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The Miner Nov 1, 1898

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 Daily Edition No   150.
Nelson, British Columbia, TuesJay Morning, November I, 1898.
Ninth Year
Is impressed upon every pair of Shoes we offer the
fmhlic. In the flrst place we aim to huy only rotable footwear of reliable manufacturers, who are
prepared to stand hy their goods with their guarantee, which we in turn give with every pair of
shoes we sell you. It is n safe way to do liusincss
���safe for us, safe for you, and the stamp of durability protects us hoth, we in our reputation as
reliable shoe dealers, you in the amount of wear
and durability secured through your investment
in Footwear at our store.    A call will convince you
<fc��   LILLIE BROS.   &*>
all German credit institutions. There
may not be a breakdown, but the ond
of the year will be a trying time for
Germany. The article urges the great
joint stock banks of England, by keeping heavier balances idle than is their
habit, to  keep up the   money market.
For What the U. S. Did For
The Disposition is to Give the Washington
Authorities Liberty to Develop
Their  Polioy.
Havana, Oot. 81.���Advices received
here from Santa Cruz Dol Sur say that
a majority of the representatives of
the Cnban army at tbe meetings held
there are iu favor of the dissolution of
the Cuban insurgent government and
the appointment of a commission to
go to Washington for the purpose of
thanking the American government,
for its intervention in favor of the Cubans and to put themselves unconditionally at the disposition ofthe Washington authorities sn as to enable the
latter to develop their programme without hindrance. The Cubans ure nlso
said to be in favor of the disbniulment
of the insurgent army.
Santiago he Cuba, Oot. 81.���Senor
Baltonome Masso, president of the
Cuban provisional administrative
counoil, has issued an address to the
delegates, now in attendance at the
military assembly at Sauta Cruz, in
whioh he reviews the oousidorations
incident npon the Cubans soliciting
the help of the United Stntos and indicates there was a future policy. The
address is as follows : The Cubans accepted the assistance of America, although not knowing exactly what
were the American aims, just as tliey
wonld have accepted help from any
.country in their fight against Spain.
As the ooutest progressed, tho Cubans in the field were gratified to
hear of a Bolemn declaratiou by the
United States congress, regarding tho
intentions of America and the
path it would follow in the SpauiBh-
Ameriean war. Amorica came to
our aid to compel Spain to relinquish
her sovereignty ovof Ouba in order
that the Cubans ini#it be plncod as
promptly as possible tn possession of
the island, might assume the administration of its affairs und have a gov
eminent of thoir own.
Therefore, the Cubans agreed to
co-operate with tho Americans to
obey tho ordors issrihd by American
generals and to help in nil possible
ways to establish a Cuban governiAei{t
when aver tho Amerioans took possession. Though Amorica did not recognize tho government of the Cubans iu
terms it was woll understood thnt the
Cubans wonld uot on that account
aliamlon their organization, hut ttyit,
on the contrary, the time would como
when sneh recognition would be
granted. Indood, it was assorted to
our Cuban representatives by one ot
the most distinguished members of the
United States senate, that iu order to
do away with any obstacle thnt
might hinder tho United Stares in gtt-
iug into tho fight in tho cause of Cuban independence, recognition of n
Cuban government must come later.
Nevertheless, it has not been possible to establish direot relations between
the Cnban and American governments
for the transaction of publio business,
althongh the general character of our
relations throughout the war was
friendly. Bnt wo hnvo now reached a
time when, even more than iu the
days of fighting, it is incumbent upon
all Cubans to show truo patriotism
and, while making every expression
of gratitude to America for having
given freedom and -independence, to
make prompt arrangements for paying
off the Cubans now in arms and for
getting the country into working
At the End of the Year She Will Have
to Meet Heavy Obligations.      ���
London, Oot. 81.���The Standard-in
its oity article says that betwoen now
and the end of the year many millions
of pounds sterling, borrowed in London and Paris foryuse in sustaining
German industrial and commercial
speculations, may have ��to to be paid
baoa\ This will put severe pressure on
Mr. Justice Martin   Grants  Leave   to
Appeal to  the Full Court.
Victoria. Oct. 81.���Justice Martin
today granted the application on be
half of the City of Nelson, for leave
to appeal to the full court from the
decision of Justice Walkem, quashing
tho Nelson Electric Lighting by-law,
aulhnii/ing the purchase of a plant
from a company of which Mayor Houston wae a director.
The Premier Has a High   Opiuion  of
the Minister of the Interior.
Ottawn, Oot. 81.���The Citizen today
says Lieutenant Governor Patterson,
of Manitoba, is going to retire and
Hon. Clifford Sifton is to take his
place as governor.
The premier, seen in regard to tho
above, replied: "Yon can say there
is not even a shadow of truth in the
statement. Mr. Sifton is too good a
man nud too efficient a minister of
the interior to dispense with his services. "
Yokohama, Oct. 81.���The whole
cabinet has resigned, the ministers
being unable to agree npon the question of filling the portfolio of education. Thus the ,0rst attempt at party
govi rnment in Japan has proved a failure. It is probable that the next cabinet will be a conlition of liberals (nml
clan leaders.
lhe Kelson fire Brigade Visit Chinatown
to OoUeot Boad Tai.���The Celestials Pay  Up.
Chief W. J. Thompson uud the members of the Nelson fire brigade celebrated Hallowe'en last night by visit
ing Chinatown, north of Vernon street
west, for the purpose of collecting the
road tax imposed under by-law No.
8(1 of the corporation of the city of
The difficulty of catobing the individual Chinamen for the purpose of
colloctiing the tax Suggestod to tho
minds of the city authorities that
the best and quiokefit way to get the
tux was to make a raid upou them.
Accordingly about 8 o'clock'tho chief
and 10 or 18 of tho stalwart members
of the fire brigade proceeded fo the
houses whore most of the Chinamen
cougregate nightly to play fan tan,
smoke opium and indulge in other
���Chinese luxuries Arrived at the
scene the chief dispersed his meu to
gunrd the back doors of the promises
to prevent any of thom from ego; ping.
Tho first placo visited wns the store of
Wo Keo whoro about 80 CinamonVvero
engaged in pbyiug or watching the
game of Chinese dominoes. As soon
as tho mission of the visitors was
mado known thoro was a scramble to
get out. Escapo wus, liowovor, impossible und the crowd quietly returuod
to tho frout room to nwuit their turn.
In tho meantime the babble of tongues
wns denfoniug,ench Chinaman protesting ngninst tho outrage. Chief Thompson nud his assistants were howeve/,
inexorable, the chief quietly seating
himself at tho table,whero a few minutes previous the sodnetivo game had
been in full swing.and pulling out his
receipt book called on thom to come
up ono by oue to pay their tax*
The great majority of tho Chinamen
protessted that they had no money but
upon the chiof saying "Dig up ar.go
to jail," they oither produced tho
money from some secret pooket'or borrowed it from a friend a::d received in
return a receipt. Several, howevA-, had
neither money nor frionds and theso
were ordered to an inner room, to
await the decision of tho collector.       '
The houses facing Vernon street and
the wiishhouses at the rear were each
visited in turn with the result that
about $1G0 was collected. Several of
the Chinumeu produced receipts for
18117 and provincial tax receipts, wlufh
they doclared were receipts for tlieir
road tax. .   ���'
When the round up wns completed
nbout a dozen were found to not Wive
pnid and theso wore told to accompnny
the party np to the fire hall, wh-?re
upou giving their names nnd promising to visit the eity hull today they
were allowed to return to their, lusmes.
Ono Chinaman, whose English was
a little better than the ordinary remarked, "This is the worst country
I ever saw, J pay tax on property, I
pay taxes aud taxes and taxes aud I
nave no vote for the mayor.''
German Royalty Amid Biblical Scenes.
The Heat is Excessive and the Discomforts
of Travelling are ao Great That
Emperor William Will Return
Jerusalem, Oot. 81.���It is understood
that their German majesties will remain here for some days. At seven
o'clock yesterday morning Empress
Augusta Victoia attended the opeuiug
of a German orphanage in a vineyard uear Bethohem. Their majesties have spent considerable time amid
the scenes connected with our Lord's
nativity. They have visited the pool
of Bethesda, the traditional site of the
Ascension und the garden of Geth-
semane and have enjoyed the magnificent view of th<* Dead Sea and plain
of Jerichoto be had from the summit
of the Mount of Olives.
Attired simply nud like au ordinary
tourist, tho empress has charmed her
hosts by her unaffected grace of manner. Emperor William too, had appeared as a simple pilgrim, not courting auy demonstration. Nevertheless
the visitors have everywhere been
accompanied by picturesque throngs,
for the most part silent, in accordance with oriental custom, consisting
of swarthy BedouinB. fierce looking
Kurds, Jews, Levantines, and Euro-
penus, a heterogenons mixture that
eould not be assembled in auy other
eit/ in tlw, woriii. ^.Vafina* ren.iODS
are ascribed for the curtailment of the
tour, bnt it is said the main causes
are the excessive heat nnd tho discomfort of travel. Nearly 40 horses have
ulreadv succumbed and tho Emperor
has, therefore, decided to return to
Ihiilu from Jaffa by the sea. It is not
believod that he will go to  Damascus.
Dotroit, Mich, Oct 8.��� Countess
Schimmeiman, of Denmark, who is
making a tour of the lakes doing evangelical wort, hud a narrow escape
from drowning last night. While
crossing a' plank from her yacht to
the (look, the plank slipped, precipitating tho countess into the river. When
fiually rosouod, she was unconsci-jjpg.
Today she is confined to her room,
but tlio physician says she will recover, although sho is suffering severely
from the shock.
The Revisionist Do Kot View the Calling
of M. Dupuy tQ the Premiership-
With Favor.
London, Nov. 1.���The Paris correspondent of tho Times, dilating upon
the fuct that the Dreyfus affair occurred uuder M. Dupuy's former'pre-
mi-jrship and when President Faure
wns minister of murine,, says: 'It
is disquieting for the revisionists that
M. Fuuro now confers the premiership
upon M. DupUy, us these two uie ro;
lii��t npou Ito screen their cBllengue
G-Rioral Mercer. Certainly tho combination occurred somewhnt tardily
now that the court of casual iun is iu
possession of tho facts. But on the
other hand, M. Dofreycinef,��tho new
minister of war has never facod .difficulties, but has always turned from
them dV eluded titan: He is j^ pnift
muster in the art ^f meeting great
dueBtions by pretty solutions nnd I
fear that under him tho bright sun-
sliino demanded mny change into- a
rush-light illuminating only a tiny
corner of the mystery. Not that M.
Defroycinet is likely to burn or withhold the secret dossier, tjut there nro
stoch labyrinths in his brain thnt yon
nfiv-sifcknown what Ariadne conld dis-
cowel' the cluo. We may expect any
surprise rather- than a el ear solution.''
Woolwich Arsenal is Working   Overtime.
Report in Faris That .Russia Has Promised
to Support France in f eopening the
Egyptian   Question
Tlie Ex-Spanish Cruiser Marin  Teresa
Will Bo Added to the TT. S. NovyV
Washington, Oct. .81.���The navy de>
pertinent lias reoeived a telegram trom
Caimauora announcing the sailing.
torn that pluce for Hampton Roads, of
ffio Maria Teresa, whioh #is the only
one of the Spanish ships "sunk in the
Santiago fight nvbo, floated thus-far.
It is probably Ihit with fair weather
she will reach Hampton Roads iu
two or three days. .There she will bo
surveyed by the navijl -board, which
will report to tho depnrtmet the pVdb;
able cost of putting her into condition
for haval service. The advices so far
received indicate that this js going to
bj an e>pmsive flhdiitaking, but nevertheless, it will be oarried forwnrd
as much from sentimental as from
practical considerations.
Loudon, Nov. 1.���Most of the papers
are full of the alleged wnr prepara-
iona, despite the undoubted fact that
the authorities are doing their best to
prevent publication aud even denying
statements that have nlrendy appeared.
Yesterday a sadden ordor was received at Dover for au experimental
mobilization of the defence forces.
All the heights nnd forts were smartly
occupied iu a manner giving full satisfaction. The arsenal at Woolwich is
working until 11 o'clock every night
the government having given large orders for guns, searchlights and other
navnl equipment.
The British Channel squadron hns
cast anchor off Gibraltar.
The advices from Paris in the special despatches this morning add little
to what wns already known regarding
the situation at Fashoda. It is believed that Captain Buraticr is Inking
only verbal instructions for Major
Marchand. The idea prevails at the
French capital tbat Count Mouravieff,
the Russian foreign minister, while
there on his recent visit, promised
Russinn Bupport in the re-opening of
���*�� -whole Egyptian question and that
Major Mnrchnnd will be instructed to
fall back and maintain his occupation
of all Bnhr-El-Ghuzal posts.
London. Nov. 1.���The Daily Mail
this morning publishes no news regarding England's preparations, explaining that silence is due to a letter
from tho war office nsking it not to
publish "unythiug which might be
useful to a possible enemy. "
"We intended to ascertain todny"
snys the Dnily Mnll, "from the war
office and tho ndniirn'lity exnetly what
kind of news it would be permissible
to publish.''
The Dnily Mail confirms the reports
of unexampled activity at the French
dockyards, potably at Toulon, whero
the coast forts havo been experimenting with\ melinite shells against an
old gunboat.
London, Nov. 1.���The Cairo correspondent of the Daiy . Mail snys an
Egyptian battalion has boon despatched to Fashoda.
The Strength of the Navy of.Frano as
Compared With' the Navy of
Gre|t* Britain.
In vie^of tho presefft situation it
may point a moral if attention is
drawn to the strong naval position
of England in Europe, und to the reinforcements which couldtnt short notice
bo added to the British fleet? M. Guyot
hus told us in the Siccle that a war
with England would liifnlliblytcodduct
to 11 new Sedan, nnd facts jdfftify him
in this startling prophecy. __
In the ChlfjAiel tho Torces of England
uud Franoe stand ns follows i
England Franoe
Battleships?^. 8     - . 11
Cruisers..   .7*. 4 4
Torpedo craft ,. .2   *        -1
The port' guard squadron of four
battleships^nud oue torpedo gunboat
disporsed yesterday,'though hopes hud
beeu expressed thnt it would bo
strengthened, Kngland 'has, jiowever,
in commission, with reduced crews,
eleven battleships, four.cruiserR, eight
torpedo gunbouts and eighteen destroyers, but those ships uro ,yory much
scuttered, one battleship er' bruiser
being Btationed at each of tha import
ant porti^,*
At Bhort notice' Hia' French fleet
could be reinforced by Threo ��r 'four
old coast defence ships, as manj- cruisers, and sixty or seventy t(U3��edo boats.
The British fleet could bc Turther reinforced by three or four old bUttlo
ships, eight flrst class cruisers, twenty
second-class, -ten third class, - and
some thirty destroyers.
ta the Mediterranean the forces are
as under: . '
' England   Franco
Battleships '....-    ]0#    ���      0
Cruisers 1 ... .11 10
Torpedo craft.....'..... .18 Q
while England has iif reserve Uvo' old
ironclads and a dozen torpedo boats,
and Prance three hattleship��,and nbout
sixty torpede bonts. " The French
squadron could be quickly reinforced
by four more'good  but  smnll  battle
ships nud threo or foil r cruisers.
England has at the present time,
besides the ships enumerated nbovo,
a torpedo rain, it torpedo depot ship,
and two cruisers in the Mediterranean.
The lust two have just  been   relieved.
The battleships of tho French Mediterranean fleet are, though few in
number, all new and fust. Le Yuelit,
the londing French navnl paper, snys
of thom, "They nre of extraordinary
offonsive nud defensive strength, they
would have no reason tn fear an equal
number of adversaries belonging to n
foreign fleet.''
Of the six, four hnvo steamed lit 11
knots for twenty-four hours, und nre
faster thnn >nny completed British
battleship in European waters. They
have doue this with their full load.
The other two are slower.
Our greatest danger in the Mediterranean is the way in which our fleet
is scattered. At such n juncture our
ships���which nre 110110 too numerous
in that sen���might well bo concentrated. Perhaps such a concentration
is nlrendy quietly hiking plaoe.
England has one new and fust battleship���the Cnuopus���nearly ready.
But for the unhappy strike sho nnd
her two sisters would by now have
been at sea.
Given time and n sufficiency of officers, Kngland could added to her
strength, besides the above ships, three
armoured cruisers, twenty biitteships
(mostly armed with muzzle-loaders)
ten fine cruisers, und twelve destroyers. She could also storiigthen her
fleet by the purchase of ships building
for foreign powers in England nnd
now uoar completion. Of these there
nre several available.���Loudon Daily
Hews Gathered From All Parts ofthe Dominion and Given in Condensed
Form an Epitome of Events*
Thirty five miles of the South Eastern railway from Winnipeg have been
oompleted aud the lirst passenger truin
will bo run over it 011 Nov. 1.
His Houor Lieutenant Governor
Forget of tho North West Territories bus gone for a couplo of weeks'
visit to Ottawa und will bo in Quebec
to pnrticipnto in the welcome to the
now governor general uud Ludy Minto.
The -"vv\fnr niUnga of Uuinwlinu
mnil steamers will be from Halifax
every Thursday nud from St. John
every Wednesday.
Miss Edith Cole daughter of a Spark
street, Ottawa, merohant disappeared
ouo nftcnoou Inst week nnd was not
found until the following nighl when
she walked into her father's house
iu a dazed aud delirious condition.
Rov. Dr   Robertson superintendent
of Presbyterian missions is en route
west ou a tour of inspection.
So great is tho quantity of freight
offerod at Vancouver .for the Orient
that it is difficult to place it. A
shipper of 1000 tons of salmon wns lust
week compelled to secure space on the
Nippop Kuishu line, us there wns no
spuce 111 tho Empresses.
Hoiji Mr. Blair-^Dominion minister
of railways and canals is uonv iu New
York placing an ordor for puluco cars
for the Intercolonial rnihyuy.
It is reported thnt tho Duko of York
intends to 11 a'io a visit to Canada, next
year in which event ho will prdbably
take a trip through tho United States.
Peg Leg Brown under arrest o> London Out. for tho murder of Constable
Twohey ut tho preliminary trial on
Saturday wus remanded  for one .week.
Tho C. P. R. company's statement
for September lS'JH.is: Gross earnings, fa,806,8961 working e.xpensor,
���1,808,8*78; net profits, 11,0911,61)8,
In Sopfumbcr 1WI7, the net profits were
11,089,891. *���
Collingwood Schreiber, cjiief engineer of railways end cnuuls for lhe
Dominion government is to wed Miss-
GwYiiiie of Ottawa, daughter nf Justice Gwyune of tlm Supremo ���e/itirl,
this month. **
The amount of Insurance 011 the
Hasting) niill und inncliinery ut. Vancouver, destroyed bv lire last week was
$84,000; on the lumber shedes, etc.
destroyed, tl.e : uf .tint of Insurance
was #.'11,11011. .   * �� ���   ���
A    Dominion  city*   despatch  says
that ludiaus'in'i* now Hiisjiecled of having mvdered ihe Galiolau family
named lirechkns, at Stuart burnt last.
week. ..
Ijiienl Ontario Courts of Um Independent Order of {Foresters are pp In
The Absolute Cession of the
Entire   Group-
Tlio Spaniards are Very much Surprised
and They Will Protest Strongly
Against    Surrender.
arms ngninst
court   ip   i
OU mom Uts, ti extend the order.
A. II. Keating, general manager of
the Toronto street railway,bus received
the intelligence of the deatbtof his smf,
a British lieutenant in .the .in-my,
who \sns uttnclied to the Royal
Leinsters 111 the service in Africa. The
young mun met his death while in
the performance of duty..*
MissKloru Shnw special correspondent oHIie London Times is.#i|Ottuwu
the guest of Lord find Lady Aberdeen
at Kiili'iiu hull.
The i[<% Westminster and Burrurd
inlet OTIephono company hns been succeeded by the British Columbia Telephones, limited. The' new organization wits registered in.London, -Kng.,
on Oct. 0, with a capital of- t'lWi.lKjy
in ��10 shares. ��� ���
It is Aported that a well knownjprop-
erty owner in New Westminster^ is
demanding an extra month's rent from
his tenants who wero burned out because they did not givo him 80 days
ii* tice boforo thoy moved.
The British ship Ilaia, sailed ou
Thursday from New�� Westminster far
Liverpool, hnivng on board 49,814 |-*��Vietorin
casos of salmon valued at f 275,000.
! A device for preventing collisions on
railways was successfully tested lust
week on the C.P. R. betwoen Winni-
I peg and Ignace. *
Madrid, Oct. 81.���Tho news that
the Spanish pence commissioners at
Paris had refrered to the government
a formal demand of the American
commissioners for absolute cession of
the entire Philippine group has caused
great surprise in Mndrid. The strongest feeling prevails that tho government should protest enorgotically
against whnt is rogurded as a violation
of the spirit of the protocol.
London, Nov. 1.���Tho Paris correspondent of the Standard says: The
Amerioan commissioners todny (Monday) demanded the cessntiou of the
Philippines lying between certain degrees of latitude and longitude, including Luzon and tho host islands,
but leaving out the minor gronps.
Tl|ey Indicated their willingness to assume a portion of the Phiippino debt
and tliis limitation   does not  seem   to
exclude other compensations,rj
Loudon, Nov. 1.���The Times snys
the arrangement is undoubtedly the
best that could be mnde, both for tho
Inhabitants and for all interested iu
the trade end progress of the fur east.
Upon this point, as upon others,
Hpiiin hnd net choice but to yield,
since her wiii'iiiest pari isiius uo longer
maintain thnt she hns the menus or
wish to renew (he war. The samo
irresistible loggic of facts control the
question of Iho Cuban debt. Tho
United States can dictate tlieir own
terms. At-the snmo time, we uro
bound In draw attoution to tho serious consequences of the policy upon
delegates   have
which tin
Tho editorial theu proceeds to bnck
up the recent contention of its Pnris
correspondent, who bus argued thnt
Spain could -silly meet tho Cubuu debt
by sacrificing^ her foreign bondholders, "who by a strange auoninlv,
would thus have to pay for tho independence of Cuba. "
The Duily'Nows editorially echoes
the views of tho Times, regarding
the Philippines und says: "For Grea
Britain the %unrican retention��of the
arohipelago should be nothing but a
gain. In snyiifg this, wo nssuuio that
tlif United States will not extend the
exclusive tnrllf laws to tho colonios,
but will allow tho mnnufneturerH of
thu world Mi) nccesF. "
After tho conference dissojtujd, tho
Spanish oomfniuiobn expressed ��tho
opinion Hint the American demands
would croat��iii Spam, as they-bad
upon her commissioners, an oxcoed.
ingly grave impression, Wero tho
.Spanish commissioner- pushed to a
final determination tonight thoy wonld
ntject Um Amerioan domajids, ^ut. tio
changing   lone   of Iho   Spanish   press
recently urges the consummation of a
lieiily nf pence, however, rigorous, tho
argument bofng that, although tho
Spaniards bow. to the American demands, the c(JhimiHsiouers do not acknowledge thejjnstioe or admit tho legality nf t heiij,
Tonight the Spanish commissioners
iiel that tbe United States, to all intents nnd purposes, have not offorod
uny liuaneiuj lodgement to Spain to
i-t'iie by treaty nny pnrt of the Philippines, iiud Om Amerioan commissioners even Offered to tuko over thn
Philippine debt of ��40,ooo,ooo, the
{Spaniards affeot to feel that it would
have   been   nothing   nud thoy   regard
it the notion Of lhe Supreme, ijfilhy'S proposition us so mnngro ;
mposiug   u   cnpilution   tax TO warrant��� evi-ji   a schedule of S;
as mil
- Spliin's
pjidiie expenditures" in tho' arohi-
London, Nov. 1,���A French newspaper having accused M. DeDlowitz,
the Pans correspondent of the Timos,
of trying to make a market for worth*
less Cuban bonds by ndvocatiiig��Amer-
ican affsumptimi of thn debt, M, Do-
Blowitz tniliiy repudiates Iho insinuation. He declares that ho does not
know a Single holder of Cubnn bonds,
thai he does not gel, his information
fl'iiin either a bondholder a broker or
a speculator, nnd that he does not
Jinow flie Marquis Do Cnmilins, principal owner of the Spanish trnnB-At-
lniitic compnny und the lurgest lndi-
vidunl creditor of the Spaiush government, with whom it is ulloged��he had
Oct 81.-Trial of the
election petition ngninst Mr. Bullen, ouo of the members elect for Esquimau, wus today postponed until
Novombor 11, gu account o^ Mr. Bulbil's absenco on ���business iu Ontario. THE MINER, TUESDAY,   NOVEMBER i, 1898.
Wm JKincr.
Published Daily except -Sundny.
The Miner Pkintino & 1'l'hlisiiino Co.,
Limited Liability.
a L COMMUNICATION'S to tho Editor must
accompanied liy the niuiic and address
of tho writer, not necessarily for publica-
tlon, but aH evidence of good faith.
Subscription Rates,
Daily, per month by carrier 8 1 (HI
per month by mull    1 00
por half yoar by mail    5 00
por yoar  10 00
per yoar, foreign	
WafcKi.Y Miner.
13 00
ft li.
,   2 01)
Weekly, per half yoar	
per yoar	
'���       per year, foreign    300
Subscriptions Invariably in advance
Notioos of Hirths,   Deaths, and Marriages
Inserted for 50 conts each.
Advertising ratos made known on application
The Miner Printing & Publishing Co.
Copy for Changes of Advertisement must
be tn the omce by 4 o'cloek p.m. to
Insure change.
the silver question.
having interfered to smash the former
conservative  government   of   Quebec.
However   that    may   bo,    Hon.   Mr.
Flynn is evidently out after   Sir  Wilfrid   Laurior   not  only  in   the  local I
but in tho national, flold.     The loss
of Quebec in tho last general  elections
was a staggering blow to the cousorva-
tivo party. Sir Charles Tupper assured
Outurio that   Quebec was safe and   ho
put   oil   the   former   the  load of   tho
Manitoba school] remedial  legislation,
They  carried   it to tho   best of  their
ability, but when   final accounts came
to be cast  up   thoy  found that those
who  had   promised    Quobeo   to  Sir
Charles Tuppor could not  deliver  tho
goods und the conservative  power wns
broken.    Will  Hou.   Mr.   Flynn  win
bncK tho conservative  majority wliich
Turnerism lost? is  a iiucstiou which
tho liberals iu   Qneboc   will   have   to
rockon with boforo long.
Rossland pulBos with tho euergy of a
phenomenally onorgotio nnturo, and
is tho greatest nnd richest mining
town in Amorica, but whon it comes
to football, Nolson soars aloft into the
realms of a higher life.
At tbe meeting of tho Banker's   Association held in Toronto recontly, Mr.
W. R. Wilkio, governor  of tho Imperial bank and  president of the association, in tho opeuing address, predicted
that   the   output    of  the    Kootonay
and Yukon  in   gold   in  1811!)   would
amount to $18,000,000.   Probably there
is no better  informed  mau about tho
resources of the country  generally and
their  possibilities   thau  Mr.   Wilkie,
who has  Bources   of  information  not
open to all men.    Boing a banker nud,
therefore, a gold  man   it wus not surprising that Iio   should give his attention to gold more than   to silver.    Yet
the silver production of   tliis proviuce
in the years to come will be far moro
important  to Canada  and the   world
than   the  gold.   With  silver    at    a
standard   valuo   consistent  with    its
conimereiul uses   among  tho   nations,
the mines of the Kootenay would mako
British Columbia   tho richest area ou
earth and  would   directly   and   indirectly   benoflt    millions.    We    know
that tho question  of the appreciation
of    silver    is  a  vexed    ouo   which
has led to marked   political  divisious
and caused much   alarm,   not   to  sny
dread, among the people of the United
States,yot it is plain that it is a simple
one which could be easily dealt  with.
It is morely a matter of  publie   confidence.    But at tho   present   time  tho
gold party is iu the ascendant, both in
this country and in Great Britain nnd
those who hold strong  views   on  the
ailvor question must bide  their   timo.
And that timo   will  como   when  tho
capitalists havo acquired the piincipal
silver properties.    Tliey urn   now   engaged iu getting posession of thom nud
when thoy have comploto control  they
Will not be content  with   the  return
Which silver at 00 and Bl grtes   them.
They  will look for  something  better
aud as the power of getting what they
want   lios  with  the capitalists  they
Will have it.    With silver on u  parity
with gold, ns it should be, <an impel us
would ho given   to   industry   in   this
country, iu   tho  United Slates and in
Australia surh us oould roriklt* from no
other oause.    And  should over Anglo.
Saxon union como about wa  expect to
seo this highly  important mattor of a
donble  standard in   coinage given the
consideration it deserves, stttiug aside
all the   pei^ilexities aud   cunfusious to
which   discussibu  of  tho subject hjp
Great   BritinS   and  the
Tho judgment of the court of cassation in tho Dreyfus case is a sample
of what is called the ndmiustratiou of
justico in Franco. And France is a republic founded on what aro
principles of liberty.
said to be
It has been very easy for Mnjor
Marchand to get out of Fashoda. The
troublo will como when ho trios to go
M. Justice Walkem is a guest at the
Ernest Kennedy of Rossland is at,
the Phair.
R. B. Kerr, barrister of Now Denver, is ut tho Queen's.
J. McGregor provinoial inspector of
mines, is staying at the Humo.
E. Croniu, n barrister of Rossland, '
registered   at the riiuir lust night.
Leander Shaw, manager of iho No. 1
mine nt Ainsworth, is staying at the
G. Williams, travelling freight
agent for the (J. N. railway is ut the
XV. G. Bundles, general merchant
of Salmo, is in the city on business for
his   linn.
9 Miss Hannah Jackson, of Regina,
N. XV. T., hns arrived in the city on
a visit   to her brothers.
L. A. Hamilton, C. P. R., commissioner of lands and F. T, Griffin,
assistant commissioner, uro guests nt
the Phair.
Mr. aud Mrs. Roberts are staying at
the Phair. Mrs. Roberts is a sister
of Mrs. Sherwood aud Miss Crick-
may nf   this city.
T. Knowlton, deputy superintendent
of construction on the Crow's Nest
Puss rnilwuy, came in last night and is
staying at the Phair.
M. Gillinm, T. J. Pnyn, A. Richter,
and A.   W. Boyd,   all   of  Erie,
havo come to town  on   legal
uro registered at the Phair.
Amoug those registered at the Hume
aroH.  "    '"
E: Real Estate and Insurance Agent. !3
ZS Four Roome ! House on Observatory St.    $15 per month. S^
E; Kight roomed furnished house, Observatory St. 35
% The Birkbeck Investment,  Security e|
% and Savings Co. %
advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and    ^
8 years by monthly instalments.
A Fine
given' rise.
United States havo but to ngreo upon
this subject nud the world 11411st accept
their dictum. As we said beforo it iB
hut a unit ler af public confidonce and
parliament and congress can establish
that confidence so that it ennnot be
The enndidnto for legisllf^ive honors
in tho N. W. Territories encounters
Scotcbt Irish, English,' Qermaift,
Swe<lefl,Norwoginim,Fi'��nch, Slavs nud
Oroo hnlf-breeds and ho niust bo a very
Performance Given Boforo a
Crowded House.
Yesterday evening the Bittuer
Theatre company opened a wefk's en-
cagemeut at tho Skating Rink beforo n
lurge audience. Groat pains hud been
taken to render the building water
tight, weathor proof and warm, and
with complete suecoss. Everybody
was comfortable, nnd most important
of nil, thore wero no draughts. The
management are to bo congratulated on
the improvements effected since the
Liudloy company were here.
Tho play was "The Galley Slave."
Tho first act opened iu Venice, where
Phoebe Gnv and her daughter Cicely,
Cicely Blaine aud Dr. Oliphant nr-
rive from Paris. Sidney Norcot Frank ���
Iin Fittz nnd Wesley Napier aro nlrendy
at the hotel. It was soon made evident that Cicely and Siduey were
lovers, and that it only required the
lady's consent for Fitz and Psycho to
be in tho same relation. Baron do
Bois. who followed tho party from
Puris, soon appears ou the scene and
proposes to Cicely in due form iu n
broken English which left it iu doubt
whether he wus ronlly French or Italian. After a most amusing conversa-
tiou, the Baron is rejected. Directlv
afterwards Frauciscn appears on tho
sce.no for tho first time inquiring for
oue Antoino   whom no one knows.
Wo next soo them in Home, by
which timo Psyche nnd Fittz aro engaged.
Thoy induce Dr. Oliphant to plead
their cause with her mother, Unt'or-
tnnate his overtures are misunderstood, and before ho knows where he
is he is engaged to the widow.
Shortly afterwards the Baron makes
another proposal and he is refused
and Francisco comes on the scene and
tells Cicely that tho latter's lover is
roully her husband. Cicely convinced
by oiroumstantial evidence believed
her und declines to si*i�� Sidney :*au;
Next we "find them iu Puris on the
wedding day of tlie two couples,Cicely
having accepted the Baron. After
the oeremony Sidney appears nud in a
very -powerful scone convinces Cicely
she wnl uiistnkon, tho other people
come ia aud the curtain falls on an
offeetivg mise-811-scone. ?
Subsequently FraueisCa is found
in prisou, couvicted of stealing bread,
Explauutions ensue, nnd the Baron
is given the choico of prison or giving
half his estato to Frauciscn. Ho
choccs tho latter, and things arrange
themselves happily.
Tho Indies in tho   cast deservo%reat
prni*o for thoir   rendition   of thoir respective   piyrts.    Miss  Mattio   Clionto
most successfully supported the trying
relo  of  Cicely,   tho beautiful.. proud
. uud much   tried   horoi ne.    Mrs.   Ella
1 Bitfner ���nul 11 lighter pnrt to play, und
"mndo a most delightful   und   fascjnnt-
ing   Psyche,     whilo     Miss   Virginia
Herman's presentation of the ���iiiow
who was such a stickler for "otl-
qnfitto," Was 11*17 clever, piece of
acting, Miss Milly Stevens deserves
itll niAitiois for her reserved and
of      Friin'cisi'ii,
...._. A. Duiikee,' St. Pnul; F. W.
Green; Victoria; H. J. deforest, Vancouver ; F. Flynn, Ymir;W. H. Bullock, Webster, Victoria, aud H. H.
Davisou, Toronto.
Among those registered nt tbe Phair
aro J. K. Clarke, London; C. E.
Trndgley, Ymir; G. T. Turner. Vancouver ; W. F. Gurd, Cranbrook; E.
.1. Mathews, Pilot Bay; W. G. J.
Stephen, Macleod; C. G. Fenwick,
Slocun Junction, and H. G. Coiubio.
* Among those registered at the
Queen's are C.   W.    Davy,   Portland;
A. T. Stewart, Balfour; W. D. Glaze,
T. Kane nud J. L. Knne, Erie; R. C.
Adams Montreal; ,T. W.   Horn, Vevey,
B. O. ; A. Daltison,   Republic, nud F.
C. M cLure. Gnlenn mines, New Denver.
is now complete and as
large as any
Kindly bear in mind
... our ...
* Store Closes at 8 O'clock
every evening except Saturday.
Official Directory.
Governor-General - Sari <>f Aberdeen
Premier ��� Sir Vt ilfritl Laurior
Member II* use of Common?, Dominion Purlin-
menu Wwt KooienBy Hewitt Bontock
i Lieut-Governor ��� Hon T H Mclnnen
I Premie* ��� Hon Chan Semlin
Atlornoy-Genoml        ���       Hon Jonenli Martin
I Mihtstei-of KIimui e Hon F C Cotton
MinMiT.MiM"-:u,'i Ktflioatiot   Hon J F Hume
Proa Kxecuiive Council       Hon Dr McKechnle
Member LeRit-lHtivo AHBembly tor Nelson Riding - Hon .1 FHume
Mayor ��� ��� John Houston
Aldermen-Cha�� Hillyer, \v F Teetsel, J A
Gilker, J J Malone, K V \\ bailey, Thus Madden.
Cily Clerk J K Strachan
Police Mavt'-tnilu K A Crease
Chief of Police . A   F McKlnnon
Chief of Fire Department . W J Thompson
Auditor John Hamilton
Water Commissioner - TM Ward
Ilrulth Officer - - Dr. LaHnu
City Engineer ��� A. L. M'Cullooh
City council meets every Mondav, 8 p.;n.( at
city hall, eor Victoria and Josephlno si
Dr. E O Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall. Geo John-
stono.   Principal���J   Soady.
President J Roderick Itobertaon.
Vice-President - James Lawrence.
Secy-Treas. - John A Turnor.
Presldont John A. Turner
VlcoPres. W. A. Jowett.
Secrotary . D. McArthur
Treas. - J A Forin
Medical S-pi. . Dr. G. A HHall
Warden Capt. N. Fitzstubbs
First Jailer - It. Liddell
Socond Jailer Geo. Partridge
Third Jailer ��� John McLaniu
Senior Guard R Inca
Government Inspector of Agencies W J Goeptl
Have you
tried . .
The new ....
Breakfast Cereal.
M. Des Brisay & Co., Nelson.
Gull! UolllMilSrilllHIT
wining Itocnrdcr-Tiix Col
Collector of l 'usl urns
Provincial Assessor
County Court Judge
Inspector of Schools
O. O. Dennis
1! F Tolmie
(Ico. Johnstone
Juhn Keen
J A Forin
E T It Simpkins
William Burns
8.0(1 p.m.
8.30 a.m.
1.00 p.m
11.00 p.m.
versatile mnn to trim Kin couiwi ho uh fajlCXtia tin    rendering
Yet there   , | the ilcsei'teil wife iuul mother.
please them nil.
who assay the tiink and
are   ni nny
���iinni out win-
The Apenranee of Hon, Mr, Elynn
at a political meeting iii Montreal rn.
oently anil tho speech lie delivered on
the occasion is evidence that tho conservatives of Quobeo nro getting ready
for aotion again. Sir Aij^lph Chap-
leau who did more than auy othor num
to disrupt the conservative party jn
that province is dead and the "deals"
and intrigues attributed to him aro
dead witkhim.and now comos forward
Mr. Flynn to take his tflace as the
loader aud exponent of Frencli Canadian conservatism. Mr. Chapleau was it
polished orator and ono of the ablest
men that ovor sat in parliament. Hon.
Mr. Flynn is his equal iu tho flrat respect, being fully uh fluent and forci��
bin in both languages anil he has this,
which tho lat$ Mr. Chapleau hud not,
tho coulliJonco rf the people both
French ainl English speaking, Therefore whou wo sny thnt, in <iiin Sir Wilfrid Laurier will find a formidable
antagonist we are not exaggerating
tho strength which Hon. Mr, Flynn is
known to possess. In tlm speetfh referred to he throw down the gauntlet
to the First Minister, accusing him  of [ play in"" Mother and Son.
Oct. lil���
Brooklyn���Edward Webb, ou n
side of aud !1 mi uo Wild Horse creek
formerly Lady Gray.
Teton���Philip White, F. O. Hurzon
on w [side of and about 1% mi up
Wild Horse creek.
Side Issue���J. D. Keid, in the Alpine basiu adj Climax.
Ajax���E. F. Pick, ou Donaldson j
mountain, 7 mi n of Ene. adj Arnni.1.. \-OI?FICE
Oct. 86.���
I Duncrngan���A. Motirogor, on e
spur of Toad mt, J.j mi n of Hall Siding, formerly Gold Bug.
Lucky Tom���A. J. Campbell, on s
sido of Bear crnnk, formerly Canada
Los Angeles���James Roberts, on e
side of Salmon river, formorly Contention,
Santiago���Same, same,   Modoc.
Giant���O. E. Lake, on Hidden
creek, 8 mi s of Ymir.
Pup���G. A. Johnson, on Brooklyn
mt, adj Bull Don.
Albemarle Fraction���Frank L. Mercer, on Wild Horse creek, A n.i n o
of Ymir.
Bull Dog���R. Luxlon, otr Brooklyn
int. 5 mi tloin month of Pup ereek, adj
Brooklyn.       f.^,
Oct. 27.���
Rosebud���W, II. Seaman, f mi e
nf and 2W   mi up Anderson creek.
Bnowflake���Edward J, Mills, 1 mi o
of Andefton crock, ailj ROJebnd.
Stella M.���E. Br Irving,   J.   Moon,
1 mi u e of.Summit ^siding, adj Flossie O. * .
Oct. 88.���
Arlington Fraotion��-HoBtings(British Columbia* Exploration syndicate,
limited, !), mi from Erie, adj Arlington. *
New York���E. J. Kelly, % mi n
of   Ymit  mine   forniwly Cornucopia.
Buffaio���Same, sania'Vorinorly Free
Gold.    *
Prince George*-D, R. Morrison, on
u bnnk of Koolnnny river, ti im from
Nelson, formerly Imperial.   ,
J. A. Fraction���John McLatcbie, on
n side of Morning mt, ndj Juno.
Stanley���J. R. Simpson, 6 nil n of
Erie, formerly Columbia.
We are prepared to furnish kiln dried lumber at regulai
prices and carry Rough and Dressed Lumber, Coast
Flooring and Ceiling, Turned Work and Mouldings,
Shingles and Lath, Sash and Doors. Estimates
Cheerfully given.
r ii i I ed States, Ontario, Quo
becnnil Kastern Province**
ints on N. & F. S. Iinc.|
Victoria and Kossland.
N'ew lienvcr, Sandon and
Slocan Lako Points.
tCaslo and Kootenay Lake
Uossinnii, Trail, N'nknsp
Hobson. points on main Iin.
'���'.. P. It.. Vancouver am
5.15 p.m.
2.50 p.m.
7.15 a.m.
7.00 a.m.
STATION     .    .    .
A.  E.  YOUNQ,
l.��M��v nnnnndfrom 7 a.m, in 10 p.m.! fiononU
Delivery.!* a.m. to 8 p.m.; RutfiRtrallon. 8,80
a.m. tu 7 p.m.: Monoy OrdttN nml SnviiiKi-i Dank
9 n.m. tn -1 p.m.; Sundny 1 hour (10 to 11 n.m).
J. A. GILKER, fotitiimiitar
pHUitoiioF England -Matin lin.m.; Kvcn
���Son*. 7 0 p in. every Sundny. Holy ('onnmin-
Inn un \f\ ami 3rd Sundays iu the month after
Mitt Inn; OJI -'tut and 1th Sundayo, nt. 8 a.nt.
-inuluy School at 8.80 p.m. Rev II. S, Ake-
hurst. Rod r.  Cot Ward and Hitiounhveii*,
PrkrbvT������jman Cliunon���Sorvi-cei.it ll n.m.
.tnd 7.:W p in. Sunday School at 9..VI p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday cvonlnn ��t 8 p.m.;
ChrWinu Kndenvnr Snrlcty rnotilK every Mon*
day eventtiR at 8 oVIook, Itov, FL Frew,
Pan Lor.
Methodist Church���Corner silica and
Josephlno KlreetH. .Services nt 11 n.m, and 7,30
p. m, ; Sahbnlh Bobool, 2.30 p.m.: Prayor mooting on Friday evening at 8 o'olock; Kpworth
KruKim <\ K.. Tuesday at Ha.in, Uev. John
Hob-son, Pastor,
t'ATHOiic Umuhch���Mass nt Xelson, fln-t
nnd third Sunday at Sand 10.00 a.m.; Jloncd'c-
I,ionat7.30 to 8 p.m. Kev. Father Furlai d
Baptist Churoh ��� ser ices morning and
evening ut 11 a.m. nnd 7.JO p.m.; Prayer molting Wednesday evening at 8 p.m.; Meetings
are held in the school houso. Strangers coral-.
ally welcomed.   Kev. G. H. Welch, Pastor.
Salvation Army���Services every evening
nt 8 o'clock in barracks on Victoria street,,
Adlutant Millncr in charge.        ���
Stewart's Heaters
A carload of Coal Heatersdirectfrom
the Factory   arrived  on Friday.
of tlio gentlemen, w.   W.   liuniiiT,
uijuln n�� exoellent   D.   Oliplnint,   tlio
elderly gentlamou whose luck of pre-
mmi'ii of iniiul  Bottled   liis   career  for
life, and .1. Walilroon wns a very liiinil
Anni  iuul   anient  lover,   liaiiilliiin^'n
miiiciilt imrt with great Hkiil.   E.   n.
Jji'lly, as tliu rather kot lieailod anil
rollicking Fittz, won tlio sympathy
of tho imilionco from tho start, while
\V. Frederick*, the unscrupulous Baron,
was liKWt^effonUvo na yie villain of the
pieco. *
Tnkitnr tho play as a wholrr the
frequently expressed verdict. "The
hest show wo h%v�� had in Nolson"" is
Sliout right ondtlhe Bittuer coiujiany
ift to ho congratulated on tho iln-Pljer-
forniance of their opening  night.
The specialties formed a vory jittrnc-
tivo portion of tho program im^and
included Stereopticaii views or the
Into Spauish-American war.
Low Rose aluo gnineij a wdl deterred oncomfor his Lucky Jim, a-'very
fun^y .���comio- song, while^, tho
Waragraph pictures of a military procession at Washington, aud Teaftiing
Baby to Walk" were much applauded.
N. Mitchell nlso gained au encoro for
a well sung Americau patriotic song,
giving "Tho Cabin Boy at Manila."
L. McOlolhm Bang a German diijloct
song, and thon fairly brought down
the houso by a veryelever exhibition
at clog and "buck nnd wing"
dancing. Ho was recalled several
|*times. A duet betweeu Ohris Moran
nud 1.. M.'i 'lelleii wqp also much uploaded.
Tonight th#  Bittuer  company will
Lawrence Hardware
KLSON LODGK, No. 23. A. F.&A^
M. meets second Wednesday In eacU
mouth.   Vihiting brethren invited,
ti. L. Lennox. Secrotary.
I. O. O. P. Kootenay Lodge
No. Hi, meets every Monday night.
nt   theii   Hall,   Kooienay |f.o>eetk
Sojourning Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
.V. II. Clements, b.Q.       Fred J Squires, Secy
TonderH iirtHiv r,i lo iho underHlgned will
he reooivod up ud u(M��n��ni' Monday,Tsovotnbpr
'.Mh', forJ.he iiuirhii'i'iij: i lir tnilorliig^tnd i-oiuly
nmdt! ��� i.icU." In the mHignod ufttkto of J. ( .
'lorn, of Qoldejt. . HohodulM and teniiH will ho
Mipplled hy the undersigned on auplluiUon
personally or by letter. ���    .
K. A. HAUti-KN. ggjden, B. a
U y*u warfl to Rent, Buy
or lluHd a House, . sell
yoif! k ts.soll your House,
insure yoitb 'Property or
���your Life, Imiiow iniiiuy
I        SEE ANNABLE       3
C^ OFFICE 1 M fOKI V HT., <>\*ltltllH.I   ^
West KootenSy B.tttcher Co.
t'mnps BUpplled nn shortest notice and Lo wept Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful alleul ion.
Nothing hut fresh and w^qjesoine meats and supplies
'   < -   kept k stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
E. C. TRAVES      -     Manager.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
* .    * ���
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
��� �� ���*�����>��� ���
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch wtll have careful and prompt attention.
NELSUN   LODGK  No  '25, IC. of P.,
ta in {'untie hall, McDonuli)blook
'y second anil fmiilli Titivi la.' ��� un-
^ing nl* 8 o'clock.   All vihltlng 1 ni ,hts
f cordially invited,
R. G. Jor, C. C.
Geo. Itoss K. ot Jt. and S,
NELSON  UIDGK,   I. O. G. T.     MeoU in
i Iiisllt) Hall, MoDonald Block, every Monday
-veoinK at S o'clock* Visiting Templars cor*
.linlly iuviitnl, ;      John Tklkohd.
Chlot Templar.
J. F. Jaoobiion   Seo'y
NELSONS     .._.   _._
SONS    OF    ENGLAND,  meet
Mccond and -fourth Wednesday
oach month at K. of P. Hall, Mao
Donald Hlnck,   cor. Vernon   and
         JoHcnliiiiu Htreelji.   Vltiltlng breth-
rn cordially Invited. KltNKBT Kino,
Chas. H. Vakiiow, Worth) President
COUltT KOOTKNAY, I.O.F., NO. 3138 meeU
1st nnd 3rd Wc.ln. sdav in each month ln the
K of H Hnll. F W Swanell, C. D. s. t:. It.; J It
Qreon, L'.lt.: J. Purklss, Secy.
���'���.-4   ���*
��� Brewers of Fine Lager
, *, ��� '���     Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. O.
C. V. WEST & CO.
.  will fill no orders for Wood
���   Coal or Lime unless
. accompanies order. All accounts of over thirty days standing will be put into the hands
of a collector.
J-rti/.SON LODGE. NO, 10 A.O.U.W., moet
overy Thursday In the I.O.O.F. hall. Q C
Williams. M.M.: VV 8 Smith, lteo.-Seo.i J. .1.
I irlsooll. Financier Y. J Squire. Deceiver and
P.M. W.
NELSON L.O.L. No. HUB moels In tho Mo
Donald block every Thursday ev suing at 8
iVoMMC. Visiting members cordially Invited
John Toyo W.M.; F. J. Uradley, R.8.
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only aU rail route without ohango
of oars between Nelson aad Bomland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 13.20 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.35 p-m
"   1M5.I*  ROBSL'D   " 11:20  "
"    8.30am.SPOKANE   "   3.10p.m
'lH-ain tbat leaves Nplson at 6:20 a.m
makes olose oonntolioi s nt Spiltorjo fin
all 1'iioilio Coast Poiuts.
FuBaengers for Kettle Biver and llound-
ary Creok,connect at Marcus witbStagn
O. G. MXON?G. P. &T.A.
. Spokane, Wash.
Agent, NeUon, B. C, THE MINER, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER i, 1898.
Decisions Oome to About the
They  Will Not Appoint Inspectors Yet.
The  Hew  Oemetry Fenoe���Oity
Fire Apparatus-
At the regular meeting of tlio city
council there were present Mayor
Houston, in the chair, aud Alileruian
Hillyer, Gilker, Madden, Malone
and Whalley. The minutes of tho last
meeting were read and amended to
permit P. Burns & Co. to dump earth
on the whole width of Josephine
The question of fire protection was
then discussed, and the mayor stated
that the representative of a Toronto
rubber hose company, who also represented ilro apparatus firms iu Toronto
and Brantford, was in town. The
mayor had communicated with those
firms, aud it was decided to await*
their answers before taking any step
in the matter.
Tho mayor then said that tho lowest
bidder for the removal of the bodies
from the old cemetery hnd baoked
down and J. Aunable, the next lowest, had taken the contract at the
same figure. The contract was signed
on Saturday.
A number of applications for the post
of city inspector of the removal were
then read. It was agreed that two
inspectors would bo necessary, and, on
motion of Aldrman Hillyor, it was
decided that the mayor he authorized
to make tho appointments when the
time came. Several applications for
the position of caretaker of the new
oemetery were also received aud referred to the next meeting, though tbe
council seemed to bo rather in favor of
retaining the old grave digger so long
as he gave satisfaction.
A letter was read from the Allen
Bros, offering to huy the stone now
lying on Ward street for fit) cents a
yard. As the council considered that
the stono would be needed by the city
next year, and could not be replaced
at that figure it was decided to refuse
the offer.
It was decided that thoso who paid
their October electric light rates by
November 10 should be allowed a rebate of 10 por cent.
The city uigiuoor then reported that
a plain board fence for the now cemetery should consist of five boards, ono
footsix inches, with posts eight foet
apart. This would entail 155,000
feet of lumber aud (ISO posts. Alderman Hillyer thought a rough picket
fence would bo oheapor, and the eity
engineer was instructed to get out estimates for the next meeting of tho
comparative cost per foot of n board
fence aud a picket fence, and also the
cost of a coretaker cottage, tool shed,
and a building in which service could
be held.
After Alderman Hillyer had stated
that complaints had reached him of
the stato of tho grado ou Ward street,
.and it had been decided to look into
the matter, the Council adjourned uutil next Monday.
A Brilliant Event in St. Johns, N. B.
ou Saturday,  Oct. 22.
The wedding at Centenary church
Saturday afternoon, of Miss Alice
Parker Tujk, second daughter of
Chief Justice Tuck, to Mr. O. Freeman Lake of tho C. P. R.. Nelsou,
B. 0., was a splendid social event.
The church was beautifully decorated
with flowors and tho scene was a
pretty ono. Tho part of the church not
reserved for the largo number cf invited guosts was crowded wit*, people
to witnoss tho ceromony. The guosts
were ushered to tho places reserved
for them by Messrs. Walter Clarke,
J. U. Thomas, L. P. D. Telloy and
B. Blair. At 2 o'clock, the hour appointed, tho brido, oscnrted by lun
father and attended bv her bridesmaids, entered the ohuroh   and walked
Until there comeB a time of univi r-
sal honesty
will be necessary, and we continue to
keep .a large stock of them.
We oan supply the builder with
Locks and Latches suitable for Interior
or exterior use, by the dozen or hundred, And the individual who wants a
single Lock and Key or Blank Keys,
will find that we can give him the best
for the loast money.
Mcrai ronton Cl
importer* of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumber's Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
up the aisle, at the head of which the
groom was waiting wivh his groomsman, Mr. Arthur T. Thorne. The
bride's dress was of ivory white satin.
trimmed with Honiton lace. Tne
bridal veil was trimmed with or..npe
blossoms. The bride carried a \\ltie
prayer book, but no flowers. Tlie
bridesmaids were Miss Emma
and Miss Annie Kcammell.
wore dresses of pink silk. cowi-ei]
with whito organdie aud had Ihrgfl
black picture hats, They curried bo-
quets of piuk chrysanthemums. As
the bridal party walked no Ihe lisle
the choir sang "The Voice That
Breathed O'er Eden" Then Hev
John Read pronounced tho wo.ds ihnt
made them man and wife. As tin
bridal party left the church the veiling march was most effectively played
rn the organ. Tho bridal party and
guests retnrned to tho chief justice's
house on Orange sheet, where a reception was held aud luncheon served.
Tho house was beautifully decorated.
After a pleasant hour spent in congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lake drove
to the station and took tho afternoon
train for Montreal. They will visit
the principal cities beforo going to
their homo in Nelson. A large number of friends gave them an enthusiastic farewell at the stalion. They received many handsome gifts.----St.
John Telograph.
Condensed News of the Happenings of the
Week In and Around  Our Busy
Oity and Kootenay.
The Canadian Bank rf Coininerce
contemplates opening a branch iu Nel
sou shortly.
Harry Wright's numerous friends
will bo sorry to hear that he is laid
up with an attaok of appendicitis.
D. McArthur & Co., sent a coffin
yesterday to F. Clapp, of Ainsworth.
whose wife died in childbirth "the
other day.
J. McGregor, povincinl inspector of
mines, goes up to the Silver King
mine this morning accompanied bv
Chief of Police McKinnon.
New advertisements today���Nee-
land's shoe emporium; Murphy &
Pearcy, painters and decorators; D. R.
Taylor, Victoria hotel; Nelson
L. O. L.   first annual   snpper.
Last nigut was All Hallowe'en, and
tho event wns duly calebrated by the
small boys of the town who appeared
in masks on the streets and generally
tormented the passers-by by various
small practical jokes.
The big blast furnace of the Hall
Mines smelter was blown out about
12 o'clock on Sunday night owing to
shortnge of coke. There is plenty of
ore on hand, aud operations will be
resumed ns soon as the coke supply is
; The Orangemen of Nelson intend
celebrating tho anniversary of the gunpowder plot with a supper at tho Victoria hotel ou Saturday evening, Nov.
o. As will bo seen by an advertisement in another colnmn, the Victoria
hotel is being refurnished and thoroughly refitted and will be open to the
public on Thursday November ii.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Browne who
have been in tho city for the past
couplo of dnys, leaves this morning
for a trip to the coast. Upon thoir
roturn in about ton days, Mr. Browne
intends spendiug a couplo of dnys iu
Nelson and about a week in Knslo, before leaving for England. He hopes
to return to the Kootenay bofore
R. C. Campbell Johnson has had an
uupleasant experience while attempting to get iuto Enst Koo'onay via tho
Crow 's Nest Pass rai'way. The company are not taking passengers nt present, but Mr. Can p oil-Johnson succeeded iu going coniiderable distance
by rail when he wns forced to descend aud return to Kuskonook on
foot, sleeping out ono night on the
way. He left for East Kootenny again
last night, this time by vrny of the
main line of the C. P. R.
How   the   Quiet   of Whitewater Was
Rudoly Disturbed.
J. McGregor, provincial iuspootor ot
mines, came iuto town yesterday from
the Slocau, where ho reports business
to bo looking up. Whitewater, Mr.
McGregor said, had quito a little sensation the othor dny. Four silver-tip
bears made a descent upon tho town
iu tho middle nf the night, attacked
the meat safe outside the principal
hotel, demolished it, awl got away in
safety with its contents It was
thought probablo that tho bears would
return the next night, and accordingly Whitewater prepared for emergencies, Tho entire male population
turned out, armed with riflos and shot
guns, euscoused themselves in various
safe coigns of vautage, and awaited
the advent of the bears. Sum enough
a little after midnight tho bears arrived and a terirfio fusillade ensued.
Wheu the smoko had cleared away and
some of the more venturesome spirits
omerged from their ambush, it was
discovered that two of the four intruders had fallen, one of which tipped
the scales nt 380 pounds.
Mr. E. 0. Erbsloh, managing director of the B. 0. Alliance company and
the town lots company, both of London, hns been spending a few days
at the Hume. Mr. Kibsloh has spent
the last two months in this province,
whore the companies above named and
other companies of which lie is a
director, have large interests. Amo-jig
other interests, his compauy fins
mining properties in the Lardeau and
Big Bend districts, where lack of
transportation is one of the* greatest
drawbacks. To partially remedy this,
Mr. Erbsloh has organized a compnny
to place steamboats on the upper Columbia rivor from Revelstoke north,
nud the compnny hopes lo begin operations next spring.
Mr. Erbsloh left on tho Kokanee
yesterday afternoon for Knslo, where
he will go to Revelstoke via the Slocan, and from there to Vancouver IB-
land. He hopes to return to Nelson
about the end of the month.
f REMOVAL   SALE $!,nleraafional Natl!TradiB* ��*
* Slimmer Card.
Kfl'ccti ve Juno SO, 1
25 per cent off all purchases of
Boots and Shoes for this week
Neeland's Shoe Emporium.
Next door to old stand.
Great excitement reigus in Spokane
over nn extraordinarily rich strike thnt
has been made in tho Republic mine,
Washington. The management had
been driving a long tunnel, which
when in about 1450 feet tapped the
vein at* a depth of 480 feet. After going through some low grade quartz,
free milling ore averaging |800 to the
ton wns struck, aud at last accounts
the drills had bored through 1(1 feet
of this rich quartz withont encountering any sign of the farther wall.
There is naturally much excitement
among the Spokane brokers, and Re-
pnbio stock jumped up to 72 cents.
Other stocks such as the Princess
Maud and Butte and Boston also took
a sharp upward turn.
Tenders are invited for the purchase
of Lot? 1, Block "I" with improvements, situate iu the Town of Ymir,
Rented for $12 per month. Tenders
to be sent in ou or beforo November
10, 1893 to JOHN   DEAN,
Administrator of the Estate of Silas F.
Collensworth, Ymir, B. C
Tho bodies that wore buried in the Old Cem<
etorj* aro now being removed to the N'ew Cent-
etry and unless arrangements aro made at once
for lots and permits tho Contractors have in'
structions from tho City to bury tho bodies in
The work Is under managment of 3*.H, Brown,
a competent undertaker and cmbalmor and any
who wish a private removal ur new caskets tan
make special arrangtmtnt l>y witling at the
office of J. K. ANNABLE. Victoria St.
! Colds::
X are prevalent at this time
of the year. It" you are
troubled with either we
wish to inform you that
you will find a full line of
the popular remedies at
Vanstone's Mi Store
the strength of the little ones we
have all the materials. Our stock
of these goods, from Nursing bottles, Nipples, etc. to Prepared Food
for Infants is large, well assorted
and contains everything approved
of by the medical fraternity.
Look at our line of Infant's
Combs, Brushes, Teething Puffs,
Powders, etc. You will bc pleased
with their quality and price.
Canada Drug & Book Oo.
inkiiiK Effect 1 too o'clock a. ni., September
Int. 1S9S. Paciiic or liiilli Meridian
Wbst Bound East Bounu
Flrat Class         Time Cnnl No 2 First Class
Passenger            Sept. 1st. 1808. Passenger
Loaves Dally         Stations Arrive Daily
8.110 a. in.                 Kaslo .1.30 p.m.
��..'>���"> a. in.            South Fork 3.05 p.m.
9.15 a. 111.              Sproule's 2.10 p.m.
10.00 a. m.           Whitewater 2.00 p.m.
10.08 a. 111.            Hear Lake 1.50 p.m.
111.21111 111.             McQuillan 1.38 pm.
Ul:?* it. in.            1'aj no Tram 1:23 p.m.
10.35 a. m.        Cody Junction 1.22 p.m.
10.15 a.m.             sandon 1.15 p.m.
Arrive Dally Leavo Dally
Mixed Mixed
Leaves Daily          StatlonB Arrive Dally
11 :iin it. in.                Sandon 11:59 a.m.
11:10  "              Cody Junction 1130  "
11:25 "                      Cody 1135   "
Arrive Daily Leavo Daily
WU G. F. & P. \ Superintendent.
2). flfocHrtbur & Co
At Reduced Prices for Cash to make Room for new goods
$'5.00 ancl up
30c per yd. and up.
Bedroom Sets
Parlor Sets Wilton Rug
Carpets, Ingrain
Pull line of Household and Office Furniture nt n. liberal discount.   Undertaking and Embalming a Speclslty,
to our New Block on West Baker Street, where we have opened out
a new stock of
Stoves, Tinware, Graniteware, Etc.
If you   are   in   need   of   anything  in   these    lines    come  and   see   us.
We are Agents for McCLARY'S "FAMOUS"  Stoves and Ranges.
Plumbing, Tinsmithing and Repairing
A  Specialty.
(Hor. -Marti & Dcnion $ts.
flelscm... 4*jb* C.
Finest Hotel in the Interior.
Steam Heat and Electric Light in every room.
Large.Sample rooms for Commercial  Travellers.    Rates Reasonable
H. D. HUME, Manager.
Victoria Street
at thc
Skating Rink
the beautiful drama
"Mother and Son"
by the
Bittuer theatre Company
Prices:    50 cents, 75 cents  and $1.00.
Seats on Sale at W. F. Teetzel's.
No tiresome waits between acts.     Time  all   occupied   with
High-Class Comedy and Vaudeville Features.
The Wonderful Waragraph with  over   200  views.
Change of Play and Specialties   Nightly.
by thc���
L. O. L.    NO. 1692
���in   the���
���on   Saturday  evening-
All members of the order are
Cordially   Invited.
Tickets $1.00
The only Decorators  in
All   orders   promptly    attended   to.
P. ���. BOX 141. HELDON
This popular hotel is being
thoroughly refitted and re-
fnrnishi'd and will be open to
the public on Thursday, November 18,
D*. E. TAILOR, Proprietor
Valuable Baker Street and other excellent property for sale.
Oniro liini*. 1 -l:,��� , Ull itliirk, Nelson, B. ('.
Subject lo change without notloe.
Soul h b'nd.   s. s. in I. up nil.mnl.   North b'nd
Head down Read up
Train l.va 1.00 p.m. Sabdon 10.50 a.m. Train Ar
"   Ar  H.U   "     Kuslo    8 00  "       "    Lv
Uo.it Lvs. .1.30a.m. K.ibIo    8.30p.m. BoatAr
"     I..'10   " Ainsworlli 7.30    "        "    "
"    .100   " Pilot Bay 0.M	
"    .130   "   Balfour   0.10	
Ar   11.10   " 5.1111c PL 6.25	
" " 7.15 " Nelson 4.45 " " l.v
Train " 1(1.05 p.m. N'thport I.M " Train "
" " 11.20 " Kossland 12.05 a.m. " "
" " 3.10 " Spokano 8.30 " " "
HnndonKaslo train dally. Boat and Spokane train daily excopt Sunday.
It. 8. Alberta.
Traiii Lvs 1.00 p.m. Snudon 10.50 a.m. Traiii Ar
'��� Ar 3.45 " Knslo 8.00 " " Lv
Unit Lvs 5.00 " Knslo 1.00 " Boat Ar
" 0.20 "Ainsworth 11.40 p.m. " "
" " 7.00 " Pilot Bay 11.00 " " "
" ��� 10.00 " Kuskon'k 8.00 " " "
"     "   12.00 m. Goat Ilivorll 00   "       "
"     l.lHJu.iii.Hoiimlury.i.lKI   " "       "
" Ar      8.00  " B'rs Ferry 2.00   "        "     Lv
Train Lv 11.40 " B'rs Ferry 1.15   "    Train Ar
"   Ar 2.45 p.m. Spokano 7.50 a.m.    "     Lv
Sandon-Kaslo train daily.   Boat leaves Kaslo
for above points Tuesdays nnd   Saturdays
Rotui'iiiiiK on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Special Knntcnay Lake Service.
Commencing 20 Juno, 1898.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday 8. S
Alberta will leave Kaslo 5 p.m., for Ainsworth
Pilot Bay and Nelson.
Leaving Nelson 8 a.m., Tuesday, Friday and
Saturday for Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and Kaslo,
calling at all way poinls.
I All times aro subject to change w illiout- notlc
Meals and berths not included.
PnBsengors on S. S. International from No
son, Spokane,  etc.,  for points on  Kootenay
Lake south of Pilot Hay, will connect at that
point with thoS. S. Alberta.
Passengers for Nelson via S. 8. Alberta, from
points south of Pilot Bay, can, by arrangement
with purser, havo stop-over at Pilot Bay or
Ainsworth, or connect with 8. 8. International
at Kaslo.
The company's steamers connect Kootenay
Lako and Slocan points with ail points in the
United Statos ana Canada; by way of Spokane
and Kootenav Hivcr.
Tickets sold and bnggago checked to all
points by pursers un steamers or at our olllco.
P. O. Box 122. Kuslo. B.C
To Eastern and European Points.
To  Pacific  Coast, China,  Japan
and Australia   Points.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily (except Wednesday) to Eastern Canadian and U.S. Points
Tickets  issued through and Baggage checked to destination.
To Kossland and  Main   Line points
Uoolenny Lake���Knslo Bonle.
Except Sunday. Except Sunday
1   p.m.���Leavos-N ELSON���Arrives���11   a.m
���Kootenny Illver Boole.
Mon., Wed., Fri. Mon,, Wed., Fri.
7 a.m.���Loavos���NEl.SON--AiTlvos--fl.80   p.m.
Makos connection nt Pilot Bay with Str. Kokanee In both directions.
SLoamers on their respective routes call at
principal Landing! in both directions and at
ni hn* points when signalled.
Trains  In nml from   Hloran C'lly, Kauiltm
anil  Hlornn   Luke  Points.
ISundnys Excepted)
9a. m.���LenvoB���NELSON���Arrives���2.20 p.nl.
Asoeiitain Hates
ami full information by addressing noarest
local agent, or GEO. S. HKKR, City Ticket
Agent, Nelson,
JOHN HAMILTON, Agent, Nolson
Trav. Pass. Agont,      Dist. Pass. Agent,
Nelson Vancouver
��� I Is lhe Most Modem In Equipment.
II Is Ihe Heaviest Balled Line.
It has a Hurl. Italian! tCi.Rtlli.il.
���I Crosses Ko Sand Ursserls.
II Is the Only Line  ttnnnlng   l.iiiurlous
���1 lull  Boom tars.
���( Is Noted for lha Courtesy uf Ils Employes.
It Is the Only Line Reeving Meals  on
a la I'arte  Flan.
Attractive Tours iluiing Senson of
Navigation 1111 Great Lakes vin Dululli ia
connection with Magnificent Passenger
Steamers Northwest anil Northlaud.
For maps, tlckots and comploto Infoimntlon
call on or address Agunts, K. & S. Hy., C. & K
S. Nav. Co., N' & F. 8. Ity., or
0. <;. DIXON, 1.111.1 nl Agent
Spokane, Walk
V. I. WHITNFY, <:. p. 4 T. A.,
M I'lllll.  Minn.
Accident to a Special Train
on the 0. P. R.
A Train Bearing British Sailors and Marines For Vancouver Goes Over an
Winnipeg, Oct. Bl.���At 1:00 this
morning, while a westbound special
passenger train with British government sailors unii marines was passing
a point a milo anil a half east of Mar-
gach station, near Rat Portago, the
tender of the engine, two baggago cars
and four colonist oars were derailed.
The engine, with the exception of
the rear driving wheels, remained on
the track. The tender, two baggage
cars, and three colonist ears went over
the embankment which is 10 or 15
feet high and were considerably damaged. The fourth colonist car loft
the rails bnt remained upright on the
ties. The commissary ear and sleeper
on the rear end were not derailed.
Frank Fleekney and William Miller
boys from the training ship Agiucourt,
Chatham, Eng., wero killed; Samue.
Harrison, stoker from Edinburgh'
and Thomas Burns, ordinary seaman,
were injured, also a man niinied Vam-
nel Smith, from Papineauville, Quebec, who, borrowing a ride, got on
the train between two baggage cars
at Hawk lake. Ho had his right arm
broken. A train of coaches to replace
those damaged was started from Winnipeg early this morning. The passengers aud baggage arc now being
transferred and will reach the city
tonight. The canse of tho accident
was a broken rail. The track at this
point is laid with heavy 12 pound steel
and with long angle bars covering
three ties.
Joint  Occupation   of   Shanghai Railway���The Dowager's Fears.
Pekin, Oct. 31.���Baron Von Hey-
lcing, tho German minister to China,
has proposed to tho representatives of
the powers at Pekin a joint occupation of the railway from Shanghai, in
the province of Peohili, to Puk u.thus
securing ocommunieation with the
coast, unless the Chinese government
promptly withdraws its troops to a
safe distance from the line.
The empross dowagor, il is roportod.
bas ordered the King Su troops to
Pekin to serve as a protection against
a possible movoment on the part of
General Yuan Shikh Gai, who, she
believes, is using the foreign drilled
force under his eoniniaiiil in collusion with the foreign envoys.
Another Death  From the Dread
easo in Vienna.
Vieuua, Oct. 3.���Albiu Peoha,
of the nurses who attended the
tims of the bubonic plague, died
tho disease this morning. Hundred
of floral offerings reached the hospital
of Saturday aud she saw several of
them beforo she becamo unconscious.
She was only 22 years old, and
stroug and healthy until infected by
plague, She did not loso her cheerfulness during hor sicknoss. The doctor
said the si iters who attended the
plague patients will remain in separate cells in the hospital for a fortnight, Tho body of nurse Pecha was
buried two hours and a half after
death. The coftiu was souked in oor-
rosivo sublimito aud after the body
was placed iu it, it was enclosed in a
metal envelope, that was socurely soldered.
Charles Newton Owen nnd Thomas Htev-
ennon of tho city of Kntdo in Iho province uf
British Columbia, furniture Dealer*, have hy
deed bearing dato t he etghteen ih day of October,
lsit8,assit,Mif(l all thcirrealand persona] properly
except as thoroin mentioned to KrcderiiK B
Archer of the said oity of Kaslo, trader, intrust
for the purpose of payingand satisfying ratably
or proportionately and without preference or
priority, the creditors of tlio said Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stovenson or of either
of them, iheir just debts.
The said deed was executed by tho snid
Charles Newton Owon and Thomas Stovenson,
the assignors.iand the said Frederick E. Archer
the trustee, on the 191 ti day of October 1898, and
tho said trusteo has undertaken the trusts
created by the said deed.
All poreons having claims against tho said
Charles Newton Owon and Thomas Stevenson,
or oither of them, must forward and deliver to
the said trustee at Kaslo, II. (* full particulars
of their claims duly verified together with particulars of security, if any, held by them,
on or beforo the 17tnday of November, 1898, and
all persons indebted to thc said Charles Newton Owen and Thoiuas Stevenson or either of
them are required to pay tho amounts duo by
them to the said trustee forthwith. After the
said 17th day of November, 18!)S, the trustee
will proceed to distribute the assets of tho said
estato among the parties entitled t hereto, having regard only to thc claims of which he shall
thon have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors of the said
Charles Newton Owen and Thomas Stovenson
will bo held at the premises lately occupied by
them on Front street, Kaslo, K. 0. at 2.<)ii
o'clock p. in, on Wednesday, the 9th day nf
November, 1898, for the giving of directions
with reference to thc disposal of the estato.
Camoron Building.
A Avenue, Kaslo, B. C.
Solicitors for tho Tiustce
Dated the 18th day of October, 1808.
The following arc the prices of groceries, provisions, etc., as qnoted by our
local dealers. It i.s the intention of
The Miuer to have these prices corrected everv week by trustworthy dealers, so that residents of the city and
others may be informed as to the cost
of living in the city:
ORilvie's Hunimritin per 50 lb sack.. 1 75
Lake of the Wood-' " .. 175
Snow Flako per 511 lli sack  150
Wheat per ton  32 00-815 00
i Hrnn por I on  2ll00fflW00
1 IJround fecil per ion 20 UOw',18 mi
I 'om (wholo)      "         20 IKX��28 (XI
Corn (oraoked)  "      27 00*380 oo
(Jain                     "         30(KK��32 00
Oatmeal per 10 ll,s  40��    60
ltollod oats (B fe Kl  05
Itolled oats(I3&K)81t)8aCK  *D
Huy (linlod) per ton  19 00@20 00
Potatoes por 100 lbs    I 00�� 1 25
Heels per lb  2*
Cabbage per lb ���.  2.
Cauliflower per lb	
Onions per lb	
Cucumbers  05
Salmon (smokcdl per ll>      12JI*    15
Oysters (Olympian) per ql  80
Oysters (Knstern) per tin  (10
Cod per 11.  08
Halibut per Iti      12lltf     IS
Smelts per lli      12j<5)    15
I'niiii rroiluue.
KKK-sperdoz       25       35
gutter (Creamery)       25��
Situate in the Slocan City Minimi Ilivis
ion of West Kootknay DISTRICT. WHERE
Located:���On Dayton Cheek.
TAKK NOTICE thnl I. Fletcher 8 Andrews,
Froo Miner's Cortlfloalo No, 4238a, nci-
im< as agent for Thomas Cook Gray, Free
Minor's Certificate No. (5253a ���$���& Henry Mc
iviiy. Free Miner's Corlillcale No. 11717a, intend, sixty days from the dale hereof, lo apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Certifloate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above Claim.
And farther l.-ke notico that action, under
Seotton 37, must be oommonoed boforo-th�� Is
���sii.inee ol .*,ucli Certificate uf Improvements.
Dated this 251b day of October, 18.18       IHI
-Bar  silver,
,; silver cer
New   York,   Oot.    81.
01%; Mexican dollars. 47,,
tiflcates, (il to 62,
Copper,   very   iirm ; brokers
$12.25; exchange, $12.60,
Lead,   quiet;    domestic,    brokers'
priee $3.76; exchange, $8. So   to   $!!.70.
Tin, firm ; Straits. 118.25 to $138.45.
Plates steady.
Victoria, Oct.. 81,���Dr, Farcer, of
Kamloops, who has been ill ill the
Jubilee hospital hero for about throe
months died tliis morning. He wus
a physician of tho provincial government institutions at Kamloops, but
the new administration dismissed him
since he has beeu in tlie hospital here.
He was 02 years of age and a native of
A monumenut has been erected in
Rossland to the memory of Father Lo
Muy, who was formerly priest of tho
Roman   Catholic  church thero.
There is said to be a wood famine is
Sandon, owing to the difficulty of get-
ing men to cut wood.
The R. E. French compauy mado
their last appearance in Rossland ou
Saturday night iu tlm Dauties.
Commencing Oct. 31 tho winter
schedule of tho Shnswnp & Okanngaii
branch of tho Canadian Pacific railway
will take effect. Com n: mining at
nbovo dato trains, southbound, will
lenvo Sicamous junction Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays; and north
bound, leave Okanagan Landing Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, connecting with the steamer Aberdeen,
This is instead of the week day service
heretofore performed.
The Paper of the People.
Everybody Reads It.
The Largest Circulation.
Best Advertising Medium.
Butter (Dairy) .
Cheese CCanadiunl	
Cheese SwIsh)	
Ham (American) porlh......
Hum (Canadian) per Hi	
Hacon (American; per lb���
llacon (Canadian) por lb	
Hneon (rolled) per lb	
Huron (long clear) per lb... ���
.Shoulders per lb	
Lard per lb	
Beef per lb	
Mutton per lb	
Veal per lb	
Perk per lb.. 	
Bananas per doz *       IOii*
Lemons ,Californln| per doz       3*��@
Oranges (California seedlings).
Melons (each)	
Crab apples por lb .
Pears IBartlotls)	
Pears (small green)
Piu ins (greengage)..
The Day's Work
Roden's Corner
In Golden Shakles
Fortune's Gate
The Fatal Gift
St. Aubyn
Frankford Moore
Second Thoughts of an  Idle
Fellow    -    Jerome K. Jerome
All the newest publications at
Thomson Stationery Co.
Charles Tom. tradtriR an Tailor and
Clothier, At the town of Golden, in the Prov*
Inoeot British Columbia, has by dcufl dated
the flrst day of October. ]8iW. as>i*ned to mo
all his persona] es ate, creditsnnd effect-* which
may he so zed and (told under execution, ami
all his real estate fortheireneral benefit of his
creditors, pursuant to the "Creditor* Trust
Deeds Ait."
A meeting of the creditors will beheld anuy
office In the said town of Golden, on Saturday,
the 22nd day of Oct ubor. at the hour of two
o'clock in the aficrno n, for tho Kivin* of directions with reference 'n th" disposal of the
All croditors nro requested to forward full
particulars of their claims, duly verified, to me
on or beforo the fifteenth day of November
I89R, after which dale I shall proceed to distribute tho assets among the parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to tho claims of
whieh I shall then have had notice.
Dated at Golden, B.C, Octobor lwt, 1898.
Financial Agent, Golden.
Eight roomed House on Carbonate Street, $2000.
I For One Cent a Word? |
You can And & buyer for "Any I
Old Thing " if you advertise. 1
(inNNlllCll .illVITlllil'IIH'llls. *
All lulvurtiscniontH In thin column aro I
1 cent a word oach ItiKcrllon.   No od- 2
verliHcment taken for lorw llian 2,1 cent*. 4
���1:00 ii.ni.���S. S. Ainsworth arrives
from Bonner's Ferry, and
way points od Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday,
0:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Kossland, Spokane and way points daily.
7:00 n.m.���S. S. Nelson leaves for Kuskonook and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Knslo and way points
8:00 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Kaslo and way points on
Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.
0:00 ft. in .���Train leaves O. P. R, station for SloCftU Cily, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kuknnee arrives from
Knslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
1:10 p.m.���S. S. Ainsworth leaves for
Bonner'B Ferry and way
points, Mondny, Wednesdny and Friday.
2:20 p.m.���Train arrives C. P, I!, -station, from Sloean Oity and
way points, daily, except
4:00 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:45 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Knslo and way points,
5:115 p.m.���Traiii arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:40 p.m.���Traiii leaves 0. P, It. station for Hohson, Kossland,
and i,ll Main Line points,
9:00 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kaslo and way points, on
Monday, Thursday and
Friday. ���
10:80 p.m.���S. S. Nelson, arrives from
Kuskonook, and all way
points, daily except Sunday.
10:80p.m. Train arrives 0, P. K. station, from all Main Line
poinls, Hossland ami Rob-
son, daily
Steam tugs Knslo, Atigei'iina, Ked
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from NelHon, hut have no regular times of arrival and depurtiii'i'.
TrmisportnUon Companies aro reqiioHtoil lo
Klvo imlti'o In tlie Miner of any nllerntlonn in
lliollnieof irrlval anililuiMirturo from Notion,
has taken over the practice of
Dr.    H.   E.   Hall and   is  prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods.  .  .
Broken lllll lllock llakrr 81.
X First Class in evory respect ���
Do you want a goo I Sini U'O meal for
Eastern  Oysters |
received daily *
I    Cooked Any Style.     |
�� Y. HOSHI        -        Proprietor. *
i ki.m'iiom: st*. si.
Manufacturers of
Ilulcyon Hot Spring*  Wnlrr Arrnlrd anil
Supplied to Ihe Traiii*.
Four roomed
on Josephine St,
, $1500.
A four roomed,   a   threi
and a five roomed house.
A twenty-five light Acetylene Gas
Machine, Wallace pattern.
MUSIC LESSONS.-On jiiiino organ nr
KUltiir, by Mrn. W. J. AHtloy, Itobson street
two doors W6it of Stanley.   P, 0. Hox 130.
WANTED���To to ront a mod iu tn sized house
unfurnished, reasonably nuar tbe business portion.   Apply at thii oflfco.
WANTED���A Indy   pari nor for a well ch-
labllshcd drew malsiiii: businoHH in Nelson.
IAIMM. MFIME., M Min. Abboo. Cornwall)
Opposite Phair Hotol,
[FIRST TRIAL        *
of cwr nothing is generally sufficient to
nuikc a life long euutomor.
We di n't offer ourgoodB below cost,
because wc have no desire toi lose
money. We Keil at prices which are
sufficient lo pey for good .material and
good workmanship. The kIzo and variety of our stock iennblcH u> to please a
customer both aa to style ond fit. Indeed we arc particular on these points.
We rather lose a Mile than permit un-
sntisfiictory garments to leave the
Theso values ennnot bc surpassed.
��^ Groceries, Crockery and Glassware.   ^��
ustiej-w * G-OOIDS
Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes,
and Cloth  Brushes,
^also Good Value in Sponges.
W. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers, Provincial Land Surveyors,
Real Estate and General  Agents,  Fire and
...Insurance Agents, Notaries Public, Etc...
FOR SALE __^��v��ww-*v*.k
��� Corner Lot on Veinon St., with Building.   12 Lots in Dloek:
44F���Cheap.   2 Ix.ts Oor. Josephine nml Robeon.
2 Lots and Dwelling near Oor Stanley St, on Observatory
St., $12 per month. Dwelling on Silica 8t��� near Cedar St.,.
|2<l per month.    House aud 2 Lots, Houston St.  $15 month.
Call and see our full list of property for sale in   "Hume"'
and "A" Additions
Ten Lots in "Hume" Addition at a Bargain.
We have Two Claims on Hover Creok For Sale, cheap.
Gamble & O'Reilly, Agents.
Baker Street, NELSON, B. C.
Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
Until further notlue no pansem-tern  will bo
uarrloil over thfl line Of tho Crow'H N'ont Pahs
rallWHy botween Kuskonook and Cranbrook.
Corner Wuril find Hlllra Mn,
P. O. BOX 583.
BxteQdod oxporlonco In Chile and Gorman
South Africa. Assays ond analysta of orcw.
Reports and valuation! onrafnoral properties
Undorground tftrveyintf and mine plana kept
up by contract.
Applv   by  lotter addroHBeri
���aro Minor ofllco,
AdvortiHcr "Correnpondent" would thank np- '
pllcantH who replied to tho ndvortlHetnont and !
would Htato that thu position In now tilled.
WANTED���A parcel boy, apply at Nooland'n
boot and shoo Rtoro.
Twenty 3 n irh' oxpe-tlonco In mining.
Thorough   knowledge of  mlnea o(  BrlUlh
Columbia.   Term* KeoHonablo.
718 NEL80N, B. O.
Uno a first claw line In traveling between
Miinumpulis. tit. 1'inl and Chicago, and
th'j principal towns In Contral Wisconsin
Pullman Palace Sleeping and Chair Cars
Service .....
The Dining Cnrn arc operated In the interest   f
ItH put runs,   tho  most elegant service ever
Inaugurated.   McalK aro served a la Carlo,
To obtain ties! class ucrvice your ticket should
rend via .....
J. Roderick Robertson,
* General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. Mm
���Mining Engineer
' St. Alice Natural Mineral Water
���FROM THU���
wlinHn 1'iiiiilivi' qualities nre known all over Ciiiiiiiln. Many Mineral Waters eou
tain valuable mineral ingredients, but probably none in America, having tl a
same medical value, make sucb a fine palatable beverage when bottled.
THORPE & CO., Ltd.
Direct connect ions nt Chicago and Mllwaukei
for all Ka-tern points.
For full Information call on your nearest ticke'
agenl, or write        .        .        ���
Jak. A. Clock.        or       Jas. C. Pond,
General Agenl. General Pas*. Agent
���HU Stark Si reel. Milwaukee, Wli
Portland. Ore.
Subscribe for The Miner
One Year -      -
Half Year
One rionlli      -
The products of the Gold nnd Silver
mines,  the Diamond   Fields, the
Cut Glass Manufacturer and the
maker of Jewelery  has  been
drawn on to complete un
assortment of
Beautiful and Unique
Ornamental and useful, suitable for
any presentation purpose.
We cordially invite un inspetiion of
our Stock. The Watches, Clocks,
Jewelery, Silverware etc. are excellent
in quality and particularly handsome
in design.
Watch and Jewelery Repairing and Engraving.


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