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The Miner Oct 26, 1898

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 Daily Edition No   145.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday Morning, October 26, 1898.
Ninth Yea
Is impressed upon every pair of Shoes we offer the
public. In the first place we aim to buy only reliable footwear of reliable manufacturers, who are
prepared to stand by their goods with their guarantee, which we in turn give with every pair of
shoes we sell you. It is a safe way to do business
���safe for us, safe for you, and the stamp of durability protects us both, we in our reputation as
reliable shoe dealers, you in the amount of wear
and durability secured through your investment
in Footwear at our store.   A call will convince you
<*��   LILLIE BROS.   &*>
In the War Between America
and Spian.
her from the electoral  situation in the
United States."
Gives the Complete Correspondence That
Took Phoe Over the Anangements
For   Mediation
Paris, Oct. 25.���The French yellow
I book, dealing with the part Frauce
I took in the Spanish-American war, is
(published this morning. It ooni-
I prises 17 documents and consists of a
[dry record of the exchange of despatches betweeu Madrid and Washington while arrangements were being
I made foi the mediation of Franoe. M.
ICambon, the French ambassador at
[Washington, it is shown, cabled on
[August 4 that tbe United :' iaies had
���accepted Spain's proposal that peace
] negotiations be held at Paris, saying
[that tho president of the United States
[considered the United States govern-
J ment gave the Spanish government a
linark of its good will and to France a
(token of its confidence Another despatch from M. Cambon, dated Aug-
nst 1.1, announces the signing of the
protocol aud says that President Mo-
Cinley had warmly thanked him for
France's good offers, expressing satisfaction at seeing that the negotiations
|*voulil continue at Paris.
The yellow book concludes with Mr.
Delcasse's despatch to the French  am-
Iiassador at  London,   St.   Petersbnry,
���Wlin   and Vienna.Informing  them
If the mediation  of France and summarizing the negotiations.
Washington, Oct. 25.���At the cabi-
iit meeting today the situation in
fulia was gone over for the information of the members who did not see
je president yesterday. It was ex-
llnined that the time limit for the
niciiittion of the island had been ex-
1'inled from December 1 to January 1,
lid that the United States wonld as-
]ime control of the government of the
(���vend cities and provinces as fast as
pey were evacuated by the Spaniards,
it no faster. Havana will probably
tbe last of the cities to remove its
loops aud the last to surrender to the
Inited Sates. This, however, must be
Icomplished by January 1. The
iiestion of the relation that Porto
Jico shall benr to the general govern-
lent of the United States is receiving
le careful consideration of the presi-
|nt and members of the cabinet.
[iio question of change in the enrren-
| system of tha island,customs and in-
rnal revenue laws, suffrage, and
finy other incidental, but highly im-
rtant subjects, are now nnder con-
teration, and will probably be
Iii ted upon at some length in the
I'siilcnts forthcoming message to con-
f'aris, Oct. 25.���The Gaulois today,
erring to yesterday's joint session,
Is: It is certain that both sides
111 endeavor to gain time,the Aninai-
lis not wishing to take up the Phil-
liine qnestiou before the United
Ites congressional eleotions have
|en place and they do not want
ertain alleged mystery, previously
klosed by tbe Gaulois, to become
Jwn at present.
this   refers to  the allegation  that
Ire  has  been   some  agreement be-
len the  United   States and  Spain,
side  of  the    protocol,    regarding
|nish sovercigty.au allegation which
Assooiatetd    Press  has    already
lured on high authority to be untrue,
(tinning  the   Gaulois affirms  that
(Spaniards are delaying  a solution
he Cuban debt question until after
[elections in the United States, ex-
king then to get better  terms, add-
Ithat it fears, "Spain does not  ap-
l.iato   the  advantages   possible to
By Order, The  Rebel Army Will   not
Be Disbanded.
Santiago de Cuba, Oct. 25.���The
first session of the Cuban assembly was
hold yesterday at Santa   Cruz del Sur.
A majority of the delegates are military delegates, each of the six army
corps being represented by eight.
The sensation of the assembly was
the appearance of General Calixto Garcia as one of the delegates from the
Fifth army corps, a fact whioh practically renders him supreme at the assembly's session. His election to preside over the proceedings is considered
a foregone conclusion.
The principal question will be the
question of disbanding the army. It
is thought the assembly will not order
the disbanding until, in the words of
one of the military delegates, "Some
assurance is given' by President McKinley that he intends to observe the
resolution of the United States congress regarding the absolute freedom of Cuba.
Tho assembly will appoint u committee to wait on President McKinley
regarding the status of Cuba, consisting probably of Garcia, Quesada aud
Parraga. Another proposition to be
brought before the assembly is the
division of Cuba into four states, establishing tho capital in a new inland
A delegate will propose the trial by
court martial of all officers in the Cuban army, who have permitted their
men to disband. In these ways and in
others the assembly intends to show
the world that it considers the Americans merely temporary visitors, who
will evacuate tho island shortly after
the Spaniards.
A Tastefully Deoorated Hall and Well Ar'
ranged Stalls���The Post Office -
Raffles Tonight
As announced in yesterday's Miner,
the ladies of tho Catholic church
opened their bazaar yesterday afternoon in aid of the church building
fund. The bazaar is being held in the
buildiug formerly occupied by the
Lawrence Hardware company, and
great taste and energy has been displayed by tho ladies in decorating the
room. The ceiling is hung with flags
and bunting, aud the walls are covered with daiuty specimens of fancy
The stalls are very prettily arranged and are covered with pretty
things, some purely ornamental and
otliers useful as well. On the first
stall ou the left as you go in, presided
over by Mrs. White and Mrs. Sturgeon, are displayed dolls of all shapes,
dresses, sizes and descriptions.
The next stall is a general one, containing both fancy and useful articles
of all kinds, and Mrs. Madden,
Mrs. Simpson and Mrs. Cowan
are in charge of it In the
sanctum formerly sacred to the
deliberations ot Mr. James Lawrence,
a post office lias been fitted up, of
which the Misses O'Reilly are the
post mistresses. Muoh amusement is
expeoted from the post office, where
many letters of au amusing and interesting character are waiting to be
claimed by various ladies and gentleman of Nelson on payment of the stipulated fee. There are tables and refreshment for the weary, where Mrs.
P. J. Russell, Miss Hamilton and
Mrs. De Chambon dispense the good
things, and thero is also a oandy stall
presided over by Miss Mooney, Miss
McMillan and Miss Ferland ; and last,
but not least, there is close by the door
a particularly prettily arranged stall
looked after by Mrs. Clark, Mrs. H.
Campbell, Mrs. Burns nnd Miss Dietrich. Mrs. Harwood is running the
grab bag, which, needless to say is
well patronized by the younger members of tho community
In tho evening Mr. Paintou enter
tniued those present with selections
ou the piano and today efforts will
be made to secure the assistance of
some of the lady singers of Nelson.
Tonight Miss O'Reilly's sofa cushion
will be raffled, as also a piano drape
and a silver inkstand.
His Ministry Defeated on a
Vote of Confidence.
The Chamber, However, Asserted the Supremacy ofthe Civil Over the
Military Power,
Paris, Oct 25. ���A vote of confiden ce
in M. Brisson was rejected by 286
to 254 in the chamber of deputies and
the Brisson ministry has resigned.
During the suspension of the business of the house the discussion in
the lobbies was animated on General
Chanoine's unprecedented course in
resigning in the midst of a session and
without giving a previous hint of his
intention to his colleagues
The moderate republicans maintained
that in view of General Chanoine's
aot, all political differences disappear
and that republicans of all shades must
unite and face the situation. Committees representing the radical left, the
extreme radicals and the progressives
met and agreed to support the order of
the day, affirming tne resolution of
the chamber to make respected, un -
der all circumstances, the supremacy
of civil power, and to adjourn the
discussion of tho interpellations until
Thursday. The Socialists also promised ot support the above  resolution.
After the chamber of deputies had
resumed business at 5 o'clock, M.
Brisson announced that the irregular
resignation of General Chanoine had
been accepted.
The premier proposed that the chamber adjourn until Thursday next and
he concluded his remarks after afflirm-
ing the supremacy of the civil power.
After an attempt upon the part of various deputies to discuss the alleged
military plot, the insults to the army,
etc., M. Ribot, on behalf of his
friends, including M. Meline, approved
of M. Bris son's statement and added :
'' We havo confidence in the army and
do not wish to see it nttacked. All
representations are unanimous on
this subject."
M. Demahay proposed a resolution
calling noon the government "to end
the campaign of insults against the
army," but M. Brisson refused to accept it. *
M. Cavaignac, the former minister
of war, rnshed to the tribune and
demanded an immfnediate discussion
of tbe resolution. He was greeted with
hostile shouts, including "Forgery"
and "Razor" which caused a great
uproar. The shouting of the word
"razor" was. probably an allusion to
the suicide of the late lieutenant colonel Henry.
M. Brisson accepted the order of the
day, proposed by M. Ribot, affirming
the supremacy of the civil over the
military powor, which was adopted by
a vote of 259 ayes to two noes.
An amendment proposed by M. Berger, censuring the government "for
not causing the honor of the army to
be respeoted" was lost by 274 to 161
votes. ���
M. Demahay again proposed his resolution calling upon the government to
end the campaign of insult against
the army.
The premier refused to accept the
motion, however.and a vote was taken
on it amid such confusion that a scrutiny was demanded. Later this
showed that the government had been
After the scrutiny had been announced, M. Berteaux moved a vote of
confidence in M. Brisson, which was
rejected by 286 votes to 254. When
this vote was declined the ministers
left the chamber.
After the ministers had withdrawn
the chamber adopted, timid cries of
"down with tho Jews," the order of
the day combining the motions of M.
Ribot and M. Demahay by a vote of
460 to 28.
A fresh tumult wos aroused by the
declaration of M. Debaudry Basson
that all the ministers except General
Chanoine ought to be impeached.
The chamber adjourned till November 4. It is the geuoral impression
among the deputies that President
Faure Will invite M. Alexandre Ribot
to form n cabinet The several detachments of the municipal guards,
cuirassers and police are massed at
the various approaches to the .palaco
of the Elysee for  fear of disturbances.
M. Brisson went to the Elysee at
seven o'clock. President Faure has
sigued the appointment of M. Lockroy, minister ot marine, in the retiring cabinet as minister of war ad interim. When accepting the resignation of the ministry, M. Faure begged
M. Brisson and his  colleagues to con
tinue   to   act   until the formation  of
the new cabiuet.
After the adjournment of the chamber there was intense excitement fol
lowed by a street demonstration, principally maintained by the auti-sem-
ites, led by M Drumout, in the vicinity of the offices of the Libre Parole
and other anti-Dreyfus papers. At
many points the boulevards soon became impassable and there wore numerous collisions between the demonstrators and the police. Only with the
utmost difficulty was a semblance of
order preserved and in many cases, it
was necessary for the cuirassiers to
clear the streets.
Tho French cabinet which has just
resigned was definitely formed on June
28 of the present year and was constituted as follows: President of the
council nnd minister of the interior,
Henri Brisson; minister of fiuance,
M. Paul Peytral; minister of education, Leon Bourgeois; minister of justioe, Ferdinand Sarrif; minister of
war, Godfrey Cavaignac, who has
since been succeeded by General Zurlinden and General Chanoine; minister of marine, Edouard Simon Lockroy; minister of foreign affairs,
Theophile Delcasse; minister of the
colonies, George Trouillot; minister of
commerce, Emile Marenjowls; minister ot agriculture, Albert Viger, who
has since resigned ; minister of public
works, Senator Tillayea. who succeeded by Senator Godin ou September 17.
Paris, Oct. 26, 1 a. ui.��� About midnight a mob of the members of thePa-
triotic league smashed the windows
aud the glass staircase of a shop whose
owner is said to be a Jew, at the corner of tbe Rue Auber and the Rue
The vigilance committee of the Socialist party issued tonight a manifesto
condemning the action of General
Chanoine and denouncing the "make
believe republicans who have strangled
debate in the chamber and created a
crisis.'' The committee has decided to
organize all the socialists and revolutionary republican forces in the country, "against military and clerical
M. Faure has received no statesmen
tonight, but he will consult this morning (Wednesday) with thc presidents
of the senate and the chamber of deputies.
The Missing Man   Supposed   to be on
an Ocean Steamer.
Father Point, Que., Oct. 25.���It is
the impression here that Dr. Irelnud,
who disappeared mysteriously in Montreal about a week ago, is on his way
to Glasgow and Liverpool, on board
the steamship Tritonia or Scotsman.
The reason for this belief is that
among the letters sent ashore here,
from the steamer named, to be mailed
were two addressed to Trenton in
handwriting similar to that of a
specimen of Dr. Ireland's which has
been received here.
Dr. Ireland began the practice of
his profession at Lethbridge, Alberta,
in 1891. He left the coal town after a
few months residence and drifted to
South Africa.
London, Oct. 25.���The British bark
Mistletoe of St. Johns, N. B., 788
tons. Captain Simpson, from Santos,
September 80, for Ship Island, is
ashore at the entrance of the port of
Barbadoes. Her position is critical
and she is expected to become a total
The Mistletoe is a wooden vessel,
built at Young's Cove, N. S., in 1873,
and is owned by Troop & Sou, of St.
Johns, N. B.
Washington, Oct. 25.���Rev. George
Calvin Hall, archdeacon of Wilmington, Delaware, nominated by the house
of bishops of the Episcopal council yesterday for missionary bishop of Kyoto, Japan, failed of election by the
deputies today. Tho highest testimonials were paid to his character,
but in the opinion of the deputies, his
age, 52 years, is a bar to tho successful conduct of active work in the new
field and to a ready acquisition of the
Japanese language.
Toronto, Oct. 25. ���The members ot
St. Andrews congregation admitted
this morning that a cablegram had
been sent to Rev. J. Council, to reach
him when he arrives at Yokohoma,
offering him n unanimous call to St.
Andrews pastorate with $5000 and a
manse. It was intended that the matter should be kept a sercet until a reply was received, but the news came
out by accident.
St. John, Nfld., Oct. 25.���The Norwegian steamer Washington long overdue from Labrador, arrived today. She
reports having encountered hurricane
weather and having seen n largo number of icebergs along the coast. She
saw nothing, however, of Lieutenant
Peary's steamer Windward. Several
American fishing vessels have arrived
at Placentia from Fortune and St.
George's bay, in quest of herring cargoes which are being obtnined slowly.
Britain is Aroused Over the
Fashoda Affair-
Chamberlain   Believes   That War With
Franco is Inevitable and the Sooner
it Gomes the Better-
New York, Oct. 25.���A London despatch to the Sun today says: '' There
can be no doubt that the opinion of
the nation is overwhelmingly iu favor
of war unless the British contention
is conceded by Franco without reserve. Every warlike rumor is welcomed and exaggerated. Any sign of
weakness or even a move of conciliation at the present moment by Lord
Salisbury would rouse a storm which
would speedily work his political destruction. Moreover, more than one
member of the cabinet strongly favors
war with France at the present juncture. I am able to record as a fact
what I cabled on Saturday as a rumor, that Colonial Secretary Chamberlain, before the present crisis became
acute, said openly to his friends, "War
with Frauce is inevitable before long.
For my part, I believe the sooner it
comes, the better for this country." A
majority of his countrymen share his
views. *
On the other hand, the French
side of the situation is very different.
Frauce does not want and doos not expect war. She- is almost indifferent
in regard to Fashoda. If France was
a sane country, sanely governed, this
would mean n speodi '/- ? of the crisis.
Unhappily, France today is neither.''
London, Oct. 25.���The Globe thinks
the Marquis of Salisbury has made it
clear that Major Marchand must quit
Fashoda without any conditions adding : Unless that is done there can be
no discussion of the French claims in
Toronto, Oct, 25.���Chief Consul
Howson, Toronto district C. W. A.
has received a letter from Major General Hutton, in which that officer
states that ,he is quite willing to pay
for the damage dono to the cinder path
along the lake shore road on the occasion of the inarching and firing competition at Lung- Branch Rifle range.
He also said that he did not notice
the cinder sign boards wnrning horsemen from riding on the path or he
would not have done so. General Hut-
ton's prompt and satisfactory responses has given pleasure to wheelmen generally and has prevented a
good deal of unpleasantness.
Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 25.���The
steamship Tacoma of the N. P. S. S.
Co., was formally transferred from
British to American registry at the
home port of Tacoma yesterday.
Fivo thousand people on the ocean
dock listened to speeches on the occasion. It is belioved in shipping circles
that the N. P. S. S. Co., is preparing vessels for the Manila trade when
the Philippines havo been annexed.
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 25.���The
steamer Protection, next to tho last
vessel to leave St. Michael's, Alaska,
this season, arrived last night with 70
passengers and a small amoant of gold
dust. News has been received at St.
Michael's that Iho steamer Abbey Rowo
was not wrecked, os reported, but
roachod Golfin Bay. She was threo
weeks overdue. Tho dolay was caused
by tbe breaking down of her machinery. "	
Toronto, Oct. 25.���The following is
a cablo to the Evening Telegram,
dated London: In viow of the fact
that the relations between the Grand
Trunk and Canadian Pacific railway
companies continue strained, the
shareholders of the companies here
are discussing tho advisability of arranging a meeting with a view to
bringing about a speedy settlement of
the matters in dispute.
New   York,   Oct. 25. ���Bar    silver,
(il ; Mexican dollars, 47J4.
Mclrorologlcal Report.
Max.   Mill.
Sunday, Oct, 23 51 j      34
Monday,   "   24 4(1      90J
Tuesday,  "   25. 40     37
Barometer, Oct. 25 28, THE MINER, WEDNESDAY,   OCTOBER 26, 1898.
mt JRhwr.
Published Daily except Sunday.
Tuk Minek Printing  Sc Publishing Co
Limited Liability.
.il,    COMMUNICATIONS to the Kdltor must
accompanied by the name and address
ot the writer, not necessarily tor publication, but as evidence ot good faith.
Subscription Rates*
Daily, per month by carrier ! 100
per month by mail    1 00
ner half year by mail   5 00
per year  10 00
per year, foreign  1300
Weekly Miner.
Weekly, per half year J 1 25
per year   2 00
"       per year, foreign   3 00
Subscriptions invariably ic advance.
Notices of Births,   Deaths, and Marriages
inserted for 50 cents each.
Advertising rates mado known on application
The Miner Printing* Publishing Co.
Copy ror Change* of Advertisement must
be In tbe Office by I o'clock p.m. <��
Insure change.
bave   been   officios in  this  province   ^^Mf^f^MrMrm^UttfMf^tMtf,MfMfHfMfMfHMtfltfMf 1tf^1!'?
who were indolent and neglectful but -
none has ever been shown to have
used his position for personal gain.
Should such a case arise an investigation would speedily follow. There
would be no haggling in the press over
the truth or falsity of the accusation.
The government by the celerity of its
action would render such tactics
useless and nonsensical. The Yukon
nndor British Columbian rule would
be an orderly, well regulated place
and ita officials by their impartia ; fcj
and disinterested   conduct wonld be as ! C
SZ Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
ZZ       Four Roomed House on Observatory St.    $15 per month.
JE Eight roomed furnished house, Observatory St.
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security
and Savings Co.
Among the accounts passed at the
meeting of council on Monday was
one reimbursing the mayor for $2
given to relieve a person in distress.
There can be no objection to the
mayor giving two dollars to an indigent man, or any other sum,but when
he charges his charity to the city it is
but right that tho representatives of
the ratepayers should have something
to say as to how the city's funds shall
be applied in works of relief. It is
not for the mayor or any other official
of the city to give relief and then go
to the council and say, I gave so-and-
so such a sum and I want it back.
That is not business and the practice
should be put a stop to. If there are
indigents in the city needing relief
the question as to what form the relief
shall take should be a matter for settlement by the council. That body is
responsible to the people and it should
say how the public money should be expended. If the mayor wishes to dispense charity privately that is his
own affair, but when he pays out
money to relieve alleged distress and
looks to the. city to repay him he
takes upon himself power that he does
not possess by statute or by right of
office. He should submit such cases
to the consideration of bis colleagues
and they should decide what measures of relief to adopt. This one man
rule in a city such as Nelson, has allowed great evils to creep into the administration of public affairs and it is
time the citizens aroused themselves
to a situation fraught with much dan
ger to their interests.
This city has become too great and
influential to suffer the system of
municipal government with which it*
haa been inflicted t,< endure much
lougor. Nelson's growing importance
demands and deserves good government aud The Miner is going to help
the honest und self-respecting element 111 this town, by far the most
powerful clement if they only exert
themselves, to get. what they need
nnd that speedily.
Mr. Ogilvie in making investigation
of charges against Yukon officials is
not to take into consideration any
newspaper charges. It was well to
throw this measure of protection
around the administrator. No one puts
any faith in the utterances of the par
tisan party press either when it ac-
cusefor defends, and the estimation in
which it is held is shown by the instruction given to Mr. Ogilvie. The
party press has destroyed its influence.
Eastern paper3, entirely ignorant of
British Columbian methods, have expressed doubts aa to whether the Yukon region, should it pass uuder the
control of tlio British Columbian government, would be administered any
bettor than it has been under control of
tho Dominion government. It ia the
general opinion hereabouts that it
would. In the lirst place gold commissioners, recorders aud officials connected with the mining department are
forbidden to ^locate or own mining
claims or to become connected with
any mining project, and in the second
placo thero have never been charges
made against government officials in
British Columbia such as have been
made against thoso of the Yukon previous to the appointment of Mr.
Ogilvie. Vie know of no instance of a
British Columbia miuing official being
accused of wrong doing in discharge
of his duties and no official has over
been impeached for diahoneaty, which
would speedily follow any proof submitted to the authorities.   There may
fully   worthy   of praise as  they now IP;   advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5
- '   8 years by monthly instalments.
and    -^
The Rossland Miner says that the
government need not be put to expense
for lectures in its projected aohool of
mines, as there are a dozen scientists
iu that city who would be willing to
give their services to so worthy an
object. We would advise the Miner
not to encourage such a thing as
gratuituous service. It is never satisfactory, for those that do thank-you
work never do it well. Stick to the
appropriation. Tne apropriation's the
The Frencli consrevativo
organ,   La
Don't Let the Moss Grow on Your Feet
Keep Abreast of the Times, That's Our Motto.
Next week you will find us in our new quarters, just one door east of the
old premises, where we will be in a better position than ever to cater to and
supply the wants of our many customers, both in the line of close prices and
prompt attention.
The following are the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., as quoted by our
local dealers. It is the intention of
The Miner to have these prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in the city :
Ogilvie's Hungarian per 50 lb sack.. 1 75
Lake of the Woods " .. 175
Snow Flakoper50lb sack..  150
Wheat per ton S2 00@36 00
Bran per ton  20 00(<*22 Oo
Ground feed per ton 2600ic*j2800
Com (wholo)      "         26 (Xkrt28 00
Corn (cracked)   "        27 (K)(it30 00
OatB "         30IKKS32 00
Oatmoal per 10 fts       lOiffl    60
Rolled oats (B Sc Kl  05
Rolled oats (B&K)81h Sao*  10
Hajr (baled) per ton  It 00(830 00
Potatoes per 100 lbs    1 00�� 1 25
Beets por lb	
Cabbage per lb, 	
Cauliflower per lb	
at the same low prices as have always prevailed here and brought our name so
prominently before the careful buyer.
To the Private Families
We would say that our stock will hi' the finest and most complete in B. O. in the line of Fancy Groceries, Biscuits, Bottled
and Canned Goods.
To Close Buying Mining Camps
We would say that our stock is larger than ever in onr line.
See our wareroonis. A glance over this department will convince you that we are your money saver. Our prices are so
that we defy competition where full weight and honest measure
is considered.    Call nnd get acquainted with us anyhow.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
AVe have been neglecting some of our customers during the past week, hn v-
Miuerve, following the lead of other ing had two carloads of goods lying at the station awaiting the completion of
conservative papers that ought to 0U1' new premises before unloading, thereby causing a little delay on the part
,".., .. ,  .      i of filling orders.   However, we are pleased to sav that the goods are all in our
know better, expresses the opinion 1 wareholwe now llnd next Week we. will have thein on our shelves, disposable
that tho prosperous condition of the
county at present ia the after effect of
the beueficient conservative rule that
came to an untimely cud when Sir
Wilfrid Laurier achieved power.
Liberal papers, on their side are
equally incliuedJo claim the credit of
tho marked improvement in conditions. The utter absurdity of which
is plain to all sensible people.
The present prosperity so observable
throughout Canada is due to neither
oue party or the other but to natural
causes plain to everyone. There has
been a bountiful harvest of all kinds
from coast to coast, the reward of per-
serverance, proper methods and good
living on the part of the people,
which must always tell in the long
run. When governments can increase
by one grain the production of wheat
to the acre thon it will be time enough
to find in them attributes of a far
higher source. The conservatives went
out of power just as affairs were at
their lowest ebb and the liberals were
lucky enough to come in on the flow.
Wheu the poople nre prosperoua and
happy they overlook many shortcomings in government, but wheu they
find themselves struggling against depressed and unprofitable markets they
are prone to overturn the governments
or everything else in hope of relief.
It is a foolish error, but it ia a popu- j
lar one. Hon. Alexander McKenzie's I
government was a good one, but it
fell in thia way and the conservatives j
found a prosperoua country when
they regained power in 1878. History i
repeats itself.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regular
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
R. STATION     .    .    .
A.  E.  YOUNG, agent.
Salmon (smoked) per Hi      121*3*
Oysters lOlympian) per qt	
Oysters IKastern) por tin	
Cod per It,	
Halibut per Ib     i2j*��
Smells per lli      12J��
Farm Produce.
Eggs per doz	
Butter (Creamery)	
Butler (l)alry) 	
Choeso (Canadian)	
Cheese Swiss)	
Ham (American) por II, 	
Ham (Canadian) per Ib	
Bacon (American; per lb	
Bacon(Canadian)per lb	
Bacon (rolled) per lb       12J@
Bacon (long clear) per lb	
Shoulders por lb	
I jird per lb	
Beef por lb          8t*t
Mutton per lb       l(Kn
Veal por lb        15��
Perk por lb      12Jk)
Bananas per doz  400
Lemons (California) per doz  :t;��<,i
Oranges (California seedlings)  nine
Melons (each)  25��
Crab apples por lb	
Tomatoes  08��
Grapes  12}
Pears (Barllottsl  08
Pears (small green)   08
Plums (greengage)	
Plums  04
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C.
The Vancouver World says attempts
were mado to forestall the decision to
be reached at the meeting of liberals
in Vancouver Thursday night, by
holding private caucuses during the
afternoon,and having resolutions and
a course of action cut nnd dried. One
or two individuals attempted to ruii
the meeting in such a way as to serve
their selfish ends, but this not meeting with the approval of all present
"it is now too late to drag these
affairs before the public, particularly
aa the meeting waa harmonious."
A rumor has it that Ed. Branchley,
of Vancouver, grub staked there, has
cleaned up $20,000 in the Yukon and is
on his wav home.
J. M. Draper, of New Westminster,
is dead, aged 65 years. He came to
New Westminster in 1859 from New
Westminster, Brunswick.
Lnmber for use in Russian railway
work in China is being hurried to the
Orieut from Vancouver. The steamer
Ragnor and the bark 151 wood are now
loading Douglas fir and many other
orders have been seoured by local
1 J.
Stewart's Heaters if
A carload of Coal Heaters direct from
the Factory   arrived   on Friday.
Lawrence Hardware Co'y.
Official Directory.
Church ok Enqi,ani>���Matin 11 a.m.; Kven
Song. 7.:J0 p.m. every Sunday. Holy Communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month after
Matins; on 2nd and Ith Sundays, at 8 a.m.
Sunday School at 2.30 p.m. Rev. H. S. Ako-
hurst. Rector.   Cor Ward and Silica streets.
Pkksbvtkkian Chukcii���Services at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayor meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets every Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. R. Frew,
Mktiiodibt    Cinmcn-Corner   Silica   and
Josephine Street*.   Services at 11am. and 7,30
3. m.; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer moet-
ng on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Kpworth
I League C, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m.      Rev. John
Robson. Pastor.
I    Catholic Church���Mass  at  Nelson, lirst
, and third Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Benediction nl, 730 to  8 p.m.   Rov.  Father Ferland,
Baptist Church ��� Services morning and
evoning at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meeting Wednesday evoning at 8 p.m.; Meetings
'��� are held in the school house. Strangers coral-
I ally welcomed. Rev. O. R. Welch, Pastor.
I Salvation Arjiv���Services every evening
I at 8 o'clock in barracks on Viotoria street.
! Adjutant Millner ln charge.
Work ou the True Blue group, consisting of the True Blue and Peacock
claims near Kaslo, has been steadily
prosecuted since last spring, when
the property wns bonded to the Hall
Mines, limited, for $65,000, by Messrs.
Fraser & Stevenson. At the present
time there iB a force of 20 men working on the property, driving tunnels
to crosscut the ledge. The results of
development work so far have proved
highly satisfactory. It is the intention of the company to build a substantial trail to the lake and the citizens
of Kaslo have been asked to contribute
one half the cost to have the trail go
direct to the city.
West Kootenay Butcher Oo.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowest Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock. *-*���
Markets at Nelson nnd Ymir.
M. meets second Wednesday in eaoh
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
O. L. Lknnoz, Secretary.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
No. 16, meets every Monday night,
at theli Hall, Kootenay street.
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially invitod.
A. H. Clements, N. O.      Fred J Squires, Secy
Whitby,   Ont.,   Oct.    25.���Nomina-
tioua for  the vacancy   in the  legisla-'
ture for South Ontario  caused   by tbe !
unseating ot Cbaries Calder weie held \
here   today.   The    candidates    were
Hon. John Dryden,   minister., of agri- j
culture,   liberal,   and Charles Calder,
conservative. I
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
NELSON LODGE No. 25, K. of P.,
moets ln Castlo hall, MoDonald blook
tevory second and fourth Tuesday evon-
ing at 8 o'clock. All visiting knights
cordially invitod,
R. G. Jot, CC.
(820) Geo. Ross K. of R. and S.
NELSON  LODGE,   I. O. G. T.      MeeU in
Castle Hall, MoDonald Block, every Monday
evoning at 8 o'clock.   Visiting Templars cor
dially invited. John Tklford,
Chief Templar.
J. F. Jacobson  Sec'y
SONS    OF    ENGLAND,  meet
second and fourth Wednesday-
each month at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald Blook,   cor. Vernon   and ;
        Josephine streets.   Visiting broth-
rn cordially invited.        Kbnkst Kino,
Chas. H. Fabrow, Worthy President
lst and 3rd Wednesday in each month in the I
K of P Hall. F W Swanell, C. D. S. C. E.; J RI
Green, CR.: J. Furklss, Seoy.
NELSON LODGK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., meetl
every Thursday in the I.O.O.F. ball. G Cl
Williams, M.W.: W S Smith, Rec.-8eo.; J. J.I
Driscoll, Financier F. J Squire, Receiver and]
P.M.W. '
NELSON L.O.L. No. 1692 meets in the Moi
Donald block every Thursday evening at 81
o'clock. Visiting members cordially iivitod.f
John Toye W.M.; F. J, Bradley, R.8. THE MINER, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1898.
,The Supplies For the Yukon
Force Arrive.
(Ie Ha3 Made Some Needel Reforms-���
The Mail Service Very Muoh Improved��� Se wb ofthe North.
Victoria, Oct. 215.��� J. Livingston
'.ouuder of tho Dawson Miner, who
'y.S'disposed of that paper and is now
in his way to Kngland to sell mining
laims, arrived from the north today.
,)ne of the most important pieces of
nformation that ho brings is that the
leet of the Boston Alaskn company,
���/Inch had the contract for carrying a
ortion of tho supplies for the Yukon
jrce, has at last reached Dawson.
>ate on Sunday evening the 25th of
eptember, the three vessels, Oover-
or Pingre, Phillip P. Lord and New
'ork, steamed into Dawson. Besides
lie belated supplies, they brought the
inch needed books, for the want of
vhich officials at Dawson havo
dtherto been sadly hampered in their
Since tho arrival of Mr. Ogilvie
oine ueeeded reforms have also been
nade in tho post office and about
(100 boxes have been put in. The side
loor for women has beon abolished
nd although long aud tedious waits
lave to be made to secure mail, the
ervice is now tolerable.
One matter to which Mr. Livingston
i/ill draw the attention of Mr. Sifton,
the great error which he thiuks
���ould lie committed by appointing
Ir. Ogilvio to conduct the proposed
ivestigation into the charges against
Hicials. "There is not a harder
orked man in Canada today" he
>id, "than Mr. Ogilvie. From early
lorning uutil late at night ho is be-
eged by inquirers and callers of all
inds nnd in order  to get an audience
ith him one is forced to wait some-
mes for houra. To thrust on him the
ius of so far  reaching  au inquiry as
proposed would be to burden him
ith work whioh it is absolutely im-
issible for him to perform.''
ah   Chung   and   His Wife   Still   in
I The   Chinese    girl   Oie   Gain,   the
lory   of   whose   abduction   into   the
Iidled States appeared in   The Miner
yesterday morning,   and   who  was
[turned   to her husband Wah   Chung
Monday by U. S. Customs Collector
' P. Hill, is still  suffering from   the
Jrdships experienced    ou   the    trip,
having beon forced   to wnlk a dis-
[uce of over 80 miles.    The intention
her   huslmnd   is   that iu a day  or
lo tbty   will   go  to Revolstoke  and
ter   settling   up   his   affairs   there,
by will   return to Nelson   to engage
\ business.
The old smuggler Wong Sang, who
tired prominently in the abduction
���Oie Gam has an exceedingly bad
lord in different parts of the west,
lh in the United States and Canada,
lie is a a particularly bright and indigent Chinaman, who has made
lity of money, but who has been
|v intemperate in his habits, spend-
monoy freely.
Lbout 10 years ago he got into a row
iPort Townsend, Wash., with a
join's collector over a case of smug-
He shot at the officer and
I'd a Chinaman   who was standing
len Her Heart is Set on It
[man  is sure to obtain just whnt
a Perfection Cook Stove which is
eader this season, is just the one
llight the good housekeeper.
I construction is perfect. It pro-
t, the greatest amount of neat
[the smallest quantity of fuel and
I are fow parts liable to break or
|it of Qrder. It is one of the best
i on the market at the priee.
Icomr Hardware Co..
importers of
jits, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
[Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
near. Wong escaped and was not
caught. Again at Sedro he was caught
in the act of smuggling Chinamen
across the border bnt again escaped.
He is however, caught now and it is
not likely that he will again be allowed to escape justice. Under the
Gearv act, the offence with which he
is charged is punishable by deportment to China, one year's imprisonment ��� in the States' prison or
both, at tho option of the custom's
officer. He is now in Mr. Hill's hands
and the probabilities are that the old
criminal will spend the next year at
hard labor in Doer Lodge prison, where
he will have ample time to meditate
over his past offences.
; As showing the desperate character
of Woiik Sang and his associates,
when arrested and searched by the
United States officers, each of "them
had a revolver and on the party were
found 60 rounds of ammunition. This,
judging from his previous record
Wong Sang would not have hesitated
to use had not the officers come upon
him suddenly, and he saw no chance
of escape.
The Chinamen in Nelson are greatly
pleased at his arrest as during his periodical visits to this city he has terrorized them with threats as to what
ho and the society of which ho appears
to be tho bond in British Coliuubia,
would do in case of their refusal to
assist him in his nefarious plots.
Condensed News of the Happenings of the
Week In and Around Our Busy
Oity and Kootenay.
James Clock, general agent* for the
Wisconsin Central lines, left last
night for Rossland.
Mrs. King, proprietress of the Allan House, returned to Rossland on
yesterday evening's train.
Charles Griswold, mate on the
steamer Rossland, is confined in the
hopsital here suffering from typhoid
There will be another football practice this afternoon on the recreation
grounds, and all players are requested
to attend.
The contract for 70,000 ties to be
used on the Robson-Penticton railway
construction, has been awarded to W.
H. Fisher.
A meeting of the executive of the
liberal-conservative association will be
held this afternooou in Mr. John
Elliot's Jaw office at 5 o'clcck.
P. J. O'Reilly lift on Monday for
Cascade City whero ill parthership
with W. B. Wilcox of the Brooklyn
News, he intends starling a newspaper.
Professor Hardman left on yesterday
evenings train for Montreal, where he
will winter at the Windsor hotel,
returning to this country in the
Chief of Police McKinnon sucoeeded
in selling nearly 200 tickets for John
Wedlock's benefit concert next Friday
night. Wedlock lost his eyesight recently in an accident at the Hall
Mr. O. M. Rosendale, metallurgical
accountant at the Hall Mines smelter,
returned yesterday evening from Port-
laud, Oregon, with bis bride. Mr.
and Mrs. Rosendale aro staying at tbe
As will be seen by notice in anothor
column Grand Mastor Henderson will,
pay an official visit to Kootenay
Lodge, No. 10, I. O. O. F. tonight.
Sojourning members of the order are
cordially invited to be  present.
W. C. McLean the well known
railway contractor left yesterday for
Revelstoke, where he will be married
in a few days to Miss Annie McDonald, lato of tke Phair hotel. They
will spend their honeymoon at the
Halcyon Springs before taking up
their residence in Nelson.
A meeting of the gun club was held
on Monday evening at which G. E. C.
Martin, H. Pollock and D. Wilson
wore appointed a committee of three to
arouse interest in, and look up tbe
members of the gun club. It is estimated that five traps, with all the necessary appliances, can be laid down
here for $50.
Five dollars and costs said Police
Magistrate Crease yesterday afternoon
when C. Anderson appeared before
him and pleaded guilty on the charge
of being drunk and disorderly on Baker street. The prisoner who had
spent the night in the cell and is an
aged man was up last month on a similar charge and was fined a like
amount leaving his watch as security
for tho fine. On Monday he returned
ufter drawing his month's pay for
work, redeemed bin watch and with
the balance of his wages, went out and
got drunk again. He appeared very
penitent and said that he would never
get drunk again. H^s worship gave
him a few words of good advioe as to
the evils of intemperance and the prisoner again left his watch as security
for the fine and went away to work
and perhaps repeat his experience of
the past two months.
' Kwong Sang, a Chinaman against
whom a charge was preferred of violating the sanitary by-law of tho city
by depositing filth on the ground outside his premises, appeared in court,
with his solicitor, Mr. Fred Elliot to
defend the charge. His worship who
had seen the premise.t complained of
and understood the circumstances, dismissed the charge, Kwong Sang having let a contraot for sewer connection,
which will remove tbe cause of complaint. He however, deoided that tho
Chinaman should pay the costs of tbe
court f2.25.
L. M. Livingstone of Brooklyn, is
at the Hume.
The Rev. Father Rivers of Rossland
is staying at the Queen's.
S. S. Tnylor has recovered from his
attack of measles and is able to be
about again.
. L. A. Campbell, manager of the
West Kootenay Light & Power company is at the Phair.
J. Fred Ritchie who has beeu spending a few days in Nelson, returns to
Rossland on this morning's   train.
M. F. Mackay. a member of the
legal firm ot' McAnn & McKay of
Kaslo, is in the city on legal business.
Among those registered at the Phair
are W. E. Devereux, J. Howard West,
New Denver; and W. Bredin, Helena.
W. H. Doull, a prominent Montreal
capitalist and director of the West
Kootenay Light & Power compauy
passed through the city yesterday.
Among those registered at the Hume
are Mr. and Mrs. Glvun, Now Denver ; B. D. Crocker, Walla Walla; R.
B. Rothschild, San Francisco, and F.
J. Govin, Vancouver.
The Rev. Dr. Spencer, who has
been holding services in the Baptist
church dnring the past woek, left yesterday evening for Trail. After spending a day there, he will proceed to
Among those registered at the
Queen's are S. H. Brown, Trail; A.
McDougall, Brooklyn ; John Cameron,
Sandon; J. R. Gate, Detroit; E.
Harry, Spokane, and G. Vi. Steele,
Marsh V. Adams chief of Police at
Kaslo has been appointed deputy sheriff for that district, under Sheriff
Redgrave. Sheriff Robinson of Nelson is thinking of retiring as he has
nothing to do and it is suggested that
deputy sheriff Adams of Kaslo take
chargeiof tbe next assizes and become
responsible for tho expenses in connection with the jurors' meals, etc. tbe
bills for which incurred during last
assizes have not yet been paid.
Rossland, Oct. 25.���Ore shipments
from Rossland mines for the week
ending Oet. 22 were as follows: Le
Roi. 2700: War Eagle, 1063; Iron
Mask, 70; total, 3,838 tons. For the
corresponding week of last year the
shipments were 1,425 tons. The total
shipments from Rossland from January 1,1898, have beeu 87,108 tons.
A special meeting of Kootenny
Lodge, No. 16, I. O. O. F. will be held
on Wednesday evening at 7:80 o'clock,
for the purpose of receiving Grand
Master Henderson on his official visit
to the Lodge. All members of the
Lodge and visiting brethren are requested to attend.
lt F. J. SQUIRE, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between E. O. Lewis and C. E. Chase,
carrying on business as bakers in the
city of Nelsou has been dissolved by
mutual consent. All debts owing to
the late firm are to be paid to E. O.
Lewis, by whom all liabilities of the
firm will be paid.
(Signed) E. O. LEWIS,
J. W. Pittock.
J. S. Humphreys
Dated this 18th day of October, 1898.
Tenders are invited for the purchase
of Lot 1, Block "I" with improvements, situate in the Town of Ymir,
Rented for $12 per month. Tenders
to be sont in on or before November
10, 1898 to JOHN  DEAN,
Administrator of the Estate of Siias F.
Collensworth, Ymir, B. C.
J.1 Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson of the city of Knslo in tho province of
Britieli Columbia, furniture Dealers, have hy
deed bearing date I he eighteen th day of Ootober,
18H8,asiiigncd nil tlii'irrciil and personal properly
oxcopt ax therein mentioned to Frederick E.
Archer of the said city of Kaslo, trader, in trust
for tho purpose of payingund satisfying ratably
or proportionately and without preference or
priority, tho creditors of the said Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson or of either
of thom, I heir just debts.
The Bald deed was oxcciitcd by tho snid
Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson,
the asslgnorsjand the snid Frederick 10. Archer
tho trustee, on the lllth dav of Octobor 18118, and
tho said trustee has undcrtuken the trusts
created by tho said deed.
All persons having claims against the said
Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson,
or either of thom, must forward and dolivcrto
tho said trustee at Kaslo, 11. (".(nil particulars
of their claims duly verified together with particulars of security, if any, held by them,
on or beforo tho 17thdayof November, 1898. and
all persons indebted to the said Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stevenson or elthor of
I hem are roquired to pay tho amounts due by
them to the said trustee forthwith. After tho
said 17th day of November, I8II8, tho trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets of the said
estate among thc parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims of which ho shall
thnn nave had notice.
A meeting of the creditors of tho snid
Charles Newton Owen and Tliomas Stevenson
will be held at the premises lately occupied by
thom on Front Street, Kaslo, B. C. at 2.00
o'clock p. m. on Wednesdny. the lith day of
November, 1898, for tho giving of directions
with referonco to tho disposal of the estate.
Cameron Building,
A Avenue. Kaslo, B. C.
Solicitors for Ihe Tiustce
Dated the 18th day of October, 1898,
Wi flfccBrtbur 81 Co.
At Reduced Prices for Cash to make Room for new goods
Bedroom Sets . . $,5-00 and up
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug *��� "$6o.oo
Carpets, Ingrain - . 30C per yd.  and up.
Full line of Household und Office Furniture at a, liberal  discount.    Undertaking and Embalming a Specialty.
to our New Block on West Baker Street, where we have opened out
a new stock of
Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Etc.
If you   are   in   need   of  anything   in   these    lines    come  and   see   us.
We are Agents for McCLARY'S "FAMOUS"  Stoves and Ranges.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Repairing
A   Specialty.
Victoria Street - NELSON, B. C.
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc. Cornwall I
Opposite Phair Hotel.
P. O. BOX 583.
A First Class in every respect ���
A    Do you want a good Square meal for  X
X     25 CENTS?
Extended experience in Chilo and German
South Africa. Assays and analysis of ores.
Reports and valuations on mineral properties
Underground surveying and mine plans kept
up by contract.
Eastern  Oysters x
+ received daily
X    Cooked Any Style.
~K(?r  New   Goods, Gloves,
La"ces, Silks, Drapes,  Corsets call on
Mrs. McLaughlin,
������������������������������������-M ������������������������������������� i
Aberdeen Block
Valuable Baker Street and  other excellent property for sale.
Oflice Turin i'.Itm iMi Bloek, Nelson, B. C.
Until further notice no passengers  will  be
carried over the line ot tho Crow s Nest  Pass
railway between Kuskonook and*Cranbrook.
Corner Ward nnd Silica Sis,
Three Offices en suite large,
well lighted, facing Baker
Two Single Offices.
Victoria   Block |
Three Offices, en suite.
One Office.
Two   stores,    facing   Josephine St,     Apply to
Room i Victoria Block,   E
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. Vou will be pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
C. W. WEST & CO.
will fill   no   orders   for  Wood
Coal or Lime   unless
accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will bc put into the hands
of a collector.
ROOMS TO LKT- Furnished rooniR to let on
Victoria St., two blocks cast of firo hall.    Hltf
restaurant, Apply P. O. Box 127, or at tho
Miner ollice.
MUSIC LESSONS. ��� On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrn. VV. J. Astley, Robson stree"
two doom west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 130.
siring to go to British Columbia want situa
tlont as Dressmaker and Saloslady or Milliner
Address Miss Campbell, 32 Secoud Ave., Ot
tawa, Ont, THE MINER   WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, ;898.
1 figures wliich are approximately cor-
: rect, the Payne mine at the end of
11898 will have   paid   its   owners  over
  $8,000,000    in   dividends.   If appear-
' juices count for   anything   tho  Payne
! mine will in   the future produce more
m.      2       t>       1 xirr    i   I and better   ore   than in the   past  and
bteaQV   JJeVelOpOieilt    WOrKi there are dozens of properties   in  the
, , , Slocan   equally   as   rich if they  were
IS Being Carried OII. | property handled and developed.
The Seoond .Relief and the Arlington a^e
Looking Well���Sketch of the
Work Done.
There is probably no mining camp
in British Columbia about wliich less
talking has been done, and which has
been less written about in the press
than the mining district in the vicinity of the little town of Erie. Nevertheless a large amount of development
work is being done, aud the camp is
going steadily ahead on its merits,
property owners in that vicinity preferring unlike miwy others, to work
rather than talk.
There is a large number of claims
staked right up the north fork of the
Salmon, and the following, which are
probably the best known, are being
steadily worked, and it is the intention of the owners to continue development through the winter. These properties are the Second Relief, the Arlington, the Big Bump, the North
Fork, the Jupiter and the Belle and
The Second Relief, belonging to A.
A. M. Campbell and John A. Finch,
is probably the star property of the
district so far. This mine which is"
about 18 miles up the north fork from
Erie, is being developed by threo tunnels, connected by winzes, and over
1200 feet of tunnelling has been done.
The ore is a copper sulphide in a
quartz gangue, running high in gold.
The average gold values of the lead,
which is of an "average width of 34
inches for 1200 feet, are $50 per ton.
About half of the gold can be recovered by milling, aud it is intended to
erect a stamp mill on the property, and
ship the tailings to the smelter.
There are about 1500 tons of this ore
on tlie dump ready for shipment,
which will be hauled to tho railroad as
soon as the snow falls. A wagon road
1!) miles in length hns recently been
constructed from Erie to the mine at
a cost of $16,000, $11,000 of which was
contributed by the government, the remainder of the expense being borne
by the owners of the mine.
The Arlington which is also on the
north fork of the Salmon river and
about three miles from Erie, belongs to
the Dewdney syndicate, nnd is being
developed by two shafts, which are
now down about 150 feet. There nre
five feot of ore at the bottom of the
shnffs oarrying average gold values of
i?7 per ton. The oompany hns installed a complete outfit of maohinery,
including a steam hoist, pumps and
other necessary appliances, They nre
now working three eight horn shifts,
nnil tho mine will ship oro as soon
as the snow comes. Tho oro in this
property is peculiarly ampnable fo
treatment, by the cyanide process,
aud it is tho intention of the management to install a cyanide plant in the
Another promising property in the
neighborhood is tho North Fork, about
0 miles from Erie. On this property,
whioh belongs to Messrs. Gilliam and
Benn, nbout $1000 has been expended,
chiefly in surface work such ns striping the vein and running open cuts.
Two feet of shipping ore have been disclosed in the vein, and a large numbor
ot assiys havo been made which run
from $14 to $115 per tou. The ore average about seven per cent, copper besides gold values.
The other properties mentioned are
also being assiduously worked with
encouraging results.
Montpelier, Vt., Oct. 25.���A bill
was introduced in the legislature this
afternoon which has for its object the
incorporation of the Rutland Canadian
railroad company, which has a capital
stock of $1,000,000 divided into 10,000
shares, the capital to bo increased or
decreased at the will of the stockholders. Tho bill is to become void unless
work is begun on the road within two
years. Tho railroad according to
those seeking incorporation, will mil
from Burlington along the lake
shoro to the Canadian line,and connect
with tho Canada Atlantic railway at
The Sum of $986 Raised Among  Railway Employes.
Last     summer    a    Swede    named
Charles   Johnson    employed    on   the
j construction   contract of W. H.   Arm-
| strong on the Crow's Nest   Pass   railway lost  his eyesight through   an accident caused by a premature blast.
Mr. Armstrong gave him $1C0 to go
to Spokane for treatment but as nothing conld be done for him there he returned to Nelson and wns for a considerable time in the Kootenay Lake
General hospital. A few weeks ago
Mr. Armstrong suggested that he go
along the route of the Robson Penticton railway and solicit subscriptions
iu order to start him in some line of
business, heading the subscription list
with $100. Mr. G. L. Lennox secured
the services of Mr. 15. Carrick to accompany the blind man and Mr. Armstrong gave him $50 for expenses of
the trip.
The proceeds of the trip amounted
to $0H6, which sum was handed over
by Mr. Carrick to the police magistrate at Grand Forks, on their arrival
in that town. The response of the
men employed along the line of construction to the appoal of their fellow
workman was very generous and the
money so raised will be devoted to the
purpose for which it was intended.
Victoria, Oct. 25.���This morning
the motions to strike ont the Victoria,
Comox and North Nanaimo petitions
came before Judge Martin in chambers. The points raised were the
same as those in the Esquimalt caso
now under consideration, except that
in these cases the $2000 security wns
deposited with the registrar of the
court. Mr. Cassidy argued that under the rules this money should have
been deposited in the Bank of England. His lordship refused to uphold
that objection and decision on the
other points was reserved.
Slocan   Property   That  Has
Millions in Dividends.
For nearly two years past the Payne
mine near Sandon has shipped an
average of 58 tons of its valuable ore
daily. After deducting freight, duty
and smelter charges this nets the
owners over $S0 por ton or $4640 per
day. There are now employed ;at the
mine about 125 meu and it is a liberal
average to allow the wages paid to be
$4 per day or $500 for the whole force.
From this it will be seen that the
mine is paying a'profit of $4140 per
day, including Sundays and holidays.
Taking the diily net iucome as a
basis, it will bo seen that the mine is
yielding a profit of nearly $125,1)00
monthly or about $1,500,000 annually.
The report of the department of mines
for the year 1897, stated, as published
in The Miner, that the mine had paid
iu dividends up to December 81, the
sum    of   $1,800,000.     Taking   these
Quebec, Oct. 25.���Passengers arriving from Stn. Croix report that on
Sunday night the Porter, a United
States propellor, collided with the
steamer Tnrretago between Ste. Croix
and St. Antoine, nnd went down within three minutes. The crew was taken
off by the Tnrretago aud proceeded to
E. Billings, advance agent of the
Blttner's Theatrical company arrived
at the Hume last night. The company will play here at the skatiug rink
during the week begiuniug Monday,
Oct, 31, opening with "The Galley
Victorin���F. G. Ham hiin, on Lower
Arrow lake, 5 mi from Deer Park.
Oregon���E.   P.   Lowe,   on    Arr"ow
lnke, 5 mi o of  Deer   Park,   formerly
Prince of Wales.
Oct. 20r-
Gold Crown���Frank Briton, W. C.
Forrester, between Bear and Wild
Horse creeks, adj Dundee.
Zola���S. Lefebore, Lewis Levy, on
s side of Sheep ck, 7 mi from river
Alliance Thos. O'Shea, on Donaldson mountain, formerly Topsy.
Great Western���John W. Falls,
about 1 roi from Ymir, adj the Great
Golden Gate���T. Livingstone, on
Clearwater ok, formerly Avalanche.
Oct. 21.���      ���
Emerald���Wm Baker, about 4 mi n
of Ymir on Salmon river.
Eonnie Early���J. S. Randall, between forks of 49 creak.
Copper Queen���J. Vipond, 8 mi w of
Nelson, formerly Prince Albert.
Imperial���Same, same, formerly
Prince George.
Polar���H. J. Robertson, in Alpine
basin, adj Climax
Polar Star���Louis   Heckman,   same,
formerly Duchess.
Oct. 24.���
Cora Ij.��� V. P. WeisentbiJ. on s
fork of Clear creek, adj Dumas.
Orion���John Phillips, on Morning
mountain, formerly Metropolitan.
Clinton���Duubar Robertson, same,
adj Montreal.
Ashcroft���A. J. Peck, same, adj
Snbscribo for The Daily Miuer, it
costs you but One Dollar por month,
delivered at yonr residence.
Manufacturers of
The Day's Work
Roden's Corner
In Golden Shakles
Fortune's Gate
St. Aubyn
The Fatal Gift       Frankford Moore
Second Thoughts of an  Idle ,
Fellow   -   Jerome K. Jerome
All the newest publications at
Thomson Stationery Co.
Charles Tom, tradlnK as Tailor and
Clothier, at the town of Golden, In tho Province of British Columbia, littR by deod dated
tho first day of October, 1898. assigned to mo
all his porsonal esiate, credits and effects which
may be seized and sold under execution, and
all liis real estate for the general benefit of his
creditors,pursuant to the "Creditors Trust
Deeds Act."
A mooting of the creditors will bo hold at my
oflice in the said town of Golden, on Saturday,
the 22nd day of October, at tho hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon, for the RlvInK of directions with reference to the disposal of tho
All creditors aro requested to forward full
particulars of their claims, duly verified, to me
on or before tho fifteenth day of November
1898, after which dule I shall proceed to distribute the assets among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the claims of
which I shall then hare had notice.
Dated at Golden, B. 0., October lst, 1898.
Financial Agent, Goldou.
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Iti'iikrn Hill Blurb llubcr bl,
To Eastern and European Points.
To   Pacific  Coast, China,  Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets  issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Hosslaml and Main Line point*
B.4l)p 'n.-Leavoi-VELSlM-Arrives-IO.SOp.m
Kuulriiny Lake- -Kii��lo linllli'.
Stk. Kokankk
Kxcept Sunday. Kxcept Sunday
l   p.m.���t-oaves-NKLSON���Arrives-11   a.m
Hoolrnny Illver Rnulr.
Stk. Nklson.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon., Wed., Fri.
7a.m.���Ijeaves-NELSON-Arrives-B.HO  p.m.
Makes connection at Pilot Bay witli Sir. Kokanee ln both directions.
Steamers on iheir respective routes call at
principal Landings In both directions and at
other points when signalled.
Tralu  lo nnd IVoiik Sloean Cily. Hiiudiui
and Slocnii Lnlte Polnta.
(Sundays Excepted)
9 a. m.-Lcaves-NEiLSON-Arrlvc��-2.20 p. m.
Asokbtain Bates
and full information by addressing neareul
local agent, or GEO. S. BEER, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nelson
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
Halcyon llol Springs  Water Aerated and
Supplied to tke Trade.
U    4?&k       r* THE  FIRST TRIAL
of our Clothing Is generally sufficient to
in       a lifo long customer.
Wo don't offer our goods below cost,
because wc have no desire to lose
money. We sell at prices which are
sufficient to pay for good material and
good workmanship. The size'and variety of our stock enables us to please a
customer both as to Btyle and fit. Indeed we aro particular on these points.
We rather lose a sale than 'permit unsatisfactory garments to leave the
These values cannot be surpassed.
--J. A. GILKER--
@^   Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ~>��
IsTETW"  *   GKD03DS
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth Brushes,
also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and General Agents, Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Etc...
FOR SALE ___^*��>.xv��������w
Corner Lot on Vernon St., with Building. 12 Lots in Blook
44F���Cheap.   2 Lets Cor. Josephine and Rohson.
FOR /?��WT_������*v��ii\v%
2 Lois and Dwelling near Cor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., 812 per month. Dwelling on Silica St., near Cedar St.^
$2'i |"'i' month.    House and 2 Lots, Houston St.  $15 month.
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hume"
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Hover Creek For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON,  B. C
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
(Itor. ��nvb 4, Dniton $te.
Finest Hotel in the Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large Sample rooms for Commercial Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Manage.*
PABST : : :
A Trial   will   convii
that the World's  Leadir
Beer loses none of its god
qualities by being bottll
in our own country.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.


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