Boolds and Sharer, of Sutherland,' in lHHri. Sho was 18i! feet iu
length, 27.1 beam and 14.4 depth of
hold. Her owners reside nt Amboy,
New Jersey, from which port she is
classed as hailing. She was brought
around tho Horn by the Boston &
Alaskn Steamship company, when tho
Alaskan trado was at its best and made
severnl trips to St. Michael in the service of that, compauy.
dollar before, looked at it for a moment with some curiosity, then asked
what she should do with it. He replied what she chose, as it was
hers, "If that's the case," said she,
"you may take it back, and give me
another kiss.''���Moyie City Leader.
The rails are lnid to Kootenay lake.
The iron on the Crow's Nest Pass
road now extends from Lethbridge.
Alta., to the Kootenay lake in West
Kootenay, a distance of 360 miles. A
little more than a year ngo there was
nothing more than Indinn traits between many of the points along the
line, and last evening a party arrived
in Cranbrook travelling in all modem
comfort in a well equipped sleeper
with a dining car On the 17th of
July last year the first work was done
on the road at Lethbridge. Last
night, October 5, the last spike was
driven at the lake. A year ngo, when
Mr. Haney said he would have the
rails laid to Kootenny lake by the flrst
part of October railroad men scouted
the idea. To build a road through a
mountainous country in such a time
they said was impossible. The road
has beon built within the time and
trains are uow running over the entire
line.���Cranbrook Herald.
Condensed News of the Happenings of tho
Week In and Arouad  Onr Busy
Oity ani Kootenay.
Jt is quite probable that the Crow's
Nest Pass line will bo turned over to
the operating department of the C.
P. R, the flrst of November. If not
at that time, it will be dono December 1.
Crow's Nest Landing on the Kootenny is about abandoned, nearly all tho
inhabitants have removed to Phillip's
ranch at the international boundary,
where a bustling settlement has al
ready sprung into extisence.
Engineer W. J. McLean and party
wero in Cranbrook Inst, week measuring the actual mileage on the Crow's
I Nest Pass road hetween Fort McLeod
(aiid Kuskonook. Tho distance be-
' tween Moyie and Cranbrook by rail
j is exactly 10)(i miles.
A western traveller came up to a
I log cabin aud asked for a drink,
wliich was supplied hy a good looking
lyoung woman. As she was the first
j woman he had seen for several days,
[ho offered her a dollar for a kiss. It
Bwas duly taken and paid for, and the
IVouiig hostess, who  had never seen  a
tVhen Her Heart is Set on It
woman is sure to obtain just what
���'sir wants.
1 The Perfection Cook Stove which is
|.ii' leader this season, is just the one
i delight the good housekeeper.
[Its construction is perfect. It pro-
lices the greatest amount of beat
[ora the smallest quantity of fuel and
liere are few parts liable to break or
ft out of order. It is one of the best
loves on the market at the priee.
importers of
|aints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
The first carload of coal from the
Crow's Nest Pass conl fields was received at Winnipeg on Friday last.
A special meetiug of the city council will be held this afternoon at 3
o'clock to consider the cemetery question.
W. J. G. Dickson, real estate and
mining broker, is removing his office
to room No 7, in the Turner-Boeck
The premises lately occupied as the
Victoria hotel have been purchased by
Mr. J. J. Malone, aud will be turned
into a musio hall.
Writs have been issued for the North
West Territories elections. Nominations
aro to take placo on October 28 and
polling a week later.
D. J. Young of tho firm of Lamont
& Young, stationers at Kaslo, was
married last week to Miss Lillie Jackson, formerly of Ottawn.
The clerks of Rossland have formed
a clerks' and salesmen's union. The
new union will bo represented at the
trades and labor council.
Messrs. Brown and Gordon have
secured a contract with the Hall Mines
smelter, under which they aie to
supply the smeller with BOO tons of
W. H. Armstrong has returned to
Vancouver, having completed his contract on the Crow's Nest Pass line,
covering eighty-one miles of the line,
commencing at Moyie lake.
Wm. Burns inspector of schools for
the Kootenay district is paying an
official visit to the Nelson publio
schools and expresses himself as
pleased with the progress of eductaion
in Nelsou.
The B. 0. Bullion extracting works
company's works at Silica have started
up. The plant iB operated by electricity obtained from tho West Kootenay
Power & Light company at Bonnington Falls,   85 miles distant.
A. B. McAndrews was brought up
yesterday before Police Magistrnte E.
A. Crease, for taking awny two of his
horses whilst under seizure. McAndrews paid the amount due on the
horses, and was discharged.
The Rev. Mr. Fernie who was recently called to the Baptist church
here is not coming as his church in
the east wish him to stay till the
spring. Another pastor will be invited to the church here..
Rossland has challenged the
Nelson rugby football players to a
match game to be played in the near
future. A preliminary practice was
held yesterday on the recreation
grounds, and the challenge will probably be aocepted
It is reported that another strike has
been made in the Le Roi mine, this
time between the 500 and 600 foot
levels. The strike is said to consist of
eight feet of ore carrying over two
ounces of gold and a perceutnge of cop-
��� per. The total value of the ore is said
to bo $100 per ton.
G. H. Gould, of Santa Barbara, California, who is in the habit of making a yearly shooting trip in British
Columbia, has arrived at tho Hume
from East Kootenay. Ho brings back
with him an exceptionally fine cariboo
head, which has been much admired
by those who have seon it at the
Mr. Randall Davidson, of Montreal,
superintendent of the North British &
Meroantilo Insurance Co., left-for
Kaslo vesterday afternoon ou the Kokanee." While hero, he appointed
Ward Bros., the well known real estate and insurance agents, as the company's agents for this district. Ward
Bros, are now in a position to issue
policies direct from their office iu Nelson.
A benefit concert will be given on
Friday evening, October 28, in the
Nelson skating rink bv the Silver
King minstrel troupe, in aid of John
Wedlock, who was seriously injured
at the Silver King mine last spring,
losing his eyesight and one arm. Mrs.
W. F. Broghnm, Mrs. W. J. Goepel,
Mrs. Davys, Miss Pattie Rbodes,
and other ladies of Nelson have kindly
consented to take part in the programme.
J. H. Bowes hns returned from Rossland
John Dean of Rossland, is at the !
C. H. Smiley of the Kaslo & Slocau
railway,   is in the city.
Captain Troup took a trip down to j
Robson yesterday evening.
J. L. Parker, mining engineer of
Rossland, is at the Hume.
E. A. Paterson and H. A. Barton
left yesterday evening for Victoria.
R. McLean, manager of G. O.
Buchanan's saw mills, is at the Phair.
J. A. Mara, ex-M. P., who was in
Nelson last week is on a visit to Victoria.
L. G. Henderson, representing Henderson's directory, left yesterday evening for Revelstoke.
Rev. Father Ferland conducted services in the Roman Catholic church
at Kaslo on Sunday.
H. R. Cameron left Nelson on last
night's train on a business trip to
Brooklyn and Rossland.
Among those registered at the Phair
are A. Whealler, Kaslo; J. H. Bastedo,
Toronto, and Mr. and Mrs. Wyudham
H. Wynne.
Among the nrriva.'s at the Queen's
are T. S. Gusty, Sandoon; N. Ver-
milvra, Vancouver; A. G. Marien, Seattle ; Forbes Bredin, Goat river landing ; F. Coyle and E. V. Byrne, Pilot
Bay, and T. H. Boyd, Kuskonook.
Among those registered at the Hume
Geo. A. Carlson, Kaslo; G. L. Duke,
Sandon; F. Western, Rossland: F.
W. Cumming, Brooklyn; G. M. Manuel and W. J.- Whitcomb, Toronto;
T. Miller, Seattle; A. Christenseu,
Spokane, and Mr. and Mrs. Oliver,
Ogden, Utah.
Rev. Dr. Spencer preached in the
Baptist church last night to a large
audience, his subject being the "Four
rich fools.'' Tbe doctor will continue
his nddresses during the week and
will sprak tonight on the subject of
"The sin against the Holy Ghost."
Special music will be provided.
Ud. flfocBrtbur & Co.
At Reduced Prices for Cash to make Room for new goods
Bedroom Sete
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug
Carpets, Ingrain
$15.00 and up
30c per yd. and up.
Full line of Household and Office Furniture at a liberal discount.   Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
Tho following are the prices of groceries, provisions,etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers,'so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in the city :
Ogllvie's Hungarian per 50 lb Back..
Lake of the Woods
Licenses to cany ou business in
British Columbia have been issued to
tlie following extra provincial companies :
The British Columbia Canuing company, limited. Head oflice in England. Capital stock. ��40,000 in 10,-
000 preferable shares of ��1 each and
40,000 ordinary shares of 15s each.
The head office of the company in British Columbia is in Victoria and M.
T.Johnson is the attorney for the company.
Fraser River Oil & Guano syndicate, limited. Head office, Loudon,
England. Capital, ��80,000 in ��1
shares. Head office for B. C. in Van.
couver. T, H. Weymoud, attorney for
the oompany.
Klondyke & Kooteuny Venture syndicate, limited. Head office in Loudon. England. Capital, ��80,000 in
��1 shares. Head office for B. O. in
Vancouver. T. R. Lane, attorney for
the company.
Pyramid Copper syndicate, limited.
Head office iu England. Capital
��20.000 in ��1 shares. Head office for
B. C. in Nelson. E. A. Digby, attorney.
Snow Flake por 50 lb sack	
Wheat per ton    32 000.15 00
Bran per ton  2(100(1*22 00
Ground feed per 'on  26 00i��;28 00
Corn (whole)      "        26 00(ic28 00
Corn (cracked)   "        27 00(830 00
OalB                    "        30 00(832 00
Oatmeal per 10 lt>s  40@    50
Holled oats (It & Kl  05
Rolled oats IB Sc Kl 811. sack  10
Hay (balod) por ton  19 00O20 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs  1 00@ 1 25
Beets per lb  2i
Cabbage per lb    2}
Cauliflower per lb  2}
Onions per lb....     03
Cucumbers  05
Salmon (smoked) per tb  12J@    15
Oysters (Olympian) per qt  80
Oysters (Eastern) por tin  00
Cod peril,  08
Halibut por Ib  12J@    15
Smoltsporlb  12JO    15
Farm Produce.
Eggs per doz  25
Butter (Creamery)  250    30
Butter (Dairy)  20��    25
Cheoso (Canadian)  ISH  174
Choose  Swiss)  20��    30
Ham (American) per Ib  15
Ham (Canadian) per lb  15
Bacon (American) per lb  10
Bacon (Canadian) per lb  11��    11
Bacon (rolled) per lb  12��    IC
Bacon (long clear) per lb  121
ShonlderH per lb  12J
Lordperlb  12)
Beef per lb  8��    IS
Mutton per lb  10��    li
Veulperlb  15��    li
Pcrkperlb  121��    II
Bananas por doz       <0@    51
Lemons (California) per doz       35��    t
Oranges (California seedlings)       10��    9
Melons(cach)       25��    0
Crab apples per lb  0
Apples  0
Tomatoes       08��    1
Grapes  12}       1
Peaches  0
Pears (Bartlettsl  08       I
Pears (small green)  08       0
Plums (greengage)  0
Plums  04       tt
IAIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc Cornwall.)
Opposite Phair Hotel,
P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience in Chile and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
X First Class in overy respect ���
{�����������'���������������������������� ������������������-����������!
Do you want a good Square meal for  X
25 CENTS?     I
DINNER 12 TO 8     t
The big new C. P. R. steamer, the
Moyie, will be launched at the Nelson
shipyards next Saturday at 2 p. ni.
As soon as she vacates the slip,
her place will be taken by the new
tug which the same company is
The steamer is steel plated and is
the best appointed passenger steamer
on the lake. She is the flrst of her
class to be built in Nelson.
General Passenger Agent Whitney
of the Great Northern railroad has issued a circular letter stating that the
Canadian Pacific railway has not kept
faith with the Americau roads in so
far as the restoration of the east bound
passenger rates is concerned. The
Great Northern threatens to adopt retaliatory measures and put into effect
the old war basis of rates.
Until further notico no passengers  will be
carried over the line of the Crowli Nest Pass
railway between Kuskonook and Cranbrook.
Eastern Oysters |
received daily X
Cooked Any Style.     |
k. Y. HOSHI - Proprietor. X
Subscribe for The Miner f
One Year        - -      $10.00
Half Year ...      $5.00
One rionth      ...        $1.00
j Aberdeen Block f
#J, Harry Nickerson*
JEWELER ��� ��� ��� A
Josephine St. Opposite Clarke Hotel
Trondhjem, Norway, Oct, 18.���The
searching expedition which was organized to seek tidings of Prof. Andree
and his polar exploration party has returned to Spitabergen, having peno-
trated tho ice to within about (100
miles of the pole, Tlie highest latitude
reached was 81 degrees. No trace of
tho Andree party was discovered aud
little doubt obtains now that the explorer has perished. The searching
party collected much valuable zoological material.
New York, Oct. 18.���J. J. Corbett
left for West Baden Springs, Ind., to
night, where he expects to do a little
preliminary training for his fight
with Tom Sharkey, wliich is scheduled
to come off at the Lennox Athletic
club on November 22. The ex-champion will remain at tlie springs for at
least 10 days
Three good   house  painters   wanted
at once, apply to
* Nelson.
Three Offices en suite large,
well lighted, facing Baker
Two Single Offices.
Victoria   Block
Three Offices, en suite.
One Office.
Two   stores,   facing   Josephine St,    Apply to
Room 1 Victoria Block.  |
General servant wanted, apply Mrs.
W. A. Thurman, on Silica street, next
to Methodist church. *
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. You will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Oo.
will fill  iio  orders  for Wood
Coal or Lime unless
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will be put into the hands
of a collector.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On piano organ or
guitar, by Mm. W. J. Astley, Robson street
two doors west ot Stanley.   P. 0. Box 130.
WANTED-A waiter. Apply between U
nnd 12 in the morning to tho Steward, Nelson
Club. 133
Old papers at The Minek [oflice.  25 cents
por hundred.
Miss   Noble   of Baltimore
Has a Narrow Escape.
Large Eewards Offered Tor the Recovery of
the Bodies of Those Lost on
the Mohegan.
Falmouth, Eng., Oct. 18.���Tho
friends of the drowned passengers have
caused placards to be posted at Falmouth offering large rewards for the
recovery of the bodies. Part of the
surviving passengers have started for
London. The survivors of the crow
will probably leave this evening.
Efforts to assist the mombers of the
crew are being made at St. Keverue,
as some of them have not money
enough to pay their fares.
Miss Katherine Noble of Baltimore,
ono of the rescued passengers, whose
courageous conduct is highly praised,
is now a guest of JMrs. Spry, at SN
Keverne. She says that after the shock
of the ship's striking, she hurried on
deck aud found that preparations were
being made to lower away life boats.
She went to her cabin and got a life
belt and some wraps. Wheu she returned to the deck she was horrified to
find that the men were unable to get
the boats clear of the ship. Au attempt was made to get the womeu and
children into the rigging, but before
it succeeded the vessol listed, and a
wave swamped everybody. Miss
Noble added: "Finding that my wet
clothes prevented me from climbing I
doffed my skirts and boots, and a sa'ilor
came and fastened a life belt around
me. The fourth officer then came
along aud told me to hold on to a hatch
with him, adding that help was sure
to arrive. A wave came and separated
us. I was washed overboard and
did not see him again. After a time
I managed to grasp a plauk nud I
clung to it with all my strength. I
was washed and knocked about by the
sea. I could hear others crying as
they sank on all sides. I thought several times that I must let go the plank
then I remembered that the young woman who was saved at the time of tho
loss of tho North German Lloyd
steamer Elbe in the North sea, was in
ihe water five hours. Surely, I said,
if she did that I can do as much, and
at times something seemed to assure
me that I should be saved for the sake
of my mother, for I am her ouly child.
But for the recollection of the woman
saved from the Elbe I do not believo I
could have held on hour after hoar.
When I had been there threo hours a
life boat rescued me and I was takeu
to a fisherman's cottage, where every
possible kindness was shown me until Mrs. Spry was good enough to
bring me here. I now feel that I
shall remain here and will not cross
the sea again, but I am anxious to see
my mother. I am bruised considerably, bnt otherwise I am none the
worse for my experience. "
The Plebiscite Returns From Quebeo May
Entirely Wipe out the Prohibition   Majority.
Ottawa, Oct. IB.���The financial
statement for September is a worthy
successor to the long list of satisfactory announcements that Mr. Fielding has been able to make this year,
inasmuch as it shows nearly a million dollars increase on the revenue,
and a decrease in the expendituie and
also in the public debt. With September's figures the total receipts for the
year on consolidated fund account
were 111,441,899 as against $8,1114,747
last year, au increase of $11,127,152.
The decrease of expenditure in the
same account is $117,942, tho figures
being $1,870,083 for Septomber 1897
and $1,702,141 for September 1898.
The customs revenue has increased
$118,515 in the samo period. Of the
capital expenditure for the month
which is $1,080,166, $515,000 is chargeable to public works, railways and
oanals, tho deepening of tbe St. Lawrence system being the main item,and
$499750 for railway subsidies. As the
publio funds in September, 1897, were
only chargod $i!29,000 on theso two
items the increase in the expenditure
is very much moro than accounted
The Soattle Post Intelligeucor is not
generally looked upon as particularly
favorable to the Canadian administration in the gold fields ; in fact it has
placed opposition alarmists under a
deep obligation by the amount of ammunition it has supplied in the shape
of sensational stories of alleged official
crookedness. When it does happen to
givo an item favorable to the government, therefore, it will not be suspected
of being prejudiced. In its news columns ono day last week it was stated
that at a meeting of the city chamber
of commerce held the previous day
"M. W. R. Boone declared that the
much-talked-of royalty of the   Canad
ians was justifiable and that after   10
years   experience   in  working   uader j
the Canadian laws he was prepared to;
state that   they were   better in   every j
respect than the   American   laws   and
better administered."
Thc official returns of the plebisoiste
are coming in very slowly and it will
be somo weeks yet before anything
liko complete figures will be obtainable. The most interesting and at the
same time startling development this
week is the manner in which the adverse majority in Quebec is growing.
It is even claimed now that it will
reach the enormous total of 90,000 aud
this will iu all probability wipe out
tho affirmative majorities in all of the
other provinces and leave a net vote
throughout the Dominion against prohibition. Whether this bo so or not
the fact remains more apparent today
than ever that prohibitionists have not
established a case upon which they
cau hope to induce any government
tl introduce prohibitory legislation
and it is gratifyiiug to find that most
of the leaders of the temperance party
frankly though regretfully admit this.
This government has carried out its
pre-election promise and given the
country as a whole the opportunity
that has oeeu so persistently sought.
The government aud the i��rty both
abstained in their corporate capacity
from taking any part whatever in the
contest, the conditions were absolutely
favorable for a fair expression of public opinion and the result being as it
is it is to bo hoped for the sake of all
parties and of the country that the
matter will disappear from the arena
of practical politics for many years to
The Quebej conference has adjourned
once more to meet again iu a oouple
of weekss at Washington. While the
commissioners maintain absolute silence as to the dotailed results of tbeir
delibrations so far, the official announcement is made that "considerable progress" marks their work.
Coming direct from the chairman of
the commission this means much aud
there is better grounds today than over
for the hope and belief that very substantial results will be the outcome of
the convention. The very fact that
the commissioners have decided upon a
name for the treaty and a place
whero it shall be signed is an excellent
indication of this.
A Large  Variety   below  the
Ordinary Price.
Items of Interost Gathered  From   All
Parts of tho   Country.
Manitoba panors report some big
wheat yields. Mr. James Chewiugs,
cf Cypress, had his threshing done recently. On a field of about SO acres
the wheat averaged 85 bushels to the
acre, on a field of about* 70 acres the
grain yielded over 30 bushels to the
acre aud all of the very bo-t   grade.
Tho Dominion Cotton Mills company, of Kingston, has abandoned the
prosposal of asking for a bonus of
$25,000 to iunrease the capacity of
the mill, but will ask for a further exemption of 20 years, guaranteeing to
increase the number of employes,
and extend tho plant by double its
present value.
During Augusti the valuo of the gold
and silver exported from the colony of
New Zealand amounted to ��183.522,
being an incroaso of ��72,828, as compared with the corresponding month
of last year.
In the West Australian Parliament
the other day Mr. Illingworth presented a petition signed by nearly
1000 residents of England and the Continent interested in West Australian
mining, praying for the abolition of
dual title, aud granting greater security of tenure of mining   tenements.
The East Kootenay courthouse and
gaol will shortly be removed from
Donald to Golden. The Donald recording office will be closed and the
Donald mining division will be
merged in the Golden division, the
town of Goldou becoming the headquarters of the government offices in
North East Kootenav.
Satchels, Grips, Valises
Manufacturers of
Ilnlryun  Hot Spring*   Wilier   timl))! and
hilppllril III llir Trmli-
Subscrible for The Daily Minor, it
costs you but Cue Dollar per month,
delivered at your residence.
Use a (lrnt class line In traveling betweon
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago, and
tbn principal towns in Central Wisconsin
Pullman Palaco Sleeping and Chair Cars
Service .....
1 The Dining Cars are operated in the interest   i
ils patrons, the most elegant service evei
inaugurated.   Meals are served a la Carlo,
To obtain first class Bervice your ticket should
read via        .....
Direct connections at Chicago and Milvraukci
for all Eastern points. . .        .
For full information call on your nearest llcke'.
agent, or write        .
Jas. A. Clock,       or       Jas. C. Pond,
Goneral Agent.        General Pass. Agent
2111 Stark Stroot, Milwaukee, Wli
Portland, Ore.
Thomson Stationery Co.
Charles Tom. trading as Tailor and
Clothier, at the town of Golden, in the Province ot British Columbia, has by deed dated
the flrst day of Ootober, 18118, assigned to mo
all bis porsonal on'ah', credits and effects which
may be seized and sold under execution, and
all his real estate for I he gonoral benefit of his
creditors, pursuant to tho " Creditors Trust
Deeds Act."
A meeting of thc creditors will bo hold at my
oflice in lhe said town of Golden, on Saturday,
the 22nd day of Octobor, al Iho hour of two
o'clock in the aftornoon, for the giving of directions with reforenco to the disposal of tho
os tato.
All creditors aro requested to forward full
particulars of their claims, duly verified, lo me
on or before the fifteenth day of November.
18(13, after which dalo 1 shall proceed to distribute the assets among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only lo tho claims of
which I shall then hare had notico.
Dated at Golden, B. C, October lst, 1808.
Financial Agent, Goldou.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Krnltru lllll Block Bilker SI.
To Eastern and European Points.
To   Pacific  Coast, China,   Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets  issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland nnd  Main   Line points
Clllp 'n.-Leavo-i-N'RIiS'lN-Arrlves-IO.lOp.m
Kiioirlliiy l.alie    Knslo ttolllc.
Str. Kokankk
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
4   p.m.���Leaves-NKLSON���Arrives���11   a.m
kiioi,miv River Itniilr.
Stk. N elson.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon,, Wed., Fri.
7 a.m.���Leaves���NEl,SON-Arnves--6.:iO  p.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee in both directions.
Steamers on their respective routes cnll at
principal Landings in both directions and at
other points whon signalled.
Trains  to nnd tnm Hlorun City. Sandon
and Slocan  lake  Poluls.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.-Lcttves-NKLSON-Arrives-2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Rates
and full information   by  addressing nearest
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON. Agent, Nelson
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver
of our Clothing is generally sufficient to
make a life long customer.
We don't offer our goods below cobt,
because wo have no desiro to lose
money. We sell at prices which are
sufficient to pny for good material and
good workmanship. The size and variety of ourstock enables us to please a
customer both as lo style and fit. Indeed we arc particular on these points.
We rather lose �� sale than permit unsatisfactory garments to leave tha
These values cannot be surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
P     . STORE.
��^ Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ~>��)
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth Brushes,
also flood Value in Sponges.^
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and General Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Etc...
FOR SALE ___��,����v��.v��.v����.
Corner Lot on Vernon St., with Building; 12 Lots in Block
14F���Oheap.   2 Lets Oor, Josephine nml Robson.
FOR i9��/Vr___M*a*MNN��MaN*k
2 Lots arid Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., 812 per month. Dwelling on Silica St,, near Cedar St.,
$20 per month.    House nnd 2 Lots, Houston St.   $15 mouth.
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Hover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Raker Street, NELSON, B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia businessj
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
(���Tor. SEUtb & ^evnott ��Jb.
melson... vJB. Cl
Finest Hotel in the Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
���PROM THE���
whose curative qualities are known all over Canada.   Many Mineral Waters   o|
tain valuable mineral ingredients, but probably none iu America, having
same medical value, make such a fine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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