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The Miner Aug 30, 1898

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 faily Edition NTo. 96. \>
WJTH $5.00
In your pocket. We'll give you $5.00 worth
of Shoes, or your $5.00 back, Is that plain?
N'o there's a hole to wriggle out of, if we
wanted to wriggle, We'll make it plainer
yet; vou shall be the judge ofthe $5*s worth.
le want the job oi covering the feet of all Ihose young men (or old
we see who pay enough for Iheir shoes lo be well shod.
We have a Beautiful Line oi' Shoes at this
price. You should see them. Lower priced
ones too, $1.00 lo $5.50
Nelson, British Columbia. Tuesday Morning-, August 30, 1898.
Ninth Year
He Would Like all Nations
to Disarm.
ILatest Novelty, J
'EILINQSund      X
\4.<H4+++ + *++��
ed IrvineftCo-1
A BLACK   &   FANCY ���
PARASOLS ut      X
| Reduced  Prices, t
The Ozar's  Purpose Lauded -Iho  Difficulties J Great���Britain's Interest
in  the   Matter.
iuiy Clearance Sale J
We will offer for the next ten days all of our entire stock
at  reduced   prices   with   Special   Reductions   on   the
following lines
ISiiiiiiiiit Dress Goods,
iW.'irin Weather Fabrics,
Ladies Shirt* Waists.
L Ladies' I) Ar-A Corsets.
[Ladies' and Children's Undervests
[Ladies' SilU and Kid Gloves,
[Ladies' Silk nnd Alpaca Skirl::.
ISailor Hats, Half Price.
Men's Underwear.
Men's Washington Ties.
Mcu's Negligee Shirts.
Men's Fancy Cambric Shirts.
Men's Blnck Sateen Shirts.
Men's Duck and Flannel Suit.-
Men's Straw Hats,
.Men's Pants and Overalls.
Our Stock is Complete in House Furnisfiinos. f
[ere st Increasing in the
Placer Finds
Bo3t Thing in thu Country���Would
[Like to Buy the Cheek -Some of
tlie Luoky Oi ea-
XV. Blaokwell   called   in at  The
(u'r office yesterday  011  hia  return
in  Rover  creek.    Ho brought with
sumo dust and nuggets he had ob-
icd from   liis   claini   iuul was very
[nisiastie ovor  the prospeots of  the
Ik.    Ho   owns     tho   Vi'llow     Kid
lm,   which  adjoins   discovery.   Sn
lull tin- rich strikes havo been made
lliu- west   furl; of   Rover  creek iiii
I'll for a distance of over two miles,
ly inch iif ground has been staked.
Puquctte  mid   B. (I. Smith, both
lhe  0.   P.   R. telegraph company,
among tho  lucky claim   owners,
Paqnette, in  conversation with 11
l-esentative  of  The  Minor,   stated
Mr.   Hedley,   a   mining   expert
|'i Forty Nine creek, had  been over
ground and was greatly impressed
lhe showing.   He said it was better
li anything   hn   had   ever   seen   in
lii'iinv  und as good   if  not  better
���1 anything   tn Cariboo,   Mr. Hod.
l-.viis Irving to   buy  tip the  entire
Ik bod for  the  company which he
lesents but  bus hitherto been  unto do so ns most of the claim own-
Itvould   not  let   their  olaims go at
Tprice.   The fame of the  creek is
Jailing rapidly,and people arc, going
Irom all parts of Kootenay.  A party
$2 Rosslanders were in Nelson yes-
lay cu route for the scene of the ox-
mont, whilo a  gentleman who re-
ied   from  Rover  ereek  last night*
-il that* the new arrivals from otber
ons   of   the  country   included the
. C. H.   Mnekinotsh,   manager  of
13. A. C.
10 of the gratifying features of tbo
is that Nelson men seem so far
:ivo got most of the plums, a largo
ber of well known business men
others having secured olaims in-
ing Horace Hume, ,T. A. Gilker
IJ. J. Campbell of the Hall Minos.
[Oampbell has secured threo claims,
xuu-th, fifth and sixth from dis-
iry respectively. The latest acts show that values are increasing
*>d rook is neared, and the various
[ers aro confident they havo struck
Will Shortly   Assemble o Congress of
Leading Filipinos at Manolos,
London, Aug. 29,���Tbe Manila correspondent of tlie Times says:
The situation, although undoubtedly
unsatisfactory, remains unchanged
pending a settlement. Aguinaldo proposes lo roniovu bis hoadquarters immediately to the town of Manolos,
provinco of Gnlacou, 20 miles north of
Manila. Thore he will shortly assemble n congress chosen from tho
leading Filipinos who favor the insurgent cause. He further intends to
send a representative In Paris to argue
his claims for the establishment of an
insurgent republic. Manolos is an excellent strategic point, covering a rice
and tobacco district besides the routo
to Biacnabato, where tho Spaniards
were formerly obliged to make a treaty
by which they purchased suspension
of hostilities.
Tho movement was partly necessary
because Aguinaldo was fast losing his
influence in tbe   province   of  Cavite,
where the insurgents evidently expected
to be permitted to occupy Manila conjointly with tlie Americans. Considerable dissatisfaction is apparent
among the insurgent troops and a
frank expression of opinion is frequently heard that Aguinaldo is again
selling the cause.
St. Petersburg,   Aug.   39.���By order
of Emperor Nicholas, Count Muravieff
on the 22nd, handed to tho foreign
diplomats as St. Petersburg!) a note declaring that the maintenance of peace
und tbo reduction of the excessive
armaments now crushing all nations
is tho ideal for which all governments
ought to strive. Tho czar considers
tho present moment favorable for the
inauguration of a movoment looking to
this ond and invites tlie powers to
take part in an international conference us a means of (hns insuring real
and lusting peace and terminating the
progressive increase of armament.
London, Aug. 80.���The czar's proposition for an international conference
for the purpose of obtaining real and
lasting peace among the powers and
the termination of the progressive increase in armaments as convoyed in a
note from Count Muravieff, the Russian foreign minister, lo the foreign
diplomats at   St. Petersburg, is  likely
'Phe   Czar's Note Cynically   Discussed
by High Officers.
Berlin, Aug. 2!).���The czar's note
was posted in the hotels and cafes this
afternoon and is generally discussed
nil her cynically. High officers of the
war office observe that it would be a
"good topic for a dull season, "
If the conference mot there was no
doubt France would demand the return of Alsace-Lorraine. All politicians are inclined to sneer at such a proposal emanating fnnn Russia. Tho
general belief is, however, that all the
powers arc willing to attend the conference iu the belief that it will prove
li'sulili'.-s, looking io the impossibility
of agreement.
London, Aug. 2!).���The Madrid correspondent of tho Sundny Times says:
The government bus received a
cipher despatch from Manila giving full
ilclails of Iho capitulation and condition of the island. Tho contents of
the despatch have not been made public.
General Rios, governor of the Viscayas islands, reports fighting between
the rebels and Spanish troops at Cebu
and Iloilo. A flotilla hns been ordered
to protect these islands froni invasion
by tho rebels sent from Luzon by
Aguinaldo. (Ieneral Rios has armed
several battalions of the militia.
a   sensation   throughout
coming   from   such    a
with   B-aoh   sii.cei'ity   of
likely to have important
On Saturday evening Greenwood
City sent its first telephone message to
Spokane. Notwithstanding the dis-
tanco, thero is no difficulty in making
tho conversation distinct.
to   produce
Europe,   and
quarter  uud
purpose, it is
There is no donbt thut with Russia
taking the lead in such u step, Germany, France und the other nations
will bo ready to follow. The text of
the note follows :
" The maintenance of general peace
and the possible reduction of the expensive armaments which weigh upon
all nations present themselves in existing conditions to tno whole world as
an ideal toward which the endeavors
of all governments should bo directed.
The humanitarian and magnanimous
ideas of bis majesty, the emperor, my
august master, have been won over to
these views in the conviction that this
lofty aim is in conformity with tbo
most essential interests and legitimate
views of all tho powers and the imperial government thinks the present
moment would be favorable to seeking
the menus.
"International discussion is the most
effeotual means of ensuring all peoples'
benefit���a real, durable peace, above
all, putting nn end to tho progressive
development of the present armaments.
"In the courso of the lust 20 yours
tho longing for general appeasement
has grown especially pronounced in
tho conscience of civilized nations und
tbo preservation of pence has been put
forward as an object of international
policy. It is in its name that groat
states have concluded among themselves powerful alliances.
"It is tlio better to guarantee poace
that tboy have developed in proportions hitherto unprecedented their
military forces and slill increase them
without shrinking from nny suerifice.
'"Nevertheless ull these efforts have
not yet* been ablo to bring about the
beneficial result, pacification, The
linaiiciul charges following the upward
mnrch strike at the very root of public prosperity. The intellectual and
physical strength of the nation's labor
und cnpitnl ure mostly diverted from
tlieir natural application and are uii-
productively consumed, Hundreds of
millions nre devoted to acquiring terrible engines of destruction, which,
though today regarded us the Inst work
of science uro destined tomorrow to
loso ull their value in consequence of
some fresh discovery in the sumo Held.
National  culture,   economic   progress
und lhe production of wealth are either
paralyzed or checked iii development.
Moreover, in proportion us the armaments of ouch power increase the less
and less they fulfill the objects tho
governments lmvo set before themselves. Tho economic crisis, duo in u
grout pnrt to the system of armaments
'a l'outranco' and tho continual danger
which lies in tliis mussing of wnr material aro transferring tho armed pence
of onr days into a crushing burden
which tho peoples hnvo moro and moro
difficulty in bearing,
"It appears evident that if this
state of affairs were to bo prolonged, it
would inevitably lend to tho very
oataclysm it is desired to avert nnd
the horrors which make evory thinking being shudder at in advance.
"To put nn end to thoso incessant
armaments and to seek tho moans of
warding off the calamities which are
threatening the whole world���such is
the supreme duty today imposed on all
"Filled with   this idea, his majesty
has been   pleased   to   command me to
propose to all  tho  governments whose
representatives ure   accredited  to  the
imperial   court,    tho   assembling of  u
conference which   shull  oooupy  itself
with this grave problem.    This confer
ence will be, by   the help of   God, the
happy  presage   for the century which
is aliout to   open.    It   would   converge
into ono powerful   focus   the efforts of i
all stntos seeking sincerely to make (he I
great  conception   of   universal   pence i
triumph over the elements  of   (rouble j
and discord and it would at   the   samo [
timo cement their agreement by a corporate concentration of  the  principles
of justice and right, whereon   rest the
security of  states   and the welfare  of
London, Aug. 20.���The Daily
Graphic this morning, referring to tbe
proposal of Emperor Nicholas, says :
"It would l:o idle to attempt to
ignore the. mnny und grave difficulties
standing in the way of the attainment
of the. czar's wishes, but it can not bo
possible to doubt the sincerity of the
magnanimous proposal."
Tho Standard says, speaking editorially of tho czar's proposal:
"In England, at least, respect and
symputhy will be felt for the proposal.
It is a conception well worthy of tho
young sovereign. It is painfully obvious that thoro uro enormous difficulties
to be overcome which it is possible
the czar in his ardor and humane enthusiasm has not maturely considered.
It is a vision wit ich has occurred to
many minds but* had always to bo dismissed as a mere dream. Tho nations
aro not likely to cast away tho sword
unless they hnvo a better warrant thnn
paper protocols and conventions. Moreover, tbe moment does not seem altogether propitious. Now armed nations
are arising in Asia and Africa whom
it might not bc easy to convince of the
desire of abandoning the. enterprise on
which they hnvo embarked with such
The Standard suggests thut the czar
has tho mutter largely in his own
hiii-dH, adding: "If Rnm-i-.i '-..vi'S
abandon her aggressive policy in China
and elsewhere the era of universal
peaco would lie perceptibly nearer.''
The Times says editorially: "The
note breathes a spirit of generous, perhaps, indeed, almost Quixotic humanity, a spirit familiar in the effusions
of visionaries, but too seldom found in
the utterances of great sovereigns and
responsible statesmen. Never, perhaps,
in modern history have aspirations
which good men in ull ages have regarded at onco ideal and unattainable
found so responsive an echo in the
councils of one of the greatest and
most powerful world's rulers. In principle the proposal of the czar, put
forth on a solemn occasion with a
murk of disinterested sincerity, will
command the sympathy of ull good
men of good will. So far us Grent
Britain is concerned, wo long ago
abandoned continental ambitions und
thorn is no power in tbo world which
has less to gain or more to loso by any
disturbance of existing territorial statu
cpio. The timo bus long gone by when
British commerce could bo mnde to
flourish in und by means of war. The
greatest of our interests is peaco and
so sensitive is our world-wide commerce that even rumors i.f ten do more
injury than war itself might do to a
power less dependent thnn is Great
Britain on a free interchange with the
world of the manifold products of its
native industries. "
Tho Morning Post discussing tbo
difficulties in the way of the proposal,
arrives at tlio conclusion "lhat* it
would suit Russian needs and designs
wonderfully well, hut would not suit
England at all."
Option to Purchase Taken by
Nelson  Capitalists.
Terms of 1-aymeut���Pour Men to be Put
on Development   Work a1; Once-
Work on Lemon  Creek-
Joseph Duhamel. H. S. Sinkan,Steve
Hawkins and Louis Strand of Nelson
have given an optiou to purchase the
Monument, Monument No. 2, and
Monument No. iJ, mineral claims to
H. E. Croasdaiie of this city. Tho
Monument is situated nt tho bond
waters of tho south fork of Lemon
creek in the. Nelson mining division.
Monument. No. 2 is an extension of the
Monument and Monument No. ii, is an
extension of Monument No. 2, the two
latter being situated in the Slocan
mining division.
Tho option is for the sum of $110,000
for each claim or $00,000 for the group.
The torms of payment urn $1000 on or
beforo October ill, 1898, and tho sum of
$80,000 on or boforo Octobor 1, 1890.
The purchaser agrees to have at least
four men working continuously during
thn existence of the bond on the claims
so long as weather permits. Tho purchaser shall also have tlio right to
ship oro from the properties, tho
amount not to exceed UO tons per
mouth, one-fifth of the net proceeds to
lie applied oil tho piire/iu.-vr price of the
The nbovo named claims nre silver,
copper propositions und considerable
work has been done on theni. The
showing is considered to be excellent
and good assays bavo been obtained.
The news of tho salo has created considerable stir among mining men in
tho city, ns (he purchaser is well
known iu town and has command of
abundance of capital to take up the
bond and develop the property. Mr.
Croasdaiie has (be fullest confident e
that the property will turn out to.be a
good mine.
There nro other properties in the
vicinity of the Monument group from
which good showings have been obtained and on which considerable development work is being done.
With the completion of the wagon
road up Six Milo creek to tho rich
Lemon creek district, for which an
appropriation was mado by the provincial parliament, tho entire trndo of
the district will be diverted to Nelson
uud Ihe business firms of the city will
be correspondingly benefited.
Work is being pushed rapidly nheiid,
and the prospects nre that in tho
course of another month tho road will
bo completed,
The   Finishers   at   tho   Elgin   Works
Hnvo Gono Out.
Elgin, Aug. 20.���A strike is on at
the Elgin National Watch company,
which threatens to tic up the works.
One hundred and twenty-two finishers, the most skilled and formerly the
best paid men in Ibe factory, hnvo
gono out on u strike for a reslorulion
of their old pay on u certain grade of
work and about ill) women and girls
have struck with them fnnn sympathy
and from u desire to get rid of a foreman who is blnmed for the low wuges.
The strike hits closed up one of the
two assembling rooms of the Elgin
plant and the employees iu tho othor
say they are only waiting for a call
from the watchmaker's union to strike
too. officials of the company say it
will befpractically impossible fer [some
timo, at the least, to obtain skilled finishers to take the men's places.
Britain's Firm Attitude  Produces the
Desired Effect.
London, Aug. 20.���Tho Daily Mail's
Pekin correspondent says:
M.    Pnvlotf,    the     Russian    charge
d'affaires in China, who has been appointed   Russian   minister   to  Corea,
will be succeeded by M. de Giers, who
I is af present accredited to Brazil.    M.
| Pavloff's   removal    is     generally   at-
I Iributed    lo   Great    Britain's   sudden
I change of   policy, the   object of which
is lo impress Russia with (lie advisability of recognizing our paramount
interests in the Yang Tse Kiang valley.
The Russian government has been
quite in accord with Great Britain's
desire to limit the matter of extraordinary influence in China, but when
last Thursday it was asked permanently
to respect tho integrity of territory it
declined to give any guarantee, A
prompt demonstration ou fhe part of
the British fleet in the Gulf of Po-
Chi-Li wus a ready answer to this
equivocation. Now that Lord Salisbury has given a plain indication of
his plan of action it is not* improbable
(hut Russia will execute a masterly ro-
treat from her position.
New York. Aug. 20.���Tho Amerioan
Oyole Rucing Assooiaiton has induced
Tom Linton of Wales to postpone bis
departure for England today nnd bo
bus been matched with Michael for an
hour nice with unlimited puce for a
purse of $2500, $1500 to go to tho winner and tho remainder to go to the
loser. The race will take place at
Manhattan Beach trako on Labor day,
September 5.
There is no chango in the Lo Roi
situation, W. A. Carlyle is still in
charge of tho property with a torco of
170 men who aro doing development
work. Those in a position to know sny
that the B. A. C. bus no intention of
employing half way measures, but will
prosecute the war to the knife, THE MINER, TUESDAY,   AUGUST 30,  1898.
Ihe fitter.
Published Dally except Sunday.
The Miner Printing  Sc Publisiiixo Co.,
Limited Liability.
ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor must
be accompanied by tlie name and address
, .,        *, , .���,.n,. (������,. ,,,,1,11,..,    scientihc studv   bus   b.-en   devoted   ot
of the writer, not necessartl]  ior pnuin-.i- >, J
tion. but as evidence of good faith. | late years   to   the best methods of dis
posing of  sewage, nnd consequently it
; behooves   the   plain   man    devoid   of
for an efficient sewerage system. It
will be observed tbat Jlr. Mohun docs
not pass any opinion as to tbo effects
of putting tbo sewage into tbe lake,
but merely says tbat the only other
possible scheme will cost at least thut
amount,    Considerable   thought    and
Subscription Rates
Daily, per month by carrier
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ner half year by mall
per year, foreign	
$ 1 lid
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10 00
13 Oil
Weekly Minf.u.
Weekly, per half year ? 1 '-���"���
technical knowledge to approach the
subject with caution. Iii this particular cusc, however, sovoral arguments
must present themselves to the aforesaid plain man. Ho knows tlint thore
nre numerous instances of much larger
peryear    2 00 j cities   thnn   Nelson   depositing   their
sewage in smaller bodies of water thun
Ihe Kootenay lake, iuul thnt without
harmful results. There ure nlso other
circumstances which appear to indicate (hat. Nelson could follow their ox-
ample with impunity. Nelson is nol
dependent ou tlir lako tor ber drinking water, nor are any otber communities lower down Ibe river. There is
nlso no prospecl of  any  comniuuitic
peryear, foreign      300
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
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The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
2sriE~W~ GOODS      Official Directory.
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
J*��li3&0_also (iootl Value in Sponges
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
��� Governor-General - Karl of Aberdeen
j Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
I Mombor Hohro of Common?, nonunion Parliament, West Kooienay Hewitt linstock
& CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Copy rin- Change* t��f   lilvei-llsciiiful   uiiihI
lie In llie Ollice   li}    I  o'clock  p.m.   ��<> j
insure change.
Mayor - John Houston
Aldermen- Chas Hillyer, XV If Teetzel, .1 a
Gilkor, J J Malono, E I' Whalley, Thoa Mad
Cily Clerk
Police Magistrate
j Chlof ot Pollco
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.! Auditor   �� ,(!",lM"";l"
', Wator Commissioner
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City nonUhoffl06r
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Lieut.-Governor 1 Ion T RMcIiiniw
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Attorney-Goneral - lion Joseph Martin
Minister Mines and Education Ilon J Y Hume
Pees Excenlive Council Hon Dr McKci hnio
Members Legislative Assembly for Wesl ICoot*
enay���North Hiding J M Kellie
Soulh ItiiliiiL' ��� .1 F lliiine
J K Straohan
IC A t 'reuse
A   I1' MoICInnon
W .1 Thompson
John Hamilton
T 11 Ward
lH'.   I,Mi 111 II
A, L M'Cullooh
Tlio note of tlio oznr of Russiii to the
powers of Europe is naturally causing
it great sensation, botli on aoount of
its nature and of tlu- source from
which it emanates, The dreams of
the Poaco society are thus by a feu-
strokes of the pen transferred from au
apparently impossible Utopia to the
sphere of practioal politics; ami thin
action is taken by the sovereign of a
nation which has, from tho days of
Poter the Great, steadily pursued its
schemes of territorial aggrandizement
by force or by fraud, by fair means or
by foul, by force of arms or by iliul nt
bribes as the expediency of the moment
seemed to require. If the opinions of
tho loading newspapers of tho world
nre any criterion, there are insurmountable diffloulties in the way of
the consummation of the czar's desires;
for whilo the project is
approved of in the abstract, none of
them seem to have any faith in its
Tho diffloulties in the way are numerous and obvious, even if the continental powers, and this seems very
doubtful, are really iu favor of universal disarmament, Tho fundamental
difficulty apparently lies in the mutual
distrust of the powers. Moreover, it
seems impossible for the nations to
really and effectually disarm themselves. The powers of Kurope have today immense bodies of men trained,
equipped and ready for the field, not
to mention the vast stores of munitions of war; and even supposing that
those meu are disbanded and the magazines closed, it is not apparent that
the cause of peace would be materially
advanced or that tho various nations'
would be relatively less ready for war.
A dispute between, say, France and
Germany, if it were once to take hold
of tho popular imagination could never
be kept within bounds by the restrictions of a treaty. The arms are there
and tho soldiers are there, ami it
would only be a question of a few
weeks, instead of a few days, before
immense forces on cither side would
be ready to take the field. It would
require a generation of unbroken peace
to really disarm Europe,
Russia herself, the originator of this
peaco movement, is the most flagrant
example of tho utter disregard of
treaty obligations which many nations
exhibit when it can be done with impunity. It is a matter of common
knowledge that thero is hardly a
clause in the treaty of Berlin that sho
has not persistently broken, Is she
any more ikely to keep the peace,
should it suit her to make war, when
her rivals have put it out of their
power to coerce her? Due would as
soon expect lo seo tho leopard change
his spots! Moreover, in her hordes of
Cossacks, and in thc semi-civilizeil
tribes that roam over Central Asia sho
has a ready mode army of irregular
cavalry, which she could nol disarm
without maintaining an army to do so,
and wliich would be a standing menace
to her neighbors. Tho London Morning Post probably strikes tho right
note when it says that this ostensible
disarmament would suit Russia's designs, but would not bo equally advantageous tous. It is significant, too
that this proposal is coincident with
the announcement of the check Britain has given to Russian scheming iu
tho far Bast.
ever being so dependent, on accouul of ' Orders by maii to nny branch will have careful and prompt attention.
the numerous creeks containing good
water that course down il.e mountain
sides on either side of the river. Thus
even if the water were to be appreciably affected by the sewage, there
seems to be uo prospect of it hurting
anyone. While the Miner docs not
profess to be an authority on such matters, it is yet strongly of opinion that
the Provincial hoard of health have
not as yet mado out a caso of sufficient
strength to entitle them to place such
a heavy burden upon Ihe finances of
our young cily.
mo I
;   City oounoil moots evory Monday, 3 p.m., at
eity hall, eor Viotoria ami Josephine si
Senator Pryo  Speaks of  llu- Questions
at  Issue.
Boston, Aug. ill.���Senator Frye of
Maine, a member of the peace commission, passed through Boston on his
way from Washington to Maine today.
He declined to state his position regarding expansion and stated that it
was impossible to tell what the coni-
missioners would decide upon.
l*Ll��L\tl.TL*llI> i.*i     .,  -i-* j -i -^  - t, 'ii
�� Porto Rico, or course, will go to
Ihe United Stales. " he said, "ami tho
Ladroue islands. So much was settled
by lhe protocol, Beyond thai nothing
can he told just new. "
In discussing tl.'- question as to
whether or not the United Slates will
be likely to demand more than Manila
ami tlie island of Luzou, Senator I-'rve
"There are othor islands in the
Philippines thai are valuable, Tie'
commissioners, you understand, can
exact whatever trade benefits Ihey
wish. Outside the conquered territory
it cannot now be told what will he
Elsewhere will be   found   a copy   of
the report  of   Mr. Mohtm to the Pro-
Ymir, Aug.21).���(Special Correspondence)���,T. H. Waters who is employed
at the Fern mine, cut himself rather
severely yesterday with au axe. He
was engaged sharpening stakes when
in somo unaccountable way the axe
slipped, inflicting a sovere gash across
his wrist, luckily none of the larger
arteries were cut. The hoys pumped
the handcar from here with Dr. Kellur
aboard to the Siding a distance of 1}.,
miles and up grade in '.in minutes.
John McLeod, the pioneer store
keeper of Ymir, will move into his
now building on the corner of First
avenue and Birch street on the 1st of
next month. The building is a substantial two-story affair, ground measurement being 80 feet by 80 feet. Math
ers & Kelley will open in tho portion
facing First avenue with groceries,
McLeod occupying the other portion
with a front on Birch street where he
intends to put in a large stoek of gents
furnishings and millinery.
London, Aug. 2!).���The Times thinks
the present hopefulness of the Americans for an increase in trade mid prosperity is not amiss and says tliat looking at the marvellous expansion of exports, the contraction of imports am!
ilie movement, of American bonds
homeward there is irrevocable evidence of Ihe country's growing weiillh.
The   Times     cautions   English   in
Vestors,   however,   to   remember   that
the  silver  party   in  America is still
potent for mischief,
Shanghai, Aug. 20. ���Yung Wing,
an American citizen who hold a concession from the Tsung Li Yanieii fir
tho Tientsin-Obing Kiang railway,
says lie lias secured an offer form nn
influential American firm of capitalists
sufficient to work his concesion.
"We ought to keep a regular account
of receipts and expenditures," said the
practical politician's wife.
"What for'-"
"So that you can show just what
money yoii havo and how you got ic. "
"Great Scott! That's just what
we're trying not to let on about." ���
Washington Star,
Sir   Herbert 'Kitchener  has decided
vincial board of health, the net  result | that none hut   representatives   of   lhe
of which  appears to  bo that owing to leading London dailiesjnay accompany
grand motherly legislation  on the part I H10  Vi1'11,18',1 ,ill'"'-v
* ,i    i       i   .  v   in    vi ������ ,      idea that   there
of tho board ot health, Iselson will be general  taxpayer must not know dies
Obliged to pay   from $00,000 to *(io,000 ! hard, but dio it must.���Tho Globe.
to Khartoum.    Tho
aro   some things  tho
mil nil Ihose who are frying to avo: , lhe heat ofthe cook  stove  these  warm  days
dnys by using fomothmg lusty in lba line "f Comet! McatS, FiSll and Poultry
will be greatly relieved and wonderfully benefitted by looking over the
following list.    We meutiou a few uf the must  popular lines
all in lies ready for use.
Cornell Beef, Ronsl ttccf, Chipped Dried Heel', Itnileil Mutton. Roost
Mutton tiiii-el Tongue* E.nmii's Tongue, lEoiieil liaiiiiii, Chicken rale,
Partridge I'm,-. Wild liml. I'aie, Itimcd Chicken, Duck nnd Turkey, Hoi-ton'* Kippered Ucrrlug, Smoked llallliul. Mnraliall**
Hcofcli Herring nnd l-'iiinnii Ifnddlo*, Lobster, Bportauien Sardines,
Kiii'iline* in MuMnrdi rtxs 3'eei uIho SnnceH, I'lcklen, Catsups, Dressings, Miiiiis.  B le.. Me.
Have you tried the Geneva Sausage in Tins, very line.
Prompt delivery lo nil purls of lhe cily and special attention to Mail Orders.
. Des Brisay & Co,, Nelson.
solium. TBUSTBKS.
Ur. EO Arthur. Dr. G A B Hull, (leu John
stone.   Principal���J lt Groen.
Prosidonl j Roderick Robertson.
Vloe-PrcBidont James Lawrence.
Socy-Treas, John A Turner.
Prosldont John A. Turner
VIco-Pres. \V. A. Jowelt.
Sooretary l). MoArthnr
Treas. A II Olomeiila
MedicalSopt, .             Dr. G. A HII ill
K.tKI p.ni.
8.30 a.m,
l.nn p.in.
8.00 p. in.
I'nit eil Slates, Ontario. One
���.iuul Eftplern Provinci *���
Inti on N. ���**.- F. s. line.
Victoria nml Rossland,
S'ow lienvcr. Sandon iuul
Slocan I.nke Points.
Kaslo nml Kootonay Lake
Roflsland. Trail.   NakiiBp,
Robson, poinls on main Iim*
'.  P.  I,'..   Vanoouver mid
������������ innipi'ir
2.30 p.m
1,15 a.in.
7.00 a.m.
We nre prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulai
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles    and   I.nth,    Sash   and   Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given,
office nouns,
,    Lobby opened irom 7a.m. in m p.m ; Genoral
Do)lvory,8 a.in. In 8 p.m.:   Registration, 8.30
n.ni. in 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Hank
^iii.m.lo I p.m.; Sunday 1 hour 110to 11 n.m).
���I. A. GILKER, I'ostmnslcr.
STATION     .    .    .
A.    E.    YOUNG,   AGENT.
Government Inspector of Agencies W .) Goepel
Uohl Commissioner
Mining Recordor-Tax Col
Collector of Customs
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspector of Schools
o. 0. Dounls
R F Tolmie
Goo. Johnstone
John Keen
.1 A Kni-in
E T n Sliiipklns
William Burns
Warden Capt. N. Fltatubbs
First Jailer -                              r, uafo)]
Second Jailor o���0. Partridge
Third Jailor John McLaren
Sontor Otiaril
lilt It'll HIREOTORY.
, Church of England- Matin
R. [noi
(AIMM.  MF1ME., M Mia. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposito Phair Hotel.
NELSON, B.C. P. O. BOX 583
When requiring thoroughly seasoned
Umber should apply to
- '�� </'  -1 Oerman ; TfcC MSOU PlaiiillU MUI  Jo&ITeet^r^oirffe SJ'Sd ?��
ays and analysis of ores. �����*����� p. ni.; Sabbath School, 2,80 p.m.: Prayor moot-
Kxlonileil cxporlc
South   Africa.   A*
Reports ami valuations on minora! properties j
Underground surveying and mine plans kopt
up by contract
Matins; on 2nd and lib Sundays, m 8 am
Sunday School at 2.80 p.m, Rev. U.S. Ake:
hurst, Rector.   Cor Ward ami Silica stroots
I'kI'.suvtkicia.n CHURCH- Borvlcosat 11 :i m
ami 7.:iu pin. Sunday School al 2.30 p m'
Prayer meeting Thursdny evening at s p.m.'-
Christian Endeavor Society moets ovcry lliu*'
day evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. lt. Prow
First Class In Every Respect.
In stuck,l,0()(i,00iift.nr Flooring,Lining
Mouldings, Doors, Sashos and
every description of Joinery,
Bt'RKP.N   IIOOHS  AM)    WINDOWS   .11 vin;
to oiti��s:u.
I ing nn Friday ovonlng al s o'clo
, Longuo 0, IC, Tuesday at s a.m.
I Rnlison, Pastor.
Rev. John
The best place in
i good   meal
cents up.
to get
the City
from   2*i
Experienced  White   Waitresses Employed.
Y. IIOSIII,       -        Prop,
thing to iio during the hot
weather   i.s   to   keep   your
system from running down
are among the liest Summer Tunics.
Our Diarrhoea Specific
is a stipe cure for Summer
Property Owners.
Do you waul lhe rocks, stumps
or rubbish removed from your
yards, or your lawns levelled
down? II so we ean do it for
you.     Will work either by dav
or by contract,
Address T. W.
Care "Miner" office
"Babcock" Fire Extinguishers
6 GAL. SIZE $30. 3 GAL-SIZE $15.
Including Supply of Chemical Charges
with each.
Dellvorod Y. O. B.at Portland, Ore.
The Babcock i.s the recognized
standard, universally used in the
Fire Department service. Each
tested to 300 pounds per inch;
working pressure 100 pounds per
inch. The Babcock has stood the
test of time. Full line of Fire Apparatus and  Department  Supplies.
I71 4��1> St. Portland, Ore.
Human Catholic CnuRcn���Mans ut Nelson
overy Sunday nt Kami 10.80 n.m.; Benediction
nt.7.30 ms p.m.   ltov. FatherForland, friesl
Baptist Ciiuuon - Services morning nnd
evoningal 11 a.m.and 7.30 p.m.! Prayor meeting Wednesday ovoning ni s 11.111.; Meetings
aro held in tho school house, Strangers oordlally welcomed.   Kev, G. It. Welch, I'astor.
Salvation' ABMY���Sotvioes every evening
nt 8 oolook in liiuriicks on Viotoria stroot.
Ailintnni, Millner in chargo.
NELSON LODGE, No. 23. A, F, &A.
M. mods second Wednesday in each
month,   Visiting brethren Invited,
G, L, Lkn.nox, Sooretary,
I.  0.  0.   F,     Kootenny Loilge
e No, 10, moots evory Monday night,
ill,   their  Mall,   Kootenny st-ect.
Sojourning odd Follows oordlally Invited,
WM, HOI1SON, Secretin)'.
VNKLSON   LODGE No. 2S, K, of  P.,
>,;\mceis in Costlo hull, MoDonald blook
Ijapvery Bocond and fourth Tuesday ovon-
ling nt 8 o'olook.  All visiting knights
'cordially invited,
it. 11. Jay, O. ('.
Quo, llossK.ot K.units.
NKLSON   LODGE,   I. 0. G. T.      Meets in
Cnstlo Hull, MoDonald Hlock, every Monday
evening ni* 8 o'clock.  Visiting Templars cordially invited, John Ti'.i.koiio,
Chief Templar.
.1. I*'. Jaoobson  Sec'y
^S^      NKLSON S   QUEEN   NO.  211
f        A\  SONS    OF    ENGLAND, moots
second si n tl fourtii Wednesday of
eaoh monlh at K. of P. Hall, line
Donald Hlock,   cor. Vernon   nnd
Josephine streets.   Visiting liretli-
n cordially invited,       Ebnbst King,
Oiiah. II. FARROW, Worthy President
COURT KOOTKNAY, I.O.K., NO. 3138 111cct.fi
1st and 8rd Wednesday In each month in Iho
K of P Hull. F \V Swanoll, C. D. S. C. It.; J It
Green, C.It.: J. Purklss, Secy.
NELSON LODGE, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meet,
every Thursday In the I.O.O.I-'. hnl]. G C
WilllamSjM.W.l XV SSmith, Iteo.-Soc; J. J.
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire. Receiver nnd
P. M. XV.
NELSON L.O.L, No. 1CII2 meets in tho McDonald block every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock. Visiting members cordially invited.
John Toyo XVM..; Y. J. Bradley, It.S. THE MINER  TUESDAY,  AUGUST 30, 1898.
Qrow's Nest Pass railwny-were loaded : DOMINION   DAY   CELKBRATION.
yesterday at  the 0.   P. R. wharf  on I ������ ���
bar-ges whioh will  be  towed today  to Financial Statement of Receipts and
their   destination.    The   timber    was Expenditures
*,ii*nii,iii    ��r   Happenings
nislrlcl During llie i'ic-1
li*>! pays.
Mr. and Mrs. .Tames Astley of Ross-
1 land are registered at the Phair.
('. Halifax Hall, surveyor on the
lOrow's Nesl Pass railway is at the
I Phair.
P. S. Andrews, barrister of Slocan
Idly, sjien! yesterday in tin- city on
1 business,
R, 11. Janiiesou, a commercial Irav-
i-ller of Victoria, registered nl the
iPhair last ii ij-clit.
V. G. Panqnier of Nakusp 1ms been
[appointed (,'ulil commissioner with
Iheadqxiarters at Kaslo.
R. McLean, Kaslo: Mr. and Mrs.
iHickok, Purl land, Oregon, registered
Int the Hume lust night,
���Tames V. Welsh, a well known liiin-
iing man, lias roturued from a holiday
J trip to Milton, Orogon. and the coast
jeilies, greatly improved in health.
A drunk arrested on Mondny by
IGhief McKinnon appeared before
[Police Magistrate Crease yesterday and
contributed $5 to the city treasury.
lloraee I). Hume lef
principally from Hie Hustings mill nnd
wns transferred under the suporintend-
ene.v of Ii. M. Proctor.
Our readers will one and nil remember the big eelebrnlion in Sandon on
Monday, the 5th of September. What
with horse racing, bexing, drilling,
jumping, foot racing and a hundred
anil one other amusements there will
be u red letter day for young and old,
No one within a hundred miles of the
place should miss these sports.���Review.
J. Fletcher and 0. Archibald, who
were out boating on Sunday in a
Poterboro canoe got into the trough
near the centre of the lake, with the
result that the canoe was upset and
the occupants were thrown into the
water. Fortunately a couple of men
who were out in a sail bout noticed
llie accident und rescued the two
young men.
Tin-Rossland Miner says: Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Dundee were among the
arrivals last evening from Scotland,
and are now quartered at the Allan. Mr.
Dundee, who is one of the best known
mining men in the Kootenays, left last
winter to spend some time in the old
oountry and while away was quietly
married. His wedding was a complete
surprise to his friends here, but tliey
will extend to bim and his bride a
hearty welcome and sincere congratulations.
The government wharf at Nelson is
in a disgraceful and very dangerous
condition and unless repaired at once
serious accidents may occur. At tho
present lime the steamers are unable
to land tlieir passengers except nt serious risk to life and limb. An appropriation of $1000 was mado for  tho  re-
The following is a detailed statement
of Il.e receipts and expenditures of the
committee in connection with the
Dominion day celebration, as presented by (he treasurer, Mr. John A.
ing for Halcyon Hot Springs where lie
will meet   Mrs.  Hume, who is coming
[from  Fredoriotou,   N. li., lo join hor
Allen Forrester, provincial constable
|al Brooklyn, brought down a  prisoner
lnsl night, seuteucod lo 40 days in the
[provincial jail for being drunk and resisting arrest.
A largo number of   tickets are being
sold   for the   Odd   l-Yilows'   excursion
[to Balfour on  Thursday next, Septem-
Iber 1.     Au enjoyable lime is promised
|by ilie committee in charge,
A party   consisting of \V. O. Millar,
Dpokone; K"ss Thompson, .1. D. Sword
land Olive Pringle  returned   yesterday
[from a visit to llu- Arlington   mine in
it he Sloean, of   which   they  give vory
I favorable reports.
The employees and boarders of the
iQueons hotel have accepted the challenge of the Hotel Hume employees
Lnd boarders to play n friendly game
|of baseball, details of which will be
,'iven later in The Miner.
The excursion held lasl night to Bal-
rfour,under the auspices of the ladies of
[the Roman Catholic church was largely
attended nnd  a  pleasant  evening was
spent, the parly returning   to   tbe city
l-lbout 1  o'cloek, this morning.
Ai the meeting of  the  city  oounoil
[yesterday   afternoon    attention    was
I'enlled tii  the   presence  on   the Baker
street bridge of a  randy  Btore, which
[some of thc aldermen were of lhe opin-
lion was not*  fair  to  those  merchants
jagod in Ibe same business, who pay
lent and taxes.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. A. Irwin yesterday
[moved into thoir handsome new coinage at iln- corner  of  Josephine  and
���AIill streets.     Mr. and Jlrs.   Irwin   are
Ito bo congratulated on tho completion
lof their comfortable new home, whioh
Iwlit.n the grounds   are   improved   will
'e among the best iu lhe cily.
Six car loads of timber for the bridge
hcross the Hat of Kootenay lake on (he
t vesterday even-  pair of the wharf   at   llie  last   session
if the legislature and all that bas been
done so far has been to drive a few-
piles alongside the wharf. The attention of the government agent is called
In the matter.
During llie past week between 800
aud Hit) additional men have been secured by Messrs. Mnnn, Foley Bros.
& Larson, and imt* to work on the
Bobson-Pentieton branch of the Columbia & Western railway. The agents
of the contractors in Viotoria, Vancouver, San Francisco. Boston,. New
York and elsewhere report great success i:i securing men for the work, ami
in a comparatively short time Ihey ox-
peol to get all tlie laborers needed.
Tin' price offered is the uniform one
of i|2 per day, and lhe contractors advance transportation to Brooklyn.
The funeral of tbe bile H. Q. Tech-
nov, engineer on the steamer Kaslo,
whose sudden death at Pilot Pay was
reported in yesterday morning's Miner,
was held yesterday afternoon, the
funeral ceremonies being conducted by
the officers ami members of Nelson
LodgO, A. F. & A. M.. Ibe deceased
lia\ in.; been a member in good standing of King Solomon lodge.New Westminster. The beautiful Masonic burial
services were conducted according to
the ritual of the order at the grave.
The deceased was highly respected by
everyone who knew him.
Tnl nl recetpt-i
trance fees
', Including en-
Hose reel contest	
Horse races	
Drilling contest	
Huso bull	
Honl, ll.'ice.s 	
bicycle Ibices 	
Tug of war	
Decorated buildings	
Caledonian Sports	
Nelson bnnd	
New I let. ver hand	
1,'oynl hotel, board New Denver hand	
II. Dyors&Co., rope, etc	
Gilbert Stanley, fire works..
.'..Kiicrofl & McLellan, harrow
I'lie ���Miner, printing	
The Tribune, p- int tug	
M. Horns, hauling	
,1. VV. Cowan, hauling	
Frod Irvlno & Co., ribbon...
Knlrnnee fee refunded	
Two books	
By balanco due Trcesaror.
300 do
SI 6 00
|t23 no
1-2.1 00
12S 00
11 ill 00
;*o no
35 dn
SO 00
73 r.0
176 00
11(1 HI
.'111 00
21 67
:i7 (iii
10 00
21 00
23 oo
2 on
l oo
1 IiO
4 60
I.i Oil
1 B0
Total $2,170 77 S2.170 77
Secretary Committee. Treasurer.
The work of pumping out lhe shaft
of the Commander near Kossland,
whieh was recently aeunired by the li.
A. C., will be finished today mid 18
men will be started to work at ouce.
The intention is to change the incorporation from a foreign to a domestic
New York, Aug. 2!).���Bar silver,
Mexican dollars, 45J��.
a lot ol
Ice Cream freezers
which no well appointed
home should be without
during the warm weather.
We have also constantly
on hand a full line of .  .
plumber's Supplies,
Steam Fittings,
and Hardware
of every description
which we are offcr-
ingat very low prices.
I Vancouver & Nelson, B. 0.
The Association Formed in Nelson and
ollicers   Elected.
A well attended meeting of the liberal conservatives of Nelson was held
last evening in th? board of trade
rooms for organization purposes.
On motion it was decided to organize under the name of tlie Liberal-Conservative Association of Nelson.
The election of officers was then proceeded with and the following were
elected for the ensuing year:
President, John Elliot; lirst vice
president, T. (1. Procter; second vice
president, H. B. Thomson ; secretary-
treasurer, Fred Starkey; executive
committee, W, A. Macdonald, Frank
Fletcher, Vim. Irvine, 1'. Lamont, J.
A. Kirkpatrick, A. Cf. Gamble, Jacob
Dover, A. Ferland. (leo. MeFarland,
II. E. Croasdaiie, E, O. Russell, J. E.
The following were elected delegates
to the conservative convention to ho
held on Thursday and Friday, September I and 2: John A. Elliot, W. A.
Macdonald, A. (J. (Iambic, T tf.
Prooter and D. M. Carley, with power
lo add to their numbers.
It was decided to place the membership foe of tin- association at $1 per
The meeting adjourned at the call of
the president when the committee appointed lo draft by-laws, elc, will report and lhe report of the delegates to
(he provincial convention will be received.
ii:i.i:riio.\i: NO. 31.
Muinifncrui'crs of
Perhaps during the
excitement your supply of Printed Stationery has heen
used up. If so we
shall be pleased lo
fill an order for you.
Letter Heads, j
Bill Heads,  Envelopes,  #.
Circulars, y
Posters. Dodders,
Shipping   Tags,    Etc..
Iln I ('yon Hoi mh-Iii^s  wnfrr Aerated am*
supplied iu thr Trndo.
NOTICK i* horeby given tlmt tho partnership
heretofure existing botwoon .1. S. MoOlollancI
and II. 1). Ashcroft, undov Uie llrm name of
Ah-hiTofi. & McClelland is thlfl day dissolved
liy mutual consent. J. H. McClelland retiring.
II. I>. Ashcroft still continues Uie business ami
is liable for all Indebtedness from Aug. l. All
outstanding accounts must l>e paid lo the firm
of Ash or of I & McClelland on or hefore Aug,
\5, And all accounts against the firm must he
presented hv that. date.
Nelson, II. ('., Aug. Oth, 18!J8.
To Eastern and European Points.
To Pacific Const and Transpacific Points.
To Rich and active Mining Districts  of Klondike and Yukon.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St.  Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets  issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Rossland
li. 10 p. in. -Leaves
���mil Main   Line point*
Kootenny Lake���Knslo limitc.
Sth. Kokankk
Except Sundny. Except Sunday
1   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11   a.in
Galling at way ports ln both directions.
Kootenny Itiver Koute.
Str. Nelbox.
Mori. Fri. Mon. Y
7 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���8.00 p. m
Tues. Wed. Thttrs. Sat.
7. a m���Leaves��� NKLSON���Arrives���10.30 p.m
Outward connection I'ilot Bay with Str. Kokanee, lnit inward such connection made Mon*
davs and Fridays onlv.
Str. calls way por's tn both dirootlons wli
Trains   in nml trom  Shiran City. Siiii.liin
anil Slocnn   Lake   I'olnlK.
{Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p. m.
In Carload Lots
FOI! SALE BY ... .
Sloean Itiver Mills, Slocan City, B.C.
Sawmill for sale, Correspondence Solicited.
New York, Aug. 20.���A despatch
rrom Ponce to llie Herald gays:
General Stone, who hns just returned
from Use vieinity of Arecibo, reports
that a state of anarchy exists in the
eountry distriots. The withdrawal of
the Spanish troops gives the guerrillas
free play. A force of irregulars sacked
and burned a plantation near Ad-
(ieneral Stone says tho peoplo are
terrorized and aro praying for American protection. The Spanish formerly
covered the country with a mountain
police. Our forces have not yet beeu
put in charge. Tlio natives and Spanish are busy cutting each other's
throats, (ieneral Stone mndo a full
report to General Miles lust night.
International Navigation k Trailing Company.
Summer Card. Effective June 20, 1808.
Subject, to change without notico.
South b'nd.   s. H. International.  North b'nd
Head down Head up
Train Lvs i.oo p.m. Sandon 10,60 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar   3.16   "     Kaslo     8 01)   "        "     Lv
Hoat Lvs, 3.80 a.m. Kaslo    8.30 p.m. BonlAr
"    im  " Ainsworth 7.80   "       "   "
"    6 00   " Pilot Hay (i.l.)	
"    aim   ''    Halfoui'   (1.10    '	
������     Ar   0.40   " SMilePt. 6.28	
"      '���     7.15   "    Nelson    Llii    " "   Lv
Train "   10.05p.m. N'thport 1,66    "  Traiii   "
"     "   11.20   " Kossland 12.06 a.m.   "        "
"     "    3.10   "  Spokano   8.30    "
Sandon-Kaslo  train daily.   Hoat and   Spokane train daily except Sunday.
S. s.   i:in i in.
Traiii Lvs I.no p.m. Sandon 10.60 a.m. Train Ar
'���    Ar   3.1a   "     Kaslo     8.00   " "    Lv
Boat Lvs   .1.(10   "      Kaslo     1.00   "      BoatAr
"     11.211  "Ainsworth 11.10 p.m.     "      "
"    7.00   " Pilot Hay 11.110	
"   10.00   "   Kuskon'k 8.00	
"   12,00 in. Goat. Itiver0.00	
"    1.00a.m.Bonndaryfl.00	
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Kerry 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.10  " B'rs Kerry I.I.t   "     Train Ar
"   Ar 2,46 p.m. Spokane 7.50 a.m.     "      Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for  above  points  Tuesdays anil    Saturdays
Returning on Wednesdays and Sundays.
a bird on a
you  ever  see
man's hat'.''
He���Yes, dear; there's one on my
hat now. Will you kindly get up?���
Yonkers Statesman.
Special Kootenny lake Service.
Commencing20 June, isos.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday S. S
A Iberia will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.in., Tuesday, Friday and
Sul in day for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling ut all way poinls.
(All times are subject to change without notico.
Meals and berths nol, included.
Passengers on S. S. International from Nel
son, Spokane, etc., for points on Kooienay
Lako south ot Pilot, Hay. will connect at thai
point, with llieS. S. Albertft.
Passengers for Nelson via S. S. Albcrla. from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
wilh purser, havo stop-over at. Pilot Bay or
Ainsworlli, or connect wilh S. S. International
ftt Kaslo.
The company's si earners connect Kootenay
Lake and Slocau points with all points in thc
United States and Canada! by way of Spokano
and Kootenay Hiver.
Tickets sold and baggage checked to all
poinls by pursers on steamers or at our olllco
are right in our
line of business
and while we do
not claim to do
work at the
cheapest price,
we do claim to do
Good Work
Fair Price
Wc keep in Stock
nearly all Custom,
Legal and Mining
Forms and will print
anything you may
Ascertain Present
Reduced. Rates East
and full information
local agent, or GEO,
Agent, Nelson,
Trav. Pass. Agunl,
by  addressing nearest
S. BEER, City Ticket
Dist. Pass. Agent,
Tenders for tlu: purchase of the property
known aa the Metliodi-I. Parsonage, being lota
15and IU, block KI, with the liouso thoroon, aro
Invitod by tho trustees of tho Methodist ohuroh.
Scaled tenders addressed tothe secretary of the
board, F. W, tSwannell, Box 71, must, be in by
August 31st.
The lowest or any tendornot necessarily ac
The owner of the Frco Gold, Forty Nino
crock, wants shaft now down 25 feet to be continued from *J(Mo 60 feci deeper, work to bo
dono as soon as possible, Tenders to bo mailed
by .September 1st. A proposition to purchase
or develop tbo prospect foi1 a part interest
would be considered.
J. FOLINSBBE, Strathroy, OnL.
The Daify
is meeting with good
success and if nol on
our list you should
be. We deliver it to
your home for one
month for one dollar
or six months for
five dollars.
Can  We  do  Business
with You ?
Zhe   Miner
fl>tfl. & fl>ul). Co.
Having bought tlie Kooienay ri^ar Factory
from Klirlhii and Necliinds, wc horebj ^ivo
notice ihat, we will bo responsible for all debts
of the laic llrm and lhat all accounts are payable lo us. All claims against said factory
must bo presented bv lhe lirst cf September.
Nelson, It. 0��� August 21, 18H8.
X For One Cent a Word? J
��� ���
X fou can find a buyer for "Any i
��� Old Thing " if you advertise.        A
A < liiHsiiird Advertisements.          ���
i x
T All advertisements ln    Is column aro A
X 1 cent a word  each Insertion.   No ad-   J
J vertisement taken for loss than il cents.   1
���������������������������������������������������-���>��   ������������
Old papers at Tun   MWEJl"office.   25 cents
per hundred.
POUND.���A small key. National Cash IteniH-
tor.   Apply "Miner" ollice.
G. ALEXANDER, (Ion. Mgr.
V. O. Box 122, Kaslo, ll.C
MUSIC LESSONS.��� On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. \V. J. Astley, Robson street,
two doors wesl of Stanley.   P. O, Hox 180,
Position wanted by competent lady us assist
ant in genoral office, clerking, copying, or assistant in photo gallery cily or country.
Address N.. Miner ollice
Baker Street.
J, H. Love. THK MINER   TUESDAY, AUGUST 30,  1898.
Report of the  Government
Sanitary Engineer.
Eegardimr Disposal of Cily Sewerage  -Bill
of Oosts in Cameron Suit to bo Taxed*
Funds for Public Works Low-
At the regular meeting of llie city
council held yesterday afternoon '.Inn'
���woro present, Acting Mayor Teetzel in
the ohair; Aldermen Hillyer. Gilker,
Madden and Malone.
Tho minutes ot
road and adopted,
Tho first businc.-
lieeiiines an
the   neglect
lust   meeting were I ashes, even
1 purpose.
Under the
f the septii
gineer, annually flooded to a depth of
ahout St) feet,and it would be requisite
to fill the area required with broken
rock to that depth, on which the tank
and fillers could then bo built.
It is estimated that the quantity of
rock required to raise the siie to the
level of tlie high water mark woul
not he less than 15,000 cubic yards,
and it is doubtful if this rock could lie
obtained, hauled, and placed, for loss
tban $5.10 per yard ; in which caso,
beforo the actual construction of tho
plant commenced, we have, as a preliminary expenditure, say, purchase of
laud,$1500, royalty, $1600, rock filling,
$81,500, say about $85,000.
A close estimate of the lank, filter-
hods, screening chambers, etc., cannot
in tho absence of tho necessary data lie
now Riven, but it is thought tliat it
will hardly prove less tban from $35,-
000 to $80,000, and I regret that I am
enable to submit for your consideration any scheme for the disposal of Ibe
sowage of Nelson which does not involve a very considerable expenditure.
Thn dry earth closet, partioulni'ly in
a cold .'lininie, bus so many disadvantages, that il is rarely favorably regarded, and frequently when adopted
intolerable nuisance from
lo use the dry earth, or
wben   furnished   for   llie
1893      PROVINCIAL
Pints, Quarts and Half Gallons.
uinler Iho direction of
The Royal Agricultural and Industrial
Society of British Columbia.
OCT. 5 fo 13 Inclusive
if o
in conjuction with ll"'
(itizen&'Granil Yeariu Celebration
Tea Pots all Sizes
Hutter Crocks
li PRIZES  ��
up was the
agreement to supply the Hall Mines
smelter with water. During tlio discussion which followed it was stated
that tho present amount of water flowing in Cottonwood creek is 525,000
gallons in 24 hours. To supply the
smelter with 00 miner's inches of
water would require .150,000 gallons, so
that at present, until the supply is increased it will be impossible to supply
tho smelter. The question of increasing the supply in Cottonwood by diverting Hie waters of other creeks into
it was discussed and action will be
taken at an early date.
A lotter was received from Iho lands
and works  department
crown grant would   bo
for lots 1, 2, li, 4,   bloc
Tlio Promium List la llie Largos!
ovor offered Wesl of Toronto.
regulations ibe adoption
tank anil tillers appears ;
the only method pi'omising satisfactory i
results, though at a cost which may j
appear prohibitive to a young anil \
struggling cily.
Tbo existing sewers ser\o   about 140
town lots, with   a population of  from |
1000  to   1200.    Tho   main   sewer is 18
inches in diameter, its outfall chamber
i stated
si ron
stating tbat a j
issued tho city j
16, on which
tho civic buildings are situated, on
payment of a fee of $5. On motion it
wits ordered that a check for the
amount ho drawn and forwarded to
Miss Cricknmy wrote complaining
tbat there was no convenience for patients going to bor private hospital and
asking that Latimer street be opened
to Stanley street. Tho mayor was
authorized to bave Kootenay street
opened fo the mines road.
A letter was received from Dr. Duncan, secretary of the Provincial board
of health, re disposal of tbe sewage of
the city of Nelson and enclosing a
copy of "the report to tho board by Edward Mohun, O. E . as follows:
, 1K08.
Victoria, Aug
Secretarv Board of Health,
Nelson, B. O.
Sir:���I have the bonor to inform
you that by a resolution passed by the
Provincial board of heallli at a meeting hold August lo, tbe board instructed mo to forward you a copy of
the report of Mr. Mohun, O. E., respecting tbe disposal of sewage matter
in your city, and to further slate to
you that this report was adopted by
the board.
You will please lie good enough to
havo same placed before the members
of your board at as early a date as possible.
I havo tho honor to bo, Sir, your
obedient servant,
Nelson, B. C, Mav 2, J SDK.
Tbo Hon. D. M. Eberts.
Attorney General.
Sir:���I have the honor to report that
I have reached tbis city on tho night
of tbe 80th till., and havo made a careful examination of the ground with
tho view of ascertaining the most
efficient ai)d most economical method
of disposing of tbo sewage. Since its
discharge into Ihe lake, unless puri-1 thi
lied, is forbidden by the regulations of ' mi
tho Provincial board of health ; anil its j,][,
being near the   month of Ward
whence the   discharge  in   (he
I carried by a 10 inch pipe.    It i*
j that* at this  point   (here   is   a
current af all times of tho year.
1 am leaving for Kaslo today, where
jl am informed that similar conditions
to those in Nelson exist.
I   bavo   tho   honor   to  bo, Sir, your i
! most obedient servant,
The report was   received and laid on j
the table for future action.
A bill of   costs in the ease of   If. II.
; Cameron vs. iho   City   of   Nelson, recently tried at Victoria, and   in whioh
judgment was   given   against tho city
I was received   together   with   a  letter
[stating that tbe eosls in tbe case would
be   taxed   on   September  2.    Thc bill
amounted   to $248.57, and   tho mayor
j was authorized to employ   legal talent
: to protect the interests of the citv.
During tbe discussion Aid. Hillyer
ospressed himself in favor of Ibe city
taking no notice of the bill as the city
solicitor bad never received any instructions to proceed with the caso anil
I had appealed to tho supreme court ou
'a small technicality for which there
i were no grounds.
The other nldermcn also stated that
I a mistake bad been made but thought
, that the oity should   be repn
Pyro-Spectacular Bombardment "(  Santiago
ile Cuba and Blowing up nl the 'Tliiinc."
Followed hy nn np-to-dato Flro Works Display,
wliich hits heen specially secured for i'mir
Nights at un enormous expense
Lacrosse and Baseball Matches, Bicycle fleet, Aquatic, Sailor and
Caledonian Sports, Promenade
Concerts, Horse Races.
Dog Show.   Open to the World.
n  (be  Province
11  Railway and
The Finest Bands
will provide .Music.
"pedal rates  over
Milk Pitchers ���
Bowls ���
Pie and Pudding Dishes. I
and a Full Line of CHINA & GLASSWARE.
Complete Supply of . . .
Groceries, Summer Beverages, Etc.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables every morning.
Special attention to Mail Orders.
^M^IO^i:1!1 Wilson, g^-g1 Tehl��.
Qe���- The KINO Hat ���&��
���^k^%^J 't&^'VW&'V^-'V'-S.'^Si-
Something Dress)- and Up-to-Date
Quality Guaranteed.
���       V,
ake is  Steamboat Lines
entrance   fees charged
Premium List.-.,   Entry Forms,
full information on application to
Secy. Cel, Com.
Pres, R. A. & I. Poo.      Secy. It. A. & I. Soc.
Exhibition Commissioner.
Chairman Cel. Co
Repaired, Altered
and Dyed liy iho
Heasouablo i'i ires.
Cleaned, Pressed !
\'MV   PllOCtfSS  Ht '
STEVENS,  Tin*: Tailor,  __._-.^-
Room 0, IIh.i.vkii IIi.k.,  NELSON.
P. S.���Ladies Wool Dress Goods Sponged
liefore Making Up,
Are Saving Money every day
oil their Hardware Hills by
allowing us to figure with  them.
Get Our Prices Estimates Cheerfully Given.
Tel. No. 21.
ented hy :
counsel at (be taxing of the costs.
The question of caring for the sick
of tho city was brought np for discussion and the acting mayor said that
the eity is being mado a dumping
ground for all the sick men on the!
Crow's Nest I
A Large
Tsiomson Stationery Co.1
railway and   lie had
found it impossible to  procure  ndinis- ��� c.oi-siUc*,*?   ferine
sion   for   tbem to  the Kootenay Lako SulCIICISj UnpSj
General hospital.    In several cases tbe I 	
men were not  in lit   condition   to  bo ���
sent back and tho city has been put to
the expense for their treatment at pri
vate  institutions.   Alderman   Teetzel I umitku
further stated that a Mrs. Neilson, who I jSruilCSOTJ"
came here from Three Forks some
months ago and who received assistance from tho city several times, has
steadily refused offers of work. In
his opinion sho is not a deserving object of charity as she is in good health
and has a grown up son and daughter,
Tt would be better, said Mr. Teetzel,
that the city give $10110 to it deserving
case than ifl lo a dead beat.
No action was taken   ami tbe matter
/i >v\     '*.& rn i   u bl* tu k-a     *��9*     "o-   u ����� bl^ iiiiLiiif
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyor:',,
Real Kstate and (ieneral  Agents,  Tire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public,  Etc...
Fp/?  SALE    ��um��\\\v&
Cornel' Loi on Vernon St., with Building, 12 Lots in lllock
III''   Cheap,   2 Lets Oor. Josephine and Robson,
2 Lois nnil Dwelling near Cor Stauley St, on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica, St., near Cedar St.,
$20 per month.    House and 2 Lots, Houston St.  $16 month.
all and see our full list of property for sale  in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street,  NELSON,  B. C.
taken over the practice oi
II.   I'i.   Hall and   is   prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest  methods. .  .
] was dropped.
The question   <
f   (be completion  of
ordered    at   previous
destruction   by   cremation would   not
only   involve   the   construction  of   a i
costly plant but   also heavy annual ex
penditure for  collection, fuel, etc ; it I
would appear   that either, (1).  Chemical precipitation,   (2). Irrigation, or, !
(!)).   Filteration,   is   needed   for   the!
purification of the effluent,
Ohemioftl precipitation, while an ex- (
pensive process, has not proved so sue- j
cessful   elsewhere,    either  as   regards
cost  or etliciency, as   to   warrant   its
As to irrigation, the only   land near j "
the    necessary   elevation   for   sneh   a  A
method of disposal   is,   I am   assured, j
liable   to   inundation,    and    therefore I
cannot be used for sucb a purpose. j SOCIAL
ihe only   remaining   mnde   nl    dis- !
posal, since   it   cannot   be discharged I
while crude into llie   hike,    is   that ef
filtration in  connection with what  is
termed the septic tank.
The process, whioh is purely natural,
may be roughly said to consist, of destroying the bacteria,wliich need light
and air, by passing theni through a
dark, imvi'iitilated tank, after which
those to which light and uir aro inimical are exposed to tbe aotiou of
both in the filtering beds, tho effluenl
Irom which is then in a lit condition
to be discharged into a stream.
Vm  a population of   8000, the  area
required would be   nbout 15,000 square
feet,    Tho only   suitable site, south of
tbe railway   truck  running   along the j
shore, is the western portion of  biooks j
Nos. (ill and 66,   on the eastern part of i
which tlie oourt house   and jail stand. '
With   a   view   to   possible   future extensions of   the buildings, the government, however, may   not   npnrovo  of
utilizing this site for such  a   purpose; j
in which ease the only   alternative appears to be to  obtain, say, three-quarters of an acre of   the flat north of the
railway, and near  the mouth of Ward
creek, as a site.    This   land   is,   however,   I am informed   by   the city en-
dings of   the   council . came up for
���ussion, but owing to   a shortage of
itiiit.i'ii Kill I.!.,. s,
J.nl.ee   SI.
funds available for this .purpose it was
thought that all tbe work ordered could
not be completed Ibis season.
The  city  clerk   was    instructed   to
make out a list of public works ordered
and submit it at the next   meeting  of j
council.    Action will then be taken to !
bave the most urgent work completed. I
The city engineer was   instructed to
havo  the waier main  connected with j
the electric light penstock, after which :
the council adjourned.
Brewers of Pine Lag
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  i
B. C
Steamship Lines
mmm & British Columbia goldfields.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager     |    .lrl,   r* r\**.t     r-*   s*t
S. S. Fowler, E. M., INbLSOIN,   B.C.
Mining Engineer    J
Prom Montrool or Quoboo
I lienor Line   Luke Huron Oct,   1
Heaver Line   Luke Wuporlor Oot. 12
1 Dominion Line   V'anrouvor Sopt I"
' Dominion Lim*  Scotsman Bepl i��
��� .\ llmi Line- Callfornian Sept22
Allan Line   Xiimiilian Oct.   1
TII 13
I be given at
Evenina   Sept
VVhltcJSlnr Line  Teutonic,
Wlnie Siur Line - Uritannlo,
C nl Lim*   l.ucnnln	
Uiuitircl Line   KLrurla.
N'ew York
...>'c|il 2S
....llel.   f
....Del.   1
.llel.   S
All are Cordially Inviied.
Corporation   of  the
City of Nelson.
Aiiiui Hluto Line  stato ofNobrnska... .Oot. '.'l
Allan Slnl.- Line   Mongolian Oot   7
Anonor Line   Furnesstn Sopl,2J
Anchor Lino���Ancharin Oct. 22
Cabin, i?:.'..nii, S,,n. ��i,i,, $70 $80and upwards.
Intonuodiiito, 93I.W ami upwards
Steerage $22.60 andupwards,
PaSgCllgOl'K   tlcltclod   through   to Illl pninl- I'l
Qrent Hrltnln or Ireland, nml nl special]yluw
ratoa to nil pm 1.-of I lie European oontl lout.
Propald passages arranged from all point;
Apply   to  aKO.   8.   1IKICH.   t'.l'.ll.   'I ctt,,
Agent, Nelson, or lo,     WILLIAM STIT'i
n,04|   General Agont, C.I'.lt. Otliees. Winnipeg.
FORiR^NT Furnished House nnd 2 lots, Cor. Oedur and Victoria, 820.00.
4roomed House, $14.00, 4 roomed House, $15, .'I loomed House,
Cor. Stanley and Viotoria, ��20.no.   A largo Boarding House, $'.i~i.
FOR SALE 6 roomed Cottage, 2 lots, Cor Kootenay and Observatory, hard
finish, painted, good fence, $1260,   2 good Lots, Addition "A" $400,
Call and see our Wallace Acetylene (las Machine.
I.S   HEREBY  OIVEN    llm!  nil
lining Klcotrlo Lljflit In Uio oity
J. 1     pcrsoi
and not paying an "all nlglit" rnie therefor,
will he charged an additional monthly rato for
rucIi light unless tho samo is lurnod off after
business hours ln plaoes of business ami by 12
o'clock midnight in privnlc residences.
Ily order. J. K. STRACHAN.
1)7 Cily Clerk
Nelson, II. C��� August '.'ti, 18IW.
Notice is heroby iri ven Hint sixty (601 dnys
aftei dato I Intend to apply tothe Chlof Commissioner of l.uml and NS orks for permission to
purollBSO llireo liniiilrcil nnd twenty (320) acres
unreserve crown land, lnoreor less:
Commencing al a Blake marked "B. W.'sN.
10. north-en*! corner", thonco eighty (10) clmins
soillli; lllonco forty (l''l chains west; thence
eighty (80) clmins north: ilicnco forty (10)
chainsea��l to point nfcommencomentisllunted
nc'ir llie lieail of Kokanee Creek about ten
miles from Ivootoi ay Lake, Nelson Mining
Division, Wesl ICootonny District.
Dnicii ihis 2nd August isiis.
Nelson, II, ('., Ans. 2, 1808,
St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
- I'lKlM THE���
whose onrative qualities nre known nil over Canndn. Mnny Mineral Waters contain valuable mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, having ILe
same medical value, make such a fine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.


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