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The Miner Nov 2, 1898

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 Daily Edition No   151.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday Morning, November 2, 1898.
Ninth Year
Rubber Boots...
For Men Women and
. . . Children at .  . .
<&��*   LILLIE BROS.   $��
The products of the Gold and Silver
mines,  the Diamond   Fields,  the
Cut Glass Manufacturer and the
maker of Jewelery   has   been
drawn on to complete an
assortment of
Beautiful and Unique
Ornamental and useful, suitable for
any presentation purpose.
AVe cordinlly Invite an Inspection of
our Stoek. Tim Watches, Clocks,
Jewelery, Silverware etc. ara excellent
in quality and particularly handsome
in design.
Watch and.Jewelery Repairing and Engraving.
of our ('let liinK in gcii*ur.illf sufficient to
mike a life long customer.
Wu <i n't offer i-iu'vif-niAil-j',! fOW*
becauso we have no doslro to lose
money. We sell at prices which aro
mllkient to pay for good material and
Kood workmanship. The size and variety of our ttock. enables ui to please a
i-UKtouier both as to style and fit. Indeed we no particular on these points.
We rather lone a sale than permit unsatisfactory garments to leave the
These values cannot be surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
P   0. STORE.
is now complete and as
large as any
Kindly bear in mind
... our ...
*V Store Closes at 8 O'clock ��
every evening except Saturday.
Sir Wheatine I
he new ....
Breakfast Cereal.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and (Ieneral Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Etc...
Corner Lot on Vernon St., with Building.   12 Lots in Black
WF���Cheap.   2 Lots Cor. Josephine and Robson.
Si Lot* and Dwelling near Cor Stanley St., on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica 8t*��� near Cedar St.,
$20 per month.   House and 2 Lota, Houston St.  $15 month.
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Rover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B. C.
The Cavilers Against the 0.
N. Pass Agreement.
Sir William Van Home on the Alleged
Damage to Crops���the Commerce
Whioh Centres at Vanoouver
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���While the ceaseless caviling of the Mail and Empire
aud some oE its miuor echoes, over
what it is pleased to call "the Crow's
est Pass railway deal" has very little effect on the publio mind, it is
worth while occasionally to recall the
faot that uot ouly was the arrange
ment now in force discussed on the
floor o.' the house, bnt there were un
supporters of the government more
enthusiastically favorable to it, or
more importunate for its speedy ratification than Sir Charles Topper, Mr.
Foster and others on the speaker's left.
A Western Ontario paper calls attention to this, aul asks how it was
that these watch dogs of tne treasury
assented to the so-eallod deal, if it
afforded so substantial a rake-off to the
Globe and its friends." The Mail
attempts to reply by declaring "that
Sir Charles Tupper and Mr. Foster,
and the other Conservatives uever
gavoj their consent to any deal."
Such shallow playing with terms deceives nobody. The Crow's Nest Pass
railway contract, as awarded to tho
C P. B., and as now being carried
out by them, is in substance and in
fact exactly as it was placed before
parliament, and passed there, with the
aforesaid endorsation and unqualified
approval of conservative leaders. They
were perfectly well aware that the
yrmyik'Uioi*. waft a square. bn*iues��
scheme aud that there was uo deal
or boodliug in it. The Mail-Empire is
equally well aware of this, the difference being that the organ is not honest enough to admit it.
If the opposition organ would ouly
drop its ronianuiug aud remind 'the
public of a few facts iu couneotion
with this matter, they might begin by
calling attention to the faot that the
proposition initiated by Hon. Mr.
Blair, and now being carried out,
calls for a subsidy of $11,000 a mile
while the previous arrangement which
Sir Charles Tupper wa% ion the point
of closing wben the general olootions
intervened, called for what was equiv-
aleut to |35,000 a mile subsidy. They
might also point ont that before the
0. P. R. could obtain the contract
and the subsidy, they had to grant
reductions in the freight rates whioh,
even in their partial operations, will
save to the farmers of the North
West at least $800, Q00 on this year's
crops and that this will be doubled
next year, while, with tbe increasing
output, at least one million dollars
will, iu the courso of a year or two,
be saved annually to the oountry.
They might also mention that the
running monopoly which in the case
of tbe main lino, has so handicapped
the West has beeu doue away with
over the new road, and that already a
charter has beeu granted for an opposition line into the Kootenay by
way of the famous pass. If they huvo
room they might add that a maximum
price has beeu placed upon the coal
to be mined in that distriot so tliat
the smelting operations, which will
be of periiinniii|t. aud increasing importance as times goes ou, will be
amply protected from syndicate and
combino extortions.
Sir William Van Home, president
of the C. P. B. has just re
turnod to Moutreal uftorj his annual
tour of inspootiou over the system,
going west by the main line, and
returning by the Crow's Nest Pass.
Few men are iu a bettor position to
give reliable opinions upon the outlook and it is therefore vory satisfactory to hear the harvest prospects
spoken of sn optimistically. He is
roported to havo declared that "the
couutry everywhere presents indications of prosperity, and an enormous
crop, the biggest we have ever had,
hus been harvested in Manitoba and
the North West, but its movement has
boen kept back hy the several weeks
of wet weather tbej have had. The reports of damage however, have been
greatly exaggerated, and it is not
likely that-fthejiuanitity to be sent out
will bo materially affected."
; Thero bus been considerable difficulty iu this part af the Dominion iu
getting at the true condition of
affairs in the West, experienced travel-
lers and men whose facilities of observation and ability to judge, make
their opinion worthy of every consideration, differing widely in tlieir estimate of tho final outcome of the
harvest. One has declared that the
rains of the paBt few weeks have
mined fully 50 per cont of the crops,
while another asserts that the bulk of
the crops, wero housed before the rain
came and that the damage is so immaterial, that this year's crop will
exceed that of any previous season.
Probably both views are somewhat exaggerated.    There  seems   to be little
doubt that before the rains oame the
prospects were phenomenal aud iu
some districts at least, the harvest was
sufficiently advanced to make the damage little or nothing, while In other
sections groat harm resulted. The consensus of opinion that has reached here
either in the personal reiwrt of travellers or in nowspaper despatches is undoubtedly of the more optimistic character; sufficiently so to justify tbe
strong hope that the crops of 1898 will
at least equal the phenomenal yield
of last seasoon.
Besides the splendid outcome of
the harvest, Sir William calls attention to tho magnitude of the ocean
trade which has been built up on the
Cauadian Pacific coast aud at Van-
couver|especiully, an example of which
he gives iu the list of ocean vessels
loading iu the harbor on-the day of his
arrival in Vancouver. October 18.
The list included six vessels for Australia and four tor China and' Japan,
two for South America and two for
Africa; besides which there was quite
a fleet of coasting vessels and others
doing a local trade.
With a harbor ou the Pacifio coast
capable of being made equal to any
harbor in the world, and wilh the
capacity of Montreal harbor, iu the
east, made sufficient for the largest
ocean boats, the merchant marine of
Canada, already the fourth among the
nations, will rapidly climb higher in
the s;'ule.
The ruin storm of yesterday pros-
Irutid the telegraph wires between
here and Revelstoke aud thus communication with the coast was suspended. The Associated Press service
for which The Miner holds the franchise in Nelson is compiled at Buffalo,
N. Y., and at Toronto, nnd goes di
rect from these places to Vancouver,
whence it is repeated to Nelson. The
Associated Press despatches for the
western states are compiled at Ogden,
Utah, and are supposed to be available
iu British Columbia when the other
service fails.
Forseeing that any interruption in
telegraphic communication with the
coast would deprive the readers of The
Miner of the telegraphic news of the
day, the proprietor of this paper arranged with Mr. James Wilson, superintendent of the C. P. R. tele-
graphio service in British Columbia,
that iu case of auy accident to the
wires betweeu here and Bevelstoke,
where breaks occur more frequently
than on any othor part of the line, the
despatches were to oome via Spokane,
providing that communication with to
that point was uninterrupted.
Last night the wires betwoen here
and Spokane wero iu full working order and the Canadian Pacifio telegrapher undertook to get from that
point the press despatches for The
Miner. Tho operator at Rossland reported at eight o'clock that he had
communicated with the Spokane &
Northern telegraph people aud that
the despatches would come ou. An
hour later he informed the C. P. R.
operator hero that the despatches
would fisrt go to tho Rossland Miner
aud that paper would supply proof
sheets which would be telegraphed
to tbe Nelsou Miner as soon us received. This arrangement, though
entailing much iuconvouiouce upon
this  journal, was accepted.
The hours wore on and at 11 :!10 word
came that tho Spokano & Northern
company refused to furnish the despatches to the Rossland Minor if they
should bo ropoatod to Nelsou.
These dospatohes wore not tho proporty of tho Spokane & Northern tole-
graph compauy. They were tho property of tho Canadian Paoifio telegraph
company by arrangement with the A s-
sooiated Pross for the use of tlieir sub -
scribers in Southern British Columbia. The Spokane and Northern telegraph company should havo manifolded the despatches, ut Rossland, handing a copy to the Canadian Pacific
operator and a copy to tho Rossland
Miner, or it should hove opened it3
office in Nelson and given the Nelson
Minor tho despatches direct from tho
Spokane wire. Tho Rossland Miner
or its proofs sliould not have come iuto
the question at all.
It subsequently became known that
it was the Rossland Miner that was
the dog in the manger, that it had
brought influence or persuasion to bear
on tbe Spokane telegraph company,
and that through it the Nelson Miner
was deprived of the telegraphic service
it arranged and pays for.
This is rather shuby busi ness for the
Rossland Miner to engage in. It is a
custom, fonuded upon the etiquette
of the newspapor profession and hon-
ortod ovorywhero by good newspaper
men, to aid rather than to hamper iu ���
other jourual on occasions like Jjp|.
Hundreds of iustauces conn^^De
given of Canadian newspapers extending even the use of tlieir offices to
other newspapers in neod. When the
Toronto Globe was burned out somo
years ago, the Empire, the strongest
opponent the Globe had, put its composing room, press room, in fuct, its
entire offlco at the service of the Globe
newspaper for nearly a month freoly,
without price and with the best good
feeling. But these are journals of
character and consideration. Only
papers actuated by manly principles
could rise to such actions. The petty
journals, petty in their ways and
potty in their thoughts wonld not understand conduct so honorable. We
have had differences of opinion with
the Rossland Miner and lime coni-
batted its arguments oa several occasions, but we have always respected
tho impersonality of the press and of
bitterness of spirit towards that journal wo havo been entirely free.
The Rossland Miner, however,
seem to have engendered a malicious
feeling or it* would uot have engaged
in so despicable au act as to throw obstacles in the way of this paper securing news that was its own by right.
We could understand the Rossland
Miner's action in this respect if it were
printed in the samo town ag the Nelson Miuer, but it cnnj in no wuy be
considered a rival of the Nelson Miner,
��� frmit Hasn't, two ���Sozeu n* n-eirculn���
tiou iu this city, and what it could
gain by its action savo to gratify
spleeu against a paper towards which
it must hold personal hatred, it would
be difficult to say.
Close of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition at Omaha.
Omaha, Nov. 1.���The Trans-Missis
sippi exposition closed last night. Tho
closing hours of the euterpriso wore
the most brilliant in the history of
the five months exhibition. It is estimated tonight that 75,000 men
crowded the grounds today. It was
Omaha day, and everybody was there.
Up to this morning 2,552,8!) peoplo
had registered at tho turnstiles, ' so
the grand total will considerably exceed 2,000,000. The exposition was a
financial succeBs.somothing over $100,-
000 remaining to bo divided among
tho stockholders. A fraction less than
$2,000,000 has been received and
$1,500, COO expended. Tho concessions
paid the exposition $800,000 and the
exhibitors $200,000. Eighty thousand
dollars were received from othor
sources. It is estimated that the
subscribers should receive back about
1)0 por cent of their subscriptious.
Mr. Leslie Hill, who bus been examining some properties in the Salmon river country, arrived at the
Phair yesterday on his way to Enst
Kootenay. whither he proceeds this
morning for the purpose of examining
the Moyie, a property iu which he is
Interested, and which adjoins the St.
Kiigi'iic miue. Mr. Hill is in charge
of the Vancouver group, situated on
four milo creek near Silverton.
Twenty men am now being employed
at the mine, and there is a large quantity of ore ready to be shipped as soon
as the snow comes. Among this
oro is a carload nf very high grade
galena going 817 ounces in silver, and
$2.44 in gold to the ton, und also
58)<) per cent. lead.
A trial shipment of rich ore was
recently mado to the Trail smelter
from the Jewel group near Greenwood
City. The Jewel group belongs to the
Prospecting Company of H. C., of
which company Mr. Leslie Hill is
consulting engineer. The shipment
consisted of nine tons of free milling
quartz, for wliich the smelter paid $117
per ton. This was, of course, picked
oro, the average value of the ore from
tho property  being  nbout $30 p"r ton.
A' Busy Day in the Judge's
Private Room.
Several Cases Adiourned Till the Next Session or Till a Day to Be Fixed.
Details of the Oases-
His Honor Judge Forin held a sitting of the county court yesterday in
his private room at the Court House,
aud disposed of several oases.
The first case was S. J. Mighton
vs. O. W. Aylwin, in which the plaintiff sued for the price of goods sold and
deliverded. The defendant connter-
claimo for $08.40, being the price of
mi'; eighth i i.t ores I in the Montezuma
mineral claim, brought by the defendant for the plajutiff. It was coutend-
ed for the plaintiff that a conveyance
had never been tendered. Judgment
wns given for the defendant on tho
counter claim, but without costs as
tho conveyance had not been tendered.
P. E. Wilson appeared for the paiutiff,
nud R. B. Kerr of New Denver for
the defendant.
The case of Kuno Bros. vs. M. Gilliam was an notion for goods received
by the defendant as warehouseman.
The action was   dismissed with costs.
P. E. Wilson was for the plaintiff
aud A. M. Johnson for   the defendant.
Iu the case of Slattcry vs. Twombly
and Angrignon, tho plaintiff had obtained a judgment for wages due, and
certain moneys had teen paid into
court undor garnishee orders. There
was a contest between tho plaintiff
and Dean aud several other workmen,
who claimed the snid moneys uuder
assignments. The assignments were
held to be bills of exchange, and the
garnishee orders were upheld. Jobn
Elliot appeared for tho plaintiff, and
A. M. Johnson for Dean and the other
The action ot D. McArthur & Co.
vs J. Rao was for monoy paid by
mistake. iJ. it Wilson, for the plaint-
iff. obtained a judgment iu his favor
with oosts,
Iii ihe Kaslo-Slocan Co. vs. Lovart
A.'Whial.'er, of Kuslo, appeared for
the plaintiffs. This was an action
for timber dues for wood cut within
their limits. The action was undefended, and judgment was given by
This concluded tho list beforo tho
court, the other casos having been deferred to days to bo hereafter fixed or
adjourned until tho next sitting of
the county court.
Nine Miles of Road   Completed, From
Kootouuy Lako.
The cnutruct for the wagon road np
Six Milo creek from Kootenay lake
has been completed for a distance of
nine miles aud work ou tho remainder
has been suspended for tho winter.
The Oro Mining" & Milling Company are building a sleigh road from
the wagon rond to the Goldou Wedge
mine, a distance of throe miles. Machinery for tho new stamp mill is
being hauled from tho lake shore to
the end of thn wagon road aud will bo
hauled the remaining distance as
soon'as snow comes. A saw mill
has been erected at the Oro townsite
und is busy cutting lumber and timber for the mill anil tho mino. A
force of 85 men are einployod and tho
ledge has been cut by the 180 foot
tunnel at a depth of 175 foot. LotH
in the town of Oro will bo placod on
tho market as soon as tho plans are
returned from Toronto. A number of
properties in the vicinity will be
worked during tho coining winter
and will draw their supplies from Nelson.
R. B. Kerr, the well known   barrister of New Denver, who is] in   Nelson
attending   the   sitting  of the  county
court,   tells of   au    unusual   state  of
thiugs in the Slocun. Thore is   praeti-
cally a labor famine.    Every I available
man in employed in the mines, carpenters oro not to be had, and it   is   very
difficult to get men to   cut   eordwood,
ovon at $8 a day, in Sandon almost impossible.    The    New   Denver   people,
ho says, aro on very   good tenns  with
themselves  jnst   now.    There   aro   a
large number  of   properti os   close  to
tho   town   that aro  boiug  vigorously
worked, they are all showing   up   extremely   well,   and  look   as   if  they
were going to mako mines.
One Hacks Anothor With an Axo and
in Now   in Jail.
A quarrel took place between two
Italians at one of J. O. McLean's construction camps, about 25 miles from
Brooklyn along tho Bobsou-Peutictiou
brauoh, in wliich ouo of tho men wax
badly used up. The assailant whoso
name could not be learned had an alter-
caliou with a fellow workmau named
Sarhnslinii Dovciro, and nsed au axo
to enforce his arguments. As a result
Dovciro wus badly cut, receiving ��
severe gush on tho head and another
deep cut on tho right arm. Filially
other workmen interfered, bouni tho
would bo butcher and ut tho point of
revolvers marched him to Gladstone,
where he was taken iu charge by an
officer. He wos later taken to Grand
Forks for safe keeping until his trial
eonies off. Devoiro's wounds wero
sowed up by tho cook, thero being no
surgeon at hand just* thou.
The young peoplo of tho Mothodist
church have organized a reading circle for the winter months in couneotion with the Epworth League of tbo
church. Tho course includes four
books: The makers of Methodism;
the making of the Empiro; Fairyland
of science; week Day Religion, including in all||about 2200 pages. The
eiiele meets overy Wednesday evening
at the home of one of the members,
nnd besides taking up the courso of
rending as outliued abovo, individual
members contributo essays ou other
litorary questions. THE MINER, WEDNESDAY,   NOVEMBER 2, 1898.
Wm JtTmer.
Published Daily except Sunday.
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co..
Limited Liability.
ji.   COMMUNICATION'S to the Editor must
accompanied by the name and address
of the writer, not necessarily for publication, but as evidence of good faith.
Subscription Rates,
Daily, per month by carrier $ 1 00
per month by mail	
per half year by mail	
per yoar, foreign 	
Weekly Mil-ran,
10 00
13 00
J 125
..   200
Weekly, per half year	
"       per year, foreign    8 00
Subscriptions Invariably in advance.
Notices of Births,   Deaths, and Ma.riagoH
Inserted for 50 cents each.
Advertising rates made known on application
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Copy for Changes of Advertisement must
be In the Office by 4 o'clock p.m. Co
Insure change.
Some weeks ago reports were widely
circulated to tbe effect that wet
weather had destroyed much of tbe
wheat crop iu Manitoba and that the
supply would bo many million bushels
short. Theso reports were probably
due to speculators, who, by decreasing
the supply, aimod to increase prices.
Later information, however, - shows
these reports to have beeu exaggerations. It is true thut there has been
considerable rain iu Manitoba this
fall and it was thought that much
grain would be soff-hned by the extreme moisture. In preparation for
this many elevators introduced drying apparatus. It turns out that there
will be littlo need f'ir these. Thrashing has been going ou all through tho
affected districts and the rosults
show good sound grain. The chief
millers in aud around Winnipeg, who
should know something about crop
couditions, say that there may have
beeu some loss, bnt that, ninety-five
per cent of tho crop will bo recovered.
This is good news for the rest of
the country. The. farmers' prosperity
means plenty of money all around and
a flourishing mercantile trade. Tlie
only drawback is the low price of
wheat. The average prico paid at
many points in Manitoba, according to
last reports was 138 cents. This does
not give the wheat raiser much margin. It is probable however, that
tho price will go up shortly. A European war would lie certain to send tho
figures up, bnt unfortunately, this
means of putting money in tho farmer's pockets wonld react upou consumers who would lie compelled to pay
war prices for bread stud's.
time it was   said   to havo been almost
entirely  overcome.    A  careful count,
however,    showed a    clear majority
for tho liberals of three or four.   What
the conservatives could not win at .the
polls they sought   to   secure  through
the courts aud many protests were put
in.    By  arrangemeut many   of  theso
were dropped,   and   honors  continued
almost  eveu.    By   tho   death   of  the
momber  for  Wellington   an  opening
was   made  for Hon.   J.   M.   Gibson,
minister of public works in the Hardy
government, who was defeated in   his
home constituency  of Hamilton,   and
the result has been the   return of  Mr.
Gibson  by  a large    majority.   This
strengthens     the    government     very
much   and Mr. Hardy   is   assured   of
power for at  least four years.    It cannot bo denied that the liberal   government that Ontario has  had   for more
than   two   docades   has been in  every
way satisfactory. There havo beon many
charges   against  it,    but,     nevertheless, it  weathered   all storms and the
conservatives   will   have to preseut  a
much more attractive policy than they
have beeu ablo  to  evolve  hitherto  if
they wish   to   secure the powor  thoy
have so long coveted.
That tho Americans would tako
possession of the Philippine islands
was seou from tbe first. None save
the Spaniards believed that they would
uot. They lire tun valuable a possession to relinquish and Ihe Americans were well aware of tlieir value
and once theirs it wns easily seen that
thoy would puss under the Amerioan
flag. Oerman; coveted thom and
braved even n rupture with the United
States to gain a foothold and meddle
in the terms of settlement. It is almost certain that the United Statos
has had the support of Great Britain
iu tho seizing and holding of these
islands, and that Germany would not
have been suffered to take any action
which would minimize Admiral
Dewey's splendid achievement iu these
Waters, uud it is certain that that support will not be withheld from any
policy tho Americans chooso to pursue
regarding the islands, Japan too, favors American occupation and would
bo prepared to ensure to tho United
States ull the fruits of successful war,
should they be in any   way   disputed.
Years ago it was seen that Spain
Otmld not retain the Philippines aud
Germany, France and Russia have had
eyes upon them as vantage places of
great importune" off the Asiatic const.
No one ever dreamed nf the United
Stales possessing them, unit the fact
that the Americans do possess tliiun
und Intend to hold them in the face of
all tho opposition the powers can exert, must serve In furl her cool whatever friendship muy hnve existed on
the parts of France nud Hussiu towards
tho United Stales.
There is little feur that the new
owners of the Philippines will be disturbed. With Great Britain und Jnpan
to sustain thom iu their undoubted
right to"hold what they hnve" American government there will he as safe
as it is in Washington, .
Condensed News of the Happenings of tho
Week In and Around  Our Busy
City and Kootenay*
On Mondny night the Liberal Con-
ervativo Association of Rossland met
aud completed organization.
F. Mountain, head of the provinoial
police for this district, has been superceded by W. H. Bullock-Webster.
Two of the four vacancies on tho
staff of the Provincial jail, have been
filled by the appointment of A. E.
Storey and J. Labbo.
[j John McLaren, formerly of the stuff
of the Provinoial jail, has accepted
the appointment of  financial manager |
of   the   Nelsou   Soda   Water  Factory. !
Work   on   the   new    Odd   Fellows' I
block   at   the   corner    of   Baker  and
Kootenay streets will he  resumed  today nnd the building will be rushed to j
There will be a Rugby football ;
praotice this afternoon at,the recreation
gronnd, As there is a match here
against Rossluud next Saturday, win n
the visitors will strain every nerve to
retrieve their late defeat, it is hoped
lliut nil players will nilike u point of
Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
Four Roomed House on Observatory St.    $15 per monlh.
Eight roomed furnished house, Observatory St.
�� The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ^
% and Savings Co. %
*��*~ ^3
S^   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and =3S
g; 8 years by monthly instalments. ^
at   The
An old, familiar country road. The
same grain fields along its sides, tho
same golden rod nodding its yellow
head in the ruddy glow of the sinking
sun, the same thistles nestling by the
wayside. A man comes down Ihe
road, resolute faced, bright eyed, in
tho prime of his manhood. Care has
just touched her fiugor to his brow,
but he has won the smile of Fortune
and gained the esteem of men. Bnck
to the old home, to mothor uud
father, and that other oue who gave a
cherished promise when he went
away. He opens the big gate. It
has the same doleful creak. The sun
lights up the window in the western
peak of the barn with crimson tiro
just tho same as it did long ago. He
stops to tho kitchen door. There's
mother and father sitting at tho supper table���just tho same, but mother's
silver-haired now, and father is a
little more bent. A happy meeting,
a long, long talk, sitting thero in the
lengthening shadows aud when ho
goes up to the same old bedroom, the
lazy breeze, burdened with tho smell
of new hay aud the fragrance from j
the apple orchard, lulls the man into
just as sweet aud peaceful 11 sleep ns I
it did the happy, care-free boy iu the
days agone. And tho rising 1110011
peeps in at tho window and sees the ���
gray-haired mother step softly into
tho quiet room aud press hor goodnight kiss upon his forehoad���just the
O. P. R.
The Liberal government* of Ontario
which reverted to Hon. A. S. Hardy
when Sir Oliver Mowat went into the
Domiuion ministry has hud a narrow
escape from defoat. Sir Oliver held
his majority for years and he left
everything in favorable shape for his
successor, who, however, proved to bo
a much less tactful general than Ontario's grand old man. In the elections hold in the beginning of the
year Hon. Mr. Hardy's majority was
almost  wiped   out.   Indeed,   ut    one
Laud   Commissioner Hamilton Speaks of His Trip.
L, A. Hamilton, laud commissioner
of the C. P. R. and F. T. Gillin,
assistant lands commissioner, arrived
in town on, Monduy evening after a
trip over tho Crow's Nest Pass railway
through East Kootenay, where they
hud been looking into tho C. P. R.
townsite urrangineuts along the
Mr. Hamilton said that the company's townsite arrraugements 111 that
pnrt of tho country were pruclically
completed, and that everything
was looking prosperous. Fernie was
growing rapidly und buildings were
going up in ull directions. Ferine,
it will he remembered, is close to the
great coal mines ofthe Crow's Nest
Puss company, llko was looking
well, and they had hud numerous
applications for business lots. Klko
was the supply point for 11 large farming couutry, and also for the copper
belt to the north, und was peculiarly
adapted, on acount of its water
power and other fuefilities, for the
establishment of manufacturing industries.
Cranbrook had been made the divis-
iona point for that part of the line,
and, when there, Mr. Hamilton hud
let a contract for the building of a siding and for tlio clearing of tlieir lots.
A lnrgo depot was being built with
accommodations for a telegraph operator and othor necessary ollieials, uud
foundations for a round houso wero
sulso being laid. Tho Canadian Hank
of Commerce was established there,
and the Bank of Montreal had recently
purchased somo lots there also. Mr.
Hamilton considered thut Criiuhrook
would be to East Kootenay '..'hut Nelson wus to West Kootenny, namely
the bunking, commercial and jobbing
center of tho  district.
Swansea, a now town ou the north
end of Moyio lake, was prospering
well, and Moyio City, at the south
end of tho lake, was also in a every
healthy condition. Moyie city was the
natural supply point" for tho mines
on both sides of the lake.
Speaking generally Mr. Hamilton
snid thut tho great difficulty expeii- ^
euced throughout tho country had fc-
bcen the scarcity of lumber, parpen- ^j
ters, nnd workman generally and this, ap
although thero were quite a number ^-
of saw mills working. The lack of ^^
carpenters wus now remedied to a' jfc
large oxtent but it. was very hard to | fc-
get other workmen. The ballasting m^-
of the lino hnd boon greatly delayed ^
no this account. Cj
Mr. Hamilton wns greatly pleased , IP
wilh the improvement he observed , fc
in Nelson since his visit hero three . ^
months back, several handsome brick : Cj[
blocks having gone up. There was i m~z
a steady nnd sutisfactory demand for ! fc
O, P, R. lots here, aud vory fow pay- F
ments were in arroar, which was a E
very healthy sign in a town.
Mr. Hamilton left last night for tho
const via Revelstoko, and Mr. Griffiu
goes out this morning by way of tho
Boundary country.
Subscribe for The Daily Miner, it
costs you but Oue Dollur per month,
delivered at your residence.
Fine Play Put, on
Skating Riuk.
A good audience assembled last
night to see the Bittuer company
play "Mother and Son" in fact, considering the inclement weather, u
remarkable good ono. The scene of
the play wns laid in France, nnd all
the chnracters were French.
The piny opens with a discussion between Mr. Godfrey aud his sisler
Cosarino as to the propriety of Captain Daniel marrying Godfrey's daughter Edith. Oesarinn at hrst objects
on the score of lack of romance, preferring M. Montjoy, wbo hnd a past
connected with a   lady   called Felicia.
j The captain appears and confeis.'S he
is a natural son. whereupon brother
and sister change  sides, Oesarino  in-
' sisting on his  being   accepted.    Then
liliu captain introduces his aunt Mdme.
i Dubois, and Montjoy who   is  present
; recognizes her as Felicia.
!    Montjoy   and Felicia    meet   alone.
[and, is u most powerful and effecting scene, Felicia ulternnlelv pleads
with, thtoatens und cajoles Montjoy.
in the hope of getting him to remain
silent.    He is obdurate,   but   his   ml-
1 miration for the cnptnin subsequently
makes him change his mind, When
the marriage contract is being mnde
out M. Benucbnmp, Edith's godfather,
ferrets out the secret, and the father
forbids the marriage telling the cnptnin to look to his aunt for nn explanation, A most touching scene ensues,
in wliich tho enptain swears never
to leave his mother, and to give her a
new name.
Meantime   there   is much discussion
I in the family, Cesnrine defending
the oaptain although the story was too
romantic even for  her.    Eventually it
j is decided that the   marriage shall  go
oil and M. Beuucbamp gives his  name
to the captain.
Felicin then comes on ns a   nun an-
* nouncing   she bus taken the   veil   and
I the curtain rings down on Iho lovely
j penitent ns she stands blessing her
I son nnd his.bride, a beautiful picture
I which is enhanced by artistic limelight effects.
Miss Mattie Choate was last
night above criticism. Superbly
gowned ns lhe beautiful Felicia, she
played n difficult Ihiuiuh splendid
pnrt magnificently. Miss Cboate is evidently a tragedienne of a high order.
Mrs. Bittuer ns Edith, was charming nnd espiegle ns ever, and Miss
Millv Stevens did n clover  and   nmn
ing piece of noting in  the portrayal
of lhe romantic spinster Cesnrine
J. Waldron supptried Ihe tliffleuli
pnrt of the cnptnin with dignity nnd
effect, aud XV. XV. Hittner's representation of M. Montjoy revealed the finished and accomplished actor. W.
Fredericks wus excellent ns tbe eccentric hut kind hearted old archaeologist M. Godfrey while E. B. Kelly left
nntliing to be desired in his conception
of JI. Bennclinmp.the shrewd and enn-
tions old* family friend. N. Mitchell
nlso mnde the most of his opportmi-
tirs ns the "crack brained artist,"
M. Morriscun.
The specialties wero as good ns
ever, N. Mitchell gaining nn encore
for lhe ever popular song "Take Buck
Your Gold". The songs were illustrated tiy stereoplicon views. L. Me-
Clellnn gained fresh laurels by his
Germnn dialect   song   nnd clog   dnnc-
ing, nud reoeived  a well  earned  encore.
J. McClellnnd and O, Moran gnvo
11 comic duet and dance, and woro re-
cnlled amid roars of laughter. The
Wurngrnph pictures, representing "A
Dog Saving a tlirl" nnd '"a Garden
Hose Adventure," were again a prominent feature und were loudly iipplnnd
id by the nudieneo.
The piece tonight will bc "The Fire
Patrol,' a very humorous comedy in
which every member of the comptny
^���������^ ���������4 ������������������������������-������ ������������������-
If you want to Rent, Buy
or Build a House, sell
your L Is,sell your House,
Insure your Property or
your Life, borrow money
g       SEE ANNABLE       |j
All   Communications relaiinjj lo British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���V%^�� '%%'V%*^%.'%%-%%^%'
J. Roderick Rohertson,
Genoral  Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
PABST : : :
A Trial will convince
that the World's Leading
Beer loses none of its good
qualities by being bottled
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling', Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
STATION     .    .    .
A.  E.  YOUNQ, agent.
Stewart's Eeateis
A cai'loud of Coal I tenters *.lii\.ctlVom
the Factory  arrived   on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
(lumps supplied on shortest notice and Loiveft -Prices
Midi Orders receive direful attention.
NnthiiiK hut fresh and wholesome meats nud supplies
kept in stock,
.Marlii'lH ut Nelson nml Vmir
p. burns & co.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by null to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   nnd see   us.
C. W. WEST & CO.
will fill  no  orders  for Wood
Coal or Lime unles*
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty daysstand-
inj-T will be put into the hands
of a collector.
Official Directory.
Uovernor-Gonurnl - Karl of Aberdeen
Premier - . Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House of Common-', Dominion Parliament, West Kootenay Hewitt Boetock
Lieut-Governor - Hon T R Moloney
Premie' - Hon Chas Semlin
Attorney-General - Hon Joseph Martin
MihiHterof Finance - Him F G Cotton
Minister Mines ami Kducallon   Hon J K Hmne
Pres Exefinivo Council       Hon Dr McKechnie
Member Leuitlativo Assembly tor Nelwn Rid*
ing ��� Hon J �� Humo
Mayor - - John Houston
Aldermen-Chas Hillyer, VV F Teetzel, J A
Gilker, J J MhIoiiu, K P \\ halley. Thou Madden.
City Clerk
Police M im Nt rule
Chief of Police
Chief of Firo Department
Water CominiMionei
Health Offlcer
City Engineer
J K Strachan
W A Creane
A   F MofCInnon
W .1 Thompson
John Hamilton
I'l*.  Lit Hull
A. L MVullocli
City council moots every Mondav, s pr.n., >��n
city hall, cor Victoria and Jonephino ��l
Dr. E C Arthur. Dr. GAD Hall. Geo John
atone.   Principal���J   Hoady.
PreKident ��� J Roderick Robertson.
Viee-Preaident - Jnmen Lawn-nee.
Secy-Treos. - John A Tuner.
President John A, Turner
Vtee-Pres. VV. A, Jowhi.
Secretary D. McArthur
Treas. - JA Forin
Medical 8"pL. . Dr. G. AD Hull
Warden   i> Capt. N. HtK*iubtw
First Jailer ��� R. Liddell
Second Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third .Jftiier ��� John McLaren
Senior Guard lt Inou
Government Inferior of Agencies VV J Goopel
Gold Commissioner
Mining Rccnrder-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspector of Schools
O. G. Denuit.
RF Tolmie
Geo. Johnstono
John Ki-rU
J A Forin
K T H Slmukltw
William Rums
8.00 p.m,
8.30 n.m
4.00 p.m
0.00 p.m
Hnl ted States, Ontario. Que*
���heennd Eastern Provinces
Points on N. & F. S. lino.
Victoria and Rowland.
Vew Dcnvor, Sandon and
iSlocnn Lake Polnlu.
Kaslo and Kootonay Lake
Rossland, Trail, Nakusp,
Itobson. points otrmatn line
". P. It.. Vancouver um'
6. ifl p.m.
2.30 p.m
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Generu]
Delivery. 8 a.m.  to 8 p.m.;   Registiiiiion. H.'A'i
n.ni. to 7 p.m.; Money Orders und Savings Rank
tl a.m. 10 1 p.m.; Sunday I hour HO to 11 a.m).
J. A. GILKER, I'ostmastor
Ciiuhcii of EN0i.AM)~Matln lla.m.; Even
Song. 7 " P m. every Sunday. Holy Common*
!��� n nn ��st and 3rd Sundays in tho month after
M.itin***-; on 2nd aul 4th Sundays, at 8 a.Itt,
-Sunday school at 2.80 p.m. Rev H. 8, AKu-
hittvt, Keeter.   Cor Wnnl und Silica streetw,
I'HKHinriuiAN Ciiuhcii���Serviiesut 11 a.m.
and 7.^0 p in. Sunday SehO'd at 9.JW p.m.
Prayor mooting Thursday evening hi 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndenvor Society meets every Mon*
day evening ut 8 o'clock. Uev. R. Frow,
Mkthodibt ChubOH���Comer SHIca and
Josephine Streets, Services at 11 am. and 7.30
p. m. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epwnrth
League C, K.. Tuosday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Robson. Pastor.
CATiiui.it' Ciiuhcii���Mass at Nelson, tlrt
und third Sunday at 8and 10.00a.m.; Itcnedic-
tioiMit. 7."0 t����* 8 p.m. Rev. Esther Ferland
BAPTIST Chubcii ��� Her Ices morning mid
eveningat It a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer mee^
ing Wednesday ovening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
aro held in the school house. Sirangnrs cordt-
ully welcomed.   Hev. G. lt. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Ahmy��� Ser vivos every, evening
at 8 o'clock in barraoks on Victoria street.
Adjutant Millner In charge.
KLSON LODGE, No. 211 A. F. Jt A.
M. mcotfl Bf-rnnd Weilnonday In unoli
month.   VlHlilng liruthrun Invited.
Q. L. Lknmix. Scorouiry.
i|gtljT       t.  O. O.   F.     Kdotoni* Lodgn
SEj^HI No. Ill, mectH i-very Monday iil.,-liL,
^J^^   nl   thnh ' Hall,   Konloniiy st'oel,
���iiijminiliiK Odd Followa cordially Invited.
A. II. CloniimtH, t*.ll.       Kred J fqulioM, Hoc.y
�� NKLSON LOIIOK No lil, K, of P..
in .'ii- ln 1'iiHtlo hull, Mel Hi i il'1 block
-very second and fonrtl) T' c .,; ��� on-
ni*- al 8 o'clock. All i liliiii; ill-, lit h
"filially lnvili'il, l
It. O. Joy, O. C.
18211) Quo. IloHSK.of It. and S.
NKLSON   LODGK,   I. O. G. T.     Meow in
Witte Hall,  McDonald lllock, every Monday
veniiiK at 8 o'clock.   VIkIMiik Tclnplarti OOP
ilially Inviiod, John TELFORD,
Chlof Tomplar.
J. F. Jacobson   Boo'y
NELSONS   QUKKN    NO.   241
SONS    OF     ENGLAND,  moot
Hocond and fourth Wedneiidny
each mouth at K. of I1. Hall, Mae
Donald lllock,   cor. Vernon   and
        JoKclihlne Htrecta.   VIhIUiik broth
rn cordial'} Invited.        Khnest Kino,
Char. H. Kahuiiw, Worthy President
li-l nml .'ini Wetlni t-day In eiudi monlh lu the
K of P Hall. F W SwuntSlIi i'. 11. S. C. It.; J It
Green, CU : .1. I'tirkliw, See).
NKI.M1N Ll'DOi:. NO, id A.O.U.W., miit
every Thui'ttilny iu the I.O.O.F. hall. G C
Williams. M.W.s W BSlnllll, Itec.-St'o.; J. .1.
tli'lsciill, Financier F. J Hqulro. Itecelvor and
p. U. w.
NELSON L.iI.L. No. 1002 moots III the Me
Donald block every Thursday ovsnliitf at 8
o'clock. Vl.ltlni-r mombers cordially invitod
John Toyo W.jif. | F. J. Bradley, It.S.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'y.
Nelson  dc  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all roil mate without change
of oars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Eossland.
Leave 6.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p.m
"   12:05 "  EOSSL'D    "  11:20   "
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   3.10 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 6:20 a in
makes olose oonneo im s at Bpokane du
all Paoiflo Coast Poinln.
Passengers (or Kettle Itivor and Boundary Creek, oonneot at Marcus withBtngn
O. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane,' Wash;
Ajfout.Ni'l .ion, 13. O. aT
Maxwell Stevenson jr, of Aim won b,
is nt the Phair.
A. Marsh of Rossland .leaves town
this morning for Ymir.
A. Whealler. barrister of Kaslo, is
inn town on law business.
D. W. Moore, ore buyer toi llli
Trail   smelter, is at tlie Hume.
J. L. Parker, mining engineer of
Rossland, is staying at the Hume.
Dr. Bell-Irving of Vancouver is nt
the Phair on his way to Eist Konf>
nay. "-
0. Halifax Hall, engineers on llie
Orow's Nest Pass railway is revisit red
at the Phair from Goat River.
John Hirsch, provincial lanl su ���
veyor, hns returned from nn extendi d
professional visit to the Slocan.
\V. H. Groat, Nelson manager for
P. Bums & Co., returned last night
from a business trip to Brooklyn.
Among     thoso registered   at   lhe
Queen's am T. F, Guine,    Fernie; T.
Bennett, Salmo, F. F. Fullmer,
Mr. W. P. Robinson and her daughter Mrs. S. . P Shaw, who have been
visiting Deputy Sheriff Robinson at
Rossland retnrned homo on Monday
" Among those registered nt the
Phair are E. H. Tomlinson, Slocau:
Mr. and Mrs. �� J. McVav, Athabasca
Mill: E. A. Mills, G. N. railway; S.
H. P.umbe, Halcyon, aud J. H, Guile,
Among those registered at Iho Huno
areO. A. Wing, Oro; XV. Gillnrd, Slo
oan; F. J. O'Reilly aud H. Y. Mati e-
son, Silverton; J. W. Gutter and J.
Y. Doran, Montreal; J, A. McKinnon,
Toronto; D. Gandier, Rossland,and E.
B. Denison. Trail.
n land of silence.
A Well Known New Denver  Property
Closes Down.
The Galena mino near New Denver
wus closed down last week and all
but a few of the workmen were discharged. The pnmps arn kept working and the property held iu readiness to resumo operations at short
It is said that a thorough examination of tho workings will be made
before any moro money is spent n
development . The mine has be u
working steadily for tho past two
years and n half. It is equipped
with the most improved machinery.
Pumps and drills and everything ia
in sight to make it a great shipping
mine but the ore. This has been encountered at intervals and nt various
depths, but at the present time there
is uot enough in sight to warrant
further working.
An Agreement  Mndo   Botween Nicar-
,    agna and American   Contractors
Managua, Nicaragua. Nov. 1.���After four days' public discussion, tho
Nicaragua congress has unanimously
upproved tho agreement, provisionally
made between President Zelava and
tho American contractors and engineers, Messrs. Edward F. Gragin and
Edward Eyre, authorizing the construction of an intcroceanio canal,
and empowering tho concessionaires
to negotiate with the maritime canal
oompany. The adoption of the clause
iu the agreement declaring that the
concession to the maritime canal company will terminate on October 9,
1899, was received with prolonged
cheers from congressmen nnd the puhlie in the galleries. Congratultory telegrams have been received from the
chief cities of Nicarngun aud the neighboring republics.
The oro shipments from Sandon for
the week ending Oct. 27, were as follows:
Over the K. & S.��� Pavnii, 100 tons;
Ruth, 7 tons; Wonderful Bird, \;
total, 171?*i.
Over the C. P. R.��� Payne, 1100 tons;
Slocau star, 120 tons ; total. 420-tous.
Total shipments, (12B, tons.
St. Johns, Nfld., Nov. 1.���Threo
English vessols, homeward bound
from Labrador, with crows aggregating 120 persons, lire now much over-
duo. Since the recent gales, wreck-
ago of a schooner has lorn found
strewn along the coast nnd it is feared
that she was one of the bolutod vessols. Arrangements aro being male to
despatch a search steamer.
is part of the \ equipment of every
war vessel.
But anyone can find the range they
want by coming here. We have
Stoves and Ranges of all sizes nnd various styles in stock and each one is well
mnde, strong and an economical user
of fuel.
The Perfection is about ono of the
best cookers on the market. Burns
coaior wood nnd gives fine results.
Our line of 1 li'itti'i'H is very handsome.
Importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
What Und of silence
Where pale stars shine
On apple blossoms
And dew drenched Tin*
Is yours and mine ?
The silent Valley
That we will And
Where all the voloos
Of humankind
Are left behind.
There, aU forgetting,
Forgotten quite,
We will repose ns,
With our delight
Hid ont of sight.
The world forsaken
And out of mind
Bonor and labor,
We shall not find
The Btars unkind.
And men shall trarall
And laugh and weep,
But we have vistas
Of-gods asleep,
With dreams as deep.
A land of silence
Where pale stars shine
On apple blossoms
And dow drenched vine,
Be yours and mine!
���New York Tribune
The Flrat National bank of P.-u-kville
was the financial Institution of Park county. Its stockholders Included all the best
business men of the town and a number
of leading farmers, and the standing of
the Institution was nil that could bo desired. Thore ls always an odd sheep ln
every town, and tn Parkvllle tho odd sheep
was Uncle Billy Edwards. Not once ln a
year did any one mention his last name.
It was always "Undo Billy," and he was
everybody's friend and nobody's enemy.
At the timo the bank was organized he
was n man BO years old. He was simple
minded, lived with a relative and picked
up a quarter now and then by doing an
odd job. Som* one told Uncle Billy about
tho bank, and he straightway sought an
interview with the man who wns to be
president. In a spirit of fun tho latter appointed him the First National bank extraordinary burglar catcher and promised
bim n salary of $10 peryear. The old man
wns delighted, and the bank had not yet
opened for business when he armed himself with a club and paraded the stroots for
several hours oach night. Every one
laughed at Mm, and yot ho was so good
natured mid so zealous that no ono hurt
his feelings. After awhilo ho ceased to aot
as a night hawk, but ho was "on dock"
nil day long aud became a sort of fixture
at tho bank.
They had lots of fun over Uncle Billy's
stories of tho suspicious characters ho had
seen sneaking about and of the bank burglars who had tried to bluff him or run
him iitf, and ao ono was jealous of him
except the regular night watchman. About
four nights u wook Undo Billy would slip
out of his bed at midnight and walk half a
mile to knock on tho frontdoor of the bank
and satisfy himself that the watchman was
iiwuke. He was chased away tlmo after
time, with missiles following him as he
Ood, but ho reappeared after a night or
two and was not to bo got rid of. Oue day
when the bunk had been open about olght
mouths two strangers drove up In a buggy at noon. Only tho paving toller and
tho iKiokkeeper wore in their places. Tho
teller wns called out to talk to the lunn in
Iho buggy, whilo the second ono engaged
tho bookkeeper in conversation. Then a
third man sneaked ln to rob the open safe,
and he would surely havo mado a big haul
but for tho presence of Uncle Billy, who
stuck close to his elbow and gavo him no
chance. It was not known for a year that
tho thing was a put up job and that but
for the old man the 115,000 lying ln the
safe would havo beon deftly abstracted.
L'ncle Billy had a dim suspicion that a
plot had boon hatched, but as nothing had
been taken his talk of how he watched the
st rnnger was put down with the rest of bis
As is tho case with most country banks,
tho building waa two stories high, with
tho second story finished off for offices.
Thero wero six or seven rooms, and for the
first year thoso woro rented out to local
lawyers. At tho end of tho yoar tho party
having tho rooms over tho vaults moved
out', and, nftor they had stood idle for two
months, they wero rented to Whlto &
Gregg, Insurance and real estate agents,
who enmo to Parkvllle from Philadelphia
well recommended. Both claimed to bo
married men, but neither brought his
family. They wero going to try lt first for
a few months. Their first move was to
deposit $h,(iiio ln tho bank and a box of
bonds and valuablo papers. Their next
waa to Invest in HO vacant city lots ond to
take $1,000 worth of stock ln a woolen
null, then building. In these and other
ways they made themselves solid with tht
business men of tho town, und tho publio
at large looked upon thom as valuablo acquisitions to tho community.
Undo Hilly, ln addition to being the
"extraordinary burglar detector," carried
up the fuel and swept out tho offices for
the lawyers, and when Whito & Orogg
look possession ho did not lose bis Job.
They sunn camo to undtrstand him, and
be was allowed to come and go at will,
I hough ho wus never In tho way whon not
wanted. He wnn enthusiastic iu Ihelr
praise for the first three months, as they
pi -.id li 11 ii liberally, but one day, in whispered tonus and with an air of mystery
about hiin, ho asked for a private Interview wilh the presldentof tho bank. When
this hud boen laughingly granted, he said:
"Mr, Davis, lam not sure about thoso
men, White & Uregg. I shouldn't wonder
If they intend to nib our bank."
"How will they do 11?" asked the amused
"By cutting through thu floor and thu
"But tho roof of the vault lsof brick
and two feet thick."
"Well, I think they uro going to try it
Thoy havo a saw, a crowbar, a sledge hammer and other tools In a closet up stairs.
I'm going to keep un oye on 'era."
Ho was encouraged to do so, but so trifling did tho president consider the incident that he did not speak of lt to any ono,
and ln half an hour had forgotten all
about It. Not so with Uncle Billy, how-
liver. On two occasions he was sent to tho
express olllco by Whlto Ss Uregg nnd
brought them small but heavy parcels.
Two or three times also he saw a stranger
ln thoir offlco whose looks he did not like
and whom he sot down for a conspirator.
For the first two months the two men,
who boarded at tho hotel, novor returned
to their oflice after supper. A fter that they
wero frequently there for an hour or two,
and as tlmo passed on they staid later.
Undo Billy watched all theso things, but
kept his own counsel for many weeks.
One day he again asked fur a private Interview, and when the president began
laughing at htm he said:
"It won't be long now before they wlU
25 per cent off all  purchases   of
Hoots and Slices for this  week
Neeland's Shoe Emporium.
lotaalional Navigalioi & Tradisj Company
Summer Card.
Effective Juue 20,1898
Subject to change without notice.
Next door to old stand.
try to roh the DanK. They have got all the
tools they need, and today I found a satchel
to put the money in."
"So you think they aro bank robbers?"
was asked.
"I am sure of lt. Last night they were
ln the bank room till 11 o'clock, and they
would not let mc go ln thero today. I
guess they have cut a hole ln the floor."
For three months aftor the bank opened
* watchman had been kopt inside. Then
some one growled at the expense, and he
was changed to the outside and given the
Whole blook to patrol. For a minute or
two, as Unole Billy looked so confident,
tho president wondered if there waB not
something ln it. Then he felt amused at
the ldAFand said:
"Well, Uncle Billy, you are our burglar
���catcher, you know. Perhaps you'd better
sleep in the bank here for a few nights."
"I'll do it, and I'll catch burglars, tool"
exclaimed tho delighted old man.
It was arranged that he Bhould be left
in tbe bank at night, and he was given an
unloaded doublo barreled shotgun for a
weapon and received many cautions. To
give you a fair Idea of what tho robbers
wore after I must explain that the sufc,
which stood outside the vault, was only
for day use. At the close of business each
day everything was deposited in the vault,
which was of brick, with a heavy iron
door, and supposed to be burglar proof. As
Uncle Billy couldn't get into'tho vault
and no burglar inside could get out, the
bank peoplo laughed as they asked each
other how ho was going to work it to capture anybody. Further, he was to bo
looked In the bank, with no way of getting uut.
On tho seoond night of Uncle Billy's
guardianship something happened which
Parkvllle is talking about yot. That day
the firm of White -S^Gregg drew nut their
deposit, claiming thoy were going to buy a
farm. That night at 10 o'clock, while
Uncle Hilly was taking a smoke on his cut
near tbe vault beforo going to sleep, be
heard suspicious sounds in tlio vault. Ho
listened and listened agiiiu und after a
few minutes was satisfied thut robbers
were within. Thty could have gut thero
only through a hole cut through'the Hour
of the olilce ubove. The old man was not
a bit rattled. He had been appointed burglar catcher to the bank, and here were
the burglars. His idea was to catch them
Instead of driving them off. It wns a
lucky thing for tho First National that
one of the officials with a key to the front
door had left lt lying on a table. Uncle
Billy saw lt as ho wondered how he would
get out on tho street. Ho saw tho night
watchman down at thn ond of the block,
but had no use for him. The wny to capture tho burglars was to get into the
rooms abovo, and tho old man crept softly
up stairs and tried tho door of White &
Gregg's office to find it locked. He lifted
tho snsh of tho hull window, crept along
on tho cornioe, and ono of the oflice windows was found unfastened. He crept ln,
tiptoed across two rooms and into tho rear
ono, and he was not at all surprised at
what he saw.    '
A square holo had been cut in the center
of the floor, an opening made through the
briok vault, and the men had descended by
a rope. Uncle Billy could soo a light down
thero and hear men at work. His first
move wns to draw up tho rope. It was not
uiisKcd for sovoral minute, by those below.
When lt was missed, a' man was boosted
up to find the muzzle of a shotgun thrust
Into his face and to hear Uncle Billy say:
"You try that again and I'll blow your
hcud off."
The man dropped back, and noxt minute Uncle Billy was hailed by White from
tho bottom of tho vault. He explained
thnt he had discovered tho hole lu the floor,
mado during his absence from the office,
and had descended to Investigate. Mr.
Qrcgg was there with him, he said, and
also a frlond. He talked glibly and coai-
lngly and asked the old man to lower them
the ropo. 'When he refused, they offered
him $10, $Uii, $60. Then they turned to
threats, and, finding him still firm and determined, soveral shots wero fired at him
from revolvers. He was on his guard
against them and suffered no Injury. Half
a dozen times beforo daylight came one ot
the trio was boosted up, but always to find
himself so menaced that he was glad to
drop back. Thoy could not get out of the
vault by the door, and Uncle Billy and his
unloaded shotgun prevented escapo above.
No burglars wore ever caught ln a neater
trap, and this waa of thoir own making,
and thoy had planned lt from the day tbey
rented tho office. They were held ln the
vault until morning and help came, and
Parkvllle will novcr hnvo another such
sensation. Gregg and White turned out to
be two bad mon, wanted by the police of
three or four different cities, and the third
man was still more prominent. They had
everything arranged to the smallest detail, but were brought to grief by a man
who didn't know a bank burglar from the
mon in tho moon. Tho fellows got long
sentences ln prison, and Undo Billy got ���
pension for Ufa and died less tlmn flro
yours ago. c. B. LEWIS.
2). fl&cHrtbur & Co   j
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Full line of Household and Office Furniture nt a liberal discount.    Undertaking and Embalming 11 Specialty.       ��"
The distance! between tho stations
from Macleod to Cranbrook on the
Crow's Nest Pass railway are ns follows: Macleod to Peigun, 8.0 miles;
Peigan to Legrandeur's, 10.5; Lo-
graudour to Pincher Creek, 11). 4;
Pincher creok to Cuwley, 5.8; Cawley
to Livingstone, 11: Livingstone to
Springs, I); Springs to Bull Head, 18.
Bull Head to Locp, 4.!t; Loop to Siding No. 14. ; Siding No. 14 to Micheal,
8; Micheal to Siding No. 1(1,10; Siding
No. Ill to Fernie, 7. ; Fernie to Coal
creok Mill, 2.7; ('mil creek Mill to
Morrisey, 8.4 Morrisey to Elko, 7.5;
Elko to Sand Creek, 12.7 ; Sand creok
to Wardner, 10.1 ; Wardner to Siding
No. 22, 12.1 ; Siding No. 22 to Cranbrook, 9.9. The total distnnco is 1(11.9
miles and the distance from Cranbrook
to Kootenay lake 88 miles.
M'VAY-NEWCOMBE-On    Nov.    1
by   Rev.   Robt.   Frow at his residence, John McVny  nf   tho Athabasca mino, to Miss  Ethel  New-
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b^.k:er street
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Head down Read up
Tro In Lva 1.00 p.m. Snndon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
*'   Ar   S.4fi   "     Kuslo     8 00   "    * :������    Lv
H.jiii, Lvs. 3.30 a.m. Kaslo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
���'    4.30   " AinBworth 7.30    "        "    "
Pilot Buy G.45    "        "     "
Balfour    6.10    " "     '���
5 Milo Pt. 5.25
Nolson    4. 15
10.05 p.m. N'tliport 1.55
11.20  " Rossland 12.05 a.m.
'*    V    3.10   " Kpokano   8.30   "
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Boat and    Spokano train dally except Sunday.
8. 8. Alberta.
Train Lvs 1.00 p.m. Sandon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
'*    Ar   3.45   "     Kaslo     8.00   "        "    Lv
Ho.iM.vm 5.00 " Kaslo 1.00 " BoatAr
"      '*     0.20  "AlnHWorthll.40p.nl.     "      "
"     "    7.00   " Pilot Bay 11.00 ���
"      -   10.00   "  KuskonTk 8.00   "        "      "
"   12.00 m. Goat River6 00   "        "      "
"      "     1.00a.m. Honndary5.00   "       "      ���'
" Ar      8.00 " B'rs Ferry 2.00   "       "     Lv
Train Lv 11.40 " B'rs Kerry 1.15 " Train Ar
" Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokano 7.50a.m. " Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
fm' abovo points Tuesdays and   Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Kootenny Lako Service*
Commencing 20 June, 1898,
On   Monday,  Thursday  and   Friday   S.   S
Alberta will leave Kanlo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Buy, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
; calling at all way points.
(All times are subject to change wil houf notic
j    Meals and berths not included.
i    Passengers on s. s. International from Ne
son,  Spokane,   etc.,   for points on   Kootenay
Lake south til' Pilot hay, will conneotat that
point with theS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purser, have stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, ot- connect with S. S. International
at Kuslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lake nnd Slocun points with all point h in the
United States aim Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenav Rlvor.
Tickets sold and bnggago checked to all
points by pursers on steamers or at our otllce.
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To  Pacific  Coast, China,  Japan
and Australia  Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets  issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Kossland and Main Line points
kootenny Lake���Knslo Koute.
Sth. ICukankk
Except Sunday. Kxcept Sunday
1   p.m.���Lumen- NKLSON���Arrives���11  a.m
Kooienay River Route.
8t��. Nklso.v.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon,, Wod., Fri.
7 a.m.-Loavos-NKLSON--ArriveK--(1.30  p.m.
Makes connection ut I'ilot Buy with Str. Ko-
kanco lu both direction*.
Htciunors on their respective routes call at
principal landings In both directions and at
other points when signalled.
Trains  to nml froni  Sloean < II). Handon
and Mucin,   Luke   Points.
(Sundays Kxcoptod)
a a. m.-Lcaves-NKLSON-Arrlvo8-2.20 p. m.
Ascertain Hates
nnd full Information by nddrosslng noareel
local agent, or GKO. 8. HKKH, City Tlckot
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nolson
Tray. I'nss. Agunt,      Dint, l'ass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver
It Is nn-iiost Modem In equipment.
���I lithe Heat lest Balled Line.
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Navigation on Ureat Lakes via Duluth in
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest and Northland.
For maps, .tickets and comploto infoi niation
call on or address Agents, K. & 8. Hy��� C. fe K
8. Nav, Co., N' & F. S. Hy., or
C. ��;. DIXON, Ventral Agent
Spokane. Wuk
F. I. WHITNF.Y, tl. P. a T. A.,
(1 i"uui. Mlna. THE MINER  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1898.
Bt ��tood npon the valley's edge, thu last of all
his race,
And looked from off the flowery ledge upon
earth's ehanging faee.
Where were the grovea of yucca palm, his
tribe at noon to shield?
Where was the wild waste's endless charm?
Turned into grove and field.
Gone was the shimmering, sandy plain which
once before him rollod.
Ee looked about, but hope was vain. His little heart grew cold.
Before him, to the right and left, loomed
horses, headers, men.
Ut turned and fled, liko ono bereft, into the
hills again.
Break, timid heartl   Your day is done.   You
leave us but your name.
t'he power that this your wild has won the
whole wide earth can tame.
IhlB "valley of the antelope," where you and
yours could rove,
Kow tills with human toil and hope and human joy and love.
���Jennie Peet in "Land of Sunshine."
Jt wai tne 10th of last Novombor that 1
first made his acquaintance.
Perhaps I had better say "their acquaintance." I was staying with Del
Gigllo at his placo near Florence, and that
afternoon I went on nn exploratory walk.
One of tho flrst things I saw was the
pair of them ann in arm.
They wero swaggering up and down tho
dirty llttlo Via Yittorio Emanuele, their
red caps nicely adjusted over their ears and
their canvas trousers gracofully tucked luto their yellow gaiters.
"Is thero a regiment here?" I asked of
the blind beggar.
"Nossignore. Those two are home on
leave. They nro oft to Africa next week.
Holy Virgin bless you, signorel"
I had nothing to do that afternoon, so I
made friends with the two soldiers.
It was easy. An admiring glance, a
question or two, and it was done; and wo
were soon seated ln front of the cafo drinking red simp out of eight sided glasses.
The taller of tho two was tho talker.
"Yes," he explained. "Wo go to serve
"Has the slgnoro been to Africa? No?
One of our lioutcnants was onco there, and
lt is said that ho shot a lion���or was it an
elephant, Vanni?"
"Tiger," answered the little brown one
"Very Interesting," I said, lighting my
pipe. "Waiter, somo cigars. And when
do you go?"
"We go back to Florence Monday and
we embark from Naples on Thursday."
It was always Luca who did the talking, Vanni sitting silontly stirring his
" I see you are great frlonds,'' I remarked
presently. "You are lucky to bo going together."
Luca thrcv his arm affectionately about
Vanni's shoulder and gave him a little
" Sisslgnore, we aro friends slnco we
were babies.   Eh, Vanni?"
Vanni grinned, screwing up his llttlo
black eyes.   "Eh, altro," he answered.
" 'Ngioruo, Gigina!" suddenly exclaimed my two warriors together, jumping up
and bowing with much iinprcssemeiit.
Gigina, a stoutly built*. Mack eyed girl,
Whom 1 knew to be the daughuir of tho j poor i
innkeeper, nodded gnyly:
" 'Ngioruo," she returned, with a killing glance, which included both of thein.
Then she passed on.
Thero was nn awkward silence.
"Bellina," I began diplomatically, Luca
grinned iiud gave a conquering twist to
his little mustache.
Vanni shuttled his l'ect and swallowed a
great draft of sirup.
"Gigina Is very beautiful," observed
Luca.   "Wo dance together."
"You must make a very lino couple," I
"Mmml Non c'o malo���not so bud.
Vanni Is too short for her."
"But Vanni has lino shoulders," I ventured mildly.
Vanni rubbed his nose with the back of
hia band.
"Sho weighs more thnn I.ueu," ho said.
Luca Bnltlcd. ".Sliu gnvo mo tho red
rose sho woro in her iiair at the fair."
"And you lost It."
Vanni leaned his elbows squarely on tho
llttlo table and grinned at his dourest
"Bah I" rotortad Lima angrily. "She will
give mo nnother. You never had a rose,
flat nose!"
"She walked from cliureh with mc on
Sunday, bandy legs," screamed Vanni,
"Chel Because I wns with Assuntn
llilli. It ls well to make thein jealous
Homotlmos.    But you, son of u pauper!"
They had risen and were facing each
othor across tho table���Vanni white with
rage, Luca snoerlng nastily.
I waa about to Interfere when Vunnl
suddenly sat down.
"Wo aro forgetting our compact, Lu-
chlnomlo," he said,draw Lng u long breath.
Luca nodded.
"Thou art right, dear littieone." Anil
tboy shook hands.
"II BlgllOTO will think us inad." wild
Luca politely to uie.
I ruined my hands in deprecation.
"llionilo! I, too, wusotice young, my
ohlldron," I answered, "and when ono Is
In love."
Luca jerked the tassel of  hii
his ear and threw out his chest.
"Kvoro," hu snid, with a self satisfied
air, "und we nre umoroHO ttilt' e due,
aren't we, Vanni?"
Vanni, who was of u much less expansive nature, only grunted and nodded his
"You see," continued Luoa as t lie greasy
wnlter provided us with more sirup���"you |
soo, we are both In love���oh, very much |
ln lovo with Gigina! Soiiieliincs wo huve |
almost hnted eaoh other on ber account, i
But wo aro niigliori amici, und that would
be a pity."
I assented, and ho resumed:
"Giginn, sho is very teasing, very gay.
She always says, 'One or the other.' That
Is very well, but, after all, even best
friends can't share a wlfo. Can they Vanni? So now wo go to the war, uiul when
wo como back she will takoono or the oilier of ua In tho meantime we are always
loving friends."
Vanni held out his squaro brown paw,
and the two men shook hands peacefully.
"Tho signorc will understand thut Gigina will marry tho one who brings buck
the most glory."
It was tho taciturn Vanni who volunteered this Information.
I rosa "Ebbene, good luck to you both,
and may the befit man win."
I shook hands with them and turnod to
cup over
thom. Vanni cried liko a baby as his
poor old mother clung to him. Luca strut-
tod about, tossing his cock feathered head,
and telling of all the thlngB ho mount to
do "down thero." Gigina was gorgeous
ln a new flowered korchief and a green satin corset.
"Goodby, my girl," said Luca, taking
her two hands in hia. "I will return with
a medul.    You will bo proud of mo."
Ho was certainly handsome, far handsomer than little Vanni, who stummered:
"Addio, Gigina. May tho Holy Virgin
bless you!"
Early in March Del Glglio had to go to
Pan Giorgio on some farm business, nnd I
went with him. The day after our arrival
there was a great excitement in tlio village. Tho two soldiers were coming home.
I went to tho station, you may be sure.
When tho train arrived, there was a hush.
Then out of a third class carriage stepped
On tho step he turned and half lifted
down In his arms Luoa
Poor, vain Lucu! His right arm was gone
and one of his beautiful eyes. Somo ono
screamed.    It was tho buxom Gigina.
Tho silence was brokon, and amid tho
ensuing clamor I stolo away.
The next dny at about -5 I strolled Into
the old cathedral. It was usually empty
at that hour, and I liked roaming about
in tho dusk. Suddenly 1 hoard a sob.
There In front of a little sido altar knelt
a num.    It wus Vanni.
"Poor boy!" I thought. "He ls praying
for his friend.''
And I was moving quietly away when
he looked up and saw mo.
"Ah, slgnoro!" he cried. "It ls you?"
"Yes," I answered. "What is wrong?"
He crossed himself, rose hastily and led
mo to a bench near by.
"Thoslgnoro is kind," ho said, still with
that pathetic catch in his voice, "and lie
knew about���it���bofore. He will help
"Ho will try," I returned.    "Tell mo."
"You have seen Luca, slgnoro?"
"And���his gold watch?"
"Yes." Had not nil the world���the
world, that Is, of Sun Giorgio���seen the
watch and heard of tho story of how poor
young Lieutenant Allogri hud given it,
just beforo his death, to the bravo Sim
Giorgiiino? Was it not ln Tho Glornalo?
Did not tho village throb with proud excitement over tho tale?"
"Yes," I answered again. "Whut
"Ebbene, it ls mine, slgnore���mino! It
was I who carried 11 pov.-ro slgnore tencnte
buck from the front under tho terrible ruin
of flro. It wns to mc ho gave Iho watch."
"But then," I Klid, utterly at boh.
"then, how has Luca got the watch?"
"Becauso I guve it to him. Dlomlo!
Oh, Gigina!"
"Don't be a fool," I said impatiently,
"but toll mo."
"If il buonlsslmos Ignore will but help
me not to bo a sneak."
Ho didn't look a 6neak, this poor llttlo
miserable Giovanni.
"A sneak?" I repeated. "Toll me nnd
I'll do my best. Why did you glvo the
watch to Luca?" "
Iio straightened back his shoulders then
and told me.
"It was becauso his poor eyo was gone
and his poor leg. Ho said to mo: 'Now
Vanni, you have no wound, you hnvo tin
Watch, and you will also hnve Gigina. No
girl would every marry a ono urmed nun.
with only one eye.' Ic was ln the hospital
at Massana, the dny I first saw him, lhe
You hnvo nil, und 1, join' pool
friend, have nothing. Goodby, 1 will kil!
myself.' He was always my miglioriimiei
signorc, nntl I was in despair. 'Yes,' li.
Bald, 'I will kill myself and then porhnj
sho will be sorry.' So, if I wus to hav.
Gigina, what did I oare for the watch? '
guve it to bim."
He paused.
"E polf" I suggested.
"Slsaignore, and thon���Gigina snys in
mo: 'Shame on you, Vanni! To conic
home unhurt with no honors! 1 will
marry Luen!' And now I am home and
they all despise mc," went on tho poor |ud.
"und Gigina laughs at mo. Sho swum to
think lt is my fault porhapstlmt Lima he-
lost an arm nnd nn eye. Oh, Dio!" he
cried suddenly, rising, "I am so afraid I
will toll. I nearly told them nil just now
in tho piazza. Iran away and* came lu
hero." ��
"Luca Is a canaglla," I said.
. "Oh, no, but his lifo is ruined, povo
rctto, and ho was molto bello. Only," he
hesitated In his loyalty, "I think���non im*
porta. But, por l'uinor dl Dio, slgnore,
tell mo, what must I do?"
Thore was something of tho fatalist.in
tho way ho looked at ine. 1 know that
whatever I might adviso he would do.
The fault would be mino, tho responsibility no longer hia.
'Como to the station tomorrow at 4," I
said nt length. "I will tako you to Flor
onco with me."
On my way to the station I called on
Luca. Ho was sitting outside In tho sun
in a big pillow flllod chuir, surrounded bv
a crowd of admirers. Beside him sat Gigina, beaming with pride.
"Buongiorno, Bignoro," shosald. "Isn't
it a pity that he has lost nn arm and an
eye? But I don't care, and wo aro to In)
married on Saturday."     ^
She playod ostentatiously with tlm
watch which sho woro on a oord around
her brown neck.
"I hear Vanni Bernclll is going with
you. Then ho won't be horo for the wedding?"
She smiled consciously.   I began to pily
"Poor boy, perhaps It's Just as well."
Somo of tho bystandcrB laughed, anil
Lima twisted his poor thin lingers uerv
ously nbout tho buttons on his eoat.
"Oh, yen," continued tho village beauty,
"ho ls a good lad, Vanni, but���a girl
doesn't have tho chance every day of marrying a hero."
1 looked significantly at Luca, who was
watching mo from under his bnndugo.
' And it isn't every dny thut she knows
enough to uccept him when  Hho has tho
1 chance," I said.���Exchange.
Very Pretty.
South American lovers havo a pretty
custom, It is well known that wlmn tho
petals of the great laurel magnolia nro
touched, however lightly, tho result ls a
brown spot, which develops in a few hours.
Thc fnet ls tnken advantuge of hy tho lover,
Mio pulls a magnolia tiower, and on one
of its pure, white petals writes a motto or
messagowith a hard, sharp pointed pencil.
Then he sends tho tiower, the young lady
puts it In a vase of water, nnd iu threo or
four hours thc message written on the leuf
becumoH quite visible and remains so.
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., its qnoted by our
locnl dealers. It is tlio intention of
The Miner to have these prioes corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to tlie cost*
of living in the oity :
Ogilvie'B Hungarian per .10 lb sack.. 1 7o
Lake of the Wood" " .*��� 17*3
Snow Flake por 50 lh sack  150
Wheat per ton  M 00(91500
Hnin por ton  Wl DOOM 00
Ground feed per ion 880008800
Corn (whole)      "        2A00ffl!800
Corn (cracked)   "        87 0OI88O00
OalB "        800003800
Oatmeal por 10 Its       IOW    50
Kolled oats III & Kl  05
Rolled oats (I) & K) 8n> sncK  ti)
Hay (baled) por ton  19 001820 00
Potatoes por 100 lbs    1 00(1* 1 23
Heels por lb  2i
Cabbage per lb  81
Cauliflower por lb *  2|
Onionsperlb  08
Cucumbers..  05
Salmon (smokod) per lb     12i@    15
Oysters lOlynipinn) por qt  811
Oysters (Eastern) per tin  fill
Cod pern.  08
Halibut per II.      121��    15
Smelts por It,      l'.'i��    15
Farm Produce.
Eggs per doz       2ft       33
Butter (Creamery)       25��    .10
Butter lllairyl        20(*    25
Cheeso (I 'uiiiiilhull       136*   1 "I
Cheese Swiss)      ttm    80
Ham (American) por lh	
Hani (Canadian) per It	
Bacon (American,! per lh	
Iliii'im (( iinailiitiu per lb	
Huron (rolled! per lb	
Bacon llong dear) per lb	
Shoulders por lb	
Lnril per lb	
Bin f per lb	
Mutton per lb .	
Veal per lb	
Berk per lb..	
Bananas per doz       jlOQ    50
Lemons (California) per doz       3"*(rt    Ju
OnuiRea (California seedlings)   ���      10��    5"
Melons leach).        2f@     80
Crab apples por lb  . 0;i
Apples  0J
Tomatoes       08��    10
Grapes      12j        15
Beaches  08
Bears (Hartletts)       08       10
Bears (.mull green)         06        08
Plums (greengage)  as
Blums       04       -I-'
"I am bigger than Vanni," observed
Luca valngloriously as I departed.
Tho next day but ono they went. All tho
Village was at the station to seo tho last of
lliirlnlH In Pari*.
Practically there ls or waB only one undertaker for tho whole of tho French cnpltnl and its suburbs. Disgusted with tliu
abuse nnd unseemly scenes of his Uiiiob
Napoleon conferred the monopoly of burying the Parisians on one contractor, und
tho arrangements exist to the present day
Hlle HI
m   15
lOa! 18
ISO 18
I'.'lCJ     15
The Buttle nf tlu> Strong
Oi liei't* Parker i
The Adventures of Francois,
Foundling, Thief ui.d Juggler.
Wiil' Mitchell
It���l>ei-t Barr.
The Scourge nf God
John Blouidell Burton
Her Memory
Marten Mm-teens I
All the newest publications at
Thomson Stationery Co.
6:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. ���& F. S.
station for Rossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:1X1 n.ni.���S. S. Nelson leaves for Kuskonook and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:15 a in.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo nml way points
daily except Sundny.
8:00 n.m.���S.  9.  Albeita leaves for
Kaslo uiul wny points nn
Tip'siluy, PYicliiy ainl Sut-
ll:l)0a.iii.���Train leaves (!. P. I!, station for Slocun t'iiy, daily
except Sundny.
1 hiii)n.m.- S. S. KoVaneearrivesfrom
Kaslo .-iikI way piiinlsjlnily
except Sunday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives 0. 1'- It. station, frond Slocan (ity mul
wny points, daily, except
���1:1X1 p.m.���S. ,S. Kokanee leaves for
Knslo   and    way    points,
daily, except Sunday.
���1:1.1 p.ni. ���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo nnd wny points,
iliiilv except Sunday.
5:25 p.ni,-..-Train arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossluud nnd wny points,
0:30 p.m.���S. S. Nelson, arrives from
Kiiskonnolt, and nil way
points, daily except Sunday.
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves 0. P. n. station for Robson, Rossland,
und all Main Line points,
0:00 p.m.��� S. S. Alberta arrives from
Knslo and way points, on
Monday, Thursday and
10:30 p.m. Train arrives O. P. K. station, from all Main Line
poinls, Rossland and Robson, daily
Steam tugs Knslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
(ily on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, liut have no regular limes of arrival and depiirtiire.
Transportation Companies aro requested to
glvo notice to the Mlnorof nny alterations In
tbo time of irrlvul nnd departure from Nolson,
| For One Cent a Word?
T     You ean flndn buyer for "Any
f Old Thing" if you advertise.
X i'IiihsIII.'iI Ailverils.Mirnis.'
AH iirtvertii-enicnls In Ibis column aro
1 cent a worn each insorl Ion.   No ad-   ^
vorliseinont taken for lossthnn 25 cent*.   ���
i.imi TKIi
MUSIC! LESSONS. - On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. .1. Aslloy, Kobson street
I wo doors went of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
Charles Tom. trndinK ns Trtilor and
Clothier, ut the town of Golden, in the IYov-
incuof British Columbia, hiw hy deed diitcd
thc flret dny uf October, 1898, us-lunod tn '����
all bin poramial cu at'\crrdit��nnd effect-, which
mav be so1 seed lind  sold under execution, and
alt hia real ontftte fori bwoaoml bonefll of hit*
creditor*, pursuant to thc "Credilorn Trust,
Deeds Act."
A meel ing of tho creditor* w"l he held at my
office in iho wid town nf Golden, on Saturday,
ihe 22nd day of Ootohur, ni. tho hour of two
o'clock in thcafieriiO rt, Mr tho Kivlnn of directions with reference m> til" dlnponal of tho
estate. ! , . ���
All crodiiora are rcuu.-ted to forward full
particulars of their olaiuiK, duly verified, to mo
on orheforc the fifteenth day of November
ISIS, after which dulo I Khali proceed to distribute the aK��ct�� among tho parties Entitled
thereto, having regard only io tho claims of
which 1 shall then have had notico.
Dated nt OoMi'n', &, C, October 1st, 1898.
fi. A. HAGQKX.
Fhaneial Agent, Guldufc.
...    ���       ��� - ��� ���   ��� i '���'
are prevalent at this time
ofthe year. If you are
troubled with either we
wish to Inform you that
you will find a full line of
the popular remedies at
i TidHf! Dn
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.    ,
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Pushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc, Vou will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
.also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
��^ Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ~n��
WANTKD���To to rent a medium sized house
unfurnished, reasonably near the bunlnojH portion.   Apply at thlfl olllco.
WANTED���A Indy partner for a well ch
tahlitdicd dreKHinakinK buHinc-ss in Ni'luon.
Apply by letter addressed "llretwmakcr'
care Miner office.
Tondors addressed lo I ho undersigned * will
bo received up till noon of Monday; November
21s*,. for thopurchimoof tho tailoring ��nd ready
modo stock* In Ihe osslgwd oaliite ot J. c.
Tom, of Golden, Schedules ��nd lornm will be
supplied by Mis undersigned on application
peitionally or liy lottor.
K. A. HAGGE^, Golden. B. C.
Tho bodlm I hat were hurled In theOld Ccm-
etoryaro now belliif removed to Ihe New Com
otry and unlovB arrangements nre made all ono
for lotn and permits thc COptraotora have Instructions from tlio City to bury tho bodies ln
Thc work Ih under mnnftgmont of S.H, Brown,
a competent under! nk-T and cmbalmcrandnny
who wish a private removal or new caskets cnn
make special arrongment. hy cnlling at ths
offlco of .1. K. ANN ABLE, Victoria St
Teuders nre invited for the purchase
of Lot 1, Blook "I" with improve,
ments, situate in the Town of Ymir,
Rented for $19 per month. Tenders
to be sent iu on or before November
10, 1898 to JOHN   DEAN,
Administrator of the Estate of Silas F.
Collenswortb, Ymir, B. O
Corner Wurd unit hlltca Six.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
j ICri.l-.i-ll  lllll  lllnrh
lEukrr ki.
IAIMM. KFIME., MKln. Anson. Cornwall!
i ip|.(ii.iii' Phair Hotel.
P. O. BOX 583.
Extended experience ln Chile and Gorman
South Africa. Always and analysis of ores.
lieport-*! and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plana kept
up hy contract.
*A ClIATleB Newion Owen ami Thoiwi' Htptf*
eh��oirof infi cite of KHslu in the province of
British Columbia fnrnltnrc DealeM, hav-' liy
I8w,aesl(fnpfl au Mjcirroalftnri personal properly
nxpeipt ns therein mentioned to Frederlnit R
Arclii-rof the said city OfKiwlo, tnid'-r. In trpsi
I'nr the nurpotfeof payfwtand natirfylnBTataply
or proportionately and without preference or
priority, tho b'redltom of tito mi id Clinvlen Nov.-
ton-Owen and ThoniiwStdVBrson or of oltper
of them,  lioir.tu-r debt*.
Tho said deed wm uxconleu l��y the *nid
Charles Newton Owen at id riionvta sti-veiihon,
the assignors, !��nd thasaid Frederick K Archer
tho trustee, on th UHhdiiy uf OctoberI80R, and
the ��*aid iruMt-i- has undertaken tiie tenuis
created by 'ho i-aid deed.
All potions haitnft claims ngalnKt the Maid
Charles Nowton Owen and Thomas tft-evemmn,
or cither of thom, miiHt forward and deliver to
tho snid trustee at Kaslo, 11. <' full particulars
of their cbrims duly verified together with particular* of Hcrnrity, if any, hold by thom,
on or before thu 17tndaynf November, IMS, and
all persons ind* bled to tliooald Chariot New
ton Owon and Thomas Btovem*on or either of
them aro required to pay the amount* due by
them to tho paid t rustec forthwith. 4 fter tho
Bald 17th dny of November, 1808, the trustee
will proceed to distribute tho assets of tho said
estate among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to Ihe claims of whieh he shall
then havo had notice.
A meeting of the creditors of tho said
Charles Newton Owon and Thomas Stevenson
will be held at the prendses lately occupied by
them on Front street, Kaslo. II. C. at 2,00
o'clock p. m. on Wednesday, the 0th day of
November, 1898, for the Kivinif of directions
with reference to the disposal of the estate
Cameron Huildinff.
A Avenue. Kaslo, I). C.
Solicitors for tho fiustee
Datod the 18th day of October, 1898.
Locutkd:-On Dayton Chkkk,
TAKK NOTICK that I. Fletcher S Andrews,
Free Minor's Certificate No, 4288a, actinic as agent for Thumns Cook (Jray, Freo
Minor's Certificate No. 462o3a and Henrv McKay. Free Miner's Certificate No. 11717a, intend, idxtydavH from tho dato hereof, to apply to the MiniiiK Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above Claim.
And furl her tuko notico that action, under
Section 37, imiM be commenced before (he Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated (;hls 20th day pf October. 1808       gM
* * NELSON CAFE  4 f
first Class iu evory respect 4
flu you want n good Square meal for    X
25 CENTS?     j
I Eastern  Oysters
A riTi'ivi'il dnily
I    Cooked Any Style.
%*AA+*++* ���*���*+* ������������������������������������J
��� ���*
I Y. HOSHI - Proprietor, i
X i
lKI.F.I>IIO.\K NU. 31.
Manufacturers of
Halcyon Hot Bprlngn   ITnlcr Arrul.d mi]
Supplied lo Uie Trutlr.
Until furthor notice no passonRors  will  bo
carried over Mm line of the Crow's Nest  Pass
railway botween Kuskonook and Cranbrook.
WANTED���A parool boy, apply at NiioIiuhI'k
boot and shoe store
4   BUY IT.   *
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
(lilbcrl, Stanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug ic Book Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume News Stand Nelson
Eight roomed House on Carbon-
at-g Street, $2000.
Four Tpomed  Hotise,   furnished,
on Josephine St., $1500.
AND KKI'llllTKIl ON |iy
Twenty j ��� irs* experience in mining.
Thorough  knowledge of mines of Britlih
Columbia.   Terms Reasonable.
718 NEL8ON, B. O.
A four roomed,   a  three  roomed
and a five roomed house.
Uso a first class Une In traveling between
Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chloago, and
tbe principal towns in Central Wisconsin
Pullman Pnlace Sleeping and Chair Can
The Dining Cars arc operated in Ihe interest f
Its patrons, the most elegant service ever
Inaugurated.   Meals are-served a la Carte.
To obtain first class servioe your tlckot should
read via .....
Direct conneetlons at Chicago and Mllwaukef
for all Kostern points.        ,        ...      ,
For fan Information call on yo)ir nearest tlpltpt
agent, or write        .        ,        ,
Jab. A. Clook.       or      Jab. C, Powp,
Gonoral Agent,        General Pass, Agent
240 Stark Street, Milwaukee, Wil
Portland, Ore.
A twenty-five light Acetylene Gas
Machine, Wallace pattern.
Subscribe for The Miner
mk-tum n.
One Year
Half Year
One nonth
CARRIER,.    ������


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